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TODAY'S READERBOARD BuS Safety —After deadly crashes regulations andinspections are in thespotlight. A7


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Dalai LamaAnother visit with Obama is drawing controversy.AS

Controlled earthpuake

— In a lab, testing construction changes for the National Cathedral.A3

• The city of Bendhascollected $1.1 milion in parking fines during the past 5 years The Bulletin

Downtown Bend Business Associ-

Plus: Artificial muscle

ation Executive Director Chuck Ar -

nold likes to compare parking spac-

trail cleared: see photos. B1

ln world news — Deal reached in Ukraine.A2

And a Wed exclusiveA rash of illnesses at aCalifornia school points to problems with pollution monitoring. bnntibnnetin.cnm/nxtrns

es in downtown Bend to tables in a restaurant.

24 beated upgrades to Meda of Honor By Scott Wilson The Washington Post

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama will correct a historical act of discrimination next month when he awards the Medal of Honor, the nation's

highest commendation for combat valor, to a group of Hispanic, Jewish and African-American veterans who were passed over because of their racial or

ethnicbackgrounds. The unusual presentation will culminate a 12-year

Pentagon review ordered by Congress into past discrimination in the ranks

and will hold a particular poignancy when conducted

The Bulletin

Diamond Parking Services, which handles parking permits and tickets in downtown Bend, provided information to TheBulletin about nearly 67,000 tickets issued to parking violators between July 2008 andDecember 2013. Parking officers record tickets issued by block and side of street, as well as by individual parking area. Thedots below are placed to approximate those locations to give an idea ofwhere most tickets are issued.

"Just like tables in a busy restaurant, if you're not turning them over, you're not selling any food," Arnold told the City Council at a meeting in January. This is why the two-hour limit for downtown street parking makes sense,

Arnold said. "In the end, it is customer parking


1-270 •

280 - 7 50

780 - 1 400

When employees of businesses park on the street, "they're taking money out of everybody's pocket." Nonetheless, some of the people who repeatedly receive tickets for violating

But because Conger cannot simultaneously run for his House seat and the

U.S. Senate seat, it's his last legislative session in Salem

1500- 2300

Kearney Ave. 2400-3800


®% ~

+ute Blvrr

are business owners, according to The Bulletin's analysis of five years of data from Diamond Parking Services, the company that enforces city parking code. Bend-La Pine Schools Board Chair-

SALEM — This legisla-

tive session could be Rep. Jason Conger's launching pad to the U.S. Senate or his political swan song. The Bend Republican said he's confident he can oust U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley, a Democrat.

Lafayette Ave.

on the streets," Arnold said on Friday.

the time limit and other parking laws


By Lauren Dake

Tickets issuedin downtownBend

By Hillary Borrud

— Made from fishing line and stronger than you.A3

Smith Rock —Misery Ridge

Conger's Salemdays are drawing to an end



ts •

forthe foreseeable future.

"Looking back, the opportunity to serve in

Gre enwood Ave

the Legislature has been


a lot of hard work and a


•p •




fair measure of frustration


and an amazing learning experience," Conger said. "It's been a privilege and I mean that in the smcerest


sense, not the cliche." SeeConger/A5



woman Cheri Helt and her husband,

Greeley Ave

Stephen Helt, have received 45 tickets

since 2008. The couple own Zydeco Kitchen 8t Cocktails on

N o r thwest

g Franklin Ave. Bond Street. Eight of the Helts' parking tickets were voided, according to Diamond Parking. The Helts spent nearly Georgia Ave. $1,700 to pay the remaining tickets. On ParkPI. 'Cl Friday, Helt said this is simply the cost Georgia Ave. Hunter Pl. CO of doing business. aS E "If I'm bringing stuff, I'm running Lake Pl. CO Florida Ave. errands, I'm not going to want to carry something heavy from the parking Source: Diamond Parking Services Andy Zeigert / The Bulletin garage," said Helt, who added that she and her husband have a permit for the TICKETS BYMAKE AND COLOR city's downtown parking garage which Think they're targeting Subarus? Orred cars? Here's the breakdown. Remember,though, it they also use. could just be areflection of the overall car population in Bend. Diamond Parking has issued more than 66,000 tickets and 3,600 warnTnp 10makes Tickets issued Tnp10 colors Tickets issued ings to people for violating parking Toyota 10,570 White 14,092 laws over the last five years. The peoFord Silver 8,328 12,074 ple who received tickets paid more than $1.1 million to the city over the last five Subaru 6,335 Black 8,697 years. Drivers can often lower their Chevy Gray 6,093 7,975 ticket amounts by paying them quickHonda 5,367 Blue 7,812 ly or appealing to the municipal court judge. Jeep 3,371 Red 6,146 The city has tweaked its parking Volkswagen 3,238 Green 4,671 rules several times in recent years Dodge 3,201 Tan 2,025 in an effort to make sure there is enough turnover to attract customers Nissan 3,034 Gold 1,581 downtown. GMC 2,149 Maroon 1,450 SeeParking/A5

Fed in '08: uncertainty, then action By BinyaminAppelbaum New York Times News Service


the morning after Lehman Brothers filed for bank-

ruptcy in 2008, most Federal Reserve officials still believed that the U.S. econ-

omy would keep growing despite the metastasizing financial crisis.

The Fed's policymaking committee voted unani-

mously against bolstering the economy by cutting interest rates, and officials praised what they described as the decision to let Lehman fail, saying it would help to restore a sense of accountability on Wall Street. SeeFed /A4

by the nation's first Afri-

can-American president. Although the review predatesObama's tenure,he has made addressing discrimination in the military

— induding ending the ban on gay and lesbian service members — a priority as commander in chief. With the ornate White House East Room as

backdrop, the March 18 ceremony will mark another step to revisit a history of discrimination in the

armed forces as the nation's demographics and social values shift. The recipients, whom the White House announced

Friday afternoon, served in World War II, Korea and Vietnam.


W hen the 0 pia end,w hatw illbecome ofSochi? Barry Svrluga The Washington Post


Russia — The glistening new Gorky Gorod Mall here features both a Cinnabon and a

Subway, just down the escalator from the Lucky Strike bowling alley and across from

a luxury furrier adjacent to a jewelry store, "Diamond Paradise." Among them all are storefronts bearing signs saying, in both Russian and English, "Opening Soon." In the spaces that are supposed to be new stores lie piles of empty cardboard boxes,

TODAY'S WEATHER Partly cloudy High 45, Low25 Page BS

If the opening of the Winter

Games here at the mountain venues and 40 miles to the south in Sochi was about or-

ganizers' preparedness — or lack thereof — then the final weekend could easily leave

athletes and tourists alike

wondering what will become

N I S S A N Rogue S AWD MDLft22213, VIN¹665598, STKffitT13286

SeeSochi /A5

The Bulletin

Q We use recycled newsprint

once the circus leaves town. Next week, the Rosa Khutor ski resort — which has hosted

all manner of events — will sit, closed to the public.

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IIIISRP $22,720- $1221Smelich NissanDiscount - $1000Factory Rebate= Sale Price

Related • The struggle of being an unregistered Russian citizen in the shadows,AS • Full coverage of the Winter Games begins in Sports onC1

of this $50 billion investment


New 2013 Nissan


broken drywall, twisted wire and dust.

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r no t o r s



The Bulletin


HOW to reaChuS KOrea reunianS —South Korea on Friday approved a shipment of $988,000 worth of medicine andpowdered milk for North Korea and promised more humanitarian aid as the two Koreascontinued emotional reunions of families separated by the KoreanWarsix decades ago. TheSeoul government's approval of the aid shipment by two civic relief groups came a day after the two countries began the reunions in anevent widely seen as easing tensions on the divided peninsula. President Park Geun-hye of South Koreahaspromised to increase humanitarian aid if the North improves ties with the South through "trust-building" projects like family reunions.


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MEGA MILLIONS The numbers drawnFriday nightare:

4s06©o 023 ®g>~0 The estimated jackpot is now $195 million.

Darko Bandic/ rhe Associated Press

An anti-government protester moves past burning car tires Friday as hecarries flowers to be laid at the spot where some of his comrades were killed the previous day. European officials say Ukrainian protesters have agreed to a deal with Ukraine's president on defusing a deadly political crisis.

aine's resi en si nscom romiSe By Andrew E. Kramer and Andrew Higgins New YorJz Times News Service

KIEV, Ukraine — The embattled president of Ukraine,

whose shif t toward closer relations with Russia provoked the deadliest political crisis in

his country's post-Soviet history, signed a compromise deal Friday that will diminish his power andwatched helplessly as anemboldened parliament voted overwhelmingly to free his imprisoned rival and grant amnesty to all protesters. The agreement signed by President Viktor Yanukovych and leaders of the opposition mediated by European and Russian diplomats, commits him to early elections and re-

AIIOtllSI'ij.S.-RUSSIS I'ift —After putting the tense Russian-U.S. relationship on "pause" last year, President Barack Obama andhis team havelately been working to get it back on track by quietly arranging a meeting this summerwith President Vladimir Putin. The two sides haveeven begun discussing a trade agreement for the two to sign. But the bloody political crisis in Ukraine has underscored just how hard it will be to restore constructive ties betweenWashington and Moscow. While the two sides were facing off this weekover the future of the strategically located former Soviet republic, the prospect of renewedsummitry appeared problematic. Now with a fragile deal in Kiev, U.S.officials said, a meeting mayyet cometogether. — New YorkTimesNews Service

Square in Kiev, the focal point of months of protests, had encial assistance to the hundreds dorsed the hard-fought deal in In a further action, the lawmakers voted to provide finanof protesters wounded over the

past several days, and to the families of those killed.

a vote, with 34 voting in favor and two against.

tion and much of the world. In a further sign of Yanukovych's diminished influence, parliament voted to allow the

The pressure for a political settlement has been intense, amounted to a sweeping con- coming not only from foreign cession by pro-government governments but also from a lawmakers, came hours af- widespread fear among the ter word of the political deal population that t hi s f ormer reached between Yanukovych Soviet republic of 46 million and th e m a i n o p p osition people was hurtling toward a leaders. possible civil war, particularly Outside the p a r liament after frenzied violence Thursbuilding, the police pulled back day that the opposition says from the sandbagged parapets killed more than 70 protesters. for shooting down a cobbleThursday was the most lestoned street to the protester thal day of political mayhem barricades 500 yards away. Po- in Ukrainesince independence

release of former Prime Min-

lice abandoned military trucks

duces some presidential au-

thority. Although Russia declined to endorse the deal and many protesters — suspicious

of the president's motivessaid they wanted Yanukovych to resign, opposition leaders said they hoped to persuade the skeptics and end a bloody standoff that shocked the na-

The series of votes, which

ister Yulia 7ymoshenko, who and crowd-control vehides on has beenimprisoned formore the street, which some protestthan two years. In a 310-54 vote ers were hot-wiring and drivthat is veto-proof, lawmakers ingaway. decriminalized the actions for Dozens of opposition street which she was incarcerated. fighters walked up to the unIt was not immediately clear guarded parliament building when Tymoshenko mightbe and milled about. As the lawreleased from a penitentiary in the eastern city of Kharkiv

where she has been serving her sentence since A ugust

2011. But she is still considered one of Yanukovych's most potent adversaries. Many of her

supporters blame Yanukovych for ordering her imprisonment. The English-language website of The Kyiv Post quoted a lawyer for Tymoshenko, Serhiy Vlasenko, as saying prosecutors must now file a petition to the court to release her, and

the entire process could take up to two weeks. Tymoshenko also would be able to run for

office, since she would have no criminal record. Parliament also approved a pivotal point in the political set-

tlement by taking the first step

Union and tilt the nation to-

ward Russia instead. man wearing a motorcyde helAs word of a compromise met and carrying an ax sat on deal spread Friday, many proa curb outside. testers responded angrilyto the "The main goal today is to proposition that any settlement lower tensions and prevent was possible until Yanukovych bloodshed," Artyum Ilyuk, a left office. Many demanded member of the pro-govern- that he be put on trial, along ment Party of Regions, said in with officials whom protesters an interview, explaining his hold responsible for volleys of willingness to vote on the com- gunfire and attacks by snipers. promises. "I will vote for whatThe deal reached Friday inever will stop the bloodshed." stead leaves Yanukovych in Radoslaw Sikorski, the Pol- power until at least the end of ish foreign minister and part of the year — unless lawmakers a European team thathas been use provisions under the conpushing for a settlement, said stitutional change that would a council representing some allow them to impeach him protesters i n I n d ependence sooner.

2014 GOLF PASSES asIofrras

version of Ukraine's Constitution, which significantly weakWith support from the pro-government party, the Party of Re-

than 22 years ago. The violence escalated the urgency of the crisis, which began with protests in late November after a decision by Yanukovych to spurn a trade and political agreement with the European

makers inside were voting, one

toward reverting to a previous ens the power of the president.

from the Soviet Union more


$2 8 9

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$3 7 9

Lawmakers a ls o

(G ood Mon-Fri)

Full 7 Day Card (G ood Anytime)

No expiration. Must reserve tee times in advance

ments to the constitution ad-

opted after2008, before Yanukovych became president. The change was adopted with 386 votes, well above the 300 needed.



p a ssed

an unconditional and blanket amnesty for all participants in

r~"> P~~ Q@ +~ P',rtre'rrtp' .: r~

the anti-government protests

absolving those in custody or



Military misconduct —Oneweekafter the leadprosecutor in the court-martial of Brig. Gen.Jeffrey Sinclair abruptly quit the case, defense lawyers haveasked amilitary judge to dismiss sexual misconduct charges against Sinclair in a motion that asserts that officials all the way up toGen. Raymond Odierno, the Army chief of staff, haveacknowledged weaknessesinthecase.Indocuments submitted to the judge, the defenseargues that developments over the past six weeks demonstrate that senior military officials have exerted "unlawful command influence" on the prosecution. Ole MiSS —The University of Mississippi said Friday that students could face criminal charges for placing a noose on a statue honoring the college's first black student, and afraternity announced that it had expelled three menbecause of the incident. The university's police department has beenleading the investigation in Oxford, which began Sundayafter a contractor heard menshouting racial slurs near the monument to JamesMeredith. Along with a noose, the authorities found a version of the Georgia state flag that featured the Confederate battle emblem. CigaretteS dannSd —The Foodand Drug Administration on Friday ordered four tobacco products removed from the market, the first time the agency hasdone sosince being given the legal authority in 2009. Agency officials said four cigarette brands madeby Jash International may no longer bedomestically sold, distributed or imported. Theyare Sutra Bidis Red, Sutra Bidis Menthol, Sutra Bidis Red Coneand Sutra Bidis Menthol Cone. In 30 days, the FDAwill begin seizing any goods that remain on shelves. Thecigarettes are bidis — thin, hand-rolled cigarettes stuffed with tobacco, wrapped in leaves from a tendu tree andsometimes tied with a colorful string. Popular in India, bidis appeal to someadolescents.

Nugent verSuSObama — Rockguitarist Ted Nugent, responding to cascading criticism that had become anembarrassment for his conservative Republican allies, apologized Friday for calling President Barack Obamaa "subhuman mongrel." But Democrats expressed frustration that their calls for an apology from theTexas Republican who took Nugent on the campaign trail had been ignored. Nugent's description of the president and his two appearances Tuesdaywith Greg Abbott, the Texas attorney general and Republican front-runner in the race for governor, haveput Abbott on the defensive. Nugent's language drew criticism Thursday from prominent Republicans, including Gov. Rick Perry, Sen.TedCruz of Texas and Sen.RandPaul of Kentucky. — From wire reports

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under investigation now and

prohibiting future prosecutions of protesters. They also voted

- Call Today-

to dismiss the minister of the


interior, a reviled figure among protesters.

Italy'S new premier —Matteo Renzi will be sworn in as Italy's youngest prime minister ever Saturday after he cobbled together a government he says will change the face of the country's politics and economy. Renzi, the 39-year-old leader of the center-left Democratic Party, unveiled his government Friday andsaid the broad coalition will bring hope to the economically stagnant country. After formally accepting the mandate to form the government, Renzi said hewill waste no time in enacting reform.


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with a constitutional majority, lawmakers annulled amend-

VSllSZEISIS VIOISIICS —A university student beauty queen was mourned Friday in the provincial Venezuelan city where shewas slain this week during a political protest, a victim of what government opponents say is indiscriminate violence used byPresident Nicolas Maduro and his supporters to stifle dissent across the country. Family members and friends of 22-year-old Genesis Carmona say the former Miss Tourism 2013 for the central Venezuelan state of Carabobo was shot down bymembers of the armed militias known as "colectivos" who opened fire on ademonstration in Valencia on Tuesday.

5 Day Only Card

On frrst time passes.

gions, that was required to vote

BSSpuS diSarmillg —ETA, the Basqueseparatist group, has disabled some of the weapons that allowed it to wage alengthy terrorist campaign for independencethat has killed more than 800 people, an international verification commission said Friday. The weapons surrender was corroborated by the commission, set up to help broker a Basquepeaceagreement. At a news conference in Bilbao, Spain, the commission called the gesture significant and it presented an inventory of the weapons given up byETA.

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It's Saturday, Feb.22, the 53rd day of 2014. Thereare312 days left in the year.


HAPPENINGS Italy —Matteo Renzi will be sworn in as thecountry's youngest prime minister ever at 39.A2

HISTORY Highlight:In1732, the first

president of theUnited States, GeorgeWashington, wasborn in WestmorelandCounty in the Virginia Colony. In1784, a U.S.merchant ship, the Empress ofChina,left New York for theFarEastto trade goods with China. In1862, Jefferson Davis, already the provisional president of the Confederacy,wasinaugurated for a six-yeartermfollowing his election in Nov.1861. In1865,Tennesseeadopted a new constitution which included the abolition of slavery. In1969,the GreatWhite Fleet, a naval task forcesent on aroundthe-world voyage byPresident Theodore Roosevelt, returned after more than a year at sea. In1924, President Calvin Coolidge deliveredthefirst radio broadcast from theWhite House as headdressedthe country over 42stations. In1934, FrankCapra's romantic comedy"It HappenedOne Night," starring ClarkGableand Claudette Colbert, openedat New York's RadioCity Music Hall. In1943, PanAm Flight9035, a Boeing 314flying boat, crashed while attempting to landin Lisbon, Portugal. Twenty-five people werekilled; 14survived, including actress-singer Jane Froman. In1959, the inaugural Daytona 500 racewas held; although Johnny Beauchamp wasinitially declared thewinner, thevictory was later awarded toLeePetty. In1967,more than 25,000 U.S. and South Vietnamesetroops launchedOperation Junction City, aimed atsmashinga Vietcong stronghold nearthe Cambodian border. (Although the communists weredriven out, they later returned.) In1974, Pakistan officially recognized Bangladesh(formerly East Pakistan). In1980, the "Miracle onIce" took place inLakePlacid, N.Y., as the UnitedStates Olympic hockey teamupset theSoviets, 4-3. (The U.S.teamwent on to win the gold medal.) In1984, DavidVetter, a12-yearoldTexasboywho'dspentmost of his life in aplastic bubble because hehadnoimmunityto disease, died 15days after being removed from thebubblefor a bone-marrow transplant. Taa yearsago:Consumer advocate RalphNaderannounced hewas running again for president, this time asan independent. APalestinian suicide bomber blewhimself up on a crowdedJerusalem bus, killing eight passengers. Rebels captured Haiti's second-largest city, claiming Cap-Haitien as their biggest prize in atwoweek-old uprising. Fiveyears aga:"Slumdog Millionaire" wonbest picture and sevenotherAcademy Awards; the lateHeathLedger won the bestsupporting actor Oscar for "TheDarkKnight." A gas explosion in acoal minein northern Chinakilled morethan 70 miners. One yearaga:TheJustice Department joined alawsuit against disgracedcyclist Lance Armstrong alleging theformer seven-time Tour deFrance championhadconcealedhis use of performance-enhancing drugs anddefraudedhis longtime sponsor, theU.S.Postal Service. ParalympianOscar Pistorius walkedout of a South African court after amagistrate agreed to releasehim onbail ahead of his premeditated murder trial over theshooting death of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

BIRTHDAYS Movie director Jonathan Demme is70. Basketball Hall of Famer Julius Erving is 64.Actor Kyle MacLachlan is55. Actress Drew Barrymore is39. — From wire reports

Scientists use a "shake table" to replicate earthquakes in a lab. This gives them the opportunity to test the structural integrity of construction techniques. By Michael E. Ruane The Washington Post

Artificial muscle, 100 times stronger than yours By Amina Khan

NEW YORK — The "earth-

quake" was seconds away. The floodlights were on. The cameras and the sensors were ready. All eyes were on the eight-

Los Angeles Times

f oot, two-ton section o f


taking s i mple s e wing thread and fishing wire and giving it a twist, scien-


tists have created artificial

Washington National C a-

muscle that's 100 times

thedral pinnacle that stood

stronger than human or animal sinew. The invention,

like a missile in the Columbia University engineering laboratory. It was the biggest object ever tested on the lab's shake table. (The table can hold three tons, or 6,000 pounds.) The plan was to see whether a steelreinforcing rod screwed through the middle would

described in the journal Science, could be useful for

prosthetic limbs, humanoid robots, implanted medical devices and even wearable

dothing. This wouldn't be the first artificial muscle out there:

there are carbon nanotube yarns and metal wires,

hold the l imestone sections together.

Shortly before noon, a warning buzzer sounded. A blue emergency light began flashing, and the crowd of student bystanders put on their hard hats.

but they're often expen-

sive or store relatively low amounts ofenergy comNikki Kahn/TheWashington Post

Joe Alonso, head stonemason for the Washington National Cathedral, checks for cracks in a test-model pinnacle after a simulated earthquake at Columbia University to test new construction


Lab director Adrian Brug-

pared to their competitors,

scientists said. These new high-strength polymer fibers, made out of cheap,everyday materials

ger announced that the quake

that cost about $5 per kilo-

was about to begin.

gram, draw their strength from their geometry. In

"That rod that's in there, the up," he said. occurred. "And, start," he said. He said t h e e n gineers way we (screwed) it down, I To set up the test, Alonso The metal table on which thought about adding some would imagine that did what ordered five pre-cut limestone the pinnacle was bolted began low-frequency noise to the it was supposed to do," he said. piecesfrom the same quarry to jerk back and forth, squeak- test for effect. "But we're not "Without that rod, if that was in Indiana that provided stone ing as it did. There was no Hollywood," he said. "We're doweled together with those for the construction of the carumbling. No falling debris. scientists." little bronze dowels ... there's thedral. He and other catheNo one fleeing into the The real earthquake, on a no doubt this thing would dralstonemasons then assem'Ibesday afternoon, rattled the have come apart just like they bled the pieces into a rough streets. It lasted 30 seconds. Brug- 301-foot-tall Episcopal cathe- did in the quake." copy of the pinnacle section ger turned from a bank of dral in Northwest Washington As for the simulation, De- that fell. computer screens and said, "That's it." The room was silent. That was it? Yes, he said, that was it. Applause broke out.

Simulatedquake Last week, an earthquake similar to the 5.8-magnitude

quake that struck the Washington area in August 2011 was simulated in New York City. But it was in a laborato-

ry. There were no injuries, and the whole thing was sort of underwhelming. The simulation was a suc-

cess, though. The steel rod held the pieces of the test pinnacle firmly together. There was nary a crack in the stone or the mortar. "Well, there you have it,"

said Joe Alonso, the cathedral's head stonemason, who had helped put the test togeth-

er and was watching. "I'm glad what we didn't see. We saw it on August 23, 2011. That was

enough for me."

"It's not very i nteresting,"

said George Deodatis, chairman of Columbia's Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics. "But this is how the earthquake

experiments led out of the University of Texas at Dal-

las, scientists took these thin fibers that were just a few hundred micrometers

long and twisted them until they began to coil. (You can see this same effectyourself if you take a rubber band

to the tips of its majestic tow-

odatis said it was difficult to

Last month, the disassem-

and twist it until it starts to

ers. Gargoyles, crockets and huge stone finials shook loose and came crashing down. The quake knocked off the top of the southwest pinna-

replicate exactly what was experienced at the cathedral,

bled pieces were trucked to Columbia, and this month,

collapse into larger loops.) As it coils, the twisted fi-

a lmost 100 miles from t h e

Alonso and his men reassembled them in th e Columbia

ber cable becomes shorter and thicker, and then the

laboratory and fastened them The Columbia engineers together with the rod. "The intent was ... to simtower. The pinnacle fell on the came up with a good estimate cathedral roof, and the shak- and then bumped the intensity ulate as close as possible the ing nearly knocked over the up a notch. "It's very close to finished and fully re-created tops of three other pinnacles, what happened that day," De- pinnacle that's going to go which were within seconds of odatis said. back up on the central tower," falling. said James Shepherd, the caAll loose or dislodged stone Afull-scale test thedral' s directorofpreservawas subsequently removed The test, which cost about tion and facilities. from th e s t r ucture, w hich $45,000, was about a year in T he test piece won't b e suffered millions of dollars in the making, Alonso said. used in a new pinnacle, Alondamage. Full repairs are exIt was largely arranged by so said, but the stone will be pected to take years. longtime cathedral consul- recycled. tant RobertMark, a professor The test included two other Better reinforcement emeritus of architecture and simulated earthquakes, a lessThe stones of the old pin- civil engineering at Princ- er shake and a more severe nacles had been held togeth- e ton University. Mark a n d shake. The pinnacle structure er with small bronze dowels, Deodatis were colleagues at was sound throughout. Alonso said. As earthquake Princeton. After the tests, Alonso and r epairs proceeded o n t h e Mark, who was present at Deodatis used magnifiers to English Gothic-style cathe- the test, said an early plan had examine the surface of the dral, experts realized they been to place a model of the stone for cracks. "It's in perfect condition," needed a better system of entire cathedral on the shake reinforcement. table. But he realized that a Deodatis said at one point. The steel rod seemed tobe model would not generate the "You're absolutely safe." the answer. data they wanted. He added later: "I would "We decided it's better to stand next to this during an Alonso, who has been immersed in the cathedral's re- do it at f u l l s cale because earthquake." "You can't get a better guarpairssince the quake, said he we wanted to check how the thought that it worked. stone and the mortar stood antee than that," Mark said.

researchers heat-treated it

quake's epicenter near Mineral, Va.

cle on the cathedral's central

to make it set. The scientists

found that if they made the fiber coil in the same direction as the twist, the fiber

cable would contract. If the fiber was forced to coil in the opposite direction of its

twist, the fiber cable would expand. When they applied an energy source to the fibers — typically heatthe scientists got different

versions of their artificial muscle fibers to contract by

49 percent or to expand by 67 percent. And the fibers can last through millions of these cydes, making themvery durable, reusable devices. The scientists think this

could be useful for a number of applications that need

muscle fibers, whether getting the faces of humanoid robots to move with more

human-like expressions or getting prosthetic limbs better muscle.

Making antifreeze lessdead for pets and people By Deborah Blum New York Times News Service

Toxicologists have l o ng considered ethylene glycol, the active ingredient in many antifreeze and engine coolant formulas, to be a seductive and uniquely dangerous poison. For one thing, it's sweet. "We actually had a mechanic who developed a taste for it," recalled Dr. Marsha Ford, ¹i

rector of the Carolinas Poison Center in Charlotte, N.C. "He'd

pour himself a little and sip it. And he kept doing that until he got sick." And that's the other danger: Ethylene glycol is a slow-acting poison. Even following a high dose, symptoms can take up to 48 hours to appear. The country's poison control

consumer products containing the compound sold na-

groups settled on an old-time lyzing its 2013 numbers. The

ing her fiance by spiking rasp- tionwide. The first batches of berry iced tea with antifreeze. unpalatable antifreeze started The situation for animals hitting store shelves last year; has been even more danger- this year customers can buy

zoate, as the best way to make ter, operated by the ASPCA, antifreeze taste terrible. The so far reports no change: The compound, discovered in the number of alarmed calls about late 1950s, is not considered antifreeze poisoning remained especially toxic, is obnoxiously above 300 a year from 2011 to

al murder. Recently an Ohio woman was convicted of kill-

ous than for despised spouses.

only the bitter versions.

According to the Humane SoThe action came about in ciety of the United States, as part because of a surprisingly many as 90,000 pets and wild warm relationship between animals are poisoned annual- the Humane Society and the ly by drinking spilled or care- CSPA. Both groups had earlilessly stored products contain- er worked together to propose ing ethylene glycol. federal legislation requiring Now the manufacturers of bittering agents in antifreeze. those products have deter- But after repeated failures, mined to do something about they realized that an industry all the carnage. They are agreement was a more likely making antifreeze taste aw- resolution. ful — so very bitter that it will "Most people survive bebe nigh impossible to drink by cause they get treatment a accident. lot faster," said Sara AmundSeventeen states already son, executive director of the require manufacturersto add Humane Society Legislative bittering agents to ethylene Fund. "We often don't catch glycol products. The Consum- the problem with animals un-

centers record more than 5,000 ethylene glycol ingestions annually; some 2,000 cases require medical treatment. Most er Specialty Products Associaare accidental, but ethylene tion, which represents the key glycol also figures in hundreds manufacturers, v o luntarily of suicide attempts every year has agreedto require mem— not to mention the occasion- bers to add these agents to all

til it's too late, partly because

compound, denatonium ben- Animal Poison Control Cen-

bitter, and has been shown not

to damage engines. Even at 10 parts per million, studies have found, children in laboratory settings promptly spat out orange juice tainted with denatonium benzoate.

But not everyone is deterred. A 2008 study looking at states where bittering agents

are required found that the taste appeared to make no dif-


Of course, no one is sure how much sweet antifreeze is still out there. For one thing,

the v oluntary doesn't c over

a g reement p r o fessional

grades of antifreeze and engine coolant, such as those used in car repair shops. And people hang onto their home supplies for years. "I've got a container of an-

tifreeze in my garage that's commit suicide by drinking probably more than a year old," said Dr. Clark Fobian, antifreeze. Nonetheless, r e searchers a Missouri veterinarian and tracking both human and ani- president of the American Vetmal health are hoping the new erinary Medical Association. formulation reduces the numChemical additives are only ber of inadvertent poisonings. part of the safety solution, exference to those determined to

"We're watching it," said they often go away to some quiet place when they feel Ford, who is also director of sick." the poison control center netRepresentatives of the two work, which has begun ana-

perts note.Safe storage and

handling are important, as are warning labels — large ones, preferably.



Religiousright cheersArizona bil derided bygayrights groups

Continued from A1 James Bullard, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of

St. Louis, urged his colleagues "to wait for some time to as-

sess the impact of the Lehman bankruptcy filing, if any, on

By Michael Paulson and Fernende Sentos

the national economy," accord-

New York Times News Service

ing to transcripts of the Fed's 2008 meetings that it published Friday.

In New Mexico, a photographer deciined to take pictures

of a lesbian couple's commitment ceremony. In Washing-

A window on the crisis

government shouldn't be able year, as legislators have yet to to tell us we can't do that," said act on a package of proposed Joseph La Rue, the legal coun- changes to the state's child selatAlliance DefendingFree- welfare system, which has dom, a Christian legal orga- been plagued by a slow renization based in Scottsdale, sponse to complaints of abuse Ariz., that advocates for reli- and neglect. "It sounds like it's opening gious liberty and supports the measure passed by the state the door to hate and bigotLegislature. "Faith shouldn't ry of all stripes," said Rocco be something we have to leave DiGrazia, a 'Ihcson pizzeria inside our house." owner, who on Friday attract-

The hundreds of pages of transcripts, based on recordings made at the time, reveal Jose LuisMagana /The Associated Press the ignorance of Fed officials In 2008, Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve Chairman at the time, about economic conditions speaks on housing and housing finance at the Federal Reserve in during the climactic months Washington. Fed officials agonized throughout 2008 over how fer

ton state, a florist would not

of the financial crisis. Officials

repeatedly fretted about over- the economy into a deep recession, transcripts of the Fed's policy stimulating the economy, only meetings that year show.

gay rights advocates say there media because he had posted owners cited their religious is a difference between pro- signsonthe restaurant'sdoors beliefs in declining to provide tections for clergy and houses deciaring, "We Reserve the

to realize time and again that

servicescelebrating same-sex

they needed to redoubleefforts to contain the crisis.

relationships. And in each case, theywere sued.

The Fed's chairman at the

time, Ben Bernanke, was unusually clearsighted in warning of the risk of a historic recession as the nation entered into apresidential electionyear. But he struggled to persuade his colleagues, and at crucial junctures he did not push force-

fully for stronger action. The Fed's current chairwoman, Janet Yellen, then the

president of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, was even more alarmed by the

deterioration of economic conditions. She and Eric Rosengren, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, are

the most forceful and persistent advocates for stronger action in the transcripts. But they, too,

underestimated the downturn until the final months of 2008.

The transcripts also show, however, that Fed officials responded decisively in those final months, probably preventing an even deeper recession. By the end of 2008, the Fed had reduced short-term i n terest

rates nearly to zero for the first time since the Great Depres-

sion, and it had become a primary source of funding not just for the global financial system but for U.S. homeowners and for companies that made food and cars.

Yellen summed up this new ethos at a Fed meeting six weeks after Lehman's failure,

they could go to stop a financial catastrophe that threatened to pull

lehman dankruptcystill dedated Six weeks after LehmanBrothers filed for bankruptcy in September 2008, BenBernanke, then chairman of the Federal Reserve, gave his central bank colleagues animitation of the people who were already criticizing the government's decision to let theWall Street bank collapse. "What in the heckwereyou guys doing letting Lehmanfail?" he said, according to minutes of aclosed Fedmeeting in late October 2008 that were releasedFriday. Bernanke did not debatewhether it was right to let Lehmandie at the Fedmeeting held on Sept. 16, theday after the investment bank filed for bankruptcy, accordIng to thenewly released minutes. But from the comments in theOctober meeting, heappeared to have beenawarethat the government's decision to let Lehman fail was coming under intensescrutiny from prominent financial figures around theworld who said it was ahugeand unnecessary mistake that causedglobal financial markets to freeze up. The Lehmandecision is still fiercely debated as politicians and regulators grapple with how to handle largebanks in unstable times. In addition, the reputations of Bernankeand Henry Paulson, Treasury secretary at the time, rest heavily on theLehmanepisode. The transcripts of the 2008Fedmeetings that were published Friday provide one ofthe fullest pictures yet of the thinking of top government officials on Lehman's implosion. Thedocuments will most likely prompt a freshexamination of the decisions madein that crisis year. "For the equilibrium of the world financial system, this was a genuine error," Christine Lagarde, France's finance minister at the tIme, said in thedays after Lehman's demise. In response to their critics, both Bernankeand Paulson have since said they could not saveLehmanbecausetheir hands were legally tied. Bernankemadethat argument at the Oct. 29 meeting of the Federal OpenMarket Committee meeting. "The Fedandthe Treasury simply had notools to address both Lehman andtheother companies that were under stress at that time," he said. But six months earlier, in March 2008, theFedfound the tools to bail out BearStearns, another Wall Street firm toppling under the weight of soured mortgages, andthe Fedtook extraordinary steps to rescue American International Groupthe day after Lehmanfiled for bankruptcy.

seriousness of the situation, I believe that we should put as

much stimulus into the system that we have an extraordi-

a source of funding for Wall

as we can as soon as we can."

nary situation," Bernanke told


The Fed's changing role

colleagues. By the end of the year, the

Financial firms, particularly in the mortgage business, were beginning to fail because they

In normal times, the Fed is a

Fed had cut interest rates near-

powerful but somnolent institution, charged with keeping a steady hand on the rudder of the economy. It moves interest

ly to zero and started to buy mortgage bonds in a further

for a party marking the wedding of two men.

But civil libertarians and

ed national attention via social

In each case, the business

of worship that do not want to participate in same-sex mar-

Right to Refuse Service to Ari-

zona Legislators." "I make dinner for a living

riage and the obligations of Now, as states around the business ownersthat servethe nation weigh how to balance general public. "Religious freedom is a funthe rights of same-sex couples with those of conservative re- damental right, but it's not a ligious business owners, Gov. blank check to harm others Jan Brewer of Arizona must or impose our faith on our decide whether to sign legisla- neighbors," said Daniel Mach, tion that would allow business who directs a program on owners to cite religious be- freedom of religion and belief liefs as a legal justification for for the American Civil Libdenying serviceto same-sex erties Union, which opposes couples. the Arizona legislation. "Over The legislation, approved the years, we as a nation have by lawmakers Thursday, im- rejected efforts to invoke relimediately attracted national gion to justify discrimination attention, with conservative

religious groups welcoming it as a necessary form of protection for objectors to same-sex marriage, and gay rights groups denouncing it as a license for discrimination. The measure comes at a time when the courts are grap-

pling with how to define the religious rights of private businesses: The Supreme Court is to hear two cases next month

in which businesses are seeking exemptions from providing insurance coverage for contraception to their employees, citing the religious beliefs of the companies' owners. "In America, people should be free to live and work ac-

cording to their faith, and the

— I'm not a social activist,"

DiGrazia said in a telephone interview. "But I do have a lot

of gay customers and employees, and why are you trying to alienate these people?"

But supporters of the legislation said they would also work hard to persuade Brewer

to sign the measure, in part by disputing much of the criticism it has faced.

Most states where samesex marriage is legal have exemptions for religious orga-

in the marketplace, and there's no reason to turn back the

nizations, but not for private


cording to the National Con-

businesses or individuals, ac-

ference of State Legislatures. public position on the legisla- The Arizona measure comes tion that will reach her desk as multiple states are considnext week, is a Republican ering such exemptions, with whose tenure has been punc- considerable controversy. In tuated by controversy and Tennessee, the Legislature is political discord over a tough considering an exemption for measure on illegal immi- wedding vendors; in Kansas, grants, which was denounced a similar measure was set from the left, and a Medicaid aside when conservative senexpansion, which was criti- ators raised concerns about cizedbythe right. discrimination. In Oregon, opLast yearshe vetoed a simponents of same-sex mamage ilar religious freedom bill, ar- are seeking to place an initiaguing that it was a distraction tive on this year's ballot that frompriorities lawmakers had would allow individuals or yet to address, including the businesses to opt out of particstate budget. And there are ipating in same-sex wedding similar c i rcumstances this ceremonies. Brewer, who has taken no

pp cl L/ttlk7

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could not borrow money. Inves-

tors had lost confidence in their ability to predict which loans market and the broader econo- would be repaid. Countrywide, rates to moderate inflation and my. More than five years later, the nation's largest mortgage minimize unemployment. But it is still pursuing both policies lender, had sold itself for a relabeginning in 2007, it was forced as the economic recovery re- tive pittance to Bank of Amerto take on a far more challeng- mains incomplete. ica. Bear Stearns, one of the ing role as the central backstop Some Fed officials have ar- largestpackagers and sellers for the global financial system. gued that the Fed was blind in of mortgage-backed securities, It was constrained in this 2008 because it relied, like ev- was teeteringtoward collapse. new role by its reliance on eryoneelse,on a standard setof On March 7, the Fed offered economic indicators that tend economic indicators. firms up to $200 billion in fundto miss sharp changes in ecoAs late as A u gust 2008, ing. Three days later, Bernanke nomic conditions. But the Fed's "therewere no dear signs that secured the Fed policymaking caution in 2008 also reflected a many financial firms were committee's approval to double deeply ingrained bias to worry about to fail catastrophically," that amount to $400billion, tellmore about the risk of infla- Bullard said in a N ovember ing his colleagues, "We live in a tion than the reality of rising presentation in Arkansas that very special time." unemployment. the St. Louis Fed recirculated Finally, on March 16, the Fed As Fed officials gathered Friday. "There was a reason- effectively removed any limit Sept. 16 at their marble head- able case that the U.S. could on Wall Street funding even quarters in Washington for a continue to 'muddle through.'" as it arranged forthe rescue of previously scheduled meeting, Bear Stearns. andbailouts stock markets were in free fall. Recession And then the Fed paused. Housing prices had been colThe Fed entered the year on By the end of April, it had cut lapsing for two years, and un- edge. Officials did not know short-term rates to 2 percent employment was spiking. that the economy already was from 5.25 percent the previous Yet most officials did not see in recession, but Bernanke and September — one of the fastest dearevidence ofa broad crisis. his closest advisers worried falls in Fed history — and offiThey expectedthe economy to that the Fed's initial response cials said that they had done grow slowly in 2008, then more to the financial crisis at the end enough to shore up the finanquickly in 2009. The transcript of 2007 had been insufficient cial system. Theypredicted that for that meeting contains 129 and that tumbling stock prices the economy would narrowly mentions of "inflation" and five were the beginning of a broad- avoid a recession. of "recession." "I think it is very possible er pullback. Bernanke even told his colB ernanke hoped to d e- that we will look back and leagues that it was clear the lay any action until the first say, particularly after the Bear economy had entered a down- scheduled meeting of the year Stearns episode, that we have turn but that he still did not fa- in late January, but over the turned the corner in terms of our policy is looking actually pretty good," he said.

baker refused to make a cake

— News YorkTimesNewsService

telling colleagues, "Given the

vor cutting rates. "I think that

provideflowers forasame-sex wedding. And in Colorado, a

effort to stimulate the housing

three-day Martin Luther King

the financial disruption that

Jr. weekend, he conciuded we have just experienced," Fed that the Fed could not wait. He governor Frederic Mishkin said That optimism would not en- convened a conferencecallat during a meeting at the end of dure. Just minutes after the end 6 p.m. Monday, Jan. 21, and April. of that first meeting, a smaller won agreement to cut the Fed's The summer passed relativegroup of Fed officials agreed benchmark interest rate by 0.75 ly quietly. Officials began to fret to rescue faltering insurance percentage points. It was the about inflation. The transcripts giant American International largest cut in more than two inciude long conversations Group, a company neverbefore decades. about when the Fed should "The risk of a severe reces- start to raise interest rates. subject to Fed supervision that "We saw growth of about 2 until then was barely on the sion and credit crisis is unacgovernment's radar. ceptably high," Yellen said at percent in the second quarter, And i n t h e s ucceeding the meeting. which suggests a campaign weeks, the Fed would anDennis Lockhart, president slogan for the Republicans, nounce a seemingly endless of the Federal Reserve Bank 'The Economy: It Could Be series of programs to buttress of Atlanta, said t hi s w eek Worse," Bernanke joked in earthe economy, leading Fed offi- that the decision marked an ly August. cials to joke about the resulting awakening. But it was only the eye of "If maybe we were a little the storm. By the third week alphabet soup of acronyms. In early October, a few weeks slow to recognize what was of September it was clear that after the decision to stand pat, happening, Martin L u ther Bernanke was right: Things the Fed convened an unsched- King weekend in January 2008 could be worse. The financial uled meeting to cut interest was a decisive point in terms of crisishad arrived, as Ernest rates in an action coordinated interest ratepolicy," he said. Hemingway once wrote of with other major central banks. By early March, the Fed was bankruptcy, "Gradually and "It's more than obvious moving to replace investors as then suddenly."

. m"i t,',

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I don't get credit for when I leave. Essentially, it is a cost

not always the ones with the most unpaid tickets. A vehicle

Continued fromA1 of us doing business," she registered to Anthony SpranIn 2010, the city increased said. "It's not going to ever do received 128 tickets over the distance that people must change, because we have to be the last five years and Spranmove their vehicles to avoid close to drop things off at the do paid 122 of them, at a total a ticket after two hours, from restaurant." cost ofmore than $2,400.Ac500 feet to 750 feet. The city The last time the city com- cording to Diamond Parking, also adopted escalating fines missioned a study of down- five of those tickets were voidforrepeat offendersthatyear, town parking availability was ed and Sprando still owes the Diamond Parking Area Man- in 2002, and city councilors city $108 for the one outstandager Terence Spakousky told said in January that they were ing ticket from August 2011. the City Council in January. interested in paying for a new Sprando did not return a call Helt said she receives tick- parking study, with money for comment. ets even when she does not saved up from parking fees Sprando received a lot of park in the same spot for more paid by downtown develop- $22 tickets, which Diamond than two hours because if she ers. However, Arnold said on Parking issues to people who leaves to run an errand and Friday that the board of the overstay the two-hour parkthen returns to park in the Downtown B en d B u s iness ing limit. Some of the most same area, that still violates Association is also interested expensive tickets are issued to the city's prohibition on mov- in using some of this money to people without a valid permit ing a vehicle a short distance install better signs encourag- who repeatedly park in spaces to avoid a ticket. "When I'm ing people to use the city park- reservedfor disabled drivers. catering or doing things like ing garage. Spakousky said people who that, I'm not able to abide by Meanwhile, the people who receive these citations often altheir time-limit rules because

received the most tickets are

expiration date.

One of the vehicles that received several tickets for vio-

lating disabled parking space rules was registered to J.L. Ward Co., of which Jan Ward

is the president. Ward said his wife received the tickets because although she has a disabled parking permit, she did not always hang it in a visible location.

"She got two or three of them for parking in a no-parking zone for handicapped," Ward said. Diamond Parking actually wrote Ward five $190 tickets for disabled parking violations, three of which were voided. The fourth was



University, said so far the U.S.

Continued fromA1

ly quiet. Until more national

Senate race has been relative-

In 2011, Conger was a

money is poured into the race,

freshman lawmaker push- he said, Merkley doesn't aping cuts to the state's pen- pear to be vulnerable. sion system. At the end of

" Clearly th e

h ealth c a re

every chamber's session, thing hasn't attached itself to lawmakers are given time Merkley," Moore said. for remonstrances. Conger

It's not uncommon for state

often used the time to dig into how the state's public pension system was burdening schools. The bills he proposed that session

lawmakers to make the leap to the national stage, Moore

died almost immediately. "If I'm brutally honest,


"(Conger) might be one in a long line of people who are in the Legisla-

I had about given up," he ture and think, 'This is the time


reduced. After Diamond Park-

But th e m u ch-touted I might be able to "grand bargain" in 2013 in- move ahead for Conger

ing issued a $380 frequent offender ticket in 2011, a municipal judge lowered it to $100.

the state's pension system and when they don't make it, Conger had advocated. they kind of fade into obscuri-

— Reporter: 541-617-7829,

ter their permits to extend the

cluded some of the cuts to "It was not fun, it was not

easy.... It was something I thought needed to be done

and it was a big deal and it got done," he said. Conger was also part

statewide office' ty," Moore said.

And Conger has allowed for the possibility he won't win. " Of course you

h ave t o

make up the Olympic Park in the Adler district of Sochi will be empty. And though o rganizers

think about if you lose, too.... Nobody knows the future," he of the state's health care said. transformation e f f o rts. He said he feels satisfied h e's accomplished a f a i r His vote, cast in favor of creating the state's health amount of what he set out to insurance exchange, Cover do in the state Legislature. Oregon, may have already And he can picture a few come back to haunt him as things he would do with his his Republican opponents free time.

maintain that there is a post-

in the primary race for the

Games plan for everything, there is skepticism, because unlike Vancouver orSaltLake

U.S. Senate seat have blasted him for the move. Although the 3 5-day 2014 legislative session has been relatively free of par-

Sochi Continued fromA1 The six massive arenas that

City — past hosts of Winter

Olympics — there was, essentially, nothing like this here even a year ago. "When we went to Krasnaya Polyana to watch biathlon we were wondering what would happento all these hotels," said Inga Polyachek, an entrepre-

recently where Conger tried to change a bill to include several Cover Or-

will remain in high demand,

egon amendments. Each

Jason Conger has one of the

"He knew

say this issue is a concern."

Not a major destination Though the Black Sea resort Darron Cummings/The Associated Press file photo of Sochi has long been a des- Fans make their wey to Fisht Stadium for the opening ceremonies of the 2014 Winter Olympics in there is no significant history

Sochi, Russia, earlier this month. The stadium, used only for the opening and closing ceremonies, is also set to be used for the 2018 World Cup. But many of the other venues and infrastructure for the

of Russian tourism in the Cau-

games were built with no future purpose in mind.

casus Mountains for winter sports — other than President V ladimir P u tin, w h o c o n - sportsarenas thatcould seem superfluous;some 40,000 hotel

4,500 rubles a night — about

cities that have failed to find

vinced the International Olympic Committee to grant the

$125 — when the ski lifts open uses for their Olympic facilities to the public. after hosting a Games; Ath-

Games to Sochi and famously

"We have no doubt whatsoever that this resort will ulti-

rooms werededicated for the Olympics, more than 20,000 of skis here. The highway from which were new, according to Sochi to the mountains is new. Sochi 2014 officials. This is in The railroad from Sochi to the a Russian economy that Mark mountains is new. Add all that Kramer of Harvard Universito the Olympic Park, which sits ty's Davis Center for Russian roughly 15 miles from central and Eurasian Studies said is Sochi, and there is some ques- likely to grow slowly over the tion about what use it will all next several years. "I doubt Putin is going to be going forward. "They bit off a lot," said Lisa want to channel large amounts Delpy Neirotti, a sports man- of scarcefunding to bolsteragement professorat George ing all these facilities once the Washington University who Olympicsare over and begin studies how cities can leverage to fade from memory," Kramhosting the Olympics. "They er said in an email. "Putin has developed a whole city, basi- channeled ample funds to his cally, and that was far more native city, St. Petersburg/Lenthanthey needed for the Olym- ingrad, and he is fond of Sochi, pic Games." but in the list of priorities, it's Sochi officials insist there not going to rank high. Hence, is a plan in place both for the I expect that Sochi will end up venues built specifically for with a lot of facilities and hothe Games and the mountain tels that are going to be pretty resort that sprung up, almost useless five years from now." from thin air, over the past

Future as a resort?

they say, will be turned into a Neirotti spent time at the mall. The Fisht Olympic Sta- Olympics with 26 of her studium, which hosts only the dents researching the Games, Opening and Closing Ceremo- their facilities, the fans who nies, will be the site of soccer came and what the future games during the 2018 World might hold. Though their surCup, which will be staged vey results aren't final, they across Russia. The speedskat- found very little evidence of ing venue is slated to become marketing the resort as an an exhibition hall. In October, international tourism destinathe entire Olympic Park will tion. That includes the mounhold a Formula 1 auto race, the tain cluster, where the hotels first of seven annual races to at the top of a gondola ridebe held there. billed as "Level +960" — have "There will be no white el- just-opened dining r ooms ephants," said Dmitry Cher- that are far less than half full nyshenko, the president of the during peak dinner hours, Sochi 2014 Olympic Organiz- even during the Olympics, ing Committee. when most of the rooms are Still, just a week prior to the occupted. opening ceremonies, Prime Attracting bodies when the Minister D mitry

Just work in my yard, work on my house," he said. His friend, colleague and

no matter the outcome.

"Most people recognize

one was voted down by the sharpest minds," McLane majority party. sard.

so many of them, and I have to

year. The main media center,

lawn. I wouldn't mind that....

tisan gridlock, there was current housemate in Salem, a moment in th e H ouse House Republican Leader Health Care C o mmittee Mike McLane, said Conger

neur from Sochi. "There are

tination for summer holidays,

"There are things that are

so mundane, like mowing my

M e dvedev ski resort opens to the public

issued an order on the government's website urging that officials come up with a viable plan for all of the Olympic

March 22 could be an issue, too. The sprawling, brand-new

venues. And it's not just the

dola has rooms available for

Marriott hotel that sits a short

walk from the base of the gon-




ens stands out. Others have

thrived; Salt Lake City is a mately survive and will stay success story. Sochi, though, is a ski resort," said Sergey Be- unique, because of its expense likov, a manager of the Rosa and new infrastructure — both Khutor resort. "We have no unprecedented. doubt whatsoever that this will

be commercially viable."

"The Games are always just

used as a catalyst," Neirotti said. "It's not really the end-all

'A new ghost city'

for most of these cities. It's just

the way to get something done. "I doubt that ordinary Rus- If Putin keeps working the sians will have any idea on plan to build the region down that or will be interested," said here, then it will be successful. "But if after Putin leaves, or Lilia Shevstova, a senior associate at the Carnegie Moscow if he changes his mind or priCenter's Russian Domestic orities and theypull out money Politics and Political Institu- or pull out marketing strategy, tions Program. "This is the then we're going to come back project for rich people. The and see it all as a wasteland." latter hardly will be interested Thursday afternoon, workeither because they will find it ers continued to scurry about more safe to have vacation or this mountain community, engage in sport activity in the which a year ago didn't exAlps, but not in the vicinity of ist. One painted a railing in the Northern Caucasus.... The front of a hotel. Two more rest will be a new ghost city." carried velvet ropes, wrapped Others are unsure.

More than a decade of po-

political theater and noth-

next move, Bend will still be

ing wrong with that," said his home. Rep. Mitch G r eenlick, "I'm not going to be bitter D-Portland, who chairs the and run off.... It's just an elecHealth Committee.

tion," he said.

"One thing I can say, peoEvery once in a while Greenlick an d C o nger ple may disagree on what I battle, but the tw o h ave focused on and they might teamed up to push through disagree with votes I took, but two Cover Oregon amend- they can't say I didn't work ments this session. hard," he said. The first would increase Lawmakers expect to adtransparency in any au- journ by March 7. dit done on the troubled

health care exchange and

— Reporter: 541-554-1162, Idahe®

the other would r equire

Cover Oregon to unveil a business plan and specifies what that plan would

include. "We don't always agree, but I enjoy working with him," Greenlick said of Conger. Greenlick called Conger "a bright, ... socially oriented lawmaker, very respectable."

Jim Moore, a political scienceprofessor atPacific

Live Downtown Work Downtown Workout Downtown


H~ ATHLETICCLUB Not your odinary

Health Club! Seefor yourself. 550 NW Franklin Ave. ¹328 Bend,Oregon



of work to be done. To what


end, people here aren't sure. "I really don't know how are casus mountains unpalatable. During the Olympics, armed they going to use it all," said soldiers have manned small Polyachek, the Sochi resident. lookout huts along the roads "When we have snow, Kranleading to the Alpine skiing sya Polyana exists and works. venue. But when there is no snow, There are examples of other there is no Krasnaya Polyana."

" Local, first timeguests, minimum 18yearsold.



Own a Sundance or Jacuzzi Hot Tub for as low as


And no matter if he's mov-

ing to D.C. or determining his

in plastic, into the mall. An-

litical unrest in the region, other walked with a bucket of originally stemming from con- mortar and a masonry trowel. flicts between Russia and the With three days to go in the breakaway state of Chechnya Olympics, there remained lots to the southeast of Sochi, could also make tourism in the Cau-

h e w a s n't

going to get it, that was















Since <955 *Customermayselect special

financing terms.Downpayment may



5pp g ppTio I

be requ< red.Notval<dwdhother romotionaloffers. Reslrictions apply. Limitedtimeoffer. Seeslore for comPleteterms 8condiTions.Financing



&t(d Zatk%4wIt,d' Nature Shop

FOrum Center, Bend (ACroSS frOm BarneS8t NOble)

541-617-8840 www. wb u. com/b en d



Air Force Cross for thatbranch, and the Navy Cross for the Navy and Marine Corps.

Continued from A1 C ollectively, their

a w ard



ment, five identified themselves

;. 4 .'t

Although that narrowed the ,J'p~-

to deservethe highest honor.

Morris grew up in small-


town Oklahoma, the son of a "do-it-all carpenter" and

a housemaid. He joined the Army because at the time, he

recalled, "it was the prestigious thing to do, and if you got in, you went."

As part of a SpecialForces A Team carrying out searcha nd-destroy m i ssions


cessitselfwas honored." Many of the veterans un-

ed three times for his service in Vietnam and retired from

Much of the review relied on

the Army after 22 years. "But

parisons to Medal of Honor recipients, but even then, there

his operations sergeant was sePhotos courtesy of the White House

The latest group of 24 Medal of Honor recipients will include19 Hispanic, Jewish and African-Ameri-

existing information and com- can veterans who were overlooked due to their racial or ethnic backgrounds. Army Sgt. Jack Weinstein will receive the medal posthumously for his courageous actions while leading 1st Platoon, Company G, 21st Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division in Kumsong, Korea, on Oct. 19, 1951. Below, Other honorees include, from left, First Lt. Donald Schwab (World War II), Staff Sgt. Felix Conde-Fal-

the military always should ad- were challenges unforeseen dress because, in almost every when the project began. con (Vietnam War) and Master Sgt. Juan Negron (Korean War).

An in-depth review The unusual historical ac-

counting began in 2002 when Congress, as part of the military spending bill, ordered the Pentagon to look into whether Jewish and Hispanic service members had been passed over

verely wounded by aland mine and his master sergeant, Ronald Hague, was killed. "We were a tight crew and we didn' tleaveanyone behind," Morris said. He took soldiers

In 1973, a fire tore through

to retrieve Hague's body three times before succeeding. He

the NationalPersonnelRecords

said last rites over his friend

Center in St. Louis, destroying

and then was shot through the chest, the arm, and the ring finger — tearing it off along with his weddingband. After recuperating in a state-

process we have, someone is



local Montagnard troops, Morris was ambushed on Sept. 17, 1969, on a jungle patrol. His company commander was shot through the mouth and throat,

der review had passed away, Morris, 72, who was decorat- making interviews impossible.

I think that this is something

on military personnel forms as "Caucasian." Military officials said their ethnicity or religious affiliation isuncertain, but their battlefield actions were found


ceremony will mark the single review, the Army alone idenlargest group of Medal of Hon- tified more than 600 records or recipients since World War that needed reassessment. The II, when more than two dozen smaller branches found 275 service members were honored among them. "It's hard to be awarded in that conflict's last days. Justthree of the 24 veterans the medal for a single person, who will be honored are still and to go back for all those alive. All but five of the sol- potential candidates, that is diersare Hispanic,Jewish or a very demanding scope and African American, induding record-retri eval task," said a Melvin Morris, a former Green defense official who spoke on Beret who was wounded three the condition of anonymity to times on a mid-September day comment on the review. "It was in 1969 recovering the body of very time-consuming. But we his fatally wounded master ser- wanted to make sure that, as a geant from a jungle ambush in process, we did it correctly and the Chi Lang district of north- that the Medal of Honor proeastern Vietnam. "I never thought much about it and didn't until recently," said

the White House announce-



as many as 18 million military personnel files. Among those were Army s ervice records

from 1912 through 1960, a period that included World War II and Korea. The Air Force lost

side hospital, Morris returned to Vietnam for another tour, this time as the recipient of the

most of its personnel files from 1947 though 1964.

unfairly for the nation's highest The disaster forced officials military honor. to recreate the military history Defense Department offiof scores of potential candicials said there was specific ev- dates for the upgraded comidence to suggest such discrim- mendation by i nterviewing ination may have existed in the family members, fellow battleranks, induding instances in field soldiers, and others. which Hispanic and Jewish soldiers apparently changed their Two dozen veterans names to hide their ethnicity. The reassessment sent a The congressional order host of candidates through the spanned the period from De- various service boards that cember 1941 through Septem- decide on Medal of Honor reber2001. cipients and then to the Joint The project was an enor- Chiefs for approval. Two dozen mous undertaking that sent veterans — all from the Army military personnel officials — emerged as worthy of an upsearchingfor lostrecords and grade to the Medal of Honor. battlefield histories amid the They include 17 Hispanic solcomplicated politics surround- diers such as Santiago Erevia, ingthemilitary's highesthonor. a former specialistfour who Officials from each service served in Vietnam as a radio branch focused on s e rvice telephone operator in Compamembers who hadbeen award- ny C, 1st Battalion (Airmobile), ed the second-highest medal 501st Infantry of the 101st Airfor gallantry: the Distinguished borne Division. He will receive Service Cross for the Army, the t he Medal of H onor at t h e

Distinguished Service Cross. "I never thought about the medal, whether it should have been

another higher one," he said. "I just kept doing what I was domg. Morris said he did not con-

March 18 ceremony for "coura- let me down," Erevia, a tamageous actions" during a search- le salesman, said of his father. and-dear mission near Tam Ky, "His arebig shoes to fill." Vietnam. The third living veteran is "We've wondered why he Jose Rodela,a former sergeant didn't receive it the first time first dass from Corpus Chrisand thought it may have been ti, Texas, who will receive the because of his name," said Jes- medal for bravery during fightse Erevia, 41, his son, who lives ing in Phuoc Long province, in San Antonio, not far from his Vietnam, in early September father.


Erevia said his father had The review identified one de"some issues" with the Vietnam ceased Jewish veteran, former War, mainly concerning its ra- Pfc. Leonard Kravitz, to receive tionale, and has mixed feelings the Medal of Honor. about military honors in genIn early March 1951, Kravitz eral. But the family is eager to attend the White House cere-

was serving as an assistant ma-

in Yangpyong, Korea, were sider whether his race played deemed worthy of the highest a part in the commendation honor. selection. He was not blind to "In t hi s i n stance, justice race;Morrisrecalled being unwas delayed but not denied," able to use the public drinking Abraham Foxman, national fountain outside the Southern director of the Anti-Defama- base where he trained for Spetion League, said Friday in a cial Forces. "This is wonderful," he said. statement. Morris was the only African-American veteran identi-

fiedas partofthe review. The initial congressional order did from his Florida home to the not include black service mem-

his three children and his wife of more than five decades, others deserving an upgraded Mary, who gave him the ring commendation — not just His- that was shot off withhis finger

was later amended to allow

chine gunner with Company mony next month to see him re- M, 5th Infantry Regiment of the panic or Jewish service mem- that day in Vietnam. "I haven't worn one since," he ceive an award they have long 24th Infantry Division. His ac- bers — to receive one. felt he deserved. "He's never tions in combat over two days Of the two dozen soldiers in satd.



White House next month with

bers for reassessment, but it



"I'm overwhelmed. And there are more out there." Morris said he will t ravel





I •


I •

' •













I s



s s


s '




' l I •


Rerlmon4 Fish Fair Thvd Fndaysroll

lirdmos srorlFeti

Four times a year, Redmond Magazine is published to highlight the businesses and individuals who work to build a strong community. The publication features a calendar of community events, personality features and insight into "hidden treasures" around Redmond.

rs tN

m o mwyng uu e communilyGallery lemolf Italmond chamterspe<ghls


I •



• Monday, April 16• Wednesday, June18 •Wednesday,August27 Wednesday,November12


WELCOME TQTHECENTRALOREQON TOWN OFSISTERS SISTERS MAGAZINEHONORSTHEUllllQUENESSOFTHISMOllNTAII TOW N Sisters Magazine is the area's foremost resource for events, activities, artists and businesses that make up the backbone of this small mountain town. In the coming year, each edition will highlight Sisters' events which draw thousands to the area.


Vlxe commtmttr rsre FlkFe< I,I c.


tsavilrurlsrls '

-' JtiflQNP

h sh rhe amencam ~ &Aa Academywdse r gll ~ rr s

Pas4hal Liasay

*srtsrtseheiule l&mb ef



PUBUSHIIG FIVENITIONSA YHLR • Friday, March 28 (My Own Two Hands)• Friday, May 23 (Sisters Rodeo) • Friday, June 27 (Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show) • Friday, August 22 (Folk Festival)• Friday, November 14 (A Cowboy Christmas)

Q .si~ m



Leaders outline map oes un er t e microsco e for Detroit's future


us sa e By Daniel C. Vock

gers andprevent delays.


Police can order an inspection on the road for abus carry-


number of bus passengers approaches the number of U.S. airline passengers, transportation experts are taking a clos-

ing passengers, but only when they have already stopped it for a violation, such as speeding or a broken tail light.

er look at the widely disparate state efforts to make sure buses

The restrictions on roadside inspections make it harder to

are safe.

keep tabs of carriers that want

States are responsible for enforcingfederal safety laws

to avoid attention, Jasny said.

"It's a moving target. Companies change the locations of wherethey pick up ordrop off passengers," he said. Trucks, which are subject to

for buses that cross state lines,

but they take very different approaches. Nearly half the states require annual inspections; the

rest do not. Some spend almost all of at least $165 million in fed-

many of the same laws as bus-

eral inspection money to look

at trucks, while others focus more heavily on buses. Others are more aggressive at conducting roadside inspections.

Craig Ruttle/The Associated Press

A Metropolitan Transportation Authority bus and a truck rest

Pantuso, the bus association

against scaffolding in New York earlier this month. As more passengers gravitate toward buses, state efforts to ensure buses are safe have come under increasing scrutiny.

States also have different rules for buses that do not fall

under federal jurisdiction, because they operate only within

Fatal duscrashes

the state.

Recent accidents havebrought more scrutiny to the regulation of buses, owners anddrivers. Indiana:Three people died and33 people were injured in July when a church bus returning from Michigan hit a barrier on anexIt ramp and flipped over. Thebus driver was later cited for running a red light. Investigators also said the buswas going too fast for

Industryleaders and safety advocates want more consistent enforcement among states

and within states, although they differ on the tactics. Con-

gress has also asked the U.S. Department of Transportation "We want to make sure ev-

erybody who is in the business isperformingatthe samelevel," said Peter Pantuso, president and CEO of the American Bus

Association, which represents about 1,000 bus companies. The discussion over state en-

forcement methods comes as federalregulatory eff orts are under scrutiny. The Federal

Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in particular, came under fire after 28 people died in motor coach accidents in 2011. Since then, federal regulators have stepped up inspections, tried to better identify rogue operators and started re-

although the

- a prospect that thousands

of retir ees have feared for months and that they say the

rities issued by the city.

state constitution prohibitsbut that creditors would do

r igorously.

Will enough of Detroit's cred-

Its inspection teams handle

"The state's focus," he

both trucks and buses. Even though the vehicles are different, many of the laws governing the vehides, the drivers and the records they must keep are similar, said Capt. Brandon

Johnson,commander of the agency's commercial vehicle The agency works with its federal counterparts to conduct "strike force" activities


eral purposes, but do not have

vice presidentfor Advocates

cies inspect buses after they

"Annual inspections are a drop off passengers at theme their vehicles inspected for fed- snapshot," said Henry Jasny, parks, casinos, shopping malls for Highway and Auto SafeThe highway patrol is also ty. "On-site inspections are trying to work more closely buses that cross state lines, not expected.... You can get a with other regulatory agencies federal rules are also less strict much better feel of how (a bus) during routine stops. It hopes for the owners of private buses is used. It is a more real-world to roll out a system this year

is following all of the rules, the driver is fit and the bus is in goodshape." A federal law passed in 2005 Indiana state Sen. Tom Wyss gress told the U.S. Department prohibits police from pulling was surprised what he learned of Transportation t o s t u dy over buses with passengers abouthis state'sbus safetylaws whether to require states to on board for the sole purpose after a church bus crash in In- put in place mandatory inspec- of an inspection. Random indianapolis last summer left a

and other popular destinations.

to report results to the state. Besides applying only to

test of whether the company

tion laws. The provision was

spections are supposed to take

youth pastor, his pregnant wife part of the larger highway bill and a chaperone dead. Congress passed in 2012. It set

place only at a route origin or destination to protect passen-

Some creditors have com-

the city's case to use the

lation compliance. Bus owners in other states must still have

crakes do occur, they can be — like a musician's tour bus or devastating, because of the a church bus — when it comes number of passengers onboard. to keeping records of annual inspections. Legislative efforts Nearly two years ago, Con-

less well.

required annual inspections for decades. Currently, 260 highway patrol officers are dedicated to enforcing commercial vehicle laws.

deemed to pose significant risks. As part of that eight-

at around 20 a year. But when

far better. Although pen-

plained that the plan improperly favors Main Street over

a private company that con- buses inspected, not just in sults with businesses on regu- garages, but on the roads they several times a year. The agen-

52bus companies and removed 340 buses from the road. The number of people who die in bus accidents has remained steady in recent years

But pensioners, who had feared deep cuts, will fare sions would be reduced, retired police officers and firefighters "would likely receive in excess of 90 percent of their earned pen-

companies last year that they month effort, they shut down

ees, lenders and residents.

recovery on their claims" in the form of new secu-


Many safety advocates want

of that will be dedicated

creditors "about 20 percent

tions in 1963, and state law has

Importance ofinspections

city — like lowering police-response time, restoring streetlights and renewing blighted neighborhoods. How these plans fare in court is likely to help guide other financially troubled cities, their employ-

proposes to give unsecured sions of retired city workers

do," he said. The California Highway Patrol has a long history of doing safety checks on commercial vehicles. It started the inspec-

go state-approved annual inspections in 2012, according to

troit intends to reinvest in the

In many states, he said, bigger companiesare targeted

That's what they're trained to

companies providing interstate service,according to federal regulators. Federal regulators targeted

The city said it intend-

ed to spend $1.5 billion over 10 years on "capital improvements, blight removal andequipment and technology upgrades," according to Kevyn Orr, the state-appointed emergency manager. Up to a third

consistently," he said.

these are law enforcement officials we're talking about.

standards to avoid scrutiny.

table. It is accompanied by a

debt to creditors and make disclosure statement that outitself livable again. lines the areas in which De-

ly drafts, which showed that Detroit would reduce the pen-

be able to find them OK, and

commercial vehicles to under-

aims to settle its $18 billion

next five years. Under the plan, Detroit

time, their customers seem to

lines. There are about 4,000bus

hopes for emerging as swiftly Seven from bankruptcy as state and months after this city en- city officials insist it will. tered bankruptcy, its leadThe main financial filing, ers on Friday presented a called a plan of adjustment, federal judge with the first is subject to the approval of official road map to Dethe bankruptcy judge, Stetroit's future — documents ven Rhodes, who must decide designed to show how it whether it is fair and equiDETROIT

The plan submitted Friday confirms the direction of ear-

"They're a lot harder to find sometimes, but at the same

issued by next year. Pantuso, the bus association's president, said a uniform standard would be fairer, because it would discourage unscrupulous companies from registering in states with low

which could thwart Detroit's

New Yorh Times News Service

to blight removal over the

amined just as

Police could set up its own proquiring seat belts on newbuses. gram. The state police already The scrutiny comes as in- inspectschool buses,and did dustry studies show American 16,000 of those inspections last buses provide more than 700 year. million passenger trips a year, Twenty-three states and the compared to 720 million on air- District of Columbia required

cial and social issues, any of

cut and Massachusetts, regularly inspect the records and busesofcompanies ofallsizes. "The ones that do it right, do it

But companies that try to skirt the law should be ex-

I n diana State a deadline for the report to be

J.J. Keller and Associates, Inc.,

such as California, Connecti-

becausethey are easierto find and keep better records.

Oregon: NInepeople died and 38 people were injured in December 2012, when atour bus slid down an icy hill. U.S. andCanadian regulators suspended thecompany's license. Victims filed a lawsuit that, among other thIngs, accused theOregon Department of Transportation of not installing strong enough barriers along the stretch ofhighwayknown as"Deadman'sPass." California:Eight people died when acharter bus with brakes that were all defective crashed on its wayback to Mexico in February 2013. The businvolved In theaccident was not presented to regUlators during the carrier's annual inspection. In December, four buses crashed in a week in southern California, killing two people and injuring dozensmore. Tennessee:Eight people died and14 were injured in October, when a church bus crossed amedian on Interstate 40 near Newport, Tenn. Thebus, which was carrying senior citizens hometo North Carolina from ajubilee, blew a tire before hitting an SUV and a tractor trailer in oncoming traffic.

state laws are needed.

president, said states with effective inspection programs,

more often than smaller ones,

the turn.

to study whether more uniform

es, can be randomly inspected by police at weigh stations.

By Monica Davey and Mary Williams Walsh

that will allow officers to check

a license plate to see immediately whether a bus carrier is licensed to operate. Currently,

officers have to look that information up online or request it from a dispatcher.

"Our program works, and it's been working," Johnson said."The federalgovernment is modeling its program after our program."

Wall Street, something that

could chill lending to other cities, especially those with sions after elimination of troubled pension plans. cost of living allowances." Detroit's plan for emerging Other municipal retirees from bankruptcy depends on "would likely receive in ex- a series of outcomes that are cess of 70 percent." still unknown. W il l M i c hiGov. Rick Snyder, a Re- gan lawmakers agree to send publican, said, "Detroit's state money to help Detroit? comeback is underway" Will lawsuits over various and urged all involved in piecesof the case interfere? new plan as a "call to ac- itors go along with the deal tion" for pushing along vol- for Rhodes to approve it? How untary settlements in the

will the city function finan-


cially until a plan is implemented? And how long will

said, "is on protecting and all of this take? minimizing the impact on Since the city f iled for retirees — especially those b ankruptcy protection i n on fixed, limited incomes July, Orr, who has overseen — restoring and improv- Detroit's trip to bankruptcy ing essential services for court, has made clear that he all 700,000 Detroit resi- hopes the city will emerge dents, and building a foun- from court by fall when, undation for the city's long- der Michigan's emergency term f i n ancial s t ability manager law, he can be reand economic growth. moved by city leaders. The filing is a crucial step forward in D etroit's

efforts to complete its municipal bankruptcy case, the nation's largest. But by no means will it a nswer all questions or r e solve

complex political, finan-


gREATS 711 SW10th • RedmOnd • (S41) S48-8616




CHAkGF.bY PHONESll48l-500



The Republican senator, who

chairs his chamber's transportation committee, started looking into the state's inspec-


tion requirements, because the driver initially blamed faulty brakes for the accident. Investi-

gators later found no mechanical problems with the bus, and determined that high speed was a cause of the accident. Wyss discovered bus own-

even she's no match for Anso® nylon carpet.

so soft. so tough. so proven.

ers in Indiana do not have to show the state that their vehicles were inspected in the last


about buses owned by church-

es, scouting groups and other nonprofit organizations, which

9400 sq. ft. Showroom

facelessscrutiny under federal

regulations than commercial buses. "When you get on a Greyhound or some other bus, you know that puppy has been in-

Featuring New R Expanded

spected. But what about this one here'? It turns out ... we

don't check buses that are pri-

Product Lines!


vate buses," he said.



bus owners to show state po-

New Location

lice proof of inspection when they get their license plates renewed. The bill passed the Senate 33-14 and is now in the

Indiana House.

private buses would need an-

nual inspections, legislative analysts estimate. Wyss' bill would allow buses to be eval-

uated by private inspectors,

"The state has a responsi-

bility, if we're going to license (buses), to make sure they are as safe as can be," Wyss said. If the bill passes, about 2,100

F 'L D D K MMC'M EL Visit our

year. He was particularly worried

So Wyss pushed a bill through the Senate requiring

Where Quality Isn't Expensive ... It's Priceless!

84 NE Franklin, Bend 541.383.2286



Oyen Monday - Friday 8-5pm ccbg 200508


Corruption inquiry TODAY'S READ:AN 'INVISIBLE' FAMILY Russia'sunregisteredfall through the cracks focuses onChina's top security officials By ChrIs Buckley and Jonathan Ansfield New Yorh Times News Service

HONG KONG — A polit-

ically fraught Communist Party corruption investigation focusing on the former head of the domestic security apparatus, Zhou Yongkang, has reached into the sensitive realm of the Chinese in-

suspected of assisting Zhou Yongkang beyond approved means and channels." A b u sinessman w h ose i nvestments bring hi m i n

contact with senior police and military officials also confirmed Liang's detention, which was said to have occurred in the first half of

January. The detention takes the indetention of a senior official, vestigation encircling Zhou people close to party and mili- into especially sensitive ter-

telligence services, with the tary leaders said this week.

By Will Englund

were born.

The Washington Post

They had no idea what the consequences would be.

SOCHI, Russia — As far as the city of the Winter Olympics is concerned, Anna Yerma-

kova and her family don't exist, even though her kids go to schoolhere, herhusband works for asecurity firm and she is employed by the Russian post office. Theirs is a f a mily that through a combination of bad luck and poor decisions, amplified by the economic and

are unaccountable even by China's standards and rarely custody last month by the discussed in public. In addiCentral Commission for Dis- tion to conducting espionage cipline Inspection, the party's overseas, the service gatharm for investigating official ers intelligence on officials

to sustain all Russians. And now they find that they can't

m isconduct, according t o three people who cited infor-

at home, monitors threats to

getbackin. They aren't registered anywhere. In

disaster. A system that dates to the

ernment announced that Li-

If a Russian lives in one city but

told them that Liang w as

rity forces under his control.

suspected of aiding Zhou by The government has not illicitly passing on informa- announced any investigation tion gathered by the bureau's into Zhou. But people close network of agents, phone taps to senior officials have said and informants in the Chi- that President Xi Jinping and nese capital. other leaders approved the "The official message sent inquiry late last year. If Zhou down was that Liang Ke was is tried and convicted of corsuspected of corrupti on," ruption, he would be the first the former security official former or sitting member of said. "But as well, Liang Ke the Politburo Standing Comwas detained because he is mittee to confront such a fate.

Will Englund/The WashingtonPost

Feb. 4, have lived wIthout registratIon sInce 2008 In the city of their bIrth, In Sochi, Russia. The windowless bedroom they share wIth theIr parents and sister is in an illegal garage apartment.

Soviet era requires every Russian to have a "propiska," or residence registration. It's the

state's way of maintaining a level of control over its people. Every interaction with a gov-

has a propiska for somewhere else, it's an invitation to recur-

ringheadaches. But if a Russian has no propiska at all, the bottom drops out. For Yermakova and her family, it means they aren't offi-

cially allowed to live anywhere — and haven't been for the past five years. So the five of them

to be grateful for what they get. They got themselves into this fix. But they're hardly the first

for the residents of Sochi — the

gal garage apartment. It sits on a back lane just up the hill from the former m arshland that

now houses the gleaming gray streamlined venues of the 2014 Winter Games. They have no lease and no rights and the constant threat of eviction. Rent and utilities are $450 a month,

President Vladimir Putin has

registered ones, that is — and been trying to move Russians family to make self-destructive not the extraneous people who away from that outlook, but choices, and Russia is by no just happen to live here. Braiko old ways of thought are deeply means the only country where is an illegal, even though he ingrained. that happens. The catch is that was born here and has lived in Yermakova wants the state the system here makes it next Sochi all his 49 years. to help settle her family in a to impossible to recover. Y ermakova, wh o i s 38 , real apartment. She has writ"And you know, we're not moved here 17 years ago from ten letters to the governor of unique," Yermakova said. a Russian region called Mor- theKrasnodarregion,to Prime Boris Altshuler, a children's dovia. She could probably get Minister Dmitry M e dvedev, advocate in Moscow, says 4 a propiska if she moved back to Putin himself — all without million Russians, out of a pop- to her native village. But there's result. Altshuler has similarly ulation of 140 million, have nothing there for her anymore written on her behalf. He arlost their residence registra- — certainly no jobs. gues that if the Olympics hadn't tions. He calls them an "army In 2008, the family was liv- driven up the cost of housing to of Russian citizens who are ing legally in two rooms of a relatively astronomical heights socially excluded." Their ex- communal apartment, where in Sochi, the family would be istence, he says, is a symbol of they had to share thebath and able to make a go of things. a "modern, super-corrupt and kitchen with another family. Giventhe state's attention to the non-democratic Russia where They needed money badly. Yer- $50 biihon Olympic pro]ect, he vitally needed interests of the makova said it was for medical says, the least it can do is help population mean nothingto the treatment for Braiko's back. out those who are suffering in

occupy two teeny rooms, with a authorities." total of one window, in an ille-

But Braiko wrecked the cab and had to pay ruinous damages. They couldn't renew the registration and lost the apartment. Unable to afford anything else, they landed in the rooms abovethe garage, illuminated by a light bulb hanging from the ceiling. There is a long tradition in Russia of the state providing for its citizens — who are expected

R u ssia, that's a

ernment employee — from a police officer on up — can involve a glance at the propiska.

Standing Committee — the


reaucratic web that is supposed SergeI Braiko, 12, and hIs brother, Vladimir BraIko, 14, shown on

party control and keeps formation from leaders notified eign diplomats and journalof the decision. They said the ists under surveillance. State allegations against Liang in- security officials' names and volved corruption as well as comments almost never aphis ties to Zhou, whose former pear in the media. portfolio induded the MinisBefore retiring in Novemtry of State Security. ber 2012, Zhou was one of On Friday, the Beijing gov- nine men on the Politburo anghad been replaced but did party's top decision-making not say what had happened to body—andheadedthe comhim. Questions about Liang mittee that oversees China's sent to the city's press office courts, police and other arms by fax Thursday were not of domestic security. In his answered. five years in those two posts, But aformer securit y of- he accumulated considerficial and a policy adviser to able clout as the party made party leaders, both speaking maintaining social stability a on the condition of anonym- top priority and devoted ever ity, said senior officials had gieater resourcesto the secu-

unlicensed cab. For a stiff fee, the family managed to obtain temporary registration, which is supposed to be for transient workers, and moved into an

ter sports metropolis right next door, lost their place in the bu-

State Security, was taken into

Russian-built car to drive as an

physical dislocations that came with the construction of a win-

rain: The Ministry of State Security and its local bureaus

Liang Ke, director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of

Braiko's health recovered,

and he bought a 10-year-old

They sold their share in the

its shadow.

apartment. Thinking back, she Sochi does maintain a waitthis: Yermakova and her hus- said it may have been for as a inglist forpublic apartments, in band, Sergei Braiko, effective- little as $5,000. theory. Those at the top of the ly can't get a legal apartment The sale was quick and in- list entered their names on it without registration, and they formal. They neglected to file when this city was still a Soviet can't get registered without a the paperwork that would have resort — before 1991. legal apartment. enabled them to keep their regA year ago, Yermakova went If their paperwork were in istration. They had two sons at to Moscow and began a hunger The catch comes down to

order, there are offices in the city administration that could

the time — a daughter came lat-

or all of Yermakova's post of- help them out. But those officfice salary. es are restricted to assistance

Despiteoppositionfrom China,Obama welcomesDalai Lamato theWhite House —P


strike. As far as she could tell,

er — and because they weren't no one noticed. "Itwas absolutelegally married they failed to ly useless," she said. "My husregister the boys when they band told me to come home."


• ,

By Kathleen Hennessey and JulIe MakInen

Tribune Washington Bureau


P r e s-

ident Barack Obama welcomed the Dalai Lama to the White House on Friday, cast-

ing aside familiar objections from China in favor of a private conversation on human rights with the Tibetan spiritu-

al leader. The meeting was the third White House sit-down b e-

tween Obama and the exiled Buddhist monk, and each has

sparked condemnations from Chinese officials who have sought to diminish the influ-

ence of the 78-year-old Nobel Peace laureate.

Charles Dharapak/TheAssociated Pressfile

The Dalai Lama walks out of the WhIte House In WashIngton in February 2010 after meeting wIth PresIdent Barack Obama. Obama hosted the TIbetan spiritual leader agaIn on FrIday.

Chinese authorities consid-

er the Dalai Lama a separatist and have accused his support- state are typically received. ers of "deceiving" people into Still, the Chinese urged setting themselves on fire to Obama to cancel the drop-by protest China's control of Ti- and accused him of interfering bet. Shortly before the meet-

in their affairs.

" Tibet-related affairs f a l l ing, a spokeswoman for China's Foreign Ministry warned entirely within the internal afthat it would "severely impair fairs of China, which allow no China-U.S. relations." foreign interference," Foreign The White House was both Ministry spokeswoman Hua somewhat sensitive to and dis- Chunying said in a statement. missive of the rebuke. The offi- "The Dalai Lama is a political cial responses to the meetings exile who has long been enhave come to have a scripted gaged in anti-China separatist feel. Both China's statement activities under the cloak of and the White House's re- religion."

long been a one of the most

The Dalai Lama has said

Security Council spokeswom- that he is not seeking indepenan Caitlin Hayden. dence for Tibet but "meaningThe meeting was not open ful autonomy for the Tibetan to journalists and only one people that would ensure the photo was provided, taken long-term survival of our Budby the White House photog- dhist culture, our language rapher. As they did in 2011, and our distinct identity." He Obama, in a dark suit, and has long advocated nonviolent the Dalai Lama, in his saffron means of protest. robe, met in the Map Room of Tibet was invaded by Chithe White House, not the Oval nese troops in 1950, and ChiOffice, where foreign heads of na's control of the region has

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sensitive issues for the com-

munist country. In 2008, deadly clashes broke out between monks and authorities there. Since 2009, more than 120 Ti-

Bend Honda

Q u~ n

Buy smart. Drive smart.

betans have immolated themselves to protest what they see

as heavy-handedpoliciesfrom the central government, which they contend are wiping out their customs and traditions. Chinese officials say their

!HeftZCar Sales


m oto r s


TOYOTA SCION I 800-445-4483






tank for a discussion of moral-

respect for capitalism."

thomossolesS'se vice


used vehicles*.

The self-described socialist visited a conservative think

monk said with a wide smile, adding that he now has "more


Stop by today and take advantage of auto rates as low as 1.99%APR up to 72 months for new and 60 months for

States and his itinerary included one less predictable stop:

stitute were eye-opening, the


speaking tour of the United

The sessions Thursday at the American Enterprise In-

It's the ReelDelt


bringing development and stability and raising standards of living. However, officials restrict the access of foreign

ity in the free market.



policies in Tibet are aimed at

sponse nearly echoed an exThe White House said in a change from the Dalai Lama's statement that the president last visit to the White House, expressed to the Dalai Lama journalists, diplomats and othin July 2011. his support for Tibet's "unique ers to the region. A White House spokes- religious, cultural and linguisFor decades, the Dalai woman stressed that the pres- tic traditions, and the protec- Lama has been the spiritual ident was meeting with the tion of human rights for Tibet- guide of Tibetans, working world-famous monk in the ans in the People's Republic of from his base in Dharamsala, Dalai Lama's "capacity as an China." Obama also praised India. In 2011, he announced internationally respected re- his commitment to n onvio- that he was giving up his role ligious and cultural leader." lence and endorsed his "mid- as political leader of Tibetans The United States considers dle way" approach to resolv- in exile. Tibet to be part of China and ing the long-standing dispute, The Dalai Lama's stop in does not advocate for Tibetan the statement said. Washington was part of a independence, said National

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By Hillary Borrud plore whether the city should charge ru-

Bend is updating its growth plan, which will likely call for an expansion of the city limit known in Oregon as the urban growthboundary, or UGB.

ralproperty owners for some ofthe cost

Urban development, such as sewers and

to expand the urban growthboundary and annexthose properties into the city.

new subdivisions, are not allowed outside this limit, and cities mustprove the

The Bulletin

Bend Mayor Jim Clinton wants to ex-

• Salem:Secretaryof State KateBrownis preparing aplan tofix her hackedwebsite, B3 • Portland:Authorities say suspects planned carving a swastika into another teen's forehead,B3


a or inono erSa

Portland Salem

need for expanded boundaries.

opponents appeal the plan and a con-

"It doesn't seem logical to me that

sultant that the cityplans to hire soon.

existingresidents should finance the entire cost of expanding the UGB and annexing properties in," Clinton said recently. Examples of these costs include

Bend taxpayers should pay some of the cost to plan for the city's future, but not

all of the cost to bring in new properties, Clinton said.

cityplanners' time, attorney costs when

SeeUGB /B5



Counselor takes time

MAY ELECTION The May20election will serveas aprimaryfor a variety of statewideoffices. Thedeadlineto get onto the ballot isMarch

to help in Philippines

20. Alsoonthe ballot:


By Tyler Leeds

• DistrictAttorney Patrick Flaherty isseeking re-election, andBend attorney JohnHummel has alsofiled to runforthe position aswell. • County commissioner seats heldbyTony DeBoneandTammy Baneyare up for election. DeBone, aRepublican, has filed to runagainand faces aprimary challenge from RichardEsterman. Democratand current Bend CityCouncilor Jodie Barramhasannounced she will runfor theposition aswell. • Electionsforassessor, clerkand treasurerwill take place. • District Judge Barbara Haslingerhasannounced she'llretire. Herseat on the benchwill be upfor election. • Afive-year localoption fire levywould taxproperty owners20cents per $1,000in assessed propertyvalue.Thefire departmentcurrently receives acut of $1.18 per $1,000in assessed propertyvalue fromthe city's permanenttax rate of $2.80 per$1,000.

The Bulletin

Instead of seeking rest and relaxation, John Chavez used two weeks of vacation time to

support relief and recovery, traveling to the Philippines only three weeks following Typhoon Haiyan's destruction of the island nation in

Southeast Asia. The typhoon hit in November of last year, killing more than 6,000 people and displacing millions. Chavez, a 35-year-old counselor at Central Oregon Community College, arrived about a month later as part

team with MercyWorks, a Christian relief organization

based in Texas. This wasn't Chavez's first relief trip-

following Haiti's earthquake in 2010, Chavez spent two weeks in the Caribbean nation. Nonetheless, Chavez

said such scenes are impossible to adjust to. "When I got to the Philip-

pines, it was absolute devastation," Chavez said. "The

photos on the news didn't do it justice. The smells and the sounds, seeing palm trees bent over. It was just absolute devastation." Chavez has a point of ref-

CROOK COUNTY • Jim Hensleyisseeking re-election assheriff. •Thecountycommis sion seat held bySethCrawfordis up forelection. Crawford hasfiled to run again. • Electionsforassessor and clerk will takeplace.


erence, too. Before college, he spent 18 months in the country helping kids from a squatter community attend school. J.C. Foster, who led


the MercyWorks team, said

Chavez' knowledge of the nation "helped a great deal, especially with understanding the culture." Unfortunately, the lan-

JEFFERSO NCOUNTY • Commission seats held by MikeAhern and John Haffieldareupfor election. Ahernis seeking re-election;TomBrown and MaeHustonhave filed for the otherseat. • Electionsforsheriffand countyclerkare alsoon

C have z

of a medical

Andy Tullis/The Bulletin

Volunteer contractors from Aspen Creek Rock Products of Redmond used a block-and-jack system Friday morning to move a boulder, which recently rolled onto the Misery Ridge Trail at Smith Rock State Park in Terrebonne. When dislodged, the boulder rolled over the trail, down toward the Crooked River before coming to a rest. Scott Brown, Smith Rock park manager, said Friday that the trail had been reopened and that the boulder had been named "Big J" in honor of one-time employee Jay Walters, who now works at Cove Palisades State Park in Culver.

guage skills Chavez picked up on his first trip were only marginally helpful — there are more than 100 languages spoken on the island, and Chavez was in a different re-

gion during his second trip. SeeCOCC /B5

the ballot.

REOISTERTO VOTE • The deadline toregister to vote is 21days before Election Day. • Register online atthe Oregon secretary ofstate's website, bymail usinga form found onthewebsite or in personatyour county elections office.

READOURSTORIES • Coverageleading up to the electionis at election2014

Have a story idea or sudmission? Contact us!

The Bulletin Call a reporter Bend .......................541-617-7829 Redmond..............541-548-2186 Sisters...................541-548-218e La Pine..................541-383-03e7 sunriver................541-383-0367 Deachutes.............541-e17-7820 Crook....................541-383-0367

St. Charles incurssuit alleging slip-and-fall • Woman seeking $600IC inincident

in snow that would melt on the carpeted floor and its

By Shelby R. King

the tile floor," Jones' attorney, Warren John West, wrote in

The Bulletin

St. Charles Health System

is facing another lawsuit, this time from a woman alleging the Bend hospital was negligent in placing signs to warn of slippery floors. Diana Jones is asking for $600,000 from the hospital, alleging that in February

change to the tile floor, cre-

ating a slippery condition on the complaint filed with the Deschutes County Circuit Court. "Defendant did not

have any warning cones or mopping materials in the area of the tile floor warning

people entering the hospital facility that the tile floor

2011 the hospital failed to

would be slippery." Additionally, the lawsuit

place signs warning of wet

states the hospital was neg-

floors at the place where

ligent in not placing non-slip material at the site Jones fell.

the carpet ended and tile began, according to court documents.

"There were snowy conditions causing people entering the hospital facility to track

The lawsuit states Jones

suffered soft-tissue injuries that required surgery on both shoulders. See Suit/B5

Who'ssuing St. Charles: $18million:Jesse Rhinehart alleges delayedcare for a broken leg led toamputation. $10million:Kristie Merrill, Jennifer Riste andCorina Williamson allege civil discrimination. $5.94million:Tony Radmilovich alleges hospital staff dropped him whenattempting to move himfrom his hospital bed for X-rays. $4.05million:David Redwine, aBendgynecologist, alleges wrongful termination of his privilege to practice medicine at the hospital. $1.69million:Hayley Luchini claims negligent care caused hermother's, Leba Dorsay,death following elective surgery. — Oregon Judicial Information Network



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$10 for children younger than12; 5:30 p.m.; Sleep Inn and Suites of Redmond, 1847 N. U.S. Highway FAMILY FREE DAY:Mid Oregon 97; 541-504-1500 or www. Credit Union sponsors a day at the museum; free shuttle round trip spay-ghetti. from the Morning Star Christian "BYE BYE BIRDIE": A presentation School; free;; High Desert of the1960 musical featuring Museum, 59800 S. U.S. Highway choreography by Michelle Mejaski; 97, Bend; 541-382-4754 or www. dress in your '50s best; $12.50 for reserved seats, $10 at the door; 7 BEND INDOORSWAP MEET AND p.m.; Ridgeview High School, 4555 SATURDAYMARKET:Featuring S.W. Elkhorn Ave., Redmond; 541arts and crafts, collectibles, 504-3600 or linda.nye©redmond. antiques, children's activities, music and more; freeadmission; 10a.m.-5 p.m.; Bend Indoor Swap Meet, 679 ARIANA SARAHA:The Los Angeles Celtic songstress performs; $10; S.E. Third St.; 541-317-4847. 7-9 p.m.; Hawthorn Healing Arts PROM AND BRIDALFASHION Center, 39 N.W. Louisiana Ave., SHOW:Two fashion shows,local Bend; 541-330-0334 or www. vendors andgiveaways; free; noon Prom Fashion Show, doors open BEND COMEDY:Mason Woodworth 11:30 a.m., 2 p.m. Bridal Fashion performs; free; 7 p.m.; Volcanic Show; Historic New Redmond Hotel, 521 S.W. Sixth St.; 541-548- Theatre Pub, 70 S.W. Century Drive; 541-323-1881 or www. 6925 or shelly@thedresson6th. com. TELLURIDEMOUNTAINFILM ON SISTERS SCIENCE FAIR: Sisters TOUR:A screening of films from schools, industry, organizations the Telluride Film Festival; proceeds and universities present an array of experiments; free; noonbenefitThe Environmental Center; 4 p.m.; Sisters High School, $18 plus fees in advance, $22 at 1700 W. McKinney Butte Road; the door, $30 for both nights; 7 541-549-4045. p.m.; Tower Theatre, 835 N.W. Wall St., Bend; 541-317-0700 or www. OPEN STUDIOS:Caldera in-residence present their work followed by a tour, film viewing and THE LIGHTERSIDE OF LINCOLN: dinner; free, $45 and reservation Seattle storyteller Norm Brecke requested for dinner; 1-3 p.m.; performs stories that Abraham Caldera Arts Center, 31500 Blue Lincoln loved to tell; $10; 7-9:30 Lake Drive, off of U.S. Highway 20, p.m., doors open 6:30 p.m.; west of Black Butte Ranch; 541Nativity Lutheran Church, 60850 419-9836 or S.E. Brosterhous Road, Bend; 541389-1713 or "BYE BYEBIRDIE": A presentation BendStorytellingCircle. of the1960 musical featuring choreography by Michelle Mejaski; ARCHAEOLOGYFESTFILM dress in your '50s best; $12.50 for SERIES:Ascreening of the best reserved seats, $10 at the door; 2 films from the 2013 edition of The p.m.;Ridgeview HighSchool,4555 Archaeology Channel International S.W. Elkhorn Ave., Redmond; 541Film and Video Festival; $6; 7:30 504-3600 or linda.nyeINredmond. p.m., doors open 7 p.m.; Central Oregon Community College, Boyle "CAPOTE":A screening of the 2005 Education Center, 2600 N.W. film in celebration of the life of actor College Way, Bend; 541-345-5538 or Philip Seymour Hoffman; $5; 3 p.m.; Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 S.W. THE SOLOSPEAK SESSIONS: Century Drive, Bend; 541-323-1881 LOVE8 HATE: Local storytellers or perform, with special guests; $15; 7:30 p.m.; Greenwood Playhouse, JAZZ AT THE OXFORD: Featuring 148 N.W. Greenwood Ave., Bend; vocalist Mary Stallings with Mel Brown, Ed Bennettand Tony Pacini; 541-389-0803 or www.solospeak. com. SOLD OUT; 5 p.m.;The Oxford Hotel, 10 N.W. Minnesota Ave., CHICKS WITH PICKS:Local Bend; 541-382-8436 or www. female-fronted bands perform to raise funds for Saving Grace; $8; 8 SPAY-GHETTI: Live m usicand a p.m.; Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 S.W. spaghetti feed; proceeds benefit Century Drive, Bend; 541-323-1881 BrightSide Animal Center; $15, or

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SASSPARILLA:The Portland indieroots band performs, with The Crux; $12 plus fees in advance, $15 at the door; 8 p.m.; The Belfry, 302 E. Main Ave., Sisters; 541-815-9122 or JAZZ ATTHE OXFORD: Featuring vocalist Mary Stallings with Mel Brown, Ed Bennett and Tony Pacini; $49 plus fees; 8:15 p.m.; The Oxford Hotel,10 N.W. Minnesota Ave., Bend; 541-382-8436 or www. CHANCE MCKINNEY: The Seattle country and Southern rock artist performs; $7 plus fees; 9-11:30 p.m.; Maverick's Country Bar & Grill, 20565 Brinson Blvd., Bend; 541-325-1886 or www. THE MODERNGRASS:The Canadian roots-folk-bluegrass band performs; free; 9 p.m.; Blue Pine Kitchen and Bar, 25 S.W.Century Dr., Bend; 541-389-2558 or www.

SUNDAY TRIO VORONEZH:The Russianfolk bandperforms;SOLD OUT; 2 p.m ., doors open1:15 p.m.; Ridgeview High School, 4555 S.W. Elkhorn Ave., Redmond; 541-350-7222, or

WEDNESDAY TASTE OFTHE TOWN: Featuring samplings from 20 Bend restaurants, live music and silent auction, with beer and wine available for purchase; proceeds benefit Central Oregon younger; noon-1 p.m.; HighDesert Community College Foundation's Museum, 59800 S. U.S. Highway scholarship program; $25 in 97, Bend; 541-382-4754 or www. advance, $30 at the door; 6-10 p.m.; Mazama Gym, Central "GIDEON'S ARMY":A screening Oregon Community College, 2600 of the 2013 documentary by film N.W. College Way, Bend; 541-318producer and director, Dawn Porter, 3783 or followed by a Q-and-A; free; 4-6 "12 YEARS A SLAVE":A p.m.; Central Oregon Community screening of the 2013 film about College, Wille Hall, 2600 N.W. a New York State-born free negro College Way, Bend; 541-383-7412. who waskidnapped and sold into "THE LIFE AQUATIC WITH STEVE slavery; $8 plus fees in advance, ZISSOU":A screening of the 2004 $10 at the door; 6:30 p.m.; film directed by Wes Anderson; Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 S.W. free; 7 p.m.; The Old Stone,157 Century Drive, Bend; 541-323N.W. Franklin Ave., Bend; 541-322- 1881 or www.volcanictheatrepub. 7273 or com. HELEN GILLET: TheNew Orleans "A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S cellist performs; $15; 7 p.m.; DREAM":The Mountain View String Theory Music,1291 N.W. drama department performs Wall St., Bend; 541-678-0257, William Shakespeare's classic or play about star-crossed lovers; $5; 7 p.m., doors open 6:15 p.m.; HUNTINGFILM TOUR: A screening Mountain View High School, 2755 N.E. 27th St., Bend; 541-355of films about the hunting experience; $10; 7p.m., doors open 4489 or mvhs. 6 p.m.; Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 S.W. Century Drive, Bend; 541-678- "FOOTLOOSE THEMUSICAL": 3548 or www.volcanictheatrepub. The Redmond High School com. drama department presents its MARK RUSSELL:The comedian winter musical; $12, $10seniors and political satirist performs; $35- in advance; $15, $12seniors at $40, plus fees; 7:30 p.m., doors the door; $8 students; 7 p.m.; open 6:30 p.m.; Tower Theatre, 835 Redmond HighSchool,675 S.W. N.W. Wall St., Bend; 541-317-0700 Rimrock Way; 541-923-4800 or or

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com or THE MODERNGRASS:The Canadian roots-folk-bluegrass band performs; $5-$10 donation; 7 p.m., doors open 6 p.m.; String Theory Music,1291 N.W. Wall St., Bend; 541-678-0257, or DIEGO'SUMBRELLA: The San Francisco gypsy-rock band performs; $8 plus fees in advance, $10 at the door; 9 p.m.; Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 S.W. Century Drive, Bend; 541-323-1881 or www.


"CAPOTE":A screening of the 2005 film in celebration of the life of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman; $5; 3

"AUGUST":LGBTStars and Rainbows presents a screening of a film about two lovers who











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LUNCH ANDLECTURE: Oregon author Rick Steber reads from his book"Red White Black" about the 1911 Pendleton Round-Up; included in the price of admission; $12 adults, $10 ages 65 and older, $7 ages 5-12, free ages 4 and



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Mountain View High School, 2755 N.E. 27th St., Bend; 541-3554489 or mvhs. "FOOTLOOSE THEMUSICAL": The Redmond High School drama department presents its winter musical; $12, $10seniors in advance; $15, $12 seniors at the door; $8 students; 7 p.m.; Redmond HighSchool,675 S.W. Rimrock Way; 541-923-4800 or

OREGON ENCYCLOPEDIA HISTORY NIGHT:Featuring "The Dam Fiasco at Bull Flat: A Look Back at the 1913-1914 Tumalo Project"; free; 7 p.m., doors open 6 p.m.; McMenamins Old St. Francis School, 700 N.W. Bond St., Bend; 541-382-5174 or www.

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ac e we sitereme sou t overtime and every • Secretary of State Kate Brown prepares working single day since we detected to get it up and running," a funding request for security contractor this Green said. "First thing we

session for two more weeks, Buckley said, so it will likely go to the Emergency Board in May.

have to do is make sure we Officials have said the incan get it up securely. I think cident has been reported to The Associated Press nance records since the hack- the only thing that would be law enforcement. An email to SALEM — Secretary of ing was discovered Feb. 4. more frustrating than the cur- website users informed them S tate Kate Brown h a s i n - Officials have said little about rent situation is if we put it up that all passwords have been formed the Oregon Legis- what information was com- prematurely and then experi- reset, and they'll have to pick lature that she'll be asking promised or when the website enced additional problems." a new one once the systems for money to hire a security will work, but they insist perRep. Peter Buckley, D-Ash- come back online.People contractor to fix her website, sonal information is safe. The land, who co-chairs the bud- who use the same password which was taken offline after hackersdid notgain access to get committee, said Brown for other services were adhackers broke in. the state's central voter regis- told him that she's hired a vised to change those access B rown's o f f ice h i r e d a tration database, officials say. security contractor to fix the codes as well. contractor to review secuGreen declined again Fri- vulnerabilities and may need The agency said that bank rity upgrades and another day to say when the website to hire one more. Buckley said account numbers for politito help manage an expect- might return or whether the he's unsure how much money cal committees are encrypted flood of phone calls from public can be assured of hav- will be needed, but Brown has ed, but users were advised of website users, said Tony ing access to campaign fi- told him it would be relatively steps they can take to monitor Green, a spokesman for the nance information before the small. their credit and identity. "It's n ot going to be a secretaryof state's office.He primary election in May or loGreen said one of the consaid he didn't immediately cal elections next month. The mind-blowing cost," Buckley tractors was hired to deal have information about the office has suspended fines sard. with expected phone calls contractors. for businesses that are late in The funding request prob- after that email went out. He Brown's office has cut off paying annual fees. ably won't be ready for the didn't immediately know how "We have been literally full Legislature, which is in many calls had come in. access to the state's business By Jonathan J. Cooper

registry and campaign fi-


allegedlyplanned The Associated Press

Alex Pajunas I The Daily Astorian

The Necanlcum River on Wednesday flows north past the North

Coast Land Conservancy's Circle Creek Habitat Reserve south of

Montgomery is said to

ities say four Oregon teenagers accused of shooting a fellow high school student with a BB gun and carving a swastika into his forehead had spent an evening sketching out ideas for torturing him.

have told the alleged victim

According to an affidavit filed Feb. 10, the attack went

Seaside. Waters rose on Monday above the rlver's banks, flooding land ln the reserve.

A changedlandscape helps with flood issue

as planned, until they released the 16-year-old boy to pull cash from an ATM. He fled to a nearby store instead and called police. The teen told investigators he was lured to the shed by 15-year-ol d Jenna Montgomery. There, he said 15-yearold Blue Kalmbach shot him

with a BB gun andused abox By Ted Shorack

water that crossed the highThe Daity Astorian way was in a section of highSEASIDE — The partial re- way where flooding was unmoval of a berm last summer usual and indicates just how along the Necanicum River much rain felL is being deemed a success The flood mitigation projby project partners after the ect got underway in June recent heavy rainfall caused and focused on taking out the river to spill over in areas sections of a man-made berm south of Seaside on Monday. that was created in the 1960s W ater from the r iver i n to protect pastureland from undated the h i storic f l ood flooding.

plain to the west instead of About 15,000 cubic yards causing U.S. Highway 101 to of dirt were removed during be impassable, which winter the excavation project. Ristorms had routinely done in parian shrubs along the rivthe past. er were transportedto other The Oregon Department of areas within the Circle Creek Transportation briefly closed Habitat Reserve to continue the highway near the junc- being part of the ecosystem. tion with U.S. Highway 26 The 364-acre site belongs to Monday morning, because NCLC, which will plant nawater on the r oad reached tive shrubs and trees as part as high as 12 inches. But of its plan to restore the land that flooding is considered to its former state. to be unrelated to the section Clatsop County, ODOT and routinely plagued further NCLC partnered to complete north near the Circle Creek the morethan $700,000 projC ampground, which h a d ect in September. The Port only a skim of water on the of Astoria and nearby cities highway. also collaborated. In 2011, a "That is an area that always hydrological study was conflooded first and cleared last, ductedand funded by ODOT so the duration of this flood and local governments to deevent was reduced greatly," termine how to fix the probsaid Larry McKinley, ODOT lematic flooding that often area manager for the region. results from a combination of McKinley said most of the precipitation and high tide.

the affidavit.

A u t hor-


cutter to cut the swastika. A similar attack was portrayed in th e 2009 World

War II movie "Inglourious Basterds."

The alleged victim attended high school with Montgomery, where she's said to have asked him to hang out after school. They walked behind a house nearby, according to the affidavit, and Montgomery led him to a shed in the backyard. Waiting inside were Kalmbach, 17-year-old Jess Taylor and a 14-year-old boy. "Mr. Taylor stated that he

she wanted a skateboard, and the 14-year-old boy demanded money. They allowed the teen to leave, and

he ran to an automotive shop, where he told employees to

call police. Authorities found the four alleged assailants in a home a half-mile from the shed. Attorneys for the teens could not i m mediately be


the school — one student was

headed to an alternative high school and the rest had spotty attendance records.

"They had basically cho-

sen not to attend," Bier said. "We were trying to reel them

back in, but they were really not having it."

trict attorney Chris Ramras wrote in the affidavit, "and


assisted by writing down several ideas." Kalmbach allegedly pointed a gun — later identified as

him that the five teenagers

Bier said investigators told

a BB gun — at the victim and told him to take off his shirt.

were all friends at one point, but had a falling out. He said the alleged victim initially was lured to the shed with a promise of drugs and sex.

The alleged victim told

A Portland Police Bureau

investigators that when he complied, Kalmbach shot

report that Bier referred to

him in the chest, the groin

was not available Friday. Authorities have not comment-

and one of his hands. Then

ed on a possible motive.

tim's forehead, according to

surance agentsand community groups havebeenable to enroll about 700 people in health coverageentirely online. Chief Information Officer Aaron Karjala revealedthe number to astate legislative committee on Friday. CoverOregon launched its website for a limited group of experts earlier this week,morethan four months after it was originally scheduled to beoperational. There's still no datefor whenthe system will launch to thegeneral public. Karjala says developers are regularly testing and fixing elements of thesystem. Individuals working without an agent or certified expert cancontinue to apply, but Cover Oregon staff will have to process aportion of their application by hand. Medfnl'd teaCherS Strike —Both sides in a two-week Medford teachers strike areconfirming they havereacheda tentative agreement to endthewalkout in southern Oregon's largest school district. Teachers' union representatives reportedly confirmed the deal late Friday night. Earlier in theevening, School District Superintendent Phil Long said the district had giventhe Medford Education Association a final draft of a tentative pact. Nodetails will be releaseduntil teachers have a chance to bebriefed onthe agreement. Thestrike beganFeb. 6, sidelining morethan 500 teachers. The district has morethan13,000 students, making it the eighth largest in thestate. Classes resumed with substitute teachersand half-day schedules onFeb.11. Issues have included working conditions, early-retirement benefits andsalaries.

ODOTWOrker SuSpeCted in theft — Policearrested astate Department of Transportation dispatch supervisor andherformer intern in connection with aschemeinvolving falsified time cards. The Oregon State Police says40-year-old Sarah Erickson, of Albany, wastaken into custody Thursdayand herex-intern, 24-year-old Katherine Ficker, of Springfield, wasarrested Friday. Theagency says the schemeinvolved Ficker being paid as a temporary employee for work shedidn't do and then shifting moneyback to Erickson. Thepayments aresaid to have totaled more than$10,000. Erickson andFicker were bookedinto the Marion County Jail on suspicion of aggravatedtheft. Erickson is also suspected of official misconduct, while Fickerwas accused offorgery. The alleged crimesaresaid to haveoccurred between August 2012and June 2013.

COOS Bay gaSeXpOrt terminal — PlannersoftheJordanCove Energy Project havereceived Canadianapproval to export natural gas from Canadato the United States. The OKfrom the Canadian National Energy Boardis just one ofmanyhurdles developers mustclear before building a plant in CoosBaythat would be usedto chill gas for export as a liquid to Asia.Theproject led by Calgary-based VeresenInc. still needs aDepartment of Energy license to sendgas to countries that don't have freetrade agreements with the United States, such asIndia and Japan. It also must passenvironmental muster. Hatfield Statue —The OregonHousevoted Friday to pull a statue of Oregon pioneerJason Leefrom a prominent place inthe U.S. Capitol and replace it with one ofMark Haffield, the influential Oregonpolitician and World War IIveteran whodied in 2011at the ageof 89. Lee, a19th century missionary andfounder of the school that becameWilamette University, is depicted in one ofOregon's two statues in thehalls of Congress, but Hatfield supporters said anewstatue would showcase Oregon to thenation in a"new era." Opponents questioned theprocess and the timing of thechange. "Mark Haffield was agreat man," said Rep. Carolyn Tomei,D-Milwaukie. "But I'm very concernedabout the process — that nooneelsewas considered except Senator Hatfield." Dufur rOOSter —Thefamily of a 5-year-old girl in the small Columbia RiverGorgetown of Dufur is fighting to keepher rooster. Ayla Macnab bought the rooster, Dallas, withher own moneyand hasbeen preparing to showhim at a 4HClub event. But arecent noisecomplaint brought a letter from thecity saying the rooster had togo. Ayla's mother, Jill Macnab,saidshehopedthe city would makean exception. She says theonly complaint camefrom someonewho lives two blocks away. Thefamily has askedfor a meeting with a nuisanceabatement officer. Eugene Stadium —A nonprofit group has beengiven achance to save Eugene'sCivic Stadium, but there's skepticism it can raise $3million in the next six months to renovatethe Depression-era ballpark. The School Board haschosen aproposal from the Friends of Civic Stadium over proposals to tear downthe structure to make wayfor a FredMeyer supermarket andshopping center or for a YMCAand housing. TheCity Council put up the$4.5 million purchaseprice — onthe condition that the nonprofit raise $3 million for rehabilitating the former homeof the minor leagueEmeralds. Thenonprofit set out in November to raise money, hoping to hit $1 million in afew weeks. Asof Thursday, the fundraiser hadattracted "just under $200,000," said Dennis Hebert, president of Friends ofCivic Stadium. — From wire reports

He said the 3,000-student

school has not experienced more students seeking counseling since the alleged

swastika into the alleged vic-

COVer Oregnnanlnllmnnt —ACoverOregon official says in-

The three who are 15 and

older have been charged as adults. They each face about 20 counts, ranging from kidnapping to robbery and assault. The 14-year-old boy will be prosecuted in juvenile court per Oregon criminal law. John Bier, principal of David Douglas High School in southeast Portland, said Friday the alleged attackers and their supposed victim were "only vaguely involved" with

helped formulate the plan to torture (the victim)," Multnomah County assistant dis-

Kalmbach's said to have used abox cutterto carvethe


Find It All Online

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"It reaches a level that's

disturbing," Bier said. "Our staff, our s t udents are shocked. They're appalled."


Filed Feb. 3 14CV0094 —Unifund CCRLLC, assignee ofPilot Receivables Management LLC,v. Lisa S.Ryba, complaint, $1 0,464.80 14CV0095 —Unifund CCRLLC, assignee ofPilot Receivables Management LLC,v. Jennifer C. Chase, complaint, $12,414.56 14CV0096 —Unifund CCRLLC, assignee ofPilot Receivables Management LLC,v.MarvelA.Cobban, complaint, $1 2,553.70 14CV0097 —Unifund CCRLLC, assignee ofPilot Receivables Management LLC,v.Tamara King, complaint, $17,091.57 14CV0099 — JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A.v. Walter M.Stone, Denise Stone, akaDenise AnnStone, BCGLDevelopersLLCand OakTree

Homeowners'Association Inc., complaint, $299,570.87 plus interest, costs andfees Filed Feb. 4 14CV0010 — Wells Fargo BankN.A. v. Sheldon S.Prescher andAlisha R. Prescher,akaAlisha R. Schaan, complaint, $229,903.13plus interest, costs andfees 14CV0101 — JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A.v. Timothy J.Delwisch and Kimberly J.Delwisch, complaint, $164,910.77 plusinterest, costs and fees 14CV0102 —Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. theunknown heirs anddevisees of Betty L Whitcomb, JamesR. Whitcomb, DanielL. Whitcomb,Debra A. Brady,GeorgeM.Whitcomb, Laura M. Powell, Rebecca J. Miller andWells FargoBankN.A.,complaint,$63,929.30 plus interest, costs andfees

14CV0103 — Oregon Housing and Community ServicesDepartment, of the State ofOregon, v. unknown heirs of Gary R.Salser, Oregon Affordable HousingAssistance Corporation, Angela R. Salser and Oregon WaterWonderland Property Owners Association, Unit 2, complaint, $82,053.55 plus interest, costs andfees Filed Feb. 6 14CV0106 — Federal National Mortgage Association v.JosephM. Davies, StaceyM.Daviesand Mortgage Electronic Registration SystemsInc., complaint, $499,347.01 14CV0107 —U.S. BankN.A.v. William F. MillardandNelli V. Millard, complaint, $263,466.86 14CV0108 — Wells FargoBank N.A., as trustee for Structured AssetMortgage Investments II Inc., GreenPoint Mortgage FundingTrust 2005—AR4,

775SW BonnetWay,Suite120•Bend 541-728-0321

541-383-6525 /2115 NE Hwy20


Plall Well, Retire Well

Mortgage Pass —through Certificates, series 2005—AR4, v. MarkC. Palardy, Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc., SunsetMortgage Co.and HaydenSquareOwnersAssociation, complaint, $131,671.49plus interest, costs and fees 14CV0109 —Englander/Tualatin Sleep Products Inc.v. SleepCenterof Bend Inc., SteveCostello, dba Sleep Centerand dbaBeds4 Less,complaint, $82,307.56 14CV0110 — American Express Bank FSB v. Heidi Davies, complaint, $21,978.70



Professional Amp aSid Packaees HomeAudioa Uideo $199.9$

RemoteStart Svstems


$18.$$1 P~roiessionsl' I

I[JJQIIID [gg~ l~ Filed Feb. 7

14CV0105 — Clair H.Clarke v.Denny D. Tingle andJudy A.Tingle, complaint, $4,000









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VAhnN.b 05WHStdbo.cossc/~ f A qala~

eter and Gwen Newell, of Tumalo, like living in the country. They have a small — by commercial standards — place on which they have horses, pasture



and hay. They hope to expand the uses to which they put their land by holding a handful of horse shows there each year. At least one neighbor objects, If th e y v alue agriculture, they though five others have written m ust ensure that there are ways the county in support of their plan. of making it a going concern, and Nunzie Gould, through her lawyer, there, sizematters. Local farmshave told Deschutes County's hearings been growing smaller for decades, officer, Karen Green, that the shows and there's no reason to suspect might interfere with the Newells' t h attrendhasstopped. TheNewells' haygrowingoperation andthat they farm, forexample,is onjust20acres. A t o urism is one way to add value to a farming operation. In the The Newells deny the former N ewells' case, allows them to show suggestion. Their application for a off their animals and the training conditional use permit allowing up t h eyreceive. to three shows a year calls for up to Such things can be disruptive if 30 vehicles for weekday events and t not handled carefuily Yet the uP to 65 for those held on weekends. county has broad abiiity to set con V ehcles wouldbe ~ d to P a r k d tons ~ e da t p revent g d pon theproperty. tion. It can demand that noise be Green will take written com- l i m ited, that hours be limited, that ments on the proposal until March l i quorbebanned andso on. 11; after that, she has two weeks to d~de the matter and put her fid- ~ fe e l~ re q ~ tho s e who value it most to give a little. Unless Meanwhile,theissueraisesques- farmers can afford to live on and tions about just what residents want work on farms, they'll move on to Deschutes Countyto looklike. otherthings.

Earned income credit best to address pove


overnment is peopled by peo- ers, or 0.3 percent ... Increased earnple who want very much to do ings for low-wage workers resulting from the higher minimum wage good. Forthosepeople, raisingthemini- would total f31 billion, by CBO's mumwage canbeajoyous occasion. estimate. However, those earnings would not go only to low-income It gives them a chance to cele- families, because many low-wage brate that they have done something workers are not members of low-inabout poverty. come families. Just 19 percent of the On.gon's Sen. Jeff Merkley, a $31 billion would accrue to families Democrat, did just that after Presi- with earnings below the poverty whereas 29percent would dent BarackObama signed an ex- threshold, accrueto families earningmorethan ecutive order to raise the minimum wage on new federal contracts to three times thepovertythmshold." In short, Obama's action will like$10.10. ly cost jobs, can be inflationary and "Raising the minimum wage lifts wouldn't hard-workingpeople out of pover- thepoor. do a good job of targeting ty," Merkley said in a statement. "I If government really wants to thank the President for taking this help the poor, there are better opimportant step for the employees of federal contractors. Now Congress tions. Oneisto expandthe earnedinmust step up and raise the wage for come tax credit. The tax credit puts all workers, because no one should money in the pocket of people by reducingthe taxes owed. It may also have to raise a family inpoverty." generate a refund. We don't doubt that Obama's acBut think about allthe other good tion will help some people. things it does. It is aimed at the poor. It's also likely to hurt. Itprovides an incentiveto work. And Here's what the Congressional it doesn't make it harder for employBudget Office said: "Once fully im- ers to hire. plemented in the second half of 2016, The earned income tax credit is a the $10.10 option would reduce total better solution for people who want employmentby about 500,000 work- verymuch to do good.




Voice opposition on the ACA IN MY VIEW

By David Biahnik n Feb. 13, Mr. Bob Almquist

ote in this column that the Affordable Care Act is settled

law, so all who question or oppose it should just give up and follow the law.

In my view, that is a ridiculous

is Mr. Almquist not being a bit disingenuous? He would have the reader believe that as iong as the president makes the

statement to make. As I read his words, the television was blaring out

changes, things are alright and we should remain

change No. 24 that President Barack Obama had made to the law.

most popular radio talk show host has repeatedly said, "the ACA has never been about healthcare. It has

always been about accruing power at the federal level." I tend to agree with that assertion, if only because

we are seeing our healthcare system disintegrating before our eyes. In addition, there is no reason to believe that the act's primary selling point,more healthcare coverage for

more people,has much chance of succeeding. Liberals like to cherry-pick some of the ACA benefits like 26 year-olds into effect January 1920. It affect- staying on their parents plan, waived everyone in the U.S. who was of ing pre-existing conditions, and othdrinking age and reached into the er laudable goals to justify its worthilives of almost as many people as ness. If the act is to succeed, it cannot does the ACA. While Prohibition end up having just as many people began with some honest intentions, uncovered as before. It is only a it eventually went down in flames in m atter oftim ebeforewe see further December 1933, as the only Consti- damage to healthcare system when tutional amendment ever repealed bigger companies begin tackling the in our history. The many unintend- question of should they even offer ed consequencesof Prohibition are healthcare to their employees at all. legion. Some of them were good but So Mr. Almquist, I absolutely rem any were very harmful to oursoci- ject your premise that the ACA is ety — not the least of which was the settled law. I also reject your asserrise of gangsterism and black-mar- tion that opponents should just lay

Is Mr. Almquist not being a bit


disingenuous'? He would have the reader believe that as long as the president makes the changes,things are alright and we should remain silent. After all, the president knows what is best for all of us. It is for that

reason that we who believe the ACA is not good law should speak up against it anywhere we can. The concept the liberals peddle of set law does not reflect what the Constitution is all about. There are

processes cited in our Constitution that permit lawful changes to estab-

lished laws. But the Congress has a role in changing laws that they passed. Should this very far-reaching and intrusive law flow only on ket activities. the whim of the president? That is a At this point in the life of the ACA, very bad precedent to start, particu- we are only beginning to see some larly when the ACA was passed with of the potential unintended conseno support from the conservatives quences. Some are masked from and current polls showing sagging view, mostly because of the many support from the people. changes the president has made. It One only needs to look at the his- seems only logical that those who do tory of Prohibition in the United States. The 18th Amendment went

back and accept it. If we did that, our Constitution would never have

changed,leaving women with no right to vote, African Americans with a lesser status, no federal in-

come tax, and presidents able to run for office forever. Law is never set-

not support the ACA should make

tled, especially when it proves to be a very bad law.

their voices heard. As one of the

— David Blahnih lives in Bend.

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Climate change can't be understood as settled science t repeat: I'm not a global warming believer. I'm not a global warm'ng denier. I've long believed that it cannot be good for humanity to be spewing tons of carbon dioxide

lowed for 25 years — that mammo-

into the atmosphere. I also believe that those scientists who pretend to

or surgery. So much for settledness.

know exactly what this will cause in

grams may have no effect on breast

cancer deaths. Indeed, one out of five of those diagnosed by mammogram receives unnecessary radiation, chemo And climate is less well understood



the winter." How inconvenient.But we've been

made their cause a matter of fealty and faith. For folks who pretend to be

here before. Hurricane Sandy was made the poster child for the alleged increased frequency and strength of "extreme weather events," like

brave carriers of the scientific ethic,


wrath be kindled against you, and he shut up the heaven,that there be no

Nonsense. Sandy wasn't even a hurand John Chrisly write. ricane when it hit the U.S. Indeed, in all Settled? Even the U.K.'s nation- of 2012, only a single hurricane made al weatherservice concedes there's U.S. Iandfall. And 2013 saw the fewest been no change — delicately called a Atlantic hurricanes in 30 years. In fact, "pause" — in global temperature in in the last half-century, one-third few15 years. If even the raw data is recal- er major hurricanes have hit the U.S. citrant, let alone the assumptions and than in the previous half-century. underlying models, how settled is the None of this is dispositive. It doesn't science? settle the issue. But that's the point. It Last Friday, Obama ostentatiously mocks the very notion of settled scivisited drought-stricken California. ence, which is nothing but a crude Unsurprisingly, he blamed dimate attempt to silence critics and delegitichange. Here even The New York mize debate. As does the term"denier" Times gagged, pointing out that far — an echo of Holocaust denial, confrombeing supported by the evidence, temptibly suggesting the malevolent "the most recent computer projections rejection of an established historical spheric scientists Richard McNider

than breast cancer. If dimate science propagandists. is settled, why do its predictions keep "The debate is settled," asserted pro- changing? And how is it that the pagandist in chief Barack Obama in great physicist Freeman Dyson, who his latest State of the Union address. did some climate research in the late "Climate change is a fact." Really? 1970s, thinks today's dimate-change There is nothing more anti-scientific Cassandras are hopelesslymistaken'? than the very idea that science is setThey deal with the fluid dynamics tled, static, impervious to challenge. of theatmosphere and oceans, argues Take a non-dimate example. Dyson, ignoring the effect of biology, It was long assumed that mam- vegetation and topsoil. Further, their mograms help reduce breast cancer predictions rest on models they fall in deaths. This fact was so settled that love with: "You sit in front of a computObamacarerequires every insurance er screenfor 10 yearsand you startto plan to offer mammograms (for free, think of your model as being real." noless). Not surprisingly, these models have Now we learn from a massive ran- been "consistently and spectacularly suggest that as the world warms, Cal- truth. domized study — 90,000 women fol- wrong" in their predictions, atmo- ifornia should get wetter, not drier, in Climate-change proponents have 20, 30 or 50 years are white-coated

there's more than a tinge of religion in their jeremiads. If you whore after other gods, the Bible tells us, "the Lord's rain, and that the land yield not her

fruit" (Deuteronomy 11). Sounds like California. Except that today, there's a new god, the Earth

Mother. And a new set of sins — burning coal and driving a fully equipped F-150.

But whoring is whoring, and the gods must be appeased. So if California burns, you send your high priest (in a carbon-belching Air Force One, but never mind) to the bone-dry land to offer up, on behalf of the repentant

congregation, a $1 billion burnt offering called a"climate resilience fund." Ah, settled science in action. — Charles Krauthammeris a columnist for The Washington Post.





Suspect in tribal shooting

said to be target of probe

DEATH NoTIGEs JudithYvonne Carlson Betty Jean Watson, of Redmond Sept. 2, 1930 - Feb. 20, 2014 Arrangements: Niswonger-Reynolds is honored to serve the family. Please visit the online registry at www.niswonger-reynolds. com 541-382-2471 Services: A graveside service will be held on February 28, 2014 at 2:00 pm at Greenwood Cemetery in Bend, OR. Contrlbutions may bemade to:

Hospice of Redmond, 732 SW 23rd St., Redmond, OR 97756.

James "Tip" Hollon, of Prineville June 20, 1956 - Feb. 19, 2014

Arrangements: Autumn FuneralsRedmond (541-504-9485) Services: A service will be held at a later date, to be announced later. Contributionsmay be made to:

St. Charles Hospice, of Prineville, OR.

Larry Elon Grater Aug.4,1951 te Feb.14,2014 L arry has m o ve d o n t o e ternal l i f e w i t h h i s b e loved wife, Claire, and his parents, Dorothy and Guy G rater, w h o ha v e pr e ceded him. Larry was a 21-year vete ran o f t he US N ava l Forces and retired h onorably serving as Chief Petty Officer RM1. L iving i n San Di eg o , L arry w as a di e-h a r d Chargers fan to the end. Larry r etired t o Y a r n ell, AZ, where he enjoyed list ening to t h e r a i n d u r i n g monsoon s e ason, s p ending time w it h hi s b r other,

Oct. 9, 1939- Feb. 17, 2014 Judith Y v o nn e C a r l son, b orn O ctober 9 , 1 9 3 9 i n Yakima, Washington, w as t he oldest daughter of Bu rel Scott and V i rginia Tea Scott. A w o m an of gr e a t humor,

courage and nacity



away Febr uary 1 7 , 2014, at 10 Judy Carlson a.m. Ever faithful, sh e w a s d r e ssed and ready t o g o to her F amily H om e E v e G r o u p that afternoon. A m e mber extraordinaire of t he Church of Jesus Christ of L atter D a y Sai n t s , s h e s erved i n a mu l t i t ude o f c allings an d t r a v eled o n t wo church m i ssions with h er husband, T err y C a r l son. S he raised her f iv e c h ildren in the gospel and no matter the dkfficulty or her own i n f i r m i ties s h e at t ended a l l h er chu r c h meetings and family events as a brhlliant example to all who knew her. S he is s u r vived b y h e r e ternal c o m p anion, T e r rance Carlson; her s isters, P atty S i mmons a n d S u e Murphy; h e r dau g h t ers, S tephanie ( B r i an ) G r a n t ,

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ALTURAS, Calif. — The

home on the tribe's land in Ce-

the headquarters building in the rural northeastern Cali-

darville 15miles from Alturas.

fornia community of Alturas.

Penn said he drove into Alturas on T h ursday with

woman who police say killed three family members and a worker at the headquarters building for an Indian tribe that was evicting her and her

It's unclear precisely when the Rhoades, and she dropped shooting began, but in quick him off at a cousin's home besuccession Davis, 50; Rhoad- fore going to tribal headquares' niece, Angel Penn, 19; her ters. He later heard about the nephew,Glenn Calonicco,30; shooting.

son from its land was the tar-

and Shelia Lynn Russo, 47,

"All I heard was there was

get of a federal investigation were killed. into at least $50,000 in missInvestigators were looking ing tribal funds, according to into whether the embezzleauthorities. ment allegations spurred the Investigators say they have tribe's efforts to evict Rhoadbeen looking into whether es, but had not established Cherie Lash Rhoades took any definitive motive, Alturas federalgrantmoneymeant for Police Chief Ken Barnes said the Cedarville Rancheriatribe Friday. "If we could confirm or she once led, a person familiar with the tribe's situation said deny that, it would help me Friday. The person spoke only toward a motive," Barnes said. on condition of anonymity. Eviction from tribal housR hoades recently w a s ing is among the most serious

some shooting, and my sister and brother were dead," he

said with a shrug. His sister was Penn, and his brother Calonicco. "I've gotten over

worse." The fourth victim, Russo, was a t r ibal administrator,

who managed evictions and had two teenagers, said her mother, Linda Stubblefield, of

Taft, Calif. Davis' two daughters were wounded, police sald.

One was alert and talking. dians. One of Rhoades' neph- The other remained in critical

ousted as chairwoman of the 35-member tribe that includes

punishments for American In-

many of her relatives.

ews, Jason Penn, said Davis was behind the effort.

condition, Barnes said.

recently launched an effort to fix the growth plan more quickly. Principal Planner Brian

Builders Association, said he generally supports the idea of beginning to work on annexation agreements now, in or-

Rankin said recently he is

der to speed up the process of

Barnes added that young "Her brother drove her too children were also inside the other tribal members were far," Penn said as he stood in building and on the property attending a meeting involving the front yard of Rhoades' when the shootingbegan. On Thursday afternoon, her brother, Rurik Davis, and

UGB Continued from B1 Rural property owners already have to pay for ur-

Bend, OR 97708

just beginning to explore the expandingthecityboundary. "I've been advocating that extension of sewer lines and concept Clinton proposed, streets, when they apply to but "it's potentially a great we should be working on be annexed into the city. An- funding source for planning annexation stuff at the same nexation is a separate pro- activities." time we're working on the "Right now, city taxpayers UGB, because it's going to cess, which occurs after the urban growth boundary has are paying for a UGB expan- save a lot of time and energy been extended to encompass sion," Rankin said. "There and shorten the time to exa property. are some people that think, pand the UGB," High said. As State officials in 2010 re- is the city in the business of for whether the builders assojected the last version of the making landowners rich? ciation will support a specific city's plan to expand the And if somebody's making annexation agreement, that UGB by approximately 8,500 a windfall by city action, depends largely on how much acres, and since then, city shouldn't they pay for that?" the city would ask property planners have been chipping Andy High, staff v i ce owners to pay, High said. away at some of the problems president of government af— Reporter: 541-617-7829, the state identified. The city fairs for the Central Oregon b an services, such as t h e

Shelly (Dan) Schroeder, and Debra Ann Whitehouse; and her sons, M arcus ( K aren) Franck, Matthew (Christine) Franck, Eric (Mona) Carlson

son. She leaves 43 grandchildren and 27 great-grandc hildren, with o n e o n t h e way. She was preceded in death by her parents; a son, Kerry Carlson; and a g r a n dson, Brodie Grant. A column in the newspaC alvin (Guy) an d w i f e , per cannot begin to convey t he depth of t h e l ov e h er S ue, at th e A m e r ican L e family and friends hold for gion Hall. this dear wife, mother, sisBorn and r aised in R e dm ond, OR , L a r r y w a s a ter, f r i e nd , g r a n dmother, misbeloved son, father, grand- great-grandmother, father, u n c l e to man y s ionary a n d d a u g hter o f God. nieces and n ephews, and We will celebrate our love brother, to Naomi Earp of for her 4:00 p.m. Saturday, Redmond, OR, Calvin Guy F ebruary 22, 2014, at t h e Grater of Yarnell, AZ, and S haron B ean o f M a d r a s, Church of Jesus Christ of L atter D a y S a i nt s S t a k e OR. No services will be held. Center, 2555 Shevlin Park L arry h a s r e q u ested h i s Road in Bend, Oregon. We will all m iss you and ashes be spread on a hill in San Diego, over looking look forward to holding you again soon. the Pacific Ocean. B aird F u neral H o m e o f Larry w ould l ik e hi s entire family to know "I l o v e B end is i n c h a rg e o f a r all of you and wish yoht all rangements. 5 4 1 -382-0903 the best".

The Associated Press

Rhoades' potential eviction at

Phone: 541-617-7825

Stacy (Richard) Runyan,

and Michael (Robin) Carl-

By Jeff Barnard and Justin Pritchard

DEATHS ELSEWHERE Deathsof note from around theworld:

Toshiko d'Elia, 84:

Sh e

emerged from the destitution

of postwar Japan to achieve renown in the United States as a marathon runner, taking up

the sport at44duringthe 1970s, when few older women were doing so. Died Wednesday in Allendale, N.J. Robert Fresco, 83: An Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker, who began his career as a writer of horror pictures. Along with his co-producer, Denis Sanders, Fresco won an Oscar in 1969 for the documentary short

"Czechoslovakia 1968," which chronicled a half-century of Czech history, culminating in the Prague Spring uprising of 1968. — From wire reports

COCC Continued from B1 "We saw about 200 patients





on a day in our clinic," said Chavez, who has training in disaster relief medicine. "My role was giving a lot of injections, for things like tetanus, polio and measles." In addition to working in a clinic beside other relief groups, MercyWorks traveled to a more rural area. "It was about 45 minutes out from the clinic, and even


though it had been a month, we werethefirstresponders,"

Stepovichobbied I for Alaskan statehood,supported byNixon By William Yardley New Yorh Times News Service

Mike Stepovich, the last presidentially appointed governor of the Territory of Alas-

ka, who helped lobby the U.S. Congress for statehood, died

Feb. 14 in San Diego. He was 94. The cause was complica-

tions of a fall, his daughter Antonia Gore said. Stepovich bridged Alaska's past and future, and not just politically. In the late 1890s, his father, Marko, a m i ner

chasing the Klondike gold rush, traveled from his native Yugoslavia to a frontier then

called the District of Alaska. Decades later, the miner's first son had become a lawyer

in the growing city of Fairbanks, a representative in the

legislature of the Territory of Alaska and, in 1957, at age 38, the governor of the territory,

appointed by a fellow Republ ican, President Dwight D . Eisenhower.

on Capitol Hill, where he was margin in the Senate to 64-34. one of the effort's most visible Stepovich ran unsuccessfully faces. for governor in 1962, losing a His diplomacy, persistent close race to the incumbent, but warm, was widely credit- William Egan, with whom he ed with helping to build con- had lobbied for statehood a sensus. On June 9, 1958, with few years earlier. In 1966, he momentum toward statehood lost in the Republican primary peaking, his portrait appeared for governor to Walter Hickel, on thecover of Time maga- who was elected that fall (and zine along with an illustration w ho later became secretary of of a totem pole. the interior under Nixon). On June 30, Congress apMike A nthony Stepovich proved a bill granting Alaska was born in Fairbanks on statehood. Eisenhower signed March 12, 1919, the only child it on July 7. A month later, Ste- of Marko and Olga Stepovich. povich resigned. But he did He moved to Oregon with not lose interest in politics. his mother after his parents With Alaska set to become separated. a state in January 1959, five He graduatedfrom Gonmajor offices in Alaska were zaga University in Spokane, in play in a special election Wash., in 1941. (His daughter that November: two Senate Nada was a star volleyball seats, a House seat, the gov- player at Gonzaga, where she ernorship and the post of sec- met John Stockton, a basketretary of state. The only one ball star there and later, an that Republicans believed they NBA player. They married, could win was a Senate seat, and their son, David, now because Stepovich was seek- plays basketball for Gonzaingit. ga.) Stepovich received a law

Stepovich's most memoraVice President Richard Nixble achievement in office was on spent three days in Alaska that he worked himself out of speaking on his behalf. Inteit. rior Secretary Fred Seaton For years, many Alaskans stayed two weeks. Republiresisted statehood, uncertain cans emphasized that Stepothat they wanted the federal vich was 39, with a long, preinvolvement that came with it, sumably bright future, while and plenty of members of Con- his Democratic opponent, Ergress were uncertain about nest Gruening, was 71. adding to the federal governDespite t h e Re p ublican ment's responsibilities with a push, Democrats swept all 49th state. But Stepovich lob-

of the offices — the Stepo-

biedforthecauseacrossAlas- vich-Grueningrace was the ka and elsewhere, particularly closest — increasing their

degree from Notre Dame in 1943. After serving in th e U.S. Navy, he returned to Fair-

banks to practice law and served in the territorial House

and Senate, where he was minority leader and fought Democratic efforts to raise taxes on

mining, fishing and logging. After his political career ended in the 1960s, he continued to practice law in Fairbanks

until moving back to Oregon in 1978.

CourtesyJohn Chavez

Chavez said.

Central Oregon Community College counselor JohnChavez

Foster said bodies weren't a rare sight, but there were

traveled to the Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, where he saw the devastation wrought by Mother Nature. In 2010,

less obvious problems, too.

Chavez also visited Haiti, working to restore a semblance of

One group of young villagers

normalcy to another ravaged island nation.

w eren't ableto sleep forfearof violence from prisoners who

abandoned aprison destroyed students I work with to get in-

something that would have

in the storm.

volved in their community."

been fatal if it wasn't operated

Foster is less modest in describing Chavez' role. He recounted the story of a young boy and his father Chavez helped evaluate at the clinic.

on," Foster said. "I don't know how else to put it, but I'm a believer, and that was a God-

"They would just walk around all night with flashlights," Foster said. "We just tried t o g i v e t h em encouragement."

thing for me." Chavez said he would do it

again and is thankful his suwork as "inspiring," not- to show the medical team pervisors at the college were ing one time his colleague his son's swollen testicle, but willing to let him go during a fell asleep from exhaustion Chavez recommended the busytime of the year. "This sounds small, but the while working with medical childreceive furthertreatment records. after noticing the swelling last day, in front of the hospi"Some people are there to while administering a shot. tal, aline of streetlights finally tag along, but he was always, Soon afterward, the child turned on," Chavez said. "That always working," Foster said. received surgical treatment was, if nothing else, a sign of hope." Chavez said, "For me, it's from a Chinese relief team. "It's not about saying I did this or s omething t h a t —Reporter: 541-633-216O, that, it's about inspiring the wouldn't have gone away, Foster described Chavez'


The father was embarrassed

were caused by her own fail- as the personal representaure to "keep and maintain a tive of her mother, Leba DorContinued from B1 proper and reasonable look- say, who was 48 when she It also claims that she expe- out for her own safety" and died while under the care of rienced "stiffness, tightness, "towalk in a safe and reason- workers at St. Charles Bend, loss of range and motion of able manner in observance following surgery to have a both shoulders and a r ms, of her surroundings and any spinal fusion procedure on susceptibility to re-injury of conditions created by the her neck. Tony Radmilovich both arms and shoulders" and weather." is suing for $5.94 million and "physical pain and mental Attorneys for both parties alleging that following a back suffering." appeared in court Thursday operation in November 2011, Jones is asking for $100,000 and set a trial date for Aug. 12. hospital staff attempted to in damages to cover hospital St. Charles currently faces move him from his hospital bills incurred from medical several lawsuits asking for bed to perform X-rays. He expenses and $500,000 in millions of dollars in dam- saysstaff members failed to noneconomic damages for ages. Among those lawsuits, securehismattress,causing ongoing physical pain and Jesse Rhinehart is suing for him to fall to the floor. medical suffering, as well $18 million in damages, alSt. Charles spokeswomas continued interference in leging doctors at St. Charles an Kayley Mendenhall said normal activities due to the Madras delayed adequate it is the hospital's policy not injuries. care after he broke his leg in a to comment on pending In response, attorneys for rodeo, resulting in its amputa- litigation. St. Charles deny any negli- tion. Haley Luchini is asking — Reporter: 541-383-0376, gence and say Jones' injuries for $1.69 million in damages



W EAT H E R Maps and national forecast provided by WSI©2014






• •



j •

Today: Partly cloudy. Northwest wind S 10


Tonight: Mostly clear. Northwest wind 10 mph.


45 "



45/34 Pcannon'Beach L H

OOd RiVer




Bj s







4 / 2 9The Dalles ~997

Hi!>bo o 47/34-: -~

4 7/ 3 1 '• 41/34 • McMirinvige . i

Partly cloudy and northwest winds 10 mph.

45/31 Hereistoe=


, 40/27 Ruggs 4 5/32 MauP, in. • 49/31 ' G overnmen amp36/23 I) ' 47/29 Co n 34/23 Lincoln Ci 4 Salem 45/36 ~ I Wigowdale • pp y G War Springs — • 45/25

34/22 • La Grande • . 36/27 38/27


• 34/20 •

Joseph 32/20

' '1. Suh'river•' Itedmund

Eunenev T/29

northeast winds 10 mph becoming north.



am t n • Ri ley 45/20 47~2 41/25 Crescent Eake Fort Rock 41/27,", 41I20 • ('hrlstmas geY 4 Roseburg emult 54/34 Silver Lake 43/I 8 Frenchglen

vCops y 56/3 • Bandon • 56 /38

43/I 8


Gold BP h

• 58/40,


Yesterday's stateextremes

• 47/27

• Paisley 49/22

Chiloquin 49/22

Med for'd

' • Lakeview 47/23

• 57/ )8

Ashland 58/29




47 29

47 29

47 31

Klamath Fal s

McDermitt • 47/29

Fields 40/31


Astoria Baker City Brppkings Bums

48/39 0.03 46/35 pc 4 9/40 pc 46/21 0.(N 3 9/23 8 46 / 28 pc 63f39O.IN 57/38 pc 55/42 s 4$28 O.IN 45/23 pc 50/28 pc 5 3/40 0.00 47/29 f 49 8 7 p c

Eugene KlamathFalls 4 ! / 31 O.oo 49/23 s

(inthe48 contiguous states):


,,p k Seattip' t

Winnipeg i , i , i Sas k atoon Thunder Bay 6/1 3/7


4)/y g $

" .47/34 d ~ sg> /gg ,~ .

Imrnokale, Fla.

-16 WillOw City, N.D.

S n Framisco





Bi s marck •


tzg Cjty ...

" W

Salt Lake CityiIT I as V'hgas:: St/>6 / Cheyen


71/4 j ,

' " ' "-"-




. .

67/53 •• 7

H onolulu o ~ 72/60



DeS Moines;

klah -:

' .'


Albuquerque . Phoemx 63/37




' ,


c orage 7/21



' "

Monterre 71/SO





Mt. HoodMeadows...........11"....................121 M t. Hood Ski Bowl.............12"......................45" T i m berline............................7"......................30" Warner Canyon Willamette Pass.................12"......................26"

Snow level and road conditions representing condi-

SZ/36 O.OZ45/23 pc 35/14 Il GreenBar 41/34 0.79 4680 pc 43/Zt pc Greensboro,NC 5$22 0.00 6387 pc 65/37 pc uamsbvrg 15/4 P.OO27Q2 pc 3ons pc uanrvxt cr 66I49 P.65 65/44 pc 65/44sh Helena 5$42 0.10 5787 pc 56/29 pc Honolulu 72/41 O.OO7$63 pc BZI60 I Houston 63/38 0.39 6plss pc 57/30 cd Huntsville 39/za 0.00 22/6 sn 142 sn Indianapolis 65/41 1.21 65/44 pc 69/43 cd Iackspn,SSS 23/4 0.00 17/-t pc 15/-3 pc Iacksonville Sp/31 0.00 4SI32 cd SZI35 pc Juneau 36/34 O.I 5 ai/35 s 45/Z7 sh KansasCity 49/33 1.54 37/23 6 zen6 pc lansing 41/35 4426 pc 35/16 pc Ias Vegas 32/5 0.05 3587 pc ZBI7 pc lexington 44/19 0.00 27/7 sn 29/lz pc lincoln 7ZI64 O.OB69/47 pc 72/52 cd uuk Rock 66I56 0.26 66I39 pc 67/36 pc Ios Angeles 66/43 I.P9 65/37 pc 66I36 pc louisville 4P/27 0.00 3581 sp 37/25 sn Madison, Wl 3787 024 33/13 pc 249 pc szsllph5 SZ/42 0.41 5$29 pc 43IZZ sn Miami 5686 0.51 4423 9 32/14 8 Milwaukee 51/Zz 0.00 53Q2 pc ai/26 pc Minneapolis 578P O.OP 53/27 pc 3$20 pc Nashville 7$64 0.26 6BI41 pc 72/44 pc New Orleans 67/Sp1.32 67lsspc 6$46 sh Nvvr Yolk 59/39 0.26 5385 pc 39/Zp sn Newark, Nl 37/32 0.66 43QB p mQI p Norfolk, VA 7ZI57 P.OO73I64 I BW63 f OklahomaCity 67/34 0.00 75/49 pc 7V45 I Omaha 5$36 0.46 5$29 pc 35/16 sp Orlando 5OIZ5O.OO 4VZ3 pc 4680 pc PalmSprings 39QI 0.00 33/17 pc 27/14 pc Peoria 4il35 0.31 36I19 pc 2783 pc Philadelphia zanp 1.12 13/-I pc 12/-10 pc Phoenix 70I36 0.00 77/SZ pc 75/46 pc Pittsburgh II-30 0.00 4-20 s tpl-15 s Porllanri ME 141 O.OO IW4 pc Sl-10 pc Providence 55/19 0.00 55/25 pc 56IZ5 pc Raleigh


wyog ( IJ " hiiadeiph/ts

Boston BufFalo

Burii~,Vr Caribou, ME

' -

Casper Charleston,SC Chartme Orsuanooga







' "

' :.-

. • ortlan

Boston. 42/3] II 46735 „.



Chicago Cinrinnati


Cleveland ColoradoSpgs Columbia, Mp Columbia, SC


paiia5''"'''"'''' 76/50':

Btl'mlngham """"" .



uston 72/60

r P"oy


Columbus,GA Columbus,OH



Concord, NC CorpusChristi Dallas FtWorth

kiami 84/72

oayrpn Denver pes Moines Detroit Pvlvlh El Paso



Abilene,rx Akron Albany

Austin Baltimore Billings Birmingham Blsllrsnk

hingpnIJ 5B/2s.f u 5 ' LouiiiS/ille..-cfiarl e




5 2 /25 pc 5$ 3 1 s tionsat5 pm. yesterday. Key: TT. =Traction Tires. Conditions 6 1 /38 pc Pass

Yestenlay TodayTomorrow Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/WHi/Lo/W City 7(61 0.00 BW46 pc 69/43 pc GrandRapids 41/ZB 021 Zs/14pc Zslt I pc Bspldn c

AsafItlc Cnr


' 7/29 ,coluinhtfS"7'

""' 1dashville .: H " Vttfanta •' Littfg Rock::...-eg/40":. '. • 6S /jzf GS/4a• :I




S t . Paul .16/1

, : S t / 27 :8




Kansas City::.



. .


Yesterday Today Tomorrow Hi/Lo/Pcp Hilto/yy Hilto/yy City



. 33/] 7 7F Omaha • Chicago L 35/16 v -, 33/ 13 :.


Chignik, Alaska

. . .

-.... +q,hg @ g "Q" I



50/41 0.03 49/35 f 52 / 43 pc 1-5 at 5isldyou 5ummit...............CARRY «HAIN5/ TT 55/ 4 4 0.09 5 436 pc 5 6/43 pc 1-84 at Cabbage Hill...................CARRY CHAINS/ TT 55/27 0.00 47/28 cd 5 1/33 pc Hwy.20atsanti amPass...........CARRYCHAINS/TT 5$32 0.00 4 0/29 pc 3 9 /29 pc

Albuquerque Anchorage

Ca g a ry :


Ski report from around the state, representing conditions at 5 p.m. yesterday: Snow accumulati ons in inches Ski area Last 24 hours Base Depth Anthony Lakm.....................4"......................42Hoodoo................................ I " ...................... 48" Mt. Ashland......................... 0" ...................... 66"


Aspen ( pipradp



~ s ~ O S ~ 10s ~20s ~30 M O S ~50s 6 0 s ~ 7 s ~ 8 s ~ 9 0s ~100 ~ s V an ver

52 / 27s

43/26 0.02 45/20 pc 46/22 0.00 47/23 s 57/35 0.00 59/30 pc


Yesterday's extremes


Yesterday T o day TomorrowThe higher the UVIndex number, the greater City Hi/Lo/Pcp H i/Lo/W H i /Lo/Wthe need for eyeand skin protection. Index is for solar at noon. Precipitationvaluesare24-hpur totalsthrough4 p.m



MammpthMtn ('aijfprnja 0' 40 Hwy.26 atGovernment Camp..CARRYCHAINS/TT Park Oty, Utah.....................o" ...................... 74" 5 2/40 0.00 47/34 f 468 8 p c 5U28 0.00 45/25 pc 5 $ 2 9 pc Hwy. 26 at OchocoDivide......... CARRYCHAINS/TT S q aw Valley, California........0"......................16" 63o S u n Valley, Idaho.................1"......................43" Redmond 49/26 0.00 4423 pc 57 /27pc Hwy.58atWigamettePass.......CARRYCHAINS/1T Roseburg 55/44 0.00 5434 s 59 /41 pc Hwy.138atDiamondLake. ......CARRYCHAINS/TT Taos,NewMexico...............o"......................37" Brookings Sale 5$44 0.00 49/32 f 47 / 3 8 pc Hwy.242 atMcKenziePass........................CLOSED Vail, Colorado......................o"......................63" 18' Sisters 47/35 0.00 45/25 pc 5 6 /29 pc For up-to-minute conditions turn For links to the latest ski conditions visit: The Dalles 52/44 0.00 45/31 pc 5 3 /34 pc Lakeview AWS to: or call 511 Lwiend:W-weather,Pcp-precipitatipn,s-sun, pc-partial clouds,c-clouds, h-haze, shehpwers,r-rain,t-thunderstorms,sf-snpwflurries,sn-snpw, i-ice, rs-rain-snpwmix,w-wind,f-fog, dr-drizzle, tr-trace

Rome 43/29

• 58/29



Ia Pine Iakeview Medfprd Newport North Bend Ontanp Pendleton Porriand Prineville


Jprdan Vag 43/29

port rfor

• 5 40r

• 4 22

rain. Partly

hh>hh> > cloudy.

56 29


— ntario EAST 47/27 • Mostly cloudy and light winds.

43/22 • Bend I • Oakridge 45(25


Tomorrow Rise Set Yesterday' sweather through 4p.m .in Bend Mercury..... 948Pm..... 820am. High/Lpw..............48o/30o 24hoursendingspm*.. 000" Sunrisetpday...... 6:53 a.m.MOOh phaSeS Venus......... 8:17P.m..... 6:11 aum Recprdhig....... 68'in1988 Monthtodate.......... 0.86" Sunsettoday...... 5:44 p.m. Mars..........154pm.....101 am. Remrdlow.........10'in1952 Averagemonthtodale... 050" Fin t Full Sunriset,mo~" '6'St a'm' New Jupiter........ 4:46 a.m..... 8:08 p.m. Averagehigh.............. 48' Yeartodate............ 2.08" Sunsettomorrow... 5:45 p.m. ~ Saturn........ 4:10p.m..... 2:07a.m. Averagelow............... 24' Averageyeartodate..... 1.47" Moonrisetoday...12:59a.m. ~ Uranus......12:08 a.m....12 42 p.m. Barometricpressure4pm. 30.13" Remrd24hours .. 0 96 in1956 Moonsettoday...1053 a.m. Mar I Mara Mar16 Mar 23 *Melted liquid equivalent

Partly cloudy and

• 40/25

Florence 52/36 •

Chance of

clou d y.



ran ite•




t o ria


chan ce of


Seaside — 45/)6-



rain Mostly


Partly cloud y .



Cold W arm Stationary


* * * * * :risse 44, 6 d d '* * * **

CI 4

z 4 >

Showers T-storms Rain


Fairbanks Fargo


F lurries Snow



Yesterday Today Tomorrow Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City

Yesterday Today Tomorrow Hi/Lo/Pcp Hilto/yy Hilto/yy

44IZI O.OO Zsla pc 249 pc svauiv

35/19 OAZ 19IZpc 17IO pc Reno 65/51 OQI 6441 pc 67/36 pc Richmond 4683 0.51 5280p 4787 6 Rochester, NY 3784 P.t 7 4481 s 43/24 sh Sapamenta 3427 0.1 7 244 sn 16/0 sn Salt lake City BW69O.O O 79/70 h s 79/70 pc san Antonio 69I44 0.02 7ZI60pc 77/60 sh san Diego -I- 0.00 6686 pc 67/36 pc San Francisco 4ZI32 P.21 49/26 pc 36Q7 sn San Jose 6ZI37 1.75 69/49pc 70I49 ts Sapla Fe 7464 OAB 7$51pc 74/57 ts Savannah 33/Z4 0.03 3204 s 32/15 s 59/30 0.00 5uz7pc 39/23 pc 45/32 31/14pc 25/to pc Amsterdam 69I43 P.OO71/47 pc 73/49 pc Athens 6$36 O.73 5BI34pc 4084 pc Auckland 5ZIZOO.OO 398 7pc 3486 pc Baghdad 62/36 0.00 65/43pc 63/35 pc Bangkok 7456 O.OO67I53 I 64/54 I Beijing stlso 5%34p MQsp Beinri 36II 9 0.01 238 pc 20IZ pc Buiip 60I36 0.00 65/44 pc 63I34 sh Boupur as/75 0.00 64/72pc 6471 pc Budapvst 37/Zt 0.13 26/tp pc 21/6 pc BuenosAirvs 16I6 0.45 16I-I pc 13/-4 pc Cabo SanIvcas 5BI36 p.a3 65/40 pc 6ZI31 pc Cairo 72/54 P.77 69/60 pc 7456 ts Calgary 49/36 0.11 51lzapc 4981 sh cancun 42/35 0.12 52/35 pc 49/Zs sh Dublin 79/61 0.71 63/40 pc 65/37 pc Edinburgh 66/25 O.PO66lsopc 51/31 I Geneva 48IZ2 P.PO35n6pc 3M7 pc uarare 63/65 0.12 61/62 63/64 ts Hong long BWSSO.OO 61/56pc BIISS pc Istanbul 4ZIZ9 0.04 39/16 pc 29/11 pc Iervsalem 6387 0.1 I 55/36 pc 52/32 pc Iotrapncsbvru 77/53 P.OP 6183 pc 6383 pc lima 57/37 0.27 4980 pc 39/19 8 Lisbon 37/32 O.SO42/31pc 4VZZ pc lohrion 4V34O.t0 45/34 s 4SIZ9sh Mariri ri 73I57 OAO 65/41pc 71/39 pc Manila

44I39 0.11 43/36 pc 4ZI35 r 31/14 P.OO 245 pc 19/5 pc 71/ai 0.36 6589 pc 66I35 pc Spokane 39IZ7 0.00 33/25 sn 3OI19 sn 4v35 0.60 41/23 pc 32/17 pc Springseld, Mp 5880 O.PO 59/29 pc 42/Zs pc 72/39 P.OO70/44 s 7$44 s sc louis 5784 O.PP 55/Za pc 37/Zo pc 52f34 0.00 51/36 cri 55/36 pc Talllps 77/690.01 77/64 sh 76/63 pc 72/47 0.00 77/63 cri BSI64 f Tvcsoll 7$44 O.OO79/49 pc ae/49 pc 76I57O.OO 64/53 1 62/53 I Tulsa 66IZ6O.OO 66I36 pc 4V33 pc 69/47 0.00 5alsp pc 57/50 pc Washinypn, OC 6$43 0.03 6087 pc 59/33 al 72/42 P.PO67/45 pc 67/46 pc Wichila 6$22 p.op 56IZ9 pc 4426 pc 52/21 0.00 59/30 pc 6182 pc Yakima 5$37 0.00 4ZIZ9 pc 36/Za sp 74/63 OAZ 69/4! pc 7ZI53 ts Yplrrs 4 0.00 6384 pc 63/SS pc

5alzs 0.00 6$30 pc 6381 pc Sioux Falls

INTERNATIONAI 4V41 P.OO4689 r so/37 pcMecca sv50 O.oo6ZI5P p. 64/5P s Mexicocar 76I69 0 IN IXV64 pc ao/62 pcMontreal 7$46 o.op 77/ai 7683 s Mosmw az/69o.op 69/71 ai 93/75 pcNairobi 39/21 0 pp 4426 4BIZB pcNassau 77/530.OO BOI62 p<77/59 s New Priit 51 /37 O.OO51/33 5185 s Osaka 66lsa O.oo6446 r 62/44 r Oslo 44/32 O.po 51/47 pc 51/37pc ottawa 64/71 Q.OO7BI66 u 75I66 u Paris asl64 o.oo64/59 p<6457 s Rio rie Janeiro 6453 O.po 64/62 p<7$55 s Rome 24IB p.po 24/I sn 1$-5 sn Santiago asfr7 o,oo66/66m 6466 pc sao paulo ai87 P,PO46/39 pc 4BI46 r sapporo 46I37 0 Op 46I39m xalxs pcSeoul 4687 0 Pp 468P r 4i83 pc Shanghai 80%4 0 pp aw64 6 7BI60 Is Singapore 6ZI53 O.po 62/57 64I57 r Stockholm 6W46O.po 57/44 pc SS/44 crisrriner BW4(OOO BOI57m 76/57 s Taipei -I- O.OO7BI60 u 76/60 Is telAviv 76I71 P.ep 8$68 <6 BO/66 pc Tokyo 55/44 P.OO55/44 pc 59/44 r Vanmuver 5$37 O.OO5189 pc 53/44 s Vienna 53/42 O.(o 53/30 55/33 s Warsaw 64I75 0 OP 6471 66I71 pc

96I73 OJN 9$75 m 96/75 s 75I55 P.OO7$5P p- 77/51 pc 39/30 P.eo39IZB sn 39/t 9 3$19OOO3287 pc 32/30 pc 7$59O.OO7$57 u 6$57 s ronsOJNBz/68 p. BZ/66 pc 75I51 O.PO75I53 705P ts 4V30O.OO4ilta m 5WZB s 44/37 O.IN ail42 r 5$46 r 39/32 O.IN 37IZZ sn 35/I 5 s spl42 O.OO51/41 s 5089 r 67/73O.OO 89/73 p< 91/73 pc 6PI39 P.PO62/42 s 6$41 r 66/57O.OO 66I55 67/55 s 67/69 0.00 67/69 ts 67/66 ts

zwts ooo 3$1sn

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mQI ooo44/33

4685 s 5$32 P.PO 51/39 s 51/41 pi as/75 Q.po69/71 69/69 pc 37QB O.OO37/32 r 37/Js pc 77/65 0.00 75/64 r 73/64 r 6450 o.oo6ZI53 pc 6BI57 pc BW44o.op BW55 pc 8287 s 46I37O.OO 4682 4433 pc 4ZI37 0 Op4682 p. 41 f33 r sw4t o,op SW41 cd sa/35 pc

5wzao.op 51/35 s 4/82 pc


Landmark Los Angeles water feature to undergo another transformation By Marisa Gerber Los Angefes Times



of his earliest boyhood

memories, Dion Neutra walked out the front door of

his family's Silver Lake home and down to the water's edge. It was the early 1930s, and the

wall around Silver Lake Reservoir was so low that he could fling a fishing line above it and intothe water.

But over the next eight decades, the architect — who trained under his father, Richard Neutra, a master of Modernism who lived and worked

ming laps. Another plan conceived by the Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy would transform the dam betweenIvanhoe and

Silver Lake into an esplanade. The design for the projectwhich conservancy president Craig Collins described as visionary but very preliminary — shows kids playing on a bench and a man jogging along a walkway with views of the water on both sides. Charles Herman-Wurmfeld of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council wrote his owrt

let out a series of loud scoffs and muttered, noh, come on!" During a question-and-answer session at the end of the meeting, Lyle Henry — who

said that although he understands the concerns, he thinks locals need to open up to the

idea of them becoming more of a regional destination. "When you create a beauti-

has lived in a home near the

reservoir for 25 years — raised his hand and said he's concerned about any changes thatcould cause more congestion. Several people clapped, a

ful area, you can't seal it off,u Al Seib / Loa Angeles Times file photo he said. "That's something New open-reservoir regulations are necessitating a change in people psychologically need to Silver Lake, a section of Los Angeles. But neighborhood denizens get used to." seem hard-pressed to find a plan that pleases everyone.

woman shouted, "That's right,"

lion project is complete, the

Once its 18-month, $27 mil-

and a couple of others chimed DWP will have drained Silver removing the black rubber in with, "Amen." Lake and replaced a bypass balls put in place a few years Councilman Mitch O'Far- pipe underneath it. The work, ago to prevent a sunlight-trigrell, who represents some of slated to begin early next year, gered reaction that created the area around the reservoirs, includes draining Ivanhoe and a carcinogen in t h e w ater.

The lost storage space will be replaced by a new underground reservoir near Griffith Park called the Headworks Reservoir.

manifesto, in which he imagout of Silver Lake — watched ines an opened-up area where as the water he loved began to people can get into the water. change. It was drained several He's even asked people with times,and thereservoirshore- other ideas to email him with line was pushed back. At one "Dreaming about a new park" point, a barbed wire-topped in the subject line. fence went up, and it seemed Meanwhile, Neutra, 87, has more off-limits than ever. launched a petition on Neutra. This fortresslike treatment org, where he asks people to was a necessity. It protected help spread the word about the drinking water stored in his plan to build a boardwalk Silver Lake — and inthe small-

er,adjacentIvanhoe Reservoir

and truck in dirt to make the amount ofwater the reservoir

— from contamination. But

more sustainable.

an upcoming Los Angeles De-

"I have a lot of hope that this will all work out well," he said.

partment of Water and Power project will disconnect the res-

All these ideas have generated a mixture of excitement and

federal mandate to phase out

anxiety. Some longtime resi-

open-air reservoirs.Itopensup the possibility of transforming

dents are wary of the fenced-in

the space near the water into

recreation area, with traffic, noise and crowds.

more parklike. There's the Sil-

lake turning into a full-fledged

;=::= N:= 0 c

4 I


At a recent neighborhood council meeting in S i lver



r;,~ +


Lake, presenters from Silver

Lake Plunge and the conservancy sharedtheirplans to a combination of applause and frustrated sighs. As Catherine Geanuracos presented her idea, which some people have nicknamed "The Hip-

ver Lake Plunge plan, which

ster Beach," a woman in the third row mumbled about how

would transform the smaller

young people probably love

reservoir into a swimming area. An early rendering of

the idea. A few minutes later, when a board member from

the conservancy shared comup shows a sandy shore dotted munity-suggested ideas for the with sunbathers and umbrel- reservoirs' future — adding a las, as well as a lake partly de- boardwalk or an amphitheater

0 v4 /



for events — the same woman






r I '

the beach-meets-pool mash-

lineated with lanes for swim-

"I hope I live to see it."

ervoirs from the city's drinking water system as part of a

something more recreational. And the prospect of reimagining an L.A. landmark has sparked a rush of ideas and enthusiasm — from neighborhood newcomers to lifelong residents like Neutra. Now, people are pitching and debating ideas of how to get the area freed up and transformed into something









II 6



I ' s


I '



6 sI '

I •








IN THE BACK BUSINESS Ee MARIKT NEWS W Scoreboard, C2 P reps, C3 Sports in brief, C2 Olympics, C4-5 Golf, C2 NBA, C6 THE BULLETIN • SATURDAY, FEBRUARY22, 2014




OSU appeals MCAApenalty




egon State starting pitcher BenWetzler must sit out the team's first 11 games undera penalty imposed by the NCAA. Wetzler


sought the advice of arepresentative from asports management group following last summer's Major LeagueBaseball amateur draft. The left-

hander wasselected in the fifth round bythe Philadelphia Phillies, but

he ultimately decidedto return to OregonState. Wetzler, whowent 10-1 with a 2.25earned run averagelast season, is eligible to return on March 2. With acareer record of 24-6, he isseven wins shy of theschool record. The NCAAnotified Oregon State in November that it was looking into the matter. Theschool and Wetzler cooperated fully with the investigation, OregonState said in a statement Friday. Wetzler received no compensation from the representative. A university releaseFriday called the punishment"too harsh" given thecircumstances. "Although theevidence wasunclear,

Gero Breioer / The Associated Press

United States skier Mikaela Shiffrin won gold in the women's slalom Friday.

Shiffrin meets her great expectations By David Ramsey The (Colorado Springs, Colo) Gazette

SOCHI, Russia — Mikaela Shiffrin was riding on a chair lift throughthe Rus-

sian mountains on her way to her second slalom run. She's only 18, but she's spent hours envisioning this moment. That's

the NCAA found that

Wetzler's adviser did have prohibited contact and that a violation of the 'spirit' of the NCAA bylaw occurred," said Steve Clark, OSU'svice president for university relations andmarketing. "It was clear from the beginning, however, that there was nointent on the part of BenWetzler to circumvent the rules. He was trying to dothe right thing." The Beavers proposed a penalty of10 percent of the season, half of the NCAA's punishment. "NCAA rulesallowa baseball student-athlete to receive advicefrom a lawyer or agentregarding a proposedprofessional sports contract. Howev-

her thing. She dwells in the future. She realized, sitting on that chair lift

in the present tense, her vision of a gold medal was about to come true. She was overwhelmed. She started weeping.

"This actually might happen and I

don't want to think about if it does," Shiffrin said. "And then it did happen and I don't know what to think. It's hard to put into words how incredible this is." She had just walked into an interview




Mountain View's Davis Holly, right, and Quinn

Corrigan defend as Ridgeview's George Men-

MEDAL TABLE U SA 9 7 1 1 2 7 Russia 910 7 26

"I don't think we quite laid it all on the line the way

• Crook County advances 21 to Class 4A district semifinals,C3 Ments Haugen was due for a breakout game. • Prep scoreboardC3 A matchup Friday night against one of the best guards in Central Oregon did just the trick. "And I thought he did a great Haugen, Mountain V i ew's job." starting junior point guard, The Cougar point guard was led the Cougars to a 61-45 In- solid all night, but it was in the termountain Hybrid boys bas- second half where he shined. ketball win over visiting Rid- After the Ravens' George Mengeview, pouring in a career-high dazona recorded 13 firsthalf 24 points on 7-of-8 shooting. points, Reid and his coaching "I think he personally want- staff challenged Haugen. They ed to show that he was the best told the guard he needed to step guard on the floor," Mountain up defensively. View coach Craig Reid said. See Cougars/C3 The Bulletin


dazona drives in the lane.



By Grant Lucas


u%' ~'' '

See Shiffrin /C5

• Mountain View tops Ridgeview 61-45, continueshot streakwith 8th straight win


er, if the student-athlete

is considering returning to an NCAAschool, that adviser maynot negotiate on behalf of astudent-athlete or bepresent during discussions of a contract offer, including phone calls, email or in-person conversations. Along with the school, a student-athlete is responsible for maintaining his eligibility," the NCAA

room, wrapped in an American flag. She reigned as Olympic slalom champion.

Photos by Joe Kline/The Bulletin

Mountain View's Ments Haugen, center, drives to the basket around Ridgeview defender Thad Stiles, right, during the second half on Friday night at Mountain View High School. Haugen had a career-high 24 points in a 61-45 win.

Canada 9 10 5 24 Complete table, C4

we needed to in order

Inside Y

to win. A 1-0

Short track lives up to its reputation as roller derby on ice,

game in the semifinal

against your rival country, that's a sour taste." — David Backes, C5

The university is appealing the decision.


—TheAssociated Press


Blazers rally past Jazz Damian Lillard scores 28 points in win, C6.

CORRECTION Astory headlined "One in amillion" that appeared inTuesday's Bulletin on pageC1 contained incorrect information about an event in which Mountain View swimmerBrandon Deckard competedat last Saturday's finals of the Class 5ASpecial District1 championships. Deckard posted atime of 49.95 seconds inthe 100-yard backstroketo seta district record in the event. The Bulletin regrets the error.


Summit uaiies 23 or inas Bulletin staff report GRESHAM — Summit is in ideal position to contin-

ue its reign as boys and girls swimming state champions after closing Friday's preliminary round at the Class 5A state meet with a total of 23 qualifiers for to-

day's finals at Mt. Hood Community College. The Storm boys, two-time defending state champs, qualified 12 entries on Friday morning — by far the most in the 5A field.

Tommy Brewer led the way by posting top preliminary times in the 50-yard freestyle and the 100 breast-

stroke, events he won as a freshman and sophomore, respectively, while setting 5A state records in each.


Startingstrong Bend schools are in great position to post high scores in the Class 5Aboys and girls swimming championships, with Summit, Bend High andMountain Vieweachqualifying multiple swimmers for today's finals


~11 12


Receive A $250 Gift Card Good in our restaurant or golf shop *

OsFFER G<ososD > THRU MARCH 31 •

John Hartmeier logged the top prelim time in the 100

freestyle, which the Summit junior won at last year's state meet. Mountain View'sBrandon Deckard, who won the

100 backstroke last year, enters the finals today as the •

No. 2 seed in that event and is in the top position in the

200 freestyle. Deckard also helped the Cougars pick up a No. 1 seed in the 200 medley relay, defeating Summit in the preliminary round by.01 seconds. See Swimming /C3






TODAY NASCAR,Daytona 500 practice

Time 7 a.m.

NASCAR Nationwide, DRIVE4COPD 300

10:15 a.m.


TV/Radio F o x Sports 1

SOCCER EPL, Arsenal vs. Sunderland 7 a.m. USA EPL, Crystal Palace vsManchester United 9:30 a.m. NBC A-League, Melbourne vs. Brisbane 10 p.m. Fox Sports 2 BASKETBALL

Men's college, Xavier at Georgetown 8:30 a.m. Fox Sports1 Men's college, Louisville at Cincinnati 9 a.m. CBS Men's college, Wisconsin at lowa 9 a.m. ESPN2 Men's college, Clemson atGeorgiaTech 9 a.m. Root Men's college, Indiana St. at Missouri St. 10 a.m. ESPNU Men's college, St. John's at Villanova 10:30 a.m. Fox Sports1 Men's college, Notre Dame at Virginia 11 a.m. ESPN2 Men's college, N.C.State at Virginia Tech 11 a.m. Root Men's college,TennesseeatTexasA8M noon ESPNU Men's college, UAB at Charlotte 12:30 p.m. Fox Sports1 Men's college,LSU atKentucky 1 p.m. ESPN Men's college, lowa State atTCU 1 p.m. ESPN2 Men's college, Washington at OregonSt. 1 p.m. Pac-12 Men's college, St. Mary's at SantaClara 1 p.m. Root Men's college, UCLAat Stanford 3 p.m. ESPN2 Men's college, Wyoming atColorado St. 3 p.m. Root Men's college,SyracuseatDuke 4 p.m. ESPN Men's college,TexasatKansas 4:30 p.m. ESPNU Men's college, Missouri at Alabama 5 p.m. ESPN2 Men's college,Nebraska-Omaha atDenver 5 p.m. Root Men's college, Brown atCornell 5 p.m. NBCSN Men's college, Arizona atColorado 6 p.m. ESPN Men's college, Temple atMemphis 6:30 p.m. ESPNU Men's college, SanDiegoSt. at NewMexico 7 p.m. ESPN2 Men's college, Central Washington at Western Washington 7 p.m. Root Men's college,GonzagaatSan Diego 9 p.m. ESPN2 GOLF

PGA, WGC Match Play Championship PGA, WGC Match Play Championship HOCKEY College, Michigan State at Wisconsin

9 a.m. 11 a.m.

Golf CBS

2 p.m.


SUNDAY SOCCER Time EPL, Liverpool vs. SwanseaCity 5:30 a.m. EPL, Norwich City vs. TottenhamHotspur 8 a.m.



PGA, WGC Match Play Championship PGA, WGC Match Play Championship

6 a.m. 11 a.m.

Golf CBS


Men's college, Michigan State at Michigan 9 a.m. NBA, L.A. Clippers at OklahomaCity 10 a.m. Women's college, Dukeat Notre Dame 10 a.m. Women's college, Saint Joseph's at Dayton10a.m. Women's college, WakeForest at Miami 10a.m. Women's college, Georgetown at Villanova10a.m. Men's college, Yale atColumbia 10:30 a.m. Women's college,KentuckyatTexasA&M 11 a.m. Women's college, Rutgers at Louisville noon Women's college, California at USC noon Women's college, OklahomaStateatTexasTech noon Root Women's college, St. John's at Creighton noon NBA, Chicago at Miami 12:30 p.m. Women's college, Maryland at GeorgiaTech 1 p.m. Women's college, Colorado at Arizona 2 p.m. Men's college, Seton Hall at Creighton 2 p.m. Men's college, Florida State at Pittsburgh 3 p.m. Men's college, Providence atButler 3 p.m. Women's college, Stanford at UCLA 4 p.m. Men's college, ArizonaState at Utah 5 p.m. Men's college, USC at California 5 p.m. NBA, Minnesota at Portland 6 p.m. 6 p.m. NBA, Houston at Phoenix Men's college, Washington St. at Oregon 6 p.m.




Today Boys basketball: Gilchrist at MountainValley Leaguetournament atOIT,TBD Girls basketball:Trinity Lutheranvs. North Lakeor Hosanna Christian at Mountain Valley LeaguetournamentatOIT,5:30 p.m. Wrestling: Sisters,LaPine,Madras,CrookCounty, Ridgeview at Special District 2championships in La Pine, Culverat Class2A/1ASpecial District 3championships in Culver,TBD Swimming: OSAAClass5A,830am.;4A/3A/2A/1A statechampionships at Mt. HoodCommunity College,6:45p.m. Alpineskiing:OSSAat Warner Canyon, TBD Nordic skiing: OHSN Ostatechampionship at MeissnerSno-park,1p.m.;OISRAstate championships at Mt.Bach elor, classicandrelay,10a.m.

Pac-12 Fo x Sports 2 ABC ESPN2

NASCAR Daytona500Lineup Afler Thursdayqualitying; race Sunday At DaytonaInternational Speedway DaytonaBeach,Fla. Lap length: 2.5miles (Car numberin parentheses) 1. (3)AustinDilon, Chevrolet,196.019. 2. (78)MartinTruexJr., Chevrolet,195.852. 3. (20)MattKenseth, Toyota,194.574. 4.(11) Denny Hamlin,Toyota,194.477. 5.(5) Kasey Kahne, Chevrolet, 194.544. 6.(24)JeffGordon,Chevrolet, 195.042. 7.(9) Marcos Ambrose,Ford, 194.894. 8.(41) KurtBusch,Chevrolet, 194.078. 9.(88) Dale EarnhardtJr., Chevrolet,195.211. 10.(27)PaulMenard, Chevrolet, 194.919. 11.(98)Josh Wise,Ford, 192.061. 12.(33) BrianScott, Chevrolet, 194.776. 13. (43)AricAlmirola, Ford,194.658. 14. (21)TrevorBayne,Ford,194.334. 15. (47)AJAlmendinger, Chevrolet,194.108. 16. (42)KyleLarson,Chevrolet,194.41. 17. (38)DavidGililand, Ford,193.736. 18. (40)LandonCassil, Chevrolet,193.732. 19. (31)RyanNewman, Chevrolet,195.707. 20. (15)Clint Bowyer, Toyota,194523. 21. (14)TonyStewart, Chevrolet,193.365. 22. (1)JamieMcMurray,Chevrolet,192.695. 23. (26)ColeWhitt, Toyota,192.538. 24. (32)TerryLabonte, Ford,192.135. 25. (16)GregBiffle, Ford,195.818. 26. (52)BobbyLabonte, Chevrolet,191.493. 27. (10)DanicaPatrick, Chevrolet,194.38. 28. (13)Casey Mears, Chevrolet,194.582. 29.(23)AlexBowman,Toyota, 189.685. 30.(99)CarlEdwards, Ford, 195.712. 31.(55) Brian Vickers,Toyota, 192.798. 32.(48)Jimmie Johnson,Chevrolet, 194.637. 33.(2) BradKeselowski, Ford,195.296. 34.(17)RickyStenhouseJr., Ford, 195.004. 35.(22)Joey Logano, Ford, 194.582. 36.(7) Michael Annett, Chevrolet,194.574. 37.(18)KyleBusch,Toyota, 194.502. 38.(4) Kevin Harvick, Chevrolet, 194.422. 39.(36)ReedSorenson, Chevrolet,194.066. 40. (51)Justin Allgaier,Chevrolet,193.815. 41. (30)ParkerKligerman,Toyota,193.594. 42. (66)MichaelWaltrip, Toyota,193.428. 43. (34)David Ragan, Ford,192.328. Failed to Gualify 44. (83)RyanTruex,Toyota, 190.347. 45. (95)MichaelMcDowell, Ford,192.291. 46. (87)JoeNemechek,Toyota,190.48. 47. (93)MorganShepherd, Toyota,189.542. 48. (35)EricMcclure, Ford,192.905. 49. (77)DaveBlaney, Ford.

TENNIS Professional Rio Open Friday At JockeyClubBrasileiro Rie de Janeiro Purse: Men,S1.99million (WT500) Women,$250,000(Intl.) Surlace: Clay-Outdoor Singles Men Guarterlinals AlexandrDolgopolov, Ukraine,def. FabioFognini (3), Italy,6-1, 6-1. DavidFerrer(2), Spain,def. ThomazBellucci, Bra-


zil, 4-6, 6-3,6-3.


Spain,6-1, 6-1.

F o x Sports1 Pac-12 ESPNU

F o x Sports1 CSNNW ESPN


1110-AM, 100.1-FM

Listingsarethe mostaccu/ate available. The Bulletin/s not responsible for late changesmadeby TVor radio stations.

PabloAndujar (8), Spain, def.TommyRobredo (4), RafaelNadal(1), Spain, def. JoaoSousa, Portugal,

6-1, 6-0.

Women Guarterlinals KurumiNara,Japan,def. LourdesDominguezLino, Spain,7-6(5), 2-0, retired. KlaraZakopalova (1),CzechRepublic, def.Katarzyna Piter,Poland,6-4,6-0. TelianaPereira, Brazil, def. Irina-Cam elia Begu, Romania6-4, , 6-4. NastassjaBurnett, Italy, def.PaulaOrmaechea,Argentina,5-7,6-2, 7-5. Delray Beach International Friday At DelrayBeachStadium & Tennis Center Delray Beach,Fla. Purse: $539,730(WT250) Surface: Hard-Outdoor Singles

Quarterfinals Kevin Anderson(4), SouthAfrica, def. Marinko MatosevicAustral , ia,6-7(3), 6-3, 6-3. SteveJohnson,United States,def. FelicianoLopez (6), Spain6-3, , 6-2.

SPORTS IN BRIEF BASEBALL BeaverS adSOrdSeaSOn'SfirSt lOSS—Nebraska scored four unearned runs in the sixth inning to overcome a1-0 deficit and handed OregonState its first defeat of the season, a9-2 decision Friday in the Pac-12/Big TenTournament at Surprise (Ariz.) Stadium. The Huskers addedfour runs in the eighth inning and avenged a15-7 loss to OSU inthe Husker Classic last Saturday in Tempe,Ariz. Caleb Hamilton had three hits to lead theBeavers (4-1 j, who play today against Michigan State (noon PST). It wasHamilton's third multiple-hit game of the season.Trevor Morrison hadtwo hits for OSUand has now hit safely in all five of the Beavers' gamesthis season. Starting pitcher Andrew Moore took the loss for OregonState, going 6/s innings. Heallowed six hits and five runs — just one earned — with four strikeouts and threewalks.

In the Bleachers O 2014 Steve Moore. Dist. by Universal Uclick


Root Fox Sports1 NBCSN ESPN2 ESPNU


"I'm not ready to call him a suspect in the beating, but I do consider him a person of interest."

Marin Cilic(7),Croatia,def. TeymurazGabashvili, Russia,6-2,6-3. John Isner(2), UnitedStates, def. RhyneWilliams, UnitedStates,4-6,6-3, 6-2.

Dubai DutyFreeChampionships Friday At Dubai TennisStadium Dubai, united Arab Emirates Purse: S2milion (Premier) Surface: Hard-Outdoor Singles Semitinals Venus Williams, United States, def. Caroline Wozniacki(8),Denmark,6-3, 6-2. Alize Cornet,France,def. SerenaWiliams (1), UnitedStates,6-4,6-4. Open 13 Friday At PalaisdesSports Marseille, France Purse:S850,900(WT250) Surface:Hard-Indoor Singles Quarterfinals RichardGasquet (1), France,def. IvanDodig (5), Croatia,7-5,6-3. ErnestsGulbis(3), Latvia,def. NicolasMahut (8), France,6-3,7-6(1). Jo-WilfriedTsonga(2), France,def. Edouard Roger-Vasselin(6), France,6-7(3), 6-2,6-2. Jan-Lennard Struff, Germany, def. MichaelLlodra, France,6-4,6-3.

BASKETBALL Men's College Pacific-12Conference All times PST

Conterence Arizona UCLA Colorado ArizonaSt. Stanford California Utah Washington OregonSt. Oregon Washington St. SouthernCal

W 11 10 9 8 8 8 6 6 6 5 2 1

L 2 3 5 5 5 5 8 8 7 8 12 12

Today'sGames Washington atOregonState,1 p.m. UCLA at Stanford, 3p.m. Arizona atColorado,6 p.m. Sunday'sGames Arizona Stateat Utah 5 p.m. USCatCalifornia 5p m WashingtonStateatOregon,6p.m.

Overall W L 24 2 21 5 20 7 19 7 17 8 17 9 17 9 14 13 14 11 17 8 9 17 10 16

Friday's Scores East Columbia70,Brown68 Harvard83,Penn63 lona 80,Rider77 Princeton67,Dartmouth57 Siena 67,Manhattan63 UMass80,VCU75 Yale82,Cornell65 South FloridaGulf Coast 75,Mercer61 Kennesaw St.67,Stetson63 Lipscomb 70, N.Kentucky66

The Associated Press MARANA, Ariz. — Graeme

he reached the quarterfinals. Jim Furyk has been at least 2

McDowell figured his luck had down in every match and he run out Friday at the Match

Play Championship.

advanced to the quarterfknals for the first time in 14 appear-

lies to even reach the third round, McDowell missed a

match that featured an 18-foot par putt conceded to him by

DuCkS rOII PaSt LOyOlaMarymOunt — Aneight-run eighth

pair of 8-foot putts to fall 2

inning allowed Oregon to pull awayfor a12-2 victory over Loyola Marymount in LosAngeles onFriday night. The Ducks (5-0) were up 3-2 through seven innings over the Lions (2-3) before breaking it open in the eighth. Right fielder Tyler Baumgartner led Oregonon offense after hitting 3 for 4 with two RBls and arun, while designated hitter Kyle Garlick was 2for 4 with two RBls. Second basemanAaron Payne scored three runs. Pitcher TommyThorpe picked up the win on the mound for Oregon bythrowing seven innings, giving up seven hits but recording six strikeouts. TheDucks andLions takethe field again today with first pitch slated for1 p.m. Thefinale of the threegame series at PageStadium is Sunday at1 p.m.

down with two holes to play

Sergio Garcia, who felt bad because of a ruling that had

— California athletic director Sandy Barbour says it was "beyond inappropriate" for Arkansas coach Bret Bielema to reference thedeath of Golden Bears playerTedAgu while defending his position on the NCAA rule proposal to slow up-tempo offenses. Bielemabrought up Agu while speaking to reporters Thursday night and in aninterview Friday with Bielemasupports the proposal to require offenses to wait until10 seconds runs off the 40-second play clock before snapping the ball. Agu, 21, died during a conditioning workout Feb.7. No cause of death hasbeen released. — From wire reports

Friday's Scores East Columbia66, Brown59 Fairfield73,Manhatan 52 Marist 79,Rider51 Penn63, Harvard50 Princeton87, Dartmouth46 Yale60,Cornell 52 Midwest Drake94,Bradley71 Green Bay59, ClevelandSt.56 Indiana St. 73,Missouri St.37 N.Iowa73,LoyolaofChicago49 WichitaSt.85,llinois St.66 YoungstownSt.81, Milwaukee69 Far West ArizonaSt.55,Colorado51 California77,UCLA72 Oregon St. 67,Washington St.53 Stanford 64, SouthernCal59 Utah52,Arizona47 Washington 108,Oregon100

GOLF WGC AccentureMatchPlay Championship Friday At DoveMountain, TheRitz-Carlton Golf Club Marana, Ariz. Purse: S9 milion Yardage:7,791; Par:72 Third Round (Seedings inparentheses) Jim Furyk(20),UnitedStates,def. Harris English (36), UnitedStates, 1up. RickieFowler(53), UnitedStates, def. SergioGarcia (5), Spain1, up. Graeme McDowell (14), NorthernIreland, def. Hunter Mahan (30), UnitedStates, 21holes. Victor Dubuisson(27), France,def. BubbaWatson (11), United States,1 up. LouisOosthuizen(32), SouthAfrica, def. WebbSimpson (17),UnitedStates,5and4. JasonDay(8), Australia, def. GeorgeCoetzee(56), SouthAfrica,3andl. Ernie Els(31),SouthAfrica, def.JasonDufner (15), UnitedStates,1up. Jordan Spieth(10), UnitedStates, def.Matt Kuchar(7), UnitedStates,2 and1.

LPGA Tour HondaLPGAThailand Friday At SiamCountryClub (PattayaOld Course) Chonburi, Thailand Purse: S1.5million Yardage: 5,558;Par. 72 a-amateur SecondRound AnnaNordqvist 66-72—138 JulietaGranada 71-68—139 71-68—139 Azahara Munoz SandraGal 69-70—139 StacyLewis 71-69 — 140 MichelleWie 67-73—140 KarrieWebb 71-70 — 141 So Yeon Ryu 69-72—141 68-73 — 141 JenniferJohnson Angela Stanford 68-73 — 141

DEALS Transactions BASEBAL L COMMISSIONE R' S OFFICE— Suspendedfree agent 1BRhyne Hughes 100games, effective when he signs with a major leagueorganization, after testing positivefor abannedsubstancein violation of the MinorLeagueDrugPrevention andTreatment Program. AmewcanLeague KANSAS CITY ROYALS— Agreedto termswith LHP JustinMarks, RHP s Louis ColemanandKelvin Herrera,INFsCheslor Cuthbert, MikeMoustakasand DannyValencia and OF Lane Adams onone-year contracts. TORONTOBLUEJAYS— ClaimedRHPLiam Hendriks offwaiversfromBaltimore. DesignatedINFBrent Morelfor assignment. BASKETB ALL National Basketball Association ATLANTA HAWKS— Waiverd FAntawn Jamison. RecalledFJaredCunninghamfrom Bakersfield of the NBADevelopment League. HOUSTONROCKETS— RecalledGIsaiahCanaan from RiG orandeValley (NBADL). SignedGTroyDaniels fromRioGrandeValley. ORLAND OMAGIC—Agreedonbuyout termswith FGlenDavis. PHILADE LPHIA76ERS—WaivedFEarl Clark. FOOTBALL

CanadianFootball League B.C. LIONS— ReleasedWRParisJackson HOCKEY National HockeyLeague MINNESOTA WILD — Reassigned D Jonathon BlumandFJakeDowell to lowa(AHL). PHOENIXCOYOTES— AssignedD DavidRundblad toPortland(AHL)forconditioning. WASHINGTONCAPITALS— ReassignedCsMichaelLatta,RyanStoaandCasey Wellmanto Hershey


SOCCER Major LeagueSoccer

COLUMBUSCREW — SignedDGiancarloGonzalez. FC DALLAS —Acquired FDavid Texeira fromFC Groningen (Netherlands).

Nationa lW omen' sSoccerLeague SKYBLUEFC— Named JayCooney goalkeeper coach COLLEGE PRESB YTERIAN—Named Elias Valentin 0women'sassistantvolleyball coach. SAN JOSESTATE — Named Greg Robinson defensivecoordinator/linebackers coachand Keith Carter offensiveline coach/running gam e coordinator. Announced offensivecoordinator/quarterbacks coachJimmieDougherty addstheresponsibilities of assistantheadcoach; cornerbackscoachDonteWilliamswill bethedefensive backscoach; andgraduate assistantEricThomasonaddstheduties of tight ends coach.ShiftedtightendscoachTerry Maley to wide receiverscoachandsafeties coachJoeStaabto outside linebackers coach. WEST VIRGINIA—Named TomBradleyassistant footballcoach.

Big putts help McDowell stayalive at Match Play ances. Rickie Fowler won a

Cal AD dlasts Bielemafor referencing player death

Women's college

73-69—142 72-70—142 72-70—142 71-71—142 69-73—142 69-73—142 68-74—142 73-70—143 71-72—143 71-72—143 70-73—143 70-73—143 75-69—144 74-70—144 72-72—144 71-73—144 71-73—144 72-73—145 74-72—146 74-72—146 72-74—146 70-76—146 76-71—147 75-72—147 75-72—147 73-74—147 71-76—147 78-70—148 77-71—148 77-71—148 75-73—148 75-73—148 72-76—148 70-78—148 74-75—149 72-77—149 72-77—149 79-71—150 76-74—150 75-75—150 75-75—150 74-76—150 73-77—150 73-77—150 72-78—150 75-76—151 74-77—151 74-77—151 74-77—151 75-77—152 75-77—152 73-79—152 71-81—152 79-74—153 78-75—153 77-76—153 74-79—153 78-77—155 77-78—155 80-78—158


After two remarkable ral-


Midwest Oakland 86,Rl.-chicago 71 WrightSt.65, Detroit 61

BrittanyLang LydiaKo JennyShin InbeePark CarolineHedwall SuzannPettersen LexiThompson ThidapaSuwannapura Shanshan Feng CristieKerr GerinaPiler MorganPressel MariajoUribe Ai Miyazato Se RiPak Pornanong Phatlum DewiClaireSchreefel YaniTseng DanielleKang SunYoungYoo CarlyBooth MinaHarigae CatrionaMathew NatsukaHori HaejiKang ChellaChoi HeeYoungPark KarineIcher MamikoHiga MoriyaJutanugarn Na YeonChoi DaniHolmqvist CarlotaCiganda Eun-HeeJi JodiEwartShadoff PaulaCreamer AriyaJutanugarn MeenaLee HeeKyungSeo KatherineKirk a-Supama s Sangchan NicoleCastrale CandieKung AlisonWalshe CarolineMasson Mo Martin JessicaKorda Pernilla Lindberg AmyYang ShinobuMoromizato BeatrizRecari LizetteSalas Giulia Sergas lheeLee ChieArimura IreneCoe BrittanyLincicome P.K.Kongkraphan Mika Miyazato AyakoUehara

er led a single hole while the match was going on. In other matches: • Furyk, getting plenty of support from his college days

birdies all week. The only player who had a more un-

at Arizona, rallied from an early deficit to beat Harris English on the 18th hole. He next

pionship was Geoff Ogilvy at La Costa in 2006. In his opening four matches, he watched

taken too much time on the

in the 16-year history of this Accenture Match Play Cham-

plays Fowler, who made birdie

10 times as his opponent had

on the 18th for a 1-up win over

a putt to win the match. Ogilvy went extra holes in every

Garcia. previous hole. • Jason Day, who played 40 matches at the Golf Club of The Accenture Match Play holes over the opening two Dove Mountain. Championship always has its rounds, had a relatively easy "My head went down as I share of wild tales. time in beating George Coetwalked off the 16th green. I McDowell tops them alL zee, 3 and 1. Day will play the really thought I blew it," McHow else to explain how quarterfinals against Louis Dowell said after yet another a guy can play 58 holes over Oosthuizen, who was stellar improbable comeback. "I gen- three matches without ever irt a 5-and-4 win over Webb uinely thought I was done this h itting a tee shot with t h e Simpson. • Els beat a reigning matime. I really didn't think there lead? Most playersare rewas any way back from that." lieved with every match they jor champion for the second Even he couldn't believe win. McDowell felt a tinge of straight day — U.S. Open what followed. guilt. c hampion Justin R ose o n "Embarrassed is the wrong Thursday, PGA champion JaMcDowell won the next two holes to extend the match. He word. I'm not embarrassed," son Dufner on Friday. Even made a 20-foot par putt on the he said. "But I just feel like I'm though he was scrappy again, 20th hole to stay alive, and robbing these guys." the Big Easy birdied the 18th then won the next hole with a Perhaps it's only f itting for a 1-up victory over Dufner. 15-foot birdie putt. that his quarterfinal match is Now it's time to play 20-year"Nine lives have been used against Victor Dubuisson of old Jordan Spieth, who had up — and then some," McDow- France, who took out Bubba 10 birdies on his card to take ell said. Watson. Dubuisson has never out defending champion Matt Ernie Els is 5-over par in 57 trailed at any point this week. Kuchar. holes overthree matches and He plays the guy who has nevEls has made only nine against Hunter Mahan, who had lost only four times irt 18

likely run to the quarterfinals

match until th e s emifirtals, a nd he went on to wi n t h e tournament. McDowell can

only hope he gets the same outcomes. "I'm playing with house money," he said. Also on Friday: Nordqvist holds on to lead in T h ailand: C H O NBURI, Thailand — Despite two late

bogeys, Anna Nordqvist of Sweden shot even-par 72 to cling to the lead at the LPGA

Thailand after a rainy second round. Nordqvist, chasing her first win on the U.S. LPGA

Tour since 2009, bogeyed the 16th and 18th holes to settle

on 6-under 138, one stroke in front of Paraguay's Julieta Granada (68), Spain's Azahara MLmoz (68) and Germany's Sandra Gal (70).



PREP SCOREBOARD Nordic skiing OISRA State Championships At Mt. Bachelor, Friday'sResults

Oay1 5.4-kilometerFreestyle(Skate)Race Girls Teamscores— MountainView 13,SouthEuene16, Ashland 26, NorthEugene48, Sheldon57, rookCounty62. Individual(top10) — 1, PhaceliaCramer, SE, 18:03. 2,SageHasseff, MV,19:15. 3, ClaraHonsinger, Ash, 19:19.4, SophieSmith, PleasantHill, 20:19.5, Tia Hatton,MV,20:20. 6, Emm a Edgren, MV,20:38.

7 (tie), Grace Cole, MV,20:48, andKatherine Quilin, SE, 20:48.9, LaurenFinkelstein, SE,20:51. 10, Rylie Nikolaus,MV,21:02. Other Central Oregonfinishers — 12,Halle Glanville, MV,21:18; 17, MelanieNachtmann, MV, 22:02; 18(tie), BrandyGraham, MV, 22:03; 20, Erin Smith, MV,22:16; 25,Natalie Nikolaus,MV,23;39; 27, KathrynDykstra, MV,24:07; 29(tie), MeganCulbertson,MV,24:36; 31, OliviaWebb, MV,24:37; 33, Charl otteSwaney,MV,25:40;37,AveryVanDuzer, MV,26:47;38, RebekahBenson, MV,27:15; 40, Emily Payne,MV,27:24; 42, ErinTaylor, MV,28:19;43, JessicaMiler, MV,28:47;44,KelseyHelm, MV,29:36; 45, AliciaWelbourn, MV,30;15; 47, Maggie Kasberger, CC,35:16;48, Molly Miler,Redmond Proficiency Academy3, 6:13;50,JustiseBishop,CC,43:55. Boys Teamscores—MountainView10,SouthEugene 19, Ashland 44,Summit 45, North Eugene49, Sheldon 60, Crook County 66. Individual (top10) —1,AlexMartin, Sum,15:06. 2, Imran Wolfenden,MV,15:44.3, SamKing,MV,16:02. 4, KimbertSchlichting-Robinson,SE,16:48. 5, Hunter Hassell,MV,16:51. 6, SageFox, SE, 17:01. 7, Adi Wolfenden,MV,17:13. 8, DylanGilespie, MV,17:30. 9, Ward Nikolaus,MV,17:55.10, DakotaThornton,MV, 18:33. Other CentralOregonfinishers — 11, Jeron Robbins,MV,18:46;12, JakobLenschen, MV,18:48;13, JoshGermain, MV,19:06;16, LeoTheisen,MV,19:22; 17, SamuelDrutman,MV,19:25;19,ZachHeiden,MV, 19;34 ;20,NathanaelBenson,MV,19:37;23,ColeHarris, MV,20:37;25,BrooksLarraneta,MV,20:52;27(tie), ZacMart in,MV,21:00,andAlanSpencer,MV,21:00;29, Wyatt Anson,MV,21:44;32,DustinSeyl,CC,22:07;33, Will McAllister,MV,22:08; 34(tie), EthanBreitenbach, Sum,22:33;36,NickJones, MV,22:49; 37, Connery Mok, MV,23:15;42,AhmedHarb, MV,26:38; 43, Michael Allen,MV,27:32;44,AidanBrick,MV,28:46;46, DanielHelm,MV,35:28; 47,Darnell Gorrosquieta,CC, 45:56;48,JavierGuitron, MV,47:49. OHSMO State Championships At Mt. Bachelor 5-kilometer FreestyleRace Girls Teamscores—Summit 6, HoodRiver Valley24, Bend35,Saint Mary's44,Sisters 54,Corvalis 68. Individual (top 10) —1, Emily Hyde,Sum, 24;59 .2,VivianHawkinson,SouthSalem,26:26.3, Olivi aMoehl,Sum,26:42.4,EmmaSu,Sum,26:56. 5, Emma Malmquist, Sum,27:47.6, Alexandra Heisler, Sum,28:24.7,MorganCaldwell,Sum,28:50.8,Sadie AnnGorm an,Sum,28:51.9,AshleyBruce,8,29:14.10, LaurenRobinson,HRV,29:54. Other CentralOregonfinishers — 11,Rebecca Chri stensen,Sum,29:58;12,TayeNakamura-Koyamar Sum,30:11;15,JessicaAas, Redmond,31:12;16, Meri Smiley,Sum,31:22;17,21, MayaPaulson,Sum,31;32; 22, KaylieMcQuilan, Sum,31:50;23,Katie Ryan,Sum, 31:55;24,BrandiJacobson, Sum,32:17;25, Sophie Russenberger,Sum,32:43; 26, DevinWicker,Sum, 33:37; 29,HannahAnderson, 8, 35:07;30,Breanne Hodges on,B,35: 24;31,ShaylaCurtis,Sis,35:32;32, Kyra Kadhim,Sum,35:37;34,ElenaSaldi,Sis,35:52; 35,HannahMavis,Sum,36:02;38,BetsyAusman,Sis, 36:30; 40,BeganFehrenbacher, 8, 36:50;42, Libby McKnig ht,B,37:09;43,SofiaJohansen,8,37:44;44, Ivy Suzanna Taylor, 8, 38:58;48,Lily Pifferini-Carter,8, 40;07;49,MorganWilliams, B,40;33;51, RileyOleson,

8, 41:33;54, Sha elynn Davis, Sum,43:41; 57,Claire Part on,Sum,44:44;58,SonjaKinney,Sum,44:45;59, Erin Roe,8, 45:52; 60, Aislin Goldrick, B,46:13; 62, Oksana Bales,8,47:58;63,JoJoMcGee,8,48:28;65, SageRueter,Sum,52:24;66,Sofia Blauvelt, Sum,58:23.

Boys Teamscores— Summit 9,Hood River Valey 14, Bend24,Corvallis 51,CrescentValley 64. lndividual (top10) —1, SamWiley,HRV,22;11. 2,CaseyShannon,Sum,22:32.3,ZebMillslagle,Sum, 2307.4,TomSchoderbek,Sum,2322.5,TeddyWidmer, 8, 23:27.6, Daniel Fischer,HRV,23:59.7,Nils Engbersen, HRV, 24:44.8, Matt Kecker,Sum, 24:51. 9,Matthew Finney-Jordet, 8,25:16.10, DevonCalvin,Sisters, 25:33 Other Central Oregonfinishers — 11,Joseph Schwarz, B,2538;12,ClaytonAas,Redmond,2544;13, GrantParton,Sum,2548;15,JackArmstrong, B,2629; 17, Ryan Schluter, Sum,26:33; 18, Damon Iraggi, 8, 27:09 ;19,JimSiemens,8,27;14;20,AbeMorgan,Sum, 27:26;21,Remington Wiliams, Redmond, 27:34; 22, HeathUlrich,Sum,27:34; 23,lanChurchil, 8, 27:49;25, RyanGri ff iths,Sum,2818;26,SamNelson,B,2828;28, Keenan Dodge, B,29:09; 29, GrahamLelack,8, 29:23; 30, Will Griffiths,Sum,29:24; 33,BenJohnson, Sum, 30;08;34,ColeFuller, 8, 30:07; 37, MathewSjogren, Sum,30:58;38(tie),AustinDoyle8,31:06;Connorl , verson, 8,31:06;44,Spencer Scott, 8, 32:14;48,Brandon Pollard,Sis, 33:09;49,NiklasSjogren, Sum,33:34;53, Cooper Rychlick, 8,34:32;54, HaydenBranch,8,35:09; 55, BuckSchlerf, 8, 35:10; 57,RileyAlbright, Sum, 36:36 ;64,McKinleyAbbott,8,47:06.

Girls basketball ClassBA IntermountainConference Bend 51,Summit 43(OT) Bend (81) —BrydieBurnham13, Sylvester11, Crook 9,McClay7, Kramer6, Hayes5. Totals 17

14-18 51.

Summit (43) — Jacqueline Manley12, Heinly 10, Reeves 8,Char 7, Hasenoehrl 4, Cornett2. Totals 170-8 43. Bend 13 12 6 8 12 — 51 Summit 1 2 9 14 4 4 — 4 3 Three-pointgoals — Bend:Crook,McClay, Hayes; SummitHei : nly2,Char. IntermountainHybrid Redmond41, CrookCounty 33 Redmond(41) —SophiaHamilton19, Edwards 9,Dannis9,Lennie3,Burgum2.Totals148-1941. Crook County(33) —KelsieSmith11, Bannon 6, Ovens 6, Malott 5,Severance3, Wood 2. Totals 13 0-14 33. Redmond 12 6 13 11 — 41 C rookCounty 9 10 9 5 — 3 3 Three-pointgoals— Redmond: Hamilton 3,Edwards 2, LennieCrook ; County: Malott. Class4A Sky-EmLeague La Pine37,Junction City29 La Pine (37) — Katie Mickel16, Pierce8, Boen 7,Glenn4,Abraham 2.Totals166-1637. Junction City (29) —JamiffaGambee 9, McKennaStraube9,Gruten6,A.Devorak3,Lemhouse2. Totals11 3-1229. LaPine 2 6 12 17 — 37 Junctiongity 2 3 11 1 3 — 29 Three-pointgoals — LaPine: none;Junction City: Staube3,Gruten. Bky-EmLeague Cotlage Grove44, Sisters 37 Cottage Grove (44) — ConnerBorigo 16, Sayles11,Erner8,Cardwell 6, Dawson1. Totals not available. Sislers (37) —SavannahSpear11, Petterson7, Henson 6,Moore5,Bachmeier4,Mann2,Horner2. Totals notavailable. CottageGrove 1 1 8 1 0 15 — 44 Sisters 11 9 11 0 — 37 Three-poingoal t s— Notavailable.

Tri-VaffeyConference Gladst one44,Madras29 Gladstone(44) —Molly Webster 21,Burrell12 Simac 3,Petersen2,Schumaker2,Feb2,Campos2 Totals18 3-544. Madras (29) —VenessaEsquivel 13,Stacona6 Suppah 5,J.Adams3,Wolfe2.Totals114-1029. Gladstone 10 15 11 2 — 44 Madras 4 8 6 1 1 — 29 Three-pointgoals— Gladstone: Burreff2, Webster Madras:Esquivel2, Suppah.

Class1A Mountain ValleyLeaguePlnyoffs At OIT, KlamathFalls Triad 48, Trinity Lutheran40 Triad (40) —SarahEstabrook12, E.Estabrook 11, Stiller 11,Powless7, Borror 4, Hamel 4. Totals 19 7-13 48. Trinity Lutheran (45) — KatieMurphy19, M. Murphy11,Eidler9, Sample 2, Clift 2, Cowan2.Totals10 8-12 46. Triad 20 6 8 14 — 48 Trinity Lutheran 7 7 17 14 — 45 Three-poingoal t s— Triad:Powless2, E.Estabrook; Trinity Lutheran: Eidler.

Boys basketball IntermountainHybrid MountainView61, Ridegview45 Ridgeview(46) — Jack Bow man 16, George Mendaz ona16,Alvarez4,O'Neal3,Stanton2,Hovey 2,Stiles2.Totals177-945. Mountain View(61) —MentsHaugen24,Holly 9, Kurzynow ski10, Lannin5,Corrigan4,Roth4, Albin 3, Hjelm 2.Totals 2017-19 01. Ridgeview 11 7 12 15 — 45 Mountai nyiew 19 9 17 16 — 01 Three-poingoal t s—Ridgeview;Mendazona2, O'Neal, Bowman;Mountain View:Haugen2, Albin, Holly. IntermountainHybrid Redmond 63, CrookCounty 07 Crook County(57) —SethKessi16, Sofich13, Bartels13,Kee8,Tavernia5,Vilagomez2.Totals 20 12-17 07. Redmond(03) —Michael Belmontes15, Winters11,Burroughs10,Benson8,Troutman7, Moss5, D. Brown 5,T.Brown2. Totals 24 0-17 63. CrookCounty 13 1 3 12 19 — 57 Redmond 18 17 11 17 — 03 Three-pointgoals— CrookCounty: Kessi 2, Bartels, TaverniaSofi , ch; Redmond: Belmontes3, Winters, Moss,Troutman, D.Brown. Class 4A

Bky-EmLeague Junction City60, LaPine08(OT) La Pine (58) —ZackSmith 23,Wieber13, Brown 11, Turnsplenty 9, Ramirez2.Totals 2210-10 68. JunctionCity(60) — JoeVanRas17, Galt15, Hutchinson15,Locke8, Brown8, Osburn2. Totals 2316-23 65. La Pine 11 12 19 10 6 — 08 Junction City 9 1 4 15 14 13 — 05 Three-pointgoals—LaPine:Brown2, Wieber,Turnsplenty;JunctionCity: VanRas, Locke, Galt. CotlageGrove43, Sisters 28 CotlageGrove(43) —JaydenTucker16,Mueller14, Boyce 8,King 4,Kory 2.Totals1410 1443. Sisters (20) — JustinHarrer11, Martinez6, Schaab 4, Gil 4, Larson3. Totals13 2-7 28. Cotlage Grove 1 8 6 1 2 10 — 43 Sisters 6 5 10 7 — 2 8 Three-poingoal t s— CottageGrove: Tucker 3, Boyce 2; Sisters:none.

pp "' ~q+SS

®~ Joe Krine/The Bulletin

Contjnued from C1 Haugen's response was illuminating, as he limited Mendazona to just three points

after the break while erupting for 16 points himself, guiding the Cougars (17-3 overall) to their eighth straight win and 15th victory in their past 16

games. "Honestly, I don't even know

I'OO OLlA Ll S IA IS I'I Semi iAa S Bulletin staff report

and Mariah Stacona added

LA PINE — Crook County flexed it s c onsiderable

dic state championships 5K freestyle race at Emil's Clearing on Mount Bachemuscle Friday, advancing lor. Finishing the day with 21 Cowboys to the semifi- six points, Summit was nal round of the Class 4A paced by defending state Special District 2 w r e s- champion Emily Hyde, who tling championships on the finished first with a time of opening day of action at La 24 minutes and 59 seconds. Pine High School. T he Storm f i n i shed w i t h The first-day push put seven racers in the top 10. Crook County incommand Bend High's Ashley Bruce

six points and seven steals

in the team standings with

221.5 points. La Grande is a distant second with 127

points, and Ridgeview, with four semifinalists, is third

loss, the Buffs fell to 5-4 in league play and 14-8 overall. Triad 48, Trinity Lutheran 4 5: KLAMATH FA L L S The Saints missed two po-

tential game-tying 3-pointers in the final seconds, in-

cluding one at the buzzer, to came in ninth. The Lava fall in the semifinals of the Bears are in third and Sis- Class 1A Mountain Valley t ers is c u rrently i n f i f t h . League playoffs at Oregon The Summit boys are in Institute of Technology. The first with nine points. Casey loss sets Trinity Lutheran Shannon led the Storm with up in a third-place game

with 73.5 points. Also i n t h e n i n e -team a second-place effort and a field from Central Oregon, time of 22:32. Bend's TedL a Pine i s f i f t h w i t h 6 0 dy Widmer took fifth with points (four semifinalists), a time of 23:27 and Sisters' M adras is eighth w it h 4 9 Devon Calvin finished with points (four semifinalists), a time of 25:33, putting him

against either North Lake or Hosanna Christian to-

day at5:30p.m. A win today e arns the Saints a trip t o

the 1A state playoffs, while a loss will end their season.

and Sisters is last with four points.

in 10th. The meet concludes Against Triad of Klamath today at 11 a.m. with a 5K Falls, Katie Murphy had 19 When t h e sem i f i n als freestyle race at Meissner points, five rebounds and start today at 11 a.m., the Sno-park. three blocks to pace Trinimats will b e l o aded with ty Lutheran (15-8). Mariah Cowboys. Crook County's GIRLS BASKETBALL Murphy had 11 points and semifinalists are Terran LiBend 51,Summit 43:Bend six boards and Emily Eibolt at 108 pounds, Trayton High outscored Summit dler added nine points for L ibolt and J ohnny A v i n a at 115, Kurt Mode and Trey Shores at 122, Brent Bannon at 128, Grayson Munn and Hayden Bates at 134,

12-4 in overtime en route to the Class 5A Intermoun-

the Saints, but it wa s not

tain Conference victory at

first-quarter deficit.

Summit. Brydie Burnham led the Lava Bears with 13

North Lake 16: KLAMATH

Ryder Shinkle and Michael Seyl at 140, Collbran Meek-

points, and Lisa Sylvester

er and Cole Ovens at 147,

Manley paced Summit with 12 points, and Sarah Heinly

Tyler Berger at 154, Brendan Harkey at 162, Clark Woodward at 172, Gunnar Robirts and Aaron Swindle a t 184, Zachary Smith at 197, Trevor Rasmussen and Curtis Crouch at 222, and Jason Williams at 287.

added 11 points. Jacqueline finished with 10 points. "We

just had a few opportunities that didn't go our way," said

enough to overcome a 20-7 Hosanna Christian 33, FALLS — Kendra Murphy grabbed 18 rebounds to go with her team-best nine points, but North Lake fell in a Class 1A Mountain Val-

ley League playoff game at

Oregon Institute of T echSummit coach Ryan Cruz. nology. The Cowgirls (15-7)

"Bend has some great senior play an elimination game leadership." The Lava Bears today at 5:30 p.m. against improved to 6-0 in 5A IMC

For Ridgeview, semifinal- play and 17-4 overall, while ists are Brent Yeakey (172), Summit dropped to 5-3 and Colt C h ristensen (184), 16-7. Boomer Fleming (197) and Redmond 41, Crook CounConnor Sperling (222). ty 43: PRINEVILLE — SoLa P in e s e mifinalists phia Hamilton scored a are Ethan Matthews (115), game-high 19 points and Thorin Wilson (122), Chris- Chantel Dannis added nine topher Love (162) and Tan- points and n ine rebounds ner Hanson (172). to lead the Panthers past Semifinalists for Madras the host Cowgirls in Interare Jarred Dupont (128), mountain H y b ri d a c t i on. Trevor Parsons (147), Mi- Hamilton also recorded five chael Bauman (184) and Mi- rebounds and Shelby Berguel Sevilla (287). gum recorded two points In other Friday action: and eight boards to help Redmond (3-18 overall) win NORDIC SKIING its third game of the season. Mountain View leads OIS- Kelsie Smith paced Crook RA state meet: MOUNT County (7-16) with 11 points. BACHELOR — M o u ntain Ridgeview 37, Mountain

Trinity Lutheran. BOYS BASKETBALL

Redmond 63, Crook County 57: REDMOND — Playing at home for the first time

in February, the Panthers held off the Cowboys for an I ntermountain Hybrid w i n

that snapped a three-game skid. Michael Belmontes scored 15 points and hit four

big free throws late in the contest to lead Redmond (416). Cody Winters scored 11 points and Ben Burroughs h ad 10 points and ll r e bounds for the winners, who

also got seven points and eight rebounds from Alani Troutman. Brandon Benson

scored all of his eight points

View 13: REDMOND — The f or th e P a nthers i n t h e and girls team standings af- Ravens improved t o 1 3 -8 fourth quarter, when Crook ter the first day of the Ore- overall with the Intermoun- County got as close as three gon Interscholastic Ski Rac- tain Hybrid victory over the points. Seth Kessi scored a ing Association state cham- C ougars. Mountain V i e w game-high 16 points for the pionships at the Mt. Bach- fellto 6-14. Cowboys (3-19), including e lor N o r di c C e nter. T h e La Pine 37, Junction City 10 in the second quarter. Cougars lead the girls team 29: JUNCTION CITY — KaJunction City 65, La Pine competition with 13 points tie Mickel scored a game- 5 8: JUNCTION C I T Y after the 5.4-kilometer free- high 16 points and Ashley Despite 23 points from La style race. Crook Coun- Pierce added eight as the Pine's Zack Smith, the Tity is sixth w ith 62 points. Hawks secured a spot in the gers outscored the Hawks Phacella Cramer of South Class 4A play-in round with 13-6 in overtime to secure

"Of course we want to win,"

Eugene won the girls 5.4K

points and four assists for the Ridgeview coach Nathan CoRavens, who lost for the third vill said. "We played tough.... time in four games and fell to We have people to win games. 10-12 overall. Jack Bowman It stinks to lose that game. But scored 14 points in the second like I told the kids afterwards, half to finish with 16, but Rid- we've got a playoff game geview was outrebounded 33- against Crook County on 17 and had its nine turnovers Tuesday."

with a time of 18 minutes, 3 seconds. Mountain View's

turned into 17 Mountain View

Both teams hit the home

Summit is in fourth (45) and

points. The Cougars jumped to a

stretchof the regular season

Crook County i s

next week. The Ravens' final

(66). Alex Martin of Summit won the boys 5.4K in 15:06.

Mendazona finished with 16

for Madras in the Tri-Valley Conference defeat. With the

View leads both the boys

RIdgev(ew's George Mendazona, back, tries to steal the ball from Mountajn View's Grant Lannjn during a game Friday night at Mountain View Hjgh School.



19-7 first-quarter lead after a contest is a home game against Holly 3-pointer capped a 15-2 Crook County on Tuesday. The run. Aside from a brief mo- winner of that matchup earns couldn't tell you how many ment in the second quarter, at least a play-in game for the we've won or lost. I think for when Mendazona scored sev- Class 4A state playoffs. us, it's about getting betteren straight points to make it 26Mountain View finishes its breaking it down individually 18, Mountain View led by dou- schedule with road games at as a player, as a team. That's ble digits the rest of the way. Summit on Tuesday and at "We've had games where Bend High next Friday. The how we approach the whole deal. Hopefully the results will we've jumped out well, and Cougarsare looking to close we've had other games where out strong with the 5A state take care of themselves." Haugen added three as- we haven't," Reid said. "Ideally, playoffs looming. "I think we're definitely betsists and three rebounds to his you can get the lead, and you totals, K aim i K u r z ynowski can control and kind of dictate. ter than last year," Haugen chipped in with 10 points and Tonight, we were fortunate. I said. "We've got a lot more talseven boards, and Davis Holly thought we played really well ent and we're starting to put contributed nine points for the in the first quarter. We just got that talent together. That'll be Cougars, who enteredthe night really stagnant in that second important down the stretch." ranked No. 4 in Oregon Class quarter.... It's obviously easier — Reporter: 541-383-0307, 5A. to play from the front." glucrzs® those numbers,"Reid said of his team's winning streak. "I


Sage Hassell finished second in 19:15. The Cougars finished with five skiers in the top 10. Mountain View

leads the boys standings with a t otal o f 1 0 p oints. s eventh

Imran Wolfenden of Moun-

tain View placed second (15:44) and teammate Sam King claimed third (16:02). M ountain View w i l l l o o k

to clinch both the boys and girls team state titles when

the competition concludes today. The boys 5K classic starts at 10 a.m., followed

by the girls 5K classic. Relays (3x830 meters) start at noon.

Summit ahead at OHSNO state meet: MO U N T BACHELOR — The Storm

girls led by 18 points at the end of the first day of the Oregon High School Nor-

the Sky-Em League victory. After leading just 8-5 at halftime, La Pine (6-3 SkyEm, 13-10) distanced its self from Junction City by outscoring the Tigers 29-24 in

the Sky-Em League victory. Junction City had a chance to win the game at the end o f regulation, bu t S m i t h

drew a charging foul at the buzzer. Samuel Wieber add-

ed 13 points for La Pine, and end the r egular season Taylor Brown finished with Monday at home against 11. Smith also added eight Sweet Home before f i ndrebounds and three steals, ing out their play-in round and Adam Ramirez dished opponent. o ut seven assists for t h e Cottage Grove 44, Sis- Hawks (2-7 Sky-Em, 10-13 t ers 37: SISTERS — T h e overall). Outlaws gave the Sky-Em Cottage Grove 43, SisL eague-leading Lions a ters 28: SISTERS — A slow scare before Cottage Grove start plagued the Outlaws outscored Sisters 15-6 in the in the Sky-Em League loss, final quarter to rally for the as they trailed 21-11 at halfwin. Savannah Spear led time. Justin Harrer led Sisthe Outlaws (3-6 Sky-Em, ters with 11 points and sev7-14) with 11 points. Sisters, en rebounds, and Hayden which ends the regular sea- Martinez added six points son on Monday at Elmira, and eight rebounds. Sisters held a 20-19 advantage at coach Rand Runco said halftime. his team shot 13 of 32 from Gladstone44, Madras 29: the field, just 40 percent. MADRAS — Vanessa Es- "We just couldn't score on quivel paced the White Buf- offense," Runco said. The faloes with 13 points, Janae Outlaws fell to 1-8 in SkyAdams finished with three Em League play and 3-19 the second half. The Hawks

points and nine r ebounds


11 entries to the finals, most in the 5A field. Bend High was second with Continued from C1 eight qualifiers. Christian Offenhauser and Paul Summit's Mackenzie Halligan, the Rogers stood out Friday for the Bend reigning 500 freestyle state champ, High boys, as the two sophomores enters the final day as a top seed, as went 2-3 in the 500 freestyle prelim. do Storm teammates Ali Epple (200 Summit also qualified two swim- individual medley) and Elli Ferrin mers in that event, giving Central (100 backstroke). Halligan and Epple Oregon four representatives in the will be a part of the No. 1 400 free-

stroke violation.

six-swimmer finals.

Buffaloes' Ian Goodwin enters as the the day. in the prelims with a No. 3 spot in the No. 1 seed in the boys 200 and 500 The 4A/3A/2A/lA state finals will 100 breaststroke after posting the freestyles. start at 6:45 p.m.

style relay team alongside Merritt

For the girls, the two-time defend- Allen, who was disqualified as the ing state champion Storm advanced top seed in the 200 IM because of a

fifth-best time in the 50 freestyle. The

The Lava Bear girls, who placed Cougars' Teresa Cobb will be the No. second at state last season, boast the 3 seed in the 200 IM. top 200 free relay team with three The Class 5A finals begin today at swimmers back from last year's 8:15 a.m. state-winning squad. Jennifer RobeIn the Class 4A/3A/2A/lA prelimson qualified for the 100 butterfly and inaries, which were staged Friday the 500 freestyle as the third seed in night, defending boys state champion each event, while Chyna Fish locked Madras advanced all three of its relay down the thirdposition in the 200 free. Kennedy Bright led Mountain View

squads into tonight's finals. The White

Ridgeview's Rachel Haney highlighted the local girls' contingent Friday during the 4A/3A/2A/1A prelim swims. The Raven senior posted the

top time in the 100 backstroke and was sixth in the 200 IM. Madras' Sophie Gemelas was second in the 100

breaststroke and fourth in the 200 IM, and Siste rs'Mary Stewart recorded the second-best 50 freestyle mark of




oday's event sehedule

Marcel Hirsher of Austria goes for gold in men's slalom, the final alpine skiing event of the Sochi Olympics. In all, sevengold medals will be awarded. TheUnited States tries to salvage amedal in men's hockey after being shut out1-0 by Canada inthe semifinals.



Alpine skiing


Figure skating

Men's Parallel Slalom, First Round, 1:15a.m.; Quarterfinals,1:30 a.m.; Semifinals, 1:50 a.m.; Finals, 2 a.m. Women's Parallel Slalom, First Round, 2:10 a.m.; Quarterfinals, 2:35 a.m.; Semifinals, 2:50a.m.;Finals,3a.m.

Men's Four-Man (Run 1), first run, 8:30 a.m.; second run, 10a.m.; third run, Sunday 1:30 a.m.; fourth run, Sunday 3 a.m.

Men's Slalom, first run, 4:45 a.m.; second run, 8:15 a.m.


Gala Exhibition, 8:30 a.m.

Medal table 7hrough Friday (88 medal events) G S U nited States 9 7 9 10 Russia Canada 9 10

B T 11 2 7 7 26 5 24

Norway 10 4 8 Netherlands 6 7 9 Germany 8 4 4 France 4 4 7 Sweden 2 6 6 Austria 2 7 3 Switzerland 6 3 2 China 3 4 2 Czech Republic 2 4 2 Japan 1 4 3 Italy 0 2 6 South Korea 3 2 2 Slovenia 2 1 4 Belarus 5 0 1 Poland 4 0 0 Finland 1 3 0 Britain 1 1 2 Australia 0 2 1 Latvia 0 1 2 Ukraine 1 0 1 Slovakia 1 0 0 Croatia 0 1 0 Kazakhstan 0 0 1

Bronze Medal, Finland vs. United States, 7 a.m. Gold Medal, Sweden vs. Canada, Sunday, 4 a.m.

Nordic skiing Women's 30km Mass Start Free, 1:30 a.m. Men's 50km Mass Start Free, 11 p.m.

Biathlon Men's 4x7.5km relay, 6:30 a.m.

Speedskating Women's team pursuit, semifinals, 5:30 a.m.; finals 6:10 a.m. Men's team pursuit finals, 5:50 a.m.


cenes aIOun OC; i

Alpine skiing

22 22 16

Women's slalom Final Ranking (First andsecondruns in parentheses) 1. Mikaela Shiffrin, UnitedStates,Eagle-Vail, Colo., (1,52.62;6,51.92) 1:44.54. 2. Marlies Schild, Austria, (6, 53.96; 1, 51.11)1:45.07. 3. KathrinZettel,Austria, (7,54.00; 2,51.35) 1:45.35. 4. MariaHoefl-Riesch, Germany,(2, 53.11;9, 52.62)1:45.73. 5. FridaHansdo ter, Sweden, (8, 54.05;4, 51.85)1:45.90. 6. EmelieWikstroem,Sweden,(11, 54.55;3, 51.56)1:46.11. 7. NastasiaNoens,France, (5, 53.81; 8, 52.31)1:46.12. 8. TinaMaze, Slovenia, (3,53.29; 14,52.96)

/nnm w




14 12

11 9


Other U.S. Finishers 24.Julia Ford,Holderness,N.H.,(30, 58.88; 24,53.99)1:52.87. NR.ResiStiegler,JacksonHole, Wyo., DNF. NR.MeganMcJames,ParkCity,Utah,DNF.

8 8

8 7 7


6 4 4 4

3 3 2


Ivan Sekretarev/The Associated Press

Valerie Maltais of Canada, left, crashes out as she competes in a women's 1,000-meter short track semifinal Friday.



The Associated Press hort track speedskating in Sochi

ing to participate," the 22-year-old said. Chamoun said after her run that she

sure is living up to its reputation as

TV schedule

didn't give the off-the-slopes drama a sec-


roller derby on ice. During quarterfinals in the men's 500

ond thought. Shortly after she arrived in Sochi, behind-the-scenes footage from a

•AgTimesPST,Subjecttochange • Primetimrep e laysareshowneachnightbeginning between midnight and2 a.m. • Events to beaired liye on the West Coast are notedwith anasterisk( *)

meters and women's 1,000 meters on Fri-

calendar shoot three years ago was posted

day night, only three of eight heats ended with a clean race. Here's a list of the spills



and penalties as racers circled the same

That prompted a Lebanese government official to order an investigation. The im-

Iceberg Skating Palace track used for figure skating:

Nec 2:30-6 p.m.— Women'sSnowboarding, ParallelSlalomGold Medal Final; Women's Cross-Country,30kmFreestyle GoldMedal Final; Men'sBiathlon, 4x7.5kmRelay Gold MedalFinal;Men'sSnowboarding, Parallel Slalom 8-11:07 p.m.— Men'sAlpineSkiing, Slalom GoldMedal Final; Four-ManBobsled,; Figure Skating, Gala Exhibition; Men's Snowboarding,Parallel SlalomGoldMedal Final ;Men'sandWomen's Speedskating, TeamPursuit GoldMedal Finals Midnight-1 a.m. — Figure Skating,Gala Exhibition NBCSN Midnight-1:30 a.m.— Men'sandWomen's Snowboarding, Parallel Slaloms 1:30-4:30 a.m.— Women'sCross-Country, 30kmFreestyleGold Medal Ffnal'; Men's andWomen'sSnowboarding,Parallel Slalom GoldMedalFinals 7-9:30 a.m.— Men'sHockey,BronzeMedal * Game

9:30-11:30 a.m.— Figure Skating,Gala Exhibition 3-6 p.m.— GameoftheDay:Hockey

Sunday Nec Hockey,Gold Medal 3:30-7*a.m.— Men's Final

10:30 a.m.-1:30p.m. —Men'sHockey, Gold MedalFinal(Re-air) 1:30-2 p.m.—2014SochiGamesHighlights 2-6 p.m.—Men'sCross-Country, 50kmFreestyle GoldMedalFinal; Four-ManBobsled, GoldMedalFinalRuns 7-8p.m.— SochiGold,OlympicReviewShow 8:30-10:38 p.m.—ClosingCeremony NBCSN

1-4 a.m.—* Four-Man Bobsled, GoldMedal Final Runs

Heat 1:


harmed the country's reputation.

IN THE MEN'S 500: R u ssia's Semen E l istratov

"Small things aren't going to disturb me, even if it was a big story in the country,"


bumps a competitor for a shaky finish and a penalty. Heat 2: Japan's Satoshi Sakashita takes a spill just before J.R. Celski tumbles into a wall, but Se Yeong Park is penalized for a bump, allowing Celski to move to the semifinals. Heat 3: Russia's Vladimir Grigorev falls forward and slides sideways, taking out

not a big obstacle."

~~.'v~ '

Keep the Change

Freek van der Wart of the Netherlands.

Grigorev is penalized.

two coins. The first was a minted Russian


piece of silver given to her by her mother

Heat 4: Clean run with all competi-

tors finishing within 0.51 seconds of one

Christophe Ena/The Associated Press


Lebanon's Jacky Chamoun smilesafter

IN THE WOMEN'S 1,000: Heat1: After two false starts, Great Britain's Elise Christie takes out a block on the first lap. France's Veronique Pierron then

completing the first run of the women's slalom Friday.

the ice. Canada's Valerie Maltais wins wire-to-wire, with all skaters finishing

a medal.

on Thursday. The other was a brand new

loonie, the $1 Canadian coin (top right). The 24-year-old carries one as good luck for most races, a tradition she started severalyears ago. She stuck to it even

through a pair of torn ACLs in her left touches her toe to another skater, send- Slalom through drama knee that had Serwa pondering whether ing her into a spin against the wall for a After crossing the finish line on her first to hang up her skis. "I thought about stepping away after I penalty. slalom run,Lebanon's Jacky Chamoun Heat 2: Clean run with five skaters on waved her ski poles as if she had just won blew my career again last year," she said. "Once that came into my mind I got really

Turns out, a race was just the distraction sad and I realized I wasn't ready for retireshe needed aftertoplessphotossurfaced of ment yet."

within one second of one another. Heat 3: Italy's Arianna Fontana slips as she makes the fourth turn on the penulti-

her on the Internet.

Serwa called her recovery in time for

mate lap, earning a penalty, then Ameri-

Chamoun wasn't the fastest in her Sochi "miraculous" and while her silopening run Friday night — she was 23.43 ver medal will find a special place in

can Emily Scott tumbles across the finish

seconds behind leader Mikaela Shiffrin-

line, failing to qualify for the semifinals. Heat 4: Clean run won by Jessica Smith

but Chamoun sure made up for it in gusto that was along for the ride isn't going as she celebrated making it through the anywhere. "It's fresh," she said with a laugh. "I tricky course setting. "I'm so happy to be here. It's a great feel- think I'll keep it for a while."

of the United States, with the competitors

Curling Men Gold MedalCa : nada9 Britain 3 Bronze Medal: Sweden6, China4

Freestyle skiing

Chamoun said. "For me, I just continue. It's

Kelsey Serwa unzipped her plaid Team Canada jacket and reached into her left breast pocket. You could call it her "loonie bin." The Canadian silver medalist in women's skicross then carefully pulled out

spaced within 0.4 seconds.

2-4 p.m.— GameoftheDay:Hockey

plication was that Chamoun had somehow

Women's4X6kmRelay (Penalties in parentheses) 1. Ukraine(Vita Semerenko, Juliya Dzhyma, ValiSeme renko, OlenaPidhrushna), 1:10:02.5(0+0). 2.Russia(YanaRomanova,OlgaZaitseva, Ekaterina Shumilova, Olga Vilukhina), 1:10:28.9(0+0). 3. Norway(FannyWege-Strand Horn, Tiril Eckhoff,AnnKristin AafedtFlatland, Tora Berger),1:10:40.1(0+0). 4.Czech Republic(EvaPuskarcikova,Gabriela Soukalova,JitkaLandova,Veronika Vitkova),1:11:25.7(0+0). 5. Belarus (Liudmila Kalinchik, Nadezh da Skardino,Nadzeya Pisareva,Darya Domracheva),1:11:33.4 (0+1). 6. Italy(DorotheaWierer, Nicole Gontier, Michela Ponza,Karin Obe rhofer), 1:11:43.3 (1+0). 7. United States(SusanDunklee, Barton, Vt., Hannah Dreissigacker, Morrisvige, Vt., SarahStudebaker, Boise, Idaho, Annelies Cook, SaranacLake, N.Y), 1:12:14.2 (0+0). 8. Canada(Rosa nnaCrawford,MeganImrie, MeganHeinicke,ZinaKocher), 1:12:21.5 (0+2).



her home in British Columbia, the loonie

Women'sSki Cross Medal Final 1. MarielleThompson, Canada. 2. Kelsey Serwa,Canada. 3. Anna Holmlund,Sweden. 4. OphelieDavid, France.

Hockey Men's Semifinals Sweden 2, Finland1 Canada1,UnitedStates0

Short track Men's 500 Final A 1. VictorAn,Russia,41.312. 2. WuDaing, China,41.516. 3. CharleCournoyer,Canada,41.617. 4. LiangWenhao, China, 1:13.590.


Final A 1. Russia(Victor An,SemenElistratov, Vladimir Grigorev,RuslanZakharov), 6:42.100 (OR). 2. UnitedStates(EddyAlvarez, Miami;J.R. Celski, FederalWay,Wash.; Chris Creveling, Kintersvige,Pa.; JordanMalone, Denton,Texas), 6:42.371. 3. China (Chen Dequan, HanTianyu, Shi Jingnan,WuDaiing), 6:48.341. 4. Netherlands (DaanBreeuwsma, Niels Kerstholt, Siinkie Knegt,FreekVan Der Wart), 6:49.149. 5. Kazakhstan (Abzal Azhgaliyev, Aydar Bekzhanov,Denis Nikisha, Nurbergen Zhumagaziyev), 6:54.630.


Final A 1. Park Seung-Hi, SouthKorea,1:30.761. 2. FanKexin, China,1:30.811. 3. Shim SukHee,South Korea,1:31.027. 4. JessicaSmith,UnitedStates, Melvindale, Mrch., 1:31.301.



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Ukraine gets its first

winter gold in 20 years

r;i /e j. %



By David Pace The Assoicrtted Press

SOCHI, Russia — Four Ukrainian

women gave their politically torn country some good news at the Sochi Games on Friday. As government and opposition leaders worked to end the monthslong Ukrainian crisis that erupted in deadly

bronze in women's slopestyle skiing, and picked up a silver in the men's halfpipe, for a total of nine freestyle medals. In the skicross final, Ophelie David

of France wiped out about two-thirds down the course, giving the bronze to Sweden's Anna Holmlund.


violence this week, the Ukraine womk i%f-.-r reetr~k ~ j+ o~aov +



. .


'iuigrds&4atr~ ' : . re.saer

4i ~i~e e ee~+y e ~ .t - ir o~j~+~o> r+j+a~~~+~+~

><Q®ejejeyt+ $+ epl tylj ) s r +gls>+y+epe44+eg .v ' i lspx



curling titles in Sochi. Sweden won

The four women celebrated with a Ukrainian flag as lawmakers back

the bronze, taking an extra end to de-

home paused to mark the occasion. The team of twins Vita and Valj Se-

merenko,Juliya Dzhyma, and Olena

.QK== ="-==-t.

Pidhrushna missed five targets but

avoided penalty loops to finish in 1 hour,10 minutes, 2.5 seconds.Russia

David J. Phillip/The Associated Press

U.S. captain Zach Parise skates off the ice as Canadian players celebrate after beating the U.S. t-0 in the semifinals Friday. The U.S. will play Finland today for the bronze medal, while the Canadians will face Sweden for gold.

Canada routed Britain 9-3 to win

en's 4x6-kilometer biathlon relay team its third straight gold in men's curling won the nation's first gold medal in two and gave the country a sweep of the feat China 6-4.

Short track Victor Ahn, who was born in South Korea and became a Russian citizen in 2011, won the men's 500 and now

has acareer-record eight shorttrack

was 26.4 seconds behind to take sil-

medals. In addition to winning the

ver, and Norway trailed by 37.6 to win bronze.

500, he anchored the Russian 5,000 relay team to gold. He also became

Freestyle skiing

the first skater to win all four individual short track events at the Olym-

Marielle Thompson and Kesley Ser- pics. The U.S. team won silver in the relay, ending a medal drought for the freestyle skiing events in Sochi. The American speedskaters. Park Seungothers came in men's and women's hi of South Korea won the women's moguls. Canada also won gold and 1,000. wa gave Canada its third 1-2 finish in

• Americans have only themselvesto blamefor another lossto Canada By Chip Scoggins

shortanswers afterward revealed a

and found a gear that the U.S.— for

The (Minneapolis) Star Tribune

deep disappointment that will stick with them for some time.

whatever reason — couldn't duplicate. That left players perplexed

SOCHI, Russia — A lone voice cried out from the crowd with five

minutes left and the U.S. men's hockey team helplessly pressing to generate scoringchances. "I believe in miracles!" the man yelled. With all due respect to 1980 and that scrappy bunch of youngsters, this collection of American hockey

"I think all of us thought we'd be because this was not the occasion to leave anythingoff the table. "We had an awesome opportunirick Kane said. "Obviously it wasn't good enough to win the game so it's ty,"forward David Backes said. "I don't think we quite laid it all on the tough right now." They wore the underdog label line the way we needed to in order proudly in Vancouver in 2010. An to win. A 1-0 game in the semifinal overtime loss to Canada and a silver against your rival country, that's a medal, though disappointing at the sour taste." in a different situation," forward Pat-

talent didn't need a miracle Friday time, created a sense of optimism night. No, they needed something that a gold medal in these Games else. Let's start with more speed and seemed like a realistic expectation. aggressiveness, the kind of go-forThey certainly looked the part in broke mentality that they carried advancing to the semifinals. They onto the ice against Russia a week led the tournament in scoring and ago. settled into their roles nicely and had Strangely, that air of invincibility the look of a team that was steadily vanished in a game that they viewed building momentum to something as their chance at redemption after special. They looked reactive Friday. sufferingheartbreak fouryearsago. Canada played at warp speed to Instead, their uber-skilled rivals keep the U.S. pinned in its own end north of the border took the fight for long stretches, unable to dictate to Team USA all game and rode the game's tempo. one goal and suffocating defense to The U.S. had some scoring chanca 1-0 victory and a spot in the gold es along the way, but the Canadians medal game in the Olympic hockey made Jamie Benn's goal and Carey tournament. Price's 31 saves stand up because Canada will attempt to defend they kept their foot on the gas the its Olympic title against Sweden on entire game. "They came at us with 20 guys, Sunday. The U.S. will try to salvage something from this trip against they came at us with speed, they Finland in today's bronze medal came at us for 60 minutes," U.S. coach Dan Bylsma said. "That was game (7 a.m. PST). The dejected U.S. contingent as fast a game that I've ever been a promised to soldier on and fight part of. It was up and down the ice. hard for that medal. But they didn't

fly 6,000 miles for bronze, not after winning silver in 2010 and entering this tournament with a gold-or-bust

We weren't able to counter that or match that as much we would like."

Credit where credit is due: The

Canadiansarethebestteam assembled in the world, so deep in talent

that they're playing for gold and Sidney Crosby and Jonathan Toews still have not scored goals in this tournament. Canada put the U.S. on

the defensive by turning the game into a track meet. The U.S. is now 3-12-3 all-time





her medal chances had vanished. She responded with a blazing 51.11-second

Continued from C1 time on her second run, best of the Shiffrin, the defending world champ, night. "I did not lose the gold medal," Schild rolled into the event as prohibitive favorite, but her victory included unex-

said. "I won the silver medal with the

pected drama. After her dominating first run, the gold seemed a virtual cer-

second run. I don't want to say I lost

tainty. Her run led the rest of the field

So does Shiffrin. The teen gold medalist wants to celebrate her emergence

something today. I want to celebrate."

against Canada in the Olympics. The Americans lost in overtime in

she almost encountered catastrophe.

ing talk of the "next Lindsay Vonn" or

the championship game in Vancou-

She briefly lost her footing and wondered if she had lost her medal. "'Oh, I'm going out of the course,'" Shiffrin remembered saying to herself. For an instant, she wondered if her Olympic debut would end in disaster. "It was a pretty terrifying experience really," she said. "It's probably not

the "next Tina Maze" for months.

the worst thing that could happen in

Shiffrin entered these Olympics under immense expectations. She met

ver and now must swallow another

one-goal loss. Regardless, the U.S. now must wait four more years to try to win its first gold medal since 1980,

which means more reminders of Miracle on Ice, a narrative that has grown tiresome to the current

group wearing red, white and blue. "Thirty-four years ago, it was a miracle," Bylsma said. "It's not a miracle for us to think about

mylife." But it probably would have been

as her own person. She's endured hear-

"I do like being compared to all these amazing athletes," Shiffrin said, making sure to sound diplomatic. "It's amazing to be compared to them but

I also want to be Mikaela Shiffrin and hopefully this gold medal is going to be able to prove that." those expectations.

Her fame took an enormous leap

close to the worst thing.

Shiffrin, from the Vail Valley in Col-

winning a gold medal. The refer-

orado, shared a remarkably satisfied

Friday, but she declines to worry about how her life will be altered.

ences are a little old. They're not

podium with two of her heroes from Austria, silver medalist Marlies Schild

"Maybe it won't change too much," she said. "It will just change the way I

and bronze medalist Kathrin Zettel.

want it to change. I'll still be the same

Schild, 32, struggled on her first run, finishing sixth, and wondered if

girl and still looking for more speed on

applicable." It's not that they weren't capable He's right. The U.S. didn't need a of it. This U.S. team can play fast, miracle Friday. It just needed to play

the mountain."


~-F sI


en's slalom Friday.

by a commanding half-second. But midway through her second run,

mantra. Their body language and too. But the Canadians reached deep a lot better.

• I

Charles Krupa/The Associated Press

Gold medal winner Mikaela Shiffrin of the United States skis past a gate in the wom-

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EasternConterence W L 41 13 39 14 30 25 29 25 26 28 25 27 26 30 25 29 23 32 22 34 21 34 19 37 17 40 15 41 10 44

d-Indiana d-Miami d-Toronto Chicago Washington Brooklyn Charlotte Atlanta Detroit Cleveland NewYork Boston Orlando Philadelphia Milwaukee

ff v

~ csw

' vr

Don Ryan i The Associated Press

Portland Trail Blazers guard Wesley Matthews, right, goes to

the hoop against Utah Jazz center Enes Kanter during the second half of Friday night's game in Portland. Matthews scored 24 points as the Blazers beat the Jazz102-94.

azers ra OVe a e azZ The Associated Press

night'S game againSt Miztne-

Blazers guard Damian Lil-

sotabefore heisreevaluated. Dorell Wright started in Aldridge's place. The Blazers also were

lard did what an All-Star is

without forward Joel Free-

PORTLAND With P ortland trailing U tah t o start the fourth quarter, Trail

supposed to do. land, who has a right knee Lillard scored 14 points in sprain, and Meyers Leonard, the final period and finished who sprained his left ankle with 28 for the short-handed in practice on Monday. Trail Blazers in a much-needPortland's front court got ed 102-94 victory over Utah

even thinner when Batum,

Pct GB 759

inson1-30-02, M.Wiliams4-114-413,Claver0-1 0-00, McCollum3-90-07,Barton3-52-28,Crabbe 0-1 0-00. Totals 39-9117-17102. utah 15 24 34 21 — 94 PorDand 16 27 21 38 — 102 3-PointGoals—Utah 6-13 (Burke3-5, Jefferson2-6, Hayward1-1,Burks 0-1), Portland7-20 (Lilard 2-5,Wright 1-3, McC olum1-3, Batum1-3, M.Wigiams1-3, Matthews

myself," he said. Lillard grabbed attention last weekend by taking part in a record five All-Star

room late in the first half. Will Barton started the sec-

ond half, but Batum returned late in the third quarter. The Jazz were without for-

events. Last-season's Rookie ward Derrick Favors, who of the Year was a first-time

23 12 22 28 — 88 19 28 27 32 — 106

Lakers101, Celtics 92 BOSTON (92)

Green8-17 2-2 21,Bass8-15 4-520, Suginger 6-160-012,Rondo2-121-2 6,Wallace 5-122-412, 1-3). FouleO dut—None. Rebounds—Utah52(Kanter10), 537 12 Olynyk 2-8 0-04, Bayless 2-61-2 5, C.Johnson2-5 Portland49(Lopez18). Assists—Utah20(Hayward, Burke 481 15 0-04, Humphries2-32-26, Pressey1-30-02. To7), Porlland16(Lilard 7).Total Fouls—Utah18, Portland 481 15 19.A—19,998(19,980). Newerleans 1 715 27 28 — 87 tals 38-9712-17 92. 464 16 L.A. LAKER S(101) Charlotle 28 18 28 22 — 90 463 16 WJohnson 0 41-21, Kelly 0 00 00, Gasol612 418 18'/~ Bulls117, Nuggets 89 4-616, Marshal2-6 l 0-05, Meeks6-152-216, Hil Magic129, Kuicks121 (2 OT) 4-72-210,Bazemore5-103-415, Farmar3-90-08, 393 20 DENVER (89) 382 20'/r Kaman 7-92-216, Brooks7-110-1 14.Totals 40-83 Randolph 0-22-42, Fari e d 4-90-08, Hi c kson 3-9 NEWYORK(121) 339 23 14-19 101. Smith 4-14 0-010, Anthony16-286-7 44, Chan298 25'/r 0-36, Foye8-132-223,Chandler2-60-04, Mozgov 28 18 28 18 — 92 3-123-49, Brooks 7-112-217, Fournier4-110-09, dler 5-8 4-814, Prigioni3-4 0-09, Felton7-160-0 Boston 268 27 L.A. Lakers 19 25 19 38 — 101 Arthur 0-20-00, Vesely 2-71-45, Miller 2-52-36. 15, Hardaway Jr.6160 015, Stoudemire3 64 610, 185 31 Totals 38-8712-2289. Tyler1-12-24, WorldPeace0-20-00. Totals45-95 WeslernConference CHICAGO (117) 16-23121. W L Pct GB Leaders Dunleavy3-73-4 10, Boozer4-14 2-2 10,Noah d-Oklahoma City ORLANDO (129) 43 13 768 4-66-614, Hi n rich 5-80-010, Butl e r 3-41-1 8, AuThr ough Thursday'sGames d-San Antonio Afflalo 11-18 6-9 32, Harris 7-118-822, Vucevic 40 16 714 3 Scoring Houston 37 18 673 5'/~ gustin 5-107-7 22, Gibson7-141-215, Snell 7-14 7-130-014,Nelson1-81-23,0ladipo11-236-630, G F G F T PTS AVG 3-30-0 6, Moore4-111-1 10,Harkless4-9 d-L.A.Clippers 37 20 649 6'/2 3-320,Mohammed3-60-26,Murphy0-00-00, O'Quinn Shengel i a 1-1 0-0 2, Varnado 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 42Durant, OK C 55 568 470 1727 31.4 0-010, Nicholson 0-20-00, Lamb1-10-02. Totals Portland 37 18 673 5'/r 84 23-27117. Anthony,NYK 51 496 306 1402 27.5 49-99 22-26129. Phoenix 33 21 611 9 Denver 19 27 23 20 — 89 NewYork 30 30 26 20 7 8 — 121 James,MIA 52 515 295 1399 26.9 Golden State 33 22 600 9'/r Chicago 32 37 28 23 — 117 Orlando 3 1 22 26 27 7 16 — 129 Love,MIN 51 432 351 1334 26.2 Dallas 33 23 589 10 52 438 217 1270 24.4 Curry,GO L Memphis 31 23 574 11 Griffin, LAC 56 509 336 1364 24.4 Minnesota 26 28 481 16 Grizzlies102, Clippers 96 Mavericks124, 76ers112 H arden, HO U 47 346 351 1143 24.3 Denver 25 29 463 17 Aldridge,PO R 53 518 229 1267 23.9 NewOrleans 23 31 426 19 LA. CLIPPERS (96) DALLAS (124) Utah 19 35 352 23 Cousins,SAC 46 369 299 1037 22.5 Barnes6-130-015, Griffin10-218-1428,Jordan Marion 11-14 0-0 22, Nowilzki 9-12 2-2 25, George,IND 54 414 259 1217 22.5 L.A. Lakers 19 36 345 23'/r 2-31-5 5,Paul4-139-1118, Crawford8 204-6 23, Dalembert 2-4 2-2 6, Cal d eron 3-6 0-0 8, El l is 4-12 Sacrame nto 18 36 333 24 TOR 52 407 304 1167 22.4 Hollins 0-00-00,Dudley1-31-2 3,Collison0-34-5 2-511, Blair7-94-418, Carter1-44-57, Harris3-4 DeRozan, d-divisionleader 4, Green 0-2 0-00, Turkoglu0-1 0-0 0, Bullock0-1 3-59, Ellington2-42-26, Crowder2-30-04, Wright Nowilzki,DAL 53 413 239 1150 21.7 0-00.Totals31-8027-43 96. Irving, CLE 52 401 213 1109 21.3 3-4 0-06, Larkin 0-00-0 0,James1-1 0-02. Totals Friday's Games MEMPHIS (102) Ligard,POR 54 368 241 1127 20.9 48-77 19-25 124. Orlando129,NewYork121,20T Prince 1-30-0 2,Randolph9-17 3-4 21,Gasol Jefferson,CHA 46 412 118 944 20.5 PHILADELPHIA (112) Dallas124,Philadelphia112 7-163-417,Conley3-102-29, Lee4 81-110, Miler Anderson 3-8 2-3 9, Young 12-29 4-4 30, Davis,NOR 45 349 217 916 20.4 Charlotte90,NewOrleans87 5-81-1 13,Davis 0-20-00, Calathes0-30-00,Allen Moultrie 3-5 0-1 6, Carter-Williams9-19 7-9 25, Thomas,SAC 54 371 255 1098 20.3 Toronto98,Cleveland91 4-4 0-0 9,Koufos3-6 0-06,Johnson 6-103-3 15. Williams4-91-1 X 50 354 229 1013 20.3 10, Thompson3-5 0-0 7, Wroten Dragic,PH Detroit115,Atlanta107 Totals 42-8713-18 102. 6-14 9-1321,Brown2-5 0-1 4. Totals 42-94 23- Wall, WAS 54 383 240 1072 19.9 Chicago117,Denver89 LA. Clippers 27 2 3 18 28 — 98 32 112. Gay,SAC 48 354 193 947 19.7 Memphis102,LA.Clippers96 Memphis 21 32 20 29 — 102 Dallas 41 28 32 23 — 124 Phoenix106,SanAntonio85 Philadelphia 23 3 9 27 23 — 112 Portland102,Utah94 Pistous115, Hawks107 L.A. Lakers101,Boston92 736 1'/z 545 11'/2

Today'sGames NewOrleansatWashington, 4p.m. MemphisatCharlotte, 4p.m. Dallas atDetroit, 4:30p.m. NewYorkatAtlanta, 4;30p.m. Indiana atMilwaukee, 5:30p.m. Minnesota at Utah,6 p.m. Bostonat Sacramento, 7 p.m. BrooklynatGoldenState, 7:30p.m. Sunday'sGames L A. Clippers atOklahomaCity,10am Chicago at Miami,12;30 p.m. Washington at Cleveland,3 p.m. Orlando at Toronto,3 p.m. Sacramento atDenver, 5p.m. BrooklynatL.A.Lakers, 6 p.m. Minnesotaat Portland, 6p.m. Housto natPhoenix,6p.m.

Summaries Friday's Games

Blazers102, Jazz94 UTAH(94) Jefferson3-10 0-0 8, Ma.Wiliams 1-3 2-2 4, Kanter 12-201-2 25, Burke8-16 2-2 21, Hayw ard 5-11 6-617,Gobert0-2 1-2 1, Burks5-152-412, Garrett2-4 0-04, Evans1-10-0 2, Rush0-00-0 0. Totals 37-8214-1894. PORTLAND (102) Batum1-4003,Wright2-40-05,Lopez5-82-2 12, Liffard11-28 4428, Matthews917 55 24,Rob-


Carroll 2-70-0 4,Milsap7-156-8 23,Brand3-8 1-2 7, Mack8-163-421, Korver 4-101-211, Scott 9-16 0 020, Martin 241-2 6, Wiliams5-122 215. Totals 40-8814-20107.


Smith 7-172-217, Monroe10-172-6 22,Drummond10-110-8 20,Jennings3-12 4-612, Singler 7-11 2-220,Stuckey5-102-412, Jerebko1-2 0-0 3, Caldwell-Pope 0-00-00, Bynum4-71-1 9.Totals 47-8713-29 118. Atlanta 22 41 20 24 — 107 Detroit 19 33 34 29 — 115

Raptors 98, Cavaliers 91 CLEVEUIND (91) Deng6-157-821, Thompson6-101-313, Zeller 4-6 0-0 8, Jack3-9 2-2 9, Irving 3-16 10-12 17, Hawes 3-10007,Dellavedova2-7005,Bennett46 1-49,Gee1-30-02.Totals32-8221-29 91. TORONTO(98) Ross9-180-020,Johnson2-90-04, Valanciunas 8-12 2-318,Lowry5-13 3-414, DeR ozan5-14 4-4 14, Patterson 3-8 0-08, Hansbrough3-30-0 6,Salmons3-80-06, Vasquez2-6 2-28, Novak0-2 0-00. Totals 40-9311-13 98. Cleveland 22 22 21 28 — 91 Toronto 16 23 37 22 — 98

Bobcats 90, Pelicatts 87 NEWORLEANS(87)

on Friday night. who has been fighting the "I d efinitely feel l i k e flu, retreated to the locker there's times I have to assert

San Antonio Phoenix

Aminu 4 6 0 09, Davis8 17 2 3 18, Ajinca 1-1 0-0 2, Roberts7-154-420, E.Gordon5-112-414, Stiemsma1-1 0-02, Evans2-130-04, Rivers1-50-0 3, Morrow4-8 0-09, Withey0-1 0-0 0, Babbitt 2-5 0-06.Totals38-83 8-11 87. CHARLO TTE(90) Kidd-Gilchrist1-35-87, McRob erts3-80-06,Jefferson14-305-633,Walker3-117-1013, Henderson 3-81-4 7,Zeffer3-7 7-813, Douglas-Roberts0-40 0 0, Tolliver3-30-0 9, Biyombo0-2 0-0 0, Pargo1-4 0-02.Totals31-80 28-3690.

Sults106, Spurs85

TOUCHMARK slwcx 19rr0

SANANTONIO(88) D.Green 6-121-215, Duncan4-105-513, Diaw 1-5 0-02, Joseph 4-8 3-411, Belinelli1-8 8-810, Mills 2-14 0-0 4, Ginobili 2-5 2-2 6, Bonner3-6 4-410, Splitter 3-40-0 6,Ayres0-1 0-00, Brown 1-6 2-2 4, Baynes2-4 0-0 4. Totals 29-83 2527 88.

PHOENIX (108) Tucker2-60-0 4, Frye7-121-217, Plumlee1-1 2-24, Dragic3-102-48,G.Green5-143-513, Mark. Morris 8-104 621,Smith791-215, Len1-20 02, Marc.Morris5-111-113,Goodwin3-53-39, Christmas 0-10-0 0, Kravtsov0-1 0-0 0. Totals 42-82 17-25 106.



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missed his second straight

All-Star, earning a spot on game because of hip issues. the West team by vote of the Favors is averaging 12.9 conference's coaches. The Blazers need Lillard

points and nine rebounds a

to take over games like he

game. Kanter started in his place and led both teams

did against the Jazz in the

with 15 points at the half.

absence of fellow All-Star

Also on Friday: Raptors 98, Cavaliers 91:

LGMarcus Aldridge, who sat

out with a left groin injury. Robin Lopez had 12 points

and a career-high 18 re-

TORONTO — Terrence Ross scored 20 points, Jonas Valanciunas had 18 and Toron-

to snapped Cleveland's sixavoided a season-high fourth game winning streak. straight loss as they struggle Bulls 117, NIJggets 89:




bounds for the Blazers, who to keep pace in the Western

Conference. "When y o u're

CHICAGO — D.J. Augustin had 22 POintS aztd eight aS-

g o i ng sists, and Chicago won its fifth consecutive game. hard to get back on track Grizzlies 102, Clippers 96: sometimes," Lillard said. MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Zach "This win will get us back on Randolph had 21 points and

through a tough stretch, it's




r e bounds, Marc Gasol

Enes Kanter matched his added 17 points and 10 recareer-high with 25 points bounds, and Memphis held and added 10 rebounds for 071. the Jazz, who lost their second straight after a three-

game winning streak. Utah opened the final quarter with a 73-64 lead,

but Portland answered with a 7-0 run to close within 7371 aztd Went ahead on Lil-

Pistons 115, Hawks 107: A UBURN H I L L S , M i c h . — Andre Drummond had 20 POintS and 11 reboLmdS

and Kyle Singlermade a pair of big 3-pointers late in the fourth quarter to lead Detroit.

lard's 3-pointer with 9:18 left. Mavericks 124, 76ers 112: Energized by regaining the P HILADELPHIA — Di r k lead, Lillard's alley-oop dunk Nowitzki scored 25 points, off a dish from Nicolas Ba- Shawn Marion had 22 and tum made it 80-75 with 6:07 Dallas handed Philadelphia left. its 10th straightloss. "He's always in a t t ack Bobcats 90, Pelicans 87:

o n't m iss ou t o n t h i s e xcitin g m a g a z i n e

d el i v e r e d to n early 7 0 , 0 0 0 r e a d e r s throughout Central Oregon. A lso

d i s t r i b u t e d at

@gs 3

participating businesses and The Sisters Chamber of Commerce. k


My Oum Tue Hands

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Publishes March 28


mode," Utah's Trey Burke


said of Lillard. Utah kept it close down

Jefferson had 33 points and


10 rebounds, and Charlotte won its third straight since the All-Star break.

osxxrrxwxx ,

the stretch, with Richard Jef-

ferson's 3-pointer narrowing the gapto 85-83. Batum answered with a 3-pointer for the Blazers.

Kanter's jumper got Utah

Magic 129, Knicks 121: ORLANDO, Fla. — Arron

Afflalo had 32 points, rookie Victor Oladipo added 30

points and a career-high 14 but Mo Williams' jumper ex- assists, and Orlando rallied tended it again for the Blaz- to win in double overtime.

SaleS Deadline 8 Jjfap/V;h13

Call Michelle O'Donnell at 541-383-0347 to advertise

ers, who cruised the rest of

S ttns 106,

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shot. We made another mistake and they scored on it,

Brooks made hi s


The Bulletin serving central oregon since19te

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debut in style, scoring 10 of and they ran from there." his 14 points in the fourth Portland was playing its quarter against his former second game without Al- club and leading Los Angedridge, who leads the team les to a victory over Boston with 23.9 points and 11.4 to help snap a franchise-rerebounds per game. He is cord eight-game home losing expected to sit out Sunday streak.

' rrxexx<

12. <> I.


within 94-91 with 1:21 to go,

the way. Portland outscored P HOENIX — I s h S m i t h the Jazz 38-21 in the final scored a c areer-high 15 perzod. points, matched his career "I thought in the fourth best of seven rebounds and quarter we had a nice cush- triggered a 17-point secion," Jazz c o ach 7 y r one ond-quarter run that proCorbin said. "They just came pelled Phoenix past weary out right from the begin- Sazt AntOniO. ning of the fourth and got a Lakers 101, Celtics 92: turnover and made a 3-point LOS ANGELES — MarShon

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4 14




Sstp 500

Saturday, February 22, 201 4

Eye on consumers


The Conference Board issues its latest index on U.S. consumers' confidence on Tuesday. The group's index measuring consumer confidence jumped to 80.7 in January, its highest point since August. It was the second big gain in a row, reflecting an improved outlook on the job market and business conditions. Economists predict that the index fell slightly in February.






................. Close: 1,836.25

Change: -3.53 (-0.2%)

1,760 '" " " ' 10 DAYS








1,600 A'




72.4 72 0





HIGH LOW CLOSE 16191.92 16093.80 16103.30 DOW Trans. 7331.95 7253.34 7308.60 DOW Util. 527.99 523.00 523.47 NYSE Comp. 10353.78 10303.35 10306.90 NASDAQ 4284.85 4261.63 4263.41 S&P 500 1846.13 1835.60 1836.25 S&P 400 1360.90 1354.31 1356.56 Wilshire 5000 19778.50 19681.21 19689.26 Russell 2000 1168.43 1163.51 1164.63



CHG. -29.93 +56.56 +0.35 -9.99 -4.14 -3.53 +1.02 -20.86 +2.51



%CHG. WK MO QTR YTD -0.19% L L -2.86% -1.24% 8.0.78% L L L 8.0.07% L L L +6.71% -0.10% L L L -0.90% -0.10% L L L +2.08% -0.19% L L -0.66% +0.08% L L L +1.04% -0.11% L L L -0.09% +0.22% L L L +0.09%




D j: J


'13I '14


+ -.72 '


Close:$112.68 L5.49 or 5.1% The athletic gear maker skated past its Olympic dustup, signing an extended deal with U.S. Speedskating as shares hit a new high. $120 100 80


Source: Factaet


Wal-Mart Stores


Close:$73.12 V-0.40 or -0.5% Sttfei Nicolaus downgraded the re tailer, citing strategic pricing risks, political risks on minimum wage and macroeconomics. $85 80 75

D J 52-week range

$46.31 ~

Vol.: 2.8m (2.2x avg.) Mkt. Cap:$9.65 b

F $114.32


D J 52-week range

$69.89 ~



PE: 75.1 Vol.:9.0m (1.4x avg.) P E:1 4 . 1 Yield: ... Mkt.Cap:$236.6 b Yield: 2.6%

Newmont Mining




Stocks closed Friday on a down note, edging lower as investors weighed a batch of disappointing U.S. home sales data and the latest round of corporate financial news. The National Association of Realtors reported that sales of previously occupied homes plummeted in January to the worst pace in 18 months as cold weather held back purchases. Traders initially brushed off the report, sending stocks higher. By late afternoon the market turned after online deals company Grouponissued a weak outlookforthe year.The Dow Jones industrial average and Standard 8 Poor's 500 index both finished down forthe week. The Nasdaq managed toeke outa gain. Under Armour



$1 02.20


Dow jones industrials Close: 16,103.30 Change: -29.93 (-0.2%)


14500 A'

Vol. (in mil.) 3,333 2,077 Pvs. Volume 3,336 1,896 Advanced 1759 1350 Declined 1316 1233 New Highs 1 85 2 0 5 New Lows 12 18

+ +.10



1,800 "




15,600 ' ""' 10 DAYS "


1,750 "






Consumer confidence index 80.2


S&P 500 1,836.25



O» To look upindividual stocks, goto Also seearecap in Sunday's Businesssection.

NEM Close:$23.38 V-1.08 or -4.4% Last year, gold prices tumbled harder than they have in more than a decade. That hit the miner hard in the final quarter of 2013. $26


AEE Close:$40.88 %2.07 or 5.3% After the utility holding company named an insider, Warner Baxter, as its next chief executive, it posted strong quarterly earnings. $45

Alaska Air Group A LK 48.64 ~ 82.08 81. 5 4 + 1.62+2.0 L L L + 11. 1 +6 3 .6 8 0 4 1 1 1 . 00f Avista Corp A VA 25.36 ~ 30.25 29.7 0 +. 1 0 +0 .3 L L L +5.4 +18. 9 32 9 19 1. 2 7f Slow start? Bank of America BAC 10 . 98 t -t 17.4 2 16 . 29 -.01 -0.1 T T L +4.6 +38 . 4104764 16 0 . 04 Barrett Business BBS I 43.07 ~ 1 02. 20 70.52 +4.50+6.8 L T T - 24.0 +50.9 1 3 0 3 0 0 . 72 Severe weather and freezing 24 40 Boeing Co BA 7 4 .27 ~ 144. 5 7 12 8.28 -1.28 -1.0 T T T -6.0 +76.2 5153 21 2.92f temperatures have helped -.05 -1.0 T T T 22 35 Cascade Baacorp CA C B 4 . 31 ~ 7.00 4.77 -8.8 -22.3 11 4 dampen U.S.sales of new homes ColumbiaBokg COLB 1 9.56 ~ 2 8.5 6 25.18 +.13+0.5 T T T -8.4 +2 4.1 2 8 1 2 1 0 . 48f this winter. N D J F N D J F ColumbiaSportswear COLM 52.26 ~ 8 8.2 5 82.54-2.22 -2.6 L L L +4.8 +58. 9 17 9 3 1 1. 1 2f Sales slid to a seasonally 52-week range 52-week range CostcoWholesale COST 98.95 ~ 1 26 .12113.19 -1.87 -1.6 T L T -4.9 +15.1 3631 24 1 . 24 826.79 ~ $42.00 $33.34~ $4 3.34 adjusted annual rate of 414,000 in Craft Brew Alliance B R EW 6.52 ~ 18.70 16. 8 2 +. 1 8 +1.1 L T T -2.4 +137.5 5 0 cc December from the previous Vol.:23.0m (2.1x avg.) P E: . . . Vol.:5.3m (3.1x avg.) P E: .. . FLIR Systems F LIR 23.00 ~ 34.19 32.7 9 +. 6 4 8.2.0 L L L + 8.9 8.2 2 .0 1 210 2 1 0 . 40f Mkt. Cap:$11.53 b Yie l d: 3.4% Mkt.Cap:$9.92 b Yield: 3.9% month. While economists project Hewlett PacKard L L +6.5 +84. 2 29070 11 0.58 HPQ 16 . 57 — 0 30.28 29 .79 -.40 -1.3 T overall sales of new homes will Home Federal Bocp ID HOME 10.84 ~ 1 6.03 14.64 +.05 +0.3 L L T - 1.7 +34.1 94 dd 0 . 2 4 Intuit INTU Express Scripts ESRX eclipse 2013's total this year, they Intel Corp I NTC 20.10 ~ 27.12 2 4.4 2 -.32 -1.3 T T T -5.9 +23.7 30198 13 0 .90 Close: $77.24L3.39 or 4.6% Close: $74.01 T-3.11 or -4.0% expect that the winter onslaught Keycorp K EY 9 .14 ~ 14.14 12. 8 5 +. 0 9 +0.7 T T T -4.2 +38.8 7232 13 0 . 22 The company raised its outlook as The loss of its largest customer got sales off to a slow start last Kroger Co K R 2 7 .64 ~ 43.85 39.6 0 +. 3 2 + 0 .8 L L L +0.2 +44. 2 4 7 80 1 3 0. 6 6 demand for its online tax-preparation crimped quarterly profit at the pharL L +40. 1 +6 1 .9 95 8 cc month. The Commerce DepartLattice Semi LSCC 4.17 — o 7 .85 7 . 6 9 -.16 -2.0 T software grows during tax filing seamacy benefits manager and margins ment reports new home sales LA Pacific L PX 14.51 ~ 22.55 17.9 0 +. 8 2 +4 .8 T L T -3.3 -17.0 3574 15 son. were under pressure. — o -.28 -0.8 L L L +13. 1 +4 7 .7 68 4 2 4 0. 7 1 MDU Resources MDU 23 .37 34.97 34 .55 figures for January on Wednes$80 $80 Mentor Graphics M EN T 1 3.21 ~ 24.31 2 0. 5 5 -.04 - 0.2 T T - 14.6 +19.8 5 2 6 2 3 0 . 1 8 day. 75 75 Microsoft Corp MSFT 2 7.23 — o 38.98 37 .98 + . 23 +0.6 L L L +1.5 +39 . 1 37591 14 1 . 1 2 70 70 Nike Ioc 8 N KE 53.27 ~ 80.26 76.4 8 +. 9 0 +1 .2 L L T -2.7 + 4 1.5 4 353 26 0 . 9 6 NordstromInc J WN 52.16 ~ 63.72 5 9. 2 4 -.20 -0.3 L L T -4.1 +10.0 4636 1 6 1 . 20 N D J F N D J F Nwst Nat Gas N WN 39.96 ~ 46.37 41.9 4 +. 0 6 +0 .1 T T T -2.1 - 4.0 13 0 2 0 1 . 8 4 52-week range 52-week range PaccarIoc PCAR 45.81 — o 62.79 62 .37 + . 37 +0.6 L L L +5.4 +34 . 6 1 8 97 1 9 0 .80a $66.64~ $76 .74 $64.67~ $ 78. 17 Planar Systms P LNR 1.55 ~ 2.93 2.28 +.0 4 + 1 .6 T T T -10.2 +20.1 18 dd Vol.:5.4m (2.8x avg.) P E: 28.8 Vol.:15.4m (3.4x avg.) P E : 3 1.9 Plum Creek PCL 41.63 o — 54.6 2 42 . 3 9 -.45 -1.1 T T T -8.9 -6.5 1105 32 1 . 76 Mkt. Cap:$22.01b Yie l d: 1.0% Mkt. Cap:$59.64 b Yield: ... Prec Castparts PCP 180.06 ~ 274. 9 6 25 6.40 -2.07 -0.8 T L T - 4.8 +41.8 6 7 9 2 2 0 . 1 2 Safeway Ioc S WY 20.00 ~ 36.90 36. 8 4 + 1.52+4.3 L L L +13. 1 +7 9 .3 17210 3 0.8 0 Dish Network DISH Qlik Technologies QLIK Schoitzer Steel SCH N 23.07 ~ 3 3.3 2 25.24 -.52 -2.0 T T T -22.7 - 9.6 27 0 d d 0 . 75 Close:$57.92%0.85 or 1.5% Close:$28.14%0.22 or 0.8% Sherwin Wms SHW 153.94 t -t 198 . 47 193.59 + . 19 +0.1 L L L 8-5.5 +22 .6 73 4 2 6 2. 2 0f Strong earnings at the satellite The soft ware company beatexpecStaocorpFocl S FG 38.58 ~ 69.11 6 5. 4 2 -.41 -0.6 L L T -1.3 +70.6 1 5 0 1 3 1 . 10f broadcaster surprised investors and tations on profit and revenue during a fourth quarter in which it continued StarbocksCp SBUX 52.52 ~ 82.50 7 2. 5 6 -.99 -1.3 T T T -7.4 +39.7 5584 3 0 1 . 04 it added subscribers despite some softness in overall sales. to grow globally. L L +10. 7 +9 6. 0 1 533 dd Triquiot Semi TQNT 4.31 — 0 9 .48 9 . 2 3 -.08 -0.9 L $60 $30 UmpquaHoldings UM PQ 11.45 ~ 1 9.6 5 16.78 +.08+0.5 T T T -12.3 +33.1 1439 18 0.60a US Baocorp U SB 31.99 ~ 41.86 40.3 4 +. 0 2 ... T L T - 0.1 +21.7 7777 1 3 0 . 92 Weaker gftgwth? 55 25 WAF D 15.79 ~ 24.35 21. 7 7 +. 0 1 ... T T T - 6.5 +23.7 3 0 7 1 5 0 . 40 The government's initial estimate Washington Fedl -.03 -0.1 T L L +0.4 +33. 4 15372 12 1 . 2 0 Wells F a rg o & Co WF C 3 4.52 ~ 4 6. 8 4 45.60 of economic growth in the fourth Weyerhaeuser W Y 2 6.38 ~ 33.24 3 0. 1 8 -.27 -0.9 T T -4.4 + 5 . 0 2 984 2 6 0 . 88 N D J F N D J F quarter was 3.2 percent. 52-week range 52-week range That growth, which was driven $33.79~ $69.96 $33.33~ $3 7.67 by a surge on consumer spending, DividendFootnotes:8 - Extra dividends werepaid, but arenot included. b -Annual rate plus stock. c - Liquidating dividend. 6 -Amount declaredor paid in last I2 months. f - Current Vol.:5.7m (2.2x avg.) P E: 37 . 1 Vol.:6.7m (3.9x avg.) P E: .. . would be the fastest since 2010 annual rate, whichwasincreased bymost recentdividendannouncement. i —Sum of dividends paidafter stock split, no regular rate. I —Sumof dividends paidthis year.Most recent Mkt. Cap:$12.72 b Yield:... Mkt. Cap:$2.5 b Yield: ... wasomitted or deferred. k - Declared or paidthis year, acumulative issue with dividends in arrears. m — Current annualrate, which wasdecreasedbymost recentdividend and a big jump from the 2 percent dividend announcement. p — Initial dividend, annual rate not known, yield not shown. r —Declared or paid in preceding t2 months plus stock dividend. t - Paid in stock, approximatecash SOURCE: Sungard AP growth rate of the previous value on ex-distrittuticn date.PEFootnotes: q —Stock is a closed-end fund - no P/E ratio shown. cc —P/Eexceeds 99. dd - Loss in last t2 months. quarter. But will it hold? The Commerce Department's updated InterestRates NET 1YR estimate on how much the TREASURIES YEST PVS CHG WK MO QTR AGO economy grew in the fourth Verizon Communications now owns all of Verizon As part of the deal, Verizon issued about 1.27 3 -month T-bill . 0 4 .0 4 T .12 quarter is due out Friday. Wireless. It completed the approximately $130 billion billion shares of common stock to the British 6 -month T-bill . 0 8 .08 ... L L T .13 Economists expect the figures to cellphone carrier's shareholders. deal to acquire the remaining 45 be revised slightly lower. 52-wk T-bill .10 .10 ... ~ ~ T . 1 5 percent stake in its wireless Both companies' shareholders division from Vodafone Group PLC. approved the transaction last month. 2 -year T-note . 3 2 .32 ... T L .25 GDP New York-based Verizon has In January, Verizon said it reached The yield on the 5-year T-note 1.54 1.54 T L .84 annualized percent change, said that buying Vodafone's stake a deal to buy chipmaker Intel's cloud 10-year Treasury seasonally adjusted 10-year T-note 2.73 2.75 -0.02 L T 1.98 note dipped to would give it greater flexibility to TV products and services business. 30-year T-bond 3.69 3.73 -0.04 T L T 3.17 2.73 percent invest in new technologies. It will Financial terms were not disclosed.

Verizon completes acquisitionl„'.;l;",l




est. 3


2 .8


no longer have to share its wireless operating profits with Vodafone.


Q3 Q4 . :Qt

Q2 Q 3


'12 I'13 Source: Factaet

Verizon said the acquisition will help speed the delivery of new kinds of video services to its customers.

Friday. Yields affect rates on mortgages and other consumer loans.





Barclays LongT-Bdldx 3.49 3.52 -0.03 L L T Bond Buyer Muni Idx 4.86 4.87 -0.01 T T T Friday's close:$47.27 $44 ~ ~ ~ ~ 54 (trailing 12 months):12 Barclays USAggregate 2.36 2.34 +0.02 L T L PRIME FED Barclays US High Yield 5.37 5.38 -0.01 T T T 5-YR*: 18% 10-YR*: 9% Mar k et value: $135.2 billion Total return: 1 - YR: 9% 3-YR*: 14% RATE FUNDS Moodys AAA Corp Idx 4.52 4.50 +0.02 L L T AP Total returns through Feb. 21 *Annualized Source: FactSet YEST3.25 .13 Barclays CompT-Bdldx 1.77 1.77 ... L L 6 MO AGO3.25 .13 Barclays US Corp 3.09 3.07 +0.02 L T T 1 YRAGO3.25 .13 AmdFocus SelectedMutualpunds

Verizon (VZ) 1



Annual dividend:$2.12 Div. yield: 4.5%

Price-earnings ratio

2.88 4.06 1 93 . 5.81 3.96 1.12 2.82


PERCENT RETURN Yr RANK FUND N AV CHG YTD 1YR 3YR BYR 1 3 5 BalA m 24.3 1 - . 8 2 -0.5 +17.1 +11.1 +16.9 A A A CaplncBuA m58.66 +0.2 +12.5 +9.1+14.1 8 A C CpWldGrlA m 45.71 +.86 +0.9 +22.2 +10.0+18.3 C 8 C EurPacGrA m 49.89 +.27 0.0 +18.1 +6.1+16.6 C 8 8 Groupon 1284834 8.03 -2.25 FnlnvA m 51. 5 2 - .85 -0.9 +24.8 +11.9+20.8 C C C S&P500ETF 1059743 183.89 -.21 GrthAmA m 43.75 +.81 +1.7 +30.9 +13.7+20.9 C 8 C BkofAm 1047642 16.29 -.01 American FoodsGlbBalA m GBLAX IncAmerA m 20.85 +1.0 +16.0 +10.6+17.2 8 A A Facebook 674288 68.59 -1.04 InvCoAmA m 36.86 -.84 +0.4 +27.7 +12.6+19.3 A C D iShEMkts 590018 39.43 +.27 VALUE B L EN D GR OWTH NewPerspA m37.63 +.88 +0.2 +23.0 +10.5+19.8 8 8 8 VerizonCm 576606 47.27 -.85 WAMutlnvA m39.16 -.85 -0.7 +25.5 +14.3+20.3 8 A C RiteAid 505307 6.67 +.14 CSVlnvNG 449010 2.81 -.30 Dodge &Cox Income 13.78 +.82 +1.8 + 2 .4 + 4.9 +7.5 A 8 B MicrtmT 443668 25.08 -.41 IntlStk 43.21 +.36 +0.4 +23.8 +7.1 +21.8 A A A GenMotors 426492 36.69 +.18 Stock 167.72 -.11 -0.7 +31.4 +14.3 +24.1 A A A Fidelity Contra 96.78 + . 88 +1.7 +31.1 +14.3+21.4 C 8 C Gainers GrowCo 126 . 54 +.39+6.2 +41.7 +17.2+26.1 A A A NAME L AST C H G %C H G LowPriStk d 48.99 +.14 -1.0 +26.8 +14.1+24.1 C A C Fideli S artao 500l dxAdvtg 65.26 -.12 -0.4 +24.8 +13.4+21.5 C 8 B Ikonics 2 4.26 + 8 . 2 6 +5 1 .6 JetPay 3 .49 +1 . 0 4 +4 2 .4 «C FraakTemp-Franklio Income C m 2. 48 .. . + 2 .0 + 13.7 +8.7+17.1 A A A Strayer 47.17 8 .12.96 + 3 7 .9 63 IncomeA m 2. 4 6 ... +2 . 5 + 14.4 +9.2+17.7 A A A Emeritus 2 9.01 +7 . 5 5 +3 5 . 2 Oakmark Intl I 26.59 +.10 +1.0 +24.2 +10.4+25.8 A A A PulseEI rs 3 .95 +.81 +25 . 8 Co Oppeoheimer RisDivA m 19 . 57 -.82 -0.8 +20.0 +11.0+17.4 E D E RetOpp un 1 8.50 + 3 . 0 0 +1 9 .4 RisDivB m 17 . 49 -.82 -0.9 +18.9 +9.9+16.4 E E E Moroingstar OwnershipZone™ Shutterstk 98.00 + 15.54 + 1 8 .8 RisDivC m 17 . 39 -.82 -0.9 +19.2 +10.1+16.6 E E E AcadiaPh 2 8.84 +4 . 2 6 +1 7 . 3 OaFund target represents weighted SmMidValA m44.28 +.88 -0.2 +26.6 +9.3+21.5 C E E ConcdMed 8 .50 +1 . 2 0 +1 6 .4 average of stock holdings SmMidValB m37.28 +.87 -0.3 +25.5 +8.4+20.5 D E E LoJack 5 .95 +.83 +16 . 2 • Represents 75% of fund's stock holdings T Rowe Price Eqtylnc 32.4 4 - . 84 - 1.2 +20.9 +11.7+22.1 D C A Losers CATEGORY World Allocation GrowStk 53.6 1 + .84+2.0 +37.3 +15.8+23.8 A A A NAME L AST C H G %C H G MORNINGSTAR HealthSci 64.9 2 +.38+12.3 +57.5 +32.3+30.7 B A A RATING™ Newlncome 9. 4 1 +.81+1.6 -0.3 +3.8 +6.0 D C D -.91 -30.6 NV5 wt 2.07 Groupon 8.03 -2.25 -21.9 ASSETS $3,660 million Vanguard 500Adml 169.77 -.31 -0.3 +24.8 +13.4+21.6 C 8 8 -3.12 -16.7 Autobytel 15.51 500lnv 169.75 -.30 -0.4 +24.6 +13.3+21.4 C 8 8 EXP RATIO 0.93% Geeknet 14.47 -2.78 -16.1 CapOp 49.10 +.20 +6.3 +40.8 +16.0+24.6 A A A MANAGER David Riley -4.55 -15.4 MRC Glbl 25.01 Eqlnc 29.37 -.86 -1.3 +20.5 +14.9+22.0 D A A SINCE 2011-02-01 IntlStkldxAdm 27.85 +.85 -0.6 +13.0 +3.6 NA E E RETURNS 3-MO +3.9 Foreign Markets StratgcEq 30.74 +.88 +2.5 +35.7 +17.1+26.8 A A A YTD +1.6 TgtRe2020 27.27 +.81 +0.6 +13.5 +8.2+15.4 A A B NAME LAST CHG %CHG 1-YR +17.5 Tgtet2025 15.82 +0.4 +15.2 +8.6+16.6 8 8 C Paris 4,381.06 +25.57 + . 59 3-YR ANNL +9.0 TotBdAdml 10.69 +.81 +1.6 0.0 +3.9 +4.8 C C E London 6,838.06 + 25.07 + . 37 5-YR-ANNL NA Totlntl 16.65 +.83 -0.6 +12.9 +3.5+16.4 E E C Frankfurt 9,656.95 +38.10 + . 40 TotStlAdm 46.76 -.86 +0.1 +26.3 +13.6+22.6 8 A A Hong Kong22,568.24 +1 74.16 + . 78 TOP 5HOLDINGS PCT TotStldx 46.74 -.85 +0.1 +26.2 +13.5+22.4 8 8 A Mexico 39,724.58 +70.35 + . 18 Novartis AG 2.93 Milan 20,391.90 -60.38 -.30 USGro 29.38 +.85 +2.4 +32.2 +14.8+21.5 8 A C 2.16 Tokyo 14,865.67 +416.49 +2.88 BP PLC Welltn 38.89 -.83 +0.4 +15.8 +10.3+15.9 8 A 8 1.94 Stockholm 1,349.12 + 7.27 + . 5 4 Amgen Inc Fund Footnotes: b -Feecovering marketcosts is paid from fund assets. d - Deferredsales charge, or redemption 1.62 fee. f - front load (salescharges). m - Multiple feesarecharged, usually amarketing feeandeither a sales or Sydney 5,449.40 +28.10 + . 52 Altria Group lnc. Zurich 8,431.78 +48.53 + . 58 Philip Morris International, Ioc. 1.48 redemption fee.Source: Morn$nestar.

American Funds Global Balanced FAMILY was launched in 2011. MorningMarhetsummary star says it is a solid core holding AmericanFunds Most Active and has awarded it a silver medal NAME VOL (BOs) LAST CHG analyst rating.

The price of oil fell slightly but remained above $102 a barrel on Friday, aided by strong demand due to severe winter weather in the U.S. Among metals, gold and silver posted gains.

Foreign Exchange The ICE dollar index, which measures the strength of the U.S. currency against six currencies, declined Friday, as traders assessed new data showing U.S. home sales fellin January.

55Q QD

CLOSE PVS. 102.20 102.92 Crude Oil (bbl) Ethanol (gal) 2.07 2.07 Heating Oil (gal) 3.10 3.18 Natural Gas (mmbtu) 6.14 6.06 UnleadedGas(gal) 2.83 2.85 METALS

Gold (oz) Silver (oz) Platinum (oz) Copper (Ib) Palladium (oz)

CLOSE PVS. 1323.90 1317.10 21.78 21.68 1427.90 1412.50 3.34 3.32 739.80 736.10

%CH. %YTD - 0.53 + 3 . 8 +8.3 - 2.47 + 0.7 +1.17 +45.0 - 0.47 + 1.7 %CH. %YTD +0.52 +1 0.2 +0.46 +1 2.6 + 1.09 + 4 . 1 +0.36 -3.1 + 0.50 + 3 . 1


CLOSE PVS. %CH. %YTD 1.45 1.45 - 0.03 + 7 . 5 Coffee (Ib) 1.69 1.69 -0.15 +52.3 Corn (bu) 4.53 4.56 - 0.60 + 7 . 4 Cotton (Ib) 0.87 0.86 + 0.83 + 2 . 9 Lumber (1,000 bd ft) 363.60 359.90 + 1.03 + 1 . 0 Orange Juice (Ib) 1.47 1.47 - 0.44 + 7 . 4 Soybeans (bu) 13.71 13.58 + 0.92 + 4 . 4 Wheat(bu) 6.10 6.16 - 1.05 + 0 . 7 1YR.

MAJORS CLOSE CHG. %CHG. AGO USD per British Pound 1.6648 -.0011 -.07% 1.5242 Canadian Dollar 1.1 127 +.0020 +.18% 1.0196 USD per Euro 1.3744 +.0026 +.19% 1.3172 JapaneseYen 102.52 + . 2 1 + .20% 9 3 . 12 Mexican Peso 13. 2596 -.0182 -.14% 12.7663 EUROPE/AFRICA/MIDDLEEAST Israeli Shekel 3.5042 -.0063 -.18% 3.6994 Norwegian Krone 6 . 0764 -.0211 -.35% 5.6807 South African Rand 10.9346 -.0633 -.58% 8.9028 Swedish Krona 6.5 2 78 -.0088 -.13% 6.4265 Swiss Franc .8870 -.0022 -.25% . 9319 ASIA/PACIFIC 1.1146 +.0031 +.28% .9768 Australian Dollar Chinese Yuan 6.0917 +.0080 +.13% 6.2452 Hong Kong Dollar 7.7559 +.0003 +.00% 7.7557 Indian Rupee 62.145 -.110 -.18% 54.478 Singapore Dollar 1.2676 +.0030 +.24% 1.2426 South KoreanWon 1077.28 +2.33 +.22% 1090.92 -.05 -.16% 29.72 Taiwan Dollar 30.36



BRIEFING GL Solutions to add employees GL Solutions, a Bend maker of software for regulatory agencies, has acquired a newclient, the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology, the company announced Friday. The new contract and other recent sales means another10 hires at GLSolutions in customer service, projectmanagementand software configuration, according to the company. GLSolutionswon nine new state contracts in 2013 and is now in 70 agencies and19 states, according to its news release. Thecompany, which has 55employees, expects to addan

a ein exico? ourcarmi By Adriana Gomez Licon

new jobs to pull millions out

produce more than 200,000

Automotive Industry Associ-

The Associated Press

of poverty as northbound mi-

billion over that span.

"I congratulate Honda for its having confidence in Mexico, for havingtotal confidence in the development of our coun-

caution that most of the new

Fithatchbacks and compact sport-utility vehicles a year, helpingpush total Mexican car

ed States' No. 1 source of im-

car jobs are low-skill and pay

exports to the U.S. to1.7mil-

portedcarsbythe end ofnext year, overtaking Japan and

too little. Mexico's low and

lion in 2014, roughly 200,000

ation. "Mexico is now one of the major globalplayers in car manufacturing." When NAFTA was signed two decades ago, Mexico

stagnant wages have kept the

Canada in a manufacturing

poverty rate between 40 and 50

more than Japan, consulting firm IHS Automotive says. And

produced 6percent of the cars built in North America. It now

boomthat's turningthe auto industryinto abigger source of

percent since the passage of the with another bigplant starting

provides 19 percent. Total Mex-

tended the opening of the plant in the town of Celaya along

North American Free Trade

next week, Mexico is expected

ican car production has risen

with Honda CEO Takanobu

dollars than money sent home

Agreement two decades ago. An $800 million Honda

to surpass Canada for the top spot by the end of 2015.

39 percent from 2007,to nearly

Ito. "They're contributing to two basic objectives, generat-

plant that opened Friday in the central state of Guanajuato will

3 million cars a year. The total value of Mexico's car exports

Solis, president of the Mexican

CELAYA, Mexico — Mexico

is on track to become the Unit-

by migrants. The boom is raising hopes thatMexico can create enough

gration slows sharply. Critics

"It's a safe bet," said Eduardo

try," said Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, who at-

ing wealth and creating jobs in surged from $40billion to $70.6 this country."


College presidents salary cap gains favor

additional five to10 this

year, said JakeBurts, sales and marketing manager. The Arizona State Board of Cosmetology will use the software to track licensing and enforcement processes at salons and schools around the state. In Oregon, GLSolutions supplies software to the state Medical Board and the Department of Environmental Quality, Burts said. The companydeveloped its software specifically for government regulatory agencies. In business 17years, GL Solutions also provides service and support.

By Nick Anderson and Jena McGregor The Washington Post

It was a novel idea that bub-

bled up at an unusual public college. A group ofprofessors at St. Mary's College of Maryland, outraged about a trend of rising presidential pay in higher education, wanted to cap the salary of their school's president at a level no more than 10times what the col-

— Bulletin staff report

lege's least-paid employees make. O'• y

The professors drafted a proposal that would have set

• 4• •

Rob Kerr/rhe Bulletin file photo


BIZ CALENDAR TODAY • Financesand Bookkeeping:Registration required; $50 perfarm/ ranch; onetimefee; 9 a.m.-noon; Central Oregon Community College -Crook County OpenCampus, 510 S.E Lynn Blvd., Prineville; 541-480-1340 or tcf@ MONDAY • Free Resume Workshop: Learn to updateyour resume in this interactive workshop; registration recommended;2-3:30 p.m.; Downtown BendPublic Library, 601 N.W.Wall St.; 541-617-7080. • Ftfn Facts Test - Your Knowledge:Presented by Community Associations Institute-Central Oregon Regional Council; discuss issues andfacts related to CAI; registration required; free; 5:30 p.m.; The Oxford Hotel, 10N.W. Minnesota Ave.,Bend; 541-390-722 or http:// www.myassociationvoice. com/17084. TUESDAY • FacebookStrategy and Analytics forBusiness: Learn to useFacebook as amarketing and communications tool; registration required; $89; 6-9 p.m.; Central Oregon Community College,2600 N.W.CollegeW ay,Bend; 541-383-7270. WEDNESDAY • Pinterest forBusiness: Learn to usePinterestto engage customersandto implement analytics; learn from successful brands; registration required; $65; 1-4 p.m.; Central Oregon Community College,2600 N.W.CollegeW ay,Bend; 541-383-7270. • Howto Developa BusinessPlan: First-time business owners will learn to evaluate finances, target their market andpresent ideas in awritten business plan; registration required; $69; 6-9 p.m.; COCC Chandler Building, 1027 N.W. TrentonAve., Bend; 541-383-7290. THURSDAY • Build YourBusiness Wedsite withWordPress II:Modify themes and search engineoptimization, customize content, use advanced plugins andpost traffic statistics on your site; registration required; $129; 9 a.m.-noon;Central Oregon Community College, 2600N.W.College Way, Bend;541-383-7270.

Partners Jeremy Cox, left, and Chris Coxflank partner Garrett Wales at10 Barrel Brewing Co.'s Bend pub onNorthwest Galveston

a minimum salary of about

Avenue in this 2010 photo. They are planning to add more fermentation tanks and expand their brewery on Northeast18th Street by nearly10,000 square feet.

$30,000 a year for employees such as housekeepers and groundskeepers. The maximum for the president would havebeen approximately $300,000, about $25,000 less thanwhat the college now pays its interim chief. The idea reflects a populist revolt within higher education regarding presidential salaries, which often rise

arre se oe

BI1, OVB. VC •

By Rachael Rees The Bulletin

10 Barrel Brewing

Co. is planning a nearly 10,000-square-foot expansion that will double the northeast Bend brewery's capacity and increase employment. "We've been prepping

"It's where we turn the brewers loose and let them use their creativity to do what they do best."

faster than inflation, while

lower-paid employees struggle to make what is considered a "living wage." Many presidents earn more than

"This year we will be roll-

$500,000 a year in salary and benefits, and some earn more than $1 million — packages that are drawing fresh scrutiny at schools, such as St.

ing out a line of 22-ouce bottles for the small-tank series,"

he said. Cox said the brewery plans — Garrett Wales, a partner in 10 Barrel Brewing Co., on the to add four new 40-barrel company focusing onsmall batches of new, experimental beers, tanks to make more of the as opposed to increasing overall production small-tank series, such as Raspberry Crush, as well as for months," said partner three400-barreltanks to proChris Cox. "It's a prettybig duce higher-volume bottled expansion." In March 2012, the owners But with the expansion, beer like Apocalypse IPA. The additional square footopened a new production said Cox and partner GarThe growth will also allow age will be added to the east brewery on Northeast 18th rett Wales, 10 Barrel's focus the brewery to sell its only side of the 15,000-square-foot Street. will be creating more small canned beer — Pub Beerbrewery on Northeast 18th They opened a Bend brew- batches of new, experimental in grocery and convenience Street. pub in 2010 on Northwest beers, not increasing overall stores, said partner Jeremy Cox said the project will be Galveston Avenue, and in production. Cox. Now, it can only be pur"It's where we turn the divided into two phases. First, April, a second pub began chased in their brewpubs. he said, additional fermenta- operating in Boise, Idaho. 10 brewers loose and let them Wales said he expects the tion tanks will be moved in. Barrel beer is available in Or- use their creativity to do what expansion, the cost of which Extending the building will egon, Washington and Idaho. they do best," Wales said. has not been finalized, will be the second phase. 10 Barrel ranked seventh Wales said all of the brew- create an additional 15 to 20 "We've been expanding ery's seasonalbeers have in the state last year in projobs. Currently, the two brewsince we opened," Cox said. duction, which totaled 16,100 started as part of the smallpubs and brewery employ 10 Barrel, originally named barrels, accordingtoOregon tank series. On average, the 205 people total. Wildfire Brewing Co., opened Liquor Control Commission brewers produce about one — Reporter: 541-617-7818, in 2007 on High Desert Lane. figures. new beer a week.

• Free Financial Workshop: Homepurchase preparation, presented by Arbor MortgageGroup; registration required; 6 p.m.; Mid OregonCredit Union, 1386N.E Cushing Drive, Bend;541-382-1795 or MARCH3 • iOS AppDevelopment Course 3- Game Development: Learn animation, graphic elements and troubleshooting; advancedknowledgeof XcodeandObjective-C or iOS App IIrequired; registration required; $169; 6-8 p.m.; COCC -Crook County OpenCampus, 510 S.E Lynn Blvd., Prineville; 541-383-7270. • For the complete calendar, pick up Sunday'sBulletin or

Mary's that's been forced to

cut spending as budgets have tightened in recent years. "We're not asking for anythingreally radical here," said Sandy Ganzell, an associate professor of mathematics who

supportedtheplan."Some are suggesting that the president's salary should be market-driven. I see market forces as being the problem, not the solution." Some in higher education saypresidential salaries are one of many factors that drive

up college costs, which in turn drive up tuition. The Chronicle of Higher Education reported lastyear that

75 public college or university leaders had earned at least $500,000 in total compensation

in fiscal 2012.


j Cole


• Kathy Caba,principal broker with John L. Scott in Bend, hasearned the president's gold award for 2013for her high volume in realestate sales. • Jillian Colehas joined the Family Kitchen board of trustees. Cole,amarketing manager at BendBroadband, will focus on helping the board with her marketing and media experience. • JaneanneUpphasbeen re-elected astreasurer to the Cultural Advocacy Coalition 2014 board of directors. Upp previously servedaspresident of the High Desert Museum. • Neil Bryanthas beenre-elected to



the Cultural Advocacy Coalition 2014 board of directors. • Dan Cecchinipresented at the 45th Annual International Association for Falconry andConservation of Birds of Prey meeting, held in Doha,Qatar, in January. Cecchini presented onthe impact that commercial wind farms have on wildlife. • Dr. Dana Whitelaw,of Bend, has been appointed aspresident of the High Desert Museum. Previously the vice president of programs, Whitelaw holds a doctorate in biological anthropology from the University of Colorado.




• Brenda Johnson was the top sales agent at John L. Scott in Redmond for the month of January. • Lisa Hartand Everett Decker tied for the top listing agent at John L. Scott in Redmondfor the month of January. • Don Baxterhas joined Total Property Resources as a broker. A licensed principal broker andcertified appraiser in Oregonand Hawaii, Baxter previously ownedBaxter Realty Group LLC inHawaii. • Pam Stevensonhasbeen appointed by theSmall Business Development Center atCentral



Oregon Community Collegeas business adviser for the GrowOregon program. Stevenson is the ownerof Sprocket Consulting. • Heather Fredericksonhasjoined the DukeWarner Broker team. Frederickson hasbeen aRealtor for seven years. • Erica B. Straderhas joined Stahancyk, Kent andHook in Bendas an associate attorney. Strader,a2013 graduate of the University of Oregon School of Law, hasmembership in the Oregon State Bar,the Oregon Women Lawyers Association and the Deschutes County BarAssociation.

IN THE BACK ADVICE Ee ENTERTAINMENT W Volunteer search, D2 Religious services, D2-3 Support groups, D4 THE BULLETIN • SATURDAY, FEBRUARY22, 2014


Billionaire is big on


Songwriting contest entry info The Central Oregon Songwriters Association is accepting submissions for its16th annual Song of theYearcontest. Songs must besubmitted at COSA'smonthly meeting at 2 p.m.Sunday at Kelly D'sSports


giving' By Jennifer Steinhauer New York Times News Service

Bar & Grill, 1012 S.E.

ClevelandAve., Bend. Categories include rock, indie alternative, singer-songwriter, hip hop, country, folk, pop, blues, jazz, spiritual, children's and instrumental. To submit, you must be a COSAmember. Entryfee is $10per song. Contact: bookjanellybean© or

WASHINGTONThe expansive reach of David Rubenstein

into the public life of the nation's capital

canbe seen during a brief excursion from his downtown office

at the Carlyle Group, the private equity firm he co-founded

and made him a billionaire. Begin across the


Central Oregon film fest nearing The entry deadline is approaching for theCentral Oregon FilmFestival at RedmondCinemas May 6-7. Filmmakers have until March 31to submit their entries. The festival is afamily-friendly event for short films. Films must be1-8 minutes for ages10-14 and112 minutes for ages15-18 andadult. The entry fee is$25. Sponsorship forms are available onthe festival's website — participants can print them tofundraise for their entry fees. The festival, produced by Central OregonShowcase, offers cash prizes and prize packages, including a trip to LAIKA Studios in Portland. For entry forms, rules, sponsorship information and more, visit www.

street at the National

Photos by Andy Tullis1The Bulletin

Quizmaster Simone Morris-Martin reads questions for teams playing trivia at The Lot, a food cart complex on Bend's west side. Trivia competitions hosted by Astro Lounge and The Lot bring a packed crowd to their respective venues on Tuesday nights.

permanent loan. Then

head to the Library of Congress, and see the first map of the Unit-

ed States, also his, in the Great Hall.

Makeyourwayto the earthquake-damaged Washington Monument, which •

n eerie silence took hold of Astro Lounge during last Tuesday's trivia night challenge when quizmaster John Davis read the answers to questions he asked the crowd about Olympic host

Rubenstein endowed, part of a $7 million Smithsonian gift. Over theyears, Rubenstein, who has a fortune estimated at

cities. "Innsbruck," Davis said, as he told the few dozen people who occupied every bar stool, booth, couch and table at the downtown Bend bar where 1964 Winter Games were held. "The answer to question No.

$3billion, has made gifts to the usual array of universities, hospi-

t als and ~ org a nizations beloved by wealthy donors. But

1 is Innsbruck."

six-person team had already

he stands nearly alone m shormg up mshtutions generallyunder thepurview of the federal government.

written their answers to each

About $200 million

question Davis asked during the first of six, six-question rounds and handed them to a neighboring team so they could be checked off and scored. This put everybody in a vulnerable situation, with their knowledge being judged by a group of strangers based solely on whether they knew

of the $300 million he has given away has beenwhat he calls "patriotic giving."

Members of each two- to

"The United States

cannot affordto do the things it used to do," Rubenstein said, "and I thinkit would

be a good thing if more people would say My national zoo needs money, the Archives need money. I thinkwe're goingto have to do more for

Paris hosted the 1900 Winter Games and Munich hosted the

1972 Summer Games. To make matters worse, Davis and his partner, Nate

Dorval, promised to buy that round's top-scoring team drinks so every wrong answer not only injured a team's


pride but lessened its chances

fered from cutbacks in federal spending

And there is plenty more to do in a city that has not only suf-

of getting free booze. It took Astro Lounge owner Josh Maquet more than four

yearstoturnhisTuesday night trivia challenges into

but which historically John Davis, left, and Nate Dorval have spent a year as the Astro Lounge's quizmasters. They took this duty over from bar owner Josh Maquet, who started playing trivia at his downtown Bend establish-

ment four years ago.

sistently doubles his typical weeknight sales. He's seen three businesses try to dupli-

cate this success — including The Lot, a food-cart complex

them fail.

its trivia night two hours before his does — and two of But potentially his biggest competition is just now making its way to town: Representatives from Geeks Who Drink — a Denver-based corporation that runs trivia night

challenges at 490 bars in 30

has lacked both the wealth and the philanthropictraditions of

places like New York.

an established event that con-

• Community events: Email event information to events© or click on "Submit an Event" at Allow at least10 days before the desired date of publication. Contact:

— From staff reports

dy Center for the Performing Arts, where his $75 million has bought, amongother things, a new pipe organ. End up at the National Zoo, where baby Bao Bao frolics in the panda habitat

By Mac McLeane The Bulletin

on Bend's west side that starts

• Story ideas: Email

• Bend's bar trivia scene is onthe rise and getting a boost from a newplayer in town

Contact us with ideas


will reopen this spring after a $15 million repair, halfpaidforby Rubenstein, then zip to the John E Kenne-

Event raises funds for outdoored Community members are invited to help raise moneyfor a local outdoor educational program bydining at McMenamins OldSt. Francis School from 5to 11 p.m. March 4.All of the proceeds from the event will go to provide scholarships so local fifth-graders canattend outdoor school. The proceeds goto Carly's Kids, anonprofit foundation that helps fund outdoor education for Bend-La Pine Schools. The organization was founded in honor of Carly Phillips, who died three years ago. In 2012, the nonprofit raised enough money tosend 38 fifth-graders from Ensworth Elementary School to Multnomah Outdoor School, a place wherePhillips had worked. In 2013, the group funded 68 children from Ensworth and Juniper elementary schools. Thegoal this year is to offer funding for 500 students from Ensworth, Juniper, La Pine, Rosland, Bear Creek, LavaRidge, Pine Ridge andBuckingham. The students will attend Camp Tamarack in Sisters. Contact:

Archives, the site of the new gallery, named after him, where a copy of the Magna Carta, which hebought in 2007 for $23 million, is on

states — recently confirmed they're looking to build on their early success in Portland by coming to Bend.

The crowd

against them," Maquet said

While there were

Halfway through the first

smartphone, do a quick Google search, and settle the mat-

wealthy and civic-minded men like Duncan Phillips and Eugene Meyer who

round, Davis answered a

ter once and for all.

question that had everyone in the audience sitting on

But none of these questions pointed toward the right

pins and needles: "What city hostedthe 1940 Summer

answer because the 1940

Olympics?" People were heard asking

not exist. "Question No. 3 was a trick

the federal govern-

will force his mom-and-pop

their teammates "Was that the

trivia night to close. "There's a

Olympics with Jesse Owens?"

maintained the parks and museums that

lot of people who want to play

or "Didn't we boycott that

trivia, and it would be great if

one because of the Nazis?" as they resisted the ever-present

question — there were no Olympic Games in World War II," Davis said, prompting loud cheers from teams that inched one stepcloser to a free drink. See Trivia /D5

to Steven Pearlstein,

"I'm not for them. I'm not

of the trivia business, which he sees as a potential partner rather than a Wal-Mart that

we could pool (our resources) together."

temptation to pull out their

Olympic Games simply did

"There'sa lot of people who want to play trivia, and it would be great if we could pool (our resources) together." — Josh Maquet, Astro Loungeowner

left their mark on Washington in the last century, it was ment that built and in other cities donors

endowed, according aprofessorofpublic and international

affairs at George Mason University and

a columnist for The Washington Post. SeeGiving/D4


'Book of Daniel'-inspired faststie If God does leaner diet to reverence for God not forgive, VOICES OFFAITH

then why should we? The Kansas City Star The Rev. Joe Nassal,Pre-

By Annysa Johnson

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


M e l issa

Taylor stirs a steaming pot of soup atop the stove in her

. ne s z



north side Milwaukee kitchen.


There are lentils and carrots, tomatoes and celery, a bay leaf that bobs to the sur-


cious Blood Center, Liberty, Mo.: While the Book of Revelation may warn that God

face with each turn of the wooden spoon. It's a feast, by

does not forgive sinners, the evidence to the contrary

elation we read that "Jesus Christ is the faithful witness

others — and a staple for the spiritual journey on which she and her husband, Josh Taylor, will soon embark. On Feb. 10, the Taylors began a 21-day "Daniel fast," Gary Porter1 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel a Biblically inspired period Melissa Taylor prepares a vegetable stew for a "Book of Daniel" of prayerand relative depri- fast based on the book In the Bible that inspires healthy eating.

... who loves us and freed

vation, various versions of

us from our sins by his own blood." Forgiveness is a gift that comes first in the form of grace and then is given as

which have become increasingly popular in evangelical not pass their lips during this Christian circles. prayerful period, followers Based on passages in the look to scripture, specifically "Book of Daniel," these so- two passages in the Book of called fasts — they're partial Daniel. fasts, really — have spawned D aniel is th e story o f a a small industry of how- prophet, a diviner of dreams, to books an d d e votionals, held captive in Babylonia blogs, recipe exchanges and some 600 years before the

in the Scriptures is over-

whelming that God's best quality is divine mercy. In the first chapter of Rev-

a gift to another in the form

of mercy. Or as John Arnott put it, "Grace is getting something that you don't

deserve; mercy is not getting something that you do deserve." F orgiveness is not a warm, fuzzy feeling; it is a decision, an act of the

some standards, famine by

l onger-term plans t hat

courage healthy eating as a show of reverence for God's creation. "It's meant to humble your

flesh," said the Rev. Mike

one who has sinned against

in Milwaukee,who began a period of fasting with church members last weekend. "It's all about seeking God,"

Brownie, the Taylors' pastor at Rehoboth New Life Center

Brownie told adherents at a

to dominate my present or control my future.

recent Tuesday night Bible study on the subject. "If you

Some believe that to for-

draw near to him, then he is

give the sinner is to diminish the importance of or

going to draw near to you." Fasting is an ancient prac-

even erase altogether the of-

tice common to most f aith traditions. M an y C h r i stian

fense. But as Lewis Smedes wrote, "When we forgive evil we do not excuse it, we do not tolerate it, we do not

smother it. We look the evil full in the face, call it what

it is, let its horror shock and stun and enrage us, and only then do we forgive it." Ultimately, forgiveness is a step in the direction of the


includingbrown rice andpopcorn; certain oils; and water

and juice. Some fast for 21 days; some m ore, some fewer. But t h e

food is just part of it. Followers are encouraged to pray more, read their Bibles, or listen to

praisemusic or podcasts of sermons — some of which are Daniel vows to eat only vege- provided or sold on churchtables and water rather than and Daniel-related websites. defile himself with the royal Some churches send out daily food and wine provided by devotionals on Facebook and his captors (after which Dan- 7witter. "It's not that easy," said Meiel is said to appear healthier than those who ate the king's lissa Taylor, a self-described foods). chocoholic who grew up fastLater, in preparation for ing for a week each January a vision, he says: "I, Daniel, in the Apostolic Pentecostal mourned for three weeks. I church movement. ate no choice food; no meat or In addition to changing the wine touched my lips." way they eat, she and husband From these few words, pro- Josh planned to curtail their ponents of the Daniel fasts TV time and cut back on video have developed variations of games and social media. "The idea is to conform our these dietary guidelines that in some ways mimic a vegan will to the will of God," said diet: Taylor, who plans to spend N o meats; no d a i ry; n o more time reading her Bible sweeteners; no leavened bread and memorizing scripture. or baked goods; no refined or Though it's not a traditional processed foods; and no cof- fast, in which one abstains enfee — though some allow herb tirely from food for a period of

e n - birth of Christ. In Chapter 1,

will. This means that even though I carry the scar of the injury or the injustice of the me, I will not allowthe memory of it to withhold the mercy I extend to the other. I will not allow the sin of the past


churches fast early in the new year as a kind of cleansing and to mark a new beginning. The idea is to deprive the physical self, so one can focus more intently on the spiritual; teas and honey. to subjugate the ego, to better In their place, participants hear the divine. are to eat essentially a plantThose are the aims of the based diet: fruits and vegetaDaniel fasts, but with a twist. bles, legumes, nuts and seeds. In deciding what will and will Whole grains are allowed,

time, she says it has much the

same effect. "It creates a kind of mind

shift and makes you more aware of how you've been living," she said.

VOLUNTEER SEARCH Volunteer Search iscompiled by the Department of HumanServices Volunteer Services. The organizations listed are seekingvolunteers for a variety of tasks. To seeafull list, and for additional information onthe types of help needed, goonline to www. Changes, additions or deletions should besent to1300 N.W.Wall St., Suite103, Bend 97701, email Therese.M.Helton©state. or call 541-693-8988.


ARTS, MUSIC, CULTURE AND HERITAGE 88.9KPOV, BEND'S COMMUNITY RADIO STATION: or 541-322-0863. ART COMMITTEEOF THE REDMOND FRIENDSOF THE LIBRARY: Linda Barker, 541-312-1064. ARTS CENTRAL STATION: 541-617-1317. CASCADESTHEATRICAL COMPANY: 541-389-0803. CENTRAL OREGONSYMPHONY ASSOCIATION: Julie, 541-383-7779. DES CHUTES HISTORICAL MUSEUM:541-389-1813,10 4:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. DESCHUTESPUBLICLIBRARY SYSTEM:541-312-1032. FRIENDS OFTHE BEND LIBRARIES: or Meredith Shadrach at 541-617-7047. HIGHDESERT CHAMBER MUSIC: www.highdesertchambermusic. com or Isabelle Senger at info© or 541-306-3988. HIGH DESERTMUSEUM: 541-382-4754.


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RELIGIOUS SERVICES To submit service information orannouncements for religious organizations, email bulletin© orcall 541-383-0358. BEND CHRISTIANFELLOWSHIP: Pastor DaveMiller; "Let Us Hold Fast to OurConfession"; Sunday at10 a.m.; 4twelveyouth group; Wednesdays at 7p.m.; 19831 Rocking HorseRoad,Bend. BENDCHURCHOFTHE NAZARENE: Pastor Virgil Askren; "God BlessesThoseWhoGive"; Sunday at10:15a.m., 1270N.E. 27th St., Bend. CROSSCHURCH:Pastor Ed Byrnes; "Teach Me To Pray: Praying Purposefully"; today at6:30 p.m. and Sundayat10 a.m.; 64 N.W. Franklin Ave.,Bend. DISCOVERYCHRISTIAN CHURCH: Pastor DaveDrullinger; "Stuck on theOuts,"based onMark3:22-30; Sunday at10 a.m.;Adult Biblestudy at 9 a.m.; 334N.W.Newport Ave., Bend. EASTMONTCHURCH:PastorChris Charon; "God'sUnfailing Love," based onHosea3; Sundayat9 and10:45 a.m.;62425Eagle Road, Bend. FATHER'SHOUSECHURCHOF GOD:Pastor RandyWils; "Can We PassTheTest,"as partof the series, "AnUncertain Journey to a PromisedHope"; Sundayat 9 and 10:45a.m.;Youth Group; Wednesdays at 7p.m.; 61690 Pettigrew Road,Bend. THE FELLOWSHIP ATBEND: Pastor LorenAnderson; "Lonely Under theSun," basedon Ecclesiastes 4:1-16;Sundayat10 a.m.; Summit HighSchool, 2855 N.W. Clearwater Drive, Bend. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH: Ron Werner; "Living Well: Abundant Justice"; Sunday at 9 a.m., 10:45 a.m.and 5:01p.m.;230 N.E.Ninth St., Bend. FIRSTUNITED METHODIST CHURCH: TheRev.Thom Larson; "Live With Integrity," basedon Matthew 5:13-16and Isaiah58:612; Sunday at 9and11 a.m.; 680 N.W. BondSt., Bend. FOUNDRY CHURCH:Mike Coughlin; "Faith Heroes:Danieland His Friends," based on"The Story"; Sunday at10:15a.m.; 60 N.W. Oregon Ave.,Bend. GRACEFIRSTLUTHERAN CHURCH: Pastor Joel LiaBraaten; "Too Cheeky ForYou?" and "Building Blocks"; Sunday at 9:30 a.m.; 2265 N.W .Shevlin Park Road, Bend. JOURNEY CHURCH:Pastor Keith Kirkpatrick; "Happy4th Birthday Journey Church —TheBest Is Yet To Come";Sundayat10a.m. and 6:30 p.m 70 4 N.W. Newport Ave., Bend. NATIVITYLUTHERANCHURCH: Pastor ChrisKramer;Sunday at9and11 a.m.;Biblestudy; Wednesdays at10a.m. and Thursdays at 6p.m.; 60850 BrosterhousRoad, Bend. NEWPORTAVENUE CHURCHOF CHRIST:Minister DeanCatlett; "The SpeckInspector," basedon Matthew 7:1-8; Sunday at10:45 a.m.; 554 N.W.Newport Ave.,Bend. REAL LIFECHRISTIAN CHURCH: Pastor Mike Yunker; "Mustard Seed Faith," based onLuke13:121; Sunday at 8a.m., 10 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.; 2880 N.E 27th St., Bend. SPIRITUALAWARENESS COMMUNITYOFTHE CASCADES: Annual membershipmeeting and potluck; Sundayat 5:15p.m4held at The OldStoneChurch, 157N.W. Franklin Ave.,Bend. SPRINGS OF LIFEMINISTRIES: Evangelist andBible teacher Eddie Cienda; W ednesdaysat7p.m.; ongoing; TheSound GardenStudio, 1279 N.E.SecondSt., Bend. TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHURCH: Sunday at 9a.m.; St. Francis Church, 2450N.E.27th St., Bend. UNITARIANUNIVERSALIST FELLOWSHIPOF CENTRAL OREGON: Lay-led service with Wendy Howardand Marean Jordan; "BelovedCommunity: the CompassionateConnections that Sustain Us"; Sunday at11 a.m.; at the Old StoneChurch,157 N.W. Franklin Ave.,Bend. WESTSIDE CHURCH:Pastor Corey Parnell; "CheckYourCash"; today at6:30p.m.andSundayat8,9and 10:45 a.m.; 2051N.W.Shevlin Park Road, Bend.

WESTSIDESOUTH CAMPUS: Pastor Corey Parnell; "CheckYour Cash"; Sunday at10:30 a.m.;1245S.EThird St., Bend. WESTSIDESISTERSCAMPUS: Pastor Corey Parnell; "CheckYour Cash"; Sunday at10:30 a.m.;442Trinity Way, Sisters. WESTSIDEONLINE CAMPUS: Pastor Corey Parnell; "CheckYour Cash";today at6:30p.m.andSundayat8,9and 10:45 a.m.; WESTSIDERADIO CAMPUS: Pastor Bo Stern; "DreamingBigandWorking Hard"; today at8:30 a.m.; Heirborne radio show onKBND,AM1110. COMMUNITYPRESBYTERIAN CHURCH: Pastor RobAnderson; "Touching HeartsandTransforming Lives by aHelping Hand" basedonLuke 10:25-37; Sundayat 9and11 a.m4529 N.W.19th St., Redmond. EMMAUSLUTHERANCHURCH: TheRev.David Poovey;"Baptism: The Seedof Faith" based onMatthew 28:19; Sundayat10:30 a.m.; 2175S.W. Salmon Ave.,Redmond. GRACELUTHERANCHURCH AT EAGLE CREST: Pastor Randy VanMehren; "The PeopleWho Sat in Darkness Have Seena Great Light, Jesus the Light of the World"; Sunday at10:30 a.m.; 7525 Falcon Crest Drive, Redmond. ST. PAUL'8ANGLICANCHURCH: Father JohnPennington; "Soul Samples: Crusty, Craggy,Crowded and Cultivated" based onLuke 8:4-15; Second Sundaybefore Lent; Sunday at10:30 a.m.;1108 W.Antler Ave., Redmond. ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH:Pastor Eric Burtness; "Samson:ThePlayer God Used," aspart of theseries, "Reboot YourLife: SecondChancesfor DiscouragedBelievers"; Sundayat 8:30 and11 am41113BlackButte Blvd., Redmond. SHILOHRANCH COWBOY CHURCH: Pastor JordanWeaver; Sundayat 9and 10:30 a.m., Mondayat 7 p.m.; Men's Bible study; Thursdays at 7 a.m.; in the cafe of TheRim RockRiders Equestrian Facility, BrasadaRanch,17037S.W. Alfalfa Road,Powell Butte; Ladies Bible101, Thursday at 7p.m. at Jenay Brewer's home;541-241-4220 for directions. VERTICALCHURCH OF GOD:Pastor Jeremy Seibert; Sundayat10:30 a.m.; youthnight;Wednesdayat6 p.m.; 52460 Skidgel Road, LaPine. COMMUNITYBIBLECHURCH AT SUNRIVER:Pastor GlenSchaumloeffel; "Christ MadeLower: PartTwo,"based on Hebrews2:9-18; as part of the series, "Better: TheSupremacyof Christ"; Sunday at9:30 a.m.;1 Theater Drive, Sunriver. CONCORDIALUTHERAN MISSION: The Rev.Willis Jenson; "TheEternally Enduring Foundation of Life isGod's Word andSacraments, the Gospel," based on1 Corinthians 3:11;Sundayat 11 a.m.; held atTerrebonneGrange Hall, 828611th St., Terrebonne. AJOURNEYTOTRUTH— THE STORYOF ONEMAN'S RETURN TO THE FAITH:Matt Fraddwill share his experiencesand conversion with guests Ike NdoloandJamesSalas; free; March 16 from 3-5:30 p.m.;St.Francis of Assisi Parish, 2450N.E.27th St., Bend; David O'Neill at david©dioceseofbaker. org or Jill Wimer atspiritualgrowth@ "A TASTE OFSILENCE" PRAYER:A morning of Centering prayerhosted by ContemplativeOutreach ofCentral Oregon; free;March 15from 9 a.m.noon; HeritageHall, First Presbyterian Church, 230N.E.Ninth St., Bend; Rita at 541-382-0086 orElizabeth at 541-382-4401. MADRAS OREGONAGLOW INTERNATIONALCOMMUNITY LIGHTHOUSEINCEPTION CELEBRATION: International speaker Vicky Adams;free; March1 at10a.m., meet andgreet at9:30 a.m.; Living Hope Christian Center, 25N.E.ASt., Madras; Brenda Sanborn at541-771-8844. TEMPLEBETHTIKVAH'8 "ATASTE OF JUDAISM"LECTURE SERIES:Rabbi JohannaHershenson;"Mechanics of Jewish SacredLiterature"; $6, high school students andyounger arefree; Monday from7-8:30 p.m.; St. Charles Bendeventroom;2500 N.E.NeffRoad, Bend; AnnRosenfield at541-388-8826 or adult-education.

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Rap lyric signs ahit with art enthusiasts By Matt Stevens


Los Angeies Times




Castillo skateboarded down Fairfax Avenue as he had for more than two years, but on

one December morning he noticed something new.



Clasped to the streetlight

pole in front of the sneaker store Flight Club, a bright red sign with white text stared

him in the face. Though it had the look of a standard street

DrewAngerer/The New YorkTimes

sign, it offered no instructions

David Rubenstein, who has a fortune estimated at $3 billion, stands nearly alone in shoring up institutions generally under the purview of the federal government, what he calls "patriotic giving."

on parking, driving or walking. Instead it displayed a rap lyric that made reference to

the very spot Castillo had just blown past. Bun B the OG like '95 Air

Max/Neon green outta Flight Club off Fairfax. Hours later, the 25-year-old

from the Venice, Calif., area found himself sweeping in front of his store next door

Carolyn Cole/ Los Angeles Times

Artist Jason Shelowitz (known at JayShells) is photographed with some of his rap quote signs at


the Office of Management and Budget. Newsweek once

Continued from D1 "The federal government was the sugar daddy," he said. For the most part, according to Pearlstein, Washing-

called him "the White House

ton has been a place where

workaholic." After his stint ended, Rubenstein took another corporate

law job but reassessed and concludedthathewa s"am ediocre

and gravitating toward the his home last month. sign again. He set his fingers

the currency has been power lawyer." With some partners, more than money. In the past he set out to found Carlyle,

to work twisting off the nuts

two decades, that has begun

and pushing hard on the brac- to see it, you'd be like, 'That's es to pop out the bolts. After ... awesome!' — and just take about "a cigarette and a half," a minute." Castillo held one of his most Growing up in the suburbs treasured pieces of street art. of New York, he was sur"I can see the energy the rounded by music; he and his artist put into it," he said. friends drove into the city to "This is some really thought- see live hip-hop and as he got ful stuff." older, some became DJs and Artist J a so n S h elowitz producers. "Never quiet," he (also known as Jay Shells) said. "Always on." installed 45 of the 46 signs he Years later, in his home stuhad designed for Los Ange- dio on the Upper East Side, les County in December, but Big L's track "Lifestylez Ov since then he believes all have Da Poor & Dangerous" startdisappeared. ed playing one day. The song The Times searched for 19 warns against late-night trips and found only fragments to a park at the corner of West of one. A spokesman for the 139th Street and Lenox Avecity of Los Angeles Bureau of nue in New York. Shelowitz Street Services said it is illegal contemplated the lyric, and to post signs on public prop- the seed for the project took erty without a permit, but the root. "I think I just realized at departmenthas no record of removing any of the signs. that moment — I had nevSome signs have been tak- er been there," he said. And en by street-art enthusiasts when h e a r r ived, "I just like Castillo, and at least one thought it would be so cool

to change as government con- York City, quickly accruing a tracting, banking and the law fortune in the world of leverhave created a new wealthy aged buyouts. class in the city and its suburbs, Ten years ago, Rubenstein but noonehasgiven hismoney said, he began to consider his away quite like Rubenstein. legacy and after learning from "This kind of giving is start- some actuary tables that white ing to happen more often be- Jewishmales were likelyto live causegovernments are really to 81, decided to start plowing a suffering," said Stacy Palm- lot of his money — and his time er, editor of The Chronicle of — into philanthropic causes. "There are other wonderful Philanthropy. "But the extent of Rubenstein's giving sets him donors in Washington," said apart." Michael Kaiser, president of Such giving, she said, is a the Kennedy Center, "but it's subject of feverish debate in the range of his giving and his the philanthropy world, where collection of interests that is many believe t hat p r i vate staggering." money should not permit govIn choosing his beneficiaernment to abdicate responsi- ries, Rubenstein relies on his

quoted artist took his sign for

1' I

I • I




I ' I

to mark that corner with the

himself. Rappers including

lyric." Soon he was sending mass Lupe Fiasco have given big emails and solicitations on soups to the project via social cial media asking for any rap media, sometimes posting lyric that mentioned a very pictures of their sign on Insta- specific location. After the gram, Facebook or Twitter. suggestions rolled in, he put Shelowitz said he plans to up more than 50 signs in New Carrots, who asked to be return to Los Angeles later York, and months later, he identified only with the ficthis month to put up six new carted 46 signs to Los Angeles titious last name h e u s es signs around town. Gallery during a holiday visit. professionally, showed up at 1988 on Melrose Avenue Shelowitz took to Twitter in a friend's listening party at plans to exhibit limited edi- late December to send out pic- Diamond Supply Co. several tion signs and photos of signs tures of each sign's location, weeks ago and was immedistarting in April. weeks after he put them up. ately greeted by chatter about "I was thinking (the signs) But by then, the scavenger his sign. "What quote'?" he wonwould be a hidden gift for peo- hunt had already begun, and ple who pay attention to their most of the signs were gone. dered, so a friend took him a surroundings," S h elowitz Anwar Carrots, 23, took it few steps outside. There he said. "I wanted it to be some- upon himself to steal his own saw words he had rapped at age 17 "just for fun" with his thing where if you happened slgn. Murs, Action Bronson and

friend Casey Veggies. The sign was in front of Diamond because Shelowitz had mistakenly written "Dia-

mond" instead of "coppin." "I kind of freaked out," said Carrots, who helps run a clothing and management company. "I'm not a rapper ... the lyrics are off. (And) I had seen those quotes when

I go to New York sometimes, so I was like, 'This is legendary.'"

bilities and in turn drain cash

named after the hotel in New

interests and his gut. He has

from food banks, hospitals and a passion for U.S. history and other services in need. There can lect ure extemporaneously are "concerns about whether and at length about presidents, it is a good idea for philanthro- historic documents, the civil py to step in for government," rights movement and beyond — and has no staff or foundaPalmer said. Rubenstein, 64, who first tion to vet requests. came to Washington to work in He spends little time agonizgovernment, offers a simple ex- ing over a donation. "To some planation for what he has done: extent when you'vemade the "I felt I owed my country a lot. money, you feel you can give it I also felt I owed the city a lot. away more rapidly," he said. I built my company here; I met In January 2013, Curt Viemy wife here." branz, presi dent of George He grew up among modest Washington's Mount Vernon, means in Baltimore; his fa- took Rubenstein around the ther sorted mail for the Postal museum to show him how Serviceand his mother was it had displayed some of his a homemaker. After college documents. and law school, he worked in Over lunch, Viebranz rea New York law firm before called, "I felt emboldened to getting a job on Capitol Hill ask him for a large gift, and for the Senate Judiciary Com- much to my surprise and hapmittee. In 1977, he joined the piness, he made that $10 milCarter administration, where lion gift in February. It was a he spent his days toiling over remarkably efficient process." domestic policy as a White He added, "It can take years House aide, and met his wife, of cultivating a donor to get a Alice Rogoff, who worked at gift of that size."






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'LegoMovie'to bl ocknewcomers

'Pompeii' and '3Daysto I(ill' By Ryan Faughnder Los Angeles Times



Lego Movie" will face little c ompetition for th e No . 1

box-office spot this weekend as the 3-D disaster picture " Pompeii" and t h e K e v i n C ostner action t h r iller " 3

Days to Kill" enter theaters. The irreverent, 3-D ani-

mated comedy from Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow Pictures is expected to build

up an additional $35 million in ticket sales from the U.S. and Canada through Sunday. That s h oul d se c ure

Julian Torres/ Relativity Media via The Associated Press

"The Lego Movie" its third

This weekend's release ofe3 Days to Kill" isn't expected to pose much of a threat to "The Lego Movie," which has dominated at the box office in recent weeks, raking in about $200 million in global ticket sales.

straight weekend victory Photos by Andy Tullis /The Bulletin

Linda Prehn, 26, and her teammates on "Team Hella Ride" signal they had answered three out of a possible six questions correctly during a round of trivia at the Astro Lounge, a bar and restaurant in downtown Bend.

Trivia Continued from D1 Linda Prehn was among those who cheered when D avis r evealed t h e t r i c k question. But he r t w o -per-

son team, Hella Ride, got only three points during that round because they confused

the Innsbruck Olympics with the Munich Olympics. The Soapmakers, a team t hat sat in the back of t h e

bar, ended up winning the round by getting five correct answers. They also won last Tuesday's competition, Trivia competitions hosted by Astro Lounge, shown here, and The which Davis said was their Lot bring a packed crowd totheir respective venues on Tuesday fifth or sixth consecutive vic-


tory at Astro Lounge's trivia challenge. Prehn didn't let this setback ed to hit a w al l t w o y ears two rounds ask contestants ruin her evening, though. into this process — when the to identify musical clips as Like most of the people in the trivia nights were just startif they were on "Name That crowd, she finds being pelted ing bring in a consistent and Tune." with questions about things

devoted crowd — w hen he

He said Geeks Who Drink's

she may ormay not know to be quite enjoyable. "It's fun playing trivia with a bunch of drunk people because they make you feel re-

realized that running a trivia night and a successful bar

this format in 2006 when they

was more than he could take.

got tired of "subpar D.J.-driv-

Wanting to keep his pet project alive, Maquet rotated through a list of guest hosts

en trivia nights" that featured loud music a n d s o m eone

founders started working on

reading off of Trivial Pursuit cards and set out to create questions every T uesday game they wanted to play. night in exchange for free The company now orgadrinks during the challenge's nizes a national trivia comthird year. petition, known as the Geek He then asked regular par- Bowl, and has r ecruited a ticipants if they'd like to take number of freelance question over trivia night and was w riters who come up w i t h side Mel Gibson in 'Mad Max: happy when Davis and Dor- each night's content and a Beyond Thunderdome'?" and val stepped up to the plate. professional staff that checks ally smart," said Prehn, who

considers herself an expert on movies, music, art, "and Disney, because I have a kid." This knowledge gave Team Hella Ride an early lead in the challenge's third round when Davis and D orval asked "What singer starred along"What Star Trek character

w ho would as k

the t rivia

"He was kind of burned out

and add to its already imp ressive domestic total o f

about $150 million. "Lego M ovie" has passed $200 million in global ticket sales, including the U.S. and Canada. Meanwhile, the special-effects epic "Pompeii," directed by Paul W.S. Anderson ("Resident Evil" and "Alien vs. Predator"), is not poised for an explosive debut.

tition, Davis and Dorval faced

hecklers when they asked got only three of the round's questions about Oregon Susix questions right. preme Court justices, but misS hauna Olson wa s a l s o takenly gave answers about struggling during Tuesday U.S. Supreme Court justices. night's challenge. Her team "I made a boo-boo," Dorval — The Giant Squid — had said as he admitted the misscored only five out of a pos- take to the crowd. sible 18 points during the game'sfirstthreerounds and The competition was quickly watching the The "Be a Quizmaster" S oapmakers leave them i n the dust.

link on Geeks Who Drink's

website takes people to a re-

But she didn't seem to care cruitment video of comedians because while Olson's team Adam Clayton-Holland and didn't have the highest score Jim Hickox in front of a roarshe said it had the best name. ing fireplace with soft rock "They should have a cate- playing in the background. "Of course, anyone can gory of questions about giant squids," Olson said, pointing play Geeks Who Drink trivout one area where her "ran- ia," Clayton-Holland said. dom knowledge" about "use- "But Jim,not anybody can less information" would ex- be a quizmaster. It takes a cel. "Did you know their eyes special combination of social are as big as beach balls'? awkwardness and inexplicaThat's ... scary." ble confidence." Hickox and Clayton-HolThe questions land crack a few more jokes Davis spends about o n e before a handful of quizhour each week researching masters — one of whom said the questions he'll ask at ev- "quizmasters have to be arery trivia night challenge. ticulate" in a fashion that was "Usually I'll sit down at anything but — demonstratmy laptop on a Tuesday af- ed what skills are needed for ternoon and start Googling the job. stuff," said Davis, who gets Earlier this month, Geeks his ideas by jotting down Who Drink ran a local ad inthings people talk aboutviting people to visit the comsuch as the Olympics — and pany's website and apply for other random thoughts that a job that each night paid $50 pop up in his head. in cash and came with a $25 Davis then stops by As- bar tab at the quizmaster's tro Lounge one hour before assigned venue. "We've been in Oregon for each week's challenge starts at 8 p.m. so he can print out a year now and we've really his answer sheets, set up the had a great response," comstage and spend whatever pany spokesman John Smith time is left trying to convince said, explaining this ad reprethe bar's happy hour patrons sented the first expansion his to stick around for his twocompany was making after it hour contest. set up trivia nights at 20 bars Maquet and his girlfriend and restaurants in Portland. handled all of these tasks by Without divulging their themselves when they start- price, Smith said each of ed the Astro Lounge's trivia

these events feature eight

night challenge four years ago.

eight-question rounds. One round features clips from

But Maquet said he start-

movies and TV shows, and

million "3 Days to Kill," star-

ring Costner as a spy who tries to revive his relation-

rating on Rotten Tomatoes

and "3 Days to Kill" had a score of 17 percent.

ships with his daughter and T he new r e l eases w i l l wife while completing one have to contend with holdThe actionromance could last assignment, should have overs "About Last Night" and "RoboCop," which could generate roughly $15 mil- a respectable debut. lion in its debut in theaters, Still, it is not likely to re- bring in more than $10 milaccording to people who peat the success of the hit lion each over the weekend. "About Last Night," a rehave seen prerelease audi- "Taken" series, which feaence surveys — better than tures Liam Neeson as the make of the 1986 Rob LoweAnderson's 2011 effort, "The dad who takes on the bad Demi Moore rom-com and Three Musketeers," though guys. l ast week's r u nner-up t o not as strong as any of the Directed by McG of "This "The Lego Movie," has gath"Resident Evil" movies. Means War" and "Termi- ered about $29 million do"Pompeii" was produced nator Salvation," "3 Days to mestically in five days and is Kill" is expected to gross $12 the latest successful comedy by Constantin Film and Impact Pictures with financing million through Sunday. The to star Kevin Hart, coming from Constantin and Film- film is based on a story by shortly after his buddy cop District to the tune of $80 the French action maven Luc comedy "Ride Along." "RoboCop," million and is getting distri- Besson, whose films include another the "Taken" and "Transportbution from Sony Pictures. 1980s remake, has grossed er" series. Besson co-wrote

$32 million from th e U .S.

Harington of HBO's "Game the script with Adi Hasek. of Thrones" as a slave turned Relativity and Eugladiator in the year AD 79. ropacorp, the French comAs his city faces the deadly pany behind the "Taken" eruption of Mount Vesuvius, franchise, co-produced and co-financed "3 Days to Kill." he must try to save his beloved, a merchant's beautiful Neither "Pompeii" nor "3 daughter played by Emily Days to Kill" have received

and Canada since its debut

The PG-13 film stars Kit

Feb. 12, a less-than-stellar

start considering its budget of more than $100 million. However, its

i n t ernational

performance has already pushed it past the $100 million mark worldwide.

Find It All Online

them over.

says, 'live long and prosper'?" by trivia night," said Davis. "Generally, if you've got But any p r ogress they But that doesn't mean run- one person writing the mamade answering the ques- ning trivia night is a risk-free terial it's going to keep gotions about Tina Turner and enterprise. ing back to the same things," Spock was lost when they During last week's compe- Smith said. He added that didn't know an otter's den is called a holt or a couch. They

Browning, star of the 2011 many positive reviews from critics. On Thursday, "PomRelativity Media's new $28 peii" had a 33 percent "fresh"

fantasy "Sucker Punch."





if he ever took on the job of quizmaster, most of his trivia

nights would focus on video games and "Breaking Bad." Maquet said he has met with a representative from Geeks Who Drink — Smith

said the company's founders came to town last year be-





cause they do well in places with a strong craft beer scene




I '





I '





— but turned them down be-

cause he didn't want to pay someone for the work he had already done.




I' ••f•


He also wished them well

because running a

t r i v ia

night can often involve a lot of work for a minor return.












I '

"We give away a lot of prizes (including a pair of skis handed out two weeks ago) and John buys a lot of drinks," he said identifying the two biggest expenses his events entail. He said this l ow-cost-to-

111 WAYS

benefit ratio might be why GoodLife Brewing Co.and


The Summit Saloon no lon-

ger host trivia. But if Geeks Who Drink is able to repeat the success it's seen in Portland in Bend, Ma-

quet said, its presence could be a boon for his business.


That's because having more than one successful

trivia night in town opens the

door to leagues and tournaments that would only send

more hungry trivia players through his door every Tuesday night. "If you get a league started I'll join it," Maquet said, recalling part of the conversation he had w i t h G e eks

Who Drink's representatives. Though he quickly admitted this dream would be hard to

achieve because it would involve bringing together bar owners and "herding bar owners is like herding chickens ... they're all over t he

place." — Reporter: 541-617-7816,

WHEN TO LOOK POR IT: PUBUSHIIG TWOEDITIONSAYEAR • Spring/Summer: April Fall/Winter: October (Dates to be announced)

Presenting the area's most comprehensive guide to places, events and activities to keep you entertained throughout the year. The Bulletin's 111 Ways to Discover Central Oregon is one of the most comprehensive visitor's guide in the Tri-county area. This colorful, information-packed magazine can be found at Central Oregon resorts, Chambers of Commerce and other key points of interest including tourist kiosks across the state. It is also offered to Deschutes County Expo Center visitors throughout the year.




a a ona

s e oic o .j'll',

TV SPOTLIGHT By George Dickie

passing comments to me ...," going on," he says."It used to Johnson says. be he drove over his head. Now "And through last year, I'd he's learned to drive a little bit say we chatted a bit more. And better. He's verycalculating. Behis was the last hand I shook tween him and the crew chief when I pulled off pit road my (Chad Knaus) and stuff, they

Il» ' •


Records, as they say, are made to be broken. Just ask


Babe Ruth, Wilt Chamberlain

or Gordie Howe. Their career marks for home runs, points and goals, respectively, were so revered in their sports that they became major Anothermajor sportsrecord could be tied this year, the one for Sprint Cup championships in a career: seven, currently held by Richard Petty and the late Dale Earnhardt, and being

pursuedby Jimmie Johnson. T he 2014 season of N A SCAR's top series gets into

gear Sunday at Daytona International Speedway, as Fox airs the 56th running of the Dayto-

it's not, but they don't panic because of it." Rick Hendrick, who in 2001

8 p.m. on 6, "Mike 8 Molly"-

worried about tomorrow and

larlyimpressed. "I had no idea he would be this good," he says. "I mean, you think you know. Jeff (Gordon) had raced against him and said, "He's the real deal. He's got tremendous talent." My son (the late driver and team co-owner Ricky Hendrick) felt that way. We didn't have anything in the records to show he'd be this good, but when you got him in the car and started watching him and listening to

the car, and told me to enjoy it

! [I Courtesy RacingOne

Richard Petty, shown here during his racing career, is a record seven-timeNASCAR SprintCup champion. Jimmie Johnson has that record in his sights, and will begin his quest to tie Petty's record at Sunday's Daytona 500, which airs on Fox.

and win races, and sometimes

signed Johnson to his team, Hendrick Motorsports, is simi-

never enjoy today. I was really touchedby the efforthe m ade to comeby and wish me good luck and tell me to savor the moment." Reminded of that conversa-

tion, Petty laughs. ''Yeah, I remember that," he says. "I've talked to a lot of peo-

happy we've taken advantage ple on different deals, whether of things, and look back and they're winning ballgames or plished — and abit regretful. say, 'Man, itwould have been winning stuff and say, 'Look, "First and foremost, I say, nice to have capitalized on one the sun don't always shine on 'Wow! rn the 38-year-old South- or two of those other ones."' you. Enjoy it while you can. him, he's such a student of the ern California native says. "And On the subject of tying Petty, Don't say, 'OK, this is the way sport, he's just done aphenomethe crazy thing is I lookback on Johnson admits he has never it is. It'll be that way next year.' nal job. But you never knowunhow close we came in '04, the spoken about the record with You gotta connect. So always tilyou get him inthatposition." fact thatwehad a shot atitin'05 the man known as "The King," try to enjoy it yourself at that For his part, Johnson says and the fact that we had a shot despite the fact that the 76-year- particular moment and get the competing, not records, is what at it in 'l2. You know, I've been old North Carolinian is a regu- most out of it becauseyou might he tries to stay focused on, but very fortunate to have had a lar at Cup races on Sundays as not (be able) to come by here he can't completelyblockout all lot of chances at it. And before owner ofhis own team, Richard again." thetalk

na 500. Johnson will begin his 2001, Johnson is a little overquest to tie the record — as well as defend his 2013 race title-

on the 2.5-mile Florida tri-oval in a 43-car field that includes Matt Kenseth, Carl Edwards, Tony Stewart, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Denny Hamlin and Jeff Gor-

whelmed at what he's accom-

don. Johnson won his second career "Great American Race" a yearago on this course after emergingfromthepackwith 16 laps to go. It would turn out tobe the beginning of another cham- I won my first in '06, I wasn't pionship season, as he rang sure; I was feeling a lot of stress up five more victories in 2013, and pressure that my chances induding the summer race at at a championship were slipDaytona. ping away because '04 and '05, Looking back at his six titles we really had opportunity and in a Cup career that began in didn't capitalize on it. So I'm

Petty Motorsports. But Johnson

saysPetty has made gestuzes that he's appreciated.

PrincessFiona(voice of Cameron

because it's all going to be over before you know it. You know, just how fast time goes by and knowing from hisown experience that we're always so

know what they can do, and

stead (Fla.). And he just threw they go out and do it, and somea big smile on his face, deaning times it's good enough to go out

media events when they fell.

8p.m.on29, Movie:"Shrekths Third" —The computer-animated, fractured fairy tale may not be completely as fresh in its third round, but it's still hugely enjoyable. Now married to a pregnant

Diaz), the lovable title ogre (voice of Mike Myers) panics over becomingkingand setsouton an odyssey to find a stand-in. He has his own choice (voice of Justin Timberlake), but Prince Charming (voice of Rupert Everett) has a different plan.

final race last year at Home-



"I've honestly never been

Petty, also the Cup record

holder for career wins (200) and driven by statistics and have poles (123), among his many not used the win record or any-

"He'smade a couple ofcom- other marks, admires Johnments about, 'Go get six. Re- son's smartsbehindthe wheel. "He drives to what he thinks cords are made to be broken.' And he's made a couple other he's still got control of what's

thing like that to motivate me,"

he says. "I've always just raced and wanted to leave the track

knowingI did mybest."

Carl andSamuel(RenoWilson, Nyambi Nyambi) host a St. Patrick's Day party in hopes of finding some "luck of the Irish" in the dating department. Molly (Melissa

McCarthy)sharessomejuicy de-

tails of St. Patty's Days past with Mike (Billy Gardell). Katy Mixon, Cleo King andSwoosie Kurtz also star in "St. Patrick's Day." 8:30 p.m. on 6, "TheCrazy Ones" —A client pitch makes it clear to Simon (Robin Williams) that he and Sydney (Sarah Michelle Gellar) didn't have the best relationship while shewasgrowing up. He tries to make upfor that with a do-over of the driving lessons he gaveheryears earlier. A comment from Lauren (Amanda Setton) shakes Andrew's (Hamish Linklater) confidence in "Bad Dad." JamesWolk also stars. 9 p.m. onOPBPL, "AustinCity Limits" —The British alternative rock band Radiohead takes the stage, performing songs from its 2011 album "The King of Limbs." The set list includes "Bloom," "Daily Mail," "Myxomatosis," "Magpie," "Paranoid Android"

andmore. 9 p.m.onSTARZ, "BlackSails" — Flint (Toby Stephens) and the

teen's summercam i emma

crew of theWalrus engagein a

MOVIE TIMESTOOAY • There may be an additional fee for 3-0and IMAXmovies. • Movie times aresubject to changeafter press time. I

she should not invite Chuck unless

tures, and a couple of them said they want to go there with me next

holidays. Our son's birthday is approaching and I'd like to get your view of something my husband's older sister, "Jane," has been doing. Jane is 55, divorced and has been dating her co-worker "Chuck" for a


couple of years. At our celebrations,

lifestyle. I want to raise my future

Dear Abby: I'm 14. Last summer I went to camp in a different state

with my cousin "Mary." I told my friends at school about our adven-

Mary and I don't get a lot of time together, and camp is o neoftheonlyt ~ when I can see her. I



don't want my friends

to come. How can I tell them that without hurting their


food while complaining about it.

Dear Torn:Out-of-state summer camps can be expensive, and although your friends might want to come to yours, it remains to be seen

Then he helps himself to more and leaves. He never says thank you,

if their families can afford to send them. However, if it turns out that

with. How should this be handled at the next event? If I confront my sister-in-law, does that make me as

they willbe goingnext summer, you

children of the '80s and '90s, on fast

food and propped in front of the TV. I have worked hard to change this

after everyone is done children in a healthier fashion than eating and cake has I was. However, when I bring up the been served, Jane subject of future grandchildren with makesup alargeplate my mother, she can't stop talking of food (without ask- about how she's going to spoil them ing) and invites her with sugary treats because she's the boyfriend over to eat. grandma, and "that's what grandChuck shows up, stands at the mas do." kitchen counter and devours the

— Tornin Texas

she has first deared itwithyou. Dear Abby:I gzew up like most

She knows how I feel about this

and knows it upsets me, but she keeps taunting me. I have gone so far as to tell her that if she can't respect me, I will limit her time with

never participates in the celebration and, frankly, wasn't invited to begin the kids. What would you suggest I do7 — Health First in Maine

that you may not be seeing a lot of them after you arrive because it's the only time you get to spend with your cousin during the year. The and to call her on it isn't rude. This chances of their being hurt will be should not be "handled at the next

Dear Health First:I don't know when you planto have children, but until you do, I suggest you drop the subject. Your mother may be saying this to get a rise out of you. If she's serious, it will be your job as a parent to enforce the rules you

less if you tell them in advance.

set. But right now, this discussion is

should let them know beforehand

rude as she is? — Aghastin New England Dear Aghast:What Jane has been doing is extremely presumptuous event"; it should be handled before

Dear Abby:My husband and I the next event. Tell her you prefer premature. enjoy entertaining and having fam- any leftover food be saved for your — Write to Dear Abbyat dearabbycom ily over to celebrate birthdays and

own family, and that in the future,

HAPPY BIRTHDAYFORSATURDAY, FEB. 22, 2014:This yearyou find that you are in the limelight more often than you might like. Whether you are involved with your community or with your workplace, others naturally look up to you. Recognize your newfound leadership role. Your ingenuity is the key to handling everything. Open up to new possibilities, and learn to deleStars showthe kind gate. If you are sinofdayyou'Ilhsve gle, you suddenly ** * * * D ynamic


one who knocks your socks off. This encounter is more * Difficult likely to happen in the second half of your birthdayyear. If you are attached, the two of you reveal a sense of togetherness. A special trip will be planned after July, which will bring you even closer together. The very presence of SAGITTARIUScre-

or P.o.Box 69440, LosAngeles, CA90069

night: Let the fun times begin.


SCORPIO (Oct.23-Nov.21)

** * Consider your options before makinganynew purchases.Say"no"totaking any risks today, no matter how good an happens.Youare always soadamant offer might seem. Your creativity will about what you want, and now you will see emergewhen you areabletodetachand a lot more of what others desire. Be willing really look at a problem. Paceyourself. to see different choices more clearly; they Tonight: Your treat. might not be so bad. Tonight: So many SAGITTARIUS (Nov.22-Oec. 21) people, so many invitations. ** * * You feel more in tune with yourCANCER (June21-July22) self and your needs. You might wonder ** * You will be unusually energetic and what would be best to do with an unprefull of ideas, though many of them might dictable and/or challenging loved one. An notpan out.Stop and slow down. Run interaction with a partner promises to be some errands, or make astop at the gym. very rewarding. Tonight: Whateveryou Enjoy a day with an easy pace. Pressure decide, it feels right. could build because of an older friend or CAPRICORN (Oec.22-Jan.19) family member. Tonight: Ever playful. ** * * Take some much-needed downBy Jacqueline Bigar

LEO (July23-Aug. 22)

** * * You attract people who love living life to the fullest. What starts as a difficult ates pressure. moment today is likely to turn into a fun happening. Be willing to go somewhere ARIES (March21-April19) ** * * Staying too close to home might you have never been. Readbetween the lines when someone refuses to share. get boring. Why not take off and go on a Tonight: Let the party go on. day trip? Though you might thinkyou are heading to a certain destination, you actu- VIRGO (Aug.23»Sept. 22) ally could end up somewhere else. Others ** * * You have had a lot of interesting find you more and more unpredictable. communication in the past few days. You'll Tonight: Keep it exotic. want some time to think about everything thathasbeen said.Theunexpected could TAURUS (April 20-May20) occur when dealing with a partner. To** * * You might want to understand night: Togetherness works. a dear loved one muchbetter, so plan a long-overdue visit. There is nothing that LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct.22) can replace quality time together. Com** * * You might want to have a munication could be unusually awkward long-overdue chat. You might notice that at certain moments today. Don't worryyour feelings seem to be altering rapidly this is only temporary. Tonight: Be a duo. regarding a key person. This person could GEMINI (May 21-June20) be changing in front of your eyes, which ** * * Defer to others, and see what would explain your range of feelings. To-

time. You don't need to be alone; you simply need to relax. There won't be a problem if you're with the right company. Someone will go out of his or her way to

express his orhercaring. Besure to show your appreciation. Tonight: Close to home.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 28-Feb.18) ** * * * A friendship means much more than you might realize. When this person starts acting unpredictably, you could getupset.Know and communicate your expectations, as they might be changing. Tonight: Surround yourself with friends.

PISCES (Feb.19-March20) ** * Pressure to perform could build. Get past a problem simply by dealing with it directly. Understanding is likely to evolve to a new level as a result. Surprises could occur when you least expect them. Curb a tendency to overindulge. Tonight: You are the lead actor. © King Features Syndicate


forces Eleanor's(HannahNew) hand. Bonny (Clara Paget) makes



Regal Old Mill Stadium16 & IMAX, 680S.W. Powerhouse Drive, 800-326-3264 • 3 DAYS TO KILL (PG-f 3) f 2:10, 2:50, 6:20, 9:10 • ABOUTLASTNIGHT(R) f 2:20, 3:10, 6:05, 9:15 • AMERICANHUSTLE(R) f:55, 5, 8:05 • ENDLESSLOVE(PG-13) 12:35, 3:05, 7:20, 9:55 • FROZEN(PG)12:50, 4:10, 7:f 0 • GRAVITY3-O(PG-13)f:15,3:40,6:45,9:35 • JACKRYAN:SHADOW RECRUIT(PG-f3)9:50 • THE LEGO MOVIE (PG) f2:05, 3:20, 6:f 5, 9:05 • THELEGOMOVIE3-O(PG)f2:25,3:35,6:30,9:20 • LONESURVIVOR (R)f:25,4:35,7:40 • THE MONljMENTSMEN(PG-13) 1f:30 a.m., 2:45, 6, 9 • THE NUT J08 (PG) 11:40 a.m., 3:55 • POMPEII(PG-13) f1:55 a.m., 9:25 • POMPEII 3-D(PG-13) 3, 6:50 • RIDE ALONG (PG-13) 1:10,4:20, 7:30 • R080COP (PG-13)12:40, 3:45, 6:40, 9:30 • R080COP IMAX(PG-13) f, 4, 7, 9:45 • WINTER'STALE(PG-13) f:30, 4:45, 7:55 • THEWOLF OF WALL STREET (R)11:50a.m.,7:45 • Accessibility devices are availab/e for some movies. •

chess match in this new episode. Richard (SeanCameron Michael)



McMenamins OldSt. Francis School, 700 N.W.Bond St., 541-330-8562 • DALLASBUYERSCLUB(R) 9 • THEHUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE (PG-13)2 • THE SECRET LIFE OFW ALTER MITTY (PG)6 • WALKINGWITH DINOSAURS(PG)11:30 a.m. • After 7p.m.,showsare21andolderonly.Youngerthan 21 may attend screenings before 7p.m.ifaccompanied by a legal guardian.

Schmitz) makes achange in his career path. 11:05 p.m. on 58, "Abouta Boy" —Based on the novel by Nick Hornsby that also inspired a 2002 feature film starring Hugh Grant, this new sitcom stars David Walton ("New Girl") as Will, a womanizer who forms a mutually beneficial bond with his 11-year-old next-door neighbor, Marcus (Benjamin Stockham, "1600 Penn"). Getting his mom (Minnie Driver) to warm up to him will be a much more difficult task, however. Theshow moves to its regular time slot on Tuesday. cr zap2it

' NQRTHWEsT CROSSING Aauard-aeinning neighborhood on Bend's teestside.

Tin Pan Theater, 869 N.W.Tin PanAlley, 541-241-227f • 2014OSCAR-NOMINATED ANIMATED SHORTS (no MPAA rating) 3:30 • 2014OSCAR-NOMINATED DOCUMENTARY SHORTS (no MPAArating) Noon • 2014OSCAR-NOMINATED LIVEACTION SHORTS (no MPAA rating) 6 • SOME VELVET MORNING (no MPAArating) 8:30 I



Redmond Cinemas,1535S.W.OdemMedo Road, 541-548-8777 • 3 DAYS TO KILL (PG-13) 11a.m., f:30, 4, 6:30, 9 • THELEGO MOVIE (PG)Noon,2:15,4:30,6:45,9 • R080COP (PG-13)11:30 a.m., 2, 4:30, 7, 9:30 • WINTER'STALE(PG-13) 11:15a.m., f:45, 4:15, 6:45, 9:15 Sisters Movie House,720 DesperadoCourt, 541-549-8800 • 3 DAYSTOKILL(PG-13) 2:45, 5:15, 7:45 • THE BOOKTHIEF (PG-13) 6:30 • THELEGO MOVIE (PG)2:15,4:30,6:45 • THE MONljMENTSMEN(PG-13) 2:30, 5, 7:30 • PHILOMENA(PG-f 3) 2:15, 4:30 r)~r

Madras Cinema 5, f10f S.W. U.S.Highway 97, 54f -475-3505 • 3 DAYS TO KILL (PG-13) Noon, 2:20,4:45, 7:10, 9:35 • THE LEGO MOVIE (PG)f2:05,4:40,7 • THELEGO MOVIE3-O (PG)2:25,9:20 • THE MONljMENTSMEN(PG-f 3) f:30, 4:05, 6:40, 9:15 • R080COP (PG-f3) f:40, 4:15, 6:50, 9:25 • WINTER'STALE(PG-13) 2, 4:35, 7:20, 9:50 •

Pine Theater, 214 N.Main St., 541-416-1014 • THE LEGO MOVIE (PG) 1:10,4, 6:45 • ROBOCOP (Upstairs — PG-13) 1, 4, 7 • Theupstairsscreening room has limitedaccessibility.


Find a week'sworth of movie times plus film reviews in Friday's 0 GO! Magazine

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by Metro Editorial, for The Bulletin Advertising Department

Despite experiencing a memorable snowstorm just two weeks ago, the warming weather and the quick snowmelt have many of us in Central Oregon already dreaming of the longer, warmer and more inviting days of spring. Our backyards beckon as we imagine stretching our arms — of extending our living spaces outside the walls of our homes. And as we dream of spring, we also long for achieving the potential that exists just outside our backdoors. This may include expansive and intricate stonework patios or perhaps the installation of a decked-out outdoor kitchen. Of course, those with unlimited budgets can enjoy just about any look or amenity they desire. But many homeowners may not have the money to go all the way with their outdoor living spaces. That doesn't mean, though, that it's impossible to create budget-friendly spaces that are functional, fun and eye catching.


I • I

The cost of patio blocks depends on the material and style. Poured concrete patios will cost less than placed blocks or stones because concrete is less labor-intensive. For those who desire the look of patio blocks without the cost, stamped concrete can mimic the look for less.

Outdoor Furniture Homeowners may not need to replace patio furniture, even if chairs and tables have seen better days. A can of spray paint can coverup any rusted areas orspotswhere painthaspeeled off due to exposure to the elements.

Decks 5 Patios Decks andpatios arepopular gathering spots outside a home, and homeowners have numerous inexpensive options at their disposal when choosing patio materials. And those who can do their own labor when installing a patio can save a substantial amount of money. Instead of higher-priced composite or resin decks, homeowners can go with standard wood, which will need to be stained periodically. Scaling back the size of the deck means less materials to buy and less labor involved.







I •

Updating cushions and purchasing a coordinating umbrella can revitalize the patio's entire look. Also, very often stores run sales to clear out merchandise for new displays. Defining edges of planting borders and refreshing the landscape may be all that is needed to improve the yard. This is easily achieved with inexpensive mulch and some vinyl edging.While cleaning uptheyard,use apressurewasher to clean stains off of siding and patios and create a like-new appearance.

Bargain Amenities End-of-season sales can also be the ideal opportunity to purchase big-ticket items like a pool, a hot tub or an outdoor fireplace/fire pit. Shoppers can learn when stores discount their merchandise to make room for new inventory and then use these sales as opportunities to save. Sometimes saving means repurposing antiques or items found at garage sales. Look online or in The Bulletin's classifieds where it's simple for people to advertise items they no longer need or desire. A personcan search forbackyard items they need ata deep discount if they are fine with previously used materials. From patio furniture to masonry blocks to above-ground pools, patient homeowners can find just about any item they may need to upgrade their backyards. Though not all homeowners can afford to create the backyard of their dreams, with a little ingenuity and some sweat hard work, homeowners can still create an outdoor oasis.

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$5900-$35,900 Enjoy Eagle Crest all year as a fractional owner. Benefits of being an Eagle Crest Owner at a "fraction" of the cost. Home-ID FRAC Eagle Crest Properties 866-722-3370 730

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6 Acres In Tumalo ( $685,000 • 2594 sq.ft. custom built • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath • Barn, storage building, RV hook-up • MLS 201400839 Sue Conrad, Broker, CRS 541<80-6621


Broken Top ( $217,500 • .44 acre cul-de-sac lot • Mature pine trees • Filtered golf course views • MLS 201400316 Scott Huggin, Broker, GRI 541-322-1500 •


Gilchrist ) $88,600 • 1114 sq.ft, remodeled • 3 bedroom, 2 bath • Garage/shop, RV storage • MLS 201400408 Darryl Doser, Broker, CRS 541-383-4334




Door-to-door selling with fast results! It's the easiest wsy in the world to sell.

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale




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We're proud ofour associate Kevin Pangle for achieving the highest in both volume and units for the Evergreen Oregon region and earning the prestigious President's Club award. Not only is Kevin a top performer, he's passionate about working hard for the customers he serves.

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For Lease $6930/month • 6300 sq.ft. restaurant • 28 ft. & 12 ft. hoods • Busy Bend intersection • MLS 201310861 Lisa Campbell, Broker 541-419-8900 •


• H o mes for Sale

Redmond ( $178,500 $299,900 Rare Invest 3 bdrm, 2-bath 1486 sq. .54 Acre overlooking River Meadows Resort A LIFE IN PARADISE! • 1416 sq.ft. single level ment Opportunity. 5 ft. home on 1 acre Farewell Bend Park. home backs big 2 Bdrm, 1 bath, 800y • 2 bedroom, den, 2 bdrm, 2~/~ bath, two with Cascade views, Ad ¹1012 commons. Sq ft rustic cottage bath houses on one tax lot c overed porch, o r TEAM Birtola Garmyn Ad ¹1262 on a 2.99y acre par• Cul-de-sac lot, RV mid-town lo c ation, ganic garden, potting High Desert Realty TEAM Birtola Garmyn cel. Come view this parking Tenant occupied and shed, dbl. g arage, 541-312-9449 High Desert Realty amazing piece of • MLS 2014000828 541-312-9449 p rofessionally m a n arden shed, fenced. www.BendOregon paradise on the outPat Palazzi, Broker a ged. Unit B i s a 184,500. MLS www.BendOregon skirts of Redmond. 2-story built in 2003.. 201307988. 541-771-6996 Call Built on the curve of Home, H unter Levi s o n Nancy the Deschutes River, Popp, Remodeled +400 sq.ft. Office/ 36 Acre estate, Bend Group, 541-306-0479 541-815-8000 this perfect small Shop on 1.4 AC, Cascade Nursery. or 541-977-1852. Crooked River Realty home has amazing AD¹1582 Ad ¹1122 Windermere C e n tral Big single level, built views of the mounTEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn Oregon Real Estate tains and the river. MORRIS 2004, 4 bdrm, High Desert Realty High Desert Realty Detached garage has REAL ESTATE Ad ¹1492 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 2 Bdrm, 2 bath a studio-type room www.BendOregon Duplex unit on large lot. TEAM Birtola Garmyn www.BendOregon with an extra bath and High Desert Realty Ad ¹1392 SE Bend ( $278,000 shower attached. 541-312-9449 TEAM Birtola Garmyn • 2031 sq.ft. Remarkable Deschutes 1.36 Acres In La Pine ( $425,000 www. BendOregon High Desert Realty • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath R iver 8 Can y o n MLS¹201309622 $269,900 541-312-9449 • Paver patio, raised Views! AD¹1222 Bobbie Strome, • 1731 sq.ft., 3 bedroom www. BendOregon garden beds Pre-sold home on TEAM Birtola Garmyn • Open cathedral great Principal Broker • MLS 201300583 Aubrey Butte with High Desert Realty John L Scott Real room Shelly Hummel, Broker, Investment P r operty. great views. 541-312-9449 Estate 541-385-5500 • Insulated 3-bay shop CRS, GRI, CHMS Ad ¹1322 www.BendOregon Spacious duplex in TEAM Birtola Garmyn • MLS 201306446 ATTRACTIVE NE NE Bend, 2 bdrm, 1 Sherry perrigan, Broker BEND HOME High Desert Realty bath with single ga 541-410<938 River View CondoMt • Open floor plan, 541-312-9449 rages, light and bright Bachelor Village, 20% 4 bdrm and 2 bath open floor p l ans, www.BendOregon Equity Share, • Near Mtn View High $237,500, profession AD¹1542 School MORRIS ally managed. Hunter Log accent home and TEAM Birtola Garmyn • Master on main, gas REAL ESTATE L evison Grou p , horse property on 40 High Desert Realty MORRIS fireplace and hard541-306-0479 or acres. Ad ¹1252 541-312-9449 wood floors REAL ESTATE 541-977-1852. TEAM Birtola Garmyn www.BendOregon • Large fenced yard and 732 Windermere C e n tral High Desert Realty RV parking Commercla!/Investment Oregon Real Estate 541-312-9449 NW Awbrey Rd., Colleen Dillingham, Beautiful rustic home on 2241 www.BendOregon Properties for Sale Bend. Hand crafted Broker Great investment oppor 2 acres in the pines. home with attention to 541-788-9991 Ad ¹1312 1352 NE 2nd St., Bend. tunity, fully occupied Tumalo Home on 5 AC, detail on a l l f i nish John L. Scott Beautiful commercial 1834 sq. ft. duplex on Incredible Mtn Views! TEAM Birtola Garmyn work. This is a must Real Estate, Bend acre lot, n ear High Desert Realty o ffice b u ilding i n .36 preview pro p erty. El e mentary AD¹1042 541-312-9449 Bend. $599,000 High Sage Solid fir doors, cusTEAM Birtola Garmyn www.BendOregon Lakes Realty 8 Prop- school. Built in 1995. BARE LAND, ALL tom clear vertical fir High Desert Realty erty Man a gement $189,999. Hunter Le UTILITIES IN 54'I -312-9449 cabinets & ceiling fans vison Group, 541-536-0117 • 3 acres of land with all Custom Home with Big in all rooms. Great www.BendOregon 541-306-0479 or utilities installed Shop on Fenced 1.4 room floor plan with Office building + home 541-977-1852. $265 , 000 wood floors & a fire- • Hwy 97 frontage, MUS + s hop. $ 178,000.Windermere C e n tral3 Bdrm, 2 bath, Almost Acres! AD¹1522 place surrounded by zoned 16480 William Foss, Oregon Real Estate 1600 sq.ft. Nestled in TEAM Birtola Garmyn cabinetry. 3 bedroom, • Build your Ag busiLa Pine. High Lakes the Pines, AD¹1672 High Desert Realty 2.5 bath, large mas- ness or home here. 740 Realty 8 Pr o perty TEAM Birtola Garmyn 541-312-9449 t er b e droom w i t h • Management Condo/Townhomes High Desert Realty walk-in www.BendOregon closet, /36677 541-536-0117 541-312-9449 for Sale built-ins 8 bath with all Faye Phillips, Broker 16629 Burgess Road, www. BendOregon 541-480-2945 the extras. M ature Remodeled 3 bdrm, 2 La Pine. 3820 sq. ft. 6 $449,000 - River Front John L. Scott landscaping with bath Ranch on Alrooms, 7 rest rooms. Condo do w ntown paver paths. Close to Real Estate, Bend / Shop and guest most 1 Acre, $724,900 High Lakes B end. O pe n f l o o r Home downtown Bend & has studio on fenced .5 AD¹1002 Realty 8 Pr o perty plan. Fresh p a int. plenty of parking for acre. ¹1452 Beautiful 8 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Management Granite counters. Two TEAM Birtola Garmyn uests & toys. Spacious. High Desert Realty 541-536-0117 balconies. Detached 479,000 High Desert Realty Beautiful property with 541-312-9449 MLS¹201308330 54'I -312-9449 PRIME COMMERCIAL garage. 541-771-1168 comfortable spaces www.BendOregon Bobbie Strome, PROPERTY, this Eric Andrews, Broker www.BendOregon for varied family Principal Broker charming Ma d r as 541-388-0404 ests. Exquisite teakC e n tral John L Scott Real Pristine large family building is updated, Windermere wood flooring in foyer, People Lookfor Information Estate 541-385-5500 home on vacation located on Hwy. 97, Oregon Real Estate living area and gourAbout Products and getaway. AD¹1272 55+ In Suntree Village met kitchen. Kitchen Cat 5 wire system, Creekside TownhomeServices Every Day through TEAM Birtola Garmyn hardwood floors & off 1871 sq ft, 3 b e dhas granite countersq.ft. home High Desert Realty •• 31539 st. parking. $139,900. rooms, 2.5 bath, awe- The Bulletin Clsssineds tops, large i s land, Bdrm, 2 bath, and 541-312-9449 MLS¹ 201305319 Pam some location on the p lanning desk a n d den/office www.BendOregon Lester, Principal Bro- creek, upgrades ga- 3 Bdrm, 2 Bath, View of numerous oak cabi• $58,900. ker Century 21 Gold lore, main level mas- Black Butte, on .33AC n ets. Master b e d• MLS ¹20'I 400598 AD¹1082 Country Realty, Inc. ter. $254,900. room on main level Birtola Garmyn Incredible NW style es- Teresa Brown, Broker 541-504-1338 Lynn Johns, Principal TEAM with luxurious bath541-788-8661 tate on almost 90 High Desert Realty room an d p n vate Broker, 541-408-2944 Bungalow in Downtown acres. AD¹1362 John L. Scott 541-312-9449 Central Oregon deck. Large Sisters! Residential/ TEAM Birtola Garmyn Real Estate, Bend www.BendOregon f amily/media r o o m Resort Realty Commercial, 1 y~ Bdrm, High Desert Realty and game/rec room. 1 bath, newly remodeled, Just bought a new boat? 541-312-9449 3200 Sq.ft. home sits 5 Acres With Views [ $542,500 $130,000. 541-388-1602 Sell your old one in the MLS¹ www.BendOregon the lava flows $479,000 201303078. classifieds! Ask about our against Business & Real • 2261 sq.ft. Iog home of Bend. AD¹1152 Bobbie Strome, Super Seller rates! Estate ( $239,500 TEAM Birtola Garmyn 2 bdrm, 1 bath 950 sq. • 2 bedroom, loft, 2 bath Principal Broker • Turn-key business 541-385-5809 ff. $64,900. 420 N. • Unobstructed CasHigh Desert Realty John L Scott Real opportunity 541-312-9449 Roanoke, Hines, OR. cade views Estate 541-385-5500 Forest Greens Town• 2 bedroom, 2 bath High Lakes Realty & • MLS 201400333 www.BendOregon home - 1484 sq ft, 3 living quarters Property M a n age- Becky Brunoe, Broker Where can you find a bedrooms, 2.5 bath, • Hwy 97 frontage 541-350-4772 reat room floor plan, 2 Homes for the price of ment 541-536-0117 helping hand? • MLS 201203037 2 Unit duplex in NW Rookie Dickens, Broker, ully furnished w/hot one on 1.5 acres. From contractors to tub. Golf course setAd ¹1212 Bend. Ad ¹1332 yard care, it's all here ting. $199,000. TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn Lynn Johns, Principal in The Bulletin's High Desert Realty High Desert Realty Broker, 541-408-2944 MORRIS 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 "Call A Service Central Oregon REAL ESTATE www.BendOregon www.BendOregon Professional" Directory Resort Realty

N ewer 4 b d r m S E , The Bulletin Classified 541 485-5809 master main l evel, 2100 SF, large yard, very n ice. $ 1 595. Midtown Bend ( 541-480-9200 $175,000 • Updated 864 sq.ft. 656 home • 2 bedroom, 1 bath, Houses for Rent wood floors SW Bend • Garden beds, chicken coop,shed MORRIS Prime location on Bend's • MLS Redmond Townhome201400631 west side! S pacious Michelle REAL ESTATE 3 br, 2 ba, 1887 sq ft, Tisdel PC, floorplan features great jetted tub, Brazillian Broker, ABR, E-pro room design. 3 overCherry floors, double 541-390-3490 C ommercial Lots I n g arge. MLS ¹ to o sized bdrms, 2.5 baths, Crooked River Ranch: new! $134,900. Pam near schools, Tetherow Great opportunity to Lester, Principal BroGolf Club, Mt. Bachelor, e start a business or Riyer Trail & shopping; Century 21 Gold adjacent to park. Moverelocate an existing ker, Realty, Inc. MORRIS business. Near res- Country in ready; yard maint. incl. 54'I -504-1338 19424 SW B rookside taurants, hotel and REAL ESTATE Way. No pets considered. golf course. Owner 745 $1495. 541-408-0086 terms avail. Business Homes for Sale Circle, Lot 82:- 1.05 Mirada [ $295,000 659 • Franklin Brothers new acres, $25,000. Lot 50 NW Bend Home on 2.6 - 1.30 acres & Lot 51construction Houses for Rent acres. AD¹1062 • 1541 sq.ft, 3 bedroom, 1.23 acres, still avail- TEAM Sunriver Birtola Garmyn able at $35,000 each 2.5 bath High Desert Realty views, or purchase both for VILLAGE PROPERTIES • Mountain 541-312-9449 cul-de-sac $60,000. Juniper ReSunriver, Three Rivers, • MLS www. BendOregon 201400412 alty 541-504-5393 La Pine. Great Kathy Janus, Broker Selection. Prices range The Kelleher Group Need to get an Remodeled getaway, 4 $425 - $2000/mo. 541-728-8815 ad in ASAP? bdrm, 2 bath, chalet. View our full OWC Ad ¹1442 inventory online at You can place it TEAM Birtola Garmyn e online at: High Desert Realty 1 -866-931 -1 061 541-312-9449 www. BendOregon MORRIS 687 REAL ESTATE 541-385-5809 Commercial for Energy efficient SE Rent/Lease 738 Bend Home on 3 NW Bend ( $395,000 Multiplexes for Sale Acres. Ad ¹1142 Commercial Building • 2450 sq.ft TEAM Birtola Garmyn $1.80/sf • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath Stellar Inve stment High Desert Realty • Excellent visibility • Never lived in remodel Property! 11-u n it 541-312-9449 • 2700 sq.ft. • MLS 201400794 townhome complex, 2 www. BendOregon • Bank, credit union or Mark Valceschini PC, bdrms, ty~ bath with fast food Broker, CRS, GRI attached g a r ages, • MLS 20'I 310084 541483-4364 Awbrey Butte Fine p rofessionally m a n Paula Vanvleck, Broker aged and well main living and big Cascade 541-280-7774 views! Ad ¹1292 tained. $ 1 ,020,000. e H unter Levi s o n TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty Group, 541-306-0479 e MORRIS 541-312-9449 or 541-977-1852. REAL ESTATE Windermere C e ntral www. BendOregon MORRIS Oregon Real Estate REAL ESTATE

tising in this newspaper is subject to the F air H ousing A c t which makes it illegal to a d vertise "any preference, limitation or disc r imination based on race, color, e religion, sex, handicap, familial status, MORRIS marital status or naREAL ESTATE tional origin, or an ins~ ~ ~ d tention to make any such pre f erence, FIND YOUR FUTURE limitation or discrimination." Familial sta- HOME INTHE BULLETIN tus includes children Yourfutureisjust apageaway. under the age of 18 Whetheryou'relookingfora hator living with parents or legal cus t odians, aplacetohangit, TheBulletin pregnant women, and Classifiedisyourbestsource. people securing custody of children under Everydaythousands0!buyersand 18. This newspaper sellersof goodsandservicesdo business inthesepages.They will not knowingly accept any advertising know youcan't beatTheBulletin for real estate which is Classified Sectionforselection in violation of the law. arid conven ience- everyitemis O ur r e aders a r e just aphonecal away. hereby informed that all dwellings adverTheClassifiedSectionis easy tised in this newspat o ussEveryitemis categorized per are available on an equal opportunity andeverycategoryisindexedon the section'sfront page. basis. To complain of d iscrimination cal l Whetheryouarelookingfora home HUD t o l l-free at asewice,yourfutureis in 1-800-877-0246. The or need 0!TheBulletin Classtied. toll free t e lephone the pages number for the hearing i m paired is The Bulletin Serving Cenfral Oregon since St8 1-800-927-9275.


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For over 26 years, Kevin has assisted thousands of Oregon residents with home financing solutions and has built a reputation for providing quality service and looking after his clients'best interests. The President's Club award is reserved for top performers, representing the top 10% of originators at Evergreen Home Loans. Associates like Kevin inspire us to make Evergreen the best place to work and a great place for our customers to find home loan solutions.

Kevin Pangle Branch Manager

SBR in Hillside Park Nominal Opening Bid: $100,000 Open 1-4pm Sun March 2 & 9

. 2013

NMLS 89521 OffiCePhone: 541-318-5500 kPangle@eVergreenhomeloanS.Com

President'8 Club

685 SEThird Street ( Bend,OR97702 NMLS ¹89511

BEND, OR• 2328 NW Stonehill Dr. 5BR 4 BA 3,332+/- sf. Built in 1990. Approx .52ac lot. Custom stairs lead from deck to wooded backyard located in the Aubrey Butte area. Auctions: 9am, Tue Mar 11 on site or bid live from anywhere at

NM(3 3182

© 2014EvergreenHomeLoansisa registeredtradenameof EvergreenMoneysour(e Mortgage Company'NMLSID3182.Trade/service marksarethe property of EvergreenHomeLoans. All rights reserved. Licensedunder: OregonMortgage LendingLicenseML-3213.2/14.

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Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

• H o mes for Sale •




Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

BEND PARK Park-like LARGE HOME Perfect, Private and Secluded Serenity SW Bend Charmer Views of the River! setting. Main dwelling • Open living area with Family close to Bend • 3 Bdrm, 2 bath, • 4 Bdrm, 2 bath • 10 acres in Tumalo, ir- • 35 acre and 14 acre vaulted ceilings and • 2392 sq.ft., 1.5 acres plus guest fireplace house/rental on a to- • 3 Bdrm, 2.5 bath rigation and new well irrigation wood stove • 3 Separate tax lots, tal of 0 .55y acres. • 2207 sq.ft., large loft, • Mountain views, 3844 • 2 arenas and a round • Walk-in closet, 2 car motivated seller! Main dwelling floors fenced backyard. sq.ft. with quilt room www.Jackson pen garage, RV parking • Barn, potting shed, • 60x60 barn with stalls • Landscaped,fenced, are engineered hard- www.jackson-Anderson. wood in living, dining, com and hay storage sprinklers and hot tub Candice Anderson, garden area and more • • House is close to 1700 • .23acre lot on & bedrooms. MitsubBarbara Jackson, Broker 541-788-8878 ishi electric heating & Broker 541-306-8186 sharon sq.ft. cul-de-sac, close to John L. Scott c ooling syst e m . John L. Scott Sharon Abrams, CRS, Jean Nelsen, Broker Old Mill Real Estate, Bend Kitchen has fantastic Real Estate, Bend Principal Broker 541-420-3927 • $219,000 541-280-9309 cabinets with Corian John L. Scott countertops. Adjacent John L. Scott Real Estate, Bend /53149 West Hills. 4 Bdrm, 3.5 Kathy Denning, Broker bath, in 4040y sq.ft., guest house and main LAZY RIVER SOUTH Real Estate, Bend 3535 y h ome together f o r R emodeled 541-480-4429 delightful w e s tside SINGLE LEVEL AND Sq.ft. home with 4 $510,000 John L. Scott home with panoramic GREAT LOCATION PREMIER GOLF bdrm + officeand 3 MLS¹201309647 Real Estate, Bend • Nicely updates single C ascade an d c i t y COMMUNITY baths. Master bath Bobbie Strome, views on a spacious level with new lamiwith large jetted tub & •Single story a c ross Principal Broker lot with high desert nate floors, carpet and Tetherow Crossing new tile shower. Me- from tennis courts John L Scott Real natural landscaping. • 4 Bdrm, 3 bath paint dia room, family room, Estate 541-385-5500 • 1752 sq.ft., 3 bdrm, 2 Country horse prop- Two gas fireplaces, h uge kitchen w i th •2064 sq.ft. erty is fenced 8 cross one in living room and Brasada Ranchj bath home handcrafted cabinets •Recently remodeled • Large living room and fenced w/New Zeal- one in master bed$429,000 Danielle Snow, & granite counters, and electric fence & room. Master bed• 1711 sq.ft. furnished separate family room walk-in pantry, sun- Broker 541-306-1015 electric gate. Views of room has c offered • Fenced, RV parking, cabin John L. Scott room with hot t ub. Cascades, p r i vate ceiling and slider to • 3 bedroom suites large deck, Butte view Real Estate, Bend Home has cedar eves setting, 40x60 shelter upper deck with hot • Granite counters, Marci Schoenberg, with copper accents. for horses, 20x30 hay tub. Master bath has hardwood floors Broker E xterior siding o n storage, 40x60 chain deep soak tub, large • MLS 201310654 Premier Prineville 541-610-7803 home, garages & link dog pen. 2 pro- t iled s hower a n d Neighborhood John Snippen, Broker, John L. Scott storage bldg have just pane gas free-stand- double sinks. Great MBA, ABR, CRS, GRI been painted. Watch • 3 Bdrm, 2.5 bath Real Estate, Bend sq.ft., bonus 541-312-7273 ing stoves, 1 in family room is light and airy the wildlife from the • 1985 and 1 in living room. with expansive city room wrap-around deck or • Central Sisters j $625,000 Wood blinds through- and Cascade views. AC central go to your private ac- vac • 3000 sq.ft. out, hardwood floors, Kitchen is efficiently c ess to 300y ft o f • Close to pool, park • 3 bedroom, 4 bath carpet & vinyl. Close laid out with granite Little Deschutes River and playground • 1.03 acres, guest d istance t o Des - tile counters, newer frontage for fishing, Shelley Arnold, broker house, greenhouse chutes River. MLS appliances, p a ntry MORRIS swimming or floating. • MLS 201309672 201400248. 541-771-9329 and hardwood floorREAL ESTATE $495,000 Susan Agli, Broker, $368,000. John L. Scott ing. Triple garage with I~ ~ ~ Op m 1 MLS¹¹201309267 John L. Scott Real Real Estate, Bend Ultimate floor. Wired Bobbie Strome, Estate 541-548-1712 CASCADE MTN for security system. Principal Broker VIEWS! $349,500 Wired for stereo with John L Scott Real Private Hideaway • 6.38 Acres, 1.7 acres s peakers on m a i n Estate 541-385-5500 • 1.86 Acres, 3696 sq.ft. Take care of irrigation, 2371 sq.ft. floor i n 4 zo n e s. • 5 Bdrm, 2 bath, coun- Location Location, Lo- home in Bend 5-zone heating sysyour investments • Jefferson & Hood try home tem. Two levels of cec ation! 5 B d rm, 2 with the help from views • 2 Pastures, 2 outREAL ESTATE d ar d e cking p l u s bath, 1 6 0 0 sq . f t. • Gated, beautiful pond buildings, private well The Bulletin's paver patio. Plumbed dOp ~ manufactured home and waterfall • 64160 Pioneer Loop in humidification syswith add-on's nestled • www.johnlscott. com/ Sisters Horse Property. "Call A Service Kathy Caba, Principal $610, 0 00 on 6.5 acres. Living sharon 10.8 acres w/8+ acres Professional" Directory tem. Broker, ABR MLS¹ 201301639 room, dining room, Sharon Abrams, CRS, irrigated pas t u re, 541-771-1761 Bobbie Strome, kitchen and master large home w/sepaPrincipal Broker John L. Scott Principal Broker suite hav e n e w er 541-280-9309 rate guest quarters. Tumalo Acreagej Real Estate, Bend John L Scott Real flo o ring. Mt. Views, p rivate laminate John L. Scott $1,200,000 Estate 541-385-5500 Ideal for starter home, setting an d g a ted.• 40 acres, Cascade Real Estate, Bend Crescent j $150,500 rental property, tem- $675,000. views • 2502 sq.ft. porary home, while Scott McLean, • 2952 sq.ft, 3 bedroom, Whispering Pines. 3 • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath building a new home. River Rim j $324,900 bdrm, 2 bath property Principal Broker 3 bath • 1.14 acre A great private county • Great room design has complete perim541-408-6908 • 48x36 RV garage/ • MLS 201309153 setting. Shared well, 2 • 4 bedroom, 2 bath eter fencing and is Realty Executives shop Judy Meyers, Broker, storage buildings, 400 • Vaulted ceiling, maple neat and well main• MLS 201400366 GRI, CRS, SRES Skyliner Summit j AMP service to home floors tained with trees and Megan Power, 541-480-1922 and 100 AMP service • MLS 201309843 $393,000 shrubs. Home h as Broker, GRI, CDPE • 2525 sq.ft. to pump house. This Julia Buckland, been lightly lived in 541-610-7318 is a m ust p review Broker, ABR, ALHS, • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath and has a wonderful • .11 acre lot property, if you do, CRS, GRI sunroom and appeal• MLS 201309912 you will see its potening floor plan w ith 541-719-8444 MJ DeWolf PC, Broker, tial. $212,000. MLS l arge deck, s h o p MORRIS ¹201400038 building is a p prox. REAL ESTATE MORRIS e Bobbie Strome, 4000 sq.ft. w/ 4 12x12 REAL ESTATE Principal Broker d oors and a m a n ~ y~ ~ ap d CRYSTAL CLEAR MTN John L Scott Real door. The is a comMORRIS VIEWS! Estate 541-385-5500 plete office w/bath, REALESTATE • 20 X 6 4 B a rn w ith Tumalo HomeNiews! j r ec, k i tchen a n d shop $624,900 MASTER ON MAIN m eeting roo m i n • 20 min. to Costco • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, - 2 STORY cluded in the 4000 SE Bend j $319,900 REAL ESTATE • 37 acres 2606 sq.ft. • Large 3/4 bedrooms • 2496 sq.ft. sq.ft. This property is • 6.4 acres • Separate living upa must preview, must • 3 bedroom, 3 bath /745io • Huge Cascade STUNNING SMITH stairs with bonus see facility. The shop • .19 acre, fenced yard Jean Nelsen, Broker • Gas fireplace ROCK VIEW! Mountain views and dwelling have • MLS 201309521 541-420-3927 • MLS 201307561 • Fenced yard • 3 Spacious bdrms, 2 separate electric Lester Friedman PC, John L. Scott bath Odette Adair, Theresa Ramsay, m eters. Shop a n d Broker, ABR, CSP, Real Estate, Bend Broker, S.T.A.R. • Built in 2 005, 1704 Broker d welling share t h e EPRO, S.T.A.R. sq.ft. 541-815%786 541-815-4442 Avion water meter, Deschutes River 541-330-8491 John L. Scott • Private backyard on .4 2nd gar a ge/shop Woods j $125,000 Real Estate, Bend acre, Terrebonne 1025 sq.ft. $499,500. • 1094 sq.ft. MLS ¹ 201307479 MLS ¹201400070 tured Angie Cox, Broker Bobbie Strome, • 3 bedroom, 2 bath NE Bend j $272,000 541-213-9950 Principal Broker • .23 acre MORRIS MORRIS • 2151 sq.ft. John L. Scott John L Scott Real • MLS 201400261 REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, Real Estate, Bend Estate 541-385-5500 Margo Degray, ~ y~ ~ ~ d den/office Broker, ABR, CRS • RV parking, large backyard • MLS 201308521 Patti Geraghty, Broker 541-948-5880 MORRIS REAL ESTATE




E agle C r ee k Go l f MORRIS Course Chalet - 1447 REAL ESTATE sq ft, 3 bedrooms, 2 IA p Mmly~ M O~ d baths, new hardwood floors & heat pump, NE Bend j $299,000 double car garage. • 2092 sq.ft, remodeled 18th Fairway of the • 3 bedroom, 2 bath R idge Cour s e ,• Treed .25 acre lot $269,000. • MLS 201400365 Lynn Johns, Principal Karin Johnson, Broker Broker, 541-408-2944 541-639-6140 Central Oregon Resort Realty Golfers Retreat! Handsomelyupdated home over looking the 5th MORRIS fairway i n Ri v er's REAL ESTATE Edge. Open f l o or I&g M Q y ~ ~ 0~ 4 plan, spacious master, large back deck, NOTICE: convenient to shopAll real estate adverping. $415,000. tised here in is subScott McLean, ject to th e F ederal Principal Broker Fair Housing A c t, 541-408-6908 which makes it illegal Realty Executives to advertise any prefHuge Shop erence, limitation or • 30x30 insulated discrimination based • Shop in Prineville on race, color, reli• Nice 3 b dr, 2 b a th gion, sex, handicap, home on 4.5 acres familial status or naTheresa Ramsay, tional origin, or intenBroker tion to make any such 541-815-4442 preferences, l i mitaJohn L. Scott tions or discrimination. Real Estate, Bend We will not knowingly accept any advertisKeystone Ter r ace. ing for real estate Three fully occupied which is in violation of 3182ysf tri-plexes lo- this law. All persons cated just a few are hereby informed blocks from shopping that all dwellings ad& the facilities of Juni- veitised are available per Park. Exterior of on an equal opportubuildings have vinyl nity basis. The Bullesiding and are neat tin Classified and attractive. $325,000 for each tri- NW Bend.36 Acre Lot $449,900 plex. • 2215 sq.ft, 3 bedroom, MLS ¹201309427, 2 bath 201309433, • Single level, built-in 201309444 fire pit Bobbie Strome, • Golf community Principal Broker • MLS 201400975 John L Scott Real Dana Miller, Estate 541-385-5500 Principal Broker Lane Knolls Estates j ABR, AHWD $589,900 541-408-1468 • Custom 2580 sq.ft. •3 bedroom, offi ce,3 bath • 2.24 acres, Mt Bachelor view MORRIS • MLS 201307975 REAL ESTATE Jim 8 Roxanne I&~ dy~ ~ ap d Cheney, Brokers 541-390-4050



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• Elegant & spacious • Main floor abovestreet • Master on main level • Central courtyard •Pffi cedat$7$9,900 DIRECTIONS:West on Shevliii Park Rd.,

left on NWCrossing Dr., left on NW Lemhi PassDr.

2203 NW Lemhi Pass Dr. CE

• Central courtyard • Large great room • Master on main level • Bright interior • Priced at$649,900 DIAECTIONS: West on Shevlin Park Rd., left on ffW Crossing Dr., left on NW Lemhi Pass Dr.

1582 Erin Ct. • Two-story great room • Vertical grain floors • Hand textured walls • Four paverpatios • Priced at$459,900 DIAECTIONS: West on Shevlin Park Rd., left on Silas Pl., right on BensCt., left on Erin Ct. 'v


Bend R. Central Oregon igggQ gg

1899 NW Monterey Mews • Charming cottages • 2 & 3 bedroom plans • High end finishes • Central location • Homes pricedfrsm $$29,900






SIRECTIOSS: West on NWNewport Ave./NW Shevlin Park Rd., right oii NW

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Pence Ln., left on NW Monterey Pines Dr. Property on right.


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21182 Capella Pl. • Open floor plan • Fenced backyard

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• Attractive finishes • Other lots, plans available • Homes pricedfrom$237,900 DIRECTIONS: From Hwy. 20 East, south on 27th St., right on Capella Pl.



61089 Ruby Peak Ln. • Vaulted great room • Attractive finishes • Vaulted master BR • Island kitchen • Homes pricedfrom$$24,900 DIRECTIONS: South on Brosterhous


Rd., left on MarbleMountain Ln., left on Ruby PeakLn.


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65 SW Allen Rd. • Townhomestyle condo • New carpet, paint • Hardwood floor • Near DeschutesRiver • Priced at$$79,000

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DIRECTIONS: From Parkway exit Colorado Ave., right on SW Simpson Avs., right on SW Bradberry St., left on SW Allen Rd.

gf( J/fj //i jj l BEFORE FORD F150 XL 2005. This truck can haul it all! Extra Cab, 4X4, and

a tough Vs engine will get the Iob done on the ranch.


are three adorable, loving puppies looking for a caring home. Please call right away. $500

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2175 NW Lalo Dr.


N OR T HWEST $4 599QQ $7399QQ




19036 Mt. Shasttl Dr.

FORD F150 XL 2005. This truck can haul it all! Extra Cab, 4X4, aiid a tough Vs engine will get the Iob done on the ranch.

• Three Pinesluxury • Master on main level • Large openkitchen • Courtyard & patio • Priced at$514,900

A FTER: R EA L E S T A T E QUAINT CABIN ON 10 ACRES! Modern amenities and all the quiet

DIRECTIONS: West on Shevlin Park Rd.,

you willneed. Room to grow in your

left on MW Park CommonsDr., left on Mt. Jefferson Pl., right on Mt. Shasta Dr.

own little paradise! Call now.

20140 Red Sky Ln.


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• Gated golf community • 2.5 landscapedacres • Two master suites •Bonusroom,den/of fice • Cascade,golf course views • 3-car attached garage • Golf court garage • Priced at$519,000


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5 4% -385-5 8 0 9 HOURS:Monday-Friday 7:30 amto 5:00 pm TELEPHONEHOURS: Monday-Friday7:30 am-5 pm Saturday10 am-12: 30 pm 24 HOURMESSAGELINE: 541-383-2371 PlaCe,CanCelor extendanad after hOurS

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Homes for Sale

Redmond Homes

Redmond Homes

Redmond Homes

Redmond Homes


• Redmond Homes

Redmond Homes

Redmond Homes

Your Next Home only Updated! Owner w i ll 1/4 Acre Lot with Alley $249,900 - 2236 3 b d rm, 2~/~ bath $754,900 - Knockout Custom Built Home on New Construction The Jefferson - NW carry - 3 b d rm, 2 Access - Completely Sq.ft., 5 bdrm home 3005 sq. ft. home to mountain vi e w s! 698 Acres - 2692 sf 4 Single story 3 bdrm, Redmond - $298,000. $197,000 • Nice NE single level bath, 1440 sq.ft., on remodeled & up- w/master suite on be built. Includes day- 3863 sq.ft. custom bd/3bath home w/lots 2bath, 1724 s q f t Desirable NW neighhome .34 acre. Large deck g raded kitchen & each level. Living light basement, office, home. Office,outof windows providing move-in ready! Land- borhood, single level, • 3 Bdrm, 2 baths and oversized garage/ bath. Beautifully reroom w/gas f irefamily & bonus rooms, buildings and shop. Cascade mountain & scaped with s prin- 3 bdrm, 2. 5 b a th, • Close to school shop. $11 9 ,900. finished original hard- place. RV parking 8 upgraded cabinets, MLS¹ 2 0 1 106428 Smith Rock v iews. klers an d f e nced. 2020 sq ft. • Covered patio with MLS¹ 201 3 08373 wood floors, f r esh unique gar d en. near new high school Call Charlie or VirOnly 6 m i les f rom $189,900. MLS¹ MLS¹201306374 mountain views Pam Lester, Principal paint, mature trees & MLS¹201306110 & more! $ 349,000. ginia, Principal BroRedmond. 40 acres of 201304779 Pam Call Jim Hinton, • www.LoveBendOre541-420-6229 Broker Century 21 large deck for enter- Call Kelly or Virginia, Too new for MLS¹ kers 541-350-3418 flood & wheel line ir- Lester, Principal Gold Country Realty, taining. Brand new efPrincipal Brokers Pam Lester, Principal Redmond RE/MAX rig. All set up for cattle ker, Century 21 Gold Central Oregon Realty 541-923-0855 786 Kendall Couney, Broker Inc. 541-504-1338 ficient wood s tove. Broker, Century 21 L and 8 Hom e s w/cross fences & cor- Country Realty, Inc. Group, LLC 541-576-4742 Redmond RE/MAX Gold Country Realty, Real Estate rals. Private pond. 541-504-1338 Corner lot 1380 sq. ft., 3 MLS¹201310453. 541-771-7786 John L. Scott Land & Homes Inc. 541-504-1338 Seclusion & privacy + Newer large home on The W i n dsor, NW bdrm, 2 bath, vaulted $169,000. Real Estate, Bend Real Estate wildlife on this propRedmond - Main floor ceilings, gas heat, and John L. Scott Real 1/4 acre. 3000 den/4th 541-771-7786 80' RV parking! 1616 erty. ¹ 20 1 301950. almost bedroom, lots double car garage. Estate 541-548-1712 Need to get an ad s q.ft., 3 b d rm, 2 . 5 sq. ft. 3 bdrm, 2 bath $560,000. of natural light, eating $156,900. MLS $ 159,000 I M ov e i n $263,900 - A great 2 746 bath, landscaped & home with dbl. gaJohn L. Scott Real in ASAP? in kitchen, land201309158 Ready. New p aint, b edroom 2. 5 b a t h fenced with RV gates. bar Northwest Bend Homes Pam rage, gas fireplace, Estate 541-548-1712 3 bedroom, Lester, Principal flooring, co u nters, home to relax in while MLS¹ 2 0 1 304622 scaping, pantry, split bedroom 2.5 baths, 2235 sq ft. Broker Century 21 lights, sinks, ductless Great Location South of $299,900. Pam staying at Eagle Crest Fax it ts 541-322-7253 $145,000 Bends' West- Gold Country Realty, hot/cold unit. Fenced floorplan with great Town - Great bones in Lester, Principal Bro- $305,000. Resort. Enjoy all the side. Two renovated 2 Inc. 541-504-1338 room concept. t his 3bdrm 2 b a t h ker Century 21 Gold Call Jim Hinton, and landscaped. 3 amenities Eagle Crest The Bulletin Classifieds $179,900. bdrm condos. High MLS h ome. 1920 s q f t Country Realty, Inc. 541-420-6229 bdrm, 2 bath, 1279 has to of fer! end finishes, stack 201309527 Pam w/large utility room Central Oregon Realty Say "goodbuy" sq. ft., 2-car garage MLS¹201306058 54'I -504-1338 W/D, stainless appli., Lester, Principal BroGroup, LLC and storage building. $430,000 - Ultimate hich could b e a Eagle Crest n ear COCC a n d to that unused ker, Century 21 Gold w Check out the Janelle Christensen, family home, 4 bedcomputer room too. Properties Newport Mkt. ProfesCountry Realty, Inc. Too many upgrades to room, 3 bath, over 7 classifieds online item by placing it in Broker 541-815-9446 Step down vaulted 866-722- 3370 sional managed and 541-504-1338 Central acres, 20x40 heated living room w/wood- list! in this 1946 sq. ft. well maintained. Jake The Bulletin Classifieds Windermere 3 b drm, 2~/~ bath MLS Oregon Real Estate $320,000 4.77 pool. stove. Attached large Updated daily & Loretta Moorhead, Adorable Cottage in the shop & 2-car garage. home. Landscaped, acres, 1 acre of irri¹ 201305932 C a l l Brokers 541 - 480$169,900 - 1657 sq. Heights - $124,900. Oil monitor for heat- N ice and q uiet N W fenced, in a q u i et Travis L. Hannan, gation. Pond, shop 5 41-385-580 9 6790 or 541-480-2245 ft. Newer 3 beroom Arched e n t ryways, ing w/above ground Redmond property. 3 cul-de-sac. $239,900. and 1 60 0 s q . ft. PC, Principal BroWindermere C e n tral + den, master suite oak hardwood floor- oil MLS 201 3 10535. ker 541-788-3480 MLS¹ tan k . MLS bdrm, 2 bath, 1576 Oregon Real Estate 70' RV parking! New 3 w/walk-in c l o set, house. ing, large lot w/RV ac- 201306715. $299,000 201307143 Cal l Redmond RE/MAX sq. ft. on 2.8 acres. Pam Lester, Principal bdrm, 2 bath 1590 sq. slider to back patio. cess, 3 bed, 1 bath, Land & Homes Travis L. Hannan, John L. Scott Real Beautiful mature land- Broker, Century 21 $829,000 I She v lin ft. home coming soon! Living room w/gas 1227 sq ft, 500 sq ft Estate 541-548-1712 PC, Principal BroReal Estate scaping and yard. 48' Gold Country Realty, Ridge Stunner. R.D. Pick your colors! Gas fireplace basement. MLS ¹ 541-771-7786 x 24' two bay insu- Inc. 541-504-1338 Building and design. fireplace, upgraded MLS¹201309588 ker 541-788-3480 Home on 4.9 Acres201308245. Redmond RE/MAX lated and heated shop New co n s truction, appliances and cabi- Call Kelly Starbuck, $478,000 Gated Vicci Bowen Extremely well main- w/220V. Recent paint Very motivated seller. 3553 sq.ft. and 42x16 nets, t i l e flo o rs, Land & Homes Principal Broker community! 4 bed541-410-9730 tained 3 br 2 ba single Real Estate Plenty of room for Beautiful home in SW RV garage, 3 bdrm, f enced an d l a n d541-771-7786 r oom, 3. 5 b a t h , Central Oregon Realty story home on 4.9 flat too! 541-771-7786 h orses, RV' s a n d Redmond with very 2.5 bath, bonus room scaped, and more! Redmond RE/MAX 3208 Sq.ft.. Private Group, LLC acres. 2208 sq ft, rock toys! MLS motivated seller. This plus office. Jake $194,900. too new for Land & Homes resort living, FP, dbl garage, gas ¹201308783 4 bedroom, 2 bath M oorhead or J o h n MLS¹201400132 Find exactly what Real Estate year-round or 2nd F P, central ai r & John L. Scott Real home is ready for its T aylor, Brok e r s Pam Lester, Principal The Bulletin's 541-771-7786 home. you are looking for in the more. MLS¹ new owners. Small 541-480-0448, Estate 541-548-1712 "Call A Service Broker, Century 21 MLS¹201305107 201310722 $345,000. CLASSIFIEDS Turn-key shop with hot tub and 541-480-6790 Gold Country Realty, $199,400 Call Charlie or Professional" Directory Pam Lester, Principal Roomy single l e vel gazebo in backyard. Windermere Central fully furnished CreekInc. 541-504-1338 Virginia, Principal is all about meeting Broker, Century 21 home on large lot in side Village TownMLS 201308103 Oregon Real Estate $325,000 Our finest of Brokers Gold Country Realty, S tonehedge. O p e n $474,900 - Brand new home. Fully equipped the chalets with a gayour needs. John L. Scott Real 541-350-3418 Beautiful townhome on to be built Craftsman kitchen, just add food! rage! Many upgrades, Inc. 541-504-1338 floor plan with vaulted Estate 541-548-1712 Redmond RE/MAX in sought after Vista Call on one of the living room, f amily the golf course at RivRemember your acof knotty pine. Large Bonus Room Land 8 Homes ers Edge Village on Rim n e ighborhood. tivity equipment and built-ins kitchen feaprofessionals today! maintained SW Immaculate condition $ 224,900. Lots o f room, Real Estate tures plenty of cabin- Well the 5th fairway. Near High-end finishes in take advantage of all with Redmond 3 bdrm, 2 extra large deck natural light. 4 Bd, 1 541-771-7786 river trails and close clude wood flooring, Eagle Crest has to facing east and on the etry, eating counter, ath, 1008 sq . f t . C ascade mountain view Ba, spacious rooms, pantry, dining b to shopping, master granite kitchen, ex offer. home across f rom 1 0th fairway of t h e $529,000 - Gorgeous form this charming 3 freshly painted. Dual large on main with walk-in posed timber framing, area with access to MLS¹201306283 custom home on the Hayden Park. IandRidge. MLS¹ bedroom, 2 bath p antries. C a l l J i m closets and master more. Eagle Crest 1st green of the Ridge home on .51 acres. Hinton, 541-420-6229 the huge back deck. scaped front yrd, re201302668 bath, 2nd bed a nd MLS¹201309834. Master bed r o om Properties C ourse a t E a g l e cently painted, Great Eagle Crest Good cond i tion. Central Oregon Realty separation from addiEagle Crest bath upstairs, deck off 866-722- 3370 Crest! Gracious floor $194,300. for first time home Properties MLS Group, LLC loff/office and 2nd bed Properties tional two bedrooms. plan w it h s o a ring 201308901. John L. 866-722- 3370 buyers or rental prop866-722- 3370 upstairs. $ 2 99,000. What are you ceilings, bea u tiful Scott Rea l E s tateNeeds some TLC! 3/2, Two offices or hobby erty. $140, 0 00. 541-388-0404 rooms. Landscaped 1136 sq. ft . s i ngle Small views 8 ele g ant, 541-548-1712 The Washington, NW $344,500 541-306-0479 Chrislooking for? front and back with Windermere C e n tral Redmond. Main floor story home on almost acreage with i r ritimeless fini s hes tin, 541 - 9 77-1852 Oregon Real Estate 1/3 acres lot, vinyl fenced back yard that Tony, throughout. master suite w/sitting You'll find it in gated pasture overW i n dermere Culver! 10y Acreshas lots of trees for windows, dbl. garage, l ooking pond & MLS¹201308794 Central Oregon Real room, walk-in closets Set-up for horses, 747 privacy. Forced air plenty of room for RVs pas t ure Eagle Crest in all rooms, 3 bed, The Bulletin Classifieds fenced Estate 3-stall barn, numerSouthwest Bend Homes 2.5 bath, 2147 sq ft. MLS gas with central air ready for horses or Properties ous o u t buildings, $99,900. 201310719. Pam cond. $199,900. MLS other critters. De866-722- 3370 MLS¹201310072. quarters & 541-385-5809 Lester, Principal Bro- 2 01310177 John L . Call The Bulletin At $599,900 Tuscany Style $ 297,900. Call J i m tached garage shop $599,900 -Outstanding guest more. in B radetich P ark. Hinton, 541-420-6229 ker, Century 21 Gold Scott Rea l E s t ate 541-385-5809 w/storage. MLS¹201305577 detail in design and Place Your Ad Or E-Mail 2910 sq.ft. h o me, Central Oregon Realty $219,000 - The Home- MLS¹201307823. Country Realty, Inc. 541-548-17'I 2 Call Charlie or steads at Desert Sky Call Don Chapin, c onstruction of t h i s 541-504-1338 single level living, 2 At: Group, LLC Virginia, Principal Spacious Home in The is designed to recapbeautiful Sage Buildmaster suites, .46 Principal Br o k er ers home. Located on Brokers NEW CON STRUC- Cliffs I $ 2 79,000 acre lot, g orgeous$260,000 - Beautiful ture the feeling of the 541-923-0855 541-350-3418Redm TION! Split m aster Light 8 bright interior, Looking for your next booming years of the the 18th hole of the u pgraded chal e t kitchen. Eric Andrews, Redmond RE/MAX ond RE/MAX Land floor plan, 3 bedroom, huge walk-in pantry, w/double garage lo late 1800s style in the Challenge Course at employee? Broker 541-771-1188 Land & Homes 8 Homes Real Es2 bath, 1640 sq.ft., tile three car tandem ga- Place a Bulletin help Eagle Crest Resort, Windermere C e n tral cated on the 18th hole true American westReal Estate rage. MLS tate 541-771-7786 floors/backsplash. RV of the R idge G olf ern homestead, comyou will have access wanted ad today and Oregon Real Estate 541-771-7786 Cal l to all of the amenities parking. $1 7 9,900. ¹ 201308975. Course at Eagle Crest bining true grit with irreach over 60,000 Vicci Bowen, MLS¹ 201 3 0 1880 749 in Central Oregon. resistible charm. $399,900 - Peaceful with ownership. MLS Custom Built Chaletreaders each week. 541-410-9730 Pam Lester, Principal MLS¹201308995 ¹2615599 Wonderful home or 5.08 acres - Single Your classified ad Southeast Bend Homes MLS ¹201301534. Eagle Crest Eagle Crest Eagle Crest vacation h om e i n B roker Century 2 1 Central Oregon Realty will also appear on level, vaulted ceilGold Country Realty, Group, LLC Properties Properties Crooked River Ranch. Properties Custom h o m e in ings, 4 large bed866-722- 3370 866-722- 3370 866-722- 3370 Backs to public land. Inc. 541-504-1338 which currently reTanglewood. Open r ooms, 2 bat h , The Davis, NW RedLarge master downmaster b e d room ceives over floor plan, p assive $103,000 - 3.39 acres $244,000 - Recreate all mond - Open great 5 A cres w / Mountain stairs, lots of deck and New construction 3 1.5 million page solar heat, r adiant r eady f o r you r year round when you separation, 2 , 157 Views - 3 Br, 2 Ba, Cascade views. Over- bdrm, 2 bath, 1705 room, tons of cabinet views every month heat, solarium off liv- HOME! own this lovely 3 bed, sq.ft. 3-car garage. 1620 sq ft, irrigated, sized detached 3 car sq. ft, 23 acre lot, tile space in kitchen, 2nd MLS¹ at no extra cost. ing room, new kitchen 201100749 Cal l 2.5 bath Forest Green MLS¹201308350 36x40 shop, fenced, garage w/large shop floors, tile backsplash, floor laundry room, 3 Bulletin Classifieds cabinets, gra n i te Travis L. Hannan, townhome. Fully fur- Call Kelly Starbuck, extensive s p r inkler area & extra storage landscaped, fenced. bed (den or 4th bedGet Results! counters, s pacious PC, Principal BroPrincipal Broker room), 2.5 bath, 1929 n ished & r eady to system. MLS¹ MLS¹ detached studio. $179,900. 541-771-7786 Call 385-5809 or backyard and T r ex ker 541-788-3480 move-in! 2809225. $265,000. plus 201209125 Pam sq ft. $291,000. MLS 201 2 06347. deck. $279 , 000. Redmond RE/MAX Redmond RE/MAX place your ad on-line Lester, Principal BroCall Jim Hinton, MLS¹201310566 Pam Lester, Principal $159,000. 541-946-3371 Land & Homes at 541-420-6229 Eagle Crest Broker, Century 21 ker Century 21 Gold Land 8 Homes John L. Scott Real Windermere C e n tral Real Estate Country Realty, Inc. Central Oregon Realty Real Estate Properties Gold Country Realty, Estate 541-548-1712 541-771-7786 Oregon Real Estate 541-771-7786 866-722- 3370 Inc. 541-504-1338 541-504-1338 Group, LLC

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Homes with Acreage

Homes with Acreage

Homes with Acreage


Sunriver/La Pine Homes Sunriver/La Pine Homes Crook County Homes



Homes with Acreage R e creational Homes R e creational Homes & Property & Property Cabin on 1.24 acre, L ooking for a v e r y Recently r e modeled,Bend Country Home on 5.82 acres 3 b drm/2 Views Galore! Smith Wonderful acreage set a c r es . Ne w b ath, 1560 sq . f t . Rock views on a quiet up for horses with 141038 Crescent Moon 18745 Clear Springs pole barn, city water u nique home w i th clean and well laid out 2+ dead-end co u ntry round pen , 4 - stall Dr., Crescent Lake. Way - Panoramic Mtn and sewer. $69,000. awesome views? This single level home on a Hardi-plank siding, in Large 28x32 sq. ft. 51377 Walling Ln., 3 bdrm, 3. 5 b a th, very private 4.6 acre terior doors & knobs, shop, dble car garage. road. Spacious 2700 barn with c h icken Bonus! Bonus! Bonus! views set the stage for La Pine. High Lakes 3528 sq.ft., on 1.86 lot. New paint in and garage doors & more! Fenced for horses. sq. ft. home boasts 3 coop, hay storage and Sellers have beautiful this 1-level woodsy Realty & Pr o perty acres is it! Vaulted out, newwer laminate, BLM access close to Near the entrance of bdrms, 2 baths, huge complete bunk house. cabin retreat in dia- retreat. Ideal for famManagement ceilings, living family, carpet 8 flo o ring, p roperty f o r tra i l the r a n ch . MLS country kitchen, din- 40x60 shop/ garage mond Peaks with lots ily looking for extra 541-536-0117 dining, game room & Stainless appliances, riding. 4 bedroom, 3 20130955 $279,000 ing area, large util. finished with bath. Hot of upgrades. Enjoy space & privacy. 3.7% laundry rooms. Decks centra heat, l a rge bath has plenty of Call Lin d a Lou room and a b a se- house. 2 right now! Willing to assumable loan 2 bdrm, t i/~ bath, 1354 front and b ack, concrete patio. Fully new updates. All new Day-Wright, Broker, m ent which i s i n - scaped. mountain 8 include the adjacent makes it even sq. ft. home, on 1.37 in 541-771-2585 pond with waterfall. landscaped yard, atkitchen with custom cluded in the sq. ft. m eadow views. 1 2 lot at the right place! sweeter. S e p arate acre. $89,900. 16404 Landscaped & sprin- tached double garage cabinets, tile counter Crooked River Realty Also has extra area frost-free fau c ets, Sleeps 6 comfortably BONUS a p artment Burgess Rd., La Pine. kler system. Attached and detached shop tops, bamboo floors, upstairs and all bdrms wrap around decks on with a detached ga(576 sq) above 3-car High Lakes Realty & 2-car garage, 40x52 with large atached n ew f i xtures a n d 6760 S W B u c kskin, are on the main level. home & much more. rage already in place. garage creates a livProperty Man a ge d etached shop & carport/RV area, stor- more. Crooked River Ranch. Bat h rooms The dbl. garage is $375,000 MLS Plenty of extra used i ng space of o v er ment 541-536-0117 storage bu i l dings. age shed on top of have new tile. Recent new carpet & paint large. This property is 201207852 Cascade with the 600 sq. ft. 2500 sf. Many upr eady to move i n . 51275 Dianne Rd. La $525,000 MLS 5000 g al . p o t able carpet, windows & 1.5 acres with 1 acre Realty, Dennis Haniabove the g a rage. grades including oak Pine $149,900. MH ¹ 201306582. C a s - water concrete cispaint. Covered porch, Q uiet l o cation, 3 irrigation, fenced and ford, Princ. Broker Plumbed fo r b a t h- floors 8 ca b inets, 2 bath on 5.16 ready fo r 541-536-1731 with shop and RV ra- cade Realty, t ern. Al l o n fu l l y triple car attached ga bdrm, h o r ses. room. Come take a granite countertops, mada on 5 a c res. 541-536-1731 fenced lot with auto- rage, and pull-through fenced acres. Private $5000 allowance to look! You'll love it! S/S appliances & a ell, close t o g o l f buyers at closing with High Lakes Realty 8 Riverfront- 1.60 acres. matic gate. $215,000. s hop. Property i s w MLS w oodstove. La r g e $ 1 85,000. accepted bought a new boat? $299,000. Property M a n ageMLS 201309890 agent owned. course. of fer. Just 201302853. Call picture windows exSell your old one in the Paved & maint. road. MLS 201310512. ment 541-536-0117 $289,900 but will en $289,900. 12333 NW classifieds! Ask about our Linda (541) 815-0606 tend the length of this 1956 sq. ft. 2 bdrm, John L Scott Realty, tertain Juniper Realty, offers. 22837 10th St., Terrebonne. Super Seller rates! Cascade Realty 3 bed 2 bath home. A 1762 sq. ft. 3 bedrom, 2 and bath upstairs with 541-548-1712. 541-504-5393 Abilene Ct. in Bend. Call Heather Hockett, 541-385-5809 must see! $360,000. acres, 24x24 garage. a family room. Master 762 Call Heather Hockett, PC, Broker, Century 8479 SW High Cone MLS¹ 201306185. 145230 B i r chwood bedroom downstairs. Homes with Acreage Good classified adstell PC, Broker, Century 21 Gold Country ReDrive. Large 4 bdrm, 2 Call Linda $169,900. High Lakes 4-car garage. Workthe essential facts in an 21 Gold Country Re alty, 541-420-9151 Updated Home on 4 bath located in the (541) 815-0606 Realty 8 Pr o perty shop area b e hindOverlooking interesting Manner.Writs the Acres 3bd/2bath on alty, 541-420-9151 heart o f Cr o o ked Cascade Realty Management g arage. Dog r u n . Crooked River Gorge, the readers view -not Ranch on 1.20 3 bdrm, 2 bath 1440 sq. 4 acres with 3 acres from 541-536-0117 L andscaped. M L S Immaculate home on 3214 sq. ft. Custom 4 River the seller's. Convert the of private water right. acre. Wonderful out- ft. home on 1.97 acres 201305831 $239,000. the rim features a bdrm, 4 i/~ bath home Need to get an 3 bdrm, 2 i/~ bath, 2139 1600 sq ft shop, 1080 facts into benefits. Show door area for enterfireplace, 24x48 sq Cascade Realty, spacious 8 open great on 2 i/~ acres. Triple taining or r e laxing. gas ft barn, Fenced & the reader howthe item will sq. ft. home, 3-car ga- Dennis ad in ASAP? g arage/shop wit h Haniford, Princ. room design, a large garage, 36x40 shop Oversized 2-bay shop 12x24 rage. $229 , 000. cross fenced. Underhelp them in someway. of fi c e/craft You can place it Broker 541-536-1731 with tow 14' overhead bonus room with a full 16524 Charlotte Day sprinklers 8 This Casc a de w ith s t orage a n d room and two 12x12 ground online at: bath, a spa c ious doors, Dr., La P ine. High more. MLS201400236 advertising tip plenty of room to keep f inished room s . master, large guest views, large deck & Lakes Realty & Prop- TURN THE PAGE the toys out of t he brought to you by $109,900 Call Nancy $379,000. bdrms, newer paint, patio. $429,900. erty Man a gement For More Ads John L. Scott Real weather. $ 1 43,000. Popp, 541-815-8000 MLS¹ 201304473 541-536-0117 carpet and flooring inEstate 541-548-1712 The Bulletin mls 201300653 The Bulletin Crooked River Realty 541-385-5809 Sc g C~t I 0 890 I Shcc l9t8 Call Nancy Popp side and new exterior Juniper Realty, 15970 Old Mill Road, La 541-815-8000. paint, a circular drive, 541-504-5393 Pine. $187,000. Re- Well maint. 3 bdrm, 2 immac. landscaping Crooked River Realty modeled 3 bdrm, 2 b ath, 1722 sq . f t . with irrigation system, The Bulletin b ath, 1844 s q . f t . home on 2'/~ acres. a fenced and irrigated 1018 Chapman St., GilTo Subscribe call christ, OR, 4 Bdrm, 2 home. H i g h Lakes Family room + L R, area, chicken bath 1836 sq.ft., on 541-385-5800 or go to Realty 8 Pr o perty s eparation of b e d - garden coop, attached gaManagement, rooms. Master has rage with shop space, 2.84 acres, s h op. 541-536-0117 walk-in shower plus central heat, pellet $214,900. High Lakes P r o perty8579 SW P anorama, and walk in closet stove and excellent Realty & Make this old home tub, C RR. W el l m a i np a ntry i n privacy. MLS Management stead, located right Corner tained 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 541-536-0117 kitchen. Sep. utility o ff Hwy 9 7 , y o u r opens to back cov- ¹201308441 1404 sq. ft., view of 12250 NW Dove Rd. mtns. Insulated shop et-away ret r eat. ered deck. Heat pump John L. Scott Real Estate 541-548-1712 CRR. Custom cedar- with power 8 c o nrig. home, garage electric F/A and sided home with floor crete floor. A c ross and storage shed built + Look at: propane heater. Large to ceiling windows. the street from the in 1940. Very clean, carport plus dbl. '/) Immaculate 1841 sq. comm. park & trails. possible horse prop rage with shop area. for Complete Listings of f t. 3 b drm, 2 b a th $134,000. erty on 1.63 acres Close to d owntown MLS MLS and g o v' t la n ds. Area Real Estate for Sale home with tongue 8 ¹201308611. Juniper $69,900. t groove cat h edral Realty, 541-504-5393 ¹201300544 4 bdrm, 3i/~ bath, 2498 $149,000. MLS ceilings, Cascade Realty, gas 201304888 Cascade sq. ft. on 2 i/~ acres, free-standing stove, Custom with Cascade 541-536-1731 Realty, Dennis Hani- 21886 Rincon Ave., wood floors. S paviews, Corian, Vac, Bend. $415,000 High 138118 Hillcrest St ford, Princ. Broker win d ows, c ious k i tchen i n - bayed Lakes Realty & Prop541-536-1731 $109,999. 3 bd, 2.5 cludes Corian dbl-attached garage, erty Ma n agement ba, 1157 SF, Gilchrist. counters, b r eakfast 2 0x24 s h o p wi t h 756 541-536-0117 High Lakes Realty & bar and separate prep overhead door, hot Property M a nage-Jeffer son County Homes 14198 SW Nine Peaks island. Large decks to t ub r o om , la r g e ment 541-536-0117 Pl., CRR Mtn. views enjoy the views. All of f enced area. M L S Want to move in and from this 1960 sq. ft., this on 4.81 acres. 201305717. $299,000 145241 C o r ra l Ct . enjoy life? This MaMLS - Call Nancy Popp, $149,000. La P i ne, dras home is loaded 3 bdrm., 2 bath home $385,000 Broker OR 3/2, 1620 sq.ft., with upgrades. Well on 1.16 acre. 936 sq. 201101447. J uniper Principal 541-815-8000 mfd home on 1.65 maint. and boasts a ft. garage has a shop Realty, 541-504-5393 Crooked River Realty plus 2 bays. RV a cre, s h op. H i g h large tiled entry way, area Lakes Realty & Prop- ceiling fans, recessed covered storage & Call a Pro Lake Front P roperty $1 2 9,500 erty Man a gement l ighting, large l o f t carport. with Bre a thtaking Whether you need a MLS 201208272 541-536-0117 Views! $89 5 ,000. area, a master bdrm Juniper Realty, fence fixed, hedges Remodeled in 2006. with w a lk-in closet, 16160 Amber Lane 541-504-5393 trimmed or a house Loft area, spacious c o v erings $139,900. 3 bd beauty window master suite, 3 fireHigh Lakes Realty & throughout. Garage is Motivated Seller! Nice built, you'll find places, 4 bedrooms, 2 finished with ceiling 3 bdrm ranch- style Property M a n ageprofessional help in bathrooms, 4500 sq ft storage rack and you house with a nice floor ment 541-536-0117 on 6.8 acres. MLS¹ have great views from plan, country kitchen, The Bulletin's "Call a 16445 White Buck, 4 nice brick fireplace, 201400129. the back deck. VA asService Professional" Bdrm, 2i/~ bath, 2900 nestled on 4+ acres David Franke, sumable if e l igible. Directory sq.ft., on 2 i/~ acres. $124,900 Powell Butte q u i et 541-420-5986 / I / i MLS¹ $299,900. High 201304344 country lane. Fenced, 541-385-5809 Central Oregon Realty I Lakes Realty & Prop- Heather Hockett, PC, corral, shed, s h op Group, LLC erty Man a gement Broker, Century 21 area, along with stor- $129,900 CRR St ick Near Smith Rocks, gor541-536-0117 Gold Country Realty, age rooms. 2 acres ir- built 3 bdrm, 2 bath on geous 3 bedroom, 3 rig., mtn and Smith 541-420-9151 1 acre, c ompletely BULLETINCULSSIFIEDS Rock views. L ocal fenced, quiet location. bath, 3880 sq.ft. MLS Search the area's most 757 small Powell Butte Clean and s w eet, 201300784. $694,000 comprehensive listing of Crook County Homes Charter School. Cen- ready to move into. Linda Lou Day-Wright. classified advertising... tral location commut- Detached 24x24 in- 541- 771-2585 Crooked real estate to automotive, Large Prineville Home. ing distance to Bend, sulated garage/shop. River Realty merchandise to sporting 2290 sq.ft. home with Prineville & Redmond. Covered back porch, goods. Bulletin Classifieds kitchen island, wood Not a bad package at hot tub, garden shed. Get your appear every day in the burning 105 2 5 MLS¹ 201309983. fir e place, $ 279,900! business F leming Rd. Cal l print or on line. Debbie Walsh, Broker soaking tub, and a 2 Hockett, PC, 541-419-4576 Bend Call 541-385-5809 car garage. $175,000. Heather Broker, Century 21 Premier Real Estate e ROW I N G Scott McLean, Gold Country Realty, Principal Broker 541-420-9151 14482 SW Pony Trail in The Bulletin 541-408-6908 Serving CentralOregon since 1%8 CRR. Like new home with an ad in Realty Executives Purchas eprice$350,000,20% down,Loanamount$280,000,30yearfixed. Two 1848 sq.ft. 4 bdrm, built in 2001 that has The Bulletin's 2611 sq.ft., 5 acres, 3 2 bath homes on 40 always been a vacabay shop. 1716 TerFIND YOUR FUTURE "Call A Service a cres. 5 2 916 O l d tion home. U n obret Rd , $ 3 5 4,000.HOME INTHE BULLETIN L ake Rd., Sil v e r structed mtn views, 2 Professional" High Lakes Realty 8 Lake, OR. $199,000. bdrm, 2 bath on 2.58 Jumbo purchaseprice /value$800,000 — 20% down /equity,$640,000 loan amount. Directory Property M a nage- Your future isjust apage High Lakes Realty & acre. Master bath has Offer valid as of date of ad, restrictions may apply. Rates/fees subject to change. On Approved Credit. ment 541-536-0117 away. Whetheryou're looking Property M a n age- garden tub and sepafor a hat or aplace to hangit, A c r eage in ment, 541-536-0117 rate walk-in shower, Small $460,000 - Beautiful The Bulletin Classified is Prineville - $108,000. remodeled S unriver 16751 SW DOVE RD. New Pergo flooring V inyl s i ding, d u a l your bestsource. t f• h ome, ne w ro o f , One level 2500 sq. ft. and windows. Large paned windows, guest I I i I ' Every daythousandsof kitchen, energy-efficustom loghome on composite decking, quarters in shop, 1.41 cient furnace. Large buyers andsellers of goods Hardi-plank s i d ing. acres. 3 bedrooms, 1 4.9 acres. Floor to private deck with hot and services dobusinessin ceiling windows with $110,000. J u n i per bathroom, 1228 sq ft. tub. 541-946-3371 these pages.They know views of th e M tns. Realty, 541-504-5393 MLS ¹201202939. Windermere C e n tral you can't beatTheBulletin Hickory hardwood & Michael Jones, Oregon Real Estate Classified Section for tile floors, gourmet 1.56 acres, 1620 sq.ft. 541-350-2226. n Tastefully done spaselection andconvenience kitchen incl. cherry Central Oregon Realty ou re never a&ne when we re doiny your /aan 52314 Ponderosa Way. - every item isjust a phone cious home sitting on cabinets, gra n i te Group, LLC 4 Bdrm, 2 bath, 1922 call away. counters, farmers sink the CR rim, dble gasq.ft., 1.13 a c res. and stainless appli rage with a t tachedTerrific Mountain Views $249,000. High Lakes The Classified Section is ances. The stacked tack room and horse 2622 sq ft 5 b ed/3 Realty & Pr o perty easy to use.Everyitem rock w o o d-burning stall. Located off a b ath home o n 1 2 is categorizedandevery Management fireplace is perfect for paved road. $229,000 acres with full water cartegory is indexed onthe 541-536-0117 MORTGAGE CORPORATlON MLS 201309151 these chilly days. rights. 24x56 shop, section's frontpage. Lou Day-Wright. corrals, outside arena 53509 B i g T i m ber, $499,999 ¹201208751 Linda 541- 771-2585 Juniper Realty, & more. ERD zoning $99,900. 3 Bdrm, 2 Whether youarelooking for Casey NMLs 189449 Jennifer NMLs 288550 Crooked River Realty 541-504-5393 allows property to be b ath, 1188 sq . f t . a home orneedaservice, your future is in the pages of divided into 3 parcels. home, w i t h new FIND IT! Need help fixing stuff? COIPO"LIC'IIML2421 CORPIIMLS¹3113 The Bulletin Classified. MLS 201 4 0 0118. decks. H igh Lakes Call A ServiceProfessional $450,000. BVY IT! Realty & Pr o perty find the help you need. SELL IT! John L. Scott Real Management The Bulletin ServingCentral Oregonsince 19IB 541-536-0117 Estate 541-548-1712 The Bulletin Classifieds

3 0 year fixed AP R

15year fixed A P R

4.500lo 4.684 /o 3.500lo 3.722/o Jumbo30yearfixed 4.625% APR 4.811%




Q(®® Qgfdemymor'tgpge.<PI 1=; :,t 371 SW Upper Terrace Dr.,Suite 1,Bend,OR 97702 I




T HUR - S A T 12PM - 4PM


(even in ba<hs) wi<h under2078$ NE (omet mount stainless steel sink in kitchen, extra attention given //irecffoss: North on Boyd Acres, to allow for tons of natural Right on Sierra, Ie /I on Black Powder,

light K much more. come /I/8hronComerLane.Loo/„ forsigns. by rhe model home for more information and plans.

Hosted & Listed by: RHIANNA KUNKLER Broker


SAT-SUN NOON-5PM Award winning builder, Structure Development NW! Great Room with extensive use of hardwood floors, builtins, 3 sided fireplace. Kitchen with quartz slab island & commercial style range/hood. 2306 NW Floyd Lane Private master suite on main floor. Master bath with walk- Dirertioes: West onSkyliners Road, in tile shower, tile counters & right on NWLemh/Pass into NW floor. Bedroom/den & full bath Crossing. Right onFloydLane. on main floor. Bonus room, 2 bedrooms & bath upstairs. Amazing detail throughout!



I g I

Beautiful Pahlisch Homes community featuring amazing neighborhood amenities: pool, hot tub, clubhouse, sports center, gym, game room 20862Golden GatePlace,Bend and more! Come tour a Dirvctions:from theparkcay, eul variety of single level and on Reed/Ifarket, south on 15th, then 2-story floor plans. follonr s/8m.

Homes Starting Hosted by: TEAM DELAY


R E A L T 0

R 8

L T 0 R s

The Bridges by Pahiisch Homes. Resort Lifestyle, granite c o untertops, stainless steel appliances. You'll love this home K this community! 2088 sq. ft, 3 61138 SE Sydney Harbor Directions:East on Reed /lrarket Rd, bedrooms, 2.5 baths.


r/ght on SE /5th,noticesi gnageforB e Bridges, /efi on SE Golden Gate Pl, 1st

righr on sE sydney Harbor Dr.


Tour this exquisite, c lose t o f i n i s h e d custom home. Talk w ith D a v e a b o u t b uilding your n e w 19148 Mt. Shasta Ct., home.

Bend, OR

Homesites available! Directions:Shevl/n Park Rd. west, left on //f/ Park CommonsDr, left on

/Ift. JeffersonPl,follow signs.


Builder: DAVID RIlVK


R 8


Principal Broker



Listed by: R E A L T 0





Lovely 1 level home that is close to Sharc Mt Bachelor & the Village, n umerous u p d a t es include floors, windows trim, faucets & granite. 18145 (~6)Ashwood R oom for a l l y o u r Directions: Huy 97 South to seasonal toys! Century Or. to Abbot Or. to North on Beaver to Ashwood. Hosted by: SHANNON MCNEIL-JONES Broker 541-550-9088 Listed by: DEBBI MCCUNE

R s A


Edie, Sam, Moe



THURS. - SUN. 12PM - 4PM


Lsted and Hostedby:



1 2PM - 2 P M

Homes start under II200,000. Brand new homes in Bend with the quality Pahlisch is known for — stainless steel appliances, laminate wood floors, solid surface Chroma quartz counters



R E A L T 0

R 8 Lic.<67716



To PLAGE AN AD cALL CLAssIFIED• 541-385-5809

r' •

e • •

• •






sr ~ Expansive northeasterly views of the Ochoco Mountains and Pilot Butte

+ .29 of acre lot in Rivers Edge • This homesite offers 120 feet in width providing op p o rt unity for many design options + Near river trail, golf, shopping and schools

Call Shelly Swanson, Broker i 541-408-0086

• Only 7 minutes from downtown • Tetherow is a planned 700 acre community backing tonational forest and is the perfect home base for discovering the best of Central Oregon from biking and hiking, rafting and kayaking or dining and shopping Contact Brian for more information or a private tour. www.

New Master-Planned Townhome Development in Midtown! • 3 bedroom townhomes starting at $252,500 • 4 units now under construction • Price includes custom level finishes with full landscaping, slab quartz countertops and energy efficient construction • Locationsupportsthe active Bend lifestyle with easy access to parks, trails, river and downtown

Call Brian Ladd, Principal Broker i 541-408-3912

Csll Biisn Ladd, Piincipal Brokeri 541-408-3912


• This desirable single level home is located in Mountain High • Spacious open floor plan with wonderful golf course views • The living room features large view windows and cozy gas fireplace. • The kitchen is light and bright with a wonderful breakfast nook/sitting area • Expansive outdoor living space is perfect for entertaining MLS¹20131118

Call Shelly Swanson, Brokeri 541-408-0086

g• •'

• z


• • 8 •

• •

• iia


19919 Powers Road • Spacious formal dining area, north facing office • Oversized & open kitchen area w/breakfast bar and newly finished granite countertops, all stainless appliances • 2365 SF, 3 bed, 2 bath, crown molding throughout most ofthe house • Gorgeous built-in closets in each bedroom • Huge 3-car garage with heated driveway • Storage shed and big backyard MLS¹201401006



' . • e'

• 4 bedrooms, 3 baths • Built-ins and upgrades • Huge loft area • 2 patios, fire pit & water feature • Backs to community park 8 pool MLS¹201310897 all eum ann, roker or Lisa Lamberto, Broker 541-610-9697



• Stunning Shevlin Ridge • One levelhome • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 3456 SF • Mountain inspired custom home • Upscale popular neighborhood • Gorgeous craftsmanship • I arge kitchen, living space • I arge 3-car garage MLS¹201310941 Call Brian Ladd, Principal Broker i 541-408-3912•


• Unbeatable location in town, on river • 2 bed/ 2 bath + office, 1960 SF • Covered garage parking + carport space • Also boasts C ascade Mountain & park view s • Recently remodeled contemporary style • Large deck with room to BBQ & dine MLS¹201308451

• 3040 SF immaculate condition




Call Laura Blossey, Broker i 949-887-4377

Call Kelly HoWon, Brokeri 541-508-9163

• •

11 Unit Apartment Complex Near St. Charles • Great rental history • Terrific investment • 90% occupied MLS¹201310762


Call Mary tratton, roker, GRI i541- 19- 40



• Don't miss this stunning end unit townhome in NW Crossing - hasonly beenusedasasecond home •Lotsofupgradeshave beenadded to makethisawarm inviting home for the demanding buyer, 2220SF • Master on mainlevel, 2 nice sizedbdrms &full bath upstairs •Home hasamplestorage and anice oversized 2-cargarage •NW Cross ing hasnice parks,easyaccessto schools& downtown MLS¹201311030 2499 NW Crossing

Call Justin M. Lavik, Brokeri 541-460-3064

8• 8


• 3672 SF on1.04irrigated acres

• 39 acres, 17 acres irrigation • Borders government land

• 22,000 SF indoor arenabarn, 80x168 arena + cattle holding pen, 13 stalls w/ runs • 2289 SF, 3bed, 2.5 bath home, granite counters, hardwood & tile floors • Paver patio w/fire pit and water feature MLS¹201401037

• 4 bedrooms, 3 & 2half baths • 5-car garage • Backs USFS land • The only HOAapproved fenced backyard in Widgi Creek •Top qualityfinishesandthe utmostprivacy • A must see! Call Silvia Knight, Broker, ABR,SFR,GREEN

II Ron Davis, Prinapal Brokeri 541-480-3096

541-788-4861i bendluxuryhomest¹



• • •


• 4 beds, 3.5 baths, 3226 SF ¹I • Open floor plan features 2 masters on the main • Expansive great room flows into French country kitchen • Distressed, Belgian wide planked, white oak floors & hand troweled plaster walls • Solidlimestone hand carved bathtub '


•StunningCascadeMountainviews g


• New construction on level I+ Acre lot • Stunning Northwest style w/high end finishes • Open great room floor plan, comfortable yet elegant • Master+ Den on main level, 3 additional bedroomsup • Oversized 3-car garage & 3 outdoor living areas • Gated community w/tennis courts, clubhouse 8i trails MLS¹201303701

• • • • • •

7991 SF 2.8 acres with 400' of private river frontage 800 SF guest cabin 4 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, indoor lap pool River & golf front property Adjacent 3.49 acre lot available at $799,000

• Membership valued at $115,000 included. MLS¹201401047

• 5 acres, 4acresirrigation • Custom home:5987SF,3bed, 4 bath • High quality finishes,3fireplaces, 2mastersuites,gourmetkitchen • Outdoor heatedpool, landscaped,greenhouse • Shop/RV garage- 2880SF,3doors, concrete floor • Barn, paddocks,fenced,gated MLS¹201309777

Deb Tebbs, Broker/Presidenti 541-419-4553 debtebbsgroupC! i

Call PamMayo-Phillips, or Brook Havens, Principal Brokers 541-923-1376 i

Sandy Kohlmoos,Broker,GRI,CRS i541-408-4309

Call Brian Ladd, Principal Broker, Director of Lot Sales

541408-3912 i briant¹

1265 NW Remarkable Dr. f $750,000

Close to Town Country Livingf $815,000

New Home in Tetherow! f $869,000

• Entertain guests in private front courtyard or on back patio w/gas FP & view of Nicklaus Course.



• Remarkab leAddress... Rem arkableView • 3524SF,4bed,3bathhomesitsontopoi the world witha180degreeviewoithe CentralOregonHighDesert • rraveiiine entrle yadsupto expansiveviews • Kitchen w/cherry cabinetryII aformal diningarea • Outsideiswrap-aroundfront deck

• 4 bed, 3 bath, 3381 SF • 10 irrigated acres w/wheel line

'-4I!', Q'

• Cascade views


• Shop 1 - 2 cargarage+ office & den • Shop 2 - 5 cargarage • 2 ponds MLS¹201308637

• Masteronmainlevel withsoakertub • Downstairarea s withbararea

61480 Hackleman '


• 3,078 SF., 3-car garage • Backs to 12th fairway w/ private and treed yard • Includes full membership to Tetherow • February completion

• 3-cargarage,fencedbackyardw/hottub

Located on Mirror Pond! f $1,299,000 • Stones throw from downtown Bend

• Elegant finishes, 3 bedrooms, 4 baths • Remodeled down to studs in 2006 • 10 NW Drake Rd. • MLS¹201306173 Call for a Personal Tour!

Call Chris Sulak, Broker i 541-350-6164

Call Bobby Lockrem, Brokeri 541-480-2356

Call Brian Ladd, Principal Brokeri 541-408-3912

Call Jodi Kearney, Broker i 541-693-4019

blockrem© ~




l •


• •

s I •


e •



e •




.j' '/

L lj;





Caldera Springs Lot ( $149,900

Lot in Super Hot Tetherow ( $212,000

Lot 294 Sable Rock Loop • Large .42 acre site

'f' ' '

tr, ~

• Community walking paths, streams, golf, tennis, pool, fitness ,kayaks,ownerevents, parks 8cfish-stocked lakes


'« f , , a MLS¹201305719

The Norma DuBois and Julie Moe Team, Brokers

Call Chris Sulak, Broker l 541-350-6164

541-3124042 l www


21190 Claremont Ct. ) $275,000

Locatedon the Deschutes River( $349,000

• • • • •

Call Natalie Vandenborn, Broker l 541-508-9581

• Relax andenjoy the viewsfrom your private dockoverlooking the DeschutesRiver • Fully furnished, 2 beds,2 baths inthe mainhouse,detached uest quarters include edroom, bath &living room • 2-car garage &storage unit for all your toys MLS¹201303837 Call Chris Sperry, Principal Broker l 541-749-8479

Nvandenborn¹¹gmall .com


3 bedroom, 2 bath Gardener's paradise Large deck Beautiful 1/2 acre lot Single story with triple car garage

Great SW Area - 61437 Linton Lp( $410,000







. .

• 1312 SF,600 SFgarage '.. ' — ': MLS¹201400743

Call Nicolette Jones, Broker, ABR, CSP 541-241-0432 l nicolette.jones©

17940 Parkway Lane ( $350,000

2 Levels, 2 Living Quarters • Great NE neighborhood • 4 bedrooms, 2 baths+ 2 half baths • 4223 SF,2-car garage & shop area • .25acre lot, private setting • This is a must see! MLS¹201310234

• Permitted GP Building w/llvlng quarter/loft

.r && P4 I



• Bath, laundry area, septic, well & pumphouse •RV hookups inside & out,100 am p breaker in shop • Great location between Sisters & Bend

• Build your dream home while you live in loft area or your RV • MLS¹201105898


Call Joanne McKee, Brokerl 541-480-5159

Call Jordan Grandlund, Principal Broker



60481 Coffee Ct. ( $464,750

Fully Rented 4-Plexf $495,000

• New construction,luxurytownhome • 4bedroom,3.5bathroom • 2540 SF &2-carattached garage • Granite, hardwood&tile throughout

• All units 3 beds,1.5 baths, 1248SF • All units have single ordouble garage • All units remodeledin the past 6 years •Clo seto hospitalandshopping • Solid investment

• Easylivingin apark-like setting • OwnerprivilegesatSeventhMountain Resort • Next to WidgiCreek&t heDeschutes

• 1851 NE Witchita Way

RiverTrail MLS¹201307670


Call Jordan Grandlund, Principal Broker 541%20-1559 or Stephanie Ruiz, Broker

Call Greg Barnwall, Broker l 541-848-7222

Call Brian Ladd, Principal Broker l 541-408-3912

Downtown • New interior/ext. paint & roof

541-480-4186 l melanie¹¹


925 NE 9th Street • 2 bedroom with den/office • Newly remodeled kitchen • Open floor plan • Close to Juniper Swim &

Call Melanie Maitre, Broker ABR, SRES, ePRO

• 17613 (¹10)SparksLane, Sunriver • 4 bed/2.5 bath,2385SF • Decks on levelsandlots of paved parking area • Charming greatroomdesign • Lava rockfireplace, vaulted wood ceiling • Close to SHARC aquatic & the



Midtown Bend ( $229,900

• 3 bed, 2 bath, single level home • Great floor plan, hardwood floors skylights andmuchmore • On 1/4 acre lot with finished shed andcrawlspace • Garage with tons of storage

Peaceful Sunriver Location ( $439,900

• Main level master & study w • Great access to Mt. Bachelor & Downtown • Large bonus room upstairs • Hickory floors, stained beams • • Custom metal work • Immaculate condition

4220 SW Ben Hogan, Redmond ~ $225,000

Lot 33 on Cozy Dryer Court • Flat, easy to build lot is tucked into the eastern edge of Tetherow, called The Glen, allowing for privacyand quiet but close enough to all the amenities Tetherow has to offer • Tetheiow community is more than an award winning golf course, it offers open spaces, miles of trails and direct access to Deschutes National Forest just minutes from downtown Bend! MLS¹201310156

• Near Sunriver -






' .¹e.'

Call Ken Renner, Principal Broker l 541-280-5352



8 Quail - Sunriver ( $515,000

2972 NW Shevlin Meadow Dr. ( $525,000

S tones Throw to River ( $539,900

Classic Elegance NW Bend ( $574,900

• Complete Remodel

•Fanta sticupgradedkitchen, custom cabinetry, stainless appliances • Great room with beautiful builtins, hugebonusroom • Large masterbathroom • 4 bedrooms, 3baths -' • 3-car garagewith RVparking MLS¹201401087

• Dramatic foyer ¹i living area • Exquisite master suite

• 3509 SF, bed, 4 3.5 bath • Formal living, dining, den ¹c family room

• Great room

• Sun room • Master on Main Level • Hardwood • SS Appliances • 2 decks, patio, hot tub • Terrific rental history • MLS¹201303390

Call Ken Renner, Principal Broker l 541-280-5352

Carmen AnnCook, Licensed Oregon Broker l 541-480-6491

3134 NW Fairway Heights

Brand New Construction In Tetherow

• Enjoythisbeautiful customhomew/ lovelyfinishes • Openlloor plaw/ nspaciouskitchen& greatim,living,lk mainlevelmastersuite • Oversized 3cargaragew/shop&storage! • ViewsofRiversEdge Faiiway,the I3th tae &mtns • Enjoytheprivate decking&manufactured gardens. MLS¹20130 8552



•Cascade Mountainviews! •ChristianGladuDesignhomeand TimberlineConstruction collaborated to designthisspacious8r efficient homeinTetherowGolf Club • Homepositionedforpassivesolar ainsand2ndIloor viewsof Cascades • urrently under constructionand slated tobecompletethissummer! Call formoredetails!

Call Shelly Swanson, Broker l 541MB-0086

Carmen Ann Cook, Licensed Oregon Broker l 541-4806491

• 3346 SF

• Big family kitchen • Master w/sauna, balcony ¹c huge closet

• Beamed cathedral ceihngs & loft .

- •4 bedrooms,2 full,2 halfbaths

• 3-car garage • Landscaped,private,elevated

• Beautiful extensive decks • Top end hot tub • 26 Siskin Lane

.66 acre lot uta


Call Greg Barnwell, Broker l 541-848-7222

Call Rhonda Garrison, Principal Broker l 541-279-1768

On the Rim Whychus Creek "Sisters" ( $645,000 •Customhome,3bed,2.5 bath • Single level 2773 SF • Open floor plan w/upgrades • Stunning views, 2.5 acres • Large backdeck • Oversized 2-car garage MLS¹201310275



Call Rod Hatchell, Broker l 541-728-8812

61 330 Tam McArthur Loop ( $735,000 • Beautiful single story • 3 car garage • On 4th fairway in Broken Top • 3 bedrom, 2.5 bath plus den • Vaulted ceilings • 2 fireplaces

Call Natalie Vandenborn, Broker l 541-508-9581


Nvandenborn¹¹gmail .com

In Winston Ranch ( $869,000

• 3727 SF, 3 bedroom 2.5 bath, bonus • 5.25 acres w/1.25 irrigated • HUGE Cascade Mountain

• •


• •


• Beautifully remodeled • Fully fenced with barn, pasture • RV garage with office MLS¹201310641


Call Stephanie Ruiz, Broker l 541-948-5196 stephaniewilsonruiz4¹


Stunning North Rim Home ) $1,550,000 • 4 bed, 4.5 bah, 5294 SF • Chef's dream kitchen with Dacor & Thermador appliances • 1 acre with mountain views


• Big media/bonus room • Heated floors '.", • 3-car garage with workshop . MLS¹201310071

• Additional 4.75 acre exclusive owner use • Last lot on end of QUIET paved road

• All beautiful UPSCALE homes • 16835 Lynwood Lane in Lynwood Acres • Private access to National Forest

• Septic FS approved/shared well MLS¹201309179


Call Myra Gtrod, Broker l 541-815-2400 or Pam Bronson, Broker l 541-788-6767

Call Susie Helfer, Broker, GRIl 541-410-3114


myra. amteam4¹

1061 NW Promontory Ct., Bend • Traditional style home • Attached double car garage • 3 bed, 2 bath, master fireplace • Hardwoods, tilebaths • Built-ins, courtyard, landscaped • Wood trim windows and doors

a ll ane o o , ro e r

Call Silvia Knight, Broker, ABR, SFR,Green l 541-7884861


• • e I



• 8•

8• 8


features • Open, inviting great room, additional family room • 3-car tandem garage/2 with storage • Surround sound, radiant in-floor heat, heat pump, central A/C, wired for security. Call for more info!

Call Brian Ladd, Principal Broker l 541-408-3912



• 4 bedrooms (2 main level suites), 3 baths • 3299 SF, .24 acre • One owner custom home with many quality



Call Kelly Winch, Broker l 541-390-0398

109 NW Gander • Awesome views of the Signature Hole, ponds at Pllot Butte • Gated, pool, golf & tennls • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1921 SF • Just minutes from the River Trail and Downtown Bend MLS¹201400754







• 3

• Complete remodelincluding gj I kitchen, bathrooms,flooring, paint (interior), decks • A/C and wired for hot tub • Large great room, wood burning stove, highceilings • Open kitchen area with breakfast bar • Master bedroom with sitting area anddeck • 1/2 acre landscapedlot with sprinklers, 2-car attachedgarage • Community clubhousewith river accessandpark • Additional info at

e a¹

2169 NW Lolo Drive • Set atop a large corner lot • Great room with modern, exotic woods and stones • Tons of windows capture the light • His & hers offices • 3 bed, 2.5 bath, 312B SF MLS¹201401112 Call The Norma DMBois and Julie Moe Team, Brokers 541-312-4042 l

• 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 3167 SF • Rooftop terrace Cascade View • Gourmet kitchen, built-ins • Walking access to town/trails • Upgrades throughout • 2-car garage, personal elevator MLS¹201311003 see video at Call Brian Ladd, Principal Broker l 541-408-3912•


• •


4 •




Recreational Homes 8 Property









Manufactured/ Mobile Homes


Mfd JMobile Homes with Land E state living i n T h e 13601 SW Canyon Dr. P rime p r operty a t Highlands at Broken 1.13 acres, Mt. Jeffer- Crooked River Ranch 20784 Valentine - 1998 4.95 acres with 1755 7'/s acre property with Cute as can be 2 bdrm, Top 10 acres, gated, son views, owner will with Cascade views! 2 bedroom + office sq. ft. 3 bdrm, 2 bath upgraded 1742 sq. ft. 2 bath, extra building carry. $58,500 Property i s com (den), very open floor home. private well, utilities at $14 4 ,900. 3 bdrm, 2 bath home, outback. Landscaplot, app for cap-fill ¹201106385 pletely fenced. Cor plan. Attached double 15451 Sixth St., La fireplace, 2 b o n us ing and much more! septic. $53 5 ,000. Juniper Realty ner lot, near firehall. garage, turn-key and Pine. High Lakes Re- rooms, storage, fence, MLS 201 3 03383. 541-504-5393 MLS¹ 201 2 00937 $79,900. MLS¹ move-in c o n dition. alty 8 Property Man- p rivate w ell. M L S $120,000. MLS Pam Lester, Principal $155,000 - Private 20140064. Call Linda $56,550. agement 201407097. $159,900 201303383. Linda Lou Broker Century 21 Lou Day-Wright. 541Cascade Village 541-536-0117 Nancy Popp, Day-Wright Broker c o mmunity! Gold Country Realty, gated 771-2585 C r o oked Homes N.W. LLC 541-771-2585 Principal Broker 20 Acres! Powell 50760 South Fawn, La Inc. 541-504-1338 River Realty 541-388-0000 541-815-8000 Crooked River Realty Butte w/easy a cPine. Top-of-the-line 3 Hager Mountain Estates cess to a i rports, $50,000 2.16 Acres1980 sq.ft. home, newly bdrm 2 bath, 2100 sq. Crooked River Realty W ow! County s a y s r e c r e- P ossible 4 lots, $25,000 each lo- shopping, Own e r updated kit c hen, ft. home with shop, Beautiful, well cared for 1512 sq. ft. however ation. All C e ntral Carry! Short walk to cated in Silver Lake. fenced/gated, h u ge $169,000. 1.13 acres. 3 bdrm 2 bath mfd. there is an air condiOregon has to offer. Underground power Deschutes R i v er. bonus room, w/sepa- High Lakes Realty 8 home on t t /s a c r e tioned 11.5'x14' boand conduit for phone Well, septic feasibilVery private setting. rate entrance, natural Property M a n agecorner lot close to nus room. Plus den, and internet. Views of ity done. Ready for Enjoy c o mmunity light. 1-acre. $159,900 ment 541-536-0117 p avement, Wra p util. room, 2-mo.-old Hager Mountain. Sep- your dream home. amenities of golf, - MLS 201308329 Call around kitchen with pump with coolMLS¹201303502 tic feasibility for stanfishing, swimming & Nancy Popp, Princi- 1146 Linda Drive, La lots of counter and heat ing, water heater is 2 Call Charlie or dard system. The more. MLS pal Broker, 541-815- Pine. 3/2 1188 sq. ft. c upboard spa c e , Virginia, Principal yrs old, 36x36 shop area is a sportsman's 2013035028000. Crooked River double wide, 2 car ga- laundry roo m o ff h as two 1 0 ' d o o r Brokers rage, shop on 1 acre. kitchen has back door paradise. Call Charlie or Realty a 541-350-3418 $98,000. High Lakes to garage area. with w/openers an d Bobbie Strome, Virginia, Principal 864 sq.ft. shop w/heat, Realty & Redmond RE/MAX Pr o perty sliding glass door to 12x16 door. Add-on in Principal Broker Brokers RV pad w/dump, 3 back is 16x36 with 10' Land & Homes Management John L Scott Real 541-350-3418 cover deck. Nice din- door plus wood storbdrm, 2 bath beauti- 541-536-0117 Real Estate Estate 541-385-5500 Redmond RE/MAX ing area. $ 154,900 fully appointed home. age. Fenced chain 541-771-7786 Land & Homes Enclosed garden, with 2 Mfd. homes currently MLS 201303530 Half acre commercial lot 16160 SW Dove Rd. link with gate to govReal Estate Cascade Realty, Den"Dynaused a s ren t als. raised beds. ernment lands. Plus near Sunriver near 541-771-7786 6.1 acre cornerlot, mite" Cascade views. Property has a ton of nis Haniford, Princ. boat store, restaurant and Mtn. storage. views, near Desother bu s inesses. chutes River. $89,900 5.5 acres, septic, power One acre. $139,900 potential. First home Broker 541-536-1731 $159,900. MLS is built i n 1 973, 2 Now only $45,000. 20134458 Cascade and water installed. MLS 201309296 MLS 201205646 Realty, Dennis HaniScott McLean, Located near the en- Nancy Popp, Principal bdrm, 1 bath, and the Garage Sales Juniper Realty second home is built Principal Broker ford, Princ. Broker, trance of the Ranch. Broker 541-815-8000 541-504-5393 in 1998, 2 bdrm, 2 541-408-6908 Garage Sales 541-536-1731 $119,900 MLS Crooked River Realty bath. The homes are Realty Executives 16535 SW Chinook Dr. 201104846 Call Linda FACTORY SPECIAL on a t otal of 4 . 15 5.68 acres, R i ver Garage Sales USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! Day- Wright. 541New Home, 3 bdrm, Nice flat lot in Terreb- v iews, owner w i l l Lou acres. Storage build771-2585 C r o oked $46,500 finished onne, .56 a c res, carry. $225,000 MLS River Realty ings, carports. Nice Find them on your site. Door-to-door selling with p aved street, a p - 201106408. Juniper clean property. MLS J andM Homes in fast results! It's the easiest proved fo r c a p-fill Realty 541-504-5393 7965 SW R iver R d. ¹201306120. 541-548-5511 septic, utilities at lot $139,900 The Bulletin way in the world to sell. 2.79 acres, near the line. $42,000. MLS 16685 SW Chinook Dr. D eschutes Cascade Realty, Riv e r . People Look for Information Classifieds 6.9 acres, River ¹ 2012001172 P a m About Products and Dennis Haniford, The Bulletin Classified $49,000 ¹201009429 views, all utilities inLester, Principal BroServices Every Day through Principal Broker Juniper Realty 541-385-5809 541-385-5809 stalled, owner carry. ker, Century 21 Gold 541-536-1731 The Bulletin Classifieds 541-504-5393 $189,000 MLS Country Realty, Inc. 201008671 Juniper Beautiful and peaceful 541-504-1338 Realty 541-504-5393 waterfront property, SHEVLIN RIDGE $229,000 Gorgeous 21 acres with Cas17,000 Sq.ft. Iot, apcade m t n vi e w s. proved plans. More panoramic views of MLS R o ck , 4.9 $450,000. details and photos on Smith 201310537. John L. craigslist. $149,900. buildable acres, 2 t/s Scott Rea l E s tate acres COI irrigation, 541-389-8614 horse friendly, septic 541-548-1712 feasibility approved, 21 SW Chipmunk power at street. 3347 Lot • Acr e ages Rd. 5.16 acre, with 2 NE Xenolith St. Call storage sheds. Partial Veronica or Secily, Lot 16 SW Shad Rd. 541-610-5672 or mtn view. community 2.7 acres, Mt. Jeffer 541-639-6307. water insta l led. son 8 S m ith RockWindermere C e ntral $60,000 ¹201300800 $149,900 - Build your MORRIS views. $58, 0 00. Oregon Real Estate Juniper Realty dream home on this REAL ESTATE MLS¹ 201208266 541-504-5393 large gently sloping lot I&g M Qy~ ~ o~ r Juniper Realty with views of Mt. JefWant to impress the 541-504-5393 Recreation Property [ ferson & Mt. Hood; Broken Top Lot [ relatives? Remodel $96,000 also adjacent to the $320,000 1 Mustang Road, your home with the • 320 acres of privacy walking trail and pond. • .65acre cul-de-sac lot Lot 5.11 acre corner lot help of a professional • Well, power, barn, Easily accessible on • Cascade Mountain on paved road, mtn fenced the corner of High- views from The Bulletin's view. $95,000. MLS • LOP tags land View Loop & • 13th Hole & Lake "Call A Service 201310051 J u niper • MLS 201400050 T rail C r eek. M L S views Realty 541-504-5393 Professional" Directory Steve Payer, ¹201400392 • MLS 201310090 Broker, GRI Eagle Crest Properties David Gilmore, Broker Open Space & Privacy, acres g randfa541-480-2966 866-722-3370 541-312-7271 $60,000. 4.78 acres, 3.18 thered in. Septic and Cascade M o untain w ater o n t h e l o t , 1525 Murrelet Dr. Eagle v iews, t r ee d lo t , power at the r oad. Unlike unregulated Internet advertising, we make every Crest, Ochoco Mtn Crooked River Ranch. MLS v iews, 1 7 t h ho l e 2012 0 8989 attemPt to enSure that PrOduCtS SOld in our ClaSSifiedS are MLS¹201307047. Challenge Course, .49 $79,900. MORRIS Call Gail Day, MORRIS acre lot, bring your Crooked River Realty REAL ESTATE from a valid source. 541-306-1018. builder. $1 5 0 ,000. REAL ESTATE Call L ind a Lou Central Oregon Realty I~ ~ ~ or m r MLS ¹201305175 541-771-2585 I&~ tly~ ~ ~ d Group, LLC Lynn Johns, Principal West Powell Butte EsBroker, 541-408-2944 Eagle Crest, 1 0 151Views! Views! Views! 32.42 Acres in Urban tates, gated commuSundance Ridge Lp. Growth Bo u ndary, Central Oregon Big Smith Rock views, $149,900. Flat, open, Adjacent t o The nity, mtn. views, priResort Realty .44 acre lot, backs to buildable 9.32 acres Greens, kitty corner to vate well, paved roads Po w ell new Ridgeview High with access to BLM. 1.71 acres, septic apCline Butte & B LM. located i n MLS proved power and $159,900. MLS Butte. School. $7 5 0,000. $169,000 MLS¹201310923 water at the street. ¹201304889 MLS ¹ 201 2 03193 2 01305077 . Pa m David Franke, $39,900 ¹201307972 Lynn Johns, Principal Pam Lester, Principal Lester, Principal Bro541-420-5986 ker Century 21 Gold Linda Lou Day-Wright. Broker, 541-408-2944 Broker, Century 21 Central Oregon Realty 541- 771-2585 Central Oregon Gold Country Realty, Country Realty, Inc. 541-504-1338 Group, LLC Crooked River Realty Resort Realty Inc. 541-504-1338

$50,000- Fairhaven, an Brand New C u stom established neighbor1 032 T r ai l Cr e e k hood, has 5 building lots available! Drive. Frank Lloyd See online at Wright inspired home backing to creek w/ Call Frank, mtn views. 2681 sq.f t. 541-480-9327 3 bdrm, 2.5 bath + ofRedmond RE/MAX fice. Formal dining and 3-car garage, Land 8 Homes Real Estate 541-771-7786 luxury finishes throughout. $469,900. 5 Acre lots SE PrinevMLS 201308237 ille. $75 , 000 Lynn Johns, Principal $ 82,500. Ready t o Broker, 541-408-2944 build with wells and Central Oregon paved roads. Resort Realty Scott McLean, Principal Broker Advertise your car! 541-408-6908 Add A Picture! Realty Executives Reach thousands of readers! Call 541-385-5808 Highland View LP. The Bulletin Classlfleds 914 Eagle Crest, UnobCabin on Deschutes! 2 structed Mtn views. bed cabin overlook- .44 Acre lot, back to ing Deschutes river BLM, privacy galore w /separate gue s t with views. $134,900. quarters & dbl garage. MLS ¹201307060 MLS 201 3 08238. Lynn Johns, Principal $239,900.Nancy Broker, 541-408-2944 Central Oregon Popp, Principal Broker 541-815-8000 Resort Realty Crooked River Realty $97,000 - 2.59 acres. R eady t o bu i l d. 771 MLS¹201100751 Lots Call Travis L. HanPC, Principal Vacant Lot in Crooked nan, Broker R iver R a nch $ 34,500. L evel & 541-788-3480 Redmond RE/MAX treed buildable lot, Land & Homes 1.44 acres. Enjoy all Real Estate t he a m enities o f 541-771-7786 Crooked River Ranch. MLS¹201309880. Find It in Gail Day, 541-306-1018 Central Oregon Realty The Bulletin CfassiTieds! Group, LLC 541-385-5809 $25,000 - $65,000. S pectacular lots i n Broken Top ( $269,000 Yarrow s ubdivision, • .45 acre lot the newer develop- • Backs non-development in the east hills ment zone of Madras. Very near • Flatterrain the new aquatic Cen- • MLS 201400288 ter, middle school and Lisa McCarthy, Broker 541-419-8639 COCC campus. Home ID YARROW Eagle Crest Pro p erties 866-722-3370


Mfd JMobile Homes with Land

Mfd . / Mobile Homes with Land


Buy 5 Sell Safely In The Bulletin Classifieds


Call541-385-5809to place your Id today.


• 0





Amazing, quality build home with Deschu!es River views. Beoutifvlly appointed 4 bed, 3.5 both homewith open floor This hard to find property features over 5300 SF of pure lon boasting a gourmet kitchen, outdoor living area with luxury 8 a fantastic floor plan. 5 Bed, 4.5 Bath. Much itchen, romantic master, bonus room, library, 3car garage, more!www.6N! 8 more!

Features 3 suite bedrooms plus den/office. Dream kitchen. Entertain indoor/out on the extended covered patio. Private landscaped yard that backs to the golf

This Steve Madsen designed home offers easy river trail access. Attached greenhouse, large lot, specimen trees. Master on the main. Office & flex areas. Private outdoor

Lasli Fox

He a t her Coleman

K a r en Malan ea



' •

C i n dy King



~ I

• f





$495,000 Updated but original charm still shines. 3 beds, 2 baths, claw foot tub, built-ins, Cherry hardwood, gas fireplace, basement 8 true craftsmanship make this home special.

Melody Luelllng


I I :

$475 000


Toke advantage of this rare resale opportunity for a Pahlisch Home at The Bridges for $300,000. Slab granite, bonus room, A/C, 2 car garage, Resort Amenities people love!

Pr l scilla Martin

E d le & Sam Delay


Ml c helle Gregg


• s

' •

' •



2656 NW Ordway Ave. Charming 3 bed, 2.5 bath Beautiful Pahlisch Homes model-2005 SF one level on home with separate living quarters (ADU) above the NW Clubhouse Dr. in River's Edge. Now open Thursgarage with its own entrance. Minutes from downtown, Sun 12-4. Variety of homes for sale from $339,950trails, & skiing.www.2656ordway. $460,



: 'p.>;



$235,000 Pending in 3 days! Beautiful newer 1464 SF light and bright home in cute SE Bend neighborhood

This charming home in NW Bend is situated within walking distance to the Deschutes River! Highly energy efficient construction 8 fully landscaped with fenced backyard!www. 1

Ryan Buccola

New Pohlisch Homescommunity in Redmond. Model Open Fri-Sun 12-4. Prices a! $209,950-$255,000. Voriely of homes to view...l450-2008 SF. Come visit 8 see these great homes!wtrww.333628fhlot72.

R h l a nna Kunkler

Ml c helle Gregg

on a corner lot.







• ' a






$390,000 116 Modoc, Sunriver

$700,000 I Complete Tumalo Package

• 3 mastersuites • Extensive remodelin 2011 • 1902 SF owner occupied or vacation rental • Close to all Sunriver hasto offer

acreage • Stunning mtn views, pond, fully fenced • 3 AC of irrigation & a commercial greenhouse • Detached office & much more!

EXEEI% 541 $41 0 $8084

$235,000 I Redmond Family Home

$165,000 I Professional Office In Redmond

• Gently sloping0.48AC AwbreyButtelot readyto build on • Sits between 2 existing homes • Backs Mt. Washington Drive • HOA $120 ayear




541 4 2 0

$185,000 I AGreat Home InLa Pine!

• 748 NE Apachecircle, Redmond • 2570 SF, 4 bed, 2.5 bath • Open floor plan & great room • 3 car tandem garage • Bonus room upstairs

• River CanyonEstates • 2550 SF • 3 bed, 2.5 bath • 3car tandemgarage • Water feature • 19777 Baneberry Avenue



$124,900 I Updated Farmhouse

• Open floor plan • Fully fenced acre • Circular driveway • Large garage • Park like setting


• 0.81 AC parcel • 1232 SF • 3 bed, 1 bath • Nicely updated home! • MLSP 201310879

• MLSII201306933

$449,000 I Riverfront Condo, Downtown Bend

•Openfloorplan • 3 bed & 2bath • 1579 SF • Fully fenced • 9FT ceilings

541 $390 $52 8 8

•a •

Rinehart, Dempseg EtPhelps


EYY • nls • Yo u Y YY I I c o

• 4 bed, 3 bath • 2628SFona0.3AClot • Custom finishesthroughout • Greatbackyardfor entertaining • Situated at the end

corals • Borders BLM,

Cleme Rinehart 541-480-2100 54 1 - 4 1 0 . 8 5 5 7

$1,020,000 I StellarInvestment Property!

ofa cul-de-sac

-5 /


w ww.rine h a r t d e m p s e y . c o m

• Golf course, 5th fairway in Rivers EdgeVillage • Near river trails & shopping • Master on main floor with walk in closets & spacious master bath • Open greatroom,loft/office 1 bed &bath upstairs

$599,000 I 61667 Tall Tree

• 3-4 bed, 2 bath,1959SF • 36X28 3 bay shop building •24X25equipmentcarport • Completely fenced with

Andrea Phelps 5 41-408-4770

$299,900 I 3016 Club House


541 $771 $1 1 88 ERIC ANDREWS, BROKER

I I $ • nt Yo x Y • lu •

Patty Dempsey • 541-480-5432



• 2910 SF • Single levelliving • Stunning kitchen • Two mastersuites • 0.46 AC fenced lot • Gorgeous open floor plan

$339,000 I HistoricRanch On 9 Acres, Bend

• Wonderful retreatattheend ofthe road • Open kitchen,dining area, largeliving room& deck • Large barn/shop & storage sheds

541 - 4 1 0 - 1 2 0 0

$599,900 I Tuscany Style Luxury In Bend

• Open floor plan • Fresh paint • Granite counters • Two balconies • Detached garage


$724,000 I 69173 Bay Drive


54 1 . 6 3 3 - 0 2 5 5

•2598SF,3 bed &2.5bath • Family room,built in bar, 8 den • Loadedwith upgrades • Big patio & hot tub •Corner lot

• Spacious duplex in NE Bend • 2 bed, 1 bath with single car garages • Light & bright open floor plans • Professionally managed


$299,900 I Rare Investment Opportunity!


$189,999 I Great Investment Opportunity

8499,500 I Close In Small Acreage •3321 SFhome •2000 SFshop/garage • Beautifully landscaped with tranquil pond • Bring your RV,

• Blocks from Sage Elementary • 1834 SF, 4 bed & 2 bath

professionally managed • Unit 8 is a two story built in 2003 • 5bed &2.5bath

• Bi

541 $306 $047 9 CH RISTIN HUNTER, BROKER 541 9 7 7 1 8 5 2 TO NY LEVISON, BROKER

Questions about Real Estate?

Windermere ,:' ILEAL KSTATE .


• Fully occupied duplex

•Two homes ononelotin Midtown • Tenant occupied &



$284,950 I Picture Perfect

$237,500 I Investment Property

• 11 unit townhome complex • 2 bed, 1.5 bath with attached garages • Professionally managed & well maintained

541 -48 0 - 7 1 83


• Commerciause l approved • 5 car parking • Updated interior • Low down payment& financing available •Vacant & ready to move in


$179,900 I SW Redmond



541 $41 9 $8758


$394,500 I Must See!

541 8 4 8

$224,900 I Stunning Cascade Mtn Views

•3645SF homeon small

$329,900 I AmazinVi gews! AmazingLogHome!


horses, and all yourtoys

541 3 9 0



$859,000 l Shevlin Ridge Stunner

Call our Bend or Redmond office!

695 SW ivliu View Way Bend, OR 97782 Tel: 541 388 0404 Cell: 54141 08884 Fax: 541 389 7915 apitarro@windermere.eom

We have answers... Available 7 days a week




a ar$ ai l l$$$$ Yvo w ~ e r $ $

• 3275 SFhomeon 30 AC • 4 bed, 3 bath ,i • Family room, office &hobby room • Huge 40X60 shop


$ 480 $71 83


$179,000 I Great Craftsman Home


• 3bed,2bath,2500+SF & on1.87AC • Lots of flex space, so muchpotential • Incredible indoor & outdoor living • Large master with sauna 8 private balcony • Shop& RVareaswith 220, beautifully maintained, a mustseel

Call Today!

$579,900 I Room To Roam, Inside 8 Out


$389,900 I Ranch Home, Barn, Shop

• 3 bed, 2 bath • 9 FT ceiling • Tile counters in kitchen • Fireplace • Move in condition • Landscaped & fenced









$104,000 I One Acre In Vandervert Acres

• 6.39 AC & 3 AC irrigated • Zoned for 2 AC lots • 5stallbarn &60FT

• One acre fencedcorner

round pen • Great mountain views • 210X1 05arena • Oversized garage & large

• MLSII201400908

• MLSII201309251

$255,000 I Beautiful Home With City Views





landscaping • MLSII201400535












• 2 renovated 2 bedcondos • High end finishes • City view • Near COCC & Newport Market • Professionally managed & Welmai l ntained




I' I'

$145,000 I Bends Westside

lot • Huge shop with one bay door that can easily fit a large RV &muchmore • 1440 SF manufactured home • Both shop & home have metal roofs


• 2137 SF home • 4 bed, 2 bath • Vaulted ceiling • Newly remodeled kitchen • Slab granite & heated slate floors • 2 patios, fenced & mature

• R.D. building & design • New construction • 3553 SF & 42X16RVgarage • 3 bed (2 full) & 2.5 bath, bonus room plus office

' '


•0 $


. •












' l e




AI (

4"4" A'g





• • I


• •

II I •





• 4460 sq.ft. • 3 bedroom,4.5 bath • 17th fairway & pondviews • MLS 201400886


»» AA


:,- Ik..+ „» BROKEN TOP j $1,100,000 DAWNULRICKSON, BROKERC , RS, GRI, CHMS 541-610-9421


BROKEN TOP j $850,000 • 2753 sq.ft. contemporary • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath • .48acre on 1stfairyway


541 390 9598 • MLS 201400981




DIANEROBINSON, ' 2593 sq B. • 2 master suites BROKER ABR


541-419-8165 • MLS 201301793

541-948-0991 • MLS 201400616


• Historic character - renovated

• 5004 sq.ft, 4 bedroom • Gourmet kitchen theater room • 2.18 acres, extensive decking

NW BEND j SS49,900 • 2178 sq.ft. new construction • 3bedroom 25bath den • .22acre


541-728-8615 • MLS 201400439

SUNRIVER j $549,000 • 2264 sq.ft. JACKJOHNS, • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath BRQKER GRj • .30acre 541-480-9300 • MLS 201400042

TUMALO RANCH j $549,000 DARRINKElEHER, • 2 homes, multiple outbuildings • 33.12 acres,fenced,cross-fenced BRQKER '


d (A

541-788-0029 • MLS 201400239

NW BEND$545,000 j pEBME JOHNSQN • 2168 sq.ft. Pahlischbuilt • 3 bedroom, 3 bath BROKER • Hardwood floors,granite kitchen 541-480-1293 • MLS 201401052


• SINGLE LE VEL j $499,000 ANESTRELL BROKERABR GRI •3 bedroom,3 bath


541-948-7998 • MLS 201304836

541-322-2417 • MLS 201305542

» 5 aci'es

5 ACRES j $430,000 • 2625 sq.ft. • 4 bedroom, 2 bath


• Beautiful landscape, pond

541-480-2269 • MLS 201309091

RIVERRIM j $424,900

• 1800 sq.ft, sitle n level


• 3bedroom,2 ath


• Fenced, mature landscaping

541-350-6049 • MLS 201401042


1,9 ACRE S- VIEWS j $4154OI • 1500 sq.ft. updatedhome • 3 bed~oo~ 2 bath • Shop,fenced,Swalley irrigation • MLS 201400856


• 4 bedroom,2.5 bath





• Cascade Mountain views

g RIVER CANYONESTATESl $394,900 • 2452 sq.ft., hardwoodfloors • 4 bedroom,2.5 bath • Earth Advantage, EnergyStar

541 408 1511 • MLS 201401050


SKYUNER SUMMIT / $393,000 • 2525 sq.ft.


• 4 bedroorn, 3.5 bath • .l 1 acre lot

541-383-4334 • MLS 201309912

imsr i (.'

=- C((~


ELKHORN RIDGEj $315,000 • 2245 sq.ft, home • 4 bedroom, 3 bath • Landscaped, fenced yard

• MLS 201308088

PARK.UKE SHTING j $369900 MICHAEL JHQPP, • 2302 sq h • 4 bedroom, 2 bath BRQKER • .91acre, mountain views

541-390-0504 • MLS 201401051


MT BA CHElORVILLAGEl $349,500 • 1194 sq.ft. condo • 2 bedroom, 2 bath • Fully furnished

• MLS 201400901


STONEHA VEN j $325,000 • 2220 sq.ft. Earth Advantage • 3 bedroom,den, 3 bath • Landscaped with irrigation system

• MLS 201400755

SE BEND j $319,900


• '


3 bedroorn, 3 bath • .19acre, fencedyard

541-480-7647 • MLS 201309521

W. ><' ,,Ifll'I Pil


SW BENDj $299,000 • 2142 sq.ft. single level

KEILY NEUMAN ' 4 bedroom, 2 bath PRINCIPAI • .37landscapedacre BROKER 541-480-2102 • MLS 201400639


' 14.56 acres DANAMRlER, PRINCIPAL BROKER ' Mt Shasta & golf courseviews • Cul-de-sac,backsBLM ABR,AHWD 541-408-1468 • MLS 201400802

SUNRIVER j $219,900 • 1366 sq.ft. furnishedhome


' 3 bedroom, 2 bath • .26acre lot

541-588-0681 • MLS 201305726

NE BENDI $249,500

• BROKEN TOPj $269,000 GLIHYpll NCRQ • .45acre lot BROKER, CSP g •Backsnondevelopmentzone

AMy HALU GAN • 1728 sq.ft. BRQKER ' • + 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath

541-410-5280 • MLS 201400288

541-410-9045 • MLS 201309188

• Flatterrain

• .16acre corner lot





~t' -,.




• .25acre lot • Cascade Mountain view • Close to Shevlin Park

541-480-1911 • MLS 201301093

RIDGE ATEAGLECRESTj $234$00 • 1419 sq.ft. Townhome

DIANELpZBp • 2 bedroom, 2 bath BRQKER 541-548-3598, • On the creek 541-306-9646 • MLS 201302108 '

NW REDMOND j $115,000 MINPAMCKITRICK, • 3 bedroom, 2 bath BRpKERGRI • Close to Dry Canyon & schools 541-280-6148 • MLS 201400737 '


LA PINE j $154,900 • I 704 sq,ft,

• 3 bedroom, 2 bath e Park 541-383-435 • I acre, near La PinState 541-896-1263 • MLS 201310343


• NW BENDLOTj $149,000 CMCL THFBEPI IKTFC, BRQKER AM CRS' • Possible SmithRock&Mtn views • Near communitycollege GREEN 541-383-4350 • MLS 201401078


g/ RIDGE ATEAGLECRESTj $119,900 GREG FLOYDK, • Views to north and east BRQKER • Close to upper athletic facility 541-390.5349 • MLS 201307552 '

NW BEND CONDOj S110,000 DARRINKE lEHER 549 sq.ft. ground floor unit • I bedroom, I bath BRQKER I HCAd 541-188-0029 • MLS 201400749 '


• Cascade Mountain views • .32to .36 acre lots • Golf, pool, tennis & trails

• MLS 201301147

• PRINEVILLE j $99,000 • » 2.04 acres JJ JQNE S • Cascade Mountain views BRQKER ' 541 610 7318 • Crooked River views 541-788-3618 • MLS 2704850

NE BEND j $75,000 GREG FLpyp PC • .14acre duplex lot ' • » Canal easement in back of lot BRpKLR • City water & sewer

541 390 5349 • MLS 201400613


Create or find Classifieds at To place an ad call 541-385-5809


Pets & Supplies


Want to Buy or Rent CASH for dressers, dead washers/dryers 541-420-5640 Wanted: $Cash paid for vintage costume jewelry. Top dollar paid for Gold/Siiver.l buy by the Estate, Honest Artist Elizabeth,541-633-7006 205

Items for Free D OWNSIZING! 1 - 3 friendly llamas, free

to good home only 541-388-1852 208


Fu r niture & Appliances





Antiques 8 Collectibles

Guns, Hunting & Fishing


Gardening Supplies & Equipment

H & H FIREARMS Buy, Sell, Trade, Consign. Across From Pilot Butte Drive-In 541-382-9352 Reloading equipment & supplies, Sonic cleaner, presses, primers, cartridges, numerous accessories. 541-678-5740 SIG P938 with crimson trace, black with rose red grip, 3 clips. $750 541-604-4203.

Natural gas Ruud tankless water heater, brand new! 199 Btu, $1800. Also brand new 80 gal. electric water heater, $500. In Sunriver area.

Computer desk, $50. Large silver & onyx cow541-526-5959 boy belt buckles (3) $80 Couch/Chair set, Ashley for all. 541-389-9377 w/chaise, good cond, $200. 541-526-5959 Mid-Century Unique ADORABLE English Springer Futon, oak frame, dbl Spaniel pups! $675 mattress, cover, $100. girls; $600 boys; 1st 541-420-4303 shots; dew claws G ENERATE SO M E removed. EXCITEMENT in your 541-408-7614 neighborhood! Plan a Head & Footboard, garage sale and don't with wood-grain look, forget to advertise in double size has no r y • e classified! side rails. Could be 541-385-5809. repurposed into a La-Z-Boy Recliner, good garden bench, or a larqe in size, $50. unique item. Use HAVANESE PUPPIES shape, your imagination! AKC, Dewclaws, UTD 541-526-5959 Asking$75. shots/wormer, non-shed, Loveseat, beautiful Rach541-419-6408 hypoallerqenic, $850 elin Classics, cream, sac541-4600-1277. rifice $150. 541-410-1312 Jack Russell/Fox Ter- Loveseat, reclines on Oak Showcase rier mix puppies (2). 8 both sides, $25 takes it! 60" long, 24" wide w eeks. $ 15 0 C a l l541-526-5959 42" high. Great 541-323-1787 or counter case, NEED TO CANCEL 541-419-6485 YOUR AD? plate glass top. Llewellin Setter/black 8 The Bulletin $475 white Walker puppies! Classifieds has an 541-382-6773 Eye-catching w/lots of "After Hours"Line c olor; t h ey're v e r y Call 541-383-2371 friendly & love people. 1 Stamp Collector 24 hrs. to cancel Cash paid for new or female O $125; 2 males your ad! O $100. 541-447-1323 used postage stamps. Rolltop Desk, s mall, Honest old collector! good condition, $75. 541-279-0336

Stag Arms AR-15: Model Stag15, 5.56/223, Stainless steel barrel. Leupold Firedot G 3-9X40 Scope, MagPul PRS buttstock, Hogue grip, Bipod.$1875 Call 541-410-3568


For newspaper delivery, call the Circulation Dept. at 541-385-5800 To place an ad, call

pillow. $900. Call toseel 541-385-9318 in Bend

~0 0


or email

Has only 300 hours, (lamps have average life of 800-1000 hours of effective tanning usage). 1 owner, great condition, includes manual, goggles 8 head

Employment Opportunities




Sunvision Pro 28LX Tanning Bed

476 8

The BuHetin 270

Lost & Found


Employment Opportunities

Add your web address to your ad and readers on The Bulletin's web site,, will be able to click through automatically to your website.

USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! Found Ferret, l o oks Door-to-door selling with ounger, on SW Canai in edmond, Feb. 18th. fast results! It's the easiest Call 541-923-6593 way in the world to sell.

S tTVi&gta~m APPUANCE Delivery Driver / Warehouse Worker

Standard TV & Appliance is looking for a deliyery driyer. This position is full-time

and requires heavy lifting, l e a dership, professional appearance and ability to work Saturdays and Sundays. D r i vers need recent experience driving a box truck and must be insurable with no more than 3 moving violations. Must also pass a background check, lift test/physical and drug screen. Apply in erson at: 6 3 736 aramount Dr., Bend, OR 97701 or online at www.standardtv a~da lla ca. a licant'obs

The Bulletin Classified 541-385-5809 REMEMBER: If you Strawberry Mountain The Bulletin Offers have lost an animal, Adopt a rescued cat! Gun & Knife Show don't forget to check Bookkeeper Fixed, shots, ID chip, Grant County Fairgrounds Free Private Party Ads • 3 lines - 3 days John Day, OR The Humane Society Experienced Booktested, more! 65480 • Private Party Only Bend keeper needed. MiniMarch 8-9, 2014 78th, B end/Tumalo, 541-382-3537 mum of 5 yrs. Must Saturday 9-5• Sunday 9-3 • Total of items adverT hurs/Sat/Sun, 1 - 5, bought a new boat? BUY-SELL-TRADE tised must equal $200 Redmond multi-task, meet dead- Just 389-8420, 598-5488. Sell your old one in the rantcoun air or Less 541-923-0882 lines and have payroll classifieds! Ask about our 641-575-1 900 FOR DETAILS or to Prna llla experience for 35-40 Super Seller rates! 541-388-9223 Adult barn/shop cats, PLACE AN AD, 541-447-7178; people. Experience in 541-385-5809 The Bulletin reserves Wanted: Collector seeks fixed, shots, most not o C altoata construction industry is Sofa, 70", rounded arms, the right to publish all high quality fishing items Call 541-385-5809 suitable as pets. No Fax 541-385-5802 5a1-388-8cao. a plus. 541-388-4340 Driver skirt at bottom, light teal ads from The Bulletin & upscale bamboo fly fee & free local deliv$75. 541-923-7491 Night Driver needed newspaper onto The rods. Call 541-678-5753, Wanted- paying cash ery. 541-389 8420 Apply at Owl Taxi, or 503-351-2746 Mslti-Poo tiny designer Washer, Maytag Nep- Bulletin Internet webfor Hi-fi audio & stuBULLETINCLASSIFIE08 1919 NE 2nd St., Aussie Mini, 5 mo male, puppies, mother 8 Ibs, tune front load, works site. dio equip. Mclntosh, Search the area's most 253 Bend, OR 97701 black tri, good w/kids & father 3 lbs.i no mat- great! $100; + FREE JBL, Marantz, Dycomprehensive listing of TV, Stereo & Video cows, crate/leash trained, ting, no shedding, hypo- dryer! 541-526-5959 The Bulletin naco, Heathkit, Sanclassified advertising... Sanang Cannai Oregon since sgte Office Assistant allergenic. Boy $825, $300. 541-460-9600 sui, Carver, NAD, etc. real estate to automotive, Front Central Oregon DirectTV 2 Year Savgirl $925. 541-233-6328 Call 541-261-1808 merchandise to sporting A ussies Min i A K C , The Bulletin 215 Acupuncture ings Event! Over 140 goods. Bulletin Classifieds has an opening for a Blue/Red merles, M/F, Manx Kittens WANTED! recommends extra Coins & Stamps channels only $29.99 Wilson Electronics cellappear every day in the blue eyes starting @ 2 females, of breeder I ca ton a a n p r Front Office Assistant in a month. O nly Di- phone booster, $75. print or on line. $400. 541-598-5314 quality. 541-408-6869 chasing products or I our Bend Clinic, approx recTV gives you 2 435-669-5013 (Prineville) services from out of I 32-40 hrs per week. Call 541-385-5809 YEARS of s a vings 308 Australian Shepherd POODLE pups,toy,tes- ~ the area. Sending ~ 261 Qualifications Minimum and a FREE Genie AKC puppies, full size, cup.Also, 5 rno. rnale, ' cash, checks, o r ' Farm Equipment 5 yrs clerical experience, upgrade! Call Medical Equipment black tri's and blue merle. $T95. 541-475-3889 & Machinery communication, The Bulletin excellent I credit i n f o rmation 1-800-259-5140. Readytogo! $600& up. ServingCentral Oregon sincetsta phone etiquette and may be subjected to Queensfand Heelers 541-420-1580 or (PNDC) Falcon 4-w h eel customer sefyice skills. (4) 5'x12' horse panels, Standard 8 Mini, $150 I FRAUD. For more HELP YOUR AD Ability to multi-task and REDUCE YOUR power scooter with $75/ea. Assorted wa- CONSTRUCTION information about an ~ & up. 541-280-1537 Border Collie/New Zealstand out from the accessories, gently CABLE BILL!* Get a rioritize projects in a ter and feed tubs, call Uh t F ield eoradvertiser, you may I Have the top line whole-home Satellite u sed, in need o f ast-paced environment. and Huntaway pups, great www.rightwayranch.wor for prices. ~ - NO exp. nec. / call t h e Or e gon / rest! doqs, working parents, in bold print for only new battery (orderv~e Experience with Medical system installed at 541-923-9758 ' State Atto r ney ' $250. 541-546-6171. ing info avail.) $400. Will train the right Office procedures/billing $2.00 extra. NO COST and pro210 I General's O f fi ce person. Pre-emhelpful, but not required. Call 541-389-1821 ramming starting at Chihuahua 1-yr, black Furniture & Appliances Consumer Protec- • The Bulletin 60" Brush hog, ployment drug Salary DOE Benefits 1 9.99/mo. FRE E for details. male AKC, s h ots/ tion h o t line at I good condition, screen, reliable veavailable after successHD/DVR Upgrade to 541-385-5809 wormed/ dew-claws I 1-877-877-9392. $550. ful completion of probahicle req. & must be new callers, SO CALL House broke, leash A1 Washers8 Dryers 541-923-9758 tion period. willing to travel. Full size power NOW $150 ea. Full warI TheBulletin > 240 trained, exc. conforMail resume with cover serving central oregon since 1803 $12/HR. Call (855) 1-866-984-8515. adjustable bed ranty. Free Del. Also mation, agility. $500. Crafts & Hobbies letter to: Central Oregon 249-2974 or email w/memory foam wanted, used W/D's (PNDC) Call 541-932-4386 A cupuncture, 222 S E resume or Letter of mattress, $800. Por541-280-7355 212 Urania Ln, Bend, OR 256 Interest (LOI) to Dachshunds 4 males: 1 table wheelchair, Antiques & 97702. No phone calls adminOsurveysancream color, 2 reds, 1 4 leg walker, Computers please. To find out more Collectibles choc. Ready 3/15. Quadri-Poise cane, about us visit our website $300. 541-447-0113 T HE B ULLETIN r e bathroom assist centralore cnacu quires computer adchair, all for $200. Donate deposit bottles/ 9N Ford with 2N vertisers with multiple Call 541-526-5737 Alderwood Quiltworks cans to local all vol., Sherman2-speed Welder/Sheet Metal Fabricator ad schedules or those ft CoSSIgtl non-profit rescue, for machine quilting DacuPICoiicept rear end, 52" snow selling multiple sysframe for sale, locally feral cat spay/neuter. Armoire for sale, Seeking reliable team player to j oin o ur Visit our HUGE machine, Estate tems/ software, to dismade in Prineville, Cans for Cats trailer Cherry/wrought iron ,i welding department. Must be able to read a home decor Series 300E, close the name of the easy to use, makes at Jake's Diner; or Perfect condition, mechanical drawing and be highly skilled in consignment store. subcompact, business or the term quilting a dream! donate M-F at Smith handmade, TIG welding on aluminum. Minimum 2 yrs. New items "dealer" in their ads. $3400. Comes with Handi Sign, 1515 NE 2nd; or solid wood. welding experience. An on-site welding test arrive daily! Private party advertisIn La Pine, call ax39ax23.5". handles, includes. at CRAFT, Tumalo. 69 will be required. Must be able to lift 20 lbs. on 930 SE Textron, ers are defined as 541-602-8652 manual, exc. shape, Call for Irg. quantity $650. Medical Equipment a regular basis, and 60 lbs. on occasion. Bend 541-318-1501 those who sell one 16" only used to quilt 4 Breezy Ultra pickup, 541-389-8420. kcaravelli O computer. tops, like new. w heelchair, H u g o Check out the Work location is Redmond, Oregon. Hours: $600. 541-549-1273 Elite walker, Invac258 classifieds online 7:00 a.m. — 3:30 p.m. Mon.-Fri., with f/2 hr. or 541-419-2160 are electric hospital lunch. Competitive wages. Great benefit Travel/Tickets bed, power-lift repackage incl udes 9 paid holidays, PTO and Updated daily 243 cliner, Optlec Clearvacation, h e a lth/dental, a nd 401 ( k ). Advertise VACATION view+ viewer, tub/ N ew H o lland 2 5 5 0 Pre-employment drug screen required. Ski Equipment SPECIALS to 3 milshower chairs, walkswather, 14' header Equal Opportunity Employer. lion P acific N o rth- ers, all new condiwith conditioner, cab westerners! 29 daily tion. In Bend, call Qualified applicants will submit resume heat/A/C, 1300 orig. newspapers, six 541-480-6162 hrs. $29,000 obo. stating relevant experience to: states. 25-word clas1486 International, cab sified $540 for a 3-day 263 heat/A/C, 5 4 0/1000 Aircraft Rubber Manufacturing, lnc. a d. C a l l (916) 280 292 292 Pto, 3 sets remotes, dba Fuel Safe Systems 2 88-6019 o r v is i t Tools Estate Sales Sales Other Areas • Sales Other Areas nice tractor. $18,000. 1550 NE Kingwood Ave. for the Austrian-made Redmond, OR97756 Pacific Nor t hwest (2) Floor Jacks, 1 is still 541-419-3253 Volant Silver ESTATE/NfOVING ESTATE/MOVING Powell Butte Moving Daily Co n nection. in box, $100 each. diamond-finished SALE River home full Sale! Antiques, furniture, 325 SALE Fax:541-923-6015 (or) 541-526-5959 (PNDC) kitchenware, garden art, skis, of beautiful furniture, Home full of quality furHay, Grain & Feed 170cm in length. decor/art, Lladro figu- etc. Check craiqslist for niture & furnishings People Look for Information 260 pix. 1718 SW Bent Lp. Used only 5 times, Fri.-Sat., 9-4, numrines & more! Fri-Sat About Products and First quality Orchard/TimMisc. Items (Hwy 26, N on Reif to they are in great 9-4, numbers Fri, 8 bers Fri. 8 a.m. Services EveryDaythrough othy/Blue Grass mixed Twin Lakes Ranch, folcondition. a.m. Take Hwy 97 to In Sisters,turn north hay, no rain, barn stored, The Bulletin, located in beautiful Bend, OrThe Bulletin Classifieds $250/ton. low signs). 2/21, 7-4; Were over $1200 Vandervert Rd., left on on Larch then left to Patterson Ranch egon is seeking a night time pressman. We I A double depth in new; asking $300 are part of Western Communications, Inc. S. Century over river to 2/22, Half-price day, 8-1 Sisters, 541-549-3831 310 E Alderwood I terment gra v e 264 or best offer. which is a small, family owned group consistBonanza to 16787 www.atticestatesanspace with o uter Snow RemovalEquipment 541-389-0049 345 ing of 7 newspapers, 5 in Oregon and 2 in Pony Express Way. NOTICE I burial container built California. Our ideal candidate will have prior For pics and more info Remember to remove in, located in MeadLivestock & Equipment web press experience and be able to learn go to atticestatesan- your Garage Sale signs Women's Alpine ski suit: owpark area of De- I 286 our equipment (3 8/2tower KBA Comet press) (nails, staples, etc.) pretty, deluxe, warm, I schutes Memorial Intermountain Sales Northeast Bend SnoMfblOI8fer and processes quickly. In addition to our 541-350-6822 after your Sale event $150. 541-330-9070 Livestock Gardens, $ 1 000. Craftsman electric or 7-day a week newspaper, we have numerous is over! THANKS! Invitation Bull & Open I Call 541-389 1821 pull-start, 29" wide, commercial print clients as well. In addition to From The Bulletin 245 Replacement Heifer ** FREE ** 9HP, 5 forward a competitive wage, we also provide potential and your local utility Sale Thursday, March Golf Equipment 2 reverse speeds. Find exactly what opportunity for advancement. If you provide Garage Sale Klt companies. 6, 2014. Sale starts at Auto Accident Attorney $400 cash. Place an ad in The you are looking for in the dependability combined with a positive atti12:00 p.m. Pacific CHECK YOUR AD INJURED I N AN 541-815-6319 tude and are a team player, we would like to Bulletin for your gaThe Bulletin 55 Reputation Range CLASSIFIEDS AUTO A C CIDENT? rage sale and rehear from you. If you seek a stable work enviReady Bulls; Over Call InjuryFone for a ronment that provides a great place to live, let ceive a Garage Sale 265 300+ Fancy Open free case evaluation. us hear from you. Kit FREE! Heifers. Building Materials Never a cost to you. Contact James Baisinger, Operations Manager Beth Evans 8 Bill Ibenthal Exit 265 Don't wait, call now! KIT INCLUDES: 'baisin er@wescom a La Grande, OR Bend Habitat 1-800-539-9913. • 4 Garage Sale Signs on the first day it runs with your complete resume, references and For Heifer ConsignRESTORE • $2.00 Off Coupon To (PNDC) to make sure it isn corsalary history/requirements. No phone calls ments call Dennis 2210 SE Harley Lane 8 Building Supply Resale Use Toward Your rect. Spellcheck and please. Drug test is required prior to employArnzen 541-561-4697; Bend Indoor Swap Quality at LOW Next Ad off Airpark Drive human errors do ocMeet - A Mini-Mall full Jon Levy 541-310-0854 • 10 Tips For "Garage PRICES Friday, Feb. 21 • Saturday, Feb. 22 cur. If this happens to The Bulletin of Unique Treasures! or Tim McMiller Sale Success!" 740 NE 1st sarving cantrai oregon since1903 your ad, please con- 3rd St. & Wilson Ave. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 541-910-3555 541-312-6709 tact us ASAP so that Equal Opportunity Employer (Take Purcell/Pettigrew south from Hwy 20 10-5 Thurs-Fri-Sat. Open to the public. corrections and any pIGK up YQUR go to Airpark Way, follow to Harley Lane) Find exactly what Buylng Dlamonds adjustments can be GARAGE SALE KIT at Crowd control admittance numbers issuedat USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! you are looking for in the made to your ad. /Gofd for Cash 1777 SW Chandler Pressroom 8:00s.m. Friday.Remain in carssnd keep 541-385-5809 Saxon's Fine Jewelers Door-to-door selling with CLASSIFIEDS Ave., Bend, OR 97702 track of arrivals!!! Night Supervisor 541-389-6655 The Bulletin Classified The Bulletin, located in beautiful Bend, OrLovely dining room table, six chairs and two fast results! It's the easiest The Bulletin leaves; Matching hutch/china cabinet, all by 358 egon is seeking a night time press supervisor. BUYING Sarving CanrraiOregon since l803 246 way in the world to sell. We are part of Western Communications, Inc. Lionel/American Flyer Lane Furniture company-quality set. Noritake Farmers Column Guns, Hunting trains, accessories. which is a small, family-owned group consistchina set; Kenmore 2002; Beige sofa by ArtThe Bulletin Classified 541-408-2191. Garage Sale! Art, & Fishing istry furniture in Bend; Nice Chair and Ottoman, 10X20 Storage Buildings ing of 7 newspapers: 5 in Oregon and 2 in 541-385-5809 household, music & California. Our ideal candidate will manage a side chair with wood arms; Antique triple mirror; for protecting hay, BUYING & SE LLING more! Fri., Sat. Sun., small crew of 3 and must have prior press exMatching pair of teal colored suede cloth arm- Bend local pays CASH!! All gold jewelry, silver Craftsman French door, firewood, livestock etc. from 8-3. Rain or shine! less chairs; Lamps; Nice dinette set with one for all firearms 8 perience. The candidate must be able to learn $1496 Installed. and gold coins, bars, $125. Half-light door, (other sizes available) 2157 NE Wells Acres. our equipment/processes quickly. A hands-on leaf and four chairs; Antique Hickory wood skis; ammo. 541-526-0617 rounds, wedding sets, $45. 541-771-8809 541-617-1133. style is a requirement for our 3f/2 tower KBA Four very nice backpacks; Solomon Extreme class rings, sterling silCASHII 290 CCB ¹173684 press. Prior management/leadership experi267 skis and Lange ski boots? Ski bibs and helmet; ver, coin collect, vinFor Guns, Ammo & ence p referred. I n ad d ition t o our 1910 5@ antique slot machine Mills Novelty; Sales Redmond Area tage watches, dental Fuel & Wood Reloading Supplies. 7-day-a-week newspaper, we have numerous Double curve front-tiger oak commode stand; gold. Bill Fl e ming, 541-408-6900. commercial print clients as well. Besides a Need to get an Burgundy sofa, loveseat, chair 8 o t toman; 541-382-9419. Last chance for the 1 Cord dry, split Juniper, competitive wage, we also provide potential world famous garage/ Aimee Ferder Print ¹2 of 190; Embroidered silk $190/cord. Multi-cordad in ASAP? Guaranteed Income For opportunity for advancement. pictures; Picture frames, and other nice pictures; Desert Baby Eagle f/2 cords moving sale! discounts, & Your Ret i rement. available. Immediate You can place it .40 caliber handgun, Yes-we are out of here! King Mattress; Sleigh Bed style-cherry wood Avoid market risk & If you provide dependability combined with a 2 holsters, Rail online at: deliveryi 541-408-6193 Very nice SW sofa chair Queen bed frame; Misc. kitchen appliances; get guaranteed inpositive attitude, are able to manage people and ottoman, oak desk, Lots of lovely ladies and men's clothing and new Flashlight, 50 rounds come in r etirement! All Year Dependable and schedulesand are a team player, we ammo, $650 obo. 1930 set of Noritake shoes; rugs and other linens, drapes; Two new CALL for FREE copy Flrewood: Seasoned; would like to hear from you. If you seek a 916-952-4109 china, a vac u um, & like-new market umbrellas; Rubbermaid style of our SAFE MONEY 541-3B5-5B09 Lodgepole 1 for $195 stable work environment that provides a great steam mop, much more Storage units; Bronze eagle Head; Ohio State GUIDE Plus Annuity or 2 for $365. Cedar, place to live and raise a family, let us hear household stuff! Out- footstools; Weber barbecue, very nice; lonic GUN SHOW Quotes from A-Rated 375 split, del. Bend: 1 for from you. door p a ti o sw i ng, breeze air purifier; Lovely Patio set, four Feb. 22-23rd Companies! $175 or 2 for $325. lounge, a c ool t iled chairs-two swivel; Last, but not least ... Meat & Animal Processing Deschutes Fairgrounds 800-908-7035. 541-420-3484. Contact Al Nelson, Pressroom Manager at table fire pit, pots, lawn SAMSUNG 67 " TV ON STAND!!! AND A LOT Buy! Sell! Trade! (PNDC) anelsonowescom a withyourcomand garden decor. Way OF OTHER NICE ITEMS. Buermann's Ranch SAT. 9-5 • SUN. 10-3 plete resume, r eferences an d s a l ary too much to list, Bring Handled by .... $8 Admission, Just bought a new boat? Pine & Juniper Split Meats, Burns Oregonhistory/requirements. No phone calls please. 12 & under free! the big rig. Sat. 2/22, Sell your old one in the We deliver to Bend area! Deedy's Estate Sales Co. LLC Drug test is required prior to employment. 9-3, 4675 NW 62nd St., OREGON TRAIL GUN classifieds! Ask about our PROMPT D ELIVERY /2 hoq or whole lamb, 541-419-4742 days • 541-382-5950 eves EOE. in NW Redmond, TethSHOWS, 641-347-2120 Super Seller rates! $200Tully processed. 542-389-9663 erow Crossing. or 541-404-1890 Call 541-573-2677 541-385-5809 Pets & Supplies








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Employment Opportunities






Motorcycles & Accessories



Fifth Wheels

HEALTHCARE JOBS. Now hiring: R N 's, LPN's/LVN's, CNA's, Med Aides. $2,000

Bonus - Free Gas. Call AA C O I 1-800-656-4414 Ext.

26. (PNDC) Laboratory MT/MLT Wallowa Memorial Hospital


Snowmobiles Arctic Cat 560 1994,

EXT, in good condition, $1000. Located in La Pine. Call 541-406-6149. 860

Located in Enterprise, OR

llllotorcycles & Accessories

Full-Time, Evenings Certified MT or MLT (ASCP) Excellent Benefit Package. Visit our website at Contact Linda Childers at 541-426-5313 EOE

Harley Davidson 2009 Super Glide Custom, Stage 1 Screaming Eagle performance, too many options to list, $8900. 541-388-8939

Plant Operations Day-to-day plant operations for a de-icing and dust control products manufacturing p l an t in Prineville. An o utside job which includes loading and unloading of trucks, rail cars, tanks, and other shipping containers of liquid, dry, and packaged products. Complete job description and application is available at en v Submit completed application and resume to E nviroTech S ervices; 3642 NW Bus Evans Rd, Prineville or t o h r © TRUCK DRIVER wanted, must have doubles endorsement Local run. Truck is arked in Madras, all 541-475-4221

® D¹L I @IKK I

Hariey Davidson 2011 Classic Limited, Loaded! 9500 miles, custom paint "Broken Glass" by Nicholas Del Drago, new condition, heated handgrips, auto cruise control. $32k in bike, only $20,000or best offer. 541-318-6049

secured trust deeds & note,some hard money loans. Call Pat Kellev 541-382-3099 ext.18.

$4995 Dream Car AutoSales 1801Division, Bend

Gulfstream S u nsport 30' Class A 1988 new f r idge, TV, solar panel, new refrigerator, wheelchair lift. 4 0 00W g enerator, G ood condition! $12,500 obo 541-447-5504

541-678-0240 Dlr 3665

KOUNTRY AIRE 1994 37.5' motorhome, with awning, and one slide-out, Only 47k miles and good condition. $25,000.

V ictory TC 9 2 ci 2002, runs great, 40K mi., Stage 1 541-548-0318 Performance Kit, (photo above is of a n ew tires, r e a r similar model & not the actual vehicle) brakes. $ 5 0 0 0. 541-771-0665



Boats & Accessories

m xm ~

National RV

Tropical, 1997,

18'Maxum skiboat,2000, inboard motor, great cond, well maintained,

35-ft, Chevy Vortec engine, new tires, new awnings, 12-ft slide-out, queen bed, Italian leather couch and recliner, excellent condition. Ready to travel„ towing hitch included.$19,900. 541-815-4811

Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide 2013, black, only 200 miles, brand new, all stock, plus after-market exhaust. Has winter cover, helmet. Selling for what I owe on it: $15,500. Call anytime, 541-554-0384

Completely Rebuilt/Customized 2012/2013 Award Winner Showroom Condition Many Extras Low Miles.



Navion RV 2008, ervin Central Ore on since 1 Sprinter chassis 25'. Mercedes Benz diesel, 875 24,000 miles, pristine cond., quality throughWatercraft out, rear slide-out w/ Ads published in "Wa queen bed, deluxe captain swivel front tercraft" include: Kay ks, rafts and motor seats, diesel generator, zed personal awning, no pets/ smoking.$77,500 or make watercrafts. Fo an offer. 541-382-2430 'boats" please se lass 670. People Lookfor Information 541-365-5609 About Products and Services EveryDaythrough Serv ng Central O~egon vnce 1903 The Bulletin Clsssiffeds 880 Motorhomes

The Bulletin

Dodge Brougham 1978, 15', 1-ton, clean, 69,000 miles. $4500. In La Pine, call 541-602-8652

Community Counseling Solutions is recruiting for Registered Nurses to work at Juniper Ridge Acute Care Center locatedinJohn Day,OR.

Fleetwood D i scovery 2003, diesel, w/all Juniper Ridge is a S e cure Residential 40' options - 3 slide outs, Treatment Facility providing services to satellite, 2 TV's, W/D, individuals with a severe mental illness. etc., 32,000 m iles. Wintered in h eated These positions provide mental health shop. $69,900 O.B.O. nursing care including medication oversight, 541-447-6664 medication r e lated t r e atment, f o llow

physician's prescriptions and procedures, measure and record patient's general p hysical c ondition s uc h as pul s e , temperature and respiration to provide daily information, educate and train staff on River Sunseeker medication administration, and e nsure Forest Class C, 24-ft -Double documentation is kept according to policies. bed, roomy bath/shower, lots storage, oak wood, This position works with the treatment team dining area slide-out w/ to promote recovery from mental illness. new awning. Micro, air, This position includes telephone consulta- newflatscreen TV& RV tion and crisis intervention in the facility. batt. On-board gen/low Qualified applicants must have a v alid Oregon Registered Professional Nurse's license at the time of hire, hold a valid Oregon driver's license and pass a criminal history background check. Wages dependent upon education and experience, but will be between $46,000 to $72,000. Excellent benefit package, including signing bonus.

Providence 2005 Fully loaded, 35,000 miles, 350 Cat, Very clean, non-smoker, 3 slides, side-by-side refrigerator with ice maker, Washer/Dryer, Flat screen TV's, In motion satellite. $95,000 541-480-2019

RV CONSIGNMENTS WANTED We Do The Work ... You Keep The Cash! On-site credit

Registered Nurses

hrs, arctic pkq, full cover. Ford 450 V10, 36,300 mi, tow pkg, leather seats, no smoking/pets, sleeps 5-6 $31,500. 541-419-6176

„s Winnebago Aspect

2009 - 32', 3 slideouts, Leather inte-

approval team, web site presence. We Take Trade-Ins! Free Advertising. BIG COUNTRY RV Bend: 541-330-2495 Redmond:


TIFFINPHAETON QSH 2007 with 4 slides, CAT 350hp diesel engine, $125,900. 30,900 miles,

new Michelin tires, great cond! Dishwasher, w/d, central vac, roof satellite, aluminum wheels, 2 full slide-thru basement trays & 3 TV's. Falcon-2 towbar and Even-Brake included. Call 541-977-4150


• 34D, 2 slides • Tires 80% • Just completely • 39,000 miles • No trades • $48,000 firm 541-815-3150


Travel Trailers

Layton 27-ft, 2002 Front & rear entry doors, bath, shower, queen bed, slide-out, oven, microwave, air conditioning, patio awning, twin propane tanks, very nice, great floor plan, $8495 541-316-1388

Seming central oregon since 1903


This is a very physically demanding job. Candidates must be able to lift 40 — 50 lbs. frequently and up to 100 lbs. on occasion. Must have a current Class A CDL with a minimum of 1 year driving experience, and 25,000 miles driving semi-tractor/trailers. No convictions of DUI/DWI within the past 3 years or multiple times within the past 7 y ears. Excellent customer service skills are required. Previous food or beverage delivery experience is a plus. PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE

Drive company delivery vehicles to/from shuttle yard in Bend to SYSCO Portland facility. Secondary Responsibilities would include route delivery coverage as primary Delivery Associates are on vacation. This will include 15 to 25 deliveries per day. To be considered please go to our website ( to download and complete an application or you can apply in person at our main facility at 26250 SW Parkway Center Drive, Wilsonville, OR 97070. Monday —Friday, 9am — 4pm. EEO Employer M/FID/V

Females and minorities are encourage to apply


Price Reduced! Arctic Fox 2003 Cold Ford T-Bird, 1966, 390 Weather Model 34 5B, 908 engine, power everylicensed thru 2/15, exlnt thing, new paint, 54K Aircraft, Parts cond. 3 elec slides, solar orig. miles, runs great, panel, 10 gal water htr, & Service exc.$7500 14' awning, (2) 10-gal obo. 541-480-3179 propane tanks, 2 batts, catalytic htr in addition to a .- • central heating/AC, gen- j ~m tly used, MANY features! Must see to appreciate! $19,000. By owner (no dealer calls, please). Call 1/3 interest in wellor text 541-325-1956. equipped IFR Beech Bo- GMC Sierra 1977 short nanza A36, new 10-550/ bed, exlnt o r iginal CHECKYOUR AD prop, located KBDN. cond., runs & drives $65,000. 541-419-9510 great. V6, new paint www. and tires. $4750 obo. 541-504-1050

on the first day it runs to make sure it is correct. "Spellcheck" and human errors do occur. If this happens to your ad, please contact us ASAP so that corrections and any adjustments can be made to your ad.



541-382-4521 DLR¹0205

Where can you find a helping hand? From contractors to yard care, it's all here in The Bulletin's "Call A Service Professional" Directory

Cessna 150 LLC Plymouth B a r racuda 150hp conversion, low 1966, original car! 300 time on air frame and hp, 360 V6, centerlines, 541-593-2597 engine, hangared in Bend. Excellent performance 8 affordab/e flying! $6,000. 541-410-6007 Rolls Royce 1992 Silver Spur II,excellent! Midnight Blue exterior, Parchment leather inte172 Cessna Share rior, 15-inch chrome RR wheels, Alpine Sirius IFR equipped, new avionics, Garmin 750 DVD/CD/AM/FM/GPS navigation system, touchscreen, center 77,200 miles, dealerstack, 160hp. ship maintained, alExceptionally clean ways garaged. New, & economical! about $250,000; sell $13,500. $19,500.541-480-3348 Hangared in KBDN 933 Call 541-728-0773 Pickups

Call Dick, 541-480-1687.

Fleetwood Wilderness2000 model, 26', 1 slide, good condition with awning and A/C, $7500. 541-363-8270

1974 Bellanca 1730A 2160 TT, 440 SMO, 160 mph, excellent

condition, always hangared, 1 owner for 35 years. $60K.

Keystone Challenger 2004 CH34TLB04 34'

4.0L V6, 4WD, auto., Supercab 11K mi. 16 MPG Hwy. VIN ¹A76762. $21,977

1/5th interest in 1973

Fleetwood Prowler 32' - 2001 2 slides, ducted heat & air, great condition, snowbird ready, Many upgrade options, financing available! $14,500 obo.

In Madras, call 541-475-6302

Chevy 3500 Crew Cab, 2005 4x4 Dually Duramax Allison, 4' lift Edge Chip only 66,000 miles. LS trim pkg, split-bench front seat, tow pkg, brake controller. Very good condition - looks good, pulls betterl Original owner needs to sell - $35,000. 541-408-7826

Ford Supercab 1992, brown/tan color with m atching full s i z e c anopy, 2WD, 4 6 0 over drive, 135K mi., full bench rear seat, slide rear w i ndow, bucket seats, power seats w/lumbar, pw, HD receiver & trailer brakes, good t ires. Good cond i tion. $4900. 541-389-5341

FORD XLT 1992 3/4 ton 4x4 matching canopy, 30k original miles, possible trade for classic car, pickup, motorcycle, RV $13,500. In La Pine, call 926-581-9190 GNfCSierra 2010

6.0L V6, 4WD, automatic, c r ewcab, 14K miles, leather. VIN ¹146305. $37,977

Dramatic Price Reduction Executive Hangar at Bend Airport (KBDN) 60' wide x 50' deep, ROBBERSON~ w/55' wide x 17' high bifold dr. Natural gas heat, offc, bathroom. Adjacent 541-382-4521 to Frontage Rd; great (photo forillustration only) DLR¹0205 visibility for aviation busi- Dodge Dakota Quad ness. 541-948-2126 or Cab 2006, automatic, email V8, bed l iner, tow pkg., alloy wheels. Vin ¹502517 I nternational Fla t $12,988 Bed Pickup 1963, 1 ton dually, 4 spd. ® s u a aau trans., great MPG, be exc. wood 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. could hauler, runs great, Save money. Learn 677-266-3821 new brakes, $1950. to fly or build hours Dlr ¹0354 541-419-5480. with your own airc raft. 1968 A e r o Q Call a Pro iQg„ Commander, 4 seat, • 5 J t 150 HP, low time, Whether you need a full panel. $23,000 fence fixed, hedges obo. Contact Paul at Meet singles right now! trimmed or a house overall length is 35' 541-447-5184. No paid o perators, has 2 slides, Arctic built, you'll find just real people like package, A/C, table T-Hangar for rent you. Browse greetprofessional help in & chairs, satellite, at Bend airport. ings, exchange mesThe Bulletin's "Call a Arctic pkg., power Call 541-382-6998. sages and connect awning, in excellent Service Professional" live. Try it free. Call condition! More pix 916 Directory now: 8 7 7-955-5505. at (PNDC) Trucks & 541-385-5809 $28,000 Heavy Equipment To the community of 541-419-3301 Bend, OregonI, Bryan Bliss, with good Monaco Lakota 32' 2002, heart, apologize for any 2 slides, AC, recliners, wrong doings and treswalk-around queen bed, passes I have in the past sliding glass door closet, I ask you, new tub & 10-gal water Ford F250 Camper Spe- committed. the community, for heater, good tires. Brand Peterbilt 359 p otable cial 1966, AT w/limited forgiveness. new 20' screen room water truck, 1 990, slip rear end. A few isTo my parentsavailable. Super clean, 1 3200 gal. tank, 5hp sues but runs qood. Full I am truly sorry, owner, n o n-smokers. pump, 4-3" h oses, steel rack w/drs. $1950 I knew better. camiocks, $ 25,000. firm, cash. 541-420-0156 $13,499. 541-447-7968 Love and light. 541-820-3724



exc. cond., 3 slides, king bed, Irg LR, Arctic insulation, all options $35,000 obo. 541-420-3250

OPEN ROAD 36' 2005 - $25,500

King bed, hide-a-bed sofa, 3 slides, glass shower, 10 gal. water heater, 10 cu.ft. fridge, central vac, s atellite dish, 2 7 " TV/stereo syst., front front power leveling jacks and s cissor stabilizer jacks, 16' awning. Like new! 541-419-0566

The Bulletin Circulation Department is seeking Th a Home Delivery Advisor. This is a full-time I 1 position and consists of managing an adult carrier force to ensure our customers receive superior service. Must be able to create and 1976Silver Streak perform strategic plans to meet department Hereit is! objectives such as increasing market share Perhaps the cleanest and penetration. Ideal candidate will be a original vintage 30-ft self-starter who can work both in the office trailer, in incredible conand in their assigned territory with minimal dition! A/C, full bath, supervision. Early a.m. hours are necessary kitchen, twin beds, many with company vehicle provided. S t rong extras. Call for details. customer service skills and management skills $12,700 obro. are necessary. C o mputer experience is Dave, 208-255-2407 required. You must pass a drug screening (in Terrebonne). and be able to be insured by company to drive Startyour vehicles. This is an entry-level position, but memoriestoday! we believe in promoting from within, so advancement within company is available to the right person. If you enjoy dealing with people from diverse backgrounds and you are energetic, have great organizational skills and interpersonal communication skills, please send your resume to: c/o Kurt Muller PO Box 6020 Bend, OR 97708-6020 or e-mail resume to: No phone calls, please. The Bulletin is a drug-free workplace. EOE



Home Delivery Advisor

The Bulletin

FordRanger XLT 8

Orbit 21' 2007, used


We offer excellent wages and a world class benefits package, along with clean, well maintained and safe equipment.



. .

fully S/C, w/d hookups, new 16' Dometic awning, 4 new tires, new Kubota 7000w marine diesel generator, 3 slides, exc. cond. inside & out. 27" TV dvd/cd/am/fm entertain center. Call for more KeystoneLaredo 31' RV 20 06 w ith 1 2' details. Only used 4 times total in last 5~/~ slide-out. Sleeps 6, No pets, no queen walk-around years.. bed w/storage under- smoking. High retail $27,700. Will sell for neath. Tub & shower. including slid2 swivel rockers. TV. $24,000 Air cond. Gas stove & ing hitch that fits in your truck. Call 8 a.m. refrigerator/freezer. to 10 p.m. for appt to Microwave. Awning. Outside sho w er. see. 541-330-5527. Slide through stora ge, E a s y Li f t . Laredo 30'2009 $29,000 new; Asking $18,600 541-447-4805


Antique & Classic Autos


Winnebaqo Suncruiser34' 2004, 35K, loaded, too much to list, ext'd warr. thru 2014, $49,900 Dennis, 541-589-3243

only 6 times, A/C, oven, tub shower, micro, load leveler hitch, awning, dual POLICE OFFICER The City of Madras Police Department is ac- batteries, sleeps 4-5, CONcepting applications for the position of Patrol Of- EXCELLENT ficer. Ap plicants must be no l ess than 21 DITION. All accesyears of age, have no convictions of any crimes sories are included. OBO. Please visit th e O r egon Employment classified as felonies or serious misdemeanors, $14,511 Department or the Community Counseling be in good physical and mental health, and be 541-382-9441 to pass a physical examination and psySolutions website for an a pplication or able evaluation, have 20/200 correctable vicontact Nina Bisson at 5 4 1-676-9161, chological sion to 20/20 in both eyes and be a high school RV nina.bisson©, or P.O. Box 469, graduate or GED equivalent. This is an entry-level CONSIGNMENTS Heppner, OR 97636. position however applicants with DPSST certificaWANTED tion, as well as bilingual in Spanish aredesired. We Do The Work ... The salary range is $3,654 to $4,664 with an ex- You Keep The Cash! General cellent benefit package. Goodthings On-site credit Applications should be submitted to the Madras Poapproval team, lice Department, 125 SW E Street, Madras, Orweb site presence. egon, 97741. Closing Date: March 7, 2014. Contact: We Take Trade-Ins! Assistant Chief Tanner Stanfill Free Advertising. An Equal Opportunity Employer BIG COUNTRY RV Syscois now hiring a Bend: 541-330-2495 Shuttle DeliveryAssociate Redmond: based out of Bend,Oregon.

The Bulletin

rior, Power s eat, locks, win d ows, Aluminum wheels. 17" Flat Screen, Surround s o u nd, camera, Queen bed, Foam mattress, Awning, Generator, In541-385-5809 verter, Auto Jacks, The Bulletin Classified Air leveling, Moon roof, no smoking or p ets. L ik e n ew, $74,900 541-480-6900


he Bulleti

HDFatBo 1996



Need to get an $8995 obo. 541-350-7755 ad in ASAP? Ads published in the You can place it "Boats" classification include: Speed, fishonline at: ing, drift, canoe, house and sail boats. For all other types of 541-385-5809 watercraft, please go to Class 875. 541-365-5609

Loans & Mortgages BANK TURNED YOU DOWN'? Private party will loan on real estate equity. Credit, no problem, good equity is all you need. Call Oregon Land Mortgage 541-368-4200.

Triumph Daytona 2004, 15K m i l es, perfect bike, needs nothing. Vin

Tioga 24' Class C Motorhome Bought new in 2000, currently under 20K miles, excellent shape, new tires, professionaly winterized every year, cutoff switch to battery, plus new RV batteries. Oven, hot water heater & air conditioning have never been used! $24,000 obo. Serious inquiries, please. Stored in Terrebonne. 541-548-5174


Tango 29.6' 2007, Rear living, walkaround queen bed central air, awning, 1 large slide, $12,000. 541-280-2547 or 541-815-4121

Recreation by Design 2013 Monte Carlo, 38-ft. Top living room, 2 bdrm, has 3 slideouts, 2 A/Cs, entertainment center, fireplace, W/D, garden tub/shower, in great condition.$36,000 or best offer. Call Peter, 307-221-2422,

AILL DELIV/R RV CONSIGNMENTS WANTED We Do the Work, You Keep the Cash! On-site credit

approval team, web site presence. We Take Trade-Ins! Free Advertising. BIG COUNTRY RV

Bend: 541-330-2495

Redmond: 541-546-5254

ING. 24 hr. Response C all 541-385-580 9 Tax D e duction. to r o m ot e o u r service UNITED BR E A ST CANCER FOUNDATION. Providing Free Building/Contracting Handyman M ammograms & Breast Cancer Info. NOTICE: Oregon state ERIC REEVE HANDY 888-592-7581. law requires anyone SERVICES. Home & who con t racts for Commercial Repairs, (PNDC) construction work to Carpentry-Painting, 932 be licensed with the Pressure-washing, Construction ContracHoney Do's. O n-time Antique & tors Board (CCB). An promise. Senior Classic Autos active license Discount. Work guarmeans the contractor anteed. 541-369-3361 is bonded & insured. or 541-771-4463 Verify the contractor's Bonded & Insured CCB l i c ense at CCB¹181595 1921 Model T Delivery Truck or call 503-376-4621. Landscaping/Yard Care Restored 8 Runs The Bulletin recom$9000. mends checking with NOTICE: Oregon Land541-369-8963 the CCB prior to con- scape Contractors Law tracting with anyone. (ORS 671) requires all Some other t rades businesses that adalso req u ire addito pe r form tional licenses and vertise Landscape Construccertifications. tion which includes: p lanting, deck s , Debris Removal fences, arbors, Buick Skylark 1972 water-features, and inPlease see Bend JUNK BE GONE stallation, repair of irCraigslist for details and I Haul Away FREE rigation systems to be more photos. l icensed w it h th e For Salvage. Also $18,900. Landscape ContracCleanups & Cleanouts 541-323-1698 tors Board. This 4-digit Mel, 541-389-8107 number is to be included in all adverDomestic Services tisements which indicate the business has A ssisting Seniors a t bond, insurance and Home. Light house a keeping & other ser workers compensation for their employvices. Licensed & For your protecBonded. BBB C erti ees. tion call 503-378-5909 fied. 503-756-3544 or use our website: I do quality to check license status ing & provide help for Cadillac seniors. Experienced, with before contracting with Eldorado, 1978 excellent references. the business. Persons Very good condition. Call 541-420-0366 doing lan d scape $3500 obo, cash. maintenance do not Call for full details! r equire an LC B l i Handyman 541-678-5575 cense. I DO THAT!

Home/Rental repairs Find exactly what Small jobs to remodels you are looking for in the Honest, guaranteed work. CCB¹151573 CLASSIFIEDS Dennis 541-317-9768

Check out the classifieds online Updated daily









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C L U B S aturday, February22,2014

Cy's unbelievable loss

ACROSS 1 Fast-paced alternative to Scrabble 12Lance cpl.'s org. 15lt hasa Page Nayigation menu option 16 100 sawbucks 17Cop car, to a CBer 18Inhibiter of free speech 19Exchange some words? 20 Follower of Bush or Clinton 21 Many an Israeli 23 Part of some bargainstore names 24 Do-or-die situation 27 -to-be 28Greenon a screen 30 T exas' D u r o Canyon 31Highstyle of the 1700s

By FRANK STEWART Tribune Content Agency

"Down two??" I heard Cy t he C ynic stammer. Hi s t eam w a s comparingscores after a m atch. "It's impossible to go down one, much less two," Cy growled. Both North-Souths had reached 6NT. How did one declarer make six while the other went down two? At the Cynic's table, where he was East, South won the first spade in dummy and led a club to his king. West took the ace and led another spade. South counted 11 tricksthree spades, five heaits, a club and two diamonds — so he led a diamond and finessed with his jack. Making

opens three clubs. What do you say? ANSWER: It depends on your partner's style. If be sticks to the textbook requirements for a preempt, you might risk six clubs. If he has 4 2,2, 8 6 2,K Q I 10 9 6 4,he'llbe a favorite to make it. If instead he may have ragged clubs, bid five clubs. An option is a probing bid of three hearts. New-suit responses to preempts are forcing. North dealer N-S vulnerable NORTH 4AK3 ~vf AKQ8 4 0 A7 5 483


OTHER TABLE At the other table. Cy's teammate as South started the same way — a club to his king at Trick Two — but West defended well: He was ready with the five. South had to guess. He could have finessed in diamonds but had no reason to do so. For all he knew, West had the queen, and East had the ace of clubs. So South tried for his 12th trick by leading a second club from dummy to his queen, and West took the ace — and the jack and ten.


WEST iI59876 Q72 0 1064 4 A J 10 5

EAST 4 10 5 2 Q953





Ivf J106

O KJ 8 3 4KQ7 Ea s t Sout h Pas s 2 NT All P ass

W est Pass


Youhold: 4IA K 3 Q A K Q 8 4 Opening lead — III 9 0 A 7 5 4 8 3. Ne i t her side vulnerable. Your partner deals and (C) 2014 Tribune Content Agency, LLC

Seeking a friendly duplicate bridge? Find five gamesweekly at BIZARRO

59 Spanish gentleman 60 Professional organizers? 64 Fidelity offering, briefly 65 Feature of 007'8 car 66 Cornerback Law and others 67 Beyonce alter ego DOWN 1 Katharine Lee , "America the Beautiful" lyricist 2 Court wear, maybe 3"I swear, man!" 4 Have an edge against 5 Its website has lesson plans, briefly 6 Vintage fabric 7Get set 8 Sharp knock 90rg. whose members look down in the mouth? 10 Its flag has an eagle In the center: Abbr. 11Some foreign misters 12Wear that was one of "Oprah's Favorite Things" four times 13Circumnavigator's way 14 "Transformers" actress, 2007 22 Impugn 24 Call from a tree 25Tenor 26Trio in Greek myth



North 1 9 6 NT

32 Oppenheimer's agcy. 34Vocal trio 36 1983 song with the lyric ' Let's leave Chicago to the Eskimos" 40Women, poetically, with 'the" 41 Nonyerbal uivalent of ' ouhayegot to be kidding me!" 43Cannes neighbors? 44 Financier Kreuger called the Match King 45 Start another tour 47 "Man!" 50Alternativeto nuts? 51 Like 36 of this puzzle's answers 53 Grease monkey's pocket item 55 Formal identification 57 Mix for a mixer 58 Draw to an end






















No. 0118











23 28








32 36








34 39


40 43










60 6 1














29 Round houses'/

39 "The Twilight Saga" vampire "A Severed Head" novelist,

33 Bow no longer shot 35 Hits with wit

56 Endings of rock names 580ne way to crack


61 1977 Steely Dan 46 Itinerary start title track 48 Thing taken to a

36 2007 book subtitled "Confessions of the Killer"


620ne side in some chalk talks

49 Ulcer treater 52 Mad bit 54 Beau chaser?

37 John's place 38 Simple winds

630ne might show muscles, in bdef

For answers, call 1-900-285-5858, $1.49 a minute; or, with a credit card, 1-800-814-5554.

Annual subscriptions are available for the best of Sunday crosswords from the last 50 years: 1-888-7-ACROSS. AT8T users: Text NYTX to 386 to download puzzles, or visit for more information. Online subscriplions: Today's puzzle and more than 2,000 past puzzles, ($39.95 a year). Share tips: Crosswords for young solvers:


SUDOKU ~o 8~ eYLdb.ilada<'? " '


Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusively.

PeC, t 14t BJDLL' ll be

eatiYLg, them witk. a differevtt moutk

like the





8 71 D




8 42

8 Cl

I 0.





YEAM,A PON. I/E'0 rk/0 ALffOP rf/EEE

5//r rf/Ar 4AtlN4 /Gll/OREP rl/AI /r'0 ri/E I/EEY VlYLE KIPPk/I/O Acrf/ALLYuAUE/r eNr. AIJYTMINGrf/Ey CAN GRACP /0 r//E/6, ANP YON Rf/LB /fEAN NOTI/INC r0 TI/Eff



45 o




LOS ANGELESTIMES CROSSWORD Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis ACROSS 1 Honolulu memorial 11 Stroked 15 Approached


i/iHiIT'Ll IAIE 110 IAIIQ TIII& i5 THG t JIITH ALL TkE CII&M PLL'? IIMblEIZ OF f ' E012L 6 LIViki& 0$5DLETE H f g g , IT'5 FULL. CELL 17HOtt&5,


16 Quite 17 What "C" might

mean 18 Cold War capital 19 Befogged 20 Beginning for metric 22 Hipster © 2014 by King FeatureS SyndiCate, Inc. WOrld rig ts reServed




Ntme+II' fe., I cie+ C.~ + ' I /E. L olt.h A < 4 c i A M .




E-mail: bholbrook1@gmail.Com


SIX CHIX l L)on- o d e s k 3 oto, I o+/ILy dfeaVYI 15 4o 4~ ~ a.C+'S4!







IlyiEN iN hhOlzF OF A GKSAI WAft'.





Unscramble these four Jumbles, One letter Io eaCh Square,

10 fOrm faur Ordinary|905I8.



Ia 1ha good We only swve

Chsmpagne7 194 544L ma'am.


|92014 Tribune Contenl Agency, uc 8 All RI9Ms Flesarved. B '

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7 44



THE FANCY NEW A5ZLPIE HAPN0W 80ange Ihs CirCled 16IIers 10 fOrm the SurPriSe 808|96r, 88

suggested bythe above cartoon


C I whm S ~



I I . DA t yU



U S , 2 014

"I know it's your first time in 3B years, but what would happen if everyone was 10 minutes late for work?"

y I g

I Jumbles: DAZED


(A08wen Monday) PO L LE N CO Z I ER

I AnSWer. When aSked if they WOuld 05 buying the liill8 lodging 88I8blishm50I, they Said — YES, "INN-DEED'

4 Fire proof 5 Hires to handle the case 6 Names 7 Letter number 8 Spoiler of a perfect semester 9 Musical deficiercy 10 Tenor Bocelli 11 Sound of

distress 12 Response to a knock 23 Rat 26 Do maintenance 13 Amer. citizen, e.g. on, as a roof 14 Education 28 Inlet innovator 31 Adopted great21 A coords: 1993 nephew of agreement Claudius 24 Huit follower 33 Self-titled 1991 25 Composer who debut album incorporated 34 Fashionable '40s Norwegian folk garb muSiC into hiS 37 Jumbles work 38 Nervous 27 Singing syllables 39 Honored, in a way 28 Caspian Sea 41 8foro, e.g. republic 42 Lively dances 44 Apple Store tech 29 Haute couture shopping area support station 30 Hexagram on the 46 Cram Israeli flag 48 Cheer 49 One wearing a 1 2 3 4 5 'Y" shirt, perhaps 15 50 Formal talk 52 Messenger 17 molecules 54 SS supplement 19 55"Deputy ": old toon 57"The King and I" 31 group 61 Nonsense 63 Don't bother 66 2013 Zipcar 38 acquirer 67 Pinocchio, for one 68 Composer Rorem and 50 others 69 Pronunciation aid DOWN 1 Pauley Pavilion team


2 Fine cut


3 Soaks, in Bntish dialect

32 River player 35 Hamson's successor

53 C a pital on the Willamette 56"Mr. Mom" actress 58 Personnel list 59 St a rt of an intemission?

36 Toledo title

40 "I Wonder Why" lead singer 43 Took to COurt 45 St. George

60 Yie l d ing

residents 62 Winding path 47 Job follow-up? 6 4 Contend 51 Part of Churchill's 65 Aurora, to the














11 1 2





I L C O A E R S I C K N A S 02/22/14 13



18 21

22 27






47 51


52 57

88 5 9



By Barry C. Silk (c)2014 Tribune Content Agency, LLC




SutIoku High Fives How to play: Sudoku High Fives consists of five regular Sudoku grids sharing one set of 3-by-3 boxes. Each row, column and set of 3-by-3boxes must contain the numbers 1 through 9 without repetition. The num-

2 5 7 7 1 4 2 5 4 2 8 1

5 3

set of 3-by-3 boxes apply to each of the indivudual Sudokus.

2 4 8

The Bulletin

1 6 4 3 4 9

4 7

6 5 1








Sport Utility Vehicles

Sport Utility Vehicles




Ram 1500 2012

Ford Flex2013 "


Ils 3.5L V6, auto., 30K

miles, 23 MPG Hwy, certified pre-owned. VIN ¹D08213. $25,977 ROBBERSON




ls s ss a

541-382-4521 DLR¹0205


B MW 3 Series 328i 2007, sedan, dark blue, 53k mi.,



(photo for illustration only)

Subaru Forester XT Limited 2007, 4 Cyl., 541-598-3750 auto, AWD, leather, moon rof, p r ivacy glass, roof rack, alloy Cadillac Deville wheels. Vin¹710326 DHS 2000. Most $15,888 options, exc. cond. 93,000 mi.. New S US A R u S UMRUO~ DO OII tires. $6,500. 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 541-233-8944. 877-266-3821 Dlr ¹0354 T oyota Highlander 2012


1999.Very good cond. Runs well, Two sets of tires on rims - summer and winter. $2500. 541-593-2312 or 541-977-7588 975

3.7L V6, automatic, 86K miles, 21 MPG BNyy X5 4.8i 2007,

leather, loaded. VIN ¹Z38373. $24,997.

Hwy, VIN ¹279884. $13,977






Check out the classifieds online

Updated daily

Corvette Coupe 1996, 350 auto, 135k, non-ethanol fuel/synthetic oil, garaged/covered. Bose Premium Gold system. Orig. owner manual. Stock! $10,500 OBO. Retired. Must sell! 541-923-1781

Audi A4 2001 1.8T Chevrolet Traverse 4 door sedan, rebuilt LTZ 2009, trans w/19K miles, AWD, Navigation. VIN ¹106696. $25,888. Jeep Wrangler Unlim- newer clutch, brakes, ited Sahara 2 0 07, manifold, extras & reS IVIOLIC H Automatic, hard top, ceipts. Excellent mpg; Carfax. $5,800. t ow pk g . , all o y V Q LV Q 541-390-6004 wheels, running 541-749-2156 boards. Vin ¹120477 $25,988 DLR ¹366



2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 877-266-3821 Dlr ¹0354 lphoto forillustration only)


Dodge Durango 2005, 4WD, V8 5.7L, Tow

pkg., running boards. third row seat, moonLexus GX470 2005, roof. Vin¹ 534944 V-8, 5 spd auto. VIN ¹075817. $23,888. $10,999 SUBA R Ll SMOLICH 2060 NE Hwy 20• Bend V Q LV Q


877-266-3821 Dlr ¹0354

Just too many collectibles? Sell them in The Bulletin Classifieds

541-749-2156 DLR ¹366 NissanJuke 2012 ae



Corvette 1979

L82- 4 speed. 85,000 miles Garaged since new. I've owned it 25 years. Never damaged or abused.


lnfiniti G37 2009, V6, Loaded.

Subaru Legacy 3.0 R Limited 2008, AWD, leather, moon roof, alloys, spoiler. Vin


2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 877-266-3821 Dlr ¹0354

ToyotaCelica Convertibie 1993

c yl, 5

nicest c o n vertible around in this price range, new t i res, wheels, clutch, timing belt, plugs, etc. 111K mi., remarkable cond. i nside and out. Fun car to d rive, Must S E E ! $5995. R edmond. 541-504-1993

Porsche 911 Carrera 993 cou

(photo for illustration only)

1996, 73k miles, Tiptronic auto. transmission. Silver, blue leather interior, moon/sunroof, new quality tires and battery, car and seat covers, many extras. Recently fully serviced, garaged, looks and runs like new. Excellent condition $39,700 541-322-9647


Dave, 541-350-4077


CORVETTECOUPE Glasstop 2010 Grand Sport -4 LT loaded, clear bra hood 8 fenders. New Michelin Super Sports, G.S. floor mats, 17,000 miles, Crystal red. $42,000. 503-358-1164.

Porsche 911 Turbo

541-749-2156 DLR ¹366

Jaguar XJ8 2004 4-dr (longer style) sedan, silver,black leather, 4.2L V8, AT, AC, fully loaded + moonroof. Runs great, reliable, always garaged, 115K miles; 30 mpg hwy. Front/side airbags, non-smoker. $7900. 541-350-9938




2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 877-266-3821

Dlr ¹0354

Good classified ads tell the essential facts in an interesting Manner.Write from the readers view - not the seller's. Convert the facts into benefits. Show the reader how the item will help them insomeway. This

Vehicle? Call The Bulletin and place an ad today! Ask about our "Wheel Deal"! for private party I advertisers

L'"" " " '

Volkswagen Jetta 2.0L 2013, 4 Cyl., Turbo diesel, 6 speed w/tiptronic, FWD, moon roof, alloy wheels. Vin ¹356856 $22,988

advertising tip 2003 6 speed, X50 brought toyouby added power pkg., 530 HP! Under 10k The Bulletin servingcentral oregonsince ls/8 miles, Arctic silver, gray leather interior, new quality tires, and battery, Bose p remium so u n d stereo, moon/sunroof, car and seat covers. Many extras. Garaged, p e r fect V olvo S40 T 5 2 0 0 5 condition, $69,700. AWD sunroof lux/winter pkgs, new tires, more! 541-322-9647 $6775 obo.541-330-5818



6 • =





2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. Lexus RX330, 2006, low mileage, good cond, 877-266-3821 $13,500. 650-302-7072 Dlr ¹0354







] s

I '



0 o O UN ugfilSOLD"

COACHNIAN 2008 Preeiander - 150 2, 013qs0, NI-3"

Fgident coact'


pristiit VtP wtth ssttks ttas fttr4 1'„, f l tte,

power P I Ry tttotorcyc Ac, tlat Vour autoi ductedturnacel 5 awning or auptane n1V1 scree or <.,i.,~ eetts zcksdin. boat, nsuntt 1 tttt pstsl neversmo ad g,g001 12 monete kbargain atI or up to


T he B.'letin ~ t'

contes first'.)

Includes: 2" in length, with border, full Some restrictions apply

5 4 ] 385 5 8 0 Q

your ad will also appear inl

• The Bulletin • Central Oregon Marketplace



6 4 7 3 1 9 5 8 2

2 9 3 4 7 8 1 6 5

8 7 6 5 2 1 3 4 9

4 1 5 6 9 3 7 2 8


More On a classified ad go to to view additional photos of the item.

Place a Builetin help wanted ad today and reach over 60,000 readers each week. Your classified ad will also appear on which currently receives over 1.5 million page views every month at no extra cost. Bulletin Classifieds Get Results! Call 385-5809 or place your ad on-line at


000 1000


On Wedn esday, March 12, 2014, at 10 a.m. in t h e B oard Hearing Room of the Deschutes C o u nty Services Bu i lding, 1300 NW Wall Street, Bend, Oregon, t he Board o f Cou n ty C ommissioners o f Deschutes County will hold a hearing on an e xchange o f re a l property with P artners in Care, Inc., a non-profit corporation. The real property to be transferred by the above ref e renced parties is g enerally described as follows: Deschutes County to Partners in Care, Inc.:

L ot Five (5 )



PHASE 1, recorded December 15, 1997, in Cabinet D, Page 554, Desc h utes County, Oregon. Subject to: All easements res t rictions and right-of-ways of r ecord an d t h o se common and apparent on the land. Partners in Care, INC. to Deschutes County: Parcel 1 of Partition Plat No. 2007-66, being a partition of Lot 1 of CARP E NTER SUBDIVISION, City of Bend, Des c hutes County, Oregon

Any person may appear and make objections to the proposed exchange.



5 2 1 8 6 7 4 9 3

Subject to: All easements, re s t nctions and right-of-ways of r ecord an d th o s e common and apparent on the land.

(photo forillustration only)


9 3 8 2 5 4 6 7 1

Looking for your next employee?

reaa / a

new, one owner, 20 mpg in town. New battery, stud snow tires. $2000. 541-389-9377

VIN ¹300773. $19,997.


s • i

541-382-4521 DLR¹0205

new factory Porsche motor 8 mos ago with 18 mo factory warranty remaining. $37,500.

exc. shape, runs as



2003 convertible with hardtop. 50K miles,

2 8 9 4 6 5 1 3 7


Porsche Carrera 911

Olds 98 REgency 1990

Mazda Miata 1997 Mmdition Mica Green, 5-spd, original interior & exterior. All power options, leather, convertible boot, Tonneau Cover 114K miles, synthetic oils, new timing belt O 81K, & more! $5995. 541-548-5648

6 3 4 1 7 9 5 8 2

Nissan Altima2010 4

speed, a/c, pw, pdl,

with an ad in The Bulletin's "Call A Service Professional" Directory

1 5 7 8 2 3 9 6 4


G T 2200 4

Get your business

3 2 5 7 4 8 6 9 1



I ssssa

8 7 1 5 9 6 2 4 3


Nissan Altima3.5 2008, FWD, moonroof. VIN ¹429041. $16,997.

541-382-4521 DLR ¹0205

877-266-3821 Dlr ¹0354

541-382-4521 DLR¹0205

Ford Bronco II 4x4, 1989, auto, high miles, runs good.$1700. 541-633-6662


9 4 6 3 1 2 7 5 8




Chevy C r uz e LT Sedan 2012, 4 Cyl., lphoto forillustration only) Turbo, auto, FWD, H onda F i t Spo r t running lights, alloy Hatchback 2009, 4 Cyl., VTEC, 1.5 Liter, wheels. Vin ¹103968 a uto, F W D , re a r $13,988 spoiler, alloy wheels, S US A R U . Vin¹040086 $10,788 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 877-266-3821 SuaARu Dlr ¹0354 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend.


4.0L V6, 4WD, auto., 6 2K mi., 2 0 m p g hwy. VIN ¹629900. $18,977

4 6 2 9 8 1 3 7 5 2 8 4 1 6 9 7 8 5 2 3 4


Hwy, VIN ¹613915. $15,977

with hard & soft top, silver with black interior, all original, very low mileage, in premium condition. $19,900. 702-249-2567 (car is in Bend)


9 3 2 7 5 6 4 1 8

7 1 3 6 5 4 8 2 9 6 3 1 7 5 4 9 3 2 8 1 6


me sm /

Nissan Pathfinder 2010

5 4 1 7 3 8 2 6 9

1 5 4 9 2 8 6 3 7

5 9 8 2 3 7 4 1 6 5 9 7 3 8 2 1 4 6 9 5 7

541-749-2156 DLR ¹366

Ford Thunderbird 2004 Convertible

541-749-2156 DLR ¹366

1.6L 4 c yl., AWD, C VT, 4 K mil e s , 30MPG Hwy. VIN ¹120304. $20,977 ROBBERSON 541-382-4521 DLR¹0205

7 3 5 9 2 4 1 8 6

35L V6 a utomatic 54K miles, 28 MPG

Kia Forte SX Hatchback 2013, 4 Cy l , m oon r o of , re a r spoiler, alloy wheels. Vin¹684485 Dodge Avenger SE $17,988 Sedan 2012, 4 c y l , BNN 328l 2011, SUBAR Ll auto, FWD, MP3. Moon roof, leather. Vin ¹293948 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. VIN ¹658869. $26,000. $12,988 877-266-3821 SMOLICH Dlr ¹0354 S UBA R U .


4 8 9 6 1 3 5 7 2

7 9 3 6 4 5 2 7 8 6 1 8 4 1 6 4 5 3 9 2 7 9 3 5 2 6 1 8 5 4

¹207281 DLR ¹366

V Q LV Q DLR ¹366 DLR ¹366


5.7L V8, AWD, automatic, 26K miles, VIN ¹595661. $27,977



541-385-5809 DodgeDurango

AUDI A83.2 2006, quattro, AWD. VIN ¹128421. $16,995

6 1 2 5 8 7 9 4 3

6 8 1 9 3 2 5 4 7 3 1 9 8 2 6 4 9 5 7 3 1



s so o e

2 5 4 1 8 7 6 9 3 8

541-382-4521 DLR ¹0205




1 6 7 3 5 9 4 2 8




Honda Odyssey

1 4 8 5 7 6 9 3 2


Lincoln NKZ2009


Chevrolet Nalibu LS 2011, FWD, 6 spd auto. VIN ¹157896. $12,998.


3 6 7 2 9 8 1 5 4

2.5S 4cyl., FWD, CVT, 76k mi., 32 mpg„Tuscan Sun Metallic, vin¹443778 $11,997 ROBBERSON

Fiat 500 Sport Hatchback 2012, 541-598-3750 aaaoreFWD, great MPG. VIN ¹126036. $12,997.

2 t/ti .-4l


9 2 5 4 1 3 8 7 6

awd comfort & premium pkgs, 9200 mi. ¹157914 $43,995



8 1 9 7 2 4 3 6 5

Lexus RX350 2013

Sport Utility Vehicles

Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 2009, FWD, alloy wheels. BMW X3 2 0 07, 99K VIN ¹523582. $14,997. miles, premium packSMOLICH age, heated lumbar V Q LV Q supported seats, panoramic mo o nroof, 541-749-2156 Bluetooth, ski bag, non headlights, tan & DLR ¹366 black leather interior, n ew front & r ear brakes © 76K miles, Jeep Liberty 2008 one owner, all records, very clean, $18,900. 541-388-4360

2 5 8 1 4 6 3 9 7

@ 20132013 UFS, Dist. t/ Univ. Uciick for UFS


$27,977 ROBBERSON ~

3 9 4 8 7 2 6 1 5

2 8 7 5 6 1 5 3 8 6 4 8 5 2 6 6 4 5 3


4 3 6 8 5 1 7 2 9

2 7

6 6 9


Serving Central Oregon since 1903


5 7 2 3 6 9 4 1 8


bers in any shared

5.7L V8, automatic, crewcab, 21K miles, 19 MPG Hwy. VIN


3 6 8 8 1 5 4 1 9 3 1 7 9 9 6 4 5 6 5 3 2 8 9 4 6 9 6 7 5 1 7 7 4 9 7 5 2 1 6 3 9 5 4 2 8 2 1 7 8 7 5 2 9 3

• The (enfral Oregon Nickel Ads


*Privateparty merchandiseonly

Deschutes C o u nty meeting locations are wheelchair a c c essible. Desc h utes County provides reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities. For deaf, hearing impaired or speech disabled, dial 7-1-1 to access the state transfer relay s ervice f o r TTY . Please call (541 ) 388-6571 regarding alternative formats or for further information. BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS FOR DESCHUTES COUNTY,OREGON TAMMY BANEY, Chair PUBLIC NOTICE The Alfalfa Fire District Board of Directors will hold a work

session on February 26, 2014 from 6:00 to 9:00 PM at the Community Hall, 26155 Willard Rd., Alfalfa, OR.

Agenda: Strategic plan, scope of services, future presentations, training plan, and committee updates.









/ p

0 'I






/ '/


C onfi d e n c e i n M o t i o n







NEW 2014 Ford Fusion SE SE TechPkg., Rear ViewCamera, Rear Spoiler, Navigation, PremiumWheels MSRP ............................. $27,530,~ TSSDiscount..................... -$2,030 $25,500 Ford RetaiCustomer l Cash..... -$1500 FordCredit BonusCash* ..........-$500 *Must Finance through FMCC. $23,500


so e wll rmv

201 4 S ubaru I m p r e z a 2.0i 5MT

On ApprovedCredit. VIN:178242

201 4 S ubaru I m p r e z a 2.0i CVT

Option Package 01.Standard Model.

PopularPkg.01: Auto-Dim Mirror/Comp/Homelink, BumperApplique 5-Door, CargoTray5D,All Weather FloorMats,Seat BackProtector

NEW 2014 Ford F150 4x4 Super Crew STX STX Pkg, 5.0 VS,PowerWindows/Power Locks, Tilt, Cruise, Air, AM/FMCD


MSRP............................ $39,965 TSS Discount ....................-$2,431 $37,534 Ford Retail CustomerCash... -$1,250 * ..... . . . . . . . . . . -$750 *Must Finance Ford Credit Bonus through FMCC. S TX Pkg ............."""."" " " -$500 On Approved Credit. """" " " " " " " " . ............. $35,034 VIN: D26596

NEW 2014 Ford Focus S

4-Door, Auto, Satellite Radio, P.Locks/Windows


Automatic MSRP $20,782. Subaru of Bend Discount $1,083

MSRP $18,690. Subaru of Bend Discount $691 VIN: ¹EG006972. ElA-01 Title, lic. 8. doc. and dealer installed options not included

N EW 2014 Ford Escape SE

VIN: E8257069.ELB-01 Title, lic. 8. doc. and dealer installed options not included.

'.;:. sA 7,999

:;:. ei19 9699


• +. •

014 S ub a r u 2.5i CVT

MSRP .............. $18,495 TSS Discount .........-$778 Ford seisii customer Cash.................-$1,500 * '" '

"FMCCFinancing,4.99% APR OnAp provedCredii. VIN: 219670

NEW 2014 Ford Fiesta

4-Door, PowerWindows, Power DoorLocks,

MSRP.................... $15,890

rseeissossr...............eseoe $15,287 Ford Retail Cash......... $1,000

201 4 O utb a c k 2.5i CVT

$2 5 9

Sale PriCe..$1 5 , 7 1 7



1 99

IN 191150OnApprovedC/edji

14 287 Sale Price

MSRP $30 73p 4-Door,4WD,Reverse TSS Discount ..............-$2 031 Senuirlg SyStem,

PopularPackage82: Mirror w/Compass &Homelink,Erd.Mirror w/ApproLi/Compass, Rear BumperCover,CargoNet Seat Back, 0WeatherFloorMats

Perimeter Alarm On Approved Credit.

Ford Retail CustomerCash

Option Pkg. 21:17'Alloy Wheels, 225/60 R17 96TAll Season Tires, Fog Lights, Rear BumperCover, 4AnWeather Floor Mats

The Subaru Forester.' 8/rotor Trend's 2014 Sport/Utility of the Year.

VIN. B32717


026,699 sale price NEW 2014 Ford Explorer


4-Door, 4WD

MSRP .............. $33,555 TSS Discount .......-$1750 Ford Retail Customer Cash..................-$1750

$$5QQ t¹a$h QrTi'ag6 s

AutotmaIic MSRP $26,084.Subaru ofBend Discount $2,085 VIN: E3249553.EDB-21 Title, lic. 8. doc. and dealer installed options not included

"" 023-399

',;:. ®24~N'1 4'9

2014 S ubaru B R Z Limited 6MT

2014 S ub a r u 1 V i b e c a 3.6R Limited 5AT

$'9 0 '6 57 36 Mee ease

10K MllesPerYear. Residual $18,455.25 OnA rovedCredit.VIN:A03943

MSRP $24,533. Subaru of Bend Dlscount $1,134 VIN: ¹EH545227. Ers-01 Title, lic. IL doc. and dealer installed options not included

Option Package 01.Standard Model,Auto-DimMirror/Comp,CargoTray Black, Rear Bumper Applique

Option Package 01.Rear Bumper Cover. Floor Mats, All Weather, 7 Passenger. Crossbar Kit, Aero. Splash Guard Kit. CargoTray - Gray. Puddle Lights.

Due atasSigmng NEW 2013 Ford Taurus SEL NEW 2014Ford F2504x4 Diesel Leather, Heated Seats, Rear Spoiler, 19m Wheels, PowerEquipmentGroup,SYNC, Cruise

Rear ViewCamera




MSRP .............................. $35,430 TSS Discount ......................-$3,500 $ $31 930 Dtt MSRPI Ford Retail Cash ................" $3,250 VIN; 216849 * ... . . . . . . . . " " -$1»50 *MusiFinance Ford Credit Bonus Ford Retail Bonus Cash......... -$1.000 through FMCC

MSRP ............ TSS Discount ...

9~~O VIN: 826329 *Must Finance through FMCC

... $47,375 -$4,099 $43,276 ..... $2,500 -$1,000 -$1,000

Ford Retail Cash.. * Ford Credit Bonus Special Package..













MSRP $28,761. Subaru of Bend Discount $1,362 VIN: E9601079.EZE-01 litle, lic. 8. doc. and dealer installed options not included.

M SRP $35,759. Subaru ofBend Discount $2,730 VIN: E4400688.ETD-01 Title, lic. /Ldoc. and dealer installed options not included.

"" s27 399

.';:. 032,999

826,439 Sale Price 838,776 Sale Price 2012 FordFocusSEL4-Door

2007 FordFocusSE

Automatic, Power Windows 8 Locks,

4-Door, Auto, Premium Ilyheels

2012 FordFusion SE4-Door





2009 Buick Lacrosse CXL

Leather,Moonroof,Cold WeatherPkg.90KMiles

Leather, Very Nice



ee es



Noonroof, Navigation,

Test Drive It Today!

Automatic, Power Window & Locks, GREATVALUE!

15,000 Niles, Leather, AWD,Panorama Roof,

2009 AcuraTL-SHAWD

VIN: 2EH229477.ER16-01



2004 VW Touareg AWD

Auto-DimMirror/Comp/Homelink, RearBumperCover, Splash Guards, All WeatherFloorMats, RearSpoiler


,~14,995 2013 Ford Escape SEL

2014 S ubaru X V C rosst re k H y b r i d CVT

Gel HnqNemSoharo:-

Gel Tmo BeasooPasses.

2007PontiacGTCoupe 2-Door

jj dkstt 0V

Low Miles, Leather, Loaded, NUSTSEE!

Leather,Heated Seats BBBttgi1,7$0


~ggiIgi ©lll






ac t.or


2012Toyota TacomaDouble CabTRD

Right Now to February 28, 2014 when you Buy AnyNewSubaru you get 2 FREE Nt. Bachelor Ski Passes!

2001FordF150Lightning 5.4I


4x4, Low Miles, Excellent Cond. Navigation IfBB SSB,707

Loaded, LowNiles, Excellent Condition



See dealer for details.







d I










%IIN uuu o

Sale endsFebruary 24, 2014




Bulletin Daily Paper 02-22-14  

The Bulletin Daily Print Edition for Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bulletin Daily Paper 02-22-14  

The Bulletin Daily Print Edition for Saturday, February 22, 2014