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Officials: U.S.carrying out most airstrikes against IslamicState New York Times News Service WASHINGTON — The vast

majority of airstrikes launched against Sunni militant targets

Sunni militant group.

attack Iraqi forces. "What we have been doing of RoyalJordanian Air Force over these last couple of weeks fighters destroyed" a number and what last night's campaign of targets but did not specify was about was simply buying where; the Emirati Ministry of them some space so that they Foreign Affairs said that the air can get on the offensive," Mayforce "launched its first strikes ville said. against ISIL targets" on MonMilitary officials said the day evening, using an acronym airstrikes began at midnight

Ri ts o same-sex s ouses int e miitar var state

Jordan said that "a number

in Syria have been carried out by U.S. war planes and ship-based Tomahawk cruise missiles, military o fficials said 'Ibesday, in what they describedas the successful beginning of a long campaign to for the Islamic State. U.S. offidegradeand destroytheIslam- cials said that Saudi and Bahic State. rain also took active part in the In disclosing the identities strikes and that Qatar played a of the five Sunni Arab nations "supporting" role. that joined or supported the But Lt. Gen. William Mayattacks in Syria early Tuesday ville, the director of operations morning — Saudi Arabia, the with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, United Arab Emirates, Bah- said that the majority of strikes rain,Jordan and Qatar — the were carried out by U.S. warObama administration sought planes and cruise missiles, to paint a picture of an inter- with the aim of hindering the national coalition resolute in its determination to take on the


ability of the Islamic State to

crossthe border into Iraq and

By Michael Biesecker and Julie Watson


The Associated Press


— On the wall over her bunk in

K u wait, Marine

Monday local time with the

Cpl. Nivia Huskey proudly displays a collection of

launching of some 40 Toma-

sonogram printouts of the

hawk cruise missiles from the

baby boy her pregnant spouse is carrying back

guided missile destroyer Arleigh Burke at positions held in Aleppo by the al-Qaida-linked network Khorasan and at Is-

lamic State targets around the group's headquarters in Raqqa. That first stage of the attack

was conducted solely by the United States. In the second

and third stages, the U.S. was joined by regional allies.

h g


home in North Carolina.

If all goes as planned, the 28-year-old military policewoman will return to Camp

Lejeune in time for a January delivery at an on-base hospital. Gerry Broome /The Associated Press But the space on the ba- JessicaHuskey stands by a yellow ribbon placed by her spouse, by's birth certificate marked Nivia Huskey, in Jacksonville, North Carolina, before Nivia Hus"Father" will be left blank. key's military deployment. Though her wedding in Washington, D.C., to Jessi-

Some ofthetargets hit in Syria

ca Painter Huskey is recognized by the federal government, including the military, Cpl. Huskey is assigned to a battalion based in North


Carolina, where state law


bans same-sex marriage. She is barred from legally adopting her spouse's biological child, and she will have no legal recognition as aparent.

Last year's U.S. Supreme Court ruling striking down



% 4

W~~ )-4f~X>~t

~g%'~"- .

the 1996 Defense of Mar-

riage Act ensured that federal military benefits extend to same-sex partners and their children. But about two-thirds of a ctive-duty personnel i n

4~~g(~' ' +kis ),


A commandcenter near Manbij. A financial center in Raqqa. Source: United States Department of Defense

A storage facility in Abu Kamal. The New York Times; satellite photographs by Google

the U.S. are based in states that don't recognize gay marriages, leaving thousands of military families missing out on legal rights they would enjoy if Uncle Sam had stationed them elsewhere. At their home near Ed-


other conflic t zones, a senior administration official said.

tions under the 1973 War Pow-

Continued from A1 "We must define the nature and scope of this struggle, or else it will define us," Obama said in a May 2013 speech at

U.S. officials provided varying descriptions of the alleged Khorasan plot, with some saying that heightened airport securityreflected broad concern about the group's expertise

A senior administration offi-

the National Defense Univer-

sity, outlining an array of new with explosives and efforts to limits, including "respect for recruit Westerners, rather than state sovereignty." a plan in motion. Sen. Angus King, I-Maine, Lines in the sand a member of the Senate Intel"There are a lot of lines that ligence Committee, declined to he's drawn in the sand. Just

discuss specifics of the threat

about every one of which he tied to Khorasan, but he deseems to have crossed now," scribed strikes against the said Jack Goldsmith, a Har- group as warranted. "Their vard University law professor business is planning strikes and senior Justice Department

official in the Bush adminis-

against the West," he said.

tration, who attributed the outcome in part to the nature of

Legal justification

Obama's job. "The reality is that security

a Syria campaign required White House lawyers to scour

threats are his first responsibility," Goldsmith said. "Between past statements and

international and domestic law and the administration's coun-

pretty-sounding principles on the one hand, and the reality of security threats on the other, every president will always address the security threats and discard the principles."

ways to justify operations that

Obama administration offi-

the two congressional Autho-

Obama's decision to approve

terterrorism guidelines for

ers Resolution.

sonville, a short drive north of the sprawling base where her

founded in Iraq in 2003, even

we would want to stay in

though it split from al-Qaida this year.

California," said Acosta, 39, an aerospace engineer.

Congress did not intend "to

said, a position that is at odds with earlier interpretations of the 2001 law.

Obama is unlikely to be challenged on the issue at a moment there is broad support in Congress for strikes against the Islamic State and an expanded effort to arm and equip An increasing number of elastic interpretations of the AUMF and have introduced

cials disputed that characteri- rizations for Use of Military bills designed to address that zation and said the unfolding Forcepassed since al-Qaida's measure's perceived flaws. offensive in Syriais inline with September 2001 attacks. A A measure sponsored by the presi dent's broader objec- 2001 AUMF against al-Qaida Sen. Timothy Kaine, D-Va., tivesto keep U.S. forces out of and its associates was seen as w ouldrepealthe 2002 Iraq auground wars, place more pres- overly broad and obsolete in thorization and approve action sure on foreign allies to con- the faceof al-Qaida's near-de- against the Islamic State for front overseas threats and rely mise in Pakistan and Afghan- one year only, with limitations on lethal U.S. capabilities only istan and the development of on ground troops and on applias a last resort. new terrorism threats with cability to any other so-called In remarks Tuesday, Obama no relation to the World Trade "associated forces." on Iraq had been directed at

Saudi Arabia and Jordan, and

Saddam Hussein, who no lon-

described the danger posed ger exists. by the Islamic State — which Yet those two authorizations

"Ultimately, this is about a

precedent for the future," Kaine said in a speech Tuesday at the Center for American Prog-

ress. "If Congress allows this president to begin this camand Syria and beheaded two paign against ISIL ... we will American journalists — as one its current actions in Iraq and have created a horrible precehe could not ignore. Syria, along with an assertion dent that future presidents will h as seized territory in I r a q

have formed the basis of the administration's justification for

But eight of the 22 airstrikes

of the president's constitutional

no doubt use."

that began Monday night

power to protect American citi-

Washington time were aimed

zens and national security. In an NBC interview Tues-

In the House, a bill introduced by Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., would repeal the Iraq AUMF. It would pass a new authorization narrowly allowing

at targets associated with an alleged al-Qaida cell in Aleppo called the Khorasan group, an organization so obscure that U.S. officials had never men-

day, Antony Blinken, deputy national security adviser, said

the Syria strikes were justified under "a doctrine of collective tioned it by name until a week self-defense," because Iraq had ago. asked "the United States and By Tuesday, officials across other countries to act against the Obama administration and

U.S. military were describing the group as an "imminent threat" to this country.

Marine shipped out for a war

George Guthrie, enjoy the tour in Afghanistan. benefits of living in a state Currently in Kuwait, Cpl.

are listed as parents on their daughter's passport and

lawmakers have raised concern about the administration's

Center attacks. A 2002 AUMF

ried last year, just before the low for Nivia," Huskey said.

their tidy house outside Jack-

outside U.S. war zones.

other countries, induding

Ask, Don't Tell." They got mar-

of Los Angeles, Lt. Col. Ivan Acosta and his husband,

named Emma. Both men

remove the president's authority to use force against this group simply because it had a disagreement with the al-Qaida leadership," the official

action against the Islamic State

in Iraq and Syria and sunset that measure, along with the 2001 authorization, after 18


ISIL because ISIL i n S y r ia By relying on the 2001 al-Qathreatens them." ISIL is anida authorization, Schiff said in other acronym for the Islamic an interview, the administraState. Samantha Power, the tion is "putting the best legal

U.S. intelligence officials U.S. ambassador to the United arguments on a very weak describedthe group as a unit Nations, offered the same justi- case." They "would probably like a of Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Qaida's fication in a letter to U.N. Seca ffiliate in S y ria, that w a s retary General Ban Ki-moon. new authorization that repeals formed specifically to plot atE arlier in t h e d ay, as i t the old ones and sets out a new tacks against Western targets. strived to cover all internation- authority," he said, "but I'm not "These are operatives who are al and domestic justification sure they're confident it can be quite seasoned," with experi- bases, the White House sent done in such a dysfunctional ence in Pakistan, Yemen and Congress notification of its ac- Congress."

"I know that's hard to swal-

wards Air Force Base north

that "the president had the authority under the 2001 AUMF" to strike in Syria because the Islamic State has its roots in

an al-Qaida affiliated group

photos andkeepsakes oftheir

Columbia. Challenges in other nearly 10 years together. states continue to make their A lawyer, Huskey has put a way through the courts, many lot of thought into the potential ofthem successfully. legal implications of what will A three-judge federal ap- happen if their baby is born bepeals panel recently upheld fore the law changes. When a a lower court ruling striking marriedheterosexual woman down Virginia's same-sex has a child in North Carolina, marriage ban, a legal prece- the law presumes her husband dent considered binding on a to be the biological fatherjudge currently consideringthe even if the child was in reality constitutionality of North Car- conceived through an extraolina's very similar prohibition. marital affair or by using a reThe Virginia ruling, like productive donor. "A straight couple could be similar cases in a slew of states, remains on hold and appears in the exact position we are, headed to the U.S. Supreme their child conceived in the Court. exact same way, but automatiThe Huskeys grew up in an cally that parent is considered area dominated by peach or- to bethe other parent, regardchards outside Gaffney, South less," Huskey said. "That isn't Carolina. They were good fair." friends in high school and beThe baby will qualify for gan dating while in college. federal family benefits through Cpl. Huskey enlisted with Cpl. Huskey's military service, the Marine Corps within days but only if she registers the of the 2012 repeal of "Don't child as her stepson.

that recognizes their rela-

moderate rebels in Syria.

stressed the involvement of

in 19 states and the District of

cial, briefing reporters'Tuesday under White House-imposed conditions of anonymity, said

might exceed the narrow limits Obama had set on lethal action In particular, the administration had called for repeal of

spouse is posted when stateSame-sex marriage is legal side. The home is filled with

to think about."

"For her, that's not her step-

child. That's her son."

Huskey was not available for

tionship. In April 2013, they an interview. jointly adopted a baby girl Jessica Huskey spoke at

TOUCHMARK Slrrcs 1980

birth certificate.

"That is definitely why


"It's something that we have to think about that most

straight couples do not have

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. PUrSUant tO the BarOate Order BS

entities, includinggovernmental units, individuals, partnerships, estates, and trusts who have a claim or potential claim against





the Debtors that arose prior to April 29, 2014, no matter how

remote or contingent such ri@tto payment or equitable remedy mar be,including requests for paYment under section 503(b) (9) of the Bankruptcy Code, MUSTFILE A PROOFOF CLAIM on or before

. On August 18, 2014, the (the "QBM~Br O tS"). United States BankruPtcYCourtforthe Districtof Delaware(the ANy pEeSON OR ENrrN WHO FAt~ TO R E ApeppF OF " ~ ") e ntered an order [D.l. 1866] (the "B~ ~ ) CLAtM , t 4CLtjctNe ANY REQUEST FOR PAYMENT UNDER establishingcertain deadlinesfortllefilingof Proofs of claim, SECrtpN 5Q3(b)(9) OF rHE SANKRtjprCV CODE ON OR including requests for Payment under section 503(b)(9) of SEFORE THE gENERAL SAR DATE, SHALL NOT SE TREATED

the Bankruptcy Code, in the chapter 11 cases of the followingAs A ceEotroR wrrH eEspEcr to sucH CLAIM FOR THE debtors and debtors in Possession (collectivelY, the "QRbhKS"): puRpOSES OF VOTtNe ANO DISTRIBUTION ON ANY CHAPTER Debtor and Case Number 11 PLAN. Energy Future Holdings Corp. 14-10979 (CSS) 4Chartge Ertergr Each roof of claim must be filed Company 14-10980 (CSS) 4Change Energy Holdings LLC 14 includingsupportingdocumentation, by U.S. Mail orother hand 10981 (CSS)Big Srown 3 power Companr LLC 14-10983 (CSS delive s tem so as to be aggglg ree t b t h e Debtors' Blg Brown Lignite Company LLC 14-10986 (CSS) Big Brown notice and ciaims a ent E i Bsnkru t So l utions LLC power Company LLC 14-109SS (CSS) Brlghten Enertb' LLC 14- (.EQQ ) on or beforethe GeneNI Bar Dat (or wherea Ilcable 10991 (CSS) Brighten Holdings LLC 14-10995 (CSS) Collin power Company LLC 14-10998 (CSS) Dallas power & Llght on or bef're any ~her bar dat' as se f'rth In the Sar Dat' Company, Ih'c. 14-11000 (CSS)DeCO~OWII Power C,mpany Order) atone of the followlng addre~s: LLC 14-11003 (CSS) Deoordova Power Company LLC 14-109S2 If by First4lass Mail: (CSS) Eagle Mountain Power Company LLC 14-10984 (CSS) EBAsco $ERvtcE$QF cANApA LiMn Eo f4 gpss7 (css) EEc Energy FuBankruptcy tuw Holdings &rp. Clai msPmmssing &nter c/o Epiq Solutions, LLC Holdirtgs, lrtc. 14-10990 (CSS) EECI, Iitc. 14-10992 (CSS) EFH Grand Centrtl Station po Box4613 Australia (No. 2) Holdings ComPany 14-10994 (CSS) EFH CG N++ yorkIty gpgSSS4eja HoldingsCompany LP 14-11047 (CSS) EFH CG Management Company LLC 14-11048(CSS) EFH Corporate Services Company If by Hand Deliveryor Overnight Mail: 14-10996 (CSS) EFH Finance (No. 2) Holdings ComPanY 14 Enertlr Future Hotdings Corp. Ctaims processing Center 10999 (CSS)EFH FS Holdings ComPanY 14-11004 (CSS)EFH cgo Epiq SankruptcySotutions,LLC RenewablesComPanY LLC 14-11006 (CSS)EFIH FINANCE INC. 757 rhjrd Ayehoe 3pj Fipor

14-11001 (CSS) Ener& Future ComPetitive Holdings ComPany Ne+ york gy gpcgr LLC 14-11005 (CSS) Energy Future Intermediate Holding e . Each psoof of claim must (i) be Companr LLC 14-11008 (CSS) GenerationDevelopment Company LLC 14-11017 (CSS) Generation MT Company LLC 14- tsritten in English; (ti) include s claim amount denominated in 11021 (CSS) Generation SVC Company 14-11025 (CSS) Lake United States dollars; (tii) clearly identify the Debtor against Creek 3 power Company LLC 14-11029 (CSS) Lone Star Energy which the claim is asserted; (iv) conform substantially with the Company, Inc. 1411031 (CSS) Lone Star pipeline Companr, Proofof ClaimForm providedbythe DebtorsorofficialForm 10; Inc. 14-11036 (CSS) LSGTGas Company LLC 14-110SS (CSS) (v) be signed by the claimant or by an authorized agent or legal LSGT SACROC,Inc. 14-11012 (CSS) Luminant Sig Brown Mining representative of the claimant; and (vi) include as attachments Company LLC 14-1101S (CSS) Luminant EnertSr Company LLC any and all supporting documentation on which the claim is 14-11023 (CSS) Luminant Energy Trading California Company based. Hllletttttethateach proofofclaimmuststatea claim 14-11026 (CSS) Luminant ET Services Company 14-11030 against only one Debtor and clearly indicate the specific Debtor (CSS) Luminant Generation Company LLC 14-11032 (CSSl against which the claim is asserted. Tothe extent more than Luminant Holding Company LLC 14-11037 (CSS) Luminant one Debtor is listed on the proof of claim, a proof of claim is Mineral Development Company LLC 14-11040 (CSS) Luminant treated as if filed only against the first-listed Debtor, or if a proof Mining Company LLC 14-11042 (CSS) Luminant Renewables of claim is otherwise filed without identifying a specific Debtor, Company LLC 14-11044 (CSS) Martin Lake 4 Power Company the psoof of claim may be deemed as filed only against Energr LLC 14-11010 (CSS) Monticello 4 Power Company LLC 14- Future Holdings Corp. 11011 (CSS) Morgan Creek 7 Power Company LLC 14-11014 CS Any proof of claim (CSS) NCA Development Company LLC 14.11016 (CSS) htCA andgor prioritr asserting a claim arising under section 503(b) Resources Development Company LLC 14-1101S (CSS) Oa" (9) of the Banttrttptcr Code must also (i) include the value of Grove Management Company LLC 14-11022 (CSS) Oak the goods detitreredto and received by the Debtors in the 20 Grove Mining Company LLC 14-11024 (CSS) Oak Grove poNre" dars priorto the petkion Date; (ii) attach any documentation Company LLC 14-11027 (CSS) Sandow power Company LLC identitying the particutar invoices for which such 503(b)(9) 14-11033 (CSS) Southwestern Electric Service Company, Inc. claim is being asserted and (iii) attach documentation of an '

14-11035 (css) TCEH Finance, Inc. 14-11028 (css) Texas Competitive EleNric Holding C mpany LLC 14-10978 (CSSl reclamationdemandmsdetothe Debtors undersection546(c) lexas Electric Service Company, Inc. g4.ggpa4 (CSS) Texas of the BankruPtcyCode(if aPPlicable). Energy Industries Company, Inc. 14-11038 (CSS) Texas power i . If you require additional information & Light Company, Inc. 14-11041(CSS) Texas Utilities Company, regarding the filing of a proof of claim, you may contact the Inc. 14-11043 (CSS) Texas Utilities Electric Company, Inc. 14- Debtors'claimsagent, Epiq, directlybywritingto: EnergyFuture 11045 (CSS) Tradinghouse 3 & 4 power Company LLC 14- Holdings Corp. Claims processing Center, c/o Epiq Bankruptcy 11046 (CSS) Tradinghouse Power Company LLC 14-10985 Solutions,LLC,GrandCentralStation,P.O.Box4613, New York,

(CSS) TXU Electric Company, Inc. 14-10989 (CSS) TXU Energy NY 10163-4613 or contact the Debtors' restructuring hotline Receivables Company LLC 14-10993 (CSS) TXU Energy Retail at: (877) 276-7311. ~PI ~ t SS that Epiq ~ off e r legal Company LLC 14-10997 (CSS) TXU Enertb Solutions Company advice oradvise whetheryou should file a proof of claim.

' The last four digits of Energy Future Holdings Corp.'s tax identification number are 8810. The location of the debtors' service address is 1601 Bryan Street, Dallas, Texas 75201. Dueto the large numberof debtors in these chapter 11 cases, for which joint administration has been granted, a complete list of the debtors and the last four digits of their federal tax identification numbers is not provided herein. A complete list of such information may be obtained on the website of the debtors' claims and noticing

agent at http://www.efhcaseinfo.com.

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