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the most conservative religions discourage gay or inter-

Spencer), a woman so sharp- mean-girl cheerleader, is tamed tongued her nom de caffe on a before episode's end. She beStarbucks cup is Scary Bitch, gins promisingly as a spoiled, is kindhearted. willful beauty who bullies evParents are mostly unseen eryone. The opening scene in the premiere, but there's a is one of the best: When she loony ex-hippie hypochondri- falls during practice and lies ac, played by Griffin Dunne, sprawled unconscious on the who serves as a loco in pa- floor, her teammates surround rentis. Ruben (Dunne) hangs her in a cirde of clicking smartwith the kids while checking phones, as intense and raphis blood pressure in his own id-fire as pool photographers at suite in the hospital; he is al- a White House photo op. "Shouldn't we call 911?" lowed to live there because he is a billionaire who has prom- a student says. A friend re-

faith relationships.

ised to leave his money to the

plies, "Not until I post this on

So that leaves cancer. Annette Brown I rhe Associated Press "Red Band Society," a Fox With a little humor mixed in with hardship, "Red Band Society" seriesthatbegan Wednesday, resonates with teens and anolder audience. follows six disparate teenagers who form an alliance "Red Band Society" gath- with a younger generation m uch like the one in " T h e Breakfast Club"; only here, de- ers some of the most familiar they can relate to. These hetention isn't Saturday-morn- archetypes of high schoolroes have all the youth, beauty ing study hall, it's a hospital. the mean-girl cheerleader; the and computer-coding abiliThey are all inpatients in the jock; the neurasthenic, usually ty of the young but with an children's wing, going to class goth, poet — and dashes their added sense of mortality and between treatments for vari- boat against the shoals of fa- limitation. ous ill nesses, from cancer to tal illness. In its way, teenagMost of all, of course, it's eating disorders. ers on IVs are as fresh a path poignant. It's a depressing setting, into rite-of-passage cliches And like those summer of course, but the show tries as acappella singerswere for movies, "Red Band Society" t o inject h umor an d a r c h "Glee" when that show began has a tone that is both sassy self-awareness right away. on Fox in 2009. Evidently, it's and sorrowful, a carefully calThe narrator is in a coma. hard to come up with anything culated balance of humor and

hospital when he dies. That would seem like the most preposterous premise in

Instagram." Leo (Charlie Rowe), who has cancer and has been at the hospital the longest, is re-

"Red Band Society" 8 p.m.Wednesdays, NBC By Alessandra Stanley

~F i)

New Yortt Times News Service


There are so few obstacles left for middle-class teenagers to struggle against. Parents and teachersare permissive, bullying is stomped upon,


acne can be treated, and only

the show had it not been for the

recent revelations about Huguette Clark, a reclusive copper heiress who spent the last 20 years of her life at Beth Is-

luctant to befriend yet another

new patient with a questionable chance of survival. But he warms up to Jordi (Nolan Sotillo), who left Mexico by himself to seek treatment and

rael Medical Center. When she died in 2011, it was revealed

that she was a captive audience talked his way into the surfor hospital a d ministrators, gery ward. Emma is friendliwho lobbied her to will Beth Is- er to Jordi but cool to Leo; the rael a chunk of her fortune. two share a "Much Ado About It could be that hospital ad- Nothing" frenmity. Dash (Asministrators and perhaps even tro), the rule breaker, is most parents on "Red Band Soci- i nterested in talking a n ew ety" will surface later as hos- and inexperienced nurse into tile creatures, and that would giving him a sponge bath. sYou can hear everything; new: The video of "Fancy," the sentiment. The pilot episode, be welcome,because in the It's an appealing cast in a you just c a n't r e spond," hit song of the summer, was however, leans too heavily first episode, at least, the teen- disturbing setting. Coming12-year-old Charlie (Griffin a pastiche of the 1995 movie on emotional tugs. The main agers, who are appealing, very of-age themes are eternal, but Gluck) says. "Everyone knows "Clueless." hospital staff members are quickly crack through one an- on "Red Band Society," young how hard it is to make friends. Doomed teenagers are ro- all caring, comforting and other's facades and initial en- people on the precipice of love Imagine how hard it is to mantic figures, but sickly ones competent. Even the imperi- mities soon dissolve. and angst can't be certain they make friends in a coma." also present older v i ewers ous Nurse Jackson (Octavia Even Kara (Zoe Levin), the will live long enough to feel it.

TV TODAY • More TV listingsinside Sports 8 p.m. on CW, "Penn 5 Teller: Fool Us" —One last set of would-be magicians gets the chance to impress Penn 8 Teller enough to be in their Las Vegas show in the season finale, "Teller Sucks ... Helium." That title implies an interesting result, since Teller famously stays silent, and the sound of one's voice usually is one of the humorous effects of helium. Shawn Farquhar, Manuel Martinez, Martin Daniels and Chris Dugdale are the episode's novice illusionists. Jonathan Ross is the host. 8:30 p.m. on 2, 9, "The Gold-

bergs"— A musicalmessage ends up in the wrong hands as the comedy's second season begins with "Love Is a Mix Tape." Adam (Sean Giambrone) assembles songs to indicate his feelings to Dana (guest star Natalie Alyn Lind), but Beverly (Wendi McLendon-Covey) finds it and thinks it's for her. Barry (Troy Gentile) is too boastful about his new fake ID, which soon is removed from his possession — leaving him unable to fulfill promises. David Spade guest stars. 10 p.m. on 2, 9, "Nashville" — Live performancesstaged for both the East and West Coasts — are highlights of the Season 3 opener, "That's Me Without You." Florida Georgia Line will take the stage, as will series regulars Charles Esten and Chris Carmack. As for the hour's dramatic content, Rayna (Connie Britton) has to

decide on herpersonal and pro-

Gir rien won't associate wit i s Dear Abby:I am a 42-year-old needs to find someone who has no divorced father of two. I have had a encumbrances, andyou need to find girlfriend, "Dawn," for about a year. a lady who has a greater capacity for She has met my kids, but she's still uncomfortable with the "situation."

love than Dawn appears to be capa-

ble of. She has concerns about me having Dear Abby:I often eat out with been married before, such as having friends when we travel and when experienced many of the firsts she we're hereat home. Some of them has yet to enjoy. bring their own canned drinks or Dawn doesn't like being in my powdered drink mix to add to wahouse because I had ter served by t he it when I was mar-

ried, and she says my kids remind her of my past. She says she



doesn't want to share

me with anyone, induding them. When we're alone, we are abso-

"Russell" for four months. We live

together and eventually would like to be married. Russ is very honest. He told me he had impregnated a woman prior to me and she was eight months pregnant. I asked him to contact her on my behalf so I can

meet her, since we plan on having a future together. When I called the woman to

restaurant. I have an

suggest we meet somewhere, she cursed me out for contacting her

uneasy feeling about

and for telling her she can't com-

this. I don't think it is rigllt to take my own

municate with Russ unless I'm involved. When Russ told her the

drink into an eating same thing, she ordered him not to establishment. contact her again. I have never said anything negaRuss has tried calling her since tive about it, but I haven't joined in

then because he wants to be in-

lutely phenomenal as a couple. We the practice. Is my discomfort MY love and care about each other deep- problem? What do you think about ly. This is causing a tremendous this? amount of stress on us, and neither — Testy Southern Belle of us knows howto handle it or what Dear Belle:What I think about to do. Please help. it is less important than what the — Ttrtro'sCompany in Illinois restaurant does, and not knowing Dear Two's Company: Forgive the reason your friends behave this me for being blunt, but you need to way, I am hesitant to judge them. break it off with this woman before I'm not sure what kind of canned you waste any more of her time or powdered drink your friends are or yours. You may be crazy about bringing, but if they are on some Dawn, but your first responsi>il- kind of restricted diet, then it's what ity must be to your children, and they need to do for a while. If the

volved in his child's life, but she

she has made it clear how she feels about them.

spection. "Leshana tova tikatevu"

You may be phenomenal as a couple, but there are more people in-

volved than just the two of you. She

restaurant objected, the manager

nevercalled him back What do you think we should do? — Looking Toward the Future

Dear Looking: What Russell should do — and you, as well — is talk with an attorney to establish

exactly what his rights and responsibilities will be to his child, once paternityhasbeen established. To My Jewish Readers:At sundown, Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish

New Year, begins. This is the beginning of our time of solemn intro-

would either tell your friends not to — may each of usbe inscribed inthe do it anymore or institute a charge Book of Life and enjoy a goodyear. to make up for the lost income.

Dear Abby: I have been with

— Write to Dear Abby at dearabby.com or P.O. Box 69440, LosAngeles, CA90069

MOVIE TIMES TODAY • There mey be an additional fee for 3-D and IMAXmovies • Movie times are subject to change after press time. I


• 50T01 (PG-13) 3:50 • DOLPHINTALE2 (PG)1f:40a.m.,2:40,6:45,9:25 • THE DROP (R) 12:50, 4:25, 7: I0, 10:10 • THE GIVER (PG-l3) 12:40, 3:55, 7: l5, 9:55 • GUARDIANS OFTHEGALAXY (PG-13) f 1:50 a.m., 2:50, 6:55, 9:45 • THE HUNDRED-FOOTJOURNEY (PG)1f:30 a.m.,2:30, 6:25, 9:20 • IFISTAY(PG-13) 12:55,7:20, fo • LET'SBE COPS (R) f:15,4:15, 7:40, 10:15 • THE MAZE RUNNER(PG-f 3) Noon, 3, 6, 9 • THE MAZERUNNER IMAX3-D (PG-13)12:30,3:30, 6:30,9:30 • NO GOODDEED (PG-13)11:35 a.m .,2:35,6:40,9:40 • THE NOVEMBER MAN(R) f:10, 4:f 0, 7:35, 10:15 • TEENAGE MUTANTNINJA TURTLES (PG-f3)f2:25, 3:45, 7:05, 9:35 • THISISW HERE ILEAVEYOU (R)12:45,3:20,6:05,9:05 • TUSK(R) 1:05, 4:05, 7:30, 10:05 • A WALKAMONG THE TOMBSTONES (R)12:15,3:15, 6:15,9:f5 • WHEN THEGAME STANDS TALL (PG)f2:10,3:40,7, 9:50 • Accessibility devices are available for some movies. I

McMenamins OldSt. Francis School, 700 NWBond St., 541-330-8562 • HERCULES (PG-I3) 6 • PLANES: FIRERESCUE & (PG) 2:30 • SEXTAPE (R) 9 • After 7p m.,showsare2fandolderonly.Youngerthan 2t may attend screenings before 7p.m.ifaccompanied by alegal guardian.

DAY, SEPT. 24, 2014:This yearyou will experience anewbeginning, if not several new beginnings. Your immediate circle of friends will expand, andyou will find your life to be more rewarding. New friends and associates are more likely to be onthe

same plane asyou. Ifyou aresingle, decide what type of relaStars showthe kind tionship you would of ttsy yos'g hstre like to exPerience, ** * * * D ynamic and keep this in ** * * Positive mi n d when dating. ** * Average If yo u are attached, ** So-so you will zero in on * Difficult a mutual long-term goal. This period could be very exciting for the relationship, and also for both of you as individuals. You might wonder about the superficiality of a fellow LIBRA.

ARIES (March 2t-April19) ** * Others might decide on anew beginning, which could result in a discussion about what is going on around you. Your questions will prove to be instrumental and are likely to expose what is really happening. Tonight: Try not to explain to others what is going on.

TAURUS (April20-May20) ** * * Pace yourself, and know what is important and what needs to occur. You might need to make adecision about a health-related matter, and this time it just might stick. Feel free to examine what someone really means. Benice.Tonight: Kick backand relax.

GEMINI (May21-June20) ** * * You might want to mingle and share with others, but a loved onecould be demanding your attention. Don't try

Tonight: Only where youcan relax.

YOURHOROSCOPE By Jacqueline Bigar

to bypass this person, as it likely will only

cause anargument. Aproject seemsto be infused with new energy. Tonight: Pain the townred.

CANCER (June 21-July 22) ** * * You could be concernedabout a lovedoneandwhatheorshehasto off er in a particular situation. Youwill notice how others' perceptions arevery different from those of the person in question. Youcould see a problem evolving far too quickly for your taste. Tonight: Be close to home.

LEO (July23-Aug.22) ** * * You could want a change of pace. It is up to you to create it, though, as others are likely to be demanding. Consider how much you arevalued before deciding not to

answer yourphone.Makeapoint to create more time for your concerns. Tonight: Take a midweek trip.

VIRGO (Aug.23-Sept. 22) ** * Be sensitive to others, and know that you haveextra leeway to respond. You might want to avoid a situation that surrounds a business arrangement involving property. The timing might be off to resolve the issue immediately. Tonight: Time to treat a pal to somemunchies.

LIBRA (Sept.23-Oct. 22) ** * * You seem to have the energy to handle wh atevercomes down thepath, except perhaps an irate individual. Becareful when dealing with this person, asyou could say something you will regret later. On the other hand, do not sit on your anger.

SCORPIO (Oct.23-Nov.21) ** * * You might want to open upcona versation. You know that you don't always have all the right answers. A brainstorming session could point to quite a fewdifferent paths. Don't try to be logical with someone who isa bitzany; just be polite. Tonight: Get

some shoppingdone. SAGITTARIUS (Nov.22-Dec.21) ** * * You might be coming off as being a lot more assertive than you realize. Remain confident that you will fight for what you want. Try to allow others to comeover to your way of thinking by giving them enough time andspace. Tonight: All smiles.

CAPRICORN (Dec.22-Jan.19) ** * *

Try to read between the lines when

movie role while trying to set things right with Avery (Jonathan Jackson). 10 p.m. on FOOD, "Restaurant: Impossible" —Not even the Borgias had such complicated family dynamics! The new episode "Drama at Mamma's" takes Robert Irvine to Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, where Mamma Lucrezia's restaurant is hemorrhaging thousands of dollars a month. Two feuding sisters, Stefania and Maria, own the decade-old eatery, which must compete with a new Italian restaurant across the street that is owned by — mamma mia! — their brother. There's nothing wrong with the food, so Robert focuses on the personal issues causing the problems. 0 Zap2it

' NQRTHWEsT CROSSING Aauard-aeinning neighborhood on Bend's teestside. www.northwestcrossing.com

ASSURANCE Tin Pan Theater, 869 NWTin PanAlley, 541-241-227f


(Hayden Panettiere) pursues a


Regal Old Mill Stadium16 8 IMAX, 680 SW Powerhouse Drive, 800-326-3264

fessional options, and Juliette

• FRANK (R) 6 • LAND HO! (R) 4 • THE ZEROTHEOREM (R)8:f5 Redmond Cinemas,1535 SWOdemMedo Road, 541-548-8777 • DOLPHIN TALE 2 (PG)4, 6:15, 8:30 • THE MAZE RUNNER(PG-13) 4:15,6:45, 9:15 • THIS IS WHERE I LEAVEYOU(R) 5, 7:15, 9:30 • A WALKAMONG THE TOMBSTONES (R)4:30,7,9:30 Sisters Movie House,720 DesperadoCourt, 541-549-8800 • THEHUNDRED-FOOTJOURNEY(PG)6 • THE MAZE RUNNER(PG-13) 6:f 5 • A MOST WANTED MAN (R)6 • THIS IS WHERE I LEAVEYOU(R) 6:15

iswhatyou getwhen EVERGREEN manages your lovedone's medications


In-Home Care Services 541-389-0006 www.evergreeninhome.com

Plae Well, Retire Well

dealing with aparent orsomeoneyou care about. Understand that you might need to bypass this person's interference in your life yet still make apoint to honor this person and his or her goals. Tonight: In the limelight.

AQUARIUS (Jan.20-Feb.18) ** * * You could be getting mixed signals from a loved oneatadistance. Youalso could be misreading a situation and projecting some personal issues into the mix. Try to haveaconversationsoyoucan askmore questions. Tonight: Letyour hair down.

PISCES (Feb.19-March20) ** * * You could havelotagoing on in your life regarding a partner or a financial matter. You might be pondering what is important and what would bebest in the long run. There could bemany twists and turns in the road ahead.Tonight: An intense talk with a favorite person. © King Features Syndicate

Madras Cinema 5,f101 SWU.S. Highway 97, 541-475-3505 • DOLPHIN TALE 2 (PG)4:45, 7:10 • IF I STAY (PG-13) 5, 7:20 • THE MAZE RUNNER(PG-13) 4:25,7 • THE NOVEMBER MAN(R) 4:30 • TEENAGE MUTANTNINJA TURTLES (PG-f3)6:50 • WHEN THEGAME STANDS TALL (PG)4:15,6:45

775SW onneWay,Suite120•Ben 541-728 -0321swww.elevafioncapifalsfraiegies.com

Pine Theater,214 N. MainSt.,541-416-1014 • DOLPHIN TALE 2 (Upstairs — PG) 6:30 • THE MAZE RUNNER(PG-13) 6:f 5 • Theupstairsscreening room has limitedaccessibility.


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