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February 20, 2014


The New Year Festival is one of the most traditional festivals in China. It has more than 4000 years of history in our country. The New Chinese people. For the Chinese, the New Year Festival is not only a festival, but also a recording for our common traditions. During this time, we have some special activities to celebrate. For example, all Chinese people will make a festivity, such as holding a memorial ceremony for their ancestors. People also buy brand new stuff for themselves and their family members. Praying to god for happiness and good fortune is also an important part for people in China. I would like to introduce 3 important parts of traditional Chinese activities during the New Year Festival.

History In the ancient time, there is a beast named “Nian.” At the lunar thirty of each year, it will wake up and go into every village to plunder. One year, Nian was going to one village. At that time, 2 kids were playing with whips and caused the sound “slap.” Nian heard this sound and it was afraid of this sound. It ran away from that village. When Nian went to another village, it found a bright red coat at the gate of that village. Nian didn’t know what it was and immediately turned around and ran away. Finally, Nian went to the third village, and looked inside from one window; it was bright inside and it was stunned by the light. So it had no methods people learned that the Nian is afraid of light, red color and loud sounds, all of which would be a good way to resist Nian. It gradually became the trandition for the New Year Festival in china. Traditions In the modern China, there are a lot of traditions left by our ancestors. When the new year

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