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SATURDAY October 27,2012

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• $40,000 pledge means BoysBtGirls Clijb'5 Ariel Unit can stayopen By Joseph Ditzler The Bulletin

Dan Shelfer barely contained his relief Friday morning, describing his escape from loomi ng unemployment, but a l so contemplating the work ahead.


Shelfer, 28, discovered that the impending closure of the Boys & Girls Club at 1707 S.E. Tempest Drive, Bend, is staved

The Bank of the Cascades committed Thursday to helping the Ariel Unit stay open in the face ofdeclining revenue. The off until spring 2013 by a pledge club serves a low- to middle-inof about $40,000 to keep its come neighborhood ofworking doors open and lights on. and single-parent families some-

times struggling to stay afloat. "The Boys 8 Girls Club at that particular address has been a huge boon for those parents, a huge support for them," said Thiel Larson, of Bend, a former teacher who works with an unrelated after-school program on Thurston Street. See Ariel /A4

By Steven Greenhouse New Yorh Times News Service

race goes negatwe with ads The Bulletin

CHOMPING THEIR WAY THROUGH A PAC-MAN MAZE l~~~~-:"-:Li-Il "'.:!'i A ~ f~l j; e4'„I'f '' Itt

included urging employ-

ii./p,ri j f

ees to support specific politicians. But the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision has freed companies from those restrictions, and now severalmajor companies have sent letters or information packets to their

tl4 .: ~" c,

<,'l<~ P g It)~~II

'aat 'kl,,I" ir'ta' T,.- u~ I '



'i <> 4


employeessuggestingand sometimes explicitly recommending — how they should vote. In these letters, the executives complain about the costsofoverregulation, the health care overhaul and possible tax increases. Some letters warn that if President Barack Obama is re-elected, the company could be harmed, potentially jeopardizing jobs. David Siegel, 77, chief executive of Westgate Resorts, a major timeshare company, wrote to his 7,000 employees, saying that if Obama won, the prospect of higher taxes could hurt the company's future. "The economy doesn't currently pose a threat to your job. What does threaten your job, however, is another fouryears ofthe same presidential administration," Siegel wrote. "If any new taxes are levied on me, or my company, as our current president plans, I will have no choice but to reduce the size of this company." See Employers /A4






",a% Tvl t I"

-f ,®~i

, $ r Ir'J.~ ,~ C l'

Ryan Brennecke/The Bulletin

Allison DeRoo, 12, laughs as she checks the map with her sister Gayle DeRoo, 19, after hitting a dead end in the corn maze at The Central Oregon Pumpkin Company in Terrebonne Friday. The maze is open Friday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 7p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m . An aerial photo, left, reveals the maze's Pac-Man theme. The photo was shot in September, and the Submitted photo by Nic Anthony


Beer taps Igve lnslght into Tigers,Giantsfans By Jason Dearen and Mike Householder

Inside • Vogelsong's journey to starting

The Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO — While the Fall Classic between the San Francisco Giants and Detroit Tigers pits clubs from two very different cities, the distinctive style and taste of each team's partisans also pours through the beer taps at their ball yards. In a trendy, gourmet foodand-drink obsessed place such as San Francisco, a generic "cold beer" at AT8 T Park often doesn't cut the mustard as a companion to the stadium's pungent garlic

O~P We userecycled newsprint

in the World Series,D1

fries or a Caribbean-style concoction called the ChaCha Bowl. Revelers can choose between 56 different beers inside the waterfront ballpark. At Thursday's Game 2, hundreds of Giants fans waited in a long line to get into an adjoiningballpark bar that sells dozens of craft brews. See Beer /A7


Vol. 109, No. 301,

88267 02329


By Lauren Dake

Imagine getting a letter from the boss, telling you how to vote. Until 2010, federal law barred companies from using corporate money to promote political candidates — and that




Bsec t ions

maze appears to have no obvious exit.

SALEM — In the race for Oregon House District 54, incumbent Jason Conger and his challenger Nathan Hovekamp can agree on one issue: neither like negative ads. But that hasn't stopped them from slinging allegations across the airwaves. "This is the kind of misleading garbage that is undermining voter's ability to have a true picture of what people do stand for," Conger said of one of Hovekamp's ads. To which Hovekamp responded: "It's astonishing to me that (Conger's campaign) has run and bought that much air time devoted to negative comments about me." The two ads that have sparked the most debate between the candidates center on education. In the ads supporting Conger, paid for by the House Republican's political action committee, Hovekamp is attacked for "wasting $40,000 on a national search for a new superintendent" only to hire the Bend-La Pine's deputysuperintendent. With ominous music in the background, the narrator said Hovekamp, a Democrat, went on to "try and raise our taxes" and "then he quit the school board, walked out of the meeting, didn't say aword." It's well documented that while Hovekamp was serving on the board of the Bend-La Pine School District, the board conducted a nationwide search that cost about $40,000. See Ads/A7

Satellite lossesmay hamper forecasts By John H. Cushman Jr. New Yorlr Times News Service


WASHINGTON — The United States is facing a year or more without crucial satellites that provide invaluable data for predicting storm tracks,a resultofyearsofm ismanagement, lack of financing and delays in launching replacements, according to several recent official reviews. The looming gap in satellite coverage, which some experts view as almost certain to occur within the next few years, could result in shaky forecasts about storms like Hurricane Sandy, which is expected to hit the East Coast early next week. The endangered satellites fly pole-to-pole orbits and cross the Equator in the afternoon,

• U.S. prepares as Hurricane Sandy approaches,A3 P

NOAA viaNew York Times News Service

A satellite image shows Hurricane Sandyoff the coast of Florida on Friday. A year or more without crucial satellites could result in shaky forecasts for storms like Hurricane Sandy. scanning the entire planet one strip at a time. Along with orbiters on other timetables, they areamong the most effective tools used to pin down the

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paths of major storms about five days ahead. All this week, forecasters have been relying on such satellites for almost all of the

TODAY'S WEATHER Possible showers High 54, Low 45

Page GS

data needed to narrow down what were at first widely divergentcomputer models of what Hurricane Sandy would do next: explode against the coast, or veer away into the open ocean? Right on schedule, the fiveday models began to agree on the likeliest answer. By Friday afternoon, the storm's center was predicted to approach Delaware on Monday and Tuesday, with powerful winds, torrential rains and dangerous tides ranging over hundreds of miles. See Satellites/A7

TOP NEWS MYANMAR: Dozens die as

Buddhists, Muslims clash, A3







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I t's Saturday, Oct. 27, the 301st day of 2012. There are 65 days left in the year.

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IN HISTORY Highlights:In1787, the first o

f Bra z il in a runoff, becoming

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President Barack Obama has rallied college students at dozens of campuses, touted his record on student aid and needled Republicanchallenger Mitt Romney for advising students to "borrow money if you have to from your parents." Romney counters that despite the flood of federal financial aid unleashed during Obama's term, college costs and student debt have only grown. The debate over rising college tuition is a microcosm of the broader debate over the economy: Obama argues he's taken bold steps that minimized the damage of adeep recession and will build for the future. Romney says the president's b i g -government interventions have backfired, and more private-sectorsolutions are needed. Here are some questions — and answers — about the complicated landscape of college costs and the presidential



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Seattle Seahawks, who won, 17-14.

In1938, Du Pont announced

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Five years agn:Despite significant dissent in the ranks, United Auto Workers members

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show on NBC.) In1962, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, a U-2

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The Associated Press file photo

Students walk across campusat the University of Vermont in Burlington, Vt. The sticker price of in-state tuition at four-year public universities climbed about $400 this fall, an increase of nearly 5 percent that brought the average to $8,655. neled back into other student aid programs. A new incomebased repayment p r ogram caps loan repayments for 1.1 million recent borrowers at 15 percent of discretionary income and forgives their debts after 25 years. The program will soon become a 10 percent cap and forgivenessafter 20

• W hat's h a p pened t o • c ollege c o s ts un d e r years. Obama'? Romney says the increased • They've gone up — a aid from Washington is driv• lot, at least at four-year ing up prices, arguing in a schools. Since the 2008-09 ac- campaign position paper the ademic year in which he took president "returns over and office, the average public four- over again to the old liberal year college has increased its playbook that has driven up tuition list price 26 percent (be- tuition rates for decades." yond overall inflation). That's an increase of about $1,800, What did Romney do to $8,655, according to figures • about college costs as released Wednesday by the governor of Massachusetts? College Board. However, costs • Romney has touted the have been going up since long • J ohn and A b igail A d before Obama took office, and ams scholarship that started his term coincided with un- when he was governor, offerprecedented college funding ing top Massachusetts pubcuts by the states, which are lic high school students free spending 26 percent less per tuition at state universities. A student on higher education recent Harvard study argues than five years ago. the program steered students Largely because of a mas- to colleges where they were sive increase in federal aid less likely to graduate, and under Obama, the net pricemay have confusedrecipients what the average student pays by promising "free tuition" after accounting for grants but not covering mandatory and tax credits — has gone fees, which are much higher up considerably less than the than tuition at Massachusetts sticker price. The net price is colleges. The report found the $2,910 this year, or $570 more award is much less than simithan the year he took office. At lar state scholarships in places community colleges, aid cov- like Georgia and California. ers on average all costs. What would Romney do • Can e i t her c a n didate • as president? • He's pledged to reverse • do anything about the increasing prices colleges are • Obama's "nationalization" of th e federal student charging? B oth say t h e y'll t r y . loan market and return pri• Obama has proposed a vate lenders to the process. He $1 billion "Race to the Top"- wants to consolidate what he style contest to reward states calls "duplicative" student aid for reforms, and said he could programs but hasn't specified cut off aid t o c olleges that which ones. don't take steps to improve Romney education adviser productivity. He's called for Phil Handy, in a recent debate working with the states to cut with an Obama counterpart, tuition inflation in half within called the income-based re10 years. A Romney campaign paymentprogram a "creeping paper says Washington will no entitlement" but the campaign longer write a "blank check to has not said publicly whether universities to reward their tu- or how he would reform it. (A ition increases" and to support recent New America Foundaschools pursuing new models tion calls for reforms to the to drive down costs. program so its benefits will But the debate mostly con- be less weighted to h igher cernsthe enormous mix offed- earners). eralaid programs forstudents, which will disburse about $175 • What about tax credits? billion this year in the form of grants and loans. Obama wants to extend • the A m e rican O p porWhat's Obama's record tunity Tax Credit, which pro• on student aid? vides about 10 million families • O bama c a n r igh t l y a tax refund of up to $2,500 for • claim he's transformed tuition, fees and course materithe federal financial aid sys- als. Romney's tax plan would tem. Partly that means more allow that credit to expire and money — Washington is on revert to the old HOPE tax track to disburse almost $50 credit, which is less generous billion more this year than to students and less expensive in 2008-09. Spending on Pell for the government. Unlike Grants for l ow-income stuHOPE, the AOTC is partly dents has nearly doubled to refundable, meaning low-inabout $35 billion, supporting come students can b enefit about 10 million students, up even if they don't owe taxes. from 6 million when he took Some education finance exoffice, and h e s u ccessfully perts have criticized the AOTC, pushed Congress to postpone arguing other programs chana scheduled doubling of the nel benefits more effectively to interest rate o n s u bsidized the neediest students. Obama Stafford loans. campaign p o l ic y di r e ctor But he's also made struc- James Kvaal counters it's imtural changes. Obama stopped portant to help middle-class s ubsidizing banks t o m a k e families afford college as well student loans, and now almost as the low-income students all student loans come directly who use Pell Grants. from the government. Much of the estimated $60 billion in What i s t h e p r oblem savings over 10 years is chan• with Pell Grant funding






and what will the candidates do about it? • Pell is the main college • aid program for low-income students. The awards are given on a sliding scale, and only about one-third of recipients receive the maximum

shot down while flying over Cuba, killing the pilot, U.S. Air Force Maj. Rudolf Anderson Jr. In 1971, the Democratic

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two-year debt crisis, agreeing to have banks take bigger losses on Greece' sdebtsandto boost the region's weaponsagainst

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market turmoil.


BIRTHDAYS Baseball Hall-of-Famer and

director Roberto Benigni is

sportscaster Ralph Kiner is 90. Actress Ruby Dee is 88.

60. World Golf Hall of Famer Patty Sheehan is 56. Internet

(currently $5,550). Typically

Actor-comedian JohnCleese

those who get the maximum are the very poorest students (more than 90 percentcome from families earning under

news editor Matt Drudge is 46. Actress-singer Kelly Osbourne

Tallent (Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band) is 63. Actor-

is 73. Rock musician Garry

is 28. — From wire reports

$30,000). Congress has e ssentially laid out a s chedule of Pell awards where the maximum rises to $ 6,030 i n c o ming years, but hasn't provided full funding for that commitment. There's ashortfallaveraging roughly $8 billion annually starting in 2014. Obama's latest budget proposal calls for filling the immediate shortfall, partly through redirected savings, and working with Congress on a long-term fix. But he doesn't propose tightening eligibility requirements. Romney said during the second debate he wants to keep Pell "growing." But a Romney campaign papercalls for "refocusing" Pell on the neediest to preserve its financial viability. Handy, the Romney education adviser, said Pell Grants need to be "radically fixed." In short, Romney's campaign has made it i n creasingly clear he's talking about keeping the maximum Pell on track for its scheduled increase, but limiting eligibility or l owering awards for those who get less than the maximum — currently about 6 .5 mi llion s t udents w h o typically come from families earning $30,000-$50,000 annually. If Romney ever signed into law the House budget of his running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan of W i s consin, m ore than 1 million students could be on track to lose their Pell Grant eligibility over the next decade, according to an analysis by The Education Trust, a non-partisan Washington, D.C.-based policy and advo-

cacy group.


Mayor of Bend, 1991, 2009, 2010 Bend City Councilor, 22 years Rotary Club of Bend, President 09 — 10 Bend Sister City Foundation, Non-Profit, Founder Bend-La Pine Public Schools, Human Resources Deschutes County Field Representative, US Senator Ron Wyden I






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FDA reports substandard conditions

at pharmacy

a n mar Berlusconi

OZenS ieinCaS in By Mark Magnier Los Angeles Times

Y ANGON, Myanm a r — More than 60 people have been killed and thousands of houses burned as ethnic and religious violence in western Myanmar intensifies, according to news reports and community activists. Violence between ethnic

Rakhine Buddhists and ethnic Rohingya Muslims reportedly has spread to at least four townships over recent days, with the government struggling to restore order by imposing dusk-to-dawn curfews in some areas and stepping up security. It's not f u ll y c l ear w h at sparked the most recent

round of attacks that started Sunday. The death toll itself was also murky, with officials initially reporting Friday that 112 had been killed, but later scaling back the number to 67. One thing that is clear, however, is the distrust between the two c o mmunities goes back decades. Myanmar's es-

timated 800,000 Muslim Rohingya are officially stateless, with many among the Buddhist majority viewing them as illegal immigrants from

neighboring Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi government has refused since 1992 to grant them citizenship. The Rohingya say they've lived in Myanmar for generations.

By Sabrina Tavernise and Andrew Pollack New York Times News Service

W ASHINGTON — A f ederal inspection o f a company w hose t a inted pain medicine has caused one of th e w orst public health drug disasters since the 1930s found greenishyellow residue on sterilization equipment, surfaces coated with levels of mold and bacteria that exceeded the company's own envir onmental limits and a n a ir-conditioner that w a s shut off nightly, despite the importance of controlling temperature and humidity. The findings, made public Friday by the Food and Drug Administration, followed a report from Massachusetts regulators Tuesday and offered disturbing new details in an emerging portrait of what went wrong inside the New E ngland Compounding Center, the pharmacy at the heart of a national meningitis outbreak in which 25 people have died, 313 more have fallen ill and as many as 14,000 people are believed to have been exposed. Instead o f pr o d ucing tailor-made drugs for individual patients, as the law allowed,the company had turned into a major drugmaker that supplied some of the m ost p r estigious hospitals in th e c ountry, including ones a f f iliated with Harvard, Yale and the Mayo Clinic, all with minimal oversight from federal regulators. F ederal o f f icials a l s o drew a t tention t o t he c ompany's proximity t o a recycling plant w here excavators a n d fr e i g ht t rucks heaped ol d m a ttresses, plastics and other materials, generating large amounts of dust. The plant, w hich is owned by o n e of thesame people as the pharmacy, has not always complied with regulations and has drawn complaints, a ccording to r e cords i n Framingham, Mass., where the company is located.

Bombing, battles mar Syria cease-fire By Ahmed Ramadan The Washington Post

BEIRUT — A car bomb, shelling and gu n b attles marred a tenuous truce that went into effect in Syria on Friday, calling into question whether a four-day holiday cease-fire brokered by the United Nations can endure. The day started out more calmly than usual, suggesting that both the government and the rebelswere making at least some effort to keep their promises to give Syrians a respite from the relentless violence engulfing the country for the duration of the Muslim Eid al-Adha holiday. Many citizens took advantage of the morning lull to stage anti-government demonstrations around the country, surging onto the streets in a reminder of the initially peaceful start to the 19-month old revolt against President Bashar al-Assad's rule. But by nightfall, the reports of v i olence began piling up, casting doubt on w hether either side w as serious about observing a cease-fire.

East Coastprepares or rare'megastorm' By Brock Vergakis and Wayne Parry The Associated Press

DUCK, N.C. — A year after being walloped by Hurricane Irene, residents rushed to put away boats, harvest crops and sandbag boardwalks Friday as the Eastern Seaboard bracedfora rare "megastorm" that experts said would cause much greater havoc. Hurricane Sandy, moving north from t h e C a ribbean, was expected to make landfall Monday night near the Delaware coast, then hit two winter weather systems as it moves inland, creating a hybrid monster storm that could bring nearly a foot of r ain, high winds and up to 2 feet of snow. Experts said the storm would be wider and stronger than last year's Irene, which caused more than $15 billion in damage, and could rival the worst East Coast storm on record. O fficials di d n o t m i n c e words, telling people to be prepared for several days without electricity. Jersey Shore beach towns began issuing voluntary evacuations and p r otecting boardwalks. Atlantic Beach casinos made c o ntingency plans to close, and officials ad-






Malcolm Denemark / Flonda Today

Beachgoers venture out to the end of a causewayin Cocoa Beach, Fla., as the outer bands of Hurricane Sandy hit the area Friday. vised residents of flood-prone areas to stay with family or be ready to leave. "Be forewarned," said Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy. "Assume that you will be in the midst of flooding conditions, the likes of which you may not have seen at any of the major storms that have oc-

curred over the last 30 years." The storm t h reatened to hit two weeks before Election Day, while several states were heavily involved in campaigning, canvassing and get-outthe-vote efforts. Republican p residential n o m inee M i t t Romney and Vice President Joe Biden b o t h c a n celed

weekend campaign events in coastal Virginia Beach, Va., though their events in other parts of the states were going on as planned. After I rene l ef t m i l l ions without power, utilities were taking no chances and were lining up e x tr a c rews and tree-trimmers.

Nanny is auused of killing 2 children By David B. Caruso and Meghan Barr The Associated Press

NEW YORK — The nightmarish case of a nanny accused of stabbing to death t wo children i n h e r c a r e stunned the family's well-todo neighborhood and caused legions of parents to wonder how well they know who is watching their kids. The nanny, Yoselyn Ortega, lay in cr itical condition Friday with what police said w ere s e l f -inflicted kn i f e wounds, an d i n v estigators were unable to question her, in part because she was still breathing with the help of a tube. Her motive an d m e ntal state remained a mystery, authorities said, and no charges were filed. On T h u r sday e v e n ing, the children's mother, Marina Krim, took her 3-yearold daughter home from a swim lesson to find her other youngsters, ages 2 and 6, dy-

ing of knife wounds in the bathtub of their Upper West Side apartment near Central Park. Ortega then turned the blade on herself, police said. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the investigation has yet to reveal anything amiss in the household before the slayings. Police were looking i nto whether Ortega, a 50-yearold naturalized U.S. citizen who had worked for the family for two years, had recently sought psychiatric help. Detectives were searching her home in Washington Heights, a w o rking-class neighborh ood north o f w h e r e s h e worked and near Harlem. If there was tension bet ween the n anny an d t h e Krims, it didn't show on a Web journal kept by the children's mother. Marina Krim spoke lovingly in one entry about traveling to the Dominican Republic last February to stay for several days at the home of Ortega's sister.

Investigation of BBChost the 1980s. New York Times News Service The case could not be purLONDON — A s s e x u al sued forlack of evidence, the abuse accusations multiplied officer is reported to have said, against Jimmy Savile, one of and the police said they were Britain's best-known t elevi- looking for the case file. But it sion hosts before his death last joined others in a tally of seven complaints against Savile that year, attention turned Friday to clues of any misconduct that the police had investigated and had been ignored, overlooked then dropped. or brushed aside while he was The complaints are bound alive. to deepen questions about One of the most recent epi- why senior managers at the sodes to come to light, the po- BBC, Savile's employer for delice said, involved a retired of- cades, failed to take such inficer who revealed that he in- dications into account when, vestigated an accusation that in December, they prepared Savile had attacked a woman Christmas season tributes to in his trailer at the British him two months after he died Broadcasting Corp. studios in at 84.

fraud case By Rachel Donadio New York Times News Service

R OME — A c o ur t i n Milan c o nvicted f o rmer Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of tax fraud Friday and sentenced him to four years in prison. Berlusconi is also currently on t rial over charges that he paid for sex with an underage prostitute. He has denied the accusation. The ruling was Berlusconi's fourth lower-court conviction, and the first since he stepped down as prime minister in November, after years in which his personal legal battles often eclipsed the work of his government. His four-year sentence was reduced to one year under a law aimed at reducing prison overcrowding. Besides being a blow to Berlusconi personally, the ruling comes at a time when his center-right party is unraveling and Italy is in the throes of the most dramatic political transition since the early 1990s, when he first came to power. It was just two days ago that he announced that he would not lead his party in Italy's next elections. "It's without a doubt a political sentence, the way so many other trials invented against me have been political," Berlusconi said after Friday's ruling, calling in to a news program on a channel he owns. A l awyer f o r B e r lusconi said the former prime minister would appeal the ruling.

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Employers Continued from A1 In an interview, Siegel said he was not ordering his employees to vote his way. "There's no way I can pressure anybody," he said. "I'm not in the voting booth with them." Siegel added: "I really wanted them to know how I felt four more years under President Obama was going to affect them. It would be no different from telling your children: 'Eat your spinach. It's good for

you.'" Dave Robertson, the president of Koch Industries, sent an information packet and letter this month to more than 30,000 employees ofa subsidiary, Georgia-Pacific, a paper and pulp company. The letter warned that government subsidiesfor "a few favored cronies" would "put unprecedented regulatory burdens on businesses." The letter added, "Many of our more than 50,000 U.S. employees and contractors may suffer the consequences, in-

cluding higher gasoline prices, runaway inflation and other ills." T he G eorgia-Pacific l e t ter, first reported by In These Times, included a flier listing several candidates endorsed by the Koch brothers, the conservative billionaires, beginning with M it t R omney, as well as opinion articles that the brothers had written. Travis McKinney, a forklift driver for Georgia-Pacific in Portland, said the company's political packet had spurred widespread discussion. "It leaves a b a d t a ste," McKinney said. "I won't even wear my Obama pin to work because of the mailer." Other c ompanies w h ose top executives have sent out anti-Obama l etters i n clude Rite-Hite, a manufacturer of industrial equipment based in Milwaukee, and ASG Software Solutions, based in Naples, Fla. Many corporate executives say they have stepped up their political activities to counter organized labor's efforts on behalf of Obama and other Democrats. Even before Citizens United, unions were allowed to promote candidates to their members. Democrats a nd Republicans alike a c knowledged the effectiveness of labor's political efforts. Romney has himself urged business owners to appeal to their employees. In a conference call in June organized by the National Federation of Independent Business, he said, "I hope you make it very clear to your employees what you

Ariel Continued from A1 The Ariel U nit p r i marily serves the families that live in the 167 units of the Ariel Glen and Ariel South apartments. Executive Director Lisa Maxwell of Boys 8 Girls Clubs of Central Oregon said the Ariel club's 106 children are registered for after-school and summer programs. T h irty-nine take part in activities each day. But the Ariel Unit had been preparing to shut down next week, the victim of d eclining government grants and p rivate-sector giving. M a x well announced Oct. 18 that the organization fell short by $75,000 of its annual budget of $105,000 for the Ariel Unit. That meant the end of afterschool homework help, arts programs, meals and other activities at the club, Maxwell said. The club employs Shelfer, the club director, and two parttime employees. Then Maxwell met Thursday with Cascades bank President and CEO Terry Zink. Shelfer recalled fielding a call from Zink a r ound Oct. 19, Zink saying he felt compelled to do something and Shelfer referring the bank president to Maxwell. But Shelfer, a Bend native with a degree in criminal justice, had "no hint, no hint at all" that anything would come of it, he said Friday. Zink was unavailable Friday, butbank Chief Human Resource Officer Peggy Biss said the company has a conn ection with B oys 8 G i r l s Clubs, where some bank employees volunteer. Zink, she said, had a real interest in help-

ing young people who have no alternative. She said the bank hears many requests for assistance from nonprofits, but can only do so much. The bank, as a "good corporate citizen," has a community-assistance fund

believe is in the best interest of your enterpriseand therefore their job and their future in the upcoming elections." Larry Gold, associate general counsel of the AFL-CIO, said some of therecent employer letters, by hinting at the possible loss of employees' jobs, appeared to cross the line intoimproper coercion. Federal law and the laws of several statesbar anyone from coercing or intimidating voters into voting a certain way. But Bradley Smith, a Republican former member of the Federal Election Commission and a professor at Capital University Law School, disagreed, saying letters like those sent by the companies were not firm threats to fire anyone if Obama won. According to the Citizens United ruling, companies may recommend candidates to employees, said Eugene Volokh, a law professor at University of California, Los Angeles. "If the employer wants to say, 'This candidate is good or bad for our business andtherefore good or bad for you, the employee, that's permissible — that's protected by the First Amendment," Volokh s a id. "But if the employer threatens to fire you based on how you vote, that's not protected." But many liberal legal experts fear t h a t e m ployees could be d iscouraged from exercising their rights to free speech. "The concern here is there is an unavoidable power disparity between management and employees," said Adam Skaggs, senior counsel at the liberal Brennan Center for Justice. "Put yourself in the shoes of an employee at any of those companies. Are you going to be comfortable putting an Obama bumper sticker on your car and driving into the

company parking lot? If you're in a small community with a big employer, will you feel uncomfortable about putting up a yard sign for a candidate your boss doesn't favor?" Election law experts did not point to any corporate efforts this year to urge employees to back Obama, althoughcorporations have at times politicked for Democratic candidates. In a statement, Koch Industries, which owns GeorgiaPacific, said its mailing contained pieces of information "we believe are important for our employees to know about." The company said the letter was in no way intimidation. "We make it clear that any decision about which candidates to support belong solely to our employees."

Zink may draw upon at his discretion, Biss said. "I think t here's no question, certainly, that resources have diminished over this terrible economic d o wnturn," Biss said. "No question it's challenging as a business in the community to determine where and who we can help." The pledge from Zink and a pledge from Housing Works, the corporation that owns and operates the Ariel Glen and Ariel South apartments, adds up to enough to keep the club running through the end of the school year, Maxwell said Friday. In the meantime, she and Housing Works Director Kenny LaPoint will work to piece together funding to keep the club alive beyond then, she said. Biss said the Bank of the Cascades would lend the organization assistance where it could to keep the Ariel club open afterthe school year. A variety of funding sources is key for nonprofit social service agencies, but government f u nding, p a rticularly, has fallen away, Maxwell said. Government grants dropped from 10 percent of Boys 8 Girls Clubs' funding to about I percent, she said. The clubs particularly relied on a U.S. Department of Justice grant aimed at r educing juvenile crime. Foundations provide another chunk of funding, and user fees account for about one-third of club revenue, Maxwell said. "In this business, you have to be asking every year, and always looking for new sources," she said. "The clubs are raising quite abit of money, but w hen one source that's largely covering that cost center evaporates, it's very difficult. You have to put plans in place ... and a bake sale doesn't quite get it." — City editor: 541-383-0367,


To submit service information or announcements for religious organizations, email or call 541-383-0358.


Jim Wilson /New York Times News Serwce

Jeff Morgan, who produces the Covenant kosher wlnein Oakville, Calif., said making acclaimed wines under the Covenant label sent a "wayward Jew like me back to Judaism."

iscoveIin ait t Iou t e vine By Samuel G. Freedman

University invited Morgan during his freshman year to NAPA, Calif. — When Jeff come over for Shabbos dinMorgan rose before dawn one ner, he asked in sincere ignomorning earlier this month, rance, "What's Shabbos?" two different calendars told Morgan went wherever his him harvest time had arpassions pointed — leaving rived. It was the third day of Wesleyan to earn degrees October, the heart of grape- in music and geology from picking season in the wine French universities, leading country of Northern Califor- the resident jazz band at a nia, and it was the third day Monte Carlo casino, learning of Sukkot, the Jewish holiday to appreciate wine in Europe that since antiquity has cele- and how to make it in a startbrated the gathering of crops. up vineyard on Long Island's For the first two days of East End, then writing for Sukkot, when work is pro- wine periodicals. hibited, Morgan had k ept Along the way, he fitfully away from hi s v i neyards, set about filling the hole in putting faith in the Almighty, his soul, whether by taking a and also in his own refined conversationalHebrew class human prowess at judging in college, studying one sumwhen grapes would reach mer at the Jewish Theologitheir optimal moment of rip- cal Seminary, or standing ened, concentrated flavor. before the sacred Western Now he drove into a small Wall in Jerusalem, wondervalley near the N apa baing why he felt nothing when sin to bring in the cabernet he should have been feeling sauvignon and petite sirah. so much. He made sure that the pickers were not grabbing too 'Hashem comesin' many leaves along with the Then, in the early 1990s, grapes or piling the clusters "Hashem comes in," as Mortoo thickly in plastic bins, gan put it, using the Hebrew squeezing juice prematurely term for God. Hashem took from the fruit on the bottom. the form of an assignment Later in the day, in a ware- f rom W i n e S p ectator t o houselike building about an writeabout kosher wines for hour away, Morgan would Passover. To his own amazebegin the crushing. Then he ment, Morgan d i scovered and his wife and daughter kosher wine had improved and his winery's mashgiach, considerably from the treacly the man who oversees adher- Manischewitz brand he dimence to Judaic law in food ly recalled from childhood. preparation, and perhaps a By the end of the decade, friend, the local Chabad rab- Morgan had grown close to bi, would sit in the autumnal the Herzog family, which sunlight for a homemade ko- owned and operated a promsher lunch. inent kosher winery in CaliThese entwined strands fornia, and to Leslie Rudd, a of the sacred and the secu- Kansas-born Jew who had lar, of Judaism and vinicul- become a h igh-end wineture, have defined Morgan's maker in Napa as well as the life. The path that led him to owner of Dean & DeLuca. He making the acclaimed arti- hired Morgan as the compasanal wines under the Cov- ny's wine director and the enant label has converged author of its food-and-wine with the path that led him cookbook. That only heightfrom a childhood so Jewishly ened Morgan's ambitions. "If you give me 10 tons of rootless that his family kept a Christmas tree to an adult- your best cabernet," Morgan hood so full of Jewish tradi- recalls having told Rudd in tion that each day he recites 2002, "I can make the best the Shema prayer and straps kosher wine in 5,000 years." on tefillin, the small leather To which Rudd replied, If boxes containing b i blical you mess it up, it could be the verses. worst. " There's nothing else I The men ultimately agreed know besides kosher wine that if Morgan bought grapes that could've led a wayward elsewhere, Rudd would inJew like me back to Judaism," vest as his equal partner, Morgan, 59, said the other and so Covenant was born. day, standing on i r on-red In its early years, Morgan soil amid rows of grapevines. produced the wine in Herzog "Nothing else that could grab facilities, occasionally with me in the soul." a rabbi leading the minchah and ma'ariv (afternoon and A spiritual quest evening) worship services beFor oenophiles, and for side the fermentation tanks. kosher connoisseurs, it matIn early 2003, Morgan felt ters that Covenant makes compelled enough to teach very fine wines. Since the himself Hebrew and to read first vintage was released in his way through an English 2003, Covenant has generally translation of the Torah. He scored 90 to 94 in the ratings struggled to pronounce the by Wine Advocateand Wine kiddush, the blessing over Spectator magazines. Robert wine, at family dinners, even Parker, the wine guru, wrote as his daughters impatiently of Covenant's 2005 caber- implored, "Come on, Daddy, net sauvignon, "Jeff Morgan get on with it." continues to make one of the Yet he kept plodding. In finest kosher wines on Planet 2007, he belatedlybecame Earth." a bar mitzvah, reciting the Yet such success only rep- blessing over the Torah readresents the material manifes- ing for the first time in his life. tation of a spiritual quest, one With his wife, Jodie, a social that began in the Upper West worker by training and his Side of Manhattan house- co-author on several cookhold of an ad-man father and books, Morgan installed a a theatrical-publicist mother. kosher kitchen in their home. "This has been a journey, The closest young Jeff got to anything resembling obser- a beautiful journey," Jodie vance was attending the bar Morgan said. "It's given us mitzvah of Ben Stiller, the this sense of being welcomed, son of family friends. When embraced, a kind of spiritual the college rabbi at Wesleyan coming home." New Yorh Times News Service

BEND CHRISTIANFELLOWSHIP: Pastor Dave Miller will give the message; Sunday at10 a.m.; 4twelve youthgroup:W ednesday at 7 p.m.; 19831 Rocking Horse Road,Bend. BENDCHURCHOFTHE NAZARENE:Pastor Virgil Askren; "Having Begun in the Spirit"; Sunday at10:15 a.m.; 1270 N.E 27th St., Bend. DISCOVERYCHRISTIAN CHURCH:Pastor Dave Drullinger; "Standing Firm," based on Galatians 4:21-5:10; Sunday at 10 a.m.; 334 N.W. Newport Ave., Bend. FATHER'SHOUSECHURCHOF GOO:Pastor Randy Wills; "How Wide is the Path?"; Sunday at 10 a.m.; 61690 Pettigrew Road, Bend. The youth group meets Wednesday at 7 p.m. FIRST CHURCHOFCHRIST, SCIENTIST:Hymns and readings from the Bible and "Science and Health"; Sunday at10 a.m.; 1551 N.W. First St., Bend. FIRST PRESBYTERIANCHURCH: Pastor Greg Bolt; "Yes to the Past"; Sunday at 9 a.m., 10:45 a.m. and 5:01 p.m. services; 230 N.E Ninth St., Bend. FIRSTUNITED METHODIST CHURCH: The Rev. Jane Shaffer; "Healing Vision," based on Mark 10:46-52; Sunday at 9 and 11 a.m.; 680 N.W. Bond St., Bend. FOUNDRYCHURCH(FORMERLY FIRST BAPTISTCHURCH): Concluding study of the book of Titus; Sunday at10:15 a.m.; 60 N.W. Oregon Ave., Bend. GRACEFIRSTLUTHERAN CHURCH:Pastor Joel LiaBraaten; "DK ... So You Messed Up" and "Free!"; Sunday at 9:30 a.m.; 2265 N.W. Shevlin Park Road, Bend. GRACEREFORMED PRESBYTERIANCHURCH: Pastor Dan Dillard; "Gospel Faith," based on Luke18:9-17, as part of the series "The GospelCentered Life"; Sundayat10:30 a.m.; 62162 Hamby Road, Bend. JOURNEY CHURCH:PastorKeith Kirkpatrick; "Peace Dut"; Sunday at9a.m. and10:30a.m.;70 N.W . Newport Ave., Bend. NATIVITY LUTHERANCHURCH: Pastor Craig Jorgensen; "Past, Present, Future," based on John 8:31-36; Sunday at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.; 60850 Brosterhous Road, Bend. NEW HOPE CHURCH: Pastor Randy Myers; "Love is not Self-Seeking," based on1 Corinthians; today at 6 p.m. and Sunday at 9 and 10:45 a.m.; 20080 Pinebrook Blvd., Bend. REAL LIFECHRISTIAN CHURCH: Pastor Mike Yunker; "New Beginnings," based on Acts1-10; Sunday at 8, 9:30 and 11a.m.; 2880 N.E 27th St., Bend. SPIRITUALAWARENESS COMMUNITY OFTHE CASCADES: Guest speaker

Randy Dlsen; "2012 and the Raising of Humanit y's Consciousness; Sunday at 9 a.m.; held at The Old Stone Church, 157 N.W.Franklin Ave.,Bend. TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH:The Revs. David Carnahan and Patrick Rooney; "Gift?," a reformation sermonby Dr. Rod Rosenbladt; Sunday at 8 a.m. (guitar-led worship) and11 a.m. (communion and organ-led worship); 2550 N.E. Butler Market Road, Bend. UNITARIANUNIVERSALIST FELLOWSHIPOF CENTRAL OREGON: Dick Falxa and Wendy Howard; "Day of the Dead"; bring a photo or object that connects to someone who has died; Sunday at 11 a.m.; at the Old Stone Church, 157 N W Franklin Ave Bend WESTSIDECHURCH:Pastor Steve Mickel; "Relentless: Road to Recovery"; today at 6:30 p.m. and Sunday at 8, 9 and 10:45 a.m.; 2051 N.W. Shevlin Park Road, Bend. WESTSIDESOUTH CAMPUS: Pastor Steve Mickel; "Relentless: Road to Recovery"; Sunday at 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.; 1245 S.E Third St., Bend. COMMUNITYPRESBYTERIAN CHURCH:Pastor Rob Anderson; "What Does Love for Others Require of Me?" based on Luke 7:11-17,as part of the series "Jesus Creed"; Sunday at 9 a.m. and11 a.m.; 529 N.W. 19th St., Redmond. EMMAUSLUTHERANCHURCH:The Rev. David Poovey; "Reformation Day"; Sunday at10:30 a.m.; 2175 S.W. Salmon Ave., Redmond. ST. PAUL'SANGLICANCHURCH: Father John Pennington;"God's HelmetLaw,"based on Ephesians 6:10-20: communion service; Sunday at10 a.m.; Southwest 12th Avenue andForest Avenue, Redmond. AGAPE HARVESTFELLOWSHIP: YouthgroupWednesday at7 p.m .; 52460 Skidgel Road, La Pine. COMMUNITYBIBLECHURCH AT SUNRIVER:Pastor Glen Schaumloeffel; "Unwrapping the Gifts: Part 2," based on1 Corinthians 12:14-31, as part of the series "Growing up God's Way"; Sunday at 9:30 a.m.; 1 Theater Drive, Sunriver. CONCORDIALUTHERAN MISSION: The Rev. Willis Jenson; "The Lutheran Reformation Was About the Gospel, the Office of the Keys," based on Revelation14:6; Sunday at 11 a.m.; held at Terrebonne Grange Hall, 828611th St., Terrebonne. VOTER'SGUIDE FOR CATHOLICS: A non-partisan presentation on Catholic values in regard to political activity and voting; free; noon-1 p.m. Nov. 4; St. Francis Catholic Center, 2450 N.E 27th St., Bend; contact Pat at 541-678-1131.

Ikenfelil $ '„">'" > perfectcolorssince1975

7:30 AM - 5 :30 PM MON-FRI 8 AM - 3 PM SAT. 541-382-4171 541-548-7707 2121 NE Division

Bend •

g I


64 1 N W Fir

R ed m o n d


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Nature Shop

F orum Center, Bend (Across f ro m Barnes & No b l e) 5 41- 6 1 7 - 8 8 4 0 w b e n d

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2012 • T HE BULLETIN A S "Celtic Cross" Christianity

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You AreTheMost Important Part of OL(rServices "Qmkar" (Aum) Hinduism

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"Yin/Yang" Taoist/ Confucianism

FAITH CHRISTIAN CENTER 1049 NE 11th St. • 541-382-8274 SUNDAYS:

9:30 am SundayEducationalClasses 10:30 am Morning Worship This Sunday at Faith Christian Center, Pastor Mike lohnson will be sharing the Sunday service message titled, "Quiet Lives"

beginning at 10:30am Childcare is provided in our Sunday morning service. On Wednesdays "Restored Youth" service begins at 7:00 pm A number of Faith fourney Groups meet throughout the week in small

groups, please contact the church for details and times. The church is located on the corner of Greenwood Avenue and NE 11th Street. REDM O N D A S S E M B L Y OF GOD 1865 W Antler • Redmond 541 -548-4555 SUNDAYS Morning Worship 8:30 am F 10:30 am

Life groups 9 am Kidz LIVE ages 3-11 10:30 am Evening Worship 6 pm

COM M U N I TY BIBLE CHURCH A ND CHRISTIAN PRESCH O O L 541 -593-8341 Beaver at Theater Drive, PO Box 4278, Sunriver, OR 97707

"Transforming Lives Through the Truth of the Word" All are Welcome! SUNDAY WORSHIP AND THE WORD - 9 30 Am.

Coffee Fellowship - 10:45 am Bible Education Hour - Il:15 am Nursery Care available • Women's Bible Study- Tuesdays, 10 am • Awana Kids Club (4 yrs - 6th gr.) Sept. - May • Youth Ministry (gr. 7-12) Wednesdays 6:15 pm • Men's Bible Study- Thursdays 9 am • Home Bible Studies are also available Preschool for 3 F 4 year olds Call for information Senior Pastor: Glen Schaumloeffel Associate Pastor: Jake Schwarze visit our Web site Listen to KNLR 97.5 FM

at 9:00 am. each Sunday to hear "Transforming Truth" with Pastor Glen.



Adult Classes Celebrate Recovery Wednesday NITE Live Kids Youth Group Pastor Duane Pippitt

20225 Cooley Rd. Bend Phone: (541) 383-5097 Web site: Sundays: 8:30 6 10:30 am Wednesday Night Study: 7 pm Youth Group:Wednesday 7 pm Child Care provided Women's Ministry, Youth Ministry are available, call for days and times. "Teaching the Word of God, Book by Book"

536 SW 10th, Redmond 541-548-2974 Sunday Worship 9:00 am S 10:30 am Friday Evening Worship 6:30 pm Sunday School for all ages Kidmo • Junior Church Greg Strubhar, Pastor Darin Hollingsworth, Youth Pastor

EASTMONT CHURCH NE Neff Rd., I/2 mi. E, of St. Charles Medical Center

Sundays 9:00 a.m. 8 10:45 a.m, Worship Services Sundays 6:00 p.m. Hispanic Worship Service Weekly Bible Studies and Ministries for all ages Contact: 541-382-5822 Pastor John Lodwick FOUNDRY CHURCH (FORMERLY FIRST BAPTIST ) "A Heart for Bend in the

Heart of Bend" 60 NW Oregon, 541-382-3862 Pastor Syd Brestel SUNDAY

9:00 AM Sunday School for everyone 10:15 AM Worship Service This Sunday at Foundry Church (formerly First Baptist), we will be concluding our study of the book of Titus with a reminder that good Bible teaching is only that which is practical and draws us closer to Jesus. Join us for worship at 10:15am. For Kidztown, Middle School and High School activities Call 541-382-3862 HIGHLAND BAPTIST CHURCH,

SBC 3100 SW Highland Ave., Redmond • 541-548-4161

Sunday Worship Services: 8:00 am, 9:30 am, 11:00 am Sunday Bible Fellowship Groups 9:30 am S 11:00 am Dr. Barry Campbell, lead pastor For complete calender: •


In Partnershipwith American MissionarttFellowship Near Highland and 23rd Ave. 2378 SW Glacier Pl. Redmond, OR 97756 We preachthe good newsofJesus Christ, singgreat hymns of faith, and searchthe Scriptures together. Sunday Worship Service - 10:30 am Bible Study- Thursday, 10:30 am Pastor Ed Nelson 541-777-0784


Fr. Theodore Nnabugo, Pastor Parish Office: 541-536-3571

Cowboy Fellowship Saturdays Potluck 6 pm Music and the Word 7 pm Sunday Worship Services 8:30 am - 10:15 am - 11 am Nursery 8 Children's Church Pastors: Chris Blair S Ozzy Osbourne Associate Pastor: Trey Hinkle 13720 SW I-Iwy 126, Powell Butte 541 -548-3066 REAL LIFE CHRISTIAN CHURCH

Like Hymns? We've Got 'em! at the RLCC Church, 2880 NE 27th Sunday Services 8 am Traditional Service (No child care for 8 am service) 9:30 am Contemporary Service with

full child care 11 am Service (Full child care) For information, please call ...

57255 Fort Rock Rd

Sunday Mass — 3:30 pm Confessions: Sundays 3:00-3:15 pm ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI CATHOLIC CHURCH Pastor Rev. James A. Radloff Parochial Vicar Rev. Juan Carlos Chiarinoti 541-382-3631 NEW CHURCH 2450 NE 27th Street Masses Saturday - Vigil 5:00 PM Sunday 7:30, 10:00 AM S 7:00 PM 12:30PM - Misa en Espanol

Thursday, Nov 1st — All Saints Day 7:00 PM - Mass Friday, Nov. 2nd - All Souls Day/ DiadelMuerto 7:00 PM - Misaen Espanol

Reconciliation/Reconciliacion Saturday — 3:00 — 4:45 PM - English Sunday ll:15 AM — 12:15 PM - Espanol HISTORIC DOWNTOWN CHURCH

Corner of NW Franklin F Lava Masses Sunday 4:30 PM Monday - Friday 7:00 AM S 12:15 PM Saturday 8;00 AM Exposition S Benediction Monday-Friday after 7:00 AM Mass to 6:00 PM

Reconciliation Tuesday after 7:00 AM Mass - 8:00 AM Saturday after 8:00 AM Mass - 9:30 AM Thursday, Nov. 1st - All Saints Day 7:00AM 6 12:15 PM- Mass 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM — Reconciliation English o Espanol 7:00 PM —Misa en Espanol ST. THOMAS CATH O LIC CHURCH 1720 NW 19th Street

Redmond, Oregon 97756 541-923-3390 Father Todd Unger, Pastor Mass Schedule: Weekdays 8:00 am (except Wednesday) Wednesday 6:00 pm Saturday Vigil 5:30 pm First Saturday 8:00 am (English) Sunday 8:00 am, 10:00 am (English) 12:00 noon (Spanish) Confessionson Wednesdays from 5:00 to 5:45 pm and on Saturdays from 4:30 to 5:15 pm

Temple Beth Tikvah is a member of the Union for Reform fudaism. Our members represent a wide range

of Jewish backgrounds. We welcome interfaith families and

lews by choice. Our monthly activities include

social functions, services, religious study, and adult education

Worship in the Heart of Redmond Sunday Worship Service 8:30am Contemporary 11:00am Liturgical Sunday School for all ages at 10:00am Fall Sermon Series: "Mission 8 Vision" Children's Room available during services Come Experience a warm, friendly family of worshipers. Everyone Welcome - Always. A vibrant, inclusive community. A rich and diverse music program for all ages Coffee,snacks andfellowship after each service

Rabbi Glenn Ettman M-W-F Women's Exercise 9:30 am Wed. Bible Study at noon 3rd Th. Women's Circle/Bible Study I:00 pm 3rd Tues. Men's Club 6:00 pm, dinner Youth and Family Programs Active Social Outreach

Friday, October 26 at 6:30pm

Shabbat Service Saturday, October 27 at 9:00 am

Torah Study Saturday, October 27 at 10:30 am

1113 SW Black Butte Blvd. Redmond, OR 97756 — 541-923-7466 Pastor Eric Burtness

Torah Service

Sunday, October 28 at 10:30 am adult education (call for information) For the complete schedule of Services S Events go to:

THE RIVER MEN N O N ITE CHURCH At the Old Stone Church, 157 NW Franklin Ave., Bend

Sunday, 3 pm Nursery 0-2 years Visitors welcome

We are currently enrolling students

Church Office: 541-389-8787 E-mail; theriver© Send to: PO Box 808, Bend OR 97709

in grades K-7 for Sunday School and

September 23rd, at 10:00 am.

Tuesday, September 11



"Educating and Developing the Whole Child for the Glory of God" Pre K- 5th Grade 62425 Eagle Road, Bend • 541-382-2049 Principal Lonna Carnahan

education programs, please call Kathy Schindel at 541-388-8826.

All services are held at the First United Methodist Church 680 NW Bond Street 541 -388-8826 FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST 1551 NW First St. • 541-382-6100

(South of Portland Ave.) Church Service S Sunday School: 10 am Wed. Testimony Meeting: 7:30 pm Childcare provided.


MISSION (LCMS) The missionof the Church is to forgivesins through the Gospel and thereby grant eternai life

(St. fohn 20:22-23, Augsburg Reading Room: 115 NW Minnesota Ave. Mon. through Fri.: 11 am -4 pm Sat. 12 noon - 2 pm

ll am Divine Service The Rev. Willis C. Jenson, Pastor. 8286 11th St (Grange Hall),

Religion of the Light and Sound of God

We provide a congregational setting for Jews and Christians alike. If you're interested in learning the Bible from a Hebrew perspective, come join us at: Bear Creek Center 21300 Bear Creek Rd. Bend, OR. 97701 Our Shabbat Services are on Saturday mornings at 10:00 a.m. Our ministries include:

• • • • •

Davidic dance and worship Children's ministry and nursery Hebrew classes Home groups Teaching from the Torah and the Brit Hadashah (New Testament) • Biblical Feasts • Lifecycle Events • End-times prophecy Visit us on the web at or contact us at 541-385-5439

Confession XXVII1.8, 10) 10 am Sunday School

Terrebonne, OR


© Celebration Church 63830 Clausen Rd Ste 102, Bend Saturday 10:30 am - 2 pm Worship/Dance - Study-

Food/Fellowship Hebrew Roots Fellowship worshipping in Spirit and Truth 541-410-5337 Children's Program

www lutheransonline com/ Have You Had A Spiritual Experience?

TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHURCH 469 NW Wall St. • 541-382-5542 Sanday Schedule 8 am Holy Eucharist 9:15 am Education for All Ages 10:15 am Holy Eucharist

(w/nursery care 6 Godly Play) 5 pm Holy Eucharist (in St. Helens Hall) The Rev. Roy D. Green, Interim Rector

condordialutheranmission Facebook: Concordia Lutheran Mission Phone: 541-325-6773

Senior Pastor Virgil Askren

2265 NW Shevlin Park Road, Bend 541 -382-6862

Sunday Worship 9:30 a.m. (Child Care Available) Education Hour 10:45 a.m. Women's Bible Study

Tuesday 9:15 a.m. Men's Bible Study Wednesday 7:30 a.m. Pastor Joel LiaBraaten

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America NATIVITY LUTHERAN CHURCH

THE SALVATION ARMY 755 NE 2nd Street, Bend 541 -389-8888 SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP 541 NE Dekalb

Come worship with us.

Sunday School 9:45 am Children F Adult Classes Worship Service - 11:00 am Major's Robert S Miriam Keene

11 am Formal Service


9:15 lunior Church

This Sunday's sermon is: "Past, Present, Future" lohn 8:31-36 given by

Bible Study at 10am on Wednesdays (Child care provided on Sundays.)



2550 NE Butler Market Road Bend, OR 97701

Sunday Worship Services; Daybreak Cafe Service 7:30 am Celebration Services 9:00 am and 10:45 am Wednesday Service UTurn - Middle School 7:00 pm Thursdays High School (Connection) 6:30 pm Home Bible Studies throughout the week City Care Clinic also available. Kidz Center School, Preschool "Livin' the Incredible Mission"

• s

541 -382-1832 SUNDAY WORSHIP

8am Guitar Led Worship 9:30am Education Hour for all ages

6:30 pm Ladies Bible Study THURSDAY 10:00 am 50+ Bible Study WEEKLY Life Groups Please visit our website for a complete listing of activities for all ages. •



Church Website:

School Website: Pastors: Rev. David Carnahan

Rev. Patrick Rooney Principal: Mrs. Hanne Krause

Wednesday Noon Silence 8 Supper Worship 12:30 pm Contemplative Prayer Youth Events See Youth Blog:

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OF CENTRAL OREGON "Diverse Beliefs, One Fellowship"

Lay Leaders Dick Falxa 8 Wendy Howard "Day of the Dead" This week is our traditional Day of the Dead service. Please bring a photo or an object that connects you to someone who has died during your lifetime. Children will have their own activities and return to the service at its conclusion. Dick Falxa and Wendy Howard and others will lead this service. Childcare and religious education are provided! Everyone is Welcome! See our website for more information Meeting place. THE OLD STONE 157 NW FRANKLIN AVE., BEND Mail:PO Box 428, Bend OR 97709 (541) 385-3908


OF CENTRAL OREGON Join the Unity Community Sunday 10:00 am with Rev. Jane Meyers Youth Program Provided The Unity Community meets at 62855 Powell Butte Hwy (near Bend Airport) Learn more about the Unity Community of Central Oregon at or by calling 541-388-1569 •

(In the Heart of Downtown Bend) 680 NW Bond St. / 541-382-1672 Everyone is Welcome! Rev. Jane Shaffer Sermon Title: "Healing Vision" Scripture: Mark 10:46-52 9:00 am - Contemporary Service Sunday School during the 9am Service 11:00 am - Traditional Service Childcare provided on Sunday

Meeting at the Golden Age Club 40 SE 5th St., Bend Just 2 blocks SW of Bend High School Sunday Worship 10:00 am Sovereign Grace Church is dedicated 'Dur)ng the Week: to worshipping God and teaching the Women's Groups, Men's Groups, Bible truths recovered through the Youth Groups, Quilting, Crafting, Reformation. Call for information about other meetings Music S Fellowship, 541 -420-1667 Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors. Rev. Thom Larson • • I • f) •


21720 E. Hwy. 20 • 541.389.8241

Sunday Morning Worship 8:45am S 10:45am Wednesday Mid-Week Services Children 6 Youth Programs 7:00pm Nursery Care provided for all services. Pastor Daniel N. LeLaCheur 21720 E. Hwy. 20 541.389.8241

COM M U N I T Y PR E S B Y T E R IA N CHURCH 529 NW 19th Street

(3/4 mile north of High School) Redmond, OR 97756 (541 ) 548-3367 Rev. Rob Anderson, Pastor Rev. Heidi Bolt, Associate Pastor

9;00 am Contemporary Worship 9:00 am Nursery Care 9:15 am Children S Youth Sunday School 9:30 am Adult Education 11:00 am Traditional Worship Youth Groups High School — Sunday 11:00am-12:30pm MiddleSchool - Wednesday 6:00-7:30pm

llam Organ/Piano Led Worship

"Yes to the Past"

9:00 am - Contemporary 10:45 am - Traditional 5:01 pm - Relaxed Rev. Greg Bolt, preaching Noon - Discover First Pres Sunday School: 3 yrs to 6th grade. Nursery care provided.



Pastor Craig Jorgensen

in America


A Foursquare Fellowship Senior Pastors Steve S GinnyMcPherson 549 SW 8thSt.,P.O. Box 475, Redmond, OR 97756 • 541-548-7128

Nursery Care 8 Children's Church ages 4 yrs-4th grade during all Worship Services "Courageous Living" on KNLR 97.5 FM 8:30 am Sunday

9 am Informal Service

Evangelical Lutheran Church


9:00 am Sunday School for all ages 9:00 am Hispanic Worship Service 10:15 am Worship Service

Sunday School 10:20 a.m.

60850 Brosterhous Road at Knott, 541-388-0765

20080 Pinebrook Blvd.~ 541-389-3436 Celebrate New Life at New Hope Church! Saturday 6:00 pm Sunday 9:00, 10:45 am, Pastor Randy Myers

BEND CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 1270 NE 27 St. • 541-382-5496



Rev. Dr. Steven H. Koski Lead Pastor

Sunday, October 28, 2012 - 11;00am:

Est. 1994

For more information about our

230 NE Ninth, Bend

(Across Ninth St. from Bend High) All AreWelcome, Always!

We are a Welcoming Congregation

at 4;30 pm; Sunday School began, Messianic Synagogue


Choirs, music groups, Bible study, Fellowship and ministries every week

Hebrew School. Hebrew Classes began

near Christmas Valley



Minister - Mike Yunker - 541-312-8844 Richard Belding, Associate Pastor "Loving people one at a time."

You're invited to join this discussion group on October 27, 2-3pm at the H OLY REDEEMER, LA PI N E Bend East Library, 62080 Dean Swift 16137 Burgess Rd Tuesday, Wednesday S Friday Mass Rd, (across from Costco, on Hwy 20). 9:00 am Options for discussion include: what Sunday Mass — 10:00 am is a spiritual experience?, dream Confessions: Saturdays — 3:00-4:00 pm memories, seeing an inner light or hearing an inner sound and near-death HOI.Y TRINITY, SUNRIVER 18143 Cottonwood Rd. experiences. Learn to sing HU, a love Thurs. Mass 9:30 am; song to God. Sat. Vigil Mass 5:30 pm Sunday mass 8:00 am For more information and inspiration Confessions: Thurs. 9:00- 9:15 am please visit or OUR LADY OF THE SNOWS, Gilchrist 120 Mississippi Dr or call 541-728-6476 (message phone) Sunday Mass — 12:30 Pm Confessions: Sundays 12:00 -12:15 Pm HOLY FAMILY,


education, Hebrew school, Torah POW E LL BUTTE CHRISTIAN CHURCH



Mondays 6:30 pm Centering Prayer Wednesdays 5:30 pm Prayer Service Small Groups Meet Regularly (Handicapped Accessible) Please visit our website for a complete listing of activities for all ages.

• g •

CHURCH & SYNAGOGUE DIRECTORY LISTING EffectiveMay 1, 2012 4 Saturdays and TMC: $110 5 Saturdays and TMC: S132 The Bulletin: Every Saturday on the

church page. $22 Copy Changes: by 5 PM Tuesday CO Marketplace: The First Tuesday of each month. $22 Copy Changes: by Monday 1 week prior to publication

Caii Pat Lynch

541-383-0396 PlynCh@beridbulletin.COm




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It's an ad that Conger, who sat on the House Education Continued from A1 Committee, said he takes parS even months l ater, t h e ticular offense to. board chose internal candiConger points out that he date Ron Wilkinson. voted against the K-12 eduFour years later, Hovekamp cation bill because he felt it w asn't enough money a n d stands bythe hiring process, saying it was necessary to inthe Legislature hadn't done volve the public, stakeholders enough to s u pport e d ucaand a consulting company in tion. He gave a speech on the the searchto ensure the best House floor, urging his colcandidate was hired. The decileagues to do more to help sion also required a vote by the schools. He also voted in favor entire school board. Wilkinof sending supplemental inson, who was there at the time, come to schools. His actions, remembers other board memhe said, are contrary to what bers being more enthusiastic Hovekamp is saying. "His only logical connecthan Hovekamp was about hiring a n a tional company. On Conger tion, as tenuous as it is, implies The firm the board hired, IlA TV ad paid for by Hove- that if you vote for anything, linois-based Hazard, Young, kamp's campaign states that likecourt funding, or correcAttea & Associates, charged since Conger took office in tions, or Oregon Health Plan a base feeof $23,0000. After 2010, teachers have lost their or programs for seniors or cutadvertising, consultant an d jobs and schools have been in ting taxes, the conclusion is candidate expenses, the tab crisis. It shows a young girl, that's a higher priority?" Congrew to $41,281, according to looking sad at a desk and a ger said. Bulletin reports. teacher packing up her classConger called it an "impos"As my opponent Jason room, presumably having lost sible conclusion." "If there was anythingI have Conger knows, when you do her job. "Jason Conger, when you these high profile, very impordone or said that implied that I tant, public and thorough na- choose tax cuts for the rich thought corporate tax breaks, tional searches, they do have and deep cuts for our schools, of all the absurd things, is a costs associated with them," you have the wrong priorities higher priority than educatHovekamp said. The ad "dis- for Oregon," said the narrator. ing kids, I guess it would be torts" the truth, he said, and Conger as a legislator favors fair," Conger said. "But I have that context is necessary. the wealthy, said Hovekamp. never done or said anything "It's one of the most impor- To illustrate his point, Hov- that would cause a reasonable tant and prominent positions ekamp pointed to several bills person to think that." in the community and if we that Conger supported to illusConger said he is in favor had not done a national search trate his point. of reducing taxes. He believes "Jason Conger has in the then I'm sure we would have doing so leads to job creation been criticized for not being past, and gives every indica- and ultimately more revenue thorough," Hovekamp said. tion that he will in the future, for the state. The "raising taxes" claim give tax breaks for the very "He could say I'm in favor refers to a proposed construc- wealthy and large corpora- of reducing tax rates, that's tion excise tax that Hovekamp tions," Hovekamp said. true," Conger said. "But to exsaid he supported. The school In the 2011 session, Conger trapolate that and ignore what board defeated the proposal to introduced a bill t o r e duce I actually did is misleading ... add $1 per square foot to prop- corporateexcise and income There is nothing, nothing in erty tax bills for all new resi- taxes. It did not become law. my record to suggest somedential construction and 50 He unsuccessfullypushed to thing other than a deep comcentsper square foot on comoverturn Measure 66, a mea- mitment to improving educamercial construction within sure thatincreased taxes on tion in this state," Conger said. high-income earners. And he the district. Wilkinson has worked with "That is something I stand voted in favor of Senate Bill both men and said they both by still. Growth should pay its 301, which re-connected the have a deep commitment to way," Hovekamp said. state tax code to the federal education. "In m y opinion, I d o n 't Hovekamp shocked his fel- code. Doing so gave students a low board members when, as chance to deduct up to $4,000 think either of them actually board chairman in June 2008, for college tuition and stay pass the fact check," Wilkinhe walked out of a board meet- on their parents' health plans son said of the two advertiseing shortly after the Pledge of until they reach age 26. It also ments. "It requires at least four Allegiance. gave $93 million in tax breaks board members to agree on a "I agree the resignation was to businesses. (national) board search ... and abrupt, and perhaps if I had That money c ould h a ve Jason has worked hard to repto do it over I might handle gone to schools, Hovekamp resent the district." it somewhat differently," he said, and shows where Con— Reporter 541-554-1162 sa>d. ger's priorities are. IdakeC< His reasonsforleaving were personal, he said. "We simply had two very young children at the time," he said. "I was working, finishing a Ph.D. at the time, I was doing work on the school board and the planning commission and working full time at the community college and I just needed to focus on p r ivate matters." The timing was right, he said. He had served four years and the board had just picked a new superintendent. He declined to say why he didn't give the board more notice.


"Because San Francisco is such an eclectic city and so Continued from A1 diverse, and with all the difThe offerings r a nged ferent foods, people just like from high-octane Belgian selection and they just support Trappist ales to a full suite local beers," said Sandie Filiof c i t y-brewed A n c hor piak, ATlLT Park's director of Steam concoctions. concessions. "There's room for John Callaway, 50, stood a lot, and not every city is that way." crammed elbow-to-elbow at the bar with his friend Unlike bars outside other Trisha Cruse, 53, sipping ballparks, the Public House a hand-pumped, English- allows fans to take their destyle cask bitters made spe- signer brews directly into the cial for the ballpark bar, the ballpark through the turnstile Public House, by San Fran- tucked away in the back. Fans cisco brewery Magnolia. can come back and forth dur"I just like English biting the game, trying a differters, and they are not easy ent ale, cider, porter or stout. t o find, especially i n a While the more adventurballpark," Callaway said, ous local ales are being congrabbing his filled cup and sumed in great quantity, the heading toward the ballestablished brands like Coors park turnstile in the back and Budweiser still lead sales of the bar. ballpark-wide, Filipiak said. At D etroit's Comerica Still, sales at th e P ublic Park, where only a couple House during a game against of locallymade beers are Cincinnati i n the NL DS on tap, die-hard Motor City showed just h o w d i v e r se fans are just fine with the baseball fans' tastes are beunpretentious, established coming, and how many of American beer brands. the locally made brews were Detroit is a "blue-collar, embraced. domestic beer town" said Of the top 10 sellers there Bob Thormeier, who over- during one Giants-Reds game, sees food and drink sersix were from relatively small vices at the Tigers ballpark. Northern Californiabrewer"The younger segment of ies, with the best seller among people are going toward those being Russian River the (craft beer), but a lot of Brewing's "Blind Pig IPA," a our fans around here grew high-octane, super hoppy beer up on domestic beers. They made in Santa Rosa. "It's our conscious decision grew up o n y our M i l ler Lites, your Coors Lights, to focus on craft beers and loBud Lights." cal, interesting products," said San Francisco's craft Greg Stone,the tavern'sbeverbeer obsession is on full age manager. display at the Public House, Detroit's ball yard has more a ball yard bar on Willie than 130 spots where fans can Mays Plaza just outside the buy beer on a typical game stadium's main entrance. day, and about 120 of them The bar b oasts 24 t aps serve Americanbeers that are (that's Mays' retired numhousehold names. While a mic r o -brewed, ber), but pours more than 60 different beers, with a c hocolate stout s erved b y focus on local breweries.

Find It All

hand-pump may be atad too "San Francisco" for Detroit fans,the Tigers'ballpark does not completely leave craft beer aficionados wanting. Those who look can find about 10 places that sell craft beers, including Atwater, which is brewed at a spot across town, and Galesburg, Mich.-made Bell's. The Tigers' park also continues a long tradition of serving Michigan-produced food. Fans can buy locally made sausages — Winter's from Detroit — as well as Hudsonville Ice Cream, which is a West Michigan favorite. And the hot dog buns come from a local baker, Brown's Bakery, which has been providing buns at Tigers games since the 1930s. "And it's very i m portant with the way the economy has been around Michigan and around Detroit to try and keep things local and try and boost the local companies as best we can," said Thormeier. T he Comerica food a n d d rink c h ief s ai d h e ' s e x c hanged emails w i t h hi s counterpart in San Francisco — and they wished each other good luck. "(The Giants park) was one of the first stadiums to really put in all the craft beers, and a lot of people mimic what (they do) out there," he said.

Heaters Starting at$199! ~W

Sale Ends Mov3rd!

neighborhood on Bend's urestside.

Warehouse Prices

ment Accountability O f f ice and a team of outside experts Continued from A1 — each questioned the cost New York and other states estimates for th e p r ogram, declared emergencies; the criticized the managers for Navy ordered ships to sea to not pinning down the designs avoid damage. Mayor Michael and called for urgent remBloomberg of New York City edies. The project is run by warned that no matter where the Commerce Department's or when the storm's center ac- National Oceanic and Atmotually landed, the city would spheric Agency, along with not escape its effects. And NASA. from the Carolinas to New The outside review team, England, public safety offiled by A. Thomas Young, an cials were urgently advising aerospace industry l e ader, tens of millions of residents to called the management of the prepare for the worst, includ- program "dysfunctional." ing the possibility of historic In response,top Commerce flooding, power failures and and NOAA officials Sept. 18 snow. ordered what they called an E xperiments s ho w t h a t urgent restructuring — just without this kind of satellite the latest overhaul of the troudata, forecasters would have bled program. They streamu nderestimated by half t h e lined the management, said huge blizzard that hit Wash- they would fill key vacancies ington in 2010. quickly and demanded im"We cannot afford to lose mediate reports on how the any enhancement that allows agency planned to cope with us to accurately forecast any the gap. They have moved w eather event coming o u r quickly to nail down the speway," said Craig Craft, com- cific designs of the JPSS-I's missioner of emergency man- components, many of t h em agement for Nassau County, already partly built. And they Long Island, where the great promised to quickly complete h urricane o f 1 9 3 8 k i l l e d a new independent cost estihundreds. mate to verify the program's O n Thursday, Craft w a s budget. seeking more precise foreCiaran Clayton, N OAA's casts for Sandy and gearing communications d ir e c tor, up for possible evacuations of said in a statement that the hospitals and nursing homes, agency's top priority was to as were ordered before Tropi- provide timely, accurate forecal Storm I r ene last y ear. casts to protect the public, "Without accurate forecasts it and that it would continue to is hard to know when to pull develop and update plans to that trigger," he said. cover any potential gap. Theundersecretaryof ComCoverage gap merce responsible for NOAA, E xperts have g r own i n - Jane Lubchenco, issued the c reasingly alarmed i n t h e m emorandum ordering t h e past two years because the changes. In it, she wrote that existing polar satellites are the administration had been nearing or beyond their life trying all along to fix " t his expectancies, and the launch dysfunctional program that of t h e n e x t r e p l acement, had become a national emknown as JPSS-1, has slipped barrassment due to chronic to 2017, probably too late to management problems." "It is a long, sad history," avoid a coverage gap of at least a year. said Dennis Hartmann, the Prodded b y la w m a kers chairman of a broad review of and auditors, th e s a tellite earth-observing satellite proprogram's managers are just grams released in May by the beginning to think t h rough National Research Council. alternatives when the gap ocThe report projected a discurs, but these are unlikely to mal decline in what has been avoid it. a crown jewel of modern earth This summer, three inde- and atmosphericscience. pendent reviews of the $13 b illion program — b y t h e Critical data C ommerce Department i n The Joint Polar Satellite spector general, the Govern- System also includes impor-

tant sensors for studying the global climate, and these too are at risk. But its main satellites are most notable because they put instruments to sense atmosphericmoisture, temperature and the like into what is known as th e " polar p.m." orbit, a passage from lower altitude that provides sharp and frequent images of global weather patterns. (Other satellites stare continuously at one part of the globe from farther off , f o r s h o rt-term

Oreck (541) 330-0420 Next to Costco & Safeway We Service Oreck, Dyson, Hoover, Kirby, Bissell, and Your Vacuum! '2UI20

kll 11~ . L L ( . U l ' vhl

I 1' d


mffefI m8eh KRKalW

RRIIIihg Ri - glg

~ ,- hs IN



I-~I L f ~~ ~ ~ m 5C

forecasting.) Polar satellites provide 84 percent of the data used in the main U.S. computer model tracking Hurricane Sandy. For years, as the accuracy of this kind of forecasting has steadily improved, NOAA's p.m. polar satellites have been a crucial player, like the center on a basketball team. But all the while, despite many warnings, the cover-

II I Nm 0






age gap has grown ever more likely. The department told Cong ress this summer t hat i t could not come up with any way to l aunch JPSS-1 any sooner. Kathryn D. Sullivan, assistant secretary of Commerce, said it "will endeavor to maintain the launch date as much as practicable." The Government Accountability Office, which views the impending gap as "almost certain," ha s b een u r g i ng NOAA to come up with alternatives, like leaning on other commercial, military or government satellites for helpful data. But it said it would take a long time and more money









Amish Fireplace



GRECK ho'me

Mmmna ~i


• •




to bring any such jury-rigged system running. For now, the NOAA is running on a stopgap bill that allows it to redirect money from other projects to the polar satellites. In approving it, Congress demanded a plan by next week showing how the agency intended to stay on schedule and within a strict limit — about $900 million a

year. "NOAA does not have a policy to effect consistent and reliable cost estimates," the Commerce inspector general said. The outside review team said it could not tell "if the current $12.9 billion is high, low, or exactly correct."

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Exclude taxes, title, options and deater fees On approved credit rhrough pnmary lender Supplies limited Photos for illus1ration only Offer expires October 31, 2012




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Gift Certificate •







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Cenlral Oregen'slOCAl Qnline Anclion Euenl

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SPOTLIGHT Sustainability awards revealed The Environmental Center recently announced its 2012 Sustainability Award winners, which were se-

lected by acommunity review committee. Six awards, selected from among 20 nominations, go to citizens, businesses andorganizations in the community that are dedicated to sustainability. They include:

Individual:Karen Kassy. A writer and consultant who moved to

Sisters two years ago, Kassy has championed recycling. Shesold her car and shares avehicle for trips that require dnvlng.

Small dusiness:

Photos by Rob Kerr/The Bulletin

Human Dignity Coalition Executive Director Melissa Adams Gianoplus, left, passes keysto Jennifer Kimble, board president, as they move into the coalition's new office at 155 N.W. Irving Ave. in Bend.

SolAire Homebuilders.

Owners Mike and Cindi O'Neil build cus-

tom homes with energy efficiency, healthier indoor air, and a low-


waste philosophy. Large dusiness: Deschutes Brewery. The fifth-largest craft

brewery in the United States uses less water than the industry stan-

dard, has pledged to put a billion gallons of water back into the Deschutes

River annually, uses 100 percent renewable

or a neru

energy, uses energyefficient systems, and

more. Organization:Cascade Culinary Institute. This program of Central

Oregon Community College builta highly energy-efficient facil-

• The HumanDignity Coalition celebrates 20years in Bend with a newoffice and anew direction

ity, supports local food growers, eliminated the

By Anne Aurand

use of standard disposable plastic products,

composts, and recycles and transforms its fryer oils into bio-diesel.

Special awards: "Vision": Bend Living Cities Design

Team (StevenAmes, Rachel Stemach, Stacey

Stemachj Thesethree people designed a blueprint for what Bend could look like if redeveloped using stringent sustainable

development guidelines. This entry into the International Living Cit-

ies Design competition made it into the finals. The city of Bend is putting elements of the work into its planning. "Commitment to the

cause": Debra Burke. Burke, a long-time Central Oregon resident, rides her bike nine miles into town from her

house, regardless of weather. Her straw-bale home

uses only passive and active solar energy, and she catches and reuses water.

Toy Run needs donations The Motorcyclists

of Central Oregon are

The Bulletin

Twenty years ago, Oregon voters handily defeated Ballot Measure 9, which tried to make government agencies — including public schools — package homosexuality with pedophilia and sadism and recognize them all as "abnormal, wrong, unnatural and perverse ... to be discouraged and avoided." A group of Central Oregonians at the time organized in opposition to the measure, which would have sanctioned discrimination based on sexual What: Human Dignity Coalition's pr efe r e nce. 20th AnniversarY party and all-ages That group the Human Dignity Co"barn dance." S traight allies of the alition, is celebrating its 20th anniverLGBTQ community are encouraged sary next Saturclay, 20 years to the day to attend. Western attire is afterMeasure 9 was defeated.

If yougo

suggested. Theevent includes live


music from theMoon Mountain Ramblers, barbecue, no-host bar, auction, enterta

The organization

When:6 p.m. to 10 p.m., Saturday,

the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual,

The Human Dignity Coalition, a Bend-based nonprofit that supports

Nov. 3.

transgender and queer) community in Central Oregon, has morphed over 549 N.W. Harmon Blvd., Bend the years, tackling various causes such as disability access and racial Cost:$10 in advance or $15 discrimination. at the door, includes food and In 2007, it focused specifically on entertainment protecting human rights, fighting opAdvance ticke Cali 541 385 Pression and advocating equality for the 3320 or 541-279-6143 or visit the LGBTQ PoPulation. Human DignityCoalition office at That focus remains, but the orga155 N.W. Irving nization is entering a new phase of its Info: 541-385-3320 or go to evolution. The Human Dignity Coalition has new leadership,for starters. The new executive director, Melissa Adams Gianoplus, 39, has a master's degree in social work and experience counseling children and families, with an emphasis on domestic violence. Locally, she's worked for Saving Grace, The KIDS Center and St. Charles Health System. SeeCoalition /B6

Human Dignity Coalition board president Jennifer Kimble,back left, and executive director Melissa Adams Gianoplus take in their surroundings at the coalition's new office.

Where:Sons of Norway Lodge,


( )R I

I I I ( ) N

Melissa Adams Gianoplus, executive director for Human Dignity Coalition since May,answers a call at the coalition's new office.

collecting donations and raffle items to help with

the group's annualToy Run.

,.I r

The Toy Run isoper-

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ated by volunteers from

local motorcycle groups who collect gifts and

raise money to give to


children in need during Christmas time.

This year's ToyRun will take place Dec. 8. All of the collected items will be given to the Elks Club of Bend for distribution during Christmas. Those interested in making a raffle donation can contact Sherri Wingerd at 541-7718489. — From staff reports

Jennifer Kimble offers assistance to Melissa Adams Gianoplusas they move into the coalition's new quarters in Bend. The new office shares a roof with, among others, union groups and immigration rights organizations.

Melissa Adams Gianoplus carries a boxinto the new office of the Human Dignity Coalition in Bend. Gianoplus, 39, has worked locally for Saving Grace, The KIDS Center and St. Charles Health System.




a M O V iES

Those werethe days

for 'All in theFamily' New York Times News Service


BEND Regal Pilot Butte 6


"Mad Men," "Breaking Bad — have relatively "Guys like us, we had it s m a l l au diences. (The recent made," Archie an d E d ith "Breaki ng Bad" midseason B unker sang to open epi- fi n a l e drew an estimated 2.8 sodes of "All in the Family," m i l l i on viewers; a generic one of television's great com- f i r st-season episode of "All in edies. "Those were the days." t h e Fam ily" had more than To which makers of today's 2 1 m i lli on, at a time when television shows the United States might respond: TQ 5pQTLiQHQ had roughly 100 "I'll say. All those m illion few e r viewers. All that people in it than influence." it does today.) Conversely, As the Shout! Factory re- d e t racto rs of reality shows l eases a boxed set this week l i k e " A merican Idol" might containing all nine seasons a r g ue, some of the w orst of theseries along with some shows o n TV are among the tasty extras, it is clearer than m o st po pular. e ver what a singular phe Thes e days television innomenon "All in the Family" f l u ences culture t h r ough was. Sure, it was a funn y cu m u l ative effect. If society s how with a fabulous cast, i s b e coming more tolerant but we can now see that it o f , say,interracial marriage m ay also have been a high- o r o p enly gay people, it is water mark for television in p a r t l y because viewers see t erms of how much impact m i x e d marriages and gay a singleseries can have in characters on a wide range s haping American culture. of s h o ws. But 40 years ago, Before "All in the Family," w h e n of course there were s itcoms were largely some- o n l y t hree networks, to be t hing to tune in for escape m a k i n g"All in the Family" a nd reassurance. But as of w a st o know that you were J an. 12, 1971, when "All in pu t t i n ga topic or a mode of the Family" had its premiere b e havio r on the American on CBS as a midseason re- a g endaall on your own. placement, comedies sud Nor man Lear, who cred enly had permission to be a t e d " AIl in the Family" after relevant in the way that va- b e i ng inspired by the Britriety shows like "Rowan & i s hseries "Till Death Us Do Martin's Laugh-In" and "The P a r t," sa id it took a while for S mothers Brothers Comedy h i m a n d his crew to grasp Hour" had already tried. j ust how their little show And it was the American a b out the Bunker familypublic that granted them this t h e bigo ted Archie; the daffy permission,because"All in the E d i th; their flighty daughter, Family"was ahugehit,the No. G l oria; her stridently liberal I show on television for more h u sband, Michael — was bethan half its run. It represents i n g received and what an opone of the last times that the p o r t unity they had. "I wo uld say for several bestshowon TVwas alsothe e're just in the busimost popular show on TV. year s , 'W Today it often seems as n e s s of entertaining,"' Lear if the opposite is true. Some s a id. "'W e're not trying to of the best shows of our sendmessages.'" By Neil Genzlinger


2717 N.E. U.S.Highway 20, Bend, 541-382-6347


ARGO (R) 1:15, 3:50, 6:25, 9 ATLAS SHRUGGED:PARTII (PG-13) 12:15, 6:15 BEASTS OFTHE SOUTHERN WILD (PG-13) 1, 7 CHICKENWITH PLUMS(PG-13) 3:15, 8:45 END OFWATCH(R) 12:30, 3:30, 5:55, 8:50 THE MASTER(R) Noon, 3, 6, 8:55 THE PERKSOF BEING A WALL FLOWER(PG-13) 12:45, 3:45, 6:45, 9:05 SEARCHINGFOR SUGAR MAN (PG13) 4, 9:10

SILENT HILL: REVELATION(R) 1:30 SILENT HILL: REVELATION3-D (R) 3:55, 7:15, 10 SINISTER (R) 1:25, 4:10, 7:20, 9:55 SEVENPSYCHOPATHS(R) 1:05, 4:15, 6:55, 9:35 TAKEN 2 (PG-13) 1:15, 4:25, 7, 9:40 TROUBLE WITHTHE CURVE (PG13) 6:45

McMenamins Old St. Francis School 700 N.W. Bond St., Bend, 541-330-8562

Due to the Halloween Bash, no movies will be shown today. After 7 p.m., showsare 21 and older only.Youngerthan21may attend screenings before 7 p.m.if accompaniedby a legalguardian.

Tin Pan Theater 869 N.W. Tin PanAlley, Bend, 541-241-2271

Regal Old Mill Stadium 16 & IMAX 680 S.W. Powerhouse Drive, Bend, 541-382-6347

ALEX CROSS(PG-13) 1:55, 4:55, 7:30, 10:05 ARGO (R) 12:05, 3, 6, 9 CHASINGMAVERICKS(PG) 12:15, 3:05, 6:05, 9:05 CLOUDATLAS(R) Noon, 4, 7:45 FRANKENWEENIE(PG) 12:55, 4:05, 6:35, 9:25 FUN SIZE(PG-13) 12:45, 3:35, 6:30, 9:20 HERE COMESTHE BOOM (PG)2, 4:30, 7:10, 9:45 HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA3-D (PG) 3:30, 9:15 HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA(PG)12:35, 6:20 LOOPER(R) 3:20, 9:30 THE METROPOLITANOPERA: OTELLO (no MPAArating) 9:55 a.m. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY4IMAX (R) 1:45, 4:45, 7:55, 10:15 PARANORMALACTIVITY4 (R) 1:40, 4:40, 7:45, 10:10 PITCH PERFECT(PG-13) 12:20, 3:15, 6:15, 9:10

As of press time, complete movie times were unavailable. For more information, visit www.tinpantheater. com.

Editor's notes • Accessibility devices are available for some movies at RegalOld Mill Stadium16 8 IMAX. • There may be an additional fee for 3-D and IMAX films. • Movie times are subject to change after press time.

PITCH PERFECT(PG-13) 2:45, 5:15, 7:45



214 N. Main St., Prineville,541-416-1014

Madras Cinema 5

HERE COMESTHE BOOM (PG)1, 3:20, 6, 8:20 TROUBLEWITH THECURVE (UPSTAIRS — PG-13) 1:10, 4, 7 Pine Theater's upstairs screening room has limited accessibility.

1101 S.W.U.S.Highway 97, Madras, 541-475-3505

CHASINGMAVERICKS(PG) 1:50, 4:15, 6:40, 9:10 FRANKENWEENIE3-D (PG) 2:20, 4:35, 6:50, 9 FUN SIZE (PG-13) 3, 5, 7, 9:05 PARANORMAL ACTIVITY4 (R)3:30, 5:30, 7:30, 9:35 SILENT HILL: REVELATION(R) 2:30, 4:50, 7:10, 9:25


Find Your Dream Home

in Real Estate Theauuetin

Redmond Cinemas


1535 S.W. DdemMedo Road, Redmond, 541-548-8777 •

FUN SIZE (PG-13) 10:45 a.m., 12:45, 2:45, 4:45, 6:45, 8:45 HERE COMESTHE BOOM (PG) 12:15, 2:30, 4:45, 7, 9:15 HOTELTRANSYLVANIA (PG)11:15 a.m., 1:15, 3:15, 5:15, 7:15, 9:15 PARANORMALACTIVITY4 (R) 11 a.m., 1, 3, 5, 7, 9




• •

Sisters Movie House

720 Desperado Court, Sisters, 541-549-8800

ARGO (R) 2:30, 5, 7:30 FRANKENWEENIE(PG) 3, 5:15, 7:15 HOPE SPRINGS(PG-13) 2:45 LOOPER(R) 5, 7:30

• •

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LOCAL TV LI S TINGS SATURDAY PRIME TIME 10/27/12 ti ~ ~i +K i+ ~ g~ ~ College Football NotreDameat Oklahoma(N) (Live) c~


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*In HD, thesechannels run three hours ahead./Sports programming mayvary. BD-Bend/Redmond/Sisters/BlackButte Di ital PM-Prineville/Madras SR-Sunriver L-LaPine

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i Jeopardy! 'G' Wheel Fortune KATU News Castle n 'PG' Extra (N) rr 'PG' « News Newsohannel Jeopardy! 'G' Wheel Fortune Revolution No Quarter '14' « Chi c ago Fire '14' «(DVS) Law & Order: SVU News Sat. Night Live Paid Program Evening News Burn Notice Old Friends'PG' Old Christine O ld Christine Hawaii Five-0 Pu'olo '14' « Criminal Minds DoradoFalls '14' 48 Hours Lina's Heart(N)arj News Paid Program College Football NotreDameat Oklahoma(N) (Live) « College Football Entertainment Tonight (N) « Primetime: WhatWould You Doa News (N) « C o l lege Football Big Bang Big Bang Big Ban g Bon e s n'14' cc News Two/Half Men Masterohef Top 13Compete'14' KFxo IEI IEI IEIIEI (4:30) 2012World Series SanFrancisco Giantsat Detroit Tigers (N) n (Live) cc L a st of Wine T ravels to Edge Steves' Europe Globe Trekker 'G' (DVS) cc My F amily Tim e Goes ByNew Tricks Half Life rr « Masterpiece Mystery! 'PG' KOAB Q B H H This Old House The LawrenceWelk Show'G ' Newsohannel 8 at 5PM (N) « Ngi htly News Straight Talk Grant Getaway Revolution NoQuarter '14' c~ Ch i cago Fire '14'(DVS) ac Law & Order: SVU Newsohannel 8 Sat. Night Live KGW 0 ** "Nightof theLiving Dead" (1990)TonyTodd, Patricia Tallman. Cops '14' « C o p s '14' « Che aters (N) rr '14'« That '70s Show That '70s Show ** "TheHoneymooners" KTvzDT2IEI Q B IB (4:00) *** "GhostTown" *** "Beat the Devil" (1954)HumphreyBogart. OPBPL 175 173 Julia Child Co o king Class Midsomer Murders 'PG' « Backstage PassOrrick Ewing'G' Live From the Artists Den 'PG' A u stin City Limits (N) 'PG' « Beat the Devil KATU B KTVZ 0 B 0 0 KBNZ 0 KOHD O O O O


*A8E 130 28 18 32 Exterminator Exterminator E xterminator E xterminator S t orage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Storage Wars Parking Wars Parking Wars Exterminator E xterminator E xterminator E xterminator

** "Predator 2" (1990,science Fiction)DannyGlover, GaryBusey, RubenBlades. Police officers ** "Alien vs. Predator" (2004)sanaaLathan, RaoulBova.Antarctic explorers (10:15) *** "Predator" (1987)Arnoldschwarzenegger, carl weathers. A (3:00) *** "Predator"« loc k horns with a bloodthirsty alien. « encounter deadlyextraterrestrials. « team is stalked by an intergalactic trophy hunter. « *ANPL 68 50 26 38 The Haunted n 'PG' cc The HauntedTheDoor'PG' c~ T o o Cute! n 'G' cc Too Cute! (N) n 'PG' Too Cute! n 'PG' c~ Pit Bulls and Parolees (N)'PG' Too Cute! n 'PG' arj *** "lndianaJonesandthe LastCrusade" (1989) Harrison Ford, SeanConnery. Million Dollar LA Million Dollar LA Million Dollar LA BRAVO1 37 4 4 (10:34) "IndianaJonesand theLast Crusade" R e ba 'PG' ec Reba 'PG' arj Reba 'PG' cc B ayou Billionaires (N) 'PG' ec R e dneck Rehab'P(N) G' ac Bayou Billionaires n 'PG' ~c CMT 190 32 42 53 Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne 'PG' Reba 'PG' cc Reba 'PG' c~ Reba 'PG' « The SuzeOrmanShow(N) « D e b t Do us Part Debt Do us Part Ultimate Factories 'PG' The SuzeOrmanShow « Debt Do us Part Debt Do us Part Quit Your Job! Hair Restoration CNBC 54 36 40 52 ultimate Factories 'G' World According to Lance CNN Newsroom(N) Powering America World According to Lance CNN Newsroom(N) Powering America CNN 55 38 35 48 Powering America * "Hall Baked" (1998)DaveChappelle, GuilermoDiaz. « Katt Williams: It's Pimpin' Pimpin' Kevin Hart: Seriously Funny '14' DL Hughley: TheEndangeredList CQM 135 53 135 47** "Semi-Pro" (2008,Comedy)Wil Ferrell, WoodyHarrelson. « Cooking Oregon Joyof Fishing Journal GetOutdoors VisionsofNW The YogaShow The YogaShow TalkoftheTownLocalissues. COTV 11 (4:30) City Club of Central Oregon Talk of the Town Local issues. D e sert Campaign Battleground States: North Carolina (N) News and Pub Road to the White House Campaign Battleground States: North Carolina Nor t h Carolina Governor's Debate Supreme Court CSPAN 61 20 12 11 Road to the White House *DIS 87 43 14 39 (4:45) *** "HalloweentownHigh" (2004) n 'G' "Girlvs. Monster" (2012)Olivia Holt, Brendan Meyer. n 'PG' « Gravity Falls n Jessie 'G' cc My Babysitter My Babysitter (6:20) ** "Return toHalloweentown" (2006)'PG' 'DISC 156 21 16 37 Exorcists: The TrueStory rr 'PG' The Exorcist Files Infestation '14' Mermaids: The Body Found 0 'PG' « The Dark (N) rr 'PG' « Mermaids: The BodyFound'PG' *EI **"TheWomen"(2008,Comedy-Drama)MegRyan,AnnetteBening,EvaMendes. Kids of Killers 'PG' Jonas Jonas E! News A-List Listings Fashion Police '14' 1 36 2 5 Sportsoenter (N)(Live) « Sportsoenter (N)(Live) « Sportsoenter (N)(Live) « ESPN 21 23 22 23 College Football College Football MississippiState atAlabama(N) (Live) Bportsoenter First Take (N) Baseball Ton. College Football Final (N) ac N H RA Drag Racing College Football ESPN2 22 24 21 24 College Football Michiganat Nebraska(N)(Live) cc *** "Theyearof the yao" (2004,Documentary) « Manute Bol 3 0 for 30 The Fab Five « ESPNC 23 25 123 25 *** "Theyearol the yao" (2004, Documentary) « Sportsoenter (N)(Live) ~c Sportsoenter (N)(Live) c~ H-Lite Ex. H-L ite Ex. H-L i te Ex. H.L i te Ex. H-L i te Ex. H-L i te Ex. H-L i te Ex. H-L i te Ex. ESPNN 24 63 12420 Sportsoenter (N)(Live) ~c *** "Mati/da" (1996,Comedy)MaraWilson, DannyDeyito. *** "Monster House" (2006)Voices of SteveBuscemi. Premiere. *** "Monster House"(2006, Fantasy)Voices ofSteve Buscer n. FAM 67 29 19 41 (4:00) "AddamsFamily Values" Justice With JudgeJeanine (N) Geraldo at Large n 'PG' arj The Journal Editorial Report n J u stice With Judge Jeanine Ger aldo at Large n 'PG' cc Red Eye FNC 57 61 36 50 Huckabee(N) 'FOOD 177 62 98 44 Iron Chef America HalloweenWars'G' ChoppedChocolateChallenge'G' Chopped 'G' Chopped Fright Bites Chopped 'G' Iron Chef America ** "Twilight"(2008, Romance)Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Bily Burke. ** "The TwilightSaga:NewMoon" (2009) Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson. FX 131 (4:00) *** "Hellboy" (2004,Fantasy) RonPerlman, JohnHurt. H o use Hunters Renovation 'G' L o ve It or List It 'G' « Love It or List It Smyth tr « Hou s e Hunters Hunters Int'I H o use Hunters Hunters Int'I HGTV 176 49 33 43 Motor Homes Home by Novo High Low Proi. Hunters Int'I *HIST 155 42 41 36 The Real Wolfman 'PG' cc Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' The MenWhoBuilt America Bloody Battles 'PG' c~ Pawn Stars 'PG' Pawn Stars 'PG' "Accusedat17"(2009)Cynthia Gibb,NicoleGaleAnderson. « "Stalked at17" (2012,Suspense)Taylor Spreitler. Premiere. « "Fugitiveat17" (2012)Marie Avgeropoulos, Christina Cox.'14' « LIFE 138 39 20 31 (4:00) "Betrayedat17"(2011) Lockup Lockup(N) Lockup: SantaRosa Lockup: SantaRosa Lockup: SantaRosa Lockup: SantaRosa MSNBC 59 59 128 51 Lockup: SantaRosa ** "Malibu's Most Wanted"(2003)JamieKennedy,Taye Diggs. rr * "TheTexasChainsaw Massacre:TheBeginning"(2006)0 Jersey ShoreMerpWalk rr'14' Jer sey Shore rr '14'« MTV 192 22 38 57 (4:00) "NapoleonDynamite" rr Monster High: Fright On! n 'Y7' Spongeeob S p ongeeob io a rly (N) n 'G' Big Time Rush How to Rock 'G' ioarly 'G' c~ The Nanny 'PG' The Nanny 'PG' Friends n '14' Friends n 'PG' NICK 82 46 24 40 Monster High: Skull Shores yan l a, Fix My Life rr 'PG' « l yanl a, Fix My Life 0 'PG' « l yan l a, Fix My Life n 'PG' « l yanl a, Fix My Life n '14' « lyanla, Fix My Life (N) n '14' lya n la, Fix My Life rr '14' « OWN 161103 31 10 lyanla, Fix My Liferr 'PG'« l Bensinger Co l lege Football UCLA at Arizona State (N) Seahawks C o l lege Football ROOT 20 45 28* 26 College Basketball NorthwestNazareneat Gonzaga(N)(Live) ** "The Fastandthe Furious: TokyoDrift" (2006, Action) LucasBlack. rr ** "The Fast andthe Furious: TokyoDrift" (2006)LucasBlack. SPIKE 132 31 34 46 **"The Punisher"(2004, Action)ThomasJane, JohnTravolta, Will Patton. rr *** "Dawnof the Dead" "ZombieApocalypse" (2011)Ving Rhames,Taryn Manning. '14' "Rise oithe Zombies"(2012)Mariel Hemingway.Premiere. '14' SYFY 133 35 133 45(4:30) *** "Dawnof the Dead" (2004)Sarah Polley, VingRhames. Hou r of Power n tr « Billy Graham Classic Crusades Not a Fan « Tr a vel the Road ***"Chariots of Fire" (1981,Drama)BenCross, lan Charleson. Live Oak Tree Virtual Memory TBN 05 60 130 In Touch W/Charles Stanley *TBS 16 27 11 28 Friendsn 'PG' Friends n 'PG' King of Queens King of Queens King of Queens King of Queens Big Bang B ig B ang * * "Ta iiadega Nights: TheBallad olRicky Bobby" (2006)Wil Ferrell. «(DVS) Harold-Kumar **** "Diabolique" (1955,Suspense)SimoneSignoret, Vera Clouzot, Paul (7:15) *** "Games"(1967)SimoneSignoret, JamesCaan. Premiere. Anaf- ** "What's the Matter WithHelen?" (1971)DebbieReynolds. Weirdmothers ** "I Bury the Living" (1958, Mystery) TCM 101 44 101 29 Meurisse. Atyrant's wife andmistressplot his murder. fluent Manhattancoupleengagein murderanddeceit. of two thrill-killers move to1930sHollywood. « Richard Boone. « *TLC 178 34 32 34 20/20 on TLC n '14' cc 48 Hours: Hard Evidence n '14' 48 Hours: Hard Evidencen '14' 48 Hours: Hard Evidence'P (N) G' 48 Hours: Hard Evidence n '14' 48 Hours: Hard Evidence n '14' 48 Hours: Hard Evidence n '14' *TNT 17 26 15 27 Supernaturaln '14'« Supernatural n '14' « Supernatural n '14' « Supernatural n '14' « Supernatural n '14' « Supernatural n '14' « Supernatural n '14' « *TOON 84 ** "Piratesol theCaribbean:DeadMan'sChest" (2006)JohnnyDepp, OrlandoBloom. Premiere. Scary Godmother: Revenge Venture Bros. 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Young voyeurmustface stronger con sequences Dear Abby: I'm a 20-yearold female with five younger brothers and sisters. My 18-year-old sister is my biological sister, while my youngest four siblings are adopted. At the beginning of the year I discovered my 14-year-old brother has been peeping on my sister. When my parents found out, they sent him to counseling, but my sister is still pretty scarred from it. Today, when I was in the bathroom, I realized my brother was peeping at me through a hole in the wall. I feel extremely violated, but because he is only 14, I don't know what to do. How can we get him to stop, and how can my sister and I feel comfortable in our house again? — Scared of My Brother the Peeper Dear Scared: You and your sister should be able to feel c omfortable i n y o u r o w n home. Tell your parents that the counseling your brother received hasn't worked, then show them the hole he has been peeping through. Clearly, w hatever c onsequences there were for his actions the first time were not enough to discourage his behavior. Your sister may need counseling to get beyond it. The hole should be repaired — and until it is, tape a small mirror over it so that if he tries to peep again, all he will see is his own eyeball. And tell your sister to do the same.

Dear Abby: My boyfriend, "Carl," and I have been together for six months. We're both 29. We live together, work for the same employer and each have one child.

My problem is, we argue constantly. We fight about the kids, money, chores, etc. The smallest thing can turn into a major battle. Do you think it's too early to be fighting so much? I feel obligated to make


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it work because my son's father and I broke up before he was born, and he has now become attached to Carl and his daughter. Please help! — Torn in Torrance, Calif. Dear Torn:Yes, it's too early to be fighting this way. It was also way too early to start living together. Couples counseling may help you and Carl r esolve your i ssues — b ut only if he is willing to work on them as you are. If that isn't the case, you should move on quickly, before your son forms an even stronger attachment. At this point, it can be done without the expense of a lawyer. DearAbby:Mymompaysme $3 a week to do chores around the house. I take out the garbage, do the dishes, vacuum and set the table every night. I'm frustrated that I'm being paid such a small amount for doing a ton of work. I told her I'm on "strike" and I'm tired of being her slave. Whenever I mention getting a raise, she claims she'll talk to my dad about it — but she never does! How do I get paid more? — Sincerely, Lauren Dear Lauren:If your father is the sourceofthe money,then don't depend on your mother to intercede for you. Talk to him yourself. And when you do, be prepared to tell him what a good job you have been doing — and that you would be willing to take on a few more r esponsibilities fo r a l it t l e more compensation. Consider it your first lesson in the art of negotiation. — Write DearAbby at or PO. Box 69440,Los Angeles, CA 90069.

Horoscope:HappyBirthday for Saturday,Qct. 27,2012 By Jacqueline Bigar This year you open up to more excitement in your daily life. You could try to avoid all these unexpected events, but it will not work. If you often find that you are caught in a power play, do not play into it. If you are single, you could meet someone just in the process of being yourself. This person might not be "the one" for you, but he or she will be a fun date. If you are attached, the two of you develop a hobby together. This shared interest makes for more closeness between you. ARIES pushes hard for what he or she wants. The Stars Show the Kind of Day You'll Have: 5-Dynamic; 4-Positive; 3-Average; 2-So-so; 1-Difficult ARIES (March 21-April 19) ** * * Y our choices could be limited by a recent event or action. A major adjustment or change in tactic might be necessary. Listen to someone you eminently respect. This person will open your mind simply through his or her thought process. Tonight: Dive into the moment. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) ** * You have a strong sense about when you need to say less and follow someone else's lead or others' suggestions. Simultaneously, insights come forward about key people and/or your interactions. A partner might be a little grumpy right now. Let it go. Tonight: Allow someone to treat you well. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) ** * * * Y ou know what you want, but apparently so does someone else. You both can have what you want, if you decide to give up black-and-white rigidity. Tonight: Wherever the happening is, you are right in the middle. CANCER(June 21-July 22) *** By leanin g backand enjoying yourself, you'll see new vistas and possibilities. Let someone you respect call the shots; you simply are going along for the ride. A partner or loved one could become very controlling. Let this person be. Tonight: In the limelight. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) ** * * R ead between the lines. A child or new flame could be unusually forthright, which forces you to step back and take this person seriously. You actually are receiving an invitation, perhaps in a nontraditional fashion. Opt for breaking away from your routine. Tonight: Off on an adventure.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) ** * You will have a tendency to say more in the next few weeks. Currently, a close friend or loved one dominates your space, if not your thoughts. If you are having mixed feelings, think before you blurt out a statement. Tonight: Run with someone's fun idea. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) ** * * O t hers seem determined to have it their way. If you become resistant, ask yourself why you feel that way before acting out or saying "no." A clear statement will be responded to positively and could initiate an important, long-overdue talk. Tonight: Go with someone else's plans. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) ** * * Y our words and actions carry much more power than in thepast.You have awayandstyle that let others know you are not kidding. Use care when dealing with someone strategic in your life. You do not want to cause an uproar, though inevitably it could surround your finances. Tonight: If you can, be a couch potato. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) ** * * Y ou have a fiery side that demands attention. You might feel pressured financially or need to update your budget. Tap into your creativity and approach a risk with the knowledge thatyou can handle any problem well. Tonight: Be spontaneous ... throw a party. CAPRICORN(Dec. 22-Jan. 19) ** * Know what you want and expect from a situation. You have made decisions upto nowthatyou felt were unchangeable, but as you grow,yousee many more options. Express your frustration to someone who can hear you loud and clear. Tonight: Happiest close to home. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.18) ** * * W hile someone might be vested in surprising you, your response might do more than just jolt him or her. A friend who sometimesis pushydemands your time now. In an odd situation, you might meet someone quite interesting. Tonight: Speak your mind. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20) ** * Be sensitive to your options. You have many more available to you than you know. Your finances play a strong role in your decisionmaking process. Opportunities surround family, real estate and your personal life. Tonight: Hang out close to home. ©2012 by King Features Syndicate



Please emailevent information to or click on "Submit an Event" at Allow at least 10days before the desired date of publication. Ongoing listings must be updated monthly. Contact: 541-383-0351.

TODAY REDMOND GRANGE BREAKFAST: A community breakfast with scrambled eggs, pancakes and beverages;$6,$3 ages12 and younger; 7-10:30 a.m.; Redmond Grange, 707 S.W. Kalama Ave.; 541-4804495. "THE METROPOLITAN OPERA: OTELLO":Starring Renee Fleming, Johan Botha and Michael Fabiano in a presentation of Verdi's masterpiece; opera performance transmitted live in high definition; $24, $22 seniors, $18 children; 9:55 a.m.; Regal Old Mill Stadium16 & IMAX, 680 S.W. Powerhouse Drive, Bend; 541-382-6347. "EVIL DEAD:THEMUSICAL": 2nd Street Theater presents the musical comedyabout five college students who accidentally unleash an evil force; contains adult language; $21, $25 splatter zone, $18 students and seniors; Shows are at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.; 2nd Street Theater, 220 N.E. Lafayette Ave., Bend; 541-312-9626 or SUNRIVER HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL:With games, costume contests, a haunted house, train rides and more; free; 2-6 p.m.; Village at Sunriver, 57100 Beaver Drive; 541-593-5948. THE "U" WORD:A lecture discussing the historical and political aspects of reproductive rights in the United States; free; 3 p.m.; Redmond Public Library, 827 S.W. Deschutes Ave.; 541-312-1034, tinad@ or www. HISTORICALHAUNTS OF DOWNTOWNBEND:Walk to historical buildings that are said to have experienced paranormal events and hear their ghostly tales; $10, free museum members and ages12 and younger; 4-7:30 p.m.; Des Chutes Historical Museum, 129 N.W. Idaho Ave.; 541-389-1813 or HALLOWEENPARTY: Featuring a costume contest, a jack-o'lantern contest, a raffle, table games and a dinner; $6; 4:30-9 p.m.; La Pine Senior Activity Center, 16450 Victory Way; 541536-3207. VFW DINNER:A roast beef dinner; proceeds benefit local veterans; $8; 5-7 p.m.; VFWHall, 1503 N.E. Fourth St., Bend; 541389-0775. NEIGHBORHOOD HALLOWEEN PARTY:Featuring games, food, face painting, a costume contest and more; for children ages10 and younger; proceeds benefit The Giving Plate; $4, $2 with a non-perishable food item; 5:307:30 p.m.; Marshall High School, 1291 N.E. Fifth St., Bend; 541355-3500. ARM WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP:Arm wrestle locals and top performers in various weight classes; proceeds benefit the Friends of Oregon Badlands Wilderness; $5 admission, $20 to participate; 6 p.m., doors open at 5:30 p.m.; The Old Stone, 157 N.W. Franklin Ave., Bend; 541-322-7273. HALLOWEENBASH:Live music with A.M. Interstate, the Hooligans, the Confederats, Travis Kenny, Nuclear Salt and more;$3;6p.m.; Big T's,413 S.W. Glacier Ave., Redmond; 541-504-3864. TALES OFHALLOWS' EVE: With live animals, dramatic readings, Hallows' Eve tales, puppetmaking and mor e; $2, free for museum members; 6-8 p.m.; High Desert Museum, 59800 S. U.S. Highway 97, Bend; 541-382-4754 or AUTHOR PRESENTATION: Amanda Coplin talks about her book "The Orchardist"; free; 6:30 p.m.; Paulina Springs Books, 252 W. Hood Ave., Sisters; 541-549-0866. "FIDDLER ONTHE ROOF": The Summit High School drama department presents the musical abouta Jewish peasant who must marry off his three daughters while facing anti-Semitism; $10, $8 students, seniors and children; 7 p.m.; Summit High School, 2855 N.W. Clearwater Drive, Bend; 541-355-4000 or "THE BRITISH IN NAPOLEONIC TIMES":The Central Oregon History Performers present a production set in the early 1800s, with singing, dancing and drama skits; $5, free for children12 and under; 7 p.m.; The Bridge Church of the Nazarene, 2398 W. Antler Ave., Redmond; 541-504-4233. HAUNTEDHOUSES:Featuring three haunted houses; "Dark Intentions" and "the Hauntat Juniper Hollow" are recommended for ages12 and older; "Distortions" 3-D haunt is all ages; proceeds benefit the Oregon Athletic & Educational Foundation; $12, $20 two

Minchin and Melanie Chisholm; $18; 7:30 p.m.; Regal Old Mill Stadium 16 & IMAX, 680 S.W. Powerhouse Drive, Bend; 541-382-6347.






t, Y

SLIGHTLYSPOOKY STORIES: Storyteller Heather McNeil entertains with family-friendly songs and "Slightly Spooky, Somewhat Silly Stories"; for ages 3 and up, costumes encouraged; free; 6:30 p.m.; Downtown Bend Public Library, 601 N.W. Wall St.; 541-617-7080 or HISTORY PUB:A presentation by Harriet Langmas, legendary Bend clothes designer and socialite; free; 7 p.m.; McMenamins Old St. Francis School, 700 N.W. Bond St., Bend; 541-382-5174 or www. THE CAPITOLSTEPS: A parody, with music, of contemporary politics; sOLD OUT;7:30 p.m.; Tower Theatre, 835 N.W.Wall St., Bend; 541-317-0700 or

WEDNESDAY HOWL-0-WEEN:With pet photos, a costume contest, refreshments and more; proceeds benefit the Humane Society of Central Oregon; free; 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m.; Humane Society of Central Oregon, 61170 S.E 27th St., Bend; 541-382-3537 or PUMPKIN PATCH:Freeadmission; noon-6 p.m.; Central Oregon Submitted photo Pumpkin Company, 1250 N.E Cloverdayle, a Portland country band,will play a benefit SunWilcox Ave., Terrebonne; 541-504day at Bend High School in memory of the late Jen Burgess 1414 or Thompson, who died of cancer Oct. 12. Proceeds from the OLD MILLDISTRICT HALLOWEEN show will benefit Jen's family. The show starts at 6:30 p.m. at PARTY:With pumpkin painting, the high school, 230 N.E. Sixth St. Admission is $20 plus fees. crafts, trick-or-treating, wagon Learn more online at rides, circus performers and more; free; 4-7 p.m.; Center Plaza, the Old Mill District, Southwest Powerhouse Drive between TheGapand haunts, $25 all haunts; 7 p.m.; old competitors, a beer garden, live Anthony's, Bend; 541-312-0131 or Parr Lumber buildings, 443 S.W. music, cultural food and more; Evergreen Ave., Redmond; free for spectators; 8 a.m.-7 p.m.; REDMONDFIREAND RESCUE Deschutes Brewery, 901 S.W. HALLOWEEN PARTY: Trick-or-treat Simpson Ave., Bend; JAZZ ATJOE'S VOLUME4D: The at the Redmond fire station, with Jazzat Joe's series presents The games and information aboutfire Cavemen; registration required; $25; PUMPKIN PATCH:Freeadmission; safety; free; 4-8:30 p.m.; Redmond 7 p.m.; Greenwood Playhouse, 148 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; DD Ranch, 3836 N.E. Fire & Rescue,341 N.W. Dogwood N.W. Greenwood Ave., Bend; Smith Rock Way, Terrebonne; 541Ave.; 541-504-5000. 541-977-5637, joe© 548-1432 or COMMUNITY HARVESTPARTY: or CORN MAIZE:$7.50, $5.50 ages Featurin g games, candy and more; PORTLANDYOUTH 6-11, free ages 5 andyounger; free; 6-8 p.m.; Calvary Chapel PHILHARMONIC:The youth 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; Central Oregon Redmond, 616 S.W. Ninth St.; 541orchestra performs, under the Pumpkin Company,1250 N.E. 923-8614. direction of David Hattner; proceeds Wilcox Ave., Terrebonne; 541-504HALLOWEEN HALL:Trick-or-treat benefit Bend High School; $5; 1414 or at the college's Juniper Hall; for 7 p.m.; Bend High School, 230 N.E. MONSTERDASH: A 5K run to ages12 and younger; free; 6-8 p.m.; Sixth St.; 503-223-5939 or benefit Angel Flight West; with a Central Oregon Community College, costume contest and kids mile run; 2600 N.W. CollegeW ay,Bend;541"POR ELFLAMENCO": A registration required; $25-$30; 10 383-7593. presentation of traditional flamenco a.m., race registration at 9 a.m.; artistry, featuring gypsy flamenco Highland Magnet School, 701 N.W. HAUNTEDHOUSES:Featuring three haunted houses; "Dark Intentions" singer Jesus Montoya and dancer Newport Ave., Bend. For more and "the Haunt at Juniper Hollow" Savannah Fuentes; $20, $12 information, call 541-389-1601. are recommended for ages12 and students, $7 children, plus fees; 8 PUMPKIN PATCH:Freeadmission; older; "Distortions" 3-D haunt is all p.m.; The Sound Garden,1279 N.E. 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; Central Oregon ages; proceeds benefit the Oregon Second St., Bend; 541-633-6804 or Pumpkin Company, 1250 N.E. Athletic & Educational Foundation; www.thesoundgardenstudi Wilcox Ave., Terrebonne; 541-504$12, $20 two haunts, $25 all haunts; CYCLOCROSS WAREHOUSE 1414 or 7 p.m.; old Parr Lumber buildings, PARTY:Featuring live music, a DJ, AMY GOODMAN:The host of the 443 S.W. Evergreen Ave., Redmond; performance troupes and more, news program "Democracy Now!" with a "Cyclo Du Soleil" theme; speaks; $30, $25 KPOVmembers; FOR ANIMALSSAKEART proceeds benefit the Bend Paddle noon; Greenwood Playhouse,148 AUCTION:Featuring live music, Trail Alliance; $10; 8 p.m.N.W. Greenwood Ave., Bend; 541food, a costume contest and more; 2 a.m.; Deschutes Brewery's lower 322-0863 or proceeds benefit the Redmond warehouse, 399S.W. Shevlin Hixon HALLOWEEN CELEBRATION: Humane Society; free; 7:30 p.m.; Drive, Bend; 541-385-8606 or Halloween carnival with a petting Ambiance Art Co-op, zoo, pony rides, a hay maze, 435 Evergreen Ave., Redmond; HALLOWEEN PARTY:Featuring costume contest and more; free; rock music by Out of Hand. dancing, noon-4 p.m.; C.E. Lovejoy's The Portlandfoodand beverages;8 p.m .;W ickiup Brookswood Market, 19530 Amber CABINPROJECT: Station Sports Pub, 52600 U.S. Meadow Drive, Bend; 541-388-1188. based folk-pop band performs; $5; Highway 97, La Pine; 541-536-7577. OREGON OLDTIME FIDDLERS: 8 p.m.; The Horned Hand, 507 N.W. HALLOWEEN PARTY:Featuring Fiddle music and dancing; donations Colorado Ave., Bend; 541-728-0879. THE REVERENDPEYTON'S BIG performances by Broken Down accepted; 1-3:30 p.m.; VFWHall, Guitars and AveryJames and The 1836 S.W. Veterans Way, Redmond; DAMN BAND:The lndiana-based Hillandales, with a zombie pinup country-blues act performs, 54 I-647-4789. contest; $5; 7 p.m., doors open at with Harley Bourbon and Boxcar THE "U" WORD:A lecture 6:30 p.m.; The Horned Hand, Stringband; $10 plus fees, $13 at discussing the historical and 507 N.W. Colorado Ave., Bend; the door; 8:30 p.m., doors open political aspects of reproductive 541-728-0879 or at 8 p.m.; Domino Room, 51 N.W. rights in the United States; free; Greenwood Ave., Bend; 541-7882 p.m.; Downtown Bend Public thehornedhand. 2989. Library, 601 N.W. Wall St.; HALLOWEEN PARTY:Featuring MOON MOUNTAINRAMBLERS: 541-3 I2-1 034, Emerald City and a costume contest; tinad© or The Americana band performs, $2; 8:30 p.m.; Northside Bar & Grill, with a scream contest; $7, $5 with 62860 Boyd Acres Road, Bend; 541- BENEFITCONCERT: A performance a costume; 9:30 p.m.; Silver Moon 383-0889. Brewing & Taproom, 24 N.W. by the country act Cloverdayle, in HALLOWEENDANCEPARTY: memory of Jen Burgess Thompson; Greenwood Ave., Bend; 541-3888331. With performances by Bellingham, proceeds benefit Jen'sfamily; $20 Wash.-based Polecatand a DJ; THRILLER DANCE PARTY: With plusfees;6:30 p.m.;Bend High ages 21 and older; free; 9 p.m.; MC Mystic and Gainon the lllyrikill, a School, 230 N.E. Sixth St.; http:// McMenamins Old St. Francis costume contest and more; free; 10 School, 700 N.W. Bond St., p.m.; Astro Lounge, 939 N.W. Bond AN EVENINGWITH EDGAR ALLAN Bend; 541-382-5174 or St., Bend; 541-388-0116. POE:A visit from Poe, with tales of remorse, lost love and bad behavior; HALLOWEEN PARTY:Featuring proceeds benefit the Des Chutes free line dance lessons, a DJand a Historical Museum; $14 plus fees; 7 THURSDAY costume contest; free admission; 9 p.m.; Tower Theatre, 835 N.W.Wall "BONESBRIGADE,AN p.m., 8 p.m. Iine dancing; Maverick's St., Bend; 541-317-0700. AUTOBIOGRAPHY":A screening Country Bar & Grill, 20565 Brinson of the unrated 2012 film about Blvd., Bend; 541-382-4270. MONDAY a skateboarding team in the WITCHINGHOUR AT THE TOWER: "BRINGOUT YOUR DEAD!" 1980s; $8; 6 p.m., doors open A Halloween party, with The Staxx at 5 p.m.; McMenamins Old St. LECTURE SERIES: Featuring a Brothers, Mosley Wotta and a Francis School, 700 N.W. Bond presentation on "An lllustrated screening of "The Rocky Horror St., Bend; 541-382-5174 or www. History of Plague"; free; 6-7 p.m.; Picture Show"; ages 21 and older; $14 plus fees; 9 p.m.; Tower Theatre, Central Oregon Community College, Hitchcock Auditorium, 2600 N.W. "GREENFIRE": A screening of the 835 N.W. Wall St., Bend; 541-317College Way, Bend; 541-383-7786. documentary film about legendary 0700 or conservationist Aldo Leopold, BELLY DANCE SHOWCASE:The HALLOWEEN PARTY:Featuring hosted by the Ochoco National High Desert Bellydance Guild performances by Blackflowers Forest service; free; 6-8:30 p.m.; performs belly dances in a variety Blacksun and Astro Bender; free; Crook County High School, Eugene of styles; free; 6:30-8 p.m.; Broken 9:30 p.m.; M & JTavern,102 N.W. Southwell Auditorium, 1100 S.E. Top Bottle Shop & Ale Cafe,1740 Greenwood,Bend;541-389-1410. Lynn Blvd., Prineville; 541-416-6647. N.W. Pence Lane, Suite1, Bend; 541-728-0703 or SCOTT PEMBERTON BAND:The Portland-based rockers perform; SUNDAY "JESUS CHRISTSUPERSTARUK free; 7 p.m.; McMenamins Old St. HALLOWEEN CYCLOCROSS Francis School,700 N.W. Bond St., ROCK SPECTACULAR": A screening CRUSADE: Watch the obstacleBend; 541-382-5174 or of the Andrew Lloyd Webber rock laden bicycle race; with costumed opera, starring Ben Forster, Tim






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Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit 0 e Q


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from1 to 9 inclusively.

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DIFFICULTY RATING: 4+ 4+ '4 4 4+ 4+

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DAILY BRIDGE CLUB Exec executes squeeze



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Tribune MediaServices

In the past, the American Contract Bridge League has unwisely (and inexplicably) hired top executives with no background in bridge. Robert Hartman, the ACBL's new CEO, is a Life Masterand was today's declarer in a pairs event at th e Summer NABC. Against four hearts, West led a diamond, which rode to declarer's jack. Hartman led a trump to the queen, returned a spade to his ace and took three more high trumps. He next led the queen of diamonds: king, ace. When dummy's ten came next, East ruffed with hi s h igh t r ump, and declarer pitched his spade loser.

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spade, he bids two clubs and you raise to three clubs. Partner then bids three hearts. What do you say? ANSWER: Partner has a good hand with six hearts and four clubs. If he had a minimum with that pattern, he would have rebid two hearts. Bid five clubs or (since your singleton queen is adequate trump support), raise to four hearts. Whatever you do, don't pass. South dealer E-W vulnerable




jj E

East next led a spade, and Hartman ruffed and cashed his last trump. West was squeezed: He couldn't both keep the nine of diamonds to beat dummy's eight and guard his jack of clubs, so Hartman took the rest, making six for a fine result. West could have saved a trick by not covering the queen of diamonds. At double dummy, South could always make tw o o v ertricks by leading the queen of diamonds at Trick Two.



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Eas t Pass All Pa s s



Youhold: 4 y7 4 3 2 9 Q Opening lead — 0 4 0 A 10 8 3 4 A 10 9 3. Your partner opens one heart, you respond one (C) 2012 Tribune Media Services, Inc.


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THetg, Atl&EQ A&AIH&fV5,

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Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis

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E-marl: bholbrookt

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by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek

Unscramblethesefour Jumbles, one letter to eachsquare, to form four ordlnary words.


S he's so fidgety ,





Ithinkweive all forgotten how to sleep.


Ste e o! Wh a t's that? ~jej



shields 58 2002 Best

Original Song


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WOULPN'T 5LEFP,THF /T —PARENT5 &C Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprlse answer, as suggested bythe above cartoon.

Print your answer here: © LaughingStock Interjjjjtjjjnaj Inc, Dist by Unjj/ersar uorjck for UFS, 2012

"This should keep you going while I'm on vacation."

(Answers Monday) Yesterday's

Deadly" rocker

event, 1946 Ford 38 Vintage player 32 Very brief time, 40 Unlikely placef or brie f ly his-and-hers 33 Quiet towels 36 Stickball ball, 43 Bench order familiarly 44 One often 1 2 3 4 sleeping on the floor 15 47 Free of charge 51 Centipede, e.g. 17 54"I Cain't Say No" singer 19 56 1805 musical 22 premiere 57 It may include gas

Jumbles: GRIME TWINE BESTOW WHIMSY Answer: Looklng for the perfect newoutflt can beATRYING TIME

Oscar winner 59 Chickens named for an Italian city 60 Port on the Loire

38 Radioisotopes used in medicine 39 Island capital near Robert Louis Stevenson's burial site 41 Repair shop offer 42 "Master and Commander" novelist Patrick 44 Body shop

47 W i th 23-Across, acto r /director/ wri t er with nine

Emmys 48 Co m ics dog 49 "Switched-On Bac h " instrument 50 Co u r se 52 " F orever, ": 1996 humo r collection 53 Get past the bouncer 5 5V ietnam's Dinh Diem


45 Function runner 46 Sides







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R V E A I L E D N A R I O T OO S S E R $ P DO G J I L S E E $ 10/27/12







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DOWN 1 Anatomical walls 47 4 8 49 50 2 2006 Winter Olympics host 3 Eponymous chief 54 of the Penobscot 57 nation 4 Crooked gains 59 5 Japanese magnate Morita 6 Way across town By John Farmer





masks and

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44 4 5 51 55

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56 58 60

10/27/1 2



Coalition Continued from B1 A c areer s ocial w o rker, Gianoplus is debuting new mental health counseling programs through the H uman Dignity Coalition, particularly for youth whose health and well-being is often in jeopardy. Youth in the LGBTQ community have twice the rate of suicide as straight youth, said Gianoplus. "Youth is who we need to serve," she said. "This service is a matter of urgent persistence, like a health epidemic." T he organization i s a l so moving into what leaders are calling a new "social justice center" on the edge of downt own Bend, sharing a r o of with, among others, union groups and immigration rights organizations. Gianoplus i s r ec r u iting "straight allies" to speak out within social media venues or at public gatherings. Straight allies can be powerful and effective in taking the Human Dignity Coalition and its constituents from the fringe into the mainstream. She's reaching out to new and different businesses from all over the region in her fundraising, in an attempt to expand the organization's circles. "I want to professionalize the image," said Gianoplus. H uman D i g n it y Co a l i tion programs include "queer youth space," a regular sup-

the gay marriage issue and

safe and accepted. That's what Human Dignity Coalition tries to provide. J ennifer Kimble, the 4 8 year-old attorney who took the position of board president in December, wishes she'd had a similar scene to join when she came out. Kimble grew up in a small town in Arizona. When shetold her family she was a lesbian at age 17, her family was supportive, but they didn't really know what to do. They sent Kimble to see a counselor, who was helpful, Kimble said, but not familiar with her issues. "There was no place for me

GJQ$$Q fp The HumanDignity Coalition serves the LGBTQcommunity of Central Oregon.

LGBTQmeans: Lesbian:Womenwho areattracted to women.

Rob Kerr/The Bulletin

studies student at th e U n iversity of Oregon, Gianoplus reached out to her apartment manager, a lesbian, who she could talk to. That w oman helped her come to terms with her sexual orientation, she sa>d. "She explained to me what internalized h omo p hobia was," Gianoplus said. "We struggle with our own identity because we have our own homophobia." At that time, she called herself a "lesbian bisexual." She was primarily a t tracted to port group for people ages 14 women. But now she prefers to 20 to meet, talk, plan events the word "pansexual" which and hear guest speakers. The m eans shecan be attracted to o rganization o f f er s g r o u p "all gender representations," therapy, and a new transgen- she said. "My authentic self depends der support group. All these services are free to the public. on who I'm in a relationship The Human Dignity Coali- with," she said. tion puts on a queer prom and She married her c u rrent an annual drag show, which husband in 2010, she said. not onlyraises funds for the Gianoplus, a Redmond resiorganization, but raises vis- d ent, is the mother of t w o ibility for that segment of the young children from a previpopulation, "which develops ous relationship. community as well as helping As a bisexual, she can play the mental health of that popu- "the straight game," she said, lation," Gianoplus said. which, in the queer community, is often criticized. Theleaders "We're called'fence-sitters,'" Around the same time that she said. Ballot Measure 9 was makGianoplus said sexual repi ng n ews, G i anoplus w a s resentations appear across a coming out, the term used to spectrum, but the labels matdescribe public disclosure of ter less than the more crucial homosexuality. need for everyone to have a A feminist and w o men's community in which they feel


Gay:Men who are attracted to men.

Gianoplus doesn't encour-

Bisexual:Those whoaresexually attracted to men andwomen. This term is being replaced with the term "pansexual," which

age the group's members, or

attempts to capture the idea that attractions are fluid and

regardless of gender representation. Transgender:A person who appears like or attempts to become like the opposite sex. It includes transvestites, who don't change their anatomy but may dress like a member of the opposite sex, as well as those who have changed their anatomy through hormone

therapy or surgery. Queer:An umbrella term for anyone not clearly heterosexual. Source: Melissa Adams Gianoplus, executive director of the Human Dignity Coalition

to go, no group for other gay

Redmond attorney Jennifer Kimble is presidentof the Human Dignity Coalition's board.

how that will affect her future relationships. "It's a basic human right that everyone else gets," she said.

kids in the early '80s, so I had no one to talk to," she said. "I'd always known I was a orientation. lesbian. But I had a great sense K i mb l e m oved to Central of isolation. I didn't know any- O r egon in 1998. She lives in o ne else who was gay. I felt R e d mond and w o rk s a s a very alone. It would have been p u blic defender. As a Human nice to have a teen peer-sup- D i g n ity Coalition board memport group to talk about issues b er, she not only helps when it's time to move bookshelves with," she said. T hroughoutherlife,Kimble f r o m t h e o l d o f f ice to t h e has pioneered several such new location,she does some g roups. Du r i n g f undraising a n d college at Northfields a lot of legal /~ COU/d ~e ern Arizona Uniinquiries.

to marry my partner. My partner and I have no legal status. We live together. It's not equal. It's not fair."


For Hunter Akin, a 17-yearold at Mountain View High School, the Human Dignity C oalition i s p r o viding t h e community that Kimble never had at that age. In addition to j azz choir, versity, knowing Dppl eSSjye j f Some o f the le- rollerderby and academics, there were a few is the president of the ~e pp/d pepp/e g a l questions areAkin other lesbian and about p e ople's Gay Straight Alliance club in g ay students in the ~/IeY fleeded ~0 rig h ts what her school. It helps the lesbian dorms, sheworked ge gCtjyjStS, pr l and l ords and em-and gay community to be visto establish a gay ~/Iey f l e e de d ploye r sarelegally ible in the schools, because it "shows we're not hiding," she student group and allowed to do, for almost lost her job ~D CDme DU~. example. said. Nevertheless, the group's as a resident assis- We j USt yVBrft She often anposters often get ripped off the tant in the dorms swers the ques- walls pretty quickly, she said. / ~ ~ by doing so. But tion: "What's the Akin told her family she was emPo®e"eC/ ~o di f f erence be- a lesbian when she was about with the help of an American Civil mgke t/I ejf pyyfI tween d o mestic 15, before she went to a HuL iberties U n i on PartnershiPs and man Dignity Coalition queer hired attorney, she QeSg QeCjS jpfIS marriage?" prom 2'/2 years ago, she said. kePt her job and The ge n e ral Her family is fully supportive, Mel;ssa Adams formed the group. Gianppius answer: d o mes- she said. But she lacked many In law school, she executive director, tic PartnershiPs, f riends in h e r s chool w h o repeated the proHumanolgnlty or civil u n i ons, shared the same issues, quescess. The school tions and lifestyle. Cpagtjpn don't include all didn't want to fund the same rights Before becoming part of the the group. Then as marriage Human D i gnity C o alition's they didn't want to w hen i t c o m e s community, "I didn't feel conadvertise it in their to things like innected to th e o t her L G BT catalog. heritances, medical decision- youth," she said. "The intern"All I want to do is provide making, children. "Things that ship, Pride Fest and queer support and let other people y o u take for granted," she said. youth space all connected me "My biggest f r u stration to other people that I wouldn't know that there are gay people and they need support," r i g h t now — we'restalledasa have found." "It's vital to the gay commushe said. community, state, and on the Once she was working as n a t i onal level, on the issue of nity," she said. It's also an outlet for her poan attorney, some of her le- g a y m a rriage,"shesaid. "I pay taxes, go to work and litical advocacy. Akin was mogal work included gay rights — serving people who were provide servicesto people. I tivated to work as an intern at fired or not seated in a restau- s h ould have the same rights as the organization in large part rant because of their sexual e v e ryone else. I should be able because she worries about

constituents, as she calls them, to come out, or even to become activistsfor a cause such as gay marriage. Those are personal choices, Gianoplus said. "It could be oppressive if we told people they needed to be activists, or they needed to come out," she said. "We just want people to be empowered to make their own best decisions." "To me, looking at policy and law is great, but we need to get people to that point. If they're depressed and anxious, they can't be activists for a cause," she said. Until LGBTQ people stop worrying about their safety from bullying, or their survival in the job market, they can't experience self-actualization or become an activist for a cause, she said. The cultural environment is

changing, said Gianoplus. She is hopeful that things might be easier for today's younger LGBTQ population. They have role models in the media, such as Ellen DeGeneres. Pop culture includes TV shows such as "Will and Grace," which featuresgay characters.More r ecently, the r epeal of t h e Don't Ask Don't Tell policy for military service members and

the high-profile topic of gay marriage acrossthe country have brought this issue into most people's consciousness. In Central Oregon, she said, the acceptance of the LGBTQ c ommunity ha s b ee n b e tter than some members have f eared. M e mbers w a l k e d in a parade this summer in Redmond, and were welcomed by applause and "thank you" comments more than "boos" or d e r ogatory c o m ments, Gianoplus and a few board members said. "Central Oregon has b ecome a more vibrant, inclusive a nd just community in o u r 20 years," the organization writes on its website. "But we still have a long way to go." — Reporter: 541-383-0304,



I S g


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• -

MIATTRESS G <allery-Se n d s

' s


I s>

News of Record, C2 Obituaries, C7 Business, C3-5 Wea t her, C8 THE BULLETIN • SATURDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2012


u oso s

Property tax m eetings set A series of town hall meetings to dis-

cuss property taxes are scheduled across Central Oregon starting Tuesday. The meetings will allow residents to ask questions about the taxation system, how

the county appraises property and how property value is determined. All meetings will take

place from 5 to 7 various locations in the county, and will be led

by Deschutes County Assessor Scot Langton and his staff.

The first meeting is scheduled Tuesdayin the county courtroom


By Ben Botkin The Bulletin

Nine auto repair shops in Central Oregon are putting their mechanical skills to work

this year spreading holiday cheer. Central Oregon Auto Care Group, the organization that the independent auto repair shops in Bend and Redmond belong to, will give away seven refurbishedvehicles on Dec. 22 to people in need. "Cars are our thing," said Wade Bryant, chairman of the organization and owner of Wade Bryant's Auto Repair 8 Service in Bend. It's the second year for the

Emotion runs high at murder trial

e ne e

effort, but it's already growing. Last year, the group gave away three vehicles. This year, they will give away more than twice that many. As mechanics, they come acrossvehicles that are good prospectsforthe program. For example, ifa customer brings in a car with a bad transmission and opts not to make the repair, the group will buy the vehicle and fix it up. The auto shops work as a

~ ~ ~

g~ A T S S O A I K O seE

pgrg~ p & t

s v E e ee c L E

p 7~ l t -


By Scott Hammers The Bulletin

group, spreading tasks around to each business, chipping away at the necessary repairs and checking the cars' mechanical systems. See Cars/C2

Photos bytoe Kltne r The Bulletin

A 2004 Kia Spectra that will be given awayin the Words for Wheels program sits on a lift at Wade Bryant's Auto Repair and Service in Bend on Friday.

of the La Pine Justice Court. The next session is Thursday in the

Barnes Room of the Deschutes Services


Center in Bend. The third session will take place Nov. 5 in the City Council Chamber in

Sisters, and the last session will be held Nov. 7 in the Redmond Fire Hall

in Redmond. For more information about the meetings, call 541-388-6508.

==- j

Redmond ice rink opens Nov. 16


The Redmond ice skating rink is slated to

open at 5 p.m. Nov.16 if weather permits, the city of Redmond an-

nounced. The rink will be open

seven days aweek through the end of March. Free skate hours are 10 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Friday through Sunday. During these hours, visitors must bring their own skates. The rink will have skate rentals available

Wade Bryant removes a tirefrom a 2004 Kia Spectra to check the brakes at his shop, Wade Bryant's Auto Repair and Service, in Bend on Friday. The car is in the final stages of being repaired for the Words for Wheels program, in which Bryant's and eight other auto repair shops are donating work and cars to be awarded to local residents in need. Local residents can submit an essay about someone they know and why they deserve one of seven cars that will be given away this year.

Watching a video of the interview he gave to sheriff's deputies the night he shot his son, James Hargrave broke down in tears in Deschutes County Circuit Court Friday. Hargrave, 62, also wept loudly and repeatedly in the video, recorded a few hours after he shot and killed son Steven Hargrave, 29, during a James disput e at their Hargrave Tuma l o home on Dec. 4, 2011. In court, as the video played on the third day of his trial, Hargrave put his head down on the table and cried. His wife, Pamela, and son Kenny teared up in the audience. Hargrave faces one count of murder. Detective Steve Mengin of the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office spent Friday on the witness stand in Judge Wells Ashby's courtroom, fielding just a few questions from Deschutes County District Attorney Patrick Flaherty and defense attorney Karla Nash. But the bulk of the day was dedicated to showing jurors the lengthy videotaped interview conducted a few hours after the shooting. Near the end of the video, Mengin asked James Hargrave what he thought should be done with him. SeeTrial /C2

for $3 from 3-9 p.m. Monday through Thurs-

day and 2-10 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Rentals will also be available 2-9 p.m. Sundays. Entry to the skating rink costs $1. A reduced rate will be available for qualifying families through the Redmond Area Parkand Recreations District's

scholarship program. The rink will maintain

Summertimehighflows Since the dam creating Wickiup Reservoir was completed in the

late1940s, flows along the UpperDeschutes River havepeaked each summer as the state meets water demands from irrigators downstream.

SEASONAL HIGHFLOWS NEAR LA PINE SINCE 1948 In cubic feet per second

By Dylan J. Darling


The Bulletin

normal operating hours


during the holidays. — From staff reports

2,000 1,800 1,600


1,400 1,200 '50

All ballots for the Nov. 6 general election must be returned by

Residentswant officials to act on Deschutes'seasonalflooding







Source: Oregon Bureau of Reclamation Andy Zetgert/The Bulletin

8 p.m. on Election Day. Voter turnout as of late Friday afternoon, by

SUNRIVER — After the Deschutes River spread onto his property last summer, Tim Curtin made plans to have a dozen dump-truck loads of dirt dropped onto his yard next spring to raise it and keep water off. But Curtin, like many south Deschutes County residents, thinks there's also work to be done in the river to prevent further seasonal flooding. "There has to be a solution," said Curtin, 67, who has

lived along the river for D years in the River Meadows neighborhood. His home is on a 6t/z-mile stretch of river — between the South Century Drive Bridge and the mouth of the Little Deschutes River — that has been prone to flooding in recent years. The Upper Deschutes River is a regulated river, fed by releases from Wickiup Reservoir, said Jeremy Giffin, Deschutes Basin watermaster for Oregon Water Resources. In sending water down the

river, the state is meeting the demands of farmers and ranchers downstream of Bend who hold water rights. Last summer, the river extended onto riverfront properties south of Sunriver as the state ramped up flows to meet irrigation demands. Wednesday night, about 50 people showed up at a meeting where county, state and federal officials talked about the river. Summertime releases aren't particularly higher than what they've been for decades. SeeFlooding /C2

county: Crook.......... 25% Deschutes...... 19% Jefferson....... 23%

Park district hires manager for Mirror Pond project

Well shot!

• New employee haslandscape architecture and environmentaldesignexperience

reader photos • Can you work a camera, and capture a great picture? And can you tell us a bit about

it? Email your color or black and white photos

to readerphotos© and we'll pick the best for publication. Submission requirements: Include as much detail as

possible — when and where you took it, and any special technique used — as well as your name, hometown and phone number.Photos must be high resolution (at least 6 inches wide and 300 dpi) and cannot be altered.

By Dylan J. Darling The Bulletin

The Bend Park & Recreation District has hired a new project manager to tackle the Mirror Pond silt situation. Jim Figurski started last week, said Don Horton, executive director of the park district. One of his chief tasks will be figuring out the future of Mirror Pond. For the past decade Figurski was with GreenWorks, a landscape architectureand environmental design firm in Portland, said Mike Faha, principal at the company. Before that he worked for Portland Parks and Recreation for 10 years.

Figurski was a project manager and then technical director for GreenWorks, Faha said. His projects include Tanner Springs Park, a wetland in Portland's Pearl District, and the Confluence Project, a series ofart-based parks along the Columbia River designed by Maya Lin. Lin also designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. He is well versed with "complicated, high-profile projects," Faha said, particularly those that require permits from a variety of local, state and federal agencies. Figurski could not be reached

Friday for comment. "He's very experienced and well-seasoned," Faha said. "Bend parks is lucky to have him." Since late 2010, the Mirror Pond Steering Committee has been meeting regularly to discuss silt buildup in the pond. The committee is composed of city and park district officials, along with Bill Smith, a Bend developer whose company owns the dam upstream of the pond; an official from Pacific Power, which owns the dam creating the pond; and a member of the civic group Bend 2030. The city and park district have pledged $200,000 toward finding a solution for Mirror Pond. See Pond/C2


c~Hogllc~E AP>PPETIllzER< WIT H



Must dinein CltantereIIe. During the month of October onyl. Mentionthisad toreceivedu oount.

P RO N G H O R N A n Au b e rg e Res o rt

6S6OO Pronghorn Club Dr

I 54 I - 6 9 3 - 5 3 00 I ww

Reservations Required. Pleasec all54t-6 9 3 - 5 3 0 0 .


Flooding Continued from C1 However, abuildup of silt and aquatic weeds could be causing the water level in the river to rise in recent years, Giffin said. "I think there is a bigger, underlying issue here, and that is that the river is changing up there," he said.

Dredging or weed thinning could be done to lower the level of the river, Giffin said. Before doing such w ork, property owners would have to apply for permits with the Department of State Lands, the Department of Environmental Quality and the U.S. Army Corps, said Kyle Gorman, region manager for the Oregon Water Resources Department. The stretch of river is under a federal Wild and Scenic designation, w h i ch could restrict in-water work. "It would be some big hurdles to do something like that," Gorman said.

The situation is similar to the buildup of silt in Mi rror Pond in Bend, said Carl Jansen, board presidentfor the Upper Deschutes River Coalition. The coalition represents neighborhoods along the river south of Bend. W hile th e M i r r o r P o n d Steering Committee, which includes officials with the city and park district, is leading research into the possible dredging of the pond, such a group hasn't been established for the Upper Deschutes River. For now the coalition will at least keep the conversation going. The Upper Deschutes River Coalition plans to take up the summertime flooding issue at a meeting later this year, said Jeff Wieland, co-chair of the coalition's watershed committee. He said finding a solution could be a long process. "It's not going to happen quickly," he said.

Nominating essays of up to 500 words must be submitted

betweenNov.12andDec.19.AnyOregonresidentmay be nominated. To find out more about the contest, visit www and click on the community link. The essays can be submitted to any of the following locations:

• Wade Bryant's Auto Repair 8 Service Center, 324 SENinth St., Bend • Road Runner Auto Repair, 186 NE Revere Ave., Bend

• Brandy's Automotive Service & Repair, 235 NE Lafayette Ave., Bend • Davis & Clark Auto Repair, 156 NE Seward Ave., Bend

• Intermountain Truck & Auto Repair, 61522American Loop, Bend • Townsend Auto Repair, 1080 SE Highway 97, Bend

•EARPS AutoRepair,340 NW Dogwood Ave.,Redmond • Redmond Auto Service, 1104 SW Lake Road, Redmond • Marshall's Automotive, 2110 S. Highway 97, Redmond


15-passenger Ford van. The group will make deContinued from C1 cisionsafter reading essays "We just each do our little submitted by people nomipart," Bryant said. "It's defi- nating someone other than nitely a group effort." themselves. Those essays Besides giving away the must be received between vehicle, th e o r g anization Nov. 12 and Dec. 19. also covers registration and The decisions aren't easy. title fees; the recipients pay Last year, 140 letters came only for insurance. in. "It's a huge task to go out "Reading through all the and buy a car if money's al- applications and trying to ready tight," Bryant said. d ecide and n a r rowing i t This year's lineup of ve- down is rather difficult," said hicles consists of a 2002 VW Trent Messinger, owner of Beetle, a 2004 Ki a Spec- Redmond Auto Service, "but tra sedan, a 2002 Mercury it does feel rewarding to help Mountaineer, a 1999 Ford people out." Taurus, a 1994 Ford Taurus, — Reporter: 541-977-7185, a 1996 Dodge Caravan and a

Continued from C1 S ilt is collecting in t h e pond, forming mud flats that could degrade water quality in the river. The focus has been on the possibility of dredging the pond, which is estimated to cost f r om $2 million to $5 million. F igurski w il l b e d o i n g


The UpperDeschutes River S i r~ Spring River

public outreach to find out what Bend residents want to see done with the pond, said Mel Oberst, director of community development for the city and member of the pond steering committee. "His first task will be to put together a work program," Oberst said.

o Bendy<

+4O (4j Fall River


emee , t .a Pine State Recreation Area

Tetherow ~ t.og Jam


(4j 43

Wickiup Junction



a Pine

To Klamath Fallsg

— Reporter: 541-617-7812,

Nominate someone for avehicle



Andy Zeigert/The Bulletin


was asleep and snoring when he went upstairs to join his wife Continued from C1 in their bedroom. Their son Hargrave suggested depu- awakened a short time later, ties take him outside and shoot and resumed screaming at his him. Asked if he felt what he'd parents. done was wrong, James HarPamela Hargrave went to grave hung his head and wept. her son's room to attempt to "Yes it's wrong, horribly calm him down, but Steven wrong," he said. "I don't know Hargrave continued shouting why he's so hateful." and threatened to kill his mothIn the video, Hargrave de- er.She came back totheir bedscribed his son as "the sweetest room, James Hargrave said, guy in the world" when he's not packed up a few things and drinking. When Steven Har- told her husband she was leavgrave drank, a "switch" would ing for the night. In the video, be flipped, his father said, and James Hargrave said he wasn't he wouldbecome verbally and sure what his wife's plan was, sometimes physically abusive. but that he assumed she would Asked if his son's threats stay the night in a motel. to kill him and his mother on With Pamela Hargrave outthe night of the shooting were side, James Hargrave and his alarming, James H a r grave son continued shouting at each replied, "You just don't know," other from their bedrooms on and suggested such threats oc- opposite ends of the house. curred regularly in their home. Steven Hargrave called out "You never know what he's "I'll kick your a-," his father gonna do," Hargrave said on recalledon video. "Come over the video. "He can drink a six here and tryit, " James Harpack and be completely fine, grave responded, and the next time he drinks a He said during the interview six pack of beer, he goes off." that he heard his son coming James Hargrave said that up the stairs toward his bedduring the six years prior to room, and that his son's fists the shooting, Steven Hargrave were balled up when he came had pushed him to the ground through the door. "I told him, 'this is it, you're twice. Early in their interview, he told Mengin his son would done f-- - w i t h m e," James verbally threaten him weekly, Hargrave told Mengin, recallthough later on in the video, ing themoment he reached for James Hargrave said his son his 357 magnum and shot his Steven would get drunk and son from a distance of around verbally abuse hi s p a rents eight feet. nearly every day. Pamela Hargrave came inIn the interview, James Har- side and called 911 at around grave describedthe day of the 10:40p.m. "I should have just went and shooting. He said he spent most of the afternoon inside watch- got in the car," Hargrave said ing NFL football, while Steven through tears in the video. "But Hargrave worked in the yard it's too late." and drank 16-ounce cans of The trial is scheduled to reIcehouse beer. sume Tuesday. Flaherty said Around 5 p.m., Steven Har- James Hargrave's doctor and grave came inside shouting, two Oregon State Police crime James Hargrave said, then lab technicians are scheduled went to his room and slept for a to testify. — Reporter:541-383-0387, couple of hours. James Hargrave said his son shammers®bendbullet

— Reporter: 541-617-7812, ddarli ngC<bendbulfeti

Prineville Police Department

POLICE LOG The Bulletin will update items in the Police Log when such a request is received. Any new information, such as the dismissal of charges or acquittal, must be verifiable. For more information, call 541-383-0358. Bend Police

Theft — A theft was reported and an arrest made at 4:24 p.m. Oct. 25, in the area of Northeast Dunham Street.

Oregon State Police Criminal mischief — An act of criminal mischief was reported and an arrest made at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 22, in the area of U.S. Highway 97 near milepost149. Department Vehicle crash — An accident Theft — A theft was reported was reported Oct. 22, in the and an arrest made at11:17 area of West U.S. Highway a m. Oct. 3, in the 2700 block of Northeast Boyd Acres Road. 20 near milepost1. Vehicle crash — An accident Theft — A theft was was reported at 7:50 p.m. Oct. reported at 9:13 a.m. Oct. 23, in the area of West U.S. 11, in the1800 block of Highway 20 near milepost 84. Southwest Troon Avenue. Vehicle crash — An accident Theft — A bicycle was was reported at 9:50 a.m. Oct. reported stolen and an 25, in the area of U.S. Highway arrest made at 2:59 a.m. 97 near milepost 114. Oct. 23, in the1000 block of Northwest Columbia Street. DUII — Heather M. Fox, 37, was arrested on suspicion of Theft — A theft was reported driving under the influence of and an arrest made at1:32 intoxicants at12:23 a.m. Oct. p.m. Oct. 24, in the 20100 block of Pinebrook Boulevard. 26, in the area of Cheyenne Drive in Deschutes River Woods. Theft — A theft was reported and an arrest made at 2:05 BEND FIRE RUNS p.m. Oct. 24, in the 600 block of Northeast Third Street. Wednesday DUII — Connie Elizabeth 8:22 p.m.— Building fire, Austin, 44, was arrested on 1187 S.W. Silver Lake Blvd. suspicion of driving under 10:13 p.m.— Unauthorized the influence of intoxicants at 10:35 p.m. Oct. 24, in the area burning, 61631 Cedarwood Road. of Northeast 10th Street and 14 — Medical aid calls. Northeast Franklin Avenue. DUII — Roger George Dastous, 36, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at12:21 a.m. Oct. 25, in the area of Southeast Reed Market Road a'bm C Totatcare and Southeast Third Street. Bend Memorial Clinic i~



t 4 I II



for appointments



t• o

' •





Publishing Tuesday, December 25, 2012 in The Bulletin Central Oregon communities continue to grow due to a nationally-

recognized appreciation for the region's quality of life. From providin g the most basic needs offood,shelter and security,to

Where Buyers And Sellers Meet


1000'S Of AdS EVery DCly


creating and maintaining positive social, educationaL, recreational and professional environments, Central Oregon's nonprofit community is a foundation for our area's success and sustainability. Hundredsoforganizations and thousands of volunteers make up this

I ~ I•

nonprofit network.


CI'aiis'if e s

• '



Through the publication of Connections, The Bulletin will both defineand profile the organizations that make up this network.


Connections wiLL provide readers with a thorough look at nonprofi torganizationsin Deschutes,Jeff erson,and CrookCounties.

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s II r I I II r lrr rs I' ' 1 II III

I' '

(The Bulletin, 10-17-12)

I •


"Speak with him about Bend's issues and what is likely to strike you is the depth Of his research and the power of his analysis ... Chudowsky is our pick."

Serving CentralOregon since 1903





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The Bulletin is in the process of verifying and compiling a comprehensive list of nonprofit entities in Central Oregon. Please fill out this form to verify information in order to be considered for publication in Connections. Mail back to: The Bulletin, Attn: Chris Ingersoll, P.O. Box 6020, Bend, OR97708.

E-mail information to cingersoll© orcall 541-382-1 811 exL 404

Nameof NOnPrOfit GrO uP

Victor Chudowsky for Bend City Council The Smart Choice Paid for by Friends of Victor Chudowsky






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C3 Weekly market review, C4-5 People on the Move, C5 THE BULLETIN • SATURDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2012

NASDA Q cHANGE'+t.a3+o61. IN BRIEF Microsoft releases tablet, new 05 Microsoft embarked

on a newera Friday as its two long-anticipated projects finally went

on sale: a major overhaul of its operating system and a foray into hardware with a tablet

computer. It took years to get both on the shelves,

and now Microsoft is waiting to see whether customers will bite. The

firm set up temporary stores to get its products in front of more

shoppers. Therewas even a "pop-up" store in Times Squarefor a major midnight launch Friday morning. The products mark

Microsoft's first steps at shifting its focus from the software that made


DOWjOS NEcHANGE+3.53+o3r.

V S&P500cHaNGE'-t.o3-.o71.

V BONDS Tr es-n cHANGE-a. a5%


Investors uy Ben shopping strip By Rachael Rees The Bulletin

A California real estate investment company has purchased the shopping center on Southeast Third Street and Wilson Avenue and plans to update the property. Read Investments LLC, of Berkeley, Calif., acquired the 38,000-square-footportion of the center, which houses Grocery Outlet, the Indoor Swap Meet and Party 8 Cards, during a foreclosure sale last month. In an email written Friday, Randy Olano, the owner of the Bend Grocery Outlet, said "I have known the Read family personally and professionally for the last 23 years, and the acquisition shows that the Read Family believes in the Bend community and stays ac-

tenant or tenants adjacent to Grocery Outlet," according to a news release. Morgan Read, director of acquisitions for Read Investments, said the property is well located and houses a very

Newly acpuired , shoppingcenter


strongperforming grocery 8

Reedy ' e'Rir



Andy Zeigert/The Bulletin

tively involved in the long term success of Grocery Outlet." Read Investments, which owns and operates more than 1.5 million-square-feet of primarily commercial retail properties in the Northwest, expects to "revitalize the exterior of the center and functionality of the available space in order to secure a long term

anchor. "Our primary strategy is to improve existing retail as opposed to building new," Read said. "Bend is a town we have known for decades. The size and profile of the market fit our criteria perfectly, and Bend has a lack of available retail space that we find

appealing." Aaron Henson, senior planner with the city of Bend, said the property was first developed in 1978, when it had an estimated value of $575,000. Since then, he said, there

have only been a variety of minor tenant improvements. Carolyn Eagan, Bend's business advocate, said the citysees a number ofredevelopment opportunities along Third Street. Wheneverthere are spots that are underutilized — whether it's a parking lot that could house a building, or a one-story building on a lot where you could have three stories — redevelopment creates opportunities for economic activity, she said. "If you put in more permanent tenants or more specialty stores, it could potentially provide more jobs and more shopping opportunities for people in Bend, which keeps more dollars in Bend," she said. — Reporter: 541-617-7818,

ita technology giant to the hardware and services that it believes will


carry it into the post-PC era. With its tablet, the


Surface, Microsoft is battling for a share of a market dominated by

Apple's iPad. TheiPad has about 60 percent of the world's tablet market, but that is down from 80 percent two

years ago. Competing tablets running Google's Android system appear nearly every month.

Airlines ask fliers to reschedule NEW YORK — U.S. airlines are giving travelers a way out if they

want to scrap their plans due to Hurricane Sandy. All the major airlines

are offering waivers to customers who wish to reschedule their flights without incurring the

typical fee of up to $150. The offers cover passengers flying in or out of just aboutany airport from Latin America to New Hampshire. Most waivers for travel in the Northeast are only valid Monday through

Brianvan der Brug / Los Angeles Times

Talent director David Wally, center, who previously worked in films, oversees the makeupof costumed cast members at Queen Mary's Dark Harbor Halloween maze in Long Beach, Calif.

oween maze esi ers e earwi ouris

Wednesday. The airlines have only canceled a handful of flights so far, nearly all of them in and out of Florida and the Caribbean.

Hurricane Sandy killed at least 20 people inthe Caribbean, and left Bahamas this afternoon. It is expected to move north, just off the Eastern Seaboard.

Forecasters say itcouldblend with a winter storm to produce

a so-called "Franken-

storm" along the U.S. East Coast next week. They say there will be hundreds of miles of

steady, strong anddamaging winds and rain for the entire Eastern region

for several days. — From wire reports

Out ofwork Both new and ongoing claims for jobless benefits fell last week to a level consistent with moderate hiring. — Continuing tp claim unemployment insurance — Initial claim

By Hugo Martin Los Angeles Times

Even before the fake blood and plastic skeletons are put away after Halloween, Todd Faux is already thinking of new ways to dispatch his 1,000 or so monsters to scare the living daylights out of you next year. As entertainment design manager at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, Calif., Faux has unleashed vampires, a deranged butcher, zombie cannibals and a homicidal Pinocchio on park visitors during its annual Halloween Haunt event. His task now is to come up with something even creepier for next Halloween. "The research is the fun

2 1

W eek endin g Oct.20 369,000 '08 '09 '10 '11 '12

Note: Report on continuingclaims lags initial claims byone week Source U S. Department of Labor

© 2012 Mcclatchy-Tribune News Service

about $300 million in revenue each year, according to the trade group Haunted Attraction Association. Attraction designers now trade notes at annual gatherings such as Transworld's Halloween and Attractions Show in Missouri and Monsterpalooza in Burbank, Calif. Maze design has also become a high-profile job. Just ask John Murdy, the creative director at Universal Studios Hollywood. He starred in a recent meet-and-greet event that drew more than 500 horror fans to a theater in the park. "People are walking up and asking me for autographs," said Murdy, who created his first haunted house at his Whittier, Calif., home when

he was 10 years old. "That is really weird to me." In the not-too-distant past, Halloween scares were primarily offered at haunted houses or hay rides operated by nonprofit groups such as the Boy Scouts of America or the local chamber of commerce, said Patrick Konopelski, president of the Haunted Attraction Association. And the scares, he said, were created by high school students with latex masks and plastic knives. Halloween attractions at theme parks now feature infraredsensors,multi-channel audio tracks, animatronics, 3-D technologyand moviequality makeup. SeeFear/C5

By Annie Lewrey New York Times News Service

WASHINGTON — For the first time since the Great Recession hit, U.S. households are taking on m ore debt than they are shedding, an epochal shift that might augur a more resilient recovery going forward. Fortwo ofthelastthree quarters, U.S. households' total outstanding borrowing on things like credit cards, mortgages and auto loans has increasedafterfalling for 14consecutive quarters. Some economists even see an end to the long, hard process of "deleveraging" — as they refer to the cutting of debt relative to income or the nation's economic output. That process, they say, has been a central reason for the extraordinary sluggishness of the recovery. "We're at an inflection point," said Kevin Logan, the chief U.S. economist for HSBC. "Debt is less of a burden" for households, he said. Closely watched economic figures released Friday underscore households' nascent sense of strength. Despite tepid growth and still-high unemployment, consumer confidence has soared to a five-year high, according to a survey by Thomson Reuters and the University of Michigan. Economic growth numbers forthe third quarter showed

household spending picking up pace as well. The drop in overall debt is in no small part because of foreclosures, delinquencies and write-offs by lenders, which are slowing but not stopping. But the struggle to pay down old debts might not prove such a drag on economic growth in the future. "We're not getting a tail wind. We're losing a head wind," said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody's Analytics, who said of the deleveraging process for households and businesses, "It's basically over." Experts estimated that the level of debt, compared with income or economic output, would continue to fall for the next one to three years — with the end of deleveraging coming as early as mid-2013 and as late as the end of 2015. "By just about any metric, we've made a huge dent in a significant problem, but I don't think we're finished yet," said Liz Ann Sonders, the chief investment strategist for Charles Schwab 8t Co. See Debt/C5

'Made in U.S.A.'hard to find after rise of foreign goods By Nedra Rhone The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Week ending Oct. 13 3.25 million

part of the job," he said. "Oh, yeah, I have to watch horror movies." Faux is among a handful of fear peddlers at theme parks who create and manage the gore- and bedlam-filled mazes that draw horror fans in the weeks leading up to Halloween. Such jobs have evolved from temporary posts to crucial full-time gigs, held by professionals with training in theater or filmmaking. They oversee hundreds of actors, technicians,wardrobe expertsand setbuilders.And now big money is at stake. Across the country, Halloween attractions such as haunted houses, theme park mazes and festivals bring in

Americans taking on more debt in sign of recovery

There's a 2001 GM Chevy Suburban parked in Melissia Perry's garage. Next to that is a '68 Ford Mustang. Inside her Woodstock, Ga., home are fully functional radios and televisions from the 1940s. Perry, 44, sometimes uses her great-grandmother's crochet hooks to make crafts and her original Slinky — a toy she saved from her childhood — is still in top shape. Perry is surrounded by items from the past, but she's

an example of the future — one in which more American consumers are seeking out and buying 100 percent American-made goods. "It is very difficult to find a truly 'made in America' product," said Perry, a married mother of four. As a small-business owner, she understands the costs associated with stateside manufacturing, but as a consumer, she wants

high-quality goods made right at home. "How many plants have to shut down or jobs have to be lost because we do not

manufacture in this country anymore?" she asks. For several decades, "made in the U.S.A." — a label once proudly imprinted on everything from apparel to cars — hasn't just been hard to find; it's been a hard sell. In the minds of many American consumers, foreign goods came to represent superior quality at a lower cost. Shoppers showed their preference with their purchases. Several previous attempts to invigorate consumer interest in American-made products fell flat, says Marshal Co-

hen, chief industry analyst for market research firm, NPD Group, but this time around the movement seems to have more traction with a broad range of consumers, including younger generations. In the past two years, retailers, fashion designers and even musicians — most recently at a two-day benefit concert last month in Philadelphia curated by rapper Jay-Z — have all seized some aspect of the modern made-inAmerica movement. "Made in the U.S.A. now is all about patriotism," Cohen

said. "It's about supporting jobs in the U.S. rather than shipping them off." The topic is a hot issue in the current political climate, fueled in part by last summer's outcry from members of Congress over the Chinese-made U.S. Olympic team uniforms. Buford, Ga.-based Okabashi Brands, Inc., which has designed, manufactured and assembled its sandals and flip-flops in the U.S. since the company launched in 1984, is changing its tagline to reflect that history. See Made/C5



The weekly market review New York Stock Exchange Name Lasl Chg Wkly Name Lasl Chg Wkly Name Lasl Chg Wkly Name Last Chg Wkly ABB Ltd 18.19 -.31 -1.1 3 ACE Lt<I 79.35 -.66 -1.17 ADTCpn u41.86 +.70 +3.06 AESCorp d10.45 +.04 -.55 AFLAC 49.58 -.45 -.11 AGCO 47.57 +.15 -.71 AK Steel 5.19 -.02 -.32

AOL 3 4.48 -1.02 -1.79 AT&Tlnc 34.63 +.13 -.69 AU Optron 3.53 -.25 -.32 Aarons 3015 i363 i265 Abthb 65 48 -30 -67 AberFitc 30 58 -28 -1 43 AcadiaRlt 25 53 -13 -01 Accenture 6711 +45 -64 AccoBrds 613 -21 -21 Act>veNet d8 97 -24 -98 AdvAuto 6814 +24 -29 AMD ( I 2 07-05 -11 AdvSem> 3 54 -.02 AecomTch 2085 -.10 -49 Aeropostl 12 28 -.23 -.91 Aetna 44.10 -.33 +.56 Ag>lent 35.94 -.17 +.19 Agn>cog u55.63 -.73 +2.96 Agnumu1 g 04.75 -1.13 +.35 A>rProd 77.92 +.19 -2.07 A>rgas 86.74 +.39 +4.71 AlaskAir s 38.29 +.12 +.52 Albemarle 55.29 +.20 -.04 AlcatelLuc 1.03 -.03 -.09 Alcoa 8 . 65 -.08 -.36 Alere 1 9 18 -.20 - 77 AllegTchd26.71 -.61 -6.10 Allergan 91 64 + 38 -57 AlliBlnco 8 58 -03 Allstate 4015 -36 -1 86 AllyFnpfBu2542 -08 +39 AlphaNRs 871 +28 -26 AlpTotDiv 4 24 -11 AlpAlerMLP1661 -09 -03 Altria 3 1 76 -34 -87 AmBev 40 48 +08 -86 Amdocs 32 91 -.04 t.05 Ameren 32.33 -.26 -.63 Amengrp u91.36 -.07 -.36 AMov>IL 25.61 +.13 -.67 AmAxle 10.38 -1.21 -1.64 AmCampus45.01 +.76 t.82 AEagle0ut 20.94 +.08 -1.60 AEP

4 3 . 95+.N -1.03

AmExp 55.75 t.31 -1.11 AFnclGrp 38.70 +.23 -.30 AmlntlGrp 34.72 -.26 -.98 AmTower 73.37 +.05 -.47 AmWtrWks 36.66 -.10 -.62 Ameripriseu59.30 +.30 +1.50 AmenBrgn3934 -42 -94 Ametek s 35 82 t32 t178 Amphenol 6013 i 03 -98 Anadarka 6649 -06 -385 AnglogldA 3245 -05 -76 ABlnBev 85 21 -32 -36 Ann Inc 3413 -09 -200 Annaly 15 80 -09 -18 Anworth d6 01 -06 -19 Aon plc 53 84+1.49 +1.29 Apache 82 36 -.45 -4.51 Aptlnv 26 36 -.24 - 50 AquaAm 25.25 +.05 +.01 ArcelorM>t 15.44 -.10 -.84 ArchCoal 8.09 +.78 +.18 ArchDan 27.05 +.06 -1.47 AICOSOOI 13.23 -.01 -1.60 ArmourRsd 7.04 -.07 ArrowEI 34.55 -.05 +.54 Ashland 68.74 +.23 -1.22 Aspenlns u32.81 -.77 +.91 AsdEstat 15.01 +.30 ASSUr34t 37 85 -.17 -2.48 AssuredG 1398 -.34 +.09 AstraZen 46 61 -09 -44 AuRico g 805 -04 -01 AutoNatn 44 61-115 -384 Autoliv 55.99 -.62 -6.63 Autotone 370 75 +2 97 +1 75 AvalonBay133 07 -85 -384 AveryD u32 25 -21 +1 91 Avnet 28 44 -09 +59 Avon 15 48 -28 -1 00 AXISGap u3683 -.47 -.38 B&G Foods 30 00 +.18 +1.31 BB&TCp 2901 +.06 -.77 BB&TpfE 25.51 -.06 -.09 BCE g 43.00 -.02 -.19 BHP B>IILt 70.51 -.93 -.63 BHPB>l plc 63.68 -.N -1.05 BP PLC 41.73 -.N -1.37 BRE 4 7 .19-.15 -.86 BRFBrasil 18.56 -.14 +.37 BabckWil 24.95 -.07 -.86 BakrHu 43.42 -1.33 BallCorp 42.81 t.31 +.15 BallyTechu49.82 +2.59 +2.42 BcoBrad pt 15.70 -.23 -.17 BcoSantSA 7 35 -09 -29 BcoSBrasil 679 -21 -39 BcpSouth 14 08 -17 -02 BkofAm 912 -12 -32 BkAm wtA 3 63 -06 -09 BkHawaii 44 26 -12 + 24 BkNYMel 24 37 -39 -18 Bankrate 10 70 -27 Barclay 14 92 -10 + 01 BanPVix rs 3630 -.18 +1.31 BarV>xMdT 31.47 +.30 -.11 B ard 9 6 4 4 -.49 -3.28 BarnesNob14.85 -.19 -.15 BarnckG 39.18 -.31 t.40 6asicEnSv10.44 -.7B -1.60 Baxter 61.16 -.26 -.76 Beam Inc 55.69 -.79 t.39 6eazerN e 16.48 -.97 -1.93 BectDck 75.34 +.05 -.31 Bemis u33.09 -.09 +.67 Berkley u39.20 -.31 +.22

BerkH B 86 66 -.49 -2.60 BerryPet 38 42 +.13 -2.11 BestBuy d14.96 -.21 -2.29 BigLots d28 78 -43 -44 BBarreN 23 39 -02 -1 80 BioMedR 1886 -26 -52 BlackRock18699 -13 -1 95 BlkEEqDv 746 +05 -03 BlkGlb0p 13 26 -04 -47 Blackstone 15 35 +01 -32 BlockHR 17 75 -06 +64 Boeing 71 11 -43 -290 Bo>se Inc 8.32 -.31 BorgWarn 6371 -.95 -2.08 BostProp 10653 -.82 -3.00 BostonSa 5.17 +.05 -.05 BoydGm 6.09 -.10 -.28 Brandyw 11.59 -.21 -.89 Bnnker 30.85 +.74 -2.26 BrMySq 33.62 -.11 -.19

Brookdale 23.51 -.22 -.63 DxFnBulrs107.41 l -1.68 -6.41 BrkfldAsg 33.98 -.10 -.49 D>rSCBear 16.04 +.21 +.42 Brkfld0tPr 1544 i 01 -.63 DirFnBear 17.56 +.24 +.92 BrwnBrn 25 30 - 01 +.06 DirSPBear 1805 +.05 +74 Brunswick 2305 - 58 +.33 DirDGldBr 2631 +.56 +43 Buenavent 35 08 -27 -86 DirDGldBII 1510 -.28 -53 BungeLt u70 08 -10 +.01 DrxTcBear 9.71 -.06 +.29 BurgerK n 14.95 +.26 +.85 DrxEnBear 8.00 -.04 +.56 CBLAsc 21.83 -.24 -.35 DrxSOXBII 23.75 +.33 t.33 CBREGrp 18.25 +.01 -.86 D>rEMBear 1166 +.20 i14 CBS B 32.87 -.41 -.87 DirxSCBull 5634 -.78 -1 53 CF Inds 204 82+1.21 -1 86 DirxSPBull 8499 -.23 -3.82 CIT Grp 37 06 -49 -3.04 D>rxEnBull 49.93 +.24 -4.10 CMSEng 24 22 i 01 -.08 D>scover 40.25 +.40 t.63 CNO Fincl 9 54 -10 -.12 D>scovpfBd25 28 -.02 -20 CSX 2 0 55 - 03 -.55 D>sney 50 08 -.18 -1 82 CVS Care 46 06 - 05 -.14 DolbyLab 3074 -.49 -1 01 CYSInvest 1327 -14 +01 DoleFood 12.28 -.09 +.07 Cabelas 45.15 -.95 -10.00 DollarGen 47.63 +.33 +.46 CblvsnNYu17.89 -.50 DollarTh 79.08 -.16 -5.67 Cabot 35.34 +.29 +.75 DomRescs52.07 +.12 -1.44 CabotOG su47.46 +4.31 +2.98 Dominos 4049 -.10 + 32 CalDive d1.26 -.04 -.23 Donldsons 3221 • .08 -1 30 CallGolf 548 -48 -.54 DEmmett 23.21 -.31 -1.09 Calpine 17 74 - 05 -.66 Dover 57.77 -.42 -.31 CamdenPT 6438 -30 -1.00 DowChm 29.57 -.09 -.29 Cameco g 1893 - 01 -.35 DrPepSnap42.76 -.16 -1.70 Cameron 51.24 +16 -3.97 DuPont 4518 +.01 -416 CampSp 34.72 -.03 -.50 OuPFabros2d1.62 +.18 -2.47 CdnNRyg 86.71 -.32 -1.46 DukeEnrs 65.11 +.36 -.40 CdnNRs gs 29.74 -.39 -1.51 DukeRlty 14.25 -.13 -.82 CP Rwygu92.08 -.46 +3.08 DunBrad 81.58 +2.71 t.74 Canon 32 28 i 68 -.35 Dynegyn 18 60 -.27 -.35 CapOne u6000 i 03 -.75 E-CDang 4 01 -04 CapitlSrce 7 73 -11 -.05 EMCCp 23 91 -.23 -67 CapsteadM1213 -26 -47 EMCOR u31 57 +A4 +2.76 CarboCerd73.91 +2.17+10.88 EOGRes 114.09 +1.67 +1.02 CardnlHlth 4043 -.46 -83 CareFusion 26 54 -25 -70 Carlisle 54.93 +.18 +3.29 CarMax 33.57 +.79 +.27 Carnival u37.85 -.81 -.34 CarpTech 49.45 -.65 -2.79 Carters 54 46 -80 +1 99 CascdeCpu65.00 -.05 +9.92 Caterpillar 8425 i 72 • .39 Celanese 38 38 +39 +1.20 Cemex 9 02 - 21 +.05 Cem>g pfs 1204 -08 -39 CenovusE 34.51 -.08 +.17 Centene 38.28 -.20 -.20 CenterPnt 21.47 +.09 +.06 CenEIBras d5.64 -.13 -.22 CntryLink 3856 -.12 -.40 ChesEng 2010 -12 -.71 Chevron 111 18 i22 -2.20 ChicB&l 37 25 -44 -1.04 Ch>cos 18 47 -19 -.44 Ch>mera 2.57 -06 -.10 Ch>naMble55.67 -.24 +1.58 Ch>naUn> 16.27 -.55 -.91 Chipotle d251.52+3.51 +8.52 Chubb 77.96 -1.43 -2.34 ChurchDwt 50.10 -88 -2.57 Cigna u49.70 -.67 +.04 Cimarex 5819 -36 -4.25 CinciBell 5 28 + 07 -.29 Cinemark u24 27 +13 -.12 CitigppfN 2780 - 05 +.04 Oigroup 36 60 -81 -56 Citigp wtA .38 +.00 -.01 ChffsNRs 36.49-1.71 -7.96 Clorox 72.10 -.71 -2.25 CloudPeak21.20 +2.21 +1.41 Coach 55 89 - 92 -.11 CobaltlEn 20 77 i 12 -.96 CocaColsa3704 - 05 -.36 CocaCE 30 97 - 03 -.23 Coeur u30 27 -23 +1.04 Colfax 33 55 +.01 -2.1 5 ColgPal 103.87 -.73 -3.87 ColonPT 21.17 -.20 -.24 Comenca 29.22 -.35 -.21 CmclMtls 13.75 -.05 -.43 CmwREIT d13.58 -.40 -.97 CmtyHlt 26.79 -.85 -.32 CompSci 30 59 -15 -87 ComstkRs17.87 -.32 -2.09 Con-Way 27 99 -32 -09 ConAgra 28 21 -11 -.05 ConchoRes 86 77 -.79 -5.57 ConocPh>i s57.31 +.15 -.14 ConsolEngy35.19 +.77 -.02 ConEd 59.97 -.04 -.50 ConstellA 35.55 -.26 -.10 ContlRes 72 89 +.39 -4.13 CooperInd 7343 - 38 -.77 EQTCorp 62 42 +1.70 +225 CooperTire 18 76 -83 -1 29 EagleMat u4822 -1.30 -1 63 CoreLogicu23.12 -.46 -3.39 EastChemu6019 +6.54 +411 Corning 11.82 -.27 -1.70 Eaton 45 12 -.30 - 69 CorpOffP 24 65 -.31 -1.1 0 EatnVan 28 11 • .08 - 68 CorrectnCp 33.26 -.08 +.17 EVTxMGlo 8.96 +.05 +.04 CosanLtd 16.12 +.44 +.27 Ecolab 69.56 +.36 +.49 Costamre 13.73 -.23 +.17 Edisonlnt 46.57 -.17 -.83 CousPrp u8.27 -.13 -.12 EducRlty 10.44 +.08 -.06 CovantaHu17.94 -.10 +.21 EdwLtSa 87.15 +.16 +1.01 CoventryHu43.89 - 04 +.33 Elan 1 0 .80-.09 -.11 Covidien 54 78 -07 -1.62 EldorGld g 13.96 -.24 -.38 CS VS3xSlv3247 - 23 -.14 ElheMae 25.35 +.29 +.45 CSVS2xVxS 1 50 -02 +.10 Embraer 27.76 +.01 -.21 CSVellVSt 1642 + 05 -85 EmersonEI4784 -.12 -41 CredSu>ss 2255 - 31 -.94 Emulex 703 +.63 + 59 CrwnCstle 66.46 t.41 +.74 EnCanag 22 52 +.10 -1 39 CrownHold38.09 t.38 +.72 EndvSilvg 879 • .05 - 01 CubeSmart12.67 -.18 -.55 Energen 47.10 -.38 -6.85 CullenFr 55.26 -.35 +.77 EngyTsfr 42.95 +.35 +.70 Cummins 9382 -.23 +1 89 Enerplsg 1596 -.09 - 80 CurEuro 12847 -11 -.85 ENSCO 58.13 -.64 -.89 Cytec 68 64 -11 i161 Entergy 72.10 +1.68 +.87 EntPrPt 53.41 -.69 -.13 Equ>fax 49.74 +.32 -.69 EqtyRsd 56.06 -.36 -1.07 EsteeLdrs 6079 -.51 -2.1 4 EthanAI 29.21 +.51 -.21 EverBnkn 14 75 +06 -20 ExcelM d.37 -.01 -.05 ExcelTrst 12 33 +.03 - 03 ExcoRes 8 19 +.04 - 61 Exelis n 1091 +.24 i 19 Exelon 35.49 -.15 -1.52 Express 11.15 -.19 -.19 ExtraSpce 33.10 -.02 -.34 ExxonMbl 90.62 +.19 -1.53 FMCTech 40.44 +.54 -3.93 FNBCpPA 10.69 -.11 t.11 Fa>rchldS d11.81 +.12 t.03 Fam>lyDlr 65 60 -.38 t.50 FedExCp 9069 -.43 -1.42 Fedlnvst 22 03+1.34 +1 06 F erro 2 6 5 +.01 - 09 FibriaCelu 8 91 -.29 - 89 FidlNFin 21 36 -.45 -1 25 FidNatlnfo 32 62 • .08 i 21 Fifth&Pac 1100 -.40 +.36 FstAFin n 22.25 -.90 -1.56 FstCwlth 6.53 -.01 -.22 FstHonzon 9.20 -.14 -.13 FstlnRT 13.11 -.25 -.48 •

FMajSilvg 22.29 -.38 -.15 FirstEngy 45.63 -.26 -.35 FlagstB rsu1310 -.45 Fluor 5 5 31 i10 -1.85 FootLockr 33 49 -48 -2.47 FordM 1036 -03 +.18 FordM wt 1.37 -03 +.12 ForestCA 16.1 2 -.10 -.21 ForestLab 34.17 -.45 -.73 Forest0il 8.17 +.20 -.52 Fortress 4.23 -.02 -.31 FBHmSec u27.71 -.73 -1.60

FranceTeld1i 38 -.06 -1.09 FrankRes12800 +1.67 -2.53 FMCG 3907 -12 -2.11 Freescale 913 + 25 -.12 Frontline 3 26 - 05 -.11 Fusion-io 23.93-1.13 -3.62

GNC 3 8 71 +33 -1.60 Gafisa SA 3.68 -.03 -.55 GameStop 2300 -.72 -.12 Gannett 16.75 -.09 -1.49 Gap 3 5 .41+.24 -.96 GardDenv67.15 +1.15+10.01 GenDynam67.32 -.29 +.15 GenElec 21.11 -.15 -.92

GenGrPrp 19.14 -.02 -.33 GenMills 39 85 - 06 -.14 GenMotors 23 28 -35 -1.31 Gen0n En 2 60 -05 -.18 Genpact 1760 +10 +.02 GenuPrt 61.24 t 36 -.31 Genworth 5.48 -.16 -.15 GaGult 35.96 -1.17 -2.83 Gerdau 8.75 -.14 -.21

Name Last Chg Wkly Name Lasl Chg Wkly Name Lasl Chg Wkly Name Lasl Chg Wkly

How to Read the Market in Review Here are the 1,133 most active stocks on the New York Stock Exchange, the 830 most active on the Nasdaq National Market and 255 most active on American Stock Exchange. Stocks in bold changed 10 percent or more in price

Name: Stocks are hsted alphabetically by the company's full name (not its abbreviation). Company names made up of initials appearat the beginning of each letter's hst. Last:Pnce stock was trading at when exchange closed for the day. Chg: Loss or gain for last day of week. No change indicated by"..." mark. Wkly: Loss or gain for the week. No change indicated by ... Name: Name of mutual fund and family. Sell: Net asset value, or price at which fund could be sold, for last day of the week. Wkly: Weekly net change in the NAV. Stock Footnotes: cc — PE greater than 99. cld - Issue has been called for redemption by company. d - New 52week low dd — Loss in last12 mos. ec - Company formerly listed on the American Exchange's Emerging Company Marketplace g - Dividends and earnings in Canadian dollars h - temporary exmpt from Nasdaq capital and surplus listing qualification. n - Stock was a new issue in the last year. The 52-week high and low f<gures date only from the beg>nning of trad<ng. pf - Preferred stock >ssue. pr - Preferences. pp - Holder owes >nstallments of purchase pnce. q — Closed-end mutual fund; no PE calculated. rt - R>ght to buy secunty at a speafied pnce. s - Stock has split by at least 20 percent within the last year. wi - Trades will be settled when the stock is issued. wd - When distributed wt - Warrant, allowing a purchase of a stock. u - New 52-week high un - Unit„ including more than one security vj - Company in bankruptcy or receivership, or being reorganized under the bankruptcy law. Appears in front of the name. Dividend Footnotes: a - Extra d>wdends were pa>d, but are not <ncluded. b - Annual rate plus stock. c - L>qu>dat>ng d>v>dend. e - Amount declared or pa>d >n last12 months. f - Current annual rate, wh>ch was increased by most recent dwidend announcement. i - Sum of dwidends paid after stock spht, no regular rate j - Sum of dividends paid this year Most recent dividend was omitted or deferred. k - Declared or paid this year, a cumulative issue with dividends in arrears m - Current annual rate, which was decreased by most recent dividend announcement. p - Initial dividend, annual rate not known, y>eld not shown. r - Declared or pa>d >n preced>ng 12 months plus stock d>v>dend. t - Pa>d in stock, approx>mate cash value on ex-d>stnbution date. Mutual Fund Footnotes: e — Ex-capital gains distribution. f — Previous day's quote. n - No-load fund. p —Fund assets used to pay distribution costs. r —Redemption fee orcontingent deferred sales load may apply s — Stock dividend or split t — Both p and r. x — Ex-cash dividend.

Source: The Associated Press and Lipper, Inc. Sales figures are unofficial.

Merck 46.15 -.15 -88 Mentage 35.88 -.20 -5.67 Mentor 4.38 -.18 -.02 MetLife 35 22 -43 -71 MetroPCS 1059 -13 -38 MetroHlth u1102 i 22 • .54 MKors n 54.49 +.43 -.56 MillMda n 16.42 +.16 +1.69 M>tsuUFJ 4.52 -.03 -.06 Mob>leTele1677 -24 -60 MolinaHlth25.55 -.27 +2.99 MotsCoorB43.46 -.34 -.57 Molycorp 10.67 -.26 -.38 Monsanto 86.60 +.11 -2.09 MonslrWw 6.21 -.23 -.91 Moodys u47 89+217 +2.27 MorgStan 1704 -06 -.49 Mosaic 52.78 -.47 -1.19 MotrlaSolu 51.62+1.62 +1.39 Murph0 59,81 -.04 -2.39 NGRCorp 21.19 -.19 -.99 NRGEgy 21 94 - 31 -1.34 NV Energy 1879 • .09 NYSEEur 24.84 i 08 +.43 Nabors 13.68 -.47 -1.21 NBGrce rs 3.10 -.03 +.06 NO>IVarco 74.57 -.31 -6.13 NatRetPrpu3154 - 56 -.55 Nationstr n 3423 • 211 i1.65 Navistar d18.51 - 08 -.53 NetSuite u65.40+8.49 +5.53 New0nEd 16.69 -.37 -.68 NYCmtyB 1384 -06 -69 NY Times 8.19 -.12 -2.48

Newcastle 8 20 t 16 • .31 NewellRubu2059 +.50 -01 NewfldExp27.08 -.15 -7.06

Pandora d8.16 -.04 -.94 RAIT Fin 5.66 +.19 +.54 Target 63.92 +.80 +1.69 ParkDrl 4.33 -.02 -.09 RPC s 11.43 09 73 TataMotors24.13 -.37 -.53 ParkerHan 77.58 -.92 RPM 26 50 i21 -50 TeckResg 31.14 -.79 -.53 PartnerReu8132 -.90 +1.37 Rackspace 6309 +29 166 TeekayTnkd3.51 +.16 +.02 PeabdyE 28 22 +.19 +233 RadianGrp 440 17 26 TeletBras>l 21.49 -.08 -.34 Pengrth g 6.00 12 51 Rad>oShk 2 31 13 13 TelefEsp 13.01 -.11 -.Q PennVa 4.63 03 31 RLauren 152 52 123 9.41 TempurP 25.40 -.42 -7.72 PennWst g12.98 -.25 -1.20 RangeRs 66.10 35 2.73 Tenaris 38.04 -.15 -N Penney 25.46 +.33 -.55 RJamesFn38.28 +.08 t.73 TenetHlt rs 23.33 -.42 -.18 PennaRE 16.49 -.09 - 37 Rayon>er 48.87 t.64 30 Tenneco 30.17 -.51 t2.21 PennyMac25.18 -.09 + 21 Raytheon 55.71 03 16 Teradata 67.70 -.13 -4.59 Pentair 41 09 -.16 -1 27 Realogyn 3466 39 2.24 Teradyn 14.50 -.23 +.38 PepcoHold19.76 -.10 -.30 Rllylnco 39 61 57 133 t.15 -1.56 Peps>Co 68.98 +.09 -.90 PerkElm u31.29t2.79 +272 PetrbrsA 21.70 +.24 -27 Petrobras 22.40 +.20 -40 Petrolog n 1299 -.01 -.55 Phzer 25.43 -.18 -.33 Ph<l>pMor 88.28 +.55 t.16 Ph<l>psEI u2469 -.33 +09 Phill>ps66n4750 +2.47 +286 Piedm0fc 17.42 -.11 -19 Pier1 20 33 +.11 - 01 PilgrimsP 5.32 +.75 +.98 P>mcoH>l 11.72 -.02 -.57 P>nnclEnt u12.73 -.07 +84 P>oNtd 103.63 -.64 -1 67 PitnyBw 14.33 -.02 i 06 PlainsAAs 45.23 -.90 +.39 PlainsEx 35.87 +.44 -2.13 PlumCrk 43.81 -.20 -.27 Polans 83 68 -.94 -4.37 Poly0ne u18.75 +.54 +1.86 Potash 40.1 2 -.29 -46 PwshDB 2758 +.06 -.42 PS Agn 28.81 -.13 -.46

• I







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The Bulletin




ALSO PUBLISHEDONLINE AT: Glaffelter u1839 + 26 +.95 GiaxoSKln 4535 - 05 +.02 GlimchRt 1055 -19 -.47 GlobPay 43 06 i 13 -.36 GolLinhas 4 98 - 19 -.27 GoldFLtd 1i 98 - 09 -.08 Goldcrpg 43.74 - 08 +.45 GoldmanS119.44 -.28 -4.18 GoodrPet 12.38 +.12 -.86 Goodyear 11.02-1.28 -1.37 GovPrplT 22.33 -.13 -.02 v~Grace u64.66+1.80 +3.84 GrafTech 10.75 -.26 +.43 Gra>ngr 197.48-2.15 -8.32 GraphPkg u591 - 03 +.21 GreenDot 1019 +42 +.16 Greenhill 4744 -73 +1.24 GpFSnMx n1377 - 21 -.30 GpTelevisa 2265 - 05 -.88 Guess d24.21 - 08 -.75 HCAHldg 31.53 +.27 +1.48 HCPInc 44.02 -.27 -1.06 HSBC 49.28 -.33 +.63 HalconR rs 6.71 +.07 -.36 Hall>brtn 32.40 -.52 -2.58 Hanesbrds 33.07 +.26 -.09 HarleyD 4612 -.40 +2.24 Harman 42.14 -.49 -1.64 HarmonyG 8 21 - 09 +.07 I-larrisCorp 4714 + 08 +.81 I-IWinstn g 1411 - 02 +.78 HartfdFn 21 71 - 77 -.37 HaNerasF 2678 - 03 • .21 Headwatrs 7.02 +,01 +.06 HItCrREIT 58.26 -.49 -1.51 HltMgmt 7.28 -.08 -.10 HealthNet 21.69 -.52 -.86 HlthSouth 22.84 +.20 +.53 Heckmann 3.60 -.07 -.61 I-leclaM 6.47 -.05 -.04 He>nz 57.20 -.16 -.51 Hel>xEn 17.51 -.17 -1.44 HelmPayne4809 -94 -2.08 I-lerbalife 50 60 +65 -1.59 I-lersha 4 74 -10 -.16 Hershey 69 33 -52 -1.00 Hertz 1 3 37 - 30 -.97 Hess 53.24 -.66 -1.04 HewlettP d14.09 -.10 -.39 Hexcel 25.52 -.08 -.28 HighwdPrp31.58 -.49 -1.62 H>ll-Rom 28.39 -.94 -.49

Hillshiren 2548 -22 -1.09 HollyFront 3889 +116 +.71 HomeDp 6004 -44 -1.85 HomexDev 1350 -69 -.81 Honda 31 58 -85 -.30 Honwlllntl 61.49 +.06 -1.00 Hormel 2934 +.05 +.44 Hospira 30.96 -.20 -.35 HospPT 23.07 -.05 -.11 HostHotls 14.79 -.16 -.76 HovnanE u4.27 -.16 -.11 Humana 74.47 -1.08 -.51 Huntsmn 14 96 +.36 -.65 Hyatt 3 8 06 +.18 -1.12 lAMGldg 1523 -10 -.30 ICICI Bk 39 68 - 61 +.33 I NG 872 -0 4 -.23 INGPrRTr u631 i 02 t.23 IONGeoph 682 -10 -.18 -.10 iShGold 16.67 iSAstla 24.49 -.11 -.07 iShBraz 53.62 -.19 -.77 iSCan 28.19 -.11 -.38 >ShEMU 30.75 +.13 -.56 >ShGer 22.80 +.07 -.42 >ShHK u18.63 -.27 +.40 >ShJapn 912 - 05 -02 >Sh Kor 57.37 - 50 -.06 iSMalas 15 05 - 02 +18 iShMex 6647 -30 -1.48 iShSing 13 38 - 05 +.02 iSPacxJpn 4554 -31 • .18 iSTaiwn 1261 -13 -.22 iSh UK 17.51 -.02 -.07 iShSilver 31.08 -.04 -.01 iShSBP1006485 -.06 -.97 >ShDJDv 57.60 -.03 -.65 >ShChwa2536.93 -.60 -.20 >SCorSP500141.93 -.09 -1.93 >ShCorTBd112.03 +.30 +.08 >ShEMkts 41.21 -.29 -.29 >Sh>BxB 122.64 + 60 -.16 iShEMBd 121 80 -33 -.93 iSSPGth 7570 +05 -92 iSSPVal 65 24 -17 -1.15 iShB20T 12264 • 178 • .90 iShB1-3T 8437 i 02 -.01 iS Eafe 53.62 -.08 -.52 iSRusMCV 4860 -.13 -.74 iSh>BxHYB 92.48 -.22 -.48 >ShMtg 14.47 -.10 -.15 >ShC&SRI 76.23 -.52 -2.20

and CentraL Oregon Area ChambersofCommerce

-28 -1.27 t12 -.68 -.08 -1.12 -.28 -.47 iShBarc1-3105.79 +.04 -.05 iSR2KG 92 06 -48 -1.05 iShR2K 81.14 -.39 -.71 iShChina 44 32 -53 i.01 iShUSPfd 3993 + 01 -.18 iSUSAMinV 29 32 - 08 -.31 >ShRuss>a 21 84 - 28 -.67 >ShDJTel 24A4 +.11 -.49 >ShREst 63.29 -.37 -1.49 iShDJHmu20.24 -.20 -.63 iShCrSPSm 74.89 -.31 -.68 iStar u 8 38 -.55 -.29 ITT Cp s 20 69 - 26 • .20 llT Ed d21.49 -1.20 I DEX 4 2 26 ITW 6 0 . 27 iSR1KV 71 66 >SR1 KG 64 86 >SRus1K 78.09 >SR2KV 72.57

ImaxCorp 22.39 IngerRd 46.38 IngrmM 15.31 Ingredion u60.84 IBM 1 93.27 IntlGame 1267 IntPap 35 66 IntlRectif d1554 Inter0il g 66 58 Interpubl>c10.29

InvenSen n 11.15 Invesco 24.25 InvMtgCap21.15 InVKSrlnc u5.17 IronMtn 33 99 ItauUnibH 1464 JPMChpfD2525 -02 -.20 JPMorgCh 41 16 -51 -1.16 JPMAlenan 4063 -.28 -.05 Jabil


17 . 28i .14 +.09

JacobsEng38.43 -.45 -1.19 Jaguar g 1.08 -.06 -.10 JanusCap 838 +.13 -.18 Jarden 4960 -35 -4.50 Jefferies 1424 -1Q -.16 JahnJn 7090 -24 -.96 JohnsnCtl 2581 -35 -.38 JonesGrp 11.72 -.18 -1.82 JoyGlbl 61.55 +1.81 -.66 JnprNtwk 16.58 +.51 -1.21

KBHome 1614 -35 -76 KBR Inc 27.84 -72 -294 KKR 1 4 .74-10 - 31 KKR Fn u10.23 -06 + 22 KTCorp 16.57 -08 +90 KCSouthn 81.25 +1.22 +282 Kellogg 52.90 +.34 +.81 Kennamtl 34.79 +.32 -2.42 KeyEngy 6.63 -.28 -.60 Keycorp 8.39 -.14 -.35 K>mbClk 82.75 -.09 -4.13 K>mco 19.63 -.15 -.95 K>ndME 8536 -.53 +.65 K>ndMorg 34.70 -.36 -.27 KindrM wt 3.80 -05 -05 Kinrossg 9.64 -11 -46 KirbyCp 58.13 +295 -80 KnghtCap 2.62 - 01 + 12 Kodiak0 g 9.14 -17 - 68 Kohls 52.34 +.75 -.59 KoreaElc 12.59 -.06 +.23 Kroger u25.18 -.18 +.05 LDKSolar .85 -.01 +.14 LG D>splayul398 +.12 +.99 LSI Corp 6.88 +.13 +.42 LabCp 84.95 -.67 -1.68 LVSands 45.97 - 2B + 69 LaSalleH 2414 -.40 -.15 Lazard 2878 -36 +14 LeapFrog 8.86 +11 -15 LearCorp 41.74 +74 +35 LeggMason24.93 +23 -35 LeggPlat 2540 +11 -46 LehighGs nud2084 +.61 LenderPS 27.33 -.84 -1.74 LennarA 37.02 -.49 -1.71 Lennox u49.74 -.14 +1.24 LeucNatl 22.51 -.30 -.13 Level3 20.68 -.25 -1.93 LexRltyTr 9.40 +.08 -.11 Lexmark 21.38 -.35 -.30 L>btProp 35.18 -.30 -1 97 L>llyEli 50.21 -87 -265 Limited 4760 -61 -1 00 LincNat 2468 -41 -65 Linkedln 104.55 -117 -217 LionsGtg 1609 -11 +04 LithiaMot 33.95 +.59 -2.01 LiveNatn 9.01 -.04 +.09 LloydBkg 2.56 -.01 LockhdM u92.84 -.71 -.05 Loews 42.39 -.01 -.12

LoneP>ne g 1.48 Lonllard 114.57 LaPac u15.54 Lowes 31.36 LumberL> qu53.17 LyonBas A 53.75

-.04 -16 -.47 -2.71 +.19 -.12 -.43 -1.12 -.58 +2.34 +.35 -.58

MST Bk 103.44 -.77 -.26 MBIA 9 . 6 6-.42 - 63 MDC 37.83 -.78 -248 MEMC 23 9 +.01 -06 MFAFncl 8.04 -.07 -12 M GIC 1 . 8 7 -.03 -.i5 MGMRsts 10.59 -.29 -.47 MPLX n ud27.20 MSCI Inc 27.54 +.49 +.52 Macerich 57.06 +.16 -1.85 MackCali 26.07 -.52 -1 58 Macys 38.48 -.20 -1 51 MagelMPts42.92 -1.18 -1 00 Magnalntg43.20 -.38 -113 MagHRes 3.75 -.07 -.60 Manitowoc 13.86 ... -1.40 ManpwrGp37.66 -.34 -1.87 Manulifeg 12.35 -.13 -.09 Marathn0 29.91 -.29 -.68 MaralhPet 55.61 i1.65 i 67 MV IntlHY 26.24 -.04 - 30 MktVGold 51 24 -.35 -49 MVOilSvs 38.88 -.29 -1 91 MV Sem> n 31.21 +.37 +.72 MktVRus 28.02 -.39 -.89 MktVJrGld 23.43 -.15 -.21 MarintA 36.82 +.35 -.71 MarshM 33.74 +.35 -.61 Masco 14.60 -.31 - 44 Mastec 21.75 • .03 i 30 MasterCrd452.98 +3.62-1708 McDrmlnt 10.77 -.01 - 21 McDnlds 86.71 -.62 -2 01 McGrwH u5603 +1.12 -.06 McKesson 92.58 -.58 +2.38 McMoRn 11.48 +.17 -.28 McEwenM 448 -.09 -13 MeadJohn62.00 -1.53 -8.22 Mdbklns d5.51 -.16 -.67 MeadWvco29.61 +.02 -76 Mechel 6.41 -.1 7 - 57 MedProp u11.13 -.14 -.40 Medias 4342 +.10 +.12 Merltrn>c 41.60 -.28 -.40

PS Oil 24 68 PS USDBull2193

PS SrLoan24.86 PS SPLwV27.99 PwShPfd 14 80 PShEMSov31.07 Praxair 105.30 PrecCastpt170.19 PrecDrill 7.28 Pnmerog u7.18 PnnFncl 27.70 ProLog>s 33.91 ProShtDow3478 ProShtQQQ 2576 ProShtS&P3468 PrUltQQQ s55.06 PrUShQQ Q30.23 ProUltSP 5887 PrUShD30rs7097 ProUltSOG21.14 ProUltFin 63.17 ProShtRZK25.65 ProUltRZK41.76 PrUltSP50085.22 PrUSS>lrs v 46.00 PrUVxSTrs30.93 PrUltCrude 2694 PrUShCrde4580 ProVixSTF19.42 ProUltSilv 50.10 ProUShEuro19.83 ProctGamu6944 ProgsvCp 22 58 PrUShSP rs5639 PUShDowrs48.90 PrUShL20rs63.30 ProUSR2K28.27 PUSSP500 rs40.38 PUPSR2K Is40.09 ProspBcsh41.59 Prudentl 57.30 PSEG 31.74 PubStrg 136 56

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RedHat 50 27 i24 -46 RegalEnt u1537 +55 +39 Reg>onsFn 6 58 03 55 RegisCp u16.00 3.11 3.31 Re>nsGrp 52 66 -.17 -.27 RelStlAI 54.93 t.16 t2.22 Renren 3.41 -.11 +.05 RepubSvc 28.22 -.27 -.12 ResMed u39.92 1.42 -.19 ResrceCap 5.71 03 07 RetailPrpnu12.37 13 i18 ReynAmer 4130 05 -65 RioTinto 49 96 42 RitchieBr 20 86 23 +08 R>teA>d 1.10 02 05 RobtHalf 26.78 29 46 RockwlAut 69.36 +.46 56 RockColl 54.30 +.99 +.26 RockwdH 46.73 -.62 -2.41 RogCm gsu44.24 +.50 +2.89 Rowan 32 80 44 148 RoyalBkg 5694 29 -1 36 RylCarb u33 59 15 +1 58 RoyDShllB 7005 +08 -26 RoyDShllA 6781 +08 93 Ryder 44 80 +33 +1.2B Rylanrl u33.76 30 i.91

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P EOPLE ON THE M O V E Sharon Goodmonson Longridge has j o ined Cascade School of Music as the development director. Goodmonson Longridge has a background in f u n d raising and previously worked wit h K IDS Ce n t er a nd th e H i g h Desert Museum. She wa s t h e G oo d founding execu- mo n son tive and devel- Lo n gridge opment director of th e O b s idian Opera and has also b een an instructor at Central Oregon Com m u n i t y Kn ig College. She has a Master of Public Health from Oregon State University and a bachelor's degree in arts, music and theater from Lewis and Clark College. Lori King has been elected to the boardof directors for Cascade School of Music. Kinghas a MasterofBusiness Administration from the Thunderbird School of G l obal M a nagement and a bachelor's degree in journalism from Iowa State University. She is also on the board of TEDxBend and has more than 10 years of marketing experience with high-tech companies. She currently works as digital content manager for Flying Like the Pros.

Made Continued from C3 They are on the verge of d eals to m a n ufacture p r i vate-labelshoes for several large companies — including one that holds a 50-percent share of the flip-flop market — seeking to launch made-inAmerica lines, said Jason Boswell, vice president of sales. Traditionally, U.S. manuf acturing has come with a higher cost, but as overseas labor costsincrease, the gap is closing, Boswell says. Consumers, seduced by decades of low-cost goods or facing economic constraints, have

Tim Johnson has been appointed executive director of Abilitree in Bend and will take over for Jim Lee after his retirement at the end of the year. Johnson is currently the Work Center director.

Deedee Garn ett an d J o n i Shellhamer have joined P r uden- Jo h nson tial N o r t hwest Properties in Bend.

Leading Edge Aviation h as hired five new certified f l i g ht instructors:


Colby Hamon was previously a forward observer coordinating a rtillery i n t h e U.S. Army, and after five years in the m i litary Wei m er and two y ears in Iraq he returned to Central O regon. In 2009 he enrolled in the aviation program at Central Oregon Community College and graduated with his AAS degree.

Charles Weimer previously worked in the construction industry and served in the U.S. Marines. In 2010 he discovered flight training through Leading Edge Aviation and COCC.

program. Brad VanSyckVanSyckle le joined the U.S. Army in 2001 to become an avionics technician on Apache helicopters. After he got out in 2007, he continued to work on Apaches for the Army as a civilian. In 2010 he started flying, and after receiving his private license he moved to Bend to complete his flight training with Leading Edge Aviation. In August, he finished the aviation program with Leading Edge Aviation and COCC.

Tips for findingAmerican-madeproducts • Do your research: Check online for information about a

company and its products. Call or email to inquire about exactly where and howthe product is made. • Check ladels: "Made in the U.S.A." is not the same as "Assembled in the U.S.A." Shop around. A growing number of retailers — online and brick and mortar — are stocking made-in-

America products and havealready donethe research and vetting for you. Youcanalso ask your favorite retail stores to carry madein-America goods. Source: Jason Boswell, wce president of sales, Okabashi Brands, Inc.

believe half of that to be true, but the fact that they are willing to spend a little more tells you something." Still, the desireto buy Amerresisted paying higher prices ican doesn't always translate for American-made products, into action, and one of the but this, too, is slowly chang- challenges consumers face is ing, Cohen said. figuring out which products "Consumers will say, 'I'll are trulyAmerican-made. In addition to buying anpay (up to) 10 percent more (for American-made goods).' tiques that she knows were Some will say up to 25 per- made in America, Perry will cent more," Cohen said. "I email or call companies to

ask if their products are 100percent U.S.-made. It takes effort and sometimes she is forced to take her business elsewhere — often to mom and pop stores where she may pay more. But Perry isn't complaining. "Either society has to shift and be willing to pay a little more for something that is a little better," Perry says, "or 'made in America' simply isn't going to exist anymore."


the director of research at the McKinsey Global I n stitute, said. "When deleveraging is over and housing picks up a bit, those two factors are going to be strong engines for the United States economy." U.S. households' biggest debt burden is in mortgages, given that a home is far and away thelargestpurchase the average family ever makes. As t h e f o r eclosure c r i sis grinds on, the total amount of outstanding mortgage debt continues to fall, Federal Reserve figures show, although more slowly than earlier in the recession. A broader turnaround in the housing market, which seems to be in its early stages, might be helping to buoy consumers' confidence,economists said, as the combination of low interest rates, thawing credit conditions and an aggressive

able to take out loans or lines of credit. Thus, the proportion Continued from C3 of household debt to personal "The distinction is that de- income has fallen to its lowest leveraging will no longer be a level since the mid-2000s from big drag on the economy, like its recessionary-era peak. in the first couple years after Now, with t h e e c onomy the crisis." more stable and interest rates In the run-up to the reces- at generational lows, Amerision, U.S. households took cans might finally feel more on trillions of dollars of debt comfortable taking out a loan that they could not easily af- on a new car or putting money ford,given tepid rates ofwage down on a mortgaged home. growth. The collapse of the With their finances more in real-estate bubble and ravages balance, workers might start of the recession have forced spending less of t heir paythem to pay down or prompted checks paying off old loans lenders to write off more than and more on leisure or house$1 trillion of it, according to hold goods. Federal Reserve data. Given the i mportance of Still saddled wit h h eavy consumer spending to the U.S. debt burdens during the weak economy, those changes might r ecovery, mi llions o f U . S . translate into a more resilient households cut back spending economy, economists said. "Consumer spending still on food, cars and other goods. On top of that, relatively few drives 65 to 70 p ercent of families have been willing or GDP growth," Susan Lund,

rar .


Austin Lenahan moved to Central Oregon in 2010 to begin helicopter flight training. He also joined the Central Oregon Symphony and continues to play with them. Lenahan c ompleted t h e flight t r a i n ing program in 2012 as a CFII. Lenahan T revo r Sa n d e rs joined t h e U.S. Army after high school and w orked on t h e CH-47 Chinook helicopter fo r six years d u ri ng w h ic h h e s erved in I r a q and A f g h anistan. S a n ders c ompleted t h e COCC aviation

,rI~" '

i' '

s- ".

Bob Chamberlin /Los Angeles Times

Knott's Berry Farm Halloween Haunt maze designer Todd Faux standswith some fake heads inside the"Delirium" maze, one of 13 that make up "Knott's Scary Farm."

Fear Continued from C3 Konopelski estimates the cost of building a maze at as much as $150,000, includ-

ing equipment, props and lighting. "The days are gone of the black hallway and props on a fishing line," Konopelski said. "We now have designers, sets and technicians all taking part in the attractions." Knott's was the first major theme park in the country in 1973 to remodel its park with ghosts and monsters and open it after dark for Halloween. The park added the first walkthrough maze in 1977. Since then, Universal Studios, Disneyland and other theme parks across the country have invested millions of dollars to draw H alloween revelers. Theme parks won't disclose attendance numbers, but officials at Knott's say the park's annual Halloween Haunt has brought in about 8 million visitors since it started and is responsible for about 15 percent of the park's annual attendance. The main attraction at such H alloween events are t h e mazes, temporary labyrinths decorated in blood, gore and creepy movie props and teeming with costumed actors who jump out from behind hidden doors and curtains. The mazes carry names such as "Black Out," "Village of the Damned" and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." Ticket prices to enter the parks after hours range from

effort by the Federal Reserve has helped to put a floor under falling home prices. "The Fed is redoubling its efforts to ease financial conditions right when the economy is getting into a better position, a position where it's more likely to respond to that easing of financial conditions," Paul Sheard, chief global economist at Standard 8 P o or's, said. "Those two things are dovetailing" and will help households in the future, he said. Other parts of the household debt and spending picture are looking brighter as well, economists said. A September report by Equifax, a

M ED I S P A l ase r

cen t er

Rebecca Nonweiler, MD, Bssrd Certified

(541) 318-7311

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HAVEN HOME STYLE 'Furni(ure and'Desji n 856 NWBond • Downtown Bend• 541-330-5999

Hear Ceotvr hl Sl rharlr Slr<leal (vnlrr I Sarl

— Patrick Konepelski, Haunted Attraction Association

$24 to $99, depending on the park and added features such as passes to zip to the front of the line. For designers of such mazes, the biggest challenge is coming up with new creepy themes and ways to frighten jaded teens and adult horror fans. "We are trying to make it amazing every year and keep within the time and budget that we have," said Faux, who worked as a theater designer for musicals and dinner theaters before starting at Knott's in 1994. He said his love for horror grew from watching the TV series "Dark Shadows" when he was a child. Other maze designers at theme parks also have a background in theater or movies. David Wally, the talent director for retired ocean liner Queen Mary — now an entertainmentvenue in Long Beach, Calif. — previously worked as executive producer on "Hostage," starring Bruce Willis, and co-producer of "Meet Joe Black," starring Brad Pitt. Wally l ikes t o c o mpare Halloween mazes to nightly shows. "The way I look at it is as a big continuous performance piece," he said. Murdy, a theater major who

consumer c redit r e p orting agency, showed that the total value of auto lending jumped nearly 14 percent year over last year, with sales of new cars and light trucks climbing sharply. In the first half of 2012, Americans took out more car loans than they had since 2007, before the financial crisis hit. The trends look likely to continue, Equifax said. "The average age of cars on the road today in the U.S. is thehighest ever recorded, and consumers are ready to replace these older vehicles," Amy Crews Cutts, Equifax's c hief economist, said i n a

Providing unparalled service across a variety of industries since 1983.

GE Hotpoint Laundry Pair


"The days are gone of the black hallway and props on a fishing line. We now have designers, sets and technicians all taking part in the attractions."

began designing theme park rides before taking over at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights in 2006, has the advantage of using Universal Studio's connections in the entertainment industry to borrow stories and characters from popular TV shows and horror flicks. "I want the guests to feel like they walked into the screen of a horror movie," he said, adding that he has even borrowed sound effects from h orror movies for his mazes. At Universal Studios Hollywood, the lights, sounds and animatronicsfor each maze are managed from individual control rooms. "We go to ridiculous lengths to get the effect," Murdy said. The hours can be long, particularly during maze construction when the designers might put in 12- to 16-hour days.J.J.Wickham, the creative director at the Queen Mary, said she has slept onboard several nights. Although they work in the world of gore and horror, the designers are not immune to the terrors of the mazes. "When I first got the job last year," Wickham said, "I was scared toenter the mazes by myself."

statement. "The financial picture has improved sufficiently that we are seeing auto lending markets become facilitators rather than obstacles." Americans have also improved their personal balance sheets by slashing their outstanding credit card debt to $855 billion today from more than $1 trillion in 2008, according to Federal Reserve data.



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NCaArrTFr15.60 e13 NuvCADv2 1640 +08 NCADv3 i4 37 -.03 Nvgsmdty 20.60 e04 Nuvgiv2 i 5 61 - 03 Nuvbvs 15.7Z e02 NvuvAdv 1586 e02 NuvAmtrr 1589 -03 NvLSCmdtyud24.89 NMuagp 14.25 e05 NuvOHDiui6 v 67 NuvREst 11.60 s06

Name PIMCO Instl PIMS:TotRet n VanguardIdxFds:TotStk n Vanguard Instl Fds.Instldx n Fidelity Invest.Contran Vanguard Adm>rsl. 500Adml n Vanguard Adm<ral: TotStirAdm n AmericanFundsA CaplnBldA p


SP XC BL Amencan Funds A IncordA p BL Amencan Funds A.GwthrdA S LG VanguardInstl Fds:IssPIs sp AmericanFundsA CapWGrAp GL Amencan Funds A:InvgoAA p LC Frank/Temp FrnkA: IncoSerAp BL AmencanrundsAWshMutAp LC Dodge&gox: Dock LV Dodge&gox:Intl Stir IL Vanguard Instl Fds.TSlnst n XC Vanguard Admiral:WelltnAdmn BL Vanguard IdxFds:Totllntl n IL Vanguard Adm<ral: TtlBdAdml n IB

Total AssetsTtlRtrn/Rsk ($Miss) 4-wk 12-mo

Percent Load NAV 1 6 9,317 +0.1 +u 2/A +5hg/A h000,000 NL u.57 7 4 ,849 -1.9 +15.6/A + 4.6/B 3,0 00 NL 35.i6 Mia

5 -year


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6 8 ,758 -1.9 +1 6 2/A +2.9/A 5,000,000 NL 129 47 6 1 J29 -3.5 +13.4/B +7.0/B z500 NL 76.89 6 0 ,102 -1.9 +i 6.2/A +2.8/A 1 0 ,000 NL 130.33 5 9 ,062 -1.9 +15.8/A +5.1/A 1 0 ,000 NL 35.17 5 8 ,387 -0.5 +u .4/B +0.5/E 250 5.75 52.63 5 7 ,461 -0.1 +i 2 8/A +i 0.7/C 250 575 1796 5 6 ,620 -1.3 +152/A -2.3/D 250 5.75 33.43 4 8 ,u3 -i.g + 162/A +3.0/A 200,000,000 NL 129.47 -0.2 +i 2 2/A -9 7/B 4 6 ,423 250 5 75 35 94 250 5.75 30.29 4 5 ,691 -1.2 +1 42/C -h6/C 4 1 ,267 +0.5 +13.4/A + i9.3/A 1,0 0 0 4.25 2.23 4 0 ,753 -O.S +14 3/C +2.2/B 250 5 75 31 05 2,5 0 0 NL u8.55 4 0 ,363 -0.3 +19.0/A - 8.7/D 38 J 5 0 +1.4 + 6.3/C - i 7.3/B 2,5 00 NL 32.91 3 7 ,490 -1.9 +15 8/A +5 2/A 5,000,000 NL 35.17 5 0 ,000 NL 59.04 3 7 ,273 -0.1 +13.4/A +20.8/A 3, 0 00 NL u.29 35 , 374 +0.4 + 5 .5/D -23.4/C 34 ,972 -0.1 + 5 .5/E +35.3/C 1 0 ,000 NL 11.17

G -Growth. Gl -Growth8 Income. SS-Single-state Muni. MP -Mixea Portfolio. GG -General USGovt. El —Equity Income SC —Small CoGrowth A- Cap Appreciation IL —International Total Return Change in NAVwith dividends reinvested Rank Howfund performed vs otherswith sameobjective A is atop 20%, E in bottom 20% Percent Load Sales charge.Min init invb Minimum $neededto mvest infund. NA- hst avail. NE—Data inquestion. NS- Fund not >n ebstence.



The Bulletin



ni- ue era s aree reme misea in



Gotroott Bcnctr JOHtt Cosmn



Fditur in-Clnrf Editor of Edttorials


QO ItoPIH&, ZWOW uPTMl< mME Aaeut4b. Y5u v45Llt.hN T

t's a staple of political advertising to shade the facts so far that the truth can no longer be found. There's

+g ntttue

no pretense of reasonableness or fairness, and neither party has clean hands. It's one of the reasons voters are so disgusted by the political process and can't wait for the campaign season to be over. This year's prime example is d i d ate Bruce Starr, was paid for close to home. by the Service Employees InterDemocratic Secretary of State national Union, the Oregon EduKate grown has found herself cation Association and Portland with a s t rong challenge from p u b lisher Win McCormack. We gend's Dr. Knute guehler, a Re- susPect the unions' d~stress with publican who is also the candi- Buehler has more to do with his date of the Independent party. suPPort for Pension reform than In r ecent y ears, Republicans his Positions on vote-bY-mail. haven't had much luck Buehler didn't win at winning statewide the endorsements of so office, but Buehler has Buehler is many varied editorial won the endorsement the giny Of boards by being an exof most of the state's tremist. He is anything newspapers, i n c l ud- aCCOmpliShed, but. As The (Eugene) ing liberal Willamette no n-ideological Register Guard said


and thoughtful

AnewTVadvertisement paints Buehler as part of the "rightwing extreme team"

Candidate that .S all to tooo r are lsa .


On the political sc e ne.

in it s en d orsement, "He is an ambitious, uber-smart candidate — and a t h rowback

to t he moderate prag-

matic Republican Party that once produced threatening O r egon's iconic l eaders such vote-by-mail system. It as Mark Hatfield and attempts to link him to Republican efforts in other states to require voter IDs. In its endorsement, The OregoBuehler has indeed pointed n i an cited Buehler's "nonpartisan out that it takes more ID to rent a b ent and his familiarity with ismovie than to register to vote, and sues relevant to the office" as well said he'd support an audit of the a s the fact that Buehler contributsystem. ed to John Kitzhaber's gubernatogut he has consistently af- rialcamPaignin2010. Thestate's largestnewsPaPerdescribedBuefirmed his support for vote-by mail and clearly stated he has hler as "an indePendent-minded n o interest in ending it. T h i s challenger who will bring leaderweek's politifact Oregon in The shiP and fresh ideas to an office Oregonian labeled the complaint in need of both." againstBuehleras"inflammatory This is no extremist. Buehler and ridiculous," giving it a "Pants is the kind of accomplished, nonon Fire" ruling. ideological and thoughtful candiThe ad campaign, which also date that is all too rare on the potargets labor commissioner can- litical scene.

and accuses him of


ounci race a outc aracter, common sense By Ed Barbeau ven though 1'm not r u nning against Sally Russell and Barb Campbell, I must mention that 1'm the ONLY candidate for City Council that has spoken out against the water project at City Council meetings, long before 1 decided to be a candidate. I spoke out, asking the city to take more time, to consider all options. 1 wanted us to do the project, fix b r oken pipes but keep the rest of the spending to a minimum. Both Doug Knight and Ed McCoy had opinions on the campaign t rail, but were never part of t h e conversation at City Council meetings until their campaigns began. Knight wants the city to take a path that restricts the city to only a single source of w ater, fully d ependent on electricity. Who can predict the costs of that? Plus, we will lose senior water rights. How does character enter into this race? Well, I have continuing education, as well as Knight has, and 1 didn't lie to the state about completing my forms truthfully. If what was reported about Knight's license issues are true, as The Bulletin and the Source reported, I feel he shouldn't even be on the planning committee, much less be a city councilor. McCoy has been on t h e f r o nt pages of The Bulletin as well, for tax issues. He then went on to miss a radio debate on KBND and arrived late at a radio spot on KBNW. And, McCoy, as late as Oct. 3 in The Bulletin, regarding the water project,


stated that he needed more time to study the issue. No kidding. If you want to be taken seriously, you have to be there, otherwise who knows your answers to the hard questions'? My candidacy hasn't been easy.

My campaign has been funded primarily by c i tizens, just like you. They see how hard I work at my restaurant, they know I have a solid character. 1 am not a rich guy funding my own campaign. I didn't get large PAC money. I just tried to put out a message of fiscal responsibility, and thoughtful common sense answers to complicated questions. 1 want to represent you, the people who live and work here in the best place I've ever lived. Let's be lean in lean times, let's bring business and industry to Bend — creating jobs, not letting them go to other cities that did a better job bringing them to their cities instead. Let's get our priorities straight and take care of necessary city functions, police, fire and road maintenance. Let's be smart about how we fix our sewer system. The sad part is that we really don't have enough revenues to fund all of this. And we have a much larger PERS bill coming up. We'll have to be creative and find ways to make it work. I want to do this without large water and sewer increases. Let's utilize independent contractors for our handicapped ramps and maintaining our vehicle and equipment fleet. We can do this. It's really about common sense and character, isn't it'? — Ed Barbeau is running for Bend City Council.



©2r rZ



S o < r et F~

Q . i~

aovw re64nott6-

M Nickel's Worth Bendcouncilhaseffect on your pocketbook

al activities, and keep Bend in the forefront of one of the most desirable places to live. Please join me in voting yes on Measure 9-86.

less mandates that do not advance student achievement. He has spent time in our schools as a princiOne hundred years ago, "in order pal for a day and with teachers in to keep at home as much as possible Sherry Ortega classrooms. He has been proacthe money spent for the construcBend tive and responsive to the needs tion of the sewer system," the Bend of the school district. He has also City Council changed their conbeen instrumental in realizing the Stop park district tract for the work (Bend Bulletin, empire building community's dream for a four-year 10/07/12). They were concerned with university. how much of the money was leaving Twenty years ago the cost of each Conger is one of the few that I town and so re-wrote the contract so visit to use Juniper pool was 32 have encountered who will take on more of the money stayed in the lo- cents. The cost per visit soon shot up hard issues with specific solutions cal economy. to over $3.50, and it pushed us out. It that balance the needs of many. He How history repeats itself! looked like certain individuals were understands the big picture, but The current council has awarded trying to build their own little em- works in the details to get results. 1 HDR, based in Omaha, Nebraska, pire out of the park and recreation have worked with the governor on $3.7 million to oversee the street im- system. (In the private sector it is the Oregon Education Investment provement projects and $12.2 mil- known as building "job security.") Team and support his big push for lion to design the surface water sys- It looks like they have done that and education reform. However, it will tem. Murray, Smith and Associates, want to become even bigger by ask- take the likes of Conger who can Inc., headquartered in Portland, was ing for more of what little money reach across the aisle with specific awarded $1.9 million to update the older homeowners have. They have proposals to make higher student master plan for our sewer system. built projects for a selected few and achievement andgreater educationThese contracts represent $17.8 have built a massive headquarters al success a reality. million flowing out of your pock- in the expensive part of town. I cannot say the same for his opI don't know how many employ- ponent with whom I served on the e tbooks and ou t o f t o w n ( p u n intended). ees they have, but 1 would guess Bend-La Pine School Board. His I must confess my bias. I own that there are many with good pay- inability to work w ith colleagues a small retail store, Wabi Sabi, in ing jobs and benefits that taxpayers became blatantly obvious when he Downtown Bend. Any dollars that will be burdened with for future unexpectedly announced his resigleave town are dollars that aren't years. The seniors got a raw deal nation and walked out of a school likely to be spent at my store. by going to bed with them. Rather b oard meeting without any e x Who controls your money spent than add any more to our already planation. He was the chair at the on infrastructure: how much and heavy tax bill, they should start time. where it goes? The Bend City Coun- downsizing or letting the visitors NorI Juba cil. I am running for an open seat on who use the facilities pay the cost. Bend the council, largely because of my I am sure that there is some benefit concern for the strength of our local to having nice parks and facilities, Hovekamp is honest, economy. but it should be within our means. thoughtful, principled In past years, nearly a third of the The current tax costs to the homeelectorate did not even vote for city owner are already too high. It is I have been appalled by several incouncil. 1 encourage you to do some time to stop this empire building accurate and deceptive mailers that research, find out which candidates and reduce our tax burden. Vote no attack Nathan Hovekamp. Whobest represent your interests, and on Measure 9-86. ever sent them must not be proud of vote! These officials directly impact John Sherman their work because they don't even your pocketbooks. Bend identify themselves. Here's the truth Barb Campbell, candidate about Hovekamp. for city council Return Knopp to Salem 1 have known H ovekamp for Bend 12 years. He is forthright, honest, I had the honor of serving Central thoughtful and principled, and has Say yes to park bond Oregon as your senator from 1993 to worked hard for Central Oregon 2001. During my last session, Tim citizens. Hovekamp understands As a residential real estate profes- Knopp was the new representative the connection between good jobs sional, I know timing is everything. for District 54. 1 was, and remain, and all levels of education. He has Our park district is proposing bond a moderate Republican. My experi- pushed for expanded and affordable Measure 9-86 this November, in ence with Knopp in Salem was very higher education opportunities. Fislarge part, to fund land purchases. positive. We successfully worked to- cal responsibility while investing in This will allow our community to gether on issues that were not only physical and social infrastructure acquire key properties from willing important to Central Oregon, but for the success of Oregon is very sellers, taking advantage of low land also to Oregon. His experience in important to Hovekamp. He undervalues and historically low interest the past few years with the Central stands budgetary constraints as he rates, giving us more for our invest- Oregon Builders' Association will and his wife, Tina, work hard raisment. Final contributions to a con- only improve his understanding of ing a family in Central Oregon yet nected river trail through Bend will the issues that are facing our state. finds time to volunteer for civic orenhance the livability and attraction Join me in voting for Knopp for ganizations. He cares deeply about to our region, as well as leave an im- Senate District 27. the natural areas of Oregon and will portantlegacy of safe river accessto Neil Bryant see that they are protected. He opour childrenforyears to come. Bend poses tax shifts that unfairly trans1 am always proud to show clifer more tax burdens to low- and ents around Bend and hear their Conger works hard middle-income families. comments about this place we call for education For me, above all, the individual home. The parks district, through issues are Hovekamp's dedication well-thought-out planning and foreJason Conger has worked harder to the facts and an honest, indepensight in their projects, has enhanced for education than any legislator dent, analytical approach. We need our quality of life and added value to 1 have worked with during my alHovekamp and more people like both our residential and commercial most eight years on the Bend-La him to successfully address Oreinvestments. This measure is a great Pine School Board. He has worked gon's many challenges. Please vote opportunity to continue the momen- tirelessly with specific proposals for Hovekamp — 1 am. tum of providing our residents and to freeup more money for educaJudy CI!nton visitors diverse and safe recreation- tion. He has worked to fight needBend

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'" '"' "" ' BarzLIn washistorian of Westerncivilization David D. Smith, of Folsom, CA

April 3, 1959 - Oct. 11, 2012 Services: Celebration of Life to be held at 1:00 p.m. Friday, Nov. 2, 2012 at Lakeside Christian Church, Folsom, CA. Contributions may be made to:

American Cancer Society.

Jean Morris, of Redmond Dec. 31, 1948 - Oct. 18, 2012 Arrangements: Autumn Funerals of Redmond, 541-504-9485, Services: No services will be held, per her request. Contributions may be made to:

St. Vincent De Paul.

Allen D. Medeiros Feb. 10, 1947 - Oct. 24, 2012 Allen D. Medeiros, 65, of Bend, passed away O c t ober 24, 2012, at home surr ounded b y f a m i l y . H e w as b o r n F e b r u ar y 1 0 , 1947, in Waimea, H awaii t o Manuel 8. Kazue "Kay" Medeiros.

.f~> Allen g rew up and attended Allen Medefros school Hawaii. He attended Southern Oregon Un iv e r s it y an d graduated with a bachelor degree in Political Science. A llen mar r i e d Peg g y M itchell o n M ar c h 17, 1974, in S alem, OR . He served in the US Army and r etired f r om t her e. T hrough his w o r k in g l i f e , h e worked w i t h t h e O r egon S t at e E m p l o y ment Division in th e v alley and l ater i n Red m o n d an d Bend. A llen wa s a m e m ber o f t he Mt. Bachelor W ar d o f the Church of Jesus Christ o f Latter-Day S a ints a n d was a c t iv e i n t he B oy Scouts, earning the Order of the A r ro w an d s erving as a leader. Foremost in his life was his family and time was often spent in the outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping and shooting. He i s s u r v i ve d b y h i s m other, Ka y M e d eiros o f Koloa, HI; his wife, Peggy of Bend; a son, Mitch M ed eiros of B o oneville, M O ; daughters, Tr a c y Medeiros o f B e n d , M e a g an Banner of Las Vegas, NV, J ennifer Ramey o f S u n r i v er, O R a n d B e c k y M e d eiros o f B en d; th r e e b rothers, Kenneth of T o r r ance, CA , a n d Mi c h a el and Timothy of K oloa, HI; as well as eight grandchildren. A memorial service w i l l be held Monday, October 29, 2012, at 11:00 a.m., in the Church of Jesus Christ o f L a t t er-Day S a i nt s o n 2555 NW Shevlin Park Rd., Bend. The family suggests memorial c o n t r i b ution s t o Partners In C are H ospice, 2075 NE Wyatt Ct., Bend, OR, or the Boy S couts of America. P lease v i si t t h e o n l i n e r egistry fo r t h e f a m il y a t www.niswonger-reynolds. com.

By Edward Rothstein


New York Times News Service

Jacques Barzun, the distinguished historian, essayist, cultural gadfly and educator who helped establish the modern discipline of cultural history and came to seethe West as sliding toward decadence, died Thursday night in San Antonio, where he lived. He was 104. His death was announced by A rthur Krystal, Barzun'sfriend and the executor of his estate. Barzun was a man of boundless curiosity, m o numental productivity and manifold i n terests, encompassing both Berlioz and baseball. It was a life of the mind first cultiBa r zun vated more than a century ago in a childhood home outside Paris that became an avant-garde salon. Barzun stood beside Sidney Hook, Daniel Bell and Lionel Trilling as among the mid-20th century's most wide-ranging scholars, all of whom tried to reconcile th e a c hievements of European culture and philosophy with the demands and tastes of American intellectual and cultural life. He wrote dozens of books across many decades, demonstrating that old age did not necessarily mean intellectual decline. He published his most ambitious and e ncyclopedic book at the age of 92 (and credited his productivity in part to chronic insomnia). That work, "From Dawn to Decadence," is an 877-page survey of 500 years of Western culture in which he argued that Western civilization itself had entered a period of decline. Barzun was both of the academy and the public square, a man of letters and — he was proud to say — of the people. In books and in the classroom he championed Romantic literature, 19th-century music and the Western literary canon. He helped design the influential "greatbooks" curriculum at Columbia, where he was one of its most admired figures for half a century, serving as provost, dean of faculty and university professor. As an educator Barzun was an important critic of American universities, arguing in 1968 that their curriculums had become an undisciplined "bazaar" of miscellaneous studies. But he was also a popularizer, believing that the achievements of the arts and scholarship should not be divorced from the wider American culture. Writing for a general audience, he said, was "a responsibility of scholars." To that end he served as history consultant to Life magazineand as a critic forH arper's. His articles appeared in Life magazine and The Saturday Evening Post as well as The Atlantic, The Nation and The

New Republic. In 1 951, he joined Trilling and W.H. Auden in founding the Readers' Subscription Book Club, which sought to make serious scholarship and literature widely available. His fascinations extended to mystery fiction, which he surveyed in t h e a n t hology "The Delights of Detection" in 1961. Another was baseball, an American institution he considered with a scholar's eye. In a 1953 essay, "On Baseball," he wrote:

"The wonderful purging of

the passions that we all experienced in the fall of '51, the despair groaned out over the fate of the Dodgers, from whom the league pennant was snatched at the last minute, give us some idea of what Greek tragedy was like." U nlike many o f h i s c o l leagues, Barzun showed little interest in taking overtly political positions. This was partly becausehe became auniversity administrator and had to stand above the fray, and partly because he approached the world with a detached civility and a sardonic skepticism about intellectual life. "The intellectuals' c h i ef cause of anguish," he wrote in "The House of Intellect" (1959), "are one another's works." His stature as a public intellectual was undisputed. He was made a chevalier of the Legion of H o n or, F r ance's highest award, e stablished by Napoleon Bonaparte, and awarded the Medal of Freedom, the United States' highest civilian honor, by President George W. Bush. His friendships embraced poets and scholars, and he continued often argumentativecorrespondence with friends into the 21st century. An authorized biography, "Jacques Barzun: Portrait of a Mind," by Michael Murray, was published in electronic form in 2011. In 1996, he also made aseemingly unlikely move from New York to San Antonio, where he lived until his death. "After being boxed in by man and his constructions in Europe and theEast,the release into space is exhilarating," he wrote in The New York Times in 1982 about his repeated visits to Texas. "The horizon is a huge remote circle, and no hills intervene." Jacques Barzun was born on Nov. 30, 1907, in Creteil, a suburb of Paris, the son of Anne-Rose and Henri Martin Barzun. His father was a diplomat and writer with artistic interests. The Barzun home became an avant-garde salon, which Barzun once called "a seedbed of modernism" and "an open house for hotheads." Regular visitors included the writer Jean Cocteau and the painter Albert Gleizes.


Deaths of note from around Betty Hart, 85: Researcher theworld: who documented how poor, Emanuel Steward, 68: Hall working-class an d p r o f esof Fame boxing trainer who sional parents speak to their directedseveral world-chamyoung children, which helped pion fighters including Thom- establish the critical role that as Hearns, Lennox Lewis and communicating with b abies current heavyweight chamand toddlers has in their later pion W l a d imi r K li t schko. development. Died Sept. 28 in April 3, 1959 - October 11, 2012 Died Thursday in a Chicago Tucson, Ariz. O n O c t obe r 1 1 , 20 1 2 , hospital. — From wire reports David lost his 7 year battle with cancer. He graduated from Bend High School i n 1 977, and from University of Oregon in 1984, where he earned Death Notices are free and will Deadlines:Death Notices his degree in Architecture. be run for one day, but specific are accepted until noon He managed the Folsom guidelines must be followed. Monday through Friday for office of N a d e l A r c h i tecnext-day publication and by Local obituaries are paid ture Firm, of S acramento. advertisements submitted by 4:30 p.m. Friday for Sunday CA. families or funeral homes. and Monday publication. He i s s u r v i ve d b y h i s They maybe submitted by phone, Obituaries must be received wife, Donna o f 1 7 y e a r s; mail, email or fax. by 5 p.m. Mondaythrough and his 15 year old daughThe Bulletin reserves the right Thursday for publication on the t er, Rachael, both o f F o l to edit all submissions. Please second day after submission, som, CA. He wa s th e son include contact information by1 p.m. Friday for Sunday or of Bob and Clara Smith, of in all correspondence. Monday publication, and by Bend, OR. and the brother For information on any of these 9 a.m. MondayforTuesday of B e ck y S m i th, of Saraservices or about the obituary publication. Deadlines for sota, FL , K i m M a t h i eson policy, contact 541-617-7825. display ads vary; please call (Dave), of M c K i nnleyville, for details. CA; and Cy Smith (Diane) of Bend, OR. A Celebration of Life will Phone: 541-617-7825 Mail:Obituaries b e held at 1:00 p.m., F r i Email: obits© P.O. Box 6020 day, November 2, 2012, at Fax: 541-322-7254 Lakeside Christian Church Bend, OR 97708 in Folsom, CA.

David D. Smith

Obituary policy

E J. Harris /East Oregonian

An injured wild mare and her foal were brought to the Buck Brogoitti animal sanctuaryin Pendleton in September, where the mare is undergoing treatment for an injury to one of her legs.

Tri e attempts to tackle wil horsepro lem By Natalie Wheeler

tilla. He hopes to eliminate the horse population on the north PENDLETON — N e ar side because of agricultural the en d o f Se p tember, needs there. Gordy Schumacher called But it will take an expenup the Buck Brogoitti sanc- sive, difficult road to get to that tuary and asked them to goal. take on an i n jured wild The tribe's plan to control mare and her foal. the population, approved in M other and b ab y i n - May 2011, calls for a round-up cluded, Schumacher, who of all wild horses on reservais agricultural and forestry tion land. After a horse is capmanager for the Confeder- tured, it is first put up for aucated Tribes of the Umatilla tion to tribal members. If there Indian Reservation, had are no bidders, the horse goes m anaged to c a pture 14 to general public auction, then of the estimated 400 wild it is offered free to tribal memhorses roaming both sides bers and then to the general of the Umatilla River by public. "Then I don't know what to using a helicopter to herd do," Schumacher said. Five of them into a corral. Although S c humacher the horses captured in late Sepwas able to leave those two tember — four stallions and a horses in sanctuary direc- mare — did not sell at auction tor Tamara Brogoitti's care, and are still with Schumacher. he still has a tight budget They will be offered to tribal and hundreds more to deal members for free. with. Schumacher can only board "We're just getting go30 horses at a time. He said the ing," S chumacher s a id. tribes don't want to resort to "It's going to be a learning slaughtering the horses, and curve and that means we're that they are exploring every going to be making a lot of option they can t o p r event adjustments." that. " That's why I c a l led u p This is the first year of a marked effort b y t h e Buck's (Animal Sanctuary)," tribes to manage the rap- Schumacher said. "Because East Oregonian

idly growing population of wil d h o rses. Around 400 currently graze t he land as they please, resulting in ruined wheat crops, overgrazed rangeland, infringement on other wild species and the occasional impregnated mare from a wild stallion. According to Schumacher, the goal is not to rid the land of all wild horses, but to reduce the horse population to a number that is compatible with land needs and other wildlife. Schumacher said their current goal is a population of 50 to 100 horses on the south side of the Uma-

the mare was injured, it was either euthanize her or see if the sanctuary would take her." Brogoitti is now giving antibiotics to the mare, who has a badly injured rear leg, through a dart gun called Dan-Inject. She said the gun could also be used to humanely capture wild horses at long distances. According t o Br o g o itti, there areresources to turn to when people cannot handle an agricultural animal. "Most people know they can take a cat or a dog to a shelter, but we want to get it out there that this is also a resource people can use," she said. Schumacher hopes to make further use of the sanctuary when he comes across difficult cases like the injured mare and foal. For now, he's just hoping the hay budget will get him through the next month. "It's going to be tight," he said. "We don't have much room for error here."


IN l

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as's'i ie s V oting YES on M e a s ur e 9 - 8 6 w ill p r o t e c t & i m p r o v e B e n d ' s q ualit y o f l i f e f o r o u r f a m i l i e s & fut ur e g e n e r a t i o n s , p r e s e r v e n atural a r eas and r i v e r w a t e r

quality, provide safe passage t hro ug h t h e C o l o r a d o A v e . d am, exp an d p a r k s t h r o u g h o u t B end, and s u p p o r t B e n d ' s e cono mi c v i t a l i t y .

The following people 8 organizations urge you to vote YES on Measure 9-86 Betsy Skovborg, Scott Wallace, Ruth Williamson, Lisa Karnopp Nye, Jade Mayer, Todd Taylor, Charley Miller, Gerry Lopez, Jim Lussier, Dennis Oliphant, Adam Craig, Doug La Placa, Teague Hatfield, John Sterling, Geoff Frank, Don Hort on, Will Blount, Ben Perle, Nelson Mathews, Joanne Mathews, Kevney Dugan, Damian Nurre, Noelle Fredland, Mike Mudd, Judy Shasek, Jayson Bowerman, Paul lsreal, Randall Barna, Kristin K ovalik, Ron Fritz, Joanne Richter, Robert Shan non MD, Mike Ma l m q u i s t , Scott Asla, Andy Fectau, Todd Asevedo, Scott Weber, Nora Takla MD, Mike Stahly NP, Greg Cushman, Ryan Houston, Blaise Cacciola, Matt Davio, Char Weichman, Chet Weichman, Clella Thomas, Bob Thomas, Scott Allan, Peter John Lowes, Craig Moore, John Laherty, Visit Bend, Trust for Public Lands, and Upper Deschutes Watershed Council PAID FOR BY PEOPLE, PARKS & NATURE - THE CONSERVATION CAMPAIGN



F O R ECA S T Maps and national forecast provided by Weather Central LP ©2012.


• •

I I 4

Today: Dry for CHANNE

much of the day, a few afternoon showers are possible.




Tonight: Some additional rainfall will linger into the overnight hours.



WEST Rain will be heavlest in the north today. Rain will continue tonight.

Mstol la 4 4 4 4

5easjdee 4 4 0




4 4 xxk v x HOO cCk lk kk kk kk kk ki k k k k k k k k iUma t iga, k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k « « x x x x x x » k k k k k k k «5 5/39 o i» i»g j y e t» NThbxx Z p Z Z Z i» x x x o iggs88 8 „. • Hermiston ssa9 8Jp+ I/allp I .i8 5 42 p

C 4 I

' xx 8 5 6/46 ' 8 ek i 57/39 k x x x • Pendle«n iTgvst'xg ie x Enterprieex xx k 6 e keWasc b p kk xx x kkk 6 8/ 4 0 )55/49 ' • oikksandv xx i i x x x x mk k k ik k i» k kkkk • Meacham kkk'4 6/29 4 v i sd/4hxkk ' kk X i x x » RuggS x x x x i i i v /i i i i i , i x' 50/33,iqx • i ' x ' x x'x'xi> 4 .kk k x bk 8 Maupl/8'xi k k k k k k x s s /m x k k k cMEMjnrfvitfe bsqsb' kk ' b xx x' ( k k x x W x x k k x x x k k k k 51/x9 Unjp& 4 9/30 4 Camp 45/40.,xxii%i x 8 w i condonxxx x kk i »k i i fx x 51 / 36

H' lsborcdportland x' '

Tglamppkd,,( o ' ' x 55/48



Scattered showers are anticipated today and tonight.

Lmcpln O 5Ig4 ura4i, g i i i i i c xxxx x , x x x '8 4 4 4 se/47 • 4 48 'CCCCCCCxxxxi"' ' " " ""afe,xxxxx ccx i» 58/39 k k k x '» 4 4 , (kkk / 38% ic x47 kk e k k k • any~somk»~'WarmSprings~ C. . , »k hk khkhkw kspray57/36 Newpo, *44 4 4 A7lb/48 » » i~ 59 / 40 , " i ~ . ,„ ..iiii i ;i i i BalceTCInj k k k k .



ek k k k k k k k

,k k k k k e h / I x t


k kk k k e wx i v MIt c helt55/37kkk » k k k k k 49/ 3 4 , 8 8 . x x X X X X EAST ONaltl> kkkk 5r7/3m 57/38 xCOryaPxlq, OryaPiln, NCamp C 5h Sherma7/b Scattered show+ +++57/49 ++ + + + + i»5 1/32~ w • .xkk k k k e / ohn i» + + Yachats~ xx x x x x i b ,x gxi x x gx g t r l n e yx x'x'x~ l l 4 % 3/36%%%%%hhpay ~xk k k k k k y k k 49/35 , x x x ™xxxuntarlO ers will affect the 57/50 SISteFS'c» V kk k ix i i 54/ 3 4xxi i i p i x" o x x i t xa u / no i dv/sxxxxxx x x x x x x x x i x north today and Florenceei» Euxxenegxxxxxx 9 kkk » ya l e• .i • i» k k 58/52 xvc'58I46 xxxxxx x x i i 9 4 ' »FlyeCi oen CC'x'xxxxx k k k i» k k k x x t /3 8 tonight. .. . 52/sgq ..suogs @ xV 3


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' Juhturaxxxx x 540988

» k 5 3 '34 x ~ i ~e w •~ i eu amotorkiii i >t t u r n w » kk i»k 'orove» 58/46%~ 8 S T /32x'x'x' e k h ' 5 4 / \m k k X W A X k k k k k x k k k k • k »%4%%llles2ixix» 6 6 8 8 8 4 — Xrescent 60/53 • . 8 8 8 8 Cxuescentx 8 b Tpd 8 pkx 54/39, 8 x 8 8i i i» '~ 54/35 k k k k i» k x k kkk k i i i i i i i i i i i i i i 5 1/3 kkk k i 4 6/2i » e k k k k k k» k + k ki x xx e, x x k k k k i » e w gandon x x ~ s bk h . x x ' . . KeheMbibxx kk'e 6 C hristmasVagey Jordan Valley i .'x'x xv , %59/51» x x N x 0' % x'x'xx'. ' . » 55/34 5i/33 'x'xxxetO Xi x x ' xxoxx;C .52'V.' 'x'x sqilver» Frenchglen .' Pp 8 x k k k k k k k X t akek k k k TOH r k k k k k k ik k k 57/39 ) 'vx, XX » k k k xk k k k k k k X k w35% Rome rarlts 59/36 i

Cpps Bay»

Yesterday's state extremes

• 67'


Roseburg • 20 0 Rome

• Beac Nx Nx'i • xx x MedfOrd»» i 60/52.

» e 6 4/48 xk k k >

kkk »





' eusi


• Lakeview

FallS 56/37






4 e5eattle S4/Sn.; '

• 930 Imperial Beach, Calif. •1

i dxurtland m « xxxv C 4 65/49 xx , hh.~xxp

Thunder Bay 36/27


35/23 s m

i in gs



Halifax 57/44

g p ~ 9 Tor o ntp'~C 5 0/42


t. Paul '


T- •





Cut Bank, Mont. 6 OS

• 1.85w Lackland Air Force Hase, Texas


Ch eyenne

52/36 1

Honolulu teb,


' Okhhpma tgty

A lbuquerque 61/38




Chjca p W Columb+;






84/61 85/72



Vegas geles' 76/55


~x 'gl

Salt Lake

ci t y t 52/36




53/35 r -


C h arlottdd



Llttle Rpck


• Dallas 6 0S 61/37 '

Eoulsvl ex 55/39 "; :

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Atlan t a



62/42 New Orleans


ai i ooai 1-iurnoaoo Cooior'o forecast position of/

, Hur r icane Sandy


Chihuahua 60/39

8/61 • Miami 84/71

10S La Paz 87/66


Mazatlan •

Juneau 34/20

5 Anchorag 35/23



Monterrey 63/51•

85 / 75


ev : 4+++ . 4o44 4 , * * * * + +++x 1 4 4 4 ' * * * * *


Sunsettoday.... 601 p.m F ull L ast N e w First Sunrise tomorrow .. 7:37 a.m Sunset tomorrow... 6:00 p.m l• Moonrisetoday.... 4:52 p.m Moonsettoday .... 5:33 a.m Oct. 29 Nov. 6 Nov. 13 Nov. 20

• Pl


55 42

53 39



Tomorrow Rise Set Mercury....9:55 a.m...... 6:49 p.m. Venus......4:30 a.m...... 4:47 p.m. Mars......11:09 a.m...... 7:55 p.m. Jupiter......7 56 pm..... 1 I 07 am. Satum......7:18 a.m...... 6;02 p.m. Uranus.....4:47 p.m...... 5:06 a.m.

Yesterday's weather through 4 p.m. inBend High/Low.............. 57/32 24 hours endmg 4 p.m.*. . 0.00" Recordhigh........79m1988 Monthtodate.......... 0.28" Record low......... 12 in 1954 Average month todate... 0.45" Average high.............. 57 Year to date............ 7.02" Averagelow ..............31 A verageyeartodate..... 7.63" Barometricpressureat 4 p.m30.09 Record 24 hours ...0.34in1956 *Melted liquid equivalent


Yesterday Saturday Sunday Bend,westofnwy 97.....Low Slsters..............................Low The following was compiled by the Central Hi/Lo/Pcp H i / Lo/W H i /Lo/WBend,eastolnwy.97......Low LaPine...............................Low Oregon watermaster and irrigation districts as

City Precipitationvaluesare24-hour totals through4 p.m.

Redmond/Madras........tow Prinevine..........................tow

Astoria ........ 56/45/0.09..... 55/48/r.....57/53/sh Baker City..... 40/21/trace....49/34/sh.....58/37/sh Brookings..... 56/48/trace....61/51/sh......63/53/c Burns..........49/21/0.00.....54/34/c.....60/35/pc Eugene....... 62/44/trace....58/46/sh.....60/49/sh Klamath Falls .. 58/25/trace.....56/37/c ...63/38/pc Lakeview..... MM/MM/NA ....54/35/c.....62/37/pc La Pine........55/27/0.00.....53/31/c.....58/32/sh Medford...... 61/41/trace.....64/48/c......68/49/c Newport....... 54/48/0.00..... 57/49/r.....58/53/sh North Bend......63/48/NA....61/54/sh.....62/55/sh Ontario........45/28/0.00.....53/38/c.....59/42/sh Pendleton......48/33/0.01 ....58/40/sh.....68/44/sh Portland ....... 58/45/0.04..... 55/49/r.....58/54/sh Prineville....... 56/30/0.00....53/36/sh.....60/36/sh Redmond.......60/29/0.00....59/40/sh.....65/43/sh Roseburg.......67/44/0.01 ....61/50/sh.....67/52/sh Salem ....... 60/45/trace ..56/47/r ...59/50/sh Sisters......... 60/29/0.00.... 54/34/sh..... 56/34/sh The Dages......55/48/0 00....56/46/sh.....65/49/sh

Mod. = Moderate; Ext. = Extreme

a service to irrigators and sportsmen.

Reservoir Acre feet Ca p acity Crane Prairie..... . . . . . . . 35,128...... 55,000 Wickiup...... . . . . . . . . . 122,755..... 200,000 Crescent Lake..... . . . . . . 72,226...... 91,700 Ochoco Reservoir..... . . . 16,669 . . . . 47,000 The higher the Uy Index number, the greater Prineville...... . . . . . . . . . 82,702..... 153,777 the need for eye and skin protection. Index is R iver flow St at i o n Cubic ft./sec Deschutes RiverBelow Crane Prairie ...... . 279 solar at noon. Deschutes RiverBelow Wickiup .... . . . . . . . 252 Crescent CreekBelow Crescent Lake ...... . 241 LOW MEDIUM HIGH Little DeschutesNear La Pine ...... . . . . . . . 172 0 2 4 6 8 10 Deschutes RiverBelow Bend .... . . . . . . . . . 658 Deschutes RiverAt Benham Falls ..... . . . . . 809 Crooked RiverAbove Prinevige Res.. ... . . . . . 31 Crooked RiverBelow Prineville Res..... . . . . 79.1 Updated daily. Source: Ochoco CreekBelow OchocoRes. ... . . . . . . 7.27 Crooked RiverNear Terrebonne ..... . . . . . . 172 Contact: Watermaster, 388-6669 MEDIUM LOW I or go to

To report a wildfire, call 911






* +

x 4 x

W ar m Stationary Showers T-storms Rain



F l urries Snow


Yesterday Saturday Sunday Yesterday Saturday Sunday Yesterday Saturday Sunday Yesterday Saturday Sunday City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lp/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Ni/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Abilene TX......54/42/0 00...58/35/s.. 62/37/s Grandlapids....51/41/0 32...48/33/s.47/32/pc RapidCity.......39/16/0 00.. 40/26/rs .. 45/35/c Savannah.......78/66/000 ..74/57/pc. 75/51/pc Akron ..........64/50/000..51/37/sh. 49/36/sh GreenBay.......47/34/0.00...43/27/s.43/30/pc Reno...........63/29/0 00 .. 67/38/pc. 72/40/pc Seattle..........50/45/0.03... 54/50/r. 59/51/sh Albany..........63/56/0.00...68/51/c.. 58/47/c Greensboro......65/54/0.00...67/51/c...63/41/r Richmond.......72/63/0.06... 69/56/r...60/50/r SiouxFalls.......37/33/0.00..44/30/sn.. 46/32/c Albuquerque.....55/36/000...61/38/s.. 68/43/s Harusburg.......66/60/0.00...67/50/c. 56/46/sh Rochester, NY....77/55/0.00 .. 53/41/sh.48/40/sh Spokane........37/30/0 07 .. 44/39/sh. 52/42/sh Anchorage ......31/15/0 00...35/23/s.. 37/22/s Hartford,CT.....67/52/0.00...69/50/c. 59/48/sh Sacramento......74/47/0.00... 79/51/s .. 80/52/s Springfield, MO ..48/36/0.00... 52/30/s .. 52/30/s Atlanta .........80/62/000...69/48/c. 63/40/pc Helena..........36/19/0.00.. 40/29/rs..50/35/rs St. Louis.........s1/39/0.35... 53/35/s. 52/31/pc Tampa..........87/72/000... 82/65/s. 80/60/pc Atlantic City.....72/54/0.00...69/55/c...66/52/r Honolulu........86/73/0.00...85/72/s.. 85/72/s Salt Lake City....48/29/0 00 .. 52/36/pc.59/42/pc Tucson..........83/44/0.00...83/55/s .. 86/54/s Austin ..........63/52/0.01 ...64/38/s.. 65/38/s Houston ........73/54/0.05...67/44/s.. 70/46/s 580 Antonio.....66/48/1.38..63/42/pc.. 66/43/s Tulsa...........51/39/0.00... 57/28/s .. 61/33/s Baltimore.......70/61/000...6I53/c. 58/46/sh Huntsvile.......82/53/0.00..60/38/pc. 55/36/pc 580 Diego.......83/57/0.00...80/62/s.. 80/59/s Washington,Dc..71/63/0.00...68/53/c. 58/47/sh Billiogs.........40/23/000...41/27/c. 50/34/pc Indianapolis.....50/44/0 24..51/34/pc. 50/33/pc 580 Francisco ....71/50/0.00..72/54/pc.. 72/54/s Wichita.........49/35/0.00... 53/30/s.58/36/pc Birmingham .. 82/59/000 ..62/42/pc.. 59/40/s Jackson, MS.....71/53/000. 61/38/s .. 62/41/s SaoJose........71/43/000...77/51/s.. 79/51/s Yakima.........46/36/0 03 .. 49/36/sh. 56/42/sh Bismarck........36/30/000... 35/23/c .. 41/28/c Jacksonvile......77/70/000..76/57/pc.. 77/49/s SantaFe........49/23/0.00...55/28/s 61/38/s Yuma . . . . .81/67/0.00... 86/61/s .. 89/62/s Boise...........50/32/000 ..56/39/pc. 60/42/pc Juneau..........37/17/0 00... 34/20/s. 34/21/pc INTERNATIONAL Boston..........66/47/000...65/50/c .. 59/53/c Kansas City......47/30/0 00 ..52/36/pc. 55/35/pc Bodgepoit,CT....67/56/000...67/53/c. 60/53/sh Lansing.........51/43/0.03..48/31/pc. 46/31/pc Amsterdam......48/34/000 49/42/pc 49/41/c Mecca.........100/81/000 .96/75/s..96/77/s Buffalo.........72/50/000 ..50/39/sh. 46/38/sh LasVegas.......68/52/000... 76/55/s .. 79/54/s Athens..........76/60/000 ..76/70/sh.. 77/69/c Mexico City .....79/41/000...72/47/s. 73/49/pc Burlington, VT....61/55/000... 67/52/c .. 59/48/c Lexington.......62/47/0 01.. 53/36/sh. 51/33/pc Auckland........64/55/0.00... 69/53/c.65/52/pc Montreal........70/45/0.00... 59/52/c. 54/45/sh Caribou,ME.....61/29/000 ..54/42/pc.. 52/48/c Lincoln..........43/26/000 ..48/30/pc. 54/35/pc Baghdad........99/64/0.0086/70/sh .. .. 86/68/s Moscow........36/32/0.11 ..35/29/pc. 32/24/sn Charleston SC...80/66/000...72/57/r. 72/50/pc Little Rock.......52/46/086...60/36/s .. 60/36/s Bangkok........97/81/0.00... 93/76/t...92/76/t Nairobi.........84/59/0.00... 82/64/t...78/58/t Charlotte........77/55/000...70/51/c. 65/42/pc LosAngeles......87/61/0 00... 84/61/s .. 81/60/s Beifng..........59/54/000... 68/28/s. 61/31/pc Nassau .........81/75/0.03...79/72/t.. 81/74/s Chattanooga.....81/55/000...60/43/c.59/39/pc Louisville........70/46/0.60..55/39/pc. 52/34/pc Beirut..........72/66/0.16... 75/64/s. 77/67/pc New Deihi.......82/59/0.00...87/67/s.. 87/65/s Cheyenoe.......27/10/010..42/24/pc.48/31/pc MadisonWh....48/34/000...45/28/s. 46/27/pc Berlin...........45/34/0.0043/29/pc .. .. 44/27/s Osaka ..........73/48/000..70/62/sh. 70/54/sh Chicago.........51/37/000...49/38/s. 48/38/pc Memphis....... 59/44/0 39 .. 57/38/s .. 56/39/s Bogota .........68/45/0.00 ..74/50/sh. 75/52/sh Oslo............39/23/0.00...36/27/s .. 35/30/c Cincinnati.... 60/47/024 .53/37/pc. 52/34/pc Miami . . . . 81/71/01484/71/pc 83/65/s Budapest........57/36/000 ..55/41/sh. 43/26/sn Ottawa.........72/45/000 ..52/46/sh. 48/39/sh Cleveland.......67/48/037 ..51/40/sh. 50/38/sh Milwaukee......49/36/0.00...46/37/s. 45/35/pc BuenosAires.....82/64/0.00..78/55/pc...76/60/t Paris............54/41/0.00 ..49/35/pc. 48/35/pc ColoradoSpnngs.39/25/000..48/28/pc. 52/32/pc Minneapolis.....39/33/0.00 ..43/33/pc. 44/29/pc Cabo530lucas..86/66/0.00...87/70/s.. 85/68/s Rio de Janeiro....79/75/000 ..91/76/pc. 90/71/pc ColumbiaMO...48/34/000...52/32/s.. 52/31/s Nashvige........61/48/000..57/40/pc.. 56/36/s Cairo...........82/68/000.. 82/67/s.. 83/64/s Rome...........72/57/0.00..72/62/sh.. 60/51/c Columbia,SC....79/56/0.00...75/54/c. 71/44/pc New Orleans.....84/62/0.00...67/48/s .. 66/48/s Calgary.........21/19/004..26/20/pc.. 34/25/c Santiago........73/46/0.00...70/56/s. 73/51/pc Columbus GA...84/63/000...74/47/c.. 66/41/s NewYork.......65/57/000...69/55/c. 63/53/sh Cancun.........86/70/0.00... 85/72/t...84/73/t SaoPaulo.......81/63/0.00... 89/73/t...87/66/t Columbus, OH....64/48/0.17..51/39/sh. 50/34/pc Newark, NJ......67/59/0.00...69/53/c...63/52/r Dublin..........48/36/0 06 .. 44/38/pc. 47/40/sh Sapporo ........55/52/0.15...60/47/c...57/44/r Concord,NJJ.....66//40/000...67/45/c.. 57/45/c NorfolkVA......71/64/000...70/59/r...65/54/r Edinburgh.......43/34/0 00.. 43/34/pc. 49/40/sh Seoul...........70/46/000..62/43/sh. 67/34/pc Corpus Christi....78/59/000 ..67/48/pc. 72/48/pc Oklahoma City...52/36/0 00... 56/31/s .. 62/34/s Geneva.........55/52/0 03.. 43/29/sh .. 30/18/c Shanghai........81/68/000..77/63/sh. 72/59/pc DagasFtWonh...57/48/000...61/37/s .. 65/41/s Omaha.........44/28/0.00..4532/pc. 53/34/pc Harare........ not availabie... 84/57/s...80/57/t Singapore.......91/81/0.00...87/79/t...88/79/t Dayton .........66/45/084..52/36/sh.52/32/pc Orlando.........85/70/015..78/61/pc.. 80/57/s Hong Kong......82/73/0.07... 82/72/t .. 80/64/c Stockholm.......37/28/000...35/27/s. 34/25/pc Denver..........37/25/000 ..51/29/pc. 54/31/pc PalmSprings.... 82/66/0.00. 89/62/s .. 95/60/s Istanbul.........68/54/0.00... 71/66/s ..76/69/c Sydney..........72/63/0.00..69/60/pc.67/60/pc DesMoines......45/33/000..47/31/pc. 50/31/pc Peoria..........49/34/0.00..51/31/pc. 51/30/pc leiusalem.......72/61/000.. 72/58/pc.. 79/63/s Taipei...........86/77/0.00..86/72/pc.. 83/70/c Detroit..........69/47/0.03 ..50/36/pc. 48/37/pc Philadelphia.....68/60/0.00...69/53/c...62/49/r Johannesburg....73/52/0.02..76/50/sh...74/56/t TelAviv.........79/64/0.00..77/63/pc.. 80/66/s Duluth..........38/32/000 ..36/25/pc. 39/27/pc Phoeuix.........84/57/000... 88/59/s .. 90/61/s Lima ...........68/61/0.00..73/63/pc.. 73/62/c Tokyo...........70/57/000..70/55/sh. 69/57/sh El Paso..........62/47/000...62/42/s .. 70/46/s Pittsburgh.......76/55/0 00 .. 52/42/sh. 47/36/sh Lisbon..........68/61/0 00 66/55/pc 60/44/s Toronto.........63/48/0 00..50/42/sh. 50/37/sh Faiibanks........l7/12/000.... 21/0/s .. 21/6/pc Portland,ME.....62/41/0 00..62/46/pc .. 57/47/c London .........50/37/0 03...49/32/c.. 49/42/c Vancouver.......50/45/018...51/46/r.. 58/52/c Fargo...........42/34/0.00...37/27/c. 40/28/pc Providence......65/44/0.00...67/51/c .. 61/52/c Madrid .........64/54/0.15..61/36/sh.. 53/27/s Vienna..........50/45/0.00.. 37/28/rs.. 34/27/c Flagstaff........48/28/0.00...61/23/s .. 64/25/s Raleigh.........72/57/0.00... 68/54/r...62/44/r Manila..........88/77/421..89/76/pc. 89/76/pc Warsaw.........43/28/003..35/30/sn. 40/27/pc

Regulators reject pesticide-free zones near Oregon waterways The Associated Press SALEM — O r egon state regulators have rejected the idea of r equiring pesticidefreebuffers around rivers and streams to protect threatened fish from chemical runoff. The state E nvironmental Quality C o mmission's vote Thursday was unanimous, the agricultural publication Capital Press reported. Northwest Environmental Advocates had asked the commission to start working on rules tocreate no-spray buffers up to 1,000 feet wide along waterways. The group said the chemicalsare dangerous to humans as well as to fish and wildlife. "This just shows ... that when it comes to protecting salmon and health, the hard




A somewhat wet Halloween, afternoon showers.


o www m (in the 48 contiguous states):

More rainfall, cloudy skies.

61 45

SUN AND MOON SCHEDULE Sunrisetoday...... 7:36 a.m Moon phases


l.egend:II/-weather,Pcp-precipitatipn, s-sun,pc-partial clouds,c-clpuds,h-haze,sh-showers,r-rain, t-thunderstorms,sf-snowflurries, snsnow, i-ice, rs-rain-snowmix, w-wind,f-fpg, dr-drizzle, tr-trace


Yesterday's extremes


More rain, skies to stay cloudy, temperatures near average.


< 1 0 il i l

4 4 *5/484


Off-and-on light rain through the day,especially to the west.

60 44





• e

decisions never get made," said Nina Bell, executive director of the group. Farmers said t h e b u f fer zones would devastate agriculture, foresters said they would hamper efforts to replant near streams,and the commission's staff recommended against the idea. A water quality specialist, Debra Sturdevant, said buffers would also hurt human health by preventing efforts to fight disease-bearing organisms and invasive species in the buffer zones. A f o restry o f f i cial s a i d t he bUffeTs would make it hard to meet state replanting regulations. "We use herbicidesto controlunwanted weed speciesso our trees can grow," said Gary

S pringer, a member of t h e state Board of Forestry and a forester with Starker Forests in Corvallis. An advocate for f a rmers said it w ould mean taking large tracts of land out of farm production. " When yo u a r e t a l k i ng about bUffeTs of up to 1,000 feet around any waterways that are salmon bearing or could lead to a salmon beari ng waterway — w h ic h i s pretty much every stream in the western half of the state of Oregon — you would be hard pressed to find a farm in the Willamette Valley that does not have a stream going through it," said Scott Dahlman, executive director of Oregonians for Food and Shelter.


CO LUM BIARIVERCll lUIT NOVEMBER 2 - 3 , 2 012 • R E D M O ND , OR f



8 i',






•8 i.






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Scoreboard, D2 NBA, D3

Golf, D3 Motor sports, D3

Prep sports, D4 College football, D5 NFL, D6




HOCKEY November games cancelled by NHL NEW YORK — The NHL lockout has forced

ummi 0 S ,

Summit's Piper McDonald leads the varsity girls while running at the Class 5A Special District 1 cross-country meet on Friday along the Deschutes River Trail in Bend. McDonald was the first varsity girl finisher with a time of 19:00.3.

i r S i'0

the cancellation of all games through the end

of November. The NHLannounced

Friday that 326 regular-

seasongames from Oct. 11 through Nov. 30were lost — more than 26.5 percent of the schedule.

The news came aday after a league-imposed deadline passed for a deal with the players' association that would

allow for a full season. "The National Hockey League deeply regrets having to take this

action," Deputy Com-

• With state meetlooming, the Storm tune up with district titles By Grant Lucas The Bulletin

On a crisp Friday afternoon, on a winding, 5,000-meter course that started and finished at Bend's Riverbend Park, Summit High made a statement to the rest of Class 5A: Watch out for the Storm next week. Anchored by first-place finishes from Piper McDonald and Travis Neuman, the Summit girls and boys cross-country teams finished atop the standings in their respective races at the 5A Special District 1 meet. No team came within 19 points of the Storm in either race.

"We haven't really tapered them much yet, so they're still building," Summit coach Carol McLatchie said of her runners. "There's lots of room for improvement in times for state." The state championships take place a week from today at Lane Community College in Eugene. McDonald, trying to follow in the footsteps of Summit graduate and three-time state champion Megan Fristoe, bolted to a quick lead, pulling away midway through the race and clocking a time of 19 minutes, 0.3 seconds — a full 16 seconds better than second-place finisher and teammate Hannah

Joe Ktine/The Bulletin

Gindlesperger. SeeSummit/D4

missioner Bill Daly said in a statement. "By

presenting a proposal to the NHLPA that contemplated a fair division



of revenues andwas responsive to player concerns regarding the value of their contracts,

Vogel SOllg

we had hoped to be able

hvtf •

to forge a long-term collective bargaining agree-

took long

ment that would have

preserved an82-game regular season for our

/ to JQLII neIt

fans. Unfortunately, that did not occur.

start in the World Series

"We acknowledge

and accept that there is joint responsibility

in collective bargaining and, though we are u::;;.I~'~".:, "r '

profoundly disappointed that a newagreement

By Antonio Gonzalez

has not been attained to this point, we remain

The Associated Press

committed to achieving an agreement that is fair for the players and the clubs — one that will be

good forthe gameand our fans." Reaching a newdeal potentially became even

' -~~kw~s. ,""f@rc.

„'='t/~ti ~

tougherFriday,because the NHL pulled off the table its most recent of-

fer to the players — one


that included a 50-50 split of hockey-related

SAN FRANCISCO — Ryan Vogelsong stood on the cut grass at AT&T Park in his crisp San Francisco Giants uniform, giving an interview for Japanese broadcaster NHK in English. No need for an interpreter. The backdrop on the scoreboard said it all: World Series. Halfway around the world and back, Vogelsong's journey

is ready to go global. The re-


Indiana is No. 1 in The Associated Press'

silient right-hander will start Game 3 in Detroit opposite Anibal Sanchez tonight looking to move the Giants to the brink of another championship and cap a comeback that has become more improbable each time out. "A lot of faith. A lot of hard work," said Vogelsong, who will take the mound with San Francisco ahead 2-0 in the best-of-seven series. "You also have to have some

preseason Top 25for

things go your way to get

the third time and the first since the 1979-80

opportunities." For so many years, they so often didn't. "I feel like every day I come in here with a little chip on my shoulder that I need to work harder than the next guy, and try and get myself better on a

iR,.'. „-r,



— The Associated Press


Ryan Brennecke / The Bulletin

Mountain View's Kyler Ayers (23) breaks through a hole in Bend's defense during the first half Friday night at Mountain View.

No. 1 preseason goes to Indiana

season. The Hoosiers return all five starters, including 7-foot sophomore Cody Zeller. They received 43 first-place votes from the 65-member national

media panel Friday. Louisville and Kentucky, the

teams rankedsecond and third, received the rest of the first-place votes with Louisville getting 20 and the defending national champion the other two. Ohio State and Michi-

gan join Indiana asBig Ten teams in the top five. The last time a conference had three teams

in the preseason top five was 2008-09 when Connecticut, Louisville and Pittsburgh of the

Scoredoard • Mountain View piles up 416yards of offense in a41-14 The scores of Friday night's

prep football games

victory overBendHigh in the annual intracity Civil War

involving teams from

Beau Eastes Central Oregon. By The Bulletin For more on all the games, Getting back to the brand of football that see 04:

produced a state title last season, Mountain View overpowered Bend High 41-14 on Fri-

MouTiiaiiiview..41 sislers...............60 day night,grabbing some much-needed Bend....................14 La Pine ...............14 momentum heading into next week's Class 5A play-in round. Ridgeview......... 46 Santiam............. 32 The Cougars (2-1 Intermountain ConferSummit............. 22 Culver.................13 ence, 5-4 overall), who have now won the past three Civil Wars, totaled 416 yards of Redmond .......... 44 Hosanna Christ. 66 offense against the visiting Lava Bears, 242 Roosevelt...........16 Gilchrist ...............8 of which came on the ground. Mountain View tailback Kyler Ayers ended the IMC Madras.............. 28 game with 171 yards rushing and three touchdowns on 24 carries. The Cougar Estacada..............7 senior also had a touchdown reception.

Ayers, who scoredthree times before halftime, gave Mountain View a 35-8 lead less than a minute into the third quarter when he broke for a 76-yard touchdown on the first offensive play of the second

half. "We controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball," Cougar coach Brian Crum said. "Last week against Redmond (a 22-10loss) we made too many errors. This week we got back to the basics." Mountain View, which will likely host a 5Aplay-in matchup next week, was equally impressive on defense Friday night, holding the Lava Bears (1-2 IMC, 2-6 overall) to just 61 yards rushing. SeeCougs /D4

daily basis," Vogelsong said. "Definitely game day, there's a chip there. I feel like I still have a lot to prove in this game." Vogelsong was drafted in the fifth round by the Giants in 1998 andbecame theprimary piece of a trade to get future ace Jason Schmidt from the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2001.


Nextup World Series, Game 3, San Francisco Giants at Detroit Tigers

(Giants lead series 2-0) • When:Today, 5 p.m. • TV: Fox

Big East weresecond, third and fifth, respectively. North Carolina State,

Kansas, Duke,Syracuse and Florida round out the top 10. From the Pac-12, Arizona is ranked12th, followed by No. 13 UCLA. For the complete Top


Oregon will honorfallen former Coloradoplayer

25 ranking, seeScoreboard,D2. — The Associated Press

lndiana's Gody Zeller

By Anne M. Peterson The Associated Press

EUGENE — Twenty-eight years have passed since Colorado tight end Ed Reinhardt Jr. collapsed from a seemingly routine hit that would change his life forever. Reinhardt was the nation's leading receiver on Sept. 15, 1984, when the Buffaloes visited the Ducks. With about

two minutes left and Colorado trailing 27-20, he was tackled. "I didn't know the issues until we came off of the field, because we were in the process of driving down and trying to win the game," said current Colorado head coach Jon Embree, then a fellow tight end with the Buffaloes. SeeOregon /D5



Colorado at Oregon • TV:Pac-12 Network

Oregon State at Washington When:Today, 7:15 p.m. • TV:Pac-12 Network

• Radio:

• Radio:

KBND-AM 1110

KICE-AM 940, KRCO-AM 690

• When:Today,


No. 7 OSUseeks 7-0 start at Washington By Tim Booth The Associated Press

SEATTLE — When Mike Riley was forced to make the decision on whether to bring back Sean Mannion just a few weeks after knee surgery or stay with Cody Vaz, he referenced the call he made just a few months earlier. Mannion won the job in

fall camp, so it was a clear choice to go back to him now, especially with Oregon Stateon the verge of accomplishing a first in school history. "I thought about it in terms of if we were starting over, these two guys were competing. Sean won the job initially," Riley said. SeeOSU/D5





Golf • Bend golfers fall short at fl-SchoohAndrewVijarro, a 23-year-old professional from Bend, shot a secondconsecutive 3-under-par 69 in Friday's final round, but it was not enough to advance to the second stage of the PGA Tour's National Qualifying School. Vijarro ended the 72-hole first

stage at 3 underand in atie for 39thplaceatSan Juan Oaks Golf Club in Hollister, Calif. Chadd Cocco, 27 and, like Vijarro, a former Bend High School golf standout, shot a 2-over 74 to end the tourna-

ment at 2 over and in atie for 54th place. Nineteengolfers advanced after shooting 10 under or better.

Football • No. 16 Louisville beats Cincinnati ln OT, 34-31:John Wallace kicked a 30-yard field goal in overtime to lift No. 16 Louisville to a 34-31 victory over Cincinnati on Friday night

in Louisville after an attempt to ice the redshirt kicker went horribly wrong for the Bearcats. Cincinnati got the ball first in OT but Terrell Floyd

intercepted Munchie Legaux's floater in the end zone and the

Cardinals drove12 yards to set up Wallace's kick. Bearcats coach Butch Davis called timeout right before the field-goal attempt, and the high snap went through the holder's

hands. Davis just shrugged and Wallace calmly drilled the ball through the uprights to give Louisville the win. • Ex-NY Giant Taylor wins

teen hotel sex case: NFLHall of Famer LawrenceTaylor celebrated with a cigar on Friday

and pledged to concentrate on his "broken life" after a jury rejected a woman's claims that he assaulted her by failing to recognize her distress when he had sex with her in a hotel room when she was16. The jury in U.S. District Court

in Manhattan deliberated for about an hour before siding with Taylor. Taylor, who led the New York Giants to Super Bowl titles in 1987 and 1991, said

he wanted togohometoPembroke Pines, Fla., and "concentrate on myown broken life and try to repair that." The verdict came after a four-day trial in which Taylor testified that he had sex with a "very, very pretty" prostitute in 2010 but denied accusations that he

ignored obvious signs shewas ateen runawaywho hadbeen beaten and forced to meet with him. He said she told him she was19.

Cycling • Dallas promoterdemands refund from Armstrong:A

Dallas promotions company that paid Lance Armstrong $7 million for winning his sixth

Tour de France isdemanding he return the money. Aspokesman for SCA Promotions

says the companywill send Armstrong a demand letter on Monday now that Armstrong's seven Tour de Fance titles have been revoked. The U.S.

Anti-Doping Agency reported evidence that Armstrong used performance enhancing drugs during all seven of his tour victories. Armstrong's attor-

neyshaveanticipatedsucha demand. They note that SCA

entered a voluntary settlement to pay Armstrong andsaythe companycannotgetitsmoney back. The company had tried in 2005 not to pay Armstrong

because of allegations of doping, but chose to settle.

Tennis • Azarenka sealsNo. 1 ranking at WTA Championships:Victoria Azarenka of

Belarus madesure of finishing the year as thetop-ranked player in the world by beating Li Na of China 7-6 (4), 6-3 at the WTA Championships on Friday in Istanbul. Azarenka

secured a spot in the semifinals and will next play Maria Sharapova. AgnieszkaRadwanska of Polandadvanced to the semifinals when she edged Sara Errani of Italy 6-7 (6), 7-5, 6-4 in a match that lasted nearly 3/a hours. The fourth-ranked Radwanska will

play SerenaWilliams today. Sharapova swept past Sam Stosur 6-0, 6-3 on the final day of round-robin play, but Azarenka's win means that the Russian will not be able to wrest the No. 1 ranking form

her. — From wire reports

string), RB Trent Richardson(chest, rib). PRO BABLE: CB JohnsonBademosi (hip), WRTravis Benjamin (hamstring), LBTankCarder (foot), G JohnGreco

64-64 — 128 RobertGarrigus Jbe' Kruger 66-64 — 130 66-66 — I32 GregChalmers Today 63-69—132 (ankle), RB Montari o Hardesty (knee), DT John Troy Matteson Boys soccer:CulveratUmatila, I p.m. 68-65—133 BrendonDeJonge Cross-country: Crook County,Ridgeviewat the Hughes(knee), TRyanMi ler (ilness), RBChris Og67-66—133 bonnaya(chest,ribs), DEJuquaParker(shoulder, igKevinNa GreaterOregonLeagueDistrict meet,t 1am. 66-67—133 ness), DE FrosteeRucker(shoulder), G Jarrod Shaw TigerWoods Volleyball: Class4Aplay-in,HenleyatMadras,6p.m., 68-65—134 (igness), CB Buster Skri n e (hand), S Ray V en t r one Ben Crane TBA atCulverinTri-River Conferencechampionship 64-70—134 (hand,caf), STJ.Ward(hand, shoulder), S Usama Jeff Overton game,2 p.mzGilchrist, Trinity LutheranatMountain Betting line 64-70—134 Young(hamstring), LBChristian Yount(shoulder). BrianHarman ValleyDistrict tournamentinPaisley,1 p.m. NFL 72-63—135 INDIANAPOLISCOLTS atTENNESSEE TlTrevorImmelman (Hometeamsin Caps) TANS — COLTS:OUTCB Darius Butler (shoul70-65—t35 Bo VanPelt Favorite Opening Current Underdog BASKETBALL 70-65—135 der), DE Fili Moala (knee). QUETI SONABLE: LB Bill Haas Sunday 69-66—135 Pat Angerer(foot), RBDonald Brown (knee), LB I-Patriots CharlieWi 7 7 Rams 69-66—135 Robert Mathis (knee), NTMartin Tevaseu(ankle) Chris Kirk NBA TITANS 3.5 3.5 Colts Martin Laird PROBAB LE : LB D w ight Freeney (ankl e ), NT An t o ni o 68-67—135 NATIONALBASKETBALLASSOCIATION P ACKER S )5 1 5 Jaguars Johnson (igness), TWinstonJustice (ankle), QB Chargers KevinStadler 67-68—135 Preseason 3 3 BROWN S AndrewLuck(knee), DECory Redding (knee), G EAGLES Pat Perez 67-68—135 2 5 2.5 Falcons All Times PDT Joe Rertz(knee). TITANS: OUT:LBPatrick Bailey LIONS Gigis 65-70—135 2.5 2 Seahawks Tom (hand, ribs), QBJakeLocker (lett shoulder), RB JETS Nick Watney 71-65—136 2.5 2 Dolphins Carl Pettersson Friday's Games JavonRinger(knee), T Michael Roos(abdomen). BEARS 69-67—t36 7.5 7.5 Panthers Houston108,Orlando92 QUESTION ABLE: CBTommie Campbell (ankle), LB J.B. Holmes 66-70—136 S TEELE R S 5 4.5 Redski n s Chicago97,Indiana90 Colin McCarthy(ankle), LB Wil Witherspoon(hamThaworn Wiratchant 72-65—137 1.5 1.5 Raiders AnirbanLahiri Detroit104,AtlantaBB string). PROB ABLE: S Jordan Babineaux(wrist), CHIEFS 71-66—137 COWBO YS Seung-YulNoh Minnesota100,Milwaukee76 1 (D) 2 WR KennyBritt (knee), RBChris Johnson(knee), Giants 7)-66—137 BRONC O S 65 5 Saints Toronto120,Memphis )06 TE Craig Stevens(concussion). JimmyWalker 69-68—137 Monday NewOrleans96,Miami89 NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTSatST. LOUIS Bob Estes 69 BB—137 7 7 CARD INALS RyanPalmer Dallas99,Charlotte 82 RAMS — PATRIOTS: OUT:RB Brandon Bolden 49ers 69-68—137 I-London SanAntonio100,Washington 85 RickyBarnes 66-71—137 (knee), S Pa t r i c k Chung (shoul d er), CB R as-I Dow l (D)-Dagas st a rted as the f a v ori t e Phoenix88, Denver72 GaganjeetBhugar 65-72—137 ing (thigh), S SteveGregory(hip), TEAaron HernanEnd of preseason John Senden 72-65—138 dez (ankle), LBTrevor Scott (hamstring), LBTracy College White (foot) QUES TIONABLE DTRonBrace (back), John Huh 70-68—138 Today P rom Mee s a w a t 70-69—139 WR Julian Edel m an (hand), TE Rob Gronkow ski College LOUISVILLE 4.5 3 Cincinnati JohnsonWagner 70-69—139 (hip), LB Dont'a Hightower (hamstring), WRBrandon Nevada 3 3.5 AIR FOR CE Kyle Stanley The PreseasonTopTwenty Five 69-70—t39 Lloyd (knee),GLoganMankins (calf, hip), LBJerod saturday The top 25 teams in TheAssociated Press Mayo(elbowillness), GNickMcDonald(shoulder), Cameron Tri n gal e 7)-69—140 LINA 4 5 Navy MarcusFraser 3.5 preseasoncollege basketball poll, with first-place SSterlingMoore(knee), TSebastian Vollmer(back, E. CARO 70-70—140 VANDER B ILT 32.5 33 UMass votes in parentheses,2011-)2 final records,total 69-71 140 knee), WR WesWelker(ankle). PROBABLE: DTKyle 7 MIAMI-OHIO MasanoriKobayashi 7.5 points based on 25 points for a first-placevote Love (knee).RAMS:OUT:TRodger Safold (knee), Ohio 70-70—140 Ball St 4 ARMY WilliamMcGirt 5 throughonepoint for a 25th-placevoteand 201t68-72—140 DEEugeneSims(knee).QUESTIONABLE:W RDanny C. MICHIGAN 5.5 JasonDufner 7 Akron SeanO'Hair )2 final ranking: 69-72—14t Amendola(shoulder), DTMatthewConrath (knee), BOWLINGGREEN )3.5 15 E. Michi g an R ecord Pts P r v LB MarioHaggan(thigh), T WayneHunter (back), 68-73 141 DavidLipsky N . Illinois 7. 5 8 W. MICHIGAN t .lndiana(43 ) 27-9 1,5 9 2 1 6 TE MikeMcNeil (knee). PRO 66-75—141 BABLE: WRBrandon PITTSBU Chia RGH 7 6.5 Temple Danny 2 .Louisville(20) 30 - 1 0 1 , 568 1 7 Gibson(iUness). 75-67—142 MarcLeishm an 1. 5 2 Indiana Scott Piercy 3. Kentucky(2 ) 38-2 1,4 5 3 t 75-68—143 ATLANTA FALCONS at PHILADELPHIA I LLINOIS Purdue 3 3 MINNESO T A 4 DhioSt. 3)-B 1 ,292 7 73-74—t47 EAGLES — FALCONS:OUT WR Harry Douglas Siddikur NORTH W E S T E R N 6 5 5.5 lowa 5. Michigan 2 4-10 1,290 1 3 (knee, ankle). QUEST 74-73—147 IONABLE: G Garrett ReynShaaban Hussin FLORIDA ST 27.5 27.5 Duke 6. NCState 24-13 1,270 70-77—147 olds (back). PROB ABLE: DTJonathan Babineaux Scottl-lend COLLEGE1 3 Maryland 7. Kansas 32-7 t , 210 6 (groin), TEMichael Palmer(shoulder), RBAntone BOSTON A LABAMA 2 4 23.5 Mississippi St B. Duke 27-7 1,094 8 Smrth(hamstring). EAGLES:DOUBTFUL: GDanny U tah St 21. 5 23 TEX-S.ANT ONIO 9. Syracuse 34-3 1,062 2 LPGA Tour Watkins (ankle).QUE STIONABLE: DEPhilip Hunt OST 6 6.5 Hawaii 10. Florida 26-11 93 6 25 (calf). PRO BABLE: SNateAllen (hamstring), S Colt COLORAD Sunrise TaiwanChampionship ST 2 2.5 Baylor 11. NorthCarolina 3 2 - 6 904 4 Anderson (knee),SKurt Coleman(shoulder), C Jon IOWA Friday Texas AS M 13.5 15 AUBURN I2. Arrzona 23-12 902 Dorenbos(ankle), DTCedric Thornton (hand). At Sunrise Golf andCountry Club UTAH 2 ).5 Californra )3. UCLA t g-14 8 4 0 CAROLINAPANTHERS atCHICAGO BEARS Yang Mei, Taiwan 22 20 KANSAS 14. MichiganSt. 29-8 789 5 — PANTHERS: OUT DE Antwan Applewhite Texas Purse: $2 million WISCON SIN 6 6.5 Michigan St 15. Missouri 30 5 664 3 (thigh). DOUB TFUL: DEThomasKeiser (elbow). O REGON 4 6 Yardage: 6,390; Par: 72 47 Colorado 29-6 6 2 2 19 I 6. Creighton PROBABLE. DTDwan Edwards(hand), TEBenHartSecondRound N. CAROLINA 8 7.5 Nc State 2 6-9 5 3 9 17. Memphis sock (cal f ), DE Ch a rl e s Johnson (hi p ), CB Ca pt a i n a-amateur B oise St )6. 5 16.5 WYOMING 26-9 4 8 8 23 18. UNLV Munnerlyn(leg). BEARS:OUT:WRAlshonJeffery HOUSTON 13 13.5 Utep 30-8 486 9 tg. Baylor (hand). PRO BABLE. QBJayCutler (ribs), TEBrody GEORGIATECH 1 5 2.5 Byu 20. SanDiegoSt. 26 - 8 463 22 Eldridge(igness). 6 6.5 Georgia 2 6-7 3 8 4 21. Gonza ga SEATTLESEAHAWKS at DETROIT LIONS j -Florida 14 Kentucky 2 2-12 2 9 7 22. NotreDame — SEAHAWKS:OUT:WRDoug Baldwin (ankle), M ISSOURI t 5 ARIZONA ST 7 5.5 Ucla 26-10 28 5 14 23. Wisconsin CB Byron Maxwel l (hamstri n g). DOUB TF U L: DE Usc 6.5 6.5 ARIZONA 2 6-1) 1 2 0 24. Cincinnati JasonJones(ankle). QUE STIONABLE: GJohnMofR UTGERS t 3 13.5 KentSt 2 5-10 10 1 1 0 25. FloridaSt. fitt (knee).PROBABLE: RBMarshawn Lynch(back). SANJOSEST 19 20.5 TexasSt Others receivingvotes: MurraySt. 59, VCU58, LIONS:OUT : CBJacobLacey(concussion), SAmari 24.5 Washington St Saint Louis46,Texas46, Minnesota 40, Butler 33, Spievey(concussion). DOUBTFUL: LBDeAndre Levy STANFORD 21.5 O hro St 2 ( P ) PK PENN ST Pittsburgh 32, Saint Joseph's25, Marquette23, (hamstring).QUE STIONABLE DECliff Avril (back), Oregon St 4 3.5 WASHINGTON Tennessee15, OklahomaSt. 14, Kansas St. 12, CB Bill Bentley(shoulder), SLouis Delmas(knee), KANSAS ST 7 7 TexasTech Georgetown9, NewMexrco 9, Ohio 9, Mrami8, WR Titus Young (knee). PRO BABLE: WR Calvin 3.5 Syracuse Saint Mary's(Cal) 6, WestVirginia 6, Davidson5, Johnson(knee), TEBrandonPettigrew (knee), LB S. FLORIDA 5.5 OKLAHOM A ST 9 7 Tcu Drexel 5, N.Iowa5, Valparaiso 3, Lehigh2, Stan- Stephen Tulloch(knee), DTCoreyWiliams (knee). C. Florida 3 2.5 MARSHALL ford 2, CooradoSt. 1,Ora Robertst. WASHINGTONREDSKINS atPITTSBURGH 85 7.5 BUFFALO STEELERS— REDSKINS:OUT WR PierreGar- Toledo CAROLINA 14 14 Tennessee con (foot), SBrandonMeriweather (knee). QUES- S. FOOTBALL I-ARKANSAS 5 6 Mississippi TIONABLE:LBLondonFletcher (head, hamstring). ST Tech 29 30.5 N. MEXICO PROBABLE:CB Cedric Griffin (hamstring), CB Louisiana DKLAHOMA 10 1).5 N otreDame NFL David Jones(AchiUes), P SavRocca (right knee), Uab 4.5 4.5 TULANE CB JoshWilson (shoulder), DEDougWorthington NATIONAL FOOTBALLLEAGUE 20.5 21.5 Memphis (calf), RBDarrel Young(hamstring). STEELERS: SMIJ All TimesPDT RICE PK 2.5 S Mississi ppi OUT: Marcus T Gilbert (ankle), LBBrandonJohnson 2.5 2.5 Michigan (hamstrrng), RB Rashard Mendenhag(Achiges), S NEBRASKA AMERICANCONFERENCE OST tB 18 Unlv Troy Polamalu (calf). QUESTN IOABLE: RBIsaac SANDIEG East F resno St 12 15 NEWMEXICO W L T P c t PF PA Redman(ankle). PROBABLE: SWil Allen(ankle), UL-MONROE 24 23 S Alabama Jonathan Dwyer NewEngland 43 0 . 5 71 2)7 163 LB Chris Carter (hamstring), RB Kentucky 7 6.5 FLORIDA INT'L Maurkice Pouncey(knee), LB W. Miami 33 0 . 500 120 117 (not injury related), C MID TENN ST 3.5 3.5 N.Texas N.Y.Jets 34 0 . 429 159 170 Adrian Robinson(concussion), K ShaunSuisham Troy 75 7.5 FLAATLANTIC JasonWorilds (igness). Buffalo 34 0 . 4 29 171 227 (ankle), LB OAKLAND RAIDERS at KANSAS CITY j-jacksonvige,Fla. South I-Little Rock, Ark. W L T P c t PF PA CHIEFS — RAIDERS: OUT: T Khalif Bames (P) Penn State startedasthe favorite Houston 6 1 0 . 8 57 216 t28 (groin), CBShawntae Spencer (foot). QUESTION Indianapolis 33 0 . 500 117 158 ABLE: DTDesmond Bryant (elbow), LB Keenan Tennessee 34 0 . 4 29 149 238 Clayton (shoulder), LBTravis Goethel (back), TE BASEBALL Jacksonville 1 5 0 . 1 67 88 )64 Richard Gordon (hamstring), RB TaiwanJones (knee), DE Matt Shaughnessy (shoulder), DEDavid North MLB W L T P ct PF PA Togefson(shoulder). PROBABLE: LBMiles Burris Juron Criner (hip), RB MAJORLEAGUEBASEBALL Baltimore 52 0 . 714 174 16) (elbow, quadriceps), WR (hip), K SebastianJanikowski (left PostseasonGlance Pittsburgh 33 0 . 500 140 t32 Mike Goodson All Times PDT Cincinnati 34 0 . 429 166 187 groin), DT TommyKelly (shoulder), RB Darren (shoulder), S MikeMitchell (ankle), TE Cleveland 6 0 J 43 147 180 McFadden Brandon Myers (knee), C Al e x Pa rsons (back), DT West WORLDSERIES W L T P c t PF PA RrchardSeymour(knee), WRRod Streater (knee). (Best-of-7; x-if necessary) STIONABLE: CBJalil Brown (groin), All gamestelevised by Fox Denver 33 0 . 500 170 138 CHIEFS:QUE SanDiego 33 0 . 500 148 137 DE GlennDorsey(calf), TE SteveManeri (ankle). San Francisco 2, Detroit 0 LE: QBMatt Cassel (concussion), RBPey- Wednesday, Oakland 24 0 . 333 113 17t PROBAB Oct.24: SanFrancisco 8, Detroit 3 DevonWylie (hamstring). Kansas City I5 0 . 1 57 104 183ton I-ligis (ankle) WR ThursdayOct.25:SanFrancisco 2, Detroit 0 NEW YORKGIANTS atDALLAS COWBOYS NATIONALCONFERENCE Today,Oct.27:SanFrancisco (Vogelsong14-9) at — GIANTS: OUT:LBJacquian Williams (knee) East Detroit (Sanchez 4-6), 5:07p.m. W L T P c t PF PA DOUBTFUL:DT RockyBemard (quadriceps), S Sunday, Oct. 28:SanFrancisco (Cain16-5) at Detroit STIONABLE: RBAhmad NY Giants 52 0 . 7 )4 205 137 KennyPhillips (knee).QUE (Scherzert6-7), 515 p.m. (toot). PRO BABLE:CDavid Baas(ankle), x-Monday,Oct. 29: SanFrancisco at Detroit, 5:07 Philadelphra 33 0 . 500 103 125 Bradshaw Dallas 33 0 . 500 113 133 WR HakeemNicks (knee, foot) COWBOYS: OUT p.m. C Phil Costa (ankl e ), S Matt Johnson (ham stri n g), x-Wednesday, Oct. 31: Detroit at SanFrancisco, 5:07 Washington 34 0 . 429 201 200 DE SeanLissemore(ankle), RBDeMarco Murray South p.m. ABLE: RB Felix Jones (knee) W L T P c t PF PA (foot) QUESTION x-Thursday,Nov. I: Detroit at SanFrancisco, 5:07 CRyanCook (hamstring), LB Anthony Atlanta 6 0 0 ) . 00017t t13 PROBABLE: p.m. Spencer (shoul d er), LB De M ar cus W are (i l n ess). TampaBay 34 0 . 429 184 153 NEW ORLEANS SAINTS a t DE NVER BRONNewOrleans 24 0 . 333 176 182 : TEDanrel Graham(knee), TENNIS Carolina I 5 0 . 1 67 106 )44 COS —SAINTS:OUT WR JosephMorgan(chest). QUESTIONABLE: TE North Jimmy Graham (ankl e ), LB Da vi d Ha w t h orne (ham W L T P ct PF PA ProfessionaI AB BLE: RBDarrenSproles (not injury Chicago 5 1 0 . 833 162 78 string). PRO WTAChampionships STIONABLE: CB Tracy Minnesota 5 3 0 . 6 25 184 t67 related). BRONCOS:QUE Friday BABLE: SMike Adams(knee), GreenBay 43 0 . 571 184 155 Porter (illness).PRO At Sinan ErdemDome Detroit 24 0 . 3 33 133 150 CB ChrisHarris (ankle), GChris Kuper(forearm), Istanbul NT SealverSiliga (not injury related), TEJacob West Purse: $4.9million (TourChampionship) (hip), LB Danny Trevathan(thumb), WR W L T P c t PF PA Tamme Surface: Hard-Indoor San Francisco 52 0 . 7 )4 165 100 MatthewWilis (hamstring). Round Robin Arizona 43 0 . 5 71 124 118 SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS at ARIZONA Singles Seattle 4 3 0 . 57t 116 t06 CARDINALS—49ERS: NoDataReported CARGroup A St. Louis 34 0 . 429 130 141 DINALS: DNP: QBKevin Kolb (ribs), CB Greg Victoria Aza re nka (1), Belarus, def.Li Na(8), China, Toler (hamstring). LIMITED: DTDarnell Dockett (hamstring), TEJimDray (knee), CBJamell Flem- 7-6(4), 6-3. Thursday's Game Standings:SerenaWiliams3-0 (sets 6-0); Azaing (back), TEToddHeap(knee), S KerryRhodes Tampa Bay35, Minnesota17 (back), RB Anthony Sherman(knee), GAdamSny- renka2-) (4-3); Li 1-2 (2-4); AngeliqueKerber 0-3 Sunday'sGames (1-6). der (quadrrceps).FULL:CBMichael Adams(hamJacksonvilleatGreenBay, I 0am. Group 8 string), DE Calais Campbell (quadriceps), LBQuenIndianapolisatTennessee,10a.m. MariaSharapova(2), Russia, def. SamStosur (9), Champions Tour tin Groves(hamstring), LB Paris Lenon(ankle), S CarolinaatChicago,t0a.m. JamesSanders(knee), LBOB ' rien Schofield (knee), Australia,6-0, 6-3. MiamiatN.YJets,tgam. AT&T Championship Agnieszka R a dw a nsk a(4), Pol a nd, def. Sara E r r ani QB John Skelton (ankle), LBReggieWalker (head). SanDiegoatClevelandt0a.m. Friday (7),ltaly, 6-7 (5) 7-5, 6 4. AtlantaatPhiladelphia,10a.m. At TPCSanAntonio, ATATCanyons Course Standi n gs: Mari a Sh a rapova 3-0 (B-t); Agni e szka Seattle atDetroit, I0 a.m. San Antonio College Radwanska 2-1(5-3); Errani1-2 (3-5); a-Stosur0-2 Washington at Prttsburgh,10a.m. Purse: $1.85 million (1-4); w-PetraKvitova0-1(0-2). NewEnglandvs.St.LouisatLondon,10a.m. Friday's Games Yardage: 6,923; Par 72(36 36) w-withdrew,a-alternate Oakland at KansasCity,1:05 p.m. SOUTH Partial First Round NY Giantsat Dalas, t:25 pm. Louisville 34,Cincinnati 31,OT Note: Playwassuspendeddueto darkness Swiss Indoors NewOrleansatDenver,5:20 p.m. FAR WEST MarkCalcavecchia 35-32—67 Friday Open.Baltimore,Buffalo, Cincinnati, Houston Air Force4B,Nevada31 TomKite 36-34—70 At St. Jakobshalfe Monday'sGame Gil Morgan 34-38—72 Basel, Switzerland SanFranciscoatArizona,5;30 p.m. Top 25Schedule Jay Haas 37-35 — 72 Purse: $2.5 million (WT500) All Times PDT MarkWiebe 37-35 — 72 Surface: Hard-Indoor NFL InjuryReport TomPerniceJr. 37-35 72 (Subject tochange) Singles NEWYORK The updated National Football 38-35—73 Bill Glasson Ouarterfinals Leagueinjury report, asprovidedbythe league: Today DavidPeoples 38-36—74 RichardGasquet(3), France,def Mikhail Youzhny Morris Hatalsky JACKSONVILLEJAGUARSat GREENBAY No. 1 Alabama vs. No. 13 Mississippi State, 5:30 35-39—74 (6), Russia6-2, , 7-6 (5). PACKERS —JAGUARS: OUT:RBMaurice JonesTrevorDodds 37-37 74 p.m. Juan Martin del Potro (2), Argenti n a, def. Kevi n No.20regon vs. Colorado, noon 37-37—74 Drew (foot), SDwightLowery(ankle). DOUBTFUL ChienSoonLu Anderson, South Af r i c a, 3-6, 7-6 (3), 6-2. No. 3Floridavs. No. I2 Georgiaat Jacksonvile, Fla., 37-37 — 74 RB Montell Owens (shoulder). QUEST IONABLE JoelEdwards Paul-Henri Mathi e u, France, def Gri g or Di m i t rov, 36-38 — 74 CB DerekCox(back), RBGregJones(hip), CB 12:30p.m. Mike Reid Bulgaria,7-6(2), 7-6(4). 36-38 — 74 RasheanMathis (groin), WR Laurent Robinson No. 4KansasStatevs. No.15TexasTech,12:30 p.m. Brad Faxon RogerFederer(1), Switzerland,det. Benoit Paire, Kirk Triplett No.5NotreDameatNo.8Oklahoma,5p.m. 35-39 — 74 (concussion).PRO BABLE: QBBlaine Gabbert (eft France,6-2,6-2. 37-38 — 75 shoulder). PACKERS:OUT:WRGreg Jennings No. 7OregonStateatWashington, 7:15p.m. LanceTenBroeck (groin), RBJohn Kuhn(hamstring), LB Nick Perry No. 9OhioStateat PennState, 2:30p.m. Mike Mccullough 35 39 75 38-37—75 (knee), CB SamShields (ank e), SCharles Woodson No. IOSouthern CalatArizona,12:30p.m. Blaine Mccagi s ter Valencia Open 500 37-38—75 (cogarbone).QUE STIONABLE: WRJordy Nelson No.11 FloridaStatevs. Duke, 1230p.m Jim Thorpe Friday 37-38 — 75 (hamstring).PRO BABLE. WRDonald Driver (neck), No.17SouthCarolinavs.Tennessee,9a.m. SandyLyle At Ciudad de las Artes y las Ci e ncas 40-35 75 TE JermichaelFinley(shoulder), GTJ. Lang(elbow, No. )8Rutgersvs. KentState,12:30p.m. Bob Gilder Valencia 37-38 — 75 wrrst), DT B.J. Raji (ankle), QBAaron Rodgers(calf), No.19 Stanfordvs.Washington State, 315pm. Olin Browne Valencia, Spain 38-37 — 75 CJeffSaturday(neck), RBJamesStarks(igness). No 20MichiganatNebraska,5p.m Ted Schulz Purse: $2.72 mill MIAMI DOLPHINS at NEW YORK JETS No. 21BoiseState atWyoming, I2:30 p.m. Jeff Hart 37-39 — 76 — DOLPHINS:OUT:CBRichardMarshall (back) No. 22TexasAikMatAuburn, 4 p.m. SteveLowery 39-37 — 76 PROBABLE:S Reshad Jones (heel), LB Koa Misi No. 23OhioatMiami(Dhio), 12:30p.m. Rick Fehr 39-37—76 (hamstring), RBDaniel Thomas(concussion), DE MichaelAllen 37-39—76 CameronWake(neck), S Jimmy Wilson (ankle) Pac-12 Standings LorenRoberts 35-41 76 JETS:DOU BTFUL: DTKenrick Egis(knee), RBBilal All Times PDT Joe Daley 38-38—76 Powell (shoulder), LBBart Scott(toe). QUE STIONMike Goode s 38-38—76 ABLE.TEJetf Cumberland (wrist), C NickMangold North TomJenkins 39-38—77 (ankle), RB JoeMcKnight (ankle), DTSionePo'uha Conf. Overall GeneSauers 40-37—77 (low back), S Eric Smith (knee). PRO BABLE: G Oregon 4-0 7-0 Jeff Sluman 36-4) — 77 4-0 6-0 Vladimir Ducasse (knee), WRClyde Gates (shoulOregon State DavidEger 37-40 — 77 3-1 5-2 LarryNelson 39-38 — 77 der), WRJeremy Kerley(finger), S LaRonLandry Stanford 2-3 3-5 BradBryant 38-39 — 77 (heel), G BrandonMoore (hip), LB CalwnPace California (shin), QBMark Sanchez (low back), GMatt Slau- Washington 1-3 3-4 Larry Mize 41-36 — 77 GOLF Washi n gton State 0-4 2-5 R oger Ch apm an 39-38 — 77 son (knee),TJasonSmith (not injury related). SAN DIEGO CHARGERS atCLEVELAND South Phil Blackmar 39-39 78 PGA Tour BROWNS — CHARGERS:QUESTIONABLE:LB Conf. Overall JohnHuston 37-4I — 78 Jonas Mouton(hip), WREddie Royal (hamstring). USC 4-) B-t CIMB Classic GaryHallberg 39-39 — 78 PROBAB LE:TJaredGaither (groin), C NickHardwick ArizonaState 3-1 5-2 Friday Mark McNulty 41-37—78 2-2 52 AI Mines Resort &Golf Club Jim Rutledge 40-39 — 79 (abdomen),DEVaughn Martin (neck), CBShareece UCLA Wright (foot). BROWNS:OUT: LB Scott Fulita Arizona 1-3 4-3 Kuala Lumpur Rod Spittle 41-38 — 79 1-3 1-6 Purse: $6.1 million RussCochran 38-41 — 79 (shoulder,neck), CBDimitri Patterson (ankle), DT Colorado 0-4 2-5 D an Forsm an 40-39 — 79 Ahtyba Rubin (calf) QUESTIN OABLE: S Tashaun Utah Yardage: 6,909; Par: 71 Today's Games 39-4t—80 Gipson (knee), WRMohamed Massaquoi (hamSecondRound BenCrenshaw


UCLAatArizonaState, noon Co oradoatOregon,noon USC atArizona, 12:30p.m. WashingtonStateatStanford, 3:I5 p.m. Calitorniaat Utah,6:45 p.m. DregonStateatWashington, 7:15 p.m.

Leaderboard attime of suspendedplay SCORE THRU -5 -3 -2 -2 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 E E E E E E E E E

1. MarkCalcavecchia 2. KennyPerry 3. TomKite 3. WillieWood 5. DavidFrost 5. MarkBrooks 5. MarkMouland 5. PeterSenior 5. Tommy ArmourRI 10. ChipBeck 10. Mark Wiebe 10. Bobby Wadkins 10. JayHaas t0. Gil Morgan 10. Tom Pernice, Jr. 1O.JayDonBake 10 JohnCook 10. BobNiger

F )5 F 17 t7

I2 9 11 10 12 F )3 F F F t4 I4 9


Eastern Conference

W L T P t sGF GA y -Sporting KansasCity I8 7 9 6 3 42 27 x-D.C. 1 7 10 6 57 52 42 x-Chicago 1 7 11 5 5 6 45 40 x-NewYork 1 5 9 9 5 4 54 46 x-Houston 1 4 8 11 53 48 39 Columbus t 4 t2 7 4 9 42 43 Montreal 1 2 15 6 42 45 50 Philadelphia 10 17 6 36 37 42 NewEngland 8 17 8 32 38 44 TorontoFC 5 20 8 2 3 35 60

Western Conference

W L T P t sGF GA

y-SanJose 1 9 6 8 6 5 71 42 x-Seattle 1 5 7 t t 5 6 5t 32 x -Real SaltLake 17 11 5 5 6 46 35 x -Los Angele s 1 5 1 2 6 5 1 58 47 x-Vancouver t t t3 9 42 35 41 FC Dagas 9 13 tt 3 8 40 45 Colorado 1 0 19 4 3 4 42 50 Portland 8 16 9 3 3 33 55 ChivasUSA 7 18 8 2 9 22 56 NOTE: Threepoints forvictory, onepoint fortie x- clinchedplayoff berth y- clinchedconference

Today'sGames NewYorkat Philadelphia,10 30a.m. NewEnglandat Montreal, 11a.m. D.C. United at Chicago, I p.m. San Joseat Portland, 3:30p.m. Vancouverat Real Salt Lake,6 p.m. Houstonat Colorado,6p.m.

Suuday'sGames TorontoFCat Columbus, t p.m. ChivasUSAatFCDallas, 4p.m. Seattle FC at LosAngeles, 6p.m.

MOTOR SPORTS NASCAR Sprint Cup TUMS FastRelief 500 Lineup After Friday qualifying; raceSunday At Martlnsvllfe Speedway Ridgeway,Va. Lap length: .526 miles (Car number inparentheses) 1. (48)JimmieJohnson, Chevrolet, 97598 2. (55)BrianVickers, Toyota,97.533 3. (18)KyleBusch, Toyota, 97.427. 4.(3t)Jeff Burton,Chevrolet,97 392. 5. (11)DennyHamlin,Toyota, 97.382. 6. (17)MattKenseth, Ford,97.272. 7. (14)TonyStewart, Chevrolet, 97.257. 8. (15)ClintBowyer, Toyota, 97.247. 9. (27)PaulMenard, Chevrolet, 97.158. tg. (43)AricAlmirola, Ford,97.)08. t t. (24)JeffGordon,Chevrolet,96.968. 12. (56)MartinTruexJr, Toyota,96.963. 13. (29)KevinHarvick, Chevrolet,96.959. 14. (20)JoeyLogano,Toyota,96.904. 15. (5)KaseyKahne,Chevrolet, 96.869. I6. (34)DavidRagan, Ford, 96.84. 17. (39)RyanNewman,Chevrolet,96.835. 18. (47)BobbyLabonte, Toyota, 96.835. 19. (78)KurtBusch,Chevrolet,96.75. 20. (88)DaleEarnhardtJr., Chevrolet,96.716. 21. (98)MichaelMcDowell, Ford,96.706. 22. (13)CaseyMears, Ford, 96.68t. 23. (99)Carl Edwards,Ford, 96652. 24. (t) JamieMcMurray Chevrolet, 96.578. 25. (42)JuanPablo Montoya, Chevrolet, 96.533. 26. (51) AJAgmendinger, Chevrolet, 96.391. 27. (22)SamHornishJr., Dodge, 96.273. 28. (32)KenSchrader,Ford, 96.156. 29. (10)DavidReutimann, Chevrolet, 96141. 30. (I6) Greg Biffle, Ford,96.1I2. 31. (26)JoshWise, Ford, 96063. 32. (2)BradKeselowski, Dodge,96.0)5. 33. (9)MarcosAmbrose, Ford, 95.985. 34. (83)LandonCassig, Toyota, 95.976. 35. (38)DavidGil iland, Ford,95.922. 36. (23)Scott Riggs,Chevrolet, 95.922. 37 (36) Dave Blaney Chevrolet 958t 1 38. (87)JoeNemechek, Toyota, 95.675. 39. (91)Reed Sorenson, Chevrolet,95.574. 40. (30)DavidStremme, Toyota, 95.545. 41. (93)TravisKvapil, Toyota,95.54. 42. (33)StephenLeicht, Chevrolet, 95.204. 43. (95)Scott Speed,Ford,94.898. Failed to Oualify 44. (19)MikeBliss, Toyota,94609. 45. (37)J.J.Yeley,Chevrolet, 94.609.





college, Colorado at Arizona (same-day tape), Pac-12 Network. 10:30 a.m.:Major

League Soccer, New

at Utah (same-day tape), Pac-12 Network. TRIATHLON 1 p.m.:Ironman World

Championship (taped), NBC. BASEBALL

5 p.m.:MLB playoffs,

World Series, San York Red Bulls at Francisco Giants at Philadelphia Union, NBC. Detroit Tigers, Fox. 1 p.m.:Major League BASKETBALL Soccer, D.C. United 5 p.m.: Men'scollege, at Chicago Fire, NBC Northwest Nazarene at Sports Network.

3:30 p.m.:Major League Soccer, SanJose Earthquakes at Portland Timbers, NBC Sports Network. VOLLEYBALL

2 a.m.:Women's college, Arizona at Cal

(same-day tape), Pac-12 Network. MOTOR SPORTS

1:30 a.m.:Formula One, Indian Grand Prix,

practice, qualifying, Speed network. 6:30 a.m.:NASCAR,

Sprint Cup, TumsFast Relief 500, practice, Speed network. 9 a.m.:NASCAR, Sprint Cup, Tums Fast Relief

500, practice, Speed network.

10:30 p.m.:National Hot Rod Association, Big 0Tires Nationals,

Gonzaga, Root Sports.

RODEO 6 p.m.: Bull riding, PBR World Finals, NBC Sports Network.


2 a.m.:Formula One, Indian Grand Prix,

Speed network. 11 a.m.:NASCAR, Sprint Cup, Tums Fast Relief 500, ESPN. 5 p.m.:National Hot Rod Association, Big 0 Tires

Nationals (same-day tape), ESPN2. GOLF

6 a.m.:European Tour, BMW Masters, final round, Golf Channel. 10 a.m.:LPGA Tour, Sunrise LPGA Taiwan

Championship, final

qualifying (same-day

round, Golf Channel.

tape), ESPN2. GOLF

12:30 Tour, Web.comTour Championship, final round, Golf Channel. 2:30 p.m.:Champions

6 a.m.:European Tour, BMW Masters, third round, Golf Channel. 10 a.m.:LPGA Tour, Sunrise LPGA Taiwan Championship, third round, Golf Channel. 12:30 Tour, Tour

Tour, final round, ATBT Championship, Golf

Channel. SOCCER 6:25 a.m.:English

Premier League, Everton

Championship, third

at Liverpool, ESPN2.

round, Golf Channel. 2:30 p.m.:Champions

2 p.m.:Men's college, San Diego State at

Tour,second round,

Oregon State, Pac-12

ATBT Championship, Golf Channel.

4p.m.:Women's college,

9 p.m.:PGATour/Asian Tour, CIMB Classic, final round, Golf Channel. FOOTBALL

9 a.m.:College, Tennessee atSouth Carolina, ESPN. 9 a.m.:College, lowa at Northwestern, ESPN2.

9 a.m.:College, Kentucky at Missouri, ESPNU.

9 a.m.:College, Delaware at Old Dominion, NBC Sports Network.

9 a.m.:College, Texasat Kansas, Root Sports.

9 a.m.:College, Ball State at Army, CBS Sports Network.

Noon:College, UCLAat Arizona State, FX.

Noon:College, Colorado at Oregon, Pac-12

Network. Colorado at Arizona State, Pac-12 Network.

6 p.m.:Major League Soccer, Seattle Sounders at Los Angeles Galaxy, ESPN.

6 p.m.:Women's college, Stanford at UCLA, Pac-12 Network. FOOTBALL 10a.m.: NFL, New England Patriots at St. Louis Rams, CBS. 10a.m.: NFL, Seattle Seahawks at Detroit Lions, Fox. 1 p.m.:NFL, New York Giants at Dallas

Cowboys, Fox. 5:20p.m.:NFL, New Orleans Saints at Denver

Broncos, NBC. 8 p.m.:College, Hawaii at Colorado State

Network. 12:30 p.m.:College, Michigan State at

(taped), Root Sports.

Wisconsin, ESPN2.

college, Oregon at Utah, Pac-12 Network.

12:30 p.m.:College, USC at Arizona, ABC.

12:30 p.m.:College,


10 a.m.:Women's Noon: W omen'scollege, Oregon State atColorado,

Florida vs. Georgia, CBS. Pac-12 Network. FIGURE SKATING 12:30 p.m.:College, 11 a.m.:Grand Prix of Texas Tech atKansas Figure Skating, Skate State, Fox. Canada, NBC. 12:30 p.m.:College, TENNIS Boise State at Wyoming, CBS Sports Network. 11 a.m.:WTA Championships, final 12:30 p.m.:College, (same-day tape), ESPN2. Duke at Florida State, ESPNU. EQUESTRIAN 12:30 p.m.:College, 12:30p.m.:Wa shington Purdue at Minnesota, International Horse Show Big Ten Network. (taped), Root Sports. 12:30 p.m.:College, RODEO Idaho State at Montana, 1 p.m.:Bull riding, PBR Root Sports. World Finals, NBC.

2:30 p.m.:College, Ohio


State at Penn State, ESPN. 3:15 p.m.:College, Washington State at Stanford, Pac-12 Network.

5 p.m.:MLB playoffs, World Series, San

4 p.m.:College, Texas


Francisco Giants at Detroit Tigers, Fox.

AB M at Auburn, ESPNU. 5 p.m.:College, Notre Today Dame at Oklahoma, ABC. 5 p.m.:College, Michigan Noon:College, Colorado at Oregon, KBND-AM at Nebraska, ESPN2. 1110. Sp.m.:College, UCFat Marshall, CBS Sports Network.

5:30 p.m.:College, Mississippi State at Alabama, ESPN.

7:15 p.m.:College, Oregon State at Washington, Pac-12 Network. 11:45 p.m.:College, Cal

7:15 p.m.:College, Oregon State at

Washington, KICE-AM 940, KRCO-AM 690.

Sunday 5p.m.:MLB playoffs, World Series, San Francisco Giants at Detroit Tigers, KICE-AM 940.




Is Kobe-LeBron final coming'?johnson • The Lakers andthe Heat areboth loaded heading intotheseason

wins pole; I(eselowski

By Brian Mahooey

to start 32nd

The Associated Press

LeBron James against Kobe Bryant, the dream NBA Finals that has never become a reality. Maybe this is the year. James' Miami Heat are on top of the league and got even stronger over the summer, but nobody loaded up like the Los Angeles Lakers, who acquired Dwight Howard and Steve Nash. One team or the other has appeared in the past six NBA Finals. Now, with more help than either has ever had, James and Bryant both will face title expectations — and a sense that they are due for that long-awaited showdown with each other in June. "If we see that matchup, Kobe vs. LeBron, I think it would break all the records," Lakers Hall of Famer and ESPN analyst Magic Johnson said. "I think the viewership would be off the charts." It is no guarantee, of course. The Oklahoma City T h u nder might still be best in the West, making a James-Kevin Durant rematch in the finals just as likely as James-Bryant. Or maybe the Boston Celtics, who came so close to knocking out the Heat last season, can finish the job this time even after Ray Allen ditched them to join James on South Beach. But even the guys chasing the King concede how difficult it will be to dethrone him. "I think everyone knew if he won one that it's going to be hard for everybody. ... I'm hoping there's enough good teams, and we can be one of them, that we can knock him off," Celtics coach Doc Rivers said. "The good news is he's the clear target. We know who we're going after, there's no doubt about that. But he's awful good. He's a good guy, he's great for the league and he's a great player. That's good for everything. But now let's beat him." The Celtics get the first shot, visiting the Heat in Tuesday's season opener. The Lakers open later that night against Dallas, and for a change all eyes at Staples Center will not be only on Bryant. The Lakers acquired the NBA's best big man in Howard after surprisingly adding Nash, long one of the league's best point guards, earlier in the summer. Just like that, a team that could not get out of the second round of the playoffs the past two years put itself right back in the hunt for what would be Bryant's sixth championship. "We're all determined to get therefor sure," Bryant said. "The hunger from Dwight and Nash can definitely, definitely help our

By Hank Korz jr. The Associated Press

Chris O'Meara /The Associated Press

The Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant, left, guards the Miami Heat's LeBron James during last year's All-Star Game. The Lakers and the Heat could be on a collision course to meet in the finals.

to Durant, Russell Westbrook and Serge Ibaka. "It's a new season," said Durant, the league's three-time scorTop current odds; byKeith ing champion. "Last year is over Glantz and Russell Culver with. We've got to start over from day one and see where we're at." Current Opening San Antonio has had the West's Team Odds Odds best recordin the regular season L.A. Lakers 2-1 12-1 each of the last two seasons and 2-1 5-2 Miami is still hoping for one more title 5-2 Oklahoma City 7-2 in the Tim Duncan era. The Los 6-1 Angeles Clippers, Memphis GrizSan Antonio 12-1 zlies and Denver Nuggets could 9-2 C hicago 18- 1 be threatsout West, and rememBoston 20-1 20-1 ber that Indiana had a 2-1 lead Brooklyn 28-1 200-1 over Miami in the second round 15-1 Indiana 30-1 last season. 18-1 L.A. Clippers 30-1 There is a new look in New York, which is now home to the Denver 35-1 30-1 Nets but no longer to Linsanity. N ew York 35- 1 50-1 When the Nets host the Knicks on Dallas 40-1 15-1 Thursday in the first regular-sea22-1 Memphis 40-1 son game at the Barclays Center, 40-1 Philadelphia 50-1 their $1 billion arena in Brooklyn, A tlanta 100- 1 50-1 Jeremy Lin will not be suiting up on the other side. The Knicks deMinnesota 1 0 0-1 75-1 cided not to match the contract of Utah 100-1 100-1 last season's breakout star from 100-1 Milwaukee 125-1 H arvard who signed with t h e P ortland 125 - 1 100-1 Houston Rockets. All-Star weekend, David Stern's last before retiring as commissave for one partial season after sioner in 2014, also is headed to he returned from playing baseball Houston, where James was MVP during his first retirement. James, of the 2006 game. now consideredthe league's best Now he wins the awards for the games that count. player, has similar designs on a long run. He used to come up short in the "In a sport like this, I think the postseason, abig reason the finals ultimate goal and the only goal matchup with Bryant has not yet is to win," James said. "You pre- happened. His Cleveland teams pare to win. It doesn't happen all had the top seed in both 2009 and the time. Of course not. But that 2010, but they were bounced by should be your mindset. Prepare the East teams that ended up losyour mind each and every night ing to the Lakers in the finals. to win." It seems clear that James has it Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh all figured out, taking his game to should be back at full strength another, seemingly unstoppable after both were slowed by inju- level when Wade and Bosh were ries in the playoffs, and the Heat's limited last p o stseason. Now, Big Three are now joined by Alwhen it seems he needs it least, len, the league'scareer leader he has his best collection of talent in three-pointers, and Rashard around him. energy." Lewis. When he hugged the beaten Howard's departure from OrLeague executives are confi- Durant after the finals in June, lando was lengthy and messy, fi- dent that Miami will be back in it was easy to imagine them donally completed in August. James the finals, with 96.7 percent of ing it again next year. Then the and Bryant were in London preresponses in's GM sur- Lakers pushed Bryant's champiparing to play in t h e Olympic vey picking the Heat to win the onship window back open with semifinals on the day the trade Eastern Conference. Miami got their summer haul, constructing was completed, and news of the 70 percent of the vote to repeat a lineup of Bryant, Nash, Howard deal overshadowed their victory as champion, and James was and Pau Gasol that could be on its en route tothe Americans' sec- the choice of two-thirds of the way from Hollywood to the Hall ond straight gold medal two days responders to add another MVP of Fame — with a trip to South later. award to his collection. Beach along the way. "The Heat are the team to beat For James, the gold was the T hings probably will not b e completion of one of basketball's quite as easy for the Lakers, since because they are the champs," greatest individual seasons. He the Thunder should be better with said TNT's Shaquille O'Neal, who joined Michael Jordan in 1992 as their young core another year won titles with both franchises. the only players to win the NBA older — if they keep it together. "Kudos to Pat Riley for putting championship, the Olympic gold Sixth Man of th e Year James g reat shooters around his b i g medal, and the r egular-season Harden could be a free agent after man. The Lakers — on paperand finals MVP awards in the next season, and the small-mar- are very, very talented. It's going same season. ket Thunder will have to decide to be a very interesting year and Once Jordan got to the top, he if they can commit more dollars I wish both of those teams make was never really knocked from it, after already giving big contracts the finals."

Oddstowin2012-13 NBAchampionship


Garrigus leads in Malaysia;Woodstrails by five The Associated Press KUALA LUMPUR, MalaysiaRobert Garrigus shot a 7-under 64 on Friday to take a two-stroke lead over Jbe'Kruger, the South African who upstaged Tiger Woods in their second-round pairing at the CIMB Classic. Garrigus was at 14-under 128. The American left his par putt just short on the 18th hole for his only bogey of the round. Kruger, playing his first competitive round with Woods, pumped his right arm after each of his eight birdies for a 64 in soggy conditions at The Mines. Matteson and Australia's Greg Chalmers were 10 under. Troy Matteson followed his opening 63 with a 69, and Chalmers had a 66. Woods shot a 67 to join Kevin Na and Zimbabwe's Brendon De

Jonge at 9 under. Na had a 66, and De Jonge shot 65. The tournament is sanctioned buy the PGA Tour and Asian Tour. It will become a full-fledged PGA Tour event next year when the tour begins its new season in October after the FedEx Cup. Also on Friday: Sweden's Hanson leads after 64 SHANGHAI — Sweden's Peter Hanson shot an 8-under 64 to take a two-stroke lead over defending champion Rory McIlroy after the second round of th e European Tour's BMW M a sters. Hanson had a 14-under DO total on The Masters Course at Lake Malaren. The top-ranked McIlroyhad seven birdies for a 65. Pettersen, Park in front in Taiwan YANG MEI, Taiwan — N orway's Suzann Pettersen shot a 7-

under 65 to share the second-round lead with South Korea's Inbee Park in the LPGA Taiwan Championship. The winners the past two weeks in the opening events on the tour's Asian Swing, Pettersen and Park had 10-under 134 totals at the Sunrise Golf and Country Club. Park shot a 69. Yani Tseng, the topranked Taiwanese star who won the event last year, was two strokes back along with Scotland's Catriona Matthew. Tseng shot a 69, and Matthew had a 66.

Calcavecchia ontop inTexas SAN ANTONIO — Mark Calcavecchia shot a 5-under 67 to take a two-stroke lead over Kenny Perry in the suspended first round of the Champions Tour's AT8T Championship. Thirty-three of the 80 players were unable to complete the round because of darkness.

MARTINSVILLE, V a. Jimmie Johnson's championship hopes got a boost Friday when he won the pole position for Sunday's NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Martinsville Speedway, while points leader Brad Keselowski qualified 32nd. Johnson, a five-time champion, gained not only the top starting spot with his lap at 97.598 miles per hour, but the stall at the front of pit road, giving him unimpeded access to the track. "Track position is important, and then that pit stall is so important," Johnson said. He trails K eselowski by seven points with four races remaining. Denny Hamlin, who is third in the points race and 13 behind Johnson, will start fifth. An additional disadvantage seemed to be the last thing Keselowski needed, primarily because histwo closest pursuers in the title chase are the two drivers that have dominated at Martinsville in recent years. Johnson has won six times on the 0.526-mile, paper clipshaped oval, and has led 1,788 laps. Hamlin has won f our times here, and led 1,127 laps. Keselowski, making only his sixth start at the track, has led two laps and finished no higher than ninth. He's confident he can make up for his poor two-lap run when the most important 500 laps are put on the scoreboard, and pointed to last weekend in Kansas, where he qualified 25th and raced his way to finish eighth. "I'd much rather race towards the front rather than qualify towards the front if I had to pick between the two," he said. "I feel like we'll be capable of pulling that off once the race gets started. Just ready

to keep going, you know, feeling the season wind down and really feel good about our opportunities in front of us." He also said he isn't feeling the pressurethat Johnson said is most intense for the leader. "There's this friend of mine that has this joke that there's two types of pressures: pressure applied and pressure felt. And there might bepressure applied, but I don't feel it, how about that," he said when told of Johnson's theory. He's also trying to keep from thinking what the next month could mean to him. "I mean, yeah, you can't help but think about it, but I've thought about it since I was a little kid," he said about potentially winning the championship. "... There's a lot of work to be done and it would be a disservice to the work that we've done to date to let that get in your head and think so much about it that you don't focus on the work still to be done." That's how Johnson has won five, and he's primed to make the most of his advantage. "We've helpedourselves out dramatically today by qualifying on the pole. We've got the safest pit stall, and starting with track position is very important," he said. "So, stats show one thing, but you've still got to go runthe race and I feel really good about my Lowe's Chevrolet and I think we'll be in strong, championship-form leaving here." BrianVickers earnedthe outside starting spot on the front row, with Kyle Busch third and JeffBurton in the second row. Dale Earnhardt Jr., returning to the track after missing two races while recovering from concussions, qualified 20th. Also on Friday:

Neff tops FunnyCar qualifying LAS VEGAS — Mike Neff raced to the Funny Car qualifying lead in the Big 0 Tires NHRA Nationals at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Neff powered his Ford Mustang to a 4.070-second run at 313.73 mph to hold off Cruz Pedregon. Tony Schumacher led the Top Fuel field, Allen Johnson topped the Pro Stock competition, and Eddie Krawiec led in Pro Stock Motorcycle in the fifth event in the six-race NHRA Full T hrottle Countdown to the Championship.




a ras oo wins, eae 0 a -inroun Bulletin staff report MADRAS — De v i n C e c iliani scored three touchdowns, leading Madras to a 28-7 victory over Estacada in a pivotal Class 4A Tri-Valley Conference football game Friday night. Withtheir first home win of the season, the White Buffaloes wrapped up third place in the TVC and clinched a berth in the 4A play-in round next week. "Big win," said M a dras coach Rick Wells. "We're happy to get a win like this for our fans and for our

Varsity girls run along the Deschutes River Trailin Bend during the Class 5A Special District 1 crosscountry meet on Friday.


Photos byJee Kllne /The Bulletin

and Rollins tallied one touchdown apiece, and Wesley Johns added two scores, as Class 4A Ridgeview racked up 397 total yards — 336 on the ground. Josh Gallagher led 5A Summit with 140 yards passing and three touchdowns, but the Storm turned the ball over five times in their fifth straight loss. Ridgeview (6-3) and Summit (2-7) await the final OSAA rankings, which should be set today, to find out their postseason fates. Sisters .... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 La Pine ...... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 SISTERS — Ethan Luloff rushed program." for 306yards and scored five touchAccording to Wells, the White Buf- downs for the host Outlaws in their faloes (3-2 TVC, 4-5 overall) will play home Sky-Em League romp over La on the road next week in the 4A play- Pine. In the final game of the season in round against an opponent to be for both teams, Luloff, a senior rundetermined. ning back, scored on runs of 2, 80, 37 In Friday's game, Madras took and 61 yards, and he raced the final charge early with two long touch- 68 yards of a 75-yard hook-and-laterdowns. First, q u arterback Steele al pass play for the third Sisters touchHaugen connected with Ceciliani for down of the first quarter. Cole Moore a 63-yard score, and later in the first added three touchdowns for the Outperiod, Ceciliani broke off a 53-yard laws (2-3 Sky-Em, 4-5 overall), scortouchdown run for a 14-0 White Buf- ing on a 20-yard pass from Tristen faloes lead. Lewis, a 31-yard run, and a 40-yard Estacada scored its lone touchdown interception return on the final play later in the opening quarter to make of the game. Senior left tackle Mitch it 14-7, and that's where the score Keranen also got to carry the ball stood until Haugen hit Ceciliani with for Sistersand scored a third-quara 7-yard scoring strike in the fourth ter touchdown on a 6-yard run. "We period. Joe Hisatake ran six yards have just a great group of seniors," for another Madras touchdown, and said Outlaws coach Gary H edin. "They did an incredible job this seaDerrickPacheco converted the fourth of his four PAT kicks as the Buffs se- son of being leaders and building our cured the victory. program for next year." Quarterback "We just ran a good, balanced at- Justin Wilson ran 57 yards for one tack tonight," said Wells. "And we touchdown and passed for another were able to stop them when we score for La Pine (0-5, 2-7). needed to." Santiam ..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 In other Friday action: Culver.... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 FOOTBALL MILL CITY — Tanner Davis and Redmond..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Jack Beeler each recorded touchdown runs for the Bulldogs, but Culver Roosevelt..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 PORTLAND — T h r e e Panther could not overcome a 26-point halfrunning backs rushed for more than a time deficit in its Class 2A Tri-River hundred yards as Redmond wrapped Conference loss. Culver (0-4 TRC. 0-7 up an u ndefeated regular season overall) visits Waldport next Friday with a win on the road. Trevor Hind- in its regular season finale. man led the ground attack for the Hosanna Christian..... . . . . . . . . . . . 66 Panthers (9-0 overall) with 145 yards G ilchrist... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 and two touchdowns. Trevor Genz GILCHRIST — A s e cond-quaradded 137 yards and a rushing TD to ter touchdown pass from Johnny go along with an interception return Heitzman to Trinton Koch and a for a score. Cam Peters had 112 yards two-point conversion kept the host rushing and a touchdown. Redmond Grizzlies in the hunt in the first half, jumped out to an 18-0 lead on runs but Hosanna Christian ran away in by Hindman and Peters sandwiched the second half for the Class IA Spearound a J.D. Abbas field goal and led cial District 2 victory. "We played 28-14 at halftime in rolling to victory. a real good team," said Gilchrist The Panthers, ranked No. 3 in the coach Steve Hall referring to the Class 5A Oregon School Activities Lions from Klamath Falls, who are Association rankings heading into second in the league standings and Friday night, will likely receive one improved to 8-1 overall. "I thought of 5A's eight automatic berths into the our kids played pretty darn good state playoffs. "It was an important and gave it their best shot. It's just game for us in terms of sewing up not enough against a team like that." our playoff position," Redmond coach The Grizzlies (2-6 overall and SD2) Nathan Stanley said. "It was also the close their season next Friday night first time in five or six weeks that we with a nonleague game at Class 2A played outside of Central Oregon, Chiloquin. so that was good for us to win away BOYS SOCCER from home." Redmond awaits a likely Irrigon......... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 home game in the state playoffs in C ulver.... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0 two weeks. IRRIGON — Th e B u lldogs put Ridgeview.... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 their fair share of shots on goal, but Summit..... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 "nothing was going in," according to Boomer Fleming ran for 172 yards, Culver coach Tom Kirk. The Knights Reece Rollins collected 100 rushing netted three goals in the second half yards, and the visiting Ravens out- to deal the Bulldogs a Class 3A/2A/ scored the host Storm 30-8 in the sec- IA Special District 4 loss. Culver (Iond half to pick up a nonconference 5-1 SD4, 2-7-3 overall) wraps up its win in what was each program's final season with a road matchup against game of the regular season. Fleming Umatilla today.

Storm Continued from 01 "I wanted to go out kind of hard but not too hard in the beginning, just try to maintain a constant pace throughout the r ace," McDonald said. "This was one of my season goals, winning districts. I'm really


The Storm girls, four-time defending state champions, racked up 33 points to earn first-place honors in the five-team district field. Sage Hassell and Rylie Nikolaus took fourth and fifth, respectively, to help Mountain View lock down the second spot as a team with 52 points. Cougar coach Don Stearns knew it would be a "knock-down, drag-out race," but he said his team was ready. "Our girls just came to r ace," Stearns said. "They really established themselves early in the race. They got themselves up high, and I think mentally, that gave them confidence that they were going to be able to finish as a team high. They did. I'm glad they were as aggressive as they were." Bend High's Jenna Mattox qualified for state as an individual, placing third in 19:33.9, as the Lava Bears finished third as a team with 60 points. Redmond came in fifth with 134 points, led by Tefna MitchellHoegh's eighth-place performance. For the Summit boys, who are looking to repeat as state champs, Neuman and teammates Eric Alldritt and Matthew Maton followed a system thathas proven successful for them so far this season. The trio crossed the finish line in order — Neuman, Alldritt, Matonwith first and third places separated by a mere six-tenths of a second. "I think we've gotten used to running with each other," Neuman said. "It definitely helps in races like this.

Cougs Continued from 01 Bend quarterback Jonah Koski passed for 229 yards and two touchdowns, but he completed just 16 of his 36 attempts. "We just got beat," said Lava Bear coach Matt Craven, whose team will likely still advance to the play-in round despite the defeat. "We've got to playbetter defense. We had some drives (on offense), but couldn't finish. The biggest thing, though, is we've got to make more stops.... We got beat up front. When that hap-

pens, it's going to be a long night." Mountain View rolled early and often in a game that both teams hoped to use as a springboard for the postseason. Ayers put the Cougars ahead 14-0 as he scored on Mountain View's first two possessions. Bend looked like it m i ght


rf ,, From left, Summit varsity boysMatthew Maton, Eric Alldritt and Travis Neuman run the final stretch to the finish line together during the Class 5A Special District 1 cross-country championship meet on Friday near the Deschutes River Trail in Bend. It's awesome to have teammates to run with. We push each other and m ake eachother better." Neuman, Alldritt and Maton — a group that Maton described as "the best trainingpartners you could get" — directed the Storm to 18 points to grab the top spot as a team, and Mountain View took second thanks to fourth- and sixth-place showings by DakotaThornton and Sam King, respectively. "Summit is the best 5A program. There's no doubt about it," Stearns said. "To know that we're not too far behind them gives us confidence that when we go to state, we'll be able to compete with all those other teams. It's not out of the question that both of those teams (girls and

boys) can get up on the podium and bring home a trophy. That's what we'd like to do." In the boys team standings, Bend came in third with 91 points — high-

keep pace with the Cougars in the second quarter when Koski connected with Justin Wetzell on an 11yard touchdown pass, making the score 14-8 after the Bears added the two-point conversion. Bend failed to stop Mountain View on its next two possessions, though, and the Cougars scoredtwo more times before the end ofthe quarter — John Carroll hauled in a 29-yard touchdown pass from Toby Webb and Ayers punched into the end zone from 15 yards out — to stake a 28-8 advantage at halftime. When Ayers opened the third quarter with his long touchdown run, the game was all but decided. For the night, Webb completed nine of 15 passes for 174 yards and two touchdowns. Carroll, who entered thegame as 5A's leading receiver in yards, caught five passes for 116 yards and one score.

lighted by C od y M a guire, w ho took 15th — while Oliver Gunther's ninth-place finish led Redmond to fourth place with 106 points. The district race was staged for the first time on parts of the Deschutes River Trail, a popular running area flanking a stretch of the Deschutes River. The state championships now await Summit and Mountain View. Preparations will get under way in the coming week, but for the time being, the Storm will savor a district title, according to McLatchie. "It's a steppingstone for the season to get to state," Neuman said. "I think today, we definitely proved that we're going to be a team to contend with at state. Hopefully, we can do what we did today, come in top three (individually) and get our team back to the top podium position." — Reporter: 541-383-0305, glucas®

"We talked at h a lftime about putting the nail in the coffin," Ayers said. "Bend's a good team. They came back againstRedmond. But yeah, that run felt like the final nail." Senior linemen Chad Bach and Chadd Taulai were the backbone of Mountain View's defense against the Bears. Bach, a 6-foot-4-inch, 260pound Division I recruit, ended the game with six tackles, a sack and a tipped pass. Taulai finished the night with a team-high seven tackles, four of which were unassisted. "We've challenged ourselves all season playing good football teams," Crum said. "But this is the first time all season we've beaten a good football team.... This is huge for us to gain some confidenceand momentum forthe restofthe season." — Reporter: 541-383-0305,

PREP SCOREBOARD Football Friday's LocalResults CLASS5A

INTERMOUNTAIN CONFERENCE MOUNTAINVIEW41, BEND14 Bend 0 8 0 6 — 14 M ottntainView 7 21 1 0 3 — 4 1 Mt/ — KylerAyers14 passtromTobyWebb (Bryce

Tiptonkick) Mt/ John Carroll 29passfromWebb(Tipton kick) Mt/ — Ayerst run(Tiptonkick) Mt/ — Ayers 16run(Tipton kick) B Justin Wetzell 5passfromJonahKoski (Hunter McDonaldpassfromKoski) Mt/ — Ayers 76run(Tipton kick) Mt/ — Tipton30FG Mt/ — Tipton29FG B — Sami Godlove 18 pass from Koski (kick blocked) Nottcottferettce

REDMOND 44, ROOSEVELT16 Redmond 1 8 10 7 9 — 4 4 7 7 0 2 — 16 Roosevelt Rooseveltscoring playsnolavailable Red —TrevorHindman23 /ttn (J.D. Abbaskick) Red —Abbas30FG

Red Cam Peters 29lun(Peters run) Red —Abbas15FG Red —Hindman13run(Abbaskick) Red — TrevorGenz38 interception return (Abbas kick) Red —Satety Red — Genz6 run(Abbaskick) RIDGEVIEW46,SUMMIT 22 Ridgeview 8 8 16 14 — 46 Summit 0 14 8 0 — 2 2 R— Jack Bowman 31 passfrom JacobJohnson

(Boomer Flemingrun) S—AustinPeters10 passfromJoshGallagher (Gallagherpass)

R—WesleyJohns2run (ReeceRollins run) S—MarcHasenoehrl 6 passfromGallagherlconversion failed) R—Flemlng3 run(Johns run) R— ConnorMcCreary 9 passfromJohnson(Fleming run) S—Tyler Mullen18 passfromGallagher (Gallagher


R— Rollns 80run(Fleming /ttn)

R—Johns5run (conversionfai ed) CLASS4A

CLASS2A TRI-RIVERCONFERENCE SANTIAM32, CULVER13 0 0 7 6 — 13 sanutam 20 6 0 6 — 32 Santiam scoring playsnolavailable Cttlver

C—TannerDavis5 run(Kyle Easerly kick) C—JackBeeier 31lun (kick faied) CLASS1A



MADRAS28, ESTAC ADA7 Estacada 7 0 0 0 — 7 Madras 14 0 0 1 4 — 28

HOSANNACHRISTIAN66,GILCHRIST 8 HosannaChristian 8 24 20 14 — 66 Gilchrist 0 8 0 0 — 8

M— DevinCeciliani 63 pass fromSteeleHaugen (De/rickPachecokick) M— Ceciliani 53/ttn iPachecokick)

E—Beck17run(Weaver kick) M Ceciliani 7passfromHaugen(Pachecokick) M—JoeHisatake6run(Pachecokick) SKY-EMLEAGUE SISTERS60, LA PINE14 La Pine 0 6 0 8 — 14 Sisters 20 14 20 6 — 60 S— Cole Moore20 pass fromTristen Lewis(Josh

Andrade kick) S—EthanLuloff 2run(kickfailed) S— Luloff 68 run onhandoffafter 7 passto Issac JacksonromLewis(Andradekick) S—Luloff 80run(Andradekick) LP —JustinWilson57 /unlrun failed) S—Luloff 37run(Andradekick) S—MitchKeranen6 /ttn (/tndradekick) S—Luloff 61run(Andradekick) S—Moore31lun (kickfailed) LP — AlexCannon47 passtromWilson (Dar/in Dt/lley rttn)

S—Moore40interception return(noP/tT)

(Sco/ingsummarynol available) Friday's Statewide Scores /tdrian 66Ha/per/Httntington18 Amity 35,Gervais7 Ashland 27, Eagle Point14 Banks55,Tillamook24 Brookings-Harbo/37,SouthUmpqtta 20 Camas Valley 86,TriadSchool 20 Canby35, Clackamas28 Cascade 55,Taft 38

Cascade Christian 61, RogueRiver0 Central42,Newport 7 CentralCatholic68, Centennial 28 Central Linn70, Regis 30 Century34, McMinnvi le7 Crescent Valley40,Woodburn 0 DaysCreek54, Butte Fals 24 Dayton21, Wilamina12

Dayville/Monttment 56, Mitchell-Spray8 Douglas 47, Stttherlin19 Dulur 60,Condon/Wheeer22 Echo62,Arlington 22 Elkton52,NorthLake0 Elmira35,Junction City7 Gladstone 31, North Marion13 Glide 56,Bandon6

Gold Beach 26, Cotuille 20 Grant50,Lincoln 37 GrantUnion21, Stanfield20 Gresham 44, David Douglas20 Harrisburg28, Creswell 21 Heppner56, Pilot Rock21 Hermiston28, Pendleton13 HoodRiver43, TheDales-Wahtonka 0 Jetferson22,Benson14 Jesuit 65,Beaverton36 Jewell 42,Falls City12 JordanValley50, Crane26 Klamath49, Mazama0 Knappa31 PortlandChristian21 La Salle52, Molalla 12 Lakeview26,Bonanza12 Lebanon58,Dalas35 Lost River21,llinois Valley7 Madison25, Franklin 0 Marist 56,NorthEugene13 Milwaukie48, St.Helens7 Newberg71, Hllsboro28 North Bend34,Siuslaw20 NorthValley49,HiddenValley 7 Oaklan d42,Oakridge0 Ontario34,McLoughlin 27 Pa/krose29 Libe/ty14

Philomath60, Stayton14 Prospect60, Powers36 Reedsport52 Myrtle Point 16 Reynolds28,Barlow21 Roseburg42,North Medfo/d 8 SalemAcademy28,PleasantHi I14 SantiamChristian54,Toledo6 Scappoose 57,Astoria 6 Scio 45,BlanchetCatholic 12 Sheldon62,GrantsPass7 Sherwood 63,Putnam14 Silverton48, SouthAlbany7 SouthMedford27,Crater 7 SouthSalem39,North Salem20

Sprague 63 McKay14

Springfield42,Churchill 17 St. Paul50, PortlandLutheran28 Sunset 38,Westview 32

SweetHome42, CottageGrove34 Thurslon21,SouthEugene7 Tlgard48,ForestGrove14 Tttalatin 30,Glencoe7 Union 42,lone22 Vale 21,Bti/ns14

WestAlbany38, Corvallis13 West Linn35, Lake/idge13 WestSalem24, McNary20 Weston-McEwen 47, Irrigon 26 Willamette 35, Marshtield 6 Wilson43,Cleveland18 Wilsonville52,Sandy30

18:30.6; 25,PeterSchwarz, 18:35.7; 30,Louis McCoy, 18:59.6. REDMOND(106) — 9, Gunther, 17:13.3; 21, MemoDelator/e, 18:24.6;22, Daniel Thomas, 18:30; 26,ConorSmith,18:4t4;28,JoeyDonohue,18:49.5; 31, AlecCarter,19:00; 32,QuintenJohnson,19:OZZ ASHLAND (133) —20, LarsFerguson-Rockwell, 1818.8, 24, JannikEhret, 18.35.5;27, Kelly Honsinger,18:468;29, LouieSnowden,18:55.4; 33,Jacob Latt /ance-thorpe,19 059;34,JamesEdson,19333.

GIRLS Team scores —Summit 33, MountainView52, Bend60,Ashland101, Redmond134. Overall winner — Piper McDonaldSummi , t, Cross-country 19 00.3, Top 10 —1,McDonald, Summit,1900 3. 2, HanCLASS 5A nahGindlesperger,Summit,19:16.3. 3, JennaMattox, Bend, 19:33.9. 4, SageHassell, Mountain View, SPECIALDISTRICT1 CHAMPIONSHIPS 19:38.4. 5,RylieNikolaus,MountainView,19:38.7. 6, Bit/erbettd Park, Bend MelissaHttbler,Bend,19:48.5. 7, MadisonLeapaldt, 5,000 meters Mountain View,19:50.8 8, TefnaMitchell-Hoegh, Redmond,20 07.9, JessicaCornett, Summit,20:15.6. BOYS 10, Madison Walker, Summit, 20:27.6. Team scores —Summit18, MountainView43 SUMMIT (33) — 1, McDonald, 19:00.3, 2, Bend91,Redmond106, Ashland133. Gindlestterger,19:16.3; 9, Cornett, 20:15.6; 10,WalkOverall winner — Travis Neum an, Summit, er, 20:27.6;11,TessNelson, 20:31.3; 12,t/eronique 16;29.1. Top 10 — 1,Neuman, Summit, 16:29.1. 2,Eric Calmels,20339; 17,HadleySchoderbek,21:057. MOUNTAIN VIEW(52) —4, Hassell,19:3B.4; 5, Alld/itt, Summit16:29.4. , 3,MatthewMaton, 16:29.7. 4, DakotaThornton, MountainView,16:49. 5, Luke Niolaus,19:38.7;7, Leapaldt, 19:50.8;15, TiaHaton, Hinz, Summit,16:54.4. 6,SamKing, MountainView, 20:53.7; 21,Ellie Rolh,21:21.2; 22, KierstenHatton, 17:02. 7, JamesBowlin, Summit, 17:07.2 B, Alex 21:33.2;28,JennaHenninger, 22:04.4. Martin, Summ it, 17:07.4.9, OliverGunther, Redmond, BEND (60) — 3, Mattox, 19:33.9; 6, Hubler, 19:48.5;14,McKenzie Bell, 2049.3; 18,Sophie An17:13.3.10,MattShiling, MountainView,17:15.7. drews, 21:15.2;19,HannahAnderson, 21:16.1; 20, SUMMIT (18) — 1,Neuman,Summit, 16:29.1, 2, Alldritt, 16:29.4; 3, Maton, 16:29.7; 5, Hinz, AshleyBruce,21:21;26, RyleeKing, 21.49.3. ASHLAND (101) — 13, MeganGanim,20:35.4; 16:54.4, 7, Bowlin, t/:07.2; 8, Martin, 17.07.4; 13, 16, MadelineChaves,21:03.5; 23, SaraDunagan, TylerJones,17:25.1. MOUNTAINVIEW(43) —4,Thornton,16:49; 6, 21:36.6; 24, QuinnBlackwolf, 21:42; 25, Christine King, 17:02;10,Shiling, 17:15.7;11,DalenGardner, Impara,21:48.1;27, Emm a Parker, 2t:49.7; 29, Kia 17:2Z9; 12,GabeWyllie, 17:23.3; 14, ImranWoltenPar/ish-Haim,22:10.8. den,17:35.3;17 AdiWoifenden,17579. REDMOND (134) — 8, Mitchell-Hoegh,20:0/; BEND (91) — 15,CodyMagttire, 1740.3; 16, 30,Kylee Johnson,22:5t9;31, Makenna Conley, Caleb Hoffmann,17:46; 18,CaseyCollier, 18:OZ4, 23:43. 4;32,Richee Stevens,24:40.5;33,Danielle 19, Nicolai Spring, 18:14.1; 23, Jacob Fillmore, Skranak,24:4Z2;34, MlchaelaWolff, 28:08.




No. 20regonnotoveroo ing Coora o By Anne M. Peterson

But on the surface, it certainly does not look good for EUGENE — Oregon's Av- Colorado this a fternoon at ery Patterson was incredulous Autzen Stadium. when asked about the highly Oregon has won 10 straight ranked Ducks looking beyond games, second only to A l aColorado today and toward bama with 11 straight. The USC next weekend. Ducks have scored at least 42 The Ducks' junior safety points in each of those wins. echoed coach Chip K elly's Oregon is r a nked eighth insistence that every game is nationally in total offense, ava Super Bowl for undefeated eraging 529.6 yards. The team Oregon. is second nationally with an "Why wouldn't you want average of 51 points per game. your next game to be your While their speedy spread best game'? Why w o uldn't offense gets the most attenyou want to improve? Why tion, the Ducks' defense also wouldn't you want to do as has been confounding oppobest as you can'?" Patterson nents. Oregon is allowing foes asked. just 20.1 points per game, and Both Kelly and Colorado about 366.7 total yards. coach Jon Embree are keepOregon is famous for heaving their teams focused on the i ly rotating players in a n d immediate future for differ- out on defense, quickly tiring ent reasons. Oregon (7-0, 4-0 opponents. This season, the Pac-12) is angling for another Ducks have usually built such national championship bid, a lead at the half that the startwhile the Buffaloes (1-6, 1-3) ers are given the rest of the are trying to remain positive game off. "I think the thing that is against a high-profile opponent in the midst of a disap- the most i m pressive about pointing season. Oregon, after watching all of "We're determined, we're their games, is their defense," not giving up. A lot of people Embree said. "I think their may talk bad about us, just defense is outstanding. They because of our record," Colo- have a tremendous personrado freshman tight end Vin- nel. Their linebackers have cent Hobbs said. "Our record great size and range. They doesn't speak for us, we think. all can run. They are violent We know what we're doing, when they tackle you. I told we know our game plan. We our guys, they tackle through k now we're going to w o r k you, their secondary are ballhard." hawks, so if you are not accuThe Associated Press

rate, it is going to be an interception. We have to do well as far as protecting the ball." Colorado's overall defense is ranked 112th nationally, allowing an average of 489

AP Top 25, in the BCS stand-

yards per game. The Buffs


are allowing 42.6 points per game, and they have given up at least 50 points in back-toback games for the first time since 1962. C olorado has l ost t h r ee straight games after their lone victory of the season, a 3534 squeaker at Washington State. The Buffaloes are coming off a 50-6 loss to USC. Embree said that for now he is sticking with junior quarterback Jordan Webb, who threw three interceptions against the Trojans and was replaced by Connor Woods. Webb, who transferred from Kansas, has passed for 1,351 yards this season, with eight touchdowns and seven interceptions. "We have a great opportunitythis week, we could shock the college football w o rld, that's how we have to look at it," Webb said. "The season hasn't gone as planned, but we still have opportunities to have some great wins."

"I kind of try to keep football where the football facility is," Clay said. "Even my parents, my dad tried talking football and I changed the topic. He knows he's not allowed to talk to me about football when I'm

ings they have dropped a spot to No. 4 this week. Linebacker Michael Clay said the Ducks, at least the older ones, never speak about

not playing." A victory against USC (currently No. 10 AP) would go a long way toward proving

Oregon is worthy of higher standing. The Nov. 3 game at the Los Angeles Coliseum has been touted by many as the most important Pac-12 game of the season — or at least a preview of theconference

championship game. Last year the then-No. 18 Trojans came to Eugene and beat the Ducks 38-35, dropping Oregon from No. 4 to No. 9 in the polls and effectively dashing any Duck hopes for a national title bid. USC re-

mains one of Oregon's prima-

ry threats again this season. But first the Ducks need to Oregon players say they do take care of Colorado. "We take every game like not have a chip on their shoulder about the BCS standings, a rivalry game," Oregon redalthough it is apparent on so- shirt freshman quarterback cial media that many of their Marcus Mariota said. "Coach fans do. W h ile th e D u cks Kelly always says that and have remained at No. 2 in the this week is no different."

Oregon Continued from D1 "When we turned it over on downs, I went over and that is when he collapsed and that is when I knew something was bad," Embree added. After losing consciousness on the sidelines, Reinhardt was taken to a Eugene hospitalwhere doctors discovered he had a blood clot in his brain. Reinhardt under-


went emergency surgery and spent some three months in a coma. The neurosurgeon who rushed to Reinhardt's aid on the sidelines and eventually performed the surgery was an Oregon season-ticket holder. Reinhardt's family was never given much hope for his recovery. But the 19year-old tight end overcame the odds. Now 47, Reinhardt remains paralyzed on his right side. He walks with a limp, and he speaks mostly in short sentences — but that is something no one ever expected him to be able to do. He travels the country with his father, Ed Reinhardt Sr., passing along his inspirational story. This summer, Reinhardt was asked by the Denver Post if he thought he was a miracle. When he said he didn't know, his dad stepped in: "We think so. We believe it." He is still a big fan of the Buffaloes, and especially of Embree, his former roommate on road trips. The feeling is mutual, Embree said. "Ed's a huge reason, a huge part of why I am, what I am today," Embree said. "He was the guy that always drove me. He was the guy I always competed against. I knew that if I wanted to be all-league or all-state or whatever, that was the guy I was going to have to beat out. So every time, no matter what I did, running in the summer, lifting or whatever, he was the guy I was thinking about." Reinhardt has been back to Eugene on a few occasions since that fateful game. His younger brother, Matt, played for the

OSU Continued from D1 "Obviously we f eel g reat about our quarterback situation, it's just a tough decision to make," Riley added. W ith M a n nion b ac k i n charge, the No. 7 Beavers (60, 4-0 Pac-12) will be in Seattle tonight to face slumping Washington (3-4, 1-3), with Oregon State seeking the first 7-0 start in school history. Whether it was the Oregon Agricultural College or any other previous versions of the school's name, Oregon State has never won itsfirst seven games to begin the season. And considering the low expectations for t h e B e avers coming into this season, a win over Washington would cap a stretch of success that no one outside of Corvallis could have anticipated. "This is truly a team and they encourage one another," Riley said. "People like (Jor-

+ &sr



Paul Sancya /The Associated Press

San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Ryan Vogelsong warms up during a workout at Comerica Park in Detroit, Friday. The Giants are scheduled to play the Detroit Tigers in Game 3 of the World Series tonight in Detroit.

Vogelsong Continued from D1

The promising prospect later underwent elbow ligament replacement surgery,

failed in the big leagues, bounced out of the minors, had mixed results in Japan, t hen struggled w i t h t h e Phillies' and Angels' minorleague affiliates and at age

33 figured his career might be over. One last c hance came a year ago from the most unlikely team: the defending World Series champion Giants. Vogelsong, now 35, didn't make the club out of spring training. He went back to riding buses and staying in motels for Triple-A Fresno, not an easy decision with his wife, Nicole, and son, Ryder, then 20 months old, left to share the burden. While Vogelsong was sitting in the stands at a game in Las Vegas charting pitches between starts, his manager askedfor his cellphone number. Barry Zito had been placed on the disabled list with a sprained right foot and the Giants were looking for a replacement. Sure enough, just before Vogelsong boarded the bus, his phone rang. Giants vice president Bobby Evans was on the other end with news that set Vogelsong on a path to this World Series: he was h eading back t o t h e b i g leagues to make a fill-in start for San Francisco against — who else? — the Pirates. He held th e P i rates to four hits and two r uns in 5 '/s innings for his first major league victory in almost five years. "I just believe that God had a plan for me this whole time," Vogelsong said. "I feel like all the stuff that I went

through — going to Japan and going to winter ball at 33 Karl Gehrlng/The Denver Post

Ed Reinhardt gets an assist from his father, Ed, at their home in Denver in July. Reinhardt, a former tight end for Colorado, suffered a brain injury in 1984 during an NCAA college football game against Oregon. Ducks as a tight end in the early 1990s and was with the team that went to the Rose Bowl in 1995. With f r iend Embree as C olorado's coach, and now that the team has joined the Pac-12 Conference, Reinhardt and his father decided today's game would be a good time for a return trip. Colorado (1-6, 1-3 Pac-12) faces a tough challenge in No.

2 Oregon (7-0, 4-0). The Ducks will honor Reinhardt with a

it was discovered in the days after that he had a minor knee injury that would require surgery. Before the injury, Mannion was among the most impressive quarterbacks in the Pac-12, throwing for seven touchdowns in f ou r g a mes and averaging more than 339

yards per game passing.

With M a nnion s idelined, Vaz stepped in and more than held his own. It w a s Vaz's passing that led the Beavers to a 42-24 win at BYU, then last week Oregon State relied on its defense in a 21-7 home win over Utah. The victory over Utah assured that the Beavers would be going to a bowl game for the first time since 2009, when Oregon State went 8-5 and played in the Las Vegas Bowl. But these Beavers do not want their season defined by a 6-0 start. "I don't think anybody's satisfied with being 6-0," Oregon State receiver Kevin C u mdan) Poyer, (Markus) Whea- mings said. "It's good, but noton and Andrew Seumalo cre- body's satisfied." T he Beavers' a b ility t o atedthatenergy as the season went on." reach 7-0 may hinge on how Mannion has no t p l ayed well they can control the line since Oct. 6 against Washing- of scrimmage tonight on both ton State. He played the entire sides of the ball. Washington's game against the Cougars, but offensive line has been deci-

pregame ceremony. "That program has always held a unique place in my heart, just because of what they did for him and his family, and it will be good for him to be back there and be around those people," Embree said. "I think they have tremendous fans and that is why I think it is a hard place to play. They are classy, they are respectful. It is just a unique environment, but they have always been like that."

diminish in what's going on around him," Sarkisian said. "But I believe in the way I coach that position. I believe in Keith's ability to play that position. And we'll get it back. I just want to get it back sooner rather than later." While not the most important individual matchups, the battles between Washington wide receiver Kasen Williams and Oregon State cornerback Jordan Poyer, and O r egon Statereceiver Markus Wheaton and Washington cornerback Desmond Trufant, will feature four of the best skillposition players in the conference. Williams is looking to match his breakout game in the Huskies' upset of Stanford last month when he had 10 catches for 129 yards and the winning touchdown, but he will likely be matched with Poyer, who already has six interceptions. many touchdowns (eight) as On the other side, Wheaton interceptions this year. has at least 85 yards receivW ashington i s t r y in g t o ing in five of the Beavers' six avoid its first four-game los- games, but he has not topped ing streak since 2009 and has 100 yards since catching 10 been outscored 128-52 the past passes for 166 yards a month three weeks. ago against Arizona. "I think we've dealt with "Being 6-0 is tremendous, some things on our roster man," Wheaton said. "Our this year that could have po- hard work is paying off, I will tentially started that trust to say that." mated by injuries and quarterback Keith Price continued to struggle last week at Arizona where he c ommitted three turnovers, raising his total to 10 over the past three games. Because of the injuries to the offensive line, Price has found himself running for safety for much of the season — and now comes an Oregon State defense that has 16 sacks, including eight by Scott Crichton. P rice's struggles i n l a s t week's 52-17 loss at Arizona had Washington coach Steve Sarkisian questioning whether hisquarterback was truly trusting the calls that were coming in from the sideline. Repairing Price's trust was one of Sarkisian's tasks this week in the hopes of bringing out the dynamic quarterback who passed for 33 touchdowns a season ago but who enters tonight's game with just as

WorldSeries Game 2draws record-lowrating NEW YORK — The Giants' shutout of the Detroit Tigers drew a record-low television rating for Game 2 of the World Series. San Francisco's 2-0 win Thursday night on Fox

earned a7.8fast national rating and 12 share, down 12 percentfrom last

year's St. Louis CardinalsTexas Rangers matchup. The previous low was an 8.1 for the 2008 Philadelphia Phillies-

Tampa BayRaysseries. — The Associated Press

fans chanting "Vogey! Vogey!" Iouder than they ever had in his Game 6 victory in the NL championship series against St. Louis starting in the California twilight. "He pitches with conviction," reliever Jeremy Affeldt sa>d. Vogelsong earned All-Star honors last season and was the NL ERA leader as late as Aug. 12 at 2.27 this year. His last 10 regular-season starts lifted that figure to 3.37, but just like Vogelsong had so many times before, he rallied. V ogelsong became t h e first Giants starter to complete at least six innings this postseason when he allowed four hits over seven innings in a 7-1 victory in Game 2 of the NL championship series against St. Louis. Then he struckout a career-best nine on his biggest stage yet, allowing only four hits and one run in San Francisco's 6-1 win in Game 6. "He's throwing the ball as well as anybody on the staff," said Giants manager Bruce Bochy, who had no problem

years old, and getting back putting Vogelsong in line for here last year, is stuff that He was doing for me to get me preparedforthis moment." Now Vogelsong is living in one of America'smost scenic cities amid a reshaped reality. No more eating fish guts as he did to bond with Japanese teammates. Instead, he's spraying sparkling wine from Napa Valley with the rest of his Giants teammates after every series victory. The minors are long behind him, and so is the silence at the end of some starts in Japan. The San Francisco sunsetshave held some ofhis most shining moments, with

a Game 7 start. With San Francisco winning 8-3 and 2-0 in the first two games, Vogelsong has a chance tohelp end the series far sooner. He earned himself a shot to be the latest Giants pitcher to shut down Triple Crown winner M i g ue l C a b rera, slugger Prince Fielder and the hard-hitting Tigers. " It's great t o b e h e r e with everything I've been through, but I've got to pitch my next game," Vogelsong said. "The two startsbefore really mean nothing right now. It's about pitching the game on Saturday."

Win a V i s a e a r d l o a de d w i t h $ 4 , 0 0 0 t ha t y o u c a n u s e a ny t i m e , a n y wh e r e a nd f o r a n y t h i n g •

ggg~ • m m . p u l s e p o l l . c om





i'onms nee

num ersa ains ain s

By Barry Wilaer

problem: San Francisco has the league's stingiest and most

The Associated Press

The w elcoming c o mmittee for Joe Vitt as he returns from his six-game suspension to again be the Saints' interim coach consists of Peyton Manning and the revitalized Broncos. Maybe Vitt wants to stay away another week. New Orleans chose Vitt to stand in for Sean Payton while the head coach is banned for the 2012 season for his role in the team's bounties program. Aaron Kromer then was the i nterim-interim c o ach a n d the Saints lost their first four before rebounding with two victories. "Real tough," Vitt said of sitting out the first six games. "I mean, listen, this is all I've ever done for 44 years between high school and prep school

physical defense. The Cardinals are the only team in the league not to allow more than 21points. Of course, they're not likely to score that many against t h e N i n ers, whose 100 points given up are the fewest for any club that's played seven games.

Denver QBPeyton Manning and

and five years of college and 34 years in the league; it wasn't a very easy transition. It was tough sitting back and watching our team play Sunday and it was tough not being around the guys, it was tough not seeing Sean. "And I'm happy to be back now." H aving Vit t b a c k m i g ht add some continuity for New

Orleans. Facing M anning and Denver might add some headaches. " With Peyton, th e t h i n g that's unbelievable is w h at he's been through physically and what he's had to endure physically and now he's coming back and he's putting up historic numbers," Vitt said. "I mean, in the last three games, he's averaged 300 yards, three touchdowns and a 70 percent completion percentage. The way he's playing in the second half, the way they're outscoring their opponents in the fourth quarter is historic." If no t h i storic, certainly impressive. Denver has gone through a gantlet in the early season and survived with a 3-3 record.The defeats areto three of the league's premier teams: Atlanta, Houston and N ew England, two on the road. Now is the time for the Broncos to take charge in the AFC West, but they figure to need plenty of points against the Saints. Manning would love to oblige against his hometown team. "Yeah," he said. "It's such an important game just for our team, and I think you're play-

ing on Sunday night in prime time and that's special. But it's

coming off of a bye, it's a pivotal game, we're in that second quarter of the season and have two games left in this quarter, so they're all important. "But I think for the reasons that are obvious, it's a game against a really good team, a team that's hot, a team that their record and statistics and all those are very misleading. It's a big-time football team that knows how to win." Also Sunday, it's New England vs. St. Louis in London; Atlanta at Philadelphia; Carolina at Chicago; the New York Giants at Dallas; Washington at Pittsburgh; Jacksonville at Green Bay; Seattle at Detroit; Indianapolis at Tennessee; Miami at the New York Jets; San Diego at Cleveland; and Oakland at Kansas City. San Francisco is at Arizona on Monday night. The action began Thursday

night with Tampa Bay (3-4) beating Minnesota (5-3). Off this week are Baltimore

(5-2), Buffalo (3-4), Cincinnati (3-4) and Houston (6-1). New England(4-3) vs. St. Louis (3-4) at London:The Rams have played well at home, so shifting this game 4,000 miles away isn't a particularly good idea. But at least they went over to England early; the Patriots decided not to depart until week's end. New England coach Bill Belichick won't let his players think about anything but football — American football, not soccer — when they get over there. "The time change, the travel

see (3-4): Two i n consistent teams with i m proving outlooks, particularly the Titans, whose offensehas come alive the past two weeks with Matt

Hasselbeck in for injured QB

Jake Locker, and r u n ning back Chris Johnson finally finding his way. But Tennessee's defense has struggled: it has only nine sacks, ranks Washington (3-4) at Pitts- 30th in yards surrendered and burgh (3-3): F or f a ns i n t o has just seven takeaways. But the Colts have forced quarterbacks who keep plays alive, this is the game. Sensa- only three turnovers, dropping tional Redskins rookie Rob- them to minus-9 in turnover ert Griffiin III put on quite a margin. Still, they've beaten show in the Meadowlands last Minnesota and Green Bay, alSunday with his speed and beit at home; Indy is 0-2 on the shiftiness — not to mention a road. strong and pinpoint arm. Ben Miami (3-3) at New York Jets Roethlisberger does it with his (3-4): The Dolphins probably strength and power. should have beaten the Jets in Both banged-up defenses Week 3, with usually reliable Lenny Ignelzi /The Associated Press are vulnerable to such exDan Carpenter missing some the Broncos get ready to take on New Orleans on Sunday. ploits, especially Washington's makable field goals. Since if LB London Fletcher's 231- throwing tw o i n t erceptions game streak ends because of at Arizona on Sept. 30, Ryan — that's certainly different Chris Gamble to season-end- hamstring and balance issues. T annehill has none in t w o than most n ormal g ames," ing injuries. They've dropped Fletcher hasn't missed a game games. He has a quarterback Belichick said, "but it's not four in a row. since entering the league as rating of at least 91.0 in each anything we haven't dealt with C hicago ha s w o n fo u r an undrafted rookie with the game during that span, with before. We've traveled to the straight, allowing a total of Rams in 1998. Miami winning twice. West Coast. We're just going 34 points. These Monsters Jacksonville (1-5) at Green The Jets have not swept Mithe other direction. Hopefully, of the Midway are led by the Bay (4-3): This is a t ough ami in Rex Ryan's three-plus we'll be able to deal with it." secondary, where Charles Till- e nough assignment for t h e years as their coach. They Atlanta (6-0) at Philadelphia man, Tim Jennings and Major reeling Jaguars with Maurice come off a painful overtime Jones-Drew on h and. M JD defeat at New England, when (3-3): One of the more impres- Wright have been superb. "He's an excellent football won't be at Lambeau Field, they got too conservative late sive stats in the NFL is Andy Reid's record after bye weeks: player," coach Lovie Smith sidelined for several weeks in regulation. If that loss linD-0. Stretching that will be said of Tillman. "He does so with a sprained left foot. gers, another could be on the difficult against the league's much and you see it time after Green Bay has its offense way at the Meadowlands. only unbeaten team. in form after some sloppiness, San Diego (3-3) at Clevetime." Reid fired defensive coordiNew York Giants (5-2) at Dal- but will be without defensive land (1-6): After that debacle nator Juan Castillo after the las (3-3):Ah, home sweet home leader Charles Woodson in the at home against Denver in Eagles' last game, so Todd — for the Giants, who are 3-0 secondary. Woodson broke his which they blew a 24-0 lead, Bowles gets to design some- in Cowboys Stadium. right collarbone. the Chargers had two weeks "He's a guy people have to to lick their wounds and find "Certainly you want to prothing to slow Matt Ryan, Tony Gonzalez and an offense that tect your home-field advan- account for every time," Aaron some solutions. A key will be if makes big plays. tage and certainly play well at Rodgers said. "I know if I was they canimprove that ragged "Inthisbusinessyou'regrad- home," Cowboys coach Jason playing our defense, I would pass defense; they're already ed on performance whether Garrett, said, "but you want want to know where he's at, stingy against the run. you're a player, whether you're to play well on the road, you whether he was at the high Cleveland has stayed close in a coach, head coach, assistant, want to play well in the park- safety or whether he was down most of its games, but also has in the slot or whether he was lost four in a row and nine of it doesn't matter," said Reid, ing lot, you want to play well who has been under fire by on the moon. Our players hear coming on a pressure. He gets the past 11 against San Diego. critics who point to Philly's un- me say that a lot. It will be a a lot of hits on the football." Oakland (2-4) at Kansas City derachieving nature. "You're great challenge for us at our Seattle (4-3) at Detroit (2-4): (1-5): Once among the fiercgraded on performance." place on Sunday against this The Lions are on a short week est and most anticipated riThe Falcons' performance football team." after their offense was invisible valries, Raiders-Chiefs has Particularly w i thout l i nehas been t heir b est e v er; Monday night in Chicago. The become barely watchable. At they've never been undefeated backer Sean Lee, who was de- Seahawks haven't played since least Oakland has the excuse this deep into a season. veloping into a star but is gone Oct. 18, when they did little of going through a transition Carolina (1-5) at Chicago (5- for the season with a right toe with the ball at San Francisco. period, and it comes off an up1): Everything is going right injury. Seattle has won the past lifting comeback victory. That for the Bears and wrong for New York found a pass rush three in the series, and could the Raiders fell behind so badthe Panthers. against Washington, although make the day miserable for ly against weak Jacksonville Two days after Carolina's it still was spotty. And if this Detroit's offense if it can't find is another story. general manager was fired, one is close near the end, count a running game. Plus, Lions One thing the Chiefs can star linebacker Jon Beason on Eli Manning to produce. QB Matthew Stafford has five do is run the ball with Jamaal went on injured reserve with San Francisco (5-2) at Arizo- TD passes and six intercep- Charles. One thing the Raidright knee and left shoulder na (4-3), Monday night:Arizona tions one season after throw- ers can't do, despite having problems that will require sur- has lost three straight, in great ing for 41 TDs with 16 picks. Darren McFadden, is run the gery. In the past two weeks, part because it can't protect its The S e ahawks' d e f ensive ball. K.C. will go heavy on the the Panthers also lost center quarterbacks. This is hardly strength is in the secondary. ground with Brady Quinn now Ryan Kalil and c ornerback the matchup for fixing that Indianapolis (3-3) at Tennes- at quarterback.

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Puppy package 10 a.m. 4 p.m. only. i ncluding live t o ol 530-524-3299 cash! 541-526-0617 NEIGBORHOOD. g, 0 to $950. Bissell 5 amp vacuum and fourth axis, to Wanted: $cash paid for included.$900 Bring Containers! Plan a garage sale and All Year Dependable +cvctt+ 541-548-0747 CASH!! make pre c i sion vintage costume jewg ood c o nd . $1 5 . For Guns, Ammo 8 don't forget to adver- Firewood: Sp lit, Del. Ready Picked Apples: elry. Top dollar paid for IclMorePix at Bendbnlletin.c 541-383-4231 www.bepdgarbage cpm parts. Maintain retise in classified! From Bins, $0.65/lb. Reloading Supplies. Bend. Lod g epole, Gold/Silver.l buy by the German Shorthair AKC quired tooling sup541-385-5809. 541-408-6900. *Monday - Friday Golden Delicious, Red Estate, Honest Artist Double bed headboard, pine: 1 for $195 or 2 plies. Inspect parts Delicious, Cameo, Elizabeth,541-633-7006 Pups, Fc Tonelli's Ris- frame, boxsprings, matt, For Sale: FAL .308 with GET FREE OF CREDIT f or $365. Cash o r 7:45 a.m. - 4:45 p.m. and adjust programs ing Sun grand-sired, Granny Smith, Fuji $200 obo. 541-848-0969 (Credit Card and tools to conform WANTED: RAZORS, scope and 20 round CARD DEBT NOW! check. $550 ea. 541-598-6988 customer to prints. Minimum 2 Double or singlemag. $700. Call Kyle Cut payments by up OK). 541-420-3484. Visit us on Facebook for *Provide Freezer, chest type service on the phone German Shorthair pups updates. 541-934-2870 to half. Stop creditors years e x p erience edged, straight $100 obo. at (541) 678-3233 Find exactly what and to walk in AKC, parents on site from calling. CNC Lathe Set Up, razors, shaving 541-388-2706 GUN SHOW customers champion bloodlines 866-775-9621. you are looking for in the with an emphasis on brushes, mugs 8 Nov. 10 8 11th, 2012 Mark, 541-420-3580 (PNDC) scuttles, strops, Mazak lathes and CLASSIFIEDS *Customer Service Deschutes Fairgrounds shaving accessories Mazak pr o g ramHighspeed Internet EVBuy! Sell! Trade! experience preferred ming software. Must & memorabilia. Qcr!g!gri n CerlcePt Log truck loads of green ERYWHERE By Sat0agtgn SAT. 9-5 • SUN. 10-3 Fair prices paid. b e able t o l ift 5 0 ellite! Speeds up to lodgepole delivered to *Bilingual a plus Visit our HUGE Call 541-390-7029 $8 Admission, pounds. C o mpetiBend, $1000. M ixed 12mbps! (200x faster between 10 am-3 pm. home decor 12 8 under free. tive wage and benthan dial-up.) Starting loads lodgepole, $1100. consignment store. Competitive pay and OREGON TRAIL GUN efit package. Send at $49.95/mo. CALL 541-815-4177 an excellent benefit New items cover letter and reSHOWS 541-347-2120 German S h o rthairs NOW 8 G O F A ST! Split, Dry Holiday Bazaar arrive daily! package. Please insume to: AKC - females & Mossberg Maverick 88, 1-888-718-2162. Cedar or Lodgepole 421 clude a resume with 930 SE Textron, & Craft Shows KE/TH Mfg. Co. males $300/ea. Mom Bend 541-318-1501 black, 12 g s h o tgun, (PNNA) $200/Cord, references, qualifiSchools & Training Human Resources, o n-site, 1 s t sh o t s, $200. 541-647-8931 Delivery included! cations and length of King sz bedspread, fall 541-923-6987, Iv msg. PO Box 1, Community Clothing, d ewormed. Cra t e Foodand Dry Goods trained. 541-408-2114 Mossberg Maverick 88 paisley, skirt 2 shams, A IRLINES ARE H I R- employment. Madras, OR 97741 269 GENERATE SOME excamo 12g s hotgun, $50. 541-504-7517 ING - Train for hands or fax to Drive @ High Desert An Equal i n your $200. 541-647-8931 541-475-2169 Assisted Living, 2660 People Look for Information citement on Aviation MainteGardening Supplies The Bulletin Offers Opportunity neighborhood! Plan a Ruger77 300 Winches- Free Private Party Ads NE Mary Rose Place, About Products and nance Career. FAA & Equipment Employer approved p r ogram. Bend, Oct. 15-31. Services Every Daythrough garage sale and don't ter mag. 3x9 scope, • 3 lines - 3 days forget to advertise in Financial aid if qualiUSE THE CLASSIFIEDS! Drop off your donaThe Bulletin Classifieds $525. 541-548-4774. • Private Party Only Have Gravel, will Travel! Apply at our office classified! fied - Housing availtions between 8 a.m. • Total of items adverCinders, topsoil, fill matelocation at: Shotguns for sale: BerDoor-to-door selling with Call Aviation Inand 7 p.m. daily. Great Dane p u ppies, 541-385-5809. must equal $200 rial, etc. Excavation & able. 20835 Montana etta 686, W i nchester tised & white, 2 males, 2 stitute of fast results! It's the easiest septicsystems. Abbas (Clothing may be new black or Less Mattress/boxsprings, Way, Bend, OR $300; $50 non- queen, pillowtop, bam- SX3, Franchi AL-48, Ve- c i t 1 d g Construction cce¹7ss4o Maintenance. way in the world to sell. or gently used and will females, h deposit. Born boo fabric, used 9 mos, rona LX680, HK368. Call • 3-ad limit for s a tm 1-877-804-5293. CalB541-548-6812 be dispersed to Beth- refundable e for prices, 541-447-4101. Mail or fax your 9/25/12. 541-480-7171 (PNDC) The Bulletin Classified lehem Inn residents) $899 new; asking $450. item advertised within resume to: 541-312-2003 SE Bend. 541-508-8784 SPFD 840 22cal, REM 3 months For newspaper ATTEND CO L LEGE Bend Garbage & 541-385-5809 1100 12 g trap, Chipdelivery, call the Call 541-385-5809 ONLINE from Home. 37th Annual Snowflake Recycling Mattress set, q u een, munk 17HMR, MAR Circulation Dept. at Fax 541-385-5802 *Medical, *Business, Boutique is Fri. Nov. 2, P.O. Box 504, Manufacturing firm Beautyrest, exc. 1895 444 & 3 0 - 30, 541-385-5800 *Criminal Just i ce, 1-8 p.m., Sat. Nov. 3, Bend OR 97709 $200obo.541-280-0663 WIN 94 30-30 8 32, Vera tablecloth, ecru in To place an ad, call 5 ierraPi n e ' " *Hospitality. Job 9 a.m. 4 p.m., Desc p w p p e I r e s o LU TI Q N s color, 1 12"x56"wide, WIN MD12 12 ga, 3" 541-385-5809 NEED To CANCEL chutes County Fair- HAVANESE P U PPIES placement assistance. 541-383-3640 $50. 541-504-7517. OPENING: HD, & various shot or email YOUR AD? Computer available. grounds R e dmond,AKC, Dewclaws, UTD Attn: Molly claeeieed@bendbclleencpm guns. JOURNEYMAN The Bulletin Adm. $3. Proceeds go shots/wormer, nonshed, VHS movies! Tons of Financial Aid if qualiMILLWRIGHT H & H F/REARMS to Family Access Net- h ypoallergenic, $ 8 5 0 Classifieds has an them mostly new, 25e to fied. SCHEV autho541-382-9352 Candidate must: "After Hours" Line Sewing Central Oregon rrnre 1903 $1.00 541-548-6642 work. www.snowflake- 541-460-1277. rized. Call DO YOU NEED • Have mechanical Call 541-383-2371 866-688-7078 Wanted: Collector A GREAT Wanted- paying cash SUPER TOP SOIL IrppeMore Pix at Bendbnlletin.c knowledge and skills 24 hrs. to cancel www.Centuraonline.c seeks high quality EMPLOYEE Saturday Indoors for Hi-fi audio & stuwww.herahe apnandbark.cpm your ad! • Read & understand fishing items. om (PNDC) Huge Dlamond Dog RIGHT NOW? dio equip. Mclntosh, Screened, soil & comMarket Sales blueprints manuals or Food Sale! Refrigerator GE French Call 541-678-5753, Call The Bulletin J BL, Marantz, D y post m i x ed , no TRUCK SCHOOL Oct. thru March 503-351-2746 before 11 a.m. and • Perform duties in a Taste of the Wild door, 24 cu. ft., black, naco, Heathkit, Sanrocks/clods. High huCraftsman, artisans and safe manor 30 Ibs - $38 1 year old, $450. get an ad in to pubantiques, at Mason's sui, Carver, NAD, etc. mus level, exc. f or Redmond Campus • Maneuver up to 75 lbs. 541-923-7394 or email Call 541-261-1808 flower beds, lawns, lish the next day! Hall 1036 NE 8th St. Lamb & Rice Student Loans/Job Health & on a regular basis 40 Ibs - $25 gardens, straight 541-385-5809. (behind 7-11 Store on Waiting Toll Free WHEN YOU SEE THIS Beauty Items • Work eight hour shifts s creened to p s o il. VIEW the 8th St./Greenwood. Country Value 1-888-387-9252 Rolltop desk, like new, Bark. Clean fill. DeClassifieds at: • Applicant must have at 40 Ibs - $17 $150 obo. Over 30 Million Women ~ OO 454 liver/you haul. least four years curQuarry Ave. Hay & Feed 541-388-2706 S uffer F r o m Ha i r M Pets & Supplies 541-923-2400 rent manufacturing Ore PiXatBendbulletin,CO !II 541-548-3949. Looking for Employment Loss! Do you? If So On a classified ad plant experience. 270 We Have a Solution! LAND LEAS/NG Washer: Maytag front CALL K E RANIQUE go to EXPERIENCE • Holding an Oregon lnKittens/cats avail. thru Lost & Found MANAGER HOUSEKEEPER load, cherry red, 3 yrs TO FIND OUT MORE dustrial Maintenance rescue group. Tame, $350. The Fres h water Call 541-388-2706 5 4 1-923-7394 to view additional millwright card would Adult companion cats shots, altered, ID chip, 877-475-2521. Attn: archery hunters Trust seeks a motiphotos of the item. be preferred. FREE to seniors, dis- more. Sat/Sun 1-5, call or (PNDC) 476 camped at L ookout vated self-starter to abled 8 vet e rans! re: other days. 65480 $22.77/hour plus full 261 Mtn. just outside Praisecure leases on agEmployment Tame, altered, shots, 78th St ., Bend , The Bulletin benefits package. r ie City.. t hey l e f t ricultural and rural Medical Equipment ID chip, more. Will al- 541-389-8420; 5 98- recommends e xtra Opportunities Hot Tubs & Spas • Interested candidates something at camp, I land for the impleways take back if cir- 5488; photos, etc. at ! ca ro ne p please email your it and would like Caregiver —All Shifts mentation. $40,000 cumstances change. chasing products or • H ot tu b $ 3 0 0 , 4 - 6 ATTENTION D IABET- found resume to: thaakinICS with M edicare. to return it. Call Dave avail. Apply in person. base + commission. 389-8420. Visit Sat/ services from out of I people, Camp Sher- Get a FREE talking 541-643-5990 job descripSun 1-5. Photos, info: Labradoodle pups ready the area. Sending I Interviews this week. Detailed for forever homes. 2nd cash, checks, o r ~ man 541-595-0246 tion and application Medical Billing for busy meter and d i abeticFound men's Rx glasses, 1099 NE Watt Way, generation.541-647-9831 instructions may be f credit i n f ormation Sauna, 2-person, cedar, testing supplies at NO Foster Grant frame, Dil- Bend. practice. Prior medical Australian Shepherd male www.happytailsmini found at exp req'd; 16-30 hrs/ bells 8 whistles. $999. C OST, plus F R E E lon Falls trail, 10/21. Call 3 yrs, free to approved may be subjected to all http://www.thefresh206-369-2016 (Bend) home delivery! Best to I.D., 541-382-3254 Check out the week. Wage DOE. Fax f FRAUD. For more home. 541-383-4552 resume to 541-317-1777 of all, this meter elimi- Lost: 6 mo. old brown classifieds online information about an I Labradoodles - Mini & us/jobs-and-internBarn/shop cats FREE, med nates painful finger size, several colors advertiser, you may Pitbull puppy, near ships. some tame, some not. pricking! Call Alfalfa Remember.... 541-504-2662 / call t h e Or e gon / TV, Stereo & Video5 Rd. Turquoise Updated daily We deliver! Fixed, shots. 888-739-7199. A dd your web a d ' State Attor ney ' collar, no hair on end 541-389-8420 screen TV, smaller (PNDC) dress to your ad and O f fl ce Flat of tail. Reward! Call Labradors AKC: black 8 f General's size, $200 or best ofreaders on The P r otec- • 541-280-4071 Medical Alert for S echoc; dewclawed, ath- Consumer fer. 541-848-0969 Bulletin' s web site ho t l in e at I niors - 24/7 monitorletic parents; $350 each. t ion R EMEMBER: If you will be able to click "P/ease discontinue this i 1-877-877-9392. ing. FREE Equipment. 541-410-9000 have lost an animal, ( adasthe vehiclehas through automatically FREE Shipping. Nadon't forget to check Computers to your site. Maltese 5-mo male, tionwide Serv i ce. The Humane Society ~ beenso/d./amp/eased ~ purebred w/o papers, to tell you that I had $ 29.95/Month C A LL Boxer Pups, AKC / CKC, hsebrkn, dew claws, vet T HE B U L LETIN r e in Bend 541-382-3537 Resort Housekeeping Guardian ToI posted it on Craig's List 1st shots, very social checked, shots UTD, quires computer ad- Medical Redmond, The Pines at Sunriver, on 6 different locations day 88 8 - 842-0760. $700. 541-325-3376 vertisers with multiple 541-923-0882 Call 541-593-2160. $550. 541-504-5509 / butit was the Bulletin ad sL-AWD zoo4'75k (PNDC) ad schedules or those Prineville, CANARIES that so/dit!" all-weather tires, tow Sales pups, only 1 selling multiple sys541-447-7178; 2012 Waterslagers, Maltese Lee, G. pkg, gold metallic, Telephone prospecting left! 9 weeks, partems/ software, to disOR Craft Cats, Staffords, Red Fac- male Tools beige leather int., on site $350. Ador- Breyer collectible horses close the name of the position for important 541-389-8420. tors, 2 males, 12 fe- ents moonroof, ......... able loving, frisky 8 from 1 975- business or the term professional services. males, $45 ea. Terre- fluffy! Call 541-678-0120 vintage Woodworking T o o ls: 1980 Prices vary at "dealer" in their ads. Income pote n tial bonne, 541-420-2149. Want Results from qualified $20 or less. Also tack Private party advertis- older Craftsman scroll $50000 (average in Malti-poo male pup, local buyers? saw, Craftsman radial & s t ables for sale. ers are defined as I C hristmas? 12 5 g a l . come 30k-35k) opK!Mx@ $495 obo. Shots, arm saw, Delta RockCall us at 541-385-5809 and ask 541-504-9078 tank, impact glass, SS those who sell one portunity f o r addoggy-door trained, well spindle lathe, with about our Wheel Deal special! trim w / wire s t and, vancement. Base & computer. smart, shed-free, Cutwork tablecloths (4) access.; 2 P o w er$450 offer? 541-604Commission, H ealth some w/napkins, $25ready to go! White Matic shapers, $150 257 TI 8,I W. 5686 or 541-604-5685 and Dental Benefits. w/beige ears. Will be $55 ea. 541-504-7517 Musical Instruments each. Misc.clamps, Will train the right perDachshund AKC mini 5-7 lbs. 541-323-1069 and hand drill with son. Fax resume to: Disney collectible picture, bits. 541-383-5840. 541-848-6408. Daisy& Minnie, pink frame $375. 541-508-4558 325 Guard Dog $25. 541-390-8720 265 Dachshund male,9 wks Maremma pups, purebred, great Pink depression glass Hay, Grain & Feed Building Materials old, 1st shots, adordogs, $35 0 e a c h, 24 pc misc. patterns, able. $300 to g ood 541-546-6171. Good horse hay, barn $125 obo. 541-420-2026 home. 541-447-0113. stored, no rain, $225 Pergo Australian Pit Bull puppies, born Dog panels, for outside The Bulletin reserves Piano, SteinwayModel Eucalyptus flooring. ton, and $8.25 bale. Aug. 28th. 2 Females Delivery ava i lable. use, $150 obo. the right to publish all 0 Baby Grand 1911, NIB 897 s/f. Retail: left. $200/ea. Tiffany 541-410-4495. gorgeous, artist qual541-388-2706 ads from The Bulletin $2,080. Asking 541-728-1416 Call or ity instrurnent w/great onto The $1000. Call Tony, Wanted: Irrigated farm English Bulldog Puppy, text and I can email or newspaper action & S t einway's Bulletin Internet web(208) 880-5254. ground, under pivot ironly one left! AKC reg- text you with Pictures. site. Current Oregon law requires public notices ro be printed in a newspaper whose warm, rich sound. Will rigation, i n C e n tral istered. All shots up to readersare affected by the notice.Federal,state,and localgovernment agencies adorn any living room, OR. 541-419-2713 date 8 m icrochipped,POODLE pups, AKC toy REDMOND Habitat erroneously believe they can save money by posting public notices on their web church or music stu$2000. 541-416-0375 POM-A-POO pups, toy. RESTORE Ser na Central pwgee rwre 19te Wheat Straw: Certified 8 sites instead of in the local newspaper. dio perfectly. New reSo cute! 541-475-3889 Butwho would have access to those online notices? 62% of I/.S. seniors tail $ 6 9 ,000. Sacri- Building Supply Resale Bedding Straw 8 Garden Quality at Straw;Compost.546-6171 (65 and older) have no internet access, and a third of those whoDO have access fice at $26,000 OBO, QueenslandHeelers LOW PRICES are still limited to dialup.' call 541-383-3150. standard & mini,$150 & • C oins 8 Stamps • 341 1242 S. Hwy 97 Besides, you'd have to know in advance where, when, and how to look, and what up. 541-280-1537 http:// Technics piano k e yHorses & Equipment 541-548-1406 to look for, in order to be informed about government actions that could affect you rightwayranch.wordpreaa.cpm board perfect cond. Was Open to the public. directly. $1500 new; sell $425 Siberian Husky, AKC! SE Bend Boarding iess than 10% of the U.S. population currently visits a government English Bulldogs DOB Beaut, 267 sweet female, 1yr obo. 541-388-2706 $200/mo. Top Quality website daily,' * but 80% of all Oregon adults read a newspaper at least once 8/6/12. Healthy show $500. 541-977-7019 during an average week, and 54% read public notices printed there." Fuel 8 Wood grass hay, pen/shelter. p arents AK C r e g . Over 1000 acres to nde. males/females $1600 Yorkie AKC 2 male pups, Misc. Items • 541-419-3405 obo. 541-410-0344 small, big eyes, shots, HELP YOUR AD WHEN BUYING KRMore Pix at Bendbn!letin.o health gua r antee, stand out from the Bend's Indoor Swap 358 FIREWOOD... $850+, 541-316-0005. Just bought a new boat? rest! Have the top line Meet: Sat. only, Face Farmers Column Sell your old one in the in bold print for only To avoid fraud, Painting Pro, $3 & up/ classifieds! Ask about our Yorkie purebred female $2.00 extra. The Bulletin 3rd St. & Wilson Ave. uppy, ready to go! Atwood utility tilt trailer, Super Seller rates! recommends pay10-5 Thurs-Fri-Sat. 500. 541-460-3884 g reat c o nd., $ 4 0 0 541-385-5809 ment for Firewood ServingCentral Oregon rmre raa firm. 541-389-9844 Buying Diamonds only upon delivery BEND'S HOMELESS NEED OUR HELP! 541-385-5809 /Gold for Cash and inspection. Mobile Home Space The cold weather is upon us and sadly there are Saxon's Fine Jewelers • A cord is 128 cu. ft. still over 2,000 folks in our community without for rent, $350. 541-389-6655 4' x 4' x 8' permanent shelter, living in cars, makeshift 541-548-8052 • Receipts should camps, getting by as best they can. BUYING Wanted: Irrigated farm include name, The following items are badly needed to Pfaff Model Quilt Expres- Lionel/American Flyer ground, under pivot irphone, price and help them get through the winter: trains, accessories. sions 4.0, l ike n ew, riqation, i n C e n tral kind of wood pur541-408-2191. sewing, quilting, $1200 @ CAMPING GEARof any sort: @ OR. 541-419-2713 chased. firm. 541-777-0101 New or used tents, sleeping bags, tarps, blankets. BUYING & SE L LING • Firewood ads 375 e WARM CLOTHING: Rain Gear, Boots, Gloves. All gold jewelry, silver MUST include speand gold coins, bars, Meat & Animal Processing cies and cost per PLEASE DROP OFF YOUR DONATIONS AT rounds, wedding sets, cord to better serve THE BEND COMMUNITY CENTER class rings, sterling silBEEF: No h o rmones/ our customers. 1036 NE 5thSt.,Bend, Mon.-Sat.9 a.m.-5 p.m. D ynaStar Intuitive 7 4 ver, coin collect, vinchemicals, $3/Ib hangFor Special pick up please call 188cm Look bindings, tage watches, dental ing, to be butchered Dec. Ken @ 541-389-3296 v ery good + $ 9 5 . gold. Bill Fl e ming, ServingCentral Oregon since l903 3-7. Half/whole, reserve rr trwrrrrermrrrrrrr%prorrrrrr • y20rc "urrrw r8 ew aayrae '"Amrcrrcpp acrewrtrpecrerNlSrprrmnr20rO PLEASE HELP, YOI/CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. 541-389-9836. 541-382-9419. now! 541-388-6905 A1 Washers&Dryers

$150 ea. Full warranty. Free Del. Also wanted, used W/D's 541-280-7355


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Boats & Accessories

Used out-drive parts - Mercury OMC rebuilt marine motors: 151 $ I595; 3.0 $1895; 4.3 (1993), $1995. 541-389-0435

Snowmobiles 19


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Motorhomes •

Travel Trailers

Itasca Spirit Class C 2007, 20K miles, front entertainment center, all bells & whistles, extremely good condition, 2 s l ides, 2 Sprinter 272RLS, 2009 HDTV's, $45,000 29', weatherized, like OBO. 541-447-5484 n ew, f u rnished & ready to go, incl Wineard S a t ellite dish,

S nowmobiles (2) o n Watercraft 26,995. 541-420-9964 trailer, s n o wmobiles• n eed s o m e wor k 16-ft wide-body canoe, Need to get an $1500. 541-312-9292 hand-laid fiberglass, long ad in ASAP? paddles & Stearns vests, You can place it $350. 541-233-8944 Jayco Seneca 2007, 17K rn., 35ft., Chevy online at: 5500 d i e sel , t oy Snowmobile trailer 2007 SeaDoo hauler $130 , 000. 2004 Waverunner, 2002, 25-ft Inter541-389-2636. excellent condition, state & 3 sleds, 541-385-5809 LOW hours. Double $10,900. trailer, lots of extras. 541-480-8009 $10,000 541-719-8444 860 Viking Tent t railer 2 008, c lean, s e l f Motorcycles & Accessories Ads published in "Wacontained, sleeps 5, tercraft" include: Kay- Immaculate! CRAMPED FOR aks, rafts and motor- Beaver Coach Marquis easy to tow, great CASH? ized personal 40' 1987. New cover, cond. $5200, obo. 541-383-7150. watercrafts. For Use classified to sell paint (2004), new " boats" please s e e new those items you no inverter (2007). Onan longer need. Class 870. 6300 watt gen, 111K mi, Call 541-385-5809 • 541-385-5809 parked covered $35,000 :ira I aI, obo. 541-419-9859 or

The Bulletin The Bulletin


Weekend Warrior Toy Harley Davidson SoftHauler 28' 2007, Gen, Tail Deluxe 20 0 7 , album) • 33 Mata fuel station, exc cond. 51 Dodgers manager Motorhomes white/cobalt, w / passleeps 8, black/gray before Mattingly 58 Dnller senger kit, Vance & 35 With 24-Across, i nterior, u se d 3X , Hines muffler system bluff 52 Brouhaha $24,999. 59 Safari wheels & kit, 1045 mi., exc. 541-389-9188 co CC Monaco Dynasty 2004, 53 25-Down, c ond, $19,9 9 9 , 36 It ended in the 60 Driller: Abbr. loaded, 3 slides, die541-389-9188. early 1930s informally sel, Reduced - now 62 Champagne Harley Heritage $119,000, 5 4 1-923Fifth Wheels 42 Way too early 55 Like cut greens article Country Coach Intrigue 8572 or 541-749-0037 Softail, 2003 2002, 40' Tag axle. z $5,000+ in extras For answers, call 1-900-285-5656, $1.49 a minute; or, with a credit $2000 paint job, 400hp Cummins Diecard, 1-800-814-5554. 30K mi. 1 owner, sel. tw o s l ide-outs. I (I Annual subscriptions are available for the best of Sunday For more information 4 1,000 m iles, n e w crosswords from the last 50 years: 1-888-7-ACROSS. please call tires & batteries. Most AT&T users: Text NYTX to 386 to download puzzles, or visit L~ 541-385-8090 options.$95,000 OBO for more information. or 209-605-5537 Carri-Lite Luxury 2009 541 -678-571 2 Online subscriptions: Today's puzzle and more than 2,000 past Southwind 35.5' Triton, by Carriage, 4 slidepuzzles, ($39.95 a year). 2008,V10, 2 slides, Duouts, inverter, satelShare tips: HD FAT BOY pont UV coat, 7500 mi. lite sys, fireplace, 2 Crosswords for young solvers: Bought new at 1996 flat screen TVs. $132,913; Completely rebuilt/ $60,000. asking $93,500. customized, low 486 528 541-480-3923 Call 541-419-4212 miles. Accepting ofIndependent Positions Loans & Mortgages P)5Io)REss fers. 541-548-4807 Econoline RV 1 9 8 9, ~ CHECK YOUR AD fully loaded, exc. cond, E ver Consider a R e 35K m i. , R e duced Travel Trailers • Sales verse Mortgage? At HD Screaming Eagle $17,950. 541-546-6133 Electra Glide 2005, Circulation least 62 years old? 103" motor, two tone Stay in your home & Promotions candy teal, new tires, CAN'T BEAT THIS! We are seeking a full increase cash f low! before you Please check your ad Safe & Effective! Call 23K miles, CD player, Look time Sales Rep to buy, below market hydraulic clutch, exon the first day it runs Now for your FREE join our successful vafue! Size & mile288 cellent condition. to make sure it is corDVD! C a l l Now team o f i n d epen528 aqe DOES matter! Highest offer takes it. rect. Sometimes inEstate Sales Sales Southeast Bend dent 888-785-5938. co n t ractors. Loans & Mortgages C1ass A 32' Hurri- Pioneer Spirit 18CK, 541-480-8080. structions over the (PNDC) Must be goal oricane by Four Winds, 2007, used only 4x, AC, McCartin Estate Sale. RANCH, FARM, GAphone are miselectric tongue j ack, ented, mo t i vated, Honda Elite 80 2001, 2007. 12,500 mi, all WARNING LOCAL MONEY:We buy 1671 SW Farewell understood and an error RAGE SALE, Sat. & e nthusiastic, $8995. 541-389-7669 per1400 mi., absolutely amenities, Ford V10, The Bulletin recomsecured trustdeeds 8 can occur in your ad. Drive. Awbrey Butte, Sun. 9 -4 . V a r ious sonable, outgoing, Ithr, cherry, slides, like new., comes w/ mends you use caunote,some hard money ROUADigorgio 1971 Bend. Fri. 10/26 & If this happens to your ranch and farm equip; optimistic and good like new! New low fridge, loans. Call Pat Kellev carrying rack for 2" tion when you proheater, propane ad, please contact us Sat., 10/27, 9-4 Five VW's; 2007 35' with people. Sales price, $54,900. 541-382-3099 ext.13. receiver, ideal for use vide personal & elec. Iights, awning, 2 leather couches, Seneca the first day your ad To y h auler experience is pre541-548-5216 w/motorhome, $995, information to compa- Reverse Mortgages 2 spares, extra insuhide-a-bed, dining set, motorhome, 1 7 , 521 ferred, positive attiappears and we will 541-546-6920 nies offering loans or lation for late season 2 hutches, 3 desks, mi., like new; 2 Sears tude required! Must by local expertMike be happy to fix it Gulistream Sc e n ic credit, especially hunting/cold weather dressers, oak icebox, garden tractors, one have a valid driver's LeRoux NMLs57716 as soon as we can. Cruiser 36 ft. 1999, camping, well maint, those asking for adCall to learn more. leather chaise, lawn- with mower and one If we can assist you, license, insured veSoftail Deluxe Cummins 330 hp die- very roomy, sleeps 5, vance loan fees or 541-350-7839 mower, tools, snow with s no w b l o wer; hicle and cell phone. please call us: 2010, 805 miles, sel, 42K, 1 owner, 13 companies from out of reat f o r hu n t ing, skis, boots and cloth- sickle Securitv1 Lending 541-385-5809 b a r push We offer a complete Black Chameleon. in. kitchen slide out, 3200, 541-410-6561 state. If you have NMLS98161 ing, kitchenware, an- m ower; The Bulletin Classiiie Yam a h a training program, all $17,000 new tires,under cover, concerns or questiques, rugs, books, player piano; numer- tools and s upplies 573 Call Don @ hwy. miles only,4 door tions, we suggest you decor, kitchen items. ous dog crates and Want to impress the needed for success, f ridge/freezer ice consult your attorney Business Opportunities 541-410-3823 Lots of r e ally nice chain link pens; Wind generous commisrelatives? Remodel maker, W/D combo, or call CONSUMER things. Sale given by surfing equip, boards, sion, d a i l y and Interbath tub & HOTLINE, your home with the A Classified ad is an F armhouse Es t a te sails and trailer; one weekly bo n uses, 1-877-877-9392. shower 50 amp proEASY W AY TO help of a professional TURN THE PAGE Sales, 541-610-2770. large 3 5 ' fla t b ed cash incentives and pane gen & m o re~ REACH over 3 million from The Bulletin's trailer; misc. house- unlimited Springdale 2005 27', 4' in c o me BANK TURNED YOU For More Ads 282 $55,000. Pacific Northwesternslide in dining/living area, "Call A Service hold s tuff; s e veral potential. Email reDOWN? Private party 541-948-231 0 The Bulletin ers. $52 5 /25-word Sales Northwest Bend hand carved walking sume t o m i sterta- will loan on real essleeps 6, low mi,$15,000 Professional" Directory c lassified ad i n 3 0 obo. 541-408-3811 s ticks; 6 1795 T e a l tate equity. Credit, no daily newspapers for 865 Garage Sale, Fri.-Mon. Rd., 1/4 mile West of clmaster© problem, good equity 3-days. Call the PaOct. 26-29th, 9-3, The Bulletin ATVs HYW 20 East, off of is all you need. Call cific Northwest Daily 65050 Hwy 20 West. Hunter's Delight! PackBear C r e e k Rd. now. Oregon Land Connection 541-388-2706 (916) Polaris Sportsman 500, age deal! 1988 Win541-389-2636. Mortgage 388-4200. 2 88-6019 o r e m a i l 1999, 1600 hrs, 454 nebago Super Chief, Multi-family Garaqe Sale! 3 8K m i les, g r e at mi., runs great. Fri-Sat-Sun, 10/26-28, 292 for more info (PNDC) shape; 1988 Bronco II 10-5, 65315 78th St, off $2800. 541-595-0246 Fleetwood Wilderness Sales Other Areas 4 x4 t o t o w , 1 3 0 K Springdale 29' 2 0 07, 36', 2005, 4 s l ides, Hwy. 97 at Tumalo Rd. Advertise V A CATION 870 mostly towed miles, slide,Bunkhouse style, rear bdrm, fireplace, SPECIALS to 3 m i lDownsizing/Moving Sale! 286 nice rig! $15,000 both. sleeps 7-8, excellent AC, W/D hkup beaulion P acific N o rth- Boats & Accessories pool table, condition, $ 1 6 ,900, 541-382-3964, leave Sales Northeast Bend Collectibles, Oak dining set, enterwesterners! 30 daily tiful u nit! $ 3 0,500. 541-390-2504 msg. newspapers, six 13' Smokercraft '85, 541-815-2380 tainment center, houseBRAVE THE COLD! hold goods, more! Oct states. 25-word clas- good cond., 15HP 63575 Overtree Rd. 26-27, 9am-4pm, 14591 sified $525 for a 3-day gas Evinrude + SOLD!! ~ t~a Sat. & Sun. 8-4. (off Bluegrass Loop (Crossa d. Ca l l (916) Minnkota 44 elec. Deschutes Market) roads), in Sisters. 2 88-6019 o r vis i t PRINTER 36' "You canstop the ad, motor, fish finder, 2 Estate/Moving Sale - 31/2finally gotit so/d. /t took a 2005, $10,500 obo. Huge Moving Sale! ising pndc.cfm for the extra seats, trailer, car garage full, inside the fet/trmonths, but found a Two slides, sleeps 5 K omfort 25' 2 0 06, 1 house as well! Tools, Tools, furniture & more. Pacific Nor t hwest extra equip. $3200. buyer - ad the important queen air mattress, slide, AC, TV, awning. 16213 Mtn. Sheep Lane, small sgl. bed, couch antique glass, ATVs, ski Daily Con n ection. 541-388-9270 thing is ..... it's gone! NEW: tires, converter, folds out. 1.5 baths, equip, furn, appls, very Sunriver. Oct. 26-27; (PNDC) The Wheel Deal 'run until batteries. Hardly used. Dg R .. Fri. 9-3, & Sat., 9-noon. ~ reasonable prices, all 1984 Chris Craft se//s package' really $15,500. 541-923-2595 Extreme Value Adver- 17' must go! F ri-Sat-Sun, he/ped!" tising! 30 Daily news- - Scorpion, 140 HP Oct 26-28 9-6, 63070 MOVING SALE Thurs, Doug R. Fri, Sat. 9-4 Housepapers $525/25-word inboard/outboard, 2 Cole Rd. off Butler Mkt. hold items, furniture, classified, 3-d a y s. depth finders, trollEverything but the ing motor, full cover, Want Results from qualified tools, patio Reach 3 million Pakitchen sink -again! New garden local buyers? freezer, area rug, cific Northwesterners. EZ - L oad t railer, items + goods galore for set, $3500 OBO. Call usat 541-385-5809 and ask storage racks, bakers For more information 541-382-3728. crafters 8 sewers! about our Wheel Deal special! MONTANA 3585 2008, call (916) 288-6019 or 9-3 Sat., 912 NE Revere rack. 55846 W o od exc. cond., 3 slides, Duck, off Century Dr. email: Furn. & Hou s ehold king bed, Irg LR, Arc17' Seaswirl 1988 items. Fri., & Sat, 8-4. tic insulation, all opfor the Pacific NorthHave an item to 1188 NE 27th St. ¹70, west Daily Connecopen bow, r ebuilt tions $37,500. www.beudb u l l e 0 i r Snowberry Village. sell quick? Chev V 6 e n g ine, 541-420-3250 tion. (PNDC) new uph o lstery, If it's under 288 SOCIAL SE C U RITY $3900 obo. Bend. D ISABILITY BEN - 707-688-4523 Sales Southeast Bend '500you can place it in s•$ EFITS. WIN or P ay The Bulletin Nothing! Start Your Estate/Garage SaleMOTORCYCLE:Custom Harley Application In Under Sat., Oct 27, Sa-2p, Classifieds for: Davidson 1997 Sportster 1200 XL. 60 Seconds. Call To61246 Ladera Rd, off 5000 Miles. Lots of chrome. $10,000. Ferguson Rd South. day! Contact Disabil'10 - 3 lines, 7 days s• i ty Group, I nc. L i Furniture, jewelry, clothGreat ride, but noroom for the softball '16 - 3 lines, 14 days ing, china, glassware & censed Attorneys & team. Contact Cheryl at 000-0000. various other treasures (Private Party ads only) BBB Accredited. Call 18.5' '05 Reinell 185, V-6 from 60+ years! 888-782-4075. Volvo Penta, 270HP, YCLE:Gently s (PNDC) Bill Leschke ESTA TE SALE •I' low hrs., must see, Call The Bulletin At $15,000, 541-330-3939 Margot Leschke MOVING SALE 541-385-5809 52468 Westley Drive, La Pine Place Your Ad Or E-Mail • Oct. 26 & 27 • 9 to 5 ONLY! Fri. & Sat. At: NO CROWD CONTROL NUMBERS 20.5' 2004 Bayliner (Take Hwy 97 SOUTH from Baker Rd. overpass, 205 Run About, 220 Independent Contractor go 21 1/2 miles. Turn left on Rosland Rd. (Gordy's HP, V8, open bow, Truck Stop) and follow two miles to shop enexc. cond., very fast trance. To go to House entrance follow Ammon w/very low hours, Rd. around the loop to Westley Drive) lots of extras incl. tower, Bimini & Another "WOW" Sale! So many nice things custom trailer, and lots of Tools! Italian tile top dining table; $19,500. Teak king size bed- Made by Torring in Den541-389-1413 mark; Corner display cabinet; Blue double recliner sofa with table center; Floral loveseat; Another nice king bed; Queen bed; Entertainment center; Rockers and recliner; tables and unique juniper coffee table; dishes; pots and ++++++++++++++++++ pans; jewelry; Nikon; Yashica, Minolta and Pa20.5' Seaswirl Spynasonic cameras; Triple dressers; Antique chest der 1989 H.O. 302, of drawers Nice linens; Unique two burner small 285 hrs., exc. cond., cast iron stove; Remington 270 rifle, pellet gun stored indoors for 8 BB gun; Ladies leather coats; ladies xl clothes life $11,900 OBO. and mens clothing and shoes; Butcher block 541-379-3530 cart; Few books; Oil Paintings; Antique White sewing machine;Tupperware; 2 cuckoo clocks; 31 day clock; Garage refrigerator; Lots of small Ads published in the electrical appliances; Tools and outdoor items "Boats" classification We are looking for independent contractors to include: John Deere STX 38 riding mower with include: Speed, fishservice home delivery routes in: rear bagger; Small tow behind trailer; Floor ing, drift, canoe, in classified advertising! Jack; Stihl chain saw; Weed eaters; Electrical house and sail boats. cords; Edger; Thatcher; Trimmer; Blower; GarFor all other types of Newspaper classified advertising leads den tools; Orchard and several other ladders; watercraft, please see the pack when it comes to connecting Wheelbarrow; Hoses; Vise, Motor and grinder Class 875. buyers with sellers. on stand; Barbecues and turkey cooker; Lawn 541-385-5809 Must be available 7 days a week, early morning hours. clipper and Rakes; Cement tools; Rolling toolWhether you're at a fork in the road or box; Hand tools-lots; Electrical hand tools all Must have reliable, insured vehicle. ~ I Th e Bulletiu Se<unq Central Oregon since 1903 sorts; Makita small table saw; Coleman stoves thbgi ii g t * i ,l ad and Weber barbecue; Shop and vehicle lubrican fuel the journey. GENERATE SOME exPlease call 541.385.5800 or 800.503.3933 NmN:.hendbutletin.rom cants; Fishing reels and tackle boxes and fishcitement in your neigduring business hours inggear and poles;Crab nets and cages; Comlf you're ready to get rolling, check borhood. Plan a gapressor; Lots of air hoses; Air tank; nuts and aPPly Via email at Online©bendbulletiFLCom rage sale and don't bolts and more-more-more.!!! forget to advertise in freedom in classified! Handled by... classified! 385-5809. Deedy's Estate Sales Co. 1920s trial





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54 y 385 580g

The Bulletin

aer in9 Central Oregon since1903





Antique & Classic Autos

Fifth Wheels NuWa 29?LK H i tchHiker 2007, 3 slides, 32' touring coach, left kitchen, rear lounge, many extras, beautiful c ond. inside & o u t, $34,499 OBO, Prineville. 541-447-5502 days & 541-447-1641 eves.



Sport Utility Vehicles •


Automobiles •

Dodge Durango SLT 2006, 4x4, r u nning b oard, prem i u m wheels, 3rd row seat. Vin ¹138688. $9,999

Automo b iles PORSCHE 914 1974,

Roller (no engine),

lowered, full roll cage, 5-pt harnesses, racing seats, 911 dash & Chrysler SD 4-Door instruments, d e cent 1930, CD S R oyal Chevy Silverado 2500 S UB A R U . Chevrolet G20 SportsChrysler Sebring 2006 shape, v e r y c o ol! Standard, 8-cylinder, man, 1993, exlnt cond, Fully loaded, exc.cond, HD LT 2001 Crew $1699. 541-678-3249 Diamond Reo Dump 2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend body is good, needs 908 $4750. 541-362-5559 or very low miles (38k), Truck 19 7 4, 12 -14 some r e s toration, 6.6L diesel auto 4X4 877-266-3821 541-663-6046 Toyota Camry LE, 1999, always garaged, Aircraft, Parts 98K, exc. cnd $17,900 yard box, runs good, runs, taking bids, Dlr ¹0354 541-312-9312 transferable warranty 2 sets of tires & wheels, $6900, 541-548-6812 & Service 541-383-3888, 179,700 miles, 1 owner. GMC Y ukon D e nali incl. $8600 Chevy Astro 541-815-3318 $3250. 541-408-1984 2003, leather, moon541-330-4087 Cargo Van2001, G R X AT roof, premium wheels, pw, pdl, great cond., 3rd row. Very nice. Call a Pro business car, well Ford Crown Vlc. Vin ¹128449. maint'd, regular oil Whether you need a 1997 4 door, 127k, Hyster H25E, runs $13,999. P ilgrim 27', 2007 5 t h changes, $4500. d rives, runs a n d fence fixed,hedges well, 2982 Hours, wheel, 1 s lide, AC, Please call Ford 250 XLT 1990, I SU B A R U . looks great, extra fj@ $3500,call TV,full awning, excel- 1/3 interest in Columtrimmed or a house 541-633-5149 6 yd. dump bed, set of winter tires on 541-749-0724 lent shape, $23,900. bia 400, located at 2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend 139k, Auto, $5500. built, you'll find FIAT 1800 1978, 5-spd, rims, only $3000. 541-350-8629 877-266-3821 Sunriver. $ 1 38,500. 541-410-9997 Chevy G-20 c u stom 541-771-6500. door panels w/flowers professional help in Dlr ¹0354 Call 541-647-3718 conversion travel van & hummingbirds, The Bulletin's "Call a 1994 128k, 5.7L, rear white soft top & hard GMC Yukon XL 1500 Ford F250 2002 Look at: Service Professional" top. Just reduced to 2007, l e a t her, 4 elect. bed, 75% tires. a Infinity G35 Coupe Supercab 7.3 diesel, $3,750. 541-317-9319 bucket seats, 3rd row real beauty in & out! 2004, 130,000 miles, great Directory B l a ck , 1 Travel in economy and or 541-647-8483 seat, moonroof. Vin for Complete Listings of Peterbilt 35 9 p o table shape with accessoowner, no accidents, 541 R385-5809 style and under $4000. ¹305958. $27,988 ries. $14,900. manual trans., great Area Real Estate for Sale water t r uck, 1 9 9 0, Bob, 541-318-9999 541-923-0231 day or cond., n a viqation, i lg@SU B A R U . Pilgrim In t e rnational 3200 gal. tank, 5hp U 541-923-2582 eves. 7 4K m i . , $6 2 0 0. Toyota Camry'sr hoses, 2005, 36' 5th Wheel, 1 /3 interest i n w e l l - p ump, 4 - 3 2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend Please call Automobiles 1984, $1200 obo; Model¹M-349 RLDS-5 equipped IFR Beech camlocks, $ 2 5 ,000. 877-266-3821 541-593-2321 or Ford F250 XLT 1 993 Fall price $ 2 1,865. B onanza A 36 , l o - 541-820-3724 1985 SOLD; Dlr ¹0354 extended cab, 8 3,500 email Buick Lucerne CXL 541-312-4466 cated KBDN. $55,000. 1986 parts car, miles, tow pkg, $3500. Ford Gaiaxie 500 1963, johnmason2280@ 541-419-9510 2009, $12,500, low $500. 2 dr. hardtop,fastback, Call 541-408-1984 low miles; 2000 Buick Call for details, 390 va,auto, pwr. steer & Century $2900. You'll Executive Hangar ~R g P 4 ; 541-548-6592 radio (orig),541-419-4989 not find nicer Buicks Mini Cooper 2011 at Bend Airport One look's worth a Countryman AWD Ford Mustang Coupe Ford F250 XLT 4x4 (KBDN) thousand words. Call Toyotas: 1999 Avalon $27,988 ¹ M10649 60' wide x 50' deep, 1966, original owner, L ariat, 1990, r e d , G MC Yukon XL S L T Big Tex LandscapBob, 541-318-9999. 254k; 1996 Camry, w/55' wide x 17' high V8, automatic, great ing/ ATV Trailer, 2004, loaded w/facfor an appt. and take a original miles, 98k, 4 cyl. Lots of Regal Prowler AX6 Ex- bi-fold door. Natural shape, $9000 OBO. 80K dual axle flatbed, tory dvd, 3rd s eat, drive in a 30 mpg. car 4" lift with 39's, well miles left in these treme Edition 38' '05, gas heat, office, bath530-515-8199 7'x16', 7000 lb. Oregon $7100. 541-280-6947 cars. Price? You tell maintained, $4000 4 slides,2 fireplaces, all room. Parking for 6 Buick Le Cross CXL GVW, all steel, AntoSonrce me! I d guess obo. 541-419-5495 maple cabs, king bed/ c ars. A d jacent t o H onda C R V 200 5 , 2007, $1400. 541-598-3750 $2000-$4000. Ford Ranchero bdrm separated w/slide Frontage Rd; g reat 4WD, moonroof, alloy Auto, very nice, low 541-382-4115, or Your servant, Bob at glass dr,loaded,always 1979 wheels, v ery clean. visibility for a viation miles. Vin ¹116370 541-280-7024. 541-318-9999, no garaged,lived in only 3 bus. with 351 Cleveland Vin ¹027942. $12,888 $12,299 Mitsubishi 3 00 0 GT charge for looking. mo,brand new $54,000, 541-948-2126 modified engine. 1999, auto., p e arl S UB A R U . still like new, $28,500, Body is in w hite, very low m i . FIND IT! will deliver,see, excellent condition, OF BENC 2060 NE Hwy 20• Bend $9500. 541-788-8218. BUV IT! ad¹4957646 for pics. $2500 obo. 541-647-2822 877-266-3821 Cory, 541-580-7334 Service & Accessories SELL IT! 541-420-4677 Ford Ranger 1999, 4x4, Dlr ¹0354 The Bulletin Classifieds 71K, X- c ab, X LT, DLR4821 (4) 195/60R14 all season Vehicle? a uto, 4 . 0L , $ 8 4 00 Hummer H2 2003, auto, Volkswagen Jetta SE, • • I t tires on 7-hole wheels, 4X4, premium wheels, Cadillac DeVille Call The Bulletin Ford T-Bird 1966 OBO. 541-388-0232 2008. 40,500 mi, Great $125. 541-382-3487 3rd seat, leather, grill and place an ad to390 engine, power 1996, condition, FWD, ABS, ONLY 1 OWNERSHIP The Bulletin guard, lots of extras. everything, new 118K miles. day! (4) Sears studded mud & automatic, AC, moonMeet singles right now! SHARE LEFT! Vin ¹113566. To Subscribe call Vin ¹277701 Ask about our snow t i res, L T 245/ paint, 54K original roof, CD/MP3 8 much No paid o p erators, Economical flying in 75R16 load range E, $17,988. "Wheel Deal"! miles, runs great, 541-385-5800 or go to $4,995 more! $12,950 just real people like your ow n C e s sna 90% tread, $200 firm, for private party excellent cond. in & S UBA R U . 541-771-2312 you. Browse greet- 172/180 HP for only cash only. 541-593-0114 out. Asking $8,500. advertisers ings, exchange mes- $ 10,000! Based a t 2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend 0F BEND 541-480-3179 sages and c o nnect BDN. Call Gabe at 4 Studless winter tracGMC 3/4-ton 877-266-3821 Get your 541-647-2822 live. Try it free. Call Professional Air! tion tires on wheels, Dlr ¹0354 4WD, 1997, business now: 8 7 7 -955-5505. ~ 225/60R-16, $350. 541 - 388-0019 ~ Diesel engine, extra J eep L i b erty 2 0 0 7 , DLR4821 (PNDC) 541-410-0886 cab, good shape, Nav., 4x4 , l e a ther, U Cadillac E i D o r ado Nissan Sentra, 2012electric windows, FOUR 6-hole 16 steel loaded. Moonroof. 1994, T otal c r e a m 12,610 mi, full warranty, a ROW I N G door locks & seats, rims, $150. Vin ¹646827. $13,988. $5000 obo. puff, body, paint, trunk PS, PB, AC, & more! 541-382-4144. with an ad in 541-382-5309 ~ ©) S U B A R U . as showroom, blue $17,000. 541-788-0427 GMC i'~ ton 1971, Only MGA workshop manual leather, $1700 wheels The Bulletin's 2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend w/snow tires although s eries 1 6 00 , $ 7 5 $19,700! Original low "Call A Service mile, exceptional, 3rd 877-266-3821 541-504-7517 car has not been wet owner. 951-699-7171 Dlr ¹0354 Professional" Ca/I 54 I -385-5809 in 8 years. On trip to Snow tires P205/65R-15s Boise avg. 28.5 mpg., to r o m ot e o u r s ervice Directory I nternational Fla t (4), no rims, exc cond, $5400, 541-593-4016. Bed Pickup 1963, 1 $100 all. 541-771-7700 WHEN YOU SEE THIS dually, 4 s p d. 911 1974, low Snow tires Wild Coun- Mercury M o n terrey ton Cadillac Seville STS Porsche trans., great MPG, mi., complete motor/ try LT24 5 - 75R16 1965, Exc. All original, 2003 - just finished ~OO be exc. wood NOTICE: Oregon state N OTICE: O R E G O N studded & siped on trans. rebuild, tuned 4-dr. sedan, in stor- could runs great, Jeep Willys 1947,custom, $4900 engine work law req u ires any- Landscape Contrac- chrome rims, $500 suspension, int. & ext. age last 15 yrs., 390 hauler, by Certified GM meone who c o n tracts tors Law (ORS 671) 541-382-4144. refurb., oi l c o oling, On a classified ad small block Chevy, PS, chanic. Has everyHigh C o m pression new brakes, $1950. for construction work r equires a l l bu s i shows new in & out, go to engine, new tires & li- 541-419-5480. OD, mags+trailer. Swap thing but navigation. to be licensed with the nesses that advertise Studded tires 195-60-14 c ense, reduced t o perf. mech. c o nd. for backhoe.No am calls Too many bells and C onstruction Con - to p e r form L a n d- on 2001 Toyota CoMuch more! to view additional please. 541-389-6990 w histles t o l i s t . tractors Board (CCB). scape C o nstruction rolla wheels, like new $2850, 541-410-3425. $28,000 541-420-2715 photos of the item. bought a new one. Jeep Wrangler X 2008, A n active lice n se which includes: set of 4,$250 OBO. unlimited, 4 dr., run- $4900 means the contractor p lanting, decks , 541-408-1389. ning boards, premium 541-420-1283 i s bonded an d i n - fences, arbors, Studded tires for Buick wheels, hard top, very s ured. Ve r ify t h e w ater-features, a n d Park Ave., 225/60R-16, clean. Vin ¹ 572535. Chevy Cobalt 2010, contractor's CCB installation, repair of used 1 season, on rims, RAM 2500 2003, 5.7L hemi V8, hd, auto, cruise, $24,999. c ense through t h e irrigation systems to $400 obo. 541-389-3137 Auto, great fuel saver. CCB Cons u m er be licensed with the Plymouth B a r racudaam/fm/cd. $8400 obro. Vin ¹224786 J SUB A R U . Website Landscape Contrac- Tires (4) LT265/70R17 1966, original car! 300 541-420-3634 /390-1285 Only $12,995 www.hirealicensedcontractor. t ors B o a rd . Th i s on Ford 8-hole wheels hp, 360 V8, center2060 NE Hwy 20• Bend 935 com 4-digit number is to be 4 0% t r ead, $ 4 0 0 . lines, (Original 273 877-266-3821 or call 503-378-4621. included in all adver- 541-480-9277 Sport Utility Vehicles eng & wheels incl.) Dlr ¹0354 0F BEND The Bulletin recom- tisements which indi541-593-2597 541-647-2822 mends checking with cate the business has Legal Notices • Legal Notices the CCB prior to con- a bond, insurance and Tick, Tock PROJECT CARS:Chevy DLR4821 tracting with anyone. workers c ompensa2-dr FB 1949 & Chevy Rochelle L. Stanford, LEGAL NOTICE Tick, Tock... Some other t r ades tion for their employCoupe 1950 - rolling OSB¹ 06244 Former students who also req u ire addi- ees. For your protecchassis's $1750 ea., HertZGar Sal e s (619) 326-2404 ...don't let time get were served by the O A SEN D tional licenses and Chevy 4-dr 1949, comtion call 503-378-5909 H igh Desert E S D , Fax: (858) 412-2608 Lincoln Navigator 2005 certifications. away. Hire a Buick Enclave 2008 CXL piete car, $1949; CaI rstanford 0 piteduncamcom or use our website: Central Oregon Redillac Series 61 1950, 2 AWD, V-6, black, clean, great cond., 124k mi., 621 SW Morrison professional out to gional Program, may 3 rows seats, DVD Debris Removal dr. hard top, complete mechanicall y sound, 82k Street, Suite 650 check license status request their records. player, $11,500 cash of The Bulletin's w/spare front c l ip., miles. $22,900. Portland, OR 97205 before con t racting Records will remain only. 541-475-3274 $3950, 541-382-7391 Call 541-815-1216 JUNK BE GONE "Call A Service 2007 Buick LeCrossCXL with t h e bu s iness. confidentially filed un- Of Attorneys for Plaintiff AT, very nice, low miles I Haul Away FREE ~Oo Persons doing landtil the age of 28, at Professional" Cadillac Escalade ¹116370A ... Only $12,299 NOTICE TO For Salvage. Also scape maintenance MorepixatBendllfjletin com which time they will be 2005, SUV, Auto, Directory today! Cleanups & Cleanouts DEFENDANT/ do not require a LCB 1996 Cadillac DeV!Ile destroyed. C o ntact N issan Armada S E completely loaded. VW Karman Ghia DEFENDANTS Mel, 541-389-8107 license. 541-693-5700 for Vin ¹104880A 2 007, 4 W D , a u t o , Only 118k ¹277701 .$4,995 Tires 4 studded snows, 1970, good cond., READ THESE more information. l eather, D VD , C D . 2005 CadillacEscalade P235/75R/15, No rims, Only $12,255 Handyman new upholstery and PAPERS CAREFULLY Nelson Landscape $200 541-383-0068 Vin¹700432. $14,788. AT, very well equipped convertible top. You must "appear" in LEGAL NOTICE Maintenance ¹1 04880.................$1 2,255 ERIC REEVE HANDY this case or the other Winter Tires 4 Bridge- $10,000. OF BENC S UBA RU. IN THE CIRCUIT 2010 ChevyCobalt Serving BUBARUOBBRNDCOM 541-389-2636 SERVICES. Home & side will win automatis tone 2 2 5/55 R 1 6 541-647-2822 COURT OF THE Great price, small monthly pmt. Central Oregon 2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend Commercial Repairs, cally. To "appear" you 95W on alloy rims, STATE OF OREGON ¹224786......Only $12,995 877-266-3821 Carpentry-Painting, Residential like new, tire presmust file with the court FOR THE COUNTY OF DLR4821 2010 ChevyHHR Dlr ¹0354 Pressure-washing, sure monitors incl. a legal paper called a & Commercial DESCHUTES AT, custom wheels, very "motion" or "answer". Honey Do's. On-time Retail@$1900) $650. Chevy Suburban LTZ WELLS FARGO BANK, sharp ¹530124.......$13,499 promise. Senior n Bend 619-889-5422 The "motion" or Uan2007, 4x4, l e ather, N.A., NOT IN ITS 2012 Chevy Impala swer" must be grven Discount. Work guarmoonroof, ba c k up INDIVIDUAL anteed. 541-389-3361 AT, well equipped to the court clerk or sensors, 3rd row seat, CAPACITY BUT or 541-771-4463 ¹115742.................$1 7,995 administrator w i t h in VW Thing 1974, good running boards, low SOLELY AS TRUSTEE • Snow Removal Bonded & Insured 30 days (or 60 days cond. Extremely Rare! mi., Vin ¹ 22 8 9 19 2011 Chrysler 200 Sedan FOR THE RMAC • Sprinkler Repair CCB¹181595 Porsche Cayenne 2004, for Defendant United Only built in 1973 & $28,988 Touring Edition,AT,low miles TRUST, SERIES • Back Flow Testing States or State of Or1974. 86k, immac, dealer ¹553592.................. $1 5,995 $8,000. 4j®S U B A R U. 2011-1T, ITS I DO THAT! • Fall Clean up 541-389-2636 maint'd, loaded, now 2011 DodgeCaliber egon Department of SUCCESSORS AND/ Home/Rental repairs Revenue) along with •Weekly Mowing 2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend $17000. 503-459-1580 AT, well equipped Small jobs to remodels OR ASSIGNS, the required filing fee. Senior Discounts 877-266-3821 Plaintiff, Honest, guaranteed 1921 Model T Toyota 4 Runner Lim- ¹173075......Only $14,595 It must be in proper Bonded & Insured Dlr ¹0354 V. work. CCB¹151573 Pickups Delivery Truck i ted 2 0 0 5 , 4WD , 2011 DodgeJourney form and have proof PETER C. Dennis 541-317-9768 541-815-4458 moonroof, le a t her, Mairtstreet AT, Awo Restored & Runs Chevy Tahoe LS 2001 o f service o n t h e LCB¹8759 REVERMAN; IJS $9000. 4x4. 120K mi, Power running boards, auto, ¹565346.................$20,595 Chev short box plaintiff's attorney or, Home Improvement BANK, NATIONAL heated seats, v ery seats, Tow Pkg, 3rd 541-389-8963 if the plaintiff does not step-side pickup, 2011 Ford Fiesta SEL ASSOCIATION; row seating, e xtra clean. Vin ¹ 0 37550. AT, 4 door, fuel saver have a n at t o rney, 1987, excellent DESCHIJTES Kelly Kerfoot Const. $21,999. tires, CD, pnvacy tintproof of service on the ¹210319......Only $14,250 28 yrs exp in Central OR! shape inside & out, COUNTY; and ALL ing, upgraded rims. plaintiff. S UBA R U . Quality & honesty, from all electric, all 2005 Honda CRV OTHER PARTIES Fantastic cond. $7995 If you have questions, carpentry & handyman Discounts available works, $4500. UNKNOWN CLAIMING Contact Timm at 2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend AT, 4WD, ready for winter you should see an jobs, to expert wall cov¹010903.................$13,995 ANY RIGHT, TITLE, Call Cutting Edge 541-382-5309 541-408-2393 for info 877-266-3821 attorney immediately. ering install / removal. Lawnworks: LIEN, OR INTEREST 2011 Hyurtdai Accent or to view vehicle. Dlr ¹0354 . %ZP -'MAMB r frU¹BM ".;ll If you need help in Sr. discounts CCB¹47120 541-815-4097 • IN THE REAL GLS AT, very clean finding an a t torney, Chevy C-20 Pickup Licensed/bonded/insured LCB ¹8451 PROPERTY ¹615414.................$13,599 1969, all orig. Turbo 44; you may contact the 541-389-1413 /410-2422 COMMO NLY KNOWN 2011 Hyundai Elantra Oregon State Bar's auto 4-spd, 396, model Call The Yard Doctor AS 55005 MARTEN Sedan AT, low miles CST /all options, orig. Lawyer Referral SerLandscaping/Yard Care for yard maintenance LN., BEND OREGON owner, $24,000, vice onl i n e at ¹054694.................$18,495 thatching, sod, sprin97707, 541-923-6049 www.oregonstatebar. kler blowouts, water 2011 Hyundai Sante Defendants. org or by calling (503) features, more! Fe GLS Case No. 12CV0498 684-3763 ( in t h e Allen 541-536-1294 Very clean, priced to move SUMMONS FOR Z~r/C zQuadrip Portland metropolitan LCB 5012 ¹057279.................$20,995 PUBLICATION area) or toll-free elseZau< dar e /',, 2011 Kia Rio BULLETIN CLASSIFIEDS TO D E F ENDANTS: where in Oregon at Super fuel saver More Than Service A LL OTHER P A R- (800) 452-7636. Search the area's most ¹960522......Only $13,359 T IES UNKN O W N This is an action for Peace Of Mind comprehensive listing of Chevy Wagon 1957, 2011 Kia Forte Judicial F oreclosure 4-dr., complete, CLAIMING ANY classified advertising... 4 door, sedan, AT,fuel saver $15,000 OBO, trades, RIGHT, TITLE, LIEN, of real property comreal estate to automotive, ¹317343.................$14,259 Fall Clean Up as please call O R I NTEREST I N monly k n ow n merchandise to sporting Don't track it in all Winter 2010 KiaSedonaLX 541-420-5453. THE R EA L P R O P- 5 5005 M a rten L n , goods. Bulletin Classifieds •Leaves AT, greatpeoplemover E RTY C O M M O N L Y Bend, OR 97707. A appear every day in the •Cones ¹35'l771 .......Only $15,259 an s w er BULLETIN CLASSIFIEDS KNOWN AS 5 5 005 motion o r • Needles print or on line. must be given to the 2011 Mazda 3 Sport MARTEN LN., BEND • Pruning Search the area's most Call 541-385-5809 court clerk or adminvery nicely equipped • Debris Hauling OREGON 97707: comprehensive listing of istrator within 30 days ¹422068.................$14,995 I N THE N AME O F classified advertising... real estate to automotive, THE STATE OF OR- of the date of f i rst 2009 Mercury Mari n er Sport Gutter publication specified Sen«ng CBCUBI OreganA OCB¹03 EGON: Y o u are merchandise to sporting TO PlaCe yOur Bulletin ad With a Photo, AT, AWD, only 30k miles herein along with the Cleaning goods. Bulletin Classifieds h ereby required t o ¹J22617. ...$18,599 required filing fee. Aeration/Fall Clean-up appear every day in the ViSit WWW.bendbulletin.COm, CliCk On appear and defend 2012 Nissan Versa SV P ublication Da t e s : BOOK NOW! print or on line. the action filed against Compost "Place an ad" and follow these easy steps: AT, like new condition Weekly/one-time service you in the above-en- October 13, October Call 541-385-5809 ¹816523...... Only $14,987 Applications avail. Bonded, insured, titled cause within 30 20, October 27, Choose a category, choose a classification, and Use Less Water free estimates! 2011 SuzukiSX-4 LE days from the date of vember 3, 2012. COLLINS Lawn Maint. then select your ad package. $$$ SAVE $$$ Anniversary Edition service of this SumCa/i 541-480-9714 Improve Soil 4 doorsedan, AT mons upon you; and if Write your ad and upload your digital photo. ¹302264. ...$13,259 you fail to appear and Chrysler 300 C o upe 2013 Maintenance USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! 1967, 44 0 e n g ine, d efend, f o r wan t 2011 Toyota Corolla Create your account with any major credit card. Package Available thereof, the P l aintiff LEGAL NOTICE AT, fuel saver auto. trans, ps, air, Door-to-door selling with will apply to the court The Spring R iver weekly, monthly rsos¹te...... Only $14,995 frame on rebuild, reAll ads appear ln both print and online fast results! It's the easiest f or th e r e l ief d e - Special Road Disand Through 11/01/f 2 painted original blue, trict (near Sunriver) manded therein. Please allow 24 hours for photo processing before your one time service way in the world to sell. All veh>clesse¹ct to prior sale, does original blue interior, is accepting bids for not include tax, licenseor title andrer ad appears ln print and online. original hub caps, exc. snow plowing of apistrarionprocessingfeeof $100. vin¹'s PITE DUNCAN, LLP The Bulletin Classified EXPERIENCED chrome, asking $9000 posted at dealership. SeeHerlz Car prox. 2.2 miles of Dated: Sales ofBendfordetails. Oealert482t Commercial or make offer. 541-385-5809 roads f or the October 10, 2012 541-385-9350 & Residential To ploce your photo ad, visit us online 2012-13 winter seaBy David J Boulanger HertZGar Sal e s son. Bids must be Bend Landscaping OF BEND OSB ¹ 092943 Need help fixing stuff? received by 11/9/12. Sprinkler Blowouts, or call with questions Trial Attorney 541-647-2822 Call A Service Professional Senior Discounts For more info. conand Winterization 535 NESavannahDr,Bend (503) 222-2256 541-385-5809 find the help you need. 541-390-1466 541-382-1655 tact Carl Jansen at Fax: (503) 222-2260 Same Day Response LCB¹ 7990 541-593-2777.





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Sprinkler Blow-outs


Sprinkler Blowouts

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The Bulletin

The Bulletin


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With road-gripping Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and 30 MPG', the 2013 Subaru Outback is ready for anything, if you are.

ggb' SUBARU. C on f i d e n c e i n

M o ti o n

Subaru, Forester and Outback are registered trademarks. '2012 Top Safety Picks include the 2013 Subaru Forester, Impreza, Legacy, Outback and Tribeca. 'EPA-estimated hwy fuel economy for 2013 Subaru Legacy 2.5i CVT models. Actual mileage may vary. 'EPA-estimated hwy fuel economy for 2013 Subaru Outback 2.5i CVT models. Actual mileage may vary. 'EPA-estimated fuel economy for 2013 Subaru Forester 2.5X models. Actual mileage may vary. 'EPA-estimated fuel economy for 2013 Subaru XV Crcsstrek CVT models. Actual mileage may vary. 'Standard on 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek models. PZEV emissions warranty applies to only certain states. See dealer for complete information on emissions and new car fimited warranties. 'Based on JD Power crossover segmentation and EPA-estimated hwy fuel economy for 2013 XV Crosstrek CVT models. Actual mileage may vary.

2013 S u b a r u Trib e c a 3 .6 R Limited

2012 S u b a r u Fore s t e r 2 .5 X Premium

2013 S u b a r u Leg a c y 2 .5 i L imited C V T

2013 S u b a r u Fore s t e r 2 .5 X


ylp F Automatic

• •



MSRP $35,729 VIN:D4400115. Cap reduction $4,999. Cap Cost $31,400. Acquisition fee $595. Doc. fee $75. 42 months, 10,000 miles/year. Residual 47% $16,792.63. No Security Deposit. Total due at signing $5,658.34. *Tier I financing. Title, lic. Ik doc. and dealer installed option not included. Down payment is cash or trade equity. On Approved Credit. CBS-04

MSRP $26,486 VIN: CH470114.

2012 S u b a r u Out b a c k 2 .5 i P remium C V T

Purchase MSRP $29,306 VIN: C3274568.

$4 9 9 9 down,


84 months 0 2.99% A.P.R. *Tier I financing. *760 Beacon or better. Installed options, tax, title, license doc, not included. On Approved Credit. DTD-04

Subaru Certified Pre-Owned




2013 S u b a r u Out b a c k 2 .5 i P remium 6 M T



2012 S u b a r u Out b a c k 2 .5 i P remium C V T

$300 0 down,

Beacon or better. Installed options, tax, title, license doc. not included. On Approved Credit. CFF-02



MSRP $22,801. VIN: DG420177. DFA-21

*84 months 0 2.99% A.P.R. *Tier I financing. 760

2013 S u b a r u Leg a c y 2 .5 i P remium C V T

MSRP $24,730 VIN:60D3009424. Cap reduction $2,000. Cap Cost $21,869. Acquisition fee $595. Doc. fee $75. 42 months, 10,000 miles/year. Residual 57% $14,096.10. No Security Deposit. Total due at signing $2,490.44. *Tier I financing. Title, lic. L doc. and dealer installed option not included. Down payment is cash or trade equity. On Approved Credit. DAD-02

MSRP $29,038. VIN: D3009649. DAF-04


MSRP $29,274 VIN: CZC3300003.

$3 9 9 9 down,

*72 months 0 1.9% A.P.R. *Tier I financing. *760

Beacon or better. Installed options, tax, title, license doc. not included. On Approved Credit. CDD-OG


MSRP $27,185 VIN: D1215685 $49 9 5 down, *84 months 0 2.99% A.P.R. *Tier I financing. 760 Beacon or better. Installed options, tax, title, license doc. not included. On Approved Credit. DDC-02

N EW!! 7 - Y E A R , 1 O O,OOO-MIL E P OW E R T R A IN W A R R A N T Y Every Certified Pre-Owned Subaru offers: • 7-year/1 00,000-mile Powertrain Coverage • $0 deductible • Factory-backed coverage

• 152-point safety inspection • CARFAX® Vehicle History Report • 24/7 roadside assistance

2 011 S u b a r u O utbac k W a g o n 2 .5i Li m i t e d

2 012 S u b a r u F oreste r 2 . 5 X T Turbo

2 011 S u b a r u O utbac k W a g o n 2 .5i L i m i t e d

2 010 S u b a r u O uttback W a g o n 2 .5i Li m i t e d C V T

CVT Transmission, Leather, Moonroof, Premium Sound, Low Miles

Automatic, Moonroof, Alloy Wheels, Low, Low Miles!

CVT Transmission, Leather, Heated Seats, Premium Sound, Low Miles!

Leather, Moonroof, Multi Disc

ssv I

84 months. 2.990% APR. WAS $28,999. NOW $26,999 $3499 down, *Tier I financing. 760 Beacon or Higher. On Approved Credit.

,031 0"/m o


„• ,„„,

months. 3.490% APR. WAS $28,999. NOW $26,999. *Tier I financing. 760 Beacon or Higher. On Approved Credit.

@327- / m o


84 months.3.490s/oAP R.WAS $31,999. NOW $28,999. *Tier I financing. 760 Beacon or Higher. On Approved Credit.

„ „ „„„, 035 4 - / m


2 6,99 9



D. C3






For homes online WWW b e n d h O m e S . COm





New Homes Starting at $114,990!

The Peak of Carefree Living

Hayden Homes newest community, North Village, offers home starting at only $114,990! C onveniently l o cated i n NE B e n d w i t h mountain views and easy access to highway 97, North Village continues the Hayden Homes tradition of offering signature quality homes at an exceptional value. With six well-appointed home plans available, you are certain to find the one to call your own. Directions: From H WY 97 : E ast o n C o oley Rd , N o rth o n Hunters Circle. Call 541-516-1530 or find us on the web at


Bordering the 11th fairway of the incomparable Tetherow Golf Club, Tripleknot Townhomes offer maintenance-free lifestyle wit h k i l l er mountain views. Priced from the low $500,000s, one and two-story floor p l ans deliver the ultimate in elegance and the utmost in energyefficiency, all just a stones throw from Phil's Trail, the D eschutes River and d owntown Bend. Open house Saturday and Sunday, 12 — 4. Take Century Drive to Tetherow, turn right on Meeks Trail. Call Judy at 541-390-1411 or Shelly at 541-408-0086.


Paid Advertisement

Paid Advertisement

by CMS, for The Bulletin Advertising Department Replacing a roof is a costly venture few homeowners look forward to. A roof is something every prospective home buyer should have carefully inspected, and sellers should be aware of the condition of their roof before placing their home on the market. According to Brian Christen of McMurray and Sons Roofing in Bend, The average price of a roof r eplacement runs approximately $2.25 per square foot — a costlyendeavor considering the tenuous nature of the economy. What's more, homeowners who choose more upscale roofing materials can expect to spend almost 840,000 on their roofs. Such costs make it no small wonder that many homeowners fearthe dreaded diagnosis that their home needs a new roof. While there's little homeowners can do to reduce the cost ofa roof replacement, there are warning signs homeowners can look for that might indicate a roof replacement is on the horizon. Recognition of these signs can help homeowners be more financiallyprepared should the day come when theroof needs to be replaced.

present in drier areas like Central Oregon. If

algae is a problem on your roof, spray washing with a mixture of water and bleach can effectively remove it. Moss, on the other hand, can causedamage to a roof. The shallow root system of thick moss can prevent roofing materials from drying, therefore promoting rot and erosion of the asphalt material in the


Buckling Shingles Like algae, buckling shingles are another unsightly problem on a roof. But buckling shinglesare more than just an eyesore, they actually might indicate significant problems. When shingles buckle, that's typically because hot air from the attic is forcing the shingles away from the home. Buckling shingles also indicate that the roof is poorly ventilated, which cantake years off the roof's life expectancy while driving up home cooling costs along the way.

Granule Loss Granule loss is typically a byproduct of normal shingle wear and tear that results from inclement weather, such as hail and snow. Older roofs might experience granule loss, but granule loss can also occur on a new roof ifa defective roofing product was used. Any granule loss, even if slight, should be addressed, as the side effects of granule loss include a weakened roof and leaking. If granule lossis not addressed, the consequences could be severe the next time a winter storm occurs.

Mold Unlike the warning signs already discussed, mold is not visible on the outside of the home. Instead, homeowners should look in the attic of a home to see if there is any mold growth. If there is, the roof is likely leaking, and the health risks of mold growth in a home are substantial. Mold is not necessarily easy to detect, so a professional inspection might be

Roof Rot Perhaps the most discouraging sign a homeowner can see on hisor her roof is roof rot. Roof rot appears when a roof is in considerabledecay and, ifnot addressed, its consequences can stretchfar beyond the roof, damaging other parts of the home thanks in large part to water getting through the roof. If roof rot is either not noticed or just ignored, it won't take long for water to get through the roof and blaze a destructive path through the rest of the home. Homeowners might fear a full roof replacement because of the cost associated with such a project. But if ignored, problems with a roof could eventually prove far more costly than the price of replacing the roof.

Roof damage can bea costly yet necessary home improvement that cannot be avoided. Knowing the warning signs of a roof in need of replacment can help homeowners prepare financially.

The Presence of Moss or Algae If the roof has lots of dark streaks and stains clinging to it, that is likely algae, which can grow on the roof for quite awhile. Algae does not necessarily do any damage to a roof, but it does do some damage to a home's physical appearance, as algae on the roof is not very pleasing to the eye. Algae is most often found on the roofs of homes located in climates that have warm, humid summers, but can also

2680 NW Nordic Ave, Bend 1 bed, 1 bath. Beautiful fully furnished

1030 NW Roanoke ¹12 & ¹18, Bend

2beds,1bath.Modern680SFapartment ina stellarlocation!Fullyappliancedkitchenwith built-in microwave,bamboofloorsthroughout and stackablw easher lI dryer.Jack8Jil style bathroom separatingthetwobedrooms.Easy access todowntown,shopsandrestaurants. 785 60906 Alpine Drive, Bend 3beds,2baths,spacious1400SFmobile home onhalf anacre.Greatopenfloor plan,newPergoflooring, freshpaintthroughout and I an electricstovetocozy up to.Lovelyprivate backyard withstorage shed.Petsconsidered.


in order if mold growth is suspected. If a professional determines mold is, in fact, present, then the mold will need to be removed and all options, including a roof replacement, must be considered to keep mold from coming back.


spacious and private condo above garage. Private deck with gorgeous view, 1-car garage, hardwood floors throughout and radiant floor heating. Rent amount includes 96 . all utilities. 20823 Solstice Drive, Bend 3 beds, 2baths,1588SFhome.

15 NWPortland Ave¹111, Bend 2 beds, 2baths. Fully appliancedstainless steel kitchenwith built-in

wine cooler.Hardwood floors, gasfireplace and spaciousdeck w/g r llloverlooklng the DeschutesRiver.

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Living room with vaultedceilings. Fully appliancedkitchen, wood stove,large decks,greenhouse and doublecargarage. Pets considered.


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I pledge to strongly represent your management interests and surpass your expectations ... Always. You have my w ord onit . Proudly serving Bend, Redmond, Sisters & Prineville

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TO PLACE AN AD CALL CLASSIFIED• 5 41-385-580 9 730


New Listings New Listings Commercial/Investment Homes for Sale Homes for Sale Homes for Sale Properties for Sale Lake Front j $325,000 NE Bend j $197,500 7 770 G r ubstake E n 20215 O'Neil Exquisite 3546 SW 35th Large This property is lake- 1754 sq. ft., 3 b edchanted River Setting home and a creage 4,000+ SF Home w/ 20257 Knights Bridge Greenwood Retail front on Ochoco Res- room, 2.5 bath, upon 2+ Acres . with views. $549,900 Wine Cellar. $481,703 Place, brand new Building j $550,000 ervoir. Built in 2010 dated wit h t a steful This 4950 sq. ft. 2 TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn $499,900 deluxe 3 bdrm, 2'/2 bath, the garage with stu- warm decor. Vaulted story building fronts TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert Prudential High Desert 1880 sq. ft. home. tising in this newspadio above is finished living room, kitchen Greenwood Avenue. Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 Realty 541-312-9449 $1195. 541-350-2206 per is subject to the out perfectly. Well and with tile counters & Realty 541-312-9449 www. BendOregon www. BendOregon F air H o using A c t Perfect for the 605 658 septic are installed. laminate wood floorwww. BendOregon which makes it illegal owner/user & move-in Additional building site ing, large master, Roommate Wanted Houses for Rent to a d v ertise "any ready. Light & bright on property. ished garage. Land- main Be d 17425 Calico 2+ Acre preference, limitation flo o r r e t a il23475 Hwy 20 East 36+ 5 1410 Hann 4 Redmond MLS¹201208021 scaped .22 acre lot. Share cozymobile home Riverfront. Owner Will or disc r imination space. Upstairs has Acres Bend Cascade room Home, Big Ga MLS¹201208146 rage/Shop, 1 A c re. Finance. $135,000 in Terrebonne, $275+ ~/z based on race, color, 3 Bdrm, 2 bath, 1 level. Darrin Kelleher, Broker an open space with 2 Nursery. $749,000 utils. 503-679-7496 The Kelleher Group Sherry Perrigan, Broker or 3 a dditional built $74,950 TEAM Birtola Garmyn religion, sex, handiNew carpet, flooring, TEAM Birtola Garmyn 541-788-0029 541-410-4938 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert out offices. People Look for Information cap, familial status, paint, blinds, l a ndPrudential High Desert We never stop moving: Prudential High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 marital status or naMLS¹201203206 scaping. 2 car garage We never stop moving: Realty 541-312-9449 About Products and Realty 541-312-9449 www. BendOregon tional origin, or an in- plus shed. $900/mo. Rookie Dickens, Broker, www. BendOregon Services Every Daythrough www. BendOregon tention to make any GRI, CRS, ABR Mark 541-480-7441. The Bulletin Classifieds such en cn 541-815-0436 pre f e rence, limitation or discrimi659 We never stop moving: 2 31 W A ntler 20067 Birchwood Over 19 1 1 630 nation." Familial staFarmhouse Close to 21189 Sunburst Unique looking Woo d river Houses for Rent Bend Home w /Cas Rooms for Rent MORRIS MORRIS tus includes children P ark - 2 L o t s w / 2 Downtown. $70,000 Sunriver cade M tn . V i e ws. under the age of 18 Cg TEAM Birtola Garmyn homes $450,000 REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE $590,000 NE Bend: Private bath/ living with parents or TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert TEAM I d p d d )O d dOp «d I dp d « V O d d Op t d PROPERTIES Birtola Garmyn Prudential High Desert entry/patio; internet/cable legal cus t o dians,VILLAGE Realty 541-312-9449 svc; laundry. No smkg. pregnant women, and Sunriver, Three Rivers, Prudential High Desert La Pine j $139,900 Realty 541-312-9449 MORRIS www. BendOregon South Deerfield Park j $495. 541-317-1879 La Pine. Great Realty 541-312-9449 Well-cared for 1488 sq. people securing cus- Selection. www. BendOregon $224,950 REAL ESTATE Prices range www. BendOregon tody of children under ft., 3 bedroom, 2, bath New construction, 1500 Studios & Kitchenettes $425 $2000/mo. I d p d n l y O d dep «d 3456 NE 45th Country 18. This newspaper home built in 2007 on Furnished room, TV w/ sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 2.5 View our full Living Close to Down will not knowingly acnicely treed acre lot. cable, micro 8 fridge. bath, g reat r o o m,Prime Hwy 97 commer- town Rabb i tbrush inventory online at Redm o n d.26720 Horsell 120 Pri 67345 Vaulted ceilings, wood kitchen with island & Utils & linens. New cept any advertising cial updated in 2006, B end Home o n 5 vate Acres of Central Acres $149,999 owners. $145-$165/wk for real estate which is cabinets, tile floors in fireplace, large mas850 sq.ft., plenty of w/C a scade 1-866-931-1061 O regon Beau t y . Views. $330,000 541-382-1885 in violation of the law. kitchen an d d i n ing ter suite, front yard parking in rear, cen- TEAM Birtola Garmyn $449,900 Prudential High Desert O ur r e a ders ar e room. Certified woodlandscaping & sprintral a i r . $ 1 2 9,900. TEAM Birtola Garmyn 660 634 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Prudential High stove. Act now! hereby informed that kler system, fencing & MLS ¹ 201 0 03034 Realty 541-312-9449 Desert Houses for Rent Prudential High Desert Apt./Multiplex NE Bend all dwellings adverwww. BendOregon MLS¹201208035 patio. Com p letion Pam Lester, Principal Realty 541-312-9449 Realty 541-312-9449 Tenbroek Hilber tised in this newspaLa Pine date 12/1/12. B roker, Century 2 1 www. BendOregon www. BendOregon $299 1st mo. rent!! * per are available on Group, LLC MLS¹201207629 Gold Country Realty, 1729 SW Troon Homes GET THEM BEFORE 541-550-4944 an equal opportunity 2 bdrm, 1'/4 bath log Darrin Kelleher, Broker Inc. 541-504-1338 ite with Old Mill 8 Pi THEY ARE GONE! basis. To complain of home, 2'/d-car garage, We never stop moving: The Kelleher Group l ot Bu t t e V ie w s . 738 2 bdrm, 1 bath discrimination cal l FA heat, 2 acre fenced 541-788-0029 $79,900 $530 & $540 HUD t o l l -free at backs to natl forest, 20 Multiplexes for Sale TEAM We never stop moving: Birtola Garmyn Carports & A/C included! 1-800-877-0246. The mi. to Bend, 6 mi. to Prudential High Desert Fox Hollow Apts. toll f ree t e lephone La Pine. $825+ dep. Single level duplex! Realty 541-312-9449 (541) 383-3152 number for the hear- 541-280-5696. Redmond! 3 bdrm, 2 cn www. BendOregon Cascade Rental Mgmt. Co ing im p aired is MORRIS bath, 1 41 4 s q . ft. *Upstairs only with lease 687 1-800-927-9275. e ach u n it . We l l REAL ESTATE Commercial for Call for Specials! m aintained, lon g MORRIS 61250 King Solomon I d p d m l y O d dOp «d Limited numbers avail. People Look for Information term renters. Rent/Lease Updated Kings Forest REAL ESTATE About Products and 1, 2 and 3 bdrms. $179,000. Call Lava Ridges j 3 B edroom Home. I dcpc dc dyO cd d e p c « d Charlie, Designated W/D hookups, patios Services Every Daythrough Office Suites $250,000 $289,900 or decks. Broker 541-350-3419 The Bulletin Classifieds for Lease 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, TEAM Birtola Garmyn 732 Redmond RE/MAX MOUNTAIN GLEN, Bend Old Mill District 2130 sq. ft., Pahlisch Prudential High Desert 541-383-9313 Land & Homes Do you have a house Phoenix Building East, b uilt h o me . O p e n Commercial/Investment Realty 541-312-9449 Bend, OR 97701 Real Estate Professionally that you would like to Wilson Ave. Class A great room floor plan www. BendOregon Properties for Sale managed by Norris & " rent to own" to a b uilding w i t h hi g h with ga s f i r eplace, Check out the Stevens, Inc. qualified buyer? If so, grade interior finishes spacious master suite, $375,000 - 3.59 acres. classifieds online RIVER'S EDGE VILLAGE 17360 Brant Large 1/2 give me a call. I have and ready to move in. large bonus room, & The most well known 636 several qualified cli- Great mix of profes- private backyard bor- greenhouse and gar Acre Lot Near Big De Apt./Multiplex NW Bend ents who would like to sional tenants. Rea- dering large rock out- den supply in Red Updated daily schutes. $242,900 "rent to own" a home sonable rates. TEAM Birtola Garmyn cropping. mond, Oregon. Great 740 Gated Community w/amenities 141 NW P o rtland, 2 in Central O regon. Prudential High Desert Peter Storton MLS¹201207877 Highway 97 frontage, bdrm, oak cabinets, DW, Call K e lly H o r ton, Realty 541-312-9449 541-549-2500 Condo/Townhomes John Snippen, Broker, with lots of possibili 2300+SF W/S/G & c able paid, Broker, www. BendOregon Ca s cades MBA, ABR, CRS, GRI ties and room to ex for Sale laundry facilities. $650, Sotheby Int'n Realty 693 541-312-7273 pand the b usiness. $500 dep. 541-617-1101 541-508-9163 Office/Retail Space 541-948-9090 Prime opportunity to $190,000 On top of the 1 230 N E N o e W e l l We never stop moving: Includes 'MOther-In-Law" Apt. add a lan d s cape hill. One of our best Maintained Duplex in for Rent Rented your propCall a Pro view locations, quality Bend. $179,900 business, and l a nd and all appliances erty? The Bulletin Office space, high visscape maintenance, Creekside townhome TEAM Birtola Garmyn Whether you need a Classifieds en to an already well es that includes use of all ibility on Highland Ave. fence fixed, hedges High Desert has an "After Hours" tablished garden sup Eagle Crest R idge Prudential in Redmond. $425 Realty 541-312-9449 Line. Call trimmed or a house amenities. Home-ID9 p ly c e nter. ML S mo., incl. W/S/G, call www. BendOregon 541-383-2371 24 MORRIS ¹201202149 60 Eagle Crest Prop built, you'll find 541-419-1917. hours to Team Clarkerties 866-722-3370 REAL ESTATE professional help in c~a cei o a d . ' Century 21, I dcpc dc dyO cda depc «d 20070 Beaver Over 80 $220,000 Cre e kside The Bulletin's "Call a Gold Country 650 Village townhome sits ft. of Deschutes River Realty Service Professional" NE Bend j $160,000 beside pond & creek, Frontage! $149,400 Houses for Rent 541-548-2131 Bright & open 2 bedDirectory in immaculate condi TEAM Birtola Garmyn NE Bend room, 2 bath in gated tion, and shows true Prudential High Desert 541-385-5809 Mt. View Park. Large 1.56 Acres future de of o w nership. Realty 541-312-9449 Available Immediatelykitchen, great room velopment property at pride Premium up g r ade www. BendOregon a discount price, or 642 with corner fireplace, 3/2, 1700 sq. ft., like pkg. HomeI D 877 Gail Rogers, Broker nice parcel to build on new, double garage, vaulted ceiling, skyApt./Multiplex Redmond Eagle Crest Proper conveniently located fenced back yard. lights, deck. Beautiful Check out the 3OHN L. SCOTT — BEND ties 866-722-3370 63223 Carly Lane. Duplex 2 bdrm/1 bath, gardens. Pool, pick- on the west side of classifieds online 719 Redmond. Only 541.604.1649 $1050. No smoking; leball, low HOA fees. DOWNTOWN appl., W/D hookup, Real Estate Trades $45,000 MLS small pet considered. PENTHOUSE Near Medical fenced yard, storage Updated daily ¹¹201206251 Jim Floyd, First MLS¹201208106 Top Corner Floor, Mtn + shed, $599+dep., Team ClarkOregon Properties LLC, Newport for Sunriver / City Views, Open 2812 SW 24th. Lynne Connelley, EcoLa Pine / So. Bend: 541-390-9986 Century 21, Broker, ABR, CRS Floorplan, 1800 sq.ft. 541-815-1146. $200,000 valuation, Gold Country 541-408-6720 New Price: $649,000 3 Bdrm 2 Bath, 2-car, Realty We never stop moving: Cate Cushman, +% ocean access, maint.541-548-2131 Principal Broker free, for similar home 541-480-1884 w/land. 541-265-5042 13735 C o mmercial en Loop Freshly painted Property Management, Inc. Commercial building 745 Get your 541-382-0053 with 900 sq. ft. of ofHomes for Sale MORRIS business fice space and break AVAILABLE BEND AREA RENTALS REAL ESTATE room. 2400 sq. ft. of 19460 Green L a kes f/V l8 open warehouse/man- Unique Luxury Bro Indcpendcndy &mcd a«d Ope««d • 2 Bdrm, 1 Bath Apt. Near Hospital - Private a ROW I N G ufacturing area with setting. On site laundry. New carpet. Lots of ken Top C raftsman Take advantage of ort age Company. concrete floor and two Home. $896,000 Find exactly what storage. No Pets. $625.00 INST CeVVith SELCO with an ad in roll up doors. Owner • 2 Bdrm, 1 Bath SE Duplex - Single garage. you are looking for in the terms or lease option TEAM Birtola Garmyn The Bulletin's Small fenced, natural back yard. Fireplace. Prudential High Desert CLASSIFIEDS is available. W/D Hookups. New carpet & paint. No Pets. Realty 541-312-9449 "Call A Service $179,000 $650.00 VI/ST www. BendOregon 15-YEAR FIXEO Professional" MLS¹ 201109200 NE Bend j $163,500 • Furnished 1 Bdrm/2 Bath Condo -next to Juniper Realty, Open living and dining, Directory Pioneer Park. Laundry facilities. Indoor Pool. 541-504-5393 3 bedroom, 2 b ath, 1 6206 H a w k s Lai r Murphy bed. Gated community. No pets. Builder's Own C us1234 sq. f t., b right $675.00 (Aff Utilities included except cable) 730 kitchen with a break- 16461 William Foss, La tom Home w/Garage • Furnished 1 Bdrm/1 Bath Condo - Mt. New Listings fast n o ok . M a s ter Pine, OR. $379,900. + Shop. $399,000 Bachelor Village. Murphy bed, too! Great place suite with a w a lk-in Quality C o mmercial TEAM Birtola Garmyn to transition or relax. Access to pool & Jacuzzi. Downtown Bend Lot j closet. Fenced back- office Building, High Prudential High Desert Free Wi-Fi. No pets.$675.00 VVST $669,000 Realty 541-312-9449 yard. Cul - de-sac, Lakes Realty & Prop30-YEAR FIXED • Open, bright, cheerful 2 Bdrm, 1.5 Bath Man a gement www. BendOregon Downtown Bend loca- close to shopping and erty House - Central location. Huge yard. Single 541-536-0117 tion. 0.43 acre, RH dining. garage.W/D Included. Gas FP. $825.00 M/S zoning with much poMLS¹201208028 • Lovely Condo on the River - 2 Bdrm, 2 Bath. tential an d l o cated Shelly Hummel, Broker, 16480 William Foss, La 12445 N W R a i nbow Pine, OR. 1800 sq.ft. Private Setting on 5 Gated community. Single garage. Extra storoutside the h i storic CRS, GRI, CHMS age room. Gas FP. Vaulted ceilings. W/D former family medical Acres Backing Public districts. Bring your 541-383-4361 facility with home & Land $349,900 Hook-ups. Great Floor plan.$1000.00 M/S ideas! We never stop moving: shop. $178,000. High TEAM Birtola Garmyn • Open spacious 3Bdrm/2.5 Bath SW Home MLS¹201208031 Lakes Realty & Prop- Prudential High Desert Near schools. Office at entrance. Hardwood Michelle Tisdel, erty Man a gement Realty 541-312-9449 floor. Lots of built-ins 8 pull outs. Large gas P.C., Broker 541-536-0117 www. BendOregon fireplace. Vaulted ceilings. Large upstairs 541-390-3490 laundry room. Fruit trees. Pets? $1450.00 We never stop moving: Where can you find a 16354 Big Buck Private MORRIS AVAILABLE REDMOND AREA RENTALS helping hand? Cottage in the Pines REAL ESTATE N ear t he Riv e r . • dd d d d I ddd d 3 Bdrm/2 BathSW Home - Fenced back yard cn From contractors to j d p d d yO d dOp «d 'I • I I i' I I ' I •I dd' with large patio. Dbl. garage. New paint, car$80,000 yard care, it's all here TEAM '' I I I d d ' l l I I d d I I I I I I I I I I Birtola Garmyn pet,*** appl., EFA+ A/C. 1120 sq.ft. $825.00 Find exactly what in The Bulletin's Prudential High Desert d MORRIS FOR ADDITIONAL PROPERTIES *** "Call A Service Realty 541-312-9449 CALL 541-382-0053 &/or Stop By the Office you are looking for in the REAL ESTATE www. BendOregon at 587 NE Greenwood, Bend CLASSIFIEDS 1 dcpc dc dyO cd d O p c « d Professional" Directory


Houses for Rent General


Houses for Rent SE Bend

Saturday 8 Sunday 11am-3pm

3186 Quiet River Ln


4Bdrm / 2.5 Bath

Peaceful, Private

Setting w/sawyer Park

& Deschutes River abutting this lot!








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Spaci o u s h om e f eaturin g v a u l t e d great room, gourmet kitchen, master and


office on main level. H uge b o nu s r o o m upstairs. 3 bed, 2.5 ba on e premium lot o verloo k i n g o p e n space and the canal. Amazing community


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20852 Tamar Lane, Bend Directions:Reed /rfrrrket E, Io 15th

5rreet, Io coweuniry on Iefi (easl).



HOSted 6 LiSted byr

EDIE DELAY Pri nciPa/ Broker

541-420-2950 •

1PM — 4PM

that Mt.

A home with e r i c h history, character

Bachelor Village has t o o f f er . T h i s o n e bedroom, one bath

c ondo has a

l a r ge

19717 Mt. Bachelor Dr. d eck i n a f o re s t s etting . V a c a t i o n Unit ¹120 g etaway o r h o m e , Directions: Ski House 1, Unit s weet h o m e , y o u «/20, /Ift. Bachelor Village decide! Hosted 6 Listed by





charm. Main home: 4048 SF, 4 bdrms, 3.5 baths. Detached apartment: Total of 7 bdrms, 5.5 baths, .83 1776 NE 8th Street, Bend acre on 4 tax IoL~, corner Directions: Corner of /vE 8th lot, fully fenced. Licensed and Revere, enter on 8th Ave, Bed & Breakfast: The Parking on site. Country Inn the City. Total living space of 4627+ SF. $zf'I80,000

Hosted 6 Listed by.

TANYA TONGE Broker, EPro, Earrh Advantage



Pahlisch Homes Newport Landing. New construction in the heart of Bend.


SATURDAY 12:00-2:00 PM E njoy al l

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1800 NW Element Directions: Newport Ave, ro CollegetFay, left on Rochwood.




appliances, landscaped 2706 NE 8th St. Redmond Directions: East on Maple /o outdoor living in back. 5th St, go north to Redwood, Double car garage. turn east, go lef/ on 8th.


Listed byr



with irrigation, covered

Lizted byr

Broker, CSP, CDPE


B ran d NEW Craftsman style, single l evel, 1529 sq , f t . , 3 bdrm, 2 bath, alder cabinets, stainless steel

Please call today for


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New model opening soon. Over 22 sold! final floor plans, finishes and pricing.


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HOS/ed byr

IIRKNII ~~~~«..„ ~



CFNrRAI. ORFGON REALTY GROUP, LLC. Adtdtd««rV«t«d ed'ge«d edr«e



TO PLACE AN AD CALL CLASSIFIED• 541-385-5809 Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale




Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

$79,900 Broken Top Golf Estate Downtown Bend Make buying a Perfect For Investment Stellar G ol f C o u rseOverlooking Drake Park home easier and Property! Views of 1 7th T ee! 8 t he Des c hutes Well cared for Condo, The Pinehurst at Bro- River! This E n glish more affordable! large windows that ken Top represents cottage brings storyOur certified home bring in an unmatched book charm to l ife! buyer coaches and natural lighting and a benchmark for quality Classic appeal highlow-cost www. BendOregon detached RV garage great location, close and craftsmanship in lighted by hardwood workshops help you: with shop and extra to river trails and the marketplace! floors, crown molding, storage space add to downtown. Single-level by Steven and plantation shutSave Money 61495 Brosterhous Ex the value of this Aaron Ballweber, Van Sant masterfully ters. Enjoy the culiAccess Safe cellent Inv e stment unique home. Broker rendered by PacWest nary kitchen updated Mortgage Loans Opportunity in Bend. Grant Ludwick, Broker 541-728-4499 or Homes with masonry with granite counters, $199,900 541-633-0255 or 541-389-7910 w ood-burning fir e - travertine floors, and Improve Your TEAM Birtola Garmyn 541-389-7910 Hunter Properties places, hand-textured stainless steel appliCredit Score Prudential High Desert Hunter Properties walls & ceilings, el- ances. Tastefully deExplore Down Realty 541-312-9449 egant stone b a ths signed with an eye for Good classified ads tell Payment Assistance www. BendOregon $2,399,000 with h eated f l oors, timeless detail, t h is the essential facts in an Understand the Beautiful Golf Front extensive use of cush ome a l s o of f e rs interesting Manner. Write Home Buying Process Property! tom woodwork & trim, marble b a t hrooms, 63475 Futurity Single B reathtaking vie w s . from the readers view - not and dynamic show- detached two-car ga- www.neighborimpact. Level with Views on the seller's. Convert the Exterior s u rrounded case kitchen equipped rage, and manicured org/homesource 2.5 Acres in B end. by 400,000 pds. of facts into benefits. Show w ith Wolf r ange & grounds. A d d itional (541) 323-6567 $524,900 hand tumbled Mon- the reader how the item will built-in r e f rigerator. improvements inTEAM Birtola Garmyn tana r o ck . C h e f's help them in someway. Oversized t hree-car clude a n ewer fur- HomeSource 4~g Prudential High Desert k itchen, d ua l d i s hThis garage, paver patios, nace, water heater, Realty 541-312-9449 or Neighborlmpact w ashers, high e n d advertising tip and private hot tub a nd roof. T h i s i s www. BendOregon appl. Natural stone & brought to you by e nhance t hi s t r u ly Downtown living at its Newer S ingle S t o ry granite, wine cellar, p henomenal h o m e finest so don't miss Home, 3 bdrm, 2.5 The Bulletin pottery room w/Kiln, d estined fo r t h o se out on this rare op55681 Wagon Master 6 -car g arage, i n bath, office, sunroom, seeking nothing but portunity to own the 2260 sq.ft., 60 acres, River Meadows Re cludes full RV b ay, the best. Call for your dream! MLS ¹ sort Chalet H o me. mtn 8 S m it h R o ck A ffordable hou s i ng shop & car lift. private tour t o day! 201205806 $649,000 views. $289,000. MLS $179,995 Manufactured home Aaron Boehm, Broker MLS ¹ 20 1 2 04424 David D. Gilmore, TEAM Birtola Garmyn ¹ 201206306 Pam close t o d o w ntown (541) 647-8851 $1,185,000 Broker. 541-312-7271 Prudential High Desert Lester, Principal Broand Old Mill. 3 bedRyan Whitcomb, David D. Gilmore, HColdwelBanker Realty 541-312-9449 ker, Century 21 Gold room, 2 b ath, 1296 Broker (541) 639-1151 541-312-7271 Morris Real Estate. Country Realty, Inc. www. BendOregon sq. ft. open floor plan. Broker. Hunter Properties HColdwelBanker Fenced ba c k yard, Downtown ri v e rfront 541-504-1338 Morris Real Estate. covered carport with $299,000 Top floor studio with No Reserve 9587 S E R i d geviewA Perfect Place To Call storage. $29,900 separate break-away Tlmed Online Magnificent V i e w s, Convenient NE B e nd Home... b edroom. Tw o f u l l Ranch home on 10y AUCTION 698 Teresa Brown, Traditional Sale. baths. Beautiful, well cared O u t standing Acres. $429,987 Ends Nov.14th Move-in ready 2036 Broker 541-788-8661 home on large corner D eschutes Rive r TEAM Birtola Garmyn Lot in ProngJohn L. Scott s q. ft. home on a views from your cov- Building lot. Upgrades Prudential High Desert h orn S u b . 23 0 1 3 Est a te , B e nd cul-de-sac in d e sir- ered deck. Covered Canyon View Loop throughout this spa- R eal Realty 541-312-9449 able n e i ghborhood. p arking an d cious home includes ye a r Selling to the Highest www. BendOregon Features: wood, tile, round pool and spa granite counters, 28 Properties pantry, gas fireplace, just outside your door. Bidder stainless appliances, Amazing Golf Views! in 5-States! large master, walk-in hardwood floors, Situated perfectly be19555 Tumalo Reser $89,900. stone entry way & hind Broken Top's first closet 8 10' coffered MLS¹201105991 voir Remo d eled 208-377-5700 green with approach ceilings in l iving & Tom Eilertson, Broker home, Casc a de paver patio. Amenities include pool, shot a n d fa i r way dining. 3-car garage. views, farm deferral. 541-350-8097 What are you views from the Mas$234,900. tennis court & club $755,000 John L. Scott house. ter Bedroom, Living, looking for? TEAM Birtola Garmyn Real Estate, Bend and Dining r ooms. 7444 Jon Frazier, Broker Prudential High Desert You'll find it in Kellie Cook, Broker 541-610-4626 or Well worth your time Realty 541-312-9449 541-408-0463 541-389-7910 to view t his B rand Home wi t h shop The Bulletin Classifieds www. BendOregon John L. Scott Stick-built, 3 bedroom, Hunter Properties New remodel with c ellent Attention t o Real Estate, Bend 2 bath o n 1 a c r e , 17225 Indio Cabin in 3 Bedroom, 2.5 baths, 3 0x40 s h o p wit h Detail. Updates in541-385-5809 1389 sq. ft. in Sunrit he Woods o n 1 / 2 mother-in-law q u a rclude a com p lete Acre Lot. $130,000 ver. Charming cotters in La Pine. Bring functional master bath NorthWest Crossing tage w/separate guest restructure, Just too many TEAM Birtola Garmyn new h orses. 53253 B i g New Listing! This cusPrudential High Desert quarters. Recent re- flooring t h roughout, Timber Dr. $137,900 t om C r aftsman i s collectibles? model includes fresh new granite counters, Realty 541-312-9449 Theresa Ramsay, Bropoised on a rare elwww. BendOregon paint, counters, car- new stainless energy ker 541-815-4442 evated lot with treeSell them in pet & r ustic charm. efficient a p pliances, John L. Scott top 8 M t . B achelor The Bulletin Classifieds C ozy l i ving r o o m finely refinished cabiReal Estate, Bend views! F o r m and 61705 Rigel Home w/2 w/gas fire p lace, netry, interior/exterior function blend to proMaster Suites, kitchen, bedrooms & paint, hybrid gas asvide an o pen f loor 541-385-5809 Fenced Corner Lot. Large irrigated acreage! p lan a dorned w i t h bath. A large sist/wood bur n i ng Turn-key horse prop- s olid Oregon O a k $209,900. w rap-around d e c k , fireplaces in the living TEAM Birtola Garmyn m ature t rees a n d room an d m a s terCustom home on small erty. Ride off into the hardwood floors, tiled Badlands. S pacious Prudential High Desert yard, cul-de-sac loca- bedroom, and an out- acreage Beautiful 4 kitchen & bath surRealty 541-312-9449 home w/master on the f aces, a n d off i c e tion. Top rated Sunri- standing 500+ bottle bdrm,/4.5 bath home, www. BendOregon main level. Over 59 ver resort! $249,900 wine cellar. Make this w/daylight basement. nook. Central air acres with 40 acres of ditioning, custom winTina Roberts, Broker, unique home a prior- 6.45 AC with 2.5 AC irrigation. Barns and 541-419-9022 ity to view today. RE- irrig., fireplace in livdow treatments, and $109,900 more. TOTAL Property DUCED $649,000. oversized garage with ing r o om, g r a nite Barbara A Wonderful Condo Jackson, BroResources, Neil McDaniel, Broker street-level driveway counters in k itchen, Mt. Bachelor Village ker 541-306-8186 541-330-0588 541-350-9579 punctuate single-level large master suite on This condo will make for John L. Scott convenience. E njoy a great getaway or 3 Bedroom, 2.5 baths, Fred Real Estate Group main level, elevator, 2 Real Estate, Bend the storybook front double-car g arages smart inv e stment. 1500 sq. ft, 43 AC lot porch and ample enClose to d o wntown N ice s i n gl e le v e l BANK OWNED HOMES! plus a huge RV gaFREE List w/Pics! tertaining space in the r age. $599, 9 00 and the ever popular h ome l o cated o n Take care of fully landscaped rear Old Mi l l Dis t r ict. nearly 1/2 acre at the bend and beyond real estate y ard. C a pture t h e 6039 Amenities inc l u de end of a cul-de-sac your investments 20967 yeoman, bend or pulse of Westside livEllen Clough, Broker, pool, tennis c ourts ending near the Deswith the help from ing! MLS ¹ ABR, CRS and trails accessing chutes River in T u201207810 $379,000 541-480-7180 TURN THE PAGE the Deschutes River. malo. Mainhouse has The Bulletin's David D. Gilmore, John L. Scott Call Grant for more 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths For More Ads "Call A Service Broker. 541-312-7271 Real Estate, Bend details! with detached guest HColdwelBanker The Bulletin Professional" Directory Grant Ludwick, Broker cottage-bedroom Morris Real Estate. 541-633-0255 or /studio, b a t h and 541-389-7910 kitchenette behind the Hunter Properties 2-car garage. Large fenced yard and RV $1,200,000 parking. Enjoy living in Estate ln Gated Golf the country! $179,000 Community Tina Roberts, Broker, Cascade views with 2.5 541-419-9022 acres, 4bdrm, w i th TOTAL Property his/hers master suites Resources, on main level. 3 gas 541-330-0588 fireplaces, roomy kitchen, Wrap-around 3 Bedroom, 2.5 baths People Helping People Buy Homes Since 1987 windows, woodfloors, 2166 sq. ft. .47 acre 8 3 car garage. Golf lot Immaculate home cart bay w/ 1,560 s/f on nearly 1/2 acre. coach house c om- Traditional style 685 SE Third St, Bend, OR 97702 ~ 541-318-5500 ~ NMLS¹89511/ML-3213-10 p lete w i t h sho p . w/formal living, S pectacular lan d - vaulted ceiling, family scaping, pond, room w/gas fireplace I ,' I I I streams & waterfall all adjoins the k i tchen set w i t hin f e n ced and dining area. Nice area. kitchen w / b reakfast Ryan Whitcomb, bar. Bedrooms up w/ Broker 541-639-1151 tile baths. P ark-like Aaron Boehm, Broker setting yard w/sprin541-647-8851 k lers, f e nced a n d Hunter Properties spacious outdoor living area. Paved RV $125,000 pad & covered storPrice Reduction! M u s t See! Mid-town cutie needs a age. $299,000 b it of TL C bu t h a s Tina Roberts, Broker, loads o f p o t ential. 541-419-9022 Fenced in yard with TOTAL Property lots of room to garResources, d en with p lenty of 541-330-0588 sunshine. Structure is sound (just needs a $474,500 little lipstick). Sunriver Gem! Debbie Tallman, Broker L arge corner lo t i n 541-390-0934 or cludes gor g eous 541-389-7910 Asian walnut flooring, Hunter Properties new Hickory cabinets, carpet and tile floors. $149,500 Three f u l l ma s t er Well Maintained Home suites, 3.5 baths. ExSet back from the road cellent rental history. and very private. New Susan Pitarro, Broker wood floors, new 541-410-8084 or cabinets through out, 541 -389-791 0 new tub shower in Hunter Properties master bath. * Evergreen Home Loans is a registered trade name of Evergreen Moneysource Mortgage Company. NMLS ID 3182 Easy to show! Call The Bulletin At Susan Pitarro, Broker 544 -385-5809 541-410-8084 or Place Your Ad Or E-Mail 541-389-7910 Hunter Properties At: 26295 Willard 10 Acre $195,900 Property with 2 Ranch Style Home! Homes, Barn 8 Shop. This single owner home sits on 2/3 acres, $375,000 TEAM Birtola Garmyn offering privacy as Prudential High Desert well as the open feel Realty 541-312-9449 of country living. A



0 2343 NW Frazer Ln. $449,900 OPENSUNDAY12-3 • Master on main level • Bonus loft plus den • Premium finishes Directions: West on Shevlin Park Rd., left on NW Crossing Dr, left on NW Frazer Ln.

2326 NW Frazer Ln.

"I Ir

$332,500 OPENSUNDAY12-3

• Green home • Premium finishes • Formal living room


Oirectioos: West on Shevlin Park Rd., left on NW Crossing Dr, left on NW Frazer Ln.

2163 NW Lolo Dr. SOLD • Luxurious features • Bonus room w/ wet bar • Bright corner lot Directions: West on Skyliners Rd., right on NW Mt. Washington Dr., right on NW Lolo Dr.




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19159 Park Commons Dr. • Master on main level $469,900





• Premium finishes • 3-car garage Directions: Weston Shevlin ParkRd., nghtocNW parkCommons Dr $HavuN PINES

• Purchase • Refinance • Investment

19777 Chicory Ave. • Multiple activity spaces $399,999 • Master on main level • Formal living, dining rooms

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Directions: From SWBrookswood Blvd., right on Lodgepole Dr., left on Hollygrape St., right ou Gooseberry Pl., right on Chicory Ave.

541-31 8-5500

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21133 Charity Ln. • Traditional elegance • Over half acre in city • Formal LR and DR



Hunter Properties



Directions: From Parkwayexit Reed Mkt. Rd. east, right on SE 15th St., left on Ferguson Rd., left on Mt. Vista Dr., right on Charity Ln.


1 6973 V a rc o ro a d $474,900 Charming 3/2 single Set In The Ponderosa Pines. Soaring ceillevel home on 1.35 acres. Upgr aded ings, fireplace, large kitchen w/hardwood, family room with high granite, c o m posite windows. This home sink. Lan d scaped, sits at the end of a freshly painted, spar- cul-de-sac on over 5 kling clean, move-in acres. Deck brings the Ready! Cascade Mtn. outdoors in...3 car gaviews! Detached light rage, plus a detached 8 bright office/studio RV barn/boat, sepaCandice And e rson, rate shop, 1/2 bath! Broker 541-788-8878 Mike Wilson, Broker. 541-977-5345 or John L. Scott R eal Est a te , B e n d 541-389-7910 Hunter Properties 4 Bedroom, 2.5 bath, $189,000 Park-like Setting On .50 3070 sq. ft. .34 acre Acres. Re n ovated lot. This newer home with custom finishes in Shevlin Ridge inthroughout. New c ludes m ai n l e v e l hardwood floors, Eu- master, office and boropean plaster, fresh nus room. Great room paint throughout. Re- a djoins gour m et cent furnace 8 septic, kitchen w/center isincludes large utility land 8 breakfast bar. room. Large garage Quality fini s h es has attached 10x13 t hroughout. Har d bonus room or office, wood floors, full tile attached 14x20 c a rshower, l andscaped port, custom 16x22 w/fence, 3-car garage. heated shop, hot tub $525,000 and RV parking. Tina Roberts, Broker, 541-419-9022 Mike Wilson, Broker. 541-977-5345 or TOTAL Property

to the LOan OffiCerS of EVergreen Home Loans for being the ¹3 retail 1407 H>ghland V<ew Lp.

Mortgage Bankerin Deschutes 8

• Eagle Crest townhome $154,PQQ • Vaulted great room • Broad patio w/hot tub

Crook Counties for 2011. (information basedon purchase units fundedper county recordings.)

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Directions: From Cline Falls Hwy., west into Ridge atEagleCrest. Followto Creekside area onEagleCrest Blvd., left on Wm. Lyche Dr., left on Highland ViewLp.

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SET-UP FOR HORSES Awbrey Butte j NW Bend j $489,000 V ery a t tractive a n d $ 265,900 Enjoy t h e 10 Peak Cascade Fabulous Canyon Rim. One Block From NOTICE $ 129,000 3 b e d Overlooking the Desnewly rem o d eled magnificent Cascade Views! I $292,900 Once in a lifetime opDrake Park j $685,000 All real estate adverroom, 2 b a th, 4 .75 5 bedroom, 3 bath, chutes River from the home in established Mountain Views from B reathtaking v ie w s ! portunity. Breathtak$696,000 tised here in is subRi v e r's neighborhood!! Large the large upstairs bo 2450 sq. ft. 3 bdrm, 2 ing views of the canLarge, corner, 9000 ject to t h e F e deral fenced level acres. 4288 sq. ft. home. Flat back a n d .82 a cr e l o t on Edge golf course from . 49 acre lot i n t h e nus room. This home bath. Large multi-pur- yon from your reverse sq. ft. Iot o n State F air H o using A c t , Barn, run-in sheds, would make a great pose shop/pole barn, l iving f l o o r pla n . Street in th e D rake which makes it illegal shop, shed, green- cul-de-sac. V a u lted the front. 3 bedroom, heart of Bend!! Upliving/dining room, pri- 2.5 bath, 2612 sq. ft. d ated from roof t o vacation rental! deck, hot tub. Vaulted living room, Park Historic District. to advertise any pref- house. vate master on main Master suite s itting plumbing, this is one Home-ID955 MLS¹201207579 p ellet s t ove . Th e Newer great r oom, erence, limitation or 771 level. Kitchen opens area opens to river you will want to see Eagle Crest Properties Gail Day 541-306-1018 kitchen has an island gourmet kitchen, updiscrimination based C o mbs, to family room. Built-in view. inside of!! 3 bdrm/ 2 866-722-3370 Central Oregon Realty and solid oak cabin- stairs master suite 8 on race, color, reli- Peggy Le e Broker, 541-480-7653 wet bar. Shop with MLS¹201204300 bath, large living room NEW Group, LLC etry. Many upgrades maintains t h e old gion, sex, handicap, John S T ING ! 3 L. Scott concrete floor. Rosemary Goodwin, beautiful kitchen, and bdrms, LI including tiled baths, charm of d owntown familial status or na2 baths, 1700 New Single level home Es t a te, B e nd MLS¹201206297 Broker, a f a ntastic f a m ily sq. ft. built in 2001. 3 bdrms, 2 baths, 1554 huge bonus room on Bend. tional origin, or inten- Real Virginia Ross, Broker, Certified Negotiator room are just the be- Convenient location in sq. ft. r anch style. lower level, attached MLS¹201206543 tion to make any such ABR, CRS, GRI 541-706-1897 ginning.Fenced back- the desirable NW sec Landscaped w/ sprin- garage, landscaping, Scott Huggin, preferences, l i mitaShevlin Ridge Lots 541-480-7501 We never stop moving: circular drive, carport, Broker, GRI yard, w/fantastic gar- tion, close to Maple tions or discrimination. Find a homesite that fits kler sys. $159,900 We never stop moving: d en area, patio & decks, paver patio, 541-322-1500 We will not knowingly your vision within this St., very well main MLS¹201203740 large garage w/220 tained and shows like garden area 8 more! We never stop moving. accept any advertis- family friendly neighJim Hinton electric allow lots of 8x10 storage shed 8 ing for r eal e state borhood. Large f lat 541-420-6229 new! Attractive ma outside livinq space ture, an d partial fencing. cs which is in violation of lots range from .25 to Central Oregon Realty m a n age as w e ll ! $ 2 5 0,000 able landscaping, and $249,900 this law. All persons .50 acre with privacy Group, LLC MLS¹201202508. MLS¹201206225 MORRIS are hereby informed and mature Pondean oversized parking John L. Scott Real Es- area ... perfect for $174,900 i m maculateD&D Realty Group LLC MORRIS that all dwellings adREAL ESTATE rosa trees. Near parks home with so many tate 541-548-1712 541-923-8664 MORRIS vertised are available and trails. REAL ESTATE I dcpcdcmlyO cd dOpc tcd even the largest of pgrades an d i m on an equal opportu- 1 dcpc de tlyO cd d O p c icd RVs. Easy access to u REAL ESTATE 750 Fieldstone crossing, 4 provements; gor nity basis. The Bulle- Starting at $104,000 the Dry Canyon walk geous new c u stom bdrm, 2.5 bath, 2130 Indepcndcntly 0 acd and Opcratcd 747 Redmond Homes tin Classified Awbrey Butte j ing trails, right across h ickory cabinets i n Tina Roberts, sq.ft., gas fireplace, Southwest Bend Homes THE 1 1th F AIRBroker, 541-419-9022 $899,000 street. No disap NW Bend kitchen an d d i n ing tile countertops, slate ON Driveway in place. 7981 the Stunning home with pointments here! behind the gate TOTAL Property room, custom w/tile entry, hardwood, huge WAY Newport Landing SW High Cone, Artistry in Broken Top, at Eagle 3725 Resources, views from Jefferson ¹201207218 Incredible NW location shower, new maple d eck, f enced, R V sq. ft., 4 Crest. $29,900. Fabulous woodwork, to Mt. Hood and twinTeam Clarkbedrooms, 541-330-0588 area. $189,900. MLS floors, new tile, new Starting the mid MLS¹201003931 .75 baths, 2 h u ge k ling city l i ghts a t mtn and golf views. Call Melody Curry, BroCentury 21, carpet 8 upgrades in ¹ 2012059483. P a m 3bonus $200,000s S ISTERS GETAW A Y ! night. Black w alnut bdrm suites, bonus. Gold Country Realty rooms, large Lester, Principal Broevery direction. This is Pahlisch Homes G reat vacation o r f loors, b l u e ey e d 4100 sq. ft. New Price ker, 541-771-1116 541-548-2131 ker, Century 21 Gold deck, 3 car garage, The Hasson in a park-like setting Crooked River Realty permanent residence g ranite, 2 $ 1,299,000. MLS ¹ cabinetry, granmas t e r 201109001. o u t side Country Realty, Inc. alder Company Realtors. $204,000 Be a u tifully with m or e near Sisters. Cabin suites 8 wine cellar. ite countertops. 4 Private nice area close situated on the 14th than in. Oversized 2 541-504-1338 Karen Malanga, feel with spacious loft. bedroom, 3.5 b a t h, Cate Cushman, MLS¹201203992. in at Crooked River Broker tee box/fairway of the car garage/loft, TREK Enjoy the pool, tennis 3811 sq. ft. Principal Broker Great Opportunity! $577,000 Ranch. 3bd/2ba very 541-390-3326 Ridge Golf C ourse. deck/Pergola, 30x40 541-480-1 884 c ourts a n d mo r e . MLS¹201204524 John L. Scott Real Esnice DBL car garage. Tastefully decorated, s hop, covered R V 2 tax lots, home feaHorses are OK! Call Karin Johnson, Broker tures lots of character tate 541-548-1712 $89,900 furniture package is park, gr e enhouse. & charm,vaulted for more informa541-639-6140 NW Crossing master- me MLS¹201202001 MLS¹201204017 n egotiable! H o m e Panoramic views! Great tion! Broken Top j open beam ceilings, 2 Call Julie Fahlgren, piece! Amazing NW Barbara Jackson, Bro- We never stop moving: ID831 Eagle C rest D&D Realty Group LLC location 3 miles NW of $1,185,000 bnck woodburning Broker, 541-550-0098 Crossing home w/4 ker 541-306-8186 866-346-7868 Properties Redmond. Views of The Pinehurst at Bro- Crooked River Realty fireplaces, 1490 sq. ft. bedrooms & 5 baths! John L. Scott 866-722-3370 mith Rock 8 ken Top by S teven The Bulletin 3 bdrm, 2 bath, beau- S cs Over 3500 sq. ft. of Real O chocos. Cus t o m Es t a te, B e nd Van Sa n t /Pacwest 3 bed, 2 bath, 2363 sq. 3 bdrm, 2 bath horse tiful built-ins, gas F/A To Subscribe call quality wit h c h erry built 2478 sq. ft. home Homes! Unmatched ft. backs up to golf property w/barn heat, close-in location. on wood floors, marble 541-385-5800 or go to 4.74 acres. 1800 quality 8 c raftsmancourse. $299,000 & incredible views. $144,900 MORRIS countertops, box sq. ft. shop w/RV bay. ship! Sin g le-level, MLS¹201203328 $139,000 Shelley Arnold, broker, beam ceilings, outNeed to get an ad REAL ESTATE MLS201202726 3-car garage, custom Call Linda Lou MLS¹201203441 32.42 Acres in Urban John L Scott Bend door patio 8 bbq Indcpcndently &mcd and Opcra<cd $447,000 J oh n L. cabinetry 8 trim, 0.55 Day-Wright, Broker, in ASAP? Call Julie Fahlgren, Growth Bo u n dary, 541-771-9329 w/fireplace an d a acre golf course view Scott R ea l E s t ate 541-771-2585 Broker, 541-550-0098 Adjacent t o The MLS ¹201205705 guest apartment. All FRENCH COUNTRY 541-548-1712 lot. No exp e n se Crooked River Realty Crooked River Realty Greens, kitty corner to across from park in an Fax It to 541-322-7253 CHATEAU spared! Advertise your car! new Ridgeview High Single le v e l and award-winning neighCity & Mtn Views, HillAdd A Prcfure! MLS¹201204424 Need help fixing stuff? School. $59 9 ,000. Reach m ove-in r e ady! 3 borhood! $ 6 59,000. The Bulletin Classifieds side Park, 4 Bdrms, 4 David thousands of readers! Tick, Tock Gilmore, Broker Call A ServiceProfessional MLS ¹ 201 2 03193 bdrm, 2 bath,. 1535 Baths 4152 sq.ft. OfCall 541-385-5809 541-312-7271 find the help you need. Pam Lester, Principal The athycaba fered at $2,395,000 Tick, Tock... Bulletin Class!f!eds sq. ft. with a g reat We never stop moving: B roker, Century 2 1 room concept, lots of Kathy Caba, Principal SKYLINER S U M MIT Cate Cushman, ...don't let time get Gold Country Realty, Impeccable cu s t om s torage an d o v e r Broker, ABR $93/sq. ft . D E S IRPrincipal Broker Gorgeous Mountain Inc. 541-504-1338 home. 3 B d rm, 2 .5 541-771-1761 sized bedr o oms, ABLE Westside loca541-480-1884 away. Hire a Views. 12649 SW cs bath, bonus r o om, beautifully John L. Scott landtion of Skyliner Sum- Adorable cottage style Peninsula Dr. professional out den, 2633 sq.ft., 5+/- scaped, extra parking, R eal Est a te , B e n d mit. Spacious 8 open home. 3 Bdrm, 1.5 $162,900 of The Bulletin's acres, har d wood, s hop area i n th e vaulted f loor p l a n. IRREPLACEABLE. b ath, 1336 sq. f t . MLS¹201205061 MORRIS l arge r e a r de c k . double car g arage. Estate quality, borSF 4 bedrooms, "Call A Service L andscaped w i t h Call Melody Curry, BroONE-OF-A-KIND log 3503 $300,000. MLS Traditional sale. ders National Forest. REAL ESTATE baths, 2 master arden area. ker, 541-771-1116 home w/cascade 3.5 Professional" ¹ 201201384 Pam $185,000. Minutes from Bend. Indcpendcndy ~cd and Operatcd MLS suites, large upper 8 70,000 MLS¹ Crooked River Realty views! 3 b edrooms, l ower d e ck s wi t h Lester, Principal Bro- ¹201207907 8900 sq.ft. home. Directory today! 201203069. 2.5 baths, 4344 sq. ft. mountain views, main $1,499,000. ker, Century 21 Gold John L. Scott Real EsDESCHUTES $399,900 Location! Lo Call VIRGINIA, Prinhome with gorgeous l evel o f fice, w o o d Country Realty, Inc. tate 541-548-1712 Cate Cushman, c ation! 2623 sq . f t . Stick built, Huge Shop, cipal Broker, RIVER WOODS Cascade views. flooring, 541-504-1338 Principal Broker M e adow large 541-350-3418 3 bedroom, 1.75 bath in c ustom home w i t h 9226 S W Single level on 1 acre, 3 $439,000. MLS¹ 541-480-1884 $91,200. Redmond RE/MAX farm-style kit c h en sq. ft. custom views of Smith Rock. Rd. 201108589. For more w/upgraded counter- 1329 Large Lot In SW Red- bdrm, 2 bath, 1716 G reat r o o m wit h MLS¹201206589 home on DRW acre. Land 8 Homes mond. 3 bdrm, 2 bath, sq.ft., master separainformation and pictops. Lg family room. floo r s , Call Melody Curry, BroReal Estate Great room floor plan h ardwood tures - Text: T538791 Tons o f sto r age! 1108 sq.ft, 9148 sq.ft. tion, office, fenced, ker, 541-771-1116 vaulted ceiling, open with vaulted ceiling. Garage Sales to 85377. Crooked River Realty Beautiful well cared for lot, hot tub, sprinkler f lower garden, R V kitchen all one level! A All kitchen appliances $ 1 4 5,000. ranch-style home on system, greenhouse. parking. helleyarnold are included. Both re- must see! Home Garage Sales Completely fenced MLS ¹ 20 1 0 07848. .51 acre. 3 bdrms, 2 MLS¹201207599. daniellesnow -ID981 $327,000. cessed & under cabiproperty! 13665 SW Danielle Snow, Broker b aths, o v e r 20 0 0 $84,000. Pam Lester, Pam Lester, Principal MLS¹201202642. Garage Sales net lighting in kitchen. Eagle Crest Properties Cinder, $84,900. 541-306-1015 sq.ft., all on one level. P rincipal Brok e r , B roker, Century 2 1 866-722-3370 Shelley Arnold, Broker Laundry room w/skyMLS¹201207581 Home has 9' ceilings, C entury 2 1 John L. Scott Gol d Gold Country Realty, 541-771-9329 Find them lite and large pantry. Call Melody Curry, BroInc. 541-504-1338 triple garage and view Country Realty, Inc. Real Estate, Bend SHOP 3360SF 3-overJohn L. Scott New interior p aint. ker, 541-771-1116 in R eal of Smith Rock and the 541-504-1338 head drs+ dbl gar Est a te , B e n d Garage is heated and SW Redmond. Immacu Crooked River Realty C ascades. Tons o f lovely and 1134SF The Bulletin f inished w/wor k home. Live the C e ntral O r- late single story in u pgrades, this is a Closed-in back Say "goodbuy" Custom Home. 6320 bench. Super fenced lifestyle you've pride-of-ownershi Classifieds SW Bend porch. 1.65-acres. SW Groundhog Road. home you will defi- egon yard w/mature Ponto that unused Deschutes Landing n itely want t o s e e . always dreamed of at $125,000 $299,450 derosas, storage THE FALLS at Eagle 541-385-5809 $223,500. Riverfront Townhomes MLS¹201204034 item by placing it in b uilding, doub l e CallMLS¹201206048 Crest. Residents of Starting in the low Nancy Popp, Bro- Call Melody Curry, Bro- MLS¹201107890 c anopy carport o r THE FALLS enloy exThe Bulletin Classifieds John L. Scott Real $400,000s New Riverfront Home j ker, 541-815-8000 ker, 541-771-1116 storage structure. This clusive use of t heir Pahlisch Homes Estate 541-548-1712 $1,195,000 Crooked River Realty Crooked River Realty home is m o ve-in own clubhouse (picThe Hasson Beautiful home on the 5 41 -385-580 9 $155,000. Call Custom golf course New Craftsman style Charming end of cul-de- tured), access to three Company Realtors. Deschutes River near ready. s ac home, with a home I $162,900 home, 2 master suites golf courses, and all Edie Delay, Broker D owntown Bend & Bobbie at about western motif. Living t he rest o f E a g le REDMOND TOWNSITE + attached apt.243 1529 sq. ft. 3 bdrm, 2 541-420-2950, The Old Mill. Well-ap- 541-480-1635 room is plumbed for MLS¹2802056. Crest's ame n ities. 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath in Julie Burgoni, Broker SF bonus rm,fenced, bath, alder cabinets. pointed entry, great Bobbie Strome, 1 064+/- sq.ft. on a w/dbl garage. Loads New stainless steel natural gas, wood 8 Homesites start at just 541-306-8927 room, gourmet kittile floors throughout. Principal Broker appliances, gas fire4 792+/- s q . ft . I o t . of upgrades! $59,900 and lots on c hen, m a i n le v e l John L Scott Real S olid 1 9 50's c o n - TIMBER RIDGE, Big $299,000 place. L a n dscaped Large landscaped lot the Challenge Course m aster s u i te . El Nic e evated deck down to Estate 541-385-5500 s truction has b e e n Ponderosa's Call Nancy Popp, Bro- front/back w/irrigation with sprinkler system a re a v ailable. W e and a fenced backker, 541-815-8000 MLS¹201206602 have several PREprofessionally refur- single level 3 bd, 2 dock with boat ramp. yard. $119,900 SW Bend j $219,000 Jim Hinton FERRED BUILDERS bished. It is a m u st bath 1800 SF home Crooked River Realty Call today! MLS¹201109122 Close to River & Old 541-420-6229 that are ready to aspreview property. The w/newer comp roof, MLS¹201207905 2 bedroom, 2 bath on D&D Realty Group LLC Mill. Private backyard, Central Oregon Realty s ist you w it h y o ur owner is in the busi- vinyl siding & open Lisa Campbell, Broker 541-923-8664 1.12 acres. $139,900 decks & hot tub. Great n ess o f mov i n g floor plan. Park-like Group, LLC complete hom e 541-419-8900 MLS¹201203821 room with gas firesetting next to Bend needs; evhomes, r e furbishing We never stop moving: 1620SF well appointed C lean S i ngle S t o ry building Call Linda Lou place, built-ins. Granthem 8 finding a new Golf & Country Club. erything from p home adjoins 90-acre Home, 3 bdrm, 2 bath, ning to moving in.lanDay-Wright, Broker, ite, gas range, pantry family to own them. Large lava rock firepasture with 2 -mile 1529sq. ft., gas fire- a rrange for a pTo 541-771-2585 i n k i t chen. G r e at The home is vacant, place, gas fireplace, e rplace, l a ndscaped, walking track. Heat Crooked River Realty master. Lots of storand forced air gas so a preview of the fenced backyard with sonal tour please call p ump, prop a ne age. Maybe the Best $340,000 All the bells free-standing s t ove, w ater f e ature a n d Eagle Crest Properhome is EASY, any- heat. HOA provides Buy in Town. L a r ge at time day o r n i g ht. l awn c a re . (866) paver patio. $109,000. ties and whistles, includ oversized dbl gar + MORRIS MLS¹201208079 722-3370. Or, better There is also a gener- m aster, utility, a n d ing; 2 Master Suites, bonus rm. Lg kitchen MLS¹201201105. REAL ESTATE Lester Friedman, well-laid out kitchen. ous detached, Pam Lester, Principal yet, drop by our office C ontrol 4 Smar t cov. decks. $144,900 P.C., Broker d ouble-garage. T h e C onventional sal e 1 dcpc denxyo cda dopcn<cd l ocated next to t h e Home, security sys Call Nancy Popp, Bro- B roker, Century 2 1 541-330-8491 priced to sell. zoning is C2, so an Gold Country Realty, Ridge Pro Shop. tem, granite in kitchen ker, 541-815-8000 Northwest Crossing j 866-722-3370 in-home bus i ness MLS¹201207138 We never stop moving: Inc. 541-504-1338 and utility, marble in Crooked River Realty $379,000 could b e per f ect. baths, the list goes Located in the heart of Life is good! Custom 6252 Cute, turn-key stick built $85,000. Have an item to on. Home-ID887 1574 sq. ft., 3 bedRedmond. Beautifully Ken Theobald, Broker MLS¹201205193. 1270 SF home. cs Eagle Crest Properties sell quick? updated home on .37 541-41 9-0550 room + office built in Bobbie Strome, $139,900 866-722-3370 acre lot w/upgrades. John L. Scott 2 010, view o f M t . Principal Broker MLS¹201202978 If it's under Brand new m a ster Bachelor! Solid wood John L Scott Real Real Estate, Bend Call Linda Lou 3 bdrm, 2.5 bath, 2151 MORRIS '500 you can place it in floors, tiled kitchen & s uite. Home i s 4 4 Day-Wright, Broker, Estate 541-385-5500 sq. ft. Enjoy this pri REAL ESTATE bdrm/2 bath, l a rge b aths, c e ntral a i r , v ate s e t ting wi t h 541-771-2585 The Bulletin Turnkey Ranch W/Cas1 dcpc dcwly 0 cd d Opc <cd River frontage 0.58 acre oversized ga r a ge. living room, f o rmal sweeping views of the Crooked River Realty Classifieds for: cul-de-sac lot on the cade mtn views, built dining, nice kitchen! Earth Advantage Cer18th h ol e o f the $274,000 Great Room upper Des c hutes in 1993, 38+ a cres tified. Look at: Outside: pull through Driver's Dream with 26 + i r r igation, MLS¹201207810 gas fireplace, 8 River. Utilities are in '10 - 3 lines, 7 days garage, extra storage Course on the Ridge plan, built-in buffet kitchen and lot comes with barn, shop, hay shed, Pat Palazzi, Broker bldg. Alley a c cess Course. The well kept '16 3 lines, 14 days for Complete Listings of $55 0 ,000. w/island, two masters paid and a pproved fenced. makes moving your 541-771-6996 home has all of the Area Real Estate for Sale MLS ¹ 20 1 0 03925 (one on main) soak (Private Party ads only) plans for a 2400 sq.ft. 541-948-9090 toys around a breeze! features that you are ing tubs, & walk in Pam Lester, Principal home. Call to see this one of We never stop moving: looking for! Open and closets. Home-ID951 C orner Lot Home i n B roker, Century 2 1 749 spacious living, with Eagle Crest Properties C anyon Vie w t h a t a kind home today! Gold Country Realty, Nadine L. Ash, Broker MLS¹201202360. Southeast Bend Homes many r e cent up features 9' c e i lings $225,000 Inc. 541-504-1338 541-390-4017 grades, like the slate 866-722-3370 throughout. It also has John L. Scott Real EsJohn L. Scott 4 Bdrm, 3.5 bath, 3734 entry and newer gran Close to Pasture Unique mid-Bend Live a heated floor and Real Estate, Bend tate 541-548-1712 sq.ft, 32 acre corner ite tile c o untertops, w/views. 8589 SW on a creage, h a ve Whirlpool tub & a gas lot. Beautiful lodgeand th e e x panded MORRIS Panorama. $44,500. fireplace in the mas- LONG-TERM LEASE gated privacy, large style home w / hand master bathroom. Cof MLS¹201105165 REAL ESTATE River front home. Enjoy pond, views plus a 5 and a bonus room highly upgraded 2 crafted timber trusses fered ceilings, many Call Melody Curry, Bro- ter, bedroom home ... plus all that river front livI dcpc dcn<lyO cda dOpcm<cd of approx. 400 sq. ft. bdrm and den, 3-car inside & o ut. Hardbuilt-in cabinets, ex ker, 541-771-1116 being i n m i d -Bend ing has to offer near The garage is approx. garage, Eagle Crest wood, Slab granite, tensive landscaping, Crooked River Realty downtown. Fantastic and close to every- NW Bend j $305,000 900 sq. ft.! $224,900 55+. $1995 per mo. Travertine, H e a t ed and a great floor plan thing!! Who says you o pportunity t o up Beautifully maintained F loors, Mai n l e v e l make this the perfect 3 bed 2 bath, custom MLS¹201204132 541-923-0115 can't have it all, call h ome just a s h o rt D8D Realty Group LLC grade this well built 3 home, huge shop, and oversized choice! 541-923-8664 FIHD IT! bdrm home and cre- me! distance from the river master $299,000 car garage. As- ¹201205033 $389,500 ate your own estate in trail. Wood floors, gas 4+ gQQ /TI MLS¹201203307 tonishing HOME ... a CREEKSIDE Best Team Clark Century this incredible setting. harona fireplaces, s t ainless must see! $750,000 Call Julie Fahlgren, SELL IT/ views on the lake at 21, Gold Country Re Open floor plan with Sharon Abrams, Broker, steel appliances, large Tina Roberts, Broker, Broker, 541-550-0098 Creekside at E a gle The Bulletin Classifieds alty 541-548-2131 CRS 541-280-9309 mostly main level livm aster suite. G o r Crooked River Realty 541-419-9022 Crest! 3 bdrm/2 bath, John L. Scott ing space, oak floorgeous fenced yard, 3 bed, 2 bath on 1.15 $259,900 Rarely used & 1871 sq.ft. with par- Need more room for TOTAL Property Real Estate, Bend ing and loft area. Prip aver patio, w r a p acres.$105,000 Resources, furni s hings. your growing family never rented, like new tial vate studio apartment around decks. MLS¹201205372 this home has it all!! 4 541-330-0588 MLS¹201202466 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath over the large garage MLS¹201203962 Call Linda Lou $229,000 J o h n L. bed/2.5 bath, 2512 sq. Creekside townhome. and extensive decks Margo Degray, Broker, Day-Wright, Broker, with office and bo FOR SALE NE Bend Backs t o c o m mon Scott R e a l E s tate ft. for outdoor living on ABR, CRS 541-771-2585 nus room. Master on 541 -548-1 71 2 McCall Landing a rea/BLM with C a s the river. Call today. When buying a home, 541-480-7355 the main, b eautiful Our Newest Community Crooked River Realty cade Mountain views. Eagle Crest j $279,900 502 NW Harmon Blvd. We never stop moving: w ood f l ooring, t i l e 83% of Central Starting in the Mid Home-ID837 MLS ¹201204651. Oregonians turn to New Construction I SW ONE OF A KIND lodge kitchen, fresh paint in $100,000's. Eagle Crest Properties $888,000. Redmond I $158,900 style chalet! Floor to side and out, huge dbl Pahlisch Homes 866-722-3370 Gary Everett, CCIM 3 bdrm, 2.5 bath, 1466 ceiling rock fire place. car attached garage, cs Sewing Central Oregon s>nce 1903 The Hasson Principal Broker sq. ft. 2-story home, E asterly views a n d Ranch style SW Redall on a quiet Company Realtors. 541-480-6130 gas fireplace in great 6th tee of the Ridge Call 541-385-5809 to mond I $119,900 cul-de-sac i n NW Rhianna Kunkler, Joan Steelhammer, room. Landscaped golf course from the MORRIS 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, Redmond! Traditional place your Broker, 541-306-0939 Broker with sprinkler system patio, privacy screen, Real Estate ad. 1134 sq. ft. Fenced s ale! $210, 0 0 0 REAL ESTATE 541-419-3717 MLS¹201207534 hot tub 8 BBQ. Com- MLS¹201208013. backyard Large ceI dcpc dcn<lyO cda dOpcm<cd SE Bend j $234,900 Remax Jim Hinton pletely furnished. 746 ment patio John L. Scott Real Es 2017 sq. ft., 4 b e d541-420-6229 MLS¹201103111 MLS¹201206146 tate 541-548-1712 Northwest Bend Homes NW Bend j $449,000 SE Bend room, 2 bath remod- Central Oregon Realty Sydne Anderson, Jim Hinton Close to town, large eled in 1993. Close to Badger Forest Group, LLC Broker, CRS, WCR, 541-420-6229 The Bulletin's Awbrey Butte j Affordable Excellence 4015 sq. ft. home on Juniper Park, shopCDPE, GREEN Central Oregon Realty $1,899,000 .82 of an acre lot on ping 8 schools. 1000 "Call A Service Starting in the mid 1733SF craftsman, 541-420-1111 Group, LLC 11 Peak View! Very the NW side! 5 bedsq. f t. ins u lated, 5-acres, hickory cab, $100,000s We never stop moving: Professional" Directory private, contemporary rooms, 4 baths. ExPahlisch Homes heated shop/garage. granite, travertine & Gigantic Views is all about meeting home. Oversized 3 lan d The Hasson pansive great room E co-friendly tile, river rock FP, Quality Fuqua home, 3 yourneeds. car garage with shop. with formal d i ning. scaping. Swe d ish Company Realtors. stamped concrete. bdrm, 2 bath, 1572 SF Owner will carry. Excellent value! Sauna i n ma s t er. Rhianna Kunkler, $298,000 Shop and greenhouse Call on one of the MLS¹201103134 Broker MLS¹201207880 Theater room. MLS¹201207304 $136,900 professionals today! Susan Agli, Jim & Roxanne MLS¹201207756 541-306-0939 Call Nancy Popp, BroMLS 201200450 MORRIS Broker, SRES Cheney, Brokers Steve Payer, ker, 541-815-8000 Gail Day 541-306-1018 SE Bend 541-383-4338 NE Redmond, 3 bdrm, 541-390-4050 Broker, GRI Crooked River Realty REAL ESTATE Central Oregon The Bridges 2 bath, 1360 sq. ft., 541-408-3773 541-390-4030 541-480-2966 Indcpcndently 0 wed and Opcu<cd Realty Group LLC World Class Amenities We never stop moving: triple garage, office, We never stop moving: We never stop moving: $699,900 Outstanding Starting in the mid detail in design and Stunning 2288SF, 4bd Eagle Crest Beautiful bay f ront w i ndow, $200,000s c onstruction of t h i s 2 1/2bth, Mt. views, city views from this large patio, mature Pahlisch Homes beautiful Sage Build Irg Trex deck, media 2600 sq. ft. 3 bdrm, landscaping, fenced Cy Cy The Hasson ers home. Located on rm & office dbl gar+ 2.5 bath home. Huge yard. $128,000. MLS Company Realtors. the 18th hole of the 1200 SF shop. reduction! 201207127 price Edie DeLay, Broker Challenge C o u rse. Fenced. $269,000 $449,000. mls Pam Lester, Principal MORRIS MORRIS MORRIS 541-420-2950 Home-ID352 Call Nancy Popp, Bro- 2 01206886 John L . B roker, Century 2 1 REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE Julie Burgoni, Broker Eagle Crest Properties ker, 541-815-8000 Scott R ea l E s t ate Gold Country Realty, I dcp dcnly 0 cd d O pc rcd 1 dcpc dc dyO cd d O p c <cd I dcpcdcwlyO cd dOpc icd 541-306-8927 866-722-3370 Crooked River Realty 541-548-1712 Inc. 541-504-1338

The Bulletin


To PLAGE AN AD cALL CLAssIFIED• 541-385-5809

.very ho'rnefis amasterpiece . '4

61535 Tam McArthur Loop( $1,950,000

Contemporaryw/Smart HomeTechnology f $1,690,000


-IN '


• Home haseveryamenityand was


built to last generations

• l lness forces sale • Serious inquiries are invited

Call Deb Tebbs Group, Brokersl 541-419-4553

Call Chris Sulak, Brokerl 541-350-6164

Call Kelly Horton, Brokerl 541-508-9163


DebTebbsGroup j Like usonBl andfollowusonG~

Tetherow - High Desert CasualJ $986,900

Broken Top Classic ( $945,000

Contem porary City Living ( $820,000

• 5 bedroom, 4 baths,5116sq, ft. • Overlooking Broken Top's 12th fairway andgreen

i 9+55 K><J>li Co«

• Earth Advantage home • Quality throughout • Optional bonus or guest room -: • To be built by Bend Trend Homes

and private office • Privacy with southern exposure • Bonus & exerciseroom • 3 car garage w/shoparea


• 3 bed, 3.5 bath, 3200 SF

• Overlooking10thfairway lkgreen • Custom home competely remodeled in 2004-05byMerose Construction • Kathy & Karo Niemiinterior plan/ designwith quality lk detail -4476SF • 5bed, 5.5bath, mainlevel master • Great room design. Wonderful indoor and outdoor ivingspacious,quiet cul-de-sac location

• 3657 sq,ft.,3 bed/3.5 bath

+One level with upstairs guestsuite


• Offered well belowcost of

• Control 4 Technology allowing control of lighting scenes,TVs, music & alarm from anywhere in the world. MLS ¹20122979

Luxury Single Level in Broken Top( $1,150,000

• CustomBrokenTopBeauty! • New y REDUC EDprice! • Enjoy the lush surrounding • 4 bedrooms,4.5 baths • 4363 SF • Golf course and mountain views • Must see! MLS¹201204037

• Acclaimed to be the besthousein Pronghorn

and hot tub

DebTebbs Group j Like us onR andfollow us on©

i ) (/ ' I

• HUGE price reduction of$100,000

• 4bdrm s/6baths,5750sq,ft. • Separate guest house/ ofrice, tive fireplaces & wine cellar

Call Deb Tebbs Group, Brokersl 541-419-4553

19395 Cayuse Crater Court/ $1,295,000

65890 Pronghorn Estates Dr.J $1,595,000

• Cascade Mtn. views in Wyndemere

• Architectural Marvel in Broken Top • Stunning open floor plan • 4 bed, 4.5 bath, 5960 SF • 1480 SF garage • Large double lot MLS¹201200081

• Golf membership included MLS ¹201104447

. • Immaculate interior

• No H.O,A/s • Heated parking • Cascade Mountain views • Walk to Old Mill/Downtown MLS¹201207761



Call Shelly Swanson, Brokerl 541-408-0086

Call Ray Bachman, Broker, GRIl 541-408-0696

Call Shelly Swanson, Brokerl 541-408-0086

Call Bobby Lockrem, Brokerl 541-480-2356

New Tetherow Home ) $699,500

Great Curb Appealin Awbrey Glen / $699,000

15987 SW Culver Hwyf Culver / $675,000

Fabulous Acreage Close ToTown / $599,900

• Beautifully designedgreat room

• December2012 completion • 3 bed, bonus,loft, 3-car garage • Main level living & master suite • Three outdoorterraces and indoor/outdoor living

• Fabulous dream kitchen

• Office with built-in desks • Great for entertaining inside & out

• Large lot(16,915sq. ft.) • Full golf membership MLS ¹201206848


• Spacious deck &private patio • Beautiful, private setting • 3bed, 3 bath, 3755SF,.85 acre MLS¹201203849


• 77 acres, 72 acres water rights • 2 newer pivots • 1962 SF home

• Spaaous greatroomliving • Open, light andbright • Formal living, dining+ bonus room • Kitchen featuresstainlessappliances

• Huge shop

• RV parking & hook-up

• Hay storage • Barn • Motivated seller!

• Wonderful outdoor living • Horses allowed • 4 bed, 4 bath,3668SF,2.24 acres

Call Laina Ryan, Principal Broker, GRIl 541-419-7540•

Call The Norma DuBois and Julie Moe Team, Brokersl 541-312-5151

MLS¹201206294 Call The Norma DuBois and Julie Moe Team, Brokersl 541-312-5151 www

Absolutely Stunning Setting ~ $579,900

Large Home, FriendlyNeighborhood f $575,000

Deschutes Landing ( $569,000

63235 Peterman Lane ~ $539,900

Call Brian Ladd, Brokerl 541-408-3912

• 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths • 3088 sq, ft. • 2.47 acres, 1 acre irrigation • Located right in heart of Bend! •Tastefully updated • Incredible landscapefront lk back • Master on the main floor MLS¹201207139

• PleasantAwbrey Butte cul-de-sac setting • 3/4 acre forested lot


• 3616 SF, 4-plus bedrooms,3.5 baths '

• 3-car garage,gameroom, lots of storage • Great backyardw/large deckand playhouse


Call Mary Stratton, Brokerl 541-419-6340

Call Ron Davis, Principal Brokerl 541-480-3096

maryselhms©• maryselhms©

Acreage Close To Town ) $529,000

Priva te,PeacefulSetting,CascadeMtn.Viewsf $525,000

Call Robin Yeakel, Broker, CRS l 541-408-0406 Resort Properties Specialist

• 23t acres

• Custom quality built home

• Gorgeous Cascade Mtn, views • We I maintained ranchhomein GosneyMeadows • Studio/shop • Irrigated, pastoral setting

• 3636 SF, 3bdrm, 2.5 bathplus

Call Mary Stratton, Brokerl 541-419-6340•

High Desert Contemporary Living/ $495,000

20383 Pine Vista Dr. ( Bend ) $429,900

• Elegant & private • Stunning views • 3180 SF, 3 beds, 2.5 baths • Situated in well estab ished

guest house • 9+ acres, 8 acres irrigation • Energy efficient w/Green features • Pole barn,greenhouse, 2garages • Hiking & trail riding veryclose by MLS¹201206203

• 4 bedroom, 3 bath • 3586 SF • 2.48 Acre Lot MLS¹201208122

West Hills MLS¹ 201208025

Call Bryan Hilts, Brokerl 541-771-3200

Call Kathy Hovermale, Principal Brokerl 541-419-6778



Call Robin Yeakel, Broker, CRSl 541-408-0406 Resort Properties Specialist • jodirebroker©

21110 Merritt Court ~ $425,000

17940 Parkway Lane ( $399,000

Luxury Townhomes Offered ~ from $397,750

Rare Opportunity ( $379,000


• Wonderfu homew/4 bedroomsup and officew/full bath onmain • Gorgeous entry leads to formal living anddining room • Large kitchen w/big islandand pull-out drawers inpantry • Breakfastnook,greatrm w/vaulted ceilings, built-ins,gasfireplace • Lg deck,triple garage,.46 acre cul-de-saclot MLS¹201206135

• Permitted GP Building w/living quarter/loft • Bath, laundry area, septic, well lt pumphouse • RV hookups inside & out, 100 amp breaker in shop • Great location between Sisters tt Bend • Build your dream home while you live in loft area or your RV MLS¹201105898


Cozy River Front Log Home ( $379,500 • 3 bedroom+ den/office or4th bedroom,1.5 bath • 1732 sq. ft. w/great room and river views that fill the picturewindows • 3-car garage/shop.Dock. • Yards fromtrailhead to LaPineSt, Park • 16213 Mtn. Sheep Lane MLS¹201202339



Call Ron Davis, Principal Brokerl 541-480-3096

1 Lookout i Sunriver ( $365,000

Land, Land, Land! ( $350,000




• Possibly the most beautiful site on the river • Mt. Bachelor view from master


bdrm w/ full length balcony

• t'

• Tastefully rustic wood interior

• 3 bed/1.5 bath,nearly1800 sq,ft. ~



' I'

area I

Call Marilyn Stoner, Brokerl 541-815-4757 or Kathy Hovermale, Principal Brokerl 541-419-6778

Call Ken Renner, Principal Brokerl 541-280-5352

Custom Home inBarton Crossing ( $289,900

14717 SW Sugar Pine WayJ La Pine f $279,000

New Listing! ) $295,000 • 3 Bedroom 2 5 bath • 2191 SF, large .29 acre lot • RV Parking • Backyard with lots of potential

• Nice separation of master suite • Garage loaded with cabinetry %iP and work area • Fantastic west side location

• 3 bed, 3 bath, 2608 SF • Master on the main • Theater/Bonus room + wet bar • Upgrades throughout • Unfin ished walk-in basement • Mountain views MLS¹201207444

• Extra-deep 2-car garage

• 3bedroom,21/2baths MLS¹201208254

• 183 nicely treed acres w/F2zoning & DR (Destination Resort) overay • Lots of potential. Close to resort properties of Crosswater,Caldera Springs, andSunriver • Great accessto Hwy97andall ~!! that Centra Oregon hasto offer! • 17705 VandevertRoad

• 3 bedroom, 2 bath • 1972 SF • Updated kitchen • Wood burning fireplace • Open view with common MLS¹201206468

• 54677 Silver Fox Drive MLS¹201204195


ya I'd


Relaxing maintenance-free

. • Rare single leve, private rear

AT '

• Decorative stone quarry • Near Government Land • Great hunting area • Immaculate2500 SF home • 3 bedrooms, 2 baths MLS¹2812329

Judy McCombs& Shelly Swanson,Brokersl 888-274-2317

Call Greg Barnwell, Broker l 541-848-7222 l

Pristine in Copperstone! ~ $314,900

• Live stream, fruit trees



Co z y River Front Chalet ( $375,000


• 80 acres, 20 acres irrigated

lifestyle • Explore outdoor opportunities like golf, skiing & trails


• Offering one and two-story • A ~ s fl oo r plans with mountain, or water views g ' • ~ • fairway 2-4 bdrms,• 2.5 — 4.5Baths • 1950 SF - 2956 SF

--%,I •

' • •


Call Jodi Kearney, Brokerl 541-693-4019

Call Joanne McKee, Brokerl 541-480-5159

Call Natalie Vandenborn, Broker l 541-508-9581

• 4 bedroom, 3.5bath • 4-car garage, pusshop area • Quality open greatroom • 2,1 acres,w/1 acreirrigation • Property is fully fenced • Master on themainfloor • Quality, with pride of ownership! MLS¹201208385

• Ele gantnew townhome • 3 bedrooms, 4.5 baths • Extensive hardwood, upscale finishes •Outst anding riverand Cascade Mountain views • Premiere location in the heartof Bend at theOld Mil MLS¹201206685


' '* '

": -"

• 1.4 acresbacking to commonarea leading to public lands • Beautiful setting in the pines • Uncompleted 3500+SFhome - many customfeatures • Masterfully crafted rock accents compliment largecovered patios • 4-bay, heated, insulated shop "= ' • PRICED TO SELL! "






Call Robin Yeakel, Broker, CRSl 541-408-0406 Resort Properties Specialist

Call Melanie Maitre, Broker, ABR,SRES,ePRO l 541-480-4186

Call Chris Sperry, Broker, CRSl 541-550-4922

Call Laina Ryan, Principal Broker, GRIl 541-419-7540

"Leave It To Beaver" ( $265,000

NW Redmond ~ $255,750

On the Hillside in SW Redmond( $229,500

Single Level Home / $219,000


' •




• Colonial style in sunnySEBend • 4 bedrooms,2.5 baths, 2238SF • Quality upgrades

• In pristine condition

• Great deck & fencedbackyard • End of cul-de-sac • Backs to LarkspurTrail & Park MLS¹201206413

• Generous masteron main • Open design with cook'skitchen • Oversized 3-car garage • RV parking w/hook-up • A must see!

• Neighborhoodof lovelyhomes • 3 Bdrm/2.5 Ba w/loft & office area


. .

w/shop area&huge spaceunder the housefor??? MLS¹201208354


Call Sandy Kohlmoos, Brokerl 541-408-4309

Call Myra Girod, Principal Brokerl 541-815-2400

Call Sue Price, Owner/Brokerl 541-408-7742


3152 NE Manchester ( $209,400

Single Level in Three Rivers South) $150,000

Southwestern Style in Prineville/ $144,900

• 3 bedrooms,2.5 baths, 1792SF • Living roomandfamiy room • Large deckandfenced yard • 12'x16' hobby room/retreat • Room for a boator small RV MLS¹ 201208224

Call C.J. Neumannl 541-410-3710 or Lisa Lamberto l 541-610-9697


e •



x• •

Call Carol Osgood, Brokerl 541-419-0843 or Korren Bower, Brokerl 541-504-3839

7825 SW River Road ( $98,900

• 3 bed, 2 bath, 1500 SF home • 2000 sq. ft. shop

• Built in 2000,3 bedroom,2bath • 1920 sq.ft. with an office • 1.15 acre private lot, fenced backyard • Bring your horses • 2-car attachedgarage • Landscapedwith sprinkler system

• 5.03 acre parcel • Gorgeousmountainviews • Close to trails parks and town

• New cherry wood cabinets and stainless steel appliances,granite countertops, marble floors • Master suite w/Jacuzzi tub MLS ¹201206455

• Lot lined by junipers for privacy • Build your own dream home • Power and septic installed MLS¹201201481

Call Kelly Winch, Brokerl 541-390-0398

Call Rod Hatchell, Brokerl 541-728-8812

Call Jordan Haase, Principal Brokerl 541-420-1559


• ¹



a •

• 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths • Sunken living room w/rock gas fireplace • Large covered rear patio • Large 12,000+ SF lot • 2-car attached garage • RV parking, 2 storage sheds MLS¹201204721

• 3 Bd, 2 Ba,quality custom home • Gorgeous NEVIEW! • Flooded w/natural light • Beautiful kitchen w/SS appliances and big pantry • Spacious masterw/big closet • Trex deck,large 2-cargarage

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Homes with Acreage

Homes with Acreage

Homes with Acreage

52505 Meadow Ln. 3 16624 A s c h a Ct ., Deschutes Riverfront New Price! $278,000 3 WELL KEPT HOME Brdm, 3.5 acres, 2 tax $121,900. 3 bdrm, 2.5 Bdrm, 2 bath, 1936 just off pavement, close Home j $370,000 lots, shop. $129,900. bath, bonus r o om. Northwest-style home, sq. ft. Built in 1994. to school and easy High Lakes Realty & High Lakes Realty & b eautiful setting o n Comfortable floor plan access to h ighway. Property Ma n age- Property Ma n age- the Deschutes River. w ith m a ster b d r m Move in ready with ment 541-536-0117 ment 541-536-0117 Open floor plan, gas separation from guest kitchen ap p l iances fireplace, two en-suite rooms, large master and washer & dryer. 52625 Huntington, Riv- 1 Bdrm, 1 bath frame b edrooms, fam i l y with walk-in closet, liv Enclosed car p o rt erfront property, 20.39 home located in the room. Spacious deck, ing and family room, gives feeling of gaacres. $525,000. High town o f Gil c hrist. . 43-acre l o t , bo a t bonus ro o m/office/ rage. Wall AC in dinLakes Realty & Prop- Make this your home dock, big 2-car gaden, large front porch i ng room, 3 be d -

Brasada Ranch j Equestrian 5-acres, If space is what you are 12726 SW CINDER 36x48 6-stall barn, looking for then look Well kept 1848 sq. ft., 3 $415,000 Amazing C ascade cross-fenced, groom- at this 60y acre par bedroom, 2 bat h M ountain View s . ing stall, wash rack, c el located i n t h e h ome l o cated o n Open great room floor hay barn, mare barn heart of Powell Butte~ fenced 1 acre corner Enjoy the views of the lot. Flooring and app lan, 3 bedr o om w/foaling stalls. 2004 suites, large kitchen 3bd 2bth home. Cascade M o u ntain p liances wer e r e with s l a b gr a n ite R ange and the p r i placed just 3 yrs ago. $298,500. countertops, dis- Call Nancy Popp, Bro- v acy a mongst t h e Newer vinyl windows tressed har d wood ker, 541-815-8000 natural and well treed and pellet stove. This floors, gas fireplace, 8 Crooked River Realty surroundings. In home is m o ve-in erty Man a gement or a getaway cabin for rage with a shop. is perfect for those rooms and 2 more. Located next to cludes Avion w ater ready. Large area to 541 -536-01 1 7 the Central Oregon West Powell Butte Es MLS¹201204692 summer e v e nings. b athrooms. Sma l l green space. and the septic system park your toys and recreations. Priced to tates. $479,000. 6 Nice level parcel per fenced bac k y ard. MLS¹201207028 is less than 10 years RV. 24x24 g arage. 1 715 Mare Ct . 1 8 0 9 s ell! $39,999. M L S Shelly Hummel, Broker, bdrm, 3.5 bath home CRS, GRI, CHMS fect for horses, and MLS¹201203697 John Snippen, Broker, old. A very large shop Back deck with ensq.ft., 3 large bdrms, 201206628 o n 2 0 a c re s w i t h 541-383-4361 within m i n utes o f MBA, ABR, CRS, GRI with finished office/ closed hot tub. Lease $49,900 30x60 shop, Cascade Realty, shop, 2 master suites, bonus space and a We never stop moving: riding trails... you can D&D Realty Group LLC 541-312-7273 option or purchase. $165,000. High Lakes 4-car garage, water clean/basic manufac Dennis Haniford, ride from the property! 866-346-7868 541-948-9090 $99,500 Realty & Pr o perty Princ. Broker feature, gated c om Crooked River Ranch We never stop moving: tured h om e o f f ers MLS¹ 201207499 Management 1-541-536-1731 Wonderfully loc a t ed munity. MLS¹ offers golf, tennis, and many amenities and Juniper Realty, 541-536-0117 2 01207133 Pam 541-504-5393 community swimming h ome with a c o m o ptions while y o u manding view of Mt. Lester, Principal Bro pool... and so much b uild y o u r dr e a m 16048 Dawn, custom cs Find It in Jefferson and the sur12851 SW Deer ker, Century 21 Gold more. Great views of home. $540 , 0 00 1699 sq.ft. home, 4.15 The Bulletin Classifieds! MORRIS Crossing. Remodeled Country Realty, Inc. ¹201108973 the Cascades, and in rounding area. Beauacres, $309,000. High REAL ESTATE 3 bdrm 2 bath 1440 541-385-5809 541-504-1338 an area of large par tiful well kept home Team Clark - Century Lakes Realty & PropMORRIS 1 dcpc dc dyO cda dopcmrcd sq. ft. CRR home. cels, so you can en with spacious rooms. 21, Gold Country erty Man a gement REAL ESTATE $239,000 Beautiful & peaceful Granite counters, 541-536-0117 3 bdrm, 2 bath 1320 sq. joy your privacy. MLS Realty MLS¹201206924 I d p d d y O d dOp r d setting $649,000 hickory cabinets, 541-548-2131 ft. frame home on 1.1 USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! ¹201205395 D&D Realty Group LLC 4 bdrm, 2.5 baths, 2275 bamboo wood floors, 11728 S u n For e st, acre lot. Home needs Team Clark866-346-7868 Cottage Style Bunga- sq. ft. on 4 0 acres 1 6249 South D r . vinyl windows, the list 2 Bdrm, 1104 sq.ft., s ome w or k Century 21, d o ne, low, 2 bdrm, 1 bath, horse property, acgoes on. Garage, carBunkhouse. $129,000 wouldn't take much to Door-to-door selling with Gold Country Realty $595,000. 6.27 acre 757 780 sq.ft, completely cess to BLM. horse property with port and RV covered High Lakes Realty & 541-548-2131 make it a home. Lots fast results! It's the easiest remodeled, 9148 sq.ft. MLS¹201204029. parking. $109,000 Crook County Homes Property Ma n age- of extra storage, 2-car way in the world to sell. g orgeous 2 92 2 s f lot, park l ike l andVicci Bowen MLS 201204401 ment 541-536-0117 246 JeffersonSt, Meto garage, 4-bay carport h ome, shop. H i g h scaping, greenhouse. 541-410-9730 Juniper Realty, The Bulletin Classified lius. Exc. investment 3 Bedroom, 2 b a t h, and lots of room for Lakes Realty & Prop1 5738 Eastwind C t . , $65,000. MLS¹ Central Oregon Realty 541-504-5393 or first home. Home 2124 sq. ft. Built in your toys. $102,000. 541-385-5809 erty Ma n agement, Pam 1620 sq.ft., 3 bdrm, Group, LLC has good rental his 1995. Very p r ivate 201205043. MLS 201207372. 541-536-0117 12-peak huge Cascade large garage, tory. Located close to setting, with Cascade Lester, Principal Bro- 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, Cascade Realty, views from this gorker, Century 21 Gold $129,900. High Lakes Dennis La Pine j $279,000 views, and Prineville the school. Owner will Haniford, Princ. sq. ft. Beautiful 5 2916 Old L ak e R d geous Crooked River Realty & Pr o perty Spectacular custom carry contract. lights at night. Com Country Realty, Inc. 3170 Broker $199,000. Two 1848 Ranch home w/ knotty c ustom home on a Management home with all the up$49,900. MLS fortable home, with an 541-504-1338 1-541-536-1731 q.ft. h o mes, t w o pine ceilings and sun541-536-0117 grades! Great for fun, 201205682 J u n iper open floor plan. Coun Desirable location, only very private and gated s 20-acre parcels. High s plashed room s . 10 acres, yet conve e n t ertaining Realty 541-504-5393 try living an d o n ly minutes from town & bdrm/2.5 bath frame family, Lakes Realty 8 PropPlenty of room with Borders g o v ernment3 home niently located j ust and horses. 4 b edminutes from either w / b asement. Prineville Reservoir. erty Ma n agement, 4.98 acres. $249,000 lands this 3 bedroom Kitchen has hickory minutes to the Powell room, 3 bath, bonus Newer home with four Prineville, Madras, or home has Butte Country Store. 541-536-01 1 7 MLS¹201206906 home ha s w a l k-in Redmond. Peace and bMeticulous large bedrooms, 2 newer appli- room. reathtaking Cas Gail Day 541-306-1018 closets in each bed- cabinets, MLS¹201205284 baths, split floor plan, q uiet? This i s t h e c ade v i ews. Lo w Exterior Cedar & log, 10 acres - Custom ance & eating area. Central Oregon Realty room & ceiling fans. Dining room opens to covered drive-thru en TenBroek - Hilber MLS large workable place!! m aintenance y a r d . try & Group, LLC Front deck has been a l o w ma i nte home - shop in Group, LLC kitchen, and plenty of ¹201202008 s p acious p a t io Open roomy f l o or nance Butte! made into a sunroom. w/fountain. Hardwood l a n dscaping Powell 541-550-4944 room for a large fam$289,500 1/4 Mi. Deschutes River Oversized 2-car gaplan, vaulted ceilings, w/large patio for out Unique floor plan ily. Nice size yard too. Team Clarkin e n try & We never stop moving: f rontage. Cus t o m lots of light from the w/indoor spa room, rage with p r opane fklooring side l i ving. L a r ge Century 21, $76,000 MLS¹ itchen. 28'x40' R V level 3 bdrm, 3 large windows, nice shop, plus a double heater plus extra RV wide hall w ays, single 201202015 Gold Country bath, 3 9 6 2 sq . f t., barn, 24'x30' garage office, and nook. Two garage w/living quar single level. cover. $68,000 Realty & 18ix28' carport. D&D Realty Group LLC 1 2.72 a cr e ga t e d treed acres, plenty of ters & 2 full RV hook MLS¹201200073 $365,000. MLS 541-548-2131 866-346-7868 Must see at $239,900 community, p r i vate 541-536-1731 room for your toys!!! ups. Home b oasts 201108648 Call MLS 201204734 setting. $99 7 ,000. Cascade Realty m any s pecial f e a VIRGINIA, Principal Nice 3 bedroom home 4 bdrm, 2.5 bath, 1963 $159,900 Cascade Realty, MORRIS MLS ¹ 20 1 2 05961. MLS¹201204820 Broker 541-350-3418 sq. ft. home located in tures including a cus in town and close to 541-536-1 731 Pam Lester, Principal 153053 Hwy 97, 298.45 REAL ESTATE Realty Group LLC tom staircase, river Redmond RE/MAX schools. Landscaped the heart of Prineville. D&D866-346-7868 B roker, Century 2 1 acre s m al l r a n ch. Indepcndendy 0 acd and Operatcd Land & Homes This lovely traditional rock fireplace, vaulted with a fenced yard, Bdrm, 2 bath frame Gold Country Realty, $649,000. High Lakes 3 home ceilings, gou r m et Real Estate style home has a low l o c ated in R V p a r king to o ! Inc. 541-504-1338 Realty & Pr o perty 762 m aintenance y a rd, kitchen, theatre room, MLS¹201106963 Hunting M e a dows. La Pine j $64,900 Management deluxe master suite, 12250 NW Dove Rd. Where can you find a solid wood cabinetry Homes with Acreage 2 bedroom, 2 bath lo1208 sq. ft., fenced $79,900 541-536-0117 a nd m u c h mo r e ! Custom cedar sided backyard, a t t ached c ated on .97 of a n D&D Realty Group LLC throughout, as well as helping hand? a tile entry, and lami Outstanding mtn views ¹201108773 h ome with f loor t o acre lot with 3 o ut866-346-7868 53547 Kokanee Way, 20car garage, c i ty nate w oo d fl o ors. and large farm par $570,000 Team ClarkFrom contractors to c eiling windows t o Cir c ular s e w er. buildings. $395,000. Pristine riv- water an d Century 21, Gold t ake i n t h e mt n . , yard care it's all here MLS driveway, lots of room O utstanding Val u e ! Master on the main c els s u rround t h is erfront, 2114 sq. ft. $72,000. floor and a b o n us 41.75y acres located Country Realty views. Im m aculate for your RVs and toys. Over 3000 sq. ft. 2 home. High L a kes 201207371 in The Bulletin's 541-548-2131 1841 sq. ft., 3 bdrm, 2 Laminate floors, ceil- level house that has room over the garage. in the heart of Powell Realty & Pr o p erty Cascade Realty, "Call A Service Wiring for AC unit is Butte with many im bath home, tongue & ing fan. great potential and is Dennis Haniford, Management MLS¹201207352 in very good condi already there, short provements in place. Price reduced 4 bdrm, 2 groove vaulted ceil- Professional" Directory Princ. Broker 541-536-0117 distance to m ovies, A variety of trees and bath, 2330 sq. ft. Mul ings, gas free stand1-541-536-1731 Pattl Geraghty, Broker tion. Daylight base and shrubs. Smooth wire tiple outbuildings and ing stove, and wood 5 A c res w / mountain 541-948-5880 464 Pinney St., 2400 ment. Huge possibili restaurants, acres with 5.6 ir accents t h roughout. sq.ft., 5 .5 4 a c r es, Just bought a new boat? We never stop moving: ties. $158,800 MLS shopping. $ 1 59,950 corrals/pasture areas 6.64 3 Bdrm, 2 bath, r igated acres a n d Completely f e n ced views. MLS ¹201108663 with steel posts and shop. $248,000. High Sell your old one in the 201207709 1620 sq.ft., irrigated, set-up for grass or Team Clarka n o v ersized h a y 4.81 acres. $385,000 36x40 shop, fenced, Lakes Realty & Prop- classifieds! Ask about our John L. Scott Real Es Century 21, storage, a large ma animals. Home has MLS¹ 201101447 erty Man a gement Super Seller rates! tate 541-548-1712 extensive s p r i nkler 541-385-5809 Gold Country chine shop, the main been extensively re Juniper Realty, 541 -536-01 1 7 system. $2 7 9 ,000. modeled and updated Realty shop has a set-up that 541-504-5393 MLS ¹2809225 Pam 4 bdrm, 3 bath frame Need to get an 14211 W hitewater 541-548-2131 can be used while and includes a bonus Lester, Principal BroMORRIS $359,900. 2947 sq.ft., home that is set up for ad in ASAP? building your dream r oom, t i l e d bat h , ker, Century 21 Gold e asy care. Yard i s REAL ESTATE newer flooring, newer BULLETIN CLASSIFIEDS Call a Pro 4 bdrm, 3 bath, cushome! $470,000 MLS Country Realty, Inc. You can place it som e Indepcndendy (hmcd and Opemtcd appliances... a great Whether you need a t om h o me . Hig h l andscaped, ¹201102008 Search the area's most 541-504-1338 online at: answer for those look Lakes Realty & Prop- grass front and back, comprehensive listing of Team Clarkfence fixed, hedges 9.33 acres in P owell ing for space! Also in erty Ma n agement, fenced dog area, cov- Warm & Welcoming. classified advertising... Century 21, e red r e a r dec k , c luded: 1 9 7 3 mf d 541-536-0117 trimmed or a house Butte - 4 bdrm, 2.5 real estate to automotive, Gold Country Realty Stone fireplace, screened party room home, currently b ath, 1928 s q . f t . , 541-548-2131 merchandise to sporting vaulted great room, 541-385-5809 built, you'll find 1 5466 R a inbow C t . , with BBQ. so much rented with great ten 3-car garage, barn, goods. Bulletin Classifieds 4 bdrm, 5.5 bath, 6266 professional help in LaPine. $1 7 9 ,000. here a real must 53089 Alps Ct., LaPine, ants! Owner terms, for shop, with RV door. Irsq.ft., short sale. PRICED T O SELL appear every day in the B uilder's custom 4 see! $259,900. MLS $239,900. 3 bdrm, 2.5 short term with large The Bulletin's "Call a rigated. $35 9 ,000 print or on line. $975,000. QUICK. Don't m iss $259 , 0 00 Service Professional" b drm, 2 ba t h , a t - 201207419 bath, 1.13 acres. Ad- down. MLS ¹ 20 1 2 037129 Cate Cushman, Call 541-385-5809 this one! $44,900 t ached garage, 1 . 1 Cascade Realty, N a t' I F o r est ¹201202706 Pam Lester, Principal Principal Broker joins MLS¹201204298 Directory acre. High Lakes Re- Dennis Haniford, Princ. Land. High Lakes Re- Team Clark - Century B roker, Century 2 1 541-480-1884 Broker D&D Realty Group LLC alty & Property Mgalty & Property Mana21, Gold Country Re 541-385-5809 Gold Country Realty, 866-346-7868 The Bulletin 1-541-536-1731 alty 541-548-2131 mnt. 541-536-0117 Serwng Ce ed Oregonstnce t903 gent 541-536-0117 Inc. 541-504-1338

OW O U t ' U B O Ll t ' l l In The BLjlletin's print and online ClassifiecIs.


GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPIES, We are QUAINT CABIN ON 10 ACRES! MOdern FORD F150XL2005. ThiStrijCkCan haljlit three adOrable, lOVing PuPPieS lOOking fOr a amenitieS and all the quiet you Will need. all! EXtra Cab, 4X4, and a tOugh V8 engine Caring hOme. PleaSeCall right aWay. $500. R OOm to grOW in yOur 0Wnlittle ParadiSe! Wi l l get the job dane on the ranCh!

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Homes with Acreage

Homes with Acreage

B ETWEEN B EN D & Mountain views! REDMOND Fabulous view, ruTerrific location - 4 ral property 3479 bdrm, 1 ba th in sq. ft. 3 bdrm. 2.5









Recreational Homes 8 Property




Manufactured/ Mobile Homes

Manufactured/ Mobile Homes

Manufactured/ Mobile Homes

This 2200 sq. ft. custom-built h om e in

3 - 9 148 Sq.ft. lots, cul-de-sac, ut i l ities s tubbed i nt o P U E , close to West Canyon Rim Park and access to the dry canyon t rail. $ 3 5,000, $35,000 & $ 50,000. MLS¹ 201 2 07692, 201207694, and

5.64 acres Mt. Views. $99,900. MLS¹2609088

SW Chipmunk Rd. Level 5.19 acres with Snowberry Village ¹46 • Snowberry Village ¹119 Snowberry Village ¹98 mountain views. Well $88,900. 3 bdrms, 2 • 3 bedrooms, 2.5 $79,500 Beautiful 3 treed w it h s e v eral baths, 1600y sq. ft. baths, 1920 sq. ft. bedroom, 2 bath possible buil d ing 1994 Silvercrest. Liv • 2000 Silvercrest - Trisingle level home in sites. Com m unity ing room, separate plewide Snowberry V i l lage. water 8 power avail- dining room & large • Living room, family Vaulted ceilings, gas able at t h e s t reet. kitchen with e a ting room, dining room heat/A/C, 2-car gaOwner terms avail- area. Pellet s t ove, • Remodeled kitchen, rage w/shop a rea, able. $69,000 MLS¹ Huge covered BBQ w/breakfast bar front deck and cozy 201106095 deck. Large laundry • Private master suite rear patio, elevated Juniper Realty, room and 2-car at w/walk-in closet corner lot. A good buy 541-504-5393 tached garage • Master bath w/garden in a wonderful neightub 8 double shower borhood! SW D OV E R D . M t. Call Marilyn Rohaly, Broker, 541-322-9954 • Gas FA heat PLUS Marilyn Rohaly, Broker Washington & Three 541-322-9954 John L. Scott Real AC & fireplace Sisters views from this Estate, Bend • Immaculate - too John L. Scott 6.1 acre property with many upgrades to list! Real Estate, Bend power installed. Close $129,900 to t h e Des c hutes Call Marilyn Rohaly, SPECIAL River and Steelhead FACTORY New Home, 3 bdrm, Broker, 541-322-9954 Falls. $99,500 MLS¹ Garage Sales $48,900 finished John L. Scott Real 201205646 on your site,541.548.5511 Estate, Bend Juniper Realty, Garage Sales 541-504-5393

Call Linda Lou Diamond Peaks has Day-Wright, Broker, 2,888y sq.ft. home on baths. Lots of shop everything for the se5.75y acres. A area! $505,000 541-771-2585 rious vacationer Country feel but close MLS ¹201207007 Crooked River Realty and/or retiree. overto t ow n a m enities. Call Jeanne Scharlarge garage on first 31.21 Acres. Scenic Super fireplace w/rock lund, Principal Brolevel, interior boasts riverfront property on surround for a m b iker 541-420-7978 wood flooring, t i le, the Deschutes, possia nce, plus a L o p i Redmond RE/MAX 201207687. Pam carpet and wood acbility of partition into 3 Woodstove that can Land & Homes cents thr o ughout. Lester, Principal Broparcels, very private, heat the whole house. Real Estate wood stove and elec- ker, Century 21 Gold and the road is paved Great room floor plan Country Realty, Inc. almost tric heating. built for to the property. 541-504-1338 w/living room & entertaining. Vaulted Want to impress the Exc. opportunity, with kitchen having ceilings, spa c ious lots of possibilities! relatives? Remodel 4 .38 Acre v i e w l o t wide-plank floors of f amily r o om , mt n backs BLM, Cascade $350,000 MLS your home with the reclaimed pine. Disviews & ex t e nsive mtn & S m ith R o ck ¹201109809 tressed maple cabi- help of a professional l andscaping. M L S¹ Team Clarkviews. Corner lot, apnets in Kitchen with 1 from The Bulletin's 201103638 $398,000 Century 21, proved for standard 1 /2 t hi c k slat e "Call A Service Cascade Realty Gold Country septic. $199,000. MLS counters. If you like a 541-433-5678 Realty ¹2809381 Pam cozy country f e el. Professional" Directory 541-548-2131 Lester, Principal BroYou've got it!! BeauB eautiful location d i rectly o n C r escent ker, Century 21 Gold Cascade Views in Tertiful Cascade Moun- NE Bend j $695,000 Garage Sales tain Views. 2 corrals, Rare find! Vintage style Creek. This charming Country Realty, Inc. rebonne I $192,500 Good classified ads tell Snowberry Village ¹16 541-504-1338 Geneva View Rd. pond, shared lake, 3 farmhouse with mod- 2 bedroom, one bath Breathtaking views, De- SW Find them T errebonne. Le v e l the essential facts in an acres of irrigation, 2 Enjoy the carefree lifern features on 39 ir- v acation home h a s schutes River CanCanyon City, Oregon in stall barn. $375,000 rigated acres close to many new upgrades. Investment opportunity. yon, and farming val- 1.14 acres that will be interesting Manner. Write estyle at Bend's preSellers have done all 4 city tax lots totalling ley below, 5 usable easy to build on. Well from the readers view - not mier 55+ community MLS ¹201205878 town. 3 bedroom, 3 The Bulletin treed with an abunthe seller's. Convert the the hardwork. Plenty Bobbie Strome, n ear m edical a n d bath, 3731 sq. ft. Full 14.07 acres. Zoned acres with well Ideal dance o f wil d l ife facts into benefits. Show Classifieds Principal Broker shopping. Immacub asement. 2 bed - of storage with covR1. It's possible to di- building site with un- passing thro u gh. ered RV parking and the reader how the item will John L Scott Real late 3 b e d room, 2 room apartment o bstructed view s $41,500 vide the lots further. MLS¹ 541-385-5809 Estate 541-385-5500 help them in someway. bath features sepaabove garage. 4-stall lots of privacy, just Power, city water & MLS¹201205208 minutes from lakes, This r ate d i ning r o o m, Gail Day 541-306-1018 201102002 Cascade mountain barn with loft. sewer at the paved Juniper Realty, trails and Willamette advertising tip huge kitchen with is- Very open plan, with street. Mtn. & valley Central Oregon Realty views + New price at MLS¹201204031 541-504-5393 brought to you by land, master suite with French doors off livConnelley, Eco- Ski Pass. $275,000 views. Many possible Group, LLC $189,750! Imagine the Lynne MLS¹ 20 1 2 0 7074. g arden t u b , sta l l ing room area, beauBroker, ABR, CRS b uilding s ites. L o - 16621 Prairie V i ew, SW River Rd. Exc.view delight upon entering 541-433-5678 The Bulletin shower, Vaulted ceil- tiful updated kitchen 541-408-6720 y our n e w hom e ! cated in the city limits $87,000 2.79 acres. from top of property. Cascade Realty ings, wood laminate nice size dining area, of Canyon City near Sell Vaulted ceilings, open We never stop moving: wit h MLS 2.79 acres w alking large covered front FA heat & AC. floor plan. K itchen, Peaceful Lifestyle, John Day. (Sellers are ¹ 2012040933. H i g h distance to the Des- Like new 3 bdrm, 2 bath floors, decks . porch, 2 bdrm, 2 bath licensed Oregon Real Lakes Realty & Prop- chutes River & Steel- home is loaded with C overed dining a n d fa m i ly vacation rental, many $94,500. Call Marilyn & d e n . Tur n -key Cy rooms with wood deck amenitites. 4 Bdrm, Estate brokers). erty Man a gement head Falls. Hike, bike, upgrades i n c luding Rohaly, Broker, move-in condition with access. Formal living 3 bath, 1813 sq.ft., $99,900 541-536-0117 ride horses, fly fish. c ustom paint, n e w 541-322-9954 nice outside e nterwith views. M aster $245,000. Juniper Realty, Quiet 8 n atural setlighting, skylight, and John L. Scott RE taining patio & fire pit. MORRIS Alfalfa farm opportunity ting is ideal for vaca- custom 541-504-5393 suite, jette d -tub, Cate Cushman, deck i n g. 63730 Cascade VilOver 700 acres with walk-in shower, dbl Principal Broker REAL ESTATE or year round Oversized 2-car galage D r . $5 3 ,200. Nice flat lot in Terreb- 453 irrigated acres. tions 541-480-1884 sink va n it y and I dcpe dcn<1yChmcdand Opewrcd living. $49,000 MLS¹ rage with storage and Snowberry Village ¹65 C ascade Vill a g e walk-in closet. Ready onne, .56 a c r es, Producing over 2000 201009429 workshop area. 20774 • 3 bedrooms - 2 1 /2 Homes. Bend, p aved s t reet, a p - quality tons per year. for your i m mediate NEW! Five acres Juniper Realty, Livingood Way, Bend. baths - 1920 sq.ft. 541-388-0000 764 proved fo r c a p -fill Includes 2 hay barns, enjoyment. 4.80 acres 541-504-5393 with irrigation, 1540 $84,700. Ca sc a de • 1993 Silvercrest Triseptic, utilities are at 2 shops and 3 homes. with 4.60 i r rigated. Farms & Ranches Village Dr. plewide sq. ft. home. 780 the lot line. $42,000. Candice Anderson, MLS¹201205610. 775 541-388-0000 $220,000. MLS • Formal Living room, Mfd./Mobile Homes MLS 3 2 0 12001172 Broker 541-788-8878 John L. Scott 160+/- Ranch in Powell ¹201207126 Call dining room and famManufactured/ Pam Lester, Principal John L. Scott Real Estate Butte. I d eal Ranch/ with Land TRAVIS HANNAN, New Construction - 3 ily area B roker, Century 2 1 Real Estate, Bend Mobile Homes 541-548-1712 Pride of o w nership. • Beautiful kitchen with Principal Broker bdrm, 2 b ath, 1548 B arn, S h op , H a y Gold Country Realty, 541-788-3480 s q.ft., vaulted, g a s pantry & a l l a p pli-4 .2 Acre c o rner l o t Cimarron City j Snowberry Village ¹98 Barn, Equ i pment Inc. 541-504-1338 completely f e n ced. ances Redmond ReMax furnace-range-water ASTOUNDING $229,000 Shed $925, 0 00. The Highlands at Bro- CASCADE MOUNTAIN $79,500 Land & Homes Real heater, fenced, land- • Generous master suite Older mobile can be Lindel Log home on • 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. MLS¹201206082 Estate $1 6 2 ,900 g arden tu b & f ixed up o r l iv e i n ken top, 10 a cres, VIEWS. Highlands, • 1 404 sq. f t . 1 9 9 9 scaped. private 2.06 acres. 3 Call Vicci Bowen while building - curMLS ¹ 201 2 07750 shower 10.28 Acres, Bend. b edroom, 2 bat h , gated, private well, Silvercrest 541-410-9730 @ rently has no value. Offered at $495,000 • Vaulted ceilings Pam Lester, Principal • Nicely landscaped 1837 sq. ft., large liv- Panoramic Mountain utilities at lot, app for Central Oregon Storage buildings and Views. 6800 Sq.ft., B roker, Century 2 1 private patio area cap-fill septic. Cate Cushman, ing room with vaulted designer colors Realty Group LLC carport. Priced to sell, 3500+ sq.ft. shop, Country Realty, • Elevated lot with some ceiling, open kitchen, $535,000. MLS Principal Broker • Gas heat and A/C. Gold owner ma y c a r ry. 5 bdrm, 7 baths, Inc. 541-504-1338 mountain views ¹ 201200937. Pam 541-480-1884 hardwood floors in the 3 bdrm/2 bath, 1500 sq. Elevated corner lot$59,900. MLS $118,500. dining area, light and 25 acres, $1,299,000. Lester, Principal Bro- nice views f t. r e modeled m f d 2907502 Cate Cushman, Call Marilyn Rohaly, ker, Century 21 Gold Newer 2003 3 bdrm/2 bright from the large home on 40 acres. • A t tached 2-car g a Cascade Realty, Principal Broker Broker, 541-322-9954 windows. 175'x275' arena, 60' Country Realty, Inc. bath turn -key home. + shop area 541-536-1 731 541-480-1884 CHECK YOUR AD • rage John L. Scott Real 541-504-1338 New appliances, lots MLS¹201207901 round pen, 3 stall barn Front deck and rear Please check your ad Estate, Bend Judy Meyers, Broker, with 24'x 100' padof upgrades, custom CUTE! 3 bedroom, 2 patio THE PERFECT on the first day it runs window c o v erings, GRI,CRS docks o f f sta l l s, SETTING bath home, close to POWELL BUTTE! 10 FOR YOUR to make sure it is cor- Call Marilyn R ohaly, front & back decks. 541-480-1922 225'x375' t urn o ut the lake on over an Broker, 541-322-9954 ACRES! V I E WS! HOME rect. Sometimes inPristine fenced court- Snowberry Village ¹16 We never stop moving: area, heated & insu- BrokenNEW acre. This is a must Custom home, spaTop, 0.53 Acres s tructions over t h e John L. Scott Real yard entry. Very open lated 12'x24' s h op, Bend concept with close to $45,000 cious & light, gour$ 94,500 Enjoy t h e see! phone are misunder- Estate, 1 2'x12' t ac k r o o m, Offered at $275,000 MLS¹201206076 c arefree lifestyle i n met kitchen, office & Cate Cushman, stood and an e rror 1500 sq. ft . 2 0 737 $149,900. MLS D&D Realty Group, llc more. $825,000. V i l lage, Principal Broker can occur in your ad. Livingood Way, Bend. Snowberry ¹ 201204056 Cas866-346-7868 Snowberry Village ¹127 Bend's Premier 55+ MLS¹201106428 541-480-1 884 If this happens to your $74,300 Cas c ade cade Realty, Dennis Call VIRGINIA, Immacuad, please contact us • 2$90,425 Village Dr. community. Haniford, Princ. Brobedrooms, 2 baths MORRIS late 3 b e d room, 2 Principal Broker the first day your ad • 1404 541-388-0000 ker 1-541-536-1731. sq. ft., 2000 SilREAL ESTATE 541-350-3418 Three Rivers South bath. Dining r oom, appears and we will Tick, Tock Lot j $10,000 huge kitchen with isIndcpc dcndyO cda dOpcw(«d Redmond RE/MAX B eautiful f ar m s t y l e be happy to fix it as • vercrest Possible owner terms. 3 Large great room, bay Land & Homes land, master s uite, home overlooking the Bring your RV & enjoy s oon a s w e ca n . window dining area Bdrm, 2 bath, 1107 Tick, Tock... Country living in Bend, arden t u b , sta l l Real Estate Crooked River Valley the amenities of Sun- Deadlines are: Week- • Front & back decks sq.ft., laminated wood g Spectacular Mtn. river Resort just min- days 11:00 noon for shower. Vaulted ceilwith 42+ acres and 24 ...don't let time get flooring, carport w/ views. 4 bdrm, 4.5 SE Bend j $639,900 acres o f i r r igation. utes away. .50-acre next day, Sat. 11:00 • Laundry room + 2 car storage, fenced, land- ings. Wood laminate away. Hire a baths, 17 acres. Oflot close to restaugarage Custom built 3054 sq. floors, FA heat & AC. a.m. for Sunday and • So ld t a stefully fur- scaped, Perfect horse propsprinkler Covered decks. fered at $1,295,000. ft., 4 b e droom, 2.5 erty including 7-stall r ants, Casca d e Monday. professional out system. $33,000. MLS MLS ¹2101203960 nished bath. Southern expo- barn with heated tack Mountains & l a kes. Marilyn Rohaly, Broker 541 -385-5809 of The Bulletin's Pam 541-322-9954 Cate Cushman, Call Marilyn R ohaly, ¹ 201205974 s ure, C ascade & room and bathroom. 2 A djoining lot i s f o r Thank you! Lester, Principal BroBroker, 541-322-9954 "Call A Service Principal Broker sale with septic sys- The Bulletin Classified Ochoco views. Living h omes included i n John L. Scott ker, Century 21 Gold R eal 541-480-1884 John L. Scott Real area w it h va u lted sale. Est a te , B e nd $1,2 5 0 ,000 tem in place. Professional" ceiling, mai n l e v el MLS¹201206434 Estate, Bend Country Realty, Inc. MLS¹201206354 541-504-1338 Directory today! Mountain views! master suite. 3 car gaBecky Brunoe, Broker John L. Scott Real EsEndless possibilities on 541-350-4772 3.39 acres with crazy 4.62 acres of serenity rage, 4.6 acres, shop, tate 541-548-1712 mountain views! We never stop moving: and privacy. Comfort- barn, pond. Minutes Views! Views! Views! Owner will carry. from town. able 3 b edroom, 2 79.69 acres with 27 $103,000. MLS¹201200550 b ath home a n d a of i rrigation. MLS¹201100748 30x40 shop with over- Sherry Perrigan, Broker acres Barn, shop, 8 guest Call Travis Hannan, 541-410-4938 sized RV door. Build Princ. Broker q uarters wit h a l your custom home We never stop moving: most 2200y sq. ft. 541-788-3480 MORRIS with brea t htaking house. $400,000 Redmond RE/MAX views of the Cascade REAL ESTATE MLS¹201200048 Land 8 Homes Mountains or enjoy as Indcpendcnrly&mcd and Operat«d Real Estate Call TRAVIS HANis. Property is fenced NAN, Principal Broand makes a g reat Two Rivers North Lots NW Dove Rd., Terrebker 541-788-3480 horse property. Very MORRIS A River Runs Through onne. Mtn. views from Redmond RE/MAX peaceful setting with It ln Two Rivers North. these 5.12 acres near REAL ESTATE Land & Homes wildlife abound. LoBeautiful 1.26, 1.45, & entrance of CRR. IoI dcp dcnly 0 cd d O p c t cd Real Estate cated approximately 6 1.84 acre river front cated in a desirable miles from Sisters in area. Save time & 771 parcels. Owner will Just too many the h i ghly d e sired consider car r ying. money with septic, Lots Sisters School DisPriced from $124,900, well & power already collectibles? t rict, with a n e a s y multi-lot discount posinstalled. $96,500 $83,500 G r eat Moun c ommute t o Red sibilities. Fish on! MLS¹ 20120135 Sell them in tain Views from Sis mond or Bend as well MLS¹201104945 Juniper Realty, as al l o f Ce n tral The Bulletin Classifieds ters to Hood lot. Seller Dana Miller, Broker 541-504-5393 is offering excellent Oregon's r e creation 541-408-1468 terms to a q u alified and beauty! $252,000 We never stop moving: 541-385-5809 buyer. Home-ID619 Get your MLS¹201205440 $74,900 Fabu l o us D&D Realty Group LLC business SE Bend - Woodside j Cascade M o u ntain 866-346-7868 Cg View .39 of an acre $899,900 G ORGEOUS mtn . lot, backs to o p en Stunning SunForest a ROWI N G views! 36+/- acres. built home in Wood- space!! Home-ID795 MORRIS Irrigated w/ s m all side on 4.2 acres plus $65,000 E a gle Crest with an ad in cabin, 1 bedroom, 1 REAL ESTATE huge RV/Garage/Of- Resort almost level bath, poss i b le I dcpcdcnlyO cd dOpc icd The Bulletin's fice. Quality through- .40 acre lot not far OWC! $2 2 5 ,000. out an d b e a utifully from Ridge S ports "Call A Service MLS¹ 201201125 maintained. Possible and Equestrian Cen 773 Professional" Call Charlie, Home - ID980 owner terms! Please ter. Acreages Designated Broker Directory call to make your ap- Eagle Crest Proper 541-350-3419 ties 866-722-3370 pointment to tour! 5 acres adjoins public R EADY T O Redmond RE/MAX BUI L D ! MLS¹201207123 Beautifully ele v ated land over Deschutes Land & Homes 5.07 acres, flat l ot, Michelle Tisdel, River. Short walk to building site a b ove Real Estate mature trees, paved P.C., Broker river. $74,900. Deschutes River Can road, 1/3 interest in 541-390-3490 Hard to f i n d P r ice MLS¹201102328 yon. Un s urpassed well, applied for stan We never stop moving: Range! 1296 sq. ft. Call Linda Lou views from this 2-acre dard septic. $99,900. Day-Wright, Broker, home on 2 a c res lot. Septic approved, MLS¹ 20 12 0 4695 541-771-2585 just north of Redw ater & p o we r a t Pam Lester, Principal Cy mond o v erlooking r oad. $89,9 0 0 Crooked River Realty B roker, Century 21 the valley below and MLS¹201207148 Gold Country Realty, 3 acres flat property Smith Rock. Call Nancy Popp, BroInc. 541-504-1338 perfect to build on. Purchaseprice$350,000,20% down, Loan amount $280,000,30yrfixed. MORRIS $99,000 ker, 541-815-8000 $59,900. MLS ¹201205979 Crooked River Realty REDMOND 2.59 REAL ESTATE MLS¹201205386 Call KELLY STARI dcpc dcn<1y(hmcd and Opcwrcd acres close to town. North Powell Butte Call Julie Fahlgren, BUCK, Broker Owner will c a rry. Acreage I 2 LOTS! Broker, 541-550-0098 $97,000 541-771-7786 MLS Tumalo j $449,000 2 buildable, rare, North Crooked River Realty Redmond RE/MAX 201100751 Ranch style home on P owell B utte C a s Land & Homes Call Travis Hannan, 15 acres in west Tucade Mountain views. 5-acre corner lot, flat Real Estate Princ. Broker malo. Co m f ortable Quiet area. & fully treed. $49,900 541-788-3480 MLS¹201109114 Jumbo purchase price /value $800,000— 20% down /equity,$640,000 loan amount. Location Location Loca 3900 sq. ft. home with Vicci Bowen 4 b edrooms 8 3 tions! 2463 sq. ft. 4 Call Nancy Popp, Bro- Redmond RE/MAX 541-410-9730 Offer valid as of date of ad, restrictions may apply. Rates/fees subject to change. Land & Homes bdrm, 3 bath home on baths. Irrigation, barn, Central Oregon Realty ker, 541-815-8000 Real Estate On Approved Credit. 3.3 acres b etween shop an d b e autiful Crooked River Realty Group, LLC Cascade M o untain Bend and Redmond. SW Canyon Dr. 1.01 acre lot that is well Nice mountain views, 1.13 acres with access Property has 3 acres views. treed. Lot 141 SW 3.09-acres. $95,950. MLS¹201207959 Swalley water and a from two streets proMLS¹201101554 Debbie Hershey, Crater Loop $40,900. fenced bac k y a r d. v iding y o u man y Broker, CRS, GRI MLS¹201105162 Call Linda Lou This home also has building site options. Day-Wright, Broker, 541-420-5170 Call Melody Curry, Broan incredible 2300 sq. Owner terms avail541-771-2585 ker, 541-771-1116 ft. insulated dream We never stop moving: data source — Corelog|c Market Trac able. $58,500 Crooked River Realty Crooked River Realty s hop with 2 b a y s . MLS¹ 201106385 plenty of space for Juniper Realty, 20 acres - great views! 4.75 Acres. $169,000 RVs toys hobbies and Cg 541-504-5393 Incredible C a scade This is a w o nderful animals. inside you Mtn., Smith Rock and parcel for your cus SW Chinook Dr. will enjoy vaulted ceil v alley v i ews! T w o tom home, in d esir Crooked R i ver & ings, 2 master suites, MORRIS 10-acre parcels with able Powell B u tte. mountain views from and extra large mas REAL ESTATE well and septic apFantastic views of ev 5.68 acres l oter bath with custom proved. Great area to e rything f r o m th e this c ated on a pa v e d shower and g ranite Indcpendcn<ly (hmcd and Opcrarcd build! Bank o wned. Cascade Range, to street. Num e rous counter. $ 3 5 9,900.View Property 2.49 $134,900. Gray Butte and be MLS 201206489 trees & many building acres between Bend yond. Ready to build... sites. $225,000 MLS¹ John L. Scott Real Es 8 Redmond, 1998 You're never alone when 964 water, septic feasibil 201106408 tate 541-548-1712 home, dbl garage, Lisa McCarthy, Broker, ity, power all in place. Juniper Realty, are're doing your loan . insulated h e a ted/ SRES 541-419-8639 Adjacent p r operties 541-504-5393 Log home on 2+ acres cooled office/work- John L. Scott have nice homes and Real Es t ate, B end landscape. J o s h ua Mtn views with rustic room with full bath SW Chinook Dr. feeling, two acres irri- sep. from h ouse, Court i s d e a d-endCrooked River, Smith cul-de-sac, so there is gation. Great small concrete RV pad & Rock & mou n tain acreage w / p rivacy, several hoo k - up very little traffic. Short views. Owner terms Take care of Casey NMLS 189449 Jennifer NML5 288550 room for animals & spots. $18 0 ,000. drive t o Pr i neville, available. 6.9 acres your investments Redmond and Bend. with septic, power & your toys. Detached MLS¹201205184 shop. $264, 0 00 Call KELLY STARwith the help from MLS ¹2804050 w ell i n stalled. I n MLS¹201200600 Team Clarkcludes custom home BUCK, Broker The Bulletin's 541-771-7786 Fred Crouch Century 21, plans. $189,000 371 SW Upper Terrace Dr., Suite 1, Bend, OR97702 541-350-1945 Redmond RE/MAX "Call A Service Gold Country MLS¹ 201008671 Central Oregon Realty Land & Homes Realty Juniper Realty, Professional" Directory CORPORLIC.¹ML-2421 CORPNMLSf3113 Real Estate 541-548-2131 541-504-5393 Group, LLC ,

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MORRIS REAL ESTATE Independently Owned and Operated




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I •

T his We e k ' s N e w AWBREY BUTTEI $895,000



SW BENDI $219,000


,~fCI W

58 Beautiful homewith mountain views. 4 bedroom, 4 bath, open floor plan, spacious master suite, theater/media room, formal dining, family room 8 study. Private courtyard, deck, beautifully landscaped.

1416 sq. ft., 3 bedroom,2.5 bath, garage 8 parking for each unit. Prime NE location near hospital. Fully rented, excellent rental history, excessof $36K annual gross rents & low maintenance.

Earth Advantage home!Master and main living space on one level, open floor plan, flex space for office. Wood floors in foyer, flex space, hallways, dining, living, and kitchen. 3 Bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1748 sq. ft.

1500 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath newconstruction in SE Bend.Vaulted great room with fireplace, open kitchen with island & tile counters. Front yard landscaping 8 sprinkler system, fencing 8 patio.

MLS¹201208244 (730)

MLS¹201208263 (730)

MLS¹201208246 (730)

MLS¹201207631 (730)






NE BENDi $199,947

Close toRiver 8 Old Mill. Privatebackyard, decks8 hottub. Great room with gas fireplace, built-ins. Granite, gas range, pantry in kitchen. Great master. Lots of storage. Maybe theBestBuyin 1'own.

MLS¹201208079 (730)





SE BENDI $182,900




New construction in SEBend. Single level, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1641 sq, ft, home onlarge loton the edgeof town backing to COI canal, Completion 3/I/13.

MLS¹201208267 (730)

New construction. 1695 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath with main level master & open great roomdesign. Front yard landscaping 8 irrigation, and a 2-10 Home Buyer's Warranty. Act now&pick your colors!

4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1880 sq. ft. homein Centennial Glen. Gas fireplace, 2 car garage. Located on a .10 acre fenced lot with a pati o in the back.Bankowned.

MLS¹201208113 (730)

MLS¹201207926 (730)


3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2006 sq. ft. homeon .84 of an acre lot with a well. Jetted tub, tiled shower in 2ndbathroom. Shoparea, single cardetachedgarage. Bankowned.

Quiet setting just outside of Sunriver, close to the DeschutesRiver. Well cared for homewith newer kitchen cabinets, certified woodstove & newer windows on lush I/2 acre lot. 2 car garage& shop,

MLS¹201208265 (730)

MLS¹201208218 (730)










Visit our office conveniently located at 488 SW Bluff Dr. in the Old Mill District, Bend. Visit us online or call 541-382-4123 I Visit us at:Q NW BE ND/MARKENHEIGHTSi $409,900


,. ~g91H+ New construction on Bend'sWestside. 2322 sq. ft, home has3 bedrooms, denand bonusroom. Quality upgrades,fully landscaped, plus CascadeMountain Views!

MLS¹201203945 (746)

NW BEND I $1,065,000

TUMALOI $775,000

g 5




finishing themainhouse. Call for details.

Gorgeous Gary Normanbuilt home ona private .89 acre lot on Awbrey Butte. Exquisitecraftsmanshipand stunning viewsof thecity lights. Incredible outdoor living spacewith USGAgolf green.

Lush TumaloRanchwith 19.5 acres, 18.5 irrigated. Custom home with 4330 sq. ft., I acre vineyard, landscaped,barn,fencedgarden, orchard, andmuchmore. Great horse property!

DIANE LOZITO,BROKER 541-548-3598, 541-306-9646



CRAIG LONG, BROKER 541-480-7647

SISTERS I $579,900

SW BEND I $579,000


NW BEND I $419,000

4 bedroom, 4.5 bath, 3035 sq. ft. townhomenestled in

1.2 acres. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2125 sq. ft.

Custombuilt, sculpted cedar siding, upgraded

waterfront home with Cascade Mountain views. Multiple accessory buildings and barn, all with new roofs.

appliances. 5 acres, fenced 8 cross fenced. 3 stall barn 8 tack room. 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath over 3400 sq. ft.

Big Cascade Mountain Views on this close-in 161 acre horse ranch with water rights, a half built homeand a guest cottage. Live in themanufactured homewhile

MLS¹201206445 (762)

MLS¹201206604 (746)

MLS¹201106678 (762)

637 private acres, 87 miles fromBend. BuckCreek flows year round. 2 LOP Tags for bucks8 bulls. Aspens, Ponderosas, &Rimrocks. Propane 8 solar for the cabin. Large barn for storage. Horsecorral.

MLS¹201204217 (762)



.'E I;. x

Traditional homewith 5 bedrooms, bonusroom,

Great CascadeMountain views fromthis 3,000 sq. ft.

main level master suite, open great room, 8 gourmet kitchen. Huge windows offer sweeping views to the north & SmithRock. Hardwood & slate flooring.

home on6.75 acres.2 bedrooms,bonusroom 8 off ice. 4 acres of ThreeSisters irrigation. 40x40 barn,

5 loafing sheds, 3 car garage with shop.

the pine trees, close to the DeschutesRiver trail. Great room floor plan, vaulted beamceilings, gourmet kitchen, paver patio, water feature.

MLS¹201204049 (746)

MLS¹201205094 (762)

MLS¹201203181 (747)

MLS¹201105146 (762)

MLS¹201206470 (746)

JERRY STONE, BROKER 541-390-9598






NE BENDI $349,000

NE BENDI $302,500

SE BENDI $284,500

TUMALOi $275,000


Well maintained 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2128 sq. ft.

LIVE, WORK 8 PIAYfrom this 2.2 acre property centrally located betweenBendand Redmond. Youwill appreciate the Cascade Mountain Views, the 40x60

4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2762 sq. ft. Includeshighend appliances and media room. Traditional Sale.

Beautiful 5 acre parcel in Tumalo. Full Cascade Mountain views in an area ofhigh end homes.

pump. Fenced, cross fenced & 6 outbuildings.

Enjoy peace and tranquility on 2.85 private acres with Gorgeous Cascade views. Large master suite. Vaulted wood ceilings. Possible mother-in-law suite. Borders BLM.Bring your horseand toys. RVarea,

shop and thebeautifully remodeled 1912 sq, ft, home.

MLS¹201207530 (749)

MLS¹201200062 (773)











SE BEND LAND I $199,000


SE BENDI $199,900

home, 4.85 acres, irrigated 8 Mountain views. Nice great room floor plan, updated roof, windows 8 heat

MLS¹201206169 (762)


MLS¹201205268 (762)


Immaculate, previous model home in Stonehaven!

MLS¹201207260 (748)

f//r 4 4I Great Westside location close to downtown and The Old Mill District. 2 lots with I bedroom,1 bath home. RM zoned in the historic district.

MLS¹201203906 (746)


541-610-7318 • 541-788-3678

SE BEND I $199,800

3 bedroom, 2 bath homeon 2.34 wooded acres. 3 car garage+ 2 oversized sheds 8 RV parking. Large kitchenenjoys island/snack bar. Outdoor enthusiastsexperience it all.



I~~ ~

MLS¹201205853 (749)

GREGFLOYD,P.C., BROKER 541-390-5349

LA PINEI $139900

MLS¹201207453 (773)

MLS¹201202811 (755)

pgf49')~... :L Q ® + hardwood, tile, high efficiency furnace.

Listen to the quiet! 4,1 acres in Sundance. Build your dreamhomewith Cascadeviews. Close to BLM and National Forest lands for recreation.

i- "

7~- .

'%e ~


LHat r R I.

~ ome sits well off the road for a quie, RIVAl'E setting. Spectacular SMITHROCKviews. Fenced 8 crossed fenced. Backs toPUBLICIAND!


MLS¹201108416 (762)

Corner lot, new construction and Move-in Ready! Great room feel, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, stainlessappliances, fireplace, master suite & upstairs laundry. Front &

backyard landscaping andfencing.

MLS¹201206885 (749)








QUIET SETTING.2.84 ACRE Si $179,000

NE BENDI $159,000

Large homevery close to MeadowLakesGolf Club.

Well-kept 3 bedroom, 2 bathhome! Tile floor in kitchen 8 dining, Frenchdoors topatio deckand nicely landscaped backyard with storageshed. Wine fridge

I •


of living area istheperfect home.

Well-kept manufacturedhome. 2 bedroom+ den/office. Close to town 8 Prineville Reservoir. Enclosedpatio. Large detachedgarage/shop with oil furnace. RVarea 8 hook-up. Storage building/shed. 2 ponds.

MLS¹201205728 (755)

MLS¹201207946 (757)

MLS¹201202976 (757)

MLS¹201206845 (748)





NW BENDLOTI $129,000


NW BENDI $59400

on ~ ond erland. RVgarage 8 shop with 2 ro ing doors, outbuildings & theability to have horses.

This 3 bedroom,2.5bathwith 1876sq.ft.

Access BLMland behind the property

Private rear patio area. Room for RV's.


and bar in dining room. Quiet cul-de-sac.



Well-cared for 1488 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 2, bath home built in 2007. Nicely treed I acre lot. Vaulted ceilings, wood cabinets, tile floors in kitchen and dining room. Certified woodstove. Act now!

.26 acre Westside lot with Southern exposure. Utilities to the property.

MLS¹201207979 (771)

MLS¹201208035 (755)



Flat.48 of an acre building lot on corner with canal along I side, canal flows directly into the Big DeschutesRiver. Area has boat launch 8 dock, clubhouse and road maintenance.

MLS¹201105237 (771)



541-480-191 1

Seller financing available. Fantastic elevated lot with city views; beautiful established neighborhood. NW Bend. Owner will carry up to $50,000 with $9,400 cash or possible trade for down payment.

MLS¹201105195 (771)





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Humane Societ

Dexter i s a n a c t ive, r ambunctious, 7 month old, Short Haired kitten looking for a new home. He would love a home that will spend lots of time with him and maybe have afeline or canine brother or sister to play with also. He would do well in just about any home and would love to come home with you! Come to the shelter to adopt Dexter today!

of central oregon l 1961-2011



To adopt apot, call 541-3$2-3537 • www.hSCO .Or


61170 SE27th, Bend, OR97702 K.

llll /




Sonyaisasweet3yearold Snowshoe Siamese Andy and his sister were brought to the mix that arrived to the shelter with her kittens shelter because their mother was a long aftersomeone abandoned them.Sonya isthe time stray. When Andy first arrived to us he queen of her roost. With that being said, she was a bit shy at first, but once he warmed would prefer a home with other animals up,is such a love.Hehas asweetheartand that are respectful of her space and with the would love nothing more than to find a same energy level. She is a loving kitty who forever home to call his own. If Andy could lovesto be around people and be the center be the sweetheart for you, then come down of attention. If Sonya sounds like the cat you to the shelter and adopt him today! havebeen lookingfor,search nofurtherand come downand meet hertoday!



Cosmo is a sweet cat that is in search of his foreverhome. He came to the shelter as a stray, so little is known about where he has been and what he has been doing for the last 3 years. He is looking for a family that will give him tons of scratches and snuggles and will make sure to have an abundance of toys at all times. If you are looking for a sweet cuddly cat to add fun to your household, come and visitCosmo at the shelter today.

Woofgang is a 3 year old cat ready for a new home this fall. He was brought to the

My name is Athena, and I am a 4 month old kitten. I came from a litter of kittens found in the wild and brought to the shelter to find a great new home. Everything around me is new and unfamiliar. I am very quiet and shy right now, but with time and gentle persuasion, I could become a loving feline that enjoys a loving lap cuddle as much as any cat. If you are looking for a new friend to share your home with, come by and meet me anytime!

shelter after someone in the household

became allergic to him. He has been around other cats as well as dogs and loves kids. He is used to being indoor/ outdoor, knows how to use a litter box and a scratching post. To sum up, he is a very well rounded cat that would fit well in just about any home! Come to the shelter to adopt this awesome boy today!

Qs. I


' v,5


4 -





Lanie is a bouncy 1-2 year old Pit Bull mix looking for a home that will love her forever.Lanie arrived as a stray dog sadly this is her second visit at HSCO, and yet again she was never reclaimed. Lanie enjoys the company of other dogs, but needs training to understand that cats do not play the same way. She does know"sit" and"laydown". Lanie wants nothing more than tobe your perfect house dog, what are you waiting for??

Lacy,Lacy Bo-Bacy! Banana-fana fo-facy. Lacy, Lacy we love Lacy! She is a 3 year old Border Collie mix that is looking for her perfect lifelong playmate! She was brought to HSCO after her owners moved and did not take her along. As with all Border Collies, Lacy is as smart as a whip and ready to please. If you think Lacy, Lacy, Mee-Mi-mo-Macy is the one, tell the staff, I want to adopt Lacy!

Everett is here, ready, and willing to become a part of your family! He is a 2 year oldTreeing Walker Coonhound, and Labrador Retriever mix that was returned for adoption because the owners could no longercare for him. Everett has been known to be an escape artist, so a well fenced yard and plenty of exercise is a must. Is Everett the playful dog you have been looking for? If so, please come down to the shelter and adopt him today!

Mimi's Trivia: Did you know

HUMANE SOCIETY OF CENTRAL OREGON 61170 SE 27th St. Bend Oregon 97702

that apple and

to dogs?

mS. Pleaseacceptmygiftof$




m onthsforanimal care,

per month for




C;, Phone



to help the animals.

for a total of $


pear seeds are harmful

Chardonnay Chardonnay, Pinot and Noir are three of the most desirable Chihuahua mix puppiesyou'll ever see.They have ample amounts of energy and love to cuddle with anyone willing to give them a happy home to call their own. Chardonnay will need a home that can provide for her the time and energy it takes raising a puppy and guide her to grow up to be a fantastic canine citizen. If you truly are ready for a puppy then this great girl is ready for you!

We needyourhelp!

Clip andMail To: 'bur

Perry EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! Adorable Miniature Pincher mix available for adoption at HSCO! Perry is one of 27 dogs HSCO receivedfrom an overcrowded shelter in C alifornia. He was f ound wandering the streets and sadly no one came looking for him. Their loss is your gain because this dog is all heart and wants nothingmore than to be your companion. Don't let this boy slip through your fingers! Come adopt him today!

I Acct. ¹

Humane Societ





~» ~

Exp. Date


of centra1 oregon ! 1961-2011

Check ¹



Money Order ¹

Noir Noir, Pinot and Chardonnay are three of the most desirable Chihuahua mix puppies you'll eversee.They have ample amounts of energy and love to cuddle with anyone willing to give them a happy home to call their own. Noir will need a home that can provide for him the time and energy it takes raising a puppy and guide him to grow up to be a fantastic canine citizen. If you truly are ready for a puppy then this great boy is ready for you!



ames Sudoku High Fives LAST WEEK'S SOLUTION

8 5 9 1 6 3 2 7 4



3 4 7 1 6 2 4 5 2 8 9 7 5 3 1 9 8 6

HOW TO PLAY: Sudoku High Fives consists of f i v e regular Sudoku grids sharing one set of 3-by-3 boxes. Each row, column and set of 3-by-3 boxes must contain the numbers 1 through 9 without repetition. The numbers in any shared set of 3-by-3 boxes apply to each of the individual Sudokus.

TV Crossword ACROSS 1. Early late-night host 5. Richard-

Anderson 9. Lee Marvin's "— Ballou" 12. "A Nightmare on Elm Street" setting 13. Voice below

soprano 14. Guadalajara gold 15. Young farm animal 16. Contended 17. Colin Firth's "A

Single —" 18. 2005 film, "The — Harvest" 20. Ms. Elliott of "Saturday Night Live"

fame 21. Ashley Benson on "Pretty Little Liars" 24. "— 9 From Outer

Space" 27. Olympics chant 28. Mark Linn-Baker sitcom, "Perfect —" 33. Mountain pass 34. Addams Family

member 35. — chi (martial arti 36. Robert Duvall/ Kevin Costner film: 2 wds. 38. Canadian prov.

39. Typeface 40. "Tootsie" Oscar winner 42. "Starsky and Hutch" actor David 45. Psychic power

46. "A League of Their —" 47. Boat landing 50. "— Misty for Me" 54. Nourished 55. Spur on 56. "Shakespeare in —" 57. Brouhaha 58. Individuals 59. Former mates

DOWN 1. Campaign pro 2. 1980's band: hyph. 3. Zero in on 4. Actress Wright 5. Mr. Chappelle 6. Wallach of "The Magnificent Seven" 7. Gobbled up

8. Silent agreement 9. Hair salon item 10. Spirited horse 11. Actor Shalhoub 19. Actress Raquel of "Jersey Girl" 20. "Brokeback Mountain" director Lee 21. French author Victor 22. "Pronto!" 23. Collar's locale 24. Computer command 25. Singer k.d. 26. "Charlie's —" 29. Sara Rue series, "Less — Perfect" 30. Harrow rival 31. Telephoned 32. Webmaster's

creation 37. Patriots' org. 41. "The — Dumpling

Gang" 42. Furniture store item 43. Outstanding 44. Nullify 45. 1999 film, "Mickey Blue —" 47. Historical epic "— Vadis" 48. Samovar 49. "The — of Innocence" 51. Bagel topper 52. Ancient greeting 53. "Say — to the Dress"

Solution is on Page 8.

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Soap Talk

over tor

By John Crook Tribune Media Services

Taylor Swift: Never,ever slowing down —yet By Jay Bobbin © Zapzit

If it's not officially the Season of Swift, it certainly is close. With her fourth album, "Red," just out — and including "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," the first tune she's placed at No. I on the Billboard Hot 100 (though she's been in that slot six times on the magazine's country song

chart) — Taylor Swift again is proving herself one of the most energetic, creative young talents in the entertainment world today. In a month that also sees her in the running for five honors in MTV2's telecast of the MTV European Music Awards and appearing on "VHI Storytellers" (both on Nov. 11), she'll perform at the Country Music Association's 46th Annual CMA Awards as ABC televises the event from Nashville's Bridgestone Arena on Thursday. Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood return as hosts, and Swift could win again, being a nominee in three categories: entertainer of the year, female vocalist of the year and (with the Civil Wars) musical event of the year. In a recent conversation with this writer, Swift talked about her jam-packed itinerary of late and her reinforced dedication toher career and her fans. • You've won seven CMA Awards, • including entertainer of the year twice, but what do you think about your scoring nominations again?


was an amazing day. Getting A'••That nominated for entertainer of the year is so thrilling, because it acknowledges the work you'vedone all over the world, and I feel grateful that I get to experiment with the music I'm making and get to grow as an artist, and country music still knows that I know that's home. That trust that has been building up over these years shows itself in the most beautiful ways, and I appreciate it so much.

It's me writing some of the songs on A'••my own, getting to co-write some of the songs with my heroes, and really getting to challenge myself in the studio. My comfort zone was writing my last album, "Speak Now," by myself and working with the same people I'd always worked with. For this, I branched out and called up people I'd never met but who I'd admired

Taylor Swift is nominated in three categories at the 46th Annual CMA Awards, airing

Thursday on ABC. from afar. You never know what you're going to walk into, and learning about other people'sstudio processes was so exciting for me. • How significant has the success of • "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" been for you? Seeing the song top the Hot 100 for A'•• three weeks was something I never really even thought of. I'd never been there before, so I didn't know what that felt like ... and it feels amazing! It's the most unbelievable thing the fans did for me, and to have it cross over and be played on all formats of radio, it's just been a dream. has it felt to have your teamQ ••How ing with B.o.B., "Both of Us," riding high on the charts at the same time?


• It's amazing to get to do really cool • side projects and departures. That was a fun collaboration, including the experience of shooting the video. It was the same thing with the "Hunger Games" soundtrack, a chance to step out of my skin and try on what it felt like to make a song that was different from what I usually do. • Your performance of "Ronan" on • the September "Stand Up to Cancer" special obviously was very emotional for you. How do you look back at that now? was devastating, just like A'•• That writing the song was, and just like

recording the song was. And just like what the song is about is. It's not easy to sing about a little boy who died before his fourth birthday, but the perfect opportunity to show the world that song was when I was contacted by Gwyneth (Paltrow, an executive producer of the special) to be a part of "Stand Up to Cancer." I very rarely write a song that's so difficult for me to get through without crying, and the fact that it saw the light of day and ended up at No. I on iTunes was probably the most unexpected outcome. I really appreciate all the fans buying it, because all the proceeds go to cancerrelated organizations, and that's going to end up being quite a donation.

• How have you managed to keep up


•with the itinerary you've had lately, which also included launching songs from "Red" weekly on ABC's "Good Morning America" and doing a Web chat with schools across the country? It can be exhausting, when you're A'••jet-lagged from one batch of international travel, and then you pick up and head out on the next run, but that's what I asked for. I wanted to go to Brazil and to Australia and to Europe, and the travel is worth it when you hear people with British accents singing your music, and you hear people who speak only Portuguese knowing every word to your songs. It's just an amazing feeling.

'Days of our Lives' Roman was devastated by Caroline's admission that she may have Alzheimer's. In the hospital, EJ persuaded a sedated Nicole to admit he was the father ofher baby, secretly recording her confession on his cellphone, then played it back for Sami, who tore into Rafe for lying to her. John was haunted by nightmares of Kristen, not having any idea she was about to cross his path again in real life. Later, Marlena was stunned when Kristen greeted her at a scenic overlook. 'General Hospital' Heather fell from atop "General Hospital," but Dante and McBain found thebaby safely with Sam and Jason on the rooftop. Carly returned a sentimental gift to Johnny and tested her suspicions about the nature of his marriage to Connie by kissing him. Alexis warned Sonny not to do anything stupid to get Kate to return. Anna worried about Duke's sudden disappearance, but Luke told her she was better off. Duke hoped to renew his romance with Anna on their anniver-

sary. 'The Young and the Restless' The judge dismissed the case against Phyllis, but Christine told Michael she still wanted to make Phyllis pay in civil court. Kevin was furious with Michael for putting him on the stand, and Michael confided to Lauren he wasn't sure he was loving his job as district attorney. Chelsea losther baby, a son, after she and Adam were nearly killed in an accident caused by Summer's reckless driving. Nick told Phyllis he was filing for divorce. Eden had a dream that Paul hoped would help lead them to where Ricky drowned Rachel. Summer told Noah she planned to move to New York after filing to become an emancipated minor. Jack announced that he had seized control of Newman Enterprises and was firing Victor, Nick and Victoria, then asked Billy to come work for him. Victoria urged Billy to accept the offer so he could spy on Jack.



est ets Saturday


9 p.m. on A&E, "Parking Wars" — In the first of two new episodes, a couple of guys in Detroit park on the sidewalk to have a prayer meeting, but divine intervention isn't forthcoming when Ponytail writes them a ticket. In Providence, a bad haircut brings Johnny good luck, while Debbie plays a cat-andmouse game with a construction worker. 9 p.m. on HALL, Movie: "The Good Witch's Charm" — Catherine Bell and Chris Potter are back for the latest in this popular series of films. Bell's character, Cassie Nightingale, is now the town mayor and the mother of a newborn. She's busy and not getting a lot of sleep. But her plans for a much-needed vacation are derailed by a sudden crime wave, a nosy investigative reporter (Geordie Johnson) and her estranged foster mother (Janet-Laine Green). It's a peck of trouble for the Good Witch this time out. 9 p.m. onSYFY, Movie: "Rise of the Zombies" — Survivors of a zombie plague escape their refuge on the island of Alcatraz when it's overrun, risking the outside world to find a scientist who is rumored to have found a cure for the disease. Mariel Hemingway, LeVar Burton, Danny Trejo and French Stewart star in this new horror tale. 9 p.m. on OPBPL, "Austin City Limits" — Once again, indie rock is the order of the evening in this new episode. The Shins make their second "ACL"

appearance, performing songs from "Port of Morrow," their first studio album in five years. They're joined by the Philadelphia-based vintage-flavored band Dr. Dog, playing tunes from its latest release, "Be the Void." 10 p.m. on MAX, Movie: "Contagion" — A fast-spreading virus puts international disease experts to the test, not only to identify the cause but to prevent mass global panic, in this effective 2011 thriller from director Steven Soderbergh. In his all-star cast, he re-enlists Matt Damon ("Ocean's Eleven") as one of the first people to feel the effects of the crisis, when his wife (Gwyneth Paltrow) comes down with the illness. Jude Law and Kate Winslet also star.




9 p.m. on (CW), "Gossip Girl" — At an event with Manhattan's elite, Chuck (Ed Westwick) hopes to find the person who can tell

8 p.m. on (CW), "Hart of Dixie" — Zoe (Rachel Bilson) discovers that George (Scott Porter) is responsible for some mysterious happenings at her home, but she suspects he'sbeen sleepwalking. She wants to do a sleep study on him, although it will interfere with the plans she's made with Wade (Wilson Bethel). AnnaBeth (Kaitlyn Black) has a plan to help Lavon (Cress Williams) win the mayoral election in the new episode "Walkin' After Midnight." Golden Brooks also stars.

8 p.m. on W gl, "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" — Linus stakes out a spot in the pumpkin patch hoping to catch

him the truth about his father (Robert John Burke). Serena and Steven (Blake Lively, Barry Wat-

son) share their romantic pasts, with unexpected results. Nate (Chace Crawford) faces a difficult business decision. Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) urges Dan (Penn Badgley) to date someone who can help his image in the new episode "Portrait of a Lady Alexander."

Madeieine Stowe stars in

"Revenge"on ABC.

8 p.m. on W g), "Once Upon a Time" —As Regina (Lana Parrilla) struggles to stop using her magic, she has visions of what she thinks is a ghost from her past. Emma and Mary Margaret (Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin) encounter a survivor of an ogre massacre, but Emma suspects he's not telling them the truth. Josh Dallas and Jared S. Gilmore also star in the new episode "The Doctor."

9 p.m.on 53 g),"Revenge" — Emily and Victoria (Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe) deal with a variety of issues as faces from the past resurface all over the Hamptons. Jack (Nick Wechsler) finds his sense of duty growing stronger. Padma (Dilshad Vadsaria) takes an action that could have a major impact on Nolcorp in the new episode "Forgiveness." Henry Czerny also stars.

10 p.m. on E3, "Hawaii Five-0" — It's Halloween, which ratchets up the weirdness for McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) and the Five-0 team as they investigate a particularly gruesome murder with a ritualistic connection. The evidence indicates that this won't be the last killing, so they have to act fast in the new episode "Mohai" — Hawaiian for "offering." Scott Caan and Grace Park also star.

10:01 p.m. on W gl, "Castle" — Beckett's (Stana Katic) investigation of a gruesome ritualistic murder turns up a surprise: evidence that links Castle (Nathan Fillion) to the crime. There must be some mistake, right? That's what she'd like to think, but as more incriminating evidence surfaces, she starts to wonder how well she really knows him in the new episode "Probable Cause." Susan Sullivan also stars.

9:01 p.m. on & El , "Happy Endings" — Dave and Alex (Zachary Knighton, Elisha Cuthbert) go apartment hunting and drive their real estate agent (Rachael Harris) to distraction with their indecision. Jane (Eliza Coupe) has a similar effect on a car dealer (Rob Corddry) when she helps Penny (Casey Wilson) shop for wheels. Max (Adam Pally) shows Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.) how to spend a Saturday on the town without spendingmoney inthe new episode "Sabado Free-Gante."

10 p.m. on W gl, "Private Practice" — Sam (Taye Diggs) becomes the subject of a reality television show that sheds light not only on him but on his colleagues and their personal lives in this new episode. Sam's mother (guest star Alfre Woodard) asks him to help her ailing boss (Richard Roundtree). The search for a girl who went missing from St. Ambrose continues in "The Next Episode."

9 p.m. on FOOD, "Halloween Wars" — In the epic finale, the two remaining teams must cordially invite the judges to love their interpretation of a zombie wedding. The winner scares themselves up a $50,000 grand prize. Actress Sara Canning ("The Vampire Diaries") joins judges Tom Savini and Shinmin Li for "Zombie Wedding." Justin Willman hosts. 9 p.m. on HBO, "Boardwalk Empire" —Eli (Shea Whigham) tries to get back on Nucky's (Steve Buscemi) good side during a Thompson family reunion on Easter Sunday. Gillian (Gretchen Mol) makes a sacrifice toward a better future. Gyp (Bobby Cannavale) seeks Joe Masseria's (Ivo Nandi) blessing in the new episode "Sunday Best." Kelly Macdonald also stars.

a glimpse of the Great Pumpkin. While he continues his annual vigil, Charlie Brown discovers stones in his trick-or-treat bag, Lucy becomes maternal, and Snoopy gets moonstruck. Created by Charles M. Schulz, the special features the music of Vince Guaraldi.

8 p.m. on W, "Animal Practice" — George and Dorothy (Justin Kirk, JoAnna Garcia Swisher) are at odds over how to deal with an overweight Saint Bernard and his overindulgent owner (Peter Allen Vogt). The guys don't react well to Dorothy's plans for a weekly "snack and chat," which conflicts with their poker night in the new episode "Ralphie."

8 p.m. on (CW), "Arrow" — A night of bonding with Thea (Willa Holland) helps inspire Oliver (Stephen Amell) to get back on Laurel's (Katie Cassidy) good side. When he learns that an innocent man (Lane Edwards) has been framed for murder by one of his targets, he asks Laurel to help clear the man's name. Walter (Colin Salmon) asks an employee (Emily Rickards) to investigate a suspicious withdrawal of funds in the new episode "An Innocent Man."

10 p.m. on W gl, "Nashville" — R