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So far, little outside

Of graVel —Lengthy rides that head off the beaten track are growing in popularity.B1


— The big winners from music's big night.Al


Place yourbets —From game-time temperature at the Super Bowl to what Peyton Manning says at the line of scrimmage.BS

By Andrew Clevenger The Bulletin

WASHINGTON — As 2014's midterm elections

Bitcoin's bigmove —The relatively obscure digital currency is used in newways. A3

In national news — Details emerge onMaryland shooting suspect.A2

By Dylan J. Darlinge The Bulletin

rent state of Oregon's races. In recent weeks, the

Ifyou look over a new map

GOP has expanded the

showing average annual

Help for transgender youngsters via YouTube.

map of competitive Senate

-i : t '6 jii • oet i eet 5• r • t e t • Ie s pt < I u

household carbon footprint And a Wed exclusive-

begin to unfold, out-of-state spending — or lack thereof — and contributions give an early picture of the cur-

t •t

e fu

races to include Michigan, Iowa and Virginia, where


former Republican National Committee Chairman

by ZIP code, there's a surprise

Ed Gillespie announced

in what sticks out in Central

his candidacy to unseat Democrat incumbent Mark Warner. Americans for Prosper-

Oregon. Powell Butte, 97753, is


the only ZIP code in this part

ity, a super PAC affiliated

ofthestatew here researchers

Recruited to college, but first, ninth grade

with conservative billionaires Charles and David

calculated households are

Koch, has already spent

By Nathaniel Popper

miles they go each year.

SANFORD, Fla. — Before

senators to the Affordable

metric tons of carbon dioxide

Care Act — also known Andy Tullis/rhe Bulletin

each year. The reason: the

A Counting cars

number of cars and trucks per

Heavy traffic flows down state Highway126 past the Country Store in Powell Butte on Friday. This tiny CrookCounty community, ZIP code97753, averages 2.5 vehicles per household — or about half a car morethan the 97702 ZIPcodethat covers part of Bend — driving anaverage of 42,624 miles every year, nearly 60 percent more than those cars in 97702. So, themain driver of Powell Butte's higher-than-average carbon footprint is, well, driving.

household and the number of

New York Times News Service

Haley Berg was done with middle school, she had the numbersfor16collegesoccer coaches programmed into the iPhone sheprotect-

millions this month on advertising linking Democrat

responsible form ore than 50

"What we count is all the miles they

travel in a year," said Chris Jones, lead coordinating researcher at the CoolClimate Network at the University of

California, Berkeley. SeeCarbon/A4

ed with a Justin Bieber case.

She was all of 14, but Haley was already weighing

Y Measuring carfIonfootprints A map producedearlier this month by researchers at the CoolClimate Networkat the University of California, Berkeley, showswhat ZIPcodes have ahigher average annual householdcarbonfootprint. ZIP codes highlighted in the mapbelow have households responsible for 51 or moremetric tons of greenhousegasemissions per year, according to data based ontransportation, housing, food, goods andservices.

offers to attend the Uni-

versity of Colorado, Texas


A&M and the University of


Texas, free of charge. Haleyis not a once-in-a-generation talent


like LeBron James. She just

P ri i l l e



Powell Butte: I'IIS

ica Wehby, who is vying for the Republican nomination to challenge Merkley in November's general election, announced she had

Rebuttals are manyto state of U.S. By Jeremy W.Peters WASHINGTON-

ZIP code:97753 Powett Butte

Partly cloudy High 50, Low 30 Page BB

The protocol is staid and formulaic. The president addresses Congress for the

ZIP code:97702 Bend


metric tons C02equivalent

metric tens C02equivalent


Source: Cooiciimate Network, University of California, Berkeley

State of the Union, then the

opposition party's designee follows IBSldo with a rebuttal.

Housing Go ods Transportation Food Services

Housing Go ods Transportation Food Services Greg Cross/The Bulletin

To see aninteractive nationwide map of carbon footprints, go to

e White House

warns of The chorebypa ssing ography Con gress, A2 is tight, predictable and usually forgettable. Not this year. The once careful attempt at stagecraft fashioned under the

The Bulletin

New files showpoor behavior by military brass

vol. 112, No. 27, 22 pages, 3 sections

By Craig Whitlock

ment and sexual assault."

The Washington Post

Here's what the Army didn't tell the soldiers: At the time,

88 267 02329

Last week, Portland pediatric neurosurgeon Mon-

New York Times News Service



first re-election.




in questionhas not attended a day ofhigh school. For Haley, the process ended last summer, a fewweeks before ninth grade began, when she calledthe coach at Texas to accept her offer of a scholarshi pfouryearslater. SeeRecruiting/A8

: 'Illllllllj III

But thus far, outside groups have yet to jump intoOregon's Senaterace, where freshman Democrat Jeff Merkley is seeking his

in the last quarter of 2013. See Money/A6


coaches, even when — or especially when — the athlete

Q I/I/e use recyc/ed newsprint

seats it needs to win to take back control of the Senate.


off a frenzy amongcollege

An Independent Newspaper

where the GOP hopes to pick up some of the six


now valuable enough to set

Calendar A5 Horoscope A7 Classified C1-6 Local/State A5-6 Comics/ M ovies A 7 Puzzles C3-4 Sports B 1-7 Crosswords C4 Tee/Green B6-7 Dear Abby A7 Television A7

lina and Louisiana, states

raised more than $500,000


happens tobe averygood soccer player, and that is


as Obamacare — in New Hampshire, North Caro-


Gen. Bryan Roberts publicly Jackson, S.C., last spring that he and the Army had "zero

Roberts himself was under investigation by the military over allegations that he physically assaulted one of his mis-

toleranceforsexual harass-

tresses on multiple occasions.

warned his troops at Fort

Martin Schweitzer, a commander with the Army's

couldn't resist tapping out

legendary 82nd Airborne Division, was respectful and

describing the lawmaker,

polite when he met a female

member of Congress to discuss matters at Fort Bragg, N.C. Afterward, however, he

emails to two other generals, Rep. Renee Ellmers, R-N.C.,

as "smoking hot" and jokingly referring to explicit sexual acts. SeeMilitary/A4

dose watch of party chiefs to be as uniform and on message as possible, has given way to political free agency. The shift speaks volumes

about politics today: the value placed on the individualbrandoverthelarger organization, and the way social media and technology have torn down barriers to fame and influence. SeeSpeech/A8



The Bulletin

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Detai s on Ma an s ootin sus ectemer e By Ben Nuckols


The Associated Press





gunman who killed two people at a Maryland mall was a teenage skateboarding enthusiast who had no criminal record before he showed up at the shopping center armed with a shotgun, plenty of ammunition and a backpack filled with crude homemade

explosives, authorities said Sunday. Darion Marcus Aguilar,



19, took a taxi to the Mall in N EW S R O O M E M A IL Business Ciiy Desk.......... Community Life Sports..............sports©

OUR ADDRESS Street ........... 1777S.W.Chandler Ave. Bend, OR97702 Mailing.........P.O.Box6020 Bend, OR97706 OO

, Colea4Aw.


Columbia in suburban Baltimore on

S aturday morn-

ing and entered the building near Zumiez, a shop that sells skateboarding gear. He went downstairs to a food court directly below the store, then returned less than an hour

later, dumped the backpack in a dressing room and started

shooting, police said. Shoppers fled in a panic or barricaded themselves behind

Si oii.AvL

closeddoors.When police ar-

rived, they found three people College, a community college dead — two store employees in the Washington suburbs, and Aguilar, who had killed but school spokesman Marcus himself, authorities said. Rosano said he never regisThe shooting baffled inves- tered or attended. tigators and acquaintances The other employee, Tyler of Aguilar, a quiet, skinny Johnson, did not know Aguiteenager who graduated from lar and did not socialize with high school less than a year Benlolo outside of work, a relago and had no previous run- ative said. ins wit h l a w e n f orcement. Tydryn Scott, 19, said she Police spent Sunday trying to was Aguilar's lab partner in piece together his motive, but scienceclass at James Hubert it remained elusive. Black High School and said he Aguilar, who had concealed hung out with other skaters. the shotgun in a bag, fired She said she was stung by the six to nine times. One victim, news. "It was really hurtful, like, Brianna Benlolo, a 21-yearold single mother, lived half wow — someone that I know, a mile away from Aguilar in someone that I've been in the the same College Park neigh- presence of more than short borhood, but police said they amounts of t ime. I've seen were still trying to determine this guy in action before. what, if any, relationship they Never upset, never sad, just had. quiet, just chill," Scott told Although they lived close The Associated Press. "If any to Maryland's largest uni- other emotion, he was happy, versity, neither was a student laughing." there. Aguilar was accepted Aguilar graduated in 2013, last February to Montgomery school officials confirmed.


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UkraiIIiah pfOiSS'tS —After President Viktor Yanukovych failed to defuse Ukraine's political crisis by offering concessions to opposition leaders, anti-government protests Sunday spread into southern and eastern Ukraine, the heart of the embattled president's political base. About1,500 demonstrators gathered outside the regional administration building in Dnipropetrovsk, where there were reports of scuffling with the police, while some5,000 rallied in Zaporizhzhya, and 2,000 marchedand rallied in Odessa, local news media reported. Life-SuppOrt CaSe — A brain-dead, pregnant Texaswoman's body was removed from life support Sunday, asthe hospital keeping her on machines against her family's wishes acceded to ajudge's ruling that it was misapplying state law. Marlise Munoz's body soon will be buried by her husbandand parents, after John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth announced it would not fight Judge R.H.Wallace Jr.'s Friday order to pronounce herdeadand return her body to her family. The 23-week-old fetus shewas carrying will not be born.

TuIIisiall COhSliUIOh —Members of Tunisia's National Constituent Assembly voted overwhelmingly to approve the country's new constitution Sunday night, finally completing a two-year drafting process and opening theway to anew democratic era three years after the uprising that set off the Arab Spring. Theconstitution passed with 200 votes of the 216members present in the assembly, easily obtaining the necessary two-thirds majority needed for ratification. Legislators rose to their feet, greeting the result with applause, victory signs and sometears.

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Th8i pI'OtIStS —Hundreds of thousands of people were blocked from voting Sunday as anti-government demonstrators obstructed polling places in Bangkokand southern Thailand in acampaign to suspend democracy and replaceParliament with an unelected "people's council." In a day of sometimes-tense confrontations between protesters and would-be voters, one protest leader wasshot dead by an unknownassailant and11 people were wounded, according to Bangkok's emergency services.

FOOd-StamPShift — In a first, working-age people now makeup the majority in U.S. households that rely on food stamps — aswitch from a fewyears ago, whenchildren and theelderly were the main recipients. Some of thechange is due to demographics, such asthe trend toward having fewer children. But a sloweconomic recovery with high unemployment, stagnant wagesand anincreasing gulf between low-wageandhigh-skill jobs also plays a big role. It suggests that government spending on the$80 billion-a-year food stamp program — twice what it cost five years ago —may not subside significantly anytime soon.



Syrian peaCe talkS — The Syrian government said onSunday at peace talks here that it was willing to allow womenandchildren to leave a blockadedarea of the city of Homs any time, suggesting a small step forward in confidence-building measures that the sponsors of the talks hopewill build toward a political resolution of Syria's war. But the government said a list of male civilians must be submitted before the mencould leave, raising fears that they would be subject to arrest. It was unclear whenandhowthe plan to let the women andchildren go would take effect. The plan fell short of what international mediators were seeking: the entry of a United Nations aid convoy to areas of the city that havebeenwithout access to food for months andwhere malnutrition is on the rise.

Kimm Anderson I St. Cloud Times

An SUV ventures past the St. Augusta, Minn., city limits sign in near-white-out conditions Sunday.An unusual weather pattern driving bitterly cold air from the Arctic Circle south across ahugeswath of the Midwest is expected to sendtemperatures plummeting Monday from Minneapolis to Louisville, Ky. For about 2t/a days, actual temperatures will range from the teens to belowzero, and thewind chills with be even colder, minus 43 in Minneapolis, minus 23 in Milwaukeeand Chicago, minus14 in Kansas City,

Mo., and minus 3 in Louisville. In fact, the National Weather Service says most of the Midwest will feel far colder than today's expected high in the nation's northernmost city, Barrow, Alaska — minus 4. North Dakota andSouth Dakota residents dealt with dangerous coldSundayandwindguststhatreached up to 60 mph.Thehigh winds led to blowing snow that made it nearly impossible to travel in someparts. — The Associated Press

White Housetalks of bypassingCongress By Philip Elliott

to get what he wants through

that has passed the Senate, an

The Associated Press

the bureaucracy as opposed to increased minimum wage or WASHINGTON — P r esi- moving to the political center," expanding prekindergarten dent Barack Obama will work said Sen. Mitch McConnell programs. with Congress where he can of Kentucky, the GOP Senate R epublicans looking t o and circumvent lawmakers leader. wrest control of the Senate where he must, his top advisAdded Sen. R and P a ul, and keep their majority in the ers warned Sunday in pre- R-Ky.: "It sounds vaguely House instead want to keep viewing Tuesday's State of the like a threat, and I think it the focus on the struggling Union speech. also has a certain amount of economy and Obama's stewObama faces a politically arrogance." ardship of it. The GOP is pindivided Congress on Tuesday With campaigns for No- ning hopes that voter frustraand will use his annual ad- vember's election on the hori- tion remains high and punishdress to demand expanded zon, there's scant reason for es Democrats on the ballot for economic opportunity. Absent the White House to be opti- Obama's tenure. "His economic policies are legislative action, the White mistic about Republican supHouse is telling lawmakers portfor measures to revive a not working," said Sen. Ted that the president is ready to bipartisan immigration bill Cruz, R-Texas.

Egyptiall SSCSI8'tl011 — Islamist militants shot down an Egyptian military helicopter in the Sinai Peninsula with a surface-to-air missile over the weekend, raising newalarms about the terrorist insurgency that developed there in response to the military takeover last summer. Theattack — described by witnesses, documented in a video released by the militants, and confirmed by three people briefed on the Egyptian government's investigation — validated longstanding fears that such weapons would spill into Egypt and beyond after the Libyan civil war tore openMoammar Gadhafi's fearsome arsenals. TraCking prapOSal — The federal government would payfor GPS tracking devices for autistic children under legislation proposed SundaybySen.ChuckSchumerand named foraNew YorkCityboywho wandered awayfrom his school three months ago and wasfound dead in a city river. "Avonte's Law," namedfor14-year-old Avonte Oquendo, would provide $10million to pay for the high-tech device that could be worn onthe wrist, kept in a wallet or sewn into clothing. Avonte walkedawayfrom his Queens school in October and his body was found in the EastRiver earlier this month. About 200 mourners gathered Saturday for his funeral and investigators are still trying to determine how hedied. — From wire reports

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take unilateral action to close

the gap between rich and poor Americans. "I think the way we have

Spectacular Ocean Views

to think about this year is we have a divided government," said Dan Pfeiffer, a longtime Obama adviser. "The Republican Congress is not going to rubber-stamp the president's agenda. The president is not going to sign the Republican Congress' agenda." So the White House is eyeing compromise on some priorities, Obama advisers said. But the president is also look-

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ing at executive orders that

can be enacted without Congress' approval. "The president sees this as

a year of action to work with Congress where he can and to bypass Congress where necessary," White House press secretary Jay Carney said.

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Yachats, Oregon

The act-or-else posture bris-


tled Republicans. "The president has sort of o

hung out on the left and tried

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HAPPENINGS Trial —C. RayNagin, the former mayor of NewOrleansand the city's face to theworld after Hurricane Katrina, is scheduled to begin a trial on federal corruption charges.



icoin:oLi rom es a ows After five years of being a relatively obscure, digital phenomenon, the cryptocurrency is being utilized

Mall shooting —The

in new ways. One man even sees a future that includes use in the international housing market.

Maryland mall where agunman killed two people andthen himself over the weekendis scheduled to reopen.A2

By Dan Zak

two Senate committees hosted

The Washington Post

the first-ever hearings on virtu-

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — The monolith sits at the back wall of a downtown

al currency in November, and both regulators and senators

HISTORY Highlight:In 1944, during World War II, the Soviet Union announcedthecompleteend of the deadly German siege of Leningrad, which had lasted for more than two years. In1756, composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria. In1880, Thomas Edison received a patent for his electric incandescent lamp. In1888, the National Geographic Society was incorporated in Washington, D.C. In1901, opera composer Giuseppe Verdi died in Milan, Italy, at age 87. In1943, some 50 bombers struck Wilhelmshaven in the first all-American air raid against Germany during World War II. In1945, Soviet troops liberated the Nazi concentration camps Auschwitz and Birkenau in Poland. In1951, an era of atomic testing in the Nevadadesert began as anAir Force plane dropped a one-kiloton bomb on Frenchman Flat. In1964, E.l. Du Pont de

Nemours and Co. introduced its artificial leather substitute, Corfam. (The product ultimately failed in large part because of consumer complaints that shoes madeof Corfam could not be "broken in" like leather shoes.) In1967,astronauts Virgil "Gus" Grissom, Edward White and Roger Chaffee died in a flash fire during a test aboard their Apollo spacecraft. More than 60 nations signed a treaty banning the orbiting of nuclear weapons. In1973, the Vietnam peace accords were signed in Paris. In1984, singer Michael Jackson suffered serious burns to his scalp when pyrotechnics set his hair on fire during the filming of a Pepsi-Cola TV commercial at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Ten years ago:John Kerry won the NewHampshire Democratic presidential primary. A jury in NewYork heard opening arguments in the trial of Martha Stewart, who was accused of lying about a stock sale (she was convicted in March 2004 and sentenced to five months in prison). Five years ago:Saying, "The American people expect action," President Barack Obama hel d closed-door meetings with House and Senate Republicans on the eve of a key vote on aneconomic stimulus package. Ervin Lupoe of Wilmington, Calif., fatally shot himself a day after killing his wife Ana, their 8-year-old daughter and two sets of twins, 2-year-old boys and 5-year-old girls, after faxing a note to a TV station saying the couple had just been fired from their hospital jobs. One year age:Flames raced through a crowded nightclub in southern Brazil, killing 242 people. The CIAthriller "Argo" won top honor for overall cast performance at the Screen Actors Guild Awards; Jennifer Lawrence won leading actress for "Silver Linings Playbook" while Daniel Day-Lewis won leading actor for "Lincoln."

BIRTHDAYS Actor James Cromwell is 74. Ballet star Mikhail Baryshnikov is 66. Chief U.S. Justice John Roberts is 59. Political commentator Keith Olbermann is 55. Actor-comedian Patton Oswalt is 45. — From wire reports

Fracking possible in national forest By Neela Banerjee McClatchy-Tribune News Service

projected cautious optimism for Bitcoin's potential.

coffee shop. Canadians are ademurepeo-

BRIDGEWATER, Va. The headwaters of the Potomac River rise amid the hills -

ple, not known to shriek or hop,


but they approach the Bitcoin

Sen. Thomas Carper, D-Del., chairman of the Senate Com-

ATM with the spooked wonder

of the George Washington National Forest in Virgin-

ia. Creeks dart past oak, pine and hickory, becoming

of those apes in "2001: A Space Odyssey." Though drab and

mittee on Homeland Security and Governmental A ff airs,

stleams that nourish farm-

utilitarian, the machine projects an aura of the future — or

dosed the hearing by saying

land and towns and create a river that courses through

that what he'd learned about

maybe of suspicion, depending on one's comfort with technology. The Bitcoin ATM, the first

of its kind, takes cash or credit

Ben Nelms/The Washington Post

and spits out bitcoin. Bitcoin is — well, it's a thing

After putting Canadian currency into the bitcoin ATM at Waves Coffee House in Vancouver, British Columbia, Dora Bergen uses a smart-

you read about and don't fully understand.

It'sreferred to as a "cryptocurrency," or a peer-to-peer electronic p ayment

s y stem

whose transactions are encrypted and governed by many users on a public ledger. It's not

regulatedor accepted by the government, andyet0.00553of a bitcoin will get you a mocha here at Waves Coffee House on Howe Street. So Bitcoin is definitely a thing, but its utili-

ty hinges on an agreed-upon fantasy, or at least collective

blind faith — which you might also say about traditional banknotes, right'? North Vancouver resident

Taylor Lewis feeds her credit card to the ATM, whose screen

conjures a digital code that represents an amount of bitcoin. She scans the digital code with

her smartphone and walks away from the machine with a fraction of bitcoin in her virtual

possession. Lewis came all the way into the city to get bitcoin for her brother, who lives in Toronto

and was having trouble procuring the currency from online exchanges, where people buy and sell bitcoin at rates that have rollercoastered for the

past year. Her brother asked her to buy from the ATM when one bitcoin was valued at $500 Canadian. At this point in ear-

ly January, one bitcoin is worth nearly $1,000. "So I thought, 'Oh crap, we'd better get down there and get him one,'" says Lewis, as other

coffee drinkers approach the

Bitcoin was "encouraging." "D.C. gave us the biggest green light they could possibly give to go and prove it," says

two states and the nation's

Murck, who testified in front of that committee on Nov. 18.

decades, the U.S. Forest Service identified preserving its purity as the top priority for the forest. Now, the agencyis consideringallowing George

capital. About 4 miilion people depend on that water. For

"Complaining about D.C. is easy. Actually building something that changes someone's more than 20,000 merchants exchange — where the rubber life is hard." He says 2014 will usetheir services. meets theroad and cash turns be the year of putting aside In two opinion pieces pub- into Bitcoin — you're a 'money concerns about regulation and lished within 24 hours of each services business.' You are reg- building out an infrastructure other on DealBook this week, ulated to the hilt" by an entity that makes Bitcoin relevant and Bitcoin was called: like the Treasury Department's beneficial to normal citizens all • A technology with "enor- Financial Crimes Enforcement over the world. "In the post-Colonial era, mous promise" that provides Network. an "opportunity to reimagine" there's been this idea of finanDispersed directors the global economy. cial inclusion, that certain peo• A"sign of ignorance of ecoThe foundation is head- ple in the world — especially in nomic history" that could lead quartered in the District of the Global South — should be to"crippling" financialpanics. Columbia, but, l ik e B i tcoin connected to the global econRegardless, Bitcoin now has itself, its board of directors omy, but only if we say you what most other digital coloniz- and 1,000-plus members are can," says Murck, referring to ers of thephysical worldhave: a decentralized. the costly and aggressive gatelobbyist in Washington. In August,Murck became keeping practices of traditional "It's very rare that you actu- generalcounsel and de facto banks. "That's a bull-- conceit ally get the chance to be part of spokesman for the 16-month- from the get-go and doesn't building something that could old foundation, which was empower people to bring themradically improve the lives of formed by a posse of Bitcoin selves up out of their own situpeople around the world." enthusiasts and investors to ations. Bitcoin is saying there's This is Patrick Murck, gen- present a public face for a tech- a globally connected digital eral counsel for the Bitcoin nology that is not managed or economy, and you don't have Foundation. He grew up in Dis- controlled by any single person to ask permission to be a part trict of Columbia's Friendship orgroup. of it." Heights neighborhood, got a Bitcoin brings Murck back In the short term, Murck says law degree from the Catholic to Washington at least once a that immigrants could send University of America, prac- month. And this week, while money to family in their native ticed telecom technology law, he's in town for the State of the country without the costly fees bought a house in the Wash- Net conference, he will speak associated with transfers. In ington-area suburb of McLean during an online forum titled the long term, he foresees the and grew to loathe suburban "Virtual currencies: Exploring ability to use Bitcoin to transfer life in Northern Virginia. He a potential role for postal oper- title deeds, which would benefit and his family decamped to Se- ators," hosted by the U.S. Postal homeowners in countries with attle five years ago, around the Service. Though Capitol Hill antiquated or nonexistent propsame time that the first units of isn't a bastion of Web savvy, ertyrights systems. Bitcoin were "mined" using an phone to record adigital code representingthe currency.

Washington to become the

first national forest to permit high-volume hydraulic fracturing, or ~ g. Themillion-acre forestsits on the eastern edge of the Marcellus shale formation,

whose vast deposits of natural gas have touched off a drilling in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Across the country, frack-

ing's risks and rewards have splintered communities. But the potential risk to George Washington National Forest's water has drawn wide-

spread opposition, including dissent fmm most of the towns and counties nearby, members of Virginia's congressional delegation and Washington's mayor. The oil industry says any natural gas could be extracted with little harm to the forest and its waters.

The dispute mirrors dozens around the country as ~g un l ocks oil and gas previously considered out of reach. This time, it has stirred concerns about wa-

ter in rural communities and also about drinking water

of one of the nation's biggest metropolitanareas.

open-sourcedsoftware written

by a pseudonymous developer (or developers) named Satoshi Nakamoto.


And this is where your eyes glaze over. A different market Mining? Do dwarves make Is this what a fool's gold rush bitcoin'? looks like? Or is this a sign of Satoshi Nakamoto sounds the world becoming a better like the hero (or villain) in a place'? screenplay co-written by Quenmachine and feed it cash.

Jackson Warren, who is part

of a Vancouver bitcoin brokerage called Bitcoiniacs, thinks the latter.

tin Tarantino and Ludwig von


uk %ucetd'5 7Aaze *


And yet to hear Patrick Murcktalkabout Bitcoin is to sip the

Bitcoin "sort of frees people sweet Kool-Aid of cryptocurrency. A transparent, equitable

to trade with each other without friction," says Warren, 30, a

system that's free of a central

partner in settingupthe world's authority sounds good when first Bitcoin ATM, which pro- compared to a graft-ridden thecessed more than $1 million in oretical government that prints transactions last month. "And I money willy-nilly, right? "I had a lot of suits and not thinkwealth is sort of aproduct of human creativity in an envi-


a lot of jeans," says Murck, 38,


ronment of freedom." Bitcoin of his initial transition from ''will have a major impact in the District of Columbia corporate world," he predicts, and thou-

lawyer to casual Pacific North-

sands of such ATMs will pop westerner. He's sitting in a bar up by the end of the year. on historic Ballard Avenue on a Maybe. Maybe not. damp January night, a 10-minEither way, Warren and his ute walk from the Bitcoin Foun-






three partners, who collect a

dation's Seattle office, which

justlEast,of<Pilot Butte

5-percent fee on each ATM transaction, have four more machines they bought from a Las Vegas manufacturer and plan to install in Canada, maybe in Calgary and Toronto.

consists of three guys andthree computers in a seven-by-12-

r2115 NE HWy"r20, I541'-6TS'4699'.

ATMs from other Bitcoin pi-

oneers are due in Hong Kong and SaoPaolo by the end ofthe

month. A Brooklynite is reportedly prepared to install one in an East Village bubble tea shop.

From digital obscurity After five years of circulating in virtual obscurity, Bitcoin is starting to colonize the real, physical world. It will soon be, like email, another indispens-

foot box of shared workspace.

~oqsr o+~


, Camade,Village '63455'INIHWy. 97


~5 41-.647l11'1'8.'

Alongside the blue-collar grit of Ballard's shipyards, the Bit-

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coin Foundation seems like a

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phantom, a lark Or worse, a shortcutfor malfeasance, as evidenced by the headlines last year about Silk Road, the online marketplace for illegal drugs bought and sold with


bitcoin. And it's this reputation

— that Bitcoin is a topsy-turvy playground for anonymous nerds and criminals — that Murck and the foundation are trying to combat. "It's the most regulated technology I've ever seen in my life," says Murck, though the IRS has yet to decide how to

able and instinctual part of living, its boosters say. More and more businesses are accepting it; payment processors BitPay treat Bitcoin. "If you want to and Coinbase each daim that be a Bitcoin business, like an

$4988 •

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ger footprint.

Having looked over the

to the population hubs around Central Oregon.

Continued from A1

map and read scientific arti-

In contrast there are 40,483

The data used by the net- cles about the research, Colin work, a division of Berkeley's McConnaha,cli mate change Renewable and Appropriate specialist with the Oregon DeEnergy Laboratory, showed partment of E n v ironmental households in the Powell Butte Quality, said the transportaZIP code average 2.5 cars and tion figure makes a big differtrucks and drive them an aver- ence in the carbon footprint age of 42,624 miles per year. In for the different ZIP codes. As contrast the households in the a result suburban ZIP codes 97702 ZIP code, which covers on the map show a larger cara portion of Bend, average 1.9 bon footprint, more carbon cars and trucks and drive them dioxide, put off annually by an averageof26,724 milesper households. "Because those are the ZIP year. The average household in 97702isresponsible for 48 codes that people drive the metric tons of carbon dioxide most," McConnaha said. per year. Carbon dioxide is a While not suburban, the greenhouse gas that contrib- people living in Powell Butte, utes to climate change. an unincorporated communiThe network c o mpiled ty in Crook County, do drive national household energy, often. transportation and consumer

spending surveys, along with local census, weather and oth-

er data — 37 variables in allto determine about how much greenhouse gas emissions households are responsible for around the country. It divided the data by ZIP code. Jones

said the affluence of an area may also cause an increase in the carbon footprint. As peo-

The Powell Butte ZIP code

Continued from A1 David Uhrich, a o ne-star

Air Force general, kept avodka bottle in his desk at Joint Base Langley-Eustis and repeatedly drank on duty, so much so that another officer told investigators that "if he did not have his

alcohol, the wheels would come In late 2012, then-Defense off," according to the findings Secretary Leon Panetta orof an Air Force probe. The mar- dered a review of ethical ried Uhrich later sought treat- standards for senior military ment for a drinking problem, officers. Army Gen. Martin but not before he was also in- Dempsey, the chairman of the vestigated for allegedly having Joint Chiefs of Staff, responded an affair, something prohibited with a memo outlining several under military law. new training and evaluation The embarrassing episodes programs for commanders and are described in previousl y their staffs. undisclosed files of military inSince then, however, even vestigations into personal mis- m ore cases have come to light conduct by U.S. generals and and consternation has continadmirals. Along with about ued to fester at the Pentagon. two dozenothercasesobtained On Dec. 12, Defense Secby The Washington Post under retary Chuck Hagel issued the Freedom of I nformation

section of Bend. If people want to lessen their carbon footprint, Jones,

the Berkeley researcher, said people can start by switching to a more fuel-efficient car or

truck. They can also "chain" their trips by lining up errands so they're done together, and

carpool. "Just trying to reduce the

amount of miles you drive by planning your trips a little better," Jones said. State Rep. Mike McLane,

• AUDIBILITY in even the most

R-Powell Butte, said he hadn't seen the map, and hearing a bout it

challenging situations


d i d n't c ause h i m

alarm or concern about his district. He said his biggest

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— Army brigadier general

Frustration is rising all the

an unpublicized directive to

which covers the southern

"It' sjust off ensive when you see people do some of the things we've seen. It's just completely offensive."

way upthechain ofcommand.


people in the 97702 ZIP code,

has 2,016 people living in it, ac- concern at the moment is the cording to the U.S. Census Bu- unemployment issue in Crook reau. If they work, they likely County. "My focus is not how many drive to Bend, Redmond or Prineville to do so. diesel pickups reside in Pow"Most of them are farmers ell Butte, but w h ether my though," said Robin Story, neighbors in Powell Butte and shift leader at the Powell Butte Crook County have jobs in Country Store. order toensure their kids go The little convenience store to schooland their needs are also sells gas, she said. When met," McLane said.

plehave more money they buy folks in Powell Butte want to more things, making for a big- do more shopping they drive



example. The Uniform Code of Mili-

tary Justice prohibits adultery or "improper"personal relationships,and officers can be prosecuted or disciplined for suchoffenses.

Just as significantly, however, military leaders are under

• •


intense scrutiny from C on-

gress and the White House for how they respond to sexual

assaultor abuse in the ranks.

commanders of their authority to oversee those investigations, arguing that they lack legal training and are too often insensitive to the problem.

Act, the investigations add to Dempsey and the military a litany of revelations about chiefs, asking for another ethIn the April 4 edition of The misbehaving brass that have ics review, this time of how the Fort Jackson Leader, a newsdogged the Pentagon over the military teaches "core values paper published for the South past 15 months and tarnished and ethical leadership" to its of- Carolina post where the Army the reputation of U.S. military ficers. A response is due Feb. 14. conducts much of its basic "The secretary takes seriously training, Brig. Gen. Roberts let leadership. all lapses and failures in lead- it be known where he stood on String of scandals ership," said Rear Adm. John the issue. "Team Jackson,let me be Since November 2012, when Kirby, Hagel's spokesman. an adulterous affair felled DaAt the very top, the com- dear, the Army has zero tolvid Petraeus, the CIA director mander in c hief has t aken erance for sexual harassment and most renowned Army notice. and sexual assault, and so do "President Obama expects I," Roberts wrote. "I view sexgeneral of his generation, the armed forceshave struggled the nation's senior m ilitary ual harassment and assault as to cope with tawdry disdo- leaders to demonstrate the an enemy threat.... All of us sures about h i gh-ranking highest standards of ethical have ashared role in ridding conlnlanders. conduct," Caitlin Hayden, a our ranks of this cancerous The Navy has been hum- White House spokeswoman, conduct. bled by a spiraling sex-and- said in an email. "The President At the time, Roberts — the bribery scandal, as well as a has conveyed to the Secretary top commander at Fort Jackgambling incident involving of Defense and the Chairman son — was under criminalina three-star admiral who au- of the Joint Chiefs of Staff that vestigation by the Army. Two thorities say they caught using instances of senior general months earlier, a woman filed counterfeit chips at a riverfront and flag officers not living up a complaint alleging that she casino. The Air Force relieved to thesestandards must be ad- had been carrying on an affair a nudear commander after dressed effectively." with the married general for investigators said he went on The Defense Department 18 months and that the relaa drinking binge in Moscow. and thearmed services closely tionship had turned violent on The Army fired one general guard the results of their mis- four occasions, according to an for allegedly groping a wom- conduct investigations involv- investigative report from the an, forcedanother to retire af- ing generals and admirals. The Army inspector general. ter he accepted expensive gifts Air Force stamps its reports Most recently, the woman from a foreigner, and demoted "Sensitive Material" and "For told investigators, the pair got its top commander in Africa Official Use Only" and affixes a into an argument in the genafter an investigation found he warning: "Do Not Open Cover eral'squarters after she inadtreated himself and his wife to Without A Need To Know." vertently called his wife on her a $750-a-night Caribbean hotel The Washington Post filed cellphone. The woman said she suite at taxpayer expense. Freedom of Information Act slapped the general; in turn, The subject is painfully requests with the Army, Air he "bit her lip," and she sufsensitive inside the Pentagon, F orce, Nav y a n d Ma r i n e fered an eye injury. Although where many generals and ad- Corpsforreports ofinspector the woman said their sex was mirals say they are appalled general investigations into se- consensual, she added that she but reluctant to openly criticize nior official misconduct since needed medical attention after their peers. Oct. 1, 2012. After a t hree- two previous "physical alterca"It's just offensive when month review, which included tions" with Roberts, according you see people do some of an extralayer of checks from to the Armyinspector general's the things we've seen. It's just the Office of the Secretary of investigative report. completely offensive," said an Defense, the servicesreleased As Army investigators beArmy brigadier general who 30 partially redacted reports. gan making inquiries, they spoke on the condition of ano- A large majority concerned found a second woman, a subnymity. "As officers we ought generals in the Army and Air ordinate civilian employee, to be held to a higher standard. Force. who told them she, too, was inSome of this stuff you're seeing volved in a consensual sexual with folks is just completely Military example relationship with Roberts. unacceptable." Some of the probes involve I n M ay, t h e A r m y a n Martin Cook, a professor relatively minor infractions of nounced that it had suspended of military ethics at the Naval military regulations or policy. Roberts for allegedly having War College in Newport, R.I., But the most common trans- a physical altercation with a said the recent eruption of mis- gressions are related to sexual mistress, but it gave no other conduct is "frankly a puzzle or personal misbehavior. In details. In July, the Army anto everybody." One factor, he seven of the cases, investiga- nouncedthatthe general had added, may be that as officers tors determined that generals been relieved of his command climb higher in the ranks they had affairs or engaged in "in- position at Fort Jackson. become insulated and fewer appropriate" relationships. In August, after a closed dispeople are willing to challenge While the public may have ciplinary hearing, the Army or question them. become accustomedto stories found Roberts guilty of asIn his ethics classes, Cook of philandering politicians or saulting the first mistress on said, military leaders recognize ethical breaches by corporate one occasion and committing "they've got a major trust prob- leaders, such behavior is still adultery with her over a ninelem with the American people. considered intolerable inside month period. He was fined ... They're deeply ashamed of the military, especially for $5,000 and issued a written it. It's horror. They say, 'Oh, we generals and admirals who reprimand but retained his can't have that happening."' are expected to set a sterling rank as a one-star general.


Reports of such cases have escalatedin recent years.Some lawmakers have tried to strip

~ I'.

I l'.

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Crook County School Board — The school board is expected to meet at 6:30 p.m. at the district's administration office, 471 N.E. Ochoco PlazaDrive in Prineville. The board is scheduled to receive an update on remodeling projects currently underway in the schools, as well as the design for a new elementary school. TUESDAY


Councll —In their weekly 6:30 p.m. meeting at Redmond City Hall at 777 S.W. Deschutes Ave., councilors are expected to host a public hearing to consider the saleand relocation of the old Redmond Schoolhouse. The schoolhouse, currently in the DryCanyon and owned bythe city, has long beenvacant. The city is seeking proposals for its sale and relocation, and thus far has received three.



ec non roi ireS ire or • Enterprise leaderhopesto makeOregon a 'national leader' in the droneindustry

Wantedman arested after hunt

firm. His background also in- taking them from the early cludes a five-year stint as CEO formative stages to being able of Universal Biosensors, an

to deliver on their mission and

business plan," Morrisson said Friday. since 1996. The OregonUnmanned

By Joseph Ditzler

Enterprise, according to an

Australian medical diagnosticscompany, and fouryears as general manager of Sun

The Bulletin

announcement Friday from

Country Raft Tours, in Bend.

spur job growth and lure busi-

Economic Development for Central Oregon. Morrisson,

executive director of the un-

Systems Business Enterprise is

nesses to the development of

who studied biochemistry and

unmanned aerial vehicle technology in Oregon has hired

microbiology at the University of Queensland, Australia,

m anned aerial systems enterprise as the same that face any

an executive director to lead

most recently worked as

new business startup. "One of the skillsets that

fundedbyatwo-year, $822,000 state grant with amissionto create jobs and economic growth bycapitalizug onthe develop-

the way.


I bring to this position is my

Mark Morrisson starts work this week with the Oregon

investment for Jabil Inc., a

background in the investment

supply chain management and electronic manufacturing

community and senior executive role in small companies,

The nonprofit created to

Unmanned Systems Business

The Oregon State Police used aDeschutes County Sheriff's Office K-9 unit to track andapprehend awanted man Sunday evening. On Sunday afternoon, police asked LaPine residents to be aware ofa search for a wanted man who fled from avehicle near the Bi-Mart west of U.S. Highway 97. Craig Andrew Marcum, 48, was originally charged with attempt to elude police, burglary and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. He was also wanted on a felony warrant in Deschutes County for a conditional release violation. He was found and lodged atthe Deschutes County jail on the felony warrant.

He sees his challenges as

Morrisson has lived in Bend

ment of UAVs and their associated applications. Morrisson's

salaryispaid fromthegrant. See UAVs/A6

Traffic stop leads to drugarrest A traffic stop Friday afternoon led to the discovery of more than six pounds of marijuana and the arrest of a Missoula, Mont., man. Ali Reza Tabibnejad, 32, was pulled over by an Oregon State Police trooper for a lane change violation while heading north on U.S. Highway 97 north of La Pine. As the trooper approached the car, he noticed the driver was wearing a black beanie

Bend-La Pine SchOOIS —At its 6 p.m. meeting at the district's education center at 520 N.W. Wall St. in

Bend, the school board is expected to hear presentations on a recently received grant for career technical education programs, as well as from the High Desert Education Service District on its local service plan.

with the word "WEED"

Ccctcct:541-383-0354, In emails, please write "Civic Calendar in the subject line. Include a contact name and number. Submissions may be edited. Deadline for Monday publication is noon Thursday.

written on it, according to a news release. An investigation of the vehicle led to the discovery of the marijuana, which the OSP estimates to be worth $15,000. Tablbnejad was arrested and held in the Deschutes County jail on suspicion of unlawful possession and delivery of a controlled substance. The OSPDrug Enforcement Section is investigating the incident.


EVENT CALENDAR TODAY CLIMATE,CARBON ANO TAXES:WHAT'SSO FUNNYABOUTTHAT?: Economist andstand-up comedian YoramBauman performs; $5 suggested donation; 5-7 p.m.; Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 S.W.Century Drive, Bend; 541-385-6908 or "PAT METHENY: THE ORCHESTRION PROJECT": A screening of the film about the guitarist playing his innovative oneman-band instrument; $9 plus fees; 7 p.m., doors open at 6 p.m.; Tower Theatre, 835 N.W. Wall St., Bend; 541-317-0700 or "ROYALOPERABALLET: GISELLE":A screening of the ballet about a peasant girl who falls in love with Count Albrecht; $15; 7 p.m.; Regal OldMill Stadium16 & IMAX, 680 S.W. PowerhouseDrive, Bend; 541-312-2901. "MARGARITA": LGBT Stars and Rainbowspresentsa screening of afilm about alesbianMexicannanny; $5 suggesteddonation, reservations recommended; 7:30 p.m.; VolcanicTheatre Pub, 70S.W.Century Drive, Bend;541-3231881, payingitforward© orwww.

Photos by Joe Kline/The Bulletin

The audience applauds as Sisters High School student Dani Rudinsky finishes playing a songbased onthe poetry of William Stafford during a performance bystudents of the Sisters Americana Project on Sunday at the Sisters Public Library.

— Bulletin staff reports

• Sisters studentsongwriters paytribute to 100th birthday of William Stafford, usinghisversesfor songcompositions

Well shot! Readerphotos

By Tyler Leeds The Bulletin

illiam Stafford was known as a lot of things — poet, Oregon Poet Laureate, professor, pacifist — but in the 1980s, he was just the great writer who lived nearby in Lake Oswego to Brad Tisdel, now executive director of the Sisters Folk Festival.


ter the music around them," said Megan Ellsworth, 15, who hadn't read Stafford

• We want to see your photos of snow for another special version of Well shot!

before the assignment. "Coming about it

that will run in the

from the other way was a challenge, but

Outdoors section. Submit your best work /snew2014and we'll pickthe bestfor publication.

Sunday at the Sisters Public Library.

"I usually write the lyrics first and cen-

a good one." By introducing his own students to Stafford, Tisdel seemed to be making up

Tisdel co-founded the Americana Proj-

for wasted opportunities. Even though

ect, which teaches performance and music history to Sisters School District stu-

Tisdel's parents were friends with the poet and he had Stafford's wife for a

Submissionrequirements: Include as much detail as possible — when and where you took it, and any special technique used — aswell as your name, hometown and phone number. Photos must be high resolution (at least 6 inches wide and

grade-school teacher, Tisdel never met of Stafford's 100th birthday, Tisdel and Stafford. But after coming back from Sisters choir teacher Rick Johnson chal- college and setting out on his own arlenged eight student singer-songwriters tistic path as a singer-songwriter, Tisdel to compose original songs drawing on decided to meet his hometown's literary Sisters High School student Sedona Baer Stafford's verses. hero. plays a song onher ukulele. The song was The students performed their songs on SeePoetryIA6 based on poetry by William Stafford. dents. As part of a statewide celebration

300 dpi) and cannot be altered.

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author and editor Walidah Imarisha titled "Beyond Bars: Rethinking Our Reliance on Prisons"; free; 3:30 p.m.; Central Oregon Community College, Wille Hall,2600 N.W.CollegeWay, TUESDAY Bend; 541-383-7257. BUNKO FUNDRAISER: INTERNATIONALGUITAR Learn andplaythe NIGHT:Founder Brian Gore dice game,with prizes, will be joined by Italy's Pino WEDNESDAY snacks andbeverages Forastiere, England's Mike SPAGHETTI WESTERN provided; proceedsbenefit Dawes andArgentina's WEDNESDAY: Enjoy a Soroptimist International Western film and dinner; $6 Quique Sinesi; $30 plus fees; of Bend; $20donation; 6-8 7 p.m., doors openat6p.m.; plus a one-drink minimum; p.m.; Jake'3Diner, 2210 Tower Theatre, 835 N.W. N.E. U.S.Highway20, Bend; 6 p.m.; Tin PanTheater, 869 Wall St., Bend; 541-317541-382-1753 orbborlen@ N.W. Tin PanAlley, Bend; 0700 or www.towertheatre. 541-241-2271 or www. org. BILL FRISELL: The THE LOWEST PAIR: The legendary guitarist brings CHRISTIE LENEE: The folkMinnesota bluegrass group his"Guitar in theSpace rock guitarist performs; $20 performs; free; 7 p.m.; Age" showto Bend;$30 plus fees; 7 p.m., doors open McMenamins OldSt. Francis plus fees; 7p.m., doors at 6 p.m.; TowerTheatre, School, 700 N.W.Bond open at 6p.m.; Tower 835 N.W.Wall St., Bend; St., Bend; 541-382-5174or Theatre, 835 N.W. Wall St., 541-317-0700 or www. Bend; 541-317-0700or "ANGELSTREET": A TURKUAZ: The NewYork suspenseful play about OREGON ENCYCLOPEDIA funk-soul band performs; a man slowly driving his HISTORY NIGHT: Historian free; 7 p.m.; McMenamins gentle, devoted wife to the Gus Frederick presents Old St. Francis School, brink of insanity; $19, $15 "TW. Davenport: Indian 700 N.W.Bond St., Bend; seniors, $12 students; 7:30 Agent"; free; 7p.m., 541-382-5174 or www. p.m.; Greenwood Playhouse, doors open at 6p.m.; 148 N.W.Greenwood Ave., McMenaminsOldSt. Bend; 541-389-0803 or Francis School, 700N.W. www.cascadestheatrical. Bond St., Bend;541-382THURSDAY OI'g. 5174 or www.mcmenamins. AUTHORPRESENTAION:A "PICASSOATTHELAPIN com. moderated discussion with BLACKWITCHPUDDING: The Portland stoner-metal band performs, with The KronkMenandThe Beerslayers; $8; 8p.m.; Volcanic TheatrePub,70 S.W. Century Drive, Bend; 541-323-1881 orwww.

AGILE":A play about Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso meeting at a barcalled the Lapin Agile; $19, $16 students and seniors; 7:30 p.m.; 2nd Street Theater, 220 N.E. Lafayette Ave., Bend; 541-312-9626 or THE DEVILMAKESTHREE: The Santa Cruz,Calif.-based Americana bandperforms, with Brothers Comatose; $20 plus fees in advance, $25 at the door; 9 p.m.; Midtown Ballroom, 51N.W. GreenwoodAve., Bend; 541-408-4329 or www.

70 S.W. Century Drive, Bend; 541-323-1881 or www. "ANGELSTREET": A suspenseful play about a man slowly driving his gentle, devoted wife to the blink of insanity; $19, $15 seniors, $12 students; 7:30 p.m.; GreenwoodPlayhouse, 148 N.W.GreenwoodAve., Bend; 541-389-0803 or "PICASSOATTHE LAPIN AGILE":A play about Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso meeting at a barcalled the Lapin Agile; $19, $16 students and seniors; 7:30 p.m.; 2nd Street Theater, 220 N.E. Lafayette Ave., FRIDAY Bend; 541-312-9626 or "ALICEIN WONDERLAND": Bend Experimental Art THE WEATHERMACHINE: Theatre produces the play The Portland folk-rock band based on the Lewis Carroll novel; $15, $10for students; performs; $10 plusfees in 7 p.m.; Summit High School, advance, $12 at the door; 8 p.m.; The Belfry, 302 E.Main 2855 N.W.Clearwater Drive, Ave., Sisters; 541-815-9122 Bend; 541-419-5558 or or WHISKEY MYERS:The "KLUNKERZ:A FILM ABOUT MOUNTAINBIKES": Texas country band performs; $6 plusfees; 9 A screening of the 2006 documentary about a group p.m.; Maverick'3 Country Bar & Grill, 20565 Brinson Blvd., of cyclists taking their Bend; 541-325-1886 orwww. adventures off-road; $5 in advance, $7 at thedoor; 7 p.m.; Volcanic Theatre Pub, SeeCalendar/A6





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ArmyCor s ro osescuts in Cas ian terns'nestin a itat

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I thought for some reason it would be a good idea," Tisdel sard.

After setting up a meeting in 1993, the poet postponed, and soon word reached Tisdel that Stafford had died. Tis-

House of Representatives. In

million., a

November 2012, the GOP caucus sel ected Walden as chair-

website run by the nonpar-

man of the National Republi-

in such a Democrat-friendly

state, she said.

Over the same period,

might become more of a competitive race than peoJeff Barnard I The Associated Press

Caspian terns, like this one photographed in 2008, have e large concentration of nests neer the

mouth of the Columbia River, where they havebeen eating millions of youngsalmoneach year.

• Seabirds' diet of juvenile salmon consideredbiggest reasonfor fish's decline

the river, so the theory was that terns could feed off a

wider variety of fish species, reducing their impact on salmonids.

By Andre Stepankowsky

In 2006, the corps adopted a long-range plan to reduce

"We're trying to reduce the colony size by reducing the available habitat."

Longview Daily News(Wash.)

LONGVIEW, Wash. — The

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has tamed mighty rivers and battled Mount St. Helens, but

it's still struggling to shoo

the number of nesting pairs at

East Sand island — estimated then to number 10,000 — to 2,500 to 3,100 by 2015. The

— Steve Helm, ArmyCorps

Caspian terns away from the

wildlife biologist

mouth of the Columbia River. The agency last week unveiled its latest effort to reduce

the graceful seabird's diet of juvenile salmonand steelhead. The corps' draftplan to reduce tern habitat on East Sand Is-

land, located near Chinook, is open for public comment. The proposal is to cut nesting habitat by about a third, from 1.58 acres currently to

1.08 acres, inhopes of decreasing the number of birds. The corps says it's responding to unexpectedly high nesting density on the island, Steve

Helm, a corps wildlife biolo-

birdswere huddled together a lot more closely than biolo-

gists ever expected, stalling an effort to disperse the colony to other locations.

Predation by Caspian terns and cormorantsis considered one of the major reasons why 13 of 20 salmon and steelhead runs in the Columbia Basin are listed as threatened or en-

dangered under the federal Endangered Species Act.

agency has created seven to eight acres of nesting habitat

bined verses from 10 of Staf-

ford's poems for her song. "His poetry is really different from what I've read, and I like having this connection to him."

the field, because it just gets expensive for them."

Though Kit Stafford was un-

Wehby's fundraising an-

$423,000 in individual contributions from within Ohio

gon and Northern California while gradually reducing the

buzz around her candidacy, in 2000. By 2010, when he besaid Duffy, who said that came speaker, only 36 percent she, like Republican strate- of his $3.2 million haul came gists, will watch the Oregon from Ohio donors. House race carefully. Majority Leader Eric Cantor, "They're going to sit back R-Va., has seen his in-state doand wait, but they aren't nor percentage drop from 66 ignoring it, like they're ig- percentin 2002 to 26 percent noring a place like Rhode in 2012. "Leaders in politics are bigIsland," she said of the GOP. "They are very interested in ger draws than rank and file," what happens (in Oregon), said Paul Herrnson, executive and they realize that noth- director of the Roper Center for ing could come of it, or they Public Opinion Research and a could get lucky." professor of political science at Candidates must submit the University of Connecticut. quarterly finance reports to "Rank and file are often not

available habitat at East Sand

Islandto 1.6 acres. vantage of sandy islands creProgress has been slower ated by corps dredging near than expected, Helm said. the river's mouth to chow Last year, for example, redown on ocean-bound salmo- searchers estimated 7,600 nids. Biologists estimate that pairs set up nests there. BioloCaspian terns gobbled down gists had projected the colony 5.5 million smolts annuallybe- should have fallen at least to tween 2000 and 2009. 4,100 pairs by now, leading C oncentric rings o f s i l t to the new project to further fencing shows how biologists reduce the amount of nesting have gradually been reduc- habitat, Helm said. "We're trying to reduce the ing habitat for Caspian terns, which nest in patches of open colony size by reducing the sand. The two white boxes are available habitat," Helm said. blinds biologists use to study If they don't have room to the birds on East Sand Island nest, the terns will look elsenear Chinook. Th e w h i te where, Helm said. In essence, blotches on the sand are nest- the corps is hoping the terns, ing terns. which migrate immense disThe corps has been trying tances in the Pacific Basin, to disperse the colony for start using the new habitat nearly two decades. Among locations created to the south. The new draft environmen-

tal assessment for the proland to East Sand Island by posed activitywill be available planting vegetation on the for public review and combare expanses of open sand ment on the corps' Portland where the birds nested. East District website. Comments Sand Island is farther down must be received by Feb. 21.


tor in Central Oregon sprang from the ashes of the light

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aircraft industry that implod-

The movement received The campaign a r ound ed here four years ago, said a boost in December when UAVs would first create a hub EDCO E x ecutive D i r ector the Federal Aviation Adof businesses, academic pro- Roger Lee. "It really grew out of EDm inistration n amed t h e grams andpublicagencies to Warm Springs I n dian foster development of the tech- CO's volunteer aerospace inReservation and two other nology in Oregon, Morrisson dustry group in the aftermath Oregon locations to one of agreed. Then, the resulting ofthe Cessna closure,"hesaid. six national testing sites for products could be put to work The group gathered to answer unmanned vehicles. in Oregon. Precision agricul- basic questions, like what "My job is an economic ture is one obvious applica- next for the skilled people left development position state- tion, he said. Firefighting and behind." wide, not just Central Ore- search and rescue missions UAVs, he said, "are a natugon," Morrisson said. "The are others. ral fit." ambition is to see Oregon The effort to create an un— Reporter: 541-617-7815, as a national leader. And at a federal level, the U.S. had

sage of support and advice.

identified (unmanned aerial systems) as an industri-

"Kit wanted to say that her

dad would be very proud of you," Tisdel told the students Sunday. "She also wanted to relate something, and I hope this comes off in the right light, but when Bill had writer's block, he would just lower the bar and keep going, keep working." — Reporter: 541-633-2160,

al sector in which the U.S.

would like to be a global

manned aerial systems sec-




Speaker J o h n Boe h n er, R-Ohio, drew 93 percent of his

nouncement helps generate

licsector,forprograms funded by the state grant, Morrisson

able to attend the performance, she sent the students a mes-

more seruor the people who

give become more eagerto give to them," said Michael J. Mablin, an expert on money in politics and a professor of political science at the University of Brown has even declared he Albany in New York. "There's will enter the race, she said. no question that in general, "When you look at the members' fundraising sources map, there really aren't oth- do change as they gain power. er Republicans they can go Contributors who are seekafter," she said. "They are ing out power look for those kind of hoping that Repub- members." licans don't (further) expand By comparison, House

the Federal Election Com-

Oregon, he said, can be a hotbed for unmanned aerial technology. The next


R-Hood River, nor his priCounty Commissioner Dennis Linthicum, have touted

s~a C1AssrC

hand in his most recent FEC


filing, starts with a large

Also see usfor Call for yourfree homeloan consultation.

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(541) 388-441 8

Mmeof&egmenuoney soumMorlgageCmnpany. gg

Meeting cuith Scientific Certainty through the Christ

• Find outhow the scientific system of prayer-based healing canbe used by anyone to bring consistent and reliable health to their lives.


prise will be putting forth a requestforproposals from interested groups, whether academic, business or pub-

— Reporter: 202-662-7456,

• Discover how anunderstanding of God" as infinite good and ever-present Love brings healing.



step for the business enter-

times, so they are in sync with

mary challenger, Klamath their districts' voters," he said.

• Lookingfor an alternative to the negative side effects of drugs and to expensive,intrusive medical treatments?



that visible in their district, and

mission by Friday. Other they're not that visible on the Republican c a n didates,national stage." induding state Rep. Jason The influx o f o u t-of-state Conger, R-Bend, and Port- cash doesn't mean a member land businessman Sam of Congress has become out of Callahan, have not publicly step with the concerns of the announced their fundrais- voters that elected him or her, ing totals. Herrnson said. "Generally, someone who In the race for Congress in Oregon's 2nd district, has made the party leaderneither Rep. Greg Walden, shiphasbeen re-elected many

line. Walden, an eight-term incumbent who listed more than $1.5 million cash on

Dakota Wagner, 17, who com-

$903,000. This campaign cycle, the instate, out-of-state split is 5p-5p. "As the members become

at inland locations in Ore-

The birds have taken ad-

its first actions was to relocate the birds from Rice Is-

plebelieve," she said. Democrats are largely playing defense during the 2014 cycle, which helps explain why they have already begun running ads against Republican Scott Brown in New Hampshire before

advance of the Friday dead-

middle school but had never read Stafford's poetry," said


"Having said that, I also Walden's haul from individthink if t h e environment ual donors h a s b a l looned turns really bad, that this from $265,000 to more than

and cross-country skiing." Though the poet wasn't

Kit Stafford, the poet's daugh-

86 percent of Walden's contributions from individual donors

came from insideOregon, according to figures from watchdog organization the Center for on its recent history of elect- Responsive Politics. This pering Democrats in statewide centagehas decreased steadily races. Merkley "benefits over time, to 84 in 2002, 82 in immensely" from running 2004,78in 2006,75in 2008,73

their fundraising hauls in

ter, who lives in Sisters and helped students develop their songs. "I had Kit as a teacher in

first time he ran for reelection,

Duffy places Oregon in

del said he spent the next two

adapt his work, they did have access to something close-

outside Oregon. In 2000, the

the "solid Democrat" column for 2014, based in part

winters "just reading Stafford around to help the students

t h at

on hand to more than $3

Report, a nonpartisan publication that monitors the competitiveness of political races.

Put in layman's terms, the

"Even at that point I didn't really know who he was, but

e ned national p r ofile

can Congressional Committee, which is responsible for electin markets across the coun- ing as many Republicans as try, reported no television or possible to Congress, making radio ad buys in Oregon for him the fifth-ranking Republithe 2014 cycle as of Friday. can in the House. Oregon is "on nobody's This increased visibility, as radar right now, and there's well as his advancing seniority no reason for it to be," said on the House Energy and ComJennifer Duffy, a senior merce Committee, has allowed editor at the Cook Political Walden to broaden his appeal

location program, said Friday.

Continued fromA5

Over the same period,

Merkley raised $1.14 mil- comes with being part of the lion, bringing his total cash Republican leadership in the

tisan Sunlight Foundation that tracks campaign ads

gist involved with the tern re-


money advantage. Walden's fundraising filings paint a picture of the height-

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ae rou s ominateatt e ramm s TV SPOTLIGHT

56th annual GrammyAWardS —Therap duoMacklemore

By Mesfin Fekadu

& Ryan Lewis endedSunday night with four trophies, but the French electronic pioneers Daft Punk took top honors. Only about 10 of the 82awards weretelevised, but here's a brief look at some of the winners.

The Associated Press



Punk's electronic-funk grooves have won big at the Grammys. The French electronic duo's " Random

• RECORDOFTHEYEAR: "Get Lucky," Daft Punk • ALBUM OF THEYEAR: "Random Access Memories," Daft Punk • SONG OF THE YEAR: "Royals,"Lorde • BEST NEWARTIST:Macklemore & Ryan Lewis • BESTPOP SOLO PERFORMANCE: "Royals,"Lorde • BEST POP VOCALALBUM: "Unorthodox Jukebox," Bruno Mars • BEST RAPPERFORMANCE:"Thrift Shop," Macklemore & Ryan Lewis • BEST RAPALBUM: "The Heist," Macklemore & Ryan Lewis • BEST R&B SONG:"Pusher Love Girl," Justin Timberlake

A c c ess M e m o -

ries" won album of the year and their infectious hit, "Get Lucky," won record of the year at the awards show. The song features Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers. Daft Punk, who sports helmets in public, won four

See a list of all winners at Source: The Associated Press

awards, as did Pharrell Wil-

Ryan Lewis, left, and Macklemoreaccept the awardfor bestnew

liams and Macklemore &

artist on Sunday at the 56th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.

Ryan Lewis. " Well, I s uppose the r o -

bots would like to thank...." cause it's been mental," she joked Williams, who also won sald. non-classicalproducer of the Macklemore & Ryan Lewyear. "You know honestly, I is won best new artist and rap bet,France is really proud of album for "The Heist," beating these guys right now." efforts from Kendrick Lamar, Daft Punk also picked up Jay Z, Kanye West and Drake. honors for best dance/electron-

" Wow, we're here on t h e

ica album for"Random Access stage right now," said MackleMemories" and pop duo/group more, thanking fans first, then performance for "Get Lucky," his fiancee and team. "I want to which earned Williams a tro- say we made this album withphy. Williams had seven nods, out a record label, we made it but competed with h i mself independently and we appreciand couldonly takehome four ate allthe support." awards, which he did. T he du o p e rformed t h e "Same While the men dominated, gay-acceptance hit Lorde was the princess of the Love," and 33 couples — some Grammys: Her hit "Royals" same-sex — got married in the won record of the year and middle in the performance as best pop solo performance. Queen Latifah officiated. Ma"Thank you everyone who donna joined in wearing an has let this song explode be- all-white suit and hat, and sang

"Open Your Heart" and some

of "Same Love" with Mary

hit songs before going into for best country song and was "Blurred Lines," which ener- nominated for new artist. gized the crowd. J ustin T i m berlake, w h o Perry sang "Dark Horse" wasn't up for any of the major in an eerie forest with fire that

awards, won three trophies,

mirrored the song's vibe, and and Katy Perry caught a bou- John Legend and Taylor Swift — who whipped her head, and quetduringthe performance. Beyonce kicked off the hair, back and forth — played Grammys with a steamy and pianos during their slow songs. smoky performance of "Drunk Pinktwirledinthe air inher sig-

induding best R&B song for "Pusher Love Girl" and music

Lambert. Keith Urban cried

In Love:"She started on a chair

video for "Suit & Tie," which

nature Cirque du Soleil-form. Swift, who i s n o m inated

and then grinded in a revealing black outfit. Jay Z emerged for album of the year, lost best in a fitted suit to rap his verse, country album in a surprise upand the couple — parents of lit- set to rising singer-songwriter tle Blue Ivy — held hands and Kacey Musgraves. "Oh my goodness. Oh my danced together. Imagine Dragons and Ken- god. I can't even. I can't even," drick L amar c o llaborated said a teary-eyed, but haponstage to create an electrify- py Musgraves, whose "Same

also earned Jay Z a Grammy. Jay Z and Timberlake also won best rap/sung collaboration for "Holy Grail." "I want to thank God — I mean a little bit for this award — but mostly for all the uni-

verse for conspiring and putting that beautiful light of a young lady in my life," Jay Z said, looking at Beyonce. "I want to tell Blue that, look, 'Daddy got a

gold sippy cup foryou.'" ing performance, as the acts Trailer Different Park" won the Jay Z, keeping up the desported all-white and went honor. "I got to make a record cade-long Grammy tradition from rap song to rock song. that I poured myself into and of rappers leading in nominaRobin Thicke performed with I'm so proud of." tions, was the night's front-runChicago, singing the group's The singer also beat Swift ner with nine.

TV TOOAY Bp.m. on58,"Hollywood Game Night" —In a possible homage to participating star Cobie Smulders ("How I Met Your Mother"), this new episode is called "How I Met Your Buzzer." Other celebrities taking part in this round of off-the-wall party games include Mayim Bialik ("The Big Bang Theory"), Mark Feuerstein ("Royal Pains"), Taran Killam ("12 Years a Slave"), Angie Harmon ("Rizzoli & Isles") and the Fonz himself, Henry Winkler. Jane Lynch

("Glee") hosts.

8 p.m. on(CW), "Hart ofDixie" — LaVon (Cress Williams) asks the townspeople to join forces against the merger by convincing the lieutenant governor (Dondre Whitfield) that BlueBell should be declared a historic town. Zoe and Joel (Rachel Bilson, Josh Cooke) continue their debate over where they should

live. Wade(Wilson Bethel) meets Vivian's (Lauren Bittner) son but realizes that winning him over will take some time in thenew episode "One More Last

Chance." 8 p.m. on FAM, "Switched at Birth" —Daphne's (Katie Leclerc) efforts to bond with her field hockey teammate Sharee

(Bianca Bethune)aredealt a further blow when Sharee lands in trouble at school. Hoping to get a letter of recommendation to art school, Bay (Vanessa

Marano) agrees tohelpTeresa (Sandra Bernhard) set up a gallery showing in Minneapolis. Regina (Constance Marie) feels conflicted over a business opportunity in the new episode "Fountain." 9 p.m.on10, "The Following"

— As Ryan's (KevinBacon) obsession with the Joe Carroll

case becomesevenstronger in

Don'ts en

uc son irt a

MOVIE TIMESTOOAY • There may be an additional fee for 3-0and /MAXmovies. • /I//ovie times are subject to change after press time. f

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boy, the person to get it from is your pediatrician. Dear Abby:I sawyour Christmas column in which you included a note to all your Christian readers,

of money — almost as much as a wedding. Fabiola, told me that I have been debatsome godmothers DFP,R s s ("madrinas") help to ing whether or not I should have one. My defray the cost of a mom says she would quinceanera. There rather put the moncan be a godmother ey toward my college fund. I agree for the cake, another for the dress,

and frankly I found it a little rude.

Not only Christian people celebrate Christmas; many of us celebrate it as a secular holiday, a time

to celebrate the love and joy in our lives and our family (both blood relatives and the people we make

Dear Party or Not:A quinceanera may cost almost as much as a wedding, but there are weddings for every budget. We have all heard of families who have gone into debt

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to finance a wedding, but I never

will be 100 percent easier if you stop

with her, but I also feel like I should

acknowledge my Mexican background as much as I do the Caucasianpart. I don't want topressure my

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Joe's (JamesPurefoy) newlife


Regal Old Mill Stadium16 & IMAX, 680S.W. Powerhouse Drive, 800-326-3264 • AMERICANHUSTLE(R) Noon, 3:35, 6:45, 9:55 • ANCHORMAN 2: THE LEGEND CONTINUES (PG-13)9:30 • AUGUST:OSAGE COUNTY (R)1:20,4:30,7:30 • DEVIL'S DUE (R) 2, 10:10 • FROZEN(PG) 11:55 a.m., 3, 6:35 • GISELLE(no MPAArating) 7 • GRAVITY3-D(PG-13)11:50a.m., 6:10 • HER (R)2:55, 9:05 • THEHOBBIT:THEDESOLATION OF SMAUG (PG-13) 11:35 a.m., 7:05 • THEHOBBIT:THEDESOLATION OF SMAUG 3-D(PG-13) 3:05 • THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHINGFIRE (PG-13) 1:05, 4:20, 7:55 • I, FRANKENSTEIN (PG-13) 12:45, 3:10, 6:30, 9:10 • I, FRANKENSTEIN IMAX3-D (PG-13) 1:30, 4, 7, 9:25 • JACKRYAN:SHADOW RECRUIT(PG-13)12:25,3:50, 7:20, 10 • LONE SURVIVOR (R) 11:30 a.m., 2:45, 6, 9 • THE NUT JOB(PG) 11:40 a.m., 3:40, 6:50 • THE NUTJOB3-D (PG) 1:10, 9:15 • RIDE ALONG (PG-13) 12:55, 3:20, 6:20, 9:35 • SAVING MR.BANKS(PG-13) 12:10, 3:25, 7:10, 9:55 • THESECRET LIFE OFW ALTER MITTY (PG)12:35,4:40, 7:35 • THEWOLF OF WALL STREET (PG-13)12:20,4:10,8 • Accessibility devices are available forsome movies. •

the wake of the subway killings, mysterious phone calls bring him face to face with the biggest threat yet. Information about surfaces in the new episode "For Joe." Shawn Ashmore and Connie Nielsen also star.

9 p.m. on(CW), "Beautyand the Beast" — Thieves who are after a rare necklace that Tori

(Amber SkyeNoyes) owns take her hostage at the precinct, along with Cat and Tess (Kristin Kreuk, Nina Lisandrello). Vincent (Jay Ryan) is their only hope, but helping them could expose his true identity. Sendhil Ramamurthy also stars in the new episode "Held Hostage." © zap2it

' NQRTHWEsT CROSSING Aauard-aeinning neighborhood on Bend's



McMenamins OldSt. Francis School, 700 N.W.Bond St., 541-330-8562 • THE BOOKTHIEF (PG-13) 6 • LAST VEGAS (PG-13) 9:15 • After 7p.m.,showsare21andolderonly.Youngerthan 21 may attend screeningsbefore 7 p.m.ifaccompanied by a legal guardian. Tin Pan Theater, 869 N.W.Tin PanAlley, 541-241-2271 • THE CRASHREEL(no MPAArating) Mon, Thu: 8:30 • THEGREAT BEAUTY (no MPAA rating)5:30 I



Pure. &rrzlzf.6 t"o.

>j B~ du Bend Redmond

John Day


Redmond Cinemas,1535S.W.OdemMedo Road, 541-548-8777 • I, FRANKENSTEIN (PG-13) 5:30, 7:30 • JACKRYAN:SHADOW RECRUIT(PG-13)4:45,7:15 • LONE SURVIVOR (R) 4:15, 6:45 • THE NUTJOB(PG) 5, 7 Sisters Movie House,720 DesperadoCourt, 541-549-8800 • AMERICANHUSTLE(R) 6 • AUGUST:OSAGE COUNTY (R)6:15 • DALLASBUYERSCLUB(R) 7 • INSIDE LLEWYNDAVIS (R) 5 • JACKRYAN:SHADOW RECRUIT(PG-13)7:15 • PHILOMENA(PG-13) 5

Burns Lakeview

La Pine 541.382.6447

Plae Well, Retire Well

• r

Madras Cinema5,1101 S.W.U.S.Highway 97, 541-475-3505 • AUGUST:OSAGE COUNTY (R)4:15,6:50 • I, FRANKENSTEIN (PG-13) 7:20 • I, FRANKENSTEIN3-D(PG-13) 5:10 • JACKRYAN:SHADOW RECRUIT(PG-13)4:50,7:10 • LONE SURVIVOR (R) 4:30, 7 • THE NUT JOB(PG) 4:40, 6:45 •


Pine Theater, 214 N.MainSt., 541-416-1014 • AMERICANHUSTLE(R) 6: I5 • THE NUT JOB(Upstairs — PG) 6:30 • Theupstairsscreening room has limitedaccessibility.


775SW Bonne Way,Suite120•Bend 541-728-0321

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gatekeepers and agents for theirplayers. One of the most outspoken

Continued from A1 "When I started in seventh grade, I didn't think they would

critics of this process is Rory

now 15, said after a tournament late last month in Central Florida. In today's sports world, stu-

riott where they were staying. As the 14- and 15-year-old girls

the Preliminary SAT exams.

went down the water slide,

Coaches at colleges large and

he listed the colleges that had called himto express interest in

small flock to watch 13- and

14-year-old girls who they hope will fill out their future ros-

ters. This is happening despite

Sarah Beth Glicksteen / New York Times News Service

NCAA rules that appear to prohibitit.

Libby Bassett, an assistant coach at the University of South Carolina, watches a U15 game in December in Sanford, Fla. In today's The heated race to recruit sports world, college coaches flock to watch13- end14-yeer-old ever younger players has dras- girls who they hope will fill out their future rosters, despite NCAA tically accelerated during the rules that appear to explicitly prohibit it. last five years, according to the

coaches involved. It is generally tracedback to the profession- coaches and parents who are alization of college and youth most heavily involved, many sports, a shift that has trans- of whom worry about the psyformed soccer and other recre- chological and physical toll it is ational sports from after-school taking onyoungsters. activities into r egimens reThe NCAA rules designed to quiringstrength coaches and prevent all of this indicate that managers. coaches cannot call players unWhile women's soccer is til July after their junior year generally viewed as having of high school. Players are not led the way in early recruiting, supposed to commit to a collacrosse, volleyball and field lege until signing a letter of inhockey have been following tent in the spring of their senior and occasionally surpassing it, year. But these rules have enorand other women's and men's mous and widely understood sports are becoming involved loopholes. eachyear when coaches realize

apossibilityto get an edge. Precise numbers are difficult to come by, but an analysis

done for The New York Times by the National Collegiate Scouting Association, a com-

pany that consults with families on the recruiting process, shows that while only 5 percent

of men's basketball players and 4 percent of football players who use the company commit

to colleges early — before the official recruiting process begins — the numbers are 36 percent in women's lacrosse and 24percent in women's soccer. At universities with e l ite

teams like North Carolina and Texas,the rosters are almost entirely filled by the time offi-

cial recruitingbegins. For both girls and boys, the trend is gaining steam despite the unhappiness of many of the

on the youngest girls at the tournament, those in the eighth

ninth grader barreled down the slide. Dames said that he kept a

good relationship with those programs but that he generally refused to connect colleges with girls before their sophomore year in high school, about what college to attend.

er players, but he is not happy Once the colleges manage to about the way the practice has connect with a player, they evolved.

"It's killing all of us," he said. Dorrance's biggest complaint is that he is increasingly making early offers to players who do not pan out years later.

have to deal with the prohibi-

tion on making a formal scholarship offer before a player's final year of high school. But there is now a well-evolved process that is informal but "If you can't make a decision considered essentially binding on one or two looks, they go by all sides. to your competitor, and they Either side can make a differmake an offer," he said. "You

'It's killing all of us'

eachone. "Notre Dame, North Carolina and Florida State have calledabout her, "he said asone

and ninth grades. Dorrance is when he thinks they are too credited with being one of the young to be making decisions first coaches to look at young-

ent decision after an informal

are under this huge pressure commitment, but this happens The earlyrecruitingmachine to make a scholarship offer on infrequently because players was on full display during the their first visit." are expected to stop talking Florida t ournament, w h ere The result has been a grow- with coaches from other proHaley played alongside hun- ing number of girls who come grams and can lose offers if dreds of other teenage girls at a to play for him at North Caro- they are spotted shopping sprawling complex of perfectly lina and end up sitting on the around. Coaches usually stop mowed fields. bench. recruiting other players. A Sunday afternoon game The organizer of the Florida Most dub coaches are more between 14-year-olds from Tex- event, the Elite Clubs National cooperative than Dames and as and Ohio drew coaches from League, was set up a few years view it as their job to help faMiami, Arizona, Texas and ago to help bring together the cilitate the process, even if they UCLA — the most recent Divi- bestgirls'soccer teams from think it is happeningtoo early. sion I national champion. Mill- around the country, largely for Michael O'Neill, the director ing among them was the most the sake of recruiters. At the of coaching at one of the top storied coach in women's soc- recentevent, inan Orlando sub- clubs in New Jersey, Players cer, Anson Dorrance of North urb, an estimated 600 college Development Academy, said Carolina, who wore a dark hat coachesattended as 158 teams that he and his staff help set up and sunglasses that made him played on 17 fields over the phone calls so that his players look likea poker player as he course of three days. do not miss out on opportuniscanned the field. ties. They also tutor the players Dorrance, who has won 22 Club coaches in key role on handling the process. "You almost have to," O'Neill national championships as a The early recruiting system coach, said he was spending has given significant power said. "If you don't, you can get his entire weekend focusing to club coaches, who serve as leftbehind."


gan and stocked with iPads and other devices to allow

tooned with a Republican slo-

cameras,there are plenty of

strategist and a former aide

actors happyto audition." The Republican leadership in Congress is trying not to cede control to its freelance responders. In an effort led by McMorris Rodgers, members shuffling out of the House

to Speaker John Boehner of Ohio. "It used to be that congressional leadership could develop the broad outline of the party's message, and everyone else could echo it.

We're no longer in a place where members are echoing dress will be steered toward leadership. They're competone of several rapid-response ing with leadership." chamber after Obama's ad-

num e r.

Visit our newest ee

Continued from A1

Paul, R-Ky., plans to spend them to record six-second vidpart of Tuesday in a television eos through Vine. studio off Capitol Hill recordRepublican officials said ing his own unsanctioned members were being encourrebuttal to President Barack agedto focus onpushingback Obama's address that night. on Democratic daims that the His staff plans to blast the Republican-controlled House video to news outlets around has offered little of an agenda the world, and to the hun- of its own other than to opdreds of thousands of people pose the president. the senator reaches online But amid all the jockeying through Twitter, Facebook for who can have the best, andSnapchat. loudest and most effective Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, will retort Tuesday, many Repubhave top billing for the newest licans and Democrats who — and to some Republicans have been through this before the most unwelcome — post- are asking, Why bother? The State of the Union event, the response is a risky endeavor, officialTea Party response. often marred by inelegance Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, not and blunder. "There's never been a good content to wait until 'Ibesday, got rolling last week when he one," said John Feehery, who released a statement in which was an aide to Dennis Hasthe demandedthatObama an- ert, a Republican and a forsweraccusations on avariety mer House speaker. "There's of issues, including National this element of getting too Security Agency surveillance close to the sun. They think and the Affordable Care Act. they're hot stuff, and their hot He then followed up with a stuff gets melted in the glare letter to A t torney General of the lights. It's very risky." Eric Holder Jr. asking for a The practice of answerspecial prosecutor to look into ing a president's State of the accusations of political perse- Union as the opposition party cution by the Internal Reve- does today on broadcast telenue Service. vision began in 1982, when C ompeting with t h em Democrats produced a docufor the soapbox will be Rep. mentary-style program with Cathy McMorris Rodgers of ordinary citizens and memWashington, the fourth-rank- bers of Congress sounding ing Republican in the House, offon the Reagan presidency. who is to deliver the party's They stuck to this format for a official response. few years, and one year fea"There is no dear leader- tured a young, telegenic and ship in the Republican Party little-known governor from right now, no dear direction Arkansas named Bill Clinton. or message, and no way to But back then there was no enforce discipline," said Mark Twitter, no Vine and no Tea McKinnon, a veteran Repub- Party. "The message development lican strategist who has become an outspoken critic of for the party and on Capitol hisparty."Andbecausethere's Hill has been flipped," said a vacuum, and no shortage of Kevin Madden, a Republican

games, at the pool at the Mar-

dents are offered full scholarshipsbefore they have taken

booths, which will be fes-

For example, Sen. Rand

Dames, the coach of one of the most successful youth club teams, the Chicago Edipse. In Florida, Dames kept a watchful eye on his players between

talk to me that early," Haley,


N u m er' store.


Now Open in Bend: The Forum The Forum Shopping Center, across from Barnes 8t Noble, 541-382-3825 This promotion is not vslidwith other discounts, offers or on previous purchases. Resbictions may apply. Prices subject to change without notice. Offer valid at Bend store only through 2/8/14.Picture may represent features and options available at additianal cost. Not all bed models are displayed in all stores. Beds not available for in store pickup. Additional shipping and delivery fees apply unless otherwise stated. *$750 savings applies to any size Sleep Number® m7 or is mattress set through 2/8/14. Not valid on m7 or i8 mattress-only purchase. tsecond item must be of equal or lesser value. Excludes DualTemp™ layer, Total Protection Mattress Pad and clearance items. Savings off full retail piice. tFree Standard UPS Shipping on all Sleep Number® mattress

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Community, B4



College hoops, B3 Tennis, B7 THE BULLETIN • MONDAY, JANUARY 27, 2014


The week ahea

A rundown of gamesandevents to watch for locally and nationally from the world of sports:






High schoolwrestling, Culver at Crook County, 7 p.m.:Twoof Oregon's longtime prep wrestling powers face off inthe annual CowdogClassic, this year being hosted by CrookCounty High in Prineville. The Class2A/1A Bulldogs will havetheir hands full with the 4ACowboys, whoare coming off an impressive victory at the Reser's Tournament ofChampions. Both teams wontheir respective classes at last week's OregonWrestling Classic.

College men'sbasketball, Southern California atOregonState, 6 p.m. (Pac12 Networks);UCLAat Oregon, 6p.m. (ESPN/ESPN2):The Beavers have played their way to respectability in the Pac-12 Conferenceand meet aTrojans teamtrying todothesamething.TheDucks,ranked No. 10 in thenation before slumping to start the Pac-12season, entertain the Bruins, a teamlooking to stay onthe heels of top-ranked Arizona intheconference race.

High schoolswimming, City ofBendHigh School Invitational atJuniperSwim& Fitness Center, 6p.m.: Thedistrict and state championships are onthe horizon, but first things first — time toseewho is the best in Bend.TheSummit girls and boys teamsclaimedthat honor last year on their way to state titles, but watch for Bend High and Mountain View togivethe Storm an intracity challenge inthe final home meet of the seasonfor all three programs.

Super BowlSundayOamRun in Prineville, 10 a.m.:For those who plan to spend the rest of the dayparked in front of a big-screen TVwith piles of munchies, this annual run offers a fit way to start this unofficial national holiday. Racedistances are 20 miles, 10 miles and 5kilometers. The event raises funds for the CrookCounty High track team. For more information or anentry form, go to www.normsxtremefitness. com or call Norm Smith at 541-416-0455.

NFL football, SuperBowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadiumin East Rutherford, N.J., kickoff at 3:25 p.m. PST(Fox): A dream matchup pits the touted defense of the NFC champion Seattle Seahawksagainst the high-octane offense of future Hall of Famequarterback PeytonManningandtheAFC champion Denver Broncos.

• Offseason update: River's EdgeGolf Course • Local golf scoreboard and eventscalendar

dry weather keepsCentral there aresomedrawbacks {.






Bend's Ross is Sechi bound

Q $ Y~,t '

' I' '


ASPEN,Colo. Danny Davis got the perfect boost on his way to Sochi — a win at the Winter X Games. Davis showed signs he might give Shaun White a run in Russia, mixing old-school moveswithhugejumps to score a 95 onSunday and win the last major halfpipe contest before the Olympics. Bend's BenFerguson fell on a trick in the third and final round and missed the podium, -

It left a wide-open race for the win andDavis took it, edging Louie Vito by two points. Another of White's challengers, louri


Podladtchikov, couldn't

land his four-twisting "Yolo" trick cleanly and finished sixth. — 7tre Associated Press

Bend's Laurenne

Ross is going to Sochi. The 25-year-old was one of nine women named Sunday to



Olympic Alpine Ski Team that will

Bend's Ferguson 5th in halfpipe

finishing in fifth.

Staff and wire reports

the U.S.



• Hkg




• 360-mile gravel ride goes from Klamath Falls tothe Columbia River

compete in the 2014 Winter Games next month in Russia.

Ross posted to fans on her Face-

book page Sunday:

By Beau Eastes • The Bulletin

"Thanks to everyone

Photos by Gabriel Amadeus

who has believed in me and supported me on my crazy journey.... Though it has been a rough season thus far1am confident that things will

start to look up soon. Love and happiness to all!"

Ross is one of four first-time Olympians


'4iL~ {{„. kg~~gk~~-


Oregon's Dominic

6 hq

UGENE — Donnie Kolb has been orga-


nizing gravel bicycle rides for the past Usually keeping his events a bit on the


down low — Kolb's outings are unsupported, un-

two Oregon skiers to make the team. The

ner — the Portland lawyer typically sees about 100


riders show up for his "bikepacking" adventures

native who lives in Aurora.

after posting the GPS coordinates of the route and a "We're doing this on Saturday morning" message

Like Ross, Wiles is a first-time Olympic

on his website, Last year, his Dalles


Ford, 23 and of Hol-

Mountain 60, a 60-mile single-day ride on gravel


derness, N.H., and Mikaela Shiffrin, the

and dirt roads on both the Washington and Oregon

RUK, ...

nominee, as are Julia

18-year-old slalom phenom from Eagle-vail, Colo. Those four join Olympic veterans Stacey Cook, Julia Mancu-

Resi Stiegler.


sides of the Columbia River near The Dalles, atbacted about 200 cyclists, most yet for a VeloDirt ride. SeeGravel/B4

so, Megan McJames, Leanne Smith and

Finally, Ducks snap losingskid Jason Calliste scores 20 points off the benchas Oregon wins for the first time in five games, beating Washington State

five years.

sanctioned, have no entry fee and crown no win-

other Oregonian is Jacqueline Wiles, a 21-year-old Portland


ak y a

Artis dishes a pass around Washington State's Will Dilorio.

named to the wom-

en's squad and one of


Donnie Kolb, left, and Gabriel Amadeus travel through the

"Oregon Outback" on mostly gravel roads.

Golden State's Ste-

phen Curry scores two of his game-high 38 points.

Blazers fall to Curry, Warriors



See Ross /B7

Golden State's Stephen Curry scores 38 points and Portland struggles in the second half in 103-88 loss,B3.

NFL More inside

{ <*{.'

'! {

Stepping up at a youngage Forleadership on the Seahawks, lookto youngsters Thomas, Russell,BS.

• Ted Ligety, Bode Miller lead men's alpine Olympic team,C7 • The entire 20-person alpine skiing team,C7

Prop dets, on the field andoff You can bet on far more than just the outcomeof the Super Bowl,BS.






Men's college, Duke atPittsburgh Women's college, Notre Dame at Maryland Men's college, Norfolk St. at SavannahSt. Men's college, OklahomaState at Oklahoma Women's college, USC at Stanford Men's college, Arkansas-Pine Bluff at TexasSouthern Men's college, Villanova atGeorgetown

Time 4 p.m. 4 p.m. 4 p.m. 6 p.m. 6 p.m. 6 p.m. 6 p.m.


Fox Sports1


NHL, Buffalo at Pittsburgh NHL, Los Angeles atSanJose

4:30 p.m. 7 p.m.


TUESDAY Men's college, Michigan State at lowa Men's college, WestVirginia at Baylor Men's college, Missouri at Arkansas Men's college,KentuckyatLSU Men's college, Virginia at Notre Dame Men's college, St. John's at Creighton NBA, Memphis at Portland

Time TV/ Radio 4 p.m. ESPN 4 p.m. ESP N 2 4 p.m. ESP N U 6 p.m. ESPN 6 p.m. ESP N U 6 p.m. Fox Sports 1 7 p.m. CS NNW,

Men's college, NewMexico at Utah State

8 p.m.


1110-AM, 100.1-FM



NHL, Washington at Buffalo 4:30 p.m. N BCSN W HL, Spokane atKamloops 7 p.m. Root SOCCER English Premier League, Liverpool vs Evertonnoon NBCSN Listingsarethemostaccurate available. TheBulletinis not responsible for latechanges madebyTI/or radio stations.

ON DECK Today Boysbasketball: CulveratWaldport, 4p.m. Girls baskelbag:CulveratWaldport,5:30 p.m.


Hall Of Famer Gola dieS at 81 —TomGola, the Hall of Fame basketball player who led LaSalle to the1954 NCAAtitle and helped the Philadelphia Warriors win the 1956NBAchampionship, died Sunday. Hewas 81. Gola's wife, Caroline, said he died at St. Joseph's Manor in Meadowbrook. Golawasseriously injured in 2003 and was in a coma for several daysafter he fell and hit his head on acurb. Gola also led LaSalle to the 1952 NITtitle and a runner-up finish in the1955 NCAAtournament. He still holds the NCAAcareer rebounds record with 2,201 andscored 2,461 points. Heandformer George Washington player JoeHolupare the only players in NCAAhistory to top 2,000 in both points and rebounds.

FOOTBALL Coaches concerned about snow on practice fieldsSuper Bowl coaches John Foxand PeteCarroll expressed concern Sunday that snow on the practice fields could hinder their preparation this week. But the NFLsaid both teams will have the ability to practice outside. The NewYork metropolitan area has been hit with snow and icy temperatures for several weeks. Fox's Denver Broncos will train at the Jets' facility in Florham Park. Carroll's Seattle Seahawks will work at the Giants' complex at the Meadowlands. Fox said Sunday he prefers the natural grass field outdoors because it "saves players' legs," and the Broncos have brought along their field experts, adding "We'll see if we have to go inside or on their artificial turf." Carroll said he "understands there's snow on the field and it's frozen and we likely could be inside most of the week."

MOTOR SPORTS ACtiOn ExpreSS takeS win in Rolex 24 at DaytOna —Joao Barbosa held off Max Angelelli on a restart with 8:23 remaining of a 24-hour race to giveAction Express Racing its second win in four years at the prestigious Rolex 24 atDaytona. Barbosa haddriven the No. 5 Corvette to a13.1-second lead onSundaywhen afull-course caution with 21 minutes remaining put the victory in jeopardy. The field was bunchedand allowedAngelelli one final chance to give Wayne Taylor Racing the win. But Barbosaeasily pulled away to get the win for teammatesChristian Fittipaldi and Sebastian Bourdais. Wayne Taylor Racing finished second for the second consecutive year. Action Express' second car finished third andChevrolet swept the podium with three Corvette teams left standing at the end of the twice-around-the-clock endurance race.

CYCLING Simon Gerranswins TourDownUnder for 3rd timeAustralian SimonGerranswon cycling's Tour Down Under byfive seconds from compatriot Cadel EvansSunday, becoming the first rider to win the ProTourevent three times. Andre Greipel of Germany won the sixth and final stage over 18laps of a 4.75 kilometer street circuit in downtown Adelaide, for the third straight year. It was Greipel's16th career stage win onthe season-opening tour. — From wire reports

Girls basketball:Trinity Lutheranat Paisley,5:30 p.m.; GilchristatNorthLake,2p.m.; Redmond vs. Bakerat PrairieCity HighSchool,1 p.m. Wrestling: Sisters, LaPine, Madrasat LaPineInvite, TBD;Redmondat Mid-Valley ClassicTournament at South Albany,10a.m. Alpine skiing:OSS Aat Mt. Bachelor, GiantSlalom, Cliffhanger,TBD Nordic skiing: OISRA skate and relay racesat Mt. Bachelor,11:30 a.m.


Passing PuntReturns KickoffReturns Interceptions Ret. Comp-Att-Int

Sacked-YardsLost Punts Fumbles-Lost Penalties-Yards Time ofPossession

INDIVIDUALSTATISTICS RUSHING —Team Rice: Forte6-31, Murray 4-25, L.Mccoy 3-14,Tolbert 3-14, Gordon1-13, A.Smith1-13,Brees2-4. TeamSanders: Charles 5-43, Lacy 7-14, Morris2-4, Newton 2-1, Luck1-0. PASSING —Team Rice: A.Smith 9-22-1-116, Rivers 8-13-2-94,Brees9-19-1-81. Team Sanders: Newton 8-17-1-95, Foles 7-10-0-89, Luck 5-7-1-80. RECEIVING— Team Rice: Gordon6-66, Graham5-51,Murray4-37, Gonzalez3-50, Forte 3-24, Jeffery2-22, Marshag1-21,LMccoy1-18, Mccluster 1-2.TeamSanders: Morris4-69,Jackson3-40, Cameron 3-27, Reece2-31,Witen 2-26,Bryant2-12, A.Brown1-39,Lacy1-9, Green1-7, Charles1-4. MISSEOFIELDGOALS—Team Rice: Gostkowski 53(WR).Team Sanders: Tucker66(SH),


"Time out! ... Labor pains."

67 (SH).

HOCKEY NHL ColeSprando,NoahAskew),1:59.53. 1gg backstroke —1,JeremyMoon,S,58.95;4, NoahAskew,S,1:16.99. 100 breaststroke — 1,ReigyKompaniet, GP, 1:07.51; 3,JoaquinSwett, S,1:20.24; 6, ColeSprando, S,1:22.61. 400 freestyle relay — 1, GrantsPassA, 3:44. 09;2,SummitA (JeremyMoon,KoalRobson, ChristianBergin,TristanTodd), 3:57.28.

BASKETBALL Men's College Standings

Pacific-12 Conference AU timesPST

Conference Overall W L W L 7 0 20 0

Arizona UCLA 5 2 16 4 Summit atAshlandThree-Way California 5 2 14 6 SaturdayResults Washington 5 3 13 8 (AU events inyards) ArizonaSt. 4 3 15 5 GIRLS Stanford 4 3 13 6 Team dual-meet results — Summit 160, Colorado 4 4 15 6 GrantsPass114; Summit 169,Ashland79; Grants OregonSt. 3 4 11 8 Pass151,Ashland88. Oregon 2 5 14 5 Individual Utah 3 5 14 6 (Winners, otherSummitplacers) SouthernCal 1 6 10 10 200 medleyrelay —1, Summit A(GiannaBel- WashingtonSt. 1 7 8 12 za, AliEpple,ErinTyler,AbbySorlie),2:06.11;4, SumSunday'sGames mit B (MikaylaGrover, EricaLargent, PaigeSimoneau, Stanford79, USC71 TrinleySherpa),2:24.76. Oregon71,Washington St.44 200 freestyle — 1, Christi Drevets,GP,2:21.00; Arizona65, Utah56 3, CatironaSmith, S, 2:26.01; 4,AudreyParks, S, UCLA76,California 64 2:30. 85;5,JennaWimmer,S,2;37.21;6,AshleyTimWednesday'sGames mers, S, 2:39.53. ArizonaatStanford, 6p.m. 200 individualmedley —1, GraceConnelly, California, 8p.m. GP,2:36.08;2,MikaylaGrover,S,2:36.90;4,Paige Thursday'sGames Simoneau, S, 2:57.42; 6, AlondraHungerford, S, UCLA at Oregon, 6p.m. 3:18.65. t., 6 p.m. gg freestyle — 1,AdaLawson, A,26.62; 2, Gi- USCatOregonS Saturday'sGames annaBelza,S,27.90;4, AbbySorlie, S,28.00;6, Laura Utah atColorado, 11a.m. Robson, S,28.81;9,AshleyTimmers,S,30.62. Stanford,1 p.m. 100 butlergy — 1,Ali Epple,S, 1:04.57; 2, Erin Washington atWashingtonSt.,3 p.m. Tyler,S,1:10.96;3, Catriona Smith, S,1:20.88. SCatOregon,5p.m. 1gg freestyle —1, AdaLawson, A, 59.31;2, U Arizona at C al ifornia, 7:30p.m. Abby Sorlie, S,1:01.12;6, EricaLargent, S,1:08.86; Sunday'sGames 7, Jenna Wimmer, S,1:10.79; 8, AlondraHungerford, UCLAat OregonSt., 11:30a.m. S, 1:12.73. 5gg Ireesfyle — 1,LauraRobson, S, 6:05.87; Sunday'sSummary 4, CamilleStilwell, S, 7:18.87;5, PaigeSimoneau,S, 7:19.42;6, HaleyJoyner, S,7:23.94. 200 freestyle relay — 1,AshlandA, 1:53.64; Oregon 71, Washington St. 44 3, Summit A (LauraRobson, Alondra Hungerford, OREGON (14-5) JennaWimmer, CatrionaSmith),2:02.39; 4, Summit 8 Moser3-8 2-29, Carter2-72-2 6, Artis 2-4 2-2 (Madel ineShaw,LisbethRamos,KacieBohme,Hannah Cam el), 2:40.62. 7, Young 3-92-210, Dotson3-61-1 8, Armstead1-1 0-02,Lucenti0-00-00,Loyd1-20-02,Friedman 100 backstroke —1,Ali Epple, S,1:07.16; 2,GiannaBelza,S, 1:10.64;4, MikaylaGrover, S,1:15.22; 0-0 0-0 0, Calliste8-10 0-020, Amardi1-3 1-23, Abdul-Bassit1-5 0-0 2,Austin1-1 0-0 2,Cook0-1 6, Audrey Parks, S,1;19.57. 1gg breaststroke — 1,GraceConnegy,GP, 0-00. Totals26-57 10-1171. WASHINGTON ST. (8-12) 1:23.39; 2, ErinTyler, S, 1:23.45; 3, EricaLargent, Shelton2-7 0-0 6,Railey 0-1 2-42, Oilorio 0-2 S,1:24.15; 5,CamileStigwell, S,1:30.43; 8,Kacie 0-0 0, Woolridge1-5 2-5 4,Johnson3-10 0-0 9, Bohme, S,1:33.45. 4gg freestyle relay — 1,Sum mit A (Gianna Iroegbu1-7 4-4 7, Kernich-Drew0-2 1-2 1, Hunter Belza,AbbySorlie, ErinTyler,Ali Epple), 4:15.29;4, 0-0 0-0 0, Longrus0-1 3-4 3, Baffard0-0 0-0 0, Summit B(AshleyTimmers, AudreyParks, Camile Hawkinson1-24-6 6, Boese2-3 0-06. Totals 104016-25 44. Stillwell,HaleyJoyner), 4:50.92. Halftime —Oregon30-17. 3-Point Goals—Oregon BOYS Team dual-meet results —GrantsPass134, 9-22 (Calliste4-6, Young2-7, Artis1-1, Dotson1-3, Summit86; Summit 109,Ashland86; GrantsPass Moser 1-4,Abdul-Bassit0-1), WashingtonSt. 8-26 130, Ashland 74. (Johnson3-9, Boese2-3, Shelton2-5, Iroegbu1-6, Dilorio 0-1,Longrus0-1, Kernich-Drew0-1). Fouled Individual Out—None. Rebounds—Oregon 43 (Carter, Moser (Winners, otherSummitplacers) 200 medley relay — 1, GrantsPassA,1:48.76; 9), WashingtonSt.24(Johnson5).Assists—Oregon 2, Summit A(Koal Robson, Joaquin Swett, Tristan 15 (Loyd5),WashingtonSt.8(Iroegbu, Kernich-Drew Todd,JeremyMoon), 2:00.17. 3). Total Foul— s Oregon 19, Washington St. 11. 200 freesiyle — 1,JoeDrevets, GP , 1:56.81; 3, A—3,866. KoalRobson,S,2:21.53. 200 individualmedley —1, DanielSloan,GP, Sunday'sGames 2:24.26;2, ChristianBergin, S,2:28.12. East gg freestyle —1, ColeHarding,A,22.84;2,Jer- Canisius78,Marist 65 emyMoon,S,23.95;5, NoahAskew,S,29.64;6, Cole Cincinnati80,Temple76 Sprando,S,31.19;7, Cathal Doyle, S,31.88. Harvard80,Dartmouth50 100 buftergy — 1,CamMerker, GP , 1:00.40; 2, lona 71,St. Peter's 63 TristanTodd,S,1:06.31. NewHampshire61, Mass.-Lowell 32 1gg freestyle — 1, Reily Kompaniet, GP , 52.81; Princeton84,Kean54 5, Koal Robson, S,1:04.14; 6, Joaquin Swett, S, Quinnipiac90, Manhattan86, OT 1:05.17;9, Cathal Doyle, S,1:12.84. Rider77,Monmouth(NJ) 71,OT 500 freestyle — 1, ColeHarding,A, 5:05.23; Siena64,Fairfield 56 5, ChristianBergin, S,5:57.51; 6, TristanTodd, S, StonyBrook79,Maine61 6:14.11. UMass90,Fordham52 200 freestyle relay — 1, GrantsPassA, Vermont72,Binghamton39 1:38.73;4, Summit A(Christian Bergin, Cathal Doyle, South


R IC S A N 24 14 3 84 285 20-114 17-62 2 70 223 5-56 3-8 0-0 0-0 2-0 4 -101 26-54-4 20-34-2 4 -21 5 - 41 4-49.0 5-49.2 2-1 3-1 4 -20 2 - 10 32:47 27:13

First downs TotalNetYards Rushes-yards

Thursday Boys basketball: RogueValley Adventist atGilchrist, 7p.m. Girls baskelbaU: RogueValley Adventist atGilchrist, 5:30p.m. Wrestling: CrookCountyat Ridgeview,7 p.m.; Redmond atBend,7 p.m.; Summit at Mountain View, 7p.m. Swimming:HenleyatMadras,4:45p.m. Friday Boys basketball: CrookCountyat Bend, 7p.m.; Summit atRidgeview,7 Mountain Viewat Redmond, 7 Sisters at CottageGrove,5:45 pm.;JunctionCityatLa Pine,545p mcGladstone at Madras,7p.m. Girls baskelbag:RidgeviewatSummit, 7 p.m.; Bend at CrookCounty,7 p.mcRedmond at Mountain View, 7p.m.;Sistersat CotageGrove,7:15 p.m.; Junction City at LaPine, 7:15p.mcMadrasat Gladstone,7p.m.;TriadatTrinity Lutheran,4p.m. Swimming: Bend, Mountain View, Summit at Bend City MeetatJuniperSwim8 FitnessCenter, TBO; SistersatSweet Home/Stayton,4 p.m. Nordic skiing:OHSNOat Mt. HoodMeadowsNight Race,Freestyle, TBD

kick), 9:05. SAN —Newton1run(Tucker kick),5:42. RIC—Gordon 10 passfromRivers (Gostkowski kick),:36. Fourth Ouarter SAN —Cameron12 passfromFoles (Tuckerkick), 4:41. RIC—Murray20 passfromA.Smith (Tolbert run), :41. A—47,270.

Wednesday Boys basketball:WesternMennonite atCulver, 6:30 p.m. Girls basketball: WesternMennoniteat Culver,5 p.m. Wrestling:Culyervs.CrookCountyat CowdogClassic in Prinevile, 7p.m.



In the Bleachers O 2001 Steve Moore. Dist, bv Universal Ucuck www gocomics comiinthebleachers

Tuesday Boys basketball: Ridgeview at Bend, Summit at Redmond,7 p.m.; CrookCounty at Mountain View, 7p.m.;Sistersat JunctionCity, 5:45p.m.; Elmira at La Pine,5:45p.mcMadras at LaSalle, 7p.mcNorthLakeatCentral Christian, 6:30p.m. Girls basketball: RedmondatSummit, 7p.m4Bend at Ridgeview, 7 p.mcMountainViewat Crook County,7p.m.; Sistersat JunctionCity, 7:15p.m.; Elmiraat LaPine,7:15 p.mcLaSalle at Madras,7 p.m.; Crane atTrinity Lutheran,5 p.mcNorth Lake at CentralChristian,5p.m.

Boys basketball: Gilchrist atNorthLake,5:30 p.m.; Redmond vs. Baker at Prairie CityHighSchool, 7


RIC—Graham 8 passfrom Brees(Gostkowski



Memphis80,South Florida58 NC St ate80,GeorgiaTech78,OT NorthCarolina80, Clemson61 Midwest Evansville 66Bradley60 Green Bay62, Detroit 52 Indiana 56, glinois 46 Nebraska 82, Minnesota78 Toledo81,KentSt. 78 W. Michigan 62,Ball St.53 Southwest SMU75,Houston 68 Far West Arizona65,Utah56 Oregon 71,Washington St.44 Stanford79,SouthernCal71, OT UCLA76,California64


Tampa Bay Toronto Montreal Detroit Ottawa Florida Buffalo

Sunday'sGames East Canisius75,Siena66 Drexel55,Northeastern52 Fairfield61,Quinnipiac52 lona66,St.Peter's 54 Monmouth (NJ)75, Manhattan70 NewHampshire75,Mass.-Lowell68 PennSt.83,Minnesota53 SaintJoseph's75, Dayton 63 St. John's66, Georgetown63 StonyBrook65, Maine49 Syracuse 84,Virginia 75 Uconn81,SouthFlorida 53 Vermont65, Binghamton 57 WakeForest56, Boston College50 South Alabama 69,Georgia66 Clemson 60,Miami52 Coll. ofCharleston68, Delaware66

Duke111,Pittsburgh67 Florida87,Auburn69 FloridaSt.70,Virginia Tech54 James Madison 77,UNCWilmington41 Kentucky68,Arkansas58 LSU66,Mississippi 56

Louisyille88,Memphis 61 MississippiSt.69,Missouri62 NC State80, GeorgiaTech73 SouthCarolina61,Vanderbilt 57 UNCAshevile 73,Charleston Southern 48 William 8Mary69,Towson60 Midwest Akron101,E.Michigan79 BowlingGreen57, N.Illinois 44 Buffalo73,Ball St.69 Drake97,Bradley77 Michigan60,Wisconsin 44 MichiganSt.82,OhioSt. 68 N.Iowa70,LoyolaofChicago59 Northwestern63, Nebraska59 S. Illinois66,Evansville 57 Southwest Baylor69,OklahomaSt. 66, OT Tennessee 76,TexasA&M55 Far West ArizonaSt.68,Colorado66 California69,UCLA53 Denver 87, W.Illinois 83 Oregon 101,Washington 85 Oregon St. 72,Washington St.57 Utah60,Arizona57



Playoff glance AU TimesPST

SuperBowl Sunday, Feb.2 Af East Rutberlord, N.J. Denvervs.Seatle, 3:30p.m.(Fox) Sunday'sSummary

Team Rice22, TeamSanders 21 0 14 0 8 — 2 2 7 7 0 7 — 21 First Ouarter

SAN —Jackson 36 pass from LuckPucker kick), SecondQuarler

57 135 144 54 147 165 4 9 127 158 3 5 97 144




52 23 18 11 52 22 20 10 5 2 21 24 7 5 0 14 29 7

Metropolitan Division GP W L OT PlsGF GA P ittsburgh 52 36 14 2 7 4 168 128 N .Y.Rangers 54 28 23 3 59 139 138 C olumbus 51 2 6 21 4 5 6 150 145 P hiladelphia 53 25 22 6 5 6 142 158 C arolina 51 2 3 1 9 9 5 5 131 145 NewJersey 53 22 20 11 55 127 132 W ashington 52 23 21 8 5 4 148 154 N.Y.tslanders 54 21 25 8 50 154 179 WesternConference Central Division GP W L OT PlsGF GA Chicago 54 32 10 12 76 190 149 St. Louis 5 1 35 11 5 75 177119 Colorado 5 1 32 14 5 6 9 149 134 Minnesota 5 4 28 20 6 62 129 133 Dallas 5 2 24 20 8 56 151 153 Winnipeg 5 4 25 24 5 5 5 152 158 Nashville 5 4 23 23 8 54 132 163 Pacific Division GP W L OT PlsGF GA A naheim 5 4 3 9 1 0 5 8 3 182 130 S anJose 5 2 3 4 12 6 7 4 165 125 L osAngeles 53 29 18 6 64 132 113 V ancouver 53 27 17 9 6 3 135 134 Phoenix 52 2 4 1 8 10 58151 160 C algary 52 1 8 2 7 7 4 3 119 165 E dmonton 54 1 6 32 6 3 8 140 188 NOTE: Twopoints for a win, onepoint for overtime loss. Sunday'sGames Florida 5,Detroit 4,SO N.Y.Rangers 7,NewJersey3 Winnipeg 3, Chicago1 Edmonton 5, Nashvile1 Vancouver5,Phoenix 4, OT Today'sGames BostonatN.Y. Islanders,4p.m. Columbus at Carolina,4 p.m. BuffaloatPittsburgh, 4:30p.m. ColoradoatDalas, 5:30p.m. Edmonto natVancouver,7p.m. Los Angeleat s SanJose, 7p.m. Tuesday'sGames Florida atBoston,4 p.m. TampaBayatToronto,4p.m. Detroit atPhiladelphia,4 p.m. Ottawaat Columbus, 4p.m. Washingtonat Buffalo, 4:30p.m. Carolinaat Montreal, 4:30p.m. NewJerseyatSt.Louis,5 p.m. Nashville atWinnipeg,5p.m. LosAngelesatPhoenix,6p.m. ChicagoatCalgary,6:30 p.m. MinnesotaatAnaheim,7p.m.

Women's College

TeamRice Team Sanders

EasternConference Atlantic Division GP W L OT PlsGF GA 5 0 32 15 3 67 147 110 5 2 31 16 5 67 155 128 54 27 2 1 6 6 0 155 168 5 2 27 20 5 59 128 134

BASEBALL NationalLeague MILWAU KEEBREWERS— Agreedto termswith 2B JoeThurstonandOFJeremy Hermida on minor leaguecontracts. FOOTBA LL National Football League MIAMI DOLPHINS— NamedDennisHickeygeneral mana ger. WASHIN GTONREDSKINS—Named Randy Jordan running backscoach. HOCKEY National HockeyLeague DETROIT REDWINGS— ReassignedRW Mikael Samuelsson to GrandRapids (AHL). FLORIDA PANTHERS—Activated DAlex Petrovic from injuredreserveandassignedhimto SanAntonio (AHL). COLLEGE FLORIDA STATE—Announced QBJacob Coker will transferto Alabama.


Late start doesn't slow Rangers in7-3 victory over Devils The Associated Press NEW YORK — Too much sun

forced the boys of winter to wait to play at the ballpark in the Bronx. Once clouds filled the skies over Yankee Stadium and snow began to fall — hockey weather for sureHenrik Lundqvist and the New York

Rangers got the best of the New Jersey Devils. Rick Nash scored for the fifth straight game during New York's four-goal middle period, and the Rangers rallied for a 7-3 victory over the Devils on Sunday. Sun reflecting off the ice delayed the start of the first hockey game at Yankee Stadium forabout an hour. The wait was expected to be longer,

so Lundqvist took a nap. Cloud cover took care of that problem more

quickly than expected. on 21 shots and was replaced by Cory that happens. It was just one of those Suddenly the All-Star goalie was Schneider at the start of the third. nights," Brodeur said. "You rely a lot on instinct, and awakened and told warm-ups would Nash has seven goals in his streak take place in 30 minutes. He put on poise, and I couldn't close my glove, it and 18 this season. his pinstripe pads, but still looked was so cold," said Brodeur, who along A day after the Los Angeles Kings groggy in the first period when New with Rangers coach Alain Vigneault and AnaheimDucks played in 60-deJersey took a 3-1 lead. criticized the chippy ice that required gree weather at Dodger Stadium, the "I was half asleep, mentally some- repairs. NHL returned to conditions more fitwhere else, but then I regrouped and N ew York got w i t hi n on e b e - ting for hockey. "Within 16 hours, two of t he I am happy with how I finished," fore the first intermission and then most-revered venues in sports welLundqvist said. swarmed Brodeur. "I'm not going to lie, when they Dominic Moore and Marc Staal comed more than 100,000 fans to scored the third one, I had a bad feel- had goals in the first for the Rang- sit under the sky and enjoy two of ing about it. My first thought was, ers, then Mats Zuccarello scored two the fiercest rivalries in the National 'Am I going to be able to finish this straight to put New York ahead for Hockey League," NHL Commissiongame'? Then you kind of regroup and the first time. Carl Hagelin and Nash er Gary Bettman said in a statement. tell yourself, 'I need to stop the next found the net, too, behind the belea- "The games were spectacular, the shot. That's it. There is no other way guered Brodeur, who angrily swatted images were unforgettable, and the to do this.'" the puck away after one of the tallies. sheer energy our sport creates was "Most of their goals went in off Devils counterpart Martin Brodeur unmistakable." had no such luck. He allowed six goals our players, or a stick or skate, and Also on Sunday:

Panthers 5, Red Wings 4: DETROIT — Nick Bjugstad scored in a shootout and Tim Thomas denied Detroit three times, lifting Florida to

a win over the Red Wings after trailing by two goals twice in regulation. Jets 3, Blackhawke 1: CHICAGO

— Al Montoya made 34 saves, Andrew Ladd scored his 150th goal and Winnipeg rallied to beat slumping Chicago. Canucks 5, Coyotes 4: VANCOUVER, British Columbia —

K e vin

Bieksa scored his second goal of the game at 2:15 of overtime, lifting Vancouver to a victory over Phoenix.

Oilers 5, Predators1: EDMONTON, Alberta— Ryan Smyth had a goal and an assist, and Edmonton snapped

a season-high six-game losing streak with a victory over Nashville.





Hot shooting Ducks ur ea s Warriors over 8 azers

dominateCougars OREGON

The Associated Press PULLMAN, Wash. — Or-

egon moved out of the cellar of the Pac-12 standings after dismantling Washington State 71-44 on Sunday night. "We desperately needed that," Oregon coach Dana Altman said. "It was a little

not you can't compete."

Que Johnson had nine points for Washington State (8-12, 1-7), all coming from behind the arc, and no other Cougar scored more than

M i k e M o s er State to within one at 13-12.

chipped in nine points and nine rebounds to help Oregon (14-5, 2-5) end a fivegame skid. Oregon dominated nearly

But it would be all Oregon from that point forward. The Ducks finished the

half on a 17-6 run, as Calliste scored the final six points to

give Oregon a 13-point halftime lead. from the field (26 of 57) and Young and Moser comevery statistic in the game. The Ducks shot 46 percent outrebounded Washington State 43-24. Oregon ended

OAKLAND, Calif. — Golden State

Warriors coach Mark Jackson has been pleading with his players to improve their defensive effort and efficiency for most of

way to make some shots, if

bit bigger than a monkey. seven points. It turned into a gorilla. I felt Washington State only good for the guys. We got us made two field goals inside a win and now, hopefully, we of the 3-point line, going 10 can build off of that." of 40 from the field, 8 of 26 Jason Calliste came off the from behind the arc. The bench and scored 20 points, Cougars also made just on 8-of-10 shooting, and 64 percentof their 25 freemade all six of his field goal throw attempts. attempts to give the Ducks I ke Iroegbu hit a t h r ee their 30-17 first half edge. midway through the first Joseph Young added 10 half to bring Washington p oints an d

The Associated Press

the past two weeks. They finally answered his call. Stephen Curry had 38 points, eight assists and seven rebounds, and the Warriors used a smothering defense to beat day night. "Justwhat the doctor ordered," Jackson sald.

Curry, the Western Conference's newly elected All-Star starting point guard,

j<j<ylIC$4' .<.

shot 13 of 23 from the floor while wearing


shiny gold shoes to carry the offensive load. The Warriors did it all on defense together, though, building a 22-point lead midway through the fourth quarter to put the game outofreach. Golden State outshot Portland 41.8 per-

cent to 33.7 percent and forced 15 turnovers while committing only nine. It was

a season low in points and shooting percentage and it tied the largest margin of defeat for the Blazers, who entered aver-

aging an NBA-best 109.5 points. "Just the will to win," Curry said. "We understand that's been one of our prob-

lems — just letting teams kind of cake walk around on the offensive end doing whatever they want to do early in the

Oregon points of the second

the night shooting 10 of 11 half as the Ducks extended

game." Damian Lillard had 16 points and four

from the free-throw line.

assists, and Wesley Matthews scored 21

their lead to 39-19.

>~~at QjP$4~

the Portland Trail Blazers 103-88 on Sun-

bined to score the first nine

"Oregon has a lot of talOregon led by 34 points ent, but we have to be able (69-35) with 3:06 remaining to score points, we can't win before the Cougars closed scoring 44, 49 points," Wash- the game by making free ington State coach Ken Bone throws and two Brett Boese said. "We just need to find a 3-pointers.


for the Blazers, who had a quick turnaround after beating Minnesota in Portland on Saturday night. The Blazers had not been held below 40 percent shooting all season. The defeat



equaled a 116-101 loss to Houston on Nov.

5 for Portland's most lopsided margin. "That was a rough game," Blazers coach Terry Stotts said. "The first half

both teams played pretty well, but the second half we didn't have much going at the offensive end. Golden State did a nice job

with its defense. It was just one of those nights where we just didn't have enough at the offensive end."

David Lee added 17 points and 12 rebounds while playing with a sprained left shoulder, and Klay Thompson scored 17 for a Warriors team that had lost three straight at home.

Jackson has been waiting for his team MarcioJose Sanchez IThe Associated Press to correct its defensive deficiencies of Golden State Warriors' Andre Iguodaia dunks past Portland Trail Biazers' Nicolas Batum late, even after victories. Golden State

during the second half of Sunday night's game in Oakland, Calif. Golden State won103-88.

allowed an average of 92.8 points during a 10-game winning streak before dropping five of its last seven overall, allowing

quarter, when it quickly turned the game

Knicks 110, Lakers 103: NEW YORK-

into a rout. "What I like is we paid attention to detail," Jackson said. "We didn't have any

Carmelo Anthony followed his 62-point

108.4 points in those contests, including

an average of 115 in the five losses. The Warriors never let the Blazers get

comfortable. LaMarcus Aldridge, who game-planbreakdown. We battl ed. We finished with 11 rebounds and 10 points competed. We made multiple-effort plays on 2-of-14 shooting, didn't score until 2:18 and we continued it all night long." remainedinthesecond quarter. Golden State started the final quarter "Just one of those nights where I on a 12-2 run to take control. Lee's layup couldn't get going and I didn't find a put the Warriors up 91-69 with 7:18 rerhythm," Aldridge said. maining, leaving little drama late. And the only time Aldridge started to In other games on Sunday: get going, the Warriors responded. Heat 113, Spurs 101: MIAMI — Chris Andrew Bogut got into a skirmish with Bosh scored 24 points on 9-of-10 shooting, Aldridge after the whistle in the third LeBron James added 18 points and Miami Dean Hare/The Associated Press

Oregon forward Mike Moser (0) shoots overWashington State guard Dexter Kernich-Drew (10) during the second half of Sunday'sgame inPullman, Wash. Oregon won 71-44.

No.1 Arizona beats Utah for 20th win The Associated Press TUCSON, Ariz. — Aaron Gordon went on wild, fruit-

less drives to the basket, repeatedly shook his head in frustration and shot a free throw that had a better

TOP 25 ROUNDUP less defensive pressure and a dominating performance on the glass. Also on Sunday: No. 13 Massachusetts 90,

chance of bouncing off the

Fordham 52:

floor into the basket.

Mass.— Chaz Williams had 18 points and eight assists

The talented freshman never stopped h ustling, though, and came through with some of the biggest plays of the night. Gordon overcame a difficult night on the offensive


and Massachusetts rebound-

ed from a loss earlier this week. No. 15 Cincinnati 80, Tempie 76:


— Sean Kilpatrick scored a season-high 29 points and providing top-ranked Arizo- Cincinnati staved off a Temna with a huge boost down plecomeback to remain unend with his relentlessness,

the stretch of a 65-56 victory

defeated in th e

over Utah Sunday night that

Athletic Conference. No. 23Memphis 80,South

extended the Wildcats' winning streak to a school-re-

A m erican

Florida 58:MEMPHIS, Tenn.

cord 20 games. — Chris Crawford scored "I'velearned from ayoung 15 points and converted five age that when it's not going of Memphis' season-high 10 your way, you have to try to 3-pointers. turn the tide and make it go Stanford 79, Southern your way," Gordon said. "The California 71: LOS ANGEball wasn't going through the LES — C h asson R andle rim tonight, but I picked up scoredseven ofhis 17 points my play in other aspects." in overtime, and Stanford It's a good thing for the beat Southern California to Wildcats that he did. avenge two close losses to Arizona (20-0, 7-0 Pac-12) the Trojans last season. struggled early, falling into UCLA 76, California 64: an early 10-point hole as they LOS ANGELES — D avid struggled to figure out Utah's Wear scored a career-high variety of defenses. 18 points, Kyle Anderson The Wildcats eventually finished with 17 points, 12 remanaged to decipher what bounds and five assists and the Utes were doing and UCLA never trailed en route wore them down with relent- to a victory over California.

quarter, then Aldridge tossed the ball at

rolled past San Antonio in an NBA Finals

the Warriors center. Officials called a technical foul on both players.

rematch from last season. Nets 85, Ceitics 79:BOSTON — Andray

game with 35 more, and New York beat

Los Angeles. Peiicans 100, Magic 92: NEW ORLEANS — Anthony Davis had 22 points,

a career-high 19 rebounds and seven blocked shots, and New Orleans beat Orlando to win its second straight game.

Suns 99, Cavaliers 90: CLEVELAND — Markieff Morris scored 27 points and Phoenix rallied from an 18-point halftime

deficit to defeat Cleveland. Mavericks 116, Pistons 106: DALLAS — Dirk Nowitzki scored 28 points and

Devin Harris had a season-high 14 for the second straight game to carry Dallas past Detroit.

Blatche scored 17 points to lead Brooklyn Nuggets 125, Kings 117:SACRAMENrun, with Curry connecting from outside to victory in the first visit by Paul Pierce TO, Calif. — Ty Lawson scored 27 points, and Lee cleaning up on the inside. Golden and Kevin Garnett to Boston since they Wilson Chandlerhad 20 and Denver deState held a 76-67 lead entering the fourth were traded last July. featedshort-handed Sacramento. The Warriors responded with a 16-2



All TimesPST


EasternConference NI L Pct GB d-Indiana 34 9 .791 d-Miami 32 12 ,727 2'/2 Atlanta 23 20 .535 0 d-Toronto 22 21 .512 12 Chicago 22 21 .512 12 Washington 21 22 .488 13 Brooklyn 20 22 ,476 13i/2 Charlotte 19 27 .413 16'/2 Detroit 17 27 .386 1P/2 NewYork 17 27 .386 1P/2 Cleveland 16 28 ,364 18i/2 Boston 15 31 .326 20'/2 Philadelphia 14 30 .318 20'/2 Orlando 12 33 .261 23 Milwaukee 8 35 .186 26 WesternConterence W L Pct GB d-Oklahoma Cit y 35 10 .778 d-SanAntonio 33 0 .750 1'/2 Portland 33 12 .733 2 d-LA. Clippers 31 15 .674 4'/2 Houston 29 17 ,630 6 i/2 Golden State 27 18 .600 8 Phoenix 25 18 .581 9 Dallas 26 20 .565 9'/2 Memphis 22 20 .524 u'A Denver 22 21 .512 12 Minnesota 21 22 .488 13 NewOrleans 18 25 .419 16 LA. Lakers 16 29 .356 19 Sacramento 15 28 .349 19 Utah 15 29 ,341 19i/2 d-divisionleader


Miami 03, san Antonio101 NewYork110,LA. Lakers103 NewOrleans100,Orlando92 Phoenix99, Cleveland90 Brooklyn85,Boston79 Dallas116,Detroit106 Golden State103, Portland88 Denver125,Sacramento117

Today'sGames Phoenixat Philadelphia,4 p.m. TorontoatBrooklyn, 4:30p.m. Minnesota at Chicago, 5p.m. Atlantaat OklahomaCity,5 p.m. LA. ClippersatMilwaukee,5 p.m. Sacramentoat Utah,6 p.m. Nesday's Games NewOrleansatCleveland, 4p.m. OrlandoatDetroit, 4:30p.m. BostonatNewYork,4:30 p.m. SanAntonioat Houston, 5p.m. Memphisat Portland,7p.m. Washingtonat GoldenState, 7:30p.m. Indianaat LA. Lakers, 7:30p.m.

Warriors103, Blazers 88 PORTLAND I88) Batum1-43 45,Aldridge2-146610, Lopez47 2-210, Lillard5-164-616, Matthews5-149-0 21, Freeland 4-40-08, Wiliams3-90-07, McCollum2-7 1-26, Robinson2-61-25, Watson0-00-00, Barton 0-20-00. Totals28-8326-33 88. GOLDEN STATE(103) Iguodala5110012, Lee6165617, Bogut 2 3 0-0 4, Curry13-237-10 38,Thompson6-21 3-317, Barnes2-52-2 6, Crawford 2-60-05, Green1-40-0 2, Speights0-00-00,Bazemore0 00-00, Brooks1-2 0-0z Totals38-9117-21 103. Porlland 22 33 12 21 — 88 GoldenState 28 26 22 27 — 103 3-Point Goal— s Portland 6-21 (Matthews2-6, Lillard 2-7, Williams 1-2, McCollum1-4, Barton 0-1, Batum0-1), GoldenState 10-25 (Curry 5-8, Iguodala2-3, Thompson 2-9, Crawford 1-2, Barnes 0-1, Green0-2). FouledOut—Green. ReboundsPortland 65(Robinson, Aldridge11j, GoldenState 54(Lee12).Assists—Portland16(Lillard 4), Golden State 22(Curry 8j. TotalFouls—Portland19, Golden State 2t Technicals—Aldridge, Bogut A—19,596 (19,596).

Mavericks116, Pistons106 DETROIT (106)

Smith 10-24 5-7 25, Monroe 9-13 2-4 20, Drummond 2-50-24,Jennings10-184-826,Cald-

well-pope4 701 9,simgler 4 0 009, stuckey30 5-611, Harrellson1-20-02, Mitchell0-00-00.Totals 43-9116-28106. DALLAS (116) Marion4-90-08, Nowilzki 10-165-5 28, Dalembert 3-50-2 6,Calderon7-82-217, Ellis4-83-311, Carter4-8 4-613, Blair 4-91-2 9,Wright 2-24-48, Harris 4-74-414, Crowder1-2 0-0Z Totals 43-74 23-28116. Detroit 25 21 35 25 — 106 Dallas 28 28 28 32 — 116

Nets 85, Celtics79 BROOK LYN(85) J.Johnson2-71-26, Pierce2-102-26, Garnett 3-6 0-0 6, Livingston4-81-2 9, Anderson4-100-0 11, Blatche 6-155-617, Wiliams3-81-27, Teletovic 4-110-09, Kirilenko4-63-40, Terry1-30-03.Totals 33-8413-1885. BOSTON (79) Green2-13 3-4 8, Bass 6-6 5-6 17, Sullinger t-7 0-0 2, Rondo5-141-1 13,Wallace4-8 2-212, Pressey2-8 0-04, Humphries 2-52-2 6, C.Johnson 4-62-212,Olynyk1-61-23,Faverani1-1 0-0z Totals 28-7416-1979. Brooklyn 11 24 24 26 — 85


17 17 19 26 — 79

Pelicans100, Magic92 QRLANDQ I92) Afflalo 9-146-8 25, Harris7-143-3 17,G.Davis 4-101-1 9,Nelson6-141-1 15,Oladipo6-126-618, Moore370-06,0' Quinn0-40-00,Harkless1-20-0 2,Lamb0-00-00,Nicholson0-00-00.Totals3677 17-19 92.


Aminu2-43-47, A.Davis9-214-622, Aiinca0-1 0-0 0, Roberts6-92-215, Gordon6-171-214, Evans 7-139-0 23, Miler3-40-09, Rivers2-42-26, Morrow1-20-0 2, withey1-60-0 z Totals37-81 21-27100. Orlando 21 23 25 23 — 92 New Orleans 27 2 7 21 25 — 100

SIIns 99, Cavaliers90 PHOENIX (99)

Tucker5-142-213, Frye5-92-216, Plumlee1-3 1-2 3, Dragic6-142-215, Green4-14 2-212, Mark. Morris8-1610-1227,Len0-00-00, Barbosa2-61-2 5, Smith0-21-21, Marc.Morris 3-41-2 7. Totals 34-82 22-2899.

CLEVEL AND(90) Deng7-184-618, Thomp son 6-95-717, Vareja01-90-3 2, Irving 8-238-8 24,Miles 5-110-012, Waiters2-5 0-0 4,Zeller 1-10-0 2, Jack3-80-0 8, Clark1-2 0-0 3,Dellavedova0-0 0-00. Totals 348617-24 90. Phoenix 22 21 25 31 — 99 Cleveland 29 32 6 23 — 90

Knicks110, Lakers103 LA. LAKERS (103) Young5-113-413, Kelly2-2 0-0 5, Gasol 8-15 4-6 20, Marshall 5-110-012, Meekst-13 2-2 24, Johnson 3-80-06, Harris 6-94-418, Hill 2-31-25, Sacre 0-30-00. Totals39-7514-18103.

NEWYORK(110) Shumpert2-70-0 5,Anthony14-31 5-635, Chandler 5-113-313,Felton8-102-220, Prigioni 0-30-0 0, Smith 6-122-416, Aldrich1-2 0-0 2, Hardaw ay Jr.7-12 0-1 18, Tyler 0-2 1-2 1. Totals 43-90 13-18 00. LA. Lakers 25 22 34 22 — 103 NewYork 22 29 32 27 — 110

Heat113, Spurs101

9-10 5-5 24,Chalmers6-8 2-2 16, Allen3-5 2-2 10, Wade 3-8 2-28, Cole4-92-211, Andersen3-4 2-28, Beasley5-82-212,0den1-31-23, Mason Jr. 1-2 0-0 3,Lewis0-10-0 0. Totals 43-741920 113. SanAntonio 28 2 2 21 30 — 101 Miami 34 24 33 22 — 113

Nuggets125, Kings117 DENVER (125) Chandler6-165-620,Faried7-121-215, Hickson 2-4 4-8 8,Lawson9-158-10 27, Foye4-132-2 12, Mozgov5-5 4-414, Fournier2-44-4 9, Q.Miler 3-4 0-0 8, Robinson 4-8 3-4 1z Totals42-81 31-40 125. SACRAM ENTO(117) Williams 3-5 6-7 12, Thompson5-7 3-4 13, Gray 3-4 0-0 6, Thomas7-21 7-8 22, Thornton 8-13 3-319,Acy2-3 0-0 4, Landry1-44-4 6, McLemore6-12 4-618, Outlaw4-7 2-210, Fredette 3-50-0 7,McCallum 0-00-0 0.Totals42-81 29-34 117. Denver 30 35 30 30 — 125 Sacramento 31 2 8 34 24 — 117

Leaders Through Saturday's games Scoring G FG FT PTS AVG Durant,OKC 44 440 394 1367 31.1 Anthony,NYK 40 381 242 1080 27.0 James,MIA 42 401 243 001 26.2 Love,MIN 42 341 260 1040 24.8 Aldridge,PO R 44 446 190 1083 24.6 41 336 168 974 23.8 Curry,GO L Harden,HOU 40 281 295 948 23.7 George,IND 43 345 212 1009 23.5 Griffin LAC 46 389 265 1051 2z8 Cousins,SAC 40 327 248 902 2z6 DeRozan, TOR 43 331 234 936 21.8 Irving,CLE 40 316 151 856 21.4 Nowitzki,DAL 43 329 181 905 21.0 Lillard,POR 44 292 201 917 20.8 Afflalo,ORL Wall, WAS Thomas,SAC Ellis, DAL

Gay,SAC Martin, MIN

Jordan,LAC Love,MIN Drummond,DET SANANTONIOI101) Belinelli 4-9 4-5 12,Duncan9-13 5-5 23, Diaw Howard,HOU 6-10 0-015, Parker4-92-211, Joseph2-6 2-2 6, Cousins,SAC Gimobili1-71-1 3,Ayres3-31-2 7, Mills1-6 0-03, Aldridge,PO R Jeffers2-31-25,Bonner1-30-03,Baynes3-30-06, Noah,CHI De Colo2-43-47.Totals38-7619-23101. Randolph,MEM MIAMI (113) Varejao,CLE James 8-15 1-1 18, Battier 0-1 0-0 0, Bosh Bogut,GO L

40 282 43 304 42 278 45 333 39 291 41 270

169 812 20.3 201 859 20.0 199 839 20.0 199 897 19.9 149 773 19.8 183 802 19.6

42 159 40 131 43 133 43 08

320 479 0.4 297 428 10.7 312 445 10.3 327 445 10.3

Rebounds G OFF OEF TOT AVG 46 194 439 633 13.8 42 138 409 547 13.0 43 223 327 550 1z8 46 158 419 577 Iz5 40 124 338 462 0.6 44 111 394 505 0.5



OMMU1VITY P O RTS NORDIC SKI DIAMONDLAKERACE: Citizens' CrossCountry Ski Race at Diamond Lake Resort; Feb. 16,10:30 a.m.; 20K, 10K and 5K skate races and 10Kand 5Kclassic races; $15 by Feb. for adults, $2 and above for children; Reider Peterson at 541-488-8830 or Dan Bulkley at 541-535-5979. COMPETITIVENORDIC PROGRAM: Through May1; for athletes14 and over; five or six days a week; $2,200; or $1,500 from Nov. 19-May1; www. HIGH SCHOOLNORDIC TEAM: Through March19;additional training for nordic athletes who are still involved with high school skiing; one to three days aweek, Wednesday through Sunday; starts at $375;

YOUTH PROGRAM: MBSEFStevenson Youth Program; ages 7-11; through March; MIDDLESCHOOL PROGRAM: MBSEF middle school program; ages11-14;through March; HIGH SCHOOLPROGRAM: M BSEFhigh

school program;ages14and older; through March; MASTERS PROGRAM:M BSEF maste rs program; ages 21 and older;through March;

HOME-SCHOOL NORDIC: Ages11-18; through Feb. 18, Tuesdays, 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.; $100; www.bendenduranceacademy.


SHE'S ONSKIS:M ountBachelor'swomen's only nordic program;Wednesdays or Saturdays;six-week and 12-week programs available; at the Mt. Bachelor Nordic Center; DAWNPATROLS:Nordic dawn patrols with Dave Cieslowski; Wednesdays, 1011:30 a.m.; through March 5;limited to 15

advancedskiers; sfoster©

BABES IN SNOWLAND: Mt.Bachelor program for kids ages 4-5;Sundays, 9-10 a.m.; four different four-week sessions, the first started Dec.4.; at Mt. Bachelor Nordic Center; $105 clinic only, $125 clinic and rentals; sfoster©

K'S FOR KIDS: Ages6-8; Sundays,10:3011:30 a.m.; threefour-week sessions, first session started Dec.4; at Mt. Bachelor Nordic Center; $105 clinic only, $125clinic and rentals;

sfoster© INTRO TO SKATESKIING: Skate skiing clinics; Wednesdays, Fridays urSaturdays;fourweeksessions starting in December; $120for clinic and trail pass; $160for clinic, trail pass andrentals; at Mt. Bachelor Nordic Center;


INTRO TO CLASSIC SKIING:Classic skiing clinics;Fridays orSundays;four-week sessions startedin December; $120for clinic and trail pass; $160for clinic, trail pass andrentals; at Mt. Bachelor Nordic Center; sfoster©

RUNNING SUPER BOWLSUNDAY DAM RUN:20-mil e, 10-mile or 5K runsfrom Prineville to Bowman Dam; $30with T-shirtor $20without;Feb. 2, 10a.m.; chili and hot chocolate to follow run; RUN FOR CHOCOLATE: 5Krun/walk; at Sunriver Resort;Feb. 15,10a.m.;$25; entry fee includes chocolate aidstation, chocolate treats and post-race food; benefits La PineHigh School's Future Business Leaders ofAmerica club and athletic department; www.sunriver-

SHOERELEASEPARTYAND RUN:Shoe brand Hoka releasesthe"Conquest"; at FootZone;Feb. 3,5:30 p.m.; free; 3-5 mile run; pizzaandbeer post-run; RSVP to angela© WINE RUN:Three-mile run from Footzone to Naked Winery tasting room in OldMill; Feb.10, 5:30 p.m.; discounted wineandfree cookies and cheesefollowing run; RSVPto angela© ADVENTURE RUNNING:Runsfrom 3.5to 5 miles long over trails, roads, parks at10- to 12-minute-mile pace; firstand third Wednesdays of each month, 6p.m.; runlocation changes, email laura© locations; dress warmandbring aheadlamp. PROPER FORMCLINIC:Good Form Running clinics;Feb.13 andMarch13, 5:30 p.m.;drills and videos to work onform; RSVPto angela@


class for runners;Thursdays,5:30 p.m.;Jan. 30-March 20;$96; info©reporegon.comor 541-419-8208. SNOWSHOERUNNINGGROUP: Saturday morning snowshoe running group;through March 15;3-6 miles; SnowshoeWithLaura@ REDMOND OREGON RUNNINGKLUB (RORK):Weekly run/walk; Saturdays at 8 a.m.; all levels welcome; free; for more information and to be added to a weekly email list, email Dan Edwards at rundanorunf9©; follow Redmond Oregon Running Klub on Facebook. REDMONDRUNNINGGROUP: Weekly runsonTuesdays at6:30 p.m.;meetat314 S.W. Seventh St. in Redmond for runs of 3-5 miles; all abilities welcome; free; pia©; 541-639-5953. M OVE IT MONDAYS: Mondays at5:30 p.m.; carpool from FootZone to trailhead when scheduled (first and third Mondays of each month); all other runs start and finish at FootZone, downtown Bend; 3-5 miles; paces 7-12 minutes per mile; melanie©; 541-317-3568. PERFORMANCE RUNNINGGROUP: 5:30 p.m. on Tuesdays;with Max King; locations vary; interval-based; all ability levels; max@; 541-317-3568. REFLECTIVERUN:Group run of 3-5 miles; Wednesdays, 5:30 p.m.; bring lightsand reflective gear, leaves from Fleet Feet; free. NOON TACORUN: Wednesdays atnoon; meetat FootZone, downtown Bend; order a Taco Stand burrito before leaving and it will be ready upon return; teague©; 541-317-3568 LEARN TORUN GROUP RUN:Wednesdays, 5:30p.m.;meetatFootZone,downtown Bend; conversational-paced runs of 2-3 miles; beginners and all paces welcome; 541-317-3568. GROWLERRUN:Group run of 3-5 miles; Thursdays, 5:30 p.m.; leavefrom Fleet Feet and finish with a shared growler of beer from Growler Phil's; free.

Brian Bainwonthe second performance atthe National Western Stock Show Rodeo inDenveronJan. 17with an 83-point ride. Terrebonneroper Russell Cardozaplacedsecond inthe tie-down roping event during the rodeo's third performance,turning in atime of 9.2 seconds.

Continued from B1 "The longer they are," Kolb saysabouthisrides,"fewerpeople show up." So when Kolb posted his newest and boldest route, what he has dubbed "The Oregon Outback" — a 360-mile gravel


epic that starts in Klamath Falls in far Southern Oregon and

Bain, CardOZa in the mOneyin DenVer —Culver barebackrider

Summit grad to lift at national junior championshipsJosh Brandt, a 2012graduate of Bend's Summit High, will compete at USA Weightlifting's 2014 National Junior Championships on Sunday in Denver. Now asophomore at Boise State University, Brandt is one of 24 competitors in his 85 kilogram (187pounds) weight class.



PERMORMANCE ANDBIOMECHANICS STRENGTH:Rebound Physical Therapy's westside Bend clinic hosts strengthening




ends at Oregon's northern border, the Columbia River — he figured he would have a hard time getting 50 other adventurous souls to ride the pathhe and photographer Gabriel Amadeus blazed last summer.

Email events at least 10days before publication to or click on "Submit an Event" at For a more complete calendar, visit

CORK WEEKLYPERFORMANCE RUN: Thursdays; 5:30 p.m.; locationsvary; call Roger Daniels at 541-389-6424 for more information. FUNCTIONALSTRENGTH FOR RUNNERS: Thursdays; 6:15 p.m.; WillPowerTraining Studio,155 S.W. Century Drive, Suite 110, Bend; weekly workouts for runners, triathletes and cyclists; $5; 541-350-3938. SATURDAY GROUPRUN: Leave from Fleet Feet; 5-7mile runs; Saturdays, 8:30 a.m.;

MASTERSPROGRAM: MBSEFalpine masters ski racing program;through March;

SUNDAYGROUPRUNS: Leave from Fleet Feet;Sundays, 2 p.m.; free. FUNCTIONALSTRENGTH FOR ENDURANCE RUNNERS: Produced by FootZone and Athlete Wise Performance Coaching;Wednesdays, 7:15-8:15 p.m. and Thursdays, 7:15-8:15 a.m; atFootZone;$5;




SENIOR EVENTS Bend awarded 20140regOn Seniar GameS—Registrationis now openfor the2014OregonSenior Games,which will be staged in Bend June19-22. TheOlympic-style event is opento athletes whoare 50 or older. Sports at the2014senior gamesinclude swimming, trackand field, pickleball, tennis, archery, racquetball, tabletennis, andbowling, to namea few. Go moreinformation.

FOOTBALL Raider fan grauP tOhelP veteranS —TheBendOregon Raider Nation (B.O.R.N.) will be volunteering Feb. 8 atNewport Market from10a.m. to 5 p.m., collecting donations for the Central Oregon Veterans Outreach. B.O.R.N. isaccepting non-perishable foods and campinggear,suchastents,tarps,sleepingbags,backpacksand small camping stoves.

GYMNASTICS ACroviSian bOyS Standaut in Eugene — Acrovision's boys team producedtwo individual all-around winners at theWinter Invitational in Eugene onJan. 18.ZaneViles wasthe all-around champion in the boys Level 5,7-8 year old division and NathanVezina took first in the all-around in theboys Level 5, 9-10year old event. With Viles and Vezina leading theway, Acrovision's Level 5 boys placedfirst as ateam. — Bulletin staff report

bikers emailed Kolb that they could not get their cyciing kits on fast enough to join him. Welcome to the next big thing in biking. Gravel grinders, dirt road touring, bikepacking — call it

RimrockLanes, Prineville Week 19 50+

Team highs — Scratchseries: Fireballers,1,758; Scratchgame: HotShots, 597; Handicapseries: A &AEnterprises,2,374;Handicapgame:Easy4,82a Men's highs — Scratch series: BobFreeman, 538; Scratchgame:Matt Hawes, 183; Handicapseries: Chris Worthington,633; Handicap game: Paul Asman,213 women's highs —Scralchseries; Slela Oja 466; Scra tchgame:SusanLee,170;Handicapseries:Andrea Hoff man,623;Handicapgame:cheriGoodman,2ta Week20 GrizzlyMountainMen'sLeague Team highs — Scratchseries: KBWEngineering, 3,063 ;Scratchgame:NoBoundri es,980;Handicap series:Kiler WhaleAudio, 3,296; Handicapgame: Cougar Cuts,1,118. Men's highs — Scratch series: MarkHansen, 696; Scratch game:BuckBuck,256; Handicapseries:Geoff Jones,715; Handicapgame:JohnRickard,275. Week14 FridayuigMSpecial Team highs — Scratchseries: AlmostThere, 2,326;

Scratchgame:TheGrayMayers, 789; Handicapseries: TGIF, 2,824;Handicapgame:A&AEnterprises,949. Men's highs —Scratchseries: Gene McKenzie, 699; Scratchgame: Milt Hatzke,267;Handicapseries:Kelly Barner,743;Handicapgame:WesTreihaft,305 Women'highs s —Scratchseries:AmandaAldridge, t60; Scratch game:YulondaPlatt, 203;Handicapseries :KayJordan,697;HandicapgameJessCain,268.

RECREATIONALDOWNHILL RACING: Hoodoo hosts City League racing; five Fridays,Jan. 31 through Feb. 28;open to men and women, boys and girls of all

REDMOND AREAPARKAND RECREATION DISTRICT FAMILYSWIM NIGHT:7:25-8:25 p.m., Tuesdays,Cascade Swim Center, Redmond;adultmustaccompany anyone under age 18; $10 per family; 541-548-7275,

ages; for moreinformation, go towww. MBSEF RACEPROGRAMS: Runsthrough March; DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM:MBSEF development for freeskiers and snowboarders;through March;www. COMPETITIONPROGRAMS: MBSEF competition programs for freeskiers and snowboarders;through March;www. FREESKIERAND SNOWBOARD PROGRAMS:MBSEFfull-time program for freeskiers and snowboarders;through April; FULL-TIMEALPINE PROGRAM: MBSEF winter and full-time program for alpine ski race program;through March;www.mbsef. org. COMPETITIONPROGRAMS: MBSEF freeride and snowboard competition programs; through March;

Lava Lanes,Bend League leadeasandhigh scores Jan. 13-19 casino Fun— UpsandDowns;Raycamacho224/eir Teresa Mcoonald189/507. His asdHers— GoDucks!;JakeMcClennen256/750; Brand iMcclennen202/604. Guysasd Gals— Pinsn'Tonic;MikeCaisse278p24; JanetGettling196/542. LavaLanes Classic— Team 12;Dave Grimes 300/8 00;MoniqueMccleary209/551. Reject s— AlleyOops!;DougGray268P39;SueSnedden 222/527.

WednesdayInc. — Denture In; MichelleSmith 268/7 84;AllynHayes279/T35. Tea Timers —split Ends;shari Hamel222/592. TI4T — Sugar Mama &Daddy; DanSample279P21; shanno nGrimes212/592


7-8, 10th aa;MarcosNgo,7-t, t-srd; Bodencoker, 9-10, 5th;DamonSteelhammer, 9-10, 7th; Jordan Kennedy, 9-10,4th; WadeJacobus, 11+,3rd. Level5 all-aroundresults: JoelMcLaughlin, 7-8, 2nd; zase viles, 7-8, 1st; AlexGarza,9-10, 5th; Nathan vezina,9-10, tth; MateoGarza,11+, 4th. Level7all-aroundresults: TravisFields,13+,2nd; MatthewSteele,13+,3rd.

TABLE TENNIS BEND TABLE TENNIS CLUB: Evening play Mondays; 6-9 p.m. (setup 30 minutesprior); beginner classes available, cost $60; at Boys 8 Girls Clubs of Central Oregon; drop-in fee, $3 for adults, $2 for youths and seniors; club membership available to those who donate $100 or more; Jeff at 541-480-2834; Don at 541-318-0890; Sean at 267-6146477;bendtabletennis©; www.

TENNIS INDOORTOURNAMENT: Kickoff tourney at the Athletic Club of Bend;Feb. 21-23, starts at noon on Friday, Feb. 21; singles, doubles, mixed doubles and youth categories; best two of three sets, regular scoring; tennis© or Jason Quigley, 541-385-3062.

but indudes at least one 70mile stretch along which no

drinking water is available. The Oregon Coast Gravel Epic named its long ride "The Abomination" when race organizer Steve Cash told his riding

• Perry Roubaix, near Salem, Feb.9, 50 miles, search Webfor "Salem Gravel Grinder" • Dalles Mountain 60, starts and finishes in TheDalles, March 8, 60 miles, •Crow'sFeetCommons OregonOutbackBikepackingAdventure, Klamath Falls to Bend,May14, 239 miles, Crow's Feet Commons Facebook page • The Oregon Outback, Klamath Falls to the Columbia River, May 23, 360 miles, • Rickreall Gravel Classic, Rickreall, July date TBA,80 miles, Rickreall Gravel Classic Facebookpage • Oregon Coast Gravel Epic, starts and finishes in Waldport, Aug. 23, 73- and 37-mile options, • The Oregon Stampede, nearDufur and TyghValley, October date TBA, 127 miles, Coast Gravel Epic in Waldport popping up on the state's cycling event calendar. (Locally, Bend bike/beer /coffee hangout Crow's Feet Commons is organizing a Klamath Falls-to-Bend

multiday event along the Oregon Outback trail the second is sky-high across the state in week of May) The state already rides that eschew the pavement promotes Oregon's various and explore Oregon's abun- mountain bike trails, popular dance of dirtand gravelroads. road routes and designated Whether on road, mountain or scenic bikeways, and gravel cyclocross bikes, cyclists are rides could be next. According flocking to these often off-the- to Pace, a 15-person working radar group rides that are all committee on scenic gravel about self-sufficiency, explora- rideshas already been formed, tion and visual beauty — and and select routes could be highusually involve a lot of climbing. lighted on the state's bike-spe"People have been road rid- cific tourism website, Rideareing forever," says Nastassja, in the next year. "Staj" Pace, the destination "There's not a lot of ego and development coordinator for people are just out to have fun," Travel Oregon, the state's of- says Bend's Rob Angelo, who ficial tourism agency. "This is competedin the Oregon Gravel a way for people to go back to Epic last year, about the emertheir childhood when you'd hop gence ofgravel riding."It apon yourbikeandtakeoffdown peals to both road riders and whatever kind of road." mountain bikers. Any time you Travel Oregon has tak- can have make a marriage been notice of rides like Kolb's tween those two groups and and races such as the Oregon pull in a cross section of the bik-

Winter Invitational 2014 is Eugene Jas. 18 Bend's Acrovisiosresults Level 4 all-aroundresults: TeeganLindsey,age group 6, t-2nd; zachMiler, 6,t-2nd; collin Moore,

Upcoming gravel/adventure rides

whatever you want — interest

Latecomers —We're Roling Now2; JaneSupnet 194/546. FreeBreathers— MixedNuts;GaryDavis247/682; Sandy weaver224/53a T.G.I.F.— ManOn;JeffFox256/674;ShariHamel 236/57a Drafl — Outlaws;Willie Sernet 214/585;SusanWaltosz 1IS/503. Progre ssive— G'sUp;JesseWhitson224/666. Greased Lightning —Team4; RuebenPierce 211/577;SusanBenson171/481.

YOUTH TRYOUTSAND OPEN GYM: High Desert YellowJackets10-and-under and 12-and-under softball tryouts; ages 8-12; call Jeremy at 541-325-3689 (12U coach) or Shane (10U coach) at 541-728-1276 for more info.


partner — after 10,000 feet of

elevation gain over 73 miles"This is either a great ride or an abomination."

Says Kolb: "You need to be pretty self-sufficient. You need to be able to fix a flat, use a

GPS (tmit), read a map. You could be on a road that only sees two cars a day, and if you break down, there's a good chance those cars have already gone by. It's that kind of riding." Of course, thatrem otenessis ing community, you're going to part of the appeal. "Oregon has all these amazhave something pretty popular." "People are really interest- ing areas," says Kolb, who ed in getting into the beautiful has bike toured on- and offbackcountry Oregon has to road throughout the West and offer," adds Pace, who spoke Alaska. "Placesthateven cars about gravel grinders last don't go on. A lot of these gravweek in Eugene at the first Or- el roads — they aren't marked egon Bicycle Adventure Sum- — you just have to look at your mit. "These are pretty intense map and your GPS and make adventures.You're really get- your best informed guess. But that's why I love it." ting away from it alL" Gravel rides are not for the — RePorter: 541-383-0305; casual cyclist or spin class star. Kolb's Oregon Stampede

ride is a single-day, 127-mile loop near the small rural towns

mplements Hpa c '3vl fcs'cpe'J

of Dufur and Moro near the

Columbia River, a route that features 9,000 feet of climbing. The Oregon Outback ride not only rolls on for 360 miles



70 SWCentury Dr., Ste. I45 Bend, OR 97702• 54i-322-7337



"I lost 50 pounds!"


CHEMULTSLEDDOGRACES: Twentieth annual Chemult Sled Dog Races; Walt Haring Sno-park; postponed until Feb. 15-16,8:30 a.m. both days; free to watch but sno-park pass required; www.


To his amazement, he had to shut down registration after 400

ElkS needhOSt familieS —TheBend Elks, Central Oregon's summer collegiate baseball team, are looking for host families for the upcoming 2014season. If interested, send an email to caitlin@


Basketball Bend ParkasdRec A Division Week10

Furnish/zenithAuto Lebron'sSisters Cheerleaders/Hairport Redmond Athletic Club CountryCatering Goodyear AutoCare

W 6 8 1 4 5 6


B Division Week10 sendBroadbandBusiness


W 7 8 9

corn cobcrazies Old Creek Company

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Tolbert conversion gives TeamRicewin By Oskar Garcia

Nick Foles threw a 12-yard

The Associated Press

touchdown to Cleveland tight

HONOLULU Dallas running back DeMarco Murray caught a 20-yard pass for a touchdown and Carolina running back Mike Tolbert plunged into the end zone for a 2-point conversion with less than I minute to give Jerry Rice a win over Deion Sanders

in the first schoolyard-style Pro Bowl on Sunday. Baltimore's Justin Tucker

Eugene Tanner/The Associated Press

Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray (29) of Team Rice runs with the football in the first quarter.

Orleans tight end Jimmy with some big hits and fewer Graham and Cleveland wide shenanigans. end Jordan Cameron with less receiver Josh Gordon caught Jackson caught the game's than 5 minutes to play to give touchdowns for Team Rice. first touchdown pass f r om Sanders a 21-14 lead. The Pro Bowlers were split Indianapolis qu a r terback The touchdowns by Camer- up by the NFL greats in a new Andrew Luck. L uck t h r ew on and Murray were the only draft format meant to improve the ball 36 yards into double scoresof the second halfin a the game. The picks made coverage in the end zone on game that had eight turnovers earlier in the week created a flea flicker, where Jackson — including six interceptions matchups that pitted usual wrestled it away from Titans — and nine sacks. teammates against each oth- cornerback Alterraun Verner. Foles was the only quarter- er and challenged Rice and Graham caught an 8-yard back of six in the game to not Sanders to compare the allfade in the second quarter throw an interception. He was stars against one another. from teammate Drew Brees, named offensive MVP. The result was a game turning around Brees' slow Philadelphia wide receiver that appeared more com- s tart. Graham dunked t h e DeSean Jackson and Caroli- petitive than in years past, ball over the crossbar in celena quarterback Cam Newton bration, but San Diego safety also had touchdowns Eric Weddle jokingly for Team Sanddefended the

missed a 67-yard field goal on the game's final play after missing a 66-yarder earlier in the game. The touchdown and conversion gave Rice a comeback after Philadelphia quarterback ers.




T omas, ison assume

Rt»»sit '

(+/- 25t/2 times) Prop dets, on the Ield andotf One of the grand traditions of the Pro Bowl is all the

prop bets. Thereare the standard point totals and yards and scores at theend

i ioes

of the half, but what about

the coin flip? (+/- $110on a $100 bet). Howmany times will Peyton Manning

, tti»4c»

By Jayson Jenks The Seattle Times

yell "OMAHA!" (+/- 25t/2

RENTON, Wash. — Safety Earl Thomas has no problem

times). How long will it take to sing the National Anthem? (You knowyou

admitting he can be a jerk. "I'm an ass during practice because I push my teammates," he said. " I'll be i n

their ear like I'm a coach. If they mess up, I'll be like, 'Damn, man, let's go!' " Quarterback Russell Wil-

want to take the over at 2


minutes, 29 seconds.) Here are some prop bets from America's Line: PEYTON MANNING Passing yards:+/- 292t/~ Completions:+/- 25t/2 TD passes:+/-2 t/2

son isn't as d emonstrative,

but his quiet intensity produces thesame effect.

Passing attempts:+/- 37t/t How many times will he

"I spend a lot of time with

Russ," receiver Phil Bates said, "and he drives me to be

The sound of Peyton Manning barking "Omaha! Omaha!" is picked up by a tiny microphone in an offensive lineman's pads so it can

in there with him."

be broadcast to the world. In an age of enormous high-definition televisions and games streamed to tablets and smartphones, audio

The Seahawks are in the Super Bowl for many rea-

seems almost quaint. Yet TV executives have made it a major focus in recent years, for the exact reason so many people are fascinated by the Broncos quarterback's audibles — and it is now a proposition bet for the Super Bowl

Joe Mahoney/TheAssociated Press

sons, but part of the equation

is rooted with Thomas and Wilson. In some ways, they arelikethepacecarduring a race. Because of the way they prepare, because of their intensity, they help set the tone.

orts oo s 00 astt e ame

"Whenever you're talking

about a t r u e c ompetitor, a true champion, a true foot-

ball player who is passionate and loves his job and does everything he can to help his team win," cornerback Richard Sherman said, "if you're not talking about Earl Thomas and Russell Wilson then I don't know what you're

talking about." Wilson is 25 but only in his second season. Thomas is in

his fourth year but only 24. " But when t w o

of y our

best players are your hardest-working," veteran linebacker Heath Farwell said, "you can do nothing but follow it."

Thomas always looks on edge. At practice, while his teammates joke on the sideline, he's usually staring straight ahead at the players on the field. During TV timeouts at games, while the rest

of the defense is dancing on the field, Thomas is usually pacing in the background. "I've never seen nothing

like that before," defensive back DeShawn Shead said. "I always felt like I was super focused and locked in, but that's a different leveL To see

that focus, you always want to try to reach that. And just by even trying to reach that, even if you ain't all the way there, it's going to be higher

• YoucanbetonTDs,completions, length of the NationalAnthemand more By Erik Matuszewski

we're wearing," Manning joked. "So it varies, really, play to play, so there's your answer to that one." B efore t h e A FC

titl e

The Las Vegas Hotel's SuperBook is the biggest sports book in Nevada and will issue more than 300 Super Bowl props. An over/ under on how many times Manning barks Omaha will

game against the New EnBloomberg News Rutherford, N.J. (over/under gland Patriots, eight OmaSome Super Bowl bettors of 34 degrees). Yet the Man- ha-based companies, innot beamong them. "We'll only have props will pay more attention to ning-Omaha prop might be cluding ConAgra Foods, what Peyton Manning says among the most unusual. Mutual of Omaha Insurance that you can look up the at the l in e o f s c r i mmage If a bettor chooses the and Omaha Steaks Interna- result in the box score, not than what he does after the "over" and Manning says tional, pledged donations to something that we'll have to ball is snapped. O maha 28 times or m o r e Manning's Peyback Foun- rely on TV," assistant manOnline sportsbook Bovada on the Fox T V b r oadcast, dation for each time he agerJeffSherman said. .lv is taking wagers on the the bettor he would win the said the city's name. ManProps account for about number of times the Den- same amount wagered. The ning said Omaha 31 times 30 percentofthe money waver Br oncos' q u arterback bettor would lose the bet in against the Patriots, result- gered on the Super Bowl at yells "Omaha" as one of his the same situation if Man- ing in donations of $24,800 Bovada, which is based in pre-snap calls during the ning said Omaha 27 times for his foundation. Kahnawake, Quebec. More NFL's Feb. 2 championship or fewer. Kevin Bradley, sports- than $10 billion is projected game against the Seattle Manning, a fo u r -time book manager at Bovada, to be bet on the Super Bowl Seahawks. NFL MoMV P i n h i s 1 6th said his research consist- worldwide, legally and ilThe over/under is 27 t/2 season, constantly audibles ed of looking at how many legally, according to handand is among a series of at the line of scrimmage, times Manning said Omaha icapping information webmore than 400 proposition changing plays to adjust to in relation to the number of site bets, or props, released this the opposing defense. plays he runs, while considB rown sai d t h a t w h i l e week by Bovada. Among his most frequent ering that the novelty of that he will not be wagering "I guess it goes to show calls in the postseason has call might have worn off. any money, he and his colbeen "Omaha," which he "I went a t o u c h l o w er leagues at the Greater Omathat people will bet on almost anything," said David shouted 44 times in a sec- than he has said in the last ha Chamber of Commerce Brown, the president of the ond-round win over the San two games," Bradley said in a re rooting for t h e M a n Greater Omaha Chamber of Diego Chargers. Manning, an email. "For outrageous ning-Omaha prop to pay off Commerce in Nebraska. 37, was coyabout its meanprops like this and our ex- the over. "We've enjoyed all the Other Super Bowl props ing before last week's AFC perience doing them, we try include the length of op- title game. to put up the number we feel attention," Brown s aid. "I "Omaha is a run play, but will get the most two-way know I hope he tops the era singer Renee Fleming's rendition of the national anit could be a pass play or a action but at the same time n umber of O m a has f r om them before the game (over/ play-action pass depending once we see how m o n ey the last two games. I think under of two minutes, 30 on a couple things: the wind, comes in on it, the line can this is the closest Omaha seconds) and the tempera- which way we're going, the move down to 20 or up to 40. will get to being in the Super ture at the time of kickoff quarter and the jerseys that You just never know." Bowl." at MetLife Stadium in East

say Omaha:+/- 25t/2

How many times will they show Eli Manning:+/-3 t/~

How manytimeswill they showArchie Manning:+/-3t/~ RICHARD SHERMAN Will he get a pass interference penalty: No -$180 vs. Yes+$160 Will he get a taunting penalty: No-$600vs. Yes +$400 RUSSELLWILSON Passing yards:+/-197 t/2 Total completions:+/-17 t/t

Total TD passes:+/-1 t/~ Passing attempts:+/- 25t/t


BRUNO MARSSING 1ST? Treasure ......................... 2/1 LockedOutofHeaven...3/1 Grenade ..........................7/2 Marry You...................... 5/1 JustTheWay YouAre...8/1 Gorilla........................... 10/1

The Lazy Song.............12/1 PREGAME How long will it take Renee Fleming to sing the National Anthem:+/- 2:29 What will the temperature be at the opening kickoff: +/- 30 degrees Will Knowshon Moreno cry during the National Anthem: No -$600 vs. Yes +$400 Will the coin toss land onheads or tails: Heads -$110 vs. Tails -$110 Who will win the coin

toss: Broncos -$110vs. Seahawks -$110

FIRSTSCORE Touchdown ................... Field Goal ...................... Other............................

because he's on a whole different level. It took me a while

to get used to it, but then I finally realized that's Earl just

being Earl." Coach Pete Carroll called Thomas as "serious a com-

petitor as you could ever hope to be around." Cornerback Byron Maxwell agreed. "That's just in him, man," Maxwell said. "It's just some-

thing God blessed with him. I've never seen anybody else like that. It's crazy how he

gets like that every day. I'm not like that. I'm a playful guy. When I get out of whack, he's always there. You need that."

Even it hewins, Manningnot readyto retire with a ring By Dennis Waszak Jr.

the games, and everybody's going to Super Bowls with two teams, an ac- be excited to play in the Super Bowl. "But I think when you still enjoy JERSEY CITY, N .J. — Peyton complishment that seemed a bit of a Manning might have a few years left long shot after he underwent two ca- the preparation, I think you probably in his record-breaking right arm. reer-threatening neck surgeries two still ought to be doing that." Riding into retirement with anothyears ago. Manning is the favorite to win his "I still enjoy playing football," fifth league MVP award, and is the er Super Bowl ring? Well, that's not next Sunday's Super Bowl. It's hard to blame him after a sea- Manning said. "I feel a little better indisputable face of this year's Super even a thought for the Denver Broncos quarterback. son in which he set NFL records than I thought I would at this point Bowl — the first in which the Bron"If I can't produce, if I can't help the with 55 touchdown passes and 5,447 coming off that surgery, and I still en- cos have played since John Elway team, that's when I'll stop playing," yards while leading the league's top- joy the preparation part of it, the im- won the second of consecutive titles Manning said Sunday. "If that's next ranked offense. Manning is trying to portant part of it. Everybody enjoys in 1999. The Associated Press

year, maybe it is, but I certainly want

to continue to keep playing." Manning, ata news conference aboard the Cornucopia Majesty cruise ship docked outside the team hotel, said he has no plans beyond

become the first starting QB to win





ta in sra ies r om e i n to win at Torre The Associated Press

Jordan Spieth, Pat Perez and

so many others who squandered a good chance to win. Torrey Pines, 222 yards from Woodland appeared to have the front of the green, needing the best chance to catch Stalla birdie to give himself a shot ings. He was one shot behind at outright victory Sunday in — with plenty of length to the Farmers Insurance Open. reach the 18th in two — until That's when his caddie told he chose fairway metal off him, "Let's see what you've the tee on No. 17 and hooked got." it into the canyon. He felt he Above a l l , he had had to make his 45-foot par experience. putt to have any chance, and One year and one week ago, three-putted for double bogey. Stallings was in a similar sit- Woodland, who had a oneuation at the Humana Chal- shot lead going into the final lenge. He hit a 6-iron from 220 round, missed an easy birdie yards, forgetting to account attempt on the 18th and closed for a hanging lie until the ball with a 74. "This will be hard to swalsailed left and bounded into the water, the final mistake on low," Woodland said. "I felt a day he blew a five-shot lead. like I kind of gave one away He didn't make the same today." SAN DIEGO — Scott Stallings was in the 18th fairway at

Andy Tullie/The Bulletin

As the sun warms upthe course, Dennis Brockman, of Redmond, tees off onthe12th hole while golfing at Meadow Lakes Golf Course in Prineville on Friday morning.

• Lack of rain has local courses teeming with golfers

mistake twice.

M arc Leishman o f A u s tralia had the last chance to

S tallings h ammered a 4-iron that narrowly cleared the water and set up two putts

Greens at Redmond is no rarity during the golf season.

Lakes. "The years like this are definitely a minority," he adds while reviewing a spreadsheet that tracks business at the course since 1998. "We have had other

On recent sunny days it looks downright typical to see good ones, but it's definitely rare." the tiny lot filled to capacity as parked cars spill into the adjacent street.

The unexpected boost has some downsides, though. This past fall, a hard freeze shortly after Thanksgiving froze the turf at courses across Central Oregon, Huffer

These are no ordinary summer days, however. This is January in says. Since then, a steady run of seausually frostbitten Central Oregon. And brisk business at The Greens is not unique among area golf

sonably cold nights but relatively mild days has thawed a thin layer of soil while keeping the ground underneath frozen. That leaves the grass root systems vulnerable, forcing Crooked River

courses. While playable days are expected during the winter here, the last six weeks or so have been wholly different for the region's courses

Ranch to restrict golf carts to cart paths, Huffer says. In addition, the increased play can

w ear on adormant golfcourseovertim e. "The golf courses take somewhat of a beating in these conditions," Lampert

that remain open during the winter months.

says. "The positives outweigh the negatives. But there is definitely some repair

Instead of being open sporadically top 15 or 20 percent" in his tenure. during December and January, a largely With more than 30 years of experisnow-freerun of weather since early Deence, Wattenburger is accustomed to cember haskept many courses consis- swings in Central Oregon weather. tently open for business. Juniperhas been closed as few as four

that we have to do in the springtime."

"We're well up t hi s w i nter season

overthe past several, " says Pat Huffer, the head professional at Crooked River Ranch. "It's been a boon period for us."

Busy golf courses in January? Maybe this region really is turning into the Palm Springs of the Pacific Northwest.

Last winter Meadow Lakes Golf Course in Prineville and Crooked River Ranch — two of the region's most

winter-friendly facilities — were open a combined two days through the first 19 days of January as snow blanketed the

courses. So far this month each of those cours-

es has been closed just three days. (Two of those closed days came last week as a result of frost.) Bruce Wattenburger, the head professional at Juniper Golf Club in Redmond since 1983, estimates that in terms of playable weather this winter is "in the

Craig Melott, the head professional at The Greens and a longtime pro in Central Oregon, says he has come to expect

occasional weather warm-ups. Usually, though, nature has a way of one stretch during a particularly snowy balancing the scales eventually. And he winter in the early 1990s, the course shut expects that to happen again soon. "I always feel that we will always get down for 120 consecutive days, Wattenburger recalls. paid backsomehow when we leastex"Yeah, it's unusual to not have much pect it," says Melott. "But we just take (snow) in December and January, but I what we can get." can't say it surprises me," Wattenburger Ultimately, most in the golf business says. would welcome some precipitation. Runs like this one, though, yield a boAfter all, a healthy mountain snownus for golf courses. pack is good for everybody, includHuffer says that on sunny, mild days, ing golf courses that rely on irrigation Crooked River Ranch can host as many during the golf season. "Obviously the mountains are screamas 100 rounds of golf — even during winter days when daylight is limited and ing and yelling for more moisture, and frost delays are expected. And Meadow we hope they get it because that helps Lakes is on pace to host more than 1,000 our water in the spring and thesummer," rounds this month, up from 400 in Janu- Wattenburgersays. "It's just another goofy Central Oreary 2013. "You don't budget on having these gon year is a good way to say it."

birdie gave him a 71. Stallings finished at 9-under

thought about 18 at Humana


the whole time on 18 today.

Jason Day (68) and Graham DeLaet of Canada (68)

Not that I was like, 'Oh, don't hit it in the water.' But it was,

days during the winter months, and in

good winter months, but when you do

— Reporter: 541-617-7868, zhall®

get them it sure is a nice boost," says

Lenny Igneizi/The Associated Press

Scott Stallings pitches to the sixth green of the South Course at Torrey Pines during the final round of the Farmers Insurance Open

on Sunday.


By Zack Hall

• Business levels f o r

proach on our irrigation sys- a huge change on our ninth

rience has been the mantra.

The Bulletin

• last year w e re s olid

tem, Mike was able to make

I don't expect this philoso-

ment of a weeklyTee To

during the off-peak season remarkable changes to the months and remained flat for turf quality of each hole.

Green feature in which we check in via email with Cen-

the peak summer months. Weather was a c o ntribut-

tral Oregon golf facilities for

ing factor in both areas, of

an offseason update.


hole on the left side to give

This week we contacted Troy Eckberg, director Were any changes of of golf at River's Edge Golf • note made to the facilCourse in Bend. ity during the last year? Eckberg came to River's • Last year we made a Edge in 2003 and was named • management change the club's director of golf with our turf grass profesoperations and head profes- sional and immediately ex-

our golfers a sense of ease phy to change anytime soon when they visit our course. for River's Edge. We have been widening Are any changes and/ fairways at River's Edge for Are the local golf fa• or improvements to the last six years and have • cilities doing enough the facility scheduled for heard nothing but positive to attract and foster local 2014? comments. play? If not, what more can • The focus for River's be done'? • Edge for the last few After a recession that • I believe the golf facilyears has been to give the • began in 2 0 07, how • ities locally do a great golfer a more enjoyable ex- have your golf operations job to encourage local play. perience each time they play changed in recent years'? We continue to offer golfers our golf course. Widening • Beginning in 2008 we the opportunity to play here fairways, different mowing • realized very quickly at a deeply discounted rate

sional in 2006.

perienced positive results.

patterns, detailed customer

This is what he had to say about the current business of golf and about River's Edge: How was business in

The green complexes were service will be issues that a huge focus for our super- management will address intendent, Mike Kisic, and every week. This year, we they improved dramatical- plan to open up the left side ly. And with a detailed ap- of our second hole and make


Q •• 2013?

each made birdie on the last

'Just make sure you pay atten- hole to tie for second. So did tion to everything that's going Perez, the San Diego native Onr e who grew up at Torrey Pines His final birdie capped off and whose father is the longa wild day at Torrey Pines, time starter on the first tee at one that didn't include Tiger the Farmers Insurance Open. Woods or Phil Mickelson for Perez missed a 10-foot birdie the first time in two decades. chance on the 17th. He closed Nine players had a share of the with a 70. "It's great and bad," Perez lead at one point. Eight players still had a reasonable chance said about his runner-up finish. "This is the one I want to in the final hour. Stallings emerged the win- win more than anything in the ner with one big shot, and world, and I came up short.... now he's headed back to the I thought today would have Masters. been my day. I would like to be K.J. Choi had the best score in that position again." of the week on the South Also on Sunday; C ourse with a 6 6 and w a s Bahamas LPGA Classic: among five players who tied PARADISE ISLAND, Bahafor second. The pins were set mas — Jessica Korda won up in favorable positions for the season-opening Bahamas birdies, making the course LPGA Classic for her second play the easiest it had all week. tour title, holing a 6-foot birdBut that didn't make it easy ie putt on the final hole to beat — not for Gary Woodland, Stacy Lewis by a stroke.

easonu a e: iver'S e This is the latest install-

side of the hole, and a tap-in

happen without the other," Stallings said. "I actually

Zach Lampert, head pro at Meadow

eeing a full parking lot on a cloudless afternoon at the

on the 18th went well right

from 40 feet for a birdie. It and bounced off the cart path gave him a 4-under 68 and a and a fan. He had no chance one-shot lead that turned into to even consider going for the a victory when no one could green in two. His wedge for an catch him. eagle stopped a few feet to the "I don't think one would

By Zack Hall e The Bulletin

force a playoff, but his drive






that the paradigm had shift-


throughout the season at a

ed in how you manage and quality golf course that they run your golf course. Keep- can call home each golfing ing your costs in control season. while not forgetting about — Reporter: 541-617-7868, the customer and their

ou r Se River'sEdgeGolf Course Number of holes: 18 Status:Openyear-round, weather permitting Location: 400 Pro ShopDrive, Bend Tss times: 541-389-2828 Course stats:Par72, 6,620 yards Head golf professional: Troy Eckberg Course designer:Robert Muir Graves (1988, original nine; 1992, second nine) Extras:Driving range, putting green, chipping area, pro shop, restaurant





Oregon landsanother USGAchampionship —TheUnited

Bode Miller makes5th Olympic team

States Golf Association announced last weekthat Waverley Country Club in Portland will host the 2017U.S. Senior Women's Amateur Championship. The tournament will mark the 35th USGAchampionship that an Oregoncoursehashosted,includingthe2007U.S.SeniorWomen'sAmateur at Crosswater Club in Sunriver. BandonDunes Golf Resort in Bandon will host the inaugural U.S.Women's Amateur Four-Ball Championship in 2015, and the 2015U.S. Women's Amateur will be held at Portland Golf Club. Thedates for the Senior Women's Amateur, which will be theseventh USGAchampionship held at Waverley, are Sept. 9-14. — Bulletin staff report

By Pat Graham The Associated Press

There were really no surprises when the U.S. Ski Team announced its squad

for the Sochi Olympics: Mikaela Shiffrin was on the list and, of course, Lindsey Vonn was not.

GOLF SCOREBOARD The Bulletin welcomescontributions to its weekly local golf results listings and events calendar. Clearly legible items should be taxed to the sports department, 541-3350831, emailed to, ormailedtoP.O.Box6020;Bend,OR 97708.

Club Results DESERTPEAKS ThursdayMen'sClub, Jan. 16 Blind Draw 1, RobEarnest/Ken Sonthwick, 151.2, Val Paterson/Dean Hunt, 152. KP — RobEarnest. LD — JoeKirkwood. SundayGroupPlay,Jan. 19 Stroke Play Gross: 1,DennyStory,76.2,ChuckSchmidt,80. Net:1(tie), RichVigil, 71; JimManion,71. KP — DennyStory. LD —DennyStory.

EAGLECREST Men's Club.Jan. 22

tenrs.Costincludesgrossand netskins competitions. Cart costs extra. Affplayers must sign npbynoonon the We dnesdaybeforetheevent. Toregisteror for more information,call PatHuffer,head proat CrookedRiver Ranch,at 541-923-6343or email himat crrpat@

Professional PBATour FarmersInsuraneOpen Sunday s-TorreyPines, SouthCourse (7,698 yards,par72) n-Torrey Pines,North Course (7,052 yards,par72) San Oiego Purse: $6.1million Final S. Stallings(500), $1,098,00072s-67n-72-68—279 K.J. Choi(167), $366,000 74s-70n-70-66—280 G. DeLaet(167), $366,000 70n-73s-69-68—280 JasonDay(167), $366,000 66n-73s-73-68—280 Pat Perez(167), $366,000 67s-71n-72-70—280 M. Leishman(167), $366,000 66n-71s-72-71—280

C. Hoffman (85), $190,117 69s-70n-75-67—281 Ryo Ishikawa(85), $190,117 72s-70n-69-70—281 W. MacKe nzie (85),$190,117 72s-69n-70-70—281 T. Immelman (64), $135,217 68n-74s-71-69—282 Seung-YulNoh(64), $135,21768n-73s-72-69—282 RussellKnox(64),$135,217 71s-67n-74-70—282 Jnstin Thoma s(0), $135,217 68n-73s-72-69—282 BradFritsch(64), $135,217 69n-70s-72-71—282 GaryWoodland(64), $135,21765n-73s-70-74—282 H. Matsuyam a(54), $97,600 72n-72s-70-69—283 KAH-NEE-TA KeeganBradley (54), $97,600 69n-72s-71-71—283 M. Ho ff mann(54),$97,600 72s-66n-72-73— 283 Central Oregon Winter Series, Jan. 17 Erik Comp ton (51), $76,555 69n-69s-74-72—284 Triple Six R obert Streb (51), $76,555 73s-69n-70-72—284 1st Flight —Gross:1, Rosie Cook/BobStirling, N. Colsaerts(51), $76,555 69n-67s-75-73—284 68. 2 (tie),Kelly Wechter/Colin Mecey,69; TonyBlasius/DonDlson,69; Charlie Rice/TimCecil, 69.Net: JordanSpieth(51), $76,555 71s-63n-75-75—284 (46), $54,290 71s-68n-75-71—285 1,BobGorham/StephenChenoweth,62.4.2,John J.B. Holmes Smallwood/Todd Goodew, 64. 3, Brett Morelock/Tim Billy Horschel(46), $54,290 70s-67n-77-71—285 Booher,64.6. 4, Daniel Hostetler/RonaldHostetler LukeGuthrie (46), $54,290 76s-68n-71-70—285 65.6. 5, PatHnffer/RigoMonte, 66.6. 6 (tie), Kevin BubbaWatson(46), $54,290 70n-73s-73-69—285 Story/MattPinkerton,67.6;PatOG ' orman/LesBryan, RorySabbatini(46),$54,290 74s-68n-69-74—285 StewartCink(39),$38,023 64n-71s-79-72—286 67.6. 2nd Flight —Gross:1, MarkGarcia/Matt Bur- JamieLovemark (39),$38,02372s-67n-76-71—286 gess,75.2, Pa ul Nemitz/Robert Holloway.77.3,Hank JustinLeonard(39), $38,023 74s-69n-73-70—286 Mccauley/Ray Schadt, 79.4 (tie), MarkScott/Roger Sang-MoonBae (39), $38,02367n-76s-71-72—286 Palmer,80;TomWimberly/Jerry Harris, 80. Neh1, RobertGarrigus(39),$38,023 71n-71s-72-72—286 Paul Klotz/KenSchofield, 64.8. 2,TimSwope/Reed BrendanSteele(39),$38,023 76s-67n-74-69—286 Sloss,65.8.3, Bil Beckley/ScottHakala,66.2. 4,Kory Y.E.Yang(39), $38,023 76s-67n-74-69—286 Callantine/Dave Ratzlaff, 67.4. 5, Phil Garrow/Daryl ChadCoffins(39),$38,023 78s-66n-73-69—286 Hleresen,68.2. 6, Dewe y Springer/George Lienkae- BrianStuard(39), $38,023 70s-73n-69-74—286 Brendon Todd (32), $26,840 69n-73s-72-73—287 mper,69. KPs —0-12handicaps: SueBoyle, No.3;Mark Martin Laird(32),$26,840 69n-71s-74-73—287 lPutnam (32),$26,84069n-73s-75-70— 287 Garcia,No.10.13andhigher: PaulKlolz, No.8; Michae KevinTway(32), $26,840 69s-70n-73-75—287 DennisBrockman, No.16. l (32),$26,840 70n-72s-70-75—287 Skins — Gross:Beckley/Hakala, No.10.Net: C. HowelIII Callantine/Ratzlaff, No. 3; Lemp/Ha gstrom, No. 7; T. VanAswegen(32), $26,840 66n-76s-76-69—287 StuartAppleby(27), $20,740 74s-69n-72-73—288 Beckley/Hakal,No.10;Zangari/Brockman,No.16. Jnstin Hicks (27), $20,740 71s-68n-75-74—288 Bill Haas(27), $20,740 74s-70n-71-73—288 Albatross Report Matt Jones(27), $20,740 75s-65n-77-71—288 JohnMerrick(21), $15,479 69n-74s-72-74—289 Jan.3 Jim Herman (21), $15,479 66n-75s-74-74—289 EAGLECRESTRIDGE LeeWestwood(21), $15,479 73s-68n-75-73—289 Tom Ryan,Bend Pnnlter(21),$15,479 75s-67n-71-76—289 No. 4 477 yards d r iver, 5-iron lan DavidLingmerth(21), $15,47972s-70n-75-72—289 KevinChappell(21), $15,479 73s-66n-73-77—289 Hole-in-One Report HunterMahan(21), $15,479 72n-72s-73-72—289 AndresRomero(21), $15,479 72s-72n-67-78—289 Jan. 17 M. Calcavecchia(15), $13,84770n-74s-71-75—290 EAGLECREST CHALLENGE DavidLynn(15),$13,847 68n-73s-75-74—290 Chet Evenson,Redmond T Ridings(15),$13,847 73s-70n-73-74—290 No. 5 94 yards 9-iron Bag lakeAdam s(15), $13,847 75s-69n-72-74—290 Victor Dnbuisson (0), $13,17672n-69s-74-76—291 C hris Wi l iams(0), $13,176 71n-72s-72-76—291 Calendar D.A. Points(9), $13,176 67n-74s-75-75—291 The Bulletin welcomes contributions to Jhonattan Vegas(9), $13,176 68n-75s-74-74—291 its weekly local golf events calendar. Items NickWatney(9), $13,176 70n-74s-74-73—291 should bemailedtoP.O.Box6020,Bend,OR HarrisonFrazar(9), $13,176 68n-74s-77-72—291 97708; faxed tothesporls department at 541- D.H. Lee(9), $13,176 7 3s-71n-75-72—291 385-0831; oremailed tosportsdgbendbuttetin. CameronTringale (5), $12,62771s-71n-76-74—292 com. Matt Bettencourt(5),$12,627 71n-73s-74-74—292 TOURNAME NTS BenCrane(3),$12,383 77s-67n-73-76—293 Jan. 31: CentralOregonWinter Serieseventat Jonathan Byrd(3), $12,383 70n-72s-77-74—293 MeadowLakes Golf Coursein Prinevile. Aggregate BryceMolder(1), $12,200 77s-65n-77-75—294 shamble tournament begins with an11a.m,shotgun. N. Thomp son(1),$12,017 72s-70n-76-77—295 Two-person teamswith nomorethanoneprofessional Charlie Wi(1), $12,017 72n-70s-77-76—295 allowedperteam. Cost is $30for professionals, $50 GregOwen(1), $11,834 70n-74s-74-82—300 for amateurs.Costincludesgrossand net skinscomMade cut; did not finish petitions.Cartcostsextra.Affplayersmust sign upby AaronBaddeley(1), $11,712 71n-73s-76—220 noon on theWednesdaybeforethe event. Toregister CamiloVilegas(1),$11,346 72s-71n-78—221 or for moreinformation, call PatHuffer,headpro at BriceGarnett(1), $11,346 75n-68s-78—221 Crooked RiverRanch, at 541-923-6343oremail him Tim Herron(1), $11,346 7 0 n-74s-77—221 at crrpat© . StevenBowditch (1), $11,346 68n-76s-77—221 Feb.1:SuperBowlScrambleatMeadow Lakes Will Claxton(1), $11,346 71n-73s-77—221 Golf Course in Prinevile. Scrambleis for four-person BobbyGates(1), $10,919 69n-72s-81—222 teamsandteesoffwith an11a.m.shotgun. Costis TigerWoods(1),$10,919 72s-71n-79—222 $80 per teamplus $25per-persongreenfee. To regis- MichaelBlock(0), $10,736 74s-69n-86—229 ter orfor moreinformation, calltheMeadowLakesgolf shop at541-447-7113. LPGATour' Feb. 14: CentralOregonWinter Serieseventat Bahamas Classic CrookedRiver Ranch. Better-ball tournament begins Sunda y with an11a.m.shotgun.Two-personteams with no At OceanClubGolt Course morethanone professional allowedperteam.Cost is Paradise Island ,Bahamas $30 forprofessionals,$50foramateurs. Costincludes Purse: $1.3million grossandnetskinscompetitions. Cartcostsextra. All Yardage:6z644; Par:73 play ersmustsignupbynoonontheWednesdaybefore Final the event.Toregister orformoreinformation, call Pat JessicaKorda,$195,000 69-66-72-66 —273 Huffer,headproat CrookedRiver Ranch, at 541-923- StacyLewis,$120,655 69-71-68-66—274 6343 or email Pornanong Phatlnm, $63,581 71-69-69-67—276 Feb. 28: CentralOregonWinter Serieseventat PaulaCreamer,$63,581 71-65-71-69—276 EagleCrestResort in Redmond. Shambletournament LizetteSalas,$63,581 72-67-66-71—276 beginswithan11 a.m.shotgun.Two-person teams Na Yeon 70-68-66-72 —276 Choi, $63,581 with nomorethan oneprofessional allowedperteam. ChristelBoellon,$31,543 71-67-73-66—277 Cost is$30for professionals,$50foramateurs. Cost SandraGal,$31,543 71-69-71-66—277 includes grossand net skins compe titions. Cart LydiaKo,$31,543 68-70-71-68—277 costsextra.All playersmustsign upbynoonon the PK. Kongkraph an,$31,543 69-69-71-68—277 Wednesday before theevent. Toregister or for more Morgan 70-73-69-66—278 Pressel, $23,945 information,call PatHnffer,headproat CrookedRiv- Thidapa Suwannapura,$23,945 70-71-68-69—278 er Ranch,at 541-923-6343oremail himat crrpat© BrittanyLincicome,$19,289 70-71-71-68—280 . ChellaChoi,$19,289 73-69-67-71—280 March 1: PolaBear r Openat MeadowLakesGolf MichelleWie,$19,289 72-65-72-71 —280 Course in Prineviffe.Individual stroke-playtourna- AmeliaLewis,$19,289 69-73-66-72 —280 mentteesoffwith a10a.m,shotgun, Costis $20per JennySuh,$19,289 71-66-71-72 —280 teamplus$25per-persongreenfee.Toregister orfor AlenaSharp,$15,220 75-69-70-68—282 moreinformation,call theMeadowLakesgolf shopat KristyMcPherson,$15,220 73-71-69-69—282 541-447-7113. HeeYoungPark,$15,220 69-72-72-69—282 March1:RotaryClubofJefferson Connty's Cherry SandraChangkila, $15,220 71-72-68-71—282 TreeOpenis afour-personscrambletournament held AzaharaMunoz, $15,220 70-71-69-72—282 at Kah-Ne-Ta e HighDesert Resort nearWarmSprings. HaruNomura, $13,344 73-74-70-66—283 Shotgunstart at10 a.m.Cost is $60perpersonand Jodi EwartShadoff, $13,344 75-68-71-69—283 includesnetandgrossprizesandhole-in-onecontest. AngelaStanford,$12,386 73-73-69-69—284 Auctionanddinnerbeginsat 6p.m.Tournament open LauraDiaz,$12,386 74-69-70-71—284 to first120 golfers,andregistration deadlineis Feb. LineVedel,$11,230 73-74-70-68—285 21. Individualhandicapslimited to 26.Formore inforMoriyaJutanugarn, $11,230 74-72-70-69—285 mationorto register, call 541-923-8110. GerinaPiler, $11,230 71-75-68-71—285 March 13:Central OregonWinterSeries event at PerniffaLindberg,$9,975 70-71-74-71—286 JuniperGolfClubin Redmond. Triple-six tournament KarineIcher,$9,975 74-73-67-72—286 beginswithan11a.m.shotgun,Two-personteamswith TiffanyJoh,$9,975 73-74-66-73—286 no more thanoneprofessional allowedper team.Cost is Mirim Lee, $7,531 69-77-72-69—287 $30 forprofessionals,$50foramateurs. Cost includes Ayakouehara, $7,531 72-74-72-69—287 grossandnetskinscompetitions. Cartcosts extra. All AustinErnst,$7,531 69-74-74-70—287 play er smustsignopbynoonontheWednesdaybefore Se RiPak,$7,531 72-73-72-70—287 the event.Toregister orfor moreinformation, call Pat BrittanyLang,$7,531 69-78-69-71—287 Huffer,headproat Crooked River Ranch, at 541-923- AmyYang,$7,531 71-69-76-71—287 6343 oremail JulietaGranada,$7,531 73-71-71-72—287 March 21: CentralOregonWinter Seriesevent KatherineKirk,$7,531 73-69-73-72—287 at PronghornClub's Nicklaus Coursenear Bend. Meena Lee,$7,531 68-76-71-72—287 Scrambletournament begins with an11a.m.shotgun. SarahJaneSmith, $7,531 72-73-69-73—287 Two-person teamswith nomorethanoneprofessional DanielleKang,$7,531 73-69-71-74—287 allowedperteam. Cost is $30for professionals, $50 CarolineMasson, $5,128 75-72-72-69—288 for amateurs.Costincludesgrossandnet skins comMindyKim,$5,128 77-70-71-70—288 73-69-76-70—288 petitions.Cartcostsextra. Affplayersmust signupby SnnYoungYoo,$5,128 noon on theWednesday beforethe event. Toregister Mi JungHnr,$5,128 75-68-74-71—288 or for moreinformation, call PatHuffer,headpro at PazEcheverria, $5,128 70-73-73-72—288 Crooked RiverRanch, at 541-923-6343oremail him Kathleen Ekey,$5,128 75-69-72-72—288 at crrpat@crookdri Hannah Jun,$5,128 73-72-71-72—288 74-71-71-72—288 March29:CrossCountry tournamentat Meadow EricaPopsnn,$5,128 LakesGolf Coursein Prinevile. Individualstroke-play Rebecca Lee-Bentham,$4,162 74-70-76-69—289 Jennifer Song,$4,162 70-76-72-71—289 tournament forcesgolfers to takea newpath around 76-71-70-72—289 MeadowLakesover12 holes. Teetimesbeginat8a m. KellyTan,$4,162 74-69-72-74—289 Flightedfield includesbothgrossandnet payoutsand MiHyangLee,$4,162 75-72-72-71—290 KP compe titions. Costis$20plus reducedgreenfee SeonHwaLee,$3,765 69-74-75-72—290 of $15.Formoreinformation or toregister, call the Danah Bordner,$3,765 Mo Martin,$3,386 70-76-76-69—291 Meadow Lakespro shopat 541-447-7113. April 4:CentralOregonWinter Seriesevent at DewiClaireSchreefel, $3,386 74-71-76-70—291 73-73-73-72—291 BrasadaCanyonsGolf Clubin PoweffButte. Shamble Lexi Thomp son,$3,386 70-74-70-77—291 tournament beginswith an11a.m.shotgun, Two-per- CindyLacrosse,$3,386 73-74-74-71—292 son teams with nomorethanoneprofessional allowed Lisa Ferrero, $3,105 75-71-75-71 —292 per team. Costis $30for professionals, $50for ama- Ai Miyazato,$3,105

at RidgeCourse Two NetBest Balls 1, JerryCoday/TomJoyce/Bil Flinn/Don Greenman,112.2, MarkScott/Ron Wolfe/Bob Hocker/Steve Gould,113.3, MikeNarzisi/Jerry Volf/AlanFalco/Jim Meyers,115. 4(tie), RickMangels/Mike Thurlow/Bil Martin/MichaelReynolds,117; RogerEdgerly/Gary Stone/HenryRogers/DanMyers, 117. 6, TimSwopel TomJohnson/GeorgeSteelhammer/Ralf Schmidt,118.

zi '

Five-time Olympic medalist Bode Miller made his fifth squad Sunday, while 2006 Olympic gold medalists Ted Ligety and Julia Mancuso also earned spots. In all, the Americans had nine


' V)SA


II 4

women and 11 men on the team.

Shiffrin could be the headliner in Russia, especially with Vonn, the reigning Olympic downhill champion for a few more weeks, staying home to recuperate following another operation on her right knee.

The 18-year-old Shiffrin is having quite a season, too, winning three World Cup slalom races. She will be heavily counted on to help the Americans try to top their record eight-medal haul in Vancouver four years ago. Too much pressure for someone so young? "I'm not worried about the Olympics, that it's going to overwhelm her," U.S.

e Shinichiro Tanaka/The Associated Press

Bode Miller wins the alpine ski men's World Cup super-G in Kitzbuehel, Austria, on Sunday.He was one of20 named to the U.S.Olympic Team. you know when you train with her and

U.S. AlpineOlympicTeam

you're close, that you're probably going to be close to being on the podium." But they're picking up steam with Sochi drawing near. Mancuso definitely feels ready after

women's coach Alex Hoedlmoser said.

finishing seventh over the weekend in a downhill in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy.

last February. She was ahead of sched-

confidence, and I think I have that now,"

MElfi Skier Hometown David Chodunsky Crested Butte, Colo. Erik Fisher Middleton, Idaho Travis Ganong Squaw Valley, Calif. Jared Goldberg Holladay, Utah Tim Jitloff Reno, Nev. Nolan Kasper Warren, Vt. Ted Ligety Park City, Utah Bode Miller Franconia, N.H. Steven Nyman Sundance, Utah Marco Sullivan Squaw Valley, Calif. Andrew WeibrechtLake Placid, N.Y.

"There's nothing else she wants right "This puts me in a good spot for the now except success. It was no different Olympics," said Mancuso, who captured than when Lindsey was her age. She two silver medals in Vancouver. was the same way." Same with Stacey Cook, who finished Vonn was trying to get back to the tied for fifth in Cortina. "You can believe that you're skiing slopes in time for Sochi after tearing two ligaments in her knee during a high- well for a long time but until there are speed crash at the world championships results you don't have that next level of ule, too, before re-injuring her surgically repaired ACL in a crash during training

said Cook, who made her third Olympic squad. "It's good timing." in November. Miller is rounding back into form as Undeterred, Vonn rested the knee and well, taking second during a super-G still hoped to make it back, but sprained race in Kitzbuehel, Austria, on Sunday. her MCL racing a downhill in France on Miller was away from competition for Dec.21.She laterdecidedto undergo an- 20 months as he recovered from micro-fracture surgery on his left knee. othersurgery. It's an injury that could've ended his Losing Vonn has been a big jolt to the team. Not only because she's a four-time career, but he will be in the starting overall World Cup champion and has gates in Russia, with the intention of skiwon 59 races on the circuit, but because ing numerous events. He's coming off the U.S. speed team members use her to his most successful Olympics, winning measure their progress. She's their most a medal of every color in Vancouver. "I don't think Bode ever doubted that dynamic training partner and when she missed most of the early season prepa- he'd be at this point right now and I

WOMEN Stacey Cook Mammoth Mtn Calif Julia Ford Holderness, N.H. Julia Mancuso Squaw Valley, Calif. Megan McJames Park City, Utah Laurenne Ross Bend Mikaela Shiffrin Eagle-Vail, Colo. Leanne Smith North Conway, N.H. Resi Stiegler Jackson Hole, Wyo. Jacqueline Wiles Aurora

ration period to rehab her knee, it may have contributed to the team's slow start

don't think he ever contemplated that

this season.

Bodensteiner, the executive vice presi-

ished business and really wants to see

dent of the U.S. Ski and Snowboarding Association. "We believed in him and believed he could make an effective return from his injury. I think Bode is very cognizant of

this through." "We're on a really good track right

"The other athletes didn't

r e ally

have the pace that they usually have with Lindsey," Hoedlmoser explained. "Lindsey is always there in training and shows some incredible speed and

stature, very cognizant of the legacy he wants to leave and he's got some unfin-

he would stop before this," said Luke


now," Alpine director Patrick Riml said.

"I feel really comfortable with this team going into the Games."


hill race in Germany and a victory in the super-G at the U.S. Alpine Championships

Continued from B1 Ross is the second Cen- for her first national titletral Oregon snowrider to both in March 2013. land a berth in the upcoming Ross, who made her World Winter Games. Last week,

Cup debut in 2010, is a native

18-year-old Bend

s now- of Edmonton, Alberta. She boarder Kent Callister was grew up in Klamath Falls officially named to the Aus- before moving to Bend and tralian Olympic team. has skied since her youth The nomination of Ross to

with th e

B end-based Mt.

the U.S. alpine team was not Bachelor Sports Education exactly a surprise, but neither Foundation. was it a lock. In World Cup

Competition at the Rosa

competition this past week

Khutor alpine venue starts

in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy, Ross registeredher best fin-

Feb. 9 with the men's down-

But in another downhill on

are set for Feb. 10. Ross' spe-

hill. The women's super ish of the season on Fridaycombined downhill and su17th place in a downhill race. per combined slalom events Aaron Faviia/The Associated Press

Stanislas Wawrinka celebrates a point won against Rafael Nadal in the men's singles final at the Australian Open on Sunday. Wawrinka won 6-3, 6-2, 3-6, 6-3.

Wawrinka tried again, and didn't fail this time By John Pye The Associated Press

Saturday she finished 35th, cialties, the downhill and suand she was 35th again in a per-G, are scheduled for Feb. super-G race on Sunday — a 12 and Feb. 15, respectively. competition that concluded just hours before the U.S. Ski

and Snowboard Association announced its team for the Sochi Olympics. The highlights of heryoung career indude a second-place finish in a World Cup down-

AeeaBNa. Range

':" $449

"I had that quote in my head for a long time. It was

MELBOURNE, A u s tra- part of my life, how I see the lia — For 35 Grand Slam life, and especially how I see tournaments, the words of the tennis life," Wawrinka an Irish poet became some- said of the Beckett quote.

"It's not easy because tennis life, when you lose, it's tough to get through and to inscribed on his left arm. take a positive from a loss, At each ball toss, if he from failing from a tournacared to glance, he could see ment," he said. "So that's the words of Samuel Beck- how I see, in general, my ett: "Ever tried. Ever failed. career. I always go back to No matter. Try Again. Fail practice to try to improve again. Fail better." myself and to give me all the He's going to have to come chance to beat the best playup with something new after er in the world." beating top-ranked Rafael After being the first man thing of a mantra for Stan

Large oven Easy Touch controls wACR4530BAW





7ut SW10th • Redmond • (641) 64a-a616

W awrinka. After on e t o o many defeats, he had them

Nadal to win his first Grand Slam title at the Australian

in 21 years to beat the top

out of his mind to win 6-3, 6-2, 3-6, 6-3.

Federer, a 17-time Grand

two players en route to a Open on Sunday night. Nad- major title, Wawrinka will al was clearly hampered by a move from No. 8 to No. 3 in back injury after the first set, the rankings. That's a probut Wawrinka blocked that jected five spots in front of

m'Jtyank BENDFEB15QNraBOd>

Slam champion. Sond IhNesOepuwwt Oesahees Counly IhISFe Ollk»


541 382-6447 ~ 2090 NE Wyatt Court ~ Suite 101 Bend OR 97701 ~

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ILold Hill






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Sunrise ioday...... 7:28 a.m. MOOnphaSeS Sunsettoday.. " 5:09 pzu New First Fu ll Last Sunrisetomorrow .. 7;27a.m. Sunsettomorrow... 5:1 0p.m Moonnse today 415 a m F e b. 14 Moonsettoday.... 1:58 p.m Jan. 30 6

*Melted liquid equivalent


Yesterday Monday Tuesday The higher the UV Index number, the greater Hi/Lo/Pcp H i /Lo/W H i /Lo/Wthe need for eyeandskin protection. Index is City Precipitationvaluesare 24-hourtotalsthrough4 pm for solar at noon. Astoria ........ 58/35/0.00.....51/40/c.....50/42/sh Baker City 27/1 9/0.00....27/17/pc......34f29/c Brookings 63/40/0.00....60/48/sh.....60/49/sh Burns.......... .57/6/0.00 ....46Ql/pc.....47/29/sh Eugene 49/24/0.00 .....44/35/f.....48/43/sh Klamath Falls ...57/1 6/0.00....54/31/pc......51/35/c Lakeview...... N!VNA/0.00....53/33/pc......St/38/c La Pine........ .59/1 5/NA....45/21/pc.....47/26/sh Medford 61/27/0.00....59/40/pc......58/42/c Newport 59/43/0.00.....54/43/c.....53/46/sh North Bend..... .55/37/NA.....57/47/c.....58/48/sh Ontario 26f23/0.00....28/22/sn......31/28/c Pendleton 27f24/0.00.....34/25/c......40/33/r Portland 45f27/0.00.....45/38/f.....47/42/sh Prineville 46/11/0.00... A6f29/pc.....50/34lsh Redmond 57/1 8/0.00....49Q6/pc.....50/30/sh Roseborg 55/32/0.00..... 58/42/f.....57/46/sh Salem 48/24/0.00.....43/37/f.....47/42/sh Sisters......... 53/21/0.00....47/27/pc.....48/32/sh The Dages 34/32/0.00.....33/31/c.....39/35/sh

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Ski report from around the state, representing conditions at 5 p.m. yesterday: Snow accumulation in inches Ski area Last 24 hours Base Depth Anthony Lakes ....... . . . . . . . 0.0.. . . . . . . 55 Hoodoo....... . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0.0... no report Mt. report

Snow levelandroadconditions rePresenting condi tions at 5 P.m.yesterday. Key:T.T. = Traction Tires.

ljmbe~rirne 00 warner canyon........ . . . . . .0.0... no report Pass Conditi ons Wigamette Pass .............0.0......24-36 1-5 at Siskiyou Summit........ Carry chains or T. Tires 1.84 at CabbageHit.......... Carry chains or T.Tires Aspen, Colorado....... . . . . . . 0.0.... ..32-36 Hue. 20 at Santiam pass ...... Carry chains or T. Tires Mammoth Mtn., California.....0.0... . ..15-25 Hwy. 26 at Government Camp.. Carry chains or T. Tires Hmi 26at OchocoDivide..... Car echains or T Tires Squaw Valley, California.......0.0... . . .17-20 Hue 58atwigamene pass.... carrychainsor 7lires SunValleY Idaho........ . . . . . o o . . . . . .1923 Hwy. 138 at DiamondLake .... Carry chains or T.ljres Hwy.242 atMcKenzi e Pass........Closed forseason For links to the latest ski conditions visit: For up-to-minute conditions turn to: or call 511 Legend:W-weatherPcp-precipitation, s-sun, pc-pariial clouds,c-clouds, hhaze, shshowers, r rain,t thunderstorms,sfsnowflurries,snsnow, i ice,rs rainsnowmix,w wind,f fog, drdrizzle,tr trace

Yesterday Monday Tuesday


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•Seattle 51/42

light rain.

Mostly ~ cloudy with a chance of q p @,db


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Yesterday's extremes

Mostly cloudy with

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CENTRAL Partly cloudy skies.

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Partly cloudy skies.

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Cloudy with

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Showers T-storms Rain F lurries S now I c e


Yesterday Monday Tuesday

Yesterday Monday Tuesday

Yesterday Monday Tuesday

City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W HiRo/W City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hri/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W AbileneTX......72/4EN00.. 37/16/pc.. 37/16/s Grand Rapids.....25/6/0.04... 7/-4/pc... 7/4/sn RapidCily.......47/10/0.00... 8/-3/pc .. 20/14/s Savannah.......SI34N.00...67/4Ic...43/28/r -4/13/pc Akron ...........27/3N05. 13/1$sn.-1/13/pc Green Bay.......13/ 2N 04..-6/2ipc. Reno...........59/21N.00 ..60/30/pc.. 61/31/c Seattle..........47/33N.00 ..51/42/pc. 50/44/sh Albany...........18/6/0.01...29/4/sn .. Ify4/pc Greensboro......52/18N00...5418/c.. 27/9/pc Richmond.......43/17N.00...49/lic .. 249/pc Sioux Falls....... 40I3NJN..416/Pc.... 3/4/5 Albuqu erqae.....59/29N.00..49QE/pc.48/27/pc Hamsburg.......26/1 3/000.... 30Q/c ..12/1/pc Roihesler NY.....1 9/6N00.. 20/ 1/sn....9/1/c Spokane....... 30/25/trace..35QO /pc. 35Q9/sn Anchor age.....A6/33N.00..39/JIpc.37/27/pc Nanford,CT.....23/16/000...3$8/sn... 16/5/s Saoamento......64/37N.00 ..69/44/pc.. 7$45/c SpringfielzMO l ..62I29NJN...19/3/pc... 228/s Atlanta .........59/28/000... 51/26/c.. 36/14/c Nelena..........36/22/0.01 ....24/is. 35/24/pc St. Lovis.........60/30N.00....11/Is... 17/5/s Tampa..........65/57/001.. 74/61/pc. 72/49/sh AtlanticCity.....33/17NiN...43/13/c. 17/lipc Honolulu........7I/j/0.19... 76/6f/r. 77/65/pc Salt Lake City....41/1BN.00 ..39/19/pc. 39/2fypc Tucson........../2/45NiN..72/41Ipc.. 73/42/s Austin..........73/37N.JN...48/28/c...37/23/i Houston........71/47/000... 64/32/c..37/26/rs SanAntonio.....80/41N.00.. 54/32/pc..37/30/rs Tulsa...........69/3/N.00... 25f//pc .. 26/16/s Baltimore.......30/13/0.00...35/7/sn .. 17/4pc Huntsville .......57/22/000 .. 36/tNsf.. 22/4/pc SanDiego.......6$55N.00..65/51/pc.. 69/52/s Washington,DC.35/19N iN.. 37/11/sn.. 18apc Billings .........45/250.00....18/3/s. 28/2ipc Indianapolis......40M00... 3/-13/s....3/-8/s SanFrancisco....66/48N.00... 63/46/c.. M/47/c Wichita.........63/27N.iN... 22/6/pc.29/13/pc Birmingham.....59/25/000 ..43/18/pc. 27/12/pc Jackson,MS.....65/31N00..44/21/pc .. 31/15/c SanJose........71/45/0.00... 66/42/s.68/47/pc Yakima.........31/28N.00... 34/25/c...35/3Ir Bismarck........ 37/3N 13 ..6/1 5/pc.... 6/ Us Jacksonvile......60/36/0.00 ..69/Sish. 54/3jysh SantaFe........55/23/0.00..39/2ipc. 39/20/pc Yuma...........7%4JN.00 ..78/50/pc.. 78/52/5 Boise...........25/21/000 ..27/23/pc.. 343lc Junmv..........33/28/000...41/35/s. 39/35/pc INTERNATIONAL Boston..........25/16/0.00.. 42/12/rs.. NY10/s Kansas Cily......57/38N00....16/3/s .. 22/10/s Bridgeport,CT....25/16/0.00.. 39/13/rs... 18/9/s Lansing..........25QN.04.. 7/-12/pc...6/-2/pc Amsterdam......45/37/0.73 .. 38/36/is .. 39QB/c Mecca.. ........88/73N.00..87/70/pc..88/68/c Buffalo ..........2I5N 00 ..17/5/sn.... 5/1/c LasVulas.......6N41 N00...68/43/s. 67/45/pc Athens..........59/49/0.32..49/42/pc. 53/46/sh MeximCily......72/45N.00..71/52/pc. 70/43/pc Borlinglon, VT.....19/M.00 .. 25/-1/sn.. 12/2/pc Lexington.......49/11/000... 22/6/sf...10/6/s Avckland........75/64/0.00 ..70/58/pc.. 79/SIs Montreal......... 3/4/0.00 .. 9/4/sn.... 1 5/-2/s Caribou, ME..... 23/4/0.08.. 22/4i/sn...4/-5/pc Linmln..........56/240.00.. 11/-7/pc... 17/5/s Baghdad........66/44/0.00... 71/56/c.69/52/sh Moscow.........14/ON.00 .. 3/-22/pc.4/-17/pc Charleston, SC...58/32N.00... 67/36/c...39/26/r Little Rock.......68/29/00037/14/pc. .. 25/1Ipc Bangkok........88/64/0.00... 94/71/s .. 94/7Is Nairobi.........86/59N 00 ..79/55/sh. 7954/pc Charlotte........53/22N JN...57/22/c. 31/14pc LosAngeles..... 66/53/trace .. 6754/pc. 72/55/pc Beiling..........37/21N00..49/19/pc. 37/22/pc Nassav.........79/59N.00...77//Is. 76/7wp Chattanooga.....59/21/0.00 ..39/12/pc.. 26/7/pc Louisvile........53/1 7/000...20/4sf...12/2/s Beirut ..........81/61N.00...64/51/c.60/53/sh NewDelht......68/48N.00... 73/51/s.. 72/53/c Cheyenne.......50/1 7/0.00... 13/1/sf. 27/17/pc Madison, Wl......255N18.;8/21/pc. -3/15/pc Berlin............1 6/9N00..25/23/sn .. 29/20/c Osaka..........50/37N.31 ..43/35/pc. 51/37/pc Chicago..........31/7/017 ..-1/15/pc.. -2/8/pc Memphis........64/30N00... 278/pc .. 23/10/s Bogola.........64/ai/0.00... 70/51/t...69/5it Oslo............21/18/000.. 24/22/sn. 28/22/sn Cincinnaii...... 44/lN000. 12/10/pc.... 4/5/s Miami..........79/56/000..81/66/pc.81/67/pc Budapest........27/12N.00 ..26/24/pc.. 29/24/c Ottawa......... 3/-13/0.05... 5/-9/sn....5/1/s Cleveland........30%0.02 ..14/-6/sn...4/-5/sn Milwaukee.......26/5/0.1 3 ..-4-1 5/pc.. -1/JJ/pc Buenos Aires.....81/550 00 ..83/69/pc.. 88//Ic Paris............5536I0.27..41/39/sn.39I31/sh Colorado Springs.59/27/000...19/5/sn. 2E/15/pc Minneapolis......18/ON.09 ..-N-23/pc. -3/-15/pc CaboSanLucas..99/72/0.00..83/62/pc.80/62/pc Rio deJaneiro....93/77N 00... 89/71/s.. 89/71/s ColumbiaMO , ...56/28/O.iN... 13/-2/s... 19/7/s Nashvile........64/1 9N00... 29/6/pc... 17/3/s Cairo...........81/55/0 00 ..66/SIpc. 64/49/pc Rome... ........52f32N.00..54/34/sh.50/38/pc ColumbiSC....56/25N.iN...62/31/c a, .. 37/22/c NewOrleans.....63/39N00..62I33/sh..36/2Irs Calgae.........37/12/0.00....10/7/s .. 37/14/s Sanliago........82/57N.iN...79/62/s .. 84/65/s ColumbvtGA....59/27N.00... 55/25/c.. 342lc NewYork.......251$000...36/12/c... 18/8/s Caniun...........81//0.00 ..81/71/pc...81/71/t 580 Paulo.......Bff/CN.00... 84/64/t...86/6t/t ColumbvtOH.....JNE/017. 12/13/pc... -1/9/s Newark, N1......25/1 6N.00...37/12/c... 18/6/s Doblin..........5I36/0.29..44/41/sh. 42/37/pc Sapporo........32/25N 07.. 32/13/rs..33/13/rs Conmrd, NH......21/9N 00... 33/2/rs.. 15N/pc Norfolk,VA......47/29N.00... 5423/c.. 27/15/c Edinburgh.......43/36/0.00 ..42/4l/sh. 35/34/sh Seoul...........3421N.JN... 35/7/pc .. 32/2$5 Corpus Christi....80/35/0 00..69/37/pc. 42/29/sh Oklahoma City...68/31N.00 .. 27/12/pc. 27/17/pc Geneva.........45/36/0.00 .. 36/29/sn.. 32/21/c Shanghai........50/41NJN...49/39/s.52/42/pc DallasFtWorth...7447N 00..39/JIpc. 37/20/pc Omaha.........53/20N.00... 6/4/pc... 13/4/s Harare..........82/66N.00 ..66/6Ish. 76/60/sh Singapore.......84/73N.JN ..Bf/76/pc. 86/74/pc Daylon ..........39/4/011 .. 8/16/pc....0/9/s Orlando.........69/47/001 ..7I58/pc. 70/47/sh HongKong......73/63N.00..69/59/pc.. 68/SIs Stockholm.......28/23/0.00 ..29727/pc.. 2$24/c Denver..........58I2IO 00... 20/6/sn.28/16/pc PalmSprings.....7I52/0.00... 78/52/s.. 8553/5 Istanbul.........57/37N02.. 37/36/sh.. 47/44/c Sydne y..........73/63N.00..76/65/pc.8462/pc Des Moines......49/17/0.00... 2/ 7/pc... Il/pc Peoria......... 44/16/lrace ..-3/15/pc....4/4/5 Jervsalem.......67/53N.00 ..61/45/sh.53/46/pc Taipei...........64/59N.00 ..61/SIpc. 6458/pc Detroit...........22/3N.09.. 12/4J/pc...3/-7/pc Philadelphia.....27/1 5N.00.... 35/I0 .. 16/9/pc Johannesburg....7$61N19.. 76/55/sh. 71/58/sh Td Aviv.........79/52N 00 .. 7051/sh. 61/53/pc Duluth........... 4-3N.09..4J/-23/pc. -3/-14/pc Phoenix.........73/50N.00.. 7447/pc.. 76/49/s lima ...........82//3I0.00.. 77//0/pc. 79/70/pc Tokyo...........59/37N.00 ..41/14/pc. 54/35/pc El Paso..........71/42N00..60/35/pc. 55/29/pc PiaSburgh........29/7N05. 20/13/Sn..3/llpC lisbon..........57/52/0.00 ..54/48/pc. Sf/47/sh Toronio..........18/1N00...14/ 6/sf .. 10/2/sf Fairbanks........32/19N 00.... 27/3/s...18/3/s ForgandME.....24/12/000... 37/6/rs.. 1I4/pc London.........48/37I0.11 ..44/39/sh. 42/36/sh Vancovver.......39/36N.00 ..46/34/pc...43/41/r Fargz...........16/-N4.47-14/-25/pc.. -7/-15/s Provirimce......24/1 $0.00 .. 47/12/rs .. 18/10/s Madrid.........63/37N.00 ..4y34/pc .. 4432/c Vienna..........23/12N 00 .. 24/23/sn.. 25/19/c Flagstaff........56/25N 00.. 51/19/pc. 5520/pc Raleigh.........52/22/0.00... 5$22/c.. 3113/c Manila..........82/66/0.00 ..Bt/70/pc. 83/68/pc Warsaw.........1I10N 10 ..17/lisn .. 2il7/c






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Pets & Supplies

Pets 8 Supplies

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Cockatiels, lovebirds, parakeets, and finch. Breeders and babies call for availability and prices. Everything must go including cages! 541-279-3578 Siberian Husky pups, 4 202 wks, 2 males, 3 females, deposit bottles/ $100 deposit. High Want to Buy or Rent Donate cans to local all vol., chance of 2 blue eyes. non-profit rescue, for Norm, 541-633-6894 WANTED: 24" r ound feral cat spay/neuter. concrete s t e pping Cans for Cats trailer Just bought a new boat? stones. 541-408-0846 at Bend Petco; or do- Sell your old one in the Ask about our nate M-F a t S m ith classifieds! 205 Super Seller rates! Sign, 1515 NE 2nd; or 541-385-5809 Items for Free at CRAFT, Tumalo. Call for Irg. quantity Wolf-Huskypups 3 mos FREE PALLETS pickup, 541-389-8420. old, reduced to $250!! 541-388-2253 541-977-7019 Just bought a new boat? Sell your old one in the Where can you find a Yorkie pups AKC, 2 boys, 2 girls, potty training, UTD classifieds! Ask about our helping hand? shots, health guar., $600 Super Seller rates! From contractors to 541-385-5809 & up. 541-777-7743 yard care, it's all here 208 210 in The Bulletin's Pets & Supplies Furniture & Appliances "Call A Service The Bulletin recom- Professional" Directory mends extra caution German Shepherd when purc haspups, parents on site. ing products or serReady now! $500 ea. vices from out of the Due to family illness area. Sending cash, 2-Piece Couch we must find homes checks, or credit inFits together at 90' for parents as well. f ormation may be Only serious inquiries angle. Larger piece is subjected to fraud. 78" wide; smaller is please. 541-280-2118 For more i nforma68" wide, and folds tion about an adver- Heeler puppies with out to queen sleeper. tiser, you may call tails, 8 w k s $ 1 75. Linen w/pale blue the O regon State 541-390-8875 white/peach print. Attorney General's Clean, gently used, in Office C o n sumer Jack Russell T errier great condition, puppies, 2 feProtection hotline at purebred $150 for both. males left! Tri-colored, 1-877-877-9392. 541-504-2623 or rough coat, 1st shot, 541-504 3860 now, $550 each. The Bulletin avail Serving Central Oregon since tggs 541-576-4999 / 536-4115 (Summer Lake, OR) A1 Washers8 Dryers $150 ea. Full warUSE THE CLASSIFIEDS! Labradors AKC - 4 left! ranty. Free Del. Also Whites & yellows, shots, Door-to-door selling with wormed, health/ hip guar. wanted, used W/D's 541-536-5385 541-280-7355 fast results! It's the easiest way in the world to sell. Queensland Heelers The Bulletin Classified Standard 8 Mini, $150 & up. 541-280-1537 541-385-5809 www.rightwayranch.wor Adopt a rescued kitten or cat! Fixed, shots, Rodent control specialID chip, tested, more! Armoire for sale, (barn cats) seek Rescue at 65480 78th ists Cherry/wrought iron St., Bend, Thurs/Sat/ work in exchange for Perfect condition, shelter, food, Sun, 1-5, 389-8420. safe handmade, water. W e d e l iver! solid FREE. 541-389-8420. e ewood. 69 x39 x23.5". Border Collie/New Zeal$650. and Huntaway pups, great Rottweiler pups, $400 for dogs, working parents, males; $350 for females. 541-923-2437 $350. 541-546-6171.

c rt ~ p

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Guns, Hunting & Fishing

Guns, Hunting & Fishing

The Bulletin recommends extra ' The Bulletin reserves the right to publish all l caution when purads from The Bulletin

l chasing products or •

I services from out of I 76" tall, 56" wide, Oak

with 2 glass shelves on top, 3 cabinets below, 2 pull-out shelves lined in velvet for silver & other accessories. Lighted, beautiful & classic design. $500. 541-504-2623 or 541-504-3860

G ENERATE SOM E EXCITEMENT in your neighborhood! Plan a

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Absolutely like new with new batteryoperates perfectly! Clean, always housed inside home. $2100 new; selling for $975. Great Christmas gift! 541-647-2227

Repalr &Srrpplfes

Find exactly what you are looking for in the CLASSIFIEDS


on the first day it runs to make sure it is cor541-325-7156 rect. DSpellcheck" and human errors do ocNice high boy dresser, 5' Showcase, oak cur. If this happens to 5 d r awers, $ 1 25. 8 glass, w/slidyour ad, please con541-420-2220 ing doors, $475 tact us ASAP so that 541-382-6773 corrections and any adjustments can be BULLETINCLASSIFIEDS made to your ad. Search the area's most Antiques wanted: tools, 2005 Maverick ML7s 541 -385-5809 furniture, marbles,early M ountain Bike, 1 5 comprehensive listing of B/W photography, classified advertising... frame (small). Full The Bulletin Classified real estate to automotive, toys, decoys, jewelry. suspension Maverick 541-389-1578 merchandise to sporting shock, SRAM X O Call a Pro goods. Bulletin Classifieds drivetrain & shifters, 9 People Look for Information appear every day in the speed rear cassette, Whether you need a About Products and print or on line. 34-11, Avid Juicy disc fence fixed, hedges Services Every Daythrough brakes. Well t aken Call 541-385-5809 trimmed or a house o f. $950 . The Bvllefin Classifieds c are built, you'll find 541-788-6227. Collection of sports memprofessional help in The Bulletin Seving Central Oregonsince1923 orabilia, books, cards, 242 The Bulletin's "Call a DVDs, etc. 541-548-6642 Exercise Equipment Service Professional" Refrigerator, $85. Oak table, $60. Madras Illlid-Century Unique Directory 541-325-7156 Gazelle Glider 541-385-5809 Elliotical

Rocker, swivel, recliners, 2 yrs. old. Paid $900 new. $450for both or $250 each if purchased separately. (541) 508-8784.

Head 8 Footboard, with wood-grain look, double size has no side rails. Could be repurposed into a garden bench, or a u nique item. U s e your imagination! Asking $75. 541-419-6408

Low-impact workout for less stress and strain on your body. Folds quickly for easy storage, but we just don't have room forit. $99 541-419-6408

advertisers may place an ad with our "QUICK CASH SPECIAL" 1 week 3 lines 12


Wanted: Collector seeks high quality fishing items & upscale bamboo fly rods. Call 541-678-5753, or 503-351-2746 249


Ad must

include price of

e ~l e te DISSDD or less, or multiple items whosetotal

Art, Jewelry & Furs

does not exceed $500.

Bicycles & Accessories

- =:--:~A

Two Gen 3 Glock 23's, one Gen 3 Glock 27$500 each. also 1000 rds .40 practice a mmo; Glock g u n light/laser; .40 to 9mm conversion b a r rel; misc. spare parts & d efensive am m o .



Hutch $ 1 0 0 Ni c e from 19 Olympic 1896-1984, poster prints, couch, $75. Madras $80 aiaames r 541-548-8718


~2 e e k s


Golf Equipment

ServingCentref Oregon since lgos


Life Fit R91 Recumbent Bike-

> TheBulletin > Antiques & Collectibles

9g $0

Call Classifieds at 541-385-5809

H&R Handi-rifle with

scope,223,$350. Ruger American rifle 308, $300. 541-419-7001.

Oil paintingby noted NY artistn Julie Heffernan, 22 x18 n framed, $500. 541-548-0675

Just too many collectibles?

Oak gun cabinet, holds 10 guns, lower cabinets, exlnt condition, $150. Sell them in 541-504-4224 The Bulletin Classifieds Call The Bulletin At 541-385-5809 541-385-5809 Place Your Ad Or E-Mail 253 At: TV, Stereo & Video Private party wants to buy WWII M1 carbine, 46" Samsung 13/~ yr old 1911 pistol & accesso- flat screen TV, and ries. 541-389-9836 Magnavox B l u -ray Ruger LCP .380 cal pis- player, all for $400. 541-923-8349. tol, laser sight, new in box with ammo $500 255 firm. 541-504-1123 Computers 246 Good classified adstell the essential facts in an T HE B U LLETIN r e Guns, Hunting interesting Manner. Write quires computer ad8 Fishing vertisers with multiple from the readers view -not ad schedules or those the seller's. Convert the CASH!! selling multiple sysfacts into benefits. Show For Guns, Ammo 8 tems/software, to disReloading Supplies. the reader howthe item will close the name of the 541-408-6900. help them insomeway. business or the term This "dealer" in their ads. Check out the advertising tip Private party advertisclassifieds online brought to you by ers are defined as those who sell one The Bulletin Updated daily SenlngCnteel Ongen Iirke I9IB computer.

A dd color photos and sell youl stuff fa s t . In print ancj online with The BL!Iletin'5 Classifjeds. A dd color photos for pets, real e s t a te , a ut o 8

more! I I





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19 Mlrgir!•,tsrs


are three adorable, loving puppies Modern amenities and ajj the quiet can haul jt ajjj Extra Cab, 4X4, and looking for a caring home. Please youwijjneed. Roomtogrowjnyour a t ough V8 engine will get the job own little paradise! Call now. call right away. $500 done on the ranch.


*Specjaj private party rates apply to merchandise and automotive categories.

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• . 3:00pm Fri. • • 5:00 pm Fri • Place a photo inyourprivate party ad for only$15.00par week.

PRIVATE PARTY RATES Starting at 3 lines

*UNDER '500in total merchandise

OVER '500 in total merchandise

7 days.................................................. $10.00 14 days................................................ $16.00

Garage Sale Special

4 days.................................................. $18.50 7 days.................................................. $24.00 14 days .................................................$33.50 28 days .................................................$61.50

4 lines for 4 days ................................. $20.00

Icall for commercial line ad rates)

ailliust state prices in ad


PLEASE NOTE: Checkyour ad for accuracy the first day it appears. Please call us immediately if a correction is needed. We will gladly accept responsibility for one incorrect insertion. The publisher reserves the right to accept or reject any ad at anytime, classify and index any advertising based oft the policies of these newspapers. The publisher shall not be liable for any advertisement omitted for any reason. Private Party Classified ads running 7 or moredays will publish in the Central OregonMarketplace each Tuesday. 257


Misc. Items

How to avoid scam and fraud attempts




Fuel & Wood

Steel City 14n Band

Saw, 4 years old; 14/7 amp 115/230 n volt; 12 cut; blade: 1/8 min; 3/4 max; granite tiltinq table, 2 speed:1500/3000 SFM. $495.

L st fk F

REMEIIIIBER:If you have lost an animal, don't forget to check The Humane Society Bend 541-382-3537 Redmond 541-923-0882 Prinevtlle

Employment Opportunities



Employment Opportunities


o Craft Cata

Homes for Sale



All real estate adverMedical tised here in is subBend O p hthalmolject to the Federal ogy is seeking an F air Housing A c t , ophthalmic techniwhich makes it illegal cian with previous to advertise any pref630 experience due to erence, limitation or staff member retireRooms for Rent discrimination based ment. CO A /COT on race, color, relicertification a plus. Room fo r r e n t in ion, sex, handicap, Training p r ogram top-notch, b e a utiful amilial status or naprovided with attracarea $500/mo. + part tional origin, or intentive salary, medical, utilities. 541-279-9538. tion to make any such dental insurance and preferences, l i mita632 401K. Please fax retions or discrimination. sume and cover let- Apt./Multiplex General We will not knowingly ter to 541-693-5042 accept any advertisCHECK YOURAD ing for real estate FIND IT! which is in violation of this law. All persons BIIT I T I are hereby informed SELL ITr that all dwellings adThe Bulletin Classifieds veitised are available on the first day it runs on an equal opportuto make sure it is cor- nity basis. The BulleThe Bulletin rect. 8Spellcheckn and tin Classified human errors do occaution when purcur. If this happens to chasing products or I services from out of a your ad, please con- Northeast Bend Homesl tact us ASAP so that I the area. Sending corrections and any 3 bdrm 2 bath, 1258 sf, c ash, checks, o r I credit i n f ormation adjustments can be upgrades, vaulted, culdemade to your ad. sac. 2574 NE Cordata Pl. I may be subjected to 541-385-5809 FRAUD. $189,900. 541-815-3279 For more informa- I The Bulletin Classified or 541-815-3241 tion about an adver- • 656

CAUTION: Ads published in "Employment O p 286 include Sales Northeast Bend portunifies" employee and independent positions. Ads for p o sitions ** FREE ** that require a fee or Garage Sale Kit upfront investment Place an ad in The must be stated. With Bulletin for your gaany independentjob rage sale and reopportunity, please ceive a Garage Sale i nvestigate tho r Kit FREE! oughly. Use extra caution when apKIT INCLUDES: plying for jobs on• 4 Garage Sale Signs line and never pro• $2.00 Off Coupon To vide personal inforUse Toward Your mation to any source Next Ad you may not have • 10 Tips For "Garage researched and Sale Success!" deemed to be reputable. Use extreme c aution when r e PICK UP YOUR s ponding to A N Y GARAGE SALE KIT at online employment I tiser, you may call 1777 SW Chandler Houses for Rent the Oregon State Redmond Homes ad from out-of-state. Ave., Bend, OR 97702 SW Bend We suggest you call I Attorney General's Office C o n sumer I The Bulletin the State of Oregon Protection hotline at I SW Bend, walk to DRT Looking for your next Serving Central Oregon since 1909 Consumer H otline emp/oyee? I 1-877-877-9392. and Old Mill. Master at 1-503-378-4320 on main, pool, hot tub, Place a Bulletin help Look at: For Equal Opportu- gThe Bulleting tennis. Yard maint. wanted ad today and nity Laws contact reach over 60,000 incl. No pets. $2,000. Oregon Bureau of for Complete Listings of readers each week. Labor & I n dustry, Your classified ad Area Real Estate for Sale Civil Rights Division, Looking for your next 693 will also appear on employee? 971-673- 0764. Office/Retail Space Place a Bulletin help which currently reThe Bulletin wanted ad today and for Rent Serving Centrel Oregon sinceSta ceives over reach over 60,000 541-385-5809 1.5 million page readers each week. 500 sq.ft. upstairs views every month Your classified ad office on NE side of at no extra cost. will also appear on town, private bath, all Bulletin Classifieds ACCOUNTANT util. paid. $500 month Get Results! which currently plus $500 d e posit. Call 385-5809 or receives over 1.5 541-480-4744 Full-time place your ad on-line million page views Staff Accountant at 308 every month at needed for Bend no extra cost. '- lj &inRs Farm Equipment cation. RV/auto inBulletin Classifieds dustry a c counting & Machinery VcP M% Get Results! 771 experience a must. Call 385-5809 60" Brush hog, good Competitive pay and Lots or place condition, $550; and benefits. your ad on-line at Please send 60" adjustable blade SHEVLIN RIDGE resume' to: for t ractor, S OLD. 17,000 Sq.ft. Iot, apbcrvhireO 541-923-9758 proved plans. More or apply in person at details and photos on 719 N ew H o lland 2 5 5 0 63500 N. Hwy 97, craigslist. $149,900. • IjljIKI Real Estate Trades swather, 14' header Bend, Oregon 541-389-8614 with conditioner, cab heat/A/C, 1300 orig. ALASKA LAND FOR The Bulletin SALE - 5acres Hayhrs. $29,000 obo. Manufacturedl 1486 International, cab stack Mountain on SE To Subscribe call Mobile Homes heat/A/C, 5 4 0/1 000 541-385-5800 or go to Slope, near r i ver, Pto, 3 sets remotes, great sun, hardwood nice tractor. $18,000. f orest. $20,000 o r FACTORY SPECIAL 541-419-3253 New Home, 3 bdrm, trade for land in OrAdd your web address $46,500 finished 528 egon. 701-580-5453 325 to your ad and read- Loans & Mortgages on your site. 738 J and M Homes ers onThe Bulietin's Hay, Grain & Feed 541-548-5511 web site, www.bendIlllultiplexes for Sale WARNING, will be Alfalfa Hay 1st, 2nd, 3rd The Bulletin recomLOT MODEL able to click through bdrm, 2 bath duplex cutting, Hay tests on mends you use cau- 21000 LIQUIDATION automatically to your sq. ft. each side. request. delivery avail. tion when you prowebsite. landscaped & fenced Prices Slashed Huge $200 ton. Mitchell, OR vide personal Savings! 10 Year 54'I -462-3156 yard, $179,900. information to compaconditional warranty. EMPLOYMENT 541-280-1746 nies offering loans or Finished on your site. BendFilm, a non-profit What are you credit, especially Just bought a new boat'? ONLY 2 LEFT! arts and culture orgaSell your old one in the those asking for adlooking for? n ization t ha t p r o - vance loan fees or classifieds! Ask about our Redmond, Oregon 541-548-5511 duces an annual in- companies from out of Super Seller rates! You'll find it in dependent film festival 541N85-5809 state. If you have The Bulletin Classifieds and related programconcerns or quesming throughout the tions, we suggest you year, is now hiring for consult your attorney • Director 541-385-5809 or call CONSUMER • Program Manager HOTLINE, First quality Orchard/Tim- • Office Manager 1-877-877-9392. othy/Blue Grass mixed Full position descriphay, no rain, barn stored, tions can be found at BANK TURNED YOU $250/ton. Patterson Ranch www.bendfilm.or DOWN? Private party Sisters, 541-549-3831 Please send a cover will loan on real esletter and resume ad- tate equity. Credit, no dressing which posi- problem, good equity Say ngoodbuyn tion you are applying is all you need. Call to that unused for, including your Oregon Land Mortqualifications, skills, gage 541-388-4200. item by placing it in and emThe Bulletin Classifieds experience ployment history to, Find It in bendfilmem lo ment The Bulletin Classifieds! ~em ait.eom 541-385-580 9 by January 27, 2014. 541 o385 o5809 541-389-8420.

Affyear Dependable Firewood: Seasoned; Lodgepole 1 for $195 or 2 for $365. Cedar, split, del. Bend: 1 for $175 or 2 for $325.

VBe aware of international fraud. Deal locally whenever possible. 541-420-3484. Mason & Hamlin Y Watch for buyers Baby Grand Piano. who offer more than Beautiful black lac541-806-0301 your asking price and TURN THE PAGE quer finish. Still unwho ask to have For More Ads der warranty. money wired or A great Christmas The Bulletin handed back to them. Steel City Dust Gift! $25,000 Fake cashier checks Collector - 4 years (orig. $47,000) and money orders Log truck loads of old, 10.8 / 5 4 amP swingroll61 Ogmail. are common. Lodgepole Firewood, 115/230 volt' 1 HP' com • 9'Nevergive out perdelivered. 3450 RPM; collec541-312-2425 sonal financial inforCall 541-815-4177 tion hose 4", $150. mation. 541-806-0301 Well over a cord - split s/Trust your instincts 260 seasoned lodgepole, and be wary of Misc. Items d elivered. $195 . someone using an 264 541-480-5335 escrow service or Buying Diamonds agent to pick up your Snow RemovalEquipment 269 /Gofd for Cash merchandise. Saxon's Fine Jewelers Gardening Supplies The Bulletin 541-389-6655 serving central oregon since 1909 & Equipment SnoWbloWer BUYING Craftsman electric or Take care of Lionel/American Flyer pull-start, 29" wide, trains, accessories. 9HP, 5 forward 2 reyour investments 541-408-2191. verse speeds. with the help from PROMPT DELIVERY $400 cash. BUYING a S ELLING 541-389-9663 541-815-6319 The Bulletin's All gold jewelry, silver and gold coins, bars, "Call A Service rounds, wedding sets, Professional" Directory 266 Tick, Tock class rings, sterling sil• Building Materials ver, coin collect, vinWantedpaying cash TiCk, TOCk... tage watches, dental 17' aluminum plank, max gold. Bill Fl e ming, for Hi-fi audio & stu- load 250 Ibs, $100. 4xs ...don't let time get dio equip. Mclntosh, 541-382-9419. JBL, Marantz, Dy- lumber rack, like new, away. Hire a Dyson Slim vacuum, naco, Heathkit, San- $175. 541-383-7603 professional out like new, hardlv used, sui, Carver, NAD, etc. MADRAS Habitat $125. 541-504-5863 Call 541-261-1808 of The Bulletin's RESTORE "Call A Service 263 Building Supply Resale Garage Sales Quality at Professional" Tools LOW PRICES Directory today! Garage Sales 84 SW K St. Newin box, 541-475-9722 Garage Sales or nearly new Open to the public. For newspaper Craftsman Tools: delivery, call the Find them n • 10 Stationary Prineville Habitat Circulation Dept. at in ReStore Looking for your radial arm saw, 541-385-5800 Model ¹315.220100, Building Supply Resale next employee? To place an ad, call The Bulletin 1427 NW Murphy Ct. $375. Place a Bulletin 541-385-5809 n Classifieds 541-447-6934 • 10 Stationary table help wanted ad or email Open to the public. saw w/guide rails, today and 541-385-5809 model ¹315.228590, reach over WANTED: 24" r o und The Bulletin $325. 60,000 readers • 6-1/Bn Jointer concrete s t e pping each week. stones. 541-408-0846 planer "Professional" Your classified ad model ¹351.227240, 270 will also $250 obo. 266 Lost 8 Found Thank you St. Jude 8 appear on Call 541-504-6413 • Heating & Stoves Sacred H e ar t of daytime hours. Found area rug, side of Jesus. j.d. currently road near W e stside which NOTICE TO recelves over ADVERTISER Church. Call to identify, 1.5 million page Since September 29, 541-382-7887. views every 1991, advertising for month at no used woodstoves has Found ring, approx. 7th extra cost. been limited to mod- of January, SE Bend. Bulletin els which have been Call to identify and • • CQI I 54 I -385-58 0 9 541-318-8087 Classifleds certified by the OrGet Results! egon Department of to r o m ot e o u r service Environmental Qual- LOST KEYS! 1 remote, Call 541-385-5809 1 Honda key, 2 silver ity (DEQ) and the fedor place your ad eral E n v ironmental keys on red/pink caraon-line at Building/Contracting Handyman biner clip. REWARD Protection A g e ncy 541-408-4949 NOTICE: Oregon state ERIC REEVE HANDY (EPA) as having met law requires anyone SERVICES. Home 8 smoke emission stancer t ified who con t racts for Commercial Repairs, dards. A Start Acquisition Coordinator w oodstove may b e construction work to Carpentry-Painting, Hourly with bonus, 8 a.m.-5 p.m identified by its certifibe licensed with the Pressure-washing, Monday-Friday and/or as needed. Full-time. cation label, which is Construction ContracHoney Do's. On -time This position is responsible for the overall outpermanently attached reach of acquiring new subscriptions. Part of tors Board (CCB). An promise. Senior active license Discount. Work guar- to the stove. The Bul- this will entail managing (and negotiating) means the contractor anteed. 541-389-3361 letin will not know- Independent Contractor contracts to ensure a ingly accept advertis- diversification of starts- kiosk, telemarketing, is bonded & insured. or 541-771-4463 ing for the sale of Verify the contractor's Bonded 8 Insured door-to-door, etc. as well as recruitment of uncertified CCB l i c ense at CCB¹181595 new contract sales companies to match prowoodstoves. www.hirealicensedduction goals. Coordinator may have to operate and/or set-up or call 503-378-4621. Landscapingfyard Care • kiosks at events, etc. when ICs are not availThe Bulletin recomFuel & Wood able. Also, Coordinator will be looked upon to mends checking with NOTICE: Oregon Landinvestigate new acquisition methods and the CCB prior to con- scape Contractors Law marketing of Circulation. He/she will have a tracting with anyone. (ORS 671) requires all WHEN BUYING budget to monitor sales and expenses. Some other t rades businesses that adPosition may make promotional item purFIREWOOD... also re q uire addi- vertise t o pe r form chases for start acquisition. Entry level wage tional licenses and Landscape ConstrucTo avoid fraud, with monthlybonus based on goals accomcertifications. The Bulletin tion which includes: plished. Must be organized, able to operate inl anting, deck s , recommends paydependently as well as in a team environment, ences, arbors, ment for Firewood and have a drive for success. Other tasks may Debris Removal only upon delivery water-features, and inbe assignedby Management. and inspection. stallation, repair of irPosition will attend weekly manager meeting JUNK BE GONE rigation systems to be • A cord is 128 cu. ft. and be expected to contribute to operation/ l icensed w it h th e 4' x 4' x 8' I Haul Away FREE planning/goals of department. Landscape Contrac- • Receipts should For Salvage. Also 1. Working knowledge of newspaper tors Board. This 4-digit include name, Cleanups & Cleanouts circulation a plus. number is to be inphone, price and Mel, 541-389-8107 2. Must have strong skills in Excel and Word. cluded in all adverkind of wood 3. Strongsales background and knowledge of tisements which indipurchased. social media. Just bought a new boat? cate the business has • Firewood ads 4. Strong verbal/written and interpersonal Sell your old one in the a bond, insurance and MUST include communication skills. classifieds! Ask about our workers compensa- species 8 cost per 5. Highly organized and detail oriented. Super Seller rates! tion for their employcord to better serve 541-385-5809 6. Must be insurable to drive company ees. For your protec- our customers. vehicles. Drug free workplace. tion call 503-378-5909 7. Great attitude and desire to succeed. or use our website: The Bulletin Handyman to Drug free workplace, EOE. check license status If interested, please contact via e-mail:Adam I DO THAT! before contracting with Home/Rental repairs Sears, the business. Persons 1 cord dry, split Juniper, No phone calls please. Small jobs to remodels doing lan d scape $190/cord. Multi-cord Honest, guaranteed maintenance do not discounts, & 7/2cords The Bulletin work. CCB¹151 573 r equire an LC B l i - available. Immediate serving centrel oregon since 1909 Dennis 541-317-9768 cense. delivery! 541-408-6193 •

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A Payment Drop Box is available at CLASSIFIED OFFICE HOURS: Bend City Hall. CLASSIFICATIONS MON.-FRI. 7:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. BELOW M A R K E D W ITH AN (*) REQUIRE PREPAYMENT as well as any out-of-area ads. The Bulletin The Bulletin reserves the right to reject any ad at any time. is located at: 1777 S.W. Chandler Ave. Bend, Oregon 97702

Musical Instruments





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Need help fixing stuff? LOCAL MONEY:We buy Call A Service Professional secured trustdeeds & note,some hard money find the help you need. loans. Call Pat Kellev 541-382-3099 ext.13.

Check The Bulletin Classifieds


Independent Contractor Sales We are seeking dynamic individuals.


Our winning team of sales & promotion professionals are making an average of $400 - $800 per week doing special events, trade shows, retail & grocery store promotions while representing THE BULLETIN newspaper as an independent contractor yyE OFFER:

* Solid Income Opportunity * Complete Training Program* * No Selling Door to Door * * No Telemarketing Involved * * Great Advancement Opportunity * * Full and Part Time Hours*

e 1ti

FOR THE CHANCE OF A LIFETIME, Call Adam Johnson 541-410-5521, TODAY! is,


Night Supervisor

The Bulletin, located in beautiful Bend, Oregon is seeking a night time press supervisor. We are part of Western Communications, Inc. which is a small, family-owned group consisting of 7 newspapers: 5 in Oregon and 2 in California. Our ideal candidate will manage a small crew of 3 and must have prior press experience. The candidate must be able to learn our equipment/processes quickly. A hands-on style is a requirement for our 3t/2 tower KBA press. Prior management/leadership experience preferred. I n ad d ition t o our 7-day-a-week newspaper, we have numerous commercial print clients as well. Besides a competitive wage, we also provide potential opportunity for advancement. If you provide dependability combined with a positive attitude, are able to manage people and schedulesand are a team player, we would like to hear from you. If you seek a stable work environment that provides a great place to live and raise a family, let us hear from you. Contact Al Nelson, Pressroom Manager at anelson@wescom a with your complete resume, r eferences an d s a l ary history/requirements. No phone calls please. Drug test is required prior to employment. EOE.


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C L U B M onday,January27,2014

Those are the brakes

35 44-Across, en espanol 39 "Believe you me!" ... or what family on a coat you can do with of arms the start of 10Sound from Big 18-, 24-, 53- or Ben 53-Across? 14Police action 44 Peepers 15 de M ayo 45 Je ne sais (Mexican holiday) 46Xbox altemative 16 Love: Lat. 47 Ik C handon 17Italian soup pasta (Champagne) 18 Mammal with the 51 Chicken pieces largest brain of that aren't legs, any animal thighs or wings 20 Holy hymn 53Young lndiana Jones portrayer 22Thin-layered mineral 57 Street: Abbr. 58 Director Joel or 23 Complain, Ethan complain, complain S9Hog sounds 24 Riding on 63 Dry-ice someone else's contraption for shoulders theatrical effect 28 Marsh gas 67 Squeal of delight 31schoolfor an 68Trolley English prince 69Vietnam's capital 32 Blood 70 Produce classification system 71"AuldLang 33Oppositeof fem. 72 Back of a boat ACROSS 1Coca5 It represents a

By FRANK STEWART Tribune Content Agency Cy the Cynic misplays more than his share of hands but is seldom remorseful about it. "Doesn't your conscience bother you," I asked, "when you lose a cold contract?" "Living with a conscience," Cy growled, "is like driving with your parking brake on." Cy became declarerat 3NT after rebidding 1NT instead of the normal two diamonds. When West led a low club, Cy promptly played dummy's jack. He expected it to win, but East'8 queen covered.

spade, he bids two diamonds and you return to two hearts. Partner then bids three diamonds. What do you say? ANSWER: If your partner saw no chance forgame, he wouldn't have bid a third time. Your hand is potent: You have three useful honors, and your heart support is as strong as partner can expect. Bid four hearts. H e may hold K 2 , A Q 1 0 8 4 ,

AQ 1073,3.

South dealer Both sides vulnerable NORTH

4Q532 QAK76 0 J10

THIRD CLUB Cy took the ace, led a heart to dummy and let the jack of diamonds ride — and West played low. When Cy finessed again, West took the king and led another club. The Cynic won and tried to reach his hand with the king of s pades, but w hen West produced the ace and led a third club, Cy was sunk. He went down two. I imagine Cy regretted his play this time. If he wins the first club with the king, preserving an entry to his hand, and finesses in diamonds, he is sure of at least 10 tricks and will take 11 as the cards lie.

10IK J10 WEST 49A974 (vr J3

EAST 4I J108

9 Q1095 2 0632

I41 K5





N orth

E a st

3 NT

All Pass

1 iv)


Youhold: 4 A 9 7 4 9 J 3 Opening lead —4 4 0 K5 4 9 7 6 4 2. Y o u r p artner opens one heart, you respond one (C) 2014 Tribune Content Agency, LLC

Seeking a friendly duplicate bridge? Find five gamesweekly at BIZARRO





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1 Corn, wheat or soybeans 2 Relatives of paddles 3 Multitalented Minnelli 4 Newspaperman Ochs 5 Hypodermic amts. 6 Van Winkle 7 A Haffield, to a McCoy 8 Professional writer 9 Philanderer, in slang 10Cry before "humbug" 11 Muscat citizen 12 Fastballer Ryan 13Allman brother who married Cher 19Texascity on the Brazos 21Homefor the Dolphins 25 Flying pest 26 Heroic exploit 270ld radio or TV part 28 Aussie's buddy 29 Online auction site 30 Puff from a joint 34 a uv i n 36 1975 shark thriller 37 "You can count


SOUTH 4K6 984 0AQ9874 4A53 South W e st 1O Pass 1 NT(!) Pass

73 Like show

No. 1223




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41London subway, with "the" 42 What Little Boy Blue blew 43 "Old MacDonald" refrain 485hamu, for one 49 Pleistocene and Eocene, for two SOSomething to pass at a fundraiser

61 Executioner in "The Mikado"

52 Self-evident truths 53 Whitewater

62 What many furry animals do in the spring


54 PIano key EWY O R K material, once L EM N E R or 55 Eschewing both 64 Butterfly G I C I D E Bovary: Abbr. meat and dairy A A COW 56 Cat- -tails 65 Neither'8 partner L D E S E (whip) L ES 60Ark builder 66 German "a" O WN E R S For answers, call 1-900-285-5858, $1.49 a minute; or, with a credit C OS T A card, 1-800-814-5554. C L O S E D Annual subscriptions are available for the best of Sunday T A T E crosswords from the last 50 years: 1-888-7-ACROSS. RWY N N E AT8T users: Text NYTX to 388 to download puzzles, or visit for more information. L T E X 38 Equipment for schussing Online subscriptions: Today's puzzle and more than 2,000 past C H I R P puzzles, ($39.95 a year). G U A V A 40 Salinger's "For — With Love Share tips: I N L E T Crosswords for young solvers: and Squalor" II



COmPlete the grid So


that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusively.





96 I








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RIZAIIltocoMIcEDBL,Faekok m/RisarrocoIai4 REOIIair6666




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/ pONT CARE I/I/Ar tO// I/EITE ON rf/NC, /W N07 F/It/N6 YO//A "LICENPINr4FEE."



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Edited by Rich Norrisand Joyce Nichols Lewis ACROSS 1 Apply, as with a


lAEO(J)R IHfEgFEIZI)Ie (A)ITH, m&IA)... N)g AAP.'

... 5III(lE (T 1)065)I F

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NEEgoN Quj.IFt jy)ekg j l~ ' ( pt)jz I4.'6BIZ,! I- AII&VAbE I4.'b(IIJIlzEivtf fIT.



© 2014 by King Features Syn ica16, Inc. World rights reserved

E-m8il: bholbrook1@gmaKcom




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40 Ilalian dessert 5 3P hotocopier sometimesmade supply tx)tton swab 4 Conservative Brit with espresso 5 4O nly U.S. 4 Dinner bills 5 Bofdeaux 41 Like much postpre s ident born in 8 Defeat decisively boyfriend Christmas Hawaii 6 Offer at 14 Dean's email business 56 Foot-to-leg Sotheby's SUffIX 42 Drudge joint 7 Great bargain 15 Overlook 47 Black Sea port 5 7 Hotel cleaning 16"Respect" singer 8"Honor Thy 48 Old USSR spy crew Franklin Father" writer 60 Cozy rooms QP Gay 17 Hitchhike 50 Golf instructors 6 2 U.K. business 9 1,000-year Eur. 51 TV from D.C. 19 Rented abbr. realm 20 Wite back 52 Sharp, as an 64 C h icken 10 Come back into eagle's eyesight 65 French king 21 Amazement view 23 Pod flllers 11 In a total fog 24 Out of the wind ANSNER TOPREVIOUSPUZZLE: 25 Far from being in 12 Use wool clippers on ED N A F E R B E R E P I C agreement 28 More in need of 13 Owned, in the LE E T R E V I N O Z IM A Old Testament moisturizer B A T T E R S B O X RA P S 30 n oire: dreaded 18 K.C. Royal, e.g. EL S I E S L I P NO H 22 E.B. White's thing "Chaifotte's CZ A R E U DO R A 31 Before today 33 Contact lens care 25 Ball- hammer CS A ED A M S Z E S T S 26 Normandy river brand H E P D I N A H Z E T A S 27 Naturally lit 35 Indian prince ET O R A G D O L L O N E courtyard 39 What a pep talk 29 Clothing patch AS S A Y E R A S E O C T iS meant to do type 43 Pixieish P E T R I R E L A P L E S 31 Pale or malt brew 44 Strong veiny TY R A N T S T A N 32 Baseball'8 cheese Hodges RE O G A T E L O P E Z 45 Chanced upon 34 PC-to-printer port I S P Y 46 Chess corner T A K E S A D I V E 36 "Sesame Street" piece CO H O AC E T I C A C I D puppeteer 49 Pizazz K N E W R O S E P E T A L S 37 Had a meal 51 Graduation garb 38 FDR successor 01/27/14 xwordedltor( 55 Quantity of 53Down 1 2 8 5 8 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 58 Giiftei'S game 59 Diminish



THAT SCRAMBLED WORD GAME ay DsvldL Hart 466 44IIK nun4

CI UnSCramble theSe fOur Jumbl68, One letter 10 eaCh Square, 10 fOrm fOur OrdinaryWOrdS.


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lillotorcycles & Accessories Boats & Accessories

Snowmobiles 1994 Arctic Cat 580

EXT, in good condition, $1000. Located in La Pine. Call 541-408-6149.










Travel Trailers

Travel Trailers

Fifth Wheels

KeystoneLaredo 31'

Tango 29.6' 2007, Rear living, walkaround queen bed, central air, awning, 1 large slide, $12,000. 541-280-2547 or 541-815-4121

Fleetwood Prowler 32' - 2001 2 slides, ducted heat 8 air, great condition, snowbird ready, Many upgrade options, financing available! $14,500 obo.

12' alum. boat w/ never used ne w tr a iler, $495. 541-548-7137

HDFatBo 1996



Completely Rebuilt/Customized 2012/2013 Award Winner Showroom Condition Many Extras Low Miles.

18i Maxum ski boat, 2000, inboard motor, great cond, well maintained, $8995 obo. 541-350-7755



Have an item to sell quick? If it's under '500you can place it in The Bulletin Classifieds for:

Fleetwood Bounder, 2000 -Great amenities! 34', special exterior coating, side by side fridge, corner china cabinet, queen bed, tub/shower, 1 large living room slide out, air leveler, warm & cozy interior. Ford V10 Triton 44,000 miles. $30,000 541-318-7473

Tioga 24' Class C Motorhome Bought new in 2000, currently under 20K miles, excellent shape, new tires, N ayion R V 20 0 8 , professionaly winterSprinter chassis 25'. Mercedes Benz diesel, ized every year, cutoff switch to battery, 24,000 miles, pristine new RV battercond., quality through- plus ies. Oven, hot water out, rear slide-out w/ heater & air condiqueen bed, d e luxe tioning have never captain swivel f ront been used! seats, diesel generator, $24,000 obo. Serious awning, no pets/ smokinquiries, please. ing. $78,500 o b o . Stored in Terrebonne. Ready to deal! Financ541-548-5174 ing avail. 541-382-2430

21' Sun Tracker Sig. series Fishin' Barge, Tracker USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! 50hp, live well, fish fndr, new int, extras, exc cond, Door-to-door selling with $7900. 541-508-0679 fast results! It's the easiest way in the world to sell. Ads published in the Triumph Daytona "Boats" classification Winnebago Aspect 2004, 15K m i l es, The Bulletin Classified '10 -3 lines, 7 days Providence 2005 include: Speed, fish2009- 32', 3 slideperfect bike, needs Fully loaded, 35,000 541-385-5809 ing, drift, canoe, '16 - 3 lines, 14 days outs, Leather intenothing. Vin miles, 350 Cat, Very house and sail boats. rior, Power s eat, (Private Party ads only) ¹201536. clean, non-smoker, For all other types of locks, windows, $4995 3 slides, side-by-side watercraft, please go Aluminum wheels. Dream Car refrigerator with ice n to Class 875. 860 17 Flat Screen, Auto Sales maker, Washer/Dryer, Surround s o u nd, 541-365-5609 Motorcycles & Accessories 1801 Division, Bend Flat screen TV's, In camera, Queen bed, motion satellite. Foam mattress, Aw541-678-0240 enn'n Central Ore on since 1 Fleetwood D i scovery $95,000 ning, Generator, InDlr 3665 40' 2003, diesel mo541-480-2019 verter, Auto Jacks, BULLETINCLASSIFIEDS torhome w/all Air leveling, Moon Search the area's most options-3 slide outs, roof, no smoking or comprehensive listing of Need to get an ad satellite, 2 TV's,W/D, Get your p ets. L i k e ne w , classified advertising... etc. 32,000 m i les. 2013 Harley business $74,900 in ASAP? real estate to automotive, Wintered in h eated 541-480-6900 Davidson Dyna merchandise to sporting shop. $64,900 O.B.O. Wide Glide, black, Bulletin Classifieds 541-447-8664 Fax it te 541-322-7253 goods. a ROW I N G only 200 miles, appear every day in the Good classified ads tell brand new, all stock, print or on line. The Bulletin Classifieds the essential facts in an plus after-market with an ad in Call 541-385-5809 exhaust. Has winter interesting Manner.Write The Bulletin's cover, helmet. from the readers view -not "Call A Service Selling for what I the seller's. Convert the The Bulletin ServingCcntcntOregonsince toni owe on it: $15,500. Professional" facts into benefits. Show Call anytime, Gulfstream S u nthe reader howthe item will Directory 875 541-554-0384 sport 30' Class A help them in someway. Watercraft 1988 new f r idge, This TV, solar panel, new advertising tip Ads published in nWa refrigerator, wheelHarley Davidson 2009 brought toyou by V ictory TC 9 2 c i tercraft" include: Kay chair lift. 4 0 00W Super Glide Custom, 2002, runs great, ks, rafts and motor g enerator, G ood The Bulletin Stage 1 Screaming tor 'ngCecncntOccnon since ttnc 40K mi., Stage 1 *ed personal condition! $12,500 Eagle performance, watercrafts. Fo Performance Klt, obo 541-447-5504 too many options to n list, $8900. n ew tires, r e a r 5'boats please se Rexair 28-ft Class 870. 541-388-8939 brakes. $ 5 0 0 0. motorhome, 1991• 541-365-5809 Call a Pro 541-771-0665 Ideal for camping or Whether you need a hunting, it has 45K Want to impress the People Lookfor Information fence fixed, hedges miles, a 460 gas enrelatives? Remodel About Products and gine, new tires, au- Winnebago Suncruiser34' trimmed or a house 880 2004, 35K, loaded, too your home with the tomatic levelers, Services EveryDaythrough built, you'll find much to list, ext'd warr. Motorhomes Onan generator, help of a professional The BvgetinClassifleds thru 2014, $49,900 Denking-size bed, awprofessional help in from The Bulletin's nis, 541-589-3243 ning. Nice condition 865 The Bulletin's "Call a "Call A Service Sell or trade? $8700. ATVs Service Professional" Professional" Directory Check out the 541-815-9939 classifieds online Directory 541-3B5-5809 Updated daily COACHMAN Freelander 2008 881 32' Class C, M-3150 Pristine - just 23,390 Travel Trailers Honda TRX 350 FE miles! Efficient coach 2006, 4 wheel drive, has Ford V10 TIFFINPHAETON QSH Fleetwood Wilderness Harley Davidson electric start, electric w/Banks pwr pkg, 2007 with 4 slides, CAT N.W. Edition 26' 2002, 2011 Classic Lims hift, n e w tir e s , 14' slide, ducted furn/ 350hp diesel engine, 1 slide, sleeps 6 , KOUNTRY AIRE ited, Loaded! 9500 $2500, 541-980-6006. AC, flat screen TV, 1994 37.5' motor$125,900. 30,900 miles, queen bed, couch, miles, custom paint 16' awning. No pets/ new Michelin tires, great stove/oven, tub/ home, with awning, "Broken Glass" by The Bulletin's smkg. 1 ownercond! Dishwasher, w/d, and one slide-out, shower, front elec. Nicholas Del Drago, "Call A Service a must see! $52,500. central vac, roof satellite, jack, waste tank heatOnly 47k miles new condition, 541-548-4969 Professional" Directory aluminum wheels, 2 full and good condition. ers, s tabilizers, 2 heated handgrips, slide-thru basement trays prop. is all about meeting t a n ks , no $25,000. auto cruise control. & 3 TV's. Falcon-2 towsmoking/pets, winter541-548-0318 yourneeds. $32k in bike, Find exactly what bar and Even-Brake ini zed, g oo d c o n d. (photo above is oi a only $20,000 or best you are looking for in the similar cluded. Call on one of the model & not the $8500 OBO offer. 541-316-6049 actual vehicle) Call 541-977-4150 541-447-3425 CLASSIFIEDS professionals today! „

RV 20 06 w ith 1 2 '

slide-out. Sleeps 6, queen walk-around bed w/storage underneath. Tub & shower. 2 swivel rockers. TV. Air cond. Gas stove & refrigerator/freezer. Microwave. Awning. Outside sho w er. Slide through stora ge, E a s y Li f t . $29,000 new; Asking$18,600 541-4947-4805

he Bulleti

Layton 27-ft, 2002 Front & rear entry doors, bath, shower, queen bed, slide-out, oven, microwave, air condItioninq, patio awning, twin propane tanks, very nice, great floor plan, $8495 541-316-1388

Looking for your next employee? Place a Bulletin help wanted ad today and reach over 60,000 readers each week. Your classified ad will also appear on which currently receives over 1.5 million page views every month at no extra cost. Bulletin Classifieds Get Results! Call 385-5809 or place your ad on-line at 882


Fleefvvood Wilderness2000 model, 28', 1 slide, good condition, with awning and A/C, $7500. 541-383-8270

Have an item to sell quick? If it's under '500 you can place it in The Bulletin Classifieds for: x10 -3 lines, 7 days '16 - 3 lines, 14 days (Private Party ads only)

Fifth Wheels


Call Dick, 541-480-1687.

• 1

• • ~ It

Orbit 21' 2007, used only 8 times, A/C, oven, tub shower, micro, load leveler hitch, awning, dual batteries, sleeps 4-5, EXCELLENT CONDITION. All accessories are included. $14,511 OBO. 541-382-9441

Arctic Fox 2003 Cold Weather Model 34 5B, licensed thru 2/15, exlnt cond. 3 elec slides, solar panel, 10 gal water htr, 14' awning, (2) 10-gal propane tanks, 2 batts, catalytic htr in addition to central heating/AC, gently used, MANV features! Must see to appreciate! $19,000. By owner (no dealer calls, please). Call or text541-325-1956.

The Bulletin

...don't let time get away. Hire a professional out of The Bulletin's "Call A Service Professional" Directory today!

Sprinter, 35' 2008

Garage Sales Garage Sales Garage Sales Find them in The Bulletin Classifieds



Low miles, EFI 460, 4-spd auto, 10-ply tires, low miles, almost new condition, $3500. Ask for Theo,


Tick, Tock Tick, Tock... Rear living, large refrigerator, walk-in shower, queen bed, lots of storage inside 8 out, newtires, electric jack, excellent condition, only used 3 times. Cali foseei 541-318-6919

For Sale 1990 5th Wheel

Call The Bulletin At 541-385-5809 Place Your Ad Or E-Mail At:


Keystone Challenger 2004 CH34TLB04 34'

fully S/C, w/d hookups, new 18' Dometic awning, 4 new tires, new Kubota 7000w marine diesel generator, 3 slides, exc. cond. ins ide & o ut. 27" T V on the first day it runs dvd/cd/am/fm entertain to make sure it isn cor- center. Call for more rect. nSpellcheck and details. Only used 4 human errors do oc- times total in last 5~/2 cur. If this happens to years.. No pets, no your ad, please con- smoking. High retail tact us ASAP so that $27,700. Will sell for corrections and any $24,000 including slidadjustments can be ing hitch that fits in made to your ad. your truck. Call 8 a.m. 541-385-5809 to 10 p.m. for appt to The Bulletin Classified see. 541-330-5527. CHECK yOUR AD


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couch set. Excellent

COnditiOn: no tearS, stains. Very comfort-

able. Was $3600 new,


offering for only

„d S01!d V

WraParound ta!IPie $395 541-000-00

Leather Coucg Set Dark Italian spg leather Chalr OttOman and

4TIS Lftlfll jg SB~~


700 00-000


Item Priced at: • Under $500 • $500 to $999 • $1000 to $2499 • $2500 and over

Your Total Ad Cost onl: $29 $39

$e9 $59

Includes up to 40 words of text, 2" in length, with border, full color photo, bold headline and price. • Daily publication in The Bulletin, an audience of over 70,000 potential customers. [nl

'i 1 I

I" 4,,

• Weekly publication in Central Oregon Marketplace —DELIVERED to

over 30,000 households. • Weekly publication in The Central Oregon Nickel Ads with an audience of over 15,000 in Central and Eastern Oregon




Iij I

• Continuous Listing online, with photo, on Private party merchandise only - excludes pets & livestock, autos, Rvs, motorcycles, boats, airplanes, and garage sale categories. Ilc












Fifth Wheels

Aircraft, Parts & Service

Antique & Classic Autos

Sport Utility Vehicles

Sport Utility Vehicles





N issan Altima SL 2007 sedan. moon/leather.

Laredo 2009 30' 0


Chevy Suburban

overall length is 35' has 2 slides, Arctic package, A/C,table 8 chairs, satellite, Arctic pkg., power awning, in excellent condition! More pix at


Save money. Learn to fly or build hours with your own airc raft. 1 96 8

A ero Commander, 4 seat, 150 HP, low time, full panel. $23,000 obo. Contact Paul at 541-447-5184.


Jeep CJ5 1979, Original owner, 87k miles, only 3k on new 258 long block. Clutch package, Warn hubs. Excellent runner, very dependable. Northman 6t/a' plow, Warn 6000¹ winch. $7900 or best reasonable offer. 541-549-6970 or 541-815-8105.

1500 LT 2009 5.3L V8 Flex fuel. 4wd Heavy Duty tow

pkg., Cargo Racks, running boards, leather interior, power locks, XM satellite, OnStar

multi-disc MP3, Bluetooth. Summer and new studded tires. 81,000 highway miles. $25,000 OBO. 541-480-8231

Range Rover HSE, 2011 Super clean, loaded, running boards, luxury & towing packages. Up top pod, 43,000 miles, $54,000. 541-593-9116

Corvette 1979 L82- 4 speed. 85,000 miles Garaged since new. I've owned it 25 years. Never dam-

aged or abused. $12,900.

Dave, 541-350-4077

(photo for illustration only)

Volkswagen Touareg 2004

541-598-3750 Honda Civic LX Sedan 2010, 4 Cyl., VTEC, Auto, FWD.

Meticulously maintained. Very clean inside and out. V6. Recently serviced60 point inspection sheet. $6,800.00 Call 541-480-0097

Vin ¹004897


Say egoodbuye


S UBA R U . to that unused item by placing it in 2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend 877-266-3821 The Bulletin Classifieds Dlr ¹0354

aae 541-385-5809 Monaco Lakota 32' 2002, 2 slides, AC, recliners, walk-around queen bed, Porsche Carrera 911 sliding glass door closet, 2003 convertible with CORVETTE COUPE Just too many new tub & 10-gal water Superhavvkhardtop. 50K miles, V olvo S40 T 5 2 0 0 5 H onda F i t Spo r t Toyota RAV42007, 4.0 Glasstop 2010 heater, good tires. Brand collectibles? sunroof, lux/winter Only 1 Share cyl., auto, 4WD, priGrand Sport - 4 LT Hatchback 2009, 4 new factory Porsche AWD, new 20' screen room 6 mos ago with pkgs, new tires, more! Available vacy glass, tow pkg., loaded, clear bra Cyl., VTEC, 1.5 Liter, motor available. Super clean, 1 Economical $7775 obo.541-330-5818 18 mo factory warSell them in flying Plymouth B a r racuda alloy wheels. hood & fenders. a uto, F WD , re a r ranty remaininq. owner, n o n-srnoker. spoiler, alloy wheels, in your own 1966, original carl 300 VIN ¹066992 New Michelin Super The Bulletin Classifieds $13,499. 541-447-7968 $37,500. IFR equipped hp, 360 V8, centerSports, G.S. floor Vin¹040086 $14,999 541-322-6928 Looking for your Cessna 172/180 HP for lines, 541-593-2597 mats, 17,000 miles, $12,999 next employee? S UBA R U 541-385-5809 only $13,500! New Crystal red. Place a Bulletin help S UBA Rll 933 Garmin Touchscreen $42,000. eeeeeeoeaeee coee 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. wanted ad today and Want to impress the avionics center stack! Pickups 503-358-1164. 877-266-3821 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. reach over 60,000 relatives? Remodel Exceptionally clean! Dlr ¹0354 877-266-3821 readers each week. Hangared at BDN. your home with the Dlr ¹0354 Your classified ad MONTANA 3585 2008, Call 541-728-0773 help of a professional 940 will also appear on exc. cond., 3 slides, Jaguar XJ8 2004 4-dr from The Bulletin's king bed, Irg LR, 916 Vans (longer style) sedan, 1966 Ford F250 Chevy Tahoe 2001, 5.3L which currently reArctic insulation, all "Call A Service silver, black leather, 4.2L Trucks & 3/4 ton, 352 V8, 2WD, V8, leather, air, heated ceives over 1.5 miloptions $35,000 obo. V8, AT, AC, fully loaded Professional" Directory P/S, straight body, seats, fully loaded, 120K, Heavy Equipment lion page views 541-420-3250 + moonroof. Runs great, (photo for illustration only) runs good. $2000. $7500 obo. 541-460-0494 every month at Ford Fiesta SE Hatch- reliable, always garaged, 541-410-8749 no extra cost. Bulleback 2011, 4 Cy l , 116K miles; 30 mpg hwy. Subaru Legacy 2012 tin Classifieds Front/side airbags, 3.6R Limited. 26k mi. a uto, F W D , re a r non-smoker. $7900. ¹004365 $2 3 ,988 Get Results! Call spoiler, alloy wheels, Ford 3/4 ton 1978 Lariat 541-350-9938 385-5809 or place Mszds 5 Grand Tour- MP3. Vin ¹173116 Ed. w/ canopy, 89k your ad on-line at ing Minivan 2008, 4 o rig. m i les, o r i g . $11,999 Peterbilt 359 p otable owner. exc. c ond. Cyl., auto, FWD, PriOPEN ROAD 36' water truck, 1 990, SUBAau Trailblazer LS vacy glass, m o on 541-598-3750 2005 - $25,500 3200 gal. tank, Shp $2500, 541-350-3696. Chevy 2008 4WD. Top of the roof, leather. King bed, hide-a-bed e www.aaaoregonauto2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. The Bulletin p ump, 4 - 3 hoses, line model in excellent Vin ¹323773 sofa, 3 slides, glass 877-266-3821 cam!ocks, $25,000. To Subscribe call cond, with only 49,300 $12,999 shower, 10 gal. waDlr ¹0354 541-820-3724 miles. Nearly every op541-385-5800 or go to ter heater, 10 cu.ft. LS 2001 4door SUBAR Ll tion i n cluding heated Toyota Ceiica Need help fixing stuff? Lincoln fridge, central vac, 931 sport sedan, plus set I leather seats. Wife's car, Convertible 1993 s atellite dish, 2 7 " Hwy 20, Bend. Call A ServiceProfessional Automotive Parts, of snow tires. $6000. Ford F250 Camper Spe- always garaged, new 2060 NE TV/stereo syst., front 877-266-3821 find the help you need. 541-317-0324. front power leveling Service & Accessories cial 1966, AT w/limited tires, very well mainI The Bulletin recoml Dlr ¹0354 slip rear end. A few is- tained, No smoking or jacks and scissor mends extra caution I sues but runs good. Full pets. Call for all options/ (4) Wintercat SST snow stabilizer jacks, 16' when p u r chasing • 975 groove studded tires, steel rack w/drs. $1950 additional info. Asking awning. Like new! Iss I products or services Automobiles 265/70R16, $360. firm, cash. 541-420-0156 $15,750.541-546-6920 541-419-0566 from out of the area. 541-382-4144 GT 2200 4 cyl, 5 I S ending c ash , Look at: speed, a/c, pw, pdl, checks, or credit in- I 932 Need to get an nicest c o nvertible formation may be I Mazda Miata 1997 Antique & Ford Fusion SE 2012, ad in ASAP? for Complete Listings of around in this price I subject toFRAUD. IIII-edition 4 Cyl., 2.5 Liter, auto, Classic Autos Mica Green, 5-spd, range, new t ires, Area Real Estate for Sale For more informaYou can place it FWD, power seats, wheels, clutch, tim- I tion about an adveroriginal interior & online at: alloy wheels, exterior. All power ing belt, plugs, etc. Ford Supercab 1992, tiser, you may call CorvetteCoupe Vin¹418211 options, leather, 111K mi., remark- I the Oregon Statel brown/tan color with 1996, 350 auto, $15,499 convertible boot, able cond. inside m atching full s i z e Attorney General's g 135k, non-ethanol Tonneau Cover and out. Fun car to 541-385-5809 1921 Model T c anopy, 2WD, 4 6 0 Office C o nsumer I SUBaa u fuel/synthetic oil, 114K miles, syndrive, Must S E E! I Protection hotline at over drive, 135K mi., Delivery Truck garaged/covered. thetic oils, new tim'I -877-877-9392. $5995. R e dmond. full bench rear seat, Ford Bronco II 4x4, 1989, Bose Premium Gold 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. Restored & Runs ing belt O 81K, 541-504-1993 slide rear w indow, 877-266-3821 $9000. system. Orig. owner & more! $5995. auto, high miles, runs bucket seats, power Dlr ¹0354 541-369-6963 541-548-5648 serving Central Oregonsince taas good.$1700. manual. Stock! seats w/lumbar, pw, 541-633-6662 $10,500 OBO. HD receiver & trailer Retired. Must sell! brakes, good t ires. 541-923-1781 Recreation by Design Good cond i tion. 2013 Monte Carlo, 38-ft. MI $4900. 541-389-5341 I~ I Top living room, 2 bdrm, ras 0!ouj!SI© has 3 slideouts, 2 A/Cs, Ford Thunderbird VolkswagenJefta 2.5L entertainment center, Buick Skylark 1972 2004 fireplace, W/D, Mercedes-Benz C230 SE2013, 5 Cyl., auto Ford Edge SEL 2007, Please see Bend garden tub/shower, in Convertible 2005, V6, auto, RWD, 6 speed w/tiptronic, V6, auto, AWD, Priwith hard & soft top, great condition.$38,000 Craigslist for details and leather, moon roof, FWD, dual p o w er vacy glass, roof rack, more photos. seats. or best offer. Call Peter, silver with black J t ow pk g . , all o y Super winter car! alloy wheels. 307-221-2422, $19,900. interior, Vin ¹380956 Vin ¹778905 FORD XLT 1992 Audi 4000CS Quattro, wheels. Vin¹A69847 in La PineE') 541-323-1898 all original, 1000 $16,599 $9,888 3/4 ton 4x4 1986, close ratio 5 $16,999 ILL DELIVER very low mileage, Legal Notices matching canopy, spd, fun car to drive, S UBA R U in premium condition. S UBA Ru SUBAR Ll eeseseoeeeae eeel 30k original miles, new tires, runs great, $19,900. 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. LEGAL NOTICE possible trade for needs paint, 187k 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. e 702-249-2567 877-266-3821 877-266-3821 IN T H E CI R CUIT classic car, pickup, miles. $2500. 877-266-3821 (car is in Bend) Dlr ¹0354 COURT O F THE Price Reduced! motorcycle, RV 541-771-8661. Dlr ¹0354 Dlr ¹0354 STATE OF OREGON Ford T-Bird, 1966, 390 $13,500. FOR THE COUNTY engine, power everyIn La Pine, call Audi A4 2001 1.8T 4 dr 928-581-9190 rebuilt trans, newer OF DES C HUTES thing, new paint, 54K clutch, brakes, maniProbate Department. orig. miles, runs great, exc.$7500 fold, etc. High-perforIn the Matter of the m ance. Extras, r e Estate of: FRANCES obo. 541-480-3179 c eipts, exc. m p g . KATHRYN CAD908 (photo for iiiustration onlyl $6300 obo WELL, Deceased. I nternational Fla t Aircraft, Parts CR - V E X- L 541-390-6004 Case No.: 13PB0149. Bed Pickup 1963, 1 Honda 2007, a uto, 4 W D , & Service NOTICE TO INTERton dually, 4 s pd. moon roof, leather, Audi TT 2005 like new ESTED P ERSONS. trans., great MPG, alloy wheels, privacy 33k, always garaged NOTICE IS HEREBY could be exc. wood glass. Vin ¹123594 $18,500. 541-280-1746. GIVEN that the unGMC 8 ton 1971, Only hauler, runs great, $19,999 dersigned has been $10,500! Original low new brakes, $1950. iNyay Buick CX2005 appointed personal mile, exceptional, 3rd 541-419-5480. silver, 61,000 miles, representative. All owner. 760-985-4016 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. good condition. Expersons having claims 1/3 interest in Columbia Where can you find a 935 cellent care. $7,000 against the estate are 877-266-3821 400, $150,000 (located Dlr ¹0354 OBO, 54'I -419-9669. required to present Sport Utility Vehicles helping hand? @ Bend.) Also: Sunrithem, with vouchers ver hangar available for From contractors to attached, to the unTake care of sale at $155K, or lease, yard care, it's all here dersigned personal @ $400/mo. your investments representative, in The Bulletin's 541-948-2963 JAMES S. CADWELL, with the help from "Call A Service within four m onths The Bulletin's after the date of first Professional" Directory BMW X3 2 0 07, 9 9 K publication of this no"Call A Service Lincoln miles, premium packtice, or the claims may Avlator, 2004 age, heated lumbar Professional" Directory b e barred. All p ersupported seats, pan- Light tan/gray metalsons whose r ights oramic moo n roof, lic, all wheel drive, 1/3 interest i n w e l lmay be affected by I' ', Bluetooth, ski bag, XeV8 engine, heated equipped IFR Beech BoCadillac Deville the proceedings may non headlights, tan & nanza A36, new 10-550/ leather seats, 3rd DHS 2000. Most obtain additional inrow seat, 131K prop, located KBDN. GMC Sierra 1977 short black leather interior, f ormation from t h e options, exc. cond. i re a r $65,000. 541-419-9510 bed, exlnt o r iginal n ew front 8 miles, very well records of the court, 93,000 mi.. New cond., runs & drives brakes O 76K miles, maintained. the personal repretires. $6,500. great. V8, new paint one owner, all records, $7777. sentative, or the law541-233-8944. and tires. $4750 obo. very clean, $16,900. 541-389-9829 yer for the personal 54148&uf380 541-504-1050 representative, Kevin W . Luby o f L u b y =~~ / e~ .tDaraee Law Group, PC., 74 5 5 SW 0 1/5th interest in 1973 D 0 B ridgeport Roa d , Cessna 150 LLC ¹200, Tigard, Oregon 150hp conversion, low 97224. Dated and first time on air frame and published on January engine, hangared in 20, 2014. /s/James S. Bend. Excellent perCadwell, Pe r sonal e • • iormance & affordRepresentative. able flying! $6,000. e e • PERSONAL REPRE541-410-6007 SENTATIVE: James S. Cadwell, 1208 B TURN THE PAGE Avenue, LaGrande, OR 9785'I. LAWYER For More Ads FOR PER S ONAL The Bulletin REPRESENTATIVE: It", Iu 'att. Kevin W. Luby, OSB ¹ 844050, Luby Daraee Law Group, esee S PC, 7455 SW 1 p ort R o ad , ¹ 2 0 0 , Tigard, OR 9 7 224, Phone: 1974 Bellanca 5 03-620-3342, F a x : List one Item* in 503-360-9635, Email: 1730A kevin The Bulletin's Classifieds for 2180 TT, 440 SMO, LEGAL NOTICE 180 mph, excellent Invitation for Proposals three days for FREE. condition, always — Facilities Consultant hangared, 1 owner Deschutes Public LiENCLOSED PLUS, your ad appears in brary is soliciting profor 35 years. $60K. 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'Ptlvataparty merchandiseonly - excludespais& livestock, autos, Rvs, moiorcyclas, boats,airplanes, and garage sale categories.

price of individual itemmustbeincluded inthe ad.Askyour Bulletin SalesRepresentative about special pricing, longer runschedulesandadditional features. Limii I ad per itempet 30days io besoid.

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