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Bulletin health reporter Markian Hawryluk, an American with strong Ukrainian roots, goes to his parents' home country "to absorb this pivotal historic moment." Read apersonal account of his recent visit, plus his perspective on recent events, on today's Opinion cover, F1




lnSperte — Localprep coverage, plus aMajor League Baseball preview.D1

Human lie detectors?The TSAhas spent $1 billion training workers to read body language. But does it work? A3




Spying scandal — u.s. surveillance has businesses losing money.E1

• A Prineville man is participating in a sports clinic for veterans in Colorado

Election preview —2016 hopefuls woo big money; voting restrictions kick in.A6

By Elon Glucklich The Bulletin


California drought — pot plants use precious water.B6

More than 800 employees work across 22 Deschutes County government depart-

ments and service districts, collectingmore than $80

And a Wedexclusive-

million in annual salaries

Russia shutters dairy plant after workers video themselves bathing in milk. bentlbunetin.cem/extras

and benefits. But the county routinely has paid $2 million extra in recent years in allowance for cellphone use, bonuses for employees who get new training or do work beyond their job descriptions, as well as longevity pay for some staff. The $2 million totals


Schoolsare increasingly tracking obesity data

about 4 percent of the coun-

ty's gross wages paid each year. A May internal audit said these payments "could

benefit from a review." That audit and a follow-up audit this month said county staff

were largely keeping good track of the extra payments. But a few departments,

By Julie Watson The Associated Press


Ryan Brennecke I The Bulletin

including the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office and the county Road Department, were sometimes

The Chula Vista school dis-

Ryan Craig packs a beg in his Prineville home Friday. Craig suffered a traumatic brain injury while serving in Afghanistan

inconsistent with their

trict not only measures the

in 2010. This week he's attending a sports clinic in Colorado for skiing, snowmobiling and more.

record-keeping. Most of those problems have been

academicprogress ofM arina Beltran's second-grader, it also measures her son's

body fat. Every two years, Antonio Beltran, like his class-

mates, stepson a scale. Trained district personnel also measure his height and then use the two figures to calculate his body mass index, an indicator of

body fat. The calculation isn't reported to Beltran or

By Monicia Warner

"His first reaction was that he

The Bulletin

Department of V eterans Affairs, invites active duty and veteran mil-

veteran, is one of five veterans from


with him. He got a twinkle in his eye

Oregon who will participate in the

Craig and his mom, Jennifer Miller, both of Prineville, found out

and felt like he was gaining some normalcy." Miller said they immediately filled out the application and she received

didn't think he was able to do someR yan Craig just took off o n itary service members to learn win- thing like that ... that he didn't have what could be a life-changing solo ter sports taught by VA volunteers, the skills or the ability," Miller, 50, adventure. adaptive ski instructors and a few said. "They reassured him and went Craig, 26, a disabled U.S. Army members of the U.S. Disabled Ski over the program and into details 28th annual National Disabled Vet-

erans Sports Clinic beginning Mon- about the clinic in December when day in Snowmass Village, Colo. a VA social worker asked whether The clinic, sponsored by Disabled they had accessed any of the veter- the invitation call in February. American Veterans and the U.S. an programs available. See Trip /A4

her son, who cannot see

resolved, the follow-up audit found. Yet the addition-

al payments seem to be on the rise, albeit slightly. After spending just more than $2 million on additional wages between July 2011 and June 2012, the county spent $2.17 million on the same added payments the

nextfiscalyear,according to figures provided by the Deschutes County human

resources director. See Pay/A4

the readout on the scale that has a remote display.

Instead it's used by the district to collect local data on

children's weight. Beltran supports her son's school in measuring students because the data has brought in help to address obesity, which can lead to diabetes and other

illnesses tied to a lifetime of poor habits. But the practice

hasn't been embraced everywhere. Other school districts

have angered parents and eating disorder groups by conducting screenings to identify overweight children and send home what

critics call obesity report cards or "fat letters." See Obesity/A4

Ukraine crisis prompts new look at defense cuts the Army's presence in Europe by half.

as part oftheefforttoreduce

The decision to withdraw

tration calculated that stabil-

WASHINGTON — Soon after President Barack Obama unveiledthe U.S.

two of the four brigades

ity on the continent meant its

the Asia-Pacific. After Russian President Vladimir Putin annexed Crimea this month and or-

stationed on the continent

Defense Department's latest strategic guidance in early

meant that as many as 10,000 troops, plus their support per-

European allies would begin contributing more to ensure

dered a troop buildup along the country's border with

sonnel, would be eliminated

security, letting the United States pay greater attention to

Ukraine, the decision to

2012, his administration cut

By GopalRatnam Bloomberg News

the Army's size. The adminis-

TODAY'S WEATHER Business Calendar Classified

amined, said retired U.S. Navy Adm. James Stavridis, the former supreme allied commander of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization from 2009 to 2013.

reduce the U.S. military pres-

The Bulletin


Rain/snow High 49, Low31 Page B6

ence in Europe must be re-ex-


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Afghan ViclehCS —Usually, an Afghan election draws foreigners to Kabul, with incoming flights full of consultants, international monitors, diplomats and journalists. Now, it is the flights out that are full, and the incoming planes arehalf empty. Foreigners have been leaving Afghanistan like never before during anelection period after a series of attacks on foreign targets and the commission running the vote. An attack on the offices of the Independent Election Commission went on all Saturday afternoon, with staff members hiding in armored bunkers and safe roomswhile five insurgents fired rockets and small arms at its compound.

rescue workers took off their hard hats and f olded their

ish County Fire District 1 who

is leading part of the recovery OSO, Wash.— A week af- hands in front of them. They effort. "At this point everybody ter a devastating landslide tore turned toward an American is tired. There's people out here apart this small town, officials flag that had been found in the who you can't get them to go Saturday said 18 people had rubble, now hanging at half- home — they're looking for been confirmed dead and 30 staff from a tree. loved ones. So the mental toll is "Please join us in a moment just having to sift through this, others were still missing or unaccounted for, with the task of of silence in honor of victims and what they're finding." identifying bodies complicat- and loved ones of the Oso landAs dusk approached and ed by the condition they were slide," a woman announced the recovery effort started to foundin. over the emergency crews' wind down for the day, officials "The slide hit with such force radio system. "We continue to gave a grim-faced update at that oftentimes rescuers are not wish strength and hope." the news briefing. The official recovering full, intact victims," Excavators stopped pick- death count rose by one on SatJason Biermann, a spokesman ing through the debris. The urday, while the list of missing for the Snohomish County De- beeping of trucks backing up or unaccounted for fell drastipartment of Emergency Man- went quiet. Even the radio traf- cally, from 90. "We expected that number to agement, said during a briefing fic ceased. The most notable for the news media. sound was the rain hitting the drop," Biermann said. He said search crews were gray muddy ground. No one has been pulled from often making "partial recoverAfter days of desperate, non- the wreckage alive in nearly ies," and workers have recount- stop effort, it was one of the a week, and Mason, the fire ed pulling severed hands and first opportunities for many battalion chief, said the recovlegs from the muck. A chaplain family members and workers ery effort has moved from a was available to help workers involved in the search to qui- hasty search of places where and family members deal with etly pay their respects to those survivors were most likely to be — trapped under a piece of the emotional toll of the search. who were lost. "Today we've been at this for roof, for example — to a painsAt 10:37 a.m., precisely one week to the minute after the seven days," said Steve Mason, takingly slow forensic search of landslide struck, search and the battalion chief for Snohom- eachpile of debris.

Egypt CraCkdOWII —The wreckage of towns across North Sinai tells the story of a crackdown sosweeping that evenardent supporters of the Egyptian military say it risks spreading sympathy for the militants it is hunting. TheBedouin residents of Sinai, the desert peninsula bordering Israel, have long complained of neglect. And they say that the Egyptian police havealways applied abusive tactics like arbitrary or mass arrests here, treating anyBedouin as asuspected criminal. But in its 8-month-old battle to crush militants, the Egyptian military has respondedwith force on ascale that residents and historians say Sinai hasnever seen. Quake afterShOCkS —A total of115 aftershocks jolted the Los Angeles area bySaturday morning after a magnitude 5.1-earthquake Friday night, a federal seismologist said. Threeaftershocks reached magnitude 3, the last at10:37 p.m. Friday, said the seismologist, Lucy Jones of the U.S.Geological Survey. Aftershocks could continue for weeks, shesaid, adding that another noticeable earthquakewas possible, though not a causefor grave concern. A fire battalion chief, John Stokes, said no onehad beenkilled and only minor injuries had been reported. GMreCall —General Motors Co.announced Saturday morning that it was recalling about 490,000 trucks and172,000 small cars, meaning the automakerhasnowrecalled about4.8 million vehicles in the United States during the first three months of theyear.That is about six times the number of recalls it made inall of 2013.Thetrucks being recalled are the 2014Chevrolet Silverado 1500andGMCSierra1500 pickups, as wel lasthe2015ChevroletSuburbanandTahoeandtheGMCYukon and Yukon XL with six-speed automatic transmissions. GMsaid a loose fitting for the transmission's oil cooler line could allow oil leaks. CllOISStercl drIlgS —A newclass of experimental medicines can dramatically lower cholesterol, raising hopes of fresh a option for people who can't tolerate or don't get enoughhelpfrom Lipitor and other statin drugs that havebeenused for this for decades.Thefirst large studies of thesedrugs werepresented Saturday at anAmerican College of Cardiology conference inWashington, and morewill follow today.

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Obama endS triP —President Barack Obamaended his weeklong trip to EuropeandSaudi Arabia onSaturday morning with a brief private ceremony in which heoffered an International Womenof Courage award to aSaudi womanwhoworks to prevent domestic violence in the kingdom. Maha Al Muneef, the executive director of the National Family Safety Program, hadbeenselected to receive the award March 4 but was unable toattend theceremony in the United States for family health reasons.

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AnCient remainS —A 14-year-old boy digging atrout pond in the backyard of his father's Salt LakeCity homestumbled across a surprise: the remains of anAmerican Indian wholivedabout1,000 years ago. Experts from theUtahDepartment of Heritage andArts spent Friday removing the remains,which wereconfirmed by medical examiners as those of apersonfrom a milennium ago,and investigating the site for archaeological cluesafter ninth-grader Ali Erturk's discovery last week.

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Rick BowmerI The AssociatedPress

Revelers throw colored corn starch in the air Saturday while celebrating the 2014Hindu Festival of Colors, known asHoli at the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, Utah. Nearly 70,000 people areexpected to gather there this weekend for the annual two-day festival. Revelers gyrate to music, participate in yogaand throw colored

corn starch in the air onceevery hour. The Salt Lake Tribune reports that the large majority of participants are not Hindus, but Mormons. Thousands of students from nearby BrighamYoung University come to take part in a festival that is drug andalcohol free. The event stems from aHindu tradition celebrating the end of winter and the triumph of good overevil.

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In hunt for lost jet, newsightingsof debris arepromising but inconclusive By Kirk Semple New York Times News Service


sia — The hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 resumed in earnest Saturday as surveillance planes returned to the skies above a newly defined search area inthe southern Indian Ocean and spotted floating debris for the second day in a row, and a flotilla of vessels began arriving in the zone to find and identify the objects, the Australian authorities said.

Crews on two of the ships pulled several items from the

water, but investigators determined that the objects were not from the missing plane, according to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, which is

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overseeing the search. With several more ships


ta Qar Q as QzQaQ

The estimated jackpot is now $60 million.


The numbers drawnSaturday nightare:

6Q14Q 24Q 40Q43 QaQ The estimated jackpot is now $3.7 million.


• o-

s ls

I •

sions after re-evaluating the flyingover thezone Fridayalso radar data and weighing other spotted unidentified objects. factors such as the amount of But officials involved in the fuel on the plane when it took search, mindful of the amount off from Kuala Lumpur and its of detritus adrift in the world's altitude as it headed over the o ceans, cautioned that t h e south Indian Ocean, Malaysightings were inconclusive on sian officials added, offering their own. no further elaboration.

• •. •

•. •

floating debris. Five aircraft

openarms adult day service Please call or visit website for more details Stop byfor a personal tour 951 SW SimpsonAve e-5:30 • M-F Bend, OR 97702 •

"It is not known how much

flotsam, such as from fishing activities, is ordinarily there," the Maritime Safety Authority

said in a statement. A new analysis of radar data from March 8, as Flight 370

veered off its intended route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing and instead flew west over Peninsular Malaysia and then south over the Indian Ocean,

compelled officials to shift the search area Friday to a zone

M aslan d p r o d u c t s e x e m p l i f y o rig i n a l i t y , i n o v a t i v e c ont r u c t i o n a n d c o l o r t r e a t m e n t , a s well a s l a s t i n g b e a u t y . V isi t o u r s h o w r o o m t o f eel an d s e e t h e m a n y o pti o n s i n a r e a r u g s a n d c arpet s t h a t b r i n g t h a t a d d e d w armt h t o y o u r h o m e .

about 1,100 miles west of Perth.

The analysis showed that day, the naval contingent of the plane was moving faster the multinational search force than investigators had previtrying to locate the Boeing ously estimated and therefore 777-200 was expected to reach it would have burned fuel more 10 vessels later in the day. A quickly and possibly fallen into en route to the zone early to-

frigate from the Royal Austra-

The numbers drawnSaturday nightare:

Focusing on the individual needs of seniors and people with disabilities

the Indian Ocean farther north

lian Navy was also heading to than previously believed, offithe area and was scheduled to cials said. arrive Tuesday and another The new search area is Australian naval vessel was about 700 miles northeast of a expected to set sail from Perth zone that had been the focus of later today, outfitted with spe- search efforts for most of the cial equipment to detect the week. plane's data recorders, or black The revision of the search boxes, the authority said. area was based largely on Two aircraft flying over the work done by analysts from new search area SaturdayBoeing in Seattle, part of an inone from the Chinese People's ternational team of experts colLiberation Army Air Force and laborating with Malaysian inthe other from the Royal Aus- vestigators, officials here said. tralian Air Force — spotted They arrived at their condu-



C omp l em en t s H o m e I n t er i o r s 7 0 SW C e n t u r y D r . S u i t e 1 4 5 B end, O R 9 7 7 0 2 5 4 1 . 3 2 2 . 7 3 3 7 w rn p l e m e n t s h o m e . c o m

D esign in g t h e ~ ig , gr '

ar o u n d y o u .




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It's Sunday, March 30, the 89th day of 2014. Thereare276 days left in the year.


HAPPENINGS Ukraine —Secretary of State John Kerry andForeign Minister Sergey Lavrov of Russia are to meet in Paris to try to forge a diplomatic solution to the crisis there.A1,F1

HISTORY Highlight:In1981, President Ronald Reaganwas shot and seriously wounded outside a Washington, D.C., hotel by assailant John Hinckley. Also wounded in theattack were White House press secretary James Brady, Secret Service agent Timothy McCarthy, and District of Columbia police officer Thomas Delahanty. In1135, the Jewish philosopher Maimonides wasborn in Cordoba in present-day Spain. In1822, Florida becamea United States territory. In1867,U.S. Secretary of State William Seward reached agreement with Russia to purchase the territory of Alaska for $7.2 million. In1870,the15th Amendment to the U.S.Constitution, which prohibited denying citizens the right to vote andhold office on the basis of race, wasdeclared in effect by Secretary of State Hamilton Fish. Texaswas readmitted to the Union. In1909, the Queensboro Bridge, linking the NewYork City boroughs of Manhattan and Queens, opened. In1923, the Cunard liner RMS Laconia becamethe first passenger ship to circle the globe as it arrived in NewYork. In1945,the Soviet Union invaded Austria during World War II. In1959, a narrowly divided U.S. SupremeCourt, in Bartkus v. Illinois, ruled that a conviction in state court following an acquittal in federal court for the same crime did not constitute double jeopardy. In1964, John Glennwithdrew from the Ohio racefor the U.S. Senate because of injuries suffered in a fall. The original version of the TVgameshow "Jeopardy!," hosted by Art Fleming, premiered onNBC. In1974, the Ramones' first concert took place atPerformance Studio in NewYork. In1984, the adventure-romantic comedy "Romancing the Stone," starring Michael Douglas and KathleenTurner, was released by 20th Century Fox. In2002, Britain's Queen Mother Elizabeth died at Royal Lodge, Windsor, outside London; she was101 years old. Ten years ago:In areversal, President George W.Bush agreed to let National Security Adviser CondoleezzaRice testify publicly and under oath before an independent panel investigating the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Fiveyears ago:President Barack Obamaasserted unprecedented government control over the auto industry, rejecting turnaround plans from General Motors andChrysler and raising the prospect of controlled bankruptcy for either ailing auto giant. Federal food safety officials warned consumers to stop eating all foods containing pistachios while they figured out the source of a possible salmonella contamination. Gunmenattackedapoliceacademy onthe outskirts of Lahore, Pakistan, killing at least12 people. One year ago:Kaufman County, Texas, District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife, Cynthia, were found killed in their house two months after one of his assistants, Mark Hasse, was gunneddown near their office. (Ex-Justice of the Peace Eric Williams and his wife, Kim, are charged with capital murder.)

BIRTHDAYS Actor-director Warren Beatty is 77. Rock musician Eric Clapton is 69. Actor Robbie Coltrane is 64. Actor Paul Reiser is 57.Rap artist MC Hammer is 51.TV personality Piers Morgan is 49. Singer Celine Dion is 46. Singer Norah Jones is 35. — From wire reports

The TSA has spent about $1 billion training officers to read body language — but there's no evidence the techniques work. By John Tierney

person's body," said Nicholas Epley, a professor ofbehavioral Like the rest of us, airport science at the University of Chisecurity screeners like to think cago. "Body language speaks they can read body language. to us, but only in whispers." The Transportation Security The TSA program was reUniversityof Chicago via The New YorkTimes News Service Administration has spent some viewed last year by the Gov- Volunteers participate in an experiment to analyze the links between body language and lying. $1 billion training thousands ernment Accountability Office, of "behavior detection officers" which recommended cutting to look for facial expressions funds forit because there was movements of people as they training experts to look for a and many researchers question and other nonverbal clues that no proof of its effectiveness. talk. This is based on a theory constellation of body cues. Ste- how reliably these techniques would identify terrorists. T hat r ecommendation w a s from believers in neurolinguis- phen Porter of the University of canbe applied in the real world. But critics say there's no ev- based on the meager results of tic programming that people British Columbia says the poor Other studies, including ones idence that these efforts have the program as wellas a sur- tend to glance upward to their success rate in studies is caused involving police interrogations, stopped a single terrorist or vey of the scientific literature right when lying, and upward partly by the limitations of lab- have found that people are not accomplished much beyond by psychologists Charles Bond to the left when tellingthe truth. oratory experiments in which always better at detecting highinconveniencing passengers. and Bella DePaulo, who anaBut this theory didn't hold up subjects are often asked to lie stakes lies than lesser ones. The TSA seems to have fallen lyzed more than 200 studies. when it was tested by a team about things that don't really The fear of being charged with fora dassicform ofself-decepIn those studies, people cor- of British and North Ameri- matter to them. Liars may show a crimecan make an innocent tion: thebelief thatyou can read rectly identified liars only 47 can psychologists. They found more stress in a real-life situ- person look suspiciously nerliars' minds by watching their percent of the time, less than no pattern in the upward eye ation when much depends on vous, too. bodies. if they had picked them at ran- movements of liars and truth being believed. The TSA administrator, John dom. They were better, 61 per- tellers. The researchers also In astudylastyear,psycholo- Pistole, defended its behav'An illusion ofinsight' cent, at spotting truth tellers. found that people trained to gists at the University of British ior-detection program last year Most people think liars give But their accuracy was even look for these eye movements Columbia trained professionals by saying it identified "highthemselves away by averting lower in experiments when did not do any better than a in forensics to look for an array risk passengers at a signifitheir eyes or making nervous they couldn't hear what was control group at detectingliars. of facial expressions and other cantly higher rate than random gestures, and many law-en- being said, and had to make a signs of stress or inconsistency screening." The accountability forcement officers have been judgmentbased solely on a per- 'High stakes' lies in someone telling a story. Then office report challenged the "There is no Pinocchio's nose these professionals looked at methodology behind that astrained to look for specific tics, son's body language. like gazing upward in a certain Researchers have found that — no one cue that will always news footage of people plead- sertion and questioned the cost manner. But in scientific exper- the best clues to deceit are ver- accompanydeception,"said an ing for the return of a missing effectiveness of the program. It iments, people do a lousy job of bal — liars tend to be less forth- author of the eye-movement relative. Some of the pleaders noted that fewer than 1 percent spotting liars, and law-enforce- coming and tell less compelling study, Leanne ten Brinke, a were sincere, but others were of more than 30,000passengers ment officers and other pre- stories — but even these differ- psychologist at the University lying. The trained professionals a year who are identified as sumed expertsare notconsis- ences are usually too subtle to of California, Berkeley. were able to identify the liars suspicious end up being arresttently better at it than ordinary be discerned reliably. She and some researchers with an 80 percent accuracy ed, and that the offenses (hke people. One technique that has been argue that it may nonetheless rate. carrying drugs or undeclared "There's an illusion of insight taught to law-enforcement offi- be possible to detect certain That's an impressive record, currency) had not been linked that comes from looking at a cers is to watch the upward eye kinds of "high stakes" lies by but it's only one experiment, to terrorist plots. New York Times News Service

'Nanobionics'.giving plants superpowers By Deborah Netburn

and oxygen and water out. The

Los Angeles Times

researchers found that if they

Plants are an engineering put the nanoparticle solution in marvel of nature. Fueled by a syringe and at high pressures sunlight, they recyde our car- shot it at the stomata, the nanobon dioxide waste into fresh tubes would get in. oxygen for us to breathe. Plus, Thenextchallengewastoget they make the world prettier. the nanotubes to their intended But, with a little help from us destination — the tiny chlorohumans, can they be coaxed to plasts, 5 to 10 microns in length, do even more? floating inside the cells. To do Researchers at the Massa- this, the team invented a new chusetts Institute of Technol- system that wraps nanopartiogy havebeen experimenting des in a highly charged polywith giving plants new powers mer. The polymer is especially by placing tiny carbon nano- attracted to the lipid bubble that tubes in their chloroplastssurrounds each c hloroplast. the tiny engine of the plant cell When the nanotubes hit the where photosynthesis takes bubble, they slide right in. "It is really impressive how place. After much trial and error, well it worked," said Juan Pabtheir eff orts have succeeded. lo Giraldo, a plant biologist Some of the altered plants who works in Strano's lab. The produced in their lab have in- nanotubes "go right in there creased their photosynthetic

and start assembling inside."

activity by 30 percent comPlants only use 10 percent of pared with regular plants. 0th- the sunlight available to them. ers were able to detect tinytrac- All green light, for example, es of pollutants in the air. is reflected by the leaves. But And that's just the beginning. after feeding the nanotubes to "The idea is to impart plants living plants, their photosynwith functions that are nonnative to them," said Michael

thetic activity increased by 30

In other words, he wants to

their photosynthetic activity to

percent. The technique worked Strano, a professorofchemical even better on extracted chloengineering who oversaw the roplasts (the kind they got from experiments. store-bought spinach), causing give plants super powers. Strano's Iab is the first to

increase by 49percent. The MIT s cientists aren't sure exactly what the nano-

work at the nexus of plant biology an d n a notechnol-tubes did to make photosynogy — a new field dubbed thesis so much more efficient. "nanobionics." One possible explanation they Because no one had ever offered is that nanotubes share exploredthis area before, the electrons with chloroplasts, alteamhad to start at the verybe- lowing the chloroplast to capginning. That meant figuring ture abroader range oflight. out how to get nanotubes into a Researchers in Strano's lab plant in the first place. previously had developed a carIn early experiments, they bon nanotube that responds to watered the plants with a solu- the presence of nitric oxide by tion containing nanoparticles, drastically reducing its fluoreshoping the particles would be cence. So the team prepared a taken up through the roots. But that didn't work. It turns out plant roots have a structure that blocks nanotubes from en-

teringthe vascular system. The team also tried cutting

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solution of these nanotubes and shot it into the stomata.

As they had hoped, the plant leaves glowed less under an infrared light when exposed to nitric oxide. However, the sig-

leaves and steeping them in nal was very subtle, so bushes the nanoparticle solution. That that monitor air quality are still didn't work either. a long way off. Still, Strano and Undeterred, Strano's team his colleagues think altered turned to t h e s tomata, the plants may one day be able to small pores on the underside of alert us to pollutants, pesticides leaves that let carbon dioxide in or fungal diseases in the air.



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ating a stir, the information act-

Continued from A1

help. Schools boosted partner-

ed as a distress call, bringing in

Amid the nation's childhood

obesity epidemic, schools in nearlyaquarterofstatesrecord body mass index scores, measuring hundreds of thousands of students. Some, like the Chula Vista

Elementary School District, do what is known as surveillance, in which students are mea-

sured to identify how many are at risk for weight-related health problems, but t hey

r e main

anonymous. Other districts do screenings to track the weight of individual students and no-

tify parents whose children are dassified at an unhealthy weight. Chula Vista is being touted for its methods that have resulted in motivating the communi-

ty to take action. When nearly 25,000 students were measured in 2010, it discovered about 40

percent of its children were obese or overweight. Officials used the data to

make a color-coded obesity map of the district and showed the community. Instead of cre-

ships with doctors. They planted gardens, banned cupcakes

an for th e N ational Eating surement programs, induding equately without this dataDisorders Association, said effects on attitudes, and behav- they would support this," Longher daughter knew about the iors of youth and their fami- j ohnsaid. screening's limitations but oth- lies. As a result, no consensus Sta t ewide childhood obesier children's self-esteem could exists on their utility for young ty rates in Arkansas have re-

is classified as having a traumatic brain injury. Though he still requires 24-hour care, he'll be making

be cleared by the their doc-

tor and go through a second screening on-site in Colorado

the trip alone with M i ller's

blessing and the support of family and friends. "He was expressing some desire for independence," Miller said.

before they're allowed to par-

ticipate, said Teresa Parks, clinic director. She said 325 veterans were invited to the

Do your hands turn white, blue, purple or transparent when cold? Are the back of your hands shiny with no lines on your knuckles? Do you have unexplained weight loss? Do you experience shortness of breath? Do you have swallowing difficulties or heartburn?

"I'm terrified and excited at the same time."

clinic this year, including at least 100 f i r st-timers. The vets are divided into 12 dif-

Craig will take to Snow-

ferent sit-down and stand-up teams mixing f i rst-timers

m ass M o u n tai n st a r t i n g Monday with the 16-member,

with returning vets.

stand-up Powderhorn team, learning skiing, snowmobiling, kayaking and bucket hockey.

"We do about 1,200 lessons in a week," Parks said. Ryan Brennecke/The Bulletin "These new guys that come Though Ryan Craig, of Prineville, still requires 24-hour care for in are nervous and really hes- his injury in Afghanistan, he hes the chance to travel to Colorado itant — they're pushing them thanks to the National Disabled Veterans Sports Clinic.

Miller said he'll h ave at least two other VA families

If you areexperiencing any one ormoreof thesesymptoms, it may be anautoimmune diseasecalled Scleroderma.Call your doctor for an appointmentwith documentedsymptoms as soon aspossible to either rule out or confirm Sclerodermadiagnosis.

looking after him while he's have the ones that have been there. "It's pretty amazing coming for a while that show cover fire to allow some of his bunch of surgeries and basi- that programs like this ex'em the ropes and take them fellow platoon members to es- cally his whole skull has been ist," she said. "I hope he takes under their wing. It's very cape the area. He was shot in rebuilt to help with brain away a sense of self-worth cool to watch." the head, with the bullet pen- swelling," Miller said. She and self-pride and (that) some Craig was injured in Af- etrating his helmet and dam- said that in four years, Craig interpersonal confidence will ghanistan in November 2010 aging the two frontal lobes of has relearned how to walk be restored." when his platoon was amhis brain. and talk and perform "other — Reporter: 541-633-2117, "He went through a whole basic functions of life." bushed. He was providing out of their comfort zone. You

number of departments, An-

derson and other county officials said.

Things such as longevity pay and bonuses for new certification are written into em-

ployee contracts, Deschutes County Administrator Tom

Anderson said Thursday. "The bulk of it is out of our control," Anderson said. "The

longer our people are tenured, the higher their pay." N early three-fourths of t h e

total added pay over the last two years comes from longevity pay and certification bonuses. But the county does have jurisdiction over a

s m a ller

source of funds, called lead pay, given to employees who take on work outside their ba-

p oorest areas and had t h e

Ilo ur Hands Hurt'V

Continued from A1 Clinic applicants have to

Data aren't available for the current fiscal year, which ends June 30.

f o un d t h a t

be seriously harmed by such

He's in o utpatient status with the Bend VA Clinic and

Continued from A1

T he d i strict

schools with the most overweight students were in the

people, according to the Cen- mained relatively stable since smallest number of parks and kids' activity levels. notifications. ters for Disease Control and i t b ecame the first state in 2003 the highest concentration of "I've seen a d r a matic "I think those letters make Prevention. to mandate school- fast-food restaurants. change," Beltran said of her kids feelbad about themselves," S chools, o v e r based screenings. Beltran said the map motison, who now eats carrots and she said. "For a kid that is pre- medical cli n ics, "NOt)Odg' A rkansas h a s vated parents, but they would looks forward to running club. disposed to an eating disorder, have the advantage g/BflgS [O fee/ become amodel for have been uncomfortable if Chula Vista's programthose are the kind of triggers of ha~g access to B~~BC jf how to do it, as well officials had issued body fat reed Of which measures students in that can set it off." the largest number as Chula V ista's port cards. kindergarten through sixth Massachusetts in O ctober of children. The lo- Put On the schoo l district, along "Nobody wants to feel atgrade — differs from Califor- stopped requiring schools noti- cal data is valuable OffefIS jye Qy with Sa n D i ego tacked or put on the offensive nia's state-mandated program fy parents when a child scores to researchers who j . . j d Cou n ty's Health and by being singled out," she said. ~ ~ that screens students and noti- high after receiving reports have had a dearth Human S e rvices "So it helped that we were told fiesparents ofthe scores. that the data was not safe- of childhood obe- OUt SO lt Agency , which also we're all in this together." Vicki Greenleaf said she re- guarded enough, "leading to sity i n f ormation,j I elped 07BP now records chilThe cafeteria at Lilian J. Rice dren's body mass Elementary, Antonio Beltran's ceived what she called a "fat alarm,confusion or embarrass- and it can be used " letter" in the mail last summer ment," according to the state's to pinpoint places index scores, Long- school, now offers fruit and from the Los Angeles Unified public health department. Par- that need help, said We l'8 Bjj jrl john sa id. vegetables from local farms School District Her daughter ents can request the results. Dr. Matt Longjohn, ~hjS gOgefpel " A kit by Ch u - and eliminated chocolate milk. "The current policies to pro- an assistant adjunct does Brazilian martial arts four la Vista for o ther Fundraisers sell bracelets and times a week and is built like tect student data are pretty professor in the De- — Marina Beltren, schools rec o m- magazines instead of nachos Olympic gold medalist Mary inconsistent and at times woe- partments of Pediat- C h ule Vista, Calif., mends a profession- and candy. In 2012, the district meaLou Retton, but was classified fully inadequate," said James rics and Preventive parent al digital scale with asoverweightbythe state-man- Steyer, CEO of the San Fran- Medicine at Northa remote display so sured again and found obesity dated body mass index screen- cisco-based nonprofit Common western University's only trained staff rates dropped by 3 percent and ingprogram, she said. Sense Media,which reviews Feinberg School of Medicine. s e es the number, and not listingthe number of students in the Critics say body mass index technology and c h i ldren's "If parents knew the facts children's names in any report. normal weight range increased — that obesity solutions may Mirroring CDC's guidance for by 3percent— meaning about can be misleading for muscular privacy. body types. Little is known about the be being applied to their com- schools, staff explains to par- 750 students had moved down Greenleaf, a spokeswom- outcomes of school-based mea- munities inequitably or inad- e n t s how the information will alevel. at school birthdays and tracked



be used and they can opt out.

The 809 full-time county

But adding new staff could also stretch the added pay figures tied t o e m ployee

for moreinfovisit www.eclerodermam nm el.ore

• •




"We'd always want to be employees total is actually down from 828 employees able to rein that in and have six years ago, county budget it be less of an expense," said documents show. County Commissioner Tony But Deschutes County's DeBone, who serves on the population has i n creased county's audit committee. nearly 10,000 over that time, Things such as longeviaccording to U.S. Census Bu- ty pay, certificate bonuses reau estimates. and cellphone allowance M ore than $230,000 in lead help retain talented workers, pay over the last two years DeBone said. But commishas proved more cost-effec- sioners will need to balance tive than adding new, full- the need for new staff with time positions in many cases, the potential budget strains County Commissioner Alan from these additional wage Unger said. payments if the county's popThese dollar figures are ulation keeps growing, he likely to get a fresh look as said. the county's budget situation County officials will track improves amid a housing re- the personnel figures as bound and as more residents county leaders start mapping move in, Unger said. out the next fiscal year's bud"As the population grows, get in April, Anderson said. "My expectation is (lead you have more services to provide," he said. Extra reve- pay) will shrink, not go away,

sic responsibilities. Some of that lead pay has helped fill personnel gaps in the wake of the 2008 housing nue means the county would market crash, which decimat- be more likely to add posied property tax returns and tions moving forward than forced staff reductions in a rely on lead pay.

Raising Awarenesswith Strength R Courage

•I I


s • I) • t~


'gg J! w


4 •

• > • •

• •




but shrink as we more dili-


gently look at it," he said.


— Reporter: 541-617-7820,

"It'S a Spring Thing".

• I mh

• •

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As diplomacysteps up, candidatesfor Ukraine's presidencynarrow New York TimesNewsService MOSCOW — A day after Russian leader Vladimir Putin

proposed to President Barack Obama that they boost attempts to resolve their stand-

offover Ukraine, Secretary of State John Kerry scrambled his travelplans to meetwithhis

Russian counterpart in Paris today, according to a State De-

partment official. The meeting comes amid fears that Russia plans to seize more Ukrainian territory after

its recent rapid annexation of Crimea that led to U.S. and Eu-

ropean sanctions. As the t ug-of-war over Ukraine's future continued, Vitali Klitschko — one of thebest-

known faces of the anti-government protests that helped


set off the country's political

try already riven by months of to a transcript on the station's political upheaval. website. "My l a test m eeta competitor for the presidenOn Saturday, in an apparent ing with John Kerry in The cy in hopes of unifying forces bid to defuse those tensions, Hague and my contacts with behind a single, pro-Western the Russian foreign minister, Germany, France and some candidate. Sergey Lavrov, said in a tele- other countries show that the The a nnouncement by vision interview that Russia possibility of a joint initiative K litschko, a f o r mer w o r ld had "no intention" of invading is taking shape, which could champion boxer, that he would Ukraine, although the United be proposed to our Ukrainian put aside his presidential ambi- States and NATO have said colleagues." tions in favor of the billionaire Russian forces were massed One Obama administration chocolate magnate Petro Po- along the Ukrainian border. official cautioned that it is unroshenko reordered the race Lavrov and Kerry spoke likely that a deal is imminent ahead of elections in May. The by telephone Saturday after and noted the difference in move appeared to reflect rising Obama and Putinhad agreed tone between the statements concern of a split in support on fresh diplomacy. Kerry then issued bythe United States and among candidates who want delayedhis returntothe United by Russia on what was said doser relations with the West, Statesand headed for Paristo between the two presidents. The White House had stressed including the former prime meet Lavrov today. "We are bringing our ap- possible diplomatic movement, minister, Yulia Tymoshenko, that could create an opening proaches closer together," Lav- while the Kremlin had stressed forapro-Russiachallengerand rov said in an i nterview on Putin's complaints about "exsowfurther divisions in a coun- Rossia 1 television, according tremists" in Ukraine. crisis — threw his support to

after arriving in Paris. After leaving Saudi Arabia, the secretary delayed his return to Washington in order to travel to Paris for a meeting today with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov about the situation in Ukraine.

Three of the U.S. Army's "in-

dependent brigades should be Continued fromA1 stationed, on a long-term basis "I supported the decision to with supporting arms, in Eudownsize forces in Europe," rope along routes of approach Stavridis, who's now dean of from Russia into Poland and the Fletcher School at Tufts the Baltic states," Killebrew University in Medford, Mass., wrote, with comparable Air said in a phone interview. "But Force bases, "not temporary I thinktimes are changing, and lily pads that have no deterrent I think it'd be prudent to revisit effect." that decision in light of events The U.S. Army's leadership ofthelast30days"because Eu- isn't reviewing the decision to ropean allies are seeking the removethe two brigade comreassurance of "having com- bat teams from Europe, Gen. mitted U.S. ground forces." Ray Odierno, the service's Obama's 2 0 1 2 de f ense chief of staff, told reporters strategy was accompanied Thursday in Washington. "What we are looking at is by $487 billion in reductions from planned defense spend- making sure" the Armyhas the ing over a decade, with more necessaryforce to respond if than half of those cuts going help is requested by NATO, he into effect by 2017. That didn't said. Odierno said the Army is indude the added constraints discussing with the European from t h e

Jacquelyn Martin/The Associated Press

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry walks to his vehicle Saturday

iPhone 4s. Unlimited eveI ytlainy. No contract.

g o v ernment-wide Command whetherto advance

spending reductions known as an exercise in Europe that was sequestration. originally planned for June. The assumptions u nder-

pinning the strategy were a Putin as antagonist peaceful Europe and a Russia Some NATO allies, such as that was a partner rather than

Lithuania, that are on the front

an antagonist. The new focus line with Russia say the trust of U.S. conventional ground, that U.S. and western Europe air and naval forces was to be a placed in Putin over the last derising Asia, where China's rap- cade was misplaced. id military modernization and The American decision to territorial disputes were alarm- withdraw Army troops from ing its neighbors. Europe "was a miscalculaIn the Middle East and Afri- tion," said Rasa Jukneviciene, ca,U.S. specialoperations forc-





a Lithuanian lawmaker and

es and unmanned aerial vehi- the country's former defense cles would continue to track minister. Even as th e U . S. and decimate terrorist groups. was shrinking its presence in The Army's 170th and 172nd

a L



Europe, Putin was "militariz-

ing, using European money from the sale of Russia's enerand eliminated, Army spokes- gy resources," she said in an BrigadeCombat Teams have been removed from Europe

man Lt. Col. Don Peters said in anemail.


interview. During Putin's first term as president, Russia's m i litary


The 2012 U.S. strategy also was rooted in a desire to see spending, measured in conNATO take on security respon-

stant 2011 dollars, more than

sibilities outside Europe, said doubled to $67.9 billion in 2008 Samuel Charap, a senior fellow from $32.5 billion in 2000, acat the Washington office of the Institute of International Security Studies, a London-based

policy group.

cording to data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. After Putin returned to the

The U.S. "wanted NATO to be a tool that could address

presidency in 2012, Russia's defense spending rose 16 per-

global challenges" instead of cent from the previous year "security threats on the conti- to $90.6 billion, making it the nent itself," Charap said. The third-largest spender after the focus now must return to NA- U.S. and China, according to TO's "territorial defense mis- SIPRI.Comparable U.S. desion," he said. If that happens, fense spending for 2012 was it could undo "much of what $668.8 billion. the Obama administration had The U.S. was beginning to hoped" in terms of transform- scaleback afteradecade ofining the alliance. creasesfueled by wars in Iraq

Shifting situations

and Afghanistan. In 2012, U.S.

defense spending declined 6 Obama's strategy looks out- percent in real terms from the datedafterRussia'saggressive previous year, according to moves, Stavridis said. "Any SIPRI. strategy has to survive colliThe worldwide financial crision with real-world events," sis left many European counhe said. "The decisions that tries fiscally weak and unable looked quite sensible a year to meet the goal of spending ago need to be re-examined." atleast2percentoftheirgross Increasing the U.S. military domestic product on defense, presence in Europe would pro- according to the NATO Secvide more troops for joint exer- retary General's 2013 annual cises with allies, create a larger report. ground-combat capability, and Only three of the 26 Europe"the key thing it does is reas- an members of NATO — Estosure European allies of the real nia, Greece and Britain — met strength of U.S. commitment," the 2 percent guideline, in 2013, Stavridis said. the report found. The U.S. The Obama administration spent 4.1 percent. has begun to move in that direction, at least temporarily.

"We will be increasing our

NATO members must boost

their defense spending, Obama said in a March 26 news con-

ference in Brussels. "If we've got collective defense, it means plement" deployments of F-15 everyone has got to chip in," he and F-16 jet fighters to Poland said, adding that he was conand the Baltic states, Depu- cerned about the "diminished" ty National Security Adviser spending by some alliance Ben Rhodes told reporters last members. week. "The United States is There's little evidence that's prepared to join those commit- going to happen. British Prime


one s

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rotations of ground and naval forces to NATO allies to com-

ments so that we have a contin-

. US.Cellular. Hello Setter;

Minister David Cameron this

uous presence to reassure our week rebuffed a call from a allies in terms of ground, naval former chief of the general and air assets." staff to deploy an additional Deterring Russia from fur- 3,000 British troops to be on thermoves requiresmore than standby in Germany. Britain such temporary maneuvers, plans to cut its Army to 82,000 retired U.S. Army Col. Robert soldiers from 102,000 by 2018 Killebrew argued in the "War while doubling its reserves to on the Rocks" web magazine. 30,000.

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aotcur sin ivota states ic in By Steven Yaccino and Lizette Alvarez New Yor/z Times News Service

C INCINNATI — Pi v otal swing states under

Many of the measures have yet to take effect, and a fewwillnot take effect until 2016. But at a time when Democrats are on


Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey addresses a meeting of the

Republican Jewish Coalition Saturday in Las Vegas. Speakers at the event criticized the White House as soft on foreign policy but also lambasted what they perceived as a rising neo-isolationist

sentiment in their own party.

Christie speaks at GOP forum on 'comeback tour'

e lectoral r estrictions o n

cantly outspent by conserva-

registering and voting that go beyond the voter identi-

tive donors like the Kochbrothers, the changes pose another

fication requirements that

potential hurdle for Democrat-

have caused fierce partisan brawls. The bills, laws and administrative rules — some of them tried before-

ic candidates this year. Republicans defend t he measures, saying Democrats are overstating their impact for partisan reasons. The new shake u p fun d amental rules, Republicans say, help components of state elec- prevent fraud, save money and tion systems, including bring greater uniformity to a the days and times polls patchwork election system. "We think they're stokare open and the locations where people vote. ing these things for political R epublicans in O h i o gain," said Alex Triantafilou, and Wisconsin this winter the chairman of the Hamilton pushed through measures County Republican Party in limiting the time polls are Ohio. "We think there's an efopen, in particular cutting fort here to rally the Democrati nto weekend voting f a-

vored by low-income voters erwise wouldn't be rallying." and blacks, who sometimes Democrats and other critcaravan from churches to

By Michael Barbaro New York Times News Service

LAS VEGAS — Gov. Chris Christie, eager to revive his national political fortunes amid a

polls on the Sunday before face of shifting demographan election. ics, Republicans are trying to

in his remarks, a line seen as a rebuttal to Paul.

Carolina are scrambling to electorate in their favor. Those fight back against the na- most affected by the restric-

So did John Bolton, the am-

sey, joined some of the other top

bassador to the United Nations

contenders for the Republican under President George W. presidential nomination here Bush, who lamented "a rising tide of neo-isolationism within

complaining that the United the Republican Party." States was perceived around Much of th e convention the world as

w eaker since was dosed to the news media:

President Barack Obama took office. He bluntly warned that "when America does not play an active and vigorous role in the world, bad people do." Gov. Scott Walker of Wis-

Bush spoke in an off-the-record session Thursday night in an airplane hangar owned by Adelson. His remarks were described by attendees. On Saturday, Christie and Walker spoke before a crowd that induded

consin suggested that the president's foreign policy team reporters. had failed to grasp a lesson Adelson loomed large over known to any parent disciplin- the weekend, setting off muring a child: You cannot waver. murs ashe entered a ballroom "If they don't believe we are

ics of the laws say that in the

that U.S. foreign policy is "too overreaching." Bush pointedly warned against "isolationism"

scandal back home in New Jer-

for a political forum Saturday,

ic base in a year that they oth-

just in time to hear Christie.

strong," Walker said of Ameri-

When Gov. John Kasichof Ohio delivered a luncheon speech Saturday to a crowd of Florida governor, bemoaned several hundred, he repeatedly "American passivity" under referredto "Sheldon," as if the Obama, dedaring that it was billionaire were the only other "not a path to security," and person in the room. calling the reduced U.S. troop In thespan of a few years, levels proposed in the presi- Adelson has become one of the dent's new Pentagon budget Republican Party's most covetca's foes, "they will take action." And Jeb Bush, the former

potentially disastrous. Amid a crisis in Ukraine,

ed and fearsome money men,

for the Republican presidential

a network of super PACs that

lavishing giant donations on some of the likely candidates his favored candidates through

D emocrats i n

Nor t h

tion's most restrictive vot-

alter the rules and shape the tions are minorities and the

ing laws, passed by Repub- urban poor, who tend to vote licans there last year. The Democratic. measures,taken together,

"What we see here is a total



R epublican control a r e the defensive over health care embracing significant new reform and are being signifi-

John Gurzinski / New York Times News Service

including on weekend days. On Thursday, Walker vetoed a portion of the bill that

voterturnout remains undear.

per week, but he kept in place the weekend ban and a cap at 55 hours. To handle the num-


ber of early voters who showed up in 2012, Milwaukee would

Ty William Wright/New YorkTimes News Service

have 11 seconds to process

Shadrick Brown signs the Ohio Voters Bill of Rights petition earlier this month in Cincinnati.

each ballot under the new law, the city's Democratic leaders

the Justice Department. A few

sald. State Sen. Dale Schultz was

a rare Republican who voted register high school students against the bill, saying the parto vote. It cut early voting to 10 ty was "fiddling with mechandays from 17, mandated a strict ics rather than ideas." "Making it more difficult photo identification requirement that excluded student for people to vote is not a good and state worker IDs and end- sign for a party that wants to ed straight-ticket party voting, attract more people," he said. all of them measures that are The recent efforts were expected to hurt Democrats,

not the first change to vot-

election law analysts said. The ing laws in Wisconsin since Supreme Court decision also Republicans took control of cleared the way for Texas to institute its strict photo identification requirements.

state government in the 2010 election. In 2011, early voting

was trimmed back. That year, Walker also approved a strict


photo identification measure,

In February, the Ohio Legislature moved to reduce early voting by one week, do away with registering and voting on the same day prior to Election Day, and place new restrictions on absentee ballot

which drew lawsuits. The Wisconsin Supreme Court is ex-

pected to rule soon. As the battle over voting laws escalates, Democrats are

intensifying their own efforts to make voting more accessi-

application mailings. And a ble. Richard Hasen, an election little more than a week ago, law expert at the University of

sharply reduce the number disrespectand disregard for the Wisconsin Legislature sent of early voting days and constitutional p r otections," a bill to Gov. Scott Walker, a establish rules that make said the Rev. William Barber, Republican, to shorten early it more difficult for people president of the North Caroli- voting, including cutting it alto register to vote, cast pro- na NAACP and leader of the together on weekend days. visional ballots or, in a few Moral M o nday m o vement, In so doing, Republicans cases, vote absentee. which opposes the changes. in these states shifted their The flurry of new measures strategy away from concerns Voter ID andmore is in large part a response to over fraud, which have proved In all, nine states have recent court rulings that open largely unfounded, to a new rapassed measures making it the door to more restrictive tionale that suggests fairness: harder to vote since the be- changes. uniformity. ginning of 2013. Most have Last year, the Supreme Republican lawmakers and to do with voter ID laws. Court struck down a central election officials argue that to Other states are consid- provision of the 1965 Voting avoid voter confusion and litiering mandating proof of Rights Act. The decision al- gation, urban and rural councitizenship, like a birth cer- lowed a number of m ostly ties should follow the same tificate or a passport, after a Southern states to alter their rules. federal court judge recently election laws without the prior Also in the name of uniforupheld such laws passed in approval once required from mity, the Wisconsin LegislaArizona and Kansas. Be-

limited early voting hours to 45

California, Irvine, said Democrats had their own partisan

agendas in that expanding the electorate would benefit mostly Democrats.

"It's not just out of the goodness of their own hearts they are doing this," he said.

ture moved a little more than a

cause many poor people do weeks later, free of the man- week ago to limit early voting, not have either and because date and emboldened by a Redocuments can take time publican supermajority, North and money toobtain, DemCarolina passed the country's ocrats say the ruling makes most sweeping restrictions on it far more difficult for peo- voting. ple to register. T he law d i d a w a y w i t h Voting experts say the same-day voter r egistration Plan Well, Retire Well impact of the measures on and a popular program to pre-

nomination in 2016 addressed sprouted in the wake of the Sua meeting here of the Republi- preme Court's Citizens United can Jewish Coalition, a collec-

decision. Adelson and his wife

tion of elite campaign donors and party activists, offering a unified message of alarm and dismay over the White House's approach to national security and foreign policy. The event has long lured national Republican candidates

gave $93 million to super PACs during the last presidential campaign, making them the election's biggest donors.

eager to burnish their reputations with the interventionist

wing of their party. But it now doubles as something else: a de facto audition for the electoral affections of the casino magnate andthe Republican donor

Sheldon Adelson, a member of the Republican Jewish Coalition's board and the owner of

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the Venetian hotel where the event was held. For Ch ristie, t h e e v e nt

marked part of a carefully choreographed comeback tour, one that began almost immediately afterhe was exonerated late last week by an internal inves-

tigation he commissioned into the lane closing at the George Washington Bridge. 7t/tro oth-

er investigations, by the New Jersey Legislature and federal prosecutors,are not yet

complete. But even h e re, C h r istie could not leave the scandal

entirely behind in New Jersey. The moderator of a brief question-and-answer session

unexpectedly pressed him on the issue, asking what he had learned about himself from the

controversy. Christie said he now recognized how crucial it was to do "a lot more question-

ing about things going on, not to just trust" those around him. Party leaders here did not

reserve their frustrations for Obama and his fellow Demo-

crats, whomthey accused ofretreating from the muscular policies of past administrations on

Israel, Iran and Russia. Several also issued pointed warnings against what they described as a creeping isolationism within the Republican Party that threatens to muddy its message and water down its convictions.

In a sign of mounting anxiety about the presidential as-

pirations of Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, who hascomplained


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Gleneden Beach, OR

Newport, OR

Lincoln City, OR








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ee ivision em o ea awsui a ains

Christofferson stumps in anRV Aelea Christofferson took her campaignfor the U.S.Congress onthe road Saturday, meeting with a small groupof supporters at Bend's Pioneer Parkbefore embarking on anRVtour of Oregon's 2ndDistrict. Christofferson, aBend Democrat, is running for the seat heldby Greg Walden, R-HoodRiver, since1999. In remarks to hersupporters, Christofferson, founder andpresident of ATL Communications, said while she'senjoyed working with Walden when she's dealt with him on telecommunications issues, he'sput party politics ahead of what's right for his district. Shesaid the government shutdown last fall was the "last straw" that convinced her Congress wasbroken and pushedher tojoin the race. "I was raised in a home where if something's broken, it's your job to fix it," she said. The first leg of Christofferson's tour of the district will take herthrough Medford, KlamathFalls, Lakeview, Paisleyand Mount Vernon. Shesaid she expects to spend much of the nexteight months until the November election crisscrossing the district in theRV. Barney Spera, aretiree from Ashland,and Frank Vulliet, anattorney and writer from Sunriver, have also filed to seekthe Democrat nomination for the post, but neither appears to bepublicly campaigning. Theprimary election is May20.


By Scott Hammers The Bulletin

A lawsuit brought against

the suit.

Qual andStenkamp described themselves as utility

street workers, whose duties division employees who alprimarily involve sign, markleged they faced retaliation ing and striping work, accordfor — among other thingsing to the documents. Qual's suit alleged his difcomplaining about co-workers playing pingpong on the clock ficulties with management was settled last week. began in April 2008 and April Craig Qual, a city employee 2009, when he took 10 days since 2004, and Skip Stenmedical leave on both occakamp, an employee since 2001, sions following the births of settled their claims against the his children. Qual's suit states cityfor$7,500each,according he received many nonemerto City Attorney Mary Wingency calls while on leave ters. Both men had originally from his immediate superviasked for $150,000 to $499,999, sor, Kevin Ramsey, prompting according to papers filed in him to contact Ramsey's suthe city of Bend by two street

pervisor, street division Manager Hardy Hanson. Qual daimed that as a result of his raising the issue with


In court papers, Stenkamp said he was involuntarily assigned a new job with different duties and received two

back-to-backnegative annual Qual to repeated shift changemployee evaluations after es, forced him to change a time receiving positive evaluations sheet to accept overtime rather in prior years. than compensatory time and He said he was removed Hanson, Ramsey subjected

transferred him to a stormwater crew, which prevented him

from working overtime. Stenkamp's suit claimed Ramsey retaliated against him

for speaking out on behalf of Qual regarding his issues with overtime and for raising

concerns about harassment,

from his position in the

sign-making department after filing for workers' compensation as a result of an on-the-job

head injury and that supervisors threw out the contents of his employee locker while he was on leave due to the workers' comp claim.

safety and financial issues.

See Trial /B3

High Desert Wildlife Rescue 5 Rehabilitation

to attempt to hide inside.

The Sheriff's Special Operations Team arrived and tried to call the suspectoutofthe house but found nobody inside when teammembers eventually entered. Nothing appeared tobe missing from thehome, the Sheriff's Office said. The guest whohad checked outearlier in the morning told the Sheriff's Office hemet two men while leaving who askedwhether he was arriving or leaving. A neighbor also reported seeing asuspicious purple DodgeMagnum driving slowly through thearea. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call the nonemergency dispatch center at 541-693-6911. — Bulletin staff reports Nore briefing, B2

Are you holding anevent to educate voters in the lead-up to the Mayelection? Submit the information toelections© bentlbunetin.cem.We will not publish information about political fundraisers.

• The Senate voted to invoke cloture Thursday on a nomineefor a seat on the U.S.Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. The 9th Circuit hears cases from nine states, including Oregon. Needing 51votes to end debate onthe nomination of John Owens, of California, the nominatio nadvancedby a 54-44 margin, setting up a confirmation vote for next week. U.S. SEMATEVOTE

— Andrew Clevenger, The Bulletin

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Veterinarian Dr. Jeff Cooney demonstrates how to handle and transport a sick or injured raptor with assistance from the Sunriver Nature Center's golden eagle, Aquila, during an open house for High Desert Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation on Saturday at its facility in Bend.

By Scott Hammers

said, and, particularly deer,

celebrating the center's one-

The Bulletin

which often wander a great

year anniversary and shared a few tips for living alongside wildlife. Cooney, a veterinarian, and Bonomo, a veterinary

igh Desert Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilita-

H Cooney has one overarching tion founder Dr. Jeff

rule when it comes to rescuing injured or abandoned animals — go slow. Spring is baby animal season in Central Oregon,

Cooney said, and it's important to remember seemingly abandoned animals aren't

always as helpless as they appear. Mothers will often return to aid baby animals, he

distance from their young in search of food. "Rescuing" an animal that

doesn't need rescuing only creates problems, Cooney sard.

"How do you think the parents feel? 'My child's been abducted! '" he said. Saturday, Cooney and co-founder Jeanette Bonomo

technician, had both been do-

in the region, he and Bonomo can fill a niche working with more seriously or more recently injured animals. "We have the skills and the ability to do things that other people can't, unless they run

ing some rescue and rehabil-

the animal to a veterinarian,"

itation work out of their own

he said.

homes, Cooney said. Early last year, a donor offered them the use of the ranch, the

center has treated hundreds

ranch house and a handful of

invited the public to an open small barns on the property. house at the 4-acre ranch east Cooney said although there of Bend that serves as their

are several wild animal res-

headquarters. They were

cue and rehabilitation centers

Over its first year, the of animals, intern Sarah

Buchanan said, from baby skunks and squirrels and rabbits to birds of prey to

reptiles. SeeAnimals/B2

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In 1914, pool hall againopenedSunday;owner arrested Compiled by Don Hoiness from archivedcopies of The Bulletin at the Des Chutes Historical Museum.


Greg Walden(R)................ Y Ead Blumenauer (D).......... Y SuzanneBonamici (D) ...... Y Peter DePaz/o (D)............... Y Kurt Schrader (D).............. Y

Jeff Nterkley (D)................. Y Ron Wyden(D).................. Y

Eagle Crestmaid calls ondeputies A housekeeperat Eagle Crest cameacross a suspected burglary in progress Saturday morning, according to the DeschutesCounty Sheriff's Office. Deputies saythey were called to the11000 block of Desert Sky Loop at11:38 a.m.The housekeeperentered a rental unit shortly after guests hadchecked out and found anunidentified man inside. Thehousekeeper fled thehome, while the manappeared

• The House of Representatives passed a bill Thursday that would provide aid to Ukraine while imposing economic sanctions on Russia because of its annexation of Crimea. Thebill would provide $1 billion in guaranteed loans to Ukraine andwould bar certain Russian officials from obtaining visas and freeze their assets. The measure passed overwhelmingly by a 399-19 margin, with 210 Republicans and189 Democrats supporting it. Two Democrats and 17 Republicans opposed the measure. TheSenate approved asimilar package byvoice vote Thursday. U.S. HOUSEVOTE

For the week ending March 29, 1914

Carmody arrested again Dennis Carmody was

arrested again on Sunday in connection with the cam-

paign against the pool halls and on orders from Sheriff Elkins taken to Prineville

and held over night. He was arraigned in the justice court thereMonday morning and, after pleading "Not Guilty"

to the charge entered against him, was allowed to go on his


by the men alone.

75 YEARS AGO For the week ending March 29, 1939

own recognizance. Whether

the bachelors of the Millican

Canals being repaired

or not the case will go further depends on the decision he may make as to bringing a test case. The arrest occurred in the

valley came out early this month, at the first touch of spring, and put on an enthe valley that is reported to

Preparing for the opening of the irrigation season the Central Oregon Irrigation Company is now employing about 1000 men and 50

afternoon and was based

have been without equal in

teams on the Central Oregon

camp in the entire U.S., will

on the fact that his bowling alleys were being used, although not for pay. In the morning he had been arrested by Deputy Sheriff Fox for having his place of business open, but allowed to go free on depositing $50 with Mr.

the valley's history. There was a program with several original numbers, the hits being a humorous speech by D.A. Dyer on the "Origin of the Bachelor," and a poem by William Todd, "The Bachelors' Plight and Remedy." In

and Pilot Butte canals doing more repair work than in any previous year. About two weeks more are needed to finish the enlargement of the Central Oregon canal which was begun last falL When this is finished there will be

be occupied by an advanced cadreofabout50me n on April

Fox as bail.

addition there was music,

enlargement work of a minor

of the three CCC companies

Millican boastsbachelors

and readings and games and an oyster supper was served, said to have been prepared

nature carried on along this

assigned to the construction of the Deschutes project. SeeYesterday/B3

After practicing all winter

tertainment for the rest of

canal all summer. Water will be turned on about April 1.

Camp Wikiup isto be occupiedearly inApril Camp Wikiup considered the finest three company CCC

3, this unit to be followed by

the remainder of the company around April 17. These plans must be finally approved by Army officers in command at Camp Redmond, winter home






Continued from B1

performed;$20; 4p.m., doors open

3:30 p.m.; The Oxford Hotel, 10 N.W. Minnesota Ave., Bend; 541-314-4398 or POETRYREADING:Featuring original poetry by High Desert Poetry Cell; donations benefit Saving Grace; free, donations accepted; 4-5 p.m.; Dudley's Bookshop Cafe,135 N.W. Minnesota Ave., Bend; 541-749-2010 or dudleysbookshopcafe@gmail. com. BOND ANDBENTLEY:TheBaltim ore rock band performs, with Kayleb James and Split Atom; $5; 9 p.m.; Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 S.W. Century Drive, Bend; 541-323-1881 or

MONDAY SUCCESS: The Seattle pop-punk band performs, with Western Settings and TuckandRoll; $5; 9 p.m.; Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 S.W. Century Drive, Bend; 541-323-1881 or


Springs Library, 1144 Warm Springs St.; 541-475-3351. "RADIO STAR":Sunriver Stars Community Theater presents a play produced as aradio program; proceeds benefit scholarships to Fastcamp for Three Rivers schools; $5; 6:30 p.m.; Sunriver Homeowners Aquatic & Recreation Center, 57250 Overlook Road; 541-593-4150 or IMPROVCOMEDYNIGHT:Triage

improv troupeperforms; $8in

advance, $12 at the door, dinner available for additional purchase; 7 p.m., doors open 6 p.m.; Bend Senior Center,1600 S.E Reed Market Road; 541-388-1133 or www. Submitted photo Seattle pop-punk band Success is set to play the Volcanic Theatre "HELEN ONWHEELS": Cricket Daniel's play abouta gun-totin', Pub at 9 p.m. Monday along wlth Western Settings and Tuck and Roll. For more Information, visit or whiskey-drinkin' granny in Oklahoma; $19, $16 for students and seniors; call 541-323-1881. 7:30 p.m.; 2nd Street Theater, 220 N.E. Lafayette Ave., Bend; 541-312Drive, Bend; 541-323-1881 or www. 9626 or WEDNESDAY HIGH DESERTCHAMBER MUSIC "HELEN ONWHEELS": Cricket SERIES: ThePasadena,Calif.-based OREGON STATEUNIVERSITY Daniel's play abouta gun-totin', Crown City String quartet performs; PRESIDENTIALADDRESS:OSU whiskey-drinkin' granny in Oklahoma; $35, $10 students and children18 President Ed Rayprovides an update and younger; 7:30 p.m., doors open on the university's accomplishments $19, $16for students and seniors; at 6:30 p.m.; Tower Theatre, 835 7:30 p.m.; 2nd Street Theater, 220 in the pastyear; free; 5:30 p.m.; N.W. Wall St., Bend; 541-317-0700 or N.E. Lafayette Ave., Bend; 541-312Tower Theatre, 835 N.W.Wall St., 9626 or Bend; 541-317-0700 or www. LIVECOMEDY SHOWCASE: BEATSANTIQUE:TheelectroFeaturing Portland funny manWill world-jam band performs; $20 plus CRAIG CAROTHERS: The Nashville Woodruff, with local comedians; $5; fees in advance, $25 at the door; 9 singer-songwriter performs; free; 7 8 p.m.; The Summit Saloon 8 Stage, p.m., doorsopen8p.m.; Midtown p.m.; McMenamins Old St. Francis 125 N.W. OregonAve., Bend; 541Ballroom, 51 N.W.Greenwood Ave., School, 700 N.W.Bond St., Bend; 541-382-5174 or www.mcmenamins. 419-0111 or Bend; 541-408-4329. com. REBELUTION:TheCalifornia reggae band performs, with Common Kings; $22.50 in advance, $25 at the door; 9 SATURDAY p.m., doors open at 8 p.m.; Midtown THURSDAY Ballroom, 51 N.W.Greenwood REDMOND HIGHSCHOOL Ave., Bend; 541-408-4329 or www. SOFTBALLPANCAKEBREAKFAST: REPAIRCAFE:An event to bring Featuring unlimited pancakes, together people who like to fix things link sausage, syrup, butter and a and people who havethings that beverage; proceeds benefit the need fixing; bring broken items and a Redmond High School Softball replacement part if you have it; visit FRIDAY Team; $8; 8-10 a.m.; Applebee's website for full list; free; 6-8 p.m.; Neighborhood Grill 8 Bar, 3807 Pakit Liquidators, 903 S.E. Armour FIRSTFRIDAY GALLERY WALK: S.W. 21st St.; 541-948-9501 or Road,Bend;541-385-6908,ext.14, Event includes art exhibit openings, or artist talks, live music, wine and food coachtom© in downtown Bend andthe Old Mill "THE METROPOLITANOPERA: OREGON OUTDOOR SPEAKER District; free; 5-9 p.m.; throughout LA BOHEME":Puccini's story of SERIES:Featuring multimedia Bend. young love starring Anita Hartig; presentations highlighting outdoor AUTHORPRESENTATION: Bob opera performance transmitted sports and adventure related to live in high definition; $24, $22 theBend community;proceeds Welch, author of "American seniors, $18 children; 9:55 a.m.; benefi tBend EnduranceAcademy; Nightingale: The Story of Frances $5 minimum donation suggested; 7 Slanger, Forgotten Heroine of Regal Old Mill Stadium16 & IMAX, p.m., doorsopen at6 p.m.;Volcanic Normandy," will give a presentation 680S.W. Powerhouse Drive, Bend; Theatre Pub, 70 S.W.Century of his work; free; 5:30 p.m.; Warm 541-312-2901.


Most all of the animals that

come through High Desert day were not able to view most Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitaof the center'spatients. tion are eventually released, Buchanan, a student in the Buchanan said, either directly veterinary progrm at Ore- fiomthe center or at the Sunrigon State University-Cascades ver Nature Center. "It depends on the animal, Campus, said they don't have the permits from the Oregon because you don't want, say, Department of Fish and Wild- a bunch of skunks hanging lifeto showtheir animals to the around — which actually public. Instead, Sunriver ¹ happened," she said, recalling tureCenterDirector Jennifer a pair of young skunks that Curtis brought a golden eagle, escaped their enclosure and a mostly cooperative subject are presumably still lurking for Cooney's demonstrations aroundtheproperty. of how two people armed with Kira Neilsen said letting the only gloves and bath towels animals go is one of the hardcan capture a large predatory est parts of volunteering at the bird. center. Kira, 12, of Bend, met Buchanan said the orga- Cooney and Bonomo almost nization is raising money to three years ago, when she build a larger pen for injured raised more than $1,000 to pay or orphaned deer and a larg- for the treatment of "Patriot," er flight pen where birds can an injured bald eagle found Visitors to the center Satur-

TODAY RIVERHOUSE RENDEZVOUS:A whitewater slalom kayak race with paddlers divided by agegroup, type of boat and gender; free for spectators;10 a.m.-3 p.m.; The Riverhouse Convention Center, 2850 N.W. Rippling River Court, Bend; 541389-3111 or SOLAR VIEWING:Observe the sun; free; 11 a.m.-2 p.m.; Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory, 57245 River Road; 541-593-4394 or www. HANDBELLSUNLIMITED!:A Portland handball duet team performs; free, donations accepted; 2 p.m.; Holy Trinity Church, 18143 Cottonwood Road, Sunriver; 541-593-1635. "HELEN ONWHEELS": Cricket Daniel's play about a gun-totin', whiskey-drinkin' granny in Oklahoma; $19, $16 for students and seniors; 3 p.m.; 2nd Street Theater, 220 N.E. Lafayette Ave., Bend; 541-312-9626 or BALLROOM DANCESHOWCASE: Choreographed routines are

and try to help an animal and notbe ableto findthem."

stretch their wings in a controlled environment.

in a ditch near Crane Prairie

Reservoir. She's been a reguCooney said anyone who lar volunteer at the center for finds an injured or abandoned the past year, she said, feeding animal should call Fish and baby animals, deaning out Wildlife first, before contact- bird pens and observing suring a rescue organization gicalproceduresperf ormedby or attempting to capture the Cooney and Bonomo. animal. Staying with the aniNeilsen, an aspiring vetermal without approaching too inarian, said it's difficult not dosely is usually best, he said to get attached to some of the — rescuers will have a difficult that come through time finding the animal with- the center, but it's always satout someone on location to isfying to see them leave under guide them to the rightplace. their ownpower. "We'vebeenonmany, many "It's cool releasing the birds, wild goose chases —and some because they get a second of them are geese, some are chance atlife," she said. raptors," he said. "It's really, — Reporter:541-383-0387, really disappointing to go out

LOCAL BRIEFING Continued fiom B1

Humanremains to be sent to medical examiner HumanremainsdiscoveredFridaynearthe RedmondAirportwillbe sent tothe statemedicalexaminerforan autopsyandidentification, Lt. Keith Knight, ofthe RedmondPoliceDepartment, saidSaturday. Knightsaid aRedmond-arearesidentdiscovered the remains in alittle-traveledareajusteastof the RedmondRod& GunClub off state Highway 126. Theremainshadapparently beenexposedtothe elementsfor some time, hesaid, asthe initial investigation wasnotableto determine whether theyare maleorfemale. Knightsaiditshould takeaweekortwo before the medical examiner can determinethecauseofdeath andpossibly identifythe remains. — Bulletinsfaffrsporfs

D U E T O O V E R W H E L N I N G R E S P O N S E ...



'4G 1p

• i










Wllel "' withllrehlse, u

qgaaia KP900


P CILARIS ' T he Way O u t .

541-528-5$31 • 1176 S. HWV 87 REQlllONQ • WWW.midatateyolaviS.Com For your safety:Avoidoperating Polaris RANGER s andANs on pavedsurfaces or public roads. Ridersandpassengers should alwayswear helmets, eyeprotection, protective clothing, andseat belts. Alwaysusecabnets. Polaris adult ATVmodels arefor riders aged16andolder. Drivers of RANGERvehicles must beat least16 years oldwith avalid driver's license. Warning: ATVscanbe hazardous to operate. Besure to take asafety training course. Forsafety training information in the U.S., call the SVIA at 800 887-2887see ourdealer orcallPolarisat 800 342-3764. In Canadasee ourlocaldealer.©2012Polaris Industries Inc.





ew us o in a souion • Reviving project could meandropping the rail component

"The first and most

important thing is to understand where the old project went

wrong and have the candid discussion

The Associated Press Two southwestern Wash-

ington lawmakers are pushing to create a bipartisan group of

to determine: Is

legislators from Oregon and Washington state to determine

this really a needed project?"

a path forward on an Interstate

5bridge replacement project.

— Washington

Rep. Liz Pike, R-Camas, and Sen. Ann Rivers, R-La Center,

Senator Ann Rivers

aresaid to bein the processof reaching out to Oregon lawmakers and their Democratic

Don Ryan /The Associated Press file photo

Even if two Oregon lawmakers find a workable compromise, it's

counterparts in Washington. likely re-envisioning the Interstate 5 bridge, which spans the CoBy the end of the month, they lumbia River between Portland and Washington, is still a ways off hope to have about 30 law-

into the future.

makers signed on to the Bistate Bridge Coalition. After Washington lawmak-

ers declined to vote to pay their share of the $2.9 billion Columbia River Crossing, Oregon's governor pushed ahead to consideran Oregon-only project. The"go-it-alone strategy" failed to garner enough votes in 2014

ant thing i s

t o u n derstand er Tina Kotek, D-Portland, a

But one of the key backers

of the Columbia River Crossing in Oregon said he doesn't believe Oregon could get the votes without the light rail

where the old project went proponent of the Oregon-led component. wrong and have the candid Columbia River Crossing. But Sen. Lee Beyer, D-Springdiscussion to determine: Is this Mason-Gere said, "dearly the field, the chair of Oregon's Senreally a needed project'?" Rivers problem is not going away." ate Business and Transportasaid. "We have a sense the an-

swer will be yes." Anyneweffort will"likelybe and the projectwas declared many years away from action," dead. said JaredMason-Gere, spokes"The first and most import- man for Oregon House Speak-

Although she wants to start

tion Committee, said that if the

from the beginning to find Washington lawmakers reach common ground, Pike said, she out to him, he would be willing believed it's clear that there isn't

interest in induding light rail on any new bridge.


dynamite were discharged in the National School Assemone mighty blast. bly program, was unable to Continued from B1 Another carload of powder, perform and the act had to be Work on Camp Wikiup, in 15 tons, and 10,000 electric postponed until April 19. the basin of the big reservoir detonatorshave justbeen orAccording t o au t h orieventually to be flooded by an dered. These will last the rock ties, the seal flopped into 180,000 acre foot dam, is now men for about two weeks. a 150-pound fish supply nearing completion and will case that was full Wednesbe ready for occupancy just as day night and devoured the 50 YEARSAGO soon as plumbing is installed. contents. A second company will be For the week ending Needless to say, the star moved into Camp Wikiup March 29, 1964 was in no condition to perlate in April. It is not probable form Thursday morning. that all of the third company Great cancer scare will be shifted to the upper seen wearing off 25 YEARSAGO Deschutes from Camp Red-

"That's a lesson learned," she

said. "And we have to listen to the people."

Jittery cigarette smokers

COunterfeit CaSh CaSe — OregonState Policearresteda Klamath Falls manaccusedof makingcounterfeit money. Lt. GreggHastings says 36-year-oldVernonSchaefferwasforging fakecurrency wheninvestigators arrestedhim in amotelroom Friday.Hastingssays police seizedphony $20, $50and$100bills, aswell as paper,acolor copier, methamphetamine and otherevidence.Schaeffer wasbookedinto jail on suspicion offorgery, meth possessionandcriminal possession of aforged instrument. The investigation startedearlier this monthafter thearrestof awomanwho had counterfeitcash. ROOmmate'SdOg — Police inEugenesayaman accusedoffatally beating andstrangling his roommate'ssmall doghasbeenarrested. Police spokesmanJohn Hankemeiersaysthe man's femaleroommatearrived home Thursdayandfoundthe miniature pinscher bleedingandunresponsive. She tookthe dogtoan emergencyvet hospital, where itdied. Police said 26-year-oldJamesHarold Martin wasarrested on suspicion ofaggravated first-degreeanimalabuse. IRSSC8llllllSIS —Authorities saysomepeople are being dupedbya phone scaminvolving callers posingasInternal RevenueService officials. The TreasuryInspector Generalfor TaxpayerAdministration reportsan estimated $1milion hasbeenlost tothe scamthat hastakenin thousands of victims nationwide. Anewsreleasesays morethan 20,000such calls have beenreportedandthey havebeencoming fromnearly everystate, including Oregon.Anyonewho receivesasuspicious call fromsomeone posing asanIRSrepresentative should report the incident to Treasury Inspector Generalat800-366-4484. Complaintsalso canbefiled with the Federal"IRSTelephoneScam" to the complaint comments. PStleht mhSlllg —TheOregonState Hospital says a60-year-old psychiatric patient ismissing. Ahospital spokeswomansaid Gregory Page was lastseenSaturdaymorning ata SalemDenny's— aboutanhourafter he wasreported missing.Pagewas admitted to the hospital in 1994after being foundguiltyexcept for insanity on anattempted murder chargein Lane County.Despitethat, thehospital says he'snotdangerous. Pagehas been living in agrouphomeonthe hospital grounds. It's designedfor those who undergotreatment, but don't needto live within thesecure perimeter. — From wire reports

to listen.

"I still think there is a need for a bridge," he said.


at the end of the day people would play on their own. We

field "sped off," WUSA said. "I slammed on the brakes

Continued from B1

still have a table here, but no-

Both suits d aimed that

bodyplays anymore," he said.

as soon as I saw a person on the side of the street," Hatfield said after arriving in Portland

between September 2010 and summer 2012, Qual and Stenkamp repeatedlycomplained to management about employees playing pingpong duringbusiness hours. Hanson said earlier last

"At our Public Works week, we have a tournament and

Monday night. "Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang — five shots rang out and we saw the flare of the gun. As soon as the

gunman lowered the weapon — wham, I took off.

"I'm not saying I should

not have reported it," Hatfield added. "But at that one time

and place my thought was to escape, to get out of here."

the moneygoes to charity." Winters, the c it y a t torney, said in addition to the

financial compensation that will be awarded to Qual and week that employees have Stenkamp, the city agreed to played pingpong at the de- m ake changesto their perpartment headquarterson sonnel files, though she said S impson Avenue, but n o t she was unclear about prewhile they were supposed to ciselywhatwouldbe altered. be working. — Reporter: 541-383-0387, "It was at lunchtime and


mond, inasmuch as dragline may be puffing pipes in public For the week ending and powder work is to contin- and chewing more gum lately, March 29, 1989 ue on the north unit canaL It is

but the great cancer scare ap-

expected that half a company pears to be wearing off. will be retained at Camp RedCigarette sales, w h i ch mond for work on the canal. dropped as much as 30 perRoads into the new Wiki- cent after the surgeon genup camp are reported to be in eral's committee drew a link rather poor shape at present,

between cigarettes and can-

but it is expected that a week cer lastJan. 11,are starting to o f warm w eather w il l p u t come back. them in good shape. United Press InternationWork of the advance cad- al checked state tax officials re moved into the big camp, and major tobacco wholesalconstructed by the bureau of ers and retailers throughout reclamation, will be to clear the nation to determine what the grounds, do some burn- happened to cigarettes in the ing work andput the camp two and a half months since in shape for the hundreds of the governmentreport threw boys who will arrive later. a scare into th e c ountry's Road work will also be done, smokers. When the main companies Sales are still down in arrive, clearing work wi ll many a r eas. Bu t a u t horibe started on the damsite, to

tative sources in at least 12

prepare the way for the con- states reported that cigarettes struction of the outlet works,

to be installed this spring and summer if the Deschutes project receives congressional

approvaL Rock blasting crews under the supervision of Walter

May are making fine headway in clearing lava from the ditch line, and yesterday 1,000

were starting to come back in March.

Trained seal has

tummy ache — no show Seals tummy aches, too.

Hatfield seesshooting Sen. Mark Hatfield, R-Ore., witnessed a shooting in the

nation's capital last week in which one person was wounded; he told several col-

leagues about it. spokesman for Hatfield said the senator did not report the incident to

p o l ice b ecause

he "considered it just another shooting in the nation's capital."

H atfield


dri v i ng

96 Iit.27eSert

iCd gumes

Creating opportunities for people with developmental disabilities

WUSA-TV i n Wa s h ington reported Monday that a

Full Access

— 20$4 High Desert Wild GamesTkawks to ow,r Spoesors, Doeors 9 Vot,w,eteers whose Beeerows coetrIbu,tioes made tkis possible

with his wife and son from a Capitol Hill d inner about

10:30 p.m. March 14 when he "found himself caught between a gunman and the

gunman's intended victim," WUSA said. The station said Hatfield

saw "flashes" and heard "about five g u nshots" and saw that the victim evidently


had suffered a leg wound but managed to limp to a nearby The star performer of a seal car. act, which was to have been The gunman then lowered presented Thursday morning his weapon "in the direction

holes loaded with granulated at Bend public schools under

Full Access

of the senator's car" and Hat-

Paisley High School and Dormitory for Boys and Girls • Small High School Class Sizes • Individual Instruction And Tutoring • Earn Substantial College Scholarships • Varsity Sports for ALL Skill Levels • College Placement Tests at No Charge • On-Line College Courses at No Charge • Develop Self Discipline and Reliance Skills for College Open enrollment through September, 2014 Please call 541-943-3111 for info and visit Paisley School • 260 Green Street, P.O. Box 97 Paisley, Oregon 97636


I • •

A Home to Share Albertsons The Arc of Central Oregon Awbrey Glen Golf Club Bend Elks Baseball Club Bend Elks Lodge Bend High School Culinary Bendistillery Carlene Benson Nicki Bjork Sean Blair Blakeslee Vineyard Estate Ed & Marilyn Boehmer Gordon 8 Joyce Boon Brasada Ranch Bright Spot Juice 8 Java Brown-Forman Cookie Bruck Cape Kiwanda RV Resort Mark Carlton Carrera Motors Cascade Alchemy Cascade Heating 8 Specialties Isah Cavallaro Dick 8 Brenda Chapin Costco Wholesale Crane Prairie Resort Jerry Cronin James 8 Judith Crowell Crux Fermentation Project Jerry & Debi Curl Deschutes Brewery James 8 Julane Dover Glenda Downs Kathy Drew Eagle Crest Resort Erickson's Thriftway

Beverly Escarcega Evergreen In-Home Care Tiffany Farrell Angela Fassett Float Central Gary & DeAnn Frazee Eva Gassner Great Harvest Bread Co. Craig and Cindi Grim Lynn Haas Jim Hamm Hardy's Annette Henderson Steve & Cleata Hibbs High Desert Museum Roger & Devon Hiskey Robert Holley Doug 8 Connie Holly Marcia Houston Pamela Hulse Andrews Greg 8 Carla Hunt

Ida's Cupcake Cafe Indulgence Artlzer & Suzi Kasting-Izer Java Junction Tom 8 Jeannie Kinley Leapin' Lizards Toy Co

Julie LeVesque Bob Little Tom 8 Carole Loving Luv's Donuts Nancy Maddox Nanette Madsen Mark Gordon Glass Dick & Sharon McHone Penny Meister Jerrie Melton

No Tuition Fees • Dorm Fees $200/month or reduced RC

sff@C H ANNE



s ~

C P.

Newport Avenue Market Ninkasi Brewing Company Bill & Dorothy Olsen Oregon Adaptive Sports Oregon SheetmetalNocal Booth Papa Murhpy's Pizza Park Your Pooch Kennel Phagan's C OR Beauty

College Mel Parker Pine Tavern Restaurant Pro Nails Dave 8 Katie Rixe Roberts on Wall Street

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Jan Sears ServiceMaster of Bend Mark 8 Chanie Skinner Clara Smith Sortor Bushido Kai Karate Storage Solutions Sun Country Tours Al 8 Bonnie Tornow Robert Tovey Traci Klune Hair Design

Tumalo Feed Company Vickie Varnay Wabi Sabi The Way We Art Whole Foods Market Tucker 8 Candy Williamson Angie Warrick Gary & Gail Wilson Marilyn Yates Zagt Excavation Inc



BITUARIES Jo Ann Bubendorf


Dct. 13, 1951 - Mar. 18, 2014

Lois E. Badley, of Bend Oct. 22, 1921 - Mar. 13, 2014 Arrangements: Autumn Funerals, Bend 541-318-0842

Services: No services will be held at this time.

Leslie George Fridley, of Redmond Mar. 14, 1920 - Mar. 27, 2014 Arrangements: Autumn FuneralsRedmond (541-504-9485) Services: A private family gathering will take place at a later date.

Paul Augustinus Carpenter 1%3-2014 Paul Carpenter was born in Ancon, Panama C anal Z one, and g r e w u p n e a r S chenectady, N e w Y o r k . H e a t t e nded T h e St a t e University of New Y ork at Buffalo t o s t u d y E n g l i sh L iterature, where h e a l s o w orked in t h e L i b r ar y o f Poetry. Paul spent his years after c ollege wor k in g o n s h i p p ing boats o n t h e G r e a t L akes b efor e m o v i n g t o San Francisco in 1968. H e moved t o B e nd , O r e gon i n 1 9 7 1 , w h er e h e r aised h i s f ami l y an d worked for W i l l amette Industries u n ti l r e t i r ement. P aul enjoyed l i f elong i n terest in many hobbies including che m i s t ry , astronomy, astrology, photo-

graphy, and politics. He

was an a vi d b oo k c o l lector who continued to study historical an d p h i l osophical subjects his entire life. Paul w as act i v e an d well-loved w i t hi n C e n t r al O regon p o l i t i ca l g r o u p s, and among his peers from around t h e w or l d w ith whom he shared ideas. He a lso l o v e d h i s ad o p t e d

state and enjoyed spend-

ing time exploring the rive rs and l a kes n ear B e n d with his family. P aul is s u r v ived b y h i s son, Gabriel Carpenter and daughter-in-law , M ary Ann S a l a m e Ca r p e nter and t w o g r a n d d aughters E lizabeth a nd Br i a n n a ; a nd hi s d a u g hter, C l a r e Carpenter and son-in-law, Jude Haug. He is also survived by his sisters, Carol I sley an d J a c uly n P a r r y , a nd b r o ther, B r u c e C a r penter. A celebration of h i s l i f e w ill b e h e l d o n A p r i l 6 from 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. at the E nvironmental C e n te r i n B end. F r i e nd s a r e w el come.

Hazel Reed-Wing, of Redmond July 12, 1921 - Mar. 25, 2014 Arrangements: Autumn FuneralsRedmond (541-504-9485) Services: A Memorial Service will be held at a later date. Contributions may be made to:

Hospice of Redmond 732 SW 23rd Street Redmond, OR 97756

Marion "Pop" Hayes, of Gilchrist Mar. 10, 1927 - Mar. 27, 2014 Arrangements: Baird Funeral Home of Bend 541-382-0903 Services: No services will be held per Marion's request. Contributions may be made to:

Heart 'n Home Hospice, 920 SW Emkay, Suite 104, Bend, Oregon 97702,

Jo Ann Bubendorf, passed away peacefully on M a r ch 18, 2014 at her d aughter's home in Beaverton, OR with her family by her side. J o An n B u b endorf w a s b orn October 13, 1951 i n Grand Forks, ND, the daught er o f R i chard and Lauraine Helmowski.

She grew

up and attended school in Grand Forks. On O ctober 4, 1 969 sh e w a s united in marriage to John A. Bubendorf of East Grand F orks, MN . J o h n a n d J o B ubendorf l i v e d i n Eas t G rand Fork s a s w e l l a s Crookston, MN, and m ade t heir final h om e i n B e n d, OR. J o w a s a l o v ing and d evoted wi f e , moth e r , r andmother and dear riend to many. She had a heart of gold, a smile that could light up a r oom and a n infectious laugh. Sh e w as an a ngel i n l i f e a n d now an a n gel i n h e aven. She loved her oldies music,

playing cards, and spend-

i ng time w it h h e r f a m i ly , especially h e r g ra n d children. Jo is survived, loved and dearly missed by her h u sNav. 5, 1948- Mar. 25, 2014 band, John A . B u b endorf, A llie J e n sen, a g e 65 , Bend, OR; son, Paul Bubenpassed away peacefully af- dorf, San Diego, CA; daughter a lon g , co u r a geous ters, Angie (Dennis) Hoffbattle wit h b r east c ancer. m an, Beaverton, O R a n d She is survived by her son, L eigh A n n (E r i ch ) B e l l , Hillsboro, OR; 3 grandchilMichael and grandson, Lod ren, Jolena, D evon a n d gan; her daughter, Meredith Ethan; brother, Richard J. and H elmowski Jr .; si s t e r s, grandGeorgene (Donald) Bennett, daughter, Harper, as Laurie (Jeff) H ansen, Jes-

Allie Jensen

weIY a s numerous

and many loving friends. In l i e u of mem o r i als, Her greatest j oy please make c ontributions to the American Lung Assowas helping to care ciation. Aiiie Jensen A C e l ebration o f L if e foi athering with f r iends and two grandchildren. amily will be held 1:00 p.m. Special t h a nk s t o Dr . B oone an d h i s am a z i n g A pril 6 , 2 014 at t h e E l k s Lodge, 63120 Boyd A c r es staff. Their kindness, comassion, and patience have Road, Bend, OR 97701. een greatly a p p r eciated. For f u r t her i n f o r mation regarding memorial s erDonations may be made to St. Charles Cancer T reat- vices, or to send the family condolences, visit ment Center. At Allie's request, no ser- /jobubendorf vices will be held.

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DEATHS ELSEWHERE Deaths of note from around the world: Jim Jeffords, 87: A 2 0 0 2 inductee of the National Corvette Museum Hall of Fame

D • Cl aSSifie S

Dierk D e t lef Peters Dierk Detlef Peters, 96, died March 20, 2014 at his home. On that day, he was surrounded by the beauty of the mountains, the deer, and the quail that he loved so much. That night Dierk passed peacefully, the same man, ' on his last day as he was on every other - brave, protective, and confident. I Aservicewill be held Friday, April4thatSt. Edwards Catholic Church in ~)l Sisters, Oregon, followed by a memorial to honor this great man and to celebrate a life well-lived.


'' i

/ l:

( „ /I6 )

Dierk Peters was born April l2, 19I 7 in Dusseldorf, Germany to Jock Detlef and Herta Emma Maria Peters. He came to America in 1922 with his mother, grandmother and four sisters, to reunite with his father who was an architect, artist, and set-designer for Paramount Pictures. Though he had to turn down a basketball scholarship to the Oregon State University to stay home and care for his mother and sisters, he was able to attend Pasadena City College. He married his high school sweetheart, Betty Jane Cobler, but was soon after called to serve the country he'd come to love so deeply in World War II. As an Army Captain, he served in major campaigns in Africa and Italy, and at age 26 he lead his men into a battle which greatly assisted in the liberation of Rome. He was wounded in action and awarded both the Bronze Star and Purple Heart for his bravery and leadership. Upon his return from the war, he worked in various trades to provide for his young family, including his two daughters, Martha and Cynthia. By l958, he had established Pacific Roof Structures, which eventually became one of the largest panelized roof erectors in North America. He was very active in industry activities, providing guidance and leadership through his work with the AITC (American Institute of Timber Construction). He continued to lead the company for 48 years, now known as Duke Pacific, until he left Southern California to relocate to Sisters, Oregon in 2007. Dierk was a man of great passion, committed to excellence and the pursuit of possibility. He savored every moment of every day; never forgetting to notice the beauty in nature, or humbly express appreciation for all of his blessings. His greatest blessing, however, was his wife of 40 years, Cecile Peters. She showered him with limitless, unconditional love every day of their life together. When Cecile and her daughter Sabrina came into Dierk's life in l974 his entire world changed, and he enjoyed the closeness of a family that deeply honored him. He and Cecile saw the world together, and cherished the memories they shared with dear travel companions over the years. He is survived by his two daughters and sons-in-law, Cynthia and Ron Laughery of Eagle Point, Oregon, and Sabrina and Jim Enright of Sisters, Oregon; his six grandchildren, Dierk (April) and Chris (Kyndra) Laughery, Jeff (Robyn) Clay, Christina (Mark) Linder, and Bryan, Brandt and Alexandra Enright; fourteen great-grandchildren and multiple nieces and nephews. Dierk was preceded in death by his first wife Betty Jane; his daughter Marty; and his sisters, Ursula, Eva, Anne Marie, and Herta. In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to one of Dierk's favorite charities, The Salvation Army.

Oldrich Skacha, 72: A Czech

photographer whose pictures captured the late President

Vaclav Havel and the dissident movement in commuand longtime board mem- nist Czechoslovakia during ber of the Road America the 1960s. Died Saturday in race track. Died Tuesday in Prague. Wisconsin.

— From wire reports

Lou E. BaBley Lois E. Badley, age 92, passed away Thursday, March 13th at St. Charles Medical Center with her family by her side. Lois was born in Baker City, Oregon on October 22, 1921 to Niles and Alma Sproul of Bear Valley, Oregon. Lois grew up in Bear Valley on her parents ranch, and after her mother Alma passed away in 1937, Lois, along with her younger sister Mary, raised their young brotherJim, cooked forasm any as 14 hired hands, and operated a post office setup at the ranch for the local population of Bear Valley. Lois was baptized as one of Jehovah's Witnesses in 1946 and attended the Pilot Butte congregation in Bend, Oregon. One of the highlights ofher life was at the age of 17she was Princess of the John Day county fair and one of the attendants of the Queen.


Deadlines:Death Notices are accepted until noon Monday through Friday for next-day publication and by 4:30 p.m. Friday for Sunday publication. Obituaries mustbereceived by5p.m. Monday through Thursday for publication on the second day after submission, by1 p.m. Friday for Sunday publication, and by 9a.m. Monday for Tuesday publication. Deadlines for display ads vary; pleasecall for details.

Her spouse, Glenn Badley,her brother Jim Sproul,and her granddaughter Kelly Jenkins preceded her in death. She is survivedby her daughter Glenda Nixon ofBend, Oregon, her sister Mary Priday of Gresham, Oregon, 3 grandchildren, Kacy Valley, Jeremy Nixon, and Korey Horsell, 5 great grandchildren, Mallory DaCosta, Dustin Jenkins, Parker Nixon, Addison Horsell, Rowan Horsell, 3 great-great grandchildren, Amelia DaCosta, Lincoln DaCosta and Ramona Jenkins. There will be a service for Lois held graveside at the Canyon City Cemetery. Driskill Memorial Chapel will be handling the funeral arrangements. The date and time will be disclosed at a later date.

Phone: 541-617-7825 Email: obits@bendbulletin.

com Fax: 541-322-7254

Mail:Obituaries P.O. Box 6020 Bend, OR 97708

Bill Dewhurst

sica (Rick) Pilachowski, and Stacey (Randy) N orgart;


a aa •

Obituary policy

Mentor, Kindred Spirit, Geek W illiam Joseph Dewhurst, known as Bill to h i s many friends, died on March 9, 2014 after a long battle with leukemia at the age of 54. Bill was a gypsy soul who moved through life pursuing that to which he was drawn. Sometimes Bill would g '" ~ show up in people's lives because of something he needed from them. But most often, his higher purpose was revealed when he discovered he had shown up atthe right time and place to be there for what the other person needed. He seemed to intuitively know and was good like that. Bill found his calling in the recovery community where he became affectionately known as "Precious Little Snowflake" or "Super Dork." He helped hundreds of people to change their lives and believed it was his responsibility to give back that which had been so freely given to him. In the process, he created a community of friends and supporters which will continue to grow and live on as his legacy. Many pictures of Bill feature Hot Air Balloons in the background and attest to his passion for the sport and his belonging to the ballooning community. He was given an opportunity to learn skills in the hot air balloon repair business and was an active member of the Willamette Aerostat Society. He aspired to earn his pilot's license and dreamed of a day he would have a balloon of his own to fly. Amongst Bill's many talents and passions were music, both listening and playing guitar, photography, graphic arts, computer technology, cooking, travel, camping and his excursions to Burning Man. Bill loved all animals and had an incredible loving bond with his two labs, Kona and Roxie, who he leaves behind. Bill was very smart and very funny. His sense of humor stayed with him to the last in his sometimes hilarious messages on Facebook and his ability to make the best of the worst situation by focusing on the lighter side. He was a modest person, self-effacing, and deep down one ofthe "good guys" who keenly wanted to see and do good in the world. He touched the lives of many with his kindness, wisdom and humor and made friends and influenced others every opportunity he had. Bill was born in Santa Monica, California on December 29, 1959, the son of Katharine Ann (Grigg) Dewhurst and William Harvey Dewhurst. He was the fourth of five children of this marriage. His elder sisters, Cynthia Hollandsworth Batty (Cinniei married to Mark Batty; Katharine Hollandsworth Dewhurst (Holly) married to Paul Duke; Angela Aspinwall Chinen (Angie) married to Albert Chinen; stepbrother, Neil Armstrong Dewhurst; stepfather, Clark Emerson; also three nephews, two nieces and four grandnieces survive him. His brother, Richard Monroe Lawrence (Pancho to the family), married to Karen Lawrence, died in 2012. Both of Bill's parents are deceased and he had no children. Bill held various positions in information technology in his early years, was a lifelong geek, and was largely self-employed in the second half of his life. When he moved to Bend, Bill came into the full flowering of his healing potential. He worked with a variety of addiction treatment facilities including the local jail to provide counseling and guidance for drug and alcohol addicts. His phone number, 408-DORK, was memorable enough that he was receiving calls from people recently released from jail and seeking help even in the days after his death — and typifies his approach to both recovery and life. What mattered most for Bill was people and happiness and fun, and he spread happiness among people with his own brand of spirituality and philosophy with all his might, and without resting or ever turning anyone away. He was married twice. Bill's first marriage to Phyllis Elizabeth Kellogg lasted six years (19881994) during which time they lived in Los Angeles; at the end of his marriage to Phyllis he entered recovery for drug addiction, which signified a change in his life that defined him from that point forward. He married again in 1998 to Laurie Annette Orr in Palos Verdes, California, but the marriage was short-lived. He moved to Bend in 1999. In 2002, while living in Bend, he met Christine Angela Perris, and they shared a lasting friendship over the remainder of Bill's life. Bill had moved to Albany to pursue his passion for hot air ballooning for a few years and in 2009 he returned to live in Bend, and he and Chris initially became roommates, but soon became partners in life. Chris was deeply dedicated to Bill, as he was to her, and though the two never married, they shared a deep spiritual commitment to one another and the belief that they are soul mates for eternity. Chris' children jason Matthew Gaskill, Jared Andrew Gaskill (married to Kayla Gaskill), and Nicole Leanne Cox (married to Mark Coxl felt that Bill was a true father figure to them and they loved him very much. When Nicole's son Crosby Danger was born, Bill was celebrated as the grandfather, which was a great happiness in his, and Chris' life. In the progression of Bill's leukemia treatment Chris was a constant and earnest support to him. She sacrificed much to ensure that he was well cared for and received every opportunity for the best treatment. Their many friends and family pitched in, providing time, money, love and support to both Bill and Chris during the last difficult year and a half. Together, they used Facebook tocreate a supportive online community known as Team Snowflake which continues to be a tremendous source of support for Chris and their community of family, friends and supporters. Bill was clean and sober for 19 years. He had hoped he could make it to 20. Had he lived longer, he would have made it for as long as he lived. He deserved his Infinity Medallion as much as anyone could. He changed the lives of hundreds of people with his unwavering and energetic support of fellow travelers in recovery. His many friends and family mourn his passing and celebrate his memory. Bill, you made a difference in the lives of others and you did more than enough with the years you had in this earthly realm. There will be a Celebration of Bill's Life held at The Spiritual Awareness Community in Bend on April 12th, 2014, from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. All are welcome. .





BITUARIES John Cleveland


2016 removal of Dillon Dam

Aag. 24, 1924- Mar. 25, 2014 John P a r ke r C l e v eland, known b e s t as "Jack" p assed awa y M a r c h 2 5 , 2014, athome in Bend, Oregon at the age of 89. He w as born i n I o w a o n A u gust 24, 1924. H e s t arted

Morris, cinematographer,

helped to filmthe classics


vaulting in


school and t hen c o l l ege u n t i l he w as


off w it h t he N a v y in WWII. Jack Cleveland He served i n the South Pacific on a t roop t r ansport s hi p a n d was a member of the "beach

By Paul Vltello

screen ofthe day called for sharp, bright, primary colors

New York Times News Service

Oswald Morris, a

B r i tish of saturating intensity. But

Bend, Oregon.

In lieu of f l owers, contributions can be made to the ' Bend H i g h Po l e V au l t Team'. Send d onations to Bend High School c/o Matt Craven, 230 N.E. 6th Street, Bend, Oregon 97701.

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P ENDLETON — Th e Umatilla Basin Watershed

moval plan three years ago. Tribes of the Umatilla IndiThe group is waiting for the Or- an Reservation and f ederal egon Water Resources Depart-

Council has proposed re- ment to approve transfer of the moving the Dillon Dam by Dillon water rights to Westland 2016 while maintaining ir- before moving forward with firigation rights established nalpipeline design. more than a century ago. The Double M Ranch deThe 8-foot-high diversion pends on irrigation water from dam blocks the passage of the Dillon Dam to grow hay, fish up the Umatilla River corn and barley for its cattle op-


Gary James, fisheries program manager with the tribes, said the project would further restore salmon runs that were once wiped out. "It's certainly in our interest

if we can consolidate canals and reducethe diversion dams

cinematographer who helped Huston stuck by the work, the

between Echo and Stan-

redefine the color i n T ech- film was a box-office success, nicolor with filters, fog ma- and Morris' reputation was chines and makeshift devices secured. like the brown silk stocking He made seven more movies he stretched over a lens for the with Huston, including "Beat

field.Fish ladders are often inaccessi ble,because oflow

to accommodate irrigation and Owner and operator Mike fish," James said. Taylor, a th i r d-generation

flows in the summertime

rancher who likes to fish, said

or gravel bars deposited by high, sweeping flows earlier

he supports the project. Westland has the capacity to serve

Visit Central Oregon's

Double M's water rights, so


dam out of there," Taylor said.

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life-in-amber look of "Fiddler on the Roof," died on March 17 at his home in Fontmell Magna, England. He was 98. landing party". The British Society of CineJack was previously married to R ut h P . C l eveland matographers announced his

who passed away. They had three children: Debbie, Neil and Todd. There are f o ur g randsons, M a t t , Ty s o n , Drew and Bryce; and four g reat-grandchildren, A c e , Andrew, Elena and Connor. There were many extended family members who loved and cared for Jack. In 1993 Jack me t S abra Packard and they m arried in 1994, in Bend. Sabra has three daughters: Anne, Sarah, and Sabra. There are six gr andchildren, E m ma, G race, C h r i stopher, I a n , Mike and Andy. Jack grew up in the Great Depression and learned the v alue of hard w or k an d a sense of thankfulness. Born in 1924, he was the son of Irving James Cleveland and Florence C l e v eland. H e learned to ice skate on the M issouri River w h ich w a s the beginning of his love for the outdoors. His track and field athletics were mostly centered on p ole v aulting, d uring w h ic h h e u s e d a bamboo pole. A fter s e r vin g i n W W II J ack wa s a n o c e a n l i f e guard in C a l i fornia. Soon a fter h e b e c am e a L .A . C ounty f i r eman, a n d r e tired 30 years later as a well respected Captain who was loved and a p preciated by his crew. In retirement, Jack l i v ed h is lifelong dream - t r e k king in the H i malayas. He continued his hiking adventures throughout California including one of his favori te m ountain r a n ges, t h e High Sierra. When he came to Oregon he spent nearly 2 0 y e ar s e x p l o rin g a n d hiking. He was well known a t Bend Recreation for hi s hiking en t h u siasm. Hi s M asters' Tr ack a n d F i e l d accomplishments made him a world c l ass pole-vaulter up until the age of 85. He was also a volunteer assistant t r ac k a n d p o l e-vault coach at Bend High School. The true essence of Jack was his never ending love for his family and extended family which also included his very close friends. Jack w as always i n t erested i n what people had to say and was truly a g o o d l i stener. One very strong characteristic was his ability to be in the moment, whether it was in conversation, finding his w ay u p a mou n t a in , o r merely greeting others with a sense o f c o u r tesy a n d caring. A man who epitomized all th e attributes of the G r e atest G e n eration: authenticity, un wa v e r ing loyalty, kindness, common sense, and humility. Jack's resilience in l i f e's j ourney was evidenced throughout his entire life. Jack had a " servant's h e a rt" , a l w a y s w illing to l en d a h a n d t o others in his jobs and walk of life, and especially with his family. A s expected, Jack fl a w lessly vaulted to the Heavens on March 25, 2014 and is now with God. A memor ial service w i l l b e h e l d 11:00 a.m. April 26, 2014 at the Fi r s t Pr es b y t erian Church, 230 N.E. 9th Street,

The Associated Press


Morris, who earned an Academy Award for his work on the 1971 film "Fiddler," be-

longed to a generation of cinematography giants in Britain who often worked alongside the era's greatest directors.

the Devil" (1954), in black and white, with Humphrey Bogart and Jennifer Jones, and "Moby Dick" (1956), with Gregory Peck. (During the filming of that Melville tale, a 12-ton, 75-foot floating prop used as the whale came loose,

drifted out to sea and was lost.) Morris made more than 60 films. He attributed his output less to artistic or techni-

cal ability than to a certain knack for people. He built a His peers included his mentor long friendship with Huston, Guy Green, who shot David who was famously difficult on Lean's "Great Expectations" set, and was known for being (1947); Freddie Young (Lean's sensitive to the insecurities of "Lawrence of Arabia," 1962); high-strung stars. "I would chat them up beand Geoffrey Unsworth (Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space fore filming started and ask Odyssey," 1968). All w ere if they had any hang-ups," pathfinders in the industry, he explained in an interview. bridging the eras of black-and- "You bypass the director and

white and color movies.

Morris made his first mark a s a master of color in t h e

rigation from another existing dam about 2 miles

The project is expected to upstream. cost nearly $1 million. Funding Dillon Dam serves three is expected tobe raised through water rights in the area, pri- the Oregon Department of Fish marily at Double M Ranch. & Wildlife, the Confederated The plan is to divert their w ater instead f rom t h e Westland Irrigation Dam and install an 11,000-foot

pipeline out of Westland Canal feeding back into the Dillon Canal.

Once that's done, crews

%ILSONSof Redmond 541-548-2066

Adjustablc Beds

can remove Dillon Dam and restore the fish habitat.

sea c ~s i r COVERINGS

The watershed council started work on the dam-re-



Madelon Hill, age 95, passed away peacefully on the morning of March 25th, surrounded by her family. The matriarch of the Hill family, she was born in Des Moines, IA, and graduated from St. Mary's College in Notre Dame, IN, where she developed an interest in aviation. Returning to Des Moines, she attained her private pilot license — against the wishes of her father — as WWII began. Learning of a new Army Air Corps program, the Women Air Force Service Pilots (WASPs), and demonstrating her direct and pro-active nature, she applied directly to the Chief of Staff for the Army. General George Marshall forwarded her letter recommending her for evaluation for acceptance into the program. A leader for the women of the Greatest Generation, she truly was a pioneer as she completed U.S. Army Air Corps military pilot training and became one of only 1078 women to successfully became qualified and rated WASP's. She became a rated instrument and training pilot for the men being sent into combat overseas, becoming qualified in many of the military aircraft of the time, including the B-17 and B-26. Stationed at Las Vegas Army Field, she met her future husband, best friend and lifelong companion, Jack V. Hill, whom she married just prior to his deployment to the Pacific Theater as a combat B-29 pilot. They were married for almost 69 years until Jack passed away in January of 2013. A guiding hand, motivator and inspiration to her four children, her two sons, Marty and Tom, shared her passion for aviation. They graduated from the US Air Force Academy and US Naval Academy respecffully and both went on to become fighter pilots in their Services. Her daughter, Margaret, married an Air Force fighter pilot and is Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) in Bend, OR. Her daughter, Nancy, became a long-time, highly respected science teacher at Mountain View High School in Bend, OR. In addition to being survived by her children, Madelon has enjoyed being the grandmother to six grandchildren, Bryan, Lauren, Bradley, Catherine, Douglas, and Mathew (who she is preceded in death by); and six great-grandchildren, Caitlyn, Mya, Brayden, Gavin,Ethan and Mathew. Madelon lived a full, amazing, interesting and exciting life, full of adventures and firsts for women of her generation. She carved an inspirational legacy and path for others to follow. She will be missed by all who knew her, but especially by her family.


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early 1950s, working as John with her in 1957." (She starred Huston's c i nematographer opposite William Holden in for "Moulin Rouge" (1952), Carol Reed's wartime drama about the life of the French "The Key.") "She said: 'I don't Post-Impressionist Henri de look good in profile. I have a Toulouse-Lautrec. W o r k i ng pointed nose.' So we develfrom Huston's notion of a film oped a code: I would grimace that would "look as though whenever she was going into Toulouse-Lautrec had directed profile." it," Morris filmed many of the He was cinematographer cabaretscenes atthe heartof for a gallery of films in althe movie through gauzes and most every genre, many of filters and pumped light-gray the movies now classics, insmoke onto the soundstage to cluding Tony Richardson's "Look Back in Anger" (1959); create a painterly effect. Technicolor exe cutives Kubrick's "Lolita" (1962); "The disliked the result; they com- Taming of the Shrew" (1967), plained that the smoky look of directed by Franco Zeffirelli; the film was "not up to Tech- the musical "Oliver!" (1968); n icolor s t andards," M o r r is "The Wiz" (1978); and the wrote in his 2006 autobiogra- fantasy "The Dark Crystal" phy, playfully titled "Huston, (1982), Morris' last film, diWe Have a P r oblem." The rected by Jim Henson and color standard for the wide Frank Oz.

eration just outside Echo.

At present no service is scheduled. In lieu of flowers, it is requested that donations be forwarded to the Oregon Veterans' Home or to the Partners In Care Hospice House in Bend, OR. Niswonger-Reynolds Funeral Home was honored to serve the family. Please sign ou r g uestbook at

Robert Colburn R|ggs August 8, l934 - February 2T, 20I4 Robert "Bob" Riggs, former Redmond High School Principal and Redmond's longest serving Mayor, passed away peacefully last month at the age of 79 and a half. Riggs was a fourth generation descendant of pioneering families who came across the Oregon Trail in covered wagons in 1847, and grew Up in Salem. Hewas the youngest child of Earle and Verna Riggs, and grew up with brother Dave and sisters Lorna and Diane. He attended Salem High School, graduating in 1952, and went on to college at Seattle Pacific College. During his time at SPC, he sang in numerous choral groups, and also participated nationally in debate, placing at the I956 national debate championships with his debate partner Jerome Kenagy. After graduation, he married Virginia Hansen, who preceded him in death in 2009. Riggs taught middle school and high school in the Shoreline Public School system before being selected as the administrator for foreign language programs for the entire district. In 1964, the Riggs' took a sabbatical, and spent almost a year living in France and traveling throughout Europe. Riggs worked on a master's degree at the University of the Sorbonne, and traveled throughout Europe and even Northern Africa, including Morocco. His French language skills were so polished that many native French were convinced that he too must be a Frenchman. On their return to the U.S., Bob and Virginia started their family with Doug (in 1965) and Stephanie (196'/). He completed his Pho coursework at the University of Washington, and in I97I, the family moved to Redmond, where Bob accepted the position of Principal of the brand new Redmond High School, and the family became enmeshed in the local community. He later served 18 months as interim Superintendent. Bob joined the choir of the Community Presbyterian Church (he would later sewe many years as its director), served on the Church "session," and volunteered with the Rotary Club. In I977,then Mayor Sam Johnson appointed Riggs to the Redmond Sewer Committee, which was tasked with identifying a way to comply with a mandate to the City from the federal government to move away from septic systems or face millions of dollars in fines. Riggs Ied the Committee to an innovative and collaborative solution that got the system in place and on-time. Johnson appointed Riggs to the Redmond City Council in 1978, and heascended to Council President in 1981. In I982, Johnson died unexpectedly when on a trip on the East Coast, and Riggs was elevated to Mayor, a position he held for ten years. Riggs once said that "he had enormous shoes to fill" following the dynamic former state legislator Johnson, but they had a shared vision of a vibrant, well planned community with parks and schools and a strong economic base. Riggs Ied the effort to expand the airport, working with the City airport manager Carrie Novick and supporters to move the terminal from its former location at the far northern end to its current location, secure a tower from the FAA, build the new terminal and entice new air service to the region. The expansion of the airport led to the growth of air access from Central Oregon to the rest of the West which opened up the region to business and recreation. In the 1980s, the city identified the property around the airport as an industrial development zone, and mapped out areas for parks. Creation of the canyon park system in Redmond was one of Riggs' major efforts, and not without controversy. Some wanted to Use Canyon property for housing developments or retail areas. But he persisted, believing that Redmond needed a signature park and open space that could be enjoyed by families and children. Today, the Canyon is protected for generations to come. He also spent many years working to convince the state that Redmond needed a highway bi-pass to get large I8-wheel semi-trucks out of Redmond's downtown area. After more than 15 years, the bi-pass was finally completed, and the downtown area is being revitalized and is becoming business and pedestrian friendly again. For more than 30 years, Riggs and business partner Paul Eggleston ran the Oregon Teaching Center, which developed advanced teaching materials used in classrooms throughout the country focusing on improving listening and retention skills for elementary and middle school students. The program, sold to school districts in 50 states, was the best-selling such program in the U.S. Riggs also started the Printing Post, initially to print the educational materials for the OTC, but then to offer printing services commercially. He also started and ran Roadrunner Courier, which operated for many years as a local delivery service for air freight and local packages. In 20I I, Riggs married Gloria Staats, and the two traveled around the region and the West in their retirement, and staying connected with their church and community. In the past several months, as Riggs's health took a turn, Gloria provided wonderful support and care. Known as "Rob" in his youth, Riggs was a renaissance man in many ways, extremely well read, fluent in French and Spanish, and able to get by in some German as well. He was also a bit of an adventurer, joining his children and nieces and nephews on numerous back country skiing and camping trips, white water river rafting and mountain climbing adventures led his older brother Dave and fellow family members. He attended hundreds (probably thousands) of Virginia's orchestra and string quartet concerts over the years, and wasalways interested in discussing the latest political squabble occupying the news in Washington D.C. OrSalem. He leaves behind a wonderful legacy and a life filled with warmth and joy and laughter and positive energy. He is survived by survived by son Doug Riggs in Tigard, daughter and son-in-law Stephanie and Mike Parker in Redmond, wife Gloria, granddaughters Camille 6 Caroline Riggs and Brooke 6 Kristine Parker, step-children Teri Lynn (Richard) Williams in Knight's Ferry CA, Chris (Karen) Staats in Salem, Sister Diane Vaucher in Salem, and several step-grandchildren, great grandchildren 6 nieces and nephews. The family wishes to express their appreciation for the wonderful care given by Dr. Nathan Thompson, his assistant Tj. and also to Ellen, Denice 6 Mark from Partners In Care. A service is planned at Redmond's Community Presbyterian Church for Sunday, April 6, at 3:00 p.m., 529 NW 19th Street, Redmond, Oregon 97756 Memorials can be given to Community Presbyterian Church, Partners In Care, or the Sam Johnson Park Improvement Project. Please sign our online guestbook


W EAT H E R Maps and national forecast provided by WSI©2014







• I'





Chance of rain and snow HIGH s howers.





Chance of rain and snow s h owers.

FORECAST: 5TATE WEST Showers likely.


NN 5 5 s <'« NNN



/38 Camp Sherman •


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Slsters • Florence, ii 4 4 ~ 54/45

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John Day • • 47ag U

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38/27 Crescent


4fi/27• FFoitlRpck Rk

Rose Urg


»Christmas lley

Frenchglen • 47/31


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Klamath Fal s


• Lakeview 43/29

Hermistpn ' Hp

Redmond Ki i V i


Pg ~P S ~IQS ~PPS ~3P ~ P S Vaneouver: ealgary 50/42L . • I330/107 7• ~gaskatoon

(in the 48 contiguous states):


[gg5] ~9QS ~IPP ~

7p Intl Falls, Mhl

Tofonto B oston .


a Lake, Cityp p """ Qsa altSL/38 ID»hver 72/59.:.: ) ""$-.) g " 2


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73/40 «:. ......---.....,58/44






,48/31Jvi $ 'Washington, DC

Las Vegas

Kansas City '., riv51. Lpuis Louisyille ..""Charlbne '51/38 I : I ..apj//I3j '6II39 • BQU35 Oklalioma City Nashville » : " : Little RockH --"'jjj4'p t At l a n ta 68/S4 • Albuquerque, : 65/43 BIB/46• I • Ihoenix 75L41J Tijuana ". C Birminghain 82/56 69/55 Dallas Orlando ': 67/39""'"" "--"" 79/56 ' 75/55 ghihualiuai • 80/50 » New 0'rleans ~ Houston 70/52 79/62 75/57 •

Honolulu 82/69



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A'nchorage 40/17





Noritesrey 78757


Juneau 4'4'/23



Apr15 Apr 22


55/47 0.40 54/41 0.03 5550 0.04 49/39 0.11 56/45 0.32 43/36 0.11 47/32 0.34 40/34 0.00 60/44 0.79 53/48 0.20 58/50 0.34 57/50 0.00 63/42 0.33 54/47 0.39 54/36 0.14 56/33 0.04 5$40 0.35 57/47 QA4 50I34 0.09 59/39 0.01

52/42 sh 48/27 II 53/42 47/26 pc 5438 sh 45/29 sn 43/25 II 43/29 sn 56/39 r 52/43 sh 54/43 r 56/34 pc 55/34 sh 54/40 sh 52/27 fl 5$27 fl 56/40 r 54/38 sh 47/27 8 58/36 sh

52/42 r 51/29 pc 49/38 r 50/27 sn



Ski report from around the state, representing conditions at 5 p.m. yesterday: Snow accumulati ons in inches Ski area Last 24 hours B ase Depth Anthony Lakm..................... 6" ...................... 63Hoodoo................................ 5" ...................... 48" Mt. Ashland......................... 0" ...................... 66"



54/40 r 45/27 sn 45/25 8 45/29 sn 55/37 r 51/42

Yesterday Sunday Monday Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/WHi/Lo/W City

Yesterday Sunday Monday Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City

YesterdaySunday Monday Hi/Lo/Pcp Hilto/yy Hilto/yy

Abilene, TX 75/39Q.QO 83/61 pc 86/56 pc Grand Napidi, IA 41/31 O.QQ51/33 pc 61/38 pc Rapid cey,so 70I2 3Q.QQ SS/ZS is 31/16 sn S»arri»,Wa 53/45 0.54 SZ/42 sh 56I44 pc Akron, PN 39/sz 8,4743/27 pc SS/37 pc Green Bay,Wl 39IZ9O.QQ SVSS pc 54/37 is Reno, NV 59/47 Q.Q O 51/zi cri 49/32 sn Sioux Falls,Sp 52/i5088 65/27 pc 43/17 in Albany, NY 53/37O.QO 47/33 r 42/ZB Greensboro,NC 63/54 021 54/34 sh 71/41 s Richmond, VA 66I59 Q.74 SZ/35 r 6839 pc Spokane,WA 53/41 021 53/32 u S»I34 pc Albuquerque,NM6$37 Q.QO 75/41 pc 67/41 pc Harrisburg, PA 51/41 049 4»/34 r 57/35 pc Rorh»u»C NY 39/35 0.08 38IZ6 sn 45/32 pc SPrinuii»id, MO 56/33 0.»1 72/46 s 72/36 is Anchorage,AK 37/I 7 Q.QO38IZ2 pc »ll22 pc Narilaxt CT 5ZI37 Q.23 45/34 r 43/35 r Saaamenta, CA 57/54 0.59 66/47 pc 63/47 is St Louis, MO 48/4»Q.»1 7$48 pc 74I40 is Aihnia,QA 6$53 Q.QS65/43 s 75/43 pc Helena,Mr 51/41 Q.QB 48/27 Ii 46/26 Ii saltlakecity, UT 66I47Q.m 51/38 Ii 56/43 pc Tampa,FL 7SI661.78 7Q/53 Pc 76/56 Pc Au»ntic Cny,NI 53/461.87 53I39 r 56/34 sh Honolulu, Ni 81/TQO.QO82/69 is 83/69 ih SanAiri oni o,TX BZI57O.OQ 80/57 pc 83/62 pc Tvciall, Az 86/4/O.QO 8150 pc BNSZ pc Austin, TX 77/51 Q.QO77/57 pc BQI65 pc Houston,TX 79/53 Q.oz 75/57 pc TBI64 pc SanDiego,CA 71/56 O.OQ 64/56 pc 62/57 pc Tulsa, OK 6887Q.QQ 77/54 s 76I»6 pc Baltimore, MQ 6QI51 8.53 SQI36 r 62/37 pc Huntsville, AL 59I44 Q.34 6439 s 75/47 s San Francisco, CA6QI560.56 59/52 pc 57/5Q r Washingian, QC 6ZI53Q.S6 5$36 r 63/40 pc Billings, tur 6042 Q.eo44IZB sn 39/28 sn Indianapolis IN 38I33 Q.SS 58I39 s 68/46 pc San Jose, CA 63/54 0.25 63/47 pc 61/47 r Wvhlka KS 6$31Q.QO 76I53Pc 72/35 pc Birmingham,AL 64IS6 ».33 67/39 s 75/49 s I»rkson, 145 65/57 8.89 7/V43 s 78/SQ pc Saol» Fe, NM 64/ZB O.QQ7Q/31 pc 63/JZ pc Yakima,WA 61/31Q.QO 5$30 ih 59/36pc Blslluick, NP avzo Q.ig 49/18 r 27/io sn IacksonviB», rt 79I67 Q.BZ 72/42 s 76/48 s Savannah,un 81/640.22 72/42 s 77/48 Yuma,AZ + Q,QO BZISS pc 83/54 pc Boise, ip 54/44 Q.39 SZI34 ih SSI38 pc Juneau,Ax 46/ZOQ.QO 44/Z3 pc 43/28 pc Basion, MA SZ/41 8.11 45/34 r 4$34 r KansasCity, MO 56ISOQ.QO 75/49pc 73/SQ pc Bu8»lo, NY 39/34 0.01 39/27 sn 45/35 s lansing, IW 38I32Q.QO 5QI32 s 6N41 pc Amsterdam 66/41 Q.QO62/42 s 6044 pcMecca 9$78 Q.QO96I75 s 96/77 s 42/36 O.QZ 39/29 41/27 pc L»SVeuai, NV 81/56Q.QO TZI51 pc 74/51 pc Athens Burii~,Vr 62/50Q.QQ 64ISO r 59/48 Mexico Cily 7$593.85 75/SS pc 75/53 is Caribou, ME 38/31 O.iz 38/Za ia 34/23 lexington, KV SZ/41 8.64 57/35 s 67/49 pc Aurkund 69/57Q.OQ 73IS3 pc 7055 pcMontreal 39I33Q.QO 3990 cri37/26 ia casper,wv 62/34O.QQ 56/29 ii 43/26 in lincoln, NE 60/ZOQ.QO 79/38 Pc Sa/ZS pc Baghdad 80/59Q.QO 87ISS s 75/44 is Moscow 35/19Q.QO 35/ZZ i 46/Za pc Charleston,SC 79/64147 69/41 s 75/47 s i uk Rock, AR 6048 8.42 68/46 s 75/52 pc Bangkok 95/78 Q.OQ96/88 ai 95/»Q pcNairobi 78I62Q.QO arrae criBZ/68 pc Charlotte, NC 67/57 0.31 61/35 s 75/44 s ios Angeles,CA 7QISSQ.QO 6$54 Pc 64/53 pc Bujing 73/46Q.QQ 71/48 s 77/51 pcNassau 86/TSQ.QO86I73Pc 8068 is Ch»u»nooga,TN 62/54 0.4» 65/37 s 72/47 pc louisville, KV 51/4ZQ81 61/37 s 6958 pc Beirut 69/59Q.OQ 73/SS pc 6Q/51 pc New Delhi 87/66 Q.OQ 87/66 pc 87I»4 s cheyenne,wv 59/27O.QQ 62/32 pc 43/26 pc Madison, Wi 46/27 Q.QQ 6O/45 Pc 64/34 is Buiin 60/35Q.OQ 62/44 s 64/44 s Osaka 69/51 Q.OQ 64I42 is 59/35 s Chicago, IL 41/33 O.QQSB/44 pc 65/36 pc Memphis,TN 59/47 3.01 srv47 s 75/57 pc 8090/» 71/39Q.OQ 73ISO pc68/SQ r Oslo uilc»Q.OQ 59/48 pc SS/42 pc Cinrinnaii, QN 47/37 0.86 SS/34 pc68/48 pc suami, FL 84//5Q.QO 79/62 Pc 78/65 s Budapest 68I41 Q.OQ66I39 s au39 pcOttawa 35/32Q.OQ 35/26 cri39IZ6 sn Clevela»4 ON 41 /34 0.18 43/29 pc 54I38 pc Milwaukee,Wi 38/31 Q.OQSOI37 pc 58/35 pc BuenosAires TBI69Q.OQ 88/Ti pc 73/57 ii Pans 68I»6Q.QQ 66/48 pc 68/48 pc Colo. SPQS Co 67/ZSO.QO 71/37 pc 56/ZO pc Minneapolis, MN43/ZZ Qip 61/36 Pc 54/23 r Cabo SanLvc»s 86I66Q.QQ 89/71 s BQI69 s Riod»Janeiro 8073 0.08 86/73 is 87/73 cd columbia,Mo 54/34 8 m 74/49 pc 76/35 is Nashville, TN 60I44 0.46 62/40 s 7ZI51 pc Cairo 86/59O.OQ 86IS7 s 75/57 s Rome 68/420.QQ 69/46 s 69/44 pc Columbia, SC 78I60 8.46 67/37 i 77/45 s New Orleans, iA 72/SSI.SS 78/SZ s 74/59 pc Calgary 23/io O.QQ3/Vt 7 I 22/3 sn Santiago 71/48 OQQ 71/44 s 69I42 s Columbus,GA 71/59 Q.QB 67/41 i 74/48 pc Nuv VariCNV 68/45 0.32 SZ/37 ii 51/39 r c»hcuh 86/77O.QQ 86/69 cri 8869 ii s»o Paulo BZ/680.88 BZ/68 ii BN69 is Columbus,QN 48/37 Q.99 48I31 pc 63/44 pc Newark, NI 55/45 0.42 51/37 u SN37 r Dublin SQ/42O.QQ 53/44 r 53/46 pc Sapporo 39/39O.QQ 44/33 r 37/32 pc Concord, NC 4$32 Q.os 37/31 r 39/28 Norialk, VA 71IBO 0.55 51/48 r 56I41 pc Edinburgh 46/41 O.QQ55/41 pc 59/42 pc seoul 6851 O.QQ 66/46 pc 69/46 cri CarpusChristi, 1X BZ/62Q.QO 7663 pc 79/67 I Okla. City, OK 73/36O.QQ 77/54 pc 77/45 pc Geneva 62/33O.QQ 66/46pc 68I46 pc Shanghai 68I570.QQ 69/5Q r 69/SO s Qallas 1X 7446 Q.eo 7867 pc 79/59 pc Omaha NE 54/ZQO.QQ73/48 pc 6$25 sh Narare 78/55O.QQ 88/57 pc 78ISS r Singapore 95//7 O.QQ 93/73 is 95/73 s Qaylan,ON 39I341.28 SQI34 pc 64/48 pc Orlando, FL 79/67 1.98 75/Sz pc 79IS3 pc Nallu Kollu 77/69O.QQ BQ/71 s 80/73 pc Stockholm STR6O.QQ SSI37 s 53I30 s Denver,Cp 66/28 Q.m Ti/36 pc SVZT pc PalmSprings,CA 85590.QQ at65 pc 77IS4 pc Istanbul S//42O.QQ S//4i r 51/42 s Sydney 73/68 O.QQ78/66 pc 78/64 s Q»s Moines,IA SSIZ8Q.OQ 73/45 pc 67/ZS is Peoria, IL SCI37O.QQ63/46 pc 67/35 is iervwiem 8$55 O.QQBQI55 i 68/46 pc Taipei 86I73 Q.QQ Bu66 is 77/64 pc Detroit tw 48/35Q.QQ 51/30 s 51/4» pc Philadelphia, PA 55/47 0.71 51/37 r 57/38 pc Iotunnesburg -I- Q.QQ73/55 r 71/SS is T»i Aviv 8$55Q.QQ 78I5 7 pc 68I46 pc Pvivlh, MN 37/13 Q.QQ43/30 pc 34/1 7 Phoenix, AZ BBI57Q.QO BZI56 pc 81/56 pc lima 73/64Q.QO 78/66 s 77/66 s Tokyo 69I57 Q.QO 66I53 r 71/46 s Ei Paso,1X 78I»4Q.QQ 8860 pc BQIS6 pc Pittsburgh, PA 56/38 8.14 43/28 sn Sa/41 pc Lisbon SBI42Q.QO 6CI48 pc 6olsi r Vanmuver 51/46Q.QO SCI42 r 48/39 r rairhmkr, AK 398 Q.OQ 37/6 pc 35/I pc Porllarxt ME 5$32 Q.QZ 37/31 r 38/29 66I46Q.QO 6VSQ i 68/48 cri Vienna 66I41 Q.QQ au»4 i 68/44 s LO»rivh Fargo, NP 45/25Q.QQ 46I18 al 2801 sn Providence,Nl 5437 49rsc r 41/35 r Madrid 55/44Q.QO 6QI42 r 6/V42 pc Warsaw 57/37 Q.QO55/35 i 59/37 s Flagstaff, Az 62/ZQO.QQ 57/23 pc 54/31 pc Raleigh, NC 65/56Q.74 53/37 sh 71/41 s Manila 95/78Q.QO 93/rs pc95/75 s


SanPFran»fseo i "'d -~ Czheyehrie

Brppksville, FL


35/» dP I

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• 2.96u


Qoaebec ~ H alifax



Death Valley, CA •

5 Q 5 6 P S~ 7 5


• 93'


Yesterday Sunday Monday Hi/Lo/Pcp Hilto/yy Hilto/yy City


Yesterday's extremes

Moon phases



PLANET WATCH T E MPERATURE PRECIPITATION Tomorrow Ris e Set Yesterday through 4 p.m. at BendMunicipal Airport Mercury..... 903Pm..... 821 am. High/Low..............53'/35' 24hoursendingripm*.. PPP" Venus......... 750pm..... 621 am. Remrdhigh....... 80'in1966 Monthiodai».......... 040" Mars.........11:05a m....1022 pm. Remrdlow.........14'in1950 Averagemonthtodale... 061" Jupiter........ 2:29a.m..... 5:50p.m. Averagehigh.............. 57' Yeariodate............ 3.53" Saturn........1:45p.m....ll:4pp.m. Averagelow............... 27' Averageyeartodate..... 2.23" Uranus....... 9:46 p.m....10:31 a.m. Barometricpressure4 p.m. 29.82" Remrd 24hours .. 0.39 in 1974 *Melted liquid equivalent

Mt. HoodMeadows...........11"....................133 Snow level and road conditions representing condiM t. Hood Ski Bowl............... 2" ...................... 26" tions at 5 p.m. yesterday. Key: T.T. = Traction Tires. T i mberline..........................10" ...................... 73" Willamette Pass................... 6"......................26" pass Cpndjtjpns 1-5 at Siskiyou Summit.................. Carry chains / TT. 54/40 r I-84atCabbage Hill......................Carrychains/T.T. p" 68 Asp»„CO 57/37 pc Hwy. 20 at Santiam Pass.............. Carry chains / TT. MammmpthMtn CA 2' 45 59/34 pc Hwy. 26 a t Gove r nment Camp.. . . . Car r y c hai ns / T T . Park «ity, UT........................ 2" .................--. 82 57/42 r vide.............Carrychains/T.T. Squaw Valley,CA.................4"......................20" 52/29 sh Hwy.26 atOchocoDi Su n Valley, ID.......................I"......................41" Redmond 52/29 8 Hwy.58atWigamettePass..........Carrychains/TT. Roi»hurg 56/40 r Hwy.138 atDiamond Lake...........Carrychains/T.T. Taos, NM.............................0"......................52" Saie 54/39 r Hwy.242 atMcKenziePass..........Closedforseason Vail, CO................................p" ...................... 75" Sisters 49/29 II For up-to-minute conditions turn to: For links to the latest ski conditions visit: The Dages 59/37 sh or call 511 Luiend:W-weather,Pcp-precipitation,s-sun, pc-partial clouds,c-clouds, h-haze, shehowers,r-rain, t-thunderstorms,sf-snowflurries,sn-snow, i-ice,rs-rain-snowmix, w-wind, f-fog,dr-drizzle, tr-trace Ia Pine Iak»vi»w M»riford Newport North Bend Onianp Pendleton Pprihnd Prin»vige

• 64'


•NNNN 45QY.ihccii

• 56/38



52 34

Eugene Klamaih Falls

Yesterday's stateextremes


• Paisley 45/29

Chiloquin 43/27


i Y

43/2 7

41/25 • Silver Lake 45/27

40/23 nt Pass 56 36

BMh •&Id54/d5. d5


47 31

Asioria Baker City Brookings Bums

Mostly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of rain and snow showers. Highs 46 tp 53.

rain and snow showers

Yesterday Sunday Monday The higher the UVIndex number, the greater City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W the need for eyeand skin protection. Index is for solar at noon. Precipitationvaluesare24-hour totaIs through 4 p m.


Chance of rain showers.

Chan c e of



Mostly cloudy with a 50 percent chance of snow showers. Highs 42 to 48.


Chan ce of rain and snow showers.

49 31


Willow le

~4 /' 34



I 6


Sunrisetixlay...... 6:49 a.m. Sunsettoday...... 7:29 p.m. Sunrisetomorrow .. 6:48 a.m. Sunsettomorrow... 7:31 p.m. Moonrisetoday....6:38 a.m. Moonsettoday....7:49 p.m.

5 2 43 »NNN

Chan c eof rain and snow showers.


Highs around 55. Chance of i @36'nte Dapes 54/32 Arhngton Pend l e t o q )x %04vN x • I »W co dMK precipitation 60 Mep(hrim xux qq% lg ,xxxxx'45/25 xh $ percent. ~ Ruggs QI a3 Maupin' 5Niovernment'Camp43/31

4 7/40 5


A »w&+ AarWxxxxxx xxxxx x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x 4~NNNNNNNN NN NN NN NNNNNN NN NN NN N N NN NNNNNN NN NN NN N N NN NNNN NN N NNN NN •Ast NNSJVIEXNN Nxxxxx x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x h h»Yjgd 61/32 Hermjstpn 50/41 »P Lxxx x xxx x x x x x x x x x w x x x x x x '

Tjllamppkxxx l 43/38 .xxx x ~

I '

FRONTS Cold W arm Stationary

CONDITIONS * ** * * 8 d 4 ' * *** *u *

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: u r+


Showers T-storms Rain Flurries Snow

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Pot plants take root amid drought to officials' chagrin By Rob Hotakainen


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McClatchy-Tribune News Service

In drought-hit California, marijuana growers are feeling the heat, accused of us-

I I '

ing too much water for their


thirsty plants and of polluting streams and rivers with their pesticides and fertilizers.

State officials say a pot plant sucks up an average of 6 gallons of water per day, worsening a shortage caused by one of the biggest droughts on record. They say the situa-

tion is particularly acute along California's North C o ast, where the growing pressure to Brennan Linaley /The Associated Press file photo irrigate pot threatens salmon A handful of California legislators are concerned that pot-growand other fish. Ing operations In state and national parks are contributing to an "This industry — and it is already troublesome drought. Of course, there are some advocatan industry — is completely Ing for total legalization, claiming that It would end some of the unregulated," said Scott Bau- problems. er, a fisheries biologist with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. "What I just sociation. She doesn't grow legally. They're using the land hope is that the watersheds marijuana herself but she's illegally. They're growing an don't go up in smoke before t he spokeswoman fo r t h e illegal product," Garamendi we get things regulated and group, which has about 400 said. "And they're probably protect our fish and wildlife." members. protecting that product with California is also the most As part of a drought-fight- illegal weapons." popular state for pot produc- ing plan on Capitol Hill, Nevedal and other pot backers to grow crops in U.S. for- Thompson and 13 other mem- ers said the ultimate solution ests, accounting for 86 percent bers of the U.S. House of Rep- was for Congress to fully leof the nearly 1 million plants resentatives from California galize the drug, which she said federal officials seized in 2012. want to give the Drug Enforce- would eliminate the need for "Those are lands that you ment Administration $3 mil- growers to hide in the wilderand I own," said U.S. Rep. lion to get rid of the large pot ness and truck in their water. Mike Thompson, D-Calif. operations in public forests. For biologist Bauer, who's "And when people are growIn 2012, U.S. officials dis- been using Google Earth iming dope there and guarding covered illegal pot plots in 67 ages to study the scope of the their operations with guns national forests in 20 states, in- operations, the link is clear. and the likes, and sometimes cluding 252 sites in California. He said 24 tributaries of the with booby traps, we can't Use Washington and Colorado, the Eel River in Mendocino and the land that we own. It hap- only states that have legalized Humboldt counties went dry pens all over." marijuana fo r r e c reational last summer — and all of them Medical growers who tend use, ranked second and third, had been used to water pot theircrops on private proper- respectively, followed by Ida- operations. ty object to getting lumped in ho, Georgia and Kentucky. Bauer said it was common with the illegal growers who At raided sites, authorities to see marijuana growers are trespassing on federal have found widespread dam- driving pickups with water lands. age, including miles of irriga- tanks. And he said state offiThey say they're a scape- tion lines, propane tanks, as cials last summer had chased goat in the debate. well as rat poison and other down reports of trucks with "It's really easy to point fin- toxic chemicals that end up in 5,000-gallon tanks siphoning gers at a very large cash crop streams. water from already-low rivers. that's completely Lmregulat"That was happening all California Democratic Rep. ed. It's one of the main cash John Garamendi said the for- over the place — and good crops of the state," said Kristin est growers were "operating luck trying to catch them," he Nevedal, of Garberville, Ca- without an y e n v ironmental said. "We did catch one person lif., the founding chairwoman awareness." doing it. We tried to capture "They're using the water il- others, but they're pretty wily." of the Emerald Growers As-

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A long walk

ONDAceledration honors wilderness The OregonNatural Desert Association will hold a party Friday to celebrate two anniversaries: the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act and the fifth anniversary of the wilderness designation for the Oregon Badlands, located east of Bend, andSpring Basin, which overlooks the John Day River valley. The free event will be from 5 to 8 ONDA's office, 50 S.W. Bond St., Suite 4, Bend. Enjoy food, beverages and live music while recognizing those whose work helped secure more than 35,000 acres of wild lands for future generations. Fine photography will also be ondisplay, and the winners of the Badlands/Spring Basin photo contest will be announced. "Protecting Badlands and Spring Basinwas trulyateam effort, supported by anarray of adjacent landowners, local businessesandcitizens," ONDAExecutive Director Brent Fenty said. "We want to recognizethose who contributed their voice to help preserve these placesfor their children andgrandchildren." Contact: hhagemeier© or 541330-2638.

Padma Maxwell of Bend leaves May 2 for a walk around the Earth, in which she'll cover four continents and 25 countries in five years. Here is her planned, approximate route.

Start/finish: Benti Europe





/ Australia


Greg Cross/The Bulletin

Foodie Crawl returns to Bend The popular Foodie Crawl returns to Central Oregon April 27. Organizers describe theeventasacombination progressive dinner and pub crawl, according to its website. At more

than 12 locations (still to be determined), guests will sample small plates and beveragepairings from the area's top chefs and restaurants. One weekprior to the event, guests will receive awristband and a detailed mapoutlining all the stops. Participants can set their ownpace from place to place. The FoodieCrawl runs from 3 to 6 p.m. inBend. The event wraps up with dessertand anafter-party from 5 to 8p.m. at the Liberty Theatre. Entertainment includes live music by Bill Keale and Downhill Ryder,and a silent auction. Tickets are $65per person for the full crawl and after-party or $20 to attend theafter-party only. Proceedsbenefit Bend's Community Center's Feedthe Hungry program. Tickets are limited, so organizers recommend purchasing in advance. Contact: www.thefoodie or 541-3122069.

State of the city address planned The mayor ofRedmond, GeorgeEndicott, will deliver aState ofthe City addressApril 9at the Juniper Golf Clubin Redmond. Endicott will take a look at thepastyear's accomplishments andthe goals andopportunities ahead, according to a news release. The luncheonaddress runs11:45 a.m. to1 p.m. at the JuniperGolf Club, located at1938 S.W. Elkhorn Ave.Cost is $15 per person. Theevent is open to thepublic, however reservations are required byFriday. Contact: karen©visitredmondoregon.comor 541-923-5191. — From staff reports

• Padma Maxwell plans to go on a 5-yearwalk through Australia, Asia, Europeandthe U.S. By Ben Salmon The Bulletin

adma M a x w el l do e sn't have a car, so she walks

everywhere. A couple of weeks ago, she was walking from dinner at a friend's house to her west-side Bend home when she stepped awkwardlyoffa curb and sprained her ankle.




"I wish it was that I was saving

a baby from a wild wolf or something," the 32-year-old Virginia native said last week. "I wish I had a better story."

If Maxwell's next five years goes as planned, she'll definitely have a better story. Probably lots of them.

On May 2, she will walk away from her friend's house on Northwest Quincy Avenue in Bend pulling a small bike trailer packed with gear and provisions. She plans to walk

Ryan Brennecke/The Bulletin

Padma Maxwell of Bend is leaving May 2 to walk around the world. She plans to cover four continents and around 25 countries in five years. Below are a few waterproof maps Maxwell will carry.

across the Earth.

Her approximate route — posted she will have no choice but to learn

I spramed my ankle walk ng. I've only camped ... in campsites. I've never just gone out into the . ,=' ~ @® wild and camped. So this is ,, ® .

on her website, — will take her through

how to rough it on the road.

"I see this as my walkabout," Maxwell said, referencing the wilcountries in five years at a pace of derness journey taken by adoles- totally out of my n orm. ,-' about 15 miles per day, six days per cent male Australian Aborigines as Buttome,that'skindof week. a rite of passage. "This is like findAlong the way, she plans to write ing out what I'm made of. "I don't see this as athletic. I about her adventure, and she hopes to collaborate with people, connect am not an athlete. I have gone (around the Earth), there's with other cultures and raise mon- cross-country skiing three times in no way you can prepare for it," ey and awareness for organizations my life and downhill skiing twice," Maxwell said. "There's no way." that support girls and women. And she said. "I don't really ride bikes. SeeWalk/C3 four continents and around 25





: ~+® -"

o"s '

P,~/>..~ ,tttts„ -

~+ 4-

-;"«„„-~M'' -,.i:~ „








KPOV looksback at Beatles'first wave of hits The Beatles, from left, Paul McCartney,

By Mac McLean The Bulletin

Fifty years ago this weekend, The

Ringo Starr

Beatles made music history when their

on dfums,

songs occupied the top five spots on

George Harrison and John Lennon,

perform on the "Ed Sullivsn Show" in 1964. The Associated Press file photo

Billboard's Hot 100 charts. It was an event that marked the

See video of TheBeatles performing classic hits on TheBulletin's website:


by playing all 30 songs featured on Billboard's Top 30 Countdown for the

British boy band's arrival and eventu- week of April 4, 1964, on a Friday eveal dominance of America's pop music ning radio show. scene.

Prior to achieving this milestone,

It's also an event that might never be Drude said, The Beatles had already seen again, according to one local mu- enjoyed a great amount of success in sic expert.

their home territory of Great Brittan

"This is something that couldn't hap- and were seeing that success translate pen today," said Alex Drude, a KPOV into America's pop music scene. Radio DJ who plans to mark the event

See Beatles/C6




Formsforengagementw,eddinganniversary orbirtltday announcements areavailableat TheBulletint,777SW ChandlerAve v Bendo,r by emailing milestones®bendbulletin com. Forms and photos must be submitted within on month of the celebration. Contact: 541-383 0358.

Wedding etiquette, from parties to gifts


liea, •

.Itg c

Crystal Wright and Brian Mulvihill, both o f

vain for their invites."


• My fiance and I aren't • having a t r aditional • My two daughters are wedding — we're going to • marrying seven weeks the courthouse and then out apart, and they're each oth-


to dinner with our parents.

I'm not wearing a white gown, but I love the romance of a bird cage veil. Will I look like an idiot in one?

A Training Gym in Jackson and is a professional big mountain skier.

Carrie Goldberg says she prefers a bird cage with a knee-length dress or suit, rather than a floor-grazing

The future groom is the son

gown, because the short veiV

J a ckson,

Wyo., plan to marry Aug. 23 at Big Sandy Ranch in Pinedale, Wyo. The future bride is t he daughter of Pam and Don Wright of Jackson. She is a 2000 graduate of Pinedale High School and a 2006 grad-

of Brad Mulvihill and Lolly Tweed, of Sisters, and Chuck and Judy Hayes, of Salem. He is a 1997 graduate of Mountain View High School and a 2003

uate of Montana State Univer-

Jackson as a videographer, a whitewater river guide and an

sity, where she studied health promotion. She owns Wright

people will be left waiting in

er's maid of honor. They both live on the East Coast, while

the weddings are in our Midwestern hometown. Is it

OK to have one joint bridal

• Not at all! In fact, Mar- shower? And can they serve • tha Stewart Weddings as hosts for each other? Associate Fashion E d itor • Logistically, combin-

Brian Mulvihill and Crystal Wright

Wright — Mulvihill

By Martha Stewart Martha Stewart Weddings


graduate of the Oregon State

University, where he studied liberal studies. He works in audiovisual technician.

shortdress combo is more p roportional. The key t o pulling off the look, Carrie says, is to select a headpiece that relates to the colors and fabric that you're wearing from the neck down. Which means, for example, that you

one would make sense. "But

the sticky issue here is with the guest list," warns Vadnal, who points out that having

a two-for-one shower works only if everyone who comes is invited to both weddings;

otherwise, partygoers will feel compelled to bring presents fora bride whose cele-

bration they're not attending. In the case of your daughdon't have to automatically ters, they do share family, default to a white veil just be- but their friend groups may cause it's your wedding. Con- not overlap. If that's true, one sider a headpiece that picks


A• ing both events into

way to work around the situ-

Chris snd Heidi (Hopper) Mueller


up on whatever shades are ation is for you to host a joint, in your outfit. Or, if you love family-only shower in your the way two contrasting hues hometown, so relatives (and look together, go ahead and the brides) travel for just one

Mueller, of Redmond, celebrated their 25th wedding

pair them, but make sure the

anniversary with a cruise

party. Then, for those who

materials are complementa- aren't going to both nuptials, ry: If you're wearing a tweed "Separate low-key celebrasuit, for instance, opt for a tions, like fun girls' dinners headpiece with leather trim, or brunches or a day at the not gauzy flowers. beach, can be organized by

(and Ryan) Thornton-Moore, of Oklahoma, and Nathan, of Redmond.

Chris and Heidi (Hopper)

through the Panama Canal.

The couple were married April 1, 1989, at the First Baptist Church in Bend. They

have two children, Kayla

Mr. MuellerworksatFranz

Bakery as a supervisor. Mrs. Mueller works for American Greeting Cards. They enjoy skiing and camping. Chris is a lifetime resident of Central Oregon, and Heidi has lived here for 28 years.

each maid ofhonor," Vadnal • How d o w e de c i de suggests. Those, your daugh• whom to invite to our ters can absolutely host for engagement party? I'd like each other.

to include people who might not be invited to the wedding since that will be a small des-



• My fiance and I live • in t he M i d d le E ast,

though we're marrying in • Originally, e n g age- the U.S. We've set up a hon• ment fetes were inti- eymoon registry, but should

tination affair.

kj . ~g


mate events, hosted by the

The Bulletin MI LESTONE G UI

we still have a t raditional

bride'sparents and meant one for housewares, too? We only for relatives and close don't want to have to schlep James Bennett and Nicole Inglis

Inglis — Bennett

State University, where she

friends; it was a no-brainer

the gifts overseas.

that everyone who attended would also be at the big

often suggest that A•• We couples register for

studied sports medicine. She is

day. Now, the etiquette is

a graduate student at George

changing as more couples are hosting their own larger gatherings. It's still easiest if everyoneatthe kickoffcelebration makes the list later,

shopping easier for invitees who will purchase something anyway (it happensa lot). But in your case, "It's fine to not set up a standard

so no one feels awkward or left out. But, as Martha Stew-

wish list," says Martha Stew-

art Weddings Senior Editor

Editor Naomi d e Manana. "People who hope to con-

Nicole Inglis, of Portland, Fox University in Portland. and James Bennett, of HillsThe groom is the son of boro, were married March 21 Christie and Darcey Tosch, of at Postlewait's in Canby. A re- Hillsboro. He is a 2001 graduception followed. ate of Hillsboro High School. The bride is the daughter of He works as a l andscapGuy and Nancy Inglis, of Red- ing specialist for the city of mond. She is a 2006 graduate Hillsboro. of Redmond HighSchool and The couple honeymooned a 2010 graduate of Oregon in Ventura Beach, Calif. They will settle in Hillsboro.

Julie Vadnal says, "It's OK to

art Weddings Senior Style

bend this rule if you're hav- tribute something they know ing a tiny wedding. Just be you want can go to the honclear that this is the case, or eymoon registry."


Delivered at St. Charles Bend Ryan and Kayla Watne, a girl, Khloe Kaye Watne, 6 pounds, 1 ounce, March18. Kyle Byington and Kelissa Averre, a boy, Kovin EdwardAverre-Byington, 9 pounds, 5 ounces, March 20.

Delivered at St. Charles Redmond Eric and RebeccaCase, a boy,

Braxton Davis Case,6 pounds,7 ounces, March19. Beau and Brandy Martin, a boy, Heston RaymondMartin, 7 pounds,14 ounces, March 21. JoshKelchem and RachelWoods, a girl, Kathrynn LeahKetchem, 7 pounds, 7 ounces, March 20. Juan Vssquez sndShahirs Avellaneda, a boy,Eliazar Davian Vasquez, 6 pounds, 7ounces, March 21.



a •


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Adios FtjNraiserParty

Continued from C1

What: PadmaMaxwell will talkabout her planned walkaround the Earth and invite others to share stories. There will also beer, kombucha, foodand music. When:6:30 p.m. April 17 Where: Hawthorn HealingArts Center, 39N.W.LouisianaAve., Bend Cost: $10suggesteddonation Contact: or projectwethrive

The journey begins The seed for Maxwell's journey was planted in late 2011,

when she was looking to escape New York City after a bad breakup. She had moved from Washington, D.C., to the Big Apple a year before and expanded her business as a con-

sultant helping women, "particularly healers like massage therapists and energy workers," she says, learn how to build a practice and be successful.She

unknown" and open herself up not only to others, but to her fears. "I'm an introvert, even a lon-

er. I choose to be alone at home to be under some overpass, rather than to go out and do crying and cold and lonely and something, so to walk around hungry. I'm expecting that." the world is a challenge in itWhat she's not expecting is self," Maxwell said. "Not just to set any land-speed records. because of the walking, but She reiterates that Project WE

coached most of her clients via

phone orvideo chat. "I thought, well, I could stay in New York or I could just go big," she said. So she went big. She cre-





ated "Project SHE Thrives"






ment, the loneliness, the places in myself that I avoid feeling," she continued. "I know it's going to be tough. I'm expecting


to be out there and meeting

Thrive is not an athletic goal.

and made a plan to travel to Ryan Brennecke/The Bulletin strangers and hearing peo- It is about following a dream, ple's stories, and letting people c ultural c o nnection a n d a different city every 30 days, Padma Maxwell looks over the route she plans to take through Australia during her walk around the interviewing women "on how world, which begins May 2 in Bend. help me. There's a challenge in self-discovery. "It's kind of like a petri dish they persevered (and) how just letting people help. And if I'm able to receive from people and just dropping Padma they made their dreams come true" at each stop. She started and half going to a charitable three days walking across learned, though Maxwell says helping me ... I want to help into it," she said. "I'm going in Los Angeles, then moved organization. She plans to northern New M exico with she realizes "there's still more and give back to the world, to go walking. Let's see what too." to San Francisco and Bend, change the beneficiary each Karl Bushby, a Brit who has for (her) to do." happens." where she fell in love with the year ofher journey; in the been walking since 1998. But most of all, she's ready But, she said, "I'm going in — Reporter: 541-383-0377, lifestyle, realized filmmak- first year, the money will go to Bushby shared what he has to head out into "the extreme it to actually feel the ing wasn't her strength and World Pulse, a Portland-based shuttered the project. After a group dedicated to using digishortreturn to San Francisco tal media "to connect women (where she met her boyfriend) worldwide and bring them a a • • • and a winter in Costa Rica, global voice," according to its • she returned to Bend a little website. more than a year ago, "ready Maxwell has pored over "+ PURE Sr.NATURAL to settle down" but still infect- maps and Google Earth, coned with the travel bug. sidering route options. She has 4+ USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC And so her ears pricked up settled on something like this: last summer when she heard a From Bend, she'll walk to Sis«+ HYPO-ALLERGENIC nearby student in a watercolor ters and over Santiam Pass to painting class say the words: Portland, where she'll catch a 4+ WILD-FIELD HARVEST "as he counted his footsteps, plane to Perth, Australia, and he was in Bali." She asked, "Is walk up that continent's westC~NATURAL MINERALS someone walking around the ern coast. world'?" In the sailing community BEND, OPEGON TM Ci VEGAN & GLUTEN-FREE They weren't — the student of Darwin, she'll "head to the The Ultimate in was talking about an inmate docks" and find a way across 4+ NO HARSH CHEMICALS, who killed time in prison by the seas around Indonesia, Skin Care PARABENS OR SULFATES counting his steps in the court- landing in Vietnam and then yard and mapping his virtual working her way west across 4 0 NON-COMEDO G ENIC progress — but the exchange Asia and Europe. In the Unit(WON'T CLOG PORES) unleashed a torrent of ideas in ed Kingdom, she'll fly to Ice-



I Bll C o s m e c s

Maxwell's head.

"I'dbe having coffee and

land, cross that island, then

fly to New York City and walk I'd j us t s t a r t r e s earching her way back to Bend. (walking around the world), Maxwell will be pulling her and I discovered several peo- bike trailer, which she'll hook ple who'd done it in different up to ski poles and a waistways. I became obsessed," she band. Among her essentials: a said. "It was the first time in tent and sleeping bag, a camp my life that I feel like I didn't stove, several journals, a hyform something in the way I dration bag and water filter, form a business or I form my bungee cords and three books life, like I go out and get plates to start in Australia: "Mutant and cups for my house and I Message Down Under" by have a vision of colors. Marlo Morgan, "The Song"It's a new-age term, but I lines" by Bruce Chatwin and was just downloading," Max- "I Heard God Laughing," a well said. "It was just coming, book of works by the Persian and I had to write it down ... poet Hafiz. She has also memand it started turning into this orized Mary Oliver's poem "The Journey" for when she big thing." needs inspiration and can't Planning rely on a book. Since then, Maxwell has She plans to eat mostly pared back her plans, pri- beans and rice, and wants to marily to putting one foot in get down to living on around front of the other one for five $5per day. "I want to know what it's years, because that will be a massive challenge on its own. like to live on less and feel like She is calling her journey I'm thriving and to feel like I'm Project WE

T h r i ve, w here free and connected to the land

"WE" not only means all of us, and Mother Nature and peobut also stands for "Women ple," Maxwell said. Empowered." She is, however, going to She is leaving May 2 with miss sushi. She loves sushi, enough money, she hopes, to she said. get her through a year, and Preparing for such a jourshe's taking donations on her ney may be futile, but that hasn't stopped Maxwell from website. Each donation will be split 50/50, with half sup- trying. In January, she spent porting Maxwell's journey




Before the cop waa done arresting him, the suspect was ready to-



3 2 7 8

86 95 14 61

9 6 8 4

5 7 2 3

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Care ingredients are so dangerous the FDA allows only 100th of 1% in a product? Sher-Ray wonders, do those chemicals accumulate in your body? No one has studied the Iong term effects, are they Formula 2


Damaged Skin Repair Super Serum


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Formula 8 Nourishing Dayl Night Anti-Aging Super Serum

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20 ML

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7t 8 5 28

5 4 8 2 1 6 3 7 9


1. What skin care products

Formula 500

7. Want mo re beautiful skin? Sher-Ray's formulas do that by nourishing your skin cells to live longer and healthier

Nancy Lind — Former Federal Agent" Bend, OR I'malready using Formula 4 and lovingit. I thought I would test F 2 andthe claims of repairinglhealing the skin. OMG,in 3 weeks my age spot coloring has faded awayAND my dryroughpatch hasdecreasedin sizeby about a third. I ama believer!!

Donna Kopacz —Sunriver, OR The TucumaButter yyas fabulous. Loved the fragrance. Product melts and flows on the skin exceptionally well. Kudos for this product!

Cheryl Kratzer — Former Owner of "Fresh Tea", Women's fI Children's Clothing ' San Diego, CA I't/ebeen using Formula 2X for the past month and am shocked at the incredible results. I think you't/e discovered the fountain ofyouth!I will NEVER slop using this exceptional product.

Nai Alamo Hecht — Attorney* Burbank, CA I was given Sher-Ray Organic skincare formula's 8 and Saas a gift and am noM/100% hooked. Since using the formulas daily thereis a very noticeable differencein my skin tone. It feels tighter and the lines are plumping up and disappearing.I LOVE these serums.

Judi Tolboe Bend, OR I purchased the Formula4from Oregon Body and Bath as Ihadbeen heanng abouttheseproducts and wantedto see formyself. Well,I must say —Formula 4was actually more wonderful then promised. Il absorbedquicklyinto my skin, leavingit feeling soft and hydrated all day long. This reallyis a super serumand goodvalue as well. Sondra Burnham - Owner Jack Flash Tees Women's Clothing* Bend, OR I have been using Sher-Rayorganic skin serumsfor thelast6months andhave honestly seen ahuge improvement in myskin. I use the 2X atnight and Formula 8in the moming andit's shedding years olf my age. The statementsmadeby Sher-Ray are all true. I love this line.... Mary Zogg — Manufacturer's Sales Rep" Portland, OR I LOVE the Formula 500- Tucuma Butter.I have been using it on mI/neck and chest and noticed that some dry little bumps on mychest are no longer there! I love the t/traI/it feels, so rich and luxurious, but more importantly, I know I'm not puttinga bunch of chemicals on myskin. Thank you for sucha wonderful product!

Sher-Ray is an apothecary artisan who has created her formulas over the past 54 years, while continuing to improve her products and serums based on current scientific research.

Tucuma Body Butter withNeroli Essential Oil Amazing Body Butter

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ALSO AVAILABLE AT • Oregon Body8 Bath (Downtown) • Desperado Boutique (Old Mill)



3/3 0 / 14

• Alliance Supply Co. (Bend) • Sher-Ray Organic Cosmetic's

Tumalo Mall . Hwy 20. 19883 8th St. Bend

This is an untouched photo of Sherry at age 73. (Owner of Sher-Ray Organic Cosmetics) • NO COSMETIC SURGERY • NO LASER SURGERY • NO INJECTIONS OR FILLERS

Nothing but her own Super Serums.



ome as ou are: remem erin ur o ain By Dave Seminara

compact one-bedroom apartment, Taylor has a Nirvana poster featuring a photo of Cobain posing in what is now Taylor's backyard, and another photo of the band playing an early gig. The fact that a musician is bathing in the same

New York Times News Service

Kurt Cobain felt bored and old. Teenage angsthadpaidoff well, as the line in the Nirvana

song "Serve the Servants" put it, but the fame that came with

being the frontman of the seminal grunge band that brought

black claw-foot tub C obain

used to pass out in isn't a huge coincidence: For a small city, Olympia's music scene is as vibrant as they come. On my wayback up to Seat-

punk to the mainstream was

taking a toll. Cobain was considered by many to be the voice of his generation, but he was

also battling depression and addiction, diseases that led to

tle, Nirvana tunes rattling my

rented Corolla, I felt that trying to follow in Cobain's footsteps was a lot like chasing a shadow. That was nowhere more so than in Seattle itself, which has changed almost beyond recognition since he died. Walking around the Denny-Blaine neighborhood, the last place where Cobain lived, I felt that Aberdeen's most fa-

his suicide at 27.

I was a 21-year-old college student at the time, and one

my fellow DJs at our college radio station, WXVU, at Vil-

lanova University, relayed the grim news. We took to the

airwaves, playing our favorite Nirvana songs and mourning the loss with pony kegs of the bestbeer we could afford. In the 20 years since Co-

mous son never really fit in

bain died, Nirvana's music has stayed with me.

with Seattle anyway, certainly not in this exclusive area. I

When I read that Cobain's hometown, Aberdeen, Wash.,

sat on the unofficial Cobain

was planning a day to honor him in February in advance of the 20-year-anniversary ofhis

the Cobain haunts in Seattle,

bench and thought about how

death on April 5, 1994, and that

Photos by Stuart Isett/ New York Times News Service

Olympia and Aberdeen mirrored the big picture of what's happened to these places.

Nirvana was being inducted The Young Street Bridge is next to the Kurt Cobain Riverfront Park in Aberdeen, Wash., the grunge icon's hometown. Cobain claimed he into the Rock and Roll Hall of frequently slept under the bridge before his rise to fame.

Olympia is artier than it used

Fame in April, the reality that one of my favorite musicians

c ians everywhere, even i n

had been dead for two decades

River, the strangely appealing little park features a guitar

was unsettling. I had wanted to make a trip to Washington

sculpture, a likeness of Cobain with the lyrics to "Something

state to see where he came from and what influenced him. Because there are no organized Nirvana tours, I created

my own, using "Heavier Than Heaven," Charles Cross' mas-


terful Cobain biography, to create an itinerary that I hoped

srsk ! I


. NI

would give me a better under-

standing of Cobain and his music. I started my Cobain trip at

the Marco Polo, a no-frills motel on the gritty periphery of Seattle that Cobain frequent-

ed in his final days, when his heroin addiction c ontrolled his life. According to the 2007

BBC documentary "The Last 48 Hours of K ur t

C o bain," Kurt Cobain moved into this estate on Lake Washington Boulevard in Seattle less than four months

Cobain used to duck out of before his suicide. Nirvana fans from around the world come to adjacent Viretta Park to leave flowers his mansion in the exclusive or graffiti, but some find a closer connection to Cobain at sites in his hometown of Aberdeen, Wash., Denny-Blaine neighborhood where he lived rough before his sudden rise to fame. to meet one of his preferred heroin dealers along Aurora Avenue. He would then retreat al years as a child in the city's to Room 226 of the Marco Polo notorious "Felony Flats" neighto shoot up. borhood, which is rife with T he reception area


boarded-up homes. His moth-

closed when I arrived late on a Monday night in February, so I rang the doorbell. Moments

later, a small sliding window opened, and a man named Jonathan popped his head out. He sized me up wordlessly, slid the window shut, and reemerged moments later in the

reception area, wearing an undershirt, a pairofboxershorts and woolly socks. Linda's Tavern, a celebrated neighborhood bar in Seattle, is the "This place was the Wild last place that Kurt Cobain was seen before his suicide. NickWest back when Kurt stayed named the "grunge Cheers," Linda's is still around, but many here," he said, checking me other Seattle sites associated with the Nirvana singer are gone or into Cobain's favorite room. radically changed in the city's all-encompassing gentrification. "We had hookers throwing

small town where members of the influential punk band the Melvins grew up. Standing outside 413 Fleet St. South, the home that Cobain lived in with his father

from late 1978 to March 1982, was a neighbor named John

and Kurt's uncle.

Foundation in 2005, that reads: "Welcome to Aberdeen, Come As You Are," a reference to one

the street. Fleet Street was a

step up for Cobain, but Bell

Street. While parked next to a

speed limit sign that warned, "Violators will be Prosecuted, Survivors will be Shot," a man

named Jerry who was out for a walk offered to introduce me to Gary Cobain, Leland's son

Scott Taylor, the lead singer and guitar player for the Hard



most recognizable songs, and he offered me a tour.Inside the

www.AgateBeaehMotel.eom Private, vintage,oeeanfront getaway ewport, OrR 1 0'0'-7ss-s 74 •3

Aberdeen's must-see CoCobain Memorial Foundation,

called Kurt Cobain Landing, which sits at the foot of the Young Street Bridge, the inspiration for the song "Something in the Way." Cobain claimed that he lived under the bridge

for a time, and while most who knew him don't think he did,

it was clearly one of his preferred hangouts. Set along the banks of the murky Wishkah

We drove by 1210 East First St. to have a look at the home

where Cobain lived for sever-

Cefrte(n; O


~ forb'"


ap ' de ~ a '


®rzsv ZOg4f

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try Estates mobile home park, paternal grandfather, Leland Cobain, after leaving Fleet


apartment until July 1991.

like a stroll into a 1970s time

A few minutes outside Montesano, I drove into the Counwhere Cobain lived with his

supported him while he wrote many of the songs that would appear on "Nevermind." They broke up, but he kept their tiny

Way, lives in apartment No. 3, where Cobain wrote Nirvana's

said that the modest, centu-

ry-old house with red vinyl siding and newspapers covering the windows seemed mostly empty.

lived with Tracy Marander, his girlfriend at the time. She

bain site is a small park, opened in 2011 by the Kurt

Bell, who told me that when

Cobain's mom used to visit him, he could hear them yelling ateach other from across

the depressing reality that many young people there are

wall and plenty of graffiti paying homage to bands he liked (Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden) and perhaps his favorite beer, Olde English 800.

of Nirvana's hit singles and "My dad greeted Nirvana now the unofficial motto of the name it." fans from all over the world city. The hometowns here," said Gary Cobain, who The mayor of Aberdeen, Bill Cobain is often linked to moved into the mobile home Simpson, had offered to take Seattle, but he spent less than after his father died last May. me on a mini-Nirvana tour. "Kurt went to Seattle and two years living in the city. He "It kept him busy." lived in more than a half-dozShadowing the Chehalis became famous, but he was en homes and slept in count- River, I drove west from Seat- from Aberdeen," the mayor less other places in Aberdeen tle along Olympic Highway to told me as we piled into his and the neighboring towns Aberdeen, an old logging city Chrysler minivan. "Seattle of Montesano and Hoquiam, once called "the roughest town embraced him as one of their and wrote many of Nirvana's west of the Mississippi." Before own, but then he killed himbest-known songs in Olym- a tableau of billowing smoke- self, and suddenly he became pia before moving to Seattle stacks there is a sign, erected an Aberdeen guy again. We're in 1992. I started my Cobain by the Kurt Cobain Memorial happy to reclaim him." homes tour in Montesano, a

homes in Aberdeen spoke to

it: with a hole punched in the

TVs out the w indows here,

drug dealers, junkies, you

Cobain's old apartment. The dilapidated Cobain childhood

in the Way," a headstone with still trying to escape. The fact some amusing Cobain quotes that most of the grungy places (sample: "I'm a walking bacte- where Nirvana played in Seatrial infection"), a Kurt Cobain tle are either gone or complete"air guitar" sculpture and a ly different is a testament to collage of N i r vana-related the continued gentrification of graffiti under the bridge itself. the city. As these thoughts swirled Chasing a shadow in my head, the words to a Two months after playing song I had heard during an their first gig, at a house party open mike at 'Ittgboat Annie's in Raymond, Cobain left Aber- in Olympia the night before deen andmoved to Olympia, a popped into my head. comparatively bohemian oasis A d i m inutive, b earded where he found his creative rapper named MC Swampmuse. My first stop was 114 tiger played "Peace," a song Pear St., a small house in cen- whose final lines, sung — no, tral Olympia split into three screamed — with conviction apartments where Cobain made me think o f C o bain:

er, Wendy O'Connor, who now lives in California, placed the four-bedroom modest home, assessed at $67,000, up for sale in Septemberat$500,000. A real estate agent gave me a tour of the home, which is being marketed as a "once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of rock history." It was warp. The vintage kitchen featured orange, black and gold carpeting, the hallway had wood shingles, and Cobain's bedroom was just as he left

to be, with struggling musi-


"trsk ttrrr Prrk affrr applicable tonsw irrhidual booVingsmade03$t -ttt rl SI20t4 srrt must bs a4night ar longer rruiae ttat deparh betwsrrr Msy20t4- Msr 20t5. Not applicable ts Cslebrily XpsdiTion,Trsrrrstlssbc, snd T nrpacific sailings.Applies toaaan view srrt highrr shtsnxrre. Mstmmtinsble wilh other olfes. Umit af are Offsr perstatrraom. Rrst 2gurets mayrhoore aneaf ths fcikrretrtt apbonsGsaric Bsrrrsgs Packagefor Tws,rres GnrtuiTiesfor Twa,rr Otrtmrrd CrsditrOBC").GuestsusingChcicrrtir havethe faurlh aptianaf arruiar tsrs savings.Choicrrtir must be purchased byApril15, 20t4. Fast2gurrNs ins rrtsroommustsekrrtthe samectrikrr. On selrct rrussrr triple sndhigher occurrrncyguretswill eachreeve rrrrestsrre arrings; notspplicabletscruise taurs. Taxessndfees srs sddittorel far sll gusris Gsaric BsrsrsgsPackagsfor Twsappliests twsgurets ter skrtrraom sndindudes teers upts $6 perssrving; spirils, corktrrikr snd wineupto $8 psr sarving,erda,fresh sqrrrazsdsndIxrttkrd juices, premiumcalfere, srrt tsre srrt non-prrrnium Irrttlsd watrv sndseNsr grstr Sss.rrse GrstrrSssfar Twoaffsrapplieststwo gurels prr sistsraom snd prerideafarprapaidshtsreom,wrritrr reararstwrritrr snd hsrrt wrritrr grstuiaire inthssmrrrstsuggrrrtsd byCslebritti's grrrtalines.Onborrd CredittOBC )is persistsraom sndamount is basedan ths rrrmbrr st rrure nightrr 4-5 rrrIMs $1 tttk 64 nights $200;10niytrts ar mrrs rat0. OBChre ns csrh value,ir applicablets rrrres anly,nan- arefsrsble, notredeemablefarcash,wil expireif nat uaedby10 taPM onthsfinal nightsf therruke. Cstrtrilytr Chrr'rsiirrsiranings smrrrst ia bsssdonthenumbrr afcruisenighlrr 45riights$200; 6-9 nights$400,10nights ar mors$600.Csplrrirrs Gub INembassrs siigibkr for a50% Rsducsd Depoait tNter m irrhidual bookingsmadsmrrsthan 70daysfram departure data Reducsddaposit mustbepaidbyAtr 30 20t4. All affssr erbjstt ts ' coraeliat. Rsreic6ons .O20t4Ce ' CrrrrrreInc. Shi a istrredin Maltasndtsuador.ttmkTrsvel Grau tmrtt2029626-4tt svaihbTi snd chan swilhoutnabcs

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rin u


By Seth Kugel


New York Times News Service

It was a daunting challenge for a lone traveler in the Af-


rican bush: Using only a tiny $23-a-day Fiat and my wits, I




had to sneak around the six




sleeping lions blocking the gravelly road ahead. Much as I wished I could

watch them for an hour and then double back, I was late for curfew at Crocodile Bridge Rest Camp, 15 miles ahead, and at South Africa's Kruger


National Park in February, ve-

hicles must be offthe roadsby 6:30p.m. The p r udent a p proach seemed to be to inch forward, slowly. If a Fiat could tiptoe, this is what it would look like.

The two closest lions kept on snoozing, ribs heaving so rapidly they must have been racing after a delicious impala in their dreams. Then, at 10

Photos by Seth Kegel i New York Times News Service

feet, the female jumped up and Lounging lions block n road at Kruger National Park, South Africa. By driving yourself, cooking for stared straight at me. Juggling yourself nnd camping, you can do Kruger for around $100 per couple per dny, including everything my camera, the steering wheel but airfare. and the (Ieft-side) stick shift, I hastily backed up and was edging forward again when, heart Praise Assembly church were pounding, I realized my winwide open, and we poked our dow was open. heads in. " We're j u s t wandering When most people imagine their bucket-list African safari, around," I explained to a group . ~~msnnita ~~~they're in the back of an open of women. = / "You should have been wan-

4x4, nothing to worry about

but their cameras, as their expertguide keeps an eye outfor

dering around at 10 this morning," one girl said. "You would

cheetah tracks and rhino dung. Then it's back to the luxury

have seen us dance." Note to

self: Next timeyouheadto Siteki on a Sunday, get there by 10.

lodge to doff their pith hats, enjoy a sundowner and relive the day's sightings. Such comfort is far beyond the scope of many travelers.

But as South Africans already know, there's a cheaper alternative. By driving yourself, cooking for yourself and camping, you can do Kruger for around $100 per couple per day, induding everything but airfare. Prefer a bed? Reserve a "safari tent" instead and make that

$120. The self-drive safari wasn't

the only cheaper alternative during my 16-day trip to southern Africain February.

I chose the simple charms of a $14-a-night mountain camp in Swaziland over the usual

draws of that tiny monarchy — the touristy attractions in the Ezulwini Valley, home to its

polygamous King Mswati III. I stayed in feisty Durban instead of its famously dazzling cousin up the coast, Cape Town. The result was perhaps rougher than a traditional itin-

erary — traveling in Africa can often be a challenge — but also more rewarding, and rarely lacking excitement.

From game reserve to mountain camp Where was I? Ah yes, facing a ferocious lion with my win-

dow wide open. I rolled it up and temporarily backed away. Now that everyone was awake, I drove through, hugging the opposite side of the road as the lions trotted into the bush. My

heart continued to pound as I replayed the scene again and again. That lasted about two minutes, until three giraffes ambled onto the road in front

of me. It was the dosest encounter I had with wildlife but not by

much. With no guide and using only maps, tactical advice from a whiskey-drinking Afrikaner in the tent next to mine and

(when cell coverage allowed) the occasional tweeted tip, I


From dustytown to metropolis

Whether you're willing to camp or needsomewhat cushier accommodations, a trip to Kruger or other African parks like it will be far cheaper than moderately priced packagesafaris. Here's a guide to planning and pricing. Make sure your dates in Kruger do not coincide with school holidays in South Africa (, whenyou'll be competing for space both at campsites and onthe roads. Avoid weekends as much as possible. • Book n flight:I was shocked to payonly $1,175for a round-trip nonstop from NewYork to Johannesburg on South Africa Airways; as of this writing, a $1,198fare is available online for many spring dates. • Rent n cnr:I did at the hugeAvis operation at the Johannesburg airport for $23 a day. If you take a quick flight to Nelspruit, you'll avoid the four- to six-hour drive to Kruger — but it can be apleasant one, especially if you listen to SAfm, which is like NPR except with awesome accents. • Budget for gns:I usedabout120 rand ($11.50 at10.5 rand to the dollar) of gas perday in Kruger, about a quarter of a tank; you'll also needgas to get there andback. • Stop at nsupermarket on yourwnyto Kruger, hutonly for hnslcs:I spent $30 for three daysanddidn't eat half of what I bought. Stores within Kruger havemost of what you'll needanyway, at reasonable prices. For acouple, $15 perday is morethan enough. • Calculate park admission, called conservation fees: For short stays, adults pay 248 randper day in the park, children under12 pay half. But anyonestaying six days or more should get a yearly pass called the Wild Card. It's 1,610 rand for an individual, 2,610 per couple and3,120per family. A couple staying a week ends up paying 373 rand aday. • Book lodging: There are about three dozencamps throughout the park, which is about the size(and shape) of Israel. Accommodations can get luxurious, but budget travelers should opt to camp (about 215 randper couple per night) or take one of the lower-end options, like "safari tents" with comfortable beds, a fridge and a porch (but communal facilities) for about 470 rand. Bookat Nowhere is the city's diversity — blacks and whites and Indi-

ans and Muslims and tourists — more evident. Joggers in tank tops and running shorts breezed through, a woman in

had purposefully avoided. But as for finding yourself utterly alone on a winding dirt road,eating your lunch as the rhinoceros 10 yards ahead eats his, I'm not sure there's an alter-

I had chosen coastal Durban Joggers run on the Golden Mile, n strip of beaches and piers linked as an alternative to Cape Town by n palm-lined promenade in Durban, South Africa. because it was supposed to be a hijab trotted after her daugh- native to that at all. less beautiful but more diverse ter in a summery red dress, and friendlier. I am always Indians crowded the boardhippos. Then there was a troop other time: Children waved as wary of entire populations be- walk r estaurants, a l e athof baboons, some with babies I passed a mix of traditional ing described as friendly, but er-skinned middle-age white hanging from their underbel- t hatched houses and m o r e in the day and a half I spent surferemerged from thewater, lies or riding piggyback, that modern concretestructures. there, a stranger bought me a a black soccer team trained on took over the road like a swarm Of course, what you see is beer during lunch, a taxi driv- the sand. RENO of locusts. rarely the full story. I was not er abandoned the cab line to There were downsides to Friends who heard I'd be surprisedto hearfrom Kayise, lead me to his favorite local taking the alternative route. APRll 29-MAY 2 camping in a game reserve the woman who greeted me restaurant, and even a conve- I found out later I had missed $229 PPDO had alternatively romanticized at the camp, that the village nience-store derk — often the Swaziland's Marula Festival, Always fun! 4 days/3 nights it ("Sleeping under the Afri- was very poor and ravaged by surliest of professions — perk- which celebrates its namesake Sands Hotel/Casino downtown Reno! can sky, epic," one wrote me) AIDS. ily asked where I was from and fruit and the "beer" made from Receivecash rebates 8. food credits. or imagined me trampled by The mountaintop camp itself wished me a good stay. it, at the very royal residence I elephants. But really, the two was tidy and modest — until In a roll of the dice, I had deQ v l CTORIA B.C.~ spots I camped in were not I got to its edge, where I found cided to book a room through MAY. 18-21 unlike those I've stayed in in a sweeping view of mountains the website Hostelworld at Jg $ 1,349PPDo L BOOKAH Sweden or New Zealand. I set and valleys stretching out be- Neil's Backpacker's and Guest Includes Air/taxes/transfers, up my two-man tent among low. Saving two of the camp's House, which had few online 3 nts at 5-star Grand Pacific, Bookah, a Butchart Gardens, High Tea friendly Afrikaners who in- few activities (a 100-rand tra- reviews but seemed quirky. smart, beautiful at The Empress, Whale Watch variably had far more luxuri- ditional dinner of chicken and Indeed. The house, on a leafy 2-year-old Cruise, Museum Tour, border collie, ous setups. On a third night, I peanut sauce and a 40-rand block not convenient to public 3 Breakfasts e. more! d idn't g e t opted for a safari tent, a rustic village tour) for the next day, I transportation, was huge and along with his but permanent structure with decided to simply wander into inhabited solely by Neil SnyBOURBON former family's comfortable twin beds, a porch the village. man (a South African, age: "of AND BLUEGRASS children, but and refrigerator. Just a couple of m i nutes the Woodstock music generahas been a perfect gentleman in the RIVER CRUISE In Swaziland, I eschewed down the road, I came across tion"); his dog, Zuma, named shelter. Ourtrainer gaveBookahA'sin sit, SKFI'. S-13 I $3,S99 PPDO the standard itinerary — game a field of kids in a full-scale for the South African presidown,stay,recallandoff .Healsoknows parks, casinos and the Ezu- pickup soccer game. They dent,Jacob Zuma, although Cincinnati to St. Louis how to shake.Bookahenjoyscar rides, FREE Air, FREE Pre-Night lwini Valley, home base of practically pulled me into the beforehe was elected;and the loves playing in water andwith toys. He FREEShore Excursions needs continued brain stimulation and the monarchy — in favor of game; Ihanded my camera to occasional guest. (Subtect to atr avetlabthty!) a relationship with a human he trusts. old named Myeni, Shewula Mountain Camp, in a 14-yearOn Neil's recommendation, the country's far northeast; it showed her how to shoot video I went to lunch on my second Learn more at l? DAY adoptable-dogs or meet him in person had beenhighly recommended and made myfirstappearance day at Gounden's, which is one PANAMA CANAL Tues.-Sat., 10-5. by someone I met in Kruger as as a goalkeeper in 18 years. of the more legendary purveyCRUISE by a rustic resort run by villagers The next day, I suggested to ors of the dish Durban is fa@ Sponsored Brightside Animal Center with a very light touch. The the camp's only other guest, a mous for. bunny chow — curSEPT. 25-OCT. 11 price was light, too — 150 rand young South African named ry stuffed into a hollowed-out STARTING AT $2,399 PPDO for a dorm bed in a rondavel, Maria, who was carless, that half- or quarter-loaf of white Includes air, taxes a. transfers! a modernized thatched roof we take a road trip. She agreed, bread. I ordered the mutton BRIGHTSIDE structure. (The Swazi lilan- and we chose what looked like version — full of meat, a spicy AN I M A L C E NT E R geni is pegged to the rand and the dosest city of any signifi- kick, very filling, and just 40 BRIGHTSIDE ANIMAL CENTER I s I I both are accepted all over the cance, Siteki. What had been rand. 1355 NEHEMLOCKAVE. REDMOND,OR (541) 923-oss2 country.) described in a tourism guide Durban's main attraction as a "charming" regional capi- is the Golden Mile, a strip of It took just minutes to like Swaziland. First, there were tal was actually a rather dusty beaches and piers linked by the infinite shades of green, town, but it was Sunday, and a palm-lined, runner- and sometimes layered one upon so congregants were return- biker-friendly p r o menade. another in the same panora- ing from church in either their Although it lacked the sheer I ma, from the yellow-green of natty best or brightly colored beauty of the Cape Town i withering sugar-cane leaves all robes. The doors to the High coast, it was a world to itself. the way to the deep, shadowy green of distant mountains.



saw thousands of impala, hun- And then, turning up the 10dreds of zebras, dozens of el- mile rutted, burnt-orange dirt ephants and giraffes and blue road that led through Shewuwildebeests, six white rhinos la village to the camp, things and plenty of half-submerged took on a surreal look of an-

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Completegri the d so

that every row, column and3x3 box contains every digit from1 to 9 inclusively.

~ib ~ ~ CI ~ ~ Unscramble these six Jumbles


one letter to each square, to form six ordinary words.

nut that TV down. Then eland there wah vottt ultttu ralumf. After thal, put your arme behind your back and lum around. I'm olng to walk over tato hattdcug you. Then, I'llreed yolt yur nght&..

TIRBET Cgut4 Tnbune ContentAgency, LLC All Rt hte Reaaved.

by David L. Hoyt and Jeft Knurek

Beatles ContInued from C1 pearance on the Ed Sullivan Show — where its members played "All of My Loving," "Till There Was You, n R She

'3J 4


Loves You,n "I Saw Her Standing There" and RI Want to Hold


Your Hand" — drew in an audience of 73 million viewers,







Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as

suggested by the above cartoon. PRINT YOUR ANSWER IN THE CIRCLES BELOW


more viewers than Elvis got when he made his first Ed Sullivan appearance on Sept. 6, 1956.

And the weekend of April 4, 1964, also wasn't the first time

The Beatles' music had taken a prominent spot on the BillAccording to

but on the weekend of Jan. 25, 1964, and climbed to the


countdown's top spot the very next weekend. It was joined by "She Loves

Sunday, March 30, 2014

You," which made its Top 10

Tunneling through

debut the weekend after the Beatles made their Ed Sulli-


Tribune Content Agency



"Just when I can see a light at the Making four redoubled, 1,080 end of the tunnel," Unlucky Louie points to North-South. After that, said to me, "somebody orders more things wentsour for Louie, and he tunnel." finished the session in the red. I sat down to watch Louie's penny I doubt that I would have doubled Chicago game; for a change,the four spades as Louie did. He had no scorepad showed him well ahead. assurance of winning any more than Then came today's deal, and Louie's three trump tricks. Moreover, his fortunes seemed to get even better. double helped South judge the play. He was West, and when East opened East dealer four diamonds, South overcalled four Both sides vulnerable spades. Louie looked at what seemed NORTH to be three trump tricks and doubled. 4I5 After two passes, South redoubled. QK9874 His hand wasn't worth it, but he 0 1032 knew that Louie seldom beats any contract he doubles. 4J732 Louie led the king of diamonds, EAST and when South followed, Louie WEST 4b6 relaxed, anticipating down one and a 4 Q J 9 8 4 400-point profit. But South ruffed the Q Q65 3 9 J 0AQJ7654 next diamond andcashed the ace of OK9 4Q984 trumps. He next took the ace of 410 5 hearts, observing the fall of East's SOUTH jack, and then let the ten ride. When 4 b AK1073 2 East showed out, South cashed the 9 A1 02 A-K of clubs, led a third heart to dummy's eight and threw his last 08 4AK6 club on the king of hearts. At the 10th trick, South ruffed a So u t h West North club. Louie overruffed and led the East 4 0 4 4I Dbl Pass queen of trumps, but South played Pass Re d b l(!) A l l Pass low, and the light at the end of Louie's tunnel went out. He had to Opening lead —0 K lead a trump from his J-9 to South's K-10 at Trick 12. (C) 2014 Tribune Content Agency, LLC



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One of the things Drude

said he learned while doing his show was that The Beatles

were struggling to find a label to represent them as they were making their emergence onto the country's pop music scene during the winter of 1964.


l Want to Hold Your

Hand," The Beatles 5. "Please Please Me,n The

Beatles 6. "Suspicion," Terry Stafford 7. "Hello Dolly!," Louis Armstrong and theAll Stars 8. "The ShoopShoop Song (It's in His Kiss)," Betty Everett 9. nMy Heart Belongs to Only You,n Bobby Vinton

b and's British l a bel E M I , agreed to distribute mI Want to Hold Your Hand" and "Can't Buy Me Love," it refused to do

any other song The Beatles had produced in the United Kingdom. This meant the band was

forced to go to smaller labels to get their other music some airtime. "7wist and Shout" was

eventually distributed by Tollie, "She Loves You" was distributed by Swan and "Please Please Me" was put out by

10. "Glad All Over," The Dave Clark Five

Vee-Jay Records.

Source: Billboard

tion at first, Drude said it even-

But while The Beatles may have struggled with this situa-

tually presented them with a gold mine because each label music in droves because "they was promoting its individuwere looking for something al song or songs at the same totally different to shake them time. As a result, the band's out off their doldrums." songs were competing with Drude, 39, said The Beat- each otherrather than other les' c haracteristic s o u n d artists' music for the Billboard also grabbed his attention countdown's top spots. when he was growing up and Drude saidthat after destarted listening to his par- cades of consolidation in the ents' record collection in the music industry it isn't likely mid-1980s. D rude's interest i n

Th e

Beatles lasted well into his adult life and led him to run a KPOV radio show from 2005

that this situation — where four different labels are repre-

senting five songs written by the same band — could ever happen again.

to 2008 where he only played

— Reporter: 541-617-7616,

the band's music. While it last-

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"The more I dove into them

the more there was to learn about them," Drude said.

While Capitol Records, which was owned by the

She Loves You,n The



58 Sciefttology guru Hubbard 59 Silent 60 Turn right

flocked to the The Beatles'

so he could have something to say every time it aired.


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Myers toothpaste 54 Online meeting place 56 Announce 57 Backwoods

"There was just so much

music available out there and everybody wanted to hear it at once," Drude said, explaining Americans had been suffocated by an abundance of "sugary" pop music prior to the winter of 1964. He said people

about the band and its history

Silver Champion Partners


49 NOtre Dame'S

52 Old Bristol-

had ripped apart another record book.


The Beatles because it forced him to learn more and more


made Dna star?


top five spots and The Beatles


80 something

47 Hardly well-

climbed from the countdown's No. 27 spot to its No. 1 spot during the weekend of April 4, 1964, it joined these four other songs to fill the countdown's


Edited by Rich Norris an d Joyce Nichols LeWIS 81 Leftovers cover I14 Regular'S By NORA 82 Lotto variant request, with "the" iyEARLSTONE 83 Base shade? u u 84 Kimono 115 c'mOR,pal! ACROSS accessory 116 Maptype:Abbr. I uWaverley" 85 chicago airport II7 Portland-Ionovelist Cgdg Helena dII. 6 Sch. WIIh a ee Liftoff 118 Cometogether Waterbury sensation 119 Declines with a campus 88 Patriot and check, maybe I I Early computer Liberty 120 Plenty acronym 89 Hosp. scanners Ie Standout 90 HOWdyIOS DOWN 19 Many a network mate I MOOSe Jaw'S 20 Competition 91 Puzzle PIOY. with ropes 93 Gear features 2 Diamond 2I Oneofadozen 94 Diacritic for a Preferred credit 22 Pres. Cr P.M. long vowel card offerer 23 Sidewalk SOU4d 3 Hockeylegend Yendgr'S 97 Puzzled Bobbyeial. income? reaCbgns 4 Drive,often 25 Steepedsalad 99 Mount sacredIo 5 Aftershock topping? Judaism e EndIngforsub27 Romantic 101 Poise or exrequest 102 Goes for 7 an glais: 28 HIgh land 103 RSSfful break English horn 30 Fill with bubbles 107 Sketched a 8 Keats work 3I Fooionafarmu GIbb brother? 9 SPiffs (UP) 33 uII matterS IOus 109 Villain's Ie uOUI of the 34 Trypanosome backwoods question" transmitter hideout? 11 Glower? 35 Reallyenjoy 113 Baloney 12 Up fromMexico 38 All-Star I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Outfielder Raul

No. 1 spot the weekend of March 2 1 , 1 9 6 4. "Please Please Me,n hit the Top 10 the weekend of Feb. 29, 1964, and "Twist and Shout" the week-

end of March 28, 1964.


van Show appearance and climbed to the countdown's



B i llboard's

website, "I Want to Hold Your Hand" made its Top 10 de-




board countdown.


only expanded his interest in

KPOV Radio (88.9 FM) hosts Alex Drudeand Mike Ficher will mark TheBeatles' record-setting appearance on Billboard's Hot100 countdown for the weekof April 4, 1964, by playing the 30 top songs from that countdown on their radio show at 6 p.m. Friday. Here are the top10 hits from that countdown: 1. "Can't Buy MeLove," The Beatles 2. "Twist and Shout," The Beatles

The band's Feb. 4, 1964, apIL th

ed, Drude said this radio show

Top 10hits

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is san revea ions


• The writers and critics Everyone on the panel had agree: This has been a banner plentyto say about the difficulseason for "The Good Wife." ties of producing 22 episodes a

By Meredith Blake Los Angeles Times

NEW YORK — While the

rest of the country — or so it seems — is still in mourning over the tragic death of Will Gardner in tonight's episode

has been especially good this season,as is the overwhelming consensus among TV critics, Michelle King agreed.

compared with the more limited eight to 12 that are typical on cable. "Network TV

is going to have a hard time keeping up with cable except

bit of a special season, perhaps because we were taking bigger chances. The splitting up of the firm, losing Will — those were bigger moves

one woman sees opportunity in his untimely passing. As Josh Charles explained

in a conversation with series creators Michelle and Rob-

in this l i m ited-series way," Robert King said. The trickiest

part of churning out so many scripts, added Michelle King, "is not turning into melodrama. You can't keep upping

than we've ever attempted in the past." It also helped that CBS Entertainment chairman

ert King and co-star Julian-

na Margulies on Wednesday night at New York's Ed Sulli-

Julianna Margulies stars as Alicia Florrick in "The Good Wife,"

Here aresome otherthings we

the stakes without it leaving

reality." Margulies weighed in, suggesting that as long as the the go-ahead to write episodes show is up against cable series that didn't involve a case of with more limited seasons, the week — a big allowance "we're always going to be the for t h e p r ocedural-loving underdog." So how long would network. an ideal season be, Charles • lf you're really upset about wondered. Robert King was Will, just let Charles know on ready with a n a n swer: 15 Twitter. He might even call to episodes. console you. • And, most important of all On a recent night, Charles in light of recent events, Marwas in the editing room work- gulies is not even close to sick ing on an upcoming episode of of playing Alicia. "The Good Wife" he directed. "I feel like I landed in a pot As the reaction to his charac- of gold. It's such a rare thing ter's death lit up the Internet, to get a second chance at he got a message from a Twit- such a great role. I'm playing ter friend whose mother was a character I truly love," she completely overcome with said. Nina Tassler gave the Kings

The Associated Press

character's demise has been airing at 9 p.m. Sundays on CBS. touching and heartfelt — not unlike attending his own funeral. There was, however, moderated by Charlie Rose. about the show. It's just more one notable exception. Shortly after th e episode

year for a broadcast network,

"I think this has been a little

of "The Good Wife," at least

van Theater, the reaction to his

Asked whether the show

about what I wanted to do in

learned: my life.... The show's meant aired, Charles received an • Charles decided to leave everything to me." email this week from an ea- the series because he felt "a • You can thank Margulies ger realtor who recently sold little fried." for convincing Charles to rean apartment in his building. The actor began to con- turn this season at all. It read, "So sorry to hear this template leaving when his The actress learned in news. I was so devastated by contract was up for renewal March 2 013 t h a t C h a rles the episode. Does this mean last year. (As he was eager wasn't going to renew. Since you're moving back to L.A.?" to emphasize, he was not let the rest of the season had been Charles' response? "I was, out of a contract.) Here's how mapped out at that point, writlike, that is some chutzpah!" he explained his rationale: "It ing Will out of the series in a The actor wrote her b ack, coincided to the same time thoughtful way would have politely suggesting she was I was proposing to my wife. been virtually impossible. "It being a bit overly aggressive I'm now married, and I did a kind of meant his character — but, hey, sounds as if she'd lot of soul searching," he said. was just going to disappear, make a great character on the "It's a very long season doing or someone was just going to show. network television, and some- talk about him leaving, and I The discussion followed a where in year four I felt a lit- couldn't accept that," Margupreview screening of tonight's tle burned out.... I felt a little lies said. "He's been such an episode depicting the after- fried. And I was ready for integral part of the show. I felt math of Will's death (spoiler something different. That's like if this is going to happen, alert: It's intense) and was no reflection on how I f e el we're going to do it right."

grief at the news. So Charles

In the wake of Will's death,

did what surely any major

Margulies is looking forward to the next chapter in Alicia's

network TV star would do: He

called her. "We had a really development: "A death ... is a nice chat," he said. "She was game-changer, and it makes devastated, but I t alked her you, hopefully, a better person through it." for it. I think you'll see this tre• Network TV is going to have mendous loss for her, but the to change if it wants to keep up choices she makes from then with cable. on are incredibly careful."

TV TODAY 12 p.m. on 29, "IndyCar Racing" —The 2014 IndyCar season revs up today on Florida's Gulf Coast, where Helio Castroneves, Scott Dixon, Ryan Hunter-Reay and others vie in the


Prix of St. Petersburg. James Hinchcliffe won this race lastyear on the1.8-mile temporary street circuit along the city's waterfront. 8 p.m. on 7, "Call the Midwife"

—Jenny (JessicaRaine)andher fellow midwives settle into a new base, joined by a new recruit, Sister Winifred (Victoria Yeates),

as a newseasonopens. Sister Monica Joan (Judy Parfitt) inadvertently provides the solution to a medical mystery involving two ailing infants. Sister Julienne

(Jenny Agutter) asksChummy (Miranda Hart) to come backto work after she assists with a difficult birth at the new antenatal clinic. Pam Ferris also stars. 9 p.m.on 5 8,"Believe"— Tate (Jake McLaughlin) risks his own freedom to help Bo (Johnny Sequoyah) track down the person who wrote a long-lost love letter. As Skouras and Ferrell (Kyle MacLachlan, Trieste Kelly Dunn) intensify their efforts to capture Bo and Tate, Winter (Delroy

Lindo) prepares anescapeplan in the new episode "Defection." Jamie Chung also stars.

9 p.m. on10, "Cosmos: A SpacetimeOdyssey" — Host Neil deGrasse Tyson takes viewers to the year1809 to meet astronomer William Herschel, who explains how light plays tricks with time and gravity. It's all part of this new episode's theme of how those three factors alter our perception of the universe. Patrick Stewart ("Star Trek: The Next Generation") provides the voice of Herschel, and Julian


Gui elines or visiting newparents

MOVIE TIMESTDDAY • There may be an additional fee for 3-D and IMAXmovies. • irfOVie timeS are SubjeCt tO Changeafter preSStime. I

Dear Abby:We're proud parents of a new baby girl. She's adorable, and we feel lucky and blessed. Although having a new baby is an exciting, magical time, it is also very stressful. Sleep deprivation, difficulty with breast-feeding, plus endless vis-

utes. Unless you are staying to help with the housework, or know

your presence is wanted longer than this, keep your visit short. 3. If you visit, bring food! A simple casserole or some takeout will be gratefully accepted by the exhausted parents.

pleased to share them. However, as sensible as they may be, do not be surprised if most of your

visitors don't abide by them — because if my mail is any indication, the majority will think they are the exception to the rule. Dear Abby:My husband drinks

4 . Wash y o u r hands immediately before touching ABBY Mom had an episithe baby. While it's otomy or C-section, u nlikely that y o u she may be in pain. would unwittingly In addition — or perhaps because pass a cold or sore throat to the of these things — some women baby, seeing you wash your hands also struggle with postpartum will make concerned new parents depression. feel better. Friends and family don't always 5. Leave your small children realize everything new parents at home. Even if you keep a close must cope with. I compared notes eye on your children, their high with other parents and came up energy level can be too much with a short list of guidelines for for already stressed-out new friends and family of new parents: parents. 1. Unless you are immedi6. Be sensitive about mom's ate family or very close friends, need to breast-feed. If Mom had a wait until the third week or so to surgical birth, moving around can call. Keep in mind the first two be an effort for her. If she needs to

milk straight f rom

weeks are often the toughest. If

of the milk into another container, so that it will be available for

its and phone calls

can wear any new


you would like the new parents to know you're thinking of them, send a card. 2. Limit visits to 20 or 30 min-

nurse, offer to leave the room. — New Mom in San Diego

won't tolerate obstacles for long. You naturally will veer away from problems

** * *


guard against

being too me-oriented. A lot might be happening around you, but remember that a partnership is based on two people. You need to make time for your sweetie! A fellow ARIES can be demanding and challenging.

ARIES (March21-April19)

** * * * T he New Moon in your sign marks a new beginning. You could find that you have so many options that you might not know which way to turn, much less which path to follow. Consider the spontaneous choice first. Tonight: Ease up when dealing with a difficult person.

TAURUS (April 20-May20) ** * You have a way of saying things that affects others. Listen to yourself, and see howyou can frame your edgier thoughts in a different way. You want others to get the message and not react harshly. A partner might become controlling. Tonight: Get some extra R and R.

GEMINI (May 21-June20) ** * * * Y our friends surround you. Thoughyou mightthinkyou know the potential for fun interactions with this set of

carton. Isn't this unsanitary — not to mention rude and selfish behav-

ior? I'd love to know how to get him to stop. — Grossed Out in New Jersey

Dear Grossed Out: I'm sorry you are grossed out, but what your husband is doing isn't a federal offense — particularly since he's the only milk-drinker in the house. However, a solution to your prob-

lem might be to separate a portion

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov.21)

YOURHOROSCOPE By Jacqueline Bigar

and opt for newbeginningswhereyour creativity, intellect and energy meet. If you are single, you might want let people find you instead of seeking them out. Your magnetism peaks this year. Come summer 2014, a Stars showthe kind potentiai iife mate of day you'll havs could appear. ff ** * * * D ynamic you are attached,

that he drinks straight from the

Dear New Mom: Congratula- guests should the need arise. tions on your new arrival. Your — Write toDear Abbyat dearabbycom guidelines make sense, and I'm or P.o.Box 69440, LosAngeles, CA90069


th e c a rton.

He says it's OK because he's the only one in the house who drinks milk. (True.) I have told him I find it disgusting and that company often drinks milk, having no idea

people, you have a surprise ahead. As the bonds grow, so does the level of interaction and trust. Be spontaneous! Tonight: Don't cut a good time short.

CANCER (June21-July 22) ** * You could feel as if a partner is a bit narcissistic, as this person seems to want to control your bond. He or she might believe that it is possible to have a new beginning.Be honestaboutwhat you feel, but curb a need to display your anger. Tonight: A must appearance.

LEO (July 23-Aug.22) ** * * * N ews heads your way that will make you want to smile. Share what is happening with others. A trip seems as if it is a strong possibility. Getting away from the daily grind is likely to enhance your perspective. Tonight: Listen to a recurring dream or desire.

VIRGO (Aug.23-Sept. 22) ** * * You will be concerned about what is happening with a friend. You suddenly might see an increase in this person's resilience. You know that this person ultimately will make the right decision. Plans seem to take on a lighter tone. Tonight: Be with a loved one.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) ** * * You seem to be more volatile than usual. You might decide to hold up the white flag and go for a peace treaty. If you have been internalizing your feelings, you could discover the way to express your discontent without causing an uproar. Tonight: Let others decide.

** * * * You might want to discuss a situation more openly than you have in the past. Also make time to get physical and release more stress. If you decide to start a diet or get into a new exercise program, it has an excellent chance of sticking. Tonight: Get a head start on tomorrow.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov.22-Dec. 21) ** * * * S hare what you might judge as being an offbeat idea. What you are likely to find is that others are not as critical as you are. In fact, you might want to use this realization in the near future. Spend time with a loved one; he or she can't get enough of you. Tonight: Very playful.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.19) ** * * You might want to realize that others want a lot more from you than you might be able to give them. Spend time with a family member. You could be

discussing apositive changeinvolving an investment. Tonight: Stay in and relax.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.18) ** * * * R each out to someone whom you rarely have time to visit. If this person lives far away, you might decide to meet him or her halfway. Others just don't understand how important your friendships are to you. Tonight: Met a pal for munchies; the rest will happen naturally.

PISCES (Fed. 19-March20) ** * You tend to lose your self-discipline easily. You could find yourself on a dangerous shopping spree. Put a hold on this pastime for now. Go off and indulge a loved one with some attention. You will have a better time, and it will cost less. Tonight: Rethink purchases. © King Features Syndicate




Regal Old Mill Stadium16 8 IMAX, 680 S.W.Powerhouse Drive, 800-326-3264

• 12YEARSASLAVE(R) 6:15, 9:20 • 300: RISEOFAN EMPIRE (R)3:55,9:55 • 300:RISEOFANEMPIRE3-D(R)l2:50,7:15 • DIVERGENT(PG-13) 12:20, 1:20, 3:35, 4:30, 6:50, 7:40, 10 • GOD'SNOT DEAD (PG)11:50a.m.,2:50,6:05,9:05 • THE GRAND BUDAPESTHOTEL(R) 11:45 a.m., 2:45, 6, 9 • THE LEGO MOVIE(PG) 12:40, 3:20, 6:25, 9:10 • THEMONUMENTS MEN (PG-13)1:40,4:40,7:30 • MR. PEABODY tir SHERMAN(PG) 12:35, 3:05, 6:40, 9:15 • MUPPETSMOSTWANTED(PG)12:05, 1:10, 3, 4:10, 7:05, 9:45 • NEED FOR SPEED(PG-13) 1:45, 4:45, 7:50 • NOAH(PG-13)Noon,1, 3:15, 4:15, 6:30, 8, 9:35 • NOAH IMAX(PG-13) 12:15, 3:30, 6:45, 9:50 • NON-STOP(PG-13) 1:30, 4:25, 7:25, 10:05 • SABOTAGE (R) 12:30, 3:45, 7, 10 • Accessibility devices are available forsome movies.

voices scientist Michael Faraday in "A Sky Full of Ghosts." 9 p.m. on AMC, "The Walking

Dead" — Theseason finale

finds the group struggling to survive as many different paths converge and collide, and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) comes face to face with some terrifying brutality. Steven Yeun andChandler Riggs also star. 10 p.m. on 6, "The Mentalist" — Jane (Simon Baker) rallies his team for a sting operation aimed attaking down some dangerous art thieves. Lisbon (Robin Tunney) is attracted to a handsome agent from the FBI's art squad. Tim Kang, Owain Yeoman, Amanda Righetti and Rockmond Dunbar also star in "Violets." o zapat



McMenamins OldSt. Francis School, 700 N.W.Bond St., 541-330-8562 • AMERICANRUSTLE(R) 9 • FROZEN(PG) 11:30 a.m., 2:30 • JACKRYAN:SHADOW RECRUIT(PG-13)6 • After 7p.m.,showsare2fandolderonly.Youngerthan 21 may attend screenings before 7p.m.ifaccompanied by a legal guardian. Tin Pan Theater, 869 N.W.Tin PanAlley, 541-241-2271 • AFTERNOON OFA FAUN:TANAQUIL LECLERCQ (no MPAA rating) 3 • THEBROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN (no MPAA rating) 7:15 • THE ROCKET (no MPAArating) 5 I



Redmond Cinemas,1535S.W.OdemMedo Road, 541-548-8777 • 300: RISE OF ANEMPIRE (R) 11:30 a.m., 2, 4:30, 7, 9:30 • DIVERGENT (PG-13) 12:15, 3:15, 6:15,9:15 • NIUPPETSMOSTWANTED(PG)11:15 a.m.,1:45, 4:15, 6:45, 9:15 • NOAH (PG-13) 2: 130, 3:30, 6:30, 9:30 Sisters Movie House,720 DesperadoCourt, 541-549-8800 • DIVERGENT (PG-13) 3:15, 6:15 • HER (R)6:45 • THE MONUMENTS MEN(PG-13) 1:45, 4: l5 • MUPPETSMOST WANTED (PG)1:15,3:45,6 • NOAH (PG-13)1:15,4, 6:45 Madras Cinema5,1101 S.W.U.S.Highway 97, 541-475-3505 • DIVERGENT (PG-13) 12:40, 3:40, 6:40 • GOD'SNOT DEAD (PG) 1:50,4:20,6:50 • MUPPETSMOST WANTED (PG)Noon,2:20,4:40,7 • NOAH(PG-13)12:30, 3:30,6:30 • SABOTAGE (R) 2:20, 4:50, 7:20 •

Pine Theater, 214 N.MainSt., 541-416-1014 • DIVERGENT (Upstairs — PG-13) 1:10, 4:10, 7:15 • NOAH (PG-13)1,4, 7 • Theupstairsscreening room has limitedaccessibility.

Hello my name is Angel. I am an 8year old Tabby mix kitty that was brought to the shelter because sadly my family could no longer care for me. I have been told I have pretty eyes that I know will just melt your heart. If you are looking for a sweet kitty fo add fo your family then come down to the shelter today and adopt me! HUMRNCSOCIETVOF CENTRFIL ORGGONI SPCR 61170 S.E. tl7th St. BEND



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Saturday's Championship Game Florida Dayton 52 WEST REGIONAL

Saturday's Championship Game 6 Arizona 63 MIDWEST REGIONAL

Today's Game N o. 2 Michigan v s No. 8 Kentucky 2 p.m.


e nra re onswee sa e a Inside

Bulletin staff report

to complete a two-day, rain-soaked

SWEET HOME — Miranda Brown has had this weekend circled since August. For seven months, Brown has had

victory at the Sweet Home Decathlon/ Heptathlon track and field meet.

• Sisters baseball takes Salt River Classic

Sweet Home heptathlon, but winning it.

successful as we planned," Summit

And there was no chance any rain was going to derail Brown from reaching her goal. On Saturday, the Summit junior who had never competed in a heptath-

coach Dave Turnbull said. "Especially with someone who's never done an

bestedSisterssophomore Michaela Miller, who finished with 3,594.

title, D4

"I think for Miranda, it was a sigh her eyes set on not just competing in the of relief that she did it and she was as

lon before won two of three events


Darian Wilson by two points. "It's huge," Turnbull said of his girls' performances. "It gives them a little momentum. They get to see their baseline, where they're at right now.

event like the heptathlon, there's al-

Rounding out the top three was Summit freshman Megan Cornett, whose

ways a question of if they can handle

time of 2 minutes, 33.83 seconds in the

all seven events. She did that." Brown's total score of 3,819 points

meet — propelled her past Coquille's

800-meter run — the final event of the

They're getting coached by six or seven different coaches right now, and that goes a long way in the development of an athlete.... And it helps us as the coaching staff to make sure we're on the same page. SeeHeptathlon /D4



Today's Game No. 7 Connecticu vs No. 4 Michigan St. 11 a.m.


Saturday's Games UConn 70 BYU


exas A&M DePaul 65 Monday's Game No. 3 TexasA&M vs. No. 1 UConn 6:30 p.m. NOTRE DAME REGIONAL

Saturday's Games Baylor 90 Kentucky 72 Notre Dam OklahomaSt. 72 Monday's Game No.1 Notre Dame s No. 2 Baylor 4:30 p.m. STANFORD REGIONAL

Today's Games N o. 2 Stanford vs No. 3 PennSt. 1:30 p.m. No.1 S. Carolina vs No. 4 N.Carolina3:30p.m. LOUISVILLEREGIONAL

Today's Games No.1 Tennessee vs No. 4 Maryland 9 a.m.

TonyGutierrez/The Associated Press

Seattle Mariners pitchers, from left, Danny Farquhar, Mark Rogers, Bobby LaFromboise and Charlie Furbush, right, run drills during spring training baseball practice in February in Peoria, Ariz.

N o. 3 Louisville s No. 7 LSU 11:30 a.m. All Times PDT Florida, Wisconsin move on to the Final Four,D3


Acrossbaseball, afocuson defensive metrics isa paradigm shift By Ben Walker • The Associated Press

ike Scioscia moved shift is on.


his left fielder onto

Philadelphia's Tony Wroten smiles after a basket during Satur-

Be it Dodger Stadium or Fenway Park or

the infield dirt,

anywhere in between, it is easy to spot the

day night's game.

then watched him

trend taking over baseball: creative ways

Losing streak ends for 76ers

start a double play. that clubs are positioning their fielders.

Philadelphia rolls over Detroit to avoid worst losing streak in league history,D3

CORRECTION In a photo package headlined "Riders At Work" that appeared in Saturday's Bulletin on page C1,the caption misidentified the riders in competition during Friday's first day of the Oregon High School Equestrian Teams Central District meet at the Deschutes County Fair & ExpoCenter in Redmond. Thetop photo is of Redmond High's Region Hayden and Karlynn McCarthy. The bottom photo is of Madras High's Jessie Ferguson andAlyssa Booren. The Bulletin regrets the error.

Matt Williams tried a similar trick — he

The Detroit Tigers even hired a

put his right fielder on the grass behind

defensive coordinator. Ever expect to hear

the pitcher's mound, only to see a bases-

about a defensive coordinator

loaded triple fly into the vacated spot.

in baseball? Seth Wenig /The Associated Press file

All over the major leagues this year, the

SeeShift/D5 R

obi n son Cano is looking to lead the Mariners this


Michigan State's Adreian Payne, right, hoists the net with Lacey Holsworth after Michigan State defeated Michigan in the Big Ten

Conference tournament on March16 in

Indianapolis. Michael Conroy /The Associated Press


Michigan State playsfor little Lacey, too • An 8-year-old cancer patient has beenaninspiration for the Spartansduringtheir tourneyrun

making the short commute to Madison Square Garden.But restassured the Spartans — and es-

pecially center Adreian Payne — will be uplifted by their own special source of inspiration. Lacey Holsworth, the beautiful 8-year-old can-

By Greg Logan

cer patient who developed an improbable friendship with the 6-foot-10 basketball star, made it to


New York with her parents to witness Payne's

Connecticut may be the "home team" for the

NCAA East Regional final against Michigan State today, buoyed by thousands of Huskies fans

clutch plays in Friday night's win over Virginia that put Michigan State in the Elite Eight. SeeLacey/D4





TODAY SOCCER EPL, Fulhamvs. Everton EPL, Liverpool vs. TottenhamHotspur

Time TV/Radio 5:30 a.m. NBCSN 8 a.m. NBCSN


College, Tulane atMarshall College, Baylor at West Virginia College, Kentucky at Vanderbilt College, OregonState at Arizona MLB, L.A. Dodgers at SanDiego

5 p.m.

E S PN, 940-AM


Women's NCAA Tournament, Maryland vs. Tennessee 9 a.m. E S PN NCAA Tournament, regional final, Connecticut vs. Michigan State 11:10 a.m. CBS Women's NCAATournament, Louisville vs. LSU 11:30a.m. ESPN2 Women's NCAA Tournament, Penn State vs. Stanford 1:30 p.m. ESPN2 NCAA Tournament, regional final 1:55 p.m. CBS Women's NCAA Tournament, North Carolina vs. South Carolina 4 p.m. E SPN2 NBA, Memphis at Portland 6 p.m. BlazerNet, 1110-AM, 100.1 FM

HOCKEY NHL, Boston at Philadelphia NCAA Tournament, regional final, Kentucky vs.Michigan NCAA Tournament, regional final NHL, Chicago at Pittsburgh

9 a.m.


9 :30 a.m. F o x noon ABC 8 p.m. E SPN2 1 0 a.m. Go l f noon NBC, Golf 4 p.m. Golf


ATP,Sony Open,men' sfinal

11:30 a.m. ESPN


Time TV/Radio

MLB, ChicagoCubsat Pittsburgh MLB, Boston at Baltimore

1 0 a.m.



E S PN2, 940-AM

MLB, St. Louis at Cincinnati MLB, Colorado at Miami MLB, Seattle at LosAngeles Angels

1 p.m. E S PN 4 p.m. E SPN2 7 p.m.ESPN2,Root


Women's NCAA Tournament, regional final High School, 2014 PoweradeJamfest Women's NCAA Tournament, regional final HOCKEY NHL, Florida at NewJersey NHL,MinnesotaatLosAngeles SOCCER EPL, Sunderland vsWest HamUnited

4:30 p.m.

Tuesday Baseball :RedmondatSouthSalem,4:30p.m.;Mountain View atSummit, 4:30p.m. Soflball:RedmondatSouthSalem,4:30p.m. Boys golf: Bend,Mountain View,Summit, Redmond, Ridgeview, CrookCountyat Mountain ViewInvite at AwbreyGlen,noon Boystennis:MadrasatRedmond,4p.m.;Crook CountyatStayton, 4p.m. Girls tennis: Redm ond at Madras, 4 p.m.; Staytonat CrookCounty, 4 p.mcCascadeat Mountain View, 4p.m. Boys lacrosse:MountainViewat McNary, 8:45p.m. Girls lacrosse:BendatSheldon,4p.m. Track andfield: LaPine,Madrasat Culver,5p.m. Wednesday Baseball: Madras atBend,4:30 p.mcCrookCountyat La Pine,4p.m.;SantiamatCulver,4:30p.m. Soflball: Bend at Madras, 4:30p.m.;Sistersat Mountain View (DH),3p.m.; LaPineat CrookCounty, 4 p.m. Track andfield: CrookCountyat Bend,TBD;Summit at Ridgeview,3:30p.mcMountainViewatRedmond, 3p.m.;GilchristatSummit JV,3:30p.m. Boys lacrosse:SistersatRedmond,5 p.m. Thursday

2 p.m. E SPNU 4:30 p.m. ESPNU 4:30 p.m. NBCSN


NASCARSprint Cup, STP500 IndyCar, Firestone GrandPrix of St. Petersburg NHRA, Nationals (same-day tape) GOLF PGA Tour,TexasOpen PGA Tour,TexasOpen LPGA Tour, KiaClassic

Today Equestrian: OregonHigh School Equestrian Teams CentralDistrictmeetat Deschutes County Fair 8 ExpoCenter, Redmond,8:30a.m.

7 a.m. FS2 10:30 a.m. FS1 Monday 11 a.m. ESPNU Baseball: LaPineat Madras, CulveratSt.Paul, 4:30 p.m. noon P a c-12, Soflball: Madrasat LaPine, 4p.m.; CulveratToledo, 940-AM

4:30 p.m. ESPN 5 p.m. E SPNU 5:30 p.m. ESPN 4:30 p.m. NBCSN 7 p.m. NBCSN noon


Baseball: Summitat HoodRiver Valley,4:30p.m. Soflball:SummitatHoodRiverValley,4:30p.m. Boys tennis: Sistersat Bend, 4 p.m.; CrookCounty at Madras, 4p.m. Girls tennis:BendatSisters,4p.m.; MadrasatCrook County,4p.m. Track and lield: Sisters,CottageGroveat Sweet Home, 4p.m.; Elmira,La Pineat Junction City,4 p.m.;CulveratSantiam,4p.m.

Friday Baseball: SistersatBend,4:30p.m.; Mountain Viewat Madras ,4:30p.m.;LakeviewatLaPine, CulveratWesternMennonite,4:30 p.m. Soflball:LakeviewatLaPine,4p.m.;Culverat Western Mennon tei ,4:30p.m. Boys golf: Ridgeview,Mountain View,Summit, Crook County,Redmond at RavenRumblein theDesert at EagleCrestRidgeCourse,8a.m. Girls golt Bend,Mountain View,Summit, Redmond, Ridgeview,Crook County at EagleCrest Ridge Course,noon Track and field: Bendat East County Classic,TBD;

Madras,CrookCounty in Aaron and Marie Jones Invite atMcKenzieRiver HighSchool,5 p.m. Boys tennis:Summitat Saxon Invite in Salem,TBD Boys lacrosse:Valley Catholic atBend, 5p.m.; North Eugene at MountainView,5:30 p.mcMcNaryat Sisters, 7 p.m.;Summitat Sherwood, 8p.m. Girls lacrosse:St. Mary'sat Bend,6 p.m.

Saturday Baseball: West AlbanyatBend(DH), 1p.m.; Central CatholicatMountainView(DH),1 pm. Soflball:LaPineat Chiloquin (DH), noon Boystennis:Sisters, Madrasat MadrasInvite, TBD; Summiat t OE STournament, TBD Trackandfield: Sisters atMarist Invite, 10a.m.; Redmond,RidgeviewatSandyInvite,10a m.;Gilchristat Condon/W heelerInvite,11 a.m.;LaPineat Junction City Invitational, 10a.m.; Summit at Aloha Invite, 8:30a.m. Boys lacrosse:Churchil atBend,1 p.mcValleyCatholic atMountainView,1p.m.; SistersatSherwood, 4:30 p.m.;Summit atClackamas,1 p.m. Girls lacrosse:RoseburgatBend,3p.m.

BeaverS get dawn early, fall tO WildCatS — TheOregon State baseball teamwas down early Saturday and unable to overcome Arizona's early advantage in an11-2 loss at HiCorbett Field in Tucson, Ariz. TheWildcats pushed ahead early, 2-0, with a two-run double by Trent Gilbert in the first inning. Arizona added to the lead with a four-run third as theWildcats sent eight to the plate during the inning and scored the four runs off five hits, two of which went for extra bases. OregonState started Andrew Mooreand the right-hander took the loss to fall to 2-2 on theyear. Heallowed 10 hits and six runs in three innings before being relieved byZack Reser. Logan Ice, Dylan Davis and Jeff Hendrix all had two hits to pacethe Beavers, with Davis adding a two-out run-scoring double in the ninth. Theteams complete the series today with a12:05 p.m. PDT first pitch. The game can be seenlive on the Pac-12Networks.

DuCkS-Cardinal POStPOned — Saturday's Pac-12gamebetween Oregonand Stanford in Palo Alto, Calif., was postponedand has been rescheduled for today starting at1 p.m. TheDucks and Cardinal were originally scheduled to play both onSaturday andtoday in the three-gameseries, but a forecast for rain forced the two teams to reschedule andplay a doubleheader on Friday; Stanford swept the twin bill. The third and final game of theseries was to havebeen played Saturday but was rained out.

SOCCER Partland fallS tO DallaS, StayS winleSS —MauroDiaz scored in the 84th minute to lead unbeaten FC Dallas to a 2-1 victory over the Portland Timbers on Saturday night in Frisco, Texas. Dallas'10 points leads Major LeagueSoccer. Dallas (3-0-1) is off to its best start since 2006, where it also logged10 points through the first four games. Portland (0-2-2), in its fourth MLS season, is off to its worst start in its young history. The teams played the second half with10 men apiece after Portland left back Michael Harrington and Dallas right winger Je-VaughnWatson were ejected for an off-the-ball fight with about five minutes left in the first half. The dispute was brought to the head referee's attention by a linesman. Dallas went ahead in the third minute of first-half stoppage time on a Blas Perez header, but the Timbers tied it in the 67th minute when Dallas defender Matt Hedges deflected a Maximiliano Urruti pass into his own net.

TENNIS Serena deatS Li Na fOrSOnyOPen title — SerenaWliiams won a record seventh KeyBiscayne title Saturday in Florida when she overcame aslow start and aset point to beat Li Na7-5, 6-1 at the Sony Open.Williams surpassed the tournament record of six titles she shared with AndreAgassi. On amuggy spring afternoon, the No. 1-ranked Williams looked sluggish at the outset and served poorly, and she wasbrokentwice to fall behind 5-2. Li held a set point serving at 5-4, but Williams erased it with a backhandwinner. Sheneeded another 21 minutes to pull out the set. Thefinal game of the set went to deuce six times, but Williams finally won it with a booming backhand that Li couldn't handle. — From wire reports

Quarteifinals Today'sGames Indiana(21-12)atSouth DakotaState(25-9), noon SouthFlorida(22-12)atMississippiSt.(22-13), 3 p.m. Monday'sGames Rutgers(25-9) atBowling Green(30-4), 4 p.m. Washington(20-13)atUTEP(27-7), 6p.m.


y-Boston Montreal TampaBay Detroit Toronto Ottawa Florida Buffalo

EasternConference Atlantic Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA 74 51 17 6 108 7 6 43 26 7 93 7 4 41 24 9 91 74 34 26 14 82 7 6 36 32 8 80 73 30 29 14 74 7 5 27 40 8 62 7 4 20 45 9 49

RegionalChampionship Saturday'sGame Wisconsin64,Arizona63 (OT) National Invitation Tournament All TimesPDT At NewYork

Semifinals Tuesday,April 1 Minnesota (23-13)vs. FloridaState(22-13), 4p.m. Clemson(23-13) vs.SMU(26-9), 6:30p.m. Championship Thursday,April 3 Semifinalwinners,4p.m. Tournament AN TimesPDT

ChampionshipSeries (Best-of-3) (x-if necessary) Monday'sGame Siena(18-17)at FresnoState(20-16), 7p.m. Wednesday,April 2 FresnoStateat Siena,7p.m. Saturday,April 5 x-FresnoStateatSiena,TBA

Wo m en's college NCAATournament All TimesPDT LINCOLNREGIONAL Regional Semifinals At Lincoln, Neb.

Saturday'sGames Uconn70,BYU51 TexasA&M84, DePaul 65 Monday'sGames RegionalChampionship Uconn(37-0) vs.TexasASM(27-8),6:30p.m. STANFORD REGIONAL Regional Semifinals At Stanford, Calif.

Today'sGames Stanford(30-3)vs.PennState(24-7),1:30 p.m. SouthCarolina(29-4) vs.North Carolina(26-9), 4p.m. Regional Championship Tuesday'sGames Semifinalwinners,6p.m. NOTREDAMEREGIONAL Regional Semifinals At Notre Oame,Ind.

Today'sGames Baylor90,Kentucky, 72 NotreDam e89,OklahomaSt.72 RegionalChampionship Monday'sGames Baylor(32-4)vs.Notre Dame(35-0),4:30p.m. LOUISVILLE REGIONAL

RegionalSemilinals At Louisville, Ky. Today'sGames Tennessee (28-5) vs.Maryland(26-6), 9a.m. Louisville (32-4)vs.LSU(21-12),11:30 a.m.

College Pac-12 Standings All Times PDT



Philadelphia1,Montreal1,tie D.C.United2, Chicago2, tie SportingKansasCity 3, Colorado2 Vancouver 2, Houston1 FC Dallas2, Portland1 RealSaltLake3, TorontoFC0 Columbus 2, Seatle FC1 NewEngland2, SanJose1

Today'sGames ChivasUSAat NewYork, noon


Semifinals Tuesday,April 1 Yale(22-12)at VMI(22-12),4 p.m. Pacific (18-15)atMurrayState(21-11), 6 p.m. Championship Thursday,April 3 TBD College Basketball Invitational AN TimesPDT

Formula 1


All TimesPOT EasternConference W L T P t s GF GA Columbus 3 0 0 9 7 2 SportingKansasCity 2 1 1 7 5 4 Houston 2 1 0 6 6 2 TorontoFC 2 1 0 6 3 4 Philadelphia 1 1 2 5 4 4 NewEngland 1 2 1 4 2 6 Chicago 0 1 3 3 6 7 NewYork 0 1 2 2 3 6 Montreal 0 3 1 1 3 7 D.C. 0 2 1 1 2 6 WesternConference W L T P t s GF GA Fc Dallas 3 0 1 10 9 5 RealSaltLake 2 0 2 8 8 4 Vancouver 2 0 2 8 7 3 Seattle 2 2 0 6 5 4 Colorado 1 1 1 4 5 4 ChivasUSA 1 1 1 4 5 6 Portland 0 2 2 2 3 6 SanJose 0 2 1 1 4 6 Los Angele s 0 1 1 1 1 2 NOTE: Threepoints forvictory, onepoint for tie.

WEST REGI ONAL At Anaheim, Calif.

101.508. 12.(20)MikeConway, Dallara-chevrolet, 101.31. 13.(11)Sebastien Bourdais, Daffara-chevrolet,85.45. 14.(77)SimonPagenaud, Dagara-Honda,89.535. 15.(7) MikhaiAl l eshin, Dallara-Honda,85.363. 16. (19)JustinWilson, Dalara-Honda,89.27. 17. (18)CarlosHuertas, Dalara-Honda,84.363. 18. (2) Juan Pablo Montoya,Dallara-chevrolet, 89.134. 19. (27)JamesHinchcliffe, Daffara-Honda,41.945. 20. (83)CharlieKimball, Dallara-chevrolet, 88.761. Failed toGuality 21. (15)GrahamRahal, Dallara-Honda. 22. (67)JosefNewgarden,Dagara-Honda,88.625.

Malaysia GrandPrix Afler Saturdayqualifying; race today At SepangInternational Circuit Sepang,Malaysia Lap length: 3.444 miles Third Session 1. Lewis Hamilton,England,Mercedes, 1 minute, Metropolitan Division 59.431seconds. GP W L OT Pts GF GA nettel, Germany, RedBull,1:59.486. x -Pittsburgh 74 47 22 5 99 228 184 2. SebastiaV 3 . Ni coRosberg,Germany,Mercedes,2:00.050. N .Y. Rangers 75 41 30 4 8 6 200 183 4. Fernando Al onso,Spain, Ferrari, 2:00.175. P hiladelphia 73 39 27 7 85 210 206 C olumbus 74 38 30 6 8 2 208 200 5. DanielRicciardo,Australia, RedBull, 2:00.541. Washington 74 34 28 12 80 214 222 6. KimiRaikkonen, Finland,Ferrari, 2:01.218. NewJersey 74 31 28 15 77 178 192 7. NicoHulkenberg,Germany, ForceIndia, 2:01.712. Carolina 7 4 3 2 3 2 10 74186 208 8. KevinMagnussen,Denmark, McLaren,2:02.213. c rgne, France,Toro Rosso, 2:03.078. N.Y.lslanders 74 29 35 10 68 206 247 9. Jean-EriVe 10.JensonButton,England,McLaren,2:04.053. WesternConference Eliminated after secondsession Central Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA 11. DaniilKvyat,Russia, ToroRosso, 2:02.351. Gutierrez,Mexico, Sauber,2:02.369. x-St. Louis 74 50 17 7 107 240 168 12. Esteban x-Colorado 74 47 21 6 100 227 202 13. FelipeMassa, Brazil, Wiliams,2:02.460. 14. Sergi o Pe rez,Mexico, ForceIndia,2:02.511. x-Chicago 75 42 18 15 99 247 196 ainGrosjean, France,Lotus,2:02.885. Minnesota 75 38 26 11 87 186 189 15. Rom Eliminated afler first session Dallas 74 36 27 11 83 214 212 Nashyiffe 75 32 32 11 75 186 226 16.PastorMaldonado,Venezuela,Lotus,2:02.074. 17. Adrian Sutil, Germany, Sauber,2:02.131. Winnipeg 7 5 33 33 9 7 5 208 220 18. ValtteriBottas,Finland,Wiliams,2:02.756. Pacific Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA 19. JulesBianchi, France,Marussia,2:02.702. x-Anaheim 74 48 18 8 104 239 187 20.KamuiKobayashi,Japan,Caterham,2:03.595. Chilton, England, Marussia,2:04.388. x-San Jose 76 47 20 9 103 232 184 21. Max csson,Sweden,Caterham,2:04.407. L os Angeles 75 44 25 6 9 4 189 159 22.MarcusEri Phoenix 75 3 6 2 7 12 84206 212 Vancouver 76 34 31 11 79 184 206 BASEBALL C algary 74 3 1 3 6 7 6 9 189 217 E dmonton 74 2 6 39 9 6 1 184 244 MLB NOTE: Twopoints for a win, onepoint for overtime loss. MAJORLEAGUEBASEBALL x-clinchedplayoffspot Spring Training y-clinched division All TimesPDT Saturday'sGames N.Y.Islanders2,NewJersey1, SO Saturday'sGames Boston 4,Washington2 Toronto2, N.Y.Mets 0 Colorado3,SanJose2 Miami vs.N.Y.YankeesatTampa,Fla.,ccd.,Rain TampaBay4,Buffalo3,OT Minnesota 7, Boston4 Detroit 4,Toronto2 Pittsburghvs. Philadelphia,, ccd.,Rain Montreal4, Florida1 Detroitvs.Washington„ccd., Rain Columbus 3, Carolina2,OT Houston13,Texas6 Dallas 4,St.Louis 2 Milwaukee 7,KansasCity 2 Minnesota 3, Phoenix1 Colorado 2, Seattle 1 Anaheim 5,Vancouver 1 SanFranciscovs.Oakland„ccd.,Rain LosAngeles4,Winnipeg2 SanDiego9, Cleveland8 Today'sGames Chicago Cubs9, Arizona8 BostonatPhiladelphia, 9:30a.m. L.A. Angel6, s L.A.Dodgers2 Calgaryat Ottawa,2 p.m. Tampa Bayat Detroit, 2 p.m. NATIONALLEAGUE ChicagoatPittsburgh,4:30 p.m. Today'sGames Washington atNashvile, 5p.m. L.A. Dodgers atSanDiego, 5:05p.m. N.Y. RangersatEdmonton,5p.m.

NCAATournament All TimesPDT At NewYork Regional Championship Today'sGame Uconn(29-8) vs.MichiganState(29-8),11:20 a.m.

2. (10)TonyKanaan, Dallara-chevrolet,104.241. 3. (28)RyanHunter-Reay, Daffara-Honda,104.152. 4.12) Will Power,Dalara-chevrolet,103.854. 5.I9) ScottDixon,Dalara-chevrolet,103.771. 6. (25)MarcoAndreti, Dagara-Honda,102.923. 7. (34)CarlosMunoz,Dalara-Honda,102.215. 8. (98)JackHawksworth, Daffara-Honda,101.929. 9. (8)RyanBriscoe, Dallara-chevrolet,101.854. 10. (3)HelioCastroneves,Daffara-chevrolet,101.7ln. 11. (17) Sebastian Saavedra, Dallara-chevrolet,

237 155 199 189 221 198 199 211 220 239 210 246 179 244 142 222


MIDWESTREGIONAL Regional Championship Today'sGame Michigan(28-8)vs.Kentucky(27-10), 2:05p.m.


National lnvitation Tournament All Times PDT

Men's college

SOUTHREGIONAL At Memphis,Tenn. Regional Championship Saturday'sGame Florida62,Dayton 52


Semifinalwinners,4 p.m.



Listings are the most accurate available. TheBulletin is not responsible for late changesmadebyTV or radio stations.

RegionalChampionship Tuesday'sGames


NASCAR Sprint Cup STP 500Lineup Afler Fridayqualifying; racetoday At Marlinsville Speedway Marlinsviue, ya. Lap length: .526miles

(Car number in parentheses)

1. (18)KyleBusch,Toyota,99.674 mph. 2.(11DennyHamlin,Toyota,99.548. 3. 22 JoeyLogano,Ford,99.428. 4.(48)JimmieJohnson, Chevrolet,99.178. 24Jeff Gordon,Chevrolet,99.048. 6. 20MattKenseth,Toyota,99.048. 7.(14)TonyStewart, Chevrolet, 98.883. 8.(99) CarlEdwards,Ford,98.846. 9. (1)JamieMcMurray, Chevrolet, 98.625. 10. (10)DanicaPatrick, Chevrolet, 98.165. 11. (16)GregBiffle, Ford,97.764. 12. (15)Clint Bowyer,Toyota,97.382. 13.55) BrianVickers,Toyota, 98.965. 14. 2) BradKeselowski, Ford,98.929. 15. (47)AJAgmendinger,Chevrolet, 98.888. 16. (31)RyanNewman, Chevrolet, 98.877. 17. (9)MarcosAmbrose, Ford, 98.712. 18.4) KevinHarvick,Chevrolet, 98.707. 19. 23)AlexBowman,Toyota, 98.661. 20. (43)AricAlmirola, Ford,98.625. 21.27Paul Menard,Chevrolet, 98.61. 22. 41 KurtBusch,Chevrolet,98.61. 23. (13)CaseyMears, Chevrolet, 98.599. 24. (34)DavidRagan, Ford, 98.599. 25. (51)JustinAllgaier,Chevrolet, 98.43. 26.BB)DaleEarnhardtJr., Chevrolet,98.379. 27. 5) Kasey Kahne, Chevrolet, 98.359. 28. (42)KyleLarson,Chevrolet, 98.333. 29. (32)TravisKvapil, Ford,98.246. 30.17RickyStenhouseJr., Ford,98.206. 31. 78 MartinTruexJr., Chevrolet,98.2. 32.(95)MichaelMcDoweff ,Ford,98.002. 33. (98)JoshWise,Chevrolet,97.957. 34.3) AustinDilon,Chevrolet, 97.886. 35. 26) Cole Whitt, Toyota,97.82. 36. (40)LandonCassil, Chevrolet,97.759. 37. (33)DavidStremme, Chevrolet,ownerpoints. 38.83RyanTruex,Toyota, ownerpoints. 39. 38 DavidGililand,Ford,owner points. 40. (7)MichaelAnnett, Chevrolet, ownerpoints. 41. (30)ParkerKligerman,Toyota, owner points. 42.36ReedSorenson,Chevrolet, ownerpoints. 43.66 JoeNemechek,Toyota,ownerpoints.


5. II





IndyCar FirestoneGrandPrix ot St.Petersburg Afler Saturdayqualifying; racetoday At St. PetersburgStreet Circuit St. Petersburg, Fla. Lap length:1.8 miles (Car number in parentheses) 1. (14)TakumaSato, Daffara-Honda,104.738.

Washington UCLA Oregon State Oregon Stanford ArizonaState Washington State

Conference Overall 7-1 6 -2 5 -3 5-3 3 -2 5-4 3-3 3 -5 1-3 2-7 0-7


California Arizona utah

18- 5 16- 7 20- 6 18- 8 10 - 10 14 - 11 10 - 12 13 - 12 12 - 11 12 - 17 9-1 5

Saturday'sGames Washington State6, SanJoseState3 Oregon atStanford, ppd.,rain ArizonaState8, UCLA5 Washington19, USC4 Arizona11,OregonState2 utah atCalifornia,7p.m. Today'sGames SanJoseStateatWashington State, noon Utah atCalifornia, noon OregonStateat Arizona, noon OregonatStanford, 1p.m. ArizonaStateatUCLA,1 p.m. Washington at USC,1 p.m.

GOLF PGA Tou Valero Texas0pen Saturday At TPCSanAntonlo San Antonio Purse:$6.2 miNion Yardage: 7,435;Par: 72 Third Round Steven Bowditch 69-67-68 —204 Matt Kuchar 70-72-65 —207 AndrewLoupe 67-70-70—207 Pat Perez 68-71-69—208 KevinNa 70-70-69—209 DanielSummerhays 72-68-70—210 ChadCollins 71-66-73—210 RyanPalmer 72-71-68—211 ZachJohnson 70-71-70—211 Will MacKen zie 69-72-70—211 Jim Furyk 70-74-68—212 GeoffOgilvy 74-69-69—212 JerryKelly 71-71-70—212 StephenAmes 74-71-68—213 75-70-68—213 Jordan Spieth 69-73-71—213 Bo VanPelt 73-73-67—213 AndrewSvoboda 69-73-71—213 ChessonHadley 75-66-72—213 WesRoach 70-70-73—213 FreddieJacobson 70-73-71—214 CarlPettersson 70-73-71—214 BriceGarnet 69-73-72—214 JustinHicks 74-70-71—215 RussellKnox 70-75-70—215 Charl eyHoff man 72-71-72—215 WilliamMcGirt 71-71-73—215 MartinFlores 70-71-74—215 TrevorImmelman 71-76-68—215 Brendon Todd BrinyBaird 72-72-72—216 BrendondeJonge 73-72-71—216 76-69-71—216 Justin Leonard MichaelThompson 70-75-71—216 Seung-YulNoh 69-76-71—216 MichaelPutnam 72-71-73—216 CameronBeckman 69-70-77—216 Cameron Tringale 71-74-72—217 Scott Brown 70-74-73—217 BrianGay 73-71-73—217 JamieLovemark 73-72-72—217 BenCurtis 70-75-72—217 JohnsonWagner 73-73-71—217 BrianHarman 70-72-75—217 KevinFoley 74-73-70—217 James Hahn 71-70-76—217 JohnMaginger 74-73-70—217 Bronson LaC ' assie 74-73-70—217 AndresRomero 71-74-73—218 Tim Wilkinson 74-70-74—218 72-73-73—218 JohnSenden 71-74-73—218 BrooksKoepka 72-74-72—218 Jeff Magge rt 76-71-71—218 JimmyWalker 74-73-71—218 Joe Ogilvie 71-70-77—218 JoshTeater 69-76-74—219 MiguelAngelCarballo 73-72-74—219 TroyMerritt 72-73-74—219 TroyMatteson 71-72-76—219 BrianDavis 70-72-77—219 FredFunk 71-71-77—219 JasonKokrak 72-75-72—219 J.B. Holmse 76-71-72—219 MikeWeir 70-74-76—220 AlexAragon 74-69-77—220 ScottGardiner LukeGuthrie 74-72-74—220

JohnPeterson 74-72-74—220 CharlieBeljan 70-76-74—220 GregChalmers 73-73-74—220 AaronBaddeley 70-71-79—220 RichardH.Lee 72-75-73—220 Made cut did notfinish Alex Prugh 71-73-77 —221 RobertStreb 72-72-77 —221 CharlieWi 73-73-75—221 StuartAppleby 70-77-74—221 Jim Herm an 73-73-76—222 CamiloVilegas 71-73-80—224 TyroneVanAswegen 71-76-77—224 BrandenGrace 72-73-82—227 JohnMerrick 72-75-80—227 Morgan Hoff mann 74-73—WD 77-70—WD Phil Mickelson

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TENNIS Professional SonyOpen Saturday At TheTennis Centerat CrandonPark Key Biscayne,Fla. Purse: Men,$5.65 million (Masters1000); Women,S5.43miNion (Premier) Surface: Hard-Outdoor Singles Women Championship SerenaWiliams(1), unitedStates,def. Li Na(2), China,7-5,6-1. Doubles Men Championship Bob andMikeBryan(1), UnitedStates, def. Juan SebastianCabalandRobert Farah,Colombia, 7-6 (8), 6-4.

DEALS Transactions BASEBALL Major LeagueBaseball MLB — Susp ended Chicago WhiteSox minor leagueLHPFenyArias (DSL-White Sox), Arizona minor leagueRHPGeremia Espinosa(DSL-Diamondbacks),andfreeagent minorleagueRHPElouJean50 games apiecefollowing their violationsof theMinor League DrugPreventionandTreatment Program.



Gausman, LHPTJMcFarlandandINFJemileWeeks to Norfolk(IL). BOSTONRED SOX — Reassigned LHP Tommy Layne,RHPBrayan Vilarreal, OFCorey Brown, and INF MikM eccoyto their minorleaguecamp.Released RHPFranciscoCordero. MINNES OTATWINS— Selected thecontracts of INF/OF JasonBartlettand DFJasonKubel. Reassigned 0 DanRohlfingto their minor leaguecamp. NEW YORKYANKEES— Optioned INF Eduardo Nunez,LHPCesar Cabral andRH PShaneGreeneto Scranton/Wilkes-Barre(IL). ReassignedINF Zelous Wheeler,OFAntoan Richardson, OFAdonis Garcia, RHPMattDaley andCJoseGil to their minorleague camp. OAKLANDATHLETICS— OptionedLHPJoeSavery, CStephenVogt, 3BHiro NakajimaandINFJake Elmoreto Sacramento (PCL). Selectedthecontract of DF SamFuld fromSacramento. DesignatedOFMichaelTaylorfor assignment. PlacedRHPRyan Cook, RHPA.J.Griff in,RHP FernandoRodriguezandOF CraigGentryonthe15-day DL,retroactiveto March 21. Reassigned OFBilly Burnsto their minor league camp. SEATTLEMARINERS— Placed RHPHisashiIwakuma,RHPTaijuanWalkerandRHPStephen Pryoron the15-day DL,retroactive to March21. TEXAS RANGERS— AssignedLHPRyanFeierabend, RHPJustinGermano,RHP ColbyLewis,RHP DanielMccutchen,CChris Snyder, INFKevin Kouzmanoff andINFKensukeTanakatoRoundRock(PCL), andRHPNickMartinezto Frisco (Texas). National League ATLANTABRAVES— Purchasedthecontractsof RHPGusSchlosserandLHPlanThomasfromGwinett (IL). RecalledLHPRyan Buchter fromGwinnett. OptionedRHPErvin Santanato Gwinnett. PlacedRHP CoryGearrinonthe15-dayDL,retroactiveto March 26th.TransferredRHPBrandonBeachyandLHPJonny Venterstothe60-day DL. CHICAGO CUBS — DesignatedRHPAlberto Cabreraforassignment. COLORADOROCKIES — Placed RHP Jhoulys ChacinandLHPBooneLoganonthe15-day DL LOSANGELESDODGERS— PlacedLHPClayton Kershawonthe15-day DL. PHILADE LPHIAPHILLIES—Selectedthecontracts ofOFTonyGwynnJr.,LHPMarioHoff andsandRHP Jeff ManshipTr.ansferredRH PMiguelAlfredoGonzalez from the 15-to the60-day DL.Reassigned INFReid BrignacandRHPShawnCamp toLehighValley (IL). PRTSBU RGHPIRATES— Placed0 Chris Stewart and LHP Jeff Lockeon15-day DL,retroactiveto March 21. Selected thecontract of INFTravis Ishikawafrom Indianapolis(IL). AssignedLHPAndy Oliver outright to Indianapolis.DesignatedRHPVin Mazzaro for assignment. SANDIEG OPADRES —Selected the contract of INF-OFXavier Nady. PlacedDFCarlos Quentin, RHP JoshJohnson,RHPCaseyKelly,OFCameronMaybin andRHPJoeWielandonthe15-day DL.Optioned INF-OF Kyle BlankstoEl Paso(PCL). SANFRANCISCOGIANTS— Purchasedthecontract of RHP JuanGutierrez and INFBrandonHicks from Fresno(PCL). ReassignedDFTyler Colvinto FresnoandRHPDerekLawto Richmond (SL). Placed LHPJeremyAffeldt onthe15-day DL,retroactiveto March 23andINFMarco Scutaro to the15-dayDL, retroactive to March21. DesignatedOFRoger Kieschnickforassignment. WASHIN GTONNATIDNALS— PlacedRHPDoug Fister onthe15-dayDL,retroactive to March23. HOCKEY National HockeyLeague DALLASSTARS — Recalled andreassignedF ChrisMuefferfrom/to Texas(AHL). FLORIDAPA





Florida first to reach Final Four


By Teresa M. Walker

lif. Wisconsin won 64-63 in

in a regional

76ers endlosing skid, cruise pastPistons

final on Saturday night in

The Associated Press

Nick Johnson

watches as Wisconsin celebrates after overtime

Anaheim, Ca-


D es-

final 45 seconds of the game. Greg Monroe had 20 points

This time, they came in as the

perate to see a victory again, and 10 rebounds for the PisPhiladelphia fans wouldn't tons, who lost for the 11th time even wait for the end, standing in 13 games. Blown out a night to cheer as time was running earlier by Miami, they made out in the third quarter. the 76ers look as good as the By then it was clear: The Heat with a sloppy effort that 76ers were going to win for the included 18 turnovers, many first time in two months, and after starting point guard they were going to do it with Brandon Jennings was ejected ease. in the first quarter. "They came out and comThe 76ers snapped their NBA record-tying, 26-game peted tonight. They wanted losing streak, routing the De- it more than we did," Pistons troit Pistons 123-98 on Satur- guard Rodney Stuckey said. day night to avoid establishing The Sixers were expected the longest skid in U.S. major to be among the NBA's worst pro sports history. teams, though they briefly "It's not something I want to fooled everyone when they be apart of," 76ers guard Mi- opened the season by beating chael Carter-Williams said, "so Miami and Chicago during a

country's t op-ranked t e am

it's great that we got this win."

and the overall No. 1 seed.

Carter-Williams and Thad- ing like that team now. deus Young each scored 21 Also on Saturday: points for the 76ers, who won Clippers 118, Rockets 107: for the first time since beating HOUSTON — Chris Paul had Boston exactly two m onths 30 points and 12 assists, Jaago and did it impressive- mal Crawford added 22 points ly, leading by as much as 32 and Los Angeles clinched its points. They also ended an franchise-record third straight 18-game home losing streak, playoff appearance by stopwhich was one shy of another ping Houston's five game winNBA record. ning streak. Beatenbadly a number of Spurs 96, Pelicans 80: SAN times during their skid, the ANTONIO — Marco Belinel76ers got to experience life li scored 18 points and San on the other side, ringing up Antonio never trailed after a season-high 70 points in the its opening possession to ex-

The Associated Press


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — First

yet again this season, the Florida Gators want more. Much more. Try a national

Jae C. Hong /The Assoaated Press

championship. Scottie Wilbekin scored 23

points and Florida became the first team to advance to the Final Four with a 62-52

win Saturday night over the 11th-seeded Dayton Flyers in


the South Region finaL

The Gators reached their fifth Final Four after losing at this point in each of the past three N CA A t o u r naments.

Florida won its 30th straight

game and improvedto 36-2, topping the 35 wins by the 2007 national championship squad. "I couldn't be prouder and happier," Florida coach Billy Donovan said after being d renched with water in t h e Gators' locker room. "In a lot of ways, outside the

Michigan game, we were close to being in three out of four Final Fours right now, and that

says a lot about these guys. But I think those experiences

maybe helped us be a better team this year than maybe we would have if we'd have gotten

to a couple of ones earlier." Patric Young scored 12 points, and Michael Frazier II

added 10 for F1orida. The Gators will play either UConn or Michigan State in Arlington, Texas, inthenational semifinal.

The celebration was a bit muted because a regional title

isn't the Gators' end goal. "There's more hunger within us, within this whole team

to keep going," Young said. Dyshawn Pierre led the Flyers with 18 points, including the final 11 for Dayton (26-11). Devin Oliver added 12 points.

Dayton came in trying to become only the fourth 11 seed to advance to the Final

Four. The Flyers had upset Ohio State and Syracuse in reaching their first regional

iSConSinmOveS on • Top-seed Arizona knockedfrom the tourney in overtime By Beth Harris

Jackson added 10 points for the Badgers,

The Associated Press

and Kaminsky was chosen as most out-

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Every big shot Wisconsin needed, Frank Kaminsky hit. The 7-footer carried Wisconsin to the Final Four with 28 points, including six in overtime, as the Badgers defeated Arizona 64-63 in a physical West Region final Saturday night. Kaminsky had 11 rebounds and scored from inside and outside, including three 3-pointers, for the No. 2 seed Badgers (30-7). It's Wisconsin's first Final Four appearance since 2000, and first for 69-year-old coach Bo

standing player of the West Region, part of a breakout season for the junior with the

Ryan, who earned his 704th career victory.

"We want a national championship now," Kaminsky said. "We have made it to the opportunity to get there, so why not go get it'?" Ryan had a long tradition of attending the Final Four as a spectator with his father, who died in August. "Today would have been my dad's 90th birthday," he said. "I just thought I'd throw that in."

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers joined the locker room celebration, telling the Badgers he'd been following them all season. Kaminsky proved the only reliable scorer on a night when the rest of the Badgers disappeared offensively. Sam Dekker was 2 for

deadpan sense of humor.

"They tell me he's funnier that he used to be, and his eyes are more wide open now," Ryan said. "If you see him sitting sometimes you think, 'Oh, look, Frank's asleep.' He's not asleep. But he's got that sleepy look." Kaleb Tarczewski scored 12points and

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson had 10 points for the Wildcats, who were trying to get coach Sean Miller to the Final Four for his first time. Instead, Miller was sent to the side-

lines on the same day his younger brother Archie's Dayton Flyers lost to Florida in the

South Region final. "When you lose, it's like a car crashes,"

Miller said. "It's just — you're done." The first 40 minutes were a back-andforth struggle between the only 1-2 seeds remaining in the regionals, with neither team leading by more than three points over the final 12:09 of regulation. Overtime was even more dramatic, with

Arizona having an answer for just about everything Wisconsin did. Brust hit a 3-pointer to put the Badgers up at the start of the extra session; Gordon answered with a 3 to tie it up again at 57. Ka-

final since 1984. They missed

minsky scored inside and Gordon dunked at was4of 14and Nigel Hayes was 2 of 8. the other end for another tie. "Their big guy really had a great game," Kaminsky's jumper and a free throw by Arizona's Nick Johnson said. "He raised his Josh Gassergave Wisconsin a 62-59 lead.

their second Final Four and


first since 1967 as Florida held them to their lowest scoring

Johnson had the ball with a chance to win, Mayes' tip-in drew the Wildcats to 64-63 but he missed a shot that launched just after with 58 seconds left. thebuzzerforArizona (33-5),the top-seeded T. J. McConnell's jumper missed, but Ar-

game this season. Coach Archie Miller com-

plimented the Gators, saying that just being on the floor with Florida gave Dayton a "big-time feeling." "It's always hard to lose the last game of the season, but

in the back of my mind, I'm not sure a team in the nation captured more people's hearts

than these guys did, and they did it the right way," Miller said.

5, Ben Brust went 2 for 7, Traevon Jackson

first half.

tend its winning streak to 17

Their 26 straight losses games with the win over New equaled the 2010-11 Cleveland Orleans. Cavaliers and also the NFL's Wizards 101, Hawks 97: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who WASHINGTON — John Wall dropped 26 straight from Sept. scored 25 points, Drew Good12, 1976-Dec. 4, 1977. en had 16, and Washington "We were just happy to get inched closer to its first playa win," Young said. "I don't off spot since 2008 with a win think it was for the streak or over free-falling Atlanta. anything like that, we just Mavericks 103, Kings 100: wanted to go out there and DALLAS — D ir k N o witzki win a basketball game and scored 19 points and Dallas continue to just play." avoided a potentially serious Henry Sims added 16 points blow to its playoff hopes by for the Sixers, who hadn't won rallying in the fourth quarter before their home crowd since to beat Sacramento. beating Charlotte on Jan. 15. Fans in the crowd of 17,438 were into it f rom th e start

H eat 88, Bucks 67: MI L W AUKEE — Ch r i s B o s h scored 14 p o i nts, L e Bron

and grew louder throughout, standing and cheering in the final seconds of the third and then getting up again to deliver a standing ovation for the

James had 13, and short-handed Miami wrapped up its three-game trip through the

Tarczewski's two free throws and Jordin

team that has yet to win a West Region final in Anaheim in four tries. Johnson led the Wild-


Johnson, who missed and got called for the



UConn turns back BYU in regional semis The Associated Press

offensive end and scoring on putbacks. "All of us take it upon ourselves, if a couple people aren't hitting shots like they usually do, it's our job to pick them up and make some shots," Mosqueda-Lewis said. "I think especially with our startingfive, wehave accountability."

LINCOLN, Neb. — For the first half,

UConn received an unexpected challenge from BYU. But the Huskies took control in the

second half and pulled away for another wm.

Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis had 19 points to lead four Connecticut players in double figures, and the defending national champion Huskies shook off BYU early in the second half to win 70-51 in

The Cougars, who came to Lincoln

off wins in 12 of 13 games, joined Kansas in 2013 and San Francisco in 1996 as the only No. 12 seeds to make it to the re-


the NCAA women's regional semifinals


Saturday. "There's always one of these in the

gional semifinals. They were tryingto become the lowest seed to reach the Elite Eight since No. 11 Gonzaga did it in 2011.

tournament," UConn coach Geno Au-

In other Saturday games:

riemma said. "I hope there's only one." The Huskies (37-0), winners of 43

Texas A&M 84, DePaul 65: LINCOLN,

Neb. — Courtney Walker scored 25

straight, will try to reach the Final Four

points to power Texas A8zM to the re-

for the seventh straight year when they

gional finals. The Aggies (27-8) led by 14 points at halftime and turned back two

take on Texas A&M on Monday night.

DePaul runs. Courtney Williams had 14

The Aggies advanced with an 84-65victory over DePaul. UConn season scoring leaders Brean-

of her 15 points in the second half. Nati Harnik/The Associated Press


y-Indiana y-Miami x-Torosto x-Chicago Brooklyn Washington Charlotte Atlanta NewYork Cleveland Detroit Boston Orlando Philadelphia Milwaukee

712 694 1'I~ 569 10'/z 556 u'/2 535 13 521 14 479 17 431 20'/z

W L 57 16 53 19 52 22 49 23 47 27 45 27 44 29 43 29 44 30 36 35 32 41 32 41 25 48 24 48 23 50

Pst GB


x-San Antonio x-Oklahoma City d-LA. Clippers Houston Portland Golden State Phoenix Memphis Dallas Minnesota NewOrleans Denver Sacramen to LA. Lakers Utah d-divisionleader x-clinched playoffspot y-clinched division

got Notre Dame going early and never


let up as she finished with 23 points and


Irish to a victory over Oklahoma State.

we made the plays." "To be honest with you, people on our Kim Beeston led the Cougars (28-7) staff will vouch for me, I knew it was with 16 points, and Morgan Bailey addgoing to be like this," Auriemma said. ed 14. Jennifer Hamson had nine points "I knew it wasn't going to be an easy to go with 13 rebounds and six blocked matchup. It's not supposed to be easy, no matter how we make it look sometimes. I think we showed a lot of who we are in


Baylor 90, Kentucky 72: SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Odyssey Sims scored 25

points, including her 1,000th this season, to lead No. 2 seed Baylor to a rout

of third-seeded Kentucky. Sims became only the second player to reach that mile-

Mosqueda-Lewis and Stefanie Dol- stone in a single season. She is 41 points son each grabbed 13 rebounds, with behind Jackie Stiles' record of 1,062 for the second half. When we need a play, Mosqueda-Lewis gathering eight on the one year set in 2001.

356 26

319 28'/z

288 31 219 36 192 38

7ij1 736 3'/~ 703 51/2

681 7'/z 635 10'/2

625 u'I~ 603 13 597 13'/z 595 13'/z 507 20 438 25 438 25 342 32 333 32'/z 315 34

Today'sGames Utah atOklahomaCity, noon Indianaat Cleveland,noon TorontoatOrlando3 pm Minnesotaat Brooklyn,3p.m. Chicag oatBoston,4p.m. New YorkatGoldenState,6 p.m. MemphisatPortland,6 pJs. PhoenixatLA,Lakers,6:30 p.m. Monday'sGames SanAntonioatIndiana,4p.m. Washington atCharlotte,4 p.m. TorontoatMiami,4:30p.m. Milwaukee atDetroit, 4:30 pJs. Philadelphia atAtlanta, 4:30 p.m. Bosto natChicago,5p.m. LA. ClippersatMinnesota,5 p.m. Sacramento atNewOrleans,5 pss. Memphis atDenver,6pJs. NewYorkatUtah,6p.m.

her 16 in the second half and Hartley all 12 after halftime. 50-41.

392 23'/z


Notre Dame 89, Oklahoma State 72:

Jewell Loyd added 20to lead the Fighting

4u 22

Philadelphia123, Deroi t t 98 LA. Clippers118,Houston107 Washington 101,Atlanta 97 Dallas103,Sacramento100 Miami88,Milwaukee67 SanAntonio96,NewOrleans80

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Natalie Achonwa

Hartley scored 11 of the Huskies' 13 points during a stretch their lead grew to

MIAMI (88)

52 21 50 22 41 31 40 32 38 33 38 35 35 38 31 41 30 43 29 45 26 47 23 49 21 52 16 57 14 59

slow starts, with Stewart having 12 of is (23) shoots past BYU's Kim Beeston during the first half of Saturday's regional semifinal in Lincoln, Neb., on Saturday.


Heat 88, Bucks67

EasternConference W L Pst GB

Connecticut' sKaleena Mosqueda-Lew-

na Stewart and Bria Hartley overcame

Midwest with a victory over


izona got the offensive rebound and found

cats with 16 points, and Aaron Gordon had 18 push-off on Gasser with 3 seconds left. "I thought it was a really, really tough rebounds in the relentlessly physical game. It was the record-tying seventh OT game call," Miller said. "I'm going to stop there. I've already been fined." of this year's tournament. Johnson stood with his hands on his hips, Wisconsin inbounded on the baseline, staring straight ahead, while Kaminsky and and a scramble ensued in front of Arizona's the rest of the Badgers rushed to celebrate. bench with 2 seconds left. The initial call "I wish I would have taken one less drib- gave the ball to the Badgers. The referees ble, get the shot off, give us a little chance," viewed replays for several minutes before Johnson said. deciding Wisconsin touched the ball last.

3-0 start. But they look noth-

Mavericks103, Kings100 SACRAME NTO(100) Gay u-198-1030,Evans3-50-1 6,Cousins 8-15

1-317,McCallum7-17 0-016, McLemore 4-91-1 10, Williams1-22-2 4, Outlaw3-10-0 6, Thompson 5-71-211,Acy0-00-00. Totals42-81 13-19100.

DALLAS (103)

Marion 5-73 314,Nowitzki 5-109-1019,Dalembert 7-ji1-215,Calderon4-110-011,Ellis5-126-817,Carter4-100-010, Blair0-22-22, Harris0-43-63,Crowder 242-26, Wright2-22-2 6.Totals34-702845103. Sacramento 19 23 28 30 — 100 Dallas 26 28 18 31 — 103

James5-102-413, Haslem2-40-04, Bosh4-10 6-614, Dougla5-102-213, s Jones4-60-010, Andersen3-82-4 8, Cole2-8 0-04, Batie t r 1-3 0-03, Lewis4-104-413, Hamilton2-41-1 6, Beasley0-1 0-0 0.Totals 32-7417-2188. MILWAUKEE (67) Middleton4-110-010, Adrien1-5 2-24, Pachulia 2-60-04, Knight6-180-013,Sessions5-154-515, Henson 6-110-212, Antetokounmpo0-51-21, Udoh 1-3 0-0 2,Stephens2-51-1 5, Raduljica 0-01-21. Totals 27-79 9-1467. Miami 21 25 19 23 — 88 Milwaukee 12 17 17 21 — 67

Spurs 96, Pelicans 80 NEWORLEANS(80) Aminu3-5 2-38, Ajinca1-60-0 2, Stiemsma1-3 0-0 2, Evans 4-133-411, Morrow2-62-2 6, Babbitt 3-7 0-0 8,Rivers8-180-016, Roberts7-163-318, Miller 1-5 0-0 2,Withey2-2 3-4 7. Totals 32-81 13-16 80.


Leonard4-95-615, Duncan5-92-512, Diaw3-8 0-06, Parker1-50-02,Belinelli 7-110-018,Ginobili 7-101-1 15,Ayres4-61-2 9, Daye0-2 0-00, Mils 4-u 2-213,Joseph0-42-42, Baynes2-30-04. Totals 37-7813-20 96. Newerleans 15 2 0 24 21 — 80 Sas Astonis 28 24 18 26 — 96

Wizards101, Hawks97 ATLANTA (97)

Martin 5-8 1-2 13, Millsap 5-135-8 17,Antic

5-10 2-213,Teague8-I11-1 19,Mack2-6 0-05, Muscala1-6 0-0 2,Wiliams 4-104512, Scott 2-5 4-4 8, Schroder2-5 3-6 8. Totals 34-80 20-28 97.


Ariza 4-64-413, Booker0-40-0 0, Gortat6-u 0-212, Wall10-202-625,Beal5-154-414, Gooden 5-5 5-716,We bster 3-70-06, Harrington 2-70-05, Miller 4-42-210,Tem ple 0-00-0 0. Totals 39-79

17-25 un.

Atlanta Washington

27 25 19 26 — 97 28 22 25 26 — 101

Clippers118, Rockets107 LA. CLIPPERS (118) Barnes6-150-015, Griffin 2-33-37,Jordan7-10 6-14 20,Paul10-165-6 30, Collison4-142-4 0, Dudley2-40-0 4,Crawford t-15 5-822, Bullock0-2 0-0 0, Davis0-2 0-0 0, Turkoglu1-21-1 3, Hollins 2-2 0-0 4,Green1-4 0-0 z Totals 42-89 22-36 118. HOUSTON (107) parsons9-199-u 28, Jones1-40-2 2,Asik 5-9 2-212, Lin1-98-810,Harden9-22 u-1332, Motiejunas3-80-16, Casspi 0-10-00, Canaan3-56-814, Garcia1-20-03.Totals 32-79 36-45107. LA. Clippers 23 3 8 27 30 — 118 Hosslon 33 25 26 23 — 107

76ers123, Pistons 98 DETROIT (98) Smith 2 8004,Monroe7166820,Drummond 3-5 2-6 8,Jennings1-5 0-0 2,Singler 3-6 2-210, Stuckey3-1111-1117, Jerebko3-4 2-210, Bynum 2-111-1 5,Caldwell-Pope6-122-216, Siva1-40-0 2, Mitchell 1-10-02, Datome1-2 0-02. Totals 3385 26-32 98. PHILADELPHIA (123) Thompson5-8 0-0 14, Young 9-17 1-1 21, Sims 8-140-016, Carter-Williams6-14 8-10 21, Anderson2-8 0-0 5, Varnado4-81-1 9, Wroten 2-61-2 6, Williams5-8 2-313, Davies2-2 0-04, Ware 3-52-28,Nusnally2-20-06.Totals48-92 15-19 123. Detroit 23 28 17 30 — 98 Philadelphia 33 3 7 28 25 — 123




Outaws are Sa t Riverc amps— again Bulletin staff report

claim the five-inning victory over Port-

S COTTSDALE, A r i z . — For t h e land Christian. Jonathan Luz led the way third time in four years, the Sisters Out- with a 3-for-4 performance at the plate.

laws return home as Salt River Classic Against Sierra Canyon, a three-run champions. triple by Jardon Weems in the top of the Behind Justin Harrer's 10 strikeouts in sixth inning broke a 1-1 tie and propelled five innings pitched, and with a four-run Sisters to its second win of the day in a seventh inning, the Outlaws cruised past game that was ended after six innings North Rim (Ariz.) 13-4 in the champion- due to time constraints. Luz was 2 for 3 ship of the baseball tournament. for the Outlaws, Alec Gannon went 2 for "Back-to-back years," Sisters coach 3 with a triple, and Harrer finished with a 2-for-4 clip that included a triple. Joey Steve Hodges said. "That's pretty sweet." For the second straight season, Sisters Morgan picked upthe complete-game began the tourney with a loss. But as they win, limiting Sierra Canyon to just three did last year, the Outlaws ran the table in the 28-team 2014 tournament to secure


Spring Tournament. Chris Mason got the win on the mound for Summit (4-1) after limiting Cleveland to just two hits in

four innings of work while fanning six. Cherry had an RBI, and six other Storm

players logged two hits apiece. Cal Waterman drove in three runs, while Troy Viola and Noah Yunker each booked two RBIs.

Redmond falls in two games: REDMOND — The Panthers dropped their second and third straight games with 12-1

and 13-3 nonconference losses to West Salem and Hermiston, respectively. Against West Salem, Hunter Smith led Redmond

In the championship, Luz again posted the championship. two hits, as did Morgan. Ryan Funk douSisters began the day with a 10-0 win bled and picked up three RBIs for Sisters, over Portland Christian that was followed which improved to 6-1 overall. up a 4-1 decision over Sierra Canyon (CaIn other Saturday action:

innings. In the nightcap against Hermiston, Redmond (3-4) immediately fell into a hole after the Bulldogs posted three

lif.) to earn the Outlaws a spot in the tour-

runs in the top of the first inning. Colton

BASEBALL Summit 12, Cleveland 0: KEIZER -

ney championship.

Eric Gay/The Associated Press

Steven Bowditch watches his tee shot on the ninth hole during the third round of the Texas Open on Saturday in San Antonio.

by going 2 for 3 with a double, but the Panthers fell to the Class 6A Titans in six

In their first game, the Outlaws put up three runs in the bottom of the fourth in-

Josh Cherry's 4-for-5 offensive output

Swaney highlighted the Panther offense with a home run, but an eight-run fourth

helped the Storm power past the Port-

inning allowed Hermiston to secure the

ning followed by five more in the fifth to

land-based Warriors in the Volcanoes five-inning victory.

Australian on top at Texas Open The Associated Press





Continued from 01


"It's good for the entire

program, really." Miller was second in the javelin on Saturday, while C ornett was third i n t h e

same event before finishing runner-up in the 800 and

bookend a Central Oregon sweep in the 16-athlete field. In the boys decathlon,

Summit freshman Kyle Cornett placed tenth out of 21 with 3,819 points thanks

to a 10th-place showing in the discus to kick off Sat-

Salt River Classic In ScoNsdale,Ariz. (5 innings) PorllandChristian 000 00 — 0 3 4 Sisters 200 35 — 10 9 0

(6 innings)

Sisters 000103 — 4 8 0 Sierra Canyon 100 000 — 1 3 0 Sisters Notth Rim

points, and Siuslaw's Joe

Dotson was second with 4,927 points.

040 500 4 — 13 10 2 000121 0 — 4 9 3

VolcanoesSpringTournament At VolcanoesStadium, Keizer (6 innings) Summit 103 224 — 12 20 0 Cleveland 000 000 — 0 2 2 Class 5A

urday's final f ive events. Thurston's Grant Shurtliff

took top honors with 5,620



West Salem Redmond H ermistott

(6 innings)

204 105 — 12 13 1 000 001 — 1 4 3

(5 innings)

301 8 1 — 1 3 8 2

R edmond

100 2 0 — 3 6 3

Track and field Sweet Home Decathlon/Heptathlon BOYS Decathlon final — t, GrantShurtliff, Thurston, 5,620. 2,JoeDotson,Siuslaw,4,927.3,WyattThompson-siporen,Ashland,4,925. 4,Austin McNichols, Lowell, 4,696. 5, DavidEvans,Lebanon, 4,346. 6, Jackson |tallard, Powers,4,335. 7, ZacharyShort, Lebanon,4,148. 8, Cole Fowler, Thurston, 4,013. 9, KobeMetzger,Central, 3,998. 10,Kyle Cornett, Summit,3,819.11,Kaelan Recca, Crow,3,735. 12, Matt DavisSw , eet Home, 3,525. 13,Eric Flierl, Sweet Home,3,480.14, JustirtSchaaf,Mapleton, 3,407.15, JasonTowers, crow,3,16z16, Michaelschaer, Regis, 3,141.17,DylanShafer, Crow,2,959.18, TJ. Baham, SweetHome,2,360.19r Spencer Knight, Sweet Home, 2,350.20,Noah Dinsfriend, Sweet Home,1,800.

Winnersandtop local placer 100-meter dash — 1,Warner, 0.04 seconds,

852 points; 4,Cornett, 11.78, 695.LI — 1, Shurtliff, 20-06, 641;6, Cornett,17-09,463. Shot— 1,Short, 46-08.5,742;9, Cornett, 31-1t,469. HJ —t, Shurtliff, 6-02,696;T5, Cornett, 4-11.5,396.400 —t, Dotson,54.30,627; 13,Cornett, 61.41,365. 110h — 1, McNichols,15.91,743;10,Cornett, 1925,40. Discus — 1,Thom psot-siporen, 127-08,643;15,

Cornett, 75-01,326.PV —1, McNichols, 11-10.5, 514; T16,Cornett, 6-0, 109.Javelin — t, Short, 154-01, 544;14,Cornett,90-10, 267.1,500 — 1, Mentzger,50z74, 544;12, Cornett, 54735,318. GIRLS

Heptathlon final - I, MirandaBrown,Summit, 3,819.2,MichaelaMiler, Sisters,3,594.3, MeganCornett, summit,3,46t 4,Dariattwilson,coquile,3,46z 5, MikaleaSiegel, Siuslaw,3,374. 6, ErIca Stuckart, Regis, 3,037.7,CleaPoklemta, Corvallis, 2,985.8, Amber VonEssen,Crow,2,720.9,Josi eKnight,Sweet Home,2,47z 10,MadisonFrelich, Mapleton,2,106. 11, HaleyAllen, Thurstott, 2,080.12,Sierra Swanson, SweetHome,2033.13, ReganGrube,Crow,1,668.14, ShayleeYeates,Crow,1,167.15, AimeeGreen, Crow, 817.16,CourtneyKent, Sweet Home,337. Winnersandtop local placer 100-meter dash — 1,Siegel, 16.79seconds,

620 points; 2, Miller, 17.43,549; 3, Brown,17.46, 546; 5, Cornett,17.87,50z HJ — 1, Brown,4-10, 588; T2, Miller, 4-08,534;T8,Cornett, 4-02, 379. Shot — 1,Knight,31-09,508; 3,Cornett, 30-03.75, 480; 4,Brown,28-01.25, 436;5, Miler, 27-05, 416. 200 — t, Brown,27.77, 649; 3, Miler, 28.52,590; 5, Cornett, 28.87,564. LJ — 1, Brown,16-01.5, 535; T3, Miller, 15-00.75,451; 6, Cornett, 14-09, 426. Javelin — t, t, Wilson,10806,535;2, Miler, 97-05, 471; 3,Cornett, 96-08, 467; 4, Brown,8304, 390.800 —1, Brown,2:33.41, 675; 2, Cornett, 2:33.83,467;4, Miler, 2:39.12,583.


Johnson appreciatesHendrick links to Martinsville By Hank Kurz Jr.

drick, and John Hendrick, the

The Associated Press

owner's brother. Johnson and the other team



— Jimmie Johnson doesn't

members didn't know of the

and the expression that he has utes on Saturday, but even the and you can sense in his voice wet track could not prevent and in his eyes — you can see Mercedes continuing the domhow much it means to him to inance it had shown all week-

dwell on the negatives when

crashuntilthe racewa sover. win here," Johnson said. "It is "I look back on that day a lot a cool,amazing experience he thinks about himself or his Hendrick Motorsports team and think about how things to go through.... With all the when it comes to Martinsville went down," Johnson said. emotion that you have here, I Speedway, and that's more "NASCAR called all four cars think we are in a good place than understandable. He has to pit lane. We get to pit lane, here." won eight times at the track in and there are police officers Also on Saturday: 24 career starts. standing around our cars, and Sato wins pole for IndyCar The first o f t h em, h ow- I'm like 'What in the world has season-opener: ST. PETERSever, was hardly a day for happened?' Normally there BURG, Fla. — Takuma Sato celebration. are NASCAR Officials, not won the pole at St. Petersburg It was Oct. 24, 2004, the day police officers. for today's season-opening "I walk through that from IndyCar Series race. Sato a plane carrying 10 members of the Hendrick Motorsports time to time. I hope to never circled the street course in 1 family on their way to the ever go through anything like minute, 0.01 seconds in Saturday's rain-delayed qualifying race crashed in fog-shroud- that again." ed mountains a few miles Thankfully fo r J o hnson session to put his A.J. Foyt from the speedway. No one and the Hendrick organiza- Racing entry out front. It was survived and so when John- tion, there are also many great a stellar debut for Honda and son prepares to return to memories of th e 0.526-mile its new twin turbo engine. NASCAR's smallest t r ack, oval. Johnson has added sev- Tony Kanaan qualified sech is thoughts drift i n m a n y en more victories on the track, ond, 0.2951 seconds behind directions. teammate Jeff Gordon also the Japanese driver. Kanaan "Like today," he said. "I flew has won eight times and Geoff will be making his debut toup. It's overcast. It's cloudy. Bodine gave the fledgling day for Target/Chip Ganassi The whole week leading into team its first victory on the pa- Racing. Martinsville, I've been excit- per clip 30 years ago. Mercedes' Hamilton takes ed about coming here to race It all makes the oldest track pole at Malaysian GP: SEand feel like we have a great in NASCAR's top series an PANG, Malaysia — Mercedes chance to win. I wake up this emotional stop no m atter driver Lewis Hamilton has morning and it's overcast, and what. t aken pole position for t h e I just can't help but think of the Hendrick's teams have won Malaysian Grand Prix after a airplane incident." 20 more SprintCup races at wet qualifying session at the Among those lost in the Martinsville since Bodine got Sepang International Circuit. crash were Ricky Hendrick, the first one. Tropical rains delayed the "To see Rick and his face start of qualifying for 50 minson of team owner Rick Hen-

end, and Hamilton made it

back-to-back poles to start the new Formula One season. Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel came

close, but finished five hundredths of a second behind

Bowditch opened a threestroke lead Saturday in

when the three-time Masters champion was taken off the

the Texas Open, while Phil Mickelson withdrew a f ter

course in a cart. His caddie, Jim Mackay, said Mickelson

10 holes because of a pulled muscle in his right side. Bowditch, the 30-yearold Australian seeking his

felt a twinge on his tee shot

first PGA Tour title, shot a

4-under 68 to reach 12 under at TPC San Antonio. Matt Kuchar and Andrew Loupe

Continued from 01 And she will be at the Garden again today in hope of cheering him on to the Final Four.

"I was talking to her right now," Payne said Saturday as his interview began. "They're out here in New York. They were

at the game last night. It's just been great. When I get some spare time, maybe they'll come over to the hotel, and I'll get to see them."

College athletics is full of stories about "family," but sometimes they surprise with unexpected twists that renew one's faith in

humanity. Something about Lacey's battle with a rare form of cancer called neu-

roblastoma touched Payne's soul when he first met her on a hospital visit two years ago. At the time, a tumor in her abdomen had wrapped around Lacey's spine, paralyzing her.

Houston, if he can."

times on b etween Australia and," said

lead: CARLSBAD, Calif.

" I've won

f ou r o r f i v e

Bowditch, who w ould get into the Masters with a victory. "I've got a little experience, but not a great deal,


Also on Saturday: Kerr, Salas tied for LPGA -

Cristie Kerr made a 55-foot par-saving putt after hitting her final approach into the water, giving her a share of

especially at this level. I've

the lead with Lizette Salas after the third round of the

never slept on a

Kia Classic. Kerr finished

l e ad, so

we'll see how we go." Mickelson withdrew after pulling the muscle teeing off

with a 2-under 70 to match

Salas at 10-under 206 at

on No. 1 — his 10th hole of

A viara. D or i C a r ter, t h e second-round leader after a

the round. He hopes to play

course-record 64, had a 74

next week in the Houston Open, the last event before the Masters.

to drop into a tie for third at 8 under with Thailand win-

statement. "It just killed and

A sia Cup: KUALA L U M PUR, Malaysia — H i deto Tanihara halved the f inal match with Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano to give Asia a 10-10 tie with Europe in the

"I pulled a muscle on my d ownswing trying to h i t it hard," Mickelson said a it wouldn't subside for 10 or 12 seconds. I'm going back to San Diego (for) a couple of days and have a doctor look at it, but there's really not much you can do for a pulled muscle. I hope I'll be OK to play the Shell in Houston, but I just don't know."

Lefty was 1-over par in the round and 4 over overall

ner Anna Nordqvist, Ayako Uehara and Shanshan Feng. Asia/Europe tied at Eur-

EurAsia Cup. Trailing 7-3 going into the final day, Asia briefly took the lead at 9/~8t/~ before Joost Luiten beat Koumei Oda 1 up to pull the

Europeans level.

Hamilton and just in front of

Mercedes' Nico Rosberg, who qualified third. Enders-Stevens wins K&N Horsepower Challenge: LAS VEGAS — Erica Enders-Stevens became the first female

winner in K&N Horsepower Challenge history, beating D ave Connolly i n

the Pro

Bruins clinchAtlantic Division with victory overCapitals The Associated Press


Stock bonus event Saturday in the SummitRacing.

two more items off the list in

IS — Colton Sceviour got the

c om NHR A

N a t ionals. I n

an impressive homestretch

first two goals for Dallas and

the field as a replacement for the sidelined Mike Edwards,

by the Boston Bruins. They

Antoine Roussel scored on a

Enders-Stevens edged f anv ote winner Connolly w i t h a 6.646-second run at 208.39

mph in her Chevy Camaro. She earned $50,000. In the regular event, Antron Brown earned the top qualifying spot in Top Fuel, Courtney Force led the Funny Car field,

and Jeg Coughlin was the fastest in Pro Stock. Brown secured his first No. 1 qualifier of the season and 35th of

his career with his 3.768 at 325.14.

me beingthere. Payne has been there for her to the point "Her parents were going through so that he is virtually a member of the Holsmuch. I just told them, if they wanted me worth family. to be there, they could call or text me. It That is a s erious responsibility, but grew from there. Lacey would text me, and Payne welcomed it. She presented him I would text her back. Just send little mes- roses on senior night, and when Michigan sages, saying, 'Be strong.' It turned into State won the Big Ten tournament, Payne more conversation.She said she enjoyed carried Lacey,wearing her platinum watchingthe games." blonde wig, up the ladder to help cut down Perhaps Payne's compassion for Lac- thenet. "She helps me in a lot of ways," Payne ey and her family stemmed from his own loss. He was 13 whenhis mother died of an said. "Just being able to spend time with asthma attack, and his grandmother died her and take my mind off basketball. My when he was in college. family is four hours away from Michigan, "That may have something to do with so having somebody I can talk to and it," Payne said. "I'm always willing to spend time with or just color and do little help, and I always want to see kids do things like that is great." well. The story behind Lacey is that she Payne andguard Keith Applingarethe was a dancer. It was taken from her by only four-year players who never have cancer. She wasn't able to walk or dance reached a Final Four under MSU coach anymore. If basketball was taken away Tom Izzo, and Payne admitted that presfrom me, how would I feel? I just want- sure weighs heavily. "I pray about it eved to help her get back strong so she can ery night," Payne said. "It's always on my dance and smile and do something she mind. For me to have a chance and be this

"I just really felt like I could help, es- loves." pecially with her parents," Payne said. Aggressive chemotherapy enabled Lac"There wasn't too much I could do with her ey to walk again. But last November, the at that point because she was so sick. But cancer returned, affecting her jaw and my presence was enough. She really liked neck. She is still battling every day, and

" It's definitely no t

back," Mackay said. "It's his right side. The thing he had been talking about is how good his back had been feeling here. He'll defrnrtely play

were tied for second. Kuchar shot 65, and Loupe had a 70.


are now Atlantic Division breakaway in the third peric hampions, a n d Ja r o m e od to secure the victory over Iginla has recovered from St. Louis. his slow start to reach 30 I slanders 2, Devils 1: goals once again. UNIONDALE, N.Y.— Frans

Boston ac c omplishedNielsen scored in the second those feats Saturday against period and then added a goal the Washington Capitals, a

close, it's exciting."

You never know if the ball will bounce your way in life, which is why it is so important that Payne and Lacey can share

their hopes today in the Garden.

in the shootout to lift New

desperate team whose first York over playoff-hopeful and foremost goal — mak- New Jersey. ing the playoffs for a seventh Canadiens 4, Panthers 1: straight season — looked a SUNRISE, Fla. — Max Pabit more distant after Satur- cioretty had two goals and day's 4-2 loss. an assist to help Montreal "We need these wins so extend its winning streak to bad," Washington defense- five games with the win over man Karl Alzner said, "that


on No. 1.

sometimes you overplay. It can be a big problem that can really mess your game up." And it's not a good idea to mess up against the Bruins,


Lightning 4, Sabres 3: BUFFALO, N.Y. — Steven Stamkos scored two goals,

i ncluding the w inner i n overtime,and Tampa Bay

who have won 14 of 15 and

beat Buffalo to remain two

have allowed only 13 goals over 11 games. Also on Saturday: Avalanche 3, Sharks 2:

points behind Montreal for second place in the Atlantic

DENVER — Semyon Var-

DALE, Ariz. — Zach Parise scored two of M i nnesota's

lamov had a season-high 47 saves and Colorado clinched its first playoff berth in four years by beating San Jose. Red Wings4, Maple Leafs


Wild 3, Coyotes 1: GLEN-

three third-period goals and the Wild rallied to beat Phoenix in a game with playoff implications. D a r r en Kings 4, Jets 2: LOS AN-

2: TORONTO — Helm had a hat trick and Detroit sent Toronto to its eighth


the Maple Leafs' first such

made 24 saves, and Los An-

streak since 1985. Blue Jackets 3, Hurricanes 2: RALEIGH, N.C. — Ryan Johansen scored a power-play goal at 2:40 of over-

geles kept rolling toward the playoffs, beating Winnipeg

A n z e K o pitar

scored two goals in the first consecutive regulation loss, period, Jonathan Quick

time and

for its sixth straight victory.

Ducks 5, Canucks 1: VANCOUVER, British C olum-

C olumbus beat bia (AP) — Corey Perry and

Carolina to earn two points in its push for the second playoff berth in club history and first since 2009. Stars 4, Blues 2: ST. LOU-

Saku Koivu each had a goal and an assist and Frederik Andersen made 31 saves

to help Anaheim defeat Vancouver.


00 a

e mer i ean e a e

East Division


Yankees:Finally free of Alex Rodriguez, manager Joe Girardi has a new deal, a healthy teamand nodistractions ... yet. Red Sex:To paraphrase David "Big Papi" Ortiz, last year was their (bleeping) year. Lightning will not strike twice. Rays:Window to win grows smaller as David Price inches toward free agency. Blue Jays:Still looking for a return on Marlins deal that brought in Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle. Orieles:Panic spending led to spring signings of Ubaldo JimenezandNelsonCruz.Notenough. In a nutshell:The ALEast onceagain will be the strongest division in the game,with the Yankees' spending spree putting them over the top. Prolific hitter:Chris Davis, Orioles. Needsto be more first half (37 home runs, 1.109OPS)than second half (16 homers, .854 OPS). Dominating pitcher:Price, Rays. Despite going down in May and missing six weekswith a triceps strain, Price returned to form with a 2.53ERAthe rest of the season. Tep rookie:Masahiro Tanaka,Yankees. After going 24-0 in Japan andgetting a $175million deal, Tanaka will not be graded on acurve in his first major league season. Breakout player:Tanaka.Forhismoney,hehad better break out of the gate quickly. Best nickname:Big Papi, Ortiz. A big legend needsa big nickname.

Shift Continued from 01 Matt Martin got that job, and he

pointed to the overloaded alignments that Red Sox slugger David

West Division

: Tigers:Dumping Prince Fielder for lan Kinsler will have no real effect : until October, when Prince typically abdicates. : Royals:Singer Lorde's favorite team is so loaded it let Emilio Bonifacio : escape to small-market Cubs. : Indians:Played.789 (30-8) vs. White Sox andTwins and.500 (62-62) : against all others, so they areduefor a market correction. WhiteSex:Added leadoffmanAdam EatonandsluggerJose Abreu and areplatooning Adam Dunnvs. lefties. Cannot possibly be as bad as 2013, right? Twins:After serving up 59homeruns for Yankees in the last two years, Phil Hughesreceived $24Mfor three years In a nutshell:Still no real competition for the Tigers, though now is the time for the Royals to step up and contend. Prolific hitter:Miguel Cabrera, Tigers. Losing Prince Fielder asprotection hurts, but not enough toprevent another MVPseason. Dominating pitcher:Chris Sale, White Sox. Does not havethe street cred of Justin Ver- ~ : lander yet but will by the end of 2014. : Tep rookie:YordanoVentura, Royals. With an 0.95 WHIP : in spring training, hesealed aspot in the rotation. : Breakout player:Norichika Aoki, Royals. Newleadoff man : should thrive for Royals after two decent seasons with Brewers. : Best nickname:Tank. DayanViciedo, White Sox. If only the numbers :: were as good asthe nickname.

: :Angels:Baseball's biggest busts of 2013 , ::should revert to norm if Albert Pujols, Mike : :Trout and Josh Hamilton all do their thing. . ::Athletics:GM Bily Beane gets all the credit, but : :hitting coach Chili Davis helped this collection of no: :names rank third in the AL in runs, home runs andwalks. . :'Rangers:Derek Holland tripped over his dog andtore up his knee : in January, damaging analready suspect rotation outside of Yu Darvish. : :Mariners:With no oneto protect Robinson Canoin the batting lineup, the ::Mariners are parking their Mercedes in ahandicapped zone. : :Astres:ManagerBoPorter told his team in spring to "shock the world," .::but he did not provide the players with enoughTasers. In a nutshell:The ALWest is stockpiling megamillionaires but has not won aWorld Series since 2002. Prolific hitter:Trout, Angels. The Bruce Springsteen of baseball lives up to his hypeand is only getting better. Dominatingpitcher: Felix Hernandez,Mariners. Five straight seasons of200 or more IPand 200or more K's. Top rookie:TaijuanWalker, Mariners. Despite a latestart, he eventually figures to be afixture in the rotation. Breakoutplayer:Brad Miller, Mariners. Slick-fielding shortstop had agreat spring and haspower to all fields. Best nickname:Millville Meteor. Trout. Kind of like the Kansas Comet (GaleSayers) of baseball. So badit's good. — Chicago Tribune

Ashift in philosophy


Baseball clubs have long used advanced metrics to shape pitching and batting strategies, but they are just now starting to develop and implement metrics to optimize defensive setups. Here are four types of infield defenses that major league clubs, such as the Tampa Bay Rays and Pittsburgh Pirates, have used recently.

Manager:Lloyd McClendon (first season). 2013:71-91, fourth place. He's here:2B Robinson Cano,OFCorey Hart, 1B-DHLoganMorrison,C JohnBuck,INF-OF Willie Bloomquist, RHPFernando Rodney. He'soutta here: OFRaulIbanez,DH Kendrys Morales, SS BrendanRyan. Projected lineup:CFAbraham Almonte (.264, 2 HR, 9 RBI in 25games;.314at Triple-A Tacoma) or Michael Saunders (.236, 12, 46), 3B Kyle Seager (.260, 22, 69, 32 doubles), 2B Robinson Cano(.314, 27, 107, 41doubles with Yankees), RFCorey Hart (.270, 30, 83 in 2012 with Brewers), 1BJustin Smoak (.238, 20, 50), DH Logan Morrison (.242,6,36in85games with Marlins), C MikeZunino (.214, 5, 14 in 52 games), LFDustin Ackley (.235, 4, 31), SS Brad Miller (.265, 8, 36, 6 triples in 76 games) Rotation:RHFelix Hernandez (12-10, 3.04 ERA, 216 Ks), RHHisashi Iwakuma (14-6, 2.66, 185 Ks), LHJames Paxton (3-0, 1.50 in 4 starts; 8-11, 4.45 atTacoma), RHTaijuan Walker (1-0, 3.60 in 3 starts; 5-3, 3.61 atTacoma), RH ErasmoRamirez (5-3, 4.90 in13 starts). Key relievers:RHFernando Rodney (5-4, 3.38, 3 7/45 saves), RH TomWilhelmsen (0-3, 4.12, 2 4/29 saves), RHDanny Farquhar (0-3, 4.20, 1 6/20 saves), LHCharlie Furbush (2-6, 3.74, 71 appearances). Het spots:Injuries haveleft the rotation as Seattle's biggest concern heading into the regular season. Neither of thesetbacks toWalker (shoulder) and Iwakuma(finger) should be long-term issueswith the likelihood that both are back within the first month of theseason. But the rotation wasalready unsettled even before the injuries, leaving the likes of Blake Beavan andRamirez asneededcontributors the first few weekswhile Seattle tries to hangon through a brutal first16 gamesall against divisioncontendersTexas,OaklandandtheAngels. Outlook:Thearrival of Cano gives Seattle an offensive equivalent to what they have inthe pitching staff with Hernandez: asuperstar that's among the best in baseball. Whether Cano can getSeattle into contention with the top three in the loaded AL West, well, that's another story. Seattle could useanother right-handed bat in its lineup, but will likely go into the season lefty heavy. TheMariners are again a teamfilled with just as many questions as answers and in adivision stacked with contenders that could meana13th straight season without a postseason berth.

Ortiz sees on a daily basis. " That's not out o f t h e n o rm now. That is the norm. With lefthanders, if you'd have seen this





25 years ago, the way they play Big Papi — and 15, 20 guys in the league playing like that — you'd be, 'What happened? Did I wake up and come to a softball game?' "



Makes perfect sense to Pitts-

burgh second baseman Neil Walker. "The data is so undeniable, the


defensive metrics are so prevalent," he said. "You have so much more


information, you should use it.

"There were some times a few years ago when I felt out of place,"




2B 1B

he admitted. "I was out there in

right field and kind of like, 'Where am I supposed to be?' But we

practice it, I practice my throws from extreme angles and I'm comfortable." A n hour l a ter, W alker w a s

standing in shallow right field when Philadelphia Phillies slugger Ryan Howard batted in a spring training game. Walker made a diving stop on a hard grounder and scrambled to his feet, but

threw the ball past first base.

"It's not an exact science," he

Source: Inside Edge

The Washington Post

"There were some timesa few years ago when I felt out of place. I was out there in right fied and kind of like, 'Wheream I supposed to be?' But we practice it, I practice my throws from extreme angles and I'm comfortable."

sard. Fielding always lagged far be— Pittsburgh Pirates second baseman Neil Walker hind pitching and hitting in statistical analysis, mainly because it was hard to quantify glove work. Teams "There are times when I'm begare trying hard to catch up. In a recent exhibition, with a Baseball Info Solutions tracks runner on third base, Maddon ging him to bunt against us," Maddefensive shifts and reports that overshifted his infield in the middle don said. there were 8,134 instances in the of an at-bat. No luck. A wild pitch Scioscia's strategy paid off this majors last season. That is way up scoredtherun. month for the Los Angeles Anfrom 4,577 in2012, and far more Maddon has a theory on why it gels when the veteran manager's than the 2,358 in 2011. took teams so many years to shift repositioned left fielder handled a "It's not as much fun as it used to around. grounder and began a bases-loadbe," Tampa Bay manager Joe Mad"They were afraid they might ed double play in extra innings. don lamented. "Everybody's using be wrong," he said. "But it always Williams, Washington's first-year it." made sense to adjust your fielders. manager, tried something with the Maddon is a shifting maven, W hy would you play someone in a bases loaded in the eighth inning having employed four-man out- place where a guy never hits it'?" and paid the price. fields and routinely putting three And if a big bopper tries to bunt Offered San Diego manager players on one side of the infield at down the unprotected third-base Bud Black: "Yes, my thinking has different depths. line, that is OK. changed," he said."We will move."

00 a East Division


So will the Reds — after new

Cincinnati manager Bryan Price talks to his men on the mound.

"Pitchers can be pretty temperamental about defensive alignment. We know that," Price said. "We want to have the discussion beforehand, not after."

St. Louis general manager John Mozeliak wants to start earlier,

letting his minor leaguers get accustomed to moving. On Thurs-

day, Cardinals third baseman Matt Carpenter took a spot in short right field, fielded a grounder and threw out a runner at firstbase. Minnesota'sJason Kubel has been on the other side a lot.

The lefty hitter debuted 10 years ago and rarely saw defensive shifts, if ever. Against the Yankees this

month, he faced three fielders on the right side everyturn at bat. "Now," Kubel said, "I think it

would be weird if I came up and saw that nobody was moved."

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e a iO n a e a u e CentralDivision

Ratienals:Sputtered under the spotlight in 2013, but addition of Doug : Cardinals:Best-run organization in baseball just keeps cranking out Fister gives them theNL'sbest rotation. young pitching, making everyone else look impotent. Braves:Season-ending elbow injuries to starters Kris Medlen Pirates:Rewarded their devoted fans by refusing to and BrandonBeachyfigure to ruin the season before it starts. improve hitting, leaving Andrew McCutchen on a virtual island. Phillies:The "WheezKids" have five players 34 or older in the lineup, andJimmy Rollins is already feuding with Reds:The line drive to the headthat sidelined closer manager RyneSandberg. That is so Philly. Aroldis Chapmanwas a lethal blow to the Reds' bullpen, and to their pennant hopes. Marlins:Despite cartoonish owner and mandated fire sale, Larry Beinfest managed to find qualityyoung playCubs:Summersell-off will not be the samewithout the ers in return. Naturally, they fired him. I a n nual Matt Garza rumors to keepawake. us Jeff Samardzija speculation will have to suffice. Mets:Payroll dropped from $142 million at end of 2011 to $89 million in 2014. At this rate, Mr. Met may go onfood Brewers:Ryan Braun's return from PEDpurgatory stamps. cannot help the Brewersavoid neck-and-neck battle with Cubs for last place. Prolific hitter:Giancarlo Stanton, Marlins. Despite a down season in 2013, Stanton retains his status as thebest trading chip in the majors. : Prolific hitter:McCutchen, Pirates. The reigning NL MVP : may be the game'ssecond-best all-around player after Dominating pitcher:Craig Kimbrel, Braves. Nationals' Stephen Stras: Mike Trout. burg gets way morepublicity, but with 50 savesand 13strikeouts per nine innings, Kimbrel may bemorevaluable. : Dominating pitcher:Michael Wacha,Cardinals. Top rookie:NoahSnydergaard, Mets. Like Matt Harvey and Zach Wheel- : Didnottake long for Wachato becomeasuperstar ~ : in the making. He isalready made. er, he will arrive in midseasonand start dealing right away. Breakout player:Henderson Alvarez, Marlins. Former Blue Jaysstarter : Tep rookie:Mike Olt, Cubs. With vision problems behind . 'him, Olt could be the middle-of-the-order threat the Cubs threw a no-hitter against the Tigers on the last day of the 2013season : assumedAnthony Rizzowould become. and could take off with decent run support. Best nickname:"Chooch." Carlos Ruiz, Phillies. The : Savviest manager:Clint Hurdle, Pirates. GuidedPirates' first winning : seasonsince1992andknowshow tohandleyoungplayers'delicateegos. ~ w o rd can mean "moron" or "idiot," so ~ R uiz obviously has somethick skin. : Breakout player:Matt Adams, Cardinals. With added playing time, AdIn a nutshell:Nationals should accomplish : ams should drive in100 runs with 25-plus homers. what they were supposed to do last year, : Best nickname:"Votto-matic." Joey Votto, Reds. Not a Hall of Fame with the Bravestheir only divisional threat : nickname, but better than being called "Blotto." until the Marlins grow up. In a nutshell:Probably will not be a repeatof the three-way race of 2013, : unless the Cardinals' kids all regress at once.


West Division Dodgers:Not as untouchable as some believe, but still the gold standard in the NLWest. Literally. Giants:Still a big-name pitching rotation, but Tim Lincecum andRyan Vogelsong haveseenbetter days, and 38-year-old Tim Hudson is incredibly fragile. Diamendbacks:Mark Trumbo will hit some bombsand play left field like he is navigating a minefield. A push. Padres:Never seemto get any better or any worse. The Padres are the model of consistency. Rockies:ManagerWalt Weiss chose 41-year-old LaTroy Hawkins as his closer. At Coors Field. Danger, Will Robinson. In a nutshell:The only thing the Dodgers have to fear is Yasiel Puig destroying the clubhousechemistry himself. Prolific hitter:Paul Goldschmidt, Diamondbacks. Having Trumbo hitting behind him should makeGoldschmidt even more dangerous. Dominating pitcher:Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers. Best I pitcher in baseball right now, andperhaps the best of his generation. Top rookie:Archie Bradley, Diamondbacks. With Patrick Corbin out,Bradleyshould become theD'Backsaceby default. Savviest manager:Bruce Bochy, Giants. Six division titles. Three World Series. Two rings. Thosestats do not lie. Breakout player:Andrew Cashner, Padres. Earned opening-day nod. Trading away"CashMoney"could hauntCubsforyears. Best nickname:"Kung FuPanda." Pablo Sandoval, Giants. Giants started "Operation Panda" in 2011 toget him in shape. Didn't work, but who cares? — Chicago Tribune






QvEsrfoN: I am an athletic 52 year old woman who normally enjoys most sports and travel. Lately, I feel tired and unmotivated. Any suggestions for natural ways to give me a boost? ANswER: I have many suggestions, but ArnreKnrlt, wh i ch ones to do first would require a little research about you. The following is a generalized answer: Ruling out internal causes such as deficiencies is first. As usual, diet and life situation should be evaluated. Iron, thyroid levels, and other nutrient deficiencies such as Vit-D can be checked with a blood draw. Also, your menopause status should be evaluated by past and current menstrual history and confirmed with other blood work. Bioidentical hormones or non-hormonal support may be indicated. B12 shots and adrenal support can be a simple way to increase energy and motivation when appropriate. Sometimes fatigue and feelings of low motivation can be signs of depression, so it would be smart to talk to a practitioner or counselor about this. As I have mentioned in past responses, there are many ways to support mood naturally such as foods, targeted amino acids, specific herbs and counseling. You will get the best results and reduce risk by reviewing your needs with our ractitioner.

Susan Gruber, Certtfted Permanent Cosmetm Professronst

of facial features. The object of these procedures is to raise self-confidence and self esteem, allowing

for a more active lifestyle, personal freedom as well as saving time to do the things you really want to

do. The natural look allows you to apply topical cosmetics over your permanent makeup to add color variety or even a more dramatic look . . . i f desired!

testing to determine whether or not you are ready to

ramp up your activity. They can also give you sport specific exercises to improve your balance reactions

and reduce your risk of re-injury and ensure you safely return to basketball.

At Healing Bridge Physical Therapy you receive an hour of one on one treatment with your therapist

every session. We focus on developing a specific plan of action designed especially for you.


I(( AOJtg J3f'll55

S iiri Be rg , M P T , O C S 404 NE Penn Ave, Bend, OR 541-318-7041 www.Healing

for infection. Piercing is especially dangerous in the case of the tongue. If blood vessels in Carlo Arredond" t h e tong e are damaged, Serious blood loss DDS can occur. Also, since the tongue is practically in constant motion — unlike an earlobe, for example — the healing process from a piercing can be slow and susceptible to complication. In some extreme cases, tongue swelling has been severe enough to block the airway. In addition to the dangers inherent when you pierce any tissue, the jewelry itself can cause problems. It can damage the gums, and if it is in constant contact, may cause the soft tissue of the gum to recede. There's also the possibility of jewelry chipping or cracking teeth, especially restorations. The presence of a foreign object in the mouth can also cause excess saliva production, which may in turn lead to difficulty in speaking, chewing and swallowing food. And for some people, there's the question of developing what's called allergic contact dermatitis as a result of an allergy to metal alloys. Metal in the mouth can also interfere with x-rays. Have a serious chat with your dentist if you or someone in your family is contemplating oral piercing.

D r. Dondo D e n t a l E x c e l l e n c e D r. Carlo A r r e d o n d o , D D S 660 NE 3rd Street, Suite 3, Bend, OR 97701 oDDNDO~ EXCELLENCE

QuEsrfoNi How do I know if I have Hemorrhoids?

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QUESTION: I have fine lines around my mouth and eyes, and do not want plastic surgery. Is there a treatment that will remove the lines and wrinkles, without going under the knife?

ANSWER: Absolutely! There is a new dermal filler that is specifically designed for fine lines and wrinkles. This filler is au injection that is performed by a Dr. Elizabth c e r tified, trained and experienced physician, and is McElligott, ND done iu minutes iu the office. This dermal filler has a unique manufacturing process that offers a soft, cohesive gel which is able to fill iu your wrinkles for results that are even, smooth, and immediate. The results are instant, and are proven to last. This new dermal filler can be used where other fillers could not. Around the mouth for "smokers lines", iu between the brows, to remove the "Furrow" or "Eleven lines". Leaving a natural look and feel without lumps aud bumps. Testimonies from clients say it all. "I know I've done something, but nobodyelse does. Unless I tell them... then they go,"Wow,it's so natural looking. What's your secret?" "I wanted to look natural, andto keep what I could without lookingfake. Thefiller smoothedout the harsh areas. Those creases and even the lines seemed fo melt away.I Loveit! SogladI did it" Call The Enhancement Center Medical Spa today, for your FREE consultation! ONE DAY SPECIAL for April 4th - $100 FREE Botox with filler. New clients for this special receive a gift card for Laser Skin Resurfacing value of $250.00. Call today, limited availability!

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(submuscular or subglandular) can also make a difference. Depending on your existing tosis or "sagging" the real question would be whether you might need a breast lift. You should discuss your options with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who can better determine what procedure would give you the best outcome.


A dam P. A n g e l e s , M . D .

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QuEsTtoN: Isn't oral piercing a relatively harmless fashion statement? ANswER: The simple answer is no, it's not. Consider this: the normal healthy mouth is teaming with bacteria. Any unnatural opening in the tongue, cheek or lip is a potential portal


but potentially saline would c ause more "sagging." Implant position


ANswER:Hemorrhoids are located in the anus or lower rectum. Pressure causes the veins in the lower rectum to stretch resulting in bulging or swelling. Pressure can be caused by straining during bowel movements, sitting for long periods of time on the toilet, chronic diarrhea, constipation, obesity or pregnancy. Hemorrhoids M.D., FACS may be internal or external. Signs and symptoms include itching, irritation, pain, discomfort, or swelling around anus. Painless bleeding during bowel movements may be noticeable. Sensitive or painful lumps around the anus may occur plus a leakage of feces. Internal Hemorrhoids: Typically do not cause discomfort but if there is straining or irritation while passing stool, damage to the hemorrhoid and bleeding may occur. Occasionally an internal hemorrhoid can push through the anal opening which is called a prolapsed hemorrhoid. This can be very painful. External hemorrhoids are located just under the skin around the anus. External hemorrhoids can feel itchy or bleed when blood is clotted (thrombosed). If blood pools in an external hemorrhoid, it may form a clot (thrombus), which results in inflammation, swelling, severe pain and sometimes bleeding. Bleeding during bowel movements is the most common sign of hemorrhoids; however this can also be a sign of a more serious condition. There are many treatments including diet, exercise, and medication. Although surgery is not always necessary, there are many surgical choices depending on the severity of the hemorrhoid. Over 50% of Americans will suffer from hemorrhoids during their lives.

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M edica l D i r e c t o r , B end Pla s t i c 8 R e c o n s t r u c t i v e S u r g e r y

two weeks ago. When can start playing basketball again?

re-injuring your leg. A physical therapist can perform sport specific

b r e as t i m p l a n t s

weigh slightly more than silicone implants, in regards to breast sagging Adam P Angeles, t he difference would be m i nimal

P erma n e n t M a k e u p B y Susan , C P C P 1265 NW Wall Street• Bend

QvEsTIDN: I sprained my ankle about

siiri Bn

A NswER: Salin e

Please contact me at 541-383-3387 with any concerns or to set-up a no cost appointment to happily meet with you and answer any further questions. 541-389-9750

ANswER: Research studies show that returning t o f u l l s p o r t s a c t i vities w ithout tr a i n i n g y o ur b al a n c e reactions increase your likelihood of

QvEsTioN: W h at t y p e of b rea s t implant, saline or silicone, will cause the least amount of breast sagging?



A NswER: A b s olutely! T he mos t requested style of makeup is a natural enhancement

D r. Azure K a r l i , N . D . Bend Naturopathic Clinic

• SI

QvEsTioN: Living h e re i n C e n t r a l Oregon I h ave really adjusted to a m ore natural l o ok . I e n j o yed t h e dramatic look when I w a s younger b ut I w o u l d l o v e t o l o o k g r e a t everyday without looking overdone. Is this look attainable with permanent

371 SW Upper Terrance Dr. Ste ¹2, Bend, OR 97702 541-317-4894

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QvEsrioN: Living in Central Oregon, I've dealt with dry eye for many years. I've tried drops, hot compresses, punctual plugs and other medications. Are there any other options? ANswER: For dry eye disease, we have traditionally prescribed Artificial Tears and the other methods that you have O.D. tried. We are excited to announce a new treatment for dry eye, LipiFlow. LipiFlow is an office treatment that improves meibomian gland disease, a leading cause of dry eye. After one treatment most patients note significant improvement in the symptoms of dry eye, lasting one year or longer. Call us to schedule a consultation to evaluate your tear film to see if LipiFlow would be a good option for you.



eye care

E lizabet h P o t v i n , O . D . I nfocus Ey e C a r e 2450 NE Mary Rose Pl, Ste 110• Bend 541-318-8388

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Natural solutions to those GI issues no one wants to talk about By Jack Challem ey're often the things that make for silly-to-bad jokes — the squeaky, rumbling, or explosive sounds of any number of embarrassing and uncomfortable digestive tract issues. Know what I mean? Think flatulence (the polite word), constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, and just the run-ofthe-mill upset tummy. But they're no joke for the folks who suffer chronically from any of these problems. Ask a lot of conventional physicians, and they seem to miss the all-too-obvious connection between the digestive tract and the food that comes in contact with it. But the reality is that food is the source of many gastrointestinal (GI) issues. Often, eliminating the foods that cause gastrointestinal grief will eliminate the problems. There are also a number of supplements that can help support and maintain overall GI health.

Unless noted, follow label directions for taking digestive aids. BLOATING~ PAIN, AND RELATED PROBLEMS Doubt that gluten sensitivity has anything to do with your gut problems? Think again. In recent years, the view of gluten sensitivity has expanded beyond that of celiac disease. While celiac disease afFects roughly one in every 130Americans, as much as half the population may have some degree of non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

People with celiac disease suffer damage to their intestinal wall, leading to bloating, pain, flatulence, and pale-colored stools. The damage is caused when gluten (a protein found in wheat, rye, barley, spelt, and triticale) triggers an immune reaction that, in turn, damages the villi lining the wall of the small intestine. As a consequence of this damage, absorption of many nutrients may be impaired — most notably iron (resulting in anemia) and calcium (eventually resulting in osteoporosis). People with non-celiac gluten sensitivity can also suffer from these problems, as well as fatigue, or they may have vague symptoms of just not feeling well. Take Charge of Your Food. If you have either celiac disease or simple gluten sensitivity, it is imperative that you avoid eating foods with gluten. While such a diet might sound difficult, it is made much easier by adopting a Paleo-style diet that is built around healthy protein, fat, and vegetables, while excluding grains. There are many excellent Paleo cookbooks and blogs that ofFer advice, recipes, and encouragement. Try a gluten-free diet for a week to see if it eases your symptoms.

effect. Magnesium citrate is a common laxative in amounts above 400 mg at one time. Similarly, vitamin C can loosen stools, but the amount varies from 1,000 to 10,000 mg daily. Start at the lowerdose and increase itoveracouple ofw eeks. Papaya Proteol ytic Enzymes. Papaya enzymes have long been used to enhance digestion, but newer processing technologies have enhanced the efFects of these enzymes. One such product is made from certified organic papaya and appears to offer benefits in reducing constipation and bloating. The manufacturing process was developed at the Lotus Buddhist Monastery in Hawaii to concentrate papain (papaya proteolytic enzyme).



In most cases, diarrhea results from either a bacterial or viral infection or from using certain medications, especially antibiotics. Whatever the cause, it is important to rehydrate by drinking a lot of water (at least eight glasses daily), which can also be consumed as herbal tea or soup. Chronic diarrhea may be a result of food intolerances, especially to dairy, or medical conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or Crohn's disease.

HEARTBURN AND GERD Over the past two decades, the pharmaceutical industry has medicalized heartburn, redefining it as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). But if heartburn or GERD develop after eating certain foods, wouldn't it simply be easier to identify and avoid the problematic foods? After all, episodes of heartburn and GERD typically develop after eating either processed food or simply too much food.

Digestive Enzymes. The most important digestive enzyme for people with gluten sensitivity is dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP-IV). While the enzyme supplement won't protect against the dietary assault of a pizza, it should shield you against exposure to small amounts of wheat gluten, for example, gluten found in soy sauce. CONSTIPATION Infrequent bowel movements can have a number of different causes, including eating too many processed foods (and therefore little fiber), not drinking sufficient water, or having low thyroid activity. Not consuming sufficient fiber and water are easy to correct.

HCL and Pepsin. HCL is the chemical abbreviation for hydrochloric acid, which is normally produced in the stomach. As counterintuitive as it might sound, many people with heartburn or GERD actually benefit from taking HCL and pepsin, an acid-containing supplement. The benefits of HCL and pepsin suggest that GERD might often have less to do with stomach acid and more to do with food sensitivities and incomplete digestion.

Consuming large amount of all three types of fiber — found in vegetables and fruits — would be ideal. In terms of supplements, the best choice is soluble fiber. One source is glucomannan. Studies have found that glucomannan can improve bowel movements and blood sugar levels. Note: Be sure to consumesufficient water with any type of soluble fiber supplement; otherwise constipation will result.



Probiotics. Normal feces consist primarily of water, sloughed off gut bacteria, and indigestible food matter. It is essential to start rebuilding a healthy digestive tract immediately and continue for at least several weeks. As a general rule, a probiotic formula with a diversity of bacterial species is ideal, but many individual types provide benefits as well. L. planiarum, L. casei GG, B. laciis, and S.ihermophilus can often resolve both the short- and long-term side effects of antibiotics. L rhamnosuscan be helpful in resolving infectious diarrhea.

Vitamin B12. Proton-pump inhibitors (e.g., Prevacid, Prilosec, and Nexium) and H2 blockers (e.g., Pepcid, Tagamet, and Zantac) are the two classes of drugs usually prescribed to decrease stomach acidity. But acidity is needed to absorb certain nutrients, and reduced acidity decreases nutrient absorption. Vitamin B12 deficiency is the best documented nutritional consequence of using proton-pump inhibitor drugs for two or more years and, to a lesser extent, using H2 blocking drugs.Ifyou have ever used these drugs formore than a couple weeks, take an under-the-tongue vitamin B12 supplement. The need for sublingual vitamin B12 is higher among seniors.

Fiber. Vegetables and fruits contain three basic types of dietary fiber. Insoluble fiber, sometimes called roughage, helps move food through the lower digestive tract. Soluble fiber absorbs water and forms a gel-like mass, which creates a sense of fullness and has the added benefit of stabilizing blood sugar. Fermentable fiber supports gut bacteria that help you digest food. Fermentable fiber includes pectin, found in berries and apples, and inulin (no relation to insulin), found in avocadoes.

OrganicNatural Strawberries 1 lb. Pack Grocers Produce Department

DGL Licorice Root. Deglycyrrhizinated (DGL) licorice root has had its glycyrrhizin removed because, in some people, this substance can increase blood pressure. It is an excellent fast-acting remedy for heartburn. Its digestive tract benefits have been attributed to its anti-inflammatory properties.


A~ r T I


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FLATULANCE It's normal to have occasional gas, but something is amiss ifyou're producing prodigious amounts. Excessive gas may be related to a number of factors, including food sensitivities and eating too

quickly. Lactose sensitivity is a common cause of gas. Some foods, such as beans, cauliflower, and cabbage contain constituents that resist digestion. When these foods reach the lower intestine, bacterial action results in the production of gas.

Probioiics and Prebiotics. Supporting the ecology of the GI tract can help maintain regularity. Look for a high-quality supplement, which may contain one or several different species of beneficial bacteria. Laciobacillus and Bifidobacteria are the most common types of beneficial bacteria in supplements, but others might also be included.

D igestive Enzymes. Many enzyme formulas contain alpha-galactosidase,which reduces gasfrom beans and other foods. Some of the enzymes to look for on a label include protease (for digesting protein), lipase (for fat), and lactase (for dairy). Other important digestive enzymes include pepsin, peptidase, and bromelain.

klagnesium and Vitamin C. When taken at high doses, both of these essential nutrients can have a laxative effect. The trick is to take just enough to loosen stools without producing an explosive

Benjamin Franklin, a polymath and one of our founding fathers, may have said it best: "An ounce of prevention is worth of pound of cure." A little preventive TLC can prevent a lot of digestive problems, and some unnecessary embarrassment.4


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IW IARAT [Oilof0seye

By Mark Sisson

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Being healthy and fit has gone IMA m ainstream mil— ions sweat calories away BLUE".- and scrutinize labels and menus trying PRl to do the right thing to control weight, delay aging, and feel healthy, fit, and energetic. And it's simply not working. Rates of obesity, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, andcancer continue to climb,andeventhe most committed fitness enthusiasts often carry 10 or 20 extra pounds of bodyfat. In this updated and expanded edition of the 2009 hardcover release, Sisson presents the compelling premise that you can reprogram your genes in the direction of weight loss, health, and longevity by following 10 immutable > "Primal" laws validated by J two million years of human evolution. •

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[ppo[g(o ap

(mmCm N ATU RA L S R O C E R S

1his periodical is intended to present information we fed is valuable to our customers. Arrides are in no way ro be used as a prescription for any specific person cr condhion; consult a qualified healrh practitioner for advice.'Ihe arudes appearing in Healrh Hodine' are either original auides wriuen For our use by doccors and experu in the field of nutrition, or are reprinted by permission from repurable sources. Artides may be excerpted due to rhis newsieuer's editorial space limitmions.If you mould like to be added or removed from the Health Hotline Mailing List or have a change of address, please call 303-9864600 or online at Pricin and avafiabfii ma va b s core Iocarion. All rices and offers are sub'ect m chan e. Nor res onsible for o r a hic or hom ra hic errors.

wFor store NATURAL GRSGERs locations near you, visit ORSP0330

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re •


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© Jack Challem N


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Phosphatidylserine and Omega-3

mppadrn Reuaemtmoearaaa ue Mlm enameaa

Supplements Reduce Stress

Ia IIA NAGS Ril N I.I Ol.ell)

16 oz. Orqanic 0 'egs uee s~j~ w~i Blonde

Coconut Sugar

Taking a combination of phosphatidylserine (PS) and omega-3 supplements led to a significant reduction in stress, according to a study by German researchers. Juliane Hellhammer, PhD, MSc, of the Diagnostic Assessment and Clinical ResearchOrganization in Trier,G ermany, compared the supplement combination to placebos in a study of men who were described as "high chronically stressed subjects."


Previous studies had found that PS could reduce acute physical and psychological stress, improve memory, reduce signs of depression, and enhance stamina in people who exercised. PS is a phospholipid, an essential brain compound that contains phosphorus and fats. PS also contains the amino acid L-serine.

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In the study, Hellhammer and her colleagues asked 60 men, ages 30 to 60 years of age,to take the supplements orplacebos for 12 w eeks.The daily supplements provided 66 mg of PS, 75 mg of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and 15 mg of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).





IRRsie reRR elmwmuarnmream


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Tests showed that men taking the supplements had a reduced cortisol response to stress. Refen.nce:Hellhammer J, Hero T, Franz N, et al. Omega-3 fatty acids administered in phosphatidylserine irnproved certain aspects of high chronic stress in men. Nutrition Reseafch, 2012;32:241-250.

Low Vitamin D Linked to More Serious Illnesses in Children Two new studies published in the journal Pediatrics show that vitamin D deficiency is common in children and appears to contribute to more

serious illnesses.

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180 vcap In the first study, Kate Madden, MD, of Children's Hospital, Boston,

and her colleagues studied data on 511 children with an average age of five years. All of the children had been admitted to the pediatric intensivecare unit(PICU) over the course of one year.Two of every five children were deficient in vitamin D.

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In the other study, James D. McNally, MD, PhD, of the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Ottawa, and colleagues analyzed data on 326 children treated at six different PICUs. He found vitamin D deficiencies in 69 percent of children and teenagers. Again, deficiencies were strongly associated with more severe infections — and with PICU stays about two days longer than in children with normal vitamin D levels.

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Low vitamin D levels were strongly associated with greater illness severity and greater use of drugs called vasopressors to increase blood pressure.


lltrmeric iI Jh)ne':.g

6 oz.

"Given the roles of vitamin D in bone development and immunity, we recommend screening of those critically ill children with risk factors for vitamin D deficiency and implementation of effective repletion strategies," wrote Madden.


600 mg 100 vcap

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References:Madden K, Feldman HA, Smith EM, et al. Vitamin D denciency in critically ill children. Pediatrics, 2012: doi 10.1542/peds.2011-3328. McNally JD, Menon K, Chakrahorty P, et al. The association of vitamin D status withpediatric critical illness.Pediatrics, 2012: doi 10.1542/peds2011-3059.

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Market Recap, E4-5 Sunday Driver, E6




Needing financial security? Try a side business By Kimberly Palmer New Yorh Times

In the height of the

recession, as new rounds of layoffs were announced on what seemed like a daily basis, I was grappling with motherhood. Staring at my newborn daughter'sface,Ifeltover-



ore orec osures ea or me i ion, or oo or 8 By Joseph Ditzler

Chart inside

distressed mortgage holders before repossessing their homes. The Legislature last year

offered contrasting opinions on whether that mandate, which

a backlog," said John Helmick, CEO of Gorilla Capital, a firm that buys, rehabilitates and sells foreclosed-upon homes. "Whenever there's a change, it takes people a while to adjust to the change." However, the state agencies responsible for implementing

took effect in August, has has-

the mediation requirement say

lution conference, there are a

extended the mediation re-

tened the smooth disposition of

quirementtoforeclosure cases filed in state courts, as well as

foreclosures. "The legislative change to the

the process is not backlogged. The average life of a foreclo-

significant number of adjourned or rescheduled resolution

sure case is 42 days; those cases


those filed with county clerks,

foreclosure process has created

The Bulletin

The numberofpending home foreclosures in Oregon scheduled for mediation is growing, six months after the Legislature mandated that lenders meet with

• Oregon foreclosure numbers, 2011-13 compared with January 2014,ES or nonjudicial cases. Experts in banking, real estate and the law

in which both sides "are fully

engaged" in the mediation process may take longer, according to the Oregon Department of Justice.

"There has never been a backlog of case requests," wrote

Fraud isn't just an IRS concernit's one of yours, too By Mark Davis The Kansas City Star

Americans would do

Janet Borth, assistant attorney

more to battle tax fraud,

general, in an email. "Among cases that proceed to a reso-

including waiting longer for tax refunds, accordingto a surveyby H&R


Block Inc.

The tax preparer said its survey also found that 90 percent

of taxpayers support training and continuing

whelmed with the re-

sponsibility. The job market only worsened my anxiety.

education requirements

for tax preparers, H&R Block Chief Executive Bill Cobb said. Only four states set standards for tax preparers, though nearly all 50 states license and


What would we do

if I were to suddenly lose my job, or if my husband were to lose

his? How would we


care for our child? As a reporter

set competency tests for those who cut hair.

working in a struggling industry, I always knew unexpected job loss was a possibility, but now,

"Something is out of whack when you are better protected getting your hair cut than

the stakes had never

from a tax preparer," Cobb said.

been higher. Being so financially vulnerable was unacceptable to me. And one day, as I was preparing to interview a businesswoman who made

sitting across the desk The Internal Revenue The Associated Pressfile photos

Steve Ballmer is the CEO of Microsoft, which has lost lucrative busi- Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has told President

to requirecompetency

ness overseas because of U.S. surveillance activity.

tests and continuing education for tax prepar-

Barack Obama in person that surveillance is a concern.

her living by selling cutting boards on, the hand-

ers. John Koskinen, the

agency's commissioner, said recently that a voluntary program also could help consumers identify "fraudsters" and

made marketplace, I

thought I had come upon a solution: I could have a side job making things to sell on the site. By adding a second stream of income, I would no longer be entirely dependent on a single paycheck. As I explored the website

to prepare questions

Service lost a court battle over its proposal

incompetentpreparers. "It's important for

taxpayers to have some confidencethatanybody hanging out a shingle as a tax preparer has some minimal amount

of training and capacity and capability," Koskin-

• U.S. surveilancepoliciesare imposing hugecosts on companies and, maybe,the economy

for my interview, I discovered a section

en said last month.

SeeTaxes/E3 APRIL15is the deadline for most tax filers. More info online atwww.irs.lovand

of calendars and planners. Some of them, like meal planning and budgeting sheets, looked like

something I could create. What if I started an Etsy shop

Before filing,

of my own, selling money planners based on my years of personal finance reporting? I could

know what's

different for 529 plans


based on different life goals, including having a baby and budgeting. What if I could become as suc-

By Elaine S. Povich

cessfulas those Etsy

sellers who crochet scarves and carve

parents often turn to

Parents and grandstate 529 savings plans to sock away money for a child's future college costs. But many states, including Oregon, have


I got to work as soon as I finished the article I was working on. Within two

weeks, I had created my first money planner, which took readers through my best budgeting, saving and smart spending tips. It encouraged people to reflect on their big money goals

made changes to their

The Associated Pressfile photo

U.S. intelligence agencies have prying eyeseverywhere, including in Europe; this man, using his cellphone, walks past an (unrelated but poignant) advertisement on abusy Madrid street. The National Security Agency has implanted software in computers around theworld-

I enlisted a freelance illustrator to create a

cover and inside illustrations for around $100. In addition to creating a PDF to

sell as a digital file, I sent my planner to a printer to create a few dozen spiral-bound versions, at a total

cost of about $300. My entire shop was off the ground for just $400 and a couple of weeks of work

on weekends and evenings. See Side /E3

full benefits of such

By Claire Cain Miller

accounts. Money contributed to a 529 (named for the section of the federal

New York Times News Service

tax code that authorizes

not yet in the United States — for spying purposes. The NSA has other ways of keeping tabs on people, in the U.S. and abroad — and that's a

huge concern not only to privacy advocates but to American tech companies, too.

and to come up with

a personal definition offinancialsuccess.

programs, and with the tax-filing deadline fast approaching, savers who don't pay attention may miss out on the

leaks, the more urgent issue, companies Despite the tech companies' assertions and analysts say, is economic. Technology that they provide information on their cusicrosoft has lost customers, executives, induding Mark Zuckerberg of tomers only when required under lawincluding the government Facebook, raised the issue when they visit- and not knowingly through a back doorof Brazil. ed the White House recently for a meeting the perception that they enabled the spying IBM is spending more with President Barack Obama. program has lingered. "It's clear to every single tech company than $1 billion to build It is impossible to see now the full ecodata centers overseas to nomic ramifications of the spying disclo- that this is affecting their bottom line," said reassure foreign customers that their infor- sures— in part because most companies Daniel Castro, a senior analyst at the Information is safe from prying eyes in the U.S. are locked in multiyear contracts — but mation Technology and Innovation Foungovernment. the pieces are beginning to add up as busi- dation, who predicted that the U.S. cloud And tech companies abroad, from Eu- nesses question the trustworthiness of U.S. computing industry could lose $35 billion rope to South America, say they are gain- technology products. by2016. ing customers that are shunning U.S. proThe recent confirmation hearing for Forrester Research, a technology reviders, suspicious because of the revela- the new NSA chief, the video appearance searchfirm, said the losses could be as tions by Edward Snowden that tied these of Snowden at a technology conference in high as $180 billion, or 25 percent of indusproviders to the National Security Agen- Texas and the drip of new details about try revenue, based on the size of the cloud cy's vast surveillance program. government spying have kept attention computing, Web hosting and outsourcing Even as Washington grapples with the focused on an issue that many tech execu- marketsand the worst case for damages. diplomatic andpolitical fallout of Snowden's tives hoped would go away. See Surveillance/E2

them) is not deductible from federal income taxes, but the investment

grows tax-deferred. There are two types of 529s: 529 savings plans, which are similar to a 401(k) plan or Individual Retirement Account in that a saver invests in

mutual funds or similar investments; or prepaid

plans, which allow savers to prepay all or part of the costs of an in-state

public college education, to avoid future price increases. See 529/E3







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customersand say, 'See, this is what's different now; you can

Contlnued from E1

trust us again,'" he said. In some cases, that has disclosures about the NSA is meant fo r going p o tential felt most in the daily conver- revenue. sations between tech compaThough itis hard to quantify nies withproducts to pitch and missed opportunities, U.S. busitheir wary customers.The top- nessesare being leftoffsom e ic of surveillance, which rarely requestsfor proposals from forcame upbefore,is now "the eign customersthat previously new normal" in these conver- would haveinduded them, said sations, as one tech company James Staten, acloud computexecutivedescribed it. ing analyst atForrester who has "We'rehearing from cus- readcli ents'requestsfor protomers, especially globalenter- posals.There are German comprise customers,that they care parties, Staten said, "explicitly The business effect of the

more than ever about where

not inviting certain American

their contentis stored and how it is used and secured," said John Frank, deputy general counsel at Microsoft, which hasbeen publicizing that it al-

companiesto join."

He added, "It's like, 'Well,

the verybest vendor to do this is IBM, and you didn't invite them.'"

Email events at least 10days before publication date to or click on "Submit an Event" at Contact: 541-383-0323.

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April 10

Brazil and th e E uropean Union, which had used U.S.

ware executive who spurned to do something about it, but U.S. cloud computing pro- they don't have the evidence to viders for Deutsche Telekom. go to the government and say "Because of Snowden, our billions of dollars are not comcustomers have the percep- ing to this country," Statensaid. tion that American companies Some U.S. companies say haveconnections to the NSA." the businesshit has been miSecurity analysts say that nor at most. ultimately the fa l lout f r o m John Chambers, chief exSnowderl's revelations could ecutive ofCisco Systems, said mimic what h appened to in an interview that the NSA Huawei, the Chinese technol- disclosureshad not affected ogy and telecommunications Cisco's sales "in a major way." company, which was forced Althoughdeals in Europe and to abandon major acquisitions Asia havebeen slower to close, and contracts when U.S. Iaw- he said, they are still being makersclaimed that the com- completed — an experience pany's products contained a echoedby several other combackdoorfor the People's Lib- puting companies. eration Army of China — even Still, the business blowback though this claim was never canbe felt in other ways than definitivelyverified. lost customers. Silicon Valley companies Security analysts say tech have complained to govern- companies have collectively ment officials that federal ac- spent millions and possibly tions are hurting U.S. technol- billionsof dollars adding stateogy businesses.But compa- of-the-art encryption features nies fall silent when it comes to consumer services, like to specifics about economic Google search and Microsoft harm, whether to avoid fright- Outlook, and to thecables that ening shareholders or because link data centers at Google,

underseacables for intercontinental communication, last month decided to build their

own cables between Brazil and Portugal, and they gave the contract to Brazilian and

Spanish companies. Brazil also announced plans to aban-

don Microsoft Outlook for its own email system that uses Brazilian data centers.

Mark Barrenechea, chief executive of OpenText, Canada'slargest software company, said an anti-American attitude took root after the passage of the Patriot Act, the coun-

terterror ism law passed after 9/11 that expanded the government's surveillance powers.

ONLINEMARKETING WITH FACEBOOK COURSE:Learnhow to effectively use Facebook to market and advertise your small to medium business, create an online brand presence on this social media site;

But "the volume of the disThe result has been a boon cussionhas risen significantly data in Microsoft data centers forforeign companies. post-Snowden," he said. For in certain countries. Runbox,a Norwegian email instance, after the NSA surAt the same time, Castro service that markets itself as veillance was revealed, one said, companies say they be- an alternative to Am e rican of OpenText's clients, a globlieve the government is only serviceslike Gmail and says it al steel manufacturer based making a badsituation worse. doesnot comply with foreign in Britain, demanded that its "Most of the companiesin court orders seeking personal datanot crossU.S. borders. "Issues like privacy are it is too early to produce conthis space are very frustrated information, reporteda 34 perbecausethere hasn't been any cent annual increase in cus- more important than finding crete evidence. "Thecompanies needtokeep kind of responsethat's made tomers after news of the NSA the cheapest price," said Matit so they can go back to their surveillance. thias Kunisch, a German soft- the priority on the government lows customers to store their

Yahoo and other companies. IBM said in January that it

would spend$1.2billion to build 15newdata centers, indudingin

London, Hong Kong and Sydney, Australia, to lure foreign customers that are sensitive about the location of their data. announcedsimilar plans this month.

Germany and Brazil, where it was revealed that the NSA

spied on government leaders, have beenparticularly adversarial toward U.S. companies and the government. Law-

makers, including in Germany, are considering legislation that would make it costly or

even technically impossible for U.S. tech companies to operate inside their borders.

Yet some government officials say laws like this could have a motive other than pro-

tecting privacy. Shutting out U.S. companies "means more

businessfor local companies," Richard Clarke, a fo r mer White House counterterrorism adviser, said last month.

Weekly Arts 5 Entertainment In

DEEDS Deschutes County • Michael Romanoto Patricia J. Bruni, trustee for thePatricia BruniTrust, Desert Woods 2,Lots 8and 9, Block14, $229,000 • Christopher G.and Ellen M.Atkin to Shana D.Brooks, Northwest Crossing, Phases 9and10, Lot 463, $514,000 • Carole M. DeBelto l MichaelT.and Eleanor W.Zimick-Jackson, First Addition to Whispering PinesEstates, Lot 22, Block 8,$169,000 • D2G LLC to RunKelTimber LLC, Township15, Range13,Section 20, $200,000 • Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Alfred T.Goodwin, Partition Plat 2006-5, Parcel2, $165,000 •Tom Rothschild to William andSheryl Bowker, Starwood, Lot18, Block4, $285,000 • Floyd C.Antonsen and Elizabeth Aguilar-Antonsen toJamesT. Poole, 27th Street Crossing, Lot17, $239,947 • Hayden Homes LLCto Bruce L and Sandra J. Landolt, South Point, Lot18, $240,553 •John and Melissa A.Kestonto Timothy A.andHeidi M. Newkirk, Deer Park 3, Lot12, Block17, $459,000 •SusanE.Lyman-DeatheragetoCasin LandCompany LLC,PlatofBend,Lot2, Block 26, $350,000 • David M. andDeborah L Renton to GaryandMaryannOtremba,Boones Borough No. 1,Lot 2, Block1, $490,000 • Linda J. Sherline to Davidand Deborah Renton, Wiestoria, Lot12, Block22, $215,000 •Theodore andShannonT.Popson to Joseph D. and DebraD. Armstrong, Pheasant Run,Phase1, Lot17, $285,000 • Signature Homebuilders LLC to Eric M. and Carolyn J.Spencer, Partition Plat 2011-7,Parcel 2,$256,000 • Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Baker Inc. toDouglas G.andAnne D. Thompson,BeeTree, Lot 6, Block 2, $206,685 • Stephen M.Corfield and Jennifer G. Knowles, trusteesfor theJames and SammyCorfield Joint Trust, to Gabriel J. Chladeckand RimaM. Givot, McKenzieEstates, Lot 6,Block 3, $305,000 • Moonlight Investments LLC to Judith

M. Leiser, SierraVista, Phase2, Lot 23, $229,000 • Huntly Ketchamand DavidAlexander to John D.and Elizabeth G.Simak, Bear Creek Road Addition, Lots11 and12, Block 3, $226,000 • Jeanette Wenndorf to Kurt W.and Marlene S.Kuehl,Tumalo Rim, Lot5, Block 2, $355,000 • Stephen A.and DianeM.Getsivto MarkE and Kim E.Hasson,Parksat Broken Top,Lot 61,$500,000 •HaydenHomesLLC toShaylaC.Keim, Obsidian Ridge,Phases1 and 2,Lot32, $253,706 • PacWest II LLC to Barbara Baker, Southcrest, Lot 8, $219,975 • FC FundLLCto PacWest II LLC, Eagles Landing, Lots 55, 58and 59, $215,000 •JonathanM.andBetsyM.Kahnoski to Douglas S.andCaryn S.Barab, Fairway CrestVillage 3,Lot 2, Block13, $350,000 • Daniel Harrison to WendyK. Mellor, Township16, Range11,Section 26, $579,000 • Stephen A.and KarenA. Fitzgerald, trustees for theFitzgerald Revocable Trust, to PaulandMarilyn Freres, North Rim,Lot2, Block6,$200,000 • Clifford G. andSharon G.Faheyto Dale A. and CandaceD. Riddle, Wildflower/ Sunriver 2, Stage 3,Unit 66, $199,499 • Jerald Fleming andDoloris Fleming, also known asDolores Fleming, to Dennis A.andLillian A. Smith, trustees for the DennisandLillian Smith Revocable LivingTrust, Eaglenest, Phase1, Lot2, $170,000 • William J. Sterling andHowardC. andJosephineW .PetersentoBobG. McCarroll, trustee for theBob McCarroll 2014 Living Trust, Wildflower/Sunriver 2, Stage1, Unit 29,$199,900 • Hayden HomesLLCto Roderick A. and Nancy S.Boutin, Village at ColdSprings, Phase 2,Lot 57,$199,900 • Louisa A. Stafford andVictor H. Gonzalez toRonaldW. Neet andPatricia

A. Gianone,Tamarack Park, Lot1, Block 2, $176,000 • Fannie Maeand Federal National Mortgage Association to JohnMeyer, RedmondTownsite Company's First Addition to Redmond,BlockA, $190,000 • Michelle and Leslie Segelto Kristin M. Fish, ChampionRidge, Phase1, Lot 5, $605,000 • PWD Associates LLCto JamesT. Davis Jr. andClaudia S.Davis, Points West, Lot 9, $438,902 • Halcyone E.Cobb,successor trustee of the Norman M.CobbIrrevocable Trustandrthe Halcyone E.Cobb RevocableTrust, to Steven R.andCarla D. Steele,Greensat Redmond,Phases4 and 5, Lot 55,$265,000 • Ronald Thienesto Jerry L. and Rea A. Jackman, trusteesfor the1992 JackmanFamily Trust, Silver Ridge P.U.D., Lot11, $415,000 • Mark Reinecketo FrankH.Baker, trustee for theCentury Development LLC RetirementTrust, Partition Plat 2005-69, Parcel1, $373,225.19 • Barbara C.Deeming, trustee for the Barbara C.Deeming Living Trust, to George L.andCathy A. Sesser, Pine Meadow Village,Phase4, Lot133, $215,000 • Jeffreyand Marcella Townerto Andrew C.SabinandArachana A. Anand, TamarackPark, Lot32, Block3, $173,750 • Christopher P. and Lois J. Klein to Michael Broadbent, BrokenTop,Lot 463, $210,000 • Scott M. Wicklund andHolly F. Wicklund, nowknown asHolly Fletcher, to Ashlee J.Burnett, Woodside Ranchettes, Lot 2,Block1, $580,000 • Susan L. Meyer,trusteeforthe NewmanFamily RevocableLiving Trust, to McCarthy Developmentand Construction Services Inc., Kings Forest, First Addition, Lot 8, Block6, $286,500

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Crook County • David W. andBarbara L.View, trustees of the ViewFamilyTrust, to WarrenE. Dentand Lisa M.Simono, Partition Plat 1996-52, Parcel1, $217000 • Ron Storey to Jeffers Properties LLC, Town of Prineville, Block12, Portions of Lots 4 and 5,$275,000 • Sheriff's Office of CrookCounty to HSBCBank U.S.A. N.A., astrustee for Wells FargoAsset Securities Corporation, mortgagepass-through certificates, series 2007-11,West Powell Butte Estates, Lot27,$1,019,048.88

541382-6447~2090NEWy ttC t ~ S 't 101 Bend OR 97701 ~


r olo

Come for a Celebration. Stay for a Lifestyle. We arepleased to announce our newly renovated and expanded CENTURY 21 Lifestyles Realty location in the Franklin Crossing Building. Come by and say hello!

550 NW FranklinDrive,Suite 188, Bend, OR 97701

Please join us for our Grand Opening Weekend. April 3: Ribbon Cutting 4:30pm We, alongwith the Bend Chamber of Commerce would likeyou to enjoy finger foods and an open barfor the celebrationof our expanded location.*Door Prize: Be enteredto win a FREE weekend in a Sunriver Vacation Rental - Compliments of Mt. Resort Properties

April 4: First Friday Open House 4:30pm Meet andmingle with member of ourcommunity and enjoy the Lifestyle of Bend's vibrant Downtown. Finger foods witt be providedand open bar. Featured Artist:Charles Cockburn, a local artist who takes incredible nature photographs. *Live Music:Leighton Tuttte




program would create unnecessary costs that would probably drive many small prepar-

Continued from E1 Dan Alban, the lead attor-

ers out of business and their


work on it each week, to add

Continued from E1

more planners and do more

if I carved out more time to

ney in the court fight against the IRS-proposed require-

customers to established firms such as H&R Block.

product, I felt more in control of my life. I was an entrepre-

ments, said a voluntary pro-

H &R Block's survey f o -

neur, not just an office work-

gram is exactly the right one. cused on tax fraud and found Seasoned preparers, Alban that 70 percent of taxpayers said, wouldn't need to incur the would put up with more quescosts of trainingor certification tions on their tax f orms to because they have established combat fraud. credibility w i t h c u s tomers. Sixty percent would wait Someone starting out, howev- longer for a refund, Block said, er, could use the credentials to regardless of their income levattract business, he said. el or whether they typically Alban said the mandatory get a refund.

could be used in the next tax

of visitors slowly climbed,


year. Gov. Scott Walker is expected to sign the bill.

and so did my sales. I started

• M ontana, w h e re G o v .

earning about $200 a month from my shop.

states or educational institu-

tions. They are available in all

Steve Bullock signed a bill last year that made taxpayers'

That might not sound like much. But it felt extremely

states but Wyoming.

contributions to a non-Mon-

significant to me. That's be-

Some states have annual limits on how much you can deduct, ranging from $250 per

tana 529 plan eligible for a

cause I felt my new business

state income tax deduction.

was something that I could ramp up and turn into something even bigger if I ever had

izona, Kansas, Maine, Mis-

souri and Pennsylvania in butions to a percentage of in- allowing taxpayers to take a come, or set lifetime contribu- deduction no matter where tion limits. South Carolina al-

lows savers to deduct the most

they open a 529 account.

the time, desire or need to do so. In the meantime, an extra

by-related costs. My plans did not proceed without hiccups, of course. Few people bought my spi-

Sharing plans

a total of $370,000, according to Joe Hurley, founder of and a leading expert on the ac-

place, so you don't have to use your own state's plan," Hurley said. "Feel free to shop around. It won't make a dif-

customers gravitated toward

counts. Three states — Indiana, Utah, and Vermont — offer tax credits.

ference where your child goes to college."

With college costs exploding, many states are trying to persuade more people to

of Washington state's Guar-

the digital versions, which are available immediately for download upon purchase. I made more adjustments after noticing that people often bought a few different types of planners at once. To meet

make use of 529 plans. For

example, earlier this month


L o c hner, d i r ector

anteed E d ucation

T u i t ion

program, said"the general rule of thumb that we give to people when they are starting

M aine a n nounced t ha t i t w ould partner with the A l fond Scholarship Foundation

their planning is to start with

to open up 529s, with initial

ner also chairs the College Savings Plan Network, an

investments of $500 in each

their home state plans and see what the plans are." Loch-

account, for each babyborn in affiliate of the National Asthe state. Colleen Quint, pres- sociation of State Treasurers, ident and CEO of the founda-

tion, said the $500, which will be invested in a mutual fund, might triple over 18 years. The foundation, which has about $700 million in assets,

which monitors and t r acks 529 plans in all the states.

"Every state has different reasons for changes," she added. "Sometimes they are trying to add more flexibility expects to give the money to or increase (citizens') expoabout 12,000 babies annually, sure to the plans in some way. Quint said. Sometimes it comes down to Though $1,500 wouldn't state revenue, and they are go very far in paying for a concerned about the cost of private four-year college, it providing those expensive

would make a dent incom-

t ax breaks as their use i s

munity college or trade school costs (at least at current prices). In any case, Quint said, the broader goal of the initiative is to get families thinking about saving for college, "It's an opportunity for

increasing." North Carolina used to of-

kids and t h eir f a m ilies to

think about college in some very real ways and not some pie-in-the-sky dream," Quint said. "The $500 is seed money. It has practical as well as aspirational benefits." Before this month, the Al-

nials have a side business. On Elance, 30percentofthefree-

One of those millennials is

Sydney Owen Williams, who handles marketing during the day for a sky diving center in Lake Elsinore, Calif., and in her off time coaches

20-somethings hunting for their first jobs. That income, shesaid,supplements herrelatively low base salary at the sky diving center. Similarly,

W"' •

Chris Furin, now a full-time

custom cake designer in the Washington area in his ear-

• •

ly 40s, started his business when he worked full time at

his father's deli, baking and designing the cakes at night.

New York Times News Service illustration

Like many side-business owners, I never want

When the deli shut in 2011,

he was able to start bringing

to leave my full-time job. Not only do I enjoy $200 a month came in pretty it, but I feel lucky to have a level of financial handy for the escalating ba-

in state income taxes over the lifetime of t h e b eneficiary,

"It's a competitive market-

reports that a third of millen-

for those sites. My number

The plans are operated by

states limit deductible contri-

entrepreneur. A lot of peo-

ple feel the same way: The Young Entrepreneur Council

lancers also maintain full-

state colleges.

to $10,000 in Illinois. Other

curity and benefits that are hard to come by as a full-time

time jobs. On Etsy, a quarter of sellers hold day jobs.

deductions to $3,000 annu-

The change was effective for all of 2013. Montana joins Ar-

have a level of financial se-

studying the advice of other creative entrepreneurs who sell on Etsy. I began pitching my shop to bloggers who write about m otherhood, family life and money — my target audience. I hosted giveaways and wrote guest posts

Continued from E1 In many cases, the money in a prepaid plan also may be used at private and out-of-

individual tax filer in Maine

my full-time job. Not only do I enjoy it, but I feel lucky to

on marketing, and I started

ry a tax deduction into the next tax year. The state limits

$4,000 into the 529 account, then $1,000 of that deduction

owners, I never want to leave

er.Ifelta rush ofpride every time I pulled up my shopfront on my computer screen. Those good feelings were soon clouded by my lack of sales. My number of visitors hovered around 10 people a day, and none were buying. That's when I decided I had to spend some serious time


ally, so if a contributor put in

marketing. Like many side-business

As soon as I listed that first

security and benefits that are hard to come by as a full-time entrepreneur.A lot of people feel the same way: The Young Entrepreneur

ral-bound planners, so that

Council reports that a third of millennials have

investment ended up being largely a waste of money. My

a side business.

that demand, I created "planner kits," which came with

in at least $3,000 a week on his orders. Febe Hernandez,

a federal worker and jewelry maker in her early 60s, adds to her salary by holding trunk shows where she said she regularly pulled in $2,000. She plans to continue to expand her jewelry business when she retires from

ends and in the evenings after my daughter went to bed.

The kind of business that it is — requiring a lot of upfront work creating the products but then very little as sales are made, since Etsy handles

the payment collection and discounts on bundles around file downloads — made it a theme, like buying a home possible for me to continue to or starting a business. fit the shop into my life. As my business grew, so Etsy charges me 20 cents d id my stress level. I w a s for every product listing plus suddenly juggling my young 3.5 percent of every sale, but daughter, a full-time job and that seems well worth the my online shop. I worked relative ease of running my on my planners whenever I shop. We soon added a son to could, which was primarily our family, which increased during nap time on the week- my desire to create more fi-

government. Those kinds of hybrid ca-

nancial security for my family, but made it harder to find

reers are exactly what this

new economy demands. People lucky enough to have a full-time job may never know for sure how long it will last. And having a backup plan

the time to do so. I still build

my shop when I can, which is usually when my children are asleep. (And thanks to Etsy, my sales get processed even when I am asleep.) My side business now brings in around $5,000 a year, and I figure I could double that

in case it does disappear not

only provides a safety net but for some a satisfying creative outlet.

Find It All Online

fer a tax deduction for deposits into the state's 529 plans,

but scrapped the deduction last year as part of a broad-

basedtax reform plan. Savers in North Carolina can deduct 5 29 contributions on t h e ir 2013 taxes, but not on their 2014 taxes or thereafter. The broad tax overhaul in-

creased the standard deduction for most individual filers, and that more than made up


I •


I '' I l


I • I




' /( /


fond Foundation gave $500 for the elimination of the 529 to every family that opened tax break used by only some a 529 account within the first filers, according to Republiyear of the baby's birth, but can state Rep. David Lewis, the family had to act first. A

who sponsored the tax reform

similar law in Rhode Island calls for the state to pony up $100 for every family that opens a 529 for a newborn. Other states are also mov-

bill. "While the deduction for

. c"'

the 529 plan was eliminated, the standard deduction that

all taxpayers can claim was

e n h ance t heir 5 2 9 increased by 240 percent," plans, including: said Lewis in an i nterview. • Arizona, which last year "So all taxpayers benefit, inincreased the maximum de- stead of the very, very small duction for 529 contributions percentage that were taking i ng t o

from $750 to $2,000 for indi- advantage of the North Carovidual filers and from $1,500 lina 529." to $4,000 for joint filers, effecYet the number of 529 active for the year ending Dec. counts opened in North Car31, 2013. olina dropped dramatically in • N ebraska, which i n - the first two months of 2014, creased the deduction from according to Shera Hube, vice $5,000 to $10,000 for individ- president for marketing for uals and married couples fil- the College Foundation Inc., ing jointly, and from $1,500 North Carolina's 529 plan. to $5,000 for married people New accounts established filing separately, beginning in January and February of in 2014 2013, the last year the de• Oregon, which in 2 0 1 3

removed a restriction proh ibiting accounts wit h t h e

same owner andbeneficiary from participating in both of Oregon's529 college savings plans, one sold directly by the state and another sold by brokers.

• Wisconsin, where the Legislature approved a bill that would let taxpayers car-

duction was in place, totaled 2,475, Hube said, while the 2014 total for the same two months was just 1,517. And

last year, "rollouts," or people taking their money out of 529s and rolling them into

other kinds of college savings plans was 161 in January and February of 2013, but rose to 412 for the first two months of

this year.

Weekly Arts 5 Entertainment






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Every Friday In Imhoazmez • I I









93 percent success rate, suc-

January 2014




cess being defined as something other than foreclosure: outright sale, loan modification, shortsaleorforbearance, McConnell wrote in an email. "Things are going a lot quicker than last year," McConnell said recently. "It's not a

2013, all year




ting resolutions that seem to

Oregon foreclosures

Continued from E1

General foreclosure numbers inthe state, 2011-13andJanuary 2014:

Thousands, and growing

Number of loans Foreclosure Completed in the foreclosure rate foreclosures pro cess (at end of (at end ofyear/month) year/month)

Between August, when the law took effect, and March 16,

the Oregon Foreclosure Avoidance Program recorded 6,559 requests to mediate a pending foreclosure,according to the Oregon Department of Justice. O f those, 4,028 were closed, ei-

ther because the lender withdrew therequest,the homeowner failed to respond or the

process was complete. Lenders, who file most mediation requests, must obtain a cer-

tificate stating they attempted to mediate with the mortgage holder before foreclosing on a property. Another 2,410 cases remain

open in some stage beyond the first filing, awaiting a homeowner response, for instance. Finally, 825 cases are in the

first stages. Kevin Christiansen, governm ent affairs directorforthe O r-

egon Bankers Association, said the state in February provided him information that indicated

about a third of homeowners participated in mediation. "The bottom line is the con-

cern we have is the program, as a whole, is going to slow down the process" and stall

perfect system, but we're get-

and create neighborhood eye- Christiansen said. sores, Christiansen said. In Deschutes County, at "Our banks are interested

least, lenders this year still

in getting them sold," he said. seem to prefer the courts to "I don't think you want them nonjudicial foreclosures. on the b ooks l onger t han In January and February, necessary." they filed a total 30 judicial foreclosures. As of March 19,

What lenders prefer

the county clerk's office has

Banks until mid-2012 pre-

ferredto file foreclosure acwork for all sides." tions outside the court system, 2012, all year 7,289 16,907 2.8% NeighborImpact has closed through notice and sale, a pro2 9% 2011, all year 10,656 17,617 50 cases this fiscal year, ac- cess that starts with a public cording to McConnell. The notice and ends with an aucSource: Oregon Housing and Community Services Greg Cross / The Bulletin organization has scheduled 20 tion on the courthouse steps. mediation sessions, or "resolu- Bankers favored the nonjudithe economic recovery, he judicial process, the county tion conferences,"for April,as cial process because it avoids said. "The other thingthat gets Sheriff's Office listed 337 prop- many as took place statewide the expense and delays of lost is our banks have had lots erties for sale on the court- in the 2012-13 fiscal year, she foreclosure through the court of conversations with f olks house steps last year, and 72 said. system, Christiansen said. "Of clients who have stuck beforethe foreclosure process properties so far this year, said In 2012, th e L e gislature has happened." civil technician Lisa Griggs. with us through the whole pro- imposed a mediation require"I think we're on track to Overall, foreclosure filings cess, only four have been fore- ment on nonjudicial forecloare increasing again after six meet or exceed the 337," she closed upon this fiscal year," sures. That, and an adverse months of relative inactivity. In sald. she wrote in an email March state appellate court ruling, Central Oregon they have yet 21. But even McConnell says sent lenders to state courts, to reach the numbers put up Measured success the process is taking longer where no mediation was rein early 2013 and in years priThe mediation requirement, thanexpected. quired, to file foreclosures. "It's easy to jump to conclu- Last year, th e L e gislature or. In February alone, lenders designed to bring lenders and filed19 new foreclosure cases borrowers face-t o-face to find sions that it's not working," passed Senate Bill 558 to bring in Deschutes County Circuit alternatives to foredosure, may she said. "But that's not the uniformity to the law. "One of the things it did was Court. In July, they filed 164, be paying off in Deschutes whole story." according to information sup- County, accordingto Lynne McBankers say the mandate it made the mediation requireplied by Jeff Hall, county trial Connell, an associate director createda backlog of foreclo- ment applicable to nonjudicial c ourt administrator. In A u with NeighborImpact. The non- sure cases, which lengthens and judicial f oreclosures," gust, filings fell to 65 — and to profit organimtionis designated the time those homes, somethree in September as lenders to represent Deschutes County times abandoned, are uncomplied with the new law. homeowners during mediation. available for sale. Abandoned At the closing end of the NeighborImpact claims a homes drive up bank costs

received 19 nonjudicial filings, accordingtoonline records. Christiansen said the over-

allforeclosure process was bogged down while bankers adapted tothe expanded mediation requirement. "I think

our banks are trying to make it work," he said. "They're participating in the program." — Reporter: 541-617-7815,

' NORTHWEST CROSSING Amard-aarinning neighborhood on Bend's earestside.


Bolsteryourbusinesswith resourcesfor femaleentrepreneurs By Jennie Wong

Women Business Owners and

The Charlotte (S.CJObserver

Femfessionals, which provide As a f e male entrepre- networkingand development neur, I've been very happy for their members. to see the recent growth in Innovators should also check resources and support for out the Huggies Mominspired women who own business- Grant Program, which awards es. It seems there have never up to $15,000 to inventors of been so many programs and family-f ocusedproducts. organizations dedicated to W hen c onsidering r e empowering women to start sources that are dedicated their own companies, includ- to helping women, the quesing the recently announced tion sometimes arises: Why partnership between Bank of

Watch localartists create works of art in arr open studio setting

for fully participating in the co-ed business world and will

female. All three types have

value. I urge you to explore and t ake advantage of

n Conjunction with Redmond Auto Service's OpenHouse

bolster us when we're the only woman in the room. — Jennie Wong is an executive coach,author ofthe e-booh "A sft

the r e-

sources that are all around for female entrepreneurs, not because we should only sit

S pecial Discounts

the Mompreneur"and thefounder of the social shopping website Email her at

at that table, but because we have much to teach one another. That will p repare us


ppi~ "Serving Redmond's Framing Needs Since1979"

do women need their own

• e•

groups? In the words of one Foundation. These two power- blogger (writing about a rehouses have come together to cent women-only startup conform Elizabeth Street Capital, ference), "We want a seat at which has the goal of issuing the table, not a special table a total of $10 million in loans off to the side." Personally, I've to female entrepreneurs in six sat at three different kinds of cities. tables in my years as a busiNational resources include ness owner: primarily male, the National Association of balanced 50/50, and primarily



s e

Bring in your artwork, posters, photos at treasured items for FREE design & price quote Custom picture framing Ready-made frames Fine art painting supplies In-house specialty artist canvas & hardboard Open House Pricing!


America and the Tory Burch


Largelevel1stwith fantastic viewdownthe12thfairwayof BrokenTopGolf Coursewil easilyaccommodate thehomeof yourdreams.

Wmhly Stock Win ners and Losers $CHG %CHG %CHG t WK 1WK 1MO


Symantec Corp


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sunoco Logistics


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Baxter Intl Credicorp Ltd


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unilever NV Suncor Energy Signet Jewelers N oble Energy Inc Southern Copper McCormick & Co Corning Inc Oracle Corp EnoanaCorp Schlumberger Ltd Pembina Pipeline


4107 34.53 105. 97 71.14 29.03 71.32 20. 6 1 3957 21.42 97.57 37.ea

251 1.97 60 .0 4.02 1.62 3.7e 1.09 207 1.12 4.90 1.e5

65 6.1 6 .0 6.0 5.9 5 .6 5.6 55 5.5 5.3 5.1

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-19.0 Arotech Corp

4.0 Orthofix


-16.3 Plug Power Inc

PLUG RCAP A ccelerate Diagnost A X D X MEI Pharma MEIP Vaalco Energy EGY Goodrich Petrol G DP yongye Intl YONG T anzanian Roy Expl T R X Farm CapBk FFKT B Communcations Ltd BCOM Advantage Oil & Gas AAV Staar Surgical STAA

33 RCS Capital Corp 15.4



20.e -23.6 -0.7 5e.e 239 12.7 30.3 24.1

10 WORST LARGE-CAP STOCKS Incyte Corp Spiunk Inc Netfiix Inc TripAdvisor Inc FacebookInc B ioMarin Pharma Red Hat Inc FireEye Inc Vertex Pharm Biogen Idec Inc


40.3 Actiniu m Pharma A T N M


3 5. -4.9 7A 7.0 12 12.9 4.9 4.9



5.e2 10. 90 30. 2 9 6.90 36.5e 20. 0 2 11. 5 4 e.2e 15.7 0


s&p 500 $CHG %CHG %CHG % RTN Frankfurt DAX 1WK 1WK 1MO 1YR London FTSE100 t.eo 379 70.7 352 . 5 Hong Kong HangSeng 2. e e 3 2 .3 0 .0 53.e paris CAc-40 4.91 19.3 36.3 -16.4 Tokyo Mikkei 225 0.9e 5.01 2.64 1.4e 0.9 9 t.e4

16.2 15.9 15.2 14.5 13 . 6 1 3.3

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12.4 t1.5 11 . 4 1 0.6

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49.9 4



- 22.3


71.4 1




12 9 . 1 Exeiixis Inc



Veteran's Way ts ~

g Z


11 0 4 SE Lake Rd., Redmond





www pacificartandframing com



tn/tr lrrrlrdr (541) 548-8202

LISA COLE, Principal Broker 541-749-0047



LAST FRI. CHG 1e57.62 eee7.19 +135.9e ee1 5.5e +27.2e 220e5.53 +231.0e 4411.2e +32.20 1deee.03 +73.14

FRI. CHG WK MO t tTR Y T D +0.46% +0.50% +t 44'/ L 0 37% -1.9e% +0 41% +1.0e% -5.32% V +0.74% L +2. ee% -9.79% +0.50% T

2e 9 4.4 soUTHAMERICA/CAftADA 0.0 AiresM erval +36.75 +0.60% X X 132 . 0 Buenos Mexico City Bolsa 4004e.20 +137.19 + 0 .34% L 4 35.1 Sao Paolo Bovespa 4 9771.92 +233.03 + 0 .47% 4 4 6.2 Toronto S&P/TSX 14260.72 + 0 .5e% V 4 -0.4 /AFRICA 2eo EUROPE -41.5 Amsterdam 29.5 Brussels 1e2 . 7 Madrid Zurich 31.2 Milan

241. 9 Johannesburg Stockholm






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+3.20 +21.70 +1 4.74 +45.30 +324.34 +549.05 +4.79

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-1.51% Seoul Composite 1eet.oo +3.03 + 0 .15% V Singapore Straits Times 3172.17 +9.71 + 0 .31% V +0. 1 5% NFLX 3 5 e.e7 -47.12 -11.6 -7.93 -270 -46.2 0.0 Sydney Aii Ordinaries 537 e.eO +1 7.10 + 0.32% v 4 +044% T RIP 90.0 5 -11.3 -11.11 -26.4 -22.9 0.0 Taipei Taiex e774.64 -4.93 -O.oe% +t.e9% FB eo.ot -7.23 -10.8 -1.55 -25.5 -21.e eet.e Shanghai Composite 2 0 4 1.71 -0.24% v v v -351% BMR N ee.2e -7.67 -10.4 30.0 1 -1 O.oe -25.1 -23.9 0.0 Quotable RHT 52.2 3 -5.17 -9.0 -0.54 -25.1 -t e.e -53.4 F EYE e3. 4 4 -6.22 -8.9 19 . 5 0 -6.42 -24.8 -5.e ae 9.5 "Knockon wood I'm hoping that it will also slow down the erosion." VRTX e 7 . eo -6.03 -8.2 15 . 62 -5.0e -24.5 -t 9.7 e 35.e — John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry, commenting on his plans to turnaround the smartphone maker, which includes including putting more emphasis on its B IIB 294. 1 2 -24.41 -77 2.22 -0.70 -24.0 - 43.e 1Ze mobile devicemanagement business Note: Stocks classified by market capitalization, the product of the current stock price and total shares outstanding. Ranges are$100 million to $1 billion (small); $1 billion to se billion (mid); greater than $ebillion (large).

S rin

I sjdgr Title: Director of Personal Finance at Momingstar

Chistine Benz

What she suggests: Investors should look over their porffolios at most once a quarter. Onceor twice a year is fine.

e 3.7 S ungy Mobile Ltd GO M O - 1 9.5 91. 4 Castlight Health Inc CSLT -10.2 72. 3 K aryopharm Therap KPT I -1 2.3 1 3 3 .7Idera Pharmaceutical I D RA - 1 e.2 14 . 2 Reiypsa Inc R LYP -11.5 12. 3 Aiexco Resources Axu -25.9 0.0 Tekmira Pharm T KMR - 1 e.2 2 9 . 1A rrowhead Research ARWR -13.7 ee . e G alena Biopharma GA L E

Should you "spring-clean" your portfolio? A lot of investorscheck in on a quarterly basis. But if you're checking in too much you can make changes that aren't really necessary. For investors who want to be hands off with target-date funds, once a year ls reasonable. But that doesn't mean you don't have to look at it. It could be the firm ls going through some difficult times, a lot of managers have left, or they've decidedto change the asset allocation ln a way that doesn't agree with you. Having a target-date fund doesn't give you a license to completely tune out. What changescould you consider? How does my porffollo look relative to whatever target I've set up for myself?

Perhaps I'm a little heavier on stocks than I intended. Rebalancing may make sense, moving fromgood performers to things that haven't performed as well. If I haveno target, it's always a good time to start thinking about what an appropriate target is. Look at target-date funds for asset allocation guidance, like those from T. Rowe Price and Vanguard. Find the funds that roughly match your retirement date. You'll find a comforting consistency: Predominantly stocks, globally diversified for those who are far from retirement. Forpeople who have retirement dates that are closer, higher allocations for bonds and cash. If I'm making any changes, I probably also want to check my exposure to companies of various sizes in my stock portfolio. Small- and mld-cap stocks

have performed really well for several years running and there may not be a lot of gas left in the tank. International stocks have generally underperformed the U.S. ln the last few years. If you haven't looked at that recently, chances are U.S. holdings have had runaway success relative to foreign holdings.

Any other advice? I'm really big on this idea of benchmarking how you're doing. Investors don't dothat enough. If they are up they congratulate themselves, if down they berate themselves. Sometimes investors think they've done really well when they haven't. That's especially the case now, when stocks have done so well. Everybody feels like a genius. Construct a benchmark of simple index funds that mirrors your asset allocation. To simplify even further, check how you'vedone compared with the target-date funds. If over time you're not doing as well,do some soul searching about why.

What's key at this time of year? Make sure your contributions are on track. If you are contributing to an IRA or 401(k) and you're ln a position to maximize your contributions, see how you're doing toward hitting those limits. If you walt too long, lt gets more painful. You'll have to contribute more toward the end of year than you'd feel comfortable Interviewed by Tali Arbe/. with. Answers edited for clarity and length.


Index closing andweekly net changesfor the weekending Friday, March2e, 2014

NASOaa ~ 121 Q3 16,323.06


S&P 500



fi gP

R USSELL2000 ~ 4 1 9 2 1,151.81




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-SeI jeS A little information on car emissions

IS 0

By Mark Phelan Detroit Free Press

How many ways are there

By Brad Bergholdt

the combustion process. This can be caused by something • I've heard you refer as simple as a dirty air filter, a • m any times to t h e fuel system fault, or a miscalemissions produced by culation by the engine manautomobiles. Could you agement system. CO is a danplease elaborate on them? gerousgas,asitisodorlessand What emissionsare pro- colorless. You should never duced, and what can I do to operate an internal-combusreduce them'? tion engine in an area without

to make a BLT sandwich'? How

McClatchy-Thibune News Service

many different varieties of let-


tuce do you have to offer'? If you

asked BMW product planning executives, I suspect they'd check the commissary menu at

Mercedes-Benz and say, "One more than they do." Obsessive one-upmanship is the best explanation for a proliferating BMW model line


that now includes


H~~ sRU'P2gg

thr ee-star



2014 640i xDrive

Gran coupe. Unpacking that mouthful of a name, the car is one of BMW's midsize 5/6-series models: powered by a 3.0-1iter straight-six turbo; allwheel-drive;four doors; holds

BMW via McClatchy-Tribune News Service

four passengers and looks a bit The 2014 BMW 640i Gran Coupe has better fuel mileage than many of its competitors, though it resportier than the 540i sedan, quires premium gasoline. but less so than the 640i coupe.

Would you like iceberg or romaine on that? Arugula'? Ra-

2014 BNW 640i

dicchio? How about kale? I hear

XDrive GranCoupe

Mercedes has kale. When a car company slices

Base price:$77,600 Astested: $88,750 Type:All-wheel-drive four-passenger sport sedan Engine:Eight-speed automatic; 3.0-liter turbocharged 24-valve inline six-cylinder; 315 horsepower at 5,800-6,500 rpm; 330 pound-feet of torque at 1,400-4,500 rpm Mileage:20 mpg city, 29 mpg highway

its model line into servings that thin, it's toughto create compel-

ling reasons to choose one car over another. That's the f i rst c hallenge

facing the 640i xDrive Gran Coupe. It shares most of its features with BMW's 5-series

sport sedan, 5 Gran Turismo hatchback and 6-series coupe,

so some sibling rivalry on the showroom floor is inevitable. The second an d

g r eater

challenge is that the 640i Gran Coupe competes with a lot of excellent cars from other lux-

ury brands. The pack indudes low-slung design exercises like the Audi A 7 an d M er-

cedes-Benz CLS and more conventionally proportioned sport sedans such as the Cadillac

CTS, Infiniti Q70, Jaguar XF

the price to $80,600. The 650i Gran Coupe with a twin-turbo

built since 1970 attempt to

console and map pockets. The

collect, store, and burn such

ple. BMW's iDrive rotary con-

parking sensors, navigation,

troller continues to improve, though I still think a good

Bluetooth phone and audio, a

touch screen is more intuitive.

sun roof and heated front and The gaps between the trim on rear seats. the inside of the doors and the That's at the expensive end of A-pillars were wider than they the spectrum versus the com- shouldbe in a luxury car. petition, but it lacked some feaFor decades, BMW's engines tures found on less expensive whipped the competition, but cars, like blind-spot alert and other leading luxury brands cooled seats. It's a striking vehi- have caught up. The 3.0L is bede, with a long hood and wide ginning to feel a bit timeworn. and Lexus GS 350. stance. Its low roofline takes a Its horsepower is mid-pack, Prices for the 6-series Gran toll on rear passenger space and though lavish torque at low enCoupe start at $77,600 for a creates narrow rear door open- gine speed remains a strength. 315-horsepower, 3.0-1iter, rear- ings for awkward entry. The The eight-speed transmission is wheel-drive 640i. An eight- trunk has plenty of room and a quick and smooth and helps despeed automatic transmission reasonably wide opening. liverciass-leadingfueleconomy. is standard on all models. The front seat is accommoSo, would you like endive on Adding all-wheel-drive raises dating, with useful cuphold- that BLT? It'll cost you. v

sufficient ventilation.

Oxides of nitrogen are pro• ly. The four main au- duced when the combustion tomobile/light truck emis- process reaches the upper end sions are hydrocarbons of desired temperature. Com(HC), carbon monoxide bustion can be cooled slightly (CO), oxides of nitrogen by reinserting inert exhaust (NOx) and carbon dioxide gases and carefully managing ignition timing and valve oper(CO2). Hydrocarbon emissions ation. Post-combustion treatare basically unburnt fuel. ment occurs within the first These can be gasoline va- bed of the catalytic converter. pors escaping the fuel tank, In sunlight, HC and NOx comand the results of incom- bine to create ground-level plete combustion. Vehicles ozone, the main component of

ers,storage space in the center

445-horsepower, 4.4-1iter V-8 interior of my car featured twogoes for $88,900 for rear-drive tone leather, black wood and and $91,900 with AWD. understatedbright work. The 640i xDrive Gran coupe The gauges are big and simI tested stickered at $88,750. Its features included front and rear

— Emily Upton • Great questton, Emt-

air pollution.

An engine that runs perfectly produces mainly CO2, wa1996 take things quite a bit ter, unchanged nitrogen and further with tighter con- traces of other things. We actutainment, leakage monitor- ally look for high CO2 producing and on-board refueling tion as a sign of a healthy envapor recovery. Exhaust gine. CO2 is a greenhouse gas, hydrocarbons occur when so we need to find other ways the engine is too cold to to propel our vehicles if we are ensure complete combus- to help reduce global warming. tion; the air/fuel mixture is The most important steps incorrect;a compression you can take to reduce emisor mechanical fault occurs; sionsare performing periodic, or the ignition system fails recommended maintenance; to deliver strong spark at consolidating trips, which cuts exactly the right time. The down on cold starts; maincatalytic converter cleans taining recommended tire up HC, CO and NOx, but pressure, which ensures safer can't be expected to work operation and saves fuel; propmirades when an upstream erly handling and storing gasfault is severe. Catalytic oline; and promptly resolving converters also need to be the cause of a "check engine" hot to function properly. light. Carbon monoxide is — Bergholdt teaches automotive vapors. Vehicles built since

produced when there isn't

sufficient oxygen during

technology. Email questions to

wp' u c




'I tr



1t's everything that brings us together. It's a million conversations happening at once and sometimes, it's one momentous event that we ali witness together. It's our shared sense of wonder. It's our collective hope.

It's not just the Place we live but the Place we're all creating. WhcIt

We Shgt"e


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FROM BEND TO KIEV:A REPORT ER'S NOTES Markian Hawryluk has covered health for The Bulletin since 2004. Born in the United States of parents who emigrated from Ukraine, he grew up immersed in Ukrainian culture and is fluent in the language. This was his first visit to Kiev in 23years. This story went to press Friday. Because the climate in Ukraine is volatile, these personal observations may not reflect the situation in Kiev a mere 48hours later.Fornews updates, turn totheA section.

Make OSU a model






The Bulletin

here seem to be two views of

the development of Oregon State University-Cascades

Campus on a new west Bend

location. One is that the promise of a university, now a branch but someday

a freestanding and independent institution, is a great development for Bend and CentralOregon.

The otheristhata 56-acrecampus with potentially several thousand students in the future is an

unacceptable and noisy disruption to our community. Those, I believe, frame the wide

parameters of the debate over the campus. They define a question that com-

munities — the lucky ones, anyway — have to ask themselves: Who are we really, what do we want to be,

and how do we want our communal epitaph to read? Without doubt, plunking a uni-

versity into any place in Central Oregon will bring disruption. Wherever you think it should go there are challenges. And solutions

Story and photos by Marklan Hawryluke The Bulletin

tepping onto Kiev's Independence Square, known

wherever it goes are costly. But

there are also opportunities. There are a couple of certainties. The west side of Bend is going to grow, and a lot.

here as the Maidan, I get a sense of treading on hallowed ground. The oft-violent clashes that

Given the land laws of the state, and plan of future development of

Bend, it would be all but impossible to stop. We have been bloodied

occurred here over the past four months began as protest, grew into an uprising and ended in revolution. In the

in the growth wars before and the

outcome has been an ever-bigger city. Part of the campus site in

question — the first 10 acres — is owned byOSU and isgoing tobe developed. The adjacent 46 acres are under purchase option and being tested, but in all likelihood will be added to the 10.

Should the university not buy that property, is it realistic to think

the current owner will agree to keep paying taxes on the site and keep it undeveloped to please to-

day's critics? A taking, if you will, of the value of the property by non-owners, unwilling to put up the cash to buy it, but determined to control the future use?

It ought to be kept in mind that OSU — not anyone else — has

been giventhe money to make the purchase. It is the culmination of

process, the mettle of a people with a long, sorrowful history was tested, and — in the hot fires that raged through the city's main square — proved to be strong and true.

to s e ethetoots

that had brought

the Maidan has seared itself in

down o, government.

to the history and the hearts of the Ukrainian people — even

The barricades

those of us born and raised in

far-off lands.

that protected

I was born in the United States, but I've always

the protesters'

considered myself first and foremost a Ukrainian. My parents were born in west-


ern Ukraine, then a part of Poland. Unwilling to live

from the police

under a communist regime,

ment by the taxpayers of Oregon.

Red Army pushed through toward Berlin during World War II, eventually annexing

werestill standing,

children fled west when the

a conglomerate of anything with

the region.

table, OSU has been crystal clear

My mother's family emigrated to Canada, my

that it wants a west-side campus,

father's to the United States,

and has one functioning facility there now. Who really believes that anyone outside of OSU can redi-

initially expecting they

expensive to taxpayers, was off the


strippedof cobblestones for

use as weapons against a corrupt and ruthless government,

my grandparents and their

Once the Juniper Ridge possibility, which would have been more

44 7 was stunned

Baptized with blood, pu-

rified by fire, its pavement

decades of development on the west side of Bend and an investAnd it wasn't a secret.

Above the crowd, a child waves a Ukrainian flag during a rally last weekend recognizing the fourth month of the Maidan protests in Kiev, Ukrarne's capital. This Bulletin reporter was there.

bulk andweight — park benches, cars, refrigerators,

would soon return to their homeland. But as it became

rect the investment of its money?

clear that Soviet control

mattresses and

No one would deny that there are challenges with a west-side

would continue, they settled into creating a Ukrainian life


campus site, but they can also be

for themselves, preserving the language and the culture for their children and grandchildren. And so my siblings and I, like my wife and her brother, were raised speaking only

seen as opportunities. Some of OSU's assumptions about the lack of impact of the

campus seem a little dreamy, but what if this city and its citizens could team with the university to

create a development that is a model neighbor? However we move forward, we should keep in mind that students today are not, by and large, any more disruptive than any of us with a lot of gray in our hair once

Ukrainian at home. Each

were. Any thought that we were once

Sundays, Ukrainian church. There were dances and summer camps, festivals and jamborees, all firmly establishing

educational angels is, at best, fictional.

We should also keep in mind that an angry and hostile discussion has the possibility of splitting this community apart in ways that we have never experienced. At some point in the future, sto-

ries will be published around the nation that will hopefully report that Bend, a progressive, intelligent and privileged community, played a part in giving future generations a better shot at life. — John Costais editor-in-chief of The Bulletin. Contact: 541-383-0337, jcosta®

maybe thousandsof tires."


week, our schedule revolved around Ukrainian activities


— Ukrainian choir practice

rhe paved

sq uareand

one night, Ukrainian scouts

its arterial streets

another. On Saturdays we attended Ukrainian school, on

have been stripped

a Ukrainian identity.

clean of paving

f' (

stones, used to fortify barricades

All the while we sang, we prayed, we hoped beyond hope for a day when Ukraine could cast off its shackles. We hoped not because we

and secure tents,or broken down into

wanted to return to Ukraine,

but simply because we were Ukrainians, and we believed in the right of all people to be free. See Ukraine/F5

rocks small enough to be heaved by at

mortal men."



EDj To

The Bulletin


rova a mus or ire evies


~ T t c a $Acni «

{ « v o et E 61 0 1 $ , ' f/19 TCA

7 ~gclssls~


INN 68 $f RCLf 5ANAI f Q




oters in the city of Bend and in Deschutes County Rural Fire Protection District No. 2, which surrounds it, will decide in May whether to give their fire department money that would allow it to improve service in the area. They should do so. City firefighters provide service to both areas, an arrangement that extends back to the early 1950s. And the levy request, a tax of 20 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value for five years, appears on the ballots of voters in both. That would amount to an annual bill of $50 on a house assessed at $250,000. Assessed value generally is less than the real market value of a home. There's no doubt the district and fire department need more money. As the city and the area surrounding it have grown, it's been increasingly difficult to get crews of firefighters and paramedics to emergenciesquickly.Though the addition of a two-person crew with a small truck has improved the numbers some, there's still plenty of roomformore. Combined, the two levies would raise about $12 million over the

next five years, with most of that coming from city residents. That money would go to additional personnel, training and equipment, as well as technology. Meanwhile, t h e me a s ures would have only a minor impact on property tax bills in the Bend area. That's because two bond measures, one for the county jail and one for the library, expire this year.Combined, they cost taxpayers about 14 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value. A survey conducted earlier this year showed support for the levy in the fire district and within the city. That's encouraging. Approval ofthe two measures would mean better service in both areas. Better service translates directly into lives saved and a reduction in property damage. Those are two good reasons to vote yes on the fire levies.

i. gzy~,

M 1Vickel's Worth Remember fog lights, too

for one thing. An integral purpose coverage for emergency-room serof the meeting, it quickly came out, vices performed at St. Charles Med-

I was glad to see the letter about headlights but want to add the im-

was the modern-day equivalent of

passing the hat. I was attending a portant fact about fog lights. Ac- fundraising meeting. cording to the Oregon Driver ManThe avowed goal'? To raise ual, "It also is illegal to have auxil- $50,000. iary lights or fog lights on at times The avowed purpose? As KTVZ when youarerequired to dim your reports, "to take legal action against headlights. These very bright lights the school to halt the process and make it difficult for oncoming driv- force a new look for a new location." ers to see."

Monuments bill makes common-sensechanges he president of the United States has awesome powers, especially in military matters, as he must to keep the nation safe. But his authority is also limited by constitution and law, also to keep us safe. The U.S. House voted Wednesday to put reasonable limits on presidential power to designate national monuments under the 1906 Antiquities Act. Instead of allowing the president to act unilaterally, the revision would require environmental review and limit the number of designations to one per state in any four-year presidential term. The Antiquities Act has been used to set aside 137 sites, including the Grand Canyon, the Oregon Caves and the Statue of Liberty. Most presidents have used it, starting with Theodore Roosevelt at a time when some of the protected land was in territories, not yetstates.Barack Obama has designated 10 sites. But like any unilateral power, it can be misused. According to The Hill news report, Republicans give the example of President Bill Clinton designating two million acres in Utah — the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument — without advance notice to the state, and then announcing it during an election-related tour. Although the law may have


been originally used to protect atrisk land, critics say, it has become a tool for gaining political support. Whatever the merits of any one specific site, setting aside vastproperties deserves the involvement of more than one person, however powerful. State and local interests deserve significant consideration. The bill would still allow designations for sites of 5,000 or fewer acres to protect sensitive sites, w ith environmental review t o follow within three years. It also requires an assessment of a monument's benefits, such as jobs or tourism, and it would block designation of private land without the landowner's agreement. Unfortunately, t h i s common-sense legislation is not expected to succeed in the Democratic-controlled U.S. S enate. Although the House vote was not strictly along party l i nes, the "yes"side was dominated by Republicans. According to O r egon's U.S. Rep. Greg Walden, R-Hood River, "Land use decisions should be made in the sunshine with full input from affected citizens like farmers and ranchers. ... This common-sense bill would ensure that future national monuments are created with public participation, not behind closed doors at the White House." Well said.

I have no problem with dissent;

You are required to dim your headlights to oncoming vehicles within 500 feet, including any auxiliary lights. I notice that about 98 percent of

ical Center — one that puts them at

potentially great financial risk at a time when they are most vulnerable. Even if St. Charles Health Sys-

tem is in your health-insurance network, you may be held personally responsible to pay exorbitant bills

from doctors whom St. Charles subcontracts to work in their ER. These doctors have no obligation to accept

it plays an integral role in the dem- the payment terms stipulated under ocratic process. What I do have a the hospital's group contract with problem with is putting dissent at your insurer. the beginning of the problem-solvThey can bill you for balancing process and not at the end. If

es that exceed the reasonable and

that $50,000 were being collected customary charges paid to them lights appropriately, but 35 percent to hire a consultant or kick off an by your insurer. The doctors deof the traffic drives with their fog undertaking to arrive at a solution, cidehow much you must pay them; lights on at night (and many during then great, let's go for it. the amount is unregulated, and St. daylight hours). Fog lights can be In the course of my attendance, I Charles condones the practice. almost as blinding as high-beam heard no suggestions on initiating a Such billing practice is illegal unheadlights, and on a clear night process to solve the problem, other der Medicare but sanctioned when do you really need the fog lights than from one young lady who was billing patients using private insuranyway? obviously not a member of the coa- ance. There is, however, an easy Please be a courteous driver and lition. Rather the comments were fix: St. Charles can (and ethically turn off those fog lights! largely instructing OSU to go some- should) require all subcontracted Linda Gustafson where else (mostly Juniper Ridge). medical practitioners working in Camp Sherman Or, they reiterated reasons as to why their ER to accept insurance paythe west-side solution didn't work. ments paid at the in-network rate A signofthe tim es? (As one man put it, "I'm not giving as payment in full for their service. up my quality of life to make a cou- Doing so would stop these doctors I attended the "Open Public Meet- ple of kids happy." Followed by loud from engaging in predatory billing" convened by a group of con- applause.) ing practices for St. Charles' ER cerned citizens calling themselves I left after an hour. This isn't the patients. the TruthinSite Coalition. The coa- Bend I know. Predatory billing is unfortunatelition posited themselves as a group Jim Scheii ly a nationwide practice that the of folks who are unhappy with the Bend Affordable Care Act fails to rectify. proposed location of the OSU-CasYou can make a change. cadescampus. Iwent in the hope Extra costsatSt.Charles Sign the petition to stop predatory that the organizers would propose a overcharges for ER visits at http:// process to arrive at a solution. Most people in Central Oregon T. An example of democracy at are not aware of a dangerous gap Michael Cooper work? Yes, some might say, except in their p r ivate health-insurance Sisters the traffic at night dims their head-

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We welcomeyour letters. Letters should be limited to one issue, contain no more than 250words and include the writer's signature, phonenumber and address for verification. Weedit letters for brevity, grammar, taste and legal reasons. Wereject poetry, personal attacks, form letters, letters submitted elsewhereandthose appropriate for other sections of TheBulletin. Writers are limited to one letter or Op-Ed pieceevery 30 days.

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Keep Central Oregon roa cast channels ree By Bob Singer allowed broadcasters to negotiate with he Super Bowl. "Shark Tank." these pay-TV providers for their proThe Olympics. "NCIS." Severe gramming content. Although this is weather news and school clos- a debate in the halls of Congress for ings. Campaign debates. AMBER Rep. Greg Walden, R-Hood River, to alerts. What do they have in com- consider, it has local consequences as mon? They are all brought to you by these retransmission dollars enable News Channel 21 and your other lo- News Channel 21 to maintain a robust cal broadcastnews stations, for free, news service, extended coverage and over the public airwaves. to play an active role in the communiHowever, chances are that you are ty. Local business stories, big sporting paying a TV provider for these pro- events, severe weather alerts, popular grams as part of a cable or satellite TV shows, local community events service subscription (fees which, ac- vital as a tourist destination are all excording to the FCC, have increased amples of why retransmission consent almost 6percent annually) Asyou can is important to the residents of Central see every time you open your monthly Oregon. bill, the cable/satellite companies arAs thegeneralmanager for News en't hurting — they are making record Channel 21 in Central Oregon, I unprofits. derstand firsthand the importance of Almost two decades ago, Congress retransmission consent revenues in conduded that it was unfair for cable ensuring consumers' access to valu-


companies to resell to their customers

able information. For our team, there

program content produced by tele- is no greater commitment than the vision stations. Through a process one to our community. It is the reason I called retransmission consent, they

personally became a broadcaster.The


News Channel21 and the crucial news

alerts we provided. As events unfoldpower of television as a communica- ed, EMS and other first responders tion medium goes beyond entertain- similarly relied upon reporting providment. From school closings to the com- ed by News Channel 21 and were able munication of invaluable programs of to provide them with up-to-the-minute our 21 Cares for Kids partners, and


criti calbreaking news coverage,you But now, cable, satellite and other turn to stations like ours for reliable pay-TV providers are lobbying Conand locall y focused programs and gress for special treatment, claiming information. that the retransmission consent proIn emergency situations, no other cess isbroken and that fees for broadcommunications channel is b etter castprogramnung areforcing them to equipped with regional knowledge charge consumers even higher prices. and on-site reporting capabilities. At the same time, they are increasWhen tornadoes struck Moore, Okla., ingly threatening blackouts or service local news stations provided critical interruptions when retransmission neinformation to residents, saving count- gotiations don't go their way. less lives. When Superstorm Sandy We hope congressman Walden,a struck the mid-Atlantic, broadcasters champion for the residents of Central warned those in the hurricane's path Oregon, recognizes the benefits of aboutthe oncoming danger and re- keeping the current retransmission layed disaster relief information. In consent rules as they currently stand. August of 1990 when the Awbrey Hall Though the revenue streams we reFire happened in Bend, local residents ceive from pay-TV providers play a depended upon the familiar team at large role in the communities we

serve, they represent a tiny fraction of their huge totalbudgets. In addition to station activities, these

fees also help to pay for investments in new technologyand staff .For m any stations, retransmission consent rev-

enues have enabled us to produce m ore and betterlocally produced programming,acquiremore higherrated, syndicated programming, support the development of robust, interactive websites and multicast in standard

and high-definition. There is simply no substitute for local news stations. It is important that

policymakers in Washington allow viewers to continue unfettered access to free, local, over-the-air, television

broadcasts, today and into the future. It is only fair that the government al-

low broadcasters to negotiate for retransmission revenue that funds this content to consumers who are paying

cable companies so much for it. — Bob Singer is the general manager of News Channel 21 in Bend.



Dis onest un ermines our societ ransparency and truth are the fuels that run sophisticated civilizations. Without them, the state grinds to a halt. Lack of trust-




not barbarians on the frontier, global warming or cooling, or even epidem-

tax-exempt status based on politics, fromimperial Rome to the former So- it lied. One of its top commissioners, ics — doomed civilizations of the past, viet Union. The United States can withstand

Lois Lerner, resigned and invoked the Fifth Amendment.

the untruth of a particular presidenA system of voluntary tax reporttial administration if the permanent ing rests on trust. If the IRS itself is government itself is honest. Dwight

untruthful, will it be able to expect

Eisenhower lied about the downed truthful compliance from taxpayers? U-2 spyplane inside the Soviet Union. Many doubt the officially reported Almost nothing Richard Nixon said government unemployment rates. about Watergate was true. Intelli- That statistic is vital in assessing ecogence reports of vast stockpiles of nomic growth and is of enormous poWMD in Iraq proved as accurate as litical importance in the way citizens Bill Clinton's assertion that he nev- vote. er had sexual relations with Monica

It was reported in November that

Lewinsky. the Census Bureau may have fabriPresidents fib. The nation gets out- cated survey results during the 2012 raged. The independent media digs presidential campaign, sending false out the truth. And so the system of data to the Labor Department that trust repairs itself. could have altered official employWhat distinguishes democracies from tinhorn dictatorships and to-

ment statistics.

In the 1990s, the method of assessing the official unemployment manent m eritocratic g overnment rate was massaged to make it seem bureaus that remain nonpartisan and lower than it actually was. Rules honestly report the truth. were changed to ignore millions who The Benghazi, Associated Press had beenoutofwork longerthan 52 and National Security Agency scan- weeks. Theywere suddenly classified dals are scary, but not as disturbing as permanent dropouts and not part as growing doubts about the honesty of the idled workforce. of permanent government itself. Does the government release an It is no longer crackpot to doubt the accuratereport on quarterly Gross once impeccable and nonpartisan Domestic Product growth — another IRS. When it assured the public that vital barometer of how the economy it was not making decisions about is doing? Maybe not. Last year, the

talitarian monstrosities are our per-

Bureau of Economic Analysis for the were apprehended inside the United first time factored research and devel- States and returned to their country opment costs ofbusinesses into statis- of origin last year — a figure vital for tics on investment growth. any compromise on passing compreSuddenly, a cost became proof of hensive immigration reform. business output and thus was added The Obama administration claims into the business investment contri- near-record numbers of deportabution to GDP. That new accounting tions. In fact, once again government gimmick mayhave added hundreds agencies — in this case the U.S. Imof billions of dollars into the equation migration and Customs Enforcement of figuring GDP growth last year gCE) — have mysteriously changed alone. Not surprisingly, the govern- the way they compile statistics. The ment reported unexpectedly high ICE now counts as deportations 2.8 percent GDP growth after the those foreign nationals whom the changes. Border Patrol immediately stops or Is inflation really as low as the gov- turns away at the border. Such detenernment insists? In recent times the tions were not previously counted as government has not just counted the deportations. increase in the prices of goods, but The result is that bureaucrats can also factored into its calculus theo- report near-record numbers of deporries about changing consumer buy- tations, while privately assuring the ing habits when prices increase. The administration that immigration enchanges have resulted in officially forcement has been greatly relaxed. lowered inflation rates. There is a pattern here. Changes in No one knows how many Amer- data collection seemto have apredicticans have now bought and paid for able result: Inflation and unemployAffordable Care Act health insur- ment rates become lower. Economic ance policies. There is no accurate growth becomes greater. The IRS information about how many young focuseson government skeptics.The people have enrolled — critical to the Affordable Care Act is not in trousuccess of Obamacare. Nor do Amer- ble. Illegal immigration is not such a icans know how many enrollees problem. were previously uninsured. Nor does If the people increasingly believe the public know how many enroll- that bureaucrats try to alter realty ees simply switched insurance from to reflect preconceived ideologies or Medicaid to the Affordable Care the goals of the particular regime in Act. There is no information about power, then America as we know it is how many actually have paid their finished. premiums. — Victor Davis Hanson is a classicist and No one knows how many foreign historian at the Hoover Institution and citizens who entered the U.S. illegally Stanford University.

Your flight's middle seat may get worse By Adam Minter

and sip cognac at a small piano bar.

Bloomberg News


h at's

Log 8 hours in the sack, eat a leiw o rse t h a n

surely breakfast and collect the kids cramped economy seat and Rover. Then move your seat to with limited leg room and a the full upright position, because

•I• 0

•yO • •

WQ~ ... •

seat reclined onto your dinner tray?

this hasn't been a getaway weekAirplane manufacturer Airbus has end. You've flown from New York to 11th seat into economy-class rows of

the A380, the world's largest passenger jet, for a 3-5-3 seat configuration. According to Flightglobal, an aviation website, a mock-up of this new 11-abreast seat configuration will be shown at an aircraft interiors trade

"golden age" of air travel.

In its March 2001 issue, for exam-

ple, Popular Mechanics, a reliable tribune for future-hype, published a cover story with the headline "Hotels in the Sky;" it explained: "Stop at the bar for a couple of beers, then work them off in the gym. Shave,shower and meet the wife at her health spa. Tag along while she shops. Have a gourmet dinner, then light up a Cuban cigar

the morning after." Never confuse the two.

The morning after a big event is when fools rush in and declare that someone's victory or defeat in a single battle has "changed everything forever." The morning after the morning after, the laws of gravity start to apply themselves; things often don't look as

good or as bad as you thought. And that brings me to Vladimir Putin's annexation of Crimea.

The morning after, he was the hero of Russia. Some moronic commentators here even expressed the wish

that we had such a "decisive" leader. Well, let's see what Putin looks like the

morning after the morning after, say, in six months. I make no predictions, but I will point out this. Putin is chal-

lenging three of the most powerful forces onthe planet all at once: human nature, Mother Nature and Moore's Law. Good luckwith that.

Putin's seizure of Crimea certainly underscores the enduringpower of geography in geopolitics. Russia is a continental country, stretching across a huge landmass, with few natural barriers to protect it. Every Kremlin lead-

er — fromthe czars to the commissars to the crooks — has been obsessed

about protecting Russia's periphery from would-be invaders. Russia has episode is not about them. This recent Ukraine drama did not start with geography — with an outside power tryingto get into Russia, as

European Union and not to Putin's Potemkin Eurasian Union. This story, at

its core, was ignited and propelled by human nature — the enduring quest

recently as 2007 Virgin Atlantic's

by people to realize a better future for themselves and their kids — not by

geopolitics, or even that much nation•

alism. This is not an "invasion" story. This is an "Exodus" story.

ting lucky." By the time the market-

And no wonder. A recent article in

ers were finished, it seemed the only thing a spacious A380 cabin would

Bloomberg Businessweek noted that, in 2012, GDP per person in Ukraine

more places on fuel-efficient midsize planes that carry fewer passengers. Reality, however, was much more If you're trying to get from Shanghai dull. Casinos haven't materialized, to Seattle, you can now simply go diand though some A380s have bars, rectly with about 200 other passenand youmay be ableto walk around gers on a Boeing plane (via Delta). the duty-free shop on your Korean Indeed, Boeing — Airbus' great rival Air flight, from a passenger perspec- — makes planes, including the slick, tive what distinguishes the A380 in- smaller 787 Dreamliner, designed for terior is little more than size and a precisely that kind of point-to-point quiet environment. aviation universe. So how did Airbus go from offerThe proof is in the results. Airbus ing a futurist's dream of airline par- initially aimed for 750 total orders for adise, to possibly a frequent flier's the A380. At the end of 2013 it had

— often to other A380s. And that's

was $6,394 — some 25 percent below

largely a volume business, not a luxuryone. The 3-5-3 seating configuration has only just become an option,

its level of nearly a quarter-century

nightmare? In part, the A380 was de-

for increased efficiency. If that comes to pass, the likelihood of being stuck

lack was a dancefloor and mirror

according to Airbus it has enough ball.

mid-twentieth century's so-called

ter" and there is "the morning after

in the Sky," which suggested the possibility of bars and gambling. As

proclaimed in 2005, could provide passengers with "two ways of get-

new era of airborne luxury, the likes of which hadn't been seen since the


ticle with the headline "The Casino

addition to double beds — Branson

vary — was expected to usher in a

ne thing I learned covering the Middle East for many years is that there is "the morning af-

large number of Ukraimans wanted to hitch their economic future to the

Wired ran an Associated Press ar-

lines worldwide. Being boxed in a middle seat by four people is seemingly not the future air travelers were promised

a "comfortable three-dass configuration," though actual configurations

the laws of gravity

side Russia's orbit trying to get out. A

That wasn't all. In December 2000,

eager to get it into the hands of air-

room toseatabout 525 passengers in

Putin and

much as Putin wants to pretend that it did. This story started with people in-

Sydney aboard the Airbus A380, the world's first flying hotel."

show in April. The website reports Richard Branson was promising that an aircraft leasing company is "roulette and blackjack" which — in

when the A380 was announced in 2000. Back then, the giant plane-


legitimate security interests, but this


come up with an answer: jam an


just over 300 total orders; almost half

signed for aregulated hub-and-spoke of those were made by Dubai-based model of running an airline — fly big Emirates, which runs a successful planes long distances and little ones hub-and-spoke business shuttling short distances — that's increasingly passengers between major airports out of favor in a world where dereg- around the world, and delivering ulation allows more airlines to fly

them to Dubai, where they transfer

and so it's unlikely to land at your

local hub any time soon. But fliers shouldn't rest easy. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, the Brit-

ish leasing company that purchased 20 planes earlier this year, and pushed for the 3-5-3 seating configuration, has suggested that the A380 should operate with about 630 seats in an uncomfortable middle seat-

including one jammed between four other seats — just went up. — Adam Minteris a regular contributor to Bloomberg.

earlier. But if you compare Ukraine with four of its former Communist neighbors to the west who joined the

EU — Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania - "the average GDP per person in those nations is around

$17,000. " Can you blame Ukrainians for wantingto join a different club? But Putin is also counting on the

world doing nothing about Mother ¹ ture, and Mother Nature taking that in stride. Some 70 percent of Russia's

exports areoilandgas,and theymake up half of all state revenue. (When was the last time you bought something that was labeled "Made in Russia"?) Putin has basically bet his country's economic present and future on hy-

drocarbons at a time when the chief economist of the International Energy Agency hasdedared that"about two-

thirds of all proven reserves of oil, gas

Bill Clinton does Internet freedom a huge favor By Jay Ambrose McClatchy-Yruhune News Service

ill Clinton to the rescue?

You bet. The former presiB ly about an Obama administration dent recently spoke forceful-

plan that could aid authoritarian regimes in their efforts to muffle the

liberating voice of the Internet and transform it instead into a tool bol-

stering their own life-diminishing agendas. It's something these regimes are already up to, but not with total suc-

cess. Vast numbers in many of these lands still have more unvarnished information an d

creased harm still add up to the posThe trust-building answer, it would be countries anxious for an sibility of increased harm? seems to me, is for the president added means of ridding themselves Going from U.S. supervision to to get more serious about the rule of the menace of free speech. Or, supervision by international entities of law generally, not just assuring as Clinton put it in a Tempe, Ariz., just won't limit freedom, it's said. against overreaching by the NSA, panel discussion sponsored by the But how can anyone know that? but about all kinds of laxity on conClinton Global Initiative, they would The answer is that, as of now, no one stitutional issues, including press be those wanting "this authority can. freedom. A New York Times reportfrom the U.S. for the sole purpose of The U.S. supervision of domain er, James Risen, was just recently cracking down on Internet freedom names and addresses — carried out quoted as saying this administration and limiting it and having govern- by a Commerce Department agency is "thegreatestenemy ofpressfreements protect their backsides in- overseeing a nonprofit California dom that we have encountered in at stead of empowering their people." corporation — is hardly an arbitrary least a generation." It's not like such a charade would assumption of power. The Internet, The president should also listen to be something previously unseen in now worldwide, was invented here Clinton. "Whatever you think our country world affairs. Consider, for instance, and most of its masterful intricacies how some of the United Nations' hu- developed and polished here. We've has done wrong, the United States man rights violators have served on managed it well, especially con- has been byfar the country most the agency charged with protecting sidering how it is ever evolving, al- committed to keeping the Internet those rights. There are, of course, though lately there's been increased free and open and uninterrupted," arguments saying don't worry about international pressure on us to let go he said. what might happen. The arguments of our overseeing duties. I think that's true, and I think it make me worry. One prompting factor has been is important that a popular, DemoSome countries a r e a l r e ady the Edward Snowden revelations cratic ex-president said it. Adminissquashing I n t ernet c o m munica- about w idespread surveillance tration officials may grin and bear it tions, it's said. So we should make it by the National Security Agency. when Republicans bark at them, but That's made people here and abroad here's a growl that just might make easierforthem? Ceding this regulatory authority nervous about U.S. abuses of pow- them consider far more carefully won't give anyone the ability to con- er, and the fear is that we might put how they proceed. Some of these almost certainly

c o m munication

avenues available than ever before, and that's both humanly uplifting and politically valuable, if not enough in itself to tear down autocratic walls. The administration plan is to re-

linquish unilateral U.S. oversight of allocating names and addresses to

people and entities wanting Internet websites. The regulatory power would be passed next year to an

international group not yet figured out, but one that would consist of trol all the Internet, it's said. No, but major Internet stakeholders. doesn't some added ability to do in-

our Internet prowess to intrusive


— Jay Ambrose is a columnist for McClatchy-'&ibune News Service.

and coal will have to be left undevel-

oped if the world is to achieve the goal of limiting global warming at 2 degrees Celsius" since the Industrial Rev-

olution. Crossing that 2-degrees line, say climate scientists, will dramatically increase the likelihood of melting the Arctic, dangerous sea level rises, more disrupt ive superstorms and unmanageable climate change. How do you say Moore's Law in Russian? That's the theorem posited by Gordon Moore, an Intel co-founder,

that the processing power of microchips will double roughly every two years. Anyone following the clean power industry today can tell you that there is something of a Moore's Law now at work around solar power, the

price of which is falling so fast that more and more homes and even utilities are finding it as cheap to install as

natural gas. Wind is on a similar trajectory, as is energy efficiency. If America and Europe were to give even just a little more policy push now to renewables to reduce Putin's oil income, these actions could pay div-

idends much sooner and bigger than people realize. So, before we crown Putin the Time

Person of the Year again, let'swait and see how the morning after the morn-

ing after plays out. — Thomas Friedmanis a columnist for The New Yorh Times.



mu t era ist ets er ue "You Should Have Known" by Jean Hanff Korelitz (438 pgs.,Grand Central, $26)

and watched it morph from a beacon of left-leaning education to a shameless magnet for extravagant new money.

By Janet Maslin

What with her job and her

New York Times News Service

son and the ghastly fundrais-

H a v e ing school meetings she has Known" unfolds, its heroine to attend, Grace hasn't got As

" You S hould

keeps discovering secret aftergob-smacking secret.This is quite the comeuppance for the ordinarily smug, superior Grace Reinhart

Sachs, who considers herself so much

much time to communicate

Publishers Weekly ranks the best-sellers for week ending March 23. HARDCOVER FICTION 1. "Missing You" byHarlanCoben(Dutton) 2. "Power Play" byDanielle Steel (Delacorte) 3. "The Bootlegger" by Cussler/Scott (Put-

berg (Tyndale) 8. "Private L.A." byPatterson/Sullivan (Little, Brown) 9. "Be Careful WhatYouWish For" by Jeffrey Archer (St. Martin's) 10."TheChase"byEvanovich/Goldberg (Bantam)


4. "Raising Steam" byTerry Pratchett (Doubleday) 5. "The Goldfinch" by Donna Tartt (Little, Brown) 6. "The Invention of Wings" bySueMonk Kidd (Viking) 7. "The Auschwitz Escape" byJoel C.Rosen-

HARDCOVER NONFICTION 1. "The BodyBook" byCameron Diaz (Harper Wave) 2. "The Blood SugarSolution: 10Day ..." by Mark Hyman (Little, Brown) 3. "Grain Brain" by David Perlmutter (Little, Brown)

4. "The Promise of aPencil" by Adam Braun (Scribner) 5. "Not Cool" by GregGutfeld (Crown Forum) 6."Uganda BeKidding Me"by Chelsea Handler (GrandCentral) 7. "Killing Jesus" by O'Reilly/Dugard (Henry Holt) 8. "10% Happier" by Dan Harris (It Books) 9. "Things That Matter" by Charles Krauthammer (CrownForum) 10. "William Shakespeare's TheEmpire Striketh Back" by lan Doescher (Quirk) — tvtcCletchy-TribuneNews Service

with her husband, Jonathan. Besides, he too is busy be-

cause he is the most godlike of medical paragons: a pediatric oncologist at Memorial Sloan

smarter than other

K ettering.

people that she has even written a scoldy

he has no time for

book t ha t


Wh e n

phone calls or barely enough to text,

b e stows

her wisdom on them. Grace is a fami-

Grace assumes he

l y therapist in N e w

York. And she works turf that will be familiar to readers of Jean Hanff Korelitz's earlier "Admission," since she has a son at a prestigious Manhattan

is comforting the f amily o f s ome mortally ill child. When he is away for a few days, Grace knows he's at a medical convention somewhere. Grace has no real reason

privateschool. Sure, Grace does minimal mingling with the other mothers (all subject to Korelitz's gimlet-eyed observations), but her primary concern is her professional practice. Grace's theory, espoused in her soon-to-be published "You

to go looking for him — until, one night, she does. So she

Should Have Known: W hy Women Fail to H ear W h at the Men in Their Lives Are

lished, unable to find her own husband and without a clue

calls him from her bedroom.

And she hears his phone ring — from where he has buried it, deep at the back of a clos-

et. Suddenly she is a woman with a book's worth of marital advice about to be pubabout how or why he went

Telling Them," is that people missing. who marry the wrong peoKorelitz is able to glide ple have only themselves to smoothly from a w a t chful, blame. The warning signs are occasional sinister comedy easy to spot, even if Grace is


of New York manners into a

rather harsh about this: Why much more alarming type of should the woman whose col- story. Grace has considered lege boyfriend has a quickie herself successful and happy. with a fraternity brother be

Once she isforced to realize

surprised when he leaves her that something is wrong, she for another man? "Pick the knows that each new bit of wrong person and it doesn't information may make things matter how much you want to much, much worse. fix your marriage," Grace adBut this book has a probvises. "It won't work."

lem in Jonathan. He is clever-

Since Korelitz's book is ly kept out of view throughout smart and devious — enough the first half of the story. And so to bring to mind another the questions of how, when work of trickery, one that has and whether he will finally "Gone" in its title and does appear are difficult ones. Is not feature Scarlett O'Hara Grace going to stick to her — it does not simply wait for avowed theory and decide she Grace to be proven wrong. It made a bad, unfixable choice? gets inside the head of this U nfortunately, t h e l as t self-absorbed,busy, lifelong part of the book isn't nearly New Yorker, who went to the as gripping as the beginning same school her son attends was.

DeSiva's atest isega story set insidethe newsroom "Providence Rag"

because he has formed a bond

by Bruce DeSilva

with the lead detective. Liam's

(Forge, $25.99) By oline H. Cogdill

reporting and i nvestigative skills help the police make a case against the killer. But

(Florida) Sun Sentinel

that's only half the story. "Prov-

The difference between justice and the truth can be miles

idence Rag" fast forwards to 2012. The remorseless kill-

apart as well as diametrically opposed to journalism ethics, as Bruce DeSilva succinctly shows

er was to have been released

years ago because of a legal loophole. But years continue to be

in his third solid novel

added to his sentence

featuring Liam Mulligan, a Providence, R.I.,




ed guards numerous times and smuggled in drugs.

"Providence Rag" is a n u n fl inching But Ed Mason, anlook at how doing other reporter, believes right thing can have those new charges have dire reverberations. DeSilva's beenfabricated by the warden other novels, including the Ed- and theprosecutorto keep the gar-winning "Rogue Island," killer behind bars. Is the conhave shown Mulligan secure spiracy real or a ploy by the in his career as an investiga- killer to be released'? As Mason tive reporter, an old-school tries to find the truth that may newspaperman who thrives on force the state to release the killthe deadline pressure and the er, Mulligan wants to prove that chase of a good story covering he shouldbe kept in prison. "Providence Rag" balances the nooks and crannies of his hometown, cultivating sources Mulligan's journalistic ethics from various strata of society. with the reporter's fears that the But every career has a be- prisoner will continue to kill if ginning. "Providence Rag" released. Mulligan and Mason takes Mulligan back to 1992 each want the truth but both when he had just started at the know theconsequences oftheir ProvidenceDispatch, covering quest. sports. On his day off, the city DeSilva, a former Associated editor assigns him to help cov- Press reporter, gives an insider agrisly murder because the er's view of the newspaperbusipaper'smain crime reporter ness, showcasing journalism has been shut out of informa- fromthethrillof chasingagood tion by the police. Two years story to the satisfaction of a job later, a similar murder occurs that can change lives to the caand Mulligan again is assigned maraderie inthe newsroom.

laine anc! I sat down last week to look at health plans. My first impulse was to pick the one with the cheapest premium. That's me. But Elaine's the analytical one, anc! she insisted we look past the premium to see what each plan really offered. "All I can say is, wow! Some seemed a little cheaper on the surface but when you get into what's covered anc! what's not, some of these 'affordable' plans are anything but. "Then we discovered Health Republic's Primary Care Silver Plan. This is really different. Not only c!o you get free annual physicals, you have four free primary care visits for illness a year, free generic drugs, free screenings, mammograms anc! goes on anc! on. It doesn't look like we'd pay anything out of pocket with this plan. Anc! we'll be getting excellent healthcare. "How can they c!o it? Well, Elaine c!ic! some digging anc! found out that Health Republic is a CO-OP, a true non-profit. They are required by law to put people ahead of profits. Any profits they c!o make have to go right back into improving care or lowering premiums. So instead of paying dividends to shareholders, they can offer a whole menu of free care. "Again my beloved wife proved to me that cheaper is not necessarily cheaper; not when you look at the details."

cz H EA LT H



People, Not Profits ~ 1-888-990-6635




B E N D T O K IE V : A R E P O R T E R ' S N O T E S


-sF, .U



Bulletin reporter Markian Hawryluk found a half-dozen unlit Molotov cocktails on the Maidan in Kiev last weekend.


here are bottles andfuel cans, the ingredients of Molotov cocktails. Inside a

pair of tires, I found a half-dozen fuel-filled bottles, with fuses ready to be lit, left over from the previous Thousands gathered a week ago in Kiev to mark the four-month anniversary of the Maidan protests that toppled the Ukrainian govern-

ment. The charred Trade Union building in the backgroundserves as a reminder of the often-violent clashes that occurred in the square. 1 =-=:=-~

fight, or perhaps awaiting the next one."

M4 sm~< +s:,'- ~

Si i S


Kiev protesters made barricades out of anything they could find with bulk and weight, including the

odd car, refrigerator or park bench. Protesters unfurled a giant flag combining the Ukrainian, Crimean and Tatar flags. This woman signed it with a message of support for Crimea, which Russia annexed intoits territory in the month since the ouster of Ukraine's pro-Russia president.


he task now facing the Maidan's leaders and

Continued from F1 Through most of the Cold War, I'm not sure any of us be-

the Ukrainian people is much harder than it was four months ago. It was easy to band together

lieved that would ever happen. Yet at three times in my life,

againsta common enemy. Finding common ground

reassert itself as a nation.

for the nation's future is more difficult."

I've seen Ukraine attempt to

There was the vote for independence in 1991, which estab-

fight from a previous century, and I'm convinced the regime of the Soviet Union. In 2004, never expected this ragtag the people took to the streets group could withstand a wellin the Orange Revolution to equipped force of riot police and overturn a presidential elec- their hired thugs. The weapons tion marred by corruption and gap was overcome by sheer fraud. And then in November, numbers. When the police adUkrainians filled the Maidan vanced, the bells of the nearby

of the masses. They've pledged

sovereign nation after the fall

to keep the Maidan intact until the May elections.

St. Michael's Church rang out

kovych rejected a long-await- and all of Kiev came running. ed accord with the European Within the Maidan encampUnion, further aligning the ments, the human cost of the country with Russia instead. fight is clear. Makeshift meInitially the protests were morials honor the dead, usualfocused on the EU accord, but ly with pictures of fallen warthey soon evolved into a much riors during happier times, more revolutionary movement. along with the helmets that Ukrainiansweretiredofthepo-

failed to protect them from the

litical corruption that weighed ultimate sacrifice. down the nation, as the presiThere are plastic donation

and drink, and for cigarettes. Last week, the new Ukrainian More than 100 people — now government signed the EU accalled the Heavenly Hundred cord that was the initial focus — died in the clashes, and 200 of the Maidan protests. more are still missing. Few The task now facing the have any hope they will be Maidan's leaders and the found alive. Ukrainian people is much I came with my wife and her harder than it was four months parents to absorb this pivotal ago. It was easy to band togethhistoric moment, arriving just er against a common enemy. in time for a rally commemo- Finding common ground for rating the four-month anniver- the nation's future is more difsary of the Maidan movement. ficult. Even at the rally, there As the midday sun warmed were dissenting opinions over the square, it raised the linger- Crimea, the army, the impending scent of gunpowder in the ing elections. Several times, air. One by one, religious and chants of "Transparency" rang political dignitaries took turns out from the crowd. exhorting the crowd to unity, The single moment of unity solidarity and courage. The was the thunderous rendition Maidan has become more than of the national anthem. As a mereplace or a movement; I cleared the tears from my it has become a de facto au- eyes, I saw men and women, thority, as leaders come there young and old do the same. for public support. Each new A part f r o m r a l l ies, t h e move, each new policy is vetted Maidan is mostly quiet now. orvetoedbythe collectivevoice People are still camped in the

The conflicts came to a head last month as riot police and snipers fired live ammunition

at mostly unarmed protesters, setting off a fiery maelstrom whose images shocked the world. Eventually the president and many top officials fled, leaving the leaders of the populist movement to organize a working government before the economy and coun-

try collapsed. Walkingthrough the Maidan on Sunday, March 23, I was

stunned to seethetools thathad brought down a government. The barricades that protected

the protesters' encampments from the police were still stand-

ing, a conglomerate of anything with bulk and weight — park

and hope. And there are . I'.

flowers, thousands and


thousands of flowers, placed at this sacred site

Metal shields captured from riot police serve both as trophies of conquest and tombstones for the fallen on the Maidan.

Pure. &md.6 Co.

square, and the civil defense mir Putin's other shoe to drop. units that rose to protect it Many expressed dismay that continue to line up and drill. Crimea was given up without They gather at field kitchens to a fight, and few that I talked to eat soup, buckwheat porridge, hold out hope the annexation whatever food can be found. can be reversed. But it's a small fraction of the People are living with pro- m ultitudes that w er e o n ce found uncertainty, and each here. Those who had jobs and day there are new rumors that families waiting for them have the Russian invasion will hap- returned home. Perhaps those pen tomorrow. It's an uneasy remaining don't have anyexistence, but life must go on. where to go. Businesses are open, street The Maidan retains scars of vendors are hawking their the battle. The massive Trade wares, traffic is flowing again Union building looms over the and order has been restored. square, charred and gutted

bins for burial costs, for food

cracked down ontheprotesters,

pl a za, there are

messages of dissent

for Russian President Vladi-

pockets and filled their bank the gteater the numbers that flockedtothesquare.


i •~ ' •• y P

There's a palpable sense that the country is waiting

dent and his cronies lined their accounts. The more the regime

hro u ghout the

by grateful people."

lished Ukraine as a free and

after President Viktor Yanu-


from the fires at the height of

the protest. Just beyond Kiev's founders statue, a street lamp is melted from the heat. At one end of the Maidan, the caved-in carcass of a mo-

bile water cannon used by the riot police to dispel protesters despite frigid winter temperahms is now covered with pro-

hope. "Ukraine is not Russia." "Together there is strength." "Mother, I will return."

aj B~ dU iI

And there are flowers, thousands and thousands of flow-

ers, placed at this sacred site by grateful people, including one who couldn't muster the cour-

Bend Redmond

John Day Burns Lakeview

age to come inthe middle of the fight, but won't ever forget what he saw and felt inits wake.

La Pine 541.382.6447


iDevices, Android, PC, Mac and Game consoles Our service leavesyou incharge of their devices.

(cc) byfabrice caduc

Ukrainian and anti-Putin graffili. Throughout the plaza, there

Phone:541-719-8815 / email

are messages of dissent and

benches, cars, r efrigerators,

mattresses and hundredsmaybe thousands — of tires. The paved square and its arte-

rial streets have been stripped dean of paving stones, used to fortifybarricades and secure tents, orbroken downinto rocks

small enough to be heaved by mortal men.

There are bottles and fuel cans, the ingredients of Molotov cocktails. Inside a pair of tires,

I found a half-dozen fuel-filled bottles, with fuses ready to be





~ ~ m e ~wmwm

from the UO Bend

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lit, left over from the previous

amazing network of students and alumni.

fight, or perhaps awaiting the next one. Metal shields — some

Attend an information session in Bend on 4/22 at 6:00 p.m.

homemade, some captured

from riot police — now double as trophies of victories and


tombstones for the casualties.

These are tools that befit a i

I '


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Private collector buying Pilates XP297; Pilates postagestamp albums 8 chair, fluidity bar, call collections, world-wide for info. 541-408-0846 and U.S. 573-286-4343 (local, cell phone). ProForm 380CSX stationary bike, all digital 24 hrs. to cancel read-out, like new, $200 Find exactly what your ad! you are looking for in the obo. 541-548-0324 Oak hutch, removable CLASSIFIEDS 243 top, 3 t o s ell, $40 Ski Equipment each. 541-390-7649 NEED TO CANCEL YOUR AD? The Bulletin Classifieds has an "After Hours" Line Call 541-383-2371



The Bulletin recommends extra '

l caution when pur- l products or I I chasing services from out of I

Crafts & Hobbies AGATE HUNTERS

Ponshers • Saws •


you are looking for in the I the area. Sending I Repair & Supplies ' cash, checks, o r ' CLASSIFIEDS s g s l credit i n f ormation Mini Aussie Toy pups, may be subjected to Cherry 6-sided island, toy size, assorted colo rs, $ 3 3 0 ca s h . Formica top, 36"H, l FRAUD. For more information about an I 541-678-7599 $50. 541-390-7649 advertiser, you mayc Desk, maple with green Norwich rare AKC male l call t h e Ore g onl leather top , $ 1 2 5. ' State Atto r ney ' pup, 11 wks, house 541-977-5178 raised; 3 s/g-year-old l General's O f fi ce Norwich male, house Just bought a new boat? Consumer Protec- • t ion ho t l in e at I r aised & g ood o n Sell your old one in the leash. $1800 each. classifieds! Ask about our i 1-877-877-9392. 541-487-4511, or Super Seller rates! sharonm 541-385-5809 I TheBulletin > Serving Central Oregon since 190S Dining set, folk art, 4 chairs, darling set. 212 $125. 541-977-5178 P eople giving p e ts Antiques & away are advised to Collectibles be selective about the Dining table new owners. For the Beautiful round 5' crosscut saw with protection of the anioak pedestal table handles, $75. mal, a personal visit to with 4 matching 541-815-7330 the home is recomchairs, table is 42" mended. in diameter and in Dark oa k 2- d rawer brand new condidresser, curved front, tion, as are the Serving Cennal Oregon sinceSgta $250. White wicker chairs. Priced at baby crib, u n ique POODLE pups, toy. $400. 541-447-3342 $250. Large dark oak 12-20 wks. $175-$250 roll top desk, $800. & up. 541-475-3889 Dining table, glass & Surveryor's t r a nsit brass, glass pedestal, 1930-1940, orig. box Queensland Heelers nx40". $450. Call Standard 8 Mini, $150 60 $350. C ASH after 11 a.m. 541-923-5960 & up. 541-280-1537 www.rightwayranch.wor 541-330-8177. Dining table w/3 chairs, People Look for Information $45. 5 4 1 -388-1256 About Products and 210 Services Every Daythrough after 7pm. Furniture & Appliances G ENERATE SOM E The Bulletin Classifieds 3 piece display cabinet EXCITEMENT in your The Bulletin reserves w/lights, glass neighborhood! Plan a right to publish all shelves, faux finish garage sale and don't the from The Bulletin looks like stone, end forget to advertise in ads newspaper onto The s ections 7 0 " tal l , classified! Bulletin Internet webmiddle section 80" tall, 541-385-5809. site. 72" width. $450. Call L oveseat P e i g e p x c . after 11 a.m. COIld . $80.

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Helly Hansen ski suit, men's Med., green, exlnt cond, $75. 541-388-0811


on the first day it runs to make sure it isn corn rect. Spellcheck and human errors do occur. If this happens to your ad, please contact us ASAP so that corrections and any adjustments can be made to your ad.

541-385-5809 Check out the The Bulletin Classified classifieds online Hard t r avel c a ses, Datrek and SKB $50 Updated daily each. 541-815-0213

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And sell it locally.

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What I Found! Adopt a rescued cat or Look teen kitten! F ixed, You'll find a little bit of PICK UP YOUR everything in shots, ID chip, tested, GARAGE SALE KIT at The Bulletin's daily more! 65480 7 8 th, 1777 SW Chandler and yard sale Tumalo, T h urs/Sat/ garage section. From clothes Ave., Bend, OR 97702 Sun 1-5, 3 89-8420 to collectibles, from The Bulletin housewares to hardServrng Central Oregonsince tgga ware, classified is Aussie Mini AKC par- always the first stop for Moving sale everything ents on site. Shots/ cost-conscious must go - furniture, wormed. Sta r ting consumers. And if kitchen supplies and $350. m/f blue merle you're planning your more. Fri-Mon, 10-6, 541-598-5314 own garage or yard 341 NE Isaiah Dr. ¹4 sale, look to the clasor call 541-610-3784 Cairn Terriers, 8 wks, 1st sifieds to bring in the shot, wormed twice, $500 290 buyers. You won't find cash. 503-501-0462 or a better place Sales Redmond Area 541-419-8676 for bargains! Call Classifieds: Lakeview Estates Yard Sale 3285 NE 25th, 541-385-5809 or email Redmond, 3/28, 29, 30. Gates open at 8 a.m. Tools & related Just bought a new boat? shop items, yard, lift DACHSHUND PUPS chair, crafts, fishing, Sell your old one in the AKC Mini lonqhaired classifieds! Ask about our you-dig plants, misc. M$500/ F8600 Super Seller rates! household. Prices ne541-598-7417 541-385-5809 gotiable Sat. & Sun.


List one Item* in The Bulletin's Classifieds for three days for FREE. PLUS, your ad appears in P RINT and ON -LIN E

at QAA(BEQRo ~u~ sT Two dark oak night stands and matchi ng head boards condibots: uo scratches. Very sturdy. wasS1200new, offering for only

RepIace That old tired Bedroomsetyou got from your Parents!

seso ouo 541-000-000

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Under $500 $500 to $99 9 $1000 to $2499 $2500 and over

$2JP $39 $4JP $59

Includes up to 40 words of text, 2 in length, with

Th C B U l l Ct m Serving Central Oregon since ig03

54g 385 58psp Some restrictions apply

bord er, full color photo, bold headlineand pdice. • The Bulletin • Central Oregon Marketplace

• fheCetstra OregonNickelAds n

'Privtslparl e y merchandiseonly- excludespelsJJlivestock, autos, Rvs,molorcycles,boats, airplanes,andgaragesalecategories.

BSSl 1C To reCeiVyO e ur FREECLASSIFIEDAD, Cal 541-385-5809OrViSit The Bulletin officeat:1777 SWChandler Ave.(OnBefjd's westside) *Offer allowsfor 3 linesof text only. Excludesall service, hay,wood, pets/animals, plants, tickets,weapons, rentals andemploymentadvertising, andallcommercial accounts. Must beanindividual itemunder $200.00 and price of individual itemmust beincludedln thead. Askyour Bulletin Sales Representativeabout special pricing, longer rutt schedulesattd additional features. Limit I ad per itemper30 daysto besold.






I Expands, in a way 7 Sister of Helios 10 r oom 13 Elite unit 18 Gambling mecca 19Saint'shome, for short 22 Venomous African tree<weiier 23 Start of a motivational comment attributed to 86-Across 26 Justin Timberlake's "Cry River" 27 [That makes me so uncomfortable] 28 Lockup 29 Middle of the comment 37 Toolbar feature 38 Director Nicolas 39 Record 40 Facial moisturizing brand 41 "Power" suffix 42 Sticks in the closet? 43 End of the comment 48 College major, briefly 49 Commercial lead-in to Pen 50 Rocket 51 Cousin of "Ugh!" 52 Osaka-to-Sapporo dir. Online subscriptions: Today's puzzle and more than 4,000 past puzzles,

($39.95 a year).

53 Law firm department 55 Fired on 57Good-for-nothing 59Resortcity in 1945 news 60 Small scene 61Restricted part of an urban area 63 Ball player? 64 Prominent feature of an Obama caricature 65 Ray Charles hosted it in 1977: Abbr. 66 Couple at the altar? 69 Start to show one's real potential 72 So 73 Birthplace of Buddha, now ?5 Pitcher Mike with 270 wins 78 Christmas cookie ingredient 80 Plagues 81Eponymous German physicist 82 Combined with 83 Watering hole for Homer and Barney 84 Coin collector 85 Pelican's home, for short 86 See 23-Across 90 The Durbeyfield girl, in literature 91Dr. Seuss animal 92It has paper denominations from 5 to 500 93 Ex-Fed head Bernanke 94 Some body work, in slang









When this puzzle is done,the circled letters, reading counterclockwise from the top, will spell a phrase relating to the puzzle's theme. ACROSS




95 Zippo alternatives 16 Crunches crunch them 96 Nickname for 17 Yoga base 86-Across 20 o f r el i e f 103Barrel of fun? 21 Nondairy item in 104Saffron-flavored the dairy aisle dish 24 Ones without a leg 105Brow line? to stand on? 106Development of 25 Part of a moving 86-Across ... as line depicted in the middle of this grid 29 Blues Brothers wear 115World capital on 30 Nosedives the slope of an active volcano 31 Utmost: Abbr. 116Dolph of "Rocky 32 Farm mother IV" 33 "My word!" 117More chilling 34 Stag, maybe 118Throw around 35 "The fish that got away" and others 119 D.C.mover and shaker: Abbr. 36 Comic Wanda 120Scandinavian coin 37 Hurried 42 "Death Magnetic" 121 Actor Christian band 43 Drinking binge DOWN 44 Accessory for the I French kiss 91-Across recipient, maybe 45 Many an 2 "How silly of me!" Al Jazeera viewer 3 Bit of a code 46 Pioneer org. 4 Stockpile 47 Five-time Super 5 View that may cost Bowl champions, you extra informally 6 Security Council veto 50 Barak's successor 7 Ins 54 Sharp pains 8 Near future 55 Travel agency listings 9 Hardly enough 56 Cabooses 10 The French way? 11 It may be delayed 58 Starts of news articles by a storm: Abbr. 12 United Center team 60 Deli stock with seeds 13 Update, say 62 Tight 14 Garden State casino, informally, 67 What an electric current does not with "the" flow through 15 Outback native 68 Relaxed, say

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70 Difficult weight 71 Appropriate flowers for Mother's Day? 72 Bootleggers' banes 74 Exams offered four times a yr. 75 Certain Bach composition 76 "For sure" 77 Gooeycampfire treat 79 "Nof shabby!"



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80 Cesare Angelotti in "Tosca," e.g. 84 It gets you off schedule 87 Place to store hay 88 German article 89 Third line on many a ballot: Abbr. 90 Sunbathing evidence 94 One with bflls pilmg Up?


95 "My Name Is ," gold album of 1965 97 "Tell me about it!" 98 One of two parts of a British puzzle? 99 page 100 Canine 101 D.C. mover 102 Pi , "Life of Pi" protagonist

106100s of ordinary people? 107 Fanatic 108Geometry fig. 109 Had something 110 Bring into court 111 "

= Politics"

(TV slogan) 112 Guys 113 Food Network host Sandra 114"It's f-f-freezing!"


5 41-3 8 5 - 5 8 0 9 AD PLACEINENT DEADLINES


Monday.. . . . . . . . . . ... 5:00 pm Fri. Tuesday... . . . . . . . ... . Noon Mon. Wednesday.. . . . . . . ... Noon Tues. Thursday.. . . . . . . . . ... Noon Wed. Friday.. . . . . . . . . . . Noon Thurs. Saturday Real Estate .. ... 11:00am Fri. Saturday.. . . . . . . . . ... 3:00 pm Fri. Sunday.. . . . . . . . . . ... 5:00 pm Fri.

Starting at 3 lines *UNDER '500in total merchandise

or go to w w w . b e n

Place 8photo in your private party ad for only $f5.00per week.

OVER '500in total merchandise 7 days.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 1 0 .00 4 days.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 1 8 .50 14 days.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 1 6.00 7 days.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 2 4 .00 *Must state prices in ad 14 days.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 3 3 .50 28 days.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 6 1 .50

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4 lines for 4 days .. . . . . . . . . . $ 2 0.00 (call for commercial line ad rates)

A Payment Drop Box i s CLASSIFIED OFFICE HOURS: available at Bend City Hall. MON.-FRI. 7:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. CLASSIFICATIONS BELOW MARKED WITH AN*() REQUIRE PREPAYMENT as well as any out-of-area ads. The Bulletin ServingCentralOregon since 1999 reserves the right to reject any ad is located at: at any time. 1777 S.W. Chandler Ave., Bend, Oregon 97702

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PLEASE NOTE: Checkyour ad for accuracythefirst day it appears. Pleasecall us immediately if a correction is needed. Wewill gladly accept responsibility for one incorrect insertion. The publisher reservesthe right!o accept or reject any ada! anytime, classify and index anyadvertising basedon the policies of these newspapers. Thepublisher shall not be liable for any advertisement omitted for anyreason. Private Party Classified adsrunning 7 or moredayswill publish in the Central OregonMarketplace eachTuesday. 246







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How to avoid scam The Bulletin Offers WHEN BUYING and fraud attempts Free Private Party Ads BANKING CASH!! Remington 770 cf rifle, FIREWOOD... For Guns, Ammo & cal. .308 win. Brand iv'Beaware of in!erna- • 3 lines - 3 days Private Party Only Reloading Supplies. new in box. Black tional fraud. Deal lo- •• Total To avoid fraud, of items adver541-408-6900. synth. stock, staincally whenever posThe Bulletin tised must equal 3200 recommends less steel barrel, bore sible. payCOMMUNITY CREDIT UNION or Less s ighted scope. I n IOÃ RI% RI$ Beautiful Lowrey v' Watch for buyers ment for Firewood FOR DETAILS or to 470 cludes owner's Adventurer II Organ 308 is seeking a dynamic who offer more than only upon delivery PLACE AN AD, manual. 5250. Conand service-driven Absolutely perfect and inspection. Domestic & your asking price and Farm Equipment Call 541-385-5609 individual!o fill a DO YOU HAVE tact: 541-419-5696 condition, not a • A cord is 128 cu. ft. who ask to have In-Home Positions Fax 541-305-5602 & Machinery SOMETHING TO 4' x 4' x 8' scratch on it, about Full-time Teller money wired or Ruger SR9 9mm, (3) SELL 4-feet wide, does role in our handed back to them. Wanted: crew mem• Receipts should 17-rnd clips, case, (4) 5'x12' horse panels, Companion Care for FOR $500 OR Bend South Branch. everything! Includes include name, Fake cashier checks bers to sail Winchester Senior Do you need clean, excellent cond, $75/ea. Assorted wa- help with transportation, LESS? a nice bench, too. and money orders phone, price and $400. Ruger 10/22, Bay, OR to San Franter and feed tubs, call shopping/errands, light Non-commercial To view the fulljob 31600 obo. kind of wood are common. cisco and return, aps imulated stoc k , for prices. housekeeping, meals & description and to advertisers may sr'Never give out per541%85-5605 purchased. Simmons 3x9 scope, prox. 3 wks this sum54t -923-9758 place an ad apply, please visit • Firewood ads sonal financial informed reminders? Call mer. Call Mark, $150. 541-419-043S our website at: with our MUST include Stephanie, 541-406-6190 mation. 541-233-8944 "QUICK CASH Wanted: Collector seeks www.on species & cost per DRUllll SETS: YTrust your instincts Need to gei an high quality fishing items Ludwig drum set, Immediate opening for SPECIAL" Wanted- paying cash cord to better serve and be wary of ad in ASAP? & upscale bamboo fly caregiver in the Sisters Caregiver 1 week3lines 12 for Hi-fi audio & s!uour customers. d rums only, n o someone using an rods. Call 541-678-5753, You can place ii area. 541-598-4527 Prineville Senior care or hardware, 26" base dio equip. Mclntosh, escrow service or or 503-351-2746 h ome l ooking f o r ~2 weeks t tv JBL, Marantz, D ydrum, 13", 16", and online at: agent to pick up your The Bulletin Just bought a new boat? scrvinscentral ervsonsinceIsta Caregiver for multiple Ad must 18" toms, 14" snare, naco, Heathkit, Sanmerchandise. 253 Sell your old one in the include price of hifts, part-time t o sui, Carver, NAD, etc. 6500. REMO Masclassifieds! Ask about our s TV, Stereo & Video v n leuemtvs500 full-time. Pass The Bulletin Call 541-261-1808 All Year Dependable ~ ier Touch drum set, Super Seller rates! Serv>rvr Cenrraf Oregon since r903 540 -385-5809 or less, or multiple criminal background drums o nl y no 541-385-5809 Firewood: Seasoned; AM/FM cassette player/ check. 541-447-5773. items whosetotal 261 22" base Lodgepole 1 for 5195 turntable, retro style, $35. hardware, blender, old Medical Equipment does not exceed 476 drum, S", 10", 12", Milkshake N ew H o lland 2 5 5 0 541-388-1256 or 2 for $365. Cedar, style, $10. Toaster, 5500. 1 3", 16" and 1 8" Employment split, del. Bend: 1 for swather, 14' header EMPLOYMENT Direc!TV 2 Year Savtoms, 14 " s n a re $10. 541-388-1256 $175 or 2 for $325. with conditioner, cab Opportunities Call Classifieds at ings Event! Over 140 drum, $600. Both in Now taking applications! heaf/A/C, 1300 orig. 541-420-3464. 541-385-5609 A new Behavioral channels only $29.99 excellent condition. hrs. $29,000 obo. Add your web address Natural gas Ruud Health Centeris a month. O nly Di541-410-4963 1486 International, cab Diy, split Juniper, to your ad and read!ankless water opening in the Bend/ recTV gives you 2 $190/cord. Multi-cord- hea!/A/C, 5 4 0/1000 ers on The Bulletin's heater, brand new! La Pine area. All posiYEARS of s a vings Pto, 3 sets remotes, Fishing camp on North discounts, & t/a cords web site, www.bend- tions available, including: 199 Btu, $1800. nice tractor. $18,000. 256 10 Mile Lake. See ad and a FREE Genie Flatscreen Magniavail. Immediate, will be • Counseling Staff Also brand new SO 541-419-3253 in Recreation Proper- upgrade! Call • T r a vel/Tickets livery! 541-408-6193 fier Optlec Clearable to click through • Dietary gal. electric water 1-800-259-5140. ties .541-404-7595. view+ viewer, magautomatically to your • Housekeeping heater, 5500. (PNDC) nifier for reading, 326 Advertise VACATION Pine & Juniper Split • Maintenance website. In Sunriver area. ExH E A T writing and viewing SPECIALS to 3 milHay, Grain & Feed TV Ret a i ler. • Support staff 530-938-3003 for those who have % K ' T T DISH lion P acific N o rthStarting at Auto Parts • Clerical PROMPT DELIVERY vision loss. $900 westerners! 29 daily Mixed Grass Hay, 1s! $19.99/month (for 12 CounterpersonCompetitive benefits and 54i-389-9663 obo. (other items Large amount of newspapers, six quality, big bales, 3'x3'xs', Some automotive and wages. Please email mos.) & High Speed Y OUR listed previously 12-gauge reloadstates. 25-word clas- *REDUCE barn stored, $230/ton. computer experience your tetter of interest and I nternet starting a t CABLE BILL! Get an have been sold) Patterson Ranch Sisters, required. We can train ing equipment, Seasoned Juniper resume to $14.95/month (where sified $540 for a 3-day All-Digital Sa t e llite In Bend, call 541-549-3831 including: Ca l l $150/ cord rounds; (916) system installed from there. Starting Emil © available.) SAVE! Ask a d. for 541-400-6162 $170/ cord split. MEC 9000G vis i t FREE and programAbout SAME DAY In- 2 88-6019 o r pay based on experiDelivered in Central reloader, lead, powence. Send resume to stallation! CALL Now! for the m ing s t arting a t OR, since 1970! Call Looking for your der, primers, hulls, Pacific Nor t hwest 1-600-308-1563 PO Box 960, La Pine, People Lookfor Information 265 5 24.99/mo. FRE E eves, 541-420-4379 next employee? wads & electric Daily Co n nection. OR 97739. Ordrop off (PNDC) About Products and HD/DVR upgrade for Building Materials Place a Bulletin scale. Retail for over (PNDC) at Napa Auto Parts, Services EveryDaythrough REDUCE YOUR new callers, SO CALL 269 $2000; help wanted ad 51477 Hwy97, in La NOW (877)366-4508. CABLE BILL!* Get a Bend Habitat The Bvlletin Classiffeds 260 selling for 31200. Gardening Supplies today and Pine. whole-home Satellite (PNDC) RESTORE 541-420-3474 reach over Illlisc. Items & Equipment system installed at • Building Supply Resale 60,000 readers NO COST and proReduce Your Past Tax Quality ai LOW Buying Diamonds each week. ramming starting at PRICES Bill by as much as 75 /Gold for Cash Your classified ad 1 9.99/mo. FRE E Percent. Stop Levies, 740 NE 1st Fine Jewelers will also HD/DVR Upgrade to Saxon's 541-312-6709 Liens and Wage Gar541-389-6655 PROMPT DELIVERY appear on new callers, SO CALL nishments. Call The Open to the public. 542-389-9663 NOW Tax DR Now to see if BUYING Administrative Assistant which currently 1-866-984-8515. Qualify 266 you Lionel/American Flyer receives over (PNDC) 1-800-791-2099. Left Handed Stag trains, accessories. Heating & Stoves Provides administrative support to the IS deFor newspaper 1.5 million page (PNDC) Arms AR15, Model 541-408-2'I 91. par!men!. Duties include data entry; answer255 delivery, call the views every Stag 15, L-3 EONOTICE TO ing phones; responding to questions and reCirculation Dept. at Computers BUYING Itt S ELLING FIND IT! month at no Tech ESPS2 red dot ADVERTISER quest for information; accounts payable; 541-385-5800 All gold jewelry, silver scope w/quick deextra cost. Since September 29, aUr t?7 education and travel coordination; scheduling To place an ad, call Compaq computer and gold coins, bars, tach mount, o ver Bulletin 1991, advertising for meetings and taking minutes; assisting with SELL IT! 541-385-5609 works like new rouncfs, wedding sets, 2000 rounds of high monitor, Classifieds v used woodstoves has vendor communication and contracts; office or email 19 $5. 541-548-6642 class rings, sterling silThe Bulletin Classifieds quality Federal 62 been limited to mod- Get Results! organization; and maintaining records. g rain g reen t i p Computer desk chair, ver, coin collect, vinels which have been Call 541-385-5809 5 .56/223 am m o . y ou p i ck-up, $ 1 0 . tage watches, dental certified by the OrThe Bulletin or place your ad Requires 3 years administrative experience; gold. Bill Fl e ming, Srrvfns Central O~ s ncv fata $2500. 541-548-6642. egon Department of on-line at knowledge of Microsoft Office; experience 541-382-9419. 541-350-7017 Environmental Qualmaking education and travel arrangements; Glass-top m etal/wood iiy (DEQ) and the fedstrong written and verbal communication 270 computer desk, vou pick- Classical music CDs, eral E n v ironmental tvttvtaarv skills; excellent customer service skills; ability played once or never, up, $20. 541-548-6642. Lost & Found Protection A g e ncy 341 to work independently, ability to manage time $1 ea. 541-546-6642 Sunvision Pro T HE B U LLETIN r e (EPA) as having met LOST Cat 3/12, white & Horses & Equipment and multiple priorities; and ability io work with 28LX Tanning Bed quires computer ad- Guaranteed Income For smoke emission stan- ray/ian male, OB Riley/ all staff levels. Has only 300 hours, vertisers with multiple Your Ret i rement. dards. A cer t ified len Vis t a-Cooley? AUSTRALIAN SADDLE (lamps have average ad schedules or those Avoid market risk & w oodstove may b e Bingo is missed! Call m isc. t a ck , $ 2 4 5; Les Schwab has a reputation of excellent life of 800-1000 hours selling multiple sys- get guaranteed inidentified by its certifi- 541-531-3699 customer service and over 400 stores in the 541-546-0675 of effective tanning New 70-pound iems/software, to dis- come in retirement! cation label, which is Northwest. We offer competitive pay, excelusage). 1 owner, Compound close the name of the CALL for FREE copy permanently attached lent benefits, retirement, and cash bonus. Lost Kitty, 6 mo. recently great condition, 345 Liberty Bow business or the term of our SAFE MONEY to the stove. The Bul- neutered male, Scooter, Please go to apply. includes manual, "dealer" in their ads. GUIDE Plus Annuity letin will not know- black & white, blind in left Livestock & Equipment Applications will be accepted through April 9, with 29.9 draw and goggles & head Private party advertis- Quotes from A-Rated ingly accept advertis- eye. 6 mi out Juniper 2014. No phone calls please. case. Asking $400. pillow. $900. ers are defined as Companies! ing for the sale of Canvon, Prineville 3/16. FREE Saanen Buck, 7 Call 541-771-2080 Call toseei those who sell one 800-908-7035. uncertified REWARD! 541-447-9866 m o., for b r eed o r EOE ifinterested. 541465-9316in Bend computer. woodstoves. or 541-604-1994 butcher, 541-390-5211 (PNDC)

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To PLACE AN AD CALL CLASSIFIED• 541-385-5809 476

JJI+ ' ~fg+I)fg3'J.fjj~d FINANCEANDBUSINESS 507 - Real Estate Contracts 514 -Insurance 528 - Loans and Mortgages 543 - Stocks and Bonds 558 - Business Investments 573 - Business Opportunities

Local run. Truck is parked in Madras. 541-475-4221




Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Receptionist/ ExecAss't NW Crossing CPA Firm seeking professional that is detail oriented, works well w ith c l i ents vi a phone, e-mail, and in-person Pay $12.50/hr. Start Date 4 /14. M or e I n f o: employmentopportunities. Send Resume to: info© No Phone Calls Please.

Housekeeper - Private homes cleaning team member needed, week days only, no weekends, eves or holidays. 541-815-0015

LANDSCAPING Bend Park & RecreationDistrict

Seasonal Park Aides Apply online at bend arksandrec.or EOE

Livestock Truck Driver Must have CDL, 2yes exp., progressive co., 401k, $50,000/yr, insurance 541-475-6681

Sales We are looking for experienced Sales professional to Join Central O r egon's l argest ne w c a r dealer Subaru of Bend. O ffering 401k, profit sharing, medical plan, split s hifts, an d p aid training. Please apply at 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend.

~XEs o


caution when pur-

iThe Bulletin



Brief Treatment (2014-00029). Full-time, limited duration, grant funded position. Deadline:THURSDAY,04/03/14. BEHAVIORAL HEALTHSPECIALIST II, Young

Adults in Transition (2014-00032). Fulltime, limited duration, grant funded position. Deadline:SUNDAY,03/30/14. BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SPECIALIST III

SUPERVISOR (2014-00034). Full-time positi on.Deadline:THURSDAY,04/10/14. BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SPECIALIST III,

Intensive Community Support (2014-00036). Full-time position. Deadline: SUNDAY, 04fl3/14. HEALTHEDUCATOR, My Future My Choice (2014-00035). See website for FTE details. Deadline:SUNDAY,04/06/14. PEER SUPPORT SPECIALIST, Young Adults in Transition (2014-00030). Full-time, limited duration, grant funded position. Deadline: SUNDAY,03/30/14. (2013-00098). Full-time position. Extended Deadline:OPEN UNTIL FILLED.

PROGRAMMANAGER, Public Health (201400008). Full-time position. Extended Deadline:OPENUNTIL FILLED. PSYCHIATRIC NURSEPRACTITIONER —Adult

Treatment Program (2014-00001). Will consider any full or part-time equivalent. Deadline:OPENUNTIL FILLED. RESERVEDEPUTYSHERIFF (2013-00013). On-call positions. Deadline:THIS IS AN ONGOING RECRUITMENT.


School Based Health Clinics

WARNING The Bulletin recommends you use caution when you provide personal information to companies offering loans or credit, especially those asking for advance loan fees or companies from out of state. If you have concerns or questions, we suggest you consult your attorney or call CONSUMER HOTLINE,

products or I I chasing services from out of I the area. SendingI 1-877-877-9392. c ash, checks, o r credit i n f ormationI BANK TURNED YOU may be subjected to DOWN? Private party I FRAUD. loan on real esmore informa- I will equity. Credit, no I For tion about an adver- • tate problem, good equity tiser, you may call I is all you need. Call the Oregon State Land MortAttorney General'sI Oregon Office C o n sumer I gage 541-388-4200. I Protection hotline at I LOCAL MONEY:We buy secured trustdeeds & I 1-877-877-9392. I note,some hard money

Adults in Transition (2014-00031). Fulltime, limited duration, grant funded position. Deadline:SUNDAY,03/30/14.

PROGRAM MANAGER, Behavioral Health


Loans 8 Mortgages


SALES - Make your own schedule. Com- I mission Based Sales Program. Self-Starter, I Motivated, Ex p erience in A dvertisingI Sales a plus. Send Resume to or fax 916-288-6003. No I phone calls please! I


loans. Call Pat Kellev 541-382-3099 ext.18.

Midoregori Credit Union Loan Officer — Contact Center (Financial Service Representative) Full-time lending position in Bend includes

processing loans requested by phone; pro-

cessing of dealer fax and online applications; monitoring of Contact Center loan queue to insure turnaround time meets service standards and making follow up calls to the member as necessary; outbound calling; loan maintenance requests; new member/loan retention closure requests, request for payoff; and other duties as assigned. Position requires excellent sales and customer service skills, sound decision-making, and the ability to understand and retain a variety of complex product and services information. Successful candidate must be PC-proficient in a Windows environment. 1-2 years lending experience required. Go to for more information including job application. Please send resume, application, and cover letter to: Nid Oregon FCU Attn: HumanResources P.O. Box 6749, Bend, OR97708 Mid Oregon Credit unionis a drug-free workplace



OUR IEBSITEAT All candidates will receive an email response regarding their application status after the recruitment has closed andapplications have been reviewed. Notifications to candidates are sent vja emailonly. If you need assistance, please contact the Deschutes County Personnel Dept., 1300 NWWall Street, Suite 201, Bend, OR97701(541) 617-4722. Deschutes County encourages qualified persons with disabilities to participate in its programs and activities. To request information in an alternate format, please call (541) 617-4747, fax to (541) 385-3202 or send email to agcessibility©

The Bulletin

Serving Central Oregon since 1903

Home Delivery Advisor

Women, minorities, and the disabled are encouraged to apply. m



T E A M A M B A j U S T


L •

I s


682 - Farms, RanchesandAcreage 687 - Commercial for Rent/Lease 693 - Office/Retail Space for Rent REAL ESTATE 705 - Real Estate Services 713 - Real Estate Wanted 719 - Real Estate Trades 726- Timeshares for Sale 730- New Listings 732- Commercial Properties for Sale 738 - Multiplexes for Sale 740-Condos & Townhomesfor Sale 744- Open Houses 745- Homes for Sale 746- Northwest BendHomes 747-Southwest Bend Homes 748- Northeast BendHomes 749 - Southeast BendHomes 750- RedmondHomes 753 - Sisters Homes 755 - Sunriver/La Pine Homes 756- Jefferson CountyHomes 757 - CrookCounty Homes 762 - Homeswith Acreage 763- Recreational Homesand Property 764- Farms andRanches 771 - Lots 773 - Acreages 775 - Manufactured/Mobile Homes 780 - Mfd. /Mobile Homeswith Land Office/Retail Space for Rent

N ewer 4 b d r m S E , Fenced storage yard, master main l evel, building and o ff ice Need to get an ad 2100 SF, large yard, trailer for rent. In convery n ice. $ 1 595. venient Redmond loin ASAP? 541-480-9200 cation, 205 SE Railroad Blvd. Reduced to People Look for Information $700/mo. Avail. now. Fax it to 541-322-7253 About Products and 541-923-7343. Services Every Daythrough The Bulletin Classifieds The Bulletin Classifisrfs

AssistantProfessor 1 of Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection Provide instruction in the Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection (NDTI) program at the Manufacturing and Applied Technology Center (MATC) in Redmond. Provide small group discussion, lectures, hands-on demonstration, student advising and assistance. 10-yrs NDTI exp + 5-yrs using NDTI techniques req. $41,449-$46,309 for 9mo contract. Open Until Filled. Assistant Professor 1 of Medical Assisting Responsible for course planning and development, program organization, and review and evaluation of effectiveness in Medical Assisting Program. Associate + 3-yrs healthcare facility exp. + 1-yr teaching + CMA certification req. $41,449-$46,309 for 9mo contract. Closes April 18.

Part TimeInstructor New! Chemistry, Health& Human Performance, and French Looking for talented individuals to teach part-time in a variety of disciplines. Check our employment Web site at Positions pay $525 per load unit (1 LU= 1 class credit), with additional perks. credit), with additional perks.



PeopleLookforInformation AbOutPrO duCtSaitd

Services EveryDaythrough Ielvlletf'nClassifiels

Office s pace a v a il. 300-500- sq. ft., private bath and conference room, all util. paid. $300-$450 mo. + dep. C all Jim at 541-480-4744



Jackson County is lookingto recruit, hire and retain thebest employees!

B eautifu l P a h l i s c h H omes c o m m u n i t y f eaturin g a m a z i n g n eig h b o r h o o d a menities: pool, h o t tub, clubhouse, sports 20862Golden GatePlace,Bend center, gym, game room Dfrvctions:from theparkcay, eur and more! Come tour a riarket,southon 15th,then variety of single level on Reed/ and 2-story floor plans. follonr slgm.

Homes Starting Mid-$300s

given to allow for tons of Right on Sierra, Le ft on Black Powder, natural light & much more. Righton CometLane.Lookforsigns. Come by the model home for starting in the low more information and plans.




Broker 0

R 8

20781 NE Comet Lane

under-mount stainless steel sink in kitchen, extra attention Directions:North on Boyd Acres,

Hosted 6Listed by:

Principal Broker


If so, Jackson County is recruiting for a Construction Manager or a C o nstruction Engineer to oversee all construction activities on the Jackson Countyroad system. The C onstruction Manager/Engineer is a k e y leadership and management position in the Engineering Division at J a ckson County Roads. As suc h , t h e Co n struction M anager/Engineer i s res p onsible f o r management o f Cou n t y con t racted transportation projects, developer projects on the County road system and utility work within the County right-of-way. T o m eet these responsibilities, the Construction Manager/ Engineer reviews and comments on plans, specifications, submittals and construction schedules; reviews and makes recommendations regarding project constructability, change orders and contractor claims; issues permits to developers, contractors and utilities; and supervises inspection s taff . If this management level position appeals to you, please vis i t our websi t e at Construction Manager salary $65,915-$84,136 annually, Construction Engineer s a lary $ 6 8,619$87,568 annually, with competitive leave/ benefit s packages. EOE. SPECIAL NOTE: While Jackson County is recruiting for positions titled "Construction Manager" and "Construction Engineer", we will only be filling one position with the best candidate from the combined pool of qualified applicants.

SUN. 12 - 3PM

Homes starting is the Iow

$200,000s. Brand new homes in Bend with the quality Pahlisch is known for stainless steel appliances, laminate wood floors, solid surface Chroma quartz counters (even in baths) with

• Do you have a road construction and engineedngbackground? • Do you like working as part of a supportive leadership team? • Do you want to live in an area where hiking, biking, fishing and outdoor activities abound?







ENT Practical ExamTest Proctor Seeking test proctor for EMT testing stations, during National Registry EMT practical exam. Current CPR + EMT Certifications req. $20/hr. Temporary, non-benefited position. Closes April 11.

THURS. - SUN. 12PM - 4PM



R E C O U T H L E D I V E C A O U S A N L O G A T W O N B A A T U S B U S L A S N L T U S M G B E S J A T E S T A T S M E N L O E L L A T L I G H R E N E 0 R E S

Commercial for Rent/Lease

Office Specialist - Admissions Provide customer service support for Admissions & Records department. Coordinate applications, data entry, and registration information. 2-yrs customer service exp. req. $2,238-$2,665/mo. Closes April 6.

Box 20473443, c/o The Bulletin, PO Box 8020, Bend, OR 97708 EOE

R 5

Houses for Rent SE Bend

Central Oregon Community College has openings listed below. Go to to view details & apply online. Human Resources, Newberry Hall, 2600 NW College Way, Bend OR 97701; (541)383 7216. For hearing/speech impaired, Oregon Relay Services number is 7-1-1. COCC is an AA/EO employer.

Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills are required. Must enjoy working with the public. College degree or previous office experience preferred. Pre-employment drug screening is required prior to hiring.

Hosted 6 L 'sted by: TEAM DELAY


RENTALS 603 - Rental Alternatives 604 - Storage Rentals 605 - RoommateWanted 616 - Want ToRent 627-Vacation Rentals& Exchanges 630- Rooms for Rent 631 - Condos &Townhomesfor Rent 632 - Apt./Multiplex General 634 - Apt./Multiplex NEBend 636 - Apt./Multiplex NWBend 638 - Apt./Multiplex SEBend 640 - Apt./Multiplex SWBend 642 - Apt./Multiplex Redmond 646 - Apt./Multiplex Furnished 648- Houses for RentGeneral 650- Houses for Rent NE Bend 652- Houses for Rent NWBend 654- Houses for Rent SEBend 656- Houses for Rent SW Bend 658- Houses for Rent Redmond 659- Houses for Rent Sunriver 660- Houses for Rent LaPine 661 - Houses for Rent Prineville 662- Houses for Rent Sisters 663- Houses for Rent Madras 664 - Houses for Rent Furnished 671 - Mohile/Mfd. for Rent 675 - RVParking 676 - Mohile/Mfd. Space

Grounds Custodian Specialist Perform general grounds and custodial duties. Includes transportation services,campus events setup, and snow removal and clean up. $1,979-$2,358/mo. Closes April 3.



for a:

Ability to work for long periods of time doing detail-oriented work is necessary. This person must understand the importance of accuracy and thoroughness in all duties.



Construction Manager or Construction Engineer

Organization, flexibility and a high level of computer proficiency are essential. A solid knowledge of keyboard short-cuts and a typing speed of at least 50 WPM is required.


Currently Recruiting

Clerical/Office We are looking for a full-time employee that is resourceful and self-motivated to assist a large staff and write daily clerical reports. This person should like working in a fast-paced environment and be able to meet tight deadlines on a daily basis. Prior writing or editorial experience preferred.



The Bulletin Circulation Department is seeking a Home Delivery Advisor. This is a full-time position and consists of managing an adult carrier force to ensure our customers receive superior service. Must be able to create and perform strategic plans to meet department objectives such as increasing market share and penetration. Ideal candidate will be a self-starter who can work both in the office and in their assigned territory with minimal supervision. Early a.m. hours are necessary with company vehicle provided. S t rong customer service skills and management skills are necessary. C omputer experience is required. You must pass a drug screening and be able to be insured by company to drive vehicles. This is an entry-level position, but we believe in promoting from within, so advancement within company is available to the right person. If you enjoy dealing with people from diverse backgrounds and you are energetic, have great organizational skills and interpersonal communication skills, please send your resume to:


I •

Broker should have "on the ground" experience in their own right doing sales and be familiar with compliance issues and governmental rules and regulations. Applicant could possibly continue to produce on their own. This is a perfect opportunity to take your Houses for Rent Principal Broker license to the next level in a Sunriver fun, exciting and progressive Brokerage. Confidentiality will be kept at all times. Do you VILLAGE PROPERTIES meet the requirements? Want to work in a g reat e nvironment w it h r e s pect a n d Sunriver, Three Rivers, La Pine. Great appreciation? This is the position for you! Salary TBD upon experience, bonus program. Selection. Prices range $425 - $2000/mo. View our full Please send your resume and cover letter inventory online at via e mail, p l ease s t ate y o u r s a lary r equirement i n you r res ponse t o : 1-866-931-1061, each resume' received will be responded to in a confidential fashion. I nterviews w il l be set up Find exactly what confidentially as well. Look forward to hearing you are looking for in the from YOU! CLASSIFIEDS

To apply, please send a resume to:



N O N 0 C D T R O O P P I S S E 0 S N A U M S E B Z A E G D E L S


Real Estate Designated Principal Broker position is being offered to someone outstanding in their field who wants to play a role in an progressive, successful Real Estate Company with a culture of synergy, training/education and broker services. Duties are unique in that you will work as a team member with current management, review and c ompliance of documents via a "paperless" system, assist with recruiting of Brokers, network with fellow brokers and be involved in COAR, Chamber and other events in the promotion of the Brokerage and current training and education.



2 bdrm 1 bath $675 2 bdrm 2 bath 725 EXTREME VALUE AD- A/C & w/d in every apt. VERTISING! 29 Daily h eated pools, r e c newspapers center, covered park$540/25-word classi- ing, covered parkng. fied 3-days. Reach 3 Stonebriar Apts. million Pacific North541-330-5020 westerners. For more information call (916) m/stonebriar 288-6019 or e m ail: elizabeth Call for Specials! for the Pacific North- Limited numbers avail. west Daily Connec1, 2 & 3 bdrms tion. (PNDC) w/d hookups, patios or decks. Mountain Glen Find exactly what 541-383-9313 you are looking for in the Professionally managed by CLASSIFIEDS Norris & Stevens, Inc.

c/o Kurt Muller PO Box 6020 Bend, OR 97708-8020 or e-mail resume to: No phone calls, please. The Bulletin is a drug-free workplace. EOE




The Bulletin


Bni aRnlh

STRUGGLING WITH YOUR M O R TGAGE and worried a bout foreclosure? Reduce your mortgage & save money. Legal loan modification services. Free co n sultation. 604 Call Preferred Law Storage Rentals 1-800-335-6592. (PNDC) For rent, 8'x20' container in secure facility. Dry, 573 only $90/mo. Call Business Opportunities clean, 9th Street RV Storage Center, 541-420-6851. WARNING The Bulletin recommends that you 630 i nvestigate eve r y Rooms for Rent phase of investment opportunities, espemstr bdrm, pric ially t h ose f r o m Large out-of-state or offered vate b a th , w a l k-in use of house & by a person doing closet, business out of a lo- appliances, f e nced for p ets. cal motel or hotel. In- backyard vestment o ff erings $500. 541-815-1171 must be r egistered 632 with the Oregon Department of Finance. Apt JMultiplex General We suggest you conCHECKYOUR AD sult your attorney or c all C O N S U M E R HOTLINE, 1-503-378-4320, 8:30-noon, Mon.-Fri. CLASSIFIED ADVERon the first day it runs TISING! Reach Over 3 M i l lion Pa c ific to make sure it is correct. "Spellcheck" and Northwesterners. human errors do oc$540/25-word classified ad in 2 9 d aily cur. If this happens to your ad, please connewspapers for tact us ASAP so that 3-days. Call the Pacorrections and any cific Northwest Daily adjustments can be Connection (916) made to your ad. 288-6019 or e m a il 541-385-5809 elizabeth for more info. (PNDC) The Bulletin Classified 634 Find exactly what you are looking for in the AptiMultiplex NE Bend

. 0 0

TRUCK DRIVER WANTED Must have doubles endorsement.


H ELP WANTED i n western North Dakota. Great Northern Ag is a pulse processing / seed facility in need of staff. Full details at www.greatnorthernag. com or call 701-497-3082. (PNDC)

Loans & Mortgages

Employment Opportunities

Can be found on these pages: EMPLOYMENT 410 - Private Instruction 421 -Schools and Training 454- Looking for Employment 470- Domestic & In-HomePositions 476 - EmploymentOpportunities 486- Independent Positions



Spacious, single-level new construction home in NW Redmond. Open floor plan with 3 beds, r» 2.5 baths, 2020 SF. 3-car garage, gourmet kitchen w/stainless appliances & 3088 NW 17th, Redmond custom tile work. Corner DirrcSms;N.OeHir/9i L on QuinceAre., R fireplace, office/den and on 10th St., 5ort//V SpruceAx,R.on/ff/17th, full landscaping & fencing. bouseonrigkpast Teakwodtn.


541-420-7978 Licred by Principal Brokers:


I. T 0 R s


Principal Broker



Ac44rLg Value to.fzeal estats


Kaeij &iWRs

Open Houses

oP gggg [PP

Hom e s with Acreage 5760 NW 66th Lane Redmond. 4 bdrm on 5 acres, 40x50 shop, fenced, borders BLM. $289,000. 541-615-1216

Open 12N 62712 Larkview Rd. Oakview Home

Attractively Priced SeanHaidet, Broker 541-848-7448



Garage Sales


Garage Sales

Open Houses


Garage Sales Open 12-3 1582 Erin Ct. NorthWest Crossing Exceptional Features Shelley Griffin, Broker 541-280-3804

in The Bulletin Classifieds

thegarnergroup 541 383 4380



Homes for Sale •

541 383 4380 wwwthegemergrrmpoom

Call a Pro Whether you need a fence fixed, hedges trimmed or a house built, you'll find professional help in The Bulletin's "Call a Service Professional" Directory 541-385-5809

Open 12-3 2679 NW Shields Dr. NorthWest Crossing Home With ADU

Angela Tweedie, Broker 541-410-1213

I thegarnergroup •

ll e rl weer llu •

541 383 4380


Recreational Homes & Property •


m e m ee tlo •

Meet singles right now! No paid operators, just real people like you. Browse greetings, exchange messages and connect live. Try it free. Call now: 877-955-5505. (PNDC)

1989 Yamaha Exciter, 2,000 miles, original owner, always garaged, $600. 541-480-7517



Find them


Arctic Cat 580 1994, EXT, in good condition, $1000.






Motorcycles & Accessories



Travel Trailers

Fifth Wheels

HDFatBo 1996

Best Motor Home Selection In C.O.!

Completely Rebuilt/Customized 2012/2013 Award Winner Showroom Condition Many Extras Low Miles.



Over 40 New & Pre-Owned To Choose From! On the spot financing, low monthly payments. Over 350 RVs in Inventory! Best Selection! Best Value! Visit us online at Bend: 541-330-2495 Redmond: 541-546-5254

Providence 2005 Fully loaded, 35,000 miles, 350 Cat, Very clean, non-smoker, 3 slides, side-by-side refrigerator with ice maker, Washer/Dryer, Flat screen TV's, In motion satellite. $95,000 541-480-2019

Orbit 21' 2007, used

only 8 times, A/C, oven, tub shower, micro, load leveler hitch, awning, dual batteries, sleeps 4-5, EXCELLENT CONDITION. All accessories are included. $14,511 OBO. 541-382-9441

RV CONSIGNMENTS WANTED We Do The Work ... You Keep The Cash! On-site credit

HONDA XR650L 2002

Nice bike, $2900.


All real estate adver- Fishing camp: dock, tised here in is sub- wave breaks, electric Located in La Pine. Call 541-408-6149. ject to th e F ederal to dock, f ully f u rFair Housing A c t, nished, extra bunks People Lookfor Information which makes it illegal in pump house, by About Products and to advertise any pref- water only on North Services EveryDaythrough erence, limitation or 10 Mi l e Lake . The Bulletin Clnssigeds Triumph Da ytona discrimination based 541-404-7595. on race, color, reli2004, 15K m i l e s, 860 ion, sex, handicap, perfect bike, needs amilial status or nanothing. Vin tional origin, or inten¹201536. tion to make any such Central Oregon, Prinev$4995 preferences, l i mita- ille. Grandfathered-in Dream Car tions or discrimination. one acre building sites Auto Sales We will not knowingly on paved dead end 1801Division, Bend accept any advertis- road. Ideal summer ing for real estate retreats for snowbirds 541-678-0240 which is in violation of or year round living. Dlr 3665 FXSTD Harley this law. All persons Power & water, wild- Davidson 2001,twin are hereby informed life. Near to mtns, riv- cam 86, fuel injected, that all dwellings ad- ers 8 lakes. 6 miles to Vance & Hines short veitised are available new hospital & shop- shot exhaust, Stage I on an equal opportu- ping. $34,500. Terms. with Vance& Hines nity basis. The Bulle- For sale by owner. fuel management tin Classified 541-350-4077 system, custom parts, extra seat. $1 0,500 OBO. Call Just bought a new boat? V ictory TC 9 2 ci Today Sell your old one in the 2002, runs great, 541-516-8684 classifieds! Ask about our 40K mi., Stage 1 Super Seller rates! Texas Best Buy 541-385-5809 Performance Kit, Own a 20-acre Texas Harley Davidson 2009 n ew tires, r e a r ranch only $395 per Super Glide Custom, brakes. $ 5 0 0 0. acre, $99 per month. 750 Stage 1 Screaming Financing and 541-771-0665 Eagle performance, Redmond Homes brochure available too many options to 800-875-6568 list, $8900. Yamaha 750 Maxum, Looking for your next 541-388-8939 1983, 19K, exlnt cond, emp/oyee? 50mpg, shaft d rive, Place a Bulletin help $1395. 541-279-7092 wanted ad today and 870 reach over 60,000 readers each week. Boats & Accessories FACTORY SPECIAL Your classified ad New Home, 3 bdrm, will also appear on 12'1969 Sears alumi$46,500 finished num fishing boat, on your site. which currently reHarley Davidson J and M Homes low hours on new 6 ceives over 541-548-5511 2011 Classic Limhp engine, with trailer 1.5 million page ited, Loaded! 9500 and extras. Good views every month miles, custom paint Where can you find a shape! $1600. "Broken Glass" by at no extra cost. 541-382-2599 helping hand? Bulletin Classifieds Nicholas Del Drago, Get Results! From contractors to new condition, 14'6" LUND alum. Call 365-5809 or heated handgrips, yard care, it's all here boat, 15 HP Merc place your ad on-line auto cruise control. in The Bulletin's m otor, E Z L oad at $32k in bike, "Call A Service trailer. Never been only $20,000or best in water due to illoffer. 541-316-6049 Professional" Directory ness i n fam i ly. $6500. 541-617-0646


Bigfoot Diesel 32' 2006, Su p er C Duramax d i e sel, Allison trans. only 37K mi., do u b le slide, 5500 Onan diesel gen., to many options to list. Vin¹ 534032, $79,995. BeaverCoach Sales &Service, Bend541-914-8438 DLR ¹3447

Dodge Brougham 1978, 15', 1-ton, clean, 69,000 miles. $4500. In La Pine, call 541-602-8652

approval team, web site presence. We Take Trade-Ins! Free Advertising. BIG COUNTRY RV Bend: 541-330-2495 Redmond: 541-548-5254

TIFFIN ALLEGRO BUS 2010 - FULLY LOADED 40QXP Powerglide Chassis / 425HP Cummings Engine / Allison 6 Spd Automatic Trans / Less than 40K miles / Offered at $199K. Too many options to list here! For more information go to

e ~ ~alle or email

trainwater1 57@

8 eetoo or call858-527-8627

Tioga 24' Class C Motorhome Bought new in 2000, currently under 20K miles, excellent shape, new tires, professionaly winterevery year, cutFleetwood Discovery ized off switch to battery, 40' 2003, diesel, w/all plus new RV batteroptions - 3 slide outs, ies. Oven, hot water satellite, 2 TV's, W/D, heater & air condietc., 32,000 m iles. have never Wintered in h e ated tioning been used! shop. $64,900 O.B.O. $24 000 obo. Serious 541-447-8664 inquiries please Stored in Terrebonne. 541-548-5174

on the first day it runs to make sure it is correct. eSpellchecke and

human errors do occur. If this happens to

your ad, please contact us ASAP so that

corrections and any adjustments can be made to your ad. 541-385-5809 The Bulletin Classified

Call a Pro

Pacific Ridge by Komfort 2011 Mdl P 27RL 31', 15' Super slide, power jack, electric awning, solar panel, 6-volt batteries, LED lighting, always stored inside. Must see to appreciate.Asking $28,000. Call Bill, 541-460-7930

Salem Cruise Lite 18', 2014 Only $10,999! Zero Down! $112 Per Month!

$10,999, 0 Down, $112 per month, 132 months, 5.75% apr, Tier One credit score, on approved credit.

Over 350 RVs in Inventory! Best Selection! Best Value! Visit us online at Bend: 541-330-2495 Redmond: 541-548-5254

Whether you need a fence fixed, hedges trimmed or a house built, you'll find professional help in The Bulletin's "Call a Service Professional" Directory 541-385-5809

Fleetwood Prowler 32' - 2001 2 slides, ducted heat & air, great condition, snowbird ready, Many upgrade options, financing available! $14,500 obo. Call Dick, 541-480-1687.

Keystone Challenger

2004 CH34TLB04 34'

fully S/C, w/d hookups, new 16' Dometic awning, 4 new tires, new Kubota 7000w marine diesel generator, 3 slides, exc. cond. ins ide 8 o ut. 27" TV dvd/cd/am/fm e n tertain center. Call for more details. O nly used 4 times total in last 5 1/3 y ears.. N o

pets, no smoking. High retail $27,700. Will sell

for $24,000 including sliding hitch that fits in your truck. Call 8 a.m. 10 p.m. for appt to room w/tub/shower (not a to see. 541-330-5527. "wet" bathroom), ceramic Need help fixing stuff? W~~8• Forest River Sunseeker toilet; AC, gas heat, gas Call A Service Professional Class C, 24-ft -Double cook stove w/oven; gas Laredo 30' 2009 find the help you need. bed, roomy bath/shower, water heater; micro, large lots storage, oak wood, 115v AC/gas fridge/ dining area slide-out w/ Winnebago A dven- freezer; 2 hanging clos• >, new awning. Micro, air, turer 2005 351/3', gas, 2 mirrors; cable TV & newflatscreen TV& RV less than 20,000 miles, ets, hookups; batt. On-board gen/low excellent condition, 2 rooftop antenna CD/radio, Ig rear hrs, arctic pkq, full cover. slide-outs, work horse stereo window; roller awning; Ford 450 V10, 36,300 mi, chassis, Banks power overall length is 35' load level hitch. tow pkg, leather seats, no brake system, sleeps has 2 slides, Arctic By owner $10,000. smoking/pets, sleeps 5-6 5, with al l o p tions, 541-647-8214 package, A/C, table (Sisters) $31,500. & chairs, satellite, Call 54 l-385-5809 to promote your service • Advertise for 28 days starting ttt 'I40 irhis speciapackag l eis not mailableonour website) $69,000 / negotiable. 541419-6176 Arctic pkg., power Call 5 4 1-306-8711or awning, in excellent 18' Maxum ski boat, 2000, Generator Kubota 3500 email a i kistu@bendcondition! More pix motor, g reat gas, 6 0 h rs, $ 1000 Building/Contracting Handyman at Landscaping/Yard Care Landscaping/Yard Care inboard cond, well maintained, CASH. 541-923-5960 $28,000 $8995 obo. 541-350-7755 NOTICE: Oregon state 541-419-3301 law requires anyone I DO THAT! 0: Tango 29.6' 2007, BULLETINCLASSIFIEDS who con t racts for Rear living, walkMonaco Lakota 32' 2002, Search the area's most construction work to around queen bed, 2 slides, AC, recliners, comprehensive listing of be licensed with the SERVINe CENTRALOREaotg central air, awning, walk-around queen bed, classified advertising... Sletge 2008 Construction ContracWinnebago Aspect sliding glass door closet, 1 large slide, Resldentlal at Commerclsl real estate to automotive, tors Board (CCB). An 200932', 3 slideGulfstream S u nnew tub & 10-gal water merchandise to sporting $12,000. active license Sprinkler outs, Leather intesport 30' Class A heater, good tires. Brand — Providinggoods. Bulletin Classifieds 541-280-2547 or means the contractor Handyman/Remodeli ng Activation/Repair new 20' screen room 1968 new f r idge, rior, Power s eat, appear every day in the is bonded & insured. 541-815-4121 Yard Maintenance locks, win d ows, available. Super clean, 1 TV, solar panel, new print or on line. Verify the contractor's Residential/Commercial Back Flow Testing Aluminum wheels. owner, n o n-smokers. & Clean-up, refrigerator, 4000W u CCB l i c ense at Small Jobs ro Call 541-385-5809 17 Flat Screen, $11 999. 541-447-7968 generator, w heelMAINnjtjAXCE Mowing, Thatching, www.hirealicensedRV Bttlrre Room Remodels chair lift avail. Good Surround s o u nd, Plugging CONSIGNMENTS • Thatch BI Aerate Garage orgagaatiog cond. $11,500 obo camera, Queen bed, or call 503-378-4621. Home InsPection RePairs & much more! WANTED The Bulletin • Sprlntl Clean ap Foam mattress, Aw541-447-5504 Serving Central Oregon since wm The Bulletin recomWe Do The Work ... Contaet Allen, Quality, Hrtnest Work ning, Generator, In• Weekly Mowlng mends checking with You Keep The Cash! verter, Auto Jacks, & Edging 541-536-1214 the CCB prior to con- Dennis541.317 9768 On-site credit Air leveling, Moon tracting with anyone. ccget5tgvgBonder/liesered • Bi-Monthly & 541-815-5313 approval team, roof, no smoking or Some other t rades MONTANA 3585 2006, MonthlyMaintenance web site presence. p ets. L ik e n e w , also req u ire addiWe Take Trade-Ins! exc. cond., 3 slides, • Bark, Rock, Etc. $74,900 tional licenses and ERIC REEVE king bed, Irg LR, Free Advertising. 541-460-6900 certifications. Arctic insulation, all BIG COUNTRY RV HANDY LANllSCAPING COLLINS options $35,000 obo. Bend: 541-330-2495 2007 Winnebago KOUNTRY AIRE 541-420-3250 • Landscape Redmond: Outlook Class wCw Find exactly what 1994 37.5' motor541-548-5254 Construction r+. c 31', solar panel, Cat. home, with awning, you are looking for in the Call The Bulletin At All Home tk Aeratien/Dethstchlng • Water Feature heater, excellent and one slide-out, 541-385-5809 CLASSIFIEDS Commercial Repairs Ask aboutEitEE added condition, more exInstallatlon/Malnt. Only 47k miles Looking for your Place Your Ad Or E-Mail T.SCHELLWORTH Carpentry-painting services with seasonal tras. Asking $58K. • Pavers and good condition. next employee? Honey Do's. General Contractor/ contract! Ph. 541<447-9268 At: Place a Bulletin help $25,000. • Renovations Small or large jobs, • Spring Clean-up Can be viewed at Builder ~ 541-548-0318 wanted ad today and • Irrigations • Moeutng esdgtong Western Recreation nO Ppgblem. (photo aboveis of a reach over 60,000 Custom Building, Installatlon • Pruntetg eweedeattttg Senior Discount (top of hill) similar model & not the WINNEBAGO readers each week. • Fmgtutzing 'Hauling in Prineviile. Remodelsand All work guaranteed. actual vehicle) Your classified ad Senior Discounts • Gmunds KeePing BRAVE 2003 tile work 541-389-3361 will also appear on Bonded and Insured Orre-eemorweekly sereioeeopliow • 34D, 2 slides Ads published in the 541-771-4463 FREE ES'nMATES 541%154458 • Tires 80% "Boats" classification which currently reI 541-588-0958 Call notpio scber/erlg! OPEN ROAD 36' Bonded - Insutgd Lcss s759 include: Speed, fish• Just completely ceives over 1.5 CCB¹i49468 2005 - $25,500 %4X-4SOP 1X4 ing, drift, canoe, lion page views evwebsite comingsoon! BONDED a IN Uturn serviced King bed, hide-a-bed house and sail boats. ery month at no sofa, 3 slides, glass • 39,000 miles + cca» tsssstLandscaping/Yard Care NOTICE: Oregon LandFor all other types of extra cost. Bulletin shower, 10 gal. wascape Contractors Law • No trades watercraft, please go Classifieds Get ReMonaco Lapalma, ter heater, 10 cu.ft. Check out the (ORS 671) requires all • $48,000 firm to Class 875. 2002, 34'10w - Worksults! Call 365-5809 fridge, central vac, classifieds online businesses that adPeople Lookfor Information 541-365-5609 horse 8.11 Less than 541-815-3150 or place your ad s atellite dish, 2 7 " vertise t o pe r form www.bendbulletin.cem on-line at About Products and 16,000 mi, 5.5 Onan TV/stereo syst., front Z~eer Qartfiep Landscape ConstrucUpdated daily gen., 2 slides, 4 dr. front power leveling Services EveryDaythrough tion which includes: Serrin CenrralOre on since 1903 Za~<C'a r,, refrig w/icemaker, jacks and s cissor l anting, deck s , The Bulletin ClassiBeds More Than Service micro/convection stabilizer jacks, 16' Wanted: crew memCheck out the ences, arbors, Painting/Wall Covering oven, water purifier, awning. Like new! Peace of Mind bers to sail Winchester hydraulic water-features, and inclassifieds online jacks, power Debris Removal 541-419-0566 stallation, repair of irBay, OR to San pilot seat+ more opSpring CleanUp cisco and return, aprigation systems to be tions. Exceptionally Updated daily •Leaves prox. 3 wks this sumSuncruiser34' l icensed w it h th e clean. $59,900/make Winnebaqo mer. Call Mark, •Cones Landscape Contrac2004, 35K, loaded, too 882 offer. 541-504-1008 541-233-6944 •Needles much to list, ext'd warr. tors Board. This 4-digit Fifth Wheels thru 2014, $49,900 Den•Debris Hauling number is to be in875 nis, 541-589-3243 cluded in all adverG K E AT tisements which indiWeedFree Bark European Watercraft 881 Will Haul Away cate the business has & FlowerBeds Recreation by Design 8 ' a bond, insurance and Professional Travel Trailers ""> FREEg' ds published in uWa National RV 2013 Monte Carlo, workers compensaLawn Renovation tercraft" include: Kay 38-ft. Top living room, 2 Tropical, 1997, Euroway by Fleetwood Painter For Salvage 8 '. Aeration - Dethatching tion for their employaks, rafts and motor bdrm, has 3 slideouts, 2 35-ft, Chevy Vortec ees. For your protec1996 27' trailer, Any Loeatlon ' Overseed Ized personal A/Cs, entertainment Repaint engine, new tires, Alpenlite 29' 1993, tion call 503-378-5909 excellent condition, 5 „.tRemoval, Compost watercrafts. Fo center, fireplace, W/D, new awnings, 12-ft with goo s eneck. Spmalist! or use our website: "boats" please se new tires, electric lift, Top Dressing garden tub/shower, in Also Cleanups slide-out, queen to A/C, micro, aluminum $4500 o6o. Needs great condition. $36,000 Class 670. Oregon License AB Cleanoats new ref r igerator check license status bed, Italian leather construction, fiber541-365-5609 obo. Call Peter, Landscape ¹186147 LLC before contracting with couch and recliner, glass exterior, always 541-306-1961. 307-221-2422, Leave message. Maintenance the business. Persons excellent condition. garaged. $5100. ( in La Pine ) Full or Partial Service doing lan d scape 541-815-2888 Serving CentralOregon since 1903 Ready to travel„ 541-549-0605 WILL DELIVER •Mowing eEdging maintenance do not towing hitch in•Pruning Weeding Best 5th Wheel r equire an LCB l i 880 885 cluded. $19,900. Sprinkler Adjustments cense. Selection in C.O.! Tree Services Domestic Services Motorhomes 541-815-4811 Canopies & Campers Over 45 Fertilizer included New & Preowned 1/~' Arctic Fox, 2009 9 To Choose From! HOME I$ WHFRE with monthly program On the spot financ- loaded, gen., excellent, $24,900. 541-410-1312 THE Weekly, monthly ing, low monthly KeystoneLaredo 31' payments. Over 350 or one time service RY 2006 with 12' DIRT IS RVs In Inventory! RV slide-out. Sleeps 6, Best Selection! CONSIGNMENTS EXPERIENCED queen walk-around 9 YEARS VnztugusvA Lttwttt Ctuts Navion RV 2008, Best Value WANTED Commercial bed w/storage underBeaver Marquis, EXPERIENCE IN L ANDSCAPE~ ttNCE Sprinter chassis 25'. We Do the Work, neath. Tub& shower. & Residential 1993 Mercedes Benz diesel, Visit us online at You Keep the Cash! HOUSEKEEPING. Weekly, Monthly or Mr. StllmPB11Ster 2 swivel rockers. TV. 40-ft, Brunswick 24,000 miles, pristine On-site credit One-Time Service Air cond. Gas stove & Professional Stump References & rates floor plan. Many cond., quality through- refrigerator/freezer. Bend: 541-330-2495 approval team, Senior Discounts SpringCjean-up & Tree Removol extras, well mainto fit your needs. out, rear slide-out w/ Redmond: web site presence. Microwave. Awning. 541-390-1466 We'll Nieetor Beat any Dethatching/Aeration tained, fire supqueen bed, deluxe 541-548-5254 We Take Trade-Ins! Outside sho w er. Same Day Response Mowing• Edging• Pruning WritlwnEstimalm! Call Julie 8t Hovana pression behind captain swivel front Free Advertising. Slide through stor• 24 Years experience seats, diesel generator, Today! Fertilizing• DebrisRemoval refrig, Stow Master BIG COUNTRY RV • Insured a ge, E a s y Li f t . Find exactly what awning, no pets/ Bark antj More! 5000 tow bar, Bend: 541-330-2495 $29,000 new; • Free Estimates 541-728-1800 you are looking for in the FREE ESTIMATES 541-213-9103 no smoking. $24,995. Asking$18,600 Redmond: $75,500. 541-383-3503 541-447-4605 541-548-5254 CLASSIFIEDS 541-410-0648 •






The Bulletin


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The Bulletin





SPRINGDALE 22' 2010 Exlnt cond, Q-bed+ dinette/small bed; bath-





• 8 i I







Sport Utility Vehicles






Mercedes Benz

Porsche 911 Carrera 993 cou e


C220 1996

BOATS 8 RVs 805- Misc. Items 850 - Snowmobiies 860 - Motorcycies And Accessories 865 - ATVs 870 - Boats & Accessories 875 - Watercraft 880 - Motorhomes 881 - Travel Trailers 882 - Fifth Wheels 885- Canopies and Campers 890- RVs for Rent C


AUTOS8ETRANSPORTATION 908 - Aircraft, Parts and Service 916 - Trucks and Heavy Equipment 925 - Utility Trailers 927 - Automotive Trades 929 - Automotive Wanted 931 - Automotive Parts, Service and Accessories 932 - Antique and Classic Autos 933 - Pickups 935 - Sport Utility Vehicles 940 - Vans 975 - Automobiles



2 0 07, 99K CorvetteCoupe miles, premium pack1996, 350 auto, age, heated lumbar 135k, non-ethanol supported seats, panoramic moo nroof, fuel/synthetic oil, garaged/covered. Bluetooth, ski bag, Xenon headlights, tan & Bose Premium Gold system. Orig. owner black leather interior, manual. Stock! n ew front & re a r $10,500 OBO. brakes @ 76K miles, Retired. Must sell! one owner, all records, very clean, $1 6,900. 541-923-1781 541-388-4360



BuickLacrosse CX

Automotive Parts, Service & Accessories



tires 5-lug p attern, $6 0 o b o , 541-279-8908 American Racing wheels (4), cast aluminum dish

Ford Thunderbird 2004 Convertible



Aircraft, Parts & Service

-avwr '



Financing available.


spacing. 541-604-0963


Michelin P225/45R-18 low profile radials mounted on 5 spoke, 5 lug Chevy rims, $600 obo. 541-647-2640 C Set of 15 tire rims, 5 lug, fits S10 Chevy pickup, $60. 541-475-2872 932

Antique & Classic Autos

Dodge Ram 2500 2008 Diesel, exc. towing vehicle, 2WD, 55,000 miles. New batteries, rear air bags, Roll-n-lock bed

Cessna 150 LLC

engine, power everything, new paint, 54K orig. miles, runs great, exc. $7500 obo. 541-480-3179

Tiptronic auto. transmission Silver blue leather interior, moon/sunroof, new quality tires and battery, car and seat covers, many extras. Recently fully ser-

viced, garaged,

Need help fixing stuff?

FWD automatic, 4-Spd, 75,999 mi. Vin¹343933 $9,977 ROBBERSON


541.312.3986 DLR ¹0205



2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 877-266-3821 Dlr ¹0354

looks and runs like new. Excellent condition $29,700 541-322-9647 Porsche 911 Turbo Subaru Outback 3.0R 2006, AWD, leather, roof rack, CD. Vin ¹300629 $17,995

Need to get an ad in ASAP? You can place it online at:

maa m

Cadillac Deville DHS 2000. Most options, exc. cond. 93,000 mi.. New tires. $4,800. 541-233-8944.

Vehicle? Call The Bulletin and place an ad today! Ask about our 'Whee/ Deal"! for private party advertisers

automatic, 43k

I I o c 0 Lo ~


cover, spray-in

liner. 5th wheel hitch available, too. $19,000. 541-604-1285


2.0L 4 cyls, FWD, miles, 28 MPG Hwy, vin¹438072 $12,977 ROBBERSON Emm E m

541.312.3986 DLR ¹0205

6.0L V8, auto.,diesel, 4WD Vin¹D74407 Barqain Corral $1 8,977 ROBBERSON LI II c 0 Lo ~


541.312.3986 DLR¹0205

TURN THE PAGE For More Ads The Bulletin Ford F-350 4x4,

Lexus IS 250 2013, charcoal gray 12k mi., ¹062184 $33,995

L'"" " " '


Nissan Altima2010 CE


CHECK YOUR AD Please check your ad on the first day it runs Mazda3 2012 to make sure it is correct. Sometimes ins tructions over t h e Ford Bronco 1990, phone are misunder5.9 351, 134k miles, stood and an error exc. cond. inside and can occur in your ad. out. $3,295 or make If this happens to your Sport, 5 spd, leather offer. 541-550-6328 ad, please contact us seats, hatchback, the first day your ad FWD. 68,398 mi. vin¹532282 appears and we will be happy to fix it as $17,977 s oon as w e c a n . ROBBERSON y Deadlines are: WeekLlocoLc~ amaaa days 12:00 noon for next day, Sat. 11:00 Ford Bronco II 541.312.3986 a.m. for Sunday; Sat. DLR ¹0205 4x4, 198912:00 for Monday. If Automatic, power we can assist you, please call us: steering, stereo 541-385-5809 upgrade, set-up to The Bulletin Classified tow, runs good.

2.5S 4cyl., FWD, CVT, 76k mi., 32

mpg„Tuscan Sun

Metallic, vin¹443778

$11,997 ROBBERSON ~ ~a

2006 XLT 4-door Crew Cab

maa a

Olds 98 Regency 1990 exc. shape, runs as new, one owner, 20 mpg in town. New battery, stud snow tires. $2000. 541-389-9377

Subaru lmpreza 2.5i V olvo S40 T 5 2 0 0 5 2011, 4 C y l., a uto, AWD, sunroof, lux/winter AWD, running lights, pkgs, new tires, more! n ice w h eels. V i n $6775 obo.541-330-5818 ¹507659 WHEN YOU SEE THIS $16,999


Plymouth B a r racuda 1966, original car! 300 6.0L Turbo diesel, full Chevrolet HH R LS hp, 360 V8, center- power, a u tomatic, 2009, tow pkg, FWD, lines, 541-593-2597 6-disc CD, cruise, fog remotge keyless enlights, running boards, (p/EotEE only) try. Vin ¹618685 tow pkg, bedliner, grill H ondaior Cillustration R- V E X - L 172 Cessna Share $12,999 guard, folding rear trailer, extra set 2007, a uto, 4 W D , IFR equipped, new seat. Tan cloth intetires and rims moon roof, leather, S UBA R U avionics, Garmin 750 rior, metallic tan extealloy wheels, privacy $5995. rior. 91,400 miles. touchscreen, center Hwy 20, Bend. 541-548-5648 glass. Vin ¹123594 2060 NE stack, 180hp. 877-266-3821 Rolls Royce 1992 Sil- Priced to sell $21,500 $21,995 Exceptionally clean ver Spur II,excellent! Dlr ¹0354 541-350-6925 & economical! Midnight Blue exterior, Look at: S UBA R U Parchment leather inte$13,500. 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. Hangared in KBDN rior, 15-inch chrome RR for Complete Listings of 877-266-3821 Ford Ranger 1990 wheels, Alpine Sirius Call 541-728-0773 Area Real Estate for Sale K ing Cab , g o o d Dlr ¹0354 DVD/CD/AM/FM/GPS navigation system, cond, new motor, tinted windows, bed 77,200 miles, dealer(phEEto forinustratiEEnonly) ship maintained, alliner, 2 sets tires, Chevrolet TrailBlazer ways garaged. New, dual pipe. Must see 2003, auto, 4.2 liter, about $250,000; sell to appreciate. $4000 a lloy w heels, V i n $19,500. 541-480-3348 obo. 541-948-9061 ¹103029 WHEN ONLY THE $7,999 1974 Bellanca BEST WILL DO! Jeep Compass Lati1730A S UBA R U tude 2012, roof rack, spoiler, keyless entry, 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 2180 TT, 440 SMO, Vin ¹508927 877-266-3821 180 mph, excellent $22,999 Dlr ¹0354 condition, always Ford Supercab 1992, S UBA R U hangared, 1 owner claCRUoalaao.ooa Buick Skylark 1972 brown/tan color with for 35 years. $60K. 17K orig. miles. Please m atching ful l s i z e 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 877-266-382'I see Bend Craiglist for canopy, 2WD, 460 In Madras, Dlr ¹0354 details. $18,900. over drive, 135K mi., call 541-475-6302 541-323-1898 full bench rear seat, Nissan Pathfinder SV slide rear w i ndow, 2012, red, 36k mi., 933 Corvette 1979 bucket seats, power $23,995. ¹604777 L82- 4speed. Pickups seats w/lumbar, pw, 85 000 miles HD receiver & trailer Garaged since new. brakes, good t i res. I've owned it 25 Good cond i tion. 541-598-3750 years. Never dam$4900. 541-389-5341 aged or abused. www.aaaoregonautoCessna 182Q, 1977, $12,900. mid-time engine/ Dave, 541-350-4077

S UBA RU claCccocomo.ooa

2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 877-266-3821

Pontiac Grand AM SE1 2003

Mazda Miata 1997 M-Edition Mica Green, 5-spd, All power options, leather, convertible boot, Tonneau Cover, synthetic oils, small alum.

Dlr ¹0354

FWD, V6 auto., 90k mi., 29 mpg Hwy, Vin¹572987 Bar ain Corral 6,977 ROBBERSON


cc ~


Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT Limited 2005, loaded, leather, roof, a l loy wheels. VIN ¹210360 $16,995


S UBA RU claCccocomo.ooa

2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 877-266-3821 Dlr ¹0354

541-312-3986 DLR ¹0205 On a classified ad go to to view additional photos of the item.

Get your business




2003 6 speed, X50 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. added power pkg. 877-266-3821 530 HP! Under 10k Dlr ¹0354 miles, Arctic silver, gray leather interior, ToyotaCelica new quality t ires, Convertible 1993 and battery, Bose p remium sou n d stereo, moon/sunroof, car and seat covers. Many extras. Garaged, p e r fect condition, $59,700. GT 2200 4 cyl, 5 541-322-9647 speed, a/c, pw, pdl, nicest c o nvertible around in this price Porsche Carrera 911 range, new t ires, 2003 convertible with wheels, clutch, timhardtop. 50K miles, ing belt, plugs, etc. new factory Porsche 111K mi., remarkmotor 6 mos ago with able cond. inside 18 mo factory warand out. Fun car to ranty remainina. drive, Must S E E! $37,500. $5995. R e dmond. 541-322-6928 541-504-1993

541-312-3986 DLR ¹0205

$1700. 541-633-6662

e ROW I N G with an ad in The Bulletin's "Call A Service Professional" Directory

Add c eleI' ph e t e s a nd s e ll ye u I ' s t u ff fmmt.


L 'I


i The Bulletin i

Ford T-Bird, 1966, 390

150hp conversion, low time on air frame and engine, hangared in Bend. Excellent periormance 8 affordable flying! $6,000. 541-410-6007

on black, sport/prem packs, leather, 3.5i turbo, nav., 20k miles, 19o wheels, cold weather pkg, Xenons, warranteed to 9/2015.$38,000 One owner,

541 O385-5809

1/3 interest in wellequipped IFR Beech Bonanza A36, new 10-550/ Ford F150 1983, Nice, original Thunderbird prop, located KBDN. canopy. needs motor $65,000. 541-419-9510 $350. 541-410-3425 www.

1996, 73k miles,

1921 Model T Delivery Truck Restored & Runs $9000. 541-389-8963

1/5th interest in 1973

541-312-3986 DLR ¹0205

BMW X3 2011 black

54'I -288-3333


Call A Service Professional find the help you need.


Ford F-250 XLT 2006 SuperCab

(located @ Bend.)

L Ico0 Lo ~

Kia Soul+ 2012

14 o rims with

style, 15x7, 5 lug, 4.5

2.2L 4 cyl. auto, 104k miles, 29 MPG Hwy, Gray, Vin¹391666 $5,998 ROBBERSON

with hard & soft top, silver with black interior, all original, very low mileage, in premium condition. $19,900. 702-249-2567 (car is in Bend)

Subaru Legacy 3.0 R Limited 2008, 6 Cyl., auto, AWD, leather, m oon r o of , re a r spoiler, alloy wheels. Vin ¹207281 $24,999


In print and online with The Bulletin's Classifieds.

prop, custom panel, S-Tec 30+ altitude hold, Garmin 430, GPSS, oversized

tires, digital fuel flow, excellent paint & interior. Must see to appreciate. Asking $68,000. Bill, 541-480-7930

Hangarfor sale at Redmond Airport - not a T Hangar -$39,000. 541-420-0626

5.3 V8, Flexfuel, 14K

miles, Extended Cab, tow pkg, Performance 20" wheels, Sirius XM, OnStar, bedliner, Snug Top, like new! $28,500. 541-923-8868 O"

.y • jj

FORD XLT 1992 3/4 ton 4x4 matching canopy, 30k original miles, possible trade for classic car, pickup, motorcycle, RV $13,500. In La Pine, call 928-581-9190


2005 Diesel 4x4 Save money. Learn to fly or build hours with your own airc raft. 1968 A e ro Commander, 4 seat, 150 HP, low time, full panel. $23,000 obo. Contact Paul at 541-447-5184.

T-Hangar for rent at Bend airport. Call 541-382-8998. 916

Trucks & Heavy Equipment

A dd color ph o tos fo r p e t s , r eal est a t e , a u t o & m o r e !

2012 Chevrolet Silverado LT 4x4-

Chev Crewcab dually, Allison tranny, tow pkg., brake controller, cloth split front bench seat, only 66k miles. Very good condition, Original owner, $34,000 or best offer. 541-408-7826



Toyota 4Runner 2000, moon roof, running boards, to w p k g ., CORVETTE COUPE alloy wheels. Vin¹ Glasstop 2010 290993 Grand Sport-4LT $8,999 loaded, clear bra hood & fenders. S UBA R U New Michelin Super 2060 NE Hwy 20• Bend Sports, G.S. floor 877-266-3821 mats, 17,000 miles, Dlr ¹0354 Crystal red. $42,000. 503-358-1164. Toyota Landcruiser VX 1999 tt



GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPIES,we QUAINT CABIN ON 10 ACRES! FORD F150 XL 2005. This truck are three adorable, loving puppies Modern amenities arid all the quiet can haul it alu Extra Cab, 4X4, and looking for a caring home. Please yoEEwillneed. Roomtocrowiriyoiir a tough VS engine will Oet the job call right away. $500 own little paradisel Call now. done on the ranch.

GMC 2500 2003 HD SLE Crew Cab

4-wheel drive, 6.6 liter V8 Turbo Diesel Duramax engine, Allison transmission, many options, 107,000 miles. Very good condition, $21,500. 707-484-3518 (locatedin Bend)

4.7L V8, 4WD, auto., 16mpg Hwy, Vin¹ 66902 Bargain Corral $11,977 ROBBERSON L Ico0Lc ~

amaa a

541.312.3986 DLR¹0205

Door-to-door selling with fast results! It's the easiest way in the world to sell.



The Bulletin Classified 541-385-5809

GMC Sonoma 2001 4x4 Ext Cab, 4.3L V6, 87,650 Chevy Ext. Cab 1991 miles, very good cond. with camper s hell, $5500. 541-388-1714 good cond., $1500 Peterbilt 359 p otable OBO. 541-447-5504. water truck, 1 990, 3200 gal. tank, 5hp DodgeRam 1500 I nternational Fla t O p ump, 4 - 3 hoses, SLT uadcab 1999 Bed Pickup 1963, 1 camlocks, $ 25,000. ton dually, 4 s pd. 541-820-3724 trans., great MPG, could be exc. wood 929 hauler, runs great, Automotive Wanted new brakes, $1950. 541-419-5480. 5 .2L V8 aut o . , DONATE YOUR CAR1 43,659 mi. R W D FAST FREE TOWToyota Tundra 2011 ING. 24 hr. Response Vin ¹628726 Crew Max LTD 42k Bargain Corral. Tax D eduction. mi., ¹181270 $37,988 $5,977 UNITED BR E A ST CANCER FOUNDAROBBERSON TION. Providing Free LI O c0 Io ~ am mm M ammograms 8 Breast Cancer Info. 541-598-3750 541.312.3986 888-592-7581. www.aaaoregonautoDLR¹0205 (PNDC)

PMt Nl

Chrysler Town & Country LXI 1997, beautiful inside & out, one owner, nonsmoker,. loaded with options! 197,892 mi. Service rec o rds available. $4 , 950. Call Mike, (541) 8158176 after 3:30 p.m.

Honda Odyssey

1999. Very good cond. Runs well, Two sets of tires on rims - summer and winter. $2500. 541-593-2312 or 541-977-7588

Ford Mustang 2004, V8, manual, RWD, p ower seats, r e ar spoiler, leather. VIN ¹232501 $14,999


I r I I






2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 877-266-3821 Dlr ¹0354 Where can you find a helping hand? From contractors to yard care, it's all here in The Bulletin's "Call A Service Professional" Directory

*Special private party rates apply to merchandise and automotive categories.



Ford Thunderbird 2002 c o nvertible with brand new tonneau cover, white with grey i nterior, loaded, 88,600 low miles, choice condition, eve r ything works. Great fun car to d r ive. I l l ness forces sale $13,950 cash. C all Bi l l 541-604-9307

To PlaCe yOur PhOtO ad, ViSit IjS Online at WW W . b e n d b u l l e t i n . C O m or Call With queStiOnS,

S 4i - S S S-Se e e HOURS:MOnday-Friday7:30 am to5:00 Pm TELEPHONEHOURS: MOnday-Friday7:30 am-5 Pm Saturday10 am-12:30 Pm 24 HOUR MESSAGE LINE: 541-383-2371 PlaCe,CanCelor eXtend an adafter hOurS












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meet the state's fiests in real and perflicts with federal law, nancial g u idelines, s onal property t o persons having no LEGAL NOTICE you are entitled to which you may have a TRUSTEE'S NOTICE record legal or equi have an attorney ap- claim. NOTICE TO table interest in the O F SALE File N o . p ointed for you a t THE D E FENDANT: 7 827.20491 Re f e r subject property will state expense. TO READ THESE P Aence is made to that only receive informa REQUEST APPERS CAREFULLY! c ertain t rust d e e d tion concerning the POINTMENT OF AN You must "appear" in m ade by A lban L . lender's estimated or ATTORNEY TO this case or the other Meister and Berylle D. actual bid. Lender bid R EPRESENT Y O U side will win automati- Meister, as tenants by i nformation is a l s o AT S T A T E EX- cally. To "appear" you the en t irety, as available a t the PENSE, YOU MUST must file with the court grantor, to A l liance trustee's web s ite, IMMEDIATELY CON- a legal paper called a Title Company, as www.northwestTACT the K l amath "motion" or "answer." trustee, in favor of Fi Notice is Juvenile Department The "motion" or "an- nancial Freedom Se further given that any at 316 Main Street, swer" must be given nior Funding Corpora person named in ORS K lamath Falls, O R to the court clerk or tion, a subsidiary of 86.753 has the right, 97601, phone num- administrator w i thin IndyMac Bank, F.S.B., at any time prior to ber (541) 883-5503, 30 days of the date of as beneficiary, dated five days before the between the hours of first publication speci- 08/21/06, r e c orded date last set for the 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 fied herein, along with 08/25/06, in the mort s ale, to h av e t h is p.m. for further infor- the required filing fee. gage records of Des foreclosure proceed mation. IF YOU WISH It must be in proper c hutes County, Or ing dismissed and the T O HIRE A N A T - form and have proof egon, as 2006-58483 trust deed reinstated TORNEY, please re- o f service o n t h e and subsequently as by payment to t he tain one as soon as Plaintiffs attorney or, if signed to O neWest beneficiary of the en possible. If you need the Plaintiff does not B ank, FSB b y A s tire amount then due help finding an attor- have a n a t t orney, signment recorded as (other than such por ney, you may call the proof of service on the 2013-051738, cover tion of the principal as Oregon State Bar's Plaintiff. if you have ing the following de would not then be due Lawyer Referral Ser- any questions, you scribed real property had no d efault oc vice at (503) should see an attor- situated in said county curred) and by curing 684-3763 or toll free ney immediately, if and state, to wit: Lot 1 any o ther d e fault in Oregon at (800) y ou need hell) i n complained of herein in Block 5 of EAST 452-7636. IF YOU finding an a ttorney, SIDE - THIRD ADDI that is capable of be ARE REPRE- you may call the Or- TION, City of Bend, ing cured by tender SENTED BY AN AT- egon S tate B a r 's Deschutes County, ing the performance TORNEY, I T IS Lawyer Referral Ser- Oregon. PROPERTY required under the ob YOUR R ESPONSI- vice at 503-684-3763 ADDRESS: 1555 ligation or trust deed, B ILITY T O M A I N- or toll-free in Oregon Northeast Me i s ter and in addition to pay TAIN CON T A CT at 800- 4 52-7636. Place B end, OR ing said sums or ten W ITH Y OU R A T - ARNOLD GALdering th e p e r for 97701-5082 Both the T ORNEY AND T O LAGHER PERCELL beneficiary and the mance necessary to K EEP YOUR A T - ROBERTS & P O T- trustee have elected cure the default, by TORNEY ADVISED TER, P.C., Attorneys to sell the real prop paying all costs and OF YOUR WHERE- a t Law, 8 0 0 W i l - erty to satisfy the obli expenses actually in ABOUTS. (2) If you lamette Street, Suite gations secured by curred in enforcing the contest the petition, 800, Eugene, Oregon the trust deed and a obligation and trust the court will sched- 97401, T e l ephone: notice of default has deed, together with ule a hearing on the 541-484-0188, Benand been recorded pursu trustee's allegations of the peti- jamin M . K e arney, ant to O regon Re a ttorney's fees n o t tion and order you to OSB No. 014666, At- vised exceeding the Statutes appear personally and torney for P l aintiff. 86.735(3); the event amounts provided by may schedule other D ATE O F FIR S T of default under the said OR S 8 6 .753. hearings related to the P UBLICATION IS : n ote and deed o f Requests from per petition and order you March 16, 2014. trust, pursuant to Sec sons named in ORS to appear personally. t ion 9(a)(i) of t h e 86.753 for reinstate I F YOU AR E O R Deed of Trust, which ment quotes received Find exactly what DERED TO APPEAR, provides that, "Lender less than six d ays YOU MUST APPEAR you are looking for in the may require immedi prior to the date set PERSONALLY IN ate payment in full of for the trustee's sale CLASSIFIEDS THE COURTROOM, all sums secured by will be honored only at UNLESS THE this Security Instru the discretion of the COURT HAS ment if... .Borrower b eneficiary or i f r e LEGAL NOTICE Need to get an ad GRANTED YOU AN TO INT E RESTED dies and the Property quired by the terms of EXCEPTION IN ADin ASAP? PERSONS. NOTICE is not the p rincipal the loan documents. VANCE UNDER ORS IS HEREBY GIVEN residence of at least In construing this no 4 19B.918 T O AP - that the undersigned o ne surviving B o r tice, the singular in Fax it ts 541-322-7253 PEAR BY O T HER has been appointed rower". Default date of cludes the plural, the MEANS INCLUDING, Personal Representa- 02/13/2012 and pay word " grantor" i n The Bulletin Classifieds BUT NOT L IMITED tive of the Estate of the following sums: cludes any successor TO, T E L EPHONIC M ichael i n interest t o t h e Fran c is principal balance of OR OTHER ELEC- Becker, Deceased, by $185,121.38 with ac grantor as well as any TRONIC MEANS. AN the Deschutes County crued interest from other person owing an LEGAL NOTICE IN T H E C I R CUIT ATTORNEY MAY Circuit Court of the Ot/1 3/201 2; together obligation, the perfor COURT O F THE NOT ATTEND THE State of Oregon pro- with title e x pense, mance of which is se STATE OF OREGON HEARING(S) IN bate number costs, trustee's fees cured by said trust PLACE . 14PB0024. All p e rF OR KLAM A T H Y OUR and attorney's fees deed, and the words "trustee" and "benefi COUNTY J u v enile P ETITIONER'S A T sons having claims i ncurred herein b y D epartment. In t h e T ORNEY: John D . against the Estate are reason of said default; ciary" include their re Matter of N A T ION N orton, Senior A s required to p resent any further sums ad spective successors DEVON DER E AS sistant Attorney Gen- them, with p r oper vanced by the benefi in interest, if any. The ARNETT, A C h i ld. e ral, Department o f vouchers, within four ciary for the protec trustee's rules of auc Case No. Justice, 14 N. Central, (4) months after the tion of t h e a b o ve tion may be accessed Suite 211, Medford, www . northwest 1 100568JV3. P U B date of first publica- described real prop at LISHED SUMMONS. OR 97501, Phone: erty and its interest and are tion of this notice to TO: NUKKI L. THO(541) 776-6002. ISthe undersigned or therein; and prepay incorporated by this MAS. IN THE NAME SUED this 12th day of the claims may be ment penalties/premi reference. You may OF THE STATE OF March, 2014. Issued barred. All p ersons ums, if applicable. By also access sale sta OREGON: A petition by: John D. N orton whose rights may be reason of said default, tus at www.northwest has been filed asking ¹993310, Senior As- affected by the pro- the beneficiary has and sistant Attorney Gen- ceedings may obtain declared all sums ow www.USA-Foreclothe court to enter a eral. ing on the obligation For further judgment establishing additional information the paternity of the secured by said trust information, p l ease from the records of above-named child. deed immediately due contact: Bre a n on the Court, the underJust too many Nort h west Y OU A RE DIsigned or the attor- and payable, s aid Miller RECTED TO FILE A collectibles? neys for the under- sums being the follow Trustee Services, Inc. WRITTEN ANSWER signed. DATED and ing, to wit: principal P.O. Box 997 Belle to the p etition NO of vue, WA 98009-0997 first published March balance Sell them in 586-1900 Meister, Al LATER T HA N 30 23, 2014. Deborah A. St 85,121.38 with in DAYS AFTER THE The Bulletin Classifieds Scherrer, L. (TS¹ P e r sonal terest thereon at the ban DATE O F LAS T note rate o f 1 . 660 7827.20491) R epresentative c / o P UBLICATION O F 541-385-5809 Suzanne M. percent per annum 1002.264787-File No. T HIS S U M M ONS, McVicker, K arnopp beginning 02/t 3/201 2; specified herein, conPetersen LLP, 1201 together with title ex Need to gat an senting to or objectLEGAL NOTICE N.W. Wall St., Suite pense, costs, trustee's ing to the establish- IN T H E C I R CUIT 200, Bend, Oregon fees and attorney's ad in ASAP? ment of th e c hild's COURT O F T HE 97701, TEL: ( 5 41) fees incurred herein paternity and inform- STATE OF OREGON 382-3011, FAX: (541) by reason of said de You can place jt ing the court of your FOR D E SCHUTES 383-3073, Of A t tor- fault; any further sums online at: current residence ad- COUNTY. OREGON neys fo r P e rsonal advanced by the ben d ress, mailing a dHOUSING AND Representative. eficiary for the protec tion of the above de dress and telephone C OMMUNITY S E R number. YOUR AN- VICES DEP A R T- FIND IT! scribed real property SWER SHOULD BE MENT, State of Orand i ts inte r est 541.385.5809 I ggg (7 MAILED TO Klamath e gon, P laintiff v s . therein; and prepay UNKNOWN H E I RS SELL IT! ment penalties/premi County Courthouse, 316 Main Street, Kla- OF GARY R. The Bulletin Classifieds ums, if a p plicable. PUBLIC NOTICE math Falls, Oregon SALSER; OREGON W HEREFORE, n o The Bend Park & Rec97601. This sum - AFFORDABLE tice hereby is given reation District Board LEGAL NOTICE mons is p u blished HOUSING that the undersigned of Directors will meet A S S IS- TO INTERESTED pursuant to the order TANCE CORPORAtrustee will on June in a w o r k s ession PERSONS of the circuit court TION, a n O r e gon D onna Hines h a s 23, 2014 at the hour T uesday, April 1 , judge of the nonprofit corporation; been appointed Per- of 10:00 o'clock, A.M. 2014, beginning at ROSE 5:30 at the district ofabove-entitled court, ANGELA accord with the Representative in fice, 799 SW Columdated March 6, 2014. S ALSER, a n in d i - sonal standard of time es of the estate of Grant The order directs that v idual; ORE G ON t ablished b y OR S bia, Bend, Oregon. B . T h omas, d e thissummons be pub- WATER W O NDER- ceased, by the Circuit 187.110, at the follow T he board will r e l ished once e a c h LAND P R O PERTY ing place: inside the ceive a volunteer reState of Orweek for three con- OWNERS ASSOCIA- Court, main lobby of the De port, a senior center egon, Des c hutes secutive weeks, TION, UNIT II, an Ors chutes Coun t y project scope and disC ounty, Case N o . making three publica- egon nonprofit cor- 14PB0001. Al l per- Courthouse, 1164 NW cuss potential finantions in all, in a pub- poration; and sons having claims Bond, in the City of cial impact of capital lished newspaper of OCCUPANTS OF Bend, County of Des project expenditures. PRE M ISES, against the estate are c hutes, State of Or A regular meeting will general circulation in THE required to p resent Deschutes C o unty, Defendants. Case No. them, with vouchers egon, sell at public begin at 7 00 p m. Oregon. Date of first 14CV0103FC. PUB- attached, to the un- auction to the highest The board will conp ublication: M a r c h LICATION SUMbidder for cash the in sider approval of a Personal terest in t h e de new development su16, 2014. Date of last MONS. To: Unknown dersigned Representative at 250 publication: March 30, H eirs of G a r y R . NW Franklin Avenue, scribed real property pervisor position. 2014. NOTICE READ Salser. IN THE NAME which the grantor had Suite 402, Bend, Or- or had power to con T he a g enda a n d T HESE PAP E R S OF THE STATE OF CAREFULLY: IF YOU OREGON: You are egon 97701, within vey at the time of the s upplementary r e four months after the execution by grantor ports are posted on D O NOT F I L E A hereby required to WRITTEN ANSWER appear and answer date of M arch 23, of the trust deed, to the district's website, the first publi- gether with any inter www.bendparksanAS DIREC T ED the First A m ended 2014, A BOVE, th e c o u rt Complaint filed cation of this notice, est which the grantor For more the claims may be or grantor's succes information call may proceed in your a gainst you i n t h e or Add i tional sors in interest ac 541-389-7275. absence without fur- above entitled cause barred. may be ther notice and issue within 30 days from information quired after the execu a judgment establish- the date of service of o btained from t h e tion of the trust deed, FIND YOUR FUTURE records of the court, ing the paternity of the this Summons upon the Personal Repre- to satisfy the forego HOME INTHE BULLETIN oblig ations above-named c h ild you, and if you fail so sentative, or the law- ing O N THE DATE A N to answer, for want thereby secured and Your future is just apage A NSWER I S RE - thereof, the Plaintiff yer for the Personal t he costs an d e x away. Whetheryou're looking Representative, PatriQ UIRED BY T H I S will apply to the Court cia Heatherman. Papenses of sale, includ for a hat or aplace to hangit, ing a re a sonable SUMMONS OR ON A for the relief prayed tricia H e a therman, charge by the trustee. The Bulletin Classified is FUTURE DATE, and for in the Complaint to 250 NW Franklin your best source. Avmay make such or- wit: Monetary judgNotice is further given nue, S u it e 4 0 2 , that for reinstatement Every daythousandsof ders and take such ment in favor of Plain- e action as authorized t iff in t h e s u m o f Bend, OR 97701. or payoff quotes re buyers andsellers ofgoods by law. RIGHTS AND $82,053.55, plus unquested pursuant to and services dobusinessin OBLIGATIONS: (1) O RS 8 6 .757 a n d these pages.Theyknow paid interest in t he The Bulletin is your YOU HAVE A RIGHT amount of $2,573.90 86.759 must be timely you can't beatTheBulletin Classified Section for T O BE REP R E - as of J anuary 21, communicated in a Employment SENTED BY AN AT2014, plus interest at written request that selection andconvenience T ORNEY IN T H I S the rate of 4.95% per c omplies with t h a t - every item isjust a phone Marketplace call away. MATTER. If you are annum until entry of statute addressed to the trustee's "Urgent The Classified Section is currently represented judgment, plus attorCall by an attorney, CON- ney fees and costs Request Desk" either easy to use.Everyitem T ACT YOUR A T - now du e in the by personal delivery is categorizedandevery 5 413 8 5 5 8 0 9 TORNEY I M M E D I- amount of $4,989.56, to the trustee's physi cartegory is indexed onthe ATELY UPON and to accrue during cal offices (call for ad section's front page. to advertise. R ECEIVING THI S the pendency of this d ress) or b y fi r st NOTICE. Your previ- a ction. T h e tot a l class, certified mail, Whether youarelooking for ous attorney may not amount of judgment r eturn r e ceipt r e a home orneeda service, be representing you in and money award to quested, addressed to your future is inthepagesof The Bulletin Classified. t his matter. IF Y O U accrue interest post the trustee's post of CANNOT A F FORD judgment at the legal fice box address set T O HIRE A N A T - rate of interest; and forth in this notice. The Bulletin Serving Central omgon since ISB Seneng CentralOregonsince M3 T ORNEY and y o u foreclosure of interDue to potential con LEGAL NOTICE Estate of Sharon L. V. McKinney. NOTICE TO INT E RESTED P ERSONS. Cas e Number: 14PB0016. Notice: The C i rcuit Court of the State of Oregon, f o r the County of Deschutes, has appointed Susan R. Barker as P e rsonal Representative o f th e E s t ate o f Sharon L. V. McKinney, deceased. All persons having claims against said estate are r e q uired to present the s ame, with proper vouchers to the Personal Representative, c/o Melissa P. Lande, Bryant, Lovlien 8 Jarvis, PC, 591 SW M ill V iew Way, Bend, Oregon 9 7702 w ithin f o u r months from the date of first publication of this notice as stated below, or they may be barred. Al l persons whose rights may be affected by this proceeding may obtain additional information from the records of the court, the Personal Representative, or the attorney for the Personal Representative. Dated and first published March 23, 2014. Personal Representative: Susan R. Barker, 69580 Pine Ridge Drive, Sisters, OR 97759. Attorney for Personal Representative: Melissa P. Lande, OSB ¹91349, B ryant, L ovlien 8 Jarvis, P.C., 591 S.W. Mill View Way, Bend, Oregon 97702, Telephone: (541) 382-4331, Fax: (541) 3 89-3386, Emai l : m

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record legal or equi- lamette Meridian, Detable interest in the schutes County, Orsubject property will egon, the initial point only receive informa- as well as the point of tion concerning the beginning; th e n ce lender's estimated or North 89 degrees 13' actual bid. Lender bid 02" West 625.00 feet made by Henry Quir- i nformation is a l s o along the North line of ing, as grantor, to available a t the S ection 18 t o t h e web s ite, Northeast corner of First American Title trustee's Insurance Company, www.northwestthat parcel described Notice is in deed to Edgar L. as trustee, in favor of Bank of t h e C a s- further given that any Dodrell and Donna J. cades, as beneficiary, person named in ORS Dodrell, recorded Audated 07/30/07, re- 86.753 has the right, gust 16, 1988 in Book at any time prior to 175, Page 2526, Descorded 08/03/07, in the mortgage records five days before the chutes County R ecords; the n c e of Deschutes County, date last set for the Oregon, as s ale, to h av e t h is South 00 d e grees 24'28" West 1235.48 foreclosure proceed2007-42787 and subsequently assigned to ing dismissed and the feet to the North line OneWest Bank FSB trust deed reinstated of that parcel deby Assignment reb y payment to t h e scribed in Memorancorded as beneficiary of the en- dum of Contract to 2013-051809, cover- tire amount then due John H. Gunzner and (other than such por- Joann E. G unzner, ing the following described real property tion of the principal as r ecorded July 1 8 , would not then be due 1985 in Book 99 Page situated in said county Des c hutes and state, to wit: Lot 9 had no default oc- 1914, Rec o rds; in Block 6 of Chapar- curred) and by curing County ral E states, D e s- any o t he r d e f ault thence South 89 dechutes County, Or- complained of herein grees 13'02" E a st egon. P R O PERTY that is capable of be- 625.00 feet along the A DDRESS: 5812 ing cured by tender- North boundary of Southwest Mesa Way ing the performance said Gunzner parcel to the East line of Redmond, OR 97756 required under t he Both the beneficiary o bligation o r tr u st Section 18; t h ence and the trustee have deed, and in addition North along the East elected to sell the real to paying said sums line of Section 18 to property to satisfy the or tendering the per- the point of beginning. obligations secured by formance necessary Excepting therefrom the trust deed and a to cure the default, by that portion lying with notice of default has paying all costs and Lower Bridge Way. ADbeen recorded pursu- expenses actually in- PROPERTY ant to Oregon Re- curred in enforcing the DRESS: 3648 Northwest Lower Bridge vlsed Statutes obligation and trust 86.735(3); the event deed, together with Way Terrebonne, OR and 97760 Both the benof default under the trustee's a ttorney's fees n o t eficiary a n d the n ote and deed of the trustee have elected t rust, p u rsuant t o exceeding Section 9(b)(i) of the amounts provided by to sell the real propDeed of Trust, which said OR S 8 6 .753. erty to satisfy the obliprovides that, "Lender Requests from per- gations secured by may require immedi- sons named in ORS the trust deed and a ate payment in full of 86.753 for reinstate- notice of default has all sums secured by ment quotes received been recorded pursuthis Security Instru- less than six days ant to Oregon Reprior to the date set vlsed Statutes ment if... The property ceases to be the for the trustee's sale 86.735(3); the default will be honored only at for which the forecloprincipal residence of a Borrower for rea- the discretion of the s ure i s m a d e i s grantor's failure to pay sons other than death beneficiary or if reand the Property is quired by the terms of when due the follownot the principal resi- the loan documents. ing sums: monthly of dence of at least one In construing this no- payments other Borrower.". De- tice, the singular in- $1,474.54 beginning fault date of cludes the plural, the O t/Ot/13; plus l a te charges of $0.00 each 05/30/2013 and pay word "grantor" inthe following sums: cludes any successor month beg i nning i n interest t o t h e Ot/1 6/1 3; plus prior principal balance of $108,194.67 with ac- grantor as well as any accrued late charges crued interest from other person owing an of $239.56; plus ad04/30/201 3; together obligation, the perfor- vances of $0.00; towith title e x pense, mance of which is se- gether with title excosts, trustee's fees cured by said trust pense, costs, trustee's and attorney's fees deed, and the words fees and attorney's "trustee" and "benefi- fees incurred herein i ncurred herein b y re a so n of reason of said default; ciary" include their re- by any further sums ad- spective successors aid default; any further vanced by the benefi- in interest, if any. The sums advanced by ciary for the protec- trustee's rules of auc- the beneficiary for the the tion of t h e a b o ve tion may be accessed protection o f described real prop- at ww w . northwest- above described real and are property a n d its erty and its interest therein; and prepay- incorporated by this interest therein; and ment penalties/premi- reference. You may prepayment ums, if applicable. By also access sale sta- penalties/premiums, if ww w .north- applicable. By reason reason of said default, tus a t of said default the the beneficiary has and beneficiary has ded eclared al l s u m s www.USA-Forecloowing on the obliga- For further clared all sums owing information, p l ease on t h e ob l igation tion secured by said trust deed immedi- contact: Bre a non secured by the trust Nort h west deed immediately due ately due and pay- Miller able, said sums being Trustee Services, Inc. and payable, said P.O. Box 997 Belle- sums b e in g the the following, to wit: wit: principal balance of vue, WA 98009-0997 following, t o Qu i r ing, $344,733.68 $108,194.67 with in- 586-1900 with terest thereon at the Henry (TS¹ interest thereon at the rate of 2 percent per note rate o f 1 . 140 7827.20493) 1002.264976-File No. annum be g inning percent per annum 1 2/Ot/1 2; plus l ate beginning 04/30/201 3; LEGAL NOTICE together with title excharges of $0.00 each beg i nning pense, costs, trustee's TRUSTEE'S NOTICE month O F SALE File N o . fees and attorney's 7210.20091 R e f e r- Ot/16/13 until paid; plus prior accrued late fees incurred herein by reason of said de- ence is made to that charges of $239.56; c ertain trust d e ed p lus advances o f fault; any further sums m ade b y Rob e r t $0.00; together with advanced by the ben- Steele, J a c queline title expense, costs, eficiary for the protection of the above de- Steele, as grantor, to t rustee's fees a n d Regional Trustee Ser- attorneys fees scribed real property and i ts int e rest vices C o r p. , as i ncurred herein b y trustee, in favor of reason of said default; therein; and prepayment penalties/premi- Mortgage Electronic a ny f u rther s u m s Registration Systems, advanced b y the ums, if a p plicable. Inc. solely as nomi- b eneficiary for t h e W HEREFORE, n o the tice hereby is given nee for GB Mortgage, protection o f that the undersigned LLC, as beneficiary, above described real dated Ot/14/08, reproperty a n d its trustee will on June Ot/1 8/08, in interest therein; and 30, 2014 at the hour corded the mortgage records prepayment of 10:00 o'clock, A.M. of Deschutes County, penalties/premiums, if in accord with t he Oregon, as standard of time es- 2008-02376 and sub- applicable. WHEREt ablished by O R S FORE, notice hereby 187.110, at th e f o l- sequently assigned to i s given t ha t t h e lowing place: inside Guaranty Bank by As- undersigned trustee recorded as will on June 17, 2014 the main lobby of the signment coverat the hour of 10:00 Deschutes C o unty 2014-001372, A . M . in Courthouse, 1164 NW ing the following de- o'clock, scribed real property Bond, in the City of situated in said county accord w i t h the standard o f tim e Bend, County of Desstate, to wit: A established by ORS chutes, State of Or- and at the egon, sell at public parcel of land in the 187.110, auction to the highest Northeast Quarter of following place: inside the Northeast Quarter the main lobby of the bidder for cash the i nterest in th e d e - (NEt/4NEt/4) of Sec- Deschutes C o u nty tion 18, Township 14 Courthouse, 1164 NW scribed real property which the grantor had S outh, Range 1 3 , Bond, in the City of E ast o f t h e Wi l B end, C ounty o f or had power to convey at the time of the lamette Meridian, De- Deschutes, State of execution by grantor schutes County, Or- Oregon, sell at public of the trust deed, to- egon, being m ore auction to the highest gether with any inter- particularly described bidder for cash the est which the grantor a s f o llows: C o m - interest in the LookforInformation or grantor's succes- mencing at a 5/8 inch described real prop- People iron pin at the section sors in interest acerty which the grantor AboutProductsand had or had power t quired after the ex- corner common to 7, 8, 17 and ecution of the trust Sections S ervi cesEveryDaythrough 1 8, T o wnship 1 4 deed, to satisfy the foregoing obligations S outh, Range 1 3 , The8ul letjnClassifels thereby secured and E ast o f t h e Wi l the costs and expenses of sale, including a reasonable ~ E P U R LI C charge by the trustee. Notice is further given IIICÃFICES that for reinstatement or payoff quotes reINWPC&RT~ ~ quested pursuant to O RS 8 6 .757 a n d An important premise upon which the principle of 86.759 must be timely communicated in a democracy is based is thatinformation about written request that complies with t h at government activities must be accessible in order statute addressed to for the electorate to make well-informed decisions. the trustee's "Urgent Public notices provide this sort of accessibility fo Request Desk" either by personal delivery citizens who want fo know more about government to the trustee's physiactivities. cal offices (call for add ress) or b y fi r st class, certified mail, Read your Public Notices daily in The Bulletin r eturn r e ceipt r e classifieds or go fowww.bendbullefr' and quested, addressed to the trustee's post ofclick on "Classi%ed Ads" fice box address set forth in t his n otice. Due to potential conflicts with federal law, The Bulletin persons having no LEGAL NOTICE TRUSTEE'S NOTICE O F SALE File N o . 7827.20493 R e f erence is made to that c ertain t rust d e e d

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The Bulletin Daily print edition for Sunday, March 30, 2014