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Contributors Vol 5: Gianell Bendijo Caroline MĂŠlia Jack Strutz Marta Ciosek Asami Zenri Bekha and Jess Lafrankie Jessica Wertheim Jadyn Denatale Paige Calvert Rosie Brock Tanith Mc Grath Priscilla Ainhoa Griscti Patty Maher Jennifer Edwards Tanith Mc Grath Andrew Sorenson

We See It is an online zine which strives to be a platform for the many wonderful creative artists around the world. We are pretty grass roots around here and regret that we are not in a position to pay contributors for any work. If you would like to submit work, please email us weseeitmag@gmail.com. We See It’s contributors retain sole copyright and ownership of their artworks. Please feel free to contact them directly using links provided regarding their work.

Welcome to We See It | Vol 5. We would like to thank you all for joining us on this journey of art appreciation! Five volumes under our belts and the submissions are getting better and better. Thank you all for your continued support, comments, emails, tweets and blog mentions. As you know by now, we are the connoisseurs of talent spotting and are so excited to share the outstanding talent we have discovered, all rounded up and presented to you in pretty package called We See It. We believe that behind every Artist and Creative, there is a tale to tell, an individual life being led, an eager heart and a predicatively fascinating creative process. As well as seeing and appreciating their work and skills, we want to bring you a little closer to these talented beings by introducing you to them and their world of work. The way We See It is, every artistically fruitful individual should have the chance to showcase their work to the world and for them to be truly appreciated. We See It strive to bring you the brightest independent artists from around the world, and compact them and their work into one totally tasty piece of reading. We hope you see the beauty & talent, because We See It ! We See It x

We See It | Vol 5

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Take me to the Seaside Bekha and Jess Lafrankie


Caroline MĂŠlia Photographer



Jadyn DeNatale Photographer

The Exhibition: Patty Maher



Malibu day Trip by Jack Strutz (Inside cover)

Gianell Bendijo Photographer



Paige Calvert Illustrator

We See It Style: Andrew Sorenson


Settled in California by Asami Zenri (Cover)


Jennifer Edwards Photographer


Rosie Brock Photographer


Sweet n’ Salty Jessica Wertheim


Alice by Marta Ciosek


Substance by Jessica Wertheim


Priscilla Ainhoa Griscti Artist/Illustrator

We See It looks at international street style - by Tanith Rose

Caroline Mélia C

aroline Mélia is 22 years old and lives in Bordeaux, France. She is currently studying at university to earn a master degree. She would like to become a writer or a press agent in the fields of arts or fashion and also writes for two webzines.

to photograph some female friends who wanted to be my models... At first I had a bridge camera like everybody, a little Panasonic one that I still have. I conserve it cautiously. It has been two years now that I bought a Reflex, I saved a lot but I don’t regret it !

WSI: We love your portraits, magical and WSI: How did your journey into photography charming, Is there anything in particular that fuels your creativity as an artist? start? CM: I’ve always been appealed by images since I’m a child. I remember I was fascinated by the printing process of photography. So much black to get loads of colours... That’s fascinating. One of my life goals is to own a darkroom one day (one day !). In high school I decided to earn a A-level with an option “audiovisual arts” to explore the fields of the cinema and animated image. These three years were rewarding for me but as I chose to study Communication thereafter, I didn’t have other opportunities to direct short films.

CM: What a cute question... Well I try to transcribe my world through post-processing that I’m used to use frequently. I think that the atmosphere that stands out of my photographs is vintage and a bit old-fashioned, I really like that feeling.

I always make the same kind of ambiance unconsciously, I think that’s like my stamp ! What feeds my creativity and what is my major vital lead is the approach to light. To me light is the most important feature to create a good I started photography about three or four years photo, hence my Facebook page’s name by the ago as to take photos of my friends, who were in way. rock bands, during their concerts. Then I began

WSI: Whats your biggest achievement in your work so far? CM: I haven’t got a clue. I think my style and my personality are highlighted and improved everytime I photograph. Actually I don’t like lots of my own photos. I may like about ten of them at best, which seems pretty great to me... But if I really had to choose, I think that the photos of “L’enfant sauvage” (the wild child) would be the most successfully completed. The photo shoot occurred for quite a while but... it’s clearly the best example that I can cast of photos that totally surpassed me. The basic idea for that shoot was to take photos in a vineyard and finally the photos which I took in the ditch next to it stood out. In my opinion those photos have a very peculiar atmosphere: mysterious, from another world, from another time. I think that they stand out from all the other photographs and I confess that I really have a weakness for the things which surpass me and the things that I can’t explain. I hope I would live through that kind of experience soon.

WSI: Is it easy to be creative everyday? How do you overcome artists blocks? CM: Absolutely. I can’t understand people who say they don’t have any inspiration. EVERYTHING could be a source of inspiration. You just have to pay attention to what surrounds us. I’ve always been a very sensitive girl, even hypersensitive. Sometimes just a guitar chord in a music can inspire me. A sentence in a book too, or few seconds in a movie. Anything can actually. Everything which surrounds me and creates my life. I never had a “block” because I don’t force me to do anything. I’m not a professional, on the contrary, and my shoots are contingent on my moods, my desires and above all my free time. As I’m studying for a master degree, writing for webzines and working as an employee, I think I just don’t have time to have photography blocks. Photography is like a pressure valve in my life, the best way I found to express myself while taking pleasure in it. WSI: If you could travel to any country to do a shoot - where would you go and why? CM: A question for which I answer very readily: Canada. It’s a country that attracted me for many years. The wide open spaces, the forests, the lakes, the light. Everything attracts me in this country. Like the Canadian state of mind too, and all the images that the country can carry. All those colors mixed with an ubiquitous nature. I think this is marvellous. It’s a real dream, and I hope I could travel to Canada soon. WSI: Have you ever studies Arts/photography? CM: Absolutely not. I’m studying Communication for four years. I earned a A-level with an option “audiovisual arts – cinema” with which I learnt the basic notions of analysis and construction of images. I also did a history of art course and a analysis of images course which helped me a lot for photography - for the lines and the dots of the photographic composition for instance. Otherwise I photograph thanks to my feeling, I don’t really think about the technical aspect. Light is always something really important to me on a photo. I think it’s thanks to this that I wished to go for a Reflex camera which permit billions of possible uses. I learnt by myself, little by little in my shoots - and I still learn a lot today -, about how my camera works, what is better to do, how to obtain a better depiction, etc. WSI: Where would you like to be with your art in 5 years time? CM: My goal is not to be famous or to live on photography. It’s a real passion which fills me with happiness at every new project, but I can’t see myself live on it. I hope I will have better skills in five years. I hope I will continue to elaborate new projects with my closest friends, meet new people, discover new horizons.

WSI: Has using social networks helped you as an artist? Why/ How? CM: Obviously. Actually I did photography for a bit more than three years, and until then I was a total stranger on the social networks. I created my Facebook page in October as a lot of people told me to do so for quite a long time. So since I created my Facebook page, “Ecris moi la lumière” (write me the light), everything has changed! Everybody is able to see my photos, and thanks to that, I have met lots of people both interesting in their own work and interested in mine. It enabled me to make some nice collaborations with other amateur photographers. I feel like I’m belonging to a kind of current, a trend: everybody wants to have his own virtual space where he can put his photos. And, while a lot of them remain unnoticed or give up after few months, I really think I will go on for a while, be my page still followed or not. In the first place I am quite selfish, I don’t take pictures to display, but to fulfil myself !

WSI: Background music when your editing?? CM: Usually I don’t listen to music when I’m touching up my photographs, I’m so focused on the picture and on what it can tell me... But music inspires me a lot when I’m in the thinking process before a photo shoot. Being engrossed by music helps me to find ideas and special atmospheres. And sometimes, a series of pictures matches more or less a tune that I love, but it’s not always conscious or done on purpose. These days I’m listening to Damien Saez a lot. He’s a French singer, an endless source of inspiration to me. But I also like lots of indie/folk bands like Iron and Wine or The Decemberists.

Visit Caroline www.facebook.com/Ecrismoilalumiere

Jadyn DeNatale JDStorm Photography


eet Jadyn DeNatale, otherwise known on the interwebs as JDStormPhotography. This tumblr princess is a 20 year old photographer from Orange County, California. She’s been a photographer for two years now, and she loves it more than anything in the world. “The only way I can really explain my work is that it’s portraiture. I find models who’s features really stand out to me, and I’ll try and think of a theme for a shoot with them. Sometimes it’s really simple, and sometimes I like to experiment a little.” WSI: How did your journey into photography start?

The funny thing is, back in my freshman year of high school, I job shadowed my aunt, who is also a photographer. After that day, I decided that photography was boring and that I’d never become a photographer! WSI: Photo manipulation: Why do you think it has become so popular? JD: It’s a warp on reality. People find that so fascinating because everyone wishes they could escape reality once and a while, right? When they see these images of the impossible, they get drawn in, and they try to figure out how it’s done. I’ve definitely tried some photo manipulation.

Brooke Shaden is my favourite photographer, so I’ve tried to model some photos after her JD: Though I didn’t really start until I was 18, work. Well, only the levitation photos, really. As when I was a junior in high school, there was much as I love photo manipulation, my photos this girl in my grade that seemed to be great at are much more simple and don’t require a lot anything that took creativity. She would post all of photo shop. It’s fun to experiment every once of her photography on MySpace, and I would and a while though. look at it every single day, wishing I could do something like that. When I was 18, I got a Nikon D5000 for my birthday, and that’s where my journey began.

WSI: Are you studying arts? JD: I was. I’ve taken four photography classes at my college: digital, analog to digital, advanced and portrait. I decided that I need to take a break and just work on my own projects. I think I’m going to wait until I transfer to an actual art school before I continue.

WSI: What part of photography to you love the most/ dislike the most? JD: Love: I just get lost in it. I forget about the world around me, whether it be a good day or bad. It makes me feel so at peace and happy. Also, you meet so many good people. I’ve made so many new friends since I started. Dislike: Editing! Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun, but it can take hours depending on what you are doing!

WSI: Your portraits are so expressive, what is it about faces you love? JD: Everything! I think bone structure is my favourite though. That’s what I look for most in my models. Next, I love the ability people have to change the expression on their face so easily. Some of the people I have modeled just amaze me with what they can do. WSI: Where do you see yourself and your work going in the future? JD: Though I don’t know much about fashion, I think it’d be great to be a photographer for fashion shoots. They are so creative and beautiful! I’d also love to be a photographer for bands. Their photos are always so fun. I know both of those fields are tough to get into, so if neither of those happen, I’d love to open my own studio. Either way, I’m sticking with people. WSI: What inspires you? JD: Other photographers!

Visit Jadyn Www.flickr.com/jdstorm Www.jdstormphotography.tumblr.com

Malibu DayTrip.. Photography and retouching by Jack Strutz Photographic Assistant: Kevin McDonnell Styling by Jack | Makeup by Riley

Luke Cantrell @ BMG Models LA Left: Blue tank: Alternative Green Cargo Shorts: Zara Youth This Page: Red Baseball Shirt: Levis Tan Cargo Shorts: Iron Blue Plaid: Abercrombie Riley Spencer @ BMG Models LA Left: Tan Shirt: Brandy and Mellvile Shorts: Levis, Sunglasses: Ray Ban’s This Page: Tank Top: Altru Apparel Bathing Suit: Victoria’s Secret

Luke Cantrell @ BMG Models LA This Page: Red Baseball Shirt: Levis Tan Cargo Shorts: Iron Blue Plaid: Abercrombie Riley Spencer @ BMG Models LA Tank Top: Altru Apparel Bathing Suit: Victoria’s Secret

Luke Cantrell @ BMG Models LA Tan Button Up: Gap Jeans: Abercrombie

Riley Spencer @ BMG Models LA Tan Shirt: Brandy and Mellvile Shorts: Levis Sunglasses: Ray Ban’s

Riley Spencer @ BMG Models LA White Lacy Top: Banana Republic Pink Bathing Suit: Victoria’s Secret Flower Shorts: Levi’s Luke Cantrell @ BMG Models LA Blue Shorts: Abercrombie FRONT COVER Riley Spencer @ BMG Models LA Flannel: Vintage Unknown Shorts: Levis Shoes: Uggs Luke Cantrell @ BMG Models LA Tan Button Up: Gap Jeans: Abercrombie

Paige Calvert P

aige, 20 is currently in her second year at the University of Portsmouth studying Illustration. She has always been creative and doing this course at Uni has helped her start to find out who she is.

“-That as of yet, I am not 100% sure on. All I know is that I am quite strange, I love floral dresses and the 1950’s, weird but awesome toys, shopping and drinking lots of tea.”

WSI: Have you always been interested in illustration?? How did it all start for you? PC: Well as I was growing up I was always drawing!!! And always making clothes for my dolls, as I got older it turned into an interest in fashion design which I took a course in in college. As I progressed though I soon realised my heart was in drawing and it kind of has gone from there. Again University makes me realise that is okay to love more than one thing! You don’t have to just like Illustration but in my case fashion as well! WSI: We LOVE your work, the beautiful portraits and magical settings, Is there anything in particular that fuels your creativity as an artist? PC: I think fashion is a massive inspiration but also how I am feeling. My friends also really inspire me as I have some crazy talented ones I go to Uni with. Also I think my childhood plays a big part in my colour choices and quite girlie images. WSI: What is your biggest achievement in your work so far? PC: Well this interview is already a massive one for me! All I can say is I am getting good grades and my online blog/facebook is getting great feedback to. WSI: Is it easy being creative everyday? How do you overcome artist blocks? PC: It comes and goes, I often get a streak of being really hard-working and all my work flows and then times when it all becomes a bit ridged and procrastinating sets in. It all depends, I find myself happier working on personal projects than I am my University ones as I can free todo anything I like!

WSI: Do you have a favourite and why? PC: Favourite illustration of mine? Umm, I quite like my ‘a girl can dream’ illustration, it is really simple but it was the first time I used subtle colours and it it pretty much what I think.. I always dream of big things one day! WSI: What mediums do you use in your work? PC: I use a lot of different ones, the main being watercolour, embroidery, pencil and photoshop. WSI: You have quite a successful blog and lookbook.nu account, so obviously fashion blogging is something you are into also, tell us a bit about your style and blogging. PC: I love fashion blogging, it is like my bit on the side! Haha. Well I would say my style is feminine, playful with a vintage twist thrown in as well. I love signature pieces within an overall look and I am currently loving flatforms! I have brought 2 pairs and I just love them. WSI: Has using social networks helped you as an artist? Why/How? PC: Yes most definitely, without the internet and being able to get your work out there and up to date day to day it would be extremely hard to make it anywhere. I hope that my blog, face book and lookbook continue to be popular and grow as I do. WSI: Where would you like to be with your art in 5 yrs time? PC: I have so many things I would love to do, but I would love to be working with some quirky little and beautiful magazine in London or Brighton a few days a week and then in a boutique the other days! One that has artwork on the walls and sells lovely little things. In my spare time I would love to sell prints and work for different advertising labels or fashion stores! To be honest I would love to do anything girlie and awesome!

Visit Paige

www.facebook.com/pages/Paige-Joanna-Illustration/204083836302858 www.paigejoanna.blogspot.com/ www.paigecalvert1.tumblr.com/



Photographer: Asami Zenri (asamiphotography.com) Wardrobe: Charity Baker | Makeup: Christian Buss Hair: HAIR BY NYCOLE | Model: Alyena @L.A. Models

This Page: Dress: Gypsy Junkies Yellow bathing suit underneath: Geronimo Ring: Confection Jewels Right: Vest: Gypsy Junkies Necklace: Michelle Rose Skirt: LAVUK Ring: Confection Jewels

Images 1&2: Dress: LAVUK Necklace: Confection Jewels Shoes: Models Own Iamge 3: Vest: Gypsy Junkies Necklace: Michelle Rose Skirt: LAVUK Ring: Confection Jewels

This page: Necklace: Michelle Rose Dress: Geronimo Ring: Confection Jewels Right: Dress: Gypsy Junkies Ring: Confection Jewels


Rosie Brock


osie is 16, she was born in Charleston, South Carolina, and moved to Gulf coast Florida when she was very young. Her work focuses on nostalgia, youthfulness, and natural light.

WSI: How did your journey into photography start? RB: Actually, it truly began about a year ago. I had a simple point and shoot, and began snapping tons of pictures of myself and my young sister, Lily. To be quite honest, at first it was more of a pursuit of vanity; like taking a picture, just to look pretty. But as time progressed, I began to realize the true art behind photography. Through observation of the work of other photographers, and indulging in my own creativity, I began to pursue photography as an art form. That’s how it began, and I’ve been absolutely in love ever since. WSI: We love your portraits, magical and charming; is there anything in particular that fuels your creativity as an artist? RB: Thank you so much! What inspires me artistically would definitely be my favorite films, certain memories of my childhood in the South, and eccentric personalities. Actually, I’ve found myself most inspired by gas stations and very run-down areas I happen upon. I love creating contrasts between traditional beauty, with the stereotypical “ugly”— in hopes of creating a feeling of faded elegance. WSI: What’s your biggest achievement in your work so far? RB: So far, my biggest achievement has been becoming able to translate my idea for a certain image, to an actual photograph. Essentially, expanding creatively and striving to exude a distinct style of my own have been achievements, which I continue working towards. WSI: Is it easy to be creative every day? How do you overcome artists blocks? I definitely have days when I cannot stop daydreaming about a certain idea, or image in my mind. Those are my best days, but I certainly have dry spells. I get over artists block by observing the work of my favorite photographers, listening to music, and watching beautifully composed films.

WSI: Where would you like to be with your art in 5 years’ time? RB: One of my biggest goals is to shoot with professional models, so I certainly hope I will accomplish that in five years. I also want to attend an art school for college, so in five years, I hope to have begun a true career as a photographer, as well as furthering my artistic abilities through education/practice. WSI: Has using social networks helped you as an artist? Why/How? RB: Yes, I think it has. It has definitely gotten the message out that I’m very passionate photography. Honestly, photography is my entire life, so I think it’s appropriate that I share it with people I care about. WSI: Background music when you’re editing?? RB: Most definitely Lana Del Ray the majority of the time. She’s a symbol of sensuality, but with a great deal of substance. Her music (specifically, her lyrics) create such a distinct mood, which really helps me when focusing on my photographs. I also love Pink Floyd, Bon Iver, the soundtrack for “Almost Famous,” and my Pandora account is always helpful.

WSI: You use film as well as digital. What is it about film that keeps photographers hooked? RB: I honestly believe that film captures a personal moment in an exceedingly endearing way. There’s something about the look of film photography that is so incredibly honest; I love it. Personally, the anticipation of getting rolls of film developed is one of most exciting events in my life. WSI: Have you ever studied Arts/photography? RB: Growing up, my parents always signed me up for art lessons. I took ceramics, painting, drawing, or collagemaking since I was a little girl. However, I have never had any schooling in photography, but I am hoping to do a program during the summer.

Visit Rosie www.rosiebrock.carbonmade.com/

ALICE Photographer: Marta Ciosek Alice model: Kaja Krzewicka | Rabbit: Mytopea,Mad Hatter: Martyna Zielinska Queen of Hearts: Diva Akasha | MUA: Marta Ciosek , Diva Akasha

Priscilla Ainhoa Griscti


riscilla Ainhoa Griscti was born in Spain in 1985, in a small village called Oropesa del Mar in Valencia where her parents were living at the time. Despite only spending a few months there as a baby, Ainhoa continued to hold a profound attraction to Spain which is markedly evident through her artistic signature ‘’Ainhoa’’, her Spanish second name. Ainhoa’s passion for art developed with her, growing as she grew, becoming intricately linked to her persona, her feelings, and her emotions. Although wonderfully surreal, her art finds many connections to the real world, to the things that incite the artist’s inspiration such as antiques objets d’art to which the artist was exposed as from a very tender age through her father, a prominent local antiquarian, who would expose his daughter to various, different, fascinating and unusual antiques. Based in Malta, Ainhoa began her secondary education at the Convent of the Sacred Heart, where she found herself in an environment that urged her towards creativity. In her school breaks she often withdrew from the crowds into the safe haven offered to her by the art room, in which she would draw, and paint freeing her imagination. At fourteen years of age, Ainhoa attended the Malta Government School of Art which gave her a firm grounding in academic art. At sixth form she entered De La Salle College, taking art as her main subject whilst evolving a more liberal style and expression. During this time, she joined other local contemporary artists in life figure drawing at various studios on the island, where she acquired a more profound knowledge of anatomy and acquired a heightened sensitivity towards the nude figure. Also during this time, Ainhoa began working in clay sculpture and ceramics. 

At eighteen years of age, Ainhoa held her first solo exhibition entitled Hidden Illusions at Hotel Le Meridien Phoenicia in Valletta. The show displayed surrealist works of metamorphosed animals in human portraiture, powerfully expressing nature’s destructive force. Hidden Illusions received a positive response from local and foreign art critics and media alike. In 2007, Ainhoa formed part of the ISIDEM workshop held by the internationally reknown contemporary artist Sancho Silva. This workshop was followed with a collective exhibition of installations entitled 60x60x60 at Biagio Steps in Valletta. In 2008, Ainhoa attended the SACI Malta Restoration Internship run by Roberta Lapucci and carried on practical work on the restoration of the The Baptism of Christ by Mario Minniti.  Also in 2008, Ainhoa took Malta by storm in another solo exhibition which she called Anima del Circo. The exhibition, held at the Malta Maritime Museum in Birgu, lasted over two months and captured the attention of various art enthusiasts, followers, and collectors. The show avidly displayed large scale works in mixed media that dealt with the concept of the tragedy of human existence through the image of the circus clown. Throughout the years, Ainhoa also took part in a number of collective exhibitions and held many solo shows in prominent galleries and locations such as the Casino di Venezia in Vittoriosa, the Corinthia Palace Hotel in Balzan, and Le Meridien Phoenicia in Valletta amongst others. In March 2011, Ainhoa was chosen as one of the winners in Saatchi’s online competition and was given the opportunity to exhibit at the ARTPARIS show at the Grand Palais in Paris, France. Ainhoa also achieved two degrees from the University of Malta; a B.A.(Hons.) and an M.A. in Art History.

Visit Priscilla www.behance.net/ainhoarts www.facebook.com/ainhoarts

Take Me to the Seaside

Photography: Bekha and Jess Lafrankie (Ivy Nine Designs) Model: Emma Hambleton @ Viviens aged 17 Hair and Makeup Artist: Carolina Rojas Clothing: Vintage

The Exhibition

Patty Maher


Gianell Bendijo Love inspires me.


ianell Bendijo is a 25 year old freelance photographer from Davao City, Philippines. She first got into photography in 2010 and is self-taught. She is currently working in a university as an administrative staff but she shoots with people on her days off and holidays. Working on weddings, E-sessions, couples, students and fashion, her work is a treat to follow. Gianells shoots both digital & film and her photography can transport you to beautiful tropical dream worlds and bring you on a journey of nostalgia. “I love film and anything vintage and pretty. I shoot with natural light (available light) and a lot of imaginations.” WSI: How did your journey into photography start? GB: I discovered my passion in taking photographs during college. But, I started taking still life and landscape (a little seriously) a year after my graduation with a point and shoot camera that we own in the office where I am working. One semester, a Masters student in our college was inspired by my photos that I’ve uploaded on Facebook that he handed down on me his old film camera, a Nikon FM10. I started shooting still life and portraits in film then. I am forever grateful to Cris. Not so later, I bought my first DSLR (a second-hand) from a friend on a Valentine’s day in 2011. Commissions and projects just came hand in hand.

WSI: Your work focuses a lot of portraits, couples and model. Why do you like to photograph people? GB: Majority of the portraits that you can see on my blogs/websites are actually projects for a college yearbook while some are fun shoots I did with friends in the world of photography. I had never planned to be a portrait or wedding photographer (though I still believe that I’m no match to a lot photographers in our city or in our country as a whole). I particularly enjoy taking photographs of people because they have a lot of story to tell that should not be forgotten. I want to capture them in my own vantage point and I want people to remember their precious moments for the rest of their lives. WSI: You shoot a lot of film, why do you love it? GB: I guess I wanted to be different that’s why I started using film. This kind of photography is actually not extremely popular in our country today, so why not start something new that is in fact old as our grandmothers? A lot of photographers today spend huge amounts of post processing time trying to recreate the film look. I personally love the explicit and pleasing look and feel to the quality of film, it’s difficult to describe with exact words and it’s not necessarily a better look than digital, it’s just different. So the easiest way to create the film look? Use a film camera. Also, in film photography, it teaches me to make each shot count since you really have to think before you click the shutter. Hence, it helps me stand in good stead when I go back to my DSLR.

WSI: Your blog is named Super Rookie, Why “Super Rookie”? GB: I believe that photography is a never-ending learning process. Like a beginner, I always look forward to learning new things each and every chance I have to use my camera. Like a rookie, I keep myself excited every time and I see to it that my feet are always on the ground. WSI: What’s been your greatest photography achievement so far? GB: My greatest achievement so far is winning two different local photo contests in less than a week. And of course, being able to make my mother proud of me and of what I am doing.

WSI: What (if anything) have you learned about yourself through photography? GB: One thing, maybe, that I’ve learned about myself though photography is how I absolutely hate waiting. Literally and physically waiting, it’s just so awkward and lonely to wait for long hours during photo shoots. But it taught me how to respect and value other people’s time. WSI: What are your tools of the trade? GB: I use Canon Digital Rebel XT (350D), 50mm f/1.8, 55-250mm f/45.6, 18-55mm f/3.5/5.6 and a Nikon FM10 film camera and some cheap film I usually buy in local stores. I don’t really spend so much time editing my photos. I just usually make brightness, contrast, sharpness and color curves adjustments using Photoshop or Photoscape sometimes (because I’m lame).

WSI: Your wedding photography is brilliant; you seem to really enjoy your time spent with the couples, what inspires you? GB: Love inspires me. The love that the couple share. The excitement that you can see and feel during E-Sessions and most especially during their wedding day. What else can you do more but to document such a blissful celebration of great love. Although weddings are fast-paced where you can absolutely have no control over the happenings taking place throughout the day, you can’t direct the people, the lighting vary radically and you are always on your toes, I still love that idea of getting little surprises and it keeps me excited all the time.

WSI: Thank you Gianell, Onefinal question - Where do you see yourself and your working going in the future? GB: I would love to have my own studio someday. Not the typical photo studio but something like a big white room with huge windows and a lot of natural light coming in, with pretty chairs or couch and all. More projects in the future, more portraits and weddings. Or perhaps work in a magazine or any publication, or volunteer to an organization. I don’t know yet, I’ll just accept whatever comes my way.

Visit Gianell www.gianellbendijo.blogspot.com www.gianellbendijo.tumblr.com www.flickr.com/photos/gianellbendijo www.facebook.com/gianellbendijo

We See It Style: Andrew Sorenson By Tanith Rose

[www. rough-dreams-and-ice-cream.blogspot.com] Photos by: Leny Behar & blackmoscow.tumblr.com


ere at We See It, the intire team and I have been getting re-heeeeeely excited about this month’s issue for a couple of reasons. One being that it is now coming into spring and we are optimistically hoping for some (reasonably) nice weather along with the much more exciting prospect of having a lovely male to feature in this month’s issue, which is a first for us- but definitely not a last. As with discovering my amazing unseen girls, I went about my mission of exploration through lookbook with wide eyes and an open heart. Its with these tools set out to discover some hidden gems in the gentleman department. Low and behold the shock of my month when I see the mass of fantastically dressed men with little or no recognition.

On and on I scroll coming across a multitude of fitting advocates that We See It would be proud to represent and coming to the conclusion that this is going to be difficult in a very different way to the ideals of the women’s pieces we are used to. After a few DAYS of officially stalking Lookbook (MENS filter ON) I finally narrow down my decision to one awesome lad who is a film student from Boston (originally California) named Andrew Sorenson.

His style is consistently flawless and seems totally natural. Each look effortlessly portrays character and soul leaving you wondering who is he and what road is he on? My favorite aspect of Andrews style (and there are so many) are the silhouettes and the obvious feeling of mystery. Depicting a mini story with each look I have to say I admire the guy for doing his own thing and pulling it off As I did more research and became familiar with perfectly! a few faces and recognized some others I came to the conclusion that unless you are dressed as a I have asked Andrew a few questions about him male equivalent of Lady Gaga or quite literally an and his personal style so we can get to know a Abercrombie and Fitch and Fitch model there’s little more about this mysterious Sartorialist along little love (or should I say hypes) left for the rest with some of our favorite looks he has created. of the men’s sartorial world.

TR : Initially what first attracted you to fashion and personal style? AS: I would say my first initial attraction to having any “style” began with wearing all black and shopping at hot topic when I was 12. Definitely not my best idea, but it’s where it all began. I became more fashion conscious when I began working at American Apparel at 16. When I moved to Boston from California is when I really got obsessed. I love east coast fashion. TR: Who’s image or style would you most look up to? AS: Right now, I am obsessed with Grimes. All of her looks are amazing and many of them aren’t gender specific so I can easily draw inspiration from them. I have also been obsessed with Yolandi Vi$$er for some time now.

TR: How/ where do you get inspired? AS: As a male I find it hard to find inspiration that fits my own tastes. The streets of New York are a great place to get inspired. I pull from female styles a lot too and try to find the male equivalent. For example, Jeffery Campbell Litas made me obsessed with the platform concept and that’s how I came into wearing creepers. Online though, I generally use lookbook, tumblr and stylelikeu (where I’ll be interning this summer!).

TR: Where is your favorite places to shop? AS: Thrifting is my number one. It’s cheap and unique. If I had endless money I would shop at OAK NYC, Religion and All Saints. I shop a ton at American Apparel since I work there. TR: What would be your staple item in your wardrobe? AS: Right now, my oversized acid wash denim jacket. It adds nicely to almost any outfit and makes denim on denim work quite nicely because the acid wash provides a nice contrast. TR: Where do you hope to be in 10 years time? AS: Living in New York, editing films and hanging out with the Olsen twins.

Visit Andrew www.lookbook.nu/mandru

Jennifer Edwards


ennifer is a 20 year old photographer from Vigina, US. Her friends call her Jenny and she admits she married to ‘the greatest man in the world’. (aawwwhhhh!!) She started taking pictures when she was around 14, her dad had been in a really bad accident and was in the hospital for most of her high school years. She would get bored and take her parent’s camera phone and wander around the hallways. “I liked taking artistic sort of images, so I ended up teaching myself all the basics of composition and whatnot with a crummy little grainy camera phone!” WSI: We love your portraits, magical and charming, Is there anything in particular that fuels your creativity as an artist? JE: Well I suppose I’ve always been a daydreamer and I’ve always loved costumes. My self-portraiture started because I wanted to make myself into different characters, or make believe for a little while. And I love clothes; every item of clothing I own is pretty much a costume of some sort. WSI: Whats your biggest achievement in your work so far? JE: I honestly don’t know what my biggest achievement would be. It’s nice being featured in magazines, I know that makes my mom proud, I’ve been in a couple now. I suppose those are achievements but it’s hard for me to say because I’m not really doing this for anything but the love of it. I think my greatest personal achievement is finally being able to produce an image the way I see it in my head. It’s a tricky thing to accomplish. WSI: Is it easy to be creative everyday? How do you overcome artists blocks? JE: Its definitely not easy to be creative every day. I tried and failed twice to complete a 365 project and force myself to be creative. Eventually you just run out of steam. I’m trying a new project, I call it “the long venture” it’s basically a 365 without the pressure. I’m also not forcing myself to be “creative” every day….instead I just want to do my best to take an interesting shot.

WSI: Have you ever studies Arts/photography? JE: I’m self taught, I learned just about everything on my own. My senior year of High School I finally took a photography class and the teacher said to me “Jennifer, I think you know more about photography than I do” …so I didn’t really learn much from him haha. WSI: Has using social networks helped you as an artist? Why/How? JE: Well social networking definitely helps get your name out there but I think from an artistic standpoint it’s not been very helpful, in fact it can be a hindrance. You get flooded with all this good work from other artists, and for a little while I felt like I lost myself. I am adamant against letting that happen again.

WSI: If you could collaborate with anyone in the world who would it be? JE: That’s another hard question; I don’t really have anyone in mind that I would like to collaborate with. I’m really a solo person. I do my best work when I’m left alone… I’d like to get my husband more involved in my photos for sure! Usually he’s at work when I shoot, sometimes he stands by and helps out… I need to get him into more pictures! WSI: Finally Jenny, background music when your editing?? JE: Typically I have the tv on in the background haha!

Visit Jenny www.flickr.com/photos/clowncandy/ www.facebook.com/pages/Jennifer-LeighPhotography/233427746722813

Sweet n Salty Photography and Styling by Jessica Wertheim www.wix.com/jessicasurfs/jckphotography Hair and Make Up: Sarah Pacheco for Camera Ready Cosmetics Models: Nai’a and Anela Aplaca (sisters)

Substance Jessica Wertheim

A token a black toy tempting blood not red but white slimy slow escape welcomed and awake forsaking my truths forging a golden sun I contemplate the new wondering further into shadows undone completely void of nothing Bounce back mighty power sour at first taste salty swirled into sweet let be good again for I lay barely breathing at your feet so close in moments unseen ready to be there not here please I beg of you not to judge my heart is still pure you see a mind corrupt and fuel starved Open your mouth and intwine it mine let it bubble till it overflows and grows in me curing me completing me freeing me and ever so slowly we inhale each galaxy alone holding hands as we go Up up up Oh what! Mmm Yes! I do remember this! Yes Yes! Brilliant seas lifting us shifting us Steady Now more than ever ready we have won the undeniable right to love

We See It


We are now accepting submissions for We See It | Vol. 6. Photographers, artists, poets, designers, illustrators, writers and crafters - We Want You! Fashion editorials, collections, stories, we want to showcase your talent! If you have something to include that isnt listed above; please just drop us a mail and we will try to respond. Your Talent, We See It!

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We See It Vol 5  

We See It is an online inspiration zine.

We See It Vol 5  

We See It is an online inspiration zine.

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