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The Chang family poem For centuries, Cindy Chang’s family has named its sons using words from a poem. The past six generations: Great-great-grandfather

Light from the lake reflects the Big Dipper

Hu (Lake)

Hu-zao (Fertile Lake)

Great-grandfather Guang (Light)

Guang-xin (Shining Prosperity)

Grandfather Xuan (Reflects/announces)

Xuan-yao (Announcing Brilliance)

Generations delight at the Golden Age

Father, uncle Bei-dwo (Northern Bell)

Bei (North) – First character in “Big Dipper”

Bei-jiann (Northern Key)

Brother, cousins Dou (Dipper)

Tian (Heavenly)

Tian-shu (Heavenly Axis)

Tian-chuan Tian-dong (Heavenly Authority) (Heavenly Pillar)

“Dipper” changed to the more poetic “heavenly” Nephews Shi (World) – First character in “generations” Source: Chang family Graphic: Cindy Chang, Khang Nguyen, Los Angeles Times

Shi-jun (World No. 1 Talented, Smart, Handsome Man)

Shi-xia (World Knight)

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