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W EAT H E R Forecasts andgraphics provided byAccuWeather,Inc. ©2014









HIGH 63'

ALMANAC Bend through 5 p.m.yesterday

TEMPERATURE Yesterday Normal Record




64' 39'

LOW 45'

t, t,

Mostly cloudy, cooler; brief p.m. showers

I f' I


Intermittent rain, becoming steadier

Periods of rain


64' 42'



65' 40'


Mostly cloudy, chance ofa little rain


Shown is today's weather.Temperatures are today's highs andtonight's lows. umatiaa Hood 77/55 RiVer Rufus • ermiston

Yesterday Today Thursday

Cily Hi/Lo/Prec. HiRo/W High 77 71 89' in 1 907 Abilene 87/65/0.00 85/62/pc 67 iington 74/53 Portland ~ Akron 70/43/0.00 75/51/s Low 54' 38' 22' in 1913 Meac am Loshne 71/51 Albany 70/40/0.00 72/52/s • w 81/47 Enterpnise PRECIPITATION dlehn 3/ heoaa 7 4 Albuquerque 81/58/Tr 84/61/pc • 75/ 3 24 hours through 5 p.m. yesterday 0.00" CENTRAL:Mostly andy • Anchorage 56/36/0.00 54/38/s 70/66 Mc innviff 0/66 Govee 0.50"in 1917 cloudy today.Periods 66/65 Joseph Atlanta 77/62/0.00 77/61/s Record • He ppner Grande • n t • u p i Condon 4/54 81 49 Atlantic City 66/48/0.00 73/64/r Month to date (normal) 0.0 1 " (0.32") f'a"t "ght b union Lincoln Austin 84/66/0.00 85/59/s 60/ Year to date(nnrmal) 5.52 " (7.08") ing steadier. Periods of 64/I Sale Baltimore 72/44/0.00 73/60/sh pmy Granitee Barometric pressure at 4 p.m. 29 . 9 0" rain tomorrow. 72/ 6/53 Billings 86/59/0.00 89/57/s 'Baker C Newpo 77/44 • M51 Birmingham 82/54/0.00 81/60/s SUN ANDMOON 0/52 63/63 • Mitch ll 83/43 Bismarck 72/54/0.00 86/55/s Camp Sh man '72/49 WEST:Cloudy with Today Thu. Red n Boise 86/63/0.01 91/60/s • John eu Sunrise 6:54 a.m. 6: 5 6 a.m. a touch of rain 70/51 Boston 66/54/s • Prineville Day 1/44 tario Bridgeport, CT 72/50/0.00 I'6 Sunset 6:59 p.m. 6: 5 7 p.m. today.Plentyofclouds 70/47/0.00 71/58/s 67/49 • Pa lina 79/49 9 52 84/4 Buffalo 67/45/0.00 75/53/s Moonrise 7:22 a.m. 8: 2 2 a.m. tonight with a couple Floren e • Eugene ' Be d Brothers 47 Valee 64/56 Burlington, VT 64/49/0.00 72/52/s 71/51 Moonset 7:10 p.m. 7 : 3 9 p.m. of showers. 45 Su Were 63/45 91/54 Caribou, ME 55/38/0.01 63/42/s Nyssa • 6 4/ Ham ton MOONPHASES c e Charleston, SC 72/66/0.58 75/64/1 • La Pine 90/52 Grove Oakridge Charlotte 62/59/0.03 70/58/r First Fu l l Last New • Burns Juntura OREGON EXTREMES 87/49 69/51 /51 Chattanooga 80/58/0.00 81/58/s 67 3 FortRock Riley 84/38 YESTERDAY Cresce 69/44 Cheyenne 76/53/0.00 81/51/s 81/41 63/43 Chicago 74/51/0.00 73/55/s High: 87' Bandon Roseburg • C h ristmas alley Cincinnati 73/45/0.00 77/50/s Oct 1 O c t 8 Oc t 15 O c t 23 at Medford Jordan VHey 65/54 Beaver Silver Frenchglen 72/53 Cleveland 69/41/0.00 74/52/s Low: 43' 84/52 Marsh Lake 82/46 THE PLANETS ColoradoSprings 84/50/0.00 81/53/s 62/42 at Lakeview Po 0 70/45 Gra • Burns Jun tion Columbia, Mo 75/48/0.00 76/55/s The Planets Rise Set • Paisley 64/ a Columbia, SC 71/64/0.07 72/61/c • 67/60 Mercury 9:20 a.m. 7:39 p.m. • Chiloquin 74/47 Columbus, GA 79/61/0.00 81/62/pc MedfO Gold ach 65/44 Rome • o Venus 6:12 a.m. 6:48 p.m. 0' Columbus,OH 74/45/0.00 78/53/s 70/54 63/ 88/50 Mars 12:46 p.m. 9:40 p.m. Klamath Concord, NH 71/37/0.00 67/44/s Fields • • Ashl nd 'Falls Jupiter 2:49 a.m. 5:13 p.m. • Lakeview McDermi Corpus Christi 89n5/0.01 87/70/t Bro mgs 84/50 69/5 66/44 Saturn 11:04 a.m. 9:03 p.m. 64/5 78/43 84/52 Dallas 84/63/0.00 85/61/s Dayton 74/42/0.00 77/50/s uranus 7:25 p.m. 8:13 a.m. Denver 83/52/0.00 83/55/s Yesterday Today Thursday Yesterday Today Thursday Yesterday Today Thursday Des Moines 72/54/0.00 72/58/pc City H i/Lo/Prec. Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W C i ty Hi/Lo/Prec. Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/Prec. Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Detroit 71/44/0.00 73/52/s 68/6 0/0.0871/57/r 73/53/sh 10 a.m. Noon 2 p.m. 4 p.m. Astoria 65/58/0.31 68/55/sh 67/54/sh L a Grande 82 / 54/0.16 81/49/pc 72/43/t Portland Duluth 73/50/0.00 66/55/c Baker City 80/50/0.07 83/43/pc 74/40/pc La Pine 72/46/0.00 65/43/c 64/38/r Prinevige 79/ 54/0.0067/49/sh 64/42/r El Paso 83/66/Tr 84/64/pc 2 4~3 ~ 3~ I 2 Brookings 68/58/0.21 64/54/r 65/51/sh Medford 8 7 /59/0.00 69/54/r 75/48/shRedmond 78/ 54/0.0063/46/sh 65/37/r Fairbanks 42/29/0.12 43/25/pc The highertheAccuWealher.rxrmIV Index number, Bums 87/65/0.00 84/38/pc 70/35/pc N e wport 6 4/59 /0.24 63/53/r 6 2 /52/sh Roseburg 84 / 56/0.00 72/53/r 75/49/sh Fargo 77/56/0.00 76/57/s the greatertheneedfor eysandskin protscgon.0-2 Low Eugene 71/54/0.04 71/51/r 73/46/sh N o rth Bend 7 3 / 61/0.01 67/54/r 66/52/sh Salem 68/56/0.04 72/54/r 72/49/sh Flagstaff 76/42/0.00 78/44/pc 3-5 Moderate;6-7 High;8-10 VeryHigh; 11+ Exlrsms. Klamath Fags 76/55/0.00 66/44/c 64/34/r On t ario 81/58/0.00 91/52/s 82/50/s Sisters 77/50/0.00 64/46/sh 66/38/r Grand Rapids 74/45/0.00 73/51/s Lakeview 77/43/0.00 78/43/pc65/30/t Pendleton 79/59/0.03 75/53/pc 67/48/t The Dages 7 3 / 57/0.00 70/56/sh 73/49/r Green Bay 74/45/0.00 70/51/s Greensboro 60/56/0.05 66/59/r Weather(W):s-sunny,pc-partlycloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers,t-thunderstorms,r-rain, sf-snowflurries, sn-snowl-ice,Tr-trace,Yesterday data asof 5 p.m. yesterday Harrisburg 72/45/Tr 73/58/s G rasses T r ee s Wee d s Harfford, CT 72/44/0.00 73/52/pc Absent ~ L o~ w Abs e nt Helena 80/50/0.27 89/53/s Source: OregonAgergyAssociates 541-683-1577 Honolulu 92/78/0.01 91/78/s ~ e s ~t es ~ 208 ~3 0s ~4 0s ~ 50s ~ 608 ~ 708 ~ags ~9 0s ~ 10 0 s ~ T TOs Houston ~ tos ~ g s 84/64/0.00 86/65/s Huntsville 85/50/0.00 81/57/s NATIONAL Igary v Indianapolis 72/47/0.00 75/51/s As of 7 a.m.yesterday d Que c sia darar /49 • i nidag~~Etrs nder aay ea/ Jackson, MS 83/58/0.00 84/61/s v a d, Reservoir Ac r e feet Ca pacity EXTREMES d d d d 73 x x x >4 5 7 Jacksonville 81/69/0.06 80/67/1 (for the C rane Prairie 290 4 5 53vo YESTERDAY aismarck orda Wickiup 48552 24'Yo 48 contiguousstates) 1/SO sa/55 dddd dsds • Billings Crescent Lake 6 0 2 60 69% National high: 110 ronto he s Amsterdam 64/48/0.00 61/53/r d d d d 89/57 iii v /ao /5 Ochoco Reservoir 15677 35% at Death Valley,CA P Boston Athens 93n3/0.00 77/64/s d d d • 91/ac x xx a uke 85/5 /54 ullalo Auckland 58/46/0.00 63/52/pc Prineville 92049 62vo National low: 31 sss /8 w York Baghdad 99/72/0.00 99/71/s River flow St a tion Cu. ft.lsec. at TuolumneMeadows rn s Che n 4/5II -4'4'4'.v.v.v.~ Bangkok 93/84/0.06 92/78/t (2758 Deschutes R.below Crane Prairie 221 CA ,s 81/5 Beijing 65/60/0.25 76/59/pc C icag • 7Col mb Deschutss R.below Wickiup 1170 Precipitation: 1.91" Beirut 84n5/0.00 88/79/s an aacisco Sa l i Lakeity d d Om 7 /55 • Dea 89/43 a ey 4 4. W V. V. v. > v. Berlin 59/47/0.00 61/49/pc Deschutes R.below Bend 92 at Russell, KS 77/63 83/5 us ne 7 5 /64 d LasV as Bogota 70/48/0.00 65/46/1 Deschutes R. atBenhamFalls 1600 d d w y yy ~ 79/53 97/7 KansasCtty si. u Budapest 61/46/0.00 61/43/pc Little Deschutss near LaPine 124 72/59 s d rv.xy' 77/ Buenos Ai r es 61/59/0.20 69/57/s 0/SS ashva C rescent Ck. below Crescent Lake 1 1 9 Los Aa les dd Cabo San Lucas 99n5/0'.00 89/76/t 81/5 Crooked R.above Prineville Res. 0 • 7/4 • L' Cairo 93/73/0.00 100/75/s pheen d Anchorage Albuque u6 ' kl a homa Ci 8 89 • Ai Crooked R.below Prineville Res. 191 Calgary 68/57/0.03 77/49/pc • 104/8 • 54/3 e 0 84/61 8 77/av Cancun 88n3/0.35 87/77/t Crooked R.nearTerrebonne 173 air inuha • uana Juneau al Pa Dublin 59/52/0.25 59/48/pc Ochoco Ck.below OchocoRes. 8 81/ ss/6 4/6 Edinburgh 59/52/0.31 58/49/pc 59/44 Geneva 63/52/0.00 64/48/sh /Yev.k k Harare • rIdawwwwwx 79/50/0.00 81/49/s ~~~~~d d Bend/Sunriver xtrsm~s 4/as .eixx Hong Kong 88/77/0.00 90/78/pc ~ ~ Chrhuahua W WW% X X V.V. X X v k V. V. V. X% X'CV.lk X X X k W % Istanbul 77no/0.04 70/60/s efns Redmond/Madras ~x tre ~me 81/57 ~vv. 'e x M%%>xxwwwvv. ~exxhxwh~' Jerusalem 79/62/0.00 84/63/s Me ~v.v.v.v. emavxtv<Y<v.x 'exYaxx Johannesburg 74/53/0.00 77/52/s Sisters ~E xt re~me 83/4 • k v v v '+ '+ 'v v ' v v v '+ '+ '+ v '4 '+ vQwwwv. 'v Lima 66/58/0.00 68/58/pc Prinevige ~~ xt rsm~s Lisbon 73/63/0.24 76/62/t Shown are today's noonpositions of weather systemsand precipitation. Temperature bandsare highs for the day. London 64/45/0.00 64/47/pc La Pine/Gilchrist ~x tre ~ me T-storms Rain S h owers S now F l urries Ice Warm Front Sta t ionary Front Madrid Cold Front 75/55/0.00 74/51/1 Manila 88/79/0.00 89/76/sh Source: USDA Forest Service •







64' 42'

Sun and clouds

Clouds limiting sunshine


EAST:Partly sunny and dry today.Partly Seasid cloudy tonight. Cooler 66/57 tomorrow; turning out Cannon cloudy. 64/57







Hi/Lo/W 85/61/s 75/52/s 68/50/pc 83/61/t 53/40/s 79/63/pc 71/60/r 86/63/s 67/56/r 90/57/s 83/62/s 88/59/s 84/57/s 66/55/r 66/57/r 73/51/s 72/52/pc 71/48/pc 82/67/c 76/60/sh 83/61/s 83/51/s 74/53/pc 77/53/s 72/53/s 83/53/s 79/58/pc 79/64/c 82/64/pc 78/56/s 65/44/c

Yesterday Today Thursday


Juneau Kansas City Lansing Las Vegas Lexington Lincoln Litffe Rock Los Angeles Louisville Madison, Wl Memphis Miami

Milwaukee Minneapolis Nashville New Orleans New YorkCity Newark, NJ Norfolk, VA OklahomaCity

Omaha Orlando Palm Springs Peoria Philadelphia Phoenix Pittsburgh Portland, ME

Providence Raleigh

Rapid City Reno Richmond Rochester, NY


87/65/s 77/54/s 87/56/s

Sacramento St. Louis Salt Lake City San Antonio San Diego San Francisco San Jose Santa re Savannah Seattle Sioux Fags Spokane Springfield, Mo Tampa Tucson Tulsa Washington,Dc

79/60/pc 73/52/s 68/52/s 82/62/s 48/27/s

81/60/pc 78/49/pc 76/51/s 72/49/pc

75/59/sh 68/53/r 65/51/r

88/53/s 90/78/sh 86/67/s 84/58/s 76/54/s 87/63/s


Yakima Yuma




sono/pc 63/52/c 101/72/s 91/78/t 73/59/pc

Syng/pc 61/51/sh 68/46/c 61/48/sh 71/48/pc 86/73/t 100/73/s 73/47/s


68/55/sh 63/55/sh 63/44/sh 83/52/s 90/80/s 72/61/s 81/63/s 80/56/s 67/58/pc 80/63/s 66/57/pc 76/50/s



Hi/Lo/Prec. Hi/Lo/W HiRo/W 56/44/0.01 59/44/c 57/44/sh 74/52/Tr 72/59/pc 79/60/s 73/45/Tr 96/73/0.00 74/44/0.00 70/58/0.19 80/53/0.00 84/63/0.00 75/47/0.00 74/45/0.00 81/54/0.00 83/72/0.81 73/53/0.00 74/51/0.00 78/49/0.00

s5no/0.00 71/52/0.00 74/50/0.00 65/62/0.00


78/51/s 79/55/s 78/56/sh 83/61/s 81/59/s 84/62/s 87/67/s 86/66/pc 79/53/s 79/56/s 71/52/s 74/50/pc 83/61/s 85/63/s 87n7/t 87/78/t 69/55/s 70/53/pc 70/60/pc 76/59/s 81/55/s 82/57/s 85n1/pc 86/72/s 74/59/s 66/58/r 73/59/s 67/57/r 74/68/r 76/65/r 83/58/pc 84/58/s 76/58/sh 81/62/s

82/54/0.00 73/60/0.05 86/71/0.72 87/74/t 87/74/t 105/73/0.00 107/81/s 106/80/s 76/48/0.00 75/55/s 77/55/pc 72/50/0.00 75/61/pc 67/59/r 102/77/0.00 104/81/pc 104/82/pc 69/38/0.00 73/52/s 72/52/s 69/41/0.00 62/45/s 65/47/c 69/43/0.00 72/54/s 68/54/r 64/57/Tr 66/61/r 74/61/sh 82/56/0.01 85/54/s 90/57/s 89/54/0.00 86/56/pc 76/49/s 70/52/0.00 72/63/r 73/60/r 72/42/0.00 75/52/s 73/49/s 89/61/0.00 85/62/pc 75/56/sh 75/51/0.00 77/58/s 80/59/pc 85/58/0.00 89/63/s 89/64/s 92/73/0.00 87/66/pc 87/69/pc 78/67/0.00 81n0/s 81/70/pc 77/65/0.00 77/63/pc 75/62/sh 78/59/0.00 78/62/pc 73/58/sh 81/59/0.00 81/53/pc 80/53/1 79/67/0.08 76/63/1 81/68/c 66/58/0.01 69/56/r 70/55/sh 63/57/0.13 73/57/pc 80/58/s 77/58/0.02 71/53/pc 69/48/t 75/50/0.00 76/55/s 80/58/s 81/73/0.02 85n3/t 87/75/t 98n5/0.00 97n5/pc 97/73/pc 79/54/0.00 81/58/pc 84/60/s 75/54/0.00 75/64/r 71/62/r 83/58/0.01 82/60/c 86/60/s 74/53/Tr 70/50/sh 67/42/r 103/78/0.00 106/82/s 106/83/pc


Mecca Mexico City

109/84/0.00 106/82/s 74/56/0.14 71/55/1 Montreal 63/45/0.03 69/51/s Moscow 63/46/0.10 52/40/r Nairobi 79/53/0.00 81/58/1 Nassau 88/80/0.10 89/76/t New Delhi 99n5/0.00 95n4/s Osaka 83/59/0.06 81/72/r Oslo 46/34/0.00 50/39/c Ottawa 64/39/Tr 71/48/s Paris 64/48/0.00 67/48/pc Rio de Janeiro 79/64/0.00 85/68/pc Rome 79/63/0.00 75/61/1 Santiago 59/43/0.00 60/44/pc Sao Paulo 82/55/0.00 83/65/1 Sapporo 71/52/0.00 72/59/c Seoul 83/63/0.43 71/58/r Shanghai 78n5/0'.49 80/68/pc Singapore 90/78/0.03 87n7/t Stockholm 46/37/0.26 50/42/c Sydney 70/47/0.00 78/56/s Taipei 84ng/0'.40 89/79/t Tel Aviv syn2/0.00 88n3/s Tokyo 77/66/0.00 76/70/1 Toronto 72/46/0.00 71/51/s Vancouver 64/57/0.22 64/53/r Vienna 59/48/0.07 62/51/pc Warsaw 54/46/0.09 56/45/pc


K. ®5 II .

Groundskeeper nurtures

both garden,youngpeople By Nathan Bruttrell


Corvallis Gazette-Times



CORVALLIS — Every day for more than 30 years, Mark

Elledge has helped to maintain more than 60 acres of gar-

ruf nr

den on the 300-acre campus

of the Children's Farm Home north of Corvallis off U.S. Highway 20. With the help of the youngsters who attend the residence

What the great Cascadia earthquake could mean to Central Oregon. '

treatment facility, Elledge, 60,

has takenseveral acres ofdirt fields and transformed them 1,000-plus plants include tomatoes, peppers, onions, turnips, strawberries, squash and

dozens of wildflowers. Elledge works with children at the school to maintain and

Amanda Cowan / Corvagis Gazette-Times

Groundskeeper Mark Elledge strolls through the Children's Farm Home garden outside Corvaliis with an armful of fresh produce Thursday. Children from the residence treatment facility assist Elledge with the garden.

"I want them to experience the outdoors, and

ceeds ensure that the garden

they love it, and they get to learn valuable life

continues to grow. The work is tiring, and the

hours are long, but Elledge doesn't mind. "It's not easy work, but the

Dr. Scott Ashford, Dean of the College of Engineering, Oregon State Univeristy

Lisa Stroup, Executive Director, Oregon Mountain River Chapter of the American Red Cross

harvest the garden and sell the fruits, vegetables and flowers at a produce stand. The pro-

Join expertsforapanel discussion on Cascadia and an in-depth look at how the major earthquake predicted to hit the Oregon coast sometime in the next 50 years could impact Central Oregon.The panel includes:

Sgt. Nathan Garibay, Emergency Service Manager, Deschutes County Sheriffs Office

into a sustainable garden. Its

skills." — Mark Elledge, Children's Farm Home garden groundskeeper

real reason to do this is to help "farm" tradition alive. "I want them to experience the kids," Elledge said. "I've always enjoyed helping the the outdoors, and they love it, kids out and teaching them and they get to learn valuable how to do this work. The gar- life skills," he said. "Gardenden is great, and people love ing may be somewhat basic, the fresh produce, butthe real but for them to learn a life skill goal is to provide as many artd have fun and get some(positive) experiences as we thing positive is the key." can for the kids." The youth at t h e s chool Elledge said that each sea- work year-round on the garson, dozens of the young res- den and are involved from idents from the Children's seed to harvest. The school's Farm Home school apply to cafe,staffand any passersby work in the garden at the pay for the produce, which well-recognized landmark. helps buy materials for the T he most visible part o f garden in the summer and fall the school — its historic brick and for the greenhouse during school building facing High- colder months. way 20 — opened in 1925 as "Nothing goes to waste an orphanage. It has been re- here," Elledge said. "The staff

helped on the garden have become very positive and enthusiastic about the work. "It has been w onderful,"

Frisk said. "The kids enjoy having something to do and being out here. And they really enjoy working with Mark." Frisk noted that the kids

receive a small stipend and vocational training credit for their work in the garden.

"It helps give them skills once they leave the facility, and it gives them a chance

to feel normal," she said. "(Mark's) done a really nice job with this, and they love it."

The garden is open to the public Monday through Friday. The youth also host a dog stored, and it reopened in 2013 and people who come to the bath and car washes with the for use by the school and the stand get fresh produce, and produce stand on Fridays. "We're kind of a well-kept community. the kids get the opportunity These days, the Children's to start the plants, nurture secret, but it is open to the pubFarm Home is administered them and work with it all the lic," Frisk said. "We're always looking to by Trillium Family Services way through to the harvest all as a therapy and education- while gaining life skills." get more peopleout here," al facility for youths who are Glenda Frisk, the develop- Elledge added. "If people want coping with emotional and ment manager at th e Chil- to come outhere and getgood mental health issues. Elledge dren's Farm Home School, produce at great prices, we'd helps to keep some of the said that children who have love to have them."

Four key organizations are partnering to bring this important preparedness event to you. Don't miss this free event for a first-hand look at the predicted Cascadia quake and for important tips on how to prepare yourself, your family and your business to survive the immediate aftermath.

t The Bulletin servingcentral oregon sincelsce

Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2014 7 p.m. at the Tower Theatre A panel presentation with time for audience questions. Free and open to the public. Tickets and information: www.towertheatre.org 5C-746-4S66

Amerlcan Red Cross Oregon Mountain River Chapter

grsgsnStats Cascades



97n3/s 99/76/pc


108/81/s 72/54/t 72/53/s 54/39/pc 78/57/sh 90n7/t


82/64/sh 56/47/c 73/48/s 67/47/pc 84/70/pc 74/58/t 60/40/pc 74/67/1 70/57/c 80/61/s 81/69/pc 86/77/t 54/44/c 69/54/r 89/79/t 87/74/s 82/67/r 73/47/s 65/53/r 61/49/sh 60/46/sh

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