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For water conditions at local lakes and rivers, seeB6


Fighting through a salmon slump

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Ski, snowboard film set for Oct. 1 i

The newski and snowboard film "Almost Ablaze" will beshownon Wednesday,Oct. 1,at 8 p.m., at theTower Theatre in Bend. The film features scenes from throughout the world, including



Maybe I'd used up my salmon magic in Alaska. Back home onthe Colum-

5,000-foot lines in the

TetonRangeinWyoming, urban riding in thewartorn Winter Olympic venues ofSarajevoand the untappedterrain of Sella Nevea,Italy, during a record winter. Each athlete inthefilm is wired for sound,helping immersethe audience in the moment.Tickets are $12 inadvance, $15 the day oftheshow, and $5 for kids16and under. For more information and tickets, visit www. towertheatre.org orwww. tetongravity.com/films.

Photos by David Jasper/The Bulletin

no in

Camp Chef

surrounding pines affix themselves like

Dutch ovens

Christmas ornaments on a sapling in Metolius Preserve. ABOVE: Jim, left,

that promised peach cobbler for later in the evening. The guys from Pro-Cure stood watch over the fresh salmon eggs that had been

and Carol Sgro, visiting from Illinois,


take in the delights of Metolius Preserve


on Friday.

With ChrisSabo There will be aweather change over the next few days with precipitation rolling into our area. Days are shorter, and darkness can fall very quickly. Keep aneyeon the skies whengoing out to the trails. There could besome snow in the mountains in the higher elevations in the next few days, mostly on top of the peaks. Hunting season is in progress with bow hunting in effect. Deer rifle season begins Oct. 4 and runs through Oct. 15 in theCascades and different areas of Central Oregon. This will increase use incampgrounds and general backcountry areas. It's not a huge concern for trail users, but consider wearing brighter colors when on the trails and making a little noise to alert hunters thatyou're in the area. It's also bee season, so beaware. SeeTrails /D5


harvested that day.

Fish Camp is now in its 12th year, a group of outdoor communicators from

aroundtheWest, gathered together on the north bank of the Columbia. Longtime

fishing guide Ed Iman hosts the event each year in mid-September. As salmon

fishing has improved over the last few seasons, the

emphasis has shifted away from steelhead, smallmouth bass and walleye to

kings and coho. Wednesday morning, we launched at Rowena across the river from the mouth of the Klickitat, then motored downstream into the

madness. By midmorning, I could count 66 boats at work in the river channel out of the mudflat that is the mouth of the Klickitat.

Kings and cohos porpoised

By David Jasper •The Bulletin

in the dark water.

. Trails in the Meto)imsPreserve

Trolling and hover fishing are the two main


et's say you had an outing goal beyond


the usual.

Orange Trail aaahyJohnsonTrail

Instead of scaling a butte, paddling


methods at play at the river mouths, where salmon cool off on their way upriver. Trollers pull big Flatfish, Mag Lips and other plugs using downriggers and big flashers. For a little extra


~,+B ..".. -"I~ „

across a wide-open lake or gawking at a pretty

sizzle, sometimes trollers put a 10-millimeter Hevi-


waterfall, you have an agenda: making a






Bead on the line in front of the plug — like a baitfish grabbing an egg. Hover fishing capitalizes

couple of older family members want to give up the flat Midwest ghost and move to Bend



already, where — hypothetically speaking — they could see their theoretical grandkids finish what remains of their childhoods in a

To Sal Eugene

fun, pretty place.

place during a reliably nice month. You could luck out with a warm June, but be sure to introduce them to

the mosquitoes. July and August are warm and

sunny, but better hope they don't mind the sight of hazy

on a salmon's instinct to / I I

K~9 '


You'll want to make sure their Bend visit takes

I 'I I




skies and smelly smoke. You can't go wrong with September. Sure,September is a little deceptive, in

Q~W Source: Deaohutea Land Trust

that a lot of other months

want to take them someplace so unspoiled, so soothingly beautiful, so achingly gorgeous, they pine for more of

can't really compare to September, but what people it. A rest-of-their-lifetime of don't know won't hurt them until later.

While they're here, you'll

crush salmon spawn as it drifts downriver. Our baits consisted of fresh,

Pro-Cured salmon eggs on barbless 2/0 Daiichi hooks, egg-looped to 30 inches of 20-pound test Izorline

To U.S. H 2IL To Sisters

— Bulletin staff report


bia last week, it wasn't happening for me. We hit Peach Beach just in time for dinner on Tuesday night and strolled in past a line of

UPPER LEFT: Fallen needles from

Wilderness films screened Friday The Deschutes National Forestand nonprofit DiscoverYour Forest will screentwo wilderness-themed movies at McMenamins Old St. Francis (700NW Bond St., Bend)School on Friday.Eachfilm will be preceded byan introduction. Thescreening commemoratesthe 50th anniversary of thesigning of the WildernessAct. Bend-Fort Rock District Ranger Kevin Larkin will introduce "The Meaning of Wild." Larkin is a social scientist in natural resources who will discuss wilderness values and perceptions, according to an announcement from the national forest. Deschutes Children's Forest Coordinator Katie Chipko will introduce "Untrammeled" and discuss the importance of children andyoung people being engagedin natural surroundings. The 6 p.m. event is expected to last one hour, 45 minutes. Both films are family-friendly and about 30 minutes in length. Admission is $5, and tickets are available for presale at McMenamins or at j.mp/DNFfilms.


Andy Zeigert/The Bulletin

monofilament. We used small lead balls, cushioned bybeads, to get the baits down to where salmon live.

of uncrowded trails. Why do I bring this up? Uh,

On the leaders, for added attraction, we ran a small

no particular reason. But on

bead and tiny Mack's Lure

Friday, ahem, I took my moth-

Smile Blades. The idea is to run the baits downstream

it. Someplace with towering

er- and father-in-law, Carol and Jim Sgro, to Metolius

ponderosa pines and flowing


streams surrounded by miles

at something less than the speed of the current.

See Metolius /D3


Primetime orstee ea ont eoesc utes • FiShingremainSgood fOrtrOut Onthe Middle DeSC hLiteS, but Steelhead inthe lower river haveanglers excited The bright-yellow strike indicator dipped under water, and I raised the

artificial flies and lures yearround, but anglers have about three more weeks to fish the

FISH I NG rod tip. A small 40-mile stretch before irri-

MARK MORICAL clude Tumalo State Park and Sawyer Park in north Bend, and Cline Falls State Park

trout flipped out of the water, and I began stripping line to bring it to hand. Two other fly anglers were nearby, casting for rainbow

gation season ends and the fishing is made challenging by rising water levels. "People still fish it, but

trout on the Deschutes River,

just downstream of Tumalo

fisheries biologist for the Oregon Department of Fish and

State Park, north of Bend.

Wildlife in Bend. "The water

The Middle Deschutes, from Bend to Lake Billy Chinook, is open to angling with

levels change, but it's good for

near Redmond. But many Central Oregon anglers this time of year are dreaming of bigger, more elusive fish, and making longer trips to go get them. Steelhead are now entering the Lower Deschutes in impressive numbers, according to Rod French, fisheries biologist for the ODFW in The

the fish."


it's definitely a little more difficult," said Erik Moberly,

Decent fishing spots in-

See Steelhead/D4

MarkMorical /The Bulletin

A fisherman casts for trout on the Middle Deschutes near Tumalo State Park, north of Bend.

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