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ABSTRACT This abstract is an attempt to inculcate with validity that a people centered approach is not only necessary, but methodologically appropriate to proactively engage and enhance the African Diaspora within the “European Condominium. The specific thematic focus encompasses the following key components relative to the African diaspora:  Engaging African Diaspora  Enhancing Diaspora knowledge transfer  Strengthening African Diaspora skills towards profound involvement in Development cooperation  Promoting African Diaspora engagement in “good governance”  Building African Diaspora Intellectual Networks These components can benefit Africa and Europe (effective and efficient maximization/utilization) through knowledge transfer, social capital mobility and capacity for “good governance”, democracy and development cooperation. In this regard, roles, experiences and expectations of the African Diaspora highlight the essence of Diaspora social capital mobility from a unique perspective of paradigm shift (people centered approach and advocacy research). Such integrated approach is guaranteed to yield the best possible levels of “good governance with proactive commitment, an integrated support, synergy and Diaspora presence participatory involvement in Africa`s development trajectory. Thus, the final objective is to enhance and empower Diaspora Intellectual Capital (DIC) to engage and participate on National and transnational governance levels in terms of best practiced democratic community relationship as well as validate that knowledge transfer subsequently empowers Diaspora social capital as a contributive change agent diversity management and social cohesiveness for “good governance” development cooperation; a fact presupposing that the African Diaspora is a potential developmental source of contribution to the Continent`s development cooperation for “good governance”

Key words: African Diaspora, development cooperation, diversity management, knowledge transfer


Stems from an advocacy research methodology that encompasses the promotion of Diaspora knowledge transfer for development purposes. The CAR...