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By Denise Grag

mission. The report said the

New York Times News Service

proportion of patients now

Bryan Lewis, an epidemiologist at the Virginia Bioin-

in such settings was about 18

formatics Institute at Virginia

Another set of ominous projections about the Ebola

percentin Liberia and 40 perepidemic in West Africa was cent in Sierra Leone. released Tuesday, in a report The caseload projections from the Centers for Disease are based on data from AuControl and Prevention that gust, but Dr. Thomas Frieden, gave worst- and best-case es- the CDC director, said the timates for Liberia and Sier- situation appeared to have ra Leone based on computer improvedsincethen because modeling. more aid had begun to reach In the worst-case scenario, the region. "My gut feeling is, the acthe two countries could have a total of 21,000 cases of Ebo- tions we're taking now ar e la by Sept. 30 and 1.4 million going to make that worst-case casesby Jan. 20ifthe disease scenarionot come to pass," keeps spreading without ef- Frieden said in a t elephone fective methods to

c ontain interview. "But it's important

Tech, agreed that the estimates were reasonable, per-

haps even a bit low compared with those generated by other models. He said that if some of the latest data from the

World Health Organization is plugged into the CDC model, "the verylarge numbers of estimatedcases are,unfortunately, even larger." The current official case count is 5 ,843, including 2,803 deaths, according to the WHO. The CDC estimates omit Guinea, which has been hit

it. These figures take into ac- to understand that it could count the fact that many cases happen." hard, becausethe epidemic go undetected and estimate Outside experts said its struck in waves that could not that there are actually 2.5 modeling figures were in line be modeled. times as many as reported. with estimates by others in President Barack Obama's In the best-case model, the the field. promise last week t o send "It's a nice job," said Ira epidemic in both countries 3,000 military personnel to would be "almost ended" by Longini, a professor of bio- Liberia and to build 17 hospiJan. 20, the report said. Suc- statistics at the University of tals there, each with 100 beds, cess would require safe fu- Florida who has also done was part of the solution, Frienerals at which no one touch- computer modeling of the epi- den said. But it was not clear es the bodies and treating 70 demic. "It summarizes the ex- when those hospitals would percent of patients in settings tent of the problem and what be ready, or who would staff that reduce the risk of trans- has to happen to deal with it." them.

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MOre health planS —Consumers in much of the country will have a broader selection of health insurance plans next year, the Obama administration said Tuesday, as it predicted an increaseof about 25 percent in the number of insurers expected to compete in federal and state marketplaces. The administration released preliminary data on insurers that have indicated they want to participate next year. So far, it said, the number is up to315 next year, from 252 this year. For the 36states served bythe federal marketplace, it said, the number is up almost 30 percent, to 248, from191 this year UPS Sheetihg —The manwho killed two former co-workers and then himself at a UPS shipping center Tuesday hadtold some people that hewas having problems at work but never suggested the situation might turn violent, his pastor said. Birmingham police late Tuesday identified the shooter as 45-year-old Kerry JoeTesney of suburban Trussville, Alabama.They did not releasethe slain people's names but said they werepart of management. Theyare investigating as a double homicide andsuicide. FerguSOn memOrial —Anger spilled over Tuesdayafter fire destroyed one of two memorials on the street where Michael Brown was killed, a site that has becomesacred to many in Ferguson, Missouri, and others nationwide focused oninteractions between minorities and police. Howthe fire happenedwasn't clear, but it stoked fresh resentment amongthose who question whether the shooting of the unarmed, black18-year-old by a white Ferguson police officer on Aug. 9 is being adequately investigated. "It's the same as if somebody came and desecrated agrave," Anthony Levine of Florissant, another St. Louis suburb, said as hestudied the charred sceneandshook his head. Many whogathered at the site Tuesday blamed police for the blaze, even asthe chief said officers did everything they could to keep the stuffed animals andother items from burning. last person seenwith a University of Virginia student before she disappeared hasbeencharged with abduction, police said Tuesday night. Charlottesville Police Chief Timothy Longo said at anews conference that officers are looking for Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr., 32, after obtaining a felony arrest warrant from a magistrate on a charge of abduction with intent to defile. Theyalso continue to search for 18-year-old HannahGraham, whowent missing early the morning of Sept. 13. Matthew was last seenSaturday when hestopped by the police station with his mother and uncle to askfor a lawyer. Police said he spedawayafterward, losing officers who had him under surveillance and prompting authorities to issue two arrest warrants for reckless driving.


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BiiI Laden Sen-ill-laW —A Kuwaiti-born cleric who sat with Osama bin Ladenhours after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, was sentenced to life in prison Tuesday by federal a judge in New York. Sulaiman AbuGhaith, 48, was accused of giving voice to bin Laden's recruitment drive for suicide bombers. In court, Abu Ghaith, a son-inlaw of bin Laden's, offered no apology andwarned of the repercussions his imprisonment would bring. "Islam is the religion that does not die when its followers die or get killed," he said, "and it does not come to a stop whenthey get captured or imprisoned."

Missing U.Va. student —Themanauthorities believe wasthe


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GaZa aid —Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah said Tuesday he hasasked for $3.8 billion in urgent aid to help rebuild Gaza after its devastating 50-day war with Israel this summer. Hamdallah told The Associated Press that Saudi Arabia haspledged$500 million and other nations haveindicated they would join. Hespoke at the end of a donor meeting led byNorway on thesidelines of a gathering of world leaders at the United Nations. Theaid request came as Palestinian leader MahmoudAbbasAbbas is preparing to submit a resolution to the U.N.Security Council seeking a three-year timetable for the withdrawal of Israeli forces from theWest Bank.

Anupam Nath 1 The Associated Press

An Indian villager carrying his goat walks along a flooded roadTuesday inthevillage of Chaygaon inthe Kamrup district of Assamstate, India.

Landslides and flash floods triggered by two days of heavy rain havekilled at least 28 people in India's remote northeast, officials said Tuesday.

CenSOrShip prOteSt —A proposed curriculum-review committee for Denver suburbs that would promote patriotism and respect for authority and guard against educational materials that "encourage or condone civil disorder" prompted protests Tuesday. Hundreds of students from 11 high schools across the Jefferson County School District, the second-largest in Colorado, streamedout of school and along busy thoroughfares, waving signs andchampioning the value of learning about the fractious chapters of U.S. history. The proposed committee would evaluate advancedplacement U.S. history and elementary school health classes. Onestudent at Arvada HighSchool said, "You can't erase our history. It's not patriotic. It's stupid." — Fromwirereports

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Oregon Lottery results

Australianp~~i«ki~~Former top agents criticize man after '"Ã 5ecret 5ervicesecurity errors By Edward Johnson

flict zones. The government plans legislation to curb peoSYDNEY — A us t r alian ple traveling abroad to areas counterterrorism police shot where the militant group is dead a man who was under active and has been canceling surveillance, with the Aus- passports. tralian B r oadcasting C orp. Onlookers who witnessed reporting he allegedly made the incident said the man had threats against Prime Minis- been shouting insults about Bloomberg News

ter Tony Abbott.

The 18-year-old man was shot late Tuesday after stab-

Abbott and t h e A u stralian government in the moments before he was shot, the Age

bing two officers outside a

newspaper reported. Police

police station in southeast h ad recently c anceled t h e Melbourne, where he was due man's passport, the ABC said. to be interviewed as part of The two stabbed officers an investigation, authorities were from the Joint Counter said. Intelligence indicated the Terrorism Taskforce and were man had been seen waving an taken to a hospital in stable Islamic State flag, Australian condition, Victoria state police Federal Police Commander Bruce Giles told reporters in

a midnight briefing, without elaborating. "The information that we have at the moment is that the

said in a statement. State Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius told reporters he wasn't in a position to comment on what had motivated the man to attack the

individual was acting alone," said Giles, who didn't comment on reports the man had

officers. Abbott was on his way to

The numbers drawnTuesday nightare:

made threats against Abbott. Australia raised its terrorism alert this month to the

tions Security Council meeting on how to tackle the Is-

highest level in a decade, citing the threat posed by supporters

Australia is deploying 400 air force personnel and 200

The estimated jackpot is now $93 million.

of Islamic State extremists. Last week, authorities said po-

special forces soldiers to a U.S. military base in the Unit-

As listed at www.oregonlottery.org and individual lottery websites


02> ®402s040043So

New York for a United Nalamic State.

lice foiled an alleged Islamic ed Arab Emirates, along with State beheading plot after car- fighter jets. The United States rying out the nation's largest and Middle East allies have anti-terrorism raid. pounded Islamic State posiAbbott's government says tions in Syria in a barrage of 60 Australian c itizens are airstrikes, a major expansion fighting with Islamic State of President Barack Obama's in Iraq or Syria and 20 fight- effort to destroy the Sunni exers have returned from con- tremist group.

By Del Quentin Wilber

Obama and his daughters departed by helicopter for Camp W ASHINGTON — Th e David, Maryland, to join first Secret Service's errors in re- lady Michelle Obama for the sponding to the trespasser weekend. who dashed into the White The incident highlights House last week occurred the complicated nature of relong before he vaulted the ex- sponding to fence jumpers ecutive mansion's iron fence, and more ambiguous threats former top agents said. against the president. SecuriThe agency didn't properly ty personnel must make lifehandle two previous encoun- or-death decisions in a matter

tioning. On July 19, authori-

Bloomberg News

ties said, he was pulled over in Wythe County, Virginia,

ters with former U.S. Army veteran Omar Gonzalez, 42, including one last month in

why the Secret Service didn't keep better track of Gonza-

of seconds.

The Secret Service is reviewing the incident and its

which a Secret Service officer questioned him strolling

interactions with Gonzalez,

more than a few feet into the White House, said John

p rosecutors said i n

about 300 miles from Wash-

ington, and charged with possession of a weapon after officers found in his Ford Bronco

a sawed-off shotgun and a map with a line drawn to the White House.

Magaw said internal investigatorsneed to uncover lez after his arrest and why

the officer who later stopped of Copperas Cove, Texas, who him apparently didn't run his near the White House with a w as charged in federalcourt name through databases that hatchet in his pants, accord- with unlawful entry and is would have triggered a deeping to the former officials. being held without bond. er investigation. "Why didn't they do more A nother error w a s m o r e Ed Donovan, a Secret Sermundane: failing to lock the vice spokesman, declined to with him in Richmond? That executive mansion's f r ont discuss specifics about the in- is one question," Magaw said. "Another is why this officer door. cident or the review. "Was it training? Was it didn't name-check him. If he Despite those mistakes, the former officials said the secu- tactics'? Was it execution'? Or had name-checkedhim, they rity officers on duty showed was it protocols?" he said. would have had him weeks proper discretion in not un- "Everything is under review." ago." leashing attack dogs or openWhen he hopped the fence, Magaw said officers dising fire when the man raced Gonzalez was wearing a played good judgment in not across the lawn just before T-shirt and jeans and had a unleashing guard dogs to 7:20 p.m. Friday. knife in his pocket. A search chase down the fence-jump"The officers were actually of hiscar turned up more ing intruder. In the confusion successful," because nobody than 800 rounds of ammuni- of the moment, the dogs may was hurt and the trespasser tion in boxes and magazines, have attacked officers by was stopped before getting two hatchets and a machete, mistake. c ourt

Monday. M agaw, f aormer Secret SerWhen he was stopped on vice director. "It's not pretty. Aug. 25 near the south fence But I think there were a lot of of the White House, he had good decisions made here." a hatchet in his waistband, The b reach o c curred prosecutors said. The officer just after President Barack released Gonzalez after ques-

The internal review likely will find that most offi-

cersacted appropriately and showed restraint in not shooting Gonzalez.They could probably tell he wasn't carrying a gun or a bomb or other type of weapon, he said.

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