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10/8/13 First Edition

OWLER Students Thrown Under the Bus Drivers!

Friday night, 6 teams of dedicated (and some suspected professional) dodgeball players faced off in the Fun Committee’s Dodgeball Tournament. The Bus Drivers, a team composed of teachers and secret bionic ninja rubber-ball-pegging superhumans ended up taking home the pride and dignity and leaving the rest of the teams with reminders of their losses in the form of stinging red, circular marks. They first gave the Bad News Wolves some bad news after taking them down in the first round, and then forced The MADSquad to surrender to the mercy of Wyand’s 9873458703984576987 mile an hour throws, one of which put Jenkins flat on his back. They finally bested the Purple Chickens in the final round, with the help of the merciless secret stealth weapon that was Mr. Nowak, who liked to prey upon those who were more focused on watching Wyand succeed in break-

ing the speed of light. Orestes Nicopoulos very generously offered TWO words to describe the game by saying “The only word that comes to mind: Slaughter, Manslaughter.” Manslaughter was apparently what Mr. Nowak had on his mind as well, as he said, “I came to Hyde for one reason, and one reason only: Dodgeball.” Grace Briggs experienced the unbeatable force of The Bus Drivers, and she commented: “I happen to be scared of dodgeball, but I was forced to join this team. Even though we made it to the championship, I was still scared. However, I got my coach out!” Johnny Schaer said the event was, “easily the most fun I’ve had at Hyde!” and Dossou Ndiaye, an international student said, “I have never played before. I’d only ever seen the movie [Dodgeball] about it, but it was very fun.” Written by: Hui Seow Lucas Richards holding on for dear life as Wyand throws rockets. Photo by Marcos Mercado.

10/8/13 First Edition

GETTING TO KNOW YOU Steven Scherer Bertozzi Age/Birthday: 26; November 26, 1986 Favorite color: Blue or Pink, depending on my mood

ing to smile and act like I had some clue what I was doing. There were a lot of cuts, bruises and tears the first couple of weeks. By the end I was having a blast, and it was an awesome bonding experience with my students.

Favorite Food/Dessert: Sautéed Calamari with Linguini, Pumpkin Pie Why did you want to be a teacher: I remember deciding I wanted to be a teacher when I was still pretty young. My 4th grade Greek Mythology teacher with basically the coolest person ever, and I knew I wanted to have a job just like hers. Being a teacher, every day brings something unexpected, and I love that. Where was your first kiss: On a farm somewhere in Australia. I was fourteen and on a youth travel program. Most embarrassing Moment: My life is basically one big embarrassing moment. I’ve gotten used to it. I remember in college sending an email “reply all” to a very large group of people that was definitely just meant for one person. I’m hoping I never make that mistake again. Funniest memory as a teacher: Right out of college, I worked as a teaching assistant at a school outside of Boston. I was told I needed to coach mountain biking even though I had absolutely no experience. All the students were infinitely more skilled and courageous than I was. They would do jumps over logs and stone walls, and I would have to follow them pretend-

Parker Avery Roma Age/Birthday: 18, November 14, 1994. Favorite color: Blue What food would you want if you were stuck on a deserted island: I would want Hawaiian pizza. What was your biggest achievement: Beating the swimming record at my old school. Favorite school subject: I love history because I like learning from the past. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you want to go: I want to go to Australia because it seems really cool and different. It seems really interesting. Interviews by: Lila Paulsen

10/8/13 First Edition


and the Washington Monument in D.C.

“The shutdown will have a very real impact on real people right away,” stated President Barack Obama. “Children, seniors, and woman would be hamstrung if the government were to shut down.” President Barack Obama made plans on what the guidelines would be before the shutdown. Federal Workers Hundreds of thousands of workers will be furloughed, including most employees of the Environmental Protection Agency and Futures Trading Commission, according to the agencies themselves.

Head Start The Head Start Program is the government solution for children with low-income families to receive an education, health, nutrition, and parent involvement services to make sure they stay emotionally stable and have healthy relationship with their parents. A small proportion of people (20 out of 1,600 nationally) in the program will instantly see the affects of the shutdown. Food Safety The food and drug administration will suspend most routine safety inspections. Science “NASA will be shut down almost entirely,” the President said. NASA has been halted before, last time during the government shutdown in 1995 and 1996. Since the National Weather Service and National Hurricane Center will continue to operate, the public can continue to enjoy those services. No essential services will be shut down that could pose a great threat.

Travel Twenty to thirty thousand visas went unprocessed each of the twenty-seven days the government was halted in the mid-90s, according to the congressional research service. In the end, two hundred thousand U.S. applications went unprocessed, causing million of dollars in losses for U.S. tourism industries and airlines, according to the report. Recreation Major museums and national parks will be temporarily closing, including the Smithsonian and the National Zoo in Washington. Historical monuments and visitor centers will also be closed, implying that 70,000 employees will be laid off. These include the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island in New York, Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Alcatraz Island near San Francisco,

Work Safety Health inspectors and job safety inspectors will stop workplace inspections except for incident of imminent danger. A survey was created to evaluate the knowledge and opinions of the Hyde community regarding the government shutdown. Several students and faculty chose to respond either

10/8/13 First Edition

HOWLS FROM AROUND THE WORLD providing their names or anonymously. What resource did you use to find out about the Government Shutdown? Social Media 28.57% News 57.14% TV 35.71% Friends 35.71% Total Respondents: 14 Does the government shutdown bring any specific emotion out of you? • Quite frankly it inspires mixed emotion. I am unhappy that the House and Senate are unable to sit at the bargaining table and make some concessions. At the same time, I think our government is completely out of control with regard to spending. This goes for both parties and need to change. I think the Affordable Care Act is extremely disorganized and will lead to the disintegration of quality care for most Americans. It is also a tax for most Americans. Let's change the system but let's be intelligent about it. It may be bittersweet but I am glad the government is shut down. • Concern • Apathy • Reinforced low expectations • Not directly but depending on the duration it could have minor impact on the economy. We should be more concerned about whether or not the debt ceiling is raised next month. That could cause a global economic crisis. This shutdown is just the warm up to a bigger battle. Whichever party pulls out of this with the most clout will control the debate over future negotiations regarding sequestration and raising the debt ceiling. (Mr. Welch) • Non-salary employees of museums and national parks will not have money to put into our economy, directly putting

everyone further into recession and debt. How do you think the government shutdown will affect you? • I wont be able to watch my favorite service academy teams play this weekend. • It probably will not, unless it cuts my schools funding. • Government facilities, parks, etc. closing Do you feel that the government shutdown will affect you and/or your family? • Hopefully these politicians will cut spending and then I believe any hard working family will be in better shape than we are now. • In the long run, it will reflect in a loss of credibility both locally and globally. Someday my children will read in the history books about the short-lived and unstable platform these politicians have been standing on. IT will ultimately be a good lesson in how freedom and capitalism still need to be tamed in order for society to prosper. • No, I know that this is more of an immature government dispute. What do you believe the main cause of the government shutdown was? • The government was shut down because Democrats are totally unwilling to compromise on the details of the Affordable Care Act. Americans from all walks of life have expressed deep concern about his new tax. This is the biggest piece of legislation since Social Security, which means it is a big deal. The fact that it has been driven through so quickly says to me that we have a group of jittery, ideologues who are hastily tying this disorganized bill up in a bow so that they won't have to face possible opposition. That is shady and ignorant. James P. Hoffa, the general President of the International Broth-

10/8/13 First Edition

HOWLS FROM AROUND THE WORLD erhood of Teamsters, the most powerful Labor Union in the United States was quite clear when he said "warning that Obamacare would “shatter not only our hard-earned health benefits, but destroy the foundation of the 40 hour work week that is the backbone of the American middle class.” In a letter penned by Hoffa and aimed at Senate majority leader Harry Reid and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, both democrats strongly in favor of Obamacare, Hoffa goes on to say, “When you and the President sought our support for the Affordable Care Act,” they begin, “you pledged that if we liked the health plans we have now, we could keep them. Sadly, that promise is under threat…We have been strong supporters of the notion that all Americans should have access to quality, affordable health care. We have also been strong supporters of you. In campaign after campaign we have put boots on the ground, gone door-to-door to get out the vote, run phone banks and raised money to secure this vision. Now this vision has come back to haunt us.” The fact is that republican lawmakers agree with Hoffa. That is the definition of bi-partisan consensus coming from two ideologically opposed groups. If James P. Hoffa has a problem with the Affordable Care Act, democrats ought to listen. • Actually, the fact that somehow the Tea Party Republicans have convinced moderate Republicans that if they behave or vote moderately, they will not be re-elected. Not sure how or why they are wielding so much power. • Sense and sensibility • Republican vs. democratic issues • Our congress would rather pick sides based on party-affiliation than by personal opinion on the topic. IE: Had a Republican proposed this health care plan, the act would have passed already.

Source: Written by: Dylan Marx

10/8/13 First Edition

STARS OF THE WEEK Steve Hu I’d like to nominate Steve Hu for his hard work in the International Student FLC. He was awesome! He spoke up, helped his peers and worked diligently. He showed a whole different side of himself and displayed amazing growth from last year.

Angie Guidera-de Groot I’d like to nominate Angie Guidera-de Groot as a star of the week. She’s been stepping up her game on the wing, working hard to keep her room clean and helping to hold wing standards. I’ve been impressed both by her maturity and her effort to support what we are going after in the dorm this year.

Thomas Nixon Thomas Nixon is a star for his effort on crew. He begins setting up dish room before he even eats. He is consistently working throughout the meal and doesn’t compromise his work ethic based on others. He leads by example, is very helpful, and our soccer team’s crew would run much slower without him.

Kevin Wang Kevin Wang is nominated for his leadership on the JV Football squad, as well as his recent promotion to team captain. He was also nominated for his diligence on the wing, especially when he steps up to do dorm jobs that are not completed.

Jaime Zins Jaime Zins is nominated for her display of concern in her Discovery Group. She is a great example for others in the group and helps by both challenging and showing care for her peers.

10/8/13 First Edition

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT Jacob Rice: The Shoe-Giver of Tampa What do a new pair of shoes mean to you? Maybe a fun treat for yourself, something cool that you get to show off to others, and all in all, it's just a little extra something that would make you feel good about yourself. Jacob Rice, a senior here at Hyde, believed that everyone should have this simple pleasure of a pair of new shoes, and actually started a non-profit organization to provide underprivileged kids with a new pair of shoes. He began a non-profit called Shoe Giver of Tampa at age 10. Since then, he has distributed over 1,500 pairs of shoes, over 800 pairs locally and 700 pairs all over the world. When asked about what it was that really motivated him to start up this organization, he replied, “Well, as a 10-year-old, I didn’t really see anything other than my immediate community, and what I’m normally exposed to. I really wanted to do something to help out the community so I got out to local community centers to learn about what was really going on. When I asked what the kids really needed, the answer was shoes.” So, from there, Jacob began calling shoe companies to see if they would help his cause. This seems like such a big commitment for a mere ten-year-old to take on and most people might think, “Wow, I could never do that”. When asked what guidance he would give to others with big dreams but small aspirations, Jacob replied, “I would say, persistence, you know? At 10 years old I was calling companies like Nike, Adidas, and Reebok, and I was not getting responses. But, I persisted, and kept calling. Now I’m at the point where I have access to a warehouse of shoes and at any point, if I found someone in need of a pair of shoes, I could get a pair to them in under 3 days.” Jacob’s achievements have had big impacts on kids all over the country and internationally as well. He’s been featured in

the Huffington post as one of “The 25 Most Impressive Kids Graduating From High School This Year.” He’s also been recognized by Readers Digest, ABC Action News Story, and he has been interviewed on CNN among many other achievements and appearances on nationally viewed sources. Starting up this organization has obviously impacted the lives of many, but it has influenced Jacob’s life as well. He said, “It has impacted me in so many ways, to start I’d say it has impacted me in that I see what’s really going on in this country and that there are many who aren’t nearly as fortunate as myself, my peers, and many people around me.” Jacob will continue to work with Shoe Giver of Tampa as he continues his education at University of Southern California next fall. Check out his organization at Written by: Hui Seow

10/8/13 First Edition

SPORTS UPDATE Girls Soccer The girls fell to a strong Falmouth team 8-0.

Photo of Joe Burns found on

Girls JV Soccer The Girls JV team is working hard at practice with lots of cardio, hoping for it to payoff in the upcoming games.

Boys Soccer The boys hosted Marianapolis on Monday falling 6-0. They rebounded big time against Falmouth on Wednesday finding the back of the net 6 times getting their first win of the season 6-2. "I think we played with more fire than we have with all season, especially in the second half" Head Coach Nick Nowak. On Saturday the boys team hosted St andrews from RI, in their 4th game of the week. Goals by Evan Abate '14 and Felipe Azevado '14. they fell short 7-2.

Boys JV Soccer Boys JV soccer rings the traditional Hyde bell for the second time this season with a 2-0 win against St. Thomas Moore School. Goals by Leo Wang '15 and Richard Tang '15. Evan Berger '14 with the shutout. The boys traveled and hour to Valley Regional Mass, falling short by a final score of 6-0.

Strength and Conditioning Coached by Mr. Jenkins, the team sees improvement each and every week on students’ weight training, cardio and overall strength.

Boys and Girls Cross Country Led by boys captain Scott Leonard '14, the girls and boys team look to improve each and every meet all the way up to New Englands.

10/8/13 First Edition

SPORTS UPDATE Football The football team gained a forfeit win against Tilton and will travel to Hebron on the 12th. Their first home game will be against Holderness on the 19th.

JV Football Boys JV football fell to Portsmouth Abbeys on a close one 14-8. " It was an exciting game with a 0-0 at halftime, the touchdown was scored by Will Kuphal 15' and a 2 point conversion was added on" Jack Greenberg RB 15'

Photo of Scott Leonard found on

Sports updates by: Rob Ficarra

OWLER’S CHOICE Janicha "Cha-Cha" Diaz is the Howler's choice for Athlete of the Week. She is our selection because of her tenacity, aggressiveness, and heart that she shows on the soccer field. She pulled her team together and secured the first win for women's Varsity soccer in a few years by netting a hat-trick against St. Thomas Moore. " I didn't even know of this "hat-trick". I was confused of what it meant at first, but I felt good 'bout it." -Cha-Cha Good job, and stay classy Woodstock. The Mer-Cado Mention by: Marcos Mercado

10/8/13 First Edition

Brought to You by... Hui Seow - Founder/Director/Journalist Dylan Marx - World News Journalist Rob Ficcara - Sports Journalist Marcos Mercado - Sports Journalist/Photographer Lila Paulsen - Interview Specialist Emma Deary - Assistant to the Director and Founder Amelia Lyle - Assistant Editor Charles Escalante - Director of Sports Journalism/Twin of the Day Alex LaBeef - Layout Design Wes Jenkins - Editor and Chief

10/8/13 First Edition


Nick Nowak Faculty Member

Alexi Lalas Retired US Soccer National Team Member

Fun Facts

Cutting the stem of a white rose vertically 4 times and soaking the pieces in different colored dye will produce a rainbow rose, thanks to the Fibonacci sequence.

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