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SATURDAY March 30,2013

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SPORTS• C1 TODAY'S READERBOARD HOoeydeeS —They're dying off in greater numbers, but

the mystery of colony collapse disorder may becloser to being solved.A3

• It could be years 2 before Trinity Episcopalreopens,congregants say By Scott Hammers

EaSter Sunday —Eindout

The Bulletin

where the egghunts and holiday meals are happening

What remains of the southwest side of Trinity Episcopal Church will be torn down next week, but congregants expect it could be nearly two

in Central


years before services are again held in the building

badly damaged in an apparent arson attack earlier this month. Early on the morning of March 6, Trinity Episcopal

Church, 469 N.W. Wall St., and the adjacent St. Helens Hall caught fire, along with two cars, two garages and a woodpile along a nearby alley. Bend Police believe the firesare related and were

deliberately set. A $20,000 reward isoffered for information leading to the capture and conviction of those responsible. Senior church warden Peter Lovering said the latest estimates put the damage to the church at $1.4 million, and $650,000 to St. Helens Hall, a

former Lutheran church now property of Trinity EpiscopaL Both buildings have been stripped down to the studs inside, Lovering said, due to extensive smoke and water damage. Asbestos found inside both buildings has largely been removed. SeeChurch/A5

DESCHUTES Water fight —A drought in New Mexico hasfarmers pushing for the nuclear option of water rights.A6

At 89, Lloyd Gust, a longtime trail angel for the local section of the Pacific Crest Trail, is packing

GOlf Pl'OS —High school students geta helping hand from some of Central Oregon's experts.C1

it in. Gust, a PCT hiker himself, has helped about 300 through-hikers a year on the stretch of the

Bigger dirdS — Thecruel

replacement. See the story on Page D1.

economics of the chicken wing is putting upward pressure on prices.C6

PCT that extends from south of Crescent to north of Warm Springs. Now he's looking for his own The Deschutes National Forest is doing some recruiting, too — for interpretive rangers.Page B1.

Io national news —eusiness and labor groups are close to an agreement on immigration reform.A2


Behind N. I(orea's bluster, real risks By Choe Sang-Hun and David E. Sanger New York Times News Service

SEOUL, South Korea — This week, North Korea's young leader, Kim Jong Un, ordered his underlingsto prepare for a missile attack on the United States. He appeared at acommand center in front of a wall map with the bold, unlikely title, "Plans to Attackthe Mainland US." Earlier in the month, his generals boasted of developing a "Korean-style" nuclear warhead that could be fitted atop a long-range missile. But the missile systems that figure in Kim's blitz of threats and orders do not yet have the range to approach U.S. shores. There is no evidence his nuclear weapons can be shrunk to fit atop a missile. And a prominent photograph showing Kim's military making a Normandy-style beach landing appears to have been manufactured, raising questions about whether his forces could possibly repeat the feat his grandfather pulled off in 1950, ordering a ground attack to open the Korean War. On top of all that, most countries on the verge of a major military assault do not broadcast their battle plans to the world. In fact, it is the abilities that Kim is not showing off thathave the Obama administration most worried. The cyberattacks on South Korea's banking system and television broadcasters two weeks ago were surprisingly successfuL SeeNorth Korea/A5

Dean Guernsey/ rhe Bulletin file photo

Lloyd Gust, center, shares a laugh with Pacific Crest Trail hikers Jamie "Spare Change" DeGemmis, of Boston, left, and William "Woody" Wood, of Fresno, Calif., in 2009.

Meet the candidates for county's

top job By Shelby R. King The Bulletin

The six finalist candidates for Deschutes County Administrator are expected in Bend Monday for a public reception. The candidates will each have face-to-face interviews Tuesday with the Board of Commissioners. County commissioners have struggled to fill the position since voting 2-1 to fire former administrator Dave Kanner in 2011. Two rounds of hiring were unsuccessful, leading the commission to hire a Portland-based recruiting firm to conduct a nationwide search for the right candidate. "We are real pleased all six will be coming to interview," said Commissioner Tony DeBone. "We have some very good candidates and this will be an opportunity for each of them to introduce themselves." Four of the six candidates live in Oregon, one lives in Washington and one resides in South Carolina but has ties to the Pacific Northwest. All have several years of experience in various areas of the public sector and would bring different skill sets to the position. Here is some background on each candidate: SeeAdministrator /A5

Flying OVerthe U.S. Onthe POWerOfthe SLin

If yougo

By Bruce Newman

What: Public reception for Deschutes

San Jose Mercury News

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Bertrand Piccard was flying from Morocco to Spain last year — finishing up another highly successful test of Solar Impulse, the revolutionary airplane he helped design that gets all its power from the sun

— when he made a profoundly disturbing discovery: he was actually flying backwards. At 3,500 pounds, Solar Impulse weighs less than a Hyundai, and its four motors each generate only 10 horsepower, about the same as a motor scooter. Its trim body design makes the plane highly

susceptible to headwinds, which at that moment meant Piccard and his Pterodactylshaped solar array were at 27,000 feet, going in reverse. "That was an interesting experience, quite strange to live," Piccard said this week at the plane's first public appearance, inside Moffett Airfield's

historic Hangar 2. If the winds are at its back, that fate will not befall Solar Impulse when it embarks on its most ambitious journey May 1, setting out across America on an adventure that's not scheduled to finish until early July at New York's JFK Airport. See Plane/A4

County Administrator candidates When:4:30 to 6:30 p.m., Monday, April1 Where:Deschutes Services Building, 1300 NW Wall Street

Women {andmen) face big hurdles inMarines training By James Dao New York Times News Service

QUANTICO, Va.— A group of Marine second lieutenants, all men, stood before the ropes on an obstacle course. They looked exhausted, though the day was far from done. One by one, they took their shots at scaling the line. One by one,

most of them dropped short of the top. They were already three hours behind the frontrunners in their class. Behind them, two more Marines, both women, prepared tostartthe course.One, a former enlisted Marine who was shiveringin the 40-degree breeze, tried repeatedly to sur-

High 67, Low 38

Page B6

line. Silently, they shouldered their packs and trudged into the woods,theirchances of becoming the first women to complete the Marine Corps' demanding Infantry Officer Course summarily ended on its arduous first day Thursday. (Twelve of the 108 men also were dropped that day.)

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That closed the latest chapter in the effort to integrate women into Marine Corps ground combat units, a sweep-

ing change ordered by the former secretaryofdefense, Leon Panetta, in January when he lifted a 1994 ban on women serving in direct combat. See Marines/A4

4 P We usereoycled newsprint



mount the first bar, but failed. The second, a recent Naval A cademy graduate, did better, meticulously working her way through many of the obstacles. As she was determinedly attempting the ropes, however, a captain walked briskly up to deliver bad news: Neither woman had met a time dead-


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Cheating SCandal —In another embarrassing blow to Atlanta public schools, nearly three dozenformer educators, including the ex-superintendent, were indicted Friday in one of the nation's largest test cheating scandals. Former Superintendent Beverly Hall faced

charges including racketeering, false statements and theft because prosecutors said some of the bonusesshereceived weretied to falsified scores. Hall retired just days before astate probe was released in 2011. Shehaslong denied knowing about the cheating or ordering it. Obama ilI Miami —President Barack ObamaonFriday visited a tunnel project at the major port in Miami to promote anewplan to rebuild the nation's roads, bridges and points of commerce — a

By Ashley Parker and Steven Greenhouse New York Times News Service

WASHINGTON The nation's top business and labor groups were near agreement Friday on a guest worker program for l ow-skilled immigrants, closing in on a deal that would eliminate one of the last significant obstacles to a new proposal for a broad overhaul of immigration laws, officials involved in the talks said. The progress in the talks that stalled late last week had members of a bipartisan group of eight senators that has been working on an i m migration bill i n c reasingly o p t imistic that they would be able to introduce comprehensivelegislation in the Senate when Congress returns the second week of April. "We are very close, closer than we've ever been," said Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., a member of a bipartisan Senate group. "We are very optimistic, but there are a few issues remaining." The intense talks and willingness of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the AFL-CIO — two groups that have often found themselves deeply divided over the immigration debate — to try to hammer out an agreement is yet another indicator of how much the climate has changed on overhauling the nation's immigration laws. When President George W. Bush pushed to revamp the nation's immigration laws in

Immigratiell alld famiiieS —The nation's current immigra-

series of measures that White Houseofficials argue could appeal to business-minded Republicans. In a brief visit, Obamasaid hiring

tion policy is breaking up families and not deterring repeat border crossers, according to a University of Arizona study, which called

construction workers for "infrastructure" projects would help lower the nation's high unemployment rate — no industry has been harder

for those factors to beaddressed in anyimmigration reform.

hit than construction — andmakethe country more competitive in

The report, released Thursday, was based on interviews with more than1,100 illegal immigrants deported to Mexico over

the long run. The proposals range from $4 billion to invest in rebuilding roads and bridges to tax breaks designed to attract investors, at

the last six years. It said nearly a quarter of the deportees have

home andabroad, to construction projects.

children in the United States who are citizens, and more than a third see the U.S. as their home. Of those, 70 percent said they

NeVada laWmaker arreSted —Hours after he becamethe first person in Nevadahistory to be kicked out of the state Legislature, an embattled former lawmaker led police on achase on afreeway be-

planned to return, the report said. Researchers conducted hourlong interviews with people all along the U.S. border in Mexico, within a month of their deportation. ManysaidtheywanttocomebacktotheU.S.becausetheyhave

tween Las Vegas and Los Angeles that ended with a violent struggle

with uniformed officers. Steven Brooks wassubduedwith punches and a Taser, arrested at gunpoint and jailed in California's San Bernardino County after police say he attacked a police dog with a

roots here, including children, jobs and homes. That has made family reunification a primary draw for Mexicans re-crossing the

wrench. "I think he feels the world is against him. But I'm just piecing

border, the report concluded, not just the search for work.

together bits of information," said Mitchell Posin, Brooks' attorney.

— Cronkite NewsService

2007, the inability of business and laborto agreeon a plan for such temporary guest workers was among the main reasons that effort failed. But now the two groups have weathered leaks to the news media and other setbacks in a sign of how serious both Democrats and Republicans are about getting a bill on President Barack Obama's desk by the end of the year. T he Chamber o f C o m merce and the AFL-CIO, the nation's main federation of labor unions, have been in discussions parallel to those of the Senate group, and have already reached a t entative agreement about the size and scope of a temporary guest worker program, which would grant up to 200,000 new visas annually for low-skilled work-

Brooks' arrest camejust hours after colleagues in the Legislature deemed the Democrat too dangerous andunpredictable to serve his elected term. Lawmakers wept Thursday as they cited concerns about their own safety and evidence collected about an increasingly

ers. The labor-businesstalks came close to breaking down last Friday, on the eve of a twoweek congressional recess, over the issue of what the pay levels should be for low-skilled immigrants — often employed at restaurants, hotels or on construction projects — who could be brought in when employerssaid they faced labor shortages. One of th e l ast s ticking points in the business-labor negotiations has been the specific type of jobs that would be excluded from the program. The nation's construction unions, officials in the talks said, have succeeded in persuading the negotiators to exclude certain types of higher-skilled jobsincluding crane operators and electricians — from the guest worker program.

bizarre series of public incidents. TanZania building COllapSe —A Tanzanian police official says two people havedied after a building under construction collapsed in the country's largest city and economic center. Suleiman Kova, the

police commander in charge of Dar esSalaam, said Friday17 people have beenpulled out of the debris, with three seriously injured. Kova says the building was in the final stages of its construction and it did not have tenants. Most of the people caught up in the collapse of the

12-story building were passing by.

Syria COnfliCt —Syrian anti-government activists reported the rebel seizure of a strategically important town in southern Syria on Friday only a few miles from the Jordanian border, which if confirmed

would represent a newsetback for government forces, who have already cededterritory to the insurgency in the north and east. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an anti-government group in Britain with contacts throughout Syria, said rebel fighters secured

the town, Dael, after more than a day of clashes in which three military checkpoints were destroyed and more than 24 combatants and at least nine civilians were killed.

MaIIIlela IiilleSS —After a second night in a hospital being treated for a recurrent lung infection, former President Nelson Mandela of South Africa was in goodspirits on Friday, enjoying breakfast and

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making steady progress, according to the office of President Jacob Zuma, who had earlier urged his compatriots not to panic. Mandela, 94, was admitted to the hospital late Wednesday night for the third time in four months.


SIlbWay reSCue —A recovering drug addict with a long rap sheet was hailed as ahero for jumping onto subway tracks to rescue aman

GD! Magazine Ben Salmon........................541-383-0377 News EditorJanJordan ....54f -383-03f 5 PhotosDeanGuernsey......541-383-0366 SporlsBill Bigelow.............541-383-0359

who walked off a platform. Christopher Knafelc, 32, was waiting for a

train in north Philadelphia onThursday afternoon when hesawa man fall on the tracks. He jumped down to help, knowing that a train would be arriving in a few minutes. "I had a plan if a train came I was going to roll him underneath," Knafelc told WPVI-TV, "or if I couldn't, I was going to ask someone to jump down and help me roll him."

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Cililla pOIIIIiiell —The cost of environmental degradation in China in 2010 was about $230 billion, or 3.5 percent of the nation's gross domestic product, an official Chinese news report said this week. The

statistic came from astudy by theChinese Academyof Environmental



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Planning, which is part of the Ministry of Environmental Protection. So far, only partial results of the study are available. The 2010 figure


was reported Monday by a newspaper associated with the ministry. — From wire reports


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Oregon Lottery results As listed at

MEGA MILLIONS The numbers drawn Friday night are:

®©i ®©6®3®o The estimated jackpot is now $42 million.

Christ's crucifixion and this year was dedicated to the plight of Christians in the Middle East. when "we saw thebeauty and the strong bond ofcommunion joining Christians together in that land and the

the Cross procession.

friendship of our Muslim brothers andsisters and so

Francis praised the "friendship of so many Muslim

brothers" during the procession that re-enacts Jesus

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• Numerous Internet re• ports indicate that police have discovered what they expect was th e m o tivation behind Adam Lanza's Sandy Hook shootings. It i ncludes scorekeeping, s p readsheets, etc. What is the latest on this? . Connecticut state police . officials didn't refute a New York Daily News article that stated that Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter Adam Lanza had a spreadsheet that was "7 feet long and 4 feet wide that required a special printer" and contained "Lanza's obsessive, extensive research — in nine-point font — about mass murders of the past, and even attempted murders." The New York Daily News story quoted a source as saying: "They don't believe this was just a spreadsheet. They believe it was a score sheet. This was the work of a video gamer, and that it was his intent to put his own name at the



He recalled Benedict XVI's 2012visit to Lebanon

Passion of Christ Mass and hours later went to the ancient Colosseum in Rome for the traditional Way of

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Pope Francis lies down in prayer during Mass

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many others," he said. "That occasion was a sign to the Middle East and to the whole world: a sign of hope."


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very top of that list. They believe that he picked an elementary school because he felt it was a point of least resistance, where he could rack up the greatest number of kills...." The source told the Daily News: "They have pictures from two years before, with the guy all strapped with weapons, posing with a pistol to his head. That's the thing you have to understand: He had this laid out for years before." Connecticut s t ate p o l ice were upset that the information had been leaked, but "did not take issue with specifics of the report," the New Haven (Conn.) Register reported last week. Lanza killed his mother, 20 studentsand six school employees in Newtown, Conn., on Dec. 14.




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TART • Discoveries, breakthroughs, trends, namesin the news— the things you needto knowto start out your day

It's Saturday, March 30, the 89th day of 2013. There are 276 days left in the year.

PHENOMENON HAPPENINGS B00llltj — The company

performs a test flight for the certification of its revamped 787 battery system.

HISTORY Highlight: In1981, President

Ronald Reaganescapedan attempt on his life outside a

Washington D.C.hotel, where he was shot andseriously wounded by John W. Hinckley

Jr. Also woundedwere White House press secretary James Brady, Secret Service agent Timothy McCarthy, and District of Columbia police officer Thomas Delahanty. In1135, the Jewish philoso-

pher Maimonides wasborn in Cordoba in present-day Spain. In1822, Florida becamea United States territory. In1867, U.S. Secretary of State William H. Seward

reached agreement with Russia to purchase the territory of Alaska for $7.2 million. In 1870, the 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which

prohibited denying citizens the right to vote and hold office on

the basis of race, wasdeclared in effect by Secretary of State Hamilton Fish. Texas was readmitted to the Union. In1909, the Queensboro Bridge, linking the New York City boroughs of Manhattan

and Queens,opened. In1923, the Cunard liner RMS

Laconia becamethe first passenger ship to circle the globe as it arrived in New York. In1945, the Soviet Union invaded Austria during World War II. In1959, a narrowly divided

U.S. SupremeCourt, in Bartkus v. Illinois, ruled that a conviction in state court following

an acquittal in federal court for the same crime did not constitute double jeopardy. In1963, singer Lesley Gore, age16, recorded her hit "It's

My Party" for Mercury Re-

cords in New York. In 1972, North Vietnamese forces launched their three-

pronged Easter Offensive against South Vietnam; the fighting lasted until the follow-

ing October. In1986, actor JamesCagney died at his farm in Stanfordville, N.Y., at age 86. In 2002, Britain's Queen Mother Elizabeth died at Royal

Lodge, Windsor, outside London; she was101 years old. Ten years ago: A Palestinian suicide bomber wounded some 30peopleoutsidea packed cafe in northern Israel, an attack the Islamic Jihad called "Palestine's gift to the

heroic people of lraq." Five yearsago: The Army said the remains of Sgt. Matt Maupin, captured in Iraq in 2004,

had been foundand identified. Chinese spectators cheered as Greecehandedoff the Olympic flame for its journey to Beijing and relay through 20 countries; but protesters

brandishing Tibetan flags stole the limelight.

One year ago: President Barack Obamasaid he was plowing aheadwith potential sanctions against countries that kept buying oil from

Iran, including allies of the United States, in a deepening

campaign to starve Iran of money for its disputed nuclear program.


It's not certain what is causing the ailment — known as colony collapse disorder — but beekeepers and some researchers say a new class of powerful pesticides that are incorporated into the plants themselves could be an important factor. By Michael Wines

that the products are safe and are not contributing in any s BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — A measurable way to pollinator mysterious malady that has health concerns," the presi'r.' been killing h oneybees en dent of CropLife America, Jay .A masse for several years apVroom, said Wednesday. The pears to have expanded drasgroup represents more than t c:h tically in the last year, com90 pesticide producers. ;.'\ mercialbeekeepers say, wipHe said the group nevering out 40 percent or even 50 theless s upported f u r t h er percentof the hives needed to research. pollinate many of the nation's A coalition of beekeepers fruits and vegetables. and environmental and conA conclusive explanation sumer groups sued the EPA so far has escaped scientists last week, saying it exceeded studying the ailment, colony its authority b y c o n ditioncollapse disorder, since it first ally approving some neonicsurfaced around 2005. But beeotinoids. The agency has bekeepers and some researchers gun an acceleratedreview of l say there is growing evidence their effect on bees and other 1r that a powerful new class of wildlife. pesticides known as neonicNeonicotinoids are hardly / otinoids, incorporated into the the beekeepers' only concern. * plants themselves, could be an Herbicide use has grown as 4p',' important factor. farmers have adopted crop The pesticide industry disvarieties, from corn to sunputes that. But its representaPhotos by Jim Wilson /The New YorkTimes flowers, that are genetically tives also say they are open to A mysterious bee ailment appears to have expended drastically in the last year, wiping out as many as modified to survive spraying further studies to clarify what, half of the hives, such as these from Big Sky Honey in Bakersfield, Calif., needed to pollinate much of with weed killers. Experts say if anything, is happening. America's produce. some fungicides have been "They looked so h ealthy laced with r e gulators that last spring," said Bill Dahle, keep insects from maturing, 50, who owns Big Sky Honey full — to work the California feed on it. dangerous. a problem some beekeepers "Soybean fields or canola have reported. in Fairview, Mont. "We were a lmond groves. But by t h e Older pesticides could kill so proud of them. Then, about start of pollination last month, bees and other beneficial infields o r s u n f lower f i elds, Eric Mussen, an apiculturist the first of September, they o nly 3 ,000 h e althy h i v es sects. But while they quickly they all have this systemic in- at the University of Califorstarted to fall on their face, to remained. degraded — often in a matsecticide," Adee said. "If you nia, Davis, said analysts had die like crazy. We've been doAnnual bee losses of 5-10 ter of days — neonicotinoids have one shot of whiskey on documented about 150 chemiing this 30 years, and we've percent once were the norm persist for weeks and even Thanksgiving and one on the cal residues in pollen and wax never experienced this kind of for beekeepers.But after colo- months. Beekeepers worry Fourth of July, it's not going gatheredfrom beehives. "Where do you start?" he loss before." ny collapsedisorder surfaced that bees carry a summer's to make any difference. But if In a show of concern, the around 2005, the losses ap- worth of contaminated polyou have whiskey every night, asked. "When you have all Environmental Pro t e ction proached one-third of all bees len to hives, where ensuing 365 days a year, your liver's these chemicals at a sublethal Agency recently sent its act- despitebeekeepers'bestefforts generations dine on a steady gone. It's the same thing." level, how do they react with ing assistant administrator for to ensure the insects' health. dose of pesticide that, eaten Research to date on neonic- e ach other'? What ar e t h e chemical safety and two top Nor is the effect limited to once or twice, might not be otinoids "supports the notion consequences?" chemical experts here, to the beekeepers. The Agriculture San Joaquin Valley of Califor- Department says a q u arter nia, for discussions. of the U.S. diet, from apples In the valley, where 1.6 mil- to cherries to watermelons to lion hives of bees just finished onions, depends on pollinapollinating an endless expanse tion by honeybees. Fewer bees of almond groves, commercial means smallerharvests and beekeepers who only recently higher food prices. were losing a third of their Bee shortages pushed the bees to the disorder say the costto farmers of renting bees past yearbrought far greater to $200 per hive at times, 20 losses. percent above normal. That, The U.S. Agriculture De- too, might translate into highpartment is to issue its own er food prices. assessment in May. But in an interview, the research leader Search for a cause at its Beltsville, Md., bee rePrecisely why l ast year's search laboratory, Jeff Pettis, deathswere so greatisunclear. said he was confident that the Some blame drought in the death rate would be "much Midwest, although Dahle lost higher than it's ever been." nearly 80percent of his bees despite excellent summer conA heavy blow ditions. Others cite bee mites Following a n o w -familiar that have become increasingly pattern, bee deaths rose swift- resistant to p esticides. Still ly in autumn and dwindled as othersblame viruses. operators moved colonies to But many beekeepers susfaraway farms for the pollina- pect the biggest culprit is the tion season. growing soup of pesticides, Beekeepers say the latest fungicides and herbicides used string of deaths has dealt them to control pests. a heavy blow. While each substance has Bret Adee, who is an owner, been certif ied, there has been with his father and brother, of less study of their combined Adee Honey Farms of South effects. Nor, many critics say, Dakota, the nation's largest have scientists s u fficiently beekeeper, described mount- studied the effect of neonicing losses. otinoids, the nicotine-derived "We lost 42 percent over pesticide that European regui TWO< D the winter. But by the time lators implicate in bee deaths. we came around to pollinate T he explosive growth o f almonds, it was a 55 percent neonicotinoids since 2005 has loss," he said in an interview roughly tracked rising b ee I' s • I ' s • here this week. deaths. "They looked beautiful in Neonics, as f armers call October," Adee said, "and in them, are applied in smaller December, they started falling doses than older pesticides. apart, when it got cold." They are systemic pesticides, Dahle said he had planned often embedded in seeds so to bring 13,000 beehives from that the plant itself carries the Montana — 31 tractor-trailers chemical that kills insects that New York Times News Service







oIn Egag




Friday S turday

your E~NTIRE



Former astronaut Frank Borman is 85. Singer Phil

Phillips is 82. Actor Michael Caine is 80. Composerconductor Quincy Jones is 80. Former astronaut Eugene

l~ I

Country singer Michael Martin Murphey is 68. Rock musician

I '


Walt ParazaiderCChicagoj is 68. Actor Steve Kanaly is 67. Comedian Billy Crystal is 65.


Sen. TomCoburn, R-Okla., is 65. Country singer Jann Browne is 59. Actor Adrian Zmed is 59. Prince Albert II, the ruler of Monaco, is 55. — From wire reports

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6 •

s • •


: .l

A bee keeperuses smoke to calm bees atAdee Honey Farms in Piedra, Calif.


Shoes socks 8

Wolfgang Petersen is 72.

March 29th 8 30th + - Choose from the Entire store • • .

Cernan is 79. Actor Raymond J. Barry is 74. Movie director


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o s o ran romises, u ewresu s os ow By Dina EIBoghdadye The Washington Post WASHINGTON-

When lawmakers unveiled the carefully named JOBS Act a year ago, backers expected it to get caught up in the typical grind of Capitol Hill: vigorous debate followed by a long wait for a vote that might never happen. Instead, th e l e g i slation sailed through — p erhaps too fast. Even supporters say they expected more time to w ork out the kinks in t h e Jumpstart O u r Bus i ness Startups Act, which aimed to help small, private firms raise money and grow s o t h ey could hire more workers. Now, nearly a year after its enactment, major p o rtions of the act are in limbo, and other parts have failed to measure up to the grandiose job-creation promises. The act underscores how difficult it can be for Washington to spur job creation, even when there's strong bipartisan consensus around a plan. P resident Barack Obama hailed it in a Rose Garden ceremony as "exactly the kind of bipartisan action needed" to help the economy. Republicans claimed it as their own. The measure came together months before last year's election, making it politically difficult to resist a proposal that promised to

lence, and she said, 'We don't do that up here. It would take too long,' " Turner said. Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., who voted against the measure, put it more bluntly: "We saw bipartisan support for a concept that had a lot of political appeal because of its title.... It's just a relaxation of traditional investor safeguards." A senior a dministration official said it is unfair to portray the legislation as a rush job. For months before the JOBS Act was introduced, C ongress worked o n t h e measure. The White House w eighed in w i t h i t s o w n framework for th e l egislation, including the investor safeguards needed, said the official, who was not authorized to speak publicly on the issue. Congress adopted some of the protections, ignored others and added provisions that were not priorities for the administration. "But all along, we continued to urge the Senate to improve on the legislation," the yield jobs. official said. "It was a short-lived, politiObama continued to press cal fad," said Simon Johnson, for improvements at the Rose a professor of entrepreneur- Garden signing ceremony, ship at th e M a ssachusetts when he highlighted the key Institute o f Tec h n ology. role regulators would play "There was t his combina- in writing the rules needed tion of wanting to look busy to implement controversial and wanting to create jobs, parts of th e m easure and and skeptics like me never build in investor protections. "That was the balance the thought it would do anything good. president struck in signing the bilL"

Uncoordinated ideas

The measure is a grab bag of ideas cobbled together for greater impact. It allows private firms to raise money by advertising to t h e g eneral public for the first time in decades, raise up to $1 million in capital from investors via the Internet, and temporarily skirt some of the federal disclosureand accounting rules when they go public. The legislation was built on the premise that regulation constrains the growth of small businesses and their potential for explosive job growth — an assertion that has been hotly debated by economistsfordecades. But with u n employment high and an election looming, lawmakershastilyintroduced the JOBS Act in December 2011, and it got a thumbs up from the president. The measure passed the House with an overwhelming majority three months later. Many who were tracking the bill, including it s supporters, expected more scrutiny in the Senate. But it whizzed through that chamber, too, in part because Democrats who were skeptical about the measure were reluctant to break ranks with Obama. "Once the White House endorsed the measure, it was a speeding train coming t hrough t h e S e nate," said a Senate staff member who was not authorized to speak publicly on the issue and whose boss supported the JOBS Act. "It gained momentum very quickly after that even though some of usfelt there was room for improvement."

Risky new laws O bama signed th e b i l l April 5, four months after its introduction — record speed by Washington standards. The result, critics say, are laws fraught with risks to the investing public. A group of investor advocates,shocked by the swift action, went to Capital Hill to follow up, said Lynn Turner, a former chief accountant at the Securities and Exchange

C ommission (SEC) w h o took part in t h e meetings. The group asked one senior Senate staff member how lawmakers would track the number of jobs created by the measure. "There was a moment of si-

From private to public A central feature of t he JOBS Act makes it easier for private firms to go public. That portion of the measure, which took effect immediately, grew out of a March 2011 forum at the Treasury Department. Kate Mitchell, a Democrat and a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, spearheaded a discussion about reviving the market for initial public offerings of stock, or IPOs. Eager to come up with a plan, she recruited investment bankers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, academics and other venture capitalists to form the IPO Task Force. The task force successfully l obbied to t emporarily r emove certain regulatory barriers for "emerging growth companies," defined as those with less than $1 billion in revenue. Those firms can now give regulators less financial data before they go public and fewer details about executive compensation. They can also delay an audit of their i nternal controls that w a s mandated for all companies after the Enron accounting scandal. The m ost c o n troversial element allows investment banks that take a firm public to also publish research about the firm, removing a firewall that was put in place after the dot-com bust, when it became clear that banks

measure has had lackluster results. Firms can pick and choose which of the relaxed rules to embrace. Many companies are adopting some of the less c ontroversial o ptions a n d steering clear ofothers for fear they will be shunned by investors.

A misdiagnosis? Meanwhile, the number of IPOs has not taken off, and enthusiasm for the act has waned. Only 29 percent of investment bankers say it has helped boost the number of IPOs, down from 55 percent last summer, according to a December survey by consulting firm BDO. Forty-two percent said they saw no positive effect. Critics say the JOBS Act misdiagnosedthe root causes of the IPO drought. They say the most promising companies have no problem raising money privately, and many of them don't want

to go public. Besides, investor appetite isn't there for smaller firms that do, said Jay Ritter, a finance professor at the University o f F l o r ida. S mall firms with less than $50 million in annual sales have generated dismally low returns in the three years after their IPOs, he said, and that has held true for the past three decades. "For every successful company, there have been too many failures," Ritter said. Although critics continue to blast those provisions, the most controversial portions of the act are not in place yet. Among them is one that allows fledgling firms to raise small sums from a large number of people on the Internet. Artists and charity groups have long used this "crowd funding" method, but it has never been used to offer an ownership interest, or stake, in a company. Investor advocates fear that crowd funding will emerge into a platform for f r auds making bogus appeals to unsophisticated investors. A group of state securities regulators said it tried to mitigate the p otentially d i sastrous consequences by urging the White House to allow state regulators, who are closest to businesses,to oversee crowd funding. But th e W h i t e H o u se "wouldn'thear of it," said Heath Abshure, head of the North American Securities Administrators Association. "Crowd funding was already part of the president's platform to help small businesses by then."

Reduced regulation

Investor advocates also lost their bid to strip a provision that allows private firms to solicit the public without regulatory oversight for the first time since the 1930s. Hedge funds, for example, will be able to advertise via ewere promising to hype a mail, billboards or Facebook. firm'sstock through research Before, they could only solicit to secure the lucrative under- sophisticated investors, who writing business. could presumably withstand Companies can only take p otential losses. Now t h e advantage of t h e r e l axed firms will be left to determine rules for up t o f ive years, whether an investor meets which appealed to Demo- net-worth and income criteria. c rats, M itchell s a id. T h e For years, the SEC has deregulatory bent p l eased considered allowing this type Republicans. of crowd funding and lift"There was nothing radi- ing the advertising ban. But cal about the relief granted," it grappled with how to do it Mitchell said. All the changes while balancing investor prohad a basis in existing prac- tections with the desire for tices, she said. For example, businesses to raise money. very small firms have been The agency must act but is allowed to file scaled-back struggling with the details. versions of financial docuO n Capitol H i l l , s i g n s ments for years. o f b u y er s r e m orse a r e Even the staunchest crit- emerging. ics say it's too early to tell When the advisory board whetherthese provisions are to the Democratic leadership working,especially because in the Senate released a list of it typically takes more than the jobs-boosting measures a year to prepare for an IPO. enacted by the Senate in the But they also acknowledge past five years, the JOBS Act the initial signs suggest the was not among them.

Continued from A1 That's not far from Roosevelt Field on L on g I sland where C h arles L i n dbergh took off in 1927 on aviation's first trans-Atlantic solo flight. "This airplane could do it nonstop," said co-pilot and project CEO Andre Borschberg, "but because the pilot is not as sustainable as the technology, we have limited ourselves to 24hour flight duration." The plane isn't really that slow — stops that could last 10 days are planned in four cities along the way — but even with the ability to fly day and night using only the sun's power, it's no speed demon. With the wind at its back, the plane cruises at 35 mph, about half the speed of the airship Hindenburg. If all goes well during its first big endurance test, Solar Impulse will attempt to circumnavigate the globe in 2015. That trip will require at least one nonstop stint of five days and extremely nervous nights over the Pacific. The cockpit can only accommodate one pilot at a time, so Borschberg said he will use meditation and Piccard will h y pnotize himself while the plane flies on auto-pilot. The plane looks like something you m ight i nstall on your roof, although if all goes well during test flights over the San Francisco Bay Area that begin next week, it won't actually end up there. It's basically a giant wing with a glider's fuselage and a Port-A-Potty a ttached. That's where t h e project's Swiss big cheeses, Piccardand Borschberg, sit in chilly solitude. From wingtip to w i n gtip, Solar Impulse has a girth wider than a jumbo jetliner, and yet everything else about it is meant to be lean and mean. It draws all its power from 12,000


n ' Q rr t

5QLtritY olhEGA ~ ~~,

PatrickTehanI san Jose Mercury News

The Solar Impulse — the world's first solar-powered airplane that can fly day and night without fuel — will embark across America to make a first-of-its-kind cross-country journey, before attempting to fly around the world in 2015. solar cells, each the thickness of a human hair, with the energy stored in a lithium polymer battery nearly identical to the one that powers the Tesla Model S. At Thursday's public rollout, an introductory video stalled briefly — one of the perils the plane confronts during flight — and when it resumed, Piccard's voice was sped up as if he had inhaled helium. A balloonist who circled the planet in 1999, Piccard is a natural born adventurer, following a path similar to his grandfather Auguste, a renowned balloonist, and father Jacques, who in 1960 became the first to explore the Mariana Trench in a submarine. "When I was a child, I was reading books about exploration, about aviation, about the conquest of space," he said. His family moved to the U.S. because of his father's work in 1968, a year before Apollo 11 landed on the moon, propelling Bertrand into suborbital flights of fancy. "Then I saw that the reality was much better than the dream." Even in the darkened hangar, the sun always seemed to be shining on Solar Impulse, with one speaker after another

extolling its promise. But the technology has a roused at least modest skepticism. "This is something to capture the imagination of kids, of innovators," said Ben Lenail, director of business development a t A lt a D evices, a Sunnyvale company that manufactures thin solar cells with a far more practical application — powering drones already used by the military. "You have to have everything go right. It's a beautiful dream, but in terms of practical application, I think we're still about 15 years away." Piccard was asked at one point if Solar Impulse — which is already being redesigned for the trip around the world in two years — is the airplane of the future. "It would be crazy to answer yes, and stupid to answer no. Because today, we cannot imagine having a solar-powered airplane with 200 passengers. But in 1903," he said, referring to the Wright Brothers' first flight, "it was exactly the same. And when Charles Lindbergh c rossed the Atlantic, he wa s a lone on board, in an airplane full of gasoline. We don't know what's going to happen in the future. But we have to start."


attributed to Thucydides, the potential female candidates Greek historian and A t h e- strengthen their upper bodContinued from A1 nian general,summarizes the ies, do more hiking carrying The commandant of the Ma- program's mantra: "He is best weight and s t udy i n f antry rine Corps, Gen. James Amos, who is trained in the severest history. has said he is confident that school." Upper body strength was "Young Marines need a women can begin joining some clearly a factor Thursday, as combat jobs, including in tank platoon commander who can one of the women struggled to and artillery units, by early manage uncertainty," s a id perform one part of the test renext year. But with infantry Maj. Scott Cuomo, the school quiring arm strength. "Track— the foot warriors who since director, "because that is what ing you got zero," the instrucancient times have been called combat is like." tor said when she finished. upon to march across hills and Students are warned to not "Yes sir," she replied, and then deserts, carry heavy weight disclose anything about the jogged off to her next task. and bear the brunt of fighting test, lest future students get and death — the corps is pro- an easier ride. The New York ceeding with much caution. Times was allowed to observe Amos has said he would use the first day under the condiONLY: the Infantry Officer Course to tion that many details not be $39999' study how women handle the described or p h otographed. rigors of i n f antry t r aining, Desgrosseilliers said he was hoping to observe 92 volun- c onfident that w omen w i l l teers by 2016, when the corps eventually pass the course. • Hands-clean canister must m a k e r e c ommenda- (Even if some do, they will controls the dust cloud tions on whether women can not automatically become in• Swivel steering and selfjoin the infantry. (Reaching fantry officers, until the corps adjusting head 92 may be difficult, however: makes a final recommenda• Easy-touch controls with The corps produces only 156 tion on opening the infantry to on/off brushroll on the female officers a year, and women.) handle only about one in 10 have volBut for that to happen, he • Fully-powered on board unteered to attend the course said, they will need to start quick-wand so far, though Marine Corps preparing in college or high officials say they expect the school, as many men do. He • Four-stage multi-cyclonic' ltltratton system number to rise.) has begun urging the Naval — ensures no loss Last fall, the first two female Academy and r eserve offiof suction.' volunteers failed to complete cer training programs to help • Limited 5-year the course. One, a distance Warranty' plus a 1-yeor runner, was dropped on the Extended LifeCare Plan first day, known as the Combat Endurance Test. The second, a soccer player, endured EVERGREEN for over a week before instrucIn-Home Care Servlces torspulled her out because of Care for loved ones. Comfort for all 541-389-0006 a stressfracture in her foot. I I ' I Both are now training for noninfantry jobs. In Quantico, concerns run deep among some staff members thatpressure to accommodate women will lead to a softening of the Marine Corps' tough standards. Col. Todd You may notsave the world, but you can Desgrosseill iers, commander save a lot of money by refinancing your of the Basic School, which includes the Infantry Officer home with SELCO Mortgage. School and the Basic Officer Give us a call today! Course, said that would not


Dare to Refit '

happen. "They are g ender-neutral now," he said of the standards. "They aren't hard to be hard. These are the things they need to be able to do to be infantry officers." The 86-day Infantry Officer Course, which was started in 1977 by Vietnam combat veterans, is viewed with special reverence within the corps, the most infantry-centric of the armed services. Though its students tend to be top performers in basic officer training, more than one in five are dropped during the infantry course. Some are allowed to try again, but most find other jobs in the corps. Outside a n aud i t orium where new students receive their initial briefing, a quote



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Young'sslur highlights GOP's imageproblem By Aaron Blake and Juliet Eilperin

homosexuality as "filthy." GOP leaders, who have nevThe Washington Post er had much regard or use for For Republicans seeking to the longtime and oft-embatcast off the image of the par- tled congressman from Alasty as intolerant of opposing ka, were quick to denounce views and lifestyles, it's been both him and the RNC como ne step forward and t w o mitteeman, Dave Agema. "The words used by Repsteps back of late. Less than two weeks af- resentative Young emphatiter the Republican National cally do no t r e present the Committee unveiled its 2012 beliefs o f t h e R e p ublican election autopsy, and put an Party," assured RNC Chairemphasis on broadening the man Reince Priebus, who last party's tent, Rep. Don Young, week launched the GOP efR-Alaska, used an ethnic slur fort to reach out to minority for Latinos in a radio inter- communities. view Thursday. Young's comThe problem forPriebus is, ments served as th e l atest even if you grant that Young's wake-up call for Republicans and Agema's views are not in their nascent effort to woo representativeof the broader a more diversecross-section GOP, they a r e h i g h-rankof America. ing officials in the party who The message: Whateveref- were elected to their positions. fort they make toward mod- (Young has won 21 consecuernizing their b r and, there tive elections for his at-large will always be a few Archie House seat.) Bunkers out there — people, And under the new media like the lead character in the paradigm — when an isolated 70's sitcom "All in the Family," incident explodes on c able who are unconcerned with or news and t h r ough o n l i ne unwilling to moderate their social networks — these retone. And these days more marks can quickly dominate than in the past, their offhand the day's political discourse. remarks can derail the most Some Republicans argue c arefully o r c hestrated P R that there is a d ouble-stancampaign. dard at work, in w h ich the Young, 79, set off a fresh media focus on o u tlandish round of recriminations and things that Republicans say h and-wringing a m ong R e - and ignore similar rants by publican leaders while talk- Democrats. "There is always a market ing about the people his father employed on hi s California in the media for the craziest ranch years ago. thing a Republican said to"We used to hire 50 or 60 day," said GOP consultant Ed wetbacks and — to pick toma- Rogers. "There is nothing the toes," Young said in the inter- left likes better than to find view with KRBD. "You know, some off-the-wall statement it takes two people to pick the by a Republican and then use same tomatoes now. It's all it to tar the Party as a whole. done by machine." ... That is why Republicans Even a s s e veral s e nior have to be extra careful." Republicans decried the reThe fact is that the GOP marks and called for a more has much more to prove (and thorough apology, some GOP m uch more r oo m f o r i m advisers said t h e i n c ident provement) when it comes to would reinforce how voters minority outreach. And you don't have to look too far into view their party. GOP consultant John Weav- the past to find instances of er said the comment "hurts prominent Republicans takus," even though he described ing pretty hard-line and ofYoung as "a dinosaur on the ten bluntly stated positions bridge of p o litical i nsanity against the issues which gay and irrelevance." people and Latinos care about Before Young casually re- most — same-sex marriage ferred to Latino ranch-work- and a path to citizenship for ilers as "wetbacks," an RNC legal immigrants. official from M i chigan this That recent history isn't goweek engaged in a more delib- ing to be forgotten any time erate effort to argue that being soon, which places a much gay is an unhealthy lifestyle greater onus on the party to — posting an article to his watch what it says and how it Facebook page that labeled says it.

North Korea

In the propaganda world the three generations of the Kim Continued from A1 dynasty has created, Kim is Also successful was the tor- "a great iron-willed general pedo attack three years ago admired by all of his people, this week on the Cheonan, a including real generals who naval corvette, that killed 46 h ave actually served in t he South Korean sailors. The military," said Lee Sung-yoon, North ha s n ever a cknowl- North Korea specialist at the edged involvement in either Fletcher School of Law and — though the South believes Diplomacy at Tufts University. it was responsible for both and "For the Kim I II, fantasy is so do U.S. experts. reality." "We're c onvinced this i s Keeping the fantasy up has a bout Ki m s o l idifying h i s required a lot of work in the place with hi s ow n p eople past month, with many visits and his own military, who still to military units on both of the don't know him," one senior country's coasts, and a lot of administration of ficial s a id conferences at midnight with Friday. He added: "We're wor- generals. ried about what he's going to Yet in each of these scenes, do next, but we're not worried North Korea's propagandists about what he seems to be sometimes made Kim look as threatening to do next." much a clumsy actor as a new According to the view that leader of one of the world's North Korea's propaganda ma- most belligerent governments. "We're all trying to put him chine pounds into its citizens' minds, the North is a tiny na- on the couch," said Jonathan tion besieged by hostile outside Pollack,a North Korea expert forces,one that survived de- at the Brookings Institution. "A spite decades of sanctions and year ago the U.S. and the Chican finally stand up to both its nese saw at least the possibilU.S. foe and its longtime Chi- ity that you could do business nese ally — all thanks to the with him. But he has steadily strong "military-first" leader- reverted to f orm," adopting ship of the Kim family and the the approach of his father and country's nuclear arsenal. grandfather in using the perIn such a setting, Kim's trip ception of an external threat to to a border island on a wooden solidify support at home. boat — it almost seemed deToday those t hreats are signedto create a"Washington South Korea and "the Americrossing the Delaware" motif cans and their puppets," a — is proof of his "daring and statement from the North said. pluck," as the country's main The two Koreas "were back to party newspaper Rodong ex- a state of war," it said, and the plained. Rodong also declared North's foes "should know that about North Korea's nuclear everything is different under weapons: "Let the American our peerless general and dear imperialists and their follow- Marshal Kim Jong Un." ers know! We are not a pushWhile many fear that Kim's over like Iraq or Libya." The rhetoric is building up toward first, famously, had no nuclear some action, Pollack held out weapons;the second gave up the hope that the threats could its nascent nuclear program in abate as United States and late 2003, a move North Korea South Korean military exercisdescribes as Moammar Gad- es, which infuriate the North, hafi's greatest mistake. wind up at the end of April.


Church Continued from A1 Although St. Helens Hall is less visibly damaged from the outside, because the fire apparently began in the large sanctuary area, the smoke and water damage is widespread, Lovering said. While no portion of the Trinity Episcopal Church building is completely undamaged, Lovering said the damage seems to have been slightly minimized due to the separation between different rooms. Along with demolishing the most severely damaged portion of the church, a historic structure, crews will l i kely be replacing the entire roof of St. Helens Hall. Construction could begin on the roof replacement project w ithin three weeks, Lovering said, and be complete by July 1. Completing t h e r e p airs at St. Helens Hall would allow church members to use the building for their regular church s ervices. S ervices were held at the First United Methodist Church on Bond Street on the Sunday after the fires; since then, worship has moved to St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, the historic red brick church at the corner


Andy Tullis/The Bulletin

Justin Robertson of Bend, an employee of Belfor Environmental, dumps old flooring wood into the dumpster while working with a crew on Trinity Episcopal Church in Bend on Thursday. of Franklin Avenue and Lava Road. "The Catholic Church has been very w elcoming and wonderfulfor us to use, we really appreciate it," Lovering said. C onstruction a t Tr i n i t y Episcopal Church is unlikely to begin until June, Lovering said, and is projected to take 18 months to finish. Because the building is on the National Registry of Historic Places and within the

Old Bend Historic District, the church is expected to rebuild the exterior using materials similar to those used in the original construction. The most heavily damaged portion of the church is also the oldest — a 1919 parish house was expanded in 1929 to form the westernhalfofthe church, while the east wing was built in the early 1950s. Heidi Kennedy, a historic resources specialist with the Bend city planning division,

trator would be the capstone of his career. "I've worked with ranchers Continued from A1 concerned with wildfires and Tom Anderson with farmers concerned with Anderson has been servwater rights," he said. "I've maning as the interim county aged cities the size of yours and administrator counties with similar budgets." s ince be i n g Jean was city manager of a sked by t h e Troutdale for four years and James Bourey commissioners spent eight years as city manto fill in about Bourey lives in South Caro- ager of Tigard. He's a member f ive mo n t h s lina where he is the director of of the O r egon City/County ago. Prior t o And e rson corporate deManagement Association, a that, Anderson velopment for past president of the Washingserved as the community de- accounting and ton City/County Management velopment director for Des- tax firm Elliot Association and international chutes County and said that Davis LLC. He vice president of the Internaexperience would help him as resigned from tional City/County M anagecounty administrator. his post as city Bo u rey ment Association. "Both positions are com- manager "About three weeks ago I was of plicated in that there is a lot Greenville, S.C., in 2010 after down that way and I'm really of responsibility and severe serving for six years. Bourey excited with the quality of planconsequences when incorrect s aid hi s r e signation w a s ning ... in Redmond," he said. decisionsare made," he said. forced because the City Coun- "We looked (at) Bend, La Pine "My hope is that I can take cil did not want to work with and Sunriver and I'm really imthe knowledge I've gained in him anymore. pressed with what I saw." "Five of the seven council the last five months and move forward." members who w ere there Richard Mays Prior to coming to Des- when I began were no longer Mays has 32 years of expechutes County 15 years ago, there when I left," he said. "I rience as a city manager. He's Anderson worked in com- feelgood about my accombeen manager of munity planning and devel- plishments; I'm friends will all Cannon Beach opment inthe Long Beach, the council members and am for the last seven Calif., area for 12 years. still active in the community." years, spent 10 He said his time as interim He said several business years as m a nadministrator has shown him owners came forward follow- ager of Jefferson the scope of what the position ing his resignation to show City, Missouri s Ma y s entails. their support. state capital, and "As county administrator "In the first six months af- managed Collinsville, Ill. for it would be my job to deter- ter I left the city a day didn't three years. "Cannon Beach is unique in mine how the vision of the pass that someone didn't say commissioners tr a n slates thank you for your work," he that it has a significant number into a workable action plan said. of tourists," he said. "As a result, for the county," he said. "It Bourey has worked forboth we have to build an infrastructakes communication and cities and counties in several ture that can accommodate a motivation to bring all staff states and said he feels his ex- changing population." in the various departments perience qualifies him for the Mays said his reasons for aptogether to see that same position. plying to be Deschutes County "The county administrator administrator are both personvision." needs to work with the county al and professional. Gary Barth "Personally, my wife and I board to help fill out their misBarth is director of busi- sion and vision," he said. "I have both always loved Central ness andcommunity services have a deep understanding of Oregon," he said. "Professionfor Clackamas how county and city adminis- ally it would be a good step up County. Prior tration work." in my career." to taking that Though Mays lacks experiRobert Jean position, Barth ence working for county govspent 30 years Jean retired three years ernment, he said the breadth in the commerago from his 15-year job as and depth ofhis experience in cial banking in- Ba r th city m a nager city governments qualify him dustry. He said of U n i versity for the position. "I've made significant transithat while working for the pri- Place, Wash. He vatesectorhe volunteered for was asked to several public entities, includ- serve as interim ing overseeing the Clackamas county managCounty Fair and managing er for San Juan J e a n the county park system County, Wash., & HEARING AID CUNIC "I found that I was spend- where he's been ever since. www.central oregonaudiology,com ing all my nonwork time in Jean said he said he'd like Bend • Redmond • P-ville • Burns the public sector," he said. "I to live somewhere bigger than 541.647.2884 realized that's really where San Juan County, but not too my passion is." big. " Bend has been in o u r Barth transitioned from banking to community devel- sights for years," he said. moaaa. FAST Olt CHANGES8 MO//E opment about six years ago "There were times when city and said the county adminis- manager or county administrator who hired him valued trator positions would open his private-sector experience up but it was never the right greatly. time for me." "I have a lot of experience Jean said being selected as managing large budgets; I'm Deschutes County adminisvery outcome-oriented,"he said. "I bring with me a private-sector mentality of how can we do more with less." Barth said he and his wife have a "strong affection" for the Bend area and, if hired, would explore ways to diversify the local economy.

6A 'uoiouxiy

said the process will involve a hearing before the Bend Landmarks Com m i ssion, and should not add significant time delays or additional expense to the project. Lovering said c it y s t aff have been helpful so far, and the new construction should be identical to what burned, aside from some slight alterations to improve access for persons with disabilities. — Reporter: 541-383-0387,

tions throughout my career," he said. "I'm used to working with governments and believe I'm a good candidate for the job." Mays said he's researched Deschutes County during the hiring process and is becoming familiar with the unique issues of the area.

Steve Wheeler Wheeler recently resigned from his position as Clackamas County administrator after holding the position f or more t h an six years. Prior to taking the top position, Wheel- Wh e eler er was deputy county administrator for three years. He was also Tualatin city manager. "It's no secret it's been a difficult time i n C l ackamas County," he said. "I'm looking forward to the stability and cohesion in Deschutes County." Wheeler said h i s r e s ignation was more of a " m utual separation a greement" between the county commissioners a nd hi ms e lf. "There is only one commissioner left who was there when I was hired," he said. "We decided it would be a better fit if we all made a fresh start." He said he's interested in t he Deschutes County a d ministrator job because of the potential he sees in the area. "I see myself fitting in well in the area,' he said. "I would expect, if I took the job, I'd be there long-term. I can't see myself having any interest in leaving." Wheeler said having experience as both a manager of a smaller city and an administrator of a larger county makes him feel he's qualified for the position. — Reporter: 541-383-0376,

E LEVATIO N Elevation Capital Strategies 400 SW BluA Drive Suite 101 Bend Main: 541-728-0321







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armersca orwa er'snucearo ion By Felicity Barringer eNew York Times News Service

CARLSBAD, N.M.— Just after the local water board announced this month that its farmers would get only one-tenth of their normal water allotment this year, Ronnie Walterscheid, 53, stood up and called on his elected representatives to declare a water war on their upstream neighbors. "It's always been about us reflects the political impact of giving up," Walterscheid said, t h e droughts that are becomto nods. " I say we push back i n g t h e new n ormal i n t h e hard right now." West. "A call on the river is a call The drought-fueled anger of southeastern New Mexico's f o r a s h a k eout," explained farmers and ranchers is boil- D a n iel McCool, a University ing, and there is nowhere near o f U tah political scientist and enough water in the desiccat- a u t hor of "River Republic: The edPecosRivertocoolitdown. F a l l a n d R ise of A m erica's Roswell, about 75 Rivers." "It's not going to miles to the north, has som e w hat /t S npt be farmers versus more water avail- g p jn g tp Qe environmentalists

A priority call, said McCool, "will g l aringly d emonstrate how unfair, how anachronistic the whole water law edifice 1S.

He added, "The all-or-nothing dynamic of prior appropriation instantly sets up conflict. I get all of mine and you get nothing." Despite the support Walterscheid got from two of the Carlsbad Irrigation District's five members, however, the able and so is the f~ f m e f s ~ efSUS or l i berals versus March 12 meeting produced focus of intense conservatives," he not a priority call, but an uls aid . "It's going timatum: T h e Le g i slature resentment h ere. enVirOnmentWalterscheid and g/ j s tSpf to be the people should give Carlsbad $2.5 milothers believe that /Q7 who have water lion to tide it over, or the water efg/S yefSUS R oswell's ar t e versus the people district will make the call and sian wells reduce CP n S e l 'VBtlVeS. who do n ' t." And, start a traumatic legal and sciCarlsbad's surface /t'S gpjng t p he sai d , the have- entific battle. water. nots will outnumThe prior appropriation sys~ P / For decades, the ber the haves. tem on the Pecos has its beginregional status quo Wt1 p li BVe Dudley J ones, nings in the late 19th century. meant the north- Wgtef yefSUS the manager for Its waters flow about 925 miles e rners pu m p ed the Carlsbad Irfrom the Sangre de Cristo groundwater and rigation D i strict, Mountains in northern New the s outherners W/IP don t. said that w a t er Mexico, ending up in the Rio piped surface walaw an d a l l oca- Grande in Texas. It has been a "' ter. Now, amid the tion practice have focus of conflict. Texas, saying " " " " '" " long worst drought on d i v erged. upstream users were taking RePublic: The "We have it in the its share, won a 1987 Supreme r ecord, some i n Fall and Rlse of state Carlsbad say they con s t itu- Court ruling guaranteeing deAmerica's Rivers" tion: First in time, liveries under the Pecos River m ust upend t h e status quo to surfirst in right. But Compact. that's not how it's vive. They want to After the ruling, which was make what is known as a pri- p r a cticed." In New Mexico's signed by the feuding water oritycallonthePecosRiver. pol i t i cal p ecking order, his districts, Roswell took steps to A priority call, an exceed- a l f a lfa farmers, despite sen- conserve water, including putingly rare maneuver, is th e i o r p r i ority r ightsdatingback ting meters on wells, limiting nuclear option in the world of 1 0 0 y ears, have little clout. withdrawals, allowing f i vewater. Such a call would try to T h e state water authorities, he year averaging of water use f orce the state to return to what s a i d , "are not going to cut out and buying out some farmers. had been the basic principle of t h e city." At the Pecos Valley Artesian "They're not going to cut out Conservancy District in Rowater distribution in the West: The lands whose owners first t h e dairy industry," he added. swell, officials take pride in used the water — i n m o st "They're not going to cut off this foresight and maintain cases farmland — get first call t h e oi l and gas industry, be- that they ar e no t c heating on it in times of scarcity. Big c a use that's economic devel- Carlsbad. "If w e t u r ned of f e v ery industries can be losers; small o p m ent. So we're left with a farmers winners. dilemma — the New Mexico one of our pumps today, they The threat of such a move w a ter dilemma." wouldn't see any more water,"

Ivan Pierre Aguirre/ New York Times News Service

Brantley Dam tender Bill Berry stands at the edge of the Pecos River outside Carlsbad, N.M. With the river desiccated, some in southeastern New Mexico are trying to force the state to distribute water in a way that would allow most farmers to benefit over big industries. said Aron Balok, the district's manager. Nonetheless, the bounty of the Roswell-Artesia aquifer, which has produced a robust economy, including abundant dairies, an oil refinery and the West's biggest mozzarella plant, gives rise to "just plain jealousy" in Carlsbad, he said. "If the priority call were executed today," Balok said, "the refinery would shut down. The cheese plant would shut down. The dairies would shut down. To what end'? It wouldn't make water appear." The agreement made to settle the dispute with Texas was supposed to stop such brinkmanship. But, he said, "Nobody ever foresaw it being this dry for this long." How dry is it'? In 2012, parts of theriverbed were dry for 77 days, said Mike Hamman, the area manager forthe federal Bureau of Reclamation in Albuquerque. In 2011, with the drought sending feed prices up, the Clovis Livestock auction house, the region's biggest, sold 144,000 head of cat-


tle, 20 percent above average. "Some herds have sold out," said the p resident, Charlie Rogers. Most ranchers have reduced their herds to 25 percent of their previous size, he said. Hay, he said, costs too much. Higher prices, however, did not offset the losses that hay farmers like M ar k W e ems and Billy Grandi in Carlsbad suffered when they could not water their fields. Weems said he had tosell22 acres to make p ayments on his f arm a n d equipment. The buyer: an oilrelated company that wanted the water rights. As for Br a n tley L a k e , the nearest reservoir, "Two months ago it looked like you could drive a f o u r-wheeler across it," Weems said. Grandi added, "If the drought continues, a lot of farmers will just have to sell out." Hamman understands that fear. "If indeed we are moving into a new c l imate regime that is going to limit the ability to continue the status

quo," he said "we may have to d o s o mething d i f ferent — reallocate the system, or make adjustments to existing settlements." The climate and the economy on which existing compacts were based may have f undamentally changed. I n the West, "the I percent of the economy that is farming takes close to 80 percent of the water," McCool said. The Pecos feud, he said, is a prelude to wars on rivers like the Colorado, which provides water to more than 20 million people. A recentfederal study showed that the Colorado will not have enough water to satisfy existing claims. In a shakeout, farmers cannot prevail, McCool argued. "Let's see, we could dry up some hay farms or we could dry up Las Vegas. Which one is it going to be? It's going to be the new economy of the West with the focus on recreation and tourism and hunting." " There w il l b e fa r m i ng ghost towns," he said.

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• Bend WaterReclamation Facility implementing a $39Mplanto expand its capacity

sheriff reconsidering deportation policy. • Salem:Hearings on gun control measures

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scheduled for April. • Elsewhere:Hiker

reported missing on Mount Hood, and more.

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m"'New<claiifier,an'dtsolIds;,~"i~ ,pumpingistation~~4~-';-.~~~48f.'

reader photos

of Well shot! that will run in the Outdoors section. Submit your best work at www. wellshot/signsofspring, and we'll pickthe best for publication. Submission requirements: Include as much detail as possible — when and where you took it, and any special technique used — as well as your name, hometown and phone number.Photos must be high resolution (at least 6 inches wide and 300 dpi) and cannot be altered.

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Courtesy city of Bend

Expansion plans


In April, contractors will start grading and compacting the ground in

Aeration basins are ponds that use microbes to breakdown

sites where construction will take place. Central Electric Cooperative will

wastewater. Air is pumped into the basins to help promote this

relocate buried power lines, which are currently located in someareas where construction will take place. Then contractors will begin construction of anewaeration dasin, anew solids pump station and anewprimary clarifier. At least two aeration basins must operate at all times to meet the city's

microbe breakdown. Onewayengineers have come up with to increase capacity is by using FixedFilm Activated Sludge (IFAS) systems. •

• ,

wastewater treatment needs. As a result, the new aeration basin and




' • •

• • •


clarifier must be upand running before contractors can begin retrofitting the existing aeration basins with the lntegrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge, or IFAS, technology. This product will also be installed in the new

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,". " . •



' • • o.

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aeration basin.

The city will also replace the existingdlowersthat pump air into the aeration basins with turbo blowers, which will use 30 percent less electricity. Other improvements to increase efficiency include lighting changes and an expansion of the hot water heating equipment, which heats the buildings by burning methane gas from the digesters.

:=:----.„":;-~ ri~'l



~ y

~ — e e yO q ~ )•

IFAS pla s tic "bugcondo."




more surface on which microbes can live. A biofilm grows on these plastic objects and the microbes in this film

can remove agreater amount of waste from the water.

Microbes growing on the

"bug condo," as seen

Thousands of the plastic objects await deployment in the facility's existing and planned aeration basins.

under a microscope.

Source: City of Bend

By Hillary Borrud The Bulletin

Bend is poised to break ground in April on a Q9 million upgrade of its wastewater treatment plant, which will allow the city to keep up with future development and population growth. "The existing water reclamation facility was brought online in 1980, and it's well past its design life," assistant city engineer Jeff England told the City Council March 20. Existing sewer rates are adequate for the city to repay the low-interest loans from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality that financed the project, England said. The existing plant is already at capacity. It can treat up to 6 million gallons of wastewater per day, and 5.5 million to 6 million gallons of wastewater flow to the plant each day, according to the city. If construction rebounded quickly, the city would be in trouble because

Andy Zeigert i The Bulletin

"The existing water reclamation facility was brought online in 1980, and it's we/I past its

design life." — Jeff England, assistant city engineer city officials allowed so many lots to be platted for development during the boom years. The city anticipates that if all of the platted lots were developed, the total daily wastewater flow would increase to 8.5 million gallons per day, according to a city presentation to the City Council in December. Expanding the existing plant will not be a quick job. Construction is scheduled to finish in March 2016, according to the city presentation. The city hired CH2M Hill Engineers to design the project and manage construction. Brady Fuller, senior project manager for CH2M Hill Engineers, said the project will increase efficiency in several ways. Workers will retrofit the existing

Locals looking to spend more time at some of Central Oregon's iconic landmarks now have an excuse to do just that while helping others enjoy them, too. The Deschutes National Forest along with Discover Your Northwest is holding a recruitment event April 9 for anyone interested in becoming a volunteer interpretive ranger. The meeting is scheduled from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m at the Deschutes National Forest's Bend-Ft. Rock Ranger District on Deschutes Market Road, Bend. Once volunteersare trained to be interpretive rangers, they have the choice of being stationed at Lava Lands Visitor Center, Lava River Cave or Mount Bachelor, where they will lead interpretive hikes and answer questions from forest visitors. "We're hoping to find volunteers with an interest in the natural history of the area," said Karen Gentry, the education coordinator with the DeschutesForest Conservation Association. "They should be comfortable with talking to large audiences and to all

kinds of age groups."

The system introduces thousands of free-floating plastic objects that offer

Call a reporter: Bend................541-617-7829 Redmond ........541-548-2186 Sisters.............541-548-2186 La Pine ........... 541-383-0367 Sunriyer......... 541-383-0367

seeks volunteers The Bulletin



Well shot!

National Forest By Megan Kehoe


5fories on B3, B5-6

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wastewater aeration basins with integrated fixed film activated sludge, or IFAS, technology, which makes it easier for microbes that process waste to do their work. This technology will also be installed in a new aeration basin. "That is really the heart of the secondary treatment process," Fuller said of IFAS. "It allowed the city to defer construction of an additional (secondary) clarifier by about 10 years." Wastewater goes through many processes at the plant. Water enters the treatment facility at the headworks, where screens catch large materials such as plastics. From there, water moves into the primary clarifiers where sludge settles to the

bottom and is removed from the tanks, Fuller said. The city puts the sludge into digesters, and the water goes into aeration basins. Air pumped into these basins helps bacteria to grow, and these "bugs" eat waste that is still in the water and convert ammonia to nitrogen gas, Fuller said. Wastewater then travels into secondary clarifiers, where the bacteria settle down from the water and are removed. "The water that flows out of that secondary clarifier is very clean," Fuller said. Finally, the water is placed in a tank where it is treated with chlorine. As part of the facility retrofit, contractors will install equipment to treat the wastewater with ultraviolet light instead of chlorine. The city sends some of this water to Pronghorn Club and Resort, the remainder goes into ponds near the water reclamation facility. — Reporter:541-617-7829,

Volunteers will work from May to September if they choose to volunteer at Newberry National Monument, or from July to September if they select Mount Bachelor. Volunteers should be willing to commit to at least one day a week. After the initial recruitment meeting, volunteers will be trained in a three-day event where they shadow other rangers and take an exam. Gentry says many of the interpretive rangers return each summer, some having volunteered with the forest for more than 10 years. Aside from interpretive ranger positions, education internships will be offered at the recruitment event. Education interns will work with DeschutesForest Conservation Association staff to develop outreach to local schools and to help align interpretive programs with state education curriculum. Interns should be willing to volunteer between eight and 12 hours a week. Gentry says the organization is looking for people with an interest in teaching or a background in teaching to fill the volunteer-based education internships. "We havelotsofdiverse volunteer opportunities for people passionate about the outdoors," Gentry said. For more information about the volunteer recruitment event, call 541-233-6110. — Reporter: 541-383-0354,

Egg hunts and more on offer for Easter weekend

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TODAY EASTEREGGHUNT: Children hunt for eggs; donations benefit Oasis Soup Kitchen; donations of nonperishable food accepted; 10 a.m.; Powell Butte Community Charter School, 13650 S.W. State Highway126; 541-788-4415. EASTEREGGHUNT: Children ages12 and younger hunt for eggs; free; 10 a.m.; Neighborhood Center, 2640 N.E. Jones Road, Bend; 541-316-8337. EASTEREGGHUNT: With a barbecue, children's activities and more; preceded by egg bag decorating; free, fee for barbecue; 1 p.m.; C.E. Lovejoy's Brookswood Market, 19530 Amber Meadow Drive, Bend; 541-388-1188 or www. UNDERWATER EASTEREGG HUNT:W ithcontests

and prizes; $3, $2 ages 15and younger, $1 seniors, $10 families; 1-3 p.m.; Cascade Swim Center, 465 S.W.Rimrock Way, Redmond;541-548-7275 or

SUNDAY FORT ROCKGRANGE EASTER BREAKFAST:A meal ofham, eggs,pancakes,hash browns and coffee; $6, $3 ages10and younger; 7:15 a.m.; Fort Rock Grange, 64651 Fort Rock Road; 541-5762289. ELKS LODGEEASTER EGG HUNT: Ages12 and younger hunt for eggs; free; 9 a.m.; Juniper Park, 741 N.E. Franklin Ave., Bend; 541-389-743B. EASTER MYSTERYTOUR:Takeatourthat explores Easter mysteries, and search for eggs at

stops; free; 9:30-10 a.m.; Trinity Lutheran Church 8 School, 2550 N.E. Butler Market Road, Bend; 541-382- I B32. EASTER EGGHUNT FOR DOGS: Leashedand well-behaved dogs search for eggs filled with dog treats, with gifts and prizes; free; 3-3:30 p.m.; Eastside Bend Pet Express, 420 N.E. Windy Knolls Drive; 541-389-4620. VFW EASTERDINNER: A dinner of baked ham, scalloped potatoes and more; reservations requested; $10, $5 ages10 and younger, free ages three and younger; 4 p.m.; VFW Hall, 1836 S.W.Veterans Way, Redmond; 541-923-8591. See the complete event calendar on PageB3



gio' 'PI





ulletin photographer Andy Tullis photographed the eyes of nine animals in Central Oregon â&#x20AC;&#x201D; a horse, dog, falcon, chicken, rabbit, trout, butterfly, porcupine and cat. To win the prize, guess which eye belongs to which animal. To enter the competition for a $200 gift certificate toward sunglasses, eye care or prescription lenses at Lifetime Vision Care, visit our Facebook page at ("Like" us while you're there!) The deadline to enter is 10 a.m. Monday. A winner who answers all nine correctly will be chosen at random. Answers and our winner will be announced in Tuesday's paper.


-' +e.

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3 h





Hearings set onguncontrol measures By Jonathan J. Cooper

selling firearms. Sen. Floyd Prozanski, DSALEM — T h e O r e gon Eugene, chairman of the Legislature plans to take up Senate Judiciary Committee, gun control legislation next scheduled an extended public week, when a Senate com- hearing for four bills April 5. "If you look at these bills, mittee is set to hear public testimony on four measures they're pretty much based on and could d ecide whether common sense and gun safety," Prozanski said. to advance them to the full He's introduced bills that Senate. Gun control advocates say would: they've given up on conten• Ban guns in primary and tious efforts to limit sales of secondary schools, eliminatassault weapons and high- ing a law that allows people capacity ammunition maga- with concealed-handgun lizines, but t h ey're pressing censes to carry weapons in ahead with other measures schools. Local school boards that would impose new re- would be able to opt out and s trictions on c a r rying a n d continue the existing policy. The Associated Press


• Prohibit openly carrying a weapon in public buildings, including the state Capitol. Gun owners with concealedhandgun licenses could cont inue to c a rr y f i r earms i f they're hidden from view. • Require b a c k ground c hecks on g u n s a les a n d transfers, except b e t ween family members. Oregon already requires background checks on pr ivate sales at gun shows. • Require a shooting test to obtain a concealed-handgun license. Advocates on both sides of the gun control issue expect a spirited debate.

a lobbying and advocacy group. "Any time a child is gunned down by a madman, that's a horrible situation," Starrett said. "But if you're going to write laws to criminalize that, maybe you ought to recognize that we already have laws that criminalize that."

Easter events are listed on Page Bl.

NEWS OF RECORD POLICE LOG The Bulletin will update items in the Police Log when such a request is received. Any new information, such as the dismissal of charges or acquittal, must be verifiable. For more information, call 541-383-0358. Bend Police Department DUU —Ryan S. Powers, 34, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at 10:26 p.m. March 25, in the area of Butler Market Road and Nasu Loop. Theft —A theft was reported at9:29a.m. March 26, in the 400 block of Northeast Greenwood Avenue. Unlawful entry —A vehicle was reported entered at1:03 p.m. March 26, in the 61100 block of South U.S. Highway 97. Unlawful entry —A vehicle was reported entered at 2:08 p.m. March 26, in the 2800 block of Northeast Sedalia Loop. Unlawful entry —A vehicle was reported entered at 5:02 p.m. March 26, in the 2800 block of Northeast Sedalia Loop. DUII —Mason Scott Witmer, 21, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at1:27 a.m. March 27, in the1100 block of Southeast Third Street. DUII —Megan K. Morrow, 26, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at1:47 a.m. March 27, in the area of Northeast Twin Knolls Drive and Northeast 27th Street. Theft —A theft was reported at 3:01 p.m. March 27, in the 2600 block of Northeast U.S. Highway 20. Theft —A theft was reported at 2:16 p.m. March 27, in the 2000 block of Northeast Full Moon Drive. Theft —A theft was reported at 4:18 p.m. March19, in the 61100 block of South U.S. Highway 97.

Unlawful entry —A vehicle was reported entered at10:13 a.m.March 25,inthe 62900 block of Boyd Acres Road. Burglary —A burglary was reported at 7:36 p.m. March 25, in the 3200 block of Northeast Stonebrook Drive. Theft —A theft was reported and an arrest made at 7:52 p.m. March 25, in the 20100 block of Pinebrook Boulevard. Criminal mischief —An act of criminal mischief was reported at 3:57 p.m. March 27, in the 2700 block of Northeast U.S. Highway 20. Unlawful entry — A vehicle was reported entered at 9:16 p.m. March 27, in the1200 block of Northeast 18th Street. DUII —Christopher Everett Robinson, 29, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at 12:28a.m. March 28, in the area of Northeast Eighth Street and Northeast Olney Avenue. Theft —A theft was reported at11:48 a.m. March 28, in the 2400 block of Northwest Hemmingway Street. Criminal mischief —An act of criminal mischief was reported at 6 p.m. March 28, in the 61100 block of Roughrider Lane. Theft —A theft was reported at 8:59 a.m. March 28, in the 20000 block of Beth Avenue. PrInevIlle Police Department

Theft —A theft was reported at 11:04 a.m. March 28, in the area of Southeast Lynn Boulevard.

BEND FIRE RUNS Thursday 9:17a.m. — Passenger vehicle fire, 501 S.W. Hill St. 2:29 p.m.— Authorized controlled burning, area of China Hat Road. 22 —Medical aid calls.

Killer'S attemPted name Change —Ajudgein Portland has rejected a double murderer's request to change his name,questioning his contention that hewants to switch for purely religious reasons. TheOregonian reports that a lawyer representing Mark Beebout told Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Diana Stuart on

Friday that his client had long been aMuslim. Lawyer Jonah Paisner saidtheproposedname — Yunus Mohammed — reflectsBeebout's deep connection to the faith. Earlier this month, the registered sex of-

fender was sentenced to life in prison without parole. COnViCtian in Stabbing death —A man who'd hitchhiked from the Bay Area in California to the Oregon coast in search of work has been convicted of stabbing another man to death in a North Bend motel last summer. KCBY-TV reports the murder verdict against Ronald Wayne Ambill was returned Friday after a week of trial.

Impraper bOdydiSpOSal Charge —AnOregonwomanhas been charged with disposing of a body improperlyafter the body of her 89-year-old mother was found behind a Michigan thrift store. The St. Clair County sheriff's department said Thursday that Kelly Rhodes, of Salem, is jailed in lllinois, where she was arrested on a warrant charging her with the misdemeanor. — From wire reports

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didgeridoo, featuring chanting and instrumental music by local artists; $15 suggested donation; 6 p.m.; Hawthorn Healing Arts Center, 39 N.W. Louisiana Ave., Bend; 541TODAY 330-0334. FIBER MARKETDAY: Featuring WELCOMEHOMEVIETNAM fiber vendors, demonstrations VETERANS DINNER:Dinner to and animal sales; free; 9 a.m.; celebrate veterans of the Korean Crook County Fairgrounds, 1280 and Vietnam Wars; $8 for nonS. Main St., Prineville; www. Vietnam and Korea veterans; 6 p.m.; Madras High School,390 S.E. I0th St.; 541-350-8009. SPRING GARDEN BUILD: Complete a greenhouse and fence, JAZZ AT JOE'SVOLUME 41: build new garden beds and clean The Jazz at Joe's series presents up the garden; free; 10 a.m.-2 p.m.; trombonists Gary Shutes and John The Environmental Center, 16 N.W. Moak,in memory ofDana Benesch; Kansas Ave., Bend; 541-385-6908 SOLD OUT;7 p.m.;Greenwood or Playhouse, 148 N.W. Greenwood Ave., Bend; 541-977-5637 or www. SCIENCEPARTY: Explore forces with an intergalactic laboratory to test Sir Isaac Newton's three REEL PADDLINGFILM FESTIVAL: laws of motion, presented by Featuring films of whitewater, sea Bend Research; $5 plus museum kayaking, canoeing and more; $12 admission, $3 members; 11 plus fees; 7 p.m.; Tower Theatre, a.m. and1:30 p.m.; High Desert 835 N.W. Wall St., Bend; 541-317Museum, 59800 S. U.S. Highway 0700 or 97, Bend; 541-382-4754 or www. "THE KING OFNAPAVALLEY": Modern Productions party. andJames Lee presentthe play "OPERALICIOUS":A performance about the world of California of opera arias, duets and trios winemaking and the families starring Melissa Bagwell, James involved; $18, $15 students and Knox and Jimena Shepherd; seniors; 7:30 p.m.; 2nd Street proceeds benefit PolioPlus; Theater, 220 N.E. Lafayette donations accepted; 3 p.m.; First Ave., Bend; 541-312-9626 or United Methodist Church, 680 N.W. Bond St., Bend; 541-382-1672 or TOXIC ZOMBIE:The Portlandoperaliciousbend© based horror rock act performs, LAST SATURDAY:Event includes with the High Desert Hooligans art exhibit openings, live music, and The Confederats; $3; 8 p.m.; food and drinks and a patio and fire Big T's, 413 S.W. Glacier Ave., pit; free; 6-10 p.m.; Old lronworks Redmond; 541-504-3864. Arts District, 50 Scott St., Bend; SOUND ANDVIBRATION SUNDAY MEDITATION:Seattle-based artist Pamela Mortensen plays the BROTHERS COMATOSE:The

Gun rights supporters say t he bills w ouldn't d o a n y thing to curb gun violence. T he bills would only p u n ish gun owners who obey the law, making it harder for them to protect themselves and people around them, said Kevin Starrett, director of the Oregon Firearms Federation,


I Pr~~

rock from Bellingham, Wash., with Sifted; $5; 9 p.m.; Liquid Lounge, 70 N.W. Newport Ave., Bend; 541389-6999 or

Jl lM



p Featuring a screening of "Genetic


"! •



Roulette," a documentary film about genetically engineered food; free; 6:30-8:15 p.m.; First Presbyterian Church, 230 N.E. Ninth St., Bend; 541-815-6504.





1avtnder g Uc l ttt

Spokesman filephoto

High Desert Wool Growers Fiber Market Day begins at 9 a.m. today at the Crook County Fairgrounds. California-based Americana folk act performs; $10; 8 p.m.; The Belfry, 302 E. Main Ave., Sisters; 541-815-9122 or www.

MONDAY BOOK DISCUSSION:Discuss "The Snow Child" by Eowyn Ivey; part of "A Novel Idea .. Read Together"; free;1 p.m.; Bend Senior Center, 1600 S.E. Reed Market Road; 541-388-1133 or www.

BRING OUTYOUR DEAD! AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORYOF PLAGUE:A presentation by Mark Eberle on the historical and medical story of the plague; free; 6 p.m.; McMenamins Old St. Francis School, 700 N.W. Bond St., Bend; 541-330-4640. BOOK DISCUSSION:Discuss "The Snow Child" by Eowyn Ivey; part of "A Novel Idea .. Read Together"; free; 6:30 p.m.; Sunriver Books 8 Music, Sunriver Village Building 25C; 541-593-2525 or www. BLACK BEASTREVIVAL: Heavy

"IT'S IN THE BAG"LECTURE SERIES:Sandy Brooke presents the lecture "Fate and Luck: A Series Crossing Boundaries" about her series of artwork; free; noon-1 p.m.; OSU-Cascades Campus,Cascades Hall,2600 N.W. College Way, Bend; 541-322-3100, info© or www. unchtimelectures. "THE METROPOLITANOPERA: FRANCESCA DA RIMINI": Starring Eva-Maria Westbroek, Mark Delavan and Marcello Giordani in an encore presentation of Zandonai's masterpiece; opera performance transmitted live in high definition; $18; 6:30 p.m.; Regal Old Mill Stadium16 & IMAX, 680 S.W. Powerhouse Drive, Bend; 541-382-6347.

LIVE MUSIC:Celebrate Mark Ransom's birthday with The Mostest, Hobbs, The JZ Band, Brent Alan, Indian food and more; a benefit for Ukuleles for Youth; $10 suggested donation; 8 p.m.; The Belfry, 302 E. Main Ave., Sisters; 541-815-9122 or www. MISS LONELYHEARTS: The folk act performs, with Boxcar Stringband; $5; 8 p.m.; The Horned Hand, 507 N.W. Colorado Ave., Bend; 541-728-0879 or www.

THURSDAY THREE TIMES BAD:The San Francisco-based bluegrass act performs, with The Rum and The Sea; $5; 8 p.m.; The Horned Hand, 507 N.W. Colorado Ave., Bend; 541-728-0879 or www.facebook. com/thehornedhand. LAFA TAYLOR:Electro-hop, with Nix, Prajekt and Over Cover; 9 p.m.;Liquid Lounge,70 N.W. Newport Ave., Bend; 541-3896999.

iP ttre. Crrart.k t a

a~ B~ dU s Bend Redmond

•$• •


4Qgw~~ 4Q®m~

John Day Burns Lakeview

BMw 3 senes 1-800-334-4BMW

The Ultimate

Driving Machine

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0 TO EFFICIENT IN5.7 SECONDS. Get more performance,while using less fuel. It's why the 328i has a new TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder engine that puts out 240 hp, yet still gets 34 mpg highway* with a manual transmission. Essentially, it has all the power of a 6-cylinder, with the efficiency of a 4. Consider ityour lucky day. Youtoo, Mother Nature. VVe only make one thing. The Ultimate Driving Machine.s

THE BMW 3 SERIES. BMW Efficientoynamics Less emisslons. More driving pleasure.


I ~,. © 7 IjNI.

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9 per month formonth 36 lease

Now through 03/31/2013

Carrera BMW Take the Reed Market exit off the Parkway 1045 SE 3rd Street, Bend, OR I (541) 382-1711 I

*Accelerationclaim based on BMW AGtest results. Figures based on 22 rnpgcity/34 mpg hwy for 328i manualtransmission. May change as aresult of EPAtesting. **Lease basedon MSRp of $41727.54 Including destination and handiing, excluding license, registration, taxesand options with $4364 cash due at signing. Stock tt73056. Offerdoes include feestotaling $373. Offer is based on approved credit. Through participating dealers and BMW Financial Services forqualified clients. Actualoffer setby dealer. For full financing terms visit 'Whichevercomes first. For fulldetails on BMW Ultimate Servce~ visit ©2012 BMW of Noah America, LLC. The BMW name, model names and logo areregistered trademarks.



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n orce usiness icense or I"0 end is changing its policy on its business license re-


i4~ rlr/~~ Q PQ g~g~ '

~ t r rfP4f<~



Goaoott BEAEE



Fditur-in-Ctnrf Editor of Edttoria/s



~ ~ Sa O F wE,"mmMm

S Rgt&m ~ T l o N,

vo Cur SEcuRAV ON OUf2'E5oF2PBFZ ANDP E-g~l~ F cfZ OUP ~ fEI Z z

quirement. It's not going to start enforcing it. It's hoping to get more voluntary compliance. But if the law is worth having, k n ow whom to contact when there Bend should enforce it. If the fine is is trouble or a false alarm. too steep, then change it. The money raised pays for The city is now effectively pun- B end's business advocate, Caroishing businesses that do com- l y n Eagan, and another part-time ply for their good citizenship by e m ployee to run the program. The not enforcing the law on other c i t y uses pad of the money to pay businesses. some of the city's contribution to The city requires any business Economic DeveloPment of Central that conducts physical activities in the city — whether or not the Eag a n uses the information in business operates from a physical th e licenses to better understand locationinthecity — topayforan w h a t k i nds of businesses there annual business license. There is ar e in Bend and how they might quite a long list of exceptions to the need help. The city is also using law on the city's website. the information to develop a more The license is $5P a year. The fair Payment Plan for commercial city says there are about lp,ppp sewer hookups. Those are good businesses in town and only about investments and good uses of the 6,ppp have licenses. Violating the business license carries up to a We c a n 't quarrel with the city's $500 fine. initial go-slow approach on reHow many businesses has the q u iring licenses and can't quarrel with the reluctance to start fining city fined? Zero. businesses left and right. The law, DoesitPlantofineanYone. Not though, has been around since now. Instead, it's going to be ask- February 2006. The city doesn't ingmoreresidentsandbusinesses have to start handing out $5pp who show uP at CitY Hall if busi- fines to each and every business nesses are licensed. out of compliance for every day the The city insists the license is b u sinesses fail to pay. It can send worthwhile. The database of in- o u t w arningletters. Butitneedsto formation is made available to e n f orce the law or transform it into 911 dispatchers, which helps them a voluntary contribution program.

Oregon College Savings Plan is a wise investment


ewspapers have been full of stories in recent months about the high price of college and whether it's worth the money. Measured in terms of earning power and the likelihood of unemployment, it is in many cases. Yet paying for college can leave a graduate and his family with substantial debt. According to the website Business Insider, during the last recession the unemployment rate for college grads was roughly half of what it was for high school graduates. And, during the last quarter of lastyear, those college graduates earned almost twice as much per week as did high school graduates. The downside comes in debt. The average college graduate today picks up his diploma and a bill for morethan $27,000. Ifhe or she has gone on to law school, for example, the number may rise to as much as $125,000, with parents a further $34,000 in debt. Paying all that off is a tremendous burden, and it may grow worse in years to come. According to the Associated Press, unless Congress acts before the end of June, the interest rate on new sub-

sidized Stafford loans will double to 6.8 percent. This state's Oregon College Savings Plan offers students and their families a way to reduce those numbers, particularly if they start early. The 529 investment program gives parents, kids and families a way to put money aside tax free for college. Yet only 7.24 percent of families with children under 18 in Deschutes County participate, and in Crook and Jefferson counties that number is far lower, a bit over 2 percent. For families that do participate, the benefits are clear. Earnings must be used for education, though not necessarily in Oregon or at a four-year public university. The account can be used by any family member. Also, Oregon plan money can be used for students with special needs, a group that generally is cut off from traditional college financial assistance. The plan's supporters note that it's likely many kids will still have to borrow to get through college. Borrowing less, however, means reducing future debt, perhaps dramatically. That's what the Oregon College Savings Plan is all about.

g@do. vO

M Nickel's Worth Editorial on wind project lacks clarity

in actual clean energy. Craig Miller Bend

T he Bulletin editorial staff i s at it again — trying their best to discredit c o n servation g r o ups. The editorial titled "Wind project challenge lacking in logic, reason" i ncoherently a t tempts t o p a i n t ONDA and Portland Audubon as illogical and unreasonable. If the editors were more respectful of local citizens trying their best to protect the environment, they might be able to retain a little more clarity on the issue. Here are the facts: 1. The corporation in charge of the wind energy project, Columbia Energy Partners, is in deep financial trouble. 2. CEP has lost its agreement with Southern California Edison to sell the power it might generate. 3. CEP has given up its transmission line connection to t r ansfer power. 4. CEP is no longer able to abide by the terms of its agreement with the Bureau of Land Management. 5. If BLM does not withdraw its permit, it will spend untold thousands of taxpayer dollars to defend a decision that is no longer viable. There are a lot of good reasons to oppose the industrial scale Echanis wind energy project proposed on top of the iconic Steens Mountain, including the need to protect wildlife, quiet recreation and traditional values. What is so illogical about asking BLM to admit the jig is up, stop wasting taxpayers' money and revoke its useless permit? Our tax dollars can be better spent supporting projects that will result

Republicans need to stop protecting the wealthy In your editorial, "Another way the sequester fails A m ericans," you began your argument that "the sequester forces all kinds of stupid outcomes." Sadly, you did not stop there. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said it was the "dumbest idea in a body known for dumb ideas." President Barack Obama agrees when he said, "we shouldn't be making dumb, arbitrary cuts." That was the whole point of the legislation. It was supposed to be such a dire situation that no politician in their right mind would let it go into action. Republicans argue that the government is too bloated and there are not any dire effects from the sequestration. Rep. Greg Walden, R-Hood River, said on Fox News, "By the way, we are talking about what, two percent of overall federal spending?" The t r ut h i s t h a t P r e sident Obama did not want to see arbitrary cuts and Walden does not see a problem. Why don't you demand that Walden explain to these members of the Oregon Army National Guard that it is not such a big deal? Is he not accountable to his constituents? This is not about picking budget cut winners and losers. It is about toxic across-the-board spending cuts that have real ramifications. Congressneeds to getserious about

a balanced approach of spending

cuts and raisingrevenue by closing tax loopholes. The Republicans are protecting the wealthy in this country at the expense of the rest of us. That needs to change.

Jason Burge Bend

Governor should get rid of daylight saving time Gov. John Kitzhaber needs to end daylight saving time, which is actually daylight shifting time because no actual daylight is saved. He has the idea that getting medical providers to charge patients according to results achieved is a reasonable solution to the medical issues plaguing Oregonians. How is that getting people to take personal responsibility for o ne's own health? It is much easier to sleep when it's dark outside. When daylight shifting begins and ends, it stays dark until almost 8 a.m. Parents sleep later; their kids sleep later. Morbid obesity i n creases. Childhood obesity increases. Longevity decreases. There is a direct link between these situations. There is no mandate that every state must observe daylight shifting. As an emergency room doctor/surgeon, the problem with too much sleep must be very obvious to Kitzhaber. People may argue that Arizona, which does not observe daylight saving time, has a morbid obesity and childhood obesity problem, too. Is it easier to eliminate daylight saving time or to change the atmospheric conditions that cause Arizona to be so hot? Brent D. Yonkovich Bend

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The issues our country faces are not black and white By Nicholas Saraceno merica has a milk moustache. Milk. It does a body good. Or so the dairy industry would have usbelieve. But science has recently raised the prospect that this is, at best, an open question. Undeniably, milk is a high source of calcium, it has vitamins and minerals, even proteins for b u i lding muscle. Beyond mere lactose intolerance, recent scientific studies have examined impacts of hormones and antibiotics given to dairy cows, the age and sex of those ingesting milk, pasteurized versus unpasteurized, the fact that it is a cow's milk and not a human's milk — among many other previously ignored factors. The results? Much like everything else in life, they are mixed and there are plenty of gray areas for when and why a c ow's milk should or should not be drunk. The American public,however, has been sold the idea that "milk is always good, no matter what" by a very well-organized and well-

funded marketing campaign, with a parallel emphasis on milk's cultural relevance. Thus, thescience doesn't stop us or break our habits or change our minds about milk. The marketing wins. It will always win where it affects emotions unobstructed over time, i.e., ties into the cultural fabric. Because emotions tied to culture are far more powerful than a logical, scientific snorefest of data. And milk is nothing if not emotional. But who cares'? It's milk. Unfortunately, similar m a r keting strategies to make absolutes out of what are actually massive gray swaths have not been limited to the relatively mundane issue of dairy intake. The exactsame strategy has been

imposed regarding national and statewide economic policy. Tax cuts have been sold by the right wing as "milk." For thirty-plus years, nall tax cuts are good" has been hawked to us by extremely well-funded mouthpieces and hucksters, whose financial backers have, literally, billions

IN MY VIEW at stake as to whether we drink our milk. They have sold us, en masse, the idea that tax cuts do a country good. There is no such thing as too much tax cut. They're good for your pocketbook and they're good for the na-

Tax cuts have been sold by the right wing as "milk." For thirty-plus years, "all tax cuts are good" has been hawked to us by extremely well-funded mouthpieces and hucksters, whose financial backers have, literally, billions at stake as to whether we drink our milk. They have sold us, en masse, the idea that tax cuts do a country good.

tional coffers (convenient). They're good for you. They're good for me. They're good for jobs. They're good

ment spending is too high. Social

for making grass greener and skies safety nets are routinely, if not albluer. But even Ronald Reagan, who is routinely pointed to as the grandfather of the modern conservative movement, even he raised taxes. Tax rates are not a b l ack and white issue. Sometimes they need to be raised. Sometimes they need to be lowered. We have an immensely c omplicated economy, which i n cludes a public and private sector working off each other as economic engines (plural). And what the tax rates are affects both differently. And both matter. Deficits will destroy us. Govern-

ways, taken advantage of. The list goes on and on. And on. All sold by and to the right wing as black and white issues — as absolutes. Supporting one outcome is "good." Opposing that outcome is "bad." All of it tied to our emotion. To our faith. To our culture. But in reality, in this multi-cultural, socio-economically d i verse and dynamic melting pot we call the United States of America, these issues, among nearly every issue we as a nation face, are so gray as to be in real living color. Black and white is easy. But life's

not easy. Making America the best it can be is not easy. There is no silver bullet. Optimistically, it seems a majority of Americans are finally coming around to wiping off our milk moustache.Recent elections have proven this to b e f act, as self-described "principled absolutists" were largely rejected nationally, regardless of party. It's why "principled absolutism" in Washington, D.C. garners such anger. Because it's not that milk is bad. It's that sometimes water and an apple are better. And sometimes they aren't. — Nicholas Saraceno lives in Bend.




BITUARIES DEATH NOTICES Martin Clifford Morris, of Bend Feb. 19, 1953 - Mar. 27, 2013 Arrangements: Deschutes Memorial Chapel, (541) 382-5592 www.deschutesmemorial Services: Martin, has chosen not to have a service. Contributions may be made to:

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— From wire reports


ioma man acescancer Ia nosls imes in ears By Bennett Hall CORVALLIS - "How are you doing today?" Dan Dooley ponders the question as he settles into the big, comfortable armchair at the Samaritan Infusion Center in Corvallis, where nurse Bronwyn Roberts is about to take a blood sample. It's the sort of offhand inquiry we all get a dozen times a day. The usual response is a simple "fine," friendly but noncommittal, good for coworkers and casual acquaintances. But not in this place. They know him here. Here they get the truth. "I feel more like my normal self today," Dooley tells Roberts, "even though I don't know what my normal self is anymore." Dan Dooley is a cancer patient, but he's not just any cancer patient. The 41-year-old Philomath resident is dealing with his third diagnosis in an eight-year span, all unrelated,

all terrifying, all requiring expensive and sometimes debilitating treatment. For Dooley and his family — wife Liz, 44; daughter Juleia, 21; and son Devin, 11 — this is the new normaL "I've learned to say, 'Today's a good day,'" Dooley said. "Because as positive as I am and as much as I try to stay upbeat, it's a tough disease and

it's going to get you down."

The first diagnosis Dooley's first bout with cancer began in 2005, when the family was living in Portland. Dan pulled down a rebound in a city league basketball game and turned to fire a pass down the court. Suddenly his strong right arm felt weak and painful. The ball fell from his hand. He knew something was wrong, but he still didn't see

Richard Drew/The Associated Press file photo

Richard Grlfflths of "The History Boys" holds his Tony for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play at the 60th Annual Tony Awards in 2006 in New York. Griffiths also played the boy wlzard's unsympathetic Uncle Vernon in the "Harry Potter" movies.

'Harry Potter' actor Griffiths dies at 65 By Jill Lawless

don and Broadway production of "Equus." "In August2000, before ofLONDON Richard Griffiths was one of the great ficial production ha d e v en British stage actors of his gen- begun on 'Potter,' we filmed eration, a heavy man with a a shot outside the Dursleys', light touch, whether in Shake- w hich was myfirstevershot as speare or Neil Simon. But for Harry. I was nervous, and he millions of movie fans, he will made me feel at ease. "Seven years later, we emalways be grumpy Uncle Vernon, the least magical of char- barked on 'Equus' together. It acters in the fantastical "Harry was my first time doing a play, Potter" movies. but, terrified as I was, his enGriffiths died Thursday at couragement, tutelage and huUniversity Hospital i n C o v- mor made it a joy." entry, central England, from E arlier, Griffiths was t h e complications following heart louche, lecherous Uncle Monty surgery, his agent, Simon to Richard Grant'scharacter Beresford, said. He was 65. Withnail in "Withnail and I," "Harry Potter" star Daniel a low-budget British comedy Radcliffe paid tribute to the about two out-of-work actors actor Friday, saying that "any that has become a cult classic. room he walked into was made Years after its 1987 release, twice as funny and twice as Griffiths said people would clever just by his presence." regularly shout Monty's most "I am proud to say I knew f amous lines at him i n t h e him," Radcliffe said. street. "My beloved 'UncleMonty' Griffiths won a Tony Award for "The History Boys" and ap- Richard Griffiths d ied l a st peared in dozens of movies and night," Grant tweeted Friday. TV shows. But he will be most "Chin-Chin my dear friend." widely remembered as apair A huge stage presence with of contrasting uncles — Harry a grace rendered allthe more Potter's Uncle Vernon Dursley striking by his physical bulk, and Uncle Monty in the cult Griffiths created roles includfilm "Withnail and I." ing the charismatic teacher Griffiths was among a huge Hector at the emotional heart roster of British acting talent of Alan Bennett's school drato appear in the "Harry Pot- ma "The History Boys." He ter" series of films released be- won an Olivier Award for the tween 2001 and 2011. part in London and a Tony for His role, as the grudging, the Broadway run, and repeatmagic-fearing guardian of ed his performance in the 2006 orphaned wizard Harry, was film adaptation. small but pivotal. Griffiths once National T heatre a r t istic said he liked playing Uncle director Nicholas Hytner, who Vernon "because that gives me directed "The History Boys," a license to be horrible to kids." called Griffiths' performance But Ra d cliff e r ec a lled in that play "a masterpiece of G riffiths' k i n dness t o t h e wit, delicacy, mischief and desyoung star. olation, often simultaneously." "Richard was by my side Griffiths' last major stage during two of the most impor- role was in a West End productant moments of my career," tion of Neil Simon's comedy said Radcliffe, who in 2007 "The Sunshine Boys" last year starred with Griffiths in a Lon- opposite Danny DeVito. The Associated Press

I )~i

Corvallis Gazette-Times


+-~ -


Amanda Cowan / Corvallis Gazette-Times

Dr. Kimberly McGregor, left, talks with Dan Dooley and his wife, Liz, recently at Corvallls Medical Center. Dan Dooley ls dealing wiht his third cancer diagnosis in eight years. place came apart, requiring more surgery and another replacement bone. Then the second cadaver bone became i nfected, requiring a t h i r d procedure. "Now I have an all-metal rod," Dooley said. "The TSA lovesto see me coming."

lt happens again ... and again The second diagnosis came in 2009. During a routine follow-up visit to have his arm checked out, Dooley told his doctor about a small lump on the left side of his jaw. It didn't look like much, but the doctor ordered a biopsy just to be safe. The test produced another unfamiliar word: mucoepidermoid carcinoma. It was a cancer of the salivary gland. This time, the t reatment was more straightforward. No chemo or radiationrequired, just a single surgery to remove the malignant gland. Dooley had the operation on Christmas Eve 2009, not

long after moving his family

to Philomath. Again, he went to OHSU for the diagnosis coming. the procedure. As his wife put It was Liz who got the call it, "They know him there." from Dan's doctor. Eating was difficult for a "He used this word, osteo- while afterward, but Dooley genic sarcoma, and I was like, made the adjustment and got 'What is that?'" she recalled. on with his life, as he had after "He kept saying, 'I'm very the bone cancer. sorry.'" The third blow fell in 2012. When his wife told him When he turned 40, Dooley he had bone cancer, Dooley decided to get a full physical, couldn't seem to absorb the including a prostate check. news. Something didn't feel right, "At the time, I couldn't even so his doctor sent him to a say it. Now it just rolls off my specialist. A colonoscopy foltongue, unfortunately." lowed. The surgeon was blunt. "He said, 'You have rectal Three months of chemotherapy f o l lowed. D o oley cancer,'" Dooley recalled. "I thought, 'Here we go lost all his hair. He developed mouth sores and couldn't eat. again.'" His white cell count plumDooley became a regular meted, crashing his immune visitor to the Samaritan Infusystem and landing him in a sion Center, getting chemohospital isolation ward. therapy to shrink the tumor in Eventually he had surgery his bowels. Every other Monat Oregon Health 8 Science day for six months, he would University Hospital to remove sit for hours in the chair as most of his right humerus, the powerful drugs dripped into long bone in the upper arm, his bloodstream through a and replace it with a cadaver port implanted in his chest. bone. He also underwent radiaThe o p eration w a s a tion treatment — five days a success. week for five weeks — that left The recovery was a disaster. his body ravaged. As she sat with her husIn October he went back to band in the recovery room, OHSU, where a surgeon reLiz Dooley saw his skin turn moved the tumor along with a ghastly greenish tint and three cancerous lymph nodes heard his breathing grow ever and a portion of his rectum. more ragged — and then stop Since that time he's used an in a final, hideous death rattle. ostomy bag. On April I he'll The combination of pain and go back for an exploratory anti-nausea medications had procedure to see if he qualifies suppressed his nervous sys- for another operation, this one tem, causing his heart and to reconnecthiscolon and relungs to shut down. store normal bowel function. "He had a full-on code," she said. "They went through two No explanation crash carts on him." Dooley's doctors are mystiThe medical team resusci- fied by his triple misfortune. "It's very unusual," said his tated Dooley that night, but there were more complica- Corvallis oncologist, Dr. Kimtions ahead. The hardware berly McGregor of Samariholding his new humerus in tan Hematology 8z Oncology

Consultants. "There's no real reason to explain why he's had three unrelated cancers ... there's no real obvious risk factors." There's also no way to predict whether Dooley could be stricken again. Now that the cancerous tissue has been removed from hi s b owels, he'll be closely monitored. If he gets through the next five years cancer-free, there's a good chance he'll be cured. Considering al l D o oley's been through,McGregor said, he's coping remarkably well, in part because he already knows the drill. But just coming in for post-op checkups can be an exercise in anxiety. "People like Dan have to live with the thought that it could always come back."

More challenges than illness D ooley's illness has a f fected his family in a variety

of ways. "I wish I could just limit the effects of cancer just physically to me," Dooley said. "But it affects Liz, it affects Devin, it affects Juleia." He's missed a lot of work over the years because of his repeated bouts with cancer, and his kids have grown used to seeing him resting on the couch instead of working in the yard. He never regained the full use of his right arm, and he can no longer tackle home repairprojects the way he used to. Liz, who works part-time as a fitness instructor and coaches volleyball at P h ilomath High School, spends a lot of her time ferrying Dan to medical appointments. With Juleia working out of state with AmeriCorps, Liz and Devin have taken over much of the yard work a n d h o usehold chores. Emotionally, it's been tough on Devin. He h a s t r ouble focusing in school. He feels g uilty for playing with h i s cousins while his father was in the hospital. Some nights he doesn't sleep because he can't stop thinking about his dad. "He's had questions," Liz said. "One Ireally remember is he asked, 'Dad, are you going to die?' "So we know his wheels are spinning. He's thinking about death." It's been hard on the family finances as well. Dooley has health insurance through his job as a permit specialist with the Oregon Department of T r ansportation, but his coverage isn't as good as it used to be, with a $5,000 deductibleand higher premiums, copays and costsharing ratios. For every cancer diagnosis there's an oncologist, a surgeon, a radiologist, chemotherapy staff, medical technicians, social workers, nurses

and dieticians. The stack of medical bills on the dining room table is three inches high. Liz goes over each one line by line. Sometimes she catches costly errors, and she doesn't hesitate to challenge insurance companies or medical practices over billing questions. Despite her vigilance, the family e s timates D o oley's cancers have cost more than $30,000 in out-of-pocket expenses to date. They've cut back on luxuries, deciding not to renew their season tickets for Oregon State football and selling the family travel trailer. But now they're facing another big bill. This w inter, their septic field failed. Repair estimates range from $15,000 to $25,000. Liz was floored when she got the news. "I'm like, really? I feel sometimes I'm being tested." People have stepped in to help where they can. Dooley's ODOT coworkers have pooled their unused leave time so he could keep drawing a paycheck after his sick leave was used up. Friends and church members check in o ccasionally to ask how things are going or stop by to drop off dinner. Sometimes they'll send grocery store gift cards in the maiL Diane Noble, who's known Lizsincehigh school,hasbeen there through it alL She's the one who keeps everyone else updated, the one Liz knows she can call at a moment's notice to watch Devin if she suddenly has to take Dan to the hospitaL "I call her my point person," Liz said. "My other me." Noble said she's happy to help, but there's only so much a small circle of friends can do. Now, with the financial challenges facing the Dooleys, she's reaching out to the wider community. She's started organizing fundraising activities, and early this month she opened a medical account in Dan's name at Citizens Bank. "I think they will be pleasantly surprised at how many people step up to help," Noble predicted. "As their friend, I'm hoping this will not only be a financial help but that they'll feel really loved and cared for by the community." Many families struggling with cancer are reluctant to ask for help, said Jan Spencer ofthe Samaritan Cancer Resource Center in North Albany, and the Dooleys are no exception. "They're like anyone else," she said. "They're just trying to make it on their own, and they'll often just keep going until they're overwhelmed." But many r esources are available, from classes to support groups, she said, and it's important to take advantage of them. It's a lesson the Dooleys are beginning to take to heart. "As a man, it's hard for me to ask for help," Dooley said. "But I've gotten better at it." By sharing his own experience with cancer, he hopes he can help persuade others to seek out the help they need. In the meantime, the family is trying to stay positive as they look ahead to the next round of surgery and followup treatment. It isn't always easy. "We've tried to f i gure it out. Why is it three times that we've been through this'? We may never know," Liz said. "We're lucky that we have each other."

Sheriff is reconsidering deportation policy The Associated Press PORTLAND Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton is drafting a policy in favor of releasing illegal immigrants jailed for nonviolent misdemeanor crimes. Immigrant r i g hts a d vocates have been pressuring Staton t o r e j ect r e quests from the Immigration and

Customs Enforcement agency to hold such people for deportation, The Oregonian reported. The policy could free up jail beds and potentially save the county millions of dollars, said Jeff Cogen, chair of the Multnomah County commissioners. "But the biggest benefit is

it will improve our relationship with a significant portion of the community," he said. "We will no longer have families torn apart. This will be a more just policy." Staton and Cogen have been working on the change for the last several months. It is a sharp turn from the current practice of holding ille-

gal immigrants if requested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The agency requests that some immigrants be held for deportation even after their original booking charges have been cleared. Andrew Munoz, a Seattle spokesman for ICE, said it doesn't comment on l o cal




W EAT H E R Mapsandnationalforecastprovidedby Weather Central, LP ©2013.

I Today:A sunnyand

Tonight: Afewextra clouds throughthe night, stay-

very nice day,afew

high cirrus clouds.

CHANNE Kvvz.cow


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67 67/47


McMinnvige •

Lincoln Cny 63/45



6 3/31

67/ 3 8

Oa k ridge

62/48 •





• John Day opaulina 60/3i






Ontario Sunny skies willbe 70/39 the rule through Valeo 69/40 • theday. Nyssa 69/40

Juntura 68/34

• Ch t Silver I.ake

Yesterday's stateextremes

Jordan Valley

V ll „


Frenchgle 69/39


• 75'



Medford • 27 0 Lakeview



• 73/49

• Klamath

Ashland 6


• Brothers 64/30




59/48 xx x x x

Baker City


rants '2/47


HamPton • Burn La Pine64/30 62/31 • • Riley CreSCent • port Rock esoz

Chemult 62I28


Bright sunshine with well above normal temperatures.




• Beach

• Sprayes/40

Prinevill Redmand

Sunriver Bend


58/ 3 5



• Crescento

Un i o -






Warm s prings-


• 58/48

• 62/41


71/4 6

Coos Bay





W allowa • PendletOn isn54 • Enterprise 68/39 • Meacham • 59ar r sro4 osep La Grande


Ma u pin Willowdale



6 0/48 ~

Sa n dy •~ Government

oHermiStunee/41 " ' " /

• 70/48



D a ges~ 4 5 Arlington nim , " • oWasco









Hjgsboro 15 oro • Portland 72/49 69/45


WEST Warm today, with increasing clouds over the south late.



Seasideo 66/47 • CannonPeach


• Lakeview












5 7/32rg 3 4 / 8

++++ Quebec


• L

• Seattle 64/45

(inthe48 contiguous states):

x xx xx x x x x x x x xx xx x x x x x x x e

Halifax 45/25

• Thunder Bayx Bismarck

• 94 0 Death Valley, Calif


Rapi«ity %


Green Bay,'.

• Qo


oau ffaio I

iladelphia 57/39


ngton, D.C.



Paducah, Ky. 'LosAngeloo


ton 53/37 ewYork 56/41

um us Chicago o™

Crane Lake, Minn. xxxx. /'

• Q.97

o4' 2 • o4lashville

Phoenix Albuquerque Oklahoma City+' ' 7 3/52-- -."L@tl 6 k ' 72/47 90S 89/62/ j' Tijuana wi Dall as • '' 66& 69/48 78/61


' 6 6/ 5 4



QS •

Chihuahua 82/55

lando 9/58

• Miami 78/66 Monterrey


Anchorage 41/28





64 35

60 34

61 36







CONDITIONS .o+ i o+' +


• +++6-'


SUN AND MOON SCHEDULE Sunrisetoday......6:50a.m MOOn phaSeS p i r st Full

Last New

Sunset tomorrow...7:32p.m. Moonrisetoday...1152p.m. Apnl2 Apnllg Apnl18 Apnl25 8.42



Tomorrow Rise Set Mercury....5:58a.m......5:02 p.m. Venus......6:57a.m......7:32p.m. Mars.......7:01 a.m......7:49p.m. Jupiter 9 3 5a m 1 2 4 6am Satum......9:46p.m......8:17a.m. Uranus.....6:48a.m......7:14p.m.

Yesterday' Bend High/Low..............60/39 2 4hoursendmg4pm.* . .0.00" Recordhigh........76m1969 Monthtodate..........047" Recordlow.........lgin1977 Averagemonthtodate...0.69" Averagehigh..............54 Yeartodate............227" Averagelow ..............29 A verageyeartodate.....3.31" 6arometricpressureat4pm3015 Record24hours ...042in1943 *Meltedliquidequivalent




Yesterday Saturday Sunday Thehigherthe UVIndexnumber, thegreater Hi/Lo/Pcp H i / Lo/W H i /Lo/Wtheneedforeyeandskinprotection. Indexis

City Precipitationvaluesare24hourtotalsthrough4pm.

Skireportfromaroundthestate,representing conditionsat5p.m.yesterday:


Astoria ........60/48/0.00.....67/47/s......56/46/s Baker City......61/38/0.00.....66/35/s.....67/38/pc Brookings......71/49/0.00....59/48/ 6urns..........62/26/0.00....65/32/pc.....62/31/pc Eugene........68/46/0.02.....71/46/s.....65/46lpc KlamathFalls .. 65/28/000 .66/40/pc ...56/36/sh Lakeview.......63/27/0.00 ...64/39/sh.....53/33/sh La Pine........61/33/0.00....64/30/pc.....63/32/sh Medford.......75/46/0.01 ....73/49/pc.....64/45/sh Newport.......57/46/0.00.....63/46/s.....60/45/pc North Bend......63/50/NA....61/49/pc......57/45/c Ontario........70/42/0.00.....70/39/s.....72/44/pc Pendleton......65/46/0.00.....68/39/s......67/38/s Portland .......69/48/0.00.....72/49/s.....71/47/pc Prinevige.......61/40/0.26....64/35/pc.....68/33/pc Redmond.......64/35/0.00.....69/36/s.....68/34/pc Roseburg.......73/51/0.02....72/49/sh.....63/46/sh Salem ....... 68/46/000 . . 72/44/s ...69/44/pc Sisters.........65/35/0.00....65/33/pc.....65/32/pc The Dages......71/49/0.00.....71/44/s......73/42/s






Skiarea Last24hours Base Depth A nthonyLakes ..... . . . . . . . . . . 1 . .. . . . . . 7 0 H oodoo..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0 .0 . . . . . . . . 7 4 Mt.Ashland...... . . . . . . . . . . . 0 .0 . . . . .67-113 Mt. Bachelor..... . . . . . . . . . . . 0 .0 . . . .110-135 Mt. HoodMeadows.... . . . . . . 0 .0 . . . . . . . 110 Mt. HoodSki6owl... . . . . . . . . 0 .0 . . . . . .61-71 Timberline..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0 .0 . . . . . . . 154

H I GH 6




Snowlevelandroadconditionsrepresentingconditionsat5p.m.yesterday.Key: TT.=Traction Tires. Warner Canyon....... . . . . . . . 0.0...noreport

Pass Conditions Wigamette Pass ........ . . . . . 0.0.. . . . .32-85 I-5atSiskiyou Summit........ Carrychainsor T.Tires I-84at Cabbage Hill....... .. . Carrychainsor T.Tires Aspen, Colorado..... . . . . . . . . 0 .0 . . . . . .42-48 Hwy.20atsantiamPass...... CarrychainsorT.Tires MammothMtn.,California.....0.0. . . . .74-175 Hwy.26at Government Camp.. CarrychainsorT.Tires Park City, Utah ...... . . . . . . . . 0.0. . . . . .54-68 Hwy.26atochoco Divide..... CarrychainsorT.Tires Squaw Valley, California..... . .0.0.. . . . . .8-93 Hwy.58atWigamettePass.... Carrychainsor T.Tires SunValley, Idaho....... . . . . . . 0.0.. . . . .24-57 Hwy.138at DiamondLake.... Carrychainsor T.Tires Taos, New Mexico...... . . . . . . 0 0 . . . . . . 5770 Hwy.242at McKenziePass...... . .Closedforseason V ail, Colorado...... . . . . . . . . . 0.0. . . . . . . . 4 9

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o www m •

Increasing clouds.


latein the

HIGH LOW nc icin


Moresunshine, stayingnice.




Yesterday's extremes

Afew showers andstorms


As t o ria



Anice Easter,a fewisolated thunderstormsin

62 36






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* *

* * * ' * ** * * *


W ar m Stationary Showers T-storms Rain Flurnes Snow


Yesterday Saturday Sunday Yesterday Saturday Sunday Yesterday Saturday Sunday Yesterday Saturday Sunday City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Abilene,TX......78/60/003..83/55/pc.78/58/pc Grandgapids....52/23/0.00..58/40/pc..50/27/c RapidCity.......69/34/000..54/32/pc.44/20/pc Savannah.......67/37/000..73/54/pc...76/57/t Akron..........51/32/000...54/37/s.54/33/sh Greengay.......48/27/000..47/34/sh.45/22/pc Reno...........72/36/0.00...70/45/c.61/41/sh Seattle..........65/47/000...64/45/s..71/48/s Albany..........50/36/000...5060/s.55/38/sh Greensboro......60/29/000..62/47/pc.63/50/sh Richmond.......6006/0.00...61/43/s.63/48/sh SiouxFalls.......66/26/000..52/29/sh..41/19/c Albuquerque.....73/46/000..72/47/pc.74/47/pc Haresbvrg.......54/38/000...55/34/s.53/40/sh Rochester,NY....5267/0.00...48/34/s.53/34/sh Spokane........61/40/0.00...62/37/s..63/39/s Anchorage......34/23/000...41/28/c..42/27/c Hartford,CT.....57/33/000...56/33/s.56/39/shSacramento......79/50/000..72/53/sh.67/50/sh Springfield,M0..67/50/0.31...65/46/t.63/39/pc Atlanta.........69/41/000..68/53/pc...70/54/t Helena..........59/36/000..60/35/pc.57/31/pc St.Louis.........62/43/0.00...58/45/t.60/37/pc Tampa..........75/49/000..76/60/pc.78/64/pc AtlanticCity.....56/33/0.00...56/38/s.56/47/sh Honolulu........81/68/0.00...80/65/i..81/64/s SaltLakecity....66/46/000..67/42/pc.71/44/pc Tucson..........87/56/000..84/56/pc.86/56/pc Austin..........80/51/000..80/62/pc.83/62/pc Houston........75/55/000..77/62/pc.79/63/pc SanAntoni0.....78/57/0.00..80/63/pc.85/63ipc Tulsa...........71/51/0.00...70/50/t.68/46/pc Baltimore.......56/40/0.00...57/40/s.59/45/sh Huntsville.......68/40/0.00...65/53/t...70/50/t SanDieg0.......66/57/0.00..68/55/pc..65/58/c Washington,DC..60/42/0.00...59/42/s.60/46/sh 6illings.........63/40/000..63/32/pc..48/23/rs Indianapolis.....56/29/000..SI43/pc. 56/36/pc 580Francisco....74/50/000..62/52/sh.61/48/sh Wichita.........74/46/0.00..72/43/pc.66/39/pc Birmingham.....73/41/000..66/54/pc...71/53/t Jackson,MS.... 75/44/000.75/57/pc.. 75/59/t SanJose........78/53/000..66/53/sh65/49/sh Yaklma.........69/37/0.00.. 66/41/s..71/36/s Bismarck........48/24/000..42/22/pc.27/ll/pc Jacksonvile......73/38/000..76/52/pc.78/58/pc SantaF8........70/32/000..66/39/pc 67/38/pc Yuma . . . ..88/59/0.00..90/59/pc.86/55/pc Boise...........67/44/000...69/38/s. 72/41/pc Juneau..........43/28/0.00..41/34/sh.45/33/pc INTERNATIONAL Boston..........56/40/001...53/37/s.56/43/pc Kansascity......66/40/000...65/42/t.62/34/pc Bndgepoit CT....55/38/000...55/36/s.53/41/sh Lansing.........51/25/000..58/39/pc..AB/27/r Amsterdam......37/27/000.. 40/26/c 41/28/pc Mecca..........99/81/000 99/79/pc..99/81/s Buffalo.........46/34/000...46/35/s.53/34/sh Lasyegas.......84/57/000..84/61/pc.80/60/pc Athens..........66/51/0.00 69/55/pc 66/54/pc Mexicocity .....81/50/0.02 82/54/s.81/54/pc Bvrlington,VT....49/39/001...4900/5.58/37/sh Lexington.......56/29/000..62/48/pc.62/39/sh Auckland........73/57/0.00..73/64/sh.75/57/sh Montreal........46/37/000...46/30ls...50/32/r Caribou,ME.....47/30/000..44/20/pc..48/30/s Lincoln..........71/25/000..65/39/sh.62/28/sh Baghdad........80/57/000...87/65/c.90/68/pc Moscow........37/16/0.00..32/27/si.33/26/sn Charleston SC...67/35/000..69/53/pc...74/57/t LittleRock.......65/52/034...66/56/t.69/48/pc Bangkok........97/82/0.00...99/79/s.100/82/s Nairobi.........77/61/0.14...78/60/t...76/60/t Charlotte........63/26/000..64/47/pc.67/50/sh LosAngeles......65/56/0.00...67/56/c..63/55/c Beiling..........50/30/000..54/36/ Nassau.........75/64/0.00..79/66/pc.73/69/pc Chattanooga.....59/3$/001..67/54/pc...69/52/t Louisvige........59/35/000..64/49/pc.62/40/pc Beirvt..........70/59/000...73/68/c.82/70/pc NewDelhc......82/66/0.00...91/67ls..94/71/s Cheyenne.......60/31/0.00..56/32/pc.59/24/pc Madison,wl.....49/23/0.00..54/37/sh.48/23/sh Berlin...........34/30/0.00...36/30/c..34/20/rs Osaka..........63/52/0.00..55/42/pc..58/46/c Chicago.........55/33/000..58/43/pc..53/31/c Memphis.......63/50/022 65/57/t.70/52/pc Bogota .........66/46/0.06...68/50/t...66/52/t Oslo............37/12/000...33/24/s.31/19/pc Cincinnati.... 57/25/000.61/43/pc. 59/36/c Miami . . . . 77/61/00078/66/pc81/70/pc Budapest........37/34/086..39/36/sh.35/33/sh Ottawa.........43/36/0.00...49/28/s...46Q3/r Cleveland.......48/32/000...51/42/s.52/32/sh Milwaukee......49/29/0.00..52/40/pc.48/27/sh BuenosAires.....81/57/000...81/65/s.81/62/sh Paris............43/27/0.00..47/28/pc.48/29/pc Coloradospnngs.67/33/000..61/36/pc.61/36/pc Minneapolis.....49/32/0.00..47/32/sh..38/20/c CabosanLucas..90/68/0.00...91/73/s.91/72/pc RiodeJaneiro....82/72/000..79/69/pc.81/70/pc ColumbiaM0...65/37/000...60/43it..61/35/s Nashvige........51/44/038..66/54/pc.70/48/pcCairo...........84/64/000...86/62/s.96/66/pc Rome...........63/57/0.00...57/55/r.57/47/sh Columbia,SC....67/30/000..67/50/pc...70/52/t NewOrleans.....73/48/000..76/63/pc...77/62/t Calgary.........55/30/0.00..57/32/pc..41/30/c Santiago........79/54/000...79/60/c..76/56/c Columbus,GA....73/39/000..73/56/pc...76/57/t NewYork.......55/40/000...56/41/s.54/43/sh Cancun...........81//000..84/73/pc.82/74/pc SaoPaulo.......73/63/000..73/62/pc...76/64/t Columbus,OH....54/29/000..58/44/pc.56/35/sh Newark,Nl......57/37/000...57/39/s.56/43/sh Dublin..........39/34/000..39/31/pc..44/31/c Sapporo........41/33/000..41/28/pc.41/28/pc Concord,NH.....55/29/0.00...52/25/s.57/37/pc Norfolk,VA......55/41/0.00...60/42/s.65/51/sh Edinburgh.......41/28/000..36/26/si..35/24/c Seoul...........50/28/0.00..54/34/sh..57/38/s CorpusChristi....83/62/000..74/66/pc.73/66/pc OklahomaCity...75/54/027...73/52/t.69/51/pc Geneva.........41/37/048..47/30/sh.36/26/pc Shanghai........55/46/0.00..56/45/sh..57/49/c DallasFtWorrh...77/51/000..78/61/pc...75/58/t Omaha.........69/29/000..63/36/sh.61/27/sh Haiare..........81/55/0.00...77/57/t.76/56/pc Singapore.......90/79/0.00..90/79/pc...90/79/t Dayton.........54/29/000..57/43/pc.55/35/sh Orlando.........76/45/0.00..79/58/pc.83/62/pc HongKong......72/68/059..75/71/sh...79/71/i Stockholm.......37/18/000...33/22/c.32/20/pc Denver..........67/39/000..62/35/pc.61/35/pc PalmSprings....87/61/000. 90/60/pc 83/59/pc Istanbul.........55/43/0.02..68/52/pc..71/58/c Sydney..........68/63/0.00..73/63/pc.79/63/pc DesMoines......64/35/000..61/35/sh.58/26/sh Peoria..........59/34/000..59/42/sh.55/30/sh leiusalem.......82/54/000...82/64/c.85/67/pc Taipei...........66/61/0.00..75/64/sh.70/66/sh Detroit..........55/30/000..50/40/pc..48/33/c Philadelphia.....54/38/000...57/39/s.55/45/sh Johannesburg....76/58/0.00...73/55/t.72/57/pc TelAviv.........77/55/000...83/65/c.92/68/pc Duluth..........49/22/000..44/29/sh.34/15/sn Phoenix.........89/60/000..89/62/pc.88/61/pc Lima...........75/66/0.00..76/68/pc..75/69/c Tokyo...........63/54/000...54/48/c.63/48/sh EIPaso..........83/57/000..82/58/pc..84/54/s Pittsburgh.......53/36/000...54/37/s.54/36/sh Lisbon..........63/59/000 65/55/pc 63/51/sh Toronto.........52/36/000.54/36/pc..41l2Ir Faiibanks.........44/2/000..39/12/pc..40/17/c Portland,ME.....55/35/000...50/27/s.51/39/pc London.........45/28/0.00...42/28/c..43/28/c Vancouver.......55/43/000...60/41/s..67/45/s Fargo...........42/12/000..37/22/pc.28/10/pc Providence......59/38/000...55/35/s.56/42/sh Madrid.........61/50/016..65/41/pc.55/42/sh Vienna..........41/34/010...41/33/c.35/28/sn Flagstaff........65/29/000..61/29/pc.63/28/pc Raleigh.........58/28/000..63/46/pc.68/52/sh Manila..........93/79/000..92/76/pc.91/75/pc Warsaw.........34/28/011...34/30/c..33/27/c






/ II











' • IB B '

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I '

Mark Ylen/Albany Democrat-Herald

Brian Butler andhisdaughter Aunika, 10,0f Albany, wait for a bite whilefishing Freeway Lakes County Parksoutheastof Albany this week. Aunika had caught one troutbut weretrying tocatch onemore for a spring breakdinner.

Experienced hiker reported missing on Mount Hood TheAssociatedPress

PORTLAND Rescue crews searching Mount Hood failed Friday to find a university student who planned to hike or climb the mountain last weekend and has been missing for days. As searchers wrapped Up their efforts at n i ghtfall, a Clackamas County sheriff's spokesman said the search for 23-year-old Mary Owen wouldresume Saturday, when an Oregon National Guard helicopter was expected to assist. The N e w ber g r e s i dent has not been in contact with friends o r r e l atives s i nce Sunday, when she emailed a friend to say she was going for a hike and planned to return to Newberg — 70 miles west of Mount Hood — late Sundayor Monday. W hen Owen, who i s o n springbreak from George Fox

A)ggfii~f t ~


@ u ~ i+d p



I '


• I •


Find the summer's hottest activities for kids in this guide.


By Steven Dubois





• I' • I I

'I '


University, did not return by Thursday, one of her roommates calledher father,Bruce Owenof McMinnville,toaskif he had heard from his daughter. Owen contactedpolice. M ary O wen's SU V w a s f ound late Thursday in t h e parking lo t a t Ti m b erline Lodge, the s h eriff's o f fice s aid. Deputies said i t a p peared to have been there for some time, and Owen's backpack was i n side. Deputies think she went off hiking by herself and may be short of

amanshehadmetonadifferent mountain last year. Owen s aid he d oesn't k now t h e name of the man or anyone else in the group, and urged anyone who had planned to climb with hi s daughter to callpolice. There havebeenno reports

of any other missing people

on the mountain. "We want to know if they went together; did the group ever get together," he said. "Or did they cancel the whole thing and she just decided to supplies. d o something on her o w n , Bruce O w en , ho w ever, which is t otally something said the presence of a back- that she would do.n p ack i n dicates sh e m i g ht Owen said hi s d a ughter have followed through on a has never done any technical planned climb, which would cl™ n g , b u t i s a n e x perirequire different gear than a enced backpacker who previbackpack. ously hiked the length of the W hen he spoke with h i s Pacific Crest Trail from Mexdaughter on March 22, she ico to Canada. told him she was going to Mary Owen is a senior and climb the mountain the next is planning a career in Bible daywithagroupthatincluded translation, her father said.

Summer is the time of the year kids look forward to most. It is when they are free to explore, play and be who they want to be. The Summer Youth Activity Guide provides parents with information about the youthoriented programs that take place in Central Oregon — from away-from-home camps to daytime activities, sports to arts and crafts. There's no excuse to have bored kids at home. Find what suits them best in The Bulletin's Summer Youth Activity Guide

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One of life's greatest accomplishments, high school graduation, is celedrated in this annual publication. Every Central Oregon high school graduate is listed in this annual publication profiling each of the area's high school graduating classes. Graduates and parents alike look forward to this keepsake publication, WhiCh inCludeS the nameS and PhOtOS Of Central

Oregon's newest graduates. Congratulations Graduates!

PudliShing Date: Wednesday, June12



IN THE BACI4: BUSINESS Ee MARIKT NE%S > Scoreboard, C2 Sports in brief, C2 Prep sports, C2

Basketball, C3 NHL, C5 Tee to Green, C5





Verlander, Posey get new contracts NEW YORK — After leading their teams to

last year's World Series, Justin Verlander and Buster Poseycashed in just hours apart Friday. The All-Star pitcher and MVP catcher were

guaranteed nearly $350 million in contracts by the Tigers and Giants, a sure sign of the baseball

times: Teamsare awash with revenue from television and high-priced tickets. Verlander, an AL MVP

and Cy YoungAward winner for Detroit, agreed to a $180 million, seven-year deal with the Tigers that is the richest for a pitcher and pre-

uc s'runa anen • A tough Louisvile squad turnsback Oregon's late rallies in a 77-69 victory By Nancy Armour The Associated Press

INDIANAPOLIS — Blame Oregon's poor start for its disappointing finish. The Ducks missed eight of their first 11 shots and got outscored by Russ Smith through the first 10 minutes Friday night.They came back to make a game of it late, but the

Inside • A complete roundup of Friday night's NCAA tournament

regional semifinal games,C3 • A preview of today's regional finals, C3 Ducks never could overcome that early hole in a 77-69 loss to top-seeded Louisville. "If it wasn't for the beginning, it would have been a completely different game," Oregon guard Johnathan Loyd said. "We just came out, we weren't ready and we got smacked. If we were playing the way were playing in the second half the whole game, it's a completely

different story." Five Ducks scored in double figures, led by E.J. Singler's 15




points. Oregon (28-9) is only the second team to be within single digits at the buzzer during Louisville's 13-game winning streak, and the 12th-seeded Ducks handled that nasty press with relative ease. Their 12 turnovers were the fewest by a Louisville opponent since March 5, and were one fewer than the Cardinals had. But the combination of Smith and Kevin Ware was simply too much for the Ducks. SeeDucks/C3

Michael Conroy/The Associated Press

Oregon guard Damyean Dotson (21) goes up with a shot over Louisville guard Peyton Siva during the second half of Friday night's regional semifinal in Indianapolis. Dotson was called for an offensive foul on the play.

vents him from becoming a free agentafter the 2014 season. Posey, the batting


champion who ledSan Francisco to a pair of


World Series titles in

the past three years,

Hamilton, Angels

received $167 million,

nine-year deal from the Giants. The catcher

could not havegone on

set to take on Tigers

the market until after the

2016 season. "Contracts like that

thatyou're seeing are a product of really strong

By Howie Rumberg

revenue growth in the industry," said Rob

Josh Hamilton joined forces with Albert Pujols and Mike Trout in Los Angeles, primed to pry the American League pennant from Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder and Victor Martinez in Detroit. "They always say, 'There's always next year,' and next year is here," Angels ace Jered Weaver said. Not so fast, big boys. The Toronto Blue Jays want in, too, and they brought a bevy of All-Stars, led by knuckleballer R.A. Dickey and shortstop Jose Reyes, north of the border for their shot. Tampa Bay locked up Evan Longoria for six more years. The White Sox signed young ace Chris Sale for five. The AL West champion Oakland Athletics are hoping Yoenis Cespedes can keep them on top in a loaded division. Heck, the Texas Rangers lost Hamilton and clubhouse leader Michael Young and they still think they're armed to be the best in the West with Yu Darvish and Matt Harrison leading a deep rotation. And never count out the New York Yankees. They

The Associated Press

Manfred, Major League Baseball's executive vice president of economics and leagueaffairs. And the spending might not be done yet.

Clayton Kershaw, who can go freeafter the 2014 season, could

get a newdeal from the Los Angeles Dodgers. The 2011 NL Cy Young

winner said hewon't talk contract during the

season;the Dodgers would want to hold off

announcing anyagreement until after opening day so that it would not add to their 2013 luxury tax bill.

Where is all the money coming from? Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig expects revenue to top $8 billion for the first time this


"It's quite a story when you think back in1992 it was $1.2 billion," he said this week.

"We've come along way. It's a manifesta-

tion of how popular this

may appear more brittle than bombers in the Bronx. But Mariano Rivera is back for one last season of sawing off bats and closing out wins. One thing is certain: A

bunch of swaggering bats are ready to give the Houston Astros a rude welcome to the American League. A look at the AL in predicted order of finish: EAST

Tampa Bay Rays:The spendthrift Rays opened their checkbook to keep Longoria for six more seasons and $100 million. Now, he must stay healthy if light-hitting Tampa Bay is going to make a run in this hefty division. Longoria missed 74games lastseason because of a partially torn left hamstring and the Rays went 41-44 without him. LedbyALCy Young Award winner David Price and arrow-pointing closer Fernando Rodney, the Rays will be tough to beat no matter how many runs they score. Even with the departure of James Shields and Wade Davis, this staff is deep, and youngsters Jeremy Hellickson, Alex Cobb and Matt

Moore are only improving. SeeAmerican /C4

sport is in every way." — The Associated Press


NBA Ryan Brennecke /The Bulletin

Ridegview High School golf coach Ron Buerger films one of his players for a critique of his swing during practice at Eagle Crest Resort in Redmond on Friday.

Cballengersgear up to take down Giants By Jay Cohen The Associated Press

Portland center J.J. Hickson scores over Utah center Al Jefferson during Friday night's game.

Jazz rally late to beat Blazers Mo Williams scores 28 points to lead Utah over Portland,C3


• Area PGA professionals look to build alovefor the gameof golf through coachinghighschoolteams By Zack Hall The Bulletin

Zach Lampert was hardly a standout at golf as a freshman at Prineville's Crook County High School. Lampert, now 25, had dabbled in the game before but did not have much skill when he joined the Cowboys' golf team. All he knew was that he enjoyed the


Qualifier takes lead at Houston Steve Wheatcroft

up one stroke, Rory Mcllroy makes cut in PGA Tour event,C5

Once Sergio Romo struck out Miguel Cabrera to end the World Series, the chase was on. The Upton brothers were reunited in Atlanta. Zack Grein-

Under then-headcoach Chuck Wilcox, a teacher at Crook County High, Lampert blossomed, he says. Now, Lampert is the head professional at Meadow Lakes

ke signed a big free-agent deal

Golf Course in Prineville. "He was able to get me on the right path," Lampert says of Wilcox. "And it all worked out from there. I do credit him a lot for where I am at now in my career be-

ing a golf pro." Feeling a responsibility to help inexperienced golfers like he was, Lampert is returning the favor in his fifth season coaching the boys team at his high school alma mater. And Lampert is not the only Central Oregon PGA professional choosing to direct a high school team.


with the Los Angeles Dodgers, and Arizona remade its club with fiery manager Kirk Gibson in mind. Washington and Cincinnati each traded for a leadoff hitter, and Philadelphia added Michael Young to its already potent lineup. Romo and the San Francisco Giants begin the year on top, but there is no shortage of potential challengers in the leaner National League. "History is not in our favor. It doesn't happen very often," ace Matt Cain said, gearing up to defend the title. "But if we do all we can, it certainly is possible." San Francisco decided to make another run with the same core group of players who went the distance in the first two rounds of the play-

offs last season, then swept Cabrera and the Detroit Tigers to win its second championship in three years. Another title for NL MVP Buster Posey and company wouldputthem among the best teams in the history of the sport. Romo gets a full season at closer after a memorable October and the Giants are hoping former ace Tim Lincecum can bounce back after his worst season in the majors. They're going to need all the help they can get after the Dodgers and Diamondbacks revamped their rosters over the winter. Backed by a huge new TV deal, Los Angeles continued its spending spree that began when the new ownership group took over last summer. Greinke received a $147 million, six-year contract, then was slowed by a tender right elbow this spring. Hyun- Jin Ryu signed a $36 million, six-year deal, and the South Korean left-hander appears setforone ofthe deepest rotations in the majors. SeeNational /C4




Seattle at Colorado (taped), MLB Network. 10 a.m.:MLB, spring training, Minnesota at Boston, MLB Network.

NCAA tourney, regional semifinals, LSU vs. California, ESPN2.

SOFTBALL 2 p.m.: College, Oregon State at Arizona State, Pac-12 Network.


Noon:MLB, spring training, 4 p.m.: Men's college, Duke at Seattle at Colorado, Root Sports. Harvard, NBCSN. 1 p.m.:MLB, spring training, San Franci sco atOakland,MLB Network. 6 p.m.:MLB, spring training,

Los Angeles Dodgers at Los Angeles Angels, MLBNetwork. 7 p.m.:College, Washington at



8:30p.m.:W omen'scollege,


ON DECK Today Baseball: Summivs. t TBDat VolcanoesSpringBreak in Keizer,11:30a.mJCrook County vs. Scioat Les SchwabInvitationai inJohnDay,11 a.m. Equestrian: OregonHigh School Equestrian Teams Central Oregon District meetat Deschutes County Fair 8 ExpoCenter inRedmond,8:30a.m.


GOLF 6 a.m.:European tour, Trophy


Hassan II, final round, Golf


9 p.m.:MLB, spring training, San Diego atTexas(taped), MLB

10 a.m.: PGA Tour, Houston

Summit Churchill

Open, final round, Golf Channel. Noon:PGATour, Houston Open,

Molalla Summit

SOCCER 6:30 a.m.: English Premier

League, Sunderland AFC vs. Manchester United FC, ESPN2. 12:30 p.m.:MLS, Philadelphia at New York, NBCSN. 3 p.m.:MLS, Portland at Colorado, Root Sports. 6 p.m.:MLS, Seattle at Real Salt

final round, NBC.

TENNIS 8:30 a.m.:Sony Open,men's final, CBS.

3 p.m.:Men's college, Southern Cal at California, Pac-12 Network.


Lake, Root Sports. GOLF 6 a.m.:European Tour, Trophy

Kansas vs. Notre Dame,ESPN. 11 a.m.: Women's college, NCAA tourney, regional

Channel. 10 a.m.:PGA Tour, Houston

semifinals, Nebraskavs. Duke, ESPN2.

Open, third round, Golf Channel. 11:10 a.m.:Men's college, Noon:PGATour, Houston Open, NCAA tourney, regional final, third round, NBC.

TENNIS 9 a.m.:ATP Tour,SonyOpen, women's final, CBS. 4 p.m.:Men's college,UCLAat Stanford, Pac-12 Network.

Michigan vs. Florida, CBS.

1:30p.m.:Women'scollege, NCAA tourney, regional semifinal, Oklahoma vs.

Tennessee, ESPN2. 2 p.m.:Men's college, NCAA tourney, regional final, Duke vs.

Louisville, CBS. BASKETBALL 3:30 p.m.:Women'scollege, 9 a.m.:Women's college, NCAA NCAA tourney, regional tourney, regional semifinals, semifinal, Louisville vs. Baylor, Delaware vs. Kentucky, ESPN. ESPN2. 11 a.m.:Women's college, NCAA tourney, regional HOCKEY semifinals, Maryland vs. 9:30 a.m.: NHL, Chicago at Connecticut, ESPN.

1:20p.m.:Men's college, NCAA tourney, regional finals,

Marquette vs. Syracuse, CBS. 4 p.m.:Men's college, NCAA tourney, regional finals, Ohio State vs. Wichita State, CBS.

6 p.m.: Women's college, NCAA tourney, regional semifinals, Georgia vs. Stanford, ESPN. 7:30p.m.:NBA,Golden State

Detroit, NBC. 4:30 p.m.:NHL, Boston at Buffalo, NBCSN.

(5 innings)

2 00 00 — 2 2 4 205 32 — 12 8 4

Men's college NCAATournament AH TimesPDT EASTREGIONAL

Regional Championship Today, March30 Marquette (26-8) vs. Syracuse(29-9),1:30 p.m. SOUTHREGIONAL

Regional Semifinals Friday, March29 Arlington, Texas Michigan87,Kansas85,OT

BASEBALL 6 p.m.:MLB, TexasatHouston, ESPN.

SUNDAY BASEBALL 5 p.m.:MLB, Texas atHouston, KICE-AM 940.

MIDWESTREGIONAL Regional Semifinals Friday, March29

Indianapolis Louisville77,Oregon69 Duke71,MichiganState61 Regional Championship Sunday, March31 Louisville(32-5)vs.Duke(30-5), 1.55p.m. WESTREGIONAL

Regional Championship Today, March30 OhioState(297) vs WichitaState(298), 4pm. FINAL FOUR At The Georgia Dome

Atlanta National Semifinals Saturday, April 6 Midwestchampionvs.West champion,6or830 p.m. South championvs.Eastchampion,6or8:30 p.m. National Championship Monday, April 8 Semifinalwinners,6 p.m. Friday's Summary

OREGON (28-9)

1-5, Emory0-1), Louisville 4-13 (Blackshear1-1, Siva1-3, Hancock1-4,Smith1-4, Ware0-1) Fouled Out—None. Rebounds—Oregon 35 (Kazemi 12), Louisville 34 (Dieng9). Assists—Oregon12(Loyd4), Louisvige10(Siva,Smith 3). Total Fouls—Dregon22, Louisvige19.A—NA. National Invitation Tournament AH TimesPDT

At MadisonSquareGarden New York Semifinals Tuesday,April 2 BYU(24-11)vs.Baylor (21-14), 4p.m. Maryland(25-12) vs.Iowa(24-12), 6:30p.m.

(Best-of-3) (x-if necessary) Monday, April 1 GeorgeMason (21 14) atSantaClara(24-11), 7 pm. Wednesday,April 3 SantaClaraatGeorgeMason, 4p.m. Friday, April 5 x-SantaClaraat George Mason,4p.m. College Insider.comTournament


AH TimesPDT Semifinals

Today, March30 Evansville(21-14)atEastCarolina (21-12), 2 p.m. Sunday, March31 WeberState(29-6) atNorthern lowa(21-14), 5p.m.

Wo m en's college

DuCkS Shut out HuSkieS

Martin deal dloWS 0P — A

— Tommy Thorpe and Jimmie Sherfy combined on a three-hit

deal to loan Mark Martin to Joe

Gibbs Racing as areplacement driver for injured DennyHamlin

seven and walking three. Sherfy picked up his eighth save

fell apart Friday, when Michael Waltrip Racing said Martin will fulfill his commitment to their team. The announcement from MWR came roughly 24 hours after JGR said Martin will take over the No. 11 Toyota next weekend at Martinsville and drive the car

getting the Huskies in order,

until Hamlin returns from a frac-

including a pair of strikeouts in the ninth. Freshman Josh

tured vertebra in his lower back. Hamlin is expected to miss at

Grahamandsophomore Steven

least five races. It meansMartin

Packard both went two for four,

helping Oregon (21-6, 7-1 Pac-

can now only drive Hamlin's car at Martinsville, a track not on

12) finish with eight hits. The

his schedule. Brian Vickers, who

Ducks and Huskies wrap up

drives for JGR in the Nationwide

their three-game series tonight

Series, was scheduled to drive Martin's car for MWRat Mar-

day night at PK Park in Eugene. Thorpe (4-2) got the win, holding the Huskies to three hits in

eight innings while striking out

at 7 o'clock.

Beavers evenseries with


TONfOS — The Oregon State

baseball team scored seven runs in the fourth inning Friday


night in San Diego to defeat

C0WdoyS, ROmoeXtend

San Diego,14-5, evening the series with the host Toreros.

COntraCt —Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys agreed to a six-year contract extension

The win sent OregonState to a

22-3 mark this season and broke worth $108 million Friday, with a four-game losing streak to about half of that guaranteed

San Diego for the Beavers. San Diego, meanwhile, dropped to 17-10 this season. Oregon State sent10 hitters to the plate in the fourth, scoring the seven runs on the strength of five hits, two

San Diego errors and three wild pitches. Oregon State and San Diego will play the rubber match

today at1 p.m. PDT.


to make him the highest-paid player in franchise history.

The agreement, reported on the team's website, will lower

the quarterback's salary cap number for 2013 by about $5 million, giving the team more room to sign free agents and draft picks. — From wire reports

Spring Training

Friday's Games


Minnesota 8, Boston 3 Detroit 8,TampaBay3 N.Y.Yankees4, Washington 2 KansasCity 5, Cleveland1 Toronto1,Philadelphia0 Houston6, ChicagoCubs6,tie,10 innings Texas5,SanDiego4 ChicagoWhite Sox7, Milwaukee2 Cincinnati 2Arizona1 L.A. Dodgers 9, L.A.Angels 8 SanFrancisco3, Oakland1


Regional Semifinals OklahomaCity Sunday, March31 Oklahoma(24-10) vs.Tennessee(26-7), 1:35p.m. Baylor(34-1)vs.Louisville (26-8),4:05p.m. SPOKANEREGIONAL

Regional Semifinals Spokane,Wash. Today, March30 Stanford (33 2)vs. Georgia(27-6), 6:04p.m. California(30-3)vs.LSU(22-11), 8:32p.m. NORFOLKREGIONAL

Regional Semifinals Norfolk, Va.

Pac-12 Standings AH TimesPDT

Conference Oregon OregonState UCLA Stanford ArizonaState Calilornia SouthernCal WashingtonState 2


Arizona Washington

W 7 5 5 3 4 4

L 1 1 3 2 4 4



2 2 2

3 6 6 6

Friday's Games Arizona15,utah4 Stanford 9,Washington State3 Oregon1, Washington0 x-OregonState14, SanDiego 5 SouthernCal9, Califomia5 ArizonaSfate7, UCLA4 Today's Games SouthernCalat California, noon Utah atArizona,noon UCLAatArizonaState, 12:30p.m. x-Oregon StateatSanDiego,1 p.m. StanfordatWashingtonState,2 p.m. Washingtonat Oregon,7 p.m. x=nonconference


W 21 22 17 13 15 15 11 15 12 17 6

L 6 3 6

8 7 12 15 10 12 11 18


EasternConference Atlantic Division

GP W L OT Pts GF GA Pittsburgh 3 5 2 7 8 0 5 4 121 84 NewJersey 3 4 1 5 11 8 3886 94 N.Y.Rangers 33 16 14 3 35 78 81 N.Y.lslanders 34 16 15 3 35 100 110 P hiladelphia 3 3 1 3 17 3 29 87 103

Norlheast Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA

Montreal Boston Ottawa Toronto Buffalo

3 3 21 7 5 4 7 104 83 3 2 21 7 4 4 6 94 72 3 4 19 9 6 4 4 89 72 35 19 12 4 42 108 100 34 13 16 5 31 91 107 Southeast Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA W innipeg 35 1 8 15 2 3 8 88 103 C arolina 32 1 5 1 5 2 3 2 89 96 Washington 3 3 15 17 1 31 94 93 TampaBay 3 4 1 5 18 1 31110 103 Florida 35 10 19 6 26 85 123

WesternConference Central Division

GP W L OT Pts GF GA 3 3 25 5 3 5 3 109 73 Detroit 34 17 12 5 39 90 85 S t. Louis 33 17 1 4 2 3 6 94 93 C olumbus 3 5 1 4 14 7 3585 96 N ashville 34 1 4 1 4 6 3 4 87 95 Northwest Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA Vancouver 3 4 19 9 6 4 4 92 86 Minnesota 33 20 11 2 42 93 83 Edmonton 33 13 13 7 33 83 95 Calgary 33 13 16 4 30 93 114 33 11 18 4 26 83 108 Colorado Pacific Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA A naheim 34 2 3 7 4 5 0 106 88 L osAngeles 3 3 1 9 12 2 40 97 82 S anJose 33 1 6 1 1 6 3 8 82 82 Dallas 33 16 14 3 35 92 100 P hoenix 34 14 1 5 5 3 3 92 98 NOTE:Twopoints for a win, onepoint for overtime



Friday's Games TampaBay5, NewJersey4, SO Dallas 5,Minnesota3 Anaheim 2, Chicago1 Columbus 6, Calgary 4 Today's Games Bostonat Philadelphia,10a.m. N.Y. IslandersatPittsburgh,10 am. Nashville atColorado,noon CarolinaatWinnipeg,noon Torontoat Otawa,4p.m. N.Y.RangersatMontreal, 4 p.m. WashingtonatBufalo, 4p.m NewJerseyat Florida, 4:30p.m.

HoustonOpen Friday At RedstoneGolf Club, TournamentCourse Humble, Texas Purse:$8.2 million Yardage:7,441; Par:72 SecondRound 67-67—134 SteveWheatcroft 66-69—135 JasonKokrak 64-71 — 135 D.A. Points 67-70 — 137 BrianDavis 71-66 — 137 StewartCink 68-70 — I38 Bill Haas 66-72 — 138 AngelCabrera Cameron Tringale 65-73 138 John Rollins 65-74—139 70-69—139 Scott Stallings DustinJohnson 69-70—139 HenrikStenson 69-70—139 BenCrane 69-70—139

BrendondeJonge CharleyHoffman JimmyWalker BooWeekley KevinChappeg KeeganBradley HunterHaas BobEstes Billy Horschel John Merrick LeeWestwood Scott Verplank Jeff Overton JoshTeater SteveStricker WesShort,Jr. GregOwen RickyBames RobertStreb Matt Jones CharlesHowell gl Chris Kirk


Regional Championship Sunday, March31 Michigan(29-7) vs. Florida(29-7),11:20 a.m.

College Basketball Invitational ChampionshipSeries

Listings are themostaccurate available. TheBulletinis not responsible for late changesmadeby TVor radio stations.

win over Washington in Pac-12 Conference baseball action Fri-

Sony Open Friday At The TennisCenter at CrandonPark Key Biscayne, Fla. Purse: Men,$5.24 million (Masters 1000); Women,$5.19million (Premier) Surface: Hard-Outdoor Singles Men Semifinals David Ferrer(3), Spain, def. Tomm y Haas (15) Germany, 4-6, 6-2,6-3. AndyMurray(2), Britain, def.RichardGasquet (8) France,6-7(3), 6-1,6-2.

Florida62,FloridaGulf Coast50

Artis 5-110-112,Kazemi5-61-311, Dotson5-14 1-1 12, Singler6-112-2 15,Woods1-1 1-23, Loyd 2-5 0-0 5,Austin 0-10-00, Caner0-21-21, Emory 3-104-610. Totals 27-81 10-17 69. LOUISVILLE (32-5) Smith 9-1612-1431,Siva1-51-24, Dieng5-70210, Blackshear 2-30-05, Behanan3-61-3 7, Ware 5 71-211, Hancock2 62 37, Henderson0 00 00 Harrell1-2 0-02,VanTreese0-00-0 0. Totals 28-52 17-26 77. Halltime Louisville 45-31. 3-PointGoals Oregon 5-14(Artis 2-2, Loyd1-2, Singler 1-4,Dotson

7:30p.m.:NBA,Golden State at Portland, KBND-AM 1110, KRCO-AM 690.

shutout to lead Oregon to a1-0

PGA Tour



Tournament of Champions, ESPN.





Les SchwabInvitational At JohnDay C rook County 110 000 0 — 2 6 5 Grantunion 01 1 013 — x 6 10 0

Louisville 77, Oregon69

at Portland, Comcast SportsNet

BASEBALL 1 p.m.:College, Oregon State at San Diego, KICE-AM940. BASKETBALL

0 21 000 0 — 3 7 5 001 202 x — 5 4 2

BOWLING 11:30 a.m.:PBATour, Barbasol


Regional Semifinals Bridgeport, Conn. Today, March30 Delaware (32-3) vs. Kentucky (29-5), 9:04a.m. Connecticut(31-4)vs.Maryland (26-7),11:30 a.m.


9 a.m.: Women's college, NCAA tourney, regional semifinals,

Hassan II, third round, Golf

Friday's results VolcanoesSpring Break At Keizer

LosAngelesatMinnesota,5 p.m. Vancou veratEdmonton 7p.m. PhoenixatSanJose, 7:30p.m.


Sunday Equestrian: OregonHigh School Equestrian Teams Central Oregon District meetat Deschutes County Fair 8 ExpoCenter inRedmond,8:30a.m.

Oregon, Pac-12 Network.


Sunday, March31 NotreDam e(33-1)vs. Kansas(20-13), 9:04a.m. Duke(32-2)vs.Nebraska(25-8), 11:32am.

AaronBaddeley Brendan Steele NickWatney GaryWoodland Troy Matteson GrahamDeLaet Jordan Spieth RossFisher DougLaBele 0 HenrikNorlander Ke lyKraft DavidLynn BrandtJobe RusseIHeney Louis Oosthuizen Tim Herron ChezReavie BudCauley Pat Perez ChadCampbel JamesHahn KevinStadler Carl Pettersson RoryMcllroy Jerry Kelly Chris Stroud Cameron Percy Harris English Phil Mickelson

Justin Leonard CharlieBeljan NicholasThompson GeorgeCoetzee DanielSummerhays D.H. Lee StevenBowditch Jin Park Failed to qualify Scott Brown StuartAppleby Seung-YulNoh John Maginger Martin Laird RyanPamer Martin Flores BrandtSnedeker MichaelBradley BrandenGrace RichardH. Lee RandyLowry Justin Hicks HankKuehne HunterMahan Ky eStanley BenCurtis Scott Langley DavidHearn JasonBohn Sang-MoonBae BryceMolder Wiliams TagRidings

James Driscoll

Brian Harman MichaelThompson

ArronOberholser RetiefGoosen JonasBlixt ShaneLowry BradFritsch RobertAllenby Troy Kelly Colt Knost GregChalmers FabianGomez Eric Meierdierks Paul Hale8 y Joe Ogilvie

David Lingmerth John Huh John Senden

JoeySnyderRI BrianStuard TrevorImmelman Ryo Ishikawa RobertoCastro PeterTomasulo LukeList George McNeil PatrickReed BenKohles MichaelPutnam Jeff Maggert MarkO'Meara WilliamMcGirt MarcLeishman Bo Van Pelt J.J. Henry KenDuke Will Claxton Alistair Presnell AndresRomero

71-68—139 68-71 139 68-71—139 70-69 — 139 70-70—140 70-70—140 69-71—140 71-69 — 140 68-72 — 140 68-72 — I40 68-72 — 140 72-68 140 67-73—140 74-67—141 73-68 — 141 71-70—141 68-73—141 73-68—141 70-71 — 141 68-73 — I41 69-72—141 71-70—141 70-71—141 70-71 — 141 71-71 — 142 72-70—142 71-71—142 71-71—142 72-70—142 73-69—142 71-71—142 74-68 142 70-72—142 72-70—142 69-73—142 72-70—142 70-72—142 69-73—142 72-70—142 68-74—142 72-71—143 72-71 143 74-69—143 70-73—143 74-69—143 73-70—143 71-72—143 71-72—143 73 70—143 69-74—143 72-71—143 71-72 143 71-72—143 70-73—143 72-71 — 143 72-71 — 143 72-71 — I43 73-70—143 69-74 143 70-74—144 73-71 — 144 72-72 — 144 72-72 — 144 75-69 — 144 74-71 — 145 73-72 — I45 74-71 — 145 73-72 145 75-70—145 72-73—145 71-74—145 71-74—145 73-72—145 74-71 — 145 72-73 — 145 72-73 — I45 71-74 — 145 75-70—145 71-75—146 74-72—146 75-71 — 146 73-73 — 146 70-76—146 74-72—146 73-73—146 72-74—146 71-75—146 73-73 146 71-75—146 71-75—146 73-73—146 76-71 — 147 73-74—147 71-76—147 74-73 147 74-73—147 78-69 — 147 78 69 147 70-77—147 69-78—147 75-72—147 72-75—147 74-73 — I47 74-75 — 149 72-77 149 77-72—149 79-70—149 82-67—149 77-72 — 149 74-75 — 149 72-77 — 149 76-73 — 149 75-74 — I49 80-70—150 78-72 150 72-78—150 75-75—150 72-78—150 78-72—150 70-80—150 75-75—150 73-77 — 150 77-74 — I51

77-74 151 74-77—151 72-79 — 151 77-74 — 151 81-71 — 152 79-73 152 73-79—152 73-79—152 78-75—153 75-79 — 154 79-76—155 80-75—155 77-79 — I56 79-77 156 78-78—156 78-79—157 81-82—163 76 — WD 82 WD

LukeGuthrie Justin Bogi JonathanByrd ScottGardiner TomGilis ShawnStefani GeoffOgilvy DavidMathis BobbyGa tes LucasGlover JohnsonWagner Jim Herma n TommyGainey Matt Every Matt Dobyns PaulCasey Clayton Wonnell SeanO'Hair ThorbjomOlesen


Today'sGames Los Angeleat s Toronto FC,11a.m. PhiladelphiaatNewYork,12:30 p.m. FC Dallaat s NewEngland,1 p.m. Portlandat Colorado,3p.m. Montrealat SportingKansasCity, 5:30 p.m. SanJoseatHouston, 5:30 p.m. Seattle FC at Real Salt Lake,6p.m. VancouveratChivasUSA,7:30p.m.


American League BALTIMOR EORIOLES—Agreedto termswith RHP FreddyGarcia onaminor leaguecontract. Reassigned OF ChrisDickersontotheir minorleaguecamp. CLEVEL ANDINDIANS—TradedCBrianJeroloman to thePittsburghPiratesfor cashconsiderations. DETROITI TGERS—Agreed to terms with Justin Verlanderonaseven-year contract KANSAS CITY ROYALS— Announced C Brett Hayesclearedwawersand wasassigned outright to

Omaha(PCL). MINNESOTATWINS— Placed RHP Tim Wood on the15-dayDL,retroactive March24 Reassigned RHPRichHardenandLHPRafael Pereztotheir minor league camp. NEW YORK YANKEES— Dptioned OF Melky Mesa toScrantonAltfilkes-Barre(IL). AssignedRHP Sam Demeloutright to Scranton/Wikes-Barre. AnnouncedRHPDanny Otero wasclaimedoff waivers by Oakland.Agreedto terms with INFDavid Adams on a minor leaguecontract Designated RHPDavid Aardsmafor assignment. Selectedthe contracts of INF JaysonNix andOFBenFrancisco from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre(IL). ReassignedRHPJim Miler, RHPPrestonClaiborne, RHPBrandenPinder, LHP Juan Cedeno,LHPVidal Nuno,LHPJosh Spence, CBobbyWilson, INFDanJohnson, INFJose Pirela, INF GiVel l azquezandOFThomasNeal to their minor

league camp. OAKLANDATHLETICS— Claimed RHPJosh Stin-

son offwaiversfromMilwaukeeandoptioned himto Midland(Texas). Designatedlor assignmentINFDaric BartonandLHPTravis Blackley. TORONTOBLUEJAYS Claimed RHP Alex Burnett off wawers fromMinnesota andoptioned himto Buffalo (IL). Claimed 18 Clint Robinsonoff wawers from the Pittsburghandoptionedhimto NewHamp-

shire (EL).

National League

CHICAGO CUBS—Assigned Guigermo Moscoso outright toAZLCubs. COLOR ADOROCKIES—Selected the contracts of CYorvitTorrealbaandRHPChris VolstadfromColoradoSprings(PCL). DesignatedRHPWil Harris andC RamonHernandezfor assignment. OptionedOFTyler Colvin toColoradoSprings. MIAMI MARLINS Dptioned C KyleSkipworthto NewOrleans(PCL). NEWYOR KMETS—Selected to thecontracts of RHP LaTroyHawkins, OF Marlon Byrd, LHPScott Rice,RHPScott Atichsonfrom LasVegas(PCL). AssignedLHPDarin Gorski andINFReese Havens outright to LasVegas. Optioned LHPRob Carson to Las Vegas.Reassigned CLandon Powell andINFOmar QuintanigatoLasVegas. ST. LOUIS CARDINALS— Placed RHP Jason Motte on the15-dayDl., retroactive to March 22. OptionedRHPMaikel CletoandOFAdron Chambers toth eMemphis(PCL).ReassignedC RobJohnson, INF Greg Garcia andDFOscar Taverasto their minor league camp. SANFRANCISCOGIANTS—Agreedto terms with CBusterPoseyon anine-year contract. TradedRHP Scott Proctorto Baltimorefor cashconsiderations. BASKETBALL National Basketball Association CHICAGO BULLS—Re-signedF MaicolmThomas to a second10-daycontract. LOS ANGELESCLIPPERS— Signed G Maalik Waynsfor theremainderof theseason. FOOTBALL National Football League CHICAGO BEARS Agreedto terms with GMat Slauso nonaone-yearcontract.Re-signedQBJosh

Mccown to aone-yearcontract. DALLAS COWBOYS—Agreedto termswith QBon asix-yearcontractextension.

WASHINGTONREDSKINS Resigned TE Fred Davis. HOCKEY NationalHockeyLeague BOSTONRED SOX— Assigned D Torey Krug to Providence (AHL) DETROIRE T D WINGS—Agreed to terms with D Dan DeKe yser on a two-yearcontract. AssignedD CarloColaiacovoto GrandRapids(AHL). FLORIDA PANTHERS—Returned D Mike Caruso and DColbyRobakto SanAntonio(AHL). MONTREALCANADIENS— Recalled D Nathan BeaulieutromNorfolk (AHL).AssignedFGabriel DumontandDJarredTinordi to Norfolk. NASHVILLE PREDATORS—Recalled FCraig Smith from Milwaukee (AHL). NEWJERSEYDEVILS—ActivatedLWAlexei Ponikarovsky frominjured reserve. NEWYOR KRANGERS Agreedto terms with D ConorAllen PHOENIX COYOTES—Acquired F Tobias Rieder from Edm onton for FKale Kessy. SAN JOSESHARKS— AssignedG Thomas Greiss Worcester(AHL). COLLEGE OKLAHOM ACITY—Named Kelly Perryassistant athletic directorforcompliance. RUTGER S—AnnouncedsophomoreFMalick Kone plans to transfer. SAN JOSESTATE— Named Dave Wojcik men' s basketballcoach.

Storm baseball splits two at tourney Bulletin staff report KEIZER — After letting one get away against Churchill, Summit rebounded later Friday to drub Moiaiia in five innings during the second day of the Volcanoes Spring Break baseball tournament at Voicanoes Stadium. In the earlier game against the Lancers from Eugene, Storm pitcher Tyler Palfrey was sharp in his first outing of the season, working 4'/a innings with five strikeouts as Summit took a 3-1 lead into the fourth inning. But Churchill rallied to tie the game with two runs in the fourth, then went ahead with two more scores in the sixth and held on for a 5-3 victory. Austin Peters had two hits and two RBIs for the Storm, and Erik Alvstad and Blake Garrison also had two hits apiece in the early game. Against Molalla, Summit broke it open

PREP ROUNDUP with a five-run third inning and rolled to a 12-2 win. Jake Munsell was the winning pitcher for the Storm with four strikeouts over four innings of relief. D.J. Wilson had a big game at the plate for Summit, with three hits — including two doubles — and three RBIs. The Storm (3-4) finished the pool-play portion of the eight-team tournament with a 1-2 record and will play either Sandy or McNary in today's final round starting at ll:30 a.m. In other Friday games: R idgeview 7, Madras 5: MADRAS Mitch Springer was three for three with five RBIs to lead the Ravens past the host White Buffaloes on the final day of the three-day Madras Invitational. Dakota

Schaumburg was the winning pitcher for Ridgeview, which ied 6-0 after three innings. Tyler Ross relieved SchaLtmburg in the sixth inning and preserved the victory with two shutout innings. The Ravens improved to 5-2, while Madras slipped to 6-3. Grant Union 6, Crook County 2: JOHN DAY — The host Prospectors broke a 22 tie with a run in the fifth inning, then added three runs in the sixth to beat the Cowboys on the second day of the Les Schwab Invitational. A run-scoring single by Troy Benton in the first inning and an RBI double by Brandon Alexander in the second gave Crook County an early 2-0 lead, but Grant Union came back on the strength of 10 hits and with the help of five Cowboy errors. Crook County (2-4) concludes play in the tournament today with an ll a.m. game against Scio.




Blazersblow big lead,fall to Jazz The Associated Press P ORTLAND — M o W i l liams was having such a hard time in the first half of Utah's

Heat 108, Hornets 89: NEW ORLEANS — LeBron James scored 36 points, hitting six consecutive 3-pointers in less game Friday night against than six minutes during the t he Trail B l azers t hat h e first half, and Miami rebounddidn't even play in the second ed from its first loss in nearly quarter. t wo months t o b e a t N e w That made Williams mad. Orleans. And that was good for the Timberwolves 101, Thunder Jazz. 93: MINNEAPOLIS — Nikola W illiams r e sponded b y Pekovic had 22 points and 15 scoring 26 of his 28 points in rebounds and Ricky Rubio the second half to lead the added 17 points and seven asJazz to a 105-95 victory over sists to help Minnesota stun the Blazers. Oklahoma City. "You get angry and instead Celtics 118, Hawks107: BOSTON — Paul Pierce had 20 of feeling sorry for yourself, Don Ryan /The Associated Press you come out and be aggres- Portland Trail Blazers guard points, 10 assists and 10 resive," he said. Damian Lillard drives past Utah bounds, and Jeff Green scored P aul M i l lsap a d ded 2 5 Jazz defenders during Friday 27 points to carry Boston to points and 10 rebounds as the night's game in Portland. the victory over Atlanta. Jazz snapped a nine-game losGrizzlies 103, Rockets 94: ing streak on the road, their MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Zach longest since they dropped 17 buzzer. Victor Claver made a Randolph and M ar c G asol straight in the 1981-82 season. layup after a behind-the-back scored 21 points apiece and The victory certainly wiped fake pass that put Portland Memphis snapped a two-game away Williams' frustration. ahead 34-28. losing streak. " Winning does that," h e Derrick F a vors' j u m p er Knicks 111, Bobcats 102: said. "It puts you in a good pulled Utah within 40-38 and NEW YORK — J .R. Smith mood." Jefferson's hook shot tied it scored 37 points, his t h ird The Jazz (37-36) pulled even with 4:41 left in the first half. consecutive 30-point outing, with the Los Angeles Lakers But Portland responded with and New York beat Charlotte for the eighth and final play- a 12-0 run, capped by Nicolas for its season-high seventh off spot in the Western Con- Batum's 3-pointer and Hickstraight victory. ference. The Blazers (33-39) son's jumper to make it 52-40. Magic 97, Wizards 92: ORdropped 3'/2 games back with Jefferson hit a jumper and the LANDO, Fla. — Tobias Harris their third straight loss. Jazz trailed 54-42 at the half. had 30 points and 11 rebounds "Everybody came out f oPortland, playing w ithout t o help O rlando break a n forward LaMarcus Aldridge cused, especially in the second eight-game losing streak. because of a sprained right half. We didn't do agoodjob in 76ers 97, C a valiers 87: a nkle, got 2 4 p o i nts f r o m the first but in the second half CLEVELAND — Evan Turner rookie Damian L i llard. J.J. we came out with a different scored 23 points and PhiladelHickson added 17 points and attitude," Millsap said. phia sent Cleveland to its season-high seventh straight loss. 14 rebounds. Gordon Hayward made a The Jazz trailed 92-86 with pair of 3-pointers that pulled Raptors 99, Pistons 82: AU3:48 remaining when they the Jazz within 64-61 midway BURN HILLS, Mich. — Detook off on a closing 19-3 run, through the third quarter. Wil- Mar DeRozan and Rudy Gay led by Williams with 12 points. liams added a pair of layups to scored 21 points apiece and Williams made a 12-footer and give Utah a 65-64 lead. Toronto ended a f i ve-game Randy Foye added a layup and Claver's dunk put the Blaz- skid by extending Detroit's free throw with 2:57 remain- ers back ahead 72-70 before home losing streak to eight ing to go ahead 93-92, and the the quarter was over. It was games. Jazz led the rest of the way. b ack and f o rt h u n ti l E r i c Spurs 104, Clippers 102: Al Jefferson had 22 points Maynor made a 3-pointer that SAN ANTONIO — Tim Dunand eight rebounds in Utah's gave Portland an 85-80 lead can had a s e ason-high 34 third straight win. with 7:55 left. points, including a game-winThe Jazz were coming off It was Utah's 14th comeback ning three-point play with 2.2 a 103-88 victory at home over victory in a game in which the seconds left, and San Antothe Suns on Wednesday, but it Jazz trailed by more than 10 nio outlasted the Los Angeles was costly. Center Enes Kant- points. Clippers. "If we lay everything we er, averaging 7.2 points and Nuggets 109, Nets 87: DEN4.3 rebounds, dislocated his have on the floor and come up VER — Rookie Evan Fournier left shoulder. It is not known short, we can deal with that," scored a season-high 19 points, when he might return. Utah coach Tyrone Corbin including 10 i n t h e f o u rth The Blazers took a 30-22 said. "But we can't hold any- quarter, and Denver extended lead on W esley M atthews' thing back at this point." its home winning streak to 18 3-pointer at the first-quarter Also on Friday: games by beating Brooklyn.


EasternConference z-Miami x-NewYork x-Indiana x-Brooklyn y-chicago x-Atlanta Boston Milwaukee Philadelphia Toronto Washington Detroit Cleveland Orlando Charlotte

tN L 57 15 45 26 46 27 42 30 39 31 40 33 38 34 35 36 29 43 27 45 26 46 24 49 22 49 19 54 17 55

Western Conference W 55 53 50 49 48

x-SarlAntonio x-Oklahoma City x-Denver x-L.A. Clippers x-Memphis GoldenState Houston

t 17 20 24 24 24

41 32

39 33 37 36 37 36


L.A. Lakers Dallas Portland

Sacramen to Minnesota NewOrleans Phoenix x-clinched playoffspot

35 33 27 26 25 23

37 39 46 45 48 50

Pct GB 792

634 0'/t 630 1'I'/2

583 15 557 17 548 17t/g

528 19 493 21t/v 403 28

375 30 361 31 329 33'/z 310 34'/~ 260 38'/z 236 40

Pct GS 764 726 2'/z 676 6 671 6'/z 667 7 562 t4'/t 542 16 507 18'/t 507 18'/z 486 20 458 22 37Q 2l3'/g 366 28'/t 342 30'/~ 315 32'/t

vors. Rebounds —Utah47(Favors, Milsap 10), Portland 42 (Hickson 141.Assists—Utah25 (Hayward 8), Portland 22(Lilard 7).Total Fouls—Utah23,Portland 18. A —19,527(19,980).

Spurs 104, Clippers 102 LA. CLIPPERS (102)

Butler 4-91-1 11,Griffin 7-204-518, Jordan4-4 1-8 9, Paul5-144-414, WGreen4-6 0-010, Hollins 1-2 0-02, Crawford7-12 0-016, Barnes2-41-1 6, Bledso e 4-60-0 8,Odom 3-4 1-2 8.Totals 41-81 12-21 102. SANANTONIO(104) Leonard2-60-04, Dtlncan 12-1910-1034, SPlitter6-92-214, Parker9-155-624, DGreen 2-40-06, Ginobili012-22,Diaw1-21-1 3,Jackson1-30 02, Neal 3-100-08 DeColo2-40-05, Boilner1-1 0-02. TotaIs39-7420-21 104. LA. Clippers 28 3 4 17 23 — 102 Satt Atttottio

30 31 2 4 1 9 — 104

Grizzlies103, Rockets 94 HOUSTON (94) Parsons5-93-416 Motielunas7-110-016, Asik 3-5 0-0 6, Lin3-9 2-2 8, Harden3-9 0-0 7, Robinson 2-10 1-2 5,Smith 1-10-2 2, Beverley2-7 4 4 9, Deltiilo 4-0 5-515, Anderson 4-92-210. Totals 34-81 17-21 94. MEMPHIS(103) Prince 4 92 210,Randolph6129-1021, Gasol 8-12 5-521,Conley5-0 3-415, Allen 8-120-016, Pondexter0-5 0-00, Arthur1-3 0-0 2, Bayless6-11 0-014, Davis2-40-04. Totals 40-7919-21103. Houston 29 24 16 25 — 94 Memphis 31 30 23 19 — 103


Timderwolves101, Thunder 93

Friday's Games Orlando97,Washington 92 Boston11B,Atlanta107 NewYork111,Charlotte102 Philadelphia97, Cleveland87 Toronto99,Detroit 82 Memphis103 ,Houston94

OKLAHOMA CITY (93) Durant 13-199-9 36, Ittaka4-10 2-410, Perkins 1-3 00 2,Westbrook7-173518, Sefolosha45 00 10, Martin1-9224, Jackson4100 08, Fisher1-4 003, collison01 000, Thabeet1-100z Totals 36-79 16-2093.

Minltesota101,OklahomaCity 93 Miami108,NewOrleans89

SanAntonio104,LA.Clippers102 Denver109,Brooklyn87 Utah105,Portland 95

Today's Games

Chicago al Dallas,11a.m. OrlandoatAtlanta, 4p.m LA. ClippersatHouston, 5 p.m. MemphisatMinnesota,5p.m. CharlotteatPhiladelphia, 5 p.m. Oklahoma City al Milwaukee,5:30p.m. BrooklynatUtah,6pm. Indianaat Phoenix, 7p.m. L.A. Lakers at Sacramento, 7p.m. Portlandal GoldenState, 7:30p.m.

Summaries Friday's Games

Jazz 105, Blazers 95 UTAH(105) Hayward4-8 0-0 10,Milsap10-14 5-625, Jefferson11-210-022,M. Wiliams10-196-628, Foye 1-53 35, Favors681-313, Ma Wiliams 030 00, Burks 1-60-0 2,Tinsley 0-20-0 0, Evans0-0 0-0 0 Totals 43-86 15-18105.


Battlm 4-66-7 17,Hickson8-111-417, Leonard 5-0 2-212, Lillard7-1610-1424, Matthews3-10441z Freeland 0 2 000, Maynor3 50 07, Claver360-1 6,Babbitt0-00-00. TotaIs33-6723-3295. utah ' 22 20 32 31 — 105 Portland 30 22 23 20 — 95 3-PointGoals—Utah4-19 (M Wiliams2-5, Hayward 2-6, Ma.Wiliams0-1, Tinsley0-2, Bl/rks 0-2, Foye0-3), Portland6-13 (Battlm3-4, Matthews2-4, Mayilor1-1, Lillard0-1, Claver0-3). FouledOttt—Fa-

MINNEsoTA (101)

Kirilenko 5-111-212, Wiliams2-81-26, Pekovic 10-16 2-2 2ZRubio4-11 8 817, Ridrlol/r 3-75-711,

Barea3-90-06,Budinger4-83-413, Cunningham490-08, Shved1-32-24,Stiemsma1-10-OZTotals 37-83 22-27 101. Oklahoma City 2 3 2 5 29 16 — 93 Minnesota 23 30 27 21 — 101

New York

38 31 19 23 — 111

Raptors 99, Pistons 82 TDRDNT0 (99) Gay 7-t4 4-621,Johnson9-11 2-220, Valanciunas 7-110-014, Lowry2-4 0-0 4, DeRozan 10-20

1-1 21, Anderson3-80-0 7, Fields 3-70-06, Lttcas 0-2 0-0 0,Ross3-5 0-06. Totals 44-82 7-9 99.


Singler 5-122-413, Monroe3-115-611, Drummond 8-101-417, Calderorl3-7 0-0 8, Knight 1-4 2-34,Stuckey0-30-0 0,Maxiell0-3 0-00,Jerebko 9-14 2-220, English2-7 0-06, Middleton 0-42-22, Kravtsov O-t 1-21 TotaIs 31-76 15-23 82. Toronto 19 27 36 17 — 99 Detroit 26 19 15 22 — 82

Celtics 118, Hawks 107 ATLANTA (107) Smith 7-233-4 18,Johnson2-4 1-2 5, Petro23 0-0 4, Teague 7-13 3-4 17, Stevenson1-6 0-0 3, Tolliver 4-72-2 14,Jones3-7 0-06, Korver3-6 0-0 7, Mack5-91-2 12,Jeilkiils 0-02-22, Scott 6-1078 19. Totals40-88 19-24 107.

BOSTON (118) Green0-202-3 27,Bass5-73-3 13,Wilcox 2-2

0-04, Bradley3 72 28, Pierce8182-320, Lee0-0 2-2 2, Terry7-105-6 24, Crawford2-8 0-0 5, Randolph 4-61-29, TWiliams 3-50-06. TotaIs 45-83 17-21 118. Atlanta 30 26 24 27 — 107 Boston 32 34 26 26 — 118

76ers97, Cavaliers 87 PHILADELPHIA (97) Tyouilg 9-130-218, Turner9-173-4 23, Hawes 7-17 0-0 16,Holiday9-20 0-0 20, Wilkins 2-3 3-4 7, Pargo1-20-02, Wright1-60-03,Allen2-40-0 4, Ivey13002, Moultrie1-1 00Z Totals4286 6-10 97. CLEVELAN(87) D Gee3-100-06, Thompson4-0 2-710, ze ler 7100 014, Livingston5-150-010, Ellington5-140 0 10, Gibson2-2 0-0 5,Walton 2-40-0 5, Miles 7-0 3-4 19,Quinn1-30-02, Speights1-64-46. Totals 37-86 9-1587. Philadelphia 19 2 63 2 20 — 97 Cleveland 24 21 21 21 — 87

Magic97, Wizards 92

MIAMI (108)


Harkless6-175-618, Harris11-216-730,O'Quinn 2-4 0-0 4,Nelson1-30-0 2,Jones1-4 0-0 2,Udlih 2-8 5-610, Nicholson6-122-214, Moore7-13 0-1 15, Lamb1-40-0z Totals 37-8618-2297. Washington 23 23 25 21 — 92 Orlando 24 34 20 19 — 97

James13-203-536, Haslem1-4 2-24, Bosh5-8 0 010 Wade70 3 4 17, MMiller r 512 6 Allen 3-50-06, Cole5-60-012, Battier3-50-09,Andersen 2-31-1 5, Lewis1-1 0-2 3,Howard0-0 0-00, Anthony0-00-0 0, Jones0-10-0 0. Totals 42-69 10-16 108. Amintl 3-61-2 7, Davis5-101-211, LoPez2-4 2-2 6 Roberts6-140-013, Gordon3-11 10-1017,

Anderson8-152220, DMIller 3 40 07, Mason0 4 0-00,Amundson1-10-02, Harris 0-10-00, Thomas

3-4 0-0 6.Totals 34-74 16-18 89. Miami 32 28 21 27 — 108 New0rleans 22 2 1 17 29 — 89

Knicks 111, Bobcats102 CHARLOTTE (102) Kldd-Gilchnst6-0 2-2 14,McRoberts2-42-26, Biyombo1-20-4 2, Walker6-193-416, Henderson 9-1615-17 35Gordon4-90-012, Taylor3-42-28, Pargo3-80-09.Totals34-7324-31102. NEWYORK(111) Anthonyu-2891032,Shumpert24228, Martin 2-52-46, Prigioni0-10-00, Felton7-112-218, Smith12-1811-1237,Novalt1-20-03, Kidd1-40-0 3,Camby1-2 0-0 2,Copeland 1-2 0-02,White0-0 0-0 0. Totals38-77 26-30111. Charlotte 20 27 22 33 — 102

Florida knocksout FGCU, advances to regional final The Associated Press ARLINGTON, Texas — Florida G u lf Coast put on one last show at the NCAA tournament. The high-flying kids from "Dunk City" — the No. 15 seed few people even knew of on Selection Sunday — were hitting 3-pointers, had a highlight alley-oop and seemed like they were just getting started against one of the big schools from Florida. SEC regular-season champion Florida, the No. 3 seed, was getting an all-too-close look at what everybody has enjoyed watching this March. But Michael Frazier's only two baskets of the night got the Gators on their own run, and FGCU's improbable NCAA tourney run to the round of 16 came to an end Friday. Frazier's 3-pointers came from the left side, directly in front of the FGCU bench, to start a 16-0 run late in the first half. That put the Gators ahead to stay on the way to a 62-50 victory. "Stepping into a situation like this where you have everybody against us, we've got to block everything out. Just treat this like a road game," said Mike Rosario, who led the Gators with 15 points. "I thought we did a great job of blocking everything out and focusing on the next play." Florida is going to its third straight NCAA regional final, even after the Eagles jumped out to an early 11-point lead. The Gators (297) and their roster filled with NCAA tourney experience were just too strong and too good. FGCU matched its season low for points. Once Frazier hit his shots, things just rolled downhill for the Eagles (26-11), whose program is so new they were only in their sec-

MEN'5 COLLEGE BASKETBALL: NCAA TOURNAMENT ROUNDUP ond season of eligibility for the tournament. The baskets started a 4t/2-minute span when the Eagles couldn't even get off a shot. They missed their only field goal attempt while turning the ball over four times in that stretch. The slump finally ended when Sherwood Brown, the Eagles dreadlocked senior showman, made a layup in the final minute to get Florida Gulf Coast back within 30-26 by halftime. In other games on Friday: SOUTH REGIONAL Michigan 87, Kansas 85:ARLINGTON, Texas — Trey Burke scored all 23 of his points after halftime, including a long, tying 3-pointer in the final seconds of regulation, and Michigan rallied to beat Kansas. The fourth-seeded Wolverines wiped out a 10-point Kansas lead in the last 3 minutes of regulation, and Burke gave them their first lead since early in the game with another long 3 pointer to open Michigan's scoring in overtime. MIDWEST REGIONAL Duke 71, Michigan State 61: INDIANAPOLIS — Seth Curry shot Duke right into the regional finals — and put Mike Krzyzewski on the verge of another major milestone. Curry scored 29 pointsto lead the second-seeded Blue Devils past third-seeded Michigan State and into the Midwest Regional final. If Duke

(30-5) beats top-seeded Louisville (32-5) in Sunday's regional final, Krzyzewski would tie John Wooden's record with 12 Final Four trips.

MatChuPS fOr tOday'S NCAA tOurnament gameS Regionalfinals; all timesPDT

WASHINGTON (92) Webster 7-1B 4 419, Booker 3 7 1-2 7, Okafor 3-5 3-4 9,Wall 0-28 12-14 35, Temple2-9 2-2 7, Singleton0-02-2 2,Ariza2-60-05, Seraphin2-5 0-0 4, Price0-24-44, Martin0-10-00,t/esely 0-00-00 Totals30-81 28-32 92.

Heat108, Hornets 89

David J. Phillip/The Associated Press

Florida's Mike Rosario (3) is pursued by Florida Gulf Coast's Sherwood Brown (25) and Chase Fieler (20) during the first half of Friday night's regional semifinal game in Arlington, Texas.


Nuggets109, Nets87 BROOK LYN(87) Walace 2-60-0 5, Evans5-7 5-9 15,Lopez415 3-9 11, williams5-13 r-7 19, Bogans0-6 0-0 0, Brooks4-130-0 8, Blatche8-11 0-216, Watson 1-21-3 4, Stackhouse 0-1 0-0 0, Taylor1-3 0-0 2, Humphries2-22-2 6 Teletovic0-00-0 0, Shengelia 0-01-4 t Totals 32-7918-3687. DENVER (109) Gallinari 5-121-211,Faried2-2 0-24, Koutos6-8 1-413,AMiller4-94-4 12,Iguodala4-50-29, Chander 4 87-816, Brewer5-9 2213, McGee4-7 0 08, Fournier696619, Mozgov0-00 00,Randolph00 0-00, Hamilton1-30-1 2, Q.Miler1-20-02 Totals 42-7421-31 109. Brooklyn 23 15 28 21 — 87 Denver 26 29 25 29 — 109

a 74-71 setback at Marquette, or the Golden Eagles, who in

contributions from several sources. Malcolm Armstead, Carl Hall and Ron Baker were the scorers against the championship. Point guard Explorers, but Cleanthony Michael Carter-Williams makes Early had come up big in earlier the Orange go, and Vander Blue victories over Pittsburgh and top-seededGonzaga.Ohio State leads a Marquette team that has become the cardiac kids. broke in four new starters this The Buckeyes knocked outlowa season.

the preseason were picked seventh in the Big East race?


EAST REGION No. 4 Syracusevs. No. 3 Marquette, 1:30 p.m. PDT on CBS

What path is more improbable, the Orange reaching this point losing four of its final five in

the regular season, including

Either way, the Final Four is getting an unexpected entry and a Big East team in the final year of existence

as it's currently configured. Both teams were impressive regional semifinal winners, the Orange manhandling Indiana, which was befuddled offensively against the 2-3

zone defense, and Marquette

Ducks Continued from C1 S mith matched hi s c a reer high with 31 points, and Ware made a layup to end Oregon's late rally that pulled the Ducks within 70-64 with 5:12 to play. "When you leta good team like Louisville be the aggressor," Oregon coach Dana Altman said, "they're tough to beat." The Cardinals (32-5) were barely tested in either of their first two games in the NCAA tournament, beating North C arolina A8 T b y 3 1 a n d Colorado State by 26. They set an N CA A t o urnament record with 20 steals against A8T, outrebounded one of the country's best rebounding teams in Colorado State and left both teams with ugly shooting lines. But Smith's hacking cough from the last few days is making its way around the Louisville team, and it was clear from the start this wasn't going to be another juggernaut performance by the Cardinals. Peyton Siva spent the last 15:19 of the first half on the bench after picking up his

dominating Miami. Syracuse and Marquette last made a Final Four together in 2003, the year of Jim Boeheim's

No. 9 Wichita State vs. No. 2 OhioState,4:05 p.m. PDT, CBS Now the Shockers are making it look easy. They never trailed in hammering La Salle to reach their first regional final since

1981, when they beat Kansas in the Sweet16. Wichita State seeks its second Final Four in school history (1965 was the first), with a squad that gets

'i< gp tiWi i


State and Arizona with three-

pointers in the final seconds and the common threat was point guard Aaron Craft, who beat the Cyclones with his shot

and drew the double team and foundLaQuinton Rossopen for the game-winner against the Wildcats. The only No. 9

seed to reach the Final Four? Penn, in1979, the first year the

tournament was seeded. — McClatchy-Tribt/ne News Service

out a little bit looser and more prepared, and that's as much my fault as it is the team. We were just stuck in the mud those first 10 minutes." Early foul trouble didn't

help, with Loyd picking up his thir d b e fore h a lftime and Dominic Artis and Carlos Emory playing the last six minutes of the half with two. Nor did a slow start by Damyean Dotson, who didn't make a field goal until five m inutes were gone in t h e second half. But the Ducks aren't a team Michael Conroy/The Associated Press that gives in. After losing six Louisville center Gorgui Dieng of their last 11 regular-season blocks a shot by Oregon forgames, the Ducks have been ward Carlos Emory (33) during on a tear. They won the Pacthe second half of Friday 12 tournament, then upset night's game in Indianapolis. Oklahoma State and Saint Louisville won77-69. Louis last weekend. After Luke Hancock's 3pointer capped a 12-2 run second foul, and Louisville that put Louisville up 66-48, wasn't nearly as stingy on de- the Ducks would make six fense as it's been. straight field goals. When Not that Oregon could take D otson knocked d ow n a much advantage of it early, jumper with 5:12 remaining, falling behind by 16 before it got Oregon within six, the the midpoint of the first half. closest it had been since early "I didn't feel like we put in the first half. It's the closest anyone had our best foot forward in the first half," Altman said. "I'm been to Louisville since the disappointed we didn't come Big East tournament.



National Continued from C1 "The Giants have proven t hemselves, especially w i t h their pitching staff," Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw said. "A lot of people are talking about us. But talk is all it is. I'm not trying to downplay the expectations. Of course, we hear them. But we have to do it on the field. That's all that really matters." Don't forget about the Diamondbacks, either. General manager Kevin Towers traded away talented center fielder Justin Upton and right-hander Trevor Bauer over the winter, but received an i n teresting haul in return. Ian Kennedy, Wade Miley and Trevor Cahill form theheart ofa strong rotation, and Randall Delgado, Tyler Skaggs and Patrick Corbin

Michael Young should provide a steady presence at third base and speedy center fielder Ben Revere came over in a trade with Minnesota. Mike Adams will help the Phillies get the ball to Jonathan Papelbon, who saved 38 games in his first year with Philadelphia. "We're a complete team," shortstop Jimmy Rollins said. "We're not going out there with role players. We're going out there with everyday play-

ers, every game." New York Mets: Al l -Star third baseman David Wright committed to New York by

The prolific lineup that produced an NL-best 776 runs returns largely intact, with speed in Carlos Gomez and Norichika Aoki an d p ower in Corey Hart and A r amis Ramirez. Then there is Ryan Braun, who can do it all. Hart is hoping to return in late April following surgery on his right knee, and Braun could be headed for a chilly reception w hen the Brewers hitthe road after the slugger was linked to a controversial clinic in Florida during the offseason. Chicago Cubs:The Cubs are

encouraged by the progress agreeing to an eight-year, $138 of prospects Albert Almora, million deal over the winter. He may have to wait for a while to return to the playoffs for the first time since 2006. NL Cy Young Award winner R.A. Dickey was traded to Toronto in December, bring-

Jorge Soler and Javier Baez. And that's going to have to be enough for now, because the rebuilding project under Theo Epstein is still at least a year

provide good young pitching ing back a group of prospects

Chicago for a $52 million,

depth. W ashington won th e N L East last season by four games over Atlanta, finishing with the best record in baseball. But it was eliminated in the division series when it blew a 7-5 lead in the ninth inning of Game 5 against St. Louis. The Nationals then signed closer Rafael Soriano in free agency and traded for Denard Span to add more speed to their dynamic lineup. With Stephen Strasburgallclear for a full year atop the rotation, this could be another memorable summer in the nation's capital. Atlanta will field one of the best young outfields in baseball after signing B.J. Upton in free agency and trading for Justin Upton to play alongside Jason Heyward. The potential extends to the rest of the lineup, which includes first baseman Freddy Freeman and shortstop Andrelton Simmons, both just 23 years old. Like Washington and Atlanta, Cincinnati is hoping for a long postseason run after a disappointing finish a year ago. The Reds had the Giants on the ropes in the division series, then d ropped t hree straight games. Shin-Soo Choo came over in a trade with Cleveland and addresses Cincinnati's gaping hole at the leadoff spot. But he is making the transition to center field and was hampered by back spasms in spring training. If he can't play center, then Jay Bruce could move over from right. A look at the NL in predicted order of finish:

four-year contract, providing a workhorse for the rotation. But right-hander Matt Garza will miss the start of the season with a strained left lat. The rebuilding process could get a boost ifGarza, closer Carlos M armol and o u tfielder A l fonso Soriano play well, making them attractive targets for teams ready to win right now. That most certainly isn't the Cubs, who are looking to build on their solid young nucleus of shortstop Starlin Castro, first baseman Anthony Rizzo and Gold Glove second baseman Darwin Barney.

EAST Washington Nationals:With Strasburg and NL Rookie of the Year Bryce Harper slated for a full season for the first time, there's a lot to love about the loaded Nationals. Strasburg went 15-6 with a 3.16 ERA in 2012 before he was shut down after 159'/3 innings out of concern for his arm in his first season back

from Tommy John surgery. The move was the subject of much debate, but the righthander is free of any such restriction this year. Harper also gets a full year after he began last season in the minors. Dan Haren, who has won at least 12 games in each of the past eight seasons, joins the strong rotation, and Soriano should help shore up the back end of the bullpen. The pressure is on All-Star shortstop Ian Desmond, second baseman Danny Espinosa and first baseman Adam LaRoche to duplicate their solid seasons

from a year ago. Atlanta Braves: Even with the Uptons in the fold, the key to Atlanta's season could be the return of catcher Brian McCann following s urgery to repair a torn labrum in his right shoulder. McCann hit a career-low .230 last year, when he was hampered by the injury for much of the season. The sixtime All-Star also had 67 RBIs for his lowest total since he was a rookie in 2005. He won't be ready for the start of the season, making Gerald Laird the likely opening-day starter, but Atlanta is hoping for a return to the form that made him one of the majors' top catchers. Philadelphia Phillies: There is plenty of talent in Philly. The question hanging over the Phillies' key players is can they stay on the field enough to make a difference. Ace right-hander Roy Halladay was hampered by lower back and shoulder problems last year. New right fielder Delmon Young will begin the season on the DL, and key sluggers Ryan Howard and Chase Utley have dealt with major injuries in recent years.

but making it all the more difficult for the Mets to contend this year. Jason Bay was cut loose, leaving behind an inexperienced outfield. To make m atters worse, Wright could be sidelined at the start of the season due to a rib strain and left-hander Johan Santana is out for the season and may be done playing for the Mets. Miami Marlins: There should be plenty of nice seats available for the second season at Marlins Park after Miami traded away many of its best players over the winter, angering the team's fan base in South Florida. Shortstop Jose Reyes and pitchers Josh Johnson and Mark Buehrle were dealt to Toronto, and manager Ozzie Guillen was fired. Mike Redmond takes over on the bench, and there is little to work with for his first managerial job. CENTRAL Cincinnati Reds: Joey Votto was still one tough out when he returned last season following left knee surgery. But his power was noticeably absent when the Reds were eliminated by the Giants in the first round of the playoffs. Fast forward to this spring, when the 2010 NL MVP felt so good that he played for Canada in the World Baseball Classic. It was a great sign for a Cincinnati team hoping to win more than just another division title this year. Todd Frazier gets third base all to himself after hitting.273 with 19 homers, and shortstop Zack Cozart looks to improve on his .246 average from his rookie season. St. Louis Cardinals:No more Chris Carpenter, who is sidelined by a career-threatening arm injury. No Rafael Furcal, either. He went down with a season-ending elbow i njury during spring training. Kyle Lohse remains a free agent, but no one expects him back, either. Heck, even manager Mike Matheny was s idelined by back surgery this month. While St. Louis had a rough offseason, there are reasons for hope. Sluggers Matt Holliday, Allen Craig and Carlos Beltran are back to anchor a dangerous lineup, and bright young arms Trevor Rosenthal, Shelby Miller and Joe Kelly could have an impact in the rotation and bullpen. The Cardinals have made the playoffs in three of the past four years, and they will need some of their young players to step up to continue that postseason trend. Pittsburgh Pirates: Andrew McCutchen is coming off a breakthrough p e r formance, and thepressure is on to come up with an appropriate sequel in 2013. The All-Star center fielder hit .327 with 31 homers and 96 RBIs last year, helping Pittsburgh contend for much of the summer before another late fade sent the Pirates to their 20th straight losing season. The big offseason acquisition was All-Star catcher Russell Martin, who signed a $17 million, two-year deal as a free agent.He provides a veteran presencebehind the plate and some pop for the lineup. Closer Joel Hanrahan w as traded to Boston, leaving journeyman Jason Grilli to pick up the slack after another solid year as a setup man. Milwaukee Brewers:Milwaukee gotoff to a terrible start last year, then closed with a 27-13 push that nearly got the team back into the playoffs. While there are several questions about the rotation, the Brewers are hoping the end of lastseason ismore representative of the club than the begin-

ning of last year.

away. Edwin Jackson signed with


San Francisco Giants:Romo was one of the breakout stars in San Francisco's title run last year. The animated righthander was 1-0 with a sparkling 0.84 ERA in 10 playoff games, collecting four saves in four opportunities. N ow R om o b e g ins t h e season as the closer, and it remains tobe seen ifhe can handle the challenges of the role over the whole year. If he falters, there are plenty of people who can pick up the slack. Javier Lopez, Santiago Casilla and Jeremy Affledteach saved at least three games last year. The Giants may not need as many saves with their lineup largely in place from the end of last season. Steady second baseman Marco Scutaro and outfielder Hunter Pence each came over in trades during San Francisco's run to the division title.

Los Angeles Dodgers: The Dodgers' feel-good spring was stymied by a double dose of bad news. First, Greinke was diagnosed wit h i n f l ammation in the back of his right elbow. Then shortstop Hanley Ramirez hurt his right thumb in the World Baseball Classic and was expected to be sidelined for eight weeks. Greinke seemed to be fine after a short rest, but the problem with Ramirez will linger into the season. Dee Gordon or Luis Cruz could be at short-

stop on opening day. The injuries for Greinke and Ramirez curtailed what had been a healthy spring for Los Angeles. Carl Crawford is on his way back following left elbow surgery, and Matt Kemp appears to be ready to go following October surgery on his left shoulder. Arizona Diamondbacks:One of the most uplifting scenes this spring was Brandon McCarthy back on the mound for the first time since he was struck by a liner up the middle last September. The 6-foot-7 right-hander sustained an epidural hemorrhage, brain contusion and skull fracture in the freak accident, then left Oakland for a free-agent deal with Arizona. He joins a s t rong r otation fronted by 15-game winner Ian Kennedy and right-hander Trevor Cahill. Colorado Rockies:The Rockies are pinning their hopes on a pair of shortstops. W alt Weiss became t h e manager inNovember, replacing Jim Tracy. He served as the Rockies' shortstop from 1994-97 before wrapping up

his 14-year big league career with three years in Atlanta. He inherits a club coming off a franchise-worst 64-98 season and a last-place finish in the NL West.


winner Cabrera and Fielder sounds difficult, but Detroit did Continued from C1 it. Martinez is back from the Toronto Blue Jays: The disabled list and Torii Hunter is Blue Jays proved this win- here to provide a potent lineup ter how they think the 20th with even more punch. anniversary of Joe Carter's Justin Verlander leads a World Ser i e s-clinching solid rotation with Max Scherhomer in 1993 should be zer and late-season addition celebrated — with their first Anibal Sanchez. But who will trip back to the playoffs close after Jose Valverde's since that dramatic win. meltdown i n t h e p l a yoffs? GM Alex A n thopoulos Manager Jim Leyland may went on a t r ading spree g ive h a rd-throwing m i n o r that would make fantasy leaguer Bruce Rondon a shot, owners jealous, unload- but he's never pitched in the ing spare parts and pros- big leagues and he's struggled pects for Dickey, the NL some this spring. Cy Young Award winner, Chicago White Sox: The Reyes, All-Star game MVP White Sox made a surprising Melky Cabreraand former run under first-year manager aces Josh Johnson and Robin Ventura, leading the diMark Buehrle. vision into September before The dynamic Reyes and fading.They've locked up Sale Cabrera, returning from a with a five-year, $32.5 million 50-game drug suspension, contract, re-signed a rejuveshould set the table for Jose nated Jake Peavy and brought B autista and Edwin E n in Jeff Keppinger to help boost carnacion. How Bautista's a league-worst .221 average in surgically repaired wrist the No. 2 hole. responds to the rigors of evO ne trouble spot i n t h e eryday play and how Reyes lineup was caused by letting oft-injured legs do on the catcher A.J.Pierzynski leave turf will determine how po- for Texas through free agency. tent this offense is. Tyler Flowers is ready behind Toronto's revamped ofthe plate but he's going to need fense and rotation could be to help make up for the loss of undermined by the back 27 homers by Pierzynski. end of the bullpen. Casey Kansas City Royals:Trading Janssen, filled i n n i cely away their top prospect, outas the closer when Sergio fielder Wil Myers, for pitchers Santos hurt his shoulder. James Shields and Wade Davis But Janssen had offseason was a big gamble for the Roysurgery and started slowly als to make. But along with Erin spring training. vin Santana, the three are beNew York Yankees: The ing counted on to turn around aging Yankees came into the Royals biggest problem camp in poor health and area: starting pitching. things quickly got worse. If Mik e M oustakas, Eric They'll start t h e s eason Hosmer and Jeff Francoeur with Curtis G r anderson, can rebound at t h e p l ate, Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodrithen the Royals could surguez and likely Derek Jeter prisesome people and end its on the disabled list. streak of nine straight losing New York w i l l c o u nt seasons. o n spare parts such as Cleveland Indians:The IndiJuan Rivera and Brennan ans spent money this winter, Boesch, oft-injured Travis all right. Will it help? Hard to Hafner and Kevin Youkisay. lis to keep Brett Gardner No matter how many runs and Ichiro Suzuki zipping Nick Swisher, Michael Bourn, around the bases until the Drew Stubbs and Mark Reynbig hitters return. olds produce for new manager But a top pitching staff Terry Francona, the s t artled by CC Sabathia, who's ing rotation is still a glaring coming back from offsea- problem. Ubaldo Jimenez, the son elbow surgery, and centerpiece of atrade-deadcloser Rivera, r eturning line deal in July 2011, led the from a torn ACL for one league in losses last year and last season, could help this has struggled this spring, and club to their 18th trip to the newcomer Scott Kazmir was postseason in 19 years. pitching in a n i n d ependent Boston Red Sox: Th e league last year. one-year experiment with Minnesota Twins:Joe Mauer Bobby Valentine a b ust, and Justin Morneau appear to B oston turned to it s o l d be at full health, but the Twins pitching coach John Farrell a ppear headed for a t h i r d to guide the club out of last straight last-place finish in the Central because their rotation place (69-93). The Red Sox brought in is such a question mark with Ryan Dempster. They need newcomer Mike Pelfrey comJon Lester, Clay Buchholz ing off Tommy John surgery, to return to form, and John Scott Diamond still rehabbing Lackey to be effective after after minor arm surgery and missing all last season be- Kevin Correia getting hit hard cause of elbow surgery. this spring. Boston was beset by inGM Terry Ryan traded Dejuries last year. A full sea- nard Span and Ben Revere for son from Jacoby Ellsbury, prospects and the Twins' farm of Madras — not to men- system is flush, but help is still tion another MVP-caliber a year or two away. season like he had in 2011 — would go a long way WEST to helping an offense that Texas Rangers:After an emcould be without David Or- barrassing collapse in the final tiz (heels) for a time at the week of the season and a loss in start of the season. the wild-card game, the RangBaltimore Orioles: The ers then irked some fans. They didn't open their wallet to keep Orioles under vice president of baseball operations Hamilton or Mike Napoli and Dan Duquette and mantraded the team's career hits ager Buck Showalter made leader, Young, to the Phillies. a stunning turnaround last There's no panic in Texas, season, going from a team though, and rightly so. The that lost 93 games to winRangers' lineup is still formining a wild-card spot with a dable, with MV P c andidate 93-69record — Baltimore's Adrian Beltre, Ian Kinsler and first winning season in 15 Nelson Cruz. The feisty Pieryears. zynski hit a c areer-high 27 And they did it with exu- homers for the White Sox last berance, wracking up wins season and could approach in 16 straight extra-inning that number again in Texas' games and going 29-9 in homey ballpark. And, the club one-run games, taking the has the top young position Yankees to a fifth game in the division series. The luck Arsrxmwg ,d '»-, could run out, though, in the I~ s ~IQ, rugged East. The Orioles hit 'R I c P tCfe i tyks just .240 last year and they Retire with us Today! were 11th in runs scored in the AL. While Manny 541-312-9690 M achado s hould m a k e strides, the Orioles didn't make any major moves to upgrade their offense. Jim Johnson's 51 saves were a big reason why the Orioles won so many close EAGLE CREST' ones. Can he repeat the R E S O R T performance inhis second year as a full-time closer? D




Diego. The third baseman had a careeryear lastseason, finishing with a .286 batting average, 31 homers and 115 RBIs. He avoided salary arbitration by agreeing to an $8,575,000, one-year contract, but there is no indication that a long-term

deal is coming.

CENTRAL Detroit Tigers:The Tigers feel they have some unfinished business to take care of after being so handily swept by the San Francisco Giants, and the only thing that could keep them from a return trip to the World Series is their bullpen. Improving a lineup anchored by T r iple Crown

Los Angeles Angels: Fans will be sticking to their seats when the hitters are taking their hacks, but when Weaver's not on the mound the concession lines could get a little

long. Weaver's an ace and C.J. Wilson can be a formidable No. 2, although he had an up-and-down first season in C alifornia. After t h at, w h o knows? The Angels brought in Jason Vargas, Joe Blanton and Tommy Hanson to fill out their rotation. The three went a combined 37-34 last year and Vargas was the only one to have an ERA under 4.00. The bullpen doesn't offer much more confidence.Ryan Madson was signed away from Cincinnati to be the closer, but he's coming off Tommy John surgery and was recently shut down for astretch because of elbow tightness. Oakland Athletics: The A's

rode a young pitching staff — five rookies at times after Bartolo Colon was suspended for 50 games for a drug violation — and the surprising performances by players such as Brandon Moss and Josh Donaldson to the West title. Can they repeat the magic that produced a majors-best 14 walkoff wins when Moss likely slugs at a percentage closerto his career average of .442 rather than the .596? Ces-

pedes appears ready to be a breakout star and his production will be key. Jed Lowrie's addition should help perk up the middle infield. For Oakland to pull off another stunner in this division, it's going to need ace-in-themaking Brett A n derson to remain healthy and the veteran Colon to help bolster the young staff. Seattle Mariners: Step one in the Mariners' long-term health is taken care of: they locked up 2010 Cy Young Award winner Felix Hernandez with a $175 million, seven-year contract. Now, they need everything else to follow. S eattle improved one o f baseball's worst offenses by bringing in Kendrys Morales, Michael Morse, Jason Bay and Raul Ibanez. The Mariners really are hoping Jesus Montero lives up to the potential he showed as a late-season callup with the Yankees in 2011 — and led them to trade top young p itcher M i chael Pineda to New York for the catcher-designated hitter. T he addition of t h e A s tros in the West should help their record some, but Seattle could be in for another dreary summer. Houston Astros:The inexperienced,overmatched Astros are going to be fodder for the big bats at the top of the division. Still, GM Jeff Luhnow has the team headed in a better direction with an improved farm system that should yield results in a couple of years. This season, though, Houston could become the f irst team since the New York Mets from 1962-65 to lose at least 100 games for three straight years.

. r(ien+ ramirgasab ' p515 ~ggf sna~ 5> <>gs glu>'


Par 36


San Diego Padres: Chase Headley appears to be the latest star on the road out of San

player in the minors ready to break into the lineup, infielder Jurickson Profar. Texas might not be able to match the Angels run for run, but it will outpitch Los Angeles. Harrison and D a rvish, with 16 wins as a major league rookie last year, lead a deep rotation. Joe Nathan returned to form as the closer.

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Club Results CENTRALOREGON INDOORGOLF Spring LeaguesWeek6, March19-21

at Simulation ofCastle Pines Match Play Wimmers — MickKee ney, 3 and2. DanMcCleer ,3 yand2.Andrew Horton,3and2.Micheff e Horton, 1up.Leif Anderson3 and2. ZackMartin, I up. NeilMcDaniel,1up. DESERTPEAKS Thursday Men'sClub, March21

Net StrokePlay 1, WesGraves,66.2, DeanHunt,73.3, KenSouthwick, 74. KP — GerryEllis. LD — DickPliska. Friday Night Couples, March22


1, Carl Lindgren/TeresaLindgren, 31.2. 2, Dean Ditmore/JuanitaHawkins,32.7. 3, JimWyzard/Phyllis Rice,32.8.

SundayGroupPlay, March24 Stroke Play Gross: 1,GaryHopson,72. 2,ChuckSchmidt, 75. 3, Denny Story,82. Net: I, SpudGephart, 66. 2(tie), GaryBurtis, 70;DonKraus, 70. KP — Denny Story. LD — Denny Story.

Hole-In-One Report March 21


Gary Hatfield, Bend No. 16............ 165 yards........... 8-iron


Jon Errts / The Associated Press

Steve Wheatcroft hits the ball on the second hole during the second roundofthe Houston Open on Friday in Humble, Texas. Wheatcroft holds a one-stroke lead.

Qualifier takes lead at Houston Open

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preventionfor golfers at AwbreyGlenGolf Clubin Bend.ChrisCooper,a certified Titleist Performance Institute Fitness physica therapist, and BendorthopedicsurgeonTim Boffomwil discuss howgolf mechaniccan s play a role in injury.Thelecturewil also offerpractical tips to help preventinjury, along with informationon current treatment andrehabilitation programs. This freecinic beginsat5:30p.m.and is open tothepublic. Formoreinformation orto RSVP, call 541385-6011. April 10 — CentralOregonGolfTourindividual strokeplaytournamentat MeadowLakesGolf Course in Prineviffe. TheCentral OregonGolf Touris acompetitive golf seriesheld at golf coursesthroughout CentralOregon.Grossand netcompetitions opento aI amateurgolfersof al abilities. Prizepoolawarded weekly,andmembership notrequired. Formoreinformation or toregister: 541-633-7652,541-318-5155, or www centraloregongolftourcom April 20 — 17th AnnualCrook CountyHigh SchoolGolfTeamBenefit tournamentat MeadowLakes Golf Coursein Prineviffe. Four-personscrambletees off with anoonshotgun start. Costis $280per team and includesgolf, carttri-tip dinner, awards, contests and grossandnetteamprizes. Proceedsgo toward fundingCrookCounty's boysandgirls golf teams.For more informationor to register,call ZachLampert at 541-480-0110orthe MeadowLakespro shopat541-

TOURNAMENTS Today —SpringInvitational BestBall atBendGolf and CountryClub.Teambest ball is opento the public andbeginsa 10a.m. shotgun. Two-person teams can includeoneprofessional andteammates cannot havemorethan a10-stroke spreadbetweenhandicap indexes.Bothmenandwomenarewelcome. Cost is $120 perteam,andincludesprizes andhosted beer Deadline toenter is March15andfield is limited to 45 teams.For moreinformation or to register: 541382-28 78,,orwww. Today — CrossCountry tournament at Meadow LakesGolf CourseinPrineviffe. Individual stroke-play toumamentforces golfers to takenewpath around Meadow Lakes. Teetimes begin at8a.m. Flighted field includesbothgrossandnet payoutsandKPcompetitions. Cost is$20plusreducedgreenfee. Formore informationorto register, call theMeadowLakespro shop at541-447-7113. March 30 —CentralOregonChapter of the ExecutiveWomen'sGolf Association tournamentat Eagle Crest Resort inRedm ond. Tournament beginsat 11 a.m. For moreinformation orto join theEWGA: Eileen April 1 — CentralOregonSeniors Golf Organization eventat EagleCrest Resort in Redm ond. The format is individualgrossand netbest ball, aswell as teambest ball. Cashprizesawardedateachevent Tournament series is opento men's club membersat host sites,andparticipants musthaveanOregonGolf Association handicap.Costis $150for theseasonplus a$5 per-eventfee. Formore information, callTedCarlin at 541-604-4054. April 4 — Central Oregon Golf Tourindividual strokeplaytournament at PronghornClub's Nicklaus Coursenear Bend. TheCentral OregonGolf Touris a competitivegolf seriesheldatgolf coursesthroughout CentralOregon.Grossandnet competitions opento aff amateurgolfers of affabilities. Prizepoolawarded weekly,andmembershipnot required. Formore information or toregister:541-633-7652,541-318-5155, or www centraloregongolftourcom. April 5 — CentralOregonWinter Serieseventat Brasada RanchGolf CourseinPowegButte. Beter-ball tournament beginswith an11a.m.shotgun. Two-person teams with nomorethanoneprofessionalallowed per teamCostis $30for professionals, $50for amateurs. Costincludesgrossandnet skins competitions. Cart costsextra.Agplayersmust signupbynoonon the Thursday before the event. Toregister orfor more information, call Pat Huffer, headpro at Crooked RiverRanch,at 541-923-6343or email himatcrrpatO . April 0 —The2013SeasonKickofftournamentfor the CentralOregonChapter of theExecutive Women's Golf Associationtournament at Juniper GoI Course in Redmond.Registrations begins at9 a.m.Formore information or tojoin theEWGA: Eileen Haasat ed-


April 20-21 — TheIcebergOpenat Crooked River Ranchis atwo-person scrambleon Saturday and two-personbestball on Sunday.Grossandnet divisions alongwith closest-to-the-pin and longdrive contests. 9a.m. shotgun both days. Entryfee is $290 perteamand includesgreenfees, lunch, cart, range ba Is andraffle prizes. Practiceround Fridayfor$39, including cart. Formoreinformation, call theCrookedRiverRanchproshopat 541-9236343

April 22 —Central OregonSeniors Golf Organization event atKah-Nee-TaHigh Desert Resort nearWarm Springs.Theformat is individual grossandnet best ball, aswell asteambest ball. Cashprizesawardedat eachevent.Tournament series is opento men'sclub membersat hostsites, andparticipants musthavean Oregon GolfAssociation handicap. Costis $150for the seasonplusa$5per-event fee. Formoreinformation, call TedCarin at541-604-4054. April 25-20 — The CentralOregonShootout is a two-personteamevent held at AspenLakes Golf Coursein Sisters, BlackButteRanch andEagle Crest Resort in Redm ond. Thetoumament wil feature scramblebest , ball andChapmanformats. Cost is $580 per teamand includesgreenfees, carts, rangeballs, teegift, continentalbreakfast, andlunch. Deadline toregister is April 17orfirst180 teams.For more informationor to requestanentry form, call 541549-4653,541-595-1294or 541-923-4653; or wsit,,or www. April 30 — CentralOregonGolfTourindividual team strokeplaytournamentatPrineviffeGolf 8 Country Club.TheCentral OregonGolf Touris acompetitive golf seriesheldat golf coursesthroughout Central Oregon.Grossandnet competitions opento affamateur golfers of affabilities. Prizepool awardedweekly, and membershipnot required.For moreinformation orto register: 541-633-7652,541-318-5155, or wwwcentraloregongolftourcom. 5

IM l

WILSONSof Redmond 541-548-2066 Adjustable Beds 'vr

The Associated Press

to play Redstone on Friday HUMBLE, Texas — Steve with two 3-woods in the bag, Wheatcroft hates going to though one of them is so Monday qualifiers. He was strong it acts like a driver. "If I can play like I did the reminded Friday why they can be worth it. back nine, I'm going to give Wheatcroft, who narrowly myself a lot of birdie chancqualified for t h e H o uston es," Mickelson said. Open at the start of the week, Wheatcroft can't bank on ran off three straight birdies anything. early in his round and kept Not only does he have no bogeys off his card for a sec- status on the PGA Tour, he ond straight 5-Under 67. That has only conditional status gave him a o n e-shot lead in the minor leagues. After over D.A. Points and Jason missing out on a Kokrak going into the week- Tour event last week in Louiend at Redstone Golf Club. siana, he figured he might as Rory McIlroy also will be well enter the Houston Open around for two more days, qualifier Monday. " Monday qualifiers a r e but just barely. In only his 10th full round terrible. They're just not fun, of the year, McIlroy walked plain and simple," Wheatonto the seventh green — his croft said. "t was on the PGA 16th hole of the day — and Tour in '07, played terribly. I saw that he was tied for 77th. had no status. So I had to be He two-putted from 85 feet back to Monday qualifiers on the fringe for birdie on and pre-qualifiers the next his next hole, and then safely year. I hate them." found the green at the par-3 Also on Friday: ninth for a 70. By the end of German maintains lead in the day, McIlroy made the Morocco: AGADIR, Morocco — Germany's Marcel Siem cut on the number. "It's a weekend where I can shot a 4-under 68 to mainhave a couple more rounds tain a three-stroke lead after and try and get confidence in the second round of the Euwhat I'm doing," McIlroy. ropean Tour's Hassan II TroHis big surprise came lat- phy. The French Open chamer. McIlroy, feeling as though pion, needing a victory this he needs more rounds to get weekend to have a chance ready for the Masters, decid- to get into the top 50 in the ed to enterthe Texas Open world and earn a spot in the next week. Masters, had a 12-under 132 Phil Mickelson also made total at Golf du Palais Royal. the cut on the number after Finland's Mikko Ilonen (66) a bogey on the last hole for and England's David Horsey, a 7L M i ckelson, who has the 2011 winner, were tied played the Masters with two for second.Ilonen shot 66, drivers in the bag, decided and Horsey had a 67.


Stars bringWild's win streakto an end The Associated Press DALLAS — Jamie Benn, Ray Whitney and Cody Eakin each had a goal and an assist to help lead the Dallas Stars to a 5-3 victory to end the Minnesota Wild's seveng ame winning streak o n Friday. Erik Cole and Tomas Vincour also scored for Dallas, w hich moved w i thin o n e point of the Western Conference'sfinal playoff spot. JaromirJagr also earned his 1,000th career NHL assist. After a 7-4 loss to Minnesota at home on Monday, the Stars had three days off to regroup and rebounded with a strong effort, scoring twice on power plays in the third

period. Kari Lehtonen, who gave up six goals on 41 shots Monday, made 30 saves for the win. Devin Setoguchi, Jared Spurgeon and Torrey Mitch-

ell scored for M i n nesota, which also had its five-game road winning streak end. Also on Friday: L ightning 5 , D e v ils 4 : TAMPA, Fla. — Alex Killorn scored with 15.1 seconds left in the third period and Tampa Bay won in a shootout over New Jersey to give new Lightning coach Jon Cooper a victory in his NHL debut. Blue Jackets6, Flames 4: CALGARY, Alberta — Vinny Prospal had the go-ahead goal and an assist in a fourgoal second period to help Columbus beat Calgary in the Flames' first game since they traded longtime captain Jarome Iginla to Pittsburgh. Ducks 2 , Bla c khawks 1: CHICAGO — S h eldon Souray scored with 2:08 left in regulation to break a tie, Jonas Hiller made 25 saves and Anaheim defeated Chicago to end a four-game losing streak.

Coaching Continued from Cl Ron Buerger, director ofgolf at Eagle CreSt ReSOTq:, Tam Bronkey, director of instruction at Eagle Crest, and Todd Sickles, general manager at Quail Run Golf Course in La Pine, are carving out time during the early part of the busy

golf season to coach prep golfers — Buerger with the Ridgeview boys, Bronkey with the Redmond boys, and Sickles with the La Pine girls. Bill Mitchell, a lifetime member of the PGA, is also lending his expertise as the head coach for the Sisters boys and girls teams. A number of other area pros volunteer their services with

local high school golf programs as well. "I think what started it was just an opportunity to stay

plugged in and helping the youth locally," says Buerger, who has been a head coach for 12 years at three different schools. "It's something I look forward to every year. "There are times when my primary employment is real demanding and so it makes for long days, but I never complain. I just explain to my family that this is the time of year when I'm going to be working pretty much sunup to sundown. And I try to grab some weekends, here and there, and we can do some things (with

family)." What drives pros to do it'? The answer to that depends. "The competitive aspect and developing relationships with the kids is what motivates me," says Bronkey, who is in his first year as head coach of theRedmond High boys but had spent years as an assistant with the Panther golf program. "I love seeing talent-

not golf professionals," says Bronkey, who describes both Buerger and Ridgeview girls coach Vicki Sime, who is not a pro, as mentors to him as a coach. "But seeing our local high schools hiring PGA pros to coach is very encouraging, and it is also encouraging to see my colleagues give their time to promote golf in our area through this vehicle." Buerger agrees. He says Central Oregon golf courses have always been g enerous in a l l owing h i gh schools to practice and compete on their facilities. And getting more pros involved in coaching will only benefit the

You never know where they

are going to end up."


G allery- B e n d 541-330-5084


2 0 1 3

On May 12, The Bulletin will drive headlong into the Central Oregon golf season with Tee to Green, our annual spring golf preview! This highly anticipated product will be packed with information on the courses that make this one of the finest golf destinations in the nation. Tee to Green will reach over 70,000 Bulletin print readers and thousands more online, making it the premier locals guide to golf in Central Oregon — and the best way to reach the local golfer with your marketing message!

region's young golf prospects


more. "We've had some success with some of the talent that comes out of Central Oregon," Buerger says. " But what I would really like to see is Central Oregon develop into a real powerhouse in terms of the volume of kids that come out locally." That has to b egin early, when a budding golfer barely knows the difference between a driver and a 3-iron. Maybe he or she will turn into an elite golfer. Probably not. Either way, Lampert says, getting p r oper i n s t ruction should only fuel love for the

• What's new in 2013 • Central Oregon course index • Comprehensive tournament schedule • Central Oregon junior Golf Association coverage ...and much more! A 2,500 copy over-run will be included with additional copies being distributed to all local coursesand advertisers in the preview.

game. "It usually starts with somebody who takes a little extra time to help you," says Lampert. "So that's kind of where we're all at now. We're trying to help those kids a little bit.

ed young players improve and

working with them to grow toward their potential." Sickles is volunteering this year to head the La Pine High girls te a m b e cause, after years ofdifferent coaches, he thought this season's seniorladen team could use some particular attention. Like otherprep golf coaches in theregion, he receives compensation from the school. But more than that, Sickles sees it as his responsibility, even if his day-to-day duties of running Quail Run already make for a full day. "If somebody shows Up at that high school that really wants to teach them, coach them, and is going to be involved, I would give it up," Sickles says. "Until then, I will try to help them." The reasons the local pros give for taking on high school coaching roles inevitably boil down to one thing: It is good for the game to help young



• 0


golfers. "There are a lot of wonderful golf coaches who are also


— Reporter: 541-677-7868,







EPA movewill raise gas prices The Obamaadministration on Friday

formally unveiled aplan to throttle the amount of

sulfur emissions allowed from gasoline, with a potential price tag ranging from a penny to 9 cents

per gallon, depending on whom you ask. An Environmental

Protection Agency model saidthechange would hike gasoline

onsumers en in u in e rua By Jeffry Bartash MarhetWatch

WASHINGTON — Consumers lifted spending in February at the fastest rate in five months — a positive sign for the economy — though a good chunk of their cash went to pay for higher gasoline prices. Personal spending climbed a seasonallyadjusted 0.7 percent last month, the Commerce Department said Friday. That

was a notch higher than the estimate of economists polled by MarketWatch. The increase in spending in January was revised up to 0.4 percentfrom 0.2percent in anothersign that consumers are still feeling pretty good.

or more after a lackluster 0.4 percent increase in the final three months of 2012. "Despite the expiry of the payroll tax cut and higher gasoline prices, we're now likely to see the fastest quarterly gain i n real consumption in t w o The speedy pace of spending years," said Paul Ashworth, in the first two months of the chief U.S. economist at Capital year indicates that first-quar- Economics. ter growth could snap back Y et th e c o m position o f sharplyto the 3 percent range spending also suggests some

caution is in order. Virtually all of the increase in spending in February was devoted to perishable items such as gasoline and food. Purchases of non-

durable goods jumped 1.9 percent, likely reflecting the sharp spike in prices at the pump. The average national cost of a gallon of regular gas surged 13 percentin February, according to the Energy Information Administration.

Spending on durable goods was basically flat i n February, marking the worst performance sincelast October. That's a category that bears watching: Consumers usually cut back on big-ticket items if they feel any economic stress or the need to rebuild their savings. While the savings rate edged up to2.6percent from 2.2 percent in February, it's still at a five-year low.

prices by about acent per gallon. Themanufacturers of emission

control systems, who back the so-called Tier 3 standards, commissioned aNavigant Economics analysis last year thatalso concluded the final price tag would

amount to an extra penny per gallon. But a Baker & O'Brien analysis done for the oil industry, which opposes the proposal, said the change will cause manufactur-




Easydar facility 63015 Layton Ave., Bend

Ug J

Goodreads website

Cooley Rd. I

ing costs to jump up to

9 cents per gallon.

By Andrea Chang Los Angeles Times

Sentiment remains high Consumer sentiment changed markedly


during March, climbing to the highest level

since November, led by cheerier views on current economic conditions, according to data released Friday. The University of

Michigan-Thomson Reuters consumer-sentiment gauge rose to a final March reading of 78.6- the highest level

since November. "Consumers have discounted the administration's warning that

economic catastrophe would follow the reduc-

tions in federal spending, and consumers have renewed their

expectation that gains in employment will ac-

Andy Zetgert / The Bulletin

Owner:Easybar General contractor:Christiansen's Contracting Co.,Redmond Architect:MS-Architecture, Bend Details:Construction started earlier this month in Bend on a 10,600-square-foot building for Easybar, a Tualatin maker of de-

Submitted photo

saidEasybarCEO James Nicol.

shiftcould start in July, the same

But Easybar's move to Bend

The newfacility is going up on Layton Avenue, on a vacant

time the newbuilding is expected

comes asthe company expands

to be complete, he said. Easybar was founded in1968,

further into the beer market. Nicol said the company has set up its devices at Worthy Brewing Com-

industrial lot near the street's intersection with Empire Avenue

in northeast Bend.Workers were putting the finishing touches on the building's steel foundation Friday. The Bend Community

and lists casinos in Nevadaand New Jersey assome of its major clients, according to its website.

pany in Bend,and istalking with

vices that regulate theamount of liquor or beerpoured in bardrinks. The construction comes asthe company prepares toshift much of its 40-employeeworkforce to

Development Department issued

pouring the same amount of beer

the company a building permit March15. "We're basically going to shift

or liquor in each drink. Many states have different laws regulating the amount of alcohol that can

10 Barrel Brewing Company about installing devices at its new Boise location. "A lot of the liquor side of the business will still be handled in the Portland area," Nicol said. "But Bend obviously is a big beer

everything (to Bend)atsome point

be pouredin a drink, particularly


Bend through the end of 2013,

down the road," Nicol said. The

with liquor.

The company's devices help bartenders ensure that they're

— Eion Glueklieh, TheBulletin

celerate," said Richard Curtin, the survey's

director, according to a Reuters report. — From wire reports

BEST OF THE BIZ CALENDAR TUESDAY • Small Business Counseling:SCORE business counselors will be available every Tuesday for one-on-one small business counseling; no appointment necessary; free; 5:30-7:30 p.m.; Downtown Bend Public Library, 601 N.W.Wall St.; 541-617-7080 or www. • Redmond Planning Commission:Free; 6:309 p.m.; Redmond City Hall, 716 S.W. Evergreen Ave.; 541-923-7710. WEDNESDAY • Oregon Alcohol Server Permit Training: Meets the minimum requirements bythe Oregon Liquor Control Commission to obtain an alcohol server permit; registration required; $35; 9 a.m.; Round Table Pizza, 1552 N.E. Third St., Bend; 541-447-6384 or www. FRIDAY • Central OregonRental Owners Association annual meeting:Guest speaker state Rep. Jason Conger; dinner and election of officers; registration required by April 1; $44 for members and $60 for nonmembers; 5:30 p.m.; The Riverhouse Convention Center, 2850 N.W. Rippling River Court, Bend; 541-382-7727. APRIL8 • RedmondDowntown Urban Renewal Advisory Committee:Free;5-7:30 p.m.; Redmond City Hall, 716 S.W. Evergreen Ave.; 541-923-7710.

For the complete calendar, pickup Sunday's i3ulletin or visit bendbuiietirtcomlbizeal

Silicon Valleylooks to boost clout in Washington By Jessica Guynn Los Angeles Times

SAN FRANCISCO — For years, Silicon Valley companies wanted as little to do with Washington as possible. Hiring lobbyists to promote and protect their interests was about as far as they went. But a new generation of technology entrepreneurs believes it can no longer afford to ignore the Beltway, and is setting its sights on Capitol HilL Leading the way is Facebook co-founder and Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg,

who with other tech executives is starting a political advocacy group that plans to push an ambitious legislative agenda, people familiar with the plans sard.

Zuckerberg has pledged tens of millions of dollars to what is expected to become a $50 million war chest for the group, which is scheduled to launch in a couple of weeks, said the people, who spoke on condition of anonymity becausethey are not authorized to discuss it publicly. Topping the agenda: com-

prehensive immigration reform that would raise work visa caps to address what they say isa shortage of engineers in Silicon Valley. " It is a r eflection of t h e next generation of valley giants looking to play in impact politics," Democratic political consultant Chris Lehane said. "They have transformed how we live, and they have transformed our economy. Can the same transformative views and successes be translated into politics? It will be interesting to see."

Zuckerberg, 28, is one of a growing number of Silicon

Valley young guns increasingly unafraid of confronting the hard political realities in the nation's capital. And they aren't just pulling out their checkbooks. They are harnessing social media to influence public opinion and pressure lawmakers. "It's a very good thing for prominent people in Silicon Valley to engage in organizations where we can be part of the solution," Silicon Valley investor Mike Maples said. Inc., w h ich started as an online bookseller before becoming the e-commerce behemoth it is today, is buying bo o k -recommendations site Goodreads. A mazon a n nounced t h e deal Thursday. The purchase price was not disclosed. Goodreads, a San Francisco company, launched in 2007. On the website, members can list, rate and review books they've read and discover new books by using the site's recommendation tool. It's also become a social network for avid readers: Members can see what their friends are reading and comment on their reviews, and join online discussions on books they've read. Despite offering " E arth's biggest selection," A mazon has long had an interest in books. The Seattle company was founded in 1994 as an Internet bookseller and expanded its presence in the reading world when it introduced the Kindle e-reader. That shared i nterest for "reinventing reading" made the deal a good fit, said Russ Grandinetti, Amazon's vice president of Kindle content. "Goodreads h a s h e l p ed change how w e dis c over and discuss books and, with Kindle, Amazon has helped expand reading around the world," Grandinetti said. "In addition, both Amazon and Goodreads have helped thousands of authors reach a wider audience and make a better living at their craft. Together we intend to build many new ways to delight readers and authors alike."

Big chickensbad newsfor wings Minneapolis Star Tribune lessly rising. As CEO Sally At America'ssports bars, Smith of Buffalo Wild Wings chicken wings are as essential recently explained to stock to March Madness as man-to- analysts: "Five wings yield man defense and the three- more ounces of chicken than point shot. six used to." But as this year's NCAA Sounds like good news for Basketball Tournament rolls wing joints, right? No cluckahead,the cruel economics of ing way. Chains like Buffalo the chicken wing is squeezing Wild Wings sell by the unit restaurant chains and putting — a six-piece plate with fries upward pressure on prices for and a beer, anyone'? — but customers. buy by the pound. Take one With b reeding advances, wing away, even if the rest are the size of America's chickens meatier, and customers might — and their wings — is relent- not be happy.

The average chicken carcass nowadays is almost 50 percent bigger than it was 30 years ago. But, as agribusiness consultant Len Steiner put it, an 8-pound bruiser of a bird "still has only two wings." W holesale w i n g pr i c e s soared 76 percent on average in 2012 over 2011, hitting highs not seen in at least 20 years, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data. Richard Sennott/ Minneapolis Star Tribune And demand is growing, A chick is held at a new chicken farm started by David Schumann Even fast-food behemoth Mc- and TracySchumann-Scapanski in Sauk Rapids, Minn. Breeding Donald's is testing wings. advances are increasing the size of chickens.

PEOPLE ON THE MOVE • Tim Booherhasjoined Selco Mortgage as a loan officer serving Central Oregon.Booher has15 years ofexperience in the mortgage lending business. • Bill Kopacz,the general manager of LaPine-based Midstate Electric Cooperative, retired from the co-op after more than 40 years of service

to Oregon rural electric co-ops. During his 22 years at Midstate Electric, Kopaczsawthe organization grow bymorethan 7,000 members. • Dave Schneider was promoted to general manager of Midstate Electric Cooperative effective April1. Schneider was promoted to theposition

State University-Chico. • Bill Raven hasjoined Bend Premier RealEstate as abroker. Raven has abackground in leadership for large Booher K opacz S chneider Raven Ja c kson corporations and smaller startup operations. of assistant general manager He is a licensedCPAwith a • Tena Jackson has been last year, andhasworked at bachelor's degree in business promoted asbranchmanager Midstate Electric for18 years. managementfrom California for the Madras branch ofHome

Federal Bank.Jackson has more than 25years of banking experienceand most recently served as theMadras branch operations manager.Jackson is an active Rotarian andserves on the boards ofHabitat for Humanity, Juniper Junction Community Council and the Jefferson County Elected Official Compensation Board.

IN THE BACI4: ADVICE 4 ENTERTAINMENT > Volunteer Search, D2 Religious services, D2-3




Astronomer will



talk about CERN

r F ME ) J'>'J , EFFJJ'

Volunteer astronomer Bill Logan will give

Ft J ~t JJ

a presentation at1 p.m. April 6 in the Sunriver


Public Library's meeting room about how the

European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) uses a large



hadron collider to dis-



II ltt


cover new particles that make up the universe. Located in Geneva,







=-.=-'- '=- — -=-'=:

I Deylcckeoc -0ciokktall 4

Switzerland, the CERN LHC is the world's larg-




8 =-==-:-; =.:

CFMEmlCE here

Q =.:=:-=: - .=-:==-II =:: = ::= : = .

est particle accelerator and has a ring that is 27

= -= K==

5 ======- — ==


8: —-

kilometers long. Logan visited the CERN LHC in 2012.



'Spamalot' due at Tower Theatre The Tony-winning


musical MSpamalot will be staged Sept. 13-21 at the Tower Theatre in Bend as part of The Tower Theatre M

Foundation's Marquee Series. M

Dean Guernsey/The Bulletin file photo


Spamalot retells

the legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table,

featuring a bevy of beautiful show girls, cows, killer rabbits and

French people. The musical — which The New M Yorker called a no-

holds-barred smash

• Being a Pacific Crest Trail angel hasbeen Lloyd Gust's passion— but at age89, he'sdecided hehasto give it up

hit" — is based on M the 1975 film Monty

By Alandra Johnson • The Bulletin

Python and the Holy Grail." Monty Python's Erik

loyd Gust fell in love with the Cascade Range the first

Idle wrote the book and

time he saw it.

lyrics and cowrote the music with John Du

He was a teenager driving a beat-up truck full of

Prez. Stage Right Produc-

tions, a nonprofit company supporting performing arts through 2nd Street Theater in

Bend, will producethe show. Stage Right's

previous productions include "Working," "Evil Dead the Musical" and "Sordid Lives."

"We are thrilled to be included in the

Marquee Series and to bring such a colorful, hilarious and incredibly silly show to the

Tower," says Sandy Klein of Stage Right Productions and 2nd

Street Theater. "There are so many talented

people in our community; we're looking forward to finding our Lancelot, Arthur, Lady

of the Lake, and Black Knight!" David DaCosta,

whose recent director's credits include "WorkM" M ing, Richard III and "Sordid Lives," will

serve as director. Auditions will be held at 7 p.m. June17 and 18 at 2nd Street Theater. In April, a se-

ries of musical theater workshops related to M SpamalotMwill begin.

For workshop details, audition informa-

tion and more, contact: www.2ndstreettheater.



tomatoes from Eugene to Bend in the 1930s. Gust

LEFT: Heather TilertKavmark smiles next to Gust in 2010 near the PCT. She calls Gust, who helped when her husband became ill on the trail, "generous, giving, witty and overwhelmingly suppOrtive.n

got to McKenzie Pass and was so struck by the beauty of the mountains that he decided to explore and never made it all the uLT


way to Bend. "I really fell in love with The Sisters," said Gust.



That passion for nature — and the flyers on trail posts and made a plastic Three Sisters in particular — has name tag that he wore, proclaiming never wavered in Gust, now 89. He and himself as a trail angel. "I loved it. I loved every bit of it," his late wife, Barbara, hiked the entire Pacific Crest Trail, from the Mexican said Gust. "(The hikers) were my total border to the Canadian border. life." It's more than 2,600 miles of beautiBut now, Gust is giving it up. After a ful — and sometimes brutal — trail few scareson the road,Gust realized that winds through the Mojave Desert, he needed to stop driving. The decision the high Sierras and the Cascade has been a painful one. Range, including the Three Sisters. Now, the question is — can anyone "I hiked it almost all my life," said take his place? Gust, who settled in Bend. Gust's life When he could no longer backpack and hike, Gust started volunteering to Gust was born in Wisconsin — a helpotherhikers who were passing long way from mountains. His mother through the area along the died when he was young PCT. and his father left the Gust helped about 300 family. Gust says he made hikers a year, driving his way working at dairy some to get medical attenfarms. tion and helping others To inquire about At age 12, he boarded a find a good local pub. He the expectations bus for Oregon, where he was what is known as of a trail angel for planned to stay with an a trail angel, one of the the local section uncle. But when Gust got most well known on the ofthe PCT, to town, the uncle wasn't PCT. contact Lloyd there. Being a trail angel is an Gust at 541-604He lived in a rooming unofficial position. The 4494. house, went to school and Pacific Crest Trail Assomade a living cleaning the ciation doesn't coordinate furnaces at sororities and or organize trail angels in any way working at a local grocery store. — each one operates independently. Gust frequently took a bus from Many, like Gust, are former PCT hikEugene up to the mountains, where he ers who want to help others on their would explore the trails on foot, then journey. flag down the bus as it headed back at Gust made being a trail angel his night. job. He made business cards, posted SeeGust /D4

J~ Submitted photo

Area that Lloyd Gust

Olallie Lake

W arm i n • Mount Jefferson



on the Pacific Crest Trail

Becoming a trail angel

The Crooked River Ranch "Steel Stam-

. Goncfltions Pd

pede" Vintage Motor-

u)C/" i

cycle Rally slated for

Cc,r,'rC 'D 4 r- -

May 4-5 is seeking volunteers.




s Ik,d~ts

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Gust volunteered his time to help hikers on this stretch ofthe Pacific Crest Trail.

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La Pine MILES 0


Crescent Windigo Pass Andy Zergert / The Bulletin

Volunteers needed in CRR

About100 volunteers will be needed for the event to help with activities such as working

TOP: Lloyd Gust talks with Pacific Crest Trail hiker Jackie McDonnell, of Kansas City, at the access point to the trail on Santiam Pass in September 2009.



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This is a small sample of the many thankyous Gust has received from PCT hikers.


raii Qpnditions AcfMI on

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Andy Tullis The Bulletin

(>~p.i "' b

the entry gate, working the track during races, spotting on the track, parking, selling T-shirts




and more.

Volunteers must attend a brief training

abouta week prior to the event.

Contact: HopeJohnson 541-923-2679. — From staffreports

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a u o ersonineo ions By Mohana Ravindranath A ndrew Rosen said h i s young daughter, like a lot of kids, was no fan of attending weekly religion classes. One morning he found her in tears, clinging to the dining-room table, refusing to go to the Hebrew school run by his local


BENDCHURCHOFTHE NAZARENE:Pastor Virgil Askren; "God is Alive"; Sundayat10:15 a.m.;1270 N.E.27th St., Bend.



CENTRALOREGON BAPTIST CHURCH: Pastor John Tittle; "The Glorious Resurrection ofJesus Christ," based on1 Corinthians15; Sundayat10:30 a.m.; 500 S.W. Bond St., Bend.


, „,r,. & '

Jeffrey MacMillan/The Washington Post

At ShalomLearning, from left, Chief Executive Sarah Steinberg, Vice President Jill Allenberg Stepak, cofounder Devin Schain and co-founder Andrew Rosen provide an online curriculum of religious education. "We're not developing technology, we're selecting best of breed, so our development costs are nonexistent," Stein-

Bethesda resident Jayson Slotnick's 11-year-old son, Nathan, is in the pilot program. At first, Slotnick said, the berg said. program required significant T he start-up's goals a r e parental involvement as Namodest. than was learning to navigate "Not every business needs the technology. But as he grew to be a billion-dollar business," comfortable with it, Nathan Rosen said. said he appreciated the option. Rabbi W i l l ia m R u d oph, With t r aditional c l asses, leader of Bethesda's Congre- "you'd have to go on a weekgation Beth El, is using Sha- day right after you get home lomLearning in a few small from school, when you just pilot classes at the synagogue, want to chill out, relax and do where Rosen and Schain are whatever you want," he said. members. Because of the program's More than 500 children flexibility — users can comattend Hebrew school there plete assignments any time t hroughout th e w e ek, a n d during a given window — "you about 50 are testing the pro- get to sort of do whatever you gram. Families generally pay want over the weekend," Naabout $1,000 in tuition a year than Slotnick said. per child, and those participatHe said the interactive naing in the pilot are charged 10 ture of the program — someto 15 percent extra, he said. times using YouTube videos to He's already seen that the illustrate a story — helps him online work takes some of remember the details better. "You can see what the setthe pressure off synagogue instructors. ting is, what happens, and " There's less time in t h e how big the characters are, classroom. To me, the real crit- how they react," he said. ical issue in Jewish informal Jayson Slotnick said he's education is how much the still deciding whether his othparents are involved, because er son, a third-grader, will parno matter what they have kids ticipate in ShalomLearning on do, if the kids don't see them a more permanent basis. "It doing some learning them- depends on his schedule, his selves and being engaged in friends," he said, adding, "The what the kids are, it's not the synagogue recognizes that same as regular school," Ru- not every educational system dolph said. is for every child."


CHILDREN, YOUTH AND EDUCATION SERVICES ADULTBASICSKILLS DEPARTMENT (COCC):Margie Gregory, mgregory© or 541-318-3788. or Caitlin Krutsinger, 503-419-9514. ALYCEHATCHCENTER: Andy Kizans, 541-383-1980. BEND PARK& RECREATION DISTRICT:Kim, 541-706-6127. BIGBROTHERS BIGSISTERS OF CENTRAL OREGON:54I-3I26047 (Bend), 541-447-3851, ext. 333 (Prineville) or 541-325-5603 (Madras). BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA: Paul Abbott, or 54 I -382-4647. BOYS &GIRLS CLUBS OF CENTRAL OREGON:, info© or 541-617-2877. CAMP FIREUSA CENTRAL OREGON: campfire© or 54I-382-4682. CHILDREN'SVISION FOUNDATION: Julie Bibler, 541-330-3907. CIRCLE OFFRIENDS: Beth, beth@ or 54 I -588-6445. DESCHUTES COUNTYSHERIFF'S OFFICE— CENTRAL OREGON PARTNERSHIPSFORYOUTH:, COPYO or 541-388-6651. FOSTERGRANDPARENTS PROGRAM: Steve Guzanskis, 541-678-5483. GIRL SCOUTS:541-389-8146. GIRLS ONTHE RUN OF DESCHUTES COUNTY:www.deschutescountygotr. org or info© GRANDMA'8HOUSE:54 I-383-3515. HEALTHYBEGINNINGS:www.myhb. org or 541-383-6357. HIGH DESERTTEENSVOLUNTEER

PROGRAM: www.highdesertmuseum. org or 541-382-4757. IEP PARTNERS: Carmelle Campbell at the OregonParent Training and Information Center, 888-505-2673. J BAR JLEARNINGCENTER: Rick Buening, or 541-389-1 409. JUNIPERSWIM & FITNESS CENTER: Kim, 541-706-6127. KIDS CENTER: Rachel Kane, 541-3835958, ext. 274. LA PINE HIGHSCHOOL:Jeff Bockert, jeff.bockert© or 541-355-8501. MEADOWLARK MANOR:Peggy Kastberg, 541-382-7025. MOUNTAINSTARFAMILYRELIEF NURSERY: 541-322-6820. NEIGHBORIMPACT: 541-548-2380, ext. 115. OREGON STATEUNIVERSITY EXTENSIONSERVICE:541-548-6088, 541-447-6228 or541-475-3808. OREGON STATEUNIVERSITY MASTERGARDENERVOLUNTEER PROGRAM:http://extension. or 541-548-6088. READ TOGETHER: 541-388-7746. REDMOND HIGHSCHOOL: 541-923-4807. REDMOND LEARNINGCENTER:Zach Sartin, 541-923-4854. REDMOND YOUNGLIFE: 541-923-8530. SCHOOL-TO-CAREERPARTNERSHIP: Kent Child, 541-322-3261. SMART (STARTMAKING A READER TODAY) or 541-355-5600. TRILLIUM FAMILYSERVICES: 503-205-0194. VIMA LUPWAHOMES:www. or 541-420-9634. YOUTH CHOIROF CENTRAL OREGON:541-385-0470.


541-389-0803. CENTRAL OREGONSYMPHONY ASSOCIATION: Julie, 541-383-7779. DES CHUTESHISTORICAL MUSEUM: 541-389-1813, 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. DESCHUTESPUBLIC LIBRARY SYSTEM:541-312-1032. FRIENDS OFTHE BEND LIBRARIES: or Meredith Shadrach at 541-617-7047. HIGH DESERTCHAMBER MUSIC:Isabelle Senger, www., info© or 541-306-3988. HIGH DESERTMUSEUM: 541-382-4754. LA PINE PUBLICLIBRARY:Cindylu, 541-317-1097. LATINOCOMMUNITY ASSOCIATION: Brad, volunteer© or 541-382-4366. THE NATUREOFWORDS: or 541-330-438I. REDMOND FRIENDSOF THE LIBRARY:54I-312-1060. REDMONDINTERCULTURAL EXCHANGE (R.I.C.E.): Barb, or 541-447-0732. TOWER THEATREFOUNDATION: 541-317-0700.

HUMAN SERVICES or 541-388-8103, ext. 217. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL:Philip Randall, 541-388-1793. ASSISTANCELEAGUEOF BEND: 541-389-2075. BEND COMMUNITYCENTER: Sherry Fisher, volunteer© or 541-312-2084. BETHLEHEMINN: www. or 541-322-8768. CENTER FORCOMPASSIONATE LIVING (PREVIOUSLYPEACE CENTER OFCENTRAL OREGON): or Beth Hansen, 541-923-6677. CENTRALOREGON VETERANS OUTREACH:© or 541-383-2793. DEPARTMENTOFHUMAN SERVICES/VOLUNTEERSERVICES: Therese Helton, Therese.M.Helton@ state, or 541-693-8988.

CROSSCHURCH:Pastor Ed Byrnes; "Resurrection Essential," based on1 Corinthians15:1-11; Easter egg hunt and lunch to follow; Sundaya110:30 a.m.; Aspen Hall in Shevlin Park,18920 Shevlin Park Road.


Qy~. •

— the first involves group activities, followed by an instructor-led online video classroom, a self-directed learning project synagogues. and a classroom session. He says his company fills a A major challenge in dealniche. Many synagogues "fol- ing with faith-based organizalow established and antiquated tions has been identifying key models that don't resonate with decision-makers in each synathe contemporary learner," chil- gogue, said ShalomLearning dren who have access to com- co-founder Devin Schain. "There's the rabbi, the eduputers and interactive whiteboards, he said. And many cator, the lay leaders — trying schoolslack the resources to to get everybody on the same do something about it, because page takes time. When you religious education programs have legacy institutional histend to run on a shoestring. tory and are trying to bring ShalomLearning set out to a new technology and a new change that by customizing perspective, there's always goand packaging existing tech- ing to be a challenge," he said. nology for synagogues, buildEntering t h e ed u c ation ing a curriculum that can ac- market may be particularly commodate thevarious sects challenging fo r a s t a r t-up, of Judaism. said Frank Ganis, partner at Most Hebrew-schoolclass- the Gilfus Education Group, a es offercontent-based learn- D.C.-based education research ing, Rosen said, focusing on firm. School bureaucracies history and facts. In contrast, can be difficult to n avigate ShalomLearning's p l a tform and untested concepts looked features seven m o nth-long upon skeptically. "Parents and teachers are units, each tied to a particular value.December, for ex- looking for innovation, but one ample, features a value called of their biggest concerns is: "gevurah," meaning courage Will the company be around or inner strength. in one to two years if they're a "Rather than teaching kids start-up?" Ganis said. about Israeli history, we teach ShalomLearning chief exthem about inner strength and ecutive Sarah Steinberg said courage and weave in facts as the company plans to charge examples," said Rosen, who fees based on the number of lives in Bethesda, Md. users and hold down costs by Each unit lasts four weeks relying on proven software.

Volunteer Search is compiled by the Department of HumanServices Volunteer Services. The organizations listed are seeking volunteers for a variety of tasks. Toseeafull list, and for additional information on the types of help needed, go online Io Changes, additions or deletions should be sent Io 1300 N.W.Wall St., Suite103, Bend 97701, email Therese.M.Helton© or call 54I-693-8988.

a.m.; held atTheOld Stone Church, 157 N.W. Franklin Ave.,Bend.

ANTIOCHCHURCH:Sr. Pastor Ken Wystma; "WhatDoesBonhoeffer, David andGoliath andthe Sistine Chapel Have to doWith Easter"; Sunday at 9:30a.m.; ReduxQand-Aafter the service; BendHigh School, 230 N.E.Sixth St., Bend.

The Washington Post

"My wife looked at me and said: 'You need to fix this. I can't keep dealing with this,' " Rosen said. It was not a n i d l e p lea. Rosen has spent the past 15 years thinking about the ways technology can enhance education. In 1997 he co-founded Blackboard, a D.C. company that makes software for online learning that is used by students and teachers at thousands of N o r t h A m e r ican schools and universities. He went on to become the president and chief operating officer at Presidium, which provides distance-learning technology to universities, before selling the company in 2010. R osen decided hi s n e x t act would be t o start ShalomLearning, selling online courses and t echnology to

To submit service information or announcements for religious organizations, email bulletin© or call 541-383-0358.

DEPARTMENTOFHUMAN SERVICES/VOLUNTEERSERVICES CROOK COUNTY: Valerie Dean,541447-3851, ext. 427. DISABLEDAMERICANVETERANS (DAV):DonLang, 541-647-1002. FAMILYKITCHEN:Cindy Tidball, cindyt©bendcable.comor 541-6I0-65I1. FAMILYRESOURCECENTER: 541-389-5468. HUMAN DIGNITYCOALITION: 541-385-3320. HUNGER PREVENTIONCOALITION: Marie, info©hungerpreventioncoalition. org or 541-385-9227. LA PINECOMMUNITY KITCHEN: 541-536-1312. NEIGHBORIMPACT: chrisq@ or 541-548-2380, ext.106. PEACEBRIDGES, INC., BEND: orJohn C. Schwechten at541-383-2646. PFLAG CENTRALOREGON: or 541-3 l7-2334. RONALD MCDONALDHOUSE:Teresa, 541-3 I8-4950. SAVINGGRACE:541-382-9227 or 541-504-2550. SOROPTIMISTINTERNATIONAL OF, president© or 541-728-0820. ST. VINCENTDEPAULSOCIAL SERVICES:541-389-6643. VOLUNTEER CONNECT:www. or 541-385-8977. WINNINGOVER ANGER & VIOLENCE: or 541-382-1943. WOMEN'SRESOURCE CENTER OF CENTRALOREGON:541-385-0750.

DISCOVERYCHRISTIAN CHURCH: Pastor DaveDrullinger; "Experience the Risen Lord," based onLuke 24:5-35; Sundaya110a.m.; 334 N.W. Newport Ave., Bend.

EASTMONTCHURCH: Pastor John Lodwick; "Resurrection? Really?," based on1 Corinthians15:17-21; Sunday at 9and1045 a.m.; "Easter Village"forkids;8:30a.m.-1 p.m.; 62425 EagleRoad, Bend. FATHER'SHOUSECHURCHOF GOD:Pastor Randy Wills; "The Living Lord's Supper"; Sunday at 10 a,m.; Easteregghunt;11 and under;12:30 p.m.; 61690Pettigrew Road, Bend.Theyouth group meets Wednesday at 7p.m.

TRINITYEPISCOPAL CHURCH: Sunday at 9 a.m.; St. FrancisChurch, 2450 N.E. 27th St., Bend. TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH:The Rev. DavidCarnahan; "WhomDo You Seek?," based onJohn 20:15; Sunday at 8a.m. (guitar-led worship and communion); TheRev.Patrick M. Rooney; "TheGod Who GivesLife," based on1 Corinthians15:12-26; Sunday at11 a.m. (piano/organ-led worship and communion);2550 N.E. Butler Market Road.

WESTSIDE CHURCH: Pastor Ken Johnson; "Signs of Life: Easter —The Greatest Sign"; today at6:30 p.m.and Sunday at 8, 9and10:45 a.m.; 2051 N.W. Shevlin ParkRoad, Bend. WESTSIDESOUTH CAMPUS: Pastor Scott McBride"Signs of Life: Easter — The Greatest Sign"; Sunday at 9and 10:30 a.m.; 1245S.E.Third St., Bend. COMMUNITYPRESBYTERIAN CHURCH:Pastor Rob Anderson; "The DayLife Increased!," basedon Matthew 25:1-10; Sunday at 9and11 a.m.; 529N.W .19thSt.,Redmond. EMMAUS LUTHERANCHURCH:The Rev. DavidPoovey;"The Lord of Life and Death," basedon1 Corinthians 15:19-28; Sundayat10:30 a.m.; 2175 S.W. SalmonAve., Redmond. GRACELUTHERANCHURCHATEAGLE CREST:Pastor RandyVanMehren; "Christ's Resurrection; EvenBetter Than AnyCurefor Terminal lllnessfor, Jesus Said, HeWhoKeeps MyWord, Though HeDieyet Will he Live"; Sunday a110:30 a.m.;EagleCrest Banquetand ConferenceFacility, 1522 ClineFalls Road, Redmond.

THE FELLOWSHIPATBEND: Pastor Loren Anderson; "The Gospel" based on1 CorInthians15; ST. PAUL'SANGLICANCHURCH: Sunday a110a.m.; Summit High Father Pennington; "He IsRisen!"; School, 2855 N.W.Clearwater Sunday a110a.m.; Southwest12th Drive, Bend. AvenueandForest Avenue, Redmond. FIRSTPRESBYTERIANCHURCH: ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH: Pastor Eric Pastors Steven Koski andJenny Burtness; "APurpose, APower, andA Warner; "Hope: It's CloserThan Process ... All ForYou!"; Sundayat 8:30 YouThink";Sundayatthe9a.m., a.m. and11 a.m.;Easter brunchand 10:45a.m. and5:01; children's egghunt; 10a.m.; 1113Black 230 N.E. Ninth St., Bend. Butte Blvd., Redmond. FIRSTUNITED METHODIST SHEPHERD'SVALLEYCOWBOY CHURCH: TheRev. Thom Larson; CHURCH:Pastor Jordan Weaver; "A Most Un-idleTale," basedon Sunday at 9a.m. and10:30a.m.; Psalm118:1-2,14-24and Luke Easter egg-stravaganzahunt; 10:30 24:1-12; Easteregghunt between a.m. service; in thecafe of TheRim services; Sundayat 9and11 a.m.; Rock Riders Equestrian Facility, 680 N.W. BondSt., Bend. Brasada Ranch, 17037S.W. Alfalfa Road, Powell Butte. FOUNDRYCHURCH(FORMERLY FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH): AGAPE HARVESTFELLOWSHIP: Celebration worship; Sundayat 9 Pastor JeremySeibert; youth andfamily and 10:30 a.m.; 60N.W.Oregon service ;Wednesdayat6 p.m.;52460 Ave., Bend. Skidgel Road, LaPine. GRACEBIBLECHURCHOFBEND: COMMUNITYBIBLECHURCH AT Pastor Phil Kooistra; "This SUNRIVER:Pastor GlenSchaumloeffel; Changes Everything," based on1 "Our Victory in Christ," basedon1 Corinthians15:1-19; Sunday at10 Corinthians15:50-57; Sundayat 9:30 a.m.; Boys & Girls Club, 500 N.W. a.m.;1Theater Drive, Sunriver. Wall St., Bend. CONCORDIA LUTHERANMISSION:The Rev. Willis C. Jenson; "The Resurrection GRACEFIRSTLUTHERAN FromtheDead isaDoneDealBecause CHURCH:Pastor Joel LiaBraaten; Christ's Resurrection Fromthe Dead "Oh, Happy day" and "Basket of for Us wasProphesied," basedonLuke Goodies"; Sunday at9:30 a.m.; 24:7; Sundaya111a.m.; and; Sundayat 2265 N.W. Shevlin Park Road, 1 p.m.; heldatTerrebonneGrangeHall, Bend. 828611th St.,Terrebonne. GRACEREFORMED SPIRITUALDEVELOPMENT CLASS: PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH:Pastor Spiritual development,Level1;$160; Dan Dillard; "A Different Kind of April1-May 20;Mondaysfrom 6-8:30 World," based onMatthew 28; p.m.; Living EssenceCenter,63611 Sunday a11030a.m.; 62162 High Standard Drive,Bend; register by Hamby Road,Bend. today, Contact JimPeltier at 541-3881254 or eleiah© JOURNEYCHURCH:PastorKeith Kirkpatrick; "Faith — What WeAll EASTERSERVICEANDBREAKFAST: Need"; Sunday at 9 and10:30a.m.; Sunrise service at 6:30 a.m.; Fort Rock Easter egg hunt for children a110 State Park; Breakfast; $6 for adults, $3 a.m.; 70 N.W.Newport Ave., Bend. for kids ages 0-10; Sunday; Fort Rock Grange, 64651 Fort RockRoad. NATIVITY LUTHERANCHURCH: Pastor Chris Kramer;Sundayat 6, 9 and11 a.m.;andHolden evening prayer service; Easter breakfast; 6:30-11 a.m.; Easter egghunt; 10:15 a.m.; Wednesday at6:30 p.m. after a soupsupper at 5:30 p.m.; 60850 BrosterhousRoad, Bend. NEW HOPE CHURCH: Pastor Randy Myers; "The Words of Victory"; Sunday at9and1045 a.m.; 20080 Pinebrook Blvd., Bend. NEWPORTAVENUECHURCH OF CHRIST:Minister Dean Catlett; "Missing Out on the Resurrection," based onLuke 24:1-12; Sundaya110:45 a.m.; 554 N.W. Newport Ave., Bend. SPIRITUALAWARENESS COMMUNITY OF THE CASCADES: Guest speakers Patricia Gainsforth and AdoraAdrienneHitchcock; "The History of SAC";Sundayat 9

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Mountain Medical Immediate Care 541-388-7799




1302 NE 3rd SWend

541-389-9983 A Free Public Service

Otttptt Orepon n attsnaNewspapcr s association g Ig~+

K t 9XM3


• •

l r

MISCELLANY CENTRALOREGON LOCAVORE:ww w. orNiki at info@centraloregonlocavore.comor 54I-633-0674. HIGHDESERT SPECIAL OLYMPICS: 54 I-749-6517. OREGON ADAPTIVE SPORTS:ww w. orKendall Cooka1541-848-9390. SACREDART OF LIVING CENTER: 54I-383-4179. TUMALO LANGLAUFCLUB:Tom Carroll, 541-385-7981.

SPRINGS OFLIFE MINISTRIES: Evangelist and Bibleteacher Eddie Cienda; Wednesdaysat7 p.m.;ongoing; The SoundGardenStudio,1279 N.E. Second St., Bend.

Over 80 Oregon Newspapers, from 36 Counties,






0 QK95) [93i[~t ) r t ttt Dr Use the o Qjjgg©3Kggl service to be autamatiCally emalled Of nOtiCeS

that match your needs.



5msdt e mu


SATURDAY, MARCH 30, 2013 • T HE BULLETIN D 3 "Celtic Cross" Christianity

"The Wheel of Dharma" Buddhism

"Star of David"

Judaism CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF REDMOND 536 SW 10th, Redmond 541 -548-2974 www,








0 0

You Are TheMost Important Part of Our Services "Omkar" (Aum) Hinduism


F O R E A S T E R A D S M A R CH 2 6 t h •

FAITH CHRISTIAN CENTER 1049 NE 11th St.• 541-382-8274 SUNDAYS:

9:30am Sunday Educational Classes 10:30 am Morning Worship This Sunday at Faith Christian Center, Pastor Mike Johnson will share his message titled "Alive" in the Sunday service, beginning at 10:30 am.

Childcare is provided in our Sunday morning service. On Wednesdays "Restored Youth" service begins at 7:00 pm A number of Faith lourney Groups meet throughout the week in small groups, please contact the church for details and times. The church is located on the corner of Greenwood Avenue and NE 11th Street. REDMOND ASSEMBLY OF GOD 1865 W Antler • Redmond 541-548-4555 EASTER SUNDAY "Lasting Hope" 8:30 am 8 10:30 am WEDNESDAYS FAMILY NIGHT 7 PM

Adult Classes Celebrate Recovery W ednesdayNITE LiveKids Youth Group Pastor Duane Pippitt •

"Star 8 Crescent" Islam

"Yin/Yang" Taoist/


CENTRAL OREGON BAPTIST CHURCH Currently meeting at500 SWBond St. (541) 617-2814

COMM U N ITY BIBLE CHURCH AND CHRISTIAN PRESCHOOL 541-593-8341 Beaver at Theater Drive, PO Box 4278, Sunriver, OR 97707

"Transforming Lives Through the Truth of the Word" All are Welcome! EASTER SERVICES 9:00 8 11:00 am on Sunday, March 31st with an Easter Brunch at 10: 15 am

The church is located at Beaver and Theater Drives in Sunriver Everyone is welcome. •W omen's Bib leStudy -Tuesdays,10 am • Awana Kids Club (4 yrs - 6th gr.) Sept. - May • Youth Ministry(gr. 7-12) Wednesdays 6: 15 pm • Men'sBibleStudy -Thursdays9 am • Home Bible Studies are also available Preschool for 3 F 4 year olds Call for information

Senior Pastor: Glen Schaumloeffel Associate Pastor: Jake Schwarze visit our Web site Listen to KN LR 97. 5 FM

at 9:00 am. each Sunday to hear "Transforming Truth" with Pastor Glen.


20225 Cooley Rd. Bend Phone: (5411383-5097 Web site: Sundays: 8:30 8 10:30 am Wednesday Night Study: 7 pm YouthGroup:Wednesday 7 pm Child Care provided Women's Ministry, Youth Ministry are available, call for days and times. God-Centered Worship Expository Bible Teaching Rich Hymns 8 Songs Family Oriented Ministries Christ-Focused Living Meaningful Loving Relationships Compassionate Gospel Witness Sunday 9;15 AM - Prayer Meeting 9:30 AM - Adult Bible Fellowship 9:30AM — Children's Sunday School 10:30 AM — Worship Service 6:00 PM - Growth Groups (call for locations) Wednesday 7:00 PM - Prayer Meeting 8 Adult Bible Study 7;00 PM - Kids 4 Truth EASTMONT CHURCH

"Displaying the Reality of Christin UndeniableWays" 62425 Eagle Road, Bend 541-382-5822 Resurrection? Really? 8:00 am, 9:30 am, II:00 am

For more information about weekly ministries for the whole family, contact 541-382-5822 or email FOUNDRY CHURCH (FORMERLY FIRST BAPTIST) "A Heart for Bend in the Heart of Bend" 60 NW Oregon, 541-382-3862 Pastor Syd Brestel EASTER SUNDAY

Celebration Worship services at 900am8 1030am Rejoice that Christ is risen! For Kidztown, Middle School and High School activities Call 541-382-3862 HIGHLAND BAPTIST CHURCH, SBC 3100 SW Highland Ave., Redmond • 541-548-4161

"Teaching the Word of God, Book by Book"


Fr. Theodore Nnabugo, Pastor Parish Office: 541-536-3571 HOLY REDEEMER, LA PINE 16137 Burgess Rd

Tuesday, Wednesday 8 Friday Mass 9:00 am Sunday Mass — 10:00 am Confessions: Saturdays — 3:00-4:00 pm HOLY TRINITY, SUNRIVER 18143 Cottonwood Rd.

Thurs. Mass 9:30 am: Sat. Vigil Mass 5:30 pm Sunday mass 8;00 am Confessions: Thurs. 9:00-9:15 am OUR LADY OF THE SNOWS, Gilchrist 120 Mississippi Dr Sunday Mass — 12;30 pm Confessions: Sundays 12:00 - 12:15 pm HOLY FAMILY,

near Christmas Valley 57255 Fort Rock Rd

Sunday Mass — 3:30 pm Confessions: Sundays 3:00-3:15 pm ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI CATHOLIC CHURCH Pastor Rev. James A. Radloff Parochial Vicar Rev. Juan Carlos Chiarinoti 541-382-3631 VIGIL OFEASTER -MARCH 30 No 8:00 AM or 5:00 PM Mass No 8:30AM or 3:00 PM confessions

8:00 PM - Vigil Mass - New Church (English) 8:00 PM - Vigil Mass - Historic Church

(Spanish) EASTER - MARCH 31 7:30 AM - Mass - New Church 10:00 AM - Mass - New Church

12:30 PM - Mass - New Church (Spanish) 4:30 PM - Mass - Historic Church No 7:00 PM Mass NEW CHURCH 2450 NE 27th Street

Masses Saturday - Vigil 5:00 PM Sunday 7:30 AM, 10:00 AM F 7:00 PM Domingo 12:30 PM -M isa en Espanol Reconciliation / Reconciliacion Saturday3:00 PM -4:45 PM -English Thursday6:00 PM -7:00 PM -English o Espanol Domingo 11:15 AM - 12:15PM - Espanol CAPILLA DE SANTA CLARA

Jueves7:00 PM -M isa en Espanol.

Unshakeable Faith! EASTER

Celebrate with us: March 31 8:00, 9:30, II:00 am

Dr. Barry Campbell, lead pastor For complete calender: I


In Partnershi p with AmericanMissionary Fellowship

Near Highland and 23rd Ave. 2378 SW Glacier Pl. Redmond, OR 97756 We preaeh thegood newsof JesusChrist, sing great hymns of faith, and searchtfie Scriptures together. Sunday Worship Service - 10:30 am Bible Study - Thursday, 10:30 am

Teaching from the KJV and NKJV Bible Pastor Ed Nelson 541-777-0784

loin us as we Celebrate The Resurrection of Jesus Christ Worship: Sunday 9:00 am 8 10:00 am Children's classes and day care available during both services. Greg Strubhar, Pastor Darin Hollingsworth, Youth Pastor POWELL BUTTE CHRISTIAN CHURCH SUNRISE WORSHIP SERVICE: 6:15 am Tom's Pond on Williams Rd., Powell Butte Breakfast 7:30 am - Fellowship Hall Prepared by the Youth WORSHIP SERVICES Sermon: Easter through the eyes of Jesus' worst disciple. 8.30 F 10: 15 am - Worship Center 11:00 am - Historic Chapel Pastors: Chris Blair, Trey Hinkle, Ozzy Osborne and Glenn Bartnik 13720 SW Hwy 126, Powell Butte 541-548-3066 REAL LIFE CHRISTIAN CHURCH

Like Hymns? We've Got 'em! at the RLCC Church, 2880 NE 27th



Temple Beth Tikvah is a member of the Union for Reform Judaism. Our members represent a wide range of Jewish backgrounds. We welcome interfaith families and lews by choice. Our monthly activities include social functions, services, religious education, Hebrew school, Torah study, and adult education



Messianic Synagogue Est. 1994

(Across Ninth St. from Bend High) All Are Welcome Alwayst

We provide a congregational setting for Jews and Christians alike. If you're interested in learning the Bible from a Hebrew perspective, come join us at: Bear Creek Center

Rabbi Glenn Ettman

21300 Bear Creek Rd. Bend, OR. 97701

Friday, April 19 at 6;00 pm Shabbat Family celebraton

Our Shabbat Services are on Saturday mornings at 10:00 a.m. Our ministries include:

Friday, May 3 at 6:30 pm Shabbat Service Saturday, May 4 at9:00 am Torah Study Saturday, May 4 at 10:30 am Torah Service Sunday, May 5 -adulteducation (call for information)

• Davidic dance and worship Children's ministry and nursery • Hebrew classes • Home groups Teaching from the Torah and the Brit Hadashah (New Testament) • Biblical Feasts • Lifecycle Events

For the complete schedule of Services 8 Events go to:

End-times prophecy

LiveMusic,an Engaging Message, a Friendly Smile (Nursery Care Provided with a Kid's Easter Egg Hunt)

All services are held at the First United Methodist Church 680 NW Bond Street 541 -388-8826




MISSION (LCMS) ThemissionoftheChurehis toforgive sins through the

Food/Fellowship Hebrew Roots Fellowship worshipping in Spirit and Truth

EASTMONT COMMUNITY SCHOOL "Educating and Developing the Whole Child for the Glory of God" Pre K - 5th Grade 62425 Eagle Road, Bend 541-382-2049 Principal Lonna Carnahan

FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST 1551 NW First St. • 541-382-6100 (South of Portland Ave.) Church Service 8 Sunday School: 10 am W ed. TestimonyMeeting:7:30 pm Childcare provided. Reading Room: 115 NW Minnesota Ave. Mon. through Frio 11 am-4 pm Sat. 12 noon - 2 pm


Religion of the light andSound of God Experience an Eckankar Community HU This Saturday, April 13th at 2;00 PM We invite you to watch a video presentation of Sri Harold Klemp's talk that was given March 30th. (During the 2013 ECK Springtime Seminar) Join us at O.S.U.- Cascades, Room 103 2600 College Way, Bend across from the library Learnhow tosing HU, a love song to G od: a loving, uplifting, Spiritual Exercise. HU, pronounced like the word hue, is sung for about 20 minutes and is followed by a brief period of sacred contemplation. Followed by a discussion. Regardless of your beliefs or religion, singing HU can bring you greater happiness, love, and understanding. Singing HU can draw us closer in our state of consciousness to the Divine Being. It has helped people of many different faiths open their hearts more fully to the uplifting presence and security of God's love.

Singing HU can help you experience: • Comfort, peace, joy • Expanded awareness • Inner light and/or sound • A subtle sense of Divine Love • The healing of a broken heart • Solace during times of grief • A release of fears • Answers to your questions For more information please visit or or call 541-728-6476 •

TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHURCH 469 NW Wall St. • 541-382-5542 March 30 at 7:00 pm The Great Vigil, Baptisms Holy Eucharist at Nativity Lutheran 60850 Brosterhous Rd: March 31 at 9:00 am Easter Day Holy Eucharist (Godly Play at 8:45 aml St. Francis Historic Church Corner of Franklin and Lava We are grateful to the community for the outpouring of help

Visit us on the web at

Exposition F Benediction Monday after 7:00 AM Mass - 6:00 PM Tuesday 10:00AM -6:00 PM Wednesday after 7:00 AM Mass - 6:00 PM Thursdayafter 7:00 AM Mass -6:00 PM Friday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM or contact us at 541-385-5439

Reconciliation Tuesday7:30 AM -8:00 AM -English o Espanol Saturday8:30AM -9;30 AM -English o Espanol


Children's Program

The Rev. Willis C. Jenson, Pastor. 8286 11th St (Grange Hall), Terrebonne, OR


Redmond, Oregon 97756 541-923-3390

Father Todd Unger, Pastor Holy Saturday, March 30 Easter Vigil 8:00 pm Easter Sunday, March 31 M asses: 8 and 10:00 am in English Noon Misa en Espanol Confessions on Wednesdays from 5:00 to 5:45 pm and on Saturdays from 4:30 to 5:15 pm

NEW HOPE EVANGELICAL 20080 Pinebrook Blvd. 541-389-3436

Celebrate New Life at New Hope Church! Saturday 6:00 pm Sunday 9;00, 10;45 am,

Pastor Randy Myers

March 31, 2013 at 11:00am:

"Who Rolls the Stone Aside?": 1270 NE 27 St. • 541-382-5496 Senior Pastor Virgil Askren

We will look at the Fourth Source of Unitarian Universalism that speaks to Jewish and Christian teachings. What value does Easter have for us now?


9:00 am and 10:45 am "God is Alive"


2265 NW Shevlin Park Road, Bend 382-6862

An International Continental Breakfast

Easter Sunday- 8:00, 9:30, & 11:00 am Child care provided

will be served between services

This is an intergenerational service, so children will remain in the service with their parents/adults. Childcare for young children is available. There will be an Easter egg hunt after the service, too.

There will be an Easter Egg Hunt for kids See our website for more information

Vigil of Easter - Saturday 7:00 pm

Easter morning at 10:30 in the back field.

W omen's Bible Study Tuesday 9:15 a.m . M en'sBible Study Wednesday 7:30 a.m.

Nursery Care 8 Children's Church

Meeting place:

ages 4 yrs-4th grade during all Worship Services "Courageous Living" on KNLR 97.5 FM


Pastor Joel LiaBraaten Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

8:30 am Sunday

GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH AT EAGLE CREST Where the bodyis, there the eagleswill gather 1522 Cline Falls Rd.* 541-728-4193 Located at Eagle Crest Banquet


Rev. Tom Larson

listing of activities for all ages.

Happy Easter! Sermon Title "A Most Un-idle Tale" Scripture: Psalm 118: 1-2, 14-24, Luke 24:1-12




SOVEREIGN GRACE CHURCH Meeting at the Golden Age Club

60850 Brosterhous Road at Knott 541 -388-0765

40 SE 5th St., Bend

"Called by the grace of God we reach out to all people with the love of Jesus Christ"

Just 2 blocks SW of Bend High School Sunday Worship 10:00 am Sovereign Grace Church is dedicated to worshipping God and teaching the Bible truths recovered through the Reformation.

Easter Breakfast 6:30 am - 11:00 am 6:00 am Sunrise Service 9:00 am Informal Easter Service 9. 15 am Junior Church 11:00 am Formal Easter Service (child care provided)

Call for information about other meetings 541-420-1667 •

10:15 am Easter Egg Hunt



Sunday Morning Worship

BibleStudy at 10:00 am on Wednesdays

8:45 am8 10:45 am ELCA

WednesdayMid-Week Services Children F Youth Programs 7:00 pm

Nursery Care provided for all services. Pastor Daniel N. LeLaCheur 21720 E. Hwy. 20 541.389.8241

SUNDAY WORSHIP 8 am Guitar Led Worship 9:30 am Education Hour for all ages II am Organ/Piano Led Worship

Church Website: www trinitylutheranbend org School Website: Pastors: Rev. David Carnahan Rev. Patrick Rooney Principal: Mrs. Hanne Krause

9:00 am - Contemporary Service Sunday School during the 9 am Service Easter Egg Hunt between services 11.00 am - Traditional Service

Childcare provided on Sunday *During the Week: Women's Groups, Men's Groups, Youth Groups, Quilting, Crafting, Music 8 Fellowship Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors. Rev. Thom Larson

21720 E. Hwy. 20• 541.389.8241

this Sunday's sermon is given by Pastor Chris Kramer

TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH & SCHOOL LCMS 2550 NE Butler Market Road Bend, OR 97701 541-382-1832

Life Groups Please visit our website for a complete


FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH In the Heart of Down Town Bend) 680 NW Bond St. / 541-382-1672 Everyoneis Welcome!

10:00 am 50+ Bible Study WEEKLY

Easter Service Sunday, March 31st Bible Class 9:30 am Easter Service 10.30 am followed by Luncheon and Easter Egg Hunt Pastor Randy VanMehren (541 ) 385-3908 •

6:30 pm Ladies Bible Study

And Conference Center


CHURCH & SYNAGOGUE DIRECTORY LISTING EffectiveMag I, 2012 4 Saturdays and TMC: $110 5 Saturdays and TMC: $132

529 NW 19th Street

13/4 mile north of High School) Redmond, OR 97756 (541) 548-3367


Rev. Rob Anderson, Pastor

Worship in the Heart of Redmond

Contemporary Service - 8:30 am Liturgical Service - 11:00 am Easter Brunch 10:00- 10:45 am Children's Egg Hung 10:00 am Nursery Provided

Major's Robert 8 Miriam Keene

UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISTS OF CENTRAL OREGON "Diverse Beliefs, One Fellowship" We are a Welcoming Congregation

Rev. Alex Holt, Interim Minister

Phone: 541-325-6773

All are welcome through our red doors

Sunday School 9:45 am Children 8 Adult Classes Worship Service — 11:00 am

230 NE Ninth Street, Bend 541-382-4401

BEND CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE condordialutheranmission Facebook: Concordia Lutheran Mission



Choirs, music groups, Bible study, fellowship and ministries every week

© Celebration Church 63830 Clausen Rd Ste 102, Bend Saturday 10:30 am-2 pm

Gospelandtherebygrant eternal life. (St. John 20:22-23, Augsburg Confession XXVIII.8, 10) 10 am Sunday School II am Divine Service

The Rev. Roy D. Green, Interim Rector

THE SALVATION ARMY 755 NE 2nd Street, Bend 541-389-8888

Modern Family Sermon Series A three-week series beginning April 14 and concluding April 28. This series explores three different aspects of our own Modern Families: conflict, context and community.

See Youth Blog:


Corner of NW Franklin 8 Lava Masses Sunday 4:30 PM Monday- Friday 7:00 AM & 12:15 PM Saturday 8:00 AM

Sunday School: 3 yrs to 6th grade Nursery care provided

Youth Events

For more information about our education programs, please call Kathy Schindel at 541-388-8826.


Easter Rev. Steven Koski and Jenny Warner Preaching 9:00 am contemporary 10:45 am traditional 5:01 pm Easter Jazz

Wednesday Noon Silence 8 Supper Worship 12;30 pm Contemplative Prayer

Easter at the Tower Theater Sunday, March 31 - 10:00 am

For information, please call ... Minister - Mike Yunker - 541-312-8844 Associate Pastors Don Henderson 8 Mike Sweeney "Loving people one at a time."

Rev. Dr. Steven H. Koski Lead Pastor

Worship With Us This Easter "The Day Life Increased" REJOICE! He is Risen Easter Sunday, March 31st 9:00 am - Contemporary Worship 11:00 am - Tradtttonal Worshtp

Children's Room available during services Fellowship following both services Come Experience a warm, friendly family of worshipers. Youth Groups Everyone Welcome - Always. A vibrant, inclusive community. A rich and High School — Sunday 11;00am- 12:30pm diverse music program for all ages MiddleSchool — Wednesday 6:00-7:30pm

Coffee, snacks andfellowship after each servtce

Mondays 6:30 pm Centering Prayer

The Bulletin: Every Saturday

on the church page. $22

Copy Changes: by 5 PM Tuesday CO Marketplace: The First Tuesday of

each month. $22 Copy Changes: by Monday I week prior to

M-W-F Women's Exercise 9:30 am Wed. Bible Study at noon 3rd Th. Women's Circle/Bible Study I:00 pm 3rdTues.Men's Club 6:00 pm, dinner Youth and Family Programs Active Social Outreach

5:30 pm Prayer Service


Small Groups Meet Regularly

Pat Lynch

1113 SW Black Butte Blvd Redmond, OR 97756 - 541-923-7466 Pastor Eric Burtness

(Handicapped Accessible) Please visit our website for a complete listing of activities for all ages.

publication Wednesdays


• g •

541-383-0396 plynch




PCT trip in 2010. Ballard says Gust gave them a ride about five or six times during their trek. Ballard called it " j ust an amazing thing." "Those of us hikers really kind of marvel at people who do this and how much it helps the hiker and helps the experience. You get this warm sense of humanity from people who are willing to help out."

Continued from 01 G ust joined the Army i n 1942. "It was the first time in my life I had three squares

(meals) a day and a guaranteed place to sleep. Boy, that was a luxury," said Gust. When he came home from the war, he took advantage of the G.I. Bill and went to the University of Oregon. After college he was recruited to

work for Seagram, a large distillery. Gust jokes that he never used the product — and he still doesn't drink. "No other reason than I just couldn't afford it," he said. Before traveling to Eugene as a teenager, he had never seen mountains. He didn't remember seeing any on that cross-country bus ride. "I had heard about mountains all my life," said Gust. "All it took was one little trip over McKenzie Pass." Gust married and had three children and the family explored nature together. "My wife loved hiking and backpacking and mountain climbing," said G u st. "We r aised our f a m il y i n Th e Sisters." His favorite part of the PCT is Forester Pass in California, which, at 13,000 feet elevation, is the highest point on the trail. He loves the views of jagged mountains and rocks. Locally, his favorite spot is Obsidian Trail, which leads to the base of the Middle Sister.He describes meadows of wildflowers, waterfalls and beautiful r ocks. Hi s w i f e's ashes are there, and Gust says "I will be also when the time comes."



Special angel

While the PCT has numerous trail angels, Gust is unusual — not only because he is older than almost any of the other trail angels, but also because he has always been willRob Kerr/The Bulletin ing to go the extra miles for Medical complications and age hikers, sometimes literally. forced Lloyd Gust, 89, to give In addition to maintaining up his driver's license and his two caches of potable water work as a trail angel on the along the trail, he has ferried Pacific Crest Trail. He is eager hikers hundreds of miles. to recruit replacements to help Many trail angels will help hikers in the wilderness. hikers, but f irst th e h i kers have to get to them. Jack Haskel, the PCTA trail animals and things that go information specialist, knew bump in the night," said Gust, Gust by his reputation for beabout his connection with the ing exceptionally generous. "Lloyd was very special." hikers. Heather Til e r t-Kavmark Dana Hendricks, regional and her husband, Justin, came representative for the Columfrom Brooklyn, N.Y., to hike bia Cascades PCTA, thinks the PCT in 2010. When they hikers will notice Gust's abgot near Elk Lake, Tilert-Kav- sence. "Lloyd has pretty much mark says her husband was been the only person for a long feeling very ill. Worried he stretch oftraiL" might have giardia, they deWell, not quite the only percided to call Gust after seeing son. For the past two summers, one ofhis flyers posted on the Bend resident Robin Kaai has trail. let PCT hikers camp in her T ilert-Kavmark, 30 , s a i d backyard and use her place as Gust came immediately. He a base while in Bend. She enpicked them up from the trail- joys meeting new people and head, brought them into town the camaraderie. and recommended a motel to But few trail angels go to the stay in while her husband re- lengths Gust did. covered from what ended up When hikers offered him Help for hikers being a one-day flu episode. money for gas or services, Gust started helping hikers When they were ready, he Gust declined. If they insisted, more than 10 years ago. He took them back to the trail. he would suggest they make would run into them as they They've never forgotten their a donation to the PCTA. For hitchhiked on t h e C ascade encounter with Gust. Gust, his reward was the ex"He is such a g e nerous, perience and the people. Lakes Highway and would offerthem a ride. Gust hasn't been able to giving, w i t ty , o v e r whelmSlowly, this became a full- ingly supportive man," said recover hisstrength since he time passion. After his wife Tilert-Kavmark. had a heart attack during a died, his interest and activity The couple met hundreds of shoulder surgery in 2011. "I'm weak as a wet noodle level picked up. people while hiking the PCT, "This gave me something to but says Gust is one of a hand- and I can't build it back again." live for," he said. ful that really stand out. When Walking even short distances Gust says the need has also they talk of the highlights of feels like too much and physiincreased as traffic on the trail their trip, Gust is one of them. cal therapy wasn't helping. "I'm sad that he's gone. I It's a struggle for him, since has gone up. Where he used to help 40 to 50 hikers a year, hope there'ssomeone to take he has been so active all his in recent years the number his place," she said. life. "It was very, very difficult soared to300 or more. Most Some hikers Gust encouncome through around August tered needed help q uickly. to give up the trail," said Gust. or September. There was the young man who "When I had to stop hiking, it Gust asked the hikers to fill had giardia for days before he nearly broke my heart." out a short form that included called Gust, who took him to His work as a trail angel information about who they the hospital after first getting brought that connection back. are, trail conditions and more. him a clean change of clothes. Now, that too is something he Most of the hikers used this The man ended up being hos- has to give up. "Here I sit, broken-hearted," space to write sweet thank- pitalized for several days. you notes to Gust. There was another young he said. Gust has small binders jam- man who ended up with e. Gust hopes to find someone packed with these notes — as coli. Gust ferried him from Big to replace him — s omeone well as postcards, Christmas Lake youth camp to a doctor's who loves the outdoors and cards and letters from hikers officein Sisters every day for is familiar with the PCT. He returned home. a week so he could get treat- wants someone who will have Reading through the thank- ment. Another woman broke an almost spiritual connecyou notes, it's hard not to be her hip and Gust drove her to tion with it. "The trail becomes touched by Gust's efforts: town, saving her the ambu- their church after a w h ile," • "Your good, pure heart is lance fee. One hiker had shin said Gust. amazing," wrote one hiker. splints so bad, Gust ended up He did find a fellow willing • "In my life I have not met taking him to the airport so he to take over maintaining the many such as you Lloyd," said could fly home. water supply at Windigo Pass. another. Gust estimates about half One thing that may be hard • "You are a true angel." of thehikers he encountered to replicate is Gust's love for The gratitude is overwhelm- needed some form of medi- the hikers. "He seems to just really care ing. One hiker wrote, "Lloyd cal attention. Usually, it was Gust is an amazing man who something small — a blister about the people," said Henhad made a magnanimous that became infected, a cut dricks. If a hiker's pack is too c ontribution t o the we l l - that needed dressing. heavy or shoes are too tight, "In addition to feeling sorry being of countless hikers and Gust wants to help ease their deserves a special place in for them, I literally fell in love burdens. "It's like he's almost heaven." with them," said Gust. responsible for their journey The love goes both ways. California residents Dustin in a way." "They are great people who "Duffy" Ballard and his wife — Reporter: 541-617-7860, love to talk about plants and encountered Gust during their

'., j'Itt'

SUPPORT GROUPS The following list contains support group information submitted to The Bulletin. Submissions must be updated monthly for inclusion. To submit, email relevant details to








the L.A. Times Indie Focus tain America: The First AvengScreening Series this week. er" in the sequel, which will be LOS ANGELES — Though T he Academy Award w i n directed by Joe and Anthony Robert Redford may be the ner was appearing at his own Russo from a screenplay by very platonic ideal of a movie Sundance Sunset Cinema in Christopher Markus and Stestar — a matinee idol from support of his latest effort as phen McFeely, who also wrote films such as "Butch Cassidy director, producer and star, the first film. "I like the idea of stepping and the Sundance Kid," "The "The Company You Keep." A Sting," "The Way We Were," thriller about former '60s radi- into new territory," Redford "The Electric H o r seman" cals forced to confront their added. " I'm excited by it . I and "Out of Africa" — he has pasts in the present day, "Com- also think it's a good bunch of of late been involved with pany" also stars Shia LaBeouf, people who really know what smaller-scale, socially c o n- Brit Marling, Susan Sarandon they're doing." scious dramas. So many were and Julie Christie. The role is part of a busy s urprised last week by t h e Though t h e 7 6 - year-old year forRedford. Besides the news that Redford would be Redford has not p reviously opening of " T h e C ompany appearing in the Marvel Stu- appeared in a contemporary You Keep" on April 5, Reddios comic-book action sequel superhero/comic-book movie ford will also appear in J.C. "Captain America: The Winter like "Captain America," he Chandor's "All Is Lost" later Soldier" as a senior leader in added: "I think these films are this year. The follow-up to the secret government agency really powerful. I think they're Chandor's Oscar-nominated "Margin Call," the film is a of S.H.I.E.L.D. great. This is the kind of film "I'm doing this film because I would have loved to see as a physically demanding tale of it's different. It's a new thing kid." survival at sea in which Redfor me," Redford explained Star Chris Evans will reford is reportedly the only d uring a Q 8.A a s p ar t o f prise his title role from "Cap- character on screen. Los Angeles Times

Find YOur Dream HOme In Real EStateEVery Saturday In TheBLtlletin






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first story

JULY 20, 21, 22 4 2T, 28, 29 fRIDAYS. NQQN — 6PM, SA1URDAYS&SUNDAYS. 10 AM —6 PM

PublishingDate: Wednesday, July 17









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' el I







By Mark Olsen





Redford signsLjpfor 'Captain America'

NARCOTICSANONYMOUS (NA): 541-41 6-2146. NATIONALALLIANCE ON MENTAL ILLNESSOF CENTRAL OREGON (NAMI):541-408-7779, 541-5041431 or email: vonriedlpn©yahoo. com. NEWBERRY HOSPICEOF LA PINE: 541-536-7399. OREGON COMMISSIONFOR THE BLIND:541-447-4915. OREGON CURE:541-475-2164. OREGON LYMEDISEASE NETWORK: 541-312-3081 or www.oregonlyme. or'g. OVEREATERSANONYMOUS: 541-306-6844. PARENTS/CAREGIVERSOF CHILDRENAFFECTEDBYAUTISM SUPPORT GROUP: 541-77 I-I075 or http://coregondevdisgroupaso. PARENTS OFMURDERED CHILDREN(POMC) SUPPORT GROUP:541-410-7395. PARKINSON'SDISEASE SUPPORT GROUP:541-280-5818. PARTNERSINCARE:Homehealth and hospice services; 541-382-5882. PFLAG CENTRALOREGON: For parents, families and friends of lesbians and gays; 541-317-2334 or PLAN LOVINGADOPTIONS NOW (PLAN):541-389-9239. PLANNEDPARENTHOOD: 888-875-7820. PMS ACCESS LINE:800-222-4767. PREGNANCYRESOURCECENTERS: Bend,541-385-5334; Madras,541475-5338; Prineville, 541-447-2420; Redmond, 541-504-8919. SAVINGGRACE SUPPORT GROUPS: Bend, 541-382-4420; Redmond, 541-504-2550, ext. 1; Madras, 541-475-1880. SUPPORT GROUPFOR FAMILIES WITH DIABETICCHILDREN: 541-526-6690. TOBACCOFREEALLIANCE: 541322-7481. TOPSOR: Bend, 541388-5634; Culver, 541-546-4012; Redmond, 541-923-0878. TYPE2 DIABETESSUPPORT GROUP:541-706-4986. VETERANSHOTLINE: 541-408-5594 or 818-634-0735. VISION NW:Peersupport group; 541-330-0715. VOLUNTEERSINMEDICINE: 541-330-9001. WOMEN'S RESOURCECENTER OF CENTRALOREGON:541-385-0747 WOMEN'S SELF-ESTEEMGROUP: 541-389-7960. WOMEN'S SUPPORTGROUP FOR ANGER,ANXIETY, OR DEPRESSION: 541-389-7960. WOMEN SURVIVINGWITH CANCER SUPPORTGROUP:541-706-5864. YOUNGPEOPLEWITH DISABILITIES PEER GROUP:831-402-5024. ZEN MEDITATIONGROUP: 541-388-3179.


/ II










'I I r

T OUR OF HOM E S ™ YOUROFFICIALGUIDETOTHECOBA SELF-GUI DEDTOURFEATURINGTHE FINESTHOMES BUILTINTHEPAST YEAR One of the most popular events in Central Oregon is the COBA Tour Of Homes™. More than 35 homes were featured last year as part of the tour. This "Official Guide" provides details about each home, the builders and contractors involved, and a full-color tour map. Distributed to all Bulletin subscribers and at tour homes, the guide is a great reference companion throughout the year for home improvement ideas.

DESCHUYES COUNTY FAIR 8 RODEO FINDTHECOMPLETEWEEKOF EVENTSINTHISCOLORFUL, ACTION-P ACKEDGUIDE. The Deschutes County Fair Guide celebrates the people and history behind the success of this annual, multi-day event by offering a comprehensive publication that features a schedule of events, listing of entertainers and feature articles. You won't miss a beat at the fair with this guide in hand.

I a ~ Ol lana Pachad lan AlThe

$ J


PubliShing Date: Wednesday, July 24 (The DeschutesCounty FairPremium Book publishes on Wednesday, June 5.)




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ing to be a suffragette." One of Selfridge's dalliances "Mr. Selfridge" — we can only assume there 9 p.m. Sunday, PBS will be others — is actress Ellen Love, a fictional character By Jacqueline Cutler brought to life by Zoe Tapper. © Zap2it "She is a bit like Holly GoHarry Selfridge made shoplightly," Tapper says. "She has ping fun. Sure, people always this social butterfly way about shopped, but it was more of a her. She purrs her way around chore before Selfridgeredea room. Underneath her vulfined the experience in 1909. nerability, she has some deThough many A mericans mons. She's quite a modern may not know his name, the woman for her time, making lush eight-part series "Mr. her way in 1909. The occupa' yt . il.l.g Ifl', ) ,p ' Selfridge," launching on PBS' tion of being an actress was "Masterpiece Classic" on SunpBS almost akin to being a prostiday, brings viewers into his Frances O'Connor plays the title character's wife in "Mr. Selfridge," tute, and she represented this world. It's well worth the visit. premiering on PBS' "Masterpiece Classic" at 9 p.m. Sunday. celebrity status." Jeremy Piven ("Entourage") Besides falling in love with is perfectly cast as the brash her, Selfridge instantly recogAmerican in the title role. be disappointed. And those in the ground in an unfashion- nizes that his store needs an "I would describe him as who don't know where PBS able corner of London, a mag- icon, a face to represent it. He a burst of bright light, hope- is, come in; it is a totally acces- nificent store — S e lfridges picks her. fully endearing and a power- sible world." — that makes people want to L ike any w o nderful p e ful energy that possibly takes Sure, it's a far more manshop. riod piece, "Mr. Selfridge" has up a lot of energy in the room nered universe, yet human naFrances O'Connor ("Cash- magnificent costumes. "In Britain we don't have and yet is in love with what ture stays the same. mere Mafia"), who plays Rose, "People have the same de- Selfridge's wife, says when as much money tomake prohe does and his family and makes everyone in the room mons," Piven says. "They are she shops there, "Your heart grams as in America," costume feel special," Piven says. not hiding behind an iPhone rate goes up. It is such a beau- designer James Keast says. It's an apt description for and texting. You have to go tiful store, with high ceilings, "One of our skills is to make the man who seems to always face to face. You can't hide. To and when you enter, it is so it look expensive. With that in have something to prove and me, what better time to depict glamorous." mind, it was mostly filming in whose c harisma e n chants as an actor?" Rose is a smart, established a shop where the colors will people. In the pilot, Selfridge an- woman who knows her hus- be black because that was the Set in England around the nounces, "We are going to band is having affairs. By the uniform of the day." same time as "Downton Ab- show the world how to make second episode, she is deterHe revived period dresses, bey," "Mr. Selfridge" is very shopping thrilling." mined to not be lonely. dyed fabrics and added flour"I can understand why he much its own series. He does. Selfridge has more ishes, using his own stash of "I lump it in with 'Downton,' than a touch of PT. Barnum in chose her," O'Connor says. vintage lace. As perfect as this but it has a pace all its own," him. He's a man of appetites, "She has a quiet strength, a looks and well cast as the acPiven says. "It has a sense of a huge ego and a visionary. sense of being grounded, and tors are, as with any series, it humor. Those who like period Surrounded b y na y sayers, is very reassuring. She's her all comes down to the writing. drama, come in; you will not Selfridgecreates,from a hole own person. She's not ever goHere, it is Andrew Davies 11'

isters ecomerivaSover 0

("House of Cards," "Bridget Jones's Diary") w h o g i v es characters deliciously a r ch lines. Lady Mae (Katherine Kelly, "Coronation Street"), a cunning socialite, says, "There are so many different ways to run a marriage, don't you think'? And to never see each other, that's one of the very best." "His s tory i s n o t we l l known," Davies says of Selfridge. "People in the U.K. were surprised to find he was an American." Selfridge's ideas were boldly American. He eschewed tradition for trendsetting — including prominently displaying cosmetics on the ground floor, when nice women did not even admit to using moisturizer. He coined the phrase "the customer is always right" and shook up London's stuffy establishments. "I thought his story had such deep resonance," Davies says. "He was charismatic and had a lot of ladies. He can generate a lot of episodes."

Reared by a singlemom after his father took a powder, Selfridge lived the l i fe of someone always trying to prove himself. "He was a kind of American tragedy in four or five long acts lived out in London," Davies says. "The whole complexity of it, it could be almost as rich as 'The Sopranos.' He is a very powerful guy. He can exercise

power for good or bad."

MOVIE TIMESTODAY • There may beanadditional fee for 3-D andIMAXmovies. • Movie times are subject to change after press time. I

Dear Abby:There's this guy I like, "Joey." My sister likes him, too. Joey and I are not dating, although we are veryclose friends. My sister (of course) decided to ask him out on a date. I'm so upset with her. It has been two days since their date and I'm still not talking to her. DEAR I can't believe she ABBY asked him out when she knew I w as about to. I don't want to ruin our relationship, but Joey is now into her. Please give me some advice before I do something terri-

bly wrong. — Can't Take It In Florida Dear Can't Take It: If your sister jumped in knowing you were interested in Joey, it was sneaky and wrong. But you have nothing to gain by declaring war over it. Keep your options open and bide your time. With luck, their romance will blow over — and when it does, if you have maintained your position as Joey's"close friend," you can make your move then.It may take nerves of steel, but I have faith in you, and it will be worth it in the

long run. Dear Abby: My niece is being married soon on the East Coast. My husband and our two teenaged children have been invited to attend. We cannot afford the multiple airfares and the cost of hotel ac-


commodations that attending this wedding would require. We don't look poor and we don't act poor, but money is very tight right now because we're paying for the last semester of our third child's college tuition. I had already sent a lovely s hower gift t o m y niece. How can we gracef ully d e c l in e t h e invitation w it h o ut offending anyone? We also have household repairs that have to be attended to. — Just Don't Have It In San Diego Dear Just Don't Have It: As I see it, you have two choices — respond by saying you have a "conflict," or tell these relatives you would love to be there, but with the cost of a college education these days, you can't swing it. (I vote for the latter) Dear Abby: I lost my mom last year. It was unexpected, and my father and I are still hurting. Mom had a friend who never fails to tell me how the loss of her mother and her husband was much more painful for her than my loss. Every time I have the unfortunate luck of answering the phone when she calls, she'll ask how I'm doing, then launch into how hard it was on her and I don't know the true pain that she does.

I am sick of people telling me


This year you often have to redo By Jacqueline Bigar conversations or repeatyour point over and over again. Some of you might decide to sign up for a class in communication, which way you should turn in a situation. while others simply Enjoyasenseofnew beginnings and Stars showthe kind will go with the different possibilities. Tonight: Aren't you of day you'll have fl o w. One-on-one a party animal? ** * * * D y namic interactions will be ** * * P ositive hi g hlighted. If you CANCER (June21-July22) ** * Average are single, you can ** * * * Express your caring in a spontaneous, loving manner. What ** So-so work with nearly occurs could be quite different if you * Difficult anyone, but take suddenlybecome stoic.A lovedone could your time and wait adore your expressive mood. Tonight: Fun for the right person. If you are attached, and games. youseem tobeableto communicateon LEO (July23-Aug. 22) many levels. SAGITTARIUS often invites ** * * Y ou're typically not a stick in you on his or her adventures. the mud, but right now, you could be ARIES (March 21-April19) mistaken for one. You'll consider making ** * * * C l ose relating seems right a change in your personal life, and you and fulfilling. You are unable to proceed actually might decide to follow through any further without some R&R. Havea on it later. Honor your needs. Tonight: conversation with a loved one andassess Respond to an enticing invitation. your situation. Tonight: With your circle VIRGO (Aug.23-Sept. 22) of friends. ** * * K eep conversations moving by TAURUS (April 20-May20) ** * * * D efer to a partner. This person nodding more and making less critical comments.Youcould beam azedatwhat will enjoy your attitude and feel special. happens. Your sense of direction takes Don't let a power struggle become you downanew path.Tonight:Hangout predominant; otherwise, you could ruin a with friends. close-to-perfect day. Tonight: The more

they understand how I f eel and what I'm going through. No one knows the depth of what I'm experiencing, except maybe my sibling. I moved back home to take care of my wonderful mother. She was my best friend. I could tell her anything and she was never judgmental. I loveher and Ihurtfrom her loss. Please tell people when offering condolences to just listen and be there. That's what anyone who suffers aloss needs more than anything. Do not compare your pain to theirs. And Abby, please know how sorry I am for the loss of your own dear mother, and thank you for letting me vent. — Hole In My Heart In Ocean Springs, Miss. Dear Hole In Your Heart:I'm sorry for your loss, too, and you're welcome. Please know that no rule of etiquette says you have to listen to that woman's insensitive prattle. The next time she starts, it is perfectly acceptable to stop her cold and tell her that when she compares her pain to yours she is being insensitive, and that if she does it one more time you will hang up. Clearly, she is not calling to see how you're doing; she is calling to dump. There are times when you must protect yourself, and this is one of them. — Write to Dear Abby at or P.O.Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069

Tonight: A conversation could be very informative.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)


• ADMISSION(PG-13) 12:20, 3:55, 7:30, 10:05 • THE CALL (R) 10:55 a.m., 4:45, 7:50, 10:25 • THE CROODS (PG) 10:25 a.m., 1, 3:45, 6:35, 9:t0 • THECROODS3-D(PG)t0:40a.m.,t:15,4:15,6:50,9:25 • G.l. JOE:RETALIATION(PG-t3) t0:30 a.m., t:10, 4:35, 4:10, 7:05, 9:45 • G.l. JOE:RETALIATIONIMAX (PG-13) 10:45a.m., t:25, 4:15, 7:t5, 10 • G.l. JOE:RETALIATION3-0 (PG-t3) 10:35 a.m., t:20, 4:05, 7, 9:50 • THEHOST (PG-13)t0:30 a.m.,12:45,3: 50,6:55,9:55 • IDENTITY THIEF(R) t t:50 a.m., 3:05, 6:05, 9:50 • THEINCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE (PG-13)t:20, 4:25, 7:40, 10:15 • JACKTHE GIANT SLAYER (PG-l3)3:20,9:40 • JACKTHE GIANT SLAYER 3-0(PG-t3)Noon,6:40 • LIFE OF PI(PG)12:10 • LIFE OF PI 3-D (PG)3:10, 6:05, 9 • OLYMPUSHASFALLEN(R) 12:30, I:45,3:30,7: IO, IO:10 • OZTHE GREAT AND POWERFUL (PG)12:I5,3:25,6:45, 9:45 • OZTHE GREAT AND POWERFUL 3-D(PG)10:20 a.m., 1:30, 4:30, 7:25, 10:15 • SPRING BREAKERS (R) 10:50 a.m., t:40, 7:45, t0:20 • Accessibility devices are available for some movies. t




7 p.m. onHE), Mowe:"The Ten Commandments" — Charlton Heston, Yul Brynner andAnne Baxter star in director Cecil B.DeMille's final film, the 1956 biblical epic about the life of Moses. The film's first-rate visual effects include the parting of the RedSea. Yvonne De Carlo, Nina Foch, John Derek and Vincent Price co-star, with little Fraser Heston asthe infant Moses.

8 p.m. on E~),"Cops" — Officers in Newport News, Va., deal with an unstable suspect who claims to have called police for help. In California's Alameda County, members of the sheriff's department find a bag ofmarijuana and text messagesindicating a deal is pending in this new "Coast to Coast" edition. Sp.m. onHBO, Movie:"Snow White and the Huntsman"— Directed by Rupert Sanders, this effectively dark 2012 reimagining of the fairy tale certainly is an original take on a familiar story. The evil Queen (CharlizeTheron) once again sets her sights oneliminating Snow White (Kristen Stewart), who eventually inherits theHuntsman's (Chris Hemsworth) switched alliance in the course of protecting herself. lanMcShane, Ray Winstone,Bob Hoskins and (as Snow's prince) Sam Claflin also are inthe cast.

9 p.m. onE3, "Elementary" — Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) is doing research in a morgue when he discovers a series of homicides in which the victims were seriously ill and their deathsmadeto look like natural causes. He also learns more about why Watson (Lucy Liu) left her surgical career in "LesserEvils." Anika Noni Roseguest stars. 10 p.m. onFOOD,"Rebel Eats" — Freshoff his"Food NetworkStar" victory, Justin Warner is hitting the road in search of America's most daring culinary rebels.With just $300 to gas up his belovedbeater of a car — and apenchantfor good food and colorful characters — Justin travels the South, tasting everything from baconbeer tobowlingalley barbecue served in aMasonjar. 10 p.m. on MAX, Movie: "Cleanski n" — Sean Bean ("Game of Thrones") stars in this 2012 thriller as aBritish secretagent who must stop a team of suicide bomberstargeting populated areas of London, while the mastermind of theattacks (Abhin Galeya) reflects on his own transformation into aterrorist. Charlotte Rampling andTomBurke also star. ©Zap2it

NorthWesf Crossiag




Regal Pilot Butte 6, 27t7 N.E U.S. Highway 20, 541-382-6347 • DJANGO UNCHAINED(R) 4 • EMPEROR (PG-13) 1:15, 4:15, 6:45,9:10 • QUARTET(PG-13) 1, 3:15, 6:15, 8:45 • SIDE EFFECTS (R) 12:15, 7:15 • SILVER LININGSPLAYBOOK(R) 12:45, 3:30, 6:30, 9: I5 • STOKER (R) 12:30, 3:45, 7, 9:20 • WESTOF MEMPHIS (R)Noon,3,6,9 I


GB K 3 & QQ



McMenamins Old St. Francis School, 700 N.W.Bond St., 54I-330-8562 • BEAUTIFULCREATURES(PG-13) 2:30 • DJANGOUNCHAINED(R) 9 • ESCAPE FROMPLANET EARTH(PG) Noon • WARM BODIES (PG-t3) 6 • After7 p.m., showsare21and older only. Youngerthan 21 mayattend screenings before7 pm. if accompaniedby a legalguardian.


SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov.21) ** * * * Y ou will toss yourself t t0 percent into whatever you do. Your charisma and high energy attract many people. Knowing what you want as well as which way you should go will be instrumental to the outcome. Tonight: Your treat.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov.22-Dec.21) ** * K now that you need some time to yourself to re-energize, get some Rand R and/or take care of a project. Make plans for later in the day when you feel far more upbeat. Tonight: You are feeling your Wheaties.

CAPRICORN (Dec.22-Jan. 19) ** * * * J o in friends, go to a game or do some shopping.Youare happiest when you're with others. You don't need to pressure yourself in the way you have in the past. Tonight: Play it low-key.

Tin Pan Theater, 869 N.W.Tin Pan Alley, 541-241-2271 • ALL TOGETHER (no MPAArating) 3:45, 6 • A PLACE ATTHETABLE(PG) 8:30 I

** * * O t hers have many expectations ofyou,andyoualso haveexpectations of yourself. Know that you will be able to meet them, no matter what. Tonight: Let thegood times happen.

PISCES (Feb. 19-March20)



Redmond Cinemas,1535 S.W.OdemMedo Road, 541-548-8777 • THE CROODS (PG) 11:15a.m., 1:30, 3:45, 6:15, 8:30 • G.I. JOE:RETALIATION(PG-13) 11:30 a.m., 2, 4:30, 7, 9:30 • OLYMPUS HASFALLEN(R) 11a.m., 1:30, 4,6:30, 9 • OZTHEGREATAND POWERFUL(PG) 1030a.m.,t:15, 4, 6:45, 9:30 Sisters Movie House, 720 Desperado Court, 541-549-8800 • CHASINGICE(PG) 2:30 • THE CROODS (PG) 2:45, 5, 7 • THE HOST (PG-t3) 2:30, 5, 7:30 • OLYMPUSHASFALLEN(R) 2:45, 5:15, 7:45 • SILVER LININGSPLAYBOOK(R) 4:30, 7

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.18)

** * * * C hoose a fun activity or pastime that allows you to escape the ** * * G o ing overboard or developing here-and-now. Take aday trip to a favorite GEMINI (May 21-June20) place, for example. Tonight: Others follow ** * * S low down, and get some much- a devil-may-care attitude will have its ramifications. Be aware of what your your lead. neededR& R.You mightbeconfused as to limits are. You can indulge only so much. © 2013 by King Features Syndicate friends and family, the better.


Regal Old Mill Stadium 16 tl IMAX, 680 S.W.Powerhouse Drive, 541-382-6347



Madras Cinema5,1101 S.W. U.S. Highway97, 54t-475-3505 • THE CROODS (PG) 12:10, 2:30, 4:50, 7:10, 9:20 • G.I. JOE:RETALIATION3-D (PG-I3) I2:20, 5, 7:20 • G.I. JOE:RETALIATION(PG-13) 2:40, 9:40 • THE HOST (PG-13) I:35, 4:10, 6:45, 9:30 • OLYMPUSHASFALLEN(R) 1:20, 4, 6:40, 9:15 • OZTHE GREAT AND POWERFUL (PG)1:10,4:05,7,9:45 •

Pine Theater, 214 N.Main St., 541-416-1014 • THECROODS (UPSTAIRS — PG)Noon,2:30,5,7:10 • G.l. JOE:RETALIATION(PG-13) 1,4, 7 • Theupstairs screening roomhaslimited accessibility.


•i I






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by CMS, for The Bulletin Advertising Department Curb appeal can be very important when selling a home. Even a home with a perfectly manicured lawn and the newest roofing and siding can seem unappealing if the windows are dirty. Dirty windows are unsightly, and they can prevent beneficial sunlight from entering a home. The job need not be done every week, but it shouldn't be overlooked completely, either. As spring cleaning commences, now's a great time to clean windows. For theacrophobics, cleaning second-story windows can test the nerves. Having the r i ght tools on hand and a strategy in place will make the job easier to manage. While it certainly may be a chore to clean windows, there are ways tomake the task much more tolerable. The following nine-step process canmake the task of cleaning windows less difficult and less time consuming: 1. Choose a day when it is overcast so you will not be blinded by the sun while cleaning. This also helps prevent streaking. Begin by gathering what you'll need to get the task done. Having everything a t t h e r e ady will enable you to move from one window to the next. Here are the basic supplies you will need:

• cleaning solution • cloth, newspaper or squeegee • towel • spray bottle • extension pole to reach high wlridows • vacuum • ladder or step stool • garden hose 2. Take down and clean drapery or blinds when cleaning the windows. Remove the curtains so you will have an unobstructed surface with which to work. 3. Start with the interior side of the windows, asthey are easier to access. Place a towel on the sill to catch any drops so the sill or the floor will stay dry. 4. Spray a lint-free cloth or the window directly with the cleaning solution. The edges and corners of the window tend to accumulate the most grime, so begin by cleaning those areas first.Once they are clean and you will not exchange dirt to the center of the window, work on the middle. Wipe the windows in a horizontal direction to help alleviate dripping. 5. To create a streak-free surface,some people prefer to use a squeegee to drag out a n y pockets of moisturefor more even drying. Be sure to wipe the rubberstrip of the squeegee after each pass on the window. You may choose to buff out any other streaks with newspaper. 6. Vacuum the window sill and frame afterward to catch any dust and debris.

7. Repeat the process for all interior windows. 8. Move outdoors and start off by spraying the window with a garden hose to loosen any of the accumulated grime. Use your cleaning solution to dissolve the rest of the dirt. You may want to let it sit on the window if there is stubborn grime. Repeat the cleaning process used indoors for each window. 9. If exterior second-floor windows are hard to reach, consider using a ladder and extension pole to extend your reach. Upper windows will not be scrutinized as closely as lower windows, so you may have a greater margin for error. If the w i ndows are simply too high up, rely on a professional window cleaner to get the job done rather than risk falls or other injuries.

Mix your own window cleaning solution: It may take trial and error to find a solution that works. Here is one recipe you may want to start with: I cup white vinegar I I/2 cups rubbing alcohol 2 drops of dish soap

Curb appeal can be very important~' when selling a home. Even a home with a perfectly manicured lawn and the newest roofing and siding can see unappealing if the windows are dirty.

Pour into a clean and empty spray bottle. REMEMBER: Never mix bleach and ammonia together to create a cleaning solution, as toxic fumes will result.


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Apt./Multiplex Redmond Country Living! Upstairs duplex, small kitchenette, 1 bdrm, den, outside deck. 17735 NW Lone Pine Rd., Terrebonne. $500 per mo.


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NW Redmondi $699,000 • 3568 sq.ft. • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath • Cascade & Deschutes River views • MLS 201301893 705 Jen Bowen, Broker The Kelleher Group Real Estate Services 541-280-2147 Boise, ID Real Estate For relocation info, dg call Mike Conklin, 208-941-8458 Silvercreek Realty MORRIS REAL ESTATE 730


541-504-0837 New Listings Just bought a new boat? Sell your old one in the Awbrey Butte i classifieds! Ask about our $759,000 Super Seller rates! • 4685 sq.ft. 541-385-5809 • 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath • Private .47 acre lot 648

Houses for Rent General


• MLS 201301902

Shelly Hummel, Broker, CRS, GRI, CHMS

PUBLISHER'S NOTICE All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the

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Upscale Duplex. Now is 1491 NW Promontory- 26720 Horsell - 120 Pri Butte vate Acres of Central Business Opportunity the time to purchase Awbrey i ncome property t o Charmer on 1.05 Acre O regon Beau t y . i $149,000 take advantage of in- lot, Owner T e rms. $420,000 • Tropical Beach TanTEAM Birtola Garmyn creasing rental rates $625,000 ning High Desert Realty • NW Bend, near COCC and historically low TEAM Birtola Garmyn 541-312-9449 i nterest rates. T h is High Desert Realty • Established clientele townhome styled du541-312-9449 www. BendOregon • MLS 201205145 plex is located in Emwww. BendOregon Paula Vanvleck, Broker p ire Village and i s 541-280-7774 2463 NW High Lakesclose to three schools, 2 3475 Hwy 20 East parks and shopping. 36+ Acre Bend Cas Across from park 8 school in NW Cross Each unit features 3 Nursery. ing. $469,900 bdrm, 2.5 baths, open cade $749,000 kitchen with i s land, TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn MORRIS High Desert Realty g as f ireplace a n d High Desert Realty REAL ESTATE 541-312-9449 single garage. Lo541-312-9449 www. BendOregon cated on a nice corwww. BendOregon River Canyon Estates lot with f enced C ommercial Lots I n ner i $379,000 back yards and land• 3000 sq.ft. Crooked River Ranch. scaping. 20830 Nova 67170 Gist, Bend. Al- 14 Golden Eagle, Bend. High-end resort rental, Great opportunity to • 4 bedroom, 3 bath most 10 acre horse Loop. $299,947. river & m t n v i ews. start a b usiness or • .15 acre lot property w/v i ews. Everett, CCIM $899,000 relocate an existing Gary • MLS 201301772 $419,900 Principal Broker Birtola Garmyn business. Near resMat Robinson, Broker 541-480-6130 TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM High Desert Realty t aurants, hotel a n d Joan Steelhammer, 541-977-5811 High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 golf course. Owner 541-312-9449 Broker www. BendOregon terms available. Busiwww. BendOregon 541 -41 9-371 7 ness Circle, Lot Remax 1.05 acres - $25,000. 19558 Greatwood 52361 P onderosa Wonderful Duplex on Commercial Loop, Lot MORRIS the SW side of town, Cute cabin on fenced Bend Westside River 49 1.26 acres, Lot REAL ESTATE s h opping, 1.2 acres, s ecurity Rim Home on Corner 50 - 1.30 acres. Lot close to Lot. $245,000 I dp & ly O d d dp I nice large lot, each gate. $84,000 51 - 1.23 acres. unit is 2 bedroom, 1 TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn SE Bend i $159,000 $35,000 each or purHigh Desert Realty • 1639 sq.ft. chase a l l 3 for b ath each w it h a Prudential High Desert 541-312-9449 single car g a rage, Realty 541-312-9449 • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath $90,000 www. BendOregon www. BendOregon • Close to schools & Juniper Re a l ty, new roof. Great vestor pote n t ial. 541-504-5393 shopping MLS¹201301089 • MLS 201301835 19717 Mt. Bachelor 533 N E Sh o s hone$149,500 Dawn Ulrickson, Broker, General Store & Gas Recently Updated Mt. 4bedroom Home on 2 Pumps. Be your own D & D R ealty Group CRS, GRI, SFR B achelor Vill a g e Lots, La n d scaped. Boss! General store LLC 541-923-8664 541-610-9427 Condo. $169,000 $199,000. establishment 8 fuel People Look for Information TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn pumps, inventory 8 High Desert Realty High Desert Realty About Products and equipment i n cluded 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 with the land & build- Services Every Daythrough www. BendOregon www. BendOregon ings. 2 Bdrm, 1 bath TheBulletin C/assiffeds MORRIS manufactured home REAL ESTATE 740 included in the sale. 51863 Fordham - Gor Find exactly what I d p d l yo d d op d Candice A n derson, Condo/Townhomes you are looking for in the geous Craftsman 3 SE Bend i $249,900 Broker 541-788-8878 bdrm + O ffice Loft. for Sale CLASSIFIEDS • 1840 sq.ft. John L. Scott $189,900 • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath Real Estate, Bend Inn at the Seventh Mt. 2 17225 Indio - Cabin in TEAM Birtola Garmyn • Park-like setting High Desert Realty bedroom, 2.5 b a t h, the Woods on d/2Acre • MLS 201301836 541-312-9449 1136 Sq. Ft. condo. Lot. $131,000 Sherry Perrigan, Redmond i $2,500,000 www.BendOregon Remodeled inside & • Established Car Wash out. V ie w o f Mt TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty • Central location Bachelor f ro m al l 541-312-9449 • Consistent sales 8 $ 265,000 Home w i t h rooms! Th e e n t ire www. BendOregon profit H uge 72x60 S h op condo can be rented • MLS 201206492 MLS¹201209007 or the master suite Steve Payer, Linda Lou Day-Wright, can be closed off & 17360 Brandt. Large Broker, GRI Broker, 541-771-2585 1/2 Acre Lot near Big MORRIS rented separately in 541-480-2966 creasing rental oppor Deschutes. $239,900 Crooked River Realty REAL ESTATE tunity. Positive TEAM Birtola Garmyn I d p d l yo d d op d King Solomonm onthly cash f l o w Prudential High Desert 61250 Updated Kings Forest South Deerfield Parki thus-out the summer Realty 541-312-9449 3 b edroom H ome. $234,000 of 2012. 10% H OA www. BendOregon $285,000 • 1500 sq.ft. MORRIS Reduction! $185,000 TEAM Birtola Garmyn • 3 bedroom, 2 bath Home-ID 984 REAL ESTATE In 8 35-837 3rd S t . High Desert Realty • Floor-to-ceiling rock Eagle Crest Properties I d p d dyo R d o p « d come Inv e stment 541-312-9449 fireplace 866-722-3370 Property in High Traf www. BendOregon • MLS 201301705 738 Wow! Creekside Town fic Area. $300,000 Darrin Kelleher, Broker Multiplexes for Sale H ome with a l l t h e TEAM Birtola Garmyn 1645 NE Cackler, Bend. High Desert Realty available upgrades & 541-312-9449 R emodeled 4 b d r m Investment Opportunity! Cascade M o u ntain Tamarack Park www. BendOregon Duplex! $166,000. NE views. Professionally charmer. $199,900 Redmond dup l ex, furnished and ready TEAM Birtola Garmyn single level 1250 sq. for you! Three bed 12445 NW Rainbow High Desert Realty ft., 2 b d r m, 2 b ath room, 3.5 bath, 1871 Private Setting on 5 MORRIS 541-312-9449 each, gas fireplace. square feet. $263,000 Acres Backing Public REAL ESTATE www. BendOregon Single car g a rage, Home-ID 991 Land. $348,000 l&p & l yo d d op I d landscaped,fenced Eagle Crest Properties TEAM Birtola Garmyn Paula Mellon 866-722-3370 High Desert Realty 541-977-4009 What are you 541-312-9449 Commercial/Investment 745 Central Oregon www. BendOregon looking for? Properties for Sale Homes for Sale Realty Group, LLC You'll find it in 1 6623 Dillon W a y Ridge v iew 63055 C a r nelian NE Bend i $349,000 60235 $23,000. Light indus • Two Duplexes - Woodside Ran c h Beautiful River Home- The Bulletin Classifieds trial l ot s a v a ilable.• Excellent rental history Home, 2. 3 A c r es, site in Bend including High Lakes Realty & • Close to hospital blueprints $425,000 Shop. $340,000 P roperty Man a g e • MLS 201300512 TEAM Birtola Garmyn 541-385-5809 TEAM Birtola Garmyn ment 541-536-0117 High Desert Realty High Desert Realty Scott Huggin, 541-312-9449 61681 Woodriver - 2 Broker, GRI 541-312-9449 1.27 acres zoned for www. BendOregon www. BendOregon Lots Total .77 Acres 541-322-1500 multi-houses $46,900. Adj 2 Lots For Sale 16545 Finley Butte. La Pine. High Lakes 16354 Big Buck - Pri- 2083 N W Ca s c ade Too! $449,500 Birtola Garmyn Realty & Pr o perty View - 3050 sq.ft. ce TEAM vate cottage in t he High Desert Realty Management pines near the river. dar chalet w/views. 541-312-9449 MORRIS 541-536-0117 $449,000 $80,000 www. BendOregon TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn Commercial b u i lding REAL ESTATE High Desert Realty High Desert Realty 109320 Hwy 97 No., 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 1751 N W Gl a ssow, Chemult $35 , 000. Terrific Investment. www. BendOregon www. BendOregon Bend, OR. You'll fall High Lakes Realty & Tri-Plex, SW i n l ov e w i t h th i s P roperty Man a g e mond, Great location one-of-a-kind beautiment 541-536-0117 1-3 bdrm, 1550 SF/3 59774 Cheyenne - Re 3546 SW 3 5 t h-Large Hom e ful family home mamodeled 4 Bedroom 4 000+Sq.ft. Historic Gilchrist The bdrm, 1270 SF/2 H ome in Bend . w/Wine Cellar. jestically situated on bdrm, 1131 SF/1 atre available! Origi Awbrey Butte in Bend, $477,000 bdrm. Garages, Patio, $164,900 nal seating, projec OR. It feat u r es TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn $225,900 tors, lighting, movie amazing c r aftsmanHigh Desert Realty High Desert Realty MLS¹ 201209269 screen and speakers. ship and unique qual541-312-9449 541-312-9449 Jim Hinton Possibilities endless! i ty t hroughout w i th www. BendOregon www. BendOregon 541-420-6229 200+ s eats. B r i ng rich wood ceiling back original theatre, Central Oregon Realty cents, granite, hardDinner theatre? Play Group, LLC 1623 Rector - Up 16010 Green Forestwood, surround sound house? Concert hall? graded single level R emodeled 4 B d rm and more. Nestled on Tri-plex i $379,500 Vacant lot across the w heelchair acc e s Home, Owner Financ approx. 1 private acre street also available to • 2 or 3 bedroom units sible home. $74,900 ing. $159,000 this serene, park like create a parking lot. • Each has 1-car garage TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn setting featu r es • SW Redmond Ask for a s h owing! High Desert Realty High Desert Realty amazing outdoor liv• MLS 2904198 $124,000 MLS¹ 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 ing w it h m u l tilevel Sydne Anderson, 201207316. Call Kerry www. BendOregon www. BendOregon decks, beautiful pine Broker, CRS, WCR, 541-815-6363 trees and sweeping CDPE, GREEN Cascade Realty, city views. 4 Bdrms 17075 Oxnard - Won 1501 NW Ice, Bend - 5 541-420-1111 541-433-5678 d erful 2 0 0 2 Bui l t acres o f s w eeping and 3 b a t hs. T h is La P i n e bu s iness. h ome o n d/~ Acre. v iews a t b a s e o f home has almost $349,900. Profitable, $209,900 Smith Rock. $150,000 4000 sq.ft. of l iving space, lovingly upTEAM Birtola Garmyn includes building and TEAM Birtola Garmyn dated throughout - Its inventory. High Lakes High Desert Realty High Desert Realty MORRIS unique and timeless. 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 Realty 8 Pr o perty REAL ESTATE Ken 54 1 - 788-3314 Management www. BendOregon www. BendOregon I d l d lyo d d o p «d Linda 541-350-5111 541-536-0117 •


MORRIS F air H o using A c t REAL ESTATE which makes it illegal l&p d l y o d do p to a d v ertise "any Awbrey Parki preference, limitation $675,000 or disc r imination • 3100 sq.ft. based on race, color, religion, sex, handi- • 3 bedroom, 3 bath acre lot cap, familial status, •• .69 MLS 201301907 marital status or national origin, or an in- Shelly Hummel, Broker, CRS, GRI, CHMS tention to make any such pre f e rence, limitation or discrimination." Familial status includes children under the age of 18 MORRIS living with parents or legal cus t o dians, REAL ESTATE pregnant women, and I d p d ly O d dOp people securing cusDowntown Bend i tody of children under $749,000 18. This newspaper • 2593 sq.ft. will not knowingly ac- • 2 bedroom, 3 bath cept any advertising • Historic characterfor real estate which is renovated in violation of the law. • MLS 201301793 Our r e a ders ar e Al Eastwood, hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination cal l MORRIS HUD t o l l -free at REAL ESTATE 1-800-877-0246. The I d p d l y o d do p d toll f ree t e lephone number for the hearMadras i $149,000 ing im p a ired is • 2008 sq.ft. 1-800-927-9275. • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath • .15 acre lot Rented your • MLS 201301684 Property? The Bulletin Classifieds Dawn Ulrickson, Broker, has an "After Hours" Line. Call 541-383-2371 24 Hours to




Rooms for Rent




Studios 8 Kitchenettes Furnished room, TV w/


Houses for Rent NE Bend

l& p d ly O d dOp cable, micro & fridge. Metolius i $111,500 Utils & l inens. New owners.$145-$165/wk A very sharp looking • 1548 sq.ft. 541-382-1885 2000 s q.ft. 3 B drm/ • 3 bedroom, 2 bath 2bath home, gas FP 8 • Move-in condition furnace, tile floors & • MLS 201301677 What are you 603 Darryl Doser, carpet, open l i ving Rental Alternatives looking for? k itchen, dining. N o smoking/no pets. Call You'll find it in Single Male, 61, em541-388-2250, or ployed, seeks care- The Bulletin Classifieds 541-815-7099. taker living arrange658 ment. 54'-389-3639. 541-385-5809 Houses for Rent MORRIS Call The Bulletin At REAL ESTATE Redmond 541-385-5809 I d p d l y o d do p d 834 Place Your Ad Or E-Mail Apt./Multiplex NE Bend 2 Bdrm, 1 bath mobile, Midtown Bend i N . of R e dmond i n At: $319,900 small park, $650 mo., • 2371 sq.ft. pxGREAT WINTER s $250 deposit, Please • 3 bedroom, 3 bath 827 DEAL! call 541-81 5-7310 • Adjacent buildable lot 2 bdrm, 1 bath, Vacation Rentals included $530 & $540 w/lease. 659 & Exchanges • MLS 201301952 Carports included! Houses for Rent Darrin Kelleher, Broker 5-star Gold C rown! FOX HOLLOW APTS. The Kelleher Group Sunriver (541) 383-31 52 Exc. 2 bdrm, SunriCascade Rental ver, next to amuseVILLAGE PROPERTIES Management. Co. ment par k A v a il. Sunriver, Three Rivers, 4/4-11 & 4 / 1 1-18. La Pine. Great 541-433-2901 Call for Speciafs! Selection. Prices range Limited numbers avail. $425 - $2000/mo. 1, 2 and 3 bdrms. EAGLE CREST 2 Bdrm View our full MORRIS W/D hookups, patios condo, April 6-13. inventory online at REAL ESTATE or decks. 516-318-6051 Vi// I d p d l y o d do p« & MOUNTAIN GLEN, 1 -866-931 -1 061 541 -383-931 3 NE Bendi $59,000 Professionally • 841 sq.ft. condo Call a Pro Garage Sales • 3 bedroom, 1 bath managed by Norris & Whether you need a Stevens, Inc. • Convenient location Garage Sales • MLS 201301815 fence fixed, hedges Ray Bachman, trimmed or a house q>~j< Jump Into Garage Sales Broker,GRI Sprinq! built, you'll find 541-312-4044 Find them 2 bdrm, 1 bath, professional help in $530 8 $540 w/lease. in The Bulletin's "Call a Carports included! The Bulletin Service Professional" FOX HOLLOW APTS. Directory (541) 383-3152 Classifieds MORRIS Cascade Rental 541-385-5809 REAL ESTATE Management. Co. 541-385-5809





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Why buy x d i stressed property when buying x ne~ home is so easy. S top by vn d t o u r o u r madel hOme taday! Wd. would love to show you hny lp Iyuying nem l et's

21267 Dayltly Avenue

you lx|ild the home you Directions: From //wy. 20 r eally mant. W e l o o k go south on 27th, turn left on forward to meeting you. Starlight Oc

JJOS/ed 6 LiSted byr

Hosted 6 Listed by EDIE DEIAY Principu/ Broker

I izfed byr

Directions: NW Shev/in Park Rd tehich hecomes Johnson Rd

Broker HOS/ed byr

for open pa~t t he park, lookft le house sig ns.

$1 t 29 $ t000

HOS/ed 6 LiSted byd

Great room with stone

fireplaces 4 bedroom, 4 baths sauna hot rub & gated entry.


RE/kTm <ROTjp ~ MOnteViSta HOmeS 5 1-207-15 1



63045 Johnson Rd.









SAT. 12 — 3PM



Large NE Bend home. Spacious living room w/fireplace and country k itche n w / i s l a n d . Separate utility room

$ 1,1

,0 0 0

hedrooms, 2 hathrooms with 1980 SF. Ready to move into! HOS/ed byd



20710 NEBeaumont Dr., Bend Directions: Ea~t on Cooley Rdo left on Higb Standard Drive.


541-977-4009 LiSted byr



and fenced backyard. 3

PHncipa/ Broker




Open greatroomwith exposed beams, tongue and groove wood ceiling andhugepicture windows bring the outdoor scenery to life. Gourmet . kitchen, artful details, 4 bdrm suites, 4 fireplaces, cherry tr3Gray Birch Ct., Sunriver wood off ice, sports bar & gathering room,4-cargarage. Directions: S. Hwy 97 /o Ask for list of other amenities Cottonwood Exit, a/ traffic circle take & Cascade //d, at next circle & features. /a/.e IV.Core //d, right onto Gray LiSted byr

HOS/ed byr

20388 Buttermilk Court Directions: Hwy 97, east on Knott Rd to Mrn. High, Mtn High Loop to Bunermilk court.

Principle Broker

BILL RAVEN I Brokev Sunday







Brand new 2328 oq. It. P ahlisch home i n T h e B ridges! G r eat r o o m with c o z y f i r e p l a c e, kitchen w i t h s t a i n l ess appliances. Large master suite ydith walk-in closet 61167 SE Ambassador and mountain views. Big Drive, Bend guest rooms xnd honuo Directions: From the Par/.vyay, room. Two car garage, eas/on Reed Market, sou/h on /5ih fenced yard. Just down the ft (easr). street from the amazing 5treet, ro community o¹ le community amenities.

SATURDAY 11AM — 3PM This immaculate custom built home features 5586 sq. It. 3 bdrms, 2.5 baths, formal dining & living rooms, family room, bonus room w/wet bar, office/ den, master bedroom w/private balcony, 3 gas fireplaces, vaulted ceilings & triple car garage




Authentic Iog home on 17 acres mountain viems.


Listed by: Pr/nci a/ Broker, ABR



Quality Hendrickson home — 2296 sq. ft., 3 bed + o f f i ce/den a nd b o n u s ro o m ! H ardw oo d f l o o r s , m aster o n m ai n , 60820 ScottsBluff PL granite, and beautifully Directions: Brookswood Blvd. landscaped. Shops, south, right on AmberMeadow parks & r e staurants Dr, left on scotts Bluff only a block away!




12PM — 4PM






TO PLACE AN AD CALL CLASSIFIED• 541-385-5809 Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

$179,500 New on the Awbrey Village j M arket! L ight a n d $849,900 bright home that fea- • 4043 sq.ft. tures upgraded • 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath kitchen with a center • 2007 COBA Tour island, skylight 8 like Home new appliances. • MLS 201300838 Large bonus r o om Dana Miller, Broker 541-408-1468 with built-ins and wet b ar. $179,500 M i ke E veridge, Brok e r Cg 541-390-0098 or

Homes for Sale




Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Comfortable home to Deschutes Drake Park Historic Gated Community make your own. Here Riverwoods j $279,000 District Charming 8 well • 1640 sq.ft. i t is . . . 1 9 50s e r a Capture the charm and cared for home. Light original wood floors • 3 bedroom, 2 bath character of yester- & Bright, vaulted ceilunder th e ca r pet.• 1.77 acres year while enjoying i ngs, skylights, a i r Formal living r o om • MLS 201301478 the best of the Bend conditioning & l arge w/gas fire p lace. Virginia Ross, Broker, lifestyle! Lush grounds deck. Amenities inKitchen & dining area ABR, CRS, GRI and vibrant gardens c lude front yard & 541-480-7501 open to large family embellish the classic common area mainteroom, southern expoarchitecture featuring nance, pool, sports sure privacy glass, an inviting front porch, c ourt, 8 s n o w r e access spacious covbrick accents, a nd moval. $180,000 Su541 -389-791 0 two-car garage. A to- san Pitarro, Broker e red d e ck , hu g e Hunter Properties LLC backyard and storage tal of 5 bedrooms plus 541-410-8084 or MORRIS MORRIS building. B a t hroom o ffice/bonus roo m 541-389-7910 REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE 20375 Marsh Rd. - 9.93 remodel 2004, new 30 creates flexible living Hunter Properties LLC P dp d l p O d dOp Acres! Country home year roof 2008. Oh, options and room for on Tumalo acreage Beautiful custom home. you want RV parking all. Enjoy a secluded Call a Pro Desirable L i ving in w/full Cascade All on 1 level. Lg. wing ot it ! M L S ¹ master suite perched Whether you need a Starwood! A m azing Mountain views! 2908 dows for l ight/bright 201300897 $89,900. on the second floor views of the Cascade with a tiled bath and sq.ft., 3 bdrm & 3.5 fence fixed, hedges John L. Scott Real comfort. Huge master Mountains!!! This bath w / sp a c ious suite w/vaulted ceil- Estate 541-548-1712 rivate balc o n y. trimmed or a house home features 2 fire- p kitchen, pond, under- ings & skylights. Cozy kitchen with & separation of Striking built you'll find ground irrigation & professional-style Co u ntry places family room w / gas Convenient master bed r oom. s tudio/office a b o ve fireplace o p e n professional help in Living. Quiet, close to range adjoins a spato Kitchen has like new g arage. Quality i n kitchen. ious f a mily r o o m The Bulletin's "Call a Bend... Acreage with appliances 8 new cadorned each room! $599,000 MLS¹201208542 large pond, gated, all counter tops, hardwith custom f enced & cros s wood floors, bonus built-ins and beamed Service Professional" $199,900 6309 Ken Theobold, Directory f enced. Home a n d room & l arge Trex ceiling that leads to a John L. Scott Real Broker 8 Kathy Caba, Estate 541-548-1712 l arge shop all o n e deck for entertaining. storybook patio! This 541-385-5809 P rincipal Brok e r b uilding. Gran i te an incredible opPi- is 541-419-0550 & Between bend & Redp ortunity to o w n a kitchen, ins u lated $338,900. Susan Broker sizeable home in an Good i n vestment 541-771-1761 mond Terrific location shop... Many extras. tarro, Home is in the 100 541-410-8084 or John L. Scott - 4 bdrm, 1 bath in exemplary neighbor- year flood plain. It 541-389-791 0 Real Estate, Bend 2 888y sf home o n h arona Sharo n Hunter hood just a s t one's needs some TLC but Properties LLC 5.75y a c res . A Abrams, throw to Drake Park sits on a wonderful lot Pri n cipal Country feel but close Broker, CRS, and vibrant D own- a nd could make a to t ow n a m e nities. 541-280-9309 D esirable Quail R u n town Bend! MLS good investment or Call a Pro Neighborhood. B u ilt Super fireplace w/rock John L. Scott ¹201206543 first home. Possible Whether you need a surround for a m bi- Real Estate, Bend 2007, Open floor plan $696,000 owner terms. w/loft, 1839 sq. ft., 3 a nce, plus a L o p i David D. Gilmore, fence fixed, hedges MLS¹201209476 Woodstove that can br, 2.5 bath, gas fireBroker. 541-312-7271 $40,000 trimmed or a house heat the whole house. Country Living Close to place, fenced back HColdwelBanker D 8 D R e alty Group built, you'll find Great room floor plan Town Open floor plan yard. Includes appliMorris Real Estate. LLC 541-923-8664 w/living room 8 lends itself to casual ances & washer/dryer, Eagle C rest b e h ind professional help in Call The Bulletin At kitchen having living. Formal living & centrally located. The Bulletin's "Call a gates & on 11th fairwide-plank floors of 541-385-5809 room and s pacious Priced to s ell. Call Service Professional" reclaimed pine. Dis- family room. Access Today! Gail Rogers, way. Great room open Place Your Ad Or E-Mail to dining w/covered tressed maple cabi- from Knott road to the Broker 541-604-1649 Directory deck access & cook's At: nets in Kitchen with 1 John L. Scott back of yard for RV 541-385-5809 kitchen w/alder cabin- Great Family Home. 1 /2 thi c k slat e parking. $15 9 ,500 Real Estate, Bend etry, granite counter Great open floor plan counters. If you like a Debbie Tallman, tops & tile floor, over- with spacious kitchen 3bd/2bath, 1999 Mfd. cozy c o untry f e e l. ker 541-390-0934 or looking golf course & & lots o f w i ndows, home in C r escent. You've got it!! Beau- 541-389-7910 Desirable Sta r wood m tn. vistas . S p a - Large master suite Fenced, front 8 back tiful Cascade Moun- Hunter Properties LLC with Incredible Views cious master suite 8 deck. Detached gatain Views. 2 corrals, of Mt. Jefferson. Very luxury bath w/see-thru with 2 closets 8 genrage with partial sec- pond, shared lake, 3 be d private, i m maculate fireplace & deck ac- e rous s i ze d tion of the garage fin- acres of irrigation, 2 USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! h ome, wit h rooms. Huge backgre a t cess to hot tub. Ini shed. Sold a s i s . stall barn. $375,000 room, gas fireplace, door/outdoor speak- yard. Move in ready. 4 Door-to-door selling with $64,900 MLS MLS¹201205878 bdrm 8 2.5 bath. Call m aster b dr m h a s 201209344 fast results! It's the easiest great separation, and ers, intercom, central for more information. Bobbie Strome, vac 8 solar hot water Cascade Realty, Principal Broker way in the world to sell. Jac k son, large dining area w/ systems. Fin i shed Barbara Dennis Haniford, John L Scott Real Broker 541-306-8186 bay windows. b asement, bon u s Princ. Broker Estate 541-385-5500 The Bulletin Classified John L. Scott $235,000. Susan Pi r oom a bove 1 0 6 0 Real 541-536-1731 Estate, Bend 541-385-5809 tarro, Broker sq.ft., triple garage. Broken Topj 541-410-8084 or MLS¹201203992 60674 Rocking Horse $1,175,000 541-389-791 0 $529,900 Court. Trad i tional • 3814 sq.ft. Crooked River Ranch BULLETIN CLASSIFIEDS Sale! Nestled in the • 3 bedroom plus den, 3 6031 SW Tarpon, 3/2, Hunter Properties LLC John L. Scott Real Search the area's most Estate 541-548-1712 bath 1 620 s q . f t. , 5 .1 4 pines this home ofcomprehensive listing of acres, 28x30 shop/ga- Do you love to p lay Fantastic single level fers a great open floor • Golf Course Views classified advertising... rage, w e l l . MLS g olf? H o w abo u t home. Views of the real estate to automotive, plan 3 bdrm 8 2 bath, • MLS 201204424 ¹201204594 walking out your back valley floor and par- merchandise to sporting 1639 sq.ft. with 12 ft. David Gilmore, Broker d oor o n t h e 10 t h ceilings, newer vinyl 541-312-7271 Teri Cravens, Broker Cascade views. goods. Bulletin Classifieds 541-647-0910 g reen of Glaz e tial windows & Trane heat This home is move-in appear every day in the M eadow a t Bl a c k Fred Real Estate Group pump. Spacious .34 print or on line. ready and has lots of Cg B utte Ranch? T h is acre lot with plenty of storage space. Call 541-385-5809 immaculate 3738 room for RV parking 8 Cute Upgraded Home. F reshly painted i n - all your toys. A defiBeautiful single level sq.ft. h ome o f fers side and out, n ew MORRIS many amenities, a nite mu s t see! home on over 1 acre. REAL ESTATE range, dishwasher inThe Bulletin gas fireplace in the 3 bdrm 8 2 bath, upcluded. $16 9 ,000. 7053 Maralin B aidgraded granite living room, wonder- MLS ¹201301275 Great home with worke nmann, Brok e r Broken Top j $819,000 kitchen. Detached of- ful ambient lighting in John L. Scott Real able floor plan, in an every room, built-in Estate 541-325-1096 fice/studio. 2 car ga• 3220 sq.ft. 541-548-1712 older, w e l l es t a bJohn L. Scott • 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath rage, lan d scaped, speaker system, inlished neighborhood sec u rity Real Estate, Bend freshly painted, spar- tercom & • .36 acre on 12th fairNeed to get an at the end of a dead kling c l e a n and systems, a b undant way end street. M ature w o n derful ad in ASAP? move-in ready. Room storage, • MLS 201208657 landscaping and RV $99,900 Price Reduc- Shelly Hummel, Broker, to build a shop. Can- views of the beautiful You can place it parking t oo . D o n 't P onderosas 8 s u r tion! This condo will dice Anderson, BroCRS, GRI, CHMS online at: miss th is one! make for a great getrounding landscape. ker 541-788-8878 541-383-4361 MLS¹201209288 $998,000 a way or s mart i n John L. Scott $51,900 v estment. Close t o John L. Scott Real Real Estate, Bend D & D R ealty Group dg Estate 541-548-1712 d owntown and t h e 541-385-5809 LLC 541-923-8664 ever popular Old Mill District. Amenities inMORRIS clude pool, t e nnis REAL ESTATE courts and trails acc essing t h e De s chutes River. Grant Broken Top Golf Estate L udwick, Brok e r so u t herly 541-633-0255 or Sweeping views of the 17th Tee, 541-389-7910 17th Lake, and 16th Hunter Properties LLC Hole! The Pinehurst at Broken Top r e preAffordable housing, 2 b edroom, 2 bath . sents an unmatched benchmark for quality Great Location. MLS¹ and luxury. 201209551 $67,449. Single-level living by John L. Scott Real Steven Van Sant creEstate 541-548-1712 ated b y Pac w est Homes in 2006 with .=4M masonry wood burnGarage Sales 1' ing fireplace, hand-textured w a l ls Garage Sales and ceilings, elegant Garage Sales s tone b a t h s wit h heated floors, extenFind them sive custom woodwork and trim, clad in wood windows, and The Bulletin dynamic s h owcase kitchen equipped with Classifieds Wolf r a n g e and built-in r e f rigerator. 541-385-5809 Oversized 3-car garage, den, wine cellar, A lovely home that sits M ontana stone acs ecluded o n 4.2 8 cents, entry courtyard, acres in Madras Ran- and private hot tub chos. It f eatures a this timeless wonderful living and enhance designed for d ining r o o m wi t h estate seeking nothbeautiful wood floor- those less than the best! ing. The b edrooms ing Classic o pean are large, the utility touches lendEur of room over sized, and refinement! an air 30 year fixed APR 15 year fixed APR MLS the kitchen is nicely ¹201204424 laid out with stunning $1,175,000 views from it's winDavid D. Gilmore, dows. A cozy family Broker. 541-312-7271 Purchas e price$350,000,20% down,Loanamount$280,000,30yrfixed. room, complete with HColdwelBanker bookshelf and storMorris Real Estate. age, is right off the k itchen. The h o me Canyon Rim Village JumbaPurChaSePriCe/ualue $800 000-20% dOWnl equity $640000laanamaunt Ofer Valid aSOidateOfad, reS tnCtiaidSmayaPPly RateS/feeSSubieCttOChange OnAPPrOVedCredit. has an attached two 1 050 NW 1 5 t h S t . car garage with great 4/2.5 + bonus room, storage, as well as a 1/3 acre, corner lot in detached shop that is R edmond. M L S over 650 square feet 201300904 according to county John Furrow, Broker records. $ 2 4 9,900.541-647-0910 MLS¹201300777 Fred Real Estate Group MO RT GAG E CORPORATION D & D R ealty Group LLC 541-923-8664 Casa Mariposa j $3,990,000 Amazing Golf Views! • 8676 sq.ft. Academy Mortgage Achieves ¹1 Independent Lender Situated perfectly be- • 7 bedroom, 7.5 bath hind Broken Top's first • Bachelor to Jefferson Ranking for Purchase Business in the United States! green with approach views ddpd SOurCe —Cdppldgdp MarketTrdd shot a n d fai rway • MLS 201106412 views from the MasMegan Power, ter Bedroom, Living, Broker, GRI, CDPE and Dining r ooms. 541-610-7318 Well worth your time to view t his B rand New remodel with Exc ellent Attention t o Detail. Updates i nMORRIS clude a com p lete REAL ESTATE functional master bath I dp d dyO ~ d Op p d restructure, new flooring t h roughout,Cascade n tain new granite counters, Views. Start Mou building new stainless energy your dream home in CaSey NMLS 189449 Jennifer NMLS 288550 efficient a p pliances, beautiful north rim on finely refinished cabi- Awbrey Butte. This lot netry, interior/exterior has brea t htaking You're never alone when we're doing your loan .. paint, hybrid gas asand the ease of sist/wood bur n i ng views, building. fireplaces in the living Teresa Brown, Broker room an d m a s ter 541-788-8661 bedroom, and an outJohn L. Scott standing 500+ bottle Real Estate, Bend wine cellar. Make this unique home a prior371 SW Upper Terrace Dr., Suite 1, Bend, OR 97702 ity to view today. RECheck out the DUCED $649,000. classifieds online Neil McDaniel, Broker CORPORLIC.¹ CORP O M L.2421 I I MLS ¹3113 541-350-9579 Fred Real Estate Group Updated daily •



':g gC3 ., I



Also inquire about other listings we have in each neighborhood. Knowledgeable brokers are on site and at our office ready to answer your questions.



2446 NW Dorion Wy. $579,900 OPENSATURDAY12-3 • LEED Platinum certified • Open and bright • Master on main level

,Illa, dd d(~

Directions: West on Shevlin Park Rd., left on NW Crossing Dr., right on NW Dorion Way.



2374 NW Lemhi Pass Dr. $459,000 OPENSATURDAY12-3 • Single level, upstairs bonus • Wood, granite & tilefinishes • Luxurious master bath Directions: West on Shevlin Park Rd., left on NWCrossing Dr., right on NW Lemhi Pass Dr.


Finding the right home is hard.

Finding the right

mortgage is easy!

3.625% 3.804% 2 .750%




• •

20532 Gloucester Ln. More homesscheduled for constrtiction priced at $174,950-$194,950. • Two-story living room • Green building features • Upstairs laundry Directions: From BendParkway, east on Empire Are., left on Boyd Acres Rd.,left on Gloucester Ln.



- PA R K

63410 Overtree Rd. • 5 BR home, 2.5 acres •Cascadem ountainviews • Two master suites Directions: From BendParkwayexit Empire Ave. eastbound, left ori NE Purcell Blvd., right oii Yeoman Rd., left on Oveitree Rd.


Jumbo 30yearfixed 4.00% APR 4. l76%



d •

- a . aa •a

20729 Kilbourne Lp


on Cooley Rd., left on NE High Standard 0r., left on Beaumont 0r., left on Nokes Pl., left on Kilbourne Lp.

lots, lots,


Custom homelots andacreage parcels available in many desirable locations including Awbrey Butte, Three Pines and other areas. Mountain, river and forested terrain views. Choices range from residential lots to 40 acres. Whether your dream location is in the center of urban activities or a secluded spot in the country, we can show you avariety of building sites.

pa~ ipa SCAN THIS CODEto view our

pl p

li p p p


tb e g a r nergrouP Real Estate LLC •

Visit our Sales Office at

541 383 4360

NorthWest Crossing.

Open Weekdays 9-5 Saturday 12-4

2762 NW Crossing Drive





/ • •







/ «« '

I I ' •







I ~QETIQNI 89 Stl8 • Fu l~ renovated condo offer


qua ity



• Travertine floors, rock Fireplace • All new appliances

• Murphy bedoffers additional sleeping room

• 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath Loft ract ion • Sleeps 6 MLS¹ 201107707 • Full sized kitchen •E ~QETIQN 2- 28 tlEtl • 8 weeks/year or trade with RCI! MLS¹2p12p8552 • Very comfortable w/balcony f views of forest & river



CalI Robin Yeakel, Broker, CRS j 541-408-040W Resort Properties Specialist


• Views from Bachelor to Mt. Jefferson on one of the few remaining custom home sites on Awbrey Butte • Gentle slope with large old growth pines • Open and spacious • Westerly views - beautiful sunsets • Offering includes complete set of custom home plans. A must see! MLS¹201301017

• To be built by R.D.

• 6.96 acres in Plainview Subdivision • Live on the property while

Building 88 Design • Quality 1862 SF home features a main level master & den • Close to schools, medical

Call Robin Yeakel, Brrocer, CRS541%08-040W (

Si via Knig t, Bro er ABR, SFR, GREEN j 541-788-4861

you build • Large 36x50shop - w/RV hookupsinside& outsidethe3bayshop • Well is in, septic in, power & other utilities installed at shop & well • Finished bay has laundry area 813/4 bath w/loft. Wood 81electric heat. • Area of larger parcels with stellar mountain views MLS¹201301490 Call Joanne McKee, Broker j 541-480-5159

Resort Properties Specialist



facilities and shopping • Featuring a great room concept, wood floors, designer carpet & tile and quality stainless appliances • Flexibility with design 8< finishes depending on stage of construction.


I ' I

' •




• « I I I

' •

trE I







• West Hills contemporary home in the pines • 3180 SF on a double lot • Contemporary floor plan and finishes • Water features, inside


coveted west side

and out

• Mature old growth pine trees, beautiful landscaping. Must see!


Call Robin Yeakel, Broke~r, RS j 541-408-0406 Resort Properties Specialist

• Vaulted ceilings throughout • Main level master • Family room with gas fireplace • Fully fenced backyard with gazebo MLS¹201302118

CalI Deb Tebbs Group, Brrorers j 541-419-4553

I '



mountainviews •Priv atebackyardw ithsunny southern exposure • Beautifully maintained and loaded w/upgrades

• 4 bedroom, 3 baths plus den/office • Oversized double car garage w/shop area & ample storage • Near National forest, on the way to Mt. Bachelor yet so close to downtown Bend MLS¹201301399 R

CalI Shelly Swanson, Broker j 541-408-0086


Call Robin Yeakel, IProrcer, CRS [ 541-408-0406 Resort Properties Specialist

• «'





'. • « «


vacation rental • Close to historic downtown and Old Mill District • Enjoy tennis, pool, hot tubs, hiking and biking trails

Deb Tebbs Group I Like us onBI


« I

• 3 bedrooms/3 bath Mt. Bachelor Village • Perfect primary home, vacation home or

• 19321 SW Brookside Way •N W chaletstyle nestled into the hillside with spectacular

• 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2555 SF • Forest Hill home on the


• «

• • •

'P .

E(f L 1

• 175 acres • Great getaway or full time residence • Quality lodge/chalet style home • Expansive mountain and lake views • Miles of horseback and hiking trails on National Forest • Big game and waterfowl hunting, fishing, birding, backpacking, etc. • Guest house, large shop • Grass runway MLS¹201204205

• 2860 SF, 3 bdrm, den, loft • Main floor master suite with patio • Huge lot w/gas firepit backing to common space • Call for a private showing anytime MLS¹201209235

Call Ron Davis, Principal Broker j 541-480-3096

Call Brian Ladd, Principal Broker l 541-408-3912


I '




and designedby Christian Gladu DesignGroup • Situated to takeadvantage of western views &maximize outdoor living areaandto take advantage ofpassivesolar gains& wonderful CascadeMtn. views • Interior organized aroundcentral living areathat visually connectsthe living, diningandkitchenwhile creating tertiary exterior living spaces • Currently under construction andslated to be complete in June 2013 • Backs upto common area MLS¹201301884

Call Shelly Swanson, Broker j 541-408-0086




• Brand new single level 3 bedroom, 3.5 baths, built by Timberline Construction

& designed by JimTebbs Design Group • Seamless integration of indoor and outdoor space, open floor plan • Private courtyard and covered back patio w/mountain views • Energy efficient Earth Advantage • A flex room & study allow for maximum versatility MLS¹201208865 Call Shelly Swanson, Broker j 541-408-0086


P •


. •

• Built by Timberline Construction

«I I I I

p •





-azra •8

a n rr eEE e

. IBa IE •

Ii 1

•s •



= • aa



• Sunny, light and private • Great room living • Exquisite finishes throughout this beautiful home • Luxury master suite on main level • Great for entertaining inside & out • 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath, den + bonus, 3190 SF MLS¹201301557

• 10 acres on the river ' with easy access


• 5234 SF custom home

• 5712 SF, 0.82 acres with full Cascade Mtn views • 5 en suite bedrooms+ 2

• 2 master suites, family room, quality finishes

• 3-car detached garage 2220 SF • One-of-a-kind property

upstairs, 3 down) • 5-car garage, gear room

w/lockers, vault, dog bath, deluxe mudroom • Sunny artist studio with French doors to the terrace

• A V - game room, inspiring views from the office • 2 story library in turret, open floor plan, gourmet kitchen



v' '

• Green built, efficient solar system • Finely crafted Gary Norman built custom • Stunning finishes • Unobstructed mountain views


Call Robin Yeakel, Broker, CRS j 541-408-0406 Resort Properties Specialist

Powder Village Creampuff ( $74,900

7 Muskrat Lane, Sunriver ( $229,000

183 Treed Acres ( $350,000

• Sunriver • 1 bedroom, 1 bath 'J • Very well maintained and charming • Great getaway place on a

• Custom wood cabinets 81 built-ins • Covered deck, expansive views

• One level, great room, oak floors • Oversized 2-car garage • Enjoy abundant wildlife MLS¹201302202

~~ =xxljjtl

Call Laura Blossey, Broker j 541-323-4809

• 3 BR/2.5 BA,2036 SF -

.75 acre!

• 5 fireplaces!

Brokers j 541-312-5151 www


• 5400 SF on flat

addl. halfbaths(2beds

Listed byThe Norma DuBois and Julie Moe Team,

Custom Home 5th Fairway ~$447,700

• Brasada Ranch

' ) I' n I

I v=

budget ~,

• 56856 Enterpnse Dr. ¹D5 MLS¹201209343

• Nicely treed • Zoned F2 with DR overlay

• Cute Sunriver cabin

• 2 BD/2 BA 1090 SF • New furnace windows & roof




t '




• Close to Crosswater,

Caldera Springs, and Sunriver

• Excellently located near

SHARC • 2 decks, carport


• Great access to Hwy 97 ~ ",' ",'~s '1!I, 8'

and recreation • 17705 Vandevert Rd.


Call C.J. Neumann, Broker, CRS j 541-410-3710 Lisa Larnbert, Broker j 541-610-9697

Call Greg Barnwell, Broker j 541-848-7222

Call Kelly Winch, Broker j 541-390-0398

Call Ken Renner, Principal Broker j 541-280-5352

6 Whistling Swan - Sunriver ~ $389,500

28 Fremont Crossing ) $439,000

Just in Time for Summer! ~ $525,000

16 Nine Iron Lane - Sunriver ) $535,000

Iliji,¹ ."



• 3 BD/2.5 BA, 1653 SF • Great location close to the river • Large deck with hot tub • Perfectly maintained • Open floor plan MLS¹201208294

• Exceptional location, very shortdistance to SHARC and Sunriver Village • Built in 2004, 3 bedrooms,

3.5 baths (2 masters) • Open floor plan, 2215 SF • Deckwithhottub • Excellent furniture pkg. avail. s .N¹IE tl~c MLS¹201203762

• 8 Quelah Lane, Sunriver • 4 bdrms/3 baths, 2591 SF • 1/3 + acre landscaped lot • Master suite w/fireplace • Great room floor plan • 3-Car Garage • Sold Furnished MLS¹201301757

' mgS •


• 3 BD/3 BA, 2228 SF Lo cated on the 15th hole of the Woodlands Golf Course • Single level • Open great room • Granite countertops • Two master suites


Call Dan Cook PC, Broker l 541-280-5303

Call Kelly Winch, Broker j 541-390-0398

Call Mike Sullivan, Principal Broker j 541-350-8616

Call Keith Petersen PC, Broker j 541-815-0906• mike©



To PLAGE AN AD cALL CLAssIFIED• 541-385-5809

Possible Business Opportunity

Beautiful Deschutes River Lot l $99,900

Highly successful bar/ restaurant together with strip mall on Hwy 97. Please call for details

• Three Rivers South • Approx. 1.60 acres • Bonus Mt. Bachelor view • Well and Septic • Well maintained gravel road • 54653 Silver Fox Dr. MLS¹201209514

Kelly Horton 541-508-9163

Gem in theRoughl Three Rivers Southl $165,000

Call Jordan Haase, Principal Broker l 541-420-1559

• •

Call Greg Barnwell, Broker l 541-848-7222

• Open floorplan • Vaulted livingarea- log beamaccents

Call us today! Call Mary Stratton, Brokerl 541-419-6340 or Erlka Stratton-sanzone, Brokerl 541-280-8388

Exceptional inEstablished NENeighborhood l $169,990

• Gentle sloping homesite to maximize views,0,76 acres • Go f Ik horse facilities available

Call Shelly Swanson, Brokerl 541-408-0086

Call Joanne McKee, Broker l 541-480-5159

Brokers l 541-312-5151 www.

Fabulous Property on 1.9 Acresl $289,000

Deschutes River Front Building Sitel $299,900

• Incredible price! • Unique site overlooking the Crooked River • Stunning river mountain and terrain views

•Tuscanclubhouse/vineyard/fly fishing • 1700 acre preserve ranch • Spectacular photos & video avai.


Call Rhonda Garrison, Principal Brokerl 541-279-1768

Call Judy McCombs, Broker l 541-390-1411

Charming NorthWestCrossing Bungalow l $310,000

One-of-a-Kind Tetherow Homesite l $375,000

• Single level, open floor plan

• Grubstake Rd. • 21 acres - building site approved • Utilities to property line • Borders river 8c public land • Septic approval for standard system

2660 SESagebrush Dr, Madras • 3 bedrooms+ office, 2.5 bath • 2-car garage + 3rd bay finished storage area • 24x32 finished shop • Great outdoor living • Open floor plan • Spacious kitchen MLS¹201301241

Ranch at the Canyons Homesitel $288,000

• Master bath w/soakingtub & walk-in shower • Kitchenw/woodfoors & tile counters MLS¹201300594


Listed byThe Norma DuBois and Julle Moe Team,

31 20YellowRlbbon


• • • • • S•

• Large utility and mudroom


• Desirable singlelevel homeinthe Views of OakTree • Spacious opendesign situated ona generoussize lot • Backyardislandscaped&fuly fenced • Some mountainviews • Freshly repaintedandmove-in ready

• Desirable SW area, near Old Mil, River Trail, onquiet cu-de-sac •4 bed/2.5 bath,4th bdrm ishuge & wou dmakeaperfect bonus rm • 2124 SF w/separate living & family

• Love y large kitcheneatinq bar, app iancesincluded (W&D!) • RV parkingandhookup, coveredpatio • Trip e cargarage • Superb Redmondranchhome

• Easy to build for yourdreamhome


19777 Astro Place l $249,900

Superb Location & Single Levell $225,000

•Located attop ofBrasadaRanch on quiet cul-de-sac • Gorgeous NewberryMonument to Mt. Washington views


Call Sue Price, Broker l 541-408-7742

Since 1/1/2010 we have closed 235 transactions and have 11 more pending as we speak!

• 3 bed, 2 bath, 1523 SF loaded with charm on 1/3 acre fenced lot • Close to Dry Canyon walking/biking paths • Wood floors, gas fireplace • Kitchen upgrades include new counters, tile floors, new sink Ik faucet • New bedroom carpet, 3-car garage

• 55149 Forest Lane • 3 bed, 2 bath, 1224 SF • Very comfortable home for weekend getaways or full time living in the woods • Desirable development • Close to the Big Deschutes MLS¹201206233

BreathtakingCascade Mtn. Views l $195,000


We Have Sold All But Two of Our Listings and Are Taking More Now.

MLS ¹201301032


• Minutes to the Old Mill



• Open floor plan w/high ceilings • 2 bed, 1 bath, 1050 SF • Spacious kitchen w/dining area • Wood burning fireplace • Fenced yard w/sprinkler system

Call Greg Barnwell, Broker l 541-848-7222

Call Kelly Horton, Broker l 541-508-9163

SE Bend l $149,900



• Expansiv e,one acre homesite • Elevated, overlooking ¹3, ¹4, ¹5 & ¹6 fairways

• Spacious kitchen & dining areas • Thoughtful details throughout • Oversized 2-car garage • Large fenced backyard, additional parking • 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1388 SF MLS¹201302228

• Fabulous mountain, water, and terrain views • Unique site offering

exceptional privacy • Gated area - end of cul-de-sac • Onginal pnce $710,000.

Call Melanle Maitre, Broker ABR, SRES, ePRO

Desert Valley Group l 541-923-1376

Listed byThe Norma DuBois and Julie Moe Team,

541-480-4186 l

Brokers l 541-312-5151

Call Judy McCombs,Broker l 541-390-1411

Luxury Townhomesl Offered from $424,750

Single Level Home w/Smith Rock Viewsl $425,000

Custom Log Home l $425,000

972 Briarwood in Tanglewood l $430,000



Og~ J


' o'

„„®Q •

• With Fairway, mountain and riverviews.

f ~Two distinct Westside

t8' I

• Great room w/vau ted ceilings • Large deck with views • Attached 2-car garage



• Located in the Wild Rivercommunity w/prlvate access to the Deschutes River andforest serviceland • 2759 SF,3+cargarage & shop • Hand scribed log homebyTreehouse • Main fioor masterwith en-sulte bath • Large woodburningfireplace with real stone • Priced well below replacementcost! '


•3 bedrooms,2 fullbaths

g • Offering one & two story floor plans • 2-4 bedroom, 2.5-4.5 baths • 1960-2956 SF

•5.70aces,barn/shop/tackroom • 2 acres COIirrigation


• Well established & desirable SE neighborhoodconvenientto shopping and LarkspurTrail +Wonderfui cul-desaclocation and large yard • 2500+ SF,4 bedrooms+main




for videoandadditional info.

• Kitchen is light & spacious open to dining area & great room,SS appliances,granite, hardwoodfloors • Triple tandem0/5 garage,RVparking

Judy McCombs 8 Shelly Swanson,Brokers l 888-274-2317

Call Carol Osgood 8 Korren Bower, Brokerl 541-504-3839

Call Brlan Ladd, Brokerl 541-408-3912• brian©

Call Natalle Vandenborn, Broker l 541-508-9581

West Side Park-like Setting l $479,000

Awbrey Glen Champion Circlel $489,900

" •

MLS¹201301 821




• 1904 SF lodge style home

'i r


Call Bryan Hilts, Brokerl 541-771-3200

Call Shelly Swanson, Brokerl 541-408-0086 Call Judy McCombs, Brokerl 541-390-1411

Deschutes River Frontage! $520,000

Westside Charmer l $550,000



• You'll beonapermanent vacationthe minuteyougothrough thedoors, four bedroom, 3bath, 2985BFhome • Gaze out backat amazlngrock formatlons d Lava IslandFals • Gourmetkitchen,granite, doubleoven,




li 6

jjl jtlliilllljlit'jjI""

Single Level w/Superior Designl $749,900

mighty 0eschutiuRiver- Majestic beauty!

Call Sue Price, Broker l 541-408-7742

Equestrian Meadows l $785,000 • Open floor plan for entertaining

• 3106 square feet • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bathrooms • Wonderful natural light • Private interior courtyard • NW Bend on golf course

- sl ~

• Oneownerhomew/lotsofextras • Wonderful decking, private backyard w/water feature • Very popular ocation! 1684 NW City View

. • Huge deck w/hotNb overlookingthe


• Prepare to be wowed! • Loaded with upgrades, this immaculatehome has 3 bedrooms, 4 full baths, office, hobby/playroom off kitchen • 20 x 20 ft. bonus room Bi beautiful master suite • Large kitchen is a chef's delight • Common area surrounds home • Call Sue for list of all exceptional features

• 3400 SF, 3-car garage • Huge bonus/family room • Forma living & dining, 3 fireplaces

• Riverrockwood burningfireplace,vaulted


Lri I; II',' Bl

• Beautiful 3/4 acre pine treed lot

stainlessappliances '

pr iI

High Desert Landscapefrom many areas ln the home. • Recently updated with beautiful hard wood floors, high endEuropean pellet stove & energy efficient water heater

• Upstairs loft can be studio or 3rd bedroom • Wrap-around deck to enjoy the sound of the river

' I'

• Situated on .B6 acres on one of the largest homesltes ln AwbreyGlen • Home offers privacy & a convenient location within the communliy • Large view windows embrace the

• Desirable community of Rimrock West : • Community access to the Deschutes River


• 3 beds, 4 baths, 4302 SF • Wrap-around porch • Mountain views

• 15.5 acres w/8.6 ac irrigation • 50x60 Moniter style barn •40x50heated shop w/auto lift • Turn key in and out

• Huge 1200 SF+garage • Call for more information!

MLS ¹201302301

Call Chris Sulak, Broker l 541-350-6164

Call Mary Stratton, Brokerl 541-419-6340

Call Jodi Kearney, Brokerl 541-693-4019

Rod Hatchell, Broker l 541-728-8812



9 Trophy - Sunriver Resort l $799,900

Contemporary City Living l $820,000

This Property Has It All l $849,900

Jericho Rd, Culver, ORFarm &Orchard l $899,000

• Timeless Elegance • Expansive golf course view • Custom built in 1992 • Well appointed features • Spacious outdoor living, hot tub • Abundant windows, ight & bright • Quiet cul-de-sac, 1/3 acre lot



• 3 bed, 3.5 bath, 3200 SF - • Immaculate interior • No HLO.A/s • Heated parking •Cascade Mountain views • Walk to Old Mill/Downtown MLS¹201207761

MLS 201302016

• 138,5 acres,133North Unit Irrigation • Farm irrigated w/4 pivots, 17 end guns & 2.5acre orchard • 1620 SF main homew/Cascade Mtn. views, landscaped,gardens • 3220 SF shop/office building - commercial kitchen, restroom, concrete floors • 2hay barns - including iconic Red Barn cn Hwy 97 • 4 stall horse barn

• Just minutes to medical,

shopping, & schools • • • •

Single level, open great room Great for entertaining Private setting, borders BLM Separate entrance for home office

• Formal dining/living, chef's kitchen

Call Myra Glrod, Prlnclpal Brokerl 541-815-2400 or Pam Bronson, Brokerl 541-788-6767

Call Bobby Lockrem, Broker l 541-480-2356

Call Mary Stratton, Broker l 541-419-6340

Desert Valley Groupl 541-923-1376


Broken Top Classic l $945,000

Deschutes Riverview Propertyl $997,000

• Overlooking10thfairway &green • Custom home completely remodeledin 2004-05 by MelroseConstruction • Kathy & KarolNlemi interior plan/design with quality &detail - 4476SF • 5bed, &5 bath,mainlevel master • Great roomdesign. Wonderful indoor and ovtdoorlivingspacious,quiet

Luxury Single Level in Broken Topl $1,150,000

Tuscan-Style with Mt. Viewsl $1,325,000

• 5 bedroom, 4 baths, 5116 sq. ft • Overlooking Broken Top's 12th fairway and green • One level with upstairs guest : suite and private office • Privacy with southern exposure • Bonus & exercise room • 3 car garage w/shop area MLS¹ 201202864

• 24" TurkishTravertine tile f oors • MexicanCanterastone firep aces/

• River views fromnearly everyroom • Rich-toned oakhardwoodfcors • Customdistressedkitchencabinetry • Slab granite counters

• .4.

• Pro quality SS appiances

cul-desac location

i "

u ~1 t

• Montana stone fireplace • Main house - 3bds, 2.5ba,2450SF - w„. • Guestquarters -2bds, I bath, 788SF


jII( j j '

.9¹.¹ MLS¹201301856

MLS¹ 201206249

Call Shelly Swanson, Brokerl 541-408-0086

Call Shelly Swanson, Brokerl 541-408-0086

Call Ken Renner, Prlncipal Brokerl 541-280-5352

P •


e e



• Custom wrought-iron rai ings& accents

Q r,

• Expansive deckw/mt. views ' - • Main level masterlk guest room ~ • 4bds. 4.5 baths,4900sw.ft. • 52 acre lot MLS¹201302131

Call Ken Renner, Principal Brokerl 541-280-5352

• Chenkitchen, butler's pantry, formal dining, master suite w/siuing room ~ Large guest/family wing w/2 bedrooms


• Bunkhouse/caretakers quarters MLS¹201206936

Desert Valley Group l 541-923-1376

• •



, ,

& family room • 33t acres, 28 acres irngated, 2 barns


• Beautiful 9682 SF home features massive timbers, tall ceilings, impressive stonework • Landscaped, water features, pond and Cascade Min views

Call Sandy Kohlmoos, Broker, CRSl 541-408-4309


Gerking Market Rd Equestrian Estatel $2,950,000

• Fabulous10acrelot in TheHighlands • 6637 SF, 4bedrooms,5.5 baths • ICF construction, passive solar • Beautiful finishes & premium appliances • Radiant heatedtravertine fooring throughout mainlevel • Borders National Forestyet only 2 miles to downtown MLS¹201200864




Magnificent NW Lodge Style l $2,595,000

• 8

4 @iv.

sI I

aI I


e I r •


• • e •


E6 SATURDAY, MARCH 30, 2013 • THE BULLETIN Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

TO PLACE AN AD CALL CLASSIFIED• 5 41-385-580 9 746



Northwest Bend Homes

Redmond Homes

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Sunriver/La Pine Homes Homes with Acreage

H o mes with Acreage

Great Value on 4 Bdrm NW Bend j $725,000 SW Bend j $251,000 Northwest b u n galow.$599,900 It's all about Great Home - Terrific Nice double wide MFH 3 bdrm, 2 bath, custom 1 6751 SW Dove R d . Home. Get ready to • 3658 sq.ft. • 2080 sq.ft. LOOK ... the perfect the views! Stunning Condition! $167,500. on just over 1.5 acre home, huge shop, B eautiful cust o m • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath pack and move in this • 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath NW Bend bungalow in Smith Rock and city Corner Lot, 2016 sq. on cul-de-sac. Close $299,000 2,500 sq.ft. Iog home spacious 4 bdr m • Panoramic river & city • .77 acre on canal need of your personal v iews from this i n - ft., 3 bdrm, 2.5 baths, t o BLM. C ould b e MLS¹201203307 on 4.9 acres. Gour• MLS 201301822 home at an a fford- views touches. Cute 3 bed- credibly built 3 bdrm, open floor plan, fam- Nice horse property Julie Fahlgren, Broker, met kitchen w/cherry a ble price. It i s l o - • MLS 201203099 Debbie Hershey, room home with full 3.5 bath, 3250 sq. ft. ily room, living room, Newer septic. Fenced 541-550-0098 c abinets, gran i t e cated at the end of a John Snippen, Broker, Broker, CRS, GRI basement, rear alley home! Enjoy the cov- patio, lan d scaped, for pet s . Shop Crooked River Realty counters, & farmer's dead-end street and MBA, ABR, CRS, GRI 541-420-5170 access and p rivate ered patio with those fenced RV area. w/raised wood floor, sink. Great room has orse p roperty w i t h floor to ceiling winfeatures a main level 541-312-7273 fenced yard with ma- easterly views backJim Hinton power, lights, work Hbarn, over 5 a c res. dows w/mtn v iews. master suite plus de541-948-9090 ture t rees a n d a ing to common area 541-420-6229 benches. mud room Fenced and c r o ss Hickory hardwood & luxe kitchen with ss 10x12 structure. The and short distance to Central Oregon Realty sq. ft. not included in appliances, cook isupgraded kitchen has sports center, swimGroup, LLC home sq.ft. Owner will fenced. $119,900 tile f loors. R a diant ¹201300986 Call land & pantry. There a garden window, plus ming pools, s pray Investment Opportunity consider carrying con MLS floor heating. MORRIS 5 41-550-0098. J u l ie is a neat parlor with vinyl windows, gas park. Home-ID 989 tract with large down. $499,999 MLS REAL ESTATE 3 b d rm, c h arming Fahlgren cozy a fireplace and heat & bathroom with Eagle Crest Properties MLS¹ 201208751. J u niper MORRIS y d p d«lyO R d Op « d Bungalow style home, $79,500 Crooked River Realty upstairs are 3 bdrms, claw foot tub. There 866-722-3370 201300765 Cascade Realty, 541-504-5393 REAL ESTATE in d owntown R e dSW Bend - 61131 Kehuge family room and may be room to add a Realty, 541-536-1731 5 2916 Old L ak e R d 20 Acres j $310,000 pler St. 5/2.5+ huge large lau n dry/craft garage with an apart- $ 199,900 Enjoy t h i s mond. Detached ga$199,000. Two 1848 • 2600 sq.ft. b eautiful view f r om rage, lot of off street 51340 Anchor Way room. The owner just Old world charm with bonus room. Enjoy ment. Call Gary for sq.ft. h o m es , 40 • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath the Sisters to Smith p arking. Zoned f o r $39,900. 1.25 a c re installed new carpet 4 015 sq. f t . m a i n the Bend River Trail! more details. 1 107 acres. High L a kes• Solar & wind powered on the deck of home office, residen- with city water and MLS¹ 201301015 and all n e w p a int. house & 1040 sq. ft. NW Federal $250,000 Rock Realty & Pr o perty• MLS 201103546 this townhome. This 2 t ial, could b e c o n sewer. High L a kes John Furrow, Broker There is a fenced yard shop/wine room situGary Everett, CCIM Management, bdrm, 2 b ath, 1419 verted to commercial Realty & Pr o perty Kelly Neuman, Broker 541-647-0910 p lus this is on e o f ated ato p A w brey Principal Broker 541-536-0117 sq. ft. townhome fea- u se. $99,9 0 0 . Management 541-480-2102 several homes that Butte on 1.07 acres, Fred Real Estate Group 541-480-6130 oen541-536-0117 tures, wall-to-wall MLS¹201206148 will be available on this home is an Joan Steelhammer, Need help fixing stuff? Terrango Glen 3 bedwindows, builtin enCall Kelly Starbuck, this street. 21179 SE tertainers delight" with r oom, 2.5 b aths i n Broker 52375 Ammon Road. Call A Service Professional tertainment ce n t er, Principal Broker, 541-419-3717 Philly A ve., B e n d. 4 bd & 3.5 ba. Appt 2276ysq.ft. Modified A- F rame, find the help you need. o n a 541-350-3419 propane fireplace and only wit h D a nielle. 13,500ysq.ft. Remax $239,950. huge shop. $269,900. Iot. large great room for Redmond RE/MAX MORRIS Gary Everett, CCIM High Lakes Realty & landscape & entertaining. Land & Homes Principal Broker aniellesnow Danielle Tiered 747 REAL ESTATE P roperty Man a g e $309,900 Powell Butte stairs to Canal level Home-ID 796 Real Estate 541-480-6130 Snow, Broker gathering area w/fire- Southwest Bend Homes Eagle Crest Properties 5 .58 acres w ith 3 ment 541-536-0117 Joan Steelhammer, 541-306-1015 New Construction - 3 bdrm, 2 b ath, 2391 pit & p i cnic grove. 866-722-3370 40 acre horse property. Cr a f tsman Broker John L. Scott sq. ft. h ome. Cas- $238,500 bdrm, 2 b ath, 1548 Open 2 s t ory f loor Near Old Mill District 3 style 4 bedroom, 3 $149,900. 87479 N. 541-419-3717 Real Estate, Bend sq.ft., vaulted, gas cade Mountain and bdrm, 2 P/~ bath, 2398 $550,000 One of Sage plan with great room Star Ln. High Lakes Smith Rock views. All bath home w/views. Remax sq. ft . , cou n t ry Builders award win- furnace-range-water l iving space that is heater, fenced, land- Realty & Pr o perty stainless appliances R elax in s wing o n Hager Mountain Esl ight & b r i ght w i t h kitchen, maple cabi- ning homes. Facing Powell Butte Estate Management covered front porch! 2 in kitchen. Beautiful scaped. $16 2 ,900 east and on the ¹17 tates - 4 lots, $30,000 1 0888 P o well B u t te m any w i ndows & nets. 6970 sq. ft. Iot. MLS ¹ 2 01 2 08875 541 -536-01 1 7 master suite with walk b edrooms on m a i n fairway of the Chaleach located in Silver H wy. 4 / 4 .5 , 4 7 0 0 custom lights. Granite $180,000. MLS¹ level/open floor plan/ in closet, jetted tub in Pam Lester, Principal 152232 Long Prairiel enge Course. L o Lake. U n derground sq.ft., on large acre- tile countertops, 201208231 cozy fireplace /great B roker, Century 2 1 Home, 4-car s hop, bath, double vanity power and conduit for age, hayfields, huge stainless steel appli- Pam Lester, Principal cated behind the prikitchen. Bonus space vate security gate as Gold Country Realty, storage, $ 1 4 9,900. with marble and travphone and i nternet. mountain views. ances & porcelain ce- B roker Century 2 1 ertine thr o ughout. upstairs/ triple car gaGold Country Realty, you enter the Ridge. Inc. 541-504-1338 V iews of Hage r Teri Cravens, Broker High Lakes Realty & ramic tile. Gas ?relarge back deck/ Offers 3 bedrooms, NEW Construction! 3 P roperty Man a g e Tack room, hay stor- rage/ Mountain. Septic feaplace with s t acked Inc. 541-504-1338 541-647-0910 yar d . a ge, f e nced a n d p atio/fenced 3.5 baths, 3376 sq. ft. sibility for s t andard Fred Real Estate Group rock surround, wood ment 541-536-0117 bdrm, 2 b ath, 1700 MLS¹ 201300385 Call cross-fenced for Traditional Sale! CounHome-ID 941 system. The area is a mantle & buil t - in VIRGINIA, P r incipal sq.ft, 23 acre lot, tile South Fawn horses. Home-ID 988 sportsman's paradise. Private in L a P i ne b ookcases & c a b i - try living but just min- Eagle Crest Properties floors, tile backsplash, 50760 Broker, 541-350-3418 Top-of-the-line 3 bdrm Eagle Crest Properties 5 2222 Lechner L n . utes to Bend. New 866-722-3370 Bobbie Strome, nets on either side. Redmond RE/MAX landscaped, fenced. h ome w i t h sh o p , 866-722-3370 Builder's custom L arge m ai n Principal Broker fl o o r carpet, new s t ove, $220,000 This is not a $169,900 Land & Homes $169,000. High Lakes h ome, s h op , o u t - master bedroom & and vaulted ceilings. John L Scott Real MLS201209125 Real Estate short sale. Very priRealty & Pr o pertyViews, Views, Views in buildings, bonus over bath. Formal dining Relax on your deck Estate 541-385-5500 Powell Butte! Custom Lester, Principal Management shop.¹201300397 overlooking your very vate setting, Creek- Pam room & guest powder 298.45 acre small ranch B roker, Century 2 1 3479 sq. ft. 3 bdrm, Historic District j Village t own541 -536-01 1 7 Holly Garner, Broker H w y 97. room too. Loft family s ecluded acre l o t ! side 2PI~ bath, b e autiful 153053 Gold Country Realty, $624,900 home s it s b e s ide 541-480-4208 $109,000 room w i t h bu i l t-in 3 Bdrm, 2 bath, 1092 cook's dream kitchen, $649,000. High Lakes Inc. 541-504-1338 • 2119 sq.ft. English pond & creek, in imFred Real Estate Group computer/desk unit. Mike Wilson, Broker Realty & Pr o perty cottage maculate c o ndition, New construction! NE sq. ft. frame home in 6.81 acres w/2 large 541-977-5345 or $315,000 MLS Management Wheeler Ranch, built separate s hops/ga• 3 bedroom, 2 bath a nd s h ow s tru e 541-389-7910 TURN THE PAGE ¹201209150 Redmond $165,900 in 2004, has vaulted rages. $475,000. MLS 541-536-0117 • Across from Drake pride-of-ownership. Hunter Properties LLC Bobbie Strome, 3 bdrm, 2.5 bath, 1466 ceilings, gas fireplace, 201207007. For More Ads Call Park Premium up g rade ft. 2-story home, tile and appliances. Jeanne Principal Broker S c h arlund, • MLS 201205806 The Bulletin package, 3 bdrms, 2.5 sq. 748 John L Scott Real gas fireplace in great Double attached ga541-420-7978. Lester Friedman, b aths, 1871 sq . f t . L a n dscaped r age, front yard i s Central Oregon Realty Estate 541-385-5500 Northeast Bend Homes Paver deck w/wrought room. SE Bend j $265,000 with sprinkler system landscaped & decora- Group LLC • 2015 sq.ft. This is not a drive by. S QUEAKY CLEA N iron railing. Home-ID MLS¹201209172 tive fence, very clean, • 4 bedroom, 3 bath Call for details. There Large 1980 sq. ft. NE 877 Jim Hinton Equestrian Del i g ht! must see. $93,000 • Cul-de-sac location Eagle Crest Properties is much more to this 2-acre lot boasts 576 360 View / Top of B B end home. S p a541-420-6229 MLS¹ 201209339 • MLS 201300386 866-722-3370 property than meets sq. ft., 2-stall barn, c ious l i ving r o o m Central Oregon Realty Cascade Realty, Sue Conrad, t he eye. Land e xw/2-runs, hay s t rg, w/gas FP, 3 bdrm, 2.5 $120,000 - Open floor Group, LLC 541-536-1731 MORRIS Broker, CRS tends from Hwy 97 matted a i sles/stalls, bath $185,900. MLS¹ plan. 3 bdrm/2 bath. Newer S ingle S t o ry 541-480-6621 REAL ESTATE back beyond the MH 3 bedroom, 2 bath mfd. 201280332. Call Jim Large .21 acre fenced wash rack/tack bldg, on property; MH to be Hinton 541-420-6229 h ome, 3 b d rm, 2 5 y&p& l yO d da p d h ome on o ve r a n Lg turnout area & Irg lot/patio. Double atremoved upon sale. bath, office, sunroom, acre. well maintained Central Oregon Realty level arena. 1/4 mile Horse Property - 7085 tached garage. Almost 3 acres, all 2260 sq.ft, 60 acre, and has a rental. Also to public land. Frame Kent Lane, Culver. 39 Group, LLC Call VIRGINIA, Princimtn & S m ith R o ck utilities in & ready for has a detached dbl. 3 bdrm, 2 bath home. Acres w/37 acres of pal Broker, views. $269,000. MLS garage. $84,900. MLS your build. $125,000 T wo homes o n t h e MORRIS $354,900 NUID w ater r i g ht. 541-350-3418 ¹ 201206306 Pam banks of a large ca¹ 201004467 REAL ESTATE MLS¹201203418 Call Flood irrigated from a Redmond RE/MAX 6677 Faye P h illips, Lester, Principal BroCascade Realty, nal. Unique s etting Nancy Popp, Broker, Ig. pond w/gated pipe. y dp & d y O M d pp d Land & Homes ker, Century 21 Gold Broker 541-480-2945 541-536-1731 with two quality single 541-815-8000 1782 s q . ft . MFD Shevlin Ridge Beauty. Real Estate Country Realty, Inc. John L. Scott story homes nestled Crooked River Realty home. 4 bdrm/2 bath, Traditional Sale. West This home & property is Real Estate, Bend o n the banks of a 2 bdrm, 2 bath on 1.12 541-504-1338 shop, barn & 4-stall side custom - Skyline set-up to l ive. Low large irrigation canal acres. $129,000 MLS Newly renovated home maint. yard w / very 11.27 Acres j $644,000 barn. Outside arena R anch Rd. 4 B d r m • 3790 sq.ft. Iog home in NE Bend. Both are ¹201203821 w /attached pen s . bath, 2 9 0 0 Tumalo Acreage in the heart of down- nice Sq . f t., lan d scaping, bedroom, 3.5 bath Mountain & c a nyon stainless steel, gran- 6 4474 Coyote R u n . located on over one Call Linda Lou D ay- town Redmond, close some grass in front & •• 3 Direct BLM access a cre w it h a par k Wright, Broker. to dry canyon trails, views. ite, cherry cabinets, 4/2.5+ Bonus room, 5 across the canal for 541-771-2585 b ack, fenced d o g • MLS 201206478 MLS¹201207831. C entennial Park & acres, o u tbuildings, area, covered rear MORRIS courtyard off master, Susan Agli, One 4 bed- Crooked River Realty $360,000 downtown amenities. huge bonus r oom. amazing kitchen. MLS privacy. 14x20 screened Broker, SRES REAL ESTATE room home (2,424 sq. 2 -Story home in N W Features refurbished deck. John L. Scott Real ¹201209378 party room with BBQ, More at www.central541-383-4338 ft.) with triple garage Redmond. Large 1705 pine hardwood floor- 15x20 work or craft Estate 541-548-1712 Holly Garner, Broker 541-408-3773 plus a 3 be d room 541-480-4208 ing, laminate flooring shop (unfinished), Immaculate Home sq. ft., 3 bdrm, 2 bath. (1,840 sq. ft.) Knotty alder cabinets, in the kitchen & din- 2 4x50 3-bay s h o p This home lives larger 5743 Ed Green, Bro- Fred Real Estate Group home with double garage. than sq. f o o tage. ker 541-598-5666 appl i ances, ing room, new paint with upper storage. Village Wiestoria j Perfect for two fami- SS inside & out, master Home has 4 bdrm, 3 Open floor plan, spaJohn L. Scott front/back land$425,000 lies or a cash flow ins eparation, din i n g bath, large open liv cious g reat r o o m, Real Estate, Bend • 3163 sq.ft. vestment with good scaped with irrigation. area and formal dinMORRIS vaulted ceilings, gas • 3 bedroom, 3 bath ing area, office or den Jim Hinton tenants. Quality con- $189,900. REAL ESTATE ing room, a b o nus 541-420-6229 off living room. All fireplace, master bdrm • Custom Built structed homes near I d p d l yO d d dp d Sisters j $647,000 r oom/solarium, n e w has separation, cenhave metal • MLS 201208464 schools an d p a r ks Central Oregon Realty landscaping, fenced buildings sq.ft. roofs. Horse property, 12250 NW Dove Rd tral AC & recent up- •• 3650 Karin Johnson, Broker with all city services. Group, LLC 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath back yard, RV parkg rades make t h i s n p a v e d roa d . Custom cedar s i d ed 541-639-6140 Call Gary for more 3 bedroom, 2 b a t h , ing, alley access, de- o Cascade $269,900. MLS home warm & inviting. • Protected h ome with f loor t o details. 6 3 1 9 2 & Mtn views 1730 sq ft home, gas tached garage w/shop 201207419. Cascade c eiling windows t o $199,999 Hea t h er 63198 Wat e rcress fireplace, • MLS 201300193 area & storage along huge Realty, 541-536-1731 take in the mtn views C hesbro, Brok e r Pat Palazzi, Broker $598,000 kitchen, fenced. w/ central heat/AC. 503-807-3874 Immaculate 1841 sq. Gary Everett, CCIM Very spacious 1994, 541-771-6996 Call Today! $189,900 MLS¹201300635. Hunter Properties LLC f t., 3 b d rm, 2 b a t h Principal Broker 4bdrm/2bath 1755 sq. MORRIS $154,999. Pam MLS¹201208379 with tongue & groove 541-480-6130 In the Heart of Bend on John L. Scott Real Es- ft. mfd. home on 1.27 REAL ESTATE Lester, Principal Broceilings, gas Joan Steelhammer, Drake Park. Excepacres. Living rm, fam- vaulted ker, Century 21 Gold tate 541-548-1712 y dp d l yO d d d p d free-standing s t ove, tional Investment opBroker ily rm, dining area & Country Realty, Inc. wood accents. New 541-419-3717 Nice quiet street in Ter- utility rm. Large 2 car portunity. Own a triWalk to River. 541-504-1338 MORRIS h ardwood floors & rebonne. 2 bd, 1 bath Remodeled! Remax plex at the South end arage. Sold as is. REAL ESTATE of Drake Park with 2002 MH .98 acres with 3 bedroom, 2 b a t h , home. $ 8 4 ,900 69,900. MLS new swimming pool. y dp & l yO d d pp d MLS¹201301067 river/Mirror Pond garage/shop, w a ter 749 1822 sq ft home on ¹ 201300535. Cas - On completely fenced acres. $385,000 F a h lgren cade views in the heart of f eature, fire p it , & Southeast Bend Homes one acre, fenced, and Call J u li e Realty, 4.81 Sisters j $824,000 MLS¹ 201101447 541-550-0098 all that Bend has to • 3216 sq.ft. green house. N ew 2 shops! MLS¹ t oo 541-536-1731 Juniper Realty, o ffer. $595, 0 00 • 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath flooring - Travertine, 20688 White Cliff Circle. new...$191,900 Pam Crooked River Realty 541-504-5393 756 • 20 acres tile, d o ors, l i g hts, 4 Bdrm, 2 bath home Lester, Principal BroNW REDMOND - 3 6 311 J o h n St e m - • MLS 201200880 sinks paint & MORE! FSBO, ker, Century 21 Gold Jefferson County Homes .46 a c r e, 14198 SW Nine Peaks bedroom, 2.5 bath. bridge, Broker Call f or deta i ls! single level, w/ office, Country Realty, Inc. Julia Buckland, Pl - Mtn views from Built-ins, tile kitchen 541-601-8881 $136,900! Close to schools~ Nice 3 Broker, ABR, ALHS, laundry room, paved 541-504-1338 t his 1960 sq. ft., 3 counters, gas fireJohn L. Scott driveway, h ardwood 821 NE Nickernut Ave, bdrm home in town CRS, GRI bedroom, 2 bat h place in the living Real Estate, Bend 3235 Lisa McCarthy, L andscaped with a home on 1.16 acre. 541-719-8444 f loors, w h it e v i n y l Redmond. Well maint. room. $126,500 Broker, SRES fence. $26 0 ,000. 3 bdrm, 2 bath 1350 fenced y a rd , RV U pdated with n e w MLS¹201209508 541-419-8639 too! $79,900 carpet & vinyl flooring OBO. 541-317-5012. Mountain River Estates sq. ft. home. Spa- Call TRAVIS HANNAN, parking John L. Scott MLS¹201106963 and interior has been 19748 Dry Canyon. 3/3, Principal Broker, cious great room area Real Estate, Bend 750 D&D Realty Group LLC freshly painted. 936 2735 sq.ft., Jess Al541-788-3480 with a gas fireplace. 866-346-7868 sq. ft. garage has a way Custom HomeRedmond Homes Redmond RE/MAX MORRIS Landscaped front and Must S ee ! MLS area, 2 bays & Welcome to Paradise. Land & Homes REAL ESTATE back yard with plenty Priced to Sell! Afford- shop 50 amp power for an ¹201207933 Real Estate Secluded and gated $599,900 Outstanding of room for outdoor a ble l i v ing, g r e at John Furrow, Broker V. Separate R V custom home nestled detail in design and activities. The garage The Bulletin starter or investment. R 541-647-0910 Small acreage. Hard to against soaring 150 ft. c onstruction of t h i s is insulated and sheet Looking for your next covered storage and $48,400. To Subscribe call Fred Real Estate Group find small a creage rim rocks and unob- beautiful 4 bedroom, r ocked with a w o rk carport. $139,500 employee? MLS¹201208170 541-385-5800 or go to with ma n u factured structed mountain and 3.5 bath, 3717 sq. ft. MLS¹ 201208272 and 220 AMP Place a Bulletin help D&D Realty Group LLC NE Bend j $189,900 home on it, includes 3 city views. Reclaimed Sage Builders home. bench Juniper Realty, service. $14 9 , 900 wanted ad today and 866-346-7868 • 1708 sq.ft. acres o f i r r igation, wood throughout with Located on the 18th MLS 201301310 541-504-5393 • 3 bedroom, 2 bath reach over 60,000 mountain views & is tuscan style high end hole of the Challenge View of Mt. Jefferson 1620 SF home adjoins Juniper Realty, readers each week. • Sits high on .13 of an fenced for your horse. chef's Wonderfully loc a ted kitchen. Course at Eagle Crest 541-504-5393 Your classified ad acre pasture with Land i s cur r ently Resort. Floor to ceilh ome with a c o m - 90-acre will also appear on • MLS 201300131 2-mile walking trail. leased on month to ing windows bring the Beautiful 2-Story 3 manding view of Mt. maramckie T a mara pump, propane month basis. PropMcKie, Broker outside in for bright bdrms, 3 baths, 1918 Jefferson and the sur- Heat which currently restove, dbl gar + boerty is close to airport, 541-460-9072 and o p e n liv i ng. sq. ft., stainless applirounding area. Beauceives over nus rm . $ 1 39,900. town & public land as ances, gas fireplace. John L. Scott Home-ID 352 tiful well kept home 1.5 million page well. Don't miss this Eagle Crest Properties Landscaped with irriwith spacious rooms. MLS¹20120766 Real Estate, Bend views every month Call Nancy Popp rare find. $199,900. gation $194 , 900. 866-722-3370 MLS¹201206924 at no extra cost. 541-815-8000 MLS¹201004860 MLS¹201208280 $239,000 D&D Realty Bulletin Classifieds Crooked River Realty MORRIS D & D R ealty GroupWell maintained 3 bedJim Hinton, Group LLC Get Results! Just too many REAL ESTATE room, 2 bath, 1538 SF LLC 541-923-8664 541-420-6229 866-346-7868 Call 385-5809 or y&p d l yO d dd p d home, fenced yard, collectibles? Central Oregon Realty place your ad on-line WOW! Look at these Sun Meadows! T h is l arge c o r ne r lot , Group, LLC Nice home i n B e nd. quality at cra f tsman views! Cascade mtns ceilings. Oak Sell them in Oak cabinets, island home boasts of cul- vaulted Beautiful home in Great soaking tub, from your living room. in kitchen, extra insu- tured stone accents. cabinets, The Bulletin Classifieds condition $184,900 Home has been ups torage an d s h o p l ation a dded, n e w Large kitchen w i th Single level, 3 bdrms, 2 All on a corner dated with newer heat 755 laminate f l oo r in walk-in pantry, t ile, area. baths, office, 1792 sq. Sunriver/La Pine Homes p ump and al l n e w lot. MLS ¹201301298 541-385-5809 kitchen an d d i n ing hardwood floors & gas $42,000 ft. N E W st a i nless floors as well. Great room, large open liv- fireplace. Sun MeadIn The Bulletin's print and steel appliances, large John L. Scott Real Fo r e st, ranch-style home with ing area, cozy wood o ws ha s i t s ow n Estate 541-548-1712 Stick built Dutch barn. kitchen with e a t ing 11728 S u n lots of room to play. online Classifieds. stove, heat pump A/C community pool, park style home. $110,000 bar. New blinds, fresh 2 Bdrm, 1104 sq.ft., $172,000 Bunkhouse. $108,000 & electric forced air MLS¹201300648 a nd 1/2 cour t . Where can you find a paint in & out. MLS¹201208213 High Lakes Realty & D&D Realty Group LLC heat. Home has gut- $259,500. Tony LeviCall Linda Lou Jim Hinton GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPIES, helping hand? P roperty Man a g e Day-Wright, ters and carport, large son, Broker 541-420-6229 866-346-7868 6 are three adorable, loving ment 541-536-0117 covered deck, chain 541-977-1852 From contractors to Broker, 541-771-2585 Central Oregon Realty or l ink f e nced y a r d . 541-389-7910 Crooked River Realty puppies looking for a caring home. 757 yard care, it's all here Group, LLC Look at: $55,000 MLS Hunter Properties LLC Please call ri ht awa . $500. Crook County Homes in The Bulletin's ¹201208196 3 bedroom, 2 bath on FANTASTIC VIEWS of "Call A Service John L. Scott Real Es- Sunriver Gem! Exten.29 acres with the city and Smith Rock. for Complete Listings of craftsman style sive Remodel... on a Professional" Directory backyard bordering tate 541-548-1712 L arge h o m e wi t h Area Real Estate for Sale Large Prineville home. 2703 QUAINT CABIN ON 10 ACRES! large corner lot. Parthe canal in Redhuge great r o om. sq. ft. 4 bedrooms, 3 Modern amenities andall the quiet NOTICE tially furnished priced mond. Recently upEasy access to Bend 52970 Walker Way baths. $159,000 All real estate adver- at $433,000; Unfur$184,000. 3 bd, 2 ba, you Will need. ROOm to grOWjII yOur dated with warm col& Sisters. $180,000. FOR SALE MLS¹201203228 tised here in is subattached garage. High nished p r i ce d at ors, new flooring & MLS¹201201489 0Wn little ParadiSe! Call noW. Call Don Chapin, Broject to t h e F e deral $425,000. Call today When buying a home, Lakes Realty & Prop fixtures throughout. Call Travis Hannan, F air Housing A c t , for more details. Suerty Man a gement ker, 541-350-6777 MLS¹201301070 Principal Broker, 83% of Central Redmond RE/MAX 541-536-0117 which makes it illegal san Pitarro, Broker Oregonians turn to Kelly Starbuck, Prin541-788-3480 FORD F150 XL 2005. This truck Land & Homes to advertise any pref- 541-410-8084 or cipal Broker, Redmond RE/MAX 5 3610 Brookie, C u s Real Estate can haul jt all! Extra Cab, 4x4, erence, limitation or 541-389-7910 541-923-0855 The Bulletin Land & Homes ddy oo Central O doooy ode yppy t om 2500 sq. ft. + nd a tough V8 engine will get discrimination based Hunter Properties LLC Redmond RE/MAX Real Estate T wo homes o n t w o guest suite. $380,000 commercial lots sold on race, color, relihe job dOne on the ranChl Land & Homes Call 541-385-5809 to Bend j $154,500 Gentlemen Farm & Re- High Lakes Realty & gion, sex, handicap, • SW Real Estate place your Man a g e as one. Owner terms familial status or na- 1306 sq.ft. manufact irement. Cust o m P roperty Real Estate ad. avable. $124,900 Add color to tional origin, or inten- tured home ove r looking ment 541-536-0117 $449,900 Gour m et MLS¹201300807 Year-Round Vacation kitchen, new granite Willow Creek w/Cas- 51350 Anchor Way tion to make any such • .92 acre Call J u li e F a h lgren • Updated 3 bedroom, Home. Cozy Tollgate counter tops, master cade Mtn. views. 2892 Cabin on 1.25 acre 541-550-0098 preferences, l i m itations or discrimination. 2 bath home on half an acre suite + 2 guest bed- SF 1-level home w/in- w/city water, $59,900 Crooked River Realty For an additional • MLS 201301544 We will not knowingly with room fo r y o ur rooms & bathrooms door pool, 3360 SF High Lakes Realty & accept any advertis- Rookie Dickens, Broker, horse. Live an active on the main floor with shop, 2nd home & Two rental homes on '1 per day P roperty Man a g e GRI, CRS, ABR ing for r ea l e s tate lifestyle, c l ubhouse, a huge loft overlook- o ther b l dgs. 6 9 . 8 ment 541-536-0117 the same p roperty, 541-815-0436 which is in violation of swimming pool, biking the great room, acres w/62 acs of irboth currently rented. this law. All persons ing, horseshoes & and an expansive trex r ig. Home has t o o Cute studio cabin on Don't miss this one. are hereby informed tennis courts nearby. deck, ideal for enter- many features to list. 1.28 acre. $55,000. Owner terms availthat all dwellings adMary Johnston, Bro- taining. 3 bedroom, 3 Adjoins BLM. 15956 Jaco b sen able. $5 3 ,500 vertised are available ker, 541-420-0891 b ath. 2680 s q . f t . MLS¹201206931 Road. Hig h L a k es MLS¹201300810 To place your ad, visit on an equal opportuMORRIS John L. Scott Home-ID 718 Realty & Pr o perty Call Julie Fahlgren $795,000 or call 385-5809 541-550-0098 nity basis. The BulleREAL ESTATE Real Estate, Bend Eagle Crest Properties John L. Scott Real Es- Management tin Classified 866-722-3370 tate 541-548-1712 541-536-0117 Crooked River Realty I d p d y lyO ~ d pp y d








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Homes with Acreage


Homes with Acreage












Manufactured/ Mobile Homes

Manufactured/ Mobile Homes

Manufactured/ Mobile Homes

Amazing Views. Coun- Unique custom home, 3 One acre corner lot with Three Rivers South j 7825 SW River Road. SW River Rd. Walking try living at its best, bdrm, 2.5 bath, 2464 trees. $36,900. 16010 5.030 acres, canyon distance to the Des- Suntree Village ¹210 Snowberry Village ¹119 20780 Livingood Way. $44,900 u nbelievable u n o b- sq.ft. Sunroom with Alpine Drive, La Pine. • 1.05 acre lot views, septic & power chutes River and ex$48,900 $129,900 $94,500 Brand new structed Cascade Mt. aggregate floor, forHigh Lakes Realty & • Well, septic, power ino n l ot . $84, 9 0 0 cellent fishing. Amaz- • 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, • 3 b edrooms, 2 . 5 2013 home. 3 bdrm, 2 Views! Unique, cus- mal living room, wide P roperty Man a ge stalled MLS¹201300989 Call ing view from top of 1848 sq. ft. b aths, 1920 sq . f t . bath. Features great t om 1908 s q .ft., 3 hallways. S p a cious ment 541-536-0117 • Enjoy the outdoors Melody Curry the 2.79 a cres l o t. • 1994 Fleetwood, large 2 000 Silvercrest t r i room design with very 541-771-1116. bdrm & 2.5 bath home indoor spa off master Two individual acres, • MLS 201205913 Hike, b i k e , rid e garage & shop plewide large open kitchen. n estled i n larg e bedroom, bath. Large fenced, Nicolette Jones, Broker Crooked River Realty horses, fly fish. Quiet • Living room & family • Living room, family Walk-in pantry, lots of gated. 72'X60' barn/shop on shop with office. Pic541-241-0432 & natural setting is room, dining room. tile, Corian center is51535 Rus B are ra n g e lan d . ideal for vacations or room 9.6 acres w/8.3 acres nic area, horse shoes, $89,900. • Open floor plan, lots of Immaculate land, stainless appliRoad, La Pine. Fenced and only 18 irrigation. p rivacy & v ie w s . sell year-round liv i n g. • w~ndows Remodeled kitchen ances, large master High Lakes Realty & miles from Madras. $49,000 u $ 365,000. Call V i r - P roperty • 1 year AHS Warranty w/breakfast bar bath with soaking tub Man a ge T here are 2 w a t e r MLS¹201009429 elliecook. Kellie Cook, ginia, Principal Broincluded • Private master suite and walk-in all t i le ment 541-536-0117 wells - neither of Juniper Broker 541-322-9925 ker 541-350-3418 Realty, MORRIS Call Marilyn R ohaly, w/walk-in closet shower. Designer colwhich are being used. 541-504-5393 John L. Scott Redmond RE/MAX 1 4738 Birds Eye, L a REAL ESTATE Broker, 541-322-9954 • Master bath w/garden ors and window covElectricity is to one of Real Estate, Bend Land & Homes P ine, 1 a c r e w i t h John L. Scott Real t ub a nd doub l e erings. Landscaped y dp d l yO d dOp them. Mostly gentle SW Shad Rd. Located Real Estate power/water. $39,900. Estate, Bend shower and fenced with large s lope w i t h be t t e r on a p aved street. Three Rivers South j High Lakes Realty & • Gas FA h eat PLUS attached garage. grass on the steeper This 2.7 acre parcel Gorgeous mountain Very nice recently up$75,000 Property A/C & fireplace. Too Cascade Village land. Possible owner has Mt. Jefferson & views! 36y acres Irri- dated & remodeled 2800 • .45 acre lot Management Smith Rock v i ews. Snowberry Village ¹46 many options to list! Homes N.W. LLC terms. MLS¹ gated w/small cabin, 1 sq ft. farm home on 40 • Backs Deschutes Na541-536-0117 Call Marilyn R ohaly, 541-388-0000 with Cascade Mtn 201301211 $200,000. The lot is level with $88,900 bedroom, 1 bath, pos- acres tional Forest Flood irrigated, N orth P o w el l B u t t e• Big Broker, 541-322-9954 John L. Scott Real Esmany building sites. • 3 bedrooms, 2 baths sible OWC! $225,000. views. Deschutes River Just bought a new boat? landscaped, 2 ponds, set- Acreage 3 buildable, • MLS 201209006 John L. Scott Real Crooked River Ranch • 1600y sq. ft. 1994 Sil tate 541-548-1712 MLS ¹201201125. Sell your old one in the for horses &/or cattle. rare lots. C ascade Kathy Powell, Broker water and power is Estate, Bend vercrest Call Charlie, Desig- up classifieds! Ask about our Cascade Views in TerGreenhouse, horse barn, available at the street. • Living room, separate Mountain views. Quiet nated Broker, 541-383-4342 Super Seller rates! rebonne. $192,500 hay barn & shop. Powell area. Call Vicci BoSeptic was previously dining room & large 541-350-3419 541-385-5809 Breathtaking views, De- approved. $78,500 Butte area. By owner, wen 541-410-9730 kitchen with e a ting Redmond RE/MAX Find It in schutes River Can$569,000. 541-416-0941 Central Oregon Realty MLS¹ 201208266 area Land & Homes 63737 Cascade Village yon, and farming valThe Bulletin Classifiedsf Dr., $64,900 Juniper Realty, • Pellet stove Wonderful acr e a ge Group, LLC Enjoy Real Estate ley below, 5 usable 541-504-5393 • Huge covered BBQ 541-385-5809 set-up for horses with 14238 W h itewater mtn. views from large MORRIS acres with well Ideal Great Country home round pen. 4 - stall $59,900. One of few deck covered front deck, building site with un- Westerly Cascade view • Nice views REAL ESTATE has fenced property barn w it h c h i cken lots in W i l d R i ver. very open living area Suntree Village ¹159 o bstructed view s 1 a c r e lot wit h • Large laundry room y&p d l yO d dOp for animals. Wonder- coop, hay storage and High Lakes Realty & with updated carpet & water/power available • 2 -car attached f i n $34,200 MLS¹201205208 ful location and a nice complete bunk house. P roperty Three Rivers South j window coverings. 2 at r oad. S t andard • 3 bedrooms, 2 baths Man a ge Gail Day 541-306-1018 shop area. Ready for 40x60 s h op/garage ment 541-536-0117 ished garage $79,000 • 1598 sq. ft., 1985 Fu bdrm, 2 bath turn-key, approval. • Immaculate! Central Oregon Realty septic a family wanting to • .86 acre lot move-in co n d ition. finished with bath. Hot $58,000. qua Group, LLC live on acreage and house, 2 ponds,land- 1.62 acre flat lot with • 1 block from Big DesCall Marilyn R ohaly • Living MLS¹201205389 room & dining & BONUS; New Electric have room to spread scaped. Mountain & Broker, 541-322-9954 some improvements chutes River Lift. Call Nancy Popp, family room out. MLS¹201209328 for RV use. Perfect, • Near La Pine State John L. Scott Real m eadow views. 1 2 Cascade Village CHECK YOUR AD 541-815-8000 • All vaulted and open Estate, Bend $249,900 Park frost f re e f a ucets, flat building site. AdHomes. Bend, Please check your ad Crooked River Realty living D&D Realty Group LLC wrap-around decks on joins • MLS 201207525 gree n belts. 541-388-0000 on the first day it runs • Newer appliances wa 866-346-7868 775 Sherry Perrigan, Broker h ome a n d muc h $59,900 to make sure it is corter heater, heat pump MLS¹201205397 more. $375,000 541-410-4938 • FACTORY SPECIAL rect. Sometimes inManufactured/ 1 ye a r AHS Hand-hewn, prow front What are you C all N a nc y Po p p , New Home, 3 bdrm, MLS¹ 201207852 s tructions over t h e Warranty — a must see! Mobile Homes log home on 1.5 acre 541-815-8000 $46,500 finished Cascade Realty, phone are misunderlooking for? Call Marilyn R ohaly, rim lot! Stunning Cason your site. 541-536-1731 Crooked River Realty stood and a n e r ror Snowberry Village ¹98 Broker, 541-322-9954 cade & D e s chutes You'll find it in J and M Homes can occur in your ad. $79,500 John L. Scott Real $39,900 - Lot 141 SW River Canyon views. 3 763 541-548-5511 If this happens to your • 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. The Bulletin Classifieds Estate, Bend MORRIS C rater L oop. W e l l bdrm, 2.5 bath + ga- Recreational Homes ad, please contact us • 1404 sq. ft. 1999 Sil Snowberry Village ¹16. REAL ESTATE Treed Lot ! MLS ¹ r age. $239, 9 00 the first day your ad vercrest & Property 201105162 y dp d l y O d dOp d 3 bdrm & 2 bath, 1580 MLS¹201301080. appears and we will • Vaulted ceilings - de 541-385-5809 C all M e l od y Cu r r y Three Rivers South j C all N a nc y Po p p , ft 1 9 9 7 S i l verbe happy to fix it as 20737 Livingood Way. sq G et-away acre w i t h 541-771-1116 signer colors 541-815-8000 crest, vaulted ceilings, $8,000 s oon as w e c a n .• Gas heat and A/C. El Newer 2003 3 Bdrm, FOUR RV hookups!. Crooked River Realty Crooked River Realty lots of windows, FA & •.50-acre lot Snowberry Village ¹16 2 bath turnkey home. Deadlines are: Week- evated corner lot $65,000. 1567 5 heat pump (A/C), At• Bring your RV $94,500 days 11:00 noon for New appliances, lots K asserman Dr., L a nice views Say "goodbuy" 2 car finished • Close to lakes bedrooms, 2 baths Take care of next day, Sat. 11:00 • Attached 2-car g a •• 31580 of upgrades, custom tached Pine. High Lakes Re sq. ft. 1997 Sil garage, wood lami• MLS 201206354 a.m. for Sunday and to that unused window co v e rings, alty & Property Man rage + shop area your investments solar tube, & Becky Brunoe, Broker Monday. and back decks. nate, agement • Front deck and rear • vercrest more. Covered front & item by placing it in Vaulted ceilings, lots front 541-350-4772 with the help from 541-385-5809 541-536-0117 Pristine fenced courtpatio back deck, concrete of windows The Bulletin Classifieds Thank you! The Bulletin's Call Marilyn Rohaly, • FA heat & heat pump yard entry. Very open back patio. $94,500. 1bd/1ba frame home in The Bulletin Classified concept with close to Broker, 541-322-9954 Marilyn Rohaly, Bro"Call A Service G ilchrist. Make t h is (A/C) 1500 sq.ft. $74,300 John L. Scott Real • A ttached 2-car f i n ker 541-322-9954 5 41 -385-580 9 your home or a getCascade Village Professional" Directory Estate, Bend Looking for a getaway John L. Scott ished garage away cabin for the MORRIS Homes N.W. LLC p lace? Bring y o u r • Wood laminate, solar Real Estate, Bend Central Oregon recre- 8589 S W P a n orama REAL ESTATE 541-388-0000 builder and set your Horse property with a tube & more a tions.$39,999 M L S Road. 1.169 a c re, y&p d l y O d da p d spectacular mountain 201206628 - Dennis close to pasture and imagination free! Min- Want to impress the • Covered front deck 2 0748 V a lentine S t . 773 utes to Prineville Resrelatives? Remodel • Concrete back patio Suntree Village ¹127 view. Surrounded by Haniford, Pr i n cipal mtn. views! $40,500$54,900 Cute 3 bdrm, Priced to sell $32,900 large farms and sets Broker, 541-536-1731 ervoir, Public Lands and covered deck MLS¹201105165 Call Acreages your home with the 2 ba t h , upd a t ed Charming exc. c ond. for hiking & h o rseatop a knoll in Ma- Cascade Realty Melody Curry help of a professional Call Marilyn Rohaly, kitchen & bath, new 3B/2B, 1322 sf, new dras area. You can Broker, 541-322-9954 541-771 -1 1 1 6. RV lot grandfathered-in, back riding, d owncarpet & t i le, n i ce ext/int paint, Pergo in town Prine v ille, from The Bulletin's see forever! Shop has Great Potential. Cute John L. Scott Real Crooked River Realty come camp or build covered front deck & mobile home with "Call A Service kitchen, Irg. front yard stalls & plenty of room Lakes Golf Estate, Bend your dream h ome. Meadow back yard with w/deck. A must see! covered decks. Re- Be creative! Build to fit for hay & t ack. Or large Septic/Power/ Water. Course & even fish- Professional" Directory deck. Spotless and model started. Paved Call Lynda W a lsh, bring your toys that your new business. $57,900 ing the Crooked River. like new. Street. Near Prinevdon't require f o od! Lot adjoins 18-hole MLS¹201207367 Views from rock out Snowberry Village ¹70 Snowberry Village ¹55 broker, 541-410-1359 Cascade Village ille Reservoir. PriPrudential NW ProperW ith over 6 a c r es golf c ourse. G r eat Linda Lou Day- Wright, croppings, to the val$69,500 $52,500 Homes N.W. LLC vacy with views. Idlevisibility! Well t r avley below with Ochoco ties there's plenty of room. • 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, • 2 bedrooms, 2 baths Broker, 541-771-2585 541-388-0000 eled paved road, in Crooked River Realty This custom b right way Acres. $55,000M tns & beyo n d . attached 2-car garage • 1296 sq. ft., 1994 Sil MLS¹201300335 business a re a at MLS¹201301312 780 home has many up• 1248 sq. ft. 1993 Sil vercrest 20774 LivingWay. Like Call Virginia, R EADY T O BUI L D ! $39,475 CCR. $39,900 grades, great f loor vercrest • Lots of w i ndows & Mfd./Mobile Homes New 3 Bdrm, 2 bath Principal Broker 5.07 acres, flat l ot, John L. Scott Real Es- • Large living room, din MLS¹201207332 plan, large r ooms, vaulted ceilings home is loaded with with Land 541-350-3418 Call Nancy Popp, mature trees, paved tate 541-548-1712 fireplace & so much ing area • All appliances are in upgrades, i ncluding 541-815-8000 road, 1/3 interest in • m ore. $210, 0 00 Redmond RE/MAX Vaulted c e i lings, cluded c ustom paint, n e w 5 ACRES with mounLand & Homes Crooked River Realty well, applied for stan- Lot 22 SW Chipmunk MLS¹201105983 Sunny windows Rd. Level 5.19 acres • FA heat & heat pump • FA h e at a nd h e at lighting, skylight and tain views. 3 bdrm, 2 Real Estate dard septic. $99,900. D&D Realty Group LLC Broken Top j $169,000 pump/A/C custom deck i ng. b ath, 1 62 0 h o m e , MLS¹ 20 12 0 4695 with mountain views. 866-346-7868 • Nicely landscaped, (A/C) • .42-acrehome site 764 Well treed with sevOversized 2 car ga- 36x40 shop, fenced, Pam Lester, Principal • Front porch and large great rear yard! • On the 17th green eral possible building rage with storage and irigated, ext. sprinkler Farms & Ranches B roker, Century 2 1 New Construction - 3 back deck • Home plans included Call Marilyn Rohaly, workshop sites. Community $2 7 9 ,000. area. system. Gold Country Realty, bdrm, 2 b ath, 1748 Call Marilyn R ohaly, Broker, 541-322-9954 water & power avail$84,700. MLS 2809225. Pam sq.ft., on 1.49 acres, Ranch in Powell Butte • MLS 201209583 Inc. 541-504-1338 Broker, 541-322-9954 John L. Scott Real Matt Robinson, Broker able at the street. Lester, 541-504-1338 Cascade Village $925,000. Pride of granite counters, SS John L. Scott Real Nice mountain views. Estate, Bend 541-977-5811 Owner terms availHomes N.W. LLC C entury 2 1 , Go l d ownership/Borders appliances, fireplace Estate, Bend 3.09 acres. $95, able. $69,000 MLS¹ 541-388-0000 County Realty with custom mantel. BLM. Feed Lot, hay MLS¹2609088 201106095 $329,000 MLS Barn, Equip. Shed Call Linda Lou DayJuniper Realty, ¹ 201209128 Pam MLS¹201206082 Wright, Broker, 541-504-5393 Vicci Bowen Lester, Principal Bro541-771-2585 541 -41 0-9730 MORRIS ker, Century 21 Gold Advertise your car! Crooked River Realty Country Realty, Inc. Central Oregon Realty REAL ESTATE Add A Picture! 541-504-1 338 Group, LLC 5 acres adjoins public y dp d l yO d d Op d Reach thousands of readers! land over Deschutes Call 541-385-5809 771 B uildable Lot o n t h e River. Short walk to The Bulletin Classifieds Powell Butte! 10 Acre! Canal. Desirable lot in river. $ 7 4 ,900 Views! $815,900. Lots R idgewater 11. L o - MLS¹201102328 Call Mountain Views! 3.39 Spacious 3863 sq. ft. cated on irrigation ca- Linda Lou Day-Wright acres with crazy custom home, gor- Lot 17 L a newood Nice flat .18 acre Broker, 541-771-2585 mountan views! geous kitchen, 560 $25,000. B e a utiful, nal. Owner will carry. sq. ft. office, RV bldg., treed, 1 .7 5 a c r es. lot with mature juni- Crooked River Realty $103,000 per trees & located in shop, & more. Ask for High Lakes Realty & of Over 7 acres of private MLS¹201100748 Extensive Fe a t ure P roperty Man a ge neighborhood property with views. higher end homes in Call Travis Hannan, Sheet $ 8 15,900. ment 541-536-0117 $106,500 SE B e n d . Mar c i Principal Broker, MLS¹201106428 MLS¹201106739 208 2nd Ave, Culver541-788-3480 Schoenberg, Realtor Call Virginia, Call Julie Fahlgren, Level city lot in the 541-610-7803 Redmond RE/MAX Principal Broker Broker, 541-550-0098 heart of Culver. All John L. Scott Land & Homes 541-350-3418 Crooked River Realty u tilities are a t t h e Real Estate, Bend Real Estate Redmond RE/MAX street ready to be 9.89 acres possibly di Land & Homes NE Redmond j stalled. This lot just Real Estate vidable. $89, 9 00. Downtown Bend j $890,000 needs y o u r new 1300 Circle Bar, La • 16.25 acres $650,000 Price Reduction!!! Pan- home. $38,200 Pine. High Lakes Re • .43 acre lot • Development oppporMLS¹ 201203505. oramic Views! Great alty & Property • RH zoning tunity Juniper Realty location 3 miles NW of Management • Near parkway & shop• Great location 541-504-5393 Redmond. Views of 541-536-0117 • MLS 201208031 ping Smith Rock & 1 6261 Pine D r o p • MLS 201300631 Tisdel, ABR, $48,900, 1-acre. O chocos. Cus t o m N icely c l e ared & Michelle PC, Broker Lisa Campbell, Broker Mountain views. built 2478 sq. ft. home fenced acre. $35,000 541-390-3490 541-419-8900 MLS¹201206664 on 4.74 acres. 1800 High Lakes Realty & Call Linda Lou sq. ft. shop w/RV bay. P roperty Man a ge Day-Wright, Broker, 4.74 a c r es . MLS u •




ment 541-536-0117


Crooked River Realty $397,000! $ 79,000 Bu i l d y o u r MORRIS MORRIS John L. Scott Real Es- Dream home on this 1.46 acre, flat building REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE tate 541-548-1712 .41 acre flat lot. Perlot adjoins greenbelt. y dp d l yO R d Op d y&p d l yO d d Op d fect building site with Water/ power availRemodeled 3 bedroom, t he b ac k o f yo u r at road. NW Dove Rd., TerrebNice flat lot in Terreb- able 2 bath, 1440 sq. ft. house overlooking the onne, .56 a c r es, $39,900 onne. Private w ell, home on 2.29 acres. b abbling creek , p aved s t reet, a p - MLS¹201207930 p ower & septic i n Granite counters, morning sun and peek proved fo r stalled! L e v e l 5 . 12 c a p -fill Call Nancy Popp, hickory cabinets, -a-boo mtn views from septic, utilities are 541-815-8000 acres wit h s e veral at bamboo wood floors, the front. All utilities t he lo t l i n e . M L S Crooked River Realty building sites with Mtn vinyl windows, the list on the property line. ¹ 2012001172 Pa m All it needs is goes on. Garage, car- This is the perfect lot!! Lester, Principal Bro- 32.42 Acres in Urban views. Growth Bo u n dary, your dream h ome. port and RV covered Home-ID 973 MLS¹ ker, Century 21 Gold Adjacent t o The $96,500 parking. 12851 SW Eagle Crest Properties Country Realty, Inc. 20120135 Deer Crossing. Greens, kitty corner to 866-722-3370 Juniper Realty, 541-504-1338 new Ridgeview High $109,000 MLS 541-504-5393 Great Mountain View One acre. Driveway in 201204401 School. $5 9 9 ,000. home site, short dis MLS ¹ 201 2 03193 Redmond - 2.59 acres Juniper Realty, place. 7981 SW High tance to the Lakeside Cone. $29,900. 541-504-5393 Pam Lester, Principal close to town. Owner S ports Center a n d B roker, Century 2 1 MLS¹201003931 will carry. $97,000 Serenity and Privacy on Spray Park, come and Gold Country Realty, MLS¹201100751 Call Melody Curry 4.62 acres. Comfort- enjoy listening to the Inc. 541-504-1338 541-771-1116 Call Travis Hannan, able 3 b e droom, 2 quiet. Avoid bank clos Crooked River Realty Principal Broker, FIND IT! b ath home a n d a ing costs; the seller is 541-788-3480 BUY tT! 30x40 shop with over- offering exc e l lentRiver Frontage on Little Redmond RE/MAX sized RV door. Build terms to a q ualified Deschutes River. 6+ SELL IT! Land & Homes buyer on this .44 acre acres with 300 ft. of The Bulletin Classifieds your custom h ome Real Estate with brea t htaking lot. $83,500 Home-ID riverfront on the little views of the Cascade 619 D eschutes Riv e r . 4 38 Acre v i e w l o t SW Canyon Dr. 1.13 mtns. or enjoy as is. Eagle Crest Properties Views of Mt. Bachelor, backs BLM, Cascade acres w it h a c c ess mtn & S m ith R o ck from two streets pro866-722-3370 South Sister & Bro$246,000. man y MLS¹201205440 ken Top. Nadine Ash, views. Corner lot, ap- v iding y o u $59,000 O u t standing proved for standard building site options. D&D Realty Group LLC Broker 541-390-4017 builders dream lot in a septic. $199,000. MLS Views of Mt. Jeffer866-346-7868 John L. Scott quiet n e ighborhood Real Estate, Bend ¹2809381 Pam son. Owner t e rms Lester, Principal Bro- available. Single level on 1 acre, 3 and backs u p to $5 8 , 500 common area. This ker, Century 21 Gold MLS¹201106385 bdrm, 2 b ath, 1716 property is priced to The Highlands at BroCountry Realty, Inc. sq.ft., master separaJuniper Realty, ken top, 1 0 a c res, 541-504-1338 541-504-5393 tion, office, fenced, sell and w on't l ast long! Home-ID 968 gated, private well, f lower garden, R V utilities at lot, applicaSW Chipmunk Rd. Eagle Crest Properties parking. $ 1 4 5,000. Dryland Acres 866-722-3370 tion for cap-fill septic. (440) Level 21 5.16 acres MLS ¹ 20 1 0 07848. 5 miles east of AshMLS wood on G r osner with community water Pam Lester, Principal 13740 S W Ca n y on $535,000. ¹ 201200937. Pa m installed. Mt. view B roker, Century 2 1 Drive. 1.22acre lot. Lester, Principal Bro- R d. S p ring a n d from back of property. Gold Country Realty, B uild y o u r dr e a m ker, Century 21 Gold pond. Good for seaTwo nice-sized storInc. 541-504-1338 sonal grazing, hunthome! $ 4 7 ,500 Country Realty, Inc. age buildings ining/recreation. MLS¹201105164 541-504-1338 cluded. $74,700. MLS Sisters j $549,000 $330,000 firm. As is. Call Melody Curry 201300800 • 3000 sq.ft. No agents. 541-771-1116 Three 9148 sq.ft. FLAT Juniper Realty, • 3 bedroom, 2 bath 541-205-3788, Crooked River Realty lots, cul-de-sac, utili541-504-5393 • 6.75 acres, barn ties stubbed into PUE, 541-823-2397, • MLS 201205094 15194 Ponderosa Lp. close to West Can- SW D O V E R D . M t. Mark Valceschini, P.C., 1.41 acres ready for yon Rim Park and acWashington & Three Broker, CRS, GRI you! $55,000. High cess to the Dry Can- 5 Acre corner lot. Near Sisters views from this 541-383-4364 Lakes Realty & Prop yon trail. $35,000, to public land & r i ver. 6.1 acre property with erty Man a gement $50,000. Level fo r b u i lding. power installed. Close MLS¹ 541-536-0117 2 01207687, 92 a n d Neighboring well. Pwr to t h e De s c hutes 94. Pam Lester, to property. $49,900River and Steelhead Call The Bulletin At Principal Broker, Cen- MLS¹201109114 Falls. $99,500 MLS¹ 541-385-5809 MORRIS tury 21 Gold Country Call Nancy Popp, 201205646 Place Your Ad Or E-Mail 541-815-8000 REAL ESTATE Realty, Inc. Juniper Re a lty, At: 541-504-1338 Crooked River Realty 541-504-5393 ylyO d d O p M d •

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SUNRIVER I $650,000


• 2970 sq.ft. • 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath • Sun ForestRemodeled • MLS 201302188

DIANELOZITO, BROKER 541-548-3598 541-306-9646

iirimm[ggggg~ • Medicaloverlay

541 788N129 • v MLS 201302117



LYNNE CONNELLEY . 2681 sq fl

i . 69acre landscap~d lot $ 541.4p8-672p g ' MLS 201302200



'Lr SKYLINER SUMMIT I $625,000 • 3585 sq.ft. JOHN SNIPPEN, BROKER, • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath MBA,ABR,CRS, GRI 541.312-7273 I • .60 acre landscaped lot 541-948-9090 • MLS 201302009

DIANELQZITQ, • 2 bedroom, 2 bath BROKLR 541 5483598 • On the creek 541 3Q6 9646 • MLS 201302108

DEBBIE HERSHEY, BROKER CRSGRI ' 4 bedrppm 3 5 b«h • .77 acre on canal

0.51Zg v MLS 201301822



SUNRIVER I $619,500 SUSANAGLI, BROKER, ABR,ALHS& SRES 3 bedroom 3 bpth 541'383.4338 • 1st Fairway Woodlands G.C. 541-4po-3773 • MLS 201302081



SW BEND I $251,000


Broker, CRS, Vs)C'R' •• .45 3 bedroom, bath acre on2.5 10th fairway CDPE,GREEN • • MLS 20I302083 541-420-11 ~




SW REDMOND I $87,500 • .21acre flat lot MICHELL ETISDEL, ABR,PC,BROKER • Cascade Mountain views


• Near park & river trail

• Possible owner terms

541' 48p.75p1 • MI.S 201302080

541.390-3490 • MLS 201302049

• •-

5NII mm




$ 3.68AcresI $1,350,000 N DONF AIRBANlf, ""' q' • 3 bedrppm, 2.5 bath

DARRIN KELLEHER, •, 33 bedroom, b d 22.5 5 bath BROKER





lirgggxt(@s(IN • 60982 GrandTargheeDrive 541 788-0029 • • MLS 201207631


g v On the Deschutes River

BROKEN TOPI $1,150,000 00 q' '

• 4 bedrppm, 2.5 both • On 17th fairway

541.48p.2269 • MLS 201 301411

541-383-4344g ' MLS 201202960


39+ ACRE RANCH I $695,000 RACHEL LEMAS BROKER 541-383-4359 541-896.1263

• 3731 sq.ft. • 3 bedroom, 3 bath

• MLS 201204031


541 419 8165 • MLS 201301793


DIANELOZITO, BROKER 541-548-3598, • 5.1 acres 541-306-9646 • MLS 201206500

541-322-2417 • MLS 201301021

• Historic character - renovated

541.48p.6621 • MLS 201301102

• 2992 sq.ft, • 4 bedroom, 3 bath

• 2 suites, I on main • On 5th green 8 6th fairway

DOWNTOWN BENDI $749,000 • 2593 sq.ft. DIANEROBINSON, • 2 bedroom, 3 bath BROKER,ABR

• 5 bedrppm, 2.5 both • 20 acres with views

MTN VIEWSI $650,000

wIDGIcREEKFAIRwAYI $685,000 • 2930 sq.ft., 2.5 bath


• 5 minutes to Costco

SE BEND I $825,000




• 3 bedr«rn, 4.5 bath • Top of the line finishes • MLS 201300652

541'48p 75p1

• 3 bedroom, 3 bath • .46acre lot


541588 0687 I • MLS 201 300725

N i l,,! . . ec

~nt'Pr)j' 1


. j -Q 8~,


NW BEND I $495,000

• 20.39 ACRES I $525,000 DAWNULRKXSQN, ' 2334 sq h hpme • Mountain Views

DEBORAH BENSON, ' 3035 sq ft townhome ' • 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath PC, ' Ciose to the River trail BROKER, GRI 541-48P.6448 • MLS 201203181



BROKERCRS • 900+/- sq.ft. River frontage GRI SFR' 41- 1 9427 • MLS 201207288 '

• 40 acres • TumalCreek p flows throughproperty • Borders National Forest

541-480-7647 ' MLS 201209443



I • 2818 sq.h.

SW BEND 4-PLEX I $439,500

DEBBIE JQHNSQN • I 138 sq.ft, each • 2 bedroorn, 2.5 both BROKER • Singleear garages 541-480-1293 • MLS 201300943

MARGODEGRAY, • 4 bedroorn, 2 bath BROKERABR,CR


• Earth Advantage

541-480-7355 ' MLS 201300043




Kl E3

I l~

I /


MT BAcH EL0RvlLLAGEI $419,900 BONNIESAVICKAP • 2 bedroom, 2 bath BROKER

INDAMCKITRICP, • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath BROKERGRI


541-408-7537g ' MLS 201301597

541-280-6148g ' MLS 201302055

541-948-0997 • MLS 201209541


g v Incredible DeschutesRiver view

' 2274 sq ft • 4 bedroom, 3 bath


I v Near DeschutesRiver Trail


SUNDANCE I $329,000



• 2.96 flat acres

QUAILCROSSING I $289,000 • 1745 sq.ft.


• 3 bedroom, 2 bath

• .13 acre lot

• New Construction

S~ggggg • MLS 201106138

• MLS 201208685

5~ 9 0-534


DESERT SKIESI $269,0QQ • 3110 sq fl JANESTRELL • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath BROKERABRGRI





G at J

Iljl a


Ii' l l


ut " «.'a

~~ B. 9

. tss

NE BENDI $264,900 • 1451 sq.fl. GREG MILLER, P.c., BROKER, CRS,GRI •2 bed'oorn,2 bath

SHERR YPERRIGAN . 9 06 acres • Cascade Mountain views BROKER

541-408-1511 g ' MLS 201300499

541-410.4938 • MLS 201205047



~ • .59 acre lot


• .25 acre lot • Cascade Mountain view

• Close to Shevlin Park 541-480-1911 ' MLS 201301093

• Borders BLM land

REDMONDI $194,995

soUTHDEERFIELDPARKI $224 950 RAY BACHMAN • New 1500 sq,ft, BROKER,GRI ' • 3 bedr«m, 2.5 bath

• Double wall construct)on

541-312.4044 ' MLS 201207629


g 5 y

Ia i

I R% E 5

• 1946 sq.ft.

NkvKNE JON ES, I • 3 bed(oprn 2 5 bpth BROKER $ • Eztensjye rempde 541.241Q432 • MLS 201301603



c s



nv~A )

NE BEND l $192,000 AMY HALU GAN, BROKER 541 410 9045


SW BEND I $170,000

• 1206 sq.ft.

• 1440 sq.ft, manufactured

• MLS 20I204680


," J~h -.

POWELL BUTTE I $169,000 • 19.62 acres

CAROLY NPRIBORSKY) • Beputjful Cpscpde Mpuntpjn vjews P.C., BR OKER,ABR, • Gently slpped prpperty CRS MLS 01 05095 541 383 4350

KOlT HUGGIN, • .35acre lot BROKER,GRI • Close to FarewelBend l Park • MLS 201301627 41- 22-1

• 2 bedrppm, 2 bpth • T,rn key prpperty

SISTERS I $169,000 KELLYNEUMAN, BROKER 541-480.2102

• 1682 sq.ft. townhome • 3 bedroom,2.5 bath • Convenient location

• MLS 201300538



• 2.04 acres

JJ JONES , • Cascade Mountain views BROKER • Crooked Riverviews 541.610-7318 • MLS 2704850 541.788-3678

,l E vI


RIYERB EDGEYILIAGEI $80,000 .i • .47 acre lot SHERR YPERRIGAmi • Gplf Cpu(se &epstern vjews BROKER • Epsv pccess tp Hwy 97

541 41p.4938 • MLS 201204299




LA PINEI $75,000

• 1152 sq.ft. manufactured CHRISlYHARTMAN- • 3 bedroom, 2 bath DECOU RCEY, • 1.42 acres BROKE R • MLS 201209044 541-312-7263



• 1.48 acres NICOLE TTEJONES, • On Crooked RiverCanyon Rim BROKER • Cascade Mountain views 541-241-0432 • MLS 201205258




MADRAS I $54,100

I • 2 units • 2 bedroom, I bath each • C ose to downtown

5413834334i MLS201301386

) —-


• I acre, evel lot • Build your dream retreat • Deschutes River &National Forest

• MLS201208695

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Mclntosh, westerners! 30 daily FREE to good home I cash, checks, or ' Defense ammo. WANTED! Cash paid newspapers, C A L L NOW J BL, Marantz, D y 541-420-5602, Joe. six 750. naco, Heathkit, San60" glass-top patio ped I credit i n f o rmation for old cartridge col- states. 25-word clas$160./ 200rds 9mm while supplies last! J Want to Buy or Rent may be subjected to sui, Carver, NAD, etc. Federal Champion lections. 1-866-906-6902. Lab Pups AKC, black estal table w/chairs 8 um sified $525 for a 3-day (PNDC) Call 541-261-1808 115 gr. FMJ $110. 541-280-61 75/ 8 y ellow, Mas t e r brella, heavy good quality I FRAUD. For more WANTED: Tobacco a d. Ca l l (916) information about an 8 David 415-606-0547 Hunter sired, perfor- $75. 541-312-2951 WHEN YOU SEE THIS pipes - Briars and 2 88-6019 o r vis i t Wanted: Collector FAST TREES, Potted advertiser, you may pedigree, OFA smokina accessories. mance Grow 6-10 feet yearly! seeks high quality cert hips 8 e l bows, A1 Washers&Dryers / call t h e Or e gon / 200 rds of Winchester WANTED: RAZORS~Oo fishing items. ising pndc.cfm for the $16-$22 delivered. $150 ea. Full war' State Attor ney ' 45acp hollow points, Call 541-771-2330 Gillette, Gem, Schick, www.tennamanretrieverspcom Call 541-678-5753, or Pacific Nor t hwest ranty. Free Del. Also I General's O f f i ce $160. 541-647-8931 etc. Shaving mugs 503-351-2746 Daily Con n ection. or 509-447-41 81 wanted, used W/D's Consumer P rotec- • On a classified ad and accessories. Labradoodles - Mini & (PNDC) 541-280-7355 t ion ho t l in e at I 240 rdsof PMC .223 Winchester desirable go to GENERATE SOME Fair prices paid. med size, several colors factory ammo, $200. I 1-877-877-9392. EXCITEMENT 541-504-2662 Call 541-390-7029 model 70 Pre 64 300 What are you 541-647-8931 China cabinet, beautiful to view additional IN YOUR between 10 am-3 pm. W IN a n d mod e l white solid wood with NEIGBORHOOD. photos of the item. 100-284. Call looking for? AR15, .223 Bushmaster, Labrador, black male, 7 tempered glass doors & Plan a garage sale and like new, 2-30 rd mags, 541-420-8689 yrs, great family dog, sides, glass shelves, mirYou'll find it in don't forget to adverI P ets & Supplies $1650 obo 503-250-0118 healthy, loves cats. Free rored inner back, 2 draw247 Commercial/Office tise in classified! The Bulletin Classifieds to good h ome o nly.ers below, 68" high x 40" Bend local pays CASH!! 541-385-5809. Antiques & Sporting Goods Equipment & Fixtures 541-536-7960 wide x 18" deep. $350. for all firearms & The Bulletin recomCollectibles - Misc. GET FREE OF CREDIT mends extra caution Labradors, AKC: black 8 541-548-2849 ammo. 541-526-0617 541-385-5809 CARD DEBT N OW! Computer touch screen when purc h a s- choc; 1st shots, athletic Couch 6' - recliners on order system for ResBushmaster AR-15 223 ing products or ser- parents, $350-450. Ready both ends good cond. Antique barber chair, cal. + Red Dot scope New set of 4 "Old Mill Bedazzle hi-qual. glass Cut payments by up taurant. Great cond. A District" Silipints, $32. bead set, new w/xtras, to half. Stop creditors $150. vices from out of the 3/23. 541-410-9000 $200. 541-504-4314. rear f i nd . $1 2 00. $1,499. Brand new in 541-318-5732 from calling. 559-285-8300/local area. Sending cash, Miniature Pinscher AKC 541-420-2220 $25. 541-548-6642 box. 541-279-1843 866-775-9621. DRYERchecks, or credit in- puppies, red males only. 253 Boots, 2 pair new men's (PNDC) f ormation may b e Champion b l oodlines, Kenmore heavy duty, Antique Hutch - 6'x3' 100 CASH!! $50. 541-388-1484 yrs +, $200 OBO. For TV, Stereo & Video Hytest, sz 9ye EE & 9t/eE, Highspeed Internet EVsubjected to fraud. vaccinated 8 w o rmed. For Guns, Ammo & Tools $50 ea. 541-678-5605 For more i nforma- $400. Call 541-480-0896 Fridge & d i s hwasher info, 541-388-5696 Reloading Supplies. ERYWHERE By SatSAVE on Cable TV-In541-408-6900. tion about an adverKenmore, $150 both. Crystal c o r dial/sherry tool set, ellite! Speeds up to Ryobi drill press 10", ternet-Digital Phone- Brass fireplace tiser, you may call Pet barrier for car, blksteel 541-771-5552 $12. 12mbps! (200x faster $75; 10" Craftsman glasses (4) $35 . Satellite. You've Got the O r egon State adjusts to fit most cars, 541-678-5605 541-330-9070 than dial-up.) Starting Radial arm saw with DON'TMISSIHIS A C hoice! O ptions Attorney General's $30. 541-504-8399 at $49.95/mo. CALL cabinet, $150; Router Buying Diamonds from ALL major serPowers cookstove reOffice Co n s umer Pet door, Ruff Weather NOW 8 G O F AST! table and misc. bits, vice providers. Call us /Gold for Cash Protection hotline at medium sz, 7'/4'" x 13 stored; buc k board DO YOU HAVE 1-888-718-21 62. $100. 10" table saw Deelg t to learn more! CALL Saxon's Fine Jewelers 1-877-877-9392. wagon; ha n dpump; (PNDC) 1'/e HP with 1 HP dust high, $40. 541-548-5516 SOMETHING TO Visit our HUGE Today. 888-757-5943. 541-389-6655 White treadle sewing SELL $150; Delta Leather organizer, collector, Poodle pupsAKC toys home decor (PNDC) mach. 541-318-1500 FOR $500 OR BUYING serving centralopegppp pce rpre 3-ring binder & inserts, 4" belt and 6" d isc Loving, cuddly compan consignment store. LESS? sander, $50; 10" Delta Lionel/American Flyer The Bulletin reserves 255 $20. 541-330-9070 ions. 541-475-3889 New items bandsaw and stand + Non-commercial trains, accessories. the right to publish all arrive daily! Adopt a nice CRAFT cat Queensland Heelers Computers 541-408-2191. Metal garden arbor, $75. extra blade, $100; 16" advertisers may ads from The Bulletin 930 SE Textron, from Tumalo sanctuary, standard & mini,$150 & Wicker chair, $25, 8 Toro Electric s now place an ad newspaper onto The Bend 541-318-1501 Pet Smart, o r P e tco! T HE B U LLETIN r e - BUYING & SE L LING settee, $45. Bow front blower 1 yr. old, $150. up. 541-280-1537 with our Bulletin Internet Fixed, shots, ID chip, www.rightwayranch.wor quires computer adAll gold jewelry, silver (glass) curio cabinet Call between 8 a.m. "QUICK CASH site. tested, more! Sanctuary vertisers with multiple and gold coins, bars, w/light, $95. B aker's and 8 p . m . R a lph, SPECIAL" open Sat. 1-5 (CLOSED rounds, wedding sets, rack, $75. 541-389-5408 541-382-7773. GENERATE SOME exad schedules or those 1 week 3 lines 12 Easter Sun.), other days Rodent control experts citement i n your selling multiple sys- class rings, sterling silSerp pg Centrat Qpeqpp ppce l903 or' by appt. 65480 78th, (barn cats) seek work neighborhood! Plan a tems/ software, to dis- ver, coin collect, vin- Sauna, 2-person infra- Two starter tool k its, k pp! ~p Bend. 54 1 -389-8420. in exchange for safe garage sale and don't close the name of the tage watches, dental red, hardly used, ste- $15 and $20. Ad must Photos, map, more at Fl e ming, reo, light, must see. 541-548-6642. shelter, basic c a re. forget to advertise in business or the term gold. Bill Coins & Stamps • include price of & like Fixed, shots. Will de- classified! 541-382-9419. $900. 541-389-2919. "dealer" in their ads. it t $5 0 0 us on Facebook. liver! 541-389-8420. 541-385-5809. Private party advertis- DISH Network. Starting The Bulletin Offers or less, or multiple ers are defined as Building Materials Boxer X English Bulldog Schnauzer mi n i atureLa-Z-Boy Big Man chair, at $19.99/month (for Free Private Party Ads items whose total those who sell one AKC puppies, ready to 1 2 mos.) 8 Hig h • 3 lines - 3 days pups, CK C re g 'd. swivel rocker recliner, does not exceed computer. REDMOND Habitat $800. 541-325-3376 go, $500. 541-416-0941 b rown c l oth, Speed Internet start- • Private Party Only $1 5 0 . $500. RESTORE ing at $14.95/month • Total of items adver541-382-6310 after 3pm 257 Canary Males (where ava i lable.) tised must equal $200 Building Supply Resale Call Classifieds at LaZ-Boy rocker recliner Musical Instruments Quality at S AVE! A s k Ab o u t or Less 5 @ $45-$55 each. 541-385-5809 HELP YOUR AD microfiber casual oak, LOW PRICES SAME DAY InstallaFOR DETAILS or to (541)548-7947. stand out from the $175. 541-788-8276 Fiddle/violin Stand, 1242 S. Hwy 97 t ion! C A L L Now ! PLACE AN AD, rest! Have the top line CATS: male, 3 yrs, indeNew Folds Flat $30. 541-548-1406 1-866-947-7995. Call 541-385-5809 Loveseat, plum color, in bold print for only DPMS AR-15 M4 .556 pendent but loving; fe541-330-9070 Open to the public. (PNDC) Fax 541-385-5802 Fold, 6 weeks, exc. cond., only 6 mo. $2.00 extra. rifle w/4 30-rd mags, NIB, male, 6 yrs, indoor only, Scottish $300. Scottish Fold/ pd. $ 4 00 , a s k ing $1375. 541-647-8931 shy but affectionate. Free Manx, 8 months $175. $325. 541-382-2046, to good homes only. Sen 9 cental 0 egpp vppelppp F S-Browning Cam o Other litter ready 4/5. 541-536-7960 Loveseat-rocker, 541-385-5809 541-241-4914 BPS 12g pump shotearth tones, $35 un, excellent shape, i Dachs. AKC mini pups 541-678-5605 Shih Tzu awesome pup550. Baikal MP153 pies, 1st shots, wormed, Crafts & Hobbies • All colors. 541-508-4558 semi-auto 12g shotNEED TO CANCEL $400. 541-977-4686 un, excellent shape, YOUR AD? Donate deposit bottles/ Rockhound Equipment 350. 503-440-1333. The Bulletin cans to local all volun& supplies. Saw, grind, In Sisters. Classifieds has an teer, non-profit rescue, to sand & polish. Lor"After Hours" Line 280 282 286 help w/cat spay/neuter tone & Highland Park Kel-Tec PMR-30. New Call 541-383-2371 vet bills. Cans for Cats in box. $995 OBO. Estate Sales Sales Northwest Bend Sales Northeast Bend Sales Other Areas Bend. 541 280-5574 24 hrs. to cancel trailer at Bend Pet ExCall 541-475-6892 your ad! press, 420 NE Windy S ponsor needed f o r after 2 p.m. ESTATE SALE MOVING SALE, house- Garage-Moving sale Saturday Only Moving Knolls thru 4 /8; t h en s weet little Jenny & 3/29-3/30 9-2pm. hold items, e lectric Fri. 8 Sat. 8 a.m. Sale! 3/30/13 Bicycles 8 Ray's Food, Sisters thru Leupold VX-II scope, Call a Pro clothes dryer, 4 cu ft antiques, crafts, books, 9:00-5:00 60673 Teton Ct., a b andoned Accessories 3 x9x40, l i k e ne w , 4/29. Donate Mon-Fri @ Spencer, freezer, fishing gear, Bend. 541-389-7961 household items, 14484 SW Peninsula Smith Signs, 1515 NE with badly injured eyes. Whether you need a $200. 541-647-8931 electric trolling motor. 63235 Peterman Ln. Crooked River Ranch. One of Jennys eyes had M en's 26" Huffy bike, 2nd; or at CRAFT, Tu- to be removed 8 she has fence fixed, hedges 2669 NW Havre Ct, off Follow signs to the What are you OR & UT Carry malo any time. little vision in the other. $100. trimmed or a house M t. W ashington 8 HUGE MOVING SALE! Fire Hall, turn right on Concealed Handgun 5 41-389-8420; Info : 541-678-5605 COCC. Sat, 3/30, 10-3. looking for? 9-4, Thur. thru Sat., Peninsula iust before (Photo after surgery.) built, you'll find License Class, Sat. 4/6, 289 Softail Drive off Her brother Spencer also Fire Hall. OR, 9am • UT,11:30am You'll find it in professional help in had to have an eye reBear Creek Rd. St. Francis School Bend. 286 Ski Equipment • DO YOU HAVE moved but has good vi- The Bulletin's "Call a Cost: OR $35; UT $45. The Bulletin Classifieds Sales Northeast Bend sion in the other. Vet Service Professional" SOMETHING TO Last Saturday Sale Call The Bulletin At Call 541-848-8999 Ski B oots, T e cnica, SELL s ervices are not d o by Northwest Pickers! 541-385-5809 Directory Remington Wingmaster nated & this was a big brand new, size 30.0, FOR $500 OR 541-385-5809 6-mo. Iease is up. Place Your Ad Or E-Mail Model 8 7 0L W 20 ** FREE ** expense for a small non541-385-5809 $195. 541-306-1324 LESS? Lots of bargains! At: profit. Can you help by auge shotgun, $500. Estate Sale, Fri. & Sat., Garage Sale Kit Non-commercial Sat. 10-4 at sponsoring one of them? Refrigerator,Frigidaire 26 all Eric 8 5, 5 1 0 SE 6t h , Place an ad in The advertisers may Mason's Building, 541-639-7740 for Are you able to offer a cf sidexside, water 8 ice, Prineville. Drop front Bulletin for your gaplace an ad with Golf Equipment • 1036 NE 8th, pictures/details. safe forever home for $175 obo. 541-923-8006 oui' se cretary, kit c hen rage sale and reNOTICE off Greenwood Ave. one or both? Cat Res"QUICK CASH table and chairs, love Remember to remove Golf Membership ceive a Garage Sale behind 7-11 SKS 4570 trap door, Tea tables (2), light oak, cue, Adoption & Foster seats, easy c hairs, SPECIAL" your Garage Sale signs Brasada Ranch,long Mack 91 AK, REM 03, $20/pair. Team, 5 4 1 -389-8420, coffee and end tables, Kit FREE! 1 week 3 lines 12 term lease. Whole h o use/garage (nails, staples, etc.) SHARP 45-70, BRWN Call 541-678-5605 PO Box 6441, Bend oak desk, dbl. bed after your Sale event ~ p k pp! 541-408-0014 KtT INCLUDES: sale. Furn., kitchen 300, WIN auto, H&R 97708; PayPal & more frames dressers, chest • 4 Garage Sale Signs is over! THANKS! Ad must include items, bedding, office Buffalo Classic 45-70, thru Tempur-Pedic set of drawers, sewing • $2.00 Off Coupon To price of single item supplies, f a b ric/no- From The Bulletin Good choice of shotThanks& bless you! with brushed nickel machine, Serger, tread Use Toward Your and your local utility of $500 or less, or t ions, tools, and a Guns, Hunting guns and handguns. bed; Cal-King; exmill, cedar chest, full Next Ad companies. multiple items Taste of the Wild whole lot more! Fri & H & H Firearms & Tack & Fishing cellent condition; kitchen glassware and • 10 Tips For "Garage whose total does Dog Food S at. 9-3. 2 583 N E 541-382-9352 Sale Success!" $700.00 collectibles, riding not exceed $500. 30lbs - $38. Wintergreen Dr. ser rpp central oregon ance 1903 12 Ga. Browning Auto- Springfield XD40 as new, mowers, golf cart, yard 541-548-3774; Quarry Ave. Hay & m atic, e x c . co n d , w/gear, $500 a m mo tools, leaf blower, lawn Call Classifieds at Feed. 541-923-2400 290 PICK UP YOUR Barreta Silver avail. 541-728-6663 m ower, hand a n d 541-385-5809 Twin box springs, good $650. Pigeon 12 ga. pump., power tools, patio set, GARAGE SALE KIT at Sales Redmond Area cond, $35. 1777 SW Chandler $450. 541-549-1236. Triple K leather shoul- BBQ, canning jars, Yorkie, 8 wks, purebred Call The Bulletin At 541-420-2220 Ave., Bend, OR 97702 der holster, for 1911. house and shed full! Garage Sale, Fri-Sat, male, 1st shots/dew541-385-5809 8-5 - Lots of everyGerman Shepherds, AKC orming, mom 8 dad on Washer, Roper, heavy 1650 rds of 22LR fac- Dbl. mag pouch. $135 N anette's Estate & Place Your Ad Or E-Mail site. $400. K ristina,duty extra large capacity, t ory a m mo , NI B , new, take $75 cash. Moving Sales. thing! NW Spruce 541-281-6829 541-408-3211 $150. 541-388-1484 541-480-5203 Please no Early Sales. Place, in Redmond. At: $200. 541-647-8931










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14' 1982 Valco River Sled, 70 h.p., FishFinder. Older boat but

Harley Limited 103 2011, many extras, stage 1 & air cushion seat. 18,123 mi, $21,990. 541-306-0289

price includes trailer, 3 wheels and tires. All for $15 0 0 ! Call 541-416-8811

scopy exp e rienceSAVE $$$ on AUTO (2) 2000 A rctic C at preferably in an ASC INSURANCE from the Z L580's EFI with n e w m ajor names y o u covers, electric start w/ setting. Propofol seknow and trust. No reverse, low miles, both dation a plus, but not required. Job offers forms. No hassle. No excellent; with new 2009 Call Trac-Pac 2-place trailer, e xcellent bene f i t obligation. MY drive off/on w/double tilt, HD Fat Boy 1996 18.5' '05 Reinell 185, V-6 package. I n terested READY F O R lots of accys. Selling due Completely customized persons should email QUOTE now! CALL to Volvo Penta, 270HP, m edical r e asons. 1-888-706-8256. Must see and hear to resume to: low hrs., must see, $8000 all. 541-536-8130 appreciate. 2012 (PNDC) jobs© $15,000, 541-330-3939

Thursday • • •••• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • No on Wed. Fri d a y . . . . . . • • • • • . • • • • • • • • . • Noon Thurs. Saturday Real Estate • •• • • •• • • • • 11:00 am Fri • Saturday • • • • 3:00 pm Fri. MENTAL HEALTH CHILD CENTER Sunday. • • • • • 5:00 pm Fri• THE A Circle of Care for PRIVATE PARTY RATES


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Children and Families A treatment program for emotionally/behaviorally disturbed children and t heir families has a n


Loans 8 Mortgages WARNING The Bulletin recom-

What are you looking for? You'll find it in

Award Winner. 17,000 obo. 541-548-4807

What are you looking for? The Bulletin Classifieds You'll find it in The Bulletin Classifieds

18.5' Sea Ray 2000, 4.3L Mercruiser, 190 hp Bowrider w/depth finder, radio/CD player, rod holders, full canvas, EZ Loader trailer, exclnt cond, $13,000. 707-484-3518 (Bend)

mends you use caution when you provide personal "UNDER '500in total merchandise OVER '500in total merchandise opening for: 541-385-5809 information to compaProgram Supervisor nies offering loans or • Yamaha 750 1999 7 days .................................................. $10.00 4 days.................................................. $18.50 /Therapist credit, especially 541-385-5809 14 days................................................ $16.00 7 days.................................................. $24.00 Mountain Max, $1400. Minimum qualifications: those asking for ad- • 1994 *Must state prices in ad 14 days .................................................$33.50 Master's degree plus two Arctic Cat 580 vance loan fees or HD Screaming Eagle 28 days .................................................$61.50 years of post-masters companies from out of EXT, $1000. Garage Sale Special Electra Glide 2005, • Zieman 4-place work in psychology, so103" motor, two tone (caii for commercial line ad rates) state. If you have 4 lines for 4 days.................................. trailer, SOLD! cial work o r r e l ated concerns or quescandy teal, new tires, mental health f i elds. tions, we suggest you All in good condition. 23K miles, CD player 18'Maxum skiboat2000 Located in La Pine. Demonstrated compeyour attorney hydraulic clutch exA Payment Drop Box is available at CLASSIFIED OFFICE HOURS: tence in leadership, pro- consult Call 541-408-6149. inboard motor, g r eat or call CONSUMER cellent condition. g ram p l anning a n d Bend City Hall. CLASSIFICATIONS MON.-FRI. 7:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. HOTLINE, Highest offer takes it. cond, well maintained, Call The Bulletin At evaluation, p e rsonnel $9995 obo. 541-350-7755 1-877-877-9392. 541-480-8080. 541-385-5809 BELOW M A R K E D W ITH AN ( *) supervision and management. Salary range: BANK TURNED YOU Place Your Ad Or E-Mail REQUIRE PREPAYMENT as well $ 33,523-37,003 plu s DOWN? Private party I • i I as any out-of-area ads. The Bulletin v ery g enerous e m - will loan on real es- At: ATVs ployee benefits package. tate equity. Credit, no 860 reserves the right to reject any ad at bendbulletimcom r E-mail resume to Meet singles right now! problem, good equity Motorcycles 8 Accessories any time. is located at: toh $D @ No paid o perators, is all you need. Call thechildcenter.or Oregon Land Mort- B MW K100 L T 1 9 8 7 just real people like 1777 S.W. Chandler Ave. you. Browse greetgage 541-388-4200. 52k miles, b ronze, Ranch / Farm Team, Bend, Oregon 97702 ings, exchange mesin Eastern Oregon extra windshield, Just bought a new boat? trailer hitch, battery Yamaha Banshee 2001, sages and connect Seeking 2-person team Sell your old one in the Try it free. Call PLEASE NOTE: Check your ad for accuracy the first day it appears. Please call us immediately if a correction is for hard labor job op- classifieds! Ask about our charger, full luggage custom built 350 motor, live. Super Seller rates! hard bags, manuals race-ready, lots of extras, now: 8 7 7-955-5505. needed. We will gladly accept responsibility for one incorrect insertion. The publisher reserves the right to accept or e rating a rem o t e 541-385-5809 ranch, dealing with and paperwork. Al- $4999/obo 541-647-8931 (PNDC) reject any ad at anytime, classify and index any advertising based on the policies of these newspapers. The publisher shall not be liable for any advertisement omitted for any reason. Private Party Classified ads running 7 or more days cattle, wheat farming LOCAL MONEyrWe buy ways garaged. $3200. and large garden. No Don, 541-504-5989 will publish in the Central OregonMarketplace each Tuesday. secured trustdeeds 8 smoking, drug use, note,some hard money CRAMPED FOR drinking or c r iminal loans. Call Pat Kelley 270 476 CASH? history; we will check. 541-382-3099 ext.13. Heating & Stoves Lost 8 Found Employment Use classified to sell Must have lived and those items you no Opportunities 573 worked in the country NOTICE TO Found assortment of longer need. and understand that Business Opportunities ADVERTISER tools on Barr Rd., north Call 541-385-5809 C a/I 54 /-385-580 9 Chief Engineers ranch life is a 24/7 job Since September 29, of Tumalo. 360-610-5443 to r o m ot e o u r service OPB Seeks Chief En- for both m e mbers.A Classified ad is an 1991, advertising for Call The Bulletin At gineers excited about Nearest drug store is EASY W A Y TO used woodstoves has the possibilities of the 100 miles away and REACH over 3 million 541-385-5809 been limited to modevolving broadcast inneighbors are few. At Pacific Northwesternels which have been Place Your Ad Or E-Mail dustry and h e lping least one team mem- ers. $5 2 5 /25-word Garage Sales NOTICE: Oregon state N OTICE: O R E G O N c ertified by the O r - At: 421 O PB m a i ntain a ber must have experi- c lassified ad i n 3 0 law req u ires any- Landscape Contracegon Department of Found Toyota key, off statewide b r oadcast ence with cattle and daily newspapers for Garage Sales one who co n t racts tors Law (ORS 671) Environmental Qual- China Hat Rd. Call to Schools & Training presence. There are g rowing crops, i n - 3-days. Call the Pa- Garage Sales for construction work r equires a l l bu s i ity (DEQ) and the fed- identify: 541-948-3624 two positions availcluding operating and cific Northwest Daily A IRLINES AR E H I R to be licensed with the nesses that advertise eral En v ironmental able, one located in repairing machinery. Connection (916) C onstruction Con - t o p e r form L a n dING - Train for hands Medford and one in Find them Protection Ag e n cy Found women's sunThe other m ember 2 88-6019 o r em a i l tractors Board (CCB). scape C o nstruction (EPA) as having met glasses, Nordeen x-coun- on Aviation Maintein La Grande. These are should love to garden elizabeth© A n active lice n se which includes: smoke emission stan- try trail 3/23. 541-290-1220 nance Career. FAA approved p r ogram. full-time, salaried, ex- and plan to plant and for more info (PNDC) The Bulletin means the contractor p lanting, dec ks , dards. A cer t ified REMEMBER: If you empt, regular status harvest a large gari s bonded an d i n fences, arbors, Financial aid if quali- positions with b e n- den and can some, Extreme Value Adverw oodstove may b e Classifieds have lost an animal, w ater-features, and fied Housing avails ured. Ve r ify t h e identified by its certifidon't forget to check For more infor- and separately have tising! 30 Daily newscontractor's CCB installation, repair of able. Call Aviation In- efits. cation label, which is 541-385-5809 papers $525/25-word mation and i nstrucc omputer s k ills t o Humane Society stitute of c ense through t h e irrigation systems to permanently attached inThe 3-d a y s. Bend 541-382-3537 tions on how to apply, prepare and submit c lassified CCB Cons u m er be licensed with the Maintenance. to the stove. The BulReach 3 million Pato: weekly reports of daily Harley Heritage Redmond, go 1-877-804-5293. Website Landscape Contracletin will no t k n owSoftail, 2003 541-923-0882 and r anch cific Northwesterners. www.hireaticensedcontractor. t ors B o a rd . Th i s (PNDC) ingly accept advertissideopb/careers/jobs/. conditions. Su b m it For more information $5,000+ in extras, com Prineville, 4-digit number is to be i ng for the sale of $2000 paint job, or call 503-378-4621. included in all adver541-447-7178; detailed resumes, in- call (916) 288-6019 or ATTEND CO L L EGE uncertified email: 30K mi. 1 owner, cluding work history The Bulletin recom- tisements which indiOR Craft Cats, ONLINE 100%. Dental insurance woodstoves. For more information mends checking with cate the business has 541-389-8420. with dates, education, elizabeth© *Medical, B u s iness, & Collections for the Pacific Northplease call skills, goals, three refthe CCB prior to con- a bond, insurance and *Criminal J us t i ce, REWARD! Alive or re541-385-8090 Full-time position tracting with anyone. workers c ompensaerences with phone west Daily Connec*Web. Fuel & Wood mains. Lost 16-yr-old *Hospitality, or 209-605-5537 with attractive numbers. T w o-per- tion. (PNDC) Some other t r ades tion for their employmale mini Doxie black Job placement assisalso req u ire addison team applications For your protecCom p uter benefits package. & silver, green collar tance. tional licenses and ees. only, please. General tion call 503-378-5909 WHEN BUYING and tags. Hearing and available. F i n ancial Fun, family-like certifications Email resume to: CROOK COUNTY or use our website: s ight not g o od. I n Aid if qual i fied. team. Musthave FIREWOOD... rm33307736© EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES to Peterson's Rock GarSCHEV a u thorized. dental experience To avoid fraud, Debris Removal check license status d en ar e a , 3/2 6 . Call 86 6 - 688-7078 with work referThe Bulletin Crook County/ Wellness 8 Education Board 541-389-8782 before con t racting www.CenturaOnline.c Remember.... ences to apply; recommends payof Central Oregon JUNK BE GONE with t h e b u s iness. om (PNDC) A dd your we b a d ment for Firewood Dentrix helpful. Executive Administrative Assistant Persons doing landI Haul Away FREE dress to your ad and only upon delivery $31,979- $32,945 DOE For Salvage. Also scape maintenance 476 readers on The and inspection. Full time w/benefits Fax resume to Cleanups 8 Cleanouts do not require a LCB Elku&R Bulletin' s web site • A cord is 128 cu. ft. Employment Closes: April 12, 2013 at 5:00 p.m. license. Mel, 541-389-8107 541-475-6159 4' x 4' x 8' will be able to click Opportunities (Madras). through automatically • Receipts should Position Overview: Under the supervision of Excavating What are you to your site. include name, the Executive Director, the Executive Adminisphone, price and CAUTION READERS: trative Assistant directs the daily operations of looking for? Levi's Concrete & Dirt Resort DO YOU NEED kind of wood purthe W EBCO, a n d pr o vides s e cretarial Works - for all your dirt 8 Activities person You'll find it in chased. A GREAT services for WEBCO staff. Experience in Ads published in "Emexcavation needs. Conneeded at • Firewood ads EMPLOYEE office management required, with secretarial crete, Driveway Grading, The Bulletin Classifieds 325 ployment OpportuniThe Pines at Sunriver. MUST include spet ies" i n c lude e m RIGHT NOW? training in word processing preferred. Augering. ccb¹ 194077 Hay, Grain & Feed 541-593-2160. cies and cost per Call The Bulletin ployee and 541-639-5282 cord to better serve Applications and full job description can be i ndependent po s i - before 11 a.m. and 541-385-5809 1st quality grass hay, our customers. found at Please apply at get an ad in to pubCall a Pro 70- Ib bales, barn stored, tions. Ads for p osiHandyman lish the next day! the Crook County Treasurer's/Tax Office at Also big bales! tions that require a fee Whether you need a Nelson 200 NE 2 n d S t . , P r ineville, OR 9 7 754; The Bulletin $250/ton. or upfront investment 541-385-5809. Patterson Ranch, I DO THAT! rer ve central oregon ance l9re Landscaping & fence fixed,hedges 541-447-6554. must be stated. With VIEW the Sisters, 541-549-3831 Home/Rental repairs Maintenance any independent job trimmed or a house Classifieds at: Small jobs to remodels Serving Central 1 cord dry, split Juniper, opportunity, p l ease Honest, guaranteed built, you'll find Looking for your Oregon Since 2003 Nurse Manager: $190/cord. Multi-cord investigate thorwork. CCB¹151573 next employee? Residental/Commercial t/a cords professional help in Endoscopy and Pain discounts, 8 oughly. Dennis 541-317-9768 Fabricator/WelderPlace a Bulletin available. Immediate The Bulletin's "Call a manufacturer. Sprinkfer help wanted ad delivery! 541-408-6193 BENbSURGERY Use extra caution when Madras ERIC REEVE HANDY Service Professional" welding skills Activation/Repair today and C • e • N • T • lt • R applying for jobs on- Excellent SERVICES. Home & All Year Dependable required; ability to inhkrcae Ikcnelurcarkrr Back Flow Testing Directory reach over line and never pro- terpret drawings w/ Commercial Repairs, Firewood: Seasoned Job Summary: We are looking for a strong 60,000 readers vide personal infor541-385-5809 Carpentry-Painting, standard welding symMaintenance Lodgepole, Split, Del. leader to fill the Nurse Manager role for the each week. mation to any source bols; must be highly Pressure-washing, •Thatch 8 Aerate Bend: 1 for $175 or 2 Endoscopy and Pain departments. This posiYour classified ad you may not have reHoney Do's. On-time for $335. Cash, Check accurate. Call •Spring Clean up Service Technicians tion requires an individual capable of providpromise. Senior will also searched and deemed 541-475-4239 for app. •Weekly Mowing or Credit Card OK. Central Oregon RV ing direct oversight of Endoscopy and Pain to be reputable. Use Discount. Work guarappear on 541-420-3484. & job description. 8 Edging dealership seeks serwhile managing 14-18 FTE's. The position reextreme caution when anteed. 541-389-3361 •Bi-Monthly 8 Monthly vice technicians. Must ports directly to the Clinical Director. Duties Seasoned Juniper$150/ r esponding to A N Y Call The Bulletln At or 541-771-4463 which currently Maintenance be customer service will include, but not be limited to, performance cord rounds; $170/ online e m ployment 541-385-5809 Bonded & Insured •Bark, Rock, Etc. receives over oriented and have RV evaluations and performance management as cord split. Delivered in ad from out-of-state. CCB¹181595 1.5 million page Place Your Ad Or E-Mail & camper experience. well as new staff orientation. This position is a Central OR, since ~Landsca in views every 1970! Call eves, At: Competitive pay and member of multiple committees. •Landscape We suggest you call Janitorial Services benefits. Please send 541-420-4379 month at no Construction the State of Oregon resume' to Fiscal/Personnel extra cost. Qualifications: Must be able to demonstrate Integrity Office Cleaning •Water Feature Consumer Hotline at bcrvhire © Assistant Bulletin strong leadership and communication skills. 1-503-378-4320 Honest services tailored to Installation/Maint. or apply in person at Culver School District Gardening Supplies Classifieds Must be a licensed RN in the state of Oregon, your needs! Licensed & •Pavers 63500 N. Hwy 97, seek i n g a Get Results! or able to obtain licensure upon hire. 3-5 years & Equipment For Equal Opportunity is Insured, Free Estimates. •Renovations Bend, Oregon. Fiscal/Personnel Asof Endoscopy experience, preferably in an Call 541-385-5809 L aws: Oregon B u Call Nikki, 541-419-6601 • Irngations Installation sistant providing acsetting. The ideal candidate will have 20 assorted gardening or place your ad reau of Labor 8 InTrades - CNC Machin- ASC counting and personmanagement experience within an ASC setSenior Discounts tools, plus self-propelled on-line at dustry, C i vil Rights Landscaping/Yard Care nel related functions, ist Programmer, in Bonded & Insured mower, sell separately Division, Belgrade, Montana. ting. experience preferred. or all, $250. E-mail 541-815-4458 971-673-0764 Please visit our website Experience required, Position details: This is a full time exempt posgin© LCB¹8759 wage D.O.E. Immedi341 or call 541-516-8646 sition; Monday through Friday. Competitive If you have any quesate opening. $20-$35/ or call 541-546-2541 SPRING CLEAN-UP! ZOON 4Quadriy tions, concerns or Garden Shelf, s/4 circular, Horses & Equipment hour with b e nefits. salary, benefit package, retirement and bonus for further details. Aeration/Dethatching plan. Position closes April 17, 2013. comments, contact: Please call 3 folding shelves, green, Zaurr grtf e /,c. Weekly/one-time service COLT STARTING Classified Department Home cleaning crew 406-388-2200 or $49. 541-330-9070 avail. Bonded, insured. We build solid foundaMore Than Service Email resume to jobs© The Bulletin email member need weekFree Estimates! tions. Check us out. Peace Of Mind Have Gravel, will Travel! 541-385-5809 days only, no week- employment@onlyCOLLINS Lawn Maint 541-419-3405 Cinders, topsoil, fill ends, eves o r h oliCa/l 541-480-971 4 Independent Contractor rial, etc. Excavation 8 Spring Clean Up days. 541-815-0015 (PNDC) septicsystems. Abbas The Bulletin •Leaves serv ng cenral Qregon stnce rrca 358 Construction cce¹7SS4O •Cones Call a Pro Calf!541 -548-6812 Farmers Column * Supplement Your Income* • Needles Bike Mechanic Whether you need a • Debris Hauling Needed. Must h ave 10X20 STORAGE fence fixed,hedges For newspaper previous bike s hop BUILDINGS delivery, call the Weed free Bark Advertising Account Executive trimmed or a house exp. Send resume to for protecting hay, Circulation Dept. at 8 flower beds built, you'll find firewood, livestock 541-385-5800 The Bulletin is looking for a professional and etc. $1496 Installed. To place an ad, call professional help in Lawn Renovation driven Sales and Marketing person to help our Caregiver ++++++++++++++++++ 541-617-1133. 541-385-5809 Aeration - Dethatching The Bulletin's "Call a Prineville Senior care customers grow their businesses with an CCB ¹t 73684. or email Overseed Service Professional" h ome l o oking f o r expanding list of broad-reach and targeted Compost Caregiver for multiple products. This full time position requires a Directory Top Dressing Rafter L F Ranch & The Bulletin Farm Svcs. - Custom s hifts, p a rt-time t o background in consultative sales, territory rer ve central oregon ance l9re 541-385-5809 full-time. Pass management and aggressive prospecting skills. Haying 8 Field Work Landscape criminal background Two years of media sales experience is Call The Bulletin At Call Lee Fischer, Maintenance check. 541-447-5773. ALLEN REINSCH preferable, but we will train the right candidate. 541-410-4495 Full or Partial Service 541-385-5809 Yard maintenance & We are looking for independent con•Mowing ~Edging Place Your Ad Or E-Mail clean-up, thatching, The position includes a competitive • Pruning ~Weeding tractors to service home delivery ACCOUNTANT plugging 8 much more! At: compensation package including benefits, and Sprinkler Adjustments Established CPA firm in Klamath Falls, OR is routes in: Call 541-536-1 294 rewards an aggressive, customer focused Sodium grow lights, seeking a CPA with 3-8 years' experience in pubsalesperson with unlimited earning potential. Fertilizer included 3 @ $55 each. lic accounting. The successful candidate shall with monthly program Call a Pro 541-408-5118 have a strong technical background in tax and fiMust be available 7 days a week, early mornEmail your resume, cover letter and salary nancial accounting, as well as excellent commuWhether you need a ing hours. Must have reliable, insured vehicle. SUPER TOP SOIL nication skills. The applicant should be able to history to: Weekly, monthly www.hersbe fence fixed, hedges Jay Brandt, Advertising Director or one time service. Screened, soil & com- work both independently and as a team player. Please call 541.385.5800 or trimmed or a house Candidate should have experience preparing 8 post m i x ed , no complex individual, corporate, and 800.503.3933 Mon.-Fri., 8-4 or EXPERIENCED built, you'll find rocks/clods. High hu- reviewing partnership returns. Responsibilities will also inCommercial mus level, exc. f or clude tax planning, business consulting and acor drop off your resume in person at apply via email at professional help in 8 Residential flower beds, lawns, counting services. We a r e a p r o fessional 1777 SW Chandler, Bend, OR 97702; online © The Bulletin's "Call a straight family-like team and offer a competitive salary gardens, Or mail to PO Sox6020, Bend, OR 97708; Free Estimates Service Professional" s creened to p s o i l . and a complete fringe benefit package. No phone inquiries please. Senior Discounts Bark. Clean fill. DeDirectory Please send cover letter and resume to: 541-390-1466 liver/you haul. EOE / Drug Free Workplace 541-385-5809 541-548-3949. 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The Bulletin

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Wasting time Tribune Media Services

the next player jumps to two spades (preemptive). What do you say? ANSWER: If your opponent had bid one spade, you'd have had an easy raise to two hearts. After the preempt, you have no ideal action, but youhave a sound minimum hand, and to pass would be unwise. Bid three hearts. Partner must realize that you may have stretched a bit to show yoursupport. North dealer Both sides vulnerable

NORTH 41763 9 K8



AKJ42 South barely paused for thought before playing low from dummy and EAST taking the ace. H e c ashed four WEST 4J105 diamonds, came to the ace of hearts 4 A Q 9 8 2 Q J105 and led a club to dummy's king. East 9 Q 9 3 2 C 965 2 won the next club, and a spade shift C 84 4 10 7 4 Q98 gave the defense six tricks. South should have taken a deep SOUTH breath at Trick One. Then he might 4K4 find the best play of letting West's ten rKpf A764 of clubs win, making sure East can't O K107 win a club trick. Whatever West does 4A653 next, South has three clubs, four diamonds and two hearts. N orth 1O 24


Eas t Pass Pass

S outh 1Q 3 NT

W e st Pass A l l Pa s s


Youhold: 4 K 4 Q A 7 6 4 Opening lead — e% 10 0 K 107 A A 6 5 3 . Youopen one club, your partner bids one heart and (C) 2013 Tribune Media Services, Inc.

Seeking a friendly duplicate bridge? Find five gamesweekly at BIZARRO

42 Some

some televised Japanesedebates Americans 44 Period of slow 29 Spanish growth demonstrative 3o Long and twisty 4s One who is very successful 32 "The L Word" with numbered network, in balls listings 49 One getting 32 Survey militarily laughs at others' expense 34 Canvas in a wooden frame, so Exercise leader of sorts 3s Yeomen of the DOWN Guard officer 2 Stopped flowing 36 Ready to play 37 Number one, to 2 Exeunt (stage some direction) 38 Old letters 3 Violin virtuoso 4o "Combats Leopold avec 4 French defenseurs!" preposition (line from "La s Street caution Marseillaise") 6 Part of an 431n a way, equitable trade, informally figuratively speaking ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE 7 Writer LeShan J O C K D I S P O S A L S and others E Z R A J O S H U A T R E E s Bundles of S AU L U N L E T T E R E D logs, maybe S WE E T D E A L M T I D A 9 Not so dim E A T E Y E L A E S S N to Dublin-born ANG CA L M AR S H A L L M C L U H A N singer with a

By FRANK STEWART "All time is wasted that isn't spent breathing." — graffiti Nobody could take issue with that sentiment, but some declarers seem to feel that when the dummy appears, time spent thinking is wasted. West did well to lead the ten of clubs against 3NT; a spade would have given South his ninth trick immediately. (I don't l ike North's auction. One diamond followed by two clubs should promise longer diamonds. But I m u s t a dmit t h at North-South got to 3NT from the better side of the table.)

27 Feature of

2 Dragging vehicles zo Massachusetts governor after John Hancock 32 One who was very successful with numbered balls 34 Advance man? zs Some clouds 27 Cerebral canals zs Crook's mark 23 Apostle of Ire. 22 Plate setting 23 Board game found in Egyptian tombs 2s Group led by a Grand Exalted Ruler 26 "The Chronicles of Vladimir " (hit young adult book series about a vampire)


1990 ¹1 hit ii Kings' home t2 GQ sort of guy B B C 13 Part-owner, say O O L 24 Mess makers X L E to "Just a few E T A more miles" R S T ts Hit show E T Y A M E P E S






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zo Chemical used in dyes

4i "Roots" family 2e Battle of surname (first Allied victory of W.W. 43 Superlative I) suff!x 33 Like some list shopping 46 Map abbr. 37 Luster, e.g. 47 Soprano Sumac 39 Gripping parts 48 Mil. branch of gecko disbanded in footpads 1978

2o Dress store section 23 Weary

24 Reproved, in a way 27 Sessions in D.C., say

For answers, call 1-900-285-5656, $1.49 a minute; or, with a credit card, 1-800-814-5554. Annual subscrlptions are available for the best of Sunday crosswords from the last 50 years: 1-888-7-ACROSS. AT&T users: Text NYTX to 386 to download puzzles, or visit for more information. Online subscrlptlons: Today's puzzle and more than 2,000 past

puzzles, (S39.95 a year). Share tips:

Crosswords for young solvers;


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Complete the grid so that

every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from1 to 9 inclusively.




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DIFFICULTY RATING: '4 '4 'iww"iww'6+ 'iww'



Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis




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© 2013 by King Features Syndicate, Inc. World oghto reserved


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By Barry C. Silk (c)2013 Tribune Media Services, Inc.

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you buy, b e low market value! Size Springdale 2005 27', 4' & mileage DOES slide in dining/living area, matter! 12,500 mi, 6, low mi,$15,000 all amenities, Ford sleeps obo. 541-408-3811 V10, Ithr, c h erry, slides, like new! New low price, $54,900.

1996 Seaswirl 20.1 Cuddy, 5.0 Volvo, exc

cond., full canvas, one owner, $6500 OBO. 541-410-0755


20.5' Seaswirl Spyder 1989 H.O. 302, 285 hrs., exc. cond., stored indoors for life $11,900 OBO.


21' Crownline 215 hp in/outboard e n g i ne 310 hrs, Cuddy Cabin sleeps 2/ 3 p e ople, . il portable toilet, exc. cond. Asking $8,000. OBO. 541-388-8339 Seneca 34', 2007. Ads published in the Jayco miles, 2 slides, Du"Boats" classification 28K diesel, 1 owner, include: Speed, fish- ramax excellent cond, $94,500. ing, drift, canoe, 541-546-6920 house and sail boats. For all other types of watercraft, please see Class 875. 541-385-5809

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RV Tow car 2004 Warrior Toy Honda Civic Si set up Weekend Hauler 28' 2007,Gen, for flat towing with fuel station, exc cond. base plate and tow sleeps 8, black/gray brake, 35k mi, new i nterior, u se d 3X , tires, great cond. $19,999 firm. $12,000. 541-389-9188 541-288-1808


with o u r


f 3-month package J ( which includes:

[ *4 lines of text and ~ a photo or up to 10 J lines with no photo. *Free online ad at I *Free pick up into The Central Oregon ~ Winnebaqo Suncruiser34' 2004, only 34K, loaded, [ Nickel ads. too much to list, ext'd


thru 2014, $54,900 I Rates start at $46. I warr. Dennis, 541-589-3243

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Cougar ¹295 RL 2 9', 2005, exclnt cond., 2 GENERATE SOME exslides, A/C, $19,500. citement in your neig541-385-0593 for pix. borhood. Plan a garage sale and don't forget to advertise in Flagstaff 30' 2006, with classified! 385-5809. slide, custom interior, like new, S acrifice, $17,500. 541-598-7546 Serving Central Oregon Noco 1903

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Ford Taurus wagon 2004, Nissan Sentra 2012 very nice, pwr everything, Full warranty, 35mpg, 120K, FWD, good tires, 520 per tank, all power. $4900 obo. 541-815-9939 $13,500. 541-788-0427


s ale, o r l e ase O $15/day or $ 325/mo.

Porsche Carrera 911 2003 convertible with hardtop. 50K miles, new factory Porsche motor 6 mos ago with 18 mo factory warranty remaining. $37,500.

=I ' 34'.3

Hyundai Elantra Limited Sedan 2012, 1 owner, loaded.


Vin ¹271938.


Just bought a new boat? Sell your old one in the classifieds! Ask about our 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. Super Seller rates!


Hyundai Sonata GLS 877-266-3821 541-385-5809 2012, Well equipped, Chrysler SD 4-Door Dlr ¹0354 low miles. 1930, CD S R oyal Toyota Camrysr Standard, B-cylinder, BMW 740 IL 1998 orig. Vin ¹321163. body is good, needs 1984, SOLD; owner, exc. c o n d. $15,988 some r e s toration, 101k miles, new tires, 1985 SOLD; runs, taking bids, S UBA RU. loaded, sunroof. 1986 parts car BUBAltUOFBRNO COM 541-383-3888, 1 /3 interest i n w e ll$8,300. 541-706-1897 Hyundai Sonata 2007 only one left! $500 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. equipped IFR Beech Bo- 541-815-3318 Call for details, GLS, 64,700 mi, excel877-266-3821 ~ Qo nanza A36, new 10-550/ cond, good tires, 541-548-6592 Dlr ¹0354 prop, located K BDN. M lent non-smoker, new tags, $65,000. 541-419-9510 Wouldn't you really $9500. 541-280-7352 Toyota Corolla 2004, like to drive a Buick? auto., loaded, 2 04k Bob has two 75,000 I nternational Fla t miles. orig. owner, non mile Buicks, priced smoker, exc. c o nd. Bed Pickup 1963, 1 FIAT 1800 1978, 5-spd, fair, $2,000-$6000. dually, 4 s pd. $6500 Prin e ville door panels w/flowers ton Remember, t h e se 503-358-8241 trans., great MPG, lA & hummingbirds, cars get 30mpg hwy! could be exc. wood 1/5th interest in 1973 white soft top & hard 541-318-9999 hauler, runs great, Hyundai Sonata GLS WHEN YOU SEE THIS Cessna 150 LLC top. Just reduced to new brakes, $1950. 2012, well equipped, 150hp conversion, low $3,750. 541-317-9319 low miles. 541-419-5480. ~OO time on air frame and or 541-647-8483 engine, hangared in Vin ¹322715. Bend. Excellent perOn a classified ad $15,988 formance & affordgo to Buick Invicta1959! able flying! $6,500. 2 door hardtop, 99.9% ~ S U BA R U . 541-382-6752 to view additional complete in & out. 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend photos of the item. $16,000. Executive Hangar 877-266-3821 541-504-3253 at Bend Airport (KBDN) Ford Galaxie5001963, RAM 2500 HD '03 hemi, Dlr ¹0354 60' wide x 50' d eep, 2 dr. hardtop,fastback, 2 yyD 135K auto C C ' Looking for your w/55' wide x 17' high bi- 390 vs,auto, Pwr. steer 8 am/fm/cd '$7000' obro' Buick LeSabre 1996. next employee? fold dr. Natural gas heat, radio (orig),541-419-4989 541 680 9965 /390 1285 Good condition, Place a Bulletin help offc, bathroom. Adjacent 121,000 miles. wanted ad today and to Frontage Rd; great Non-smoker reach over 60,000 visibility for aviation busiTitan 2 0 0 7 4x4 $2600 OBO. readers each week. ness. Financing availOff-Road, beautiful 541-954-51 93. Your classified ad able. 541-948-2126 or inside and out, meKia Forte K oup S X will also appear on email 1jetjock© tallic black/charcoal 2010, Wheels, tires, leather, loaded, 69k Piper A rcher 1 9 8 0, Ford Model A 1930, CHECKYOUR AD tint, hot. which currently rebased in Madras, al- Sports Coupe. mi., $19,995 obo. Please check your ad Vin¹193257 ceives over 1.5 mil541-410-6183. ways hangared since Rumble seat, H8 H on the first day it runs $16,988 lion page views new. New annual, auto rebuilt engine. W i ll to make sure it is corevery month at pilot, IFR, one piece cruise at 55mph. Must rect. Sometimes in© j S U BA R U no extra cost. Bulle935 windshield. Fastest Ar- see to believe. Absos tructions over t h e tin Classifieds Hwy 20, Bend. cher around. 1750 to- lutely stunning condi- Sport Utility Vehicles phone are misunder- 2060 NE Get Results! Call 877-266-3821 tal t i me . $6 8 ,500. tion! $17,500 stood and an e rror 385-5809 or place 541-475-6947, ask for 541-410-0818 Dlr ¹0354 can occur in your ad. your ad on-line at Rob Berg. If this happens to your Lincoln Town Car 2002, Ford Mustang Coupe Just bought a new boat? 1966, original owner, ad, please contact us signature series, pearl Sell your old one in the the first day your ad V8, automatic, great white ext., ta n i n t., classifieds! Ask about our shape, $9000 OBO. appears and we will 59K mi., 22-25 mpg., The Bulletin recoml Super Seller rates! be happy to fix it as 530-515-8199 Chevrolet Blazer LT spotless. Never dam- mends extra caution l 541-385-5809 s oon as w e c a n . 2000 -130k miles, Call aged, new topline in- when p u r chasing ~ Deadlines are: WeekFord Ranchero for info. $3800 OBO terstate battery, al- f products or services days 12:00 noon for 541-480-0781 ways garaged. $7200. from out of the area. Trucks & 1979 next day, Sat. 11:00 J S ending c ash , with 351 Cleveland a.m. for Sunday; Sat. 541-923-8868 Heavy Equipment checks, or credit inmodified engine. 12:00 for Monday. If formation may be I Body is in we can assist you, excellent condition, / subject toFRAUD. please call us: Vehicle? For more informa$2500 obo. Call The Bulletin 541-385-5809 541-420-4677 The Bulletin Classified and place an ad to- f tion about an advertiser, you may call day! Chevy Tahoe 1999, 4x4, I the Oregon State most options, new tires, Ask about our Attorney General's t Diamond Reo Dump 159K miles, $3750. Call "Wheel Deal"! Office C o nsumer I Truck 19 7 4, 12 -14 541-233-8944 for private party yard box, runs good, f Protection hotline at advertisers 1-877-877-9392. $6900, 541-548-6812 Ford T-Bird, 1966, 390 Forklift, Hyster H 30E Chevy A v e o LS power everyServing Central Oregon since1903 LPG, good condition, engine, 2007, auto, tilt, MP, 607 hrs, $2000 OBO. thing, new paint, 54K original m i les, runs Vin ¹05538. 541-389-7596 great, excellent condi$6988 tion in & out. Asking Dodge Durango LimG R X AT $8,500. 541-480-3179 ited 2004, Leather, S UBA R U . power Win d ows, power locks, tilt moon 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. Hyster H25E, runs roof. 877-266-3821 well, 2982 Hours, Vin ¹142655. Dlr ¹0354 $3500 call $9,988 541-948-2963

More PixatBendbuletit,com





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J f


~ The Bulletin ~ The Bulletin

L'"" '" "


R U Y T 541-749-0724





S UBA RU. GMC 1966, too many BUBABUOFBRNO COM extras to list, reduced to 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. $7500 obo. Serious buy877-266-3821 ers only. 541-536-0123 Dlr ¹0354

Laredo 2009 30' with 2 slides, TV, A/C, table & c h airs, s a tellite, Arctic pkg., p o wer awning, Exc. cond!


Ford 250 XLT 1990, 6 yd. dump bed, 139k, Auto, $4500. 541-410-9997



Legal Notices •

ChevyImpala LS 2007, power window, power locks, CD.

Fleetwood 31' W ilder- $28,000. 541-419-3301 Peterbilt 359 p o table water t r uck, 1 9 9 0, n ess Gl 1 9 99, 1 2 '

Vin ¹186346. 3200 gal. tank, 5hp U $7988 p ump, 4 - 3 hoses, camlocks, $ 2 5 ,000.GMC FFgton 1971, Only ) SUBA RU. Honda CRV 2004, 541-820-3724 BUBARUOFBRNO COM $19,700! Original low $9,995. mile, exceptional, 3rd Call 541-610-6150 or see 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 877-266-3821 owner. 951-699-7171 $10,950. 541-419-5060 MONTANA 3585 2008, Utility Trailers • Dlr ¹0354 exc. cond., 3 slides, /cto/3676208637.html P ioneer 23 ' 19 0 F Q king bed, Irg LR, Call The Bulletin At Light equipment trailer, 2006, EZ Lift, $9750. Arctic insulation, all 541-385-5809 541-548-1096 3 axle, 8'x21' tilt bed. options $35,000. $3500. 541-489-6150. Place Your Ad Or E-Mail 541-420-3250

slide, 2 4 ' aw n i ng, queen bed, FSC, outside shower, E-Z lift s tabilizer hitch, l i ke new, been stored.



Legal Notices egon, to discuss the budget for the fiscal year July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014, will be held at the District's o ffice, l o cated a t 55841 Swan Road, Bend, Oregon 97707. The meeting will take

place o n

T u esday

April 9th, 2013 at 6:30


The purpose of the meeting is to receive at Lake Billy Chinook! Call a Pro 929 has been appointed the budget message NuWa 29 7LK H i t chLimited slips available. Jeep Comanche, 1990, personal representa- and b udget d o c uWhether you need a Hiker 2007, 3 slides, Automotive Wanted original owner, 167K, Call Cove Palisades tive. All persons hav- ments. A copy of the 32' touring coach, left 4WD, 5-spd, tags good Honda Ridgeline RTL Resort 541-546-9999 fence fixed, hedges ing claims against the budgetdocument may kitchen, rear lounge, DONATE YOUR CAR- till 9/2015, $3900 obo. 2008, 4x4, moonroof, trimmed or a house estate are required to be obtained on or afmany extras, beautiful Fast Free Towing 24 541-633-7761 Chevy Malibu 2009 leather, tow pkg. p resent them, w i th ter April 9th, 2013 at c ond. inside 8 o u t , hr. Response - Tax built, you'll find 43k miles, loaded, Watercraft Vin ¹534426. vouchers attached, to the District Office at $32,900 OBO, Prinev- Deduction U N I T ED studs on rims/ professional help in $2Z3,488 the undersigned per- 55841 Swan D r ive, U ille. 541-447-5502 days B REAST C A N C E R Asking $12,900. Ads published in Wa- The Bulletin's "Call a sonal representative Bend Oregon 97707, 8 541-447-1641 eves. F OUNDATION P r o 541-610-6834. tercraft" include: Kaybetween the hours of at 404 NW F ranklin ~©) SUBARU. viding Free Mammoaks, rafts and motor- Service Professional" Ave., B e n d , OR 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 grams & Breast Canized personal Directory 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 9 7701, w i thin f o u r p.m. cer Info 888-785-9788 Mercedes 450SL, 1977, watercrafts. For 877-266-3821 541-3B5-5809 months after the date (PNDC) " boats" please s e e 113K, well-maintained, Dlr ¹0354 of first publication of This is a public meetClass 870. araged, bot h t o p s. t his notice, o r t h e ing where delibera11,900. 541-389-7596 541-385-5809 may be barred. tion of t h e B u dget Automotive Parts, • P ilgrim 27', 2007 5 t h Chrysler Sebring 2004 claims All persons whose Committee will t a ke wheel, 1 s lide, AC, Service & Accessories W 84k, beautiful dark gray/ r ights may b e a f - place. P u blic comServing Central Oregon FmcF 1903 TV,full awning, excelMA brown, tan leather int., f ected by t h e p r o - ment will not be taken lent shape, $23,900. Ford explorer wheels, $5995 541-350-5373 R ceedings may obtain at this meeting. Addi541-350-8629 (4), $140. Like new. additional information tional notices will be Prowler 2009 Extreme 541-480-3923 Jeep Patriot 2 0 08 provided when public from the records of E dition. Model 2 7 0 4x4, 60k mi., single Oldsmobile Alero 2004, be TIRES set of 4 mounted the Court, the p e r- comment w i l l RL, 2 slides, opposowner, 5-spd, 30 mpg, classic 4-dr in showroom taken. A n y p erson on rims + extra rim. sonal representative, ing in living area, ent. new tires, exc. cond. 4 5% h w y tre a d , condition, leather, chrome $11,900 541-604-0862 or the attorney for the m ay appear at t h e sep. bedroom, Sea Kayaks - His & center, wheels, 1 owner, low 225/60R16, $400 obo personal representa- meeting. 2 ne w e x tra t i res, =— miles. $7500. Hers, Eddyline Wind hitch, bars, sway bar 541-489-6150 Little Red Corvette1996 tive. Dated and first Pilgrim In t e rnational 541-382-2452 Dancers,17', fiberglass included. P r o-Pack, published on March conv. 350 auto. boats, all equip incl., anti-theft. Good cond, 2005, 36' 5th Wheel, 23, 2013. Maureen L. 4 132K, 26-34 mpg. paddies, personal floModel¹M-349 RLDS-5 PORTLAND SWAP Stapp, Pers o n al 'til Re g . $12,500 541-923-1781 tation devices,dry bags, c lean. Fall price $ 2 1,865. MEET Representative. AT LEGAL NOTICE $19, 9 00. 541-312-4466 spray skirts,roof rack w/ 4/20/15. I 4 9 th ANNIJAL TORNEY FOR PER- The undersigned has towers & cradles. Re- 541-390-1122 April 5, 6 & 7, 2013 ~ SONAL REPRESENbeen appointed perCall The Bulletin At Jeep W r angler 4 . 0 duced price $1100/boat skslra© sonal representative 7a.m. -7p.m. Fri. & T ATIVE: Kristen S . Sport 1999, Hard top, 541-385-5809 Firm. 541-504-8557. 7a.m. - 5 p.m. Sat. Edwards, OSB¹ of the Estate of Keith running boards, prePlace Your Ad Or E-Mail RV 1000s Of Vendors! 093397, 2 2 5 NW D . S ampson, D e mium sound. 1921 Model T CONSIGNMENTS At: Collector cars and Franklin St., Suite 2, ceased by the Des Vin ¹432663. Delivery Truck I Mo t o rhomes WANTED Fiat 500 Pop Hatch- Bend, Oregon 97701, chutes County Circuit parts for sale $9,988 Restored & Runs We Do The Work ... back 2012, po wer RV $1000sin door Ph: (541) 318-0061, Court of the State of You Keep The Cash! $9000. ) SUBAR U. w indows, powe r Fax: (541) 318-0062, O regon, prob a te CONSIGNMENTS prizes by: On-site credit 541-389-8963 blue t ooth, kristen@bendlawfirm. WANTED I JO H NNY LAW I 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. doors, number 1 3 P B0023. approval team, premium wheels. We Do The Work ... MOTORS com. PER S ONAL All persons having 877-266-3821 web site presence. Vin ¹125141. You Keep The Cash! 503-678-1823 REPRESENTATIVE: c laims against t h e Dlr ¹0354 We Take Trade-Ins! On-site credit $13,988 pdxswap I Maureen L. S t app, estate are required to Lm: Free Advertising. approval team, Tickets avail. at 404 NE Franklin Ave., present the same with Subaru Outback Lim2003 Fleetwood DisS UB A R U . BIG COUNTRY RV vouchers web site presence. the gate Bend, Oregon 97701, proper ited 2006 51k miles. covery 40' diesel mo- Bend: 541-330-2495 We Take Trade-Ins! See: The 'TREIT & within four (4) months ¹ 354693 $18 , 9 9 5 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. (541) 385-8906. torhome w/all Redmond: 431U Ai A l v.i'ii ..'BSF' o ' e gvSAM%19 j after the date of first Free Advertising. DAVENPORT"877-266-3821 541-548-5254 options-3 slide outs, Chevy C-20 Pickup BIG COUNTRY RV BONNEVILLE LEGAL NOTICE publication to the unDlr ¹0354 satellite, 2 TV's,W/D, 1969, all orig. Turbo 44; OREGON WATER dersigned or they may Bend: 541-330-2495 STREAMLINERetc. 3 2 ,000 m i l es. Oregon auto 4-spd, 396, model Redmond: WONDERLAND UNIT 11 be barred. Additional What are you Wintered in h e ated 541-548-5254 CST /all options, orig. AgtoSeurce SANITARY DISTRICT i nformation may b e shop. $89,900 O.B.O. owner, $19,950, 541-598-3750 looking for? o btained f ro m t h e 541-447-8664 541-923-6049 NOTICE OF BUDGET court records, the unSpace for rent: 30 amp You'll find it in +water, sewer, gravel Chevy 1955 PROJECT PROJECT CARS: Chevy COMMITTEE dersigned or the atMEETING torney. Date first publot. $350 mo. Tumalo car. 2 door wgn, 350 2-dr FB 1949-(SOLD) & Toyota 4Ru n n er PR(K RNVCN/ The Bulletin Classifieds area. Ford Focus 2012 SE 541-419-5060 l ished: M a rc h 23 , small block w/Weiand Chevy Coupe 1950 1 993, blue, 4 d r . , Excellent cond. 12k A public meeting of 2013. Les Yoder, Per32' Fleetwood Fiesta dual quad tunnel ram rolling chassis's $1750 4WD, V6, 5 speed, mi., silver, $16,500 885 the Budget Commit- sonal Representative, 541-385-5809 with 450 Holleys. T-10 ea., Chevy 4-dr 1949, t ow pkg., plus 4 2003, no slide-out, obo 541-306-3662. Canopies & CampersI tee of t h e O r egon c/o Edward P. Fitch, 4-speed, 12-bolt posi, complete car, $ 1949; studs tires on rims, Triton engine, all Weld Prostar wheels, Cadillac Series 61 1950, r uns great. W a s FORD FUSION 2008 Water W o n derland Attorney at Law, Bryamenities, 1 owner, RV Solar Sale! 100 watt perfect, only 17K miles, panel ki t in s talled Camper tie-downs Tork- extra rolling chassis + 2 dr. hard top, complete $ 5500, now o n l y v ery e x c . con d . Unit II Sanitary Dis- ant Emerson & Fitch, $22,000 firm! $749. Mobile Solar L i f t turnbuckles $110. extras. $6500 for all. w/spare f r on t cl i p ., $4000.541-659-1416 62,500 mi. $10,750. trict, Desc h u tes L LP, PO B o x 4 5 7 , 541-504-3253 541-389-7669. Call 541-647-6410 County, State of OrRedmond OR 97756. Pros, 541-977-5366 541- 5 36-9534. $3950, 541-382-7391



The Bulletin

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L '""




There are a lot of reasons to love spring in a Subaru, including the great deals you can get on one. Find yours. Now through April 1.

A ll New 2 0 1 4 I S ubar u F o r e s t e r 2 .5i Pre m iu m C V T

2013 S u b a r u Out b a c k 2 .5 i 6MT

Option Package 12 All Weather Package: Heated Front Seats, Windshield Wiper De-lcer, Heated Side Mirrors Navigation System: GPS Navigation w/6.1 inch LCD Touchscreen, SiriusXM Satellite Radio and SiriusXM NavTraffic (subscription required), HD Radio, Aha Smart Phone Integration. Popular Package ¹2: Mirror w/Compass 8 Homelink. Ext. Mirror w/Appro Ltr/Compass, Rear Bumper Cover

2013 S u b a r u Im p r e z a 2 .0 i P remium C V T


pa 'pa



MSRP $24,764. VIN: D1262653. Title, lic. 8. doc, and dealer installed options not included.

Sale Price














3y89 9 4S


s igning







2013 S u b a r u Fore s t e r 2 .5 X T P remium 4 A T

Auto Dim Mirror/Compass w/Homelink Splash Guard Kit, Rear Bumper Cover, Cargo Tray

2013 S u b a r u Fore s t e r 2 .5 X T P remium 4 A T Standard Model.Rugged Package ¹t. Aero Cross Bars. Rear Bumper Cover. Luggage Compartment Cover.


Automatic MSRP $29,067. VIN: DH407964. Cap reduction $2,564.08. Acquisition fee $595. Doc. fee $75. 42 months, 10,000 miles/year. Residual 54% $15,696.18. No Security Deposit. Includes $450 Subaru Lease Cash. *Tier I financing, 720 Beacon or higher. Title, lic. 8. doc. and dealer installed options not included. Down payment is cash or trade equity. On Approved Credit. DFM-01

Subaru Certified Pre-Owned




Automatic MSRP $35,729. VIN: D4400115. Cap reduction $3,258.52. Acquisition fee $595. Doc, fee $75. 42 months, 10,000 miles/year. Residual 45% $16,078.05. No Security Deposit. Includes $450 Subaru Lease Cash. *Tier I financing, 720 Beacon or higher. Title, lic. 8. doc. and dealer installed options not included. Down payment is cash or trade equity. On Approved Credit. DTD-04


Auto Dim Mirror/Compass w/Homelink

Power Moonroof. Auto-Dimming Mirror, Rear Vision Camera, Roof Rails. Front Bumper Underguard. Rear Bumper Cover. 7 Passenger


Sale Price

2013 S u b a r u Fore s t e r 2 .5 X T P remium 4 A T

2013 S u b a r u % ibec a 3 .6 R L imited 5A T


Qa 'Pa

MSRP $23,785. VIN: DH021575. Title, lic. 8. doc, and dealer installed options not included. DID-28

Sale Price

©KQ Cg30 ©5%

I •

All Weather Pkg, Heated Seats, Windshield Wiper De-lcer, Heated Side Mirrors. Alloy Wheel Pkg. Leather -Wrapped Steering Wheel & Shift Knob. Navigation System, GPS Navigation w/LCD Touchscreen, XM Satellite Radio and XM NavTraffic, HD Radio, Rear Vision Camera, Popular Pkg ¹2: Auto-Dim Mirror/Comp/Homlink, Bumper Applique Sedan, Cargo Tray 4D, All Weather Floor Maps

Standard Model. Rear Seat Back Protector. Rear Bumper Cover.


MSRP $28,061. VIN: EH408382. Title, lic. 8. doc. and dealer installed options not included

S U BA RU . C onf i d e n c e i n M o t i o n


Automatic MSRP $29,067. VIN: DH407591. Cap reduction $2,564. Acquisition fee $595. Doc. fee $75. 42 months, 10,000 miles/year. Residual 54% $15,696.18. No Security Deposit. *Tier I financing, 720 Beacon or higher. Title, lic. 8, doc. and dealer installed options not included. Down payment is cash or trade equity. On Approved Credit. DFM-01

Automatic MSRP $28,942. VIN: DH408392. Cap reduction $2,562.53. Acquisition fee $595. Doc. fee $75. 42 months, 10,000 miles/year. Residual 54% $15,628.68. No Security Deposit. *Tier I financing, 720 Beacon or higher. Title, lic. 8. doc. and dealer installed options not included. Down payment is cash or trade equity. On Approved Credit. DFM-01



7-YEAR, 100,000-MILEPOWERTRAIN WARRANTY Every Certified Pre-Owned Subaru offers: • 7-year/100,000-mile Povvertrain Coverage • $0 deductible

• Factory-backed coverage • 152-point safety inspection

• CARFAX® Vehicle History Report • 24/7 roadside assistance

2 011 S u b a r u O utbac k W a g o n 2 .5i L i m i t e d

2 012 S u b a r u F oreste r 2 . 5 X T Yurbo

2 012 S u b a r u I mpreza 5 - D o o r S port L i m i t e d

2 013 S u b a r u O utbac k 2 . 5 i Premiu m

CVT Transmission, Leather, Moonroof, Premium Sound, Low Miles

Automatic, Moonroof, Alloy Wheels, Low, Low Miles!

Moonroof, Leather, Heated Seats, Alloy Wheels, Multi-Disc

Keyless Entry. Low Low Miles





VIN: CH239954





VIN: 03234829






March 50 - April 5, 2015

Kelly Monaco stars in "General Hospital," which marks its 50th anniversary Monday on ABC.

The Bulletin

Serving Central Oregon since 1903



ames S ttdoktt Htgh FI+eS

Howtoette:Sudokuiedh Fivesconsistsottive reduiarSudokuOridssharindonesetots bx 3boxes. Eachrowcolumnandsetots bs3boxes must contain the numbers 1 through 8 without repetition. The numbers in any shared set of 3-by-3 boxes apply to each of the individual Sudokus.



9 2 5 6 1 7 3 8 4

4 3 1 8 7 6 5 4 3 9 8 2 2 5 9 1 6 7

3 G A R P



M I S 0 L E P L A C K E R A D E T I S Y E T

S C P A 0 R R T T WO S 0 S N C E A R L R A A B L O E R








Guide to the

TV grids

TV Ratings: 'G': Generalaudience 'Y': Young children '7': Childrenover7 '14': Childrenover14 'PG': Parentalguidance 'M': Matureaudience only



Solution to last week's puzzle.

TV Crossword ACROSS 1. Tillis or Harris 4. Boggs of baseball 8. Nudge 11. Long, long12. Steve Carell movie, "— Almighty" 13. Gung-ho 15. Swindle 16. In the mail 17. w99


Luftballons singer 18. "America's — Talent" 20. La Scala shows 22. Gator kin 24. Whodunit board game 26. Pristine 27. One of the

Beatles 32. Actress Argento 33. Swedish rug 34. "Family" actress Thompson 35. ABC series, "Last Man —" 37. Perched on 38. " dead people" 39. Distinctive atmosphere 40. Nicholson's "The — List" 44. TV accessory 45. 1952 Olympics site 46. Ms. Fisher 49. Comedian Rickles 52. Actress Elise

of "The Hughleysw 53. Gary Cooper's "High —" 54. Electrify 55. Modern courtroom evidence 56. "The Dukes of Hazzard" spinoff 57. Nevertheless

series 8. Ms. Krakowski 9. 2006 movie, "— the Hedge" 10. Actress Gershon 14. German article 19. 1999's "The Deep End of the tl

21. The opwin


1. John J. Yorkon "General Hospital" 2. I, to Claudius 3. She played Gabrielle Solis 4. Adam of "Batman" 5. Caesar's hello 6. Mr. Stevens of uDownton Abbey" 7. Jeremy Piven

r.p.m. 22. Money men 23. Reddishbrown 24. "The New Adventures of Old tl

25. Hall of Fame quarterback Bobby 28. Writer Asimov 29. Billy Crystal's

"Mr.— Night" 30. Bouquet 31. California valley 36. "Live Free or — Hard" 40. Musician Jon — Jovi

41. Previously owned 42. Extended family 43. Kind of nut tree 44. Heflin and Morrison 47. "Sanford and tl

48. Old card game 50. Use credit 51. Court divider









12 15


















18 22









43 46















54 57

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TV • PAGE 3 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine

30 — APRIL 5, 2013


c I Good Morning America (N) « c II




• II











KATU News This Morning - Sat (N) n «

JackHanna'sWild OceanMysteries Bornto Explore'G'RecipeRehab Food forThought Sea RescueDeep Down 'G' (ABC) Countdown Wi t h Jeff Corwin«(DVS) Nach os 'G' The Chica Show Pajanimals (El) 'Y Poppy Cat (El) 'Y' Justin Time (El) 'Y' LazyTown n (El) Noodle and D e rm Exclusive! Global Golf AdKTVZ O O O O TodayAmotherwithtriplets. (N)n cc 'Y' cc 'PG' (NBC) (N)(EI)'Y' Doodle (El) 'Y' venture (N)n (5:00) CBS This Morning: Saturday Doodlebops (El) Doodlebops n (El) Busytown Myster Busytown Myster ATP Tennis Sony Open,Women's Final FromMiami. (N)(Live) « Road to the Final KBNZ "f' cc 'Y' cc (CBS) (N) n cc ies n (El) 'Y' ies n (El) 'Y' Four (N) Jack Hanna's WildOcean Mysteries BorntoExplore'G'SeaRescueDeep RecipeRehab Food forThought Steel Dreams Cars.TV n PG « KOHD O O O O Paid Program Animal Adven- Good Morning America (N) « 'G' cc tures With Jeff Corwin «(DVS) Nachos 'G' (ABC) Countdown Dow n 'G' Paid Program Awesome Adven. Wild About Ani- Jack Hanna's Into Eco Companyn Teen Kids News Paid Program Sanitize Your Shaun T's Insan Portable Cook- Zumba Dance KFXO IIg IE) @ IE! Paid Program ity 'G' top 'G' mals 'G' cc (El) 'G' cc (N) 'G' cc (FOX) tures'G' the Wild 'G' Home Body N S e w It All n 'G' « KOAB ~ gy ~ gy Sesame Street Zoe is afraidof dogs. n Curious George 'Y' Sid theScienceKid: TheMovie" (2013,Adventure) Voice of Cyberchase n 'Y' Fetch! With Ruff The Victory Gar- P. Allen Smith's Sewing With 'Y' cc cc(DVS) cc(DVS) (PBS) (DVS) Chr i stopher Lloyd. n (DVS) Ruff man 'Y' den Soft 'G' Ga r den Home Nancy 'G' « NewsChannel 8 atSunrise at 6:00 NewsChannel 8 at Sunrise at 7:00 AM(N) « Poppy Cat (El) 'Y' Justin Time (El) 'Y' LazyTown n (El) Red Bull Signature Series From Nel- Global Golf AdKGW "f' cc venture (N)n (NBC) AM(N) « son, B.C.(N) n « Justice League Dragon Ball Z Kai WWESaturday Yu.Gi-Oh! n Yu.Gi-Oh! Zexal KTVZDT2 @ ~ g) @ Paid Program WEN Hair Care Adventures of Adventures of Sonic X n 'Y7' «Sonic X n 'Y7' « Transformers 'Y7' cc 'Y7' cc (N) n 'Y7' cc Nanoboy Nanoboy Prime 'Y7' Unlimited 'Y7' Morning Slamn (CW) OPBPL 175 17 3 B B C Newsnight Washington Asia Biz Great Decisions Scully: World I n side Wash'ton McLaughlin Tru th-Money W e althTrack B i z Kid$ n 'G' M akers: Women Who KATU

Criminal Minds Identity Serial killer's Criminal Minds Asuspect impregnates Criminal Minds Theteam suspects a Flip This House BurningDownthe Flip ThisHouseA houseendsupcreatpartner. n '14' cc young women. n '14' cc rock star of murder. '14' cc House Stormstaketheir toll. 'PG' ing problems. 'PG' cc The RiflemanThe The Rifleman 'G' «The Rifleman Miss The Rifleman 'G' «The Rifleman 'G' «The RiflemanThe ** "Legend ofthe Lost" (1957,Adventure)JohnWayne,Sophia Loren, RossanoBrazzi. Twomenand ** "Jumanji 'AMC lllustrator 'G' Bertie 'G' Actress 'G' a womansearchthe Saharafor a lost city. « (1995) cc *ANPL 68 50 26 38 PitBossSpeciahForOurFansn P i t BossShortylsBetrayedn'14' P i t gossThingsGetUglyn'14' Too Cute! n 'PG' cc Too Cute! CuddlyKittens 'G' cc Too Cute! n'G' cc BRAVO 13 44 Duk es of Mel B r ad World Brad World Fa s hion Queens The Rachel Project Zoe '14' « The Rachel Zoe Project '14' cc The Rachel Zoe Project'14' « The Rachel Zoe Project '14' « CMT 190 32 42 53 CMTMusicn'PG' CMT Music n 'PG' CMT Music n 'PG' CMT Social Hour n 'PG' CMT Music n 'PG CMT Music 'PG' Hot 20 CNBC 54 36 40 52 Cindy Crawford TRIA Insanity! Total Gym Pai d Program L i tlGiant EasyMeals Oc t aspring MaZumba Fit Ins a nity Workout Healing Power of Juicing 'G' CNN 55 38 35 48 Sat. Morning Y o ur Bottom C N N Saturday Morning (N) CNN Newsroom(N) Your Money(N) CNN Newsroom(N) Paid Program WEN Hair Care Comedy Central Comedy Central (8:48) ** NEncinoMan"(1992) SeanAstin, Brendan Fraser. cc "Goods: LiveHard" COM 13 53135 47 TapouTXT Ins a nity! COTV 11 (5:30) City Club of Central Oregon Desert Cooking Oregon Joy of Fishing Journal Get Outdoors V i sions of NW Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (4:00) Washington Journal HomelandSecurity Secretary Na Partisanship in Washington (N) (9:40) ChelseaClinton (N) (10:45) Patient Med ical Data (N) M e ntal Health 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Octonauts n 'Y' Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Doc McStuffins Never Land So f ia the First P hineas, Ferb Gravity Falls 'Y7' Good-Charlie G ood-Charlie Jessie 'G' « A.N .T. Farm 'G *DISC 15 21 16 37 HOPE Fit Paid Program n Patient Ed n 'PG' cc Overhaulin' n 'PG' cc Paid Program n LitlGiant Fast N' LoudTrials of aT-Bird '14 Fast N' Loud n '14' cc N *E! 13 25 WE N Hair Care Cindy Crawford *iNcw PronounceyouChuckandLarry"(2007,Comedy)Adam Sandl er,KevinJames. The Soup '14' E! News (N) Fashion Police '14' ESPN 21 23 22 23 SportsCenter cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc Women's College Basketball: NCAATournament Women's CollegeBasketball ESPN2 22 24 21 24 English Premier LeagueSoccer: Sunderland vsManchester United College GameDayScoreboard Spo r tsNation S p ort Science Cheerleading FromOrlando, Fla . C h eerleading (N) "Runningthe Sahara" (2008)Narrated by ESPNC 23 25 123 25 *** "RingofFire: TheEmiie Griffith Story" (2005) (7:45)%!o the Ccid:A Journeyof the Soul" (2010), Keith Heger « Casey Combest H-Lite Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex ESPNN 24 63 124203 Interruption Aro und the HornH-Lite Ex. SportsCenter « SportsCenter « SportsCenter m N ** "Cheaper bythe Dozen2" (2005) SteveMartin, Bonnie Hunt FAM 67 29 19 41 Insanity! Insanity Workout * "DaddyDayCamp" (2007,Comedy)CubaGooding Jr. Premiere ** RV'(2006) Robin W>lhams FNC 57 61 36 50 (3:00)FOXandFriendsSaturday Bulls and Bears Cavuto/Business Forbes on FOX Cashin' In (N) America's NewsHeadquarters (N) America's NewsHeadquarters (N) Journal Editorial FOX News *FOOD 17 62 98 44 TopKitchen! Be s t Thing Ate Best Dishes B'foot Contessa Giada at Home Pretty Women Barbecue Addi. Guy's Big Bite Best- Made Best Dishes Pioneer Wo Trisha's Sou FX 131 Total Gym Insanity Workout How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met Two/Half Men Two/Half Men Two/Half Men Two/Half Men ** XXX (2002) HGTV 17 49 33 43 Supersmile HOPE Fit Disaster DIY 'G' Leave-Bryan Buying andSellingJenn&JP 'G' Property Bro P r operty Bro Bath Crashers Bath Crashers Yard Crashers Kitchen Crash. *HIST 15 42 41 36 ThePerfectyard Fat Loss Modern Marvels Eggs'PG' cc Modern MarvelsChocolate'PG' The Ten Commandments 'G' « The RealFaceof Jesus? 'PG' LIFE 13 39 20 31 Supersmile Zumba Fit Total Gym Get Sub D Muffin Top? 'G' Dr. 0 says Yes! Dancer's Body Paid Program Zumba Fit WEN Hair Care Preachers' Daughters '14' « MSNBC 59 59128 51 (5:00) UpW/Chris Hayes(N) Melissa Harris-Perry (N) Weekends With Alex Witt (N) MSNBCLive (N) ** "Liar Liar"(1997)Jim Carrey. A fast-talking lawyercannot tell a lie MTV 192 22 38 57 Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness True Life Sun-worshippers.n The Real World n '14' « NICK 82 46 24 40 Peter Rabbit'Y' Peter Rabbit'Y' Odd Parents O d d Parents SpongeBob S p ongeBob Spongegob S p ongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob T eenageMut. Teenage Mut. Dr. Phil n 'PG' « Dr. Phil Feudingin-laws. 'PG' « Home MadeSimple n 'G' cc Unusual Suspects n '14' « Unusual Suspects n 14 cc OWN 161 103 31 103 Dr. Phil Follow-upwithguests. 'PG PAC12 47 310310310 College Softball UCLAat Stanford College Softball UCLAat Stanford College Softball Oregon at Washington SPIKE 132 31 34 46 Dr. 0 says Yes! Say No to Pain No Defrosting CleanHome Insanity! WEN Hair Care Search/Restore Search/Restore Search/Restore Search/Restore Bellator MMALive n '14' SYFY 13 35133 45 No Defrosting Octaspring Ma Paid Program Live Longer! Kitchen Paid Program Twilight Zone Stranded ThreeVall ey Chateau ** * NWar Wo/ves" (2009) John Saxon. '14' « TBN 205 60 130 The Lads TV (El) Auto B. Good 'G Come onOver Mary.Hopkins Lassie 'G' cc V e ggieTales 'Y' 3-2-1 Penguins! God Rocks! 'Y Monstertruck Davey I Goliath Ishine Knect 'G Insp. Station Married... With MyNamels Earln My Name Is Earl n Tyler Perry's Tyler Perry's MeetAre WeThereYet? According to Jim Rules of Engage Rules of Engage. *** N1408N(2007, Horror)JohnCu 'TBS 16 27 11 28 Marrled...Wlth 'PG' '14' cc n 'PG' cc Children 'PG' Children n 'PG '14' cc House of Payne the Browns ment '14' ment '14' sack, Samuel L.Jackson. « N N ** Tcrchy PlaysWithDynamite" (1939) (10:15) ** "Drum Beat" (1954,Western)AlanLadd, Audrey Dalton, Marisa Pavan. Gcdziiia, King cffhre Monsters" (1956, Sci e nce Fi c ti c n) (7:45) ** "Case of the Vel v et Cl a ws" (1936, Mystery) Warren TCM 101 44 101 29 ** RaymondBurr,Takashi Shimura. William, Claire Dodd,Winifred Shaw. Jane Wyman. President Grantgives frontiersmanpowerto makepeace. *TLC 17 34 32 34 Hair Restoration Paid Program n Agele$$ CookingTRIA Jillian Michaels Fifty Shades of Four Houses n 'PG' « Four Houses n 'PG' cc Four Houses n '14' cc Law & Order Amanaccusedof murder Law & Order AnAIDSresearcher is Law & Order A milionaire's wife is found Law & Order Abeating death leadsto Dallas Bobbytries to keepthe family Monday Mornings Dr.Delanymust *TNT defends himself. n '14' killed. n '14' «(DVS) dead. n '14' «(DVS) teenagers. n '14' «(DVS) together. '14' « explam amistake 14 « *TOON 84 Looney Tunes LooneyTunes Scan2Go (N)'Y7' Johnny Test'Y7' Beyblade:Metal Pokemon:BW Ben 10 NinjaGo: Mstrs Green Lantern Young Justice Tom andJerry Tom and Jerry *TRAV 17 51 45 42 PaidProgram Paid Program When Vacations Attack 'PG' « Mys t eries at the Museum 'PG Off Limits 'PG' « Mysteries at the Museum'PG' Bourdain: No Reservations 3's Company (7:12) Three'sCompany'PG'cc 3 ' s Company 3 ' s Company 3's Company 3's Company 3's Company 3's Company TVLND 65 47 29 35 3'sCompany The CosbyShow The Cosby Show ** "It's Complicated" (2009,Romance-Comedy)Meryl Streep, SteveMartin. « USA 15 30 23 30 SayNotoBotox! Fat Loss Paid Program Zumba Fit Fat Loss DeepC!ean TheBreak-Up VH1 191 48 37 54 JumpStartn'PG Jump Start n 'PG' Live FromDaryl's House n 'PG' Top 20 VideoCountdown (N)'PG' Top 20 Video Countdown (N) 'PG' Best Week Ever ** Stripes n *A&E 13 28 18 32 lnsamty 'G' Workout The Celebrlty Bucket List

N (7:15) *** /3 Going on30" 2004Jennifer Garner. n 'PG-13' «


McHa/e'sNavy"1997,ComedyTomArnold. n 'PG' « (10:50) *** "KillBill: Voi.!"'R' A N * * * Hoffa 1992 Jack Nicholson. Corruptiontaints Teamsters unionbossJimmy Hoffa. Pi n ks - All Out 'PG Pass Time'PG' Pass Time 'PG' Prizefighter Boxing Prizefighter Boxing Prizefighter Boxing 28 301 27 301European PGATour Golf TropheeHassanII, Third RoundFromMorocco. (N) (Live) PGA TourGolf Shell HoustonOpen,Third Round(N)(Live) HALL 66 33175 33 ILove Lucy'G' I LoveLucy'G' I Love Lucy'G' I Love Lucy'G I Love Lucy 'G' I Love Lucy 'G' The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls "PuppyLove" (2012)'G' « *** "TheBest ExoticMarigold Hotel" 2011 JudiDench. n 'PG-13 HBO 425 501 425501 (6:15) ** Ni, Robot" 2004, ScienceFiction Will Smith. n 'PG-13' cc Road to Rios R EAL Sports With Bryant Gumbel Fight Game *** "Sling Blade"1996 Billy BobThornton. Amentally impaired manwith aviolent pastbefriends aboy ** * NLo/ita" 1962 'NR IFC 1 0 1 0 5 (3:45) Sicko2007 Three Stooges Three Stooges Three Stooges ** NJcyfuiNoise" 2012QueenLatifah, Dolly Parton. n 'PG-13' cc MAX 400 508 508 Do-RightThing (6:20) ** "Happy FeetTwo"2011 n 'PG' cc ThePresence" 2010MiraSorvino. n 'PG-13' cc Crazy, Stupid NBCSN 27 58 30 209 Bill Dance Bass 2 Billfish Saltwater Fish Hunt/Big Fish Saltwater Exp. Into the Blue 'G Charlie Moore Jimmy Houston Sport Fishing N orth to Alaska WildLifers 'G' S t rong of Heart Wicked TunaStormWarning '14 NGC 157 157 A l aska State Troopers '14' Wicked Tuna'14 Mudcats Big FishBig Bucks'14 Mudcats Deep Trouble '14 Mudcats RaisingHell '14 NTOON 89 115189115 Back, Barnyard Back, Barnyard Fanboy-Chum Fanboy-Chum Adven./Jimmy Adven./Jimmy Back, Barnyard Back, Barnyard Fanboy-Chum Fanboy-Chum Adven./Jimmy Adven./Jimmy OUTD 37 307 43 307 Zona's Show P e nn's Big Trevor Gowdy Velvick's Eyes Spanish Fly H o o k.N-Look Gold Fever Alaskan Alaska Outdoors Major LeagueFishing ** "EarthGirls Are Easy"1989GeenaDavis. 'PG SHO 500 500 (5:30) *** "Chicago" 2002 Catherine Zeta-Jones (9:15) Inside Comedy'MA' « (9:50) ** "Real Steel" 2011,Action HughJackman. n 'PG-13' « SPEED 35 303125 303 Gearz HotRodTV'PG' HotRodTV'PG Guys Garage Translogic 'PG' The List '14 Translogic 'PG' The List 'PG Translogic The List Faster Than F a ster Than ** Sparkle n STARZ 300408300408 ** "The Vow"2012 RachelMcAdams.'PG-13'« (7:45) ** "TheNotebook" 2004,RomanceRyanGosling, JamesGarner. n 'PG-13' « (9:50) *** "Arthur Christmas" 2011 n 'PG' « N N ** Red 2010, Action Bruce *** "TheConstantGardener"2005 Ralph Fiennes.n 'R'« TMC 525 525 (5:45) *"TheUnderstudy" 2008Marin Ireland. 'NR Wilis, JohnMalkovich. n 'PG-13' « Legally B/onde2 *WE 14 41 174118 SexyAbs 'G ' M o ntel Williams ** "Overboard" 1987,ComedyGoldie Hawn,Kurt Russell, Edward Herrmann.'PG ** "Overboard" 1987,ComedyGoldie Hawn,Kurt Russell, EdwardHerrmann.'PG' ENCR FMC FUEL GOLF

106 401 306401(5:35) ** "ForLoveor Money 104204104120(5 00) **** "Anastasia"1956 34 Red Bull UFC Insider

(6 5 0) ***"Theinnof the SixthHappiness" 1958 Ingrid Bergman. 'NR' «


THE BULLETIN «MARCH 30 — APRIL 5, 2013 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine












Food Lovers 'G' Christina is 58, Secret Millionaire Self-mademilionaire Paid Program Say No to Botox! ESPN Sports Saturday (N) Looks 42! 'G' J e ff Usner. n 'PG' (ABC) Red Bull Signature Series FromNel KTVZ @ @ ~ @ PGA Tour Golf Shell HoustonOpen,Third RoundFromRedstoneGolf Club in Humble,Texas. (N) n (Live) cc KATU



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KATU Newsat 5 ABC World News (N)n cc Paid Program Paid Program Extra (N) n 'PG' cc

son, B.C.(N) n «

(3:55) 2013NCAABasketball Tournament Regional Final —Wichita State vs. Ohio StateFromLos Angeles. (N) (Live) cc Sports Stars of Today's Hom- KEZI 9 Newsat ABC World News KOHD O gy gy g) Ten Minute Work- Derm Exclusive! Secret Millionaire Self-made milionaire ESPNSports Saturday (N) 'PG' out 'G' Jeff Usner. n 'PG' Tomorrow 'Y7' eowner (ABC) 5:00 (N) « ** "A Knight's Tale" (2001,Adventure)HeathLedger, MarkAddy, RufusSewell. A peasantposesas a Paid Program CSE MiamiForcedEntry A rapist is KFXO I(0 g) @ g) *** "Danin RealLife"(2007)SteveCarell, Juliette Binoche, DaneCook. An (FOX) advice columnistfalls in lovewith his brother's girlfriend. knight for ashot atjousting glory. found murdered inhis home.'14' RoughCut — Hometime 'G'« Ask This Old This Old House n The Lawrence KOAB ~ gy ~ gy Fons & Porter's Quilting Arts n Simply Ming n America's Test Sara's Weeknight MotorWeek(N) n Woodwright's 'G' cc 'Q' cc 'Q' cc 'Q' cc Kitchen Shop n 'G' Welk Show 'G' (PBS) Love of Quilting Meals 'G' Woodworking House 'G' cc PGA Tour Golf Shell HoustonOpen,Third RoundFromRedstoneGolf Club in Humble,Texas. (N) n (Live) « Paid Program Noodle and T h e Chica Show Pajanimals (El) 'Y NewsChannel 8at NewsChannel8at KGW Doodle (El) 'Y' (N) (El) 'Y' (NBC) 5PM (N) « 5:3 0 PM (N) T y ler Perry's Tyler Perry's Meet Tyler Perry's Meet ** "National Security" (2003,Comedy)Martin Lawrence,SteveZahn. Twofeuding KTVZDT2 @ ~ gy @ ChatRoom n (El) On the Spot n (El) Star Wars: The Clone WarsHolocron Tyler Perry's 'Q' cc 'Q' cc Heist; Cargo ofDoom'PG' House of Payne House of Payne the Browns the Browns security guards goafter murderousthieves. « (CW) OPBPL 175 173 (11:00) Makers:WomenWhoMakeAmerica n 'PG' « Nature AMurder of Crowsn 'PG' Inside Nature's Giants n 'PG' Gen e va Essential Pepin Cooking Class KBNZ


(11:30) Road to the Final Four (N) «

(1:20) 2013NCAABasketball Tournament RegionalFinal —Syracuse vs. Marquette (N)(Live) «

*A&E 13 3 28 28 1188 32 numerousrepairs Flipping Boston APG priest's homeneeds Flipping Boston Pete Anunexpected a tiny condo. 'PG' cc getscreative with Bates prisesMotel the Bates. '14' cc guest sur

Bates Motel Dylanbegins causing trouble. '14' cc

American Hoggers AmericanHoggers American Hoggers American Hoggers 'PQ' cc

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Elliott. Scientist Bruce Bannertransforms into apowerful brute. ** "Godziiia"(1998)MatthewBroderick, (11:30) ** "Jumanji" (1995,Fantasy) RobinWiliams, BonnieHunt. Asinister * * "Hulk" (2003, Fantasy) Eric Bana,Jennifer Connelly, Sam CC board game puts its players in mortal jeopardy. « Jean Reno,Maria Pitillo. *ANPL 68 50 26 38 TooCute! n'PG' « Too Cute! n'PG' cc Too Cute! MightyMunchkins n 'G Too Cute! CuriousKittens n 'G Too Cute! FluffyPuppyParty n 'G' Too Cute! n 'G' « BRAVO 13 The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of Atlanta T h e Millionaire Matchmaker '14' 44 Jer seylicious What Tease a 'PG' M a rried to Medicine '14' Reba 'PG' cc R e ba 'PG' cc Reba 'PG' cc R e ba 'PG' cc Reba'PG' « Reb a 'PG' cc Reb a 'PG' cc Re b a 'PG' cc CMT 190 32 42 53 (11:30) Hot 20Countdown (N) n 'PG' cc CNBC 54 36 40 52 Facelift InsanityWorkout GetSubD Bes t Ladder WE N HairCare 10Minute Paid Program Insanity Workout The CarChasers'PG' Treasure Detectives'PG' CNN 55 38 35 48 (11:00)CNNNewsroom(N) Sanjay Gupta CNN Newsroom(N) The Situation Room CNN Newsroom Warriors Stalker: TheReaganShooting COM 13 53135 47 "Goods:LiveHard (12:52) *"Let's Go to Prison"(2006)DaxShepard, Wil Arnett. cc (2:54) ** "Beerfest"(2006)JayChandrasekhar, KevinHeffernan. cc (4:56) *** "5/f" (2003) cc COTV 11 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Joy of Fishing Journal Get Outdoors Visions of NW City Club of Central Oregon CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (11:45)MentalHealth(N) (1:05) Bill Clinton (1:45) Popular Culture &Journalism (N) Communicators First Ladies: Influence &Image Mayor MiaLove 'DIS 87 43 14 39 DogWithaBlog DogWithaBlog Dog With a Blog Austin & Ally 'G Austin & Ally 'G' Austin & Ally 'G' Good-Charlie G o od-Charlie Shake It Up! 'G' Shake It Up! 'G' Good-Charlie D o g With a Blog *DISC 15 21 16 37 TheDevilsRideWarCrimes'14 Amish Mafia n '14' cc Weed Country n '14' cc Weed Country n '14' cc Weed Country HarvestHell n '14' Amish Mafia Fall FromGrace'14 *E! 13 25 Giu l iana & Biff 'PG' Giuliana & Bill 'PG' Playing With Fire '14' Kourtney and KimTake Miami '14' Kourtney and KimTake Miami '14' Kourtney and Kim Take Miami '14' ESPN 21 23 2223 Women'sCollege Basketball:NCAATo urnament Women's Upd 30 for 30 Women's CollegeGymnastics SECChampionship ESPN2 22 24 21 24 Cheerleading (N) Cheerleading Cheerleading Cheerleading From Orlando, Fla . T h e Clemente Effect (N) Futbol MexicanoPrimera Division CruzAzul vs ClubAtlas (N) (Live) *** "Elevate" (2011,Documentary) « ESPNC 23 25 123 25 The CaseyCombest Story (1:15) "Kassimthe Dream"(2008,Documentary) « Manute Bol * ** " Emmanuei's Gift" (2005) ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live)©c SportsCenter « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « ** "Nanny Mcphee" (2005,Comedy) EmmaThompson, Colin Firth. ** "Nanny McpheeReturns" (2010, Comedy)EmmaThompson, MaggieGyllenhaal FAM 67 29 19 41 (11:00)**"RV"(2006, Comedy) A/ice-Wonder. FNC 57 61 36 50 America'sNewsHeadquarters(N) Cavuto/Business Cashin' In « The Five America's NewsHeadquarters (N) FOX Report (N) Huckabee(N) *FOOD 17 62 98 44 Chopped Redemptionlntention Cupcake Wars Restaurant: Impossible Can Dinner Save Diners, Drive R e staurant Stakeout Iron Chef America ** "TheA-Team"(2010) LiamNeeson, Bradley Cooper. FormerSpecial Forcessoldiers form arogue unit *** "iron Man" (2008,Action) FX 131 (11:30) ** "XXX" (2002,Action) Vin Diesel, Asia Argento. HGTV 17 49 33 43 House Crashers House Crashers Love lt or List lt 'G' « Posh Pets: Lifestyles, Rich I Furry Property Brothers Sarah & Mari 'G' Property Brothers 'G' « Property Brothers'G' « *HIST 15 42 41 36 (11:00) TheRealFace of Jesus? S e cret Access: The Vatican A look at the workings oftheVatican. 'PG' Banned From the Btble 'PG « Banned Fromthe Bible II 'PG' *** "ThePerfect Teacher" (2010) DavidCharvet. '14' « LIFE 13 39 20 31 Preachers'Daughters'14' « Preachers' Daughters '14' « "Betrayed at 17" (2011,Drama)Alexandra Paul, KatieGill. '14' « MSNBC 59 59 128 51 (11:00) MSNBC Live (N) Caught on CameraOutof Line Caught on CameraUpin theAir Caught on Camera Caught on Camera MTV 192 22 38 57 Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Pranked n '14' Pranked n '14' Pranked n '14' Pranked n '14' Pranked n '14' Pranked n '14 Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness ** "Scooby-Doo" (2002,Comedy) Freddie PrinzeJr. n cc NICK 82 46 24 40 Odd Parents S p ongeBob Po wer Rangers SpongeBob Odd Parents O d d Parents Odd Parents O d d Parents Unusual Suspects n '14' « Unusual Suspects n '14' « Unusual Suspects n '14' acc Unusual Suspects n '14' « Unusual Suspects n '14' cc OWN 161 103 31 103 Unusual Suspects n '14' « PAC12 47 310310310 College Softball UCLAat Stanford College Softball OregonState at ArizonaState (N) (Live) College TennisUCLAat Stanford (N)(Live) *** "Batman Begins" (2005)Christian Bale.BruceWayne becomesGothamCity's DarkKnight. n SPIKE 132 31 34 46 (12:15) ** "Transporter 3" (2008)JasonStatham.FrankMartin becomesinvolved with a Ukrainian woman ** "Daybreakers" (2009,Horror) EthanHawke, Wilem Dafoe. « ** "Cirque du Freak:TheVampire's Assistant SYFY 13 35 133 45 WarWolves '14' "30 Days ofNight: DarkDays" (2010)Kiele Sanchez,Diora Baird. « *** "ThePassion ofthe Christ" (2004, Drama)JimCaviezel, Monica Bellucci TBN 205 60130 Paws & Tal Live From Holy Land In Touch With Dr. Charles Stanley es Heroes &LegendsofBible (11:00) *** "1408" (2007)JohnCu- ** %nafDestination 2" (2003,Horror) Ali Larter, A.J. Cook,Michael Landes. Everybody Loves Everybody Loves Friends n 'PG' cc Friends The One Friends n 'PG' cc Friends n 'PG' cc 'TBS sack, Samuel L.Jackson. cc Grisly fates awaithe t survivors of a highwaycalamity. « Raymond Raymond Hundredth 'PG' (12:15) ** "Sinbad andthe Eyeofthe Tiger" (1977, Fantasy)Patrick Wayne. (2:15) *** "TheGreat Race" (1965,Comedy)TonyCurtis, Jack Lemmon,Natalie Wood.Foesenter a1908 NewYork to **** "TheLadyEve" (1941) Barbara TCM Sinbad andprincess rescue herbrother, turned into baboon. Paris auto race. Stanwyck,HenryFonda. *TLC 17 34 32 34 Four Houses A Vegas-style villa. n Undercover Boss n 'PG' cc Undercover Boss NASCAR n 'PG' Undercover Boss n 'PG' cc Undercover BossWhiteCastle 'PG Undercover Boss n 'PG' « *** "Spider-Man" (2002)TobeyMaguire. A bite froma Boston's Finest End ofDaysRobert ** "Sahara" (2005, Adventure) MatthewMcConaughey,SteveZahn, PenelopeCruz. Adventurers *TNT 17 26 15 27 Southland HeroesJohntries to save Hicks. n 'MA' cc Twitchell is promoted. '14' « search for aConfederate ship in Africa. « mutant spidergives ateen unusual powers. *TOON 84 Johnny Test 'Y7' Johnny Test 'Y7 JohnnyTest'Y7' Wrld,Gumbaff Wrld,Gumbaff Wrld,Gumbaff MAD'PG' IncredibleCrew IncredibleCrew *** "Cloudy With aChanceof Meatballs" (2009) *TRAV 17 51 45 42Manv.Food'G' Manv.Food'G Man vFood Man v Food Feed the Beast Feed theBeast Airport24/7: Mi Airport24/7: Mi Airport24/7:Mi Airport 24/7: Mi Extreme Yachts 'G' « TVLND 65 47 29 35 TheCosbyShow TheCosbyShow The CosbyShow The Cosby Show Roseanne 'PG' (2:36) Roseanne (3:12) Roseanne n 'PG' cc (3:48) Roseanne (4:24) Roseanne Roseanne'PG' Roseanne'PG USA 15 30 23 30 (11:30) **"The Break-Up"(2006)VinceVaughn. « CSECrime SceneInvestigation n CSECrime SceneInvestigation n CS Crime E Scene Investigation n L a w & Order: Special Victims Unit VH1 191 48 37 54 (11:30) ** "Stripes"(1981,Comedy)Bil Murray,Harold Ramis.n (2:10) MobWives Winging It n '14' (3:15) Best WeekEver '14' cc (3:50) WickedSingle n '14 (4:55) WickedSingle n '14 'AMC

*** "Full Metal Jacket"1987, WarMatthewModine. n 'R' cc TheLord of theRings: TheReturn of the King" n (12:45) **"TheCraft"1996, Horror RobinTunney. n 'R' « *** "Black Swan" 2010'R ** "Premonition" 2007,SuspenseSandra Bullock. 'PG-13' « 104 204104120 **"The Da VinciCode"2006TomHanks. A religious mystery couldrockfoundations of Christianity. « 34 Prizefighter Boxing Boxing GoldenBoy: Gilberto Ramirezvs. Marcus UpshawFromMexico UFC Insider U F C 101 UFC Unleashed The Ultimate Fighter n '14' 28 301 27 301 **"The GreatestGameEver Played" (2005, Drama)Shia LaBeouf, StephenDilane Golf Academy Golf Central (N) PGA Tour Golf Shell HoustonOpen,Third Round * "Family Plan" (2005) 'PG' cc HALL 66 33 175 33 (11:00) "PuppyLove"(2012) 'G' "F/icka 2" (2010,Drama) PatrickWarburton, TamminSursok. « Three Weeks,ThreeKids" (2011)AnnaChlumsky. 'PG' « HBO 425 501 425501 (12:15) * "Alvin andthe Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (1:45) *** "Forrest Gump"1994,Comedy-DramaTomHanks. n 'PG-13' « (4:15) "Phil Spector" 2013,DocudramaAl Pacino, Helen Mirren. n « ** * f Monsfer's Ball" 2001,DramaBilly BobThornton, Heath Ledger, HalleBerry. 'R *** "Boogie Nights" 1997 'R IFC 1 0 1 0 5 (11:00) *** "Lo/ita"1962, Comedy-Drama JamesMason, Shelley Winters. 'NR MAX 400 508 508 (11:30) *** "Crazy, Stupid,Love." 2011 'PG-13' Strike Back 'MA' MAX on Set 'PG' * i A Sound oi Thunder" 2005Edward Burns. cc (4:15) *** "Backdraft"1991, Action Kurt Russell. n 'R' cc NBCSN 27 58 30 209 TheGrid 'G' M L S Soccer Philadelphia Unionat NewYork RedBulls (N) (Live) Horse Racing College LacrosseDukeat Harvard (N) (Live) Alaska StateTroopers '14 Alaska StateTroopers '14' NGC 157 157 M u dcats Midnight Monsters '14' Mud cats Loose Cannon '14 Mudcats CannibalCatfish '14' Mudcats TurfWar'14' NTOON 89 115189115 NFLRushZone NFL Rush Zone Wild Grinders n Wild Grinders n Avatar: Air. Ava tar: Air. Alien Dawn 'PG' Alien Dawn 'PG Yu-Gi-Oh! 'Y7' Yu-Gi-Oh! 'Y7' Power Rangers Robot, Monster OUTD 37 30743 307FishingUni v. Lindners Fish. Hook-N-Look Buccaneers Bottom Feeders Familiar Waters Outdoors Flyrod Outdoors Team Journal Outdoors Steve's Outdoor SHO 500 500 The World AccordingtoDickCheney 'MA Family Band (1:55) ** "Payback"1999,Action Mel Gibson. 'R (3:40) "NobelSon"2007,SuspenseAlanRickman.n 'R SPEED 35 303125303 Faster Than F a s ter Than Faster Than F a ster Than Monster Jam Monster Jam On the Edge(N) On the Edge Dumbest Stuff Dumbest Stuff STARZ 300 408300408 (11 30) ** "Spark/e" 2012 Jordin Sparks. 'PG13' (1:35) *"TheBenchwarmers"2006 David Spade. Starz Studios n (3:20) ** "TheVow"2012Rachel McAdams. « (5:10) *** "Freaky Friday" 'PG TMC 525 525 (11:45) "Legally Blonde 2:Red, White &Blonde *** vMy Left Foot"1989 DanielDay-Lewis. n 'R' (3:15) *** "50/50" 2011 JosephGordon-Levitt. n 'R' « Standingin the Shadows *WE 14 41 174118 ** "Miss Congeniality" 2000, ComedySandra Bullock, Michael Caine. 'PG-13 ** "Miss Congeniality" 2000,ComedySandra Bullock, MichaelCaine. 'PG-13 JoanI Melissa:Joan ENCR FMC FUEL GOLF

106401 306401Kill Bill: Voi. 1



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' ' ll c II c I II I • I I G I I I II I I II I KATU Newsat 6 Phil Collins, Rod ***"TheTenCommandments"(1956, Historical Drama)Charlton Heston, Yul Brynner, EdwardG. Robinson. Biblical hero Mosesleads the Israelites to freedom.n « (11:44) KATU KATU Stewart News at 11(N) (ABC) (N) n cc womanfrom Denver disappears. n cc Saturday Night Live HostJamieFoxx; NewsChannel 21 (11:29) Saturday KTVZ O O O O NewsChannel21NBCNightly NewsJeopardy! Home Wheel of Fortune Dateline NBC A 'G' « Ne-Yo performs.'14' « (NBC) at 6 (N) cc (N) cc Sweet Home'G' at11 (N) « Nig h t Live 14 Burn Notice A Haitianman'sdaughter New Adventures New Adventures New Adventures How I Met Your Elementary LesserEvilsTerminal pa- 48 Hours ChristopherColemanis con- KOIN Local 6 at 11 (11:35) Baggage n KBNZ '14' cc tients aremurdered.'14' « victed murder.(N) n « (CBS) was murdered. 'PG' « of Old Christine of Old Christine of Old Christine Mother n '14' (N) cc Commandments" (1956, Historical Drama)Charlton Heston, Yul Brynner, EdwardG. Robinson. Biblical hero Mosesleads the Israelites to freedom.n « (11:44) EntertainKOHD O O O O KEZI9Newsat KEZI9Newsat *** "The Ten ment Tonight (N) (ABC) 6:00 (N) « 6:3 0 (N) « Hell's Kitchen Thecontestants cookfor Cops Coast to Cops Caught in a The Following Guilt Joesendsfollowers NewsChannel 21 Two and a Half KFXO I(g g} (KI g) Bones TheManin the MudRemains of Criminal Minds CatchingOut Serial (FOX) a motorcycle racer. '14' killer jumps trains. n '14' « Coast (N) 'PG' Lie 'PG' « to capture Claire. '14' First on FOX M en '14' cc special guests. '14' My Family 'PG' «As Time Goes By New Tricks Theteam reinvestigates the Masterpiece Mystery! Wealthy industri KOAB ~ gy ~ gy (5:30)TheLaw- LastoftheSum Art Wolfe's Trav- Rick Steves' Eu- Globe Trekker Art at theMuseodel 'PQ' cc alist is takenhostage. n 'PG' (PBS) rence WelkShow mer Wine n 'G' els to the Edge rope 'G' cc Pra do in Madrid. 'PG'(DVS) cc murder of anunidentified male. NBC Nightly News Straight Talk Inside Edition Grants Getaways Dateline NBCAwomanfrom Denver disappears. n « Saturday Night Live HostJamieFoxx NewsChannel 8 at (11:29)Saturday KGW 'PG' Weekend 'PG' Ne-Yo performs. '14' « Night Live '14' (NBC) (N) cc 11(N) cc Cheaters A toxic relationship. n '14' « Cops GrandTheft Cops n 'PG' cc That '70s Show That '70s Show n TheJeremy KyleShow Exisabusive KTVZDT2 @ ~ @ @ ** "LittleMan" (2006,Comedy)ShawnWayans, MarlonWayans. A tiny thief poses as atoddler to retrieve astolengem. « Auto 3 'PG' HolyCrap! PG 14 « and makescrystal meth. 'PG' (CW) * * * ND 0 A " (1949)EdmondO'Brien OPBPL 175 17 3 M i dsomer Murders 'PG' « Music Makers Underground Xerox Rochester Intl. Jazz Festival Austin City Limits n 'PG' « *** D.O.A. Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars (11:01) Storage (11:31) Storage Texas 'PG' Tex a s cc Texas 'PG' Texas'PG' Texas 'PG' Texas 'PG' Wars Texas W a rs Texas N N Godzilla The Walking Dead Sick A l i fe hangs in The Walking Dead Andrea and Mi The Walking DeadKiler WithinThe (5:00) ** (1998) MatthewBroderick, Jean Reno,Maria Pitillo. Nuclear The Walking Dead SeedLori's preg 'AMC testing in theSouthPacific producesa giant mutatedlizard. nancy advances.'14' « the balance. '14' « chonne findsurvivors. '14' « group issevered. '14' « *ANPL 68 50 26 38 TooCute! PuppyPower'G' « Too Cute! ExtraSpecial Pets n 'G' Too Cute! Fluffiest Kittens (N)'G Pit Boss (N) n '14 My Cat FromHell n 'PG' cc Pit Boss n '14' A N BRAVO 13 44 The Millionaire Matchmaker '14' The Millionaire Matchmaker '14' ** How to ** How to Lose LoseaGuyin10Days"(2003)KateHudson,Matthew McConaughey a Guyin 10Days" (2003) CMT 190 32 42 53 Reba'PG' cc Re b a 'PG' cc CopsRel oaded Cops Reloaded Cops Reloaded Cops Reloaded MyBig RedneckVacation(N)'PG' SwampPawnn'PG SwampPawnTheCajun Way'PG' CNBC 54 36 40 52 TheSuzeOrmanShow(N) « The CarChasers 'PG' Treasure Detectives 'PG The SuzeOrmanShow « The CarChasers 'PG' Sexy Abs 'G' H air Restoration CNN 55 38 35 48 TheAmanda KnoxStory CNN Newsroom Warriors Stalker :The ReaganShooting The Amanda KnoxStory CNN Newsroom Warriors Stalker: TheReaganShooting N *** "Coming toAmerica" (1988,Comedy)Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall. « COM 13 53 135 47 (4:56) *** "El/ (2003) cc (6:58) *** "Trading Places" (1983,Comedy)DanAykroyd, EddieMurphy. « COTV 11 Talk of the TownLocal issues Desert Cooking Oregon Joy of Fishing Journal Get Outdoors V i sions of NW TheYoga Show The Yoga Show Talk oftheTownLocalissues CSPAN 61 20 12 11 Mayor Mia Love (6:25) Military Legal Issues(N) (7:20) Editorial Cartoons(N) Mayor Mia Love Military-Issues (10:15) Editorial Cartoons Health-Costs 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Austin & Ally 'G' Good-Charlie L a b Rats (N) 'Y7' Lab Rats (N) 'Y7' Lab Rats (N) 'Y7' Kickin' It (N) 'Y7' Kickin' It (N) n 'Y7' « Jessie 'G' « A.N .T. Farm 'G Good-Charlie J e s sie G « *DISC 15 21 16 37 AmishMafiaHolyWar'14'cc Amish MafiaAmishExorcismEsther andJohnperformanexorcism. '14' Sec r et Life of Money (N) n 'PG' World's ToughestDrive (N) n 'G' Secret Life of Money 'PG' cc *E! **"TheWomen" (2008,Comedy-Drama)MegRyan,AnnetteBening,EvaMendes 13 25 E! N e ws After Lately '14 Fashion Police '14 Chelsea Lately The Soup '14' ESPN 21 23 22 23 Women'sCollegeBasketballNCAATournament-Georgiavs. Stanford Spo r tsCenter(N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 SportsCenter Special (N) (Live) « Women's Upd Women's College Basketball NCAA Tournament —California vs. LSU College GameDayScoreboard (N) NBA Tonight (N) ** * NEmmanuel'sGift" (2005, Documentary) « ESPNC 23 25 123 25 Emmanuel's Gi/t 30 for 30 « 30for30 cc Manute Bol * * * " Elevate" (2011, Documentary) « H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Lite Ex. H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « N N N *** "The Lion King" (1994,Musical) Voices of RowanAtkinson ** * NBigN (1988) Tom FAM 67 29 19 41 (5:30) AliceinWonderland" (7:05) *** Mu/an (1998) Voicesof Ming-NaWen,LeaSalonga. Hanks. FNC 57 61 36 50 TheO'Reilly Factor Myths, Lies, and Stupidity Red Eye The O'Reilly Factor Myths, Lies, and Stupidity Red Eye *FOOD 17 62 98 44 WorstCooksinAmerica Diners, Drive D i ners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive D i ners, Drive Rebel Eats (N) Iron Chef America ** "Iron Man 2" (2010,Action) Robert DowneyJr NGwynethPaltrow,DonCheadle ** "IronMan 2" (2010,Action) Robert DowneyJr. FX 131 (5:00) *** "Iron Man"(2008)Robert DowneyJr., TerrenceHoward. HGTV 17 49 33 43 House Hunters Hunters Int'I H ou s e Hunters Renovation 'G' Love Itor Listlt'G' « Love It or List It 'G' « House Hunters Hunters Int'I House Hunters Hunters Int'I *HIST 15 42 41 36 (5:00) BannedFrom the Bible II The Bible '14' cc Pa w n Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG'The Bible '14' cc *** "Accused at !7" (2009,Suspense)Cynthia Gibb. « LIFE 13 39 20 31 ***"Seventeenand Missing"(2007) DeedeePfeiffer.'14' « DirtyTeacher" (2013,Suspense)Josie Davis. Premiere. « MSNBC 59 59 128 51 Lockup: Colorado Lockup: RawHardcore Lockup: RawDoomedDecisions Lockup Tampa Lockup LockupInsideFolsom MTV 192 22 38 57 Money Strang. Money Strang Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness * "TheHofChick" (2002, Comedy)RobSchneider, AnnaFaris. n Ridiculousness Ridiculousness NICK 82 46 24 40 SpongeBob S p o ngeBob SpongeBob S p ongeBob Marvin Marvin Wendell-Vinnie Supah Ninjas 'G' Wendell-Vinnie The Nanny 'PG' The Nanny 'PG' Friends n 'PG' (11:33) Friends Unusual Suspects CopKiler '14' Unusual Suspects n '14' « Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal '14 Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal '14 Unusual Suspects n 14 cc OWN 161 103 31 103 Unusual Suspects n '14' « PAC12 47 310310310 College Tennis UCLAat Stanford College BaseballWashingtonatOregon(N) (Live) College Softball Oregon State at ArizonaState SPIKE 132 31 34 46 Batman Begins Auction Hunters Auction Hunters Auction Hunters Auction Hunters Auction Hunters Auction Hunters Auction Hunters SavageDiggers Savage Diggers Savage Di ggers Savage Diggers * "ResidentEvil: Afterlife" (2010)Mila Jovovich, Ali Larter. « SYFY 13 35 133 45 CirqueDu Freak ** "Blade I/ 3 (2002, Horror)WesleySnipes, KrisKristofferson, RonPerlman "Stake Land" (2010)Nick Damici *** "ThePassionoithe Christ" (2004, Drama)Jim Caviezel, Monica Bellucci TBN 205 60 130 Hour of Power Billy GrahamClassic Crusades Miracles of the Passion Easter Exper The King of The King of T h e King of The King of The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang TheBigBang The Big Bang Cougar Town n Men atWorkIn'TBS '14' cc Queens n 'PG Queens n 'PG' Queens n 'PG' Queens n 'G' Theory n 'PG' Theory n '14' Theory n '14' Theory n '14' Theory n 'PG' Theory n 'PG' venting Milo '14' N ** * NMr. Lucky"(1943)CaryGrant. Floating-casinooperator (10:15) **** "TheSting" (1973)Paul Newman,Robert Redford, RobertShaw (5:00) **** "The (6:45) *** l Love youAgain" (1940, Comedy)Wiliam Powell, MyrnaLoy.A TCM LadyEve" b oating mishaptransformsanunhappybusinessman. cons heiressintogamesof chance. Two Depression-eraconmenplot to swindle acrime lord. *TLC 17 34 32 34 UndercoverBossn'PG'« Dateline: Real Life Mysteries '14' D a teline: Real Life Mysteries '14' D a teline: Real Life Mysteries '14 Dateline: Real Life Mysteries '14' D a teline: Real Life Mysteries '14 N (4:30) *** "Spider-Man (2002, Action) *** "TheMummy"(1999, Adventure) Brendan Fraser, RachelWeisz,John Hannah.A mummyseeks *** "TheMummy' (1999, Adventure)BrendanFraser,RachelWeisz,JohnHannah.Amummy seeks *TNT Tobey Maguire. «(DVS) revengefor a 3,000-year-old curse. «(DVS) revenge for a3,000 year-old curse «(DVS) *TOON 84 Cloudy-Mtbslls * * * * "The Wizard ol Dz" (1939,Fantasy)Judy Garland, Frank Morgan,RayBolger Venture Bros. Family Guy '14 Family Guy'14' Clevel and Show Black Dynamite The Boondocks *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Extreme Yachts'G' « Extreme Yachts 'G' « Mysteries of the Smithsonian 'PG' Mysteries at the Museum'PG Ghost Adventures 'PG'« Ghost Adventures 'PG'« TVLND 65 47 29 35 Roseanne'PG' Roseanne 'PG' The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls Love.Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond KingofQueens USA 15 30 23 30 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law 8 Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit *** "DirtyDancing" (1987,Romance)Jennifer Grey, Patrick Swayze,Jerry Orbach. n VH1 191 48 37 54 (5:55)SaturdayNightLiveFeaturing JimmyFallon.n'14'cc Jenny McCarthy Mob Wives Winging It '14' cc *A&E


3 28 1 8 32 Storage 'PQ' cc Wars

Storage Wars 'PQ' cc

Storage Wars 'PQ' cc

Storage Wars 'PQ' cc

*** "Miracle" 2004Kurt Russell. TheU.S.Olympic hockeyteambeats theSoviet team 106 401 306401(4:35) *** "TheLord oi theRings: TheReturn of the King" 2003 n (10:20) ** "TheRookie" 1990Clint Eastwood.'R' Natalie Portman. 'R' « FXM Presents * * " Premonition" 2007,SuspenseSandra Bullock. 'PG-13' « 104204104120(500) *** "Black Swan"2010 FX M Presents *** "Black Swan"2010, Drama 34 UFC Unleashed UFC Reloa ded UFC 140:Jonesvs.MachidaJonJonesfacesLyotoMachida. UFC Fight Night Diazvs. Guilard n '14 28 301 27 301(3:30) PGA Tour Golf Shell HoustonOpen,Third Round Golf Central (N) ** "The GreatestGameEver Played" (2005, Drama)Shia LaBeouf, StephenDilane Golf Central

**"Fallingin LoveWiththe Girl NextDoor"(2006) Patty Duke. 'PG' HALL 66 33 175 33 (5:00) *"FamilyPlan"(2005) 'PG' "Puppy Love" (2012)CandaceCameronBure, Victor Webster. 'G' « "ThreeWeeks,ThreeKids" 'PG' HBO 425 501 425501 ** "Cowboys & Aliens" 2011 Daniel Craig. n 'PG-13' « ** "SnowWhiteand theHuntsman" 2012Kristen Stewart. 'PG-13 (10:15) Boxing MikeAlvaradovs. BrandonRios (N) n cc *** Thirteen IFC 1 0 1 0 5 (5:00) *** "Boogie Nights"1997, DramaMarkWahlberg. 'R (8:15) *** "Boogie Nights"1997, DramaMarkWahlberg, Burt Reynolds. Aporn star's ego leadsto hisdownfall. 'R MAX 400 508 508 (4:15) Backdrs/t (6:35) ** "Fina/ Destination 5" 2011 n 'R' cc (8:10) ** "Contraband" 2012,Action MarkWahlberg. n 'R' cc CleanskinN 2012, SuspenseSeanBean. Premiere. n 'NR' cc NBCSN 27 58 30 209 World Series of Fighting 2 Arlovski vs. Johnson.FromAtlantic City, N.J. World Series of Fighting 2 Arlovskivs. Johnson. FromAtlantic City, N.J Boxing 'PG Wicked TunaMeltdown'14 Wicked TunaMeltdown'14 Alaska StateTroopers'14' Alaska StateTroopers '14' NGC 157 15 7 W i cked Tuna'14 Wicked Tuna'14 NTOON 89 115189115 Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster NFL Rush Zone NFL Rush Zone Legend-Korra Legend-Korra OUTD 37 30743 307 Wild Skies Trophy Quest SHO 5 00 5 0 0 "FamilyBand:TheCowsils Story SPEED 35 303125 303Dumbest Stuff Dumbest Stuff STARZ 300 408 300408 (5:10) *** "Freaky Friday" 'PG "Standingin the Shadows TMC 5 25 5 2 5 *WE 14 41 174118 Joan & Melissa: Joan

Best of West E x pedition Saf. Heartland Bow Speargun Hunter Ted Nugent American Archer Furtakers Tracks, Africa Magnum TV Best of West ** "RealSteel"2011,Action HughJackman. n 'PG-13' « ** * NWar Horse"2011Emily Watson.A horse seesjoy andsorrow during World WarI 60 Minutes-Sp. Dumbest Stuff Dumbest Stuff Dumbest Stuff Dumbest Stuff Dumbest Stuff Dumbest Stuff Dumbest Stuff Dumbest Stuff Unique Whips '14' *** "Hope Springs" 2012MerylStreep. 'PG-13' (6:50) ** "TheNotebook" 2004RyanGosling. n 'PG-13' scs (10:45) ** "TheVow"2012 RachelMcAdams. « * "TheChaperone"2011Paul"Triple H" Levesque. n 'PG-13' « "Rest Stop:Don't LookBack" 2008 DianeSalinger. Rest Stop:DeadAhead"2006JaimieAlexander.'R' Joan 8 Melissa: Joan Joan & Melissa: Joan Joan & Melissa: Joan My Fair Wedding My Fair Wedding

THE BULLETIN «MARCH 30 — APRIL 5, 2013 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine













Good Morning America (N) «















KATU News This Morning - Sun(N) n «

Easter Worship at the United Method- This WeekWith George Stephanopou- Your Voice, Your Supersmile for ist Church Vote Brighter, Whiter los (N) 'G' « T o day Jenna triesPound the workout. Meet the Press (N) 'G' cc The Chris Mat- NHL Hockey ChicagoBlackhawksat Detroit RedWings FromJoe Louis Arenain Detroit. (N) n (Live) O O O O Paid Program Live Longer! (N)n cc thews Show'G' cc CBS NewsSunday Morning (N) n « Face the Nation (N) n « ATP Tennis SonyOpen,Men'sFinal FromMiami. (N) (Live) « 2013 NCAABasketball Tournament Regional Final:TeamsTBA(N) This WeekWith GeorgeStephanopou- Today's Hom- Paid Program Portable Cook- Steel Dreams Easter Worship at the United Method 0 El 0 Q PaidProgram Fat Loss for Food Good Morning America (N) « top 'G' 'G' cc Lovers 'G' eowner ist Church los (N) 'G' « *** "FantasticMr. Fox"(2009) Voices gi) IEI @ IEI Paid Program Best Sex Ever'PG' Animal Rescue n The Real Winning FOX NewsSunday With Chris Wallace Paid Program Dr. 0 weight loss Ten Minute Work- Tummy Tuck (El) 'G' cc Edge 'G' out 'G' (N)n cc secret! of GeorgeClooney. ~ gy ~ gy BetsysKmder Angelina Ballerina: Mister Rogers' Daniel Tiger's Thomas & FriendsBob the Builder 'Y Rick Steves' Eu- Art Wolfe's Trav Nature River of NoReturnFrankChurch OregonExperienceModocWa r'G Neighborhood Neighborhood nY cc(DVS) rope 'G' cc garten Next els to the Edge River of NoReturn. n 'G' NewsChannel 8 atSunrise (N) « N e wsChannel 8 at Sunrise at 7:00 AM(N) « Meet the Press(N)'G' « NHL HockeyChicagoBlackhawksat Detroit RedWings FromJoe Louis Arenain Detroit. (N) n (Live) CC

Slimming Jeans Paid Program paid program p aid program In Touch With Dr. Charles Stanley An Key of David Fat Loss for Food Joint Pain Relief In Animal Science n Elizabeth's Great 'G' 'PG' cc EncouragingReminder(N)'G' Lovers 'G' Jus t 7 Days! (El) 'G' cc Big World o r ganic-michele Changing SeasTheAviators'G' Saving-Ocean Between, Lines The BackPage Just Seen It 'PG' *** "TheStranger" (1946)EdwardG. Robinson. (11:06) MasterpieceClassic 'PG'

KTVZDT2 Q Q Q Q Paid Program

(CW) OPBPL 175 173

Criminal Minds Asuspect impregnates Criminal Minds Theteamsuspects a Criminal Minds ColdComfort Suspect Criminal Minds Soul Mates Ayoung Criminal MindsZoe's RepriseTeam $14.95 'G' young women. n '14' cc rock star of murder. '14' cc who embalmshisvictims. '14' woman isabducted. n '14' seeks copycatkiller. n '14' * "Cafwoman" (2004,Action) HalleBerry, BenjaminBratt, Sharon Stone. Ashy ** "Godziiia"(1998)MatthewBroderick Mad MenDark ShadowsDonis competi- MadMenChristmaswishes; Harry helps The Killing NumbHolder falls from 'AMC tive. '14' « a friend. '14' cc grace. n '14' cc artist acquiresfeline strengthandagility. Jean Reno,Maria Pitillo. *ANPL 68 50 26 38 Most Extreme Most Extreme Weird, True We i rd, True Un t amed and Uncut n '14' cc Finding Bigfoot Further Evidence Finding Bigfoot: Further Evidence Finding Bigfoot: Further Evidence BRAVO 13 44 Wh a t Happens What Happens LA Shrinks The Naked Truth '14' R e al Housewives/Beverly Real Housewives/Beverly The Real Housewives of Atlanta M a r ried to Medicine '14' CMT 190 32 42 53 CMTMusicn'PG' CMT Music n 'PG' CMT Music n 'PG' CMT Music n 'PG' CMT Music n 'PG' CMT Music 'PG' Hot 20 CNBC 54 36 40 52 Paid Program I nsanity! TRIA Paid Program Battle Hair Loss DeepClean Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Insanity! Healing Power of Juicing 'G' CNN 55 38 35 48 StateoftheUnion Fareed ZakariaGPS(N) Reliable Sources(N) « State of the Union Fareed Zakaria GPS CNN Newsroom The Next List (N) COM 13 53 135 47 Sexy Abs 'G' P a id Program S exy Spring Break Bodies! ComedyCentral (8:21) ** "Beeriest" (2006) Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan. cc (10:23) *"Let'sGoto Prison" (2006)DaxShepard COTV 11 (5:30) City Club of Central Oregon Desert Cooking Oregon Joy of Fishing Journal Get Outdoors V i sions of NW Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (4:00) Washington Journal Newsmakers W ashington ThisW eek W ashington ThisW eek 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Octonautsn'Y Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Doc McStuffins Never Land So f ia the First Phineas, Ferb Phineas, Ferb Good-Charlie J e ssie'G' « Shake It Up! 'G' Austin & Ally 'G' *DISC 15 21 16 37 PaidProgramn Key of David P aid Program n SexyAbs n ' G' JoelOsteen'PG' (8:27)InTouch Secret Life of Money 'PG' cc Bering SeaGold n 14 cc Yukon MenPray ForSnown 'PG' *E! 13 25 Get Sub D Cindy Crawford ** "She's Ouf ofMyLeague" (2010)JayBaruchel, Alice Eve Married to Medicine (N) '14' Fashion Police '14' E!News(N) ESPN 21 23 22 23 OutsideLines Sports Reporters SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc Women's College Basketball: NCAATournament SportsCenter P BA Bowling ESPN2 22 24 21 24 SportsCenter(N) « Outside Lines Sports Reporters College GameDay Scoreboard SportsCenter (N)(Live) m SportsCenter Special (N) « Women's College Basketball Ring ofFire ESPNC 23 25 12325 BassmastersFrom Orange,Texas. BassmastersFrom Zapata,Texas The Street Stops Here n 'PG' cc (9:45) Lay It on theLine: TheCaseyCombest Story cc H-Lite Ex. H-Lite Ex H-Lite Ex H-Lite Ex. Spo r tsCenter (N) (Live) « ESPNN 24 63 124203 H-Lite Ex College GameDay Scoreboard H-L i te Ex SportsCenter (N)(Live) « *** "Big"(1988, Fantasy)TomHanks, Elizabeth Perkins. FAM 67 29 1941 JosephPrince SundayMass BoyMeet World **"RV"(2006,Com edy) RobinWiliams,Jeff Daniels, Cheryl Hines !0! Da/matians FNC 57 61 36 50 (3:00)FOXandFriendsSunday(N) NewsHQ Housecall (N) America's NewsHeadquarters (N) America's News Headquarters (N) Fox NewsSunday *FOOD 17 62 98 44 Total Gym Fifty Shades of Rachael Ray's Week in aDay'G Giada at Home Trisha's Sou. P i oneer Wo. B e s t Dishes Not My Mama Guy's Big Bite Sandwich King Best- Made * "Marmaduke"(2010, Comedy) Voices ofOwenWilson, LeePace ** "Monstersvs.A/iens" (2009)Voices of ReeseWitherspoon FX 131 Total Gym Say No to Pain Smarter Smarter HGTV 17 49 33 43 Pretty Women Cindy Crawford Disaster DIY 'G' Disaster DIY 'G Disaster DIY 'G' Disaster DIY 'G' Disaster DIY 'G' Disaster DIY 'G Disaster DIY 'G' Disaster DIY 'G' Property Brothers 'G' « *HIST 15 42 41 36 PaidProgram Paid Program Modern Marvels BibleTech 'G' Cruafixion PG cc Jesus: The Lost 40Days'PG' cc LIFE 13 39 20 31 MomLooks27 Bra Secrets In Touch With Dr. Charles Stanley Get Sub D Army Wives Blowback'PG' « Reviving Ophe/ia (2010) 14 « Dav id Jeremiah Joel Osteen 'PG' Zumba Fit MSNBC 59 59128 51 (5:00) UpW/Chris Hayes(N ) Meli ssa Harris-Perry (N) Weekends With Alex Witt (N) Meet the Press cc MTV 192 22 38 57 Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness The Real World n '14' cc Snooki Snooki & JWOWW NewBeginnings NICK 82 46 24 40 Rugrats n 'Y' R u grats n 'Y' O d d Parents O d d Parents PowerRangers SpongeBob SpongeBob S p ongeBob Sp ongeBob Sp ongeBob Teenage Mut. Teenage Mut Dr. Philn'PG' « Dr. Philn'PG' « OWN 161 103 31 103 Dr. Phil Dr. Travis L. Stork. n 'PG' D r . Phil n 'PG' cc Super Soul Sunday n 'PG' « Super Soul SundayPresents 'PG PAC12 47 310310310 College Softball OregonState at Arizona State College Baseball Washingtonat Oregon College Softball: Ducks atHuskies SPIKE 132 31 34 46 Insanity! Total Gym Zumba Fit Insanity Workout Insanity! Insanity Workout Search/Restore Search/Restore Search/Restore Search/Restore Urban Tarzan n Urban Tarzan n ** "Husk" (2010,Horror)DevonGraye,Wes Chatham. « SYFY 13 35133 45 PaidProgram EasyMeals No Defrosting Live Longer! No Defrosting Paid Program Twilight Zone Twilight Zone TBN 205 60 130 Kingdom Conn David Jeremiah Kenneth Hagin Winning Walk Miracle For You Redemption 'G Love/Finding In Touch 'PG' PowerPoint It I s Written 'G' Bayless ConleyTime-Change ** "Observeand Married... With Married... With Home Improve Friends n 'PG' cc Friends n 'PG' cc Friends n '14' cc Friends n PG cc CougarTown n *"TheLoveGuru"(2008,Comedy)MikeMyers,Jessica 'TBS n 'PG' Children n 'PG' ment 'G' cc '14' cc Alba, Justin Timberlake. « Report" *** "King o/ Kings (1961, Historical Drama) (4:30)****"Ben-Hur"(1959,Historical Drama)CharltonHeston,JackHawkins,StephenBoyd Jeffrey Hunter, SiobhanMcKenna, Robert Ryan.OrsonWellesnarrates the "TheGreatestStory TCM 014410129 Friends become bitter enemies duringthe time of Christ. story of Jesus. EverTold" *TLC 17 34 32 34 Paid Program n Montel Williams Faith-Dr. Frederick K.C. Price S exy Spring Break Bodies! « Four Weddings n 'PG' « Four Weddings n 'PG' « Four Weddings n 'PG' « Law & OrderMissing Asenator's aide Law & Order AccessNation Internet. n Law & Order BornAgainA girl diesdur Law & Order Girl MostLikely Murdered Law & Order EqualRights An invest Law & OrderAbsentia Ajewelry store *TNT '14' «(DVS) high-schoolstudent. n '14' disappears. '14' «(DVS) ing barbarictherapy. n '14' ment analyst is murdered.'14' customerstandstrial. n '14' *TOON 84 Looney Tunes LooneyTunes Dragons:Riders JohnnyTest'Y7' Beyblade:Metal Pokemon:BW Ben 10 NinjaGo: Mstrs Green Lantern Young Justice Wrld, Gumball Wrld, Gumball *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Insanity Workout Paid Program When Vacations Attack 'PG' « Mys t eries at the Museum 'PG Off Limits 'PG' « Armed & Ready Armed & Ready Mysteries at the Museum'PG' TVLND 65 47 29 35 TheCosbyShow The Cosby Show (7:12) TheCosby Show'G' cc The CosbyShow (8:24) Roseanne Roseanne'PG' Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne n 'G' Roseanne 'PG' USA 15 30 23 30 PaidProgram Hair Re-Growth Paid Program David Jeremiah Pastor Chris J o e l Osteen 'PG Psych 100Clues'PG' NCIS MyOther Left Foot n 'PG' NCIS DeadManTalking '14' « VH1 191 48 37 54 JumpStartn'PG Jump Start n 'PG Top 20 VideoCountdown n 'PG' T o p 20 Video Countdown n 'PG' B e st Week Ever *** "Dirty Dancing" (1987)Jennifer Grey. n *A&E 13 28 18 32 Extreme Home Fitness


Tiital Gym fiir

** "Mars NeedsMoms"2011n 'PG' « 106 401 306401(6:10) *** "Miracle" 2004,DramaKurt Russell, Patricia Clarkson. n 'PG' « Merlin n (Part 1 of 2)'14' « (11:35) Merlin 104 204104120(5:50) *** "NightmareAlley"1947 Tyrone Power (7:45) *** "Hoffa" 1992,BiographyJackNicholson, DannyDeVito. 'R' « (10:10) ** "BrokenArrow" 1996,Action JohnTravolta. 'R' acc 34 AMA Supercross RacingToronto Fromthe Rogers Center inToronto, Ontario. BoxingGoldenBoyLive-FrankieGomezvs.LanardLane Prizefighter Boxing

28 301 27 301European PGATour Golf TropheeHassanII, Final RoundFromMorocco. (N)(Live) PGA TourGolf PGA Tour Golf Shell HoustonOpen,Final Round(N)(Live) I Love Lucy 'G' I Love Lucy 'G' The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls ** "Love ComesSoftly" 'PG' ** "TowerHeist" 2011 BenStiler. n 'PG-13' cc (9:45) Boxing MikeAlvaradovs. BrandonRios n cc Road to Donaire Dilbert n 'PG' D i lbert 'PG' Out There '14' Out There '14 Arrested Dev. Arrested Dev. A rrested Dev. A rrested Dev. ** "TheHangoverPari ii" 2011 BradleyCooper. (8:05) *** "Sp/ash"1984 TomHanks, Daryl Hannah. n 'PG' cc ** Safe House FLW Outdoors 'G Bill Dance Fis h ing/Martin Hank Parker M a rtin Challenge Heads-UpPoker 'PG Wicked Tuna GoFish! '14 Wicked Tuna '14 Wicked Tuna FishFight '14' Mudcats DeadMan's Cover'14' Adven./Jimmy Adven./Jimmy Back, Barnyard Back, Barnyard Fanboy-Chum Fanboy-Chum Speed Racer S peed Racer OUTD 37 307 43 307 Lindners Fish L.L. Bean Guide Spanish Fly Bi l l Dance Salt Facts of Fishing American Archer TheChoice Wardens OperationRecap Buckmaster Clsc Trophy Hunt M a gnum TV ** "SnowFallingonCedars"1999EthanHawke.n 'PG-13's «a SHO 500 500 K i ng's Speech ** "Barnyard:TheOriginal Party Animals" 2006 (10:15) ** "Sabrina"1995 HarrisonFord,Julia Ormond. n 'PG' « SPEED 35 303125 303Guys Garage My Classic Car My Classic Car Chop-Rebuild Translogic The List Translogic The List Translogic The List Dreams Dreams *** "FreakyFriday" 2003Jamie LeeCurtis. 'PG' STARZ 300 408300408 (5:15) ** "Van He/sing" 2004 HughJackman. « (9:10) *** "Hope Springs" 201Me 2 ryl Streep. n 'PG-13' « (10:55) *** "AirForce One"'R' ** "Timeline"2003, Adventure Paul Walker. n 'PG-13 ** "Spoken Word"2009,DramaKunoBecker. n 'NR' « TMC 525 525 (4:45) Drones 'R' *** "Bnow Buddies" 2008 Dominic Scott Kay.'G' *WE 14 41 174118 Paid Program Tummy Tuck J o an I Melissa: Joan Joan & Melissa: Joan Braxton Family Values Braxton Family Values Braxton Family Values HALL 66 33175 33 ILove Lucy'G' I LoveLucy'G' I Love Lucy'G' I Love Lucy'G HBO 425 501 425501 (6:15) ** "Cheaper bythe Dozen" 2003 Steve Martin. n 'PG' cc IFC 1 0 1 0 5 (4:30) *** "Casanova" 2005'R Dilbert n 'PG' D i lbert n 'PG' MAX 400508 508 (5:50)***"The New World"2005Colin Farrell.n'PG-13' cc NBCSN 27 58 30209NorthtoAlaska SportFishing Fishing/Martin Good Fishing Wicked TunaMeltdown'14 NGC 157 15 7 W i cked Tuna: Hooked Up '14 NTOON 89 115189115 Back, Barnyard Back, Barnyard Fanboy-Chum Fanboy-Chum


TV • PAGE 7 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine













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Derm Exclusive! Mom Is 57, Looks Splash Fivecelebrities diveinto the 'G' 27! 'G' (ABC) pool. n 'PG' « KTVZ @ @ ~ @ PGA Tour Golf Shell HoustonOpen,Final RoundFromRedstone Golf Clubin Humble, Texas. (N) n (Live) cc

Splash Morecelebrity contestants com- Battle Hair Loss Cash Cab 'G' cc KATU Newsat 5 ABC World News 'G' pete. n 'PG' « (N)n cc Paid Program Hometime 'G' « Trout TV 'G' Outdoorsman/ Castle Tick, Tick, Tick ... Castleand (NBC) Buck McNeely Beckett hunt aserial killer. 'PG' (11:10) 2013NCAABasketball Tournament Regional Final: TeamsTBA(N) (1:55) 2013NCAABasketball Tournament RegionalFinal: TeamsTBA(N) (Live) Exploration W/ Explore the North TheJoyofFishing CBS Evening KBNZ CC (CBS) (Live) cc Jarod Miller west News (N) cc Splash Morecelebrity contestants com Inside Edition omg! Insider (N) KEZI 9 Newsat ABC World News KOHD gy gy gy g) Dr.Oweightloss BestSexEver'PGJudge Judy Rent. Judge Joe Brown Splash Fivecelebrities diveinto the 'PG' cc n 'PG' secret! Weekend 'PG' cc (ABC) pool. n 'PG' « pete. n 'PG' « 5:00 (N) « andMiley Cyrus: BestofBoth Worlds Concert Tour"(2008 **"The Boys AreBack" (2009, Comedy-Drama) Clive Owen,EmmaBooth. A CSE MiamiDeadWomanWalking Expo KFXO I(g g) @ g) (11:00) *** "FantasticMr.Fox" (2009) ** "Hannah Montana (FOX) Voices ofGeorgeClooney. Documentary)MileyCyrus. grieving widowerstruggles to raise histwo sonsalone. sure to radiation. '14' cc BBC Newsnight European Journal Religion & Ethics To the Contrary Moyers & CompanyAndJustice for KOAB ~ gy ~ gy Live From Lincoln Center Kristin Che American Masters Philip Roth:UnmaskedAuthor Philip Roth.Oregon Experin 'G' cc nowethperforms.(N) n 'PG' (N) n 'PG' cc cc Newsweekly W i t h Bonnie Some BryanStevenson. 'G' cc (PBS) ence Sufiragists PGA TourGolf Shell HoustonOpen,Final RoundFromRedstone Golf Clubin Humble, Texas. (N) n (Live) « Supersmile for Hip Hop Abs Paid Program Northwest Back NewsChannel 8 at5PM(N) cc KGW Brighter, Whiter roads'G' (NBC) * "Death WisIV" h (1987,CrimeDrama)Charles Bronson,KayLenz. Vigilante KTVZDT2 Q Q Q Q LiveLifeand Win! Madein Holly Made in Hollywood TylerPerry; Brandy; * "DeathIyish III"(1985) Charles Bronson,Deborah Raffin, EdLauter. Paul 'G' cc wood: Teen SaoirseRonan.(N) n 'PG' Kersey goesafter a murderous NewYork street gang. « targets L.A.drugrings ongirlfriend's behalf. « (CW) Cook's Country Test Kitchen OPBPL 175 173 (12:04) Masterpiece classic 'PG' N o vA separatingTwins n 'PG' Gr o wing Bolder My GenerationBurt Wolf Stev es' Europe Globe Trekker 'PG'(DVS) cc KATU

Cash Cab 'G' «Cash Cab 'G' cc

Criminal Minds Asuspectedhumantraf Bates Motel Anunexpectedguest sur- Bates Motel Dylan beginscausing 3 28 1 8 32 Criminal Minds TheInsti Minds The team mustsolve a Criminal MindsinBig Sea'1Bodi es are of a boy in LasVegas. '14'ncts Abduction Criminal home invasion. '14' cc found buried Florida. 4' cc ficking ring. n '14' cc pnsesthe Bates. 14 cc trouble. '14' « (11:00) **"Godzilla" (1998)MatthewBroderick, JeanReno, MariaPitillo. Nuclear The Walking Dead Ricktries to save TheWalkingDead Home Thegroup The Walking DeadRickandthegroup TheWa lking DeadClearRickleadsa 'AMC testing in theSouthPacific producesa giant mutatedlizard. one of his group.'MA' « debates thenextstep. 'MA' must make achoice. cc weaponsrun.'MA' « *ANPL 68 50 26 38 Finding Bigfootn'PG' cc Finding Bigfoot n 'PG Finding Bigfoot: Further Evidence Finding Bigfoot n 'PG' Finding Bigfoot: Further Evidence Finding Bigfoot n 'PG' cc BRAVO 13 44 The Real Housewives of Atlanta T h e Real Housewives of Atlanta T h e Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of Atlanta T h e Real Housewives of Atlanta T h e Real Housewives of Atlanta Reba 'PG' « ** "Fireproof" (2008,Drama)Kirk Cameron,Erin Bethea, Alex Kendrick. n « ** "TheKarateKid" (1984)n CMT 190 32 42 53 (11:30) Hot20Countdownn'PG' cc CNBC 54 36 40 52 Insanity! Facelift Insanity Workout Octaspring Ma. WEN Hair Care John Denver S u premes Ins a nity Workout Princess n 'PG' On the Money 60 Minutes on CNBC CNN 55 38 35 48 YourMoney(N) CNN Newsroom(N) CNN Newsroom(N) CNN Newsroom(N) CNN Newsroom(N) After Jesus: The First Christians COM 13 53 135 47 Go to Prison (12:25) ** "Barbershop" (2002)IceCube, AnthonyAnderson. cc (2:27) *** "Ell"(2003, Comedy)Wil Ferrell, James Caan. « ChappeffeShow Chappelle Show Coming-Amer. COTV 11 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Joy of Fishing Adv Journal G e t Outdoors V i sions of NW City Club of Central Oregon CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (11:00) Washington ThisWeek Newsmakers Washington ThisWeek Q&A 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Gravity Falls 'Y7' Gravity Falls 'Y7' Gravity Falls 'Y7' Jessie 'G' « Jes s ie 'G' « Jes s ie 'G' « A.N.T. Farm'G' Dog With a Blog Jessie 'G' « Sha ke It Up! 'G'Good-Charlie G ood-Charlie *DISC 15 21 16 37 Property Wars Property Wars Property Wars Property Wars Auction Kings Auction Kings Alaska: TheLast Frontier n '14' A l a ska: The Last Frontier n '14 Alaska: TheLast Frontier n '14' *E! 13 25 The Soup '14' A f ter Lately '14' **"The Women" (2008, Comedy-Drama)MegRyan, Annette Bening, Eva Mendes The Soup '14' K ourtney and KimTake Miami'14' Kourtney and KimTake Miami '14' ESPN 21 23 22 23 PBABowlingBarbasolTournamentofChampions(N) 30f o r 30cc Baseball Tonight (N) (Live)cc MLB Baseball: Rangers atAstros ESPN2 22 24 21 24 Women's College Basketball: NCAATournament Women's College Basketball: NCAATournament Women's College Basketball NCAA Tournament —Louisvile vs. Baylor(N)(Live) « *** "Emmanuel'Gi s /t" (2005) ESPNC 23 25 123 25 "Ring olFire: EmileGriffith (1:15)"Kassimthe Dream"(2008,Documentary) « 26 Yrsz DeweyBozella A Fighting Chance cc ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N) SportsNation S portsCenter « SportsCenter m ** "102 Da/matians" (2000,Adventure)GlennClose,loan Gruffudd *** "Alicein Wonderland" (1951), EdWynn FAM 67 29 19 41 (11:30)**"101Dalmatians"(1996)GlennClose (5:05) *** "Mulan"(1 998) FNC 57 61 36 50 Journal Editorial FOX News Ame rica's News Headquarters (N) Fox NewsSunday FOX Report(N) Huckabee(N) *FOOD 17 62 98 44 ChefWantedWithAnneBurreff Restaurant: Impossible Diners, Drive D i ners, Drive D i ners, Drive D i ners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Mystery Diners Can Dinner Save *** "Madagascar:Escape 2Africa" (2008) Voices of BenStiler. ** "ShrekForeverA/ter" (2010, Comedy)Voices of Mike Myers *** "KungFuPanda" (2008)Voices of Jack Black,Angelina Jolie FX 131 HGTV 17 49 33 43 LoveltorListlt'G'« Income Property n 'G' « Income Property Jeff & Kirsti 'G' Inc ome Property Karen Kevi &n 'G' Income Property Dan & Tania 'G ' I n come Property Mary &Bridge 'G' *A&E

*HIST 15 42 41 36 TheBible'14'cc LIFE 13 39 20 31 (11:00) "RevivingOphelia"'14'

The Bible '14' cc

The Bible '14' cc

"Fab Five: TheTexasCheer/eader Scandal" (2008) JennaDewan. '14 Student Seduction" (2003)Elizabeth Berkley, CoreySevier. 'PG' « "DirtyTeacher"(2013) JosieDavis. MSNBC 59 59128 51 MSNBCLive(N) Caught onCamera LaborPain Caught on CameraManvs.Nature Caught on CameraFear Caught onCamera(N) MTV 192 22 38 57 SnookiI JWOWWn'14' Snooki & JWOWW n '14' Snooki & JWOWW NowWhat? '14' Snooki & JWOWWn '14 Snooki & JWOWW n '14 Snooki & JWOWW n '14' NICK 82 46 2440 OddParents OddParents Winx Club 'Y7' Winx Club 'Y7 The Fairly OddParents n 'Y' cc (DVS) Odd Parents Drake & Josh n 'Y7' cc Wendell-Vinnie Wendell.yinnie The Best of the OprahShow'PG' Oprah's Lifeclass n 'PG' « Oprah's Lifeclass n 'PG'accs Oprah's Lifeclass n 'PG' « Oprah's Lifeclass n 'PG' « OWN 161 103 31 103 Super Soul Sunday n 'PG' « PAC12 47 310310310 College Softball: Ducks atHuskies College Softball OregonState at Arizona State College TennisUSCat California (N) (Live) SPIKE 132 31 34 46 Bar RescueRock'NRoaches'PG Bar Rescue Bikini Bust n 'PG' Bar Rescue n 'PG' BarRescue Badtothe Bone'PG' Bar Rescue SwankyTroubles'PG' Bar RescueRock'N Roaches'PG' *"TheHills HaveEyes2" (2007) Michael McMilian, Jessica Stroup ** "HalloweenH20: 20YearsLater" (1998) JamieLeeCurtis. « SYFY 13 35 133 45 **"Childreno/the Corn" (2009, Horror) DavidAnders. « TBN 205 60130 King IsComing Kingdom Conn. John Hagee MarriageToday Joseph Pri Jakes'G' Joyce Meyer Leading theWay TheBlessed Life Joel Osteen 'PG' Kerry Shook nce Gregory Dickow T.D. ** "0/d School" (2003,Comedy)LukeWilson, Wil Ferrell. Threemenrelive their *"Big Daddy"(1999,Comedy)AdamSandler, JoeyLaurenAdams.A goofy *** "TheHangover" (2009)Bradley (11:30) ** "Observeand Report" 'TBS wild past bystarting a fraternity. «(DVS) ne'er-do-well adopts animpressionable youngster. « Cooper. «(DVS) (2009) SethRogen,RayLiotta. « *** "TheRobe" (1953)RichardBurton (11:30) *** "TheGreatestStory EverTold" (1965,Historical Drama)Maxvon Sydow, Charlton Heston, Carroll Baker. A *** "Easter Parade" (1948,Musical Comedy)Judy Garland, FredAstaire. A TCM chronicle of the life andtimesof JesusChrist. dancer grooms a replacement for his formerpartner. Jean Simmons. *TLC 17 34 32 34 FourWeddingsn'PG'« Extreme Cou Extreme Cou Extreme Cou Extreme Cou Extreme Cou Extreme Cou Extreme Cou Extreme Cou Extreme Cou Extreme Cou "The Book ol Law & OrderStarCrossedA carsales- ** "Blade: Trinity"(2004,Horror)Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson,Jessica Biel *** "TotalReca/I" (1990,ScienceFiction) Arnold Schwarzenegger, RachelTicotin, Sharon Stone. ** *TNT Eli"(2010) man is murdered. n '14' Blade and apair of vampire slayers battle Dracula. « Strange dreamsleadanearthling to intergalactic intrigue. « *TOON 84 Wrld, Gumball * * * "Cloudy WiathChanceol Meatballs" (2009), AnnaFaris Tom and Jerry: Shiver MeIVhiskers" (2006) Tom & Jerry: Robin HoodAnd His Merry Mouse'PG' Wi z ard o/Oz *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Bizarre Foods America 'PG' « Bizarre Foods America 'PG' cc Bourdain: No Reservations Bourdain: No Reservations Bacon Paradise 'G' cc Barbecue Paradise 'G' cc PG' Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne 'PG' (2:36) Roseanne (3:12) RoseanneLanford Daze'PG' TVLND 65 47 2935 Roseanne ' (3:48) Roseanne (4:24) Roseanne The GoldenGirls The Golden Girls USA 15 30 23 30 NCIS KillAri'14' « NCIS Kill Ari '14' « NCIS UnderCovers n 'PG' « NCIS Bloodbath n '14' « NCIS Requiem n '14' « NCIS Internal Affairs n 14 « VHI 191 48 37 54 (10:30) *** "DirtyDancing" n (1:10) Saturday Night Live n '14' (2:15) Saturday Night Live Best ofJimmyFallon Featuring JimmyFallon. n '14' cc (4:20) WickedSingle n '14' T.l. and Tiny *** "Shanghai Knights" 2003 Jackie Chan.« (1:15) *"Bulletproof"1996DamonWayans. 'R' cc (2:45) *** "Dazed and Confused"1993 JasonLondon. n 'R' « FXM Presents ** "Doomsday"2008, ActionRhonaMitra,BobHoskins.'R'« FXM Presents "The TwilightSaga: NewMoon 104204104120 ** "The X-FiletnI Wantto Believe" 2008David Duchovny. 'PG-13 34 UFC Fight Night Diazvs. Guilard n '14 BC One2012 X Fighters 2012Review'PG XFighters 2013Preview'PG' Red Buff XFighters 'G 28 301 27 301 **"The GreatestGameEver Played" (2005, Drama)Shia LaBeouf, StephenDilane In Play Golf Central (N)(Live) PGA Tour Golf Shell HoustonOpen,Final Round *** "Love'sEnduringPromise" (2004)KatherineHeigl. 'PG' « *** "Love's LongJourney" (2005, Drama)Erin Cottrell. 'PG' « ** "Love Begins" (2011) « HALL 66 33 175 33 (11:00) "LoveComesSoftly" 'PG' f HBO 425501 425501 Real TimeWith Biff Maher n 'MA' (1:15) "AmericanWinter" 2013 n 'NR' « (2:45) ** Rock ol Ages"2012,MusicalJulianne Hough, DiegoBoneta. n 'PG-13' « (5:10) * "AThousandWords" n IFC 10 1 0 5 Ar rested Dev. * * * "Braveheart"1995, Historical Drama Mel Gibson. Premiere. A Scottish rebel rallies his countrymenagainst England. 'R (4:15) *** "Braveheart"1995, Historical Drama Mel Gibson. 'R MAX 400 508 508 (11:45) ** "Safe House"2012 Denzel Washington (I:45) ** "RoadHouse"1989,Action Patrick Swayze. n 'R' cc (3:40) * nyp Close &Personal"1996 Robert Redford. n 'PG-13' cc Herry Potter NBCSN 27 58 30209 Hunter-Reay Rugby Sevens W orl dSeries:Japan Motorsports Hour '14 Boxing 'PG NHL Live (N) NHL Hockey BostonBruinsat Buffalo Sabres(N) Wicked Tuna '14 Diving Into Noah's Flood 'PG Wicked Tuna:Hooked Up(N) '14' NGC 157 15 7 W i cked Tuna Shark Attack '14' Wicked TunaStormWarning '14' W i c ked Tuna '14 NTOON 89 115189115 NFL Rush Zone NFL RushZone Wild Grinders n Wild Grinders n Avatar: Air. Avatar: Air. Ali e n Dawn 'PG' Alien Dawn 'PGYu-Gi-Oh! 'Y7' Yu-Gi-Oh! 'Y7' Hero Factory n 'Y7' « OUTD 37 307 43 307 Buccaneers Speargun Hunter Bottom Feeders Major LeagueFishing The Bass Pros Tracks, Africa Mathew's Dom Mathews The Crush Hun t Adventure Wildgame Nation *** "OctoberSky 1999, Docudrama SHO 500 500 Jim Rome onShowtime 'MA' WomanBlack (10:15) Sabrina ** "Casino Jack"2010,DocudramaKevin Spacey. n 'R' « Jake Gyllenhaal. 'PG SPEED 35 303125 303 Dreams Dreams Dreams Dreams Australian V8Supercars Adelaide SPEED Center (N) (Live) Wind Tunnel F u sion Evolution ***"Menin Black"1997TommyLeeJones. « STARZ 300408300408 (10:55) ***"Air Force One" 'R' (2:40) ** "Men in BlackII" 2002 n 'PG-13' « (4:10) ** "Men inBlack 3" 2012,Action Wil Smith. n 'PG-13' « ** "Hide and Seek" 2005Robert DeNiro. 'R' « TMC 525 52 5 B l ack Filmmaker (12:40)"The ** Prince 8Me" 2004Julia Stiles. n 'PG' « (4:15) ** "SpokenWord"2009,DramaKunoBecker. n 'NR' « *WE 14 41 174118 Braxton Family Values CSE Miami Dishonor n '14' cc CSE MiamiSpringBreakdown'14' CSE Miami Backfire n '14' cc CSE Miami Meltdown n '14' cc CSE MiamiMommieDeadest '14' ENCR FMC FUEL GOLF

106401 306401(11:35) Merlin '14' «

THE BULLETIN 0 MARCH 30 — APRIL 5, 2013 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine




c II












It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown Once Upon aTime A racefor the com RevengeMasqueradeThe Graysons (10:01) RedWidowThe Captive Natalie KATU Newsat11 (11:35) Castle n 'Q' cc 'PQ' cc host a masqueradeball. 'PG' (ABC) pass. n 'PG' « goes missing.(N)'PG' « (N)n cc The Voice TheBlind Auditions, Part 2 All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Creating NewsChannel 21 Everybody Loves KTVZ O O O O NewsChannel 21NBC Nightly News TheVoice TheBlind Auditions PremiereVocalists audition. n 'PG' cc (NBC) at 6 (N) cc (N) cc Auditions continue. n 'PG' « three-dimensionalartwork. 'PG' at11 (N) cc R a ymond Burn Notice BlindSpotSamand Fiona 60 Minutes Investigation into a deadly The Amazing RaceRacerswaterski The GoodWife Alicia mustrush totrial The Mentalist TheRedGlass BeadA KOIN Local6at11 (11:35) Cold Case KBNZ help a widow. 'PG' cc fire. (N) n cc with crocodiles. (N) 'PG' « hotel employeeismurdered. '14' Bullet '14' (CBS) unprepared.(N) n '14' « (N) cc KOHD O O O O KEZI 9 News at KEZI 9 Newsat It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown Once Upon aTime A racefor the com RevengeMasqueradeTheGraysons (10:01) RedWidowThe Captive Natalie KEZI 9 Newsat Ten Minute Work 'G' « 11:00 (N) « out 'G' (ABC) 6:00 (N) « 6:3 0 (N) « pass. n 'PG' « host a masqueradeball. 'PG' goes missing.(N)'PG' « Simpsons Bob's Burgers n Family Guy '14' cc American Dad News Channel 21 Two and aHalf The Big Bang The Big Bang KFXO l(g gl @ (Ef Bones The Suit onthe Set Brennanand Bob's Burgers The Cleveland The n'PG' (PA) 'PG' n 14' (FOX) Booth go toLosAngeles. '14' Nude Beach '14' Show '14' (DVS) First on FOX M en '14' cc Theory n 'PG' Theory n '14' Antiques RoadshowMyrtle BeachA Call the Midwife Jennycelebrates her Masterpiece Classic Mr. Selfridge: Part1 HarrySelfridge builds department store Life Is a Banquet: TheRosalind Rus KOAB ~ gy ~ gy Oregon Art Beat Oregon Field Keith Jellum 'G' Guide 'G' cc birthday. (N) n '14' cc (PBS) 19th centuryblockade rifle. 'G' (N) n (Part 1 of 8)'PG' cc sell Story n 'PG' cc NBC Nightly NewsThe Chris Mat- The Voice TheBlindAuditions PremiereVocalists audition. n 'PG' « The Voice TheBlind Auditions, Part 2 All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Creating NewsChannel 8 at (11:35)Sports KGW thews Show 'G' Auditions continue. n PG « (NBC) (N) cc three-dimensionalartwork. 'PG' 11(N) cc Sunday The King of * * " I Vicker Park" (2004, Suspense)Josh Hartnett, RoseByrne, MatthewLilard. A Seinfeld n 'G' cc Seinfeld n 'PG' cc Rules ofEngage. RulesofEngage. KTVZDT2 Q Q Q Q AreWeThere Yet?Are We ThereYet? The King of 'PG' 'PG' ment '14' ment '14' Queens n 'PG Queens n 'PG' man searchesobsessively for his former lover. « (CW) "Play Again" (2010)n OPBPL 175 17 3 D o c Martin DoDi Not sturb n 'PG' Outdoor Idaho Idaho Getaways'G Moyers & Company n 'G' « America Beyond the Color Line With Henry Louis Gates Jr. 'PG' cc

KATU Newsat 6(N) n «


*A&E 13 28 18 32 Duck Dynasty Plan'pG' Duckcc Dynasty Bee 'PG'

Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty «Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty

(11:01) DuckDy- (11:31) Duck Dy-

'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc nasty 'PG' cc nasty cc The Walking DeadRickandthe Gover- The Walking DeadPreyA traitor tries to The Walking Dead Atruce requiresa The Walking DeadThe defense of the (10:05) Talking Dead"Welcometo the (11:05) The Walking DeadThe defense 'AMC norconvene.'MA' « sabotage. MA « sacnfice MA « prison. (N)'MA' « Tombs." (N) '14' « of the prison. 'MA' « *ANPL 68 50 26 38 Finding Bigfootn'PG Finding Bigfoot: Further EvidenceAustralianYowie n 'PG Finding Bigfoot (N) n 'PG Finding Bigfoot (N) n 'PG Finding Bigfoot n 'PG BRAVO 13 44 The Real Housewives of Atlanta T h e Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of Atlanta Married to Medicine (N)'14 TheRealHousewivesofAtlanta What Happens Fashion Queens CMT 190 32 42 53 (5:00) ** "TheKarateKid" (1984,Drama)Ralph Macchio. n « (8:02) ** Fireproof" (2008,Drama)Kirk Cameron,Erin Bethea, Alex Kendrick. n « (10:32) ** "FacingtheGiants" (2006) n « CNBC 54 36 40 52 AmericanGreedMobMoney American Greed 60 Minutes on CNBC The CarChasers 'PG The CarChasers Insanity Workout Paid Program CNN 55 38 35 48 After Jesus: TheFirst Christians C NN Newsroom (N) After Jesus: The First Christians CNN Newsroom After Jesus: The First Christians ** "TheHouseBunny"(2008,Comedy)AnnaFaris, COM 13 53 135 47 (5:29) *** "Coming to America" (1988, Comedy)EddieMurphy. « (10:02) Tosh.0 (10:33) Tosh.0 Ralphie May:TooBig to Ignore COTV 11 Talk of the Town Local issues. Des e rt Cooking Oregon Joy of Fishing Adv Journal G e t Outdoors V i sions of NWThe YogaShow The Yoga Show Talk of the TownLocal issues. CSPAN 61 20 12 11 Prime Minister RoadtotheWhiteHouse Q&A Prime Minister Road to the White House W ashington ThisW eek 'DIS 87 43 14 39 ShakeltUp!'G' Austinl Ally'G' Jessie'G' « DogW itha Blog*** "A Bug'sLife" (1998)Voices of DaveFoley Phineas, Ferb J essie 'G' « Good-Charlie Austin & Ally 'G' Good-Charlie *DISC 15 21 16 37 Alaska: The Last Frontier n '14' Alaska: TheLast Frontier n '14' Al a ska: The Last Frontier n 'PG Alaska: TheLast Frontier n '14' A l a ska: The Last Frontier n '14 Alaska: TheLast Frontier n '14 *E! 13 25 Kou rtney and Kim Take Miami '14' Kourtney and Kim Take Miami'14' Kourtney and KimTakeMiami '14' Kourtney and Kim Take Miami '14' Kourtney and Kim Take Miami'14' Fashion Police '14' ESPN 21 23 22 23 (5:00)MLBBaseballTexasRangersatHoustonAstros(N) (Live) SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter cc SportsCenter cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 College GameDay Scoreboard (N) SportsCenter (N) (Live) « 30 for 30 College GameDay« Basketball ** * f Emmanuel'sGift" (2005, Documentary) « ESPNC 23 25 123 25 30for30 « 30for30 cc AmericanMan" (2012,Documentary) « 30for30 cc H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter « SportsCenter « ESPNFCPress Pass *** "The Lion King" (1994, Musical) Voicesof RowanAtkinson. **** "Beautyand theBeast" (1991)Voices of PaigeO'Hara. FAM 67 29 19 41 (5:05) *** "Mu/an" (1998) America's Funniest HomeVideos FNC 57 61 36 50 HannitySpecial: Dr. BenCarson FOX Report Huckabee Hannity Special: Dr. BenCarson FOX Report Fox NewsSunday *FOOD 17 62 98 44 Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Worst Cooks in America CupcakeWars(N) Worst Cooks in America (N) Chopped A"heady" ingredient. (N) Iron Chef America *** "Howlo TrainYourDragon" (2010)Voices of Jay Baruchel. *** "Megamind"(2010,Comedy)Voices of Wil Ferrell, Brad Pitt *** "Megamind" (2010, Comedy)Voices of Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt. FX 131 HGTV 17 49 33 43 House Hunters Hunters Int'I H ou s e Hunters Hunters Int'I You Live in What'?(N) 'G' « Hawaii Life 'G' Hawaii Life 'G' House Hunters Renovation 'G House Hunters Hunters Int'I *HIST 15 42 41 36 TheBible'14'cc The Bible (N) '14' cc Vikings Raid (N)'14' cc (11:01) Vikings Raid '14' cc LIFE 13 39 20 31 (5:00) "Dirty Teacher" (2013) « "Stalkedal 17" (2012)Taylor Spreitler, Chuck Hittinger. '14' « Army Wives HearthandHome'PG' The Client List (N) '14' « (11:01)"Stalkedat 17" (2012)'14' MSNBC 59 59 128 51 Predator Raw: TheUnseenTapes Predator Raw:TheUnseenTapes Lockup InsideAnamosa Lockup Miami'sprisonsystem. Lockup Return toCorcoran Meet the Press cc MTV 192 22 38 57 Snookil JWOWWn'14 Snooki & JWOWW n '14 Snooki & JWOWW n '14' Snooki & JWOWW n '14' Snooki The RealWorldn 14 « Ridiculousness NICK 82 46 24 40 SpongeBob S p o ngeBob SpongeBob S p ongeBob Wendell.yinnie See Dad Run(N) *"The Last Airbender"(2010) NoahRinger, DevPatel. n « Friends n 'PG' (11:33) Friends Oprah's Lifeclass n 'PG' cc Oprah's Lifeclass n 'PG' « Oprah's Next Chapter 'PG' « Oprah's Next Chapter n '14' Oprah's Lifeclass n 'PG' « OWN 161 103 31 103 Oprah's Lifeclass n 'PG' « PAC12 47 310310310 College Tennis UCLAat Stanford College Tennis USC at California SPIKE 132 31 34 46 BarRescueBikiniBustn'PG' Bar Rescue n 'PG' Bar Rescue Badto the Bone'PG' Bar Rescue In aPinch n 'PG' Bar Rescue(N) n 'PG' (11:01) CarLot Rescue(N) n 'PG' *** "Casino Roya/e" (2006)DanielCraig. JamesBondplays pokerwith a manwhofinances terrorists. SYFY 13 35 133 45 * "ResidentEvil: After/ife" (2010) Mila Jovovich, Ali Laiter. « "lnthe Nameof theKing" TBN 205 60 130 Believeryoice C reflo Dollar 'G' *** "The Miracles of the Passion The Well cc Donnie McClurkin Easter Passionofthe Christ" (2004, Drama)Jim Caviezel, Monica Bellucci The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang Men at Work'14' Men at Work '14' 'TBS 16 27 11 28 (5:00) *** "The Hangover-(2009) The Big Bang The Big Bang BradleyCooper. «(DVS) Theory n 'PG Theory n 'PG Theory n 'PG Theory n 'PG Theory n 'PG Theory n '14' Theory n 'PG' Theory n 'PG' (5:00) *** "TheRobe"(1 953)Richard Burton.The story of *** t Demelriusandthe Gladiators" (I954, Historical Drama) (9:15) *** "The Kingof Kings"(1927, Drama)H.B.Warner, JacquelineLogan,Ernest Torrence. Silent. Thestory ofJesus TCM 01 44 I01 29 the Roman tribune orderedto executeChrist. Victor Mature,SusanHayward. Christ. *TLC 17 34 32 34 Extreme Cou Ex treme Cou W e lcome to Myrtle Manor n '14' A m e rican Gypsy Wedding American GypsyWedding Welcome toMyrtle Manor (N) '14' American Gypsy Wedding (5:30) ** "The Book of Eli" (2010,Action) DenzelWashington. A lonewarrior car- *** "TheBourneUltimatum"(2007, Action) Matt Damon,Julia Stiles, JoanAllen. JasonBourne contin- *** "TheBourneUltimatum"(2007, Action) Matt Damon *TNT ries hopeacross apost-apocalyptic wasteland. «(DVS) ues to lookfor clues tounravel his true identity. «(DVS) Julia Stiles, JoanAllen. «(DVS) *TOON 84 (5:30) **** "TheWizardof Oz" (1939, Fantasy)Judy Garland Incredible Crew Looney Tunes The Oblongs '14' King of the Hill King of the Hill Cleveland Show Family Guy '14' Family Guy '14 *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Hamburger Paradise2'G' « Drive Thru Paradise 'PG' « Trip Flip (N) 'PG' Trip Flip 'PG Beach-n-RVs(N)'PG' « MegaYachts (N)'PG' « Jamaica Bared PG « TVLND 65 47 29 35 The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls Love.Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond KingofQueens USA 15 30 23 30 NCISMurderofanavalofficer.'14' N C ISBikiniWaxn'PG'« NCIS Chimera'14' «(DVS) NCIS OneLast Score n 'PG' NCIS Devil's Triangle n '14' NCIS MyOther Left Foot n 'PG' VHI 191 48 37 54 Love&HipHopn'14' Black Ink Crew n '14' Black Ink Crew Family First n '14' M o b Wives Winging It '14' cc Mob Wives CrazyLove(N) n '14' W i cked Single Pahty Hahdah'14'


'PQ' cc

'PQ' cc

'PQ' cc

'PQ' cc

Samurai Si cc

** "Major Payne"1995 DamonWayans. 'PG-13 106401 306401Shanghai Kngls *" B illy Madison"1995Adam Sandler.'PG-13' « (9:40) ** "BadTeacher" 2011CameronDiaz. 'R' (11:15) ** "TheJerk" 1979'R FXM Presents * * "T he Twilight Saga:NewMoon"2009, RomanceKristen Stewart. 'PG-13' « FXM Presents * "Lost Souls"2000 'R'« 104204104120(5:00) ** "The TwilightSaga:NewMoon"2009

UFC Unleashed The Ultimate Fighter n '14' Golf Central (N) ** "The Greatest GameEver Played" (2005, Drama)Shia LaBeouf, StephenDilane ** "Love ComesSoftly" (2003, Drama)Katherine Heigl. 'PG' « HALL 66 33 175 33 (5:00) ** "Love Begins" (2011) * * " L ove's Everlasting Courage" (2010) Cheryl Ladd. 'PG' « Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' HBO 425501 425501Thousand Wrd (6:45) ** "SnowWhile and theHuntsman" 2012, Fantasy Kristen Stewart. 'NR' cc Game of Thrones (N)'MA' cc Game of Thrones n 'MA' cc Game of Thrones n 'MA' « ** "The Hitchhiker's Guidlo e the Galaxy" 2005 Martin Freeman. IFC 1 0 1 0 5 (4:15) *** "Braveheaif"1995, Historical DramaMel Gibson. 'R Out There '14' A r rested Dev (11:15) *** "Suicide Kings"'R' ***"The Rundown"2003The Rock. 'PG-13' « MAX 400 508 508 (5:45) *** "Harry POllerand theSOrCerer'S StOne"2001Daniel RadCliffe. n 'PG' cc (8:20) ** "Journey 2:TheMysterious Island" 2012 The Jump Off NBCSN 27 58 30 209 NHL Hockey: Bruins atSabres NHL Live (N) R ugby SevensWorld Series: Japan Red Bull Crashed IceFromQuebecCity Boxing 'PG' Wicked Tuna: Hooked Up'14' Diving Into Noah's Flood 'PG NGC 157 157 W i cked Tuna Captain Carnage'14 Mudcats GutsandGlory (N) '14 Wicked TunaCaptainCarnage'14' Mudcats GutsandGlory '14 Yu-Gi-Oh! 'Y7' Yu-Gi-Oh! 'Y7' NTOON 89 115189115 Hero Factory (N) Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Legend-Korra Legend-Korra OUTD 37 307 43 307 Realtree Outdoor Truth Hunting Friends of NRA Bone Collector Spring Expedition Saf. Hunt Adventure Realtree Outdoor WildgameNation Steve's Outdoor Mathews West. Extremes SHO 500 500 Shameless Civil Wrongs n 'MA' House of Lies Californication Shameless (N) n 'MA' « House of Lies Californication Shameless n 'MA' cc (5:25)"TheWomanin Black" 2012 SPEED 35 303125303 Richard Petty: A Racer's Life 'PG My Classic Car Hot Rod TV 'PG' SPEEDCenter Wind Tunnel F u sion Evolution Richard Petty: A Racer's Life 'PG' Unique Whips '14' STARZ 300 408 300408 *** "HopeSprings" 2012 MerylStreep. 'PG-13 (7:45) ** "VanHelsing"2004,FantasyHughJackman,KateBeckinsale.n 'PG-13'« Spartacus: War of the Damnedn Spartacus: War of the Damnedn ** "Timeline"2003, Adventure Paul Walker. n 'PG-13 * "Candyman 3:Dayof the Dead" 1999TonyTodd. TMC 525 525 (6:15) *"TheScenesters"2009,ComedySherilynFenn.n 'R'« (11:35) Canvas *WE 14 41 174118 CSEMiami Time Bomb'14' ac c CSE Miami Fallen n '14' cc CSE Miami Dishonor n '14' cc CSh Miami SpringBreakdown'14' CSE Miami Backfire n '14' cc CSE Miami Meltdown n '14' cc 34

The Ultimate Fighter n '14

The Ultimate Fighter n '14

UFC158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz Prel - ims

28 301 27 301(4:00) PGATour Golf Shell HoustonOpen,Final RoundFromRedstone Golf Club inHumble,Texas



MARCH 30 — APRIL 5, 2013










TV • PAGE 9 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine ' I I I I II I I II I

4:30 KATUNewsThis Mornin Good Mornin America AM Northwest The View Live! With Kell and Michael KATU NewsChannel 21 atSunrise Toda Toda Toda Live! With Kell and Michael KTVZ Let's Make aDeal KOIN Local 6 at6am CBS This Mornin The Price Is Ri ht The Youn and the Restless KBNZ KEZI 9 NewsThis Mornin Good Mornin America Rachael Ra The View Katie KOHD First Business A Da NewsChannel 21 atSunrise The Jeff Probst Show The Dr. OzShow Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram KFXO I Varied Pro rams Wild Kratts Curious Geor e Cat in the Hat Super Wh ! Din osaur Train Sesame Street Daniel Ti er Sid the Science WordWorld Ba r ne, Friends KOAB NewsChannel 8 atSunrise Toda The Jeff Probst Show KGW The Dail Buzz HouseofPa ne HouseofPa ne TheSteveW ilkosShow The Jerem K le Show The Wend Williams Show TVZDT2 OPBPL 175 173 Heartland Gre ener World Newsline Sit and Be Fit Varied Pro rams *A&E 13028 18 32 Varied Pro rams Boun Hunter Bount Hunter Boun Hunter Bount Hunter Criminal Minds Varied Pro rams Criminal Minds Varied Pro rams CSI: Miami Varied Pro rams Battle Hair Loss Sex Abs Nopalea with No.1Kitchen Cind Crawford Sa No to Pain *** Romancin the Stone1984, AdventureMichael Dou las, KathleenTurner. « Hi hlander 1986 Paid Pro ram Sex Abs Fat Loss No.1Kitchen WEN Hair Care Cind Crawford ***Kin dom of Heaven20050rlando Bloom. A oun kni ht rotects Jerusalemfrominvaders. « WEN HaiCare r Paid Pro ram Dancer's Bod HOPE Fit Cind Crawford Fat Loss ThreeStooes ***Shan haiNoon2000,Comed JackieChan,0wenWilson,Luc Liu,cc AMC 10240 39 Sa No to Pain Cind Crawford Nopalea with Montel Williams DeepClean Three Stoo es * * * Michael Cla ton 2007, Drama Geor e Cloone, Tom Wilkinson. « Th Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram WEN Hair Care Paid Pro ram No alea with Cind Crawford Debb Boone ThreeStoo es *** Death Wish 1974 Charles Bronson,Ho e Lan e.« Death Wish II *ANPL 68 50 26 38 Oran utan Isle Chim Eden Bi CatDia Bi Cat Diar Cats101 Varied Pro rams Varied Pro rams Tabatha's Salon Takeover Varied Pro rams BRAVO 137 44 CMT Music CMT Music CMT Music CMT Music CMT Music CMT Music CMT 19032 42 53 Squawk onthe Street Fast Mone Halftime Report Power Lunch Street Si ns CNBC 54 36 40 52 CNN Newsroom CNN Newsroom Around the World CNN Newsroom CNN Newsroom CNN 55 38 35 48 Varied Pro rams Dail Show Col bert Re ort Alwa s Sunn South Park Varied Pro rams COM 13553 35 47 The Yo a Show The Yo a Show Desert Cookin Ore on The Yo a Show The Yo a Show Workout: Yo a Workout: Ball Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram COTV Public Affairs Varied Pro rams Public Affairs Varied Pro rams CSPAN 61 20 12 (4:00) Washin ton Journal 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Gas ard & Lisa Little Einsteins Chu in ton O c tonauts Doc McStuffins Never Land Micke Mouse Never Land Micke Mouse Doc McStuffins Good-Charlie A ustin & All *DISC 156 21 16 37 Paid Pro ram Creflo Dollar Paid Pro ram James Robison Jo ce Me er V a ried Pro rams I(Almost) Got Awa With It FBI: Criminal Pursuit Fatal Encounters *El Varied Pro rams Cind Crawford Varied Pro rams E! Special Varied Pro rams 136 25 S ortsCenter S ortsCenter S ortsCenter S ortsCenter S ortsCenter S ortsCenter ESPN 21 23 22 23 Mike and Mike in the Mornin First Take First Take Varied Pro rams ESPN2 22 24 21 24 Varied Pro rams ESPNC 23 25 23 25 NB A Toni ht Mi k e and Mike in the Mornin Varied Pro rams ESPNN 24 63 24203 Interru tion Jo ce Me er V a riedPro rams Bo MeetWorld Bo MeetWorld Bo MeetWorld Bo MeetWorld Bo Mts. World 700/Interactive The700Club Gilmore Girls FAM 67 29 19 41 America's Newsroom Happenin Now America Live FNC 57 61 36 50 *FOOD 17762 98 44 Varied Pro rams Paid Pro ram Varied Pro rams Good Eats Unw r a ed Varied Pro rams WEN HaiCare r Smarter Smarter Varied Pro rams FX 131 Varied Pro rams HGTV 176 49 33 43 'HIST 15542 41 36 Varied Pro rams Varied Pro rams Balancin Act Varied Pro rams Old Christine F rasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Will & Grace W i ll & Grace LIFE 138 39 20 31 The Dail Rundown Jansin and Co MSNBCLive NOWWith Alex Wa ner Andrea Mitchell Reports News Nation MSNBC 59 59 128 51 AMTV: Mornin Varied Pro rams AMTV: 10, To Varied Pro rams AMTV: 10, To Varied Pro rams MTV 19222 38 57 Full House Fu l l House Teena e Mut. S on eBob S on eBob M a x & Rub Te a m Umizoomi Team Umizoomi Dora Ex lorer Dora Ex lorer Bubble Gu ies Bubble Gu ies NICK 82 46 24 40 Rachael Ra Dr. Phil Dr. Phil Dr. Phil Dr. Phil OWN 16110331 103 The Nate Berkus Show Colle e Softball PAC12 47 310310310 Varied Pro rams Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram Varied Pro rams SPIKE 13231 34 46 Paid Pro ram Varied Pro rams SYFY 13335 133 45 Creflo Dollar J o hn Ha ee Jo s e h Prince This Is Your Da Believeryoice Varied Pro rams James Robison Toda TBN 05 60 130 *TBS 16 27 Married... With Married... With M Name Is Earl M Name Is Earl Fresh Prince F r esh Prince H o use of Pa ne Meet, Browns Fresh Prince F r esh Prince E n a ement En a ement 28 * Mocke 1927 Lon Chane (:15) ** The Monster 1925,Horror LonChane (:45) *** The Blackbird 1926Lon Chane (:15) *** Tell It to the Marines 1926LonChane, William Haines 4:30Kin Kon ** You Can'tBu Everthin 1934 Ma Robson ***Jo ofLivin 1938lreneDunne. « 45 ** White Car o1942 Hed Lamarr, Walter Pid eon. « ** Born to Kill ** B the Li ht of the Silver Moon 1953 cc *** The Wild One1954 TCM 101 44 10129 W 5:45) ** On Moonli ht Ba 1951 Doris Da . (:15) *** Calamit Jane1953 Doris Da, HowardKeel. cc Green Mansions Th *** Fire Over En land 1937LaurenceOlivier (:45) *** The Actress 1953Spencer Trac . « (:15) **** Friendl Persuasion 1956,DramaGa Cooper, Doroth McGuire. « Vam ire Bat * * D an erous Corner 1934 :45 ** She Married HerBoss 1935,Comed 15 ** I'll Take Romance1937GraceMoore 45 **FastCom an 1938Mel v nDou las. *TLC 17834 32 34 19 Kids-Count Varied Pro rams Bab 's First Da Rm-Multiples A Bab Sto A B a b Stor A Bab Sto A B a b Stor Know.Pre nant VariedPro rams FourWeddin s *TNT 17 26 15 27 Smallville Charmed Charmed Supernatural Supernatural Supernatural *TOON 84 L oone Tunes Hero:108 Ben1 0 Be blade-Metl Pokemon BW Movie Johnn Test S c o ob Scoob Loone Tunes *TRAV 179 51 45 42 Varied Pro rams Montel Williams Varied Pro rams Extreme Homes Extreme Homes Varied Pro rams Paid Pro ram Varied Pro rams Montel Williams Murder, SheWrote Dick Van D ke Dick Van D ke I Love Luc I Lo ve Luc And G riffith An d Griffith TVLND 65 47 29 35 Varied Pro rams USA 15 30 23 30 Jump Start Jump Start Jump Start Jump Start Bi Mornin BuzzLive Varied Pro rams VH1 19148 37 54 5:35 Movie V a ried Pro rams :15 Movie Va r ied Pro rams Movie Varied Pro rams ENCR 106401306401 FMC 104204104120 4:30Movie Movie Varied Pro rams Movie Movie Varied Pro rams FUEL 34 Varied Pro rams Mornin Drive Varied Pro rams GOLF 28 301 27 301 Mornin Drive HALL 66 33 175 33 I Love Luc I Lo ve Luc I Lo v e Luc I Lo v e Luc Gol d en Girls G o l den Girls G o lden Girls G o lden Girls H o me & Famil Conchords ** The Chronicles of Riddick 2004Vin Diesel, ColmFeore. o « REAL Sports With Br ant Gumbel Dolphin Tale rr (:10) * Read to Rumble 2000,Comed David Arquette. rr « ** Patch Adams1999RobinWiliams. Premiere. n « ** Eddie1996 Whoo i Goldber . n « 45 *** The Le end of Ba er Vance 2000, DramaWil Smith, MattDamon. n « I Can't Do HBO 25501425501 W Off Air ** Welcome to Moose ort 2004,Comed Gene Hackman. n cc **RockofA es2012Julianne Hou h, Die o Boneta.n cc Beach Kin s Th Mantle n cc ** Shark Tale 2004Voicesof Wil Smith. n ** Mr. Popper's Pen uins 2011Jim Carre (:15) ** Elektra 2005 Jennifer Garner, TerenceStamp. rr « *** Rio 2011 Voices ofAnne Hathawa . n « :45 *** Dol hin Tale 2011,DramaHar Connick Jr. n « 45 GodlstheBi erElvisn * * To o B i topa!12011W!lliamHurt.n « IFC 105 105 4:30 Movie V a riedPro rams ** Spawn1997 JohnLe uizamo.Premiere. rr Extremel Loud (:15) * House uest1995, Comed Sinbad,Phil Hartman. rr « (:05) ** Fli ht of the Phoenix 2004DennisQuaid. rr « *** X-Men: First Class 2011,Action JamesMcAvo . n « 4:45 Antitrust : 3 5 ** * Resurrection1980 Ellen Burst n, SamShe ard. « 20 El Grin o2012,ActionScottAdkins.n cc MAX 00508 508 W 05 ** Fletch1985 Chev Chase. n cc 45 ** Fletch Lives1989 Che Chase, Hal Holbrook. n cc 20 ** In Time 2011Justin Timberlake. n 10 ** The Hard Wa 1991 Chuck Berr Hail! Hail! *** While You WereSleepin (:15) **Lastofthe Do men1995TomBeren er. n « (:15) ** Two WeeksNotice 2002Sandra Bullock. n « *** 20101984 Ro Scheider, JohnLith ow, HelenMirren. n « ** The Rin Two 2005,Horror NaomiWatts, SimonBaker. n « 10 ***TheAmerican2010,Sus enseGeoreCloone .n « NBCSN 27 58 30 209 The DanPatrick Show The Box Score Varied Pro rams Varied Pro rams Alaska State Troopers Border Wars Wild Justice NGC 157 157 T he Mi ht B! R a ndom! Cart. Random! Cart. Wild Grinders Wild Grinders Adven./Jimm A d ven./Jimm F anbo -Chum Fanbo -Chum Wild Grinders Wild Grinders NTOON 89 115189115 The Mi ht B! OUTD 37 307 43 307 Varied Pro rams Paid Pro ram Varied Pro rams ** Elizabeth: The Golden A e 2007Cate Blanchett. Premiere * The Three Musketeers 2011,Action rr es (:15) ** Beaches1988, DramaBette Midler, BarbaraHershe, John Heard. rr « 15 *Love, Weddin, Marria e2011Mand Moore. n ss 7:50 ** What Dreams Ma Come1998 n « :45 *Anlnvisible Si n 2010, Drama JessicaAlba. n « Last Ni ht2010 5:30 *Pa er Man2009Jeff Daniels.n cc *** S rin Forward1999 NedBeat, Liev Schreiber. n cc *** TheLove We Make2011n cc 15 ** Burke & Hare2010 SHO 00 500 (5:30) *** Tabloid 2010n Freak Cit 1999, Drama Samantha Mathis, Marlee Matlin. rr « (8:50) * The Six Wives of Hen Lefa 2008 o *** Lost in Translation 2003Bill Murra . rr 5:30 ** Last Call 2002Jerem Irons * An Invisible Si n 2010JessicaAlba. n « 15 * Multi le Sarcasms2010, DramaTimoth Hutton. n « **Swrn rn Withthe Frnkels SPEED 35 303125303 Pim M Ride Pi m M Ride P ass Time Pa s s Time Pai d Pro ram V aried Pro rams AMA Su ercross Racin Varied Pro rams STARZ 00408300408 (5:10) Movie V a ried Pro rams (:10) Movie 5:05 AdventuresinBab sittin **A ainstthe Ro es2004,DramaMe R an,OmarE s.n « * I Don't Know HowShe Does It 2011 n « * Autumn in NewYork 2000 Richard Gere. 15 *** Cam 2003 Daniel Letterle, JoannaChilcoat. n cc 05 *** Wish Me Awa 2011 Premiere. n es 45 ** Die Another Da 2002, ActionPierce Brosnan,HalleBer . n es TMC 25 The Le end of Tillamook's Gold 2006SuzanneMarie Do on. rr « Shadow Island M steries: The Last Christmas 2010 525 (:35) ** Mr. Wron 1996 EllenDeGeneres. rr « (:15) **Oscar1991 rr « 35 The Prankster 2010Matt An el, Geor es Corraface. n « 35 Politics of Love 2010Loretta Devine. n o« 05 *** Rare Birds 2001 n Th * Don't Go Breakin M Heart 1999 n « 5:30 ***Buck2011n cc *** Simon Birch1998 lanMichael Smith, Jose h Mazzello. n cc * Autumn in New York 2000 Richard Gere,Winona Rder. n And Now.. .LadiesandGentlemen *WE 143 41 174118 Varied Pro rams Roseanne Ros eanne Ros e anne Ros e anne 20/ 2 0 on WE 20/20 on WE The Locator T h e Locator

THE BULLETIN 0 MARCH 30 — APRIL 5, 2013 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine

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AU.S.marshal falls for anescapedcon she mustcapture 11:30 * Death Wish II 1982Charles Bronson. « * Death Wish 31985CharlesBronson, DeborahRaffin. « *DeathWish4:TheCrackdown 1987CharlesBronson.« Death Wish V *ANPL 68 50 26 38 Animal Precinct Animal Precinct Animal Precinct Pit Bulls and Parolees Pit Bulls and Parolees Gator Bo s Varied Pro rams BRAVO 137 44 Varied Pro rams Movie Varied Pro rams CMT 19032 42 53 Closin Bell Closin Bell With Maria Bartiromo Fast Mone Va r ied Pro rams Mad Mone The Kudlow Report Varied Pro rams CNBC 54 36 40 52 The LeadWith JakeTapper The Situation Room Erin Burnett OutFront Anderson Cooper360 CNN 55 38 35 48 (11:00) CNN Newsroom Varied Pro rams Movie Comed Central:22 Futurama 4:53 Futurama Alwa s Sunn COM 13553 35 47 Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram Paid Pro ram J o of Fishin A d v Journal Get Outdoors Visions of NW Cit Edition Pa i d Pro ram COTV Public Affairs Capitol Hill Hearin s CSPAN 61 20 12 (9:00) Public Affairs 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Varied Pro rams Phineas, Ferb Varied Pro rams A.N.T. 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Food Man v. Food M*A*S*H And Griffith V a ried Pro rams Gunsmoke Gunsmoke Bonanza And Griffith A n dGriffith (:12) M*A*S*H TVLND 65 47 29 35 Varied Pro rams NCIS NCIS NCIS NCIS NCIS USA 15 30 23 30 Varied Pro rams VH1 19148 37 54 11:00 Movie : 4 0 Movie Var i edPro rams Movie 05 Movie Var i edPro rams ENCR 106401306401 FMC 104204104120 Movie Varied Pro rams Movie Varied Pro rams Movie Varied Pro rams FUEL 34 Varied Pro rams Golf Central V a r ied Pro rams GOLF 28 301 27 301 PGA Tour Golf Varied Pro rams HALL 66 33 175 33 Marie Varied Pro rams Mad Hun r Ma d Hun Ha Da s Ha Da s Ha Da s Ha Da s Ha Da s Ha Da s Brad Bunch B r ad Bunch (11:30) *** Dolphin Tale 2011Har Connick Jr. * Somethin Borrowed 2011 Ginnifer Goodwin. n cc ** Johnn En lish Reborn 2011RowanAtkinson. Th e Best Exotic Mari old Hotel ** Snow White and the Huntsman2012 Kristen Stewart. n 15 *** Intolerable Cruelt 2003 Geor e Cloone n . « *TheArtofGettin B 2011n « Fall to Grace n HBO 25501425501 W 11:30 Beach Kin s 2008 cc 15 ** Red Tails 2012CubaGoodin Jr., Terrence Howard, Nate Parker. n sa ***S anli sh2004AdamSandler,TeaLeoni,PazVe a.n cc Rock of A es h Patti LuPone P hil Spector 2013 AlPacino,Helen Mirren. n « ** American Dreamz2006Hu h Grant, DennisQuaid. n « ** Mr. Popper's Pen uins 2011Jim Carre REAL Sports 15 *** Intolerable Cruelt 2003 Geor e Cloonen .« *** In America 2002Samantha Morton.n « :45 *** Dol hin Tale 2011,DramaHar Connick Jr. n « Road to Donaire IFC 105 105 15 Movie Var i edPro rams Movie (11:40) *** Extremel Loud & Incredibl Close 2011TomHanks (I:50) ** A Life LessOrdinar 1997 n sa (:35) Beatdown2010Rud Youn blood. n « (:10) * The Sitter 2011n 15 ***LoveActuall 2003,Romance-Comed Hu hGrant,LauraLinne.n « 35 * Dream House2011 Daniel Crai . n 10 **The SixthMan1997,Comed MarlonW a ans.n « MAX 00508 508 W 11:10 **TheHardWa n 05 * The Hauntin 1999, Horror Liam Neeson. n cc ** Monte Carlo 2011SelenaGomez, Lei hton Meester. n cc 4:50 ** Devil 2010 n « h While-Sleepin Bri ham Lane (:05) ** The Whole NineYards 2000 n « Cleanskin 2012SeanBean.n (:45) ** Fast Five 2011,ActionVin Diesel, PaulWalker, JordanaBrewster. n « ** Water for Ele hants 2011ReeseWithers oon. n « *** The Contender 2000JoanAllen, Ga Oldman. n a« 10 ** Transit 2012 JimCaviezel. n « Fli ht-Phoenix NBCSN 27 58 30 209 Varied Pro rams The DanPatrick Show Pro Football Talk The Crossover NHL Live Varied Pro rams NHL Hocke Varied Pro rams Varied Pro rams NGC 157 157 Ava tar: Air. Yu- Gi-Oh! Yu- G i-Oh! Dra o n Ball Z D r a on Ball Z A vatar: Air. Ava tar: Air. Yu- Gi-Oh! Yu- G i-Oh! NTOON 89 115189115 Dra on Ball Z Dra on Ball Z A vatar: Air. OUTD 37 307 43 307 Varied Pro rams Three Musk. * Brake 2012,Action StephenDorff. n « ***Fri ht Ni ht2011Anton Yelchin.n cc (:15) ** The Ninth Gate1999Johnn Depp, FrankLan ella. Premiere. n 11:30 Last Ni ht 2010 n « 05 ** Love & Sex2000 FamkeJanssen. n « ** The Burnin Plain 2008Charlize Theron.Premiere. n « 25 **Fool roof2003R anRe nolds.a« 11:15 ** Burke & Hare n ** The Baxter 2005Michael Showalter. n cc 45 ** Realit Bites1994 Winona Rder, EthanHawke. n sa ** Skateland 2010Ashle Greene.n cc SHO 00 500 h (:15) Josh Blue: Sticky Changen ** How to Lose Friends 6 Alienate People2008 SimonPe Le all Blonde2 (:15) ** In Search of a Midni ht Kiss 2007Scoot McNai . « Swin in With : 2 5* * HouseofD2004Anton Yelchin.n « 05 ** Meet Joe Black1998 BradPitt. TheGrimRea er assumesthe formof a recentl deceased man 05 ***Fri htNi ht2011n SPEED 35 303125303 Monster Jam On the Ed e V a ried Pro rams Cho -Rebuild Gearz NASCARRaceHub Pass Time Pa s s Time Var ied Pro rams STARZ 00408300408 (11:10) Movie Varied Pro rams (12:50) Movie Varied Pro rams (:40) Movie V a r ied Pro rams (:15) Movie Kin 's S eech Autumn-N.Y. ** A Summer in Genoa2008 Colin Firth. n 05 ***October Sk 1999 Jake Gllenhaal. Premiere. n « *Wh Sto Now?2012JesseEisenber .n ** TheOxford Murders 2008Eliah Wood,JohnHurt. n cc **TheStoneAn el2007EllenBurs n,KevinZe ers.nsa * Le endar 2010, Drama Patricia Clarkson,John Cena.n cc TMC 25 (11:15) ** Oscar 1991n * T.N.T. 1998,Action Olivier Gruner. n « Mono am 2010, Drama Chris Messina. n « 525 (:05) ***The Last Ritesof Joe Ma 2011Dennis Farina.n « h 11:05 *** Rare Birds 2001 n ** Detective Dee andthe M ster of the Phantom Flame2010 05 Across the Line: TheExodus of Charlie Wri ht : 4 0* * The Deco Bride 2011 Kell Macdonald And Now.. .LadiesandGentlemen:10 ** CasinoJack2010KevinS ace ,Bar Pe er.n sa *** Melancholia 2011,DramaKirsten Dunst, CharlotteGainsbour . n sa * A ollo 18 n *WE 143 41 174118 Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Roseanne Gho st Whisperer Charmed Charmed Varied Pro rams KATU


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(10:01) Castle Castle believes he wit- KATU News at11 (11:35) Jimmy 'Q' cc (N) n 'G' nesses amurder. (N) 'PG' « Kimmel Live '14' (ABC) (N)n cc Jeopardy! (N)n Wheel of Fortune The Voice TheBlind Auditions, Part 3 Morevocalists audition. (N) n 'PG' cc (10:01) Revolution GhostsRachel NewsChannel 21 Tonight Show KTVZ O O O O NewsChannel 21 at 6 (N) cc 'Q' cc (N) n 'G' (NBC) searchesfor apowersource. '14' at11 (N) cc Wi t h Jay Leno AccessHollywood Who WantstoBe New Adventures 30 Rock Argusn How I MetYour Rules of Engage- 2 Broke Girls n (9:31) Mike &Moll Hawaii Five-0 OhunaThemurder of a KOIN Local 6 at 11 Late Show With KBNZ '14' cc '14' cc '14' cc (N) 'PG' a Millionaire o fOld Christine Mother n '14' ment 'PG' David Letterman (CBS) computer hacker. n '14' cc (N) cc omg! Insider (N) Dancing With theStars (N) n 'PG' « (10:01) Castle Castlebelieves hewit- KEZI 9 News at (11:35) Jimmy KOHD O O O O KEZI9Newsat KEZI9Newsat Entertainment cc (ABC) 6:00(N) « 6:30 (N) « Toni g ht(N) n nesses amurder. (N) 'PG' « 11:00 (N) « Kim mel Live '14' The Big Bang Bones A TVproducer ismurdered. (N) The Following Claire adjusts tolife at News Channel 21 TMZ n 'PG' cc Family Guyn FamilyGuyHan KFXO IIg IE! @IE! TwoandaHalf TwoandaHalf TheBigBang '14' cc Men '14' cc Men '14' cc The o ry n 'PG' Theory n '14' (FOX) n (PA) '14' cc(DVS) the mansion.(N) n (PA)'14' First on FOX nah Banana'14' Antiques RoadshowBaseball batused Kind Hearted WomanSingle motherandchildren. (N) n (PA) '14' « A Sense of Wonder n 'G' « KOAB ~ gy gy gy This Old House n Nightly Business PBS NewsHour(N) n acc 'Q' cc by MickeyMantle. (N) 'G' (PBS) Report (N) n 'G' NewsChannel8at NewsChannel8at Liveat7(N) cc InsideEdition(N) The Voice TheBlind Auditions, Part 3 Morevocalists audition. (N) n 'PG' « (10:01) Revolution GhostsRachel NewsChannel 8at TonightShow KGW 'PQ' cc (NBC) 6PM (N) « 6:3 0 PM (N) searchesfor apowersource. '14' 11(N) cc With Jay Leno That '70s Show Seinfeld The Apart- Rules of Engage The Carrie Diaries Dorrit seekslove Hart of Dixie Zoeagreesto bein Cops Nashville, Seinfeld The Van Rules of Engage. That '70s Show KTVZDT2 Q Q Q Q The King of 'PG' cc ment 'PG' Queens n 'PG' ment n 'G' advice fromDonna. (N) n '14' Wanda's wedding. n 'PG' « Tennessee '14' Buren Boys'PG' ment 'PG' Prank Day'PG' (CW) OPBPL 175 173 M y Family 'PG' Time Goes By Don McLean: American Joe Bonamassa:BeaconTheatre World News T a vis Smiley (N) Charlie Rose (N) n « PBS NewsHour n « KATU

Wheel of Fortune Dancing With the Stars (N) n 'PG' «

Bates Motel Anunexpected guest sur- Bates Motel Dylanbegins causing Bates Motel Dylanbegins hisnewjob. (11:01) Bates Motel Dylanbeginshis prises the Bates. '14' cc trouble. '14' cc (N) '14' cc new job. '14' cc (5:00) ** "AKnighl's Tale" (2001,Adventure) HeathLedger, MarkAddy. A peas *** "TheLast Samurai" (2003,Adventure) TomCruise, KenWatanabe, Timothy Spall. A Westerner learns theways of the samurai in the1870s. "MadMax-Thun 'AMC CC ant poses as aknight for ashot at jousting glory. « dsrdoms" *ANPL 68 50 2638 RiverMonster s:Unhookedn'PG River Monsters: TheMost Bizarre River Monsters:Unhookedn 'PG' River Monsters:Unhooked n 'PG' River Monsters:Unhookedn 'PG River Monsters:Unhookedn 'PG' BRAVO 13 44 Re a l Housewives/Beverly Real Housewives/Beverly Housewives/OC Real Housewives/Beverly LA Shrinks UnderMySkin (N) '14' W hatHappens Housewives/OC R e ba 'PG' cc Reba 'PG' « ** "TheKarateKidPartii" (1986) RalphMacchio, Noriyuki "Pat" Morita. n « CMT 190 32 42 53 Reba'PG' cc Re b a 'PG' cc Reba 'PG' cc Cops Reloaded Cops Reloaded CNBC 54 36 40 52 Treasure Detectives 'PG' The CarChasers 'PG' Mad Money Treasure Detectives 'PG The CarChasers 'PG' Mom Looks 27 Battle Hair Loss CNN 55 38 35 48 Piers MorganLive(N)(Live) Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront Piers MorganLive Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront C o l bert Report COM 13 53 135 47 Always Sunny (6:25) Tosh.0 '14' Colbert Report Daily Show (7:57) Futurama (8:28) Futurama (8:58) Futurama (9:29) Futurama (9:59) South Park South Park 'MA' Daily Show COTV 11 Paid Program Kristi Miller Desert Cooking Oregon Joy of Fishing Adv Journal Get Outdoors V i sions of NW The YogaShow The Yoga Show Kristi Miller Cit y Edition CSPAN 61 20 12 11 First Ladies: Influence & Image Politics & Public Policy Today Politics & Public Policy Today 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Good-Charlie J e s sie'G' « A.N.T. Farm 'G' A.N.T. Farm 'G A.N.T. Farm'G' *** "Geek Charming"(2011,Comedy)Sarah Hyland. n 'G' « Austin I Ally 'G' Good-Charlie A . N.T. Farm 'G' *DISC 15 21 16 37 FastN'LoudFar-OutFairlane'14' The Devils Ride EnemyWithin '14 Fast N' Loud n '14' cc Fast N' Loud: Revved Up(N) '14' F ast N' Loud (N) n '14' cc Fast N' Loud n '14' cc *E! 13 25 Kou r tney and Kim Take Miami '14 E! News(N) Kourtney and KimTakeMiami '14' Kourtney and Kim Take Miami '14' Burning Love(N) After Lately '14' Chelsea Lately E! News ESPN 21 23 22 23 Wm. Basketball Women's College Basketball SportsCenter (N)(Lwe)« SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 MLB Baseball: Phillies at Braves MLB Baseball St. LouisCardinals at ArizonaDiamondbacksFromChaseField in Phoenix.(N) (Live) « Baseball Tonight (N) (Live) « NBA Tonight (N) NASCARNow ESPNC 23 25 123 25 Network Stars AWA Wrestling cc UWFWrestling PBA Bowling cc Boxing cc Boxing cc Boxing Taped9/23/52. « H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Lite Ex ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) « ESPNFCPress H-Lite Ex. **"The Craft"(1996, Horror) RobinTunney, Fairuza Balk. Premiere. FAM 67 29 19 41 America'sFunniestHomeVideos Secret Life of American Teen Secret Life of American Teen The 700 Club n 'G' « FNC 57 61 36 50 Hannity(N) On Record, GretaVanSusteren The O'Reilly Factor cc Hannity On Record, GretaVanSusteren The Five *FOOD 17 62 98 44 Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive D i ners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive D i ners, Drive D i ners, Drive D i ners, Drive Diners, Drive D i ners, Drive ** "PineappleExpress" (2008)Seth Rogen,JamesFranco. A stoner flees after witnessing amurder. ** "PineappleExpress"(2008) FX 131 How I Met How I Met Two/Half Men Two/Half Men HGTV 17 49 33 43 Property Virgins Property Virgins Love It or List It 'G' cc Love It or List It Milne 'G' cc Love It or List It (N) 'G' cc House Hunters Hunters Int'I Love It or List It 'G' cc *HIST 15 42 41 36 AmericanPickers'PG' cc American Pickers 'PG' cc American Pickers TheBelly Dance American Pickers 'PG' cc American Pickers 'PG' cc (11:02) AmericanPickers 'PG' LIFE 13 39 20 31 The Bible'14' cc The Bible '14' cc The Client List '14' cc (11:01) Preachers' Daughters '14 MSNBC 59 59 128 51 The Rachel MaddowShow (N) The Last Word All In With Chris Hayes The Rachel MaddowShow The Last Word Hardball With Chris Matthews MTV 192 22 38 57 Made StuntWoman:Katie (N) 'PG Snooki Baby Talk 2 Teen Mom 2 n 'PG' Teen Mom 2Fall to Pieces n 'PG' Teen Mom2 (N) n 'PG' (11:02) TeenMom2 (N)n 'PG NICK 82 46 24 40 SpongeBob S p o ngeBob SpongeBob D r ake & Josh n News W/Linda Full House 'G' Full House 'G' Full House 'G' The Nanny 'PG' The Nanny 'PG Friends n '14' Friends n 'PG Disappeared AFamily's Curse'PG' Dateline on OWN Bitter Pill n '14' Dateline on OWN n '14' « Dateline on OWN n 'PG' « Dateline on OWN Bitter Pill n '14' OWN 161 103 31 103 Disappeared Silent Night n 'PG PAC12 47 310310310 College Baseball USC atCalifornia College Baseball California atStanford(N)(Live) College Baseball Washingtonat Oregon *** "Dodgeba/I: ATrueUnderdogStory" (2004) Vince Vaughn. n ** "Super Troopers" (2001,Comedy)JayChandrasekhar. n « SPIKE 132 31 34 46 ** "Super Troopers" (2001, Comedy) JayChandrasekhar. n « SYFY 13 35 133 45 (5:00) *** "Casino Royale" (2006)DanielCraig, EvaGreen. « Being Human Being Human(N) Lost Girl (N) n « Warehouse 13 AnEvil Within 'PG' TBN 205 60 130 Kingdom Conn Jesse Duplantis Praise the Lord 'Y' cc Live-Holy Land Creflo Dollar 'G' Jesus: The Evidence Joel Osteen 'PG' Perry Stone The King of Seinfeld n 'PG' cc Seinfeld TheShoesSeinfeld The Chap- Family GuyLong Family GuyLove Family Guy n Family GuyRoad Family Guy n Family Guy n Conan Seth Rogen.'14' cc 'TBS n 'PG' '14' cc '14' cc Queens n 'PG erone 'G' John Peter '14' Blactually n '14' '14' « to Germany'14' *** "AngelsintheOutfield" (1951)Paul Douglas. Celestial (8:15) ** "The KidFromLeft Field" (1953)DanDailey, Anne Bancroft. Premiere ** "TakeMeOutto the Ball Game"(1949, Musical Comedy) (11:45) "Fireman TCM 101 44 101 29 Spring" "it HaPPens « Every forces spurthe Pittsburgh Pirates tovictory. A boy's adviceputs afailing baseball club in first place. Gene Kelly, FrankSinatra. « Save MyChild" *TLC 17 34 32 34 IslandMedium Island Medium Island Medium Island Medium Extreme Chea. Extreme Chea Extreme Chea. Extreme Chea Extreme Chea. Extreme Chea. Extreme Chea. Extreme Chea Castle UndertheGunBeckett's ex-part- Castle Punked Amanshot with a 200 Castle An unknownwomanfalls out of a Dallas Let MeIn Aconspiracy emerges Monday MorningsSungandTina dis- (11:01) Dallas Let Me In Aconspiracy *TNT year-old bullet. n 'PG' « (N) '14' cc ner arrives. n 'PG' cc casket. n 'PG' « agree. (N) '14' « emerges. '14' « *TOON 84 Regular Show Regular Show Regular Show Adventure Time Regular Show MAD 'PG' King of the Hill King of the Hill American Dad American Dad Family Guy '14' Family Guy '14 *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Man v. Food M a n v. Food 'G Bizarre Foods Amenca 'PG' « Bizarre FoodsAmerica (N) 'PG' The Layover with Bourdain Bourdain: No Reservations TVLND 65 47 29 35 The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond KingofQueens King ofQueens USA 15 30 2330 NCISUntouchablen'PG' « NCIS HeadCase n 'PG' « WWE MondayNight RAWStarring The Rock,Cena, Triple H, CMPunk8 TheUndertaker. (N) n « (11:05) NCIS:Los Angeles n '14' VH1 191 48 37 54 Love&HipHopRealityCheck'14' L o v e&HipHopn'14' Love & HipHop(N) n '14' The GossipGame(N) n '14 Master of the Mix(N) n 'PG' Love & Hip Hop n '14 *A&E 13 28 18 32 Criminal Minds HanleyWaters Targeted Criminal Minds Agang of suspected killings in Florida. '14' cc murderers. n '14' cc


f *** "Ghosfbuslers"1984, ComedyBill Murray. n 'PG' « 106401 306401(6:15) *"TheSmur/s"2011, FantasyHankAzaria. n 'PG' « Black Rain 1989 (9:50) ** Dante's Peak"1997 PierceBrosnan.n ' R ' acc ** "The Internati o nal" 2009, Suspense Cl i v e Owen, Naomi Wat t s. ** "Hitman" 2007,Action Timothy Olyphant, DougrayScott. 'R' acc 104 204104120(5:00) ** "TheInternational" 2009Clive Owen. 'R 34 UFC: Silva vs. StannWanderlei Silva vs. BrianStann; MarkHuntvs. StefanStruve. FromSaitama,Japan. UFC Relaoded UFC140:Jonesvs.MachidaJonJonesfacesLyotoMachida.

28 301 27 301 TheHaneyProject (N)


Golf Central

The HaneyProject


Big BreakGreenbrier 'PG'

HALL 66 33 175 33 Brady Bunch B r ady Bunch B r ady Bunch B r ady Bunch Frasier 'PG' Fr a sier 'PG' Frasier 'PG' F r a sier 'PG' Fr a sier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' *** "TheFive-YearEngagement" 2012Jason Segel. n 'R' « HBO 425 501 425501 (5:15) *** "TheBestExotic Marigold Hotel" 2011 PattiLuPone Real Time With Bill Maher n 'MA' (11:15) Game of Thrones n 'MA' *** "Lethal Weapon2"1989, Action Mel Gibson, DannyGlover, Joe Pesci. 'R *** "Lethal Weapon3"1992, Action Mel Gibson, DannyGlover. 'R IFC 1 0 1 0 5 (5:00) *** "Lethal Weapon"1987MelGibson. 'R ** "Rambo: First Blood Part il" 1985 n 'R' cc MAX 400508 508 (5:10)TheSitter (6:35) *** "Shsunoithe Dead" 2004 n 'R' cc (8:15) ** "The Thing"2011 MaryElizabeth Winstead. n 'R' cc (11:40)TheSitter NBCSN 27 58 30 209 NHL Hockey NHL Live (N) The Crossover Pro Football Talk NHL Overtime Rugby SevensWorldSeries: Japan Poker After Dark 'PG' « Are You TougherThan TheRealGeorgeWashington'PG' NGC 157 15 7 A r e You Tougher Than Secret Service Files '14' Are You TougherThan Secret Service Files '14 NTOON 89 115189115 OddParents O d d Parents Robot, Monster Robot, Monster SpongeBob S p ongeBob T.U.F.F. Puppy T.U.F.F. Puppy Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Planet Sheenn Planet Sheenn

OUTD 37 307 43 307 Heartland Bow Fisher's ATV Savage Wild B o ttom Feeders Ivan Carter Be s t of West Elite Tactical Unit Finale Your Weapon Bottom Feeders Fisher's ATV S avage Wild SHO 500 500 Homeland In Memoriam'MA' cc Californication House of Lies Shameless n 'MA'scc s Inside Comedy House of Lies (6:15) ** "Faster" 2010,ActionDwayneJohnson. n 'R' cc SPEED 35 303125303 Faster Than F a s ter Than Dumbest Stuff Dumbest Stuff Pinks - All Out 'PG' Faster Than F a ster Than Dumbest Stuff Dumbest Stuff Unique Whips '14' STARZ 300408300408 (4:05) Sispmom (6:20) *** "Cold Mountain" 2003,DramaJude Law, Nicole Kidman. n 'R' « * "I Don't KnowHowShe Does il" 2011 n 'PG-13' TMC 525 525 (5:30) *** "The King'sSpeech" 2010Colin Firth. *WE 14 41 174118(5:00) *** "Unfaithful" 2002, Drama Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne 'PG' RichardGere, Diane Lane.'R

*** "The AmazinSpi g der-Man" 2012,Action AndrewGarfield. n 'PG-13' « Return to Me *** "your Sister's Sister" 2011EmilyBlunt. 'R *** "NightCatches Us" 2010AnthonyMackie. 'R Roseanne'PG' Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne 'PG'

THE BULLETIN «MARCH 30 — APRIL 5, 2013 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine

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Wheel of Fortune Splash Celebrities pair upfor partner Dancing With the Stars (N) n 'PG' « (10:01) Body of Proof Skinand Bones KATU Newsat11 (11:35) Jimmy 'Q' cc (N) n 'G' A womanbites Tommy. '14' Kimmel Live '14' (ABC) dives. (N) n 'PG' cc (N)n cc Jeopardy! (N)n Wheel of Fortune The Voice TheBlind Auditions, Part4 (9:01) TheNew (9:31) TheNew (10:01) SmashTheParents Info about NewsChannel 21 Tonight Show KTVZ O O O O NewsChannel 21 at 6 (N) cc 'Q' cc (N) n 'G' (NBC) Auditions continue. (N)'PG' « Normal (N)'14' Normal (N) '14' Jimmy's past is revealed. '14' at11 (N) cc Wi t h Jay Leno Access HollywoodWho Wants toBe New Adventures 30 Rock TheMomsNCIS Hit andRunThe teaminvestigates NCIS: Los Angeles ACIAagent seeks Golden Boy McKenzie onFire Ashoot KOINLoca!6at11 Late ShowWith KBNZ '14' cc (N) 'PG' a Millionaire o fOld Christine Sam's help. 'PG' ing at asubway. (N) n 'PG' David Letterman (CBS) a car accident. n 'PG' (N) cc omg! Insider (N) Splash Celebrities pair upfor partner Dancing With theStars (N) n 'PG' « (10:01) Body of Proof Skinand Bones KEZI 9 Newsat (11:35) Jimmy KOHD O O O O KEZI9Newsat KEZI 9 Newsat Entertainment A womanbites Tommy. '14' (ABC) 6:00(N) « 6:30 (N) « Ton i ght (N) n cc dives. (N) n 'PG' « 11:00 (N) « Kim mel Live '14 The Big Bang The Big Bang Hell's Kitchen Identifying theprotein New Girl Cooler The Mindy Project News Channel 21 TMZ n 'PG' cc Family Guy n Family Guy '14' cc KFXO ID< Q |Ef IEI TwoandaHalf Two and aHalf '14' cc Men '14' cc Men '14' cc (N) n '14' (FOX) Theory n 'PG' Theory n 'PG' used in dishes.(N)'14' n 14 First on FOX Nightly Business PBS NewsHour (N) nacc History Detectives Fourstories iromthe Kind Hearted WomanSingle motherandchildren. (N) n (PA) '14' « KOAB ~ gy ~ gy Ask This Old AmericanWest.(N) 'PG' (PBS) House 'G' cc Report (N) n 'G' NewsChannel8 at NewsChannel 8 at Live at 7 (N) « Inside Edition (N) The VoiceTheBlind Auditions, Part 4 (9:01) TheNew (9:31) TheNew (10:01) Smash TheParents Info about NewsChannel 8 at Tonight Show KGW 'PQ' cc 6:30PM(N) Normal (N) '14' Normal (N) '14' Jimmy's past is revealed.'14' (NBC) 6PM (N) « Auditions continue. (N)'PG' « 11(N) cc With Jay Leno That '70s Show n Seinfeld The Rules of Engage. Hart of Dixie Islands inthe Stream Beauty and theBeastCat isforced to Cops El Paso Seinfeld TheSusie Rules of Engage. That '70s Show n KTVZDT2 Q Q Q Q The King of '14' cc 'PQ' cc '14' cc ment 'PG' Queens n 'PG Stranded n 'PG ment '14' George' sparentsmeetTansy.'PG' reveal secrets. n 'PG' cc Texas '14' cc (CW) OPBPL 175 17 3 N e W TriCkS Half Life n cc Shelter Me n 'G' cc Shelter Me: Let's GoHomen 'G' World News T a vis Smiley (N) Charlie Rose(N) n « PBS NewsHour n « KATU


KATU Newsat 6(N) n «

II Jeopardy! (N)n

3 28 1 8 32 Storage 'PQ' cc Wars

Storage Wars 'PQ' cc

Storage Wars 'PQ' cc

Storage Wars 'PQ' cc

Storage Wars Storage Wars 'PQ' cc

'PQ' cc

Storage Wars 'PQ' cc

Storage Wars 'PQ' cc

Storage Wars 'PQ' cc

Storage Wars 'PQ' cc

(11:01) Storage (11:31) Storage Wars cc

Wars cc

(5:30) *** "Mad MaxBeyondThunderdome" (1985)Mel Gibson,Tina Turner. * "The Marine" (2006, Action) JohnCena, Robert Patrick, Kelly Carlson. Thugs (10:01) **"Marked forDeath" (1990,Action) StevenSsagal, Basil Wallace. A Wastelanddrifter MadMaxmust fight a giant. « kidnap thewife of asoldier. ©c former DEAagenttries to stop aJamaican drug ring. « *ANPL 68 50 26 38 River Monsters The Giantsn'PG River Monsters UntoldStories 'PG' Great Barrier Reef n 'PG River Monsters GoesTribal 'PG Great Barrier Reef n 'PG BRAVO 13 44 The Millionaire Matchmaker '14' Housewives/OC Real Housewives/Beverly The Real Housewives of Atlanta T h e Millionaire Matchmaker '14' What Happens Housewives/Atl Re b a 'PG' « Reb a 'PG' « ** "MissCongenia/ify" (2000, Comedy)Sandra Bullock, MichaelCaine. n « CMT 190 32 42 53 Reba'PG' cc Re b a 'PG' cc Reba 'PG' « Cops Reloaded Cops Reloaded CNBC 54 36 40 52 Treasure Detectives (N) The CarChasers (N) Mad Money Treasure Detectives The CarChasers Insanity Workout Facelift CNN 55 38 35 48 Piers MorganLive(N)(Live) Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront Piers MorganLive Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront C o l bert Report COM 13 53135 47 SouthPark'14' Tosh.0'14' Colbert Report Daily Show Th e Jeselnik Off Tosh.0 '14' Tos h.0 '14' Tos h .0 '14' Tos h .0 (N) '14' The Jeselnik OffDaily Show COTV 11 Paid Program Kristi Miller Redmond City Council Kristi Miller Cit y Edition CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (5:00) Capitol Hill Hearings Capitol Hill Hearings 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Good-Charlie J e ssie 'G' « A.N . T. Farm 'Y7' A.N.T. Farm n 'G' « Shake It Up! 'G' Austin & Ally 'G' Gravity Falls 'Y7' Jessie 'G' « Aus t in I Ally 'G'Good-Charlie A . N.T. Farm 'G' *DISC 15 21 16 37 Area 51 n 'PG' « Monsters andMysteries in Alaska Monsters and Mysteries Monsters andMysteries Alaskan Monster Hunt Monsters andMysteries *E! * "Geor gi aRule"(2007,Drama)JaneFonda,LindsayLohan 13 25 Kou rtney and Kim Take Miami '14' E! News (N) Chelsea Lately Chelsea Lately E! News ESPN 21 23 22 23 Women's College Basketball SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 College Basketball NITTournament- lowa vs.Maryland(N)(Live) « High School Basketball Baseball Tonight (N) (Live) « NBA Tonight (N) NASCARNow NFL Live (N) ESPNC 23 25 123 25 Boxing cc Boxing cc Boxing cc High School Basketball High School Basketball cc H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « ESPNFCPress H-Lite Ex. *** "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" (2005)JohnnyDepp, Freddie Highmors. FAM 67 29 19 41 ***"BigFish"(2003)EwanMcGregor.Ayoungmaninvestigateshisfather'stalltales The 700 Club n 'G' « FNC 57 61 36 50 Hannity(N) On Record, GretaVanSusteren T h e O'Reilly Factor cc Hannity On Record, GretaVanSusteren The Five *FOOD 17 62 98 44ChoppedAGuts Reacti on'G' Chopped OhMyGoshi, Umeboshi Chopped Chard &True'G Chopped Bird in thePan'G' Chopped A"heady" ingredient. Chopped LadiesFirst! FX 131 Two/Half Men * * * "The Fighter" (2010, Drama)MarkWahlberg, Christian Bale,AmyAdams The Ultimate Fighter (N) n '14' Justified Ghosts(N) 'MA' Justified Ghosts 'MA HGTV 17 49 33 43 ForRentn'G' F o r R entn'G Hunters Int'I House Hunters Buying and Selling 'G' « Income Property (N) n 'G' « House Hunters Hunters Int'I Income Property Mary &Bridge 'G' *HIST 15 42 41 36 ModernMarvels'PG' cc Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Top Gear(N)'PG' cc Counting Cars Counting Cars (11:02) AmericanRestoration 'PG LIFE 13 39 20 31 Preachers'Daughters'14' « Dance Moms'PG' « Dance MomsShe's a Maniac'PG' Dance Moms(N)'PG' « Preachers' Daughters (N)'14' (11:01) Preachers' Daughters '14 MSNBC 59 59 128 51 The Rachel MaddowShow (N) The Last Word All In With Chris Hayes The Rachel MaddowShow The Last Word Hardball With Chris Matthews MTV 192 22 38 57 Snooki8 JWOWWn'14' Snooki & JWOWW n '14' Snooki & JWOWW n '14' Snooki & JWOWW n '14' Snooki & JWOWW (N) n '14' Nikki & Sara S n ooki NICK 82 46 24 40 SpongeBob S p o ngeBob SpongeBob Drake &Josh n Wendell.yinnie Full House 'G' Full House 'G' Full House 'G' The Nanny 'PG' The Nanny 'PG' Friends n 'PG' Friends n 'PG' NY ER n '14 Oprah: WhereAre They Now? 'PG Oprah: WhereAre They Now?'PG Oprah: WhereAre They Now?'PG Oprah: WhereAre They Now?'PG OWN 161 103 31 103 NY ER n '14' N Y ER '14' « NYERn'14' PAC12 47 310310310 College Softball The12 Best College Softball California atArizonaGame2 of doubleheader. (N) (Live) Col lege Softball CaliforniaAriatzonaGame1 of doubleheader. College Softball SPIKE 132 31 34 46 Urban Tarzann Urban Tarzann Worst Tenants Worst Tenants Worst Tenants Worst Tenants Worst Tenants Worst Tenants Worst Tenants Urban Tarzan (N) Worst Tenants Urban Tarzan n ** "StarTrek: Nemesis"(2002, ScienceFiction) Patrick Stewart, JonathanFrakes. SYFY 13 35133 45 Ball/eofLos Robot Combat League Robot Combat LeagueKicking Bot Total Blackout Total Blackout TBN 205 60 130 Joseph Prince Praise the Lord 'Y' « "Apostle PeterandtheLast Supper" (2012,Drama) C ref l o Dollar 'G' Live From Holy Land Rod Parsley The King of Seinfeld TheSlicer Seinfeld TheOld Seinfeld The Big The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang Cougar Town(N) The Big Bang Conan Paul Rudd;VonGrey. (N)'14' cc 'TBS 'PQ' cc n 'PG' cc Queens n 'PG Man'PG' «Salad 'PG' «Theory n '14' Theory n 'PG' Theory n 'PG' Theory n '14' Theory n '14' *** "CoolHandLuke" (1967, Drama)Paul Newman,GeorgeKennedy. A South (9:15) **** "The Graduate"(1967) Dustin Hoffman,AnneBancroft. A woman (11:15) *** "Guess Who'sComingto (5 00) **** "Strangers on a Train TCM 01 44 1 01 29 ern loner on a chain gangrefuses to be broken. « seduces ayoung manwhofalls for her daughter. « Dinner" (1967) « (1951) RobertWalker. « *TLC 17 34 32 34 LonglslandMediumn'PG'acc 19 Kids and Counting: Duggars Do 19 Kids and Counting: Duggars Do 19 Kids and Counting (N) 'G' « Six McGhees S i x McGhees 1 9 Kids and Counting n 'G' « (5:00) NBABasketball NewYork Knicks at MiamiHeat From NBA Basketball DallasMavericks atLosAngeles Lakers FromStaples Center inLosAngeles. (N) Inside the NBA (N)(Live) cc Castle AlmostFamousMurdervictim is *TNT the AmericanAirlinesArena inMiami. (N) (Live) « a male stripper. 'PG' « *TOON 84 Adventure Time Adventure Time Wrld, Gumball LooneyTunes Leve!Up'PG' Adventure Time KingoftheHill K i ngoftheHill A mericanDad AmericanDad FamilyGuy'14' FamilyGuy'14 *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Man v. Food 'G Man v. Food Bizarre FoodsAmerica'PG'« Sturgis: Cops 'PG' « Sturgis: Wild Ride 'PG' « Sturgis: Wild and Free 'PG' « TVLND 65 47 29 35 The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The GoldenGirls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls Love.Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond KingofQueens King ofQueens USA 15 30 23 30 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law I Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit CSE Crime SceneInvestigation n VH1 191 48 37 54 40Greatest Hip Hop Songs 40 Greatest Hip HopSongs The Gossip Game n '14' Love & HipHop n '14 Mob Wives CrazyLove'14' cc Wicked Single PahtyHahdah'14 'AMC


106401 306401(6:05) ** "Red Dawn"1984,ActionPatrick Swayze. n 'PG-13' « 104204104120** "MeetDave"2008,Comedy Eddie Murphy.'PG' ©c 34 AMA Supercross RacingToronto UFC Tonight (N) UFC Insider

*** "BasicInstinct" 1992, SuspenseMichael Douglas. n 'R' « ** "TheRocker"2008,ComedyRainnWilson.'PG-13'«

(10:10) **"The Temp"1993Timothy Hutton. Premiere. n 'R' « ** "Fina/ Destination 3" 2006Mary ElizabethWinstead. 'R' « U F C Unleashed Strangers Str angers UFC Unleashed UFC Tonight U FC Insider 28 301 27 301 Masters Highlights 'G Masters Highlights BubbaWatson. Golf Central Golf Academy Big Break Greenbrier 'PG' Big Break Greenbrier 'PG' Big BreakGreenbrier 'PG HALL 66 33 175 33 Brady Bunch B r ady Bunch B r ady Bunch B r ady Bunch F r asier n 'PG Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' HBO 425501 425501 Fall to Grace n * * "MeettheFockers" 2004 RobertDeNiro. n 'PG-13' cc ** "SnowWhiteandthe Huntsman" 2012Kristen Stewart. 'PG-13 Oblivion: First Game of Thrones n 'MA' « *** "Angel Heart"1987, SuspenseMickey Rourke, Robert DeNiro, Lisa Bonet. 'R *** "Gangsof NewYork" 2002 IFC 1 0 1 0 5 (5:00) *** "Gangsof Newyork" 2002,Historical DramaLeonardo DiCaprio. 'R * f End of MAX 400 508 508 *** "X-Men:First Class" 2011 JamesMcAvoy. n 'PG-13' cc (8:15) *** "Contagion" 2011MarionCotillard. n 'PG-13' cc Days"1999, HorrorArnold Schwarzenegger. n 'R' cc NBCSN 27 58 30 209 NHL Hockey: Sabres atPenguins NHL Live (N) The Crossover Pro Football Talk NHL Overtime World Series of Fighting 2 Arlovskivs. Johnson. FromAtlantic City, N.J Poker After Dark 'PG' « 2012: Countdown to Armageddon The MayanApocalypse 2012'PG' NGC 157 157 A pocalypse 101(N)'14 Apocalypse101(N)'14 Apocalypse 101'14' Apocalypse 101'14 NTOON 89 115189115 OddParents O d d Parents Robot, Monster Robot, Monster SpongeBob S p ongeBob T.U.F.F. Puppy T.U.F.F. Puppy Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Planet Sheenn Planet Sheenn OUTD 37 307 43 307 Hunting, Country Most Wanted Hunting TV Go l den Moose Awards Hosted Miby chael Waddell Truth Hunting Hunting, Country Driven TV Spring TecomateWhi West. Extremes ** "Red"2010, ActionBruce Wilis, JohnMalkovich. n 'PG-13' « SHO 500 500 ** "Paycheck" 2003,Science Fiction Ben Affleck.n 'PG-13'« House of Lies Californication Shameless n 'MA' « SPEED 35 303125 303 Dreams Dreams Translogic (N) The List (N) G e arz Gearz 'G' Dreams Dreams Translogic The List Unique Whips '14' ** "John Carter" 2012,ScienceFictionTaylor Kitsch. n 'PG-13' « STARZ 300408300408 (5:15) *** "Return foMe"2000 (7:15) * fgookeeper" 2011,ComedyKevin James. n 'PG' « (11:15) *** "Hope Springs" n * "Candyman3: Dayofthe Dead" 1999TonyTodd. TMC 525 525 *** "TheCompanyMen"2010,Drama Ben Af fl eck.n 'R'« (9:35) ** "DieAnotherDay"2002, Action Pierce Brosnan, Halle Berry. n 'PG-13' « *WE 14 41 174118 CSEMiami DeViant n '14' cc CSE Miami Collision n '14' cc CSE MiamiDoubleJeopardy '14' C S h Miami Driven n '14' cc CSE Miami Skeletons n '14' cc CSE Miami Deviant n '14' cc



TV • PAGE 13 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine

30 — APRIL 5, 2013


c II




KATU Newsat 6(N) n «

II Jeopardy! (N)n















Wheel of Fortune The Middle The Suburgatory De Modern Family (N) How to Live With Nashville I Sawthe Light Raynabrings KATU News at11 (11:35) Jimmy 'Q' cc n 'PG' (N) n 'G' Bachelor (N)'PG' cemberfold '14' Your Parents h er kids on tour. (N) n 'PG' Kimmel Live '14 (ABC) (N)n cc Jeopardy! (N)n Wheel of Fortune Dateline NBC(N) n 'PG' cc Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Chicago Fire AmbitionCaseyreceives NewsChannel 21 Tonight Show KTVZ O O O O NewsChannel 21 at 6 (N) cc 'Q' cc (N) n 'G' (NBC) Funny Valentine '14' «(DVS) an unexpectedvisit. (N) '14' at11 (N) cc Wi t h Jay Leno AccessHollywood Who WantstoBe New Adventures 30 Rock n '14' «Survivor: Caramoan — Fans vs. Favor Criminal Minds Theteam tracks an CSE Crime Scene Investigation Shel- KOIN Local 6 at 11 Late ShowWith KBNZ (N) 'PG' a Millionaire o fOld Christine David Letterman (CBS) ites BlindsideTime (N) n cc UnSub inChicago. (N) n '14' tered (N) n '14' cc(DVS) (N) cc KEZI 9 Newsat KEZI 9 News at Entertainment omg! Insider (N) The Middle The Suburgatory De Modern Family (N) How to Live With Nashville I Sawthe Light Raynabrings KEZI 9 News at (11:35) Jimmy KOHD n 'PG' cc Your Parents h er kids on tour. (N) n 'PG' Kimmel Live '14 (ABC) 6:00(N) « 6:30 (N) « Toni g ht(N) n Bachelor (N)'PG' cemberfold '14' 11:00 (N) cc Two and aHalf The Big Bang The Big Bang American Idol Finalists CompeteFinalists perform classic rocksongs.(N) n '14' News Channel 21 TMZ n 'PG' cc Family Guy Ger- Family Guy '14' cc KFXO I I IE} IEI IEI Twoanda Half Men '14' cc Men '14' cc The o ry n 'PG' Theory n 'PG' cc (FOX) First on FOX man Guy n '14' Nature What PlantsTalkAbout Astudy NOVA AncientComputer Theworld's Eat, Fast and Live Longer With Mi- Fort Peck Dam n 'PG' « KOAB ~ gy ~ gy Burt Wolf: Travels Nightly Business PBS NewsHour (N) n acc of how plantsbehave. (N) 'G' first computer.(N) n 'G' (PBS) & Traditions R e port (N) n 'G' chael Mosley (N) n 'PG' cc NewsChannel8at NewsChannel8at Liveat7(N) cc InsideEdition(N) DatelineNBC(N)n'PG'cc Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Chicago FireAmbitionCaseyreceives NewsChannel 8 at Tonight Show KGW 'PQ' cc (NBC) 6PM (N) « 6:3 0 PM (N) Funny Valentine'14' «(DVS) an unexpectedvisit. (N) '14' 11(N) cc With Jay Leno That '70s Show n Seinfeld The R u les of Engage. Arrow UnfinishedBusiness Awoman Supernatural KevinhearsCrowley's Cops Cleveland, Seinfeld ThePot- Rules of Engage. That '70s Shown KTVZDT2 @ ~ gy @ The King of '14' cc '14' « ment '14' Ohio '14' « hol e n 'PG' ment 'PG' Queens n 'PG' Statue 'G' « dies violently. (N) '14' « voice in hishead.(N) n '14' « (CW) OPBPL 175 173 O u tnumbered n Last of the Wine Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Doc Martin DoNot Disturb n 'PG' World News T a vis Smiley (N) Charlie Rose(N) n 'G' « PBS NewsHour n « KATU

Duck Dynasty «Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty (N) Duck Dynasty «(11:01) DuckDy- (11:31) Duck Dy 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc nasty 'PG' cc nasty cc CSE MiamiTime BombHoratio's ex is CSE Miami All Fall Down Aserial killer ** "TheTransporter" (2002, Action) JasonStatham, ShuQi. A mercenary chang- (10:01) *** "True Lies"(1994, Action) ArnoldSchwarzenegger,JamieLeeCurtis 'AMC killed in anexplosion. '14' « taunts the team. n '14' cc es his mind-setafter meeting awoman. « A man livesthedouble life of a spyand afamily man. *ANPL 68 50 26 38 River Monsters: Unhooked n 'PG' River Monsters: TheDeadliest 'PG' River Monsters: Unhooked n 'PG' North Woods Law n 'PG' cc North Woods Law n 'PG' cc River Monsters:Unhookedn 'PG BRAVO 13 44 Re a l Housewives/Beverly Real Housewives/Beverly Housewives/OC The Rachel ZoeProject (N) '14' Bra d World Duk es of Mel What Happens Housewives CMT 190 32 42 53 Reba 'PG' « Reb a 'PG' « Reb a 'PG' « Reb a 'PG' « Reb a 'PG' « ** "Days of Thunder" (1990)TomCruise. Upstart stock-cardriver goesto the edge. n Cops Reloaded Cops Reloaded CNBC 54 36 40 52 All-Star Celebrity Apprentice 'PG' Treasure Detectives 'PG Mad Money All-Star Celebrity Apprentice 'PG' Treasure Detectives 'PG Insanity Workout Get Sub D CNN 55 38 35 48 Piers MorganLive(N)(Live ) Ande r son Cooper 360 « Erin Burnett OutFront Piers Morgan Live Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront C o l bert Report COM 13 53 135 47 South Park '14' Tosh.0 '14' Col b ert Report Daily Show Ch a ppelle Show Chappelle Show South Park 'MA' South Park 'MA' Workaholics '14' South Park 'MA'Daily Show COTV 11 Bend City Council Work Session B end City Council Kristi Miller Cit y Edition CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (5:00) Capitol Hill Hearings Capitol Hill Hearings N 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Good-Charlie J e ssie 'G' « A.N . T. Farm 'G' A.N.T. Farm 'G' A.N.T. Farm 'G' Lelil Shine"(2012)Tyler JamesWiliams, CocoJones. n 'PG' « Austin I Ally 'G Good-Charlie A . N.T. Farm 'G *DISC 15 21 16 37 AmishMafiaHolyWar'14'cc Amish Mafia TheReckoning'14' W e ed Country n '14' cc Weed Country: TheChronicles '14 Pot CopsCartel Threat(N) n '14' Weed Country: TheChronicles '14' *E! 13 25 The E! True Hollywood Story '14' E !News (N) Kourtney and KimTakeMiami '14' Kourtney and Kim Take Miami '14 The SoupSoupAwards(N)'14' Chelsea Lately (N)'14 ESPN 21 23 22 23 NBABasketball HighSchoolBasketballMcDonald'sAII-AmericanGame:Eastvs.West SportsCenter (N)(Lwe)« SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 MLB Baseball: RedSoxat Yankees MLB Baseball San Francisco Giants at LosAngeles Dodgers FromDodger Stadium in LosAngeles. (N) e «s Baseball Tonight (N) (Live) « NBA Tonight (N) NASCARNow ESPNC 23 25 123 25 Boxing Bestof DiegoCorrales. Long WayDowncc White Shadow TheHitter « 30 for 30 (N) Up Close cc 3 0 for 30 H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N) H-Lite Ex. Spo r tsCenter « ESPNFCPress H-Lite Ex. N FAM 67 29 19 41 ** "Alicein Wonderland" (2010,Fantasy)Johnny Depp,Mia Wasikowska. ** TheSorcerer's Apprentice" (2010,Fantasy) NicolasCage,Jay Baruchel. The 700 Club n 'G' « FNC 57 61 36 50 Hannity(N) On Record, GretaVanSusteren T h e O'Reilly Factor cc Hannity On Record, GretaVanSusteren The Five *FOOD 17 62 98 44 Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Restaurant: Impossible 'G Restaurant: Impossible 'G Restaurant: Impossible Valley Inn Restaurant Stakeout (N) Restaurant: Impossible FX 131 TheFighter T wo/ Half Men Two/Half Men * * "T he Green Hornet" (2011,Action) SethRogen, Jay Chou,CameronDiaz. Premiere The AmericansSafeHouse'MA' The AmericansSafe House'MA' HGTV 17 49 33 43 BuyingandSelling'G' « Buying and Selling 'G' « Cousins on Call Cousins on Call Property Brothers Kristi & Jay'G' House Hunters Hunters Int'I Property Brothers Olivia 'G' « *HIST 15 42 41 36 (5:00)CivilizationLost'PG'« Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG The Bible '14' cc (11:02) Vikings Raid '14' cc LIFE 13 39 20 31 ToBeAnnounced Flipping Vegas 'PG' « Flipping Vegas 'PG' « Flippin g VegasChopHouse'PG' Flipping Vegas'PG'« To Be Announced MSNBC 59 59 128 51 The Rachel MaddowShow (N) The Last Word All In With Chris Hayes The Rachel MaddowShow The Last Word Hardball With Chris Matthews MTV 192 22 38 57 Made Becoming a pop star.'PG Teen Mom 2Don't BeCruel 'PG' Snooki & JWOWW n '14' The Real World n '14' « The Real World (N) n '14' « (11:02) TrueLife (N)n NICK 82 46 24 40 SpongeBob S p o ngeBob SpongeBob D r ake & Josh n Wendell.yinnie Full House 'G' Full House 'G' Full House'G' The Nanny'PG' The Nanny'PG Friends n 'PG' Friends n '14' Lost and Found n 'PG' « Undercover Boss n 'PG' « Undercover Boss n 'PG' « Undercover BossChiquita n 'PG' Undercover Boss n 'PG' « OWN 161103 31 103 LostandFoundn 'PG' cc PAC12 47 310310310 College Softball California atArizonaGame2 of doubleheader College Softball California atArizona Women's Soccer 12 Best: Socc College Baseball ** "Walking Tall" (2004,Action)TheRock,JohnnyKnoxvile. n ** "Fighting"(2009,Drama)ChanningTatum, TerrenceHoward. n SPIKE 132 31 34 46 (5:30) ** "Fighting"(2009)ChanningTatum,Terrence Howard. n SYFY 13 35 133 45 Haunted Collector Haunted Collector Haunted Collector Haunted Collector (N) Stranded (N) Haunted Collector TBN 205 60 130 Joseph Prince End of the Age *** "The Passionofthe Christ" (2004, Drama)Jim Caviezel, Monica Bellucci Jesse Duplantis Easter Exper. Creflo Dollar 'G' Prophecies of the Passion The King of Seinfeld TheBe- Seinfeld The Im Seinfeld The F amily Guy n Family Guyn The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang The Big Bang Conan StevenYeun;Darius Rucker. 'TBS '14' « '14' cc Queens n 'PG trayal 'PG' « pla nt 'PG' « Pledge Dnve 'G' Theory n 'PG' Theory n 'PG' Theory n '14' Theory n '14' (N) '14' « N LaurenceOlivier, RobertNew **** "Hamlet" (1948,Drama)LaurenceOlivier, Jean Simmons, Basil Sydney.Shakespeare's melan- (10:15) **** "Richard ii" (1955) LaurenceOlivier, Claire Bloom. A15th-century ) **** Heny V" (1945) TCM 101 44 101 29ton. 5'00Shakespeare's kingattacks France. choly Danishprince avengeshisfather's murder. « monarch ascendsEngland'sthronebymurder. *TLC 17 34 32 34My Obsessi on My Obsession My Obsession My Obsession Hoarding: Buried Alive 'PG' « Hoarding: Buried Alive (N) n 'PG' My Obsession My Obsession Hoarding: Buried Alive 'PG' « (4:00) "Ocean's ** "Sherlock Holmes" (2009,Action) Robert DowneyJr NJudeLaw,RachelMcAdams.Thedetective Boston's Finest Anofficerworks with Southland LydiaandRuben investigate Boston's Finest An officer workswith *TNT Eleven"(2001) and his astute partner face astrange enemy. «(DVS) the SWAT team. (N) '14' « a murder. (N) n '14' « the SWATteam. '14' « *TOON 84 Wrld, Gumball Wrld, Gumball Wrld, Gumball NinjaGo: Mstrs Dragons: Riders Incredible Crew KingoftheHill K i ngoftheHill A mericanDad AmericanDad FamilyGuy'14' FamilyGuy'14 *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Man v. Food 'G' Man v. Food 'G' Man v. Food M a n v. Food Big Beef Paradise 'G' « Buffet Paradise (N) 'PG' « FastFoodsGoneGlobalAsia'PG Forever Young 'PG' cc TVLND 65 47 29 35 The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The GoldenGirls The GoldenGirls Forever Young (N) 'PG' cc USA 15 30 23 30 NCISEscaped'PG' «(DVS) NCIS SingledOut n 'PG' « NCIS Agirl is kidnapped. n 'PG NCIS LifeBeforeHis Eyesn '14' P s y ch A trip to circus. the (N)'PG' NCIS Short Fuse n 'PG' « VH1 191 48 37 54 Love&HipHopn'14' Love & Hip Hop n '14' Love & HipHop n '14' Love & HipHop n '14 Love & Hip Hop n '14 The Gossip Game n '14 *A&E ,3 28,8 32 TheFir stthe 48Adecomposedbodyis found in woods. '14' cc


DuckDynasty 'PQ' cc

Duck Dynasty 'PQ' cc

106401 306401(6:10) *** NLa Bamba"1987LouDiamondPhilips. n 'PG-13' «

Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty 'PQ' cc

'PQ' cc

** "An Unfinished Life"2005 RobertRedford. n 'PG-13' « ** "Post Grad" 2009,ComedyAlexis Bledel. 'PG-13' «

(9:50) ** "PracticalMagic"1998 SandraBullock. (11:40) Si/verado ** "Post Grad" 2009,ComedyAlexis Bledel. 'PG-13' « 34 (5:00) UFCReloaded UFC141 Lesnarvs. OvereemRelive UFC141. UFC: Silva vs. StannWanderlei Silva vs. BrianStann; MarkHuntvs. StefanStruve.FromSaitama, Japan. English PremierLeagueSoccer 28 301 27 301 LPGATour Golf The HaneyProject Golf Central In s ide PGA Tour LPGA Tour Golf Big Break Greenbrier Inside PGATour Learning Center HALL 66 33 175 33 Brady Bunch B r ady Bunch B r ady Bunch B r ady Bunch F r asier n 'PG' F rasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' F rasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier 'PG' Fr a sier 'PG' N HBO 425 501 425501 (5:45) ** ARock o/Ages" 2012 Real Time With Bill Maher n 'MA' Julianne Hough. n (7:45) ** WeBought aZoo"2011, Comedy-DramaMatt Damon.n 'PG' cc Game of Thrones n 'MA' cc N IFC 1 0 1 0 5 (5:00) ** "Transporter 3" 2008 (7:15) ** "Transporter 3" 2008,Action JasonStatham, Natalya Rudakova.'PG-13 Seventh Moon"2008, Horror AmySmart. 'R' (11:15) *** The Children"'R' ** "From DuskTill Dawn" 1996,Horror Harvey Keitel. n 'R' cc MAX 400508 508 (6:15) *** "TheBirdcage"1996 RobinWiliams. n 'R' cc (8:15) *"ThisMeansWar" 2012 ReeseWitherspoon. n 'PG-13' cc NBCSN 27 58 30 209 NHL Hockey: Penguins atRangers NHL Live (N) The Crossover Pro Football Talk NHL Overtime Red Bull Signature Series 'PG' Strong of Heart Strong of Heart NGC 157 157 R u ssia's Toughest Prisons '14 Sex for Sale: American Escort '14 Russia's Toughest Prisons '14' Sex for Sale: American Escort '14 World's Toughest Prisons '14' LockdownChaosControl n '14 NTOON 89 115189115 OddParents O d d Parents Robot, Monster Robot, Monster SpongeBob S p ongeBob T.U.F.F. Puppy T.U.F.F. Puppy Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Planet Sheenn Planet Sheenn OUTD 37 307 43 307 Elite Tactical Unit The Crucible Amer. Rifleman Shooting Gallery Duel intheSun Best Defense Elite Tactical Unit TheCrucible Shooting USA cc Your Weapon Shooting Gallery SHO 500 500 Shameless n 'MA' « 60 Minutes Sports (N) '14' cc 30 Days inMay(N) 'MA' 60 Minutes Sports n '14' « (6:15) *** "Source Code"2011JakeGyllenhaal. n 'PG-13' « SPEED 35 303125 303Drag RaceHigh Drag Race High Am. Trucker A m . Trucker St u ntbusters '14' Stuntbusters Drag RaceHigh Drag Race High Am. Trucker A m . Trucker Unique Whips '14' E N N ** MeninBlack 3" 2012, Action Will Smith. n 'PG-13' « STARZ 300408300408 (515) ** Touchback 2011 BrianPresley. 'PG 13' (7 20) ** "ChristmasWiththe Kranks" 2004 'PG (10:50) ** "Scary Mowe3" 2003 N ** "Liberal Arts" 2012Josh Radnor. 'PG-13' « TMC 525 525 (6:10)"TheJob" 2009,Comedy-DramaPatrick Flueger. n 'R' « (9:40) ** "Peace, Love 8Misunderstanding" 2011 (11:15) A/I GoodThings"2010'R *WE 14 41 174118 Braxton Family Values Braxton Family Values Braxton Family Values Braxton Family Values Braxton Family Values 'PG Braxton Family Values '14 N

104 204104120 ** Jennifer's Body" 2009,Horror MeganFox. 'R' «

THE BULLETIN 0 MARCH 30 — APRIL 5, 2013 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine

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c II














Wheel of Fortune Wife SwapTwovery different women Grey's AnatomyApril decides totell (10:02) ScandalTheteamgoes back KATU News at11 (11:35) Jimmy 'Q' cc (N) n 'G' Matthew thetruth. (N) n '14' over anoldcase. (N) n '14' Kimmel Live '14 (ABC) trade lives (N) 'PG' cc (N)n cc Jeopardy! (N)n Wheel of Fortune Community (N) n Parks andRecre The Office Promos (9:31) GoOn (N) n (10:01) Hannibal Aperitif TheFBIworks NewsChannel 21 Tonight Show KTVZ Q O O O NewsChannel 21 at 6 (N) cc 'Q' cc 'PQ' cc 'PG' cc (N) n 'G' (N) n '14' (NBC) ation (N) 'PG' with a psychiatrist. (N) '14' at11 (N) cc Wi t h Jay Leno AccessHollywood Who WantstoBe New Adventures 30 Rock I Do Don The Big Bang (8:31) Twoand a (9:01) Person of Interest Finchinfil (10:01) Elementary SherlockandJoan KOIN Local 6 at 11 Late Show With KBNZ '14' cc (N) 'PG' a Millionaire o fOld Christine Theory (N) '14 Half Men (N)'14' trates a techcorporation. (N)'14' try to stop arobbery. (N)'14' David Letterman (CBS) (N) cc omg! Insider (N) Wife SwapTwovery different women Grey's Anatomy April decides totell (10:02) ScandalTheteamgoes back KEZI 9 Newsat (11:35) Jimmy KOHD O O O O KEZI9Newsat KEZI9Newsat Entertainment cc Matthew thetruth. (N) n '14' Kimmel Live '14' (ABC) 6:00(N) « 6:30 (N) « Toni g ht(N) n trade lives. (N)'PG' « over anoldcase. (N) n '14' 11:00 (N) cc The Big Bang American Idol Results Elimination;Car New Girl First Date The Mindy Project News Channel 21 TMZ n 'PG' cc Family Guy n Family Guy n KFXO III IE! @IEI TwoandaHalf TwoandaHalf TheBigBang '14' cc '14' cc Men '14' cc Men '14' cc The o ry n '14' Theory n 'PG' rie Underwoodperforms. '14' (N) n '14' (N) n '14' (FOX) First on FOX Oregon Art Beat Oregon Field Doc Martin Louisa to gointopremature The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes History Detectives Four stories fromthe KOAB ~ gy ~ gy Rudy Maxa's N i g htly Business PBS NewsHour (N) n acc n'G' cc World 'G' cc R e port (N) n 'G' The BlueCarbuncle n 'G' AmericanWest. n 'PG' (PBS) Guide 'G' cc labor. n 'PG' cc NewsChannel8at NewsChannel8at Liveat7(N) cc InsideEdition(N) Community (N) n Parks andRecre The Office Promos (9:31) GoOn (N) n (10:01) Hannibal Aperitif TheFBIworks NewsChannel 8 at Tonight Show KGW 'PQ' cc 'PQ' cc 'PG' « ation (N) 'PG' (N) n '14' (NBC) 6PM (N) « 6:3 0 PM (N) with a psychiatrist. (N) '14' 11(N) cc With Jay Leno That'70sShown SeinfeldThe Heart Rulesof Engage The Vampire Diaries Klausturnsto Beauty and the BeastOut of Control Cops Little Rock, Seinfeld n 'PG' cc Rules of Engage. That '70s Show n KTVZDT2 Q Q Q Q The King of '14' cc 'PG' cc ment '14' ment 'PG' Queens n 'PG Attack 'PG' Stefan for help. n '14' « Evan is kidnapped.'14' « Arkansas n '14' (CW) OPBPL 175 173 T i me Goes By My Family 'PG' Cuba's Secret Side Under the RadarLife in Cuba. n 'G' «(DVS) World News T a vis Smiley (N) Charlie Rose(N) n 'PG' cc PBS NewsHour n « KATU

KATU Newsat 6(N) n «

Jeopardy! (N)n

TheFirst48AnunarmedmanisgunnedThe First 48 WildRide Afather is found The First 48 Amother isfound burned (11:01) The First 48 Murderedgrandfa 3 28 1 8 32 The First 48'1Murder Firstdown. 48 Achurch ing tattoos. 4' cc victims havematch- The gunned '14' cckeyboardist is down. '14' cc stabbedover 50times. '14' behind a house. '14' cc ther; drive-byvictim. '14' ** "TheTransporter" (2002,Action) JasonStatham,ShuQi. A mercenary chang- Freakshow '14' «Freakshow '14' « FreakshowFreaks Freakshow (N) Comic Book Men Comic Book Men Immortalized Immortalized Self 'AMC '14' cc i' « '14' cc 'PC es his mind-setafter meeting awoman. « of Nature (N) 'PG' « Portrait 'PG' *ANPL 68 50 26 38 NorthWoodsLawn'PG' cc North Woods Law n 'PG' cc North Woods Law n 'PG' cc North WoodsLaw: Onthe Hunt (N) North Woods Law Uncuffed'PG' N o rth Woods Law: Onthe Hunt n BRAVO 13 44 Tab atha Takes Over '14' Tabatha TakesOver '14' Real Housewives/Beverly Real Housewives/Beverly Tabatha TakesOver (N) '14' W hatHappens Tabatha Tk-Ovr R e ba 'PG' cc R e ba 'PG' cc M yBig RedneckcVa CMT 190 32 42 53 Reba'PG' cc Re b a 'PG' cc Reba 'PG' cc ationn 'PG' My Big RedneckVacation n 'PG' Cops Reloaded Cops Reloaded Cops Reloaded CNBC 54 36 40 52 AmericanGreed: TheFugitives American GreedWildWest Rip-Off Mad Money American Greed:TheFugitives American GreedWildWest Rip-Off Insanity! Montel Williams CNN 55 38 35 48 Piers MorganLive(N)(Live) Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront Piers MorganLive Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront Tos h .O '14' The Ben Show Nathan for You Daily Show Col bert Report COM 13 53135 47 SouthPark'14' Tosh.0'14 Colbert Report Daily Show Al w ays Sunny Always Sunny Tosh.O '14' COTV 11 Paid Program Kristi Miller Desert Cooking Oregon Joy of Fishing Journal Get Outdoors V i sions of NW The YogaShow The Yoga Show Kristi Miller Cit y Edition CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (5:00) Capitol Hill Hearings Capitol Hill Hearings 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Good-Charlie J e ssie 'G' « A.N . T. Farm 'G' A.N.T. Farm 'G' A.N.T. Farm'G' ** "The Adventures of SharkhoyandLavagiri" n (10:10) Jessie n Austin I Ally 'G' Good-Charlie A . N.T. Farm 'G' *DISC 15 21 16 37 Auction Kings Auction Kings Auction Kings Auction Kings Auction Kings Auction Kings Auction Kings Auction Kings Property Wars Property Wars Auction Kings Auction Kings *E! 13 2 5 (5:00) "She'sOufof MyLeague E! News(N) The Soup SoupAwards '14' Kourtney and KimTake Miami '14' Kourtney and KimTake Miami '14' Chelsea Lately E! News ESPN 21 23 22 23 CollegeBasketballNITTournament,Final: TeamsTBA(N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 30 for 30 NFL Live « Baseball Tonight (N) (Live)sc s NASCARNow SportsNation « Basketball Can't Blame... The Fab Five cc Can't Blame... ESPNC 23 25 123 25 Friday Night Lights n 'PG' cc Friday Night Lights n 'PG' cc Car Auctions Car Auctions H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex. ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « ESPNFCPress H-Lite Ex. *** "Twister"(1996, Action)HelenHunt, Bill Paxton, Cary Elwes. FAM 67 29 19 41 ***"Twister"(1996,Action) HelenHunt, BillPaxton,CaryElwes. The 700 Club n 'PG' « FNC 57 61 36 50 Hannity(N) On Record, GretaVanSusteren T h e O'Reiffy Factor cc Hannity On Record, GretaVanSusteren The Five *FOOD 17 62 98 44 Chopped'G' Sweet Genius Relative Genius Cho pped Leftovers Extravaganza! C h opped 'G' Chef WantedWith Anne Burreff (N) Worst Cooks in America **"The GreenHornet" (2011, Action) Seth Rogen,Jay Chou,Cameron Diaz. FX 131 Two/Half Men Anger Anger Archer (N)'MA' Legit (N) 'MA' BrandX With Russell Brand 'MA' HGTV 17 49 33 43Seffi ng NY Seffing NY Hunters Int'I House Hunters Income Property n 'G' « Rehab Addict 'G' Rehab Addict 'G' House Hunters Hunters Int'I House Hunters Hunters Int'I *HIST 15 42 41 36 SwampPeople'PG'cc SwampPeopleWagingWar'PG' Swamp PeopleDeadlyChill 'PG' SwampPeople (N)'PG' cc Big Rig Bounty Hunters (N)'14' (11:02) America's Book ofSecrets LIFE 13 39 20 31DanceMomsShe'saManiac'PG' Dance Moms'PG' « Project Runway 'PG' « Project RunwayCreating editorial-worthy looks.'PG' Preachers' Daughte rs '14' « Prank MyMom MSNBC 59 59 128 51 The Rachel MaddowShow (N) The Last Word Aff In With Chris Hayes The Rachel MaddowShow The Last Word Hardball With Chris Matthews MTV 192 22 38 57 Made Catalina Island(N) n'PG' Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Failosophy '14 (11:02) TheRealWorld '14' « NICK 82 46 24 40 SpongeBob S p o ngeBob SpongeBob D r ake & Josh n See DadRun n See Dad Runn Fuff House 'G' Fuff House'G' The Nanny 'PG' The Nanny 'PG Friends n 'PG' Friends n 'PG The Will: Family Secrets Revealed Dateline on OWNn '14' « Dateline on OWN n '14' « Datehneon OWNn 14 « Dateline on OWN n '14' « OWN 161 103 31 103 TheWill: Family Secrets Revealed PAC12 47 310310310 Wm.Lacrosse 12 Best: Socc College Volleyball LongBeachStateat USC(N) (Live) Women's College Lacrosse USCat Oregon College Basketball Oregonat UCLA SPIKE 132 31 34 46 ** "Walking Tall" (2004, Action) The Rock, Johnny Knoxville. n iMPACTWrestling (N) n '14' « Beffator MMALive (N) n (Live) '14' * "Case 39" (2009)ReneeZellweger, Jodelle Ferland.Premiere SYFY 13 35 133 45 Total Blackout * * * "Interview With theVampire" (1994, Horror) TomCruise, Brad Pitt. InterviewWiththe Vampire TBN 205 60130 JosephPrince Hiffs Praise the Lord 'Y' « Live-Holy Land Behold the Man:Shroud of Turin Creflo Dollar 'G' From the Temple to theTomb ong TV SelnfeldTheApol Seinfeld n 'PG' «Seinfeld n 'PG' «Family Guy Family Family Guyn The Big Bang TheBigBang Men at Work The Big Bang Conan CharlesBarkley; Macklemore/ 'TBS 16 27 11 28 TheKlngof '14' « Queens n 'PG' ogy n 'PG' Gay '14' « Theory n '14' Theory n '14' (N) '14' Theory n 'PG' Ryan Lewis. (N)'14' « t ) *** "TheCom fs G"ee""(1945) * * * * How GreenWasMy Valley" (1941)Walter Pidgeon,MaureenO'Hara. A (9:15) *** "ProudValley" (1940)PaulRobeson. Singing (10:45) ** "Nowhere toGo"(1958) George Nader.Escaped TCM 101 44 101 29Bette 5'00 Davis. «(DVS) boy seeshis coal-miningfamily fall in circa-1900Wales. « stoker becomes Welsh coal-mine hero. swindler meetsdoomin England. *TLC 17 34 32 34 NYlnkFightorFlightn'14'« Worst Tattoos Worst Tattoos C asino Casino Worst Tattoos Worst Tattoos NY Ink New Kids on the Block '14' W o rst Tattoos Worst Tattoos NBA Basketball: NBA Basketball SanAntonio Spursat OklahomaCity Thunder FromChesapeake EnergyArenain Inside the NBA(N) (Live) cc Castle Last Call Abodyisfound in the Castle Nikki Heat Investigating a *TNT Bulls at Nets O k lahoma City. (N)(Live) cc East R>ver n PG « matchmaker's murder. 'PG' « *TOON 84 Adventure Time Regular Show Regular Show Annoying Incr edible Crew Regular Show KingoftheHiff KingoftheHiff AmericanDad AmericanDad FamilyGuy'14' FamilyGuy'14' *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Man v. Food 'G' Man v. Food 'G' Mysteries at the Museum'PG Mysteries at the Museum(N) 'PG' Mysteries at the Museum 'PG Mysteries at the Museum'PG TVLND 65 47 29 35 TheGoldenGirls TheGoldenGirls The GoldenGirls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls Love.Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond KingofQueens King ofQueens USA 15 30 23 30 NCISTwistedSistern'14'« NCIS Smoked n 'PG' cc Law I Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Psych A trip to thecircus. 'PG VH1 191 48 37 54 ** "You Gol Served"(2004)MarquesHouston,Omari Grandberry. n Wicked Single PahtyHahdah'14' M o b Wives Crazy Love '14' cc The Gossip Gamen '14 Master of the Mix n 'PG *A&E


*** "Gremlins"1984, FantasyZachGalligan. n 'PG' « 106 401 306401 (6:10) *** "TheBourneSupremacy" 2004 Matt Damon.'PG-13' « Frnds-Benefils (9:50) *** "Grem/ins 2:TheNewBatch" 1990n **"Alvin andtheChipmunks:TheSqueakque/"2009ZacharyLevi ** "Lostin Space"1998, ScienceFiction WiliamHurt, Mimi Rogers.'PG-13' « FXM Presents 104204104120(5:00)"Alvinandthe Chipmunks" 34 Best of PRIDEFighting UFC Unleashed(N) The Ultimate Fighter n '14 UFC Roundta ble UFC Roundtable UFC Tonight U FC Insider Be s t of PRIDE Fighting

Golf Central (N) 19th Hole (N) L PGA Tour Golf

28 301 27 301 Golf Central (N) PGA Tour Golf ValeroTexasOpen,First Round

HALL 66 33 175 33 Brady Bunch B r ady Bunch B r ady Bunch B r ady Bunch F r asier n 'PG' F rasier n 'PG' Frasier 'PG' Fra sier 'PG Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' HBO 425501 425501 REALSports PhilSpector" 2013, Docudrama Al Pacino. n « (6:45) ** "AnchormarnTheLegend of RonBurgundy" 2004'PG-13 Game of Thrones n 'MA' cc Real Sex Cathouse: Wel ***"Evil Dead 2"1987 BruceCampbell. 'R IFC 1 0 1 0 5 (5:00) *** "Poltergeist" 1982Craig T. Nelson (9:15) *** "EvilDead 2"1987, HorrorBruce Campbell. 'R Open Wafer 2:Adrift" 2006 'R' ** "FastFive" 2011, Action Vin Diesel, PaulWalker. n 'PG-13' cc MAX 400 508 508 (5:00)"Cieanskin"2012 'NR' cc (6:50) * "ChernohyfDiaries" 2012 (8:15) ** "Horrible Bosses"2011JasonBateman. n 'NR' cc NBCSN 27 58 30 209 Heads-Up Poker Heads-Up Poker 'PG The Crossover Pro Football Talk NHL Overtime Heads-Up Poker 'PG Heads-Up Poker 'PG Heads-UpPoker 'PG Wicked Tuna GoFish! '14 Wicked TunaBackin the Hunt'14' NGC 157 15 7 W i cked Tuna '14 Mudcats: Downand Dirty (N) '14' Wicked Tuna '14' Mudcats: Downand Dirty '14' NTOON 891151891150ddParents O d d Parents Ro b ot,Monster Robot,MonsterSpongeBob S p ongeBob T.U.F.F. Puppy T.U.F.F. Puppy Robot, Monster Robot, Monster Planet Sheenn Planet Sheenn

OUTD 37 30743 307 MajorLeague Fishing Bow Madness Ult. Adventures Bottom Feeders Cuddeback's The Crush Bon e Collector Hunt Masters A l aska Outdoors Trophy Hunt W i ld Skies **"TheNinthGate"1999,SuspenseJohnnyDepp,FrankLangella,LenaOlin.n 'R SHO 500 500 L e gally Blonde 2 "The * Three Musketeers" 2011MatthewMacFadyen. 'PG-13' « Gigolos n 'MA' Gigolos n 'MA' SPEED 35 303125303 Wrecked '14' W r ecked '14' Pi n ks '14' Pinks '14' Barrett-Jackson Automobile Auction Fromthe SouthFlorida ExpoCenter in PalmBeach, Florida. 'PG

** "Sparkle" 2012,DramaJordin Sparks. n 'PG-13' « *** "Open Range"2003,WesternRobertDuvall, Kevin Costner. n 'R' « STARZ 300408300408 (5:10) "Bringing Down theHouse" * Zookeeper *** "TheKing's Speech" 2010Colin Firth. n 'R' « *** "OctoberSky"1999, DocudramaJake Gyllenhaal. n 'PG' « TMC 525 525 (6:10) ** "TheBigEmpty"2003,ComedyJonFavreau.n 'R'« *WE

14 41 174118 Braxton Family Values (N)

Braxton Family Values

Braxton Family Values

Braxton Family Values

Tamar & VinceGagafor Gaga

Tamar & VinceModelWife


TV • PAGE 15 *In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead. /Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/Black Butte (Digital); PM-Prineville/Madras; SR-Sunriver; L-La Pine



c II


II Jeopardy! (N)n










Wheel of Fortune Happy Endings Happy Endings (N)(9:01) Shark TankGourmet meatbusi- (10:01) 20/20 n 'PG' « KATU Newsat11 (11:35) Jimmy 'Q' cc (N) n 'G' The Incident(N) «(DVS) Kimmel Live '14' (ABC) ness. (N) n 'PG' « (N)n cc Jeopardy! (N)n Wheel of Fortune Fashion Star It TakesTwoCreatingtwo Grimm Adefense attorney utilizes We- (10:01) Rock Center With Brian Wil NewsChannel 21 Tonight Show KTVZ O O O O NewsChannel 21 at 6 (N) cc 'Q' cc (N) n 'G' (NBC) separate garments.(N)'PG' sen wiles. (N)'PG' «(DVS) liams (N) n cc at11 (N) cc Wi t h Jay Leno Access HollywoodWho Wants toBe New Adventures 30 Rock n '14' «Undercover Boss FatburgerFatburger Vegas Little FishDixonfalls for Hol Blue Bloods Loss ofFaith Adevout KOINLocal6at11 Late ShowWith KBNZ (N) 'PG' a Millionaire o fOld Christine CEO AndyWiederhorn. (N) n David Letterman (CBS) lywoodstarlet Viola. (N) n '14' young womanis murdered. (N)'14' (N) cc omg! Insider (N) Happy Endings Happy Endings (N)(9:01) SharkTankGourmetmeatbusi- (10:01) 20/20 n 'PG' « KEZI 9 Newsat (11:35) Jimmy KOHD O O KEZI 9 News at KEZI 9 Newsat Entertainment Kimmel Live '14' (ABC) 6:00(N) « 6:30 (N) « Ton i ght (N) n cc The Incident(N) «(DVS) ness. (N) n 'PG' « 11:00 (N) cc The Big Bang The Big Bang Kitchen Nightmares Sam'sMediter Touch Two of aKind Jake usesthe News Channel 21 TMZ n 'PG' cc Family Guyn Family GuyLois KFXO iD< Q (Kf Q) Twoanda Half Two and aHalf '14' cc Men '14' cc Men '14' cc (FOX) Theory n 'PG' Theory n 'PG' raneanKabobRoom.n '14' cipher to findAmelia. (N) '14' « First on FOX hires a maid.'14' Washington Week BBC Newsnight Scott & Bailey Motherwhohas been Masterpiece Classic Mr. Selfridge: Part1 HarrySelfridge buildsdepartmentstore. KOAB ~ gy gy gy Trave)WithKids Nightly Business PBS NewsHour (N) nacc ' G ' cc (DVS) n 'G' (PBS) Report (N) « brutally raped. n 'PG' cc n (Part 1 of 8) 'PG'cc NewsChannel8 at NewsChannel8at Liveat7(N) cc Inside Edition (N) Fashion Star It TakesTwoCreatingtwo Grimm Adefense attorney utilizes We- (10:01) Rock Center With Brian Wil NewsChannel 8at TonightShow KGW 'PQ' cc 6:30PM(N) (NBC) 6PM (N) « separategarments. (N)'PG' sen wiles. (N)'PG' «(DVS) hams(N) n « 11(N) cc With Jay Leno That '70s Show n Seinfeld TheRe- Rules of Engage. Nikita Tipping Point Amutiny in Division Cult Suffer theChildrenJeff learnsabout Cops Indianapolis, Seinfeld TheNap Rules of Engage. That '70s Show n KTVZDT2 Q Q Q Q The King of '14' cc 'PG' cc venge 'PG' « m e nt '14' ment '14' Queens n 'PG leads to bloodshed.(N) '14' Sakelik's past. (N) '14' « Indiana 14 PG « (CW) OPBPL 175 173 S h irley Temple: Little Darling Mas t erpiece Contemporary David Hare's original spythriller. 'PG' « World News Tavis Smiley (N) Charlie Rose(N) n « PBS NewsHour n « KATU


KATU Newsat 6(N) n «


3 28 1 8 32 Storage 'PQ' cc Wars

Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars 'PQ' cc

'PQ' cc

'PQ' cc

'PQ' cc

'PQ' cc

Storage Wars 'PQ' cc

Storage Wars 'PQ' cc

Storage Wars 'PQ' cc

Storage Wars '14' cc

(11:01)Storage Wars 'PG' cc

(11:31) Storage

W a rs 'PG' cc

(5:30) *"Death WishV:TheFace ofDeath" (1994)Charles ** "TheLeagueof Extraordinary Gentlemen" (2003, Fantasy)Sean Connery,ShaneWest, Stuart The Walking Dead Thedefense of the (11:02) Freakshow (11:32) Freakshow 'AMC '14' cc '14' cc Bronson,Lesley-AnneDown. « Townsend.Literaryfigures unite tostop amadbomber. « prison.'MA' « *ANPL 68 50 2638 RiverMonster s:Unhooked n 'PG Tanked NeilPatrickHarris. n 'PG Tanked: Unfiltered n 'PG' cc Tanked(N) n 'PG' Tanked n 'PG'cc Tanked n 'PG' BRAVO 13 44 Re a l Housewives/Beverly Real Housewives/Beverly Housewives/OC ** "The Break-Up" (2006)VinceVaughn, Jennifer Aniston ** "The Break-Up" (2006) R e ba 'PG' cc True Blue: TenYears ** "Ace Ventura: PetDetective" (1994,Comedy) JimCarrey. n « CMT 190 32 42 53 Reba'PG' cc Re b a 'PG' cc Reba 'PG' cc Cops Reloaded Cops Reloaded CNBC 54 36 40 52 TheCarChasers American GreedWildWest Rip-Off Mad Money Treasure Detectives The CarChasers WEN HairCare Supersmile CNN 55 38 35 48 Piers MorganLive(N)(Live) Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront Piers MorganLive Anderson Cooper360 « Erin Burnett OutFront COM 13 53 135 47 (5:55) South Park (6:26) Tosh.0'14' Colbert Report Daily Show (7:57) Tosh.0 '14' (8:28) Tosh.0 '14' Workaholics '14' (9:29) Tosh.0 '14' Gabriel Iglesias: Hot and Fluffy '14' "There'sSomethingAbout Mary" COTV 11 Paid Program Kristi Miller Desert Cooking Oregon Joy of Fishing Journal Get Outdoors V i sions of NW The YogaShow The Yoga Show Kristi Miller Cit y Edition CSPAN 61 20 12 11 (5:00) Politics & Public Policy Today Politics & Public Policy Today 'DIS 87 43 14 39 Good-Charlie Dog With a Blog Good-Charlie Jessie 'G' « Jessie 'G' « (6:35) Jessie'G' Dog Witha Blog Dog With a Blog A.N.T. Farm 'G' Jessie (N) n 'G' Gravity Falls 'Y7' Phineas, Ferb *DISC 15 21 16 37 Yukan MenTOughChOiCeSn 'PG' YukOn Men FreSh BIOO YukonMen EelingandDealing'PG' d 'PG' cc Yu k On Men: ReVealed (N) n 'PG' Y u kOn Men EelingDeal anding 'PG Bering SeaGold(N) n '14' cc *E! 13 25 The Soup Soup Awards '14 E! News(N) Playing With Fire (N)'14 Fashion Police '14 Fashion Police (N)'14' Chelsea Lately E! News ESPN 21 23 2223 NBABasketbaff :ThunderatPacers NBA Basketball HoustonRockets at Portland Trail Blazers(N) (Live) SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc SportsCenter (N)(Live) cc ESPN2 22 24 21 24 Boxing FridayNightFights(N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) s« s NBA Tonight(N) Futbol Mexicano Primera Division ESPNC 23 25 123 25 FridayNightLights'PG' cc 30 for 30 30 for 30 The Fab Five cc H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Li te Ex H-Lite Ex. H-Lite Ex. ESPNN 24 63 124203 SportsCenter (N) (Live) « SportsCenter (N)(Live) « ESPNFCPress H-Lite Ex. ***"TheMummy"(1999,Adventure)BrendanFraser,RachelW eisz,JohnHannah. FAM 67 29 19 41 **"PrinceofPersia:TheSandsofTime"(2010)JakeGyllenhaal,GemmaArterton The 700 Club n 'PG' « FNC 57 61 36 50 Hannity(N) On Record, GretaVanSusteren The O'Reiffy Factor cc Hannity On Record, GretaVanSusteren The Five *FOOD 17 62 98 44 Diners, Drive Diners, Drive Restaurant: Impossible McShane's Diners, Drive Diners, Drive D i ners, Drive D i ners, Drive D i ners, Drive D i ners, Drive Diners, Drive Diners, Drive ** "TheGreenHornet" (2011,Action) Seth Rogen, Jay Chou,CameronDiaz ** "Tron: Legacy"2010) ( FX 131 How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met Jeff Bridges,Olivia Wilde HGTV 17 49 33 43 Hunters Int'I H un t ers Int'I Hunters Int'I Hunters Int'I Outrageous Bathrooms 'G' cc Flea Market Flip Flea Market Flip House Hunters Hunters Int'I Flea Market Flip Flea Market Flip *HIST 15 42 41 36 AmericanPickers'PG' cc American Pickers 'PG' cc American Pickers 'PG' cc American Pickers Boys'Toys 'PG American Pickers YouBetcha'PG' (11:02) AmericanPickers 'PG LIFE 13 39 20 31 Hoarders'PG' « Hoarders 'PG' cc Hoarders 'PG' cc Hoarders 'PG' cc Hoarders 'PG' cc (11:01) Project Runway'PG' cc MSNBC 59 59 128 51 The Rachel MaddowShow (N) LockuP: RawLOL„,JK Lockup: RawTheThin Line Lockup: SantaRosa Lockup: SantaRosa Lockup: SantaRosa MTV 192 22 38 57 Made FashionStylist Alyssa'PG Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness Ridiculousness ** "Jackass 3.5" (2011,Comedy)JohnnyKnoxvile, BamMargera. n NICK 82 46 24 40 SpongeBob S p o ngeBob Teenage Mut. Teenage Mut. Teenage Mut. Teenage Mut Fuff House 'G' Fuff House'G' TheNanny'PG' The Nanny'PG' Friendsn 'PG' Friends 'PG' Police Women of Dallas '14' cc Police Womenof Dallas (N) n '14 Police Womenof Dallas n '14' Police Womenof Dallas '14' « Poli ce Women of Dallas n '14 OWN 161 103 31 103 Police Women of Broward County PAC12 47 310310310 Women's College Lacrosse College Volleyball LongBeachState at USC The12 Best College Basketball: Pac-12Tournament College Basketball Oregonat OregonState SPIKE 132 31 34 46 Gangland GangstaKilers n '14' Urban Tarzan n Urban Tarzan n ** "The Expendable(2010, s" Action) Sylvester Stallone, JasonStatham,Jet Li. n Urban Tarzan n Beffator MMALive n '14' SYFY 13 35 133 45 *"Case 39"(2009) ReneeZellweger, Jodelle Ferland. Premiere WWE Friday Night SmackDown! (N) n « RobotCombatLeagueKickingBot Being Human TBN 205 60 130 The Harvest Ever Increasing Live From Holy Land Creflo Dollar 'G' Case for Christ's Resurrection Pe r ry Stone Pra ise the Lord 'Y' cc ** "DueDate" (2010,Comedy)RobertDowneyJr. Premiere. A high-strung man The Office The Are WeThereYet? The King of Seinfeld TheStrike Seinfeld TheJunior Seinfeld The Family GuyFOX-y Family Guyn 'TBS 'PG' 'PQ' cc '14' « Queens n 'PG Mint 'PG' Couch n 'PG' Lady '14' « takes a roadtrip with anannoying stranger. «(DVS) Carpet '14' « *** "Stella Dallas" (1937,Drama)BarbaraStanwyck, JohnBoles. Aclassic story *** "Penny Serenade" (1941,Drama) IreneDunne, Cary Grant, Beulah Bondi. A (11:15) *** "BacheforMother" (1939) (5:00) *** "Mildred pi e rce" (1 945) TCM 01 44 101 29 Joan Crawford. «(DVS) of a mother's loveandsacrifice for her daughter. « Ginger Rogers. « youngcoupledecidetoadoptababy.« *TLC 17 34 32 34 Say Yes: Bride Say Yes: Bride Say Yes: ATL Say Yes: ATL Four Weddings: Unveiled (N)'PG Say Yes: ATL Say Yes: ATL Borrowed, New Borrowed, New Say Yes: ATL Say Yes: ATL The Mentalist PinkTops Theteamlooks The Mentalist The Redshirt Investigating ** "Clashof the Titans" (2010, Fantasy)Sam Worthington,LiamNeeson. Per Dallas Let MeIn A conspiracy emerges. Monday Mornings SungandTina dis *TNT '14' cc for a cop killer. n '14' « a car explosion. '14' « seus, son ofZeus,embarks onadangerous journey. «(DVS) agree. '14' « *TOON 84 Adventure Time Regular Show Regular Show Regular Show Cartoon Planet 'G King of the Hill King of the Hill American Dad American Dad Family Guy '14' Family Guy '14 *TRAV 17 51 45 42 Bizarre Foods/Zimmern Man v. Food 'G' Manv.Food'G Ghost Adventures 'PG' « GhostAdventures 'PG'« The DeadFiles (N) 'PG' « The Dead Files 'PG' « TVLND 65 47 29 35 The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The Golden Girls The GoldenGirls The Golden Girls Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond Love-Raymond KingofQueens King ofQueens USA 15 30 23 30 Law&Order:SpecialyictimsUnit L aw&Order: SpecialyictimsUnit Law 8 Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Law & Order: Special Victims Unit CSE Crime SceneInvestigation n ** "Austin Powers in Go/dmember"(2002, Comedy)MikeMyers. n *"BlackSheep"(1996, Comedy)Chris Farley, DavidSpade. n VH1 191 48 37 54 Mob WivesCrazyLove'14' cc SNL RemembersChris Farley ** "XXX: Stateof the Union" 2005 IceCube. « TheEnforcer 'R' (9:45) * "JackandJil" 2011, ComedyAdamSandler. n 'PG' « FXM Presents * " A/I About Steve"2009 Sandra Bullock. 'PG-13' « ** "LivingOufLoud" 1998'R' " 27 Dresses" 2008 Katherine Heigl, JamesMarsden. 'PG-13' « 34 (5:00) UFC:Munozvs. Weidman UFC: Struve vs. Miocic UFC Fight Night 28 301 27 301 Golf Central (N) PGA Tour Golf ValeroTexasOpen,SecondRound Golf Central (N) 19th Hole (N) L PGA Tour Golf HALL 66 33 175 33 Brady Bunch B r ady Bunch B r ady Bunch B r ady Bunch "Return foNim's Island" (2013) Bindi Irwin, TobyWallace. « Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' Frasier n 'PG' HBO 425 501 425501 * "Something Borrowed" 2011 Ginnifer Goodwin. n 'PG 13' cc ** "The Change-Up" 2011, ComedyRyanReynolds. n 'R' cc Real TimeWith Biff Maher (N)'MA' VICE (N) n 'MA' Real/Bill Maher *** "Thirteen" 2003, Drama'R IFC 1 0 1 0 5 (5:00) ** "The CableGuy"1996 O u t There '14' A r r ested Dev. ** "M eatballs"1979, ComedyBil Murray, Chris Makepeace.'PG Out There '14' Arrested Dev. MAX 400 508 508 (5:40) ** "Flight of the Phoenix"2004 'PG-13' « (7:35) ** "Rambo:First BloodPart ii" 1985 n 'R (9:15) ** "Rambo iii"1988 SylvesterStallone. Premiere. n 'R' cc The JumpOff Sex Games Can. NBCSN 27 58 30 209 (5:30) World Seriesof Fighting2 The Crossover Pro Football Talk NHL Overtime Red Buff Signature Series 'PG RedBuffSignature Series 'PG' NGC 157 157 (5:00) AmericaBeforeColumbus StonehengeDecoded:Revealed America BeforeColumbus'PG StonehengeDecoded:Revealed Secret Yellowstone'G' NTOON 89 115189115 Avatar: Air. Ava t ar: Air. Alien Dawn(N) n 'PG' « Avatar: Air. Ava tar: Air. Ava t ar: Air. Ava t ar: Air. Alien Dawn n 'PG' « Planet Sheenn Planet Sheenn OUTD 37 307 43 307 Arrow Affliction Your Weapon Best Defense E l ite Tactical Unit TheCrucible Mid way USA's Wardens Operation Grizzly Bear Impossible Eli t e Tactical Unit The Crucible Shooting USA ** "The TwilightSaga:BreakingDawnPari 1" 2011Kristen Stewart ** "Bei Ami" 201Robert 2 Pattinson. n 'R' acc SHO 500 500 30 Days in May'MA House of Lies (5:05) *** "Fright Night"2011 SPEED 35 303125303 NASCARRacing SPEED Center Faster Than F a ster Than Ba r rett-Jackson Automobile Auction From the SouthFlorida ExpoCenter in PalmBeach, Florida. 'PG STARZ 300408300408 AmazingSpdr (645)**"JohnCarter"2012, ScienceFiction Taylor Kitsch. n 'PG13' « Spartacus: War of the Damned(N) Spartacus: War of the Damned n Spartacus: War of the Damned n *** "FairGame" 2010,DramaNaomi Watts. n 'PG-13' « ** "DriveAngry" 2011,Action NicolasCage. n 'R' « TMC 525 525 (5:30) * "Apollo 18" 2011'PG-13' Direct Contact" 2009 n 'R *WE 14 41 174118(5:00) *** "Working *** "Big"1988, FantasyTomHanks, Elizabeth Perkins, Robert Loggia. 'PG CSE MiamiMoneyfor Nothing'14' C SE Miami Wannabe n '14' cc Girl" 1988 Melanie Griffith. 'R ENCR FMC FUEL GOLF

106401 306401(6:10) ** "Cars 2"2011,ComedyVoices ofOwenWilson. n 'G' «

104204104120 FXMPresents * *

PAGE 16 • TV


ew .. . •




• •

~e~iening 1. y


• g

I •

• e,ee~QnQne' e. On Sonda J',Aprnl, 'Browse,BidAnd Bu TheseAndothet Greg, Agcbo

NE Bend

snas e

tll Ij . I '

«m««om«nem •• I«m«e • •









— n,'b




One Round of Golf with Cart

6-Mo.SingleGym Membership

$225 Powder Coating Certificate

Lot 27 at Yarrow in

New'11 RiverHawk


Pro V12 Boat

Elite FitnessBoot CampCertificate

EuropeanRiver Cruise forTwo














CommerciaPowder l Coating

Sun ForestConstruction

All Seasons RV &Marine

Elite Fitness


Widgi CreekGolf Club








4-Nights inOceanfront Double Queen

4-Course Dinner for Six

Kayak Package














Fireside Motel

Pine Tavern


Wanderlust Tours


Athletic Club of Bend

Pro Golfof Bend

Bend Brew Bus Tour for Ten







1-Year Family Non- Instructional GolPackage f Tennis Membership Private Lessons RETAIL VALLIE: $200

*Minimum 60% Reserve

• •

/ • j

I e


PeP r



Bulletin Daily Paper 03-30-13  

The bulletin Daily print edition for Saturday March 30, 2013

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