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Welcome to the 10th Annual

Central Oregon Green & Solar Home Tour Saturday, October 2nd, 2010 Welcome to the 10th Annual Central Oregon Green & Solar Home Tour! The High Desert Branch of Cascadia Green Building Council is proud to feature eight homes in this community showcase of the greenest homes in Central Oregon. Each home demonstrates innovative design elements, renewable energy technologies, sustainable building materials, and lowimpact living features for an in-depth green and solar home education.

Tour some of Central Oregon’s Greenest Homes!


The High Desert Branch was created to bring pioneering dialogue and creative programs to Central Oregon, and is the local extension of the Cascadia Green Building Council. As the regional chapter of the U.S. and Canada Green Building Councils, Cascadia’s mission is to lead a transformation toward a built environment that is socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative. I think we can all agree that sounds like a wonderful environment in which to live, work, and play!

• Doors open at 8:30 am for keynote. COCC, Wille Hall (in the new campus center, 2600 College Way)

We are fortunate to have such abundant leadership in design and construction, and this unique aspect of our community is only sustained through continued collaboration and educational development. So we invite you to visit and attend any of the compelling events we have planned in the area.

• Homes open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm for viewing

The Tour homes are open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and be sure to join us at Wille Hall in the COCC Campus Center for the opening ceremony at 9:00 a.m. to hear keynote speaker, Matt Briggs. You can follow the enclosed map for a self-guided tour, or sign up for a guided bus tour with boxed lunch at the opening ceremony for your convenience. We look forward to seeing you there!

• AIA credits available

• Guided bus tour option with box lunch for $10

For more information:

About the Keynote Keynote Speaker, Matt Briggs, is a renaissance man - sustainable building champion, energy conservation advocate, filmmaker and pioneer of the wild mushroom industry in the U.S. Matt made his directorial debut with “Deep Green”, an upbeat documentary about how to de-carbonize energy and restore the natural world in order to stop climate change. Matt focuses on solutions rather than the problems, cutting through the clutter to bring new clarity to an increasingly urgent situation. He advocates for energy efficiency, green building, de-carbonizing transportation, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and smart grids. At home, Matt set out to reduce his own carbon footprint by exchanging his SUV to a high mileage hybrid car, and gave his mid-century home a series of energy efficient makeovers by upgrading the furnace and appliances, changed lighting and upgraded insulation and solar panels. In doing so, his electricity use dropped 70%.

Solar electric, solar hot water, and passive solar construction

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Join us at 9:00 am at Wille Hall in the COCC Campus Center to hear Matt speak about how green building can help create a sustainable future. “I was blown away by how professional and articulate the film is. Really – the best I’ve seen on the overall topic of responding to climate change.” - Michael O’Brien, Green Building Program, Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability


Using Power from the Sun

Dennis Staines

Solar Hot Water System ordered by November 1, 2010

541-480-8456 Cell • 541-318-5567 Office/fax • • CCB#183797

2010 GREEN at a GLANCE Green and Solar Home Tour Tour Home Numbers 3rd Party Certified Earth Advantage® √ LEED for Homes ENERGY STAR® Department of Energy Air Changes Per Hour (ACH)









N/A N/A ACH=2 ACH=.38 ACH=5 ACH=2.7


Resource Conservation Fly Ash / Slag Concrete ICF / SIPs Construction Advanced Framing: 24” on center Salvaged Lumber and Wood Products FSC Certified Wood Products Flooring: Environmentally Preferred or Thermal Mass Salvaged Material Sustainable Material Green Countertops or Recycled Content Construction Waste Reduction

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Energy Performance Score Designed for Daylighting Passive Solar Design Photovoltaic (PV) System Solar Water Heating High Efficiency Water Heater or Tankless Cellulose Insulation or Recycled Spray Foam Insulation Other Insulation; foundation / rigid Insulation R values -floor , wall , ceiling, Hydronic Radiant or Hydronic Forced Air Heat Efficient Forced Air HVAC System Lighting CFL or LED ENERGY STAR® Appliances Other Energy Features



45 EST


56 EST


Always stirring up something good. 2121 NE DIVISION BEND, OR 97701 541-382-4171 f=38 Slab=25 f=38 w=30 w=32 w=24 c=48 c=65 c=49

f=38 f=10 Slab=10 f=30 f=38 w=30 w=30 w=25.5 w=21 w=22 c=49 c=49 c=41.9 c=38 c=41




85% 100%

100% 100%



641 NW FIR AVE, REDMOND, OR 97756 541-548-7707 HOURS: 7:30-5:30 MON-FRI • 8:00-3:00 SAT.

100% 76%

Water Conservation On Demand HW circulation System Low Flush /Dual Flush Toilets High Efficiency Faucets and Showerheads High Efficiency Irrigation System Permeable Landscaping, Reduced Hardscapes Xeriscaping Greywater System / Rainwater Harvesting System Tree and Soil preservation

Indoor Air Quality and Health Ventilation System Air Filter Low or No-VOC finishes and adhesives Hard Surface Flooring Reduced Formaldehyde Cabinets, Insulation





Universal design element ( diverse household ) Pedestrian Access to neighborhood services (walking / biking) Infill Development (reduce utility expansion, conserve land & resources)



“Off-Grid, Timber Frame Living” 67775 Cloverdale Road, Sisters

(Highway 20 to Cloverdale Rd., 1 mile on left side)

This authentic, old-world timber frame, Platinum-rated Earth Advantage® Home features an open floor plan of 2850 sq. ft. of living space (2300 sq. ft. on main and 550 upstairs), 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and gourmet kitchen. The western style, cross-gable timber frame & structural insulated panel (SIPs) along with the reclaimed Douglas Fir barn wood used for front door, great room floor, entry ceiling areas, kitchen & bath cabinets and entertainment center gives it a down to earth feel. The passive solar design and solar electric power along with solar thermal for radiant heating and domestic hot water makes it totally off-grid. Low-VOC paints, citrus tongue oil finishes, and formaldehyde-free barn wood for the cabinets enhance indoor air quality. They used durable, long-lasting materials such as travertine floors, granite and metal counter tops and exterior stone and concrete decks. The Gerard recycled/recyclable metal roof has a natural clay tile appearance to compliment the xeriscape landscaping and permeable gravel driveway. The off-grid electrical system, cell phone and Skype usage, and TV antennae eliminated the need for trenching and traditional utility systems.

Owner/Builder: Doug and Leanne Smith, Designer/Architect: Davis Frame Company Year built: 2008


“Modern design and sustainability merge to create a unique Central Oregon home” 67700 Cloverdale Road, Sisters

(Highway 20 to Cloverdale Rd., 3/4 mile on right side)

This home qualifies for Oregon BETC credit for solar thermal & solar PV and federal tax credits for energy-efficient appliances, PV system & solar thermal & windows. Owners/ builders Doug and Leanne Smith say,”The beauty of the timbers combined with the passive solar design and PV/thermal lends itself to a very energy-smart home that is beautiful and comfortable in which to live, while minimized the impact on the environment.”

The Cloverdale home integrates a new level of energy efficiency, modern design and sustainability to create a unique Central Oregon home. The 1635 sq. ft. two level, two bedroom, two bathroom home is situated on 52 acres in rural Central Oregon. Through the use of a roof top deck, floating metal stairs, metal rails, and a metal roof, the home evokes an open, nautical feeling while still maintaining a small footprint. The passive solar design along with the window specifications, sizing and placement maximizes the available sun exposure and solar heat gain while still maintaining westerly mountain views. The stained concrete floors, hand textured walls, maple woodwork and clean lines create a calming interior environment. The building envelope was the focus of the energy conservation efforts. The walls are constructed of 2x4 staggered studs with 2x8 top and bottom plates. Closed Cell spray foam (one inch in the walls and 2 inches in the ceilings) was used to seal the home. The remainder of the cavity was filled with blown-in fiberglass. The first level floor is a convective air slab constructed with 8 x8 x16 masonry blocks laid on their sides to form air channels under five inches of concrete. This tightly built, well-insulated home and passive solar design contributes to a heat load reduction of 70% to 80% versus a code-built home. With the ultimate goal of net zero in mind, the home includes a 1.84kW PV array and solar hot water heater. With the addition of a 2 to 3kW PV array, a super high efficiency heat source and conservative energy use, the home should reach net zero.

Builder/Contractor: Murray Perkins Designer/Architect: Murray Perkins


Year built: 2010

“Efficient and Affordable Community-Built” 63140 Lancaster Street

(cross streets; Empire Ave & Boyd Acres Rd)

Bend Area Habitat for Humanity (BAHFH) continues to be one of Central Oregon’s most active builders providing affordable, healthful, and energy efficient homes for families caught between the rising cost of homes and the salaries that they earn locally. The grateful new owner of this year’s Habitat tour entry triumphed over great personal hardships in early 2006, found BAHFH, and began the journey towards home ownership in early 2009. The 2 story, 1,460 square foot Craftsman style home includes a spacious living and dining area, 3 bedrooms and 2 ½ bathrooms. The interior is finished with natural clay plaster wall finishes, hardwood flooring and custom cabinets donated from a local woodworking business. The home was built to the Oregon Department of Energy High Performance Standard, (HPH) which is at least 30% more energy efficient than the current Oregon energy code, and features a 2.2 kW photovoltaic array creating site generated energy further reducing the long term operating cost of this very green affordable home.

“You (BAHFH) are forever etched in our hearts and souls. I am honored to know you and forever grateful.” - New Habitat House homeowner

Builder/Contractor: Bend Area Habitat for Humanity Designer/Architect: Jason Offutt Year built: 2010



“Connecting living areas with the outdoors” 3318 Shevlin Ridge Court

(cross streets; NW Shevlin Park Rd & Shevlin Meadows Dr)

Prior to moving to Bend, the owners of this Oregon High Performance home lived in a drafty 100 year old Bungalow in Long Beach, California. They were attracted to Central Oregon for the great recreational opportunities and life in a smaller, friendlier town. They knew that a drafty old craftsman home like the one they were parting with would be uncomfortable and expensive to heat during Central Oregon’s cold and long winters. Several house hunting visits to Bend did not yield the right combination of location, floor plan, home performance, and architectural style, until they found the team of BendTrendHomes and DesignHaus. They decided to enlist the team to design and build a custom home on the right lot that would bring together home performance, connection to the outdoors, and modern architectural style. The beautifully stunning result is a 2,331 square foot, 3 bedroom, 2 bath room home that was thoughtfully sited and designed to capture natural light and energy from the sun. The kitchen and southern indoor living areas feature gracious windows that connect the occupants to outdoor living spaces and the surrounding Ponderosa Pine forest. The use of native drought tolerant plants has created a low water use and low maintenance landscape in keeping with Central Oregon’s High Desert beauty.

Builder/Contractor: Bend Trend Builder Designer/Architect: DesignHaus, Inc Year built: 2010


“Energy efficient living without a big price tag” 2056 NW Glassow Drive

(cross streets; Summit Dr & Glassow Dr.)

This newly constructed home was built nearly 50% more energy efficient than the current energy code requires. “We are very happy to finally be in our new home after so much planning; we could not have done this from afar without the insightful work of DesignHaus.”

At the core of Joe Checkett’s decision to build green was the desire to reduce short and long term environmental impacts associated with residential structures and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels for home heating, cooling and electrification. “Traditional building and development typically use resources beyond sustainable rates, green building practices strive to use material and energy resources far more efficiently and that is key to preserving our resources and our climate into the future”. Although, conserving natural resources was of primary importance, payback and market value were also a serious consideration. The owner enlisted SolAire Homebuilders, a respected custom green home builder, to design and build a home that met his sustainability goals, his budget criteria, and long term cost of ownership. The result is this 1,975 square foot contemporary home conserves energy, reduces fossil fuel consumption, and lowers future utility bills.

Builder/Contractor: SolAire Homebuilders Architect: Lawrence Schechter LEED AP Year built: 2010 under construction


“In-town, green living” 1272 NW Ogden, Bend

(cross streets; Newport Ave & NW 14th St.)

The reverse living floor plan features a comfortably sized open kitchen, dining, and living room area with an adjoining master suite on the upper floor. The light and airy feel of the living area is provided by eastern clerestory windows, and carefully shaded southern windows. Sheltered western windows capture views of Cascade peaks and stately Ponderosa pines. The home, which is still under construction, is participating in ENERGY STAR® Northwest Homes and Earth Advantage® Third party green building certification programs. “Reducing the impact on the environment was my true motivation for building green, developing sustainability goals for construction allowed me to do it within my budget”

Builder/owners Beth Yoe and Tom Freedman chose to build their 2600 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms, 3 bath home featuring a 650 sq. ft. full studio as reverse living. They believe the energy efficiency of the building’s shell takes absolute precedence and that it’s not truly Green without substantial R-Value in the roof and walls. The first floor utilizes ICF, while the second story and roof are SIP. The first floor slab-on-grade radiant floor provides most of the heat while a second floor gas fireplace maintains an even temperature. An operable skylight replaces the need for an air conditioner; and an Energy Recover Ventilator (ERV) allows fresh air ventilation to retain indoor humidity in winter and exhaust indoor heat in summer. Interior finishes include Bamboo, Cork, Kirea, Dakota Burl and cabinets made from formaldehyde-free Baltic Birch. The combination of an artistic kitchen, music studio, office and wood shop make it a true “live-work” home. Keeping with the tradition of “reusing”, many of the building materials were purchased from the Habitat for Humanity Restore, including skylights, exterior doors, tile, paint, new toilets and lighting fixtures. With the exception of an herb garden, xeriscaping dominates the site. A large compost bin has cut garbage collection in half. “We are located near downtown and local shopping. Our home is designed so we can often work from home, thus reducing our auto usage.”

Builder/Contractor: Beth Yoe/ Tom Freedman Designer/Architect: Beth Yoe Year built: 2007


Used and surplus building material, furniture & appliances Open to the public Donations are tax-deductible WE PICK UP!

Madras Prineville Bend Redmond Sisters La Pine 740 NE 1st St. 84 SW K St. 1422 Murphy Ct. 1242 S. Hwy 97 150 N Fir St. 52684 Hwy 97 541-312-6709 541-475-9722 541-447-6934 541-548-1406 541-549-1621 541-536-3234


Discovery Park Lodge “Energy-efficient, Independent living”


2868 Northwest Crossing Drive

(cross streets; Mt Washington Dr & NW Crossing Dr)

Pacific Crest Affordable Housing LLC (PCAH) chose to construct their 53 apartment, affordable, independent living facility on Bend’s Westside in the mixed-use community of NorthWest Crossing. Reserved for Oregon residents 55+, Discovery Park Lodge (DPL) is closely located to a community garden with over 100 participating residents, the higher density of the Lodge saved about 11 acres of land from being developed, helping to make this project a true community project. DPL is framed so all corners, headers, or other pockets, include insulation, thus increasing the building’s energy efficiency. The raised roof trusses at DPL allow R-50 insulation. The wood for the mantel and log columns was salvaged from the original construction site. Their online-monitored, solar thermal system is expected to produce 44MW/hours annually, offering approximately 60% of the domestic hot water (DHW) demand. This DHW system runs through one large boiler. In addition to ENERGY STAR® appliances and florescent light bulbs, low-VOC paints cover the walls while the carpet is certified “Cradleto-Cradle”. All the windows are double-glazed and all of the exterior doors are insulated, ensuring no unwanted heat loss. All the balconies are fitted with Trex decking and the roof deck tiles are made of recycled tires.

Builder/Contractor: SunWest Builders Designer/Architect: Jim Landin, GGL Architecture Year built: 2009

“Sustainability through conservation includes using a piece of property to its fullest”


401 NW Riverfront St., Bend

(cross streets; NW Riverfront St & Galveston Ave)

The three rain barrels on the front porch capture rainwater from the roof and make it available for landscape maintenance, thus aiding the xeriscaping. “Through the use of the taxpayer’s dollars, the units must remain affordable for 60 years,” states a proud Rob Roy of PCAH.

New life has been breathed into this once-condemned property, with great attention paid to the overall concept of sustainability through conservation. Where once stood a single-family residence, there are now three very intentionally designed units, each carrying the stringent Earth Advantage® and LEED Platinum Certifications. As such, the two-unit duplex and separate single-family dwelling (each approx. 1700 sq.ft.) demonstrate the highest level of achievement in seven categories of design and construction performance. These include innovation and design, site selection, location and linkages, water efficiency, materials and resources, energy and atmosphere, indoor environmental quality and awareness and education. You can read the “Green Homes at a Glance” guide on page 3 to get the important details of what was done but where this property really shines is in how the structures relate to each other, the land and the greater neighborhood. Property Manager, Larry Caldwell, notes that in this three-for-one unit exchange, the property was used to its fullest and best. By paying special attention to structural design, placement on the land and the structure’s relationship to other homes within the established neighborhood, an environment has been created that allows for both community (there is a common green) and privacy, with the additional delight of personal river views from each unit. Add to that the accessibility afforded by its downtown location, and this is a project that expresses sustainability in both form and life.

Building Contractor: David York Designer, Architect: David York

Energy Performance Score (EPS)

Year Built: 2009

Similar to a miles-per-gallon rating for cars, newly constructed homes earn a score based on their estimated energy use, utility costs and environmental impact. Calculating the EPS is based on several factors: the building’s size, insulation, air leakage and ventilation, heating and cooling systems, major appliances, lighting and water heating. Using the EPS, home buyers now have a way of learning the energy costs of a home before they buy.

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Central Oregon Green and Solar Home Tour  
Central Oregon Green and Solar Home Tour  

The official guide for the 2010 Central Oregon Green and Solar Home Tour.