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Hometownwinnersat venture conerence

Football —Intermountain Conference prep results, plus previews of today's college games with Oregonand Washington schools facing off.C1



By Stephen Hamway The Bulletin

Less than 18 months after

forming their company, the founders of Bend-based digital marketing startup Odysys Inc. walked out of the Liberty

Health law sign-upsTheObamaadministration is predicting only a slight uptick in people joining the insurance marketplaces.A7

Theater with at least $205,000

Plus: Health Republic

to have this investment and entrepreneurenvironment in



in angel funding Friday after-


noon at the 12th annual Bend Venture Conference.

Bend," said Odysys co-founder KentSchnepp aftertheaw ards ceremony. "We picked a city that is so fantastic and so startup-friendly, and events like the

Downed byhurricanes

— A look at someshipwrecks after the recent loss of the container ship El Faro.A8

BVC have set it up for compa-

nies like us to succeed." SeeVenture/A4




October 16th, dots

.I ".2 T/i(iISAND2 DOLL

% %R O R

l22rooro c.


~+ >etc Bert Ste e Winner S15,ppp i/rr(t

r(L(add DD//drr dtrd (I rrr(/( DOLLARS

a iW~ i

"We' re just so fortunate

— A health co-op operating in Oregon's marketplace is shutting down.B1



2 015 Groort(l Std 2 tt//Andi S

ta in

Photos by Andy Tullis/The Bulletin

LEFT: Odysys CEO Kent Schnepp and his team celebrate winning the award for the top growth-stage

company at the BendVenture Conference on Friday afternoon. The company,which provides a digital marketing platform for boutique and independent hotels, received a check for $205,000, a number that could increase in the coming weeks, EDCO officials said. RIGHT: James Nicol and Ryan Holmes, co-founders of the ski and snowboard company SnoPlanks, hold their $15,000 check following the awards ceremony Friday afternoon. SnoPlanks won the early-stage award at the 12th annual Bend Venture Conference. See photos of other winners and runners-up on Page A4.

By Abby Spegman The Bulletin

The future of OSU-Cas-

cades — beyond the 10acre campus currently under construction — will

take shape over the next 18 months.

Compulsive texting-

In November, officials

Theycan'tsleep,can'tfocuson school and more:Someteens' texting habits are comparedto problem gambling in astudy. A3

interisnear; et our e ar


ril '

Secular students hear divinity schools' call





expect to put out a request for proposals for a design team of building and landscape architects, engineers and more to develop larger campus plans. A team would be selected early next year and begin work on two options — one for a campus on 56 acres and one on 132 acres, according to Kelly Sparks, OSU-Cascades associate vice president for finance and strategic


planning. On Friday, OSU-Cascades officials met with members of the Campus Expansion Advisory Committee, formed in 2013 to

gather general input from By Samuel G. Freedman

residents on a four-year

New York Times News Service

campus in Bend. SeeCampus/A4

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.During orientation at Harvard Divinity School here

in 2013, Angie Thurston wandered amid the tables set up by the various cam-

pus ministries. Catholic, Methodist, Muslim — they mostly served to reinforce the sense that Thurston did

not fit into an organized religion. Here she was, starting her graduate studies in religion when she did not know the definition of liturgy, had never read the


Joe Kline/The Bulletin

Volunteer Alyce Pearce sets a pair of skis on a rack while helping to set up for the Skyliners Ski Swap on Friday at the Murray Road Industrial Center in Bend. The Ski Swap, a benefit for the Mt.

Bible and could not have

identified a major theologian like Karl Berth, even if it would have won her a

fortune on "Jeopardy!" Yet something in organized religion hinted at an answer to the atomized, unmoored life she led.

More than two dozen

Bachelor Sports Education Foundation, runs from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. today. Gear pickup is from 9 a.m.

safety violations found by

to noon Sunday.

the Occupational Safety 8t Health Administration

Breaking down atax increase for the rich

was a call to creativity," Thurston, 30, recalled of her initiation. "I wanted to respond to what I saw as

offices and other buildings would have resulted in nearly $300,000 in fines. But, because OSHA and the national forest are both federal entities, the govern-

By Patricia Cohen

cash for political campaigns. All the Republican tax proposals, in fact, cut taxes

New York Times News Service

When it comes to paying

a crisis of isolation among young people."

taxes, most Americans think

the wealthy do not pay their fair share. There is a sharp

She added, "I wanted to

create a meaningful community that came together based on a shared goal rather than a shared religious creed." From such an unlikely beginning — a self-described "religious weirdo" enrolling in an elite divinity school — has grown a fascinating phenomenon.

divide, however, between

Republicans and Democrats when it comes to taxing the rich, who provide most of the

pay too little," Hillary Clinton said at this week's Democratic debate in Las Vegas, "and for the wealthiest Americans. the middle class pays too Democrats, on the other hand, much." areprepared to raisetaxesat But what could a tax-thethe top, though they have not rich plan actually achieve? been very specific about how As it turns out, quite a lot, they would do so. experts say. Given the gains "Right now, the wealthy that have flowed to those at


the tip of the income pyramid in recent decades, several economists have been making the case that the government

could raise large amounts of revenue exclusively from this small group, while still

allowing them to take home a majority of their income. SeeTax /A5

The Bulletin


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heur National Forest. See Forests/A4


ranger district offices in the John Day-based Mal-



to an April inspection of

1835 NEHWV20 • Bend

But OSHA can raise

an alarm by putting out a press release, as it did earlier this month in response

Smolich Nissan •

ment does not fine itself.

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schutes National Forest

"I didn't feel unwel-


By Dylan J. Darling

in 2014 inspections at De-

come, but I did feel like it


Forests get dinged on safety


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By MohammedDaraghmeh and Karin Laub

into two states — Palestine

salem compound. The shrine

alongside Israel — is fading.

is revered by Muslims as the

The Associated Press

This has left many Palestinians frustrated because all

spot where Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven and

paths to independence appear

by Jews as the home of their


Stone-throwing protests eruptedacrossthe West Bank and Gaza on Friday, and assailants firebombed a site revered by Jews as the tomb of biblical Joseph on a "day of rage" against IsraeL Four Palestinians were killed by Israeli fire, including a laborer disguised as a journalist who stabbed an Israeli soldier.

biblical Temples. also been stoked by PalestinOver the past month, eight ian fears that Israel is trying to Israelis have been killed in

blocked. The tensions have

expand its presence at a major


The violencecomes at a time when a possible partition of the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean

Palestinian President M ah-

West Bank and on the Isra-

moud Abbas of "dangerous el-Gaza border. incitement" against Israel with On Friday, hundreds joined what he

c a lled " hate-filled protests after Muslim noon

speech," including claims that prayers, after P alestinian Israel is trying to change the factions called for a "day of status quo at the hilltop Jeru- rage."


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said he stood ready to negotiate with North Korea oneasing sanctions in exchange for limits on its nuclear weapons program if North Koreans showed awillingness to discuss dismantling their growing arsenal. Obama said there had been nosign that North Korea would be willing to engage in such talks, and during a summit meeting with President Park Geun-hye of South Korea at theWhite House on Friday, the two leaders issued asharply worded statement condemning the "deplorable" human rights situation in North Koreaand promising to address its advancing nuclear and ballistic weapons proliferation "with utmost urgency anddetermination."

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BrandenCamp/The Associated Press

Maj. Lisa Jaster, center, embracesFirst Lt. Shaye Haver, left, and U.S.Army Capt. Kristen Griest, right, after an Army RangerSchool graduation ceremony, Friday in Fort Benning, Georgia. Jaster, who is the first Army Reserve femaleto graduate the Army's RangerSchool, joins Griest and

Haver as the third female soldier to complete the school. The 37-year-old mother of two is married to a Marine lieutenant colonel and is part of the first father-daughter Ranger tandem.Herfather, William Peplinski, a WestPoint graduate like his daughter, completed RangerSchool in March 1969.

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Oregon Lottery results As listed at www.oregonlottery.org and individual lottery websites

MEGA MILLIONS The numbers drawnFriday night are:

020ss04s06>06sO O The estimated jackpot is now $93 million.

Eij migrahtS —Hungary shut down its border with Croatia to the free flow of migrants today, a moveexperts say could leave thousands of people on their way to western Europe stranded in the small Balkan nation. Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto announced the decision after a meeting of the national security Cabinet and the border, reinforced with a razor-wire fence, was closed at midnight. Several hundred migrants who reached the border minutes before the deadline would still be allowed to enter Hungary for humanitarian reasons, government spokesmanZoltan Kovacs told reporters in the border village of Zakany. "The Hungarian government has taken the steps ... to protect the internal European freedoms andthe security of the citizens of Hungary andEurope," Kovacs said minutes after the shutdown.

U.S. and South Korea —President BarackObamaonFriday


Home deliveryandE-Edition:

CalifOIIli8 mIIIISIIIISS —Rescuers threw ladders and tarps across mud up to 6 feet deep to help hundreds of trapped people from cars that got caught in a roiling river of mud along amajor Southern California trucking route, a California Highway Patrol official said Friday in what heand other witnesses described as a chaotic scene. Amazingly, officials said, no deaths or injuries were reported. The people rescued from State Route 58, about 30 miles east of Bakersfield, were stranded in apowerful storm Thursday evening. They were rescued in darkness about10 hours after the storm hit and taken to three shelters. "It was terrifying," 51-year-old Rhonda Flores of Bakersfield said on Friday. "It was a raging river of mud. I' ve neverexperienced anything like it, ever."

ChurCh deatillg —A mother and father whipped their19-yearold son in church with an electrical cord and what appeared to be a belt during a deadly, all-night spiritual counseling session trig gered by his desire to leave the fold, according to witness testimony and police Friday. Church deacon Daniel Irwin testified he peered through a doorway window in the sanctuary during the more than 12-hour ordeal at the Word of Life Christian Church and sawLucas Leonard bleeding and in apparent agony. "Lucas was rolling himself back and forth on the floor and making a sustained, monotone moaning," Irwin said. Within hours, the young manwould be dead, killed by blows inflicted by his parents, sister and fellow church members, authorities said. His mother told police the group took turns hitting him and holding him down, state police investigator Jason Nellis testified.

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BeIIghazi queStiOning —A longtime aide to Hillary Rodham Clinton said Friday sheanswered all questions posed by theHouse Benghazi committee after a daylong meeting behind closed doors thatDemocratssaidwasunnecessary.Huma Abedinsaid sheanswered questions "to the best of my ability," adding that she tried "to be as helpful as I could be to the committee" investigating the 2012 attacks, which killed four Americans, including U.S.Ambassador Chris Stevens. Abedin, committee staff and a few lawmakers met for nearly eight hours Friday at asession focused on the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks. Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, is scheduled to appear before the panel onThursday in a widely anticipated public hearing.

Palestinian attacks, most of

Muslim-run shrine in Jerusa- them stabbings. During the lem, a claim Israel has denied. same period, 36 Palestinians T aye-Brook Z e r ihoun, a were killed by Israeli fire — 15 senior U.N. official, told the labeled by Israel as attackers, Security Council that Israel's and the others in clashes belong rule over the Palestinians tween stone-throwers and IsThe U.N. Security Council and diminishing prospects for raeli troops. convened an emergency meet- achieving a Palestinian state Most of the attacks on Israeing to discuss the escalation, have transformed "long-sim- lis were carried out by Paleswhich has been marked by a mering Palestinian anger into tinians with no known ties to spate of Palestinian stabbing outright rage." The current cri- militant groups. Palestinian attacks and an Israeli security sis cannot be resolved by secu- factions, including Abbas' Facrackdown. Troops manned rity measures alone, Zerihoun tah and its rival, the Islamic roadblocks in Arab neighbor- warned. militant Hamas, have mainly hoods ofJerusalem, a center Israel's new U.N. ambassa- been involved in organizing of unrest, and ordered some dor, Danny Danon, accused stone-throwing protests in the Palestinian men to lift their shirts to show they were not

Syria fighting —Turkey shot down an unidentified drone that flew into its airspace Friday near the Syrian border, while Russian President Vladimir Putin said his country's air campaign backing a Syrian government offensive has killed hundreds of militants. A U.S. official said the downed dronewas Russian, but Moscow staunchly rejected the claim. The incident underlined the potential dangers of clashes involving Russian, Syrian and U.S.-led coalition planes in the increasingly crowded skies over Syria. Russian andU.S.military officials have beenworking on a set of rules to prevent any problems.

Iraqi forcesand Shiite militias retake an oil refineryfromthe IslamicState By Michael R. Gordon

have been fighting for more than a year over Beiji, which BAGHDAD — Iraqi forces has changed hands repeatedly. and the Shiite militias fighting The difficulties the Iraqis have alongside them announced had in holding onto the refinery Friday that they had retaken point to the more formidable the oil refinery at Beiji from Is- challenge they would confront

had more going for them this

New York Times News Service

time. The push to retake Bei-

lamic State militants, in some

have yet to enter the city, the

in operations to retake Mosul or

Nigeria COrruptiOII —Since assuming power in May on apledge to root out the graft that has long permeated Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari has squeezedthe flow of public funds in an effort to clean upAfrica's biggest economy. In recent days, the campaign escalated with the arrest of two high-profile figures: Diezani Alison-Madueke, the former oil minister whose five-year tenure was marred by recurring accusations of widespread theft; and Olajide Omokore, chairman of a Nigerian oil company. Both were held as part of inquiries into corruption and money laundering. Nigeria is the continent's top oil producer and one of the biggest producers in the world. Yet corruption has undermined the nation. Lamar OdOm —Lamar Odomhas regained consciousness, and is communicating — speaking andevengiving a thumbs-up from his hospital bed — just days after being found in extremely critical condition at a Nevadabrothel, loved ones said. It's the first significant updateonOdom'shealthsincehewasfound unconsciousandfacedown at the LoveRanch in Crystal, Nevada, Tuesdayafternoon. Alvina Alston, publicist for JaNeanMercer, Odom's maternal aunt and godmother, said that Odomspoke agreeting and gave a thumbs-up Friday morning, his first communication since being hospitalized in Las Vegas. "Hewoke up and hespoke," Alston said. — From wire reports

ji came as Iraqi forces were mounting a parallel offensive to retake Ramadi, the capital

of Anbar province in western Iraq. Even though Iraqi troops

of the first significant progress other Islamic State strongholds. simultaneous operations put against the extremist group afThe Iraqis appeared to have pressure on the Islamic State. ter months of stalled efforts.

"Beiji refinery has been completely liberated from Daesh," a spokesman for Iraq's counterterrorism service said, using the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State. "Removing the


-Orien'taljRuIP r OmnerS


<Dori't"send you~r'

setr~ ar r4"

valuable x.ugs,out of=-town!

.Sho'p".L oeal!-

IEDs will take some time, but

we can say that we liberated


the whole of the refinery," he

'I/r"'"0'i'ijs'"'""I' t 'iji 'I ' ll Ij "I 'I'",frit Ii jtIII)'itjIi'I(' '' 'Il''titl'I (1'/I " ' 'tw' tN"> <' irL'( ji) gati!'ll ( <E I „,I'I,',, $ Li„,,jtgIIt,III';~III „'„I ii~3I gi„di'„I,'~iIijjIP~t ijj. I'.,jib itic,, „iIIg)IIrI~~~

added, referring to improvised explosive devices. The refinery at Beiji has been damaged so severely that it

could take years to get it func-

tioning again. But Iraqi officials insist that its recapture is strategically important, and a vital lift to morale, in the broader

campaign against the Islamic State, which controls much of northern and western Iraq.

Beiji and the nearby town of Siniya, which Iraqis forces said they had also taken, are on a major north-south route to Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city, which was seized by the Islamic State in June 2014. Islamic State militants and Iraqi forces





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290th day of 2015. Thereare 75 days left in the year.





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r I' ,


War r


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HISTORY Highlight:In 1915, playwright Arthur Miller, author of "Death of a Salesman" and "TheCrue cible, was born in NewYork. In1777,British forces under Gen. John Burgoyne surrendered to American troops in Saratoga, NewYork, in aturning point of the Revolutionary War. In1814, the London Beer Flood inundated the St. Giles district of the British capital as vats of beer ruptured, sending more than 320,000 gallons of liquid into the streets; up to nine people were reported killed. In1919,Radio Corp. of America was chartered. In1931,mobster Al Capone was convicted of incometax evasion. (Sentenced to 11 years in prison, Caponewas released in 1939.) In1933, Albert Einstein arrived in the United States as arefugee from NaziGermany. In1945,Col. Juan Peron, the future president of Argentina, was released from prison after protests by trade unionists. In1956,the all-star movie "Around the World in 80Days," produced by MichaelTodd, had its world premiere in New York. In1979,Mother Teresa of India was awarded the NobelPeace Prize. In1989,an earthquake measuring 7.1 onthe Richter scale struck northern California, killing 63 people andcausing $6 billion worth of damage. In1990, the Internet Movie Database (IMDb.corn) was created. In1995, President Bill Clinton told wealthy contributors at a Houston fundraiser that "you think I raised your taxes too much. It might surprise you to know that I think I raised them

too much, too" — a statement that drew criticism from both Republicans andDemocrats. Ten years ago: A two-man Chinese spacecrew landed in China's northern grasslands after five days in orbit. Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi enragedChinaand South Korea byvisiting Tokyo's Yasukuni war shrine. Five years ago:PopeBenedict XVI gave Australia its first saint, canonizing Mary MacKillop, a19th-century nun who was briefly excommunicated in part becauseher religious order had exposed apedophile priest. One year ago:The World Health Organization acknowledged it had botched attempts

to stop the Ebolaoutbreak in West Africa, blaming factors including incompetent staff, lack of information and budget cuts. Riot police cleared anoffshoot Hong Kongpro-democracy protest zone in adawn raid, taking down barricades, tents and canopies that had blocked key streets for more than two weeks, but leaving the city's main thoroughfare still in the hands of theactivists.

BIRTHDAYS Actress Marsha Hunt is 98. Actress Julie Adams is 89. Newspaper columnist Jimmy Breslin is 85. Country singer Earl ThomasConley is 74. Singer Jim Seals is 73. Actor Michael McKean is68. Actress Margot Kidder is 67. Actor GeorgeWendt is 67. Actor-singer Bill Hudson is 66. Astronaut MaeJemison is 59. Country singer Alan Jackson is 57. Movie critic Richard Roeper is 56. Movie director Rob Marshall is 55. Actor Grant Shaud is 55. Animator Mike Judge is 53. Actor-comedian Norm Macdonald is 52. Singer Rene' Dif is 48. Reggaesinger Ziggy Marley is 47.Actor Wood Harris is 46. Singer Wyclef Jean is 46. World Golf Hall of Famer Ernie Els is 46. Rapper Eminem is 43. Actress Felicity Jones is 32. — From wire reports

g ii 'c


By Roni Caryn Rabin

Temperatureprobability Dec.- Jan.-Feb.

New York Times News Service

Does your teenager have a texting problem' ? Teenagers use text messaging more than any other mode of communication, so it may

Precipitation I'


be hard to tell. But youngsters

who check their phones continually, snap if you interrupt


them and are so preoccupied with texting that they skip

' I',.- .

sleep and don't get their work done may be compulsive texters, a new study says. For girls, compulsive texting is

' Wetter

more than just a distraction-

it is also associated with lower academicperformance. The study of m or e t h an

400 eighth- and 11th-graders found that many teenage texters had a lot in common

with compulsive gamblers, including losing sleep because of texting, problems cutting back on texting and lying to cover up the amount of time

they spent texting. "Compulsivity is more than just the number of texts teens

are engaging in," said Kelly Lister-Landman, the paper's lead author and an assistant

professor of psychology at Delaware County Community College in Media, Pennsylvania. "What is their relationship with phone use? Do they feel anxious when it's not

around them'? When they sit down to eat dinner with their

family, do they feel a need to check it'? Do they feel compelled to look at it at all times, rather than just answering

texts they get? Overall, girls text compulsively at a far higher rate than boys do. And unlike girls, boys in the study who were compulsive texters were not at risk of

doing poorly in school. The study, published online Oct. 5 in Psychology of Popular Media Culture, is not the first to find a link between ex-

' I' ,

JimWilson / The New YorkTimes file photo


Precipitation probability Dec.- Jan.-reb.

A student checks her text messages during lunch at Woodside High School in Woodside, California, in 2010. Teenagers who check their phones constantly and snap if you interrupt them may

NOAAvia The Associated Press

have a texting problem, a newstudy says.

Wet winter forecast thanks to El Nina

SleeP In a time WithOut teXting —If youeverwish you could live in a simpler time whenthe pressures of modern life didn't make youfeel sleep-deprived, scientists have two words for you: Dream on. A new study of three preindustrial societies reveals that our early humanancestors probably got about the sameamount of sleep aswedo.MembersoftheHazda,SanandTsimanesocieties slumber for an average of only 5.7 hours to 7.1hours at nightand for the most part, they don't take naps. "They do not sleep morethan most individuals in industrial societies,e the study authors wrote this week in thejournal Current Biology. The notion that humanswould get more sleep in aworld devoid of artificial light, Starbucks and the Internet is as widespread asit is persistent. Theauthors of the study — which was spearheaded by Jerome Siegel, director of UCLA'sCenter for Sleep Research — noted that "complaints about reduced sleeptime in the 'modern world' were madeat least as far back asthe 1880s." Direct observation of our ancestors' sleep habits would require a time machine. SoSiegel and his colleagues opted for the next best thing: observing three groups of people whostill live as if the industrial revolution never happened. Two of these groups are inAfrica. The Hazdapeople live just south of the equator in northern Tanzania, wheretheir food supply depends on hunting andgathering. TheSanlive farther south, in Namibia, and arealso hunter-gatherers. The third group, the Tsimane, are hunter-horticulturalists in the rainforests of Bolivia. The consistency of sleep patterns across all three cultures was "striking," the researchers wrote. The implication is that staying up a few hours past sunset, sleeping for anaverage of 6.4 hours and then waking before sunrise is "central to the physiology of humans," not a recent adaptation to the modernage.

rain to wash out the current

The Associated Press

four-year drought, said NOAA hydrologist Alan Haynes of

W ASHINGTON — E l Nino this winter will leave a big wet but not neces-

sarily snowy footprint on much of the United States, including parched California, forecasters said this week. The National Oceanic


the California Nevada River Forecast Center.

Forecasterssee a milder, warmer winter north of the Mason-Dixon line and for all

of California and Nevada. Texas and the Deep South are forecast to be cold.

A d m i nis-

Overall, the nation should have 2 percent fewer days when people have to fire up their furnaces, said Halpert. Nino," said Mike Halpert, He said the Northeast, where deputy director of NOAA's it was chilly and snowy last Climate Prediction Center. year, should see 6 percent fewEl Nino changes weath- er heating days. er worldwide, mostly afBecause of El Nino, NOAA fecting the United States is more confident than usual

tration issued its w i nter forecast and "the driver of this winter's outlook is El

in w i nter. Th e

w e ather that its forecast is on target

pattern happens every — 70 percent for a wet South, few years when the Pacific Halpert said. Ocean warms up around

The federalwinter forecast

the equator. This year' s doesn't address snow, just wet is one of the strongest El or dry and warm or cold. Even Ninos on record. though it's likely to be both NOAA expects a cooler cooler and wetter in the South, and wetter winter for the it is usually so warm there that

— Los Angeles Times

cessive social media use and lower grades. A 2014 study

By Seth Borenstein

found that the more time black

and Hispanic teenagers spent ters of teenagers own a moon Facebook, the lower their bile phone and 63 percent say math scores were. Other stud- they textevery day, a greater ies have found that college stu- percentage than those who dents who texted while doing say they talk on the phone, homework had lower grades, meet face-to-face or email evand students w h o t e x t ed ery day. The median number during class took less detailed of texts sent by teens is 60 a notes and had poorer recall. day, with older girls having a An experiment with college median of 100 text messages students showed that students a day and boys a median of

about 3 percent of the boys

South. For California, more

had the problem. Most of the compulsive texters sent more

precipitation than usual is expected during the criti-

than 100 messages a day.

cal time that its reservoirs usually fill, but there's no

free zones in the house, make

drought is likely to lessen in

who abstained from texting

dinner time phone-free and establish screen-free bedtime

January, even the wettest winter on record, 33 years

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ago, didn't have enough


during a lecture retained more information and scored higher on a quiz. Excessive Internet use has also been linked to sleep problems, because students log

50. The new study on texting

To reduce a student's tex-

ting time, concerned parents

guarantee. Only northern

may want to insist their children turn off their phones or

tier states, the Ohio Valley

put them away while doing homework, and create screen-

looked at several elements of routines. school performance, not just grades, but school engagement or "bonding," as well as students' perceptions of their own

it needs a blast of Arctic air for snowstorms and that's not

looking likely, Halpert said. And while the north is likely to

be warmer, past El Ninos have had some big snowstorms.

states and Alaska should be dry.

W hile C alifornia' s

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on late at night and because academic competence. it interferes with homework, The authors administered requiring them to stay up later a questionnaire to 211 eighthto finish it. Studies have also grade students and 192 high linked high numbers of daily school juniors in a semirural texts to sleep problems, pos-

sibly because teenagers are awakened by messages.

town in the Midwest to assess whetherthey were compulsive texters. The 14-item question-

The new study underscores naire is one Young had adaptthe correlation between com- ed from a pathological gampulsive texting and problems bling scale to identify compulin school but does not explain sive Internet use. The authors whether texting is a

d i r ect

of the new study further mod-

cause of poorer school per-

ified it to identify problematic texting. Questions included: Do you not do your chores to spend

Learn how you can get the most out of Medicare.

more time texting? Do you text longer than you intended'?

Come learn the ABC's and D's of Medicare. You' ll get the information you need to make the right decisions.

formance or whether another

problem like depression or substance abuse is driving both behaviors. " I don't t h ink

t e xting i s

causing academic problems-

Do you snap, yell or act annoyed if someone bothers you issue," said Kimberly Young, a while you are texting? Other psychologist who founded the items inquire whether teenagCenter for Internet Addiction ersarelosing sleep because of and has done research on the texting, if they have tried but subject but was not involved have been unable to cut down in the new study. "If you' re on their texting, and if they lie constantly checking y our to cover up the amount of time phone, how are you going to spent texting. study for school? I have kids Of the 403 students who who can't sit through an hour- participated in the study, 47 long lecture without checking said they did not text every their phone." day. These "nontexters" were Texting has become the excluded from the analysis. dominant mode of communiAmong theremaining 356 cationfor teenagers, accord- students, girls were far more ing to figures published in likely to be compulsive tex2012 by the Pew Internet & ters. About 12 percent of the American Life Project. That girls — one in eight — were report noted that three-quar- compulsive texters, while only I think it's an attention-span

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business, fines would have to- she said. taled $292,600, according to The forest has about 250 Continued fromA1 Blanton. year-round employees, ex"No agency wants to have Violations included tools in panding to about 450 in the their name in the public spot- hazardous condition, unsafe summer with seasonal worklight to show they have these electrical wiring and improp- ers, such as firefighters, Nelproblems," said Galen Blanton, er railing, according to OSHA son-Dean said. deputy regional administrator data. Jobs with the national forest for OSHA in Seattle. Other issues included an air range from receptionists to law OSHA typically puts out a compressor nozzle that was enforcement officers to trail press release when violations not OSHA approved and a specialists. The different jobs reach a point where fines portable eye wash station with require a variety of equipment would have totaled more than outdated eye wash, said Keith with their own OSHA rules. "I think our record on safety $100,000 at a single site, Blan- Williams, safety and health ton said. manager for the Deschutes ¹ is pretty excellent," she said. In the Deschutes Nation- tional Forest. The national forOverall, OSHA o fficials al Forest, the violations were estquickly addressedtheprob- would like to see the U.S. Forspread around, with no more lems, he said, and successfully est Service be more vigilant than a half-dozen found at one appealed two violations. about employee safety. The office or facility, according to Such OSHA inspections, agency reports finding vioOSHA data. The v i olations complete walk-throughs of the lations in about 90 percent were at five sites: the head- facilities, typically occur every of inspections since Septemquartersat Pine Nursery, the fourorfiveyears,he said.The ber 2010 at national forests in Miller Street Compound, and inspections help the nation- Oregon. OHSA's Blanton was glad the Redmond Air Center, as al forests find and fix safety well as the Sisters and Cres- issues. to see how the Deschutes ¹ "We appreciate OSHA com- tional Forest responded to the cent ranger district offices. A pair of inspectors found ing in and doing the inspec- violations found in the 2014 26 separate violations in the tions," Williams said. inspections. "Everything was national forest in inspections Jean Nelson-Dean, spokes- corrected," he said, "which is conducted May 19 to May 21 woman for the Deschutes ¹ what we are looking for." in 2014, Blanton said. If the national forest were a private

tional Forest, agreed. "We con-

sider safety our No. 1 priority,"

— Reporter: 541-617-7812, ddarling@bend bulletin.corn


take a few years to fill up. Meanwhile, faculty is lookContinued from A1 ing at which academic proI n D ecember 2014 t h e grams to bring to the campus committee delivered 115 rec- and how those could affect ommendations on housing, the campus design. Additions neighborhood livability, sus- would have to be approved tainability, t r a n sportation, by officials on the Corvalcommunication and other lis campus and at the state' s areas. With expansion plans Higher Education Coordinatbeginning to take shape, of- ing Commission. ficials are reviving the comAt Friday's meeting, committee to weigh in on plans as mittee members asked about they develop. OSU-Cascades' coordination By March 2017, officials with the city and whether expect to be ready to file a new city codes might help land use application with the regulate student behavior off-campus. Sparks said that city. Construction on the initial was a possibility, and that 10-acre campus at the corner there are talks of starting a of SW Century Drive and SW

town-gown committee with

Chandler Avenue began this Central Oregon Community summer. Now campus lead- College and city leaders. ers are considering develOne committee member, opment on two neighboring Michael Carr, asked how properties, or both. They ex- being in a city known for its pect to make a decision this

beer — and in a state with

fall on whether to purchase a legalized recreational mari46-acreformer pumice mine. juana — might influence the They' ve also entered into a campus. "I would hate to see an area nonbinding agreement with Deschutes County to explore be created near the universibuilding on a 76-acre former ty where you have pot shops demolition landfill. and beer shops," Sparks said, No matter the campus' size, noting OSU-Cascades can' t officials are projecting enroll- control private development ment of 3,000 to 5,000. The 10- that might crop up aimed at acre campus, set to open next students. "That would be a year, could support about change in the character of the 1,900 students and w o uld neighborhood."

Some debate broke out when committee m ember

Kenneth Schofield called the decision to build the campus on the west side without

much public input "the elephant in the room." "The conversation didn' t

really happen at the beginning of the process," he said, noting opponents could try to bring similar legal challenges against the expansion that last year delayed the start of

the construction now underway. "Here we have a major public investment that chang-

es Bend forever, and there' s no discussion, public discussion with public input, about

(the location)." A nother

m e mber, B o b

Brell, suggested reaching out to opponents now to "bring (them) into the tent." Sparks said there have been plenty of forums for opponents to vent and that now

the focus should be building the best possible campus at the chosen site.

"We have made our decision, and we are legally entitled to build a campus," she

said. "They' re not going to change their mind, and we' re not going to change our mind on the site that we' ve chosen." — Reporter: 541-617-7837, as peg man@bendbulletin.corn

Venture Continued fromA1 Investors chose Odysys as the winner of the

growth-stage awarding the

c a tegory, c ompany

an amount that's likely to

grow as investments continue to trickle in, said Brian Vierra, venture catalyst

I 'I


Matt McClain /The Washington Post

boards using bamboo and fiberglass, won $15,000 in the early-stage category, which features companies

A center or aw en orcement int eU.S. asinto isre air

that have generated little to no revenue.

ference, not counting side

on the eighth floor, accessible

deals that companies may

only to agents and their friends and family whom they escort

have made with investors.

Administration, which oversees federal real estate. "In the

private sector,you wouldnever do this. You would just fix it Up.

Three years ago, the federal government launched a

in Boston, Denver and other lo-

cations across the country. Looming over the process is the failed attempt to consolidate the Department of Homeland Security, w h ose

own headquarters consolidation in Southeast Washington headquarters, but that effort is won approval six years ago but months behind schedule. FBI is less than one-quarter comofficials fear that with Con- plete, a decade behind schedgress increasingly unwilling ule and more than $1 billion to passfunding measures,the over budget. move to a new building could Nearly three years after the be pushed back dramatically FBI's search began, a final loor setaside after next year's cation has not been identified election. and funding has not been sesearch for a new site for FBI

In the meantime, the FBI

cured. In the meantime, the

headquarters is crumbling. FBI's 9,500 headquarters emOn a rare tour of the building, ployees are spread throughout bureau officials pointed to 14 locations in the Washington cracked concrete, makeshift region. workstations in former storage

areas and badly dated build- Changingtimes ing systems. The officials said Since its construction in the structure is so inefficient 1975, many of the building's that it has begun to hinder the distinctive features have beagency's modern mission, one come obsolete. increasinglyfocused on comFor instance, Hoover was bating international terrorist designed to a l l o w v i s itors threats and cybercrime. to walk freely into the inner They are also increasing- courtyard. The firing range ly concernedthat the Hoover was equipped with a 162-seat Building could be susceptible auditorium where v i sitors to attacks. could sit and watch agents "Having a s t ate-of-the-art take shooting practice. facility that meets that mission But following the Oklahoma

Schnepp said the money would go toward expanding sales at Odysys.

t h e H o over

$570,000 in investment and cash prizes, as of Friday

repairs. Inside, there are com-

afternoon. The

mon elements of older office buildings — peeling paint, ragged carpet, stained light

Agency, a Bend-based marketing agency, also kicked in $50,000 in services.

more laborious work-arounds. A makeshift employee gym, for instance, has been laid out

on one of the parking levels Staff on the 10th floor sit

in space designed to house 35 million fingerprint cards, which were relocated to West

Virginia in 1995. The crime laboratory, which moved to Quantico, Virginia, in 2003, w as also replaced by offi ces. In an effort to secure its perimeter, the FBI shuttered

some exteriorentrances and put 298 cement planters on the sidewalks around the build-

ing, most of them filled with only dirt because plants were deemed too costly to maintain. The netting on Ninth Street

catches falling pieces of concrete; Director James B. Com-

ey Jr. keeps one of the larger pieces in his office. Further retrofitting is pro-

hibitively expensive; despite the Hoover Building's overall size of 2.4 million gross square feet, only 53 percent of that is usable, according to a 2011 report from the Government Ac-

countability Office. Like other security agencies, said Haley, the chief financial officer, the bureau is on the front lines of terrorism

and cyberdefenses that require rapid data analysis and coordination amongst officials from

many different agencies and departments. "Bonnie and Clyde on a good day might get to two or three banks," Haley said. These days "you might be sitting in your underwear in some foreign country and steal

Photos by Andy Tullis/The Bulletin

ABOVE: Brian Vierra, second from left, venture catalyst for EDCO,

awards Perfect Co. the runner-upcheck for growth-stage companies at the BendVenture Conference onFriday afternoon. The company received $125,000 from the BVC LLC, as well as $50,000 in services from the Mandaia Agency. BELOW: Cari Thomer, from left, and Robert Haydock of Scratch-it Inc. stand with Juiie Harreison, fund manager for Cascade Angels Fund. The Portland-based marketing

— Isis~'

state actor, so it might be our

is paramount," said Richard

City bombing and 9/Il attacks,

Haley, FBI assistant director and chief financial officer. "Se-

the FBI ended public tours.

counterintelligence unit. (Our response) requires having all

There is still a gift shop, brightcurity concerns are important. ly lit and neatly stocked with

of that connectivity in an infrastructure that facilitates it."



Ill October 16th,


Nti e IINN5Rllg

ED' ,";...

M a ndala


leaOOOI2 col>

In 2014, the conference

co-founder of SnoPlanks, was unConference, where startups surprised when his company n etworked and vied for an egon by giving out $1.06 WOIL open slot at in the early-stage "I couldn't believe it, bemillion in i nve s tment round. The unConference was a nd awards. But th e f i cause I definitely didn't think held Thursday afternoon at nal investments were an- we were gonna win," he said. the 1001 Tech Center on SW nounced in early January, "It's a tech conference, and Emkay Drive. more than two months af- we' re an outdoor company. Keynote speaker D a rren ter the BVC. We are really, really excited to Pleasance, managing director Five companies made be able to represent for the out- of global customer acquisii nvestment p i tches F r i - door companies." tions at Google, spoke about day in the growth-stage Nicol said the money would staying relevant in a digital category, which features go toward a new snowboard environment that is rapidly startups wit h a pr o v en press, which would help in- changing and i n creasingconcept that are prepared crease production. ly shifting toward mobile to grow quickly with an The pitches were the main devices. "This is absolutely a world investment. event Friday, as representaPerfect Co., of Vancou- tives from the 11 companies that's ripe for transformation, ver, Washington, was the spoke about the merits of their and absolut ely there are peogrowth-stage runner-up, businesses to the audience ple out there right now that are and took home $125,000, and panels of industry profes- thinking 'how do I take tradialong with the $50,000 in sionals. Companies like Per- tional businesses and turn it services. The company fect Company and Outdoor into something really new and manufactures connected Logic — Solutions, an ear- different,'" Pleasance said. scales for cooking and mix- ly-stage company that manu— Reporter: 541-617-7818 ing drinks that sync with facturesa device that removes shamway@bendbulleti n.corn recipes to tell users when ski boots, demonstrated their they' ve added enough of products onstage, drawing each ingredient. applause from audience mem- Visit Central Oregon's set a record for angel conferences in the state of Or-

Scratch-It Inc., a Port-

land company whose marketing software features reveal advertising that relies on the user to un-

cover hidden information, won investments from two Bend-based venture funds,

bers at th e sold-out Tower Theatre.

The award ceremony, held next door in the Liberty Theatre on NW Wall Street, was the culmination of a two-day slate of activities, that includ-

ed the EdVenture Seminars, a

Cascade Angels Fund and

new series of educational pan-

Seven Peaks Ventures. In total, the Portland-based

els that took place Thursday morning, and the sixth annual

c ompany t oo k $ 225,000 from awards.

ho m e the t w o

In the early-stage category, six companies made pitches, with the w i nner

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being determined by audience vote. James Nicol,

tens of millions of dollars in

an hour. Maybe that's a cyber case ... but it might also be a



In total, companies won

Building despite tens of millions of dollars in overdue

fixtures — but there are also


companies that received money atthetw o-day con-

T-shirts and ball caps, but it' s

The bureau has tried to

2015 Growth wth Sta e Winner $ I25 0

O'E-Ill%i%% w7KQF$-I-It ~(jg

hotels, were two of the four

The Washington Post

make do w it h

october 16th, 2og5

SnoPlanks and Odysys, which provides a digital companywon $125,000from Cascade Angelsatthe conference. marketing platform f or boutique and independent

By JonathanO'Connell



handmade skis and snow-

A damaged wall surrounds the exterior of the J. Edgar Hoover Building, which is the headquarters of the FBI, in August in Washington, D.C. The agency is looking for a new location for its headquarters.

And you just have to open up the public records to see where Beneath th e h e adquar- you know bad things can hapters of A merica's premier pen if you don't have the right crime-fighting organization, security precautions." one of the parking ramps has The Hoover Building's debeen condemned because cor- dine has become a highly roded piecesof ceiling were prominentexample on Pennfalling on cars. sylvania Avenue of the failure Netting hangs on a facade to of Congress and the federprevent broken concrete from al government to solve even hitting passers-by on the side- straightforward r ea l e s tate walk 160 feet below. During a problems such as disposing of July fire drill, half of the build- underused buildings or moving's alarms didn't go off. ing agencies to more efficient For more than a decade, spaces. leaders of the Federal Bureau Members of Congress have of Investigation have said the resisted supplying funds for bureau needs to replace the J. construction of new buildings. Edgar Hoover Building, a con- The president's budget officretefortress designed as a cials have stuck to rigid spendsymbol of strength that has in- ing rules that prevent the quick steadcome to serve as a lesson leasing of new space for the in government inaction. FBI. "Where else in the city is The GSA proposed a buildthere something like that? The ing swap that could save $500 answer is nowhere," said Dan million — a l a b orious but Tangherlini, a former adminis- cost-saving strategy similar to trator for the General Services ones the agency has pursued

i ~

11 111 12"

for conference organizer Economic Development for Central Oregon. SnoPlanks, a Bend company that manufactures





TG' •


I •

1465 SWKnoll Avenue, Bend www.classic-coverings.corn



g )



Trump andCarsonforce dedate change NEW YORK — CNBCand the Republican presidential candidates agreed ontheformat for their third debate a day after leaders Donald Trumpand BenCarson threatened to boycott unless they got their way, the network said. The Oct. 28 debatewill be two hours long and will include closing statements from the candidates, CNBC spokesman Brian Steel said Friday. The billionaire businessmanandthe retired neurosurgeon, in a joint letter to CNBC'sWashington bureauchief on Thursday, had told the hosting network they would not appear at thedebate unless it was capped attwo hours including commercials and the candidates wereallowed to speak directly to the cameraat its opening and close. TheRepublican National Committee and candidate sbegandiscussingtheformatonWednesday,RNC spokesmanSeanSpicer said. CNBC hadproposed two hours of debating time not including four commercial breaks, meaning the time thecandidates would be onstage would beabout 15 minutes longer. The most recent debate, onCNN,lasted three hours with commercial breaks, a duration that left some of the candidates complaining. Since thedebates haveset records for high ratings, television networks have anincentive to keepthe candidates onstage and onthe air for as long asthey possibly can. Debate format squabbles arecommon in presidential campaigns, an issuemagnified this year because of the numberof candidates running andtheir popularity as television events. — The Associated Pcs

Bushan Ru io: Agru ge matc s apesupinFori a By Mary Jordan

has also far outpaced Rubio in

The Washington Post

donor support, nationally and

THE VILLAGES, Fla. Dan Britton is in many ways the quintessential Jeb Bush

in Florida.

that once served as a critical

his national headquarters is


Others are avoiding publicly declaring their preference. voter — a staunch Republican Both candidates are rebuilding who spends his days whizzing and expanding their networks a golf cart around this huge across the state. Bush has a Florida retirement community bigger ground operation, and support base for Bush's state- in Miami. Rubio, who has fowide campaigns. cused more of his time buildBut ask Britton about the ing name recognition in other former governor's presiden- early-voting states, is prepartial campaign and he shakes ing to announce chairs in all 67 his head. Like many residents Florida counties. "Right now it's a tossup behere, Britton moved to the state years after Bush left office. tween Bush and Rubio," said "He was governor a long Don Hahnfeldt, a county comtime ago," said Britton, a re- missioner who lives in The tired builder and architect who Villages and is running for the moved here two


things, "the spectacular lowering of top income tax rates" for the sharp rise in inequality. The lower rate — generally a maximum of 23.8 percent — on capital gains, or profits from investments, is particularly problematic, Piketty

Continued fromA1 It is "absurd" to argue that most wealth at the top

is already highly taxed or that there isn't much more

revenue to be had by raising taxes on the 1 percent,

argues. Estimates show that

nearly 70 percent of capital gains benefits go to the top

says theeconomist Joseph Stiglitz, winner of the No-

bel in economic science,

1 percent. A recent study by

who has written extensively about inequality. "The

Adam Looney at Brookings and Kevin Moore at the Federal Reserve found that "the

only upside of the concentration of the wealth at the

Josh Haner /The New York Times

top is that they have more Democratic presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders and Hillary money to pay in taxes," he Rodham Clinton appear in this week's Democratic presidential SBld. debate hosted by CNN inLasVegas. Democrats are prepared to The top 1 percent on av- raise taxes at the top earning brackets, though they have not been erage already pay roughly very specific about howthey would doso. Experts say raising a third of their incomes to

the federal government, according to a Treasury

taxes for high-income individuals would raise tax revenue while still allowing them considerable after-tax income.

mary reason" that the income

tax system had become less effective in reducing wealth

inequality. Eliminating the preferential rates on capital and dividends would generate $1.34 trillion

over the next 10 years, accord-

Department analysis that

takes into account the en-

reduction in the long-term capital gains rate is the pri-

ing to that measure — used by the Tax Policy Center, a joint

A tax rate of 45 percent on

ing to the nonpartisan Con-

this select group raises $109 gressional Budget Office. cluding income tax, payroll project of the Urban Institute billion, more than enough to Aided by a phalanx of lawtaxes that fund Medicare and the Brookings Institution pay for the first year of a new yers and accountants, the rich and Social Security, estate — the top 1 percent includes $2,500 child tax credit intro- have become adept at figurand gift taxes, excise and about 1.13 million households duced by Sen. Marco Rubio, ing out ways to shift earnings custom duties as well as in- earning an average income of R-Fla. that would normally be taxed vestors' share of corporate $2.1 million. The argument for raising at the top 39.6 percent rate on taxes. The tax bite on the Raising their total tax bur- tax rates on the rich tends to fo- ordinary income into capital top 0.1 percent is a bit high- den to, say, 40 percent would cus on the vast gains that this gains, said the economist Gaer. Most of those taxpayers generate about $157 billion in group has enjoyed in recent briel Zucman of the University insist they are already pay- revenue the first year. Increas- years compared with everyone of California, Berkeley, who is ing more than enough. ing it to 45 percent brings in a else. The top 0.1 percent of U.S. researching the link between By comparison, the band whopping $276 billion. Even families — each with net as- widening inequality and tactics — legal and illegal — used of taxpayers right below taking account of state and lo- sets greater than $20 millionthem, in the 95th to 99th cal taxes, the average house- own more than 20 percent of by the wealthy t o s idestep percentile, pay on average hold in this group would still the all the household wealth in taxes. about $1 out of every $4. take home at least $1 million the country. In the 1970s, that Shifting earnings from one Those in the bottom half a year. same sliver of the population tax category to another is part pay less than $1 out of evIf the tax increase were lim- controlled 7 percent. of the reason that even the top ery $10. ited to just the 115,000 houseThat shift is behind Sand- 0.1 percent pay on average no Sidestepping for the mo- holds in the top 0.1 percent, ers'repeated vow to compel more than a quarter of their ment the messy question of with an average income of Wall Streeters and others in income in federal individual just which taxes would be $9.4 million, a 40 percent tax the Rolex-and-Maserati set to income taxes — despite that increased, how much more rate would produce $55 bil- pay more than they do now. top tax bracket of 39.6 percent, "Let me tell you, Donald according to a Treasury Derevenue could be generated lion in extra revenue in its first by asking the rich to pay year. Trump an d h i s b i l l ionaire partment analysis. "Why give a blank check a larger share of their inThat would morethan cov- friends under my p olicies come in taxes? er, for example, the estimated are going to pay a hell of a lot to all of these guys?" Stiglitz, To get the most accurate $47 billion cost of eliminating more in taxes today — taxes the liberal economist, asked. picture possible, throw in u ndergraduate tuition at a l l in the future than they' re pay- He pointed out that current all the scraps of income, the country's four-year pub- ing today," he declared in Las tax law m akes no d i stincfrom the most obvious lic colleges and universities, Vega s. tion between, say, investing (like wages, interest and as Sen. Bernie Sanders has Middle-income f a m ilies abroad, speculating in land dividends) to the least pike proposed, or Clinton's cheap- make substantially less mon- or building a new factory. A employer c o n tributions er plan for a debt-freecol- ey than they did 15 years ago, better approach, he said, is to to health plans, overseas lege degree, with money left once inflation is taken into ac- say: "We' ll give you generous earnings and growth in re- over to help fund universal count. The economist Thomas deductions if you invest in tirement accounts). Accord- prekindergarten. Piketty blames, among other America." tire menu of taxes — in-

state legislature.

Marco R u bio. "He's young. He' ll help with

What's coming in Florida, said Republican strategist Kellyanne Conway, Rubio who is backing Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), is "the most signifi-

the Hispanic vote. I like what

cant, Armageddon-like battle

years ago from C onne c t i c u t . Instead, Britton

has his eyes on

k ~".

Florida's current GOP star, Sen.

Bu s h

he says." of the Republican primary." In a Republican field domThere are few better bainated by surging political rometers of the Florida Reoutsiders, the battle over who publican primary race than should carry the mantle of the The Villages, a community GOP establishment is, at this an hour northwest of Orlando moment, shaping up as a duel sometimes called "Disneyland between the former allies who

for retirees." It's a place where

are now Florida's two political powerhouses.

people drive golf carts to the Winn-Dixie for groceries and

As other establishment con-

to the town squares to hear live

tenders, such as Ohio Gov. John Kasich and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, are lagging in fundraising and in polls, Bush, 62, and Rubio, 44,

music each night.

each see the other as his chief rival — with the survivor best

the military — are overwhelm-

ination from party outsiders,

than anywhere in the state.

mainly Donald Trump.

Bush and Rubio were regu-

The tensions between the two sides hit a new high this

lar visitors in the past — Bush dedicated the s

week as Rubio's campaign bragged that its "smart budgeting and fiscal discipline" left more money in the bank "than

chartermiddle school as gov-

Jeb Bush for President" and

last month and offered some

The 114,000 residents many of them affluent, and

many of whom ran companies, managed offices or served in

ingly Republican. positioned to wrest the nomVoter turnout is

A hfagazine Highlightingthe Vari ety of Organizations That Connect Your Community. Central Oregon communities continue to grow due to a nationally-recognized appreciation for the region's quality of life. From providing the mostbasic needs of food, shelter and security, to creating and maintaining positive social, educational, recreational and professional environments, Central Oregon's nonprofit community is a foundation for our area's success and sustainability. Hundreds of organizations and thousands of volunteers make up this nonprofit network.

h i gher

commu nity'



ernor — and locals expect to

see more of them ahead of the primary.Rubio came through

other campaigns. Bush's top not-so-subtle digs at Bush, tellspokesman fired back Friday ing an overflow crowd at the on Twitter, pointing to a report

that said Rubio's campaign inflated its numbers and adding a stinging rebuke: "Lying about budgets. Guess Marco picked up something in the

Eisenhower Recreation Center that the GOP and the country

needs to elect a "new generation of leaders with ideas relevant to the times in which we live."

The Villages, full of people who have moved from other states,also underscores the down between mentor and challenges Bush and Rubio protege is that it may be de- confront in Florida, despite cided in Florida, the state that their advantages as the homeelected Bush twice as its chief grown presidential candidates. executive and propelled Rubio The state's ballooning popfrom small-town city commis- ulation in recent years — it reSenate."

Heightening the drama of this once unthinkable show-

sioner to state lawmaker to

cently surpassed New York as

U.S. senator. With the huge prize of 99

the third-largest state — means

delegates in its winner-take-all

humiliating — if not lethalfor Bush or Rubio. Recent polls have shown the two neck and

they were more familiar with

Trump, the ubiquitous billionaire and reality-television personality who also has a home

in Palm Beach. In The Villages, which adds new people every day, half of the residents didn' t live here in 2010.

neck in the state, though far "Insiders are sticking with behind Trump and, in some surveys, retired neurosurgeon Bush, but a lot of regular, everyday voters have no strong Ben Carson. Much of the state's Republi-


that many voters have no particular allegiance to e i ther

primary and the timing of the candidate. In fact, in dozens state's March 15 vote, many of interviews here, many said Republicans see Florida as the critical contest that will winnow the crowded GOP field. A defeat at home would be a

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A careful calculusguides health insuranceprojections By Robert Pear WASHINGTON — I n April 20 1 4 , Pr e s ident

Barack Obama declared victory in the government's

aggressive push to enroll people in private health insurance plans under the

Sean Proctor/The New York Times

The Religious Nones at Harvard Divinity School meet outside Andover Hall on campus in Cambridge,

Affordable Care Act, announcing that 8 million people had signed up for coverage. "This thing is working," he said. By the end of the year,

Massachusetts, this week. The term "nones" refers to people whoaresecular or are unaffiliated with

e nrollment was down t o 6.3 million, but adminis-

any religious denomination. Divinity institutions offer even atheists and spiritual seekers a language of moral discourse and training in congregational leadership.

tration officials confidently predicted a 44 percent increase for 2015.

Cail Continued fromA1 Now in her f inal year at Harvard, Thurston is a central

figure in a boomlet of students who are secular or are unaffiliated with any religious denomination, commonly known as "nones," attending divinity

So it wa s surprising this week when Sylvia

"It was in the back of my head that Judaism

Mathews Burwell, the sec-

has answers, that there were laws and the laws were based in ethics. I kept saying, 'I should've gone to Div School,' and my boyfriend said, 'Why don't you try?'" — Vanessa Zoltan, recent divinity school graduate


and my boyfriend said, 'Why superstition. Thurston, fo r e x ample, don't you try?'" other divinity schools around applied to Harvard Divinity During her years at Harvard, the country, especially those in- School specifically because of she said, she opened herself dined toward theologically and what she knew about Epstein's up to the possibility of a deity. While Harvard may be the center, nones can be found at

politically liberal Protestant-

work. She does not consider

ism, like Chicago Theological herself secular,rather she folSeminary. lows the precepts of the UranTwo factors are driving this tia Book, a 2,000-page work of surge. First, the proportion philosophy and spirituality that of nones in the United States has some elements of Christihas grown to about a third anity. She also critiques terms of all millennials, those born like nones and unaffiliated and between 1981 and 1996, according to the Pew Research

Center. Second, divinity school offers even atheists and spiritu-

al seekers a language of moral discourse and training in congregational leadership. The traits appeal to nones who aspire to careers in activism, social work, chaplaincy or community organizing rather than taking to a pulpit. "Nones are not entirely op-

posed to religious traditions, though they don't attach to a specific one," said Eboo Patel,

the founder and president of Interfaith Youth Core, who has seen the trend while visiting

campuses. "No small part of

them are attracted to the search

Every time, the Holocaust or

the Rwandan genocide or the Syrian civil war convinced her nothing supernatural existed.

The concept of sacredness, however, gripped her, and she sought out ways to consecrate the secular. With a divinity school professor,Stephanie the phrase "spiritual, but not Paulsell, she did an indepenreligious." "It's difficult to foster com- dent study in "Jane Eyre" as munity based on negation, on a holy book. Epstein and she saying what you aren' t," she studied Judaic texts together in said. "To live in this soup of ne- the yeshiva system of chavruta, meaning fellowship. gation, it's just not lasting." "I got inspired," she said. "I'd The group that T hurston helped start, Harvard Relispent a lot of my 20s being disgious Nones, includes almost appointed by grad school and 70 people on its email list and the nonprofit world. And at regularly attracts 20 people to Div School, people are excited. its meetings, not insignificant They get Alice-in-Wonderland in a divinity school with 350 lost in theology. It made me students. The divinity school happy." also has a humanist group with about a half-dozen members. One of h e r c l assmates,

n e w m a r k et- subsidized insurance is a good places at the end of 2016, an value. More than 80 percent increase of just 100,000 over of people using the federal exthe number enrolled in June change haveincomes lessthan of this year, and experts said 250 percent of the poverty level it would not be easy to find (less than $29,425 a year for an and enroll people who have individual). But marketplace refusedto sign up forthepast coverage has been less attractwo years. tive to people with higher inStan Dorn, a health lawyer at comes who receive less finanthe Urban Institute, a nonprofit cial assistance. researchgroup,said theenrollOne of the big questions ment goal was sensible. "I am raised by the new target is not optimistic that we will see whether enrollment is reachmore than that," Dorn said. ing a point where it will re"The easiest people to reach main stable. "We' re not seeing evidence have already signed up." Judith Solomon, a vice pres- of having plateaued," said ident at the Center on Budget Richard Frank, an assistant and Policy Priorities, a liber- secretary of health and hual-leaning research and advo- man services. But, he added, cacy group, said the adminis- "we are seeing a much longer tration's target was "realistic path to long-term equilibrium but disappointing." in the market." The tax penalty for people The Congressional Budwho go w i t hout i n surance get Office predicted in June will be higher next year: $695 that enrollment through the for each adult or nearly 2.5 exchanges would reach 20 percent of household income, million in 2016 and then level whichever is greater. That off around 22 million through may encourage some peopleto 2025.The White House acceptenroll, Dorn said, but the cost ed the budget office estimate of insurance is "still an obsta- for 2014 as a goal, but now adcle" for some. ministration officials do their Hillary Clinton is the lat- own analysis and projections, est prominent politician to and they take issue with the suggest that the Affordable budgetoff icenumbers. Care Act is not so affordable If the administration's prefor some people. A signifi- diction disappointed supportcant number fail to pay their ers of the health law, it was, monthly premiums or struggle in part, because the adminwith high out-of-pocket costs istration had pumped up exfor medicalservices and pre- pectations with several years scription drugs. of optimistic reports on enThe cautious calculus by the rollment trends and market White House, as the adminis- dynamics. through th e

New York Times News Service

retary of health and human services, predicted only slim gains in the coming year, millions below earlier projections. Burwell s uggested that a h u ge campaign with thousands of field workers would be needed to keep enrollment at recent levels. Why did the Obama administration set such a

modest goal'? It was part of an elaborate numbers

game played for several years by proponents and opponents of th e

h ealth

law. On theone hand, administration officials want to

manage expectations in a presidential election year, when surpassing the goal tration gears up for the third will be better for Demo- open-enrollment period, from crats than falling short. Nov. 1 to Jan. 31, tends to conIn this respect, federal of-

firm perceptions of the health


ficials are like corporate executives who smooth

law that have been taking shape in the past two years. out earnings to meet or ex- The expansion of Medicaid ceed projections given to appears to be a more durable investors. source of coverage than priO n th e o t h e r h a n d , vate insurance bought through health policy experts said, the marketplaces. t he enrollment goal f o r



803 sw Industrial way, Bend, OR

Consumers with the lowest

2016 may be realistic. The incomes receive the largest White House aims to have subsidies in the exchanges, 10 million people insured and many haveconcluded that

Casper ter Kuile, and a recent



divinity school graduate, Vanessa Zoltan, teach a weekly

for social justice and for spiri- course togetherfor about 55 tual meaning. And they recog- people on "Harry Potter" as a nize those things as the fruits of sacred text at the off-campus religious tradition. So it makes

Humanist Hub. This weekend,

sense to go to a place where you can study religious tradition." Within higher education, divinity programs often stand apart from the cult of relativism

Thurston and her collaborator Aisha Ansano are holding a

in the liberal arts and the utili-

Salt Lake City.



workshop about the Harvard

Religious Nones at the Parliament of World's Religions in

Throughout the academic schools. year, the divinity school's nones "If you were simply looking gather regularly for singing, for the skills, you might go to sharing personal experiences the Kennedy School ofGov- and offering mutual support.


I ' i










tarian emphasis in professional

ernment," said the Rev. Dudley

Rose, the associate dean for ministry studies at Harvard.

"And philosophy and liberal-arts fields have given up on the project of finding a moral language, an articulation of values. That language isn' t found in many places. And

Thurston and ter Kuile wrote a report, "How We Gather," that identified successful modern

examples of community-building, from the exercise program SoulCycle to dinner parties in

which bereavedpeople meet over a meal. Zoltan typifies the portion of

Harvard Divinity School students who are avowedly secular. Growing up in suburban In Harvard's case, the influx Los Angeles as the grandchild of secular and unaffiliated stu- of Holocaust survivors and the dents had one early and visible child of fervent atheists, she pioneer, Greg Epstein. In 2004, partook in Shabbat dinners while already serving as the and attended a Hebrew school assistant humanist chaplain purely as forms of cultural serving Harvard students and affirmation. "Our family felt like, 'God staff members who are atheist or agnostic, Epstein enrolled in isn't just dead, but if he's real, he divinity school. He took classes hates us,'" she recalled. "I was in everything from existential- raised to believe that humans ist philosophy to musicology to are what matter. And art. We nonprofit administration, and worshiped movies and books. he did a practicum in ministry Our Bible was everything when you find it, it's not easy to abstract it. You have to connect it to a tradition."

with a cohort of Unitarian Uni-

Central OregOn iShOmeto aPProXimately17,000 VeteranS, including veteransfromWWII, the KoreanWar, Vietnam, Iraq andAfghanistan, andnumerous other military operations. OregonDepartment of VeteransAffairs documentsabout 15,000veterans in DeschutesCounty and approximately 2,000veterans in CrookandJefferson COuntieS reSPeC tiVely. EaChgeneratiOn of VeteranShaSbeen

uniquely impacted bycombatexperiencesbenefit from the expansiveservices available throughout Central Oregon.

SOME OFOUR FEATURE STORIESINCLUDE: VETERANSRANCH —Aworkingranchthairestorespurpose and spirit of aIIages.

PROJECT HEALING WATERS —Providingbasicfly fishing skills toactivemilitary personalandveterans.

HELPINGHOOFS — Equineassisfedpsychotherapy, specializing inhelpingmilitary personal, veteransandtheir family cope withuniqueproblems.

from Neil Simon to the Russian

versalist students, the closest novelists." thing he could find to atheists.

Yet when Zoltan attended

By the time he graduated in graduate school at the Whar2007, Epstein could see a "trick- ton School of the University le" of other humanist students of Pennsylvania for nonprofit entering the divinity school, management, she rejected the and he set out to recruit more. capitalist theology there that "I see myself like a college the market is a value system. football coach," said Epstein, The Great Recession proved to who comes bythe metaphor her, she recalled, "Your way is honestly as an alumnus of the wrong." University of Michigan. "I want A course in ethics, though, to constantly be bringing in began to point her in an unexnew talent."

pected direction. She slowly

On campus, Epstein replaced the retiring humanist chaplain. Off campus, he put together a community center, the Humanist Hub. In both guises, he differed markedly from prominent atheists by adapting some of organized religion's models of ritual, moral language and communal purpose rather than merely denouncing belief as

came to recognize that the people she admired most — Gandhi, King, Emerson, Tolstoy and Alcott — had deep religious or spiritual lives. "It was in the back of my

head that Judaism has answers, that there were laws and the laws were based in ethics,"

Zoltan, 33, said. "I kept saying, 'I should've gone to Div School,'

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w V,

9w •e V •



Petty Officer 2nd Class TineKuklewski / U.S. Coast Guard via Tribune News Service

The Bounty, a 180-foot reproduction of a 1787 sailing ship, is submerged in the Atlantic Ocean during Hurricane Sandy in 2012, approximately 90 miles southeast of Hatteras, North Carolina. •

ontainer s i aro oins scores e e urricanes




SPARK 1LS 1.2L, 4 CYL, 5-Speed Manual


MSRP ....... $13,095 G.GRU NERPRICE. $12,996 REBATE .......... -$1,500

MSRP ....... $23,860 G. GRU NERPRICE. $23,466 REBATE..... - $3,579

4 CYL, AutoStop/Start, Protection Package,Rear Parking Assist



By KenKayeeSun Sentinel


K9HIRHQ For illustrationpurposesonly VIN804754

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Since the voyages of Christopher Columbus, scores of ships have inadvertently sailed into hurricanes, battled gigantic waves and chaotic winds — and been lost at sea. Among them: Spanish galleons, tall ships, military ships, cargo haulers and pleasure cruisers. The latest victim was El Faro, a 735-foot container ship

that got caught in the grip of Hurricane Joaquin earlier this

take it.

"A ship without engine power is little match for a major hurricane," said Jeff Masters, director of meteorology for Weather Underground, the U.S. Navy via Tribune News Service online weather site. The U.S. Navy's Third Fleet sailed right into the heart of a typhoon Here are some other sea in December 1944, capsizing and sinking three destroyers. Nine disasters: other ships were damaged, and more than 100 aircraft were washed into the sea.


An enlarged reproduction of a 1787 Royal Navy sail- hit a bulkhead. ing ship, the Bounty left New The storm that caused all London, Connecticut, bound the calamity was later called for St. Petersburg, on Oct. 25, Halsey's 7yphoon. The di2012. Initially the ship aimed saster prompted the Navy to east to avoid Hurricane San- establish a Pacific weather dy. Yet when the vessel was warning center, which later about 90 miles southeast of became today's Joint TIyphoon North Carolina's Outer Banks, Warning Center at Pearl HarSandy's expansive outerbands bor, Hawaii. overwhelmed it.

A Coast Guard turboprop was dispatched to find the foundering ship. Once spotted, Mike Myers, the plane's copilot reported, "I see a giant pirate ship in the middle of a hurricane." Of the 16 people

10 Spanish gaiieons In July 1715, a hurricane struck the east coast of central

and strategically moved his ships to the west side of the big

island. During early voyages, Caribbean natives had warned him to be wary of "horrible tempests," or "huracans." Although the h u rricane broke all this ships free from their anchors, all of Columbus' ships survived with only some damage. Despite Columbus warning Oravando to keep his ships in port, the governor


GAMARO ILS Black Stripe Package, V6

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Twenty-five of his ships sank

"Mutiny on the Bounty" and

Joaquin was about 300 miles northeast of the central Ba-

1983's "Yellowbeard."

Fantome Similarly, in October 1998, the

F a ntome, a

282 - foot

four-masted sailing ship based in Miami Beach, sank near Honduras inHurricane Mitch,

typhoon, the term used for a

storm of hurricane strength in the western Pacific and other nearby oceans. Three destroyers capsized and sank, killing 790 men.

ricane and rammed onto coral reefs near Dry Tortugas. The ship quickly sank in 55 feet of water, drowning almost all on board. Today, the A t ocha ship-

wreck is a popular dive spot.

Christopher Columbus In June 1502, during his

For illustrationpurposesonly VIN869414




Cruise Control, Bluetoot MSRP....... $23,67 G. GRU NERPRICE. $22,71 REBATE..... - $1,00

AWD, Cargo AreaClose-Out Pane MSRP....... $27,990 G. GRU NERPRICE. $26,866 REBATE ..... - $2,799



: 8iilE,



For illustrationpurposesonly



For illustrationpurposesonly

VIN 105162


-SIL VERADO 2500DBLGAB SILVERAD01500LTGREW BlackTraileringMirrors, 17"All-TerrainTires MSRP ....... $42,09 G. GRU NERPRICE.$39,96 REBATE..... - $3,75

AWD, V8, All Star Edition MSRP....... $45,660 G. GRU NERPRICE. $42,909 REBATE..... - $5,500


II IHHEI For illustrationpurposesonly VIN204473

For illustrationpurposesonly VIN 555057

2014 KIA


2014 GMG

El Faro

4 CYL, Alloy Wheels

BackupCamera, Privacy Glass, Alloy Wheels



When El Faro l eft Jacksonville on Sept. 30, en route

to San Juan, Tropical Storm

killing all 31 crewmembers on board. The only saving grace: the charter boat's guests had disembarked in Belize City and most of its crew survived. charting a course that would later flew back t Miami. The following year, Span- take him within 200 miles of The Fantome, a $15 million ish ships were able to recover what was expected to be a luxury vessel, was originally about 80 percent of the silver hurricane," said Masters, of built for the Duke of West- and gold. The rest was found Weather Underground. minster in 1927. Later, Aristo- 250 years later, in the 1960s. Then Joaquin rapidly intentle Onassis bought it as a wedsified to Category 3 strength. ding gift for Princess Grace Atocha The Coast Guard received a a nd Prince Rainier. It w a s In September 1622, the last distress call from the ship then purchased by Windjam- Spanish galleon Nuestra Se- at 7:30 a.m. on Oct. 1, while it mer Barefoot Cruises Ltd., a nora de Atocha, departed was near Crooked Island in sailing line. Havana as part of a 28-vessel the Bahamas. The crew reconvoy, headed back to Spain. ported its propulsion system 3rd Fleet While carrying gold, silver, had lost power and the vessel In December 1944, during copper, jewels and tobacco, was listing 15 degrees to the U.S. Navy's 3rd Fleet was in the Philippine Sea, conducting air raids against Japanese airfields in the Philippines. After refueling at a base, at Admiral William Halsey's command, the fleet unwittingly sailed into the heart of a 100-mph



and about 500 men lost their

only defense against the hurricane was to stay close to the hamas, its top winds already Florida shore. Yet, while be- reaching 70 mph. tween Fort Pierce and Cape Although th e N a t ional Canaveral, the winds picked Hurricane Center predicted up too quickly for the ships to the system would intensify find safe harbor. into a hurricane and move A French ship, accompany- slowly southwest toward El ing the fleet, was able to ride Faro's path, the ship forged out the storm because it had on. "The captain knew he was ventured far from shore, and

the Second World War, the the Atocha encountered a hur-


For illustrationpurposesonly VIN 219481

sent them out into the storm.

Florida and sank 10 Spanish galleons, killing almost 1,000 sailors and sending tons of gold and silver coins to the on board, 14 were rescued and bottom of the ocean. two drowned. Commissioned The ships had left Cuba, by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, the planning to return to Spain ship appeared in the 1962 film with their treasures. Although fortified to fight pirates, their

or i ustrauonpurposesony VIN353027

4 CYL, Comfort Package


allowing the storm to over-



lost power near the Bahamas,


month while attempting to

sail from Jacksonville to San Juan, Puerto Rico. The ship


A marine positioning database revealed the last known

position of the El Faro was "right in the northwest eyewall of Joaquin," Masters said. At the time, the ship was bat-

tling 120 mph winds and 30-



I STK¹85599AVIN¹e67384


2012 RAM 1500

QUAD CABEXPRESS 4WD, CruiseControl, Premium Sound,Oversized PremiumWheels


fourth and final voyage to the 28 Americans. The National New World, Christopher Co- Transportation Safety Board lumbus had hoped to dock his is investigating why the ship fleet in Santo Domingo, on the was caught by surprise. "Our only goal," said Bella Nine other w a rship s were south side of Hispaniola. Howdamaged and more than 100 ever, Don Nicolas de Oravan- Dinh-Zarr, vice chair of the warplanes were destroyed or do, Hispaniola's local gover- safety board, "is to find out washed overboard. A major nor, denied him access. what happened and figure out fire broke out on the aircraft Meanwhile, Columbus sus- ways to prevent this from hapcarrierMonterey, after a plane pected a storm was brewing pening again."

4WD, HardTop,Running Boards, TowingPackage



KI I I STKtf49t84W Vtttff524939




AWD,ParkingSensors, BackupCamera,Priyacy Glass, RoofRack

4WD,Third RowSeat, Priv acyGlass,TowingPackage









STKffp5041 VINff286565



2014 GMC

4WD, Power Sliding Rear Window, Running Boards Towing Package

4WD, Premium Sound Leather, Roof Rack, Towing Package




plus foot waves.

All 33 on board are believed to have perished, including

STKff 01 61eAVINff245762



I STKep5019VINe232643



r I



RBSllmOM •




wzmmsmeuas me •




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BRIEFING Storm King closure changing The closure of the Storm King Trail west of Bend will change next week. The stretch from "green gate" access and the crossing with Century Drive to the intersection with the Funner Trail will close Monday, possibly through Friday, for contractors to thin the forest.

Because the green gate parking areawill also close, Deschutes National Forest officials recommend users park at Wanoga Sno-Park. The rest of the trail from intersection No. 34 to Forest Road 41 will

be open.

Burns to be set near Crane Prairie Five controlled burns — 289 acres totalare planned for next week in the Deschutes National Forest, east of Crane Prairie Reservoir and Round Mountain and north of Wickiup Reservoir. The burns are aimed at reducing the risk of wildfires near communities. No roads are expected to close, but the national forest recommends drivers use caution if smoke is drifting.

Juniper expected to reopen today Juniper Swim & Fitness Center is expected to reopen at 8 a.m. today. The facility closed midafternoon on Friday because of apower outage caused by amotor vehicle accident involving a power transformer at the BendPark & Recreation District site. The outage was confined to Juniper, and repairs began right away.

Driver avoids animal, hits tree Cline Falls Highway was closed for about an hour Friday when aLexus driven by aBend man collided with a tree on the side of the road. Oswald Divinere, 59, was southbound on the highway about 11:15 a.m. when heswerved to avoid an animal. He drove off the road onto the east shoulder, crashing into a large tree, according to the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office. Divinere was transported to St. Charles Bend for nonlife-threatening injuries. Deputies didn't find the animal that caused the crash. — Bulletin staff reports

R- cau t on camera e at e u i c onatrai int e sca es iss uttin own By Dylan J. Darling

By Tars Bannow

The Bulletin

The Bulletin

844 enrollees in Crook,

Lake Oswego-based Health Republic Insurance

Deschutes and Jefferson

About four years since he was last tracked in Central

Oregon, a lone gray wolfbrother of famous OR-7 — has re-emerged in the Cascades.

• Portland: Police arrested amanaccused of killing four womenin the 1980s, B3 • Wood Village: The Grand Rondetribe has purchased a greyhound track, B3

Well shot!

counties as of June 30. Statewide, the carrier had

Co. announced Friday it is

shuttering operations and withdrawing from Oregon's

roughly 10,200 enrollees

health insurance market-

to the Oregon Insurance

place in 2016, citing lower-than-expected payment from a federal program designed to shield carriers from financial risk.


A private trail camera

snapped a photo of OR-3 this summer in the Cascades of northern Klamath County,

according to an email Friday from Michelle Dennehy, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife spokeswoman. The camera belonged to a hunter and was placed near

Crater Lake National Park, according to the Statesmen

public is far from the most popular insurance carrier in Oregon. Moda Health,

which captured the largest

tive Dec. 31.

had nearly 375,000 enrollees as of June 30, including roughly 29,000 in Central Oregon. See Insurance /B5

Imnaha pack in northeast Oregon. Last tracked in September 2011, OR-3 was captured on a private trail camera this summer.

Nov. 1.

A May 2011 photo of OR-3, a then-3-year-old male wolf from the

• A new density limit and requiredlicenses for operationare changingthe rental scene inBend

While those are significant numbers, Health Re-

and group insurance policies will be canceled effecThe carrier also will not participate in 2016 open enrollment, which begins

Oregon Department of Fish ahd Wildlife I Submitted photo

Journal in Salem. See Wolf /B6

as of that date, according

All current individual


proportion of the market,

How new city policy affects the numder ofvacation rental homepermits About 90 homeowners with vacation rental permits in Bendfailed to apply for operating licenses and their permits are nowvoid, bringing the total number of rental permits in the city down to about 600 from a high point of near 700 prior to the Oct. 1 deadline. Because of anewpolicy requiring a 250-foot buffer between rentals, new rentals are unlikely to beapproved in the River Westand Old Bendneighborhoods. II •


• Existing vacation rental home • Rental that lost its license after Oct. 1


By Tyler Leeds

• •

The Bulletin

rentals has begun, but for those concerned about heir prevalence, things are not too different from the way they were before.

• see • •


• ss •

re Pal nd Ave.

•0 •

ew art e.

There are 603 rentals in the city, •0 •0

• ~



Drake Park

into vacation districts, something

critics of the city's older, more lax policy warned was in the works.

this April, impose new density limits, ensuring no two rentals



• 0 •

• •


• •





the west side. In addition to the density limit,


• Co ora o Ave



• I



proliferation of rentals in parts of



' •




— it has effectively eliminated the




Policy puts check onrapid change in housing use Land use permits related to using a property as avacation rental have seen adramatic increase in the past three years. i ~ A nnual number of land uss permits with an operating license granted in 2015 J ' • ~ A nnual number of existing permits with an operating license granted in 2015 800 land use permits approved-------------------------------------------------700 - -----------------------------

Detail area

603 properties-----------------------


600 ---------------............................. in Bend now

have operating licenses

500 ....................................................

sees the city's rental program. "That definitely creates some

300200 -----------------------------------...........................................

relief in the neighborhoods that

100 --------------------------...........................................

are heavily saturated. We' ve also seen quite a drop in the number of applications being submitted."


• • •

apply retroactively — many vacationers in Bend will still have fellow vacationers for neighbors

half and 70 percent of those rentals are now going to be ineligible due to the 250-foot buffer if they choose to reapply for a permit,"

• •

~ne ap,


can be within 250 feet of each other. Although the buffer does not



The rules, which took effect

drop in the city's total. "We' re estimating that between

neighborhoods to morph entirely

rental owners had until the beginning of October to purchase operating licenses from the city, a new, mandatoryrequirement. Ninety-two owners failed to apply for licenses, which means their permits are now void, causing the


for the Old Bend and River West

• •


down from apeak of about 700. While the decline is not major, a new policy has made it impossible

new era for Bend vacation

said Lorelei Williams, who over-


Health Republic had



















2 007 2 00 8






20 0 9










20 1 0


20 1 1

20 1 2 20 1 3

20 1 4

20 1 5

Source: City of Bend

Pete Smith /The Bulletin

See Rentals /B6

Sen. Merkley talks costs Bend Police purchase less-lethal of collegewith students 40-mm sponge-round launchers

Reader photos

Send us your best outdoor photos at bemlbulletln.corn/ readerphotos. Your entries will appear online, and we' llchoose the best for publication in the Outdoors section. Submission requirements: Include as much detail as possible — when and where you took a photo, any special technique used — as well as your name, hometown and contact info. Photos selected for print must be high resolution (at least 6 inches wide and 300 dpi) and cannot be altered.

By Scott Hammers

ment government class,

By Claire Withycombe

The Bulletin

covering proposed legislation to bring college costs

The Bulletin


seem innocuous, but if you

officers on proper use of the

of existing federal loan and grant programs and the role discussions of college costs could play in the upcoming

put them in a serious enough launching system, they can

weapons. Nationally, less-lethal weapons have been touted — largely by manufacturers — asalter-

U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley dropped by Mountain View High School on Fri-

day afternoon as part of a trip through Central Oregon, in which he met with students to

discuss college aff o rdability. Merkley, D-Ore., fielded questions Merkley

from an Advanced Place-


Merkley said the rising cost of higher education threatens to "crush" students under a mountain of debt,

and drag down the country' s productivity.

See M erkley /B5

Beanbags and sponges may

deliver a level of force one step

from deadly. While the Bend Police Department has previously used 12-gauge shotguns loaded with beanbags for situations where

of spongelike material. The rounds are 40 mm in diameter. The department is training

natives to firearms in an era of increased attention to how and

when police use deadly force. Bend Police say the sponge police deem that level of force rounds will be safer, allowing is justified, the department officers to confront threats recently purchased five launch- from a distance and reducing ers to be loaded with rounds

the likelihood officers resort to

deadly force. Others, such as the American Civil Liberties

Union of Oregon, have called for greater independent testing of the weapons. The decision to switch weap-

ons wasmade largely forsafety reasons, said Bend Police Sgt. Brian Beekman.

"As we looked at that type of distance-impact technology, we came to the condusion that the

40-mm munition is probably a safer munition in terms of risk of injury," Beekman said. See Weapons/B2





Featuring eight local celebrities, paired with professional dancers, to benefit Sparrow Clubs; 5 p.m.; $18 SKYLINERSSKISWAP:Aswap plus fees; Tower Theatre, 835 NW ofnew andusedskiequipment;8 Wall St., Bend; www.towertheatre. a.m.-5 p.m.; formerFuquaHomes org or 541317-0700. Factory, 20495 Murray Road, Bend; REEL ROCK10:Showcasing the 541-388-0002. best rock climbing of the past year; BEULAH'S PLACE FOURTH 6:30 p.m.; $15 in advance, $17 ANNUAL COMMUNITY RUMMAGE at the door; Mountain View High SALE:A sale featuring clothes, School, 2755 NE27th St., Bend; antiques, appliances and more to 541-419-5071. benefit Beulah's Place, a nonprofit AUTHOR PRESENTATION:Bowman for homeless Central Oregon teen Museum historian and author boysand girls;8 a.m.-5 p.m.; Steve Lent will present a talk and Highland Baptist Church, 3100 slideshow based on his new book, SW Highland Ave., Redmond; "Central Oregon Place Names: 5415260445. Volume III: Deschutes County"; "SAGE GROUSE:ICON OF THE 6:30 p.m.; $5; Paulina Springs SAGEBRUSHSEA"EXHIBIT Books, 252 W. Hood St., Sisters; OPENING:The exhibition www.paulinasprings.corn or explores the fascinating natural 541-549-0866. history, cultural significance and conservation efforts to protect sage 13TH ANNUALDRAGSHOW: grouse and their habitat; 9 a.m.; $15, Featuring a drag show with Poison Waters and friends, with cabaret $12 for seniors, $9 for ages 5-12, style seating with runway right free for 4 and under; High Desert Museum, 59800 S. U.S. Highway 97, through the middle; 7 p.m.; $15 plus Bend; www.highdesertmuseum.org fees in advance, $20 at the door and for VIP; Bend Community Center, or 541-382-4754. 1036 NE Fifth St., Bend; www. PANCAKEFEED:A pancake feed, to bendticket.corn or 541-385-3320. benefit the Redmond High School DANA LYONSBENEFIT CONCERT: girls basketball team and their The singer/songwriter performs, travel to a tournament in Orlando, Florida; 9 a.m.-noon; free, donations to benefit Equine Outreach; 7 $25suggesteddonation; accepted; All Seasons RV 8 Marine, p.m.; HarmonyHouse, 17505 Kent Road, 63195 Jamison Road, Bend; Sisters; www.equineoutreach.corn 541-923-4800. or 541-419-4842. AUTHOR PRESENTATION:Author Yvonne Pepin-Wakefield will speak A NIGHT FORNEPAL: Featuring live music, raffles and more, to benefit on "Suitcase Filled with Nails: Lessons Learned from Teaching Art communities and schools rebuilding in Nepal; 7 p.m. free, donations in Kuwait"; 9:30 a.m.; Touchmark, accepted; Armature, 50 SEScott St, 19800 SW Touchmark Way, Bend; Bend; 541-213-9334. 541-647-0563. "A NIGHTOF ONE ACTS": An "THE METLIVE:OTELLO":A evening of six one-act plays,as showing of Shakespeare's tragic part of the Black Box series by play; 9:55 a.m.; $24, $22 for Cascades Theatrical; 7:30 p.m.; seniors, $18 for children; Regal $15 for adults and seniors, $12 Old Mill Stadium 16 8 IMAX, 680 for students; Cascades Theatre, SW Powerhouse Drive, Bend; 148 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend; www.fathomevents.corn or www.cascadestheatrical.org or 844-462-7342. 541-389-0803. DD RANCHPUMPKIN PATCH "EVIL DEAD, THEMUSICAL": A AND MARKETPLACE: Featuring a play about five college students who farmers market, crafts, live music, a visit an old abandoned cabin in the pumpkin patch, a petting zoo, a hay woods and unleash an evil force; maze and more; 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; DD 7:30 p.m.; $22, $19 for students and Ranch,3836 NE Smith RockWa y, seniors, $28 for the Splatter Zone; Terrebonne; www.ddranch.net or 2nd Street Theater, 220 NELafayette 541-548-1432. Ave., Bend; www.2ndstreettheater. FOBL BOOKSALE:A booksaleto corn or 541-312-9626. benefit the FOBL; 11a.m.-4 p.m.; CURTIS SALGADO: The vocalist/ Library Administration Building songwriter/harmonica player Basement, 507 NWWall St., Bend; performs; 8 p.m.; $20 plus fees in 541-728-8859. advance, $25 at the door; The Belfry, JAROLD RAMSEY:WORDS 302 E. Main Ave., Sisters; www. MARKED BY PLACE: Writer, belfryevents.corn or 541-815-9122. academic and Central Oregon CARAVAN OF GLAM:The troupe native Jarold Ramsey discusses the from Portland performs; 9 p.m.; "Central Oregon Dialect"; 2 p.m.; $12 plus fees in advance, $15 at Downtown Bend Library, 601 NW the door; Volcanic Theatre Pub, Wall St., Bend; 541-312-1034. 70 SW Century Drive, Bend; "SWINGINGWITH THE STARS": www.volcanictheatrepub.corn or

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"CINEMALIVE PRESENTS:ANDRE RIED'S 2015 MAASTRICHT CONCERT":The "King of Waltz" performs a violin concert in his


hometown; 7p.m.;$15;Regal Old Mill Stadium 168 IMAX, 680 SW Powerhouse Drive, Bend; www.fathomevents.corn or 844-462-7342. THE SHOW PONIES: The band from Los Angeles performs, with Parlour; 8 p.m.; $5 plus fees in advance, $7 at the door; Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 SW Century Drive, Bend; www.volcanictheatrepub. corn or 541-323-1881. Submitted photo

Writer and academic Jarold Ramsey's presentation "Words Marked by Place" today at the Downtown Bend Library will discuss the Central Oregon dialect. 541-323-1881. THE LACS:The country/hiphop band performs; 9 p.m.; $8; Maverick's Country Bar & Grill, 20565 Brinson Blvd., Bend; 541-382-4270. ISRAELVIBRATION:The reggae group performs; 9 p.m., doors open at 8p.m.;$25 plusfeesin advance, $30 at the door; Domino Room, 51 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend; www. bendticket.corn or 541-383-0800.

SUNDAY DD RANCHPUMPKIN PATCH AND MARKETPLACE:Featuring a farmers market, crafts, live music, a pumpkin patch, a petting zoo, a hay maze and more; 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; DD Ranch, 3836 NE Smith Rock Way, Terrebonne; www.ddranch. net or 541-548-1432. FOBL BOOKSALE:A booksale to benefit the FOBL; 1-4 p.m.; Library Administration Building Basement, 507 NW Wall St., Bend; 541-728-8859. "A NIGHTOF ONE ACTS": An evening of six one-act plays, as part of the Black Box series by Cascades Theatrical; 2 p.m.; $15 for adults and seniors, $12 for students; Cascades Theatre, 148 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend; www.cascadestheatrical.org or 541-389-0803. "EVIL DEAD, THEMUSICAL": A play about five college students who visit an old abandoned cabin in the woods and unleash an evil force; 3 p.m.; $22, $19 for students and seniors, $28 for the Splatter Zone; 2nd Street Theater, 220 NE Lafayette Ave., Bend; www.2ndstreettheater.corn or 541-312-9626. "JUMBO WILD" PREMIERE: Featuring a documentary film by Sweetgrass Productions about the

decades-long battle over the future of British Columbia's iconic Jumbo Valley; 8 p.m.; free; Patagonia Bend, 1000 NW Wall St., Bend; 541-382-6694. DANIELROMANO 5 THE TRILLIUMS:The Canadian folk artist performs with Kacy 8 Clayton and Dylan Earl; 8:30 p.m.; $12 plus fees in advance; The Annex, 51 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend; www. redlightpro.corn or 541-388-1106. CRUSHEDOUT:The band from Brooklyn performs with Feral Foster and Big Evil; 9 p.m.; $5; Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 SW Century Drive, Bend; www. volcanictheatrepub.corn or 541-323-1 881.

MONDAY "INSPIRED":A showing of the film from The Ski Movie Tour; 6

p.m.; $10 plus fees inadvance, $15 at the door; Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 SW Century Drive, Bend; www.volcanictheatrepub.corn or 541-323-1 881.

WEDNESDAY "BACK TOTHE FUTURE TRILOGY: 30TH ANNIVERSARY":A showing of all three Back to the Future films; 5 p.m.; $11, $8.50 for seniors and children; Regal Old Mill Stadium 16 8 IMAX, 680 SW Powerhouse Drive, Bend; www.fandango.corn or 844-462-7342. "THE METLIVE:OTELLO":A showing of Shakespeare's tragic play; 6:30 p.m.; $24, $22 for seniors, $18 for children; Regal Old Mill Stadium 16 & IMAX, 680 SW Powerhouse Drive, Bend; www.fathomevents.corn or 844-462-7342. FENCES FORFIDO KARAOKE FUNDRAISER:Featuring karaoke, a raffle and more, to benefit FencesforFido;7 p.m.;SobaAsian Bistro, 932 NW Bond St., Bend; 408-835-2192. "BACK TOTHE FUTURE: PART II":Watch the second Back to the Future film, in honor of Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015, the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown set the DeLorean to land in Hill Valley, California; 7 p.m.; $8 plus fees; The Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St, Bend; www. towertheatre.org or 541-317-0700. SISTERSCLASSIC OLD-TIME RADIO EXPERIENCE: A group

performance of scripted radio

TUESDAY MAKE-A-BAND2015: Musicians will perform in spotlight events at Silver Moon Brewing in October, and during these events, producers will pick musicians to come together to form bands; 6 p.m.; $5; Silver Moon Brewing, 24 NW Greenwood Ave., Bend; 541-815-0574. "CERRO TORRE:A SNOWBALL' S CHANCE IN HELL":A showing of the movie about climbing the mountain in Patagonia; 6 p.m.,

doors open at 5p.m.; $10 plus fees in advance, $12 at the door; McMenamins Old St. Francis School, 700 NW Bond St., Bend;

www.mcmenamins.corn or 541-382-5174.

episodes; 7 p.m.; The Belfry, 302 E. Main Ave., Sisters; www. belfryevents.corn or 541-815-9122. SONGCRAFTERS:Featuring David Von Schlegall, Bill Powers and Harley Bourbon; 8 p.m.; $5; Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 SW Century Drive, Bend; www. volcanictheatrepub.corn or 541-323-1 881.

THURSDAY WOMEN SWIMMING UPSTREAM: SOCIALDOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHER ALISON WRIGHT:Alison Wright, National Geographic Traveler of the Year and contributing photographer, will share her photograph of women at work in developing countries; 6:30


Bend Police Officer Scott Vincent holds a nonlethal 40-mm

p.m.; $15; Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St, Bend; www.towertheatre. org or 541-383-7257. THE MANY LIVESOF KLONDIKE KATE:Learn about Klondike Kate during the Gold Rush in Alaska; 6:30 p.m.; A.R. Bowman Memorial Museum, 246 N. Main St, Prineville; www.bowmanmuseum.org or 541-447-3715. "LINCOLN CENTERATTHE MOVIES:ALVIN AILEY AMERICAN DANCE THEATER":Featuring four performances from Alvin Ailey's Revelations; 7 p.m.; $11, $8.50 for seniors and children; Regal Old Mill Stadium 16 8 IMAX,680 SW Powerhouse Drive, Bend;www.fathomevents.corn or 844-462-7342. BOMBADIL:The pop band from North Carolina performs; 7 p.m.; free; McMenamins Old St. Francis School, 700 NW Bond St., Bend; www.mcmenamins.corn or 541-382-51 74. "ED SHEERAN:JUMPERSFOR GOALPOSTS":A showing of a concert documentary on the X Tour at Wembley Stadium; 7:30 p.m.; $16; Regal Old Mill Stadium 16 8, IMAX, 680 SW Powerhouse Dnve, Bend;www.fathomevents.corn or 844-462-7342. "EVIL DEAD, THEMUSICAL": A play about five college students who visit an old abandoned cabin in the woods and unleash an evil force; 7:30 p.m.; $22, $19 for students and seniors, $28 for the Splatter Zone; 2nd Street Theater, 220 NE Lafayette Ave., Bend; www.2ndstreettheater.corn or 541-31 2-9626.

FRIDAY AUTUMN FEST:Featuring handcrafted items, baked goods, an auction and more; 8 a.m.; Prineville Presbyterian Church, 1771 NW Madras Highway, Prineville; 541-447-1017. HISTORICALHAUNTS OF DOWNTOWNBEND:Takeawalk through historic downtown Bend; 4 p.m.; $10, free for children 12 and younger and members; Deschutes Historical Museum, 129 NW Idaho Ave., Bend; 541-389-1813. AUTHOR PRESENTATION: Author Kim Heacox will read from and sign his new novel "Jimmy Bluefeather"; 6:30 p.m.; $5; Paulina Springs Books, 252 W. Hood Ave., Sisters;

www.paulinasprings.corn or

541-549-0866. ALL AGESCOMEDY IMPROV: Two

improv groupsmakeup characters and stories based on your ideas, all ages; 7 p.m.; $5; Cascades Theatre, 148 NWGreenwood Ave., Bend; www.bendimprov.corn or 541-771-3189.

Deschutes County Sheriff's Capt. Erik Utter said the sheriff's tactical team — similar to a SWAT team, created in 2009

Continued from B1 The 40-mmround has abigger surfacearea, is more accurate andis less likely to break skin than a beanbag round, Beekmansaid. The weapons could be used

fore loading his gun

when a suspect presented an

Wednesday wrote in an email Thursday.

immediate and serious threat to anofficer or another person.

at the Bend Police De-

And wh i l e t h e 40 - m m rounds might be safer than

Generally, Beekman said, this


the beanbag rounds, Beekman concededthey are prici-


couldmean situations where a suspecthas allegedly commit-

"Yeah, we could wait until

ted a violent crime and resists

complete, irrefutable, exhaus-

arrest,and theweapons would be usedin an effort to gain the suspect's compliance.

The le ss-lethal weapon, according to Bend Police Department policy, will not be deployedwithout the approval of the supervisor, and it will be stored "securely in the trunk

of patrol vehicleswhen not in use."

Oregon law allows police officers to use their firearms when they are presented with

what they reasonably believe is imminent deadly physical force to be used against them

or another person. In addition to their department-issued handguns, Bend Police officers carry two other

Thursday."So we can attempt

— has a40-mm launcherbut hasn't neededto fire it yet. It could also be used in a "large civil disturbance," such as a riot, by trained deputies, Utter

er: Each launcher costs about

to de-escalate and to evaluate tive, independent research," the situation more fully." Beekman said. "But I think at The Redmond Police Desome point you have to find partment has several 40-mm

$950, and eachround is $21.80. Those rounds aren't used in Photos by Andy Tullis i The Bulletin training; they are replaced Bend Police Officer Scott Vincent fires a nonlethal 40-mm gun with rel oad able practice toward a target at the Bend Police Department shooting range in some middle ground to reduc- impact projectile launchers rounds.In comparison, the old BendonWednesday. ing overall risk to the com- supervisors keep in their cars, beanbag rounds go for about munity.... Do we have a tool Capt.Brian McNaughton said. $4 to $6 each. that's been reasonably vetted "Any time that we can utiBeekman said the weapon less-lethal weapons: pepper less-lethal purposes, critical- that could potentially save lize a technology that can save would be used sparingly. "It's a rare event; I think spray and Tasers. They have ly wounding a 20-year-old lives? ... I think the answer's lives as opposed to having to yes." the option to carry collapsed suspect. kill somebody to protect our- we've deployed a 12-gauge "We (the ACLU) would batons. Bend Police Officer Scott selves or others,we' re going to beanbag round once or twice Jamt Carson, associate di- rather see more emphasis Vincent, who has conducted look at it," McNaughton said. in the past five years," Beekrector of the ACLU of Oregon and resources spent on train- trainings for the department "We're going to use it if we man said, noting that all use— which in the past has voiced ing officers on how to defuse on the useof the sponge-round can." of-force incidents result i n concernaboutTasers— said it and de-escalate situations," launchers, saidhe felt the techBeekman said the technol- internal reports. "I think if we was important for thepublic to Carson said in an in terview nology was actually safer for ogy has also been used by have anopportunity for a safscrutinize new technology. Wednesday. officersand suspects. the Central Oregon Emer- er round even if it's at a high"(The launchers give) us gency Response Team, the er cost ... it's not a budgetary In 2011, a P o rtland P o Beekmansaid it's important lice Bureau officer inadver- to move forward when new the ability to h andle threat- region's version of S WAT, concernfor us." tently loaded a li v e r o u nd technology that could save ening suspectsat a distance," whichresponds tolarge-scale — Reporter:541-383-0376, from a weapon intended for lives becomesavailable. Vincent wrote in a message incidents. cwithycombeibend bulletin.corn r

NEWS OF RECORD POLICE LOG The Bulletin will update items in the Police Log whensuch arequest is received. Anynewinformation, such as the dismissal of charges or acquittal, must be verifiable. For more information, call 541-633-2117.

BEND POLICE DEPARTMENT Theft —A theft was reported and arrests were madeat 12:27p.m. Oct. 13, in the 2500 block of NEU.S. Highway 20. Theft —A theft was reported at 2:57

p.m. Oct. 14, in thearea of LavaLane. Theft —A theft was reported at 3:08 p.m. Oct. 14, in thearea ofStarwood Drive. Unlawful entry —Avehicle was reported entered and anarrest made at 8:47 p.m. Oct. 14, in the20800 block of NovaLoop. Theft —A theft was reported at 9:16 p.m. Oct.14, in the 600 block of NE Third Street. DUII —lan Jacob Brubaker, 34, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at 1:50 a.m. Oct.15, in the area ofNW Harmon Boulevard and NW Hartford Avenue. Theft —A theft was reported at 8:52

a.m. Oct. 15, in the 1900 block of NE Windy TreeCourt. Theft —A theft was reported at 9:18 a.m. Oct.15, in the1800 block of NW Glassow Drive. Unlawful entry —Avehicle was reported entered at10:36 a.m. Oct. 15, in the 20800 block of TopKnot Lane. Unlawful entry —Avehicle was reported entered at 5:02 p.m.Oct. 15, in the 2400 block of NEMoonlight Drive. Criminal mischief — Anact of criminal mischief was reported at 6:05 p.m. Oct. 14, in the1300 block of NE Tucson Way. Theft —A theft was reported at1:02 p.m. Oct.14, in the 60900 block of

Brosterhous Road.

PRINEVILLE POLICE DEPARTMENT Criminal mischief —Anact of criminal mischief was reported at1:23 p.m. Oct. 15, in the area of SELynn Boulevard. Theft —A theft was reported at 5:19 p.m. Oct. 15, in the area of NE10th Street.

BEND FIRE RUNS Thursday 18 —Medical aid calls.

CIVIL SUITS Filed Oct. 8 15CV27190 —U.S. Bank N.A.v. Roderick C. Munro and Sarah A. Munro, complaint, $383,032.19, plus interest costs and fees 15CV27212 —Judy Robertson v. Barbara G. Brown, complaint, $200,000, plus interest costs and fees Filed Oct. 9 15CV27315 —Regino Martinez v. Keith W. Engstrom, complaint, $49,524.65, plus interest costs and fees 15CV27436 —American Express

Bank FSB v.Paul M. Johnson, complaint, $18,579.35, plus interest costs and fees Filed Tuesday 15CV27669 —JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. v. David P.Harms, Kindra L. Harms, Midland Funding LLC, complaint, $26,086.18, plus interest costs and fees 15CV27670 —Circle Four Ranch Condominium Association v. Catherine E. Kelly, complaint, $14,721.98, plus interest costs and fees 15CV27820 —Allison Clark v. Daniela Gill, complaint, $150,000, plus interest costs and fees




csee o revo e icense o es ici es ra 'n corn an By Gosla Woznlacka

Douglas County this spring. Truck driver Darryl Ivy quit PORTLAND — The Ore- his job and went to a hospital gon Department of Agricul- complaining of blisters in his ture is seeking to revoke the mouth and a swollen airway. license of a company that He shot hundreds of phoconducts aerial p e sticide tos and video of the spraying, spraying on private timber- which were first released to lands, after the company dis- The Oregonian. regarded a previous license In addition to the license suspension. suspension from the DepartAccording to an order is- ment of Agriculture, Applesued this week, Applebee bee was also fined $8,850 Aviation's pesticide operator by the Oregon Occupationlicensewould be revoked for al Safety and Health Divione year. The company would sion, and another $14,100 by also be fined $40,000. the Oregon Department of Company owner Mike Ap- Transportation. plebee can still appeal the The l i c ense s u spension order. He didn't immediately from the Department of Agrireturn a call for comment. culture required Applebee to The Associated Press

he failed to submit the plan of corrections, and therefore his license remained suspended, Pokarney said. Despite the suspension, Applebee Aviation performed several aerial applications. According to court documents, Applebee told regulators his company continued spraying because he had a $3

Water rightS nOgctlltlcll —An Oregondevelopment authority

to stop a commercial pesticide operator from conducting application activities. It's not the first time the s tate has r evoked a c o m -

mercial pesticide operator's license. Earlier this year, Oregon regulators revoked for one year the spraying license of Pacific Air Research and he-

licopter pilot Steven Owen, The timber industry uses ae- after they found Owen had rial spraying to control weeds sprayed homes in C u r ry that would compete with new- County while applying herly planted tree seedlings. bicides on clear cuts in 2013. million contract to complete.

Earlier t hi s w e ek , s t ate Nearly two dozen residents regulators went to court and complained of illnesses due to

obtained a 10-day temporary restraining order to stop the company from spraying. They The state last month sus- submit a plan of corrections, also ordered another immedipended the company's license including new procedures and ate license suspension. over worker protection viola- employee training, before the State officials said they' re tions and fined it $1,100. The license could be reinstated. going back to Washington violations came to light after Department of A g r icul- County Circuit Court on Mona member of the spraying ture's Bruce Pokarney said day to ask the judge for a precrew said he had to regularly Applebee paid the original liminary injunction. Pokartake shelter from herbicides fine and allowed the state to ney said it's the first time the sprayed from a helicopter in inspect his equipment. But department has gone to court

being sprayed. As part o f

a s e t t lement

agreement,the state dropped the $20,000 fine levied against

is negotiating with the U.S.Armyover water rights at the former Umatilla Chemical Depot. Thenegotiations are the latest step in the process of transferring the land to local control. Columbia Development Authority executive director GregSmith says hewas expecting about half of the land's water capacity, the amount that wouldn' t interfere with the National Guard's water needs. But the Army's Base Realignment andClosure staff proposed giving the authority two wells, which amounts to about 25 percent. Smith says he told the Army that two wells would not make it worthwhile for the reuse authority to take over the land. Theboard also decided to request an easement from the Army to put in a pipeline. 9-mcnth-Old lOCated —Authorities have located a woman traveling with a 9-month-old girl in violation of a court order. Police responded to atip Friday afternoon and located 44-year-old Tonya Malarkey and the infant in Portland. Police took Malarkey into custody. Authorities say the babyweighing only 12 pounds was taken by ambulance to ahospital. Authorities didn't give information on the whereabouts of 61-year-old Robert Norton, who wasbelieved to be traveling with them.

Body in Willamette River —officials saythe bodyof a man has been found andrecovered from the Willamette River. TheMultnomah County Sheriff's Office received a report Friday afternoon aboutabodyseenbetweentheFremontandBroadway bridges in Portland. Members of the sheriff's office and fire department recovered the man's body. Hehas not beenidentified. Officials are investigating.


Woman allegedly tries to cotmother's throat —Policein

As for Ivy, the truck driver on Applebee's spraying crew, he's gone to see multiple doctors and continues to have health problems.

Springfield arrested a29-year-old womanaccused of trying to slice her mother's throat. Sgt. Keith Seanor says themother awokeFriday to find to her daughter holding a knife over her. Astruggle ensued, and the mother ended upbeing cut on the chin. Seanor says the daughter has adiagnosed mental illness, and the incident shows the importance of maintaining prescribed levels of medication. Shewas jailed on a charge of second-degreeassault.

"This whole deal has been a

nightmare," Ivy said.

City manager diSmiSSed — Acomplaint filed against Oregon

Police arrestmanaccusedin 4 1980skillings The Associated Press

court records did not list an

PORTLAND — P o r t land police cold-case detectives

"We' re most happy for the victims' families,

said Friday they' ve arrested definitely. Just to be able to give them that a 55-year-old man accused of killing four women who were working as prostitutes in the 1980s.

closure and be able to give them answers after 30 plus years of questions. It's a good day."

on his behalf. Jackson is a lifelong resident of northeast Portland.

Homer Lee Jackson faces

attorney who could comment

"He didn't seem like he was running from nobody, noth— Meredith Hopper, detective with the Portland Police Bureau's ing like that," Beverly Jones, Cold Case Homicide Unit who lives in the same apart-

multiple charges of aggravated murder in connection with the killings in 1983 and

plus years of questions. It's a


good day."

ment complex as J ackson, told KPTV.

Jackson is a ccused of killing Es sic Jackson, 23, "We' re most happy for the A uthorities s a i d the r e Tonja Harry, 19, and Angevictims' families, definitely," could be more victims, but la Anderson, 14, in 1983, as said Detective Meredith Hop- they don't have information well as 29-year-old Latanga per, a member of the Portland suggesting he was currently Watts in 1987. All four vicPolice Bureau's Cold Case committing murders, KPTV tims died from asphyxiation Homicide Unit, said in a news reported. from either strangulation or "We believehe may have drowning. conference. "Just to be able to give them aged out of this type of beJackson was scheduled that closure and be able to havior; we don't know that," to be arraigned Monday. He give them answers after 30 Hopper said. remained jailed Friday, and

"He always stayed to him-

self a lot. Sometimes we had

barbecues and he w o uld come down and speak and

The Associated Press WOO D VILLAGE — The

Grand Ronde tribal confederation has purchased a former greyhound racetrack in Wood Village, fueling new rumors about whether a casino will end up on the property. Tribal officials announced the purchase of the Multnomah Greyhound Park on Thursday, saying they bought the property to ensure that no competing casino will be built there, The Oregonian reports. The greyhound track closed in 2004 and the 31-acre site has

against those efforts. "I wouldn't say we would

was quoted as saying, "our priority at this time is to devel-

Fire Chief terminated —TheCannonBeachRural Fire Protection District has relieved its chief of his duties. Mike Balzer, 58, was informed of his termination Monday. District President Sharon Clyde says Balzer was let go due to apersonal matter, but she declined to provide further information. Assistant Fire Chief FrankSwedenborg will take over as interim chief, while the district and the Special Districts Association of Oregon start the search process for a permanent fire chief. Balzer couldn't be reachedfor comment. — From wire reports

stuff like t h at. Other t h an

that, he seemed like a good person," she said. H is cr iminal r e cord i n -

cludes criminal mischief and burglary convictions from the 1980s and early 2000s, as well as traffic violations.


Grand Rondetribal federtaion buys former dog track, fuelscasino rumors

City's top administrator, who wasdismissed from his position earlier this week, says the official made racially insensitive comments to two employeesandaccused them of lying after they reported the comments. TheOregon City Commission announced Tuesdaythat it would releaseDavid Frasher from the city manager position. Frasher had been onadministrative leave since August pending an investigation into the complaint. The complaint filed by Police Chief Jim Band says that in a conversation about a recent trip to Romania, Frasher told two policemen therewas little crime in the country because no black people lived there. Frasher claims hehad been recounting the statements of a taxi driver andwas not expressing his own views.

Find It All Online

that diversifies our investment

casino at the track, they would

and that he and other city offi-

holdings." could go in that direction if the Wood Village City Manag"face of gaming changes in er Bill Peterson said he spoke Oregon." with tribal officials about the If they were to try to open a site for the last several months face regulatory hurdles includ- cials believe a mixed-used deing a state policy that limits velopmentcouldbesuccessful. "We still do not know what

each tribe to one casino on reservation land. The Grand

the intended land-use purpos-

Ronde confederat ion operates

es are," he said.

Spirit Mountain Casino southwest of Portland.

The property was purchased for an undisclosed

"While we cannot rule price. Track owner Art McFadsince been eyed by developers as a private casino. The Con- anything out in terms of the den listed the racetrack earlier federated Tribes of the Grand future of gaming in Oregon," this year with an $11.2 million Ronde eff ectively campaigned tribal Chairman Reyn Leno asking price.

541-548-2066 ~e<"'6 \

bendbulletin. Com

Arts &




The Bulletin

sl Mes



The Bulletin

Be the

never do gaming there," said op this property in a manner Justin Martin, a Grand Ronde lobbyist, adding that the tribe

WILSONSof Redmond

G allery-Be n d 541-330-5084

• K%%%il lKCIIi@f='45

Take a Darkness to Light Training and help save a child from abuse. (I'


Estate of Evergreen Aviation founder files lawsuit against hazelnutgrowers By Mateusz Perkowski Capital Press

price that was 35 cents above gent, who told Capital Press the rate established by the Hazelnut Growers Bargain-

she expects the dispute to be

SALEM — A c ooperative

of Oregon hazelnut farmers is accused of violating a pric-

tiates prices between farmers

tlement right now," Sargent

resolved soon. "This matter is pending seting Association, which nego-

and major processors. aviation and agricultural The initial field price was entrepreneur. set at $1.15 per pound in The estate of Delford 2013, resulting in a payment Smith, founder of the bank- of $1.50 to Smith, according rupt E vergreen A v iation to the lawsuit filed in Multand Evergreen Agricultural nomah County Circuit Court. Enterprises, filed a lawsuit However, favorable market against the Hazelnut Grow- conditions led to the price iners of Oregon cooperati ve creasing to $1.30 per pound seeking $150,000 in addition- in March 2014, which means al payments for hazelnuts de- Smith should have received livered in 2013. $1.65 per pound, according to The complaint a l leges the complaint. ing contract with a deceased

Smith, wh o

d i e d i n 2 0 14,

The cooperative's CEO, Jeff

said, declining to provide specifics about possible terms. Even if the controversy be-

tween the cooperative and Smith i s s t r aightened out, the lawsuit has nonetheless

raised questions about the cooperative's pricing deal with the entrepreneur.

Processors who enter into deals w it h

t h e Ha z e lnut

Growers Bargaining Association are prohibited from paying certain farmers a more favorable rate than the estab-

agreed to sell 1 m i l l ion Fox, said he could not discuss lished price, said Bruce Chappounds of hazelnuts to the the matter and referred ques- in, chairman of the Oregon cooperative at a per-pound tions to attorney Brandy Sar- Hazelnut Commission.



a child abuse intervention center

Sign up at kidscenter.org




The Bulletin


ina Sl S


rlA64%6B oFol'TIMI6M...

OA COl'l'e Sl e

O e

~ ..0 o

I I N I , H~ o



he Bureau of Land Management can be justifiably



proud of some of its work to control wild horses, pro-


tectsage grouse, preserve spectacular landscapes


~e (~ b e. ~m/ww 4~ »


and cooperate with ranchers. But it should not be proud of its efforts with ranchers and Congress on Steens Mountain. With the way Congress works, a member can seldom say:Iw rote this law. But with the Steens Act of 2000, U.S. Rep. Greg Walden, R-Hood River, can say: I wrote this law. The act t ransformed Steens Mountain into a w ilderness-like area. President Bill Clinton considered designatingSteens as a national monument. Walden worked to come up with a compromise. The Steens Acthas environmental protections and allows cattle to graze. So in 2014, Walden was frustrated when the Bureau ofLand Management told cattle ranchers they had to pay to build fences to keep cattle out of the livestock-free zones. A rancher filed a lawsuit. Walden said the BLM was getting the law wrong. That was not the intent. The government was supposed to build the fences. The BLM insisted it was right. And what made matters more difficult was that the language about

Walden knew,though, what he had meant. He began to work the issue. He had his staff dig up the documents from the archive. H e met with th e BL M a n d ranchers in April 2014 in Burns. He told the BLM it was wrong. In July 2014, he got language incorporated into an appropriations bill explaining it was the BLM's job to build the fences. The BLM finally has gotten the message. Walden met with BLM officials again recently in Burns, and he told us the agency will build the fences. The BLM sent us the following: "While BLM still believes that the

language in Section 113(e)(2) is ambiguous, BLM also understands that the legislation was the product of unique and collaborative action resulting in a statutory framework that is itself both unique and collaborative. BLM believes that the views of the primary author of the Steens Act tip the scales in terms of how BLM should interpret the lan-

guage in Section 113(e)(2)." It took a year for the BLM to

fencing in Section 113(e)(2) was not take the author of the bill at his clear.

word. Good grief.

Avoid railroad shutdown

by passingnewresolution t sounded good back in 2008 when Congress approved the Rail Safety Improvement Act — require the nation's railroads to install something called Positive Train Control by the end of 2015, and make the country a safer place in the process. Problem is, no one — not the railroads, not the Government Accountability Office, not the Federal Railroad Administration — says the job can be completed by the end of this year. And unless the U.S. House of Representatives acts quickly to push the deadline back several years — the Senate already has done so — rail activity in the country is likely to slow dramatically or even stop. Had PTC been in place last May, the Amtrak accident in Philadelphia that killed eight people likely would not have occurred. PTC uses GPS, sends audible and visual information to train crews when there is danger ahead and warns the engineer to slow the train. If he or she failed to do so, the


T eri

train's computers would have taken over and slowed it for him or her. Meanwhile, it's difficult to overestimate the impact a nationwide rail shutdown would have. The chemicals used in fertilizer could not be shipped, nor could those used in treating drinking water. Rail shipments of everything from automobiles to lumber would end, as would all Amtrak traffic outside the northeast corridor from Washington, D.C., to Boston. Burlington-Northern, the rail company that serves Central Oregon, has said it will end all service before year's end if a delay is not approved. All that would cost the nation about $30 billion in the first month, according to the American Chemistry Council. House Resolution 3651 would push the current deadline back to the end of 2018, as the Senate already has done. Though no vote has been scheduled, action on it seems likely. We hope so. A sidelined rail system is a Christmas present this country can do without.

T e r a se 'Wanna et?' u tst e utureont e i ne By Gina Barreca

a joke, either: It offered a challenge as profound and irrevocable as a knight don't gamble, but I make a lot of flinging down a gauntlet to engage bets. Last week, on the day of my the worthiest of his opponents in a 24th wedding anniversary, I lost a match. bet to my husband. It wasn't the prize, great or small, Our wager had nothing to do with that was of value; it was the sheer trithe relationship (neither of us would umph of getting it right that made the bet against the house) but with the conflict worth the price of entry. foliage: Michael declared the trees in Here are the kinds of things we our yard would not be nearly as vivid would bet on: Would Unde Nick as they were two dozen years ago. tell Unde Bill he took up the whole My husband watches the Weath- driveway with his lousy parking (5-1 er Channel and mows the lawn, so odds)? How long would it take Grandthat makes him an expert on dimate ma to say, "How come you' re not eatchange and privy to various subtle ing?" once the immediate family of environmental clues invisible to the 117 sat down for the weekly Sunday rest of us. He's originally from Union dinner (3-1 it'd happen in under three City, New Jersey. minutes)? Would Johnny's wife fiIn response to Michael's conviction nally get up when the other women concerning the exact hour maples started to clear the table or would she would turn red, my own deep-root- continue just to sit'? (High-stakes; reced connection to the Earth began to ommended for professionals only beemerge. Despite never going into na- cause the phrase "I bet she's the kind ture any further than the back deck, who' ll never pick up a plate" whisI nevertheless decided I am One With pered among the aunts was heavy The Seasons and knew better than with gravitas, as well as gravy) he did. I'm originally from Brooklyn, Is it a surprise, then, that as a small Hartford (Conn.) Courant


New York.

I find myself saying, "You' ll see. The yard will look exactly the way it did in our wedding pictures." He smiles and says, "Want to bet?" I smile and nod. And so it begins. I grew up hearing and saying,

about regulating impassivity), and I'd bet myself I could dean my room in 10 minutes, which at least got me started.

When the first boy I fell for in high school broke up with me, I bet a friend $20 — which was a hefty payoff in those days, given that I was making under $1 an hour to babysit — that I wouldn't pick up the phone

to call him no matter how desperate I became. It cost me $40 to realize I couldn' t

afford to be miserable. It was worth every dime. So why is it more satisfying to trap a speculation inside the cage of bet than simply to disagree, allow the question to go free-range and see what happens'? My bet is that it gives us a sense of control over our otherwise chaotic

lives. We pretend, even briefly, that we can predictand therefore control the future.

As a game, it enlivens ordinary moments by turning trivial incidents

child I started to make bets with

into competitions and transforms everyday experiences into ceremonial



I'd bet myself I could sneak down the staircase and watch TV without

M y husband and Ibeton each other and won; I bet on the color of the

being caught. If I lost, sure I'd g et pun- leaves and lost, but only a little. The ished, but if I won, I'd get to see Gene winner chose fish for dinner, which I Barry in "Burke's Law." It was worth happily cooked. "Wanna bet'?" so often I thought it a shot. It also taught me useful, if ruIt wasn't a gamble because I know was one word. dimentary, skills concerning stealth he's the kind who picks up a plate. It was a way the people in my fam- and regulated impassivity. — GinaBarreca isanEnglish professor I'd bet myself I wouldn't cry if ily and neighborhood indicated polite at the University of Connecticut yet informed disagreement. It wasn' t my parents argued (more lessons and a columnist for the Hart ford Courant.

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t s c oo sont e a t w a t o w is om

riends of mine have been raving about the documentary "Most


Likely to Succeed," and it's easy to see what the excitement is about.

The film is a bold indictment of the



projects built around a driving question. One group studied why civilizations rise and fall and then built a giant wooden model, with moving gears and gizmos, to illustrate the students'

entire K-12 educational system.

theory. Another group studied dis-

Greg Whitel ey's documentary argues the American school system is that can be done much more effectivultimately built on a Prussian model ely b computers. designedmore than 100yearsago.Its The better approach, the film armain activity is downloading content gues, is to take content off center stage into students' minds, with success or and to emphasize the relational skills failure measured by standardized future workers will actually need: be-

eases transmitted through blood and

tests. This lecture-and-textbook meth-

od leaves many children bored and listless. Worse, it is unsuited for the modern workplace. Information is now ubiqui-

tous. You can look up any fact on your phone. A computer can destroy Ken

Jennings, the world's best "Jeopardy!" contestant, at a game of information retrieval. Computers can write routine news stories and do routine le-

gal work. Our test-driven schools are training kids for exactly the rote tasks

made a film. The documentary is about relationships, not subject matter. In the school,

theses and be challenged in turn. You have to know what a neutron or a Finally after living with this sort of gene is, that the Civil War came before knowledge for years, exposing it to the the Progressive Era. Research shows rigors of reality, wisdom dawns. Wisstudents with a concrete level of core dom is a hard-earned intuitive awareknowledge are better at remembering ness of how things will flow. Wisdom advancedfactsand concepts later. is playful. The wise person loves to Second, there is pattern formation share and cajole and guide and won— linking facts together in meaning- der at what she doesn't know. ful ways. This can be done by a good The cathedrals of knowledge and lecturer, through dass discussion, wisdom are based on the foundations through unconscious processing or by of factual acquisition and cultural litgoing over and over a challenging text eracy. You can't overleap that, which until it dicks in your head. is what High Tech High is in danger of Third, there is mental reformation. doing. "Most Likely to Succeed" is inspirAt some point while studying a field, the student realizes she has learned ing because it reminds us new technola new language and way of seeingogy demands new schools. But somehow to think like a mathematician or a how relational skills have to be taught poet or physicist. alongside factual literacy. The stairAt this point, information has be- way from information to knowledge come knowledge. It is alive. It can be to wisdom has not changed. The rules manipulated and rearranged. At this have tobe learned before they can be point, a student has the mental content played with and broken. First, there is basic factual acquisition.

too,teacherscoverabouthalfasmuch content as in a regular school. Long st.tches of history and other subject ing able to motivate, collaborate, per- curriculums are effectively skipped. severe and navigate through a com- Students do not develop conventional plex buffe of freelance gigs. study habits. Whiteley highlights one school he The big question is whether such believes is training students well. This a shift from content to life skills is is High Tech High, a celebrated school the proper response to a high-tech in San Diego started by San Diego economy. business and tech leaders. This school Ultimately, what matters is n ot takes an old idea, project-based learn- only how well you can collaborate in ing, and updates it in tech clothing. groups, but the quality of the mind you There are no textbooks, no bells bring to the group. marking the end of one period or start If we want to produce wise people, and architecture to innovate, to come of the next. Students are given group what are the stages that produce it? up with new theses, challenge others'

— David Brooks is a columnist for The New York Times.



BITUARIES DEATH 1VOTIt ES Donna Jean Fox, of Bend

Lois Maurine Hughes, of Bend

Aug. 2, 1946-Oct. 13, 2015 Arrangements: Niswonger-Reynolds Funeral Home is honored to serve the family. 541-382-2471 Please visit the online registry for the family at

Aug. 14, 1945 - Oct. 12, 2015 Arrangements: Please visit our website, www.bairdfh.corn, to

Services: A private family gathering will be held.

family are being planned

www.niswon ger-reynolds.corn

Evelyn L. Tureck, of Bend Oct. 10, 1928 - Oct. 14, 2015 Arrangements: Niswonger-Reynolds Funeral Home is honored to serve the family. 541-382-2471 Please visit the online registry for the family at www.niswon ger-reynolds.corn

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Asked whether there might be a way to reduce the cost of

Continued from 61 "No nation is going to reach higher education rather than its pinnacle of potential if its assist students in paying it, students don't think there' s Merkley said it's difficulta path for them to thrive and running a college or universipursue their dreams," he said. ty is costly, and state support Merkley told the roughly for public i nstitutions has 50 students in a t tendance been declining for several that students in G e rmany years. pay an average of 5 percent M erkley said that at t he of their family's income for a federal level, it's a matter of year of college, while in the choices. The government is United States, it's closer to 50 on track to spend $1 trillion percent of the average family over the next decade upgradincome.The debts carried by ing nuclear weapons syscurrentand recent students tems, he said, money he bemake it difficult for them to

lieves would be better spent

buy their first homes or save investing in education.

Bend Nov. 27, 1949 - Oct. 14, 2015 Arrangements: Baird Memorial Chapel of La Pine is honored to serve the family. 541-536-5104 www.bairdfh.corn Services: A private family gathering will be held at a later date. Contributions may be made to:

Local Fire Department or Animal Shelter of your





istry for creating techniques to synthesize complex carbon molecules that are now widely used in developing medicine, electronics and other products. Died Oct. 9 in Manila, the


Continued from 61 public's CEO, said the company learned Oct. I that it would be receiving more than $7 million less than anticipated through the federal risk corridors program, which provides payments to insurance companies whose claim

Fax: 541-322-7254

it to Bend is one of multiple

public forums he's held recently to discuss the price of

protected." — Laura Cali, Oregon insurance commissioner

2016 without a clear understanding of when and if this

since folded or announced plans to do so, including Health Republic. pending on the risk program Health Republic received to offset the collective $127 roughly $60 million in startup million in losses they expe- and solvency loans from the rienced in 2014, the result federal government. of underestimating the cost Despite the co-ops' strugof claims they would be re- gles nationwide, Bonder said quired to pay that year. This she still thinks their creation year's losses are expected to was a great idea. She thinks they' re simply facing the be similar. For its part, Health Repub- same struggles all carriers lic paid more than double in are with the risk corridors claims than it took in from program. "We' re all just collateral premiums. As a result, the carrier was set to increase damage to a broken political the cost of its individual pol- system," she said. "If we had iciesby an average of nearly the capacity to go to Con38 percent. Enrollees would gress, lay it all out and say, have seen hikes between 33.2 'Hey, here's what's workpercent and 46.9 percent. ing and w hat's not w o rkHealth Republic is one of ing. Here's what needs to be two Consumer Operated and tweaked.' ... We just don' t Oriented Plans in Oregon. have a functioning legisla-

m oney would be received.We

The other is Oregon's Health

risk and to withdraw from the '16 market." Many carriers were de-

with the goal of protecting them against uncertainty in the first three years of sell-

ing on the health insurance marketplace. This year, companies nationally received an average of only 12.6 percent of what they expected to through the

program. On top of that, Bonder said

her company learned this week there is uncertainty about its 2015 risk corridors

payment as well on the order of $15 million. "That combined with the 2014 shortfall is a more than

$20 million capital hole," she said. "We did not believe it would be responsible or ethical of us to move forward in

have not received any indication that we can rely on that

money to come in a timely manner forus and therefore

have decided to not put our members and Oregonians at

enced by discussions he's had with current college students who are c oncerned about their ability to r epay their

debts. He said he's "delighted" to see the leading candidates for his party's presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton and

and that he's optimistic the

presidential campaign could provide the momentum to

help get legislation passed. — Reporter: 541-383-0387, shammers@bendbulleti n.corn

Deadlines:Death Notices are accepted until noon Monday through Friday for next-day publication and by4:30 p.m. Friday for Sundaypublication. Obituaries must be received by 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday for publication on the second dayafter submission, by1 p.m. Friday for Sunday publication, and by 9 a.m. Monday forTuesday publication. Deadlines for display ads vary; pleasecall for details. Mail:Obituaries P.O. Box 6020

Bend, OR97708

tive body that can take these

CO-OP. The Affordable Care issues and come out with outAct created 23 such carriers comes that really are for the in an effort to p rovide afgreater good." fordable coverage and create The Oregon Insurance more competition in market- Division recommends those places, but already nine have enrolled in Health Republic

policies take immediate ac-

tion to select a new plan when open enrollment begins Nov. 1. Businesses with small or

large group coverage through the carrier should call their agents or company now for help choosing a new carrier. "We will review Health Re-

public's wind-down plan and work closely with Health Republic to ensure that individuals and businesses currently

enrolled with Health Republic are protected," Oregon Insurance Commissioner Laura Cali wrote in a statement. Also contributing to Health

Republic's decision is the Oregon Insurance Division's decision not to expand the

state's small group market definition to include businesses with up to 100 employees. Bonder said that move

probably will dissuade some employers from purchasing on the small group market, which makes upmore than 75 percent of the company's

membership. Bonder said there is no possibility that Health Republic will re-enter the market in the

future. "I just want people to know

that we are extremely frustrated, extremely disappointed," she said, "but we believe

we made a choice that will be in the best interest of our members and Oregonians." — Reporter: 541-383-0304, tbannow@bendbulletin.corn


Canadianenvoyhid Americansduring hostagecrisis By Rob Gillies The Associated Press

TORONTO — Ken Taylor,

Canada's ambassador to Iran who sheltered Americans at his residence during the 1979 hostage crisis, has died. He was 81. T aylor's w i fe ,

P at , s a i d

Ken died Thursday after a two-month battle with colon cancer.

Taylor kept the Americans hidden at his residence and at the home of his deputy, John Sheardown, in Tehran for three months. Taylor facilitated their escape by arranging plane tickets and persuading the Ottawa government to issue fake passports.

He was heralded as a hero in both the United States and operation.

Peter Bregg /The Canadian Press via The Associated Press

Ken Taylor, the Canadian ambassador to Iran, briefs a reporter in 1980 in Tehran, Iran, on the current

Some of Taylor's exploits conditions in the country oneweek before leaving Iran with six Americans. Taylor, who kept the Amerin Iran in 1979 later became icans hidden at his residence during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis, died Thursday at 81.

byterian hospital where he was being treated. She said Taylor, born in 1934 in Calgary, has a legacy of generosity. "He did all sorts of things for everyone without any expectation of something coming back," she told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. "It's why that incident in

Iran happened," she said. " There w a s no sec o n d thought about it. He just went

ahead and did it. His legacy is that giving is what is important, not receiving. With

all his friends, that's what he Email: obits©bendbulletin.corn

Sen. Bernie Sanders, making college affordability a central theme of their campaigns

at 10 percent of a borrower's disposable income, he said, and forgive any debt owed after 20 years. Merkley said Friday's vis-

currently enrolled with Health Republic are

payments exceed their costs

Robert White, 92: Meteorol- the subject of the 2012 Hollyogist who served under five wood film, "Argo." But Taylor U.S. presidents as the nation's and others, including thentop weatherman, oversee- U.S. President Jimmy Carter, ing the launch of pioneering felt the film downplayed his weather satellites and sound- role and that of Canada in the ing early warnings about cli- operation. mate change.Died WednesTaylor's wife of more than day at his home in Chevy 50 years said he was diagChase, Maryland. nosed with cancer in August — Fromwire reports and that friends from Canada, the U.S. and elsewhere

Obituary policy

Phone: 541-617-7825

paid to repay student loans

plan and work closely with Health Republic to ensure that individuals and businesses

Dawn Bonder, Health Re-

visited him at New York Pres-

Death Notices are freeand will be run for oneday, but specific guidelines must be followed. Local obituaries are paid advertisements submitted by families or funeral homes. Theymay besubmitted by phone, mail, email or fax. The Bulletin reserves the right to edit all submissions. Please include contact information in all correspondence. For information on any of these services or about the obituary policy, contact 541-617-7825.

Act is at least in part influ-

"We will review Health Republic's wind-down

Canada for helping save the Americans in the clandestine

Richard Heck, 84: Shared

college. He said the Afford

Gary Lee Bragg,of

Catholic faith through this organization. Jane will be remembered by her f amily an d f r i ends for her quiet and kind naSept. 28, 1935- Oct. 10, 2015 ture, her loyalty, and most J ane M u r p h y M cCo r - i mportantly h er str o n g mick was born on Septem- f aith. S h e w a s a s k i l l e d ber 28, 1935. Shortly after baker, meticulously tended h er e i g h t i et h b i r t h d a y , her rose g a rden, b ecame J ane passed away on O c an avid tennis player, was tober 10, 2015, at her home a tenacious walker, a v o i n C r o s swater, O r e g o n . racious reader, and l o v ed Jane was born and r a ised animals and ice cream. by her I r is h p a r ents, Leo J ane is survived b y h e r a nd Dade Murphy, i n t h e h usband, J i m ; h e r ch i l Catholic f ai t h i n L a dren, Michael (wife Kim), Crosse, Wisconsin. She at- Mathew (wife C a r o l), t ended Ca t h o li c g r ad e J ames (wife E sther), an d school and high school in Molly (husband Andrew); La Crosse and c o n tinued six grandchildren, Conner, her Catholic education at M olly, L auren, Owen, Ri Manhattanville College of ley, and Lucy; one brother, t he Sacred Heart i n P u r - P circe; cousins S u e a n d chase, New York. Nora; sisters-in-law H elen J ane ma r r i e d Jame s a nd Judy; an d J i m ' s e x P atrick McCormick o n t ended family, as w el l a s August 27, 1960. Together many beloved friends. She t hey h a d f o u r chi l d r e n was preceded in death by whom th e y r ai s e d i n her parents and two brothM odesto, Cali f or n i a . ers, Terrance and Jack. While raising her children, V iewing w i l l t a k e p l a c e Jane comp l e te d her from 4 : 0 0 -7:00 P M on master's degree in e duca- Monday, October 19, 2015, tion. a t H ol y T r i n i t y C a t h o l ic Jane w as ab l e t o Church, l ocated a t 1 8 143 co-mingle her l ove of s c iC ottonwood R d i n Su n ence and faith by teaching river. The Funeral Mass of science at S t . S t a n i slaus t he Resurrection w i l l b e Catholic Scho o l f or celebrated at 9:30 AM on t wenty-one y e ars . A fte r Tuesday, October 20, 2015, h er r e t i r ement, s h e w a s a t H ol y T r i n i t y C a t h o l ic regularly approached by Church. Burial service will h er f o r me r s t u dents a n d be private. their parents wh o s h ar ed Memorial co n t r i b utions t heir g r a t i t ud e f o r her i n J ane's n a m e m a y b e ears of service in Catho- made to: T h e E q u estrian ic education. Order of t h e H o l y S e pulIn their r etirement, Jane cher, c/o Mary Ann Moliand Jim m o ved t o C r o ss- tor, 307 E Northern Lights w ater. T h e y b e c ame i n - Blvd, Ste. 202, Anchorage, v olved in th ei r n ew A K 9 9 503; H o l y Tr i n i t y c hurch, Ho ly Tr i n it y Care & Sh are, 18160 CotCatholic C h u r ch . Jane t onwood R d ¹ 76 3 , S u n served a s a Eu c h a r i stic r iver, O R 97 7 0 7 ; F r a n Minister, t a ught r e l i gious c iscans of th e W o r l d , c / o education to teens in Holy Mario DiCicco O.F.M., 110 Redeemer Parish, and volW M a dison S t., C h i cago, unteered at Care % Share IL 60602. as well as th e Re d C r o ss Baird Funeral Homes is Blood Drives. in charge of the funeral arS he and Ji m j o i ned t h e rangements. P l e ase v i sit Equestrian O r de r o f t he our web site, Holy Sepulcher of Jerusa- www.bairdfh.corn, to share lem in 1 9 99, an d g r e atly c ondolences and sign t h e enjoyed deepening their online guestbook.

the 2010 Nobel Prize in chem-

"We' ve been so intent on

being the world's military superpower, why not be the super education power'?" he said. "Our long-term future really depends on it." Merkley frequently r eturned to a proposal he' s been shopping around Congress, the Afford Act. The legislation would cap the rate

for a later date.

Jane Murphy

Deaths of note from around the world:



The six U.S. diplomats had managed to slip away when their embassy was overrun

in 1979. They spent five days

on the move, then took refuge

at the Canadian Embassy for the next three months. The CIA c o nsulted with

Canadian officials on how to organize a rescue, and Canada gave permission for the diplomats to be issued fake Canadian passports. Former U.S. President Ron-

ald Reagan paid tribute to Taylor at the White House.

his valor and ingenuity in harboring six American cit-

in 2012. The original postscript of the movie said Tay-

izens trapped in Iran in the

lor received 112 citations and

aftermath of the seizure of the American Embassy in

awards for his work in freeing the hostages and suggest-

Tehran on Nov. 4, 1979, and,

ed Taylor didn't deserve them

ultimately, in securing their safe return," Heyman said in

because the movie ends with the CIA deciding to let Canada have the credit for helping the Americans escape.

a statement. Canadian Prime Minister

Stephen Harper said he was sad to learn of the news.

"As Canada's Ambassador consul general in New York to Iran during the Iranian and received a key to the city. Revolution, Taylor valiantly Even earlier this year, he re- risked his own life by shieldceived a standing ovation at ing a group of American dipa New York Rangers hockey lomats from capture," Harper game. said. "Ken Taylor represented Tributes poured in for Tay- the very best that Canada's lor on Thursday. foreignservicehasto offer." "Ambassador Taylor's acJoe Clark, Canada's prime tions during the Iran hostage minister in 1979, called Taycrisis were unquestionably lor a Canadian hero and a heroic," said Peter Boogaard, valued friend. a White House National SeAlthough Taylor's actions curity Council spokesman. were made famous again U.S. Ambassador Bruce in the movie "Argo," which Heyman called Taylor's ac- won the 2013 Oscar for best tions courageous. picture, Taylor said it made " Ambassador Tayl o r Canada look like a meek obearned the enduring grati- server to CIA heroics. Friends tude of the United Statesof Taylor were outraged when and was awarded the Con- "Argo" debuted at the Torongressional Gold Medal — for to International Film Festival He was appointed Canada's

In 2013, Taylor's story was told again at the Toronto International F i l m Fe s t ival,

which debutedthe documentary, "Our Man in Tehran."

Taylor is also survived by his son, Douglas, and two grandchildren. There are tentative plans for a funeral in Toronto on Oct. 27.

C om p l e m e n t s

H o me I n t e ri o r s

541.322.7337 w ww . c o m p l e m e n t s h o m e . c o r n



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53/46/sh 51143/r 61/44/pc 70/51/pc 47/28/pc 50/34/pc 78/67/c 76/64/t 56/30/s 56/34/pc 66/44/pc 77/54/pc Little Rock 71/43/pc 71/44/pc Los Angeles 75no/o.oo 80/67/pc 78/66/pc Louisville 66/43/0.00 59/34/s 60/38/pc Madison, Wl 50/39/0.00 51/29/s 57/44/s Memphis 74/63/0.00 67/43/s 68/44/pc Miami 83/80/0.21 84/75/t 85/75/c Milwaukee 52/43/0.00 50/34/s 53/44/s Minneapolis 48/33/0.00 54/35/s 62/49/s Nashville 71/59/Tr 62/35/s 62/36/pc New Orleans 92/60/0.00 77/58/s 73/59/s New YorkCity 64/54/0.00 56/38/pc 51/36/pc Newark, NJ 66/50/0.00 57/37/pc 52/34/pc Norfolk, VA 63/50/0.04 64/45/s 56/43/pc OklahomaCity 70/59/0.00 76/50/s 77/52/pc Omaha 59/35/0.00 65/44/pc 73/54/pc Orlando 82/65/0.00 88/67/pc 81/66/pc Palm Springs 94ne/o'.oe SgnO/pc 88/66/t Peoria 60/43/0.00 56/34/s 64/45/pc Philadelphia 66/52/Tr 57/39/pc 53/36/pc Phoenix 97n7/o.o4 89/73/pc 89/70/pc Pitlsburgh 58/42/0.06 48/33/c 49/31/c Portland, ME 61/47/Tr 53/29/pc 47/25/pc Providence 63/47/0.00 56/33/pc 49/29/pc Raleigh 68/50/0.01 66/37/s 58/35/s Rapid City 65/27/0.00 63/40/s 81/49/pc Reno 75/56/0.00 72/46/c 69/42/c Richmond 64/48/Tr 62/35/s 56/34/pc Rochester, NY 57/44/0.39 46/30/c 43/28/sn Sacramento 89/63/0.00 80/55/c 78/54/pc St. Louis 65/45/0.00 59/39/pc 64/46/pc Salt Lake City 81/51/0.00 74/57/c 71/54/t San Antonio 90/63/0.00 88/58/s 85/57/s San Diego 74/71/Tr 80/70/pc 80/69/pc San Francisco 72/60/0.00 71/60/c 69/59/pc San Jose 79/62/Tr 75/57/c 71/56/pc Santa Fe 65/43/0.00 69/44/pc 71/47/c Savannah 85/53/0.00 75/49/s 66/45/pc Seattle 68/48/0.00 65/56/r 62/52/sh Sioux Falls 55/30/0.00 62/39/s 69/54/s Spokane 72/46/0.00 70/51/pc 64/49/c Springfield, MO 66/46/Tr 63/43/pc 67/46/pc Tampa 84/69/0.00 89/69/pc 83/65/pc Tucson 91/67/0.00 85/66/c 86/66/pc Tulsa 71/54/0.02 70/47/s 75/50/pc Washington, DC67/51/0.00 59/39/pc 55/38/pc Wichita 70/50/0.00 70/50/pc 76/56/pc Yakima 78/40/0.00 74/50/c 73/45/pc Yuma 95ns/r'r 93/74/pc 91/71/pc

78/47/pc 79/49/pc 60/39/pc 66/50/pc 50/31/pc 52/33/s 46/28/s 54/42/s 77/60/pc 81/61/pc 39/31/r 40/29/c 57/36/s 67/48/s 60/43/t 61/43/c 48/31/c 52/35/s 49/28/s 52/39/s 63/36/s 58/35/s 54/34/pc 52/32/pc 54/30/pc 49/26/pc 72/44/pc 70/44/c

89ne/o.oe sgns/sh sgne/sh 91/59/0.00 77/56/0.00 62/40/0.00 84/57/0.00 85/54/0.00

85/53/s 67/38/s 54/31/s 74/47/s 79/57/s


Mne 35

3e" e



50/45/0.79 72/61/0.12 58/54/0.00 99/73/0.00 91/79/0.02 79/55/0.00 82/72/0.00 48/45/0.23 66/52/0.02 59/54/0.56 64/41/0.00 gtn5/0'.00 86/68/0.00 57/32/0.00 82/75/1.67 55/37/0.00 55/37/0.00 48/41/0.00 89/62/0.10

51/43/sh 76/64/pc 62/56/c 96/67/s 91/77/pc 76/53/pc 86/73/s 49/39/pc 66/47/i 57/40/sh 64/47/s 92/73/s 90/69/s 66/46/pc



53/45/pc 52/42/pc 53/39/c 85/58/pc 86n4/o'.oo 87n4/s 72/61/0.00 71/61/s 88/65/0.00 83/64/s 79/53/0.11 71/53/pc 72/64/0.00 74/65/pc 70/61/0.00 71/60/t 55/51/0.12 57/49/pc 72/39/0.00 74/57/pc 86/80/0.08 86/81/t

Yesterday Today Sunday Hi/Lo/Prec. Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W


81/53/s 68/38/s 58/37/pc 73/46/s 70/53/pc



Amsterdam P Athens d x xx x x x 63/4 uke 7 1 /84 Auckland 5 w York Baghdad s oinesC' Che 6/39 Bangkok o 72/4 Beijing • 5 4 P gedefphia 7/39 Beirut Omah lumb • Den ington Berlin 4 78/4 59 Bogota Louisv Kansas Budapest St. ou 59/ e Angeles X kk k et/44 59/ BuenosAires % ~kkkk X Albu q u Cherie 8 • Neshv' Cabo SanLucas ' ~ v. X X ' e k k 8 kk Cairo Anchorage x kfehoma Cl • Ll • A te Calgary 7 e ~ Wflltra % % 'e 48(41~ ~' ' 7 68/44 Cancun Bi inghe • Dago Dublin 69/ 3 81/5 Edinburgh l as <Io Geneva 77/40 8/6 Harare 0 Orleans 8/83 Hong Kong lu 77/58 Chihuahua o Istanbul 89/y~~~v 74/54 Jerusalem Moner .~ aeyyav.wuvwyww~ dd Johannesburg 82/62 . +vvv v v v v ' t v ' +'+ Lima Lisbon Shown are today's noonpositions of weather systems and precipitation. Temperature bands are highs for the day. London T-storms Rai n Sh owers S no w Fl u rries Ice Warm Front Sta t ionary Front Madrid Cold Front Manila 4


Yesterday Today Sunday Hi/Lo/Prec. Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W


ded d Q KH

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at John Day Low: 2G' at Baker City



Oct 20 Oct 27 No va N o v11 Tetsight's sky:Before sunrise Sunday,Mars will shine less than 0.5 degreefrom Jupiter.


Partly sunny

Shown is today's weather.Temperatures are today's highs and tonight's lows.




Mostly cloudy

71/55 afternoon shower. 63/57 Yesterday Normal Record RiVer Rufus • ermiston There will be a shower Cannon /54 High 68' 62' Ss' in 1991 around tonight. lington 71/56 Portland ~M Mesc am Losune 62/57 Low 39' 33' 11' in 1949 I 7 • w o 7/Bs 74/46 E t rp dl h,n 71/4 he Daff • 74/47 Tiaamo • • 71/ PRECIPITATION CENTRAL:Mostly andy e 70/54 Mc fnnvfff Heppner L G r ande Joseph cloudy today with a 3/56 Gove nt 24 hours through 5 p.m. yesterday 0.00" • up i • • Condon /51 7 50 • 67 Record 0.80"in 1916 couple of showers. Union Lincoln ' 59/ Month to date (normal) 0.1 2" (0.24") Showers will linger 61/57 Sale pray Granite e Year to date(normal) 7.04 " (7.41 ") tonight, tapering in the 67I • 0/53 'Baker C Newpo 68/44 evening. Barometric pressure at 4 p.m. 29 . 96" • 66/46 /55 61/53 • Mitch H 72/44 Camp Sh WEST:Cloudy today 67/47 Red n SUN ANDMOON «U Yacha • John with periods of rain. 66/53 Today Sun. 60/55 ePrineviRe Day /46 • tario Rain will taper to a 67/44 72I51 • Pa line Sunrise 7:22 a.m. 7: 2 3 a.m. few showers tonight. 7 50 Floren e • Eugene e Be d Brothers 65 47 Sunset 6:19 p.m. 6: 1 7 p.m. Valee 61/57 66/52 43 SU ivere 62/42 Moonrise 11: 40 a.m. 12 :33 p.m. 73/51 Nyssa • 6 1 • LaPine Ham on Moonset 9: 33 p.m. 10:24 m. p. 74/52 Juntura Grove Oakridge Co • Burns OREGON EXTREMES First Fu l l Last New 70/49 65/53 /52 61 5 Fort Rock Riley 67/40 YESTERDAY Greece1 ee4/40 66/44

1 I~



Bend Municipal Airport through 5 p.m.yeat.

10 a.m. Noon





Cloudy andcooler with a few showers




62' If ' I


55/47/sh 77/65/pc 64/54/pc 95/64/s 90/77/t 63/43/pc

86n3/pc 50/42/eh 67/48/c

58/47/eh 68/53/s 92/72/s

9OnO/pc 60/43/c 80/76/t 54/41/pc 54/40/pc 55/40/sh 82/57/pc


70/60/c 84/66/pc 80/56/s 75/64/pc 68/62/t 59/48/pc 71/55/c 83/81/r


51/41/0. 29 63/38/0.00 51/36/0.02 80/71/Tr 64/45/Tr 62/32/0.00 76/60/0.00


Mecca Mexico City Montreal Moscow

107/79/0.04 103/76/s 71/52/0.00 65/54/pc 50/45/0.05 43/26/sn 46/32/0.00 46/37/c Nairobi 84/64/0.06 78/60/c Nassau 84/76/0.45 85/75/pc New Delhi 95n5/o'.oo 94/73/s Osaka 77/52/0.00 78/56/pc Oslo 38/30/0.00 49/38/pc Ottawa 50/43/0.15 43/24/pc Paris 45/37/0.17 55/41/sh Rio de Janeiro ggm/o'.oo 78/69/c Rome 66/60/0.05 66/51/pc Santiago 57/45/0.00 73/48/s Sao Paulo 93/77/0.00 74/60/c Sapporo 65/41/0.00 68/49/s Seoul 74/54/0.00 76/51/s Shanghai 81/59/0.00 77/61/s Singapore 90/81/0.00 91/79/pc Stockholm 52/28/0.00 47/30/pc Sydney 88/62/0.00 76/65/t Taipei 82/70/0.01 83/73/pc Tel Aviv 85/67/0.00 87/74/s Tokyo 63/60/1.27 71/62/r Toronto 52/41/0.00 45/27/pc Vancouver 59/43/0.00 61/52/c Vienna 49/48/0.48 50/39/sh Warsaw 57/45/0.12 55/44/sh


Federalappealsjudges hearchallenge to Washingtonfish-passageruling By Gene Johnson The Associated Press

SEATTLE — In a case that

ington and Native American tribes over fishing rights since a federal court decision guaranteed the tribes the right

could have implications for dams and development in the to half of Northwest salmon Northwest, federal appeals

harvest. Washington's tribes,

happen when culverts block the salmon from spawning. In 2007, U.S. District Judge

Ricardo S. Martinez agreed, and in an order years later, he demanded that the state re-

judges heard arguments Fri- backed by the U.S. Justice place hundreds of culverts. day about whether Washing- Department, sued the state in The state agrees that reton state should have to spend

2001, trying to force the state

PlaCing the Old CulVertS iS

billions of dollars to replace to replace the culverts with large pipes that allow streams bridges or other structures

one important part of restor-

to pass under roadways — but

that is has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to fix fish

which also block salmon from migrating upstream to their spawning grounds.

that better allow fish to pass.

The crux of their argument

ing salmon runs and notes

is that b ased on m i d-19th habitat. century treaties, they don' t The tribes do not have a The lawsuit is t h e l atest just have a right to fish, but treaty right to habitat restotwist in more than 40 years for there to be fish to catch ration, Solicitor General Noah of litigation between Washsomething that d o esn' t Purcell said.


of a mate — in May 2011. Four months later, in September

Continued from B1

2011, OR-7 dispersed. That

Continued from B1 The number of rentals in

mitS irt 2007, and eight were

granted during that time. I mplementing th e n e w rules, Williams said, "has been a very smooth process."

owner could lose his license.

which came into existence in 2014.

icies at a Nov. 18 meeting.

The city began issuing per-

Join experts for a panel discussion on Cascadiaand an in-depth look at how the major earthquake predicted to hit the Oregon coast sometime in the next 50 years could impact Central Oregon — with a special focus on what businesses should do to prepare. The panel includes: Dr. Daniele McKay, professor of geology at OSU-Cascades Kelley Okolita, director of disaster management services atCambia Health Solutions Sgt.Nathan Garibay,Emergency Service Manager for the Deschutes

County Sheriffs Office.

Four key organizations are partnering to bring this important preparedness event to you. Don' t miss this free event for a first-hand look at the predicted Cascadia quake and for important tips on how to prepare yourself, your family and your business to survive the immediate aftermath.

a concern should first contact the owner before going to the city. If valid complaints are lodged, Williams said, an

the city skyrocketed as a task force began considering Licenses need to be renewed tougher rules, with about 230 every year for $200, and the applications being filed so far city says it will mail owners irt 2015. BefOre that time, there three reminders to reapply. were only about 450 rentals in For those who find a nearthe entire city, roughly 230 of by rental to be a nuisance, the city has a website with contact information. Williams said those with

What are you and your business doing to prepare?

CrOOk artd DeSChuteS COun-

ties in 2011 before becoming the first wolf in nearly 90 Last week, the state De- fall, scientists estimated OR-3 years in California. He repartment of Fish and Wildlife was 3 years old and OR-7 was turned to Oregon in 2013 and confirmed the photo was OR- 2 years old, making the broth- now has a mate. This year he 3, and Sneak Cat, a blog about ers7and6now. fathered his second litter Of w ildlife, f i rst r e ported t h e While OR-7 wears a GPS pups in the Rogue Pack, his news Thursday. collar that can be tracked by family, which roams a terriCaptured and collared by satellite, OR-3 has a VHF ra- tory in the Rogue River-Sisstatewolf researchers in Feb- dio collar, according to Den- kiyou National Forest. While ruary 2010, OR-3 was last nehy's email. "Unlike GPS OR-7 has apparently given located in September 2011 in collars, which automatically up wandering and settled in the Ochocos near Prineville. provide locations to a com- the Southern Oregon CasScientists figured he might puter, VHF collars require cades, what OR-3 is doing is a have died after not tracking wildlife biologists to locate the mystery. "Little is known about the him since. collar with special telemetry Like OR-7, who earned equipment in the field," she current status of (OR-3), but fame by wandering thou- wrote. wildlife biologists will attempt sands of miles through OreResearchers believe OR-3's to gather more information," gon and Northern California, collar is no longer sending a Dennehy wrote in her email. OR-3 was originally from the signal, with the battery likely The Associated Press conImnaha Pack in northeast Or- out of power. tributed to this report. egon. He dispersed — or set During his l ong w a lk, — Reporter: 541-617-7812, out alone, possibly in search OR-7 passed through parts of ddarling@bend bulletin.corn


The Cascadia earthquake is coming.


7ypically, the city f ields about one complaint a week,

Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2015 7 p.m, at the Tower Theatre A panel presentation with time for audience questions, Free and open to the public. Tickets and information: www.towertheatre.org 541-74R-41RS

American Red Cross

often related to noise or park-

ing, Williams said. The City Council is set to hear art update on the new pol— Reporter: 541-633-2160, tleedsibendbulletin.corn

The Bulletin servingcentral oregon sincerece

Oregon State Cascades



104/76/s 63/53/pc 41/26/pc 48/38/c 79/59/c 83/76/pc 95n3/s 81/56/s 50/39/s 40/24/pc 53/41/s 74/68/c 69/56/pc 75/51/pc 68/60/c 66/47/c 75/52/s

75/63/pc 91/79/pc 49/35/pc 72/64/pc 79n4/c 87/74/pc 74/61/s 44/27/pc 59/50/c 52/43/sh


IN THE BACI4 BUSINESS Ee MARUT NEWS W Scoreboard, C2 M LB, C3 Sports in brief, C3 Preps, C4 NHL, C3 Golf, C6 THE BULLETIN • SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2015

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SPORTS DFS trade group issued subpoena A federal grand jury has issued asubpoena to the leading trade group for fantasy sports as part of an investigation into the practices and legality of the booming, unregulated daily fantasy sports industry, according to two people involved in the industry. The grand jury investigation is being conducted under the auspices of the U.S.attorney's office in Tampa, Florida, which declined to comment. Thegroup, the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, which lobbies on behalf of leading sites such asDraftKings and FanDuel, wasthe target of the subpoena, but a spokeswomandeclined to discuss it. The scope of the investigation remained unclear, as did whether it was connected to interviews that FBIagents have beenconducting — according to people contacted by themwith competitors at daily fantasy sites. The subpoenarequested, amongother materials, copies of the minutes from the organization's board meetings, according to the two people, who spokeon condition of anonymity because theywerenot authorized to discuss the case publicly. The trade association says it represents 300 members, and its board includes the chief executives of DraftKings, Jason Robins, and FanDuel, Nigel Eccles, as well as executives from investors and participants in the industry such as CBS Sports Digital, Yahoo,Gannett and ESPN. The NewYork attorney general's office last week announced aninquiry into the sites. The illinois Gaming Board said Friday that it believed the daily fantasy sports sites were illegal and that it would askthe state's attorney general, Lisa Madigan, for an opinion next week. On Thursday, Nevada regulators ruled that daily fantasy sports should be considered gambling and ordered themto stop operating in the state until the companies and their employees received state gambling licenses. — New YorkTimes News Service

MLB Royals blank Blue Jays

Intermountain Intermountain Nonconference Sky-Em Tri-Valley SUMMIT ........ ...59 R EDMOND............50 L IBERTY............ 45 SISTERS .............. 34 MOLALLA..... RIDGEVIEW .... .....7 MOUNTAINVIEW....27 BEND............. ... 21 JUNCTION CITY...... 10 MADRAS ..... Nonconference

Columbia Basin 1A Special District 2 RIDGEFIELD (WASH.)..30 COQUILLE ........ ... 54 CULVER........... ... 34 HOSANNA CHRISTIAN 71 CROOK COUNTY..... 13 LA PINE ................ 0 PILOT ROCK...... ... 20 GILCHRIST .............6

The Associated Press


have not beaten a Pac12 opponent in Martin

Stadium since November 2013. They lost at home to FCS Portland State in this


year's season opener. They are much more dangerous on the road, having already won at Rutgers and Oregon this year.


"I don't know what the situation is with us play-

ing really, really well on the road, rather than at home," wide receiver Gabe Marks said. "But I'd like to

change that because we do play at home sometimes."

Washington State (3-2 overall, 1-1 Pac-12) is 2-1 on the road, their lone loss

away from home coming by a touchdown at No. 23 California. Their lone

home win was a struggle against hapless Wyoming. Oregon State (2-3, 0-2) has its own woes, losing 44-7 at Arizona last weekend.




Next up

Photos by JarodOpperman/ rhe Bulletin

Summit's Jacob Thompson brings down Ridgeview quarterback Brett Blundell on Friday night in Redmond. The Storm won 59-7 to clinch a share of the Intermountain Conference title.

Win the turnover battle, win the game?Forthe Seattle Seahawks, it has been the exact opposite. Also, NFL notebook and Week 6 previews.CS


ByGrant Lucas

it inside. We knew it was

The Bulletin


REDMOND — Joe Padilla was not completely satisfied with his Summit football

And it came in bunches in the third quarter.

squad on Friday night.

time lead, Summit, which

After building a 24-0 halfboasted the top-scoring defense in 5A heading into Friday's game, scored less

The Storm played "flat,"

the Storm coach said, and did not execute as well as maybe they should have. That should say something, considering Summit piled up 323 yards of offense, had three defensive touchdowns and recorded arguably the program's most significant win in its 15-year history. Because at Ridgeview

than two minutes into the

Summit's Sean Kent runs through the Ridgeview defense. Kent had just two touches — a 69-yard TD run and a 14-yard TD catch.


• Top 25 roundup,C6 • Pac-12 this weekend, C6

going for 12 straight vs. Huskies By Tim Booth

Ridgeview fumbled a handoff and Thompson collected the

The Associated Press

loose ball before returning it than two minutes later, after the Ravens' Logan Green

to a point where an entire generation might know onlyabout Oregon dominating Washington.

scored on a 77-yard run, Ruhl again broke free for a

have reigned supreme over

26-yard touchdown sprint to

than their best, dominated the Ravens for a 59-7 Inter-

"We all realized that if we

mountain Conference win,

won that game, we at least

securing at least a share of Summit's first league title.

got a share of it," said Storm

linebacker Jacob Thompson,


who recovered and returned two fumbles for touchdowns. "We don't really talk about it that much. But we all knew

give the Storm (3-0 IMC, 6-1 overall) a commanding 45-7 advantage. SeeStorm /C4

Inside • Panthers beat Cougars in IMC play. Prep football roundup,C4

Followalong withthe , I nSi d e action every Friday night : :• Cowgirls win TVC. on Twitter:OBBulletinsports : : Preproundup,C4

O •g

SEATTLE — It is getting

For 11 years the Ducks their interstate rivals to the north, creating a wound

that has continually eaten at the Huskies and their supporters. It is a point of

pride for the Ducks; a portion of history the Huskies would rather forget.

And the only remedy for Washington would be a victory to finally end the

longest winning streak for either side in the 112-year history of the series. With that as the back-


Big DramaShow:Golovkin eyesbreakout bout den, he will knock out David



Ruhl 1-yard rush. Soon after,

62 yards for a score. And less

ranked Storm, even at less

according to plan for Gennady Golovkin tonight at Madison Square Gar-

N o. 21 Boise St. 2 6

AM; KRCO 690-AM, 96.9-FM

second half on a Dawson

important to find out who is

EW YORK — If all goes

Utah St.

Oregon St. at Washington St. When:1p.m. today TV:Pac-12 Radio:KICE940-

• No. 4 Summiclt inchesshareof conferencecrown with big win over Ridgeview

more photos from Friday night' s O © See game on TheBulletin's website:

Seahawks buck turnover trend


Washington State is coming off a big upset victory at Oregon, but it now faces the tricky task of playing at home against Oregon State today. The Cougars have had no home-field advantage the past few years. They



Beavers look to turn things around in the Palouse By Nicholas K. Geranios

High, the Class 5A fourth-

Edinson Volquezcombines with three relievers on a three-hitter and Salvador Perezhits a home run asKansas City wins Game 1of the

Mountain Valley



Lemieux, become a star payper-view draw, and get a lot of

the best in the middleweight division.

Many already think the baby-faced puncher from Kazakhstan is that fighter, despite a relative lack of big-name

people a lot more interested in

most feared fighter in the

opponents on his dance card.

boxing again. Just another Big Drama Show, starring arguably the

game. "This is a big deal for us," Golovkin said. "It's very

Golovkin, 33, has stopped his last 20 opponents within the

distance and has never been

beaten as a pro. He has done it with both

drop, the suddenly floundering Ducks come to Seattle and face Washington tonight in what is poten-

tially the best opportunity in recent seasons for the Huskies to put an end to the streak.

punishing power and a hybrid Eastern European/Mexican

style that appeals to casual fans. Listen very long to Triple G, as he is known, and you will almost surely hear one of a string of catchphrases in one of the four languages he speaks. SeeGolovkin/C6

See Ducks /C6

Next up Oregon at Washington When:7:30 p.m. TV:ESPN2 Radio:KBND 1110-AM



ON DECK Today Boys soccer: Riversideat Culver,1p.m. Volleyball:CrookCountyat West LinnTournament, TBD;CulveratIrrigon Tournament, U30p.m.;Paisley atCentralChristian, 2:30p.m.; Trinity Lutheran at NorthLake,2 p.m. Girlswaterpolo:Redmondat MountainView,630p.m. Boys waferpolo: RedmondatMountain View,760p.m.

FOOTBALL College AH TimesPDT PAC-12 North

Conference Overall Stanford California Washington St Washington Oregon Oregon St.

Utah ArizonaSt. UCLA Arizona SouthernCal Colorado

W 4 2 I 1 1 0

L 0 I I 1 2 2

W 5 5 3 3 3 2

L PF PA I 23t 130 I 24t 147 2 )58 144 2 134 75 3 249 232 3 99 149

W 2 2 1 I I 0

L W 0 5 1 4 2 4 2 4 2 3 2 3

L PF PA 0 185 99 2 186 157 2 209 166 2 254 183 2 199 67 3 )90 155

South Conference Overall

Today'sGames Oregon St. atWashington St., 1p.m. Southern CalatNotre Dame, 4:30p.m Arizona at Colorado, 6p.m. ArizonaSt.atUtah,7p.m. Oregon atWashington, 7:30 p.m.

Friday'sGames BYU38,Cincinnati 24 Houston 42, Tulane7 UtahSt. 52,BoiseSt.26 FresnoSt.31, UNLV28






OpenCurrent 0/U Underdog Sunday

5 4 42' / ~ BROWN S PK 3 42 ' /~ BILLS 3'/~ 3'/~ 43H Chiefs -t t e BH Texans 3 3 43' / ~ Bears 5'/z 6'/z 40'/~ Washington 3 3 ' / z 44'/~ STEELE RS 2H t 43H Dolphins 6 '/~ 7 40 H Panthers

to )DH So

2'/z 2 7 9

44 55

Chargers 49ERS COLTS

3 '/~ dH





Today TOLEDO 29 29 60 EMichigan TEMPLE 2t'/~ 2t'/~ 44/2 C Florida C MICHIGAN 7 6 54 Buffalo Marshall 7 4 4 9HFLAATLANTIC CONNEC TICUT 2'/z 2'/z 44'/~ S Florida GA SOU THERN 27 30 64'/~NewMexico St MID TENN ST Trh I I 54'/z FloridaInt'I BALL ST 15'/~ 12'/z 64'/z GeorgiaSt CLEMSON 16H 16H STD BostonColl

7 5 31/2 Syracuse VIRGINIA 8 WISCON SIN 19'/z 23'/2 50 Purdue N'WEST ERN lowe PK I '/z 4 t N CARO LINA 14H t7 52'/z WakeForest 31 76'/z Texas Tech 30H KANSAS Nevada 7 BH WYOMING MISS ST 14 13H 60 La Tech 7 5 6'/z U MASS 6 KentSt 4 5 2'/~ O HIO U 3 ' / z WMichigan No fflinois 15H 15'/~ 57 MIAMI-OHIO

COLTS — PATRIOTS: OUT:CBTareff Brown(foot). QUEST IONABLE: DETrey Flowers(knee,shoulder), LB Dont'a Hightower(ribs), RB Dion Lewis (abdomen). COLTS: QUESTIONABLE: LBJerregFreeman(groin), L6 NateIrving(knee),QBAndrewLuck (right shoulder). PRO BABLE:LBTrent Cole (back), WRTY. Hilton (groin), LBBjoernWerner(hamstring), DEBilly Winn

IN THE BLEACHERS 1 0/1 z In the Bleachers © 2015 steve Moore.Dist. by Universal Uclick www.gocomlcs.corn/intheuleachers



JETS — REDSKINS:OUT:CBChrisGulliver (knee), C6 DeAn geloHall (toe), CKory Lichtensteiger (shoulder, finger,neck),TEJordanReed(concussion), TTrent Williams (neck,concussion). QUE STIONABLE: WR DeSeanJackson (hamstring), RB Matt Jones(toe), DE Stephen Paea (back), WRAndre Roberts (quadriceps).PRO BABLE: CB Bashaud Breeland(shoulder), WR PierreGarcon(knee), DEKedric Golston (hand), CJoshLeR ibeus(calf), G Spencer Long(knee), LB PerryRileyJr. (calf), RBChris Thompson (shoulder). JETS:DOU BTFUL: S JaiquawnJarrett (knee),WR ChrisOwusu(knee), CBMarcusWilliams(hamstring). QUEST IONABLE: GWillie Colon(knee), LBDavidHarris (quadriceps),RBBilal Poweg (groin). PROBABLE: S DionBailey(elbow),LBQuinton Copies (elbow), CB AntonioCromartie (groin), TEJeff Cumberland (concussion),WREric Decker (knee), RBChris Ivory (quadriceps), LBJamari Lattimore(concussion), S CalvinPryor(knee),CBDarrin Walls (hamstring), DE Muhammad Wilkerson (ribs), DELeonard Wiliams (ankle). ARIZONA CARDINALS atPITTSBURGH STEELERS — CARDINALS:OUT: LBAlex Okafor (calf). QUE STIONABLE:GMikelupati (back),SRashad Johnson(hip, thigh), LB LaM arr Woodley (chest). PRO6AB LE:CBJustin Bethel (foot), WRJohn Brown hamstring), TE DarrenFels (hip), STonyJefferson neck), S TyrannMathieu (heel), WRJ.J. Nelson (shoulder), T JaredVeldheer (ribs). STEE LERS: OUT: SWill Allen(ankle),QBBenRoethlisberger(knee), LB RyanShazier (shoulder). QUESTIONABLE: CBCortez Allen (knee),LBJarvis Jones(hip). PROBABLE: LB James Harrison (igness), GDougLegursky(back). KANSASCITY CHIEFSat MINNESOTA VIKINGS —CHIEFS:OUT: LBJosh Mauga (groin, Achilles), DTDontari Poe(ankle). QUE STIONABLE: LB Tamba Hali (knee). PROBABLE: CBJamell Fleming (elbow),TETravis Kelce (groin, neck),TEJames O'Shaughn essy (hand), TE Brian Parker (finger). VIKINGS: OUT; DEJustin Trattou (foot). QUE STIONABLE:WRCharles Johnson(rib), S AndrewSendejo (knee).PROBABLE:TERhett Edison (knee), CBJabari Price (shoulder),WRMike Wallace(knee), WRJarius Wriqht(hand). CINCINNATIBENGALS at BUFFALO BILLS — BENGALS: QUESTIONABLE:CBLeonHall(back). PROBABLE: CBAdamJones(groin),WRMarvinJones

"The blindfold was a bad idea."



MLB playoffs

NASCAR Sprint Cup


Kansas lineup After Fridayqualifying; raceSunday atKansas Speedway,KansasCity, Kan. Lap length:1.5miles (Car num berin parentheses) 1. (2) Brad Keselowski, Ford,195.503mph. 2. (tg) CarlEdwards,Toyota, t95.454. 3. (IB)KyleBusch,Toyota, t94.826. 4. (4) KevinHarvick, Chevrolet,194.756. 5. (11 Denny Hamlin, Toyota, 194.735. 6. (24 JeffGordon, Chevrolet,194.623. 7. (78 MartinTruexJr., Chevrolet, t94.37. 8. 21 RyanBlaney,Ford, 194.363, 9. (4)) KurtBusch,Chevrolet, I94.336. tg. (3t) Ryan Newman, Chevrolet,194.301.


(Best-of-7;x-if necessary) Friday'sGame City5,Toronto 0,KansasCity leadsseries 1-0 WR Brandon Tate (igness), GKevin Zeitler (elbow). Kansas T oday'sGames BILLS: OUT:WRMarcusEasley(shoulder),RBKarlos Williams (concussion).QUE STIONABLE: WRPercy Toronto(PricetB-5) at Kansas City (Ventura 13-6), UDTp.m. Harvin (hip), QBTyrodTaylor (knee),WRSammy Watkins(calf). PRO BABLE: CB RonBrooks (thumb), ChicagoDubs(Lester tt-t2) at N.Y. Mets(Harvey 13-6), 5:07p.m. TE CharlesClay(calf), DTMarcell Dareus(hip), T Sunday'sGame CordyGlenn(ankle), WRChris Hogan(hamstring), LB Randeff Johnson(hand),TCyrusKouandjio(knee),R6 ChicagoDubs(Arrieta 22-6)at N.Y.Mets, 5:07 p.m. Monday'sGame LeSean McCoy (hamstring), GJohn Miler (groin), S Kansas City (Cueto1I-16) at Toronto(Stroman4-0), BacarriRambo(quadriceps). 5:07 p.m. CHICAGO BEARSat DETROIT LIONSBEARS:DOU BTFUL: DT EgoFerguson (knee), LB Tues day'sG ames CityatToronto(D>ckey11-t 1),1:07 p.m. SheaMcClegin(knee),CBTerranceMitchell (ham- Kansas N .Y. Me t s a t C h i c a g o Cu b s , 5 : 0 7p.m. string), S AntrelRolle (ankle).QUESTIONA6LE: WR Wednesday'sGames JoshuaBellamy(groin), TEMartelus Bennett (quad- x-KansasCityat Toronto,1:07 p.m. riceps), TJermonBushrod (shoulder), WRAlshon N.Y. MetsatChicagoDubs,5:07p.m. Jeffery(hamstring), LBPernell McPhee(shoulder), G Thursday'sGame PatrickOmameh (ankle), DTJeremiah Ratliff (ankle), .MetsatChicagoCubs,5:07p.m. WREddieRoyal (ankle), DTWil Sutton(elbow). LI- x-N.Y Friday,Oct.23 ONS:OUT:TEEric Ebron(knee), LBDeAndre Levy x-Toronto at KansasCity, 5:07p.m. (hip), DT Haloti Ngata(caff). QUE STIONABLE: RB Saturday, Oct.24 JoiqueBell (ankle), SJames Ihedigbo (quadriceps), x-Chi cagoCubsatN.Y.Mets,I:07or5:07p.m. RBTheoRiddick(groin).PROBABLE:DEJasonJones x-Toronto at K a nsa s C ity, 5:07 p.m. (knee), CB Darius Slay(hip), DEDarryl Tapp(ankle), Sunday,Oct.25 WR Golden Tate (hip), T LaAdrian Waddle (knee), G x-Chi cagoDubsatN.Y.Mets,5:07p.m. LarryWarford(ankle).

(foot), CB DreK irkpatrick(hip),TAndreSmith(elbow),



11.20Matt Kenseth,Toyota, 194.161.


12. 16 GregBiffle, Ford,193.86t. 13.(27Paul Menard,Chevrolet,194.056.

t4. 22)JoeyLogano,Ford,194.035. t5. (68)DaleEarnhardt Jr., Chevrolet,194. t6. (33)BrianScott, Chevrolet,193.993. 17.14) TonyStewart, Chevrolet, 193.833. 18. 17) Ricky StenhouseJr., Ford,193.743. 19. 6) Trevor Bayne, Ford,193.yt5. 20. 42)KyleLarson, Chevrolet, 193.486. 2t. (48)JimmieJohnson,Chevrolet,193.34. 22. (55)DavidRagan,Toyota,193.3t3. 23. 43) AricAlmirola, Ford,193.036. 24. 5) Kasey Kahne, Chevrolet, I93.036. 25. 3) AustinDilon, Chevrolet, 192.342. 26. 15)ClintBowyer,Toyota,191.795. 27. (47)AJAgmendinger, Chevrolet,191.714. 26. (1)JamieMcMurray, Chevrolet,191.707. 29. 10) DanicaPatrick, Chevrolet, t91.435. 30. 51) JustinAllgaier,Chevrolet, t90.995. 3t. 9) Sam Homish Jr., Ford,190.766. 32. 7) AlexBowman, Chevrolet, t90.59. 33. (38)DavidGililand, Ford,190.04. 34. (63)MattDiBenedeto, Toyota, t69.527. 35.34Brett Moffitt, Ford,189.487. 36.(26)J.J.Yeley,Toyota,189.321. 37.(46MichaelAnnett, Chevrolet, Owner Points. 38. 13)Casey Mears, Chevrolet, Owner Points. 39. (35)ColeWhitt, Ford,Owner Points. 40. (23)JebBurton, Toyota, Owner Points. 41. (40)LandonCassil, Chevrolet,Owner Points. 42.98ReedSorenson,Ford,Owner Points. 43.(32)Will KimmelFord, , Owner Points. Failed toqualify 44. (62)TimmyHil, Chevrolet,t65.2tt.

— BRONC OS; OU T: TTy Sambrailo (shoulder), LB DeMarcu s Ware (back).QUESTIONABLE:G Evan Mathis (hamstring), CBAqib Talib (ankle),WRDe- RoyalS 5,BlueJayS0 maryi suThomas(neck),RBJuwanThompson(hamstring).PROBABLE: DEKennyAnunike(knee), SOmar Toronto KansasCity Bolden(foot), TEOwen Daniels (not injury related), ab r h bi ab r hbi WRBennie Fowler (hamstring), TRyan Harris (knee), Reverelf 4 0 0 0 AEscorss 3 2 2 t WR CodyLatimer (groin), QBPeyton Manning (not Dnldsn 3b 3 0 1 0 Zobrist 2b 4 1 1 0 Air Force PK COLOR ADOST injury related), GLouis Vasquez(not injury related). B autistrf 1 0 0 0 L.Caincf 4 0 1 1 Alabama 4H 4 5 3H TEXAS A&M BROWNS: OUT: STashaun Gipson (ankle), CBJoe Encrncdh 3 0 0 0 Hosmertb 4 0 I I 7 4 6'/~ LSU 6 Florida Haden(concussion, finger), LBCraig Robertson (an- Smoak ph-dh I 0 0 0 KMorls dh 3 0 t t MINNES OTA PK ZH 4BH Nebraska kle). QUE STIONABLE: DEDesmond Bryant (shoulder), Colaetff b 4 0 1 0 Mostks3b 4 0 0 0 t5 46'/~ GEOR GIA t6 Missouri RB IsaiaC hroweg(toe), LBKarlos Dansby (ankle), RB T lwtzkss 4 0 0 0 S.Perezc 3 I 1 1 Oklahoma 4H 4 5 41/2 KANSAS ST Shaun Draughn(back),WRMarionMoore(hamstring), D Navrrc 4 0 0 0 AGordnlf 3 I I 0 GA TECH 2'/~ Pittsburgh RB RobertTurbin (ankle). PROBABLE: WRBrian HartP illarcf 3 0 0 0 Riosrf 3 0 0 0 MIAMI-FLA 6 3H BIN Va Tech line (thigh),QBJohnnyManziel (right elbow),QBJosh Goins2b 3 0 1 0 Orlandrf 0 0 0 0 MICHIGAN 6'Iz 7 4 1'/~ MichiganSt McCown T otals 3 0 0 3 0 Totals S t 5 6 5 (ankle), TMitchell Schwartz (thumb). BAYLOR 20 2 t 7 7 WVirginia OOO OOO OOO — 0 HOUSTONTEXANS atJACKSONVILLEJAG- Toronto INDIANA 6'/z 6 6 3H Rutgers UARS — TEXA City 00 2 100 02x— 5 NS: OUT: LBJadeveon Clowney Kansas E—Donaldson(1), Moustakas(1).DP—TorontoL T ROY 1 3 ' / ~)3'/p BIN Idaho (ankle), S Quintin Demps(hamstring), WR Nate GOLF —Toronto9, KansasCity 4. 2B—A.Escobar2 (2), E CARO LINA 9'/~ 14 78H Tulsa Washington(hamstring). QUESTIONABLE: RB Alfred LOB SO MISS 7H 9 5 8H Utsa Blue (toe), DEJared Crick (knee),LBBrianPeters Hosmer(I), A.Gordon(I). HR—S.Perez(I). SB—L. PGA To4I' App'chian St 1 t OE 13 50 UL-MONR —Goins. SF—K.Morales. illness), WRJaelen Strong (illness). PRO BABLE: T Cain (I). S IP H R E R BBSO OLDDOMINION8'/z 5 4 8'/z Charlotte day Aboushi(illness), SLonnieBaffentine (knee), Frys.corn0pen S CARO LINA 5 ZH 43H Vanderbilt CB A.J.Bouye(igness), T Duane Brown (hand), LB Toronto Friday atSilvaradoResort andSpa, North EstradeL,g-t 5I- 3 6 3 3 0 6 WASH ST 6 6 63 OregonSt Brian Gushing(ankle), LBAkeemDent (hamstring), Cou rse, Napa,Calif. Loup 2-3 0 0 0 0 0 UTAH 7 BH 5BH ArizonaSt TE C.J.Fiedorowicz(neck), RBArian Foster (groin), Yarda ge: 7,203;Par: 72 1 0 0 0 0 1 Arizona 8 7'/~ BTH COLOR ADO RB JonathanGrimes(hamstring), CBKareemJackson Lowe Scca nd Round Iaadare awkins 1 2 2 2 0 0 Brendan BOWL GREEN 1 t 11'/~ 6T/2 Akron (not injuryrelated), TDerek Newton (knee), RBChris H 63-70 — 133 Steele Zt 72'/z Tcu 2t IOWA ST Polk (knee),WRCecil Shorts gl (shoulder). JAG- KansasCity 66-67 — 135 Will Wilcox Volquez W ,1-0 6 2 0 0 4 5 FLORIDA ST 6'/z 7 46 Louisville UARS: 64-7t —315 OUT:WRMarqiseLee(hamstring), RBBernard Jhonattan Vegas 5 6 0'/~ 1 0 0 0 0 2 Graham NOTRE DAME 4 Usc Pierce(concussion, hamstring). DOUBTFUL: SJames K.HerreraH,t 67-68 — I 35 DeLaet 1 t 0 0 1 0 HaroldVarnerIg Mississippi 9'/z tgy, Tgy, MEMPHIS Sample(shoulder). QUESTIONABLE: RB TJ. Yeldon MadsonH,f 65-70 — I 35 Hochevar I 0 0 0 0 0 OHIO ST 1 yl 18H 4 7 PennSt groin).PR 65-7t —36 I OBABLE:QBBlakeBortles (right shoulder), HBP MartinLaird — b y H a w k i n s (A.E s c oba r). 5'Iz 50 NEW MEXICO 5 Hawaii 67-69 — 136 LukeBowanko (stinger),) DEChris Clemons(not in- T—3;t5. A—39,753 (37,903). JustinRose 3 4 8'/zSanDiegoSt jury related), SANJOSEST 2 67-69 — 13 6 CBAaron Colvin (shoulder), CBDavon RusselHenl l ey WASHING TON I'/z 3 60 Oregon House(hipcontusion), WRAllenHurns(ankle,thigh), 66-70 — 136 JustinThom as 7t-66 —t37 DT Abry Jones(knee), DTSen'Derrick Marks(knee), T Colt Knost HOCKEY 68-69—137 JermeyParnell (knee),LBPaul Posluszny(ankle), RB PatrickRodgers NFL 68-69—t37 DenardRobinson(knee), TEJulius Thomas (hand), T J.J. Henry NHL 69-66 — 137 NATIONALFOOTBALL LEAGUE SamYoung (igness). TyroneVanAswegen 70-66 — 138 AH TimesPDT MIAMI DOLPHINSatTENNESSEE TITANS JonasBlixt NATIONALHOCKEY LEAGUE 69-69—138 — DOLPHINS: QUESTIONABLE: TBranden Albert Charles Howell III AN TimesPDT 69-69 — t38 AMERICANCONFERENCE (hamstring),DTA.J. Francis (back),CBBrent Grimes Chris Stroud 7t-67 — t38 East (knee).PROBABLE: CBZackBowman (shoulder), LB MichaelKim EasternConference 69-69—138 W L T Pet PF PA ChrisMcC ain(shoulder), TEDionSims(concussion), BooWeekley Atlantic Division 70-69—139 4 0 0 1 .000149 76 DE Came ron Wake (hamstring). TITANS:OUT: L6 GP W L OT Pts GF GA TonyFinau 66-71 — 139 3 1 0 . 7 5095 55 DeiontrezMount(knee). QUESTIONABLE: CBPerrish Montreal 5 5 0 0 t o t6 6 SeanO'Hair 7t-68 — 139 3 2 0 . 600124 105 Cox (hamstring), TE AnthonyFasano (concussion), Florida Chart Schw art z el 4 3 I 0 6 t4 5 68-7t —t39 I 3 0 . 250 65 tot NT Sam mieHil (knee,ilness), LBAvery Wiliamson Detroit 4 3 I 0 6 t 4 9 KevinNa 70-69—139 South (hamstring).PROBABLE:TEChaseCoffman(not injury TampaBay r 5 3 2 0 6 t 7 t 4 DanielBerge 68-7t —t39 W L T Pet PF PA related), S MichaelGriffin (notinjury related),TTaylor Ottawa EmilianoGriffo 5 3 2 0 6 16 13 72-67—139 Indianapolis 3 2 0 . 600 99 113 Lewan (shoulder), CBCody Riggs (knee), GChance Toronto Adam Ha dw i n 4 t 2 1 3 tt t5 66-71 — 139 Tennesse e 1 3 0 . 250 102 gt W armack(knee). Buffalo 4 t 3 0 2 8 t 2 RoryMcffroy 66-7t —139 Houston 1 4 0 . 200 97 135 CAROLINAPAN THERS at SEATTLE SEA- Boston 4 I 3 0 2 t 3 t 8 KyleReifers 68-7t — 39 I Jacksonvile I 4 0 . 200 93 145 HAWKS —PANTHERS:OUT:DEJaredAllen(back), Brett Stegmiear MetropolitanDivision 72-68—140 North LB A.J.Klein(concussion), TDaryl Wiliams(knee). GP W L OT Pts GF GA JasonBohn 70-70—140 W L T Pet PF PA DOUBT FUL: TERichie Brockel (hamstring). QUE S- N.Y.Rangers 5 3 HidekiMatsuyama 2 0 6 13 13 69-7t —140 50 0 1 .000146 10t TIONABLE G: Amini Silatolu (ankle). PROBABLE: WR N.Y.Islanders 4 2 t 1 5 t t t 2 BenCrane 74-66 — 140 3 2 0 . 600 120 95 JerrichoCotchery(ankle), LBLukeKuechly (concus- Philadelphia 4 2 t 1 5 7 to JamesHahn 67-73 — 140 23 0 . 4 00116 132 sion).SEAH AWKS: OUT: CBMarcusBurley(hand). Washington 3 Jason G o re 2 I 0 4 9 9 7t-69 —140 I 4 0 . 2 00123 137DOUBT FUL: DEFrankClark (hamstring), DT Jordan Carolina SteveWheatcroft 4 I 3 0 2 to t 3 66-74—140 West Hill (quadriceps), LBNick Moody(ankle), CB Tye Pittsburgh 4 I 3 0 2 5 6 D.H.Lee 68-72—140 W L T Pet PF PA Smith (hip).QUESTIONABLE: LBBrock Doyle (knee), NewJersey 4 0 3 1 1 6 1 3 SmylieKaufman 66-72—140 Denver 50 0 1 .000 113 79 DE Dem arcus Dobbs(shoulder), RBMarshawn Lynch Columbus 5 A ndrew Lou pe 0 5 0 0 t2 26 66-72 — 140 SanDiego 23 0 . 400 116 134 (hamstring), LBBobbyWagner (pectoral). PROBABLE: MarkHubbard WesternConference 67-74—141 Oakland 23 0 . 400 107 124 DE MichaelBennett (not injury related), LB Kevin ScottLangley CentralDivision 72-69 — 141 Kansas City I4 0 . 200 1)7 143Pierre-Louis(hamstring). GP W L OT Pts GF GA JerryKelly 69-72—14t NATIONAL CONFERENCE SAN DIEGO CHARGERS atGREEN BAY 5 4 I 0 6 t 6 9 HudsonSwafford 69-72—14t East PACKERS — CHARGERS: OUT: T King Dunlap BrooksKoepka 5 4 1 0 8 17 12 66-73—14t W L T Pet PF PA (concussion),CBCraigMager (hamstring), DEDarius NickWatney 4 3 0 1 7 t3 t t 73-66 — 141 N.Y.Giants 32 0 . 600 132 109 Philon(hip, thigh), CChris Wat (groin, concussion), CharlieBeljan 4 3 t 0 6 t5 t t 67-74—141 Dallas 23 0 . 400 10t 13t LB TourekWiliams(foot). DOU BTFUL: WRStevie D aniel Sum m er ha ys 4 3 I 0 6 to 6 72-69 — 141 Washington 2 3 0 . 400 97 104 Johnson(hamstring). QUESTIONABLE: TD.J. Fluker 4 2 2 0 4 t 5 t 4 HenrikNorlander 72-69—14t Philadelphia 2 3 0 . 400 tt7 103 (ankle), GOrlandoFranklin (ankle), T ChrisHairston MiguelAngelCarballo 5 2 3 0 4 to t 3 70-7t — 14t South (ankle), LB Manti Te'o(ankle). PROBABLE: LBKyle JamieLovemark PacificDivision 70-7t —14t W L T Pet PF PA Emanuel(shoulder).PAC KERS: DOUBTFUL: LBNick GP W L OT Pts GF GA ChezReavie 72-69 — 141 Carolina 4 0 0 L 000106 7t Perry (shoulder,hend),DTB.J. Raji (groin). QU ES- SanJose 4 4 0 0 8 t 4 2 WilliamMcGirt 72-69 — 141 Atlanta 51 0 . 833 183 143 TIONABLE :WR DavanteAdams(ankle),S Morgan Vancouver an 5 3 I I 7 t 5 9 Jim Herm Erik Comp t o n 69-72 — 141 Tampa Bay 2 3 0 .4001to 148 Burnett(calf), CBLadariusGunter (heel). PROBABLE:T Arizona 4 3 I 0 6 t3 6 69-72 — 14t NewOrleans 24 0 . 333 134 164 BryanBulaga(knee), WRRandaffCobb(shoulder), CB Calgary G reg O w en 4 I 3 0 2 6 t4 7t-70 — 14t North DemetriGoodson(hamstring), WRJamesJones(ham- Los Angeles 4 1 3 0 2 4 1 3 LukeGuthrie 70-7t —14t W L T Pet PF PA string), G TJ. Lang(knee), LBJakeRyan(hamstring). OgieSchniederjans Anaheim 4 0 3 1 1 1 tt 71-71 — 142 GreenBay 5 0 0 L 000137 Bt BALTIMORE RAVENS atSAN FRANCIS- Edmonton 4 0 4 0 0 5 t 3 AaronBaddeley 69-73 — 142 Minnesota 2 2 0 . 5 0060 73 CO 49ERS — RAVENS; OUT: STerrence Brooks FreddieJacobson 70-72 — 142 Chicago 2 3 0 . 400 66 142 (thumb),DEChris Canty (calf), WRBreshad Perriman FabianGomez Friday'sGames 72-70—142 Detroit 0 5 0 . 000 63 138 (knee),WRDarren Wailer (concussion). DO UBTFUL: SanJose2, NewJerseyI, SO RyanMoore 69-73 — 142 West CB LardariusWebb (thigh). QUESTIONABLE: LBElvis Toronto6,Columbus3 KevinStreelman 70-72—142 W L T P et PF PA Dumervi(thi l gh), RBJustin Forsett (ankle),TECrockett Carolina5,Detroit 3 StuartAppleby 72-70 — 142 Arizona 4 I 0 . 8 00 190 90 Gigmore(caff), WRChris Givens(ankle), WRSteve Winnipeg 3, Calgary1 Justin Leonard 70-72 — 142 St. Louis 2 3 0 . 400 64 tt3 Smith Sr,(back), GMarshal Yanda (ankle). PR OB- St. Louis4,Vancouver 3 Carl Pettersson 76-TO — 142 Seattle 2 3 0 . 400 ttt 98 ABLE:LBDaryl Smith(not injury related).49ERS: Colorado SpencerLevin 3, Anaheim0 73-69 — 142 SanFrancisco 1 4 0 . 200 75 140 DOUBTFUL: RBReggieBush(calf).QUESTIONABLE: Los Angele2, Chad Col l i n s s MinnesotaI, OT 72-70—142 LB Ahmad Brooks(not injury related,shoulder), TE Today'sGames MartinPiler 7t-7t —142 VernonDavis(knee),WRBruceEgington (calf), L6 Detroit atMontreal,4 p.m. TylerAldridge Sunda y'sGames 70-72 — 142 KansasCityatMinnesota, 10a.m. Eli Harold(knee),RBCarlos Hyde (foot), GBrandon Nashville atOttawa,4p.m. Cameron Tringale 7t-7t —142 MiamiatTennessee, tga.m. Thomas (ankle). PROBABLE; GAlex Boone(shoulder), Buff aloatTampaBay,4p.m. CarlosOrtiz Will MacKenzie 76-TO —142 Washington at N.Y.Jets, tg a.m. LB NaVorroBowman (not injury related),TEVance DallasatFlorida,4p.m. 70-72—142 Arizonaat Pittsburgh, 10a.m. McDonald (chest). TorontoatPittsburgh,4 p.m. ScottPinckney 68-74 —142 Cincinnatiat Buffalo,10a.m. NEW YORKGIANTS atPHILADELPHIA EA- CarolinaatWashington, 4p.m. Michae lThompson 73-69—142 Chicagoat Detroit, 1 0a.m. GLES —GIANTS:DNP:CBPrinceAmukam ara (pec- SanJoseatN.Y. Islanders, 4:30p.m. BrandtSnedeker 70-72 — 142 Denver at Cleveland,tg a.m. toral), WR Odell BeckhamJr. (hamstring), WRVictor Columbu satChicago,5:30p.m. AngelCabrera 69-73 — 142 Houston at Jacksonvile, tg a.m. Cruz (calf), LBDevon Kennard (hamstring), CBTru- Edmonton at Calgary, 7p.m. HunterMahan 7t-7t — 142 Carolina at Seattle, I:05 p.m. maineMcBride(groin). LIMITED : DERobert AyersJr. Bostonat Arizona,7p.m. DavidToms 72-70—142 Baltimore atSanFrancisco, I:25 p.m. hamstring),LBJonBeason(concussion), LBJonathan Sunday'sGames Chris Kirk 69-73—142 SanDiegoatGreenBay, t:25 p.m. asigas(caff),WRRueben Randle (hamstring). FULL: NewJerseyatN.Y.Rangers,10 a.m. LucasGlover 69-73—142 NewEnglandatIndianapolis, 5:30p.m. DE George Selvie (calf). EAGL ES; DNP; WRNelson St. LouisatWinnipeg, noon Brendon Todd 71-71—142 Open; Dallas,Oakland,St.Louis,TampaBay Agholor(ankle),LBKikoAlonso (knee), DEBrandon MinnesotaatAnaheim,5 p.m. RobertoCastro 7t-7t —142 Monday'sGame Bair (groin), LBMychal Kendricks (hamstring). LIMIT- Edmonto natVancouver,6p.m. Shane Bertsch 7t-7t —142 N.Y.Giantsat Philadelphia, 5:30p.m. ED: RB RyanMathews(groin). Coloradoat LosAngeles,7 p.m. Johnson Wagner

LP6 A Tour


KEBHana Ban kChampionship Friday atSky72GolfClub,OceanCourse, Inch outhKorea aon, S Yardaga: 6,364; Par:72


(a-am ateur) dRound Secon

LydiaKo Lexi Thom pson Yoon-JiCho SungHyunPark YaniTseng Mirim Lee MiHyangLee MoriyaJutanugarn Lee-Anne Pace MinjeeLee PernigaLindberg Shanshan Feng MariajoUribe Suzann Pettersen YeunJungSeo BrittanyLang HanSolJi ChellaChoi MikaMiyazato Sei Young Kim LizetteSalas HyoJooKim CharleyHull GerinaPiler In Gee Chun JayeMarieGreen JennyShin BrittanyLincicome CarlotaCiganda Jin Young Ko InbeePark HaeRymKim AnnaNordqvist f heeLee SandraGal Ha NaJang Na Yeon Choi Eun-Hee Ji Min-SunKim SakuraYokomine AlisonLee Mo Martin JessicaKorda MicheffeWie Juli Inkster AmyYang SeonWooBae Min-YoungLee DanielleKang CatrionaMathew Xi YuLin AriyaJutanugarn Ai Miyazato Azahara Munoz Kris Tam ulis Pornanong Phatlum I.K. Kim Bo Kyung Kim MorganPressel DandieKung Angela Stanford So Yeon Ryu KarineIcher AustinErnst JulietaGranada QBack JanePark SunYoungYoo Jung-MinLee Min Lee HeeYunChong Wei-LingHsu HeeYoungPark

69-65—134 68-61—135 66-66—)36 62-74 — 136 70-67—137 68-69—137 71-67—138 70-68—138 70-66—)38 69-69 — 136 68-70—136 67-71 — 136 72-67—139 70-69—139 70-69—)39 68-71 — 139 67-72 — 139 67-72 — 139 71-69—140 70-70—140 69-71—)40 67-73 — 140 66-74 — 140 66-74 — 140 73-68—14t 7t-70 — 14t 7t-70 — )4t 71-70—141 71-70—14t 71-70—14t 69-72—14t 68-73—14t 71-71—)42 70-72—142 69-73 — 142 69-73 — 142 68-74—142 61-75—142 74-69—)43 74-69—143 72-71—143 71-72—143 71-72—143 71-72—143 71-72—)43 71-72—143 71-72—143 71-72—143 77-67—144 71-73—144 71-73—)44 70-74—144 75-70—145 74-71—145 73-72—145 72-73—145 71-74—)45 71-74—145 70-75—145 74-72—146 74-72—146 73-73—146 75-72—)47 76-72—147 74-73—147 74-73—147 74-73—147 73-74—147 75-73—)48 72-76—146 76-73—149 75-74—149 75-74—149

MLS Eastern Conference W L T Pls x -New York t6 tg 6 54 x -Toronto FC t 5 t3 4 49 x -D.C. United t 4 t2 6 46 N ew England 1 3 11 8 47 Columbus t3 I 1 6 47 Montreal t 3 t3 6 4 5 O rlando Cit y t2 t3 8 44 N ew YorkCity FC tg t6 7 37 P hiladelphia 9 t6 7 3 4 Chicago 6 t8 6 3 0


W L T Pls GF GA x -FC Dalla s t6 tg 6 54 4 9 3 6 x -Los Angeles t 4 9 9 St 53 3 9 x -Vancouver t 5 t3 5 50 4 2 3 6 SportingKansasCity t3 tg 9 4 8 4 6 42 Seattle t4 t3 5 47 4 0 3 4 SanJose t 3 t2 6 4 7 4 0 3 7 Portland 1 3 11 8 4 7 3 2 3 6 Houston t t t3 6 4 1 4 t 4 5 R ealSaltLake t t t3 6 41 3 7 4 4 Colorado 8 t4 t g 3 4 30 39 x- clinched playoffberth

Friday'sGam es OrlandoCity2, NewYorkCity FC1 SanJose1,Sporting KansasCity 0

Today'sGames Columbus atToronto FC,I I a.m. Montrealat Ne wEngland,4;30p.m. FC DallasatReal Salt Lake,6:30p.m. Sunday'sGames ChicagoatD.C.United, 1t a.m. PhiladelphiaatNewYork, noon Seattleat Houston, 2p.m. Portlandat LosAngeles,4p.m.

TENNIS ATP World Tour ShanghaiMasters Friday atShanghai Quarterfinals NovakDjokovic(1), Serbia,def.BernardTomic, Australia,7-6(6), 6-1. AndyMurray(3), Britain,def.TomasBerdych (5), CzechRepublic, B-t, 6-3. RafaelNadal(8), Spain,def. StanW

Cham pions Tour AT&TChampionship Friday atTPCSan Antonio,ATATCanyons Cou rsa, San Antonio Yardae: 6,923; Par72 irst Round 35-32—67 WesShort, Jr. 33-35—68 Stephen Ames 34-34—68 DuffyWaldorf 3t-37 — 66 PaulGoydos 33-35 — 66 Jeff Sluman 31-37 — 66 ScottDunlap 35-34—69 ScottMcCarron 32-37—69 KevinSutherland 35-34—69 TomByrum 33-36—69 Woody Austin MichaelAllen 34-35 — 69 34-35—69 Joe Durant 34-36—70 Scott Hoch 33-37—70 GrantWaite 37-33—70 JesperParnevik 35-35 — 70 FredCouples KennyPerry 34-36 — 70 Olin Brown e 36-34—70 35-35—70 RussCochran 34-37—7t RodSpittle 32-39—7t GeneSauers 35-36—7t lan Woosn ma 36-35 — 71 Colin Montgom er TomKite 35-36—7t 34-37 — 7t LeeJanzen 36-35—7t EstebanToledo 35-36—7t BernhardLanger 37-34—7t JohnCook Larry Mize 36-36 — 72 35-37 — 72 JoeySindelar 36-36—72 SteveLowery 36-36—72 MarkMcNulty 37-35 — 72 Jay Delsing 35-37 — 72 CoreyPavin Kirk Triplett 36-36 — 72 37-35 — 72 SandyLyle LorenRoberts 36-36—72 39-33 — 72 Jeff Magge rt

TomPerniceJr. John Inman BrandtJobe StevePate MarkCalcavecchi FredFunk Willie Wood Jeff Hart CarlosFranco BlaineMcCalliste MarkBrooks TomLehman MarkWiebe BradFaxon RoccoMediate ChienSoonLu Tommy Armour ffl MikeGoodes ScottVerplank CraigStadler DavidFrost Bart Bryant JohnHuston BradBryant Billy Andrade MarcoDawson Jay Don 6lake Jim Rutledge SteveJones BrianHenninger GregKraft BobbyWadkins MarkO'Meara RogerChapman BenCrenshaw GregBruckner NolanHenke DougGarwood Jerry Smith


35-37 — 72 37-36—73 36-37—73 34-39—73 37-36—73 36-37—73 37-36—73 37-36—73 37-37—74 37-37—74 37-37—74 37-37—74 38-36—74 36-38—74 36-38 — 74 38-37—75 35-40—75 39-36—75 3T-38—75 38-37—75 38-37—75 38-37—75 38-38—76 39-37—76 36-40 — 76 39-37—76 3T-39—76 40-36—76 39-38—77 4t-36 — 77 39-38 — 77 4rJ-37 —77 38-39—77 38-39—77 39-38—77 39-38—77 40-38 — 76 39-39—76 39-39—78



Washington 127, Philadelphia118 NewYorktgf, Boston 95 Memphis94,OklahomaCity 78 Atlanta91, Dallas84 Denvert06, Phoenix 81

Today'sGam es

NewYorkatCharlotte, 4p.m. Sacramento vs. NewOrleansat Lexington, Ky.,4p.m. Miami atHouston, 5p.m. Washingtonat Milwaukee,5:30p.m. Golden Statevs. LA. Lakersat SanDiego, Calif.,7 p.m.


Philadelphiaat Brooklyn,10a.m. Detroit atSanAntonio, I p.m. Minnesotaat Memphis, 3p.m. ClevelandatToronto, 3p.m. Denverat OklahomaCity, 4 p.m. Miami atAtlanta,4 p.m. Utah atPortland,6p.m.

GF GA 56 4t 5 7 54 3 9 40 4 5 45 Bt 53 4 5 43 4 6 55 4 8 55 40 St 42 52







EuropeanTour, Portugal Masters Champions Tour,SanAntonio Championship PGA Tour, Frys.corn Open LPGA Tour ,KEB HanaBankChampionship SOCCER Germany, Werder Bremenvs. Bayern Munich Germany, Schalke 04vs. Hertha Berlin England, Chelseavs. Aston Villa England, Everton vs. Manchester United Germany, Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Borussia Monchengladbach England, Watford vs. Arsenal U-17 World Cup,Nigeria vs. United States U-17 World Cup,Chile vs Croatia

Time TV/Radio 6 a.m. Golf 1 1 a.m. Go l f 2 p.m. Golf 8:30 p.m. Golf 6 :30 a.m. F S 1 6 :30 a.m.

FS 2

7 a.m. USA 7 a.m. N BCSN 9 :20 a.m.

FS 2

9:30 a.m. NBC 12:55 p.m. FS2 3 :55 p.m. F S 2


NASCAR,Sprint Cup, Kansas, practice NASCAR,Xfinity, Kansas

8:30 a.m. CNBC 1 p.m. NBCSN


College, West Virginia at Baylor College, Mississippi at Memphis College, Purdue atWisconsin College, Louisville at Florida St. College, iowa at Northwestern College, Tulsa atEastCarolina College, South Florida at Connecticut College, Florida Int'I at Middle Tennessee College, LouisianaTechat Mississippi St. College, TexasTechat Kansas College, Oklahoma atKansas St. College, Alabama atTexasA&M College, Rutgers at Indiana College, Michigan St. at Michigan College, Nebraska at Minnesota College, Virginia Tech atMiami College, Montana St. at Portland St. College, OregonSt. at Washington St.

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NathanDenette /The Canadian PressviaThe Associated Press

Kansas City shortstop Alcides Escobar leaps and fires to second base to force out Toronto's Dioner Navarro during the ninth inning in Game 1 of the American League Championship Series on Friday in Kansas City, Missouri. The Royals won 5-0.

KICE 940-AM;KRCO 690-AM,96.9-FM

College, Vanderbilt at South Carolina College, E. Illinois at TennesseeSt. College, Florida at LSU College, TCU at iowa St. College, Boston College atClemson College, Hawaii at NewMexico College, Southern Cal atNotre Dame College, Missouri at Georgia College, PennSt. at Ohio St. College, Arizona atColorado College, Arizona St. at Utah College, Oregon atWashington

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College, SanDiego St. at SanJose St.

KBND1110-AM 7:30 p.m. ESPNU


MLB playoffs, Toronto at KansasCity MLB playoffs, ChicagoCubs atN.Y.Mets

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Premier Boxing Champions

1 p.m.


5 a.m. 11 a.m. 2 p.m.

Golf Golf Golf


EuropeanTour, Portugal Masters Champions Tour,SanAntonio Championship PGA Tour, Frys.corn Open SOCCER Germany, Koln vs. Hannover 96 England, Newcastle United vs. Norwich City Germany, Stuttgart vs. Ingolstadt 04 Men's college, PennSt. at Michigan St. Women's college, Tennesseeat Missouri U-17 World Cup,Australia vs. Germany Women's college, Nebraska at illinois Women's college, SantaClara atPortland MLS, Seattle at Houston U-17 World Cup,Argentina vs. Mexico MLS, Portland at LosAngeles Men's college, OregonSt. at Washington

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MLB playoffs, Chicago Cubs at N.Y.Mets

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NBA preseason, Utah at Portland

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By Dave Skretta

Al Champioshi n pSeries

The Associated Press


K ANSAS CITY, M o . Edinson Volquez planned to

Superstitions hard to shedfor cuhs faithful

pitch the Toronto Blue Jays inside in Game 1 of their Amer-

ican League Championship Series, just as he did during their contentious series earlier

this season. Then, after chatting with Kansas City Royals catcher

Salvador Perez, he changed his mind. "We know they got a lot of pull hitters over there, and power hitters, and he told me, 'How you feel pitching down and away?' And I said, 'I feel sexy tonight,'" Volquez recalled. "And he was like,

'All right, we' re changing the plan right now. We' re pitching those guys away.'" They never touched him all night. V olquez c ombined


three relievers on a three-hitter, Perez hit a soaring home run off Toronto starter Marco Estrada, and Kansas City rolled to a 5-0 victory Friday to open t h e b e st-of-seven

series. "Tonight was the Volquez show. He was tremendous,"

BlueJays manager John Gibbons said. "He shut down a

Chicago Cubsfans can insist all they want that they aredonewith talk of cursesandjust plain bad luck, from billy goats to black cats to Steve Bartman.But this is not aneasy habit to break for the devoted faithful of a teamthat has not won aWorld Seriessince 1908. As the Cubstake on the NewYork Mets in the hopes ofgetting to the World Series for the first time since 1945, fans swear that this team is different from all the teams that have tried and failed

before. This teamwill win — and they will, fans will tell you — because of the waythey play and not because acurse was lifted or just ran out of steam. "I am so sick of billy goats, sick of Bartman, it's all a bunchof baloney," said Jim Kelly, a 62-year-old substitute teacher. For some, it's just different rooting for a teamthat is so young the players have noconnection to past failures. "I was in Pittsburgh (for the wild card victory against the Pirates) and I got criticized becausewas I onTwitter saying there are 6 outs to go, 5 outs to go," said AlYellon, who runs aCubsfan site, bleedcubbieblue.corn. "But I wassaying, no, we' renot going to be slaves to history." Still, to be safe ... "I have aJake Arrieta game-worn jersey that seems to be lucky," Yellon said. "I wear that jersey every time he pitches."

Questions surroundMattingly's future

Los Angeles Dodgers players areadamant the blamefor yet another early exit from the playoffs should not be placed onmanager Don Mattingly. "He had nothing to do with this," left fielder Kike Hernandez said. "It's not even aquestion. Donnie is our manager." Mattingly is under contract for one moreseason, but the Dodgers could decide to put their $289.6 million payroll in the handsof someone new. The 54-year-old Mattingly is 446-363 in five years at the helm, having led the club to awinning record in each of his five seasons, including three consecutive National LeagueWest titles. The Dodgers havereached the playoffs three times during Mattingly's tenure, but they havewonjust one postseason series, beating Atlanta in the division series two years ago, while losing three. They havenot reached the World Series since1988, when they won their last championship.

good-hitting team, I k now that. His ball was ducking and darting everywhere." Volquez (1-1) ramped up his fastball to 97 mph to slice — The Associated Press through a potent Blue Jays offense, never allowing a runner past second base over six "There was a lot of energy," trada (l-l), while Eric Hosmer innings. His only trouble occurred when he walked the said Volquez, who had been and Kendrys Morales tacked first two batters in the sixth, 0-3 with an 8.76 ERA in three on two more off LaTroy Hawbut he wiggled out of it with- career postseason starts. "I kins to put the game away. don't know. I was just making out any damage. The Blue Jays' three hits The Royals' bullpen fin- my pitches." were their fewest ever in a ished off the club's eighth conAlcides Escobar and Loren- postseason game. They were secutive ALCS victory. zo Cain drove in runs off Es- shut out five times in the reg-

BLUEJAYSVS. ROYALS Game 1: Kansas City 5, Toronto 0 Today at Kansas City 1:07 p.m. Mon a t Toronto 5 :07 p.m. Tue a t Toronto 1 :07 p.m. x-Wed at Toronto 1:07 p.m. x-Oct. 23 at KansasCity 5:07 p.m. x-Oct. 24 at KansasCity 5:07 p.m. x-if necessary

ular season. As if the outcome wasn' t

bad enough for them, designated hitter Edwin Encarna-

cion left in the eighth inning to get X-rays on the middle finger of his left hand. The initial report was a strain of the lig-

ament and Encarnacion was listed as day-to-day. " He's been b attling t h i s

thing," Gibbons said. "We' ll see how it goes." The Royals will try to take

a 2-0 series lead when they s end Yordano V entura


the mound today. Toronto will counter with former Cy Young Award winner David Price.

"Hopefully things change to

our favor tomorrow," Toronto

catcher Dioner Navararo said. The teams enteredthe series with plenty of history. To start with, the defending AL champs beat Toronto in

the 1985 league championship series, then beat the St. Louis

Cardinals for the Royals' only World Series triumph. But far

more recently was the tense, benches-clearing game that the teams played at Rogers Centre in August.

Listings are themost accurate available. TheBulletin is not responsible for latechangesmadeby 7Vor radio stations.


$50M machBabcockgets 1stwin with Maple Leafs

MOTOR SPORTS The Associated Press KOSOIOWSki WinS pale at KanSaS —Brad Keselowski won the pole for Sunday's Sprint Cup race atKansas Speedway,turning a lap at195.503 mph onFriday to beat out10 other Chase drivers in the final round of qualifying. Carl Edwardswas second-fastest at195.454 mph, followed by KyleBusch, Kevin Harvick, Denny Hamlin, Jeff Gordon and Martin Truex Jr. All are still in the championship race.


which is a long way from

Babcock deflected attention

where we started. We just need to keep getting better."

from himself after his f irst

victory as Toronto's coach, preferring to focus on how his players are improving. Leo Komarov scored two late goals and the Maple Leafs beat the Columbus Blue Jack-

TeXaS LonghornSmaSCOtBOVOXIV dieS —Texas' longhorn steer mascot died in his sleepFriday after recently being diagnosed with cancer. BevoXIV was13. Hehadbeen retired on Tuesdayafter his diagnosis and did not make the trip to the Cotton Bowl last weekend forTexas'24-17winoverOklahoma.BevoXIV,whosegiven name wasSunrise Studly, had served as theschool mascot since the age of 2, in 2004. — From wire reports

points two nights in a r o w,

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Mike

ets 6-3 on Friday night to improve to 1-2-1 under Babcock. "All in all, we had a good night," Babcock said. "I thought we scored some good goals. Full marks to the guys for the win. I think it's a positive for them and they got

consecutive shutout, and the Sharks won in a shootout to

Winnipeg. Avalanche 3, Ducks 0:ANA-

keep New Jersey winless. HEIM, Calif. — Reto Berra Hurricanes 5, Red Wings 3: made 35 saves for his second The Maple Leafs signed DETROIT — Eric Staal and career shutout as Colorado Babcock to an eight-year, $50 Kris Versteeg each had a goal beat winless Anaheim. m illion contract that m o r e and two assists, and Carolina Blues 4, Canucks 3: VANthan doubled what any other handed Detroit its first loss. COUVER, British Columbia coach is making per season in Brock McGinn, playing on the — Alexander Steen had a goal the league. line with Staal and Versteeg, and an assist and St. Louis Columbus' Scott Hartnell added a goal and an assist in held off Vancouver. had a goal and an assist to his NHL debut. Kings 2, Minnesota 1: LOS reach 600 career points. Jets 3, Flames 1: WINNI- ANGELES — Anze Kopitar Also on Friday: PEG, Manitoba — Dustin By- scored at 2:19 of overtime, 7yler Sharks 2, Devils 1: NEW- fuglien broke a tie with 1:28 re- Toffoli connected on a power ARK, N.J. — Martin Jones maining, and Blake Wheeler play in the second period and made 31 saves for San Jose added an empty-net goal, the Los Angeles beat Minnesota and fell 3:38 short of a third 150th goal of his career, to lift for its first victory of the season.





Panthers put up big numbers, beat Cougars Bulletin staff report

R eed Dixon, wh o h a d 1 5


carries for 58 yards and two Brown found multiple ways touchdowns. Noah Spear to score, rushing for 300 was 12-of-27 passing for 152 yards and two touchdowns yards and two touchdowns, and throwing a 2 8 -yard and Jacob Rey had two retouchdown pass t o h e lp ceptions for 28 yards and two Redmond High take a 50-27 touchdowns. Inter mountain Conference Redmond (2-1 IMC, 5-2 REDMOND


set up Liberty's go-ahead

over the Tigers. Mitch Gib-

next Friday in a game that

f u m bled ney ran for two touchdowns at the 1-yard line to squan- in the first quarter, while Lo-

will likely determine if they advance to the postseason. Molalla 33, Madras 0: MA-

touchdown, t he n

der a golden scoring chance gan Schutte reeled off scor29 seconds before halftime. ing runs of 30 and 40 yards. Bend led 7-0 early, taking The Outlaws (6-0, 3-0 Skythe opening kickoff and Em League) finish the regudriving 61 yards on eight lar season on Friday against plays, capped by Cole Rixe's Elmira. football win over Mountain overall) will travel to North 1-yard TD run. Blake WalkRtdgefteld (Wash.) 30,Crook View on Friday. Eugene next Friday, while er passed for 268 yards and County 13: R I D GEFIELD, "We took advantage of Mountain View (0-2, 1-6) vis- five touchdowns for Liberty Washington — Th e h o s t opportunites we created," its Ridgeview. (7-0), including TD strikes of Spudders broke open a close said Panthers coach Nathan Also on Friday: 74, 7 and 26 yards to Charles game in the fourth quarter Stanley. "We adjusted to Liberty 45, Bend 21: Bend's Clark. Rixe rushed for 168 with two touchdowns, one their plan." opportunity to hang with the yards on 35 carries for the off a turnover and the other Redmond a c cumulatedtop-ranked team in Class 5A Bears, and Bend quarter- off ashort field after a sack 742 total yards of offense, slipped away with a couple back Chase L ettenmaier and a punt, to beat the Cowtallying 570 rushing yards of untimely turnovers, and completed 16 of 23 passes boys in a nonleague game. and 172 passing yards. Will the No. 7 Lava Bears fell to for 186 yards and a 20-yard The Cowboys (4-3) were Branson ran for 129 yards the Falcons from Hillsboro TD pass to Himes. Bend re- w ithin three points in t h e and a touchdown, and Alani at Punk H u nnell Stadium. turns to Intermountain Con- third quarter before giving Troutman finished with 126 Cameron Himes scored two ference play next week at up the two late scores. Crook receiving yards and a score. touchdowns in the second league-leading Summit. County quarterback Blake "We are improving as we quarter to give Bend its secSisters 34, Junction City Bartels finished the game go," MountainView coach o nd and final l ead of t h e 10: JUNCTION CITY — The 8-of-18 passing for 100 yards Brian Crum noted. "We like game at 21-16. But later in Outlaws took sole possession and a touchdown. At 2-1 in what we see." the quarter, the Bears (5-2 of first place in the Sky-Em the Tri-Valley League, the The Cougars were led by overall) muffed a punt to League with a league win Cowboys travel to Estacada

DRAS — The White Buffaloes were shut out for the sec-

ond straight week, falling to 0-4 in Tri-Valley Conference

play and 0-7 overall. Coquille 54, La Pine 0: LA PINE — The Hawks fell to 1 -6 overall and 0-3 i n t h e

Mountain Valley Conference with the l oss t o C o quille,

which entered the game as the No. 6 team in 3A. Culver 34, Pilot Rock 20: PILOT ROCK — The Bulldogs

earned their first Columbia B asin Conference wi n


the season and now stand at 3-4 overall and 1-2 in league play. H osanna Christian 7 1, G ilchrist 6: K L A MA T H FALLS — T h e Gr i z z lies

slipped to 0-4 in Class 1A Special District 2 action and 2-5 overall.

Football Btandings intermountainConference Team Conference Overall Summit 3-0 6-1 1-1 5-2 Bend Redmond 2-1 5-2 Ridgeview 0-2 3-4 M ountaiVine w 0-2 1-6 Class 5A intermountainConference

Summit 59, Rtdgeview 7 Summit 14 10 28 7 — 50 Ridgeview 0 0 7 0 — 7 S— SeanKent 69run(KadenWadsworth kick) S— Kent 14passfromJohn Bledsoe (Wadsworth


S— FGWadsorth 29 S— Bledsoe1run(Wadsworth kick) S— Daw sonRuhl 1run(Wadsworth kick) S — Jaco bThompson62 fumble recovery(Wadsworthkick)

RV —LoganGreen77run(BrianLopezkick) S— Ruhl26run(Wadsworth kick) S— Thom pson75fumble recovery (Wadsworth kick) S— BrianRil 76fumblerecovery (Wadsworth kick)

Redmond50, Mountain View 27 Mountain View 7 6 7 7 — 27 Redmond 6 15 15 14 — 50

MV —ReedDixon2run (ZachEmersonkick) R— DerekBrown1run(conversionfailed) R— HunterSmith 11run(conversionfailed) R— AlaniTroutman28 passfromBrown(conversion failed) MV — JacobRey20 passfromNoahSpear(runfailed) R— AlexHughes35 FG R— Brown72run(Hugheskick) R—Wil Branson55run(HaydenSmith run) MV —Re y8 passfromSpear (Emersonkick) R— BunkerParrish1 run(Hugheskick) MV —Dixon2 run(Emersonkick) R—JeremyDurham24 run(Hugheskick)


Liberty 45, Bend21 Liberty 16 8 7 1 4 — 45 Bend 7 14 0 0 — 2 1 B— ColeRixe1 run(Tyler Lindseykick) L — JacobMast24 passfrom BlakeWalker(Devin •



Thompson passfromWalker) L — CharlesClark74passfromWalker(Mast pass from DevinKaneshiro B— Ca meronHimes1run(Lindsey kick) B— Himes20passfromChaseLettenmaier (Lindsey kick) L— Clark7passfromWalker (BraydenBafarorun) L— Kane shiro 41passfromWalker (Chris Schramm kick) L— Clark26passfromWalker(Schrammkick) L— MinhooHa31run(Schrammkick) Class 4A Sky-EmLeague

Sisters 34, Junction Ctty10 Sisters 14 6 7 7 — 34 Junction City 3 0 0 7 — 10 JunctionCityscoringplaysunavailable S— MitchGibney6 run(Tanner Head run) S— Gibney2run(runfailed) S— LoganSchutte30run(conversionfailed) S— Schutte46run(BenSabakick) S— TylerHead24passfromHead (Sabakick)


Ridgelield (Wash.) 30, Crook County13 Crookgounty 0 7 6 0 — 13 Ridgefield 3 7 6 1 4 — 30 Ridgefieldscoringplaysunavailable CC —BroganHoward7passfromBlakeBartels (Cole Ovenskrck) CC —Ovens5 run(kickfailed)

Friday's Games



next Friday at home against


Continued from C1

backJohn Bledsoe throws downfield Friday night. Bled-

Mountain View, needing to win its final two games to

"They are a n

o u t stand-

ing defense," said Ridgeview coach Andy Codding, whose t eam committed six

t urn-

overs. "They' ve got a great group of athletes. More importantly, they' ve got (defensive coordinator) Neil Elshire, who is a defensive genius, in my opinion. I think he's made a big difference to them on that side of the ball.

well-coached and very athletic team."

Quarterback John Bledsoe, who rushed for a touchdown,

completed 8 of 17 passes for 142 yards and a score to pace the Storm, while Sean Kent

practice that we' ll get 'em. But

it's not going to just happen. We have to go work for it." While the victory made his-

tory for the Summit program, Padilla is not willing to share




the conference crown. How-

ever, Thompson said, reaching this height is the first

"There's a whole lot of things that these guys have accomplished because of their hard work and dedication to the program. I'm happy for them."

off 69 yards and touchdown

on the third play of the game. Ruhl finished with 58 rushing Tim Meagher made two receptions for 60 yards. "For this group, especially for this group of seniors, it makes a lot the sacrifices and

"We' re in a do-or-die situation for the rest of the year," Codding said. "We don't need

soe passed to go into either of the next two games feeling like we can't come out with a victory. yards and a touchWe know that if we prepare down. and do our thing the way we

needed just one carry to rip

yards and two scores, and

the postseason.

for 142

He and their defensive staff

have made that defense turn around from where they were a few years ago, and their offense is right up there with them. They are a very, very

have a chance to qualify for

hard work overthe last three years worth it, to do some-

thing that hasn't been done at Summit since the school

opened," Padilla said of the Storm securing at least a

piece of validation for what

plished because of their hard

is arguably the best Storm

work and dedication to the

team ever. Next Friday, when

program. I'm happy for them." it hosts Bend High, Summit Green totaled 121 rushing can ensure itself the outright yards and the lone touch- IMC title. "It means a lot because of down for Ridgeview (0-2, 3-4), — Summit coach Joe Padilla which suffered its most lop- how hard we' ve all worked tosided defeat in the program's gether," Thompson said. "It' s brief four-year history. Brent like a big family — even our share of the IMC champion- Yeakey, who posted four fans and everyone. It's hard ship. "We tied our best record straight 200-yard rushing to give credit to just a few in school history last year at games heading into Friday, people. It's the whole entire 7-3; we' re sitting 6-1 right now. was limited to just 28 yards on school." There's a whole lot of things 14 carries. — Reporter:541-383-0307, that these guys have accomRidgeview returns to action glucas@bendbuffetin.corn.


Cowgirls dinch Tri-Valley Conference volleyball title Bulletin staff report

1 5, 25-23

0: REDMOND — G i lchrist

CORBETT — Crook County scored nine straight points in the third set Thursday to

had four aces, as did Aspen

swept the Mountain Valley

Late Thursday: Sisters 3, Junction City 0:

League match, 25-15, 25-


in the third set, but Abby

Jennifer Roth led the Cow-

v i ctory. S m i t h nine. Crook County, the sixthChristianson. ranked team in C l ass 4A,

"They have no fear (on sweep Corbettand earn its the service line) ... it kind of second straight Tri-Valley scares me," Crook County Conference title. coach Rosie Honl said with a The Cardinals led 23-16 laugh. Smith served the Cowgirls girls in scoring with 14 kills, (9-0 TVC) to the 25-10, 25- while Laura Fraser added

plays at the West Linn Tour-

21, 25-18. The Grizzlies (2-4 gers slowed the pace but the n ament t oday a n d h o s t s MVL) were led by Noemi- Outlaws won 25-18, 25-13, Estacada in its final league a malie Bernabe with f o ur 25-18 to remain undefeated in match Tuesday. aces, Skyla Newton and Cas- the Sky-Em League. Hawley Also on Friday: sandra Blum-Boles with five Harrer led the Outlaws (9-0 kills, and Madison Bean with Sky-Em League) with 14 asVolleyball 15 assists. Central Christian sists, 11 kills, five digs and Gilchrist 3, Central Christian fell to 0-6 in the MVL. three aces.

Adrian82,Dayvile/Monument24 Alsea78,McKenzie18 Astoria36,Seaside3 Bandon 41, Waldport 40 Banks39,Valey Catholic12 Beaverton 17, Southridge 14 BlanchetCatholic 27,SalemAcademy21,2DT Burnsdef.Enterprise, forfeit ButteFags74,Elkton12 CamasValey 58, Powers40 Cascade 31 Stayton7 Cascade Christian 55, Lakeview8 Centennia43 l DavidDouglas13 Central35,Silverton21 CentralCatholic30,Barlow14 CentralLinn33, Kennedy0 Chiloquin52,Prospect32 Churchill 26,Marist14 Clack amas45,Gresham 7 Clatskanie28, Warrenton 14 Coquilte/Pacific56,LaPine0 Corvagis55, Woodburn14 Cottage Grove44,Sutherlin 0 Crane60,Harper/Huntington 0 Crater31,Eagle Point14 Culver34,Pilot Rock/Nixyaawii20 Dallas20,CrescentValley 0 DaysCreek66, Glendale28 Dufur 76,SouthWascoCounty26 Falls City24,Triangle Lake21 ForestGrove23, West Albany17 Franklin49,Madison 10 Glads tone45,Estacada37 Grant39,Sprague35 GrantsPass44,Roseburg43 Harrisburg40,Creswell 12 Heppner 60Stanfield 6 Hermiston56, TheDalles10 Higsboro46,Parkrose24 HoodRiver42, Pendleton 21 HorizonChristianTualatin 46, Sheridan 0 Hosanna Christian 71, Gilchrist 6 lone 36, Mitchell-Spray34, 2DT Jefferson 34, Chemawa12 JeffersonPDX38,Benson14 Jesuit 70,Glencoe7 La Grande 50, Baker 27 La Sage 42,Sandy28 Liberly45,Bend21 Lincoln40,Wilson7 Lost River62,Riddle6 Lowell70,Mohawk30 Marshfield50,Southt)mpqua6 Mazama 69,North Vagey14 McMinnv ige28,McKay7 Molalla33,Madras0 Monroe50,Bonanza6 Nestucca 46, Knappa0 Newberg46,Canby32 NorthBend47, Brookings-Harbor 7 NorthEugene61, Cotton 0 NorthMarion30,Newport 12 Nyssa46,Umatilta 28 Ontario56,McLoughlin 7 OregonCity63,Reynolds 21 Philomath67,Yamhig-Carlton18 PineEagle44,Joseph42, DT PleasantHil 36,Glide26 Rainier54,PortlandChristian 26 Redmond50, MountainView27 Reedsport41, GoldBeach7 Ridgefield,Wash. 30,CrookCounty13 Santiam 38, St.Paul27 SantiamChristian30,Amity 7 Scappoose 53,Tigamook15 Sheldon56,Thurston6 Sherman 58,Arlington 28 Sherwood def.LakeOswego,forfeit SiletzValley60, Mapleton 30 Sisters34,JunctionCity16 Siuslaw42,Douglas 20 SouthAlbany38,Lebanon21 SouthMedford38, SouthEugene14 SouthSalem39, NorthSalem14 Springfield44,Ashland21 St. Helens 48, Milwaukie17 St. Mary's54, lginois Valley0 Summi59, t Ridgeview7 Sunset20,Aloha9 SweetHom e27,Elmira14 Taft 60,Wigamina0 Toledo18,MyrtlePoint6 TriadSchool58, NorthLake20 Tualatin42,Lakeridge34 Vale70,Riverside12 Vernonia36,Gaston10 Wallowa 70, Powder Valley14 WestLinn48, Tigard28 West Salem43,McNary40 Weston-McE wen 37, Irrigon 12 Westview 48, Century14 Willamette36,North Medford 29 Wilsonvige45, Putnam14 Yoncaga 57, North Douglas14




Week 6 preview

cli'Fo, Bcm cIW S cl

By Barry Wilner

is ari in urnovers

The Associated Press

better. "Knowing him and how prepared that he is," Steelers

After a rout of the Lions at Detroit, B r uce A r i ans star receiver Antonio Brown

took his Cardinals to a resort in West Virginia rather than head back to Arizona.

said, "I'm sure he's going to want to come in here and put on a show, being how many

With another road game in

people counted him out and

By Curtis Crabtree

the East on Sunday at Pitts-

wanted him out of here."

Associated Press

burgh, the travel itinerary seemed to make plenty of

Carroll has regularly stressed the importance of winning the

turnover battle as a key indicatorofa team's success. "It's all about the ball"

has been a frequently heard phrase throughout the head-

quarters of the Seattle Seahawks since Carroll took over the franchise in 2010, an effort

to stress to players the need to keep the ball on offense and take it away on defense. That is w hat m a kes the

first five games of this season so baffling for the Seahawks coach. Seattle has lost two games while winning the turnover battle and won

a game while losing the turnover battle so far this year. It is an o ddity that Car-

roll can't quite wrap his head

Gary Landers / The Associated Press

around. " I d on't

Seattle's Bobby Wagner (54) scores a touchdown on a fumble return as Cincinnati's Andy Dalton pur-

sense to me. Usually, when

have won the turnover battle; they won both games in which they committed more turnovers than they

you control the football, you win. Our stats aren't support-

had takeaways.

u n d erstand i t ," sues during the Seahawks' 27-24 overtime loss last Sunday.Wagner is a game-time decision to play Carroll said. "It doesn't make Sunday against Carolina. The Seahawks' three losses have all come in games in which the Seahawks

ing that for the first time in 14

years, you know? It's really odd, and I can't imagine that it' ll stay the same. It should turn. All of the principles and

the odds of that just aren't in the right direction right now." Seattle won the t u rnover

battle 3-1 against the St. Louis Rams in the season opener and lost 34-31 in overtime. The Seahawks won the turnover battle 2-1 last week in Cincinnati and lost 27-24 in

overtime. They also beat the Detroit Lions in Week 4 de-

spite losing the turnover battle 3-1. "I can't register that," Carroll said. "That doesn't fit in my brain. I don't know that.

Years and years and years, and it doesn't fit. All I think of

is that's going to flip-flop the very next chance we go out, and it hasn't yet." The numbers this season

He has the team to do it,

too. Arizona (4-1) has scored sense. a league-best 190 points and And w it h t h e S t eelers allowed 90; the 100-point difcoming off a gut-wrenching ferential is by far tops in the Monday nighter at San Di- NFL. ego that they won on the fiThe Steelers also have a nal play, well, Arians' bunch potent offense— when Ben might be th e m o re-rested R oethlisber ger, not M i ke squad. Vick, is at quarterback. He Arians spent eight sea- returned from a l eft k n ee sons in Pittsburgh, mostly as injury to practice this week offensive coordinator, win- on a limited basis and is not ning two Super Bowls before likely to go Sunday. "It's hard to watch when being exiled. He since has won two NFL Coach of the you really want to be out Year awards, in 2012 as an there," Roethlisberger said. interim in Indianapolis while "I'm just trying to be the best Chuck Pagano fought leuke- on-the-sideline guy I can be. I mia, and last season with the don't want to be overbearing Cardinals. While he insists because Mike's been doing returning to the Steel City is this for a long time and he's a no big deal and that he has real pro. I'm just here to help done it before, others know him in any way I can."

RENTON, Wash. — Pete

RB Lynchexpected to play, LB Wagner uncertain to go

Next up Carolina at Seattle When:1:05 p.m. Sunday TV:Fox Radio: KRCO 690-AM, 96.9-FM

Series:Seahawks lead 7-2 Lastmeeting:Seahawksbeat Panthers 31-17, Jan. 10, 2015

in NFCdivisional playoff Last week:Panthers had bye, beat Buccaneers 37-23 onOct. 4; Seahawks lost to Bengals 27-24, OT

Stats: Carolina:offense, overall (25j, rush (4), pass (29j; defense, overall (10), rush (6j, pass (16).Seattle: offense, overall (15j, rush (1 j, pass (26); defense, overall (5), rush (7), pass (7j

Baltimore at

San Francisco When:1:25 p.m. Sunday TV:CBS

Radio:None Series:Ravens lead4-1 Lastmeeting:Ravensbeat 49ers 34-31 in SuperBowl, Feb. 3, 2013 lastweek:Ravenslostto Browns 33-30, OT;49ers lost to Giants 30-27

Stats: Baltimore:offense, overall(12), rush (15j, pass (17j; defense, overall(24j, rush (14j, pass (25).49ers: offense, overall (29j, rush (5j, pass (31); defense, overall (31), rush (17j, pass (30j.

After missing the last two games with a h a mstring

F ourteen teams h av e a put to test again this week as interceptions from th e c orpositive t u r nover d i f f eren- the Carolina Panthers come ners, from the linebackers. I tial for the season and are a to Seattle. The Panthers lead think they' re playing great all combined 50-16. Each game the league in turnover differ- over the place."

It is time to concentrate on football, not underinf lated footballs. Indy should get back starting quarterback Andrew Luck, but it won both gameshemissedwithashoulderissue.New Englandhasbeenona rampage — sure,Tom Brady being ticked off about the whole scandal plays into that. "I'm always pretty motivated regardless of the opponent, regardless of the team or theweek,whether it's a preseason game, whether it's a regular-season game," Brady said. Still, isn' t there any humanpart of you that wants it a little extra this week? 'I'm a human," Brady said. "There's no doubt. I'm definitely human."

strain, Marshawn Lynch is ex-

pected to return to the starting lineup Sunday. Linebacker Bobby Wagner will be a game-time decision. Lynch participated fully in practice on Thursday and Friday. "He looked really back to full health," head coach Pete Carroll said. "He made it out, looked good and we' re counting on him playing." Wagner's status is much more uncertain. Wagner suf-

fered a strained pectoral last week against the Cincinnati

B engels. "He's tough enough to play with it. It's just whether it' s

the right thing to do to get him back to health," Carroll said. With Seattle playing again ential. Their plus-8 turnover next Thursday against San margin is two turnovers clear Francisco, the quick turnof the rest of the league and around is factoring into the

back up Carroll's thoughts as well. The Indianapolis Colts played is a separate event with are the only team in the league separate variables that lead to hold a winning record de- to different results, but on a spite a negative turnover dif- large scale it's clear how im- cornerback Josh Norman is ferential. Sixteen teams have portant turnover margin is to tied for the league lead with a negative turnover differen- success. four interceptions. Keeping "Usually in the past, when c ontrol of th e f ootball w i l l tial and are a combined 23-55. "It's very odd," wide receiv- we win t h e t u r nover ratio be a premium for Seattle on er Doug Baldwin said. "Even we always win," safety Earl Sunday. "They' re getting turnovers if you look at the statistics Thomas said. "But it's a new across the NFL, i t u s ually season. We' ll figure it out." galore," offensive coordinator doesn't happen that way." Carroll's theory should be Darrell Bevell said. "A lot of


team's decision whether to

push Wagner into the lineup this week.

If Wagner can't play, K.J. Wright is expected to move to middle linebacker with Kevin

Pierre-Louis replacing Wright at weakside linebacker. It would be Pierre-Louis' first

career start and his first game back after missing the last two weeks with a hamstring strain.

SAN DIEGO (2-3) AT GREENBAY (5-0) This is GreenBay's fourth homegamealready, andwith the bye next week, the Packers aresitting in a great spot. Their pass defensehas been a revelation, and they havefound adiverse rush in which eight players have played apart in getting an NFC-high 20 sacks. San Diego is1-9 against GreenBayand DanFouts wasthe quarterback when in the Chargers' lone win in1984.

CAROLINA (4-0) AT SEATTLE(2-3) A Panthers win would establish them as acontender in the NFCand makeeveryonewonder whenthe Seahawks will get straightened out. Of course, Seattle was 3-3 last seasonand wound up inthe Super Bowl. Carolina should get backstar linebacker LukeKuechly to its solid defense, but it's the rushing game, led by QB CamNewton and RB Jonathan Stewart, that has beenjust as impressive.

DENVER(5-0) AT CLEVELAND(2-3) Somehow, Josh McCown is themore prolific quarterback in this matchup, although Peyton Manning is 6-0 lifetime against Cleveland and the Broncos havewon 10 straight against the Browns. McCown passed for a franchise-record 457 yards last week in leading acomeback win at the Ravens. He isthefirst QB in NFLhistory with more than 450 yards passing, two TDs, a TD rushing and no interceptions in the samegameand has thrown for1,154 yards in the past three games. TheBroncos are onewin from joining New England as the only original AFLfranchises to reach 450 regular-season wins.

CINCINNATI(5-0) ATBUFFALO(3-2) The last time Cincinnati won its first six gameswas 1988, when it made the SuperBowl. AndyDalton is off to the best start of his career with a 115.6passer rating, highest in team history through five games, as part of the NFL'ssecond-ranked offense. The Bills could be without quarterback TyrodTaylor; EJManuel would start. Injuries havedamaged Buffalo'soffense— topRBLeSeanMcCoy hasbeen sidelined by ahamstring problem and WRSammy Watkins is coming back from a calf issue.


49ers' Booneaccusedof dirty play against Giants The Associated Press NEW YORK — San Fran-


cisco running back Carlos Hyde has been fined $23,152 could have been a lot worse." by the NFL for using the Beason, 30, does not believe crown of his helmet to make Boone was intentionally trycontact with Giants lineback- ing to hurt him, but he was er Jon Beason. still upset by the play. "I' ve never i n tentionally Beason sustained a concussion on the play, although ever tried to go out and hurt he blamed 49ers guard Alex anybody," Boone said at the Boone for causing that. Boone 49ers practice in Santa Clara, was not fined by the league California "I respect this and no penalty was called. game more than anybody in An angry Beason accused this league. I respect every49ers guard Alex Boone of body in it. If that's how he feels grabbing him from behind then good for him." and deliberately pushing him Beason has not reached out in the back i n a " c oward- to Boone to complain, but he ly" move Sunday night that wanted the six-year veteran to caused the G i ants m i ddle know how he felt. "If you' re frustrated, just linebacker to sustain his first concussion. call me," Boone said. "I read

Beason ripped Boone on Friday after returning to practicefor the first time since being knocked out of the nationally televised game on the opening series. Boone said he doesn't be-

this season.

There's fellow 1998 draftee Matt Hasselbeck, who came off the bench to win two

lieve he is a dirty player, adding he is sorry that Beason Raiders' Woodson shows his old man strength feels the way he does. The Giants sent a videotape Last week, Charles Woodof the play on which Hyde was son ran nearly halfway across fined to NF L h eadquarters, the field, leaped high into the Beason said. air and came down with his "It's hard enough to stay fourth interception of the seahealthy in this league," said son to tie for the league lead. "Now that felt good," WoodBeason, who missed the first two games of the season with son said. " That felt l ik e a a knee injury. "I think it was a young Charles there." coward move; didn't show any The 39-year-old Woodson is sportsmanshipor regard for far from the only aging player another player or his career. It who has turned back the clock

A week after being flagged 17 times for 135 yards in a 2410 loss to the New York Gi-

games that helped save India- ants, Buffalo was penalized napolis' season; quarterbacks just seven times for 62 yards Tom Brady and Carson Palm- against the Titans. The big er, who seem be improving issues for Ryan were personwith age; and wide receivers al foul and unsportsmanlike like Steve Smith Sr. and Lar-

conduct penalties the Bills-

ry Fitzgerald who still can get open despite maybe losing a step. Of all the old guys succeeding this year, few have been more impressive than Woodson, who joined Darrell Green

including one against himwere attracting for retaliating against opponents and arguing with officials.

as the only defensive backs

"Yes Sir!" was a reminder

for everyone to walk away and accept the call. "It wasn't done just to be a

since at least 1960 to play af- gimmick," Ryan said. "The ter turning 39. He became the 'Yes Sir! ' thing, it's bigger than oldest player ever with multi- us individually, and we don' t ple interceptions in a game. want to let each other down." He's done all of that at a

the article and he said he' s physically demanding posinot going to reach out to me. tion despite dislocating his T hat's a shame. If I h a d a shoulder in the season opener. grievance with s omebody "Unbelievable w ha t h e ' s I'm sure I'd call them and doing," Raiders coach Jack tell them, bu t e v erybody' s Del Rio said. "Just to playing different."


alone at 39 years old is incred-

Jetslook to extend streak of thir d down stops T hird-and-short?

Thi r d -

and-long? Well, better get ready for fourth down.

Opposing offenses have been stopped 18 straight times

After a horrific start, the Bears haveresponded to newcoach John Fox with two straight victories, showing more gumption than in recent seasons. Thelast time the Lions looked as badasthey did in last Sunday's 42-17walloping by Arizonawas in 2008, when they went 0-16. A lopsided loss to Chicago could make a revival of such thoughts much less outlandish.

N.Y. GIANTS(3-2) AT PHILADELPHIA(2-3), MONDAYNIGHT The NFCEast is so wide openthat when thesetwo meet in the season finale, it could be decisive. Still, the winner in prime time gets aleg up. New Yorkenters short-handed at receiver but on athree-game winning streak. Philadelphia's defense hascomealive behind end Fletcher Cox, whohad acareer-high three sacks with two forced fumbles and onerecovery last week against the Saints.

WASHINGTON (2-3) AT NEWYORKJETS(3-1) Coming off a bye,and with standout defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson returning from a four-gamesuspension, expect New York's stingy defense to beeven more miserly. TheRedskins are vastly improved over 2014,JayGruden's first season ascoach, but Kirk Cousins, who threw adecisive pick-6 in overtime, usually struggles at the Meadowlands.

BALTIMORE (1-4) AT SANFRANCISCO(1-4) The Ravenshavewonfour straight against the Niners, including the 2013 SuperBowl, from which the 49ers haveonly four starters still around.

KANSASCITY(1-4) AT MINNESOTA(2-2) The outdoors seem toagree with the Vikings, who are in their second and final season atTCFBank Stadium before heading back inside in their new building. Theyhavewon five in a row in their temporary home. KansasCity is reeling after somedevastatingly close defeats and losing star running backJamaal Charles with a tom right ACL.


ible. But to be such a productive player and making big plays in the game, clearly he' s banged up, but he's fighting through the pain."

in third-down situations, the

Bills' response to penalties Yes Sir!'

third-down stops in 2012, ac-

Miami's first game sinceJoe Philbin was fired ascoach, replaced by Dan Campbell. "It's only Week (6and wehave) 12games," said DT Ndamukong Suh, amajor underachiever after signing the richest freeagent contract in NFLhistory for a defensive player. "We put ourselves in a hole, but it's not too late to get usout of it." The Titans havethe league's top-rankedpass defense, yielding 188yards a game.

cording to STATS. In New York's last game


Bills coach Rex Ryan's decision to distribute wristbands

to his players with the words "Yes Sir!" written on t h em proved successful in r educ-

ing penalties in a 14-13 win over the Tennessee Titans last

Jets' longest streak of stinginess since 2010, when they had 21 in a row. It is the NFL's

best run since the Denver Broncos had 26 consecutive

in London two weeks ago, Miami went 0 for 12 on thirddown attempts. The streak

includes Philadelphia's last six conversion tries three weeks ago.

Although the Texanshavewonseven of the past nine in this series, five of the past sevenmeetings have beendecided by seven points or less. Houston goesback to Brian Hoyer at quarterback, and his top target, DeAndre Hopkins, leads theNFLwith 578 yards receiving, looking for a fourth consecutive 100-yard game,which would tie Andre Johnson's franchise record.





Steele leadsFrys.corn The Associated Press NAPA, Calif. — Brendan Steele did not feel much dif-

BoiseSt. blown out hyUtahSt.

Continued from C1 W ashington S t ate l i n e backer Peyton Pelluer noted

that the Cougars this season seem to be playing at the level of their opponent, which killed them in the loss to Port-

Also on Friday: Ko takes lead in South Korea: INCHEON, South Korea


land State.

name atop the leaderboard at lead over Lexi Thompson in the Frys.corn Open. the KEB Hana Bank ChamSteele had to settle for pars pionship. Sung Hyun Park on the closing three holes at followed her course-record Silverado that can produce 62 with a 74 to drop two shots birdies. He had a 2-under 70 behind. — seven shots higher than the Short comes up big on final opening round — but all that four holes:SAN ANTONIO-

"We' ve got to go into each game focusing on us," Pelluer said. "We' ve got to play at our level." Washington State's passhappy Air Raid offense is pretty reliable. Quarterback Luke Falk had a huge game against Oregon, passing for RickScuteri/The Associated Press 505 yards and five touch- Oregon State coach Gary Andersen talks to his players during downs without an intercep- last weekend's loss at Arizona.

mattered was a two-shot lead.

tion and rushing for another

ferent about his game Friday — Lydia Ko made an 18-foot except for his score. One thing birdie putt on the final hole for that didn't change was his

a 7-under 65 and a one-stroke

Wes Short Jr.birdied three of Steele was at 11-under 133 the last four holes for a 5-un-

score in overtime. He leads the league in passing at 396 yards per game. The difference from last year's 3-9 campaign appears to be better play by the defense. The Cougars are among the league leaders in sacksand tacklesforloss. Oregon State, under new coach Gary Andersen, is struggling as expected this season. The Beavers are led by freshman quarterback Seth Collins, who can run as well as pass. He averages 72 rushing yards per game to rank among the top 10 rush-

and led over Will Wilcox (67), der 67 and a one-stroke lead Jhonattan Vegas (71), Graham in the Champions Tour's San DeLaet (68) and Harold Var- Antonio Championship. ner III (70), who missed a 10Another strong round in foot birdie putt on his last hole Portugal for Sullivan: VILthat kept him out of the final A MOURA, Portugal — E n group in his rookie debut. gland's Andy Sullivan shot his Rory McIlroy struggled to second straight 7-under 64 to make putts again. He shot 71 take a three-shot lead in the and was six shots behind. Portugal Masters.

ers in the Pac-12. But Andersen is focused

Ducks Continued from C1 Oregon (3-3, 1-2 Pac-12) is clearly not what it has been, having dropped two of its past three games, including last Saturday's double-overtime home loss to Washington State.

Bebeto Matthews /The Associated Press

WBA middleweight boxing champion Gennady Golovkin will fight IBF middleweight champion David Lemieux in a unification bout

The Ducks have been porous on defense and hampered by

tonight at Madison Square Garden in NewYork.

inconsistent quarterback play

ferent belts and champions

while dealing with injuries at the position. And Washington (3-2, 1-1) is further ahead in what was supposed to be a year of retooling under second-year head coach Chris Petersen as evidenced

among the various boxing or-

by its upset win at Southern

ganizations that the Canadian mostly gets lost in the shuffle.

California last week, providing optimism that this could finally

said Oscar De La Hoya, who

be the year the Huskies get the better of Oregon for the first


Lemieux, a big puncher him-

Continued from C1 "He's a good boy," Golovkin likes to say about his various opponents. "Big Drama Show," he promises beforehisfights. For the past seven years, the only drama about Golovkin's fights is which round he will stop his opponent in. He has not gone the distance since an eight-rounder against a fighter

piece of the 160-pound crown, though there are so many dif-

named Amar Amari in Denmark in 2008 on his way to a perfect 33-0 mark with 30

s elf. Lemieux, 26, owns


"The best fighting the best,"

promotes Lemieux. "We' re going back to the way boxing

time since 2003. "I think it's important to a lot

of people around here, no question about it. It's been going on, long-time rivalry, and I think

used to be." Still, there has been no box-

er outside the U.S. and Mexico with any notable pay-per-view knockouts. success, and it remains to be "It's about style," Golovkin seen if Golovkin will be the said. "Everybody understands fighter who breaks through. "We believe Gennady will Mayweather's style, he's like a computer game. My style is be able to cross over," Loeffler more like a street fight, more

it's really important," Petersen

said. "I was on the other side for a while and it was really flipped, and so on both sides, I think it's an important game up here." Quarterback is th e b iggest question for Oregon and

said. "He has that very unique

of a real fight. It's like Mike Ty- quality of being devastating in son's style." the ring, yet respectful and likNow he is a middleweight able outside the ring." champion who likes to hobnob That will be on display towith celebrities in his adopted night in a fight with a lot more hometown of Los Angeles. He riding on it than a few chamhas grown so popular he is in a pionship belts. Golovkin, who commercial for Apple watches won a silver medal for Kazakhand sold 15,000 tickets for Le-

whether Vernon Adams is re-

Utah State's Kent Mey-

pass defense, allowing an average of 177 yards a game.

took at Arizona. The Beavers need to execute better, espe-

Dirty QB

No. 24 Houston 42, Tulane 7:NEW ORLEANS-

cially on fundamentals, Andersen said. "We' re not doing very many of them well right now," he said. A key is finding a consistent running attack behind Collins, he said. "We want to be a spread

Cougars receiver Gabe Marks feels that too many quarterbacks are coddled and over-hyped as the best

Greg Ward Jr. ran for three touchdowns and threw a scoring pass to help Houston beat Tulane.

players on the field. But he — The Associated Press does not feel that way about Falk, who he said was physiThe series cal and liked to "get dirty." This is the 100th game in the

offense that can run the ball

Century mark

effectively," Andersen said. The Beavers do not figure

Cougars coach Mike Leach leads 49-47-3. But the Cougars has a career record of 99-70 have lost three straight to the

to be overwhelmed by the Cougars' pass attack. They

at Texas Tech and Washing-

Beavers in Pullman and also

ton State and today is seeking

lost to them during a 2011game

have the Pac-12's top-ranked

his 100th career win.

in Seattle.

series, which Washington State

with a ton of confidence and a great scheme," Helfrich said.

Pac-12thisweekend GAME OF THEWEEK Arizona State at No. 4Utah:The Utes (5-0, 2-0 Pac-12) have been the dominant team in thePac-12 sofar, rising to the top of the Pac-12South with a balanced offense and adefense that's tied for second nationally with 17 turnovers. TheSun Devils (4-2, 2-1) got off to a shakystart, including a blowout loss at home toSouthern California, but are starting to play their best football of the seasonafter convincing wins over UCLA andColorado. A win by Utah will put it firmly in control of the Pac-12South. An upset byArizona State throws the division potentially into a bit of chaos. TheSunDevils won by three in overtime in Tempelast season.

Controlling Freeman

BEST MATCHUP OregonatWashington:TheDuckshavedominatedtheseries, winning the past 11games, but the 108th meeting could have a different feel to it. Oregon already hasthree losses — two of those at home.TheHuskies have beensteady most of the seasonandpicked upthemarqueewinintwoseasonsunder coach Chris Petersen whenthey beat USCin Southern California last weekend. This is Washington's best chanceyet to beat Oregon for the first time since 2003.

success this season, holding Freeman to 77 yards on 14

INSIDE THENUMBERS Utah is one of16 undefeated FBS teams.... Pac-12 road teams are 10-5 in conference play.... California is the lone Pac-12 teamwith a byeweek.... Arizona leads the Pac-12in scoring with 42.3 points per gameand is onpaceto breakthe school record of 38.5 set in1954. IMPACT PLAYER LukeFalk,WashingtonState:TheCougarsquarterbackhad a huge gameagainst Oregonlast week,throwing for 505yards and five TDson 50-of-74 passing. Hewill face the Pac-12's best pass defense inOregonState, whichgives up 177.6yards per game through theair. — TheAssociated Press

California, the Huskies have ern Washington, Adams played dominant defense. passed for seven touchdowns Washington leads the Pac"We need to play better ev- against the Huskies in Pe- 12 in total defense, rushing erywhere and obviously the tersen's first home game as defense, scoring defense and focal point is quarterback and Washington's coach. red-zone defense. The Hussome of the issues that we' ve The Huskies escaped with kies are outscoring oppohad at that position are obvi- a win that day. nents 66-7 in the third quar"I remember it very clear- ter and 79-23 in the second ously highlighted because of it," Oregon coach Mark Hel- ly," Petersen said. "There's no half. The last time Washingfrich said. need to peek at it." ton led the Pac-12 in total deShould Adams be able to fense for a season: 1991. "Those guys have gotten play, Washington knows quite Dominant D wellhow dynamic he can be. Aside from their loss to after people and playing

stan in th e 2004 Olympics,

The Aggies (4-2, 3-0 Mountain West) snapped a12-game losing streak against Boise State that dated 18 years.

around from the beating it

on getting his team turned

Last year, while still at East-

while Jeff Lockie and Taylor Alie have shared the duties.

mieux at Madison Square Gar- wants to put on a show worthy den the first week they were on of his pay-per-view debut. "Every time people look at sale. And he is venturing into pay- me, they say, 'Oh, it's a drama per-view terri tory, where few show,'" Golovkin said. "They fighters not named Mayweath- like my style. It's a Big Drama er have been successful in re- Show." cent years. The price is cheap — Tim Dahlberg is a columnist enough ($49.95) for those with The Associated Press. watching at home, though


ers threw for157 yards and a career-high three touchdowns. Also on Friday:

covered from a finger injury on his passing hand. Adams has missed the past two games

LOGAN, Utah —Marwin Evans returned an interception 90 yards for a touchdown as time expired before halftime, and Utah State turned Boise State's seven first-half turnovers into 35 points in the Aggies' 52-26 victory over the No. 21 Broncos on Friday

Golovkin is expected to sell

Shutting down the Ducks means keeping r u n ning back Royce Freeman from controlling the game on the ground. Somehow Washington State pulled out the victo-

ry last week despite Freeman rushing for 246 yards — the eighth-highest total in school history — and two touchdowns. Utah had the most carries.

Freeman needs 141 yards rushing to top 1,000 yards for the second straight season.

Middle man Washington will be without middle linebacker Azeem

Victor for the first half against Oregon after he was eject-

ed from the win over USC for a targeting penalty in the first half. Petersen disagreed with the call but did not risk

further comment. Victor has been Washington's best de-

fender, leading the team in tackles and ranking second in tackles for loss. Sean Constantine and Scott L awyer

will likely fill in until Victor can return in the second half.

Passing fancy T he numbers ar e

percent completion percent-

age. That is good news for Washington freshman quarterback Jake Browning, who has thrown three interceptions and no touchdowns in the last two games combined.

A Free Public Service

only a few hundred thousand pay-per-views at best despite a card that includes unbeaten

flyweight sensation Roman Gonzalez of Nicaragua against former champion Brian Viloria

in a co-main event. "It takes his career to a different level," said Golovkin's promoter, Tom Loeffler. "He

has to perform in the ring, but whenever he feels a chal-

lenge or needs an impressive performance, he rises to the occasion."

Already, there is talk of Golovkin meeting the winner of the Nov. 21 middleweight

Over 80 Oregon Newspapers, from 36 Counties

clash between Miguel Cotto and Canelo Alvarez in what

could be a huge money fight. With Floyd Mayweather Jr.

retired, there is an opening in the pay-perview business for fighters who have proven fan bases.


And Golovkin's fan base is growing, including in Los Angeles, where he got a lot of attention from actors and others

when he att ended the Emmy awards last month. "For now it's a very interest-

ing situation for me," Golovkin said. "I think it's very good for boxing because I can remember when boxing was very famous. Now there's not as much interest, but this is a new story

for boxing." First, though, Golovkin must

take care of business against

0 ©Eggs o~



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emailed of notices that match your needs.





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a bit

skewed by facing pass-happy Washington State, but Oregon is last in the Pac-12 in passing defense, giving up more than 320 yards per game and a 64


C7 THE BULLETIN • SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2015 17,215.97+74.22 4 DOW ,

S&P 500 2,03 3 . 11+9.25



O» To look upindividual stocks, goto bendbugetin.corn/business. Also seearecap in Sunday's Businesssection.



NASDAQ 4,686 . 69+16.59

T-NOTE 4 . 10-YR 2.04% +,02


SstP 500

Saturday, October 17, 201 5

Home construction



......................... Close: 2,033. 1 1

New government data on 1,920 ' " " " ' 10 DAYS residential construction should 2,160 " provide insight into how the market for new homes is doing. The Commerce Department is 2,080 " expected to report on Tuesday that builders broke ground on new 2,000 " condos and single-family homes at about the same pace in 1,920 " September as in the month before. U.S. home construction ' j 1 840 A ' slowed in August as builders M started fewer apartment complexes and single-family homes. StocksRecap

Change: 9.25 (0.5%)






est. 1.13 1.13

Vol. (in mil.) 3,469 1,749 Pvs. Volume 3,714 1,897 Advanced 1856 1321 Declined 1273 1425 New Highs 64 57 New Lowe 24 27

SILVER $16.10 -.05

18,400" 17,600" 16,800" 16,000" J



Stocks rose Friday, clinching a third consecutive weekly gain for indexes. The Standard & Poor's 500 reached its highest level since August. Health care stocks led the way higher. Companies that sell consumer staples and financial stocks also did well. Reports on the economy were mixed. Consumer sentiment is rising, but the number of job openings fell more than expected in August, and industrial production weakened in September. The last time the S&P 500 rose three weeks in a row was in May, when it set a record high. This upcoming week will be a busy one for earnings. More than a fifth of companies in the S&P 500 index will report.





15200 A

General Electric



HIGH LOW CLOSE CHG. 17220.02 17107.35 17215.97 +74.22 DOW Trans. 821 4.69 8037.37 8078.61 -129.96 DOW Util. 600.26 594.58 596.98 +0.94 NYSE Comp. 10424.99 10365.69 10421.91 +43.64 NASDAQ 4886.96 4851.29 4886.69 +1 6.59 S&P 500 2033.54 2020.46 2033.11 +9.25 S&P 400 1436.02 1426.36 1434.35 +0.64 Wilshire 5000 21285.24 21149.04 21280.38 +78.96 -0.47 Russell 2000 1165.23 1152.56 1162.30


GE Close:$28.98%0.95 or 3 4% Strength from its core industrial units helped the company turn in a better-than-expected third-quarter profit. $30


%CHG. WK MO QTR YTD $.0.43% L L T -3.41% -1.58% T -11.61% L $.0.16% L L -3.41% $.0.42% L L -3.85% T $.0.34% L L T + 3.18% $.0.46% L L T -1.25% -1.25% $.0.04% L T $.0.37% L L T -1.80% -0.04% -3.52% T



A S 52-week range

$19.37 ~

0 $2 9.19

North westStocks

Quanta Services

MarhetSummary NAME

Gen Elec BkofAm Twitter

Apple Inc PDL Bio AT&T Inc

YoukuTud Intel FrptMcM RiteAid

Most Active VOL (ggs) LAST CHG 1375240 607152 435118 369256 361804 297663 280170 277956 270683 269944

28.98 +.95 16.12 -.07 31.15 +1.44 111.04 -.82 4.58 -.08 33.83 +.34 24.91 +4.48 33.04 +.29 12.44 -.56 6.32 + . 01

&md Focus This index fund often has more FAMILY Treasurys than others in its American Funds category, which means that its porffolio is usually higher in quality but also that it produces less income. Vanguard Short-Term Bond Index (VBISX) LIMITED MODERATE EXTENSIVE


Gainers NAME

LAST ChinaHGS 2.28 Neovasc g 5.80 USMD 9.55 YoukuTud 24.91 RockwllM 13.46 SitoMobl rs 3.49 ZosanoPh n 2.88 Barnwell 2.21 WeiboCorp 15.57 FivePrime 31.65 LAST

AccVIXdn rs 2.29 AccVIXup rs 2.08 10.36 Zafgen T antech n 4 . 5 5 IntShip pfB 38.37

CHG +.62 +1.35 +2.05 +4.48 +2.37 +.45 +.37

%CHG + 3 7.3 + 30.3 + 2 7.3 + 2 1.9 + 2 1.4 + 1 4.8 + 1 4.7


+ 1 4 .2

+1.84 + 13.4 +3.72 + 13.3

CHG %CHG -6.46 -73.8 -2.39 -53.5 -10.66 -50.7 -3.82 -45.6 -24.69 -39.2

Foreign Markets NAME

LAST Paris 4,702.79 London 6,378.04 Frankfurt 10,104.43 Hong Kong23,067.37 Mexico 44,364.16 Milan 22,337.66 Tokyo 18,291.80 Stockholm 1,452.36 Sydney 5,303.75 Zurich 8,71 5.73

BlackRock Dodge &Cox Fidelity

Losers NAME

Selected MutualFunds

CHG %CHG +27.50 + . 59 +39.37 + . 62 +39.63 +.39 +1 79.20 + . 78 +276.57 + . 63 +119.97 + . 54 +1 94.90 +1.08 -1.51 -.10 Rank:Fund'sletter grade comparedwith others in +38.12 + . 72 the same group; an Aindicates fund performed in +62.38 + . 72 the top 20 percent; an E, in the bottom 20 percent.


Mkt. Cap:$179.65 b



Yield : ...

Yum Brands

YUM Close:$72.16 %2.89 or 4.2% The parent company ofKFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell named activist investor Keith Meister to its board and lowered its outlook. $90 80 70 J

A S 52-week range


Mkt. Cap:$31.2 b

PE:3 5 . 3 Yiel d : 2 .5%

Wynn Resorts

WYNN Close:$72.90 T-0.86 or -1.2% The casino and hotel operator reported worse-than-expected third-quarter profit as it faces regulatory issues in Macau. $150 100


J A S 0 52-week range $3D.96 ~ $192.45 Vol.:16.0m (3.6x avg.) PE: 2 3 .8 Mkt.Cap:$7.4 b Y ield: 2.7%

Spirit Airlines

SAVE Close: $42.38T-7.68 or -1 5.3% The discount airline issued a disappointing fourth-quarter outlook and its stock was downgraded by Morgan Stanley. $70 60 50 J

A S 52-week range


0 $ 83.38

Vol.:6.8m (5.7x avg.) Mkt. Cap:$3.09 b

PE:1 1 .6 Yield: ...



3-month T-bill 6 -month T-bill

. 0 7 .0 7

5 2-wk T-bill



The yield on the 10-year Treasury rose to 2.04 percent. Yields affect rates on mortgages and other consumer loans.



The price of crude rose, but not by enough to keep oil from recording its worst weekly loss since August. The price of gold fell for the first time in six days.

Crude Oil (bbl) Ethanol (gal) Heating Oil (gal) Natural Gas (mmbtu) UnleadedGas(gal)



Gold (oz) Silver (oz) Platinum (oz) Copper (Ib) Palladium (oz) AGRICULTURE Cattle (Ib)



+ 0 .01 T +0.02 T +0.02 T +0.01 T



+ 9 .9 +10.2+10.5 C E E Foreign +8 .7 +14.2+10.0 C C E Exchange +7 .9 +13.3 +9.1 C C E +18.6 +17.9+16.5 A A A The dollar rose +19.0 +17.3+15.6 A A A against the +25.9 +28.4+27.8 A A A Canadian dollar,

recouping some of its loss from the prior two days. It also rose against the yen and British pound, while holding steady against the euro.

hfdf 88

.02 .04 .10




T .35 T 1.38 T 2.16 T 2.94


CLOSE PVS. 47.26 46.38 1.52 1.52 1.50 1.49 2.43 2.45 1.33 1.31

CLOSE PVS. 1183.60 1187.90 16.10 16.15 1021.30 1005.60 2.41 2.43 698.90 704.25 CLOSE 1.36 1.26

Coffee (Ib) Corn (bu) 3.77 Cotton (Ib) 0.64 Lumber (1,000 bd ft) 258.10 Orange Juice (Ib) 1.35 Soybeans (bu) 8.98 Wheat(bu) 4.92

+11.4 +14.1+13.9 8 8 A -1.0 +5.1 +6.9 E 8 A - 4.0 +1.1 +2.7 C 8 8 + 5.2+10.0 +7.0 C A A +10.7 +11.1+11.3 C E D +9 .8 +10.1+10.4 C E E

Fund Footnotes: b -Feecovering marketcosts is paid from fund assets. d - Deferredsales charge, cr redemption fee. f - front load (salescharges). m - Multiple feesarecharged, usually amarketing feeandeither a sales or redemption fee.Source: Mornirgstar.

0 $ 96.96

Vol.:9.7m (1.9x avg.)

2-year T-note . 61 .60 5-year T-note 1.35 1.33 10-year T-note 2.04 2.02 30-year T-bond 2.88 2.87

Contra 101.9 8 + .51 + 5.1 +15.2 +14.9+13.7 8 8 8 ContraK 101 . 98 +.51+ 5.2 +15.3 +15.0+13.8 8 8 8 LowPriStk d 48.91 -.12 + 1.0 + 9 .4 +14.5+13.1 8 8 8

+ 1 .3 + 1.6 +3.1 C C C +11.4 +14.1 +13.9 8 8 A +11.3 +14.0+13.8 8 8 A +13.4 +20.0+15,3 C A A +9.8 +12.5+14.0 A 8 A + 19 +4 9 N A O D +13.0 +18.6+16.4 A A A +5.7 +7.8 +8.0 A A A +6.1 +8.5 +8.5 A A A +1.6 +1.7 +3.1 8 C C +1.8 +4.8 +2.6 E D O +10.9 +14.2+13.9 8 8 A +10.8 +14.1 +13.7 8 8 8 +18.8 +17.4+15.7 A A A

0 $ 1D7 .4 1

Barclays LongT-Bdldx 2.65 2.66 -0.01 T T Bond Buyer Muni Idx 4.34 4.37 -0.03 T T Barclays USAggregate 2.27 2.33 -0.06 T T PRIME FED Barclays US High Yield 7.68 7.69 -0.01 T L RATE FUNDS M oodys AAA Corp Idx 3.93 3.90 +0.03 T T Source: FactSet TEST3.25 .13 B arclays CompT-Bdldx 1.29 1.27 +0.02 T T 6 MO AGO3.25 .13 B arclays US Corp 3.35 3.30 +0.05 T T 1 YR AGO3.25 .13

PERCENT RETURN Yr RANK FUND N AV CHG YTD 1YR 3YR BYR 1 3 5 AmBalA m 24 . 61 +.89+1.0 +8.0 +10.3+10.7 A A A CaplncBuA m 57.91 +.11 -0.3 +4.7 +6.9 +7.3 A A A CpwldGrlA m 45.41 +.84 +0.1 +6.0 +9.9 +7.8 C C C EurPacGrA m 48.84 +.84 +1.9 +6.4 +7.4 +4.5 C 8 C FnlnvA m 51. 9 3 +.25+1.8 +11.6 +13.8+12.3 8 8 C GrthAmA m 44.15 +.11 +3.4 +13.2 +15.3+13.1 C 8 C IncAmerA m 20.78 +.86 -1.4 +4.6 +8.2 +8.9 D 8 8 InvCoAmA m 36.19 +.11 -0.5 +8.1 +13.7+12.1 O C C NewPerspA m37.88 +.87 +4.4 +13.1 +11.8 +9.8 A A A WAMutlnvA m39.88 +.20 -1.3 +8.4 +12.8+13.1 8 8 A Strlnclns 9.97 ... +0 . 3 +1 . 5 + 2.9 +3.2 A A A Income 13.5 0 ... + 0 . 1 0.0 +2 .2 +3.8 E 8 8 IntlStk 3 9.91 - . 8 9 -5.2 - 2.8 +8.1 +4.5 E A 8 Stock 171.9 4 + .35 -3.2 +7 .1 +14.9+13.8 C A A

Fideli Spartan 50 0 ldxAdvtg71.71 +.32 +0.4 FrankTemp-Frank li n IncomeA m 2.23 +.81-3.0 FrankTemp-TempletonGIBondAdv 11 .65 -.83 -3.6 Oakmark Intl I 23.89 -.14 -1.1 RisDivA m 19 . 43 +.11 -2.2 MorningstarOwnershipZone™ Oppenheimer RisDivB m 17 . 16 +.10 -2.8 Vertical axis represents averagecredit RisOivC m 17 . 84 +.10 -2.8 quality; horizontal axis represents SmMidValA m46.13 +.85 -5.0 interest-rate sensitivity SmMidValB m38.70 +.84 -5.6 BIChpGr 72.2 0 + .44 +7.3 CATEGORY:SHORT-TERM BOND T Rowe Price GrowStk 56.1 6 + .27+8.1 HealthSci 74.8 4 + .35 +8.9 BIORNINBS TAR RATINB~ ****rr Newlncome 9. 5 0 ... +1 .1 ASSETS $2,395 million Vanguard 500Adml 187.72 +.85 +0.4 500lnv 187.72 +.85 +0.3 EXPRATIO .16% CapOp 52.21 +.87 -1.0 BIIH.INIT.INVES T. $3,000 Eqlnc 30.48 +.18 -0.3 PERCEN TLOAD N/L IntlStkldxAdm 25.50 -0.1 HISTORICALRETURNS StratgcEq 32.35 +.89 +0.5 TgtRe2020 28.59 +.83 +0.5 Return/Rank TgtRe2025 16.59 +.82 +0.4 YEAR-TO-DATE +1.7 TotBdAdml 10.81 -.81 +1.4 1-YEAR +1.2/A Totlntl 15.24 -.81 -0.2 3-YEAR +1.0/8 TotStlAdm 50.87 +.18 0.0 5-YEAR +1.4/C TotStldx 50.86 +.19 -0.1 3and5-yearretants areannaattzed. USGro 31.69 t.21 +6.0

A S 52-week range

SOURCE: Sungard

Wal-Mart shares suffer as it retools



Vol.:141.8m (3.3x avg.) PE : 56.3 Vol.:12.6m (3.4x avg.) PE: 1 7 .4 Mkt. Cap:$292b Yield : 3.2% Mkt. Cap:$75.85 b Yie l d: 2.1%

52-WK RANGE o CLOSE Y TD 1YR V O L Close:$18.74%-7.47 or -28.5% A M J J A S NAME TICKER LO Hl C LOSE CHG%CHG WK MO QTR %CHG %RTN (Thous)P/E DIV The contracting services company 2015 T +26. 9 +8 2 .7 1 657 16 0 . 8 0 lowered its third-quarter profit and Alaska Air Group A LK 40.69 ~ 82.78 7 5. 8 3 -.15 -0.2 T T revenue outlook, citing project deSource: FactSet Aviate Corp L L -2.9 + 6 . 3 21 4 1 9 1. 3 2 lays and a tough market. A VA 29.77 ~ 38.34 3 4. 3 3 -.02 -0.1 L -9.9 + 4 . 0 60715 12 0 . 20 Bank of America B AC 14. 60 ~ 18.48 1 6. 1 2 -.07 -0.4 L L L $30 Rough ride Barrett Business BBS I 18 . 25 $$- 49. 7 9 45 . 38 + . 1 8 + 0.4 L L L +65.6 +8. 4 115 d d 0. 8 8 25 BA 115.14 ~ 158. 8 3 13 7.60 + . 21 +0.2 T L L +5.9 +17 . 2 2 8 04 1 9 3 . 6 4 General Motors delivers its latest Boeing Co 20 quarterly financial results on Cascade Bancorp CAC B 4 . 14 ~ 5.72 5.46 +.0 1 + 0 .2 T L L +5.2 +5.2 20 23 J A S 0 Wednesday. ColumbiaBnkg COL B 23.90 ~ 3 3.7 0 32.17 +.13+0.4 T L L +1 6.5 +36.3 129 21 0.72a 52-week range Financial analysts anticipate T T +29 . 6 + 6 6.4 1 1 5 2 9 0 . 6 0 Columbia Sportswear COLM 34.25 ~ 74. 72 57.72 - .12 -0.2 T 818.61 ~ $35.33 that the automaker will report CostcoWholesale COST 117.03 ~ 1 56 .85152.86 +.29 +0.2 T L L +7. 3 +27.3 1385 28 1.60 Vol.:24.4m (6.8x avg.) PE : 1 5.9 lower earnings for the July-SepCraft Brew Alliance BR EW 7.00 o — 17.8 9 7.9 8 +. 1 8 + 2.3 T T L -40.2 - 54.4 4 8 1 0 0 Mkt. Cap:$3.83 b Yield:... tember period than a year ago. - 2.1 91 0 1 8 0 . 44 FLIR Systems F LIR 26.34 ~ 34.46 2 7. 8 2 -.45 -1.6 T T T -13.9 GM has been grappling with the Twitter TWTR Hewlett Packard HPQ 2 4 .30 ~ 4 1.1 0 28.86 +.09+0.3 T L L -28.1 -10.2 11899 12 0 .70 fallout from its deadly Intel Corp INTO 24.87 ~ 37.90 33. 8 4 +. 2 9 +0.9 L L L -9.0 +7 . 7 27796 14 0 . 96 Close:$31.15L1.44 or 4.8% ignition-switch scandal this year. K EY 11.55 ~ 15.70 1 3. 2 1 -.10 -0.8 L L L -5.0 +11.9 9709 12 0 .30 Former Microsoft CEO Steve BallLast month, it agreed to pay $900 Keycorp mer bought a 4 percent stake in the Kroger Co K R 2 5 .42 ~ 39.43 37 . 5 1 +. 4 4 +1.2 T L L + 16. 8 +4 3 .1 5 738 19 0 .42f short-messaging service. million to fend off criminal Lattice Semi LSCC 3.25 ~ 7.66 4.51 +. 1 1 + 2.5 L L L -34.5 -30.4 401 3 dd prosecution over the problem. It $40 LA Pacific L PX 1256 ~ 18 64 1730 + 01 + 0 1 T L L +4 5 +28 8 198 7 d d agreed to spend $575 million to settle civil lawsuits filed over the MDU Resources MDU 1 6 .15 ~ 28.51 19 . 0 8 + . 0 5 +0.3 T L L -18.8 - 23.8 914 d d 0 . 73 30 L L +17.3 +36 .7 1 528 19 0 . 2 2 scandal. Mentor Graphics MEN T 18.25 t -r 27. 3 8 25 . 71 - .04 -0.2 Microsoft Corp MSFT 3 9.72 ~ 50.05 47. 5 1 + . 5 0 +1.1 L L L +2.3 +11 .6 24719 33 1.44f J A S 0 Nike Inc 8 NKE 83.85 — o 12 9.17130.47 +1.68 +1.3 L L L +35. 7 +5 2 .5 4 572 33 1 . 1 2 52-week range NordstromInc JWN 65,76 o — 83,1 6 67. 2 7 -.15 -0.2 T T T -15.3 + 7.6 1 207 1 8 1.48a $21.D1 ~ $53.49 -3.8 +11.4 60 26 1 . 87f Nwst Nat Gas NWN 42.00 ~ 52.57 47. 9 9 +. 2 0 +0.4 L L L V ol.: 44.2m (1.9x avg.) PE: . . Paccar Inc PCAR 50.00 ~ 71.1 5 5 2. 5 3 -.95 -1.8 T T L -22.8 -3.0 4307 12 0 . 96 Mkt. Cap:$21.07b Yield:.. Planar Systms PLNR 3.09 ~ 9.17 6.25 +. 0 2 + 0.3 L L L - 25.3 +84.9 1 8 7 2 1 Alibaba Group BABA -4.2 + 7 . 6 1 092 3 8 1 . 76 Plum Creek P CL 36.95 ~ 45.26 41.8 0 +. 1 5 $ .0.4 T L L Close: $71.99%0.21 or 0.3% - 3.9 + 3 . 8 6 7 2 1 9 0 . 1 2 Prec Castparts POP 186.17 ~ 245. 0 5 23 1.38 -.12 -0.1 L L L The e-commerce giant is offering to SchnitzerSteel S CHN 1 2.64 ~ 24.75 17. 6 0 + . 0 2 +0.1 L L L -22.0 - 17.7 404 d d 0 . 75 buy up the rest of Chinese video Sherwin Wms SHW 202.01 ~ 294. 3 5 24 3.17 +7.09 +3.0 L T L -7.6 +13.4 1091 2 5 2 . 68 streaming site Youku Tudou in a StancorpFncl SFG 60.17 — o 11 5.00114.68 + .03 . .. T L L + 64.2 +8 9 .6 20 7 2 0 1 . 30f $3.6 billion deal. $100 StarbucksCp SBUX 35.38 ~ 60.89 59.9 3 +. 2 4 +0 .4 T L L +46.1 +66 .7 12702 28 0 . 6 4 Fueling better results? 80 UmpquaHoldings UMPQ 14.70 ~ 1 8.92 16.76 -.04 -0.2 T L L -1.5 +10.3 1667 17 0.64f American Airlines Group has 60 US Bancorp U SB 38.10 ~ 46.26 4 0 . 7 7 -.24 -0.6 T T T -9.3 + 7 .9 11726 13 1.02f benefited this year from dramatiL L + 5.6 +20 . 6 52 5 1 4 0. 5 2 cally cheaper jet fuel. Washington Fedl WA F D 19.52 ~ 2 4.2 5 23.38 - .28 -1.2 T J A S 0 -3.5 +13.1 13008 13 1 .50 The fuel savings helped the WellsFargo & Co WF C 4 6.44 ~ 5 8.7 7 52.88 +.19+ 0.4 L L L 52-week range world's largest airline nearly Weyerhaeuser W Y 2 6 .73 ~ 37.04 29.4 2 +. 4 8 +1 .7 L L L -18.0 -6.1 4456 29 1 . 24 $87.29~ $12 D.DD double its second-quarter DividendFootnotes:a - Extra dividends werepaid, but arenot included. b -Annual rate plus stock. c - Liquidating dividend. 8 -Amount declaredor paid in last 12 months. f - Current Vol.:15.7m (0.9x avg.) P E: 4.2

earnings despite lower revenue. A annual rate, whichwasincreased bymost recentdividendannouncement. i —Sum of dividends paidafter stock split, no regular rate. I —Sumof dividends paidthis year.Most recent dividend wasomitted cr deferred. k - Declared or paidthis year, acumulative issue with dividends in arrears. m — Current annualrate, which wasdecreasedbymost recentdividend strong pickup in passenger traffic announcement. p — Initial dividend, annual rate nct known, yield nct shown. r —Declared or paid in preceding 12months plus stock dividend. t - Paid in stock, approximate cash value on ex-distrittuticn date.PEFootnotes: q —Stock is a closed-end fund - no P/E ratio shown. cc —P/Eexceeds 99. dd - Loss in last 12 months. has helped, too.The company's revenue has lagged in part because of lower average fares. Did the trends extend into the third quarter? Find out Friday, when Wal-Mart Stores' shares ended the week at their Company nearly three decades, following the announceAmerican Airlines reports its lowest level since 2012 after the world's largest at its annual meeting on Wednesday. third-quarter results. Spotlight ment Shares retailer warned investors that it is bracing dropped 10 percent that day and continued to decline in following days. AAL $43.71 for a profit drop. $60 Wal-Mart is facing increased pressure from The company says it plans to invest in business improvements that will cut its profit rivals such as grocery stores, dollar stores 50 by as much as 12 percent in its next fiscal and Amazon.corn. In response, Wal-Mart ' ,$31.69 year. It also expects sales for this fiscal year has increased the number of small stores it to be flat, hurt by unfavorable currency operates, is expanding its online grocery exchange rates. service and plans to improve the cleanliOperating Its stock had its biggest one-day drop in ness of its stores and customer service. EPS 3Q '14 3 Q '15 5-yr" Total return 1-y r 3-yr* Wal-Mart Stares (WMT) F rida y 's close: $58.89 WMT -18.2% -6.3 4.6 Price-earnings ratio: 8 52-WEEK RANGE Price-earnings ratio: 12 based on past 12-month results D i v idend: $1.96 $58 $91 (B ased on past 12-month results) Div. yield: 3.3% Dividend: $0.40 Div. yield: 0.9% *annuaiized

Honeywell International HON Close:$97.03 7-1.47 or -1.5% The industrial conglomerate posted better-than-expected third-quarter earnings but trimmed its profit and revenue expectations for the year. $110 100



EURO $1.1376 -.0007



Source: FactSet


CRUDEOIL $47.26+.88


Dow jones industrials Close: 17,215.97 Change: 74.22 (0.4%) '


1.30 million


GOLD $1,183.60 -4.30

16,480 ' ""' 10 DAYS "


seasonally adjusted annual rate


16,860 "


Housing starts



2.74 4.26 2.06 6.47 3.7 8 1.6 4 2.8 1

%CH. %YTD +1.90 -11.3 -6.3 +0.69 -19.0 -0.94 -15.9 +1.59 -7.5 %CH. %YTD -0.36 -0.0 - 0.31 + 3 . 5 +1.56 -1 5.5 -0.78 -15.2 -0.76 -12.5

PVS. %CH. %YTD 1.33 +2.26 -1 8.0 1.34 -5.87 -24.5 -5.1 3.76 +0.33 0.63 + 0.65 + 5 . 9 261.70 -1.38 -22.1 -3.5 1.31 +3.01 9.05 -0.77 -11.9 5.03 -2.04 -16.5 1YR.

MAJORS CLOSE CHG. %CHG. AGO USD per British Pound 1.5457 -.0035 -.23% 1.6061 Canadian Dollar 1.2 9 10 +.0065 +.50% 1.1255 USD per Euro 1.1376 -.0007 -.06% 1.2796 JapaneseYen 119.37 + . 5 9 + .49% 1 06.19 Mexican Peso 16. 3 701 +.0198 +.12% 13.5488 EUROPE/AFRICA/MIDDLEEAST Israeli Shekel 3.8338 +.0198 +.52% 3.6985 Norwegian Krone 8 . 1010 -.0024 -.03% 6.5643 South African Rand 13.0763 +.0437 +.33% 11.1211 Swedish Krona 8.2 1 98 -.0128 -.16% 7.1592 Swiss Franc .9512 +.0001 +.01% . 9 435 ASIA/PACIFIC Australian Dollar 1.3738 +,0109 $..79% 1.1413 Chinese Yuan 6.3541 +.0084 +.13% 6,1235 Hong Kong Dollar 7.7500 -.0000 00% 7.7582 Indian Rupee 64.732 -.034 -.05% 61.570 Singapore Dollar 1.3830 +,li056 +.40% 1.2736 South KoreanWon 1131.70 +9.25 + 82% 1061.51 Taiwan Dollar 3 2.20 + . 2 6 +.81% 30,44

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• Americans are expected to spend $6.9 billion on Halloween thisyear, organization says

Facebookgrants for Crook County Facebook is nowaccepting applications for community grants from qualified CrookCounty nonprofit agenciesand some public entities, the social mediacompany announcedFriday. Started in 2011,the Facebook Community Action Grants Program seeks to invest in the

By lana Kozelsky McClatchy Washington Bureau

By James F. Peltz Los Angeles Times

Batman bib-

health and vitality of

Crook County,according to a companynews release. Facebookbuilt its first wholly owned data center in Prineville in 2011.

The deadline for grant applications is Dec.15, according to thenewsrelease. Facebookexpects to award thegrants in the spring. Themaximum amount per recipient is $15,000. In March, anemployee committee at thePrineville data center selected 22 programs to receive grants totaling $100,000. — Bulletin staff report

PEOPLE ON THE MOVE • Jennifer Clifton, a Bend attorney, has paired with Viewpoint Law Group of San Francisco to start a securities law practice in Bend. Clifton Cnfton has more than 18 years of experience in corporate law, including contract, trademark, Boostrom securities and tax law. • Steve Boostrom, business development manager Palfrey at Interior Office Solutions will lead development forthe company's Henry recent expansion of services to Central Oregon. • Kristina McFarlane Sha„ke has been hiredas manager of the Buckle store in the OldMill District of Bend. McFarlane is a graduate of Peninsula College andstarted her career with Buckle in 2014. • Rian Palfrey,abroker at Exit Realty in Bend, received two first-place regional awards from Exit Realty Corp. International for being the top individual agent ingrossclosed commissions and top agent inclosedenddeals. • Donna Henry, a broker at Exit Realty in Bend, received two second-place regional awards from Exit Realty Corp. International for being a topagent in gross closed commissions andatop agent inclosed end deals. • Kelli Shanks, a broker at Exit Realty in Bend, receivedathird-place regional award from Exit Realty Corp. International for being a topagent in closed enddeals.

and-booties costume for $14.99 caught the eye of Joanna Robles as she searched for some-

thing for her months-old son to wear while she holds him

double the Halloween spending of a decade ago. That spending cuts a huge entertainment economies and,

Overall Halloween spending

to some extent, the farming industry.

In billions

Businesses can' t point to a single reason why consumer but they do cite factors driving

its popularity today. For instance, "the millenwhile strolling through a Spir- nials are really into group it Halloween store outside Los costumes and activities," Angeles. Lombardo said. "They love to In the next aisle, 35-year-old do things in groups, whether Joe Lige said he was browsing they' re going as characters in 'TheWalking Dead' or'Orfor an outfit "on the darker, spookier side" for a Halloween ange Is the New Black,'" and party. "My wife gives me a that drives added costume budget for Halloween, and I sales and theme-park attenalways exceed it," he quipped. dance, she said. They' re among the 157 milSocial media also has fulion Americans expected to eled the rise in Halloween's celebrate Halloween this year, appeal because consumers whether by walking their kids love sharing information, aroundtheblock forfreecan- photos and videos of their Haldy, carving a pumpkin for the loween costumes,decorations window or donning a costume and night-on-the-town escafor a neighborhood party. pades, analysts said. Once mostly the purview When people were asked of children, Halloween has where they look for inspiragrown into a major consumer tion for costumes, the webholiday that now includes sites Facebook and Pinterest 18- to 34-year-old millennials each drew 13 percent of the and older adults who seize responses, the National Retail the opportunity for a night of Federation said. escapism. Nearly one-third of conwith superheroes," Robles said

Trisha Lombardo, a spokes-

woman for Spirit Halloween, which has 1,150 temporary stores that operate just for the

Halloween season. Consumers altogether will spend $6.9 billion on Halloween this year, or an average of $74.34 each, the National

sumers said they looked

online overall for Halloween costumes. "I post stuff after I pick

out my outfit," especially on Facebook and Instagram, said



be vulnerable. Don't just sign your receipt, was the message of its initial warning. Use your PIN with 0











"these cards can still be targeted by fraud." But the FBI had to reverse

field a bit this past week: It use PINs. The newly designed chips



cards are known as EMV, a

0 '05 ' 0 6


' oe








Hand out candy 44.8%

Dress in costume


Carve a pumpkin Throwialtend parly ~

formation about a person' s creditcard account,ifhacked, from being used to replicate a counterfei tcardform ore purchases. U.S. banks were supposed to issue new chip-installed cards by Oct. 1 to avoid fraud liability. The microchip has already been in use in Europe and elsewhere around the

31 5%

' %%d

Visit haunted-house attraction


Halloween's rank amongU.S.holiday spending

The recent hacks of Target, Neiman Marcus and other big

In billions Winter holidays**


Mother's Day /$21.2

Easter /$16.4

based on an annual survey conducted by the research

Jeff Green,aPhoenix-based retail consultant. "The growth

retailers have drawn atten-

tion to how widespread credit card fraud has become. In 2012, of 23.8 billion

credit card transactions, 13.5 million, or 5.68 percent, were fraudulent, according to a

study by the Federal Reserve

Father's Day ($12.7

System. The same study also

Halloween ( $6 g

that's occurred in Halloween

credit card fraud. The technology in the cards enables it to block in-


Take children trick-or-treating

ny — MasterCard and Visa security system for detecting


Decorate home/yard

partnership of Europay — a European credit card compato establish an international

Top ways consumers will celebrate this year:

"has been exponential," said

spending over the last 10 years has almost mirrored that of the growth in social media."

the new chip cards because

turns out that most of the new chip cards in the U.S. don' t


friends post things." The impact of social media

er, in 2012 but still more than



Retail Federation estimates

$8 billion, or $79.82 a consum-


Consumeraverage Halloween spending

Valentine's Day / $18.g

That's down from a peak of

sumers a week ago that new microchip-installed credit and debit cards designed to better thwart fraud might still

to see what's out there and my

firm Prosper Insights & Analytics.

First, the agency told con-

Jessica Medina, 33, as she

shopped at the Spirit Halloween store. "I also search online

WASHINGTON — The FBI took a step backward over the past week in the effort to

combatcreditcard fraud.

interest in Halloween has

Halloween. "His dad is really obsessed

"It's not just for kids trick-

An estimated t57 million Americans will celebrate Halloween this


surged over the last decade,

or-treating anymore," said

Halloweenspending unmasked

swath across the retail and

as she hands out candy on

*Ess mate ** Includes Christmas and Thanksgiving Sources: National Retail Federation,Prosper Insights & Analytics

Graphic: James Peltz, Angelica Quintero, Los Angeles Times/TNS

showed that only 2.72 percent of debit, prepaid and ATM transactions, which require PINs, were fraudulent. The Federal Reserve found

that fraud was more pronounced among signature

Surprise:Facebookwants youalwayson Facebook By Hayley Tsukayama

titask while watching video

The Washington Post

and save videos to watch

Thereseems tobealot going on at the big blue social network these days. A spate of headlines from the

for later. Per the blog post announcing the effort, Face-

past several weeks have outa real-time news tool that

cial network just for videos: "This new videos section helpspeople discover,w atch and share videos on Face-

could kill Twitter. Facebook's testing shopping products

book that are relevant to them. It can be accessed by

that could take on Amazon.

Facebook's making its own

tapping a 'Videos' icon at the bottom of the Facebook app


on iPhone or in the 'Favorites'

On Friday, thecompany officially shared news on its video plans, saying it's testing

section on the left-hand side of News Feed on the web." What is going on? Well, it' s all part of Facebook's really open and not-at-all secret

lined some very ambitious plans: Facebook is building

"new video experiences" for

its mobile and desktop versions. These include features on the site that will suggest

related videos, let users mul-

book is also launching a new, dedicated section on the so-

plan to take over the world-

by supplanting the Web with its own applications as much

House,1044 NWBond St., Bend, 541-389-5599. • Jobs & Resumes: Learn to update your resume toget the Facebook: Learn to use job you want; free; 6:30 p.m.; Facebook to market and Redmond Public Library, 827 advertise your small to SW Deschutes Ave., Redmond, mediumbusiness;musthave 541-617-7089. a Facebookaccount;through • Social Security and Your Thursday; $79; 9 a.m.;Central Retirement: Learn to maximize Oregon Community College, your Social Security benefits at Chandler Lab, 1027 NW Trenton this free financial workshop; 6 Ave., Bend, 541-383-7270, p.m.; Mid OregonCredit Union, www.cocc.e du/continuinged/ 1386 NEGushing Drive, Bend, marketing--social-media. 541-382-1795. •SCORE BusinessCounseling: WEDNESDAY Business counselors conduct freeone-on-oneconferences • How to Develop a Business for localentrepreneurs; 5:30 Plan: A two-evening workshop p.m.; Downtown BendPublic for people developinga Library, 601 NW Wall St., Bend, business; $89; 6 p.m.; COCC 541-706-1639. Chandler Lab, 1027 NW Trenton • Awesome Bend Pitch Night: Ave., Bend, 541-383-7290, Competitors makefive-minute www.coco.edu. • Understanding & Managing pitches and vie fora $1,000 prize on the spot; free; 6 p.m.; Credit Workshop: Learn why Deschutes Brewery 8 Public credit is important and learn

inuinged/software. BEST OFTHE cont TUESDAY BIZ CALENDAR • Online Marketing with TODAY • Excel 2013 Level I: Create, edit, format and savea spreadsheet using Excel 2013; $89; 9 a.m.; Central OregonCommunity College, 2030 SECollege Loop, Redmond, 541-3837270, www.cocc.edu/ continuinged/software. MONDAY • tluickBooks Pro 2015 Intermediate: Explore the advanced features of QuickBooks Pro 2015; through Friday; $99; 9 a.m.;Central Oregon Community College Chandler Lab, 1027NW Trenton Ave., Bend,541383-7270, www.cocc.edu/

I(inks being worked out for new chip credit cards

as possible. Facebook is actually in a pretty good position to do this, at least in the United

States. Americans spend far more time using apps than they do the mobile Web; according to a July report from Yahoo's mobile analytics

firm Flurry, we spend 90 percent of our mobile time in an app. A full 19 percent of that

Oculus, for example, all give the company a chance to

control more of what we do online, beyond the boundariesof shares and likes

"Facebook used to be a single blue app that did lots of different things," Zuckerberg said at last year's f8. "Now Facebook is a family of apps." With its built-in access to

your preferences and your time is devoted solely to using friends' preferences,asw ell Facebook. as the social power of being Facebook has made no able to see what friends are bones about its plans for watching, the potential is expansion; Facebook's Mark

and prepaid transactions

than among those that used PIN numbers. "The percentage of signature transactions that were fraudulent was more than seven times that of PIN transactions in 2011," it stated.

The "chip-and-PIN" meth-

od is the best security tech-

nology available, according to Brian Dodge, executive vice president of the Retail In-

dustry Leaders Association, a trade group. He said banks that issue credit cards do not issue PINs with them, and

card networks do not require PINs because there is no in-

centive for them to do so. One of the two main card

certainly there for Facebook's

networks, MasterCard, al-

Zuckerberg has talked about video section to become a bringing Facebook to more of machine for making viral people's lives — or expanding hits, oreven forbroadcastthe things you can do with ing. (The company added its products. Acquisitions of the ability for some users to WhatsApp, Instagram and stream live video in August.)

lows, but does not require,

how to improve your owncredit score; preregistration required; free; 5:30 p.m.; Redmond Neighborlmpact, 2303 SWFirst St., Redmond, 541-323-6567, www.neighborimpact.org/ services/skills-for-success/ money-management-skillstraining. THURSDAY • Lunch and Learn — Monthly Market Overviews: Jacob Fain, financial adviser, provides monthly market overviews at the Morgan Stanley office; free; noon;MorganStanley,705SW Bonnett Way, No.1200, Bend, 541-617-6013. • Nonprofits Open Lab: Search for grants using Foundation Directory Online with staff assistance;prerequisite: Introduction to Finding Funders; free; noon; Redmond Public Library, 827 SW Deschutes Ave., Redmond,

541-61 7-7089. • DIY Marketing:Learn to write effectiveemail blasts, newsletters, press releases, fliers, blogs and more; geared to businesses without dedicated marketing personnel; through Nov. 12; $79; 6 p.m.; Central Oregon Community College, 2600 NW CollegWay, e Bend, 541-383-7270, www. coco.edu/continuinged/ marketing--social-media. FRIDAY • Redmond Chamber of Commerce Dinner, Dance & Auction Fundraiser: Themed dinner, music from the '70s, dancing and a silent auction; $50; $500 per eight-person corporate table; 6 p.m.; Deschutes County Fair & Expo Center, South Sister building, 3800 SW Airport Way, Redmond, 541-923-5191.

OCT. 26 • QuickBooks Online Beginning: Do your own bookkeeping using the QuickBooks Online version; through Nov. 2; $89; 6 p.m.; Central OregonCommunity College, 2600 NWCollege Way, Bend, 541-383-7270, www.cocc.e du/continuinged/ software. OCT. 28 • Best In Business Showcase: Featuring awards, exhibitors and networking opportunities; free to attend; $195 for exhibitors who are BendChamberof Commerce members; $295 for nonmember exhibitors; 4 p.m.; The Riverhouse Hotel & Convention Center, 3075 N. U.S. Highway 97,Bend, 541382-3221; http: //bendchamber. org.

consumers to choose between

signing or entering a PIN when using the EMV chip, said Carolyn Balfany, a MasterCard senior vice president.

OCT. 30 • Contractors CCB Test Prep Course: A two-day class to prepare for the state-mandated Oregon construction contractor licensing test; $359; 8 a.m.; COCCRedmondCampus, Technology Education Center, SE College Loop, Redmond, 541-383-7290, www.cocc. edu/ccb. NOV. 4 • Corporate Culture Clash and Professionalism in the Workplace: Learn about professionalism in the workplace andhow corporate culture impacts performance; $50; registration required; 7:30a.m.;Ham pton Inn, 730 SWColumbiaSt.,Bend, 541-382-3221. • For the complete calendar, pick up Sunday'sBulletin or visit bendbulletin.corn/bizcal

IN THE BACI4 ADVICE EeENTERTAINMENT W Religious services, D2-3 Volunteer search, D4 Support groups, D5 THE BULLETIN • SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2015

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Earthquakepanel at TowerTheatre Geology, emergency and preparednessexperts will host apanel discussion about the Great CascadiaEarthquake andits impact on Central Oregon at 7p.m. Tuesday attheTower Theatre. The program, titled "Shaken III: Whatare You andYour Business Doing to Prepare?,"will address howpeople and businessescanprepare for the major earthquake predicted to hit Oregon in the next 50years, according to anews release. The panel includes Oregon StateUniversity-Cascadesinstructor and geologist Daniele McKay, whostudies Central Oregonvolcanoes and has workedwith Deschutes County, the Oregon Office ofEmergency Management, Oregon Partnership for Disaster Resilienceand the RedCross onnatural hazard preparedness and mitigation issues. Kelley Okolita, director of Disaster Management Services atCambia Health Solutions, and Nathan Garibay,emergency service manager for the DeschutesCounty Sheriff's Office, will also speak at theevent. The event is freeand includes anaudience question-and-answer session. Fortickets and more information, visit www.towertheatre.org. Contact: 541-749-

Photos by Joe Kline i The Bulletin

Kim Kelley sings during an audition at the first Make-A-Band event last week at Silver Moon Brewing in Bend. The event will conclude in a showcase in November where the musicians picked by producers to form bands will have s chance to win awards.

• Make-A-Bandbrings Bendmusicianstogether in an event that updatesthe battle-of-the-bands model


Cancer event

By Brian McElhineye The Bulletin

raises $6,MO The PressOn:Moving Lives ThroughCancer fundraiser atAtlas Cider Company onOct. 10 raised morethan$6,000 this month for Central Oregon cancersurvivorship programs. Despite Saturday's wet and windyweather, Atlas sold enoughcider to donate morethan $2,200 in sales tocomplement the morethan $4,000 raised byarea sponsors. "The weather didn't completely cooperate with us, but Press On still drew hundreds ofpeople to celebratecancer survivorship in ourcommunity," local oncology physical therapist Meredith Wampler-Kuhnsaid in a press release. In conjunction with Atlas CiderCompany, local health careandfitness groupsparticipated in Press Onbydrawing attention to thewaysin which movementand exercise play apositive role in the lives ofthose touched bycancer.

had Campbell faced a tough decision. The Prineville-based multiinstrumentalist and singer stood behind a keyboard onstage at Silver Moon Brewing. He had just finished auditioning at the first Make-A-Band

spotlight event. Nearly 20 musicians who tried out each played for tlute minutes, hoping to impress one of seven teams of producers seated in front of the stage. Campbell, who sang and playedpiano,managed to catch the ears of two produc-

er teams — locals Treason Sound Studio and Pennsylvania-based musician and

producer Rod DeGeorge. By the time Campbell finished playing, the buttons on those producers' respectivetables were lit up, indicating they wanted Campbell for their

own band. After a few questions and some stressful deliberation

onstage, Campbell made his choice: DeGeorge. "I got to talk to the one I

If youoo What:Make-A-Band showcase event When:6 p.m. Nov.21 Where:TowerTheatre Cost:$22 Contact:www.make-aband.corn, www.towertheatre.org or 541-317-0700 they wanted to make, and

(DeGeorge) wants to see what the parts bring forward." Make-A-Band, an event

as the name suggests, involvesproducers assembling bands to perform 25-minute sets during a showcase event at Tower Theatre on Nov. 21.

The bands — and the individual musicians within each band — can win awards such

as studio time, musical equipment or a massage. Or, as Make-A-Band Pro-

ducer Jennifer Myer puts it: "We don'tsay 'compete,'we say 'collaborate.' We do not

say 'vote,' we say 'award.'" Breaking Free Media ran the Last Band Standing bat-

started by Cottage Grovebased entertainment agency Breaking Free Media, is an updated version of the traditional battle-of-the-bands

tle of the bands for six years in Oregon, Washington and California. The agency found the typical battle-of-the-

model. Rather than estab-

of a popularity contest, rather than rewarding actual talent,

seemed like they have more

lished bands competing for a top prize based on audience

of a preconceived idea of what

participation, Make-A-Band,

chose a little bit beforehand," Campbell said after stepping off stage. "I got a little bit of

a vibe of where he's coming from. And the other guys, no offense to them at all, but it

bands model to be too much

according to Myer. SeeMake-A-Band/D5

Ben Larson sings during s Make-A-Band audition. Larson wss

initially passed up but later picked up by aproducer team.

Locavore tohost communitydinner Central OregonLocavore, a nonprofit organization that promotes local, sustainable food, will host its quarterly farm-to-table dinner from 6 to 9 p.m.Oct. 24atits

By Mac McLean

instead of screams and rattling

Those years also were marred

market, 1216 NEFirst St.

The Bulletin

The event, called the Root DownCommunity Supper, will feature dishes madebylocalchefs Bethlyn RiderandNik Ragazzo, including spicy Calabrian sausageand polenta, eggplant soup, pumpkin salad, Italian meatballs andgnocchi, roasted squash,and mascarponecanolis. Tickets are$40 for Locavore members;$45 for nonmembersandare available atcentraloregonlocavore.org or atthe market. Proceedswill benefit Locavore.

chains. These ghosts might

Vanessa Ivey knows Bend's ghosts and its history.

make a statement by shutting

with tragedy. In 1918, a devastating Spanish influenza

— Bulletin staff reports

Historical haunts: Bendwalking tour reveals ghost tales So when the Des Chutes

Historical Museum manager combines the two for the an-

off your music or taking down a outbreak killed nearly 4,000 picture. At least one ghost likes Oregonians in less than six to tease by hiding things. months. While these tales are fun for

nual historical haunts walking

the Halloween season, it's also

tour in downtown Bend, it' s

a chance for local historians to talk about a little-known

like taking a class designed to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. "People love hearing these stories," Ivey said. The ghosts featured on this tour aren't malevolent spirits

like the ones in "The Exorcist" or "Poltergeist" that gave Generation X nightmares as chil-

dren. Bend's spirits are a playful lot who spook folks with

laughter and random noises

Two spirits that haunt the

rounded the city's connection to the railroad and the rest of

Des Chutes Historical Museum — a businessman and a little girl who likely died during the outbreak — provide a glimpse into that moment in history. Ivey said they' ve been seen by museum guests and staff

the world in the 1910s.

alike and are often to blame for

part of the Bend's history — a population explosion that sur-

George and the girl

"little coincidence things people could explain but are super

During the early 1900s, Bend common. grew fast because the Great George Bernard Brosterhous Northern and Pacific railroads was a stone mason and a carhad made the small town more penter who ran a construction accessible and prosperous. business with his brother

But Ivey says some museum $20,000-contract the city issued visitors think he's watching Edward. Their firm won a

to build a new, modern school building in 1914 to teach chil-


dren moving to Bend during

up a small exhibit that included pictures of Brosterhous and

the mass migration.

About 10 years ago, Ivey set

The Reid School was named after Ruth Reid, the city's first school principal. The 10-dassroom building operated for 65 years. It was leased to the De-

other dignitaries who were involved in the building's

schutes County Historical Soci-

scare while playing a grand piano on the museum's first floor. Ivey said the piano player noticed an older gentleman was watching her practice

ety in 1979 and later converted into the history museum where Ivey works. Unfortunately, Brosterhous never witnessed any of this building's construction. He fell

three stories down a gaping hole where the staircase would eventually go and died June 1, 1914.


Soon after, a musician visited the museum and got a brief

from the other side of a room.

She tried finding the man, saw Brosterhous' picture hanging on the wall, and asked a county employee where she could find hi. SeeGhosts /D4


Unseat e statueo Jesusins ires aris tore ui a ter ire put out shortly before 9 a.m., Langford said. No one was

family and other parishioners

Chicago Tribune

injured, but dozens of women

CHICAGO — Hours after the last flames had been put

and children were evacuated from a shelter next door.

over the years, which included cleaning and making altar

By Alexandra Chachkevitch and Grace Wong

helped with restoration work clothes. She said the church

out, a firefighter walked down Officials said "spontaneous the blackened steps of Shrine combustion" in rags used to of Christ the King Church on a apply floor stain started the recent Wednesday and handed fire. Langford said workers over a statue covered in gold had been varnishing the floor vestments and topped with a the night before. crown. Deputy Commissioner John The statue, known as the McNicholas of the Fire DepartDivine Infant Jesus, was made ment said the fire may have in Spain in the 1700s. It was

gone unnoticed for some time

presented to the 92-year-old church in Chicago's Woodlawn neighborhood 10 years ago after the church was spared the wrecking ball and the parish began the long work of restoration.

before the department was alerted. Crews had to fight the

Smudged but otherwise un-

was about to start work on getting permanent heating. On the day before the fire,

workers were remodeling the floor until late into the evening, nr 1

according to fire officials and Raciunas. "It was beautiful inside," she

said. "Fabric covered holes in the walls from the previous fire. ... And there were still some burn marks. But it was


fire from outside because it

Raciunas said she was on

had spread across the roof and there were fears the roof might

her way to 8 a.m. Mass when she got a text from a friend

cave in.

telling her about the fire. "I know it's a building, but it is

Firefighters directed jets of water from the top of tower

damaged, the statue survived ladders. Water cascaded down our home," she said, wiping an extra-alarm fire overnight the sides of the stone building, Phil Velaaquez / Chicago Tribune / TNS away tears. "We' re just always that was touched off by ren- washing over the columns and In the aftermath of a morning fire that destroyed a good section of Shrine of Christ the King Church in here.™ ovation work and severely the statues of four saints above Chicago, the church's Divine Infant Jesus statue was found intact. She said her husband and their eight children have regudamaged theroof and interior, the entrance. larly attended church services according to fire officials. To A group of eight to 10 peothe priests of the parish, it sym- ple dressed in black cassocks ish will still have Masses and who was a student of Frank church andcelebratethe Mass for the past nine years. Her only son is an altar boy at the bolized their intent to rebuild stood praying in a small grassy carry on other services. Lloyd Wright's Prairie School in Latin. "The message is that you of architectural design. again. area acrossfrom the entrance. The church was reopened church. When the family first "The statue is the spiritual Huddled nearby were dozens need to have Good Friday A fire in the late 1970s de- as the Shrine of Christ the started attending, services centerpiece of our shrine and of women and children evacu- before you can have Easter stroyed much of the interior of King as the order launched were held in the basement. The statue recovered from its community, so people really ated from St.Martin de Porres Sunday," Talarico said with a the neo-Renaissance church an initial fundraising drive to spiritually identify with it," said House of Hope. laugh. and repairs were slow. By collect nearly $6 million for the church was placed in the "We' re not starting all over 2002, parishioners numbered the work. Cost estimates rose rectory, where the priests live "They were afraid the winthe Rev. Matthew Talarico. "It's iconic to symbolize all dows would explode," said again. This is just another around 100, and the Chicago to $9 million as the work was and where Masses will be the work and the mission that Sister Therese O' Sullivan, chapter. Our community is Catholic Archdiocese decided parceled outover more than held once fire officials give the all-clear. we do at the church," he said. who co-founded the shel- here, and we will continue to to close it. 10 years. "It's important that people see ter. "I'm devastated. This is move forward step by step The statue is central to the A year later, a demolition I n D ecember 2 007, t h e thatthishas been preserved devastating." together. Sometimes circum- crew arrived to begin discon- church was temporarily fit- church's services. Each month from past years, and this is A firefighter gathered the stances like this bring people necting gas and power, but ted with donated pews and on the 25th, the statue leads a the first step on the journey women and children and es- even closer together because crew members ran into Sister temporary altars, along with procession of children, Talariforward and that Christ is still corted them to a warming bus that common goal r eally Connie Driscoll, who ran the rented heating, according to co said. "A lot o f c h ildren identiwith us." on the other side of the church. unites us in Christ and with shelter next door and rushed its website, which added: "The The first fire crews were Some of thewomen picked each other. out to stand in their way. The restoration of this magnificent fy with this statue," he said. "We won't miss a beat," he delay gave supporters time to church for permanent use is "They' ve seen it, they' ve been alerted about 5:45 a.m. that up their children as they morning, and the blaze was stepped over streaming wa- said, noting that the church challenge the demolition per- entirely dependent on the gen- up close to it. Jesus is one quickly raised to a 3-11 alarm, ter. One firefighter picked up has escaped d estruction mit and eventually save the erous donation of the needed of them. So to see Jesus last through this fire, he's still with sending 150 firefighters to the a child and carried him across before. church. funds." church along with extra equip- the street from the parking lot. The c h urch, f o r merly Mayor Richard Daley sided Tuckpointinghadbeen com- them. That's a beautiful mesment to fight flames that were Inside the church, charred known as St. Gelasius, was with the preservationists, and pleted and a new roof built, Ta- sage of hope. And hopefully already shooting through the rubblecovered the floor,and built by the Calced Carmel- the archdiocese announced larico said. Still on the drawing in the future trials they might roof, according to Chicago Fire water soaked the walls and ite Order in 1923 and once in early 2004 that it was turn- board: new floors, heating and have in their lives as adults, Department spokesman Larry pillars inside. Most of the roof housed a national shrine to St. ing the church over to the In- cooling, and plumbing. "These they' ll remember that Jesus is Langford. was gone. Therese of Lisieux, according stitute of Christ the King, an are million-dollar steps," he always with us in difficult moments such as what we' ve exPart of the roof had colBut Talarico remained posi- to the church's website. It was order of priests based in Italy said. lapsed by the time the fire was tive, emphasizing that the par- designed by Henry Schlacks, that planned to renovate the Nicole Raciunas, 45, said her perienced today."

Find It All Online

RELIGIoUs SERvIGEs To submit service information or announcements for religious organizations, email bulletin© bendbulletin.corn or call 541-633-2117.

(traditional hymn service) and 10

a.m. (contemporaryservice)Sunday;

62425 EagleRoad,Bend;541-3825822 or www.eastmontchurch.corn. EMMAUSLUTHERANCHURCH, LCMS:Pastor David Poovey; 9:15 a.m. Bible study, 10:30a.m. worship; SERVICES 2175 SWSalmon Ave., Redmond; ANTIOCH CHURCH:Pastor Pete Kelly; 541-548-1473. "Obadiah — Minor Prophets, Part FATHER'S HOUSECHURCH:Pastor 5";10a.m. Sunday; 7 p.m. Monday Randy Wills; "The BigBoom," part of high school youth group; 7 p.m. the series "TheStory"; 10a.m. Sunday; Wednesday junior high youth group; 7 p.m. Wednesdayyouth group; 61690 BendHighSchool,230NESixth Pettigrew Road,Bend; 541-382-1632 St., Bend; 541-318-1454 or www. or www.fathershouse.church. antiochchurch.org. THE FELLOWSHIPATBEND: Loren BEND CHRISTIANFELLOWSHIP: Anderson; "Making It Right," based Pastor Dave Miller; "Time Is Just on Genesis 33;10a.m. Sunday; 6 AboutUp,"based on Revelation p.m. Sunday youth group; 21530 3:1; 10 a.m. Sunday; 7 p.m. Butler Market Road, Bend;541-385Wednesday 4Twelve Youth Group; 3100 or www.tfab.corn. 19831 Rocking Horse Road, FIRST PRESBYTERIAN BEND:Steven Bend; 541-382-6006 or www. Koski; "Do You Want to BeWell?" bendchristianfellowship.corn. based onJohn 5:1-13; 9a.m. and10:45 BENDCHURCHOFTHENAZARENE: a.m. Sunday: 6p.m.Sunday TAP;230 Pastor Virgil Askren; "NewCommands NE Ninth St., Bend;541-382-4401 or and a NewCovenant," based on www.bendfp.org. Exodus 19-40; 10:15a.m. Sunday; 9 FOUNDRY CHURCHOFBEND: Trevor a.m. (Hispanic service) Sunday;1270 Waybright; "A MessageFromGod," NE 27th St., Bend; 541-382-5496 or based onJudges 3:12-30; 10:15a.m. www.bendnaz.or g. Sunday; 60 NWOregon Ave., Bend; BEREANBIBLECHURCH: 10:30 541-382-3862 or www.foundrybend. a.m. Sunday;10:30 a.m. Thursday Org. Bible study; 2378 SW Glacier GRACEBIBLECHURCHOFBEND: Place; Redmond; 541-504-2618 or Pastor Phil Kooistra; "JesusWeeps berea nbiblechurchredm ondoregon. Over Jerusalem," based onLuke wordpress.corn 19:41-44; 10a.m. Sunday; 5:30 p.m. COMMUNITYBIBLECHURCH Sunday youth group; 63945OldBend AT SUNRIVER:Guest speaker Redmond Highway,Bend; 541-728Missionary GregGarison; "Gospel 3897 or www.gracebibleofbend.org. Worthiness," part of the series "To GRACEFIRSTLUTHERANCHURCH: Live Is Christ," based onPhilippians Pastor Joel LiaBraaten; "Reaching 1:27-30; 9:30 a.m. Sunday; 1Theater Critical Mass" and "Special Places"; Drive, Sunriver; 541-593-8341 or 9:30a.m.Sunday;2265 NW Shevlin www.cbchurchsr.org. Park Road, Bend;541-382-6862 or COMMUNITY OFCHRIST: www.gracefirstluthe ran.org. Evangelist Laurie Gordon; "Make Me HOLY COMMUNIONEVANGELICAL a Servant," based on Mark10:35-45; CATHOLICCHURCHOFBEND: 11 a.m. worship; 10 a.m. classes for Father Jim Radloff; "God at Work"; all ages; 10:45 a.m. praise singings 9a.m. and 5 p.m.Sunday; Bend or meditation music Sunday; 20380 Senior Center1600 SEReedMarket Cooley Road, Bend; 541-388-1011 or Road, Bend;541-408-9021 or info© www.bendcommunityofchrisf.org. holycommunionbenderg. COMMUNITYPRESBYTERIAN MISSIONCHURCH BEND CAMPUS: CHURCH: Rev. RobAnderson; "Any Pastoral staff; "Living in a ¹Selfie Last Words?" based onPhilippians World, Part 6"; 5:30 p.m.today; 9a.m. 2:5-11; 9a.m. and11 a.m. Sunday; and10:45a.m.Sunday;onlineatwww. 11 a.m. Sundayhigh school youth experiencethehighlife.tv 9 a.m.and group; 6 p.m.W ednesdaymiddle 10:45 a.m.Sunday;2221 NEThird school youth group; 529 NW19th St., St., Bend; 541-306-6209 or www. Redmond; 541-548-3367 or www. experiencethehighlife.corn. redmondcpc.org. MOST SACREDHEART,ROMAN CONCORDIALUTHERAN MISSION: CATHOLICCHAPEL:Father Bernard; The Rev.Willis C. Jenson; "Rich or Traditional Catholic Latin Mass; 9a.m. Poor, Joy in This Life Is theSaving Sunday, confessions heardbefore Knowledge of God,TheGospel," Mass; 1051 SW Helmholtz Way, based on Ecclesiastes 5:20; 11a.m. Redmond; 541-548-6416. Sunday; 10 a.m.Sunday school; NATIVITYLUTHERANCHURCH Terrebonne GrangeHall, 828611th ELCA:Pastor Chris Kramer; "Sundays St., Terrebonne; 541-325-6773 or www.lutheransonline.corn/ After Pentecost," based onIsaiah concordialutheranmission. 53:4-12, Psalm91:9-16, Hewbrews 5:1-10 andMark10:35-45; 9 a.m. EASTMONT CHURCH:Pastor Blaine Braden; "Christ In Culture"; 8:30 a.m. informal worship, 11a.m. formal

worship Sunday; 10a.m. Wednesday Bible study; 7 p.m. Thursday fall class; 60850 Brosterhous Road,Bend;541388-0765 or www.nativityinbend.





NEW CREATIONSLIFE CENTER CHURCH:Pastor Arthur Wilder; 10 a.m. Sunday; 6:30 p.m.Wednesday iLoveyouthgroup;240 SW Seventh St., Redmond; 541-548-6246 or www.newclc.corn. NEWPORTAVENUECHURCHOF CHRIST:DeanCatlett; "Living a Three Dimensional Life," basedon 1 Corinthians 9:24-27; 10:45a.m. Sunday worship; 6 p.m.Sunday devotional service; 6 p.m.Wednesday adult Bible study; 554 NW Newport Ave., Bend.; 541-382-5242 or www. churchofchristbendoregon.corn.

WOMEN OFFAITH FAREWELL TOUR WEBCAST: Celebrate 20years in this final event, Womenof Faith Farewell Tour; 8:30 a.m.; $20;Powell Butte Christian Church, 13720Highway126, Powell Butte; 541-548-3066. MARRIAGE WORKSHOP:FamilyLife "I Still Do" simulcast marriageone-day event; powerful, practical, Biblical

encouragement for marriedor engaged

couples; 8a.m.; $26.25 to $31.75 per person; register onlineand select simulcast location inRedmond; Desert SongCommunityChurch,640 SW EvergreenAve.; www.istilldo.corn or 541-504-0402. INTERNALJOURNEY INTENSIVE SAINT JACOB OFALASKA WORKSHOP: Learnto utilize ORTHODOX CHRISTIANCHURCH: meditation, chi energyexercises, Reader services10a.m. Sunday;1900 sharing circles andNative American NE Division St., Bend; 541-928-9240 ceremony; 9 a.m.;$70; Hawthorn or www.saintjacob.org. Healing Arts Center, 39 NWLouisiana Ave., Bend;541-639-6246. SAINT PAUL'SANGLICANCHURCH: Father John Pennington; "AreYou Tuesday Dressed for the Wedding?" based on COMMUNITYBIBLESTUDY:Bible Matthew 22:1-14; 10:30 a.m.Sunday; study titled "Mary: ABiblical Walk 1108 W Antler Ave., Redmond; With the BlessedMother"; meets each 541-604-1029. Tuesdayfrom10a m.to1145a m. and UNITARIANUNIVERSALISTS OF 6:30p.m.to8 p.m.throughNov.24; St. Francis ofAssisi Catholic Church CENTRAL OREGON:Rev.Antcnia 8 School,2450NE27thSt.,Bend; Won; "Mission Renewalandthe www.catholicscripturestudy.info or Power of Not Overthinking"; 10:30 541-382-3631. a.m. Sunday; 61980 Skyline Ranch CENTRALOREGON BIBLESTUDY: Road, Bend; 541-385-3908 or www. Nondenominational community Bible Uufco.org study; begins with the book ofRuth and WESTSIDE CHURCH:Pastor Bo Stern; Esther, followed bythe Gospel of Mark; "Love Does,Part 2"; 6:30 p.m. today; meets Tuesdaysthrough April19; 3:30 8 a.m., 9 a.m. and10:45 a.m. Sunday; p.m.; Mountain ViewFellowship, 1475 Westside Church WestCampus, 2051 SW35th, Redmond;541-923-6996 or 541-923-8791. NW Shevlin Park Road,Bend;watch live 10:45 a.m. Sundays at Stone COMMUNITYBIBLE STUDY: Nondenominational community Lodge Retirement,1460 NE27th Bible study open toall; study of1 St., Bend;541-382-7504 or www. and 2 Corinthians; $35; 9:15a.m.; westsidechurch.org. Foundry Church, 60NWOregon WESTSIDESOUTH CAMPUS: Pastor St., Bend; www.bend.cbsclass.org; Bo Stern; "Love Does,Part 2";10:30 541-390-4093. a.m. Sunday;Westside Church South Oct. 24 Campus, 1245 SE Third St., Bend. OFFERINGYOUR NATURAL GIFT WESTSIDESISTERS CAMPUS: Learnto use meditation, Pastor Bo Stern; "LoveDoes, Part 2"; 9 WORKSHOP: a.m.and 10:45a.m.Sunday;W estside energyexercises,andsharing circles toawaken,unlockandoff eryour Church Sisters Campus,442Trinity gift;1 p.m.; $40; JuniperYoga, 369 Way, Sisters. NE RevereAve., Suite104, Bend; 541-639-6246. WESTSIDEONLINECAMPUS:Pastor Bo Stern; "Love Does,Part 2"; 6:30 Oct. 25 p.m.today;9a.m.and 10:45a.m. RECONNECT SUNDAYCENTERING Sunday; www.westsidelive.org. CLASSES: Learnto utilize meditation, ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH:Pastor energy exercises, relaxation Eric Burtness; "What DoBel I ieve? I techniques, sharing circles, and Believe I amSignificant Because of My clear intention to helpyou relax and Position as aChild of God"; 8:30 a.m. reconnect with yourself; 1 p.m.;$12per and11 a.m. Sunday;1113 SWBlack session;NamaspaYoga& Massage, Butte Blvd.,Redmond;541-923-7466 1135 NWGalveston Ave., Bend; or www.zionrdm.corn. 541-639-6246.


'Ihe View Restaurant at Juniper Golf Course is the perfect venue for your holiday party. Call Michelle Horton at 541-923-8198, ext. 314 to reserve your date now! Dates are filling up quickly so be sure to book your party soon! The View Restaurant atJuniper Golf Course is open to the public and welcomes you. We serve a traditional menu in a casual setting with a spectacular view of the mountains to our west.

Come infor goodfood at attractive prices and enjoy our view Pom the patio or indoors.

JUNIPER GOLF CLUB 1938 SW Elkhorn Ave. • Redmond, Oregon .- • 5 41-923-8198, ext. 314 m g mhorton@playjuniper.corn

. J

Ad donated by Country Side Living

Donate your Vehicle TO THEL1VlA'S PLACE 8zMake a Difference in Memory Care! FREE PICK-UP ~ TAX DEDUCTION I IT S EASY!

Thelma s Place A Community of Caring...One Mind at a Time

Adult Day Respite for those living with memory loss, Community 8t Provider Education,

Family Support k Education Canby: 5o3.266.51oo ~ Redmond: 54x.548.3o49 www.thelmasplace.org



CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF REDMOND 536 SW 10th, Redmond 541-548-2974

0 0





www.redmondchristian.org Sunday Worship 9:00 am F 10:45am

You AreThe Most Important Part of Our Services

Sunday School for all ages Kidmo• Junior Church Greg Strubhar, Pastor Darin Hollingsworth, Youth Pastor

"Yin/Yang" Taoist/ Confucianism

"Star 8 Crescent" Islam

• •

REDMOND ASSEMBLY OF GOD 1865 W Antler• Redmond • 541-548-4555 SUNDAYS

Morning Worship 8:30 am S 10:30 am Life groups 9 am KIdz LIVE ages 3-11 10:30 am Evening Worship 6 pm WEDNESDAYS FAMILY NIGHT 7PM

Adult Classes Celebrate Recovery Wednesday NITE Live Kids Youth Group Pastor Duane Pippitt

www.redmondag.corn •

10:30 Contemporary Service Worship Center 10:30 Traditional Service Historic Chapel Nursery F Children's Church Pastors: Chris Blair and Trey Hinkle 13720 SW Hwy 126, Powell Butte 541-548-3066 www.powellbuttechurch.corn

HOLY COMMUNION CHURCH "Catholicism the way you

always wished it could be" FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST,SCIENTIST 1551 NW First St.• 541-382-6100

Father Jim Radloff Father Mark Hebert SUNDAY MASS SCHEDULE 9:00 am Traditional Catholic Music 5:00 pm Contemporary Christian Music Bend Senior Center 1600 SE Reed Market Road

Weekday Mass In our new Chapel in the Church Office Monday at 7:00 am with Fr Mark Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at noon with Fr Jim

(South of Portland Ave.) Church Service F Sunday School: 10 am Wed. Testimony Meeting: 7:30 pm Childcare provided. Reading Room: 1563 NW First St. Tues. through Fri.: 11 am - 4 pm Sat. 12 noon - 2 pm Open briefly after Sunday Service


We invite you to join us this weekend! Come as you are, and bring the whole family. Experience loving, life-changing community. Learn more about who Jesus is, and the life that he offers to each of us. We havetwo venues thatmeet on Sunday

mornings, offering distinct music styles. Traditional Hymn Service - 8:30am Senior Adult Classes - 10:00 am Upper Campus Contemporary Service - 10:00am Children's Ministry from Nursery-5th Grade Lower Campus

62425 Eagle Road 541-382-5822 www.eastmontchurch.corn

Lovinglyhelping peopleeverywhere becomeJrrly devotedfollowersof Jesus FIRST MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH 21129 Reed Market Rd. Bend, OR 97702 541-382-6081

Thomas L. Counts, Pastor

With Father Jim Wednesdays

Morning Study: 10-11:30am Evening Study: 7-8:30 pm at the Church Office Beginning October 28 "The Acts of the Apostles" will be studied.

(Nursery available) SUNDAY

Sunday School - 9:45am (Bible Classes for all ages) Prayer Time - 10:40am Worship - 10:50am Evening Bible study - 6:00pm Evening Worship - 7:00pm WEDNESDAY

Ladies Bible Study - 10:00am Bible Study and Prayer - 7:00pm

www.fmbcbend.org FOUNDRY CHURCH (FORMERLY FIRST BAPTIST) "A Heart for Bend in the Heart of Bend" 60 NW Oregon Ave, 541-382-3862 Pastor Trevor Waybright

SundaySchoolclassesare at9:00 am and our Worship Service at 10:15 am This Sunday, Trevor Waybright will be continuing in the series "The Gospel According to Judges". For Kidztown, Middle School and High School activities, Call 541-382-3862 www.bendchurch.org HIGHLAND BAPTIST CHURCH

3100SW Highland Ave.,• Redmond 541-548-4161• hbcredmond.org Lead Pastor Dr. Barry Campbell Worship Saturday 7 P.M. Worship Sunday 8, 9:30 8 11 A.M.

Sunday small groups, all ages 9:30 8 I I A.M.

Children's Worship, preschool thru 5th grade 11 A.M. Family Night Wednesdays Sept. 16 — Nov. 18, 2015 5-5:45 PM. Dinner 6-7:30 PM.Small group studies for afl ages Babies through adult

Celebrate Recovery Tuesdays, 6:30 PM.

You' re invited to the following events

or drop off at the Church Office

2nd Tuesday of each month Next Session — November 10 Falling Upward by Richard Rohr Contact prayerCeholycommunionbend.org for more information

(across from Croutons) Contact us (541) 408-9021 InfoCaholycommunlonbend.org www.holycommunionbend.org

16137 Burgess Rd Tuesday Mass 6 pm, Wednesday and Friday Mass 9:00 am Sunday Mass - 10:00 am Confessions: Saturdays -3:00 -4:00 pm

DIRECTORY LISTING Effective May J, 2015 4 SaturdayS and TMC: $125 5 SaturdayS and TMC: $150

The Bulletin: EVery Saturday On the church page. $25 Copy Changes: by 5 PIVI Tuesday

Sunday Mass - 3:30 pm "We are a church family, centered on the Eucharist, living and sharing our faith and God-given talents and gifts." ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH

NEW CHURCH 2450 NE 27th Street MASSES Saturday - Vigil 5:00 PM Sunday- 7:30 am F 10:00 AM Domingo 12:30 - Misa en Espanol

Wednesday Noon Eucharist (in the Trinity chapel — please use St. Helens St. entrance) Youth Events: www.facebook.corn/BendYouthCollective

541-382-5542 469 NW Wall Street, Bend, OR 97701

541 NE DeKalb Ave. 541-389-8888 Ext. 200

All Services held at our Dedicated Synagogue Building

TEMPLE BETH TIKVAH is a member of the Union for Reform Judaism. Our members represent a wide range

of Jewish backgrounds. We welcome interfaith families and Jews by choice. Our monthly activities include: Services, religious education for children and adults, Hebrew school, Torah study, social action projects and social activities Rabbi Johanna Hershenson SERVICES Saturday, October 24 at 9:00am — Shabbat TorahStudy Saturday, October 24 at 10:45 am — Shabbat Torah Service Friday, October 30 at 7:00 pm — Erev Shabbat Service Every Monday 12:-00-1:00 pmWeekly Torah Study Call for information 8 location

For the complete schedule of Services and Events go to: www.bethtikvahbend.org

Sunday Worship: Sunday School at 10:00 AM Worship Service at 11:00 AM For Both Childrenrrnd Adults

First United Methodist Church 680 NW Bond Street 541-388-8826


MISSION (LCMS) Themission of theCfrurcfi is Io forgivesinsIfironyfr the Gospe(aad thereby grant eternal iifn

For more Information: www.facebook.corn/ The SalvationArmyCentralOregon


St. John 20:22-23, Augsburg Confession

Redmond, Oregon 97756

XXVIII.8, 10


Pastors Lts, Jeremy and Violet Aird

Father Todd Unger, Pastor

10 am Sunday School 11 am Divine Service


20080 Pinebrook Blvd.• 541-389-3436 Celebrate New Life at New Hope Church!

5:00 to 5:45 pm

and on Saturdays from 4;30 to 5:15 pm


The Rev. Willis C. Jenson, Pastor 8286 lith Street (Grange Hall) Terrebonne, OR

www.lutheransonline.corn/ concordialutheranmission Facebook: Concordia Lutheran Mission Phone: 541-325-6773

Saturday 6:00 pm Sunday 9:00, 10:45 am, Pastor Randy Myers

D3 •

CHRISTIAN I.IFE CENTER 21720 E. Hwy. 20, Bend 541.389.8241

Sunday o Mrning Worship 8;45 AM and 10:45 AM

WednesdayMid-Week Service Children 8 Youth Programs 7:00 PM

Nursery Care Provided for All Services Pastor Daniel N. LeLaCheur

Come Experience a warm, friendly family of worshipers. Everyone Welcome - Always. A vibrant, inclusive community. A rich and diverse music program for all ages Coffee, snacks and fellowship after each service M-W-F Women's Exercise 9:30 am Wednesday Bible Study at noon 3rd Thursday Women' s Circle/Bible Study I:00 pm 3rd Tuesday Men's Club 6:00 pm, dinner Youth and Family Programs Active Social Outreach 1113 SW Black Butte Blvd. Redmond, OR 97756 541-923-7466 Pastor Eric Burtness www.zionrdm.corn Mennonite


(3/4 mile north of High School) Redmond, OR 97756 (541) 548-3367

Rev. Rob Anderson, Pastor 9;00 am Contemporary Worship 9:00 am Nursery Care 9:15 am Children 8 Youth Sunday School 9:30 am Adult Education 11:00 am Traditional Worship Fellowship following both services. Youth Group: 10:30am Sunday for Middle and High School Youth Mondays 6;30 pm Centering Prayer Wednesdays 5:30 pm Prayer Service Small Groups Meet Regularly (Handicapped Accessible) Please visit our website for a complete listing of activities for all ages. www.redmondcpc.org FIRST PRESBYTERIAN BEND

230 NE Ninth, Bend (Across Ninth St, from Bend High) Embodying Spacious Christianity

Finding Life's Answers in God's Questions Do You Want To Be Well? Preaching is Steven Koski 9:00am contemporary service, Sanctuary 10:45am traditional service, Sanctuary 6:00-7:00pm TAP, Heritage Hall Nursery care provided for all services The Wisdom of Listening October 19, 7:00-8:30pm, Sanctuary.

Discerning God'sVoice facilitated by Barry Heath. Registration strongly encouraged at 541 382 4401 or receptionCabendfp.org. Faith Shift Book Discussion

Wednesdays through November 18, Messianic Synagogue Est. 1994

Our Shabbat Services are on Saturday mornings at 10:00 a.m. Our ministries include: • Davidic dance and worship • Children's ministry and nursery • Hebrew classes • Home groups • Teaching from the Torah and the Brit Hadashah (New Testament) • Biblical Feasts • Lifecycle Events • End-times prophecy Visit us on the web at www.houseofcovenant.org or contact us at 541-385-5439 LIVING TORAH FELLOWSHIP

At La Roca Church 1155 SW Division, ¹D8, Bend Saturday 12:00 - 3:00 pm Worship/Dance - Study - Food/Fellowship Hebrew Roots Fellowship worshiping in Spirit and Truth 541-410-5337 Children Welcome www.livingtorahfellowship.corn

6:00-7:30pm First Presbyterian Library Many ofuswho have found a Spacious Christianity have made a significant faith shift in our journey. This journeycanbe complex and confusing. Join Pastor lenny and Brad Emerson in a book study of a new book exploring this journey called "Faith Shift: Finding Your Way Forward. "When Everything You Believe is Coming Apart" by Kathy Escobar. Register and direct any questions to Jenny

Warner at jwarner@bendfp.org or 541 382 4401. TAP

Join us for this new worship experience and place of belonging for those who might otherwise never set foot in a traditional church service. Local beers & kombucha on tap to enjoy before, during and after the service Contact Morgan Schmidt at mschmidtCebendfp.org with questions. For more: bendtap.corn and facebook corn/bendtap Labyrinth Moonset 8 Moonrise Walks Meet others at the labyrinth just below First Presbyterian's parking lot for a meditative walk. October 27, 8:00pm. Find more at bendfp.org. 230 NE Ninth Street, Bend, 541.382.4401

www.bendfp.org www.facebook.corn/bendfp YouthEvents:www.facebook.corn/ bendyouthcollective


We are a Welcoming Congregation •


(In the Heart of Down Town Bend) 680 NW BondStreet Bend, OR 541. 382. 1672

Everyone is Welcome! Rev Dave Beckett Sermon: "Living the Life: Cooperate With God" Scripture: Psalm 84

Sermon Idea: Sometimes, it feels like we take God to others. What changes if we believe God is already there?. 9:00am - Contemporary Service

Sunday School during the 9am service 11:00am - Traditional Service

Childcare provided *During the Week: Women's Groups, Men's Groups, Youth Groups, Quilting, Crafting, Music 8 Fellowship

Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors. Rev. Dave Beckett flrstchurch@bendumc.org

Sunday, October 18 at 10:30AM "Mission Renewal and the Power of Not Overthinking" Rev. Antonia Won UUFCO has begun a multi-month process of discerning a new mission. How timely is our October them of "renewal" ? This morning's service will set the stage for the day' s congregational workshop as we turn from looking back to imagining our future. Religious Exploration K-2 will read "To Every Thing There is a Season" and talk about the idea of cycles: life cycles we all experience, and cycles bigger than us and continuing after us. Grades 3-5 will begin the UU 'Tapestry of Faith curriculum: "Sing To The Power", exploring the relationship between the first (inherent worth

of every person) and seventh (interconnected web of aff existence) UU Principles. Grades 6-8 will explore fundamental aspects of Hinduism and talk about the parallels between Hinduism and Unitarian Universalism. Meeting place: 61980 Skyline Ranch Road, Bend 97703 Mail:PO Box 428, Bend OR97709 www.uufco.org (541) 385-3908

Unless otherwise noted, all services are held at the

Weekly Programs: Tuesday Youth Night at 5:00 PM Wednesday Women's Group at 9:30 AM Thursday Men's Group at 2:00 PM

Reconciliation Tuesday 7:30 AM - 8:00 AM Saturday 8:30 - 9:30 AM

Sunday, November 1st — Concert with Cantorial Soloist Alisa Fineman and Kimball Hurd $18 Suggested Donation. Vegetarian Pot Luck 4 to 5PM Followed by Concert from 5 to 7PM

school and I-Iebrew School Classes begin week of 10/4


Exposition 8 Benediction Monday-Friday after 7;00 AM Mass to 6:00 PM Tuesday (Family Holy Hour) 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

November Sunday, November 1st — Community Sunday School 10-12:30

Registration beginning now for Sunday

HISTORIC DOWNTOWN CHURCH Corner of Franklin and Lava MASSES Saturday 8:00 am Sunday 4:30 pm Monday - Friday 7:00 am 8 12:15 pm


Services Friday, October 23rd - Friday Evening Service - 6pm — Parshat Lech L'cha

21555 Modoc Lane (Comer of Ward and Modoc in Bend) unless otherwise noted.

www.trinitybend.org www.facebook.corn/TrinityBend ministryCatrinitybend.org

Reconciliation Saturday 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Weekdays 8:00 am (except Wednesday) Wednesday 6:00 pm Saturday Vigil 5:30 pm First Saturday 8:00 am (English) Sunday 8:00 am, 10:00 am (English) 12:00 noon (Spanish) Confessions on Wednesdays from

Call Pat Lynch 541-383-0396 PlynCh@bendbulletin.Com

Potluck Suppers, Centering Prayer, Outreach, Music, Book Discussions, "Spirit"ed Conversations, Justice and Eco-Justice Activities, Women's Group and more...

Rev. Julian Cassar Pastor Rev. Joseph K. Thalisery 541-382-3631

CO Marketplace:

I Week Prior to PubliCatiOn

Torah Study Every Saturday M orningta 10 AM, unless otherwise noted

Friday, November 6th — Friday Evening Service 6PM.

Sunday Services: 8am and 10;15am Sunday Adult Forum: 9:15am Childcare available both services


The FirSt TueSday Of

each month. $25 Copy Changes: by Monday

For more information www.miraclesinyourlife.org www.eckankar.org www.eckankar-oregon.org 541-728-6476

The Rev. Jed Holdorph II, Rector

Sunday Mass - 12:30 pm

Sunday Worship Services at 8:30 F 11:00 am Sunday School for all ages at 10:00 am Children's Room available during services

Bear Creek Center 21300 Bear Creek Rd., Bend, OR 97701

diversity intheologyarrdworld view.


Worship in the Heart of Redmond

Rabbi Jay Shupack-

TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHURCH We are4 community of Christians wfrowelcome

18143 Cottonwood Rd. Thurs. Mass 9:30 am; Sat. Vigil Mass 5:30 pm Sunday Mass 8:00 am


We provide a congregational setting for Jews and Christians alike. If you' re interested in learning the Bible from a Hebrew perspective, come join us at:


Pastor Joel LiaBraaten Evangelical Lutheran Church in America www.gracefirstlutheran.org

(Jewish Community of Central Oregon)

Bend's First Resident Rabbi Rebbitzin - Judy Shupack

I •

www.clcbend.corn Men's Bible Study "Reformation Roots" Wednesday 8:00 a.m.

We Welcome Newcomers, Interfaith Families and Jews by Choice Participation Encouraged For information, call 541-385-6421 Please Visit: www.jccobend.corn

April 15-17, 2016 University Place Hotel Near the Portland State University Campus Portland, Oregon


Women's Bible Study "Men of the Bible" Tuesday 9:30 a.m.

'Spiritual Discussion' "Transforming Your Life with the Light and Sound of God" Thurs. Oct. 29, 6:30-7:30pm

With guest speaker Rodney Jones, Eckankar Clergy, Jazz guitarist from New York City

Fr. Theodore Nnabugo, Pastor www.holyredeemerparish.net Parish ONce: 541-536-3571


Sunday Worship 9:30 a.m. (Child Care Available) Sunday School 10:20 a.m. Education Hour 10:45 a.m.


Coming in 2016: an Oregon Regional Seminar "How to Survive Spiritually in Our Times"


2265 NW Shevlin Park Road, Bend 382-6862

A Warm, Joyful, and Welcoming Community Serving Central Oregon for 25 years.

Soul Travel: A Tool for Everyday Miracles" Thurs. Nov. 19, 6:30-7:30pm

CHURCH OFFICE 587 NE Greenwood —Bend


PRINEVILLE: All events at 175 NW Meadow Lakes Dr.

*Spit(tual Discussion*

Latin Mass at I:00 PM Sunday, October 18.


October 18, 2015 at Westside Church - SISTERSCAMPUS Pastor Bo Stern will share the message titled "Love Does II Love Waits" at 9 and 10;45am on Sunday at the Westside Church Sisters Campus, 442 Trinity Way, Sisters.

VETERAN'S MINISTRY November 8 - Food Drive Bring non-perishable items to Mass

Bus available for Sundays WORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES

October 18, 2015 at Westside Church - SOUTH CAMPUS Pastor Bo Stern will share the message, titled "Love Does II Love Waits" at 10:30am on Sunday at the Westside Church South Campus, 1245 SE 3rd St., Bend.

Experience the Lightand Sound ofGod "Leam to go inside yourself, because this is October 18, 2015 Westside Church - ON THE RADIO the source of all truth. There are a lot Pastor Steve Mickel will share the of holy temples out here, but the most message titled "Love Does II A Better Way" sacred of all is the temple inside you, on the Heirbome radio show because this is where you meet with the at 8;00am Sundaymorning Holy Spirit, the Voice of God" on KBND-AM1110 Harold Klemp "Spiritual Experiences Guidebook"



Look forward to seeing you this Sunday!

October 17 8 18, 2015 at Westside Church - WEST CAMPUS Pastor Bo Stern will share the message titled "Love Does II Love Waits" at 6:30pm on Saturday and at 8, 9 and 10:45am Sunday at Westside Church, 2051 NW Shevlin Park Rd, Bend.

October 17 8 18, 2015 at Westside Church - ONLINE CAMPUS loin us at our online campus where Pastor Bo Stern will share the message titled "Love Does II Love Waits" at 6:30pm Saturday and 9 and 10:45am on Sunday at www.westsidelive.org

HEALING MASS October 25 Both Masses

WKSTSIDE CHURCH Westside Church invites you to join us at any of our weekend services. No matter what your expectations are, we hope your time spent with us brings you a little closer to understanding, knowing and growing in a relationship with Jesus Christ. In our opinion, that's what really matters.

Visit www.westsidechurch.org for service times and locations, or call 541-382-7504.


"Omkar" (Aum) Hinduism

• •

BEND CHURCH OF THK NAZARENE 1270 NE 27 Street • 541-382-5496 Senior Pastor Virgil Askren SUNDAY

9:00 am Sunday School for all ages 9:00 am Hispanic Worship Service 10:15 am Worship Service Nursery Care 8 Children's Church ages 4 years - 4th grade during all Worship Services "Courageous Living" on KNLR 97.5 FM 8:30 am Sunday WEDNESDAY

6:30 pm Ladies Bible Study THURSDAY 10:00 am 50+ Bible Study WEEKLY Life Groups Please visit our website for a complete listing of activities for all ages. www.bendnaz.org


AJIPeopleswalks in the footsteps of the first-renfury Christians —nochurch and nopastor! However,wewalk with a 21st century,progressiveviewpoint. Share thejourney with us. Worship is at 11 a.m. Or, come early at 10 a.m. for adult study and discussion On October 18th, APUCC meets at: The Juniper Room of Redmond's St. Charles Hospital 1253 NW Canal Blvd, Kingwood entrance.

On November 1st, you' ll find us at the same times and place. For details and possible help with car-pooling, email: allpeoplesuccCagmafl.corn website: www.allpeoples-ucc.org



Ghosts Continued from 01 "(The county e mployee) said: 'That's the man who was

watching you?"' Ivey said. The employee had to tell the pianist

she had just seen a ghost. The unnamed little girl is believed to be from the same time

as Brosterhous and tied to Reid School. She is described as 9 or 10 years old — which is old enoughforhertohaveattended the school — and wearing an

Photos courtesy of the Des Chutes Historical Museum and Society

George Brosterhous died while building the Reid School and is believed by some to haunt the building.


G ,LAgg

outfitfrom the 1910s or 1920s.

It's also possible she died in the influenza outbreak because 1909 to house his hardware the city used the Bend Ama-

store, the N. P. Smith Pioneer

teur Athletic Club Gymnasium, Hardware Store, and an upwhich was just across the street stairs apartment he and his from the Reid School, as a hospital that treated the victims

wife Cora called home.

and disposed of their bodies. "It's hard to say exactly why she's here," said Ivey, who really couldn't answer why the girl

when he moved to Bend and from that time was very active

"Mr. Smith was 34 years old



The N. P. Smith Pioneer Hardware Store was built in 1909 and was home to Nicholas P. Smith and his wife Cora. People haveattribut-

ed strange banging noises toCora, thoughthe current occupants of whatis now Lone Crow Bungalow, have never the heard sounds.

in business, civic and political

affairs, " reads a document describing the hardware store's died all the time back then." signiTicance in th e N ational Ivey knows the little girl' s Register of H i storic Places. ghost is around because she The entry then lists several of

was at the school. "Children

heard in the building long af- currence," said Chris Fisk, a ghost tour guide from Butte, 1955 might just be Cora in the Montana, who has appeared

ter Smith and his wife died in kitchen.

on reality t elevision shows

K ay L eTourneau, w h o can be heard giggling and run- Smith's accomplishments, in- opened her gift shop Lone Crow ningaround themuseum. cluding establishing a Knights Bungalow in the Smith's buildThe girl apparently also finds of Pythis lodge, serving with ing's first floor in 2001, said amusement in removing doc- the volunteer fire department, she's never heard the banging. uments from files when muse-

assisting with the effort to bring

um staff are looking for them a railroad to Bend, chairing the and then later puts those papers local Democratic Party, serving back, Ivey said. on the election board, serving

Nick andHugh

as a bailiff for the county court

and supervising the construcIvey's tour includes a pair of tion of Wall Street's first board buildings where two of Bend's sidewalks. most colorful founders — NichShedding a little bit of light olas P. Smith and Hugh O'Kane into the Smiths' personal life, — ran businesses that helped Ivey said Cora Smith would get the city weather this transfor- frustrated with her husband' s mational time. The first is a wood frame Smith built on Wall Street in

activities because he was often

working late and missed dinner. The banging sound people

"Haunted Collector" and "The Dead Files." "(Ghosts or spirits will) manipulate objects in our world simply as a way to prove that they' re there."

The world of science is cona few things where we' re like, stantly finding new animals, 'Ooh, how did that happen?'" learning about the basic strucLeTourneau said one event ture of the universe and makthat sticks out in her mind is a ing new breakthroughs such as morningwhen one of herem- the discovery of flowing water ployees opened the store and on Mars, Fisk said. Believing found a picture and painting in ghosts and other paranorhe hung on its walls the night mal beings fits nicely into the before lying face down on the ever-changing world view, he store's counter. The artwork said, because while science was undamaged by the fall, and hasn't proven they exist, it also the hook it hung from was still hasn't proven they don' t. securely fastened to the wall. Fisk also said weird incidents But she admitted, "We have had

"That's a very common oc-

such as the one LeTourneau

described often have simple owners to local politicians, the answers — maybe her employ- county government and the ee forgot to hang the painting local chapter of the Ku Klux beforehe leftw ork and created Klan, Ivey said. She refused the story about Smith's ghost to say which of these tenants to cover up the mistake — that was haunting th e O ' K ane doesn't involve the paranormal Building — wanting to keep at all. that information for the peoBut the more these incidents ple on her tour. She also would happen, he said, the harder it not confirm reports posted is to find an answer and "when to paranormal websites that you can't find an answer to be- describe people seeing smoke lieve in ... ghosts are a pretty in the building when there is good option." no fire or hearing voices and That's the case for Dee Long, footsteps when no one else is the owner of downtown Bend's around. La Magic Bakery and Cafe, Long said the only time she' s who has seen several odd in- seen smoke at th e O 'Kane stances over the past five years Building was when a nearby at her business in the O'Kane restaurant's cook forgot to turn off his fryer at the end of his Building. Located on the corner of shift. She has, however, heard Oregon and Bond streets, the reports from a few of her emO'Kane Building is a two-story, ployees that describe weird 26,000-square-foot commercial things nobody else can seem to structure O'Kane built out of explain. reinforced concrete, brick and One of these incidents inplaster in 1918 after his previ- volved a baker who was listenous two wood-framed office ing to some very loud music buildings burned to the ground. while working alone at the "Hugh O'Kane truly repre- store early one morning. Long sented the spirit of the western said this baker went outside to pioneer adventurer," reads a run a quick errand and was document that accompanies a little freaked out when she the O'Kane Building's entry came back to the bakery and in the National Record of His- found somebody or something toric Places. "(He played) just turned the music off. about every role imaginable: But that's nothing comenterpriser and builder, light- pared to what happened with a weight boxer, wrestler, foot contractor who stopped by the racer, sailor, filibusterer, miner, O'Kane Building so he could stagecoach driver, dispatch rid- hang up a new sign. Long said er among hostile Indians, race- the person was standing outhorse owner, horse trainer and side the bakery when he saw packer." the sign flip off the counter The O'Kane Building's ten- and land on the ground. ants were an equally colorful She added, "He pretty much crowd, and over the past 90 left and said, 'I'm done!'" years have included everyone — Reporter: 541-617-7816, from shopkeepers and theater m mclean@bendbulleti n.corn

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Make-A-Band Continued from 01 "We realized producing

night, a producer can still pick

munity was fired up about it. It

them long after they' ve completed their audition.

seemed alotmore professional than what I was expecting, and at the (showcase) event in downtown Eugene there was a huge turnout. I think everybody was kind of impressed and surprrsed.

Such was the case that first

c ompetitive series over t h e

night with Ben Larson, whose

yearsthatthere are a couple kinks in the model," Myer said. "One is music and arts are not a competition. Voting is based on popularity (at a battle of the bands), so we tried to change

gritty, piano-and-vocals take on Michael Buble's "Feeling

two elements to now w h at Make-A-Band is: It's more fo-

cused on collaborating and rewarding musicians for their individual talents."

Eugene hosted the first Make-A-Band in spring, with about 130 musicians signing up to audition. Myer said 118 musicians had signed up in Bend as of the first week of

spotlight events. The auditions, w hich beganOct.6 and take place Tuesdays and Thursdays at Silver Moon Brewing, conclude Thursday. The spotlight auditions are somewhat akin to "The Voice."

Good" earned him a spot with

one of the producer teams, a half-hour after the fact. Larson, who plays for the Antioch Church gatherings at Bend High School, didn't seem too concerned about initially not

Austin, who has lived and


j(, .r,,t,

played in Eugene his whole life, said he's already seen a positive influence on the local

I eeeeee

music scene there thanks to Make-A-Band.


"I think Eugene was getting kind of sleepy in the music scene, and (Make-A-Band) kind of lit a fire a little bit," he said. "I liked that there were mixed age groups, so you get young people who are really new at music and everything, playing with people who are significantly older with differ-

being chosen. "My thing is, it wasn't really about me," Larson said. "I

saw the website and I saw the video from Eugene, and it just seemed like such a cool com-

munity thing, like all these musicians getting together



and it's collaborative and it' s not intended to be 'American


Idol' where we' re all trying to

Joe Kline/The Bulletin

ent experience."

get rich and famous. It's like,

Chay Skrak sings during an audition at the first Make-A-Band event last week at Silver Moon Brewing let's be a community and let' s in Bend.

David Gillespie, lead singer, guitarist and trombonist of

be a town and play some music

local alt-rockers Bravey Don,


The seven bands formed over that.... I'm just looking which focused on singers ac- from these auditions will have for people that are really excitcompanying themselves on about a month to work up a ed and have a good positive enguitar, keyboard or a cappella, 25-minute set consisting of ergy, people who are looking drew working musicians and covers, original songs or both. to be coachable and are open bedroom belters, young and And just as the musicians have to going in a direction (that) a old. different reasons for audition- group as a total are into." Malachi Hooper, 13, was ing,the seven producer teams These bands will perform there with his mother and are approaching their bands in their sets at the Tower Theatre father, waiting t o a u d ition different ways. showcase, where a u dience his original Christian song Stacie Johnson, v o calist members will be able to vote on "News" for the producers. and guitarist for local groups the individual and band prizes Though he's performed at fam- Broken Down G uitars and using Make-A-Band's Fanosily recitals and busked down- Voodoo Highway, teamed ity app. More than $56,000 in town during Bend's Art Walks, with music school String The- prizes donated by businesses Make-A-Band was his first op- ory Music in a producing team. in the local community are up portunity to perform onstage She said she'd like to assemble for grabs, according to Myer. in a rock 'n' roll setting. a female-oriented rock band. Philippe Mallen, a record"My hopes are to start here "If there's a truly rocking ing engineer who runs Mallen and continue from here and babe, I'm gonna be fighting for Music Ranch in Bend, donated kind of make a space to build those people," she said. "If that one of the largest prizes for full upon," Hooper said before tak- doesn't happen — if I push my bands — the Launching Pad ing the stage. button for every female and Award-Ready to Record. The Hooper wasn'tselected after yet they choose to work with package includes a three-song his audition. But as Myer ex- other producers — in the end, EP recorded at Mallen Music plained to the musicians that I don't have too much control Ranch, a music video, $1,000 The f i rs t


s p o tlight e v ent,

also auditioned for Makein cash, $1,000 in media from and error and success.... And A-Band at the first spotlight Horizon Broadcasting Group the kids, all they have to do is event, where he was chosen by and a case of Humm Kom- step forward, be themselves three producers. He went with bucha, all valued at just more

and showcase their talent."

than $9,500, according to the

A merican Mayday, t h e five-piece Americana band that won the Launching Pad

Make-A-Band website. Mallen, who has worked as

a producer for 40 years in San Award at the Eugene Make-AFrancisco and Bend, said he Band, has had some success in often brings young musicians the Eugene area with its self-tiinto his studio to learn about tled, three-song EP and single engineering and recording. "Caroline and the Butcher," Make-A-Band seemed like a written by band member Mike good fit with this mission, he Surber and producer Tyler Forsaid. "What

Treason Sound, where Bravey Don recently recorded its first EP, "Birth of Bravey." Although he went with a fa-

miliar face, Gillespie said he' s in the event to meet new musi-

cians and play in different situations. He said he hopes the event helps bring more attention to local music. "I think it's great that they

tier. Scott Austin, the band's picked Bend," Gillespie said. ent h u siastic guitarist and a singer-song- "I think it's great that they are


about giving to events like

writer in his own right, said he didn't have high expectations goinginto Make-A-Band. "There was a chance for it itself," Mallen said. "You have this is it truly does give talent an opportunity to showcase

(here) because that's one of the other benefits of something like this, is it does shine a light on local talent, and Bend is a place where it's pretty hard to

producers, very talented en-

to be kind of cheesy," Austin

gineers and songwriters and band members, musicians, basically coaching (the MakeA-Band participants), giving them years and years of trial

said. "When I did the spotlight get your name out there beevent, Tyler ended up picking yond Central Oregon. It's cool me and I saw the band get built that they brought it here." over time. I had a sense with — Reporter: 541-617-7814, the local support that the com-


HAMI REDMONDCONNECTIONS: 541-693-4613 or www. namicentraloregon.org. NEWBERRY HOSPICEOF LA PINE: 541-536-7399. OREGON COMMISSIONFOR THE BLIND:541-447-4915. OREGON CURE:541-475-2164. OREGON LYMEDISEASE NETWORK: 541-312-3081 or www.oregonlyme. org. OVEREATERSANONYMOUS: 541306-6844 or www.oa.org. PARENTS/CAREGIVERSOF CHILDRENAFFECTEDBYAUTISM SUPPORT GROUP:541-771-1075 or www.coregondevdisgroupaso.ning. corn. PARENTS OF MURDEREDCHILDREN (POMC)SUPPORT GROUP: 541-41 0-7395. PARISH NURSES AND HEALTH MINISTRIES:541-383-6861. PARKINSON'SCAREGIVERS SUPPORT GROUP:541-317-1188. PARKINSON'SDISEASE SUPPORT GROUP: 541-419-9964. PARTNERSINCARE:Home health and hospice services; 541-382-5882. PAUL'SCLUB:Dads and male caregiver support group; 541-548-8559. PFLAGCENTRAL OREGON: For parents, families and friends of lesbians andgays; 541-728-3843 or www.pflagcentraloregon.org. PLAN LOVINGADOPTIONS NOW (PLAN):541-389-9239. PLANNEDPARENTHOOD: 888-875-7820. PMS ACCESS LINE: 800-222-4767. PREGNANCYRESOURCECENTERS: Bend, 541-385-5334; Madras, 541475-5338; Prineville, 541-447-2420; Redmond, 541-504-8919. PULMONARY HYPERTENSION SUPPORT GROUP:208-610-5522. RHEUMATOIDARTHRITIS SUPPORTGROUPCENTRAL

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SUPPoRT GRoUPs The following list contains support group information submitted to The Bulletin. Submissions must be updated monthly for inclusion. To submit, email relevant details to communitylife©bendbUlletin.corn. ABILITREEPEER GROUP FOR PERSONSAFFECTEDBYA DISABILITY:541-388-8103. ABILITREEYOUNG PEER GROUP: 541-388-8103 ext. 219. ABILITREEBRAIN INJURY SUPPORT GROUP:541-388-8103. ADHD ADULT SUPPORTGROUP: 541-420-3023. ADOPTIVEPARENTSUPPORT GROUP:541-389-5446. ADULT CHILDRENOF ALCOHOLICS: 541-633-8189. AGE WIDEOPEN (ADULT CHILDREN SUPPORTGROUP):541-410-4162 or www.agewideopen.corn. AIDSEDUCATION FOR PREVENTION, TREATMENT, COMMUNITYRESOURCES AND SUPPORT(DESCHUTES COUNTYHEALTHDEPARTMENT): 54 I-322-7402. AIDSHOT LINE:800-342-AIDS. AL-ANON: 541-728-3707 or www. centraloregonal-anon.org. ALCOHOLICSANONYMOUS (AA): 541-548-0440 or www.coigaa.org. ALS SUPPORT GROUP: 541-977-7502. ALZHEIMER'S ASSOCIATION: 541-548-7074. ALZHEIMER'SASSOCIATION CAREGIVERSUPPORT GROUP: 541-330-6400. ALZHEIMER'SASSOCIATION CAREGIVERSUPPORT GROUPASPEN RIDGE: 800-272-3900. ALZHEIMER' S/DEMENTIA CAREGIVERSUPPORT GROUP: 541-948-7214. BENDATTACHMENTPARENTING: 541-385-1787. BEND S-ANONFAMILY GROUP: 888-285-3742. BEND ZENMEDITATION GROUP: 541382-6122 or 541-382-6651. BEREAVEMENTSUPPORT GROUPS: 541-382-5882. BEREAVEMENTSUPPORT GROUPS: St. Charles Hospice; 541-706-6700. BEREAVEMENTSUPPORT GROUP/ADULTSAND CHILDREN: 541-383-3910. BEYOND AFFAIRSNETWORK: A peer group for victims of infidelity, baninbend@yahoo.corn. BRAININJURY SUPPORT GROUP: 541-382-9451. CANCER FAMILYSUPPORT GROUP: 541-706-5864. CANCER INFORMATIONLINE: 541-706-7743. CAREGIVERSUPPORT GROUP: 541-536-7399. CELEBRATE RECOVERYBEND: Faith Christian Center, 541-383-5801; Westside Church, 541-382-7504; centraloregoncr.org CELEBRATE RECOVERYLAPINE: Grace Fellowship, 541-536-2878; High Lakes Christian Church, 541-5363333; Living Waters Church, 541-5361215; centraloregoncr.org CELEBRATERECOVERYMADRAS: Living HopeChristian Center, 541475-2405 or centraloregoncr.org. CELEBRATERECOVERYREDMOND: Redmond Assembly of GodChurch, 541-548-4555 or centraloregoncr.org. CENTRALOREGON ALZHEIMER'S/ DEMENTIACAREGIVERS SUPPORT GROUP:541-504-0571. CENTRALOREGON AUTISM ASPERGER'S SUPPORTTEAM: 541-633-8293.


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GERIATRICCARE MANAGEMENT: info©paulbattle.corn or 1-877-867-1437. GLUCOSECONTROL LOW GARB DIETSUPPORT GROUP: kjdnrcd© yahoo.corn or 541-504-0726. GLUTENINTOLERANCE GROUP (CELIAC):541-390-2399. GRANDMA'SHOUSE:Support for pregnant teensand teen moms; 541-383-3515. GRANDPARENTSSUPPORTGROUP: 541-385-4741. GRIEFSUPPORT GROUP: 541-3066633, 541-318-0384 or mullinski© bendbroadband.corn. GRIEFAND LOSS SUPPORT GROUP: 541-508-4036 or www.gohospice. corn, GRIEFSHARE(FAITH-BASED) RECOVERY CLASS:541-350-6435. HEALINGENCOURAGEMENT FOR ABORTION-RELATEDTRAUMA (H.E.A.R.T.):541-318-1949. HEALTHYFAMILIESOF THE HIGH DESERT:Homevisits for families with newborns; 541-749-2133 HEARINGLOSS ASSOCIATION: 541-390-2174 or ctepper@bendcable. corn. HEARTS OF HOPE:Abortion healing; 541-728-4673. IMPROVE YOUR STRESS LIFE: 541-706-2904. INFERTILITY SUPPORT GROUP (RESOLVE):541-604-0861. LA LECHE LEAGUEOFBEND: 541-317-5912. LIVING WELL (CHRONIC CONDITIONS):541-322-7430. LIVING WITHCHRONICILLNESSES SUPPORTGROUP:541-536-7399. LUPUS ft FIBROMYALGIA SUPPORT GROUP: 541-526-1375. MADRAS NICOTINE ANONYMOUS GROUP: 541-993-0609. MATERNAL/CHILDHEALTH PROGRAM(DESCHUTES COUNTYHEALTHDEPARTMENT):

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Michael Martin Murphey Red feather Woman, Sat.7:30-10:30pm • DynamiteDames,RNnestene Roper,Leapln' Lottle • EducationalClinics - AIC HoofCare, Saddle-ftttng + e +t • Two-Day'CowboyClmts' I. Education/fun i ~ • Excellent Mustang National HetMmI hip rrelners

• Wild MustangStartingCompetition L Auction • Vendors:Netlonal Attention/Media • food anti lack, Att Vendote(see webslte)

Tickets discounted before Oct. 18th: $15/day, 540 Concert, $50 I'ull Pass(after Oct. 18thpricesSoup, sohurry) s J e~ ~e 3

e •

fOR TICKETS GO TO: www.AllAboutTheHoreses.corn or www.BendTlcket.corn



ADVICE EeENTERTAINMENT TV TODAY • More TV listingsinside Sports

amiiar aces oin' r

a r s e e s'


"Their announcement that so many other 'Star

"Star Wars Rebels" 9:30 p.m.Wednesdays,

hope that either in animation or TV or film or a

Wars' stories were going to be told gave me publication, there would be another platform to get more of Ahsoka's story."

Disney XD

By Rick Bentley

— AshleyEckstein,voice actress behind Ahsoka Tano

The Fresno Bee

LOS ANGELES — The first time Ashley Eckstein saw "Star

8 p.m.on HBO, Movie: "Taken 3e —Given the success of the action franchise, it's probably no surprise that Liam Neeson

—whose careerhasbeenre-

shaped by it — gets yet another dose of trouble as CIAveteran Bryan Mills in this round. Here, the espionage expert is framed for a murder that hits close to home.While beingchased by a determined police inspector (Forest Whitaker), he tries to clear himself and also protect his

Wars," she knew exactly which

on 'Clone Wars'."

character she wanted to be.

It was easy for Eckstein to Eckstein would still be linked make adjustments because to the "Star Wars" universe.

daughter (MaggieGrace)again. FamkeJanssenalso reprises her

with my siblings. I didn't want to be Princess Leia. I told my mom that I wanted to be R2D2," Eckstein said. The actress has found a place in the "Star Wars" universe, but

of her long list of voice work. When she was attending comic Along with her performances conventions to promote "Star in the "Star Wars" universe, Wars: The Clone Wars," EckEckstein has been the voice for stein noticed that there was characters on "Ultimate Spi- no sci-fi designed clothing for der-Man," "Sofia the First," "Ro- women. That's when she decided to bot Chicken" and "Math Bites." She also appeared on screen in launch Her Universe, a clothing "That's So Raven" and "Blue line for women that features "StarWars," "Marvel," "Doctor Collar TV."

role from the previous two films.

"I would play 'Star Wars'

not as the robot. She's the voice of Ahsoka Tano, a Jedi student

Dan Steinberg I The Associated Press file photo

Actress Ashley Eckstein signs autographs for fans onthe press

of Anakin Skywalker (the fu- line at the premiere of the animated feature film "Star Wars: The ture Darth Vader) introduced in Clone Wars" in 2008. Eckstein is reprising her role of Ahsoka Tano the 2008 animated series "Star on the animated series "Star Wars Rebels." Wars: The Clone Wars." Eckstein is reprising her voice work for the second sea- Baker) will be popping up. Eckstein's character is a "Star Wars Rebels" is the bridge between a time when son of the Disney XD animated series"Star Wars Rebels." creation of Dave Filoni, Simon Jedi were plentiful and a uniEvents in "Star Wars Rebels" Kinberg and Carrie Beck. verse where they have been alunfold between what happened Filoni was also the creator of most hunted to extinction. That in the feature films "Star Wars: "the animated "Star Wars: The changed the way Eckstein had Revenge of the Sith" and "Star Clone Wars." He didn't intro- to do her voice work for sevWars: A New Hope." duce these familiar characters en seasons of "Star Wars: The And, she's not the only famil- the firstseason because he Clone Wars." "It was different to do the iar character joining the series wanted viewers to get to know that focuses on a young hero the "Rebels" team first. character in 'Clones' and 'Reb"Once you know them, you els.' I would do a line and Dave who joins the motley crew of the starship Ghost in their re- can addother charactersto the would say 'That's too cute. Too sistance against the Empire. mix. What would Kanan think sweet.' I had to adjust my perD arth Vader wil l s how u p of Rex? He w ouldn't think formance quite a bit," Eckstein during the second season of much of him. That we found said. "It's almost like she's the "Rebels." Plus, the many dones interesting and it served the re- master now. She's more like Obi-Wan. I was more like Ezra of Captain Rex (Dee Bradley lationships," Filoni said.

second li fe for then character,

When "Clone Wars" ended after seven seasons, Eckstein

Who," "Star Trek" and "Trans-

knew that there was a great

several selections for "Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force

formers" designs. She will have

potential for her to return as the

voice of Ahsoka Tano. Awakens." There was only one "To me, 'Star Wars' is a sto- problem. "They sent us these images ry of hope. And, so, I had hope there would be more stories to but not who they are. So it has be told for Ahsoka," Eckstein been a little difficult trying to said. "That was the exciting design dothes without really thing about Disney buying knowingwhat we werelooking 'Star Wars.' "Their announcement that so m any other 'Star Wars' stories

at," Eckstein said. Other voice talents working

on "Star Wars Rebels" include were going to be told gave me Freddie Prinze Jr. as Kanan, hope that either in animation Vanessa Marshall as Hera, or TV or film or a publication, Steve Blum as Zeb, Tiya Sirthere would be another plat- car as Sabine, Taylor Gray as form to get more of Ahsoka's Ezra, David Oyelowo as Agent story. Kallus and Jason Isaacs asthe Even if there had been no Inquisitor.

9 p.m. on HALL, Movie: "October Kiss" —After several failed attempts to find love, free-spirited Poppy Summerall (Ashley Williams, "The Jim Gaffigan Show" ) is wary of making any personal commitments, but she accepts a gig as temporary

nanny to helpRyanLarson (Sam Jaeger,"Parenthood" )a work-obsessed single father, with his two young kids while he works on a special project. As she bonds with the children during the Halloween season, Poppy is drawn to their father as well in this new romance. 9 p.m. on STARZ, "Blunt Talk" —Never one to miss any event that celebrates his sterling combat history, Walter (Patrick

Stewart) commemoratesthe

33rd anniversary of the end of the Falklands War by throwing a truly epic bash in a newepisode called "I Brought a Petting Goat!" 10 p.m. on HBO,"AmySchumer: Live at the Apollo" —In her first HBO stand-up special, the Emmy- and Peabody Award-win-

ning comic regales an audience

Teenagerwants fewer restrictions, more freedomwhen it mme todates Dear Abby:I have been dating

— Restricted in Salt Lake City

"Colton" for six months. He's a year

Dear Restricted:In my opinion, and a half older than I am and just it is very important that your pristarted college. I'm still in high mary concern — and Colton's, too school. — should be earnRecently, my parmg good grades and ents have begun putcompleting your edDFP,R ting restrictions on ucation. Both of your us, limiting us to one futures depend upon

Dear Unimpressed:Because you are not yet a parent, you may not have noticed that when parents of small children get on the phone, their children, in a bid for their at-

tention, become either very noisy or very quiet. The noisiness is preferable,because when the kidsbecome very quiet, they are usually doing date a week, under it. That said, if there something they' re not supposed to. four hours long and in are special events Because the noise your nieces a group situation. They like Colton, coming up that you and Colton and nephews make unnerves you, but they' re worried I' ll miss out on would like to share, the curfew schedule phone calls with your sibmy friends and high school events. should be adjusted on a case-by- lings after their little ones have been We have obeyed their restrictions, case basis. put to bed. And if you would like but the time limit they have set is too

Dear Abby: I am a newer aunt

adult/alone time with them, ask if

short for many date activities, and getting a group together is nearly impossible. I agree I should balance my time, but I think their rules

who feels like I have lost my siblings you canschedulea lunchaway from in this life transition. When I call, I their home for an occasional visit. hear screaming boys in the backDear Abby:Is it more appropriate ground and it gives me shudders, to eat ice cream cake with a spoon are too rigid because there are no so I don't do it often. When I visit, or a fork? I'm always unsure which exceptions. every single adult's attention is on is preferable. I know my parents care about me, the boys and no real conversation —Ellen in Woodland Hills, but I'm looking for a little more free- ensues. California dom and the ability to make my own When I grew up, kids were not Dear Ellen:Eat your ice cream choices. My parents agreed that if I a part of adult time. How can I let cake with a spoon or a "spork" (a could find other people who thought them know their kids are so unruly I utensil that's a combination spoon this situation was in some way un- can hardly communicate with them and fork) so there will be fewer drips reasonable, they would reconsider anymore'? Or should I just leave my when the ice cream starts to melt. some of the rules. So I'm wondering siblings to their own families now? — Write to Dear Abby at dearabby.corn what your opinion is, Abby. — Unimpressed Aunt in Texas or P.o. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA90069

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FORSATURDAY, OCT. 17, 2015:This yearyou might be testing your limits more than you realize. Youwill be unusually prone to taking risks. Be careful, as you might regret this behavior at a later point. If you are single, you meet people with easeandenjoy many different personality types. Your love of socializing might be areason not to commit this year, but Btsrs shovif the kintf you likely will meet Mr. or Ms. Right of dsy yon 8have ** * * * D ynamic soon afterward. If ** * * Positive yo u are attached, ** * Average thetwo of you no** So-so tice a new intensity and a need to share * Difficult even more. You appreciate having a strong friendship within a loving relationship. SAGITTARIUSoften challenges you to join him or her.

ARIES (March 21-April 19) ** * * * Keep reachingout to someone whom you would like to get to know better. You could surprise others with your willingness to take off on anadventure. You havea lot of energy, so use it well. You might have a secret admirer. Look around. Tonight: Opt for different.

SCORPIO (Oct.23-Nov.21)

YOURHOROSCOPE By Jacqueline Bigar

control, you' ll delight in the roller coaster ride that they haveunintentionally provided. Youcould haveaball.Tonight:Keepon

going. CANCER (June 21-July 22) ** * * You could be insita uation where you feel the need to changedirection. Know that an unexpected offer or situation might

force you in a newdirection anyway.You likely will be surprised by anolder relative who seems to haveforgotten his or her age. Tonight: As you like it.

LEO (July23-Aug. 22) ** * * You could be off having a great time, enjoying a special person in your life. You can't seem to give this person enough time. Use today to devote your attention to this person. As aresult, you will see the tension that has existed betweenyou dissolve. Tonight: Very playful.

VIRGO (Aug.23-Sept. 22)

** * * You put your best foot forward, no matter what you do or whomyou arewith. You have agreat deal of sensitivity and energy. A conversation reveals a different TAURUS (April28-May28) ** * * * Reach out to a dear friend whom perspective about a major purchase. You you care a lot about. Youhavebeengaining could be surprised by what happens if you insights when relating to this person, and negotiate. Tonight: Invite friends over. today will be no different. One-on-one reLIBRA (Sept.23-Oct. 22) lating proves to be unusually fulfilling. You ** * * Pick up the phone and catch up on have energy and intent when relating to this news with a friend. Youmight opt to meet person. Tonight: Dinner for two. someone for a late lunch and/or a movie. GEMINI (May21-June20) Listen to your sixth sense regarding a loved ** * * If you rein in your need tothe be one. Perhaps you havebeen making judgalpha dog, friends will make plans that ments that are not valid. Tonight: Hang out include you. Although you like to havemore with a favorite person.

** * * Understand that extremes won' t help you with your finances or with an emotional situation. You havebeenreplaying a scenario over andover in your mind, but you haven't come upwith a viable way to proceed. Test outa few ideas on afriend. Tonight: Make it your treat.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov.22-Oec.21) ** * * * You could feel tense,you as know you must make animportant appearance with a parent or boss. Youwill do what is needed, and gracefully at that. Catch up on friends' news. Youcould be delighted by whatyouhear.Makeplansthatkeepyou close to home.Tonight: Be gracious.

CAPRICORN (Oec.22-Jan.19) ** * * Be willing to reach out to someone at a distance. Theconversation you have could be unusually meaningful to both of you. Make plans to get together in the near future. Buy tickets to a concert or a special event. Tonight: Relax in avery different environment.

AQUARIUS (Jan.20-Feb.18) ** * * You' ll havechoice a to make between hanging out with friends andgetting together with a special person in your life. Don't overthink this decision. Allow a little

MOVIE TIMESTDDAY • There may be an additional fee for 3-0 and IMAX movies. • Movie times are subject to change atter press time. t


PISCES (Feb.19-March20) ** * * You might confuse a friend or partner without intending to. Youcould be overtired and bedelighted to have someone else take the lead. However, you still might not be able to just hang at homeandveg, as a project demands your attention. Tonight: A force to be dealt with. © King Features Syndicate



• JURASSICWORLD(PG-13) 5:30 • TRAINWRECK (R) 9 • Younger than 2t may attend all screeningsif accompanied tfy a legalguardian. Tin Pan Theater, 869 NWTin PanAlley, 541-241-2271 • GRANDMA(R) 6 • KAHLILGIBRAN'8TH EPROPHET (PG)4 • MERU (R) 8 I


guest. © Zap2it

1000 Watts



Sisters Movie House,720 DesperadoCourt, 541-549-8800 • BRIDGE OF SPIES (PG-13) 1:45, 4:45, 7:30 • THE INTERN (PG-13) 4:30 • THE MARTIAN(PG-13) I:30,4:15, 7:15 • PAN (PG) 2,4:30, 7 • UNBRANDED (PG-13) 2 • THE WALK (PG)7 Madras Cinema 5,1101SWU.S. Highway 97, 541-475-3505 • CRIMSON PEAK(R) 1:30,4: I5, 7:20, IO • GOOSEBUMPS(PG)noon,4:45,7:05 • GOOSEBUMPS3-0(PG)2: 20,9:30 • HOTELTRANSYLVANIA(PG) 12:30, 2:50, 5, 7:10, 9:10 • THE MARTIAN(PG-13) 12:25, 3:30, 6:30, 9:25 • PAN(PG)12:05, 2:25, 4:50, 7:20, 9:45 •

You haul Limited quanslles



ibbend corn


See us for retractable awnings, exterior solar screens, shadestructures.

Sun when yorJwanting shade when yotJ needit.


Redmond Cinemas,1535 SWOdemMedo Road, 541-548-8777 • CRIMSONPEAK(R) 11:30 a.m., 2, 4:30, 7, 9:30 • GOOSEBUMPS(PG)noon,2:15,4:30,6:45,9 • THE MARTIAN(PG-13) 12:15, 3:15, 6:15, 9:15 • PAN(PG)11:15 a.m., 1:45, 4:15, 6:45, 9:15




541-389-9983 www.shadeondemand.corn

ASSURANCE iswhatyou getwhen EVERGREEN manages your lovedone's medications


In-Home Care Services 541-389-0006 www.evergreeninhome.corn

WILSONSsf Redmond

Pine Theater, 214 N.Main St., 541-416-1014 • GOOSEBUMPS (PG) 1:10, 4:10,7:10 • THE MARTIAN(Upstairs — PG-13) 1, 4, 7 • The upstairsscreening room has limited accessibility.


11:29 p.m. on 8 5, "Saturday NightLive"— Though hemade his first public appearance following a devastating highway accident at the most recent Emmy Awards, it's a big event and a sign of how much hewants to get back to work for former cast regular Tracy Morgan to return to "SNL" as the guest host of this new episode. A week's schedule for the program is punishing, including a full rehearsal and the actual telecast, and Morgan knows the sizable challenge here. Demi Lovato is the musical


McMenamins OldSt. Francis School, 700 NWBond St., 541-330-8562

more closenessintoyour life. Someone might have exciting news to share. Tonight: Choose a favorite stressbuster.


Regal Old Mill Stadium 16 &IMAX, 680 SWPowerhouse Drive, 800-326-3264 • 99 HOMES(R) IO:40 • BRIDGE OF SPIES (PG-13) 12:05, 3:25, 7:10, 10:20 • CRIMSONPEAK(R) 12:30, 3:30, 7:30, 10:30 • CRIMSONPEAKIMAX (R) I:05, 4:30, 7: I5, 10:05 • EVEREST(PG-13) 12:35, 6:40 • EVEREST3-0 (PG-l3) 3:55, 9:30 • GOOSEBUMPS(PG)noon,2:30,5,7:40 • GOOSEBUMPS 3-0 (PG)10:20, 1:15,3:40, 7,9:45, 10:15 • HE NAMEDMEMALALA(PG-13) 11:10 a.m., 1:25 • HOTELTRANSYLVANIA2 (PG)1030 am., 1250, 310, 6,9 • HOTELTRANSYLVANIA2 3-0 (PG) 11:05a.m., 1:20, 3:50 • THE INTERN (PG-13) 12:40, 3:45, 6:30, 9:20 • THE MARTIAN(PG-13) I2:25, 3:35, 6:45, IO • THE MARTIAN 3-0 (PG-13)1, 4:10, 7:20, 10:30 • MAZERUNNER:THE SCORCH TRIALS (PG-13)4:20, 7:25, IO:45 • METROPOLITANOPERA: "OTELLO" (PG-13)9:55a.m. • PAN(PG) I2:20, 3, 6:20, 9:I5 • PAN 3-0 (PG)1:30, 4:25, 8 • SICARIO(R) 10:15a.m., 1:10, 4:50, 7:45, 10:35 • THE VISIT(PG-13) 6: I0, 9 10 • WOODLAWN (PG) 12:15, 3:15, 7:05, 10:10 • Accessibility devices are available for some movies.

at one of NewYork's most iconic theaters with unfiltered, self-effacing and usually fairly raunchy stories about her life.

Find a week'sworth of movie times plus film reviews in Friday's 0 GO! Magazine

541-548-2066 ~e<"'6 \



G allery-Be n d 541-330-5084

For homes online WWW.b e n d h O m e S . COm

--'i%au' R



SATURDAY, OCT 17, 2015



Quality Built in Sulina Park

Your Dream Home Awaits!

You' ll love the comfortable floor plan of this new SW Redmond home! The interior is over 1500 SF, 3 bedrooms 4, 2 baths, wood laminate flooring, knotty alder cabinetry &

Live life on the East side of beautiful Bend, Oregon, at a price you can afford! Your

tile backsplashes. Kitchen and dining room open to a g r eat r oom w / vaulted ceilings

finishes and ample space. For $327,990, the Stoneridge Encore boasts 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, formal dining area, and large

dream home, a t P e t t igrew P l ace, off ers you a quality built h o me, with i n credible

and lots of light. There is separation of the bedrooms from the master and ample

bonus room. T h i s

closet space! The master bath has a soaker

tub, shower and huge walk-in closet. Full

stainless steel appliances with a ga s selfcleaning range, cedar fenced yard and so

landscaping, sprinklers and two-car garage,

window coverings included $242,900 2305 SW Kalama Avenue. Open Fri-Sun 12-5pm.

much more! Stop in today to learn more at the Model Home. Open 7 days a week.


Located at: 2 1 105 A z alia A v enue Bend, Oregon 97702. *Photo depicts similar model.




h om e f eatures quartz

kitchen counters with full tile backsplash,

Paid Advertisement

Paid Advertisement

(541) 316-4959

W The Central Oregon Association of REALTORS® (COAR) will present the 39th Annual Building a Better Central Oregon (BBCO) Awards on October 22, 2015 at the The Riverhouse. BBCO's main purpose is to recognize worthy residents who have enhanced their community with outstanding new or renovated residential, commercial or industrial buildings. Projects are judged on economic impact, neighborhood improvement, unique design or use of materials. The 2015 winners are:


The award presentation will take place at a reception at The Riverhouse on October 22, 2015 from 4:00 PM — 6:00 PM. The event is presented by the Central Oregon Association of REALTORS® with sponsorship from Arbor Mortgage Group, Cascade Sotheby's International Realty and WIN Home Inspections Tickets for the event are $25 and are available by calling 541-382-6027 or at www.coar.corn.

+@I. 0®





~l I



I'i~' e

Pioneers of Natural Sweet Goodness

Outstanding Upgrade in Accommodations

Best Re-Use of Resources-Human and Material

Bonta' Natural Artisan Gelato Juli and Jeff Labhart

COCC Residence Hall — Central Oregon Community College

Bend Area Habitat for Humanity ReStore


i INf'Ir afffs







Best Retail Design 8 Renovation in a Downtown Setting

Excellence in Technology and Innovation

Best Repurposing of an Existing Business

Legum Design — JeannieLegum and Keith Legum

New Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility — Bend Research, a division of Capsugel

Oregon Spirit Distillers — Kathy and Brad Irwin

Most Innovative Renovation

Best Residential New Construction Design on an Inf ill Lot

Best Business District Facelift

The 1001 Tech Center — The 1001 Building Associates

The Tree House — Deborah Benson and Daniel Slape, Neal Huston 8 Associates Architects lnc., and The Right Hand LLP and Carol Gregg — Interior Designer

US 20: Cascade Avenue Improvements Projects — Sisters, Oregon Department of Transportation and the City of Sisters

~i n d e r m ere... Re-defining the Standard p f Excellence in the Real Estate Industry. Tona Restine and Lawnae Hunter would like to welcome Willy J. Williams to the Windermere Bend office! Willy has a devoted customer base and a strong background in sales. His communication and customer service skills are exceptional and we are thrilled to have him on our team! "Long before I got into real estate, the Windermere agents I knew were all positive and seemed very happy with their jobs. From the minute I walked into the office, I felt supported and knew that they wanted me to succeed, not just in real estate, but life in general! I am in the right place to help you with all of your real estate needs!" C -'-

Willy can be reached at 541-639-7996 or via email at: willyj Nivindermere.corn

• • I' I ' a.








' I o I




Commercial/Investment Commercial/Investment Properties for Sale Pro p erties for Sale




Condo/Townhomes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale


• H o mes for Sale

B eautifully cared f o r 16 Acre horse property home in private and + guest house w/ Warm and inviting, Bed Redmond commercial Sunriver condo I quiet n eighborhood. Cascade views. and Breakfast near $1 6.20/Sq.ft./yr St 37,500 AD¹1022 downtown Sisters. • New retail/office cen- • 725 sq.ft. ground level Ad ¹2172 TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn AD¹1642 ter condo High Desert Realty High Desert Realty • 1 bedroom, 1 bath TEAM Birtola Garmyn • Ample parking 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 High Desert Realty • Good visibility • Close to Village Mall 604 www. BendOregon www. BendOregon 541-312-9449 • MLS 201504006 • MLS 201503846 RealEstate.corn RealEstate.corn Storage Rentals www. BendOregon Paula VanVleck, Lynne Connelley, RealEstate.corn Broker Broker, CRS 16505 Shanks Lane. Custom 2000+ sq.ft. 27'x13.5', 14' overhead 541-280-7774 541-408-6720 RVer's Paradise. home and guest door, thermostat 147810 Hwy 97 , G i l2400 sq.ft. RV cove house on 10+ acres christ. Jack p ine heated, rec. 8 rest /shop and home. Ad and Cascade Mtn room. GarajMahal on Country Store and RV ¹1602 views. AD¹1512 Crusher Ave. in Bend. Park, 5 acres, lots of TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn Annual rent neg. potential, well-mainMORRIS High Desert Realty High Desert Realty MORRIS tained prop e rty. Tenant pays utilities. 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE 541-389-4111 $495,000. Call Terri www. BendOregon www. Ben dOregon I M~ dy~ ~ op t r ton, 5 0 3 -899-8415, RealEstate.corn RealEstate.corn 630 Berkshire Hathaway 744 738 Gorgeous single level Custom NW 2700 sq.ft. Rooms for Rent Home Serv i ces Open Houses living w/ forest out home and 2700 sq.ft. Northwest Real Estate Multiplexes for Salei back, large shop and shop on 1.9 acres. Ad Furnished room, no smoking/drugs. $550/mo USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! Comfortable duplex, full House for sale at 19704 space in and out. ¹1322 + dep. 541-408-0846 Ad ¹1472 TEAM Birtola Garmyn of character, near the Poplar St., SW Bend. Open House: TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty heart of P r ineville. Room rental/Bend. Nice Door-to-door selling with Saturday 10-2, Sunday High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 master bdrm, private fast results! It's the easiest AD¹1682 11-1. 541-312-9449 www. Ben dOregon TEAM Birtola Garmyn full bath, $500 mo. + way in the world to sell. www. BendOregon RealEstate.corn High Desert Realty sec. dep/references. RealEstate.corn 541-312-9449 541-350-1281 OPEN HOUSE Newly updated 1160 The Bulletin Classified www. BendOregon Sat. & Sun. 12-3pm, Impeccable cared for sq.ft. S.E. Bend 631 541-385-5809 RealEstate.corn 60967 Amethyst single level home. Condo. AD¹1202 Condo/Townhomes $319,000. 1284 Ad ¹2142 TEAM Birtola Garmyn NW Bend duplex I 2284 sq. ft. commercial for Rent sq.ft., 3 bdrm, 2 TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty $575,000 building located on bath,1/3 acre/fenced 541-312-9449 High Desert Realty • 3 bedroom, 2 bath 1.47 acres near esDebbie M/a/sh, Beautiful f u r n . spa541-312-9449 www. Ben dOregon units tablished businesses. Broker 541-419-4576 cious 1bdrm, 2bath www. BendOregon RealEstate.corn floors, upBend Premier condo, FP, balcony, Z oned where y o u • Hardwood RealEstate.corn Spectacular 20+ acre Res/ Estate pets ok. 7th Mtn Re- could live and have a dated kitchens location 3000 sq.ft. woodside West Powell Butte sort, Bend. A v a i l business. Open floor •• Great ranch home and shop Estates Home. plan ready for your MLS 201508853 10/1/1 5-4/30/1 6. Open Saf. 2-4pm, Ad ¹1262 Greg Langhaim, o n 2.3 acres. A d $1750 incl. all utils. upgrades. Many busi3298 Nyl/Bungalow, ¹2162 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Broker Int-cable, etc. Use of ness possibilities for NW Bend. 3 Bdrm, 3 541-316-5903 Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty amenities, pool, spa, this building, retail, bath, 2200 sq.ft., 3 car TEAM High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 etc. 541-815-7707 beautysalon, off ices, garage. $465,000. 541-312-9449 www. BendOregon etc. $79,900. Rick Karvasales, Furnished Mt. Bachelor gym, www. BendOregon RealEstate.corn SW Business Village 2/2. 2nd story 13985 Broker RealEstate.corn Circle. CRR. Big Providence New DayRealty w/stairs. No pets/ no Juniper MORRIS Beautiful small acreage Charmer! Ad ¹1282 smoking. $1500 mo. 541-504-5393 Realty 541 -647-8206 REAL ESTATE in Tumalo w/ Cas- TEAM Birtola Garmyn 541-647-7440 Open Saf. 2-4pm, c ade M t n v ie w s. High Desert Realty 51487 HWY 97 632 3316 NM/Bungalow, AD¹1152 541-312-9449 $494,900. 1.64 acre Apt./Iillultiplex General Nyl/Bend. TEAM Birtola Garmyn www. BendOregon commercial lot in La Condo/Townho mes 4 Bdrm, 2.5 bath, High Desert Realty RealEstate.corn Pine . High Lakes Re541-312-9449 CHECK yOURAD 3476 sq.ft. $574,800. for Sale alty & Property Man- • Comfortable home on Ha//ie Deu, Broker www. BendOregon agement over 4 acres w/shop, New Day Realty RealEstate.corn 541-536-011 7 ¹4 Mt . V iew C ondo, 1 barn, irrigation and 54f -350-3f 60 Sunriver. 3 bdrm, 2 SE Bend Starter/ amazing location. Business opportunity I bath, 1014 sq. ft., golf Investor special with Ad¹1402 745 $280,000 course view. room for 2nd home. TEAM Birtola Garmyn Homes for Sale on the first day it runs • Established conve$240,000 Kyle Hoak, Ad ¹1312 High Desert Realty to make sure it is cor- nience store Broker 541-639-7760 TEAM Birtola Garmyn 541-312-9449 Updated l i k e n ew home rect. "Spellcheck" and • Perfect for owner/op- Berkshire High Desert Realty www. BendOregon H ath awa y erator human errors do ocHome Serv i ces on 1+ acre near state 541-312-9449 RealEstate.corn park. Ad¹ 2112 cur. If this happens to • Living quarters on site Northwest Real Estate www. BendOregon Single level, 3 bdrm, 2 TEAM Birtola Garmyn your ad, please con- • MLS 201509380 RealEstate.corn bath on half acre in High Desert Realty tact us ASAP so that Corey Charon, PE, ¹63 M eadow H ouse Own a piece of Oregon quiet and SW Bend 541-312-9449 Broker condo, Sun r iver. corrections and any history, the old neighborhood. 541-280-5512 www. BendOregon adjustments can be $250,000. 2 bdrm, 2 Hodecker home. Ad ¹1252 RealEstate.corn b ath, 1494 sq . f t . made to your ad. Ad ¹1722 TEAM Birtola Garmyn 541 -385-5809 great location, golf Custom Cabin TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty course and meadow The Bulletin Classified 541-312-9449 v iews. C a l l Kyl e G et-Away i n T h e High Desert Realty Senior Apartment541-312-9449 Pines, remodeled in www. BendOregon 541-639-7760, BerkMORRIS Independent Living www. BendOregon RealEstate.corn shire Hathaway Home 2014. Ad ¹1332 REAL ESTATE ALL-INCLUSIVE RealEstate.corn Services N orthwest TEAM Birtola Garmyn Privacy, Peace and with 3 meals daily IA ~m lyO High Desert Realty Great Tumalo location Real Estate Quiet 4000 sq.ft. 1 & 2 Bedrooms Avail. 541-312-9449 one lot off the river on home on 160 acres. NOW at StoneLodge. Commercial Buildings in ¹6 Skyline Condo, Sunwww. BendOregon 0.4+ acres. Ad ¹1592 AD¹1792 Terrebonne. 2 build- river. Call 541-460-5323 RealEstate.corn $219,900 3 ings; 2160 sq. ft. and TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn 2 bath, 1466 634 High Desert Realty High Desert Realty 1728 sq. ft. on over bdrm, ft., full interior re- 1800+ sq.ft. Custom SE 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 Apt./Multiplex NE Bend 1.5 acres. Currently sq. Bend home on 0.25 model 2007. Call Mike www. BendOregon www. BendOregon being used as ware- Ashley, acre lot. Ad ¹2092 Broker RealEstate.corn RealEstate.corn Copper Leaf Village houses. Paved drive- 541-280-4940 Berk- TEAM Birtola Garmyn p a rking. shire Hathaway Home New C o n struction, way an d High Desert Realty Turn key single level, 4 Impressive craftsman There is a half bath t ownhouse style 2 541-312-9449 bdrm beauty, on large on over 4 acres w/ Northwest and office in the large Services m aster suites or 3 www. BendOregon Real Estate lot, great location. shop and living space. building. Current use bdrm, 2.5 bath, gaRealEstate.corn Ad ¹1102 Ad ¹1292 rage, some fireplaces is approved. Change TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn Beautiful single level and some washers/ of use should be veriTake care of High Desert Realty High Desert Realty home on 8 acres with dryers, spacious fied and approved by 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 Co u nty. your investments kitchen, extra storage, Jefferson gorgeous Cascade Mtn www. BendOregon www. Ben dOregon MLS with the help from views. AD¹1272 gas heat, patio, no $1 99,500. RealEstate.corn RealEstate.corn TEAM Birtola Garmyn pets. Call Plus Prop- ¹201409760 The Bulletin's High Desert Realty erty Man a gement Bobbie Strome, "Call A Service Principal Broker 541-312-9449 541-389-2486. John L Scott Real www. BendOregon Professional" Directory Estate 541-385-5500 RealEstate.corn Find It in The Bulletin Classifieds! 541-385-5809


Homes for Sale

Better than new and beautifully customized on a half acre and the big Deschutes River canal. Ad¹1812 TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www. BendOregon RealEstate.corn Beautiful and quality 3 bdrm 2 bath home in a gorgeous and quiet SW Bend neighborhood. Ad ¹2062 TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www. BendOregon RealEstate.corn 4 Bdrm Bend homeHuge lot cul-de-sac privacy. Ad ¹1142 TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www. BendOregon RealEstate.corn Craftsman styling in wonderful OaktreeBend. Ad ¹1232 TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www. BendOregon RealEstate.corn Custom built, spectacular views, complete privacy. AD¹1702 TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www. BendOregon RealEstate.corn FIND IT!

Homes for Sale

2006 built - over 1900

sq.ft., big half+ acre lot. Ad ¹1482 TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www. BendOregon RealEstate.corn Tumalo Craftsman and guest home on 10 acres. Ad¹1452 TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty 541-312-9449

www. BendOregon RealEstate.corn Top of the Hill and end of the road privacy on 20 acres. AD¹1692 TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty 541-312-9449

www. BendOregon RealEstate.corn Amazing property with gorgeous river, canyon and mtn views. Ad ¹1422 TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www. BendOregon RealEstate.corn

Cozy single level cottage in NE Redmond. Ad¹1802 TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www. BendOregon RealEstate.corn 2323 N W St o nehill Drive. $1 , 200,000. 4700+ sq. ft., 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath w/ designer touches throughout, main-level master & s p acious in-home off ice,3 spacious bedrooms upstairs, g a me/bonus room with full bath, .94 acre lot in downt own B e nd . C i t y , mountain & M i r ror Pond views, your getaway in stunning Hillside Park. Cindy King, ABR, CRS, GRI, Principal Broker, Re/Max Key Properties, 541-419-9068 Co-listed with Cole Billings, Broker, Hasson Company Realtors, 541-241-4868.

Need help fixing stuff? Custom, steel-beam Call A Service Professional home on west edge of find the help you need. Lake Billy Chinook. www.bendbulletin.corn Ad ¹1622 TEAM Birtola Garmyn 2364 SW 33rd St., SW Redmond. Open floor High Desert Realty plan, vaulted ceilings, 541-312-9449 brand ne w c a r pet www. BendOregon throughout, large .21 RealEstate.corn acre lot, great front 3 10 Wil l i s Lan e , patio w/pavers, easy incredible NW style access: schools/ estate on almost 90 shopping/freeway. acres. Ad ¹1362 Clair Sagiv, Broker, TEAM Birtola Garmyn 541-390-2328 WindHigh Desert Realty ermere Central OrSIIQ ITI 541-312-9449 egon Real Estate SELL ITr www. BendOregon The Bulletin Classifieds $ 249,950 SW R edRealEstate.corn mond. Vaulted open Custom frame home on Forest Ridge Townl iving, 4 b d rm., 3 5+ acres plus bunk home in Eagle Crest baths, great backyard, house & shop. Resort. AD¹1632 RV parking, hilltop AD¹1522 Birtola Garmyn views. Jca n ette TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM High Desert Realty B runot, Brok e r , High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 541-771-1383 Wind541-312-9449 www. BendOregon ermere Central Orwww. BendOregon RealEstate.corn egon Real Estate RealEstate.corn Perfect SE Bend starter $354,950 One Happy Bright and beautiful or investment special. Home. 2014 remodel, home on the 7th fairAD¹1772 open living floor plan, way of Big Meadow formal dining, back TEAM Birtola Garmyn Golf Course. High Desert Realty deck w/spa, RV parkAd ¹7002 ing galore. J can ette 541-312-9449 TEAM Birtola Garmyn www. BendOregon B runot, Brok e r , High Desert Realty 541-771-1383 WindRealEstate.corn 541-312-9449 ermere Central Orwww. BendOregon 1 0 B e autifully T i m - egon Real Estate RealEstate.corn bered Acres. J ust Custom log home, 1 minutes to town, pri- $844,900 19178 Green acre backs forest land v ate s e tting w i t h Lakes Loop, Bend. in SR's backyard. Ad fabulous views, sev- S tunning home o n ¹1072 eral nice home sites, 12th fairway, 3553 sq. TEAM Birtola Garmyn abundant wildlife, well ft., 5 bdrm., 4 bath, m a s ter, High Desert Realty available, under- main-level 541-312-9449 ground power very triple garage, Brazilian cherrywood. Eric www. BendOregon close to corner of P r i ncipal RealEstate.corn property line. Owner Andrews, carry! $89,000. Broker, 541-771-1168 $264,000 Cro o ked will MLS: 2013 0 9134 Winderm ere Central River. 2176 sq. ft., 3 DUKE Oregon Real Estate bedroom & 2 b a th, CALL R E A LTY open floor plan, mas- WARNER Big Awbrey Butte AT Craftsman home. ter separation, shop/ DAYVILLE 541-987-2363. Ad ¹1112 garage, 24x36, 1.56 TEAM Birtola Garmyn acres. Jean e tte Find exactly what B runot, Brok e r , High Desert Realty 541-771-1383 Wind- you are looking for in the 541-312-9449 ermere Central Orwww. BendOregon CLASSIFIEDS RealEstate.corn egon Real Estate

~Outstanding A gentS R EI M A X K E Y Outstanding Results ® PROPERTIES

Only a fewleft! Two & Three Bdrms with Washer/Dryer and Patio or Deck. (One Bdrms also avail.) Mountain Glen Apts 541.383.931 3 Professionally managed by Norris & Stevens, Inc.


i' pv. GreatOne Level• $459,900


Beautiful $unriver Home! This 3 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom(t/-i 1828 sq. k homeis Closeto Aspen lake and bike path.Readyfor rental or owner occupied. Fully I'Umishedandmove-in ready. Lotsof windows oilers lots of light throughout.Cozygas fireplace inthe living roomand eachbedroomhas its own bathroomwith additional half bath downstairs. Large deck with secluded hot tub makes this a greatspot for e nt ertaining!4Tumalo lane,

Live in amazing Awbrey Glen! Comesee all this wonderful l+/-) 2213 sq. ft. 3 bedroom, 3 bath,onelevelhome hasto offer.Covered backpati o overlooking a w ooded common area. Great HOA with much to oifer and Iow fees! Golfer or not, this is a desirable place to live and play! 3225 NW Melville Dr., Bend, OR 97701$582,500

Chris McPheeters prinqoal Bmrer

ChrisMcPheetersrr ~~~ a~>~ 541-588-2111 AssfstASell Q

• Lovely one-level home on 5 acres in Crestridge Estates. The 30x40 RVshop w/ roll-up doors will leave you drooling! • Charming knotty pine interior w/ spacious country kitchen • Master bdrm separate from guest bedrooms. • 3 bdrm, 2 bath plus a bonusroom &3-car garage. • Close to Redmond, Sisters & Bend. •7335 NW PoplarDrive,Redm ond Principal Broker,

541-38S-2111 AssfstASelf. pQ


Diamond in the rough!Charmingonelevel 2 bed, I bath (+/-) 900 sq.L homebuilt in 1951 islocated on I acre Iot. This homefeatures a newer roof, new carpetandvinyl, and pellet stove. Theproperty includesplenty of room for animals and toys, some outbuildings, irrigation with irrigation pond and newer well that is not connected to home. 5843 SW ObsidianAve,Redmond$120,000

Bend. AD¹1742

Hideawayin themiddle of it alI! 303 acres, 3bedroom 2 bathroom t detachedapartment (part of Shop) with its ownbathroom, kitchenette,Pmpane heater, security doorsandalarm. Homefeatures a double carattachedgarage+ acarporr. LugeInsulated 36X30 Shopwith 3Bay doors, 1 le with full RV hookups..Property includes 2 wells, 1 shared, anatural pondwith ullie pads andgold6rh, backs to miles ofBIN, smallbarnstorageshedwith area for horse.Chicken houseandgarden area.6174S

ChrisMcPheetersrr ~/a~a

Chris McPheetersrrrn~a/Broker

541-3SS-2111 Assfst ASelf. g

541-588-2111 Assfstg'Sell Q


Price Just Reduced in Providence• $259,900

Exquisite Country Estate• $699,900

• 1,402 sq.ft. on 0.20 acre. Located on large corner lot. • 3 bedroom, 2 bath, fully landscaped front and backwith sprinkler system. Great room concept with gas fireplace. Kitchen has tons of storage. • Prime investment for rental. Excellent for first time buyer.

•Gorgeous customhomeon38acresingatedcommunity,closeto Pronghorn. •3,640 sq.ft., 4 bdrm,3 bath, greatroomw/ fireplace, 2private offices, hickory hardwood floors. •Gourmetkitchen,granite island, SSappliances.Mastersuite featuresfireplace, sittingarea&spabath. Conftfe Settle Thehomewowsyoutheminuteyousltepmade! Principal Broker, Luxury & quality throughout.Only15 minutesto Costco 541.550.0002 •15778 Maj estic ViewLane, Powell Butte

pSbffl8 MaftOIBh0 • Close to an co»u "ity shopping dmed icaPark, l. schools, Broker, • 3198 NE RichmondCt.

541.480.2089 I'








JustListed In Downtown Bend • $699,000 The Best of DRW! f bd, 2 bth, large home w/ attached 1 bd, 1 bth apartment, attacheddouble car garage, alI one level. Open floor plan, light and bright. Masterwith walk-in closet andits own bath. Both home and apartment have covered front and back patio to sit and enjoy this beautifully landscaped property year round! Paved circular driveway,fully fenced, large trees. 30X36 insulated shop, with a 12x30 finished insulated heated shop area and covered 16X12toy area 19276KiowaRd., Bend$399,900

Bend living at it's Besr! This Beautiful f bd, Z5 bth Crrhsmrn/Prairie style homein desirable Northwest omssing issituatedon a largefenced corner Iot. This home includes 2covered porches,one in the front to welcomeyow guest,with theother on the side to enterlrin in yourwonderfully landscapedprivate yard, with sprinkler. This EarthAdvantageHomeincludes rll the comforts you'dwant: wired surroundsound system in andout, dual zoneheating and cooling, granite countertops,Bambooflooring lk muchmore! 2398 NW lcmhi PassDr., Bend$585,000

Chris McPheeters pHnnpalBroker

C hris McPheeters ~ s ~ r~ 541-588-2111 AsststASell.gr

541-388-2111 AssistASelf. g


www. BendOregon RealEstate.corn


Highway 97,RedmondI475,000


TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www. BendOregon RealEstate.corn Wonderful SE Bend, mountain high home on large lot. AD¹1662 TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty


„ @+e ) l t b'


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Longtime established restaurant bar/lounge/pizza parlor in Culver. AD¹1652 TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www. BendOregon RealEstate.corn Newer high end building in high traffic location on G reenwood close to d o wntown



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Commercial/Investment Properties for Sale

6276varora Drive

Sunriver $434,900

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2 bdrm., 2 bath Eagle Crest timeshare, 1200 sq. ft., sleeps 6. Use weeks ar e 1 8 - 43, $800. 619-948-6599

On the River with All the Beauty - Only$825,000 •I,870 sq.stunni il. ngsingle-levelhome,spaciousmaster suitewithwall olwindowsfacing, with the DeschuiesRiverat your backdoor! •Youwil enjoythesoundsandtranquility ottheriverasit flows bythis stylish riverfront homeinCentralOregon. •Oneotjust aIewhomesonthisprivatestretchottheriver.Youcanfish,raft rightfrom yourbackyard, orjust sit backintheltottubor onone pg jqgjpgiIIrptrr CRIMIll C of I~emanyIects, mefowout anf enjoyIhewfdfte scenery. Viewvideo: https:I/youtu.be/I.OJDh8ifsl

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Houses for Rent SE Bend $1950/4 Bdrm, 3 Bath, 2899 sq. ft. Larkspur Neighborhood 61617 Kaa L a ne, B e n d. Spacious Two Story Home with stainless Steel appliances, Living Room, D i ning Room, office,Huge Den with vaulted ceiling, gas fireplace, air conditioning. central heat, large f enced yard & triple car garage RV and Boat parking. Great Value. One y ea r le a se. P lease c al l 54 1 990-6899 for q uestions or viewing.





• Your private oasis in the heartof it all! Enjoy a secludedcorner lot with 2 outdoor living spaces and tons of natural light • Vaulted family room with reclaimedbarnwood floors, owner's suite with luxurious soakingtub inthe masterbath • Detached studio, fully fenced backyard with Tim gif000la treehouse &mature landscaping Broker, • 11 01 ffw Federal st.



Woodhill Presents Ironstone• $304,950 •BeautifulEnergyStar-certified single-levelbyaward-winningbuilderWoodhill Hom es •Features includeislandkitchenw/ quartzslabcounters,stainlessappliances& designer finishesthroughout •Generous greatroomconcept boasts vaultedceilings, gasfireplace,plentyII natural light & sapaciousowner's suite •Ironstone is aquiet community locatedinSEBend, just minutes fromtheOldMil District &downtown

541 728 8M1 •

61409lana way

To ViewAIRedral-Oregano,isfingsJegoMo ww w.keypropertiesdend.corn





Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale


• H o mes for Sale •

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Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale


• H o mes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

A R are O pportunity. Forest Meadows I Juniper Creek I LAZY RIVER SOUTH L og home o n 3 . 2 7Mixed Zoned Property. NE Bend I $357,000 Newer cus t om-builtNORTH RIM ON AWMountain, river and Remodeled 3535y sq. acres. Single level, Backs up to commer- • 1517 sq.ft. home on over 1/2 BREY BUTTE. Ex$429,900 $193,500 • 1144 sq.ft. manufacgolf course v iews. • 2287 sq.ft. ft. home with 4 bdrm + h and s c ribed l o g cial property. 2 bed- • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath acres, 2334 sq. ft. 4 ceptional o n e -acre Unique Kitty Hawk •3 bedroom, offi ce,2.5 tured officeand 3 baths. home, 1488 sq.ft., 3 room, 2 bath, 1776 • Beautiful yard, tiered bdrm, 2 bath with 2 homesite in the beau• 2 bedroom + den, 2 unit features 2 master bath Master bath with large bdrm, 2 bath, open sq. ft. well-kept prop- decking car detached garage, tiful North Rim Comsuites with a great lo- • Wood & tile floors, bath reat room floor plan. erty with 1000 gallon • MLS 201508505 features oak flooring, m unity, i n clo s e jetted tub 8 new tile • Cul-de-sac, near Lark- shower. Media room, cation. $47 4 ,500. granite hop/barn setup for septic, plus hooked up John Gallaway, archways, formal din- proximity to t e n nis MLS: 201 5 07411.• MLS 201509184 spur trail family room, huge horses. Back to forest t o ci t y sewe r . Broker ing room and much court a n d park • MLS 201509277 CALL JAYNEE BECK Matt Robinson, kitchen with h a nd- land for privacy, new $159,900. MLS: 541-480-5802 more. $265,000. MLS grounds and the DesAT 541-480-0988 OR Principal Broker David Gilmore, Brocrafted cabinets and septic heat p ump, 2 01508447. CAL L 201507240. Pam chutes River T rail. PETE VAN DEUSEN 541-977-5811 ker, CRS, e-Pro, granite cou n t ers, wood s tove, k i d' s CAROLYN EMICK AT Lester, Princ. Broker, Other amenities inAT 541 - 480-3538. C entury 2 1 Gol d c lude g a te d en RSPS, 541-371-2309 walk-in pantry, sun- playhouse and more. 541-419-0717. Duke Duke Warner Realty room with hot t ub. www.johnlscott.corn/8 Warner Realty Country Realty, Inc. trances, paver walkHome ha s c e d ar 2595 Shelley Arnold, 541-504-1338 ing p a ths, n a t ive MORRIS C ountry Cottage i n Mountain High I eaves with copper ac- Broker 541-771-9329 landscape m a i nteREAL ESTATE Town. 2 bedroom, 1 New Listing, 3 bdrm, 2 cents. Exterior siding John L. Scott Realty, $349,000 nance and the beauMORRIS bath, in 1020 +/- sq. • Perched above the bath, 1286 sq.ft., 2.3 on home, garages & Bend tiful North Rim Lodge. REAL ESTATE MORRIS ft. on .44 +/- acres, acres, deta c hed Beautiful C a scade storage bldg have just M aster on M a in. 4 fairway IA ~ m lya Call The Bulletin At rustic cabin close to REAL ESTATE apartment, pond, 2 been painted. Watch bdrm, 2 bath, 1760 • Private, next to comMountain views add to the amenities of Bend. French Style river view 541-385-5809 mon area wells, (1 s hared) the ambiance of this the wildlife from the sq.ft., built in 1998, Double carport and a Home • 2 bedrooms, large w / r iverbank wrap-around deck or large home w/master Place Your Ad Or E-Mail $ 475,000. 6174 S very special building double garage that is setting! Exquisite acgo to your private ac- on main, mtn views den, 2 bath site. $550,000. MLS¹ La Pine I $116,990 At: www.bendbulletin.corn Hwy 97, Redmond. c urrently a sh o p . coutrements: Granite, • 1080 • MLS 201509169 Chris McPheeters cess to 300y sq. ft. of from back deck, large 201505062 Plenty of parking for hardwood, m a rble, turedsq.ft. manufacJulia Buckland, Pffncipal Broker Little Deschutes River fenced in yard, RV Bobbie Strome, New construction! 4 all types of toys and tile, Venetian plaster, • 3 bedroom, 2 bath, Assist 2 Sell frontage for fishing, parking. $ 2 69,000. Broker, ABR, ALHS, Principal Broker bdrm + off i ce and opvehicles, with on one stone & 541-388-2111 s t a inless. 1.11 acres swimming or floating. 2730 NE F aith D r . CRS, GRI John L Scott Real tion for 5th bdrm, 3.5 to complain (no HOA). W ood-burning f i r e -• New 541-719-8444 $455,000. carpet, new sepb ath, 2369 s q . f t . New Listing, 5 bdrm, 3 Estate 541-385-5500 Theresa Ra m say, Heat pump and forced place, top line appli- tic tank MLS¹201309267 home with many upBroker 541-815-4442 air backup furnace, a nces, metal c l ad • MLS 201508735 2388 sq.ft., 0.89 Northwest-Euro Bobbie Strome, grades. Triple garage bath, John L. Scott Realty, plus a w o odstove. windows and so much attached Craftsman I $479,900 Principal Broker Patti Geraghty, and R V par k ing. acres, Bend City of Bend services. more! Listen to the apartment, fully • Custom 3054 sq ft John L Scott Real Broker $339,000. MLS fenced, A must-view property. tranquil ripple of the ins u lated Pahlisch home Estate 541-385-5500 Minutes to river and Old 541-948-5880 MORRIS 201410227 Pam $295,000. MLS river below. while enMill District. 1152 sq. $420 , 000.• Award winning open Lester, Princ. Broker, shop, REAL ESTATE ¹201507501 9276 Kiowa R d . , floor plan joying this Exquisite Live on Tumalo Creek. ft. 3 bdrm, 2 bath, with C entury 2 1 Gol d 1 Bobbie Strome, Bend. home. $59 9 ,900. e • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 4 Relish this opportu- new carpet and paint. Country Realty, Inc. Principal Broker Chris McPheeters MLS201404694. MLS¹ car garage nity to live in the Sky- $295,000 541-504-1338 NE Bend I $299,900 John L Scott Real Principal Broker Nancy Popp, Principal Pam • Single level 1631 sq.ft. • MLS 201508580 liners n eighborhood 201508438 MORRIS Estate 541-385-5500 Lester, Princ. Broker, Assist 2 Sell Broker 541-815-8000 Rosemary Goodwin, j ust m inutes f r om REAL ESTATE New construction! 4 541-388-2111 entury 2 1 Gol d • 3home Broker, Certified Crestridge Estates! 3 Crooked River Realty downtown. Property C bedroom, 2 bath bdrm 2.5 bath, 2384 Country Realty, Inc. Negotiator sits on 1.83 acres and • Cascade Mountain bdrm, 2 bath, 2000 s q. ft . h o m e w i t h FSBO No more power bills! 8 541-706-1897 sq. ft., on 5 acre cor- Ready & Motivated La Pine Strip Mall. 1980 has 127 feet of creek 541-504-1338 views master on main floor. p rivate acres s u rner lot, RV parking, $ 4 49,500. • MILS 201509050 Mirada I $322,990 Granite countertops, r ounded b y 3 bdrm, 2 bath +/- sq. ft. commercial frontage. B LM. new paint, new roof! MLS: 201 5 0 3113.• New 2020 sq.ft. home Jim & Roxanne 1400 sq. ft. dbl car garage, RV e use building on 0.68 4000 sq.ft., 5 bdrm, 3 3-car garage. MLS¹ CALL TERRY $195K Not Firm • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath Cheney, Brokers parking with gate and full baths, solar and +/acre parcel. DesSKJERSAA AT • Custom cabinets, slab 201508298 $459,000 541-279-8783 541-390-4050 or landscaped front yard. wind ignated on Compre- 541-383-1426. Duke counters gene r ated, MORRIS Pam Lester, Princ. 541-390<030 $279,900. MLS luxury features, a ensive Plan to b e REAL ESTATE Broker, Century 21 Gorgeous Single-Level h Warner Realty • MLS 201509520 201505304 Pam Commercial Mixedmust see home. Inez in Broken Top. SituGold Country Realty, IA~ yly~ ~ ~ Darrin Kelleher, Lester, Princ. Broker, Martin, Principal Broated on Goose Creek Use. Additional stor- Location, Location, LoInc. 541-504-1338 Broker C entury 2 1 Gol d ker, 8 0 8 -561-4162. Pond with beautiful age underneath the cation! This 3 b ed118 acre ranch I 541-788-0029 Country Realty, Inc. John L. Scott Realty, Custom Contemporary water views. Triple car units. Plenty of Park- room, 2 bath, 1544 $1,149,500 541-504-1338 MORRIS Bend Beauty. This 3 bdrm., garage, 2327 sq. ft. ing. $225,000. • 2 homes, 91 acres irsq. ft. home includes 3 bath, 3380 sq. ft. Bobbie Strome REAL ESTATE and 2 master suites. rigation a shop on a 1/4 acre New Construction in NE Principal Broker $159,900 Ado r able home features amaz- $549,900. MLS: h y y R~ y ~ M ~ • Hay barn, corrals, lot. Close proximity to Bend. Great r o om House & Ga r den. shop ing v i ews, i n - law 2 01504989. CAL L John L. Scott Real Esrestaurants, parks and MORRIS tate 541-385-5500 Beautiful l andscaping concept w/3 bdrms., Cottage w/968 sq. ft., • BLM out the gate quarters, hi g h-end ROB EGGERS AT downtown. U n i que REAL ESTATE around this 4 bdrm, 3 2.5 baths in 2221 sq. 3 bdrm., 1 bath, up- • MLS 201406105 finishes & is a short 541-815-9780. Duke opportunity. $557,000. I&q w dy ~ ~ ~ y bath home. Reverse ft. Room for RV park- grades & u p dates, Steve Payer, Broker, distance to the Des- Warner Realty $499,000 20903 Bilyeu MLS: 201 5 05642. livinghome shows off ing, mtn. views from comfy, cozy, light & River. chutes 3bdrm, 2 bath, 1512 sq. GRI Way. Custom built, KIM WARNER bright, big beautiful the incredible views. master bedroom 8 $433,500. MLS: Great Country Setting 3-car garage, backs to CALL 541-480-2968 ft. with o ffice, carAT 5 41 4 10-2475. with Amazing Views. corner fire p lace. Downstairs could be yard on .27 acres, 2 2 01508406. CAL L port and wraparound an in-law suite. This $339,00. Bordered thousands the c a nal, p r ivate Duke Warner Realty MLS: decks 8 sliding doors, K IM WARNER AT d rive, q uality u p decks on 1.27 acres. home shows pride of 2 01506001. CAL L great indoor & out541-410-2475. Duke of acres of public land grades. Stunning C a s cade e Mel o dee with endless trails. 4 door living. Gail Rog$249,900 J AYNEE BECK AT Warner Realty Bro k er, TURN THE PAGE views. $169,900 MLS ownership. 541-480-0988 OR ers, bedroom, 2 bath, light Radcliffe, MLS 201505951. Call Broker, 2 01506578. Lin d a WindMORRIS Deschutes River front- and bright with over 541-788-0612 For More Ads Donna Carter, Broker, PETE VAN DEUSEN 541-604-1649 WindLou Day Wright, Bro- 541-903-0601 AT 541 - 480-3538. ermere Central Orage in Bend. 2234 2880 sq. ft. of living ermere Central OrREAL ESTATE The Bulletin ker, 541-771-2585 egon Real Estate sq.ft., townhome, 4 s pace. Located i n egon Real Estate Crooked River Realty Duke Warner Realty IA~ yly~ ~ ~ Crooked River Realty bdrm, 3.5 bath, insought after Sisters cludes separate School District curapartment, p r i vate r ently r anked ¹ 4 . deck and patio, gated $599,000. MLS: © ~ • neighborhood on the 2 01507731. CAL L JASEN CHAVEZ AT D eschutes Riv e r . 541-891-5446. Duke www.jackson-anderson.corn Ba r bara Warner Realty Jackson, Broker, CRS 541-306-8186. John Great Family Home. Darling 3 b edroom, L. Scott Realty, Bend 2.5 bath with bonus Desirable Lava Ridges room, loft area, and Neighborhood. Open u nfinished atti c . great room with patio Downstairs m a ster access and spacious has private entrance kitchen. 3 bedroom, to deck and backyard. 2.5 bath plus bonus $279,900. MLS: CAL L room. Near the 1790 2 01506638. acre Bend Pine Nurs- BECKY OZRELIC AT ery Park. $374,900. 541-480-9191. Duke MLS: 201 5 0 6430. Warner Realty CALL TERRY SKJERSAA AT Great Location in NW 541-383-1426. Duke Crossing. Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home Warner Realty by Greg Welch ConSunday Mas t e r Eagle Crest I $439,900 s truction. • 2000 sq.ft. new conbedroom on the main I I:00 AN- I:00 PM l evel, t w o gue s t struction rooms, off ice/den, and t • 3 bedroom, 2 bath, Fred Johnson, Broker bonus room. great room design • Backs common area & $669,500. MLS: 54 I -788-3733 2 01501545. CAL L trails Iy TERRY SKJERSAA • MLS 201509227 AT 541 - 383-1426. Greg Floyd, PC, Duke Warner Realty Broker 541-390-5349 Great Mtn views. Spacious 3 bdrm, 2 bath, m fd h o me . 4. 9 9 acres., 2.5 acres irrigated, 2 ca r + sc MORRIS garage/shop, pond, REAL ESTATE greenhouse & 2 box I M~ yy y ~ ~ a y y1 stalls, ou t s tanding prop e rty. E xecutive Home o n horse Canyon Creek. 7 tim- www.johnlscott.corn/r Stuve, Brobered ares south of ods Rod 54 1 - 844-9251. John Day. 3 bedroom, ker L. Scott Realty, 2.5 bath, 2801 sq. ft. John bonus room, attached Bend arage, landscaped. Great property! Nicely B RAND NEW F O R Y Q U VIEWS FROM 399,999. MLS: laid out. Newer heat 3 bedroom, 2 b ath, 1878 sq. ft. G OLDEN BUT T E 2 01304288. CAL L pump to keep you DUKE WARNER RE- c ool, and a w o o d home w i t h a well - t hought-out 3 bedroom, 2 bath,2188 sq.ft.,3 ALTY DAYVILLE AT stove to keep you 541-987-2363. floor plan. Great features including warm in w inter. A story home. Spectacular Cascade distance to puboakwood flooring, vaulted ceilings, F abulous Cust o m short Mountain views, beautiful deck lands. Double car Home. SW Redmond lic garage large storage knotty alder doors, and much w ith pergola in quiet N W B e n d w ith v i ews, 1 9 9 9 building with power. home, 2781 sq. ft., 4 Raised f l ower/vegmore. $449,900 CALL CAROLYN neighborhood. $459,000 CA LL bedrooms, 2.5 baths, etable beds, apple & EMICK AT 54 1-4 19-0717. ROB EGGERS AT 541-815-9780. master on the main, pear trees, Property is .42 acres, RV parking, completely f e nced. MLS: 201508545 MLS: 201510101 must see! $409,900. www.johnlscott.corn/8 $188,000. Call 2211. Kellie C ook, MLS201508477 Lou Day-Wright, Broker, 541-408-0463 Linda -r cy Broker, 541-771-2585 John L. Scott Realty, Crooked River Realty Bend to find 5 acre, flat Family Compound in Hard corner lot Alfalfa. 62677 County buildable located in Lake Park Line R d. MLS: Estates with mature 201503391. 3 bed, 2 andscape. MLS ¹ GREAT LOCATION! PANORAMIC VIEWS OF RIVER PRICED TO SELL! COU NT R Y SETTING WITH BEST PRICED HONE IN bath, 3282 sq. ft., 11 l201406959. $135,500 This 3 bedroom, 2bath, 1544 sq. ft. home This home hasit all w/direct accesstothe DesI:hutes Sophisticatedandlow-maintenance2751sq. AMAZ IN G VIEW'5 DESCHUTES RIVER WOODSI acres, 6.5 i rrigated, Pam Lester, Princ. includes a shop on a /'~ acre lot. Close RiverTrai fyjust a milefromdowntown. Have your A. home with exquisite finishesthroughout. Boryiersthousandsof acresafpub iclandwi endlesstrails Itove-lype lyrfect! IItt SF ,3bdrm,2ful baths,ayealmost horse barn, heated Broker, Century 21 proximity to restaurants, parks, and own sliceof paradisefromthis 2 master bdrmfy2 Convenient to Old Mill and shopping. tbdrm,2bath,ight&brightwiover2880sq.ft.ofivingan acty.fenced for horses.Inteiorhasbeen freshly tack, full roping arena, Gold Country Realty, $650,000. downtown, Uniqueopportunity.$540,000 largebalconies.Studyservesasa potential 3ydbdnn. Earth Advantage-certified. $499,000 space,Loc atedinSistersSchoolDistrict,currentlyranked paintedw/ newcarpeting & many new windows.A Inc. 541-504-1338 62655 County Line Rd. CALL KIM WARNER AT 541-410-2475. $949000CALLTERRYSKjERSAAAT541-383-1426. CALL SHEAREINFRAT 808-349-5559. ¹4. $59tm CALLjAS ENCHAVEZAT511-891-5t(6. bargaia nt $159900. CALLKilt KAHLAT5t 1-480-166I MLS: 201410201. 4 Incredible Ca s c ade MLS: 201505642 MSL: 201509583 MLS: 201509008 MLS: 201507731 MLS: 201508183 bed, 3 bath, 2390 sq. Mountain Views. Prift., 64.24 acres, 50 ir- v ate setting o n 5 rigated, shop, barn, acres, 1916 sq. ft., 3 pivot, bunk h o use bedroom, 3 bath upw/full bath, trails and d ated home. D e f ishing near b y , tached garage plus a IIItI ' ' I fill iil kl jy!Ijlrye lliyylllswllllttlllll.ylilrsylllllyyyy $675,000. hobby barn. E njoy Properties may be pur- l ong trail rides o n chased together or nearby public lands. WINTER ISCOMINGI RED SKY FARM MIDTOVVN CUTIE! A RARE OPPORTUNITY CASCADE fyiOUNTAIN VIEWS s eparately. Sco t t $639,000. MLS: GREAT SKIHOUSE You & your critters will love this property. 3bdrm,1092sq.ft. completeyupdated ranch-styeMountai n river, and golf course views. Private setting on 5 acres, 1916 sq. ft., 3 McLean, Pr i n cipal 2 01508058. CAL L Cool, green & s pa cious,5 acre ful l y fenced ya rd, 3 Attractive 3 bdrm, 2.5 bath, 2900 sq. R home,hickorycabinets,original oakhardwoods,newer UniqueKitty Hawk unit features 2 master bedroom, 3 bath updated home.Detached Broker/Owner, K IM WARNER A T 3.5 baths,2961sq.R. Great room roof, siding, home w/ (yarn & arenaon 5 acresw/ 2 acres large bdrms, windows,fresh paint, updated appliances. suite s wi th a gn.at location. $474, 500 garage plus a hobbybarn. Enjoy longtrail 541-408-6908. Realty 541-480-5365. Duke i r rigation. Close to BLM land. $599,000 w/ exposed wood, chal e t-styl e vaul t ed cei l i n g. Executives Turn key!$245,000CALLAUBRECHESHIREAT5%1- CALL jAYNEEBECKAT 541480-0988 OR rides on nearby public lands. $639,000 Warner Realty CALL BECKY OZRELIC AT 541-480-9191. $385,I CALLBILLPANTONAT5t1-420-6545. 5984583ORBROOKCRIAZZOAT541-550-8008. PETE VAN DEUSEN AT 541480-353& CALL KRISWARNERAT 541-'I80-5365. F antastic Turn K e y In-Home Childcare opMLS: 201506656 MLS: 201502661 MLS: 201509930 MLS: 20150741.1 MLS: 201508058 Home. i m maculate portunity, $309,000. [y„ home on a quiet dead 1840 sq.ft., s ingle end street in a great level, 4 bdrm, 2 bath SE ne i ghborhood. plus bonus r oom, G ii Qg SKVEyyTH This 2 b edroom, 2 hlOUNTAIN separate e n t rance, esoN' bath home is nestled large, fully f enced on a larger, treed lot. backyard, close in NE QIIIIIII. $235,000. MLS: Bend location, child201509731. CALL care/preschool busiGORGEOUS SINGLEPRIDE OF OWNERSHIP GREAT FAMILY HOME NE W CONSTRUCTION IN NE BEND INN OF THE 7TH TERRY SKJERSAA ness opp o rtunity. LEYEL IN BROKEN TOP Parklike private lot near midtown and Darli ng 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath with bonus Greatroom conceptw/3 bedrooms& 2.5baths This 3 bedroom, 3 bath groundAT 541 - 383-1426. www.johnlscott.corn/7 Situ atedonGooseCreekPondwithbeautiful PilotButte. Large bright 4tchen many room, loR area, and unfinished attic. In 2221sq.ft. Roomfor RV parking,mountain level condo is located near the pool Duke Warner Realty 0445 Angie Cox, Browater views. Triple car garage,2327 sq.IL 2 custom built-ins, and vaulted ceilings. 3 Downsta irs master has private entrance viewsfrommasterbedroom,andcomerfrepl ace. and all resort activities. Don't miss ker 541-213-9950 $524,500 Quail Ridge. master sui tes and new appliances.$5t9, 900 'bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2172 sq. ft. $385,000 to deck and backyard. $269,900 CALL $339,m CALL jAYNEEBECKAT501-480-0988 your opportunity! $169,000 CALL 2692 sq. ft. one level, Inn of the 7th. This 3 CALL ROB EGGERS AT 541-815-9780 CALL TERR Y SKjERSAA AT 541-383-1426. BECKY OZRELIC AT 541-480-9191. OR PETEVAN DEUSEN AT 511-480-353& KIM WARNER AT 541-410-2475. 1.96 treed acres, 4 bedroom, 3 bath MLS: 201504989 MLS: 201506837 MLS: 201506638 MLS: 201506001 MLS: 201408943 bdrm., 3 bath, 4-car ground level condo is garage & shop, large located near the pool b onus room. B o b and all resort activiAhern, Broker, ties. Don't miss your • i • • • e • • • • • • • 5 41-420-3891. D e e opportunity! $169,000. Baker, Broker, MLS: 201 4 08943.









541-977-7756 Wind-

ermere Central Oregon Real Estate

CALL KIM WARNER AT 541 - 410-2475.

Duke Warner Realty



Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

• H o mes for Sale •



Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

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Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Park-Like Setting. 3 Private Small Acreage Saddleback. Two sto- OK Garage. Mini mart, Special Property and Build your dream home. Custom and comfortOne of the coolest NOTICE I $305,000 b edroom, 2 ba t h , W ithin M inutes o f ries with 5 bedrooms, fuel & mechanic shop, location. 2 bdrm, 2 .20 acres, corner lot, a ble home o n 1 0 All real estate adver- • 2+houses acres, 0.4 acres ir1531 sq. ft. home on D owntown. Qu i e t , 2.5 baths in 2928 +/- upgrades throughout, bath, original owner, established neighbor- acres w/ barn, shop tised here in is subrigation 3.71 acres. Move-in peaceful r e laxation sq. ft. o n 1 .51 +/- liquor, tires. Owner like new. A mazing hood, southern views, and quite a view. Ad ject to th e Federal• Garage/shop ready with newer ap- awaits in this acres. S p ectacular will carry. $225,000. views, grandfathered conveniently located ¹2122 F air H ousing A c t , carpet, w ell-loved home i n view lot, very private MLS: 201 4 09917. vacation rental plus. on Bend's West Side. TEAM Birtola Garmyn which makes it illegal • Separate studio & pot- pliances, p aint, a n d mo r e / desirable Sunset View with treetop views of CALL DUKE Sharon Abrams, Bro- $ 174 950 Kelli e High Desert Realty to advertise any pref- ting shed • MLS 201508643 24x48 detached shop Estates! A rare comM t. Jefferson, M t . WARNER R EALTY ker, CRS Cook, Broker 541-312-9449 erence, limitation or 541-280-9309. John 541-408-0463 John L Susan Agli, Broker, with concrete floor bination of single-level Washington, Mt. Hood DAYVILLE AT www. BendOregon discrimination based a nd l o f t are a s. home, 3-car garage, and Smith Rock. Steel 541-987-2363. L. Scott Realty, Bend Scott Realty, Bend RealEstate.corn ABR, ALHS, GRI on race, color, reli541-408-3773 $299,990. MLS: and small acreage is framed construction, ion, sex, handicap, 2 01505645. CAL L not to be missed. The s table, easy to r e Iamilial status or naCAROLYN EMICK AT great room design model home. Basetional origin, or inten541-419-0717. Duke with large kitchen is ment storage & small tion to make any such Warner Realty perfect for entertain- office & garage below. preferences, l i mitaing, the master suite Home is light & bright tions or discrimination. MORRIS Ponderous Pines I is as perfect retreat. with many windows. We will not knowingly REAL ESTATE $399,000 Huge patio area with $ 469,000. MLS ¹ accept any advertisIA y A yl y ~ ~ o~ • New 2215 sq.ft. home hot tub invites you to 201507612 ing for real estate • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath enjoy your n atural Bobbie Strome which is in violation of FIND IT! • Granite, tile & hards urroundings. B o r Principal Broker this law. All persons BUY IT! woods dered by 7 acres of John L. Scott Real Esare hereby informed SELL IT! open space. Quality tate 541-385-5500 that all dwellings ad- The Bulletin Classifieds • MLS 201507080 Mark Valceschini PC, c raftsmanship a n d vertised are available Broker, CRS, GRI materials, lo v i ngly on an equal opportu- Pahlisch A w ard-Win541-383-4364 maintained, now Shevlin Ridge I nity basis. The Bulle- ning Quality - Move-In r eady for you a nd tin Classified $179,000 October. Call us toyour next c hapter! • Large .33 acre lot day to learn about a NW Bend I $575,000 MLS: 201508759. 3 • Close to trails buyer bonus! Restric• 3219 sq.ft. on 8276 bedrooms, 3 baths, • Bring your builder tions apply. Spacious sq.ft. Iot 2 606 sq. f t . , 1 . 23 • MLS 201509128 MORRIS open first floor layout • 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath acres. 20326 Rain- Scott Huggtn, Broker, REALESTATE is perfect for enter•Offic e,bonus room, b ow L a k e Tr a i l. • I% GRI taining. Large great 3-car garage $580,000. Team De541-322-1500 room with gas fire• MLS 201504293 lay. Edie: place & tons of win- Pride of Ownership. 3 541-420-2950. Sam: Nlichelle Tisdel, PC, bat h , dows for lots of light. b edroom, 2 Broker, ABR, CRS, Moe: 1468 sq. ft. home with 541-678-3290. e-PRO, 541-390-3490 Gourmet kitchen fea- newer windows, heat 541-303-3735. Hastures beautiful quartz son Company Realcountertops. L a r ge pump, new garage tors MORRIS m aster s uite w i t h door and pull-down REAL ESTATE double sinks & huge steps for extra storI&~ dy ~ ~ Oy d w alk-in closet. B i g age. 12x16 shop with Profitable Kennel Busi,uy MORRIS guest rooms & bonus power, room for RV. ness. First class ken- Single level adorable bu s i y yREAL ESTATE MLS: n el/boarding room. The Bridges is $319,900. granite couna m aster p lanned 2 01505946. CAL L ness for dogs and home. tertops, knotty pine 53 dog rooms with many CAROLYN EMICK AT cats. NW Bend craftsman. community and 13 cat rooms, interior doors. 1550 menities: poo l s , 541-419-0717. Duke 1742 s q . ft., w/3 a most wit h o u t side sq.ft. 3 bdrm, 2 bath, fi t n ess Warner Realty bdrms, 2 bath, sepa- clubhouse, lan dscaping. runs. Multiple outside lush center, indoor regularate laundry room, tion basketball court, Pride of O w nership. play areas for super- MLS ¹201504132 Pat close t o sc h ools, Broker & more! MLS: Park-like private lot vised play and exer- Baxter, parks, river t r ails, trails cise. Longtime expe- 808-551-5729. John near midtown and Pi2 01506674. 3 b e d I downtown, s h o ps. rooms, 2. 5 b a ths, lot Butte. Large bright r iences staff a n d L. Scott Realty, Bend I Open f loor p l a n, 2065 sq. ft, 10 acre. kitchen, many custom grooming f a c ilities. abundant light, gas • a g • • s • A mbassador built-ins, and vaulted Property has a 2500 Single Level Energy Effireplace, wood floors, 61120 ft. home including ficient Gre e n-built $369 , 950. ceilings. 3 bedroom, sq. custom built-ins. Spa- Drive. a 1 bedroom aparthome on 20 acres. Delay. Edie: 2.5 bath, 2172 sq. ft. cious kitchen w/gran- Team • I $964,000. MLS: 2739 sq. ft., 4 bedSam: $399,950. MLS: ment. ite countertops, wood 541-420-2950. 2 01502782. CAL L room, 3 bath, solar 541-678-3290. Moe: 2 01506837. CAL L cabinetry, s t ainless 5 41-303-3735. H a s- TERRY S KJERSAA K IM W ARNER A T panel, 10 acres irrigasteel appl. $475,000. son Company Real- AT 541 - 383-4126. 541-480-5365. Duke tion, set up for horses cathym Ojohnlscott.co tors Warner Realty and steel barn. Too Duke Warner Realty m Cathy Malk, Broker many upgrades and 541-408-3441. John Panoramic easterly to list. Buil d ? extras Private Setting in the R eady to L. Scott Realty, Bend views I $679,500 MLS: Pines! Fully scribed 3 Multi-Family Lot. 1051 $549,900. 2 0'I503739. CAL L • Single level 2587 sq.ft. NE Kayak Lp., Bend, bed, 1.75 bath cusPeople Lookfor Information • 10 acre lot OR: Possible invest- R OB EGGERS AT tom log home is surAbout Products and • 4-car garage, RV gaDuke rounded by a beauti- ment property with 541-815-9780. Services EveryDaythrough rage views in NE Bend has Warner Realty fully landscaped yard. 15 yr fixed = 3.125% APR-3.389% PB I pmt= $1950.51 The Bulletin ClessiBeds • MLS 201509655 There is a 1500 sq. ft. room for a d uplex. Megan Power, Broker, Convenient to ParkCascade Mo u ntain shop w/220 power for NW Redmond I 30 yr fixed = 3.875% APR-4.035% P&l pmt= $1316.66 GRI, CDPE all y ou r t o y s o r way, Bend River Mall, Views. This lot is lo$449,900 541-610-7318 and nearby area for cated in the heart of projects. Twin w ell • 2824 sq.ft. MLS: Tumalo. 4.22 acre lot provides crystal clear walking. Jumbo 30 yr= 3.875% APR- 4.044% P&l pmt= $3009.52 • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath water. $46 9 ,000. 201505729. $60,000. is ideal for your future • 3-car garage, .41 acre Call Kathy: home. $29 9 ,000. MLS: 201 5 01833. lot Purchasepr!ce $350,000,20% down, Loanamount $280,000,30 yearf!xed. 201 5 05048. CALL BILL PANTON 541-390-5236. Realty MLS: • MLS 201505774 Jumbo purchase price / value $800,000 — 20% down / equity, $640,000 loan amount. Executives CALL TERRY MORRIS AT 541 - 420-6545. Lisa McCarthy, BroOffer valid as of 10/16/15, restrictions may apply. Rates/fees subject to change. On Approved Credit. SKJERSAA AT Duke Warner Realty REAL ESTATE ker, ABR, SRES Ready to Build? Ready 541-383-1426. Duke 541-419-8639 IA y Mmly~ M ~ P rivate Setting w i t h for Custom Home. Warner Realty Panoramic Views of Great Natural Light. 22065 S w eetgrass • I • • f• •f• I• River. This home has Traditional floor plan, Dr., Bend, OR: 4.03 26695 Horsell Road it all with direct ac- 3 bedroom, 3 b ath acre - Sundance Recently remodeled 3 c ess t o t h e D e s - with play room and Meadows, rectangu- b edroom, 2 bat h , MORRIS chutes River Trail and office. Large lot with lar lot near Horse 2070y sq. ft . f a rm REAL ESTATE j ust a mi l e fr o m room for RV parking. Butte, backs up to house on 67.9y acres I M~ yy y ~ ~ a y y1 downtown. Have your Natural landscaping National Forest, wa- with 39.7y acres of slice of paradise with a 3-car garage. ter and power to road. COI irrigation. 1344y n One acre with 1782 sf, own this 2 master bed- $650,000. 201 5 07802. sq. ft. building for ofMLS: MLS: ou re never atone uyiy yen were doing your loan 3 bdrm, 2 bath home. in room, with 2 l a rge $220,000. Call Krisfice/recreation/studio, 2 01406052. CAL L covered decks front b alconies. Stud y tina: 5 4 1-610-6208. 4502y sq. ft. building and back. Ready for serves as a potential JAYNEE BECK AT 541-480-0988 OR Realty Executives with 12' door & man wood pellet or gas 3rd bedroom. PETE VAN DEUSEN door fo r s h op/RV/ s tove. Bedr o om $949,000. M LS: AT 541 480-3538. Red Sky Farm. You and toy/boat storage & inseparation, fo r m al 2 01509583. CAL L Duke Warner Realty your critters will love door gardening. New dining and breakfast TERRY S KJERSAA this property. Attrac- 750y sq. ft. deep well room. Over s ize AT M O RT G A G E C O R P O R A T I O N 541 - 383-1426.Charming Single Level. tive 3 bedroom, 2.5 being drilled to prodouble garage, circu- Duke Warner Realty vide a ye a r-round 1150 sq. ft., 3 bdrm., b ath, 2900 s q . f t . Casey NMLS 189449 Jennifer NMLS 288550 lar drive. $159,900. 2 bath on .25 acre lot, home with barn and source of d omestic MLS201507341 Call Park Like Setting. 3+ Caseyjones@academymortgage.corn j enni f er.edwards@academymortgage.corn Nancy Popp, Princ. bdrm, 2.5 bath, 2190 new windows, paint, arena on 5 acres with water. New gas log CORP NMLS ¹3113 i n s talled. 541-419-9766 Broker, 541-815-8000 sq.ft, 4 6 a c r e l o t, siding, roof, ample 2 a c res i r rigation. fireplace to BLM land. $625,000. CORP OR LIC.¹ ML-2421 Crooked River Realty large windows, large parking & large yard. Close $599,000. MLS: MLS¹201401400 deck with hot tub, RV www.Jackson-AnderBobbie Strome, C a n dice 2 01502661. CAL L Parking. $ 4 39,999. son.corn. Find It in Principal Broker A nderson, Bro k er BECKY OZRELIC AT Barb Hartnett, Broker The Bulletin Classifieds! 541-420-0915. John 541-788-8878 John L. 541-480-9191. Duke John L Scott Real Warner Realty Estate 541-385-5500 541-385-5809 Scott Realty, Bend L. Scott Realty, Bend


Finding theright homeisthard.



the Iziyht kfonyayeis Easy!






g4$ 323 2$9$


371 SWUpper Terrace Dr., Suite 1, Bend, OR 97702


SATURDAY 1 00-5 OOPM Located on a private, quiet, cul-de-sac, one block from Hollinshead Park in the heart of Mid-Town, this home features top of the line finishes, gourmet chef's kitchen, Viking Stainless 1084 NE Hobbs Steel appliances, slab granite counters, and large master suite Court, Bend opens to private deck. Office Direcfiessr 8th Street, right on could be fourth bedroom. JonesRdyleg on11th, le/I onHobbs. Fenced, landscaped. Close to

parks, shopping, trails, and all the best of Bend!

Hosted 6 Listed byy LARoNDA AGUFF-SAGK

PrinciPal Broker




) I

( l g

SAT. 1PM - 4PM


'F Main house and guest house. Close to downtown. Private well, gardens, 6 car 20015 Chancy Road garage.

Dfrsctfonsr0ff of 0 B Rileyand Glen Vista.


$2 222 000




THURS-SUN 12 — 4 PM H omes c o m m u n i t y featuring multimillion dollar amenities; pools, c lubhouse, f i t n e ss 61104Ambassador Drive, Bend center, sports complex, Directions: Easton Reed Market, 15 acres of open space first exit al roundabouI on!o15th. and 2 miles of trails. Southon 15th to Golden Gate Place, Tour a variety of single- turn left.Follow GoMenGate Place level and 2-story plans. to Ambassador,turn right.

Homes Starting Low II300s

Hosted 6 Listed by: TEAM DELAY Principal Broker





llfschHomes 54$ 420 2950 Pal




Homes &om the






A LL E Dk . Iyy;Ay,

y !I T A T yy

The best of mountain living in the TetherowResort II Golf Commun!if, StunningCascadeMountain II Tethe row Golf Course viewsfromthis new29

kitchen with tile counters,

stainless steel appliances, wood floors, gas fireplace 20456 SE Brenfwood Ave. and private patio, central infractions:From Highuyay97, AC. Large 2-car garage. southeastonBrosterhous, turn left intothe Brentwood community.

Hosted byy


541-588-2850 Listed by: BECKY BREEZE Principal Broker


3 bed, 2.5 bath, 1559 sq, ft. family home in SE Bend, just steps from Silver Rail Elementary. Spacious


P ahlfschHomes „, „„, , „ ,

Hendrtckson home. Third 60833 Cobblestone garage bay used as a craft Place room. Great backyard Directions: Brookswood south, landscaping and new deck. right on AmberMeadow, left on CobblestonePlace.



office/den in this great



Pahltsch Homes Model in NE Bend. Homes feature quartz counters, laminate flooring, gas cooking, stainless steel appliances 20802 NE Sierra Drive and aII the quality Pahlisch Directions: North on Boyd Acres, Homes is known for. Now right on Sierra; ORnodh on 18th selling Phase Two —stop by from Empira lefton Sierra. Lookfor for more information. slg%.

Immaculate single-level in desirable River Rim neighborhood. 2031 sq. ft. 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath, plus

Hosted & Listed byy








Hosted 6 I.'sted by: JIM COON



P a h l i s ch


Immaculate home with mainlevel living on west side. Minutes from downtown Bend & Newport Aveshopping/dining! 3BR, 2.5BA, 2,310 sq ft & tons of natural light in every room, 1545NW City Heights Drive Master on main, and 2 BR, full Directions:Portland Rue est, right bath & spaciousomce/medialoft on 9th at roundabout, up 12th, on 2nd level, Large, beautifully left on/vtfy City Heights, landscaped lot with plenty of room for pets,audprivacy.






F lagship


Principal Broker



Real Estate 6 7



Hosted 6 I.'sted by: JOHN R. GIST


Road, then lefton Zuni.

yard w/bdckoven.

Hosted 6 Listed by: DARREN CULLEN

your RV.

• •

This beautiful mid-town home has been tastefully updated inside and out. Situated on a quiet cul-de-sac neighborhood. Custom solid knotty pine doors throughout, extensive cabinetry, master suite w/jetted tub, large 64 Piper, Bend tiled walk-in shower, chef's Directions:Bear Creek ro Cessna kitchen w/built-In frig, solid le counters, Thermador range, south to PiPer,ft. timber features, paver driveway, 1000 SF, 3 car garage, private

with a great master suite. 60475 Zuni Road, Bend Fenced yard, outdoor DirectioesrSouth on 97, weston living space, and room for Baker Road to second Shoshone

Hasted 6 Listed by:



One level 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1900 sq. ft. home on a spacious, private, and sunny .60 acre lot. Efficient floor plan and big rooms,

REEZE k Reyy Estate

two-storyresidences, all withma sters on the mainlevel. locatedis theheanof

Principal Broker


384sw Upper Terrace Dyy'20n Bend

19501 Allanna Loop

CentralOregon,enjoy miles O I walking Directions: South onCentury Dr, rigb/ paths,rivertrails &mounuln bikingright on skyline RanchRd, right on /necks oa yourdoor,theslopesof Mt. Bachelor f!I'l; /n 1/4 mileSe Rimis on the/8/I il downtown Bendjun minutesaway. side ofMeeks Trail. MLI¹201 505741

Hosted & Listed by: LISA COLE


single-fam ily hom e community designed by renownedluxury homedesigner Rozewski ll Co.Offering single-levelI


From $710,000 BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY Homeservices LUXURY









aeganata Ptnonah S~


$499,000I65044 HIGHLAND ROAD, TUMALO • 2.5 fenced acres



• 2000 SF single-level home • 3 bedrooms, 3 baths • Includes private guest suite

• Barn, loafing shed, tack room, round pen & corral


• 4 bdrms, 3.5 baths, 2398SF,0.12 size lot

• Tudor-style home w/Craftsmancharm, open floor plan • 2 transferable city of Bend Type1 land use permits • Turnkeyprofessionally managedshort-term vacation home • Beautifully landscaped oncorner lot, 541 977 1652 close toDrakePark/Mirror Pond &

• 1 unit left & can be purchasedas an investment! • Southern exposure & ground level • 3 blocks to Newport Market, coffee shops & restaurants • Completely renovated 2 bdrm, 1 bath & 680 SFunit • Bamboo flooring & Richlite countertops


TONY LEVISON BROKER $299,000I4166 RHYOLITEPLACE,REDMOND • Lovely home in Juniper Hills • Amazing Cascade mountain views • 3 bdrm, 2 bath w/ many upgrades • Large front porch w/ views • Fireplace, tile, A/C, pantry


$349,900 I 20057 PARKSIDEPLACE, BEND • Beautiful single-level home, 3 bdrm, 2.5 bath • Large private lot, parklike setting • New paver patio & Trex decking surrounded by trees • Many interior upgrades


k. I




• Imagine lookingout atagorgeous yard, ChinaHat& Paulina mtns • Gorgeousopenfloor plan • Brazilian cherryfloors & cabinets =: • 41' covered RV storage • Many upgrades • Privacyonagfour sides • 2178 SF gorgeoushome- a must-see




$459,000iCOME HOME TO NORTHWESTCROSSING • Charming Tudor-style cottage • Open floor plan with vaulted ceilings • Huge light & bright bonus room • Gas fireplace w/ built-ins on both sides • Master on main • Spacious 2 bdrm, 2.5 bath, 1717 SF




• Fenced&cross-fenced • Centrally locatedto Bend, Redmond,Tumalo • 19.44 acres,10.4 irrigated •Turnkeyhorseproperty





$469,000l EAGLECREST

• Barn, hay storage • 2 storage buildings,


$499,000 I 20903 BILYEUWAY, BEND • Custom built • 3-car garage • Backs to the canal • Private drive • Quality upgrades


• Northerly & 17th hole views • Stunning home perfect for entertaining • 3456 SF, 3 bdrm, 3.5 bath on .28 acre • Bonus room w/ wet bar 8 triple garage • Outdoor living at its finest too! •SoconvenienttoallofBend


$629,500I23265 GIDDY COURT, BEND

er •

... i ' " i8ililfl/t






541-977-4702 DEAN VOGT BROKER


I '




$779,000I2589 NW CHAMPION CIRCLE,BEND • 4 bdrm, 3 bath in

prestigious AwbreyGlen • Dream kitchen w/ stainless appliances, granite counters • Beautifully landscaped .63 acres w/ sprinkler system • Upscale finishes/features • Over 1500 SF 3-car


garage w/ bonus

$329,900 i 21104 KEYTEROAD

• Amazing, like-new Hayden Home • 2357 SF, 3 bdrm, 2.5 bath


I .i

• Huge bonus room • Indoor/outdoor dog enclosure



• Cul-de-sac location





— IHg -,;,„";; '




• 1567 SF, 3 bdrms, 2 bath

• 9' ceilings, gas fireplace • Lots of upgrades • RV parking, shed, greenhouse • Private fenced yard • 2-car garage, epoxyfloor,


• Clean 1400 SF home • 3 bdrm, 2 bath • Oversized double garage • Private fenced yard • HOA includes water/



• Stunning home in Awbrey Butte • 4 bdrm,4.5 bath, 4448 SF • Splendid Cascade Mountain views • Entertains great indoors & out • Chef's kitchen & professional grade appl»nces • 4+ stall car garage


• Single-level, 2112 SF on .49 acres! • Open floor plan with 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths I

• Granite, hardwoods, tile • Central heating


• RV area & hook-ups!

$650,000IOLD M ILLACREAGE • Treed development land

2 master smtes • Plus 1.5 baths list

• 2161 SF,.36acre • 14th fairway

• Frank Ring Construction

541-788-2274 BEA LEACH BROKER





541-480-7777 ) DIANA BARKER J BROKER

g ', 541-410-1200 BILL KAMMERER BROKER

• Lots of possibilities

• 3690 SF homeon15.5

irrigated acres • 4 bdrms, 2.5 baths • Family room, bonus

room • Oversized 3-car garage • 30 x 40 barn, fenced, cross-fenced

541 460 7 183

• Close to lakes & mountains



$385,000l 3465 FIELDSTONECOURT ru

541-420-3891 BOB AHERN BROKER

• Good home on property • Covered irrigation pond • 1.23 acres/1 acre irrigated • Roates Community water


• Wonderful single-level home • 1704 SF, 3 bdrm, 2 bath • 30x40 shop w/ 9' doors • Landscaped & nicely treed • 2 separate tax lots


• Cascade mtn. views • Home shows like new • Open kitchen with 3 pantries • Located on cul-de-sac • Beautiful clubhouse & pool • French doors lead to surround deck • New 3-year-old roof

$334,900 I17181 CRANEDRIVE, BEND

• 4 bdrm, 2 bath w/ open floor plan • NUMEROUS upgrades since 2013! • Recently finished exterior paint and newdriveway • Central heating &A/C • Hot tub, 2 decks for entertaining • Sold furnished per inventory list



• Open floor plan, vaulted ceilings • Brand new carpet throughout • Large .21 acre lot • Great front patio w/ pavers • Easy access: schools/ shopping/freeway

• Beautiful home & landscaping • 2941 SF on 2.5 acres, 1.5 irrigated • 4 bdrm, 3 bath • Detached heated65 x 30 garage/shop RVh ookups, 2 stall barn

$410,000 I 28 CYPRESS LANE, SUNRIVER • Spacious openfloor plan • 2551 SF,4 bdrm,4 bath • Light 8 bright, vaulted ceilings • Gated section for privacy • Large decks overlooking the golf course • Enjoy accessto pools, tennis, trails


Deschutes River • 2610 SF, 3 bdrm, 2 bath on 21.54 acres • 48 x 36 shop w/ studio, RV hookups • Lush landscaping w/ sprinklers

•4bdrms,2.5bathmainhouse • 1bdrm, 1 bathguest quarters • 6 stall barn • Shop, RV, storage bldg

• 21 83 SF, all one level • 3 bdrms, 2 baths • Living room, family room

irrigated pasture • Fenced • Mountain views

• 80 acres - M1 zoned industrial use • Located in Crook Country and state enterprise zone • Water/sewer stubbed to property • Robust and reliable power & fiber infrastructure • Proven data center hub


• 2280 ft of Little

541-788-2274 BEA LEACH BROKER


• Main-level master • Triple garage • Brazilian cherrywood

• Wide open meadow views





$909,000iAW ESOME CASCADE MOUNTAIN VIEWS • 201 4 remodel • Open living floor plan • Formal dining • Back deck with spa • RV parking galore


• Stunning home • On 12th fairway • 3553 SF • 5 bedrooms, 4 baths

• 2692 SF one-level home • 1.96 treed acres • 4 bedrooms, 3 baths • 4-car heated garage • 1 large bonus room

541-977-7756 DEE BAKER BROKER

4805 NWKINGWOOD AVE,REDMOND I$425,000 • 3 bedroom, 3 bath • 2723 SF,5.20 acres • Top of the hill! • Very light & bright • Master on main • Large kitchen w/ breakfast nook • Custom kitchen cabinets

• Formal dining & living rooms • Large openfloor plan • Two oversized bedrooms • Bonus room above garage • Vintage glass doorknobs • Immaculate landscaping •Cascadem ountainviews

Rinehert. Dempsetf 8 Phelps Patty Dempsey 541-480-5432 Andrea Phelps 541-408-4770 bendgroupgwindermere.corn




• Beautiful 4-bdrm home • Perfect for entertaining • Quiet cul-de-sac • Large bonus room with private entry • Many upgrades & extra storage • Large covered front porch



F or homes online WWW b e n d h o m e S . C o m



Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale




Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale


NortheastBend Homes R e d mond Homes

Redmond Homes

Redmond Homes

Single-Level Home on Spring River Home with SW Bend I $299,990 TLC Needed. Classic Views of the Deschutes 63040 Woodbridge Pl Charming home in the Newly built golf course the Little Deschutes Space for People & • New 1680 sq.ft. home 1960's contemporary R iver. Lot 9 i n t h e $286,000. 3 bed, 2.5 heart of R edmond, frontage! 3 bedroom 2 Looking for your next emp/oyee? River. Views of New- Toys. Cool, green and • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath single-level 3 bdrm., prestigious River Park bath No HOA and de- 2250 sq. ft., 4 bdrm., bath + den. Custom berry Monument and spacious half a cre • Slab granite, laminate 1603 sq. ft. home in Estates cap t ures s irable area. C a l l 2 bath., on .37 acre w/ cabinets, gra n ite, Place a Bulletin help Paulin a Peaks from y ard that i s fu l l y floors Redmond on a corner stunning views of the Mary or Dan greenhouse/solarium hardwoods, v a ulted wanted ad today and the backyard of this 3 fenced. 3 large bed- • MLS 201509679 lot. Brand new in-the- D eschutes Riv e r , 541-848-8140 or & 3 car garage. MLS¹ c eilings, pant r y , reach over 60,000 b edroom, 2 bat h , rooms, 3. 5 b a t hs, Illlichaei J Hopp, box appliances wait- easterly desert views, 541-639-6595. Berk- 201502749 $274,000 walk-ins. Elegance in readers each week. 2026 sq. ft. home lo- 2961 sq. ft. with great Broker, RSPS ing to b e i nstalled. Pilot Butte and the shire Hathaway Home Pam Lester, Princ. a s e rene s e tting. Your classified ad will also appear on c ated across f r om room with exposed 541-390-0504 $159,900. MLS: C ascade Ran g e . Services N o rthwest Broker, Century 21 $349,900 Call Nancy ben dbulletin.corn Q uail R u n Gol f wood, ch a let-style 2 01509564. CAL L $299,000. Gold Country Realty, Popp, Princ. Broker MLS: Real Estates which currently reCALL Cute single story home Inc. 541-504-1338 541-815-8000. MLS Course. $ 2 9 6,000. v aulted ceili n g . CAROLYN EMICK AT 20'I307188 ceives over MLS: 201 5 06757. $385,000. 541-419-0717. Duke TERRY S KJERSAA in NE Bend. 1056 sq. 201505433 Call MLS: 1.5 million page CALL JASEN 2 01506656. CAL L Warner Realty AT 541 - 383-1426 ft. 3 bdrm, 2 bath, dbl The Bulletin Nancy Popp, Princ. views every month CHAVEZ AT B ILL PANTON AT Duke Warner Realty Broker, 541-815-8000 MORRIS To Subscribe call attached garage on at no extra cost. 541-891-5446. Duke 541-240-6545. Duke 541-385-5800 or go to Crooked River Realty REAL ESTATE almost 1/4 acre with a Bulletin Classifieds Warner Realty Warner Realty Tumalo 50 acres I park-like set t i ng. New Redmond listing. Want to move in and www.bendbulletin.corn Get Results! $965,000 enjoy life? This is your $235,000. MLS H ome in a gr e a t Call 385-5809 or • Unobstructed CasPam Hard-to-find single story neighborhood on quiet place your ad on-line Single level in Broken Stunning Single-Level. home, and it is loaded 201507242. SW Redmond I cade views Top. You will love this This brand new 3 bedat $189,900 • 2909 sq.ft, 4 bedroom, with upgrades and Lester, Princ. Broker, h ome in N W R e d cul-de-sac..34 acre of Gol d mond 3 bdrm, 2 bath, privacy, fruit t rees, beautiful home which room home is located • 2016 sq.ft. ready to live in. This C entury 2 1 bendbulletin.corn 2.5 bath Country Realty, Inc. is cherry, bright and in a n es t ablished• 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath • 6-stall barn, fenced, ir- well-maintained home 1724 sq. ft, 14 acres, sprinkler system and R V p a r king w i t h elevated for easterly light and has a won- neighborhood on Aw- • Fenced, .2 acre corboasts a large tiled 541-504-1338 rigation derful view overlook- brey Butte. Open floor ner lot entry way, heat pump, double gate. views. 3 bdrm, 2 bath • MLS 201504497 750 ing the 5th fairway plan w it h c u s tom• MLS 201508883 $258,500. MLS offers large l i ving Sunriver/La Pine Homesl Virginia Ross, Broker, ceiling fans, recessed and pond. 2/3 bdrm, 2 c abinetry and d e - KC Flynn, Broker l ighting, large l o f t Redmond Homes 201509361 Pam room, vaulted ceiling, ABR CRS, GRI, Eco Lester, Princ. Broker, large windows, new 3 B edroom 2 B a t h bath, 1828 sq.ft., one signer fini s hes. 541-322-2400 or area, a master bedBroker Previews of the b est p riced $650,000. r oom w it h am p l e 1960 sq. ft. one story 4 C entury 2 1 Gol d tile a nd car p e t. Manufactured Home CALL 541-390-6441 541-480-7501 walk-in closet, win- bdrm, 2 bath, jetted Country Realty, Inc. K itchen ha s ne w on 1.45 Acre Lot in homes in Broken Top. TERRY SKJERSAA P i n es. www.johnlscottcom/1 71 AT 541 - 383-1426. dow coverings t ubs, v a ulted, t i l e 541-504-1338 granite counters, tile Ponderosa backsplash, new GE This Home was built 87 Colleen Dilling- Duke Warner Realty throughout. The ga- floors/counters, huge rear deck on .20 acre Just Listed! One owner appliances in s l ate in 1991 and is 1428 ham, Broker rage is finished with Ft. D ouble De 541-788-9991. John ceiling storage rack lot, fenced w/RV gate, Home, on very large color. Master bdrm Sq MORRIS MORRIS L Scott Realty, Bend Successful Established and you have great gas heat, dbl. garage, private lot. 3 bdrm 2 separation, real wood tached Garage. Bank REAL ESTATE B usiness. The S k y of America associ REAL ESTATE $259,000. bath, l a rge l i v ing baseboard trim, heat views from the back lighted. Hotel in Mitchell, OR, hous e hold MLS 2015 0 8559 room, mt n deck. MLS¹ v i e ws, pump/AC. 450 sq. ft. ates, Spectacular Cascade in an area known for Pam Lester, Princ. vaulted ceiling in din- add'I to utilize as you members or business 201304344. V A -asM ountain Vie w s . its scenic beauty with The Bungalows at NW sumable if e l igible. Broker, Century 21 ing room, c o untry wish. Double garage, partners p r o hibited 18.78 +/- acre parcel a ttractions such a s purc hasing Crossing is a 24 unit Awbrey Butte. 3 bed- $124,900. H e ather Gold Country Realty, kitchen with i s land lots of parking, stor- from backs up to BLM the Painted Hills and condo development room, 3 bath, 3974 +/- Hockett, Pri n cipal Inc. 541-504-1338 and lots of extras age building. Prop- REO/auctioned prop which features t he John Day Fossil Beds. comprised of 4 indidir e ctly/indi sq. ft. home on 0.61 541-420-9151 Single story 4 b drm, great for entertaining, erty fenced. Agent erties D eschutes Riv e r , Owner terms avail- vidual phases. Con- +/- acres. Built closely Broker rectly. $125,000. MLS Gold Country Realty o ffice/den with m t n owned. $239,900 2 bath, 1920 sq. f t . horse trails and river able. $250,000. MLS: d os r a ng e fro m among some of the 201508994 Cascade Heather Hockett, home on large lot, RV views, master bdrm water activities. CUP 2 01507787. CAL L 1100-1285 s q . Realty 541-536-1731 ft. largest P o n de rosa with mirrored closet Principal Broker large covin place, bring build- K IM WARNER A T Priced from Pines o n Aw b reyWelcome Home. Like parking, 541-420-9151 Gold 145451 Birchwood ered patio and dbl. car doors, ceiling fan. ing plans. N atural 541-480-5365. Duke $415,000-$459,000. Butte, to accentuate new 3 bedroom, 2 Large attached dbl Country Realty $174,900. 1794 sq. ft. garage. $ 2 1 7,000. garage low-maintenance Warner Realty TERRY the feeling of living b ath, 1728 s q . f t . CALL with opener, decks, 3-car garage, 2 landscape & wildlife SKJERSAA AT within nature in an ur- home on a corner lot. MLS 201507942 Call Irge shop room loHave an item to acre. High Lakes Readd to the ambience 541-383-1426. Duke This was a m o d el Pam Lester, Princ. cated behind dbl gaban setting. Interior alty & Property Mansell quick? of quiet country life. Sun Meadow. 3 bed- Warner Realty home with all the up- Broker, Century 21 constructed on 5 levrage. Nice s torage agement 2.5 bath, 2456 Gold Country Realty, 12 miles to Redmond, room, grades. $2 8 9,900. If it's under els, designed to cregarden bldg., new ce541-536-0117 Inc., 541-504-1338 St. Charles Hospital & +/- sq. ft. house on a MLS: 201 5 07775. ate a very active livdar deck, b eautiful ~500 you can place it in 147914 Mabel, La Pine. Timber Ridge I Redmond Air p ort. 5,663 +/- sq. ft. Iot. CALL CAR O L YN ing space in a home Cute Cottage Style 2 landscaping with un$395,000 Enjoy this spacious AT bdrm, 1 bath, 792 sq. derground sprinklers, $160,000. 5 A c res, $ 275,000. MLS ¹ surrounded by large EMICK The Bulletin family floor plan in- • 2784 sq.ft. 541-419-0717. Duke RV garage w/shop 201507866 t rees, abundant i n ft. home with many many lovely mature • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath cluding the expansive Classifieds for: area, gated entrance. Bobbie Strome Warner Realty both natural light & updates. Located on trees, fully f e nced • .39 acre, upper & bonus room, ideal for Kyle Hoak, Principal Broker overall brightness. No .17 acres close to backyard, parking for lower decks '13 - 3 lines, 7 days 541-639-7760 Broker John L. Scott Real Es- kids' and adult activi- • MLS expense was spared downtown Redmond. 201503245 very l arge m o torties. Enjoy all t h is Westside Bend 2 Berkshire Hathaway tate 541-385-5500 '20 - 3 lines, 14 days (65 windows in the bdrms., 1 bath, 950 $139,900 MLS home or other vehome has to offer, Karin Johnson, BroHome Serv i ces house) to develop a sq. ft., new front porch 201508905. Call hicles. $369,950. ker, ABR, e-PRO, plus the community sense of warmth, light & r o of , Pam Lester, Principal Call Johnnie Murray, (Private Party ads only) Northwest Real Estate SRS, 541-639-6140 Spectacular mtn. view pool and parks for the i r r igation. & movement. Com- Fully insulated, vinyl Broker, Century 21 541-923-0936 Chipmunk Lane. beautifully land - entire family. T h is Single story home on 15019 munal rooms within windows, hardwood Gold Country Realty, Highland Realty. $259,900. 1920 sq. ft. scaped b a c kyard, home has been lightly almost 1/3 acre lot the home are very 2 bath, shop, e tranquil setting with lived in and awaits floors, kitchen island/ Inc. 541-504-1338 huge rear patio, 41 bdrm, s pacious & o p e n. laundry/storage clos- Bank owned on almost Located in Terrebonne! with acre. High Lakes Koi water f e ature. new owners. Quality dbl attached garage Bedrooms designed Pr o perty sq. ft., 3 bdrm., and detached 768 sq. Realty & Enjoy character and finishes t h a t you MORRIS back yard deck, 1 /4 acre. 3 b d r m, 21215 to create a feeling of ets, bath home on .34 Management comfort in this unique w ould expect in a mature desert landft. shop. Fenced with REAL ESTATE 2bath, 1120 sq. ft., in privacy. $ 6 5 0,000. scaping, 7 3 bdrm, 2 bath log Pahlisch home . m i n ute SW Redmond. Dbl car acre flat lot with ma- RV gates and exten- 541-536-0117 MLS¹ 201507941 ure t r ees. M L S¹ sive concrete work. 15464 Liberty R oad. home. A m ust-see! $360,000 MLS walk to town. off a garage and fenced t201503396. Bobbie Strome dead end street. $278,500. MLS ¹201506272 backyard. $161,900.. MLS $215,000. 1660 sq. ft. Principal Broker Look at: $118,350. Pam $319,900. 201503008. Call Bobbie Strome, P lease respond t o : MLS ¹201 506262 Call 201508292 Call Pam 3 bdrm, 2 bath, on .96 John L. Scott Lester, Princ. Broker, Bendhomes.corn Donna Carter Broker Principal Broker JOA, P O Box 513 Pam Lester, Principal Princ. Broker, acre. High Lakes ReReal Estate Gol d Lester, 541-903-0601 John L Scott Real for Complete Listings of Bend, OR, 97709 for Broker, Century 21 C entury 2 1 C entury 2 1 Gol d alty & property Man541-385-5500 Country Realty, Inc. Crooked River Realty Estate 541-385-5500 Area Real Estate for Sale additional information. Gold Country Realty, Country Realty, Inc., agement 541-504-1338 541-504-1338 541-536-0117 Inc. 541-504-1338 •







I I •


e 0



• •


The Ladd Group is a highly experienced team that helped clients make $35 million of real estate


541.633A569 I 650 SW Bond St, Suite 100, Bend


investments in 2014. Their advanced search engine at bendpropertysource.corn allows you to easily track homes by pricing, area, neighborhood or custom criteria.




61 582 HOSMERLAKEDR. - TETHEROW • $1,100,000 New Greg Welch Construction • 3 bedroom, Z5 bath, 3113 sq, ft. • For more info, text LADD21 to 88000

61617 WOODRIVERDRIVE - SW BEND • $689,000 & $699,000



• $559,000-$599,000- 2 floor plans available • 2 bedroom, Z5 bath, 1396-1 766 sq. ft. • For more info, text LADD5 to 88000

• Lots starting at $217,350 • For more info, text LADD15 to 88000

21328 OAIO/IEW DR.- NE BEND • $309,999


20451 TIMBERLINE — SW BEND • $449,900

64568 BOONESBOROUGH DR- NE BEND • $349,350

• 5 bedroom, 3 bath, 2526 sq. ft. • For more info, text LADD9 to 88000

• 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 3546 sq, ft. • For more info, text LADD23 to 88000

• 3 bedroom, Z5 bath, 2703 sq, ft. • For more info, text LADD24 to 88000

• 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2.5 acres, 1,327 sq. ft. • For more info, text LADD3 to 88000

• 3 bedroom, Z5 bath, 2509 sq. ft. • For more info, text LADD4 to 88000

201 23 COX LANE - NW BEND • $770,000 • 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 5.42 acres, 2556 sq. ft. • For more info, text LADD8 to 88000

• • • •

19860 ROCKING HORSERD- SWBEND • $699,999 log home with barn • 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 5.26 acres, 2304 sq. ft. • For more info, text LADD10 to 88000

u ..:.;....,:.,:,...,....,...,, Call IIS tOda tO Set Ii a r i V a te ShoWin ! 541-633-4569






5 't





• • I •




6I Qc



• .22 acre lot ". seyet t • Gently sloping • Common area to rear of lot for privacy • Easy access from Highway 97; near tennis courts • Close to Woodlands Golf Course & North Pool MLS¹201504747 Deb Tebbs, CEO/Owner/Brokerl 541-419-4553




'• »

• Charming, neat home • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1603 SF • In outdoor recreation wonderland • Walk to La Pine State Park • Launch boat, kayak,etc.from backyard MLS¹201507402





Greg arnweli, Broker l 541-848-7222




I • I

• 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1540 SF • 2 buildable lots • 4 irrigated acres • Fenced pasture • Mountain views • Borders canal, minutes from town MLS¹201407613 Bobby Lockrem, Broker l 541-480-2356

Greg Barnwe, Bro er 5 41-848-7222 gbarn50@yahoo.corn



4.".' ' ' " Spsnts

• 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath • 2603 SF single level • Beautiful landscaping, deck & courtyard • Formal living and dining area • Large bonus/family room, new pellet stove • 4th bedroom/den/office

debtebbsgroup©bendluxur yhomes.corn www.debtebbsgroup.corn




blockremtNgmail.corn •




llew .

• 4.73 acres — 2 irrigated • 5 bedroom, 3 bath, 2198 SF • Single level living • 900 SF barn with loft • Fenced horse property • Sun room, 2 sheds MLS¹201508434

359 SW Mt. Washington Drive • 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 2193 SF • Private setting • Backs to golf course • Excellent condition


19675 Sunshine Way • Single level • Spacious corner .44 acre lot • Privacy with native landscape • Near downtown, river, and trails MLS¹201506831 helly Sw

Deb Teb s, CEO/Owner Brokerl 541-419-4553

, Broker l 541-408-0086 Shellyebendnet.corn

debtebbsgroup@bendlu xuyyhomes.corn www.debtebbsgroup.corn

• • •







lisa.connorsettsothebysrealty.corn •

• Broken Top - Tyrion Sky • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2310 SF • 2 main level masters, office & bonus room • Open house hosted by Jennifer Stewart, Broker • 541-639-2089, Jennifer.StewartOcascadesir.corn MLS¹201510072

Ken Renner, Principal Broker l 541-280-5352

Lisa Connors, Broker l 541-410-5171


'e • ' '

• I •

• ''




lip i

Q+ieil t

• Tryion Sky townhome • 2703 SF, .21 acres • Great room floor plan, many upgrades • Master suite, junior suite & den on main • Beautiful corner lot overlooking common • Fantastic location! MLS¹201508733

ifsJ II

Melanic Maitre, Broker l 541-480-4186 Melanie@MelanieMaitre.corn

Sandy Kohimoos, Broker, CRSl 541-408-4309 www.bestbendhomes.cornI skohlmoosebendbroadband.corn •

• 3 & 4 bedroom plans Minutes tn Old Mill, downtown & river • Earth Advantage certified homes • Premium finish 84 appliance packages • Each unit includes studio apartment • www.basecamp-bend.corn

2826 NW Windham Loop • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 3074 SF • Barn wood & stone accents • Gorgeous kitchen with granite slab island • Bonus & bunk room • Great outdoor living with putting green

Betsey Little, Broker l 541-301-8140 Ken Renner, Principal Broker l 541-280-5352

I • •


I • I • I

• .





• • • • •

$997,750 — $1,500,000 39 luxury homes 2700 — 4500 SF 1/2 — 3/4 acre home sites in Phase I Private, gated neighborhood with amenities • Tetherow golf membership included • www.tartandruim.corn Stephanie Ruiz, Broker l 541-948-5196 Jordan Grandlund, Broker l 541-420-1559

• • • I

J •







•CascadeMountain views • 30 acres, 5,1 acres irrigation, pond • Hand-scribed log home 2714 SF, 3bedrooms, 2 baths • 4 stall barn with runs &tack room • Bunkhouse with bath & guest quarters • Shop, loafing sheds,fenced, gate • Private setting bordering public land MLS¹201405342

• 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, 4665 SF, .48 acre • STUNNING PAST TOUR HOME • Peaceful, quiet setting with fairway views • Separate guest suite with private living • Near park, clubhouse & pool MLS¹201501540 Myra Girod, Principal Brokerl 541-815-2400 or Pam Bronson, Broker l 541-788-6767

P kl 3 .Philip,54teetstet3 5 k tl 541-6044788, Principal Brokersl www.desertvalleygroup.corn


m ra. amteam@cascadesiccom www.live la orkcentralore on.corn •

• I• I

• •

Ron Davis, Principal Broker l 541-480-3096 www.OregonRanchandHorse.corn









• 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath, 8278 SF • Cascade Meadow Ranch • Gated equestrian community with stocked lake • Situated on 1.96 treed & manicured acres • Pond, bonus room, XL master baths & wine cellar MLS¹201509531 R


Deb Tebbs, CEO/Owner/Brokerl 541-419Mi553 debtebbsgroupebendluxur yhomes.corn www.debtebbsgroup.corn

• Stunning views • Great room plan ~4 • Chef'skitchen with slab granite counter • Spacious family room with wet bar • In-ground pool and beautifully landscaped • 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath, 5100 SF MLS¹201505730 ,M


debtebbsgroupebendluxur yhomes.corn www.debtebbsgroup.corn

The Norma Dugolsand Juiie Moe Team, Brokers 541-312-4042 l wwwTeamNormaAndJulie.corn

NE Bend ( $325,000

Single Level SE Bend ) $249,500

De Te s, CEO Owner Bro er 541-419-4553

• Spacious home in NE Bend • Formal living & dining • Family room with fireplace • 3-car garage, RV parking • Close to shopping & park • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1786 SF MLS¹201509951

• I

• Builders, developers, close-knit families! • 3 legal parcels (40, 40, and 20 acres) • Each has irrigation water rights, unique terrain features, and big mountain views • 3 bedroom, 2 bath manufactured home with detached 3+ car garage • Huge industrial quality shop MLS¹201 505647

• 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath, -k' ./" . 3843 SF • Private single level • Spectacular Cascade Mountainviews • Pond plusstocked private lake with dock • 40'x60' 3-bay shop & RV parking

• 5 bedroom w/office, 2 bath .; • Newly remodeled/updated • Open 84 bright floor plan • RV parking, spacious lot • Immaculate condition • Room for toys 84 shop MLS¹201509681

The Norma DuBoisand Julie Moe Team, Brokers 541-312-4042 l www.TeamNormaAndJulie.corn

Nicolette Rice, Broker l 541-241-0432

SW Bendf $339,900

20684 NE Russell Drive ( $375,000

• Charming single level • Great room floor plan • Stainless steel appliances • Utility room with storage • Fenced & landscaped yard • 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1461 SF MLS¹201509965


• 4-car garage with storage • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath with bonus room • Many upgrades throughout • Fenced & landscapedyard • Established neighborhood MLS¹251533391

The Norma DuBoisand Julie Moe Team, Brokers

Nicolette Rice, Broker l 541-241-0432

541-3124042 l www.TeamNormaAndJulie.corn

nicolette. rice©sothebysrealty.corn



4 •



' II I

' -






l l'

Rhonda Adams, Principal Broker

1196 Olympic Ct., Lot 6 • Private cul-de-sac location in Awbrey Park • 1.52 acres with expansive perspective • Near river trail system and close to downtown Bend • Generous oversized lot offers privacy & flexibility • Inquire about our conceptual site plan specific to this site MLS¹201503930

541-788-3268 rhonda.adams©cascadesir.corn

Shelly Swanson, Broker l 541-408-0086

Rhonda Adams is a native Oregonian raised in Bend. Rhonda has valuableinsight into the Central Oregon lifestyle and real estate market. A licensed principal broker, she is dedicated to providing exceptional, professional, and comprehensive real estateservicesto herclients,Clientsatisfaction is her number one goal.


3197 NE Richmond Ct.

• 1882 SF, .12 acre

• 3 bedrooms, 2 baths

• 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths

• 1465 SF, gas fireplace, central air

• 2-car garage with shop area lk fenced yard

• Wood floors lk new carpet

• Large master suite with walk-in closet

• Fantastic corner lot, fenced yard

• Large kitchen with tile counters • Views of Pilot Butte from master suite


MLS¹201509964 CJ Neumann, Brokerj 541410-3710 or Llsa Lamberto, Brokerl 541-610-9697l www.CJLisa.corn

Slivla Knight, Broker j 541-788-4861 wwwailviaknight.corn

• •


' •


• I»


' • ('


• • I





• •

• 1495 SF, .18 acre • 3 bedrooms, 2 baths • Stacked stone fir eplace • Wood-wrapped windows, vaulted ceiling • Close to Pine Ridge Elementary lk park • Quiet cul-de-sac location with easy access to the Old Mill MLS¹201 509941

• • • •

Close in to Bend UGB Cascade Mtn. views High desert views Avion water, power at property • Increase your farming operation • Build your dream home MLS¹201500366

• Desirable established westside neighborhood • 20 minutes to Mt. Bachelor • 3bedroom,2.5bath,2789SF .I r, • Beautiful hardwood floors, custom fixtures, lighting & handcrafted art tiles • Living/dining areas andmaster bedroom opento a secluded deck &garden • Bonus room offers multipurpose space MLS¹201504319

• Homes from $454,750 • Riverfront from $819,750 • Exquisitely finished • Low-maintenance living • 7th Mountain amenities • Conveniently located

Silvia Knight, Broker l 541-788-4861

Joanne McKee, Broker l 541-480-5159



H Stephanie Ruiz, Broker l 541-948-5196 Jordan Grandiund, Principal Brokerj 541-420-1559

Shelly Swanson, Brokerl 541-408-0086

~ • •








' •

• ''

• I •

08 •,'

-- ?et

62665 Big Sage Way, Lot 48 • Inspired by mountain contemporary design 8< modern architecture • Build your vision and dream home in this highly sought-after westside neighborhood • Dedicated custom building envelope • .31acre backing to a com mon greenbelt space


• Masters on both levels • 2636 SF, 3bedroom, 3.5 bath, office/den, bonus • Backs up to Patterson Ranch —privacy • Gourmet kitchen, island, SS appliances • Hardwood, granite/quartz, tile showers

• Majestic plan features 5 'I bdrms w/2 master suites •Spacio usden/ofice plus bonus room • Oversized triple-car garage •Fully landscaped & fenced backyard • Overlooks community pool and park • Close proximity to schools & Old Mill District


• Rare resale offering • 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths • Situated on private lot on the greenbelt • Honed granite, hardwoods, rock fireplace • Paved patio overlooking water feature • Turnkey living at its best!

MLS¹201505160 Paul Hoistege, Broker l 541-480-8606

Shelly Swanson, Broker j 541-408-0086


Robin L. Yeakel, Broker j 541-408-0406

Shelly Swanson, Broker j 541-408-0086

www.robinyeakel.corn •



19700 AspenRidge Drive, Homesite 23


• 2720 SF • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath • .64 acre lot • Easy river access MLS¹201510128


iste Shelly wanson, roker l Hosted by Justin Lavik, Brokerl 541-460-3064


I I • I

3483 NW Denali Lane • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath • Completion date January 2016 • 3312 SF, materials board for preview • Neighborhood parks/westside schools • Visionary Homes Inc. MLS¹201508208

Jacquie Sebulsky, Bro er l 541-280-4449 Mlchele Anderson, Broker l 541-633-9760 jacquiesebulsky@gmail.corn michelevanderson©hotmail.corn




. •




' II I

laura.blosseyesothebysrealty.corn I Nvandenborn©gmail.corn



* -

• 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath >14¹k' • 3791 SF • 3-car garage, pnvate .36 acre lot • Elegant kitchen and large master suite • Community pool, tennis courts, and center MLS¹201405873 -







• •

' •

l l I I I

' •I

• I •


• Deschutes River i frontage • 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 2258 SF • Surrounded by National Forest land • Hot tub overlooking river, large deck • Adjacent home is also available for sale MLS¹201509696 R

Nataiie Vandenborn, Brokerl 541-508-9581 Laura Biossey, Broker l 949-887-4377

• . .




• 2015 COBA Tour Home • 4 bedroom, 3 bath,den/office, plus bonusroom • 3-car garage • Enjoy Renaissance Ridge lifestyle with community park & pool • Close proximity to schoolsBrookswood , Plaza,shopping, dining MLS¹201507394


•5 II



• Deschutes River frontage • 5 bedroom, 5 bath, 3174 SF • Surrounded by National Forest land • Hot tub overlooking river, large deck • Adjacent home is also available for sale MLS¹201503710 R

Deb Tebbs, CEO/Owner/Brokerl 541-419-4553

Deb Tebbs, CEO/Owner/Brokerj 541-419-4553

debtebbsgroupabendluxuryhomes.corn www.debtebbsgroup.corn debtebbsgroup©bendlu xuryhomes.corn www.debtebbsgroup.corn

• 4 bedroom, 4 bath, 3924 SF • 39.17 acres, 18 irr. • Gated & fenced custom loghome in Tumalo • Panoramic9-peak Cascade Mountain views • Floor-to-ceiling stacked rock fireplace MLS¹201510260

•StunningmajesticCascade Mountain views • World-famous for livestock production • 345 acres with 339 acres Pole Creek irrigation water rights •Ranch-s tyle home,3704SF,3bedrooms,3.5 baths • Two barns - 53 stalls, offices and shop area • Two additional homes, 4 stocked ponds, 3-hole golf course • Adjoins National Forest and Sisters UGB • www.pattersonranch-sistersoregon.corn/ MLS¹201406176

Deb Tebbs, CEO/Owner/Brokerj 541-419-4553

Pam Mayo-Phillips or Brook Havens, Principal Brokers

debtebbsgroupebendlu xuryhomes.corn www.debtebbsgroup.corn

541-923-1376 j www.desertvalleygroup.corn





Sunriver/La Pine Homes Sunriver/La Pine Homes Crook County Homes

Homes with Acreage


1 5760 Burgess R d . 52679 Golden Astor Possibilities a b o und!8120 SW SHAD RD, $129,900 1440 sq. ft. $145,000 N ic e 3 Home with acreage, CRR. Frame built 3 home with attached bdrm, 2 bath, fenced irrigation, shop and bdrm, 2 bath, 1,336 shop. High Lakes Re- acre. High Lakes Re- barn with d evelop- sq. ft., landscaped 1 alty & Property Man- alty & Property Man- ment potential. Don' t acres on paved street, agement agement miss out on this stick large concrete patio, 541-536-0117 541-536-0117 built home that was fenced backyard, inupdated 2 years ago cludes riding l awn 15980 Green Forest 52920 Meadow Lane. and features a large mower, push mower $182,500. 1500 sq. ft., $280,000. 1663 sq. ft., walk in pantry, mas- and weed e a t er 2-car garage, fenced 2.14 acres, 3 - bay separation, up$209,000. MLS¹ yard. High Lakes Re- shop. High Lakes Re- ter dorm b onus 201503271. Juniper alty & Property Man- alty & Property Man- stairs room & more. Shop is Realty 541-504-5393 agement agement 750 sq ft. Fenced for 541-536-0117 541-536-0117 horses. Country living Breathtaking views of close to t own a nd the Cascades and the 16266 Pine Drop Lane Check out the SR1 zoning. Deschutes River! 4 $ 174,900. 3 bdr m classifieds online chalet, 2 car garage, 1 www.bendbulletln.corn $249,900. MLS bdrm, 3 bath round 201509403 Heather home on 2.27 acres. acre. High Lakes ReUpdated daily Hockett, Pri n cipal Greenhouse, hot tub alty & Property ManBroker 541-420-9151 a nd plenty o f R V agement 53255 Deep Woods541-536-0117 parking. $ 3 79,000. $155,000. 1782 sq. ft., Gold Country Realty bedroom, 2 bath, Recently built s ingle MLS 201506613 16784 Brenda Drive. 3 24X36 shop. H i gh level custom home on Pam Lester, Princ. Bro$ 333,950 3 bdr m , Realty & Prop- a large lot with RV ker, Century 21 Gold 1743 sq. ft. with cus- Lakes Country Realty, Inc. Man a gement parking. This home tom upgrades. High erty 541-504-1338 541-536-0117 features vaulted ceilLakes Realty & Proparc h itectural erty Man a gement54620 Caribou Drive, ings, amazing views of 541-536-0117 $254,900. 1704 sq. ft., detail, recessed light- Enjoy ing, spacious kitchen, the cascade mouncommunity river ac16876 Pony Express cess. H i g h L akes pantry. B a t hrooms tains and Deschutes Way, River Meadows. Realty & have granite counter c anyon f ro m t h i s Pr o perty near Sunriver 3 bdrm, Management tops, tile floors, mas- beautiful home! Nice 2 bath, bonus room, 541-536-0117 ter bedroom has tiled large deck, perfect for 2672 sq. ft. near Sunshower 8 jetted tub. entertaining! Property r iver. Call Mary o r 8 P u ma , S u n river. Lots of solid wood has a 36 x 40 pole barn w/5 stalls with Dan, 541-848-8140, $399,000. 1861 sq. ft., moldings and even 541-639-6595 Berk- 3 bdrm, 3.5 bath, 3 rubber mats. Plenty of oak detail on f ront shire Hathaway Home master suites. Call porch. Large fenced room for storage with Services N o rthwest Dan Hoak, B roker back yard with an irri- 2 large doors and cor5 41-639-6595 M a ry Real Estate gation well. $194,900. ral to the side. Come Hoak, Broker 2015 0 9460 enjoy Crooked River 18 Red Cedar, Sunri- 541-848-8140 Berk- MLS Hoc k ett, Ranch amenities inv er. $ 5 25,000. 4 shire Hathaway Home Heather P rincipal e r cluding; golf, swimBdrm, 4 bath, 2650 Services N o rthwest 5 41-420-9151 Brok ming, tennis, hiking, G o l d sq. ft., golf course Real Estate fishing and h o rseCountry Realty view. Darrell Hamel, back riding. ML Broker 541-480-7563 3 bdrm, 2 Bath Mfd. S201507632 Berkshire H a t haway Home on 3.88 Acres. Homes with Acreage $339,500. Call Katie Home Serv i ces Laminate Flooring and Dailey Broker Northwest Real Estate Carpet through out B etween Bend a n d 541-419-4220. the Home. Very Pri Crooked River Realty 3 Bdrm, 2 Bath Mfd vate, Com p letely Redmond. 3 bdrm, 2 Home on 2.1 Acres in fenced an d c r o ss bath 1603 sq. ft. home Sunfo rest E s tates. fenced, Horse Prop on 2.38 acres adja BULLETIN CLASSIFIEDS Corner Lot with drive erty with Barn. New cent to public lands. Search the area's most thru driveway, corn Deck, Patio, and Fire F enced an d o v e r comprehensive listing of garage. classified advertising... pletely fenced, with Pit. 30 Year Roof In sized the ability to still build stalled 2 years ago. $239,900. MLS real estate to automotive, Pam merchandise to sporting on other lot. Storage Newer exterior paint. 201509304. B uilding. Plenty o f MLS Lester, Princ. Broker, goods. Bulletin Classifieds $160,000 C entury 2 1 Gol d appear every day in the room to add a shop. 201508720 MLS 2015 0 9322 Cascade Realty, Country Realty, Inc. print or on line. 541-504-1338 $89,900. 1-541-536-1731 Call 541-385-5809 Cascade Realty, SW Dove Rd., www.bendbulletin.corn Dennis Haniford, Princ. Great investment prop- 16751 erty! No w r e n ted. C RR, custom l o g Broker on 5 acres. with The Bulletin 1-541-536-1 731 Needs some T LC. home Seeing Central oneso sincetsn Would make g reat many upgrades: floor 51434 Telegraph Road. starter home. T his to ceiling windows Nicely remodeled Cha$75,900. 1 bdrm, 1 property backs up to with m t n . vi e w s, let w i t h la m inate Hickory hardwood & bath, dbl. carport with govot lands. One lot f looring, vinyl w i nshop. High Lakes off paved maintai ned tile floors, gourmet dows, forced air furcherry cabiRealty & Property road $69,000. MLS kitchen, metal r o o f. Management 201506730 Cascade nets, granite counters, nace, rock wood- Double car garage + 541-536-0117 Realty, Dennis Hani- stacked fir e place. carport. nearly 800 sq. Princ. B roker burning 52250 Parkway Drive, ford, ft. accessory building $42'I,900 on 5 acres. $239,900. $214,000. 3 bdrm, 2 541-536-1731 ¹201502837 MLS 201507174 Call bath, Hickory, A/C. 756 Juniper Realty, Nancy Popp, Princ. 1 .12 a cres. H i g h Jeffer 541-504-5393 son County Homes Lakes Realty & PropBroker, 541-815-8000 3 bdrm., 2 bath, 2456 Crooked River Realty erty Man a gementBANK-OWNED IN MAsq. ft. home with on 541-536-0117 DRAS! New s ingle 14.66 acres, 13.20 Cascade 52367 Ammon Road, story home, 1611 sq. acres irrigation. Bo- Outstanding iews. 2300 sq. f t . La Pine $242,000 3 ft. 3 b drm, 2 b a th, nus room w/seperate vcustom 3 bdrm, 2 s/a bdrm, 2 bath chalet vaulted ceiling, gas entry, stainless steel triple garage, with large shop and FP, recent upgrades, appliances, solar de- bath, RV parking, all on 4 w orkshop on 2 . 2 6 2-car garage on .14 sign generates 20% acres. $489,000. mls acres. Call Terri Bus- acres. $169,900. MLS electricity. MLS¹ 201507566 Pam 201504013 $427,500 Pam ton, 50 3 - 899-8415 201507147 . Princ. BroBerkshire Hathaway Lester, Princ. Broker, Pam Lester, Princ. ker,Lester, Century 21 Gold Gol d Broker, Century 21 Home Serv i ces C entury 2 1 Realty, Inc. Northwest Real Country Realty, Inc. Gold Country Realty, Country 541-504-1338 541-504-1338 Estate Inc. 541-504-1338




It has been my pleasure to go to severairreller Williams conferences of late, WOW! This world-wide company isas over S25O,OOagenss in 15 countries. You, the seller,

benet sf'rom oar internet mariset1 ng'

with Global Property Specialist, Laaag Homes, and the Farm / Ranch sites to reach people outside of Bend. The referrals coming our way are truly incredible. KW is also a great opportunity for agents to learn new ideas daily through tbe marketing services and technology classes available. Our mission to you, tbe client, is to provide the best service possible and get top dollar for your home when tbe time comes to sell! I f you would like an idea of your home's current value, please don't hesitate to call us. Have an awesome week! aBend'sfavorite veal

54 j4Q8 9QQ9

estate team, judged by me, an independent tab.n — Stetson

Team Sell Bend Shelly Hu m m el, B r o k er, CRS, GRl 541-480-8523 cell

Statistics: Bend Residential Sales Statistics for the Week of

I 0/5 — I0/I I New 50 Pending 46 Sold 29

Low Price $225,000 Low Price $I59,995 Low Price $232,000

Median Price $324,950 Median Price $349,625 Median Price $335,000

High Price $I, I74,900 High Price $I,850,000 High Price $I,200,000

Total Bend residential properties on the market: 796 Total number of residential properties sold year to date: 2lll with a median salesprice of $340,000 6 I348Triple Knot Road

$775,000 • Luxury townhome in Golf Homes at Tethe row • 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 2753 sq. ft. • Spectacular waterfall, open living, office • Cascade Mountain & golf course views

I8395Tumalo Reservoir Road

$699,000 • Country home near Tumajo Reservoir • 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms,2733 sq. ft. UI

• 9.54 acres,4 acres irrigated, barn,corral,shops • Cascade mountain views, riding trails, and much more!

2500 NW Peoples Court

$625,000 • SpectacularAwbrey Butte home on .42 acre lot • 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, triple-car garage, 3643 sq. ft. • Large office with private entry, great room, mature landscaping • Exercise room, craft room, and hot tub!

sos, '

60930 Jennings Road $495,000 • Classic country single-level home • 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, j 702 sq. ft. • 4.75 acres, huge shop, 2 RV pads, dog kennel

We' re solely focused on local home loans.

• Greenhouse, fenced garden, minutes from town!

6I333 Wild Rapids Drive

$745,000 • Sweeping Deschutes River and canyon views

Helping people secure home financing js the only thing we do and we promise to go the extra distance for you. We provide a streamlined preapproval" process, a range of highly affordable loan programs and personalized one-on-one service. Whether this is your first time or third time buying a home, we'd like to make you a valued customer for life.

• 2 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms,. I4 lot • Master on the main, great room, loft, bamboo flooring • Natural surroundingsfor maintenancefree landscaping

I8270 Rock Springs Court

$789,000 • Incredible Tumajo acreage KevinPangle NMIS89521

UndaFisher-Berlanga NMIS 21 0118




NMLS 900911

NMLS 208965

NMI5 208295

• 26 j4 sq. ft. home, barn, shop • 9.25 acres,8.4 irrigated, pastures, gardens • MLS 20 I 50779 I

Two locations serving all of Central Oregon

Bend ~ 541-318-5500

Call me today for your personal consultation to list or view property!

685 SE 3rd Street ~ Bend, OR elLSS9511

Prineville ( 541-416-7480 220 NW MeadOW LakeS DriVe) PrjneVille, OR elLS9O38


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ota;; I ~




Homes with Acreage

Recreational Homes R e creational Homes & Property & Property












Ready for your new 16465 SW Dove Rd., 52563 Antler L a ne.Cascade Mt Views from SE Bend I $144,900 2 0+ acres i n W e s t Price lowered: Cabin/ home in Prineville? 5+ Crescent Lake 141937 Great vacation home in CRR. 5 acre legal lot. $35,000. 1.12 acre this 1. 2 5 acre • Life-style awaits you Powell Butte Estates, 638 acres in forest on acres in an upscale Spruce Dr. One of the the heart of C hrist- Septic feasibility ap- level building lot. High cul-de-sac l o cation• Cul-de-sac, recreation gated com m unity, trout stream, P R Ineighborhood close to most gorgeous creek mas Valley. This one proved. mtn views. Lakes Realty & Prop- ready to go! Septic in- paths mtn. views, private VATE hunt/f!sh/!nvest, town with paved roads front properties on $69,900. MLS erty Man agement stalled with 1000 gal- • Bring your builder well, paved roads w/ 80 mi. from Bend, has 1 bdrm with anand on a cul-de-sac. Crescent Creek. 1836 other that can be set 201501897 541-536-0117 lon tank. Connection • MLS 201408616 access to BLM. MLS¹ $749K. Fo r D r o ne Link, The p roperty c u rJuniper Realty to C r ooked R i v er Rookie Dickens, Bro201305077 $159,900. Video sq. ft. home located up as a 2nd bedroom rently has a 768 sq. ft. on 1.71 acres. Spec it has no closet so can 541-504-5393 5 2764 a n d 527 7 8 Ranch water, 30x40 Pam Lester, Princ. 541-480-7215 Jack, ker, GRI, CRS, ABR I NVESTwest Re a l stick built shop and t acular views, w i n not be called a bed- 16755 Casper, Three Bridge. $36 9 ,500. g arage/shop wit h 541-815-0436 Broker, Century 21 the property has a Gold Country Realty, Estate. dows showcase the room. The kitchen has Rivers. .70 Acre, va- Gorgeous 6.49 River- concrete floors, winshared well that al- creek from all rooms, a ceramic cook top, cant lot - close to boat f ront a c res. H i g h dow and 16x10 overInc. 541-504-1338 Canyon City, OR ready has a water line wood stove and elec small toaster oven, ramp. $30,000. Owner Lakes Realty & Prop- head door and man Oregon 3 lots running to a spigot by tric, g ravelled drive, lots o f Man agement door. $85,900 MLS 7965 SW River Rd. Se- Eastern cup b oard will c a rry. D a r rell erty a vailable wit h c i t y 54'I -536-0117 the shop. The CEC covered decks, min space, 8 t ile floor. Hamel, 201302066 Call MORRIS cluded 8 private 2.79 and sewer at power pole is in and utes from Crescent Nice size living room, 541-480-7563 Broker Nancy Popp, Princ. acres, near the Des- water REAL ESTATE 1.86 acre resineeds the temporary Lake, Odell Lake, Wil w ith patio door t o shire HathawayBerkBroker, 541-815-8000 5 5535 Gross D r . chutes River, canyon street. Home ential l o t , lev e l s ervice reset. T h e lamette Ski Pass. Fish deck. Metal garage Services N o rthwest $39,000. .52 acres, Crooked River Realty wall views, borders d building site, $30,900. property i s ni c ely or snowmobile from with a shop area. Lo- Real Estate p aved road, n e ar public land. $39,500. Sunriver I $219,900 6.12 acre view lot, treed and has a gentle your backyard. MLS cated close to g olf river. High Lakes ReJuniper Realty Advertise your car! • .35 acre lot zoned res i dential, slope to it and is a La Pine. alty & Property Man541-504-5393 Add A P>cture! • Common area at back 201503668 $299,000 course, municipal air- 16945 Cagle, $30,900. 3.49 a cre .98 Acres, 3 nice site for a custom Call Linda $69,000. agement Reach thousands of readers! of lot port, tennis courts & mtn view lot, within home. $125,000. Call 541-385-5809 • Near river in Pine Cascade Realty, all t ha t C h r istmas RV hookups, septic, 541-536-0117 Just too many city limits, $35,900. The Bulletin Classifieds Trees Heather Hockett, 541-815-0606 Valley has to offer. well, large deck. Sellers are Oregon licollectibles? Principal Broker Dan H o ak, B r o ker9040 SW S a ndridge • MLS 201508149 Reduced to $65,000. censed Real Estate 541-420-9151 Gold Crescent Lake 18303 MLS 201502928 541-639-6595 Rd., CRR 1.12 acre Enjoy Mt . J e fferson Sherry Perrigan, Brokers. Juniper ReCountry Realty Mary H oak, B r o ker Power and water at views from this 5-acre Sell them in Sugar Cone Ct. This Cascade Realty, Broker alty 541-504-5393 magical mountain re Dennis Haniford, Princ. 541-848-8140 the street $34,900. lot, close to Crooked 541-410-4938 The Bulletin Classifieds H a t haway MLS ¹201403978. treat located at the Broker 541-536-1731 Berkshire River Ranch entrance Serv i ces Juniper Realty, Tick, Tock very top corner of Price lowered: Cabin/ Home with the availability of Call a Pro Northwest Real Estate Diamond Peaks has 541-504-5393 541-385-5809 all the CRR amenities: Whether you need a 638 acres in forest on Tick, Tock... 2519 sqft with 2 Mas trout stream, P R I- 176 Silver Spur Road, golf, swimming, tenfence fixed, hedges ter Suites, loft, 2 guest VATE hunt/fish/invest, $60,000. One acre, Prime lot in SW Red- nis, disk golf, river ...don't let time get Lot 37 SW Quail Rd. MORRIS c abins, gran i t e 80 mi. from Bend, community pool, club- mond. Cul-de-sac on fishing, p i c kle-ball, trimmed or a house 5.13 acres, unique REAL ESTATE away. Hire a counters, s t ainless $749K. For D r one house High L akes 43rd Ct., NW views, horseback riding and rock o u t croppings, built, you' ll find appliances, gourmet bird watching. professional out Pr o perty 0.23 acre, $88,500. Link, Realty 8 mtn,. views, septic profess!onal help!n kitchen, soaking tub in Video $57,900 MLS SuePrice, Broker 541-480-7215 J ack, Management feasibility approved. The Bulletin's "Call a of The Bulletin's o ne m a ster an d I NVESTwest 2 01504749 Kati e Cascade Sofherby's 541-536-0117 Rea l MLS $65,000. "Call A Service double steam shower Estate. !nf'! Realty Dailey, Broker • Acreages 201509636 J u niper Service Professional" 5.3 acres near the enin the other, heated 541-419-4220 541-408-7742 Professional" Realty 541-504-5393 Will trade beautiful altrance of The Ranch Directory floors in baths, on Crooked River Realty Lot 4 S W B lue Jay Directory today! demand hot w a t er most mile-high acre- and golf course. Nice YzAcre !n Bend city 541-385-5809 Road, CRR. S m ith Butte Esheater, pro p ane age in Arizona for Or- mountain views. nice limits Flag lot in NE Lot 2 C h apman Rd. R ock v iews, 5 . 1 7 West Powell with gated enSmith R oc k vi e ws! stove, hidden media egon rural lake/river flat horse property. area of newer homes. $71,000. 2.86 acres, acres borders public tates, try, 20+ acres with Perfect place to build Custom home with 3 room, paved entertain property. underground utili- water, electric, camp- land. $65,000. MLS private well, your home. $75,000. All Manufactured/ bdrms., 2 bath, 1968 ing decks and walk 541-977-1224 201407131 at street, view from sites. H i g h L akes old-growth trees and MLS 2710905 Call ties sq. ft., large custom ways, l a ndscaped, Juniper Realty Mobile Homes building site. DownRealty & Pr o perty fenced on 3 s i des, Linda Lou Day-Wright, covered deck, 35x60 m aster crafts m a n 541-504-5393 town, outdoor recre- Management perfect to build your Broker, 541-771-2585 s hop, all o n 5 . 1 8 ship with 2x8 framing ation, all necessities in 541-536-0117 dream home. Beautiful home on the Crooked River Realty acres. MLS¹ and log support, cus Just bought a new boat? $159,000. minutes. $135 , 000 MLS river with views of 201504620. $389,000 tom milled redwood Lot 1 SW S had Rd. 50556 Per f ectly De e r St., Owner terms avail- Nice flat 5 a cre lot! Sell your old one in the Pam Paulina. Pam Lester, Princ. throughout MLS 3 .09 a c r e s wit h $118,000. 3.33 acre, able 541-385-4790 classifieds! Ask about our 201507113 Lester, Princ. Broker, maintained custom 3 a mazing view s . C ome b uild y o u r Super Seller rates! Broker, Century 21 201508107. bat h 3 lots, well and power. C entury 2 1 Gol d b edroom, 2 $78,500. MLS¹ dream home and en541-385-5809 Gold Country Realty, $515,000. Call Linda Brasada Ranch lot I Country Realty, Inc. h ome on o ver a n 201402733 J u niper High Lakes Realty & joy all of the ameniInc. 541-504-1338 Cascade Realty, acre. Views are aweProperty M a n age$115,000 Realty 541-504-5393 ties t ha t C r ookedGrandfathered RV lot, 541-504-1338 541-815-0606 some, watch the sunment 541-536-0117 • Cascade Mtn & golf River Ranch has to one acre. Nicely treed Two bdrm, 2 bath, 1.57 1 5438 Deer A v e rise over the river, course views offer! Including golf, 52285 Ponderosa Way. and fenced, adjoining acres fenced/gated. Good classified sds tell $30,000. Wooded half • 0.57 acre lot p aved drive, n i c e Get your swimming, te n nis, tile floors, bedroom the essential facts in an $56,000. 1.3 acres, a greenbelt for priacre building lot. High shop excellent neigh• Golf, swimming, trails, F risbee golf, a n d vacy. Water line inbusiness sliders onto p a tio, interesting Manner.Write Lakes Realty 8 Prop- commercial w a t er, & more borhood. Grab t h is fishing. Close to pub- s talled to R V s i t e. pellet stove, vaulted from the readers view - not erty Man agement electric at street High • MLS 201500894 one quick. $379,900. lic land for horseback Older septic for RV Lakes Realty & Prop- Pat Palazzi, Broker ceilings, br e akfast the seller' s.Convert the 541-536-0117 MLS 2015 0 8783. riding, hiking, and ex- use. Power nearby. a ROW I N G Man agement bar, skylights, stor- facts into benefits. Show 16424 Antelope, Three erty C ascade Real t y 541-771 %996 ploring! A 10-minute Continue RV use or age building and cor- the reader how the item will Rivers. $12,500. .45 541-536-0117 541-536-1731 drive to shopping and ral o n cu l -de-sac. help them insomeway. build your home on with an ad in acre, recreational lot, 5 2549 A n tler L a n e, highway acc e ss. t his li v e l y s it e . Good cond i tion. List your Home $75,000. 1.13 acres, The Bulletin's This deeded river access. $54,900. MLS $47,500. MLS $159,900. MLS JandMHomes.corn Kyle Hoak, Broker well, septic, outbuildadvertising tip 201507119. Call Katie 2 01205397 "Call A Service N a n c y 201507087. Call We Have Buyers 541-639-7760 ings. High Lakes Rebrought to you by MORRIS Dailey, Broker, Popp, Princ. Broker, Nancy Popp, Professional" Get Top Dollar Berkshire Hathaway alty 8 Property Man541-419-4220 REAL ESTATE 541-815-8000 541-815-8000 Financing Available. The Bulletin agement Directory Home Services Crooked River Realty Crooked River Realty Crooked River Realty Serving CentralOregonsince 19IB I&~ tly ~ ~ ~ d 541-548-5511 Northwest Real Estate 541-536-0117









• W W W .JO H N L S C O T T .C O M






$265,000 a

It I

IIII %llll ' • Single-level home on .20 acre • 1734 sq.ft.,3 bedroom,2 bath Vaulted ceilings & master separation • Spacious kitchen withbreakfast bar • Fenced & landscaped with sprinklers Maturetrees for privacy • www johnlscott.corn/49633

• 3+ bedroom,2.5 bath • 2190 sq. fr, .46 acre lot • Large windows w/ retractable awnings, with remote control and wind sensor • Large deck with hot tub






I ' l l

$I 49,900

• Single-level on corner lot


• 3 bedroom,2 bath, 1360 SF

• Partially fenced corner lot

• Vaulted ceiling

• Sidewalk, water, sewer

• Fenced yard and large deck







Peggy Lee Combs, Broker • 54I-480-7653 s


s I




Angle Cox, Broker • 54 I -2 I 3-9950

• Off road in private setting

•Shoppingand m edicalnearby

Gary Fiebick, Principal Broker • 54 I -390- I 602

La jeanneKline,Broker • 54 I-390-8774 f 's







• Move in now •Perfe ctand im macula te • Lives bigger than square footage • Paint and carpet upgraded •Low-maintenancelandscaping




• 1742 sq.ft.,3 bedroom,2 bath, built in 2010 • Open floor plan, wood floors & natural light •Spaciouskitchen with granite countertops & stainless steel appliances • Close to schools, parks, downtown, trails & shops •2-cargarage w ith large storage space • cathym@johnlscott.corn

• Inspiring Cascade views • Large multilevel home • Upgraded granite kitchen • Stainless appliances • Vaulted ceiling with skylights

Kathy Caba, Principal Broker • 54 l-77 I- I 76 I

$467,SOD ¹


3 bedroom,2.5 bath & office 2706 sq. ft. on acreage Close-in NW Bend 3-car garage Heat pump, 2 fireplaces 64055 Tanglewood Road, Bend www.johniscott.corn/34514


$I 57,500

$3 I 9,900


Theresa Ramsey, Broker • 54 I -8 I 5-4442

' Bonus room/home office & 4th bedroom with privateentry •Large,private,fully fenced backyard • Nice, quiet, close-in NE Bend neighborhood • Possible child care business opportunity View picturesatwww.L!vin6end.corn/70445 ' angiacox@.johhlscott.corn


Theresa Ramsey, Broker • 54 I -8 I 5-4442

• Peekaboo views

• Single-level, 1840 sq. fc. 4 bedroom, 2 bath

• .37acre R-5 zoned for units!

• Brand new roof

G reat upstairs separation

• Close to hospital & shopping


• Carport & storage shed

• Open floor plan with A/C

• RV parking, fenced yard Wood floors, A/C, gas fireplace •M asteron main

Colleen Dillingham, Broker • 54 I -788-999 I

Barb Hartnett, Broker • 54 I-420-09 I5 I

• A 5-minute drive to the Old Mill • 2-story, 1681 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 3 bath • Brand new crushed glass countertops • Large living room, bright kitchen • Double attached garage • Cute, fenced & landscaped


• RV parking for several vehicles • barbh@johnlscott.corn

Cyndi Robertson, Broker • 54 I -390-5345


! '™

• Quiet & peaceful w/ Cascade mtn views • 2410 sq. ft., 5 bedroom, 2 bath • 3.5 irrigated acres & pond • Oversized detached garage & 2 carports • Wood flooring, landscaping & covered patio • cathym@johnlscott.c orn

Cathy Malk, Broker • 54 I -408-344 I

Cathy Malk, Broker • 54 I -408-344 I




• Two homes, 4600 and I 000 sq. ft.


• I 9 acres, 2 tax lots


• 6-stall barn, outbuilding

-r ' Immaculate luxury townhome • Close to miles of bike & running trails, road to hfa Bachelor, Old Mill District, Athletic Club • Hembership option to Broken Top Club • 3 separate bedroom suites, fireplace • Vaulted ceiling, big deck, much mora

•5 acre,3365 sq.ft.totally rem odeled house • 3 bedroom, 3 bath, living & family rooms, office

• Huge loft, granite couhtertapS 8 fireplace • Heated floors, wine cave & stained glass •36'x36'garage w ithcar lift8 36'x36'barn • 36'x20' carport & 36'x I 8' second garage • www.johnlscottcom/46734

Yioleta Sdrulla, Principal Broker • 54 I -4 I 9-3522

• Fenced, irrigation • Perfect for horses/cows • Impact mountain view

Vf w @

Yioleta Sdrulla, Principal Broker • 54 I -4 I 9-3522


• •


e •

• L I

Alex Robertson, Broker • 54 I -280-2 I I 7






i i I


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l3 a











g .C

-r- >a.r.~

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' l l

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e." g I•

g, a


• 2852 sq.ft r 4+ bedroom,3.5 bath • 3t:ar garage, .46 acre • 61547 Ascha RoseCourt

541-556-1804 • MLS 201502640

NE BEND I $319,900 pEBBIE JOHNSON • 2328 sq.lt. Craffsman • 4 bedroom,2.5 bath,bonusroom BROKER • 2620 KeatsDrive

541-480-1293 • MLS 201508772

NE BENDI $299,900 • 1631 sq.ft., 3 bedroom, 2 bath CHENEYBROKERS •CascadeMountainviews Lane 541 390-4050 ' 2556 Lynda 541-390-4030 • MLS 201509050





• Custom 4555sq.ft. home • UnobstructedCascadeviews • Horse barn, 2 haybarns,shop


• MLS 201408573


• Custom 4853sq.ft. home • 4 bedroom +ofi ce,3.5 bath • Barn indoor 8 outdoor arenas

• MLS 201404428


a . %fa.r'-' '.' ' '"I "~





• Cascade views 8lushpastures • 3bedroom,ofi ce,3 bathhome • Barn, 4 paddocks, irrigation


541-390-5349 • MLS 201508604

PDWNTOWNBENDCONDOISEES,NB DARRINKEILEHER • 2805 sq.ft., 2 bedroom,2.5 bath • Cascade 8 city viewsfrompatio BROKER 'gg g ppli ,g g ff 541-188-0029 • MLS 201502431

AWBREY GLEN I $819,000

winner! DIANEROBINSON, • Tour of Homes • Golf course,single.level home BROKER , ABR • 3 bedroom den 2 5 bath 541-419-8165 • MLS 201 502363

PNRWA YCRESTVILLAGEI $699,880 • 2927 sq.ft. JACKJOHNS, • 4 bedroom, 3 bath BROKER , GRI • .25acre, SHARC paid infull 541480-9300 • MLS 201503418


• 3673 sq.ft. custom home • 5 bedroom, 2.5 bath,paverpatio • Granite travertine theater room

541-948-0997 • MLS 201509218




• 38.34 acres in Madras • 1800 sq.ft r 4car detachedgarage • PreviouslyapprovedPUP-expired

541-280-5512 • MLS 201309954


• Cascade Mountain &PilotButteviews

• 2780 sq.ft. home • 4 bedroom,2.5 bath 541-390-9598 • MLS 201508293

NW BEND I$515,000

MINDAMCKIR TICK, ' 3219 sq.ft. on8276sq.ft. Iot • 3 bedroom,3.5 bath BROKER , GRI • Office, bonusroom, 3t:ar garage

541-280-6148 • MLS 201 504293

NW BEND I $575,000

• 2621 sq.ft. single l .vel • 3bedroom, 3bath,onginalhardwoods • Park-like .25 acre • MLS 201509780



WESTHILLSI $514,900 • 5 bedroom, 2.5 bath,3546 sq.ft. • Mt Bachelor & mty views • Remodeledkitchen

• MLS 201507825



g NW BEND I $465,000


• 1969 sq.ft. Craftsman home • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath • Granite,exposedbeams,woodfoors



541-788-3678 • MLS 201505869

e aa e w


• Updated1960sq.ft. home • 3 bedroom,2.5 bath • .25acre lot • MLS 201506352


VALHALL AHEIGHTS I $4$9,900 • 1987 sq.ft. • 3 bedroom,2. bath • .34acre with maturetrees

541-633-0255 • MLS 201509090

RIVERS EDGEVILLAGEI $449,980 BONNIE SAVICKAS, • 1937 sq.ft. home • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath BROKER , E-PRO,SRES • Flat, wooded,.33 acrelot 541408-7537 • MLS 201508881


• 1910 sq.ft. singlele.vel home • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath • .46acre, shop,Larkspurtrail

541-408-1511 • MLS 201509352

• ne

•nnn nn 'p

POWEIA BUlTEI $399,000

• 2094 sq.ft., 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath • Cascade Mountain&SmithRockviews • 4.68 acres 541480-4825 • MLS 201505383 ERICAPATCHEN, BROKER


LOWER BRIDGEESTATESI $399,000 DIANELOZITO, BROKER 541-548-3598, 541-306-9646

• 20.25 acres • Cascade &OchocoMountain Views • 2Taxlotsoncukle.sac, backstoBIM

• MLS 201509927


• 2051 sq.ft. townhome • 3 bedroom,2.5 bath, 9' ceilings • Master on maingrani , te counters

• MLS 201509626

29.97 NE BENDACRESI $37$,000 • Updated 1020sq.ft. home


• Shop with caretaker's quarters • Filteredmountain views, pond, stream

541-322-2411 • MLS 201508647



• 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath • Beautiful yard, tiereddecking 541-128-6725 • MLS 201508505



%l IN




• New Franklin Brothers-built home • 1904 sq.ft., 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath • Great roomplan, islandkitchen

541-390-0504 • MLS 201509530


• 2524 sq It C«ft man • Extra large bonus room • Close to shopping 8 restaurants

541-550-0976 • MLS 201506379

NW BEND I $215,000 PEBORA HBENSON PC BROKERGRI • I bedroom, I bath PREV IEWSPECIALISl' • Fenced.I 3 acrelot 541-480-6448 • MLS 201 505880


PRINEVILLE I $244,900 • 1982 sq.ft., 3 bedroom, 2 bath • 1.29 acres • Ochoco views

541-588-0681 • MLS 201508482


• 46 acre commercial lot

• Site approved for 5100 sfbuilding • Hwy 97 access

541-408-2265 • MLS 201307129

,;,",it'„V:;B g


SW REDMOND I $189,900 • 2016 sq.ft. • 4 bedroom,2.5 bath • Fenced, .2 acre corner lot

541-383-4334 • MLS 201508883


MT.BACHELORVIUAGEI SIB9,$00 • Ski housecondo • 626 sq.ft., I bedroom,I bath • Close to pooland spa

• MLS 201509724

PRINEVIU&LOTI $120,000 GREG IANGHAIM • .97acre lotin SaddleRidge • All utilities to the property BROKER • Beautiful setting, fantastic views

541-316-5903 • MLS 201 508823


• 3.64 acres • 3 separate tax lots • Enjoy Central Oregonrecreation

541-896-1263 • MLS 201507150

r ffet

LA PINELOTI $55~0 43 acre lot mWild River JAN IAUGHIN L • Backs to common area &trails BROKER , ABR, CRS,GRI,CSP • 1 block from Big DeschutesRiver 541-350-6049 • MLS 201508380


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Wanted: $Cash paid for vintage costume jewelry. Top dollar paid for Gold/Silver. I buy by the Estate, Honest Artist Elizabeth,541-633-7006

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a ged, yo u


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Free Kirby Tradition rug renovator, used once, maybe never.


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FREE! Sony big screen Cans & bottles wanted! TV w it h s u r round The Bulletin recom- They make a big difmends extra caution sound, s t an d in ference in the lives of purc has- abandoned animals. cluded, works great, when ing products or serwill take two strong Local nonprofit uses from out of the for spay/neuter costs. p eople t o haul . vices area. Sending cash, 541-610-6609. www.craftcats.org or Estate Salechecks, or credit incall 541-389-8420 for Cash only! f ormation may be pickup or to learn loBedroom set: double Call The Bulletin At subjected to fraud. cations of trailers. bed w/headboard & 541-385-5809 For more i nformamattress, 3 drawer tion about an adverPlace Your Ad Or E-Mail w / m irror, you may call Garage Sales dresser At: www.bendbulletin.corn tiser, nightstand, SOLD. the O regon State table: 4' Garage Sales Breakfast Attorney General' s round oak, seats 4 + Office C o n sumer Garage Sales leaf seats 6, 4 upNotice to our Protection hotline at holstered c h a i rs, 1-877-877-9392. valued readers! Find them SOLD. Dining room: For newspaper The Bulletin in n n 76 x18 dark wood delivery questions, The Bulletin buffet, $300. 72nx42n please call the beautiful glass dinAdopt a great cat or Classifieds Circulation Dept. ing room table, 8 at 541-385-5800 two! A ltered, vacciupholstered chairs, nated, ID chip, tested, 541 e385-5809 $400. 541-504-8228 To place an ad, call more! CRAFT, 65480 541-385-5809 78th, Bend, Sat/Sun, Chihuahua pups, AKC. 1-5p.m. 541-389-8420 $350. Parents on site. G ENERATE SOM E or email www.craftcats.org 541-420-9474 EXCITEMENT in your classified©bendneighborhood! Plan a bulletin.corn Boxer AKC male Jack Chi-Weenie Minis, garage sale and don' t 7 weeks old. o n e forget to advertise in The Bulletin 12 wks, stunning Serrrnii Central Oregon sinceSRB sealed brindle, $1000. male, two f e m ales classified! 541-754-9537 $ 275 Call o r t e x t 541-385-5809. 360-932-4054 NEED TO CANCEL Lab Pups AKC,black & YOUR AD? yellow, Master Hunter The Bulletin sired, performance pediClassifieds has an gree, OFA cert hips & el"After Hours"Line bows, 541-771-2330 Call 541-383-2371 www.kinnamanretrlevera.corn 24 hrs. to cancel your ad! Maremma guard dog pup, purebred, $350 Queen mattress and 541-546-6171 box springs, Sim282 mons extra firm, exc Sales Northwest Bend Sales Northeast Bend cond. always covered, $225. 541-330-0733

Unique scalloped

table top: 35i/~n di-


on the first day it runs to make sure it is correct. nSpellcheck" and human errors do occur. If this happens to your ad, please contact us ASAP so that

ameter, has sailing ship design on the top. Base is an old oak dock capstan. Very unique piece, and any could sell separately. corrections adjustments can be $329. Also Vintage made to your ad. wash bowl 8 pitcher 541-385-5809 set, white & light blue The Bulletin Classified with gold trim.$65. "LIKE NEW" Adam' s See more pix at Idea Combo irons. bendbulletin.corn 541-419-6408

WANTED: Old Fishing

Lures and/or Tackle Boxes. Call local ¹ 209-623-7174 215

Coins & Stamps


requires computer advertisers with multiple ad schedules or those selling multiple systems/ software, to disclose the name of the Price reduced! Howa business or the term 1500 300 Win. Mag. "dealer" in their ads. New, n ever f i r ed. Private party advertisWood stock, stainless ers are defined as barrel an d a c t ion. those who sell one Great deer or elk gun, computer. bargain p riced-wife 257 says sell $599 Call 541-389-3694, leave Musical Instruments


BASS GUITAR SOUNDGEAR by Ibanez 4-string, black exc. cond., with premium padded case strap and amplifier. $285 Fender electric guitar, Squire Strat 8 case, SOLD. Vintage banjo, 5-string, new keys & strings, $150. 541-385-4790.

Waffen Bennewitz classic mauser mountain rifle, as 3 -4-5 H . B . 6-P W new, $600. GRPH S R sh a fts, Ithaca single barrel obo. $360 trap shotgun, very 951-454-2561 nice, $650. 541-548-3408 246 Guns, Hunting 8 Fishing

WANTED: Collector seeks high quality fish-

Trigger Happy Guns

rods. 541-678-5753, or 503-351-2746

|Cash for guns)

ing items 8 upscale fly


Misc. Items

541-526-0617, Bend 7' live Ficus tree, in 248 B rowning 12 g a . 3 " container. $25. Health & auto, in exc. cond., 541-602-0989. Beauty Items with 6 boxes shells, HELP YOUR AD $795. 541-977-5358 stand out from the Bernina 820 in exGot Knee Pain? Back rest! Have the top line cellent condition. CASH!! Pain? Shoulder Pain? in bold print for only Price includes lot of For Guns, Ammo & Get a pain-relieving $2.00 extra. bobbins, carrying Reloading Supplies. brace -little or NO cost case, 541-385-5809 all sewing feet, 541-408-6900. to you. Medicare PaBarbie case and all tients Call Health HotThe Bull@in instruction books. Serving Cenrrel Oregon sincelese Colt .44-40 Frontier line No w ! 1$4700 cash. 260 Six Shooter 1892, 800-285-4609 541-205-8525. Private collector buying $3,400 4A n B. 4 nB Estate Sales (PNDC) postagestamp albums & 541-233-3156. 249 collections, world-wide Bomber jacket, vintage Boiler Moving G OOD STU F F and U.S. 573-286-4343 exc. cond. blk leather. Art, Jewelry Estate Sale ** FREE ** WHIRLPOOL CABRIO MULTI-FAMILY SALE (local, cell phone). 44m, $50 541-593-5118 ION'TRI% TIS washer and d r yer, given by Farmhouse & Furs Fri. 8 Sat. 8-4. Furn; Garage Sale Kit Estate Sa/es never used, still in Place an ad in The Buying Diamonds h ousehold ite m s ; 240 Pit bull female puppy, boxes. $1000 for both. Friday - Saturday, 9-4, power washer; ladder; B ulletin fo r yo u r Beautiful 1.50 c a rat /Gold for Cash 11 weeks, 2nd shots, DO YOU HAVE Crafts & Hobbies 20489 Snowmass Ct., M/W clothes; books sale and receive a Antique wicker baby r ing, r ecently a p - Saxon's Fine Jewelers wormed, healthy, soSOMETHING TO $100. Bend, in Mountain praised at $15,400. 541-389-6655 dvds; linens; com- G arage Sale K i t cialized. Parents are bassinet/buggy, SELL FOR $500 High Development. Call 541-408-9813, or Crafters Wanted Asking $10,400 obo. puter & e q uipment. FREE! f amily pets, $ 2 50 706-851-7881 OR LESS? Final Open Jury BUYING Tools, Ridgid tile saw, 2950 NW Lucus Ct. 541-617-0846 adoption fee includes Mon. Oct. 19th, Lionel/American Flyer scaffolding, high-end KIT INCLUDES: spay, micro-chip & Wine cooler, Vino Temp Desperately Seeking Non-commercial trains, accessories. 6:00 p.m. h ousehold ite m s , Moving Sale, Sat. 8-4, • 6 Garage Sale last shots. 9 bottle, 47 deg. $40 Missing 1940s d ia541-408-219'I . Highland Baptist advertisers may Harley Davi d son 20302 Mariner Dr. Signs 541-382-9891 m ond ring sold a t 541-408-4528 D ownsizing, lots of place an ad Church, Redmond. items, Kit c henAid • $2.00 Off Coupon BuylNG 8s SELLING Bend Pawn approx. with our Jan 541-350-4888, side-by-side f r idge, high quality house- To Use Toward All gold jewelry, silver POODLE pups, Sept.13-17, 2014 has hold items, mens & "QUICK CASH Tina 541-447-1640 antique brass bed, The Bulletin Your Next Ad toy or mini, central diamond and 2 and gold coins, bars, www.snowflakebouSPECIAL" usable furniture and womens clothing (L- • 10 Tips For recommends extra 541-475-3889 little side stones, one rounds, wedding sets, 1 week3 lines 13 tique.org decor and so much XXL), Harley Davison "Garage Sale I ce iinn ne n p r class rings, sterling silis missing. Sz. 7.5. OI' more. See pix and apparel, DVD's, furSuccess!" chasing products or • Queensland Heelers 541-213-1221 Please ver, coin collect, vin241 ~eweeks se! descriptions at farm- niture, Bowflex, much Standard 8 Mini, $150 services from out of I keep trying! Will pay tage watches, dental Ad must houseestatesales.corn more. CASH ONLY! PICK UP YOUR the area. Sending l gold. Bill Fl e ming, & up. 541-280-1537 Bicycles 8 any reasonable price. include price of 541-382-9419. S aturday only, 8 - 2 , GARAGE SALE KIT www.rig htwayranch.wor cash, checks, or • Accessories el s 'te oi Seen ~ 253 E STATE S A LE at 1777 SW Chanf credit i n f ormation 1812 NW Element Pl. dpress.corn may be subjected to G iant Talon 1 2 9 e r or less, or multiple Antiques, arabic jew- Rain or shine. Furnidler Ave., Bend, OR TV, Stereo & Video items whose total Shih Tzu Poo teacup 97702 f FRAUD. For more elry, rocking horses, ture, antiques, desmall, exceldoes not exceed 541-385-5809 puppies, first shots, information about an 8 hardtail, dolls, craft supplies, signer clothes, DVDs, (2) Amps - Rockford, condition, $625. $500. dewormed, gorgeous. advertiser, you may l lent paintings, house and tons of books, much Fosgate box, (2) 10" 541-408-1 676 Bulletin $450. 541-771-2606 business furnishings. more! Don't miss this The l call t h e Ore g on l Serene Central Oregonsince reer JBL speakers. $300 Call Classified at ' State Atto r ney ' 63049 To u rmaline one or you' ll be sorry! OBO. 54'I -977-1354 242 541-385-5809 Yorkie AKC pups, 1F, f General's O f f i ce Copper Fire Pit Lane, Bend. 9am to T WO-FAMILY S A L E 268 bendbulletin.corn DIRECTV Starting at 3M, tiny, cute, UDT Consumer Protec- • Exercise Equipment 3pm Saturday, Octo- Camping, children' s Cover $19.99/mo. FREE Inshots, health guar., pics, ber 17. 541-647-2463 toys, ki t c henware,Sales Southeast Bend $850/up. 541-777-7743 tion h o t line at I Pilates Power Gym Pro, s tallation. FREE 3 i 1-877-877-9392. Gun 8 Knife Show comforters, more. 356 ESCAPE SALE! 20980 months o f HBO Restored & Patinaed new, extras. $200 ESTATE SALE October 17-18 66" dia. 20" high NW Columbia St .. 210 S HOWTIME CIN GREENMONT OBO. 541-408-0846 > The Bulletin > White sofa, side tables Sun. only, 10-4 Deschutes County Serving Cenrret Oregon srnce i903 EMAX, STARZ. FREE New Smaller Cover xHillridge Furniture & Appliances Fair/Expo Center & lamps, 2 b l a ck HD/DVR U p grade! For Owner - $3000 Mid-century 7' sofa, palaquer cabinets, $5.00 Admission Say ngoodbuyn Precor Multi-sta2015 NFL S u nday tio games, household 212 leather sofa & s ide (under 14 FREE!) $1800 tion strength and Ticket Included (Seitems, full size sleeper to that unused chairs, king 8 queen Sat. 9-5; Sun. 9-3 Antiques & 541-480-7823 fitness unit, high lect Packages) New barely used, ring saw, Info: 541-610-3717 beds, ornate iron king item by placing it in Collectibles quality always inC ustomers Onl y . Richard mini grinder, tile, other headboard 8 2 cast side, exc. cond., Jansport backpack, full CALL 1-800-410-2572 The Bulletin Classifieds assorted go o dies. i ron d i nette s e t s , Antiques Wanted: paid over $1500, sell size, alum. f rame. (PNDC) FRIDAY 10 / 1 6/1 5 DID YOU KNOW that kitchenware, beautiful for $600. Must see! Wood furniture, old $50. 541-408-4528 10-2PM Dish Network - G et not only does newssilver, Wat e rford, 541-385-5809 Dinette,seats 6, good signs, pocket knives, You move M ORE fo r LE S S ! paper media reach a crystal & china, Lladro MOVING SALE - Fr i. cond., $400; Coffee fishing gear, marbles, 54'I -330-0733. KAHR pistols; P9 Starting $19.99/month HUGE Audience, they figurines, vintage lin10-4, Sat. 9-3, 61130 table, ni c e w ood, tools, weathervanes, 284 (for 12 months.) PLUS also reach an ENens, costume jewelry, 9mm, $ 525 o b o . Tapadera St. Furni- $400; Queen b e d, Bundle & SAVE (Fast GAGED AUDIENCE. P45 .45ACP, $495 books, outdoor items, Sales Southwest Bend ture, exercise bike, Serta mattress, head- toys. 541-389-1578 The Bulletin's I nternet f o r $15 Discover the Power of antiques & more! obo, with case, exh ousehold ite m s , board, v ery clean, The Bulletin reserves "Call A Service c o n dition. more/month.) CA LL Newspaper AdvertisFRI. & SAT. 9-4, MOVING SALE! Beds, studded tires, clothes, $1200. 805-720-3515 the right to publish all Professional" Directory cellent Now 1-800-308-1563 541-389-9836 ing in five states - AK, furniture, Baldwin pi- artwork, bedding. numbers Fri., 8 a.m. KQMore Pix at Bendballetln.o ads from The Bulletin is all about meeting (PNDC) ID, MT, OR & WA. For ano, everything must newspaper onto The Country Club Rd. to a free rate brochure go. 61361 Sally Ln, People Lookfor Information Bulletin Internet webyour needs. Look at: Find exactly what The Bulletin Mt. High entrance, call 916-288-6019 or ¹2. S aturday only, you are looking for in the About Products and site. follow until Aspen Bendhomes.corn To Subscribe call Call on one of the email 8-3. 907-398-0381 Services Every Day through Village & signs for Complete Listings of 541-385-5800 or go to CLASSIFIEDS elizabethOcnpa.corn The Bulletin professionals today! 60761 Breckenridge 286 The Bulletin Classiffeds Serving Central Orerren sinceSte Area Real Estate for Sale www bendbulletin corn (PNDC) Park on 1 side only! Sales Northeast Bend Moving Sale, Fri., Sat., www.atticestatesan& Sun. 9-3, 59640 dappraisals.corn Cool Sale! Friday 8 Jasper Place. House541-350-6822 Saturday, 9-12 ONLY. hold goods, garden Furniture, bed linens, tools, patio furniture, Moving/neighborhood dishes, clothing, pil- gas grill, 8ft. truck sale, Sat. Oct. 17, 8-3, lows, books, CDs, canopy, utility trailer 19017 Mt. Shasta Dr. DVDs, good stuff & and much more. Kitchenware, f u r n., good prices! 653 NE Rain or Shine Garage home decor 8 more. 12th St. sale, 10-17 & 10-1 8 Sat: 9-4pm. Sun 9-1pm, Jane Schrader 20914 Clearview Ct. ESTATE SALE , Collectables, furniture, 1188 NE 27th St.-Space ¹ 19 fishing, lots of misc! Home for sale — $131,000.00 Street sale! Sat., 9-4. Snowberry Village, BEND OREGON SS appl., furn., bikes, Fr Fri. Oct 16 • Sat. Oct 17 • Sun. Oct 18 lighting, an t i ques, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CROWD CONTROL NUMmuch more! 61367 BERS at 8:00 am Friday King Jehu Way. Take 27th Street north from Hwy 20. Turn in on I 'I I i I Mary Rose place and follow to Space 19 290 PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK THE RESIDENTS Sales Redmond Area DR/ VEWA YS!!!!/!!!!l! Huge sale and large variety of items. Queen, COLLECTIBLES, VINDouble and Twin beds; Dining Table, Six chairs; TAGE AND DECOR, matching China cabinet; Sofa; Loveseat; Coffee must let our treasures and end tables; Thomas Electric Organ; Dress- go. Join the fun and ers; nightstands; Cedar Chest; Patio Table; Desk; the hunt for your treaHUNTiNG ,rnr Bookcases; Lamps; Rocker; Hundred pieces of sures! Sat. 17th, 10-3. TENT & GEAR Ladies clothing- size XL to 3X-tops, coats, 210 NW 8th St. pants, socks, sweaters: Hundreds of Linens for White Stag 10x10 the home- Sheets; Pillows and Pillowcases; 292 Blankets; Doilies and Runners; Towels and rugs; sr CanVaS! PluS queenSiZe Sales Other Areas At Least 70 tablecloths; Placemats & napkins; n16 ounce.Old Coca Cola set;Pots & pans; Frypans; M oving Sale Sa t & air mattress, 2 sleeping Corning ware; Pyrex; Baking pans; Glasses; dish 0-4 Crescent /'F bags! Various other • ) • • • • set; Corelle ware; Kitchen Tools by the dozens; n Creek Subdivision, Off Candles 8 candle holders; New appliances in s. camping gear included. boxes; Jewelry; Jewelry; Jewelry; Lamps; Light Huntington and FindBulbs; Two vacuums; Small dressers; WWII ley, 16561 Beesley Pl, 81375 OBO sextant; Three paper shredders; Craft kits and La Pine. F urniture, hundreds of craft items Plastic Canvas; Hun- g uns/ammo, w o r k Your ad will a/so appear in: 541-000-000 Item Priced at: Your Total Ad Coston dreds of skeins of yarn; Doll house items; Ribbon tools, household, gardening and more. and Paper; Typewriter and slide projector; Books • $499or less.......................................................................$39 and lots of office supplies; Greeting cards by the • The Bulletin bundle;Bicycle; Barbecue; Mops & brooms; NOTICE • $500 lo $999...................................................................$49 Small chest freezer; Older garage refrigerator; Remember to remove • Central Oregon Marketplace • $1000 IQ $2499.............................................................. $59 Hand tools and hand tools; Tupperware; Garden your Garage Sale signs items; Two Patio tables; Wrought iron bench and (nails, staples, etc.) • $2500 and over............................................................... $69 • The Central Oregon Nickel Ads Serving Central Oregon since 1903 chairs; Bath items and cleaning supplies; and all after your Sale event Includes: 2" in length, with border, full color photo, bold holiday items - Lots of Christmas, Easter; Halis over! THANKS! • bendbulletin.corn 541-385-5809 loween; Thanksgiving; 4th of July; Did I say hunFrom The Bulletin headline and price. Imaximum up io 3 itemsper ad.j dreds of Christmas items?? It has taken 10 days and your local utility to put this sale together so it's huge!!!!!! companies. 'Private party merchandise only - excludes pets 8 livestock, autos, RVs, motorcycles, boats, airplanes, and garage sale categories. See you soon, Deedy, Norm, Ken, Somerestrictions app/y Handledby Deedy's EstateSales C o. The Bulletin Senriny Central Oregon sinceSte Info Call- 541-419-4742 estatesales.net for pictures and info www.bendbulletin.corn 541-389-1130




I f f




Og peat'.


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Aii Year Dependable Firewood: dry Lodgepole, split, del, 1 /$195; 2/$3 6 5 .

Active female senior needs live-in caretaker. Prineville. Call Scott at 503-961-5812.

discounts! Monday • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •5:00 pm Fri • Multi-cord cash, check, Visa, MC 541-420-3484, Bend 308 Tuesday. • • ••... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Noon Mon. 269 Find exactly what Farm Equipment you are looking for in the Gardening Supplies & Machinery Wednesday •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Noon Tues. CLASSIFIEDS & Equipment Tractor - Kubota diesel, Resort House Thursday • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Noon Wed. BarkTurfSoil.corn w/front loader, 18HP, Alison's Keeping Service

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•Leaves •Cones • Needles • Debris Hauling

• Fall Clean up eWeekly Mowing & Edging •Bark, Rock, Etc.

Winter Prep

~Landene in •Landscape Construction Water Feature

•Pruning .Aerating •Fertilizing

Compost Applications Use Less Water

$$$ SAVE $$$ Improve Plant Health

2015 Maintenance Package Available EXPERIENCED Commercial & Residential Senior Discounts 541-390-1466 Same Day Response

Installation/Maint. •Pave rs •Renovations •Irrigation Installation

Bonded & Insured 541-815-4458 LCB¹8759

Personal Services At Your Service Errands& Notary I stand in line so you don't need to. errandsandnotary O gmail.corn 541-815-1371


For more than 60 years, Les Schwab Tire Centers has taken Pride in Performance, providing superior customer value and building customers for life. People choose Les Schwab because they trust our service and our values. We don't just sell tires; we do the right thing. W e' ve grown from one s tore and o n e employee — our founder, Les Schwab — to more than 450 stores and over 7,000 employees today. Our secret? Success is a two-way street. Our employees deliver World Class Customer Service. In return we provide them with generous compensation and benefit programs. Everyone wins. Les Schwabis proud to be an equal opportunity employer.


The Bulletin •

The BUIIetin iS Seeking to oin the SPeCial d faPhiCd6Signer oIo n an assistan< an g

rt-time position 0tIering


Or >

pro oieCtS team ThiS IS a P de V a riety ot SklIIS, I ni t0 eXCeIin a WI 8

8xt6!ISIV8 0PP0"""' .

tlhtj Ytlrlt g, " ' '~9 si n, photograP g, tIy Ytlith the SPeCia Vt incIUfIing Page deS gorking direC iII r. ndprojectPIanning. 55fUIcandidatewi an on'5 n editor, the success ProjeCtS managing me og Central Orego roduCtion 015o eS,

No agencies or telephone calls please

Ver Contri butetotheP nCIufjing magaZin UI Ublicatiolts inc ffi05t SUCCeSSf I' h PeCiaI 0 eCtS and Other SPe PubliCatiOn . Ki Mmmercial Proj didate will yh6 SU008SS' tUI CBn ' To jOin our tealTI, t Work hard. HaVe 6 3nfI Ytiiljing o t be 8rienCe and SkiIIS, 8 Creative, Inltovativ ritin and editing eXP aI Ije, prouen featureWri ingSt leandP05SeSS a!I eXCePtiona ll be projiCient ilI AP Vwritte U~ge and grammar. n l an g d kiIIs ,be PrOfiCient Understanding 0f the 08XI' erienCean 5 I 6 HaVe ProuendeSign Stratof » d PhotoShoP. HaVethe


All hiring contingent upon passing a drug test. EOE

• Enterprise Architect • Enterprise Platforms Supervisor • Security and Privacy Professional

Please send your cover letter, resume, and a work sample attention: sportsassistantobendbulletin.corn

The Bulletin Classifieds

Please visit www.lesschwab.corn/careers for more information and to apply for the following positions currently open at Les Schwab Headquarters:



Serving Central Oregon Since 2003 Residental/Commercial

Central Oregon

Technology professionals at Les Schwab Tire Centers are engaged in a Company-wide, multi-year effort to upgrade business solutions essential to meeting our overall strategic objectives of world class customer service, continued growth, and consistent profitability. Whether you are working in Core IT Operations, or Information and Digital Services, you' ll be engaged in work that supports our ongoing business and ensures successfulachievement of Company priorities both now, and in the future.

The Bulletin Classified 541-385-5809

If you are a sports-minded journalist and have a positive "Can Do" attitude WE WANT TO TALK TO YOU!

The Bulletin, Central Oregon's leading media company, is seeking a resourceful and NOTICE TO performance driven person to sell print and ADVERTISER online advertising to local businesses on Since September 29, behalf of The Bulletin daily newspaper, 1991, advertising for bendbulletin.corn website, and our suite used woodstoves has of successful niche magazines. been limited to models which have been Candidates should have a proven track certified by the Orrecord of presenting solution sales strategon Department of egies to local business prospects, as well Environmental Qualas the ability to build and maintain strong ity (DEQ) and the fedrelationships with clients. eral E n v ironmental Protection A g e ncy (EPA) as having met This full-time position requires a background smoke emission stan- in consultative sales, territory management dards. A cer t ified and aggressive prospecting sales. woodstove may be Generous sales incentives can be earned identified by its certifiby those who are able to move cation label, which is the revenue needle. permanently attached to the stove. The BulQualified applicants will have letin will not knowprint/online advertising experience. ingly accept advertisCollege degree preferred. ing for the sale of uncertified To apply, respond with a resume wood stoves. and letter of interest to the attention of Jay Brandt, Advertising Director What are you at jbrandtobendbulletin.corn, looking for? or mail to: Advertising Director, The Bulletin, PO Box 6020, You' ll find it in Bend, OR 97708-6020.


rnrDUTBII7, • Proven interpersonal skills • Professional-level writing ability and sports background a must • Working knowledge of traditional high school sports • Proven computer and proofreading skills • Comfortable in a fast-paced, deadlineoriented environment • Must be able to successfully pass a pre-employment drug screen

Heating & Stoves

Current Oregon RN License Current BLS, ACLB, PALS, TNCC, NRP Required LDRP Experience Preferred One Year Mgmt Experience Preferred Min. Three Years Supervisory Experience Strong Communication, Interpersonal and Organizational Skills Excellent Benefit Package


Z~rre r'rQua/iy Za~<0a ~r,.


NOTICE: Oregon state NOTICE: Oregon Land263 law requires anyone scape Contractors Law Tools who con t racts for (ORS 671) requires all construction work to businesses that ad- C hicago pheumatic 4.5n be licensed with the vertise t o p e r form angle a i r gr i nder, Construction Contrac- Landscape ConstrucP9110 12,00 0 tors Board (CCB). An tion which includes: C RPM, used very little. active license p lanting, deck s , $260. 503-936-1778 means the contractor fences, arbors, is bonded & insured. water-features, and inVerify the contractor's stallation, repair of irCCB l i c ense at rigation systems to be www.hirealicensedl icensed w it h th e contractor.corn Landscape Contracor call 503-378-4621. tors Board. This 4-digit The Bulletin recom- number is to be inMARK V SHOPmends checking with cluded in all adverSMITH Model 510 the CCB prior to con- tisements which indi- bandsaw, scrollsaw, tracting with anyone. cate the business has strip sander, thickSome other t rades a bond, insurance and ness planer, dust colalso req u ire addi- workers c ompensa- lector, support table, tional licenses and tion for their employ- lathe chisel set, ringcert ifications. ees. For your protec- master, wall mounttion call 503-378-5909 ing brackets for storor use our website: a ge, s et-up a n d Handyman www.lcblstate.or.us to operation m a nuals. check license status $2000. 541-383-7124 I DO THAT! before contracting with Home/Rental repairs the business. Persons 266 Small jobs to remodels doing lan d scape Honest, guaranteed maintenance do not • Building Materials work. CCB¹151573 r equire an LC B l i Bend Habitat Dennis 541-317-9768 cense. RESTORE Building Supply Resale Landscaping/Yard Care TURN THE PAGE 541-31 2-6709 224 NE Thurston Ave. For More Ads Open to the public. The Bulletin

Nurse Manager Full-time Wallowa Memorial Hospital Located in Enterprise, OR

Ii tlsseeiee

• •


4WD, NOyf/ $4200! Offering resort, residen541-385-4759 tial, and commercial 325 cleaning. Equal Opportunity Employer 541-213-5288 Hay, Grain & Feed Visit our website at www.wchcd.org or contact Linda Childers O 541-426-5313 IN-HOME CARE First Quality green grass State of OR approved hay, no rain, barn stored, personal/dementia $250/ton care/respite. Cal l Call 541-549-3831 Patterson Ranch, Sisters Julie at 541-408-6626 Credit 476 Quality o rchard/grass mix $225-$245 ton, Employment small bales, between Opportunities Bend Redmond, del. avai. 541-280-7781 CAUTION: We have the following opportunities Wheat Straw for Sale. Ads published in Also, weaner pigs. in our Credit Department: "Employment O p 541-546-6171 portunities" include Credit Assistant FIND IT! employee and indeThe Credit Assistant supports our Tire Centers $!IY IT! pendent positions. assisting with customer credit account set Ads for p o sitions by SELL IT! up and maintenance, invoice coding, credit rerequire a fee or The Bulletin Classifieds that ports and credit reporting issues, fraud inciupfront investment dents and UCC3 renewals. must be stated. With Looking for your any independent job Credit & Collections Assistant next employee' ? opportunity, please The Credit & Collections Assistant supports Place a Bulletin i nvestigate tho r our Tire Centers by assisting with collection help wanted ad oughly. Use extra activities, assigning accounts for legal or coltoday and caution when aplection agency action and resolution of various reach over plying for jobs oncredit account collection issues. line and never pro60,000 readers vide personal inforeach week. Please go to www.lesschwab.corn for more mation to any source Your classified ad information and to apply for one of these you may not have will also positions. research ed and appear on deemed to be repubendbulletin.corn Les Schwab has a reputation of excellent table. Use extreme which currently customer service, with over 450 stores and c aution when r e receives over 7,000 employees in the western United States. s ponding to A N Y We offer competitive pay, excellent benefits, 1.5 million page online employment retirement and cash bonus. views every ad from out-of-state. month at no We suggest you call Les Schwab is proud to be an extra cost. the State of Oregon equal opportunity employer. Bulletin Consumer Hotline Classifieds at 1-503-378-4320 Get Results! For Equal Opportunity Laws c ontact Call 541-385-5809 Technology Oregon Bureau of or place your ad Labor & I n dustry, on-line at

PLEASE NOTE: Checkyour ad for accuracy the first day it appears. Please call us immediately if a correction FOUND motorized bicycle on east side of is needed. We will gladly accept responsibility for one incorrect insertion. The publisher reserves the right Bend. 541-280-3659 to accept or reject any ad at anytime, classify and index any advertising based on the policies of these newspapers. The publisher shall not be liable for any advertisement omitted for any reason. Private Party FOUND: Set of Toyota Classified ads running 7 or moredays will publish in the Central OregonMarketplace each Tuesday. keys at Summit tennis courts on 10/14. Call to ID. 260 260 267 I 541-408-5590 Misc. Items Iiflisc. Items Fuel & Wood • L OST: REWARD f o r EVERY BUSINESS has How to avoid scam SOCIAL S E C URITY Ponderosa pine return of apple iPad, a story to tell! Get D ISABILITY B E N p ossibly lost in N E and fraud attempts firewood split, your message out VBe aware of internaE FITS. Unable t o Bend on Tues., 10/13. bendbulletin.corn Civil Rights Division, $160 or trade. with California's PRwork? Denied ben541-876-2021 971-673- 0764. tional fraud. Deal lo541-41 9-1871 Media Release - the efits? We Can Help! whenever posStill looking for Annie, 366 The BuIletin only Press Release cally WIN or Pay Nothing! Serving Central Oregen since tete 22 lb. 3-yr-old black & Farmers Column Service operated by Y sible. Contact Bill Gordon & WHEN BUYING Watch for buyers brown Mini Aussie, 541-385-5809 the press to get press! who offer more than Associates at FIREWOOD... last seen near Green Free fenced pasture for 1-800-879-3312 to For more info contact Lakes trailhead. Fam- cows. Good grass. Add your web address your asking price and To avoid fraud, Elizabeth @ start your application ily misses her. Re- 541-480-9947 who ask to have The Bulletin to your ad and read916-288-6019 or today! (PNDC) w ard! Call o r t e x t money wired or recommends payers on The Bui/etin's http: //prmediarelease. 541-520-2481 or back to them. The Bulletin Offers ment for Firewood web site, www.bendcorn/california (PNDC) handed 541-520-8528. Fake cashier checks FreePrivate Party Ads only upon delivery bulletin.corn, will be and money orders • 3 lines - 3 days o and inspection. INII o able to click through • Private Party Only are common. • A cord is 128 cu. ft. automatically to your 4' x 4' x 8' u'Nevergive out per• Total of items adverwebsite. REIIIIEMBER:If you tised must equal $200 • Receipts should sonal financial inforhave lost an animal, or Less mation. include name, don't forget to check AssistantProfessor FOR DETAILS or to s/Trust your instincts phone, price and Oregon State UniDaniel: on 10/4 @ The Humane Society PLACE AN AD, and be wary of kind of wood St Francis Service versity E x t ension Bend Call 541-385-5809 someone using an purchased. Service and the 4-H you sat behind me. 541-382-3537 Fax 541-385-5802 • Firewood ads escrow service or 421 Please call for Youth Development Redmond MUST include agent to pick up your Advertise your car! lunch. thanx R. Schools & Training Program is recruit541-923-0882 merchandise. species & cost per Add APicture! 503.305.5191 ing for a f ull-time, Madras cord to better serve Reach thousands of readers! tenure-track, Assis541-475-6889 SITR Truck School The Bulletin our customers. Call 541-385-5809 ServingCentral Oregon si nceigni REDMOND CAMPUS t ant Professor i n Prineville The Bulletin Classifieds Our Grads Get Jobs! Deschutes, Oregon. 541-447-7178 The Bulletin 1-888-438-2235 Meet singles right now! Tony Lama boots mens Salary is commenor Craft Cats No paid o perators, Sell your s t ructured sz 10t/~, worn 3x, exc. WWW.IITR.EDU surate with educa541-389-8420 settlement or annuity just real people like $100. 541-350-9520 tion and experience. To review posting you. Browse greet- payments for CASH TupperwareStop & ings, exchange mes- NOW. You don't have and a pply, v i s it Shop & Bingo! sages and connect to wait for your future http: //oregon state.ed Oct 24th, 11am 5pm. live. Try it free. Call payments any longer! u /jobs. Apply t o Bingo starts at now: 8 77-955-5505. Call 1-800-914-0942 posting ¹ 16 0 8 6. 6:30pm. Located at (PNDC) (PNDC) Closing: 11/1 0/2015. Holiday Inn Express, OSU is an 20615 Grandview Dr., AA/EOE/Vets/DisS sn Bend. Call Tammy for abled. info. 541-408-5697 I



' Adobe InoeSign, IOU prioritiZing and in nnin, 0rganiZing, ab'I 11Q to aSSiSt in Plan g

dline. f08CtSunderdea I Be 8 uiSual

hanfjIing multiPle PhotoS oI d deSi gns complement and

Sto ryteller,YtlhoSe Panfj feature St rieS 0 haVe baSiC magazine themes a

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bje to Ph0~0graP Ii hting COnditiOnS PhotograPhy SkillS, ab

under various g settingsand a events th fielfj and in studio.

mUSjh&V8 US8 0f 8 r8Iia

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ts including 8 offer benefits includ g 401(k) paid holidays aid SiCk leaVeand Pai V N1lerletter, TBSltm8and ayP 0P 5' IIoIo NII l8$ inCluding deSign, P 0 0 tOkmauSBIOb8fldbull8tin. COm. / EOE Drug-free YtiorkPIaCe

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The Bulletin












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NO, 5IR, TNI5/5 NI5/5 ( NICE LEF/N/IR 7 ARE ENT/7IBO SECAO5GL'ht 70 7//8 5/t/g/8 ELAa.„/5/TTnP 7REdt7585/n.



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Dist by Creator

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Dist by Creators (O

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C L U B S aturday, october17,2015

Millard's semi-cover By FRANK STEWART Tribune Content Agency Millard Pringle played at the club today. Millard is a quiet little man who loses his way in the maze of defensive "rules." North-South got t o 3 N T a f t er Millard overcalled in spades, and West led the five. Dummy played low, and Millard frowned, trying to sort out the rules he knew and apply the right one. Millard knew about covering an honor with an honor, but the eight of spades wasn't quite honorable. So instead of covering with an honorbreaking a rule — Millard covered with his nine.

he raises to two spades. What do you say? ANSWER: Game is possible if partner has maximum h i gh-card values or good distribution. He will often have four-card spade support but may have raised with three. Bid 2NT to suggest a balanced 11 points. If parmer has K Q 3, 7 6, A J 10 5 3, A 3 2, he will bid 3NT. With A97 5 , 95 4 , A K Q 5 3 , 6 , he will jump to four spades. North dealer Both sides vulnerable NORTH 49A8 9 A72

LAST SPADE South won with the ten and led a diamond, but West rose with the king and led his last spade to the ace. S ince declarer ha d o n l y e i g h t winners, he had t o l ead another d iamond, and M i l l ard w o n a n d cashed the K-Q and seven of spades. Down one. The bidding marks South with a spade stopper, so East must place West with one entry. But East must keep communication by making South to take his second spade trick early. If East plays a spade honor at Trick One, South is safe. DAILY QUESTION

ACROSS 1 Emperor after Nero 6 One celebrating the holiday Hogma nay 10Nickname for many a 6-Across 13Step above the rookie leagues, informally 14Ottoman pooh-bah 1S Bun n y (Bugs Bunny'5 girlfdend) 16Unbroken 17Willing to expenment, in B way 19Vegan wrap? 21 Ear malady 22 Start of an algorithm 23 Be in continuous agitation 24 SUB rez, player suspended during the 2014 World Cup for biting another player

0 Q J1093

4A73 WEST 453

EAST 4 IK Q 9 7 4


0 A85 4 J102

9 J 86 5 3 0 K6


S L E P T I C A ST R O C O W AT E R N E L 5 T E P P E D 0 5 IM O N M SS D OV E O TT O R E L S AU C I E R S Y N T A X W A TO M M A S T P B U I L T HI 5 I 5 5 P P0L I C E C 0 A MO R R U L T ET E S E E

9 KQ1 0 0742

4KQ4 Ea s t Sou t h 1 41 2 NT All P a ss

Wes t Pass

You hold: 49 J 1062 9 K Q 1 0 Openinglead — 435 0 742 oSoKQ4.Yourpartner opens one diamond, you bid one spade and (C) 2015 Tribune Content Agency, LLC

Seeking a friendly duplicate bridge? Find five gamesweekly at www.bendbridge.org BIZARRO 8lzAKKo coiII

means "king" 33 Juglet follower 34 Forum for seekers of faithful partners? 38 Satisfy 39 Columbia (Dic. neighborhood: Abbr.) 40 Expertise, informally 41Wipes out 43Thought about France 45 Beginning to flop? 46 It rises out of a depression 50 Natural Instincts maker 53Whup but good 54 1961 invasion locale 56 One of three in a 1986 comedy





59 One going clubbing, maybe 60 House measure: Abbr. 61 Persuade 62 It's got game, often DOWN 1 Fishing hooks 2 One moment 3 Lash in old westerns 4 Genre of the 19705 movies "Foxy Brown" and "Three the Hard Way" 5 What you find crawlers on 6 Pro team from New York 7 Part of many a


























21 23


29 3 0











42 45











56 59


sci fi film


SOUTH 49 J1062

N orth 10 3 NT

25 Bad things to 57 Starting point of give away a long race? 29 One in a trailer 58 Singer/ 32Man'sname that songwriter Sands

No. 0912

8 "Surely you' re joking!" 9 Taxonomic designation like Rattus rattus 10 Instrument in "Switched-On Bach" 11Writing on a French gift tag 12One may be found on una calle 15 "Toys in the Attic" playwright, 1960

18 Bust 20 College abroad 26Aborted 27 7-Eleven's Big

48 Relatively prudent

35 How things work 36 Horror movie cry 37 Knoxville hockey squad 28 Some Fr. 42 Vint , one honorees of the so-called "fathers of the 29 Ultimate point Internet" 30 One with a lot of 43 Dutch branch of coursework? the Rhine 31 Not kosher 44 "Silly me!" 32 Hall monitors, for short 47Twins great Tony

49 50-50, maybe

SOOne navigating breakers? 51 Put weight on 52 Side for passage SSScott-Heron who wrote "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"

Online subscriptions: Today's puzzle and more than 7,000 past puzzles, nytimes.corn/crosswords ($39.95 a year). Readaboutand comment on each puzzle:nytimes.corn/wordplay. Crosswords for young solvers: nytimes.corn/studentcrosswords



raoobook46m/Sir arrocomiog GEO IIM fopoo

Okapigo pm


a little ahead of mq time.

Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digitfrom1 to 9 inclusively.












o 1


HAKt) fo &AC

~...AI,I. l (gf l

'PIPETfl(' $00)l


flic "gg g ji(ft,l(' QOV'l,l 6IAELL 6lIS I l.."

&IVll4(j OFF 0)('(b&I4.

z70M5f HIM&


Edited by Rich Norrisand Joyce Nichols Lewis ACROSS 1 Really frighten 17 2010 Eminem/Rihann a ¹1 hit with the lyric "Just gonna stand there and

hear me cry"

18 "Despicable Me

2" company

19 Something to


8 Obi-Wan


httP:IOOOO O.oofohaoenooomiC.COm

IjMO What do you mean, youexpected me home later!? And why are you watching 'Breaking Bad'season 3 alone? We had only reached the lastepisodes of season 1! Together!

Modern infidelity 1Wl 7


Hme<CeIR.P ITONS Biff(-"jo: MOM.





~T IN &~ 5 f Q h, pblP~ ALI C?F 'CUIR ~WORPS.



~' gp.

52 Ba rb e rshop part 53 Actress Neuwirth 54 OS X basis 55 Shields may be


9 Doesn't measure UP 10 Shakespearean cries 11 News initials since 1851 12 British classic cars 13 Typically 81-digit

41 Prolonged lament 43 Builder of used in one Jerusalem'8 First 57 Operation Torch Temple target

44 Worth writing

58 W a y up

home about 60 Phi s h ers' fodder: 46 Fountain output Abb r. 48 1943 Pacific 6 2 DOJ pooh-bahs island battle site 6 3 180 degrees 50 The Bahamas' fro m I Islands 64 2012 film bear


14 Omniummagazine gatherum founder Eric 15 Verizon bundle 21 Ruler'8 domain? 16 Film follower? ANSWER TO PREVIOUSPUZZLE 22 Barred furniture 23 Zookeeper's 24 Finely contoured main squeeze? P YG M Y A T M S A B E R 27 God, in a midraeh 25 Square, in '508 J U L I A L E 0 U S E M E 30 Pickup spots'? slang, ae shown S M A L L B I L L G A M E D 34 City with a by a fourPumpkin Run D A L E C A S A I R E fingered gesture classic car show 26 -1: O D I N S H O R T R A N G E 36 Baguette "Ghostbusters o Z O O I T A E S T E E M surfaces car 38 Angry Birds I M B R U E 28 Should it happen S O L E D sequel setting M I N I A T U R E G 0 L F that 39 Valuable deposit 29 Locks in a D OS I D O A F OO T 40 From square paddock A W A I T S T A R O X O one, to Severus 31 Hard-hit liner, in 41 Shock L I T T L E J O H N S KY Y baseball lingo 42 One may be 32 Spanakopita TN T I T E M O U TS blonde dough I D I N G T E E N S Y B I T 43 Hard 33 They' re often lit 44 Fortune's 2012 M U L C H E G O P L A C E 34 Norwegian saint Businessperson A P A R T R A N S I D E D 35 Fountain output of the Year 37 Fruit remnant xwordedltor(gaol.corn 10/17/15 45 Badly deteriorated 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 io 11 12 'is 14 1 5 ie 47 Complete 49 Uber i7 51 Means 53 Grand Canyon 18 ride 56 Quantum theory 19 20 21



THAT SCRAMBLED WORD GAME Oy David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek

Unscramble these four Jumbles,

~<IIRlc tooer


ono letter to each square,


rosolvod to He's so oe ready foooood oh foo oio Olympics.

to form four ordinary words.



ooolo Tooune content Agency, LLc All RiOho Reeenred.

WHEN IT CAME TO TENN& FOR RACE5, THE 5PRINTi' -i3 WA5Now arrange the circled letters

to form the surprise anowo0 ao suggested by the above cartoon.

Print your answer here: y1M

"Where do I put my mouth?"

an as yet unsolved musical theme 65 Threat in Season 3 of "24o 66 Ways to get high

28 29


34 35





31 3 2








2 Like certain parlor containers


6 Laughingstock Licensing Ino, Dist. by Universal Uclick, 2015

24 2 5




0 O 3




61 Elgar work with

DOWN 1 Musical



59 Gl chow




40 Depressed


20 Eponymous

2015 by King Features Syndicate, Inc. World rights reserved



6 d

I IF &@&Pl l5 CL)HPVGTIII& P)io1o&ggfHSSI5, I6 HS

© o Ol

(Anoworo Monday) I Jumbles: SCARF LU C K Y ATT AI N POL I CY l Answer: Everyone loved Leonard Nimoyo role oo8 Vulcan and thought ho was — SPOCKTACULAPP

3 Real page-

turner? 4 Wake-LIp call 5 Nice time for toasting 6 Robin's family 7 "I have broke

49 53 5 4 61



56 5 7 62 63







65 66

your t o Say so!": "The Tempest"

By David Steinberg (c)2015 Tribune Content Agency, LLC

10/17/1 5




3 6

SutIoku High Fives

8 7 6 3 2 8 1 5 7 4

How to play: Sudoku High Fives consists of five regular Sudoku grids sharing one set of 3-by-3 boxes. Each row, column and set of 3-by-3 boxes must contain the numbers 1 through 9 without repetition. The num-


2 5

8 9

7 3

96 2 3 1 6 6 3

bers in any shared


The Bulletin

1 4 6


Employment Opportunities

r.=.-"-,.— ..a I

I credit i n f ormationI I may be subjected to 25+ Years established

* ** * * * ~


I FRAUD. I more informa- I / I For tion about an adver- • I The Bulletin Mailroom is hiring for our Satur- I I tiser, you may call I the Oregon State I day night shift and other shifts as needed. WeI • currently have openings all nights of the week.• I Attorney General'sI t C o n s umer t / Everyone must work Saturday night. Shifts / I Office Protection hotline at I start between 6:00 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. and / end between 2:00 a.m. and 3:30 a.m. Allpo- / I 1-877-877-9392. I • sitions we are hiring for, work Saturday nights.• * / * Great Supplemental Income!!

I Starting pay is $9.25 per hour, and we pay aI g minimum of 3 hours per shift, as some shiftsg • are short (11:30 - 1:30). The work consists of• / loading inserting machines or stitcher, stack- / ing product onto pallets, bundling, cleanup and / other tasks.

I~ Please submit a completed application . .



/ I

attention Kevin Eldred. Applications are available at The Bulletin front desk (1 777 S.W. Chandler Blvd.), or

an electronic application may be obtained upon request by contacting Kevin Eldred via email (keldred@bendbulletin.corn).



No pho ne calls please. * No resumes will be accepted *



Drug test is required prior to employment. EOE. .

The Bulletin


servmg central oregon sincesos



2 9 1 4 5 6 7 8 3

46 8 3 7 5 3 7 9 8 2 1 5 4 1 9 6 2

1 7 4 6 2 5 8 3 9

9 2 3 8 4 7 1 6 5

L +**** * * * * * * * * * * Ay

1 8 2 6 7 9 5 4 3

7 1 3 8 6 5 4 2 9

8 6 9 4 3 2 7 5 1

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Boats 8 Accessories


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pet board/grooming facility. AD¹1712 TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty 541-312-9449

www. Bendoregon RealEstate.corn


The Bulletin

I ' .-I,

I The Bulletin I I [


Looking for your next employee? Place a Bulletin help wanted ad today and reach over 60,000 readers each week. Your classified ad will also appear on bendbulletin.corn which currently receives over 1.5 million page views every month at no extra cost. Bulletin Classifieds Get Results!

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Redmond Spokesman

OPIA' UPRIGHT PIANO Oak piano in great shape. Just tuned, has a few scratches on lid. Bench not included.

Community/Sports Reporter

Moving forces sale!

Western Communications seeks a reporter to cover community news and local sports for the Redmond Spokesman, its 4,000 circulation weekly newspaper in Redmond, Oregon.

$850 QBO 541-OOO-OOO •

The successful candidate can expect to write a weekly front-page centerpiece for the paper, as well as report on local prep and community sports and recreation.

To apply,please email resume and any relevant writing samples to: spokesmaneditor@bendbulletln.corn

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Boats & Accessories

SPOKESMAN The Bulletin

As a lead reporting position, it also entails a modest amount of editing of the paper's copy, and is responsible for coordinating coverage. Photography experience and skills a plus. This is a full time position.

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LThe Bull@in

IFor qualifying employees we offer benefitsl I including life insurance, short-term & long-term disability, 401 (k), paid vacation and sick time. '

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General Bigfoot Beverages is D ID Y O U KNO W Full & part time open- seeking a General Newspaper-generings, retail experience Manager. For details a ted content is s o a must! Credit and & to apply, visit: valuable it's taken and background check re- www.bigfootbeverrepeated, condensed, quired. Bring resume ages.corn. Deadline broadcast, t weeted, 528 to West Bend Liquor 11/2/1 5. EOE discussed, p o sted, Store, 155 SW Cencopied, edited, and Loans & Illlortgages tury Dri., Suite 100, emailed c o u ntless Bend OR 97702 times throughout the WARNING day by others? DisThe Bulletin recomcover the Power of Home Delivery Advisor mends you use cauThe Bulletin Circulation Department is seeking Newspaper Advertistion when you proing in FIVE STATES a Home Delivery Advisor. This is a full-time vide personal with just one phone information to compaposition and consists of managing an adult call. For free Pacific carrier force to ensure our customers receive nies offering loans or superior service. Must be able to create and Northwest Newspacredit, especially per Association Netperform strategic plans to meet department those asking for adobjectives such as increasing market share work brochures call vance loan fees or 916-288-6019 or companies from out of and penetration. Ideal candidate will be a self-starter who can work both in the office email state. If you have elizabeth@enpa.corn and in their assigned territory with minimal concerns or quessupervision. Early a.m. hours are necessary (PNDC) tions, we suggest you with company vehicle provided. Strong Driver consult your attorney customer service skills and management skills or call CONSUMER Oregon Outback are necessary. Computer experience is HOTLINE, required. You must pass a drug screening Freight Movers Inc. 1-877-877-9392. Line Haul Driver and be able to be insured by company to drive vehicles. This is an entry-level position, but we Requirements: Current BANK TURNED YOU Class A CDL with one DOWN? Private party b elieve in p r omoting from w i thin, s o year exp e rience; will loan on real esadvancement within company is available to medical card, doubles tate equity. Credit, no the right person. If you enjoy dealing with experience preferred. problem, good equity people from diverse backgrounds and you are Must pass drug test, is all you need. Call energetic, have great organizational skills and background c heck, Oregon Land Mortinterpersonal communication skills, please and have clean driv- gage 541-388-4200. send your resume to: ing record. Health inThe Bulletin surance pr o vided. Need help fixing stuff? c/o Kurt Muller Night run, full time Call A Service Professional PO Box 6020 and part time. Please find the help you need. Bend, OR 97708-6020 contact P e rr y at www.bendbulletin.corn or e-mail resume to: kmullerObendbulletin.corn LOCAL MONEY:We buy No phone calls, please. secured trust deeds & TheBulletin ls a drug-free workplace. EOE note, some hard money Pre-employment drug screen required. loans. Call Pat Kellev caution when pur541-382-3099 ext.13. i chasing products or i • services from out of • 573 I the area. Sending General Business Opportunities c ash, checks, o r


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14' aluminum boat w/ Canoe, Wenoga, good trailer. Trailer has 2 cond., $200 O B O. 541-420-9474 brand new t ires 8 wheels. Trailer in exc. 14' 2006 Tracker fishcond., guaranteed no leaks. 2 upholstered ing boat, 15hp motor, swivel seats, no mo- nice trailer. Like new. Beaver Contessa 40'tor. $2,900. $4999. 541-719-0050 2008, four slide die541-410-4066 sel pusher. Loaded, great condition. WarFUN & FISH! ranty. Pictures/info at www.fourstarbend.corn 541-647-1236 B ounder, 1999, 3 4 ' , @ 20132013 UFS, Dist. b Univ. Uciick for UFS one slide, low mileage, very clean, lots 880 16' Seaswirl Tahoe 2006 Smokercraft of storage, $28,500. with trailer, 50 HP Motorcycles & Accessories 541-639-9411 Sunchaser 820 :s. Evinrude, bimini top, model pontoon boat Columbus by Thor 30' excellent condition. K awaskai Vul c a n 75HP Mercury and $3,500 m otorhome, 1 9 94, Drifter 2005, 800cc, electric trolling mo541-647-1918 Chevy 454, B anks 1,150 mi., 1 owner, tor, full canvas and p ower w / new er in new cond., no many extras. transmission, w a lkchips or scratches, Stored inside around queen bed, always stored in$19,900 41K miles, full gas s ide, $3,40 0 . 541-350-5425 t ank! $ 9,500 o b o . 541-350-3886 850 541-598-6978 Snowmobiles Ads published in th 16' Smoker C raft "Boats" classification include: Speed, fishfishing boat, 50 HP Yamaha ou t b oard ing, drift, canoe, • house and sail boats. motor w/electric tilt 8 For all other types of electric trolling motor w/remote control watercraft, please go Fleetwood D i scovery Guzzi Breva mounted on bow, walk to Class 875. • 4-place enclosed Inter- Moto 40' 2003, diesel, w/all 100 2007, o n l y through w i ndshield, 541-385-5809 • state snowmobile trailer 1 options - 3 slide outs, miles. 11,600 exc. cond. $8,500. satellite, 2 TV's, W/D, w/ RockyMountain pkg, $5,500. 541-233-6223 $7500. 541-379-3530 etc., 34,000 m iles. sere n central ore on smce 1903 206-679-4745 Wintered in h e ated 875 shop. $78,995 obo. Find It in 541-447-8664 Watercraft SPort 15 0 Ta o Tao The Itttiietin giassifiedsi S4<-3ee-Sees ds published in "Wam ost N ew , $ 9 95. 541-548-0345 tercraft" include: Kay17' Suncraft, aks, rafts and motor860 2 motors. $1,200. Ized personal liilotorcycles & Accessories 541-593-7257 watercrafts. For "boats" please see Fleetwood SouthClass 870. wind, F o rd, 3 2 ' , 541-385-5809 1994, 82,000 miles, I := , I queen bed & sleeper sofa, TV, cooktop, Serving Central Oregon since 1903 V-Max 2009 oven, m i crowave, Yam aha refrigerator & 880 BARON 2003 cusLots of factory 18' 2003 Sun freezer, trailer hitch tom built on '03 vulextras: windshield, I Cruiser - pontoon Motorhomes equipped, new tires, can chassis, 1600 saddlebags, back boat, fully equipped. serviced. just V-twin, 4600 miles, rest, rear cargo I Has only been used I $9,800. custom paint, fendrack, bike cover, a handful of times & 503-459-1580. ers, wheels, etc., motorcycle hoist, ~ has been in covered ~ comes with helmet, alarm system, also [ storage. Ask ing windshield and set of new tires. FOUNTAIN OF more! Discounted for $1 1,000 YOUTH SPA Allegro 32' 2007, like off-season. $8,495. 541-508-1554 RV Resort 541-280-9404 new, only 12,600 miles. Is your WINTER Chev 8.1L with Allison 60 DESTINATION for transmission, dual exHealing Mineral haust. Loaded! Auto-levWaters, Five-Star eling system, 5kw gen, Activities, power mirrors w/defrost, Facilities, Entertainment, 2 slide-outs with awFitness, Friends, and nings, rear c a mera, Youthful Fun! 19' C lassic 1 9 90 trailer hitch, driver door H arley Road K i ng Yamaha V Star 1100 Mastercraft ski boat. w/power window, cruise, $9.95/Day For New year 2004, Pro-star 190 conven- exhaust brake, central Customers. Classic 2003, 100th Classic, Reservations: Anniversary Edition, -Many extras. 1 7 K tional in-board, cus- vac, satellite sys. Remiles. $4800. 1-888-800-0772 16,360 mi., reduced 541-548-2109 tom trailer, exc. cond. duced price: $54,950. foyspa.corn $9,999. 541-647-7078 $8,995. 541-389-6562 503-781-8812

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Employment Opportunities

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Employment Opportunities

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Serving Central Oregon since f903




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set of 3-by-3 boxes apply to each of the individual Sudokus.


*Ad runs until SOLD or up to 8 weeks

(whichever comes first!) Item Priced at:

• $499 and under • $500 to $999 • $1000 to $2499 • $2500 and over

Your Total Ad Cost onl

$39 $49 $59 $69

Includes up to 2" in length, with border, full color photo, bold headline, and price. 3 items per ad maximum. •

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541-385-5809 *Private party merchandiseonly - excludes pets &livestock, autos, RVs,motorcycles, boats, airplanes, andgaragesale categories.











Fifth Wheels

Antique & Classic Autos


Itasca 2003 31' Class C MH. Great cond., 31K miles, slider, $32,000. 541-508-9700

Aircraft, Parts 8 Service

Winnebago Journey

Lexington 2006 283TS class B+motor coach, full GTS pkg, 19,352 miles. 3 burner range, half time oven, 3 slides w/awnings, Onan gen., King Dome satellite system, Ford V10 Triton, auto-leveling system, new tires, Falcon tow bar. Non-smoker, maintained in dry storage. Can email additional pictures.$55,000. 541-520-3407

Monaco Monarch 31 ' 2006, Ford V 10 , miles, 26,900 auto-level, 2 slides, queen b ed 8 hide-a-bed sofa, 4k

2001 36' 2nd owner, 300 Cummins Turbo diesel, Allison 5 spd, 80k miles. D r iver s ide s l ide, g a s stove, oven, 2 flat screen TVs, refer, generator, inverter, King Dome, tow bar. N on-smoker, n o pets, no c h ildren.

C lean, and w e ll maintained, $43,000 541-390-1472.

Winnebago LeSharo 1985, $5,900. Good Condition. Renault Turbo Diesel (24 miles/gal.). Includes good C Band radio. 541-526-9534 881

Travel Trailers 8 as cx

gen, convection microwave, 2 TVs, tow package. PRICE REDUCTION! 19' Ampex. 2011. Slide $59,000. 541-815-6319

out and other extras. Tows well $12,500. 541.316.1367

g •


Pace A rrow V i sion 1997, Ford 460 en- 34' Winnebago One gine w/Banks, solar, 2013 30RE. walk-around q ueen Two slides. bed, 2 door fridge, mi- $23,000. Fully loaded. cro-convection oven, photos and info WiFi, 1 00 k m i l es, Full sent upon request. needs work, (photo Family illness similar to actual rig) requires sale. $9,500. 541-280-0797 541-923-2593


We Do The Work ... You Keep The Cash! On-site credit approval team, web site presence. We Take Trade-Ins! BIG COUNTRY RV Bend: 541-330-2495 Redmond: 541-548-5254

RV CONSIGNMENTS WANTED We Do The Work ... You Keep The Cash! On-site credit

approval team, web site presence. We Take Trade-Ins!


your ad, please contact us ASAP so that

corrections and any adjustments can be made to your ad. 541-385-5809 The BulletinClassified Laredo 31'2006, 5th wheel, fully S/C one slide-out. Awning. Like new, hardly used. Must sell $20,000 541-410-5649


You Keep the Cash! On-site credit approval team, web site presence. We Take Trade-Ins! BIG COUNTRY RV Bend: 541-330-2495

Redmond: 541-548-5254 885

Canopies 8 Campers


jw — ~

py g

Winnebago 22' 2002 - $26,900 Chevy 360, heavy duty chassis, cab & roof A/C, tow hitch w/brake, 22k mi., more! 541-280-3251

Cameo LX1 2001, 32 ft. 5th wheel, 2 slides, A/C, micro, DVD, CD p l ayer, conv. and i n vert. New batteries, tires and shocks. Quad carrier. Quad avail. $11,900 OBO. 541-390-7179

Trucks & Heavy Equipment 1997 Utility 53'x102" dry freight van. S liding


Utility Trailers

2013 7 f t .X18 f t .

Carry-On open car hauler trailer. Used only three times to haul my 1967 Camaro, and looks like new. I had the front barrier made and installed and added the tool box. It also has a mounted new spare tire. $3995 OI'



People Lookfor Information About Products and Services EveryDaythrough The Bulletin Classiueds 929

1/3interest in

Columbia 400,

Financing available.


(located © Bend)



Jeep CJ5 4x41967, first year of the orig. Dauntless V-6, last year of the "All metal" body! Engine overhauled: new brakes, fuel pump, steering gear box, battery, alternator, emergency brake pads, gauges, warn hubs, dual exhaust, 5 wide traction tires, 5 new spoke, chrome wheels. NO rust, garage stored. $7,495 OBO! (775) 513-0822

Take care of your investments with the help from The Bulletin's "Call A Service Professional" Directory


Chevy Pickup 1978, long bed, 4x4, frame up restoration. 500 Cadillac eng i ne, fresh R4 transmission w/overdrive, low mi., no rust, custom interior and carpet, n ew wheels a n d tires, You must see it! $25,000 invested. $12,000 OBO. 541-536-3889 or 541-420-6215.

Volvo XC60 2014, VIN ¹556164

Lincoln Navigator Limited 201 1, VIN ¹J04183 $30,998 (exp. 10/31/1 5) DLR ¹366

$33,997 (exp. 10/31/1 5) DLR ¹366


V OL V O 541-749-2156 smolichvolvo.corn


Dodge Challenger 2011, 28K mi. V IN ¹503833

Chevy Silverado 2500HD 2002, 4x4 Crew cab, canopy, 85K original miles, LOADED! $16,250 OBO.

4x4. VIN ¹A97725

DLR ¹366

$15,979 or $199 mo.,

$12,998 (exp10/31II/1 5)


$19,998 (exp. 10/31/1 5)

Toyota Corolla2013 (exp. 10/31/1 5) Vin ¹053527 Stock ¹83072

Ford Explorer 2007, Eddie Bauer Edition,

$2000 down, 84 mo., 4 .49% APR o n a p proved credit. License and title included in

DLR ¹366


smolichusedcar center.corn

stalled options.

© Dodge Big Horn Mercedes 450 SL 1979 Roadster, soft & hard tops, always garaged, 122k mi., new tires, shocks and brakes, $7900. 541-548-5648

Ram 2500, 2005, 6


smolichusedcar center.corn

speed manual. Extra tires and rims, Say "goodbuy" canopy goes with. Excellent condition, to that unused well mai n tained, item by placing it in runs great. 1 6 0K miles. $2 8 ,500 The Bulletin Classifieds 541-620-1212


2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 877-266-3821 Dlr ¹0354

Ei Camino 1987 Classic.

Audi A4 Quattro 2010, VIN ¹017492 $19,497 (exp. 10/31/1 5) DLR ¹366


Small Block 327 Modified engine. Large duration roller Cam. Edlebrock Alum Heads and more.$9,000 Runs Great! 541-977-2830

Ford F150 2013 Supercrew cab 4X4 Loaded w/options 30k mi. ¹KE18501 $33,995 SMOLICH AAA Ore. Auto Source V OL V O corner of West EmSunbeam Tiger 1966 541-749-2156 pire & Hwy 97, Bend. Very clean car. Al541-596-3750 smolichvolvo.corn ways garaged since www,aaaoregonauto- Ford Explorer XLT repaint 30 y e a rs source.corn Dlr 0225 ago. Original 260 1991 r eliable w e l l Ford Focus2012, V-8 engine totally cared for, clean, nonV IN ¹367736 rebuilt 9,400 miles smoking, incl. 4 stud$1 1,497 ago. Factory hard ded winter tires, new (exp. 10/31/1 5) top, good condition H D b attery, 1 9 0 k DLR ¹366 soft top, many LAT miles, 20k towed be- BMW Z3 R o adster dealer sold options hind mot o rhome 1 997, $4500. C a l l SMOLICH Ford F250 Crew Cab so car is considered $1500 obo Message 541-548-0345 to see. Super Duty 2012, "stock" at car shows. V OL V O 541-241-4896. (exp. 10/31/1 5) I have owned the car 541-749-2156 Vin ¹C52424 f or 18 year s . smolichvolvo.corn Stock ¹63414 $ 70,000. Te l 5 4 1 Nissan Ro u e $33,999 or $449/mo., I 2011 VERY cean I 548 3458 $2000 down, 84 mo., 30+ mpg hwy (25+ 4 .49% APR o n a p - I in town). Runs great! I proved credit. License [ AWD, white w/black and title i ncluded in interior, air, cruise,

[ defrost, factory win- ( ( dow tint, power locks ( & windows. N e w

payment, plus dealer in- ( tilt, single CD, rear stalled options.


Suaaau SAUS R U O P S E H D .OtM

VW Beetle c lassic 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. I Toyo AT tires (less I 877-266-3821 1972, Exc. shape, no than 6k miles and rust, very clean, fully Dlr ¹0354 ~ siped). New AGM restored, has had 2 b attery. Alw a y s o wners. $4,0 0 0. GMC Pickup 1983 w/ ~ maintained. G r eat ~ topper, 4 wheel drive, 541-815-8147 winter r uns good, go o d [ commuter $13 ,500 winter truck. $1,500 driver. 933 I OBO Call or text I obo. 907-310-1877 Pickups

I [

BNIW Z4 3.1 Convertible 2003, VIN ¹U06112 $10,977 (exp. 10/31/1 5) DLR ¹366


V OL V O 541-749-2156


Ford Fusion SEL2012, (exp. 10/31/1 5) Vin ¹117015 Stock ¹44382A

$15,979 or $199/mo.,

$2400 down, 84 mo., 4 .49% APR o n a p proved credit. License and title included in payment, plus dealer installed options.


S US A R u

IhUS k U O P S E H D .(NM

2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend.

DONATE YOUR CAR, TRUCK OR BOAT TO HERITAGE FOR THE BLIND. Free 3 Day V acation, Tax D e - Ford F-350 XLT Crew ductible, Free Towing, Cab 1993, 4x4 All Paperwork Taken V IN ¹A69363.

Got an older car, boat or RV? Do the hu1/5 share in very nice mane thing. Donate it 150 HP Cessna 150; to the Humane Soci1973 Cessna 150 with ety. Call Lycoming 0-320 150 800-205-0599 hp engine conversion, (PNDC) 4000 hours. TT airframe. Approx. 400 W ANTED! I bu y o l d hours o n 0- t i med Porsches 911, 356. 0-320. Hanga red in 1948-1973 only. Any nice (electric door) c ondition. Top $ $ city-owned hangar at paid. Finders Fee. the Bend Airport. One Call 707-965-9546 or of very few C-150's email po rschedclasthat has never been a sicseyahoo.corn t rainer. $4500 w i l l (PNDC) consider trades for 931 whatever. Call Jim Frazee, 541-410-6007 Automotive Parts, Service & Accessories

DID YOU KNOW 7 IN 10 Americans or 158 million U.S. A d ults read content f r om n ewspaper m e d ia each week? Discover the Power of the Pacific Northwest Newspaper Advertising. For a free brochure call 916-288-6019 or email elizabeth@enpa.corn


Automotive Wanted

Care O f . CAL L 1-600-401-4106 (PNDC)


Auto m obiles


541-548-'I 448

smolichusedcar center.corn

payment, plus dealer in-

obo. 541-876-5375 908

'13 - 3 lines, 7 days '20 -3 lines, 14 days (Private Party ads only)


Northlander 1993 17' camper, Polar 990, good shape, new fridge, A/C, queen bed, bathroom, indoor/outdoor shower, lots of storage, customized to fit newer pickups,$4500 obo. 541-419-9859.

Aircraft, Parts & Service

Looking for your next employee? Place a Bulletin help wanted ad today and reach over 60,000 readers each week. Sunseeker 2500 T S Your classified ad 2015 by Forest River will also appear on triple slide Class C. ben dbulletin.corn Purchased Jun e which currently re2015, used twice (wife ceives over 1.5 milbecame ill) F ULLY lion page views evLoaded with Platinum ery month at no Full Body paint, auto extra cost. Bulletin level system, Arctic Classifieds Get RePkg, rear c amera, sults! Call 385-5809 B luetooth. Also i n or place your ad cludes NEW Adco allon-line at weather coach cover. bendbulletin.corn $74,900. Call Jim cell 209.401.7449 (can 882 email addt'I photos) Fifth Wheels Tow Dolly Roadmaster, m odel 3 4 77 , li k e new-never used, Cameo 32' LXI, '01, electric breaks, mag- 3 slides, rear lounge, netic lights w/wiring island kitchen, new harness, profession- tires, wheel pack, ally wired. $1450. new batteries, Onan generator, rear 541-419-5151 cargo carry hitch, $18,500.

Have an item to sell quick? If it's under '500 you can place it in The Bulletin Classifieds for:

axles, leaf springs, good tires, body & swing doors in exc. cond., has no dings, road ready! $7500 o bo. Sisters, O R .

BIG COUNTRY RV Bend: 541-330-2495 Redmond:

Unique R-Pod 2013 trailer-tent combo, f ully l oaded, e x tended service contract and bike rack. $16,000. 541-595-3972 or 503-780-4467

Superhawk N7745G Owners' Group LLC Cessna 172/180 hp, full IFR, new avionics, GTN 750, touchscreen center stack, exceptionally clean. Healthy engine reserve fund. Hangared at KBDN. One share available. Call 541-815-2144

or refinance. Call


Southwind 33 ft. 1989 on Chevy c hassis, 64k mi., 454 motor, new front brake pads, 6.5k Onan generator. $9000. 541-389-7669 Call The Bulletin At 541-385-5809 Place Your Ad Or E-Mail At: www.bendbulletin.corn


hanger in Prineville. Dry walled, insulated, and painted. $23,500. Tom, 541.788.5546


Sport Utility Vehicles Sport Utility Vehicles


HANGAR FOR SALE. 30x40 end unit T

on the first day it runs to make sure it is correct. "Spellcheck" and human errors do occur. If this happens to


$6,998. (exp. 10/31/1 5) DLR ¹366


smolichusedcar center.corn

~4 >~

Chevrolet 2500 HD, 2003, 4x4, 8.1L, Allison trans., 99,650 mi,

LS, AC, all power, cruise ctrl., $16,500, call 541-280-0707


Toyota Tacoma 2006, reg. cab, 4x4, 5 spd Rogue 2014 standard 4 cyl engine, Nissan VIN ¹799777 2 2+ mpg, one s e $20,997 nior owner, (exp. 10/31/1 5) non-smoker, well DLR ¹366 maintained, n e a rly new tires, o r iginal S M O L I C H spare near new, runs Q LV Q excellent. $ 1 4 ,750. V541-749-21 56 541-633-9895 smolichvolvo.corn 935

Sport Utility Vehicles



Toyota FJ40 Landcruiser 1977 with winch, $18,000 541-389-7113, Michelle

4.2L 6 cyl. engine from 2001 Chevy T r ailblazer, complete with computer, starter & 1947 Stinson 108-2, alternator. A p prox. engine has been gone 15K mi., stored inside t hrough, the m a gs for many years, $800 h ave b ee n g o n e obo. 541-617-0211 through, new carb, Jeep Wrangler JK 4 brakes rebuilt, new in- d oor M opar s i d e s trument panel & step/running board, gauges, new ELT, & $200. 541-460-0008 much more. Fresh annual. Signed off by S tudded tires (4) on Bend Ace mechanics, rims 2 2 5 /55R-17XL Bend airport. $24,000. Used one s e ason 541-385-5662 $385. 541-312-9312

Toyota FJ Cruiser 2012, 64K miles. all hwy, original owner, never been off road or accidents, tow pkg, brand new tires, very clean. $26,000. Call or text Jeff at 541-729-4552

Ford Taurus 2007 88k miles, 4 studded tires i ncluded w/ri m s. $5300. 541-416-9566 Cadillac CTS 2010, V 6 I n j ection, 6 Speed A utomatic. Luxury series. Exterior: Black Raven, Interior: Light Titanium/Ebony. 22,555 miles. 4 door. Excellent condition all a round. Has A r i zona plates. This is car is a great mix of luxury, com f ort, style, and workmanship. $24,000 Call 541-408-3051


, „;„;...,. , „ »

Dlr ¹0354

Buick Lucerne 2008 Very clean 6 cylinder, auto., leather interior, 87k mi. $6950 Will consider part trade. Call or text Ron at 541-419-5060

Honda Accord 2005, V6, f ully l o aded, Nav, Moon roof, CD, perfect leather interior, one owner, full maintained, always never garaged, wrecked, 143K road miles, $7,999. Great car ready to drive. Mike 541-499-5970

su(]et(n CIBssj fjegs Get IIesulIsi


brakes (less than 100

Michelin tires,

AWp, leather intenor heated front seats, pre-

mium factory sound, 6 CD in dash player and sub-woofer, heated I outside mirrors, dua

BuV g Se~~ $gfe/y IllTh e Bulletin Classifieds Unlike unregulated Internet advertising, we make every

attemPt to enSure that PrOduCtS SOld in our ClaSSifiedS are

from a valid source.

Call 541-385-5808 toplaceyour adtoday.

moonroof, tow pkg., roof rack, always garaged, no smoke or dogs. Exc. cond.

12-Week Package 1" ad* Vehicle Priced at: • under $4999 • $5000 fo $9999 • $10,000 tQ $14,999 • $15,000 to $19,999

AdCo st:

$50 $70 $85 $9 5

$149 flat rate

'Photo o tional

Your ad will appear in:

The Bulletin

Serving Central Oregon since 1903


OR 12-MOnthpkg. 2n Ad With phOtO Until SOLD, 2" Ad with Photo, Border whichever comes 8 Bold Headline, regardless of item price. first!

541-385-5809 'Private party merchandise only.

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Hyundai SantaFe GLS 2012,

REDUCED! Toyota Avalon Lmtd 2007 Vin ¹'I 51185 V-6 4dr. only 54k mi, Stock ¹45197A New Everything: $16,979 or $199/mn., brakes, battery, $2900 down, 84 mo., Michelin tires/rims, 4 .49% APR o n a p show room condiproved credit. License tion, local car, all and title included in services, too! Nothpayment, plus dealer ining to do to car. Just stalled options. drive! GPS/AC and S UBA RU. SVBARUOPERHD.OOII heated seats, etc. Too much to list! 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 877-266-3821 Was $17,459, now $15,950. Dlr ¹0354 In Bend '70 I mpala E 4 0 0, (928) 210-8323 '76 $2,500. Nova, $1,800. '03 Honda 700cc MC, $ 2 000. (exp. 10/31/2015)



Scion TCcoupe 2007, (exp. 10/31/1 5)

Vin ¹198120 Stock ¹44193B Kia Soul 2013, $10,379 or $149/mo., (exp. 10/31/2015) $2800 down, 60 mo., Vin ¹768357 4 .49% APR o n a p Stock ¹45202A1 credit. License $13,779 or $215/rn., proved and title i ncluded in $2000 down, 66 mo., payment, plus dealer in4.49% APR on apstalled options. p roved credit. L i cense and title included in payment, 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. plus dealer installed 877-266-3821 options. Dlr ¹0354

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2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 877-266-3821 Dlr ¹0354 Li

Subaru Impreza 2013, (exp. 10/31/1 5)

Vin ¹027174 Stock ¹83205

$20,358 or $249/mo.,

$2600 down, 84 mo., 4 .49% APR o n a p proved credit. License and title included in

Lexus ES350 2010, Excellent Condition 32,000 miles, $20,000 214-549-3627 (in

payment, plus dealer installed options.



s u a a au

2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 877-266-3821 Dlr ¹0354

Mercedes Benz E Class 2005, (exp. 10/31/1 5)

Vin ¹688743 Stock ¹82316

$11,979 or $155/mo.,

$2500 down, 72 mo., 4 .49% APR o n a p proved credit. License and title i ncluded in payment, plus dealer installed options.


Subaru Legacy LL Bean2006, (exp. 10/31/1 5) Vin ¹203053 Stock ¹82770

$16,977 or $199/mo.,

$2600 down, 84 mo. at 4 .49% APR o n a p proved credit. License and title included in


2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 877-266-3821 Dlr ¹0354

payment, plus dealer installed options.



2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 877-266-3821 Dlr¹0354


SLK230 2003, exc. cond., auto, convertible retractable hard top. 54,250 miles, carfax available. $13,000.

Toyota Camry Hybrid 2007, 151k m i les, one owner, garaged, cruise, non-smoker, fully l o a ded, all r ecords, $850 0 . 541-350-9806


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Toyota Corolla S 2007, 93 k m i l es, automatic, s i l ver. New brakes and battery. Super clean, no smoking. Cruise control, CD player, c loth s eats, A C . Price: $6500. Call

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Nissan 350Z Convertible 2005, VIN ¹752136 $14,988 (exp. 10/31/1 5) DLR ¹368

VW Jetta 1999, 187K mi., 1 7 " whe e l s,


R aceland Ult i m o coilovers, Kenwood stereo. New radiator hoses, motor mount and new CV a xle. $2500. 541-420-2016 or 541-279-8013

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Nissan Sentra 2012,

Place a Bulletin help wanted ad today and reach over 60,000 $11,979 or $199/mo., readers each week. $2500 down, 72 mc., Your classified ad 4 .49% APR o n a p will also appear on proved credit. License bendbulletin.corn and title included in which currently repayment, plus dealer inceives over 1.5 milstalled options. lion page views S UBA R U every month at SUBARUO188tlD.OOM no extra cost. Bulle2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. tin Classifieds 877-266-3821 Get Results! Call Dlr ¹0354 385-5809 or place your ad on-line at bendbulletin.corn (exp. 10/31/2015)

Vin ¹734544 Stock ¹44681C


I The Bulletin recoml mends extra caution I when p u r chasing • Porsche B o x ster f products or services 2008, exc. c ond., from out of the area. less than 18K mi., f S ending c ash , black/black, s p o rt checks, or credit in- I pkg., stored in winformation may be I t er. $25,0 0 0 . [ subject to FRAUD. 224-558-1887, For more informalBend. f tion about an advertiser, you may call PRIUS C3 2014 I the Oregon StateI Attorney General's g w/1 2,000 miles, asI sume lease with 20 Office C o nsumer months remaining at / Protection hotline at 1-877-877-9392. $240 mo., 50+ mpg. $ 3000. Cal l L a r ry 541.728.1775 e mail Serving Central Oregon sinceSIB Imbatstar Oaol.corn


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Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

ceeds of the violation LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE of, solicitation to vio- This is an action for IN TH E C I R CUIT NOTICE IS HEREBY NOTICE OF SEIZURE late, attempt to vioC OURT FOR T H E GIVEN pursuant to FOR CIVIL Judicial Foreclosure late, or conspiracy to of real property comSTATE OF OREGON, ORS 130.365 that the FORFEITURE TO ALL violates, the criminal I N AND FO R T H E undersigned is sucPOTENTIAL monly k n ow n as laws of the State of COUNTY OF DEScessor trustees to the CLAIMANTS AND TO 17456 Rail Dr, Bend, Oregon regarding the OR 97707. A motion CHUTES. U.S. BANK ROBERT & CAROL ALL UNKNOWN N ATIONAL A S S O- BROCKWAY LIVING PERSONS READ THIS manufacture, distribu- or answer must be tion, or possession of given to t h e c o urt CIATION, AS TRUST dated FebruCAREFULLY controlled substances clerk or administrator T RUSTEE ON B E ary 11, 1994. A settHALF OF THE BARM lor of the Trust was If you have any inter- (ORS C hapter475); within 30 days of the 2006-8 TRUST CAROL MARGARET est in t h e s e ized and/or (2) Was used date of the first publiFUND, its successors B ROCKWAY, w h o property d e s cribed or intended for use in cation specified herein in interest and/or as- died September 30, below, you must claim committing or facili- a long with the r e signs, Plaintiff, v. JON 2015. A l l p e rsons that interest or you will tating the violation of, quired filing fee. IN M. HARDER; KRIShaving claims against automatically lose that solicitation to violate, T HE CIRCU I T TIN P . HA R D E R; settlor of th e R OB- interest. If you do not attempt to violate, or COURT O F THE AURORA LOAN E RT & CARO L file a claim for the conspiracy to violate STATE OF OREGON SERVICES LLC; BROCKWAY LIVING property, the property the criminal laws of FOR THE COUNTY VANDEVERT RANCH TRUST are required may be forfeited even the State of Oregon OF DE S CHUTES. regarding the manuASSOCIATION, INC., to present them with if you are not conJ.P. MORGAN FOOD SERVICES OF vouchers attached, to: victed of any crime. facture, distribution or CHASE BANK, N.A., AMERICA, INC.; JUBARBARA BROCK- To claim an interest, possession of c o nPlaintiff, v. E STATE s u b stances OF BRIAN A. CONDITH MACK L IN; WAY, Suc c essor you must file a written trolled ERIC L. M E URER; Trustee, ROBERT & claim with the forfei- (ORS Chapter 475). N OLLY; NAT H A N STATE OF OREGON; CAROL BROCKWAY ture counsel named CONNOLLY; U.S. NATI O NAL LIVING TRUST c/o below, The w r itten IN THE MATTER OF: HEATHER CON BANK, N A T IONAL Ronald L. Bryant, PO claim must be signed NOLLY JER O ME; (1) $3,900.00 in US ASSOCIATION, Box 457, Redmond by you, sworn to unJUDITH CONNOLLY; TRUSTEE OF THE OR 97756. All claims der penalty of perjury Currency, Case No. CHRISTOPHER CHEVY CHAS E against the ROBERT before a notary public, 15-00249668, seized CONNOLLY; THE FUNDING LLC & CAROL BROCK- and state: (a) Your September 1, 2 0 15 UNKNOWN H E I RS MORTGAGE-BACKE WAY LIVING TRUST true name; (b) The from Kenneth Ash- AND ASSIGNS OF D C E RTIFICATES, dated February 11, address at which you baugh. B RIAN A . CON SERIES 2006-1; AND 1994 must be p rewill a c cept f u t ure N OLLY; TH E UN OCCUPANTS OF sented to the Succes- m ailings from t h e KNOWN DEVISEES THE PRE M ISES, s or Trustee at t h e court and f orfeiture OF BRIAN A. CONGet your Defendants. Case No. above address within counsel; and (3) A NOLLY; O R E GON 15CV0041FC. SUM- four (4) months after s tatement that y o u WATER W O NDERbusiness MONS BY PUBLICA- the date of first publi- have an interest in the LAND DIS T RICT; TION. TO THE DEcation of this notice, seized property. Your O REGON W ATE R FENDANTS: JON M. or such claims may be deadline for filing the WONDERLAND HARDER AND KRISbarred. Date first pub- claim document with P ROPERTY O W N TIN P. HARDER: In lished: ROBERT & forfeiture co u nsel ERS ASSOCIATION, the name of the State CAROL BROCKWAY n amed below is 2 1 UNIT 11, INC.; ORWith an ad in of Oregon, you are L IVING TRUS T , days from the last day EGON WATE R hereby required to BARBARA BROCK- of publication of this WONDERLAND WAThe Bulletin's appear and answer WAY, Suc c essor notice. Where to file a TER D ISTRICT 11; the complaint f iled Trustee. claim and for more O REGON W ATE R against you in t he information: D a in a "Call /A Service WONDERLAND above-entitled Court Where can you find a Vitolins, Crook County SANITARY DISand cause on or beDistrict Attorney OfProfessional" TRICT 11.; AND ALL helping hand? fore the expiration of fice, 300 N E T h ird OTHER P E RSONS From contractors to 30 days from the date Street, Prineville, OR Directory OR PARTIES UNof the first publication yard care, it's all here 97754. KNOWN CLAIMING of this summons. The Notice of reasons for ANY RIGHT, TITLE, in The Bulletin's date of first publicaForfeiture: The propLIEN, OR INTEREST LEGAL NOTICE "Call A Service tion in this matter is erty described below NOTICE IN THE REAL PROPOF SEIZURE September 26, 2015. Professional" Directory was seized for forfeiE RTY C O M M O N LY FOR CIVIL If you fail timely to apture because it: (1) FORFEITURE TO ALL KNOWN AS 1 7456 pear an d a n swer, LEGAL NOTICE Constitutes the proRAIL DR., BEND, OR POTENTIAL ceeds of the violation 97707, Defendants. plaintiff will apply to NOTICE TO CLAIMANTS AND TO the abo v e-entitled of, solicitation to vioCase No. INTERESTED ALL UNKNOWN court for th e r elief late, attempt to vio- PERSONS READ THIS 15CV0016FC. SUMPERSONS prayed for in its com- Curtis L. Jones has late, or conspiracy to MONS. TO DEFENCAREFULLY DANTS: ESTATE OF plaint. This is a judi- been appointed as the violates, the criminal cial foreclosure of a CON Personal Representa- laws of the State of If you have any inter- BRIAN A . deed of trust in which tive of the Estate of Oregon regarding the est i n t h e s e i zed N OLLY, TH E U N the plaintiff requests Lewis Clark Jones, manufacture, distribu- property d e scribed KNOWN HEIRS AND that the plaintiff be OF BRIAN Deceased, by the Cir- tion, or possession of you must claim ASSIGNS allowed to foreclose cuit Court for Des- controlled substances below, CONNOLLY, THE that interest or you will A. NKNOWN D E V I your interest in the chutes County, State (ORS Chapter475); lose that U following d e scribed of Oregon, under case and/or (2) Was used automatically SEES OF BRIAN A. interest. If you do not real property: TRACT number 15PB04514. or intended for use in file a claim for the CONNOLLY, and ALL L O F V A NDEVERT All persons having a committing or f aciliP E RSONS the property OTHER RANCH PHASE 11, claim against the es- tating the violation of, property, O R PARTIES U Nmay be forfeited even DESCHUTES KNOWN CLAIMING tate must present the solicitation to violate, you are not con- ANY COUNTY, OREGON. c laim w i thin f o u r attempt to violate, or if TITLE, of any crime. LIEN,RIGHT, Commonly known as: months after the date conspiracy to violate victed OR INTEREST To claim an interest, 17600 Van d evert of first publication of the criminal laws of THE REAL PROPmust file a written IN Road, Bend, Oregon this notice to the Per- the State of Oregon you E RTY C O M M O N LY claim with the forfei97707. NOTICE TO sonal Representative regarding the manu- ture counsel named KNOWN AS 1 7456 DEFENDANTS: at Brian T. Hemphill, facture, distribution or below, Th e w r itten RAIL DR., BEND, OR READ THESE P AP.C., 339 SW Cen- possession of con- claim must be signed 97707. IN THE NAME PERS CAREFULLY! tury Dr. S te . 1 0 1, trolled su b stances by you, sworn to un- OF THE STATE OF A lawsuit has been Bend, OR 97702, or (ORS Chapter 475). You are der penalty of perjury OREGON: started against you in the claim may be hereby required to before a notary public, the ab o ve-entitled barred. All persons IN THE MATTER OF: and state: (a) Your appear and defend court by U.S. Bank whose rights may be name; (b) The the action filed against National Association, affected by this pro- (1) $1,069.00 in US true in the above-enaddress at which you you as Trustee on Behalf ceeding may obtain Currency, Case No. will a c cept titled cause within 30 f u t ure of the SARM 2006-8 additional information 15-00256341, seized m ailings from t h e days from the date of Trust Fund, plaintiff. f rom of this Sumthe cour t S eptember 9, 2 0 15 and forfeiture service Plaintiff's claims are records, the Personal from Donald Reed court mons upon you; and if counsel; and (3) A stated in the written Representative, or the and Ronald Reed. you fail to appear and s tatement that y o u d efend, f o complaint, a copy of attorney for the Perr wa n t have an interest in the which was filed with thereof, the P laintiff sonal Representative: seized property. Your the abo v e-entitled Brian T. H e mphill. apply to the court deadline for filing the will Court. You must "ap- Dated and first pubf or th e r e l ief d e Sell an Item claim document with pear" in this case or l ished: October 3 , ther e in. forfeiture cou n sel manded the other side will win 2015. Signed: /s/ CurD ated: October 7 , named below is 21 automatically. To tis L. Jones, Personal 2015. ALDRIDGE days from the last day PITE, LLP. By: /s/ "appear" you must file Representative of publication of this with the court a legal R. R i ckert. notice. Where to file a Megan document called a Megan R . Ri c kert If it's under $500 claim and for more Want to impress the "motion" or "answer." OSB ¹136404, WSBA i nformation: D a i na The "motion" or "anrelatives? Remodel you can place it in (503) Vitolins, Crook County ¹48625, swer" (or "reply" ) must your home with the 345-9498, (503) The Bulletin District Attorney Of222-2260 (Facsimile), be given to the court help of a professional fice, 300 N E T hird mrickert@aldclerk or administrator Classifieds for: from The Bulletin's Street, Prineville, OR r idgepite.corn, 6 2 1 within 30 days of the 97754. "Call A Service date of first publicaMorrison Street, $10 • 3 lines, 7 days Notice of reasons for SW tion specified herein Professional" Directory Suite 425, Portland, Forfeiture: The propa long with the r e $16 • 3 lines, 14 days 97205, Of Attorerty described below OR q uired filing fee. I t neys for Plaintiff. NOLEGAL NOTICE was seized for forfeimust be i n p roper NOTICE TO INTER- (Private Party ads only) TO D E F ENture because it: (1) TICE form and have proof ESTED P ERSONS. DANT/DEFENDANTS Constitutes the proo f service o n t h e Estate of Maxine C. READ THESE PAceeds of the violation PERS CAREFULLY. plaintiff's attorney or, M ontgomery. C a se of, solicitation to vioif the plaintiff does not Number: 15PB04690. LEGAL NOTICE must "appear" in late, attempt to vio- You have a n at t orney, Notice: The C i rcuit NOTICE OF SEIZURE this case or the other late, or conspiracy to FOR CIVIL will win automatiproof of service on the Court of the State of violates, the criminal side FORFEITURE TO ALL plaintiff. If you have c ally. T o "appear" Oregon, f o r the laws of the State of any questions, you County of Deschutes, POTENTIAL must file with the Oregon regarding the you should see an attor- has appointed Sidney CLAIMANTS AND TO a legal paper manufacture, distribu- court ney immediately. If ALL UNKNOWN called a "motion" or L. Carter as Personal or possession of "answer". The "moy ou need h elp i n Representative of the PERSONS READ THIS tion, controlled substances finding an attorney, Estate of Maxine C. CAREFULLY tion" or "answer" must (ORS C hapter475); you may contact the Montgomery, be given to the court de- If you have any inter- and/or (2) Was used clerk Oregon State Bar's ceased. All persons or administrator or intended for use in Lawyer Referral Ser- having claims against est i n t h e s e i zed committing or f acili- within 30 days (or 60 vice on l in e at said estate are re- property d e s cribed tating the violation of, days for Defendant www.oregonstate you must claim States or State bar. to present the below, to violate, United org or by calling (503) quired interest or you will solicitation Oregon Departsame, with p r oper that attempt to violate, or of 684-3763 ( in t h e automatically lose that ment of e venue) to the Perto violate a long with R Portland metropolitan vouchers If you do not conspiracy the r e sonal Representative, interest. the criminal laws of area) or toll-free else- c/o Melissa P. Lande, file a claim for the the State of Oregon q uired filing fee. I t where in Oregon at the property must be i n p r oper B ryant, L ovlien & property, may be forfeited even regarding the manu- form and have proof (800) 452-7636. This Jarvis, PC, 591 SW facture, distribution or summons is issued Mill View Way, Bend, if you are not con- possession of con- o f service on t h e pursuant to ORCP 7. Oregon 97702 within victed of any crime. trolled attorney or, s u b stances plaintiff's RCO LEGAL, P.C., four months from the To claim an interest, (ORS Chapter if the plaintiff does not 475). Randall Szabo, OSB date of first publica- you must file a written have a n a t t orney, ¹115304, claim with the forfei- IN THE MATTER OF: proof of service on the tion of this notice as rszabo © rcolegal.corn stated below, or they ture counsel named plaintiff. If you have Attorneys for Plaintiff, m ay be barred. A l l below, Th e w r itten questions, you should 1) $3,395.00 in US 511 SW 10th Ave., whose rights claim must be signed urrency, Case No. see an attorney imSte. 400, P ortland, persons may be affectedby by you, sworn to un- 15-00270828, seized mediately. If you need OR 97205, P: (503) this proceeding may der penalty of perjury September 24, 2015 help in finding an at977-7840 F: ( 5 0 3) obtain additional in- before a notary public, from Johnny Walker. torney, you may con977-7963. and state: (a) Your tact the Oregon State f ormation from t h e Bar's Lawyer Referral records of the court, true name; (b) The at which you S ervice o n line a t the Personal Repre- address will a c cept f u t ure www.oregonstatebar. sentative, or the Atailings from t h e org or by calling (503) torney for the Per- m 684-3763 ( in t h e sonal Representative. court and f orfeiture and (3) A Portland metropolitan Dated and first pub- counsel; s tatement that y o u area) or toll-free elselished October 10, have an interest in the where in Oregon at 2015. Personal Rep- seized property. Your (800) 452-7636. resentative: Sidney L. for filing the Carter, 2649 SE Hill deadline document with Street, Prineville, Or- claim cou n sel egon 97754. Attorney forfeiture GarageSales for Personal Repre- n amed below is 2 1 Whether you' re from the last day sentative: Melissa P. days looking for a hat or a of publication of this Lande, OSB ¹913493, notice. Where to file a place to hang it, B ryant, Lovlien & and for more your future is just Jarvis, P.C., 591 SW claim D a in a a page away. Mill View Way, Bend, information: Crook County Oregon 97702, Tele- Vitolins, District Attorney Ofphone: (541) 382-4331, Fax: (541) fice, 300 N E T h ird Find them in Prineville, OR 3 89-3386, Ema i l : Street, 97754. lande Ibljlawyers.co The Bulletin m. Thousands of ads daily Notice of reasons for Thousands cfadadaily Classifieds! Forfeiture: The propin print and online. in print andonline. Need help fixing stuff? erty described below Call A Service Professional was seized for forfeifind the help you need. ture because it: (1) ' I •I~ www.bendbulletin.corn Constitutes the pro-



Where buyers meet sellers

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LEGAL NOTICE N OTICE TO I N T ERESTED P E RSONS. LISA BAUER has been appointed personal representative of the Estate of MARILYN ROHALY, Deceased, by the Circuit Court, State of Oregon, Deschutes County under case number 15PB04337. All persons having claims against the estate must present them, with proper vouche rs, w i thin f o u r m onths after t h e date of first publication to the undersigned or they may be barred. A dditional i n formation may be o b tained f rom t h e cou r t records, the undersigned, or the attorney. Date first published: October 3 2015. Lisa Bauer, personal representative, c/o Nancy R. Hoffman, attorney at l aw, a t 613 2 9 Stardrift Dr., Bend, OR 97702.

2015, and any other

expenses or fees

o wed u nder t h e Note or Trust Deed, (d) amounts that Beneficiary has paid on or may hereinafter pay to protect the lien, including by way of illustration, but not l i mitation, taxes, assessments, i nterest o n p r ior

liens, and i nsurance premiums, and (e) expenses, costs and attorney and t rustee fees i n curred by B eneficiary in foreclosure, including the cost of


t r ustee's sale

guarantee and any other environmental or appraisal report. By reason of said default, Beneficiary and the Successor Trustee have elected to foreclose the trust deed by advertisement and s ale pursuant t o ORS 86.705 to ORS 86.815 and to sell the real p roperty identified above to satisfy the obligation that is secured by the Trust Deed. NOTICE IS H EREBY G I V E N LEGAL NOTICE t hat t h e und e r TO INTERESTED signed Successor PERSONS or SuccesBonnie S. Lawrence Trustee sor Trustee's agent has been appointed will, on January 29, Personal Representa- 2016, at one o' clock tive of the estate of (1:00) p.m., based Darlene Kay Fisk, de- on the standard of ceased, by the Circuit time established by C ourt, State of O rORS 187.110, just egon, Des c hutes utside the m a i n C ounty, Case N o . o entrance of 1 1 64 15PB04363. All perN.W. Bond, Bend, sons having claims O regon, sell f o r against the estate are cash at pubkc aucrequired to p resent tion to the highest them, with vouchers bidder the interest in attached, to the Per- said real property, sonal Representative which Grantor has at 250 NW Franklin or had power to Avenue, Suite 402, convey at the time Bend, Oregon 97703, of the execution by within four m o nths Grantor of the Trust after the date of Octo- Deed, together with ber 3, 2015, the first any i nterest t h at publication of this no- Grantor or the suctice, or the claim may cessors in interest be barred. Additional to Grantor acquired information may be the execution o btained fro m t h e after of the Trust Deed, to records of the court, satisfy the foregothe Personal Repre- ing obli g ations sentative, or the law- thereby secured and yer for the Personal the costs and exRepresentative, Patri- penses of sale. NOcia Heatherman. TICE IS FURTHER G IVEN t ha t a n y person named in LEGAL NOTICE ORS 86.778 has the right, at any time T RUSTEE'S N O T ICE O F S A L E. prior to five days before the date last Reference is made to that certain line of set for the sale, to have this forecloc redit trust d e ed sure pr o ceeding (the "Trust Deed" ) dated S e ptember dismissed and the Trust Deed r ein12, 2005, executed stated by payment by Louis A. M arto Beneficiary of the quez (the "Grantor" ) entire amount then to U.S. Bank Trust due (other than Company, National such portion of the Association (the "Trustee" ), whose principal as would not then be due had mailing address is 111 S.W. Fifth Avno default occurred), and by enue, Suite 3500, Portland, O r egon curing an y o t h er 97204, to s e cure default complained of herein that is capayment and perpable of being cured formance of certain obligations of by ten de ring the p erformance r e G rantor t o U.S . Bank National Asquired under the obl igation o r T r u st sociation (the "Beneficiary"), including Deed and, in addition to paying said repayment of a p romissory n o t e sums or tendering p e r formance dated S e ptember the necessary to cure 1 3, 2005, i n t h e the default, by payprincipal amount of ing all costs and ex$64,800.00 (the "Note" ). The Trust penses actually inDeed was recorded curred in enforcing the obligation and on October 6, 2005, T rust D e ed , t o as Instrument No. gether with Trustee 2 005-68249 in t h e official real property and attorney fees r ecords o f D e s - not exceeding the amounts provided chutes County, Orby ORS 86.778. In egon. The legal description of the real construing this notice, the singular inproperty covered by the Trust Deed is as cludes the p lural, and t h e wor d follows: Lot 8 in "grantor" i n cludes Block 1 of THIRD any successor in ADDITION TO WOODLAND PARK interest of grantor, as well as any other HOMESITES, Deschutes County, Orp erson owing a n obligation, the peregon. No action has formance of which is been instituted to secured by the Trust recover the obligaDeed, a n d the tion, or an y p a rt words "trustee" and t hereof, no w r e "beneficiary" inmaining secured by clude their respecthe Trust Deed or, if s uch action h a s tive successors in been ins t ituted, interest, if any. In accordance with the s uch action h a s Fair Debt Collection been dismissed except as permitted by Practices Act, this is an attempt to colORS 86.752(7). The lect a debt, and any default for which the information obforeclosure is made is Grantor's failure tained will be used for that p urpose. to pay when due the f ollowing su m s : This c o mmunication is from a debt monthly payments in full owed under collector. For f u rther in f ormation, the Note beginning please contact Tony August 13, 2 012, Kullen at his mailand each month thereafter; and exing address of Miller Nash Graham & penses, costs, trustee fees and atDunn LLP, 111 S.W. Fifth Avenue, Suite torney fees. By reason of said default, 3400, Portland, Ore gon 97 2 0 4 o r Beneficiary has det elephone him a t clared all sums owing on the obkga(503) 22 4 -5858. tion secured by the D ATED this 2 8 t h day of September, Trust Deed immedi2015. /s/ Tony ately due and payKullen, Successor able which sums are as follows: (a) the T rustee. File N o . 080090-0866. principal amount of $ 45,435.46 as o f August 1, 2015, (b) accrued interest of $ 10,064.40 as o f August 1, 2015, and Need to get an interest ac c r uing ad in ASAP? t hereafter on t h e You can place it principal amount at the rate set forth in online at: the Note until fully www.bendbulletin.corn paid, (c) escrow advance of $4,315.32 541-385-5809 as of A ugust 1,



There's soccer practice. And then there's late for soccer practice.

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s I

NEW 2015 FORD FIESTA S Auto, Air Conditioning, 4 Doors.

VIN: 179621,198525

MSRP ......................... $15,888 -$447 TSS Discount 15,441 Ford Customer Cash....... - $1,000 Flexible Cert.................... -$500 .




















Standard Model, Sport Performance 1B, Sll Short Throw Shifter, Shift Knob, Bumper Applique, Cargo Tray, Auto Dim Compass/Mirror/Homelink, All Weather Floor Mats

'A.P.R. 6196u.


$1,000 Cash orTrade Down, 72 Months Financing, Ford Credit Financing, Tier 2 or better, OnApproved Credit.

NEW 2015 FORD FOCUS SE AT 4-DOOR Reverse Sensing System, Back-up Camera, SYNC,A/C,Cruise,Tilt,PowerWindows & Locks VIN: 261692

MSRP ......................... $20,635 TSS Discount ................. -$1,059 $19,576 Ford Credit Bonus Cash ....... -$750

C onfide n c e i n M o t i o n


~81, 1$8 MSRP $40,796.VIN:¹F9835675. FUU-23 SubaruofBendDiscount$3,646.


TSSS FordPrice ~1 8,826

D own

4 @suem u

New 2015Subaru WRX STI Limited 6MT

. • 's,

TSSS FordPrice 1 3994 I

The 2016 Subaru Forester 2.OXT.Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, a 250-hp Direct-Injected Turbocharged SUBARU BOXERe engine, and it's a 2015 IIHS Top Safety Pick+ with optional Subaru EyeSight¹ Because while power is important, safety always comes first.

New 2016Subaru Legacy 3.6R Limit ed CVT A.P. R .


72 Months Financing, Ford Credit Financing, Tier 2 or better, On Approved Credit.

NEW 2015 FORD TRANSIT MEDIUM ROOF VAN 3.5 Ecoboost, Tow Package

VIN: A96680

MSRP ......................... $35,835 TSS Discount ................. -$3,300 Retail Customer Cash .......-$2,250 Ford Credit Bonus Cash* . . . . . -$500

Power Moonroof, Auto-Dimming Rear View Compass Mirror w/Homelink, Navigation Infotainment System, VoiceActivated Control Navi, Audio L HVAC, SiriusXM Travel Link, Weather, Sports 36 Months Free, Sirius XM Traffic 36 Months Free, Subaru Map Update Program 3 Year Free Llpdates, Eyesight Driver-Assist System, Pre-Collision Braking System, Pre-Collision Throttle Management System and Much More!


Tsss FordPrice 29,78 5

MSRP $34, 426. VIN:¹G3006840. GAK-23 SubaruofBendDiscount$2,097.

New 2016Subaru Outback 2.5i Premium CVT *Must finance through Ford Motor Credit and Approved Credit for $500 Ford Credit Bonus Cash.

NEW 2015 FORD ESCAPE 4WD Leather, Panorama Roof, Tow Package

VIN: C37213

MSRP ......................... $35,650 Sync 8 Sound Discount....... -$490 TSS Discount ................. -$1,852 $31,808 Retail Customer Cash ....... -$1,500 Ford Credit Bonus Cash* . . . -$1,000

Inta' n 4i+

T SSS FordPrice ~29,30 8

!!- 1.88/u...

*Must finance through Ford Motor Credit and Approved Credit for $1,000 Ford Credit Bonus Cash.


UP t O

New 2016Subaru Forester 2.5i Premium CVT

Eyesight Driver-Assist System, Pre-Collision Braking System, Pre-Collision Throttle Management System, Lane Departure Warning L Lane Sway Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control, Steering Responsive Fog (SRF) Lights

2015 FORD F150 SUPER CREW 4X4, Ecoboost, Sync

MSRP ........ ................. $41,105 TSS Discount -$2,450 .
















$43,311 XLDlncount.................... -$750 Tsas Ford Price.............. $37,905 EcnBnost Cash................... -$300 Retail Customer Cash....... -$3,000 Ford Credit BonusCash*.........-$750 Flexible Cert .................. -$1,000




92jegg is"1.88/u...

0 •

6 3 M O n t h S On Approved Credit.

MSRP $32,709.VIN:¹G3209153. GDD-15 SubaruofBendDiscount$746.



Navigation Infotainment System, VoiceActivated Control Navi, Audio L HVAC, SiriusXM Travel Link, Weather, Sports 36 Months Free, Sirius XM Traffic 36 Months Free, Subaru Map Update Program 3 Year Free Updates, Eyesight Driver-Assist System, Pre-Collision Braking System, Pre-Collision Throttle Management System, Lane Departure Warning L Lane Sway Warning, Lane Keep Assist, Responsive Fog (SRF) Lights, Subaru Rear Vehicle Detection System, Blind Spot Detection and Much More!

MSRP$28,991. VIN: ¹GH412132. GFF-14Subaru of Bend Discount $1,611.

*Must finance through Ford Motor Credit and Approved Credit for $750 Ford Credit Bonus Cash.

NEW 2015 FORD F250 CREW CAB XLT 4X4 DIESEL Long Bed, Power Seat, Tow Package,Remote Start, Rear View Camera, Tail Gate Step VIN: C14059 MSRP ......................... $55,100 TSS Discount ................. -$4,126 $50,974 Retail Customer Cash ..........-$2,500 Ford Credit BonusCash* ......-$1,500 Flexible Cert..................-$1,000



Tsss Ford price 45997 4 • •

*Must finance through Ford Motor Credit and Approved Credit for $1,500 Ford Credit Bonus Cash.


'l' t

New 2015 Subaru Impreza 2.0i / M T Option Package 01, Standard Model, All Weather Floor Mats, Tonneau Cover, Bumper Applique 5 Door

MSRP $19,836. VIN: ¹F9312766.FLA-01Subaru of BendDiscount $871.

• • • I








11 I

Sale endsOctober21, 2015.


















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