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MONDAY May19, 2014

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2 rural rentals cause a dust-up

Mlnl PPP —Kids compete on a course of their own Sunday.B1



Truffle trouble —Oregon could see aneconomic boon, but poachers are causing havoc.A8

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By Elon Glucklich The Bulletin

A dispute over rental

TV to look forward te-

homes on northern De-

One critic highlights10 pilots to watch for in 2014-15.Ag

schutes County farmland

has a group of property owners accusing the county of dragging its feet on an issue they say could have a ripple effect across

ln national news —AT&T to buy DirecTV.A2

Central Oregon's rural

And a Web exclusiveWhen should college students be warned about material that may offend them? bendbulletin.cem/extras

Photos by Andy Tuiiis/The Bulletin

Emmitt Sam-Smith demonstrates how to fold an American flag with help from his adoptive mother, Colleen McComb, and places it in a box with others as part of his Eagle service project.


since the 1990s.


The dispute took a new twist this spring, after a

ruling by the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals

science,or a study in principles

indicated the Simpsons'

neighbors may have a good reason to be upset. The ruling said the Simpsons and Deschutes County couldn't

prove that both of the manufactured homes' tenants

were "principally engaged" in farm activities. That's a key point, be-

By Monicia Warner •The Bulletin

By Motoko Rich New Yorh Times News Service

CHEYENNE, Wyo. Sitting in the headquarters -

of the Wyoming Liberty Group, Susan Gore, found-

er of theconservative

A Summit High School student will make his transition from Boy Scout to Eagle Scout with the assistance of Central Oregon veterans and hundreds of old American flags. Emmitt Sam-Smith, 16, a five-year member of Boy Scout Troop 23 in Bend, is using his Eagle

think tank, said new national science standards

service project to honor veterans and active-duty troops. He's retiring old, worn-out flags at a

forschoolswere a form of "coercion," adding, "I don't

ceremony at Vince Genna Stadium and cutting embroidered stars from flags as a memento for the

think government should

have anything to do with education." Gore, a daughter of the

troops. "I was talking to the Boy

founder of the company

Scout office and there was a

that makes Gore-Tex waterprooffabric,was

request from the American

speaking here weeks after the Republican-controlled Legislature made Wyoming, where coal and oil

Legion for this to be done as maybe an Eagle project," Emmitt said. "I looked into

it, and it seemed really cool. It was gonna be a hard one,

are king, the first state to reject the standards,

one that has never been done

which include lessons on human impact on global warming. The pushback came despite a unanimous vote by a group of Wyoming science educators urging acceptance. Wyo-

Mike Whitney, an Air Force veteran and member

ming was the first state to

say no, but likely not the last.


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communities. The property owners live along Lower Bridge Way, west of Terrebonne. They're upset over the county's decision last year to approve two manufactured homes as farm dwellings on Steve and Kathy Simpson's 800acre ranch. The structures have been on their property

88 267 02329

Jeff Green, Jeff Plungis and Patrick G. Lee

rmnnoiong«ev Inthesan andthewind. i Save hacomam andtom Om"m

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. — When Ford recalled

Bloomberra News

• minder Please carra me asa remi thatwso are noforgotten.

of the American Legion and

Air bags: safe except when not

„rmmdcanilag tlra anmdlvg 'Ind~ I • IIIlla m


cause county code requires tenants in accessory farm dwellings to spend most of their time supporting the farm their home is on. SeeDispute/A4

600,000 sport-utility vehicles recently, itbecame the

Band of Brothers in Bend,

fourth carmaker this year to

originally contributed the idea to the Scouts and imme-

acknowledge an issue with malfunctioning air bags.

diately sat down with Emmitt to plan the project details.

So far in 2014, automak-

ers inthe United States have recalled about 6.6million

"We sat down and did a list

of who, what, when, where, why and how and started fill-

cars and trucks, more than a

ing in the blanks," Whitney

that could prevent air bags

sard. Whitney helped Emmitt

from deployingproperly in a crash. At Ford, engineers foundbuggysoftware could delayair bags fromactivating in a rollover. In March,

get in touch with several veterans organizations in Bend

induding the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Daughters of the American Revolution and

Marine Corps League. He also helped Emmitt coordinate a flag collection process that induded setting up five

donation sites around Bend.

third of the total, for defects

Emmitt Ssm-Smith holds a star from a flag snd an example of the card accompanying it, one of 3,000 to be given to local veterans and active duty troops.

Nissan recalled almost

"We've been collecting

Emmitt has put in 300 hours

boys' projects, they're ei-

them since January," Emmitt

on the project and expects to havegiven atleast400hours

ther in the 100- or 150-hour

1million cars, induding the 2014Altima, because

range," Emmitt said. "So this

software sometimes thinks

by the time he submits his

is a big one. It takes most of

project for review. "If you look at most other

my free time."

apassenger seatis empty, leadingto an air-bag failure. SeeAir bags/A6

said. "We've gotten several hundred (flags)." Leadinghis troop members and other volunteers,

See Flags/A6

Ferry disaster makesSouth Korea question progress By Todd Pitman The Associated Press

ANSAN, South KoreaPark Si-chan had trouble

sleeping the night before the biggest trip of his young life, a four-day journey with his entire junior high school class to a lush volcanic island

known here as the "Hawaii of Korea." The trip was the students'

last chance for all-out fun before preparing for grueling, all-important university entrance exams, and Si-chan was excited. While packing, he kept saying, "'What am I

Inside • South Korea's coast guard to be disbanded, president vows,A4

And if anything happens, "just do what those in charge say." That's exactly what the

missing?'" his father, Joseph He gave his son some advice: Know where the life

kids and other passengers did, and many died as a result when the five-story-high Sewol ferry turned upside down

jackets are, "just in case."

and sank in just a few hours

Park, recalled.

on April 16. Most of the 304 people dead or missing were teenagerstrapped in cabins where the crew had ordered them to stay.

The tragedy has prompted Koreans toquestion thevery foundations of their society.




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TurkiSh mine diSaSter —Underpressurefrom apublic an-

i r ec

By Ryan Nakashima

mergerproposed in February. Cable. AT&T is already the largest The companies also promPriming itself for the age of mobile service provider in the ised consumer benefits like Internet-delivered video, AT&T U.S., serving 116 million cus- more economical bundles that Inc. said Sunday it would buy tomers compared toVerizon's tie mobile phone, pay TV and DiredTV for $48.5 billion in 103 million. Internet service together on a "What it does is it gives us single bill. cash and stock, or $95 per share. the pieces to fulfill a v ision But the d eal c ould f ace While DirecTV doesn't help we've had for a couple of years unique regulatory scrutiny thetel ecom company compete — the ability to take premium from the Federal Communiin the online video space im- content and deliver it across cations Commission and Demediately, cost savings from multiple points: your smart- partment of Justice. Unlike the merger and the extra cash phone, tablet, television or lap- the cable company tie-up, the flow will improve its ability to top," AT8cT's Chairman and AT&T-DiredIV merger would compete with the cable giant CEO Randall Stephenson said effectively cut the number of that would be formed by Com- on a conference call with jour- video providers from four to cast Corp.'s proposed $45 bil- nalists Sunday. three for about 25 percent of lion takeover of Time Warner The companies are aiming U.S. households. Cable. to eke out $1.6 billion in annual Cable companies operate With 5.7 million U-verse TV cost savings in an increasingly in regions that don't overlap, customers and 20.3 million Di- expensive and maturing pay but in comparison, AT&T prorecTV customers in the U.S., TV business. Using DirecTV's vides TV service to 22 states, the combined AT&T-DirecTV cash flow, AT&T has greater where it is a direct competitor would serve 26 million. That ability to invest in its landline to DirecTV, which is nationwould make it the second-larg- and mobile networks for broad- wide. Reducing choice in those est pay TV operator behind a er reach and faster speeds in an markets could result in higher combined Comcast-Time War- Internet service market where prices for consumers and that ner Cable, which would serve it risks falling behind a bulked usually gives regulators cause 30 million under a $45 billion up Comcast-Time Warner for concern. The Associated Press

Si sil.AvL



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Syrian COnfliCt —The general in charge ofSyria's air defense has been killed in fighting nearDamascus, anopposition monitoring group and Syrian security officials said Sunday.Theofficer, Lt. Gen. Hussein Ishaq, one ofthe highest-ranking officers to die during thecountry's three-year conflict, commanded60,000 troops in Syria's air defense forces, said HishamJaber, a retired Lebanese army brigadier general who closely follows the military in neighboring Syria. But it wasunclear what impact Ishaq's deathwould have onthe battlefield, given that Syrian opposition fighters possess noaircraft, Jaber added. DOme auCtiOn —ThePontiac Silverdome wasthe place Elvis, Led Zeppelin and theRolling Stones played. AndPopeJohn Paul II prayed. It's where Barry Sanders and Isiah ThomasbecameDetroit sports legends. Nowadays, the 80,000-seat venuenorth of Detroit is a shell of its former self. The unforgiving Michigan weather shredded its roof, long strands of which hang from high above orare crumpled on the stadium floor. TheSilverdome's current owner — an investment company that tried to revive interest by holding events such as soccer and boxing in recent years — is determined to cash in before it's too late, putting pretty much anything andeverything inside up for auction starting on Wednesday.

VietnameSe prateStS — TwoChinesepassengershipsweremoored off a central Vietnameseport earlytoday preparing to evacuateChinese workers followingdeadly rioting lastweek, officials said.Thenationwide unrest, theworst to hit in Vietnamyears, followed Beijing's deployment of a large oil rig in apatch ofthe South ChinaSeaalso claimed byVietnam. Bothnations havesent ships tothe waters thatare now lockedin atense standoff with eachother, raisingfears of possible conflict.

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NOrth KOrean duilding —A 23-story apartment building that may have housedmore than 90 families collapsed last week in Pyongyang, the North Koreancapital, a South Koreangovernment official said Sunday,after the North reported a "serious" accident at a construction site. Earlier Sunday, theNorth's official Korean Central NewsAgency reported that the accident occurred Tuesdayin Pyongyang, blaming "sloppy building" and "irresponsible supervision and control." It said there were "humancasualties" but did not give figures. An official at the Ministry of Unification in Seoul, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said Sundaythat "a considerable number of people" might havedied.

China train attaCk —China said early today that it had launched an international manhunt for the allegedmastermind behind anattack at a train station last month blamed onextremists from the Muslim Turkic Uighur ethnic group. Theofficial China Daily newspaperand other state media said arequest had beensubmitted to Interpol for the arrest of Ismail Yusupandanunspecified number of associates. Thereport said that Yusupwas a member of the East Turkistan Islamic Movement and organizedtheApril 30 attack in the capital of the northwestern Xinjiang region that killed threepeople andinjured 79 others.



gered by the worst mining accident in Turkey's history, Turkish authorities on Sundaydetained 25 people andarrested at least three mining company executives after an initial investigation suggested that the company failed to heedsafety warnings, the local prosecutor's office said. The companyofficials who were arrested, including the mine's manager, were charged with causing multiple deaths and injuries through negligence in connection with the disaster that killed 301 people last week, the prosecutor's office said. Later Sunday, a fourth person wasalso arrested, Turkish media reported.

Darko Vojinovic/The AssociatedPress

Volunteers use arubber boat to rescue residents Sunday from a flooded area inObrenovac, southwest of Belgrade, Serbia. At least 33 people havedied andtens of thousands have beenevacuated in Serbia and Bosniaduring three days of torrential rains that fed the most intense flooding the region hasseensince records began to be kept more than acentury ago. By Sunday, thousandsoflandslideshad swept away homesandturned idyllic hillside communities into cascades of muckand debris. Farm fields were washed awayandcoal mines flooded. Bridges were knocked from their moorings andsent floating down swollen rivers like barges. Nearly100,000 people werewithout power in

Serbia alone, officials said, as workers scrambled to protect the country's two largest power stations from rising waters. "These arethe kind of waters not seenin1,000 years, let alone100," AlexanderVucic, prime minister of Serbia, said during aCabinet meeting televised to his anxious citizens. An amount of rain thatwould normally fall on this part of the Balkans inthree months hadfallen in threedays. "The situation is catastrophic," Vucic told reporters. Officials also worried that the flooding haddislodged some of theestimated100,000 minesstill believed to be buried in the regionandhadswept awaywarning signs marking some ofthe 9,000 known minefields.

Sri Lahklh UhfSSt —Sri Lanka's government on Sundaymarked the fifth anniversary of its victory overTamil insurgents with a military parade in thesouth and abroad crackdown on journalists, opposition politicians andstudents in the once-restive north and east. Government troops largely sealedoff the offices of Uthayan, anewspaper. The government also closedJaffna University. In Pottuvil, in theeast, troops blocked ameeting of the Tamil National Alliance. Themeasures, confirmed by amilitary spokesman, werepart of a crackdown in Tamil-dominated areasintended to prevent opendemonstrations of grief for the tens of thousands killed during thecountry's 26-year civil war. — From wire reports



— New YorkTimesNews Service

jP X X

Weekly Arts 5 Enferfalnment M AG A Z BilE




„'rrta 8endComedy"; Variely Show To BENEFIT the

H ~


g central oregon

Student debt grows faster at universities with the highest-paid leaders,study finds

> Friday, May23,8:00pm >~ 2nd Street Theater Visit us this month f errific prices onMaytag as well as REBATES and financingoffers!

By Tamar Lewin

Since the 2008 f i nancial sityemployees earning more crisis, the report found, the than $1 million last year, and At the 25 public universities leaders of the highest-paying medical doctors another 20 with the highest-paid presi- universities fared well, largely percent. dents, both student debt and at the expense of students and the use of part-time adjunct faculty. "Like executives in the corfaculty grew far faster than at the average state university porate and banking sectors, from 2005 to 2012, according to public university presidents a new study by the Institute for weathered the immediate afPolicy Studies, a left-leaning termath of the fall 2008 finanWashington research group. cial crisis with minimal or no The study, "The One Percent reductions in total compensaNew York Times News Service

at State U: How U niversity

tion," the report said.

Presidents Profit from Rising Student Debt and Low-Wage

While the average executive compensation at public re-

Faculty Labor," examined the relationship between execu-

search universities increased 14 percent from 2009 to 2012,

tive pay, student debt and low-

to an average of $544,554,

wage faculty labor at the 25 top-paying public universities.

compensation for th e presi-

The co-authors, Andrew Er-

of higher student debt, or cuts in labor spending," Wood said. "But if you think about it in terms of the allocation of

541-419-0111 a


I I x xxx x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x P

R •

e I




Family Man Small Business Owner High Tech Background Effective and Proven Community Leadership

2010-11. The median total compen-

sation of the 256 presidents included in the survey was $478,896, a 5 percent increase

the tip of a very large iceberg,

over the previous year. But, The Chronicle found,

with universities that have top-

chief executives were hardly

heavy executive spending also having more adjuncts, more tuition increases and more administrative spending."

alone among the highest-paid public university officials.

resources,it does seem to be



dents of the highest-paying universities increased by a

win and Marjorie Wood, found third, to $974,006, during that that administrative expendi- period. tures at the highest-paying The Chronicle of Higher universities outpaced spend- Education's annual survey of ing on scholarships by more public university presidents' than 2 to 1. And while adjunct compensation,also released faculty members became more Sunday, found that nine chief numerous at the 25 universi- executivesearned more than ties, the share of permanent $1 million in total compensafaculty declined drastically. tion in 2012-13, up from four "The high executive pay ob- the previous year,andthreein viously isn't the direct cause


I 220 NE Layfayette,Bend

Athletic coaches made up 70

percent of the public univer-


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• Discoveries, breakthroughs,trends, namesin the news— the things you needto know to start out your day

It's Monday, May19, the139th day of 2014. Thereare226 days left in the year.



HAPPENINGS WaShingtOn, D.C. — The National Geographic Bee begins. VatiCan —The Vatican's financial watchdog issues its annual report on efforts to bring the Holy See inline with international anti-money-laundering standards.

HISTORY Highlight:In 1864, American author Nathaniel Hawthorne, 59, died in Plymouth, N.H. In1536, Anne Boleyn, the second wife of England's King Henry Vlll, was beheadedafter being convicted of adultery. In1780, a mysterious darkness enveloped much ofNewEngland and part of Canada inthe early afternoon. In1913, California Gov. Hiram Johnson signedthe Webb-Hartley Law prohibiting "aliens ineligible to citizenship" from owning farmland, a measure targeting Asian immigrants, particularly Japanese. In1921, Congress passed,and President Warren G.Harding signed, the EmergencyQuota Act, which established national quotas for immigrants. In1935, T.E. Lawrence,also known as "Lawrence ofArabia," died in Dorset, England, six days after being injured in a motorcycle crash. In1943, in his secondwartime address to the U.S.Congress, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill pledged his country's full support in the fight against Japan. That sameday,top U.S. and British officials meeting in Washington reachedagreement on May1, 1944, asthe date for the D-Dayinvasion of France (the operation ended up bein glaunchedmorethana month later). In1962, actress Marilyn Monroe sang "HappyBirthday to You" to President JohnF. Kennedy during aDemocratic fundraiser at NewYork's Madison SquareGarden. In1964, the State Department disclosed that 40 hiddenmicrophones hadbeenfound in the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. In1973,Secretariat won the Preakness Stakes, thesecond of its Triple Crownvictories. In1981, five British soldiers were killed by anIrish Republican Army landmine inCounty Armagh, Northern Ireland. In1994, former first lady Jacquelin eKennedyOnassi sdied in New Yorkatage 64. Ten years age:Army Reserve Spc. Jeremy C.Sivits wept and apologized after receiving ayearin prison and abad conduct discharge in the first court-martial stemming from abuse of Iraqis at the Abu Ghraib prison. Frustrated relatives of World TradeCenter victims heckled former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani during his appearance before the September11 commission. Two menhurled purple cornstarch at British Prime Minister Tony Blair intheHouseofCommons. Manmohan Singh wasnamed India's new prime minister. Five years age:President Barack Obamaasked consumers to back his plan for higher efficiency standards for cars and trucks, saying drivers would make up the higher cost of cleaner vehicles at thegas pump. One year age:President Barack Obama, in asoaring commencementaddresson work, sacrifice and opportunity, told graduates of historically black MorehouseCollege in Atlanta to seize the power of their example as black men graduating from college and use it to improve people's lives.

BIRTHDAYS PBS newscaster Jim Lehrer is 80. Rock singer-composer Pete Townshend (TheWho) is 69. Rock musician Phil Rudd(ACDC) is 60. Rocksinger Jenny Berggren (Ace ofBase) is 42. Actor Eric Lloyd is 28. — From wire reports

Some military machines become visual symbols for the troubled times in which their use was prevalent. The U-2, a high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft, will forever be linked to the Cold War. Now, 58 years after its first flight, the 32 remaining modernized U-2s will likely be phased out by

5306,800 Rodin had been kept with gerbil By Luz Lazo

fiscal year 2016.

The Washington Post



Rodin sculpture that a

Capadilities Range Speed Ceiling Payload Endurance

8,000 miles

470 mph 70,000 feet 5,000 pounds 10 hours



J •

family in


• First flew in August 1955 • Used for multiple surveillance flights over Soviet Russia • Soviet defenses of that time could not quite reach U-2's altitude

May1,1960: His U-2 breaks apart when it is hit by a shock wave from Soviet missiles exploding underit; Powers is jailed by Soviets, released in

P otomac, Md.,

owned for decades without knowing it was genuine sold for $306,800 at an

auction Saturday in Falls Church, Va. The

br o n ze-and-mar-

ble sculpture of a woman crossing her legs once shared space with


E l i z-

abeth Tillson's family's gerbil. It was only recently that Tillson and her sib-

• U-2 can fly higher than the Global Hawk, a large jet-powered drone designed to replace it

lings learned that the work is an original by French Antiquated? The U-2s still in the fleet were built in the '80s and have undergone progressive modernization programs

• Flies in all weather conditions; the drone cannot do this yet

sculptor Auguste Rodin,

whose work is in museums around the world.

The green cast, "Le Desespoir (Despair)," was item No. 160 at Saturday's auction at Quinn's Auction

Galleries and was among several fine and decorative art pieces that were

sold. One of them, an oil painting by American artist William Foote sold for

I UNC t * |

Mllt l f


• The U-2 can avoid other aircraft; Global Hawk lacksa sense-and-avoid system, so remote operators need detailed radar coverage of areas of operation







rj 8.

Budget issues • Per-hour flight cost for U-2 is about $32,000; Global Hawk's costs have dropped to about $24,000 • U.S. Air Force wants to spend $598 million in 2015 to maintain the U-2, then phase it out and spend $1.8 billion through 2023 on the drone program

Pilots must wear pressure suits because of high altitude; can directly manage U-2's many sensors

Oct. 14, 1962A U-2 flown by Maj. Richard Heyser takes 928 photos, capturing images of a Russian-Cuban SS-4 launch site under construction near San Cristobal, igniting the Cuban Missile Crisis, during which another U-2 was shot down

$17,700, and an eye-shaped clock designed by American George Nelson for the Howard Miller Clock Co., went for $1,888. Selling the Rodin sculpture took less than three m inutes. There were 10

bidders on the phone and three on the floor. Bidding opened at $37,500 and quickly escalated — the next bid was $60,000. From there, they rose in incre-


ments of $10,000 to $30,000. "You could tell the excitement was growing," said Tillson, 55, who attended the auction with her chil-

~ 50 m i les

Havana ~g~i i h0 km



dren and sister. "We were

I I i

almost in tears.... The bids kept going up, and people


on the phone kept convers-

ing, and all of a sudden, it


was done." Bidder No. 18, who was

Caribbean Sea

calling in from Germany, won it. For a long time, Tillson

and her family wondered •

if the sculpture that she


remembers from her childhood homeinPotomac was

Can Glodal Hawk dojob? Range Speed Ceiling Payload Endurance

Chl 0 •



13,809 miles 350 mph 60,000 feet 3,200 pounds 32 hours

S ramento Bases Both the U-2 and the Global Hawk fly out of northern California; some of the drones are also based in North Dakota

50 miles

P acific



Critics say the U-2 offers better surveillance; backers say upgrades will make drone as effective, less costly

sell the 14-inch-tall statue, but because the auction-

eers could not authenticate it, the house estimated its sale price at only $1,500 to $2,500. The family sought a second opinion from Quinn's Auction Galleries, where Matthew Quinn worked for months validating that

50 km

Sources: U.S.Air Force,Defense News,, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Forbes, AP

real. Last year, a New York auction house offered to

it was an original work by Rodin, known for his statGraphic: Robert Dorrell

© 2014 MCT

ue "The Thinker."

A theory —whywe don't holdonto early memories By Meeri Kim The Washington Post

Have you ever been told about an incident that hap-

neurons, you're also wiping away older memories." Freshneurons form rapidly in the brain after birth and into

young childhood, but the proyou cannot recall'? Perhaps the cess slows to a crawl once we time you had an unstoppable reach adulthood. Frankland crying fit at the mall, ate your and hiscolleagues discovered first piece of pizza or hit your in experiments with mice that head onthe coff ee table and by accelerating the production had to get stitches. of new cells in the hippocamThis inability to remember pus — an area of the brain specific events from the ear- crucial for memory formation liest years of our lives, called — they induced higher levels of "infantile amnesia" by Sig- forgetting. mund Freud over a century They speculate from their ago, happens to us all. Now findings that the abundant researchers have found what birth of neurons during our could be causing it: the birth early years could explain the of additional neurons — nerve mysterious amnesia we expecells — in the brain. rience in relation to childhood "Previously, people would memories. The study was pubargue that neurons only help lished online May 8 in the jourmake new memories," said nal Science. neurobiologist and study auBut psychologist Justin t hor Paul Frankland of t h e Rhodes of the University of IlHospital for Sick Children in linois at Urbana-Champaign Toronto. "But as you're adding is hesitant to believe that the pened when you were little that

most no pups could remember anything that occurred bethe room as a bad place. fore age 3, and any memories In the next experiment, two from earlier than age 7 tend to link between new neurons and groups of adult mice were be fuzzy — although children lost memories is that simple. taught to fear the same room. are clearly capable of making "I'm still a little skeptical," said Then the researchers induced memories. But somehow, these Rhodes, who was not involved the birth of new neurons, experiences are wiped away in the study. "Neurogenesis is a called neurogenesis, by giving quickly. field where there's a lot of con- one cohort access to a running Frankland and his wife, troversy, and we don't know wheel. neuroscientist and study auexactly what these new neuExercise in rodents and hu- thor Sheena Josselyn, have rons are doing." mans has been shown in pre- observed the fragile, fleeting Both adult mice and pupsvious studies to promote neuro- memory of children in their equivalent to infants in human genesis. When compared with own 5-year-old d aughter. years — initially learned to fear sedentary mice without wheel When she was 2 or 3, they a certain roomby associating it access, the runners more easily would quiz her about, say, past with mild foot shocks. After the forgot their fears. The incorpo- trips to the zoo or to her grandanimals had spent time back in ration of new cells seemed to mother's house. If they asked their cages, Frankland and his alter the connections between within a day or two, she was colleagues returned them to existing neurons. very much able to recall the the room; if they remembered The reverse held true when experiences. "It's clear she can m ake it as being a bad place, the ro- suppressing neuron growth in dents froze. While the adults pups. When their neurogene- these memories and tell us derecognized the scary room up sis was reduced by the use of a tails about the trips," he said. to four weeks later, the majori- common chemotherapydrug, "But within a couple of months, ty of pups froze during testing the young mice were better if we ask about the zoo, it's, 'We didn't go to the zoo. I don't reonly within a day of the bad ex- able to recall their fears. perience. After two weeks, alAdults generally fail to recall member that.'"




o f ten t a k e said the issue is about a precemonths or longer to work out. dent the county could set. Continued from A1 Aplin, a f o rmer heavy For a property developer Jerry Aplin, one of t he equipment o p e rator wh o looking to make extra inn eighbors a l on g Lo w er helped pla t s u b divisions come, "Why go through all Bridge Way, said he and oth- around Bend in t h e 1990s, the trouble (to build a subdivier neighbors are worried the appealed to LUBA in March sion) when you could just buy rental homes on the Simp- 2013, after Deschutes Coun- farmland, bring in some mosons' property could lead ty approved the Simpsons' bile homes, then turn around farm-dwelling proposal. The and rent them out?" he said. o ther farmland o w ners t o build shoddy houses or mo- Simpsons applied to have the "This has been a three-year bile homes on their land, to two structures listed as farm battle to get these people to do rent out and thereby pad their dwellings after the county something." incomes. sent them code-enforcement Through their attorney, the County officials, mean- violation notices for placing Simpsons didn't return a meswhile, say resolving the case the structures on their proper- sage seeking comment last is just a matter of working ty without land-use approval. week. with the Simpsons this sumAplin has lived near the To be sure, LUBA r u led mer, on a code-enforcement Simpsons for 15 years, and against Aplin and the neighi ssue that ca n


nity D evelopment D i rector

on testimony that the tenants

new housing if the structure

The county has been in

Nick Lelack said. The ruling is less than 2 months old, so the county needs to give the

Simpsons time to look for an alternative to removing the structure, he said. "It will b e th e Simpsons'

decision on how to proceed, and we are working cooperatively with them on a path forward," Lelack said. Landlord and tenant regulations also

require the county to give the tenants some time to look for

were engaged in farm activi- touch w it h t h e S i m p sons is ultimately removed. ties. County commissioners since the LUBA ruling came — Reporter: 541-617-7820, agreed last year. back in late March,

South Korean president to disband coast guard

Continued from A1 "We are realizing the ties t hat bin d

bors on a number of points, But Aplin and his neighincluding claims the Simp- bors said they could show one sons have been misleading of the tenants spent his time about what their tenants do as a long-haul truck driver, for a living. while the other does a small The first of the two struc- amount of farm work but tures are occupied by Kathy not enough to meet county Simpson's parents, LUBA requirements. documents state, while two LUBA agreed, saying in its renters occupy the second. March ruling that "the counThe controversy c enters ty's finding are inadequate around the second home. and fail to establish that (the The county recommended tenants) are 'principally enapproving it as a farm struc- gaged' in farm use of the ture in December 2012, based land."

o u r s o c iety t o -

gether — justice, ethics, our moral system of social secu-

tion of her government tohelp

'E ~


rity — are not as strong as

By Choe Seng-hun

we thought they were," said Changsu Han, a psychiatrist

New York Times News Service

it deal more efficiently with di-

SEOUL,South KoreaPresident ParkGeun-hyeof South Koreavowedearly today to disband hercountry's coast guard, saying that SouthKorea owed "reform and agreat transformation" to hundreds of high school students whodied in a ferry disaster last month. Bowing deeplybeforetelevision cameras,Parkoffered a "heartfelt apology" for having failed to prevent thesinking of the 6,825-ton ferry Sewol on April16and for thecoast guard's bungling of rescue operations. "The ultimate responsibility lies with me,thepresident," she

sasters. Shesaid shewould disband the coastguard, which she said failed to doenoughto save the students. Thevast majority of the deadandmissing were students trapped inthedangerously listing ferry after its crew repeatedly urgedthemto stay put. Whenthe first coast guard boats arrived atthesceneApril 16, they savedthe ship's captain and other crewmemberswho were deserting theship and made inadequate efforts to reach the trappedstudents. The duties of thecoastguard will be absorbedinto the national police force orinto a new agency responsible for safety that Parksaid shewould create to ensure that disasters arehandled moreefficiently. Toward theendof the speech, sheturned emotional, struggling to fight backtears, as she cited thenamesof those shecalled "true heroes": students, crewmembersand teachers whosurvivors said helped passengersescapebut did not make itout themselves. "The sinking of theSewol will stay as ahard-to-erase scar in our history," Parksaid. "It's the duty of the living to makereform and a greattransformation for the country so that thesacrifices of the deadwere not wasted. If we cannot reform ourselves

Ko Kyoung-jin, a truck driver who took the Sewol three times a week to deliver packagesoapost t

in a situation like this, we will

ock, broke down in tears.

at the Korea University Col-

lege of Medicine, which treated more than 70 students who survived the ordeal. The victims "listened to

authorities, and did as they were told," he said. "They put

on their life vests, and waited to be rescued.... And many of them are waiting there still-

at the bottom of the sea."

School trip Of the476 people on board the Sewol when it left Incheon port for Jeju island April 15, 325 were students from

Danwon High School in An-


san, an hour's drive south of

Although shehadapologized a fewtimes overthesinking, Park's nationally televised speech Mondaywasher clearest expression of public contrition. As of today,286 people had beenconfirmed dead,with 18 missing, makingtheepisode one of the country's worst peacetime disasters. It hasalso developed into Park's biggest political crisis; over theweekend, the policedetained more than 200 peoplewhohadtried to march onheroffice, calling on her to stepdown. "We failed to savethose students whoshould havebeen saved," Parksaid. "I will make this an opportunity for South Korea to beborn again." She promised areorganiza-

Seoul. The ferry could transport nearly 1,000 people along with hundreds of cars and dozens of shipping containers. But th e company that

loaded the vessel has said it was carrying more than 3,600 tons — three times as much

as the safety limit in a regulator's report. T he f e rr y

s a i le d a t 9

p.m. An hour later, the kids watched adazzling fireworks display. Ko Kyoung-jin, a truck driver who took the Sewol three

times a week to deliver packages to a post office, heard the students' loud

K o rean

pop music blaring above his cabin.

become anation that will never be able toachieve reform."

Lim Hee-min sent a text

message to his son. "When are you going to go to sleep?"

adds, "It's like we're becom"A l i t tl e l a te," H y u n-jin ing the Titanic." One by one, replied. though, the students put on "OK ... good night," his fa- life jackets. ther wrote. "I miss you, my At one point, somebody baby." takes Su-hyun's phone and The next morning, strong films him. He says, "I love winds were blowing across you, Mom. Ilove you, Dad. I the water. Hyun-jin took pho- love you both." tos of himself wearing a gray hoodie. When he sent the last one to his father, at 8:52 a.m.,


Jeju was about three hours away.

guard. Our ship is in danger. It's listing right now," a crew

On the bridge, the third

mate ordered the helmsman to make a

5 - d egree turn.

Tracking data show the ship made a 45-degree turn instead. It is unclear why.

Ko, the driver, he heard several shipping containers crash d o wn .

S t udents

screamed. In the cafeteria's kitchen, pots and pans, uten-

sils and chairs crashed. "Don't worry, there's no chance it will sink," said a truck driver on deck with Ko.

The ship was leaning to its left, making it difficult to walk. Student Park Su-hyun

began filming with his cell phone from his bunk bed, as other kids cracked jokes. A boy says, "it's going to be ... hilarious if we upload this on Facebook." Another

"Please notify

'B~ I ~~~ (

The Associated Pressfile photo

office, speaks last month during en interview at e hospital in Mokpo, South Korea.

There have been no miraculous rescues — just agonizing waits for heartbreaking news. On April 19, Park Su-hyun's father, Park Jong-dae, posted a letter to his son online: "I sincerely kneel down and beg your forgiveness, as a helpless father who made you be born in this stupid country."

On April 22, a body was brought to port matching Suhyun's description. His par-

own life jacket and died. But

-M e t ' gfves e iiAual iifetime of tasty g6tlirfg' ' " W, cheap stuff destined for o landfill. Lasting

"My son, my baby. I love you," she whispered, leaning over to hug her boy one last

Park said. "That's what I cannot understand. Our children didn't die in an accident, OK?


2 locations in Bend

John Day

search for 18 more. The vic-

Main Center

shows him sliding down a rope to board a coast guard

tims include 250 of the 325 students.

2150NE StudioRd,Suite10


Investigators are still struggling to determine what happened but say the crew was negligent. Prosecutors on



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that," Joseph Park said. "But if I could talk to him again, I'd tell him: Listen to adults, but it is equally important to think

them they were safer there,"

They were murdered."

2:OOP.M. SHOTGUN - May 31st

jjeIity ie olweys the best ~

son listened well. He was obedient. And I praised him for


first to escape. Video footage


authorities. "It's important, in Korean culture, to listen to adults. My

for yourself, to make your "The crew ordered them to own decisions in life." sheet. Park's wife, Lee Young- stay inside the ferry. They told

strong currents. Lee said he ing crew members and police issued an evacuation after have detained the head of the member said in a radio mes- about half an hour, but sur- ship owner. The government sage at 8:55 a.m. viving passengers have said promises new monitoring and The messages that boomed they never heard one. regulations. through the f erry's loudThe disaster is a shock to speakers told people to stay in Agonizing news this country, a former backtheir cabins, which were beIn Ansan, the school issued water that transformed itself coming increasingly difficult a text message to parents at into A s i a' s f o u r t h-largest to escape. 11:06 a.m., saying all students economy.Many now question Hyun-jin sent his father a had survived. They were be- how far South Korea has realblurry image of students in ing brought to a school gym- ly come. "Down deep, most Koreans life vests lying on the floor. nasium in Jindo, a town five Jolted, Lim Hee-min called hours away from Ansan. knew their claims of rapid immediately. But when Joseph Park ar- development were exagger"Dad, I think the ferry is rived, people were in tears. A ated," Tom Coyner, a Seoulsinking." whiteboard listed confirmed based editor of the Korea EcoAnd then th e l i n e w e nt survivors. P a r k Si - c han's nomic Reader. "But few exdead. name was not there. pected an incident of the scale Three helicopters plucked people off the right-hand side I of the ship, which by then was facing the sky. Inflatable Zodiac rescue rafts raced through the waves.

"@ibei'.'.".'8rm~ tjrc BeM"-

Over coffee at a cafe nearby, Park Jong-dae removes his glasses. He rubs his temples, and speaks ofthose critical last moments in which his 17-year-old son, Park Suhyun and others might have escaped, but were told to stay

Searchers have recovered 286 bodies and continue to

issue an evacuation because t h e c o ast of the freezing water and

Some crew members tried

hill out of the school.

the captain was among the

Capt. Lee Joon-seok later said he had been reluctant to

Park Si-chan. Si-chan's father

At Danwon High, black said he regrets the advice he hearse limos drive down the gave his son to blindly follow

ents pulled back the w hite


to savepassengers, including a woman who gave away her

of this tragedy to be rubbed in bodies of Lim Hyun-jin and their faces as much as it has."


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g MH ltft l f Zotl&

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Flags Continued fromA1 For the stars, Emmitt su-

pervised as his troop members and their parents cut out

Ifyou go What:Flag Retirement Ceremony Where: VinceGennaSta-

3,000stars from 60 flags over


the course of a few weeks. The stars will be given to local vet-

When:noon -2 p.m. June 14

erans and active duty troops

Details:Events include as part of Caring for Troops, an introduction of Scouts, a Central Oregon nonprofit troops and veterans, raisorganization supporting miling of the colors, opening itary members. Thirty boxes and closing prayers, an of the stars have already been explanation of the stars and shipped to troops in Afghania reading of the story of the stan and Special Operations American flag. troops in various countries, according to Ken Hauge, vice president of Caring for Troops. dium has a longstanding re"The stars are an import- lationship with both the Boy ant thing because it's part of Scouts and Girl Scouts, and he our nation and how it got to leased the stadium to Emmitt be where it's at," Hauge said. for free because of his passion "Some vets put (the stars) for his project. "Everything was done eyein their billfolds because it

Wyoming Continued fromA1 A House committee in Oklahoma last week voted

to reject the standards, also in part because of concerns

about how climate change would be taught. Amid a growing cascade of studies d ocumenting melting ice caps and rising temperatures,schools are in-

creasingly teaching students about climate change, and the new guidelines, known as the Next Generation Sci-

ence Standards, have been adopted so far by 11 states

and the District of Columbia. They assert that human a ctivity ha s

a ff ected t h e


The principles behind the backlash

means a lot to them. To me, it's

to-eye with Emmitt," Richards

for as soldiers."

We have not had such an event

sus and want their children

The stars were bagged with a little piece of paper that

here before, so without hesita-

to hear it as theory rather than fact. What's more, some

just a fantastic opportunity for said. "He came in, looked us us to share something we fight in the eye, presented his plan.

reads, "I am part of an Amer-

tion we supported it." For the ceremony, Emmitt

ican flag that proudly flew in Oregon. I can no longer fly in

and Whitney are looking to

the sun and the wind. I have become tattered and torn but

burn 20 to 30 flags in a 50-gallon drum with wood, to ensure

pair a veteran with a Scout to

not forgotten. Please carry me proper retirement. "A lot of people don't know as a reminder that you are not forgotten." how American flags are propEmmitt said

t h e s t r ipes erly disposed of or that there's

from each flag will be "burned a need for it," Emmitt said. respectfully in a s e parate "It's a dying thing, and we don't want them to throw their ceremony." The flag-burning ceremony flags away. We want them to will take place on Flag Day know the respectful way of at Vince Genna Stadium in disposal." Bend. Jim Richards, owner of the Bend Elks, said the sta-

— Reporter: 541-633-2117,

Air bags

helped design the first GM air bags and is now president of

Continued fromA1 A technology that's saved

the Automotive Safety Coun-

thousands of l ives has be-

cil, an industry group. Automakers added more

come a preoccupation for air bags to protect passengers carmakers and regulators when a vehicle is hit from the ever since General Motors ac-

side and then modified them

knowledged air bags failed to to inflate longer so people deploy in accidents linked to are less likely to be ejected in 13 deaths. While a defective

a rollover. Some bags shoot

ignition switch was responsi- up from the console between bleinthose cases,software is front seats to protect drivers often the culprit, a byproduct and passengers when cars of cars' growing complexity. are T-boned from the oppoSome models now feature 11 site side. Ford has even added computer-controlled air bags air bags in the seat belts to that protect everything from prevent chest injuries during the head to knees and must an accident. deploy at exactly the right In th e m i l l i seconds folmoment. lowing an accident, multi" The m o r e situations ple sensors determine if the you're trying to cover, the crash is coming from the more complex your algo- front, back, side or is the rerithms get, and the harder it sult of a rollover. The results is to know that it's going to

are communicated to a com-

do the right thing," said David Zuby, chief research of-

puter controller, which in turn activates the air bags.

ficer for the Insurance Insti-

Sensors located on the front

tute for Highway Safety. "It's

bumper, inside the car, on

hard to test everything, and the real world is a lot more

the doors or elsewhere measure the force. Another one tries to determine whether

complicated than the test laboratory." While the National Highway Traffic Safety Admin-

the vehicle is tipping. Ironically, the technology's growing complexity re-

istration has been studying flects in part an A m erican air-bag non-deployment for hostility toward regulation. at least a decade, the top U.S. Because some drivers can't auto regulator is under in -

be counted on to wear seat

creasing pressure from safety advocates to better understand a technology that gets more complicated with each new wave of models.

belts, air bags need to includemeasures to keep folks safe if they don't buckle up. Early on, air bags gained a reputation for occasionLast month, the Center for ally killing the people they Auto Safety asked NHTSA were designed to protect. to investigate reports that a From 1990 through the earsoftware fault can m i sread ly 2000s, about 300 people, a passenger's weight and mostly small adults and chilrender air bags inoperative dren, died when air bags dein 2003-10 Chevrolet Impa- ployed with excessive force. las. At least 143 people have That number was reduced died in frontal crashes when to zero by 2008 as more soan Impala's air bag didn't de- phisticated air bag controls ploy, said Donald Friedman, were introduced, according a safety consultant, who cited data collected from NHTSA's

fatal-crash database. Other automakers may be using the same technology, Friedman sard. GM said it was cooperating with the regulator and would

take action if needed. Despite its flaws, the air

bag is widely considered a successful technology, having savedan estimated 37,000

lives from 1986 through 2012, according to NHTSA. In most cases, the technology works as advertised, said Dan Edmunds, an auto engineer at, which helps drivers assess models. While not mandated for all light vehicles until 1999, front

Kevin Moloney/New YorkTimes News Service

First graders in Yoder, Wyo., listen as science teacher Roger Spears teaches a combined elementary

Many here and elsewhere end high school class on the physics of weather earlier this month at Southeast Elementary and consider that liberal dogma High School. Wyoming, which hasbeenenriched by the sale of its natural resources, was the first rather than scientific consen-

state to reject new national science standards for schools on teaching about climate change.

"Are you enough of an inde- cane country, science teachers pendent, anti-government per- have been developing curricuson?" He added that the role of lum around the standards for such teaching is a threat to the state's economic engine. tail end of the state's legis- humans in climate change is the past three years. The standards "handle lative session, lawmakers only a small part of the science Roger Spears, science facilglobal warming as settled passed a footnote to the bien- standards. itator for the school district, science," state Rep. Matt Tee- nial budget, prohibiting any Even educators who iden- said he liked the guidelines beters, a Republican from Lin- public spending to imple- tify themselves as conserva- cause they promoted scientific tive said they saw no problem inquiry and allowed flexibility gle, told the Casper Star-Tri- ment the new standards. bune. "There's all kind of soAnd last month, the State with the standards. Walter at the local leveL "We're not trying to be concial implications involved in Department of Education Hushbeck, a high school scithat that I don't think would ordered the committee of ence teacher in Cheyenne troversial about it," Spears be good for Wyoming." scienceeducators to come up who served on the standards said. "The majority of us will Although oil companies with a new set of standards. review committee, said that present evidence. That's what like Exxon an d C h evron Micheli, the chairman and critics of the standards were t he scientific method is a l l "bullies." have publicly supported the a cattle rancher from Fort about." Next Generation standards, Bridger, said he was conN onetheless, Gov . M a t t On a r ecent morning at Teeters told the Star-Tribune cerned about any teaching Mead has made clear that he Southeast Elementary School that such teaching could on climate change that did is skeptical of national science in Yoder, a speck on the map wreck theeconomy of Wy- not consider "the cost-ben- standards for Wyoming. Cin- about 75 miles north of Cheyoming,the country's largest efit analysis in terms of the dy Hill, the state's superinten- enne, Spears, wearing his sigenergy exporter. Teeters, expenditure of the effort to dent of education who is run- nature tie-dye lab coat, used who declined requests to bring under control global ning against Mead in the Au- an electrostatic generator to elaborate, was joined in his warming." gust Republican primary with make a student's hair stand on objections by Ron MicheTea Party support, declined to end and showed how a bicycle li, chairman of t h e S t ate What's happening comment. pump couldmake a puddle of Department of E d ucation, elsewhere Supporters of the standards water and some smoke bloom who called the standards In other states, the debate a re incensed by w hat h a s into an instant cloud inside a " very prejudiced, in m y is also intense. Last fall, the happened. 5-gallon glass jug. "Political realities should opinion, against fossil fuel Legislature in Kentucky votWith so many jobs in the development." ed to reject the new science not wag the dog of science," state dependent on science T he c o n troversy o v e r guidelines, but Gov. Steven said MargueriteHerman, a and technology, Spears said, it climate science — and the Beshear overruled the Legis- lobbyist for the American was important that Wyoming question of whether other lature and put the standards League of Women Voters in students got the best science states will reject the stan- in place with an executive Wyoming and a member of curriculum. "Do you want our kids, or dards — is in many ways order. In S outh C arolina, Wyoming for Science Educaa replay of fights over the state-specific gu i d elines tion, a group of parents and do you want other people to teaching of evolution. Oppo- with w atered-down r efer- educators. "We acknowledge come and take those jobs'?" he nents say parents and local ences to climate change and and appreciate the revenue asked. educatorsshould determine evolution ar e s t il l a w a it- that has been raised and that what is taught to children. ing approval by the state runs this state from oil and "We question this whole Legislature. gas extraction and from the ideaofstandards reform and Here in Wyoming and coal mining, and it is a fact the whole idea of national- elsewhere, criticism of the that our schools are well fundized standards," said Amy Next Generation standards ed because of it. Nevertheless, Edmonds, a policy analyst at is also being fueled by a it doesn't change a scientific Plafs Well, Retire Well the Wyoming Liberty Group. spreading backlash against fact." "We believe at the heart that national academic standards it continues to take away pa- in general. Across the coun- Districts going forward rental choice." try, opponents on the right Some Wyoming school disThe new standards were and left have attacked the tricts have already adopted the developed by 26 state gov- Common Core, a separately Next Generation standards on ernments and several groups developed set ofstandards their own. In Goshen County, 775SW onneWay,Sulle120•Ben of scientists and teachers. for what elementary, middle the heart of cattle and sugar541-728 -0321• They provide signposts for and high school students what students should learn should know and be able in each grade between kin- to do in reading and math, dergarten and high school that has been adopted by graduation, but leave deci- 45 states and the District of sions about textbooks and Columbia. how to teach the curricuWith an election for govlum to individual districts, ernor this year, opposing andOutdo schools and educators. the standards is "becoming In Wyoming, after 18 a political litmus test," said months of study and com- Richard Barrans, a science parison with standards from education professor at the other states, a c ommittee University of Wyoming who of science educators unan- served on the state's stanurket Poud imously recommended last dards review committee. Wyoming lawmakers say,

fall that the State Depart-

ment of Education adopt the guidelines. In March, at the


Now carmakers and regulators are focusing on air bags that fail to deploy. Thirty of 42 complaints NHTSA

has received from consumers about air bags in 2014 models i n volved s o f tware

issues or non-deployment, a Bloomberg News analysis shows. The complainants said nine people were injured as a result. Owners identities aren't revealed for

privacy reasons. The Newton, Pa., owner of a 2014 Ford Expedition told

regulators that in a front-end crash on March 14 all of the


r i '


air bags except the driver's air bag deployed. The owner of a 2014 Kia

air bags began appearing in 1970s iterations of the Old-

Soul told a NHTSA representative that they crashed

smobile 88 and 98, Cadillac

into the rear end of another

DeVille and Buick LeSabre. car in Deland, Fla., while The devices were much sim- driving about 50 mph and pler then. In a severe crash, a the air bags did not deploy. ball bearing was forced down The driver sustained back a tube, completing an elec- and neck injuries. In antrical circuit and deploying o ther crash, the d r iver o f the bag. The technology was a 2014 Jeep Compass decrude but continued saving scribed a head-on crash at drivers decades later, accord- 40 mph where air bags didn't ing to Doug Campbell, who activate.




I •




or e i,

Fatal car crash west of Slsters A Sundayafternoon crash west of Sisters left one person deadand closed lanes ineachdirection of U.S.Highway 20 for several hours. According to Oregon State Police, the driver of a Ford Focusheading west toward Salem lost control on the wet road at around12:35 p.m., and hit a guardrail before crossing into the eastbound lane, striking a Honda Accord. The Accord was also struck byan SUV. The Accord's driver was pronounced dead at the scene,according to OSP. Other occupants in the three vehicles were injured, and at least one passenger was critically injured. The injured were sent by Air Life andambulance to St. Charles Bend. Names of the deceased and theothers involved were withheld until next of kin could be notified.

One lane in each direction was opento traffic by around 3 p.m. Sunday. — Bulletin staff report

EVENT CALENDAR TODAY CENTRALOREGON SYMPHONY SPRING CONCERT: The symphony combines forces with the Central Oregon Mastersingers to present Clyde Thompson's "We Have Spoken"; free, donations accepted, but tickets are required; 7:30-9:30 p.m.; BendHigh School, 230 N.E.Sixth St.; 541-317-3941, info© or www. DEATH BY PIRATES: The Spokane bandperforms, with Wichita and Japanese Game Show; $5; 9 p.m., doors open 8 p.m.; Volcanic Theatre Pub,70 S.W. Century Drive, Bend; 541-323-1881. TUESDAY

COLD RIVER CITY: The Colorado bandperforms, with Santa Barbara's Rainbow Girls; $5; 9 p.m., doors open 8p.m.; Volcanic Theatre Pub,70 S.W. Century Drive, Bend; 541-323-1881. WEDNESDAY SEEINGTHE POSSIBILITIESWITH RACHELSCDORIS: Rachel Scdoris, of Bend, shares her stories of being a legally blind sled dog racer in hopesof inspiring others in their personal challenges, registration required; $25 for ConnectW members, $40 for non-members; 5-8 p.m.; St. Charles Bend, 2500 N.E. Neff Road; 541-848-8598 or www. JASON FREIBOTH KIDS' FISHINGCLINIC: Volunteers and donated equipment to help families and kids learn about fishing, parent/ adult must participate with the child, ages 5-11; $4 for in-district, $5 out-of-district; 6:158 p.m.; Shevlin Park, 18920 Shevlin Park Road, Bend; 389-7275 or www. bendparksandrec.orgl. 2014 BENDBICYCLE FILM FESTIVAL: Featuring local short films about Central Oregon cycling culture; $10 plus fees in advance, $15 at the door; 7 p.m., doors open at 6 p.m.; Tower Theatre, 835 N.W. Wall St.; 541-317-0700 or www. towertheatre.orgl. MAJOR POWERS 8t THE LO-FI SYMPHONY: The Oakland, Calif., rock band performs; free; 7 p.m.; McMenamins Old St. Francis School, 700 N.W. Bond St., Bend; 541-382-5174 orwww. LISA DOLLANDTHE ROCK 'N' ROLLROMANCE:The Baltimore bandperforms, with The Kronk Men;$5; 9 p.m., doors open 8p.m.; Volcanic Theatre Pub,70 S.W. Century Drive, Bend; 541-323-1881. THURSDAY No EventsListed.

r inevie...

Tuesday's election serves as aprimary for a variety of statewide offices. Local racesand measures will also beon the ballot. BALLOTS • County election offices are reporting the following ballot returns: Deschutes ..........22.5% Crook..................... 24% Jefferson............24.8% • To ensure your ballot

• Blue-ribbon event entertains breeders and onlookersalike By Elon Glucklich The Bulletin

is counted, take it to a

PRINEVILLE — Bethany Johanson wasn't sure just what to make of Hazel.

local drop site before 8 p.m. Tuesday.The date for mailing your ballot for guaranteed arrival has passed, and postmarks do not count.

The 7-year-old Bend resident leaned in as Hazel, a

white, half-Argentine Llama, gave Bethany and her sisters each a kiss on Sunday. "It's soft," Kristina Johanson, Bethany's twin sister, said. "Its neck is long, but not





• Find a copyat the state elections webpage:

hShh:h .

as long as a giraffe." Holding Hazel's leash was

READOURSTORIES • Coverage leading up to the election is online at elections

Betty Moe, president of the

Central Oregon Llama Association. And spread around them were trailers packed

with dozens of llamas, part of the association's annual

See a list of drop sites on Page A8.

llama event, called the Black


and Blue Llama Show, at the Crook County Fairgrounds. The Johansons were among dozensofCentralOregon residents who got an up-close look at these strange but easily domesticated animals this week-


CIVIC 'h.'h.

h,snN ~

~ .



end. The association's annual


festival brought breeders and enthusiasts from around the region to Prineville for two

Deschutes County Commission — The

days of competitions, raffles, food and fun.

commission is expected to meet at10 a.m.

Moe said the event's aim is to bring llama trainers and

at1300 N.W. Wall St.,

breedersfrom acrosstheWest under one roof, and give the publicachance tolearn more about the creatures. The competitions ranged from llama obstacle courses to a seriesofaw ardsforthem ost well-kept and best-groomed animals. Judges appointed by the association graded each of the llamas on a number of

criteria, and handed out first-, second- and third-place ribbons to the best of the best.

A private llama sale was held Saturday, and owners dropped off large bags of their llamas' fleece to be judged. Even at l-year-old, many of

Photos by Joe Kline i The Bulletin

Terri Holm of Bend prepares to show Moki in the extreme heavy wool yearling division during the Black and Blue Llama Show on Sunday at the Crook County Fairgrounds in Prineville.

to discuss a grant for additional staff to conduct youth outreach and prevent suicides. The grant would provide $60,000 a year to the county. At a1:30 p.m. work session, commissioners are expected to discuss a request by Bend Municipal Airport to waive $5,000 in fees it would owe for a zoning change. TUESDAY

Bend Park 8 Recreation DistrictThe board is tentatively scheduled to meet in an executive session at 12:30 p.m. at 799 S.W. Columbia St., in Bend, after the board's May 6 and May 20 regular meetings were canceled. The executive session, which is not open to the public, is expected to include discussions of real property transactions.

the llamas are 5 feet or taller.

"I didn't realize how well-behaved llamas were," Colby Galanos, 21, said, notingthat

several llamas seemed to be minding their own business around the Crook County Fairgrounds' indoor arena as others competed.

Galanos and girlfriend Kristen Healy were in town

from Camas, Wash., visiting a friend and Redmond-area llama rancher, who entered a 2-year-old Western Argentine

named Candyin competitions on Sunday. "People don't usually think of llamas and alpacas as animals you raise to breed or


Crook County Court —County

compete," Healy said. "But

they're kind of majestic, in their own way." — Reporter: 541-617-7820,

Tabithn Johnnson, 4, of Bend, touches some Ilama fleece on display during the Black and Blue Llama Show, put on by the Central Oregon Llama Association.

commissioners are expected to meet at 6 p.m. at 320 N.E. Court St., in Prineville, to hold a public hearing over proposed county library fee changes.

Bend City Council

The Bulletin winsNorthwest journalismawards Bulletin staff report The Bulletin has received top honors in the Society

of Professional Journalists' Northwest Excellence in Jour-

The contest includes newspapers from around the North-

west, induding Oregon, Washington, Montana and Alaska. In addition to being named

nalism awards. For its work during 2013,

top newspaper among those in its circulation category,

The Bulletin earned first place

Bulletin reporters received a

ingeneralexcellence among variety of other awards. newspapers with circulations Markian Hawryluk was ranging from 25,001 to 65,000. awarded first- and sec-

FRIDAY FUN FRIDAYS: Featuring a petting zoo, hay rides and other kids events; $5; 10a.m.-4p.m.; DD Ranch, 3836 N.E.Smith Rock Way,Terrebonne; 541-548-1432, duggan© or www. THE NATIONAL: The indie-rock band performs, with TuneYards; $39 plus fees;

6 p.m., doors open at 5 p.m.; Les Schwab Amphitheater, 344 S.W. Shevlin Hixon Drive, Bend; 541-322-9383 or "SNIP ANDSNAP": Volcanic Theatre Pub and the BendSpay and Neuter Project present a screening of the documentary film "One Nation UnderDog: Stories of Fear, Lossand

Betrayal"; free; 7 p.m.; Volcanic Theatre Pub,70 S.W. Century Drive, Bend; 541-323-1881. C-SPANCITIESTOUR BENDSCREENING:Part of Deschutes County Historic Preservation Month, watch C-SPAN interviews of Central Oregonians aspart of American History TV; free; 7 p.m.; TowerTheatre, 835 N.W. Wall St.;

ond-place awards for his health reporting, for stories abouttherise ofgenericdrugs and one clinic's attempt to get

rid of drug reps. Elon Glucklich earned a first-place award in business

reporting for his story about the state's role in the foreclosure crisis. Sheila G. Miller took second

541-317-0700. "NEBRASKA":A screening of the 2013 film about a son and his father making a trip to Nebraskato claim a prize (R); free, refreshments available; 7:30 p.m.; Rodriguez Annex, Jefferson County Library, 134 S.E. ESt., Madras; 541-475-3351 or www. HILLSTOMP:The

place for her story about an in-

famous spy and bank robber who chose Central Oregon as his home after being released from prison. Dean Guernsey earned a second-place award for his photo essay about a moccasin maker, and photographer Joe Kline took third place for his

photo portfolio.

Portland blues duo performs; $8 in advance, Sf 0 at the door; 8 p.m.; The Belfry, 302 E. Main Ave., Sisters; 541-815-9122. THE BENDCOMEDY VARIETY SHOW: Hosted by Ryan Traughber, featuring music by Rand Berke and the Twol Thirds Trio and comedy by Juan Knutson, benefiting the Central

Oregon HumaneSociety; $15 in advance, $20 at the door; 8 p.m.; 2nd Street Theater, 220 N.E. Lafayette Ave.; 541-4190111, BendComedy© traughberproductions. com or www. Contact:541-B83-0351, communitylife@bendbulletin.oom or "Submit an Event" online at Entries must be submitted at least 10 days before publication.

— The city council is expected to meet at 7 p.m. at 710 N.W.Wall St., to discuss changes to its contract with tourism promotion agency Visit Bend, and to hold a public hearing over proposed changes to some of the city's sewer fees.

Mirror PondAdHoc Committee — The committee is expected to meet from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at 799 S.W. Columbia St., in Bend, to discuss the Mirror Pond dam inspection report. The committee will also hold an executive session on real property transactions. contact:54t-a83-0354, news© In emails, please write "Civic Calendar" in the subject line. Include a contact name and number. Submissions may be edited. Deadline for Monday publication is noon Thursday.




e rou ewi ru es: n re on, e're ein oac e

BEND • Wall Street and Lafayette parking lot; May16 and May19, 8 a.m.-6 p.m.; open7a.m.-8p.m.Election Day • Deschutes County RoadDepartment, 61150 S.E.27th St., 24/7 drop box; open until 8 p.m. Election Day • Deschutes Service Center (on parkway side of building), 1300 N.W. Wall St.; 24/7 drop box; openuntil 8 p.m. Election Day • Deschutes County Clerk's Office 1300 N.W. Wall St., Bend; 8 a.m.-5 p.m.; open7a.m.-8p.m.Election Day

By Bennett Hall

with three more in British Co-

Corvallis Gazette-Times

lumbia and another in Idaho.

"We're really in the midst of

On a rainy spring day in the Coast Range foothills of southern Polk County, three women armed with assorted gardening implements and accompanied by two dogs leave their cars


LeFevre said.

"We're predicting that eventually the truffle industry in


the state of Oregon will be com-

and hike outonto a commercial tree plantation to hunt for

parable in its economic contribution to the wine industry

truffles. One of the women leans over


togiveherdoga command. "Isis, cerca," she says. "Go

But poaching has the potential to give the burgeoning industry some serious heartburn. The indiscriminate tactics

of illegal truffle hunters dump large numbers of low-grade truffles on the market, putting downward pressure on pnces and tainting the Oregon varieties' hard-won reputation for quality.


cooks. Cerca is Italian for seek, and

Isis gets right to work, hunting throughtherows of25-year-old Douglas firs with her nose to the ground, stopping occasionally to dig a small hole.

In addition, the poachers'

It's ideal truffle habitat, and

the women have had good luck here before. But they won't find

Amanda Cowan i Mid-Valley Sunday

much today. Truffle poachers have caused problems for landowners throughThepoachers havebeenhere out the Oregon Coast Range. They churn up the soil, leaving root ahead of them. Responsible truffle hunters,

systems exposed and harming trees while leaving litter behind. spores in their excrement.

T~ Soc i ety and the leader "Squirrels especially prefer of this expedition, get permis- truffles to any other kind of sion to go onto private property, food," said Jim Trappe, who dig carefully to minimize their began studying truffles as a impact on the land, and take postgraduate forestry student onlyfully developed edibles. in the 1950s and is now one of The poachers, sometimes or- the leading experts in the field. ganized into crews, use heavy "The whole system has evolved landscape rakes to scrape away over millions of years." the fir needles and topsoil beTrappe, now semiretired neath the trees. They dig up from his job as principal myeverything they find, ripe or cologist for th e U .S. Forest not, decimating truffle beds Service's Pacific Northwest and leaving sensitive roots ex- Research Station, co-founded

Luoma said. "It benefits not just the rural

A growingindustry

Indeed, truffle hunting is becoming a popular activity in Oregon, which is home to hundreds of species, including at least four edible varieties. While they have little flavor of

Society in 1978 to help increase their own, the best ones have the body of knowledge about a distinctive aroma that can thesesubterranean organisms. impart a touch of class to a variHe still acts as a scientific ad- ety of dishes. Some aficionados viser to the group, which is will grate them over scrambled headquartered in Corvallis. eggs or pasta,w hile otherspreRoughly 300 North Ameri- fer to use truffle-infused oil or can truffle species have been butter as a condiment. identified to date, Trappe said, Though not as spendy as but he estimates there are per- their European cousins — the haps three times that number world-renowned Italian white that remain undiscovered and truffles can be worth up to unnamed. $2,000 a pound, with the black That may be one reason why Perigords ofFrance notfarbethe role played by truffles in hind — culinary-grade Oregon forestecosystems, as well as truffles are in demand from their importance in fostering high-end restaurants and gourtree growth, remains poorly met groceries. The very best understood by mostpeople. can bring in $400 a pound or "They're underappreciated, more. like many things that are unThose prices have been on known and underground," said the rise, in part because of the Trappe's colleague Dan Luo- efforts of people like Charles ma, another truffle expert who LeFevre, a n OSU - t rained teaches in the Department of mycologist turned t r uffle Forest Ecosystems and Society promoter. at Oregon State University. A past president of the North Thousands of truffle sam- American Trufflmg Society, ples, tucked away in waxed-pa- LeFevre launched the annuper envelopes stored in large al Oregon Truffle Festival in plastic totes, await identifica- 2006 and helped introduce truftion in Luoma's lab, where he fle-sniffing dogs to the state. cuts the samples into sections He also owns New World and examines their internal Truffieres, a Eugene compastructures under a microscope. ny that sells oak, hazelnut and Both OSU and the research other tree seedlings inoculated station continue to do truffle with truffle-producing fungi. research, and one study has Truffle cultivation is just beginturned up a high correlation ning to catch on in this part of between Douglas fir trees and the world, he said, but it has a truffle-producing mycorrhi- promising toehold in the Pacifzal fungi — a finding Luoma ic Northwest, where growing thinks has significant econom- conditions are excellent. ic implications. Three orchards have been "Small woodland owners, I established so far in Oregon,

ers are just leaving it thereit's horrible."

Notesfromunderground Truffles are the product of a

strange and widely misunderstood relationship between a fungus and a tree. Through the process of photosynthesis ,treesarevery good at using sunlight to produce sugars to fuel new growth. Certain types of underground fungi take advantage of this fact by sending out filaments that intertwine with tree roots to form special structures called

mycorrhizae. The mycorrhizae tap some of thetree's sugars to feed the

fungus, which returns the favor in a symbiotic exchange that makes it easier for the tree

to absorb water and minerals from the soil. Truffles are the fruiting bod-

iesof these fungal organisms, the spore-bearing growths that carry the seed of the next generation. Butbecause they develop entirely beneath the surface,

they've developed an unusual reproductive strategy. When ripe, they emit scents that make them attractive to

animals, which dig them up and eat them, scattering the

The (Eugene) Register-Guard

EUGENE — This summer, the Lane County Adult Drug Court will become the first

drug court in Oregon to provide Vivitrol — a drug injected just once a month that can help opiate addicts overcome drug dependence. The drug works by helping to reduce the craving for opiates, such as heroin, and can

prevent individuals who do use opiates from feeling their euphoric effects.

local drug court. "For opiate ad- a daily basis to treat opiate addicts, that is the biggest draw." diction, such as Methadone and The new treatment will be available starting sometime


"(Every) morning, you would this summer to eligible individ- have to make the decision to uals in the drug court and Lane say no to the opiate (and) say County Veterans Treatment yes to the medication," said Court — roughly 115 people in Carrie Carver, a sergeant with all — and will be paid for by a the Lane County Sheriffs Of$38,000 grant that the county fice. "That's a very hard decihas recei ved from the Oregon sion to make." Community Foundation. Additionally, unlike SuboxCurrently, 43 percent of lo- one and methadone, Vivitrol is cal drug court participants use not a narcotic. "There's always a lot of conopiates, according to county statistics. cern about people substituting Court officials say they are one addictivesubstance for an-

"That's the one concrete report that they continue to hear excited to test the efficacy of other," Carver said. "Vivitrol is — that it takes away the crav- Vivitrol, which may hold some not pleasure-producing, it's not ings for the addiction," said promising advantages over addictive and it's not associated Bonnie McIrvin, director of the

other drugs that are taken on

Managing Your Health & Chronic lllnesses Communitlj Education Series

fles have value, or they can.

Depresst t rl

with abuse."

W AYs T o H E L P Y QURs EL F & O T H E R s

landowner." It's a growing problem

around the state, according to Lincoln County Sheriffs Deputy Gary Davey, who's assigned to forest patrol duty.

More than Just the "Blues." Learn more about depression and ways you can help yourself and others with

eYou mainly find them on

tree fanm," he said. "Some people go out there and rake

this condition.

and it looks like a bulldozer's

been through there."

Tim Malone NISW, LCSW, Deschutes SenIor Mental Health Services


Friday, May 23 2014


3:00-4:30 p.m.

Aurard-erinning neighborhood on Bend's

Hospice Community Room 732 SW 23rd St, Redmond

To slgn up for this free program, call



HosplCE of Redmond

SuPIiort SraiIuatinI Seniors oI III4! ~h

I ®f I~ gjgg




ah s tllmynshmslihihhI

Ca+aIQSgen •tcatwlOreyeO~e HsmeBan+





Sendm Message Of SIIPSOrtIIId

=='==::-: ,Congratulationstoone, =- """ —:= -: :;SeVeral,OI all Central =; Oregon Graduateswith -afull color ad! -




The Bulletin will publish multiple pages listing all 2014 Graduates from Central Oregon High Schools



IIISt $9

' W he

INy'ouyNN'ss RlAK1m

• s

This will publish Saturday, June 14 in The Bulletin


Both the public and businesses are invited to participate

+I'ta (cei

Lane County court is trying a new drug to wean addicts By Alando Ballantyne

To Your Health

economy but urban regions as If someone's out coming onto a property and taking truffles, they're stealing from that

Everywhere you look around

Hinds said. "And these poach-

"The other issue is that truf-

well — it seems like a win-win."

the North American Truffling

churned up and garbage has been scattered. "When you're doing raking, puttingthe duffback around the tree is very important,"

a truffle or not. People go out

JEFFERSONCOUNTY All drop boxes areopen 24hours. • Culver City Hall, 200 W. First St., Culver • Metolius City Hall, 636 Jefferson St., Metolius • Crooked River Ranch, Administration area • Warm Springs, 2112Wasco St. • Jefferson County Clerk's Office, 66 S.E. DSt., Madras

think, in particular have an op- cause infections and diseasportunity to have an additional es," said Jim James, executive source of income off their land director of the Oregon Small while their trees are growing," Woodlands Association.

posed, which can kill the trees. this site, the earth has been

heavy-handed diggingmethods can leave lasting scars on the landscape and cause significanteconomic lossesforproperty owners. "Without a dog, you've got no idea if you're going to find

All sites open todayandTuesday. • Crook County Clerk's Office, 300 N.E. Third St., Room 23, Prineville; 8 a.m.-5 p.m.; openuntil 8 p.m. Election Day • Crook County Courthouse Drive-up, 300 N.E. Third St., rear entrance, Prineville; 24 hours; openuntil 8 p.m. Election Day • Powell Butte Elementary School,13650S.W. Highway126, Powell Butte; open during school hours; open until 8 p.m. Election Day • Crook County Library, 175 N.W. Meadow Lakes Drive, Prineville; open during library hours; open until 8 p.m. Election Day • Post General Store, 28550 S.E.Paulina Highway, Post; open during store hours; open until 8 p.m. Election Day • Crook County Treasurer's Office, 200 N.E. Second St., Suite100, Prineville; open during office hours; open until 8 p.m. Election Day

with their rakes and dig up the ground around the fir trees and

explains Marilyn Hinds, president of the North American




Isis is a Lagotto Romagnolo, an Italian breed that looks like a dust mop with legs. And like many of her forebears, she's been trained to sniff out edible truffles, a type of underground fungus prized by gourmet

one of the largest truffle-producing regions on the planet,"

ELSEWHERE INDESCHUTESCOUNTY • La Pine Public Library,164251st St., La Pine; opening May16, 24 hours; open until 8 p.m. Election Day •Redmond PublicLibrary,827 S.W.DeschutesAve.,Redmond;24 hours; open until 8 p.m. Election Day • Sisters City Hall, 520 E.CascadeAve., Sisters; normal business days8a.m.-5p.m.;open8a.m.-8p.m.Election Day • Sunriver Public Library, 56855 Venture Lane,Sunriver; 8 a.m.-5 p.m. May16; 8a.m.-6p.m.May19;open8a.m.-8p.m.ElectionDay • Terrebonne Sheriff's Substation,815411th St., Terrebonne; May 16 and May19, 8 a.m.-1 p.m. and 2p.m.-5 p.m.; open 8a.m.-8 p.m. Election Day


g~]yt Q2 2 gOREIIIEIO: 389 T212 ttE3tdI Itever


SHW97 aluilih!IRd REQM ON: 541-382g67 aSSW1OttiI,II!hian

Advertising Deadline Friday, June 6

DRE4M 8]G UMAI!I! I/Ql/. 2gf]

IhSK 1


Iawt Kalrt • \&lb lbl+l.

2 Examples - Actual size








1 Col. x 2" ad I1.83"xz)

N~ lMt

ftlcillel Smllb

Aa+Neh AN

%84lhJ N!


Sll'tMe Ja ~




To place your ad call The Bulletin Advertising Department

541-382-181 1

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mocop8 IkNS PywWWe

INs, 'asss Jsp ss.I pl

The Bulletin Servmg CentralOregon s<nce 1903




u comin iotsto etexcite a out ' WJ

TV SPOTLIGHT By Michelle Stark Tampa Bay Times

The one thing to take away from TV networks' recent onslaught of newpilots'? Don't take

you probably won't recognize in these promos as unstable Michael Ginsberg from "Mad Men," have sparks coming out of their ears.

Oscar-winning actor Tervence

Howard, who stars as the patriarch of a music empire trying to find an heir. Oh, and Timbaland isthemusic supervisor.

'How to Get Away with Murder'

any of it too seriously. At this point, pilots can still be re-shot,

'Galavant' ABC, midseason

slots, wiped from the Earth forever, etc. And if they do make it,

This is a one-hour fairytale musical that's being described ducer Shonda Rhimes' busy as "Spamalot"meets "The production company Shonda- Princess Bride." How could we

mostnew shows won't see asec-

land, the suspenseful thriller

ondseason, somanyof thesparklingnewpilots hyped at the re-

is a must-see for its leading lady: Viola Davis, right, an Os-

10 p.m. Thursdays, ABC The newest show from pro-

re-cast, moved to different time

cent TV upfronts presentations

Andy Kropa / Invision /The Associated Press

Martin Short, left, and John Mulaney will be in Fox's nMulaney."

in New York City will be canceledby this time next year. But we're going to get excited about like it'll be its own great thing. some of these shows anyway, because a handful show real 'Selfie' promise. And hey, someone's 8 p.m.Tuesdays, ABC got to start beating the drum OK, hear me out. Yes, the now for the not-as-awful-as-it- name is awful. But "Selfie," sounds ABC comedy "Selfie." from "Suburgatory" creator Here arethetop 102014-15pilots Emily Kapnek, is more of a we're most looking forward to self-aware satire than you'd (days andtimescould change). think, a take-down of our vapid, self-obsessed social media 'Mulaney' culture in the same way Kapnek's other show made fun of 9:30 p.m.Sundays, Fox People are calling this the a rich, cookie-cutter communew "Seinfeld," a comparison nity. The charming appeal of that needs to stop immediately. leads Karen Gillan (as a disThat's too much pressure to put graced social media guru) and on John Mulaney, a hilarious especially John Cho (as the standup and former SNL writ- guy who sets out to revamp er (he helped bring Stefon into her image) goes a long way the world!) who's heading up toward making this palatable this sitcom that NBC previous- and funny. ly passed on. It looks like Mulaney is working his standup 'Gracepoint' into the show, hence the "Sein- 9 p.m.Thursdays, Fox feld" comparisons, plus Martin This is a remake of BBC Short plays his boss. Sounds America's critically lauded

not want to see this?


car nominee and Tony winner

ABC, midseason John Ridley, who won an

who finally gets to sink her teeth into a meaty starring drama "Broadchurch," and from the looks of the trailer, it

follows the story and look of that show almost exactlyBritish actor David Tennant

even reprises his Broadchurch

who, along with her students,

kidwho'sblamed forit. The trail-

gets involved with a murder.

er makes this look like somethingmove suited for cable — it's

'Battle Creek' CBS, midseason

reason we're excited: It's Anna Gunn's first lead role since her time as Walter White's tortured

which means it'll likely be little

spouse on "Breaking Bad."

'A to Z' 9:30 p.m. Thursdays, NBC Like all romantic comedies, this one that tells the story of

two people's entire relationship will succeed or fail based on

filled with dread, uncertainty

and some gveat acting fmm This is a cop show on CBS, leads Felicity Huffman and Timothy Hutton — in thebest way.

morethan aroteprocedural. But it's also Breaking Bad cveator 'Last Man on Earth' Vince Gilligan's first TV project Fox, midseason since his epic AMC drama endWe just want to see if this edlastyear. Needwesaymove? show can pull off its extremely audacious premise: Will Forte


stars as the last person on the

Fox, midseason planet. Even the (very enterA lveady, this show ~ c o n - taining) trailer is just him putfidence. Its trailer swa@with an zing around, eating Pop-Tarts

the chemistry of its two leads. Lucky for everyone, they're assuredness some shows nevplayed by Cristin Milioti and er achieve. It's no wonder why: Ben Feldman, two of the most Thiship-hop drarmhas a stmng charming people on the plan- pedigvee in executive pmthcet. Milioti, who shined as the er Lee Daniels ("Pvecious," Mother on "How I Met Your 'The Butler"), writer Danny Mother,"and Feldman, who Stmng ("Game Change") and

ovin acot in — u et i t

and singing to himself. Imaginative directors Phil Lord and

Chris Miller ("21 Jump Street," "The Lego Movie") and writer/ creator Forte must have some-

thing — or someone — up their sleeves, right?

MOVIE TIMESTODAY • There may be an additional fee for 3-0and IMAXmovies. • I/tovie times are subject to change after press time. t

Dear Abby:I have been working hard to advance in my health care career so I can give my family a decent life. I have worked my way up from poverty, paying my own way, earning my degree through the military and sheer determination.

I have reached a point where I would like to enjoy life a little more, but my


husband thinks I am being "materialistic." We fight often over my wardrobe spending. I believe the clothes I wear, most-

professional image? Could he be er? With your years of experience, I jealous on some level? In what kind hope you can steer me in the right of environment was he raised? dlrechon. Was his m other's "uniform" a

housedress? Ifyou are earning good money and your family is being provided for, then you are certainly entitled to spend some of it on

yourself. And y ou s houldn't have t o apologize for it. Dear Abby: I am getting married in October, and my fiance, "Brad," and I are having trouble seeing eye-to-eye on the name change issue. Brad's family is originally from the North, and my family is from the South. He and his family are

ly nice skirt suits and heels, are part of my job and image. I believe it has helped me to get ahead. I don't buy overly expensive items, but they aren't cheap. I wear the things I buy for years and have a $200-a-month convinced that I should drop my budget for what I may need, even maiden name, keep my middle though I don't always spend it. name, and take his name as my I think I have earned the right to

HAPPY BIRTHDAYFOR MONDAY, more in touch with your feelings. You will be an effective communicator, and you'll also be more expressive when you feel upset or angry. If you are single, potential suitors might notice how you switch back and forth between being conservative and being quirky. You needio relate io someone who is not Starsshewthe kind judgmental. Come of day you'll have summertime, you ** * * * D ynamic could meet Mr. or Ms. Right. If you ~~+ Averagrte are attached, the ** So-so two of you are * Difficult more likely to take up a new hobby together. Your mutual interest will help you both open up more. AQUARIUScan be as stubborn as you are, butyour views are very different.

Dear Bride:It's YOUR name. So do what you are most comfortable doing, because it's the name you will have to carrytill the dayyou die (or divorce). Dear Abby:I am under a lot of stress, but the woman I am with doesn't know it. I am 17, and I have

been sleeping with my 38-year-old aunty.She' s ma rried and has three children. She's my mum's sister. We've slept together seven times

and we can't stop doing it. I think I'm in love with her.

I know this is wrong. I need advice. Please help. — Lovesick Teenin the UK.

Dear Lovesick:Being "in love" shouldn't cause stress; it should

relieve it. You know what you are new last name. doing is wrong, and YOU must be However, the women in MY fam- the adult and end this relationship. ily have always kept our maiden If you don't, it will bring heartache

shop a little, which will ultimately lead to bigger and better things for my family, so why does my hus- names, added their new husband's band make me feel so guilty? last name to theirs and dropped — Clothes Make the Woman their middle names. DearC.M.T.W.:Notknowingyour This is about the only thing Brad husband, it's difficult to say, but I'll and I can't seem to agree on. What throw out a few ideas. Could he be can Ido when my mother says one insecure or intimidated by your thing and my sweetie says anoth-

MAY 19, 2014:This yearyou will be

— Brad's Bride in South Carolina

andturmoil to you and the rest of the

family. By having an adulterous and incestuous affair with you — her nephew and a minor — your aunt is

behavinglike a sexualpredator. — Write to Dear Abby at or P.o. Box 69440, LosAngeles, CA90069

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov.21)

YOURHOROSCOPE By Jacqueline Bigar

work or personal situation. Your creativity is likely to emerge when dealing with someone at a distance. Tonight: Aren't we feeling frisky?

CANCER (June21-July 22)

** * * Zero in on what is important. Your creativity could be stunted by someone else's gesture and/or idea. Help this person add the flourishing touches on his or her concept. You might be driven by your need to get things accomplished. Tonight: Could go till the wee hours.



• 300: RISE OF ANEMPIRE (R) 9 • ROBOGOP (PG-13l 6 • After 7p.m.,showsare21andolderonly.Youngerthan 21 may attend screenings before 7p.m.ifaccompanied by a legal guardian.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov.22-Dec. 21)

• THEAMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2(PG-l3)3:30,6:30 • GODZILLA(PG-13) 3:45, 6:30 • MILLION DOLLAR ARM (PGl 3:30, 6:15 • NEIGHBORS (R) 4:45, 7:1 5

** * * You might want to indulge a LEO (July23-Aug.22) ** * * * W hat you are thinking is more boss. Your high energy and distinctive logical than you might realize. Be willing ideas will come out, no matter who runs to take a stand. You might want to start into you. You'll want to be aware of the interacting with a friend who demoncosts of your actions. Someone could beARIES (March21-April 19) strates a similar interest. A discussion will come angrier than he or she has been in a ** * * Your calmness will transform becomevery lively, except around afamily while. Tonight: Off to the gym. quickly into strong action. A partner member. Tonight: Return calls. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.18) seems to be a bit difficult at the moment. ** * * * You tend to flourish, no matter VIRGO (Aug.23-Sept. 22) You might be unusually irritable in the ** * Expenses could go overboard at whatyou're doing. Do research, or call evening as well. Know that this, too, will the drop of a hat. You might regret letsomeoneyouconsideranexpert.Getas pass. Tonight: Be careful, as you could be ting your impulsiveness take the lead. A m uch feedback as possible.Pushto geta accident-prone. partner or friend understands much more better grasp of a situation, and know that you will make the right decision. Tonight: TAURUS (April 20-May20) than you think he or she does. You might ** * * Take a leap of faith, and be willing not be communicating as well as you Happiest among crowds. to take risks in order to gei past a situathink you are. Tonight: Pace yourself. PISCES (Feb.19-March20) tion. You could be sorry that you decided LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) ** * You might need to be more deto act a certain way with an associate or tached and not personalize a situation so ** * * You are full of energy and dya loved one. Put in the extra effort that m uch. Read between thelines whenyou namic ideas. Deal with one person at could help this person torelax andease a time. A partner finally might be a lot speak with a friend. You could be waffling up. Tonight: All smiles. about what you are seeing. Don't allow more easygoing thanhe or she has been others to add fuel to any fires that might GEMINI (May 21-June 20) in a while. Be careful — adisagreement ** * * You might be more interested be smoldering. Tonight: Togetherness still could arise. Resist being combative; inwhatsomeone else hasto sayabout instead, go for a brief walk. Tonight: As works. what seems like a never-ending, difficult you like it. © King Features Syndicate

See a list of all winners at Source:

TV TQDAY 8 p.m. on10, "Bones" — A man offers Booth (David Boreanaz) some information about a possible government cover-up, but he dies before they can meet. As he and the Jeffersonian team investigate, they realize Booth may be in over his head, and his future with the FBI may be in jeopardy. Emily Deschanel also stars in the season finale, "The Recluse in the Recliner." 8:30 p.m. on 6, "FriendsWith BetterLives" — Kate (Zoe Lister-Jones) goes out with Will's (James Van DerBeek) trainer (guest star Hayes MacArthur) and is underwhelmed. So Will gives him some tips, and their thing for which Will is more than happy to take the credit. Andi (Majandra Delfino) tries to impressthe handsome male nanny she's hired in the new episode

"Cyrano deTrainer-Zac." Ryan McPartlin also guest stars.

9 p.m. on 6, "Mike & Molly"Molly (Melissa McCarthy) is excited to be accepted into an elite writing workshop, but there's a problem: It lasts all summer, and Mike (Billy Gardell) doesn't want her to be away from him for eight whole weeks. It's decision time in the season finale, "Eight Is Enough." o zap2it •

Brad Haun NMts2215 46 541-280-2564 ML3213-10

EVERCREEN O 2014Ersgars Hometranr ir a rstirtrrat trade n smeof tanMo s s t t eC om

mplements 1fse,s 'onksris~a 70 SW Century Dr., Ste. 145 Bend, OR 97702• 541-322-7337

%ILSONSsf Redmond

** * Know when to back down in order to get the best possible results from a situation. The less said, the better off you'll be. You could feel awkward with others, and perhaps also with an associate. Try not to let your frustration get the best of you. Tonight: Where the action is.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.19)

• TOP ARTIST:Justin Timberiake • TOPHOT100 SONG: Robin Thicke featuring T.i. 8 Pharreii, "Blurred Lines" • TOPBILLBOARD 200ALBUM: Justin Timberiake, "The20/20 Experience"


McMenamins OldSt. Francis School, 700 N.W.Bond St., 541-330-8562

Tin Pan Theater, 869 N.W.Tin PanAlley, 541-241-2271

** * * Don't stand on ceremony, just pick up the phone and start a conversation. You might be delighted by how happy the other party is to hear from you. Several people might challenge you in a meeting, but make ityour pleasure to be responsive. Tonight: Out and about.

— The Associated Pess

second date isgreat —some-


Regal Old Mill Stadium 16 &IMAX, 680S.W. Powerhouse Drive, 800-326-3264 • THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2(PG-l3) 12: lo, 3:20, 6:45, 9:55 • THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 23-0 (PG-13l f:10, 4:45, 8 • BEARS (G)1:45, 4:10, 6:20 • CAPTAINAMERICA:THEWINTERSOLDIER (PG-13) I2:05, 3:10, 6: I5, 9:20 • DIVERGENT(PG-13l 1:30, 4:40, 7:55 • DRAFT DAY (PG-l3) 6:55, 9:35 • FADINGGIGQL0(Rl 9:10 • GODZILLA(PG-13) I2:30,2:45,3:30,6:30,9,9:30 • GODZILLA3-D(PG-13)11:50a.m., 6:05 • GoozILLA IMAx3-0 (PG-13l f,4, 7, 10 • THE GRAND BUDAPESTHOTEL(Rl 1:40, 4:25, 7:45, 10:10 • HEAVENIS FOR REAL (PG) I2:35,3:35,6:35,9:25 • LEGENDSOF OZ:DOROTHY'S RETURN (PGlff:55a.m., 4:35 • LEGENDsOF Oz:DOROTHY's RETURN 3-0(PGl2:15 • MILLION DOLLAR ARM (PGl 1f:45 a.m., 3, 6, 9 • MOM'SNIGHTOUT(PG)1:20,4:15,7:35,10:05 • NEIGHBORS (R) I2:55, 3:55, 7:25, 10 • THEOTHER WOMAN (PG-13)12:45,3:45,7:15,9:50 • RI02 (Gl 12:20, 2:55,7:10, 9:45 • Accessibility devices are available forsome movies. •

— The King of Popanda likely successor, prince of pop Justin Timberlake, ruled the Billboard Music Awardsthough Jackson made asplash via hologram andTimberlake accepted his awards via video from overseas. A hologram of Michael Jacksonmade itsdebutSunday, mirroring the late icon's signature slick dancemovesas some membersoftheaudience becameemotional, while Timberlake wonseven prizes, including top artist and Billboard 200album,andacceptedthe honors outside of thecountry where hewas ontour.

Slave," is behind this new crime

premise is solid Shonda: Davis drama about a ho~ sub plays a brilliant law professor urbanmurder andthe Hispanic

an American accent. The real

Billdoard MusicAwards

Oscar for writing "12 Years a

role. Even without her, the

character here, though with


• HANKANDASHA(no MPAArating) 8:30 • THE LUNCHBOX (PGl 3:30 I



Adjustablc Beds


Redmond Cinemas,1535S.W.OdemMedo Road, 541-548-8777

Sisters Movie House,720 DesperadoCourt, 541-549-8800 • THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2(PG-l3) 6 • GODZILLA(PG-13)6:15 • MILLION DOLLAR ARM (PGl 6:30 • NEIGHBORS(R) 7 Madras Cinema 5,1101S.W. U.S. Highway 97, 541-475-3505 • THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2(PG-13) 6:40 • GODZILLA(PG-13) 7 • GODZILLA3-D(PG-13)6:30 • MILLI0N DQLLAR ARM (PGl 6:50 • NEIGHBORS(R) 7:10 •

Pine Theater,214 N. MainSt.,541-416-1014 • GODZILLA(PG-13) 6:40 • HEAVEN ISFORREAL(Upstairs — PGl 6:15 • Theupstairsscreening room has limitedaccessibility.


Find a week'sworth of movie times plus film reviews in Friday's 0 GO! Magazine


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r Markup NO e t Walue lidiu ent

> eh •





2014 fORQfllSION SE Stk.¹T4090 VIN: 2571 21 MSRP........... . . . . . . . . ... $24,835

wslsH»Oso s>scsus>....... - s»> Stk.¹14109 VIN:220944

MSRP...........................................$18,495 WRIGHT FORD DISCOUNT...............-@ 03 $18,192 ECOBOOSTCHALLENGE RETAIL CUSTOMERCASH....... $1,000 $17,192 FORDCREDIT RETAILBONUS CUSTOMEC RASH............................ $%0 $16,692




Stk.¹14117 VIN: D18076 Leather• Navigation• Roof CrossBars


........................... $500

MSRP.......... . . . . . . . . . . . . $33>390 WRIGHTFORDDISCOUNT......- $1>179 $32>211 ECOBOOSTCHALLENGE RETAILCUSTOMERCASH....... -$1>000 RETAIL CUSTOMER CASH...... $1,0I $30,211

$21>887 •


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StI<.¹1 4087 VIN: BB4769

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NBA Playoffs, B10 THE BULLETIN • MONDAY, MAY 19, 2014


The week ahea

A rundown of gamesandevents to watch for locally and nationally from the world of sports:

All week





High schoolstate championships: Local teams will be all around Oregon this week in state competition, starting today andTuesdaywith boys golf in Banks andRedmondand girls golf in Creswell and Corvallis. State track runs Thursday through Saturday, all at Hayward Field in Eugene.And boys and girls tennis tournaments take place Thursday through Saturday in Beaverton, Corvallis and Portland.

NBA Playeffs, OklahomaCity at SauAutuuiu, 6 p.m. (TNT):Howthe West is won will be determined in the finals of what has been ariveting and grueling postseason in the Western Conference. Serge Ibaka is sidelined for the second-seeded Thunder andTonyParker is questionable for the top-seededSpurs, both with leg injuries. But both teamshaveplenty of star power left to survive this series and advance to the NBA Finals.

College sefthaH,Oregonvs. Minnesota, 7 p.m. (ESPN2): The top overall seedDuckswon their regional with easeand now host the GoldenGophers in a best-of-three SuperRegional series. Game 2 isset for noon Sunday.The winneradvances to the Women's CollegeWorld Series in OklahomaCity on May 29-June 3.

Running, HappyGirlsRuns,Bend:The fourth annual HappyGirls races include Happy Little Kids runs onSaturday starting at1:30 p.m. Sunday's races begin with a half marathon starting at 9 a.m., followed by a10K starting at 9:15anda 5K starting at 9:30, all starting and finishing at Riverbend Park. Online registration closes Friday; day-of-race registration is available at the racesite. More information:

Auto racing: Indianapolis 500, 9 a.m. (ABC);Coca-Cola 600, 3 p.m. (Fex):It can be grueling enough just to watch both of these iconic Memorial Day weekendraces on TVfrom the comfort of a couch. Soimagine the challenge Kurt Busch faces ashe attempts to becomejust the second driver ever to complete the1,100-mile same-day double, starting in Indianapolis and finishing in Charlotte, N.C.





Reports: Beavers to hire Tinkle

The dasics Number ef holes:18 Status:Openyearround, weather permitting After Kurt Busch qualified for the Indianapolis 500

Location:1522 Cline Falls Road, Redmond Tee times:

Saturday, he hopped ona


helicopter to race in the NASCAR Sprint AN-Star Race in Charlotte, N.C.

Course stats:Par 63, 4,175 yards Green fees:Through May 22 andOct. 13Nov. 9, $35 daily; May 23-Oct. 12, $44 daily; after Nov. 10, $25 daily. Off-peak rates: Through May 22and Oct. 13-Nov. 9: $19after 2 p.m. May23-0ct. 12: $29 after 3 p.m. Power cart:$17 Director ef gulf: Ron Buerger Director ef iustructieu:Tam Bronkey Course designers: John Thronson (1999) Extras:Real-grass 18-hole putting course, two driving ranges, multiple practice greens, clubhouse, restaurant, golf academy Iebsite:www.

AJ Mast/The Associated Press

Double just

one step in Busch's reinvention




By Dan Gelston The Associated Press


Joe Kline/The Bulletin

Ted Outcalt hits from just off the fourth fairway on the Eagle Crest Challenge Course in Redmond.

Busch commanded his driver to step on the gas

before the UPS truck sped away. Inside, he was hoping for a package from Italy holding the $2,495 firesuit • Dan he'll need for his latest Ca r penter — and wildwin s Indy est — racing 5 0 0 pole, B7 endeavor. Hetailed the truck, zipping around left- and right-hand corners like a road course race in

• The par-63 design in Redmond isno ordinary short course 2ACK

Breakingdown the course


a quiet development near

Editor's note: This is another installment in a seasonlong series

his Maryland home. They

in which Bulletin golf writer

cornered it, but the package wasn't there. Busch pursed

Zack Hall visits each public and

his lips in frustration. He'd have to wait.

On his days away from the track, Busch still can't escape a spirited race, even without a checkered flag on the line. But it's his urge to race, to win, that makes Busch believe — sometimes to his detriment — that he can take on any endeavor

in auto racing. Even The Double. On Memorial Day weekend, one of NASCAR's bad boys is trying to own the title ofbaddest man on the

trackbypulling off racing's version of an IronMan tri-

athlon. In a single day, he'll try to race in the Indianapolis 500 and the Coca-Cola 600, with a race or two

against the dock thrown in. SeeBuschIB7

A closer look at Eagle Crest Challenge. For more information on the items below, see Page B8.

semiprivate golf course in Central Oregon.

DIFFICULTY The course is more The Challenge Course's par-3 fifth hole sits behind a pond. challenging than its REDMOND4,175 yards might laying partner and I suggest. But its open "This is not an easy course." momentarily questioned In other words, from the course's design and fewwater our relatively good scores Yes, the Challenge is short. back tee, where a golfer will be hazards will help keep from the round that day as we Andyes, the 18-hole setup is only forced to hit longer irons into what novices in play. sat under a clear blue sky on the sparsely lined with juniper trees, on some holes are relatively small clubhouse patio at Eagle Crest and water hazards are few and far greens, Challenge's name is apt. STRATEGY "Even forbetterplayers, when Resort's Challenge Course. between. That all helps make the Challenge demands W ere the scoresaproductof par-63courseenjoyableforgolfers you get on those blue tees and play precision iron shots. actually playing well, or were they of every skill level. the Challenge, your score relative But its open design simply a matter of playing the But that does not make Chalto par is higher on the Challenge allows golfers to be 4,175-yard short course'? lenge Course's name a falsity. No, Course than it is on the two chamaggressive, which can My partner put the debate to not with the often mounded green pionship courses (at Eagle Crest pay big dividends on rest. complexes that can make a twoResort)," says Ron Buerger, the shorter par 4s. "Thepar3sarelegitandthere putt a chore if you find your ball on director of golf at the resort. are some tough par 4s," he said. the wrong side of a ridge. SeeChallenge/B8 VERDICT Its ability to entertain golfers of all skill levels makes Challenge one of the H ole 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Out 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 In Tot a l best-designed short Par 3 4 3 4 3 4 3 4 3 31 3 4 3 4 3 4 3 4 4 32 63 courses one canfind anywhere. Yards 171 318 188 399 145 308 132 307 163 2,131189 353 141 297 129 299 120 259 257 2,044 4,175




Nothing mini about the Kid'sPPP By Beau Easius The Bulletin

The U.S. Bank Kid's Mini Pole Pedal Paddle is miniature in name

only. Designed for blossoming athletes from first through sixth grade, the Joe Kline/The Bulletin

Ryan Kahlie, 12, of team Spartans, dives through a section of the obstacle course in the Kid's Mini Pole Pedal Paddle on Sunday at the Les Schwab Amphitheater in Bend.

annual Kid's PPP on Sunday in Bend included rafting in the Deschutes Riv-

wise sprint of approximately 150 meters to the finish. "I liked the running," said Lani Gassner, 9, of team Footloose and Fancy Free. While all six members of each Kid's

PPP team participated in the raft leg — with a bit of help from professional raft guides who captained each boat-

er, a short but challenging cyclocross bike leg, an obstacle course with eight

only one athlete per squad tackled the bicycle course.

differentbarriers,and a counterclock-

See Kid's PPP/B6

: 'Inside • More photos from the Kids' PPP,B6

. :'• More coverage on The Bulletin s

website: beudbuHetm. cem/ppp

CORVALLIS — Media reports that surfaced Sunday evening sayOregon State hasmadea choice onitsnew men's basketball coach. The school is expected to meet today with Montana coachWayne Tinkle in hopes of reaching an agreement. Tinkle, 48, would replace Craig Robinson, who was fired earlier this month after six seasons. In eight seasons at Montana, Tinkle is 15891 overall and 97-39 in the Big Sky. TheGrizzlies have gone to the NCAA tournament three years during that stretch (2010, 2012, 2013) and won 21 or more games for four straight seasons. Freddie Owens,who just completed his first year as anOregon State assistant, was onTinkle's staff the previous fourseasons. If Tinkle is hired, he will take over aprogram depleted by departures. Oregon State athletic director Bob DeCarolis has apparently told the remaining players that he hopes to announce the hire today. — Corvallis Gazette-Times

TRACK & FIELD Ducks sweep Pac-12 titles PULLMAN, Wash.

— Oregon did what Oregon does at the Pac-12 Conference track and field championships. The Ducks swept both sides of the meet for the sixth year in a row, winning the men's title for the eighth consecutive season and the women's championship for the sixth straight year. The Oregon men piled up 163.25 points to win handily over runner-up Southern Cal (99) in the10team men's field. The Ducks were aided by last week's third-place finish in the decathlon by Mitch Modin, a freshman from Bend's Mountain View High School. On the women's side, Oregon registered176 points to hold off USC, which finished second in the12-team women's field with 145 points. Duck sophomore Jenna Prandini won the100 and 200 meters and the long jump andwas namedwomen'sathlete of the meet. Twelfthplace Oregon State finished with two points. — Bulletin staff report

HORSE RACING iiio Triple Crown for Chrome? If Kentucky Derbyand PreaknessStakeswinner California Chromeisn't allowed to wear anasal strip, the horsecould skip the Belmont,B4






MLB, Detroit at Cleveland

Time TV/Radio 4 p.m. E S PN


NHL Playoffs, NewYork Rangers at Montreal IIHF World Championship, Germanyvs. USA

5 p.m. NBCSN 2:30 a.m. NBCSN


NBA Playoffs, OklahomaCity at San Antonio

6 p.m.



MLB, Cincinnati at Washington MLB, Seattle at Texas College, OregonState at Oregon

Time TV/Radio 4 p.m. MLB 5 p.m. Roo t 7 p.m. P ac-12, 940-AM


NBA Playoffs, Miami at Indiana

5:30 p.m. ESPN

Listings are themostaccurate available. TheBulletinis not responsible for late changesmadeby TVor radio stations.

ON DECK Today Baseball: Kennedy atCulver,4:30 p.m. SoebalhKennedyat Culver,4; Boysgolf: Class5Astate championshipsat Quail Valley GolCourse f in Banks, 7:30a.mcClass4Astate championshipat s Eagle Crest RidgeCourse,8a.m. Girls golf: Class5Astatechampionships atEmerald ValleyGolfandResort inCreswell, 7:30a.m.;Class 4A/3A/2A/1A statechampionshipsat Trysting Tree Golf Club in Corvallis, 7:30a.m.

IN THE BLEACHERS In the Bleachers O 2014 Steve Moore. Dist. by Universal Ucnck

Tuesday Baseball: SistersatSummit, 4:30p.m. Boys golb Class5Astate championships at Quail ValleyGolfCoursein Banks, 7:30a.m.; Class4A state championships at EagleCrest Ridgeview Course,8a.m. Girls golf: Class5Astatechampionships atEmerald ValleyGolfandResort inCreswell, 7:30a.m.;Class 4A/3A/2A/1Astatechampionships at TrystingTree Golf Clubin Corvagis,7:30a.m.


Wednesday Baseball :BendatLakeOswego,4:30p.mcRegisat Culver,4:30p.m. Soflbalh Regiat s Culver,4;30 prm, Boys lacrosse:Bend,Summit in OHSLAstateplayoffs, TBD Thursday Track and field: Class2Aand1Astate championships at Hayward Field 10am Boys tennis:Class5Astatechampionshipsat Tualatin HillsTennisCenter 11am.; Class4A/3A/2A/1A statechampionships atOregonState,5 p.m. Girls tennis: Class 5Astate championshipsat Portland TennisCenter, Class4A/3A/2A/1A statechampionships atOregonState,5 p.m.

SPORTS IN BRIEF SOFTBALL Ducks win regional, set to host Minnesota — Oregonis set to host Minnesota in the SuperRegional starting Saturday after the Ducks claimed asweep inthe Eugene Regional with a 6-0 victory overWisconsinonSunday.Thetop-seeded DuckstakeontheGolden Gophers in the first of the three-gameseries Saturday at 7 p.m. Game 2 will take place onSunday at 2 p.m., while Game3, if necessary, will be at 5 p.m.nextSunday.TheGoldenGopherswontheMinnesota Regional on Sundaywith an 8-6 victory over Auburn. Oregon outscored the opposition 24-2 in three wins over UtahValley (Fridayj and Wisconsin (Saturday andSunday), with its top three hitters combining to go17-of-32 for the weekend.

BASEBALL Wetzler returns from suspensionto lead Beavers —oregon State senior left-hander Ben Wetzler returned from a five-game suspension to blank Washington 3-0 on atwo-hitter on Sunday in Corvallis to move theBeavers to within one victory of a repeat Pac12 championship. Wetzler struck out nine, did not allow a runner past first base and picked off another in improving his record to 10-1 overall and 8-1 in the Pac-12.TheBeavers (22-5 Pac-12, 41-9 overall) now lead Washington (20-7, 38-13j by two gameswith three league games left in their bid to repeat asPac-12champions for the first time since 2006. Both teams finish the regular season this coming weekend; the Beavers head to Southern Calwhile the Huskies host defending national champion UCLA.The Beavers play a nonconferencecontestatOregononTuesdaynightandthengoto LosAngeles for a Friday-Sunday series that concludes the regular season.

Ducks down Bruins io 11 ihhlhgs —Nick catalano's RBI single in the11th inning broke a 4-all tie, and Oregon reliever Garrett Cleavenger struck out three batters in the bottom of the 11th to secure a 5-4 Pac-12Conference win for the Ducks over UCLA onSunday at Jackie Robinson Stadium in Los Angeles. Thewin was the fourth in a row overall for Oregon (17-10Pac-12, 40-16 overall) and completed a sweep of the three-game series against the reigning national champions (10-17, 23-29-1 j. TheDucks host Oregon State in a nonconference meeting Tuesday at 7 p.m. at PKPark in Eugene. Oregon concludes the regular season with a three-game Pac-12 home series against California starting Thursday night.

Friday Baseball: Santiam Christian atSisters, 4:30p.m. Track andfield: Class5A,4Astatechampionships at HaywardField, 9a.m.; Class2A,1Astatechampionships at Hayward Field, 2:30p.m. Boys tennis: Class 5A state championshipsat Tualatin Hills Tennis Center,9:30 a.m.; Class 4A/3A/2A/1A statechampionships atOregonState, Ba.m. Girls tennis: Class 5Astate championships at PortlandTennisCenter, 9:30a.mcClass4A/3A/2A/1A statechampionships atOregonState,8 a.m. Saturday Track andfield: Class5A,4Astatechampionships at HaywardField,9:30a.m. Boys tennis:Class5Astatechampionshipsat Tualatin HillsTennisCenter,9 a.mcClass4A/3A/2A/1A statechampionships atOregonState,8 a.m. Girls tennis:Class5Astatechampionshipsat Tualatin Hills TennisCenter,9 a.mcClass4A/3A/2A/1A statechampionships atOregonState,8 a.m.

PPP Pole PedalPaddle (Categoryomieedfromoriginal resultsfrom Saturday'srace) FEMALE IND13-15

1, SadieAnnGorman,Bend,2;46;43 2,MichaelaGorman,Bend,2:52:46

BASEBALL College Pac-12 Standings All TimesPDT

Oregon State Washington Oregon ArizonaState USC Washington State Stanford UCLA California Arizona Utah

Conference Overall 22-5 20-7 17-10 17-10 14-14 13-14 12-14 10-17 11-16 11-20 4-23

41-9 38-13 40-16 30-21 26-23 23-27 25-23 23-29 23-26 32-31 16-33


Washington State10,Stanford1 Oregon 5, UCLA4(11innings) ArizonaState14, Utah6 Oregon State3, Washington 0 California 6, Arizona4


Californiaat SanFrancisco, 2p.m. SeattleatWashington State, 3p.m. Paafic atStanford,5;30p.m.


CYCLING WigginS WinS Taur Of CalifOrnia — BradleyWiggins of Britain won the Tour of California on Sundayafter holding the lead for the final week. The2012 Tour de France winner finished in the pack in 20th place in the eighth and final stage captured by compatriot Mark Cavendish. This was Wiggins' first title since the seven-day Tour of Britain last September. Wiggins, who rides for Sky, defeated Australia's Rohan Dennis of Garmin-Sharp by 30 seconds in the 720-mile race that began May11 in Sacramento. American Lawson Craddock of Giant-Shimano was third overall, 1 minute, 48 seconds behind. Wiggins is a four-time Olympic track and road cycling gold medalist. It's not clear if the 34-year-old cyclist will ride in the Tour de France, which begins July 5. Wiggins moved into the lead after his dominating individual time trial in Stage 2. It was his first stage victory of the season.

Weening wins 9th stage of Giro, Evans inlead —Pieter Weening of the Netherlands edgedout Davide Malacarne to win the ninth stage of the Giro d'Italia on Sunday inSestola, Italy, while Cadel Evans retained the overall lead. Weening hadbeen part of a breakaway group andapologized to Malacarne as hesprinted past him at the end of the final climb of the 172-kilometer (107-milej leg from Lugo to Sestola.


USCatCalState Fulerton, 6p.m. AbileneChristianatArizonaState, 6:30p.m. OregonStateat Oregon, 7p.m. ThursdaylsGame Californiaat Oregon,7 p.m. Friday's Games StanfordatUtah,11a.m. Oregon Stateat USC,4p.m. AbileneChristianatArizona,6 p.m. ArizonaStateatWashington State, 7 p.m. UCLAatWashington,7p.m. Californiaat Oregon,7 p.m.

Saturday'sGames StanfordatUtah, 11a.m. Oregon Stateat USC,2p.m. ArizonaStateatWashington State,4 p.m. AbileneChristianatArizona,6 p.m. UCLAatWashington,7p.m. Californiaat Oregon,7 p.m. Sunday,May25 StanfordatUtah,11a.m. AbileneChristianatArizona, noon Arizona StateatWashington State, noon OregonStateat USC, noon UCLAatWashington,3p.m. End ofRegular Season Division BITournament At Appletonl Wis. Double-elimination All TimesPDT

Friday's Games St. Thoma s (Minn.) (37-7)vs. Linfield(37-7), 8a.m. BaldwinWallace(29-18)vs. Emory(34-11),11:15 am. SUNY-Cortland(35-8) vs.TBD,2:30 prm. SouthernMaine(35-13) vs.Wis.-Whitewater (40-7), 5;45 p.m.


Djokovic, Serena take Italian Open titles —NovakDjokov-

NHL Playoffs

ic extended his recent dominanceover Rafael Nadal by rallying for a 4-6, 6-3, 6-3 victory Sunday to win the Italian Open inRomefor the third time — thendedicated the title to his flood-hit native Serbia. Having also beenbeaten in Monte Carlo and Barcelona recently, it marked the first time in adecadethat the top-ranked Nadal haslost more than two matches onclay in the sameyear. In the women's final, SerenaWilliams kept the crowd from being afactor in a 6-3, 6-0 victory over10th-seeded home favorite Sara Errani to win her third Rome title.


— From wire reports



Chicago 3, LosAngeles1, Chicagoleadsseries 1-0

Today'sGame NY Rangersat Montreal, 5 p.m., N.Y.Rangers lead series1-0 Wednesday'sGame LosAngelesatChicago,5p.m. Thursday'sGame MontrealatNYRangers, 5p.m.

Friday's Games Baylor(45-14)atGeorgia(49-13),11 a.m. Michiganat FloridaState, 1p.m. Nebra skaatAlabama,3p.m. Tennessee (45-10)at Oklahoma(48-10), 4p.m. Arizona(44-14)atLouisiana-Lafayette (47-8-1), 6p.m. Saturday'sGames Baylorat Georgia, 9a.m. Washington(36-13)atFlorida(48-11),10 a m. ArizonaatLouisiana-Lafayette, noon Tennessee at Oklahoma,2 p.m. Kentucky (47-16) atUCLA(51-6),5 p.m. Minnesota(45-9) atOregon(52-7-1), 7p.m. Sunday'sGames Washingtonat Florida, 9a.m. Kentuckyat UCLA, noon MinnesotaatOregon, 2p.m.

"My husband just sits there every weekend in his so-called man cave, watching his baseball."



(Besl-of-7; x-if necessary) Sunday'sGame Indiana107,Miami96, Indianaleadsseries1-0 Today'sGame Oklahoma City atSanAntonio, 6p.m. Tuesday'sGame Miami atIndiana,5:30p.m. Wednesday'sGame Oklahoma City atSanAntonio, 6p.m. Saturday'sGame Indiana atMiami, 5:30p.m. Sunday,May25 SanAntonioat OklahomaCity, 5:30 p.m. Monday,May26 IndianaatMiami, 5:30p.m. Tuesday,May27 SanAntonioat OklahomaCity, 6 p.m. Wednesday,May28 x-Miamiat Indiana,5:30p.m. Thursday,May29 x-Oklahoma City atSanAntonio, 6 p.m. Friday, May30 x-Indianaat Miami,5:30p.m. Saturday,May31 x-San AntonioatOklahomaCity, 5:30p.m. Sunday,June 1 x-Miamiat Indiana,5:30p.m. Monday,June2 x-Oklahoma City atSanAntonio, 6 p.m.

Indianapolis Bgg After Sundayqualifying; race Sunday,May25 At Indianapolis MotorSpeedway Indianapolis Lap length: 2.5miles All cars Dallara chassis 1.(20) Ed Carpenter, Chevy,2:35.7992, 231.067mph. 2.(27)JamesHinchcliff e,Honda,2:35.9528,230.839. 3. (12)Wil Power,Chevy,2:36.0488, 230.697. 4. (3) HelioCastroneves,Chevy,2:36.0812,230.649. 5. (77)SimonPagenaud, Honda,2:36.1049, 230.614. 6. (25)MarcoAndretti, Honda,2:36.1526,230.544. 7. (34)CarlosMunoz,Honda,2:36.4224, 230.146. 8. (67)JosefNewgarden, Honda,2:36.5946, 229.893. 9. (21) JR Hildebrand, Chevy,2:37.3938,228.726. 10. (2) Juan PabloMontoya,Chevy, 2:35.8396, 231.007. 11. (9)ScottDixon,Chevy, 2:35.8930, 230.928. 12.(26)KurtBusch,Honda,2:35.9913,230.782. 13. (98) Jack Hawksworth, Honda, 2:36.1779, 230.506. 14. (19)JustinWilson,Honda,2:36.3480, 230.256. 15. (7)Mikhail Aleshin,Honda,2:36.4881, 230.049. 16. (10)TonyKanaan, Chevy, 2:36.5750,229.922. 17. (11) SebastienBourdais, Chevy,2:36.6259, 229.847. 18. (16)OriolServia,Honda,2:36.6905,229.752. 19. (28) Ryan Hunter-Re ay, Honda, 2:36.7132, 229.719.

Muernbergeryersicherungscup Sunday Muremberg,Germany Purse: $25B,BBB (Intl). Surface: RedClay-Outdoor Singles First Round MonaBarthel,Germany,def. BelindaBencic, Switzerland, 7-6(4), 6-3. KurumiNara(6), Japan,def. MonicaNiculescu, Romania6-3, , 6-4. Anna-LenaFriedsam,Germany, def. Lisa-Maria Moser,Austria,3-6, 6-0,6-1. PolonaHercog,Slovenia, def. KlaraKoukalova(3), Czech Republic,1-6, 6-2,6-1.

20. (15)GrahamRahal, Honda, 2;36.7756, 229.628. 21. (18)CarlosHuertas, Honda,2:37.0328, 229.251. 22. (63)PippaMann, Honda, 2:37.0521,229.223. 23. (14)TakumaSato, Honda,2:37.0671, 229.201. 24. (68)AlexTagliani, Honda,2:37.1038,229.148. 25. (6)TownsendBel, Chevy, 2:37.1990,229.009. 26. (83)CharlieKimball, Chevy, 2:37.2376,228.953. 27. (5) Jacques Villeneuve,Honda, 2:37.2400,

DuesseldorfOpen Sunday AI Rochuscfub Duesseldorf, Germany Purse: $665,000(WT250) Surface: Clay-Outdoor Singles First Round AdrianMannarino, France, def.Marinko Matosevic, Australia,3-6r6-3, 6-4. Ivo Karlovic(7), Croatia,def.TobiasKamke, Germany, 3-6, 7-5,7-6(5).

33. (91)BuddyLazier, Chevy, 2:37.9501,227.920.


28.(33)James Davison, Chevy,2:37.2977,228.865. 29. (41)MartinPlowman,Honda,2:37.3333, 228.814. 30. (8)RyanBriscoe,Chevy, 2:37.4028, 228.713. 31. (22)SageKaram,Chevy,2:37.5931, 228.436. 32. (17) SebastianSaave dra, Chevy, 2:37.8335, 228.088.


AmericanLeague BALTIMOREORIOLES — Optioned RHP Evan Meek toNorfolk(IL).Agreedto termswith RHPHeath Bell on aminorleaguecontract. CHICAGOWHITESOX— Placed18JoseAbreu Nice Open on the 15-dayDL.Reinstated OFAdamEatonfrom Results Charlotte(IL). Sunday DETROIT TIGERS— Actiyated RHPAnibal SanAt The NiceLawnTennis Club chezfromthe15-day DLOptioned RH PJustin Miler Nice, France to Toledo (IL). Purse: $665,000(WT250) LOSANGELESANGELS— Sent38DavidFreese Surface: Clay-Outdoor to SalLake t (PCL)for arehabassignment. Singles MINNES OTA TWINS — Optioned RHPMichael First Round TonkintoRochester (IL). Federico Delbonis (7), Argentina, def. Mikhail NEW YORKYANKEES — Recalled RHP Jose Sunday'sSummary KukushkinKa , zakhstan, 7-5,6-3. RamirezfromScranton/Wilkes-Barre(IL) as26th Man. Edouard Roger-Vasselin (8), France,def.Aleiandro OAKLAND ATHLETICS— Sent1B Daric Barton Pacers107, Heat 96 Gonzalez, Colombia,6-3, 6-1. outright to Sacram ento (PCL). OptionedLHPJoe Savery toSacramento. ClaimedLHPJeff Francis off MIAMI (96) waiversfromCincinnati. TransferredINFJakeElmore SOCCER James11-182-225,Battier1-1 0-03, Bosh4-12 to the60-dayDL. 1-2 9, Chalmers 2-91-26, Wade12-182-327, R.AITAMPABAYRAYS— PlacedOFDesmondJenlen 4-82-212,Andersen6-72-214,Jones0-1 0-00, MLS nings on theberea vement list. Recalled OFKevin Cole 0-30-00,Haslem 0-10-20,Douglas0-00-00. Kiermaiefrom r Durham(IL). Agreedto termswith INF MAJORLEAGUESOCCER Totals 40-7810-15 96. Jayson Nixonaminorleaguecontract. All Times PDT INDIANA(107) TEXAS RANGERS—OptionedRHPMilesMikolas George7-13 7-8 24,West8-11 3-419, Hibbert t o Round Rock(PCL). Recaled OFDaniel Robertson EasternConference 5-139-1319,G.Hil 3-96-615,Stephenson8-120-0 Rock. W L T P l sGF GA to Round 17, Scola1-30 02, Butler010 00, Watson3 44 6 NewEngland 6 TORONTOBLUEJAYS— OptionedRHPNeilWag3 2 20 19 13 11, Mahinmi0-1 0-00, L.Agen0-00-0 0, Copeland S porting ner to Buffal o(IL). ReinstatedCDioner Navarrofrom KansasCiy 5 4 2 1 7 16 10 0-1 0-0 0,S.Hill 0-00-0 0, Sloan0-0 0-00. Totals the bereavm eentlist. Houston 5 5 2 17 16 19 35-68 29-37107. National League D.C. 4 3 3 1 5 14 12 Miami 24 21 25 26 — 96 CINCINN ATI REDS—Optioned0TuckerBarnhart NewYork 3 4 5 1 4 18 19 Indiana 30 25 28 24 — 107 Columbus to Louisville(IL). ReinstatedLHPTony Cingranifrom 3 4 4 1 3 13 14 TorontoFC 4 4 0 12 9 9 the15-dayDL. COLORADOROCKIES — Optioned 0 Michael Chicago 2 2 6 12 19 19 WNBA McKenry toColoradoSprings (PCL). Reinstated0 Philadelphia 2 6 5 11 15 20 WOMEN"S NATIONALBASKETBALL Montreal 1 5 4 7 8 18 Wilin Rosariofromthe 15-dayDL SentOFMichael ASSOCIATION Cuddyerto ColoradoSprings(PCL)for a rehabasWesternConference All TimesPDT W L T P l sGF GA signment. MIAMIMARLINS— Assigned RHPHenry RodriSeattle 8 3 1 2 5 23 19 All TimesEDT gueztoNewOrleans(PCL). RealSaltLake 6 0 5 23 23 13 EasternConference PHILADE LPHIAPHILLIES— Optioned RHPEthan FC Dallas 5 5 2 17 21 20 W L P c t G B Vancouver Martin toLehighValley (IL). 4 2 4 16 16 12 Atlanta 2 0 1 . 000 PRTSBURGHPIRATES— RecalledRHPBrandon Colorado 4 4 3 15 12 14 Chicago 2 0 1 . 000 CumptonfromIndianapolis (IL)as26thMan. SanJose 2 4 4 1 0 10 12 NewYork 1 1 .5 0 0 1 ChivasUSA 2 ST.LOUI S CARDINALS — OptionedRHPJorge 5 4 10 13 20 Washington 0 1 000 1tyt Rondon toMemphis(PCL). ReinstatedLHPJaime Portland 1 3 7 10 16 19 Connecticut 0 2 .0 0 0 2 Los Angele s 2 3 3 9 8 7 Garciafromthe15-day DL Indiana 0 2 .0 0 0 2 NOTE: Threepointsfor victory,onepointfor tie. WASHINGTONNATIONALS — Placed LHP Gio WesternConference Gonzal ezonthe15-dayDL RecalledRHPRyanMatW L Pct GB Sunday'sGame theusfromSyracuse(IL). SentRHPRoss Ohlendorf to Minnesota 2 0 1 . 000 Chicago 2, Sporting KansasCity 1 Syracuse (IL) for arehabassignment. Phoenix 2 0 1 . 000 Wednesday'sGames FOOTBAL L Los Angeles 1 1 .5 0 0 1 Houstonat D.C.United, 4p.m. National Football League SanAntonio 1 1 .5 0 0 1 FC Dallasat LosAngeles,7:30 p.m. ATLANTAFALCONS — Si gned CB Ricardo AlTulsa 0 1 .0 0 0 1t/t Friday's Game len andLBsPrinceShembo, Marquis Spruill, Yawin Seattle 0 2 .0 0 0 2 TorontoFCat Sporting KansasCity,5:30p.m. Smallwood andTylerStarr. Saturday'sGames CLEVELANDBROWNS — NamedAaron Glenn Sunday'sGames Portlandat NewYork,4 p.m. assistantdefensivebackscoach. Minnesota90,Connecticut 87,OT Seattle FC at Vancouver, 4p.m. GREENBAY PACKERS — Signed CB Demetri Phoenix74,LosAngeles69 Chicag oatColumbus,4:30p.m. Goodson. Today'sGames D.C. UnitedatNewEngland,4:30p.m. NEW ORLEANSSAINTS— SignedWR Brandin No games scheduled MontrealatColorado,6p.m. Cooks. FC Dallaat s RealSalt Lake,6:30 p.m. Sunday,May25 TENNIS Philadelphiaat LosAngeles,5 p.m. FISH COUNT Houstonat SanJose, 7:30p.m. Professional Upstream daily movem ent of adult chinook,jack Internazionali BNLd'Italia chinook, steelhead andwild steelheadat selected SOFTBALL Sunday ColumbiaRiver damslast updated onSaturday. At Foro Italico Chnk Jchnk Stlhd Wstlhd College Rome Bonneville 2,757 98 6 82 10 Purse: Men,S4.77million (Maslers1000); The Daffes 1,754 80 4 23 2 NCAATournament Women,$3.63million (Premier) John Day 1,904 74 0 14 0 All TimesPOT McNary 2,392 1,059 19 0 Surface:Clay-Outdoor Singles Regionals Upstreamyear-to-date movement of adult chiMen EugeneRegional nook, jack chinook,steelheadandwild steelhead Championship Sunday'sGame at selectedColumbiaRiver damslast updatedon NovakDlokovic(2), Serbia,def. Rafael Nadal (1), Oregon 6,Wisconsin0,Oregonadvances Saturday. Spain,4-6,6-3,6-3. SuperRegionals Chnk Jchnk Stlhd Wstlhd Women (Best-of-three) Bonneville 160,953 18,826 4,687 1,275 Championship Thursday'sGames T he Daffes 116,812 12,570 617 17 9 SerenaWiliams (1), UnitedStates, def. SaraErrani Michigan (46-13)atFloridaState(53-6),4 p.m. John Day 98,885 11,412 2,924 1,111 Nebraska (44-16) at Alabama(48-11), 6p.m. McNary 81,587 7,648 6 7 3 334 (10), Italy,6-3,6-0.


Blackhawksbeat Kingsto take Game1 of Western Conferencefinal "He does a good job of never getConference final. "Confidence has always been ting too high or too low because toCHICAGO — Corey Crawford is there," Crawford said. "Really the morrow's another day, a teammate playing so well right now that noth- first thing is being prepared, having Brandon Saad said. aHe did a great ing seems to bother him. When the that preparation to try and have my job tonight." Chicago Blackhawks had a goal game at the highest level it can be Saad had a goal and an assist for waved off in the second period Sun- each time I get out there." defending Stanley Cup champion day, Crawford picked Up the slack for He is on quite a roll right now, al- Chicago, which remained perfect in his disappointed teammates. lowing only one goal in each of the seven home playoff games this year. Crawford made 25 saves, Jonathan pastthree games. The 29-year-old Duncan Keith had a t i e breaking Toews had a big goal in the third and Crawford leads the NHL with a 1.90 score in the third period. the Blackhawks beat the Los Angeles goals-against average and a.933 save Game 2 of the best-of-seven series Kings 3-1 in Game 1 of the Western percentage in the playoffs. is Wednesday night. By Jay Cohen

The Associated Press

playing just two days after a Game able to see everything," Kings center 7 victory over Anaheim, the Kings Anze Kopitar said. got asecond-period score from Tyler With the Blackhawks clinging to a Toffoli and outshot the Blackhawks

26-20 in the opener of a rematch from last year's Western Conference final.

2-1 lead in the third, Toews, Marian

Hossa and Johnny Oduya got loose on a 3-on-1 break. Toews one-timed But Crawford made a couple of solid Oduya's pass right by Jonathan stops in another terrificperformance. Quick for his sixth playoff goal at "I think we can do a better job of 16:10. getting in front of the net and make Quick made 17 saves after he it harder on their goalie because we played a key role in Los Angeles' had some pretty good shots, but no- rally from a 3-2 deficit in the series body was hanging around, so he was against the Ducks.



S.Smithrf-lf 3 1 1 1 Dickrsncf 2 1 1 2 Quentinlf 2 0 1 0 Stubbsph-cf 2 0 1 0 Stauffrp 1 0 1 0 Tlwlzkss 5 2 1 1 Headlyph-3b1 0 0 0 CGnzlzlf 4 1 2 1 Alonso1b 5 0 0 0 Arenad3b 5 0 0 0 Gyorko2b 5 0 1 0 Mornea1b 5 1 2 2 Maybincf 5 1 1 0 Rosarioc 4 1 1 0 Riverac 4 2 2 2 LeMahi2b 4 1 3 0 Roachp 1 0 0 0 Nicasiop 1 0 0 0 Venaleph-rf 3 1 2 1 Barnesph 1 0 0 0 Amarst3b 2 0 0 0 Brothrsp 0 0 0 0 Denorfiph 1 0 0 0 Ottavinp 0 0 0 0 ATorrsp 0 0 0 0 Hwknsp 0 0 0 0 Hundlyph 1 0 0 0 Culersnph 1 0 0 0 Benoitp 0 0 0 0Massetp 0 0 0 0 Thayer p 0 0 0 0 Totals 39 6 116 Totals 3 7 8 138 S an Diego 1 0 0 201 002 0 — 6 C olorado 0 0 4010 100 2 — 8



NewYork Baltimore Toronto Boston

Tampa Bay

Detroit Kansas City Minnesota Chicago Cleveland

East Division W L

23 20 22 20 23 22 20 23 19 26

CentralDivision W L 27 12 22 21 21 21 21 24 19 25

West Division

W L 28 16 24 19 21 22 21 23 16 28

Oakland Los Angeles Seattle Texas Houston

Pct GB .535 .524 r/t .511 1

.465 3 .422 5

500 71/2

.467 9 .432 10'/t

Pct GB .636 .558 3'/t .488 6t/t

Sunday'sGames Oakland13, Cleveland3 N.Y.Yankees4, Pittsburgh 3, 1stgame Kansas City8, Baltimore6 Housto n8,ChicagoWhiteSox2 Seattle 6,Minnesota2 Texas 6, Toronto2 L.A. Angel6, s Tampa Bay2 Pitt sburgh5,N.Y.Yankees3,2ndgame Detroit 6,Boston2 Today'sGam es Detroit (Smyl2-2) y at Cleveland(Kluber4-3), 4:05 p.m. ChicagoWhite Sox(Carroll1-3) at KansasCity (Vargas4-1),5:10p.m. Houston(Keuchel4-2) at L.A.Angels (Richards4-0), 7:05 p.m. Tuesday'sGames Baltimore at Pittsburgh,4:05p.m. Detroit atCleveland,4:05 p.m. Oaklan datTampaBay,4:10p.m. TorontoatBoston, 4:10p.m. N.Y.Yankeesat ChicagoCubs,5:05p.m. SeattleatTexas,5:05 p.m. Chicago WhiteSoxat Kansas City, 5:10p.m. Houstonat LA.Angels, 7:05p.m. MinnesotaatSanDiego,7:10p.m.

Atlanta Washington

NATIONALLEAGUE East Division W L 23 23 23 20 19

Miami NewYork Philadelphia Milwaukee St. Louis Cincinnati Pittsburgh Chicago SanFrancisco Colorado Los Angeles SanDiego Arizona

19 20 22 23 22

CentralDivision W L

Pct GB

.548 .535 '/t

.511 1r/t

.465 3H .463 3'/t

Pct GB

27 17 23 21 19 23 18 25 15 27

.614 .523 4 .452 7

28 17 25 20 23 22 21 24 18 28

.622 .556 3 .511 5 .467 7 .391 fgr/t

West Division W L

.419 8'/t

.357 11

Pct GB


N.Y.Yankees4, Pittsburgh 3, 1stgame Philadelphi8, a Cincinnati 3 Washin gton6,N. Y.Mets3 Atlanta6, St.Louis 5 Chicag oCubs4,Milwaukee2 SanFrancisco4, Miami1 Arizona5,L.A.Dodgers3 Colorado 8, SanDiego6,10 innings Pitt sburgh5,N.Y.Yankees3,2ndgame

Today'sGam es Cincinnati(Leake2-3) atWashington (Strasburg3-3), 4;05 p.m. Milwaukee(W.Peralta 4-2) at Atlanta (Minor 1-2), 4:10 p.m. Tuesday'sGames Baltimore atPittsburgh, 4:05p.m. Cincinnatiat Washington, 4:05p.m. L.A. DodgersatN.Y.Mets,4;10p.m. Milwaukee atAtlanta, 4:10p.m. Philadelphia at Miami,4:10 p.m. N.Y.Yankeesat ChicagoCubs,5:05p.m. Arizona at St.Louis, 5:15p.m. SanFranciscoatColorado, 5:40p.m. MinnesotaatSanDiego,7:10p.m.

American Lea ue

Mariners 6,Twins2 MINNEAPOLIS —Felix Hernandez pitched eight strong innings and Robinson Canohad four hits and Seattle defeated Minnesota. Hernandez (5-1) continued his recent domination of the Twins, giving up two runs andseven hits while striking out five and walking one. In his past four starts against Minnesota, Hernandez has pitched 34 innings andallowed three earned runs with 30 strikeouts. Minnesota ab r hbi ab r hbi J.Jonescf 4 1 1 0 Dozier2b 4 0 1 0 MSndrsrf 4 1 2 2 Mauer1b 4 0 0 0 Cano2b 5 2 4 1 Plouffedh 4 0 2 2 Hartdh 1 0 0 0 Parmelrf 4 0 0 0 Romerpr-dh 2 1 0 0 KSuzukc 4 0 0 0 S moak1b 4 0 1 1 Kubellf 4 0 2 0 Seager3b 5 0 1 1 EEscor3b 4 0 1 0 Ackleylf 4 1 1 0 A.Hickscf 2 1 1 0 Zuninoc 3 0 1 0 DSantnss 3 1 1 0 BMigerss 2 0 0 0 Totals 34 6 115 Totals 3 3 2 8 2 Seattle 0 00 121 101 — 6 M innesota 0 0 2 0 0 0 000 — 2 DP — Seattle 2, Minnesota 1. LOB—Seattle 9, Minnesota5.28—M.Saunders(4), Cano(10), Smoak Seattle

c pl I



Stauffer 3 4 A.Torres 2 3 Benoit 1 0 ThayerL,2-2 2-3 2 Colorado Nicasio 6 9 BrothersH,B 1 0 OttavinoH,9 1 0 HawkinsBS,1-11 1 2 MassetW,1-0 1 0 HBP —byRoach(C.Gonzalez). T—3:34.A—44,092 (50,480).

David Zaiubowski/The Associated Press

Colorado's Justin Morneau connects for a two-run, walkoff home run against San Diego in the bottom of the10th inning of the Rockies'8-6 victory in Denver on Sunday.

fifth innings.

National Lea ue

Tampa Bay 0 0 0 0 00 200 — 2 Chicago Houston Los Angeles 10 1 3 0 0 10x— 6 ab r hbi E— Longoria(3).LOB— TampaBay6,LosAngeles Eatoncf 4ab0 r1hbi 0 Altuve2b 5 0 1 0 6. 28 — DeJesus (9), E.Navarro (4). HR—Kiermaier GBckh2b 3 0 0 0 Springrrf 3 0 1 0 (1), Pujols2(12). CS—Green(2). S—L.Jimenez. Semien2b 1 0 0 0 Fowlercf 3 2 1 0 IP H R E R BBSO Gigas pi3b 4 0 1 0 MDmn3b 4 2 2 4 TampaBay Viciedorf 4 0 0 0 Carterdh 4 1 1 1 PriceL,4-4 62-3 11 6 5 0 7 A.Dunndh 4 0 0 0 Guzmn1b 2 1 1 0 Boxberger 11-3 1 0 0 0 1 K onerk1b 4 0 0 0 Hoeslf 4110 LosAngeles AIRmrzss 1 2 0 0 Corprnc 3 0 0 0 ShoemakerW,2-1 6 2 1 1 3 6 L eGarcss 1 0 1 0 Villarss 2 1 2 2 Morin 1 1 1 1 0 0 DeAzalf 2 0 0 0MGnzlzph-ss2 0 0 0 J.Smith 1 1 0 0 0 2 Nieto c 3 0 3 2 Frieri 1 1 0 0 0 2 Totals 3 1 2 6 2 Totals 3 28 10 7 Shoemaker pitchedto1batter inthe7th. Chicago 0 01 000 100 — 2 T—2:59. A—36,655(45,483). Houston 042 020 Dgx — 8 E—DeAza(2), Nieto(1). DP—Chicago2, Houston 2. LOB — C hic ag o 6, H ouston5.2B—Nieto(3), FowlAthletics 13, lndians3 er (6),Hoes(3). HR —M.Dominguez2(7), Carter (6). SB — Altuve(15), Vilar (11).

CLEVELAND — Yoenis Cespedes drove in a career-high five runs, Brandon Moss hadthree RBls, and Oakland completed a three-gamesweep with a win over slumping Cleveland. The Athletics, who havewon nine of 10, outscored the Indians 30-6 in the series. Oakland

Cleveland ab r hbi ab r hbi C rispcf 2 1 0 0 Bourncf 3 1 1 1 Gentryph-cf 1 0 0 0 Avilesss 4 0 0 0 Lowriess 1 0 0 0 Brantlylf 3 1 2 2 Puntoss 5 2 2 0 Raburndh 3 0 0 0 D nldsn3b 2 4 1 1 DvMrprf 5 0 3 0 Mosslf 3 4 3 3 Swisher1b 5 0 0 0 Cespdsdh 5 0 2 5 CSantnc 4 0 0 0 Jasoc 5 1 1 2 Chsnhll3b 3 0 2 0 Reddckrf 4 0 2 2 JRmrz2b 4 1 0 0 Callasp1b-2b5 0 0 0 Sogard 2b 4 1 1 0 Blanks1b 1 0 0 0 Totals 38 131213 Totals 34 3 8 3 Oakland 010 242 130 — 13 C leveland 100 0 1 1 000 — 3 E—Swisher(6), Chisenhall (4). DP—Oakland 1, Cleveland3. LOB —Oakland 7, Cleveland12. 28-

Punto(4), Moss2 (10), Cespedes 2 (13), Jaso(5), Reddick(2), Chisenhal (10). 3B—Moss (2). HR Bourn(1),Brantley(8). SB—Dav.Murphy(2). IP H


Oakland J.chavez W4-1 5 6 2 2 3 6 Ji Johnson 23 0 1 1 3 0 11-3 0 0 0 0 1 Abad Savery 2 2 0 0 1 0 Cleveland MastersonL,2-3 41-3 7 7 7 5 1 11-3 2 2 1 2 2 Outman 11-3 1 1 0 0 0 Atchison Allen 0 2 3 3 2 0 Crockett 11-3 0 0 0 0 1 Axford 2-3 0 0 0 0 2 Allen pitched to 4baters in the8th. HBP—byJi.Johnson(Chisenhall). PB—C.Santana. T—3:21. A—14,872(42,487).

Rangers 6,BlueJays2



Angels 6, Rays 2 ANAHEIM, Calif.— Albert Pujols

hit a pair of solo homers against David Price, and Matt Shoemaker took a shutout into the seventh

inning to lead the LosAngeles Angels overTampa Bay.Pujols drove a pitch over the center-field fence in the first inning. The three-time NL MVPincreased the Angels' advantage to 6-2 in the seventh with his12th homer this season and the 504th of his career, tying Eddie Murray for 25th place. TampaBay LosAngeles ab r hbi ab r hbi DeJess dh 4 0 2 0 Cowgillrf 4 0 0 1 Myers rf 3 0 0 0 Troutcf 4 1 1 0 Joyce If 3 0 1 0 Pujolsdh 4 2 3 2 Longori3b 4 0 0 0 HKndrc2b 4 0 1 1 Loney 1b 3 1 1 0 cron1b 3 0 0 0 YEscorss 4 0 0 0 ENavrr1b 1 0 1 0 Kiermr cf 4 1 1 2 Aybarss 4 1 1 0 CFigur 2b 3 0 0 0 lannettc 4 1 2 0 Guyerph 1 0 0 0 Greenlf 4 1 3 1

Giants 4, Marlins1

1 1 0 2

1 0 0 0

4 0 2 1


4 1


0 0 2 0

0 0 2 0

2 0 0 0

1 0 0 0

Chicago Joh.Danks L,3-4 42-3 10 8 7 3 7 D.Webb 11-3 0 0 0 1 1 S.Downs 1 0 0 0 0 0 Lindstrom 1 0 0 0 0 1 Houston PeacockW,1-4 6 2-3 5 2 2 4 5 Fields 11-3 0 0 0 0 3 Williams 1 1 0 0 0 2 HBP—by Joh.Danks (Corporan). WP—D.Webb, Lindstrom. T—2:46.A—21,532 (42,060).

Royals 8, Orioles6 KANSAS CITY, Mo.— Alex

Gordon went 4 for 4 with a pair of three-run homers and acareer-high six RBls asKansasCity beat Baltimore. Gordon drove a 1-1 pitch from Ubaldo Jimenez out to right with two outs in the fifth with Nori Aoki and Billy Butler

aboard. Gordon, who led the Royals with 20 home runs last year, had gone 134 at-bats without a

home run. Baltimore KansasCity ab r hbi ab r hbi M arkksrf 4 0 1 2 Aokirf 2210 Machd3b 4 1 3 1 Dysoncf 1 0 0 0 A.Jonescf 5 1 2 3 AEscorss 5 0 1 0 C.Davis1b 4 0 0 0 Hosmer1b 4 1 0 0 N.cruzdh 5 0 0 0 BButlerdh 4 2 3 1 Clevngrc 4 0 1 0 AGordnlf 4 3 4 6 Hardyss 4 1 3 0 S.Perezc 4 0 1 0 Loughlf 3 1 1 0 L.caincf-rf 3 0 1 1 Schoop 2b 3 2 1 0 Mostks 3b 4 0 0 0 Ciriaco 2b 4 0 0 0 Totals 3 6 6 126 Totals 3 5 8 118 B altimore 003 0 0 0 003 — 6 Kansas City 1 0 0 1 3 0 30x— 8 DP — Kansas City 1. LOB —Baltimore8, Kansas City 7. 28—Hardy (8), B.Butler(7). HR—A.Jones

ST. LOUIS —RyanDoumit scored on a wild pitch andAtlanta got two runs in the ninth inning to rally past St. Louis. Freddie Freeman started a ninth-inning rally with a leadoff single off St. Louis closer Trevor Rosenthal (0-2). Atlanta

SAN FRANCISCO — Pablo Sandoval homered for the first time in more than amonth, RyanVogelsong won for just the second time in nine starts, and SanFrancisco beat Miami to salvage asplit of the four-game series. Buster Posey returned from aday off to hit a sacrifice fly, while Tyler Colvin and Brandon Hicks eachhit RBI singles in a stretch of four straight base hits with two outs in the first BBSO against Jacob Turner.

2 0

2 1 0 0 0 1

3 1 2

Cnbs 4, Brewers2

San Francisco ab r hbi ab r hbi Hchvrrss 5 1 2 0 Blancocf 2 1 0 0 D ietrch 2b 3 0 1 0 Pence rf 4 0 1 0 Y elichlf 4 0 0 1 Poseyc 3 0 0 1 McGeh3b 4 0 2 0 Sandovl3b 4 2 2 1 GJones1b 3 0 0 0 Arias3b 0 0 0 0 Lucasrf 3 0 1 0 Morse1b 4 1 1 0 Stantonph-rf 1 0 0 0 Colyinlf 3 0 1 1 Ozunacf 4 0 1 0 B.Hicks2b 4 0 1 1 Mathisc 4 0 2 0 Bcrwfrss 3 0 0 0 JaTrnrp 0 0 0 0 Vglsngp 2 0 1 0 Solanoph 1 0 0 0 Adrianzph 1 0 0 0 Cappsp 0 0 0 0 Aff eldtp 0 0 0 0 Handp 0 0 0 0 Casigap 0 0 0 0 RJhnsnph 1 0 0 0 Romop 0 0 0 0 Totals 3 3 1 9 1 Totals 3 04 7 4 Miami 000 000 010 — 1 San Francisco 300 010 Ogx — 4 E—B.crawford (4). DP—SanFrancisco1. LOBMiami 9,SanFrancisco6. 28—Dietrich (4). HRMiami

St. Louis ab r hbi ab r hbi Heywrdrf 5 1 1 0 Mcrpnt3b 2 1 2 0 J.Uptonlf 4 2 2 1 Wong2b 3 0 1 3 FFrmn1b 3 2 3 3 CMrtnzp 0 0 0 0 C Jhnsn3b 4 0 0 0 Hollidylf 4 0 1 0 S mmnsss 4 0 0 0 Craigrf 5 1 0 0 U ggla2b 3 0 0 0 YMolinc 5 1 2 0 Dcrpntp 0 0 0 0 MAdms1b 4 0 2 1 Doumitph 1 1 1 0 JhPerltss 5 0 1 1 Kimrelp 0 0 0 0 Bourjoscf 4 1 1 0 Laird c 3 0 0 0 JGarci p 2 1 1 0 Gattisph-c 0 0 0 0 JButlerph 0 0 0 0 J Schafrcf 2 0 0 1 Jayph 1000 Floydp 2 0 0 0 Siegristp 0 0 0 0 A.Woodp 0 0 0 0 Neshekp 0 0 0 0 R.Pena2b 0 0 0 0 Rosnthlp 0 0 0 0

Neshek H,5 1-3 0 0 0 0 RosenthalL,0-2 2- 3 2 2 2 2 C.Martinez 1-3 0 0 0 1

0 1 0

HBP—byFloyd(Holliday, J.Garcia), byD.carpenter (Wong), by J.Garcia (F.Free man). WP—Kimbrel, C.Martinez.PB—Laird. T—3:20.A—44,278 (45,399).

Nationals 6, Mets3

Miami Ja.TurnerL,0-2 6 6 4 4 1 7 Capps 1 1 0 0 0 2 Hand 1 0 0 0 1 1 San Francisco VogelsongW2-2 7 5 0 0 1 6 1-3 2 1 1 0 0 Affeldt CasigaH,7 2-3 1 0 0 0 1 RomoS,15-16 1 1 0 0 0 1 HBP —byJa.Turner(Blanco), byVogelsong (Dietrich). T—304. AML551 (41,915).

WASHINGTON — Wilson Ramos drove in four runs and lanDesmond homered to help Jordan Zimmermann andWashington beat the NewYork Mets. Desmond's solo shot tied the score inthesecondinningand Ramos' two-run double in the third put the Nationals aheadfor good. The catcher drove in two morewith a bases-loaded single in the fifth off starter Zack Wheeler (1-4) for a


Diamondbacks 5, Dodgers3


Interlea ue

Yankees4, Pirates 3(1st Game)

NEW YORK — Josh Harrison homered in the seventh inning to M.Ellis2b 0 0 0 0 make up for a baserunning blunTotals 31 6 7 5 Totals 3 5 5 115 der and made a diving catch in left Atlanta 1 00 102 002 — 6 S t. Louis 030 0 1 0 100 — 5 field to help preserve Pittsburgh's DP — Atlanta 3, St. Louis2. LOB —Atlanta 4, St. first win in the Bronx in 54years, Louis 12. 28 —J.Upton (7), Doumit (2), Wong(2), York Jh.Peralta(9). HR—J.upton (10), F.Free man (8). as the Pirates beat the New S—R.Pena.SF—Ma.Adams. Yankees for a doubleheader split. IP H R E R BBSO Mark Teixeira had a two-run sinAtlanta 51-3 7 4 1 3 4 gle and Brett Gardner addedan Floyd 11-3 2 1 1 2 1 RBIdoubleastheYankeesbeat A.Wood D.carpenterW,3-0 1 1-3 1 0 0 0 0 KimbrelS,11-13 1 1 0 0 0 1 Pittsburgh 4-3 in the opener of the St. Louis first single-admission twinbill at J.Garcia 7 5 4 4 0 5 Stadium since2004. Siegrist H,12 2-3 0 0 0 1 1 Yankee

Sandoval(3). SB—Blanco (5). CS—Hechavarria (4). S—Ja.Turner2. SF—Posey. IP H

Milwaukee Chicago ab r hbi ab r hbi RWeks2b 4 1 1 2 Bonifaccf 4 0 1 0 S egurass 3 0 0 0 Lakelf 4 0 2 0 B raunrf 4 0 1 0 Rizzo1b 3 0 0 0 Lucroyc 3 0 0 0 Scastross 4 1 2 0 MrRynl1b 3 0 0 0 Valuen2b-3b 3 1 1 1 KDavislf 4 0 0 0 Castilloc 4 1 1 2 B ianchi3b 3 0 0 0 Olt3b 411 1 LSchfrcf 3 1 1 0 HRndnp 0 0 0 0 E stradp 2 0 0 0 Kalishrf 2 0 0 0 Kinlzlrp 0 0 0 0 TWoodp 3 0 0 0 Thrnrgp 0 0 0 0 Schlittrp 0 0 0 0 Gennettph 1 0 0 0 Barney2b 0 0 0 0 Wootenp 0 0 0 0 Totals 30 2 3 2 Totals 3 1 4 8 4 M ilwaukee 0 0 0 0 2 0 000 — 2 Chicago 021 100 ggx — 4 LOB —Milwaukee 4, Chicago6. 2B—Braun (5), LSchafer(7), Bonifacio (10),Lake(7), S.castro2(12 Valbuena (8). HR —R.Weeks(2), Castigo (5), Olt(9. SB — Kalish (3). CS—Lake (1). IP H R E R BBSO Milwaukee EstradaL,3-2 5 7 4 4 2 4 Kinlzler 1 0 0 0 0 0 Thornburg 1 1 0 0 1 1 Wooten 1 0 0 0 0 1 Chicago TWoodW4-4 7 2 2 2 3 7 SchlitterH,5 1 0 0 0 0 2 H.RondonS,5-5 1 1 0 0 0 2 WP—Thornburg. T—2:47. A—37,631(41,072).

New York ab r hbi ab r hbi Sniderrf 3 0 0 0 Gardnrdh-If 3 1 1 1 T abataph-rf 1 0 0 0 Jeterss 4 1 1 0 NWalkr2b 4 1 2 2 Ellsurycf 3 1 0 0 AMcctcf 3 0 1 0 Teixeir1b 3 0 1 2 PAlvrz3b 4 0 1 0 Mccnnc 3 0 1 1 SMartelf 4 0 0 0 ASorinrf 3 0 0 0 I.Davis1b 3 0 0 0 Solarte2b 3 0 0 0 GSnchzdh 4 0 0 0 KJhnsn3b 3 1 1 0 TSnchzc 4 1 1 1 ZAlmntlf 3 0 1 0 Barmesss 3 1 1 0 DvRrtsp 0 0 0 0 Totals 33 3 6 3 Totals 2 84 6 4 P ittsburgh 1 0 0 0 2 0 000 — 3 NewYork 3 10 0 0 0 Dgx— 4 E—TSanchez(5). DP—Pittsburgh1. LOB —Pittsburgh 5,NewYork 2. 28—Barmes (2), Gardner(5). HR—N.Walker (9), TSanchez (2). SB—Ke.Johnson Pittsburgh


IP H R E R BBSO Pittsburgh MortonL,0-6 7 6 4 4 1 6 Ju.Wilson 1 0 0 0 0 1 NewYork KurodaW,3-3 6 5 3 3 2 7 DaleyH,1 2-3 0 0 0 0 0 ThorntonH,B 1-3 0 0 0 0 1 WarrenH,7 2-3 1 0 0 0 0 Dav.RobertsonS,B-B 11-3 0 0 0 0 3 HBP—byMorton(Egsbury). WP—Morton.PB—McCann. T—2:52. A—0 (49,642).

PHOENIX —CodyRoss hit his first home run of theyear, Eric 5-1 lead. Chavez went deepfor the second consecutive dayandArizona won New York Washington ab r hbi ab r hbi a home series for the first time this Yonglf 4 0 0 0 Spancf 4 1 1 0 season with a victory over the Los E Familip 0 0 0 0 Rendon3b 1 1 1 0 Pirates 5,Yankees3 (2ndGame) Angeles Dodgers. After setting M atszkp 0 0 0 0 Werthrf 4 1 0 0 DnMrp2b 4 0 1 0 WRamsc 3 1 2 4 a team record for runs Saturday Pittsburgh NewYork DWrght3b 3 1 2 0 Dsmndss 4 1 2 1 6), A.Gordon2 ((3). SB—Ciriaco (2). S—Lough. night in an18-5 rout, the Diaab r hbi ab r hbi Grndrsrf 3 1 1 0 TMoore1b 4 0 0 0 F—Machado. JHrrsn3b-If 5 1 2 1 Gardnrcf 4 0 2 0 Duda1b 4 1 1 0 Frndsn2b 4 0 0 1 3-all tie with IP H R E R BBSO mondbacks broke a NWalkr2b 4 0 0 0 BRorts2b 4 0 2 0 4 0 1 1 McLothlf 4 0 0 0 Baltimore Chavez's soaring, two-run shot to Lagarscf AMcctcf 3 1 1 0 Teixeirdh 3 0 0 0 Tejadass 3 0 0 0 Zmrmnp 2 1 1 0 U.JimenezL,2-5 5 8 5 5 1 7 GSnchz1b 4 0 0 0 KJhnsn1b 3 0 0 0 BAreuph 1 0 0 0 Storenp 0 0 0 0 Brach 1 0 0 0 2 0 center off Dan Haren(5-2) in the SMartelf 3 2 1 2 Jeterph-ss 1 0 1 0

ARLINGTON, Texas— Mitch Moreland hit a tiebreaking homer Patton 1 2 3 3 1 0 in the seventh inning, Alex Rios RWebb 1 1 0 0 0 1 KansasCity had a two-run triple andTexas ShieldsW,6-3 7 9 3 3 1 3 avoided a three-gamesweepwith K.Herrera 1 1 0 0 0 0 a victory over Toronto. Making his Crow 1-3 2 3 3 1 0 .HogandS,12-13 2-3 0 0 0 0 0 second straight start at first base G HBP—by Shields(C.Davis). with Prince Fielder sidelined by T—2:58.A—22,692 (37,903). a neck strain, Moreland hit a line drive just over the wall in right field Tigers 6, RedSox2 11). 38 —M.Saunders(2). SB—J.Jones(2), Hart(2). off R.A. Dickey (4-4) to breaka BOSTON —Victor Martinez hit a 2-alltie. omero,B,Miger.SF—M.Saunders. two-run homer, Torii Hunter added IP H R E R BBSO Seattle Toronto Texas a solo shot and streaking Detroit F.Hernandez W,5-1 8 7 2 2 1 5 ab r hbi ab r hbi won its11th straight road gameto Rodney 1 1 0 0 0 1 Reyesss 5 0 2 0 Choicelf 4 0 0 0 Minnesota complete a three-gamesweep of Mecarrlf 4 0 1 0 Andrusss 4 1 1 0 NolascoL,2-4 5 6 3 3 3 3 Bautistrf 3 0 0 0 Choodh 3 2 2 1 Boston. It was the fifth consecuSwarzak 1-3 1 1 1 2 0 Lind1b 4 0 1 0 ABeltre3b 3 1 1 1 Thielbar 12-3 2 1 1 0 2 E ncrncdh 3 1 1 1 Riosrf 4 1 1 2 tive win and15thin18 games for Tonkin 1 1 0 0 0 1 JFrncs3b 4 1 2 1 Morlnd1b 4 1 2 2 the Tigers, who havethe majors' Guerrier 1 1 1 1 0 0 L awrie2b 4 0 0 0 Chirinsc 3 0 0 0 WP — F.Hernandez2,Nolasco, Guerrier. Tholec 4 0 1 0 LMartncf 4 0 0 0 best record at 27-12. T—3:02.A—32,511 (39,021).

1 1 0 2

Braves 6,Cardinals5

JMolinc 3 0 0 0LJimnz3b 3 0 0 0 Totals 32 2 5 2 Totals 3 5 6 12 5

4 2 0 0

CHICAGO —Travis Woodpitched two-hit ball for seven innings and theChicagoCubsgothomeruns from Welington Castillo and Mike Olt in a victory over Milwaukee. Twooutswhenwinning runscored. Wood (4-4) allowed two runs and DP — San Diego 1. TP—Colorado 1. LOB —San Diego 6,Colorado5. 2B—Gyorko (3), Rivera(4), struck out sevenfor the Cubs, Venable (6). HR—E.cabrera (2), S.Smith (5), Rive- who took two of three from the NL ra (3), Dickerson (5), Tulowitzki(13), Morneau(9). series for SB — E.cabrera (9). CS—Blackmon (3), Dickerson Central leaders to win a the second time this season. The (2), LeMa hieu(3). S—Nicasio. IP H R E R BBSO left-hander walked three, all in the San Diego Roach 3 4 4 4 2 0 first inning.

Pd GB .692 .512 7

.477 7 .364 12

M.Parra 1 2 4 Broxton 1 0 0 Philadelphia CI.LeeW,4-4 62 - 3 9 2 Mi.Adams H,4 1 1 -3 1 1 Bastardo 1 0 0 Balk—Cingrani. T—3:03. A—36,096(43,651).

fifth inning.

Centenc 4 0 2 2 Waltersph 1 0 0 0 ZWhelrp 2 0 0 0 Clipprdp 0 0 0 0 CYoungph-If1 0 0 0 RSorinp 0 0 0 0 Totals 33 3 8 3 Totals 3 1 6 7 6 N ew York 00 1 0 0 2 000 — 3 Washington 01 2 0 2 0 01x— 6

PAlvrz3b 1 0 0 0 Solarte3b 4 2 2 1

Mercerss 4 1 2 0 ZAlmntlf 3 0 0 0 Tabatarf 1 0 0 0 ASorinph-rf 1 0 0 0 Sniderrf 2 0 1 0 ISuzukirf-If 4 0 1 0 TSnchzdh 3 0 0 0 JMrphyc 3 1 1 0 Puigrf 3 0 0 0 Owingsss 4 1 3 1 E—Centeno (1), Tejada(3). DP—New York 1, I.Davisph-dh 0 0 0 0 Ellsuryph 1 0 0 0 HRmrzss 3 2 1 1 Gldsch1b 4 0 0 0 Washington 1. LOB —NewYork 5, Washington5. CStwrtc 3 0 1 2 Ryanss-1b 3 0 1 1 AdGnzl1b 4 1 3 2 MMntrc 4 0 1 0 Mccnnph 1 0 0 0 28 — Duda (5), Span(8), W.Ramos (2). HR —DesEthiercf-If 3 0 1 0 Prado3b 2 0 0 0 Totals 33 5 8 5 Totals 3 5 3 102 mond(7).SB—Rendon(2). Crwfrdlf 2 0 1 0 Echavz3b 2 1 1 2 010 0 0 2 101 — 5 IP H R E R BBSO P ittsburgh Kempph-cf 2 0 0 0 C.Rosslf 3 2 2 1 N ew York 020 0 0 1 000 — 3 New York u ribe3b 4 0 0 0 Inciartlf 1 0 0 0 Z.WheeleL,1-4 E — Sn i d er (1), Col e (2), B.Roberts (4), Solarte(4). r 6 6 5 3 2 5 Buterac 3 0 0 0 Pollockcf 4 0 3 0 Pittsburgh 1. LOB—Pittsburgh 5, NewYork 7. Familia 1 0 0 0 1 0 DP — Harenp 2 0 0 0 Pnngtn2b 4 0 0 0 J.Harrison (4), Mercer(7), B.Roberts (5). 381 1 1 0 1 1 28 — Matsuzaka JuTrnrph 1 0 0 0 Cgmntrp 2 0 0 0 Gardner (2). HR —J.Harrison(2), S.Marte(4), Solarte Washington Leaguep 0 0 0 0 OPerezp 0 0 0 0 (5). S —Snider.SF—C.Stewart. Zimmermann W,3-1 6 8 3 3 2 1 VnSlykph 1 0 1 0 AMarteph 1 0 0 0 IP H R E R BBSO StorenH,7 1 0 0 0 0 0 EMrshlp 0 0 0 0 ClippardH,11 1 0 0 0 0 1 Pittsburgh Zieglerp 0 0 0 0 Cole W, 4 -3 6 7 3 3 2 8 R.SorianoS,10-11 1 0 0 0 0 1 A.Reedp 0 0 0 0 MorrisH,3 2-3 0 0 0 0 0 PB — Centeno. Totals 3 3 3 7 3 Totals 3 55 11 4 T—2:45.A—36,965 (41,408). WatsonH,9 11-3 3 0 0 0 2 LosAngeles 102 000 000 — 3 MelanconS,6-8 1 0 0 0 0 0 Arizona 011 120 Ogx — 5 New York 3 E—H.Ramirez(7), Goldschmidt (4). DP—Arizona Phillies 8, Reds Nuno 6 6 3 2 1 5 1. LOB —Los Angeles 7, Arizona6. 28—C.Ross(2), AcevesL,0-2 1 2-3 1 1 1 0 1 Pollock(9). HR—H.Ramirez (6), Ad.Gonzalez (10), PHILADELPHIA —CodyAsche, Thornton 2-3 1 1 1 0 0 Gosecf 1 0 0 0 Sardins2b 3 0 0 0 E .chavez (3), C. R os s (1). SB —C .craw f o rd (6), Ow 2-3 0 0 0 1 0 Claiborne Detroit Boston Pigarph-cf 1 0 0 0 Jimmy Rollins, Wil Nieves and Balk—Col e . i n gs 2(6). ab r hbi ab r hbi DNavrrph 1 0 0 0 IP H R E R BBSO Marlon Byrd all homered, and T—3:04. A—46,858(49,642). Totals 3 4 2 8 2 Totals 3 26 7 6 Kinsler 2b 5 2 4 0 Pedroia 2b 4 1 1 0 LosAngeles TrHntrrf 5 1 2 1 Victornrf 4 0 1 0 Toronto 000 101 000 — 2 Philadelphia beat Ci n cinnati. Cliff HarenL,5-2 6 10 5 4 0 3 Micarr1b 4 1 3 2 D.Ortizdh 2 0 0 0 Texas 000 200 22x — 6 This Date in Baseball Lee (4-4) struck out three in 6 /s League 2 1 0 0 0 1 VMrtnzdh 5 1 1 2 Napoli1b 3 0 0 0 E—Reyes(3), J.Francisco2(4), Lawrie (2). DPArizona D.Kelly3b 4 0 1 0 GSizmrlf-cf 4 1 1 0 May19 innings for his first home victory Toronto 2. LOB— Toronto 8, Texas6. 28—Reyes CollmenterW,2-2 51-3 4 3 3 2 3 1910 —CyYoungwonthe500thgameofhis (11), Lind(7), Choo(8), Moreland(7). 38—Rios (4). AJcksncf 4 1 1 0 Przynsc 4 0 0 0 of the season. 2-3 0 0 0 1 0 O.Perez H,3 career,andtheClevelandIndiansbeatthe Washington HR—En carnacion (9), J.Francisco(8), Moreland(2). JMrtnzlf 4 0 2 0 Bogartsss 4 0 2 1 0 0 0 0 1 A vilac 4 0 1 1 Holt3b 4 0 0 0 E.MarshallH,3 1 Senators5-4in11 innings. CS—Gose (1). S—Sardinas. Z iegler H,11 1 2 0 0 0 0 Cincinnati Philadelphia 1910 —Bostonbeatthe Pirates 6-3 forthefirst AnRmnss 4 0 0 0 BrdlyJrcf 2 0 1 0 IP H R E R BBSO A.Reed S, 1 2-14 1 1 0 0 0 2 ab r hbi ab r hbi J Goms p h I f 2 0 0 0 time in26tries. Toronto H BP — by Z iegl e r (P ui u ). WP — H are n. BHmltncf 5 1 2 0 Roginsss 3 2 1 1 1942 —PaulWaner of theBostonBravesgot his DickeyL,4-4 61 - 3 3 4 3 3 3 Totals 39 6 156 Totals 3 3 2 6 1 T—2:50. A—35,406(48,633). H eiseyrf 3 1 0 0 Nievesc 3 1 2 1 3,000thcareerhit off Pittsburgh'sRipSewegina 7-6, Detroit 0 03 011 100 — 6 McGowan 2-3 0 0 0 0 0 M Parrp 0 0 0 0 Utley2b 4 0 0 1 11-inning lossto the Pirates. Boston 0 10 010 000 — 2 Redmond 1-3 3 2 2 0 0 E—D.Kelly (1), Avila(1). DP—Detroit1, Boston Rockies 8,Padres6 (10 innings) Broxtnp 0 0 0 0 Howard1b 2 1 0 0 1962 —StanMusial of St. LouisbecametheNL Cecil 2-3 1 0 0 0 1 B .Penaph 1 0 0 0 Byrdrf 4 2 2 2 careerhits leader.The41-year-old got a ninth-inning 2. LOB —Detroit 9, Boston7. 28—Kinsler (11), Mi. Texas Phillips2b 4 0 1 1 Asche3b 4 1 2 3 —Tor. singleforhis3,431sthit andmoved past HonusWagN.Martinez 5 4 1 1 3 3 Cabrera(13),AJackson(10),J.Martinez(4). HR DENVER — Justin Morneau hit a Frazi e r3b 5 0 0 0 DBrwnlf 4 0 0 0 Hunter (5), V. M arti n ez (1 0). SB — J.M arti n ez (2), Vi c ner.TheCardinalsbeat theLosAngelesDodgers, 8-1. PoredaW,2-0 BS,1-1 2 2 1 1 0 2 Mesorcc 4 0 4 1 Mayrrycf 3 0 1 0 2000 — JasonKendag hit forthecycleanddrove t o rino (2), Hol t (2). SF — M br e ra. two-run homer in the 10th inning Sh.Togeson H,2 1 0 0 0 0 0 L udwcklf 4 1 1 0 CI.Leep 3 1 1 0 IP H R E R BBSO in a career-highfiveruns,leading Pittsburghtoa13-1 Soria 1 2 0 0 0 1 and Colorado turned just the third Detroit Cozartss 4 0 1 0 MAdmsp 0 0 0 0 rout ofSt. Louis. Kendall hadatwo-run homerin the T—2:52. A—43,671(48,114). N.Soto1b 4 0 0 0 CHrndzph 1 0 0 0 A.Sanchez W,1-2 5 5 2 1 3 3 triple play in team history as they first inning,anRBIsingle in thesecond,a double in 2-3 1 0 0 0 1 Cingrnp 1 0 0 0 Bastrdp 0 0 0 0 RayH,1 the thirdandatwo-runtriple in theeighth. beat San Di e go. After Carlos Gon1-3 0 0 0 0 1 2004 —Atlanta's 45-year-oldJulio Francobroke Astros 8,WhiteSox2 E.Reed H,4 Berndnph-rf 2 0 1 0 Alburquerque 1 1 -3 0 0 0 0 zalez singled earlier in the inning, Totals 37 3 102 Totals 3 1 8 9 8 his ownrecordfor theoldest playerto hit a pinch-hit 2-3 0 0 0 0 0 Krol C incinnati 200 0 0 0 010 — 3 homer. Franco,whohadapinch-hit homertwoweeks HOUSTON — Matt Dominguez Chamberlain 1 0 0 0 0 0 Morneau lined a3-2 fastball from Philadelphia 20 0 0 1 1 40x— 8 earlieragainstSanDiego,hitatwo-out, two-runhomer homered twice andhadfour RBls Dale Thayer (2-2) to straightaway E—Utley (3). DP—Cincinnati1. LOB —Cincinnati Boston to tie the gameat 4intheeighth. TheBraveslost6-4 in PeavyL,1-2 6 11 5 5 0 2 center. It was thesecondwalkoff 10, Philadelphia 5. 28 —Mesoraco2 (8), Mayberry 11inningstotheDiamondbacks. to lead Houston to awin over the Tazawa 1 1 1 1 0 0 3). HR —Rogins(5), Nieves(1), Byrd(5), Asche(4). 2008 —Boston'sJon Lestershut downKansas ( ChicagoWhiteSox.Dominguez B—B.Hamilton (15), Heisey(5). CS—Asche (1). City 7-0forthefirst no-hitter inthemajors this season. A.Miger 1 1 0 0 1 2 homer for Colorado this season. 2-3 2 0 0 0 0 Badenhop S—Cingrani, Nieves. The24-year-old lefty,whosurvived cancerto pitch the hit his sixth and seventh homers Breslow 1-3 0 0 0 1 1 San Diego Colorado IP H R E R BBSO WorldSeriesclincherfor theRe d Soxlastfal, allowed of the season off White Sox lefty T—3:19.A—35,006 (37,499). ab r hbi ab r hbi Cincinnati two baserunners,walkingBilly Butler in the second John Danks (3-4) in the third and Ecarerss 5 1 2 2 Blckmnrf 3 1 2 2 CingraniL,2-3 6 7 4 4 3 7 inningandEsteban Germanto opentheninth.

LosAngeles Arizona ab r hbi ab r hbi DGordn2b 5 0 0 0 GParrarf 4 1 1 0






• . Oo II1

or oas rom is orwar s

0 S

reath over strip

/g. / s.

By Ronald Blum The Associated Press

By Joe Drape

STANFORD, C a l if. It's been 12 years since an

New Yorh Times News Service

California Chrome sounds as if it belongs to a Triple Crown champion — it holds its own alongside Sir Barton and War

American forward scored in a World Cup. Brian McBride's go-ahead goal against Mexico during a 2002 second-round match

Admiral, Citation and Sec-

in South Korea helped the

retariat. California Chrome looks the part as well, with his sculpted muscles and shinyas-a-penny coat. There is nothing not to like

Americans advance tothe quarterfinals in their best showing since 1930. The U.S. has eight goals since then, seven by midfielders Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey and Michael Bradley, plus an own-goal against Italy.

BALTIMORE — The name

about the way he runs, either.

In the Preakness Stakes on Benoit photo via The Associated Press Saturday, California Chrome Chrome might abandon his Triple Crown bid if New York officials do not allow the colt to wear a nasal

"I didn't realize that," San

strip in the Belmont Stakes. Trainer Art Sherman made no threats about the Kentucky Derby and zone when he was pressured Preakness winner passing on a chance to become horse racing's12th Triple Crown winner, but he early and harassed late. It suggested it was a possibility. didn't matter: He crossed the

Jose's Chris Wondolowski, trying to earn a roster spot

finish line first for his sixth consecutive (and convincing) nasal strip. The 4-by-6-inch vlctory. adhesive patch, similar to the Is Chrome the one who Breathe Right strips worn by will end thoroughbred rac- NFL players and chronic snoring's drought and become the ers,isdesigned to easebreath12th Triple Crown champion? ing by decreasing upper-airTwelve horses have headed to way nasal resistance. the Belmont Stakes with the It is legal in most jurisdicsame chance since Affirmed tions, and California Chrome last swept the series, in 1978. has been sporting one since All failed the Test of the Cham- co-owner Perry Martin sugpion, as the grueling mile-and- g ested that Sherman try i t

for next month's tournament

was forcedout of his comfort

a-half Belmont is known. Before California Chrome's

after the colt finished sixth

last fall in a stakes race. On chances can be assessed, went the Flair Equine Nasal though, his owners and New Strip, and no one has caught York racing officials need to Chrome since. reach an agreement to guarIn 2012, I'll Have Another antee that the colt will show wore the strip in the Kentucky up for the race. This is horse Derby and the Preakness, but racing, after all: No matter New York stewards ruled that how pretty t h e C i nderella, the breathing aid would be there's a good chance she's go- prohibited for the third leg of ing to show up at the ball in a the Triple Crown. The colt's dented coach. trainer, Doug O'Neill, agreed On Sunday, th e c o lt's to abandon it, but it became

equipment specifically approved bythe stewards shall be worn or carried by a jockey or a horse in a race.' "

horse has been on a six-race

is a new wrinkle in the sport. It was designed by two veteri-

It isn't as if the nasal strip narians, Jim Chiapetta and Ed

Blach, and came to the forefront at the 1999 Breeders' Cup

World Championships at Gulfstream Park in South Florida. W hat will Ne w Y ork o f - It was tested on seven geldings

ficials do now? Lee Park, a

with a European club.

"Same guy I was before. Just believe the reason why you're there, how you got there," he said. "We have guys in abundance that can get the job done. I think we'll be fine. The most important

thing we have to get ready for is to be able to be a team that's hard to beat, because

we're going to be playing a lot of talent."

Dempsey, 31, replaced Carlos Bocanegra as the American captain last year.

His profile rose while at Fulham in England from 2006fore a training session Sun- 12, when he scored 60 goals day. "If a f o rward scores, for the Cottagers, including we'll be happy. If a defender 23 during his final season. "If you looked at the posiscores a hat trick, we'll be just as happy." tion that I've played over the As the Americans prepare World Cup qualifiers, you'd as a reserve striker, said be-

"He might not run if they say you can't run with a nasal strip," Sherman said, referring to Martin. "He's very funny about things like that. The winning streak with nasal strips. I don't know why they would ban you from wearing one, but we'll have to cross that bridge when we get there, I guess."

Netherlands. He scored 20 goals in 2011-12 and added 31 the following season, setting a record for an American

at Kansas State University in

spokesman for the New York a study conducted by a veterState Gaming Commission, inarian, H.H. Erickson, which said neither his agency nor the found that the strips improved stewards at the New York Rac- oxygen intake. ing Association had received a That is neither overwhelmrequest to use nasal strips in ing science nor a reason to dethe Belmont Stakes. rail a Triple Crown bid. "If a request to use nasal Whether or not California strips is made, the decision Chrome sweeps thoroughbred on whether to permit them or racing's holy grail is better left not will be fully evaluated and in the hands of the stout field determined by the stewards," of challengers — as many as 77-year-old trainer, Art Sher- immaterial when I'll Have An- Park said in a statement. "This 10 — expected to show up at m an, wa s r e m i nded t h a t other was scratched on the eve is in accordance with the com- Belmont Park and make the New York might not allow of the Belmont because of a mission's Thoroughbred Rule Derby and Preakness winner California Chrome to wear a leg injury. 4033.8, which states, 'Only run every step of the way.

say most of the time I was

in Brazil, pressure for goals playing more of a withdrawn will be on Jozy Altidore and forward, which is a little Dempsey, who gradually has bit of both," Dempsey said. shifted to striker during the "I've played wide left, played current four-year cycle. wide right, played centrally, Altidore has 21 goals for played withdrawn forward, the U.S. and last summer played the target striker. became the first American Any position that I can be to score in five straight in- in the attacking third, create ternational matches. But he chances for others and for struggled in his first season myself, that's what I enjoy with Sunderland in the Pre-


mier League, getting just two goals in 38 games. It mirrored his slump four years ago, when he had only two goals in 30 matches during a one-season loan

A pair of 23-year-olds also are competing for roster spots: Terrence Boyd scored 20 goals for Rapid Vienna

to Hulk As a 20-year-old, he

And there is the 31-year-old

started all four American

W ondolowski, who led o r

this season and Aron Joh annsson had 26 for A Z .

tied for the MLS scoring lead each year from 2010-12 but break out until he signed didn't appear in any World w ith A Z A l k m aar i n t h e Cup qualifiers. matches at the 2010 World Cup, and he didn't start to


Seahawks expectversatile play from rookie DEMarsh By Bob Condotta The Seattle Times

RENTON, Wash. — There

was some true teamwork involved in the naming of Cassius Marsh, a defensive lineman taken by the Seattle Seahawks in the fourth round of the NFL draft last weekend.



Marsh's dad is a boxing fan, whose favorite fighter

was Muhammad Ali, known originally as Cassius Clay. His mother liked the name

because in Greek it means strength.



Marsh says from the first

day "I can really remember" Elaine Thompson /The Associated Press he knew that "I've had a spe- Seattle rookie defensive end Cassius Marsh participates in rookie cial name, and a name to live minicamp Saturday in Renton, Wash. after." Something, he said, he's never considered a burden. through MMA-style work- on defense. "Oh man, if you can't live outs with Jay Glazer, a broadThe Seahawks list him at up to the pressure, what's the caster for Fox Sports who 6 feet 4, 254 pounds, but he point of being here'?," Marsh also does some training on weighed 300 pounds during said. the side. Marsh says of those h is first season at U C L A , Not a bad attitude to have workouts that "my hands de- when he was used primarifor a rookie trying to make veloped a lot. But I've always ly inside. He decided to lose the roster of the defending Su- kind of h a d s ome n atural weight and become quicker, per Bowl champs. ability when it comes to that. moving primarily to end. The team hopes that Marsh, I know the importance of it Now he hopes to split the from UCLA, will ultimately fit on the defensive line so I've difference, hoping to get into the preferredtemplate of be- always worked it as much as the 270range or so to better ing able to play multiple posi- I can." handle NFL offensive linetions on the line. For now, he U CLA c oach Ji m M o r a men and play inside and out. is playing primarily defensive showed enough faith in those Tyler Ramsey, who scouted end in a fashion similar to Mi- hands that he used Marsh at Marsh for the Seahawks, said chael Bennett. And through tw o




It t,



times as a tight end. Marsh the team liked that M arsh r o okie caught two touchdown passes was able to play well at sever-

minicamp practices — the team has 59 players on hand

while at UCLA, one coming

al different weights. "He can do anything, and for three workouts this week- ins' win over Washington last it's pretty cool that he can end — he's looked the part. November. shape his body however he "He's a real natural pass Carroll has said the Sea- wants," Ramsey said. rusher," coach Pete Carroll hawks might even consider With m i n icamp o v er, said. "You can see he has re- using Marsh in a similar role Marsh is returning to UCLA ally good hands and has a with th e Seahawks, some- to finish up some classes begood feel for it." thing Marsh said he would fore returning to full-time While named after one of embrace. NFL duty in a few weeks. "There's nothing like getthe most famous boxers of all Marsh, though, said "I'm time, Marsh credits a training ting a sack, but a touchdown sad that I have to leave" and regimen for a different style is like 1B," said Marsh, whose that Seattle already feels like of fighting — mixed martial father, Curtis, played receiver home. arts — as one reason for those from 1995-97 with the JagAnd the way the Seahawks fast hands. uars and Steelers. see it, he has a more than Marsh said while during Marsh, though, knows his fighting chance to make it a his UCLA years he often went real ticket to NFL success is permanent one. on a two-yarder in the Bru-







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Busch Continued from B1 To do it, he's changing his body, calming his emotions and trying to live his life as a family man, not a wild child. Finish 1,100 miles and Busch will

prove, despite his warts and flaws, he's still one of the most talented

racecardriversin theworld.Andthe sponsors and fans and big teams who dumped him over the past few years be damned: He's still Kurt Freakin'

Busch. When the package arrived hours later, Busch eagerly sliced open the box in his kitchen, pulled out the black suit with two red vertical

stripes and his new sponsor's name emblazoned acrossthe chest, and beamed as he held up the uniform

he needed for his moonlighting gig. With the racing world watching, he's ready for the chance. t



The challenge Busch will be the fourth driver to attempt the feat. Just one — Tony

Stewart, considered one of the most proficient drivers in racing — has completed both races. Only John Andretti, Stewart and Robby Gordon have attempted The

Double, and no driverhastried since Gordon in 2004. There'sa reason the feat is rare:

Anything can derail it. A rain delay. Traffic getting to the airport. Flight problems due to bad weather.

Busch will race for roughly three hours in Indianapolis in the No. 26 Suretone Honda for Andretti Autosport. He'll have only about 2t/2hours

to squeeze in a 90-minute flight and

Terry Renna I The Associated Press

a 30-minute helicopter ride to land

Kurt Busch walk with his girlfriend and spokesperson Patricia Driscoll after arriving for the NASCAR Sprint All-Star auto race at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Saturat Charlotte Motor Speedway. Then, day. Busch qualified earlier Saturday for the Indianapolis 500. he'll settle in for another four hours

of racing in Stewart-Haas Racing's No. 41 Chevrolet. "He loves being on the edge. He's a match for it," said his former team

owner, Roger Penske, a 15-time Indy 500 winner. "I think he wants to show

people he's the most versatile driver in the paddock." Few NASCAR drivers have the ex-

perience necessary in an open-wheel car to attempt a one-shot race, and even fewer have permission from their teams to risk injury. Danica

Patrick, an experienced Indy driver, wanted to try in 2013, and her

Stewart-Haas Racing team loudly objected. Stewart and Gene Haas are all in this time for Busch's attempt. "I told him there was no way I would tell you no," said Stewart, his SHR owner and t eammate. "Car

owners look at it from a business standpoint.... But I'm willing to put

the business side off to the side for the personal. This is an opportunity of a lifetime."

Busch found a fast comfort level in open wheel, and the new kid in Indy opened eyes this week with blistering speeds at practice. A big part of the challenge is getting used to the IndyCar. At 1,500

pounds, IndyCars are lighter and h ave less h orsepower t ha n t h e 3,500-pound cars in NASCAR Busch

usually drives. IndyCars don't acceleratelike stock cars, so drivers have to anticipate the next move faster,

and digest what's happening in front of them, especially when cars race side-by-side. The lighter IndyCar weights leave the cars more susceptible to high-flying flips and even fatalities, and the open cockpits leave drivers exposed when debris heads their way. "I think the hardest part is going to be the 500 just because it's new to him and he doesn't know what to ex-

pect," Stewart said. He's learning to handle the car amid a warm-up to race day with a

jammed schedule that makes driving look like the easy part. There are practices in Indy. NASCAR races on

the weekend. More tracktime at Indy. Don't forget debriefing meetings on the phone, at the track. There's stress

on the body, stress about the setup for the IndyCar, the stock car. Media obligations, autograph signings, sponsor commitments.

Busch gives The Double a test run From under the sun atIndianapolis Motor Speedway to underthe lights at Charlotte Motor Speedway,Kurt Busch wasthe busiest driver in motorsports this weekend.His frequent flier miles are piling up in his quest to complete aracing feat known as"The Double." OnMay25, he'll try to race in the Indianapolis 500 and the Coca-Cola600 onthe sameday— all1,100 arduous miles. There was adress rehearsal this weekendfor race dayand TheAssociated Presstagged along with Buschand his entourage by helicopter and planefor the Indy-North Carolina-Indy connecti on for two days of Indy 500 qualifying andNASCAR'sAll-Star race. 9:30n.m.Saturday, Indianapolis Motor Speedway: Because rain washedout most of practice this week, Buschfailed to get his car in some ofthequalifying setups his Andretti Autosport team wanted towork on. Coolweather pushed practice back from the scheduled 8a.m. start. "Each day has beena nice step forward. Today, I hadto take abig step," he said. Itwas pretty big. He hit 230.984 mph inthe No.26 Hondaandwasfourth in the first practice session. Buschdid get to relax a bit with dinner out on aFriday date night with his girlfriend and spokesperson, Patricia Driscoll. "My No. 1 PR girl," he said, smiling. 1210 p.m., Indianapolis MotorSpeedway:Her arms folded, Driscoll keeps closewatch on the IMSvideoboard to monitor Busch's qualifying run. Busch whizzes by in ablur of 229.137 mph in one lap. Not badfor a first-timer. The public address announcer asks for applause. "Congratulations, Kurt Busch, you're in the top nine ... forthe moment," he says. Buschis officially in the 500 field. But hewanted more. "Maybe I wasn't focused as I needed tobe," hesaid. "Caught up in the emotion

documentary on TheDoublethat will air in June. Busch keeps scrolling his mobile phonefor Indy qualifying updates. 3:43p.m.,aboveConcord,N.C.:"Ishould betakinganap," Busch said. Hehasyet to eat or drink anything on the plane. But Busch is feeling, well, bushed. Hereclines his seat and stretches his legs onto Driscoll's lap. Hetips his black SureTone cap sothe bill rests on the bridge of his nose, leans back and dozes off for about 20 minutes. Hewakes up as Charlotte Motor Speedwaycomes into focus. "I'm ready to goagain." For tonight, CMS isthe site of a low-key exhibition race. But on Sunday, he'll have 600grueling miles left to race. 5:20p.m.,CharlotteMotorSpeedway:"How'dyoudo?" Clint Bowyer is the first NASCAR driver to greet Busch in the pre-race driver's meeting. And, like the rest of the racing world, Busch updates are ahot topic. "Juan (Pablo Montoya) just pushed me to10th. By like, .06," he replies. "What does that mean?" Bowyer asked. "It means," Busch said, plainly, "I don't have ashot at the pole." Now dressed in Stewart-Haas a little. Maybe I left a little out on the table with the car." He Racing gear, Buschheads to themeeting. gives Driscoll a big kiss before hopping back in the car for a few rounds of pictures with different hats for all the sponsors. 9:21 p.m., CharlotteMotor Speedway: Time for driver introductions. County singer JakeOwenbellows to the crowd, Mid-nfternoon.Buschmotorhome,Indianapolis Motor "Y'all give it up for Mr. Kurt Busch! Doing the double!" Busch Speedway:Grubtime. Busch turned into a fitness nut in smiles and waves to thousands of fans. Almost12t/~ hours the weeks leading up toTheDouble. Driscoll has put proper since he slipped into the IndyCarcockpit, he's about to drive training andeating tips into his lifestyle, even mapping out his race weekenddiet. Busch uses his down time picking on lamb, the No. 41Chevrolet in NASCAR's All-Star race. 11:25p.m., Charlotte Motor Speedway: He doesn't blow a chicken, pasta andvegetables to fuel him for the races ahead. figurative gasket, but Busch is clearly irked after an 11th-place 2:10 p.m., Indianapolis MotorSpeedway: Convinced he can top his first run, Busch hits the track again at 2:03 p.m. for a finish in the All-Star race. Hewashit with a five-second penalty in qualifying which forced him to start18th. He could never second attempt at cracking the FastNine. Thegamble pays really recover — which caused him to second-guess his off and Busch temporarily moves into third with a four-lap average of 229.960. "Why not go for it and try to get into that decision to leave Indy before qualifying ended. Had hestayed final group? I gave myheart a run at it. If we end upoutside of in Indianapolis, he would havemadeathird run at starting in the top nine. With pressure growing with each lap, Buschhas the top nine, I know I gave it myall and that was really a neat regret over a decision for the first time. "My thought process experience." was, give respect to the NASCAR side, come back, go to the 2:35 p.m. MillionAir private airport, Indianapolis: After a driver's meeting," Busch said. "That way, wewould get our quick helicopter ride, Busch, Driscoll, two reporters, a phostarting spot however weperformed in qualifying. My fear tographer and acameraman board aCessna Citation 750X was, if we left a lug nut loose, it would beall for naught up headed to North Carolina. Theflight aboard the private plane there. We left a lug nut loose (in qualifying). I should have that belongs to NASCAR driver Jamie McMurray will last a stayed up there to make athird run, and see if wecould have brisk 51 minutes over 372 miles with a top speed ofabout been in the top nineand havea shot at pole tomorrow." 606 mph. 8:35n.m. Sunday,IndianapolisMotorSpeedway:W honeeds 2:57p.m.,SkyHigh:Buschcomesbounding intotheplane sleep? Buschboardsthe airplane back to Indianapolis for pracfeeling good after temporarily holding third place. Driscoll tice and qualifying at 6:22 a.m. Is hestill upset about the race? needles her boyfriend by telling guests they came on agood Is he focused onqualifying? Whoknows. Heputs the seat day becauseusually after qualifying Busch, "is not this fun. down,pullshishoodoverhisheadandcloseshiseyes.About At all. Right?" "Yes, dear," Buschsays. But he's truly feeling great after proving he canrun with IndyCar's big guns. Busch an hour later, he'sawakeandon his wayto the track. Shortly says he felt three "moments" in the car that madehim uneasy. after 8:30 a.m. he'sagain in theNo. 26 andoff he goes231.775 mph.His bestyet. His best perhaps yet to come. "Four for four and youend upcoming back in a meatwagon." — The Associated Press Busch and Driscoll are then miked upfor their parts in an NBC

And make it a double. when Busch made the 12-minute

The training

jog from the house he shares with his girlfriend and her son in Ellicott header with gusto, using a regimen City, Maryland, to the Okinawan for an elite athlete, and a diet loaded Karate Dojo. Busch believed teamwith beetroot juice and homemade ing the principles of karate with inoatmeal bars. He has whipped his tense exercises would help him build 5-foot-ll, 150-pound frame into the physical and mental toughness. best shape of his racing career. Sensei Stanley Crump instructed The real work came off track, Bush through twists and crunchabout three or four times a week es for about an hour in boot-camp Busch has trained for his double-

instead of bleary-eyed for the long haulahead. "I've learned good discipline from all this," Busch said.

'The Outlaw' Busch has made a career of pushing through tough times, but often withoutgrace. He'screated nearly as

many headlines for feuds with drivers and spats with the media as he has for his trips to Victory Lane.

He's dubbed "The Outlaw," and

it fits: Busch rants and raves and froths and foams in n ot-safe-for-

work language over the radio. Any fan with a scanner knows when he

gets penalized, or if an incident happens on track, to switch to his channel to hear him melt down. Busch's talent has n ever been

doubted, with 25 career Cup wins and the 2004 championship. But his prickly personality has scared away sponsors, and rides with deep-pocketed owners Jack Roush and Penske fizzled. His career detoured into

journeyman status with single-car teams the past two seasons before

landing at SHR. "I'm just a competitor that wants success and wants to be the best any time I get in the car," Busch said. "When I don't achieve that result, I didn't deal with it the best of ways." But Busch has tried to evolve, and

he's kept himself together this season under the spotlight, comfortable in his skin both as a family man and

a winner again with a top ride. Busch has seen a sports psychologist to learn to tame his emotions. And he's found happiness with girlfriend Patricia Driscoll, the presi-

dent of the Armed Forces Federation, and her son, Houston. Fans can

pledge money for each lap he drives in The Double to the foundation.

"It took me a long while to learn

that I just needed to worry about the

results in the race car and drive my own race," he said. Busch swipes through pictures of Houston on a recent hunting trip in New Zealand. He takes him fly fishing and naturally, the kid known as "The Mini Outlaw," is a regular at the track. Having a child in his life has made him more aware of his be-

havior (watch those swear words!). "I think I've been given credit for my talent or results on the track of

late. It's been nice," he said. "If you're has been wiped clean. With military 35, you should know my now. I wish precision, his girlfriend has imbued I knew things at 25 that I know now. proper training and eating tips into Call me a late bloomer." his lifestyle, even mapping out his But just completing The Doutracker on his wrist. race weekend diet. ble gives him a chance to prove "When I feel that fatigue setting Before getting behind the wheel, his doubters wrong, and establish in, that's when I'm going to have he'll drink sugar water with elec- himself as one of the best in racing Sensei Stan on my shoulder pushing trolytes infused with oxygen and history. me through there," he said. snack on raisins. He's under orders All he has to do is get to the finish Just wing it'? That kind of atti- to take a nap on that flight to North line. tude toward fitness and nutrition Carolina, keeping him bright-eyed Twice. fashion. He crawled on his elbows, did pushups with one arm behind his back, and every heart-pounding detail was logged on his Basis health


Carpenterwins Indianapolis 500polefor secondstraight year The Associated Press INDIANAPOLIS — L ocal

Isll7VC 48N


Michael Conroy I The Associated Press

Ed Carpenter celebrates with his wife, Heather, after the Indi-

anapolis 500 pole Sunday.

driver Ed Carpenter has made himself at home on the Indianapolis 500 pole. The last of nine qualifiers to take the track, Carpenter bumped James Hinchcliffe from the top spot, posting a four-lap average of 231.067

mph to win the 500 pole for the mess it up." second straight year. Hinchcliffe will start second "I felt that it was harder," after sustaining a concussion Carpenter said. "It was just last weekend in the Grand Prix a different position because of Indianapolis. Will Power when I made my run last year, will join them on the front row. we didn't really have anything Carpenter, the stepson of forto lose. This year, being the mer speedway executive Tony last guy to go out, I think there George, was 10th in last year's was a little bit of pressure to not Indy 500. He is the 11th driver

MERCE, Ga. — Rain forced NHRA officials to postpone troneves in 2009-10. the final eliminations in the Also on Sunday: S outhern Nationals t o t o Hornish Jr. wins Nationwide day. Alexis DeJoria entered race: NEWTON, Iowa — Sam the final eliminations as the to earn consecutive500 poles and the first since Helio Cas-

Hornish Jr. beat Ryan Blaney top Funny Car qualifier, and off a restart with 21 laps.

f ellow f emale

Rain washes out NHRA Southern Nationals: COM-

Enders-Stevens led the Pro Stock field.

r a cer E r i c a







o c aims ron eson i e The Associated Press IRVING, Texas — Brendon Todd

was shocked when he saw his ball settled at the base of a tree by the

13th green in the final round of the Byron Nelson Championship. As good as he is with his short

game, it wasn't natural for the slender 6-foot-3 Todd to set up left-handed and hit the ball with the back side

of a 4-iron. "Definitely, without a

d oubt,"

Todd said when asked if it was his

most unique shot in a competitive 1ound. And it came in his first PGA Tour Todd saved par at the 185-yard

13th hole after knocking the ball to 7 feet, part of a bogey-free 4-under-par 66. He finished at 14-under

266. It was the 77th career PGA Tour event for Todd, who twice in the

past five years had to go back to back to the Tour to regain

full playing privileges. He earned $1,242,000, a PGA Tour exemption through the 2015-16 season and a spot next year in the Masters.

"I'm excited about the relief like I finally have a chance to play the

Brendon Todd pumps his fist after holing out of a bunker for birdie on the second green during the final round of the

PGA Tour for multiple years," Todd

Byron Nelson Championship Sunday in Irving, Texas.

Tony Gutierrez/ The Associated Press

said. "No. 1, going to Augusta for the Masters is a dream come true."

Todd, who took the lead for good in 2009. The 44-year-old Canadian fifth former University of Georgia player to win on the PGA Tour this season. He joined Masters champion Bubba Watson, Harris English,

Russell Henley and Chris Kirk. Todd also is the eighth first-time winner this season.

Weir, the 2003 Masters champion who won the last of his eight PGA Tour titles in 2007, finished with

a 67. Charles Howell III and Marc Leishman tied for third at 10-under. After Todd hit his tee shot at the

195-yard second into a greenside bunker, his shot from the sand land-

ed on the green and rolled in for a birdie. When he knocked in a 14foot birdie putt at the 181-yard fifth,

he tied Weir — who made a bogey on No. 6 — for the lead at 12 under. Weir had his best tournament

since finishing second behind Dustin Johnson at Pebble Beach

Challenge Continued from B1 "If you miss it in certain spots, it reaches up and grabs you and bites you a little bit."

Challenge has four sets of tees, beginning with the red tees set at 3,008 yards, and it has an equal number of par 3s and 4s that alternate through-

out to keep things interesting. The variety helps the Chall enge Course cater to j u st

about anybody. Novices have a fair chance at keeping the ball in play. Skilled golfers will use every club in the bag. And the timecrunched can play all 18 holes in about three hours. Playing in a foursome with my golf partner and a friendly couple who recently re-

Jimenez adds to European record really challenged in the final round with win:GIRONA, Spain — Miguel ish since 2010, the same year he suf- on the River Course. She started the Angel Jimenez won the Spanish fered a partial ligament tear in his day with a three-shot lead and dou- Open to extend his record as the oldright elbow before a stretch when bled it with birdies on the par-5 third est European Tour champion, winhe missed 17 cuts in a row — includ- and par-3 fifth. A bogey 5 on No. 8 ning with a par on the third hole of ing all 14 tournaments he started in was her only hiccup — and only her a playoff .Jim enez won at50 years, 2012. third bogey in four rounds — until 133 days. He closed with a 1-over 73 "Best golf I played in a long time. she three-putted the par-3 17th. to match Belgium's Thomas Pieters I was happy with the way I played," Perry takes Tradition:BIRMING- and Australia's Richard Green at Weir said. " I was definitely deter- HAM, Ala. — Kenny Perry won his 4-under 284. Green had a 72, and Pimined to try to win today, but I can third Champions Tour major in the eters shot 75. feel good about the way I handled past year with a one-stroke victory Homa scores Tour victhings out there." over Mark Calcavecchia in the Re- tory: GREER, S.C. — Max Homa Howell shot a 67 with a three-putt gions Tradition. Perry closed with won the BMW Charity Pro-Am for bogey on the final hole, while Leish- an even-par 72 at Shoal Creek to his first Web.Com Tour title, closing man had three bogeys in a five-hole finish at 7-under 281, while other with an 8-under 63 at Thornblade stretch on the back nine for a 68. contenders had up-and-down days Club for a one-stroke victory over Also on Sunday: and John Cook lost the lead with a Jonathan Randolph. Homa, the Salas claims four-stroke victory: double hit. Calcavecchia finished NCAA individual medalist last year WILLIAMSBURG, Va. — Lizette with a 70. Two-time winner Tom for California, finished at 20-unSalas won the Kingsmill Champi- Lehman closed with a 67 to tie Jay der 266 in the three-course event onship for her first LPGA Tour title, Haas at 5 under. Haas closed with a and earned $117,000 to jump from finishing with even-par 71 for a four- 71. Cook's closing 72 put him three 64th to ninth on the money list with stroke victory. The 24-year-old for- strokes back. $142,155. mer Southern Cal player was never

left-hander hadn't had a top-25 fin-

built specifically for accessi- ing out a driver can yield great bility, pace of play and ease rewards. Six par 4s measure of use, because it is most cer- 308 yards or shorter, so longer tainly still golf and it's a great hitters could have a chance or platform for people to get two at putting for eagle. started and have exposure to Shots into the green for the the game." most part demand precision. Many of Challenge's approach Difficulty of course shots are played into heavily Despite its relatively short mounded greens, which can length, the Challenge Course help keep a ball in play for has enough teeth to force golf- golfers who narrowly overers to use just about every shoot the pin. Anything exclub in the bag. Some holes, cessively long, however, will particularly a number of par at best create a difficult chip 3s that play around hazards from those same mounds or, at and into small greens, can worst, kick the wayward ball be downright challenging for into native vegetation behind even the best players. the hills. On a

l a yout w h ere w a -

ter hazards are a rarity and most fairways are open, the c ourse's mai n

d e f ense i s

100 yards on the 297-yard, par-4 13th hole. The hole's short distance still left me in the hunt for par with a 4-iron

shot into the green (though I only made bogey). And Challenge can be exhilarating, as it was as I headed into the drivable par-4 17th and 18th holes with the same score as my partner. Need-

practice area and is worth a play for golfers of all stripes. Cost to play is $10 for adults, $6 for juniors

are free when playing with an adult (unaccompanied teens are just $5). Factor in all of it, and Chal-

lengebecomes an idealcourse for a parent who wants to play together with a child. — Reporter: 541-617-7868,



The Challenge Course is simply one of the best-decap and a novice at the same time is no easy task, but the

Challenge Course is one of the few layouts in Central Oregon that is enjoyable for every skill level.

Sltsnsored by the Kiwanis Gub sf Prhtevtlle

SATUR DAY, IAV 31 Ieaii ow lakes ilolf Cou rse 9 a.m. Shot gun start 4 person seramble $75/player includes range, golf, cart, meal following

Tee prize, flighted with gross and net payouts. Open to the first 85 teams of four.


At 145 yards, the par-3 fifth hole presents the nerviest lit-

s- s .n

- Qgsg

A pond fronts the left of a

brutally shallow green. The hole becomes particularly ing a strong finish, I squared scary if Eagle Crest utilizes up a throttled-down driver to a new left tee box that brings the 259-yard par 4, leaving the entire body of water into me just 5 feet from eagle. I left play. the putt teetering on the cup's Anything short of the green edge, making it a disappoint- likely will fall into a watery ing birdie, if there is such a grave. Anything that sails thing. long will find its way into the Despite all its pluses, the mounds that back the putting course as recently as 10 surface, making for a difficult years ago was only sparingly chip into the green. played, Buerger says. That is no longer the case. "People just didn't get it," How to approach the course Buerger observes. "That has Have a blast and be aggresall seemingly changed now. sive. The wide-open layout has "We'regoing to seemore of few treesor water hazards to these courses designed and get in a golfer's way, and pull-

— Bulletin staff reports


tle tee shot on the course if the pin placement is set anywhere otherthan the more generous right side of the green.

time in 2015.

just a few feet away from the

Favorite hole

Canoeled —The Central Oregon Golf Trail, a marketing cooperative between the majority of area courses, has tabled its planned tournament series. The Central Oregon Golf Trail Tournament Series, which was open to the public, was scheduled to be played for the first time in 2014. Tournaments were to be held every two weeks at a different Central Oregon course for each event. Pat Huffer, the head professional at Crooked River Ranch who helped spawn the idea of the Central Oregon Golf Trail Tournament Series, says he expects the series to tee off for the first

The course's 3,812-yard purple tees, which novices er can make use of two putting and juniors can play as a par greens,a short-game practice 72, add variety. At $44 during area and a full-size driving prime time, Challenge is not range. inexpensive. But after 3 p.m. Eagle Crest's 18-hole put- during the peak golf season, ting course — which mixes adults can play for $29 while miniature golf with n atu- juniors age 17 and younger ral-grass putting greens — sits

e trc

Golf Trail tournament series

feet from the clubhouse, a golf-


OnShip flight —Jeff Ward and Roger Eichhorn, bothofBend,eachadvancedto match play before being eliminated in last week's Pacific Northwest Men's Master-40 Amateur Championship. Ward earned the No. 11 seedafter 36 holes of stroke play, after which the championship field was cut from 64 golfers to 32 at the Prospector Course at Suncadia Resort in CleElum, Wash. He thenwonhisopening match,5 and 4, againstDaveGazley,ofRichmond, British Columbia, before falling 1 up to Seattle's Drew Machleid. Eichhorn earned the No. 30 seedand had a one-hole lead with one to play against Nate Hair, of Edwall, Wash. But Hair birdied the par-518th hole and then won the19th to put away Eichhorn. Hair went on to win Friday's championship match. Also, Bend's Stein Swenson narrowly missed the cut for the championship flight. The Pacific Northwest Master-40 is for the region's top amateur golfers age 40 or older. It is one of15 major amateur championships conducted annually by the Pacific Northwest Golf Association.

stocked pro shop. Just a few

signed short courses one can find. Entertaining a 5 handi-

Off the course

Eagle Crest Resort has no shortage of things to do. The the mounding around some clubhouse for the Challenge tired to Redmond, I got a feel tough green complexes that Course (which is shared with for just how player-friendly requires some precise iron Eagle Crest's Ridge Course) the course can be for a wide shots. Such a setup — not has a snack bar and a wellrange of golfers. overly punitive from tee to The course can provide green but with enough desome stiff challenges, like No. fense around the green to 4, a downhill, 399-yard par 4, keep better players interested and No. 10, a 189-yard par 3 — is perfect for skilled golfers that is severely downhill. who want to partner with a It can also be forgiving, like noviceor a juniorgolfer for a when I dribbled a drive about

NAIAS —Jesse Heinly, of Bend, surged in the final round of the NAIAmen's golf national championships to land in the top10 and earn all-tournament honors at LPGA International in Daytona Beach,Florida. Heinly, a senior at Concordia University in Portland, shot a 3-under-par 69 to endthe 54-hole tournament at1-under. That put him in a five-way tie for seventh place out of 156 golfers. The tournament was ahigh note in the college career of the Summit High graduate. Heinly has beenamong the top golfers in the NAIA in his senior season. He hadstarted his career at Concordia before transferring from Xavier University in Cincinnati. He spent just one semester in Ohio before returning to Concordia for his senior season. Heinly helpedConcordia place eighth out of 29 teams atthe NAIA championship.

Two fromBendmake champi-

victory, a two-stroke win Sunday over Mike Weir.

with birdies at Nos. 9 and 10, is the

Bend golfer finishes intop 10in

Tournament will inelude:

Optional Skins Game KP's •Putting Contest, Accuracy and Long Drive eee +

For entry or additional information contact: Meadow Lakes GolfCourse a


J •

zaoh@meadowlakesgo.oom or


Find us on facebook Registration deadline May 24, 2014

Widgi Creek GOLP CLUB

18707 SW Century Dr., Bend ~ (541) 382-4449



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ci eSeFleS eci


By Michael Marot The Associated Press




diana is done talking about home-court advantage.

The top-seeded Pacers are ready to use it against the two-time defending champs. They took the first step Sunday, when Paul George


finished with 24 points and

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seven assists, David West added 19 points and seven rebounds, and suddenly surging Indiana led wire-to-wire

Freedom SIE

in a 107-96 victory over the Miami Heat in Game 1 of the


Eastern Conference finals. "This is just a fun matchup," George said. "It's one that we've been waiting for all year."


I I$400 REBATE! sxoo due aotime of purchase.


F or the first time in t h i s

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year's playoffs, the Pacers won a series opener. And for the first time i n t h eir past

three playoff battles against the Heat, th e

P acers won

Game l. Game 2 is Tuesday night.

w '",Wj,.


The home team has won all

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five games in this season's fiercest and most competitive rivalry, though none was more impressive or important


than this one. All f iv e I n diana starters

Dnrron Cummings /The Associated Press

and backup C.J. Watson Indiana's Paul George puts up a shot against Miami's Chris Bosh scored in double figures, help- during the second half of Game1 of the Eastern Conference finals ing Indiana produce its high- Sunday in Indianapolis. The Pacers took a107-96 victory. est point total of the playoffs. The Pacers limited the Heat to just four offensive re- was on the court. Hill said. "Yes, it was good, bounds and 6-of-23 shooting Indiana shared the ball, but if we come out and lay from beyond the arc. LeBron limited its turnovers, main- an egg on Tuesday, this game James went 1 of 5 on 3s and tained its poise and got con- doesn't mean anything." shot just two free throws, tributions from everyone in a The toughest part for the and Miami fell so far behind game it had to win. Roy Hib- Heat will be figuring out what so fast, it never even had a bert finished with 19 points went wrong. chance to tie the score. and nine rebounds, Lance Coach Erik Spoelstra used Sure, opening this best- Stephenson had 17 points and Shane Battier in the starting of-seven series at B a nkers eight assists, and George Hill lineup, then replaced him Life Fieldhouse helped. The added 15 points as the Pacers with Udonis Haslem after the hometown crowd that sometimes serenaded the Pacers

looked more like the team that was so dominant over the

Pacers took a 55-45 halftime

with boos during the first two

first half of the season, rather

James, who had 25 points,

rounds spent most of the first half on its feet, chanted "DefenSeu eVery time it 1OOked aS if the Heat might come back and finished the game with its

than the one that struggled so

10 reboundsand five assists,

mightily in the second half. The challengers in t h is

and Dwyane Wade, who had 27 points on 12-of-18 shoot-

matchup insist they know it's

ing, desperately tried to rally the Heat but got little help.

only a start. "There's nothing to celecustomary chant of "Beat The

lead. It made no difference.

Chris Bosh had nine points

and two rebounds. Ray Allen But the biggest difference championship. It's one game," finished with 12 points.


brate. It's not like we won a


iu •

America Hears

HEARINO AIDS Helplnq Paeple Hear Better

541-21 3-2294


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B end P e tc o nea r Serving Central Oregonsince tgta For Guns, Ammo & Applebee's, donate M-F Reloading Supplies. 260 The Bulletin GOLDENRETRIEVERPUPPIES,we QUAINT CABIN ON 10 ACRES! FORD F150 XL 2005.This truck at Smith Sign, 1515 NE 541-408-6900. To Subscribe call Misc. Items are three adorable, loving puppies Modern amenities and all the quiet can haul it all! Extra Cab, 4X4, and 2nd; or CRAFT, Tumalo. 541-385-5800 or go to looking for a caring home. Please youwillneed. Roomtogrowinyour a tough Ve engine will get the Iob Lv. msg. for pick up of Total Shop - Sheet call right away. $500 own little paradise! Call now. done on the ranch. large amt, 541-389-8420. Metal Equipment 2012 Si m p licity 4' air shear; 6'x16ga 241 Gusto Hepa canisHand Brake; Pinspotter; DO YOU HAVE ter va c uumwith Pittsburgh 20ga w/Acme Bicycles & SOMETHING TO attachments, extra Rolls', Manual CleatAccessories SELL Rf' filter and bags, exc. bender 24ax20ga; Spot FOR $500 OR cond. Retail $1500, Welder w/24" arms; Slip New Schwinn Discover LESS? Asking $600 obo. roll imanuali 3'x28 dia; City series, 26" wheels, Non-commercial 971-221-8278 (cell) Box & Pan Brake 48" x16 $200. 509-945-6562 German W i r ehaired I I I I I advertisers may ga; Easy Edger iBench Pointer pups, 6 weeks place an ad will sell complete 3 00-gallon fuel t a n k type)... old. Amencan Kennel with our or by the piece. Club Litter Certificate w/stand, filter & hose, "QUICK CASH Call 541-771-1958 r I I I • ¹ SR821323. 4 F e $850. 541-480-1353 SPECIAL" males, $600 each, 5 Wildland Fi r e fighting 1 week3lines 12 Males, $500 each. equip., new & used, oi' Gerri 541-413-0959. hose, nozzles, wyes, couch, and match~ae eka ata Burns, OR reducers, bladder bags. Ad must ing recliner, $200. Pure Trike include price of l Bose stereo system Steve 541-771-7007. Koi - small fish - 2o-4", Deluxe series 321, $400. *Special private party rates apply to n~in le item ot 8500 $2-$4 each. Prineville, 3 speed, 265 l Oak Entertainment or less, or multiple 541-815-5885 or like new, $525. center, $350. merchandise and automotive Building Materials 541-416-2326 items whose total I Can oe, $300. 541-728-1265 does not exceed categories. Lion Head-mixBunnies, MADRAS Habitat $500. free to approved homes RESTORE Trek 2120 bicycles, i2i only. 541-548-0747 Building Supply Resale Call Classifieds at Buying Diamonds 54cm and 58cm, carQuality at 541-385-5809 iGold for Cash POODLE,toys & minis, bon fiber, Shimano LOW PRICES Saxon's Fine Jewelers also rescued older pup 105, SP D p e dals, 84 SW K St. 541-389-6655 to adopt. 541-475-3889 $400 each. Miyata 541-475-9722 kids Triathalon bike, Glock 17, 9mm, adjustBUYING Open to the public. Queensland Heelers $125. 541-410-7034 a ble rear s ites, 2 Lionel/American Flyer Standard & Mini, $150 mags, box, exc. cond. trains, accessories. Need help fixing stuff? & up. 541-260-1537 242 $450. 541-419-6238 54'I -408-2191. Call A Service Professional www.rightwayranch.wor Exercise Equipment find the help you need. BUYING & S ELLING Kimber Solo, C-D-P All gold jewelry, silver To place your photo ad, visit ijs online at Siamese kittens, raised (L-G) 9mm p istol and NautilusNS 200 gold coins, bars, in home. Gorgeous! with 3 clips, $975. like new! Pulley Prineville Habitat rounds, wedding sets, ww w . b e n d b u l l e t i n . c o m or call with questions, Only $25. 541-977-7019 541-420-7100 ReStore system with extra class rings, sterling silweights,$600! Yorkie pups AKC, 2 boys, ver, coin collect, vin- Building Supply Resale 2 girls, potty training, UTD Will deliver! Rem 700 .243 Weaver tage watches, dental 1427 NW Murphy Ct. shots, health guar., $450 541-388-2809 3x9, sling/ammo, gold. Bill Fl e ming, 541-447-6934 & up. 541-777-7743 541-382-9419. Open to the public. $850. 541-548-5667 208



I l l

A dd c o l o r p h o t o s a nd s e l l y our s t u f f f a s t .





In print and online with The Bulletin's Classifieds A dd c o l o r p h o t o s f o r p e t s , r eal e s t a t e , a u t o & m o r e !






5 41 -3 8 5 - 5 8 0 9



541-385-5809 or go to

Bsdl laBe9s IRF ©KI19

AD PLACEMENT DEADLINES Monday • • • • • • • • • • • • • 5:00 pm Fri • Tuesday.••• • • • • • • • • • .Noon Mon. Want616 To Rent Wednesday •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Noon Tues. Disabled person seeks 1 apt. $550-600/mo. Thursday • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Noon Wed. bdrm No credit checks if rent is under $600. I don't drink,


Manufactured/ Mobile Homes

Saturday • • • Sunday. • • • •

•... . . . .

3 :00pm Fri.

• • • • • • • • 5:00 pm Fri •

Starting at 3 lines

Place a photo inyourprivate party ad foronly$15.00per week.

*UNDER '500in total merchandise

OVER'500 in total merchandise

7 days.................................................. $10.00 14 days................................................ $16.00

Garage Sale Special

4 days.................................................. $18.50 7 days.................................................. $24.00 14 days .................................................$33.50 28 days .................................................$61.50

4 lines for 4 days ................................. $20.00

(call for commercial line ad rates)


*tlllust state prices in ad

A Payment Drop Box is available at CLASSIFIED OFFICE HOURS: Bend City Hall. CLASSIFICATIONS MON.-FRI. 7:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. BELOW M A R K E D W ITH AN (*) REQUIRE PREPAYMENT as well as any out-of-area ads. The Bulletin The Bulletin bendbulletimcom reserves the right to reject any ad at any time. is located at: 1777 S.W. Chandler Ave. Bend, Oregon 97702


FXSTD Harley Davidson 2001,twin cam 88, fuel injected, Vance & Hines short shot exhaust, Stage I with Vance & Hines fuel management system, custom parts, extra seat. $10,500 OBO. Call Today 541-516-8684

Completely Rebuilt/Customized 2012/2013 Award Winner Showroom Condition Many Extras Low Miles.




Vacation Rentals & Exchanges

Oceanfront house, each walk from town, 2 bdrm/2 bath, TV, Fireplace, BBQ. $95 per night, 3 night MIN.


HDFatBo 1996


FACTORY SPECIAL New Home, 3 bdrm, $46,500 finished smoke or do drugs; no on your site. family or pets. Questions, J and M Homes call Matt, 541-264-6450,

Friday. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Noon Thurs. Saturday Real Estate.. . . . . . . . . . 1 1 :00 am Fri. or 541-265-8238


Motorcycles & Accessories Motorcycles & Accessories llllotorcycles & Accessories

Need to get an

:t .



Harley Davidson 2009 Super Glide Custom, Stage 1 Screaming' Eagle performance, too many options to list, $8900. 541-388-8939

ad in ASAP? You can place it online at:

Victory TC 2 0 0 2, 40K mi., runs great, s tage 1 kit, n e w tires, rear brakes & more. Health forces s ale. $4,50 0 . 541-771-0665

Where can you find a helping hand? From contractors to yard care, it's all here in The Bulletin's "Call A Service Professional" Directory


208-369-3144 630

Rooms for Rent



Arctic Cat 580 1994, Furn. room i n q u iet EXT, in good home no drugs, alcocondition, $1000. hol, smoking. $450 Located in La Pine. 1st/1st. 541-408-0846 Call 541-408-6149. Share duplex, $350/mo + /2 util. 1 bdrm, 1 full bath, 860 W/D. 1st/last.' Redmond Motorcycles & Accessories area, call 541-815-9404. 632

Apt./Multiplex General CHECK YOUR AD

Harley Davidson 2011 Classic Limited, Loaded! 9500 miles, custom paint "Broken Glass" by Nicholas Del Drago, new condition, heated handgrips, auto cruise control. $32k in bike, only $20,000or best offer. 541-318-6049

Triumph Daytona 2004, 15K m i l es, perfect bike, needs nothing. Vin ¹201 536.

$4995 DreamCar Auto Sales 1801Division, Bend 541-678-0240 Dlr 3665

Yamaha Roa d star Warrior, 2002 excellent condition, 29k, Mustang seat, cruise, LED signals - fun bike! $3,900 Siste r s, 541-410-8522, Tony 865


A rcticcat AT V 7 0 0 2008 t w o-rider vehicle, EFI LE. L ow hours, high performance. Nice wheels, winch, extra equip., $5000. Moving causes sale. 541-447-3342.

2005 HD Super Glide People Lookfor Information custom, fuel injected About Products and 7k mi, new tires, like Accounting new cond. $8500 Services Every Daythrough 541-639-9857 on the first day it runs The Bulletin Clnssifierfs PLEASE NOTE: Checkyour ad for accuracy the first day it appears. Please call us immediately if a correction to make sure it is coris needed. We will gladly accept responsibility for one incorrect insertion. The publisher reserves the right rect. "Spellcheck" and to accept or reject any ad at anytime, classify and index any advertising based on the policies of these human errors do oc- IS newspapers. The publisher shall not be liable for any advertisement omitted for any reason. Private Party cur. If this happens to Classified ads running 7 or moredays will publish in the Central OregonMarketplace each Tuesday. your ad, please conGross Profit Specialist tact us ASAP so that 476 476 corrections and any Works closely with store management to Employment Employment Rmjjlss adjustments can be identify and analyze inventory variances, made to your ad. Opportunities Opportunities ® DnlyjekZCm performs month-end financial close duties, 541-385-5809 Network Operations Center: prepares monthly inventory reports, and The Bulletin Classified Computer Operator (Night Shift) provides support to store personnel on daily Banking DRIVERS tasks such as; posting/receiving purchase 642 Runs and monitors scheduled jobs, prepares orders, maintaining store inventory, and sys> first communit Apt./Multiplex Redmond Class A and Class and monitors data c enter i nfrastructure tem troubleshooting. B CDL Drivers equipment, maintains proper documentation We are excited to and performs routine equipment installation needed. Requires prior a c counting e xperience. Redmond-Rental announce an 528 and m a intenance. P e rforms n e t work Proficiency in Microsoft Excel is s trongly Must be able to 476 Assistance available position for monitoring and basic configuration tasks. preferred. Must be able to work independently; work hard, pass Loans & Mortgages Available! a Financial Services Employment Respondstouser and system supportissues, possess strong communication skills; good U/A and backNovv Accepting Representative in trouble shoots problems and works with other Opportunities decision making, analytical and problems WARNING ground check, plus Bend, Oregon. applications for groups on p r oject o r su p port w ork. solving skills; strong multi-tasking skills; and The Bulletin recomhave furniture wait list! Work hours: Thursday — Saturday, 8:OOpmthe ability to learn quickly and adapt to a mends you use caumoving experience. Salary Range: Accounting 9:30am. continually changing work environment. tion when you pro$10.00 - $19.00 Ridgemont Apts. vide personal 2210 SW 19th Call Bill, Les Schwab has a reputation of excellent Les Schwab has a reputation of excellent Trucking Company information to compaFor more details Redmond. 1 & 2 541-383-3362 customer service and over 400 stores in the customer service and over 400 stores in the in Redmond, OR, nies offering loans or please apply online: Bdrms, Rent based western United States. We offer competitive western United States. We offer competitive credit, especially is l o o king for for more info. on income,income pay, excellent benefits, retirement, and cash pay, excellent benefits, retirement, and cash those asking for adp art-time hel p . EOE restrictions apply. bonus. Pleasego to to bonus. Please goto to vance loan fees or Must b e k n owlCall 541-548-7282 apply. Applications will be accepted through ELECTRICIAN apply. Applications will be accepted through companies from out of TDD 1.800.735.2900 edgable i n all May 21, 2014. No phone calls please. Cook Security Group is state. If you have May 21, 2014. No phone calls please. phases o f acGet your currently seeking an LEA concerns or quescounting. P lease EOE Licensed Installation and EOE business tions, we suggest you send resume to: Service Technician. To consult your attorney learn more & apply, visit or call CONSUMER http://cooksecuritygroup. Office Help a ROW I N G CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE HOTLINE, General 646 PO Box 52, 1-877-877-9392. Immediate opening in the Circulation departBulletin Mailroom is hiring for our SaturApt JMultiplex Furnished The ment for an entry level Customer Service Repday night shift and other shifts as needed. We Bend, Or 97701 with an ad in resentative. Looking for someone to assist our BANK TURNED YOU Fully furnished loft apt. currently have openings all nights of the week. The Bulletin's Finance subscribers and delivery carriers with subEveryone must work Saturday night. Shifts DOWN? Private party on Wall St., Bend with City of Prineville is "Call A Service scription transactions, account questions and will loan on real es- parking, all utilities paid. start between 6:00 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. and Add your web address seeking an experidelivery concerns. Essential: Positive attitude, Professional" tate equity. Credit, no Call 541-389-2389 for end between2:00 a.m. and 3:30 a.m. Allpoto your ad and readenced, highly motistrong service/team orientation, and problem problem, good equity appointment to see. sitions we are hiring for, work Saturday nights. ers on The Bulletin's Directory vated, professional solving skills. Must be able to function comStarting pay is $9.10 per hour, and we pay a is all you need. Call web site, www.bendapplicant for the pofortably in a fast-paced, performance-based Oregon Land Mortminimum of 3 hours per shift, as some shifts 663, will be Driver sition of Finance Ascustomer call center environment and have are short (11:30 - 1:30). The work consists of gage 541-388-4200. able to click through Night Driver needed sistant II. Full-time Houses for Rent accurate typing, phone skills and computer loading inserting machines or stitcher, stackautomatically to your Apply at Owl Taxi, position and salary Nladras entry experience. Most work is done via teleing product onto pallets, bundling, cleanup website. 1919 NE 2nd St., will DOE and DOQ. LOCAL MONEY:Webuy phone, so strong communication skills and the and other tasks. For qualifying employees we secured trustdeeds & Full benefit package Bend, OR 97701 House for rent on the offer benefits i ncluding life i n surance, ability to multi task is a m u st. Additional note,some hard money included. To v iew Flats, i n Ma d ras. projectsmay be assigned as needed. Work loans. Call Pat Kellev short-term 8 long-term disability, 401(k), paid job description, go to 3/2.5, $100 0 /mo. vacation and sick time. Drug test is required shift hours are Friday through Tuesday. Must 541-382-3099 ext.13. www.cityofprineville. 541-475-3519 be flexible on hours, as some Holidays, and prior to employment. com. You may apearly morning hours are required. For qualifyply online. The City • • ing employees, we offer benefits including life Please submit a completed application atten1 Freelance writers of Prineville is an insurance, short-term and long-term disability, tion Kevin Eldred. Applications are available equal o p portunity 401(k), paid vacation and sick time. Drug test at The Bulletin front desk (1777 S.W. Chanemployer. Call 54 l -385-580 9 os required prior to employment. Accepting redler Blvd.), or an electronic application may be to ro m o te o u r s ervice sumes through June 23, 2014. ServingCentral Oregon since t903 obtained upon request by contacting Kevin Eldred via email ( No phone calls please. Only completed appliThe Bulletin Adult Care Ing/Yard Care USE THE CLASSIFIEDS The Bulletin in Bend is seeking freelance sewing renrral oregonsince rss cations will be considered for this position. No writers to provide short to medium length Door-to-door selling with c/o Kurt Muller, PO Box 6020, Bend, OR resumes will be accepted. Drug test is reProfessional Caregiver NOTICE: Oregon Land- fast results! It's the easiest feature articles for the newspaper's special 97708 or e-mail resume to: quired prior to employment. EOE. with 26+ yrs exp will pro- scape Contractors Law projects department. kmuller© vide private care in your (ORS 671) requires all way in the world to sell. No phone calls, please home. Disabled/elderly/ businesses that adThe Bulletin Topics covered include real estate, home Serwng Central Oregonsince l9IB hospice.541-279-9492 vertise t o pe r form The Bulletin Classified and garden, local events/happenings and The Bulletin is a drug-free workplace/EOE Landscape Construc541 485-5809 personality profiles. Also provided are inBuilding/Contracting tion which includes: formation regarding contacts, story length l anting, deck s , and deadline. r~ • NOTICE: Oregon state ences, arbors, law requires anyone water-features, and inr Pay is competitive and is commensurate to who con t racts for stallation, repair of irconstruction work to rigation systems to be length and type of article assigned. KnowlJ be licensed with the licensed w i t h the edge of AP style a plus. Construction Contrac- Landscape Contrac~ ~ ~e tors Board (CCB). An tors Board. This 4-digit Larry's RV in RedSend writing samples and contact info to o gF ( active license number is to be in- mond is hiring for means the contractor cluded in all adver- the following posiis bonded & insured. tisements which indi- tion: R V Te c h Verify the contractor's cate the business has Must have experiCCB l i c ense at a bond, insurance and ence. Salary DOE. Facility Administrator www.hirealicensedworkers compensa- Benefits include tion for their employ- surance, bonuses, Community Counseling Solutions has or call 503-378-4621. ees. For your protecan openlng for a f u l l t lme Faclllty The Bulletin recom- tion call 503-378-5909 and vacation pay. E mail resume t o Administrator. mends checking with or use our website: resume the CCB prior to con- to or apply© person. tracting with anyone. check license status The facility is located in John Day, Oregon Some other t rades before contracting with and is a 9 bed acute care treatment facility also re q uire addi- the business. Persons working with mentally ill adults who are in Salesperson tional licenses and doing land scape an acute phase of their illness. B ig Country R V certifications. maintenance do not r equire an LC B l i - Dealership s e eking This individual will be responsible for the Debris Removal cense. salespeople looking daily operation of the facility, including staff We are looking for a responsible and ambitious individufor a p e rformanceAeration/Dethatching hiring and discharge, training, developing based pay plan, poJUNK BE GONE 1-time or Weekly Services tential commissions of and im p lementing pr a ctices and al who wants the opportunity to build their own sales I Haul Away FREE Ask about FREEadded up to 35% equaling procedures, working closely with insurance For Salvage. Also svcs w/seasonal contract! $100,000+, R e t ire- companies and other healthcare providers. Cleanups & Cleanouts Bonded & Insured. team, work independently, and earn a big weekly inment Plan, paid vacaposition will work closely with the Mel, 541-389-8107 COLLINS Lawn Maint. tion, and a competi- The Medical Director to coordinate health care Ca/l 541-480-9714 tive medical benefit services. The administrator will assist the come. YOU CONTROL WHAT YOU EARN!Work your own andscaping/Yard Care package. Looking for Executive Director in meeting the needs of Allen Reinsch Yard a team player with a Maintenance8 Mowing the community, overseeing a large and p ositive attitude t o designated territory and essentially build your own busi(& many other things!) operate with energy complex budget and facility, and program Call 541-536-1294 or development. The position will report to the and to be customer 541-815-5313 ness! service-oriented. Will Executive Director. Serving Central training. Oregon Since 2003 USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! provide Send resume to: Applicants should have at least five years of Residental/Commercial bcrvhireO progressive experience working in a health Door-to-door selling with or apply in person at Sprinkler care related f i eld, p r io r e x perience • PEOPLE ORIENTED fast results! It's the easiest 63500 N Hwy 97 Activation/Repair supervising directly or indirectly at least 15 • RELIABLE TRANSPORTATION, CELL PHONE, way in the world to sell. Bend, OR 97701 Back Flow Testing employees, a bachelor's degree in a health




II Nh &&I NN

/ 0 0

The Bulletin


l .9

Earn $500 to over $1,000 per week!


~Thatch & Aerate • Spring Clean up .Weekly Mowing & Edging • Bi-Monthly 8 Monthly Maintenance • Bark, Rock, Etc. ~Landscs in •Landscape Construction ~Water Feature Installation/Maint. •Pavers •Renovations • Irrigations Installation

Senior Discounts Bonded & Insured 541-815-4458 LCB¹8759

The Bulletin Classified 541-385-5809

Icaution „, ";„;. .1 when pur-

Painting/Wall Covering I chasing products or I • services from out of •

WESTERN PAINTING l the area. Sending

l l l

care related f i eld (master's degree preferred), ability to assist the Executive Director in managing a large and complex budget, facility and program development, and community relations. Experience may be substituted for education on a two for one basis. N o c ertifications or licenses required, but preference will be given to applicants with an RN or related health care certification(s). T h i s i n dividual will be required to participate in an on call rotation.

CO. Richard Hayman, c ash, checks, o r a semi-retired paint- l credit i n f ormation ing contractor of 45 l may be subjected to years. S m all Jobs FRAUD. Welcome. Interior & For more informa- I Exterior. c c b¹5184. tion about an adver- • salary range fo r t h e s u ccessful 541-388-6910 l tiser, you may call The candidate w ill be betwee n the Oregon State $69,000-$103,500 per y ear. E xcellent Tree Services l Attorney General's e Office C o n sumer e Hbenefits. MR. STUMP BUSTER l Protection hotline at l Professional Stump & Tree I 1-877-877-9392. Please c o ntact Ni n a Bis s o n at Removal• 24 yrs exp. 541-676-9161 or n i Insured - Free estimates! LThe Bull<in g with questions or to request an application. Call 541-213-9103


l l



I. I

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I t I ' I I







DAILY BRI DG E C LU B Monday,May19,2014

Half a stopper

ACROSS 1 Eve's mate 5 Bucket 9 Atmosphere of despondency 14Launcher ofthe Curiosity rover 1SMajor League Baseball family name 16Cuban dance 17Famous debate words from Reagan to Carter 20 Extreme happiness 21 Money outlay 22 Boatload 24Always,in poetry 25 Yacht club locale 29 Sunbeams 31 Cartographer's drawing 34 Not just overweight 35Sported,as a sports jacket 36 Unconscious state

Is a holding of Q-x worth a stopper one club, you respond one heart and he bids one spade. The opponents

be declarer with Q-x. If partner has pass. What do you say? A-x-x o r K - x -x , t h e q ueen may ANSWER: T h is p r o blem i s become a full stopper. In today's deal, S outh r o ared inelegantly into 3NT, and West led a heart: four from dummy, ten from East. South played low, but East

agonizing. You have too many useful values to make a discouraging second bid, but no descriptive invitational bid exists. Expert opinion would be split among several actions: two returned a l o w h e art, keeping hearts, two spades or a "fourth-suit" communication. of two diamonds. I don't like any bid Declarer picked up the clubs with a but would try two spades. finesse but had only eight tricks. North dealer When he led adiamond, West won N-S vulnerable and led his last heart, and East ran the NORTH hearts. (At double dummy, South 49A107 could have succeeded by squeezing



4 Q J109 3

LONG HEARTS South should put u p d u m my's queen on the first heart. East can't gain by ducking, and if he takes the ace and returns the jack, South can play low to isolate East's long hearts. But N orth-South w ould e asily score game ifthey found a way to maneuver 3NT into the North hand. Eleven tricks are no problem if North is declarer with his Q-x in hearts. A top partnership might produce the required delicate auction.

DAILY QUESTION Y ouhold: 4oQ J5 9 A J 1 0 6 3 0532 A

WEST 41843 2


4kQ J5 9 A J1063 0532 4K6

9752 0A76 4542 SOUTH 49K96

QK98 0 K 1 09 8 4A87 N orth 14

Ea s t 19

Sou t h 3 NT

Wes t All Pass

Opening lead —9 2

K 6 . Your partner opens (C) 2014 Tribune Content Agency, LLC

Seeking a friendly duplicate bridge? Find five gamesweekly at BIZARRO


Royal Air Force 64 Yearn (for) during W.W. II 65 Wriggling bait 40 Deep-six 41 Kor b ut, DOWN 1972 Olympic gymnastics star 1Pay to play, as poker 42 Cycle after wash 2 Roald who wrote 43 Mined metal "James and the Giant Peach" 44 Lavish affection (on) 3Sailing 4 Feature of many 45 Expired a gas station 46 Mattress site nowadays 47 Homeowner's 5 D.J.'s bribe proof 6"Home 49 Caribbean island (Macaulay Culkin nation south of film) Martinique 7 Gambler's note 53 May-December 8 Olympic sled romance features 9 Vine fruits 58 Endorsement 10 German pistol from Tony the Tiger 11Gulf country 60 Golfer Palmer, to 12Geishas' sashes his "army" 13What a lion has that a lioness 61 of p assage lacks 62 Canal of song 18 Former Disney chief Michael ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE 19Some daisies C OL B E R T B U M P C H E 23 Treated badly E VE R S O S O R R Y O A R 25 "Semper Fidelis," L EG I S L A T U R E N I N for the U.S. Marines T RO T A R S OD I S T S I NS M A O S U I T 26Hate, hate, hate AS G A R D V IR G I L 27 Witherspoon of H EE L S D A R K S TA R S "Legally Blonde" A LO E H A S T E A T O I 28 Sister and wife of B AC K B E N C H F R EO N Osiris A S I AG O S E T S T O 30 Square footage D OC E N T S B A Y 31 Mars's Phobos O NH I GH O A F A W E S and Deimos L I I H E A T S E N S O R S 32Tickle C ON A R C T I C O C E A N 33 Used a peeler on E NG M Y C O L O G I S T S 35 Droop, as flowers

By FRANK STEWART Tribune Content Agency at notrump? It's often an advantage to

63 "April Love" 37 Churchill's description of the singer Pat








No. 0414














22 25 2 6







31 3 2












46 49 5 0





48 53

54 5 5










36 Word with potato or chocolate 38 Gourmet 39 Wall Street worker 44 Official proclamation 45 Simon of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" 46Payto play, as poker

55 Prefix with

48Thirdrock from

the sun 49Assaultwith a knife 50 " Comin' t h e Rye" 51 Recently retired Jay 52 Site of the Taj Mahal 54 Got bigger

dynamic 56 Low poker holding 57 Bloom's support 590casekof the Cars

Annual subscriptions are available for the best of Sunday crosswords from the last 50 years: 1-888-7-ACROSS. AT&T users: Text NYTX to 386 to download puzzles, or visit for more information. Online subscriptions: Today's puzzle and more than 2,000 past puzzles, ($39.95 a year). Share tips: Crosswords for young solvers:


IZAIIE ICB.cNI aoo)4ok4om/BtsarrocomioE I 060 IBE foeoo


A~ y

ged, I believe I would like

Co 1


Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains everydigitfrom1 to9 inclusively.

to dpeak to Che head Nrai4r!


' ll








41 I


. oll 'I







%k 5 I944


ZLo 72


'o Y


h/E PO(IJ'7 4/ANT ANY.



SU7:- / r(/OU(I//r YO(/ I/ÃF. PAt/N/J VO(/ I/NC A JE(/OUA(N k//TNCÃ.


I/O k//rg JEI/OUAI/'fl AL/II/



4 4


LOS ANGELESTIMES CROSSWORD Edited by Rich Norrisand Joyce Nichols LeW1S k/E Jf/P' ePREAPIN' Tj/CCOOD NEWL



1 Omega's opposite 6 Hundred Acre

SAFE HAVENS ~ f'j) (flfjjll. ll'AL(y(T0P.'1'T5 D()IIS! "|0U'I4'6 Il(rf)i



l)oiz(n'5 g&sn QV)5()ll'.5 hfjZ 46%T

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Boats & Accessories

Moto r homes

12'1969 Searsaluminum fishingboat, low hours on new 8 hp engine, with trailer and extras. Good shape! $1600. 541-382-2599

12' aluminum fishing boat, t r ailer, motor, fish finder, accessories, $1200. 541-389-7234

Beaver Marquis, 1993 40-ft, Brunswick floor plan. Many extras, well maintained, fire suppression behind refrig, Stow Master 5000 tow bar,

16' 1996 Lowe alum. f ishing boat, 2 0 h p Evinrude outbrd & remote control Minnkota t rolling motor, f i sh finder, bow f i shing chair, Bimini top, trailer w/spare tires, anchor, fenders, life jackets, lights, exc. cond. & reat for local lakes, 2,995. 541-390-9932



Travel Trailers

Fifth Wheels

Fifth Wheels

You Keep The Cash! On-site credit approval team, web site presence. We Take Trade-Ins! Free Advertising. BIG COUNTRY RV Bend: 541-330-2495 Redmond: 541-548-5254


Just too many collectibles?

1971 Fishing boat, full top cover, 35 H P Ev i n rude Sell them in motor, trailer and The Bulletin Classifieds spare tire, accessories, good condition. $1100 obo. 541 m385-5809

541-389-1086 541-419-6034




15' fiberglas Sportsman, 75HP motor, trailer, good condition, $950.



14' Klamath boat with trailer, $500. 541-480-1353




Powerglide Chassis / 425HP Cummings Engine / Allison 6 Spd Automatic Trans / Less than 40K miles /Offered at $199K. Too many options to list here! For more information go to moe ~ ~aee Bigfoot Diesel 32' or email 2006, Su p er C trainwater157© Duramax d i e sel, Allison trans., only or call 858-527-8627 37K mi., do u ble slide, 5500 Onan diesel gen., to many Tioga 24' Class C options to list. Vin¹ Motorhome 534032, $79,995. Bought new in 2000, BeaverCoach currently under 20K Sales &Service, miles, excellent Bend 541-914-8438 shape, new tires, DLR ¹3447 professionaly winterized every year, cutoff switch to battery, plus new RV batteries. Oven, hot water heater & air condie tioning have never been used! $24,000 obo. Serious inquiries, please. Dodge Stored in Terrebonne. Brougham 1978, 541-548-5174 15', 1-ton, clean,

r - , ~-

• i

KeystoneLaredo 31' RV

20 06 w ith 1 2'

, ,~ M l






Aircraft, Parts & Service

OPEN ROAD 36' 2005 - $25,500

Columbia 400,


Lance 2013 Model 2385 24' w/large slide, 4-Season, fully loaded & used only 4 times. Has extra Trident surface protection coat, stinger w/sway bars, electric tongue jack, 6-volt batteries, queen walk-around bed, large front kitchen w/pantry, complete entertainment system w/exterior spkrs, power awning. Like new, $34,900. 541-480-4148

32' - 2001

Call Dick, 541-480-1687.

iil ). I =. Holiday Rambler 37' Presidential model 2003, all factory options, 3 slides, 2 A/C units, 4 door fridge, fireplace, generator, electric jacks front and rear, flat screen TV, e n tertainment center, bay window, exc. cond., MUST SEE! Sacr i fice $24,500 OBO. 541-223-2218

Hyster forklift, H30E propane, 2 stage, 672 hours, $1900 o b o. 541-389-7596

Peterbilt 359 p o table water t ruck, 1 9 90, Chevy Ext. Cab 1991 3200 gal. tank, 5hp with camper shell, e ood cond., $1500 pump, 4-3 hoses, BO. 541-447-5504. camlocks, $ 2 5,000. 541-620-3724 Dodge Ram 1500 931 SLT uadcab 1999 Automotive Parts,


(located O Bend) 541-288-3333

Service & Accessories

60 gal. air compressor 1/3 interest in well6.5hp, lightly used, equipped IFR Beech Bo- $625. 541-365-9350 nanza A36, new 10-550/ 5 .2L V8 aut o . , prop, located KBDN. 1 43,659 mi. R W D $65,000. 541-419-9510 Tick, Tock Vin ¹628726 Barwww. gain Corral. $4,977 Tick, Tock... ROBBERSON

...don't let time get

e Ie c eI a ~ l

away. Hire a professional out of The Bulletin's "Call A Service Professional" Directory today!

1/5th interest in 1973

Cessna 150 LLC

( in La Pine ) WILL DELIVER

Garage Sales

Garage Sales Garage Sales

Winter tires, siped, studded, 16", off Camry, excellent tread, designer rims, sensors installed. Asking $325 c ash.

Find them

172 Cessna Share 541-846-4272 IFR equipped, new 932 avionics, Garmin 750 touchscreen, center Antique & stack, 160hp. Classic Autos Exceptionally clean & economical! $13,500. Hangared in KBDN Call 541-728-0773

in The Bulletin Classifieds



Chevy C-20 Pickup 1969,was a special order, has all the extras, and is all original. Seeio believe!


1974 Bellanca 1730A

l ma a ma

541-312-3986 DLR¹0205

150hp conversion, low time on air frame and engine, hangared in Bend.Excellent per- Amencan Racing wheels formance & afford(4), cast aluminum dish a able flying! $6,000. style, 15x7, 5 lug, 4.5 541-410-6007 spacing. $200. 541-604-0963



Chev Crewcab dually, Allison tranny, tow pkg., brake controller, cloth split front bench seat, only 66k miles. Very good condition, Original owner, $34,000 or best offer. 541-408-7826

Financing available

Recreation by Design 2013 Monte Carlo, 38-ft. Top living room, 2 bdrm, has 3 slideouts, 2 A/Cs, entertainment center, fireplace, W/D, garden tub/shower, in great condition. $36,000 obo. Call Peter,

A/C, awning, AM/FM CD, custom queen bed, cusTake care of tom drawer pullouts. Dry 541-385-5809 inboard motor, g reat axle wgt 2,566; dry unyour investments cond, well maintained, loaded wgt 2,647. Equawith the help from $8995obo. 541-350-7755 suspension, exteRV Winnebago Adven- Flex shower, indoor tub/ The Bulletin's CONSIGNMENTS turer 2005 35y2', gas, rior shower combo, stabilizer WANTED "Call A Service less than 20,000 miles, jacks, batteries, plus We Do the Work, excellent condition, 2 MORE!2$12,995. Professional" Directory You Keep the Cash! slide-outs, work horse On-site credit Fleetwood Discovery chassis, Banks power Call 541-280-9516 for 40' 2003, diesel, w/a)l brake system, sleeps info, or to see - in Bend. approval team, 18' SAILBOAT with web site presence. options - 3 slide outs, 5, with al l o p tions, trailer, V-berth, works satellite, 2 TV's, W/D, $62,000 / negotiable. We Take Trade-Ins! great. Sell or trade. Free Advertising. etc., 32,000 miles. Call 5 4 1-308-671 1 or $2900 obo. Wintered in h eated email a i kistu@bendBIG COUNTRY RV 541-516-8985 Bend: 541-330-2495 shop. $84,900 O.B.O. Keystone Cougar 2010 541-447-8664 Redmond: 1981 Johnson 7.5 hp 326MKS. Like new. 541-546-5254 motor, 2-cyclei excellent S tored indoors. 4 Orbit 21' 2007, used condition, asking $425. slideouts, queen bed, 541-419-4989 only 8 times, A/C, mirrored w a rdrobe, Say "goodbuy" oven, tub shower, (2) 10' Kayaks; Old skylights in bath and micro, load leveler to that unused Town Otter, Ocean bedroom. DVD, TV, hitch, awning, dual Frenzy Si t -on-top, AM/FM C D p l ayer item by placing it in batteries, sleeps 4-5, FLEETWOOD Winnebago Aspect both with p a ddies, with i n terior/exterior EXCELLENT CONPACE ARROW, 1999 2009- 32', 3 slide$225/ea. speakers, retractible The Bulletin Classifieds DITION. All accesUpdated interior, 36', 2 outs, Leather inte541-593-6053 awning, etc. Many sories are included. slides, 42,600 miles, V10 rior, Power s eat, e xtras. So l d w i t h 541 -385-5809 $13,900 OBO. Ads published in the as, 5000 watt generator, locks, windows, h ousehold and R V "Boats" classification hydraulic levelers, auto Aluminum wheels. 541-382-9441 extras and R e ese 885 include: Speed, fish- steps, back-up camera, 17 e Flat Screen, Hitch. $29,950 (OBO) washer/dryer, central vac, Surround s o u nd, ing, drift, canoe, Canopies & Campers Ron 541-549-1089 l o aded, camera, Queen bed, house and sail boats. ice m a ker, For all other types of excellent condition. Foam mattress, AwLaredo 30'2009 watercraft, please go $27,500 541-6202135 ning, Generator, In(SeeCraiqsiist to Class 875. verter, Auto Jacks, ¹4470374489) 541-365-5609 Air leveling, Moon roof, no smoking or Outback Kargaroo 2008 p ets. L ik e n e w , Nearly new, 23KRS, 26' Arctic Fox 811 2011, $74,900 w/rear queen slide, alum. fits short-bed pickup, 541-480-6900 frame, front cargo ATV like new, $27,995. ares/bdrm, remote AC & overall length is 35' 541-493-2458 heat, micro, dbl sink, has 2 slides, Arctic HOLIDAY RAMBLER tub/shower, AM/FM CD package, A/C,table VACATIONER 2003 w/exterior spkrs, & chairs, satellite, SNUG TOP 8.1L V8 Gas, 340 hp, awning, anti-sway pkg, Arctic pkg., power Pickup canopy for workhorse, Allison 1000 upgraded wheels/tires, awning, in excellent WINNEBAGO F250 short bed, Chaparral 2130SS 5 speed trans., 39K, springover, exterior condition! More pix white in color, Clean, well m ain- NEW' TIRES, 2 slides, BRAVE 2003 stove, heated underbelly, at like new, tained 21 ' f a mily Onan 5.5w gen., ABS • 34D, 2 slides stored inside, more $675. ski/wakeboard $28,000 brakes, steel cage cock- • Tires 80% extras. $17,500. 541-419-3301 541-416-9686 open-bow runabout pit, washer/dryer, fire541-504-8111 • Just completely with new Barewest lace, mw/conv. oven, tower/Bimini. Great serviced ree standing dinette, sound system, new was $121,060 new; now, • 39,000 miles dual battery system. $35,900. 541-536-1008 • No trades Stored under cover, • $48,000 firm fresh water use only, 541-815-3150 2 nd o wner. J u s t b ought a lar g e r Pacific Ridge by Chaparral! $16,000. Komfort 2011 541-419-9510

The Bulletin

2005 Diesel 4x4

1/3interest in

King bed, hide-a-bed sofa, 3 slides, glass shower, 10 gal. water heater, 10 cu.ft. fridge, central vac, s atellite dish, 2 7 " TV/stereo syst., front front power leveling jacks and s cissor stabilizer jacks, 16' awning. Like new! 541-41 9-0566

2 slides, ducted heat 8 air, great condition, snowbird ready, Many upgrade options, financing available! $14,500 obo.



Trucks & Heavy Equipment

exc. cond., 3 slides, king bed, Irg LR, Arctic insulation, all options $35,000 obo. 541-420-3250

Fleetwood Prowler



T-Hangar for rent at Bend airport. Call 541-382-6996.


Komfort Ridgecrest 23', 2006,queen bed, sleeps 6, micro & AC, full awning, living room slider, yule tables, outside shower, 4 closets, fiberglass frame, as new, $11,500. La Pine call 541-914-3360


Aircraft, Parts & Service


1997 Komfort 27' 13' expandable s l ideout. $5500. With 5th e wheel hitch $5600 With 1993 Ford XLT F250 /mou n ted MONTANA 3585 2008,

slide-out. Sleeps 6, queen walk-around bed w/storage underneath. Tub 8 shower. - aI » , 2 swivel rockers. TV. Air cond. Gas stove & refrigerator/freezer. Microwave. Awning. Arctic Fox 29' 2003, Outside sho w er. covered storage, slideSlide through storexc. cond inside & a ge, E a s y Li f t . out, outside 2016 tags, $29,000 new; $14,900. 541-678-1449 Asking $18,600 or 541-410-8649 541-447-4805

Like NEW! Trail-Lite 2011 Crossover Trailer

69,000 miles. $4500. In La Pine, 18'Maxum skiboat,2000, call 541-602-8652


Dodge Ram 2500 2008 Diesel, exc. towing vehicle, 2WD, 55,000

miles. New batteries, rear air bags, Roll-n-lock bed cover, spray-in liner. 5th wheel hitch available too $19,000. 541-604-1285 Ford 3/4 ton F250 1993 Power Stroke diesel, turbocharged, 5-spd, good runner & work truck. $4500 obo. Call 541-389-5353 or 541-647-8176


2180 TT, 440 SMO, 180 mph, excellent

condition, always hangared, 1 owner for 35 years. $60K. In Madras, call 541-475-6302

Ford T-Bird, 1966, 390

Ford F150 LIGHTNING 1993, 500 miles on rebuilt engine. Clean interior & new tires. $7000, OBO. 541-647-8723

engine, power everyCheck out the thing, new paint, 54K classifieds online orig. miles, runs great, exc. $7500 Updated daily obo. 541-480-3179 Ford F-350 4x4,

1976 Cessna 150M B a r racuda Just oyer 3000hrs, 600 Plymouth 1966, original car! 300 hrs since out of frame 2006 XLT 4-door hp, 360 V8, centermajor, Horton Stol Kit. Crew Cab Avionics: Apollo 65 GPS lines, 541-593-2597 & additional radio (4 freWHEN ONLY THE 6.0L Turbo diesel, full quencies can be moniBEST WILL DO! power au t omatic tored at once). Tran6-disc CD, cruise, fog sponder w/mode C, JPI lights, running boards, Fuel Flow Monitor, digitow pkg, bedliner, grill tal density, temp 8 amp guard, folding rear monitor. Nice paint & upseat. Tan cloth inteholstery w/memory foam rior, metallic tan exteseat bottoms. Oil filter & Buick Skylark 1972 rior. 91,400 miles. block htr. 1 owner past Price reducedto 14 yrs; always hangared, 17K orig. miles. Please see for no damage history. $20,500 details. $18,900. 541-350-6925 N9475U.$26,000. 541-323-1698 541-480-4375

Suyyort Sraduatinl Seniors otRSl4!

Enclosed raft t r ailer, 12'x7', pulley system to help load, wired for 12 volt ai r p u mp. $750. 541-593-6053 875

Watercraft ds published in eWa-

tercraft" include: Kayaks, rafts and motorIzed personal watercrafts. For "boats" please see Class 670. 541-385-5609

The Bulletin 880

Motorhomes ae~


2007 Winnebago Outlook Class "C" 31', solar panel, Cat. heater, excellent condition, more extras. Asking $58K. Ph. 541-447-9268 Can be viewed at Western Recreation (top of hill) in Prineville.

Alfa See Ya 2006 36' Excellent condition, 1 owner, 350 Cat diesel, 51,000 miles, 4-dr frig, icemaker, gas stove, oven, washer/dryer, non-smokeri 3 shdes, generator, invertor, leather interior, satele lite, 7'4 ceiling. Clean!$77,500. 541-233-6520 Find exactly what you are looking for in the CLASSIFIEDS

KOUNTRY AIRE 1994 37.5' motorhome, with awning, and one slide-out, Only 47k miles and good condition.



(photoaboveis of a similar model& not the actual vehicle)


I RX J& !

Winnebago Sightseer 30' 2004

For Sale with living r oom slide, 46,000 miles, in good condition. Has newer Michelin tires, awning, blinds, carpet, new coach battery and HD TV. $31,000 Call Dick at 541-406-2367

National RV

Tropical, 1997,

35-ft, Chevy Vortec engine, new tires, new awnings, 12-ft slide-out, queen bed, ltalian leather couch and recliner, excellent condition. Ready to travel„ towing hitch included.$19,900. 541-815-4811


Travel Trailers

Fieetwood Wilderness NW Edition 2002, 26'

1 slide, electric tongue jack, stabilizers, new brakes, waste tank heaters, ducted heat/AC, micro/stove/oven, tub/shower, couch, elec/gas hot water tank. Sleeps 6. Includes Eaz Lift hitch, storage cover and accessories. $10,500. 541-447-3425

Navion IQ Sprinter chassis RV 2008, 25' Mercedes Benz diesel, only 24k miles, excellent condition, automatic rear slide-out w/queen bed, full bath w/shower, deluxe captain swivel front seats, Forest River 27' by Wilddiesel generator, wood 2004, winter pkg, awning, no pets/ slide, AC, oven, no smoking. $65,500. tub-shower, outside 541-382-2430 shower, micro, awning, always stored. $12,500. Prineville, 541-447-9199

Providence 2005 Fully loaded, 35,000 miles, 350 Cat, Very clean, non-smoker, 3 slides, side-by-side refrigerator with ice maker, Washer/Dryer, Flat screen TV's, In motion satellite. $95,000 541-460-2019

Good classified ads tell the essential facts in an interesting Manner.Write from the readers view -not the seller's. Convert the facts into benefits. Show the reader howthe itemwill help them in someway. This sdvertising tip

brought toyou by

The Bulletin Ser ag ceocmto~osincer9e

Mdl P 27RL 31', 15'

t fV~ t ~ f g gS I~ I t cS

Super slide, power jack, electric awning, solar panel, 6-volt

• maaaalfBBl ~


rie p atiatrkakaVeSkte'Stlek'r~ L ~

ea m e m mmeeemmeee«mmmemmme« ~ m ma ~ • emaemmmmm maeeemmmam ~ m meme ~

l eam ~ l ae ~




- I,

=: Congratulations to one, =": :'several, or all Central ==: :,Oregon Graduates with iinsRYL JOVFA

Low miles, EFI 460,

4-spd auto, 10-ply tires, low miles, almost new condition, $3500.

2 SIOl E lIEISr!I1-38g-7p72 g 3rd jjril 541-38$ f)767 S8%91 jjgufphya!j "


SW 1Oljt jj,Hllj»8"

4 VIEW-2014

g 1-3 S2-676~

To place your ad call The Bulletin Advertising Department


Daiiia $41.$N un



~ e eeeal e


2 Examples - Actual size 1 Coi. X 2" ad (1.83ex2e )

eeaaeemmeee ~ e eeaem • meeemeeem • eeaemeeemm maaeemeeele cwyaaaamaOmc


eY' e aee

oedltoilen 4@WSNSW'



541-382-1 81 1




meea» eemmlemeee

emaeeeel •

Ask for Theo, 541-260-4293

Advertising Deadline Friday, June 6



1990 5th Wheel Transporter

Both the public and businesses are invited to participate



Fifth Wheels RCIS • • m• g

The Bulletin will publish multiple pages listing all 2014 Graduates from Central Oregon High Schools This will publish Saturday, June 14 in The Bulletin

a full COIOrali!









Redmond: 541-548-5254

Wind River 201127ORLDS (Four Seasons) 28' by Outdoor RV in LaGrande, OR. 2 Slides in living room, separate bdrm, power jack,elect awning, solar panel, flat screen, surround sound, micro, air cond, day/night shades, ext speakers,ext shower. Like new!$24,000. 541-548-2109

l aee aat



RV CONSIGNMENTS WANTED We Do The Work ... You Keep The Cash! On-site credit approval team, web site presence. We Take Trade-Ins! Free Advertising. BIG COUNTRY RV Bend: 541-330-2495

lc m a ' ' m ce e

Ceeeat rmelir eOeleaceVkhrlrt e 4 iie@ ihlacfaaa iilaeeieai!m


batteries, LED light-

ing, always stored inside. Must see to appreciate.Asking $28,000. Call Bill, 541-480-7930

hb@himlhmhalIhqioii's ffliwiit hshalts

ae mme ' c


eeeae~elleeem emeeeaeme eeaeeleemm ae


iiwtv'clsylv'xet MARA171

The Bulletin

serving central oregon since 19r8













Sport Utility Vehicles

Sport Utility Vehicles

Sport Utility Vehicles





Ford Explorer XLT

ToyotaLandcruiser VX 1999

Ford Thunderbird 2004 Convertible

Pontiac G6 2007, just 36,000 miles, in very good condition, $8900. 541-548-1422

Volvo C70 T5 2012, convertible, 2 dr., auto, leather, loaded. VIN ¹130852. $34,995.

Porsche 911 Carrera 993 cou e

smolichvolvo com DLR ¹366


Toyota Tundra SR5 4x4 BA/fW X54.8i 2007, 2007, double cab 4-dr, 78K mi., AWD, 6 speed tow pkg, 51,300 miles, auto, leather. A .R.E. bed cover + VIN ¹Z38373. $24,997. (exp. 5/19/14) Line-X spray, new tires, 1 owner, perfect cond, SMOLICH just fully detailed, all svc V O LV Q records. $23,400 Call Gary: Day 206-948-5789 541-749-2156 Evening 541-447-6369 DLR ¹366 Call The Sulletin At 541-385-5808 Place Your Ad Or E-Mail At:

FORD XLT 1992 3/4 ton 4x4

matching canopy, 30k original miles, possible trade for classic car, pickup, motorcycle, RV $13,500. In La Pine, call 928-581-9190

I nternational Fla t Bed Pickup 1963, 1 ton dually, 4 s pd.


Sport Utility Vehicles

trans., great MPG, could be exc. wood hauler, runs great, new brakes, $1950. 541-419-5480.

VolvoS60T5 2013

AWD, less than 11k

Nissan Frontier 2013, 11K mi., 4x4, crew cab, 4.0 L V6cyl. VIN ¹725602. $27,495. (exp. 5/(9/14)

mi., auto, 6 spd. vin ¹202364 $30,977


/v +~~'



maaa a

541-312-3986 DLR ¹0205


Chevrolet Trailblazer 2008 4x4 Automatic, 6-cylinder, tilt wheel, power windows, power brakes, air conditioning, keyless entry, 69K miles. Excellent condition; tires have 90% tread. $11,995. Call 541-598-5111


Chev Trailblazer LS 2004, AWD, 6 cyl, remote entry, clean title, 12/15 tags, $5995. 541-610-6150

ABS, 4WD, V6, front fog driving lights. vin¹C23396 $8,977

4.7L V8, 4WD, auto., 16 mpg Hwy, Vin¹ 66902 Bargain Corral $9,977



co ~

maza a

I I 8 c 0 LN ~

541-312-3986 dlr ¹0205


541.312.3986 DLR¹0205

BNf W328i 2011, 33K mi., AWD, alloy wheels. VIN ¹658869. $24,997. (exp. 5/19/14)

V Q LV Q 541-749-2156 DLR ¹366

What are you looking for? You'll find it in

Want to impress the relatives? Remodel The Bulletin Classifieds your home with the help of a professional 541-385-5809 infiniti G37X 2013, from The Bulletin's VOLVOXC90 2006, 7-Speed Auto, 15K "Call A Service 75K mi., AWD, 6 speed mi., AWD, leather. auto, leather. Professional" Directory VIN ¹354008. $29,995. VIN ¹276223. $20,495. (exp. 5/19/14) (exp. 5/19/14) SMOLICH Lincoln Navigator 2003 SMOLICH 4WD, V8 5.4L, tow pkg, V Q L V Q V O LV O fully loaded with DVD, 541-749-2156 Corvette 1979 541-749-2156 heated leather seats, L82- 4 speed. 3rd row seating, runs & DLR ¹366 85,000 miles drives exc., well maint., DLR ¹366 Garaged since new. 143k mi. Non-smokers. I've owned it 25 New tires, brakes, ro940 years. Never damtors and struts. $7,950. Vans aged or abused. 541-604-4166

Have an item to sell quick? BMW X3 2 0 07, 99K If it's under miles, premium packFord Bronco II age, heated lumbar '500you can place it in supported seats, pan4x4, 1989The Bulletin oramic mo o nroof, Automatic, power Bluetooth, ski bag, XeClassifieds for: steering, stereo non headlights, tan & upgrade, set-up to black leather interior, '10 - 3 lines, 7 days n ew front & re a r tow, runs good. '16 -3 lines, 14 days brakes © 76K miles, $1700. owner, all records, 541-633-6662 (Private Party ads only) one very clean, $16,900.

BMW X3 2011 black on black, sport/prem packs, leather, 3.5i turbo, nav., 20k miles, 19" wheels, cold weather pkg, Xenons, warranteed to 9/2015. $38,000 One owner, 503-789-9401 (Portland)


lnfiniti N37X 2012, 7-Speed Auto, 36K mi., AWD, leather. VIN ¹395955. $35,995.

Chrysler Town & Country LXI 1997, beautiful inside & out, one owner, nonsmoker,. loaded with options! 197,892 mi. Service rec o rds available. $4 , 950. Call Mike, (541) 8158176 after 3:30 p.m.

Less than 14k mil, AWD, 7 spd, leather vin ¹700716



541-312-3986 DLR ¹0205



541-312-3986 DLR¹0205

FordEscape XLT 2010

Nissan Murano SL 2011

Moon roof, roof rack, l eather, pdl, p w . vin¹C15393 $16,997

black w/ leather seat trim, 3.4L V6, 27,709 miles. vin¹362484 6.977 ROBBERSON


maaa a

541-312-3986 dlr ¹0205


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Volvo S60T5 2012, 22K mi., 6 spd auto, FWD, Alloy wheels. VIN ¹118621. $23,495. (exp. 5/19/14)



V Q LV Q 541-749-2156

Porsche 911 Turbo DLR ¹366


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4WD, 4 dr. dbl cab, less than 33K mi. VIN¹123670 $36,977

1996, 73k miles, Tiptronic auto. transmission. Silver, blue leather interior, moon/sunroof, new quality tires and battery, car and seat covers, many extras. Recently fully serviced, garaged, looks and runs like new. Excellent condition $29,700

(exp. 5/19/14)


Dave, 541-350-4077

Mercedes Benz C300S ort 2012

DLR ¹366

ToyotaTundra Limited 2010

with hard & soft top, silver with black interior, all original, very low mileage, in premium condition. $19,900. 702-249-2567 (car is in Bend)



Honda Odyssey 2012, 10K mi., leather, alloy wheels. VIN ¹135296. $30,995.


541-312-3986 dlr ¹0205

(exp. 5/19/14)


V O LV O 541-749-2156 DLR ¹366

(exp. 5/19/14)



CORVETTE COUPE Glasstop 2010

541-749-2156 DLR ¹366

Grand Sport - 4 LT loaded, clear bra hood & fenders. New Michelin Super Sports, G.S. floor mats, 17,000 miles, Crystal red. $42,000.

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The Bulletin Classifieds Ford Fusion Sjoort

2011 - 2. 5 L 4 cyl., Mercedes-Benz CL600 FWD, auto., 64k Coupe2001, miles, Bordeaux Re64K mi., leather. serve vin¹324193 VIN ¹010538. $23,995. $20,997 (exp. 5/19/14)


ma aa

541-312-3986 DLR ¹0205

SMOLICH V Q L V Q 541-749-2156 DLR ¹366

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2003 6 speed, X50 added power pkg., 530 HP! Under 10k miles, Arctic silver, gray leather interior, VW Jetta GLI 2012 new quality tires, and battery, Bose p remium so u n d stereo, moon/sunroof, car and seat covers. Many extras. Garaged, p e r fect Bluetooth, pl, pw, condition, $59,700. manual trans. 541-322-9647 Vin¹108574 $18,977 Porsche Carrera 911 ROBBERSON y 2003 convertible with "«o. ® maaaa hardtop. 50K miles, new factory Porsche 541-312-3986 motor 6 mos ago with DLR ¹0205 18 mo factory warranty remaining. $37,500. 541-322-6928 The Bulletin's "Call A Service REVISED Professional" Directory Saturn 2001 station is all about meeting wagon, dark blue, gray yourneeds. leather interior, V6, auto, exlnt mileage, also set-up Call on one of the for RV towing, a great professionals today! all-around car! $2950. 541-788-4844










Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

projects. The City reserves the right to separately procure services for specific projects at the sole d iscretion o f th e City.

the basis of the proposals or to conduct interviews with the highest qualified proposers after s coring, 4) s e e k clarifications of any or all proposals, and 5) to select the prop osal which a p pears to be in the best interest of the City.

fault; any further sums c omplies with t h at LEGAL NOTICE TRUSTEE'S NOTICE advanced by the ben statute addressed to eficiary for the protec the trustee's "Urgent OF SALE File No. Request Desk" either 7 699.20665 Re f e r tion of the above de ence is made to that scribed real property by personal delivery i st int e rest to the trustee's physi c ertain t rust d e e d and made by Robert S. therein; and prepay cal offices (call for ad Keepers, and Linda B. ment penalties/premi d ress) or b y fi r st Keepers, as tenants ums, if applicable. By class, certified mail, reason of said default r eturn r e ceipt re by the entirety, as grantor, to Fidelity Na the beneficiary has quested, addressed to tional Title Insurance declared all sums ow the trustee's post of Co, as trustee, in fa ing on the obligation fice box address set vor of Mortgage Elec secured by the trust forth in this notice. tronic R e g istration deed immediately due Due to potential con S ystems, Inc. a s and payable, said flicts with federal law, nominee for Country sums being the follow persons having no ing, to wit: record legal or equi wide Bank, FSB, its table interest in the s uccessors and a s $153,506.96 with in signs, as beneficiary, terest thereon at the subject property will rate of 5.25 percent only receive informa dated 01/12/09, re per annum beginning tion concerning the corded 01/21/09, in the mortgage records 03/01/1 1; plus late lender's estimated or of DESC H UTES charges of $ 6 0.88 actual bid. Lender bid County, Oregon, as each month b egin i nformation is a l s o 2009-02329 and sub ning 04/1 6/1 1 until available a t the trustee's web s ite, sequently assigned to paid; plus prior ac Lakeview Loan Servic crued late charges of www.northwesting, LLC by Assign $56.26; p l u s ad Notice is vances of $ 7 38.74 further given that any m ent recorded a s 2013-42962, covering that represent bank person named in ORS t he f o l lowing d e ruptcy fees and costs 86.753 has the right, scribed real property and property inspec at any time prior to situated in said county tions; together with five days before the and state, to wit: Lot title expense, costs, date last set for the twenty-seven, Block trustee's fees and at s ale, to h av e t h is L, Deschutes River torneys fees incurred foreclosure proceed Woods, D e schutes herein by reason of ing dismissed and the County Oregon Hud said default; any fur trust deed reinstated Label ¹: ORE 249265, ther sums advanced b y payment to t h e ORE 249266, Make: by the beneficiary for beneficiary of the en Guerdon Homes, Inc, the protection of the tire amount then due above described real (other than such por Model property and its inter tion of the principal as GDSTOR3693 K4-66175, Year : est therein; and pre would not then be due had no d efault oc 1993, Serial ¹: 16051 payment land and house which penalties/premiums, if curred) and by curing applicable. WHERE any o t he r d e f ault is aff ixed to and made part of the real prop FORE, notice hereby complained of herein that is capable of be erty More Accurately is given that the un D escribed as : L o t dersigned trustee will ing cured by tender twenty-seven, Block on August 20, 2014 at ing the performance L, Deschutes River the hour o f 1 0 : 00 required under the ob Woods, D e schutes o 'clock, A.M. in a c ligation or trust deed, County, Ore g o n. cord with the stan and in addition to pay PROPERTY AD dard of t ime estab ing said sums or ten b y ORS dering th e pe r for DRESS: 60020 Chey lished enne Road Bend, OR 187.110, at the follow mance necessary to ing place: inside the cure the default, by 97702 Both the ben eficiary a n d the main lobby of the De paying all costs and Coun t y expenses actually in trustee have elected s chutes to sell the real prop Courthouse, 1164 NW curred in enforcing the obligation and trust erty to satisfy the obli Bond, in the City of gations secured by Bend, County of DE deed, together with SCHUTES, State of trustee's and the trust deed and a notice of default has Oregon, sell at public a ttorney's fees n ot the been recorded pursu auction to the highest exceeding ant to Oregon Re bidder for cash the in amounts provided by t h e de said OR S 8 6 .753. vised Statutes terest i n 86.735(3); the default scribed real property Requests from per for which the foreclo which the grantor had sons named in ORS s ure i s m a d e i s or had power to con 86.753 for r einstate grantor's failure to pay vey at the time of the ment quotes received when due the follow execution by grantor less than six d ays ing sums: monthly of the trust deed, to prior to the date set payments of gether with any inter for the trustee's sale $1,522.07 beginning est which the grantor will be honored only at 04/01/1 1, $1,493.23 or grantor's succes the discretion of the beginning 4/01/12 and sors in interest ac b eneficiary or i f r e $1,453.72 beginning quired after the execu quired by the terms of 11/01/13; plus l a te tion of the trust deed, the loan documents. charges of $ 6 0.88 to satisfy the forego In construing this no oblig a tions tice, the singular in each month b egin ing ning 04/1 6/1 1; plus thereby secured and cludes the plural, the prior accrued l a te t he costs an d e x word " grantor" i n charges of $ 56.26; penses of sale, includ cludes any successor re a sonable i n interest t o t h e p lus advances o f ing a $738.74 that r epre charge by the trustee. grantor as well as any Notice is further given other person owing an sent bankruptcy fees and costs and prop that for reinstatement obligation, the perfor or payoff quotes re mance of which is se erty inspections; to quested pursuant to cured by said trust gether with title ex pense, costs, trustee's O RS 8 6 .757 a n d deed, and the words fees and attorney's 86.759 must be timely "trustee" and "benefi ciary" include their re fees incurred herein communicated in a by reason of said de written request that spective successors ¹


in interest, if any. The trustee's rules of auc tion may be accessed at www . northwest and are incorporated by this reference. You may also access sale sta tus at www.northwest and www. For further information, p l ease contact: Kathy Tag Northwest gart Trustee Services, Inc. P.O. Box 997 Belle vue, WA 98009-0997 425-586-1900 Keep e rs, Linda B . a n d R obert S (TS¹ 7699.20665) 1002.267824-File No. LEGAL NOTICE CITY OF BEND

The request for proposal, ad d enda, planholders list, and n otification of r e suits for this project may b e v i e wed, printed or ordered Published: on line from Central May 19, 2014 Oregon B u i lders Exchange at Gwen Chapman http://www.plansonPurchasing Manager 541-385-6677 by clicking on "Public Works Projects" and then on "City of Bend" or TURN THE PAGE in person at 1902 For More Ads NE 4th St., Bend, The Bulletin Oregon. Architectural LEGAL NOTICE Entities intending to TRUSTEE'S NOTICE Services submit a proposal OF SALE File No. Consultant of should register with 7954.20042 R e f e rRecord the Central Oregon ence is made to that Builders Exchange c ertain t rust d e e d NOTICE OF as a planholder in made by Kevin W. REQUEST FOR order to receive adLusby and Karla D. PROPOSAL denda. This can be Lusby, husband and done on-line or by wife, as tenants by the The City of Bend recontacting Central as grantor, to quests p r oposals Oregon B u i lders entirety, Regional Trustee Serfrom qualified conExchange at: (541) sultants for profesvices Corporation, as 389-0123, Fax (541) trustee, in favor of sional architectural, 389-1549, or email Boeing Employees' p lanning and r e at admin@plansonCredit Union, as benlated services for Proposers City of Bend facilieficiary, dated are responsible for 07/02/05, r e c orded ties. The City i nmaking sure they tends to enter into a 07/25/05, in the morthave all addenda gage records of Desc ontract with t h e before s u bmitting selected consultant chutes County, Orproposals. egon, as 2005-47769 for architectural and related ser v ices A and subsequently asmand a tory signed to by Assignneeded during the pre-submittal meetnext three y e ars ment recorded as ing will be held at covering the following with the option to City Hall C ouncil extend for up to two described real propChambers, 710 NW erty situated in said additional one year Wall Street, Bend extensions. county and state, to OR on: M ay 2 9 , wit: Lot 5 in Block 2, 2014, 10:00 A M. The initial project is replat of a part of the Proposals will only original plat of BITa review of current be accepted from TERBRUSH SUBDIa nd l o n g te r m s a ttendees of t h i s VISION, D eschutes space needs forthe meeting. Public Works DeCounty, Ore g o n. PROPERTY ADpartment. This will proposals entail a t h o rough Sealed DRESS: 16715 Bittermust be submitted brush Lane Sisters, analysis of the proby June 19, 2014 at OR 97759 Both the j ected needs o f 3:00 PM , at C ity beneficiary and the each work area in Hall, 710 NW Wall the department and trustee have elected Street, 2nd Floor, to sell the real propcreation of a spatial Bend, Ore g o n, needs pro g ram erty to satisfy the obli97701, Attn: Gwen gations secured by document. C hapman, Pur the trust deed and a chasing Manager. notice of default has In addition to this Proposals will not been recorded pursuproject it is anticibe accepted after ant to Oregon Repated that, during deadline. The outthe course of the vlsed Statutes side of the package 86.735(3); the default contract, a full range containing the proof architectural serfor which the forecloposal shall identify s ure i s m a d e i s vices including but the project: "Archinot limited to space grantor's failure to pay tectural Services when due the followprogramming, site Consultant of analysis and planing sums: monthly Record". payments of $575.80 ning, all phases of design de v elopbeginning 02/01/12; The City of Bend plus late charges of ment, coordination reserves the right to: of consultants, cost $28.79 each month 1) reject any or all beginning 02/16/12; estimating, creation in with title e x pense, of cons t ruction proposal no t c ompliance wi t h costs, trustee's fees documents, acquisipublic s o l icitation and attorney's fees tion of all necessary procedures and rei ncurred herein b y permits, bi d d ing quirements, 2) rea dministration f o r reason of said default; ject any or all proany further sums adinformal processes, in posals construction adminvanced by the benefia ccordance w i t h ciary for the protecistration may be reORS 279B.100, 3) tion of t h e a b o ve quired in support of select consultant on described real propa variety of other

erty and its interest therein; and prepayment penalties/premiums, if applicable. By reason of said default the beneficiary has d eclared all s u ms owing on the obligation secured by the trust deed i mmediately due and payable, said sums being the following, to wit: $42,376.97 with interest thereon at the rate of 6.74 percent per annum be g inning 01/01/12; plus l a te charges of $ 2 8.79 each month beginning 02/16/12 until paid; together with title expense, costs, trustee's fees and attorneys fees incurred herein by reason of said default; any further sums advanced by the beneficiary for the protection of the above described real property and its interest therein; and prepayment penalties/premiums, if applicable. WHEREFORE, notice hereby is given that the undersigned trustee will on August 8, 2014 at the hour o f 1 0 : 00 o'clock, A.M. in accord with the standard of time established by ORS 187.110, at the following place: inside the main lobby of the Deschutes C o u nty Courthouse, 1164 NW Bond, in the City of Bend, County of Deschutes, State of Oregon, sell at public auction to the highest bidder for cash the i nterest in t h e d e scribed real property which the grantor had or had power to convey at the time of the execution by grantor of the trust deed, together with any interest which the grantor or grantor's successors in interest acquired after the execution of the trust deed, to satisfy the foregoing obligations thereby secured and t he costs and e x penses of sale, including a reasonable charge by the trustee. Notice is further given that for reinstatement

or payoff quotes requested pursuant to

O RS 8 6 .757 a n d 86.759 must be timely c ommunicated in a written request that c omplies with t h a t statute addressed to the trustee's "Urgent Request Desk" either by personal delivery to the trustee's physical offices (call for add ress) or b y fi r s t class, certified mail, r eturn r eceipt r e quested, addressed to the trustee's post of-

fice box address set forth in this notice. Due to potential conflicts with federal law, persons having no record legal or equitable interest in the subject property will only receive information concerning the lender's estimated or actual bid. Lender bid i nformation is a l s o available a t the trustee's web s ite, Notice is further given that any person named in ORS 86.753 has the right, at any time prior to five days before the date last set for the s ale, to h a v e t h is foreclosure proceeding dismissed and the trust deed reinstated b y payment to t h e beneficiary of the entire amount then due (other than such portion of the principal as would not then be due had no default occurred) and by curing any o t he r d e f ault complained of herein that is capable of being cured by tendering the performance required under t he o bligation o r tr u st deed, and in addition to paying said sums or tendering the performance necessary to cure the default, by paying all costs and expenses actually incurred in enforcing the obligation and trust deed, together with trustee's and a ttorney's fees n o t exceeding the amounts provided by said OR S 8 6 .753. Requests from persons named in ORS 86.753 for reinstatement quotes received less than six days prior to the date set for the trustee's sale will be honored only at the discretion of the beneficiary or if r equired by the terms of the loan documents. In construing this notice, the singular includes the plural, the word "grantor" includes any successor i n interest t o t h e grantor as well as any other person owing an obligation, the performance of which is secured by said trust deed, and the words "trustee" and "beneficiary" include their respective successors in interest, if any. The trustee's rules of auction may be accessed at ww w . and are incorporated by this reference. You may also access sale status a t ww w and www. For further

information, p l ease contact: Bre a non Miller Nort h west Trustee Services, Inc. P.O. Box 997 Bellevue, WA 98009-0997 5 86-1900 Lus b y , Kevin W. and Karla D. (TS¹ 795 4 .20042) 1002.267223-File No. PUBLIC NOTICE The May 20, 2014, meeting of the Bend Park 8 R e c reation District Board of Directors has been cancelled. The Board of Directors will meet in executive session at 5:30 p.m., May 20, 2014, at 799 SW Col umbia, Bend, O r e gon, pursuant t o ORS 192.660(2)(e) for the purpose of discussing real property transactions. The next regularly scheduled meeting of the board will be June 3, 2014. T he a genda a n d supplemental reports will be posted Friday, May 30, 2014, on the district's web s ite: For more information call 541-389-7275.

PUBLIC NOTICE The Mirror Pond Ad Hoc Committee will m eet from 1:00 t o 3:00 p. m . on Wednesday, May 21, 2014, in the community room at the Bend Park & R e creation D istrict Office, 7 9 9 SW Columbia, Bend, Oregon. The committee will review and discuss the Bend Hydro Dam Assessment report. The committee will meet in executive session pursuant to ORS 192.660(2)(e) for the purpose of discussing real property transactions. The agenda is posted on the district's website: For more information call 541-706-6100.

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Bulletin Daily Paper 05-19-14  

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Bulletin Daily Paper 05-19-14  

The Bulletin Daily print edition for Monday, May 19, 2014