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Will thestate help footthebil? TODAY'S READERBOARD Virtual reality —Google's cutting-edge technology: a $4 cardboard box.A3


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— For some still-happily-married couples, it's just not what they want.D1


Ready for thedigone? — As counter-insurgencywars come to anend, the Army prepares for conventional ones.A6

By Taylor W.Anderson The Bulletin

SALEM — Portland

Public Schools is consideringcreating aprogram

Economic recovery? — n

that would allow the district to collect state money

so, it's stop-and-go.C6

for students who enroll in a fifth year of high school while they take community college courses, a program largely used in rural areas that lawmakers fear could drain the K-12 budget. "Some schools are doing it where they delay graduation for a year to help

And a Wed exclusiveWhen an off-the-rack Rolls-Royce just won't do: Custom cars for the1 percent. beuttbulletiu.cum/extras

studentspay for a firstyear


How Israel overcame the threat of drought By IsabelKershner New Yorh Times News Service


peak of the drought, Shabi Zvieli, an Israeli gardener, feared for his livelihood. A heftytax was placed

of col lege,"Jon Isaacs,a spokesman for the district, told The Bulletin. "We're

going to look at other models that schools are using that the state has approved

Ryan Brennecke/The Bulletin

Dalton Sheffield demonstrates the plasma cutter to a group of Redmond High School students interestedin a career in manufacturing during a tour of Mill Power in Prineville this week.

By Abby Spegman The Bulletin

REDMOND — Redmond

High School senior Hector Guzman started in the school's

manufacturing program last year, learningto operate both industrial-grade equipment and the computer software used to design products. Ryan Beard, Redmond High's

manufacturing coordinator, turned him on to an opening for a welder at Mill Power in

tion — think courses in manufacturing, automotive, culinary

to see if they make sense forus."

Fifth-year programs — also called advanced diploma programs — are

most districts prefer. In years

of budget cuts, career and techand health care — are expennical educationprograms were Prineville. Guzman sent in sive offerings for high schools. often the first to go. an application and resume Books for an English class cost But supporters say they can and was soon called in for an a few hundred dollars, but sup- producemuch-needed skilled interview. plies for a welding course can workers, and now educators He graduates Friday and cost thousands. There's also andbusiness leaders are makgoes to work June 8, starting at special requirements for teach- ing the case that these courses $12 an hour. er licensing and student-teachare worth the investment. Career and technical educa- er ratios that are lower than SeeCareer/A4

replicated at districts in

Redmond, in Crook and Jefferson counties and 26 school districts statewide

and cost the state as much as $9.5 million last school year. Supporters say advanced diplomas offer pathways for students to enter college they might otherwise avoid altogether.

But lawmakers are con-

on excessive household wa-

ter consumption, penalizing families with lawns, swim-

ming pools or leaky pipes. So many of Zvieli's clients went over to synthetic grass and swapped their seasonal

blooms for hardy, indigenous plants more suited to a semiarid dimate.

"I worried about where gardening was going," said Zvieli, 56, who has tended

people's yards for about 25 years.

Study: Ruralstudentsface higher educationobstacles By Abby Spegman

likely to make it to the second

The Bulletin

year of college thantheir urban and suburban peers, according

Kate Soliz sees it every day: students who say they want to go to college but don't know howtomake ithappen.

Across the country,

"We have this perception that

Israelis were told to cut

kids are lazy or stupid — they just don't know," said Soliz, a

their shower time by two

minutes. Washing cars with hoses was outlawed and those few wealthy

enough to absorb the cost of maintaining a lawn were permitted to water it only

atnight. "We were in a situation

where we were very, very close to someone opening a tap somewhere in the

college coordinator at Crook

County High School. "You take a rural student and you place them in an alien envi-

ronment, and they don't know howto cope." Rural students in Oregon

are less likelyto enroll inpostsecondary education and less

to a study released this weekby

education research firm REL Northwest. Of students who

began ninth gradebetween 2005 and 2007, postsecondary

Rural education —percentages tell thetale

cerned that if the state's largest district offers the

In 2012, Oregon's 15postsecondary institutions in rural areas served about 40,000 students while the 53 institutions in nonrural areas served about 210,000. Hereare some percentages that reflect the status of rural

will suffer, and the State


... of rural Oregon students who attended ninth grade between 2005 and 2007are in postsecondary school, compared with 63 percent among nonrural Oregon students.


enrollment among rural stu-

dents was 55 percent compared to 63percentamong nonrural students. Among those who did

enroll in college, the percentage of rural students who went on to the second year was 78

percent compared to 83 percent for nonrural students. SeeRural/A4

of Oregon's land wasclassified as rural in 2010.

7'/o ... were classified as English-language learners in 2011. Source: REL Northwest


program, Oregon's already underfunded K-12 budget

... of rurals lasted to the second y e ar of college, compared to 83 percent of nonrurals.

14'/o ... less likely that rural high schoolers would enroll in postsecondary education than their nonrural couterparts.

School Fund will effectively pay for the first year of collegeforthousands of students. "Pretty soon, if everybody did this, we'd have a K-14 system," said Sen. Mark Hass, D-Beaverton. "We can'teven afford to do

K-12 right." SeeFifth /A4

More inside • Astronomy in Madras,B1

19'/o ... of residents were classified as rural residents in 2010, with 158 of the state's 200 school districts considered rural.

country and no water

would come out," said Uri Schor, the spokesman and of the government's Water

Nike's biggestsoccerwin is nowfacing questions

Authority. But that was about six

By Drew Harwell

legendary pact with Michael

The Washington Post


public education director

years ago. Today, there is plenty of water in Israel. A lighter version of an old "Israel is drying up" campaign has been dusted off to advertise baby diapers.

"The fear has gone," said Zvieli, whose customers have gone back to planting flowers.

As California and other western areas of the United

After Nike signed what was But a federal investigation then the biggest sports deal in into FIFA corruption has history, a $200 million sponcast a shadow over the 1996 sorship of Brazil's triumphant pact that helped Nike vault to soccer squad, company execstardom in the world's most utives said the agreement was popular sport. as crucial to its success as its While the federal indict-


States grapple with an ex-

A p.m. t'storm High 79, Low 51 Page B6

treme drought, a revolution

has taken place here. SeeDrought/A5


Related • FIFA re-elects president despite scandal,A4

official close to the investigation, who spoke anonymously because he wasn't authorized to speak publicly, confirmed

its key victories tarnished by the blockbuster scandal now

ment does not name Nike, it

Nike was the sportswear

describes a"multinational sportswear company" involved in a strikingly similar deal. And a law enforcement

company mentioned in the

cials and executives now face federal charges for 24 years of deep corruption and $150 million in alleged bribes.


If implicated, the $88 billion sports giant could find one of

The Bulletin

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haunting international soccer. More than a dozen FIFA offi-

See Nike/A4

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Anthrax ShipmentS —The Pentagon said Friday that the Army's mistaken shipments of live anthrax to research laboratories were more widespread than it initially reported, prompting the Defense Department's second-ranking official to order a thorough review. In a statement issued Fridayevening, the department said 24 laboratories in11 states andtwo foreign countries — South Koreaand Australia — are believed to havereceived suspect anthrax samples. The broadening scope of the problem suggests more extensive flaws in procedures used bytheArmy's Dugway Proving Ground in Utah to ensure that anthrax samples weremadefully inert before shipping them to labs. Deputy DefenseSecretary BobWork on Friday ordered a comprehensive review of laboratory procedures associated with inactivating anthrax.

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China military —China's land reclamation in the South ChinaSea is out of step with international rules, andturning underwater land into airfields won't expand its sovereignty, DefenseSecretary Ash Carter told an international security conference today,stepping upAmerica's condemnation of the communist giant as Beijing officials sat in the audience. Carter told the roomfull of Asia-Pacific leaders and experts that the U.S.opposes "anyfurther militarization" of the disputed lands. His comments cameasdefense officials revealed that China hadput two large artillery vehicles on one of the artificial islands it is creating in the South ChinaSea.


541-383-0367 NEW S R O O M FA X


China SeCurity law —China's new national security law, released in draft form this month, has little to sayabout such traditional security matters as military power, counterespionage ordefending the nation's borders. Instead, to thesurprise andalarm of many in China, the law readsmore like aCommunist Party ideology paper and acall to arms aimed atdefending the party's grip on power. Analysts say the law is aimed atgiving the security forces andcourts greater leewayin muzzling Chinesecivil society and corralling the influence of Western institutions and ideas,which President Xi Jinping views as athreat.

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BrandonWade IThe Associated Press

Flood waters from the BrazosRiver encroach upon a home in Weatherford, Texas. Authorities said Friday they reclaimed four more bodies from Texas waters, adding to the growing death toll inflicted by record-setting storms that continue to submerge highwaysandflood homes. At least 28 people havebeenkilled nationwide in the storms, 24 inTexas. At least11 are missing in Texas.

More than 7 inchesfell overnight from a line of thunderstorms that stalled over Dallas, which is in its wettest month ever recorded at16.07 inches. TheNational Weather Service reports rainfall records have been crushed across the LoneStar state. "In a lot of places we'veexceededthe wettest year ever," meteorologist Dennis Cain from Fort Worth said. "You're talking maybea150- or 200-year event. It is quite astounding."

Cuda aud ij.S. —The Obamaadministration formally removed Cuba from theU.S.terrorism blacklist Friday, a decision hailed in Cuba as the healing of adecades-old wound andanimportant step toward normalizing relations betweenthe ColdWar foes. Secretary of State John Kerry signed off onrescinding Cuba's"state sponsor of terrorism" designation exactly 45 daysafter the Obamaadministration informed Congress of its intent to do so onApril 14. Lawmakers hadthat amount of time toweigh in andtry to block the move,but did not doso.

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Nigeria's new president —Nigeria's newpresident wassworn in on Friday andpledged to tackle Boko Haram"head on," asserting the fight against the Islamic extremists wouldn't be wonuntil hundreds of schoolgirls abducted last yearand other kidnapping victims were brought home alive. Muhammadu Buhari's new administration won a signal of support from the United States, which indicated it was prepared to increasemilitary aid. The inauguration turned into a nationwide celebration by Nigerians welcoming their country's newly reinforced democracy after Buhari becamethe first candidate to defeat a sitting president at the polls since theendof military rule in1999.

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MEGA MILLIONS The numbers drawnFriday nightare:

020O n03s 049O QOO The estimated jackpot is now $253 million.

By Michael D. Shear and Michael S. Schmidt

c urred.

Has t - Friday evening. "Tm shocked and saddened tolearn of these

ert was a high school teacher

New YorJz Times News Service

WASHINGTON — J. Dennis Hastert, who served for

a nd c oach i n Y orkville, Ill i eight years as speaker of the Hastert noi s , f rom 1965 House of R epresentatives, to 1981, and the was paying a former student indictment said the recipient

hundreds of thousands of dol- of the payments was from lars to not say publicly that Y orkville an d h a d k n o w n Hastert had sexually abused Hastert for decades. him decades ago, according It was also unclear whethto two people briefed on the er the authorities considered evidence uncovered in an FBI pursuing charges against the investigation. man on suspicion of extorting Federal prosecutors on payments from Hastert in exThursday announced the inchange for keeping silent. dictment of Hastert, 73, on

allegations that he made cash withdrawals, totaling $1.7 million, to evade detection by banks. Federal authorities also charged him with lying to them about the purpose of the

office, said Friday that Hastert's case had been assigned to Judge Thomas Durkin of U.S. District Court, who will sched-

ule an arraignment for the former speaker, perhaps as early

— Fromwire reports

as next week.

Hastert, a Republican who Congress in 2007, could not be

reached for comment at his office in Washington. A spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Illinois said Friday that there was

identified in court papers-

no lawyer of record on file for

told the FBI that he had been


Hastert w he n

Russia aud Ukraine —International monitors tracking ceasefire violations in eastern Ukraine reported Friday that they had encountered four people wearing military uniforms with Russian insignia in a townabout 25 miles southeast of the regional capital of Donetsk, which is controlled by pro-Russian separatists. The report was a rare allegation by the special monitoring mission of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe of apossible sighting of active Russian military personnel in eastern Ukraine.

woman for the U.S. attorney's

has had a highly lucrative career as a lobbyist since leaving

withdrawals. The man — who was not

inappropriately touched by

reports." Kim Nerheim, a spokes-

The allegations against a

t h e f o r m er man who was once one of

speaker was a high school teacher and wrestling coach, the two people said Friday. The people briefed on the investigation spoke on the condition of anonymity because they did

the most powerful people in Washington have stunned lob-

not want to be identified dis-

line to the presidency in 1999.

cussing a federal investigation. It was not clear when the suspected behavior, w h i ch

was first reported by The Los Angeles Times, oc-


byists, lawmakers and veter-

an Capitol Hill staff members who worked alongside him as he rose to become second in "The Denny I served with

worked hard on behalf of his constituents and the country," House Speaker John Boeh-

lll III

s•s s•• sl

ner said in a statement late

Online drugbazaar's founder gets life in prison • •

By Benjamin Weiser

"developed a blueprint for a

New York Times News Service

new way to use the Internet to

undermine the law and facilibricht, the founder of Silk tate criminal transactions." Road, a notorious online marForrest echoed that mesketplace for the sale of heroin, sage. "What you did was cocaine, LSD and other illegal unprecedented," she told Uldrugs, was sentenced to life in bricht, eand in breaking that prison Friday in U.S. District ground as the first person," he Court in Manhattan. had to pay the consequences. NEW YORK — Ross Ul-

Ulbricht, 31, was sentenced

Ulbricht was convicted in

by JudgeKatherine Forrestfor February on charges that inhis roleas what prosecutors cluded engaging in a continudescribed as "the kingpin of ing criminal enterprise and a worldwide digital drug-traf- distributing narcotics on the ficking enterprise." Internet. "Make no mistake, Ulbricht Ulbricht's high-tech novel drug bazaar operated in was a drug dealer and crima hidden part of the Internet inal profiteer who exploited sometimes known as the Dark people's addictions and conWeb, which allowed deals to tributed to the deaths of at be made anonymously and least six young people," Preet out of the reach of law enforcement. In Silk Road's nearly

threeyears ofoperation,m ore

Bharara, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, said in a statement.

Ulbricht, wearing dark blue jail garb, sat quietly between two of his lawyers. counts and more than 100,000 The judge also ordered Ulbuyer accounts, the authorities bricht to forfeit $184 million. have said. He showed no emotion as the Prosecutors said U l bricht life sentence was imposed. than 1.5 million transactions

were carried out involving several thousand seller ac-

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It's Saturday, May30, the 150th day of 2015. Thereare 215 days left in the year.

i ua reai

HAPPENINGS Nuclear talks — u.s. Secretary of State JohnKerry will meet with Iranian Foreign Minister MohammadJavad Zarif in Geneva.


Evidence of the first known murder 430,000 years ago

2016 raCe —Democrat

By Deborah Netburn

determined that the victim

Martin O'Malley, a former Maryland governor, is expected to announce his run for president.

Los Angeles Times

was facing the assailant

It's a whodunit that dates back 430,000 years.

when the violence occurred.

HISTORY Highlight:In1935, Babe Ruth played in his last major league baseball gamefor the Boston Braves, leaving after the first inning of the first of a double-header against the Philadelphia Phillies, who wonboth games (Ruth announced his retirement three days later). In1431, Joan of Arc, condemned as aheretic, was burned at the stake in Rouen, France. In1883, 12 people weretrampled to death in astampede sparked by arumor that the recently opened Brooklyn Bridge was in danger of collapsing.


skull of a pre-Neanderthal

The idea is a cheap platform for virtual reality — literally a piece of cardboard that attaches to a smartphone. It costs about $4.

BIRTHDAYS Actor Clint Walker is 88.Actress Ruta Lee is80. Actor Keir Dullea is 79. Actor Michael J. Pollard is 76. Pro andCollege Football Hall of FamerGaleSayers is 72. RockmusicianLennyDavidson (The DaveClark Five) is71. Actor StephenTobolowsky is 64. Actor ColmMeaneyis 62. Actor TedMcGinley is 57. Country singer WynonnaJudd is 51. Movie director Antoine Fuqua is 50.Actress Idina Menzel is 44. RapperCeeLo Green is40.RapperRemyMa is35. Actor BlakeBashoff is 34. Actor Jake Short is18. Actor Sean Giambrone is16. Actor Jared Gilmore is15. — From wire reports

hominid, archaeologists say they have discovered the earliest known evidence of

a human ancestor who was murdered. The findings, published this week in PLOS One, suggest that interpersonal violence may be baked into the

human experience. "Anthropologists are always asking what makes us human, and are humans inherently v i olent," said Danielle Kurin, a

f o rensic

anthropologist at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

"This study contributes to that debate by suggesting intentional assault between two people has deep

In1911, the first Indy 500 took

place at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway; the winner wasRay Harroun, who drove aMarmon Wasp for more than6~/~hours at an averagespeed of 74.6 mph and collected a prizeof $10,000. In1922, the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.,was dedicated in aceremonyattended by President Warren G. Harding, Chief Justice William Howard Taft and Robert Todd Lincoln. In1937, 10 people were killed when police fired on steelworkers demonstrating near the Republic Steel plant in South Chicago. In1943, during World War II, American troops secured the Aleutian island of Attu from Japaneseforces. In1958, unidentified American service members killed in World War II and theKorean War were interred in theTomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery. In1971, the American space probe Mariner 9 blasted off from CapeKennedy on ajourney to Mars. In1980, Pope John PaulII arrived in France onthefirst visit there bythe head ofthe Roman Catholic Church since theearly 19th century. Ten years ago: Quoting letters of the fallen from the war in Iraq, President GeorgeW. Bush vowed to aMemorial Day audience at Arlington National Cemetery that America would honor its dead bystriving for peace anddemocracy, no matter the cost. Five years ago: Joran van der Sloot, the prime suspect in the disappearance of NataleeHolloway in Aruba, wasseenleaving a hotel room in Lima, Peru, where the body of 21-year-old Stephany Flores wasfound three days later. (Vander Sloot later confessed to murdering Flores, and is serving a 28-year prison sentence.) One year ago:Beset by growing evidence of patient delays and cover-ups, embattled Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki resigned from President Barack Obama'sCabinet, taking the blamefor what he decried as a "lack of integrity" in the sprawling health care system for the nation's military veterans.

After painstakingly piecing together the fractured

roots in our hominid human

Peter Earl McCollough / New York Times News Service

Google's Cardboard is billed as an inexpensive virtual reality viewer — starting with the material it's made of.

history." Rolf Quam, a paleoanthropologist at Binghamton

have evidence that this perThey also know the strike son died of these wounds," occurred at or near the time Quam said. of death because the pattern

of the fracture on the skull suggests it broke while enmeshed in living tissue. The cranium shows evidence of two blows located

adjacent to each other just left of center on the fore-

By Conor Dougherty

low cost and low frills, but,

as in other Google efforts,


like the f ree A n droid soft-

gle has seen the future, and ware that is the most widely it is littered with cardboard used operating system in the boxes.

world, it seems meant more to

At its Google I/O developer conference this week, the

amass an audience than make money.

search giant announced sev-

Over the last year, Goo-

eral programs that aim to put its virtual reality viewer, called

gle has developed a 360-degree camera that looks like Cardboard, at the center of a a chandelier rigged with 16 growing online world in which GoPro video recorders, and people can use their smart- currently has about a dozen phone and YouTube to watch of them filming sights around videos rendered in 3-D. the world. When run through Google introduced its vir- Google's software and procestual reality viewer — a card-

sors, the footage will turn into

board box, with some lenses a virtual reality rendering that and a magnet, that looks a lot tries to mimic the view from like a plastic View-Master toy a human eye. Google said it — as a gift at last year's I/O would allowpeople to start upconference. loading virtual reality videos The idea was to create an

to YouTube this summer.

inexpensive virtual reality de-

During a recent demonstration at Google's Mountain a smartphone to do things View, California, campus, like fly through a Google Clay Bavor, vice president Earth map of Chicago or view for product management for personal pictures in t hree Google's virtual reality efdimensions. forts, demonstrated a video of It is a comically simple con- a courtyard at the University traption: A smartphone slips of Washington. The video felt into the front so it sits just inch- like an immersive version of es from a user's eyes. Peering the company's Street View through a pair of cheap, plas- mapping product that distic lenses renders the images plays street-level views of city vice that allowed anyone with

on the phone's screen in 3-D. It

streets and historical sites.

costs around $4. Over time, the company is Typical of the Google play- hoping this real-life version of book, the company put Card- virtual reality will grow into board's specifications online a vast collection of videos and so hobbyists and manufactur- experiences similar to how ers could build them.

In the year since, people have made viewers from foam, aluminum and walnut,

and the Cardboard app was downloaded I million or so

YouTube videos are shared now.

Google also said this week it had formed a partnership with

GoPro to develop a version of its virtual reality recorder times. that anybody could buy. The "We wanted the viewer to companies did not list a price be as dumb as possible and for the recorder, but given that as cheap as possible because it has 16 cameras that retail we basically wanted to open for $400 each, it is likely to be VR for everyone," said David expensive. Coz, an engineer in Google's Where any of this goes is Paris office who developed anyone's guess. One might Cardboard. imagine videos from the front At this year's VO, Google is row of a concert or a televidoubling down on Cardboard sion channel filming breakwith initiatives meant to exing news in 3-D. At the same pand virtual reality to as many time, one might r emember phones as possible. First of that Google has a history of these is a new software kit that announcing new products and will make it easier for develop- initiatives that flop, like Gooers to build Cardboard apps gle Glass. for iPhones. The company A nd v i r tual r e ality h a s also redesigned the cardboard for decades been the next hardware so that it is easier to big thing that never actually fold and can now accommo- happened. date any smartphone, includNow companies like Faceing popular, larger-screen, so- book, Sony and Microsoft are called phablets. placing big bets on both virtuThe Cardboard update is al reality, a computer-generata modest offering compared ed version of the world, as well with the product splashes of as augmented reality, or AR, previousGoogle conferences, in which real-world experiencwhich have included a spheri- es are enhanced with computcal entertainment system that er-generated images. was never released and GooAnalysts expect the first gle Glass, the much hyped and applications will be in video now discontinued computer- games. But in time they say ized eyewear that caused sig- virtual reality experiences nificant privacy concerns. could feature in everything With Cardboard, Google's from business meetings to virtual reality is decidedly doctor's appointments.

The victim wa s d i scovered at the bottom of a vertical shaft that l ies about

0.3 mile from the entrance to th e

u n derground cave

system. So far,archaeologists have found 6,700 bones

from at least 28 individuals head. Both i n j uries w ere at the bottom of the cavern

strong enough to b r eak that can only be entered by through the bone and punc- a straight 45-foot drop from ture the brain, the research- the floor of the cave. ers said. Lead author Nohemi Sala "Keep in mind these guys of the Complutense Univerw ere robust and this w a s sity of Madrid is still looking one of the denser parts of to see if there is any evidence the skull," said Kurin, who that the other 27 hominids was not involved in the rein the pit were murdered as search. "You would need a welL She has not turned up lotofforceto make afracture anything yet. that causes the bone to get The research team conknocked into the brain." cludes that the victim could The authors are not sure not have sustained the lethal what weapon was used, but injuries in the cavern, and so a wooden spear or stone must have been thrown into hand ax are likely candi- the pit after death — perhaps dates. Metal tools were not as a form of early burial. around at that time.

"We are pretty sure that

University, put it this way:

" One implication of

t h e these two fractures are the result of two repeated blows with the same implement," The victim was l i kely Quam said. "And that immale and probably in his plies a clear intent to kill." 20s, said Quam, a co-author Although there is evion the study. dence of cannibalism among The skeletal remains were early humans dating back discovered in a cave system 900,000 years, evidence of in northern Spain known as murder has been harder to Sima de los Huesos, or "Pit come by. The authors cite of Bones." two known examples in the Using modern forensic paper, but in both cases, it study is that murder is a very ancienthuman behavior."

New York Times News Service

"What makes our paper so unusual is that we think we

techniques not so different

is not clear that human-in-

from what you might see on "CSI," the researchers

flicted injury was indeed the cause of death.

If that is the case, then it

seems lethal rage is not the only human behavior that has deep roots in our past, the authors say. "We believe that the intentional interpersonal violence

is a behavior that accompanies humans since at least 430,000 years ago, but so does the care of sick or even the care of the dead," said Ignacio Martinez Mendizabal

of the University of Alcala in Madrid, who also worked on the paper. "We have not changed much in the last half million years."

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is a Republican and a school board member in Hood River, Continued fromA1 said his district is considering In Redmond, high school creating its own fifth-year students receive an advanced program. "Frankly, it's a financial diploma if they complete 27 college credit hours in con- boon for the district. We'll junction with Central Oregon probably ne t s o mewhere Community College. If stu- around $4,500 a s t u dent," dents have completed their Johnson said. high school credits after four But he's also looking at years but haven't yet finished ways to alter the program so the advanced diploma, they more schools and bigger discan stay for a n a d ditional tricts can't take advantage of year enrolled with the high the program and put a bigger school. strain on the State School Meanwhile, the school receives the per-student fund-

Fund. An amendment that's be-

ing from the State School Fund — nearly $7,000 last year. Hass was already looking at getting rid of or drastically altering the programs earlier this year, without Portland's

ing tacked onto a bill related to funding dual credit pro-

Continued from A1 Embroiled in

ple to take five, six, seven years to graduate if they need to," Hass said. "The problem with that is they're stealing from the K-12 fund." Mike M cIntosh, superin-

tendent of Redmond School District, says fifth-year programs offer a bridge to college for more than 100 students who might not h ave

otherwise gone on to higher education.

the same international fans it has spent heavily to at-

in the socioeconomics. We

prevent any d i strict t hat didn't have a fifth-year program in 2014-15 from start-

grams to continue to expand

beyond where they currently are," Johnson said. "It's going to get worse, we know that.

There will be a bigger draw on the State School Fund the bigger these programs are."

perintendent Carole Smith from May 8-9 show the dis-

— with a notification early in the fall at the latest — so they/

they offer a resource that has

shown to improve graduation and retention rates.

Blatter re-eleCted —Despite astrong campaign from a determined opponentandthe lingering controversy over asweeping indIctment against14 soccer officials, SeppBlatter won afifth straight term asFIFApresident Friday, defeating PrinceAli Bin Al Hussein of Jordan. On the first ballot, Blatter received133 votes, just short of the two-thirds majority requIred;Ali received 73. Asecond ballot would haverequired only asimple majority, making Ali along shot, and hewithdrew from the race. Although hehasnever beendirectly implicated, Blatter, 79,hasbeenat the helm of an organIzation doggedbyscandal.Hehasservedaspresidentsince1998.

home ec classes of the past,

tion, told Businessweek "they came in and said, 'We want to

sponsor the federation. Whatever it's going to take, we're ready to do it.' ... The big advantage Nike has is that it sits

down with more chips than anyone else." The i nvestigation, w h ich

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch has said is ongoing, could become even more serious if it leads to charges of gov-

— New YorkTimes NewsService

are still in committee.

not what industry needs

now. They need problem solvers," he said, adding s t udents r e-

ceive college credit for high schoolcareer andtechnical

partnership that will benefit

courses and those taking

ously work on high school and college credits." High schools have resources to counsel students as they enter college, counseling that they might otherwise might not get, proponents said. "What our program has done is increase our high school graduation rates by double digits," Gelser said.

our students and give them open access to PCC through a

such courses are more likely to graduate than Oregon

5th year senior option." It's not clear whether law-

students overall. "Our kids

makers will let the district get

do better because it means something to them," Hasart

that far.


In 2011, the state began offering grants for career and technical programs and last year awarded $10.9 million to districts across

— Reporter: 406-589-4347,

the state. The grants are de-

signed to be seed money to help engage local businesses as partners and leverage more funding, according to Charlie Burr, a spokesman for Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries, which runs the grant program


you don't know why you're there," she said, adding rural Continued from A1 high schools must do a betRural students had low- ter job of preparing students er ratesof persistence at all to be successful in college. types of two- and four-year " That education n eeds t o institutions, in-state and out- be back in the high school. of-state. The gaps existed for We're looking at the college

ative thinking, teamwork. Yes, and add jobs, the state needs a trainedworkforce."Even more important than that, this provides a well-rounded education •

• •

• •

• •

• •

• •

• •

• •

• •

• •

• •

• •

• •

e • •





View our presentation at Tom pkinswealth Charles Tompkins,CFPI 541.204.0667

HWY 20E & Dean Swift Rd.

(1block West of Costco)

Securities & Advisory Servicesofferedthrough KMS Financial Services,Inc.MemberFINRA/SIPC

Burr notes there is "tremen• •


of Education. The Legislature is now considering how much money to put toward the grant program for the coming years and •



he said, to grow the economy

with the state's Department

as the problem, but some-

end of the shop. "So I got to be accurate."

met with students at Redmond

make a birdhouse' ... That's

"I think it would be foolish for any district that doesn't have a program to be starting a new one," Gelser said.

ters and welders at the other

mond High students, all boys, years career and technical prosataround a conference table grams were cut the company High andBend High to make at Mill Power, a 20-employee saw a lack of skilled workers the case for more grant fund- operation that designs, produc- ready to hire. She called the ing. Both schools received es and sells industrial sorting grant to Redmond's manufachefty grants last year equipment — imagine a giant, turing program "a gift." $268,000to Bend foritsrenew- vibratingconveyorbelt that can — Reporter:541-617-7837, able energy and electric vehi- separate and sort materials. aspegman@bendbullet cles program and $475,000 to Matt Ballantyne, Mill's engiRedmond for manufacturing. neeringmanager, rattledoff the That program has 28 students names of design software the now and Beard, the coordi- company uses and the students nator, expects to have double nodded with familiarity. that next year; the school has Next they toured the offices also enlisted 29 business part- before heading into the shop ners in Central Oregon to help (most of the students came students with internships and with their own plastic safety jobs. glasses). There Mike Grigsby, Free pipe installation estitnates While some students will a sawyer, showed them the go to work after high school, equipment he uses to cut giant Avakian said, others can ben- steel pieces to an engineer's efit from the soft skills that specifications. "The more accome with these hands-on pro- curate I am here, the easier it grams: problem solving, cre-

Desert Education Service District. "It's not like 'Here,

that many

is for the guys down there," Grigsby said, pointing to fit-

Two days a fter A v akian Mill Power Vice President visited their school, nine Red- Alison Muilenburg said in the

said Ray Hasart, a regionEarlier this w eek, L abor al coordinator with High Commissioner Brad Avakian

back in and they simultane-

scored on state math and thing needs to happen back reading tests in high school. in the high school." According to the study, Farther north i n C u l ver, nearly a third of Oregon pub- officials have made college lic school students attend a exposure a priority in recent rural schooL With the state's years. In 2011-12, 43 percent goal of 80 percent of adults of Culver students had enearning a postsecondary de- rolled in a community college gree by 2025, researchers say or four-year school within 16 it is important to understand months of graduation. which students are less likely Now, beginning in f i fth to pursue postsecondary edu- grade, students visit a college cation and succeed in college. campus every year; by senior They also note advances in year they've visited nearly technology have increased every campus in th e state, the level of education of em- said Superintendent Stefanie ployees in fields common in Garber. Kurt Davis, the disrural areas, such as timber, trict's school-to-work and colagriculture and tourism. lege coordinator, meets with At Crook County High, Sol- every senior to line up job iz said many of her students shadows and internships that are the first in their families help them figure out what to go to college and come they want to do — and what from low-income households. schooling it will require, inSome have never seen a col- cluding community colleges lege campus. In 2011-12, 47 and trade schools. For those percent of the district's stu- who go to college, he gives dents had enrolled in a com- them his phone number and munity college or four-year tells them to call whenever school within 16 months of they run into trouble. graduation, compared to 55 Davis said the district is percent of Oregon students working to make postsecoverall that year. ondary educationthe norm Soliz counsels parents and among students. But that students on how to apply to doesn't make it easier. "They're k ind o f college, secure financial aid co and what to expect when they cooned," he said. "They're in get there. Yet another chal- their little communities and lenge for students is under- they have a hard time getting out." standing what they want to get out of college. — Reporter: 541-617-7837, "It's hard to keep going if aspegman@bendbulletin. com

Steinbrecher, executive director of the U.S. Soccer Federa-

Patrick B. Kraemer / Keystone via The Associated Press

dous demand" for this funding. that will prepare them in life Meanwhile, a series of bills in- for whatever they do." As far Continued from A1 troduced in Salem this year to as the case for funding these Today's programs ar- expand access and funding to programs? "The case has been en't the woodworking and career and technical education made," Avakian said.

"Our district is looking for kids that have dropped out of high school or are at risk of dropping out of high school," a formal proposal with PCC said Sen. Sara Gelser, D-Cor- based on our recent meetvallis. "And they pull them ings with them to formalize a

students no matter how they

After Nike signed the U.S.

national soccer team, Hank


we can plan accordingly," Regan wrote. Shay James, who runs Portland Public Schools' college and career readiness program, wrote back "we are in the process of writing

Rep. Mark Johnson, who

teams, as well as star players such as Cristiano Ronaldo.

ing in the United States, exec- ernment corruption, experts utives were pushing hard to say. Any company involved it would continue to cooper- nudged out its rival and sealed establish a foothold on interna- could face stiff penalties under ate with authorities. a 10-year, $160 million exdu- tional shelves. the U.S. Foreign Corrupt PracIn 1994, when the Brazil- sive deal to supply the team's Nike faced stiff competition tices Act, which forbids comian national team clinched shoes and clothes. from established rivals such panies from seeking abusiness a thrilling World Cup In the very similar deal de- as Adidas, the German-based advantage by paying or promshootout victory in Califor- scribed in the indictment, the giant famous for soccer shoes, ising anything of value to offinia, a representative of the unnamed sportswear compa- and Umbro, the British firm cials overseas. "Most multinational comBeaverton-based sports- ny also agreed to pay an extra that served as the Brazilian wear company approached $40 million into a Traffic Brazil team's former sponsor. But panies like Nike ... are very the Brazilian Football Con- affiliate's Swiss bank account. with the Brazil deal inked, sud- much aware ofthe risk and federation with an offer of Over the next three years, Traf- denly Nike had its signature possibility of bribing foreign sponsorship, federal court fic also invoiced the sports- swoosh acrossthe stars ofthe officials," said Erik Voeten, an records show. wear company for $30 million biggest soccer nation in the associate professor of geopoliThe team already had in"marketing fees." world. tics at Georgetown University. an agreement with a differAt the time, Nike was a Nike quickly took its vic- "But these companies often do ent supplier. But after two known player across America tory lap. Company president business in countries where years of negotiations with a for its basketball and running Thomas Clarke compared the bribery is expected if you want high-ranking confederation shoes. But with growth slow- Brazilian exclusive to the most to win contracts."

make higher education more affordable and f i nancially sound, the amendment says. "We can't allow these pro-

supporters in the Legislature

English and Dutch national

allegation in the charging documents that any Nike employee was aware of or knowingly participated in any bribery or kickback official and with the help of scheme." The company said middleman Traffic Brazil, Nike

"I'd like us to be able to of-

who say not all districts' programs are the same, and that

er high-profile deals, helping it sign the American, French,

a statement. "There is no

19 and incorporate aspects o f them i nt o a n e f f ort t o

fer this to next year's seniors

a launchpad for Nike into oth-

growing part of its business behindbasketball. The companythathelped Nike secure the 1996 deal, and its founder, have already pleaded guilty to money laundering conspiracy, racketeering conspiracy and other charges, pledging to forfeit more than $151 million, investigators said. "The charging documents unsealed yesterday in Brooklyn do not allege that Nike engaged in criminal conduct," Nike said in

grams, Senate Bill 418, would

The programs have other

tional deal." The Brazilian deal became

in soccer, the second-fastest

have kids from relative afflu- trict i s c o nsidering setting ence who think that's a great up the program next year in way to go," McIntosh said. connection w i t h P o r t l and The district is also working Community College. to track students who receive Board member Bobbie Readvanced degrees as they gan wrote to other members leave high school to ensure and Smith on May 8 to see they have support to continue where the district was with setthrough college if they need ting up a fifth-year program. it, McIntosh said.

is our most important interna-

tract and be set back in its efforts to bolster its standing

Internal emails b e tween "We see kidsfrom a fair- members of th e Portland ly equal gender mix. We see Board of Education and Su-

kids from a fairly equal mix

a c r i sis,

Nike could lose loyalty from

ing one, and it would create involvement. His idea missed a work group to study the a deadline this session but programs. may be revived later on in The goal is for the work another bill with Republican group to report on how the support. state could phase out the "It's a loophole because fifth-year programs in 2018-

there's a law that allows peo-

successful athletic sponsorship in history, its megadeal with Jordan, telling Businessweek in 1997, "You never overpay for things that are good. This





Available at Central Oregon resorts, Chambers of Commerce, hotels and other key points of interests, including tourist kiosks across the state. It is also offeredto Deschutes County Expo Center visitors all year-round and at The Bulletin.




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112 WAYS TO,DISCOVERCENTRAL OREGON '; -;-"j: ., '"-~<+ ~, IS 'ACOMPREHENSIVE GUIDE:. 4' to places, e v ents a n d a c t ivities t a king .", place throughout Central Oregon d uring the year =,

! I,

The Bulletin

Find It All Online TheBulietin •


Author apologizesfor lies about same-sexmarriage study, but defendsfinding By Benedict Carey

by name because of the con-

New York Times News Service

tinuing investigation of the case at the university, said the language in the guidelines requires only that researchers erase "unique identifiers" and

The graduate student at

the center of a scandal over a newly retracted study that has shaken trust in the con-

duct of social science apologized for lying about aspects of the study, including who paid for it and its methodology, but he said on Friday in his first interview that he

not the entire data set.

LaCour said he lied about the funding of his study to give it more credibility. He said some of his colleagues had doubted his work be-

stands by its finding that gay cause they thought he did not canvassers can i n f luence have enough money to pay voters' attitudes on same-sex for a such a complex study, marriage. among them David BroockThe student, Michael LaCour, a doctoral candidate in

man, a political scientist at

political science at the University of California, Los An-

thors of a critique of his work

Stanford and one of the au-

published last week. LaCour said he thought the study — which was retracted funding sources he claimed on Thursday by the journal would shore up the plausibilScience — amounted to an ity of the work. "I messed up in that sense, academic ambush. "It's completely unprec- and it could be my downfall," e dented in the way i t w a s he said. done," he said, referring to Three funding sources that an account of the case posted LaCour listed as providing by two colleagues last week, support for his published paquestioning his work. "They per denied on Thursday that never contacted me directly, they had done so. The Ford there was no transparency, Foundation, the Evelyn and and as a grad student I don't Walter Haas Jr. Fund and the geles, said the attack on his

have the same protection as a

Williams Institute at UCLA

professor." LaCour disputes one of the main charges against him: that he improperly erased his

said they had not given La-

raw data. T hat w a s

was working with, the Los

C our any m o ney. But t h e

Haas Jr. Fund had provided money to the group LaCour

th e

Angeles LGBT Center, and

charges that led his co-author, Donald Green, a widely

the graduate student had ap-

respected political scientist

from the Williams Institute, but it came too late to help with the study, he said. "The F o r d Fo u n dation grant did not exist," LaCour

o n e of

at Columbia University, to ask the journal to retract the study last week. The destruction of the data was not

plied for and received a grant

improper, he said, but in fact was required by UCLA's institutional guidelines to protect study participants.

wrote in a public timeline posted late Friday.

"At the end of the day, I was

LaCour's work was that the

One of the most damning

facts in the critical review of

the one responsible for the

survey company he told the Los Angeles LGBT Center he was working with did not tracked people down, that's a have any knowledge of his lawsuit," he said. project. He now says that, in But a researcher familiar fact, he did not end up using with UCLA guidelines, but that survey company but anwho declined to be identified other one. raw data, and if something were to happen and reporters


Tourists swim

Continued from A1

at a hotel in Mitzpe Ramon, in Israel's

in a pool

A major national effort to d e salinate M e d iterr anean seawater and t o r ecycle w astewater h a s

Negev Desert.

provided the country with enough water for all its needs, even during severe droughts. More than 50 percent of the water for Israeli households, agriculture and industry is now artificially produced. During th e d r o ught years, farmers at Ramat Rachel, a kibbutz on the

Desalinated Mediter-

ranean seawater and recycled wastewater provide Israel with enough water for all its needs. Uriel Sinai New York Times News Service

southern outskirts of Jeru-

salem, took water-economizing measures like uprooting old apple orchards a few yearsbefore their time. With the new plenty, water allocations for Israe-

Authority, a powerful interministerial agency estab-

that inject air into the water stream, saving about a third

li farmers that had been

lished in 2007.

of the water used while still giving the impression of a ment, the plants will be transstrong flow. ferredto stateownership after Officials say that wiser use 25 years. For now, the state of water has led to a reduction buys Sorek's desalinated wain household consumption ter for a relatively cheap 58 of up to 18 percent in recent cents a cubic meter — more years. than free rainwater, Faigon A nd instead of t h e m u - acknowledged, "but that's nicipal a uthorities b eing only if you have it." responsible for th e m ainteIsraeli environmentalists nance of city pipe networks, say the rush to desalination localcorporations have been has partly come at the exformed. The money collected pense of alternatives like

Desalination emerged as again, though the price has one focus of the government's also gone up. efforts, with four major plants "Now there is no prob- going into operation over the lem of water," said Shaul past decade. A fifth one should slashed have been raised

Ben-Dov, an agronomist at Ramat Rachel. "The price

is higher, but we can live a normal life in a country that is half desert." With its part-Mediterra-

nean, part-desert climate,

be ready to operate within

months. Together, they will produce a total of more than 130 billion gallons of potable water ayear, with a goal of 200 billion gallons by 2020. Israel has, in the meantime,

and a variety of practical methods. Under a complex arrange-

become the world leader in rechronic shortages and ex- cycling and reusing wastewa- for water is reinvested in the ploitation of its natural wa- ter for agriculture. It treats 86 infrastructure. ter resources for decades. percent of its domestic wasteDesalination, long shunned The natural fresh water water and recycles it for agri- by many as a costly enerat Israel's disposal in an cultural use — about 55 per- gy-guzzler with a heavy caraverage year does not cov- cent of the total water used for bon footprint, is becoming er its total use of roughly agriculture. Spain is second to cheaper, cleaner and more 525 billion gallons. The Israel, recycling 17 percent of energy efficient as technolodemand for potable water its effluent, while the United gies advance. Sidney Loeb, is projected to rise to 515 States recycles just 1 percent, the American scientist who billion gallons by 2030, according to Water Authority invented the popular reverse from 317 billion gallons data. osmosis method, came to live this year. The I s raeli g o v ernment in Israel in 1967 and taught the The turnaround came began by making huge cuts water professionals here. with a seven-year drought, in the annual water quotas The S o rek d e s alination one of the most severe to for farmers, ending decades plant rises out of the sanhit modern Israel, that be- of extravagant overuse of dy ground about nine miles gan in 2005 and peaked in heavily subsidized water for south of Tel Aviv. Said to be the winter of 2008 to 2009. agriculture. the largest plant of its kind in The country's main natThe tax for surplus house- the world, it produces 40 bilural water sources — the hold use was dropped at the lion gallons of potable water a Sea of Galilee in the north end of 2009 and a two-tiered year, enough for about a sixth a nd th e m o u ntain a n d tariff system was introduced. of Israel's roughly 8 million coastal aquifers— were se- Regular household water use citizens. verely depleted, threaten- is now subsidized by a slightly Miriam Faigon, the director ing a potentially irrevers- higher rate paid by those who of the solutions department at i ble deterioration of t h e consume more than the basic IDE Technologies, the Israeli water quality. allotment. company that built three of Measures t o i n c r ease Water Authority represen- the plants along the Mediterthe supply and reduce the tatives went house to house ranean, said that the compademand were accelerat- offering to fit free devices ny had cut energy levels and ed, overseen by the Water on shower heads and taps costs with new technologies Israel had suffered from

t reating natural w a ter r e serves that have become pol-

luted by industry, particularly the military industries in the

coastal plain. "We definitely felt that Israel did need to move toward

desalination," said Sarit Caspi -Oron, a water expert at the nongovernment Israel Union for Environmental Defense.

"But it is a question of how much, and of priorities. Our

first priority was conservation and treating and reclaiming our water sources."

Some environmentalists also say that the open-ocean intake method used by Isra-

el's desalination plants, in line with local regulations, as opposed to subsurface intakes,

has a potentially destructive effect on sea life, sucking in billions of fish eggs and larvae. But Boaz Mayzel, a marine biologist at the Israel Union

for Environmental Defense, said that the effects were not yet known and would have to

be checked over time.

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' Uredit Union litary Mi~ Personnel , Members On All Chevrolets, Buichs I GMCs in stoch~t

Photos by Keith Myers /The Kansas City Star

An M1A2 Abrams tank fires at a target during training exercises this week at Fort Riley, Kansas. The Army, after years of fighting insurgents, is shifting focus back to its core mission. "You hope it wouldn't be World War III, but you have to prepare for the worst," says Lt. Gen. Robert Brown. "We need to be ready to play against the pro teams, not just the amateurs."

Central Ore on's Exclusive Buick-GMC Dealer

rm e ins trainin or t enextwar — a i oneBy Rick Montgomerye The Kansas City Star

FORT RILEY, Kan. — For more than a decade, troops here have been

- Availableteall





• I


$19,995 •I

schooled in counterinsurgency. I

"Mission-specific" training, they call it: going house to house, busting down



doors, rooting out terror cells, recognizing crude explosives.

• I

Now, after a pair of mission-specific wars, an Army in transition aims to get


back to the future.


. s21,464

The training needed to fight full-scale, more convention-

al battles has suffered, Army


leaders contend. So Fort Ri-

ley is putting soldiers such as Staff Sgt. Gilbert Monroe back into big tanks and simulatingwars on a scalegrander than Iraq or Afghanistan. "This is what I signed up for," Monroe said. He began his military career 14 years ago in an Ml Abrams tank. But he spent tours in Iraq commanding


I •

' II I





more nimble armored vehi-

cles, rolling on eight tires and lacking the heft to blast a target from 2 miles out. With Americans still a s-

sessing what was gained from fighting two drawn-out conflicts at the same time, are self on the strategic stage, ex- of deep-rooted grasslands that they ready to start thinking perts say. quickly rebound from the tank about thenext war — maybe Now facing steep troop re- tracks, firesand otherscarsof even The Big One? ductions planned by the Pen- mock battlefield maneuvers. tagon, "the Army really is In combined-arms exercises 'Proteams' looking for a strategic frame- slated for next month, "we'll "You hope it wouldn't be work in which to remain rele- have a synchronization of World War III, but you have vant," said Kelley Sayler of the artillery, aviation, howitzers, to prepare for the worst," Center for a New American tanks ... everything we've said Lt. Gen. Robert Brown, Security, an independent re- got," said Maj. Steve Veves. His commanding general of the search organization. tank group fired at long-disA rmy's Combined A r m s "And you do need to train tance targets last week. Center at Fort Leavenworth.

forthe prospect ofan epic war,

"We need tobe ready to play

even if there's a low likelihood of it happening," Sayler said.

against the pro teams, not just

the amateurs." By that he means a nation such as North Korea, even

Russia. A "pro team" could even be a band of radicals with the means to acquire na-

tionlike resources in a hurry — such as those fighters who call themselves the Islamic

calculated that the next war

And that requires the re-

acquainting of soldiers with epic battle plans featuring

Don't think of t h e activities at Fort Riley as training for a "conventional" war, said

tanks, surface-to-air missiles,

Brown of the Combined Arms

"You just don't know what the next conflict will entail."

Future wars

Center. "A nation-state fighting against another nation-state se t h a s p e r - would be so complex these

gency. We still need to train for that. But we also have to

get back to bread-and-butter skills such as precise artillery, precise gunnery." Fort Riley officials say de-

days, so unlike World War II, you couldhardly make a comparison," he said. Future wars wouldn't compare even with Operation Desert Storm, the 1991 land as-

sault in which a multinational forcedrove Iraqitroops outof




$42,995 '

i I



$16,995 ~



I I e

I ' I



I •

s imulation l aboratory. T h e

software allows moving soldiers to become their own fighting avatars, surrounded by a virtual battleground they view through helmets.



became the first in the Army •



s19,995 . I

"You become immersed,"


I • • I

said Bill Raymann, chief of training at the fort's Close



I •

Combat and Tactical Training

campus. "If a simulation is done cor-



• •

rectly, it'll take the brain about

15 seconds to adjust back. You walk out the door surprised: 'Oh, I'm really in Kansas.'" Indoor simulators helped Pfc. Christian McClure get

~23,995 I

down the mechanics of load-

Kuwait. Brown said techno-

ing an Abrams tank. "They help, but nothing can

logical leaps since then, plus

simulate like this does," Mc-

Clure said just before wedging into a real tank and practional battle plans. ticing live action on the firing "No enemy today would range. cisive-action training blends yesterday's emphasis on bat- be stupid enough to allow us Although many experts, tlefield prowess with the peo- months and months to build including some top Pentagon ple skills required of troops up forces," as was the case in brass, question the Army's more recently focused on Desert Storm, he said. need for heavy t anks a n d counterinsurgency. Livsey said Fort Riley pro- howitzers for future conflicts, At a time when U.S. milivides the perfect stage to repli- McClureand tank commandtary action has become de- cate a complex battle across a er Monroe would rather be nofined by targeted airstrikes, vastlandscape. where else in battle. "You can always use a ships jockeying in the South Home to the nation's 1st China Sea and a reluctance to Infantry Division, known as tank," Monroe said. "And, unplace boots on the ground, the "the Big Red One," the fort fortunately, there will always Army is seeking to reassert it- boasts more than 75,000 acres be wars to fight." threats posed by cyberattackers, have transformed conven-


I wN /N

would be like the last, Bensa- to use gaming software dehel said. veloped atFort Leavenworth's

Apache choppers and militaryprecision exercised overa broad and rugged terrain.

ished," said Timothy Livsey, Fort Riley's deputy garrison commander. "It's a paradigm shift for the Army," Livsey said. "With Iraq and Afghanistan, it was all about COIN — counterinsur-



The Army's National Train-

ing Center in the Mojave Desert has long been a site of "You don't w ant b attlefield intensive battlefield maneuskills to atrophy." vers for deploying troops. The Nora Bensahel, a defense military is shifting more of policy expert at American that training to home stations University, agreed. such as Fort Riley, and some of "You have to prepare for the them have already been workfull spectrum," she said. ing on the new training. Generations of U.S. military Relying also on simulated planners have gravely mis- training, Fort Riley this year

State, recruiting through the global reach of the Web. In Army-speak, the training needed to fight that brand of enemy is shifting away from "mission-specific" toward "decisive action."

" That skill


Capt. Brian Kossler talks about the features of a M1A2 Abrams tank simulator at Fort Riley in Kansas.




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BRIEFING "Buck Norris" struck and killed A deer known for its stunning set of antlers and quirky nickname was struck and killed by a passing vehicle Friday morning on N. U.S. Highway 97 in Bend. "Buck Norris" had large, nontypical antlers, which brought him fame, Michelle Dennehy, spokeswoman for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife in Salem, wrote in an email Friday. "He was estimated to be 9-10 years old, which is onthe olderside for a mule deer buck," she wrote. City of Bend road crews found Buck Norris' carcass after he was hit, and notified the Department of Fish and Wildlife, Dennehy wrote. The driver of the vehicle was not injured. The deer carried an ear tag with No. 35 on it, which agency officials had affixed onto him last November when they untangled heavy wire from his famous antlers. The tag confirmed the dead buck was indeed Buck Norris, Dennehy wrote. Deer shed their antlers each year so he did not have his full rack at the time he died.

e mon S OOin an rO OSe • Firearm discharges maybeprohibited at the east edgeof town

Np-sgpptilig zplip ppst pf gpgmpllg Upas Way

By Beau Eastes

Per Redmond's city code,

The Bulletin

ordinances can be passed on the first reading only if all councilors present approve

REDMOND — The Red-

mond City Council is considering banning shooting on a piece of city-owned property long used as a place to discharge firearms. Councilors had a first reading Tuesday night of Ordinance 2015-06, which con-

tainedan emergency clause, meaning the action if passed would take effect immediate-

ly. The 41.5 acres in question are divided by state Highway 126 east of Redmond, and

would eventually be part of a larger, 1,691-acre no-shooting zone proposed by Deschutes County. Councilor Jay Patrick took

exception to the emergency clause Tuesday and voted against the proposed ordinance during its first reading.

it unanimously. Patrick's no

vote sends the ordinance to a second reading June 9 at the

next regularly scheduled City Council meeting. "That property's been as is for a 100 years and now all of sudden in five days time it's extremely dangerous?" Pat-

no-shooting zone, a stray bullet pierced a camping trailer last spring. "A gentleman and his grandson were camping during an event," said Katie Hammer, executive director

Future no-shootingzone proposal

L rch

of the park district. "They had left the trailer for about

Hmoc Ae.

a half-hour, and when they came back there was a bullet hole through the trailer. That prompted us to work with the

rick asked. "I would just like to see people step forward and say their piece whether they like (the proposed change) or not. I want to give people a


chance to talk about it." by the Redmond Area Park and Recreation District. At

where park maintenance workers were working on fields (at the High Desert Sports Complex) and the gunshots were close enough

the park district's radio-con-

they could feel the bullets,"

trolled airplane strip near

Hammer said.

Concerns about the area were brought up last year

Map e

Areatohe voteti on June 9

Antler A e.

Hammer said the stray bullet at the RC airstrip wasn't

an isolated incident.

"We've had some issues

the county's larger proposed

See Ban 7B2

MOND t anstfyay

ondAir ort Source: City of Redmond

Greg Cross/The Bulletir

Redmond physician could lose her license

eein sarsin

Niore briefing, B2

By Tara Bannow The Bulletin

The Oregon Medical Board may revoke a Redmondphysician's license and fine her $10,000 — the

Detourahead A detour will direct motorists around the Franklin Avenue underpass today so workers can repair the railroad bridge above.

maximum possible sanc-

tions — for a long list of alleged violations, indudingprescribing excessive narcotics to a truckdriver

who reported having six alcoholic drinks per day and unnecessary and excessive



testosterone treatments to a

patient who developed prostate issues. Board documents allege

,g f Zy,

Dr. Rose Kenny, a fam-


ilypracticephysician at the Family Care Center,

Roau closeu

touavauu suuuay

maintained a practice that

included a"pattern" of unnecessarytests,treatments that were not medically

Source: City of Bend Pete Smith /The Bulletin

indicated andprescribing excessive amounts of antibi-

Roadrepaving A length of road on NE 27th Street between Rosemary Drive and Butler Market Road will be

repaved June1-5. The city will keep two-way traffic on 27th except whenthe work is adjacent to Mountain View High School.

Joe Kline/The Bulletin

Mayra Renteria, 17, looks up atthe moonthrough a telescope Thursday evening outside Madras High School. The telescope was donated

Kathleen Haley, theboard's

that evening by Randy Matson for the students to use.

executive director.

• Researchopportunity at MadrasHigh sparks students' interest in astronomy By Jasmine Rockow The Bulletin

MADRAS — Frankie

Redick grewup watchingthe sky with her father in Madras. Now an education assistant

at Madras High School, she's sharingsome exciting news with anyone and everyone who will listen. IlsA esRd.

Mountain View High School

About 25 students helped

break out the new equipment for atest run outside the high the size and density of objects school Thursday night. Some in the Kuiper Belt, a band of icy looked at the sky withbinocobjects orbitingthe sunbeyond ulars, and others used an apNeptune. plication called Sky Guide on "We could find the next their cellphones. Pluto," said Redick, who tutors While Coles set up the new

(the telescope) to go," Matson sald. Many students, like Jake

Frank, 15, and Noe Melgarejo Jr., 14, heard about the project through SMILE.

aroundcompetency relative to the issues," she said. Kenny, who earned her medical degree in 1995 from the Tufts University School of Medicine in

"I am looking forward to collecting data and looking at the Kuiper Belt," Melgarejo said. "I liked to learn about space

Boston, according to board records, performed her

when I was a little kid."

Center in Bangor, Maine.

Soraya Mendez, 16, learned about the star party from Coles. Before Thursday she had never seen aplanet through a telescopebefore.

internship and residency at the Eastern Maine Medical She could not be reached for

comment Friday. The board's allegations

telescope, Randy Matson, 65,

erative Occultation Network, or RECON, a citizen research

device a few years ago, and decided to donate it to the high

the things we can discover through this telescope," Men-

ing excessive antibiotics

school after hearing about its involvement with RECON.

dez said. "It's crazy that it's

three patients — that were not medically indicated.

nadian and Mexican borders. Carli Krueger/The Bulletin

science teacher Scott Coles will lead his students (and anyone else who wants to participate) in collecting data that measure

"The board has concerns

with GPS, the telescope can find almost any object in the sky once a user has manually aligned it with a couple of known space objects.

Madras High School is mainly students who are strugpreparing to participate in the gling with science. Research and Education CoopThe telescope, a programproject involving nearly 60 communities between the Ca-

7 Fto s

otic and opioid medications. Theboard is investigating Kenny's practice, said

mable 11-inch Celestron, was

purchased by an extension program of Oregon State University called SMILE, or Science & Math Investigative

Armed with anewtelescope, Learning Experiences. Armed

trained his own telescope on the moon. He purchased the

"I read about the project and figured it was a good place for

"It's pretty awesome, all

happening here, in this little

includerecords from 12

patients. In five of the cases, she is accused of prescrib— induding five refills for One of thosepatients was


See Stars/B5

a 6-month-oldmale Kenny saw in October 2012 for a

check-up. The board says Kenny prescribed excessive

Well shot! Reader photos

Send us your best outdoor photos at benubuueti n.ceml readerphotos.Your entries will appear online, and we'll choose the best for publication in the Outdoors section. Submission requirements: Include as much detail as possible — when and where you took a photo, any special technique used — as well as your name, hometown and contact info. Photos selected for print must be high resolution (at least e inches wide and 300 dpi) and cannot he altered.

Police search for armed robbery suspect Bulletin staff report Bend Police are still looking for a man who robbed Moun-

tain High Coins & Collectibles at gunpoint Friday morning. According to Lt. Clint

Burleigh, police responded at 10:28 a.m. to SE Third Street on a report that a man with a

handgun had come in and demanded goods from the shop.

The suspect was reportedly wearing a black Oregon State University sweatshirt, as well as darkpants and a skima sk. The suspect ts described as having shoulder-length lightcolored hair, between 25 and 35 and 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 10inches tall.

"dark-colored." There were two employees

shop duringthe robbery, according to police. Burleigh said Friday police did not yet know in which

and several customers atthe

direction the man left after

Policedescribed the weapon as

robbing the store, nor had they determinedwhether anyproperty was taken. Deschutes County Sheriff's Office responded with a K-9 to

help search for the suspect, and police canvassed the neighborhood Friday afternoon. The suspect was reportedly wearing ablack Oregon State

and contraindicated medi-

cation to treat diaper rash. Seven months later, she

failed to assess that patient's abnormal blood pressure reading. She diagnosed him with an ear infection

and prescribed an antibiotic with five refills, which the

as dark pants and a ski mask.

board says was excessive and lacked adequate follow-up. She also prescribed

The suspect is described

three months of antibiotics

as having shoulder-length light-colored hair, between 25

and performed a "battery" of allergy tests on a 5-yearoldpatient diagnosed with sinusitis which the board

University sweatshirt, as well

and 35 and 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 10inches tall. Anyone with information is asked to call the nonemergen-

cy number at 541-693-6911.

says was also excessive and

not medicallyindicated. See Doctor IB5



Evxxr TODAY USED FURNITURE SALE:Aused furniture sale to benefit Lead and Love Dog Rescue; 9a.m.; BendPet Express East, 420 NE Windy Knolls Drive, Bend; 541-788-1406. SUMMERSALE:Featuring antiques and vintage items, furniture, yard art, baked goods and more, to benefit local food banks; 9 a.m.; Patchwork Antiques, 797 C Ave., Terrebonne; 541-419-8637. BEND WOMEN'SWEEKEND: A two-day conference about renewal, inspiration and connection for women of all ages; 10a.m.-6 p.m.; free; The Riverhouse Convention Center, 3075 U.S. Highway 97,Bend; or 541-633-7115. CENTRALOREGONSATURDAY MARKET:Featuring crafts, music, food and more; 10a.m.-4 p.m.; free; across from the Downtown Bend Public Library, 601 NW Wall St., Bend; 541-420-9015. HAPPY GIRLSRUNBEND:Featuring half-marathon, 10Kand 5K distances; starts on the Deschutes River and includes a mix of trails, groomed paths, and pavedsurfaces; 9a.m.-2 p.m.; $40, registration required; Riverbend Park, 799 SWColumbia St., Bend; or 541-323-0964. CARGO BIKERODEO 5 COMMUNITY RIDE: A familyfriendly event for cyclists, cargo-bike adventurers and more; noon; free; Bend Electric Bikes, 223 NWHill St., Bend; 541-410-7408. HAPPY LITTLE KIDS RACE:Arace for boys andgirls with ageappropriate distances for kids ages 3to10, as part of the HappyGirls Run;1 p.m.; $5; Riverbend Park, 799 SW Columbia St., Bend; or 541-323-0964. THE BESTOFBROADWAYCASCADE CHORALE CONCERT: Featuring music from "The Phantom of the Opera," "Les Miserables," Rodgers & Hammerstein musicals and more, including OperaBendwith excerpts from their upcoming production "Into the Woods"; 3 p.m.; free, donations

ENm a

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Ongoing listings must be updated monthly. Questions:, 541-383-0351.

accepted; First Presbyterian Church, 230 NENinth St., Bend; 541-647-8720. A LIFE-TRANSFORMING LOVE: NEVER TOOLATE:A formerU.S. Army Captain will speakabout finding peace in the middle of war and everywhere after; 4 p.m.; free; Bend's Community Center, 1036 NEFifth St., Bend; www. or 541-418-1176. CENTRALOREGON BEERWEEK: Featuring tastings from 5-7 p.m. and music from 7-9 p.m. everyday; 5 p.m.; free; BrokenTop Bottle Shop,1740 NW Pence Lane,Suite1, Bend; www. or 541-728-0703. LAST SATURDAY:Featuring local art and culture with art openings, live music, food carts, workshops and more; 6 p.m.; free; TheOld Ironworks, 50 SE Scott St., Bend;347-564-9080. . t. LAVACITYROLLERDOLLSVS. Submitted photo TSUNAMI SIRENS:Roller derby The blues-rock band Patrimony performs at 9 tonight at Silver bout featuring Tsunami Sirens from Crescent City, California, with halftime MoonBrewing in Bend.

performancesbyBendFire Pipes and Drums andthe Cascade Indoor Sports Irish Dancers; 6-8:30 p.m.; $10 for two tickets online in advance,$10 at the door, $5 for children; Cascade Indoor Sports, 20775 NEHigh Desert Lane, Bend; 541-330-1183. DEADATTHEDOJ: Featuring the music of TheGrateful Dead, performed by Brent Alan, Mark Ransom 8 TheMostest, Rising Tide, DJ Grateful Kevand Jive Coulis, to benefitstudents of High Desert Martial Arts; 7 p.m., doors open at6 p.m.; $10suggested donation; High Desert Martial Arts, 2535 NE Studio Road, Bend; or 541-647-1220. PATRIMONY: The blues-rock band performs, with Hungry Skinny and Moon Room; 9 p.m.; free; Silver Moon Brewing, 24 NWGreenwood Ave., Bend; or 541-388-8331. TONY SMILEY:Theloop-ninja from Portland performs;10 p.m.; $5 plus fees in advance, $7 atthe door; The Astro Lounge, 939 NWBond St., Bend; www, or 541-388-0116.

SUMDAY BEND WOMEN'SWEEKEND: A two-day conference about renewal, inspiration and connection for women ofall ages;10a.m.-5 p.m.; free; The RiverhouseConvention Center, 3075 U.S.Highway97, Bend; or 541-633-7115. SUMMERSALE:Featuring antiques and vintage items, furniture, yard art, baked goods andmore, to benefit local food banks; 10a.m.; Patchwork Antiques, 797 CAve., Terrebonne; 541-419-8637. GEAR SALE:Featuring women's used and new outdoor gear for all seasons;noon; Rebound Physical Therapy and Biomechanics Lab-West Clinic, 1160 SW Simpson Ave., Suite 200, Bend; 541-280-1000. CASCADE WINDSSYMPHONIC BAND SPRING CONCERT:Featuring

aselection ofAmericanfolksongs, Handel andBach; 2 p.m.; free, donations accepted; Summit High

School, 2855 NWClearwater Drive, Bend; or 541-383-7743. CENTRALOREGON BEERWEEK: Featuring tastings from 5-7 p.m. and music from 7-9 p.m. everyday; 5 p.m.; BrokenTopBottle Shop,1740 NW PenceLane,Suite1, Bend; www. or 541-728-0703. SCOTTWEILANDANDTHE WILDABOUTS:Theformer lead singer of the StoneTemple Pilots performs with his band; 6 p.m.; $25 plus fees in advance;Century Center, 70 SW Century Drive, Bend;www.

MONDAY SOLOJAZZVOCALCLASS CONCERT:Nine singers from Cascade School of Music who study jazz styling will perform; 5:30 p.m.; free; The Astro Lounge,939 NWBond St., Bend; 541-306-4480. TWIN:The alternative folk band from Winnipeg, Canada,performs, with Pachow Kabang; 9p.m.; $5;Volcanic

LOCAL BRIEFING Continued from Bf

"His antlers were partially regrown but not complete," she wrote. "That happenslater in the year." The deer's antlers drew wildlife photographers from afar. Although he was knownmost by theBuck C Norris moniker, derived from action star ChuckNorris, he also had other names,HarlanCooper, a Utah-based wildlife photographer told The Bulletin in November. His other namesincluded "Bend Oregon Buck," "SleepyBendBuck" and "Nosler Buck," as he was often found during summertime nearthe Nosler bullet factory in west Bend. Buck Norris'tangle with wire last fall camenearEmpire Boule' X', vard, close to where hedied Friday. The location where he was hit was along N. U.S.Highway 97(BusiI ness 97), near theOregon Department of Transportation office. "Unfortunately, vehicle-wildlife collisions happenthroughout Oregon and aremore commonaround high density areasand inthe Bend/ Ryan Brennecke 1The Bulletin Central Oregonarea in particular," "Buck Norris" and his famous antlers as seenon July12, 2013, near the intersection of SW Colorado Dennehy wrote. "While BuckNorAvenue and SW Columbia Street. ris' habit of staying within Bend city limits protected him to anolder age, it finally put him at risk." According to a news release, through NE Bend,eventually boy, and a34-year-old woman were taken to St. Charles Bendby on Thursday police went to 1757 driving through a fence at St. Family hospitalized after ambulance, while a15-year-old NE Laredo Waysearching for Francis of Assisi School and two eating mushrooms boyshowingnosymptoms ofpoi- Gee.Atthehouseon LaredoWay residential yards. Geeallegedly Four members of aSunriver-arsoning was taken to thehospital as police found 31-year-old Stefanie stole a red JeepWrangler after Lafountaine, who allegedly hid abandoning his vehicle in the ea family were hospitalized Thurs- a precaution. Gee because hehad an outcourse of the pursuit. day after eating poisonous mushstanding arrest warrant. Geewas Geeisbeing heldinthe Derooms, according to theDeschutes Bend man arrested County Sheriff's Office. found hiding in the house and schutes County jail on suspicion in vehicle chase In a news release, theSheriff's after resisting arrest was taken of first-degree theft, unauthoBend Police havearrested a into custody. rized use of a motor vehicle, Office said the family hadcollected 28-year-old Bendresident Travis Gee was contacted by police fourth-degree assault, attemptthe mushrooms, andmisidentified them asedibleusingaphoneapp. Gee in connection with a vehicle on May11 after a domestic dising to elude by vehicle and by A 4-year-old boy, a14-year-old pursuit on May11. pute, then led police on a chase foot, driving while suspended, I



Theatre Pub, 70 SW Century Drive, Bend; or 541-323-1881.



locall ymadegoodsandmore;2

GREEN TEAMMOVIENIGHT:A screening of "The Healthcare Movie," a film comparing the health care systems of the U.S.andCanada; 6:30 p.m.; free; First Presbyterian Church, 230 NENinth St., Bend; 541-815-6504.

WEDNESDAY BEND FARMERSMARKET: Featuring food, drinks and more; 3 p.m.; Brooks Alley, NW Brooks St., Bend; www.bendfarmersmarket. com or 541-408-4998. AUTHOR PRESENTATION: Diana Rodgers, farmer, paleo nutritionist and author of"The Homegrown Paleo Cookbook" will discuss food, farming and sustainability; 5:30-7 p.m.; free; Natural Grocers,3199 N.U.S. Highway 97,Bend;641-617-0200. KRIS LAGER BAND:The rockand soul band from Nebraska performs; 7 p.m.; free; McMenamins OldSt. Francis School,700NW Bond St., Bend; or 541-382-5174. VAMPIRATES: The Reno, Nevada, punk rock band performs, with the Beerslayers; 9 p.m.; $5; Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 SW Century Drive, Bend; or 541-323-1881.

THURSDAY MUSICAND MENTORS: The songwriter SteveSeskin performs, with Circle of Friends andmembers of the Sisters Community; 7 p.m.; $15 plus fees in advance, $20at the door, $10foryouth; The Belfry,302E. Main Ave., Sisters; www.sistersfolkfestival. org or 541-549-4979. MICHAEL LEWIS MARTINEZ:The singer-songwriter performs, with Anna Gilbert; 9 p.m.; $5; Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 SW Century Drive, Bend; or 541-323-1881.

reckless driving, reckless endangering, first- and second-degree criminal mischief and interfering with making a police report, as well as resisting arrest and possession of methamphetamine and heroin. LaFountaine was cited for hindering prosecution.

PCT hikers foundsafe A group of Washington hikers who set off a Search and Rescue effort Thursday were found safe and not in need of assistance Friday about 9 miles south of Elk Lake Resort. On Thursday, Sarah Morris, MaryZakheim andAngela Zakheim, all from Spokane, Washington, called the Pacific Crest Trail Association and left a message saying they had lost the PCT trail near Lily Lake and needed a call back, according to a news release from the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office. Attempts to reach the group were unsuccessful and search and rescue volunteers from Deschutes and Lanecounties were sent out to assess the situation. On Friday morning, two volunteers on horseback from the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue team set off from Elk Lake Resort to find the hikers. The group was located unharmed at about 9:30 a.m., surprised that their call to the trail association had triggered a Search and Rescue response. In its press release about the incident, the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office advised the public to call 911 whenemergencies arise and to be asspecific as possible as to what type of help is needed. — Bulletin staff reports

SISTERS FARMERSMARKET: Featuring fresh vegetables, fruits, p.m.; Barclay Park, Hood Street, between Ash and Elm, Sisters; 541-719-8030. FIRST FRIDAY ARTWALK: Art exhibit openings, artist talks, live music, wine and food in downtown Bend and the Old Mill District; 5 p.m.; throughout Bend. "WILD WILD WILDESTWEST": A family-friendly old time western comedymelodrama,presented by the Sunriver STARS; 6 p.m.; $15, $10 for18 and younger, $40/$35 for Saturday dinner show; Sunriver Homeowners Aquatic 8 Recreation Center, 57250 Overlook Road, Sunriver; 541-480-7483. CRAFT BEARD &MUSTACHE COMPETITION:Featuring a beard and mustache competition, with live music by Boxcar Stringband; 6:30 p.m.; Deschutes Brewery 8 Public House,1044 NW Bond St., Bend;


541-382-9242. "INTOTHE WOODS": An adaptation of Stephen Sondeim's musical about fairytales, presented by Opera Bend; 7 p.m.; $25-$40; Pinckney Center for the Performing Arts, Central Oregon Community College, 2600 NW College Way, Bend; www. or 888-718-4253. "SELMA":A screening of the Oscarwinning film; 7:30 p.m.; Rodriguez Annex, Jefferson County Library, 134 SE ESt., Madras; or 541-475-3351. THE RISE OFENDURO:A film about the history of enduro mountain biking, featuring raffles and more, to benefit COTA; 7:30 p.m.; $10 plus fees in advance, $14 at the door; Tower Theatre, 835 NWWall St., Bend; or 541-317-0700. B.I.G. IMPROV: The comedytroupe

performs; 8 p.m.; $8plus feesin advance, $10at the door; 2nd Street Theater, 220 NELafayette Ave., Bend; or 541-312-9626.

Ban Continued from B1 Councilors in c luded the emergency clausein the ordinance, they said, to stop shooting as soon as possible because more

children will be i n t h e area once school is out. But with P atrick's vote, that option is out.

"I used to shoot out


bu t i t' s unc o n -

tained," Councilor Tory Allman sa id T u e sday. "Once

sch o ol

clos e s,

there'll be a lot of kids BMX (biking) out there (at Smith Rock Bike Park). I'm in favor ofdoing something immediately." If city

c o u ncilors d o

adopt the ordinance on June 9, the no -shooting ban on t h e ci t y -owned

property would go into effect 30 days later. The

county process to declare the larger 1,691acres a no-shooting zone would likely ta ke an ad d ition-

al 45 to 60 days, said James Lewis,the county's

properties and facilities manager. "This closes a gap between the city li m its on the west and BLM land on the east in which there is

no shooting," Lewis said. "A lot ofpeople don't know it, but back in 2005 the Up-

per Deschutes Resource Management Plan was adopted by the BLM there,

and that's a no-shooting zone." — Reporter: 541-617-7829,

NEws OF REcoRD POLICE LOG The Bulletin will update items in the Police Logwhensuch a request is received. Anynewinformation, such asthe dismissal of chargesor acquittal, must beverifiable. For more information, call 541-633-2117.

BEND POLICE DEPARTMENT Theft —A theft was reported at1:22 p.m. May19, in the2700 block of NE 27th Street. Unauthorizeduse —Avehicle was reported stolen andanarrest madeat 12:23 p.m. May25, inthe 2400 block of NE Sixth Street. DUII —AndrewStevenEubanks, 25, was arrested onsuspicion of driving

under the influence of intoxicants at 8:30p.m.May 26,intheareaofBayou Drive andPettigrew Road. DUII —JamesBelden Storey,51, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at10:09 p.m.May 26,inthe2600 blockofNE U.S. Highway20. Theft —Atheft was reported at 7 p.m. May 27, inthe 62700 block of Larkview Road. Theft —Atheft was reported at 7:48 a.m.May 28,inthe2800blockofNE Jill Avenue. Theft —Atheft was reported at10:23 a.m.May28, inthe2600blockofNE Jill Court. Theft —Atheft was reported at 2:04 p.m.May 28,inthe60900 blockof Snowbrush Drive. Theft —Atheft was reported at 2:13

p.m.May28,inthe900blockofNE Warner Place.

BEND FIRE RUNS Wednesday 9:01 a.m. —Unauthorized burning, 60605 BilladeauRoad. 12:09 p.m.— Unauthorized burning, 18973 BakerRoad. 5 p.m.— Brush orbrush-and-grass mixture fire, 22085Butler Market Road. 9:06 p.m. —Unauthorized burning, 61425 American Lane. 20 —Medical aid calls.

CIVIL SUITS Filed May 12 15CV0326 —RayKlein Inc., dba Professional Credit Service v. Michelle

J. Starkand Jon C.Stark, complaint, $45,662.71, plus interest costs and fees 15CV0327 —RayKlein Inc., dba Professional Credit Service v. BlakeC. Mogan, complaint,$35,760.57,plus interest costs and fees Filed May 13 15CV0328FC — Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC v.Jason P. Bryers, Susan D. Bryers, J.P.MorganChase BankN.A.,complaint,$82,740.90, plus interest costs and fees 15CV0329FC — Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB,dbaChristian A. Trust, not in its individual capacity but solely as trustee for BCAT2014-12TT, v. Michael M. Haertl, Debra A.Bresch, Cavalry Portfolio Services, Discover Bank, complaint, $469,818.26, plus interest costs and fees

holders of CWABS,Inc., asset-backed certificates series 2004-15, v. Philip L. Conner Sr., Citibank South Dakota N.A., Community First Bank, Tiffany L. Conner, Lisa Michel Connernka Lisa Michel Hart, complaint, $331,848.25, plus interest costs and fees 1SCV0334 —Bank of America N JL v. Wes B.Chappell, Kelly L. Chappell, CSO Financial Inc., complaint, Filed May 15 $242,465.99, plus interest costs and fees 15CV0332FC — TheBank of New York Mellon, as indenture trustee, not Filed May 18 in its individual capacity but solely as 15CV0338 —Brittany Smith v. indenture trustee for Greenpoint Home Adriana Maul, complaint, $112,795.65, Equity Loan Trust 2004-1, v. FrankL. plus interest costs andfees Ceniga, ShelbyCeniga, complaint, $191,992.93, plus interest costs and Filed May 20 fees 15CV0335 —Lisa Laitala and 15CV0333FC — TheBank of New Derek Laitala v. Michelle Grossman, York Mellon fka TheBank of New complaint, $384,559.70, plus interest York, as trustee for the certificate costs and fees Filed May 14 15CV0330 —Johnstone Supply v. Cameron M.Petz, complaint, $17,469.16, plus interest costs and fees 15CV0331 —Liberty Mutual Insurance v. RossBuilt LLC, complaint, $112,281.68, plus interest costs and fees




e isa ure'sina ionwi raise ension cos s, reasurer sa s By Jonathan J. Cooper The Associated Press

TIGARD — School districts

and local governments will have to pay more for employee pensions because legislative leaders are blocking a bill to restructurethe management

of Oregon's investments, state Treasurer Ted Wheeler said Friday. Wheeler has tried unsuccessfullyfor three years to convince lawmakers that his

agency needs more independence from the Legislature to hire staff and make decisions

ment policy. The increases will be es"The reality is ... more re- pecially harsh for school dissources have to be squeezed tricts. Compared with state out of our public education and local governments, school system and our municipal districts have higher accrued and county budgets," Wheeler retirement costs relative to the said. "Here we have an oppor- number of active employees. tunity to do something differWheeler has pitched his ent, and the Legislature has "Investment M o d ernization Act" as a necessary step to chosen to squander it." State and local govern- avoid digging an even deepments are already looking at a er hole. He says his agency steep hike in their retirement spends too much on Wall costsafter a state Supreme Street investment managers Court decision in April that because he lacks authority to overturned the bulk of Pubhire staffers to do it. Money lic Employees Retirement spent on managers can't be inSystem cuts that the Legis- vested for growth, dampening

about investments. He says the current gover- lature approved in 2013. In a nance structure is too risky, separate presentation Friday, and without more flexibility, PERS financial consultants investment managers will be forced to back away from Or-

egon's heavy exposure to pri-

said that the court decision

will raise pension liabilities by $5 billion. The court's decision allowed about $1.3 billion worth ofcutsto be preserved,

vate equity investments. Such a move would lower long-term i nvestment returns i n O r e - the consultants said. gon's $70 billion pension fund As a result of the court deci— money that would have to sion, the PERS experts expect

be made upwith higher con- that government employers will see their collective penWheeler, an elected Dem- sion contributions rise $690 ocrat, gave his warning in a million in the 2017-2019 budjoint meeting of the Public Em- getcycle.On average,the cost ployees Retirement System will jump from an average of (PERS) Board and the Oregon 18.2 percent of payroll to 21.2 Investment Council, w h i ch percent, with more increases makes decisions on invest- to come down the road. tributions from taxpayers.

UO illneSS —Public health officials said a parentwho visited the campus of theUniversity of Oregon inearly Maywas infected with the bacteria that cancause meningitis. The 52-year-old man isthe seventh personwithmeningococcaldiseasesinceacampusoutbreakbegan in January. Theothers werestudents. Onedied. Theoutbreak hasleft public health officials frustrated becausefewer than half of the 22,000 students they'd hoped tovaccinate havegotten shots. The state Health Authority said Friday theparent's casedemonstrates that the disease is lingering on thecampus, andstudents should get vaccinated.

don't have enough autonomy, Courtney said. He has worked

ChOking inmate —An Oregon sheriff said a corrections deputy likely saved acounty jail inmate's life by performing the Heimlich maneuver after the inmatechokedwhile eating a breakfast bar. Linn County Sheriff Bruce Riley said inmateChris Anderson beganchoking Friday morning while eating in acommon area. Heexcused himself to get a drink of water in his cell in aneffort to dislodge the food, but that didn't work. After Anderson returned to thecommonarea, another inmate noticed whatwashappening and called for help. Deputy Adam Hedrick respondedand beganthe Heimlich maneuver, dislodging the stuck food. Jail medical staff checkedthe inmate and said hewas not injured.

to getWheeler more spending authority, he said, and the next treasury budget will

allow for 24 more employees. The treasury's budget comes from investment earnings, not

the general fund, but the Legislature imposes a spending and hiring limit. "Like it or not, the legislative branch of

g overnment

does exist in the Oregon Constitution," Courtney said in an

Inmate death arreSt —An Oregonprosecutor said two Yamhil County Jail inmatesareaccused of second-degree manslaughter in the death of athird inmate. County District Attorney BradleyBerry said Friday night that anautopsy showed34-year-old Jed HawkMyers of McMinnville was ahomicide victim and died Thursday from multiple physical injuries andextensive internal bleeding. Myers hadcomplained of an"unknown medical problem" Wednesday night and been transferred to amedical observation cell, where helater died. Berry says JoshuaMulbreght andZachary Chronister havebeenarrested and each chargedwith a single count of manslaughter. Theprosecutor said both menwere in custody at thetime of the homicide andhoused in an area with Myers. Theyareexpected to bearraigned Monday.Myers was taken into custody May 24andwasbeing held on awarrant for parole and probation violation.

interview. "I cannot just cut us

loose from some kind of very serious oversight role in this." returns. A fifth of Oregon's penHe also says consultants sion fund is in private equity have advised that Oregon investments, which presents can'tproperly manage the the opportunity for both high r isk associated wit h c o m - risks and high rewards. John plex investments if its budget Skjervem, the state's chief inand hiring are subject to the vestment officer, said the Orwhims of legislators. egon Investment Council will Senate P r esident P e t er meet next week to consider Courtney, a Salem Democrat pulling about 2.5 percent of who opposes Wheeler's ini- the pension fund out of private tiative, said he's "not trying equity in favor of less risky to stand in anybody's way," — but also less lucrative — inbut he's reluctant to cede leg- vestments because of the Legislative oversight, particularly islature's inaction. "If we don't get the flexibiliafter he did so for Cover Oregon before it failed to launch a ty to staff the organization as health insurance website. it needs to be staffed, we will E xecutive branch o ff i - need to put limits on what we cials always complain they do," Skjervem said.

Cat reSCue fire —Fire officials in the Portland suburb of Hillsboro said nine cats died in afire early Friday at aprivate animal rescue. Jesse Spalding, who runsFelines First Rescue, saidsheawoketo someone knocking on herdoor to sayhergarage wasonfire. The cats were housed in thegarage. Washington County Fire District No. 2 spokesman Mitch Wardsaid the fire was "electrical in nature." Spalding said she will rebuild the rescue,which she says hasalready helped find homes for morethan100 cats. — From wire reports

Judge rejectsrequest to blockJacksonCounty's GMOcrop ban The Associated Press

mit the county's GMO ban


and scarcity on a global level, The p l aintiffs i n t erpretClarke wrote in an 11-page ed the "right to farm" law as ruling. However, he said his protecting their genetically pre-empted other local gov- decision was more narrowly engineered alfalfa crops from ernments from r egulating focused on the construction being destroyed. biotech crops, the Capital of the state's Right to Farm While Clarke dismissed Press reported. Act and the county ordi- the alfalfa farmers' argu"While farming practices nance, the (Medford) Mail ments regarding "right to may not be limited by a sub- Tribune reported. farm," their claim seeking urbanite's sensitivities, they Bruce Schulz of Gold Hill $4.2 million in compensation may be limited if they cause and James and M a rilyn from Jackson County redamage to another farm's Frink of Sams Valley sued mains alive. crops," the judge said. The the county in December 2014, S chulz an d t h e F r i n k s Jackson County o r d inance saying the GMO ban would were not immediately reachsimply "serves to prevent cause them undue financial able by phone Friday evesuch damage before it hap- hardship and violated their ning for comment. A phone pens," he said. c onstitutional r i g h ts. T h e message left with the office Some farmers and others ordinance, passed by voters of their lawyer, David Marare concerned about possi- in May 2014, allows farm- kowitz, was not immediately ble cross-pollination between ers currently growing GMO returned. Anti-GMO f a rmers c a l lbiotech crops and those that crops to harvest them this are conventional or organic. season but requires them to ing themselves Our Family The case raises important remove all genetically modi- Farms Coalition joined the questions about food safety fied crops within 12 months. case as defendants in Febru-

f e d eral when they excluded Jackson judge in southern Oregon on County from a 2013 bill that

Fridayrejected a request by two alfalfa farms to block Jackson County's ban on genetically engineered crops. The decision by U.S. Magistrate Judge Mark

C l arke

could allow the ordinance to take effect in June. Clarke found that the GMO ban is

not pre-empted by Oregon's "right to farm" law. He said the "right to farm" measure

prohibits ordinances and l awsuits that t r eat a


mon farming practice as a trespass or nuisance, but the law does not protect activities that h arm

c o mmercial

agriculture. Clarke also found that state lawmakers intended to per-

Shepard's GateChurchconverts troubled strip clubinto newhome

• h~ N


• 4~ N •

"When he said it would be for a church I joked,

The Oregonian

'Step back, Bob,a bolt of lightning is going to hit one or both of us."

PORTLAND — One of Portland's most notorious strip clubs has been converted-

pun intended — into a church. A 2 -year-old congregation called Shepherd's Gate Church has renovated and 333 S.E. 122nd Ave., formerly home to Soobies Bar & Grilb


• h~ N ~

a ra

• h~ N

• h~ H k d

sayclaanln si

NI6 IAt I tl6KI NMOR IHaltul

$rltyAIMOsyn 5N 7%IMI IS •


psoGosef Bsal f~

Csatesl Orsgoa Gradesieal

Denny Yost, property owner

IIAHI ~ Wd4y NAI Ibddy ~ Hh&Hy 1kH IIAHI ~

ter Soobies closed, he was in

a p o i nt

where I'd almost had enough of churches and didn't think

Ibdgy ~

Ih&ly f&d

Ml AS!k4858

I ~


Iha RN t l h l l 1

IW4y~ Ihk4yfhd 8468 1kd

Sh&ky fhd IIAH1 1k4

who now runs sound and visualsfor Shepherd's Gate's wor-

IBlMll lkI W 1% I ~ ~

1ESl I ~N 5I1~1BI 1Ihgll I 1mhg hl5114I24lll 5I 1~ 4 l i l

Midoregon oidltsnlon y dfi

d •



Ib&gy Nkd Ihddy ~ Hhdd Sh&H fkd

Ih$8y fhd Ihddy ~ 84AHy ~ ~






Ibddy NAI Shddy f&d




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Ih & d g N h N k



Caalral Chegaa ~ l



NissanSyun dai Voho Oodgc •chsslsr Jsep Sl1.889sm

Say Cl eanin'll

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Fto Oolt ot Bead


Caattal Oeegoa Gradaslasl


Shddt NhN 54AHI fR4


I ~




SI1.7%83% ' HDIIEBRB





Multiple pages listing all 2015 Graduates

from local Central Oregon High Schools will publish in The Bulletin

Saturday, June13


m ot o r s

Hlsss' Hsllkl ' volY0 oodst thsshr •Jmp sll~sm

84&Hy fRd

84dd ShAHI Nkd





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oalltsnlon • df6 d

chyalrsrm chsdsw!


Ihdd 84AHI IAH


I448y fhd Ihd4y ~


1Col. x2" ad

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(1.83" x 2")

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14IIWS I lE31•llm 5I1~l2II t lhrlflN gleblll1~ 5I IBIMIIIE.

iWfh IIJ145lld5MII

' MidOregon


Ihddy ~ Ibddy ~ 8 4&gy ~ N b ~ ~

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~ ~O

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%4 A l b


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0 BM! 8 IIIR I &I • leel 5ll~7 tll


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June 5

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Ibddy ~

• SN.S04lsllSObllS.COIO


• SAIINal bltlf

84ddyNkd 84AHl laV

Oantral Chegoa



Mlllo lthyga pllmt Bbddy ~

the neighborhood with open arms," said church leader

"It feels like home now."

I hd I N kN k


"We've been invited into

ed," Cline said with a chuckle.

Al h

Ih$8y thd Bh68y~

lasasX .

when that was first present-

V Nk4 A N «

Hhd l y H h J h1 ~

54Agy A4

I4$8g 1hd Shddy 1kd Ihdkf IAN

met Yost, and signed a lease on the former strip club.

dropped byto we lcome them, and bosses at Burgerville and the funeral home are delighted to have quiet neighbors. "A couple people have told us they started praying for this place two years ago." The congregation began Sunday worship services at the building March 29. "It was so utterly ridiculous

84AHy NkN Ihkly Nkd Ih$8y ~


Portland church, but by fall of

Mark Shoman. Residents have


"I " " " " " " ' " ' " " - ' ~ ' "" " '

Bend Central Christian Central OregonChristian Home Educators Crookcountry Culver Gilchrist lspine Madras Marshall Mountain View NorthLake Oregon National GuardYouth Challenge Redmond. Redmond Proficiency Academy Sisters. Summit TrinityLutheran


they grew into a formal congregation. They rented space Sunday evenings at an east of their own. That's when they

61522AMERICANLOOP,BEND 541-323-1001

Ihddg 1kd Bbddy f&d

Mt. Tabor Park. Eventually,

2014 were eager for a building



l8IOittB INBM:

touch,and they began meeting monthly for a potluck at

Hhddt ~

lEfdy ~

anymore," said Stephen Cline,

Some who left stayed in


Congratulateall Central Oregon GraduatingSeniors with a fullcolor ad from Vour dusinessl

Ihl4y ~

I wanted to be a part of one

ship services.

• • s We promise honest service and competitive pricing.

Support Ind

I46dg ~ Hh&Hy ~ Hhddy ~



Ihaay ~


" I was really t o


R h dI I N ~ N 4


See us for retractable awnings, exterior solar screens, shade structures. Sun ehen you wantit, shade ehen Jou needit.

son County, but also will


hA I I

our food," said George Kimbrell with the Center for Food Safety, a group critical of biotech crops.

Ihddy ~

Ihddy ~ Hhddy ~

2,465-square-foot building af-


States to create GMO-free zones to protect the future of

protectsthe farmers of Jack-

Al h I 4 4 4 r Nk&%4

~ I lh

5 04y bA I l b


for a surprise. "When he said it would be for a church I joked, 'Step S oobies was k n ow n f o r back, Bob, a bolt of lightning trouble.In 2009,a robber shot is going to hit one or both of a bartender after enjoying a us,'" Yost said, laughing. few lap dances. The Oregon He ended up deciding to Liquor Control Commission give the congregation a deal revoked the club's license in — about half of w hat he'd 2013, citing a "history of seri- been offered by other proous and persistent problems," spective tenants. He liked the including drug activity, fights, church leaders, he said, and public urination, noise and believed they could improve public drunkenness. After- the neighborhood. w ard, owners continued offerThe congregation remoding late-night entertainment, eled the interior, swapping but served juice instead of faux leather booths for foldbooze. That only pushed alco- ing chairs and strip poles for hol consumption to the park- music stands. The walls, once inglot. red, have been repainted a "It was the pits, believe me," soft cream. The liquor shelves said Denny Yost, who owns are gone, as is the mirror that the property. once advertised chicken strips The club shut down last fall, and onion rings. "This is a g r eat metajust months after what police deemed a gang-related shoot- phor for the Christian faith," ing left one man dead and four Haskins said. "It's the same on wounded. Neighbors crossed the outside, but totally differtheir fingers, hoping the com- ent on the inside." mercial building, flanked by For this congregation, rea Burgerville and a funeral newal hits close to home. home, would be repurposed. Most members of Shepherd's Yost hoped for something Gate hail from another Portbetter, too. But when he met land church where leadership real estate agent Bob Haskins changes hurt longtime memi n the parking lot of t h e bers and sparked an exodus. moved into the building at


4A I I

• h441NM Al b


munities across the United

farmers should not have to live in fear that our farms will be contaminated by genetically engineered crops." "This important decision


stand asa precedent forthe rights of farmers and com-

and the director of Our Family Farms Coalition. "Family

o ngratulation~~ ' ""' " " sM1ISI OIIIIM

By Melissa Binder

ary after Clarke ruled they had standing and could be affected by a ruling. "We are elatedand could not have hoped for a better outcome," said Elise Higley, a Jackson County farmer




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Nhsm'Hyusdsi'Vsle Oodge •Chrpler'Jaep sI1.$Nsm

The Bulletin Serving Central Oregon since 1$8



EDj To

The Bulletin


on' e un e o convi ions


Cf 15lS

er e aizaion regonians will be able to use marijuana legally in just over a month. And, if some members of the Leg-

%R QQN ($ 1SlS

islature have their way, some may get an unexpect-


ed benefit, as well. It's a gesture that leaves one hoping cooler


legislative heads will prevail. StateRep. Ann Lininger,D -Lake laundering and abuse of a corpse. Oswego, has proposed an amend- Even in the world of recently legalment to House Bill 3400, the Legis- ized marijuana, a conviction on a lature's catch-all pot bill, that would Class B felony charge is generally allow those arrested for, or convict- not small potatoes. ed of, a variety of marijuana-reThere's something unsettling lated crimes to have their records about the idea of simply wiping out expunged. a person's criminal record with the There are limits, to be sure. stmke of apen. Yes, times — and Those convicted of Class A — the laws — change and what is acceptstate's most serious — felonies able legal behavior today was both could not be granted amnest, and there's a three-year waiting period unaccePtable and illegal in times



Utiit t a x i s

to a

between conviction and amnesty application. But breaking the law, even the But the amendment would aiiow law on marijuana, too often reflects those convicted of Ciass B felonies an individual's belief that the rules to have their records expunged. that govern «rest of us simPly do Those felonies are punishable by not apply to him, and that, in turn, as many as 10 years in prison and sayssomethingaboutcharacterthat fines of up to $250,000. Other Class is worth knowing. The state should B felonies in Oregon include money leave marijuana convictions alone.


Hi ar

lems, as Bulletin reporter Mac McLean wrote in Friday's newspaper. Federal law has not really kept up with the explosion of digital information. And those long "terms of service" agreements thatpeople digitally sign when they start an online account can threaten penalties for accessing someone else's account. The intent of SB 369 is that the person in charge of aperson's assets after they die or after they are no longer capable of managingthembe able to do so without running afoul of the law. Trusted people called "fiduciaries" already deal appropriately with physical assets. Digital communications may tend to be more unfiltered. But it's no great stretch that fiduciaries be asked to show the same discretion with digital assets that they show with physical assets. Some concerns about the bill were brought up by companies that hold digital records. They are not certain how easy it is going to be to comply with requests for records. And what are they actually permitted to disclose under federal law? Those concerns need to be carefully monitored, if SB 369passes.

out my front door, and go five blocks to the west to my job at the hospital.

Three blocks to the east was SafeAmericans, including Bendites, way. Three blocks to the north was will drive across town to save three downtown with additional shopping cents on gas. We can, for politics, and eateries. I walked or biked evpretend that the tourists will pay erywhere. If I put 500 miles on my the gas tax. I assure you though, as car in a year, that was a big deal. I soon as those Portland and Seat- angrily believed I was being taxed tle visitors coming to a concert or by the rich to support smooth roads to bike our trails learn they will be for their Mercedes and BMWs. paying 15-25 cents more per gallon Surprise, surprise! (and even more with $4-$5 gas), they Since I lived in the downtown will stop in Salem or Stayton and fill core, it was the first to reap the reup before crossing the mountains. wards of the new tax. The road They may even make sure they go outside my apartment was repaved via Mount Hood to fill up in Madras. within a year with a new dedicated I support the utility tax because bike lane. By year two, I could ride I once lived in a California, no- to work on a nice smooth surface. At growth tourist town with deterio- that point all of my opposition and rating roads. That meant that no hatred of the law was gone. I was acbig-box stores were allowed that tually seeing my tax dollars at work. Humvee. But let's be honest. Most

Bend City Council is avoiding the best solution: a utility tax. They are doing so because they already face the prospects of having to raise sewer and water rates to maintain and enlarge those systems. Who wants

to be seen as continually beating up the rate payers? However, why decide to tax gasoline, a commodity

wherevolume salesaredecreasing? If taxed, the amount collected each year will eventually decrease due to

either personal cutbacks when the priceof gasoline increases beyond peoples budgets or the 54 mpg federal mandates on new cars create further sales reductions. Isn't Oregon already complaining that electric cars, and those getting better than 18 to 21 mpg aren't paying their would create the sales taxes to supfairshare of road costs? You are al- port road maintenance. As a bicycle ready a "criminal" for driving a car rider you learned to memorize the with better than 21 mpg. streets you used to keep from being The idea that visitors will pay for catapulted into the air due to a large new roads is a lie; sort of like taxing road crack. We all became early the rich will solve all our problems. adapters ofbicycle helmets. Surethereare some Rolex-wearing I remember when the city council visitors with $100 bills falling out of voted to add a utility tax to pay for their pockets who will pay the tax road improvements I was incensed. as they fill up their motorhome or At that point in my life, I could walk

For the next 14 years that I lived in that town, I never as so much took a

second glance at that tax on my telephone, cable, cell, water and sewer bills. When I add up what I paid in utilities for a business I later owned

and a home, I probably paid a couple of hundred dollars a year toward the

roads. I didn't mind, because I had good roads to drive upon. — Michal Suchyta lives in Bend.

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i n t o n an e r new court itmus test

By Stephen Carter

think I would make such a litmus

right, and I suspect she knows it.

test, even though I think the case

Nevertheless, candidate Clinton has

promised to appoint justices who Stevens is right. I won't trouble oppose Citizens United, and she has the retired U.S. Supreme here to go into the reasons for my joined the chorus of Democrats supCourt justice, criticized Democrat- own longstanding opposition to lit- porting a constitutional amendment ic presidential front-runner Hillary mus tests, other than to note that designed to accomplish the same Clinton last week for her announce- there is something decidedly pecu- end, even though language explicitment that she would nominate to the liar about promising to place on the ly limiting the freedom of speech is court only i n dividuals committed Supreme Court individuals who impossible to draft in a way that isn't to overturning the 2010 decision in have alreadydecided the cases to reckless. Citizens United v. Federal Elections come before them. Th e r h etoric No doubt Clinton is sincere in Commission. Stevens doesn't like turns the idea of what a court is for her belief that Citizens United was the decision any more than she does on its head: What's the point of argu- wrongly decided. Her decision to — his dissent ran to 90 pages — but ing before those who have been se- go down the road of litmus tests and he likes litmus tests even less. lected because they have sworn to be constitutional amendments, howevAt a house party in Mason City, closed-minded? er,is an artifact ofour process for seIowa, a few days after offering her Bill Clinton, while serving as pres- lecting presidential nominees. Like promise, Clinton doubled down: "I ident, was explicit in his rejection similar silliness on the Republican will do everything I can do to ap- of litmus tests, which he saw as an side, it reflects the outsize influence point Supreme Court justices who unreasonable element inserted into of activists who too often demand will protect the right to vote and not politics by the Republican Party: "I explicit commitments to p r oposithe right of billionaires to buy elec- will not ask any potential Supreme tions that are imprudent and unliketions," she said. Court nominee how he or she would ly of accomplishment. Stevens, in remarks last week at vote in any particular case," he said Even if one believes that such George Washington University, was in a news conference on March 23, promises are entirely symbolic, they unimpressed: "I'm not really sure 1993. "I will not do that." can hardly be good for democracy. that that's wise either for the court or Hillary Clinton has no obligation Jonathan Rauch, a senior fellow at for a presidential candidate to make to follow her husband's model on the Brookings Institution, in a braca litmus test on one particular de- this or any issue; from the practical ing new book, calls for restoring cision.... I'm surprised at her state- point of view, he is simply a former political professionalism to the camment." The former justice added, "If president, and if he was wrong, he paigns, sharply reducing the role of I were running for president, I don't was wrong. But in this case he was activists and their unrealistic denews that John Paul Stevens,

e s t s o u t ion


road maintenance, I believe that the

Bloomberg News

ou might have missed the


o r Ben 'sroa s

By Michal Suchyta In looking for income to cover

Digital a law needs to handle deathbetter hat should happen to a person's digital a ssets when they die? There can be photos, text messages, emails, websites and social media accounts. Families just lost a loved one. They don't want to lose all those pieces of a life, too. The law, though, is a muddle. Facebook has, in fact, gone to court to oppose the idea that families can compel it to hand over data. And then there's the privacy of the dead person or a person who can no longer manager his affairs. There can be secrets in digital records that a person never wanted to be revealed. Senate Bill 369 in the Oregon Legislature attempts to clear up some of the important legal questions. The Legislature shouldpass it. But more important than the bill is that families need to be prepared. A 'Virtual asset instruction letter" should be prepared to explain what should be done with accounts, what should be accessible and what should be deleted. There still can be many prob-


K0$AIIQclcs CNllc$©2015

ought to be overruled."

mands on candidates. Provocatively titled "Political Realism: How Hacks,

made are occupied by those who, in the words of the historian Richard

Machines,Big Money, and Back- Hofstadter, do not "see social conRoom Deals Can Strengthen Amer- flict as something to be mediated ican Democracy," Rauch's slim vol- and compromised," but insist instead ume is must reading for anyone who on "the will to fight things out to a wants to make democracy better. finish." Rauch wants to restore the transOnce upon a time, compromise actional aspects of politics, precise- was the life's blood of politics. Nowly the features that today's activists, adays, activists press candidates with their narrow ideological focus, instead toward absolutes. Rauch tend to despise. The activist, Rauch refreshingly reminds us that the says, harbors an " instinctive sus- current state of affairs isn't necespicion of political insiders." But the sary. I've argued before for returnactivists are wrong. We need more ing more power to the parties, and insiders, not fewer. Rauch's book reinforces my belief One of the advantages of machine that only in that direction lies the salpolitics, he points out, is that political machines, unlike activists, "have

vation of American democracy.

But of course it won't happen. Acrelatively lengthy time horizons," be- tivists left and right enjoy the taste cause they "have to win not just once of power. Whether the wealthy conbut again and again." The profes- servativesfeared by the left or the sional party seeks the stability that academic and media elites feared will enable it to govern over the long by the right, the aristocrats who exterm. The activist, by contrast, wants ert outsize influence on our election to win on its issue, right now, today. processes aren't about to yield their It isn't just campaign finance re- hard-earneddominance.Instead,we form. The same problem arises ev- face a bleaker future in which candierywhere. On issues from dealing dates who know better, to keep their with the millions of illegal immi- boyars quiet, will continue to make grants to finding a prudent balance promises they know they shouldn't. between equality and religious liber— Stephen Carter is a columnist for ty, the spaces in which decisions are

Bloomberg and a Iaw professor atYale.




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DEATH 1VOTICES Trudy J. (Scally) Bell, of La Pine

Sept. 5, 1949 - May 21, 2015 Arrangements: Baird Memorial Chapel, La Pine 541-536-5104

Services: A memorial service will be held on Sat., June 6, 2015, at 3:00 p.m., at Crescent Baptist Church, 136463 Main St., Crescent, OR. Contributionsmay be made to:

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org Constantine 'Gus'

Peter Gungura, of Bend July 21, 1925- May27, 2015 Arrangements: Deschutes Memorial Chapel, 541-382-5592 www.deschutesmemorial Services: A service will be held at a later date.

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In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in Glayce's name to Greenhill Humane Society, 88530 Green Hill Rd., Eugene, OR 97402. 541-689-1503

Don Schmidt, of Bend Nov. 18, 1926 - May 24, 2015 Arrangements: Baird Funeral Home of Bend is honored to serve the family. 541-382-0903 Services:

A graveside service on

Saturday, May 30, at 11:00 a.m., will be held at Franklin Cemetery, 92341 Applegate Trail, Junction City, OR. A Memorial Service at Awbrey Place will be held at a later date. Contributions may be made to:

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Theodore 'Ted' Lome Outcalt, of Redmond Sept. 24, 1941 - May 28, 2015 Arrangements: Autumn Funerals, Redmond 541-504-9485 Services: A memorial service will be held at a later date. Contributions may be made to:

land riders, and some are rallying t o r a ise s afety awareness. On Friday, a Jeep Cherokee and a bicycle collided at the same busy intersection

vived. State Department of Transportation officials say


name it.

Callum (Samanta) of Gre-

sham, Casey McCallum of Bend, Ca t h e r in e H un t (Scott) of Central Oregon, C araLy n Ch amb e r l e n

(Jerry) of R edmond and

C ourtney Ch amb e r l e n (Corey) of Corvallis as well as his four grandsons And rew, J a x on , O r i o n a n d M aximillian . M emor i a l services will b e h el d S aturday May 30th at 3pm at City C e n t e r ch u r c h in R edmond (549 Sw 8t h s t . Redmond OR).

Colonel Clifford W. Steele February24, 1942- Muy 27, 2015 Colonel Cli f f o r d W. S teele passed away M a y 27th. H is f ami l y an d friends honor and rememb er him a s a l i f e long p a triot, a ma n o f d eep conviction and integrity, and a e nerous and l o v in g s o n , r other, h u s band, f a t h er and grandfather. Memor ial cont r i b u t ion s in Clifford's name are b eing a ccepted a t P a r t n er s I n Care/Hospice House, 2075 NE Wyatt Court, Bend, OR 97701.

DEATHS ELSEWHERE Deaths of note fromaround the world:

Edward Gilligan, 55: Sec-

R eynaldo Rey, 75: A c tor-comedian who appeared

in such films as "Friday" and "White Me n C a n't J u mp." Died Thursday at a Los An-

geles hospital from complications after suffering a stroke. — From wire reports

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in southeast Portland where s p ate a 22-year-old bicyclist lost

"Bob" W ayne Rob e r t Chamberlen, born 6 /8/1968, p a s sed p e a c efully i n h i s s l eep Sunday May 24th, 2015. He is survived by his Father Adam Holland (Bev) and stepfat her Ch ar l e s "Chuck" C hamberlen (K arren) an d s ix siblings as well as hi s f ive c h i l dren C o l li n M c -

New York.

June 30, 1929- May19, 2015 Arrangements: Baird Funeral Home, Bend 541-382-0903 Services: Services will be at a later date.


of high-profile bicycle ac-

can Express. Died unexpectedly Friday after become seriously ill on a flight home to

Leola 'Lee' Judson, of Bend

The Associated Press

June 8, 1968 - May24,2015

ond in command at Ameri-

Shepard's House, 1854 NE Division St., Bend, OR 97701.

Alarmed byrecent accidents, Portland bicyclistsridefor safety

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his leg in a collision May 10. Both bicyclists have sur-

cidents has alarmed Port-

they're working on a package of safety improvements for the corridor that includes the intersection.

A mile to the east, a recent

graduate of Reed College died Wednesday in a collision with a tow truck.

That crash scene was the starting point Friday for a "no more ghost bikes" ride. Ghost bikes a r e p a i nted white and stationed at fatal

crash sites.

RECON has sparked so much excitement among

a network of project participants will periodically and

The high school is just one Central Oregon school p articipating i n t h e r e search. Sisters High School is working in partnership

may create an astronomy class for the 2016-17 school year, said Georgina Fugate,

simultaneously train t h eir

with the Sisters Astrono-

a SMILE adviser.

Continued from B1 Over the next five years,

telescopes on a specific spot in the night sky and record 15 to 20 minutes of video. The data will then be sent

t h e s c h ool

"This is a way for students my Club. Bend High, Ridgeview and Redmond high and community members to schools have also c on- learn more about the solar firmed their plans to par- system, reach out to other

to planetary scientists Marc

ticipate also, according to Buie, with t h e S outhwest Bulletin archives. Research Institute in BoulThe first official night of der, Colorado, and John data collection is scheduled

Keller, with Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California. If a new Kuiper Belt object is discovered by Madras High School students, they get to

students that

June 10 and anyone is welcome to attend Madras High School's event. Updates to

the project are posted at

communities, an d

p a r t i c-

ipate in research that will be published," Fugate said. "They are gathering new information that will help us understand our place in the solar system." — Reporter: 541-383-0354,


S ubsequent test i n g the issue of consuming subshowed the patient had stantial amounts of alcohol "grossly excessive levels of daily while taking narcotics, Continued from 61 Kenny prescribed anti- testosterone," according to according to the board. The biotics to a female patient the board. board says she also failed in October 2013 for chronKenny a ls o a l l egedly to explore how the patient's ic tonsillitis without docu- treated another patient for work as a truck driver could menting that she had exam- six years with topical and put himself and the public at ined the patient's tonsils, ac- injectable testosterone that risk. cording to board documents. was not medically indicated The board says Kenny In September 2008,the without keeping records of also subjected patients with board says Kenny saw an the patient's progress, his- anxiety and depression to adult male patient who com- tory or exams, according to a gene mutation screening plained of a decreased sex board documents. she called the "depression drive and impotence.She The board also says Ken- gene" test, an assertion the p erformed la b t e st s t h a t ny was "grossly negligent" board says is not supported showed low t e stosterone in her treatment of an adult by medical literature. In one levels. male with osteoarthritis and case, Kenny billed a patient In November, the patient's a degenerative spine con- $525 for that test and tests testosterone levels tested dition. Between June 2013 for acute hepatitis A, B and normal, but Kenny interpret- and November 2013, Kenny C. ed the results as "significant prescribed him a long list of In another case, Kenny altestosterone deficiency," ac- pain medications, including legedly prescribed a patient cording to board documents. hydrocodone, acetamino- a drug for weight loss that She prescribed a testoster- phen, Norco (a combina- was not indicated for indione cream. In September tion of acetaminophen and viduals with her body mass 2010, the board says she hydrocodone) and oxyco- index and no co-existing switched that to testosterone done, according to board medical conditions, accordinjections of 400 milligrams documents. ing to board documents. every two weeks. By 2013, In October 2013, the paThe board w il l i s sue a the p a tient's t e stosterone tient went t o S t . C h arles final order once its inveslevels were measured to be Bend after falling, accord- tigation is complete. In the as high as 1,400 nanograms ing to board documents. St. meantime, it has forbidden per deciliter, according to Charles sent Kenny docu- her fromprescribing testosboard documents. Normal ments from the visit, which terone to male patients. t estosterone levels for a n included the patient's job, The board accuses Kenny adult male are between 270 a truck driver, and his re- of a number of statute violang/dL and 1,070 ng/dL, ac- porting that he usually con- tions, including committing cording to the Mayo Clinic. sumed two beers and four unprofessional or dishonThe patient was complain- shots of whiskey per day. orable conduct, gross or reing of shrinking testiclesWithout record of having peated negligence, willfully a known side effect of tesperformed adrug test,Ken- violating the b oard's stattosterone treatment — and ny proceeded to prescribe ute, prescribing controlled prostate issues. The patient him morphine and oxyco- substances without a legitsaw another physician, who done for pain that month imate medical purpose and found he was suffering side (the patient was also taking without following accepted effectsof testosterone treat- Norco at the time), accord- p atient examination or r ecord-keeping procedures. ment, including an elevated ing to board documents. red blood cell count, acne In this case, the board — Reporter: 541-383-0304, and mood swings. says Kenny failed to address


He was NCAA's1st executive director, led for 36 years By Jim O'Connell The Associated Press

Walter Byers, the first executive director of the NCAA

who spent 36 years leading and shaping the organization that oversees college athletics, has

died. He was 93. Byers died Tuesday at his home i n

E m m ett, K a nsas,

when a urinary tract infection spread into his bloodstream, son Fritz said Wednesday.

A main part of Byers' job when he started as NCAA executive director in 1951 was

to help the schools maintain strict control of all revenues the athletes generated. Then,

the figures weren't too impressive. Now, the deals for football and basketball rights are worth

billions. He helped invent the now widely used term "student-ath-

lete," which he said was intended to disguise the fact that

players had become de facto professionals. He was a big proponent of having the NCAA oversee women's athletics as well and that came to fruition in the ear-

ly 1980s. "He established something that never e xisted before,"

Byers was 29 years old when Press that he had first suggested drasti c changes in player offices opened in Kansas City, compensationthree years earMissouri — his hometownlier during a private meeting with five employees. When he of the policy-making NCAA retired in 1987, the NCAA had Council. The council, a group about 150 full-time employees of highly placed administrators and its membership had grown from NCAA schools and confrom 381 schools to 1,003. ferences,refused to listen,he he was hiredbythe NCAA. The

"He was remarkable. Brilliant. A very creative individual

sald. Now, the NCAA is refining a

amateurism and level playing fields, they actuallyare a device to divert the money elsewhere." NCAA President Mark Emmert released a statement not-

ing Byers' "lasting impact on collegesports,from thosewho compete on the field to the educators who support them." "As the NCAA's first full-

time executive director, he but very strong and demand- plan that would allow athletes shepherded the growing asing," Tom Jernstedt, an NCAA to receive money to cover ex- sociation by encouraging acaexecutive for almost 40 years penses of normal college living. demic excellence as a central said, "but his employees all The number will change with part of college sports," Emmert had the utmost respect for him each conference. said. "Our thoughts are with because of his work ethic and In his autobiographical book Walter's friends and family "Unsportsmanlike ConductCharles Gorry 1 The Associated Press file photo leadership values." during this difficult time." Walter Byers, executive director of the National Collegiate Athletic Byers gave the then-28-year- Exploiting College Athletes," During his tenure Byers Association, testifies in Washington before a House special subold Jernstedt the responsibility published after he r etired, was brought into conflict with committee on education in 1973. Byers, the first executive director for directing the men's Division Byers blasted the NCAA — an many wealthy alumni, as well of the NCAA, died Tuesday. He was 93. I basketball tournament, which organization he had defend- as some of the most popular would become one of the most ed in highly publicized battles figures in collegiate history, popular sporting events in the with Congress — as arrogant, including basketball coaches former Big Eight and Big Ten One of the first duties Byers world. autocratic and "self-righteous." Adolph Rupp at Kentucky and "In my opinion he never re- He urged lawmakers to enact Jerry Tarkanian at UNLV and Commissioner Wayne Duke gave Duke was to work with said Wednesday from his home television as a partner to work ceived credit for his leadership an athletes' bill of rights. Oklahoma football icon Bud "Against such an array of Wilkinson. in Barrington, Illinois. Duke on contracts and improve in building that event," Jernst"The NCAA was born in criw as Byers' first hire at t h e the relationship between the edt said. "In my mind he is the power stands theyoung athlete, NCAA and the two remained entities. father of the NCAA basketball unorganimd and a part of the sis and has lived in conflict," "He had the foresight then tournament and he doesn't get system for only four to sixyears Byers said in an AP interview dose through the years. "He had to come up with structure that it would all come about," the recognition for that." before he or she moves on to in 1976. for all kinds of athletics, team Duke said. "He took the NCAA Byers was always a staunch be replaced by another 18- or Byers is survived by sons and individual, at the nation- from an organization run on defendant of college amateur- 19-year-old," he wrote. Fritz and Ward, daughter El"Whereas the NCAA de- len, six grandchildren and two al level. Before him there was a part-time basis to one of the ism but he revealed in a 1987 nothing." most powerful in sports." interview with The Associated fends its policies in the name of great-grandchildren.



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Some sun, at-storm around in the p.m.

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Partly sunny, at-storm around in the p.m.

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Shown is today's weather.Temperatures are today's highs andtonight's lows. EAST:Sunshine and a ria /5 few clouds todaywith Umatilla Seasid Hood 91/58 a warm afternoon; 60/51 RiVer Rufus • ermiston perhaps an isolated Cannon lington 90/58 Portland 84/56 Meac am Losti ne thunderstorm overthe 60/51 1/5 /59 • W co 76/52 Enterprise mountains late. dieNn 74/ • he aall • • 75/52 Tillamo 8 CENTRAL: Sunshine andy • 65/48 Mc innvill • 88/58 JosePh • He PPner Grande • and someclouds today Gove nt • upi Condon 4/54 Cam • 86 79 53 with a warmaftemoon. Lincoln Union 51 79/ Partly cloudy tonight. 62/50 Sale • pmy Granttee Partly sunnytomorrow; 80/ • 59 'Baker C Newpo 71/47 a stray storm late. 2/51 60/49 76/50 Camp Sh man R9d n WEST:Low clouds 8 1 /52 O r9 RS I eU Yach 81/51 • John at the coast this 82/53 • Prineville Day 8/49 tario morning, thenpartly 60/49 80/51 • Pa lina 79/ 5 2 8 58 sunny; partly sunny Flofen e • Eugene ' Re d Brothers Valee with a warm afternoon Lq/50 Su iVere 79/51 86/59 inland. Nyssa • 79/1 Ham ton •






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48 contiguousstates) National high: 112 at Death Valley,CA

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57/46/0.99 57/48/sh 63/49/pc 70/61/0.00 74/62/s 77/62/pc • se/60 Auckland 52/41/0.01 60/53/pc 62/54/sh National low: 28 57/43 w York Baghdad 100/90/0.00 105/79/pc 105/83/s 8 in ' 1/4 at Leadville, CO 3/67 che n yv v Bangkok 97/81/0.00 97/81/1 98/80/c Precipitation: 2.89" Beijing 86no/0.01 86/64/s 95no/s 8/49 Beirut 79/67/0.00 76/66/sh 78/67/s at McKinney,TX an suasco Ss t t tsku 54Igta % $Q • Des Ss/44 4 k k k W % W Berlin 67/51/0.00 63/46/sh 69/57/pc 47/53 jugtuu ; +V.W W W 72/5 tro LasV sv Bogota 63/52/0.11 66/49/sh 66/50/c Kansas 100 Budapest 72/39/0.00 76/55/s 77/55/t 65/49 BuenosAires 68/50/0.00 64/50/pc 66/54/s Los An tes Chsrto 93/72/0.00 96/71/s gsno/pc Csbo Ssn Lucss x + % vsa/6 Phosnix SO/42 e • . K~k+ Cairo 82/68/0.00 84/65/s 86/66/s 1OS/TS 2 "Ame~ Anchorage, Atbuque ue • At • Calgary 57/45/0.05 67/43/pc 74/44/pc i 70/51 7$/5't x x x 7 84/49 Csncun 88n5/0.00 87/73/pc Sgn5/pc Iths 7 /42 Juneau Dublin 54/43/0.33 56/44/r 54/41/sb Edinburgh 55/43/0.06 57/43/pc 53/41/c 77/47 I x x x x'~'4 x x xx Geneva 79/48/0.00 72/50/t 76/56/c ;d ando Hsrsre 76/48/0.00 78/46/s 77/47/s w Orleans 1 Hong Kong 93/82/0.04 90/82/t 89/82/t ~ lu Cbb k « « ~ « v. 84/Tf Istanbul 68/63/0.00 71/61/c 75/63/s ss/7 89/eo Mismi Jerusalem 72/58/0.00 77/53/s 81/57/s Monte y 97/74 Johannesburg 73/52/0.00 74/50/s 72/48/s 6 Lima 75/68/0.00 74/65/pc 74/65/pc Lisbon 75/59/0.00 77/59/s 73/59/s Shown are today's noonpositions of weather systemsand precipitation. Temperature bandsare highs for the day. London 57/49/0.12 62/50/pc 62/45/r T-storms Rain S h owers S now F l urries Ice Warm Front Sta t ionary Front Madrid Cold Front 84/59/0.00 86/57/pc 86/59/pc Manila 91/82/0.00 93/81/t 93/81/1


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Juneau Kansas City Lansing Lss Vegas Lexington Lincoln Litue Rock Lus Angeles Louisville Madison, Wl Memphis Miami

Milwaukee Minneapolis Nashville New Orleans New YorkCity Newark, NJ Norfolk, VA

Hi/Lu/Prec. Hi/Lu/W HiRo/W 75/45/0.03 77/47/s 71/48/s 70/62/0.23 65/49/c 67/50/pc 84/62/0.05 71/45/r 60/40/pc 99n5/0.00 100n4/s 102n4/s 82/65/0.28 83/63/1 73/55/t 81/63/Tr 67/44/pc 70/52/pc 88/67/0.00 83/63/1 76/61/t

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88n5/pc 87n6/t 57/43/r 56/42/pc 64/41/pc 66/48/s 82/66/1 77/58/t


85/65/0.00 83/67/pc 84/63/0.00 86/66/pc 85no/0.00 84/67/pc OklahomaCity 79/64/0.05 72/53/1 Omaha 79/65/0.00 66/46/pc Orlando 91/68/0.00 89//1/t Palm Springs 100/73/0.00 104n4/s Peoris S5no/rr 71/46/r Philadelphia 87/66/0.00 88/69/pc Phoenix 103/73/0.00 105ns/s Pittsburgh 86/60/0.00 84/61/1 Portland, ME 77/62/0.00 79/64/pc Providence 82/60/0.00 81/59/pc Raleigh 87/66/0.00 87/66/pc Rapid City 58/47/0.13 66/51/pc Reno 90/56/0.00 89/57/s Richmond 89/68/0.00 89/69/pc Rochester, NY 85/54/0.00 85/48/1 Sacramento 88/53/0.00 87/56/s St. Louis Ssn2nr 76/53/1 Salt Lake City 76/51/0.00 85/64/pc Ssn Antonio 88/65/0.77 84/67/t Ssn Diego 70/61/0.00 71/62/pc Ssu Francisco 62/53/0.00 67/53/pc Ssn Joss 69/55/0.00 78/55/pc Santa re 80/47/0.00 73/49/1 Savannah 87/64/0.00 86/68/pc Seattle 79/56/0.00 73/53/pc Sioux Falls 70/64/0.76 63/41/pc Spokane 81/55/0.00 81/56/pc Springfield, Mo 77/65/0.99 67/55/1

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ArteSia Set


Captains Bed Landmark Tables Side Board

Boulder Ci"eek Set


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Mission Chairs




. , MM W

Fall I Twin Mission Bunk

Heirloom Quality Hardwood Furniture. QIS0 TTTSlt gs dsf ~yySTSls


InEugene& BeaVertOn

Check us out at:

541 382 30IOI6l • 61370IOI ClautSent DinVe S utiatye 10I2 Corner of N. Hwy 97 4 Clausen • 10:00-5:00 Monday - Saturday

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Amsterdam Athens


64' 38'

Sunshine andpatchy clouds

Mostly cloudy with a passing shower or two


Source: USDA Forest Service


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City Hi/Lo/Prec. HiRo/W Abilene 85/62/0.17 76/58/t High 84 88 92' in 1983 Akron 85/63/0.00 84/56/1 52' 39' 25'in 1927 Low Albany 83/53/0.00 86/65/1 Albuquerque 81/60/Tr 79/57/1 PRECIPITATION Anchorage 66/44/0.00 70/51/s Atlanta 84/67/Tr 84/69/1 24 hours through 5 p.m. yesterday 0.02" Atlantic City 77/65/0.00 75/67/pc Record 0.84" in 1947 Austin 87/64/1.12 82/64/t Month to date (normat) 0.9 9" (0.82") Baltimore 84/70/0.00 87/65/pc Year to date(normal) 5.41 " (4.95") Billings 62/46/0.15 74/53/pc Barometric pressure at 4 p.m. 29 . 9 6" Birmingham 84/65/0.46 84/66/1 Bismarck 61/48/0.00 62/44/s SUN ANDMOON Boise 86/57/0.00 86/60/pc Boston 72/55/0.00 81/63/pc Today Sun. Bridgeport, CT 80/59/0.00 77/62/pc 5:27 a.m. 5: 2 8 a.m. Buffalo 85/58/0.00 82/48/t 8:39 p.m. 8: 4 0 p.m. Burlington, VT 81/55/0.01 86/59/t 5:45 p.m. 8: 4 8 p.m. Caribou, ME 75/50/0.00 80/53/c Charleston, SC 84/62/Tr 84/66/pc 3:53 a.m. 4 : 2 6 a.m. • La ptne Juntura Grove Oakridge Charlotte 88/67/0.00 86/66/pc • Burns OREGON EXTREMES L ast Ne w Firs t 84/55 81/52 /53 Chattanooga 85/66/0.02 86/66/t • Fort Rock Rtley 80/48 YESTERDAY 4' Cresce t • 79/50 Cheyenne 59/46/Tr 66/48/pc 79/47 76/53 Chicago 81/63/0.20 64/42/r High: 94 Bandon Rosehurg • C h ristmas alley Cincinnati 83/66/0.21 81/63/1 Jordan V gey Jun 2 Jun 9 J u n1e J un 24 at Hermiston 63/51 Beaver Silver 79/49 Frenchglen 85/59 Cleveland 85/61/0.00 83/52/t Low: 37' 82/50 Marsh Lake 81/50 ColoradoSprings 67/46/0.36 66/48/pc Tonfght's sfty:Hydra, the Snake, is a faint 77/52 at Lakeview Po 0 79/48 Gra • Burns Jun tion Columbia, Mo 76/65/0.28 68/49/1 • Paisley 60/ constellation stretches low fromsouth to a Columbia, SC 89/66/0.00 88/67/pc • 88/53 Chiloquin Columbus,GA 86/66/0.00 88/67/pc west. Gold ach sf 59 Medfo d '83/49 Rome 0' Columbus,OH 84/67/0.00 84/58/t 58/ 89/55 Klamath Concord, NH 82/53/0.00 89/65/pc Source: JimTodd,OMSI • Ashl rld Fags • Lakeview McDermi Corpus Christi 88/67/0.76 88/73/pc Bro ings 84/5 82/50 62/5 81/45 87/50 Dallas 77/65/2.20 77/59/t Dayton 84/67/0.16 83/59/1 Denver 67/47/Tr 72/51/pc 10 a.m. Noon 2 p.m. 4 p.m. Yesterday Today Sunday Yesterday Today Sunday Yesterday Today Sunday Des Moines 76/63/Tr 66/47/c 5 I~ 7 ~ 8 I 5 City H i/Lo/Prec. Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W C i ty Hi/Lo/Prec. Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/Prec. Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Detroit 83/63/0.01 81/49/r The highertheAccuW saffter.rmmIIVIndex number, Astoris 62/52/0.00 64/50/pc66/53/c Ls Grande 81/48/0.00 79/53/pc 84/57/pc Portland 83/5 6/0.0080/57/pc82/57/ pc Duluth 68/44/0.01 59/35/pc the greatertheneedfor eyesndskin protscgou.0-2 Low, Baker City 82/42/0.00 76/50/pc 83/52/pc Ls Pine 79/38/0.00 77/50/t 80/49/t Prinevige 83/ 49/0.0080/51/pc 80/52/pc El Paso 96/63/0.00 89/66/pc 3-5Moderate;6-7 High;8-10 VeryHigh; 11+ Extrems. Brookings 59/49/Tr 6 2/52/pc 61/52/c Me dlord 91/5 8 /0.00 89/63/t 8 9/58/t Redmond 85 / 46/Tr 80/50/pc 85/51/t Fairbanks 71/47/0.32 74/48/s Bums 84/44/0.00 80/48/pc 84/50/pc N ewport 55/5 0/0.00 60/49/pc 60/51/c Roseburg 85/ 5 6/0.0085/59/pc 84/58/ pc Fargo 57/48/1.03 59/40/s Eugene 81/51/0.00 80/53/pc 81/55/pc N orth Bend 6 1 / 52/0.00 63/52/pc 63/53/pc Salem 82/53/0.00 80/56/pc 81/56/pc Flagstaff 74/41/Tr 76/44/s Klsmsth Falls 83/44/0.00 82/50/t 81/49/t On t ario 87/50/0.00 85/58/pc 93/60/pc Sisters 82/45/0.13 81/50/t 86/51/t Grand Rapids 84/62/0.16 67/44/r G rasses T r ee s Wee ds Lakeview 82/39/0.00 81/45/pc81/46/pc Pendleton 90/53/Tr 87/58/pc 88/61/pc The Dsges 9 3 /59/0.00 88/58/pc 90/62/pc Green Bsy 80/64/0.01 59/39/r Greensboro 86/67/0.00 85/66/pc Weather(W):s-sunny,pc-partlycloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers,t-tbunderstorms,r-rsin, sf-snowflurries, sn-snowl-ice,Tr-trsce,Yesterday data ssol 5 p.m. Testerday ~ yh i g h v d t Ats t Harrisburg 84/59/0.00 87/66/1 Source: OregonAgergyAssocistss 541-683-1577 Hsrffurd, CT 84/56/0.00 85/65/pc Helena 72/48/0.00 70/53/1 84/69/0.03 83/71/pc ~ e s ~ f e s ~ 208 ~ 30s ~ 40s ~ 50s ~e cs ~7 08 ~a es ~9 0s ~fccs ~ff Os Honolulu ~ 108 ~es Houston 89no/0.01 84/67/1 As ol 7 s.m. yesterday Huntsville 84/68/0.07 84/63/1 Indianapolis 84/65/Tr 79/55/1 Reservoir Ac r e feet Ca pacity NATIONAL Jackson, MS 90/71/0.00 84/64/t EXTREMES C rane Prairie 447 9 7 73/59 v 81% Jacksonville 85/62/0.00 85/67/pc YESTERDAY (for the

Yesterday Normal Record




Bend Municipal Airport through 5 p.m.yest.


IN THE BACK BUSINESS Ee MARIKT NEWS W Scoreboard, C2 M LB, C3 Sports in brief, C2 Golf, C4 Tennis, C2 Motor sports, C4





Oregon takes revenue crown

Lava Bearssuffer 1st loss,get

EUGENE — Move over, Bevo. The University of Oregon had thenation's top-grossing athletic department in 2013-14, ending a five-year streak for the University of Texas. USAToday, which publishes anannual database of athletics finances, listed the Ducks with $196 million in revenue, $35 million more than any other school. The number includes $95 million to account

ousted fromplayoffs byWest Linn Bulletin staff report

ship bracket, ending the High Desert Conference champions' season. Bend (16-1) became the first Central Oregon team in

ter, Bend and West Linn found

third-seeded West Linn on

OHSLA history to advance to the quarterfinals, but West

West Linn, however, scored three of the first half's final

Friday, the No. 6 Lava Bears fell 13-8 in the quarterfinals of the Oregon High School Lacrosse Association champion-

Linn, the defending state four goals to grab a 5-3 advanchampion, cut short the Bears' tage, eventually extending it playoff journey. to 9-6 in the third quarter. At the end of the first quarSeeLacrosse/C4


High's quest to a state championship will have to wait another year. Facing off against


themselves in a defensive battle, as the Lions took a 1-0 lead

into the second period before Bend evened things up 2-2. Vern Uyetake / For The Bulletin

Bend's Cohl Johnston works the ball down the field defended by West Linn's Colin Squires during an Oregon High School Lacrosse Association state quarterfinal match at West Linn High School on Friday night. Bend lost 13-8.

for the Hatfield-Dowlin

Complex, a gift from Nike co-founder Phil


Knight. The in-kind

donation appears as revenue onOregon's financial statements, though it was not received in the form of a cash contribution. "The building was a gift to the University of Oregon Foundation, and the University of Oregon Foundation gifted it to the athletic department," spokesman Craig Pintens said. With $110 million in athletics expenses, the Ducks also ranked among the NCAA's biggest spenders. The Ducks were10th on the USA Today list, trailing four schools from the Big Ten, three from the SEC andtwo from the Big 12. Oregon was oneof 24 schools that met the NCAA's benchmark for self-sufficiency, which means breaking even after student fees and state funds are subtracted. Oregon showed $2.15 million in athletics subsidies for 2013-14, which included $1.7 million in student fees assessed for tickets and $440,000 in state funding. Oregon's subsidy figure does not include operating expensesfor the JaquaCenter, an academic facility for athletes operated by the university. Because of the Hatfield-Dowlin Complex, Oregon's revenuespiked by more than $80 million from the previous year. Theschool projects $98 million in revenue andexpenses for 2014-15. — The (Eugene) Register-Guard

Inside • In the NCAA baseball tournament, Oregon State opens with a win while the Ducks fall to lowa,C4

Bears fall at No. 1 Liberty Bulletin staff report HILLSBORO-

Bend High anticipated a road victory Friday, but the Lava

Bears would need their mightiest sword if they were to

slay Goliath. In the quarterfinals of the

Class 5A baseball state playoffs, No. 8-seeded Bend was

facing a top-ranked Liberty squad that had lost just once

in its previous 20 games and had gone it" ~


w. e

18-0 against 5A

competition. Having won four of its last five games,

including a convincing seven-run win in Wednesday's first round, Bend High was up for the task. The Falcons,

however, quickly cut down the Bears'

Photos by Ryan Brennecke/The Bulletin

Summit's Colby Scott pitches during the first inning of a Class 5A state playoff quarterfinal against North Eugene in Bend on Friday. Scott picked upthewin and the save.


Tampa BayLightning will play for the Stanley Cup after winning their third straight gameat Madison SquareGarden, 2-0, Friday night to beat the NewYork Rangers in the Eastern Conference finals in seven games,C4


Federer keeps rolling at French Roger Federer beat Bosnian Damir Dzumhur in just1 hour, 29 minutes. The 6-4, 6-3, 6-2 win put Federerinto the last16forthe11th

consecutive year at the only major tournament he has not won multiple times,C2

the program's first appearance in the state semifinals.

"We had high

See additional photos on The Bulletin's website:

expectations," Lava Bears coach Adam


The Bulletin

Colby Scott had never seen

Randall said. "We had a great mindset coming

a coaching decision like it before. Having played baseball said they were going to do.... They got in a position to play pepper and find holes."

for most of his life, he was

unsure if the move was even legal. Yet when the Summit junior

NHL PLAYOFFS Lightning reach Stanley Cup finals

three more in the third on their way to a 14-3 victory and

• Storm starting pitcher ColbScott y returns to the moundto preserve playoff victory By Grant Lucas

After Scott limited them to a

was called upon to return to the mound in the top of the seventh inning Friday, he was not about to challenge the pitching change. Scott, the starter

single run on four hits through six innings, the fifth-seeded Highlanders (20-9) opened the top half of the seventh against reliever Matt Hicks with six

who had pitched the first six

straight singles that produced

innings, went on to strike out North Eugene's Mike Morris beforeinducing a game-ending double play that stymied a lastditch rally and secured a surprisingly thrilling 8-6 win for the host Storm in the quarter-

four runs. Scott, who was moved to third base, was then

finals of the Class 5A baseball

state playoffs.

tasked with closing the contest. Summit's Troy Viola turns a double play to clinch the Storm's win.

"They just started to put ring to North Eugene's five-run something together," said Sum- seventh inning. "They were mit coach Alan Embree, refer- d o ing what the scouting report

upset hopes, scoring nine runs in the second inning and

in. It was our full expectation to win

today." Liberty (25-2) is scheduled to host a Tuesday contest

against No. 8 Summit, which held off North Eugene 8-6 in

Bend on Friday. SeeLava Bears/C4

And after allowing an RBI


single, he slammed the door on upset-minded North Eugene

• Baseball and softball playoff scores and schedules from around the state. Prep scoreboard,C4

and sent the No. 4 Storm to the semifinals. SeeStorm /C4



The time StephenCurry washeld scoreless il/Ikh ia 4 By Rick Maese

And of course there was that one time a team tried

than a shooting machine.

sequestering Curry entirely.

State team into the NBA Finals next week, where

all in his three memorable

gle-and-two scheme. They would constantly switch defenders to cause confusion. They would even leave teammates wide open on the floor, hoping Curry would be

seasons with Stephen Cur-

tempted to pass the ball away.

his collegiate career that Cur-

The Washington Post

Longtime Davidson men's basketball coach Bob McKillop thinks he saw it

ry in his lineup. Opposing coaches would try a box-

"Everything imaginable," McKillop says of opponents'

and-one strategy or a trian-

defensive strategies.

A 2008 game between David-

son and Loyola (Maryland) marked the only time during

Curry leads his Golden Cleveland's David Blatt will become the latest coach

tasked with trying to solve ry was held scoreless. It also the tricky player and this season's league MVP. backfiredspectacularly,revealing that Curry is far more SeeCurry/C3

June 4 atGoldenState 6p.m. June 7 at Golden State 5 p.m. June 9 at Cleveland 6 p.m. June11 at Cleveland 6 p.m. x-June14 at Golden State 5 p.m. x-June16 at Cleveland 6 p.m. x-June19 atGoldenState 6p.m. All Times PDT; x-if necessary






Time T V/Ragiio EuropeanTour, Irish Open, third round 5 :30 a.m. Golf PGA Tour,AT&TByron Nelson, third round 1 0 a.m. Gol f PGA Tour,AT&TByron Nelson, third round noon CBS LPGATour, ShopRiteLPGA Classic,secondround noon Golf

HOCKEY NHL playoffs


NCAA tournament, Dallas Baptist vs. Texas NCAA tournament, Auburn vs. Mercer MLB, Arizona at Milwaukee NCAAtournament, Lehighvs.LSU MLB, L.A. Dodgers at St. Louis NCAA tournament, OregonSt. vs. VCU NCAA tournament, TBA NCAA tournament, Florida vs. Florida A&M MLB, Detroit at L.A. Angels MLB, Cleveland atSeattle NCAA tournament, TBA SOCCER England, FACup, final, Arsenal vs. Aston Villa Spain, Copadel Rey,final, Atletico Madrid vs. Barcelona Women's int'I friendly, USA vs. South Korea Men's int'I friendly, Mexico vs. Guatemala U-20 World Cup,Mexico vs. Mali U-20 World Cup,Uruguayvs. Serbia

9 a.m. ESPN2 9 a.m. SEC 1 p.m. FS1 3 p.m. SEC 4 p.m. Fox 4p.m. KICE940-AM 4 p.m. ESPNU 6 p.m. SEC 7 p.m. MLB 7 p.m. Root 8 p.m. ESPNU 9 a.m.


12:25 p.m. ESPN2

1:30 p.m. ESPN 3 p.m. E S PNN 6 p.m. FS2 9 p.m. FS2


College World Series, Tennesseevs. Auburn College World Series, Alabamavs. Oregon College World Series, LSUvs. TBD College World Series, Michigan vs. TBD

9 a.m.


11:30 a.m. ESPN

4 p.m. ESP N 6:30 p.m. ESPN


FrenchOpen,men'sandwomen'sthirdround French Open,Round of16


Friday's Game TampaBay2,N.Y.Rangers0,TampaBaywinsseries4-3

Today'sGame Chicago atAnaheim5p.m.,seriestied 3-3 FINALS

(Best-oi-7; x-if necessary) Wednesday'sGame Game1,TBD


NHL playoffs, Chicago atAnaheim

All TimesPDT

Springfield, Mo.Regional (Double elimination; x-if necessary) Friday's Games lowa 3,Oregon1 MissouriStatevs. Canisus,ppd., rain Today'sGames Game 2: MissouriSt. (45-10)vs. Canisus(34-28), 10:05a.m. Game3:Oregon(37-24)vs.Game2loser,2:05p.m. Game4:lowa(40-16) vs. Game2winner, 6:05p.m. Bunday'sGames Game5:Game3winnervs.Game4loser,noon Game6:Game4winnervs. Game5winner,5 p.m. Monday'sGame x-Game 7: Game4winner vs. Game5winner, 11a.m. Dallas Regional Friday's Games Oregon St.5, Texas4 VCU 7,DallasBaptist 2 Today'sGames Game 3:Texas(30-26) vs.Dallas Baptist(43-14),9a.m. Game 4: OregonSt.(39-16-1)vs.VCU(3822),4p m. Sunday'sGames Game5:Game3winnervs.Game4loser,10a.m. Game6:Game4winnervs. Game5winner,5 p.m. Monday'sGame x-Game 7: Game4winnervs. Game5winner,5p.m.


All TimesPDT


5 p.m.



10a.m. ESPN2,SEC 11 a.m. MLB 1 p.m. Roo t 1 p.m. SEC 4 p.m. SEC 5 p.m. E S PN2 8:30 p.m. ESPNU


NASCAR,Sprint Cup, Dover IndyCar, Dual in Detroit, Race 2


3 p.m. C SNNW 7 p.m. E S PN2

SUNDAY NCAA tournament, TeamsTBD MLB, L.A. Dodgers at St. Louis MLB, Cleveland atSeattle NCAA tournament, TeamsTBD NCAA tournament, TeamsTBD MLB, Detroit at L.A. Angels NCAA tournament, TeamsTBD

10 a.m. FS1 12:30 p.m. ABC

At Oklahoma City (Double elimination; x-if necessary) Friday's Games Florida 4,LSU0 Michigan10,UCLA4 Today'sGames Game7:Tennesseevs. Auburn, 9a.m. Game8:Alabamavs.Oregon,11:30a.m. Game9: LSUvs.Game7winner,4p.m. Game10:UCLAvs. Game8winner,6:30 p.m. Sunday'sGames Game11:Florida vs.Game9winner,10 am. Game12:Michiganvs.Game10winner,12:30p.m. x-Game13:Game5 winnervs. Game9 loser, 4p.m. x-Game 14:Game6winnervs.Game10loser,6:30 p.m. NOTE:If onlyonegameis necessary, it wil beplayed at 4p.m. ChampionshipSeries (Best-of-3) Monday:TBD,5p.m. Tuesday:TBD,5p.m. Wednesday;TBD,5p.m.


EuropeanTour, Irish Open, final round PGA Tour,AT&TByron Nelson, final round PGA Tour,AT&TByron Nelson, final round LPGATour, ShopRite LPGA Classic, final round SOCCER MLS, NewYork at Seattle MLS,LosAngelesatNew England U-20 World Cup,Nigeria vs. Brazil U-20WorldCup,Uzbekistanvs.Honduras U-20 World Cup,North Koreavs. Hungary

5 a.m. 1 0 a.m. noon noon


Golf Gol f CBS Golf



2 p.m. 4 p.m. 6 p.m. 9 p.m. 9 p.m.




College World Series, Game11 College World Series, Game12 College World Series, Game13 College World Series, Game14



9 a.m. NBC 2 a.m. (Sun.j Tennis


In the Bleachers O 2015 Steve Moore. Dist. by Universal Ucnck



Arena, SanJose at Portland Arena, Arizona atSpokane




NASCAR,Sprint Cup, Dover practice 7 a.m. FS1 NASCAR,Xfinity, Dover qualifying 8 a.m. FS1 United SportsCar Championship, Belle Isle Park 9 a.m. FS2 NASCAR,Sprint Cup, Dover, final practice 10 a.m. FS1 NASCAR,Xfinity, Dover 1 1:30 a.m. F o x IndyCar, Dual in Detroit, Race1 12:30 p.m. ABC

1 0 a.m. E S PN 12:30 p.m. ESPN 4 p.m. E S PNU 6:30 p.m. ESPNU


FrenchOpen,men'sandwomen'sfourthround 9 a.m. NBC French Open,Round of16 2a.m. (Mon.) ESPN2 Listingsarethe mostaccurate available. TheBulletin is not responsible for late changesmadeby 7Vor radio stations.

SPORTS IN BRIEF BASKETBALL Skl!OS IS IlOWMaglC mall — Scott Skiles was introduced as the new Orlando Magic coachFriday. The51-year-old Skiles was amember of the Magic's inaugural team in1989-90 and playedpoint guard for a total of five seasons in Orlando aspart of his10-year playing career. Skiles replacesJacqueVaughn, who wasfired in February. After success in stops in Phoenix, ChicagoandMilwaukee, the13-year veteran NBAcoach owns a443-433 overall coaching record.

WarriorS'S ThOmPSOn diagnOSed With COnCuSSiOnGoldenStateguardKlayThompson hasbeendiagnosedwithaconcussion and will not practice until he is symptom free. TheWarriors announced the diagnosis Friday after Thompsonwent through neurological tests earlier in the day.TheAll-Star guard took a kneeto the head during GoldenState's Western Conference finals clinching win Wednesday night. Team doctors initially cleared Thompson to return to the game. He ended up not playing, and the teamsaid he started developing symptoms after the game.

W L T Pls GF GA 6 3 4 22 14 11 3 5 20 18 16 4 2 5 17 14 11 Columbus 4 4 3 15 17 14 TorontoFC 4 5 1 13 14 14 OrlandoCit y 3 5 4 13 14 15 Philadelphia 3 7 3 12 13 21 Chicago 3 5 2 11 11 14 Montreal 2 3 2 8 9 10 NewYorkCity FC 1 7 4 7 9 16

D.C. United NewEngland 5 NewYork

WesternConference W L T Pls GF GA 7 3 2 23 18 9 6 4 3 21 18 19 Sporting KansasCity 5 2 6 21 21 15 Vancouver 6 5 2 20 14 12 Los Angele s 5 4 5 20 13 15 SanJose 5 4 3 18 13 12 RealSalt Lake 4 4 5 17 12 16 Houston 4 5 4 16 16 16 Portland 4 5 4 16 11 13 Colorado 2 3 7 13 10 10 Seattle FC Dallas

Friday's Games SportingKansasCity 4, FCDallas 0 Today'sGames SanJoseatToronto FC,2 p.m. RealSalt Lakeat Vancouver,3 p.m. HoustonatNewYorkCity Fc, 4p.m. Philadelphiaat D.C.United, 4p.m. Columbus atOrlandoCity,4:30p.m. MontrealatChicago,5:30 p.m. PortlandatColorado, 6p.m. Bunday'sGames NewYorkatSeattle,2 p.m. LosAngelesatNewEngland,4p.m.

By John Leicester The Associated Press

PARIS — One of


er Federer's 5-year-old twin

daughters had her nose burwas glued to a mobile phone. Shame, really, that they didn't

Contador haS leadCiit, Still In COntrOI — Alberto Contador

look up, because the tennis their father wove on the French

FOWanSWerS frOm PatriotS Camp — NewEngland coach Bil Belichick shed little light Friday in his first public remarks since the report was issued onthe Patriots' use of deflated footballs. Heavoided direct answers to most of the10 questions hewas asked about Tom Brady, backup quarterback JimmyGaroppolo and howtheteam was handling the fallout from the investigation. Brady, who is appealing his four-game suspension, did not speakwith reporters after New England's organized teamactivity. — From wire reports



S 6



Qogogo+o@~Q +Q

IOQ /7 Q + Qp@5@ 2Q

"Stop saying 'Everything is going to be okay'!!"






Byron Nelson Friday atTPCFour SeasonsResorl, Irving, Texas Thursday'sYardage: 7,166; Par70 Frida)f's Yardage:6,864; Par 69 ParhalSecondRoundleaders Play suspendeddueto darkness Jon Curran 67-63—130 Jimmy Walker 64-66—130 Steven Bowditch 62-68—130 CameronPercy 67-64—131 RyanPalmer 65-66—131 NickWatney 67-65—132 Jerry Kelly 68-64—132 JonathanRandolph 69-63—132 HunterMahan 68-64—132 JordanSpieth 69-64—133 Zac Blair 69-64—133 Scott Pinckney 69-64—133 JohnMerrick 66-67—133 ZachJohnson 69-64—133 RorySabbatini 69-64—133 Jeff Overton 69-65—134 LukeGuthrie 69-65—134 JohnSenden 67-67—134 AndrewLoupe 69-65—134 DerekErnst 67-67 — 134 Michae lThompson 68-66—134 Charl eyHoff man 69-65—134 KenDuke 67-68—135 GaryWoodland 72-63—135 BooWeekley 68-67—135 RussellHenley 70-65—135 Matt Jones 72-63—135 HarrisEnglish 69-66 — 135 RodPam pling 69-66—135 BenCurtis 72-63—135 GrahamDeLaet 69-66—135 James Hahn 65-70—135 DustinJohnson 67-68—135

Chevrolet IndyDual in Detroit Race1lineup Afler Fridayqualiiying; racetoday at The RacewayatBelle Isle Park,Detroit Lap length: 2.35miles (Car number inparentheses) 1. (1)Wil Power,Dalara-chevrolet,111.178. 2. (3)HelioCastroneves,Dallara-chevrolet,111.14. 3. (2)JuanPablo Montoya,Dallara-chevrolet,110.671. 4. (14)Takum aSato, Dallara-Honda,110.536. 5. (22)SimonPagenaud, Dallara-chevrolet,110.349. 6. (11)SebastienBourdais, Dalara-chevrolet,109.812. 7. (9)ScottDixon,Dalara-chevrolet,109.903. 8. (4)StefanoColeti, Dallara-chevrolet,109.353. 9. (27)MarcoAndretti, Dallara-Honda,109.333. 10. (7)Jame sJakes,Dalara-Honda,109.139. 11. (19)TristanVautier, Dalara-Honda,108.721. 12.8) SageKaram, Dallara-chevrolet,108.594. 13.(15)GrahamRahal, Dalara-Honda, 108.151. 14. (41)JackHawksworth, Dalara-Honda,107.428. 15. (10)TonyKanaan,Dalara-chevrolet,108.026. 16.28) RyanHunter-Reay, Dallara-Honda,106.598. 17.(83)CharlieKimball, Dallara-chevrolet,108.004. 18. (67)JosefNewgarden,Dallara-chevrolet,103.851. 19. (20)LucaFilppi, Dallara-chevrolet,107.853. 20. (26)CarlosMunoz, Dallara-Honda,103.83. 21. (5)ConorDaly, Dalara-Honda,107.779. 22. (18)RodolfoGonzalez, Dallara-Honda,103.397. 23. (98)GabbyChaves, Dallara-Honda,106.777.

Leaderboard attime ofsuspendedplay SCORE THRU -9 F 1. JonCurran -9 F 1. JimmyWalker -9 F 1. Steven Bowditch -8 F 4. Cameron Percy -8 F 4. Ryan Palmer

LPGA BhopRite Classic Friday atStocklonSeaview Hotel andGolf Club, BayCourse,GallowayTownship,N.J. Yardage:6,177;Par71(34-37) First Roundleaders 33-33—66 MorganPressel MinLee 32-35 — 67 Ryann O'Toole 33-34—67 AlenaSharp 35-32—67 AnnaNordqvist 36-31—67 SydneeMichaels 37-31—68 PernillaLindberg 37-31—68 38-30—68 CatrionaMathew 34-34 — 68 JennyShin 35-33—68 ChristelBoeljon GerinaPiler 34-34—68 HeeYoungPark 35-33 — 68 BrookeM.Henderson 34-34—68 ThidapaSuwannapura 33-35—68 HeeKyungSeo 36-33—69 37-32—69 Kim Kaufm an 38-31—69 MoriyaJutanugarn 34-35—69 KellyTan 37-32 — 69 ManssaLSteen Mika Miyazato 36-33—69 MinaHarigae 35-34—69 Mo Martin 36-33 — 69 SunYoungYoo 35-34—69 JodiEwart Shadoff 39-30—69 KatherineKirk 35-34—69 P.K.Kongkraphan 37-32—69

NA!nCAR Sprint Cup After Fridayqualifying; raceSundayat Dover International Speedway,Dover, Del. Lap length: 1miles (Car number inparentheses) 1. (11)DennyHamlin,Toyota,160.121. 2. (78)MartinTruexJr., Chevrolet,159.723. 3. (42)KyleLarson, Chevrolet,159.681. 4. (20)MattKenseth, Toyota,159.674. 5. (22)JoeyLogano, Ford,159.596. 6. (4)KevinHarvick, Chevrolet,159.497. 7. (16)GregBiffle, Ford,159.483. 8. (19)CarlEdwards,Toyota,159.229. 9.(17) Ricky StenhouseJr., Ford, 159.046. 10.(18)KyleBusch,Toyota, 158.975. 11.(1)JamieMcMurray,Chevrolet, 158.709. 12.(3) AustinDilon, Chevrolet, 158.29. 13.(41)KurtBusch,Chevrolet, 158.891. 14. (48)JimmieJohnson, Chevrolet,158.814. 15. (55)David Ragan, Toyota,158.66. 16. (88)DaleEarnhardt Jr., Chevrolet,158.479. 17.(31)RyanNewman, Chevrolet,158.263. 18. (27)PaulMenard, Chevrolet,158.112. 19. (2)BradKeselowski, Ford,158.165. 20.(15) ClintBowyer, Toyota, 158.144. 21.(13)CaseyMears, Chevrolet, 158.096. 22.24)JeffGordon,Chevrolet, 158.082. 23.(43) AricAlmirola,Ford,158.082. 24.(51)JustinAllgaier, Chevrolet, 157.687. 25.(5) Kasey Kahne, Chevrolet, 158.27. 26.14) TonyStewart, Chevrolet, 158.082. 27.(33)BrianScott, Chevrolet,158.04. 28. (9)SamHornish Jr., Ford,157.673. 29.47) AJAllmendinger,Chevrolet,157.66. 30.(7) AlexBowman, Chevrolet,157.301. 31. (6)TrevorBayne,Ford, 157.123. 32. (38)DavidGililand, Ford,157.054. 33. (10)DanicaPatrick, Chevrolet,156.658. 34. (46)MichaelAnnett, Chevrolet,156.638. 35. (26)JebBurton, Toyota,156.624. 36.(83)MattDiBenedetto,Toyota, 155.75. 37.(35)ColeWhitt, Ford,Owner Points. 38. (34)BrettMoffitt, Ford,Owner Points. 39. (98)JoshWise,Ford, Owner Points. 40. (23)J.J. Yeley, Toyota, Owner Points. 41. (62)BrendanGaughan, Chevrolet, Owner Points. 42. (32)MlkeBhss, Ford, Owner Pomts. 43. (40)LandonCassil, Chevrolet,Owner Points. Failed toOualiiy 44. (39)TravisKvapil, Chevrolet,155.246. 45. (30)JeffGreen,Chevrolet,152.964.

AmericanLeague HOUSTONASTROS— PlacedRHPScottFeldman on the15-dayDL.Recalled RHPMichael Feliz from CorpusChristi(Texas). MINNES OTATWINS—ActivatedRHPCaseyFien from the15-dayDLOptioned RHPMichael Tonkin to Rochester (IL). SEATTLEMARINERS — Recalled RHP Dominic

Leone from Tacoma(PCL).PlacedLHPJamesPaxton on the15-dayDL TEXASRANGERS— PurchasethecontractofRHP AlexGonzalezfromRoundRock(PCL). TORONTOBLUEJAYS— RecalledRHPBoSchultz fromBuffalo(IL). National League ARIZONADIAMONDBACKS— Selectedthecontract of CJarrodSaltalamacchia from Reno (PCL). Placed CTuffyGosewisch on the15-day DL.Transferred O Cscar Hernandezto the60-dayDL.

MIAMIMARLINS—Claimed RHPChad Smith off waiversfromtheLosAngelesAngels andoptionedhim to New Orleans(PCL). PHILADE LPHIA PHILLIES — Recalled OFCody AschefromLehigh Valey (IL). DesignatedOFGrady Sizemoreforassignment. ST.LOUI S CARDINALS— ActivatedOFJonJay from the15-day DL.Optioned RHPMiguel Socolovich to Memphi(P sCL). BASKETBALL National Basketball Association NBA—Suspended HoustonCDwight Howard one gamefor collecting hisfourthFlagrantFoul point of the 2015 NBApostseason. ORLANDOMAGIC— NamedScottSkilescoach. FOOTBALL National Football League NFL —SuspendedSt. Louis RBTreyWatts forthe first fourgame sof the2015regular seasonfor violatingtheNFLssubstanceabusepolicy BUFFALO BILLS— Claimed QBMatt Simmsoff waiversfromthe NewYorkJets. WaivedQBJeffTuel. CLEVELANDBROWNS — Waived LS Christian Yount. KANSAS CITYCHIEFS—Promoted Chris Ballard to director offootball operations;MikeBorgonzi and Brett Veachto co-directors of playerpersonnel; Ryne Nutt toSoutheastareascout andMatt Donahoeto the Northeast areascout. HOCKEY National HockeyLeague CAROLINA HURRICANES— SignedGDrewMacIntyre toaone-yearcontract. COLUMBU SBLUEJACKETS—Re-signed DJustin Falkto aone-yearcontract. DETROIRE T DWINGS—Reassigned RWMartin Frk fromToledo(ECHL)to GrandRapids (AHL). NEW JERSEYDEVILS—SignedFSergeyKalinin to anentry-level contract. COLLEGE KENNE SAW STATE — Named Carlton Owen s men'sassistantbasketball coach. RUTGER S — Dismissed DB Darian Daileyfrom the footbalteam. l Announcedmen'sbasketball GNigel Johnsonhastransferred fromKansasState. SOUTHCAROLINA— Announcedwomen'sjunior basketball GKaela Davis hastransferred fromGeorgia Tech.

FISH COUNT Upstreamdaily movement of adult chinookjack chinook,steelheadandwild steelheadat selectedColumbiaRiverdamslast updated Friday. Chnk Jchnk Btlhd Wstlhd Bonneville 2,584 39 0 52 14 The Dalles 2,226 46 2 16 4 JohnDay 1,616 31 6 3 2 McNary 1,146 188 2 0 Upstream year-to-date movement ofadult chinook, jack chinook,steelheadand wild steelheadat selected ColumbiaRiverdamslast updatedFriday. Chnk Jchnk Btlhd Wstlhd Bonneville 214,403 12,627 5,087 2,527 T he Dalles 183,694 11,009 436 18 2 John Day 154,091 9,865 597 340 M cNary 142,157 6,931 718 40 4

So far, soverygoodfor dominant Federer




FrenchOpen Friday atParis Men SecondRound RichardGasquet (20), France,def. Carlos Berlocq, Argentina,3-6,6-3, 6-1,4-6, 6-1. Third Round TeymurazGabashvili, Russia, def. LukasRosol, CzechRepublic, 6-4,6-4, 6-4. RogerFederer(2)t Switzerland,def. DamirDzumhur, Bosnia-Herzegovina,6-4,6-3, 6-2. StanWawrinka (8), Switzerland,def. SteveJohnson, UnitedStates,6-4,6-3, 6-2. Gilles Simon(12), France,def. NicolasMahut, France,6-2,6-7(6),6-7(6),6-3, 6-1. TomasBerdych(4), CzechRepublic, def. Benoit Paire,France,6-1,6-7(5), 6-3,6-4. Jo-WilfriedTsonga(14), France,def. Pablo Andujar, Spain,7-6(3),6-4,6-3. GaelMonfils(13),France,def.Pablo Cuevas(21), Uruguay,4-6,7-6(1),3-6,6-4,6-3. Women Third Round Alize Cornet(29), France,def. MirjanaLucic-Baroni, Croatia,4-6,6-3, 7-5. Ana Ivanovi(7), c Serbia, def. DonnaVekic, Croatia, 6-0, 6-3. Elina Svitolina(19), Ukraine,def. AnnikaBeck, Germany,6-3,2-6,6-4. EkaterinaMakarova(9), Russia,def. ElenaVesnina, Russia,6-2,6-4. LucieSafarova(13), CzechRepublic, def. Sabine Lisicki (20),Germany, 6-3, 7-6(2). GarbineMuguruza(21), Spain,def. Angelique Kerber (11),Germany,4-6, 6-2,6-2. MariaSharapova(2), Russia,def.SamStosur(26), Australia,6-3, 6-4. FlaviaPennetta (28), Italy,def. Carla SuarezNavarro (8),Spain,6-3,6-4.


ied in a comic book. The other

had 38 seconds sliced off his overall lead in the 19th stage of theGiro d'Italia on Friday, although theSpaniard remainedwell on course for the title. Italian rival Fabio Aru wonthe mountain stage with a late breakaway andmovedback into second place overall, 4 minutes, 37 seconds behind Contador entering today's final mountain stage bet/2 hours over fore Sunday's flat finish in Milan. Aru required nearly 6 the147-mile leg from GravellonaToce to Cervinia, which included three major climbs, including an uphill finish.



Open center court verged on art.

The canvas for Federer's strokes, the backhand as

NL1 Djokovic facesteenKokIdnakis PARIS — Thenext player facing Novak Djokovic as heseeks to win the FrenchOpenfor the first time is an opponent he hasnever played before. Thanasi Kokkinakis, who turned19 last month, is one of two teenagers looking to reach the fourth round. The 84th-ranked Australian hasneverwon atitle, while Djokovic has 53 so far in his career — including five this year. It will be a tall order today for the 6-foot-5 Kokkinakis. The top-ranked Serbwill need to test his right leg, after he slipped and hurt his hip in his second-round win against Gilles Muller on Thursday. — The Associated Press

smooth as a cat's paw and the

habit than need. But his road steepens from here.

"I'mnot always as relaxed as

one might think," Federer said.

"Because there's a iot to play for." DzLImhur was Mt unknown

for Federer, since they'd not played before. But Federer is very familiar with Gael Monfils, whom he plays next for the fourth time at the French. Mon-

fils advanced 4-6, 7-6 (1), 3-6, 6-4, 6-3 against Pablo Cuevas. Monfils is making a habit of five-setters at the French: this

forehand with cradde and

for a 33-year-old. was his 13th in 10 years. "I'm a phoenix," he said. Federeris too respectfulof man to play at a major tour- win put Federer into the last 16 opponents to say such a thing, But the Frenchman, seeded nament, idolizes the 17-time for the 11th consecutive year at but there were times against 13th, has yet to beat Federer Grand Slam champion. He the only major tournament he Dzumhur where the m atch here. If Monfils cannot unhad to pinch himself as they hasn't won multiple times. looked more like a sparring lock that riddle, Federer will warmed up in a chilly breeze Even after t h ree r ounds session to prepare him for later, be looking at a quarterfinal for their t h ird-round match without dropping a set, it tougher rounds. The young- against either another FrenchFriday. would be premature to froth er Bosnian grunted from the man, 12th- seeded Gilles Si"Strange feeling," Dzumhur about Federer's chances of pro- exertion of trying to keep up; mon, or eighth-seeded Stan said later. "Like I'm dreaming." viding a twin for his solitary Federer made no sound. Af- Wawrinka. But Federer hitting this well French Open title, in 2009. But ter serving out the first set, he Those twins might want to was nightmare. He gave Dz- he is moving well, and not just wiped his brow more out of take a look. pop, was Damir DzLtmhLtr. The 23-year-old, the first Bosytian

Umhur just 1 hour, 29 minutes of his time. The 6-4, 6-3, 6-2




American League

All TimesPDT AMERICANLEAGUE East Division NewYork

Tampa Bay Baltrmore Toronto Boston

W 25 24 23 23 22

L 24 25 24 27 27

Central Division W L 29 18 28 19

Rangers 7, RedSox4

Mariners 2, indians1

Pct GB .510 .490 1 .489 1 460 2'/r

.449 3

Pct GB .617 .596 1

ARLINGTON,Texas —Josh Hamilton homered in his first two SEATTLE —Taijuan Walker got at-bats, his first homers since he his first win since April 27, and belatedly began his major league Seth Smith hit a two-run home run seasonthisweekbackwithTexas. to lead Seattle, which has homered in eight straight gamesand Boston Texas 13 of its past14.

ab r h bi ab r hbi Pedroia2b 4 0 1 0 LMartncf 4 0 2 1 B ettscf 4 1 1 0 Choorf 3 0 0 0 Sandovl3b 3 0 0 0 Fielderdh 4 0 2 0 HRmrzdh 4 2 2 2 DShldspr-dh 0 0 0 0 Napoli1b 2 1 0 0 Beltre3b 4 0 0 0 Peguerlf 0 0 0 0 JHmltnlf 3 3 2 2 B.Holtlf-1b 4 0 0 0 Morlnd1b 4 1 2 0 Bogartsss 3 0 0 1 Chirinsc 4 1 2 2 Swihart c 3 0 1 1 Rosales 2b 3 1 1 0 Rcastllrf 4 0 1 0 Albertoss 3 1 1 1 Totals 31 4 6 4 Totals 3 2 7 126 Boston BOO 200 828 — 4 Texas 811 100 22x — 7

Angels 2, Tigers 0

Diamondbacks 7, Brewers 5

Padres 6, Pirates 2

ANAHEIM, Calif.— Albert Pu-

MILWAUKEE — Nick Ahmed hit a

jols had his 530th career homer among three hits, and Hector Santiago pitched three-hit ball into the eighth inning to lead LosAngeles.

tiebreaking solo home run in the eighth inning, andA.J. Pollock hit a two-run shot in the ninth to lift Arizona, which ended athreegame losing streak.

SAN DIEGO — Derek Norris hit a grand slam with two outs in the


Los Angeles

bottom of the ninth to lift San Di-

ego, which snappedPittsburgh's season-hi gh,seven-game winning streak.

ab r hbi ab r hbi RDaviscf 3 0 1 0 Giavt02b 3 0 0 0 K insler2b 4 0 0 0 Troutcf 4 0 1 0 Micarr1b 2 0 1 0 Puiols1b 4 2 3 1 Cespdslf 4 0 0 0 Greenpr-1b 0 0 0 0 JMrtnzrf 4 0 1 0 Calhonrf 4 0 1 0


erage was going to suffer. But

a discussion, and the Greyhounds thought Curry's team-

thinking about the gameand not because of what it

mates might soon falter and

meant to his star player's stats or resume.

Milwaukee Pittsburgh San Diego ab r hbi ab r hbi ab r hbi ab r hbi Inciartrf 4 2 2 1 CGomzcf 5 1 1 1 Polancrf 5 0 1 0 Solarte1b 4 1 0 0 Cleveland Seattle 28 22 .560 2'/z Pollockcf 4 1 1 2 GParralf 5 1 2 0 SRdrgzrf 0 0 0 0 DeNrrsc 5 1 1 4 ab r hbi ab r hbi 22 25 .468 7 G ldsch1b 5 2 3 0 Braunrf 4 2 2 0 N Walkr2b 4 1 1 0 uptonlf 3 0 1 0 22 26 .458 7r/r Kipnis2b 3 1 1 0 AJcksncf 4 0 1 0 D Perltlf 3 1 2 2 Lind1b 3 1 3 3 M cctchcf 3 0 0 0 Kemprf 4 0 0 0 JRmrzss 3 0 0 0 Seager3b 3 0 1 0 JMccnc 2 0 0 0 Freese3b 3 0 1 0 West Division Tomas3b 5 0 0 1 KDavisph 0 0 0 0 SMartelf 4 1 1 0 Mdlrks3b-ss 3 1 1 0 Goseph 1 0 0 0 Joycedh 3 0 0 1 W L Pct GB Raburnph 1 0 1 1 N.cruzrf 4 1 2 0 Zieglerp 0 0 0 0 Broxtnp 0 0 0 0 Kang3b 2 0 0 0 Gyorko2b 3 1 2 0 Brantlylf 4 0 0 0 S.Smithdh 3 1 1 2 Cstffnsdh 4 0 0 0 lannettc 3 0 0 0 Houston 30 19 .612 S ltlmchc 4 0 0 0 Knebelp 0 0 0 0 PAlvrz1b 4 0 2 2 Almontcf 3 0 1 2 Moss1b 3 0 0 0 Morrsn1b 2 0 1 0 HPerez3b 3 0 0 0 Niwnhslf 3 0 1 0 Los Angeles 25 24 .510 5 Owings2b 5 0 2 0 G o f o r t hp 0 0 0 0 Cervellic 3 0 1 0 Barmesss 2 0 1 0 Jlglesis ss 3 0 1 0 Fthrstn ss 3 0 0 0 Seattle 24 24 .500 5'/2 DvMrprf 3 0 0 0 Zuninoc 3 0 0 0 Ahmedss 4 1 1 1 EHerrrph 1 0 0 1 Mercerss 4 0 0 0 Spngnrph-3b 0 1 0 0 Swisher dh 3 0 1 0 BMiller ss 3 0 0 0 Totals 3 0 0 4 0 Totals 3 02 7 2 RDLRsp 2 0 0 0 ArRmr3b 5 0 0 0 Texas 24 25 .490 6 Lirianop 3 0 0 0 Shieldsp 2 0 0 0 l3b 3 0 0 0 Blmqst2b 3 0 0 0 Detroit Bgg Bgg Ogg — 8 Oakland 19 32 .373 12 Chsnhl Trumoph 1 0 0 0 Segurass 4 0 1 0 JHughsp 0 0 0 0 Garcesp 0 0 0 0 B ourncf 3 0 0 0 Ackleylf 3 0 0 0 Los Angeles Bg g 181 Ogx— 2 DHdsnp 0 0 0 0 Centenc 4 0 0 0 Caminrp 0 0 0 0 Thayerp 0 0 0 0 RPerezc 2 0 0 0 E—Gallardo (1). DP—Boston1, Texas2. LOBE—Kinsler (3). DP—Detroit 1. LOB —Detroit 7, OPerezp 0 0 0 0 Nelsonp 1 0 0 0 Friday's Games 0 0 0 0 Venaleph 1 0 0 0 Avilesph 1 0 0 0 Los Angeles6. 2B—Freese (10), Nieuwenhuis (1). Reedp 1 0 0 0 HGomzph 1 0 1 0 Watsonp Kansas City8, ChicagoCubs4 Boston 5, Te xas 5. 28 — M or eland (9), Chi r i n os (8), T abataph 1 0 0 0 Benoitp 0 0 0 0 Totals 2 9 1 3 1 Totals 2 82 6 2 Rosales HR — Puiols (10). SB—R.Davis(12), J.Martinez(2). P nngtn3b 0 0 0 0 Jeffrssp 0 0 0 0 Baltimore2,TampaBay1 (1). 38 — Alberto (1). HR — H .R am ire z (1 2), S cahillp 0 0 0 0 Kimrelp 0 0 0 0 C leveland 000 0 0 0 801 — 1 J.Hamilton 2(2). SB—Betts (7). CS R.Davis (3), Trout(3). Texas 7, Boston 4 —L.Martin (5). CS — JRogrs 1b 1 0 1 0 Amarstph 1 1 0 0 Seattle 000 002 ggx — 2 S—Alberto. SF—Bogaerts. IP H R E R BBSO Chicago WhiteSox6, Houston3,11innings Sardins2b 4 0 0 0 Totals 33 2 6 2 Totals 3 1 6 7 6 DP — Cleveland1, Seatle 1. LOB —Cleveland2, Toronto6, Minnesota4 IP H R E R BBSO Detroit Totals 38 7 117 Totals 3 8 5 115 Pittsburgh 002 0 0 0 BOO — 2 Seattle 7.38—Raburn(1). HR—S.Smith(5). CS—A. Boston An.Sanchez L,3-6 7 6 2 2 2 9 Arizona L.A. Angel2, s Detroit 0 1 82 018 012 — 7 S an Diego 000 0 0 0 204 — 6 Jackson(3),Seager(3). Oakland 6, N.Y.Yankees2 1 1 0 0 0 0 M ilwaukee S.WrightL,2-2 5 2 - 3 53 3 1 4 Nesbitt 182 0 1 8 001 — 5 Two outswhenwinning runscored. IP H R E R BBSO Layne Seattle 2, Cleveland1 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 Los Angeles E—Centeno(1). DP—Milwaukee1. LOB—ArizoE—Scahiff (1). DP—Pittsburgh 1. LOB —PittsCleveland Today'sGam es 0 0 3 7 na 9,Milwaukee9.28—Goldschmidt3 (12),D.Peralta burgh8, SanDiego 6.28—Cerveffi(8), Middlebrooks Ogando 2-3 3 2 2 0 0 SantiagoW4-3 7 1 -3 3 7 6 2 2 3 10 Toronto(Aa.Sanchez4-4) at Minnesota(Gibson4-3), BauerL,4-2 1 0 0 1 0 Breslow 1 3 2 2 1 1 BedrosianH,1 1 - 3 10), G Pa rra (11), Li n d (12), Se gura (5). ) HR Fl — In ciar t e (6), Almonte(1). HR —De.Norris (4). SB—S.Marte 1-3 0 0 0 2 0 M.Barnes R.Webb 11:10a.m. 1-3 1 0 0 1 0 StreetS,15-17 1 1 - 3 0 0 0 0 2 2), Pollock(5), D.Peralta(5),Ahmed (3), C.Gomez (8), Kang (4). S—Almonte,Spangenberg. 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 Texas Tampa Bay(ERamirez2-2) atBaltimore(WChen1-3), Hagadone T—2:46. A—41,901(45,957). (5), Lind (8). SB — O w ing s ( 6), Br a un (6 ). IP H R E R BBSO B.Shaw 1-3 0 0 0 0 1 GallardoW,5-6 6 1:05 p.m. 4 2 1 3 5 IP H R E R BBSO Pittsburgh ChicagoWhite Sox (Quintana2-5) at Houston Seattle EdwardsH,1 1 0 0 0 1 1 Arizona Liriano 6 3 0 0 1 11 TWalkerW,2-5 8 2 0 0 0 8 OhlendorfH,5 1 National League (Keuchel 6-1),1:10 p.m. 2 2 2 0 2 RDeLaRosa 5 6 4 4 2 4 J.Hughes BS,3-3 1-3 2 2 2 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 Sh.TollesonS,6-6 1 Boston(Miley4-4) atTexas(Ch.GonzalezH),4;15p.m. RodneyS,14-16 1 11-3 3 0 0 0 0 Caminero 0 0 0 0 0 D.Hudson 2-3 0 0 0 1 1 KansasCity (Ventura3-4) at ChicagoCubs(Wada T—2:24. A—32,454(47,574). WP — S.Wright. O.Perez 0 0 0 0 1 0 Watson 1 1 0 0 0 0 Reds 5, Nationais 2 0-0),4:15p.m. 12-3 1 0 0 0 2 Scahill L,1-3 T—2:59.A—38,176 (48,114). ReedW,2-2 2-3 1 4 0 2 0 Detroit (Greene 4-3) at LA. Angels(Weaver 3-4), White Sox 6, Astros 3 (11 inn.j ZieglerS,3-5 1 1 1 1 0 0 San Diego 7:05 p.m. CINCINNATI —Washington's Milwaukee Shields 6 6 2 2 2 6 Orioies 2, Rays1 N.Y. Yankees (Eovaldi 4-1) at Oakland(Hahn2-4), Nelson 6 7 4 4 0 8 Garces 2-3 0 0 0 0 0 Stephen Strasburg left after only 7:05 p.m. HOUSTON —GeovanySoto hita Jeffress 1 0 0 0 2 1 Thayer 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 Cleveland(Marcum1-0) atSeattle(Elias2-1), 7:10p.m. go-ahead, two-run double in the 16 pitches because of astiff neck, BroxtonL,1-2 1 1 1 1 0 1 Benoit BALTIMORE — J.J. Hardy drove 1 0 0 0 1 2 Sunday'sGames Knebel 2 -3 3 2 2 1 1 and Zack Cozart had three hits as Goforth KimbrelW,1-1 1 0 0 0 0 2 11th inning to lift Chicago. Gordon in the winning run with two outs Tampa Bayat Baltimore,10:35 a.m. 13 0 0 0 0 1 HBP —byShields(Kang). WP—Shields.PB —Cerveli. Chicago WhiteSoxat Houston,11;10a m. Cincinnati rallied with a three-run O.Perezpitchedto1batter in the7th. Beckham led off the eighth inning in the ninth inning, Chris Davis T—3:16. A—28,317(41,164). TorontoatMinnesota,11:10a.m. HBP —by Nelson (Saltalamacchia, Inciarte). WPsixth. for the White Sox with a home run homered and Bal t imore extended Kansas CityatChicagoCubs,11:20a.m. Nelson.PB—Centeno. Bostonat Texas, 12:05p.m. T—3:23.A—34,276 (41,900). Rockies 4, Phiiiies1 to center field to tie the gameat 3. Tampa Bay's losing streak to six Washington Cincinnati N.Y.YankeesatOakland,1:05p.m. games. StevenSouzaJr. homered ab r hbi ab r hbi Cleveland atSeattle,1:10 p.m. Chicago Houston PHILADELPHIA — Chad Bettis Spancf 4 0 1 0 Cozartss 5 0 3 1 Giants 4, Braves 2 Detroit atL.A.Angels, 5:05p.m. for the Rays, whohavelost their ab r hbi ab r hbi Dsmndss 5 0 2 1 Votto1b 4 1 1 1 retired the first18 batters and took Eatoncf 4 1 1 0 Springrrf 4 0 0 0 past three games in the ninth or YEscor3b 5 0 2 0 Frazier3b 4 1 2 1 NATIONALLEAGUE SAN FRANCISCO — Buster Posey a no-hitter into the eighth inning Mecarrlf 6 0 0 0 Altuve2b 4 1 2 0 H arperrf 4 0 1 0 Brucerf 3 0 0 0 10th inning. East Division hit a two-run homer in the first Zmrmn1b 5 1 1 0 B.Penac 3 0 1 0 for Colorado. W L Pct GB A breu1b 4 1 2 0 Tuckerlf 5 1 2 0 S otoc 1 1 1 2 Gattisdh 5 1 2 0 W Ramsc 5 0 2 1 Byrdlf 3100 Washington 28 20 .583 inning and drove in three, andSan Tampa Bay Baltimore Espinos2b 3 0 0 0 Schmkr2b 4 1 2 0 NewYork 27 22 .551 fr/r LaRochdh-1b5 0 1 1 Carter1b 4 0 2 2 ab r hbi ab r hbi Colorado Philadelphia Francisco won its fifth straight. AIRmrzss 5 1 1 0 Valuen3b 5 0 0 0 MTaylrlf 2 1 0 0 Hooverp 0 0 0 0 Atlanta 23 25 .479 5 Kiermrcf 4 0 0 0 MMchd3b 4 0 0 0 ab r hbi ab r hbi Strasrgp 0 0 0 0 Achpmp 0 0 0 0 Miami 19 30 .388 9'/z G illaspi3b 2 0 1 0 Villarss 4 0 2 0 J Butlerdh 4 0 0 0 Sniderrf 4 0 2 0 BBarnscf-If 4 0 0 0 Revererf 4 1 0 0 Jordanp 3 0 1 0 DeSclfnp 2 0 1 0 Atlanta San Franci s co Philadelphia 19 31 .380 10 GBckhph-3b 2 1 1 2 Congerc 5 0 0 0 Longori3b 3 0 1 0 Ecarerpr 0 1 0 0 LeMahi2b 4 00 0 Galvisss 4 0 0 0 Shuckrf 3 0 0 0 Mrsnckcf 4 0 0 0 Barrettp 0 0 0 0 Phiffipsph 0 0 0 1 ab r hbi ab r hbi Central Division DeJesslf 4 0 2 0 Paredsdh 4 0 0 0 4 2 4 2 utley2b 4 0 0 0 Treinenp 0 0 0 0 Ju.Diazp 0 0 0 0 P etersn2b 4 0 1 0 Aokilf 3 0 0 0 Tlwtzkss W L Pct GB Flowrsc-1b 5 0 0 0 Forsyth2b 3 0 0 0 A.Jonescf 4 0 0 0 CGnzlzrf 3 1 1 0 Howard1b 4 0 0 0 Roertsn p 0 0 0 0 ugglaph 0 0 0 0 Cingrnp 0 0 0 0 Maybincf 4 0 2 1 Panik2b 3 2 1 0 St. Louis 32 16 .667 SouzJrrf 4 1 1 1 C.Davis1b 3 1 2 1 Arenad 3b 4 0 0 0 Franco 3b 4 0 0 0 2b 4 1 1 0 Thrntnp 0 0 0 0 Negron2b 1 0 0 0 F Frmn1b 4 1 1 1 Pencerf 4 0 0 0 Chicago 25 22 .532 6r/r CSnchz 3 0 0 0 JHardyss 4 0 1 1 W Rosr1b 3 0 0 0 Aschelf 3 0 1 0 Totals 41 6 9 5 Totals 4 0 3 102 Acarerss BHmltn cf 4 1 1 1 M arkksrf 3 0 0 0 Poseyc 4 2 2 3 Pittsburgh 25 23 .521 7 E lmore1b 4 0 1 0 Loughlf 3 0 1 0 Totals 3 6 2 102 Totals 3 3 5 115 Paulsn1b 1 1 1 2 OHerrrcf 3 0 0 0 C Jhnsn3b 4 0 0 0 Belt1b 3 0 0 0 H undlyc 4 0 1 0 Ruizc Cincinnati 20 27 .426 11'I~ Chicago 081 010 010 BS — 6 Riverac 3 0 0 0 Josephc 3 0 0 0 3010 Washing ton Bgg 811 Ogg — 2 Przynsc 3 0 0 0 Bcrwfrss 4 0 2 1 Milwaukee 16 33 ,327 I Br/r Houston OBB 102 000 gg — 3 Flahrty2b 2 0 0 0 Ynoalf 3 0 0 0 ABlancpr 0 0 0 0 E—Me.cabrera(1), Abreu(4), Conger(2). 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Colorado(J.DeLaRosa1-2) at Philadelphia(Harang Fields L,2-1 11-3 0 1 1 2 1 Cedeno S trasburg pi t ched to1 bat t er i n the 2n d. San Franci s co T — 2: 3 2. A — 22,227 (43 , 6 51). pitched to1batter in the9th. 4-4),12:05p.m. Sipp 2-3 3 2 2 0 1 Geltz BP—byCingrani(Harper). WP—Jordan,Ju.Diaz. T.HudsonW3-4 7 5 1 1 0 4 HBP —by Mi.Gonzalez (Longoria, A.cabrera), by H Arizona(Hellickson2-3) at Milwaukee(Lohse3-5), HBP—byMccuffers (Eaton,Eaton). PB—Flowers. T—3:02. A—28,877(42,319). StricklandH,2 1 0 0 0 0 1 O' D ay (Forsyt h e). 1:10 p.m. T—4:08. A—25,957(41,574). C asilla S,15-17 1 1 1 1 2 1 Interleague T—2:43.A—45,505(45,971). Miami(Koehler3-3)atN.Y.Mets(Niese3-5),1:10 p.m. HBP— byJi.Johnson(M.Duff y).WP— Foltynewicz2. Cardinals 3, Dodgers 0 Washington (G.Gonzalez4-2) atCincinnati (R.lglesias T—2:36.A—41,311 (41,915). Athletics 6, Yankees2 1-1),1:10p.m. Royals 8, Cubs4 Biue Jays 6, Twins 4 KansasCity (Ven tura 3-4) atChicagoCubs(Wada ST. LOUIS —John Lackeyworked Marlins 4, Mets 3 0-0),4;15p.m. OAKLAND, Calif.— Sonny Gray seven scoreless innings andSt. CHICAGO — Lorenzo Cain hit a MINNEAPOLIS —Chris Colabello L.A. Dodgers(Frias 3-2) atSt. Louis(Wacha 7-0), retired11 straight after walking 4:15 p.m. Louis ended MikeBolsinger's tiebreaking RBI double andscored hit two-run tiebreaking homer NEW YORK — Mi a mi rookie JusAtlanta (W.P erez 0-0) at SanFrancisco(Lincecum Brett Gardner to lead off the game, in the ninth inning, andToronto streak of18'/5 consecutive score- tin Bour hit a three-run homer, and in a three-run eighth, and Kansas 5-2), 7:05 p.m. lessinnings.LosAngeleshas Pittsburgh(Morton1-0)at SanDiego(T.Ross 2-4), and Oakland wonfor the fifth time stopped Minnesota's five-game the Marlins stopped athree-game City snapped afour-game skid. in seven games. Brian McCann 7:10 p.m. winning streak. Mark Buehrle been shut out four straight times skid while extending Matt HarSunday'sGames ended the streak with a leadoff on the road. allowed four runs in the first but vey's winless streak to five starts. KansasCityab r hbi Chicago ab r hbi Miami atN.Y.Mets,10:10 a.m. home run in the fifth — his fourth Washington atCincinnati,10:30a.m. AEscorss 5 1 2 2 Fowlercf 5 0 0 0 recovered for his second complete Los Angeles After the game,NewYork said it Coloradoat Philadelphia,10;35 a.m. St. Louis Mostks 3b 4 1 0 0 Bryant 3b 4 0 2 1 in four games, andAlex Rodriguez game this season. Arizona at Milwaukee,11;10 a.m. worried that Harvey — coming ab r hbi ab r hbi L.caincf 4 2 3 1 Rizzo1b 3 0 1 0 extended his hitting streak to13. LA. Dodgers atSt. Louis, 11:15a.m. Pedrsncf 3 0 0 0 Wong2b 5 2 2 0 Hosmer1b 4 1 1 1 Scastro ss 4 1 1 0 backfromTommy Johnsurgery Kansas CityatChicagoCubs,11:20a.m. Toronto Minnesota Roff insss 4 0 2 0 Mcrpnt3b 3 0 1 0 S .Perezc 4 1 1 1 MMntrc 4 0 1 0 — was having "deadarm" issues. AtlantaatSanFrancisco,1:05 p.m. New York Oakland ab r h bi ab r h bi HKndrc 2b 4 0 1 0 JhPerlt ss 3 1 2 1 A Gordnlf 4 1 1 1 Solerrf 4 1 1 2 PittsburghatSanDiego, 6:10p.m. ab r hbi ab r hbi Reyesss 5 1 2 1 Dozier2b 4 1 1 0 A Gnzlz1b 4 0 1 0 Grichklf 3 0 1 1 I nfante2b 4 0 1 0 Lakelf 3000 Gardnrlf 3 0 1 1 Burnscf 5 1 2 0 Dnldsn 3b 5 1 2 3 SRonsn If 4 1 1 0 JuTrnr3b 4 0 2 0 Rynlds1b 4 0 1 0 Miami New York Orlandrf 4 0 0 0 Arrietap 2 0 0 0 Headly3b 4 0 0 0 Semienss 4 1 1 0 Bautistdh 3 0 1 0 Mauer1b 4 1 1 1 E thierrf 4 0 0 0 Molinac 4 0 1 0 ab r hbi ab r hbi Volquezp 2 0 0 0 Coghlnph 1 000 History ARdrgz dh 4 0 1 0 Parrino ss 1 0 0 0 Encrnc 1b 4 0 1 0 Plouffe 3b 4 0 1 0 D Gordn2b 4 1 1 0 Grndrsrf 4 1 1 1 Guerrrlf 3 0 0 0 Heywrdrf 3 0 1 0 M adsonp 0 0 0 0 Stropp 0 0 0 0 THIS DATE IN BASEBALL BMccnc 4 1 1 1 Zobrist2b 4 1 0 1 S moak 1b 0 0 0 0 TrHntrrf 4 1 1 1 Nicasiop 0 0 0 0 Bourioscf 4 0 0 0 Prado3b 3 1 1 1 Teiada3b 4 1 2 0 KMorlsph 1 0 1 0 JRussllp 0 0 0 0 Beltranrf 4 0 1 0 BButlerdh 3 1 1 1 RuMrtnc 3 1 0 0 KSuzukc 3 0 1 1 Stantonrf 4 0 0 0 Duda1b 4 1 1 1 PRdrgzp 0 0 0 0 Lackeyp 2 0 0 0 KHerrrp 0 0 0 0 Grimmp 0 0 0 0 MaySg G Jones1b 4 0 1 0 Vogt1b 3 1 2 2 Colaefflf 4 1 1 2 Edfscrdh 2 0 0 1 Effi sc 3 0 0 0 Eas leyph 1 0 0 0 Bour1b 4 1 1 3 DnMrp2b 4 0 1 1 WDavisp 0 0 0 0 EJcksnp 0 0 0 0 1894 — Boston'sRobert Lowebecame the first Drew2b 4 0 0 0 Lawrie3b 4 1 1 2 C arrerrf 4 0 1 0 Hickscf 3 0 0 0 ABarnsc 0 0 0 0 Siegristp 0 0 0 0 Ozunacf 4 0 0 0 Cuddyrlf 4 0 1 0 JDysonph 1 1 1 0 Baxterph 1 0 0 0 player inMajor Leaguehistory to hitfour homerunsin CYoung cf 3 0 0 0 Reddckrf 3 0 0 0 Pillarcf 4 2 2 0 DSantnss 3 0 0 0 Yelichlf 4 0 1 0 WFlorsss 4 0 0 0 B olsngrp 2 0 0 0 Jayph 10 1 0 GHffndp 0 0 0 0ARussll2b 4 2 2 1 Gregrsss 2 1 1 0 Pheglyc 4 0 3 0 Goins2b 4 0 1 0 Real m tc 4 0 0 0 Lagarscf 2 0 0 0 agame,leadingtheBeaneatersto a20-11winover CinHowellp 0 0 0 0 Rosnthlp 0 0 0 0 Totals 3 7 8 116 Totals 3 5 4 8 4 cinnati.Afterhitting fourstraighthomers, Loweaddeda C anhalf 4 0 0 0 Totals 36 6 11 6 Totals 3 1 4 6 4 Hchvrrss 3 1 1 0 Plawckc 3 0 0 0 Heiseylf 1 0 0 0 K ansas Cit y 1 1 0 1 0 1 831 — 8 single to setamajor leaguerecordwith17 total bases. F uldlf 0 0 0 0 Toronto 810 830 BB2 — 6 Totals 32 0 6 0 Totals 3 3 3 102 Harenp 2 0 1 0 Harveyp 2 0 0 0 Chicago 0 01 002 100 — 4 1922 —Betweenthemorningandafternoongames Totals 32 2 6 2 Totals 3 5 6 10 6 Minnesota 400 BOO Bgg — 4 SDysonp 0 0 0 0 Cecilinph 1 0 0 0 Los Angeles Bgg Bgg Ogg — 8 E—E.Jackson(1),Fowler(1). DP—Chicago2. LOBof a Mem orial Daytwin bill, MaxFlackof theChica- New York 000 0 1 1 BOO — 2 E—Reyes (2). DP—Toronto 1, Minnesota 1. St. Louis ARamsp 0 0 0 0 CTorrsp 0 0 0 0 181 B g g1 gx — 3 KansasCity 5, Chicago6. 2~.cain (9), Hosmer(12), 004 000 82x — 6 LOB —Toronto 5, Minnesota1. 28—Reyes (7), DonE—Ju.Turner (3). DP—LosAngeles1, St.Louis1. Totals 3 2 4 6 4 Totals 3 23 6 3 Bryant(6),A.Ru go Cubs wastraded tothe St.Louis Cardinals forCliff Oakland ssel(12). HR—A.Escobar(2), S.Perez(6), E—Headley (11). DP—Oakland 1. LOB —New aldson(14), Pilar (11), Dozier(14),TorHunter (9). LOB —LosAngeles 6, St. Louis11.28—Rollins (8), Miami Heath cote.Theyplayedonegameforeachteam. Ogg 318 000 — 4 A.Gordon(6), Soler(4), A.Russeg(4).SB—L.cain(9). 1936 —BabeRuthmadehislast major leagueap- York 5, Oakland8. 28—Gregorius (5), Burns(4), HR—Donaldson(14), Colabelo(4). CS —D.Santana Wong(10), Jh.Peralta2 (15), Grichuk(7), Heyward N ew York OB B 1 8 1 001 — 8 IP H R E R BBSO DP —Miami1. LOB —Miami 3, NewYork3. 2Bpearance.Heplayedoneinning fortheBoston Braves B.Butler(9), Vogt(6), Phegley (2). HR —B.Mccann (3). SF —Edu.Escobar. (10). SB —Wong (4), M.carpenter (1). CS—ReynKansasCity IP H R E R BBSO olds (1). againstthePhiladelphia Philies. JimBivin retiredBabe (8), Lawrie (4). Dan.Murphy(12),Cuddyer(6). HR —Bour(4), Grand- Volquez 52-3 6 3 3 1 9 IP H R E R BBSO Toronto Ruth on aninfield grounderin theBabes' final major IP H R E R BBSO erson(6),Duda(9).SB—D.Gordon(20). S—Haren. MadsonH,5 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 league at-bat. New York BuehrleW,6-4 9 6 4 4 0 3 Los Angeles IP H R E R BBSO K.HerreraW,1-1 BS,1-1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1948 —Carl Hubbell oftheNewYorkGiantsthrew CapuanoL,0-3 5 1 - 3 6 4 3 2 4 Minnesota BolsingerL,3-1 6 7 2 2 3 3 Miami W.DavisH,4 1 0 0 0 0 3 12-3 1 0 0 0 3 May 1-3 0 1 0 1 0 HarenW,5-2 87 pitches in a7-0 one-hitter againsttheBrooklyn E.Rogers 6 8 4 4 1 5 Howell 7 4 2 2 1 4 G.Holland 1 0 0 0 0 2 2-3 0 0 0 0 2 Nicasio 1 1-3 1 0 0 1 1 Dodgers. He facedthe minimum27 baters. Johnny Lindgren 1 3 2 2 1 1 Pressly S.DysonH,3 1 0 0 0 0 1 Chicago 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 PRodriguez Hudson, whosingled, wascaught stealing. Oakland Duensing 1-3 2 0 0 0 0 A.RamosS,3-5 1 2 1 1 0 2 Arrieta 7 8 4 4 0 5 1977 —Cleveland'sDennisEckersleypitcheda1-0 GrayW,6-2 8 4 2 2 2 5 Fien 1 0 0 0 0 1 St. Louis New York StropL,1-3 1-3 1 3 1 2 1 no-hitteragainsttheCalifornia Angels. Fe Rodriguez 2 3 2 0 0 0 1 PerkinsL,0-1 1 - 3 3 2 2 1 0 LackeyW,3-3 7 5 0 0 1 9 HarveyL,5-3 8 6 4 4 1 11 J.Russell 1-3 0 0 0 0 1 1982 — Baltimore'Cal s RipkenJr. beganhis re- ClippardS,6-7 1 - 3 0 0 0 0 0 AThompson 13 0 0 0 0 0 SiegristH,7 1 1 0 0 0 2 C.Torres 1 0 0 0 0 1 Grimm 1-3 0 0 0 0 1 A.Ramos. cord conse cutivegamesstreakbystarting at third base WP—Gray. Stauffer 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 RosenthalS,14-15 1 0 0 0 0 0 WP — EJackson 1 2 1 0 1 0 againsttheTorontoBlueJays. T—2:49. A—23,540(35,067). T—2:15.A—24,509 (39,021). T—2:58. A—44,223(45,399). T—2:08.A—33,880 (41,922). T—3:09. A—34,273(40,929). Kansas City Minnesota Detroit Chicago Cleveland


he was. He didn't miss," said

Continued from C1 Curry has played in 416 NBA games. He has failed to

at Siena. "I thought, 'We can't stop him. That's a lottery pick.'

score just three times — one

game he did not start during his rookie season and two oth-

ers heleftearly because ofinjury. This season he was sixth in the league in scoring, averaging 23.8 points an outing and was held to single digits just twice.

Coaches have tried just about everything over the years, but none came up with

a game plan quite like former Loyola coach Jimmy Patsos in

the 2008 preseason National Invitation Tournament.

Curry had begun the 200809 season on a tear, notching

29 points in the opener, followed by 33, 44, 30 and 39. To make matters worse, Patsos

felt he had just eight players who were 100 percent healthy.

During warm-ups, Patsos knew he was in trouble. "I was surprised how good

sessionsbefore he realized Patsos, now the head coach what was happening. David-

he never let that enter into his

son called a t i meout three thinking." minutes into the game with the Harvey was one of two

He had so many weapons; he score tied 4-4 to discuss what Greyhounds escorting Curry handles the ball so well and was going on. Loyola then around the floor. That meant gets it off so fast. I knew there built its lead to 9-4 before a TV he spent a good chunk of that was no way we're beating timeout allowed Davidson to game far removed from the them if he puts up 30 points, so huddle again. basket, standing idle next to let's try something else." That is about the time Cur- one of the best players in colThat night Patsos came up ry made an adjustment of his lege basketball. "He handled it pretty well. with a plan, a modified tri- OW11. "He came to the bench and He didn't care about the points. angle-and-two, in which two defenders would shadow Cur- said, 'Coach, I'm just going to He was happy to be winning," ry everywhere and the oth- stand in the corner,'" McKillop Harvey said. er three Greyhound players recalled. Curry watched each play wouldbe tasked with guarding When play resumed, Cur- unfold from near th e h alfthe remaining four Davidson ry did just that, eliminating court line, showing no signs of players. himself from the action and frustration or anger. Instead, "We knew we were trying giving Davidson a four-on- his teammates scored and he something different," says three advantage. McKillop is cheered them. "That's when I thought, 'Oh Brett Harvey, a junior guard wistful thinking back to what on that Loyola team. "But no- that meant: "Just an incredi- no, we're in trouble," Patsos body in the country was able ble statement from a mature says. to stop him, so we had to try young man who putteam in Essentially operating on the something new." front of himself and put victory basketball equivalent of a powFollowing the opening tip, ahead of statistics," the coach er play, Curry's teammates Curry battled through a dou- sard. closed the first half with a 35-8 "He could'vebeen tempted rktn. At halftime, Patsos told ble-team and started his night with a missed two-point at- by the demon of ego," McKil- his players it might be time to tempt. It took a couple of pos- lop continued. "His scoring av- try something else. There was

decided to stick with their plan. "And that was basically zt,"

Patsos says. "Game over." Davidson won the game 78-48. By not scoring a single point and accepting a diminished offensive role, Curry actually helped his team win. His final line: 0-for-3 from the field

"I'm still to this day mystified why a coach would do that," he says. "I just can't believe a coach would sacrifice his team like that." Harvey does not talk about

the game often. He might mention that he once faced Curry

but does not usually divulge assists. the details. "It would've been fun to see Patsos was quoted in an Associated Press report after the how I stacked up against him," game saying history would not he says. "But stopping him, it's remember that Loyola lost as tough — a guy who can shoot

with threerebounds and three

much as it would remember

like that, who's that quick with

that the mighty Curry was the balL Patsos didn't figure it held scoreless. He says the re- out, but then again, no coaches mark was trimmed and lack-

ing context. "I thought I could trick

in the NBAhave either."

Patsos said he probably would try something differhim," Patsos says today. "I ent today. He is just not sure didn't. Make no mistake, he the end result would be that outsmarted us. He was happy different. "I was right," he said with a to pass. Never complained, a true gentlemen. My hat's off to chuckle. "I told everyone how him." good he was. I told everyone he McKillop still does not like can't be stopped."




Lightning blankRangers,reachfinal The Associated Press NEW YORK — The only

history the Tampa Bay Lightning were interested in was what they would create. Such as handing the New York Rangers their f irst Game 7 loss at Madison Square Garden, which they


did Friday night with their

second straight 2-0 road victory behind Ben Bishop's 22 saves. Such as heading to their second Stanley Cup final, where they will play Chicago or Anaheim, which will decide the Western Conference

ing forward to getting out there again." scoring first in this postseaThe Lightning, who won son, which they did when the Cup in 2004 in a seventh Alex Killorn slipped a back- game over Calgary, allowed hander under Henrik Lund- only four goals in as many qvist early in the third period. games at the Garden. "For whatever reason that B ishop, pulled from a Game 6 loss after allowing was probably the most calm five goals, did much of the Game 7I' ve everbeen a part rest, and Ondrej Palat iced it of," Lightning captain Stewith 8:43 to go. ven Stamkos said. "And not "I felt pretty confident in just for me, but on the bench. this building," said Bishop, Going into the third, we were who sure looked it after be- just loose. "We knew we were playing ing so shaky Tuesday night. "We've done well against the game the right way, we them all year. I was just look- knew were going to get one." title tonight.

Such as going 9-0 when

Ryan Brennecke /The Bulletin

Summit's Troy Viola celebrates with his team after defeating North Eugene in a Class 5A state playoffs quarterfinal game in Bend on Friday.



and making it happen. I'm G arcia finished with t w o very proud of them. Their ap- hitsand scored three runs for proach has been very good." the Storm, while Troy Viola

Continued from C1 "He came in and saved his In the fourth, the Storm own game," Embree said. "It's mixed things up and opened hard to get a win and a save in the inning with four straight the same game." hits, including an RBI triple

Oregon State's Joey Jansen cel-

and Cal Waterman each had two hits and an RBI. Dylan

ebrates with

in two runs for Summit, which

Elliott Cary (9) after scoring

by Jason Garcia. Those three

looks to shake off a shaky fin-

the winning

six over six innings for Sum- runs proved to be the differmit (24-3) before fanning an- ence, as Summit moves on to

ish to an otherwise dominant quarterfinal win.

eighth inning

Scott the starter struck out other hitter in the seventh and

the semifinals for the first time

allowing the Storm to escape since advancing to the state fiwith the win. "I think it j ust makes us

stronger as a team, honestly," Scott said of the close-call victory. "We probably would have come out a

l i t tle t oo

hot-headed if we just won 8-1. It really shows that we have

composure." As they did in their firstround win over Crater two

days earlier, the Storm once again displayed a never-say-

nal in 2012.

Albertazzi doubled and drove

run during the

"We reload," Embree instructed. "We go back to the

against Texas at the Dallas Regional of the NCAA

basics and start fresh."

"They're being patient and making it happen. ... Their approach (at the plate) has been very good.

The Storm may need all the firepower they can mus-


ter Tuesday when they travel

Friday. Oregon State won 5-4.

to Hillsboro to take on topranked Liberty, which defeated Bend High 14-3 on Friday. The Falcons (25-2) have lost just once in their past 21 games and are 19-0 against

— Storm coach Alan Embree 5A competition. Those numbers do not faze Scott, however — not after the

North Eugene's Tommy offensive exhibition the Storm on as all five of Summit's runs Ahlstrom belted a solo home put on Friday. "If we come out hot with our in the first and second innings run in the third inning and came across with two outs. finished with two hits and an bats," Scott said, "no one is "They're not getting antsy," RBI. Dane Stapley and Mor- stopping us." Embree observed of his hit- ris each had two hits for the — Reporter: 541-383-0307, ters. "They're being patient Highlanders. die attitude at the plate early

Cooper Neill/The Associated Press

Beavers o en tourne wit vido over Texas The Associated Press DALLAS — Kyle Nobach

Lava Bears Continued from C1 Creighton Simmonds was

hit a tiebreaking double in In the top of the fifth and trailing 12-0, the Lava Bears seemed to find life as Sim-

was shut out the rest of the

the eighth inning Friday to lift

way as Liberty pulled away

Oregon State to a 5-4 victory

with the quarterfinal victory.

over Texas in the first round of the NCAA tournament's

2-for-3 for th e L ava B ears and Himes followed with an

"Extremely proud of our kids," Randall said. "They con-

(19-10), Cameron Himes had RBI single.

tinued to battle throughout....

two hits and Justin Parsons

That kind of exemplifies who Bend High as a community is."


Lacrosse Continued from C1 After the Lava Bears cut

the deficit to two scores in the fourth, the Lions scored three

unanswered goals to seal the win and advance to the semifinals.

monds scored on a passed ball Mario Mora then drove in a run with one out, but Bend

Dallas Regional. Nobach also singled home a run in the fourth inning to give the Beavers (39-17-1) a2-1 lead. Texas (30-26) then trailed u ntil Brooks Marlow hit a t wo-run home ru n i n t h e

eighth against starter Andrew Moore to pull the Longhorns

Sistersfalls inCascadeCup SISTERS —Sisters took an early third-quarter lead against Canby in the CascadeCupquarterfinals, but the Outlaws gave up eight straight goals to endthe gameand lost12-6. Sisters held a 6-4 lead after five minutes in the third quarter. Tyler Headhad eight goals for the Outlaws, while goalie MaxKahnt had 12saves.

Chance Beutler led t he an assist, while goalie Nikos scored a goal and had two four goals. Cade Hinderlider Skoufos was credited wit h as s i sts, and Eli Pite netted a pitched in with two goals and seven saves. Cohl Johnston goal.

way for the Lava Bears with


into a 4-4 tie.

Center fielder Zane Gurwitz took a home run away from t h e B e avers' C aleb

Class 6A State playoffs Quarlerfinals Friday's Games No. t Clackama s7, No.24Oregon City 6 No. 4Sheldon20, No.5Beaverton7 No. 6WestLinn2, No.3Central Catholic 1 No.7McMinnvile 3, No.2North Medford 1 semistnals Tuesday'sGames No.4SheldonatNo.1Clackamas No. 7McMinnville atNo.6 West Linn Championship Friday,June6at VolcanoesStadiuminKeizer Class 5A State playofls Qttatterfinals Friday's Games No.1Liberty14,No.BBend3 No.4Summit8,No.5NorthEugene6 No. 14Pendleton8, No.6CrescentValley3 No. 7HoodRiverValley4, No.15Putnam0 North Eugene 001 000 5 — 6 11 2 Summit 320 300 x — 8 10 3 Bend Liberly

000 030 0 — 3 8 2 093 002 x — 14 12 1

Class3A State playoffs Guarlerlittals Friday's Games No.1 Cascade Christian 9, No.8 SIanfield/Echo 6 No. 4Glide3, No.5HorizonChristian (Tualatin) 1 No. 3Clatskanie6,No.u Rainier2 No. 2SantiamChristian 5, No.10 St.Mary's1 SemIfittals Tttes day' sGames No. 4Glideat No.1CascadeChristian No. 3ClatskanieatNo.2SantiamChristian Championship Thursday,June5at VolcanoesStadiumin Keizer Class 2A/1A State playoffs Guarlerlittals Friday's Games No. 1Monroe/Alsea8,No.8 Pilot Rock/Nixyaawii 6 No. 4Burns8,No.5 Reedsport 6 No. 3Regis25, No.6North Douglas2 No. 2Knappa6, No.7Dufur 4 Semifinals

Tuesday'sGames No. 4BurnsatNo.1Monroe/Alsea No. 3Regisat No.2 Knappa Championship Thursday, June5at VolcanoesStadiumin Keizer



Tuesday'sGames No. 4Summit at No.1 Liberty No. 14Pendletonat No.7HoodRiver Valey Championship Friday,June6al VolcanoesStadiuminKeizer Class4A State playoffs Gttarterfinals Friday's Games No.t Henley6,No.8NorthBendo No. 4HiddenValley12, No.5Astoria10 No. 3Gladstone15,No.u NorthMarion 8 No. 10Scappoose13, No.15Molala 2 semistttals Tuesday'sGames No. 4HiddenValley atNo.1Henley No.10ScappooseatNo.3Gladstone Championship Friday,June6at VolcanoesStadiuminKeizer

Class 6A


Friday's Games

No. 1Westview3, No.9West Salem2 No.12 Barlow3, No.20South Salem0

No. 3Grantspass5, No.u McNary0 No.2Tualatin5,No.23Reynolds0 Semifinals Tuesday'sGames No.12BarlowatNo.1Westview No. 3GrantsPassat No.2Tualatin Championship Friday,June6at OSUSoftball Complex Class5A State playoffs Guarlerlittals Fridat/'s Games No. 1Putnam4,No.8 St. Helens3 No.4Marislu,No.12Sandy8


Friday,June6at OSUSoftball Complex

Class4A State playotfs Ouarterlittals Friday's Games No.1 Banks 4 No9Scappoose1 No.12 Mazam a5, No. 4Newport 4 No. 3Yamhil-CaIlton 4, No.6Henley1 No.2McLoughlin4,No.10Douglas/CamasValley0 Semifinals Tttes day' sGames No.12MazamaatNo.tBanks No. 3Yamhil-Carlton atNo.2 McLoughlin Championship Friday,June6at OSUSoftball Complex

Class 3A State playotfs Ouarterlinals Friday's Games No. 1Dayton12,No.9 Echo/Stanfield 2(5innings) No. 5PleasantHil t, No. 4Taft0

No. 3Scio12, No.6Vale0(5 innings) No. 2Rainier2,No.7Harrisburg 1 Semifinals Tttes day' sGames No. 5PleasantHil atNo.1Dayton No. 3ScioatNo. 2Rainier Championship Thursday,June5at OSUSoftball Complex Class2/t/IA State playotfs Qttarterlinals Friday's Games No.1Union/Cove3,No.8NorthDouglas0 No. 5Weston-McEwen7, No.4Bonanza3 No. 3Pilot Rock/Nixyaawii 1,No.6 Knappa0 No. 2Central Linn8, No.7Gold Beach1 Semifinals Tttes day' sGames No.5Weston-McEwenatNo.1Union/Cove No. 3Pilot Rock/Nixyaawiiat No.2Central Linn Championship Thursday, June5at OSUSoftball Com plex

Where Buyers And Sellers Meet s ss • •


• • Classifteds»>s>use>»>.com >

rally with a two-out single. Tyler Peyton limited Oregon Oregon State's Joe Gillette to one run with five strikedrew a leadoff walk in t he outs in 7'/ innings to lead seceighth off Kirby Bellow (3-2), ond-seeded Iowa to its first and Billy King sacrificed to NCAA tournament win since set up the winning run. 1972. Iowa (40-16) stranded Mitch Hickey earned his 13 runners on base and left 11th save and started a double the bases loaded in three inplay to end the game. Scot- nings. Oregon (37-24), making land Church (1-0) got the win. its fourth consecutive NCAA The start of the game was appearance, was limited to a delayed for 65 minutes while third-inning RBI single from a helicopter helped to dry the Austin Grebeck. Cole Irvin rain-soaked field at Dallas (2-5) struck out two in five Baptist's Horner Ballpark. innings. Oregon will next The Beavers will next play play the loser of this mornVCU, which beat Dallas Bap- ing's Missouri State-Canisius tist 7-2 Friday. game, which was postponed Also on Friday: from Friday due to rain.

Power setsrecordwith Belle Islepole The Associated Press

No. 6Silverton7, No.14Hilsboro3 No. 2Pendleton10,No.10Liberty6 Semifittals Tttes day' sGames No.4Maristatwo.t Putnam No. 6SilvertonatNo.2 Pendleton

lowa 3, Oregon 1: SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Iowa pitcher


DETROIT — Will Power


Hamilton in the bottom of the seventh and started the tying

set a track qualifying record at Belle Isle, winning the

pole Friday for the first of this weekend's two IndyCar races. Power's time of 1 minute,

16.0941 seconds bested the previous mark of 1:16.1371

by Takuma Sato last year.

six previous starts at Belle

for the third time in the past

Isle. Last year, he started 16th when he won the opening IndyCar race in Detroit. In thesecond race,hestarted eighth and finished second. Also on Friday: Hamlin wins Dover pole: D OVER, D el. — Denny

six races here. Reddick wins Truck Series race: DOVER, Del. — Tyler

H amlin t u r ned a l a p o f 160.121 mph at Dover Inter-

Reddick took the lead with

seven laps left and held on to win the Camping World Truck Series race at Dover International S p e edway. Reddick passed Erik Jones to win for the second time

It was Power's 39th pole and third this season, but he

national Speedway to win

this season. Reddick also

his first pole of the season.

won the season opener at

had never qualified first in

Hamlin won the Dover pole Daytona.


Mcllroy missesIrish Opencut onceagain The Associated Press NEWCASTLE, Northern

onship the previous week. England's Tyrrell Hatton

He had a 66 to reach 9 under. Pressel leads ShopRite:

Ireland — Top-ranked Rory

shot a course-record 66 for

GALLOWA Y TOW N S H I P, N.J. — Morgan Pressel closed

a share of the lead at 3 under his home Irish Open for the with five other players. third straight year, following Also on Friday: his opening 9-over 80 with a Byron Nelson delayed by McIlroy missed the cut in

71 at Royal County Down on

Friday. McIlroy, from Northern Ireland, also missed the cut

rain: IRVING, Texas — Jimmy Walker, Steven Bowditch Jon Curran share the sec-

ond-round lead at 9 under in the rain-delayed AT&T ByChampionship in England ron Nelson. Walker finished a fter w i n n ing t h e P G A with a par at 18 just before Tour's Wells Fargo Champi- play was halted by darkness. last week in the BMW PGA

MlllsrslllNNB~I sll0tttifs



SWIIElNoY IE"'S, Snowmobile, Small Engine Repair 8 More

with a birdie and an eagle for a 5-under 66 and a one-stroke

lead after the first round of the ShopRite LPGA Classic.



803 SW Industrial Way, Bend, OR



O» To look upindividual stocks, goto Also seearecap in Sunday's Businesssection.



N ASDAQ ~ 2 7 05






18,360 "

SstP 500

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Auto sales

2 120 .

Brisk demand for SUVs and trucks has helped power U.S. auto sales this year. Sales jumped 4.6 percent in April, with several automakers reporting their strongest April sales ever. Lower oil prices have helped boost SUV and trucks sales. A J.D. Power and LMC Automotive forecasts calls for May sales, due out on Tuesday, to be up 4 percent from a year earlier, reaching a seasonally adjusted annual pace of 17.3 million units.











.... Close: 2,107.39 Change: -13.40 (-0.6%)


2,080' " ""'10 DAYS






18,400" 18,000"


17,200" D



StocksRecap NYSE NASD

Vol. (in mil.) 3,727 1,894 Pvs. Volume 2,889 1,673 Advanced 987 1035 Declined 2136 1718 New Highs 55 83 New Lows 62 37








Alaska Air Group Avista Corp Bank of America B arrett Business Boeing Co Cascade Baacorp ColumbiaBokg Trade tally Columbia Sportswear The Commerce Department Costco Wholesale delivers its latest tally of the Craft Brew Alliance nation's trade gap on Wednesday FLIR Systems Economists anticipate that the Hewlett Packard trade deficit declined to $44.2 Intel Corp billion in April. The deficit swelled Keycorp in March to the highest level in Kroger Co more than six years, propelled by Lattice Semi a flood of imports. The more that LA Pacific MDU Resources the U.S. trade deficit shrinks, the less it is likely to weigh down the Mentor Graphics Microsoft Corp nation's economic growth. Nike Ioc B Trade (goods and services) Nordstrom Ioc seasonally adjusted (billions) est. Nwst Nat Gas $0 39 • 5 45 • 8 42.7 35 • 9 51 .4 44 2 PaccarIoc Planar Systms Plum Creek -10 Prec Castparts -20 Schoitzer Steel Sherwin Wms -30 StaocorpFocl StarbocksCp -40 UmpquaHoldings US Bancorp -50 WashingtonFedl N D .: J F M A WellsFargo & Co '14. :'15 Source: Facteet Weyerhaeuser



GameStop D

%CHG. WK -0.64% V -0.81% V -0.13% V -0.69% V -0.55% V -0.63% V -0.63% V -0.59% V -0.52% V

MO QTR YTD +1.05% -9.19% -5.03% +2.00% L L +7.05% L +2.36% L L +4.97% L L +2.72% L L +3.47%


J WN 64.92 ~ NWN 41.81 ~ PCAR 55.34 ~ PLNR 2.12 ~ P CL 38.70 ~ PCP 186.17 ~ S CHN 1 5 .06 ~ SHW 201.36 ~ SFG 59.28 — SBUX 35.38 ~


UM PQ 14.70 ~ 1 U SB 38.10 ~ WA F D 19.52 ~ 2 WFC 46.44 — o W Y 3 0.50 ~

v V L V

v L L

W V T V L 34.4 6 +. 4 5 +1 .3 L L L L 1 4.5 8 -.20 -1.4 V L 72. 8 0 - 1 .14 - 1.5 V L V

... ... L -.38 -2.1 V








... L

-.10 -0.4 L L - .59 -1.2 V V -.63 -0.6 V L 83.16 7 2.6 4 -.99 -1.3 V V 52.5 7 4 4. 7 0 -.21 -0.5 W 71.1 5 63. 5 6 - 1 .61 -2.5 V W 9.17 4.33 -.12 -2.7 V W 45.45 4 1. 2 6 -.29 -0.7 T W 275. 0 9 21 1.63 -4.21 -2.0 W L 28.44 1 7. 9 1 -.23 -1.3 V L 294. 3 5 28 8.18 -1.73 -0.6 L L 75.24 74 .22 -.89 -1.2 V L 52.0 9 51. 9 6 +. 1 5 +0.3 L L 8.3 9 17.59 -.05 -0.3 L L 46.10 4 3. 1 1 -.59 -1.4 V L 3.4 3 22.10 -.02 -0.1 L L 56.70 55 .96 -.25 -0.4 W L L 37.04 3 2. 5 6 -.40 -1.2 V




+8.2 +29 . 5 1 281 13 - 9.5 + 3 . 6 5 2 9 1 0 -7.8 +11.2 55106 25 +31.4 - 22.3 146 d d +8.1 +8. 4 5 0 97 18

M A 52-week range $31.69~

M $4 6.59

GCO Close:$66.19 V-1.60 or -2.4% The seller of footwear, hats, clothing and accessories reported worse-than-expected first-quarter profit and revenue results. $75





Source: FautSet AP



AmdFocus Franklin Mutual Shares has a large percentage of assets in overseas investments relative to its peers, but that number has steadily decreased since 2009, according to Morningstar.

Source: FactSet


PERCENT RETURN Yr RANK FUND N AV CHG YTD 1YR 3YR BYR 1 3 5 Marhetsummary American Funds AmBalA m 25 . 10 -.11+2.2 +7.5 +13.8+12.7 A A A Most Active CaplncBuA m 60.89 -.31 +3.1 +3.9 +11.2+10.8 8 B A CpWldGrlA m 48.23 -.37 +5.0 +3.8 +16.2+12.6 D 8 C NAME VOL (Bgs) LAST CHG EurPacGrA m 51.37 -.34 +9.0 +3.4 +14.1+10.0 C 8 C S&P500ETF 1021663 211.14 -1.32 FnlnvA m 53. 8 0 - .32 +4.9 +10.7 +18.6+15.4 C C C CSVLgCrde 975342 3.54 + .37 GrthAmA m 45.47 -.16 +6.5 +12.6 +20.1+15.8 C A C CSVLgNGs 587295 1.93 -.14 Franklin Mutual Shares (TESIX) IncAmerA m 21.95 -.69 +2.5 +5.2 +12.8+12.2 D 8 A BkofAm 551064 16.50 -.17 InvCoAmA m 37.90 -.20 +3.4 +9.0 +18.8+15.2 D 8 C VALUE B L EN D GR OWTH iShEMkts 471721 41.12 -.40 NewPerspA m39.17 -.22 +8.0 +9.1 +17.1+13.9 A 8 8 Pfizer 462861 34.75 +.31 WAMutlnvA m41.43 -.13 +1.6 +8.1 +17.4+16.0 C C A Apple Inc s 455926 130.28 -1.50 4353 8 iPVixST 414907 19.02 +.14 Dodge &Cox Income 13.8 3 + .61 +1.1 + 2.3 + 3.8 +4.8 D A 8 Cu Intel 396225 34.46 +.45 5u IntlStk 45.64 - . 4 5 +7.0 -0.2 +18.2+11.5 C A A RiteAid 395879 8.72 + .02 Stock 183.7 3 - . 96 +2.8 + 9 .2 +22.4+16.7 8 A A 43Fidelity Contra 102. 2 7 - . 74 +5.4 +13.3 +17.9+16.4 C C C Gainers 53 ContraK 102 . 23 -.75+5.4 +13.4 +18.0+16.5 C C 8 CI NAME L AST C H G %C H G LowPriStk d 52.79 -.21 +5.1 +10.8 +19.5+16.2 B C 8 Fideli S artao 500 l dxAdvtg 74.59 -.47 +3.2 +12.0 +19.0+16.5 B 8 A ITT Ed 4 .37 +1 . 9 6 +8 1 .3 HeronTher 1 9.76 + 7 .4 1 +6 0 .0 FraakTemp-Frank li o IncomeC m 2.44 ... +2.3 -0.5 +10.0 +9.4 E A A Transgno 2 .63 +.74 +39 . 2 53 IncomeA m 2. 4 1 -. 61 +2.5 -0.4 +10.5+10.0 E A A Jiayuan 9 .28 +1 . 8 2 +2 4 . 4 Oakmark Intl I 25.21 -.28 +8.0 -0.7 +19.2+12.3 D A A ZuoanF rs 3 .75 +.73 +24 . 2 473 Oppeaheimer RisDivA m 20 . 30 -.13+1.8 +10.0 +15.8+14.2 C E D IDI rs 9 .33 +1 . 8 0 +2 3 .9 MorningstarOwnershipZone™ RisDivB m 17 . 92 -.12+1.4 + 9 .1 +14.8+13.2 D E E EKodak wt 5 .76 +1 . 0 0 +2 1 . 0 RisDivC m 17 . 79 -.12+1.5 + 9 .1 +14.9+13.3 D E E CodeReb n 3 5.95 +6 . 2 0 +2 0 . 8 OoFund target represents weighted SmMidValA m50.40 -.17 +3.6 +10.2 +19.8+13.9 8 B D Humana 214.65 + 36.24 + 2 0 .3 average of stock holdings SmMidValB m42.31 -.15 +3.2 + 9.3 +18.9+13.0 C C E RosettaStn 7 .62 +1 . 1 9 +1 8 .5 • Represents 75% of fund's stock holdings T Rowe Price Eqtylnc 33.6 0 - . 24 +1.0 + 4 .7 +16.1+13.4 E D D Losers GrowStk 56.2 7 - . 33 +8.3 +17.1 +20.0+18.2 A A A CATEGORY:LARGE VALUE NAME LAST CHG %CHG HealthSci 81.5 0 +.33+19.9 +47.7 +38.9+32.6 8 A A Newlncome 9. 5 9 . .. +1 .3 + 2 .8 + 2.8 +4.0 8 C C -1.88 -24.2 IBORNINGSTAR Cyclacel pf 5.89 Frontline 2.58 -.48 -15.7 BATINB~ ***oo Vanguard 500Adml 195.60 1.23 +3.2 +12.0 +19.0+16.5 8 8 A -.53 -14.7 Gevo rs 3.07 500lnv 194.97 1.23 +3.2 +11.8 +18.8+16.4 8 8 8 ASSETS $5,510 million OneHorizo 3.68 -.62 -14.4 Capap 55.51 -.23 +5.3 +17.8 +26.5+18.0 A A A EXPRA TIO 1.07% -.60 -13.3 MYOS 3.90 Eqlnc 31.83 -.18 +2.6 +8.5 +17.5+16.8 C C A Mlg.INIT.INVES T. $1,000 IntlStkldxAdm 28.68 -.24 +8.3 -0.4 +12.3 NA C D PERCEN T L O A D 5.75 Foreign Markets StratgcEq 34.69 -.21 +5.9 +13.8 +23.6+19.2 A A A HISTORICALRETURNS TgtRe2020 29.40 -.12 +3.3 +6.3 +11.5+10.5 A A A NAME LAST CHG %CHG TgtRe2035 18.60 -.10 +4.3 +7.3 +14.8+12.6 8 8 8 Return/Rank Paris 5,007.89 -1 29.94 -2.53 Tgtet2025 17.13 -.68 +3.6 +6.7 +12.6+11.2 A 8 8 London 6,984.43 -56.49 -.80 YEAR-TO-DATE +4.7 TotBdAdml 10.85 +0.8 +2.8 +2.3 +3.8 8 D D Frankfurt 11,41 3.82 -263.75 -2.26 1-YEAR +6.2/D Totlntl 16.79 -.14 +8.3 -0.5 +12.3 +8.5 D D D Hong Kong27,424.19 -30.12 -.11 3-YEAR +16.7/D -.23 TotStlAdm 53.23 -.33 +3.6 +11.9 +19.2+16.6 8 8 A Mexico 44,703.62 -1 03.69 5-YEAR +12.7/E Milan 23,495.68 -248.45 -1.05 TotStldx 53.21 -.32 +3.6 +11.8 +19.0+16.5 8 8 A Tokyo 20,563.15 +11.69 + . 06 3and5-yearretcoo areawualized. USGro 31.90 -.21 +6.7 +17.1 +20.5+17.7 A A A Stockholm 1,644.99 -22.07 -1.32 Rank:Fund'sletter grade comparedwith others in Fund Footnotes: b -Feecovering marketcosts is paid from fund assets. d - Deferredsales charge, or redemption Sydney 5,774.90 +60.30 +1.06 the same group; an Aindicates fund performed in fee. f - front load (salescharges). m - Multiple feesarecharged, usually amarketing feeandeither a sales or Zurich 9,237.79 -1 56.46 -1.67 the top 20 percent; an E, in the bottom 20 percent. redemption fee.Source: Morningstar. FAMILY



Boot Barn Holdings


Close:$24.46 %1.71 or 7.5% The Western apparel and footwear retailer reported better-than-expected fiscal fourth-quarter profit and revenue results. $30


861.37 ~








52-week range $89.58

Vol.:491.2k (3.3x avg.) Mkt. Cap:$1.59 b

$16.91 ~

$ 26. 18

PE: 1 5.8 Vol.:994.4k (3.8x avg.) PE:2446.0 Yield:... Mkt.Cap:$628.84 m Yie ld: ...

Deckers Outdoor

DECK Altera ALTR Close:$68.15 V-3.05 or -4.3% Close:$48.85 L1.88 or 4.0% The maker of Ugg footwear reportIntel is considering buying the semied better-than-expected fiscal conductor company for $15 billion, fourth-quarter financial results and a according to a report by the New positive fiscal outlook. York Post. $80 $50 75







52-week range $65.65~



52-week range $99.88

Vol.:3.4m (5.0x avg.) Mkt. Cap:$2.36 b


$ 53. 19

P E: 16.3 Vol.:21.3m (3.3x avg.) PE: 33.4 Yield:... Mkt. Cap:$14.71 b Yie l d: 1.5%


SPLK Titan Machinery TITN Close:$67.62 V-3.45 or -4.9% Close:$15.89L1.89 or 13.5% The maker of software that helps The agriculture and construction companies analyze data reported a equipment seller beat first-quarter fiwider first-quarter loss, but the renancial expectations and gave a sults beat expectations. positive outlook. $80 $16 70

14 M A 52-week range


M $74 .88

Vol.:13.5m (6.4x avg.) Mkt. Cap:$8.47 b

P E: . . Yield:..

M A 52-week range $1369 ~

M $ 18 25

Vol.:528.9k (4.0x avg.) Mkt. Cap:$340 m

PE: . . . Yield: ...

SOURCE: Sungard

:-" PGRE President to retire SU



52-week range

Eye on hiring


A 52-week range

25 20


-4.4 +15.5 84 55 +9.4 +27 . 4 12 8 1 9 0 . 72f + 2 5.8 + 3 5.7 1 5 3 2 8 0. 6 0 +0.6 +31 . 9 2 856 27 1 .60f -19.3 -1.7 3 5 98 -5.4 - 10.2 945 2 0 0 . 44 -16.8 + 2 .9 12099 13 0.70f -5.0 +30.0 39623 15 0 .96 +4.9 +11. 0 10073 14 0 .30f +13. 4 +5 9 .9 2 992 21 0 . 7 4 -9.1 -21.3 1145 dd +9.2 +26 . 6 2 6 39 d d -10.9 -36.2 942 15 0 . 7 3 +19. 1 +2 1 .6 54 6 2 2 0. 2 2 +0.9 +21. 6 32351 19 1 . 2 4 +5.7 +35. 9 2 6 73 2 9 1. 1 2 - 8.5 +11.2 1476 2 0 1 . 48 - 10.4 + 3. 7 1 5 7 2 1 1 . 86 -6.5 +5 . 0 2 31 4 15 0.88a - 48.3 +106.0 123 1 3 -3.6 -3.9 1235 33 1 . 76 -12.1 -14.0 1744 17 0 . 12 -20.6 - 24.9 226 d d 0 . 75 +9.6 +44 . 9 56 5 3 2 2. 6 8 +6.2 +26. 7 13 6 14 1. 3 0f +26. 7 +4 3 .1 8 680 31 0 . 6 4 +3.4 +10. 0 1 1 42 2 1 0.60 -4.1 + 6. 3 7 656 1 4 0 . 98 -0.2 + 8 . 4 6 5 6 14 0 5 . 2 +2.1 +14 . 3 16216 14 1 .50f -9.3 + 8. 7 3 2 72 2 6 1. 1 6


D I J '14. :'15


Close:$38.19 V-3.57 or -8.5% The industrial packaging products company lowered its full-year profit guidance, citing a strong U.S. dollar and lower volumes. $45

Vol.:8.7m (5.1x avg.) P E: 12.5 Vol.:1.1m (2.4x avg.) PE: 20 . 0 Mkt. Cap:$4.65 b Yie l d : 3.3% Mkt. Cap:$979.92 m Yield: 4.4%

0 .80 1 . 32 0 .20 0 . 88 3 . 64

Economists project that employers added fewer jobs in the U.S. in May than in the previous month. DividendFootnotes:8 - Extra dividends werepaid, but arenot included. b -Annual rate plus stock. 8 -Liquidating dividend. 8 -Amount declaredor paid in last12 months. f - Current Employersadded 223,000 jobs in annual rate, whichwasincreased bymost recentdividendannouncement. i —Sum of dividends paidafter stock split, no regular rate. I —Sumof dividends paidthis year.Most recent dividend wasomitted 5Irdeferred. k - Declared or paidthis year, acumulative issue with dividends in arrears. m — Current annualrate, which wasdecreasedbymost recentdividend April, a sharp increase after hiring announcement. p — Initial dividend, annual rate ntIt known, yield ntIt shown. r —Declared or paid in preceding 12 months plus stock dividend. t - Paid in stock, approximate cash slowed sharply in March. The strong value on ex-distrit3utike date.PEFootnotes: q —Stock is 8 closed-end fund - no P/E ratio shown. cc —P/Eexceeds 99. dd - Loss in last12 months. hiring gain in April also helped nudge the U.S. unemployment rate down to 5.4 percent from 5.5 percent. The Labor Department, due to report its latest job data Friday, is Pacific Gas 8 Electric says that Christopher Johns, Pacific Gas & Electric(PCG) expected to say nonfarm employers who led the company through a challenging period, added 210,000 in May. Friday's close:$53.47 is retiring at the end of the year. Nonfarm payrous In 2010, a natural gas pipeline explosion rocked a Price-earnings ratio: 20 seasonally adjusted change (thousands) (Based on trailing 12 month results) San Francisco suburb, killing eight people and destroying more than three dozen homes. The 52-WEEK RANGE 329 explosion led to a record $1.6 billion state penalty 300 $43 60 266 est. earlier this year against the comPany, which PG&E ChtlStpplter 223 21 0 accepted without appeal. 201 Total 200 A federal investigation after the blast faulted both return PCG Div. yield PG&E and lax oversight by the state utilities commission in the 3.4% 1-YR 21.4% explosion. PG&E is under state and federal criminal investigation related 100 85 3-YR * 11.3 Dividend to backroom dealings between state regulators and company officials. 5-YR * 9.6 The company did not give a reason for the retirement of 54-year old $1.82 Johns, who has served as president of the state's largest utility since 2009.




ALK 40.69 ~ 71.4 0 64. 6 4 + . 9 0 +1.4 L w A VA 30.35 ~ 38.34 3 2. 0 0 -.10 -0.3 V V BAC 14 . 84 ~ 18.21 1 6. 5 0 -.17 -1.0 W L BB S I 1 8.25 ~ 63.45 36 . 0 1 -.11 -0.3 L V BA 116.32 ~ 158. 8 3 14 0.52 -1.81 -1.3 v w C A C B 4 . 11 ~ 5.65 4.96 +.0 3 + 0.6 T L L COL B 23.90— o 30.72 30 .21 - .25 -0.8 L COLM 34.25 ~ 64. 92 56.65 -.33 -0.6 W W CO ST 113.51 ~ 1 56.8 5 142.59 -1.67 -1.2 V W B R EW 9.89 ~ 17.89 1 0. 7 6 -.02 -0.2 L W F LIR 28.32 ~ 36.36 3 0. 5 5 -.42 -1.4 V W H PQ 31. 00 ~ 41.10 3 3.4 0 - .25 -0.7 W W

LSCC 5.87 ~ 8.50 6.26 L PX 12.46 ~ 18.64 1 8. 0 9 MDU 19 . 88 o — 35.4 1 20 . 9 4 MEN T 18.25 — o 26.40 26 .11 MSFT 39.81 ~ 50.0 5 4 6. 8 6 NKE 73.14 ~ 105. 5 0 16 1.67


Close:$43.41 %2.49 or 6.1% The video game retailer reported better-than-expected first-quarter financial results on sales of new games and content. $45


HIGH LOW CLOSE C H G. 18128.12 17967.74 18010.68 -115.44 DOW Trans. 8363.89 8265.67 8299.75 -67.67 DOW Util. 589.59 584.78 586.98 -0.77 NYSE Comp. 11117.16 11033.06 11056.30 -76.44 NASDAQ 5099.40 5057.59 5070.03 -27.95 S&P 500 2120.27 2104.89 2107.39 -1 3.40 -9.71 S&P 400 1533.42 1520.67 1524.67 Wilshire 5000 22391.29 22222.92 22259.70 -131.59 -6.57 Russell 2000 1252.64 1241.15 1246.53

37.90 15.11 77.74





I NTC 26.18 ~ K EY 11.55 ~ K R 4 6 .50 ~


2' 02

Stocks closed lower on Friday, weighed down by a report showing that the economy shrank in the first three months of the year. Industrial and financial stocks were among the biggest decliners in the Standard & Poor's 500 index. The broad decline extended the market's losses for the week. Even so, the three major stock indexes ended May in positive territory. Investors had a few disappointing pieces of economic news to consider Friday. Revised government data showed that gross domestic product contracted 0.7 percent in the first quarter. Separate reports on manufacturing activity and consumer sentiment also offered downbeat views on the economy.






Close: 18,010.68 Change: -115.44 (-0 6%)


NorthwestStocks I


Dow Jones lndustuals "

17,600 " .





2,050 " 2,000 "


GOLO $1,189.40

17,960" ""' 10 DAYS "

2,150 2,100 "





3-month T-bill 6 -month T-bill 52-wk T-bill

The yield on the 10-year Treasury fell to 2.12 percent Friday. Yields affect rates on mortgages and other consumer loans.

2 -year T-note . 6 1 .6 3 5-year T-note 1.49 1.52 10-year T-note 2.12 2.14 30-year T-bond 2.88 2.89



The price of crude oil jumped by $2.62 per barrel, its biggest increase in nearly eight weeks. Natural gas fell for the fifth straight day, and gold rose.

Crude Oil (bbl) Ethanol (gal) Heating Oil (gal) Natural Gas (mmbtu) UnleadedGas(gal)




. 03

... W L -0.01 L L


.05 .09

-0.02 V




-0.03 w


w 1.5 3

-0.02 W -0.01 V



v . 0 6 .06 .24 .25


Barclays LongT-Bdldx 2.72 2.76 -0.04 W BondBuyerMuniIdx 4.39 4.41 -0.02 W Barclays USAggregate 2.22 2.23 -0.01 W PRIME FED Barclays US High Yield 5.94 5.95 -0.01 W RATE FUNDS Moodys AAA Corp Idx 3.95 3.94 +0.01 W YEST3.25 .13 Barclays CompT-Bdldx 1.82 1.85 -0.03 W 6 MO AGO3.25 .13 Barclays US Corp 3.11 3.12 -0.01 W 1 YRAGO3.25 .13

Foreign Exchange The dollar was mixed against other currencies. It fell against the euro, but it rose against the

Japanese yen, British pound and Canadian dollar.

h5Q HS


Gold (oz) Silver (oz) Platinum (oz) Copper (Ib) Palladium (oz)

2.47 3.33

CLOSE PVS. 60.30 57.68 1.54 1.55 1.96 1.87 2.64 2.71 2.09 1.99


L 3.10 L 4.48 L 2.15 L 5.0 3 L 4.13 L 1.73 L 2.84

%CH. %YTD +4.54 +1 3.2 -5.3 +0.52 + 4.54 + 5 . 9 -2.37 -8.6 +5.07 +45.3

CLOSE PVS. %CH. %YTD 1189.40 1188.10 + 0.11 + 0 .5 16.68 16.70 + 0.19 + 7 .2 -8.1 1111.50 1116.30 -0.43 2.76 2.79 -1.20 -2.8 776.75 784.80 -1.03 -2.7


CLOSE PVS. %CH. %YTD -8.1 1.52 1.54 -0.77 Coffee (Ib) 1.26 1.25 +0.80 -24.3 Corn (bu) 3.52 3.54 -0.57 -11.5 Cotton (Ib) 0.64 0.64 + 0.03 + 6 . 8 Lumber (1,000 bd ft) 274.10 272.50 +0.59 -1 7.2 Orange Juice (Ib) 1.14 1.17 -2.23 -18.4 Soybeans (bu) 9.34 9.26 +0.86 -8.4 Wheat(bu) 4.77 4.89 -2.40 -19.1 1YR.

MAJORS CLOSE CHG. %CHG. AGO USD per British Pound 1.5290 -.0031 -.20% 1.6719 Canadian Dollar 1.2 445 +.0016 +.13% 1.0841 USD per Euro 1.0980 +.0029 +.26% 1.3603 JapaneseYen 124.06 + . 1 6 + .13% 1 01.72 Mexican Peso 15. 3 974 +.0586 +.38% 12.8392 EUROPE/AFRICA/MIDDLEEAST Israeli Shekel 3.8711 +.0032 +.08% 3.4727 Norwegian Krone 7 . 7725 -.0391 -.50% 5.9661 South African Rand 12.1469 +.0152 +.13% 10.4156 Swedish Krona 8.5 3 5 1 + .0709 +.83% 6.6473 Swiss Franc .9401 -.0025 -.27% . 8 976 ASIA/PACIFIC Australian Dollar 1.3064 .0003 -.02% 1.0761 Chinese Yuan 6.1965 .0041 -.07% 6.2387 Hong Kong Dollar 7.7536 -.0004 -.01% 7.7529 Indian Rupee 63.71 4 -.076 -.1 2% 58.91 5 Singapore Dollar 1.3482 -.0002 -.01% 1.2548 South KoreanWon 1113.95 +5.75 +.52% 1019.82 Taiwan Dollar 30.82 + . 1 8 + .58% 2 9 .97



BRIEFING Bank ofAmerica to pay QOM Bank of America agreed to pay$30 million to settle a U.S.regulator's claims that it failed

to comply with laws that protect military members from legalactions over unpaid loans. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency said its order is also intended to fix deficiencies in thebank's procedures for litigating against consumers with outstanding debts and how it ensures that legal documents areaccurate, the agencysaid in a statement Friday. Bank of America must pay backabout 73,000 affected customers, according to theOCC statement.

Biofuel proposal released The Environmental Protection Agency on Friday releaseda much-delayed proposal governing theamount of biofuel that must be blended into conventional vehicle fuel, seeking to reduce thelevels specified in themandate but still require modest increases overthenext fewyears. The proposal, which would becomefinal by the end of November, would set levels for last year at what producers actually madebut increase thetotal volume of renewable fuel required by1.5 billion gallons, roughly 9 percent, bythe end of 2016. That still falls short of

themandatesetbyCongress, which hasbeen criticized asunrealistic. The announcementwhich seemed toplease few — represents the latest turn in theagency's beleagueredjourney since it beganrequiring increasing levels of ethanol to be incorporated into vehicle fuel under energy laws passedin 2005 and 2007. At that

time, American dependence onforeign oil was high, as wereprices. — From wire reports


e a com an movin o en

By Stephen Hamway

relocate with him to Bend.

The Bulletin

Cost of living and quality of life lured the Silicon Valley company Kollective Technology Inc. to Bend. CEO Dan Vetras said the

Sunnyvale, California-based cloud-computing firm will be moving part of its staff to the 1001 Tech Center in Bend at

the beginning of July. "It's pretty amazing to wake up in Bend, as opposed to Silicon Valley, quite honestly," Vetras said. Vetras said the company

employs around 60 people worldwide, including 35 in the

TODAY • Real World Project Management:Learn to navigate all phasesof project managementand apply industry-accepted best practices; 8:30 a.m.; $125; registration required; Central OregonCommunity College, 2600 NWCollege Way, Bend; 541-383-7270. MONDAY • Career In RealEstate Workshop:Jim Mazziotti, Exit Realty Bend principal managing broker, to discuss careers in real estate; 6 p.m.; Exit Realty, 354 NE Greenwood Ave., Suite109, Bendor 541-480-8835. TUESDAY • What's Brewing? Bend's TownHall: Clearing the Haze AroundMeasure 91: Looking at howMeasure 91 will impactyour workplace, the black market, taxes, economic development and law enforcement; 5 p.m.; Deschutes Brewery & PublicHouse,1044 NW Bond St., Bend; 541-382-322 I. • For the complete calendar, pick up Sunday'sBulletin or

lower costs as

now," Vetras said.

a major reason

Kollective has leased 4,000 square feet in the southwest corner of the building, though he acknowledged the company might outgrow the space,

for the move to

Central Oregon. Relative to the

Bay Area, he said, building and hiring costs in Bend were fairly reasonable. Additionally, he said Bend, as a smaller market, would generate less

competition for employees. A prior relationship with Dino Vendetti, general part-

ner at Seven Peaks Ventures and one of the founders of

speculated that about half of

1001 Tech Center, helped as welL Vetras said the two met in the Seattle area, where Vet-

the Silicon Valley staff would

ras lived for 18 years.

San Francisco Bay Area. He

of moving in. "It's just such a beautiful building, and it was built for technology," Vetras said. "It's like moving into a new,

Vetras said Kollective specializes in cloud software

that provides video services for companies, in the form of training programs and in-

tricked-out house, rather than

ter-office communications. It

something that's 10, 12 years old that would require a lot of

provides cloud-computing ser-


Roger Lee, executive director of Economic Development for Central Oregon, helped faKollective is also the final cilitate the company's arrival major tenant for the 1001 Tech once Vendetti sold Vetras on Center, named for its location Central Oregon. He described at 1001 SW Emkay Drive. It the relocation as an "exciting will be sharing the space with validation for Bend's tech Pneuma33 Creative Agency, scene." "It's great to see a critical Five Talent and BendTech, which currently occupy the mass develop in Central Orspace, and Seven Peaks Venegon and elsewhere in the tures, which is in the process state," Lee said. as it plans to hire at least 10

people in the next year upon moving to Bend.

vices for Nestle, Fiat, American Airlines and others.

Vetras said he offered employees who were on the fence about relocating to Bend an opportunity to visit the city on the company's dime. He said most of the employees who took him up on the offer liked the region. "I think all of us just want to be part of the community," Vetras said. — Reporter 541-617-7818

U.S. eeonomy's eontraction

signals a stop-and-go recovery By Nelson D. Schwartz


New York Times News Service

The U.S. economy got off to an even weaker start this year

than first thought, the gov-

The Associated Press

ernment reported Friday, as


economic activity contracted becauseofam oredismal trade caution bybusinesses and consumers alike.

Google is willingto store and organize all of the world's digital photos and videos for free. The online photo service

The 0.7 percent annual rate

announced Thursday is the

of decline in economic output in the first quarter of 2015

latest example of Google's desire to wrap its tentades around virtually everypart of people's lives. Google will provide unlimited storage of all photos up to 16megapixels and high-definition video up to 1080p. The servi ce,called Google Photos, will be available as an app on Android and Apple devices, and on

performance and continued

was a reversal of the initial 0.2

percentadvance fortheperiod reported last month by the Commerce Department.

Although statistical quirks and one-time factors like wintry weather in some parts of

the countryplayed a role, as did a work slowdown at West Coast ports, the lackluster re-

Stephen Morton /The New YorkTimes

A distribution center for 0 A Logistics in Pooler, Georgia, in February. The government reported the

U.S. economyhascontracted instead of advancing aa initially predicted.

port for January, February and March underscores the U.S.

economy's continuing inability to generate much momentum. The pullback was the third time that economic activity

had posted a quarterly contraction since the current

recovery began in mid-2009, with declines in output in the first quarters of 2011 and 2014.

Even acknowledgingfl awsin the way the government takes accountofexpected seasonal


Vetras cited

"Our kids went to school

together in Bellevue, so we've known each other for a while

a website, http//photos.

"This isn't the off to-the-races kind of

expansionwe envisioned sixm onths ago.More and more folks are coming around to the view that the long-term growth rate of the American economy is 2 percent, at best. We can't sustain 3 or 4 percent growth for very long,so it's two steps forward, one step back."

assumptions. "This isn't the off-to-the-

races kind of expansion we envisioned six months ago," said Scott Anderson, chief economist at Bank of the West in San Francisco. "More and

more folks are coming around

to the view that the long-term — Scott Anderson, chief economist at Bank of the West growth rate of the American

variations, that on-again, offagainpattern helps explain why annual growth rates in gross domestic product for recent years have been wellbe- the second quarter is kidding low thepace ofgainsrecorded themselves, because the trade in the 1990s and mid-2000s. data is so unpredictable at the Much of the revision report- moment, and we have no hard ed Friday was spurred by new numbers yet," Shepherdson data showing that exports fell said. "I'm guessingthere will more than first thought and be a reversal in trade flows, imports rose higher. Econoand we'll see 3 percent growth mists at Goldman Sachs noted in the second quarter. But it that the change in the trade could be anywhere between 1 balance shaved 1.9 percentage percent and 5 percent." points off overall growth last Exports had been aparticquarter, the largest quarterly ularly bright spot for the U.S. drag from net exports in three decades.

rent quarter, are forcing some economists to rethink earlier

economy is 2 percent, at best. We can't sustain 3 or 4 percent

Reserve has pulledback from any plans to raise short-term interest rates in June, with

officials now suggesting that the firstrate increase from

near zero is not likely to come until September or even later this year. Although Wall Street and the Fed are already looking

growth for very long, so it's two stepsforward, onestep back." Although doudy, the economic outlook is not particularly dark. Unemployment has been falling steadily, and experts think it could fall to about 5

ahead to the June 5 report on

percentbytheend oftheyear, from 5.4 percent now. The

employment gains in May

jobless rate stood at 8 percent a

and other more recent data, the rearviewmirror take on

little over twoyears ago. The real estate market has

economy in the first years of

economic activity discouraged

also been robust as of late,

the recovery, as world trade rebounded from the plunge

buying on the stock market. At

of times, the trade balance is

that followed the financial cri-

especiallyhard to gauge in the wake of a labor dispute and

sis in late 2008 and early 2009. Those gains have moderated more recently and are likely to remain under pressure as

the Standard & Poor's 500

with a measure of pending home sales last month hitting a nine-year high, according to data released Thursdayby

index and the Nasdaq were all off 0.6 percent. Bond yields

the National Association of Realtors. New-home sales and

also crept lower.

the stronger dollar makes

After the economy grew at an annualrateofnearly 5per-

construction were also strong in April.

Volatile even in the best

slowdown at West Coast ports.

Although clearly a negative in the first quarter, some experts like Ian Shepherdson of Pantheon Macroeconomics say a return to normal trade patterns could propel a healthy rebound in the second quarter.

U.S. goods more expensive for overseas buyers. Most experts had expected

the data released Fridayto show a contraction in the first

But he cautioned that the dataremained influx and warned that even his own esti-

quarter, and virtually no main-

mate could end up being wide

to fall into a recession. Still,

of the mark.

the weak start for the year is a crucial reason that the Federal

"Anybody estimating

stream economists are predicting that the economy is about

the end of trading Friday, the Dow Jones industrial average,

Indeed, an upward revision It's a variation of thephoto-management tool on Google Plus, a social networking service that has struggledto compete against Facebook since its 2011debut.

"There has been arenaissance in the thinking of what Google Plus is for," said Bradley Horowitz,

Google's vice president of photos and streams. Google Plus will stick around, Horowitz said, although it is

likelyto focus onbringing together people who share common interests and hob-

bies instead of tryingto connect friends and family. Horowitz predicted

Google Photos will free people from the hassles of managing their picture and video libraries, much like Google's Gmail service eased the burden of sifting through emailboxes by offeringlargerstoragecapacities and a powerful search

engine. Google Photos is importing technology from Google Plus to automatically sort images into common bundles tiedtogetherby avacation destination, activity,

or even species of animal.

cent in the spring and summer

in residential construction

Other tools will automati-

of 2014, some experts conduded that theeconomy had found

last quarter offset some of the weakness elsewhere.

cally create slideshows and albumsaccompaniedby

its footing and predicted that

Despite the windfall provided by lower gasoline prices, consumer spending, which accounts for roughly two-thirds


a healthier, sustained growth rateofnear3percentwa sfinally at hand. The new data for the first

of economic activity, was only

lure people away from other

modest. Personal consumption rose by 1.8 percent last quarter,

services that have been

quarter of 2015, and signs of only a tepid rebound in the cur-

One of thebiggest challenges facing Google Inc. is whether it will be able to

around foryears.

PEOPLE ONTHE MOVE • Randy Patterson andCindy Parsonswill managethe new Drew's Boots store on NE Third Street near Franklin Avenuein Bend. • Dave DeRosehasbeen named boardmemberof the KIDS Center in Bend.DeRoseis a commercial banking manager for U.S. Bank inBend. • Maryellen Parker has been

hired as anurse practitioner at the KIDSCenter in Bend. Parker earned amaster's of science in nursing from theUniversity of North Carolinaat Chapel Hill with a specialty in family practice. • Melissa Butterfield has been hired asforensic interviewer and regional trainer at the KIDSCenter in Bend. Butterfield previously worked

• Rosa Cendejashasbeen hired as aprevention specialist at the KIDSCenter in Bend. Cendejas previously worked as an emergency room interpreter andperformed case DeRose P arker B utterfieldWolfteich Cendejas Tippett L e Sage managementfor MountainStar • Paula Wolfteichhas joined as a lead investigator of Purdue University, is a licensed Family Relief Nursery. allegations surrounding child the KIDSCenter in Bendas psychologist with over 20years • ShiloTippett has been abuse and neglect in Crook, a clinical director. Wolfteich, of experience as apractitioner, named board member atthe Jefferson andDeschutes who earned trainer and researcher in the KIDS Center in Bend.Tippett, counties. clinical psychology from field of child maltreatment. who earneddegrees at the

University of Oregonand Oklahoma StateUniversity, is a clinical psychologist at St. Charles Family Care inMadras. • Rick LeSagehasjoined SCORE,of Bend, as avolunteer counselor. LaSagehasheld the positions of district manager, director of operations, chief operating officer and vice president of operations in the restaurant industry.

IN THE BACK ADVICE Ee ENTERTAINMENT W Volunteer search, D2 Religious services, D2-3 Support groups, D5 THE BULLETIN • SATURDAY, MAY 30, 2015


SPOTLIGHT Camp Fire unveils

summer programs

re new a in a

Camp FireCentral Oregon announcedits Teens in Action program will meet in Bendand Prineville everyTuesday, Wednesdayand Thursday from June23 to Aug. 13.Created in partnership with Better Together Initiative's 8+9 program, Teens inAction helps students makethe transition from middle to high school by providing them with free, focused service-learning projects they can work onthe summers before and after their eighth-grade year. The programwhich recently received a $20,000 grant from the OregonCommunity Foundation and a$2,000 donation from theGreater Bend Rotary — also pairs rising ninth-graders with a mentor who canhelpthem oncethey start high school. Camp Fire also announcedits Tumal o Day Camp — which recently received a $10,000 grant from the Clabough Foundation — will hold three sessions this year: June 22-26, July 20-24, and Aug. 24-28. These camps are open to children from pre-kindergarten through seventh grade and provides overnight opportunities for upper-level students. Visit http://campfire call 541-3824682 for more information.

s The Associated Press

It's a busy time for David

Duchovny: He's in a band, and s new season of "X-Files" — dormant for more than s decade — is in the works.

'X-Files' fans: Duchovny's


.Drisi area

The Washington Post

Once and future "X-Files" star David Duchovny"started

crying reading the first page" of the new "X-Files" script, the actor told Entertainment

Weekly, just from seeing the names of the show's charac-

ters written down on the page. The tears were of joy; the revival is really happening. We know, David Duchovny. Here was Duchovny's full response: "I just read it about an hour ago and I started crying reading the first page. It was just so strange to see the names on the page. It had nothing to


do with the script itself. It was

just like, I'd been talking about this for a long time. We'd been

planning it for a long time. It took a long time to get all the people in the same place

Bella AcapellaHarmony Choruswill hold its GuestNightat 6 p.m. June16at BendSenior Center,1600 SEReed Market Road.Thechorus will sing, answerquestions, teachharmony singing andhavefun, it promises in anannouncement for theevent. The group recently competed at aregional event in Reno,Nevada, where it tooksecond place in theSmall Chorus division. Theycontinue to look for girls andwomen who love to perform, improve andcompete. Contact: venusmaria@, 541-306-7493.

and get the deal with Fox.

So let's say two years we've been talking about doing it. Now it's the fun part. Now we

actually get to do it. That was nice and strangely emotional for me, and I'll have to figure out how to use that (in the performance)." "I can tell you absolutely nothing — and it's fantastic," Duchovny said of the new

script. Duchovny, along with costar Gillian Anderson, appear Thinkstock

Correction In a story headlined "Bill could let you access late loved one's digital data," which appeared Friday, May29, on Page E1, an incorrect bill number was listed for the Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act. The correct number is Senate Bill 369. The Bulletin regrets the error.

to be hyping the show's revival by more or less embodying the dreams of the "X-Files'"

enthusiastic Tumblr fan community. The pair sang a song together and kissed on stage earlier this month. (In case you're just catching up, Duchovny has gone full "cool dad" in the past year and is now in a band, too.)

United Way helps parks, dikes

— Bulletin staff reports

as youare By Abby Ohlheiser

Chorus holds guest night

The United Wayof Deschutes County has announced it will provide grant funds to LaPine Parkand Recreation District and to Bicycle Re-Source of Bend. La PineParkandRec wasawarded $3,600in supportofitsexpanded After-SchoolProgram, providing tutoringand enrichmentactivities for childreninthe LaPinearea. Bicycle Re-Source was awarded$1,700to purchase newtools used to repair donated bicycles for needyyouth and adults in Central Oregon. To learn more about the After-School Program, call 541-5362223; about Bicycle Re-Source, call 541382-6977; andabout United Way,visit www. or call 541-389-6507.

just as elated

Duchovny later tweeted to

By CaitlinDeweyeThe Washington Post

Before online dating, before her two kids, before the Big Conversation with her skeptical husband, Jessie already had an inkling that maybe she wasn't quite like the ladies she saw at church, that maybe the sexual strictures of life in Washington, D.C.'s monied suburbs

Anderson that the two should maybe sing together again in the summer while they will

Her first marriage, in her early 20s, had ended after an affair (hers). Her second marriage, started shortly thereafter, was "happy — very happy," but as her boys grew up and moved out and moved on, she was left

faintly bored. She thought about cheating on her husband of 20 years. She considered bars, parties, a review of the

lapses in her mid-20s. Instead, she sat her husband down and told him somethingmore andmore progressivecouplesarebeginningto realize. Theyloved each other and wanted to stay together — but in the age of Tinder and Ashley Madison and OkCupid, they also both wanted to have

other options. Options they knew were just a dick away. See Monogamy /D4

weren't for her.

both be shooting the six-episoderevivalinvancouver. She responded with a reference to a famous line from their show: "I'll follow you anywhere my little legs will carry me Double D. Within reason." We do know a little bit about the revival, which is set to air on Fox in January. Show creator Chris Carter told the

Daily Beast he planned a "balance of mythology to standaloneepisodes"forthe six-episode arc. Duchovny confirmed as much to EW, adding "It's not really 'The X-Files'

without the mythology." The original series aired from 1993 to 2002.

Adults can dress the Disney part, too By Dewayne Bevil Orlando Sentinel


Grown-ups are playing dress-up in a fashion trend called "Disneybounding," which allows fans to display devotion without donning a Cinderella gown or a Buzz Lightyear spacesuit. The styles shoot for subtle, yet colorful, salutes

to Disney characters. A Disneybounder might wear a yellow skirt, blue top, red bow and apple pin as a quiet

red polka-dot motif of Minlow-key Mickey Mouse

character when you're Disneybounding as that character, "shesaid."M ostof them pick up on it, and you

shout-out to Snow White or

route of red shorts, black

get a little more interaction,

go all-green with a feathered fedora to represent

shirt and yellow shoes. "I have Disneybounded

Peter Pan. "We actually did that on

Merida, Minnie Mouse, Buzz Lightyear.... I have

which is nice." Now, you can even dress up at Disney HQ in Orlando. See Disneybound /D5

our honeymoon. We're Disney fanatics," said Elyssa

two different Ariel ones,"

Kivus, who went with the

nie Mouse whileher husband, John, went the more

said Kivus, 27.

"I really like meeting the

A typical "Disneybound" outfit in the style of Peter Pan. TNS


RELIGIOUS SERVICES To submit service information or announcements for religious organizations, email or call 541-633-2117.

DISCOVERYCHRISTIAN CHURCH: Minister Dave Drullinger; "Sacred Dwellings," based on John14:16-27; 10a.m. Sunday; noon Thursday sacklunch Biblestudy;334 NW Newport Ave., Bend; 541-382-2272 SERVICES or www.discoverychristianchurch. com. ANTIOCHCHURCH:Pastor Pete Kelly; finishing the Philippians EMMAUS LUTHERANCHURCH, series; 9:30 a.m. Sunday; 7 p.m. LCMS:Pastor David Poovey; Mondayhigh schoolyouthgroup; 9:15a.m. Biblestudy,10:30a.m. 7 p.m.Wednesday middleschool worship; 2175 SWSalmon Ave., youth group; Bend High School, 230 Redmond; 541-548-1473. NE Sixth St., Bend; 541-318-1454 or FATHER'S HOUSE CHURCH: Pastor Randy Wills; "Bless This House"; 9 BEND CHURCHOFTHE NAZARENE: a.m. and10:45 a.m. Sunday; 7 p.m. Pastor Virgil Askren; "Beyond the Wednesday youth group; 61690 Walls — New Methods," based on Pettigrew Road, Bend; 541-382-1632 Mark 4:1-12;10:15 a.m. Sunday; or 9 a.m. (Hispanicservice) Sunday; FIRST PRESBYTERIANBEND: 1270 NE 27th St., Bend; 541-382Steven Koski and Morgan Schmidt; 5496 or "Be Your Own Beyonce," based on COMMUNITY BIBLE CHURCH Colossians 2:6-7 and Colossians AT SUNRIVER:Pastor Glen 3:12-17; 9 a.m., 10:45 a.m. and Schaumloeffel; "How Shall We 5:01 p.m. Sunday; 230 NENinth Then Give," based on 2 Corinthians St., Bend; 541-382-4401 or www. 8:1-5 and 9:6-9; 9:30 a.m. Sunday; 1 Theater Drive, Sunriver; 541-593FOUNDRYCHURCHOFBEND: 8341 or Pastor Trevor Waybright; "Family CONCORDIALUTHERAN MISSION: Sunday"; 10:15 a.m. Sunday; 60 NW The Rev. Willis C. Jenson; "The Oregon Ave., Bend; 541-382-3862 Holy Trinity Is the Throne of Grace or for Sinners," based on Isaiah 6:8; 11 a.m. Sunday; 10 a.m. Sunday GRACEBIBLECHURCH OFBEND: Pastor Phil Kooistra; "The Great school; Terrebonne Grange Hall, 828611th St., Terrebonne; 541-325- Banquet," based on Luke14:14-24; 6773 or 10 a.m. Sunday; 5:30 p.m. Sunday concordialutheranmission. youth group; 63945 Old Bend

Redmond Highway, Bend; 541-7283897 or GRACEFIRST LUTHERAN CHURCH:Pastor Joel LiaBraaten; "The Wind Beneath Your Wings" and "Flat Jesus"; 9:30 a.m. Sunday; 2265 NW Shevlin Park Road, Bend; 541-382-6862 or www. HOLY COMMUNIONEVANGELICAL CATHOLICCHURCHOFBEND: The Rev. James Radloff; Bible study,10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Wednesdays, 587 NE Greenwood Ave.; 541-408-9021 or JOURNEYCHURCH:Pastor Don Hallworth; "Community Creators — Learning To Do Life Together"; 9 a.m.,11 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Sunday; 70 NW Newport Ave., Bend; 541647-2944 or www.journeyinbend. com. MISSIONCHURCH BEND CAMPUS:Pastoral staff; "Wise Up — Transferring From the School of Hard Knocks Part4"; 5:30 p.m. today; 9 a.m. and10:45 a.m. Sunday; online at www. 9 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. Sunday; 2221 NEThird, Bend; 541-306-6209 or www. MOST SACREDHEART, ROMAN CATHOLICCHAPEL:Father Bernard; Traditional Catholic Latin Mass; 9

a.m. Sunday,confessions heard before Mass; 1051 SWHelmholtz

Way, Redmond; 541-548-6416. NEWPORTAVENUECHURCHOF CHRIST:Dean Catlett; "Living Life to the Full!" based on John10:910; 10:45 a.m. Sunday worship; 6 p.m. Sunday devotional service; 6 p.m. Wednesday adult Bible study; 554 NW Newport Ave., Bend.; 541-382-5242 or www. REAL LIFECHRISTIAN CHURCH: Pastor Mike Yunker; "Worship as Impactful Living," based on Leviticus 26"God's Story"; 8 a.m., 10 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Sunday; for youth group summer activity call Pastor Mike Sweeney, 907-3784497; 2880 NE27th St., Bend; 541-312-8844. SAINT JACOBOFALASKA ORTHODOX CHRISTIANCHURCH: Reader services10 a.m. Sunday; 1900 NE Division St., Bend; 541203-0316 or SAINT PAUL'SANGLICANCHURCH: Father John Pennington; "Three in One," based on Revelation 4:1-11; 10:30 a.m. Sunday; 1108 W.Antler Ave., Redmond; 541-604-1029. SHILOHRANCH COWBOY CHURCH:Pastor Jordan Weaver; "The Heart of The Law"; 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Sunday; 7 p.m. Monday; 7 a.m.Thursday men's Biblestudy; 15669 SW Bussett Road, Powell Butte; 971-678-9513 or www.

TRINITY LUTHERANCHURCH: Rev. Patrick M. Rooney; "Fragrant Sacrifices and Offerings," based on Ephesians 5:2; 9:30 a.m. Sunday; Lutheran Women's Missionary League will be selling slices of pie Sunday to support their ministries; 2550 NE Butler Market Road, Bend; 541-382-1832 or www. UNITARIANUNIVERSALISTS OF CENTRALOREGON:Rev.Antonia Won; "The Spectrum of the Soul"; 10:30 a.m. Sunday; 61980 Skyline Ranch Road, Bend;541-385-3908

or WESTSIDECHURCH: PastorSteve Mickel; "Rhythms: Life"; 6:30 p.m. today;8a.m .,9a.m. and10:45 a.m. Sunday;Westside Church West Campus, 2051 NWShevlin Park Road, Bend; 541-382-7504 or www. WESTSIDESOUTH CAMPUS: Pastor Steve Mickel; "Rhythms: Life"; 10:30 a.m. Sunday; Westside Church South Campus,1245 SE Third St., Bend. WESTSIDESISTERS CAMPUS: Pastor Jerry Kaping; "Rhythms: Life"; 9a.m.and 10:45 a.m.Sunday; Westside Church Sisters Campus, 442 Trinity Way, Sisters. WESTSIDEONLINE CAMPUS: Pastor Steve Mickel; "Rhythms: Life"; 6:30 p.m. today; 9 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. Sunday; www. WESTSIDE RADIOCAMPUS:Pastor Steve Mickel; "Rhythms: Place"; 8:30a.m. Sunday; Heirborne radio show on KBND, AM1110. ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH: Pastor Eric Burtness; "The Holy Trinity," based on John 3:1-17;10a.m. Sunday; 1113 SWBlack Butte Blvd., Redmond; 541-923-7466 or www.

EVENTS, MEETIMGS THURSDAY COMMUNITY HEALINGNIGHT AND CANNEDFOODDRIVE: Canned and nonperishable food drive for Neighborlmpact; practitioners of Reiki, Kofutu, Qigong, Matrix and any form of touch healing or intuitive reading invited; 5 p.m.; Old Stone Church,157 NW Franklin Ave., Bend; www.spiritualawarenesscommunity. com or 541-385-1332. JUNE 7 I'M GONNASING!: Choral performanceofsongs and hymns by the Nativity Community Choir with special guests Bend Camerata and Men's Chorus of Central Oregon; 6 p.m.; donations accepted; Nativity Lutheran Church, 60850 Brosterhous Road, Bend; www.nativitychoir or 541-388-0765.

VOLUNTEER SEARCH The organizations listed are seeking volunteers for a variety of tasks. Changes, additions or deletions should be emailed to volunteer©bendbulletin. com or call 541-383-0350.


CHILDREN, YOUTH AND EDUCATION SERVICES ACTIONTHROUGH ADVOCACY: 541-385-4741. ADULT BASICSKILLS DEPARTMENT (COCC):Margie Gregory, mgregory@ or 541-318-3788. or Caitlin Krutsinger, 503-419-9514. ALYCE HATCHCENTER:Andy Kizans, 541-383-1980. ASSE INTERNATIONAL STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAM:www.asse. com or WendyLarson, 541-480-0959. BEND PARK & RECREATION DISTRICT:Kim, 541-706-6127. BIGBROTHERS BIG SISTERS OF CENTRAL OREGON:541-3126047 (Bend), 541-447-3851, ext. 333 (Prineville) or 541-325-5603 (Madras). BOY SCOUTSOF AMERICA: Paul Abbott, paulabbott© or 541-382-4647. BOYS AGIRLS CLUBS OF BEND:, 541-617-2877 ext. 10. CAMP FIREUSA CENTRAL OREGON: or 541-382-4682. CASA(COURTAPPOINTED SPECIAL ADVOCATES): www. or 541-389-1618. CENTRAL OREGONSHRINERS RUN FOR ACHILD:shrinersrunforachild© or 541-205-4484. CHILDREN'S VISION FOUNDATION: Julie Bibler, 541-330-3907. CIRCLE OFFRIENDS: Beth, beth@ or 541-588-6445. DESCHUTES COUNTYSHERIFF'8 OFFICE— CENTRAL OREGON PARTNERSHIPSFORYOUTH:, COPY© or 541-388-6651. FOSTERGRANDPARENTS PROGRAM: Steve Guzanskis, 541-678-5483. GIRL SCOUTS:541-389-8146. GIRLSON THE RUN OF DESCHUTES COUNTY:www.deschutescountygotr. org or eusselman© GRANDMA'S HOUSE:541-383-3515. HEALTHYBEGINNINGS:ww w.myhb. org or 541-383-6357. HIGH DESERTTEENSVOLUNTEER PROGRAM: www.highdesertmuseum. org or 541-382-4757. IEP PARTNERS: Carmelle Campbell at the OregonParent Training and Information Center, 888-505-2673.

JBAR JLEARNINGCENTER: Lachlan Leaver, lleaver© or 541-389-1409. JUNIORACHIEVEMENT:www. or Liz Lotochinski, 541678-2256, llotochinski© JUNIPERSWIM A FITNESS CENTER: Kim, 541-706-6127. KIDS CENTER:Charissa Miller, or 541-383-5958. LAPINE HIGH SCHOOL:Jeff Bockert, 541-355-8501. MEADOWLARK INDEPENDENT LIVING PROGRAM: Teal Buehler, 541-617-9576. M OUNTAINSTARFAMILY RELIEF NURSERY:541-322-6820. NEIGHBORIMPACT: 541-548-2380, ext. 115. OREGON STATEUNIVERSITY EXTENSIONSERVICE:541-548-6088, 541-447-6228 or 541-475-3808. OREGON STATEUNIVERSITY MASTERGARDENERVOLUNTEER PROGRAM:http://extension. or 541-548-6088. READ TOGETHER: 541-388-7746. REDMOND HIGHSCHOOL: 541-923-4807. REDMOND LEARNINGCENTER:Zach Sartin, 541-923-4854. REDMOND YOUNGLIFE: 541-923-8530. SCHOOL-TO-CAREERPARTNERSHIP: Kent Child, 541-355-4158. SMART (STARTMAKING A READER TODAY) or 541-355-5600. TRILLIUM FAMILYSERVICES: 503-205-0194. VIMA LUPWA HOMES: www. or 541-420-9634. YOUTH CHOIROF CENTRAL OREGON: 541-385-0470.

ANIMALS AND ENVIRONMENT BENDSPAYANEUTERPROJECT: 541-617-1010. BRIGHTSIDEANIMAL CENTER: 541-923-0882 or volunteer© CAT RESCUE,ADOPTION A FOSTER TEAM (CRAFT), 541-389-8420 or541-598-5488. CENTRALOREGON NORDIC CLUB TRAIL ANDSHELTERMAINTENANCE: conordicclub© or www. CHIMPS, or 541-410-4122. DESCHUTESLANDTRUST: or 541-330-0017. DESCHUTESNATIONALFOREST: Jean Nelson-Dean, 541-383-5576. EASTCASCADESAUDUBON or 541-241-2190. THE ENVIRONMENTAL CENTER: or 541-385-6908. EQUINEOUTREACHHORSE RESCUE OF BEND: www.equineoutreach. com, or 541-419-4842. FENCES FORFIDO: LaDonna, 503314-7105 or HUMANE SOCIETYOFCENTRAL OREGON: Jen, jennifer© or 541-382-3537. HUMANE SOCIETYOF THE OCHOCOS: 541-447-7178. JUNIPERGROUP SIERRA CLUB: 541-389-9 l15. MUSTANGSTOTHERESCUE: or 541-330-8943. PACIFIC CREST TRAIL ANGELS: Brian Douglass, bdouglass2014@ or 541-213-8510. districts/prineville/recreation/host.php or 541-416-6700. STEWARDSHIPFOR SUSTAINABLE BAGGING:Lexa McAllister, Imcallister© or 541-914-6676. SUNRIVERNATURECENTER & OBSERVATORY: 541-593-4442. VOLUNTEERCAMPGROUND HOST POSITIONS: Tom Mottl, 541-416-6859.

BETHLEHEM INN: www. or 541-322-8768. BRIDGINGGAPS:bendbridginggaps© AMERICANCANCER SOCIETY: or 541-314-4277. Charlie Johnson, 541-434-3114. CASCADES EASTRIDECENTER: Erik AMERICANCANCER SOCIETY'S Maiorano, RELAYFORLIFE: Lauren Olander, CENTERFOR COMPASSIONATE lauren.olander© or LIVING (PREVIOUSLY PEACE 541-728-4378. CENTER OFCENTRAL OREGON): AMERICANREDCROSS:MaryTyler, or 541-749-4111. Beth Hansen, 541-923-6677. THE BLOOMPROJECT:LizTaylor, CENTRALOREGONVETERANS or OUTREACH: or 54 I-480-6312. 541-383-2793. HEART 'N HOME HOSPICE A DEPARTMENTOFHUMAN PALLIATIVE CARE:www.gohospice. SERVICES/VOLUNTEERSERVICES: com. Therese Helton, Therese.M.Helton© HOSPICEOF REDMONDstate, or 541-693-8988. SISTERS: www.redmondhospice. DEPARTMENTOFHUMAN org or Volunteer Coordinator at SERVICES/VOLUNTEERSERVICES 541-548-7483. CROOK COUNTY: Valerie Dean, 541MOUNTAINVIEW HOSPITAL:JoDee 447-3851, ext. 427. Tittle, 541-475-3882, ext. 5097. DISABLEDAMERICANVETERANS MOUNTAINVIEW HOSPITAL (DAV):Don Lang, 541-647HOSPICE: 541-460-4030 or Tori 1002. FAMILYKITCHEN:Cindy Schultz, tschultz© or 541Tidball, cindyt© or 475-3882, ext. 5327. 54 I-610-65 l1. NATIONALALLIANCE ON MENTAL FAMILYRESOURCECENTER: ILLNESS— CENTRAL OREGON: 541-389-5468. Eileen White, namicentraloregon@ HEALINGREINS THERAPEUTIC RIDINGCENTER:www.healingreins. OREGON STATEUNIVERSITY org or Carly Wilson, 541-382-9410. EXTENSION SERVICE:www. DIGNITYCOALITION: HUMAN 541-385-3320. nutrition-education or 541-306-6067. HUNGER PREVENTIONCOALITION: PARTNERS IN CARE:www. Robin, 541-408-1978. or Melanie Price, LA PINECOMMUNITY KITCHEN: 541-382-5882. RONALD MCDONALDHOUSE:Teresa 541-536-1312. NEIGHBORIMPACT: chrisq@ Braun, 541-318-4950. or 541-548-2380, ST. CHARLESIN BENDAND ext. 106. ST. CHARLESIN REDMOND: PEACEBRIDGES, INC., BEND: 54 I-706-6354. or JohnC. VOLUNTEERS IN MEDICINE: Kristi, Schwechten at 541-383-2646. 541-585-9008. PFLAGCENTRALOREGON: or ARTS, MUSIC, 541-317-2334. CULTURE AND SAVINGGRACE:541-382-9227 or 541-504-2550. HERITAGE SOROPTIMISTINTERNATIONAL OF, president@ 88.9KPOV,BEND'S COMMUNITY RADIO STATION: or or 541-408-9333. 54 I-322-0863. ST. VINCENTDEPAULSOCIAL ART COMMITTEEOF THE REDMOND SERVICES: 541-389-6643. FRIENDSOF THE LIBRARY:Linda WINNINGOVERANGER A Barker, 541-312-1064. VIOLENCE: or 54 l-382-1943. ARTS CENTRALSTATION: 541-617-1317. CASCADES THEATRICAL COMPANY: HABITAT FOR 541-389-0803. HUMANITY AND CENTRALOREGON SYMPHONY THRIFT STORES ASSOCIATION: Julie, 541-383-7779. DES CHUTESHISTORICAL MUSEUM: BENDAREAHABITAT FOR 541-389-1813, 10a.m. to 4:30 p.m. HUMANITY:rcooper@bendhabitat. Tuesday through Saturday. org. DESCHUTESPUBLIC LIBRARY BRIGHTSIDEANIMALCENTER SYSTEM:541-312-1039.


FRIENDSOF THE BEND LIBRARIES: or Meredith Shadrachat 54 I-617-7047. HIGHDESERT CHAMBER MUSIC: www.highdesertchambermusic. com or Isabelle Senger at info@ or 541-306-3988. HIGHDESERT MUSEUM: 541-382-4754. LA PINEPUBLICLIBRARY: Cindylu, 541-317-1097. LATINOCOMMUNITY ASSOCIATION: Brad, 541-382-4366. THE NATUREOFWORDS: or 541-647-2233. OREGON PARTNERSOFAMERICA: or Ed Vickrey, 541-350-3152. REDMOND FRIENDSOF THE LIBRARY:541-312-1060. REDMONDINTERCULTURAL EXCHANGE (R.I.C.E.): Barb, or 54 I-447-0732. TOWER THEATREFOUNDATION: 541-317-0700.


GOVERNMENT, CITY AND COMMUMITY THE CITIZENREVIEWBOARD(CRB): crb.volunteer.resources©ojd.state. or1-800-551-8510 ext. 64535. CITYOF BEND: VolunteerNow@ or 541-388-5579. DESCHUTES COUNTYPLANNING COMMISSION:Nick Lelack, 541-3851708 or planning-commission. DESCHUTESCOUNTY VICTIMS' ASSISTANCEPROGRAM: Diane Stecher, 541-317-3186 or 541-388-6525. DESCHUTESRIVER WOODS NEIGHBORHOODASSOCIATION: or Barbara at info© or 541-382-0561. JEFFERSONCOUNTY CRIME VICTIMS' ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: Tina Farrester, 541-475-4452, ext. 4108. JEFFERSON COUNTYVOLUNTEER SERVICES: Therese Helton, 541-4756131, ext. 208.

716 SW11th St. Redmond . 541.923.4732

LA PINERURAL FIREPROTECTION DISTRICT:Volunteer Coordinator, 541-536-2935. ORCHARDDISTRICT NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION: www.orcharddistrictneighborhood. com. SCORE:BruceMichalski, www. or 541-316-0662. SUNRIVERAREACHAMBEROF COMMERCE: 541-593-8149. VISIT BEND: or 541-382-8048. VOLUNTEER CONNECT: www. or 541-385-8977.

MISCELLAMY CENTRALOREGON LOCAVORE: Niki, 541-633-0674 or info© HIGHDESERT SPECIAL OLYMPICS: 541-749-6517. THE KILNSBOOKSTORE A or Jen Lewis at 541-771-8794. OREGON ADAPTIVESPORTS:, or 541-306-4774. SACREDARTOF LIVING CENTER: 541-383-4179. WHY RACINGEVENTS & AA SPORTS LTC:TeresaBaldwin at teresa.

Get a taste of Food, Home Sr Garden In






E nter to W i n $ 2 , 0 0 0 Pulse of America research Cash prize will be award ed

HUMAN SERVICES ABILITREE:volunteer© or 541-388-8103, ext. 217. AMNESTYINTERNATIONAL: Philip Randall, 541-388-1793. ASSISTANCELEAGUEOF BEND: 541-389-2075. BEND'SCOMMUNITY CENTER: volunteer@bendscommunitycenter. org.

e ulletin

To enter now, go to:

ww w . p U l s e p o I I . c o m PulSe Research PULSERESEARCH.COM


FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST,SCIENTIST 1551 NW Fiist St. • 541-382-6100 0

(South of Portland Ave.) Church Service 8 Sunday School: 10 am Wed. Testimony Meeting: 7:30 pm Childcare provided.

0 0

You Are The Most lmportant Part of Our Services

Reading Room: 1563 NW First St. Mon. through Fric 11 am - 4 pm Sat. 12 noon-2pm


"Omkar" (Aum)

"Yin/Yang" Taoist/ Confuoanism


"Star 8 Crescent" Islam

Do ee have your sumtner schedule? •

1865 W Antler• Redmond• 541-548-4555 SUNDAYS

Morning Worship 8;30 am 8 10:30 am Life groups 9 am Kidz LIVE ages 3-11 10:30 am Evening Worship 6 pm WEDNESDAYS FAMILY NIGHT 7PM

Adult Classes Celebrate Recovery Wednesday NITE Live Kids Youth Group Pastor Duane Pippitt •

because this is where you meet with the Holy Spirit, the Voice of God" Harold Klemp "Spiritual Experiences Guidebook"


FIRST MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH 21129 Reed Market Rd. Bend, OR 97702 541-382-6081

Thomas L. Counts, Pastor Bus available for Sundays WORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES

(Nursery available) SUNDAY

Sunday School - 9:45am

(Bible Classes for all ages) Prayer Time - 10:40am Worship - 10:50am Evening Bible study - 6:00pm EveningWorship -7:00pm VACATION BIBLESCHOOL

Camp Courageous - Equipping for Life Date: Monday, June 22 - Friday, lune 26 Time: 9:00 am - Noon Ages: 2 (out of diapers) to Adults Contacts: Church 541-382-6081 Rena 541-389-2352 Michele 541-923-4686 Church website for more info and pre-registration:


LA PINK 16137 Burgess Rd

"A Heart for Bend in the Heart of Bend" 60 NW Oregon, 541-382-3862 Pastor Trevor Waybright

SundaySchool classes are at9:00 am and our Worship Service at 10:15 am

This Sunday at Foundry Church we will be celebrating families with our first "Family Sunday" For Kidztown, Middle School and High School activities CalI 541-382-3862 HIGHLAND BAPTIST CHURCH

3100 SWHighland Ave.,•Redmond 541-548-4161• Lead Pastor Dr. Barry Campbell Worship Saturday 7 P.M. Worship Sunday 8, 9:30 8 11 A.M.

Sundaysmallgroups,aflages 9;30 8 11 A.M.

Children's Worship, preschool thru 5th grade 11 A.M. Family Night Wednesdays Jan. 7- March 18, 2015

Sunday Services: gam and 10:15am Sunday Adult Forum: 9:15am Childcare available both services Children's Chapel at 10:15 service

Sunday Mass - 12:30 Pm Confessions: Sundays 12:00 - 12:15 pm HOLY FAMILY ROMAN CATHOLIC,

Near Chrlstmas Valley 57255 Fort Rock Rd Sunday Mass - 3:30 pm Confessions: Sundays 3:00-3:15 pm

Celebrate Recovery Tuesdays, 6:30 PM. •


Rev. Julian Cassar Pastor Rev. Joseph K. Thalisery 541-382-3631 min! 541-382-5542 469 NW Wall Street, Bend, OR 97701

NEW CHURCH 2450 NE 27th Street Masses Saturday - Vigil 5:00 PM Sunday 7:30 AM, 10:00 AM

THK SALVATION ARMY 541 NE DeKalb Ave. 541-389-8888 xt. 200

Domingo 12:30 PM -Misa en Espanol Reconciliation Saturday 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Sunday Worship: Sunday School at 10:00 AM Worship Service at 11:00 AM For BothChildren and Adults Weekly Programs: Tuesday Youth Night at 5:00 PM Wednesday Women's Group at 9:30 AM Thursday Men's Group at 2:00 PM For more Information: TheSalvationArmyCentralOregon

LATIN MASS Sunday, May 31, Low Mass at I PM

ST. THOMAS ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH 1720 NW 19th Street Redmond, Oregon 97756 541-923-3390

CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF RKDMOND 536 SW 10th, Redmond 541-548-2974 Sunday Worship 9;00 amF 10:45 am

Greg Strubhar, Pastor Darin Hollingsworth, Youth Pastor

SUNDAY MASS SCHEDULE 9:00 am Traditional Music Service 5:00 pm Contemporary Blend Music Service Bend Senior Center 1600 SE Reed Market Road



Wednesdays Moming Study: 10 - 11:30 am Evening Study: 7-8:30 pm at the Church ONce 587 NE Greenwood - Bend BOOK GROUP

"The loy of the Gospel" by Pope Francis 2nd Tuesday of each month Next Session June 9, 2015 New Books Beginning in July! Morning Session: Touchmark River Lodge 9:30 - 11:00 am Evening Session: Deschutes County Library 6;30 - 8:00 pm

Worship Center 10:30 Traditional Service Historic Chapel Nursery 8 Children's Church Pastors: Chris Blair, Trey Hinkle,

and Ozzy Osbome 13720 SW Hwy 126, Powefl Butte 541-548-3066

Like Hymns? We've Got 'em! At the RLCC Church, 2880 NE 27th

Sunday Services 8 am (No child care) 10:00 am Contemporary Worship Service (Full children's ministry) Sunday Night Church 6:30 pm For information, please call ... Senior Pastor - Mike Yunker-

Pastor Steve Mickel will share the message "Rhythms: Life" at 6:30pm on Saturday and at 8, 9 and 10:45am Sunday at Westside Church, 2051 NW Shevlin Park Rd, Bend. Contact us InfoCaho)ycommun( (541) 408-9021

May 31, 2015 at Westside Church — SISTERS CAMPUS Pastor lerry Kaping will share the message "Rhythms: Life" at 9:00 and 10:45am on Sunday atthe Westside Church Sisters Campus, 442 Trinity Way, Sisters.

on KBND — AM 1110

• •


10 am Sunday School 11 am Divine Service The Rev. Willis C. Jenson, Pastor 8286 11th St. (Grange Hall) Terrebonne, OR

www.lutheransonline.corn/ concordialutheranmission Facebook: Concordia Lutheran Mission

2265 NW Shevlin Park Road, Bend 382-6862 Sunday Worship 9:30 a.m. (Child Care Available) Education Hour 10:45 a.m.

Pastor Joel LiaBraaten Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH (In the Heart of Down Town Bend) 680 NW Bond St. /541.382.1672

Everyone is Welcome! Rev Dave Beckett

The Great Earthquake, What does it mean for your family? Emergency Preparedness Presentation and Fair Come leam what you can do NOW to be prepared for the Cascadia earthquake and other potential emergency events. Speakers: Lisa Stroup: The American Red Cross, Daniele McKay: Oregon State University Geologist, Nathan Garibay: Deschutes County Emergency Manager.

Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors. Rev. Dave Beckett offic

BKND CHURCH OF THK NAZARENE 1270 NE 27 St.• 541-382-5496 Senior Pastor Virgil Askren SUNDAY

9:00am Sunday School foraflages 9:00 am Hispanic Worship Service 10:15 am Worship Service Nursery Care 8 Children's Church ages 4 yrs-4th grade during all Worship Services "Courageous Living" on KNLR 97.5 FM 8:30 am Sunday WEDNESDAY

6:30 pm Ladies Bible Study THURSDAY

10:00 am 50+ Bible Study WEEKLY

Life Groups Please visit our website for a complete listing of activities for all ages.

• •

g •

Sunday Morning Worship 8:45 AM 8 10:45 AM

Wednesday Mid-Week Service Children 8 Youth Programs 7:00 PM Nursery Care Provided for Afl Services Pastor Daniel N. LeLaCheur


Sunday Worship Services at 10:00 am Children's Room available during services Vacation Bible School, Jungle Safari, June 22 - 26, 9:00 am to Noon Come Experience a warm, friendly family of worshipers. Everyone Welcome - Always. A vibrant, inclusive community. A rich and diverse music

program for all ages Coffee, snacks and fellowship after each service M-W-F Women's Exercise 9:30 am Wed. Bible Study at noon 3rd Th. Women's Circle/Bible Study I:00 pm

1113 SW Black Butte Blvd. Redmond, OR 97756 — 541-923-7466 Pastor Eric Burtness

(Across Ninth St. from Bend High) Embodying Spacious Christianity Be Your Own Beyonce Preaching pastors are Steven Koski, lenny Warner & Morgan Schmidt Sunday, May 31 9:00am & 10:45am with the Praise Team 5:01pm contemplative service Nursery care provided for afl services

Sunday School offered for morning services The Bend Area Challenge Created to help everyone in Bend save energy. The Bend Energy Challenge also enables our community to enter a nationwide energy-saving competition with a $5 million prize. That's five million bucks that would fund projects to help our community save energy, embrace long-term livability and honor the land and lifestyle that make Bend, well, Bend. Signup atbendenergychaflenge,org Burundi Prayer Vigil Sunday, May 31, 6:30-7:00pm, First Presbyterian Sanctuary. As of late, the people of Burundi are experiencing protests, violence and great upheaval due to the current president attempting to run for an unconstitutional 3rd term. An attempted coup has failed and thousands continue to flee the country. Please join the Burundi Team for this prayer vigil. Amahoro (Peace) from the Burundi Team

Grief Recovery Class Mondays, beginning June I - July 20, 7:00-8:30pm, Church Library. Using the method of the Grief Recovery Method Institute we will move through the pain of grief in a supportive, practical and confidential group. Cost is $25 for the Grief Recovery Handbook and materials (part!a( scholarships available). Class is open to 12 people. To register call Lorraine Stuart at 541.318.0384 230 NE Ninth Street, Bend, 541.382.4401 and Youth Events: httpy/ bendyouthcofl ective


We are a Welcoming Congregation Sunday, May 31 at 10:30 am "The Spectrum of the Soul" — Rev. Antonia Won, Minister Two people can experience the same event completely differently — glass half full or glass half empty. Richness of experience happens in different ways and can grow or shrink through life. How do we support one another in enriching our lives?

Religious Exploration This week in Religious Exploration our K-3 will start off with a "bang" and start to explore the topic of evolution. Grades 4-8 will talk about how each person has worth and dignity, and discuss human rights issues like marriage and gender equality. Meeting place: 61980 Skyline Ranch Road, Bend 97701 Maih P.O. Box 428, Bend OR 97709 (541) 385-3908


CHRISTIAN LIFE CKNTER 21720 E. Hwy. 20• 541389.8241

ZION LUTHKRAN CHURCH KLCA Worship in the Heart of Redmond

3rd Tues. Men's Club 6:00 pm, dinner Youth and Family Programs Active Social Outreach

Pastor Steve Mickel will share the message "Rhythms: Place" on the Heirborne radio show at 8:30amSunday morning

Mike Sweeney 8 leff Olson "Loving people one at a time."


Men's Bible Study Wednesday 8:00 a.m.

May 31, 2015 Westside Church — ONTHE RADIO

541-312-8844 Associate Pastors

541-410-5337 Children Welcome

Immediately following the presentation, join us for the Preparedness Fair where local experts will be on hand with important information and resources. Every Monday 12:00 - I:00 pm - Weekly Torah Study Representatives from the Health Department, Sheriff's Department, Pet Call for information and location Evacuation team, the American Red Cross, Sunday School the Amateur Radio Emergency Services, lewish Community School of Central Oregon Wild Food and more will be there to help 21555 Modoc Lane you prepare for an emergency! Sundays, May 31, 10:00am *During the Week: Women's Groups, Men's For the complete schedule of Groups, Youth Groups, Quilting, Crafting, Services and Events Music 8 Fellowship go to:


May 30 8 31, 2015 at Westside Church —WESTCAMPUS

May 30 8 31, 2015 at Westside Church — ONLINE CAMPUS Join us at our online campus where Pastor Steve Mickel will share the message "Rhythms: Life" at 6:30pm Saturday and 9 and 10:45am on Sunday at


Saturday, June 27- 9:00 am - Munch 8 Torah Study Saturday, June 27 - 10:30 am - Torah Services

Phone: 541-325-6773

May 31, 2015 at Westside Church —SOUTH CAMPUS Pastor Steve Mickel will share the message "Rhythms; Life" at 10:30am on Sunday at the Westside Church South Campus, 1245 SE 3rd St., Bend.

CHRISTIAN CHURCH 8:30 Worship Center 10:30 Contemporary Service

Friday, June 26 - 6:00 pm; Summer Thanksgiving Shabbat At a private home, call for information

XXVIII.8, 10

Father lim Radloff Father Mark Hebert

Saturday, lune 20 - 10:00 am; Bat Mitzvah of Rebecca Uri — at First Presbyterian Church

(St. John 20:22-23, Augsburg Confession

Contact us at 541-382-7504 or

5:00 to 5:45 pm and on Saturdays from 4:30 to 5:15 pm

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'Andreas' expected

at'sso unn a out im a i an's ristiani ? By Michelle BoorsteIn

Himself for being paranoid? Society for mocking the religious? The media for its lack of nuance around religion? The audience for buying any of this as serious'? "He still has point of view,

The Washington Post

A lot of entertainers think

of religion as the third rail — something you stay away from. Catholic comic Jim Gaffigan is testing that theory in a major way in his new "The Jim Gaffigan Show." Gaffigan has built a huge brand around a few things: overeating, having tons of kids (five at last count, and it's


to shakeLIp

box office

but he's not going to take a

By Saba Hamedy

stand because there are people who love Jim who are

Los Angeles Times

After a slower Memorial Day weekend at the box office, Warner Bros.' "San

atheists, and who love Jim

done) and a performing technique people often call "the

and are of all faiths. The Christian ghetto is a hard one to get out of if I'm only preaching to the choir," Jeannie said. Indeed, there is pragmatic

inner voice." His inner voice

business here.

is whispery, almost ladylike, has a scolding tone and lets Gaffigan assume the position of people he perceives as his critics — perhaps an audience

culture war that Jim doesn't

Andreas," c o -produced by Village Roadshow Pictures, will likely open with an estimated $40 million, according to people familiar with prerelease audience surveys.

want to engage in; he just wants to do jokes about avocados," he said of himself.

rected "San Andreas," which cost a whopping

member or some random per-

"We know conflict sells, but

$110 million to make, stars

son on the street. It's a quirky, funny way for Gaffigan to get one up in advance on people Courtesy Jim Gaffigan/TheWashington Post who judge him, or, more ac- Catholic comIc Jim GaffIgan deals with his anxieties aroundbeing a religious entertaIner In the upcurately, people he suspects comIng series "The Jim GaffIgan Show." might be judging him. Which is also Gaffigan's way of dealing with his Cath- his wife and her friend on the The question is: What kind beat way that's more real than olic faith — a little bit on the show. of religious person? Gaffigan you often see on TV portraydefensive, a little bit paranoid. This rings bells for me as and his wife play with this al.... You can be Catholic and Which is how some people someone who writes about re- idea in the episode, as they do your best friend can be gay, might see religion's posture in ligion in America. in his work generally. I wrote you live in this world where general these days. The belief that the mainabout this first a couple of that's reality. You can keep This all plays out very de- stream culture is hostile to- years ago after seeing Gaf- your traditional faith but you liberately in Gaffigan's new ward faith is not only widely figan speak during the same don't have to be categorized show, which premieres in July held and spoken of by many week in which I covered the into some box," she said. and is set in his real life. "The religious leaders but has pow- Catholic Church's then-new But the couple are very Jim Gaffigan Show" explores erful theological allure. Core global campaign to re-image aware they are both spotlightwhat it's like to be a popular texts present religious believ- "evangelizing" as being more ing religion while simultanestand-up comic named Jim ers as essentially outsiders, organic and less judgmen- ously saying it's something Gaffigan, juggling the secular, inherently persecuted, and tal about one's faith. Part of Jim may feel like hiding. Is the sometimes raunchy entertain- that to be religious is by defi- this involves facing a reality I fear of being known as reliment world with being a hus- nition to assume the identity think has become even clear- gious real for him at all'? "It's resonant wit h J i m 's band to a devout wife and dad of the marginalized. It can er since my 2013 piece: It's to their five kids, all of whom be a challenge to see one's not God that Western society paranoia, t h at's d e f i nitely are crammed into a hip apart- self as fully religious and seems anxious to ditch — it's true,"he said. Jeannie comment in lower Manhattan. mainstream. institutional religion. pared the episode to Jim's Jim and Jeannie Gaffigan Which is part of why I love This week I asked the Gaf- strategic decision years ago to — who have long co-written Jim Gaffigan; he dives into figans about why they chose create the "Inner Voice." his comedy — have pre-re- this paradox. He and Jeannie this topic as a way to introBack then "he felt, if the leased one of the shows, an (who he often calls a "Shiite duce the show. audience was going to judge "We played off the notion him, he would make that judgepisode centered onthe idea Catholic") chose to introduce that it's risky for a pop cul- themselves through an epi- of being outed as Christian, ment for them first. It disarms ture figure to come out as reli- sode that centers on their Ca- that being Christian in enter- them a little. In Jim's mind, it's gious. The plot takes off after tholicism. In fact, the entire tainment is like being gay in like saying What is the worst Gaffigan is accidentally pho- series is built around the jug- the '50s. It really touches on thing that could happen?' It's tographed carrying a massive gling act of this wholesome, my fear surrounding being putting it all out there." Bible and then panics about churchgoing, n o-swearing, known as a Christian," said Gaffigan talked about what what the public will think. no-artificial-birth-control-us- Jim. he called an important comic Will he come across as stupid ing family. And they aren't Jeannie said they wanted device — the "fish out of waif people know he believes in painted as oddballs, but hip to present the C atholicism ter." In reality, as a married, God'? Gay-hating if they see Manhattanites living in a cool they live — while also stra- churchgoing guy with a bunhe's a committed Catholic? loft and hanging around with tegically "critique-proofing" dle of kids, he feels a bit like a "I don't want to get involved people like Chris Rock. themselves. fish out of water. On the other "This (topic) isn't thematic hand, he knows his family is in the culture war. Religion is In other words, Gaffigan a very iffy business. As soon knows being religious is not a for therest of the series; it's thriving. The show merges his as you identify yourself as be- black mark per se but poten- just meant as a given that Jim reality and his comedy, which lieving something, you open tially an asset, a marketing is Catholic, he's friends with can raise the question: Who yourself to ridicule," he tells point — IF he can sell it right. the priest, is Catholic in an off- is he really making fun of?

90 percent of my friends are devout atheists. The message is: He believes in God; it's

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as a helicopter pilot who is searching for his

not that big of a deal. When

daughter during a massive

we were kids it didn't mat-


not clear he and his wife are

Monogamy ContInued from 01 "Interesting, i n trospective,

happily married D.C. professional," reads Jessie's profile on the new nonmonogamous

"There are positions in this

"Nothing about this is new. It's as old as the hills. What is new is that women are now also

being more adulterous — and sopeople are beginning to be more open about it." — Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist

dating site Open Minded. "I'm into building deep and loving keep a roof overtheir heads. and scarlet A's. It also reminds and aliveness ofbeinghuman." There's a long history of her of her f irst marriage, Open Minded isn't quite like married men sleeping around, which ended after an affair. Ashley Madison, the unapolo- Fisher said. And the romantic She hated the lying, the sneakgetic dating-for-cheaters ser- notion that relationships are ing around. This time, she vice that expects a billion-dol- anything but transactions is wanted to be more honest. lar valuation when it launches relatively recent — as is the In 2010, Jessie approached its impending IPO. It also isn't social expectation that both her husband with an idea she quite like mobile hook-up app people partner for life, to the called "ethical nonmonogamy." Tinder, where — according to exclusion of everyone else. They would stay together as one recent report — as many In fact, given the history each other's primary, lifelong as 40 percent of "singles" are and prevalence of nonmonog- partners, but they w ouldn't secretly ... not. amous relationships through- rule out other r elationships Instead, says Brandon Wade, out cultures, it's not scientifi- — as long as they happened the site's pragmatic, MIT-edu- cally correct to say the human openly. Jessie has shown her cated founder, Open Minded species mates or pairs for life. husband her profile on several is a new kind of dating site for Dogs mate for life. Beavers dating sites, including Open a newly mainstieam lifestyle: mate for life. Humans have Minded. When she r eturns one in which couples form very one-night stands, paramours from her weekly date with one real attachments, just not ex- and a 50 percent divorce rate. of her four extramarital partclusively with each other. He Fisher dubs it a "dual repro- ners, she tells him as much, or expects swingers, polysexuals ductive strategy": We'rebiologi- as little, as he likes. and experimental 20-some- callyprogrammed to formpairPublicly, no one k nows things to use his site. But he bonds, yes, but some people about this arrangement. gt's guesses that most of his 70,000 — many people — are also pro- why we have agreed to just use usersare people like Jessie: grammed to seek out variety. her first name in this story.) Those in committed, convenJust consider the number of Jessie doesn't plan to tell her tional relationships, who real- married men who have part- children, though she could see ize that, statistically speaking, ners outside of their marriage itcoming up one day.She and few modern couples stay with a — more than 40 percent in the her husband still have sex, still single person their whole lives. United States. (That's down, go to social functions, still cele"If you look at marriage, bythe way, frompast decades.) brate anniversaries. it developed as a s u r v ival Recent research suggests that But that whole thing about strategy and a means of rais- the network o f s e condary "the woman which hathan ing kids," Wade said. "But partners we developed in our husband is bound by the law relationships are no longer a cavemen days is still around ... so long as he liveth"'? To necessary component of life. on Facebook, where we poke that, Jessie says no thanks. People have careers and other and message as many as eight More and more women will interests — they can survive could-be partners in anticipa- make this choice or consider it, without them." tion of rainy days. Even Le- Fisher expects; it's in keeping That's not wrong, says Helen viticus tacitly permitted male with decadesofwidespread soFisher, a biological anthropolo- adultery, provided the act cial change and women's emgist and one of the world's lead- didn't involve a married lady. powerment. Just 30 years ago, "Nothing about this is new. when Jessie was in her 20s, the ing relationship researchers. In the caveman days, humans It's as old as the hills," Fish- average woman married at 23 teamed up in non-exdusive er said. "What is new is that and had her first child within pairs to protect their children. women are now also being the year. Her mother's generaLater, as people learned to plant more adulterous — and so tion didn't even leave the home. crops and settle in one place, people are beginning to be The majority simply raised marriagebecame a way for more open about it." kids, preached chastity and men to guarantee kids, and for Jessie doesn't like that word. finger-waved their hair. "That's all sliding away women — who couldn't push Adultery. It conjures images heavy plows or carry loads of of lipstick stains and burner from us," Fisher said. "We're crops to market — to eat and phones. Or worse, stonings shedding all these agricultural relationships that add to the joy

The B r a d

ter if someone was religious; it just mattered if they were annoying." And there is pragmatism in comedy, too — not everything

P e y ton-di-

Disaster movies, which

tend to have lofty budgets, have varying success rates at the box office. The 2004 film "The Day A fter To-

is about the culture war. For

morrow" opened with $68.7

example, Gaffigan gets a lot of media coverage for his clean language; it's not uncommon to see tweens at his shows.

million and went on to pull in a robust $186.7 miilion in the U.S. and Canada. However,more recently,tornado thriller "Into the Storm"

But there was a time when he

used vulgar language more freely, and he has no judgment about it today either.

debuted with $17.3 million in August 2014. Its total

domestic haul was a mere $47.6 million. Johnson, who averages

"I'm a clean comedian, but

some of my friends are filthy. It's just a style; it's a language he uses," he says of his onstage character. Is Catholicism particularly funny? "It's been around for a while. I think there's some-

8 million followers on Twit-

ter, is a big draw for moviegoers. Earlier this week, hundreds of people lined up on Hollywood Boulevard to see the star at the

film's premiere, where he

thing about that. There's an

intellectual side to it, a ques-

rolled up in a fire truck. The former wrestler will

tioning side. There's also this kind of r i tualistic side that

likely also help drive fans of his latest film "Furious 7" to theaters. To date, the Uni-

lends itself to humor immediately. Our priest" — the couple

versal Pictures action film has made about $348 million in the U.S. and Canada and $1.5 billion worldwide.

attend church in Manhattan's Little Italy — "is hilarious. I'll go around to all the statues of little-known saints and guess

Meanwhile, "Aloha," the

their name based on looks, like 'Saint I - H ave-A-BooBoo,'" he said.

latest from director Cameron Crowe, is looking at a softer launch of about $12

Whatever his motivations

million to $15 million.

for weaving his faith into his comedy, it's working. Gaffigan has been invited this fall to attend an event in Philadel-

phia with Pope Francis. "You don't turn down the

ASSURANCE Iswhatyou getwhen EVERGREEN manages your lovedone's medlcatlons

pope," he said.

traditions ... (and) returning


to the way we were millions of

Great supply of Ammo s Guns At Great prices!

years ago." Internal data from Open M inded would appear to back

2625 NE Butler Market Rd • Bend TriggerHappyGunsBendoregon©gmaitcom

541.526.0611• OPEI 1 OAVS A W EEK


In-Home Care Services 541-389-0006

that up: Thus far, most of its

self-dedared "monogamish" users are under 33. In other words,

they're women (and men) who paid off their own student loans, fooled around on Tinder — and

grewup with anotion of personal independence much different


'9rvee i"vN+ual IIfetiee of testy"'c4N "

'::W,.cheap stuH destined for a kttdfill. Lasting„„,'.," ~ I I ty ie alwoyi Ae beet ~ . ,

from the one taught in the first


; ," ,

@~!'p k~

century A.D. For them, and for their more conventional peers, Jessie has

some advice: Talk to your partner about monogamy. Listen

"without judgment." Keep, in all cases, an open mind.


"Whichever it is, make a

real choice," she said. "We're told we only have enough love for one person. Does that

sound right to you?"

Find Your Dream Home

in Real Estate • • •



'.':-,'Patio '.-S oi ld:-;-", Pafin&n N8sndcnm

The B ulletin

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Move over,Sij.i: Cojtana's coming over By Matt Day The Seattle Times

Microsoft's Cortana virtual assistant will be released later

thisyear for users of Google and Apple smartphones. Cortana is coming to other platforms alongside other new apps designed to let Windows 10 users to link the

files on their iPhone or Google smartphone to their Win-

dows PC. Cortana, released for Windows Phone last year, is a voice-activated applica-

gle's Now service and Apple's OneDrive Web-accessed storSiri perform similar functions. age, Belfiore said. An Xbox Cortana has until now been music app will be designed to available only on Windows perform the same function for Phone, though Microsoft announced in January the ap-


com. NAMI MADRASCONNECTIONS:For peers, 541-475-1873 or namimadrasl NAMI MADRASFAMILY SUPPORT GROUP: lindamccoy79© NAMI MADRAS FAMILY-FAMILY SUPPORT GROUP:541-475-3299 or NAMI PRINEVILLEFAMILY SUPPORT GROUP: NAMI REDMOND FAMILYSUPPORT GROUP: 541-548-8637 or namicentraloregon© NAMI REDMONDCONNECTIONS: 541-693-4613 or www. NEWBERRY HOSPICE OF LA PINE: 541-536-7399. OREGON COMMISSIONFOR THE BLIND:541-447-4915. OREGON CURE:541-475-2164. OREGON LYMEDISEASE NETWORK: 541-312-3081 or www.oregonlyme. org. OVEREATERSANONYMOUS: 541306-6844 or PARENTS/CAREGIVERSOF CHILDRENAFFECTEDBYAUTISM SUPPORT GROUP:541-771-1075 or www.coregondevdisgroupaso.ning. com. PARENTSOFMURDEREDCHILDREN (POMC)SUPPORT GROUP: 541-410-7395. PARISH NURSESANDHEALTH MINISTRIES:541-383-6861. PARKINSON'SCAREGIVERS SUPPORT GROUP:541-317-1188. PARKINSON'SDISEASE SUPPORT GROUP:541-419-9964. PARTNERS IN CARE:Home health and hospice services; 541-382-5882. PAUL'S CLUB:Dadsand male caregiver support group; 541-548-8559. PFLAGCENTRAL OREGON: For parents, families and friends of lesbians andgays; 541-728-3843 or PLAN LOVINGADOPTIONS NOW (PLAN):541-389-9239. PLANNEDPARENTHOOD: 888-875-7820. PMS ACCESS LINE:800-222-4767. PREGNANCYRESOURCECENTERS: Bend,541-385-5334; Madras,541475-5338; Prineville, 541-447-2420; Redmond, 541-504-8919. PULMONARY HYPERTENSION SUPPORT GROUP:541-548-7489. RHEUMATOIDARTHRITIS SUPPORTGROUPCENTRAL OREGON(RASGCO): 541-504-8059 or alyce1002© SAVINGGRACE SUPPORT GROUPS:

Bend, 541-382-4420; Redmond, 541-504-2550, ext. 1; Madras, 541-475- I880. SCLERODERMA SUPPORTGROUP: 541-480-1958. SEXAHOLICSANONYMOUS: 541-595-8780. SOS (SECULARORGANIZATION FOR SOBRIETY):541-410-4271 or SOUPANDSUPPORT:For mourners; 541-548-7483. STEPMOM SUPPORTGROUP: 541-325-3339 or www. SUPPORTFOR FAMILIESAND FRIENDSOFSEXADDICTS: sanon4you@gmail .com. SUPPORT GROUPFOR FAMILIES WITH DIABETICCHILDREN: 541-526-6690. TOBACCO FREEALLIANCE: 541-322-7481. TOPS ORWEIGHT LOSS SUPPORT GROUP:Bend, 541-633-7399; Culver, 541-546-4012; Redmond, 541-548-0480. TRANSITIONINGBACK TO HEALTH: For Cancer survivors and caregivers; Bend, 541-706-3754. TYPE 2DIABETES SUPPORT GROUP: 541-706-4986. VETERANS HOTLINE: 541-408-5594 or 818-634-0735. VISIONNW:Peersupport group; 541-330-0715. VOLUNTEERSINMEDICINE: 541-330-900 I. WOMEN FACINGCANCER TOGETHER:Bend,541-706-2969.

Where Buyers And Sellers Meet 1000's Of Ads Every Day

Cla™ssifte s


Find It All

$299„... ,'


C om p l e m e n t s

Construction and Development ~

541-81 5-9256

users' music libraries.

w ww . c o m p l e m e n t s h o m e . c o m


"Regardless of the operating systems you choose across into Windows 10. your devices, everything imCortana won't have all of portant to you should roam its features on the other plat- across the products you alforms because Google and ready own — including your Apple don't offer third-party phone," Belfiore said. app-makers such as Microsoft The Phone Companion app the necessary system access, will showup in a fewweeks as Microsoft's Joe Belfiore said in an update to the preview vera blogpost. sion of Windows 10 currently plication would be integrated

• 0

tion that's part search engine, part scheduling assistant and In addition to Cortana, a in testing, Belfiore said. Corapplication manager. Micro- new Phone Companion fea- tana for Google's Android will soft bills the app as a way to ture with W i ndows 10 will be available at the end of June, give people information they sync users' photos, documents with an Apple variant set for need when theyneed it.Gooand files stored in Microsoft's release later this year.

Disneybound Continued from D1 Until recently, Disney World,

"I started creating these outfits that were

based off of Disney

in Orlando, had a policy that

characters, but what a

had banned adults from wear-

Disney character might wear if they werea living person."

ing full-blown character costumes in its theme parks. That policy, which was revised in October,now emphasizes actions over apparel. Disney's official list of prohibited activities includes "engaging with other guests or impeding the operation while posing as or portraying any character in costume."

a cosplay thing," Kay said. The company has embraced Kay, including her at a social-media superstar gathering alongside Grumpy Cat, quoting her in articles for the Disney Parks Blog and hiring her to work rtmDisney events.

Marshal Knight, a 19-yearold Disney World annual-pass — Leslle Kay holder from Tampa, mostly sees Disneybounders in groupsofteenagers orcollege threeyears ago,butshe didn't students at the theme parks, start it as a fashion statement. he said. His first attempt was The site originally was to Cruella De Vil. "channel our excitement" for a "It was very '40s-inspired. Disney World stores sell trip to Disney World, Kay said. ... Like she just jumped out of merchandise that could be They weren't all tied up in a Dick Tracy movie," he said. considered Disneybound ma- clothing. They were literally His ensemble included a black terials, particularly at f ashbound for Disney. ascot, metal belt and red but"I started creating these ton-down shirt. ion-forward outlets such as "I held like a fake white fur the Tren-D store at Downtown outfits that were based off of Disney. Disney characters, but what a vest everywhere," Knight said. For a visit to the Magic King- Disney character might wear "I thought I was going to wear dom last year, Michael Rubino, if they were a living person, it, but then I'm like ... wait, it's of Kissimmee, improvised and like your average teenager or September in Florida. So I just modernized a look for Sleep- 20-year-old," said Kay, 26. held it all day." "I didn't know it was going ing Beauty's beau. The look has expanded be"I did kind of a Prince Phil- to become a trend, but it very yond characters and into Dislip-but-dapper one, with a vest quickly became a thing in the ney rides and attractions. Ruand my cardigantied around Disney world," she said. bino said he has seen groups my neck for the cape," said Her site now has suggested with dresses designed to emuRubino, 26. "It was earlier on clothing options for dozens late the teacups of the Mad Tea before everyone was doing it of Disney characters, includ- Party ride, and he's mulling a so much. Everyone thought it ing princesses, dwarfs, Remy sartorial salute to Maelstrom, was really cool and wanted to (pink tennis shoes for toes), the recently shuttered Epcot take pictures and stuff."

R2-D2, Dumbo and "Frozen"

attraction, for a future event.

Recently he used a striped shirt to resemble "Pan" baddie Smee during a theme-park scavenger hunt where players resembled Disney villains. His

royals Anna and Elsa. Although Kay doesn't considerherself the fashionpolice, she said a "sweet spot" for Disneybounding falls somewhere

Kay, who works as a social-media coordinator out of

partner went for a

C aptain between a character T-shirt

Hook look, he said. Kivus and Rubino both said a Tumblr site was early

and anelaboratecostume. "My rule is 'Would I wear this to the mall?' or 'Would I


The Favorite Gift 2 (5 oz.j Filet Mignons 2 (5 oz.j Top Sirloins 4 (4 oz.j Boneless Pork Chops 4 (4 oz.j Omaha Steaks Burgers 4 Stuffed Baked Potatoes 4 Caramel Apple Tartlets 49377DDT

Reg. $164.00 I Now Only • •

• •


• ~

Toronto, continues to receive

requests, including one for designs related to the infamous theme-park snack, the giant turkey leg. She hasn't worked that up yet. "I don't really know how to

inspiration and the birthplace wear this out to drinks with a do a turkey leg," she said. "It's of Disneybounding activity. friend?' If I wouldn't do that, it kind of head-to-toe brown It was created by Leslie Kay becomes more of a costume or with a turkey necklace?"

I •




H o me I n t e ri o r s





Li eonaLi etime atin s owis'UnREAL' TV SPOTLIGHT

Some real-life drama:another 'Bachelor' split


Another couple from ABC's"The Bachelor" has broken up. Chris Soules andWhitney Bischoff have split two months after the finale of the reality dating show wherethe couple got engaged. At the time, the 33-year-old Soules, a farmer from Arlington, lowa, wasgearing up to immediately head to LosAngeles to compete on"Dancing

Monday,Lifetime By Jay Bobbin Zap2it

If you're watching ABC's "The Bachelorette" and switch to Lifetime immediately after-

with the Stars."

ward, you might think you've stumbled onto a new round of "The Bachelor." A fter a mi n u t e o r so ,

though, you'll realize you haven't. That second show actually is "UnREAL," drama-

tizing the off-camera world of such allegedly unscripted programs ... which some may contend is already dramatic enough. Starring familiar television faces Shiri Appleby ("Life Unexpected") and Constance Zimmer ("House of Cards") amid a sea of actresses playing contenders for

Rob Latour/Inviaion/AP

Shiri Appleby, left, and Constance Zimmer, right, arrive at Lifetime's series premiere of "UnREAL" in Beverly Hills with Nina Lederman, center, a Lifetime executive for scripted programming. This scripted show dramatizes the real-life drama of reality TV. seen on television. Sarah and

He and Bischoff, 29, aChicago fertility nurse, released astatement saying they've "amicably decided to end their relationship" and "part with nothing but respect andadmiration for one another." In a recent interview, "Bachelor" host Chris Harrison acknowledged that seeking the limelight after the show might not be the best for a newrelationship. "I don't begrudge anybody for taking advantage of any opportunity.... It's good money to be on'Dancing with the Stars.' But, the couples that havebeen successful, you know they got what they camefor and now I'm out of here. ... I always tell them, 'Let the show... Iet the experience enhance your life, don't let it changeyour life.' Those that really allow it to change your lives, it's tough." ABC just beganairing "The Bachelorette," with Kaitlyn Bristowe (who competed for Soules' affection last season on "TheBachelor") looking for a suitor amongeligible males.

work's soon-to-debut "Comp lications," Z i m mer w o n ' t be watching the "UnREAL"

debut since she'll be occupied that night with her other big project of the week, attending the premiere of the movie version of the former HBO series


eenina urr to eamot er

"Entourage" (which opens Wednesday, and in which she reprisesher role as studio ex-

ecutive Dana Gordon). "I'm going to be looking at every camera on the red

carpet and saying, 'All of you had better be going home and w atching " UnREAL,"'" s h e

vows with a chuckle. "You could never plan it better."

MOVIE TIMESTODAY • There may be an additional fee for 3-0and IMAXmovies. • Movie times are subject to change after press time. t

Dear Abby:I'm a teenager and the same thing. I want to grow up fast. My boyIf you make it out of high school friend, "Jared," and I are very se- — many pregnant girls don't — the rious, and we want to have a baby. kind of jobs you'll be prepared for I know that sounds crazy, but we won't pay much. If Jared suddenly talk about it all the time and we're discovers he isn't up to the responready for it. sibilities of f a t herAs much as I want hood — and believe all this, I'm afraid I me, it has happened DEAR o p«many times — you ABBY vide for the baby. I will h ave g reater have been d i stant from Jared because I don't know how to tell him I'm not

totally sure. He'll be disappointed after all we've discussed. I need to

know what to do and say. I need answers. — Future Young Mom in Pennsylvania

Dear Future Young Mom: You and Jared may be intent on growing up fast, but believe me, having a child at your age is a guaranteed way to slow you down. Once a baby is here, the baby's needs will supersede yours until he or she is no longer a minor. You are wise to

worry about how you will provide for any baby you bring into this world, and Jared should be doing

problems than tell-

Should respect I my mother's de-

ARIES (March21-April 19) ** * * You might find that your words hold like cement with someone you speak with today. Be smart and choose those words with care. Deal with a loved one who exhausts you with his or her chatter. Your intuition will carry you right past an awkward moment. Tonight: Dinner for two.

knows he is "different" — and if

he is high-functioning, I think he should know why, and it should be explained to him by one of your parents. However, whether your brother should be told is a decision

— at least for now — that should be made by them. Have you discussed

or P.o. Box 69440, LosAngeles, CA90069

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov.21)


are direct, verbal and creative. Others By Jacqueline Bigar listen when you speak. Your intensity about your work and daily routine often comes out. You might become rigid about who tends to give you powerful feedback. certain elements of your day-to-day life. If You know you aren't always right. Tonight: Feel free to do what you want. youaresingle,you could meetsomeone who makes yourheartsing.W henyou CANCER (June21-July 22) notice your heart ** * * * Y our mind might wander 8tsrs showths kind skiPPing a beat, from one topic to another, though you of dsy you'll have yo u know you have are unlikely to verbalize what you are ** * * * D ynamic met this person. If thinking. Schedule time with a loved one, ** * * Positive yo u are attached, andmaketodayoneofthosememorabl e ** * Average the two of you rev moments. Choose to do what this person ** So-so up your social life loves. Tonight: Add more spice to your * Difficult and can be found life. out and about this summer. This year could be significant to your relationship. SCORPIO is drawn to your intensity.

Dear Grounded in R eality: Your brother probably already

ing your boyfriend your concerns with your father or you don't think you're ready to be any other adult relatives'? If you haa mother until you have at least a ven't, I think you should, because high school diploma. they are valid. Dear Abby:My younger brother Dear Abby:We gave a substanis in junior high and he has autism. tial check to a young woman as a It is not severe. He's able to interact wedding gift. The marriage lasted with others, but he's noticeably dif- three months. The money wasn't ferent from the other kids. returned, and we never received As he gets closer to entering a thank-you note. What is the etihigh school, I am sure that if we quette in a situation like this'? don't tell him he has autism, some— Robert in Chula Vista, one at school will. I have menCalifornia tioned this to my mother a couple Dear Robert: The rule of etiof times, but she doesn't want to quette is that the bride should have tell him. She's in denial and wants promptly written you, thanking to ignore the situation like it's not you for your generosity. even there. — Write to Dear Abby at


cision or push the subject more'? — Grounded in Reality

LEO (July23-Aug.22)

** * * You love to visit with others, but today your instincts will keep you close to home. You might need to deal with a personal matter, take a nap or dive into a great novel. Use these hours well. Friends are likely to seek you out in any case. Tonight: Remember, it is your choice.

VIRGO (Aug.23-Sept. 22)

** * * You like moving around, checking out what is new in the neighborhood and catching up on gossip, too. Don't forget to check in with an older relative, as TAURUS (April 20-Msy20) ** * * * D efer to others, and you will be you likely will have some responsibilities to carry out. Make it OK to atake a break. delighted with the outcome. You might Tonight: At a favorite spot. be weighing the pros and cons of an investment right now. Give it a day or two, LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) and you will know the right move to make. *** Your more possessiveside is likely Tonight: Just don't be alone. to emerge today, as you can't imagine what it would be like to have to share GEMINI (May 21-June 20) ** * * * You respond with quickness someone. You might cause yourself a and ease. Others listen and make deciproblem, so be careful about what you sions after talking with you. You might sayand whatyou do. Tonight: Off to a want to make time to visit an older friend concert or movie.

** * * How you feel about a relationship could color your day. If you must spend time with a family member whom you feel lukewarm toward, be sure to keep your thoughts to yourself. Perhaps adjusting your plans would be the better way to go. Tonight: You call the shots.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov.22-Dec. 21) ** * Kick back and do what you want. You might not feel comfortable in your normal social scene today, as you would have to be the lead actor at get-togethers. Take time for yourself, or be with a special

person. Youneedto dowhat pleasesyou most. Tonight: Not to be found.

GAPRICORN (Dec.22-Jan. 19) ** * * * J oin a group of friends who are off on an adventure. It might be as simple as playing a softball game or watching a thriller. You need special time with your pals to relax and recharge you batteries. Tonight: With the person you want to be with.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.18) ** * You'll notice how carefree and full of fun others are right now. You might wonder whyyou can'tjoin them, butyou already know the answer: You must be responsible and handle certain matters first. Your flirty ways won't go unnoticed. Tonight: Make the most of the moment.

PISCES (Feb.19-March20) ** * * You might accept an invitation to join a friend on a weekend road trip. You'll have a ball exploring different areas, and you'll find the change of scenery relaxing. Sometimes you get so locked into a set schedule; know thatyou can break that pattern. Tonight: At a new spot. © King Features Syndicate

8 p.m. on2 9, "Grey'sAnsto-

my" — Derek (Patrick Dempsey) largely was off the radar for a while, but he's back in a very big way in "How to Save aLife," written by series creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes. Upon seeing a major car accident, he goes on instinct in rushing over to treat victims. The outcome of this story generated much comment from viewers when it first aired last month. 8 p.m. on 6, "Person of Intersst" —The names may change, but the characters remain the same in "Panopticon." Trying to

avoid being locatedandpossi-

bly eliminated by the insidious system Samaritan, Reese (Jim Caviezel) and the other team members adopt new identities. It can be hard to escape your past, though,sinceThe Machine retains elements of who they were — and Samaritan could track those.

— The Associated Press

going to be for those who love reality shows. Are they going

Marti really emphasize that the show is not a satire of an- to be scared and sad that this Monday. other show. They've created is really what's going on, or a lot I could relate to in this B ased on the short f i l m their own world, and it's real- do we all know in our heart of c haracter," c onfirms L i f e "Sequin Raze" by Sarah Ger- ly more about exploring the hearts that's it's not real, and time-movie staple Appleby, trude Shapiro — who's over- characters, the people who we just like to watch for the "but at the same time, she's seeing the L i f etime series make reality television and drama?" really c h allenging. She's with TV veteran Marti Noxon their own personal struggles Those familiar with Apple- good at manipulating peo("Buffy the Vampire Slayer") with it, as opposed to taking by and Zimmer's work are ple to do what she needs, but "UnREAL" casts Apple- down any specific show." likely to see their "UnREAL" it makes her feel ugly and by as Rachel, a sympathetic Still, Zim m e r say s roles as crystallizations of the dirty about herself." Zimmer producer on a show called "UnREAL's" peek behind the kinds of characters they're adds the hope that the audi"Everlasting," which is ruled curtain of reality programs known for: i n A p p leby's ence "loves to hate or hates with an iron fist and sharp was "one of the many reasons case, the person who always to love" her own character: tongue by demanding execu- I was so excited to do the show. wants to do the right thing "She's doing a job and she tive producer Quinn (played I don't really watch reality despite opposing circumstanc- has to get the job done, come by Zimmer). television, but it was fun to be es ... and in Z i mmer's, the hell or high water. I love these "When I read the (pilot) able to play this character who high-powered "Type A" who powerful women who are script," Appleby reflects, "it embodies what supposedly is won't let emotions get in the making such a resurgence on wasn't like anything I've ever going on behind-the-scenes. way of sheer ambition. television." "I definitely felt there was been a part of, or have ever I'm so curious about how it's Also featured in USA Netthe heart of the fictional bachelor, "UnREAL" p r emieres

TV TODAY • More TV listingsinside Sports




Regal Old Mill Stadium16 & IMAX, 680 SW Powerhouse Drive, 800-326-3264 • THE AGEOF ADALINE(PG-13)3:55,9:40 • ALOHA (PG-13) noon, 2:45, 6:45, 9:45 • AVENGERS:AGE OFULTRON (PG-13)12:10,3:25,6:55, 10:10 • CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA (R) 1:10, 4:05, 7:05, 10:20 • FAR FROM THEMADDINGCROWD (PG-13) 11:40 a.m., 2:55, 6:15, 9:15 • HOME (PG) 11:55a.m., 2:20 • MAD MAX: FURY ROAD(R) 12:10, 3:40, 7:45, 10:40 • MAD MAX: URY F ROAD 3-D(R)11:35a.m.,2:35,6:25, 9:25 • PITCH PERFECT 2 (PG-13) 11:45 a.m., 12:30, 2:45, 3:30, 6:25, 7:15, 9:45, 10:25 • POLTERGEIST (PG-13) 12:55, 3:20, 7:35, 10:05 • POLTERGEIST3-D (PG-13) 7:50, 10:50 • SAN ANDREAS (PG-13) 11:30 a.m., 2:30, 7, 10 • SAN ANDREAS 3-0 (PG-13) 12:15, 1, 3,5, 6:30, 7:20, 9:30 • SAN ANDREAS IMAX3-0 (PG-I3) 12:45, 745 • TOMORROWLAND (PG) 11:50 a.m., 12:20, 3:15, 3:45, 6:40,7:25,10:15, 10:25 • TOMORROWLAND IMAX(PG)3:50,10:30 • Accessibility devices are available forsome movies. •

8 p.m.on ANPL, "My CatFrom Hell" —Ambreen has been abused by her cat, Calvin, for the past13 years because of the way he bites her and her friends relentlessly and without warning. She's tired of it, but she fears he might be put down if she rejects him. Josh's girlfriend, Sydney, has not been welcomed (to put it mildly) into his apartment by his cat, Nico, who bites and hisses at her in the new episode "Love Bites." 8 p.m.on HALL,"When Calls the Heart" —Already at a relationship crossroads, Elizabeth and Jack (Erin Krakow, Daniel Lissing) receive upsetting news from their families in Hamilton that could tear them apart in the new episode "Heart and Home." Abigail (Lori Loughlin) tries to find forgiveness in her heart for a contrite Bill (Jack Wagner). Lee (Kavan Smith) recruits Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) to help fight Gowen (Martin Cummins) and keep HopeValley from falling apart. Andrea Brooks also stars. 8 p.m. on LIFE, "Marilyn: The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe" — Based on a book by J. Randy Taraborrelli, this new miniseries

(which concludesSunday) chronicles the mostly familiar

story of how lonelyNormaJeane Mortenson (Kelli Garner, "The Aviator") reinvented herself as iconic screen goddess Marilyn Monroe while struggling with

her inner demons,including

fears that she inherited mental illness from her mother, Gladys

(Susan Sarandon). Ct Zap2it




McMenamins OldSt. Francis School, 700 NWBond St., 541-330-8562 • CINDERELLA (PG)11a.m., 2 • THE DIV ERGENT SERIES:INSURGENT (PG-13)5:30 • FURIOUS(PG-13) 7 9 • Younger than 2t may attend aiiscreeningsif accompanied byalegalguardian. Tin Pan Theater, 869 NWTin PanAlley, 541-241-2271 • IRIS(PG-13)6 • WELCOME TOME(R) 4, 8 I


Sisters Movie House,720 DesperadoCourt, 541-549-8800 • ALOHA(PG-13) 2:45, 5: I5, 7:45 • FAR FROMTHE MADDING CROWD (PG-13)2:15,4:45, 7:15 • PITCH PERFECT2 (PG-13) 2:30, 5,7:30 • TOMORROWLAND (PG)2,4:30,7:15 Madras Cinema 5,1101SWU.S. Highway 97, 541-475-3505 • MAD MAX: FURY ROAD(R) 1:45, 4:30, 7:10, 9:50 • PITCH PERFECT 2 (PG-13) 1:50, 4:25, 7, 9:30 • POLTERGEIST (PG-I3) 1,3:10, 5:20, 7:30, 9:45 • SAN ANDREAS (PG-13) 11:45 a.m., 4:45, 7:20 • SAN ANDREAS 3-0 (PG-13) 2:10, 9:55 • TOMORROWLAND (PG)1:15,4:05,6:50,9:40 •

Pine Theater, 214 N.MainSt., 541-416-1014 • SAN ANDREAS (PG-13) 1:10, 4:10, 7:15 • TOMORROWLAND (Upstairs — PG) 1, 4, 7 • Theupstairsscreening room has limitedaccessibility.


Find a week'sworth of movie times plus film reviews in Friday's 0 Gg! Magazine

WILSONSotRe dmond 541-548-2066 ~e<"'6 \


Redmond Cinemas,1535 SWOdemMedo Road, 541-548-8777 • MAD MAX: FURYROAD (R)11:30a.m.,2,4:30,7,9:30 • PITCH PERFECT2 (PG-13) 11:15a.m.,1:45, 4:15, 6:45, 9:15 • SAN ANDREAS (PG-13) 11a.m.,1:30, 4, 6:30, 9 • TOMORROWLAND (PG)12:45,3:30,6:15,9




G allery-Be n d 541-330-5084

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Live life on the eastside of beautiful Bend, Oregon, at a price you can afford! Pettigrew Place, by Hayden Homes, is a new home

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[g fl3

c waonl

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Ad ¹1232 664- Houses for Rent Furnished Steve Gorman, Broker TEAM Birtola Garmyn 671 - Mobile/Mfd. for Rent 541-408-2265 High Desert Realty 675 - RV Parking 541-312-9449 676 - Mobile/Mfd. Space www. BendOregon 682 - Farms, Ranches and Acreage MORRIS 687 - Commercial for Rent/Lease REAL ESTATE Classic full-scribe cusMORRIS 693 - Office/Retail Space for Rent tom log home w/great REAL ESTATE Paulina peak views. REAL ESTATE Riverfront living downI I ~ m lyO Ad ¹2082 705 - Real Estate Services town. Come enjoy the People Look for Information lifestyle in this 2 bed- TEAM Birtola Garmyn 713- Real Estate Wanted High Desert Realty p 4 ', 1 About Products and room, 2 bath 1351 sq. 719 - Real Estate Trades 541-312-9449 Services Every Daythrough f t. condo w it h a t - www. BendOregon 726 - Timeshares for Sale The Bulletin Classifieds tached garage plus a 730 - New Listings carport. Unbeatable 732 - Commercial Properties for Sale Profitable Kennel Busi- location close to ev- Spectacular 20+ acre 738 - Multiplexes for Sale n ess Going on 3 0 erything. $ 394,900. West Powell Butte EsYears! First c l ass CALL KIM WARNER tates Home. 740 -Condominiums & Townhomes forSale kennel /bo a rding AT 541 - 410-2475. Ad ¹1262 744 - Open Houses 201 5 02618 TEAM Birtola Garmyn business for dogs and MLS: 745 - Homes for Sale cats. 53 dog rooms Duke Warner Realty High Desert Realty 746- Northwest Bend Homes and 13 cat rooms, 541-312-9449 744 most wit h o u t side 747- Southwest Bend Homes www. BendOregon runs. Multiple outside Open Houses 748 - Northeast Bend Homes • r play areas for super749 - Southeast Bend Homes Historic beauty w/victovised play and exerOPEN HOUSE rian charm in down750 - Redmond Homes cise. Long time expe12:30 - 4:30 town Prineville. 753 - Sisters Homes r ienced staff a n d Sat. & Sun. ¹1182 grooming f a c ilities.2839 NE Forum Drive TEAMAd 755 - Sunriver/La Pine Homes Birtola Garmyn Property has a 2500 3 bdrm, 2.5 bath, large 756- Jefferson County Homes High Desert Realty sq. ft. home, includmaster suite, great 757 - Crook County Homes 541-312-9449 ing a 1 be d room room, loft, family area, www. BendOregon 762 - Homes with Acreage apartment. $964,000. charming backyard. 763- Recreational Homes and Property CALL KRIS WARNER Lovely home AT 541 - 480-5365 764 - Farms and Ranches Beautiful Styling in 15 yr fixed= 3.125'/o APR- 3.412% P8rl pmt= $1950.51 $264,900 MLS: 201 5 0 2782 Wonderful OaktreeCall Steve O 771 - Lots Duke Warner Realty 541-550-0333 Bend! Ad ¹1612 30 yr fixed= 4.000Vo APR- 4.168Vo PSrl pmt= $1336.76 773 - Acreages TEAM Birtola Garmyn REDUCED! 2 Homes 775 - Manufactured/Mobile Homes 745 High Desert Realty Jumbo 30 yr=4.125% APR- 4.270% P&l pmt= $3107.76 on .88 acre commer780 - Mfd. /Mobile Homes with Land 541-312-9449 Homes for Sale cially zoned property www. BendOregon Purchase price $350,000. 20'll down, loan amount $280,000. 30 year fixed. with 2 stic k -built 648 Jumbo purchase price / value S800,000 — 20% down / equity, S640,000 loan amount. Offer valid homes rented at $575 Spacious C r a ftsman Houses for on A w b rey Custom log home, as of 05/29/2015, restrictions may apply. Rates/fees subject to change. On Approved Credit. and $850. You also home Butte. Ad ¹1082 Rent General 1 acre, backs forest get an additional tax TEAM Birtola Garmyn lot in the deal. Off the land on Sunriver's High Desert Realty PUBLISHER'S Madras H w y in backyard. Ad ¹1072 Academy Mortgage Achieves ¹1 Independent Lender 541-312-9449 NOTICE Prineville, and there TEAM Birtola Garmyn www. BendOregon All real estate adver- have been some new Ranking for Purchase Business in the United States! High Desert Realty tising in this newspa- b usinesses i n th e 541-312-9449 Data Source — Corelogic Market Trac per is subject to the area. Agent owned. Custom, steel-beam www. BendOregon F air H o using A c t Asking $19 9 ,900 home on west edge of which makes it illegal Heather Hockett, Bro627 Lake Billy Chinook. r, SE Bend home with 2 to a d vertise "any ker, 54 1 - 420-9151 Ad ¹1622 Vacation Rentals suites. Ad ¹1492 preference, limitation C entury 2 1 Gol d TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn & Exchanges or disc r imination Country Realty. High Desert Realty High Desert Realty based on race, color, 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 Deluxe furnished condo religion, sex, handi738 www.BendOregon www. BendOregon 7th Mtn Resort, avail cap, familial status, Multiplexes for Saleg M ORT GA G E C O R P O R A T I O N June-Sept.nightly, marital status or naweekly, 5 star, many tional origin, or an inSpectacular Deschutes Impressive family home $209,000 a menities. 541 8 1 5 tention to make any River and Cascade Duplex in quiet SE neighbor7707, kar e nmich- such pre f erence,•Investment opportunity views. AD¹1342 hood. AD¹1572 ellen© limitation or discrimi- •2 Bdrm, 1 bath & single TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn nation." Familial sta- garage High Desert Realty High Desert Realty CASEY JONES JENNIFER EDWARDS tus includes children •Excellent rental history 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 632 under the age of 18 •Upgraded www.BendOregon www. BendOregon 541-419-9766 541%19-9766 Apt./Iillultiplex General living with parents or •Commercial potential legal cus t odians, Bea Leach, Broker CHECK VOUR AD Great SW Bend Forest Ridge Townpregnant women, and NMLS 189449 CORP OR LIC.¹ ML-2421 NMLS 288550 CORP NMLS¹ 3113 541-788-2274 Craftsman home. home in Eagle Crest people securing cusWindermere Ad ¹1242 Resort. AD¹1632 tody of children under Central Oregon TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn 18. This newspaper Real Estate P ou ~ r zeoa ~ ~ rae ~ ck ~ ~ vu ~ High Desert Realty High Desert Realty will not knowingly ac541-312-9449 541-312-9449 cept any advertising Duplex in Bend's Old www. BendOregon www. BendOregon on the first day it runs for real estate which is Mill District. Ad ¹2182 to make sure it is cor- in violation of the law. TEAM Birtola Garmyn rect. "Spellcheck" and O ur r e aders a r e High Desert Realty hereby informed that 541-312-9449 human errors do ocwww.BendOregon cur. If this happens to all dwellings advertised in this your ad, please conper are available on tact us ASAP so that an equal opportunity New Listing $199,000 corrections and any SPONSOREDBY Redmond Duplex basis. To complain of adjustments can be d iscrimination ca l l •4 Bdrm, 2 bath, 1834 made to your ad. HUD t o l l-free at sq.ft. 541 -385-5809 acre size lot TheBulletin Classified 1-800-877-0246. The ••0.36 Arbor Mortgage toll f ree t e lephone Built in 1995 •SW section, great innumber for the hear634 ing im p aired is vestment opportunity Tony Levison, Broker Apt./Multiplex NE Bend 1-800-927-9275. Cascade Sotheby's

ppo o

Findine the riehl homeis~hard.




Finding the Right Mortgage is Easy!





3 71 SW Upper Terrace Drive S u ite 1

Bend g t

yQ g p





Windermere Central Oregon Real Estate

Only afew left! BULLETINCLASSIFIEDS Two & Three Bdrms Search the area's most with Washer/Dryer comprehensive listing of and Patio or Deck. (One Bdrms also avail.) classified advertising... Mountain Glen Apts real estate to automotive, merchandise to sporting 541.383.931 3 goods. Bulletin Classifieds Professionally appear every day in the managed by NW Bend Greyhawk print or on line. Norris & Stevens, Inc. Condos! Call 541-385-5809 Ad ¹1122,1672, 1682 TEAM Birtola Garmyn 636 High Desert Realty ptJMultiplex NW Bend The Bulletin 541-312-9449 Ser ing Central Oregon si~ e8 www.BendOregon Quiet 2 bedroom, w/s/g/ c able p a id , d i s h658 washer, laundry faciliHouses for Rent $170,000 Great ties, oa k c a binets, Westside Condo Redmond $735 mo./$700 de•One south f a c i ng p osit. N o dog s . condo available 3 Bdrm w/den, 1550 sq. •Completely 541-383-2430 renovated ft., 1.75 bath, gas fire- •2 Bdrm, 1 bath, 600 place, open ceilings, sq.ft. 2-car garage, fenced •P rofessionally m a n Need to get an yard, auto sprinklers, aged and maintained ad in ASAP? great n eighborhood Jake & Loretta You can place it close to schools & Moorhead, shopping, NW Redonline at: Brokers 541-480-6790 m ond. $1250 m o . W/S/G included plus 541-480-2245 Windermere deposit. Avail. June 5, Central Oregon 541-385-5809 2015. 541-504-4624 Real Estate •



International Realty

Nominations are now open for the 39th Annual Building a Better Central Oregon

WINHome Inspections

Awards. BBCO recognizes commercial and residential projects that enhance

our community. Deadline: August 1, 2015 Award Ceremony: October 22, 2015 McoNI

For more information and a nomination form please visit or contact

Central Oregon Association of REALTORS

us at

2112 NE 4th St Bend, DR 97702 541-382-6027






I SAT. 12 - 3



Popular Pahlisch Homes community featuring resort-like amenities: pools, clubhouse, gym, hot tub, sports center & 2 miles of walking trails. Tour a variety of single level and 2 story plans.

Recently finished Pahlisch Homes Model in NE Bend. Homes feature quartz counters, laminate flooring, gas cooking, stainless steel 20802 NE Sierra Drive appliances and all the Directions:North on Boyd Acres, quality Pahlisch Homes is right on Sierra OR norrh on 18th known for. Now selling from Empire, lePonSierra. Lookfor Phase Two — stop by for SfgtK more information. Homes &om the

Hosted 6 Listed by TEAM DELAY Principal Broker


61056 Manhae Loop, Bend Directions: East on Reed Nar/ret /Id., first exii at roundabout onio 15th, at Road Detour Sign turn le ft on Ferguson. Right atSageCreek Drit e, left ar Manhae Lane, righi ai GoldenGate.

Homes Starting Mid-$200s Q

HOSted & LiSted byr


541-420-2$50 PahlischHomes a • • • • o • s



Located in popular Northwest Crossing. Large loi, 8712 sq. ft. Hardwood floors on main leveL3160 sq.ft.,4 bedroom,

3 bath plus large family room & main level deri. Covered deck wraps home on south

and eastside. BBQ gashook- 2340 NW Drouillard Ave,Bend up with deck storage room. 1hrectfonsrFrom NW 14th, west Triple car garage and mature on NWHartford, right or norrh on trees. Home now complete & Mv 18th ro2340/vtw Drou//lard ready for occupancy! Are.

HOSted byr


541-408-1107 L~'Sted byr

BECKY BREEZE Princi al Broker

$799,9oo ECKY REEZE Sc MPANY Rea Estate



Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Ho m es for Sale•



Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

10 acres w/4 acres of ir- 27th Street Crossing 310 Willis Lane, $519,00060347 Zuni Circle, rigation, 3 ponds, 2 incredible NW style Eagle Crest Bend. $198,900. $295,000 homes, main 1 story • 2170 sq.ft. estate on almost 90 •Grand entrance Located in DRW on a house is 1344 sq. ft., • 4 bedroom, 3 bath acres. Ad ¹1362 •Open floor plan .57 acre lot, built in win e 1994 with 1344 sq.ft. vac. home is 1296 sq. • Master on main, TEAM Birtola Garmyn •K itchen wi th ft. 2 4X24 g a rage/ vaulted ceilings High Desert Realty cooler and g ranite of living area, a dbl 541-312-9449 shop. MLS¹ • MLS 201503380 counters garage, 3 bdrm, 2 201503530 $389,095. Jane Strell, Broker, www.BendOregon • Paver patio and water bath. Needs some Pam Lester, Princ. ABR, GRI, e-Pro, feature TLC, but would make Broker, Century 21 Earth Advantage 541-410-1200 a excellent invest$334,950Gold Country Realty, 541-948-7998 Bill Kammerer, Broker ment. Bank Owned. Upas Ave. Inc. 541-504-1338 Windermere Jesse Lepez, •Model Home Central Oregon Principal Broker 14720 Lichen Way • Single level home rdd Real Estate 541-420-9535 $179,900. 3 bedroom, •4 Bdrm, 2 bath 2 bath, 1755 sq. ft., $549,900 Spectacular Fred Real Estate Group •3 Car garage double garage. High MORRIS views - Price reduced! •High end fixtures and $622,000 Lakes Realty & Prop•4152 sq.ft. open living REAL ESTATE finishes River Frontage erty Man a gement space ~ y~ ~ ~ d •Many plans and lots • 1805 sq.ft. and 624 541-536-0117 •Custom home, 3 level Lisa Hart, Broker sq.ft. studio $289,900 of high end finishes 541-788-2278 1502 NE 4th St. Redcar garage Home and Land • Formal dining and liv ••Dbl mond. $170,000. On Windermere 500 ft. of river frontage acres near Sunriing room Central Oregon Redmonds NE side ~2.58 Gated community ver •Huge great room and •~2.9 Real Estate close to bypass and •RV acres garage and greenmassive master suite Janelle hwy access, shop- house Christensen, with deck $337,900 ping an d h o s pital•Single level home Broker 541-815-9446 21171 Ritz Bea Leach, Broker /medical facilities, is •Fenced & cross fenced Windermere •3110 sq.ft., 5 bdrm, 2.5 541-788-2274 this c o ttage s t y le Central Oregon 168 bath. Windermere home built in 2004. It Eric541-771-'I Real Estate Andrews, Broker dTriple garage, huge Central Oregon boasts 1030 sq.ft of Windermere bonus room/loft Real Estate living space, 3 bdrm, $625,000 Awbrey Butte Central Oregon •Open floor plan. 2 bath, and a double Call The Bulletin At Home Real Estate 541-771-1168 garage with alley ac•3585 sq.ft., 3 bdrm, 4 541-385-5809 Eric Andrews, Broker cess. Just bought a new boat? bath Windermere Place Your Ad Or E-Mail Jesse Lepez, Sell your old one in the acres Central Oregon Principal Broker At: •0.39 classifieds! Ask about our • Custom home located Real Estate 541-420-9535 Super Seller rates! on Awbrey Butte $55,000 Wilt Road Fred Real Estate Group 541-385-5809 3 bdrm, 2 bath home on • 11.25 acres secluded ~V!ews of Smith Rock, 15470 Emerald Dr. 1 acre, 720 sq. ft. ga- • Recreational property Pilot Butte, Bend and $289,900 Quiet Redmond $194,500. 1924 sq. ft., rage/shop, with 300 off the grid Cul-de-sac 3bedroom, 2 bath on ~2512 sq.ft. home with sq. ft. carport. Nicely • Please call listing bro- ~4 car garage Tony Levison, Broker 5 acres. High Lakes den/office landscaped with ker for directions Realty 8 Pr o perty•Master on main, bo541-977-1852 541-410-1200 f enced y ar d a n d Windermere Management nus room, 4 bdrm 2 wrap-around decks. Bill Kammerer, Broker 541-536-0117 Central Oregon Windermere dining rooms, garage Heat pump and appliReal Estate incl u ded. Central Oregon with shop, patio and ances $154,900Real Estate $129,900. firepit Quality Living MLS201501579 62655 County Line. Pri•55+ community Tony Levison, Broker $559,000 - Elegant vate farm in Alfalfa, Call Nancy Popp, 541-977-1852 •Cascade mtn views Living Principal Broker 2390 sq . f t . , 64 •Open kitchen with 3 Windermere • 55+ community within 541-815-8000 acres/51 irr i gated Central Oregon pantries Eagle Crest Crooked River Realty •Linnea hardwood acres, 4 bedrooms, 3 •Cul-de-sac Real Estate bath, large shop and •Clubhouse and pool 3 bdrm., 2 ba., 2456 sq. flooring barn. Barn has fin$299,000 Great •Surrounding deck • Gourmet kitchen ft. w14.66 acre/13.20 ished bunk h ouse. Location! Susan Pitarro, Broker •Crown molding acres irrigation. Bo• 1865 sq.ft., 4 bdrm, 2.5 $700,000 More info? 541-410-8084 .Wainscot in dining Text 52187 to 35620. b ath, office, h a r d nus room w/seperate Susan Pitarro, Broker Windermere wood and upgrades entry, stainless steel Scott McLean, PrinciCentral Oregon 541-410-8084 Broker •Granite and stainless appliances, solar depal Real Estate Windermere sign generates 20% 541-408-6908. Realty in kitchen Central Oregon 16065 SW Alfalfa Rd., •Private oasis electricity. MLS¹ Executives Real Estate Powell Butte. Great 201504013 $449,900 Jillian Smith, location i n P o w ell Pam Lester, Princ. Broker NW Gerke Rd., 674 NE Seward, Bend. Butte!!! 40 acre farm, Broker, Century 21 563 503-913-5076 Prineville. Wonderful In the heart of Mid17 acres i rrigation, Gold Country Realty, horse property. 2280 t own, 1682 sq . f t . Windermere 1560 sq. ft. manufacInc. 541-504-1338 Central Oregon sq. ft. main home, 4 home, 3 bedrooms, tured home, s hop/ Real Estate edroom, 2 bat h , 1.5 bath, living room barn, new large pond. $449,000 - Crest Ridge b horse barn w/3 stall and f a mily r o o m, $425,000. More info? 2 bdrm., 1.5 ba., 1174 •C ountry living on 5 setup, 2 car carport, walk-in c l oset in Text 52192 to 35620. sq. ft., located in 55+ Acres open kitchen, master bedroom, deScott McLean Princi- community, p antry, •3 Car garage with shop large gara g e , garden area, 6.5 acre t ached Broker gas fireplace & AC. and storage pal den/office, big fenced treed lot, large de541-408-6908 Realty A cross f ro m g o l f•Professional landscape tached garage/shop, backyard, large back Executives course in Redmond. •Deck fenced and irrigated deck. $250,000. More MLS¹ 201 5 0 1015 Mike Wilson, Broker 16549 Wayne Dr. pastures. $350,000. info? Text 52195 to 541-977-5345 Pam M ore i n fo ? Te x t 35620, Scott McLean $295,900. 16.7 9 $169,999. Windermere Lester, Princ. Broker, Brok e r a cres, 1702 sq. f t . 52185 to 35620. Scott P rincipal C entury 2 1 Gol d Central Oregon horse property. High McLean, Pr i n cipal 541-408-6908 Realty Real Estate Country Realty, Inc. Lakes Realty & Prop- 541-504-1338 Broker 541-408-6908 Executives erty Man a gement Realty Executives $469,000 Spectacular 541-536-0117 - Waterfront lot 2 Master Suites, 1 up/1 View $579,000 Powell Butte $69,000 •1.24 acre with septic 182 acres on the John d own, 4 b d rm, 3 .5 •On Deschutes River Lp. approval Day river, borders b ath, 2369 sq . f t . , rim •Great NW neighbor•On a paved road BLM, LOP tags, irri- h ardwood floo r s, •3 Bdrm, 2 bath hood • Community park and granite counters, RV •Deck overlooks the •U pdated,new "stuff" g ation, springs, 2 boat ramp 2 blocks river homes, shop, orchard, p arking, fenced & •Spacious rooms, 4 ~4 Miles to Sunriver Rebunkhouse and a 21 landscaped. Pick your •2.5 acres, RV parking bdrm, 2 fireplaces sort s pace R V par k . colors! $27 9 ,000. and A/C Tony Weinmann, 541-410-1200 Mike Wilson, Broker $825,000. CALL MLS¹201406397 Call Broker Bill Kammerer, Broker 541-977-5345 DUKE WARNER RE- Pam Lester, Principal 541-706-1820 Windermere Broker, Century 21 Windermere ALTY, DAYVILLE AT Windermere Central Oregon Central Oregon 541-987-2363. MLS: Gold Country Realty, Central Oregon Real Estate Inc. 541-504-1338 Real Estate 201407546 Real Estate 1957 SF 3 bdrm, 2 bath on 1.35 acres. Chef's kitchen, h a r dwood floors, plush carpet, butcher block kitchen island. Mtn views, dbl garage/carport, shop, storage building, living 8 family rooms. MLS201409758 $219,900. Nancy Popp, Principal Broker 541-815-8000. Crooked River Realty $242,500 Meadow Lakes •Updated 1876 s q.ft. home •0.22 acre large lot, granite, wood and tile •Kitchen with pantry •Golf, library and park 541-410-1200 Bill Kammerer, Broker Windermere Central Oregon Real Estate $245,000. VIEWS ~4.69 acres •Horse property, needs well and COIC irriga tion •Public riding trails Bea Leach, Broker •

541-788-2274 Windermere Central Oregon Real Estate 2619 NW Havre Ct., Bend. $379,900. Located in Bend's des irable NW side i n Copperstone is this ready to move into t ownhouse. It w a s built in 2005 and offers 2,180 sq.ft. of living space, a large open kitchen w i th granite counters and hardwood floors, living room with high vaulted ceilings, 3 bdrm, one with a Murphy bed, two with private baths, large dining area, a breakfast nook, surround sound and mu c h m o re. Perfect for a full-time resident or an investor. Bank owned. Jesse Lepez, Principal Broker 541-420-9535 Fred Real Estate Group 26695 Horsell Road Recently remodeled 3bdrm, 2 bath, 2070ysq.ft. farm house on 67.9y acres with 39.7y acres of irrigation. 1 344ysq.ft. building for Office/Recreation /Studio, 4502y sq.ft. building with 12' door & ma n d o o r f o r shop/RV/Toy / B o at storage & indoor gard ening. New 7 5 0y deep well being drilled to pro v id e a year-round source of domestic water. New gas log fireplace will be installed. $625,000. MLS¹201401400 Bobbie Strome, Principal Broker John L Scott Real Estate 541-385-5500


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.:.j dd, r r d

Northwest Bend Open Komes NORTHWEST CROSSING

1148 NW 18th St. Large windowareas Daylight bonusroom MaSter on main leVel

Thres-Cargarage $714,900 West on NW Galveston Ave., right on NW 17th St., left on NW Hartford Ave., right on NW 18th St.




OPENFRI 12-3, SAT 8 SUN1-4

1445 NW Mt. Washington Or. Open great room Vaulted living area Beautiful finishes Wide kitchen w/ island

h Lk!W ' e

Secs ooo


West on NW Galveston Ave., right on NW 17th St., left on NW Hartford Ave., right on NW 18th St.


West on NW Shevlin Park Rd.. right on NW Park Commons Dr.


19175 Chiloquin Dr. MaSter on main leVel

Open floor plan Spacious island kitchen SOlid quartZ CountsrtoP8

$649,900 OPENSAT 8 SUN12-3

From NW Newport Ave., north on NW 9th St., left on NW Summit Dr., left on NW Gtassow Dr.


2056 NWGlassow Dr. y

« ia v r ~ a r J S




City 8 Cascadeviews Energy savingfeatures MaSter onmain leVel Daylight lower level $599,000

OLD BEND West on NW Portland Ave., right on NW 2nd St.. '

,y •

1604 NW 2nd St. West BendCraftsman Large RM ZOnedlot

Unbeatable location LOadS ofCharaCter



Central Oregon EAGLE CREST

2070 Cinnamon Teal Dr. FurniShedtoWnhome All resort amenities Large COrnerlot Wide covereddeck


Join us weekly at our open house Thursday — Sunday


x:ooPM — 5:ooPM • •

or take a virtual tour at


From Cline Falls Hwy., west on Coopers Hawk Dr., left on Red Wing Loop, left on Cinnamon Teal Dr.







CONSTRUCTION INCENTIVES uP to $22$,000 Landholdings from 4 acres to I3.'75 acres Starting froxn $399,900

The Garner Group Real Estat

Sales Office located in NorthWest Grossing OPEN WEEKDAYS 9-5, WEEKENDS 10-4

I. I 541 383 4360

E4 SATURDAY, MAY 30, 2015 • THE BULLETIN Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale


Ho m es for Sale•




Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale


Ho m es for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

70145 Longhorn Dr., Add y ou r P e r sonal Bend Golf Club C harming coun t ry Crescent, OR $59,900 Down a Country Lane. Downtown Bend Excellent starter home. Extraordinary NW S isters. If you a re T ouch. 3 B d rm, 2 home! 2564 sq. ft., 4 • 2200 sq.ft. Beautifully remodeled 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, Contemporary Living $499,950 $469,000 l ooking for a n i c e bath, 1877 sq.ft., on • 2552 sq.ft. home on bdrm, 1.5 ba., 5 acres • 3 bedroom, 2 bath home, inside and out, • 1776 sq.ft. 1460 sq. ft. built in Huge Price h ome i n a qui e t 8.93 acres. Upon sale .25 acre w/4.90 acres irriga- • .38 acre lot in a serene country • 3 bedroom, 1 bath 2007. Solar panels for Reduction neighborhood within the home will be a • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, tion. Over sized 750 • MLS 201502447 setting just minutes • Hardwood & marble low e l ectric b i l ls. $789,000 1 0 minutes of t h e shell, ready for the wood floors sq. ft. garaqe. MLS¹ Darryl Doser, from town. Light and floors Mountain views from Cot t onwood small town of Sisters, buyer to c o mplete.• 3-car garage with work 201502772 $234,900. Broker, CRS bright easy living with • MLS 201504233 master bed r oom.57651 then this is for you. 3 Seller has estimated area Pam Lester, Princ. 541-383-4334 room for everyone, Dawn Ulrickson, Vaulted ceilings, gas Lane Sunriver, OrQuality s urbedrooms, 2 baths, $35,000 to $40,000 to • MLS 201502725 Broker, Century 21 featuring vaulted ceilBroker, CRS, GRI, fireplace, NE l o ca- egon. 1704 sq. ft, 89 acres, complete the home. A Greg Miller PC, Gold Country Realty, ings and large master ABR 541-610-9427 tions. $229,900. CALL rounds you at every angle of this stunning 4i built in 1997. Granite FHA 203K loan might Broker, CRS, GRI Inc. 541-504-1338 on main level. Enjoy LARRY JACOBS AT counters/maple cabi- w ork well fo r t h is 541-408-1511 the views from the 541-480-2329. MLS: 3819 sq. ft., 3 bedCharming home in the room & 3.5 bath Sunnets, laminate hard- home, so check with peaceful back deck on 201503073 Duke MORRIS river home. Nestled heart of R edmond, wood floors, updated your lender. Seller is 5 acres, w ith 4 . 5 4i Warner Realty REAL ESTATE 2250 sq. ft., 4 bdrm., gently into the land0 wiring, n o HOA , selling because of acres irrigation. The I~ ~ ~ Op m 1 scape on 0.51 acres, 2 ba., on .37 acre w/ c ommunity wat e r health problems from perfect Central OrMORRIS greenhouse/solarium Custom Awbrey Glen egon lifestyle surExcellent value! 60555 this home shows & system, totally fenced car accident. Lateral MORRIS REAL ESTATE & 3 car garage. MLS¹ Home - 3361 N W rounded by lush landback property, 2 RV irrigation pipe and 3 Sunset V i e w Dr. lives like new! Santos REAL ESTATE 201502749 $299,000 Beautiful new home in mahogany, marble & hookups, a n d a phase pump in pond scaping, large pond, Drive Pam Lester, Princ. •3McCready double car attached are included and the 3 and wood burning fire Eagle Crest Property. a gated golf commu- tile floors. Sub-Zero, Bdrm, 3 bath, 2654 Broker, Century 21 & Miele appligarage w/opener. The big guns are negoLook at: pit. Storage shed plus Desert Sky - 1 level nity, features a great Wolf sq.ft., 3 car garage m a h ogany Gold Country Realty, •Great property has all the tiable. Green panels 4 stall barn and shop home. 2 Bedroom, 2 room floor plan with 3 ances, room has floor to Inc. 541-504-1338 oak cabinets items on peoples' list, stay. Building will be for Complete Listings of area and tack room bath, 1385 sq.ft., open bdrms. & 2.4 baths, stained ceiling window g ranite counters updated and move-in empty and debris and p rovide p lenty o f great room floor plan, situated on 2+ acres 8 Classic Black B u tte •Large gourmet cooks ighlight thi s s p a ready, shop with 220 personal pr o pertyArea Real Estate for Sale ranch house. Fully kitchen space for your ani- hot tub & many up- w/1.43 acres of com- h cious kitchen. Great and a lot large enough hauled away prior to Better than brand new- furnished, 3 bedroom, ~Thermadore stove, sub mals or toys. 4 Bdrm, grades. $ 2 2 5,000. mon a rea, h o r se master with bath fully for all the toys. Come close of escrow. Ex- move in ready! Slab 2 bath, 1237 sq. ft., zero fridge, cherry 2.5 bath, 2298 sq.ft. MLS¹ 201402779 property! Don't miss t iled, jetted tu b 8 l ook! C a l l Ka t h y isting bone pile will granite c o unter out! Cyndi Robertson, turnkey and ready to wood cabinets and offered at $549,000. Lynn Johns, P rincipal Brok e r sauna. Eight skylights Hansbrough at remain. $4 2 5,000. breakfast bar, enjoy. This charming large island Cate Cushman, Principal Broker, 541-390-5345 John L & strategic window 5 41-408-2998. R e - MLS ¹201402830 Principal Broker $294,500. New appli- home is located on a •Separate family room 541-408-2944 placements provide 541-480-1884 Scott Realty, Bend Max Key Properties. Bobbie Strome, ances, great kitchen, quiet cul-de-sac with •Large utility room with Central Oregon a n a bundance o f Principal Broker 3 bdrms., 2 1/2 baths, large back deck fac- slate floors, large par- Resort Realty natural light. H uge 80 Acre Estate John L Scott Real seperate utility, ing common area tially covered back exposing deck Estate 541-385-5500 $3,950,000 double garage, room which makes for a Eagle Crest Property. E xecutive home o n south deck, great for outhot tub, new dnveway Where can you find 8 Canyon Creek. 7 tim• Custom 4555 sq.ft. for RV, nicely landDesert Sky, 2 story year-around peaceful door entertaining Affordable Bend condo. s caped, 8 more. home fenc e d, setting. Inside wel- •Clubhouse/rec. room, home. 3 Bedroom, 2.5 bered acres south of Louis 2 master suites, 2.5 sprinkled. Peggy helping hand? R. Hoffman, • Unobstructed CasJohn Day. 3 bedroom, Lee bath, 1504 sq.ft., main pool, tennis courts, comes you with an inbaths, 1650 sq. ft., C ombs, 2.5 bath, 2801 sq. ft. Principal Broker cade views Brok e r level master, great golf and park From contractors to viting great r o om, large great r o om, 541-480-7653 John L - Mobile • Horse barn, 2 hay pl a n . bonus room, attached 541-480-8130 large stone fireplace, •High Lakes Elemen- yard care, it's all here r oom f l oo r wood burning f ire- Scott Realty, Bend barns, shop arage, landscaped. RE/MAX Key Properties $269,900. MLS¹ tary, Cascade Middle cedar throughout and spacious place, • MLS 201408573 419,000. CALL 201501571 the ability to sleep 8. and Summit H i gh kitchen, double car Big Awbrey Butte jn The Bujjetin'8 D UKE WAR N E R Need help fixing stuff? Craig Long, Broker Lynn Johns, An easy bike or walk School Craftsman home. garage, seasonal outDAYVILLE AT Call A Service Professional 541-480-7647 Principal Broker, "Call A Service to G laze M e adow Rinehart, Dempsey door pool, clubhouse, Ad ¹1112 541-987-2363. MLS: find the help you need. 541-408-2944 and Phelps makes this home a year-round hot tub. TEAM Birtola Garmyn Professional" Directory 201304288 Central Oregon 541-480-5432 perfect retreat! ExShelley Arnold, BroHigh Desert Realty Resort Realty Windermere cellent rental history. ker 541 - 771-9329 541-3'I 2-9449 Central Oregon Call Ainslie Reynolds John L Scott Realty, www.BendOregon MORRIS Real Estate at 541-410-1054 ir Bend REAL ESTATE Shannon Awbrey Butte Boonesborough hd y R~y ~ M ~ McNeil-Jones at Call a Pro $534,900 $1,399,000 5 41-550-9088. R e • Three Sisters to Mt. • 2.5 acres backs BLM Whether you need a 8129 SW SHAD RD, Max Key Properties Adams views • 2100 sq.ft. to be built CRR. Frame built 3 fence fixed, hedges home bdrm, 2 bath, 1,336 • 6052 sq.ft., 5 bedtrimmed or a house •3 bedroom + offi ce,2 USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! sq. ft., landscaped 1 room, 4 bath bath built, you'll find acres on paved street, • Gourmet kitchen, Door-to-door selling with • MLS 201404946 large concrete patio, theater room professional help in fast results! It's the easiest • MLS 201502497 Greg Floyd PC, Broker fenced backyard, inThe Bulletin's "Call a 541-390-5349 way in the world to sell. cludes riding l awn Craig Smith, Broker 541-322-2417 Service Professional" mower, push mower The Bulletin Classified a nd w ee d ea t e r Directory 541-385-5809 $219,000. MLS 541-385-5809 201503271 Juniper Realty MORRIS Contemporary prairie in MORRIS 541-504-5393 Three Pines. Stun- Custom single level in REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE ning Cascade views Redmond. 3 bdrm, 2 hd y R~y ~ M ~ 926 NW 19th St., Redfrom both levels of b ath, 1742 s q . f t . IM p W dy ~ ~ O~ 4 Breathtaking Cascade mond. $220,000. Lo- Awbrey Butte Home. this custom home. $279,000. V a u lted M tn. V i ews. 2 . 2 3 Private .22-acre lot o pen f l oo r pla n cated in Canyon Rim This home b o asts h o r ses/ani- adjacent to conserva- w/huge kitchen, .20 Village, just b locks nearly 3600 sq. ft.! acres, mals okay, 3 b e d- tion land. Exceptional acre fenced lot, landfrom the Dry Canyon. room floor plan, room, 2 bath manu- quality w/ This charming crafts- Great s o a ring scaped w/sprinklers, 3 has a sunken living factured home, 3-car Jeld-Wen windows, 8' car garage, RV area, man style home was room, as well as a detached built in 2002. Great master suite and 2 solid-core doors, wool gas fireplace & AC, garage/shop, nestled carpeting, h i gh-end gorgeous r e dwood open floor plan with a bedrooms downstairs. in-between Bend & big feel, it has 1800 details t h r oughout. deck, hot tub 8 perCALL Sisters, Sisters school Dream kitchen-Wolf gola. Kathy Denning, sq.ft. of living space, 3 $489,000. Unlike unregulated Internet advertising, we make every S KJERSAA district. $199,900. An- cooktop, walk-in pan- Broker 541-480-4429 bdrm, 2 bath, vaulted TERRY 541 - 383-1426. g ie C o x , Bro k er try. Three en s uite and 9' ceilings, a large AT John L Scott Realty, attempt to ensure that products sold in our classifieds are 2014 0 9784 541-213-9950 John L kitchen with baking MLS: bedrooms w/ 1 suite Bend Duke Warner Realty Scott Realty, Bend on main level. Ulticounters, back patio from a valid source. River with built in fire pit, Beautifully u pgraded! Cascade Mtn. v iews mate oversized ga- Deschutes Woods. Nicely maintwo sheds and a large Four bedrooms, 2.5 from this almost new rage-custom cabinets garage. Estate Sale. bathrooms, 1688 sq. home on 1.49 acres. & epoxy floors. Shev- tained, single level 3 bedroom on a spaJesse Lepez, f t. This home h as 1748 sq. ft., 3 bed- lin Park t rails just Principal Broker been tastefully up- r oom, 2 b a t h w i t h steps from your door. cious, well-treed lot 541-420-9535 raded t h r oughout. oversized double car Mature landscaping, with private access to Fred Real Estate Group p aver patios a n d the canal. Large, par263,000. CALL garage. MLS¹ built-in B B Q for tially insulated shop. J AYNE B EC K A T 201500557. CALL peaceful outdoor en- $299,000. 541-480-0988 OR $369,000. Call Pam TURN THE PAGE TERRY S KJERSAA PETE VAN DEUSEN Lester, Principal Bro- tertaining. For More Ads AT 541 383-1426. AT 541 - 480-3538. ker, Century 21 Gold MLS¹201503950. MLS: 201 5 03529 $778,900. Edie DeThe Bulletin MLS: 2015 0 2099 Country Realty, Inc. Duke Warner Realty Lay 541-420-2950 Duke Warner Realty 541-504-1338 •


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Call 541-385-5809 to placeyour Id today.

i iii


' •

Excellent Service... $84,000




' I

• 2 bedroom, I bath on I/4 acre • Large windows - bright • Fenced yard - patio • Newer roof - appliances included

• 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1175 sq. ft. with shop • Open & bright • Wood burning fireplace • Like new - immaculate • Monthly space rent $420 - no pets

• 2200 Hwy 20 ¹32

Theresa Ramsay, Broker 54 I -8 I5-4442

• • • •

667 NE 11th Street

Theresa Ramsay, Broker 54I-SI5-4442


5 acre, 3365 sq. ft. totally remodeled house 3 bed, 3 bath, living & family rooms, office Huge loft,granite countertops & fireplace Heated floors, wine cave & stained glass

Vioieta Sdruiia, Principal Broker 54 I -4 I 9-3522 I


• 36'x36'garage with car lift& 36'x36'barn • 36'x20' carport & 36'x18' second garage • www!

• Great location




• Awbrey Glen Beauty! • 4 bedrooms + offi ce & 2Yibaths

• Built 2001-approx. 2600 SF • Northwest inspired • Gleaming hardwood floors • Bonus room - new carpet • Oversized garage

Danielle Snow, Broker 54 I -306- I 0 I5


$324 900

$649,000 A~rzp .





Locatedin Bend'sPremiergolfcommunityAwbrey Glen 3 bdrms/2 baths,2394 SF Private .31acres lotbacking to common area Gourmetkitchen & outdoor decks www

Danieiie Snow, Broker 54 I -306- I 0 I 5


• 4 bedrooms + offi ce & 3 baths • 2625 SF on 17th fairway • Huge living room w/raised hearth fireplace • 2 fireplaces, hot tub off master • Oversized 3-car garage

Danieiie Snow, Broker 54 I -306- I 0 5I

• Single level,4 bedrooms,2 baths


Laura Hilton, Broker 54 I-306-I800

PRICE REDVCED • Slabgranite counter - breakfast bar N ew appliances -great kitchen • 3 bedrooms, 2 I/2 baths, separate utility • Double garage - room for RV

• Nicely landscaped, fenced, sprinkled • www.peggylecombs.johnlscottcom

Peggy Lee Combs, Broker 54I-480-7653


Alex Robertson, Broker 54 I -280-2 I I 7

I ' l l


• Reedsport,26 spaces • House & apt. • Great cash flow

• 2304 sq.k. on a.42 acre loc • Gas and wood fireplaces • Located in SE Bend in Timber Ridge • Built in 1977 •Great quietneighborhood

i I'

I •


$3 I 9,900

• Single level 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1698 sq. fr • Vaulted open floor plan wlth gas fireplace • Granite counters, wood floors • Fenced, landscaped w/auto sprlnklers • Close to school, parks, trails & Old Mill • Best value in Quail Pine Estates • wwww

Kathy Denning, Broker 54I-480-4429


•A place for everyone,3 master bedrooms •2 other bedrooms,4.5 baths,bonus room • New hot tub, fully furnished • End of a cul-de-sac •M eticulously cared forand in quiet, convenientarea in Sunriver •








• Perfectly situated to take full advantage of the Old Mill, Deschutes River and Cascades ~ 3 bedroom,2 bachs, one owner • Lots of perks with this unique property • Call for information regarding vacation lease opportunlty •

Sharon Abrams,CRS,CRIS, Principal Broker 54I-280-9309 Sharon Abrams, CRS,CRIS, Principal Broker 54I-280-9309





Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

• H o mes for Sale •

Home s for Sale

Homes for Sale

Fabulousmountain and Immaculate Westside LAZY RIVER SOUTH Lots of room, sitting on Mirada I $321,990 valley views. 5 bed- Home. 3230 sq. ft., R emodeled 353 5 y t he ri m w i t h e x c . • Franklin Brothers built 3-car garage, Cas- S q.ft. home with 4 room, 3 bath, 2465 views, on paved road. 2084 sq.ft. sq. ft. home with cus- cade Mtn. views and bdrm + offic e and 3 Garden shed, carport, • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath tom wood cabinets in gorgeous pri v ate baths. Master bath large deck, fenced • Slab granite, tile backkitchen, vaulted ceil- backyard, backing up with large jetted tub & back yard. Come and splash ings in living room and to acres of n atural new tile shower. Me- enjoy the amenities at • MLS 201501796 window views common area. dia room, family room, the Ranch! Golf, ten- Don Keffeher, Broker, throughout. $330,000. $539,000. CALL ROB h uge kitchen w i t h nis & pool. $229,000. 541-480-1911 CALL DUKE EGGERS AT handcrafted cabinets MLS ¹ 2 0 1 1309154 WARNER R E A LTY 541-815-9780. MLS: 8 g ranite counters, Call Li n d a Lou DAYVILLE AT 201502786 Duke walk-in pantry, sunDay-Wright, Broker, 541-987-2363. MLS: Warner Realty 541-771-2585 or text room with hot t ub. 201405151 Home has cedar eves T1687810 to: 85377 MORRIS The Bulletin with copper accents. for m o r e ph o tos, REAL ESTATE Fairway Crest Village To Subscribe call E xterior siding o n Crooked River Realty $749,000 541-385-5800 or go to home, garages & Main level living! Close • 2927 sq.ft. • 4 bedroom, 3 bath storage bldg have just to town 8 river trail, Modern architecture + been painted. Watch • .25 acre, SHARC paid spacious 4 bedroom, quaint far m house. the wildlife from the I ncredible Cust o m in full Rastra Block Con2.5 bath, 3561 sq.ft. wrap-around deck or Home on Acreage• MLS 201503418 struction, passive soViews! $719,000. This home is made go to your private acJack Johns, lar 4 bedroom, 3 bath, Marci Bouchard, with love and custom c ess to 300y f t o f Broker, Broker, GRI 541-977-1230. 2954 sq. ft., radiant f eatures i n eve r y Little Deschutes River 541-480-9300 floors and recycled room. Looking f o r frontage for fishing, t imbers k ee p t h i s lodge style home sur- swimming or floating. home e c o-friendly. rounded by wildlife? $475,000 S its on n e arly 1 9 This is it. 4 bedroom, MLS¹¹201309267 acres o f C a s cade 2.5 bath. $ 849,000 Bobbie Strome, view pastoral farmMORRIS MORRIS Principal Broker MLS: 201304445 Call land. $650,000. CALL REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE Candy Y o w at John L Scott Real TERRY S KJERSAA 5 41-410-3193 D u k e Estate 541-385-5500 AT 541 - 383-1426. Warner Realty Fairway Point Village Mid-Century Modern. A MLS: 201404611 $875,000 Like new custom home. brand new home in • 3097 sq.ft. single level This 3 bedroom, 2.5 Northwest Crossing Mountain High Get your • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath b ath, 1975 sq . f t . features a master on $424,500 business • Gourmet kitchen, golf home shows like new! the main and two ad- • 2439 sq.ft. course views C herry floors a n d ditional bedrooms with • 2 bedroom + den, 2 • MLS 201504174 cabinetry and granite a bonus and f l ex bath Gary Rose, Broker, e ROW I N G counters. Completely space upstairs. • .37 acre, private backfenced with gated RV $640,000. MBA CALL yal'd 541-588-0687 with an ad in parking. $ 3 39,950. TERRY S KJERSAA • MLS 201504540 CALL KIM WARNER AT 541 - 383-1426. JJ Jones, Broker The Bulletin's AT 541 - 4 10-2475. MLS: 201 5 02670 541-788-3678 "Call A Service MLS: 201 5 0 0970 Duke Warner Realty Professional" Duke Warner Realty Midtown Bend Directory MORRIS $420,000 Located in Terrebone! REAL ESTATE • Across from Juniper MORRIS Incredibly Private Set- 1215 sq. ft., 3 bdrm., Pool 8 Park 2 ba. home on .34 in the Pines! Fully REAL ESTATE • 2864 sq.ft., 3 bedFrench Style river view ting acre flat lot with ma3 bed, 1.75 I~ ~ ~ ddm d room, 3 bath Home w / r iverbank scribed custom log home t ure t r ees. M L S¹ • Den 8 large bonus setting! Exquisite ac- bath 201503396. is surrounded by a M tn. View P a rk. 2 coutrements: Granite, beautifully Pam room, .24 acres land - $118,350. bdrm., 2 bath, 1300 hardwood, m a rble, scaped yard. There Lester, Princ. Broker, • MLS 201501834 is sq. ft., built in 1996, Laughlin, Broker tile, Venetian plaster, a 1500 sq. ft. shop C entury 2 1 Gol d Jan ABR, CRS, GRI, CSP vaulted ceiling, great stone 8 st a inless. w/220 power for all Country Realty, Inc. 541-350-6049 room, manufactured W ood-burning f i r e - your toys or projects. 541-504-1338 home on it's own land, place, top line appli- Twin wells p rovide community pool & hot a nces, metal c l ad crystal clear water. FIND ITl tub, RV parking. Canwindows and so much $484,500 CALL BILL EBE¹g(TI dice Anderson, Bromore! Listen to the PANTON AT ker 541 - 788-8878. SELL IT! tranquil ripple of the 541-420-6545. MLS: MORRIS www.jackson-anderThe Bulletin Classifieds river below. while en- 201501833 REAL ESTATE Duke John L Scott joying this Exquisite Warner Realty dav Imly ~ d~ Realty home. $65 9 ,000. Location, location, loca- Midtown charmer. 1400 MLS201404694. Just off the back patio is tion! On bluff overNancy Popp, Principal the community pas- looking Old Mill with sq. ft., 1955 home, .15 Advertise your car! acres, fenced yard, 4 Add A Picture! Broker 541-815-8000 t ure, not f a r f r o m unobstructed views, bedrooms, 2 b a t h,Reach thousands of readers! Crooked River Realty Scout Camp Trail, 3 open floor plan, 3 Call 541-385-5809 $240,000. bdrm, 2 bath home bdrm, 2 bath, office, The Bulletin Classffleds Just too many has beautiful flooring, great outer deck for 2740. Kellie C o ok, collectibles'? quality new carpets. sipping wine or lisBroker 541-408-0463 Near Drake Park! Clasand an open floor tening to c oncerts, John L Scott Realty, sic Westside home plan. Home has been wonderful area and so Sell them in between the r i v er, Bend nicely painted much more! Sharon Drake P ar k and The Bulletin Classifieds throughout. MLS Abrams, Pr i ncipal Mirada $285,500 downtown. 2265 sq. 201503998. Broker 541-280-9309 • 1541 sq.ft. ft., 3 bedroom, 2 bath, $219,900. Call Donna John L Scott Realty, • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath 541-385-5809 large RM zoned lot Carter, 541-903-0601 Bend • Picture windows, with potential to build. Crooked River Realty Golden Butte$594,900 stone fireplace $549,000. CALL ROB • 2830 sq.ft., 3 bed• MLS 201411017 home o n 2 . 4 3 EGGERS AT Large home in Bend. L og room, 2.5 bath Darrin Keffeher, acres in Saddleback. 541-815-9780. MLS: • Island kitchen, granite, 2623 sq. ft., 4 bedrm., 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, Broker 201503397 Duke 2.5 ba., granite coun- 2710 sq. ft., bonus The Kelleher Group slate Warner Realty • Expansive deck, paver tertops, gas fireplace, room plus den, large 541-788-0029 wood & t ile f loors, m aster suite, d e patio Near Smith Rock, gorfenced RV parking 8 tached 2-car garage. • MLS 201504291. geous 3 bdrm, 3 bath, triple garage. MLS¹ Kelly Neuman, MLS¹ 201 5 00900 e 3190 sq.ft. $694,000 201503661 $359,900 Principal Broker Ellen ¹ 201300784. Cal l Pam Lester, Princ. $460,000. 541-480-2102 C lough, Brok e r Linda Lou Day-Wright. MORRIS Broker, Century 21 541-480-7180 John L 541-771-2585 Crooked Gold Country Realty, Scott Realty, Bend REAL ESTATE River Realty Inc. 541-504-1338 •



- e I




w eJ



3bedroom, 2bath, 1587sq.ft. located on large lot. Accessto trails andopenarea. A must see! $325,000 CALL !AYNEE BECKAT 541-4800988 ORPETEVANDELISENAT541-480-3538 MLS:20150409

GOT HORSESi' You and your critters will love this property. Attractive 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2900 sq. ft. home with bam andarena on 5 acreswith 2 acres irrigation. Close to BLMland. $639,900 CALL BECKY OZRELIC AT 541-480-9191. MLS:201502661

Enjoy the convenience of this ranch style home inNE Bend. 3 bedr oom, 2 bath home.Large fullyfenced backyard. $215,000 CALL TERRYSK!ERSAA AT 541-383-1426 MLS:201504669

RIYERFRONT PROPERTY Semne 3 bedroom home is located along the Deschutes River with 120 ft of river frontage. $629,000 CALL

TERRY SK!ERSAA AT 541-383-1426. MLS:201504832

INCRE DIBLYPRIYATESETTINGINTHEPINESI COUNTRY LIVING INTOWN Fully scribed 3bed, 1.75bath customlog homeis surroundedbyabeautifully landscapedyard.There is a 1500 sq.ft. shopw/220powerfor all yourtoys or projects. Twlnwells provide crystal clearwater. $484,500CALLBILLPANTONAT 541-420-6545.


Midtown 3 bedroom,2 bath charmer on cul-desac nearHolhnsheadPark Big fenced backyard

perfect for gardenandall your toys. $263,000 CALL BECKYOZRELIC AT 541-480-9191. MLS:201504232

I WELL MAINTAINED HOME SMALL IRRIGATEDACREAGECLOSETOTOWN 26 ACRES BORDERING BLM Brand new carpet and paint. 2 master Cute as abug'sear home. 3 bedroom,2 bath, Timber, 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2464 sq. ft. home suites, 2.5 bathrooms and an open floor shoP, barn, round corral, irrigation, fenced, wlth 4 car-garage. $412,500 CALL DUKE ALTYDAYVILLEAT5419872363 plan all on a comer lot. $274,500 CALL landscaped. All this close to town. $335,000 WARNERRE

BROOK CRIAZZD AT 541-550-8408 CALL CANDY YOW AT 541-410-3193. OR AUBRE CHESHIREAT 541-598-4583. MLS:201501367 MLS:201502144

idht J,~










3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1905 sq. A on over 3 bedroom, 25 bath 1800 sqR located in Comeenjoythelifestyleinthis2bedroom,2bath one quarter acre in desirable location. All crescent Creek Low maintenanceand close !35! sq. It conclo with attachedgarageplus a bedrooms are generoussized,oversized 2-car to recreational hot spot $199,999 CALL carporc Unbeatable location closeto everything. garageand room for RVor camper. $305,000 !AYNEE BECK AT 541-541-4800988 DR $394900CALLK!M wARNERAT54!g!02475 CALL GAYLE LARSON AT 541-297-1249. PETE VAN DEUSEN AT 541-480-3538. MLS:201502618 MLS:201502292 MLS:201503385

dd d mB

Great Home. 3 bdrm., 2.5 bath, 1905 sq. ft. on over one quarter acre in desirable location. All bedrooms are generous sized, oversized 2 car garage and room for RV or camper. $3 1 0,000 CALL GAYLE LARSON AT 541-297-1249. MLS: 201502292 Duke Warner Realty Great location in Northwest Crossing. Frank Lloyd Wright inspired home by Greg Welch Construction. Master bedroom on the main l evel, t w o gue s t rooms, off ice/den and bonus room. $669,500. CALL TERRY S KJERSAA AT 541 - 383-1426. MLS: 201 5 0 1545 Duke Warner Realty Great value - must see. 3 b e drooms, 2 . 5 b aths, great r o o m floor plan, 2207 sq. ft., tile countertops, spacious master suite, upstairs laundry inclueds washer and dryer, excellent price per square foot value. Barb Hartnett, Broker, GRI, SRES 541-420-0915 John L Scott Realty, Bend Home on 1+ acres plus 2 wells. Stick built home on 1+ acres, 2 w ells, f enced, d e tached 2 car garage4, a must see! Tom Broker Roth, 541-771-6549 John L Scott Realty, Bend Horse Property $869,900 • 4000 sq.ft., 4 bedroom + office • 18 acres, 14.9 irrigated • 3360 sq.ft. shop • MLS 201500069 Cathy Del Nero, Broker, CSP 541-410-5280



d X l



We're solely focused on local home loans. Helping people secure home financing is the only thing We do and We PrOmiSe to go the eXtra diStanCe fOr you. We PrOVide a Streamlined PreaPPrOVal" PrOCeSS, a range Of highly





3 bedroom,2.5 bath, 1460sq, ft, built in 2007. Solar panels for low electric bills. Mountain views from master bedroom. Vaulted ceilings,gas fireplace, NE location. $229,900 CALL LARRYJACOBSAT 541-480-2329. MLS:201503073

Classicwestsidehomebetween the nver,Drake Parkand downtown.2265sq.ft.,3bedroom,2 bath, large RM zoned lot with potential to build. $524000CALLROBEGGERSAT541-815-9780. MLS:201503397

Don't let this rare opportunity to live on Paulina Lake pass you by! Cabin has the best setting on the lake. $195,000 CALL

SerViCe. Whether thiS is yOur firSt time Or third time buying a hOme, We'd like to make you a Valued CuStOmer fOr life.


INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY 40WIDE OPENACRESWITHBEAIUIFULHOME 2separatebuildingson3.1acres. Excellent location. Long-term leaseson all buildings. $1,500,000 CALL CANDY YOW AT 541-410-3193.


Custom 3 bedroom, 2bath, 2384sq, ft, home built in 2006. Open tloor plan with hardwood toors, vaultedceilings,sunroom,attachedgarage and so muchmore. $330,000 CALL DURE WARNER REALTY DAYVILLEAT 541-987-2363. MLS:201401285

This 4 bed/3 bath 1796sq.R.homesits on a well treed 4.5acreswith viewsof the Cascade Range,Smith Rocks and mom. $319,900 CALL KIM WARNER AT 541-410-2475. MLS:201501737

ld|ev d

KevinPangle NMLS 89521

undaRsher-Berlanga NMLS210118




NMLS 900911

NMLS 208965

NMLS 208295

Two locations serving all of Central Oregon



Bend j 541-318-5500 685 SE 3rd Street ( Bend, OR Nitj!LS89 S>>



228+6 acres,61acresin irrigationrights. 4 legal lots of record. Storybook loghome,4249 sq.ft, 3bedroom,2 bath. Bam,outbuildings,paddocks with undergroundimgationandshelters. One of akind workingranch: $2,850,000 CALL KRIS WARNERAT 541-480-5365. MLS:201503392



Immaculate Earth-Advantage certified Green built home on 20acres. 2739sq.R.,4 townhomewith an openfloor plan, 2 bedroom, bedroom,3bath, solarpanel, 10acresinigation, set 2.5 bath and outdoor living area. $389,900 up for horsesand steel barn. Somanyupgrades and extrasto hst. $599,000 CALLROBEGGERS

CALL TERRYSK !ERSAA AT 541-383-1426. MLS:201504593

Prineville 541-416-7480

AT 541-815-9780.MLS:201503739

220 NW MeadOW LakeS DriVe PrineVille, OR Niji!IS9O38



~» -

NMLS 3182

Saturday 9AM - I IAM Mark Holme

Saturday I IAM I P M Gayle Larson

54 I - 2I3-8385

54 I -297- I 249



w. ~

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Prime commercial site, just one lot off comer Approximately 3800 sq ft 3 bedroom 4 bath Frst classkennelboardng businessfor dogsdnd cats. 53dog dnd 13cdtrooms,most with outsideruns. Rulaple of Bond and Blulf. Approx 26,000 sq. ft., home with study/den,media room,steamsauna rooms outsideplayareasfor supervised playand exerase. Longame MR zoning allows many uses. $650,000 and fitness room. .729 acre lot overlooking evpenenced staff andgroomingfdcdees Propertyhasa2500 HillsideParkwith unobstructedview. $1,050,000 CALL KIT KORISH AT 541-382-8262. CALL KARDLYNDUBOISAT 541-390-7863. so ft home,includhng d I bedmomapartment $9c4,0CO CALLKR ISWARNERAT 541-480-5365.MLS : 201502782 MLS:201500280 MLS:201500055






Sunday I IAM - I:00PM

Fred Johnson Broker


54 I -788-3733












• 77

$459,000I6460 NW ATKINSON AVENUE, REDMOND • Mountain & river views • 2.5 acres of privacy • Good cents construction • 3 bed & 2.5 bath • RV parking, party deck, A/C & granite • Meticulously maintained • Tetherow Crossing

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• MLSfr 20150357



gm gg 503-913-5076 JILLIAN SMITH BROKER

• 1865 SF, 4 bed, 2.5 bath & office

• 3585SF,3 bed 8 4 bath

2978 NW WILD MEADOWDRIVE. 3 Bed 8 3 Bath. 2960SF. $575,000 • Immaculate custom home on a quiet street of westside Bend • RV parking, front porch & backyard • Features granite counters, stainless appliances & walk in pantry in kitchen • Built-in cabinets in the main floor guest room/office

• Hardwoods & upgrades $329,000I1033 YOSEMITE FALLS DRIVE,REDMOND • Granite & SS in kitchen • 55+ community in Eagle • Pavers, sprinklers & trees Crest • Master bath with jacuzzi •2 bedplusaden/ofice • Remodeled kitchen • 2 full baths • 1736 SF & 0.26 acre lot • Built in 2005

$274,900IRIVER CANYON ESTATES TOWNHOME • 1735 SF • 3 bed & 2.5 bath






541-788-2278 LISA HART BROKER


-g, ' 541-410-1200 BILL KAMMERER BROKER


j,"" 541-420-3891 BOB AHERN BROKER


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541-420-3891 BOB AHERN BROKER

-' • Crestridge Estates home • On five acres with view • Spectacular gardens & landscaping • 3-car garage & shop • Huge entertainment deck with hot tub • Vaulted ceilings, great room, A/C & tile roof • 3 bed & 2.5 bath • MLSP 201 503117




,'-.-' 541-410-1200 BILL KAMMERER BROKER




• Formal living room • Great room • 9 & 10 foot ceilings • Room to build shop • 19X53 concrete pad • RV hookup • 3-car garage



•Onesouthfacingcondo available • Completely renovated • 2bed,1bath&680SF • Professionally managed & maintained


• 55+ community within Eagle Crest • Linnea hardwood flooring • Gourmet kitchen • Crown molding • Wainscot in dining room

$154,900 20710 FARENUFF PLACE ¹76



• 4.69 acre buildable lot in a cul-de-sac • Horse property • 2.5 acres of COIirrigation • Septic feasibility complete & powerat street



$387,500ICASCADE MTN & CANYON RIM VIEWS • Quality custom homein Crooked River Ranch • 3 bed, 2 bath & open floor plan • Triple car garage &RV hookup Granite counters & travertine floors • Fenced gardenarea & on 541-604-0898 LEANNEJOHNSON 1.77 acres



• 3 bed & 2 5 bath • 1850 SF • Behind the gates • Almost a half acre • On the 14th fairway • Mt. Jefferson view

•UpgradedFuquahomelookslikenew • 3 bed & 2 bath • Roof & exterior paint is 3 years old • Open kitchen with 3 pantries & lots of storage • Vaulted ceilings, walk-in closets & wraparound deck

@ ', 541-604-1649 GAILROGERS BROKER



541-480-7777 I DIANA BARKER 4 BROKER

• Property is on a farm deferral • Comfy existing 2 bed cabin • 20.52 acres & 9.1 acres of irrigation • Several picturesque homesites • 18X68 shop/storage • Bunkhouse & outbuildings

• 0.22 acre fenced lot • 1942 SF • 3 bed & 2.5 bath • Large garage • Close to schools and shopping


• Level residential lots • Utilities to the property • Close to schools, medical & shopping • Next to Canyon Rim Village • 3 lots available for $48,000 each


IW777 7 I




• 1284 SF • 3 bed 8 2 bath • Gas fireplace • Central A/C • 2-car garage


$289,900ISTONEHEDGE BEAUTY NEAR THE CANYON • Street lined with beautiful home sites • Close to sports center, golfing, tennis, fly fishing & 14 miles of trails • Come build your home! • Single level only

• 3 bed & 2 bath • 2609 SF custom home

• Slate & hardwood floors throughout • Amazing mountain views 8 26' of window views • Open floor plan • Recent remodel




• Grand entrance & open floor plan • Gourmet kitchen with Viking range, winecooler & granite counters • Master separate from bedrooms • Large paverpatio with water feature


• Broken Top living • Master on the main level • Beautiful landscaping & patio with a pergola • Upgrades since 2011 • Meticulously maintained



$438,500 I 61073 FERGUSO NCOURT,BEND

• 0.18 acres • Located in the Diamond Bar Ranch • Mountain views • Easy accessto the new Redmondbypass, Walmart & RedRock Mall • Beautiful neighborhood park • Build your perfect home

541-788-2274 BEA LEACH BROKER

g,) 541-480-7183 BARBARAMYERS BROKER


shop area • 2 fireplaces & large bonus room





• 2 dwellings • 35.4 acres with 27 acres irrigation • Cascade mountain & Smith Rock views • Fenced & cross fenced • Barn, equipment shed & more



• 2692 SF all on one level home • 1.96 treed acres & big lawns • 4 bed & 3 bath • 4-car heated garage &


• Charming & private horse set-up • 2 replacement homes allowed • 5 acres K-Line irrigated • Outdoor arena & large shop • Mature shade & fruit trees

$449,900I1640 NW 77TH STREET, REDMOND

• Privacy & safety top priority • Close to medical center • 3 bed & 2 bath • Open floor plan • New heat pump & laminated floors

opportunity, for investment property or owner occupiedduplex


• Completely updated 1876 SF home • 0.22 acre large lot • Granite, wood & tile • Large kitchen with walk-in pantry • Close to golf, library, park & downtown • View of golf course & river


- FI



• Open loft area • Greatroom floor plan • Large fenced backyard • Close to clubhouse, fitness center, pool & tennis courts


• 4 bed • 2 bath • 1834 SF .. • 0.36 size lot • Built in 1995 = • Southwest section • Country Park addition • Great investment





• Model home • Single level home • 4 bed & 2 bath • 3-car tandem garage • High end fixtures & finishes


• Slate 8 exotic hardwood floors • Large bonus room with wet bar & vaulted beam ceiling • Spacious master suite features gas fireplace, soaking tub, tile shower & closet . Large utlllh', oversized garage & lots of Rinehdrt. Oempseq ft phelps storage

• 0.39 acres • Custom home located on AwbreyButte • Views of Smith Rock, Pilot Butte, Bend & Redmond • 4-car garage


• 4 bed • 2.5 bath • Great room floor plan • Forced air furnace with A/C • Attached 3-car garage I

-' - L 541-480-9883 AUDREYCOOK BROKER

• Fenced & landscaped • Beautiful water feature

541-788-2274 BEA LEACH BROKER

• Acreage for sale: 6 lots • 5.34 $439,000 Mtn. View • 5.01 $373,000 Smith Rock • 5.19 $373,000 Smith Rock • 5.01 $559,000 Mtn. View • 4.98 $549,000 Mtn. View • 4.98 $549,000 Mtn. View



For homes online WW W b e n d h o m e S . C o m




Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

NE Bend I $309,000 • 2156 sq.ft. • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath

• Open kitchen, 2 offices • MLS 201503465 Angie Mombert, Broker, 541-408%543

Homes for Sale

NW Bend Craftsman gorgeous 2 story, 5 $475,000 b edroom, 3 bat h , • 2113 sq.ft., 4 bed2520 custom home on room, 2.5 bath 13 a c res. P r ivate• Main level master driveway with r ock suite entry. Irrigated pas- • Hardwood floors, ture. $399,999. CALL vaulted ceilings DUKE WARNER RE- • MLS 201503719 ALTY DAYVILLE AT Jerry Stone, Broker 541-987-2363. MLS: 541-390-9598 201305978

Nestled in the timber,



Nicely Treed Lot. Nice .34 acre lot is close to MORRIS d~ A downtown T u m alo and the Deschutes REAL ESTATE River. $79,900. CALL Take care of TERRY SKJERSAA your investments AT 541 - 383-1426. Find It in MLS:201503689 with the help from The Bulletin Clnssifieds! Duke Warner Realty The Bulletin's 541-385-5809 "Call A Service Northwest R e dmond! Professional" Directory 2030 sq. ft. home with NW Crossing $669,000 3 brdms./2 ba, 1 4 • 2361 sq.ft, 4 bedroom, acre, RV area and 2.5 bath NE Bend I $339,000 double garage. MLS¹ • Master on main, • 1603 sq.ft., 3 bed20153265 $209,999. upgrades throughout room, 2 bath Call P a m L e ster,• Private, fenced yard • Cascade mountain & Principal Bro k e r,• MLS 201504806 Pilot Butte views C entury 2 1 Gol d Brandon Fairbanks, • .35 acre, RV parking Broker, SRES, Country Realty, Inc. • MLS 201504007 541-504-1338 GRI, CDPE Kelly Neuman, 541-383-4344 Principal Broker 541-480-2102 NOTICE All real estate advertised here in is subject to th e F ederal MORRIS F air Housing A c t , REAL ESTATE which makes it illegal MORRIS to advertise any prefI d ~mlyO REAL ESTATE erence, limitation or discrimination based Panoramic Cascade views from 50 acres, on race, color, reliNeed bedrooms? 5 contemporary home, sex, handicap, bedroom, 6 bath with gion, 6-stall barn, fenced status or naoffice, family room, familial pastures. $995,000. tional origin, or intenr ec. room a n d 2 tion to make any such Virginia Ross, Broker, master suites. Other 541-480-7501 l i mitafeatures include sun- preferences, or discrimination. room, solarium and an tions not knowingly a wesome gre e n - We will any advertishouse all on over 10 accept for r eal e state acres with mountain ing is in violation of views. $99 9 ,000. which law. All persons MORRIS CALL CANDY YOW this hereby informed REAL ESTATE AT 541 - 410-3193. are that all dwellings adMLS: 20' I 403687 vertised are available Duke Warner Realty on an equal opportuGood classified ads tell NE si n gl e lev e l , nity basis. The Bulle- the essential facts in an tin Classified $ 294,000. 2841 N E interesting Manner.Write Baronell Pl., 3 bdrm., from the readers view - not 2 ba., 1612 sq. ft. on the seller's. Convert the Say dgoodbuy large lot, fenced yard facts into benefits. Show on quiet cul-de-sac, to that unused the reader how the item will bright, o p e n w/ help them insomeway. item by placing it in vaulted ceilings, big This master w/ 2 closets, The Bulletin Classifieds advertising tip RV parking. Theresa brought toyou by R amsay, Bro k e r 541-815-4442 John L 541-385-5809 The Bulletin yyyyynd Central Oregon ytncdyydy Scott Realty, Bend









Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Picturesque Rural SetPrineville $94,900 t ing. The b es t o f • 1224 sq.ft. country living w ith • 2 bedroom, 1 bath, .21 Cascade mtn. views. acre B eautifully main - • Bank owned tained single l evel • MLS 201503429 home on 19.5 acres, Mark Valceschini PC, w/13.8 acres COI irriBroker, CRS, GRI gation and pond. Inte541-383-4364 rior features include 2 master suites, a spacious kitchen w/ center island and slab granite counters, living room with vaulted MORRIS ceilings, ex p osed REAL ESTATE beams, propane firel~ ~ ~ dy m d place an d n a tural light. Th e p e r fect Pristine setting 3054 equestrian property sq.ft., 4 bedroom, 3.5 with an outdoor arena, bath, overlooking 4 stall b arn, t a ck pond 8 common area room, shop, hayloft, 3 in Three Pines. pens and 3 loafing $739,900. s heds. Gated a n d Becky Brunoe, landscaped grounds, Broker, 541-350-4772. a circular driveway and water feature. 2712 sq. ft. Offered at e $799,000. Cate Cushman. Bend PreMORRIS mier Real E s tate. REAL ESTATE 541-480-1884


Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Promise Land $275,000 Resort Living at Eagle River Rim $544,900 • 1812 sq.ft. Crest. 3 b drm, 2.5 • 2642 sq.ft. • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath b ath, 1931 sq . f t . , • 5 bedroom, 3 bath,

Single level living Awbrey Butte. S ingle level living open floor • Fenced backyard single level home, ex- 3-car garage plan, 5 bedrooms, 4.5 • MLS 201504125 • Custom features tra large master bdrm. bath, awesome views, Rachel Lemas, Broker w/wall of closet space, throughout many possibilities ex541-896-1263 .44 acres & a large • MLS 201503323 ist for the 1200 sq. ft. private back deck, 3 Grant Ludwick, Broker a ccessible gue s t car garage, gas fire541-633%255 quarters. Beautifully designed w/medical place, solid surface c ounters, frid g e, amenities & seperate did washer & dryer inentrance. C o l leen MORRIS cluded! Heat Dillingham, B r oker, REAL ESTATE 541-788-9991 John L pump/central AC. Ed MORRIS ydd ~mlyd Green, Principal BroScott Realty, Bend REAL ESTATE ker 541 - 598-5666 IM~ dy ~ ~ dy y d Small irrigated acreage Rare opportunity on John L Scott Realty, to town. Cute as river! Country home Bend Roper's dream arena! close a bug's ear home. 3 on 20 acres, located 62677 County Line bat h , on the South Fork of Ride your horses from Rd., Bend. 3 b e d- b edroom, 2 shop, barn, round corthe John Day river. 3 your backyard. 5 acre, r ooms, 2 . 5 ba t h , ral, irrigation, fenced, bedroom, open coun- 3365 sq. ft. totally re- 140X240 ft. Iit roping landscaped. All this try kitchen, pantry, m odeled house, 3 arena, newer pond close to town. and vinyl. Set up for 3 bath, liv- stocked with b ass, $342,500. CALL horses. $3 2 0 ,000. bedroom, ing & family rooms, croppy and cat fish, 5 CANDY YO W AT CALL DUKE office, huge loft, gran- fenced and irrigated 541-410-3193. MLS: WARNER R E A LTY pastures, horse barn ite countertops 8 fire201501367 DAYVILLE AT place, heated floors, w ith h e ated t a c kSpectacular home on 541-987-2363. MLS: wine room, detached gacave & stained 201405006 SE Bend, glass, 36'X36' garage rage with a ttached acreage. with car life & 36'X36' 980 sq. ft. 1 bedroom 4.81 acres, 4 b e dReduced $198,000barn, 36'X20' carport bunkhouse. $650,000 rooms, 3 bath, den/ofSisters Getaway & 3 6 'X18' s e cond M ore i n fo ? Te x t fice, master on main, IM~ yl y ~ ~ d y « d 52184 to 35620. Scott triple g a rage 8 •Cute 2 bdrm towngarage. Just bought a new boat? McLean, Pr i ncipal barn/shop. house Want to impress the •Fenced yard Sell your old one in the 6734. Violeta Sdrulla, Broker 541-408-6908. classifieds! Ask about our relatives? Remodel •Great location 5436. $519,900. TerP rincipal Brok e r Realty Executives Super Seller rates! esa Brown, Broker your home with the •Rental or hideaway 541-419-3522 John L SE Bend $285,000 541-385-5809 541-788-8661 John L help of a professional Tom Weinmann, Broker Scott Realty, Bend • 1675 sq.ft. Scott Realty, Bend 541-706-1820 from The Bulletin's • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath Windermere Premiere Sisters area Spectacular view of the "Call A Service • 1-car & 2-car garages River Canyon Estates. Central Oregon ranch. 228 +/- acres, mountains, beautifully Spotless 4 bedroom, • MLS 201503054 Real Estate 61 acres in irrigation Professional" Directory landscaped backyard 3 bath, 3000 sq. ft. Amy Halligan, Broker rights, 4 legal lots of has a tranquil setting h ome w i t h pla y 541-410-9045 record. Storybook log Privacy with a V i ew! REDUCED with Koi fish inside a /craft/theater r o o m. home, 4249 sq. ft., 3 Approx. 3800 sq. ft. 3 $579,000 Quail Ridge water feature. Enjoy Tons of u p grades. b edroom, 2 bat h . bedroom, 4 bath •2692sq.ft., one level, character and comCALL Barn, o u t buildings, home with study/den, 1.96 treed acres and $487,000. fort in this unique 3 PONCIANO M O Npaddocks with under- media room, steam big lawns b drm, 2 b a t h l o g TOYA AT ground irrigation and sauna and f i tness•4 Bdrm, 3 bath, 4 car MORRIS home. Custom details, MLS: s helters. One of a room. .729 acre lot garage, shop, 2 fire- 541-419-3188. REAL ESTATE bright & open feeling 201503455 Duke kind working ranch. overlooking H illside places and large bo- Warner Realty with lots of n atural $ 2,850,000. CAL L P ark w i t h uno b - nus room light coming in. This is KRIS WARNER AT Serene rim setting with a must see! $310,000. structed view. Bob Ahern, Broker541-480-5365. MLS: 541-420-3891 Riverfront Home v iews f ro m S m i t h Call Donna C a rter $ 1,125,000. CAL L 201503392 Duk e KAROLYN DUBOIS Rock & C R R g o lf Broker 541-903-0601 Windermere $929,000 Warner Realty Central Oregon • 3962 sq.ft., 13+/course up the Crooked River Realty AT 541- 3 90-7863 acres Crooked River canMLS: 201 5 00055 Real Estate • 1400+ ft. Deschutes yon to the majestic Starwood $270,000 Duke Warner Realty Price Reduced River frontage Mt. Hood. Spacious • 1449 sq.ft. single level $459,900 Remarkable G o l den P rivate setting in L a Butte home. Contem- • Cherry cabinets & 1808 sq. ft. home with • 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 61073 Ferguson chef's remodeled kitchen Pine. Single level log porary h o m e hardwood floors fireplace, •Slate and hardwood is • MLS 201404263 home, spacious 3.27 perched on one ofthe kitchen with i s land• .27 acre, RV parking floors throughout acres, 1488 sq. ft., 3 best lots in B end's Diane Lozito, Broker breakfast bar, s ky- • MLS 201504542 •Amazing mtn views 8 Corey Charon PE, 541-548-3598, lights, private court26' of window views, bedrooms, 2 b aths, Westside, with a priBroker 541-306-9646 yard, hot tub, lamiopen floor plan, re- brand new septic in vate setting and 180 541-280-5512 2014, barn/shop set degree nate and tile flooring, cent remodel Cas c a de up for horses, heat Mountain wrap-around decks. Susan Pitarro, View . e pump/wood stove in- $599,000. $199,900. MLS Broker CALL sert, kids playhouse 8 TERRY S KJERSAA 2 01502126 N a ncy 541-410-8084 more! Shelley Arnold, AT MORRIS Popp Principal Broker Windermere - 383-1426. Broker 541-771-9329 MLS: 541201 541-815-8000 MORRIS REAL ESTATE Central Oregon 5 03641 John L Scott Realty, Crooked River REAL ESTATE Real Estate Duke Warner Realty Bend Realty IA y M d y ~ M O~ d





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Homes for Sale

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The Ladd Group is a highly experienced team that helped clients make $35 million of real estate investments jn 2014. Their advanced search engine at allows you to easily traCk hOmeS by PriCing, area, neighbOrhOOd Or CUStom Criteria. 541.833.4569 I 650 SI Bond St, Suite 100, Bend


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• Lots starting at $217,350 • For more info. text LADD15 to 88000


• $3,895,000 • 4 bedroom, 5.5 bath • For more info. text LADD13 to 88000

• $310,000 • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath • For more info text LADD4 to 88000

• $697,500 • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 2822 sq. ft. • For more info text LADD3 to 88000









• $498,500 River Rim Craftsman • 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 2925 SF • For more info text LADD20 to 88000

• $439,000 • 2 bed, 3.5 bath, 2713 sq. ft, 40 Acre • For more info text LADD6 to 88000

• $222,000 • For more info. text LADD18 to 88000

• $185,000 • .33 acre lot w/ amazing city views • For more info. text LADD2 to 88000

Call IIS tOday tO Set UP a PriVate ShOWing! 541-633-4569


TO PLACE AN AD CALL CLASSIFIED• 541-385-5809 Cascade = - " Ofronrm ' •:I .

• •



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EH 3 E H3



• 3 & 4 bedroom units • Luxury vacation homes • Backing 18th hole of the Nicklaus Course • Fully furnished, deeded; 4-14 weeks/year • Whole & fractional ownership opportunities • 1/12 interest shares starting at $12,000 eb Tebbs, Owner/CEO/Broker j 541-4194553



• .79acre lot • Exclusive gated golf community • Situated above scenic Jack Nicklaus Course • Fabulous Cascade Mountain & Smith Rock views • Ultimate in amenities and minutes to Bend • Seller will pay $115,000 Membership Fee MLS¹201500169 Myra Girod, Principal Brokerl 541-815-2400 or Pam Bronson, Broker l 541-788-6767


New construction 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2041 SF 3-car garage Buy now and add upgrades Oregon Water Wonderland Walk to Big Deschutes Paved roads, boat dock MLS¹201504111




ordan Grandlund, Prinapal Brokerl 541-420-1559



• • • I


• 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2430 SF • .87 acre lot • Single level with large master suite • Living room, family room & bonus room • 2-car garage with shop area • Handicap accessible MLS¹201503711

Greg arnwell, Broker l 541-848-7222

m ra. la orkcentralore omcom

• • I •

• • • • • • • •

• •





• Great SW Bend v location • 3185 SF



• 2440 SF single level • 3 bedroom, 2 bath + office • .26 acre lot surrounded by common area • Fully upgraded and move in ready! • Must experience the setting! MLS¹201504811 '

• Living room, family room & bonus room • Formal and casual dining areas • Huge kitchen with cherry cabinets • Great floor plan and room sizes CJ Neumann, Brokerl 541-410-3710 or Lisa Lamberto, Brokerl

Brandon & Jodi Kearney, Brokersl 541-693-4019

• 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1540 SF • 2 buildable lots • 4 irrigated acres • Fenced pasture • Mountain views • Borders canal, minutes from town MLS¹201407613 Bobby Lockrem, Brokerl 541-480-2356

• 9.38 acre parcel • 3 bedroom, 2 bath • Large barn with shop area, corral area • Reclaimed wood and knotty cedar accents, vaulted and beamed ceilings • Mountain views, Sisters School District MLS¹201501643 Joanne McKee, Broker l 541-480-5159

www joanne© s

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• • • •

3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths 3022 SF, .49 acre 2-car garage with heated shop/bonus room Custom Solaire built energy efficient, ADA complianthome with RV parking, dump and hook-ups • Quiet cul-de-sac in a great neighborhood MLS¹201501526

• 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths • 2994 SF, .30 acres • 3-car garage w/storage room • Large office & bonus room • Light,bright & sunny,great room concept • High end finishes throughout, large lot • Cedar siding & copper gutters • Water feature Silvia Knight, Brokerl 541-788-4861

Silvia Knight, Broker, ABR, SFR, Green 541-788-4861 l

• •




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3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths Move-in ready 2594 SF, .50 acre Newly completed single level home Huge 3-car garage, office and flex room Earth Advantage "Gold" certified home 40-year roof, flat driveway, covered patio

MLS¹201503261 Silvia Knight, Broker, ABR, SFR, Green 541-788-4861 l

• I •



• • • • • • •







• 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath + bonus room Beautiful remodel on Rjl quiet cul-de-sac • Dream kitchen, master bath, floors, etc. • Master 8I additional bedroom/office on main • Offeredatonly $739,900 M L S ¹ 201 504881 Laura Blossey, Brokerl 949-887-4377


' '• • • • I




as as Is

' 3491 SF,1.15 acres

w ~~ w l



• 'I I r

• Beautiful acreage • Saltwater pool • 3 bedroom, 3 bath, den, loft, formal dining • Hardwood floors, granite, tile • G uest suite over 3-car garage, gated lot • 2.47 acres, 1.75 irrigated M L S ¹201502905 Natalie Vandenborn, Brokerl 541-508-9581

• Great room plan saa lEil. • Beautiful finishes • Office, family room, & home theater • Fabulous main level master suite • Beautifully landscaped with outdoor fireplace • 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath, 3982 SF MLS¹201503986 The Norma DuBoisand Julie Moe Team, Brokers 541-312-4042 l s

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• Custom kitchen with butler pantry, 5 acres • Outdoor entertaining with stone fireplace • RV/Shop withgame room above MLS¹201504660

The Norma DuBoisand Julie Moe Team, Brokers 541-312-4042 l


• 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 3138 SF • Masteron m ain • Open floor plan, 30' vaulted great room

• Single Level • Hardwood floors • Fabulous gourmet kitchen • Great room, family room & office • Private master with luxurious bath • 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 3319 SF MLS¹201503916





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Rod Hatchell, Brokerl 541.728.8812 l Glynis Leach,Broker l 541.771-6623


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RN'4'r ' TIF-

• 4696 SF, .53 acre • 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath, den • Mostly single level living with bonus up • Stunning great room & kitchen • Full tee to green vistas of the 1st hole MLS¹201500011

• • • • •

Borders gov't land Pivot irrigation ~gy.Stunning home .; >-.'=:-r ::: "':",,: - . Km e Top quality finishes 4291 SF, 3 bedroom, 4 bath;Cascade Mountain views • Outdoor living area with fireplace • 80x120 indoor arena M LS¹ 2 0 1 408630

Sandy Kohlmoos, Broker, CRS l 541408-4309

Ron Davis, Principal Brokerl 541-480-3096


• Ranch at the Canyons • Tuscan living • Open house Wednesday - Sunday 1-5pm • MLS¹201503224 Patrick Ginn, Principal Broker l 541-886-5534

• Cascade Mtn views with unmatchedseclusion • 280 acres w/95 acres irrigation • Custom main home 4416 SF

4 bed, 5.5 bath •Guesthom e:1850 SF,3bed,2bath • Barn with office, gated paved driveway,LOPtags • Varied topography, 2 canyons, 2stocked ponds • Recreational lifestyle property minutes from Bend ML S ¹201306094 Pam Mayo-Phillips, 541-480-1513 or BrookHavens, 541-604-0788, Principal Brokersl






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• Affordable cabin! • 2 bedroom, 1 bath, 908 SF • Light & bright open floor plan • Updated kitchen with maple cabinets & granite • Thermostat controlled gas rock fireplace • Near mall, SHARC and pathway MLS¹201504815 Myra Girod, Principal Broker j 541-815-2400 or Pam Bronson, Broker j 541-788-6767

• Build your dream on this 1.52 acre westside homesite with mature landscape & impressive Cascade views • Generous oversized lot offers privacy and flexibility • Situated in a cul-de-sac location with expansive views • Close proximity to river trail, neighborhood park & downtown Shelly Swanson, Broker j 541-408-0086

m ra. amteam@cascadesiccom la orkcentralore omcom

'••• I •




• 1310 SF home • .32 acre lot • 3 bedrooms, 2 baths • Garage and carport • Plenty of RV parking MLS¹201504849 Jacquie Sebulsky, Broker j 541-280-4449 Michele Anderson, Broker j 541-633-9760 jacqui l

• G orgeous quali ty townhomes on the westside • These are higher end townhomes • 3 bedrooms plus an of fice/den • 2732 SF with an oversized 2-car garage • Main level master, stainless steel appliances, tanklesshot water,AC • 4100 SF clubhouse with a nice pool • Close to shopping, schools, river & trails MLS¹201409173 Mary Stratton, GRI Broker j 541-419-6340

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Ln ,", a"

19360 Brookside Way • Move-in ready • Beautifully designed • Exceptional natural light & sun exposure • Wonderful entertaining areas • Close proximity to National Forest Land • Near shopping, several world class golf courses on the way to Mt. Bachelor and near the trail system MLS ¹ 2 0 1504131 Shelly Swanson, Brokerj 541-408-0086

• I


• Stunning Cascade mountain views •20acresattheendoftheroad • Secluded setting in the trees • CUP approved, area of good wells • Standard septic feasibility approved • Wonderful opportunity to build your dream home MLS¹201408109

Call PamMayo-Phillips, or BrookHavens, Principal Brokers 541-923-1376 j


Stephanie Ruiz, Broker j 541-948-5196 Jordan Grandlund, Broker j 541-420-1559 •

e -

19769 Chicory Ave. • 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 2732 SF • Gourmet kitchen, office, 3-car garage • New interior & exterior paint and carpet • Great backyard with large paver patio • Community pools,park,tennis,clubhouse

• Homes from $454,750 • Riverfront from $819,750 • Exquisitely finished • Low maintenance living • 7th Mountain amenities • Conveniently located

Melanie Maitre, Broker j 541-480-4186





na na naaaa a na na






• 2763 SF, .15 acre • 3 bedroom, 3 bath + den+ bonus • 4-car garage, Tour of Homes™ winner • Highly upgraded, A/C, central vac • Borders common area, covered rear patio • Bridges amenities MLS¹201502937

• Inspired by mountain contemporary design & modern architecture • Build your vision and dream home in this highly sought after westside neighborhood • Dedicated custom building envelope • .31 acres backing to a common green belt space • 62665 Big Sage Way, Lot 48 • Proudly offered at $525,000

Stephanie Ruiz, Brokerj 541-948-5196

Shelly Swanson, Broker j 541-408-0086

' •


• Beautiful setting • Golf course views • Great room with new stack stone fireplace • Large kitchen with island & breakfast nook • Luxurious & private main level master • 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 2597 SF MLS¹201504692

• 5 bedroom, 5 bath, 2755 SF • Turnkey furnished • Has history as a great rental property • Extra-la rge deck w/enclosed hot tub • Near Woodlands Golf Course & North Pool MLS¹201500516

The Norma DuBoisand Julie Moe Team, Brokers

De Te s, Owner CEO Bro er 541-419-4553

541-312-4042 j



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.la, 1

19690 Aspen Ridge Drive Lot 29 • Great room design with 3 bedrooms on the main floor • 4th bedroom could be den/office plus flex space • Wonderful entertaining kitchen • Overlooks community park and pool • Close proximity to schools & Old Mill District • Prices starting at $569,990 MLS¹201503190 Shelly Swanson, Broker j 541-408-0086

• VIEWS & 2.27 acres • 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2493 SF • Master on main with walk-in closets & more • Large upstairs loft family room with views! • Great kitchen, light & bright! • Office/Shop/3-car attached, convenient location MLS¹201500641 Jodi Satko, Broker j 541-550-0819 satkosellsoregon©


'r I •

II •

20217 Sawyer Reach Ct. • Rich-toned oak hardwood floors • Custom distressed kitchen cabinetry • Slab granite counters • Pro quality SS appliances • Montana stone fireplace • Main house -3 bds, 2.5 ba, 2450SF • Guest quarters - 2 bds, 1 bath, 788 SF • MLS¹201301856

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• 4000 SF of luxury living! • M asteron main,3 suites & 3.5 baths • Gourmet kitchen with large dining room • Additional building with 1680 SF office, studio and more! • Large shop 8c 2-car garage • 4.7 easy care acres, gated & fenced odi Satko, Broker j 541-550-0819

Ken Renner, Principal Broker j 541-280-5352


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• • I •


• 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath • 3-car garage • River and Cascade Mtn views • Good solar orientation with two decks! MLS¹201405873 Carmen A. Cook, Broker j 541-480-6491 carmenanncook©

• Built by Timberline Construction ' of Bend • DesignedbyBrandonOlin • This contemporaryhome featu res3bedrooms,3baths • Complete with abonusroom andden/off ice •Buil ttoEarthAdvantageandEnergyStarstandards • Triple cargarage • Near clubhouse, trails anddowntown Bend,call for additional details MLS¹201503923

• NW Contemporary design built by Madrone Construction LLC • Situated on an elevated homesite with mtn. views • Designed as a 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath with main level master suite • Bonus room plus a triple car garage • Close proximity to clubhouse, trails and downtown Bend • Call for additional details and pricing MLS¹201503914

Shelly Swanson, Broker j 541-408-0086

Shelly Swanson, Broker j 541-408-0086


• • • •

Huge mountain views 19 ac, 4550 SF home Stunning home In ground swimming pool, waterfalls • Detached garage, RV bay, guest quarters • Horsesetup,fenced,loafing shed MLS¹201501565 Robin L. Yeakel Broker j 541-408-0406

r •




Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

• Redmond Homes•


Sunriver/La Pine Homes Jeffer son County Homes

Homes with Acreage

H o mes with Acreage H o mes with Acreage H o mes with Acreage j

Stunning 18-foot floor to Tillicum Village 3 bedroom, 2 b a t h, Lot ¹28 C heckrein Reduced!Want to move 40 Wide open Acres 8479 SW High Cone Custom 4/3, 2922 sq. ft. Live off the grid! Comceiling windows wel1605 sq. ft . s ingle $28,000. 1 acre on in and enjoy life? This with beautiful home. Drive, CRR. 4 bdrm, home on 6.27 acres piete with solar sys$415,000 c ome majestic M t . • 2740 sq.ft. contempos tory home in N W cul-de-sac, commu- Madras h o m e is Custom 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 bath on 1.20 acres. w/ shop and b arn tem and gas generaJefferson into the liv- rary Redmond. .20 acre nity pool. High Lakes loaded with upgrades. 2384 sq. ft. home built Outdoor area for en- $ 595,000. 1624 9 tor back-up. Custom 2 i ng room o f th i s • 3 bedroom, 2 bath lot. Ga s f i replace, Realty & P r o perty W ell m a int. an d in 2006. Open floor tertaining. Oversized South Drive, La Pine. b edroom, 2 bat h , spectacular h o me.• .59acre, overlooks Management boasts a large tiled plan with hardwood 2-bay shop. $143,000. High Lakes Realty & 1920 sq. ft. home with pantry, double gaW ell-appointed fo r canal 541-536-0117 rage. Built in 2002. entry way, c e iling floors, vaulted ceil- mls 201300653 Property M a n age- daylight basement on entertaining and tran- • MLS 201411019 MLS¹ 201 5 0 1019Lot 2 Chapman Rd. fans, recessed light- ings, sunroom, atJuniper Realty, ment 541-536-0117 very private 5 acres. 541-504-5393 quility, the living, dinDebbie Johnson, $ 219,900 Call P a m ing, large loft area, a tached garage and $269,000. CALL $71,000. 2.86 acres, ing and sunrooms ofBroker Lester, Principal Bro- water, electric, camp- m aster bdrm w i t h more. $330,000.Call Awbrey Glen $889,000 Got horses? You 8 your DUKE WARNER REcritters will love this fer sweeping views 541-480-1293 ker, Century 21 Gold sites. High Lakes Re- walk-in closet, winDuke Warner Realty • New construction, 3 ALTY DAYVILLE AT property! Attractive 3 541-987-2363. MLS: overlooking the WhyCountry Realty, Inc. alty & Property Man- dow coverings Dayville, bedroom, 2.5 bath bedroom, 2.5 b ath, 541-504-1338 c hus C r ee k an d throughout. Garage is 541-987-2363. MLS: • Golf course views 201306630 agement 2900 sq. ft . h o me Meadow. T a vertine finished with ceiling 201401285 541-536-0117 • Single-level, 3-car gabarn and arena on 5 tile entry, coral maple storage rack and you Looking for your next acres with 2 acre irriMove in ready. beauti- have great views from 52916 Old Lake Rd., rage floors and mahogany MORRIS emp/oyee? What are you 201502363 gation. Close to BLM ful 2 bedroom 1 bath decking illustrate the the back deck. VA as- Silver Lake, OR. Two • MLS Place a Bulletin help REAL ESTATE Diane Robinson, 1848 sq. ft. homes on land. $639,900. CALL frame home in Gilsumable if e l igible. quality of m aterials wanted ad today and looking for? hd~& m l y ~ ~ ~ d Broker, ABR 40 acres. $180,000. BECKY OZRELIC AT christ townsite. home $123,900 used throughout the MLS¹ reach over 60,000 541-419-8165 541-480-9191 MLS: is completely updated 201304344 Heather High Lakes Realty & home. Nestled on 2 Totally updated home readers each week. You'll find it in M a n age20150266 Duke with tons of extras in- Hockett, PC, Broker, Property plus acres, this ex- on 2.46 acres. 1296 Your classified ad ment, 541-536-0117 Warner Realty cluding, new carpet traordinary setting of- sq. ft. 3 bedrm., 2 ba., C entury 2 1 Gol d will also appear on The Bulletin CI8SSifi6dS 4r and laminate, tile in C ountry f ers p r ivacy a n d 25X35 garage/shop, Real t y , Call The Bulletin At Check out the kitchen and bathroom, luxury. Gour m et barn & loafing shed. 541-420-9151 which currently reclassifieds online 541-385-5809 201 5 03256 refurbished tub, and kitchen fea t u ring MLS¹ MORRIS ceives over www.bendbulletirLcom Place Your Ad Or E-Mail kitchen cab i nets. granite counters, al- $259,900 Pam Lester, 541-385-5809 1.5 million page REAL ESTATE 762 Paved driveway, vinyl Updated daily At: der cabinets and tile Princ. Broker, Cenviews every month Homes with Acreage fencing, landscaping, flooring, 4 bedrooms, tury 21 Gold Country at no extra cost. Inc. hot t ub , a t t ached 2.5 baths, 4867 sq. ft. Realty, Bulletin Classifieds 541-504-1338 single car garage plus 16751 SW Dove Rd., of living space, masGet Results! additional over sized C RR, custom l o g ter bedroom, bath, Well cared for home on Call 385-5809 or single car garage in home on 5 acres. with and walk-in closet on 1.43 acres. 3 bdrm, 2 place your ad on-line back that is insulated. many upgrades: floor first floor, and 3-car b ath, 1296 sq . f t . , at Backs up t o f o rest to ceiling w indows garage with a d d i- double detached land. $129,999 MLS with m t n . v i e w s, tional attached RV ga- rage with mtn. views. Hickory hardwood & 201503423 rage all located on the 755 MLS tile floors, gourmet Cascade Realty, desirable Rim at As- $139,900 M ORTGAG E C O R P O R A T I O N 201502154 Pam Sunriver/La Pine Homes Dennis Haniford, Princ. kitchen, cherry cabipen Lakes. 6 9205 ¹Lester, Princ. Broker, nets, granite counters, Broker H awksflight Dri v e , entury 2 1 Gol d 149112 Auderine Circle. stacked rock wood1-541-536-1731 Sisters. Call Carol Zo- C Realty, Inc. $195,000. B e autiful burning fireplace. sel at 503-616-8712 Country One bdrm, one bath, 541-504-1338 $441,900 ¹201404445 finishes, log accents. outbuildings, or Chuck Harper at RV High Lakes Realty & Juniper Realty, 503-915-9417. Meto- Views Forever! This 4 $60 , 000. 541-504-5393 Property M a n age- hookup, lius Property Sales bed/3 bath 1796 sq. ft. ment 52305 Lechner Lane. 541-536-0117 home sits on a well High Lakes Realty 8 Stunning home on 5 sq. ft. home with Property M a n age-2278 acres with views from treed 4.5 acres with 1 5438 Deer A v e work shops on 5.41 views of the Cascade $30,000. Wooded half ment 541-536-0117 Mt. Bachelor to Mt. acres. $24 9 ,900. Hood! 1768 sq. ft., 2 Range, Smith Rock acre building lot. High Outstanding Craftsman 151628 Hackamore, more. $319,900. Lakes Realty 8 Prop- in this Custom built 2 La Pine. High Lakes bdrm., 2 ba., living and Man agement room, large front room CALL KIM WARNER erty Bdrm, 2 Bath Frame Realty & Pr o perty 541- 4 10-2475 541-536-0117 with w oo d s t o ve. AT Home. Tile, Laminate, Management 201 5 0 173715760 Burgess Rd. Hardwood floors, heat MLS: and Carpet through541-536-0117 pump, hot tub, fenced Duke Warner Realty $139,900. C o mmu- out this 1120 sq. ft. and a 1024 sq. ft. ga- Village W i estoria nity b uilding w / athome built in 2012. 26 a c res B o rdering r age/shop!!! Br i n g Bend. Conveniently tached home. High Stainless Steel Appli- BLM. Timber, 4 bedyour toys and your located 2007 home, 3 Lakes Realty 8 Prop a nces, Gran i t e room, 2 bath, 2464 horses!!! $ 3 39,000. bedrooms, 4 baths, erty Man agement Counter tops, mud- sq. ft. home with 4-car MLS¹ 20 1 5503660 2780 +/- sq. ft., must 541-536-0117 room/laundry room, garage. $ 4 1 5,000. Call Ainslie Reynolds see. attached 2 car g a- CALL $449 , 500.16206 Hawks Lair. 4 DUKE at 541-410-1054 or rage and c overed WARNER R E A LTY • • a bdrm, 2 ii2 bath, 3304 Shannon 1003. Pa t B a x ter, sq. ft. 2 ga r age. front porch to enjoy DAYVILLE AT McNeil-Jones at Broker 541-551-5729 the quiet evenings. 541-987-2363. MLS: 5 41-550-9088. R e - John L Scott Realty, $299,900. High Lakes Then for all of your 5 201208278 Realty & P r o perty • Max Key Properties Bend toys, a 36x50 shop Management with 14ft doors, comStunning single level. Well maintained 2 story 541-536-0117 piete with 200 amp New construction in home in N W R e d- 1 6212 Lave D r . service. Insulated and NW Crossing with de- mond. 2038 sq. ft., 3 $114,900. 1288 sq. ft., finished walls. This signer finishes bdrm., 2.5 ba., mas- fenced, greenhouse. home has tons of ext hroughout. 2 b e d - ter on main. Almost High Lakes Realty & tras, to many to menroom, 2 b ath, plus 1/4 acre w/RV park- Property M a n age- tion, must see. Very 360' View/Top of Butte den/office with a pri- ing. MLS¹ 201503230 ment 541-536-0117 close to r ecreation in Terrebonne. Home, vate courtyard. $259,923 Pam Lester, and lakes. $299,999. shop, mansion building $599,000. CALL Princ. Broker, CenFind exactly what MLS 201503469 TERRY S KJERSAA tury 21 Gold Country site. 2% to broker. See: Cascade Realty, you are looking for in the AT 541 - 383-1426. Realty, Inc. Dennis Haniford, Princ. 5037404244.html MLS: 2015 0 0992 541-504-1338 Kent Neumann CLASSIFIEDS Broker Duke Warner Realty Branch Manager 1-541-536-1731 Well Maintained Home Daisy Place 3 Custom Home, Barn, Stunning Single Level. with brand new car- 16559 Loan Officer i/~ bath, 1397 Arena an d G r e at bdrm, 2 This brand new 3 bed- pet and paint, 2 mas- sq. ft., gas fireplace. Oarage Sales Shop, + Mo u ntain 541-728-3222 room home is located ter suites, 2.5 bath- $169,000. High Lakes Views! This is a great in a n es t ablished rooms and an open Realty 8 NMLS¹201036 Garage Sales p roperty wit h s e Pr o perty neighborhood on Aw- floor plan all on a cor- Management cluded but central loKent.Neumann© brey Butte. Open floor ner l ot . Garage Sales $ 2 7 4,500 541-536-0117 c ation. Custo m plan w it h cu s tom BROOK CRI- 16784 Brenda Drive. kitchen with nice apcabinetry 8 designer CALL Find them AZZO AT pliances and island, finishes. $650,000 541-550-8408 344,900. 3 b d r m, OR $1743 in pantry and more. Tile CALL TERRY AUBRE C HESHIRE sq. ft. w/custom flooring, custom railThe Bulletin SKJERSAA AT AT upgrades. High Lakes 541 598-4583. ings, huge master 541-383-1426. MLS: MLS: P r o perty 2015 0 2144 Realty & Classifieds suite with large tiled 201502300 Duke Duke Warner Realty Management Tytell Hobbs Karen Simpson-Hankins shower, large walk-in Warner Realty 541-536-0117 541-385-5809 closet, custom vanity Loan Officer Loan Officer West Hills home and 20510 Jacklight Lane. and more. Well landTerrebonne $179,900 lot. 3 bedroom, 3 bath $499,500. 5 bdrm/ 3 P owerline 541-771-1545 541-420-5736 Rd. • 1440 sq.ft., 2 bedscaped with a water custom home w i th bath, 3474 sq. ft., built $ 79,000. 1 0 ac r e feature, iron custom room, 2 bath NMLS¹461657 NMLS¹272837 a djoining .2 6 lo t . in '06, High Lakes wooded parcel. High fencing, fruit trees and • 3.5 miles to Smith O pen space w i t h Tyrell . Hobbs© Lakes Realty & PropRealty & Pr o perty a great patio for enRock, Cascade views views. $65 0 ,000. erty Man agement tertaining. • .23 acre, fenced, cor36' x 4 0' CALL JAYNE BECK Management 541-536-0117 541-536-0117 barn has nice sliding ner lot AT 541-480-0988 OR • MLS 201503932 doors for horse runs VAN DEUSEN 2 Bdrm, 2 Bath Manu- This is a v e r y w e ll and it is wood that Erica Patchen, Broker PETE f actured home o n maintained triple wide matches the house, in AT 541 480-3538. 541-480-4825 MLS: 2014 0 6052 1.10 acres in Ponde- with f o rmal l i ving close proximity to the rosa Pines. Home has room, family room,8 1 20'x200' Duke Warner Realty cus t o m Ariel Peterson Chelsea Callicot!: a Ramada Roof, cov- formal dining room. People Look for Information ered front and back Very spacious kitchen fenced area. 40'x60' Loan Officer Loan Officer shop has RV friendly About Products and deck. Detached 2 car with oak cabinets, 2 doors and concrete 541-410-4162 541-585-8506 pantries, separate hot MORRIS Services Every Daythrough garage and a covfloor along with lots of water tank, 8 t r ash REAL ESTATE NMLS¹ 978500 NMLS¹ 1027976 ered carport and RV The Sulletin Classiffeds to park and turn dOp ~ c over. V e r y wel l compactor. Very large area v ehicles around i n master suite with priCh a r mer. maintained. $119,000 vate bath. Has a heat front of t h e s h op. Terrific SW neighbor- Westside bungalow- MLS 201503410 hood near the Old Charming pump, 1764 sq. ft. ga- Property adjoins pubsq. ft., 3 bdrm., Cascade Realty, lands so horses Mill. 2724 sq. ft., great 1618 Dennis Haniford, Princ. rage. Holds 3 cars, lic 1 ba. RM zoned lotroom floorplan w/3 fenced .13 acres, de- Broker storage & 2 rooms in don't have t o be bedrooms, huge bo- t ached garage 8 1-541-536-1731 back for shop or what trailered. Asking only BEND REDMOND 4709 nus room and den/of- workshop area, fresh e ver y o u nee d . $599,500. Sunny Sage Way, fice option. Meticu2 bedrm, 1 bath manu- $235,000 803 Southwest Industrial Way ¹201 1033 Southwest Highland Avenue MLS new hardwood f actured home o n 201503447 Redmond. Call lously maintained and paint, floors. Barbara Jack1.07 acres. Built in Heather Hockett, PC, lots of extras! Close to son, Cascade Realty, Pine Ridge Elemen- 541-306-8186 Broker 1974, 854 sq ft,with a Dennis Haniford, Princ. Broker, Century 21 • • i • Gold Country Realty, tary, river trails & Ramada Roof, 2 Car Broker www.jackson-ander541-420-9151 Detached G a r age. Brookswood p l aza. John L Scott 541-536-1731 MLS ¹399,900. CALL ROB Realty, Bend. $69,500. 201503180 Cascade EGGERS AT 541-815-9780 OR Where else can you find Realty, Dennis HaniKATRINA SWISHER 10 acres of gorgeous ford, Princ. Broker AT 541 - 420-3348. land just minutes from 541-536-'I 731 MLS: 201502012 downtown? Lot 25 at 51881 Fordham Dr. Highlands at Bro- $ 29,950. Ready t o The Swan's Nest. Rare the Top is one of the build, Crescent Creek. s • peaceful ri v e rfront ken parcels of land High Lakes Realty & estate: private and finest today with Property M a n agegated, this home is available onderosas to t h e ment 541-536-0117 s ituated in on e o f p west and the meadow eGamer6muplleal Estate 4 5R KS Bend's most prestithe east, the prop- 53255 Deep Woodsgious locations, just to $169,000. 1782 sq. ft., erty is both bright and one mile from down3 bedroom, 2 bath, t own. A retr e at private. The perfect 24X36 shop. H i gh perched on 102 feet place to build your Lakes Realty 8 Propof serene river front- dream home. Gated erty Man agement age, nestled on nearly entry, private neigh- 541-536-0117 pond, open an acre of manicured borhood landscaped grounds meadows and lovely 53280 Andrews Road, set the High- 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1782 with towering ponde- forests rosa pines. Thought- lands at Broken Top sq. ft. 4+ car shop. from the rest. $159,999. High Lakes fully designed to cap- apart Realty & P r o perty ture stunning Offeredat$695,000. Polis, Principal Management panoramic views of Holly Broker 541-419-8710 541-536-0117 the Deschutes River The Pennbrook t hat greet you t he 53349 Woodstock Dr. Company moment you walk in 1420 sq. ft. this impressive home. Widgi Creek $688,000 $164,900. home, 48X26 shop;, 4043 sq. ft. + 750 sq. • 3017 sq.ft., 4 bedmore! High Lakes Reft. d etached s hop room, 4 bath alty 8 Property Man/guesthouse. Offer ed • View of 7th green & 2 agement at: $1,499,000. Cate lakes 541-536-0117 Cushman. Bend Pre- • .4 acre, hot tub, tons 5 5535 Gross D r . mier Real E s tate. of storage 541-480-1884 $39,000. .52 acres, • MLS 201503137 p aved road, n e a r Kirk Sandburg, Think of the Possibiliriver. High Lakes ReBroker, SRS ties: 3 bedroom home alty 8 Property Man541-556-1804 with very large backagement y ard. Great for i n541-536-0117 vestment, as renters Lot 1900 Chapman Rd. would love to stay. - $55,000. Nice 2.79 $158,900. CALL acre site, lots of trees. CAROLYN EMICK AT MORRIS High Lakes Realty & 541-419-0717. MLS: REAL ESTATE Property M a n age201409739 Duke ~ y~ ~ ap d ment 541-536-0117 I i i I I I Warner Realty Yardley Estates 1 Three Rivers South * $350,000 Garage Sales $8,000 • 2367 sq.ft., 3 bed• 90x250 lot, bring your room, 2 bath RV • Wood & travertine • 2 side-by-side parcels floors available • Vaulted ceilings, granReach more than 65,000 adult readers in the official Tour of Homes Guide • Deschutes River Rec- ite counters reation Homesites • MLS 201501098 • MLS 201502083 ADVERTISING DEADLINE: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1 Minda Mckitrick, Jim Moran, Broker Broker, GRI Find them in 541-948-0997 541-280-6148 Call your Bulletin sales representative today! Space is limited. The Bulletin -




























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Homes with Acreage


Recreational Homes • & Property



Newly painted inside Awbrey Butte Lot and out, wired for Great vacation home in $189,000 jacuzzi, central air and the heart of C hrist- • .3 acre lot, Ochoco heating, chef's delight mas Valley. This one views kitchen with V iking has 1 bedroom with a • River's Edge Golf range and custom is- second that can be Course view land with built-ins. All set up as a 2nd bed- • Water, sewer, power a ppliances are i n - room it has no closet at the street cluded. Covered deck so can not be called a • MLS 20150'I 378 on front and back. bedroom. The kitchen Neal Kramer, Broker lovely office/den, 2 541-728-6725 has a ceramic cook bdrms with p rivate top, s mall t o aster baths and deck areas. o ven, lots o f c u pattached finish 2-car board space, & tile garage, RV hookup floor. Nice size living and parking next to room, with patio door MORRIS garage. e n ormous to deck. Metal garage REAL ESTATE 2500 sq. ft. barn with with a shop area. Loh d y R~ y ~ M ~ large shop and stor- cated close to g olf age room. 17x14 rol- course, municipal air- Christmas Valley l ot lup door, separate hay port, tennis courts & with services availstorage. $ 2 99,000. all t ha t C h ristmas able. Power at road MLS 201503273. Call Valley has to offer. and city water availLinda Lou Day-Wright, $72,500. MLS able. Adjacent parcel 5 41-771-2585 C a l l 201502928 1800 also for sale. Nancy Popp, Princ. $11,000 each. CALL Cascade Realty, Broker, 541-815-8000 Dennis Haniford, Princ. FRED JOHNSON AT Crooked River Realty 541-788-3733. MLS: Broker

16685 SW Chinook Dr. CRR. 6.9 acres with Crooked River al l utilities inst a lled. $189,000 MLS 201008671. Juniper Realty 541-504-5393 20.44 acres. If you want privacy and your own get-away retreat, this property is it. Breathtaking views of t he Cascade Mountains. Electricity is on property. $165,000. Call K arolyn Dubo i s , 541-390-7863. MLS: 201309974 Duke Warner Realty $373,000 - $559,000 Faith Hope Charity Acreage for sale: 6 lots •5.34 acres - $439,000 mtn view •5.01 acres - $373,000 Smith Rock view •5.19 acres - $373,000 201503506; Smith Rock view 1-541-536-1731 2 01503508 Duk e •5.01 acres - $559,000 Need to get an ad 764 Warner Realty mtn views Farms & Ranches Custom Home S ite!•4.98 acres - $549,000 in ASAP? mtn views B uild y ou r d r e am•4.98 acres - $549,000 68 acre irrigated farm home i n C a scade Fax it te 541-322-7253 on the John Day river. Views Estate. Seller mtn views Bea Leach, Broker Enjoy a peaceful setpreliminary build541-788-2274 The Bulletin Classifieds ting in a prime loca- has ing plans and would Windermere tion for raising hay, consider a Central Oregon cattle or horses. 3 build-to-suit. Call for NW Bend 40+ Acres Real Estate bedroom, 2 bath details. $90 , 000. $699,900 home with deck and C ALL P ET E V A N • Unblockable Cascade garage. Hay storage The Bulletin's DEUSEN AT views "Call A Service a nd h o rse b a r n. 541-480-3538, OR • Upgraded 2648 sq.ft. $649,000. CALL J AYNEE BECK A T Professional" Directory home DUKE WARNER RE- 541-489-0988. MLS: is all about meeting • Wood floors, granite ALTY DAYVILLE AT 201409341 Duke your needs. counters 541-987-2363. MLS: Warner Realty • MLS 201500621 201400298 Call on one of the Bonnie Savickas, Ideal west side lot. Build professionals today! 771 Broker, E-PRO, your dream home or SRES investment property Lots SW River Rd. Se541-408-7537 h ere. Only a fe w 7965 cluded & private 2.79 9040 SW S a ndridge blocks from the foot- acres, near the DesRd., CRR 1.12 acre bridge at Drake Park, chutes River, canyon t his .12 a c r e R M wall views, borders Power and water at the street $37,900. zoned lot is ripe with public land. $39,500. opportunities. MORRIS MLS ¹201403978. Juniper Realty $240,000. CALL Juniper Realty, REAL ESTATE 541-504-5393 TERRY S KJERSAA 541-504-5393 l~ ~ dOp mB AT 541 - 383-1426.Bad Lands Wilderness 1 SW Shad Rd. MLS: 201 5 02721 out your back door. 20 Picturesque Crooked Lot River Canyon walls 3 .09 a c re s wit h Duke Warner Realty acre homesite, with a mazing view s . can be viewed from $78,500. CUP and mountain MLS¹ anywhere on this 3.62 $18 0 ,000. J u niper Lot 132 SW Sheltered views. a cres lot, and t h e 201402733 terms. CALL Pl. in CRR 1 acre with Possible backdrop f o r the Realty 541-504-5393 KIT K O RISH AT ater installed a n home is beautiful rock 13601 SW Canyon Dr. w MLS: approved. 541-480-2335. outcropping. Wrap- CRR. 1.13 acres with septic 201304808 Duke $49,000. MLS around decks look Mt. Jefferson views. 201411027. J uniper Warner Realty over the fenced pas- $58,500 ¹201106385 realty 541-504-5393 Build your dream home ture, t w o s t orage Juniper Realty here. Large corner lot buildings for hay, tack 541-504-5393 Lot 67 SW Shad Rd. NWX. Lot sale inor yard equipment. 10085 Juniper G l en great value for this in ludes AR C ap MLS 201 5 03901. 1 .04 acre lo t w i t h c Circle, Eagle Crest. proved plans for a 3 $124,000. Call Nancy $99,900. mountain views. b edroom, MLS¹ 2.5 b a t h Popp, Princ. Broker, $29,900. MLS¹ 201503166 home complete with 541-815-8000 201408966 J u n iper Lynn Johns, den and family room. Crooked River Realty Realty 541-504-5393 Principal Broker, $199,500. CALL 541-408-2944 Nice lot with numerous TERRY SKJERSAA Waterfront and Smith Central Oregon o ptions. Setup f o r AT 541 - 383-1426. Rock views! Large Resort Realty several RV campers MLS: 201 4 04816 country home on 5+ to camp at once. SepDuke Warner Realty irrigated acres. 2772 1 0745 Rockside C t , and electric hook- Eastern Oregon Landsq. ft. with 5 bdrms, Eagle Crest. tic ups for 5 sites. Nicely Canyon City, Oregon, 2~/~ baths, 2-car de- $179,900. MLS¹ treed, nice neighbor- 3 lots available with tached garage and 201503528 hood. $92,500. CALL city water and sewer beautiful landscaping. Lynn Johns, CANDY YO W AT MLS 2014 0 9838 Principal Broker, at street. 1.86 acre 541-410-3193. MLS: $499,900. Call Pam 541-408-2944 residential lot, level 201501402 Duke Lester, Principal BroCentral Oregon building site, $30,900. Warner Realty ker, Century 21 Gold Resort Realty 6.12 acre view lot, Country Realty, Inc. Old Mill district, prime zoned re s i dential, $118,000 541-504-1338 commercial site, just $30,900. 3.49 acre Golf Course Lot lot off corner of mtn view lot, within •Build you dream home one and Bluff. Ap- city limits, $35,900. on Greens at Red- Bond Tick, Tock prox. 26,000 sq. ft., Sellers are Oregon limond MR zoning a llows censed Real Estate Tick, Tock... •Golfing community many uses. $650,000. •14th fairway, 0.21 acre CALL KIT K ORISH Brokers. ...don't let time get Juniper Realty lot, great neighbor- AT 541 - 480-2335. 541-504-5393 away. Hire a hood MLS: 201 5 0 0280 Dee Baker, Broker Grandfathered RV lot, professional out Duke Warner Realty 541-977-7756 the perfect place to of The Bulletin's Windermere Sunrise Village Lot build y ou r d r e am "Call A Service Central Oregon The only lot left! home or perfect for Real Estate 20,909 sq.ft., estabt he snow b irds t o Professional" lished neighborhood, summer at the ranch $132,000 Directory today! swimming pool, a nd w i nter d o w n Eagle Crest tennis courts, and easy south. Storage build<.54 acres on the 13th access to the 763 ing, large cement pad, fairway at Eagle Crest Deschutes River trail. manicured property. Recreational Homes ~Tucked in between 2 $325,000 Come enjoy all the homes. & Property Connie Thomson, ranch offers - tennis, •Behind the gates, build Broker golf, swimming, hik141505 El k H a v en, your dream The Real Estate ing, fishing and much Bea Leach, Broker Crescent Lake. FeaGallery USA more. $95,000 541-788-2274 tured in Home & Gar541-480-2628 Linda Lou Day-Wright, Windermere den, this 1736 sqft, 3 Broker 541-771-2585 Central Oregon bedroom, 3 bath + loft TURN THE PAGE Crooked River Realty Real Estate home is remarkable. For More Ads Hard-to-find 5-acre flat Each bedroom has 1483 Trail Creek Drive, The Bulletin buildable corner lot built-in beds with stor- Eagle Crest. located in Lake Park age. The magical loft $177,500. MLS¹ space has 4 built in 201503325 The perfect building lot! Estates with mature bunks with storage. So much is already landscaping. M L S¹ Lynn Johns, From the unique Tucomplete! Lot is close 201406959 Principal Broker, likivi fireplace/heating to C r ooked R i v er $135,500. Call Pam 541-408-2944 system, recycled Ranch entrance, has Lester, Principal BroCentral Oregon a p o le-barn s t yle ker, Century 21 Gold wood floors, custom Resort Realty 30x36 building with Country Realty, Inc. cabinets & r a ilings, covered entertaining 1525 Murrelet Drive, concrete floors, water, 541-504-1338 Eagle Crest. deck and open floor metal roof and siding, Lot 18 SW Quail Rd. MLS¹ plan, this home was $264,900. ready t o r e - install. 201503507 Power is very nearby Amazing views from built to use, enjoy and Lynn Johns, on 1-car garage. MLS this 5.15 acre rim lot. e ntertain. Floor t o Juniper RePrincipal Broker, ceiling windows pro201503705 $84,000 $70,000. 541-408-2944 vide stunning views of Call Nancy P o pp, alty 541-504-5393 Central Oregon Princ. Broker, Lot 20 SW Chipmunk Crescent Lake a nd Resort Realty 541-815-8000 the Cascades. BorRd., level 5.14 acres, ders USFS land & 173 Highland Meadow Crooked River Realty views of th e S mith trails. $374,000. MLS Loop, Eagle Crest. Views of the Deschutes Rock. $75,000. MLS 201503400. Call $99,500. MLS¹ r iver. Lot 9 i n t h e 201406095 Linda 541-815-0606 Juniper Realty 201408782 prestigious River Park Cascade Realty 541-504-5393 Lynn Johns, Estates cap t ures Principal Broker, stunning views of the Lot 4 S W B lue J ay 541-408-2944 Deschutes river, east- Road, CRR. S m ith 19152 Clear S p ring Central Oregon erly desert views, Pi- R ock v iews, 5 . 1 7 Way, Crescent Lake. Resort Realty lot Butte and the Cas- acres borders public DON"T Pass This Up! Range. land. $65,000. MLS 2 Acres! Turn Key! A 2 0+ acres i n W e s t cade CALL 201407131 one-of-a kind Powell Butte Estates, $299,000. TERRY SKJERSAA Juniper Realty log-sided hybrid cabin gated com m unity, AT 541-383-1426. 541-504-5393 in excellent condition. mtn. views, private MLS: 201 3 0 7188 Two master suites, well, paved roads w/ Duke Warner Realty Stunning D e s chutes large family room with access to BLM. MLS¹ River and Cascade wood stove and a 201305077 $169,000. views, S-acre, 357' Pam Lester, Princ. separate living room high river bank frontAcreages with fireplace. Sleeps Broker, Century 21 age, septic, power 8 comfortably. Plenty Gold Country Realty, 10 beautifully timbered and private well inof entertaining space. Inc. 541-504-1338 acres bordering BLM! stalled to building site. Interior upgrades: all MLS acre view lot in SW Just minutes to town, $129,900. wood doors, custom .26 201405995. Call edmond. Gre a t private setting with trim, tiled entries. Ex- R Nancy Popp, Princ. and lo- fabulous views, sevterior: newly finished neighborhood Broker, 541-815-8000 with views of eral nice home sites, decks with aluminum cation Rock and the abundant wildlife, well Crooked River Realty slates, attached ga- Smith Ochocos. Build your available, underrage, large carport/ dream home 775 h ere! ground power very shop with powered $64,000. CALL ROB Manufactured/ close to corner of winch, small shed wl AT property line. Owner Mobile Homes roll up door, exterior EGGERS MLS: will carry! $89,000. lighting & g r aveled 541-815-9780. Duke CALL DUKE List your Home drive. SB360 compli- 201410582 Warner Realty WARNER R E A LTY ant. $299,000 MLS DAYVILLE AT We Have Buyers 201503647 Call Linda 598 Highland Meadow 541-987-2363. MLS: Get Top Dollar 541-815-0606, CasLoop, Eagle Crest. 201309134 Financing Available. cade Realty $129,900. MLS¹ 541-548-5511 201502863 16465 SW Dove Rd51434 Telegraph Rd., Lynn Johns, CRR. 5 acre legal lot. La Pine. $75,900. 1 Have an item to Principal Broker, Septic feasibility apbdrm, 1 bath, double 541-408-2944 proved. mtn views. sell quick? carport with s h op. Central Oregon MLS $89,900. If it's under High Lakes Realty & Resort Realty 201501897 Property M a nageJuniper Re a l ty '500 you can place it in 9 14 H ighland V i ew ment 541-536-0117 541-504-5393 Loop, Eagle Crest. The Bulletin Cabin in the woods on $134,900. MLS¹ 16535 SW Chinook Dr. Classifieds for: trout stream, private, 201307060 5.68 acre rim lot wl off the grid, 80 mi. Lynn Johns, Crooked River & mtn. from Bend. 638 ac. Principal Broker, views $225 ,000. '10 - 3 lines, 7 days 541-408-2944 MLS 201106408. $849K. Fo r d r o ne '16 - 3 lines, 14 days video li n k , cal l Central Oregon Juniper Realty (Private Party ads only) 541-480-7215. Resort Realty 541-504-5393





CKY Beeky Breexe, EE Z E 8t Principal Broker

olviPANY 54 1 - 408-llOf $ 84 S W U p p er T er r a ce , S t e 2 0 1

Bend, O r e g o n Qf f 0 2

Call Becky Breeze For Additional Information And Updated Pricing 54 1- 4 0 8 - 1 107 Or Visit www. FIief4r

452-454 NE Franklin Ave - Bend Hard To Find Mid-Century Duplex Located In The Heart Of Bends Desirable Mid-town.

DuPie e> List; 'ntl

, 'I

• Large 10,454 Sq Ft. RM Zoned Lot. • Excellent Condition With Many Original Fixtures • Great Investment Opportunities! CallLaRonda Acuff-Sack at 541-788-2281

Gated And Fenced Private Country Estate In Bend


On Approximately 5 Peaceful Acres • BreathtakingViews Of The Cascade Mountain Range • 4 Bedrooms, 3Bathrooms, Large Family Room, Den,

ot6 QO ~ I

4420 Square Feet • Brazilian Cherry Floors With Travertine Overlays And In-floo r Radia nt Heating • Gourmet Kitchen With Granite Countertops, Cherry


4+~a5" Pj

Cabinets And Stainless Steel Appliances • Attached Over Sized Double Car Garage


• PLUS A1596 Sq FtDetached Shop With Bonus Room And Bathroom • RV Parking ugtfrI'Contfo orniniu~ I

363 SW Bluff Dr ¹205- Bend $779,9OO • 3 Bedrooms, 2Bathrooms On One Level • LuxuryCondominium With Cascade And Deschutes River Views

• Gorgeous Solid Granite Counter Tops, High-end Appliances And Finishes • 2 Secure Garage Parking Spaces lncluded


36$ SW BluffDr ¹405- Bend $789,9OO • 3 Bedrooms, 2Bathrooms On One Level • LuxuryCondominium With Cascade And Deschutes


River Views

• Gorgeous Solid Granite Counter Tops, High-end Appliances And Finishes • 2 Secure Garage Parking Spaces & Storage Unit Included



iyef¹r e Constr


POPULAR OAKVIEW SUBDIVISION 3006 NE Rainier Drive — Bend $299,900 3 Bedrooms And 2 Bathrooms One Story Living With The Exception Of A 2nd Level

Large Finished Bonus Floor Plan Featuring A Great Room Design

Wood Floors, Stainless Steel Appliances And Gas Fireplace Completion Set For June 15'" 'tted

19405 Golden Meadow Loop — Bend $629,900 • 4 Bedrooms, 31/2 Bathrooms • Oversized Master Bedroom Suite

)nsp anean

• Dramatic 2 Story Vaults ln The Great Room • 2 Junior Suites, Theater Room & Wet Bar

• Outdoor Fireplace And Hot Tub Call Tarris Rogers 541-390-7878

Veam Sell BendNorthwest Cressiag Braneh 0%ee 59 5

N W Y or k D r , S t e 1 0 0 - B e n d , O r e g o n Q f f 0 1

S hell y H u m m e l , B r o k e r 5 4 1 -4 8 0 - 8 5 2 $ A nge ll a B e a n B ro k e r 5 41-508 - 9 93 0

L i sa M u sh e i B rok e r 5 4 1- 7 2 8 - 3 7 3 4

M ik e N e l s o n B rok e r 5 41-588 - 0 6 9 8

J anet R o s s B rok e r 5 41-480 - 9 7 4 0

60755 Currant Way - Bend $495,OOO • Single Level Home ln Widgi Creek • 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 2139 Sq. Ft • Backs To The Golf Course • Clubhouse, Golf, Tennis

• • • •

108 NW Phils Loop - Bend $725,OOO Townhome In Skyliner Summit 3 Bedrooms, 3t/x Bathrooms 3313 SquareFeet With Main Level M asterSuite RelaxlnThe Sauna Or Enjoy The Cascade Mountain View As You Entertain On The Deck

61885 Dobbin Rd — Bend $548,5OO • 4 Bedrooms, 4Bathrooms, 3400 Sq. Ft. • Big Family Room, Den/Office • Master Suite Plus Junior Master • Beautifully Landscaped .75-acre Lot

Call Shelly For Additional Information at Updated Pricing 541-480-8523 OR ViSit SellBend.cOm ALL A G E N T s AR E


~Ply @












' l e






• •

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• • I





- IF

ct i '.

2117AcRERANcHI $3,200,000 • 80,000+ total acres • Shop, hayshed,bunkhouse, corrals • Runs 600cows!


541480-2966 • MLS 201502391


Three SisterstoMt. Adamsviews 6052 sq.ft., 5 bedroom,4 bath Gourmetkitchen, theater room

MLS 201502497

INVEST MENTLANDI $1$30,000 14.47 acresinsideproposed UGB MAITROBINSON • Preliminary plat with 95 lots PRINCIPAL • Home 8 covered arena BROKER 541-977-5811 • MLS 201 406200


• UnobstrucledCascadeviews IRGINIA ROSS 2.5 bath ROKE RABI CISGRI • 2909 sq.ft, 4 bedroom, ECO BROKER,REVIEWS ' 6-stall barn,fenced, irrigation 541-480-7501 • MLS 201504497


BRASADA RANCH I $745,000 • 2615 sq.ff., 3 bedroom, 3 bath • Chef's kitchen,luxuriousmaster • Cascademountainviews, .74 acre

• MLS 201504537


THREE PINES I ST39,900 • 3054 sq.ft. • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath • Light, bright, cheery • MLS 201502119

PARK UKE5AcREs I $725,000 Joffff SNFFLR,FC fi ce,3 bath RRD REILhfBA'ABR •4 bedroom+ of CRS,GRI,SRES,SRS • Outdoor kitchen,patio, shop • MLS 201 504598 541-312-7273

WYNDEMER EI $749,900 »q.ft. QDETT EADAI, • ' 422 BROKER , S.l;A.R. ' 3 bedroom, 3bath, 3 car garage • Panoramic Cascadeviews

541-815-4786 • MLS 201502967


RIYERs EDGEYILLAGEI $709iooo RCIBQ UCHARD, • 356 I sq ft., 4 bedroom ROKER ,CRS i ™ • 3 car garage, close to river trail RES 541-977-1230 • MLS 201504202

SHEVLIN RESERVEI $699,900 SUE CpNRAD I v 2341 sq.ft. townhome BROKER CRS • • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath • Modern design,radiant heat

541-480-6621 • MLS 201502446


COMMER CIALLOTI $695,000 ANGIEMOMBERT, • 1.51 acres • Great access Bvisibility • Owner financingavailable


541-408-3543 • MLS 201503587

RIVER CANYONESTATESI $679,900 JIM8 RQXANNE CHENEY, BROKERS 541-390-4050 541-390-4030

• Deschutes River BCascadeviews • 3248 sq.ft, home • 3 bedroom, 3 bath

• MLS 201408795


AWBREY BUlTE I $639,000 • 2887 sq.ft., 3 bedroom, 3 bath • Landsscaped .7 acrelot • 3<ar garage, flat driveway

503437 541-610-7318 • MLS 201



SW BEND I $640,000 2540 sq.ft., 4 bedroom, 2,5 bath Main level mastopen er, great room • Close to river trail

41-322-1500 • MLS 20 I503158

NW BEND I S595.000 LECH EIJEIISDELPC, • 3219 sq.ft, on 8276sq.ft. Iot 3.5 bath BROKER , ABR,CRS, • 3 bedroom,

• Office, bonus room, 3car garage


541-390-3490 • MLS 201504293

i .•



• 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath,2606 sq.ft. • 6.4 acres • HugeCascadeMountainviews

• MLS 201503183


SKYLINER SUMMITI $5794KI • 2956 sq.ft., 3 bedroorn, 3.5 bath • Wood floors,coveredporch • I bedroom, I bathADU,.22acre lot

• MLS 201504610

RIVER RIM I $495,000 LYNNE CONNELLEY • 2445 sq.h, singlelevel • 3 bedroom,2.5 bath BROKER CRS • Private selting



541-408-6720 • MLS 201 503019

AWBREY VILlAGE I S485iooo • 2336 sq.ft, 24 acre lot • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath • Expansive decks,easterly views

41-390-0504 • MLS 201504697


• 59acre overlookscanal

• MLS 20141101 9



EAGLE CRESTI S406,250 SUSAN AGU, • 3 bedroom, den, 2.5 bath BROKFRABR • 2 car garage, .23 acre lot ALHS,GRI 541-408-3773 • MLS 201504355

TILUCUM VlllAGE I $399,900 • 2740 sq.ft, contemporary • 3 bedroom, 2 bath

TIMBER RIDGEI $405,000 KARINJQHNSQN, • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath BROKER , ABR, • .39acre, upper 8lowerdecks E-PRO • MLS 201503245 541-639-6140


• 4 bedroom,2.5 both • Hardwood floors, bonusroom 541-280-2147 • 3 car garage

PRINEVILLE I $369,900 • 2956 sq.ft., 4 bedroom,2.5 bath


• 2.01 acres in galedcommunily

541-322-2400 • Teak floors, granite counters 541-390-6441 • MLS 201501137



2.5 bath JQHNGALJAWAV • 1954 sq.fl., 4 bedroom, I • Vaulted ceilings, hardwoods,tile BROKE R • Close to DeschuteRi sver

541-480-5802 • MLS 201502110





NW BEND CONDO I $273,000 • 1213 sq.ft. condo


• 4 bedroom, 2bath, opengreat room • Vaulted ceiling, hardwood floors 541-948-9606 • MLS 201501585

SE BEND I $244,900 "I " GREG IANGHAIM, ' • 3 bedroom, 2 bath BROKER • Hardwood floors,fencedyard 541-316-5903 • MLS 201502507


• Riverfront lot • Over an acre well installed

• Fly fishingparadise! • MLS 201 409027


FAIRW AYCRESTVILLAGEI $179,900 • .32acre flat, buildable lot • Close to DeschuteRi sver • Mature ponderosapines

541-771-6996 • MLS 201502959







SHERR YpERMGAN • .53acre lol on BigDeschutes • All uttlrtres to lot BROKER • Shared well, septic approved 541-410-4938 • MLS 201409798


LOTSFORBUllDING I $159,900 RQQKIEDICKENS • large lot, BartonView, Mtnviews • SE RingBearer ona cufde.sac BROKFR GRI • Bring yourbuilder CRS,ABR 541-815-0436 • MLS 201408619 '


lHREE RIYERssoUTHI $155,000 ERICAPATCHEN ' 1 6.78 acres • Shared pond at backof property BROKER • Experience Central Orgeon 541-480-4825 • MLS 201503698


* 964 sq.ft., 2 bedroom,1.5 bath * Private courtyard * Convenient location

541-948-5880 * MLS 201 502519


CRESC ENT,ORI $54,900 • 2200 sq.ft. • 3 bedroom, 2 bath • .38acre lot

541-419-8639 • MLS 201502447

• FOR lEASE$0.85/SF/MONTH pAUIAVANVLECK, • large open retail space • v Concrete floor, newpaint &restroom BROKER • Excellent location & visibility 541-280-7774 • MLS 201409862


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Want to Buy or Rent Wanted: $Cash paid for vintage costume jewelry. Top dollar paid for Gold/Silver.I buy by the Estate, Honest Artist Elizabeth,541-633-7006

1 7 7g


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Free BBQ, 5 b u rner Brinkman. Patchwork Antiques 541-480-6311 2nd Annual Summer Sale Free use of 1 acre Antiques, vintage, i r r igate shabby & rustic finds, sprinkler furniture, quality pasture, now thru handmade crafts, Oct. 2015. Prefer jams, baked goods, Alpaca, sheep or and more! goats. Call 29th-31st, Fri-Sat 9-6, Sun 10<. 797 C. Av- 541-382-7795 after 10am. enue, Terrebonne. 541-419-8637 or Old upright piano with 541-480-8469 bench. FREE. Call 541-548-1326

Central Oregon Saturday Market Take care of "Where the seller is the your investments maker" since 1974. Open this Sat. from with the help from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM, The Bulletin's in Downtown Bend, across from the Public "Call A Service Library. The largest Professional" Directory selection of local artists and crafters, East of the Cascades. WANTEDwood dress- Call 420-9015 or ers; dead washers & visit(541) us on Facebook dryers. 541-420-5640

s 7 7 0 2



Furniture & Appliances Furniture & Appliances

German Shepherds The Bulletin recom- mends extra caution Quality. 541-281-6829 when purc hasing products or ser] vices from out of the area. Sending cash, checks, or credit inf ormation may be subjected to fraud. Havanese rare For more i nformachocolate color. Partion about an adverents are our pets. 2 tiser, you may call b oys available o n the O regon State 6/13. 503-812-9217 Attorney General's Office C o n sumer FIND IT! Protection hotline at BIIY IT! 1-877-877-9392. SELL IT! The Bulletin The Bulletin Classifieds

BULLETINCLASSIFIEDS Serving Cencral Oregon sinceiggg Search the area's most comprehensive listing of classified advertising... turkeys, 2 male, 2 fereal estate to automotive, 4 m ale, $35 ea . 1 2 merchandise to sporting chickens, laying, $5 goods. Bulletin Classifieds ea. 8 geese, African appear every day in the and white, $30 ea. print or on line. 541-815-0686 Call 541-385-5809 Carrier for 15-20lb dog, dish, mint. The Bulletin food/water $15. 541-389-1821 Serving Central Oregon sinceigtg


o r e g o ~

5000 series M aytag dryer, like new, 4000 The Bulletin series Maytag dryer, recommends extra ' will hold 2 queen size i caution when purquilts. $850. Brand chasing products or • new, still under war- services from out of I Standard Poodle pup- Standard Poodles, ranty, Whirlpool con- ! the area. Sending I pies, 5 weeks old. Beautiful black grand vection 5 burner glass ' cash, checks, o r • M om is r e d A K C champion bred pups. top stove with warm- i credit i n f ormation purebred, da d is 13 weeks, fabulous ing station. Has Aquo- may be subjected to champion ap r icot. c oats, heathy a n d list technology. $700. i FRAUD. For more Pups are dark apricot happy. Will bring great 1 909 $ 2 .50 g o l d information about an I and red. B oth par- joy to y our h ome. piece, $400. 2 viles of advertiser, you may I ents a r e fr i e ndly, $2000. 541-601-3049 Ore g on $ gold nuggets, a little f call t h e sweet and very athAtto r ney ' over a gram ea. $45. ' State letic. B o t h p arents ea. Sterling silver, 24 i General's O f fi ce genetically te s ted, Say ngoodbuy" diamond earrings, still Consumer Protec- • passed hips, eyes, in box, $200. 2 (set) tion h o t line a t i to that unused etc. Puppies will be cubic zirconia sterling i 1-877-877-9392. socialized, chipped, item by placing it in silver e n gagement vaccinated and have TheBulletin > Mastiff AKC f e male 1-year health guar- The Bulletin Classifieds rings, sizes 7 and 8, > Serving Central Oregon since 1903 $50 e a . Mi c hael pup, 7 wks. Call for a ntee. $2,00 0 . 541-589-3092 info. 541-536-7869 212 Call Ron at 5 41-385-580 9 541-480-3378, or Bamboo chaise lounge POODLE or POMAPOO Antiques & and pad, excel. cond. puppies, toy. Stud also Collectibles 541-475-3889 Yellow Lab, AKC Reg- $129. 541-504-3833 istered, 3M.; $700/ea, Brown 7 ' Need help fixing stuff? m i c rofiber Antiques Wanted: tools, QueenslandHeelers $750/ea, all yelcouch w/ 5 p illows. furniture, marbles, Standard & Mini, $150 Call A Service Professional 4F; low. Parent g r eat beer cans, fishing/ find the help you need. & up. 541-280-1537 hunters. Avail. to go $100. 541-526-7185 sports gear. pre-'40s www.rightwayranch.wor July 4th. 541-934-2423 B/W photography. 541-389-1578




i i




The Bulletin reserves the right to publish all ads from The Bulletin FUTON (dbl bed) and newspaper onto The chair (twin bed) origi- Bulletin Internet webnally purchased from site. Rising Star. $400 for both. 541-815-0395 The Bulletin


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2 family estate + ga- LOTS OF STUFF FOR Livestock panels, gates, Garage Sale, SATURMoving Sale: May Awesome Garageg r age s a l e wi t h in EVERYONE! Two life round pin, fence stuff, ** FREE ** DAY the 30th ONLY! 29th-31st, 9am-5pm. Sale! neighborhood s a l e! groups from H i gh field fencing, dog pin, Garage Sale Klt Clothes, tools, furniEverything must go! 541-385-5809. I Saturday, May30th I Furniture, vin t age Lakes Chri s tian Noble horse shelter. Place an ad in The ture, CD's, camping Furniture, b e droom from 8am to 3pm. European collectibles Church in La Pine are 65050 Hwy. 20 West, Bulletin for your gaand fishing equip- i Clothing, household set, kitchen i tems, Lane cedar chest, very HELP YOUR AD and glassware, wild- having a HUGE yard Bend. 541-388-2706 rage sale and rement, couch, clean camping, c l o thing, g ood c ond., $ 7 5 . items,and much stand out from the Fri-Sun, 10-?? life collectibles, fish- sale. Fr i 8 Sat. linens, glassware, lots grill. 1131 21st Place, 541-382-3487 ceive a Garage Sale more. No reasonrest! Have the top line ing gear, opera, lots of 5/29-30, 8-4. 1 6 047 of good stuff! Green Redmond. Kit FREE! able offer refused! in bold print for only D VD's an d au d i o Dawn Road, La Pine. Egg! 61854 Avonlea Just too many MOVING/DOWNSIZAddress: 20886 $2.00 extra. books, much more! Circle. KIT INCLUDES: collectibles? ING SALE! 35 yrs aci Desert Woods Drive i MOVING SALE! Sat. 541-385-5809 1350 Minam. Sat 8 • 4 Garage Sale Signs 282 cumulation Sat. 9-4, Huge GARAGE SALEMay 30th, 9-2. 3392 Sun, starts 8 AM. • $2.00 Off Coupon To Moving into M otor The Bulletin SW Metolius Meadow Sell them in Sales Northwest Bend Sun. 9-1, 1145 NW Toward Your Serving Central Oregon since Sgsg Kingston. No e a rly use Home. Tools, EveryCourt. ESTATE SALE - Final Next Ad The Bulletin Classifieds 9-drawer oak • 10 Tips For "Garage thing Goes! HousePrivate collector buying day, let's make a deal. Barn/shop/house, tack birds! hold, Furniture, VinSat. 9-2. 1239 NE 8th an d misc. items. Sat dresser & small furn., Sale Success!" postagestamp albums & Moving S a le : 8-4 292 TV, books, dishes, tage Jewelry, 541-385-5809 St., Bend 8-3, 20315 Birdsong collections, world-wide a rtwork, pict u r e Antiques, Emptying all Fri.-Sun. Fishing gear, Sales Other Areas Lane, Tumalo. and U.S. 573-286-4343 frames, collectibles, PICK UP YOUR my cupboards! Patio lawn equip., houseGARAGE SALE, 5/30, (local, cell phone). LOVESEAT & SOFA, 1439 NW 4th Street, Garage Sale: 6 5050 clothes, linens, bas- GARAGE SALE KIT at Furniture, Microwave, hold i t ems, f u r n.,Grandma's Downsizing! brown fabric, FREE. 61784 Somerset Dr., kets, lots of misc.! 1777 SW Chandler C hristian Boo k s , 240 off Newport, 8 to 2: Antiques: buffet, ma- 541-382-0111 Hwy 20 West, 10-?, Ave., Bend, OR 97702 T eacher Item s , kids, toys, s ports, farm items, 60' round hogany side t able, Crafts & Hobbies 290 Clothing! 8 — 5, Fri. clothes, etc. cedar chest, dishes; NEED TO CANCEL pen, Dillon H o rseMulti family, 1696 NW Bulletin Sat. May 29, 30 at Sales Redmond Area YOUR AD? Fostoria, depression B abylock Serger, 4 various other City View Dr, 8-2 Sat., The Serving Cenrrai Oregon sinceigga Thurs. Fri., Sat., May Country, 542 NE Soaring Ct. The Bulletin glass, tiara, serving 9-2 Sun., bikes, Bob thread, threads incl., panels, a 28, 29 & 30. Tools, livestock Bend Classifieds has an BIG, BIG 24-FAMILY dishes. Holiday decor, has carrying case, livestock gates, strollers for 1 and 2 Fri. & Sat., 8-? 26690 camping, c o nstruc- few "After Hours" Line SALE ON Saturday, office desk, day bed used twice. $200 obo. horse tack, bits, kids; kids, XL mens, H orsell Road, 2 n d Neighborhood yard sale 9-3, Pleasant Ridge tion, automotive, and some Call 541-383-2371 frame & mattress. Sat. 541-548-3230 horsen blankets, ladies clothes, toys. road east past Alfalfa 21685 Obsidian Ave., Community Hall, 7067 only, 8-2, 17999 SW household. 7am -5pm. some 24 hrs. to cancel electric Store. Antique hay Bend, Fri-Sat, 9 - 3. SW C a na l 1711 Saddlehorn Ct., Poulon 14 your ad! COMPLETE POT B l v d ., Baxter Drive, Powell Stihl weedeater. Antiques, li g hting, Quarry & 61st, great Butte, 1/2 mile no. of La Pine. (Wagon Trail saw, 8-3, 3-family yard r ake, yard art, r eTERY SET UP - InOther miscellaneous. SAT. saddles & tack, furnistored horse powered offMasten Rd.) sale. 1555 NW Elgin cludes Skutt kiln, two collectibles Brasada Ranch, off gard e n ture, Karaoke ma- parking, Ave. Furniture, m ower, wheels, clays, glazes, motorized i ncluding HO t r a in Alfalfa Road. Phyllls Gore benches, old barn and chine, kitchen and housesmall library shelves, treasures, tools, toys, house doors, garden scooter, misc. ESTATE SALE hold items, and more tires, plants/ herbs, scales, heat e rs, gates, iron bed, plas- Sat. only 9-4. 3337 NE clothes, fishing gear, May 30-31. 9am-4pm. 621 SE GLENCOE Dr. tables, booth and too tic p i pe , w o o den Back yard at 55928 Friday MAY 29 • Saturday MAY 30 Mendenhall Dr., dog crates, furniture & much to list. $2,500 or SHMEGA garage sale: wagon wheel, wooden women's W ood Duck Dr. i n 9;00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PATIO TABLE best offer. C ontact clothes so much more! Tires, p rop. t a n k, wheel barrow, picket OWWII. H o usehold CROWD CONTROL Admittance NUMBERS 54" Tropitone table Rodney at (MS L), girls clothes compressor, x2 sofas, fenced, wooden cow items, fishing gear, at 8:00 a.m .Friday 4 chairs, tilt 541-728-0604 (under 6) , k i tchenFri. & Sat., 8-5, 1517 fabric, baby i tems, chair 8 t/2+ ottoman, s tanchions, sin g le (From 3rd St. /n Bend, take Wilsoneast to Cenitems, household, fur- NW Redwood. Riding awning, $350. bed, heater, air cond., trees, phone p o le niture, elect. blanket, mower dozer blade, Wll, Media cabinet. Two V iking s e wing tennla/. Turn south and follow to Glencoe) 541-382-6664 crossarm, high chair, new small charcoal lawn mowers, tools, Lots more. Rain or /quilting m a c hines FORD TAURUS SE 2002 WITH 24,000 MILES!. fridge, much more. with extras. Very good fishing poles, genera- shine. Don't miss! Square Oak dining table with four chairs, one 1929 NW Vicksburg, wooden, game table grill, much more! Fri.-Sun., 9-4 a nd c h airs, l a w n Patio table with 3 chairs condition. $700 each tors, c o m pressors, leaf; Brown and Beige wing back chairs; Swivel mower, old c hairs, 288 54 1 - 706-0448 weed eaters, and lots Moving sale! E very- make offer. Many Call Rocker;Coffee Table; End Table; Lamps: sevrockers, old screen misc., 541-647-2009 more! eves or weekends. eral floor and table; Large TV Armoire'; 8' Tall Sales Southeast Bend thing goes! Roll top 284 door, o l d sc h ool mirror; Lovely 54 piece set of Carnival glass;; et, 9-3 Saturday 2 1034 Moving sale lots of ev- desk, oak wall phone, 241 Service for 12 of fine china; Few old bottles; Sales Southwest Bend desks,antique buff of f r e e i t ems. old wood stove, cof- Woodhaven erything, all priced to lots Nice Costume jewelry; Sterling and Silverplate Bicycles & Ave. Fri-Sun, 8-4. 146618 items; Sterling flatware-Silver Spray by Towle; Saturday 30th O n ly, fee table, newel posts, Multi-family, house- take home with you! Junos Rd. Jackpine Accessories 8:00 am a mmo box, d e c k hold, garden, tools, Fri.-Sat. 8-3 1608 NW Silverplate set "Reverie" by Nobility; Twin Bed; M oving Sale. Village, Gilchrist. Ivy Ave Double dresser, 5 drawer chest and nitestand; to 2:00 pm. A p pli- bench, chest of draw- kids items, and more. 2013 Santa Cruz Solo ances, Furniture and ers, brass bed, ironPine dresser;Bookcases; BOOKS: BOOKSQueen bed Se aly mtn. racing bike, med. BOOKS - VCRS - DVDS. Records; Puzzles; other Stuff. 19749 As- ing board, oak ice ESTATE/MOVING/DOWNSIZING SALE! Moving Sale: Posture-Pedic Excep- full-suspension, good Small patio set; Few tools and fishing poles; pen Meadows Drive, box, end tables, bed- Contents of 4500 sq. ft. home, plus home & gar- Sisters/Cloverdale Plush with bed cond, must sell, $2800. O ff o f room set, patio swing, den store, 3 sofas, king & twin beds, lots of area, 69875 Goodrich tional Three sets of Studded tires: two with winter rims B end, OR f rame, $400, e x c . 541-480-2652 all like new 215/70/16, 215/60R/16, 206/55/R16; Brookswood. (south of set of 4 chairs, old other furniture, kitchenware, artwork & decor, Rd. Fri-Sun, 9-5. cond., cas h o n l y. RCA older stereo set; Pots and Pans; Three Mi- the Brookswood road wooden cupboards. lamps, mirrors, 3 dish sets. Buyers will need to include oak piano, round & square crowaves; Ice Cream Maker; Grills; Electric Fry- closure. move items. Other Garage Sale, 29th & ANTIQUES oak dining tables & chairs, 2 armoires, oak pans and Can-Openers; Kitchen tools; Toaster NOTICE large furniture avail. 3 0th, 9 am - 3 p m. china cabinet, dressers, rockers, mahogany oven; Coffeepots; Ladies Clothing, medium; Remember to remove 3141 NE Monte Vista including queen Flex286 Linens; LOTS of nice Christmas items; Vacuum; dressers, small furniture pieces, records, Fosto- your Garage Sale signs isteel slumber sofa, (off Eagle Rd.) e TV's; One 29" TV; One 21l ria American, Lladro's. OUTDOOR ITENIS inLuggage; Two 19 Sales Northeast Bend (nails, staples, etc.) exc. cond., $ 350. Garage sale Saturday clude 6 patio/bistro sets, iron & bronze statuary after your Sale event TV; Two computers; Three old monitors; Two Large desks, patio RANS Wave recumnewer Monitors; Printers; Keyboard; DVD and BIG GARAGE SALE, 23rd 9-4, household, some large pieces, fountains, unique pots of all is over! THANKS! swing set, etc. Morn- bent. 60" WB, older VCR Players; Older sewing machine and sew- Sat & Sun, 8-5, 2400 sports, clothing, sizes, benches, decorative pieces of all kinds, From The Bulletin ings only ( T erreb- model some wear on ing items; Very nice sale with large variety!!!!! NE Rosemary D r. books, hand t ools, many imported from Europe, beautiful outdoor and your local utility frame. W e l l mainonne) 541-504-0056. Formal dining set, 6 tained. New: c hain Deedy, Norm, Ken power tools, camping, decor, 2 gazebos, loads of misc, very large sale! companies. Fri-Sat 9-4. Numbers Fri 8 a.m. Handled by chairs, 2 bdrm. sets, utility trailer. 63533 JD Washer/dryer Combo r ings, t i res, s e a t Deedy's Estate Sales Co. LLC many wood working Estates Dr. (off Des22122 Rickard Rd, just past Knott landfill. The Bulletin unit for RV or small cushion. Cateye Velo gerving Cencrai Oregon sinceSggg Info Call 541-419-4742 tools, other house- chutes Mkt. Rd.) a partment. $50 0 . 7 computer/odometer. for pictures and info hold items. 541-977-2612 541-350-6822 541-460-1853 $350 541-504-5224


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$1.00 Porch Saie Sat. 5/30, 10-noon!

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Duck De livery P roConcrete Finishers duce has immediate Wanted! openings for e nerRoger L a ngeliers getic and motivated Construction Co. is L ocal A, B a n d C looking for expericlass Delivery Drivers! enced concrete fin(Experience Reishers. $23.00 per quired) hour base pay and We offer competitive $ 6.00 pe r ho u r c ompensation a n d Fringe pay on pribenefits inc l uding vate work. Current medical/dental. BOLI w a g e of Compensation:$13/hr. $ 26.97 pe r h o u r C Class / $15/hr. B base p a y and Class / $18-$19.50/hr. $13.43 Fringe pay A Class. on public work, plus Qualifications: 2 yrs. full benefit package or 50,000 miles verifiincluding health inable experience drivsurance, 401(k). We ing a box truck. Satare a drug free comisfactory background p any, EE O e m - check. Negative drug ployer, a n d an test. Ability to lift 50 E-Verify participant. pounds, walk for exMinorities, women t ended periods o f and veterans are t ime, and must b e encouraged to apable t o dr i v e a ply. Interested applimanual/stick-shift. cants apply at our APPLY TODAY! Once office:62880 Meryou have completed cury Place, Bend. the questionnaire, we will contact you to set Good classified adstell up an interview. the essential facts in an B/C Job Code: 2245. A Class Code: 0915. interesting Manner.Write the readers view -not delivery the seller's. Convert the *Duck Delivery P r ofacts into benefits. Show duce is an equal *opthe reader hcw the itemwill portunity employer. help them in someway.

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Hoyer Classic Lift with sling. Will lift up to 306 400 lbs. $125. TemFarm Equipment pur-pedic twin electric & Machinery bed & remote. Top Btrying Diamonds mattress has a /Gold for Cash mattress CASE 530 diesel tracSaxon's Fine Jewelers water-proof tor with backhoe atcover. SOLD. 4 wheel 541-389-6655 tachment, $4500. Scooter. New batter54'I -389-7669. ies purchased April BUYING Lionel/American Flyer 2 015, charger i n 325 trains, accessories. cluded. SOLD! Hay, Grain & Feed 541-408-2191. 541-317-1188 BUYING & SE LLING 265 Wheat Straw for Sale. All gold jewelry, silver Building Materials Also, weaner pigs. and gold coins, bars, 541-546-6171 rounds, wedding sets, Bend Habitat class rings, sterling silRESTORE Looking for your ver, coin collect, vinnext employee? tage watches, dental Building Supply Resale Placea photo inyourprivate party ad 541-312-6709 Place a Bulletin PRIVATE PARTY RATES gold. Bill Fl e ming, 224 NE Thurston Ave. for only$15.00 parweek. 541-382-9419. help wanted ad Starting at 3 lines Open to the public. today and *UNDER '500in total merchandise DID YOU KNOW 7 IN OVER '500 intotal merchandise reach over 266 10 Americans or 158 7 days.................................................. $10.00 4 days.................................................. $18.50 60,000 readers million U.S. A dults Heating & Stoves each week. 14 days................................................ $16.00 7 days.................................................. $24.00 read content f r om Your classified ad *illiust state prices in ad newspaper m e d ia 14 days .................................................$33.50 NOTICE TO will also each week? Discover ADVERTISER 28 days .................................................$61.50 Garage Sale Special appear on the Power of the Pa- Since September 29, 4 lines for 4 days ................................. $20.00 !call for commercial line ad rates) cific Northwest News- 1991, advertising for paper Advertising. For used woodstoves has which currently a free brochure call been limited to modreceIves over 916-288-6011 or els which have been A Payment Drop Box is available at CLASSIFIED OFFICE HOURS: 1.5 million page email certified by the O rviews every Bend City Hall. CLASSIFICATIONS MON.-FRI. 7:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. cecelia© egon Department of month at no BELOW M A R K E D W ITH AN (*) (PNDC) Environmental Qualextra cost. This Wildland ity (DEQ) and the fedREQUIRE PREPAYMENT as well Bulletin advertisingtip Look at: eral E n v ironmental Firefighters Classifieds brought to you by as any out-of-area ads. The Bulletin Protection A g e ncy To fight forest fires must Get Results! for Complete Listings of be 18yrs old & Drug (EPA) as having met Call 541N85-5809 The Bulletin reserves the right to reject any ad at sc r c~t I 0 890 I shcc r9ts Area Real Estate for Sale smoke emission stanfree! Apply 9am-3pm any time. is located at: or place your ad dards. A cer t ified Mon-Thurs. Bring two D ID YO U K NOW Digital film s c anner, w oodstove may b e on-line at 1777 S.W. Chandler Ave. forms of ID fill out Newspaper-generscan color or mono- identified by its certifi- Federal 1-9 form. a ted content is s o Bend, Oregon 97702 chrome f i l m and cation label, which is No ID = No Application valuable it's taken and mounted slides. Never permanently attached 341 repeated, condensed, used. $60 to the stove. The BulPLEASE NOTE: Checkyour ad for accuracy the first day it appears. Please call us immediately if a correction Horses & Equipment broadcast, t weeted, 541-382-6816 letin will not knowdiscussed, p o sted, is needed. We will gladly accept responsibility for one incorrect insertion. The publisher reserves the right ingly accept advertisHow fo avoid scam tc accept or reject any ad at anytime, classify and index any advertising based cn the policies cf these ARABIAN MARE 14H, copied, edited, and ing for the sale of and fraud attempts c o u ntless newspapers. The publisher shall nct be liable for any advertisement omitted for any reason. Private Party grey, salt and pepper emailed uncertified tail and mane, trailers, times throughout the PatRick Corp. Classified ads running 7 cr moredays will publish in the Central OregonMarketplace each Tuesday. YBe aware of internawoodstoves. bathes, does well with day by others? Dis1199 NE Hemlock, tional fraud. Deal loRedmond traffic, easy keeper, cover the Power of 267 cally whenever pos241 246 lots of t r ai l m i les. Newspaper Advertis541-923-0703 EOE sible. Fuel & Wood The Bullstin's Bicycles & Guns, Hunting $500. All shots cur- ing in FIVE STATES Y Watch for buyers HOUSEKEEPERS! & Fishing rent. 541-390-7366 with just one phone "Call A Service Accessories who offer more than Meet singles right now! call. For free Pacific WHEN BUYING your asking price and No paid o perators, Professional" Directory McMenamins Northwest NewspaGlock 19 9mm, Ruger who ask to have FIREWOOD... just real people like Old St. Francis P 95 9 m m , LC 9 S money wired or per Association Netis all about meeting you. Browse greetTo avoid fraud, work brochures call Noyy HIRING 9 mm, R E M 19 1 1 handed back to them. ings, exchange mesyourneeds. 916-288-6011 or 45ACP, Bond Arms The Bulletin Fake cashier checks sages and connect Qualified ap p licants recommends payemail Derringer 45/410, BR and money orders must have an open & live. Try it free. Call Call on one of the 1885 45-70, Colt SP1 ment for Firewood are common. Deluxe showman flexible schedule innow: 877-955-5505. ROCKY M O U NTS 223, WBY Mark V 300 YNever give out peronly upon delivery (PNDC) professionals today! telescoping 3-horse trailer Silc luding days e v e (PNDC) R4 bike W BY, Ruger m i n i sonal financial inforand inspection. verado 2001 29'xs' The Bulletin nings, weekends and rack. Carries single, 14223, REM 721 300 • A cord is 128 cu. ft. mation. 5th wheel with semi holidays. W e ar e 4' x 4' x 8' tandem or recumbent H & H, National Ord VTrust your instincts To Subscribe call living quarters, lots of looking for applicants bikes up to 78" WB. • Receipts should 541-385-5800 or go to 30 cal carbine. extras. Beautiful conand be wary of who have previous or Pivoting, push-button H & H Firearms &Tack include name, dition. $21,900 OBO exp. related exp. and someone using an axle; easy load/un541-382-9352 phone, price and 541-420-3277 escrow service or enjoy working in a load. Fits Thule and kind of wood DisbursementAgent agent to pick up your Remington 22 ca. auto busy customer serYakima crossbars. purchased. C onstruction Ris k e n viUsed twice. $250. reset target, $35 cash. merchandise. • Firewood ads Management firm lo- v ice-oriented 541-382-4537 Call 54 I -385-5809 ronment. We are also 541-504-5224. cated in Sunriver is MUST include o The Bulletin RINils to r o m ote ou r s ervice seeking highly moti- willing to train! We species 8 cost per R uger GP100, 3 2 7 serv>ngcenrral oregon srncel9ra 242 cord to better serve vated individual to as- offer opportunities for m ag, 7 s h ot , S S , Infrared Sauna, 220-V sist with construction advancement and exour customers. Ammo $475. hook-up, no building, Building/Contracting Landscaping/Yard Care Exercise Equipment funds disbursements. cellent benefits for eli541- 678 -5646 $3000 value, asking Pre-core EFX 5.17 elPosition is Full-Time. gible employees, inThe Bulletin $1000. 541-536-7790 NOTICE: Oregon state sewingcentral omgonsince fas vision, liptical fitness cross Sig mdl 239 com., 40 Individual should have cluding law requires anyone trainer. Excellent con- S &W, $900. R e m .M ust sell: s old R V . a minimum of t w o medical, chiropractic, who con t racts for dition. $899. 11-87 12 ga. 3" semi R eese 5t h wh e e lAii YearDependable year experience in dental and so much construction work to 421 auto, 20" brl, $650. hitch, 20k p ounds, Firewood: Seasoned; 360-921-4408 construction adminis- more! Please apply Serving Central be licensed with the PTR 91, semi auto 308 24 / 7 at used once, $800 obo. Lodgepole, split, del, Schools & Training tration or commercial online Oregon Since 2003 Construction Contrac245 $900. 541-550-7189 Slide out jack, $20. B end, 1 f o r $ 1 95 lending. Construction tors Board (CCB). An Residental/Commercial 15' 50 amp electric or 2 cords for $365. • G olf Equipment IITR Truck School terminology and ac- m or pick up a paper active license Taurus . 357 Mag, 7 Sprinkler REDNOND CAMPUS $ 4 0 . Tir e Multi-cord discounts! counting experience a pplication at a n y means the contractor Activation/Repair shot, 6 in, SS, NIB cord, Our Grads Get Jobs! 3 gas golf carts: 2006 $425, 541-678-5646 shocks, $20. Towing 541-420-3484. needed. Must be pro- McMenamins location. is bonded & insured. 1-888-438-2235 Y amaha, $20 0 0 . mirrors, used once, ficient in Microsoft Ex- Mail to 430 N. KillingVerify the contractor's Back Flow Testing 269 WWW.IITR.EDU Older Hyun d ai, WANTED: Collector $25. King-pin stabicel. Excellent com- sworth, Portland OR, CCB l i c ense at Maintenance or fax: $1000. 1996 seeks high quality fishlizer, $15. Gardening Supplies munication, w r i ting 97217 www.hirealicensed476 ~Thatch & Aerate Easy-Go, 541-548-7154 $2000. ing items 8 upscale fly and o r g anizational 5 03-221-8749. C a l l & Equipment • Spring Clean up 503-952-0598 for info Good carts - can de- rods. 541-678-5753, or Employment skills required. Comor call 503-378-4621. .Weekly Mowing Reduce Your Past Tax 503-351-2746 liver within reason. The Bulletin recomOpportunities petitive salary DOE & o n other ways t o Bill by as much as 75 & Edging 541-576-2477 mends checking with •Bi-Monthly & Monthly benefit pkg. F irm is a pply. P lease n o Winchester Model 12, Percent. Stop Levies, phone calls or emails an EOE. e-mail to: the CCB prior to con- Maintenance ALL C LUBS R I GHT complete r e c eiver, Liens and Wage Garto individual locations! CAUTION: tracting with anyone. ali.schaal©tetra H AND F R FL E X , $100. 541-548-3408 nishments. Call The PROMPT DELIVERY Ads published in E.O.E. Some other t rades •Bark, Rock, Etc. G RAPHITE. 201 5 Tax DR Now to see if 541-389-9663 "Employment O p also req u ire addi247 Landsca in m int T / M spe e d you Qualify ~ tional licenses and •Landscape porfunifies" include NIAINTENANCE ELECTRICIAN blades, 6-SW, 7 pcs., Sporting Goods 1-800-791-2099. certifications. employee and indeFor newspaper Construction $440. Call a way (PNDC) Misc. pendent positions. ~Water Feature delivery, call the Wood Corporation, a 50+ year old wood Driver, x2hot, 12-15, Ads for p o sitions Bright Circulation Dept. at remanufacturer located in Madras, Oregon is Installation/Maint. a djustable-h.c p l u s Slumberjack all weather that require a fee or Have an item to Tick, Tock 541-385-5800 •Pavers looking fo r a mai n tenance E lectrician tool, $140. Callaway sleeping bags, used 1x, upfront investment To place an ad, call reporting to the Maintenance Supervisor. The sell quick? •Renovations Titanium five wood, $45 ea. 541-548-891 3 must be stated. With Tick, Tock... 541-385-5809 •Irrigations Installation shift Electrician is a key member of the $ 100. Mizuno J PX If it's under any independentjob or email Maintenance team which is responsible for •Synthetic Turf wedges 54-60, $80 246 ...don't let time get opportunity, please '500you can place it in repairs and maintenance for all machinery and ea. All c lubs o bo. Health & i nvestigate th o r Senior Discounts away. Hire a equipment such as conveyor systems, 951-454-2561 The Bulletin The Bulletin oughly. Use extra Beauty Items Bonded & Insured sewing central omgon since fas hydraulic components, machine control, and professional out caution when apCHECK YOUR AD 541-815-4458 Classifieds for: much more. May be required to work any shifts of The Bulletin's plying for jobs onLCB¹8759 Got Knee Pain? Back including swing, grave, and/or weekend New Sunmojoe Lawn line and never proPain? Shoulder Pain? "Call A Service coverage as needed. '10 - 3 lines, 7 days NOTICE: Oregon Landmower, electric, $100 vide personal inforGet a pain-relieving scape Contractors Law obo. 541-516-8957 '16 - 3 lines, 14 days Professional" mation to any source brace -little or NO cost RESPONSIBILITIES to include repair, main(ORS 671) requires all to you. Medicare PaDirectory today! Plant sale, perennials, you may not have (Private Party ads only) businesses that adtain, and troubleshoot electrical and mechaniresearched and $1-3. Locally grown. tients Call Health Hotcal equipment such as AC motors, DC motors vertise t o pe r form on the first day it runs Now! 1- Sell you r s t ructured 5 /30-31. 1435 N W deemed to be repuLandscape Construc- to make sure it is cor- line and servo motors, servo controllers, variable settlement or annuity table. Use extreme tion which includes: rect. "Spellcheck" and 800-285-4609 frequency drives, AC and DC control circuits, Handyman c aution when r e payments for CASH (PNDC) p lanting, deck s , human errors do ocPLC communications networks, pneumatic NOW. You don't have s ponding to A N Y fences, arbors, cur. If this happens to components,hydraulic components, conveyor I DO THAT! 253 online employment to wait for your future water-features, and in- your ad, please consystems, and other interrelated process Home/Rental repairs ad from out-of-state. payments any longer! Tv, Stereo & Vide stallation, repair of ir+ Peat Mixes equipment. tact us ASAP so that Small jobs to remodels We suggest you call Call 1-800-914-0942 rigation systems to be + Juniper Ties corrections and any Honest, guaranteed the State of Oregon (PNDC) l icensed w it h th e DIRECTV Starting at • Shall perform a variety of electrical/mechaniadjustments can be + Paver Discounts work. CCB¹151573 Consumer H otline Landscape Contrac$19.99/mo. FREE In- SOCIAL cal tests to determine exact cause of issue; made to your ad. S E C URITY + Sand + Gravel Dennis 541-317-9768 at 1-503-378-4320 tors Board. This 4-digit s tallation. FREE 3 D ISABILITY • Performs unscheduled maintenance to the 541-385-5809 + Bark For Equal Opportunumber is to be in- The Bulletin Classified months of HBO E FITS. UnableBEN equipment and machinery to repair or replace t o l nity Laws contact cluded in all adverS HOWTIME CIN defective parts; Denied benOregon Bureau of Find It in tisements which indi- Golf balls, $2/dozen, EMAX, STARZ. FREE work? • Perform adjustments and calibration proceefits? We Can Help! Labor 8 I n dustry, cate the business has good cond i tion. HD/DVR U p grade! dures on various forms of process equipment; The Bulletin Ctasstftedsl a bond, insurance and or Pay Nothing! Yardman Tiller Plus, Civil Rights Division, 541-383-4231 2015 NF L S u nday WIN • Perform scheduled maintenance as Contact Bill Gordon & New! Pd $100, sell 541-385-5809 971-673- 0764. workers compensaTicket Included (Seinstructed on all equipment/machinery/facility; at $60. 541-593-0312 246 tion for their employlect Packages) New Associates • Shall track labor, parts, and machine history 1-800-879-3312 to The Bulletin ees. For your protec270 Guns, Hunting C ustomers Onl y . start your application servlngcentral oregan since r90l in plant CMMS; sndscaping/Ysrd Care tion call 503-378-5909 CALL 1-800-410-2572 today! (PNDC) & Fishing Lost & Found 541-385-5809 • Make necessary temporary or permanent or use our website: (PNDC) electrical installations, repairs, or to 1943 303 British Long The Bulletin Offers tions in line with plant policies; Si l v er Add your web address check license status D ish Network - G e t Free Private Party Ads Found: 5 /2 6 w/ a m m o. M ORE fo r charm bracelet (four to your ad and read- • Works with each department providing before contracting with Branch LE S S ! • 3 lines 3 days r ound charms) on necessary support to ensure day-to-day ers onThe Bullefin's Zarrer'rQua/itp the business. Persons $199. 541-548-3339 Starting $19.99/month Private Party Only maintenance issues are resolved. boat ramp at Sparks web site, www.benddoing land scape Bend local dealer pays (for 12 months.) PLUS •• Total LGrrrrfgPP8 /arr. of items adverLake. Call to identify • Maintain a written log of any highlights, will be maintenance do not Bundle 8 SAVE (Fast tised must equal $200 CASH!! for firearms & ring during shift coverage in conjunction with Full Service 541-385-6206 r equire an LC B l i - ammo. 541-526-0617 able to click through Internet f o r $15 or Less proper CMMS entries. Landscape cense. automatically to your more/month.) CALL FOR DETAILS or to FOUND: Child's campCASH!! Now 1-800-308-1563 website. Management ing-type folding chair PLACE AN AD, CPR Property The position responsibilities outlined above are For Guns, Ammo & (PNDC) on Hunnel Rd. on the Call 541-385-5809 Maintenance in no way to be construed as all encompassReloading Supplies. Spring Clean Up 22nd. 541-389-1449 SUEIARU. Landscaping Fax 541-385-5802 541-408-6900. ing. Other duties, responsibilities, and qualifi255 •Leaves 8 Painting cations may be required and/or assigned as FOUND: Pocket knife in Auto - Sales Computers •Cones Compound Bow with CCB¹204254 necessary. DRW, describe it to Sales professional to •Needles case, practice and • Spring clean ups claim it. 541-389-0185 Join Central T HE B U LLETIN r e •Debris Hauling hunting arrows, like • Aeration/de-thatching l a r gest EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE AS SHOWN BEnew, $240. quires computer adLost blue key case with Oregon's • Lawn repairs new ca r de a l er LOW IS REQUIRED: vertisers with multiple MfeedFree Bark 541-233-6520 3 keys inside on Wed. • Weekly maintenance Subaru of B e n d. ad schedules or those & FlowerBeds 5/20 at Macy's or in Offering • Bark mulch • Must have Oregon Electrician license, Genprofit selling multiple sysparking lot, or vicinity sharing, 401k, Call 978-413-2487 IOI IT llllS TIIS TRAEGER TEXAS me d ical eral Journeyman or Limited Manufacturing tems/ software, to disLawn Renovation of Bed Bath & BeELITE GRILL Plant Journeyman; plan, split shifts and Aerate / Thatching close the name of the Like new, 646 sq. Aeration - Dethatching yond. 541-923-4384 • At least 3 years Industrial Electrical experipaid vacation. ExpeWeekly Service business or the term Overseed DO YOU HAVE grilling area, LOST: Fly rod and reel rience or will train. ence or equivalent combination of education "dealer" in their ads. inch Bend, Redmond, and Compost SOMETHING TO bronze color, comand experience; at lava lake. 90 day $2000 guarPrivate party advertisEagle Crest. Top Dressing SELL plete with c o ver, 541-593-5847 • Allen-Bradley PLC and automation experia ntee. Dress f o r COLLINS Lawn Maint. ers are defined as FOR $500 OR th e rmostat success. P l e ase ence a plus; those who sell one digital Ca/i 541-480-9714 Landscape Lost wedding rings, 55 apply at 2060 NE LESS? and cookbook. • Proven experience and ability in mechanical, computer. yrs. o f m e mories, Non-commercial Maintenance electrical and electronic troubleshooting and $695l Hwy 20, Bend. See Painting/Wall Covering Mid-May, no idea advertisers may maintenance techniques; Full or Partial Service 541-480-7837 257 w here. REW A R D Bob or Devon. place an ad •Mowing ~Edging • Must have the ability to demonstrate working KC WHITE Musical Instruments 541-316-1736 • Pruning ~Weeding with our knowledge of mech a nical/electrical PAINTING LLC Wantedpaying cash "QUICK CASH Water Management principles/concepts; Caregivers Interior and Exterior for Hi-fi audio & stuThe Drum & Guitar SPECIAL" • Have the ability to read and comprehend inFamily-owned Shop nowopen! dio equip. Mclntosh, wanted to join 12 Fertilizer included structions given via OEM or third party operaResidential 8 Commercial 1 week3lines JBL, Marantz, D y63830 NE Clausen REMEMBER: If you ot' o ur car i n g tion and/or technical/installation literature. with monthly program 40 yrs exp.• Sr. Discounts Rd., Suite 103, Bend naco, Heathkit, Sanhave lost an animal, 2 e e k s 2 N ~ 5-Year warranties memory care 541-382-2884 sui, Carver, NAD, etc. don't forget to check Ad must We offer a competitive compensation plan that Weekly,monthly SPRING SPECIAL! Call 541-261-1808 The Humane Society community. Ajj include price of includes medical, dental and vision benefits; or one time service. Call 541-420-7846 258 Bend s~in le item of $500 shifts available. Ccs ¹204918 WHEN YOU SEE THIS profit sharing plan; Paid vacation and holidays; Travel/Tickets 541-382-3537 or less, or multiple Life insurance; Disability Income Protection; Managing M ust b e r e l iAii About Painting Redmond items whose total Flexible Spending A c counts; E mployee Central Oregon Exterior, interior, Sisters Rodeo Tickets, 541-923-0882 able. For more does not exceed Assistance Program. Landscapes deck seal, light maint. 10 box seats. SaturM are P i X a t B e j i d b u ll e t i j . CO m Madras $500. information, or Since 2006 Free Estimates. day night, June 13th, On a classified ad 541-475-6889 send your resume or apply in the any questions, Please CCB ¹148373 2015. Get your friends go to Prineville Call Classifieds at Department, Bright Wood CorporaSenior Discounts 541-420-6729 together and e njoy 541-447-7178 p lease cal l Personnel 541-385-5809 tion, 335 NW Hess St., Madras OR 97741. 541-390-1466 10% Off exterior or this g r eat r o d eo. to view additional or Craft Cats 541-385-4717 Wage is DOE. Pre-employment drug testing. Same Day Response interior job booked. 541-389-8420. $320. 541-410-5970 photos of the item. 950 SE 3rd St., Bend between Wilson & Reed Mkt.

Friday. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Noon Thurs. Saturday Real Estate.. . . . . . . . . . 1 1 :00 am Fri.

Saturday • • • Sunday. • • • •

• . 3:00pm Fri.

• • 5:00 pm Fri •

The Bulletin



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DAILY BRI DG E C LU B saturday,May30,2015

Sticky situation

game electronic music 37 Space racers with multiple 41 Like some unions Grammys film set in 9 Elks and others 42 2000 France that was 15 19605-'705 band nominated for that took its five Academy name from an Awards Aldous Huxley 44 Literary inits. title 45 First name in 16Temporarily Objectivism 17Goldenage for 46 Gam e s voice acting 48 Leonine: lion:: 18Gourmet lutrine: 19Green-lit 52 Secretary of energy under 20Soundof an arrow being shot Clinton 22 Henry 54 Leaves on the slcle? 23 Henry 56They'reoften 25 Wound up blitzed 27 Computer part 57 Internet statistic 28 Bar 59 Parcel 300ne who may 61Alma mater give you his for Benjamin heart? Netanyahu 32 Brand name with >/3 capital 62 Composer Gyorgy whose letters in its logo music was 330rg. with many featured in magazines Kubrick films

By FRANK STEWART Tribune Content Agency When a high-profile trial ended, a newspaper story reported that "the prosecutor did an excellent job of gumming up the case." We could put today's South on trial s ince h e g u m med u p a n e a s y contract. When South tried for slam b y b i d ding f i v e s p ades, N o r th acceptedbecause of his three aces. Against six spades, West led the queen ofdiamonds, and declarer took the ace and drew trumps, after which the prosecution could rest. South next cashed theA-K of clubs and ruffed a club, but West discarded. South could then go to the ace of hearts to ruff a fourth club, but he couldn't get back to dummy for the good fifth club. He lost a diamond and a heart. EASY DEAL

35 Capture-the-flag

ACROSS 1 Leader in

he tries 2NT. What do you say? ANSWER: Y o u h a ve o n ly 1 3 high-card points, but your hand is worth substantially more. You have a six-card suit (your bidding hasn't promised one), good intermediates and primary v alues on th e s i de. Partner'ssequence invites game, and you should accept readily. Jump to four spades. North dealer N-S vulnerable NORTH 4A5 9 A72

0 A83 4 K9 6 42 WEST 48432

EAST 4876

9 J 96 5

9 Q108

The mark of a good player is that O Q J 9 4 0 K 7 65 he nevergums up an easy deal.Af ter + J3 4Q1087 South wins T r ick O ne, h e m u st immediately take the top clubs and SOUTH ruff a club. He goes to the ace of 4i K Q J 10 9 8 trumps and ruffs another club. 9K43 To sum up, South can then draw 0 102 trumps and return to the ace of hearts 4A5 to take the good club for his 12th trick. North Ea s t Sou t h West 1 NT Pass 34 Pass DAILY QUESTION 3 NT Pass 54 Pass 6 41 All P a s s You hold: 48 K Q J 10 9 8 Q K 4 3 0 1 02 iei A 5. You open Opening lead — 0 Q one spade, your partner responds two diamonds, you rebid two spades and (C) 2015 Tribune Content Agency, LLC


Seeking a friendly duplicate bridge? Find five gamesweekly at BIZARRO







64"It's not my place to decide" 66 Marketing space 67 Never topped 68 Group with the motto "Service Above Self" 69 i7-time All-Star of the







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DOWN 1Put in effort






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2 Some business casual attire 45 46 47 48 49 5 0 51 3 Website with "Ask Me 52 53 54 55 56 Anything" interviews 57 58 59 60 61 4 First name in 62 63 64 65 infamy 5 Boodle 67 6 High-end fashion 68 69 brand 7 Mailing a letter, perhaps PUZZLE BY JAMES MULHERN 8 Chalk talk 31 Reckless tough 4 0Unesco World 53"In the symbols (Nixon memoir) guy Heritage Site on the Arabian 9 Cockeyed 34 Global Peninsula 10 Place for a dish superpower? 55 "The beacon of Count the wise," per 11Wilt 36 Checks 47 Danson's role on Shakespeare "Cheers" 12 Notable features 37 Religious garment of David Foster 49 Shade of red 58 Get moving suspended from Wallace books Most plentiful the shoulders 13 Possibleef fectof pieces in a 60 Ring bearer 38 Emphatic rebuttal certain board doping game 39 Author who 14 Uncomfortably created the 51 Bonus round 63 Plural suffix tight spot, fatalistic freebies on informally "Wheel of optometrist Billy Pilgrim Fortune" 65 Mini, e.g. 21 Sign on a saloon clooi' Online subscriptions: Today's puzzle and more than 7,000 past 24 Kind of bond puzzles, ($39.95 a year). 26 Headgear for Readaboutand comment on each Eminem Crosswords for young solvers: 29 Awaiting a sex change, say



RIZAmro,coNI ra49book4NmlRisarroComi61 5 50 IE


Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains everydigitfrom1 to9 inclusively.

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Edited by Rich Norrisand Joyce Nichols Lewis WUT UR tOU DON'T KNOftME.






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IA)A'( 70lA)A fO fIIE 664l6lc'.5,

$UJ7lA &g$ f'LiriI4...

E-m8il: bholbrookl@gm8il.Com


WIJMO Be honest, honey... Do you think I've gained too much Weight While on maternity leave?

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18 Imprecise 19 Map lines: Abbr. 20 Clinches 21 Some Buffal o WingS 22 Subway device 23 Like bodegas, to 24 Pitches 25 Assigning responsibility by committee, in modern lingo 30 Facial cosmetics 31 Like the Southeast, vis-avis other U.S. regions 34 Assume the role of 35 Put down 36 Camp sight



37 Thing handed



by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek

Unscramble these four Jumbles, 0ne letter tO eaCh Square, to fOrm fOur Ordinary WOrdS.

SUBOG 0ml5 THbune Content Agency,LLC All mghls Reeenred.


7 7 $-:4

HE Sl OLE 5ECONP ANP NC7W LEP THE LEA&Lle iN 5TEAL.5 WHICH PLEASEP Now arrange the circled letters

to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon. HERMAN~

0 laughlhgSlock Ucehslhg Ihc., Olsl.W Unlllelsal Udlck, 2015

"Do yotr think the current economic policies will do anything to ease the unemployment situation?"

Print your answer here: (Answers Monday)



down 39 Moby-Dick, e.g. 40 Where Langley is 42 Jug part 44 Critter in a clowder 45 Small songbirds 46 Title heroine in a Humperdinck 48 Start to cure? 49 Marker, e.g. 52 Inexperienced

J umbles: HOUSE UP E N D iMP i S H BIC K E R Answer. Eventhough the Scarecrow didn'thave 8 brain, he — SPOKE HIS MIND

29 Halo 32 On the way 33 Home to Paris 35 Tall story? 38 Like some history 39 Bite 41 Nissan whose last model year is 2015 42 "Some things are

43 Hood defense 47 Sta r ted a hole 48 A l l en's successor 49 Sheer 50 O.T. book 51 N e t working connection point 53 Odometer stat.

too delicious to 5 4 Crossing party, share" food briefly

behind you 8 Corp. symbols


9 Zinc compound 10 Narrow range 11 Flier's convenience 12 Let up 13 Adorn 15 Many wallets contain one 21 Rig 22 1998 Masters champion 23 Wear 25 Lackluster 26 Tiny parasites 27 Engine protector 28 Slangy event suffix


E S S I T A L 0 S H T R I F L E S S T A R C 0 I S E F F L E C A D C E D A R W E 0 P E O T I N I T E S D EA R S O T R A S T O I C T O A S T P O T T S 05/30/15

























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P - l il i ©2015 by King Features Syndicate, Inc. World rights reserved

DOWN 1 BOAC flier'8 destination in a 1968 song 2 Carpeting unit: Abbr. 3 "Alice in

1 Org. whose website has a Track L Manage option 5 Ending sound 9 Checked out 14 Copper mine? 16 Floral perfume 17 Predictable

of the Best Adapted

Screenplay Oscar 55 Runs slowly 56 Allied 57 Angstrom, e.g. 58 Aptly named Civil War general

Henry 59 Fake


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By Barry C. Silk O2015 Tribune Content Agency, LLC

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High Fives


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How to play: Sudoku High Fives consists of five regular Sudoku grids sharing one set of 3-by-3 boxes. Each row, column and set of 3-by-3boxes must contain the numbers 1 through 9 without repetition. The num-

bers in any shared set of 3-by-3 boxes apply to each of the individual Sudokus.

The Bulletin

Serving Central Oregon since f903



8 7 8 2 4 6 5

7 860

Motorcycles & Accessories


2 5 1 9 8 3 7 6 4

4 7 3 2 5 6 1 8 9

6 9 8 7 4 1 2 3 5

9 2 7 8 3 4 6 5 1

8 1 6 5 9 2 3 4 7

3 4 5 1 6 7 9 2 8

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3 1 7 9 4 2 8 5 6 4 7 2 1 3 9 4 2 5 8 7 6

9 6 2 1 5 4 3 7 8

3 8 5 7 6 9 2 4 1

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7 5 6 2 9 1 5 8 3 4 2 7 4 9 8 3 1 6

1 7 9 6 8 5 4 2 3

3 4 6 2 9 1 8 5 7

5 8 2 7 3 4 1 9 6

2 6 1 9 4 8 3 7 5

7 9 5 3 8 4 1 5 2 6 3 7 9 2 6 8 4 1





Boats 8 Accessories


POLARIS 500 ATV, low mil e s , 2


ALLEGRO 27' 2002 58k mi., 1 slide, vaca-

2006 Smokercraft Sunchaser 820 model pontoon boat, 75HP Mercury and electric trolling motor, full canvas and many extras. Stored inside $19,900 541-350-5425

Boats & Accessories

16' 1976 Checkmate ski

tion use only, Michelin all weather tires w/5000 mi., no accidents, non-smokers, Workhorse e n gine 261-A, Allison Trans., backup cam e r a, heated mirrors, new refrig. unit., exc. conditioned, well cared for. $3 4 ,000. obo! 541-549-8737 Iv. msg.

boat, 90HP Mercury motor, restored; new seats, new c a rpet floor, new prop, with Ads published in the trailer. Have receipts. "Boats" classification $2500. 541-536-1395 include: Speed, fistt- B ounder, 1999, 3 4 ' , ing, drift, canoe, • one slide, low milehouse and sail boats. age, very clean, lots For all other types of of storage, $28,500. watercraft, please go 541-639-9411 to Class 875.



7 9 5 2 6 4 3 1 8



/ f

4 3 1 5 7 8 6 9 2

10' Pelican Scorpio boat, 56" wide, takes 7 HP motor. $275.

Employment Opportunities


8 6 2 3 1 9 5 4 7


8 3


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2 5 6 7 9 1 4 8 3


Employment Opportunities


1 8 3 4 2 6 9 7 5

winches, snow plow, new tires, $2200.


Looking for your next employee'? Place a Bulletin help wanted ad today and Member Service Representative (Telfer) Bright Wood Corporeach over 60,000 Full-Time ration in Madras Orreaders each week. egon is seeking an Your classified ad Mid Oregon Credit Union is looking for a 541-549-3001. sisters experienced forklift will also appear on landscape©gmail. com special person to join our dynamic, growing driver/loader to help team. Duties include greeting members and in our growing dewhich currently Medical Reception/ providing them with information, completing a mand. A valid driver receives over 1.5 variety of financial transactions, handling cash Medical Records license is required. million page views Bend Urology Associ- Good a t t endance and balancing a cash drawer. every month at ates, LLC is seeking and a safe driving no extra cost. positive, se l f -moti- record are a must. Applicants should have excellent customer Bulletin Classifieds service and sales skills, sound decisionvated front office per- Starting wage DOE. Get Results! son for phone, recep- Please apply in the making aptitude, and the ability to understand Call 385-5809 and retain a variety of complex product and tion a n d me d ical Personnel Departor place records. Candidates ment at the address services information. The person we hire must your ad on-line at be able to work in a team environment and must exhibit excellent below. Av a i lable communication skills, benefits have strong computer skills. inc l ude have electronic medi- medical/dental/life cal record experience, insurance, v i s i on Go 486 be able to multi-task and Aflac. Vacation Independent Positions for an application. with multiple phone Please send resume, after 6 mon t hs.. l ines and h ave a EOE. Must pass on cover letter and application to: knowledge of medical site pre - employ- Sales Mid Oregon FCU Help terminology. Attn: Human Resources ment drug test. Wanted: En e rThis is a full time posiP.O. Box 6749, getic kiosk sales tion in a fast paced Bend, OR 97708 Bright Wood person ne e ded environment with mulCorp. immediately for the Mid Oregon Credit union is a drug-free workplace tiple providers. Cus335 NW Hess St. Central O r e gon tomer service is high Madras, OR97741 area. Secured lopriority. This position 541-475-7799 cations, high comoffers a f ull benefit Human Resources Manager missions paid package. Ple a se weekly! For more send your resume and TELEFUNDRAfSING The Human ResourcesManager supports the information, please cover le t t e r to overall HR functions of Western CommunicajennielObendurology. c all H oward a t Tele-funding for tions. Primary responsibilities include emcom. 541-279-0982. You •Meals On Wheels ployee relations, benefits, payroll, safety, recan a ls o e m a il cruiting, t r a ining and per f ormance tcolesOyourneighmanagement. SalesManager Seniors, students borhoodpublicaJoin Tounsm Walla and all others for more If you have a passion for improving the workWalla as the new come. No exp. information. place and want to take Western CommunicaGroup Tour Sales necessary, will tions to the next level as an employer of Manager. This positrain. choice, come join our team. tion is responsible PART TIME for sales and marMon-Thur. Rmjjjcej Minimum requirements: keting activities to 4:30- 8:30 p.m. • 5-7 years HR experience with thorough promote Walla Walla ® UIEPEKC $9.50/hour. knowledge of HR functions to meeting planners • Experience in employment law and regulaand tour product deCall 541-382-8672 tory compliance velopers. Activities • Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources or include i dentifying Business preferred potential target marCheck out the • Background in employment, compensation, kets, collecting, orclassifieds online benefits, employee relations and training / ganizing and pursu- 628 development i ng l e ads, an d • Well organized and detailed-oriented with making local referLoans & Mortgages strong communication skills rals. The successful • Work with management to determine recruitThe Bulletin candidate will be a WARNING ment needs and staffing objectives resident expert on The Bulletin recomcaution when pur• Develop recruitment programs to attract apthe travel industry in mends you use cauchasing products or i plicants, identify a n d s o u rce q u alified order to promote the tion when you proservices from out of ~ candidates area an d a s s ist vide personal • Recruit for key positions through interviews f the area. Sending travel b usinesses. information to compaand sourcing For complete job c ash, checks, o r nies offering loans or • Help resolve concerns and issues between i n formation d escription go t o : / credit credit, especially managementand employees EatkcS ~ may be subjected to ~ those asking for ad• Identify, develop and implement training proFRAUD. vance loan fees or For more informa- i companies from out of grams • Recommend improvements to HR policies, tion about an adver- • state. If you have Need to get an benefits and training programs, etc. / tiser, you may call concerns or quesad in ASAP? • Local candidates strongly preferred the Oregon State tions, we suggest you You can place it I Attorney General's • Experience with California laws and regulaconsult your attorney tions a plus Office C o n sumer e or call CONSUMER online at: Protection hotline at I HOTLINE, We offer benefits including paid vacation and I 1-877-877-9392. 1-877-877-9392. sick time, 401(kl, life insurance and limited 541-385-5809 LThe Bulleting BANK TURNED YOU medical, dental, vision benefits. DOWN? Private party EOE/Drug Free Workplace will loan on real estate equity. Credit, no Truck Drivers If interested please submit your resume and Roush Industries has an immediate need for problem, good equity cover letter to: Heidi Wright, CFO/HR Officer, is all you need. Call Class A CDL Truck Drivers in Madras, Oregon. Western Communications, Inc., Po Box 6020, Test drive prototype trucks and give feedback Oregon Land MortBend, OR 97708 or e-mail hwright©wescomto the development team!! Home every day! gage 541-388-4200. phone calls,please. Retirees and Veterans welcome! Must have valid CDL-A license. Part-time posi- LOCAL MONEy:We buy secured trust deeds & tions, 4 - 6 hour shifts. Driving positions are lonote,some hard money General cal to the Madras, Oregon, area. 401K benloans. Call Pat Kellev efits offered to all employees. 541-382-3099 ext.13. To apply, please send an email with resume attached to Please refer 573 to eCDL Driver Madras" in your email Inter* Business Opportunities * Great Supplemental Income!! views will be scheduled in Madras or If you / meet all requirements listed above you may DID YOU KNOW that IThe Bulletin Mailroom is hiring for our Satur- I also apply in person at 3449 N. Anchor, Portnot only does newsI day night shift and other shifts as needed. WeI land, Oregon 97217. • currently have openings all nights of the week.• paper media reach a HUGE Audience, they / Everyone must work Saturday night. Shifts start between 6:00 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. and a lso reach an E NHome Delivery Advisor GAGED AUDIENCE. / end between 2:00 a.m. and 3:30 a.m. AllpoThe Bulletin Circulation Department is seeking Discover the Power of • sitions we are hiring for, work Saturday nights.• a Home Delivery Advisor. This is a full-time Newspaper AdvertisI Starting pay is $9.25 per hour, and we pay aI position and consists of managing an adult ing in six states - AK, g minimum of 3 hours per shift, as some shiftsg carrier force to ensure our customers receive • are short (1 t:30 - 1:30). The work consists of• superior service. Must be able to create and ID, MT, OR & WA. For a free rate brochure / loading inserting machines or stitcher, stackperform strategic plans to meet department call 916-288-6011 or ing product onto pallets, bundling, cleanup and objectives such as increasing market share email / other tasks. and penetration. Ideal candidate will be a cecelia© self-starter who can work both in the office IFor qualifying employees we offer benefitsl (PNDC) and in their assigned territory with minimal I including life insurance, short-term & long-term supervision. Early a.m. hours are necessary disability, 401(k), paid vacation and sick time. with company vehicle provided. Strong customer service skills and management skills are necessary. Computer experience is ~ Please submit a completed application attention Kevin Eldred. required. You must pass a drug screening Applications are available at The Bulletin and be able to be insured by company to drive front desk (1777 S.W. Chandler Blvd.), or vehicles. This is an entry-level position, but we an electronic application may be obtained b elieve i n p r o moting f ro m w i thin, s o upon request by contacting Kevin Eldred via advancement within company is available to email ( the right person. If you enjoy dealing with people from diverse backgrounds and you are I No pho ne calls please. energetic, have great organizational skills and 850 interpersonal communication skills, please Snowmobiles * No resumes will be accepted * send your resume to:

9 7 4 8 5 3 2 6 1


Employment Opportunities

Landscaping Sisters Landscaping Company has openings in all phases of landscaping. Willing to train, experience welcome. Call for appt.

Credit Union

9 2 1 6

O 20132013 UFS, Dist. b Univ. Uciick for UFS

5-24n 5



Harley Davidson Heritage Soft Tail Classic 2006, black cherry pearl, Stage 1 tune Vance & Hines


17.5' Bass Tracker

The Bulleti

2011, V175, 9 0HP,

less than 40 hrs. All Serrin Centra(cre on since 1903 welded hull. S eats Get your five, walk-thru windshield. Folding business tongue, custom cover, trolling motor, stored inside garage. Surge e ROW I N G brakes, new tires and spare. Ra d io/disc with an ad in player. 2 Live wells, The Bulletin's ski pole, $ 1 6,000. 541-410-2426 "Call A Service

pipes, always garaged. TLC, 8100 miles, new tires, $11,400. 541-388-8434

H arley Road K i n g Classic 2003, 100th Anniversary Edition, 16,360 mi. $12,499 Bruce 541 -647-7078

Fleetwood D i scovery 40' 2003, diesel, w/all options - 3 slide outs, satellite, 2 TV's, W/D, etc., 34,000 m i les. Wintered in h e ated shop. $78,995 obo. 541-447-8664

Professional" Directory

17.5' Seaswirl 2002 Wakeboard Boat I/O 4.3L Volvo Penta, tons of extras, low hrs. Full wakeboard tower, light bars, Polk audio Honda Shadow Sa- speakers throughout, bre, 2002, 1 100cc, completely wired for excellent condition w/ amps/subwoofers, unextras, 13k orig. mi. derwater lights, fish New battery and new finder, 2 batteries cusfront tire. $3100 obo. tom black paint job. 703-244-3251 $1 2,500 541-815-2523


L ? Two Twin Yamaha TW200 st o ck w ith fatty tires 2007 with 1155 miles, 2007 with 1069 miles.$3600 for one or $7000 for two obo. 5 4 1 -588-0068 cell, 541-549-4834 hm

Freightfiner 1994 Custom Motorhome Will haul small SUV or toys, and pull a trailer! Powered by 8.3 Cummins with 6 speed Allison auto trans, 2nd o wner. Very nice! $53,000. 541-350-4077


18' Bayliner 175 Capri, like new, 135hp I/O, low time, Bimini top, many extras, Karavan trailer with swing neck, current registraMoto Guzzi B reva tions. $8000. 1 100 2 0 07 , onl y 541-350-2336 11,600 miles. $5,950. 1968 Cuddy 21 f oot, 206-679-4745 new outdrive rebuilt motor, many e xtra parts. Excellent cond ition. $5,75 0 . 541-480-1616

• I s=

Bayliner 185 2006 open bow. 2nd owner — low engine hrs. — fuel injected V6 — Radio & Tower. Great family boat Priced to sell. $11,590. 541-548-0345. Kayak - Easy Rider very fast, $150. 541-593-0312

ds published in eWatercraft" include: Kay-

aks, rafts and motorIzed personal watercrafts. For "boats" please see Class 870. 541-385-5809

The Bulletin

ServingCentrel Oregon since 1903



G rand Manor b y Thor 1996, 35' very good condition, 454 gas engine, 50,050 miles, 2 pop outs, new tires, $18,999. Call 541-350-9916


Alfa See ya 2006 36' Jayco M e lbourne 2010 29D Class C, 3 Excellent condition, 1 owner, 350 Cat diesel, slide outs, 1 2 ,500 52,000 miles, 4-dr frig, miles on Ford 450 661-644-0384. icemaker, gas stove, chassis, Immaculate oven, w a s her/dryer,cond., loaded, f u ll non-smoker, 3 slides, body paint, c herry s t a inless generator, inv e rtor, cabinets, very leather interior, satellite, appliances, n in t e rior. 7'4 ceiling. C lean! home-like l ' n en AutoSeek dish, two $72,000. 541-233-6520 TVs, Nav., CD/DVD, Pioneer ski boat, Yamaha V-Star 250cc 19'1983, Advertise your car! back up a n d s i de vm tandem 2011, 3278 mi., exc. Add A Picture! cameras, 500 0 l b. trailer, V8. Fun & Reach thousands of readers! cond. $ 4700 OBO. trailer hitch. $74,500. fast! $5350 obo. Call 541-385-5809 Dan 541-550-0171. 541-815-0936. The Bulletin Cfassiffeds 541-312-8974 19' Bayliner 1998, I/O, great shape, call for info. $8500. In Bend


~**** * * * * * * I

* ** * * * ~ I /


/ /







/ I


: 0 0



. . I Drug test is required prior to employment. .



The Bulletin


SererntrCentral areyon since seta



L +**** * * * * * * * * * * + g

The Bulletin

c/o Kurt Muller PO Box 6020 Bend, OR 97708-6020 or e-mail resume to: No phone calls, please. The Bulletin is a drug-free workplace. EOE Pre-empioyment drug screen required.


ADAfft$GOLFCLUBS Plfj $6POAsking$55o Brand newAdamsladles golf dubS Withbag. WOOdS: 1 3 5 7 wtthheadcovefs HybIi ds:5 L 6 withheadcovers Irons 7PIN+StN Ii, putter LadiesLinkscart bag &rainhootj. 541-000-000



I I • •

Item Priced al: Your Totol AdCoston: • Under $500.................. .................................................$w • $500 fo $999.............. .................................................$4e • $1000 fo $2499......... .................................................$se • $2500 and over.......... .................................................$69 Includes: 2" in length, with border, full color photo, bold headline and price.

Serving Central Oregon since 1903

$8500. 541-379-3530


The Bulletin E'.4-place enclosed Interstate snowmobile trailer w/ RockyMountain pkg,


• sP

541-385-5809 Some reslriciions apply

Yourad will a/so appear in: • The Bulletin • Central Oregon Markelplace

• The Central Oregon Nickel Ads •

*privote party merchandiseonly - excludes pets L livestock, autos, RVs,motorcycles, boats, airplanes, ond garage sale categories.







Travel Trailers

Fifth Wheels

BIG COUNTRY RV Bend: 541-330-2495 Redmond: 541-548-5254

hide-a-bed sofa, 4k gen, convection microwave, 2 TVs, tow package.




Safari 1996 motorhome 30', low mileage, 300 HP Magnum Cat motor with turbo, always inside, white leather interior, like new, has m any extr a s . $55,000. S e r ious callers only. 541-546-8415

Call a Pro Whether you need a fence fixed, hedges trimmed or a house built, you'll find professional help in The Bulletin's "Call a Service Professional" Directory 541-385-5809

Aircraft, Parts & Service



Heartland Pro w ler 2012, 29 PRKS, 33', like new, 2 slides-livi ng area & l a r ge closet. Large enough to live in, but easy to tow! 15' power awning, power hitch & stabilizers, full s i ze

on the first day it runs to make sure it is correct. "Spellcheck" and human errors do occur. If this happens to

& Service

tact us ASAP so that

l a rge

FOUR WINDS 2003 5th Keystone Sp ring- wheel 26L, A/C, CD, micro, awning slide dale 201 0 , 2 1 ' , o ut, m u c h mor e sleeps 6, DVD 8 CD player, 60 g a llon $9000. 541-876-5073. freshwater, 7 cu.ft.

fridge. Leveling hitch & j acks, awning, spare tire, lots of storage. New cond., only 3,000 m iles. Priced below Blue Book, $10,500. Call Rick for more info. 541-633-7017

RV CONSIGNMENTS WANTED We Do The Work ... You Keep The Cash! On-site credit

approval team, web site presence. We Take Trade-Ins! BIG COUNTRY RV Bend: 541-330-2495 Redmond: 541-548-5254


Aircraft, Parts

your ad, please con-

corrections and any adjustments can be made to your ad. shower, porcelain sink 541-385-5809 & toilet. $2 6 ,500. The Bulletin Classified 541-999-2571


o<ur ~e@ ne<



queen bed,

Monaco Monarch 31 ' 2006, Ford V 10 , 28,900 miles, auto-level, 2 slides, queen b ed &




You Keep The Cash! On-site credit approval team, web site presence. We Take Trade-Ins!




Superhawk N7745G Owners' Group LLC Cessna 172/180 hp, full IFR, new avionics, GTN 750, touchscreen center stack, exceptionally clean. Healthy engine reserve fund. Hangared at KBDN. Oneshare available, $13,000. Call 541-015-2144



leu4, &/n%

Safety Never Felt S G d--




Financing available.


Need to get an ad


in ASAP?

(located O Bend)

Fax it te 541-322-7253 The Bulletin Classifieds Keystone Everest 5th Wheel, 2004 Model 323P - 3 slides, rear island-kitchen, fireplace, 2 TV's, CD/DVR/VCR/Tuner w/surround sound, A/C, custom bed, ceiling fan, W/D ready, many extras. New awning & tires. Exc. cond. Tow vehicle also avail.$1 7,900 obo. More pics.541-923-6400

Laredo 31'2006, 5th wheel, fully S/C one slide-out. Awning. Like new, hardly used. Must sell $20,000

or refinance. Call 541-410-5649

1/5 share in v ery 925 nice 150 HP Cessna Utility Trailers 150; 1973 C e s sna 150 with L ycomingTow Dolly, new tires, 2 0-320 150 hp engine sets of straps, exc. conversion, 400 0 c ond., capable o f hours. TT airframe. p ulling a f u l l s i z e Approx. 400 hours on pickup truck. If inter0-timed 0-320. Han- ested we will send gared in nice (electric pictures. $1000 obo. door) city-owned han- 951-961-4590 gar at the Bend Airport. One of very few 929 C -150's t ha t ha s never been a trainer. Automotive Wanted $4500 will consider for V I NTAGE trades for whatever. CASH Mercedes conCall J i m Fr a zee, CARS vertibles, P o r sche, 541-410-6007 Jaguar, Alfa, Lancia, Ferrari, C o r vettes, M ustangs. Earl y Japanese Cars 714-267-3436


CONSIGNMENTS Springdale 2006 26' WANTED bunkhouse, exc. We Do the Work, cond, 12 / p o p-out, You Keep the Cash! stored in RV garage. On-site credit Well cared for. Many approval team, extras. $13,500 obo. web site presence. Washer/dryer Combo 5 41-568-0068, c e l l , We Take Trade-Ins! 541-549-4834 home unit for RV or small a partment. $50 0 . BIG COUNTRY RV 541-460-1653 Bend: 541-330-2495 Looking for your Redmond: next employee? 541-546-5254 Place a Bulletin help wanted ad today and reach over 60,000 What are you readers each week. Your classified ad looking for? Winnebago Outlook will also appear on You'll find it in 2007 Class "C"31', clean, non- smoking which currently reThe Bulletin Classifieds exc. cond. Must See! ceives over 1.5 milLots of extra's, a very lion page views evgood buy.$47,900 ery month at no 541-385-5809 For more info call extra cost. Bulletin 541-447-9268 Classifieds Get Re885 Call 365-5809 Winnebago Superchief sults! or place your ad Canopies 0 Campers 1990 27' clean, 454 on-line at C hevy, runs v e r y ood. g oo d t i r es, Canopyfor short 8500. 541-279-9458. box, lined interior, FIND IT! green, good locking system. excellent Find It in BUY IT! shape. $995. The Bulletin Classifiedsl SELL IT! 541-369-7234. 541-385-58 09 The Bulletin Classifieds Other collector cars of significant value desired. (PNDC)

F35 Bonanza. Aircraft is in exc. cond., w/ good paint & newer interior. Full IFR. Auto DONATE YOUR CAR, pilot, yaw d amper, TRUCK OR BOAT TO engine monitor. HERITAGE FOR THE 6485TT, 1615SMOH, BLIND. Free 3 Day 692STOH. Hangered V acation, Tax D e in Bend. $32,000 or ductible, Free Towing, All Paperwork Taken $16,000 for I/e share. Care O f . CAL L Call Bob Carroll 1-800-401-4106 541-550-7382 (PNDC) Got an older car, boat or RV? Do the humane thing. Donate it hanger in Prineville. Dry walled, insulated, to the Humane SociCall 1and painted. $23,500. ety. 800-205-0599 Tom, 541.768.5546 (PNDC)

HANGAR FOR SALE. 30x40 end unit T


( gv„( tlls

Rnancingavailahle with approved cmdit

Safe StepTubshave recelvedtheEaseof.ese Commendation from the Arthrltls foundation

The best walk-in tub just got better with breakthrough technology!Presenting the all nem Safe Step Walk-In 1hb featuring NicroSoothe.An air system so revolutionary, it oxygenates, softens and exfoliates skin, turning your bath into a spa-like experience. Constructed and built right here in America for safety and durability from the ground up, and with more standard features than anyother tub. / Heated seat providing warrnth from beginning to end / Carefully engineered hydro-massage jets strategically placed to target sore muscles and joints

/Thehighestqnaiitytnhcompletewith : 't


when yen mention this nd the most comprehensive lifetime FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY ' Call Toll-Free 1-800-313-2002 ' warranty on the entire tub /Top-of-the-line installation and service, all included at one low, affordable price ', I

Automotive Parts, Service & Accessories


For your FREE information kltand DYD, and our Senior Discounts, Call Today Toll-Free

Save money. Learn Dodge truck bed cover, Truxedo, fits 94-01. to fly or build hours $200. 541-536-9534 with your own airc raft. 1966 A e r o New LT- 2 2 5-75-16" Commander, 4 seat, Sears R oadhandler 150 HP, low time, tires with 8-hole GMC full panel. $21,000 rim, from Class C obo. Contact Paul at m otorhome. $ 1 25. 541-447-5164.



In Print CInd Online WithThe Bulletin'S CICISSifiedS. A dd color photos for pets, real estate, auto 8 m o r e ! I



I u.







are three adorable, loving puppies Modern amenities and all the quiet can haul it all! Extra Cab, 4X4, and looking for 8 caring home. Please youwillneed. Roomtogrowinyour a to ugh V8 engine will get the job call right away. $500 own little paradise! Call now. done on the ranch.

*SPeCial PriVate Party rateS aPPly to

merchandise and automotive categories.

The Bulletin To place your photo ad, visit us online at ww w . b e n c mb u l l e t i n. c o m or c a ll with questions,

5 41 -3 8 5 - 5 8 0 9

TO PLACE AN AD CALLCLASSIFIED• 541-385-5809 932 933

Antique & Classic Autos









Sport Utility Vehicles







Subaru Legacy LL Bean 2006,

Toyota Camry Hybrid 2012, 2.5L 1-4 cyl VIN ¹005123.$22,997.

VW Passat 2014, 1.8L 1-4 cyl VIN ¹099227. $24,997.



-; ~QI

Estate Sale Olds Cutlass Calais 1981. 14,500 orig. miles, new transmission w/warranty new tires, battery and fluids. Factory bucket seats, console shift, Beautiful condition. Drives like new! $7900. 541-419-7449

Ford F-350 Super Cab 2013, 6.7L V-8 cyl VIN ¹A92462. $39,997.

(exp. 5/31/15) DLR ¹366


V O LV O 541-749-2156 935

Sport Utility Vehicles

Find exactly what you are looking for in the CLASSIFIEDS


CARAUCTION Sat., July 11 Roseburg Graffiti Weekend Call fo Consign 541-689-6824

BMW X3 35i 2010 Exc cond., 65K miles w/100K mile

transferable warranty. Very clean; loaded - cold weather pkg, premium pkg & technology pkg. Keyless access, sunroof, navigation, satellite radio, extra snow tires. (Car top carrier not included.) $22,500.


Mercedes Benz CL Subaru GT Legacy Lexus 400H 2006, 2001, 2006, premium pkg., sunl f o r private party l (exp. 5/31/1 5) (exp. 5/31/1 5) roof, hitch, heated Vin ¹016584 advertisers Vin ¹212960 leather, DVD, no acStock ¹83285 Stock ¹83174 cidents, kids, smoke or pets. K eyless, $8,979 or $169/mo., $14,972 or $179/mo., $1800 down, 48 mo., $ 2500 down 8 4 m o . NAV, 28/31 Hybrid 4 .49% APR o n ap 4 49% APR o n a p M PG, exc. cond.,all credit. License proved credit. License records, Car f ax, proved and title i ncluded in and title i ncluded in Where can you find a garaged, new tires, payment, plus dealer inpayment, plus dealer inReduced to$13,500. helping hand? stalled options. stalled options. 541-410-1452 From contractors to SUBAR Ll S UBA Ru DUSBSUODSSSD.OOII yard care, it's all here 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. in The Bulletin's 877-266-382'I 877-266-3821 "Call A Service Dlr ¹0354 Dlr ¹0354 Professional" Directory

L'"'" " "

Toyota FJ Cruiser 2012, 64K miles. all hwy, original owner, never been off road or accidents, tow pkg, brand new tires, very clean. $26,000. Call or text Jeff at 541-729-4552



Mercedes Benz E Class 2005, (exp. 5/31/1 5) Vin ¹688743 Stock ¹82316

$11,979 or $155/mo., $2500 down, 72 mo., 4 .49% APR o n ap proved credit. License and title included in



payment, plus dealer installed options.



2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 877-266-3821 (photo for illustration only) Dlr ¹0354 BMW X3 Sl 20 07, Low Miles - 68,500, AWD, leather Inte-

rior, sunroof, bluetooth, voice command system, and too much more to list here. $15, 9 00. Please call Dan at 541-815-6611




CHEVELLE MALIBU 1971 57K original miles, 350 c.i., auto, stock, all original, Hi-Fi stereo $15,000

Ne e d fo sell a

Vehicle? Call The Bulletin and place an ad today! Ask about our "Wheel Deal"!

Dodge Grand Caravan 2007, auto, 133K mi. VIN ¹192261. $6,688. (exp. 5/31/1 5) DLR ¹366




Hard top 1985, 6-cylinder, auto trans, power brakes, power steering, garaged, well maintained, engine runs strong. 74K mi., great condition.$12,500. Must see! 541-598-7940




TURN THE PAGE For More Ads The Bulletin

Mustang Conv. 2011, 6 speed auto, pony pkg. 1 5 , 000 mi. $20,000. 541-330-2342

(exp. 5/31/1 5)

Vin ¹203053 Stock ¹82770

$16,977 or $199/mo.,

$2600 down, 84 mo. at 4 .49% APR o n a p -

proved credit. License

and title i ncluded in

(exp. 5/31/1 5) DLR ¹366

V O LV O 541-749-2156

payment, plus dealer installed options.


(exp. 5/31/15) DLR ¹366

541-749-2156 WHEN YOU SEE THIS


2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. On a classified ad 877-266-3821 Toyota Corolla2013, go to Dlr¹0354 (exp. 5/31/1 5) Vin ¹053527 to view additional Need help fixing stuff? Stock ¹83072 photos of the item. Have an item to P orsche Cayman S Call A Service Professional or $199 mo., 2 008, L i k e new , find the help you need. $15,979 sell quick? $2000 down, 84 mo., 14,500 miles, 4 .49% APR o n a p - Lookfng for your If it's under $35,000. proved credit. License next employee? 360-510-3153 (Bend) '500 you can place it in and title i ncluded in Place a Bulletin help payment, plus dealer in- wanted ad today and The Bulletin stalled options. reach over 60,000 Classifieds for: readers each week. S UBA R U . Your classified ad '10 - 3 lines, 7 days 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. will also appear on Subaru Outback XT 877-266-3821 '16 -3 lines, 14 days 2006, Dlr ¹0354 which currently reScion TCcoupe 2007, (Private Party ads only) (exp. 5/31/1 5) ceives over 1.5 mil(exp. 5/31/1 5) VIN ¹313068 Toyota Venza Wagon lion page views Vin ¹198120 Stock ¹44631A 2009, AWD, 35K mi. every month at Stock ¹44193B $11,999 or $149/mo., VIN:004628 $18,995 no extra cost. Bulle$10,379 or $149/mo., $2800 down, 72 mo., AAA Auto Source tin Classifieds $2800 down, 60 mo., 4 .49% APR o n ap - Corner of West Empire Get Results! Call 4 .49% APR o n a p proved credit. License & Hwy97 385-5809 or place proved credit. License and title included in and title included in 541-598-3750 your ad on-line at payment, plus dealer payment, plus dealer inaaaoregonautosource. Subaru lmpreza 2013, installed options. stalled options. com. DLR¹ 0225 (exp. 5/31/1 5) S UBA Ru S UBA R U . Vin ¹027174 BUDBSUOBDSSD.OON BULLETINCLASSIFIEDS Stock ¹83205 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. $20,358 or $249/mo., Search the area's most 877-266-3821 877-266-3821 comprehensive listing of $2600 down, 84 mo., Dlr ¹0354 Dlr ¹0354 4 .49% APR o n a p classified advertising... proved credit. License real estate to automotive, and title i ncluded in merchandise to sporting Want to impress the VolvoXC60 2014, payment, plus dealer goods. Bulletin Classifieds 3.2L 1-6 cyl relatives? Remodel installed options. appear every day in the VIN ¹522043.$36,997. your home with the print or on line. (exp. 5/31/1 5) DLR ¹366 S UBA R u help of a professional SODBSUODDSSD.OON Call 541-385-5809 S M O L I C H from The Bulletin's 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. Toyota Camry 2011, V O LV O "Call A Service clean, good c ond., 877-266-3821 541-749-2156 88k m i . $1 2 ,000. Dlr ¹0354 The Bulletin Professional" Directory serving centralolBDUB si nce eoS 541-536-1853





Chevy Silverdo2013, 4.8L V-8 cyl VIN ¹295291. $28,770

CHECKyOUR AD on the first day of publication. If a n e rror (exp. 5/31/15) DLR ¹366 may occur in your ad, p lease contact u s and we will be happy F ord p ickup 1 9 5 1 to fix it as soon as we can. Deadlines are: c ustom, o a k b ox. 1000 1000 AM/FM cassette, new Weekdays 12:00 noon for next d ay, S a t. brakes, 289 V-8, '67 541-548-1448 Legal Notices Legal Notices Mustang engine in this. 11:00 a.m. for Sunday; Sat. 12:00 for Edelbrock intake and date of first publicaLEGAL NOTICE carb CFM. 10,461 mi. Monday. Former students who tion of this notice, or 541-385-5809 on engine. $12,500. the claims may be were served by the 541-610-2406. The Bulletin Classified High Desert ESD may barred. All persons request their records. whose rights may be Records will remain affected by the proconfidentially filed un- ceedings may obtain Chevy Tahoe 1995, 4 additional information til the age of 26 for dr. 4x4, auto, tow pkg, Central Oregon Re- from the records of leather, a/c, like new gional Program and the court, the pertires. reg. to 10/16. until the age of 22 for sonal representative, Mercedes 380SL 1982 Runs great, very good Chevy Malibu 2012, Early I n t ervention/ or the attorneys for Roadster, black on cond., $4800 . (exp. 5/31/1 5) Early Childhood Spe- the personal repreblack, soft & hard top, 541-385-4790 Vin ¹299392 sentative, James E. c ial Education, a t exc.cond., always gaStock ¹44256A which time they will be Redman of the Redraged. 155K miles, $15,979 or $189/mo., destroyed. C o ntact man Law Firm, 10565 $11,500. 541-549-6407 $2500 down, 84 mo., 541-693-5700 for SE 23rd Ave., Mil4 .49% APR o n ap - more information. w aukie, Oreg o n proved credit. License 97222. Dated and first and title included in LEGAL NOTICE p ublished May 1 6 , payment, plus dealer in- IN TH E C I R CUIT 2015. Personal RepDodgeJourney stalled options. C OURT FOR T H E resentative: Anthony SXT2014, STATE OF OREGON A. Anderson. PERSUBaa u AWD, auto V W CONV. 1 9 78 VIN ¹193140. $22,888 FOR THE COUNTY SONAL REPRESEN$8999 -1600cc, fuel (exp. 5/31/1 5) DLR ¹366 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. OF DESCHUTES. In TATIVE: Anthony A. 877-266-3821 injected, classic 1978 the Matter of the Es- Anderson, 5939 NE Dlr ¹0354 Volkswagen Converttate of ROLAND OS- Wygant Street, Portible. Cobalt blue with CAR CHRISTENSEN, l and, O R 972 1 8, DID YOU KNOW 144 a black convertible Deceased. Case No. Phone: (503) million U.S. A dults top, cream colored 15PB0036. NOTICE 309-4541. LAWYER interior & black dash. read a N e wspaper TO INT E RESTED FOR PER SONAL This little beauty runs print copy each week? PERSONS. NOTICE REPRESENTATIVE: 541-548-1448 and looks great and Discover the Power of IS HEREBY GIVEN JAMES E. REDMAN, turns heads wherever PRINT N e wspaper that the undersigned of REDit goes. Mi: 131,902. Advertising in Alaska, has been appointed OSB¹63067 LA W F I R M, Phone 541-382-0023 Idaho, Montana, Or- as Personal Repre- MAN SE 23rd Avegon and Washing- s entative. A l l p e r- 10565 Milwaukie, OR t on with j us t o n e sons having claims enue, 97222, p hone call. For a against the estate are 5 03-659-5335,Phone: Fax: FREE adv e rtising required to p resent 503-659-5568, E-mail: (Photo for illustration only) network brochure call them, with p r oper Hyundai Veracruz 916-288-6011 or vouchers attached, to mail© 2006, 63.8L V-6 cyl email LEGAL NOTICE the undersigned Per¹061266.$17,997. VW SunBug 1 974 VIN cecelia© CI R CUIT sonal Representative IN T H E exc. cond. Total inte- (exo. 5/31/15) DLR ¹366 (PNDC) THE in care of Max Merrill COURT O F SMOLICH rior refurbish, engine of Merrill O'Sullivan, STATE OF OREGON OH, new floor pan, V O LV O LLP, 805 SW Indus- FOR THE COUNTY plus lots more! Sunt rial Way, Suite 5 , OF DES C HUTES 541-749-2156 r oof. C l ea n ti t l e. Bend, O R 97 7 0 2, Probate Department. $9500. 541-504-5224 within four m o nths In the Matter of the Estate of ARDIS B. from the date of first 933 publication of this no- HAMMERQUIST, DeFord Fusion SEL 2012, Pickups tice, or they may be c eased, Case N o . (exp. 5/31/1 5) barred. All persons 15PB0055. NOTICE Vin ¹117015 INT E RESTED whose rights may be TO Stock ¹44382A affected by this pro- PERSONS. NOTICE Jeep Grand Chero- $15,979 or $199/mo., ceeding may obtain IS HEREBY GIVEN $2400 down, 84 mo., kee Laredo 2004. .49% APR o n ap - additional information that the undersigned 4X4, trailer hitch. Ex- 4 has been appointed proved credit. License from the records of cellent car with lots of the court, the PerPersonal Representatitle included in Chevrolet Silverado TLC. 161,000 road and payment, plus dealer in- sonal Representative, tive. All persons hav2009 1500 Crew Cab, miles. $500 0 .00 stalled options. or the Attorney for the ing claims against the 4x4, 5.3 Itr, 6 speed 541-350-8849 Personal Representa- estate are required to SUBaa u auto, H D t r a ilering tive. Dated and first p resent them, w i th pkg, black int, remote Hwy 20, Bend. p ublished May 3 0 , vouchers attached, to s tart, 68k, 24 m p g Garage Sales 2060 NE 2015. Dale C h ris- the undersigned Per877-266-3821 hwy. $ 2 5,900. tensen. Personal Rep- sonal Representative Garage Sales Dlr ¹0354 541-382-6511 resentative: Dal e at 74 7 S W MILL Garage Sales Christensen, 1 9610 VIEW WAY, BEND, SE 9th Circle, Camis, O REGON 977 0 2 , GA L LW Find them within four m o nths WA 98607, Phone: TODAYA (206) 719-7778. At- after the date of first Chevy Pickup 1978, in torney for Personal publication of this nolong bed, 4x4, frame The Bulletin Representative: Max tice, or the claims may up restoration. 500 Iphoto forillusfreffon only) Merrill, OSB ¹71002, be barred. All perCadillac eng i ne, Classifieds Ford Mustang2001, Merrill O'S u llivan, sons whose r i ghts fresh R4 transmis2 door coupe, LLP, 805 SW Indus- may be affected by sion w/overdrive, low 541-385-5809 VIN ¹235073. $4,995. t rial Way, Suite 5 , the proceedings may mi., no rust, custom (exp. 5/31/1 5) DLR ¹366 Bend, Oregon 97702, obtain additional ininterior and carpet, Jeep Grand Cherokee Office: (541) f ormation from t h e n ew wheels a n d Overland Trail Rated 3 89-1770 o r Fa c - records of the court, tires, You must see 2014 MSRP $47,585+ simile: (541) the Personal Repreit! $25,000 invested. $1,400 options = list 3 89-1777, Emai l : sentative, or the law$12,000 OBO. of $48,985 4500 mi., max©merrill-osulliyers for the Personal 541-536-3889 or asking $42,000 firm. 541-548-1448 Representative, 541-420-6215. Dr. Roy: DANIEL C. RE. Dated 541-419-8184 LEGAL NOTICE and first published on IN T H E CI R CUIT May 16, 2015. JAMES Chevy Silverado 1500 COURT O F THE C. HAMMERQUIST, 2008, crew cab, 4x4 STATE OF OREGON Personal RepresentaVIN:102786 $15,988 FOR THE COUNTY tive. AAA Auto Source OF DESCHUTES. In Corner of West Empire the Matter of the EsLEGAL NOTICE & Hwy97 541-598-3750 tate of MARIE IN THE C I RCUIT GEO Metro 1991 Jeep Grand CheroDe- C OURT OF T H E aaaoregonautosource. kee Overland 2012, 5 spd manual trans., 3 STACKHOUSE, No. S TATE O F OR com. DLR¹ 0225 4x4 V-6, all options, cyl., 40+ mpg, 115k ceased. 15PB0045. NOTICE EGON FOR T HE running boards, front miles. Runs good,. TO INT E RESTED COUNTY OF DESob o /trade? guard, nav., air and $1800 PERSONS. NOTICE CHUTES. U.S. heated leather, cus- 541-419-5060, Ron IS HEREBY GIVEN BANK N A TIONAL tom wheels and new Lexus RX 400H 2006, that A n t hony A. ASSOCIATION, AS tires, only 41K miles, loaded, hybrid. Anderson has been TRUSTEE FOR $31,995 appointed p ersonal MASTR A DJUSTVIN:027427 $14,495 541-408-7908 DodgeRam 2500 AAA Auto Source representative. All ABLE RATE 1998, Corner of West Empire persons having claims MORTGAGES 8.0L V-10 cyl & Hwy97 against the estate are TRUST 2006-OA2 VIN ¹217888. $7,568 541-598-3750 required to present MORTGAGE (exp. 5/31/1 5) DLR ¹366 aaaoregonautosource. them, with vouchers PASS-THROUGH attached, to Anthony CERTIFICATES, com. DLR¹ 0225 A. Anderson, per- SERIES 2006-OA2, Jeep Willy's, metal Lincoln LS Sport 2005, sonal representative Plaintiff, v. THE top, big tires, ps, new V8, Moon-roof, White, a t 10565 S E 2 3 r d UNKNOWN HEIRS Excellent condition., Ave., Milwaukie, Or- AND DEVISEES OF paint, tow bar, new 541-548-1448 gages, etcH. $5500. $5,900. 503-781-0360 egon 97222, within K ENNETH D. R I 541-233-7272 or 541-593-0130 four months after the CHARDSON; HARI,







Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

them with vouchers publication to the unattached, to: J a net dersigned or they may Kay Knepper, Suc- be barred. Additional cessor Trustee, Leo information may be R. Knepper and Ro- o btained fro m t h e wena C . K n epper court records, the unTrust c/o Ronald L. dersigned or the atBryant, PO Box 457, torney. Date first pubRedmond OR 97756. lished: May 23, 2015. All claims against the Gary Arnett, Personal Leo R. Knepper and Representatives c/o Rowena C. Knepper Edward P. Fitch, Fitch Trust dated May 27, Law Group, PC, 210 1992 must be p reSW 5th Street, Suite sented to the Succes- 2 , R e dmond O R s or Trustee at t h e 97756. above address within LEGAL NOTICE four (4) months after TRUSTEE'S NOTICE the date of first publiOF SALE cation of this notice, Reference is made or such claims may be to that certain trust barred. Date first pub- deed made by Siglished: May 16, 2015. nature HomebuildLeo R. Knepper and ers, LLC, as grantor, Rowena C. Knepper to Western Title & T rust, J a net K a y Escrow Company, Knepper, Successor as trustee, in favor Trustee. of Sessler ProperLEGAL NOTICE ties, LLC as benefiThe undersigned has ciary, dated Februbeen appointed per- a ry 1 9, 201 4 , sonal representative recorded March 3, of the Estate of Bev- 2014 in the Official erly Ann Knepper De- R ecords of D e s ceased, by the Des- chutes County, Orchutes County Circuit egon, as instrument Court of the State of number Oregon, pro b ate 2014-006371, covnumber 1 5 PB0057. ering the following All persons having described real propclaims against t he erty situated in said estate are required to county and state, 373, present the same with to-wit: Lot vouchers RIVERRIM P.U.D., proper within four (4) months PHASE 10, City of after the date of first Bend, D e schutes publication to the un- County, O r egon. dersigned or they may Both the beneficiary be barred. Additional and the trustee have information may be elected to sell the o btained from t h e said real property to court records, the un- satisfy the obligadersigned or the attions secured by torney. Date first pub- said trust deed and lished: May 16, 2015. a notice of default Janet K . K n e pper, has been recorded Personal Representa- pursuant to Oregon t ive c/o R onald L . Revised S t a tutes Bryant, Attorney at 86.735(3); the deLaw, Bryant Emerson, fault for which the LLP, PO Box 4 57, foreclosure is made Redmond OR 97756. is grantor's failure to pay when due the LEGAL NOTICE ollowing sum s : The undersigned has fBalloon payment of been appointed per329,500.00 p l u s sonal representative $ at 10% per of the Estate of Dor- interest annum April thy M. Gridley, by the 21, 2014from until paid. Deschutes C o u nty By reason of said Circuit Court of the the benefiState of Oregon, pro- default in Oregon at (800) has declared 452-7636. The rebate number ciary sums owing on 15PB0016. Al l per- all l ief sought in t h e obligations sesons having claims the C omplaint is t h e by said trust against the estate are cured foreclosure of t he deed i m mediately required to present due and property located at the same with proper said sumspayable, 20641 Mary Way, the vouchers within four following, being Bend, OR 9 7 701. it: Date of First Publi(4) months after the $329,500.00 to- w todate of first publica- gether with interest c ation: Ma y 30 , tion to t h e u n der- thereon at the rate 2015. McCarthy & signed or they may be of 1 0% per annum Holthus, LLP, Anbarred. Add i tional dreanna C. Smith, April 21, 2014 information may be from OSB¹ 131336, 920 paid; costs of o btained from t h e until SW 3rd Ave., 1st oreclosure T i t l e court records, the un- F Floor, Portland, OR Report, attorney's dersigned or the at97204, Phone: (855) trustees fee, 809-3977, Fax: torney. Date first pub- fees, together with any (971) 201 - 3202, lished: May 16, 2015. other sums due or E-mail: l l ear©mcSusan Puckett, Per- that may become sonal R e p resenta- due under the note, tives c/o Sean M. O f A ttorneys f o r by reason of this N eary, F itch L a w or Plaintiff. f oreclosure, an y Group, PC, 210 SW further a d vances 5th Street, Suite 2, LEGAL NOTICE made by the benefiNOTICE IS HEREBY Redmond OR 97756. ciary as allowed by GIVEN pursuant to LEGAL NOTICE the Note and Trust ORS 130.365 that the The undersigned has Deed. WHE R Eundersigned is suc- been appointed per- FORE, notice cessor trustees to the sonal representative hereby is given that Leo R. Knepper and of the Estate of John the un d ersigned Rowena C. Knepper Arnett, by the Destrustee will on July Trust dated May 27, chutes County Circuit 8, 2015, at the hour 1992. A settlor of the Court of the State of of 1:30 p.m., in acTrust was Rowena Oregon, pro b ate cord with the stanCharlotte Kn e pper number 1 5 PB0059. dard of time estabwho died March 26, All persons having lished b y ORS 2015. A l l p e rsons c laims against t h e 187.110, at the west having claims against estate are required to entrance of the Desettlor of the Leo R. present the same with schutes Co u n ty Knepper and Rowena proper vouchers Courthouse, 1 164 C. Knepper Trust are within four (4) months NW Bond Street in required to present after the date of first RIET E. RICHARDSON AKA HARRIET ELLEN RICHARDS ON; OCCU P ANTS O F T H E PROPERTY, Defendants. Case No.: 15CV0133FC. SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION. To: THE U N KNOWN HEIRS AND DEVIS EES O F KE N NETH D . R I C HARDSON. You are hereby required to appear and defend the Complaint filed against you in the above entitled cause within thirty (30) days from the date of service of thissummons upon you, and in case of your failure to do so, for want t h ereof, Plaintiff will apply to the court for the relief demanded in the Complaint. NOTICE TO D E FENDANT: READ THESE PAP ERS CARE FULLY! You must "appear" in this case or the other side will win a utomatically. To "appear" you must file with the court a legal paper called a "motion" or "answer." The Umotion" or "answer" (or "reply") must be given to the court clerk or administrator within 30 days of the date of first publication s p e cified herein along with the required filing fee. It must be in p roper form a n d have proof of service on the plaintiff's a ttorney or, if t he p laintiff does n o t have an attorney, proof of service on the plaintiff. If you have questions, you should see an attorney immediately. If you need help in finding an attorney, you may call the Oregon State Bar's Lawyer Ref e rral Service at ( 5 03) 684-3763 or toll-free

the City of B end, C ounty o f De s chutes, State of Oregon, sell at public auction to the highest bidder for cash the interest in the said described real property which the grantor had or had power to convey at the time of the execution by grantor of the said trust deed, together with any interest which the grantor or grantor's successors in interest acquired after t he execution of said trust deed, to satisfy the foregoing obli g ations thereby secured and the costs and expenses of sale, including a r easonable charge by the trustee. N otice is further given that any person named in ORS 86.753 has the right, at any time prior to five days before the date last set for the sale, to have this f oreclosure pr o ceeding dismissed and the trust d ee d r e i nstated by payment to the beneficiary of the entire amount then due (other than such portion of the principal as would not then be due had no default occurred) and by curing any other default complained of h e rein that is capable of being cured by tendering the performance required under the obligation or trust deed, and in addition to paying said sums or tendering the performance necessary to cure the default, by paying all costs and expenses actually incurred in enforcing the o bligation and trust deed, together with trustee's and attorney's fees not exceeding the amounts provided by s a i d ORS 86.753. In construing this notice, the singular includes the p lural, th e w o r d "grantor" i n cludes any successor in interest t o the grantor as well as any other person owing an obligation, the performance of which is secured by said trust deed, and the words "trustee" and beneficiary" include their respective successors in i nterest, i f any . DATED: Ma y 8, 2 015. /s/ Carl M. Dutli. Carl M. Dutli, Trustee.

The Bulletin is your

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5 41-3 8 5 - 5 8 0 9 to advertise.

The Bulletin

serving central oregon since 1%8





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a I

NEW 2014 FORD F150's XL, XLT 8 LARIAT SUPER CAB 4X4 MSRP ......................... $38,170

TSS Discount ..........

The au-new 2015 Subaru Outbackogets you out into the world. At 33 mpg,' it's the most fuel-efficient midsize crossover in America!' Also new is a surprisingly spacious, upgraded interior featuring the SUBARU STARLINK™ infotainment system.

-$3,175 $34,995 Ford Rebate* **................. - $4,500 .








11 1 8l i S UBAR U Confidencein Marion

30 495

Other Trucks

New 2015Subaru Forester 2.5i 6MT

SUPER CAB 4X4 MSRP $41,345- TS&SDISCOUNT$3674- REB ATE$5500. VIN: D81999$32,171 SUPER CREW 4X4 MSRP $52,495- TS&SDISCOUNT$4781- REBATE$4500. VIN: E85109$43,214

Standard Model, Seat Back Protector, Cargo Tray, Rear Bumper Cover, All Weather Floor Mats

PRICES AFTERREBATES. *MustFinancethroughFordCredit. **Musttradeany model1995or newervehicle.OnApprovedCredit.

NEW 2015 FORD F150 SUPER CREW LARIAT M oon Roof, Nav.,20"W heels, Heated/Cooled Seats

Up t O

MSRP......................... $45,235 TSSDiscount .................-$4,850 $40,415 Ford CustomerCash......... -$1,250 Ford Credit.................... -$1,250 Trade Assist*' ................... -$1,500

4 8 M O n t h S On Approvedcredit.

MSRP$23,382. VIN: ¹FG805800. PFA-01Subaru of Bend Discount $823.

New 201 5Subaru BRZ Limited 6MT Standard Model. Rear Bumper Applique, Dim Mirror/Com w/Homelink, Interior Illumination Blue, Cargo Tray, Chrome Fender Trim

$36,385 PRICEAFTERREBATES. *Must Financethrough FordCredit.


** Must trade anymodel1995 or newervehicle. OnApproved Credit.


dg j"gjy ii.k80 u...



MSRP $29,294. VIN: ¹F9600054.FZE-OI Subaru of Bend Discount $2295.

NEW 2015 FORD F350 CREW XLT DIESEL XLT Value Pkg., 5th Wheel Prep, Remote Start.viN:A4116 65 MSRP ............ TSS Discount ...

New 2015Subaru Outback 2.5i Premium CVT

... $56,745 -$4,195 $52,550 -$2,500 -$1,500

Customer Cash..... Ford Credit* . . . . . . . .













Standard Model, Splash Guard Kit, Mirror Compass with Homelink, Rear Bumper Cover, All Weather Floor Mats, Rear Seat Back Protector



Other Trucks CREW CAB 4X4 MSRP $51,885- TS&SDISCOUNT$3890- REB ATE$4000. VIN:C54549$43995 CREW CAB 4X4 MSRP $66 335- TS&SDISCOUNT$5350- REB ATE$4000. VIN:C71454$56s985 CREW CAB 4X4 MSRP $67575 - TS&SDISCOUNT$5590- REB ATE$4000. VIN:C36816$57985 PRICES AFTERREBATES. *MustFinancethrough FordCredit. **Musttradeany model1995or newervehicle.OnApprovedCredit.

New 2015Subaru Legacy 2.5i CVT Standard Model. RearBumper Applique, All Weather Floor Mats, CargoTray

NEW 2014 FORD FUSION TITANIUM AWD Moon Roof,Heated/Cooled Seats, 19" Wheels. vIN:270504 MSRP ......................... $37,070 TSS Discount ................. -$3,314 $33,756 Ford Credil* . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . .. -$1,000 EcobootCash................... -$500 Trade Assist* * . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . -$1,000

i'jg j ftf I 2 l N h '

$31,256 72Months FMccFinancing, Ford Tier2orBetter, MustTrade Non FordVehicle. OnApprovedCredit. Goodthru6/1/15. ~

¹ o ADD

nnas¹II D O VS I ~



MSRP$23,039. Sale Price$21,699. CapReduction $3050. Residual 51ee$14,053.79. No Security Deposit. Onapproved credit 720 Beacon or higher Tier 1 Lease.10,000 miles peryear. Downpayment of $2300 cashor trade equity. $750 LeaseCashfrom Subaru. Dueat signing 1st payment $195.67, title L lic. $273 anddownpayment $2300. There is a$595 Acquisition Feefrom Subaru ofAmerica that is induded in payment. Audealer installed items arenot induded in payment andwill be anextra charge.There is a$445Subaru of Benddealer installed item on this vehide. Subject ro prior sale. See dealer for details. VIN: ¹F3060422.FAB-0I


h ~~ ~ 8 , IMO


MSRP$28,838. VIN: ¹F3326048. FDD-I I Subaru of Bend Discount $839.


MSRP ......................... $25,360 TSS Discount................. -$1,457 $23,903 Retail BonusCash........... -$2,000 * . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . .. Ford Credit -$1,000 EcobootCash................... -$500 * ' . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Trade Assist -$1,000

New 2015Subaru Impreza 2.0i Premium CVT Popular Package ¹2. Auto Dim Compass/Mirror/Homelink, Bumper Applique Sedan,CargoTray, All Weather Floor Mats, Splash Guard Kit

4g '•

Sale Price$19,403

PRICE AFTERREBATES. *MustFinancethrough FordCredit. ** Musttradeanymodel 1995or newervehicle. OnApprovedCredit. Goodthru6/1/15.


i'jgl' hh I2 IIVIIhh Due at Signing

Auto, 4 Dool's. vIN:179621

MSRP$22,453. SalePrice$21,399. CapReduction $2650. Residual 56%$13,022.74. No Security Deposit. On approved aedit 720 Beaconor higherTier I Lease. 10,000miles peryear. Downpayment of $2200cashor trade equiiy. $750 LeaseCashfrom Subaru. Dueatsigning 1st payment $197.69, title B.

MSRP ......................... $15,885 TSS Discount ................... -$348 $15,537 Trade Assist*'................ -$1,000

lic. $273 and down payment $2300. There is a$595 Acquisition Fee from Subaru of America that is induded in payment. An dealer installed items are not induded in payment and will be anextra charge. There is a $445 Subaru of Benddealer installed item on this vehide. Subject to prior sale. See dealer for details. VIN: ¹FNDI0649.flf-I I

Sale Price$14,537 **

~ O/ Musttradeanymodel19950rnewervehicle.60MonthsFMCCA nnsaans g I O I I\ I u Financing,FordTier 2or Better, OnApprovedCredit. IgJ IJOVII NIj A P R

SO E O ~ S

a ~a



SE Conv. Pkg., Reverse Sensing, Tow Pkg.viN:84921o MSRP ......................... $31,050 TSS Discount -$1,634 $29,416 Retail CustomerCash....... -$1,500 Ford Credit* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . -$500 Ecohoot Cash ................... -$500 Trade Assist' * . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . -$1,000 .
















MSRP $29,176. Sale Price$27,561.25. CapReduction $34$. Residual 61sk$17,737.36. No Security Deposit. On approved credit 720 Beacon or higher Tier I I.ease. 10,000milesper year. Downpayment of $2900cashor trade equity. $750 LeaseCashfrom Subaru. Dueat signing 1st payment$252.24, title I, lic. $273 anddownpayment $2900. There is a$595 Acquisition Feefrom Subaru of Americathat is induded in payment. Andealer installed items

Sale Price$25,916

are not included in payment and will be anextra charge. There is a $445 Subaru 0 Bend dealer installed item on this vehide. Subject to prior sale. See dealer forderails. VIN: ¹FH544785.Fff-IS

PRICE AFTERREBATES. *MustFinancethrou hFord Credit. ** Musttradean model1995 ornewervehicle. OnA rovedCredit.


EyeSight Driver-AssistSystem,Pre-Collision Braking System,Pre-CollisionThrottle ManagementSystem,LaneDeparture Warning IL LaneSwayWarning, Adaptive CruiseControl, Navigation System, Mirror Package ILMuchMore!

I2gj'ih I3428 2'



New 2015Subaru Forester 2.5i Premium CVT All WeatherPackage,HeatedFront Seats,Windshield Wiper De-lcer, HeatedSideMirrors


• • • I









• gJW


I• Sale endsMay31,2016.




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