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Time TV/Radio

MLB, ChicagoWhite Soxat Detroit OR Balitmore at N.Y.Yankees MLB, L.A. Angels atOakland MLB, KansasCity at Cleveland MLB, Seattle at Toronto MLB, SanFrancisco at L.A. Dodgers

1 0 a.m. 1 p.m. 4 p.m. 4 p.m. 7 p.m.



Women's college, PennSt. at Wisconsin 4:30 p.m. Big Ten Women's college, Washington St. at Washington7:30 p.m. Pac-12 SOCCER North America, Champions League, D.C. United vsTauro (Panamaj 5 p.m. FS2


MLB, Seattle at Toronto MLB, Baltimore at N.Y.Yankkes OR Minnesota at Detroit SOCCER W omen's College, Washington at Oregon

1 p.m.


4 p.m.


4 p. m .



College, TexasTechat Oklahoma St, College, Appalachian St. at Georgia Southern NFL, N.Y.Giants at Washington High School, Washington, Sumner at Auburn-Mountainvievv Men's College, UCLAat Arizona St.

4:30 p.m. ESPN 4:30 p.m. ESPNU 5:25 p.m. CBS,NFL 7 p.m. 7 p.m.

Root FS1


Ryder Cup

11:30 p.m., 3 a.m.


ON DECK Thursday Boyssoccer:RedmondatSummit,3p.m.;Ridgeview at Bend, 3p.m.;Junction CityatSisters,4:30 p.m.; Madrasat Molaffa,6 p.mcCrookCountyat Gladstone,4:15p.m.; Glideat LaPine,4:30 p.m4Central Christianat LifeChristian, 4:15p.m. Girl ssoccer:RidgeviewatBend,4:30p.m.;Redmond at Summit,4;30 p.m.;Sisters atJunction City, 4:30 p.m.;MolalaatMadras,4p.m.; GladstoneatCrook County, 4p.mcPleasant Hil atLaPine, 3 p.m. Volleyball:Summitat Bend,6:30 p.mcRidgeview at MountainView,6:30 p.mcSisters at Cottage Grove, 6:45p.mcEstacadaatMadras,6p.m.;La Pine atCoquile, 5 p.m. Cross-coun try: LaPineatHarrier's ChallengeinCottageGrove,4:15p.m. Friday FoolbalkBendat Pendleton,7p.m.; MountainViewat Springfield, 7p.mcSummit at TheDalles, 7 p.m.; Ridge view atAshland,7p.m.;RedmondatHood RiverValley,7 p.m.; Gladstoneat CrookCounty,7 p.m.;SutherlinatSisters, 7p,m4Madrasat Estacada, 7 p.mcBurnsat LaPine, 7 p.m.; Vernoniaat Culver, 7p.m.;ProspectatGilchrist, 4 p.m. Volleyball:CrookCounty at Corbett, 4:30p.m.; Pilot Rock atCulver,5 p.m.; Gilchrist at CentralChristian, 6p.m.;Paisleyat Trinity Lutheran,4:30p.m. Saturday Boys soccer: Culveratlrrigon,1 p.m. Girls soccer:MountainViewat Hermiston, 1p.m. Volleyball:Summ it, CrookCounty at StatePreview Tournamentin Albany,8 a.m.; Ridgeviewat Parkrose Tournae mnt, TBD;Culver, Trinity Lutheranat McKenzie RPITournament, TBD;Central Christian at Paisley,2:30p.m.; Gilchrist vs.Arlingtonand Mitchell/Spray at Mitchell, noon Crosscountry:Bend,Mountain View,Redmond, SummitSi , stersatNikePreNationals in Portland, Ba.m.;Redmond,Ridgeview, CrookCounty, Sisters at OutlawClassic in Sisters,TBD;Bend, Summit, Madras,CulveratMadrasInvite,10a.m.

GOLF Local

Listingsarethe mostaccurate available. The Bulletinis notresponsible forlate changesmadeby TVor radio stations.


2014 Lithia Pacific Amateur Golf Classic

Tuesdayat coursesthroughout Central Oregon Flight LeadersThrough 36Holes Net StrokePlay Flight 1 — 1,WiliamMcKiegan,142.2 (tie), Tim Holsey,147;David Burkart,147. 4, TroyMcMaster, 148. Flight 2 — 1,VernonCarlson,141.2, GregCheever,142. 3 (tie), FredDouglas,143; EricBercot,143. Flight 3 — 1, DonGoethals, 137.2(tie), Richard Davis, 139;BlakeBarnes, 139.4 (tie), MarkLauren, 141; Don Sherman,141. Flight 4 — 1, TabFrench,131.2, Keith Demego, 141. 3,RickLukas,143. 4(tie), SteveKlock,144; Byron Everist,144. Flight 6 —1,MitchBowman, 130. 2,Clint Walker, 135. 3,RickUnderman,137. 4, RussDodge,138.

BASEBALL MO'ne DaViS to dOnate jerSey to Hall Of Fame — Mo'ne Davis' performance in the Little LeagueWorld Series has earned her a place in baseball's Hall of Fame.The13-year-old Davis plans to donate the jersey shewore last month when she pitched atwo-hit shutout, becoming the first girl to win a gameat the LLWS.Shewill visit the Hall on Thursday with her Little Leagueteammates from Philadelphia's TaneyDragonsandthe Anderson Monarchs, her longtime travel team.

MOTOR SPORTS NASCARSetS teSting dan — NASCARannounced a newrules package Tuesdaythat will ban all private testing in 2015, including the annual Daytona 500 test, and levy the stiffest penalty possible on any team caught conducting its own sessions. Theonly testing allowed nextseasonwillbesessionsconductedbyNASCAR orGoodyear. Any team caught testing on its own will receive a P6 penalty, the highest on NASCAR'snewpunishment scale. It carries a loss of150 points, a minimum $150,000 fine and a sjx-week suspension for the crew chief and other crew members.

MiSS the SPrint CiiP raCe? CheCkYouTiibe — Forthe remainder of NASCAR'spostseason, fans will be able to view full-length replays of Sprint CupSeries races on NASCAR'sofficial YouTube channel, free of charge. Complete race replays of eachChasefor the NASCARSprint Cup racebroadcast will be available at www.youtube. com/NASCAR each weekfollowing the event..

FOOTBALL Goodell meetS With fOrmer PlayerS — NFLcommissioner Roger Goodell met Tuesdaywith 11 former NFLplayer, to discuss Goodell's planned changes to the sport's personal conduct policy in the wake of the league's recent off-fjeld controversies involving Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson andGreg Hardy. According to the league, there will be additional meetings with people from inside andoutside the sport as Goodell begins the work of modifying the conduct policy.

Bears' Houston:Kaepernick usedracial slur —Aweek after he causedSanFrancisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick to behit with a penalty for using inappropriate language,Chicago's Lamarr Houston wasflagged for the sameviolation Monday night. "He was just saying inappropriate language," Houston told theChicagpTribune on Monday night at MetLjfe Stadium. Hesaid Kaepernick cursedat him, including using theN-word. Asked if hevvasinsulted, Houston said it's more a"cultural thing." Houston reiterated that he incensed Kaepernick on theplay by saying "nice pass" at the endof a KyleFuller interception.

Paul Oliver'S family SBOS iliFL Over his SuiCide —Thewife and sons of former SanDiegoChargers defensive back PaulOliver sued the NFL for wrongful death, blaming sports-related concussions for his suicide last year. Thesuit was filed Monday in Los Angeles County Superior Court against the league, theChargers, the NewOrleans Saints and thecorporations that own several helmet manufacturers. It also alleges fraud andnegligence. Oliver, 29, shot himself to death in front of his wife, Chelsea, andtvvo sons last September at his home in Georgia. Thesuit alleges that his death vvasa "direct result of the injuries, depression andemotional suffering caused by repetitive head traumaand concussions suffered as aresult of playing football, not properly appreciating football's risks with respect to headtrauma" and using defective helmets.

Flight 6 — 1, Robert LaPlante, 138.2(tie), David Swanson,140; BartJohnson, 140. 4 (tie), TerryMiwongtum,141;JamesMontroy, 141. Right 7 —1,Biff Lileness,124. 2, JerryMalmevik,139.3(tie), JohnTipping,140; TimothyBorba,140. Flight 8 —1, BruceOlson,138. 2,ToddMcKinnon, 139.3, MikeMugan, 142.4 (tie), JohnMurray, 143;JackBushey,143; FrankYost,143. Flight 9 — 1,JohnNorgaard,139. 2 (tie), Roland Rhue,140; GaryCulp,140.4,Odie Carter,141. Flight 10 — 1,MarvMoneymaker, 134.2(tie), Al Stautz,140;JackWaibel,140. 4(tie), Robert Dake,145; StevenNichols,145. Flight11 — 1(tie), DickEstey,141;Robert Bourne, 141. 3,MichaelCram,142.4 (tie), JoeLindgren,143; DonMort on,143;TedKitchens,143. Flight12 — 1,LewisRogers,134. 2, Roger Kluth, 138. 3,MarkAhern,140. 4 (tie), Robert Long,142;Bob Vidourek,142. Flight 13 —1,KenForster, 138.2, Roger Pitkin, 140. 3(tie), DavidMcAlees,141; Bil Crisp,141. Flight 14 — 1, DevonBratsman,138.2, DonCavarra,140.3(tie), RonGoodrich,143; ThomasRehorst, 143. Flight 15 —1, GeneWhisnant, 140.2,JimCox, 141. 3(tie), TimWinn,143; AlvinWalker,143. Flight 16 —1, ConnerSuzanne, 143. 2, Jane Jones,145.3,Judith Sanders,146. 4(tie), ReneeDake, 148;SoonokCoats, 148;DebbieDakouzlian,148. Flight17 —1,KathyMcDonald,139. 2, Michege Marquardt,141.3, Judith Handa, 142. 4 (tie), Linda Tague,147;PegToft, 147. Flight 18 —1, RyanSchaefer, 155.2 (tie), Jim Gypp,157;RyanSmith,157. 4,Tanner Bown,158. FALLTOUR INVITATIONAL Sept. 22-25

Tuesdayat BrokenTopClub SecondRound StrokePlay Professionals —Gross: 1,Casey King-Tokatee, 63. 2, TimFraley-Awbrey GlenGC, 67.3 (tie), Tracy Snyder-Rogue Valey, CC,68. TylerAustin-Riverside G&CC,68.5, BrianNosler-Golf in thePearl, 69.6, Fred Haney-The Reserve, 70. 7 (tie), BrandonKearney-Bend CC, 71;JohnKawasoe-Astoria, 71;SeanArey-Trysting Tree,71.10(tie), JoshHanson-BrokenTop, 72;Scot Krieger-Broam door, 72;TimHval-PortlandGC,72.Neb 1(tie), MarkAmberson-Awbrey Glen,69; Hank ChildsRoseCity,69.3(tie),JoePeccia-RockCreekCC,71;Tom Baker-BlackButte Ranch, 71; Matt Reams-Grants Pass GC, 71;CraigMelott-unaffiliatedBend, 71. Two-day Totals:1, Casey King-Tokatee135.2, BrianNosler-Golf in thePearl, 137r3,TracySnyder-RogueValley CC , 139. 4, TyleAu r stin-RiversideGolf &CC,139.5(tie), Brandon Kearney-B endCC,140; JeffFought-BlackButte Ranch, 140;SeanArey-TrystingTree,140. 8, TimHval-Portland GC,141. 9(tie), JohnKawasoe-Astoria, 142;ScottKrieger-Broadm oor,142; TimFraley-AwbreyGlen,142. Amateurs—Gross:1. JoshWright,68. RyanFery, 68. 3 (tie),DaveAnderson,72; GregChianelo-The Reserve,72;JeffWard- BendGolf&CC,72. 6,RickSitlanen, 74. 7, CraigMahnke,75; K.C.Winters, 75; RickHatton, 75.10 (tie),DaveMorton, 76;MarkDybvig-Broadmoor, 76; RosiC eook-AwbreyGlen,76;Steve Lervik, 76.Net 1, Mike Bauman65.2, EdCarson66.3(tie), ScottPetersen 68;ToddBiddle68.5 (tie), Bil Tomlinson69; Steve Spangle69. r 7 (tie), HerbParker-Crooked RiverRanch 70; MikeHussey70; ToddNewman70. Team (NetRotation) — 1,Tokatee-Casey King/ Ed Carson/Darin Harbick/Michael Jackson, 124.2 (tie) RogueValley CC -TracySnyder/Curtis/Bob Cox/Al Raduski,128;RoseCity GC-HankChilds/RyanFery/Roger Romeike/JohnFoeckler,128. 4, Ben d CC-Erik Nielsen/ Jeff Ward/MikeBinns/MikeSmolich, 129. 5(tie) The DallesCC-TylerAustin/Mike Jesch/Kevin Kitchen/Buddy Peterman,130; Tokatee-Dan King/Mike Bauman/Josh WrightrKCWinters, 130;LostTracks-Bob Garza/Terry Rennie/Tim Booher/KoryCallantine,130;WilametteValley CC-D anny Moore/Pat McKewon/KenDocekal/Kevin Krueger,130;TrystingTree-SeanArey/StevePetersen/ CraigMahnke/Scott Petersen,130.

Moore Continued from C1

SOCCER TimberS Shut Out AIPha —Norberto Paparatto scored twice and the Portland Timbers defeatedAlphaUnited 6-0 in a CONCACAF Champions Leaguematch onTuesday night in Portland. Gaston Fernandez, JackJevvsbury,MichaelNanchoffand FanendoAdialso scored for the Timbers, vvhoare making their first appearance in the premier club tournament for the North andCentral American and Caribbean region. Portland qualified asMajor LeagueSoccer's Western Conferencechampion last year. It was Portland's secondvictory over Alpha United in Group 5.TheTimbers (3-0-Oj have also defeated Olympia. Portland will travel to Honduras to playOlympiaagain on Oct. 21 for a chance toadvance tothe quarterfjnals of the tournament next year. TheTimbers arethe first team to win their first three CCL matches since FC Dallas in 2011-12. SOIO aSSertS her innOCenCe —U.S. national team goalkeeper Hope Solo is againasserting her innocence in adomestic violence assault case that shefaces in Washington state. Solo posted astatement toonherofficialFacebookpageonTuesdayevening.Shesays "once all the facts come to light andthelegal process is concluded, I am confident that I will be fully exonerated." Solo is chargedwith two misdemeanor counts of fourth-degree domestic violenceassault stemming from aJune 21altercation with her sister and17-year-old nephevvatafamilygathering in Kirkland, Washington. — From wire reports

The results were not immediate, as the Ducks went 12-18 in 2005, including 1-17 in the conference. It was their fifth straight sea-

Firsl Round Monday atEagleCrest Ridge StrokePlay(Moneywinnem) Professionals — Gross: 1,JeffFought, 66.2, Brian Nosler,68. 3 (tie), BrandonKearney, 69; Mat Reams,69;SeanArey,69; TimHval, 69.7 (tie), Scott Krieger,70;TomCarey, 70; Zach Lampert, 70.10(tie), Bob Garza,71;John Kawasoe, 71; Tyler Austin, 71. Net:1 (tie), MarkSwift, 68;TracySnyder, 68. 3 (tie), Erik Nielsen, 69;Jerry Mowlds, 69. Amateurs —Gross:1, JoshWright, 68.2, Greg Chianego,69. 3, Ryan Fery, 70.4, Rosie Cook, 72. 5 (tie), CharlieRice,73; RickHatton, 73.7, Scott Holmberg,74.8(tie), Binji Gilchrist,75;JeffWard,75; Mark Wilson,75.Net: 1, AndyBaida, 65.2, GaryJohanns, 66.3(tie),RickSittanen,67; SteveWaite,67.5(tie), Bob Daggett,68;Scott Petersen,68;TomKemph, 68. 8(tie), BobRoach,69; PatMartin, 69.10(tie), AlRaduski, 70; Bill Caddy, 70; Bil Tom linson, 70; StevePetersen, 70; TerryRennie, 70;T.K. Stephens,70. Team(oneGross,OneNet) —1,BendGolfand CountryClub,123.2, GrantsPassGolf Club,125.3, BlackButteRanch,126. 4(tie), TrystingTreeGolf Club, 127; Three RiversGolf Club, 127.6, Golfin thePearl, 128. 7(tie), TheDagesCountry Club,129; StoneCreek Golf Club,129.

College Pac-12 All Times PDT Norlh Division Conf. O v era IIPF PA W L W L 0 0 0 1 1

Oregon 1 0 4 Washington 0 0 4 Oregon St. 0 0 3 California 0 1 2 Stanford 0 1 2 WashingtonSt. 0 1 1 South Division Arizona ArizonaSt. SouthernCal UCLA Utah Colorado

L 0 0 0 0 0 1

W 4 3 2 3 3 2

194 85 165 101 95 51 131 87 tralia, 4-6,7-5, 6-3. 90 13 Pierre-Hugues Herbert, France,def. BernardTomic, 3 141 124 Australia,6-4, 3-6,7-6(3). MarinkoMatosevic, Australia, def. NickKyrgios L PF PA (8), Australia,7-6(4), 7-6(3). 0 168 109 0 141 61 DEALS 1 96 60 0 90 72 0 141 51 Transactions 2 103 119 BASEBAL L

Thursday'sGame UCLAatArizonaSt., 7p.m. Saturday'sGames Colorado at California,1 p.m. Stanford at Washington,1:15 p.m. WashingtonSt.at Utah,5p.m. OregonSt, atSouthern Cal, 7:30 p.m.



Today'sGame Seattle FC atFCDallas, 6 p.m. Friday's Game NewEnglandat Sporting KansasCity,5 p.m. Saturday'sGames PortlandatToronto FC,10 a.m. PhiladelphiaatD.C.United, noon ChivasUSAat Seattle FC,1 p.m. RealSaltLakeatVancouver, 4p.m. MontrealatColumbus,4:30p.m. SanJoseat Colorado, 6p.m. Sunday'sGames ChicagoatHouston, noon NewYorkat LosAngeles,5:30p.m.

Thursday'sGame N.Y.GiantsatWashington, 5:25 p.m.

Sunday;sGames GreenBayat Chicago,10 a.m. Buffaloat Houston,10 a.m. Tennessee atlndianapolis, 10a.m. CarolinaatBaltimore,10a.m. Detroit atN.Y.Jets,10 a.m. Tampa Bayat Pitsburgh,10 a.m. Miamivs.OaklandatLondon,10 a.m. JacksonvilleatSanDiego,1:05 p.m. Philadelphiat a SanFrancisco,1:25 p.m. Atlantaat Minnesota,1:25 p.m. NewOrleansatDallas, 5:30p.m. Open: Arizona,Cincinnati, Cleveland,Denver, Seattle, St. Louis Monday'sGame NewEnglandatKansasCity,5:30p.m.

CONCACAF Champions


Group Five W D L GF Portland(UnitedStates) 3 0 0 14 Olimpia(Honduras) 2 0 1 9 AlphaUnited(Guyana) 0 0 4 1 Tuesday'sGame Portland6, AlphaUnited 0 Tuesday,Oct. 21 Olimpiavs. PortlandTimbers, 7p.m.

W 1 1 1 0 0 0



3 9 4 6 17 0



Buffalo 2,Carolina0 Columbus 2, Pittsburgh0 FOOTBALL Toronto 4Philadelphia0 Montreal3,Boston2 TampaBay4,Nashville2 merica's Line 2, Detroit1, OT Favorite Open Current 0/U Underdog Chicago Vancouver (ss) 4,SanJose(ss) 2 (Hometeamin caps) Arizona 4, Anaheim0 NFL SanJose(ss) 5,Vancouver(ss) 2 REDSKINS Dolphins





3 ' / r 45



401 / 2

I'/r 1 '/ r 4 9'/r 3'/z 3 41 7


Bills Titans 40 Panthers 45 JETS 4 4'/r Buccaneers 451 / 2

3 3 I'A 1 'A Lions TH 7'/r STEELE RS 4 4 '/r Jaguars CHARG ERS 13r/r 13 49ERS 4 r/r 5 50' / r Eagles Falcons 3 3 47 VIKINGS Saints 3 3 53 COWB OYS Monday,Sept. 29 Patriots 4 3 ' / r 4 5'/r CH IEFS

College Thursd ay

St GA SOU THERN15'/z 1TKr 60 App'chian OKLAHOMASTf4' Ir 14 Tfr/~ TexasTech Ucla 3r/z 5 59'/r ArizonaSt OLDDOM 3'A Fresno St Sr/r

Friday 3 67 5N

Saturda y MICHIGANST32 31 471/2 MICHIGAN 8 12 441/2


INDIANA 3 4 69'/r Baylor 2 2 r/r 21 68r/z WISCONSIN 33N 33 50 VIRGINIA 21 26'A 441/2 VA TECH 26 22 54

Wyoming Minnesota Maryland IOWA ST S. Florida KentSt W. Michigan UCONN Akron



41/2 441/2 T emple 3 N PITTSBU RGH 17A 19'/r 471/2


13 r /r 10 ff'A 1ITA 14'/r 17 21 BOSTONCOL 4'Iz 6'/z 5'/r BUFFALO 7 41/2 T ULSA 5 ' / r 26'/z KANSAS ST 30 AUBURN 33'/r 33'/r BowlGreen 10 5 CALIFOR NIA 10'Ir 13 Tcu 30 31'A Rice 10 10 S. CAROLINA 6 6 NAVY 7 7 Notre Dame 13~/r 12'A Texas A&M 10vr 9 USC 11 91/2 CLEMSON 13 14

Tulane N'western 45 57'/r C. Michigan 501/2 Vanderbilt 441/2 W akeForest 58'/z Colorado St 59'/r Miami-Ohio 62KX TexasSt 56r/r Utep 61'/r La Tech 64'/r UMASS 67r/r Colorado 51 SMU 561/2 S. Miss 63'/~ Missouri 68r/2 W. Kentucky 48'/r Syracuse 69'/r Arkansas 551/2 Oregon St 67'/r N. Carolina Stanford 6 71/2 471/2WASHINGTON T exas 14 r /r I3'4 41'Ir KANSAS GEORGIA 18 17 55'/z Tennesse e MIAMI-FLA 4 7 61'/r Duke Florida St 24 19 571/2 NC STA TE S. Alabama 6r/r 51/2 58r/r IDAHO OHIO ST 14 15 64 Cincinnati U AB 12' / z 16 52'/r FloridaInt'I MISSISSIPPI 21 19 571/2 Memphis UT-S.Antonio 3r/z 5 48'/zFLAATLANTIC UL-MONROE 9 12'/r 52'/r Troy UTAH 10 12 67'/r Washington St Boise St 1 4 13 571/2 AIR FOR CE LSU 45 43 54'/r NewMexico St 19'/z 67'/r NEBRA SKA 18 lffinois SANDIEG OST 17 16'/r 56'/r Unlv 4'/z 54 SANJOSEST Nevada 2 RUTGERS 11 PENN ST 10N TOLEDO 14 KENTUCKY 14N LOUISVILLE 21


Malaysi anOpen Tuesday at KualaLumpur, Malaysia First Round PabloAndujar(7), Spain, def.Gregoire Burquier, France,6-2,6-4. GoSoeda,Japan,def.KentoTakeuchi,Japan,6-2,6-1. Philipp Petzschner,Germany, def. JamesWard, Britain,6-4,3-6,7-6(5). Jarkko Nieminen,Finland, def. Philipp Oswald, Austria,6-1, 6-2. RajeevRam,United States, def. Oma r Jasika, Aus-

Today'sGames Washington atBoston,4 p.m. Carolinaat N.Y.Islanders, 4p.m. Arizonavs. Calgary at SylvanLake, Alberta, 4p.m. Ottawa(ss)at Toronto(ss), 4:30p.m. Toronto(ss)at Ottawa(ss), 4:30p.m. DallasatFlorida,4;30p.m. Edmontonat Winnipeg,5 p.m.

TENNIS ATP World Tour ShenzhenOpen Tuesday atShenzhen,China First Round Ricardas Berankis, Lithuania,def.GigesSimon(5), France,6-4,6-2. SantiagoGiraldo(6), Colombia,def. BowenOuyang, China, 3-6, 6-3,6-4. VasekPospisil (7),Canada,def. TeymurazGabashvili, Russia6-3, , 6-4. AndreasSeppi (8), Italy, def. MaximoGonzalez, Argentina,7-6(3), 6-2. Viktor TroickiSerbi , a,def. Martin Klizan,Slovakia, 5-7, 6-1,3-0,retired. ThanasiKokkinakis,Australia, def. EgorGerasimov, Belarus,7-6(3), 6-1. GillesMuffer,Luxembourg, def.MarcoChiudinelli, Switzerland,6-4,3-6, 6-4. LukasLacko,Slovakia, def.EvgenyDonskoy, Russia, 6-1,7-6(4). SamGroth,Australia, def.JamesDuckworth, Australia, 6-3,6-7(5), 6-3.


TEXASRANGERS— Reinstated OF Jim Adduci

from the15-dayDL. National League COLOR ADOROCKIES—Signedafour-year player developm ent contractwithBoise (NWL) through2018. NEWYORKMETS— SignedgeneralmanagerSandy Alderson toacontractextensionthrough2017. BASKETB ALL National Basketball Association ATLANTA HAWKS— SignedG KentBazemore.ResignedF-0 EltonBrand. MIAMIHEA T— Signed GAndre Dawkins and F ShawnJones. Women'sNational Basketball Association INDIANAFEVER— NamedStephanieWhitecoach FOOTBALL

National Football League ARIZON ACARDINALS— SignedRBMarionGrice from the SanDiego practice squad.Released PDrew Butler. ATLANTAFALCONS— SignedOTReidFrageltothe practicesquad.WaivedOTTerrenJones. CHICAGO BEARS— SignedWRJoshuaBeff amyto the practicsq euad. CLEVELAND BROWNS — SignedWRLeeDossto the practicsq euad. DALLASCOWBOYS — Re-signedDELavarEdwanis. GREENBAYPACKERS — SignedGJoshWalker to the practicesquad.Released0 JoshAllen fromthe practicesquad. INDIANA POLISCOLTS—SignedLBTrevardoWilliams the to practice squad. ReleasedDENnamdiObukwelu from the practice squadwith aninjury setlement. JACKSO NVILLEJAGUARS— Signed LBJeremiah George fromthe NewYorkJetspractice squadand rookietightendNicJacobsfromNewOrleanspractice squad.Re-signedSSherrodMartin. Waived/injured S ChrisProsinski.WaivedTEMarcelJensenandWRKerry Taylor.SignedFBEric Kettani to thepractice squad. NEWYOR KJETS — Released CBElis Lankster. SignedCBBrandonSmith. PITTSBURGHSTEELERS — Si gned LB James Harrison. SAN DI EGO CHARGERS — Signed LB Cordarro Law,RBShaun Draughn and LB Kevin Reddick. PlacedRBDanny Woodhead on the injuredreserve list. Released DELawrenceGuy. Released CBMarcus Cromartiefromtheinjuredreservelist. SignedRBMarion Gricefromthepractice squad.Re-signedLBColton Under woodandRBD.J.Adamstothepracticesquad. SignedTEDavePaulsonto thepractice squad.Waived SAdrianPhilips fromthepractice squad. SANFRANCISC049ERS—Signed QBJoshJohnson toaone-yearcontract. WaivedTEAsanteCleveland. TAMPABAYBUCCANEERS— Announcedoff ensive coordinatorJeffTedford hastakenanindefinite leaveof absen ce.Re-signedWR LouisMurphy.Waived WR Chris Owusu.Released LBKa'Lial Glaud,S Kimario McFadden andDEAdrianRobinsonfromthe practice squad. WASHINGTONREDSKINS—SignedOLTevita Stevens to thepractice squad.ReleasedOLBraxston Cave from thepractice squad. HOCKEY National HockeyLeague BUFFALO SABRES—AssignedFJos

VVTA Dongfeng MotorWuhanOpen Tuesday atWuhan, China SecondRound Alize Cornet,France,def. SerenaWiliams (1), UnitedStates,5-6, retired. GarbineMuguruza,Spain, def. SimonaHalep(2), Romania2-6, , 6-2, 6-3. CarolineWozniacki(8), Denmark,def. CarlaSuarez Navarro,Spain,6-1,3-6, 7-6(4). CocoVandeweghe,UnitedStates,def.JelenaJankovic (10),Serbia,4-1, retired. Alison Riske,UnitedStates, def. SaraErrani (11), Italy,6-4, 6-4. TimeaBacsinszky, Switzerland, def. Ekaterina Makarova (13), Russia, 6-4,6-1. Karolina Pliskova,CzechRepublic, def. Andrea Petkovic(16),Germany, 6-4, 6-4. KirstenFlipkens,Belgium,def. Jarmila Gajdosova, Australia,6-3,3-6, 6-3. Elina Svitolina,Ukraine,def. SabineLisicki, Germany, 7-6(3), 6-3. BarboraZahlavovaStrycova, Czech Republic, def. Madison Keys, UnitedStates, 3-6, 6-2,6-2. CaseyDegacqua, Australia, def.Anas tasia Pavlyuchenkova, Russia,7-6(7),6-7(5), 6-1. AngeliqueKerber(7), Germany, def. ZarinaDiyas, Kazakhstan, 4-6,6-2,6-4. Petra Kvitova(3) CzechRepublic def. Karin Knapp,Italy,6-3,6-0. EugenieBouchard(6), Canada, def. MonaBarthel, Germany, 4-6,6-3, 6-4.

"When t got here I knew that kids from Oregon wanted to come to Oregon. But now, kids from all over the country, this is their dream school."

FISH COUNT Upstreamdaily movement of adult chinookjack chinook,steelheadandwild steelheadat selectedColumbiaRiverdamslast updatedonTuesday. Chnk Jchnk Stlhd Wsllhd B onneville 10,943 3,009 1,784 6 7 9 The Dalles 11,292 2,331 2,747 1,191 John Day 9,956 2,065 2,449 1,191 McNary 12,588 2,049 3,905 1,743 Upstream year-to-date movement ofadult chinook, jack chinook,steelheadand wild steelheadat selected ColumbiaRiverdamslast updatedonSaturday. Chnk Jchnk Stlhd Wsllhd Bonneville1,039,315152,597 176,167 122,056 The Dalles 667,337 102,752 121,721 83,292 John Day 541,832 84,177 88,750 55,968

McNary 486,632 73,900 84,504 50,778

After starting his coaching career in 1989 at Northern

Michigan, where he went 123-55 and won the 1993 NCAA Divi-

sion II national championship, Moore moved on toathree-year stint at Kansas State (61-34), then four years at Texas (84-38), rankings. where he won a Big 12 champiA waiting them a fter t h i s onship before resigning after a

— Ducks volleyball coach Jim Moore

son of one or fewer wins in con- the year and one of 10 all-Amerference play. icansforOregon underMoore's "I can't even imagine that watch. "He is a great coach," Brenner happening now," senior outside hitter Liz Brenner said. said. "He's not a big yeller, but Thatisbecause ithas nothap- he knows exactly how to work pened since. with us, how to talk to us. He Despite playing in what has wants to know how we're feeilong been recognized as the ing, like how's my shoulder after strongest conference in the the game last night? Then he'll NCAA, the Ducks have become adjust practice or drills to howa national power under Moore, ever we're feeling." who has six 20-win seasons This season, the Ducks were at Oregon and has taken the picked by Pac-12 coaches to Ducks to the postseason seven finish fifth, along with Califortimes. nia. They also opened the year That includes 2012, when unranked. Oregon played for the national With a spotless start that has championship against Texas to included wins against thencap a 30-5 season. No. 20 Hawaii and then-No. 23 That team included Aiaina Michigan State, the Ducks have Bergsma, the national player of climbed back into the national

week is a Pac-12 schedule that includes six teams ranked in the

10-18 season in 2000.

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He followed with two seasons top 25, including No. 1 Stanford. at Chico State (34-21) before re"I always think it's going to turning to Northern Michigan turn out great," Moore said. "I (50-8) for twoyears. thought we would be good. The W hen Oregon came calling one thing I didn't know is how again — the Ducks tried to hire good the University of Oregon Moore after Cathy Nelson reathletic department would turn signed following the 1999 season — hejumped atthe chance out tobe. "I have been so fortunate to to head back to the West Coast. "I'm excited about what we've be part of this department as it's grown like crazy. When I been able to create, but I'm right Oregon wanted to come to Ore- to be here a little while longer," gon. But now, kids from all over Moore said. "I'm still framing the country, this is their dream the house." school." And taking up a long-term As it turns out, it has been

Moore's dream school as well.

residence in his latest rebuild-

ing project.

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