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ottt= MAY 2014 ~


By Elon Glucklich The Bulletin

Candidates for Deschutes

County commissioner are • Read our previous election stories raising funds and kicking into campaign mode with primary • Complete list of candidates,B1 elections two months away.

And although no one would

Two of the three commissioners — Tammy Baney and Tony DeBone — are up campaign, two potential opfor re-election this year. No ponents have already raised a one challenged Baney before few thousand dollars each, and Tuesday's filing deadline, figure to raise thousands more. so she'll run for a third term

5 Fusion chef in esteemed company


mistake the county races for a multimillion-dollar U.S. Senate

But DeBone's seat is a dif-

ferent story. He faces a primary challenge from Sisters resBy John Gottborg Anderson

ident and fellow Republican Richard Esterman.

For The Bulletin


In the world of

fine dining, winning recognition from the James Beard


Foundation could be likened to getting an Oscar nomination.

It's a really big deal.

Baggage claimtheft-

So when it was announced last month that Joe Kim Jr.,

Thieves are taking aim atan easy target.A4

executive chef and co-owner of downtown

Sunriver to LavaLands

— A paved path is in theworks that will link the two.A3

Bend's 5

Fusion i.

Prep lacrosse — An


in-depth glance at the local teams' prospects for the 2014 season.C1

Photos by Rob KerriThe Bulletin

Mt. Bachelor Sports Education Foundation Executive Director John Schiomor places an electric pump in the icy puddle of standing water underneath Forest Service Road 45. Snow was

added after the water wasdrained for a safer passing through this section of the Groat Nordoon course.

Secession vote has

a Bend cross-country skiing champion with

chef outside of Portas a semifinalist for

recognition as "Best Chef: Northwest," it

was a major coup. Never beforenot since the Beard

country ski race, which offers 17- and 30-kilometer

Foundation began its

national awards program in 1991 — has a Central Oregon chef

course options, begins at 7:30 a.m. today at Mt. Bachelor's West Village Lodge and finishes up at

been nominated for this award, which is

Wanoga Sno-park. Setting up the course wasn't


without difficulty, though, as water pooled up inside

EmilNordeen,who grew upinSweden,became aBend icon after settling here in1920. He's best known for twice winning the 42-mile Fort Klamath-Crater Lakeski race (1929, 1931). In 1927, he helpedestablish the Bend Skyliners Club as amountain search and rescueandskiing promotion group. Nordeen, who raced into his 60s, died in1986 at the age of96.

thetunnelpassingunder ForestServiceRoad 45,

regularly dominated by Seattle and Portland restaurateurs. In fact, Kim is only

the sixth Oregon chef outside of Portland to

posing an icy obstacle that organizers cleared on

gain this attention in

the last 10 years.

Friday. Visit for more information on

See Kim/A6

the race. Race-day registration is not available.


Iraqbill threatens women, and girls

on alert By Julie Johnsson Bloomberg News

A vote that could redraw the map of eastern

Europe by joining Crimea to Russia has professional cartographers like Juan Valdes on high alert. In the wake of a refer-

By Samoor N.Yncoub And Sinan Salnhoddin


endum scheduled for Sun-

The Associated Press



day, Valdes


BAGHDAD — A contentious draft

will likely convene a

• Tension high in

co m m i t tee at th e National

law being considered in Iraq could open the door to girls as young as 9 getting


married and would

1 0 - person

Ukraine talks,A2

only Oregon

land to be nominated

the Great Nordeen. The 12th annual freestyle cross-

And a Web exclusive-



recreation, than the race that bears his name-

Investigators conclude the missing Malaysian Airlines jet was hijacked.A2 The jet mystery has inspired armchair sleuths worldwide to dream up somecrazy theories.

was the

here's no more fitting tribute to Emil Nordeen,

unparalleled stamina and passion for winter

Missing jet hijacked-

8 Sushi


Society in downtown Washington to determine

require wives to sub-

how the region should be Russia's drive to annex Crimea, a region trans-

husband's whim, provoking outrage from rights activists and many Iraqis who see it as a step back-

ferred to Ukraine by the

ward for women's

Soviet Union in 1954, has drawn condemnation from the United States

rights. The measure is aimed at creating

mit to sex on their

depicted on thousands of

print and digital maps.

and Europe, which have threatened to impose

sanctions if Moscow doesn't back down. Friday, Russia warned that Ukraine's government has lost control of the country, sparking concern the Kremlin

may extend a military intervention.


different laws for

SeeBrides /A5

TODAY'S WEATHER Mostly sunny High 58, Low36 Page B6


' ~rgot o r . s , .ro +


-9 81,.


Iraq's majority Shiite population.

Jayson Boworman, loft, Tad Hodgort, middle and Schiomor, back right, work to improve course conditions Friday morning. With the aid of the electric pump and some manual labor, they were able to ready the tunnel for this morning's race.

The Bulletin

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Ta onU aine o itte to ease U.S.-Russiatension By Michael R. Gordon and Steven Lee Myers

have little or no leeway to nego- political compromise suggested tiate and that President Vladimir Putin was determined that EMAIL


541-383-0367 NEW S R O O M FA X

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that Putin's decision to annex

the peninsula was allbut final. Crimea's referendum on secedThat has left the two sides on bid by Secretary of State John ing from Ukraine should pro- a collision course, and Western Kerry to ease the escalating cri- ceed Sunday. officials have suggested that "I presented a number of sanctions could be imposed as sis over the Kremlin's intervention in Crimea ended in failure ideas onbehalf of the president," early as Monday. Friday, raising the likelihood of Kerry said in a news conference Putin's decision to call a snap sanctions against Russia and after the talks. "After much dis- exercise involving thousands deepening the most serious cussion, the foreign minister of troops near Ukraine's borEast-West rift since the end of made it dear that President Pu- dersthisweek had raised fears the Cold War. tin is not prepafed to make any that Russia might deepen the U.S. officials said they pre- decision on Ukraine until after crisis by intervening militarily sented a range of ideas on how the referendum on Sunday." in east ern Ukraine on the prea compromise over Crimea KerryrefusedtotreatRussia's text of defending ethnic Rusmight be achieved, including possible annexation of Crimea sians, just as it had in Crimea. arrangements to expand the as a fait accompli, holding out In London, Lavrov gave public peninsula's autonomy and hope that Putin mightyet decide assurances that Russia "does safeguard the rights of the Rus- to resolve the crisis diplomati- not have any plans to invade sian-speakingpopulation. cally afterthe referendum Eastern or Southern Ukraine" But the officials said that But to many experts, Lav- despite the buildup of Russian Russia's foreign m i nister, rov's apparent lack of even forces in regions along the Sergey Lavrov, appeared to minimal authority to explore a Ukrainian border. New York Times News Service


LONDON — An 11th-hour


Si sil.AvL

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eV+ Alelandro Cegarra 1 The AssociatedPress

A Bolivarian National Guard officer holds a demonstrator's head to help him breatheafter being detained Friday during clashes inCaracas,Venezuela. The Venezuelangovernment is stepping up security

operations in Caracasandother cities where demonstrators are blocking streets, avenuesandhighways. President Nicolas Maduro said that those involved in creating road barricades will be arrested.

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Investigators: Missingjet hijacked By Eileen Ng andJoan Lowy The Associated Press


L U M P UR , M a -

laysia — Investigators have concluded that one or more

people with significant flying experience hijacked the missing Malaysia Airlines jet, switched off communication d evices and steered it


course, a Malaysian government official involved in the investigation said today. No motive has been established and no demands have been made known, and it is

not yet clear where the plane was taken, said the official, who spoke on condition of

anonymity because he was not authorized to brief the media. The official said that

do this is unclear. Malaysian a uthorities and others w i l l

l o nger be urgently investigating the backgrounds of the two pilots "It is conclusive," he said. and 10 crew members, as well He said evidence that led the 227 passengers on board.

to the conclusion were signs that the plane's communica-

tions were switched off delib-

Some experts have said

that pilot suicide may be the most likely explanation for

would be w i thin it s

r each.

Investigators are analyzing radar and satellite data from around the region to try and

MalnutritiOn iu Syria —Trapped in hernorthern Syrian village by fighting, Mervat watched hernewborn baby progressively shrink. Her daughter's dark eyesseemedto grow bigger as herface grew more skeletal. Finally, Mervat escaped toneighboring Lebanon, and anurse told her the girl was starving. Herdaughter Shurouk hasbeen undergoing treatment the past three months andremains a wispy thing. The 9-month-ol dweighs7 pounds— thoughshe'sbecome moresmiley and gregarious. Mervat spoke oncondition she beidentified only by her first name,fearing problems for her family in Syria. Her case underscored howdramatically Syrian society has unraveled from a conflict that this weekendenters its fourth year. Suchstark starvation was once rare inSyria, where President Bashar Assad's autocratic state ran ahealth system that provided nearly free care.

Thailandraid —Thai police officers raiding a jungle campin the hills of southern Thailand havedetained about 220 peoplesuspected of being ethnic Uighurs fleeing China, two-thirds of themwomenand children, according to aThai police officer and reports in theThai news media onFriday.Thenighttime raid took place Wednesdayat a rubber plantation in Songkhla province, which is acommon transit point for ethnic Rohingya boatpeople, mostly Muslims, fleeing violence anddiscrimination in Myanmar.Thepolice thought they were entering a Rohingyacamp, but cameacross people insisting that they were from Turkey.Uighurs are aTurkic-speaking, mostly Muslim people in the western region of Xinjiang in China,andthey often complain about discrimination by theethnic Han, who rule China. Mufduf plut —A retired NewYork high school librarian and aNew Jersey auto mechanic wereconvicted Friday of scheming to carry out gruesome fantasies of kidnapping, raping, torturing and killing women and girls. Theverdicts in Christopher Asch andMichael VanHise's conspiracy trial came a year after a conviction in a headline-grabbing case of a police officer accused of plotting abductions andcannibalism. A fourth man, a former hospital police chief, pleaded guilty in January.

Panhandler deating —Theco-founder offrozenyogurt chain Pinkberry was sentencedFriday to sevenyears in prison for beating a homeless manwith a tire iron, an attack aLos Angeles judgedeclared "fairly merciless" and "horrendous." Dressed in anorange, jail-issued jump suit, YoungLeestared straight ahead asLos Angeles County Superior Court JudgeHenry Hall handed downthe maximumpenalty the 49-year-old faced. Ajury in November convicted Lee —who helped found Pinkberry in 2005 but is no longer involved with the company — of assault. — From wire reports

Find It All



Aaarard-aeinning neighborhood on Bend's teestside.

686 NW YorkDrive, Ste.150 Bend, ORi 541-306-3263

pinpoint its final location, something that will be vital

to hopes of finding the plane, and answering the mystery of what happened to it.

erately, data about the flight p ath an d i n d i cations t h e




plane was steered in a way to avoid detection by radar.

The Boeing 777's communication with the ground was

Outdoor kitchens

severed just under one hour

&2 Price Clearance

into a flight March 8 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Malaysian officials previously have said radar data suggest it may have turned back to-

Class information: MarCh 27th, 2014 1Pm Or SPm

Shilo Inn: 3105 O.B. Riley Road Bend, OR 97701

ward and crossed over the

Malaysian peninsula after setting out on a northeastern path toward the Chinese

capital. Earlier, an American of-

54Qss Q7®oQ4o Q

ficial t ol d


the disappearance, as was utes before a messaging sys- suspected in a SilkAir crash tem on the jet quit. during a flight from SingaSuch a gap would be un- pore to Jakarta in 1997 and likely in the case of an in- an EgyptAir flight in 1999. flight catastrophe. A m a ssive i n ternational The Malaysian official said search effort began initially only a skilled aviator could in the South China Sea where navigate the plane the way the p l a ne's t r a n sponders it was f l own a f ter it s l a st stopped transmitting. It has confirmed location over the since been expanded onto South China Sea. the other side of the Malay The official said it had been peninsula up into the Andaestablished with a "more man Sea and into the Indian than 50 percent" degree of Ocean. certainty that military radar The plane had enough fuel had picked up the missing to fly for at least five hours planeafterit dropped offci- after its last know location, vilian radar. meaning a vast swath of W hy anyone would want to South and Southeast Asia stopped about a dozen min-

hijacking was n o merely a theory.

The numbers drawnFriday nightare:

The estimated jackpot is now $400 million.

RWandah Ciliuf COllVICtud —Paris court delivered France's first-ever conviction for genocide Friday, sentencing aRwandan former intelligence chief to 25years in prison over the1994 killings of at least 500,000 people in theAfrican country. Thelandmark trial of 54-year-old Pascal Simbikangwasets off what could bethe first of dozens of Frenchtrials into one of the 20th century's greatest atrocities — two decadesafter it happened —andprovides ajudicial reckoning for a former colonial power that still has manyties to African countries like Mali, Central African Republic andbeyond.

At i

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escaped from themaximum-security military prison at Fort Leavenworth, convicted killer JamesRobert Jonescarved out a newlife for himself in Florida, living under anassumed name, getting married and working for anair conditioning company. It all came to anend this week whenJones — or BruceWalter Keith, as the former Army private was known inFlorida —was recaptured with the help of technology that wasmoresci-fi than reality when hebroke out during the disco era: facial-recognition software. "The first words out of his mouth were, 'I knewthis would catch up with me someday,'" Barry Golden, a senior inspector with the U.S.Marshals Service, said Friday. Jones, 59, wasoneof theArmy's15 most-wanted fugitives after his 1977 escapefrom the Kansas prison dubbed"The Castle" for its large walls and tower keeps.

Clilltuh IOCOIdS —Sensing a Republican tidal wave, President Bill Clinton worried in thesummer of1994 that Republicans were energized heading into the midterm elections while his Democratic base was deflated. "There's no organization, there's noenergy, there's no anything out there," Clinton said of his ownparty. Clinton's concerns turned out to bejustified: Republicans swept to power in thefall elections, wresting control of the House and Senate from the president's party. The transcript was among4,000 documents released Friday by the National Archives. They're just part of the roughly 30,000 pages expectedto bereleasedincomingweeks.Thedocuments,which cover Clinton's two presidential terms, aremuchanticipated in the political world, partly becausethen-first lady Hillary RodhamClinton is considering her ownbid for the presidency in 2016.


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PriSOner finally recailtured —Inthe nearly 40years after he

T h e A s s ociated

Press that investigators are examining the possibility of "human intervention" in the

plane's disappearance, adding it may have been "an act of piracy." While other theories are still being examined, the U.S. official said key evidence suggesting human intervention is that contact with the Boeing 7 7 7's t r a n sponder


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• Discoveries, breakthroughs,trends, namesin the news— the things you needto know to start out your day

It's Saturday, March15, the 74th day of 2014.Thereare 291 days left in the year.



oesexrasee oasu en oo?

Ukraine — TheU.N.Security Council is meeting to vote on a resolution on the Ukraine crisis.A2

Slovakia electionSlovaks go to the polls for the first round of the country's presidential election.

New evidence suggests that later start times for high school have far-reaching benefits. Mental health,

further delayed by the stimulating blue light from elec-

car crash rates, attendance and sometimes even grades and standardized test scores all may gain from

tronic devices, which tricks

the brain into sensing wakeful daylight, slowing the release

a little extra shut-eye.

of melatonin and the onset of

HISTORY Highlight:On March15, 44 B.C., Roman dictator Julius Caesar was assassinated by a group of nobles that included Brutus and Cassius. In 1493, Christopher Columbus returned to Spain, concluding his first voyage to the Western Hemisphere. In1767, the seventh president of the United States, Andrew Jackson, was born in Waxhaw, S.C. In1820,Maine became the 23rd state. In1913, President Woodrow Wilson met with about100 reporters for the first formal presidential press conference. In1919, members of the American Expeditionary Force from World War I convened in Paris for a three-day meeting to found the American Legion. In1944, during World War II, Allied bombers again raided German-held Monte Cassino. In1964, actress Elizabeth Taylor married actor Richard Burton in Montreal; it was her fifth marriage, his second. In1970, Expo '70, promoting "Progress and Harmony for Mankind, "openedin Osaka, Japan. In1985, the first Internet

domainname,symbolics. com, was registered by the Symbolics Computer Corp. of Massachusetts. In1999, an Amtrak train slammed into a steel-filled truck at a crossing in Bourbonnais, III., killing 11 people. Tenyears age: Ten days after being convicted in a stock scandal, Martha Stewart resigned from the board of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. (Stewart rejoined the board in Sept. 2011.) Ousted Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide returned to the Caribbean from African exile after winning temporary asylum in Jamaica. A drive-by shooting in Mosul, Iraq, killed four American missionaries working for the Richmond, Va.-based Southern Baptist International Mission Board. Five years age: A chorus of outrage on Capitol Hill greeted news that some $165 million in executive bonuses were being paid by bailed-out insurance giant American International Group. The spaceshuttle Discovery was launched on a mission to the international space station that had been delayed five times. Oneyear age: The Pentagon announced it would spend $1 billion to add 14 interceptors to an Alaska-based missile defense system, responding to what it called faster-than-anticipated North Korean progress on nuclear weapons and missiles. The chief of Syria's main, Western-backed rebel group marked the second anniversary of the start of the uprising against President Bashar Assad by pledging to fight until the "criminal" regime was gone.

By Jan Hoffman

sleep. The Minnesota study noted that 88percent of the stu-

New York Times News Service

dents kept a cellphone in their

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Jilly Dos Santos really did try to

bedroom. But many parents, and some

get to school on time. She set three successive alarms on her phone. Skipped breakfast. Hastily applied makeup while her fuming father drove. But

students, object to shifting the

last year she rarely made it into the frantic scrum at the doors

work and extracurricular activities, and upsets the morning

of Rock Bridge High School by

routine for working parents and younger children.

— From wire reports

jobs, bites into time for home-

At heart, though, experts

school board was about to

say, the resistance is driven by skepticism about the primacy of sleep. "It's still a badge of honor to get five hours of sleep,"

make the day start even earlier, at 7:20 a.m.

"I thought, if that happens, I IK

will die," recalled Dos Santos,

17. "I will drop out of school!" That was when the sleep-de-

said Dr.

J udith O w ens, a

sleep expert at the Children's

prived teenager turned into a

National Medical Center in


sleep activist. She was determined to convince the board of a truth she knew in the core of

Washington. "It supposedly means you're working harder, and that's a good thing. So

Dan Gill/The New YorkTimes

her tired, lanky body: Teenag- Jillien Dos Santos, center, who hes campaigned for e later high school start time, studies at home in there has to be a cultural shift ers are developmentally driv- Columbia, Mo., last month. The sputtering, nearly 20-year movement to start high schools later has re- around sleep." en to be late to bed, late to rise. cently gained momentum in communities like this one, as hundreds of schools in dozens of districts The University of M i nneCould the board realign the across the country have bowed to the accumulating research on the adolescent body clock. sota study tracked 9,000 high first bell with that biological school students in five districts reality7 in Colorado, Wyoming and The sputtering, nearly 20- dent of Montgomery County, including mental health, car pears to be benefits for their Minnesota before and after year movement to start high Md., supports the shift, and crash rates, attendance and, in students," Miller said. schools shifted start times. In schools later has recently the school board for Fairfax some schools, grades and stanResearchers have found those that originally started at gained momentum in commu- County, Va., is working with dardized test scores. that during adolescence, as 7:30 a.m., only a third of stunities like this one, as hundreds consultants to develop options Dr. Elizabeth Miller, chief hormones surge and the brain dents said they were able to get of schools in dozens of districts for starts after 8 a.m. o f adolescent medicine a t develops, teenagers who regu- eight or more hours of sleep. across the country have bowed New evidence suggests that Children's Hospital of Pitts- larly sleep eight to nine hours Students who got less than that to the accumulating research later high school starts have burgh, who was not involved a night learn better and are reported significantly more on the adolescent body clock. widespread benefits. Research- in the research, noted that the less likely to be tardy, get in symptoms of depression, and In just the last two years, ers at the University of Minne- study was not a randomized fights or suffer athletic inju- greateruse of caffeine, alcohigh schools in Long Beach, sota, funded by the Centers for controlled trial, which would ries. Sleeping well can also hol and illegal drugs than betCalif.; Stillwater, Okla.; Deca- Disease Control and Preven- have compared schools that help moderate their tenden- ter-rested peers. "It's biological — the mental tur, Ga.;, and Glens Falls, NY., tion, studied eight high schools had changed times with sim- cy toward impulsive or risky have pushed back their first in threestatesbefore and after ilar schools that had not. But decision-making. health outcomes were identical bells, joining early adopters in they moved to later start times she said its m ethods were During puberty, teenag- from inner-city kids and affiuConnecticut, North Carolina, in recent years. In results re- pragmatic and its findings ers have alater release of the entkids," said Kyla Wahlstrom, "sleep" hormone melatonin, a professor of educational Kentucky and Minnesota. The leased Wednesday they found promising. "Even schools with limited which means they tend not to research at the University of Seattle school board will vote that the later a school's start this month on whether to pur- time, the better off the stu- resources can make this one f eel drowsy until around l l Minnesota and the lead author sue the issue. The superinten- dents were in many measures, policy change with what ap- p.m. That inclination can be of the study.

Recent re orts have revealedthat the avera e a e ofacaronthe roadis 11 years —bringing awareness to what somewould cau a Car Health Crisis. According to Murray & Holt Motors, local car dealer For The People, "Our roadsare duttered with old cars that people seem to be hanging on to, despite the need to upgrade to a healthier ride, and I want to change that. rmonamissiontohel eo le e t r i d o f t h eoldcarthe hatesor've


The origin of Gold Country


coins remains


a mystery




By Semantha Schaefer Los Angeles Times

lg Qf TP

Last year, a couple walking the usual route around

their California Gold Country property happened upon a can sticking out of the ground. They pulled it out and uncovered seven others, all filled with hundreds of U.S. gold coins. Experts announced the find

"jhiieOild!I C~!I K'xthiamige is sf11syile„ fa!st iagleristii!ngII!. Itls mii~|lnitgeeill:; eiggfi egsytjry g

researching and authenticating the 1,427 coins, worth an estimated $10 million. But the origin of the Saddle Ridge hoard remains a tantalizing mystery, one that has coin buffs and amateur sleuths on the case. Though such discoveriesare not unheard of in

rtII GdrsfRe6elSyaa '

s p e ctacular," s a i d

Douglas Mudd, museum curator for the American Numismatic Association. At one of the association's

national coin conventions last month in Georgia, a sampling of the collection on display was the topic of conversation among collectors. All kinds of romantic notions come attached to this type of buried treasure, "the escaping outlaw, the eccentric miner or millionaire that decided to save their money that way,"

Mudd said. The coins discovered by the anonymous couple, dated between 1847 and 1894, mostly consist of $20 pieces and have a facevalue ofnearly $28,000.

4 Irlmls rle sg ~ rstsl srsss rs~ rsI ol+ +k'fss


• tCN4I,S rN w l



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Europe, buried caches in the mon and often go unreported. "But 1,400 coins, all gold?



last month after a year of work

T hat's

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 81. Actor Judd Hirsch is 79. Rock musician Phil Lesh is 74. Singer Mike Love (The BeachBoys) is 73. Rock singer-musician Sly Stone is 71. Model Fabio is 53. Singer TerenceTrent O'Arby (AKA SanandaMaitreya) is 52. Rock singer Bret Michaels (Poison) is 51. Rhythm-andblues singer Rockwell is 50. Rock singer Mark McGrath (Sugar Rayl is 46. Actress Eva Longoria is 39. Rapper-musician (Black Eyed Peas) is 39. Rock DJJoseph Hahn (Linkin Park) is 37.Actor Kellan Lutz is 29.

es end late, jeopardizes student

the first bell, at 7:50 a.m. T hen she heard that t h e

United States are less com-


start of the day later. They say doing so makes sports practic-

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'It's just too ea : Thieves take

u ic e s

aim at the baggagecarousel

unsearc e

8 s

By Jeremy Gomer and Jennifer Delgado

0 0


Chicago Tr ibune

CHICAGO — For a convicted

thief like Anthony Hargrove, baggage carousels at Chicago's airports have apparently been

+ D E LTA ''~i

+D K LTA +r

an attractive target. Since the 1990s, Hargrove

— issue coins ree U.S. residents rush to claim Unsearched Vault Bags loaded with nearly 100 year old coins issued by the U.S. Gov't, but only those callers who beat the 48 hour order deadline to cover just the ~29shipping, handling and vault processing fee are getting the Unsearched Vault Bagspee

has been arrested at least 12 times and charged with stealing bags in the arrivals areas of Midway and O'Hare airports, and at least five times he has been convicted.

The 59-year-old's history of Alex Garcia/ Chicago Tribune / MCT theft went largely unnoticed An airport employee checks a bag on a carousel in the baggage by the public until last month, claim area of O'Hare International Airport. The practice of thieves when police said he fled from targeting baggage gained worldwide attention when a rare Indian O'Hare with what turned out to be a rare Indian guitar, a crime that drew international attention after the victim described the loss on Facebook. Police

guitar was stolen and widely publicized on Facebook.


"You got me. You saw me. It

is what it is," Hargrove told ponabbed Hargrove a few days eras mounted in the terminals, lice while he was placed under later as he allegedly tried to and airport police walk the arrest, according to the report. steal more luggage. grounds atairports across the One of the bags belonged to Hargrove's string of arrests country. But neither tactic is Michael Hawthorne, an Arizoand convictions for theft over foolproof, the experts said. na real estate investor in town "It's a bigger problem than on business. He said he didn't the decades highlight the vulnerabilities of airport baggage most people know," said Scott arrive at baggage claim right claims, areas that are often Mueller, who has worked in the away because he needed to rebarrier-free, open to the public commercial airline industry for charge his cellphone atthe gate. and near quick escape routes 24 years and wrote the book Ten minutes later, he said, he to public transit and away from "The Empty Carousel." "It's received a call from an airline the airport. just too easy. Most of the bags employee who told Hawthorne Airlines bear responsibility are on wheels. Even if the bag his bag was "not available right forsecurit y atbaggage carou- weighs 200 pounds ... you pop now" and that he needed to sels at O'Hare and Midway, the handle, and you're rolling gettothe baggage area quickbut many carriers believe their out the door." ly. Officers then escorted him liability ends once the bags and two other Arizona travelhave been delivered, aviation A now-famous guitar ers to an airport police station, A t O 'Hare's Terminal 2 , experts said. Ultimately, the and they retrieved their stolen space is a public area, resulting where Hargrove allegedly stole luggage. Hawthorne said his in airlines and airports blam- C anadian m u sician H a r r y bag didn't carry anything valuing each other when something Manx's Indian guitar in Feb- able, but the experience was an goes missing, they added. ruary, a wide space abuts the eye-opener. He travels regular"Once it hits the carousel, luggage carousels. Nearby exit ly and has never had luggage boy, that is the grayest area doors lead to taxi stands and stolen. "There is a hole in secuof all in my mind," said Joe shuttle bus stops. rity that I didn't recognize," he Brancatelli, editor of a noncomSeveral security cameras said in a telephone interview. mercial website for business overlook the carousels. When travelers. flights arrive, one or two bag- Tracking thefts Baggage daimthefthappens gage agents stand near the carSeveral airlines based in Chiregularly, aviation experts said, ousels as travelers daim their cago's two airports dedined but not enough for airlines and luggage. Sets of stairwells, es- to talk about security in the airports to spend money to mit- calators and elevators nearby baggage claim areas or didn't igate the risk. Airlines report lead to a hallway on the lower return calls when contacted by the theft figures to the U.S. level that takes travelers to the the Chicago Tribune. Department of Transportation, CTA's O'Hare Blue Line station. Some other airports do keep but the data is not separated Prosecutors said Hargrove track of luggage thefts. At Denfrom lost or misplaced luggage was seen exiting the terminal ver International Airport, 40 figures. and getting on the Blue Line. thefts were reported last year Before 9/11, security guards On Feb. 21, Hargrove al- in the baggage claim area. Austood by baggage daim exits legedly was seen on a surveil- thorities recorded 172 luggage at many airports, ensuring that lance camera stealing a Mohan thefts at New York City's Kenluggage tags matched the tick- veena guitar and bag off the nedy International Airport in et claims held by travelers. But carousel. The theft went viral 2013, though the figure does airlines have largely stopped on social media after Manx not break down w here the doing that because it was too lamented the loss on Facebook thefts occurred. costly, and they decided there and likened his signature inRobert Loeb, a veteran crimwasn't enough luggage theft for strument to an old friend. inal defense lawyer and former that measure to be necessary, Afterward, Chicago police prosecutor, said stolen luggage said Michael Boyd, a Colora- kept a dose eye on the termi- crimes can be difficult to purdo-based aviation consultant. nal in case Hargrove returned. sue since many theft victims Three days later, he did. Offi- live out of state and don't want DiffereiTtapproaches cers spotted him pushing a cart to return to pursue the charges. Baggage daim s ecurity and wearing the same dothing That's legally problematic, he today is handled differently he wore during the earlier theft said, because hearsay evidence across the country. but with a different knit cap, ac- — such as an officer claiming a For example, airlines are in cordingto apolice report. victim said the theft occurred charge of monitoring the carThe officers watched as Har- — won't help prosecutors. "The prosecutor does need a ousels at airports in New York grove walked to the US AirCity, Atlanta, Denver and Los ways baggage carousel and victim to come to court during Angeles, but the responsibility placed four bags onto the cart, an actual trial to say that he, the is managed byboth the airlines coveringthemwith a jacket, the victim, is the actual owner and and airports at Reagan Nation- report stated. He tried to leave, didn'tgivepermissiontothe deal and Dulles International air- but police stopped him. fendant," Loeb said. Airlines have security cam-

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DeBone and Barram are Commissioners dipping into their own pocket-

nor's name to be released. "I'm basically starting with Continued from A1 books as well. DeBone has put the hometown crowd in La The winner of that race will $2,670 from himself and fami- Pine," DeBone said Thursday. take on Bend City Councilor ly members into his campaign, "I'm really confident in what I've done as a county commisJodie Barram, a Democrat, in while Barram has pitched in November. The primary elec- $1,100 from herself and family. sioner. We're going to make tion is May 20 and the general Their other contributions sure people have a message election is Nov.4. seem to show Barram's con- to listen to as far as what I've Even in its early days, the nections in the city of Bend, done." campaign for DeBone's seat and DeBone's influence in All three candidates said has brought out polar opposite the south part of Deschutes they've spoken at small events fundraising strategies, and County. across the county. highlighted each candidate's Barram's list of donors inDeBone a n d Es t e rman influence in different parts of cludes$200 from Bend Mayor spoke at a recent forum hostthe county. Jim Clinton, $500 from city ed by the tea party organizaBarram said this week she Councilor Doug Knight, $250 tion Redmond Patriots, and anticipates having to raise at from city Councilor Sally will meet again at a Deschutes least $40,000 by the general Russell and $500 from Vis- County Republican Party foelection. itBend CEO Doug La Placa, rumTuesday. Esterman, mean w h i le, state figures show. Chuck ArEsterman said he's been doesn't plan to raise a dime. He

nold, Downtown Bend Busi-

said fundraising goes against ness Association's executive his political philosophy. director, is running Barram's "I don't want to feel like I campaign. "We've done our research," owe anybody," Esterman said Thursday. Barram said Thursday. "In DeBone, of La Pine, filed county commission races, for re-election in December. you typically have to raise He's raised $5,020 since then around $40,000. That's our and spent $3,983, according goal, though I'll probably hit to campaignfinance records $50,000." on file with the state. He said DeBone has relied largesome of the money he's been ly on donations from La raising will pay off $10,000 he Pine community m e mbers still owes from his first cam- and business owners as far paign in 2010. south as Crescent, accordBarram has raised $4,672 ing to his campaign filings.

reaching out t o


U.S. Gov't issued: Scarce1909 SU.S.Coin Official Red Book Collector Value: $100.00


c ommunity

members in Sisters and La Pine, attending meetings and getting a firmer grasp of the issues there. He ran an unsuccessful bid for governor in

'jf .c

2010, and said this week the

governor's race gave him experience to run a county-level campaign. DeBone said he anticipates raising more money for radio ads and yard signs as the campaign heats up. With extra time before she faces a chall enger, Barram, a Redmond native, said she's since entering the commis- Both Barram an d D e Bone working on building up name sioner race in November, and havereceived a seriesofsm all recognition outside of Bend. spent $2,848, state records donations of less than $100, — Reporter: 541-617-7820, show. which don't require the



" se

U.S. Gov't issued: Scarce1911 S U S Coin Official RedBookCollector Value: $50.00

I e/vn„Jf

P6664A on7948Ra





leaders have encouraged followers to pour in millions into

Continued from A1 While redrawing maps

Continued from A1 Passage could further fray

streets for religious rituals, a show of their strength.

to reflectnew boundaries is

the country's divisions amid

simpler in an era of electronic publishing, doing so is as politically charged as ever. In 2010, an error by Google Maps helped trigger a border dispute between Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Should the reunification be approved, mapmakers risk legitimizing one side over the other if they redraw Russia's

some of the worst bloodshed since the sectarian fighting that nearly ripped the country

san al-Shimmari, a Shiite, has brushed off the criticism of

apart after the U.S.-led invasion. It also comes as more

a companion bill that calls for the establishment of spe-

and more children under 18 get married in the country.

be tied to the sect's religious

boundaries to include Crimea and the U.S. and the United

human rights activist Hana Adwar told The Associated Press. "Married underage

Nationsrefuse to recognize the vote result.

"Maps instill a lot of passion in people, individuals, na-

tions," said Valdes, director of

editorial research, whose honorary title is The Geographer. "So we have to be very cau-

tious. We have to make sure that we deal with the reality of the moment."

Unless they are propagandists,cartographers are typically a conservative bunch, according to Jim Akerman, curator of maps for Chicago's Newberry Library, whose collections range from ancient maps to almost every atlas,

road and railroad map published by Rand McNally. "It matters where maps are

made," Akerman said. Some Russian mapmakers may be quick, following the plebiscite, to redraw borders to reassert a Russian claim to the territory dating to Catherine the Great,

he said. "Others are very slow to make changes unless they're supported by treaties."

Google's mapping service uses broken lines to delineate disputed territories like Ab-

khazia, which broke away from Georgia in 2008, Kosovo, Kashmir and disputed bound-

aries between Egypt and Sudan. When dealing with territori-

al disputes, most U.S. mapping companies and commercial cartographers take their direction from the State Department, said Mark Monmonier,

distinguishedprofessor ofgeography at Syracuse Univer-

"That la w

Iraqi Justice Minister Hasthe bill. His office introduced cial Shiite courts that would

r e p resents a


crime against humanity and childhood," prominent Iraqi

Al-Shimmari insists that Karim Kadim/The Associated Press

Women pass by e banner Thursday for the Jeeferi Personal Status Lew in Baghdad, Iraq. The Arabic on the banner reads, "The Jaafari Personal Status Law is for you and eil of us." The contentious civil status draft iew for Iraqi Shiite community that allows child marriage end restricts women's rights has stirred up

girls are subjected to physical and psychological suffering. Iraqi law now sets the legal age for marriage at 18 without parental approval. Girls as young as 15 can be married only with a guardian's approval. The proposed new measure, known as the Jaafari Personal Status Law, is based on the principles of a Shiite school of religious law founded by Jaafar al-Sadiq, the

mapmakers out of trouble.

In a blog post, Google said flawed State Department data led to the mapping error that

triggered the 2010 dispute between Nicaragua and Costa

the bill is designed to end injustices faced by Iraqi women in past decades, and that it could help prevent illicit child marriage outside established legal systems. "By introducing this draft law, we want to limit or pre-

administration to i m pose

emergency restrictions on the importing of ancient

Already, government statistics

the Cabinet, which approved it last month despite strong

Minister N o ur i a l - Maliki's show that nearly 25 percent administration. A l- M a l iki of marriages in Iraq involved is widely expected to seek a someone under the age of 18 third term.

opposition by rights groups

in 2011, up from 21 percent in

and activists.

2001 and 15 percent in 1997.

m811 SBld.

Political motives

artifacts from his country,

saying that the looting and smuggling of such trea-

olateswomen's and children's

rights and creates divisions in society. "The Jaffari law will pave the way to the establishments of courts for Shiites only, and

sures has been "catastroph-

this will force others sects to form t heir ow n c o urts. This move will w i den t he

the minister, Mohamed

rift among the Iraqi people," Wardi said.

a measure that the United States can take only after

calendar. It also says that's

the age girls reach puberty. Since the Islamic calendar year is 10 or 11 days shorter

than theGregorian calendar, that would be the equivalent of 8 years and 8 months old. The bill makes the father the

only parent with the right to

revolt of 2011.

In a meeting on Tuesday at the State Department, Ibrahim Ali, pushed for fast

action on the restrictions,

New York-based Human

a nation submits a complex formal proposal. The State Department said that it was

Baghdad-based a n alyst criticized the law this week. "Passage of the Jaafari law man Abdul-Zahra Hendawi Hadi Jalo suggested that elecsaid the practice of underage tion campaigning might be would be a disastrous and dismarriage is particularly prev- behind the proposal. criminatory step backward "Some influential S h iite alentin ruralareasand some for Iraq's women and girls," provinces where illiteracy is politicians have the impres- deputy Middle East director high. sion that they should do their Joe Stork said in a statement. Also under the proposed best to make any achievement "This personal status l aw measure, a husband can have that would end the injustice would only entrench Iraq's disex with his wife regardless of that had been done against visions while the government her consent. The bill also pre- the Shiites in the past," Jalo claims to support equal rights vents women from leaving the said. for all." housewithouttheirhusband's The formerly repressed ShiIt is unclear how much suppermission, would restrict ite majority came to power af- port the bill enjoys among women's rights in matters of ter the 2003 U.S.-led invasion Iraqi Shiites, but Jalo, the anaparental custody after divorce that ousted Saddam Hussein's lyst, believes that it would face and make it easier for men to Sunni-led regime. Since then, oppositionfrom secular memtake multiple wives. Shiite religious and political bers of the sect.

The draft law does not set a minimum age for marriage. Instead, it mentions an age in a section on divorce, setting rules for divorces of girls who have reached the age of 9 years in the lunar Islamic

ic" since the Arab Spring

Rights Watch also strongly

Planning Ministry spokes-

W omen's rightssetback


Egypt's antiquities mi nister is asking the Obama

vent such practices," al-Shim-

accept or refuse the marriage Parliament must still ratify proposal. the bill before it becomes law. Critics of the bill believe That is unlikely to happen bethat its authors slipped the fore parliamentary elections age into the divorce section scheduled for April 30, though as a backhanded way to allow the Cabinet support suggests marriages of girls that young. it remains a priority for Prime

troducedthe draftmeasureto

By Tom Mashberg New York Times News Service

women rights, threatening to edd more divisions end woos to the society that is already in fragments.

But Sunni female lawmaker Likaa Wardi believes it vi-

sixth Shiite imam. Iraq's Justice Ministry late last year in-

asks U.S. to curtail import of antiquities

a row among many Iraqis who see it as a setback for child and

open to such a request. The restrictions would a llow I m m i gration a n d

Customs En f orcement agents to seize Egyptian cultural artifacts entering

the United States if they lacked official documentation that they had lawfully

left Egypt. Customs officials have no authority now

to seize Egyptian items unless they have specific information or a strong sus-

picion that they were stolen. Negotiated restrictions would give greater latitude.


OP''g~ -~o<<

qO+ ~yg,

18easo s

sity's Maxwell School of Citi-

zenship and Public Affairs. That doesn't always keep




itQE .



gg yg~ ~~


• Ssahm

Rica. Daniel Ortega, the Nic-

araguan president, wanted to dredge San Juan River to make way for an i nter-oce-

anic canal to compete with Panama's. The director of the dredging project told a local newspaper he used Google Maps as a guide when leading troops onto a small island claimed by Costa Rica. The border dispute still hasn't been



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ber orby the territory whose statusis recognized by one of these sources," Google said in an emailed statement. "We don't do the drawing or redrawing for borders, but work with sources to get the best

:fPg~ 4&k), ~

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-. w/Trailer

- = =

political changes," said Amy Krouse, a spokeswoman. "When recognizing claim lines, we consult a number of sources and authorities such

NEW 2013 Jayfeather only~21 s995 254

Bowrider 175-<"<9 995

after the Crimea vote. "We wait for the State Department to alert us of any

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years ago, Akerman recalls seeing an influx of people from that region "rushing to look at old maps in order to justify their contemporary position," he said. "I would expect we'll have people coming and wanting to look at old maps of Ukraine and Russia." Rand McNally, a publisher based in Skokie, Ill., isn't planning any hasty changes to its maps, atlases, textbooks and globes and navigational tools




Stock ¹AF15 VIN:110371

interpretation of the border or claim lines."

The National Geographic Society doesn't shy from car-

tography's gray areas. For example, its maps use shading and a detailed note to readers

to connote Northern Cyprus, a territory within the island

nation that is only officially recognized as autonomous by Turkey. "Our policy is to map de facto," said Valdes, who has spent 38 years with the mapping unit henow heads. "We map

the reality of the situation, on the ground at the moment. "In such situations, we have

a policy where that entity is classif ied as an area of special status," he said. "There's a

long list of these areas, and the list may get longer before the month is out."

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Kim Continued from A1 There are 20 semifinalists

in each region of the country. The 2014 Pacific Northwest list includes seven chefs from

Oregon, 10 from Washington, two from Montana and one from Idaho. The number will be trimmed to five finalists Tuesday, with national winners to be honored in New




York on May 5.

"It's a tremendous honor to

be included among the greatest chefs in the Northwest,

let alone the country," said

' :' gl .

the soft-spoken Kim. "It's not

something that happens on a regular basis, especially in Bend. We work hard, and I think it validates a lot of what we've done."


James Beard The nomination is perhaps even more meaningful because the foundation's namesake, James Beard, was an Oregon native.Some say he was the original American foodie.


B eard, who was born i n Portland in 1903 and attend-

ed Reed College in the early 1920s, gained fame as an eccentric New York chef and Rob Kerr/The Bulletin food writer. By the 1950s, he Executive chef and co-owner of 5 Fusion & Sushi Bar, Joe Kim Jr., had become a nationalper- has been nominated for the prestigious James Beard Foundation sonality, hosting the f irst award for "Best Chef: Northwest." cooking show on television. He died in 1985, and his cre-

mated ashes were spread acrossthe sands ofGearhart, on the Oregon Coast, where

his family vacationed during his childhood. Beard's Greenwich Village brownstone, in the heart of New York City, thereafter became the home of the James

Beard Foundation. J u lia Child was among those who led the effort to purchase the

home, North America's only historical culinary center. On

nearly every day of the year except Sundays, chefs from throughout the United States

present multicourse dinners to guests who pay $170 and more, per plate, to sample t heir c u isine. A r i an a a n d

Andres Fernandez of Bend's Ariana Restaurant have been

offered that rare opportunity on April 5 (see box at right). The awards program began in 1991 to honor culinary professionals of all stripes-

Ariana Fernandezwill cook in NewYork Joe Kim Jr. isn't the only Bendchef getting attention from the James BeardFoundation in 2014. ArianaRestaurant owners Andres and ArianaFernandezhave beeninvited to cook a six-course tasting menu at theJames Beard House in NewYork on April 5. Oregon wines will be paired with eachcourse of the dinner, which is expected to attract between 60and 80guests paying $170 apiece. Themenu, asannounced bythe restaurant, will start with five hors d'oeuvres, including courses with foie gras, smoked sturgeon and pork belly. Thedinner itself will feature celery crab bisque, venison carpaccio, wild salmon with mushrooms and truffles, short ribs on polenta, and apassionfruit dessert. Ariana will bear the entire cost of shipping all ingredients, and bringing its seven-member kitchen staff, to New York for the dinner. Any profits go to the JamesBeardFoundation for education and scholarships, food industry awards, publications and the maintenance of the historic JamesBeard House. To help offset the costs, Ariana will be holding dinners March 23 and March 31featuring the menu that will be presented in New York. Information is available from the restaurant's website (

"I want diners to just sit and enjoy, to get lost

erage experts, journalists, designers and others involved with the restaurant business.

everyone else to be in Neverland with me."

- ®2$,832

lem — as a foreign exchange cooking, as well." s tudent i n

u n i v ersity. H i s

mother was first-generation

Kim demonstrated his skill

beyond the sushi bar at 5 Fusion's monthly charity din-

a good time trying things." N ow, he said, h e h a s n o boundaries as


"I want diners to just sit

Japanese and Korean cuisine to prepare what I feel is sim-

to elite status.

ply American food." A lthough he spent h i s

now," he said, "and I don't

and enjoy, to get lost in the company, the food, every-

know what the end goal is. I

thing ... I want to give them

teens working in the k itch-

want to become a better chef every day and to create something different that I've never seen before. When I have

Neverland. And I want to be

a truly unique idea, I'm very excited about it. Japanese culture is very ingrained in me — so I work every day to become the best I can be at


ens of Japanese restaurants in the Bay Area, Kim attend-

ed Oregon State University, graduating with a business degree in 2005. He quickly discovered that dressing in a coat and tie "just didn't suit me," and he returned to San

"I have a real drive right

Francisco to study Japanese what I do." cooking under Kazu Yama-



- ®23,347

®23,737 I

l •

1 I





®32,959 I I




®35,000 ''II



II •





®38,$65 I

l •





ll ls

Peter Pan. I never want to

grow up, and I want everyone else to be in Neverland with Kim will show off his culinary sensibilities June 9-10 to apanel of James Beard House visitors from New York and Seattle. Kim — who will turn 33 on June 9 — is turning the event into a t wo-day birth-

guchi at the Kyoto Restaurant. That led him to travels

Role models

He came to Bend, and 5 Fusion, in early 2011, work-

chefs, Grant Achatz of Alinea

that reflects my life as a chef,"

in Chicago and Thomas Keller

he said. "I'm very excited." He will be assisted by his 5 Fu-

Early last year, Kim spent day party, and he'll serve the in Europe and Asia, where he individual weeks working same nine-course dinner to took careful notice of the cui- in the kitchens of two of this 25 guests both nights. "I'm preparing a dinner sine along the way. country's m o s t a c c l aimed ing first as a part-time sous of the French Laundry in Calchef before being elevated ifornia's Napa Valley. "These to executive chef within his were chefs who I completely first year. Last summer, he idolized growing up," he said. became a 50 percent owner of He took away the sense the restaurant. that cooking must be fun for "He had a passion to cook," the chef as well as the diner.


a c h ef.

"There's a lot of fusion con"I was kind of the pingpong ners, which since 2011 have fusion," Kim said, "but I think ball," Kim said. "I bounced raised $148,000 for 28 local that any good recipe, unless back and forth between the nonprofits. These five- to sev- it is completely traditional, is American an d J a paneseen-course wine-pairing din- fusion. I use whatever I can, cultures. As I get older, I'm ners often bring local guest whatever is new, exciting and beginning to figure out who chefs to the fore, providing tastes good. It's the layers and I am. It's great to keep the Kim ne w o p p ortunities to subtleties of different foods parts of me that I feel are learn from others. that make diners take notice, unique. I take everything that And it's that desire to learn more than any particular use I love about French, Italian, that has quickly elevated him of spice. Irish-American.

$23,257 I

Cultural hybrid

— Joe Kim Jr. Kim, 32, was born in San Francisco into a m u l t i cultural household: His Korean Chinese cooking," Kim said. why not have fun with it? I father was born and raised "It's the way you treat the in- think that's maybe the bigin Osaka, Japan, and f i r st gredients that makes Chinese gest thing I learned. I can go came to the United Statesfood great. And I've learned ahead and pair tastes that to Silverton, just east of Sa- that's true of other styles of may appear odd, but I'll have



— John Gottberg Anderson

in the company, the food, everything ... I want to give them Neverland. And I want to be Peter Pan.I never want to grow up, and I want

not only chefs, but also bev-


sion kitchen staff, which in-

cludes sous chefs Jake Starr,


sS,S96 I


s $3,995

r I I



Remington O a t ma n and Hasani Davenport. A limited number of tickets

are available from 5 Fusion "I was reminded at Alinea said 5 Fusion partner Lilian & Sushi Bar (www.5fusion. Chu. "He was too good to be that a dish triggers an emo- com). The meal i ncludes just an executive chef, so I of- tion," he said. "It may remind wine pairing and t i ckets fered him a partnership. He is you of something from child- are $200, or $175 for James the soul of the kitchen. " hood, for instance. Different Beard Foundation members. Kim credited Lilian and her scents and flavors trigger Proceeds will provide scholhusband, Chinese chef Mike memories. arships to Cascade Culinary "At the French Laundry, Chu, with encouraging his Institute students through the professional growth. "Until Chef Keller said we go to James Beard Foundation. I worked with Mike, I didn't restaurants because we want — Reporter: janderson@ have a clear understanding of t o have a good time — so




I r





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MAY ELECTION The May 20election will serve as aprimary for a variety of statewide offices. Local races and measures will also be on the ballot.


• District Attorney Patrick Flaherty is seeking re-election, and Bend attorney John Hummel has also filed to run for the position. • County commissioner seats held byTony DeBone andTammy Baney are upfor re-election. DeBone, aRepublican, has filed to run again and faces aprimary challenge from Richard Esterman. Democrat and current BendCity Councilor Jodie Barram has announced shewill run for the position, as well. • Elections for assessor, clerk and treasurer will take place. Scot Langton, Nancy Blankenship and Robert Lowry will seek the posts, respectively. • District Judge Barbara Haslinger has announced she'll retire. Her seat on the bench will be up for election. Steven Kurzer, Randy Miller and Thomas Spear are all vying for the position. • District Judge Stephen P. Forte is seeking re-election. • A five-year local option fire levy would tax property owners 20 cents per $1,000 in assessed property value. Thefire department currently receives a cut of $1.18 per $1,000 in assessed property value from the city's permanent tax rate of $2.80 per $1,000.

CROOKCOUNTY • Jim Hensley is seeking re-election as sheriff. • The county commission seat held bySeth Crawford is up for election. Crawford has filed to run again andfaces a primary challenge from Prineville City Councilor Jack Seley. • Elections for assessor and clerk will take place. Brian Huber andCheryl Seely are seeking the posts, respectively. • A measure to make nonpartisan the positions of Crook County Judge and county commissioners will also be on the ballot.


• Commission seats held by MikeAhern and John Hatfield are upfor election. Ahern is seeking re-election and will face a challenge from Floyd Paye;Tom Brown, Mae Huston and Mike Throop have filed for the other seat. • Elections for sheriff and county clerk are also on the ballot. KathleenMarstonandJames Adkins are seeking the positions, respectively.


• District Judge Daniel Ahern and District Judge Gary LeeWilliams are running unopposed for re-election. REGISTERTO VOTE • The deadline to register to vote is 21days before Election Day. • Register online at the Oregon secretary of state's website, by mail using a form found on the website or in person at your county elections office.

READOURSTORIES • Coverage leading uptothe electionisatbendbulletin. cnm/electinns


oo in cou casesemer e By Scott Hammers

break ribs, can last for more than three months.

The Bulletin

Deschutes County Health

rising again in the past few years. any cases by this time of year," Kuhn said. "Last year,

for $21.96. "What we're looking for is just to get a large part of the population vaccinated to prevent pertussis from making a

we only had three confirmed

comeback," Kuhn said.

"Sometimes we don't have

Pertussis is among the

Services has recorded six cas-

diseases covered by the DTaP

es of pertussis since the start of the year and is encourag-

series ofvaccinations recommended for young children, and theTdap vaccine given to older children and adults.

ing local residents to make

sure they are up to date on their vaccinations. Pertussis, also known as

Tom Kuhn, community

health program manager for Deschutes County, said Fri-

whooping cough, is a respiratory illness transmitted through droplets from a cough or sneeze. Symptoms, including a cough strong enough to cause vomiting or

day pertussis tends to come

and go in waves. Cases were on the upswing between 2002 and 2005 in Oregon he said, then dropped and have been

He said infected individuals can transmit pertussis and it's only March." without showing symptoms. Deschutes County Health It typically takes seven to 10 Services' Bend clinic is offerdays for a person exposed ing walk-in Tdap vaccinations to pertussis to begin having for those 11 years and older symptoms, though the delay from 4 to 5 p.m. every Thurscan be as long as six weeks, day for the uninsured or peo- he said. ple on the Oregon Health Plan See Cough /B6 cases— most ofthosecame later — and here we have six,

ane o ava an sun erwa

COCCpresident vote scheduled The Central Oregon Community College board of directors will vote Monday afternoon to appoint the next president of COCC. Patrick Lanning, a native of Prineville and the campus president for Yamhill Valley CampusofChemeketa Community College, is the school's top choice, according to a press release. Last weekend, five representatives from the college visited Lanning's current workplace and interviewed avariety of individuals who work with him.

If appointed, Lanning would succeed Jim Middleton, who has served as president for a decade. — Bulletin staff ieport

Well shot! Readerphotos

• We want to see your photos showing the signs of spring for another special version of Well shot! that will run in the

flr Rob KerriThe Bulletin

Excnvators, dump trucks and other heavy equipment are at work near the Benham Falls East Day use Area near Sunrlver Friday. An asphalt path reaching from Sunriver to the Lava Lands Visitor Center, intended for cyclists, runners and walkers, could be completed by fall.

Sunrivei to LavaLands, paved

By Dylan J. Darling

Construction has started on anew paved path between Sunriver and the Lava LandsVisitor Center. The project by the U.S. Forest Service and Oregon Department of Transportation aims to improveaccessto Newberry National Volcanic Monument for people onfoot and on bicycles. oescrures Bsnham-Falls ",Bsnha~mWest''' g~



Benham East


construction south of Bend.

... . . Trajl

done by late September or ear-

— Detour

ly October, said Rex Holloway, spokesman for the Oregon

~ Lava Butts

Department of Transportation. ODOT partnered with

the U.S. Forest Service on the project, which is intended to

La v a Lands

open up access to the visitor center to more than cars and trucks.

Connection to Sunriber bike paths

"So what it does is just provide more recreation and


alternative ways for people to 1

Source: U.S. Forest Service

will link Sunriver to the Lava Lands Visitor Center, is under

—. Paved path

Visitor Centel

Cascad Rd.

A new paved path, which

mile asphalt path started in late February and should be

Nonmotorlzed ~ interpretive paved path sits s I

The Bulletin

Construction on the 5.5-


Andy Zeigert/The Bulletin

get around in that area," Holloway said.

Online closure info For more information about the pavedpath being built between Sunriver and the Lava LandsVisitor Center, including closure updates, visit

Outdoors section. Submit your best work at bendbnlletin.cnm /spring2014and we'll pick the best for publication. • Email other good photos of the great outdoors to renderpbetosO bendbulletln.cem and tell us a bit about where and when you took them. We'll choose the bestfor publication. Submission requirements: Include as much detail as possible — when and where you took it, and any special technique used — aswell as your name, hometown and phone number. Photos must be high resolution (at least 6 inches wide and 300 dpi) and cannot be altered.


PBeRAk. Portland

People on foot and on bicycles are among the target users for the paved path, which will have a spur going to the Benham East Day Use Area. The $1.85 million construction

project is funded by the Public Lands Highways Discretionary Program and the ODOT Rail Safety Program, according to ODOT. SeeLava /B6

• Pertlnnd: A man was almost killed Friday by a compactor after falling asleep in a recycling bin,B3

Fall from a fishing boat leaves areamanmlsslng In Berlng Sea Police continue search By Dylan J. Darhng The Bulletin

A Central Oregon man is missing and presumed dead after going overboard Wednesday from a fishing vessel into the chilly waters

of the Bering Sea. Eric Eder, 43, moved to Redmond from Waldport

for missingwoman,43

Nissing at sea A Central Oregon manwent overboard from the fishing vessel Seeker on Wednesday. A10-hour search of 64 square miles of the Bering Seafailed to locate Eric Eder. Family and friends are planning a memorial service for March 22 at Eagle Crest Resort. Arctic Ocean t RUSSIA

in September, his sister, Shelly Heim, told the NewFriday paper. She told the paper he is survived by his wife, Adrienne Eder, and two sons, Bennett, 5, and


Oliver, who was born five weeks ago. Formerly of Waldport

Waldport and he was excited to live near him again. See Lost /B6


Fisherman lost Anchorage

Aleutian Island odiak Island

Pacific Ocean ~u

Bend Police are working with law enforcement agen-

long, but we're not ruling anything out." Officers obtained a search warrant earlier this week to

cies in Southern Oregon and

look for evidence in De Horta-Frias'

motor home, C astro-

wh ic hw a s


foun d on Janelee Place near Copperfield Avenue. Police believe

reported missing Monday. She was reportedly with Honorio De Horta-Frias, 40,

around the time of her disappearance, according to Bend

De Horta-Frias

is driving a 2003

Police Lt. Nick Parker.

himself, Ed Pond, 70, of

Redmond, said he was happyto see Eder move to Central Oregon recently. The

The Bulletin

Pivoyne Castro-Luna, 43, was last seen Sunday and

• Fairban s

Bering Sea

By Shelby FL King

into California as the search continues for a missing woman and a person who may know of her whereabouts.


port News-Times for the

two had been neighbors in News of Recont, B2


n imak Island

Parker said detectives believe it's possible Castro-Luna left willingly with De Horta-Frias, but said they suspect that is not the case.

"We're still looking for them both," he said. "It's

unlike her not to contact her Source: us. Coast Guard, friends and family of Eric Eder

Greg Cross/The Bulletin

friends and family for this

De Horte-

w h i t e Toyota

Frlas Taco m a pickup with Oregon license plate 9P2954. Castro-Luna is female, de-

scribed as 5 feet 5 inches tall, 175 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. See Missing /B6





ENDA R Ave., Bend;541-382-8436 or www. MY NEWMISTRESS:The Utah rock band performs; $5; 9 p.m.;Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70S.W.Century Drive, Bend; 541-323-1881 orwww. APPLECAT: TheCanadian plays electronic music, with llko, Lashawn and DJ Byrne; free;10 p.m.; Dojo, 852 N.W. Brooks St., Bend;541-706-9091 or

suggested donation;5-6:30 p.m .; Bend's Community Center,1036 N.E Fifth St.; 541-848-0097 or www. JAZZATTHEOXFORD:Featuring Western swing bandBruceForman

TODAY "THE METROPOLITANOPERA: WERTHER": Starring JonasKaufmann in the title role of Massenet's adaptation of Goethe's revolutionaryand tragic

and CowBop;$39 plusfees; 5p.m.;


The Oxford Hotel, 10N.W.Minnesota Ave., Bend;541-382-8436 or www. FIREARMS AND FASHION: Afashion show with historical characters ouffitted with the guns theywould havecarried in the late1800s; no host bar; $5, $3 for members, registration requested; 6 p.m.; High Desert Museum,59800S. U.S. Highway97,Bend; 541-382-4754 or HIGH DESERT WILD GAMES: Featuring awild game buffetand gaming fun; proceeds benefit Full AccessBeth Rixe Service Center; $50 for dinner and gaming script; 6-10 p.m.; ElksLodge, 63120 N.E.BoydAcres Road,Bend; 541-382-1371, bendnative© or WINE INTHEPINES: Featuring wine, beer and hard cider tasting, dinner, live music, prizes andadessertauction; proceeds benefit Sisters Rotary; $40, $75 per couple; 6-10p.m.; Brand33, 16900Aspen LakesDrive, Sisters; 541350-3085 or AUTHORPRESENTATION: Karen Spears Zacharias presents "Mother of Rain"; $5; 6:30 p.m.; PaulinaSprings Books,422 S.W. SixthSt.,Redmond; 541-526-1491. "GREASE"SINGALONG: Singalongto lyrics on the screen;$20, $15students, plus fees;7 p.m.,doorsopen6 p.m .; Tower Theatre, 835 N.W. Wall St., Bend; 541-317-0700 or www.towertheatre. org. AARONMEYER:The Portland classicalrock violinist performs; $15 plusfees inadvance,$20atthedoor;7p.m.,6 p.m. doors openfor silent auction and raffle; Summit High School, 2855 N.W. Clearwater Drive, Bend;541-322-3300. "FUNNY MONEY": Acomedy abouta mild-manneredaccountant accidentally picking up abriefcase full of money andtrying to explain himself to a police detective; $19,$15seniors, $12students;7:30p.m.;Greenwood Playhouse,148 N.W.Greenwood Ave.,Bend;541-389-0803orwww. THE MELODRAMATICS: Reggae-rock from California, with Necktie Killer, No Cash Value,Quiet Culture andThose Guys; $8;8p.m.;DominoRoom,51 N.W. GreenwoodAve., Bend; 541-4084329 or JAZZATTHEOXFORD:Featuring Western swing bandBruceForman and Cow Bop;$39 plusfees; 8:15p.m.; The Oxford Hotel, 10N.W.Minnesota

transmitted live in highdefinition; $24, $22 seniors, $18children; 9:55 a.m.; Regal Old Mill Stadium16 8 IMAX, 680S.W. PowerhouseDrive, Bend; 541-312-2901. DISCOVERNATUREDAY: Families can track wildlife, explore the stream, meet birds of prey, learn mapand compass, playgamesandmore;hostedbythe Deschutes Children's Forest; K-8th grade with parent or guardian; free; 10 a.m.-2 p.m.; ClineFalls State Park, OR126,4 miles west of Redmond, Redmond; 541-383-5592 or www. MOTHER,DAUGHTER & FRIENDS TEA: Featuring lunch with tea, raffles, drawings and friendship photos; proceeds benefit the GeneralFederation of Women's Clubs ofCentral Oregon; $15 donation, reservation requested; 11 a.m.-2 p.m.; RedmondSenior Center, 325 N.W.DogwoodAve.;541-279-1441


JUMPERJACKPOTSERIES: Competitors jump their horses for cash in avariety of classes; free; noon; Fruition Farm, 5707S.W.Quarry Avenue, Redmond;541-410-9513 or

"JOLLYROGER & THE PIRATE QUEEN": A playaboutan English aristocrat and hersuitor; $5; 2 p.m.; Journey,70 N.W.Newport Ave., Ste. 100, Bend; 541-647-2944 or www. KNOWGO:HIKINGTHEPACIFIC CRESTTRAIL IN13 SHORT YEARS: Bill Valentine covers thedosand don'ts of preparing for the trail; free; 2 p.m.; Downtown BendPublic Library, 601 N.W.Wall St.; 541-312-1032, lizg© or www. LATE MODELRACE CAR VIEWING: View a racecar signed by Central

Oregonveteransor signit ifyou area

veteran; T-shirtsales benefit race car maintenance; free; 4p.m.; VFWHall, 1836S.W.VeteransWay,Redmond; 541-447-5304 or kim.phIllipp@ AUTHORPRESENTATION:Willy Vlautin reads fromhis book"The Free"; free, reservationrequested; 5 p.m.;Sunriver Books 8 Music, Sunriver Village Building 25C;541-593-2525 or www. BENEFITCONCERT:Featuring acoustic musician TaraHenderson; proceeds benefit the"Feed theHungry" program; five no-perishable fooditems or $5


SU5IDAY ST. PATRICK'SDAYDASH:A5K race from through downtown Bendand area parks, with an after-partyadjacent to the pub; contests for costumes and best wearing of green; proceedsbenefit Bethlehem Inn; free for spectators; 10:05a.m. race start, 7:30a.m. registration, 9 a.m. costume judging; Deschutes Brewery & Public House, 1044 N.W.Bond St., Bend; www. EMPTY BOWLS:Featuring hotsoup and refreshments made byRidgeview culinary students in ceramic bowls made by Ridgeviewstudentsand others; proceeds benefit Jericho Road; $10 suggested donation per bowl; noon-7p.m.;Ridgeview High School, 4555 S.W. Elkhorn Ave., Redmond; 541-504-3600 or www.rvhs.redmond. "FUNNY MONEY": Acomedy about a mild-mannered accountant accidentally picking up abriefcase full of money and trying to explain himself to a police detective; $19, $15seniors, $12 students; 2 p.m.; Greenwood Playhouse, 148N.W.Greenwood Ave., Bend; 541-389-0803 or www. TWO ON TAP:A creative collaboration

of songanddance; part ofthe Redmond Community Concert Association series; SOLDOUT;2 p.m., doors open1:15 p.m.; Ridgeview High School, 4555 S.W.Elkhorn Ave., Redmond; 541-350-7222,

redmondcca© orwww.

AUTHOR! AUTHOR!:Cheryl Strayed, author of "Wild," will speak; $20-$75; 4 p.m.; Bend HighSchool, 230 N.E Sixth St.; 541-312-1027 or www. "A HORSEOFCOURSE" FUNDRAISER:Ascreening of the film "Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies," live music and short films; proceeds benefit Equine Community Resources; $10 suggested donation; 5 p.m.; Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70S.W.Century Drive, Bend; 541-323-1881 or www.

The Bulletin will update items in the Police Log whensuch a request is received. Any new information, such as the dismissal of charges or acquittal, must be verifiable. For more information, call 541-383-0358.

BEMD POLICE DEPARTMENT Burglary — A burglary was reported at12:43 p.m. March 3, in the1000 block of Southeast 15th Street. Criminal mischiel — An act of criminal mischief was reported at10:51 a.m. March 8, in the 200 block of Southeast15th Street. DUII — Dacia H.Puckett, 52, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at12:33 p.m. March10, in the area of South U.S. Highway 97 and Badger Road. Theft — Atheft was reported at 9:02a.m. March11, inthe100 block of Northwest Wall Street. Unlawful entry — A vehicle was reported entered at 3:12 p.m. March11, in the 61500 block of Tall Tree Court. DUII — Patrick David Michelson, 43, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at10:43 p.m. March 11, in the area of Northeast Second Street and Northeast Greenwood Avenue. DUII — Peter Eggers Palmer, 38, was arrested on suspicion of driving underthe influence of intoxicants at 2:53 p.m. March 12, in the area of Southwest Simpson Avenueand Southwest Columbia Street. Criminal mischief — An act of criminal mischief was reported at 6:05 p.m. March12, in the 1500 block of Southeast Tempest Drive. DUII — Robert Harry Best Jr., 58, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at 6:28 p.m. March 12, in the area of Northeast Sixth Street and Northeast Olney Avenue. Theft — A theft was reported at9:27a.m. March13, inthe 1000 block of Northwest Albany Avenue. Burglary — A burglary was reported at12:15 p.m. March13, inthe20300 blockofRoccaW ay. Theft — Atheft was reported at 2:06 p.m. March 13, in the 700 block of Southeast Manley Place. Criminal mischiel — An act of criminal mischief was reported and an arrest made at10:31 p.m. March 7, in the 2500 block of Northwest Regency Street. Theft — Atheft was reported at

5:52 p.m. March 4, in the 1400 block of Northeast First Street. Burglary — A burglary was reported at 8:58a.m. March13, in the 61200 block of South U.S. Highway 97.

PRIMEVILLE POLICE DEPARTMEMT Criminal mischief — An act of criminal mischief was reported at 5 p.m. March13, in the areaof Northeast Elm Street. Criminal mischief — An act of criminal mischief was reported at 5 p.m. March13, in the areaof Northwest Beaver Street.

OREGON STATE POLICE DUII — Frederick Graff Szkotak, 26, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at1:07 a.m. March 13, in the area of U.S. Highway 20 near milepost 9 in Deschutes County. DUII — Robert Otis Nelson, 49, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at 6:30 p.m. March 13, in the area of U.S. Highway 97 and Suzanne Lanein Bend. DUII — Edward Leigh Owens, 37, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at 8:13 p.m. March 13, in the area of DayRoadand Sunset Lane in LaPine.

BEND FIRE RUNS Thursday 0:53 a.m.— Unauthorized burning, 19191 KiowaRoad. 25 — Medical aid calls.

Filed Feb 27

14CV0145 —LynneP.Rollman v. Old Mill District ShopsLLC, complaint, at least$250,000 Filed March 3 14CV0147 —Springleaf Financial Services Inc., formerly known as AmericanGeneral Financial Services Inc., dbaAmerican General Financial Services, v.Robert D. Monette, Janice R.Monette, RomaineVillage Homeowners Association, complaint, $115,654.59 14CV0140 —Liberty Acquisitions Servicing LLCv. SusanM. Dayand Ruff House,complaint, $40,910.93 14CV0149 —JaneChristensen v.

James E.Chancellor, complaint, at least $250,000 Filed March 4 14CV0150 —PaulMacyv. Bosski Inc. andColumbiaRiver Moto-Sports Inc., complaint, $1,464.059.13 14CV0152 —Nationstar Mortgage LLC v.Richard T.Crossand Lisa D. Whited, complaint, $172,813.49 14CV0153 —Stanley A.Thomas v. Penny L.Newton, complaint, at least $100,000 14CV0154 — Liberty Acquisitions Servicing LLC v. Beverly BaraschSullens, complaint, $44,147.56 14CV0162 —TheEstate of Howard C. Rackley v.Anthony Moonand LemansCorporation, dbaParts Unlimited/DragSpecialties, complaint, $124,917.69plus interest, costs andfees Filed March 5 14CV0155 —RayKlein Inc., dba ProfessionalCreditService, v. Corey J. Rise complaint $13 506.70 14CV0157 —Capital One Bank N.A.v. JaymesonDahlke, complaint, $27,951.18 14CV0158 —Discover Bank v. Carolyn R.Bader, complaint, $17,873.73 14CV0159 —Cavalry SPVI LLC v.PaulColburn, complaint, $28,997.81 14CV0100 —ShaneAnnichiarico v. Scott M. Knox,complaint, $33,431.60 14CV0101 —Margaret E.Manser and Teresa A. Wegnerv. Jordan L. Grandlund,akaJordan Haase, complaint, at least$150,000

Filed March 6 14CV0163 —U.S. BankN.A., as trustee successor ininterest to State StreetBankandTrust, as trustee forWashingtonMutual MSC Mortgagepass—through Certificates series2003-AR2, compla>nt,$95,668A3 14CV0104 —Nationstar Mortgage LLC v.DavidJasper, Sharon Murphy andWashington Mutual Bank F.A.,nkaJPMorgan Chase BankN.A.,complaint,$333,726 14CV0165 —AlohaProduce of Central OregonInc.v. Tomand Charleys's Inc., BrothersFamily Diner Inc., OutbackPizzeria Inc. and James R. Moore, complaint, $24,847.81 14CV0107 —JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A.successorby mergerto ChaseHomeFinance LLC,v. Britt Leis, AmberLeisakaAmber Larkin and KeybankN.A., complaint, $92,808.04 plusinterest, costs andfees 14CV0168 —Pennymac Loan Services LLC v. Pete B.Morris, complaint, $175,752.02plus interest, costs andfees

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Aeailable mhile supplies East •

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Central Oreyon's Only

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Tempur-Pedic Dealer ®


of Redmond

Instan Credit!

Apply online

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at: I o a

Wilson's Olive Garden

G allery - B e n d




m oto r s


0 an mansee in inr se nea crus e •Binwasconnected,moved,dumpedand compactedbeforeadriver heardthe screams






and the truck driver quickly co-owner of Cloudburst Recystoppedthe crusher and ran for cling, said the driver was "sehelp. verely traumatized" and not Emergency re s pondersavailable to be interviewed. It's the third time his compawent through the cardboard and freed the man. His inju- ny has discovered a person inries were initially feared to be side arecydingbin, but the first life-threatening, but the au- time someone made it into the

who claims he was tortured in the United Arab Emirates

personal safety. It's critical (that) this court ensures Mr. Fikre

at the behest of the U.S. gov-

won't be subjected to

ernment said Friday that his client is too afraid to try to

these actions again."

ney foran American man

travel back home. The contention came at a

hearing involving a lawsuit filed by Yonas Fikre, alleg-

el to the U.S.," said U.S. De-

would not be permitted to leave again. "Mr. Fikre fears for hi s

personal safety," Nelson said. "It's critical (that) this c ourt ensures M r .


won't be subjected to these actions again." Fikre said he was held for

and ran into the store to holler


for someone to call 911. He then


Gov. JohnKitzhaber hashired two people to focus onregional priorities in the mid-WillametteValleyanda portion of theColumbia RiverGorge. The governor's officeannounced the hires Friday.Kitzhaber's regional solutions teamworks with local governmentsandcommunity groups to getwhat they needfrom the state. KateSinner, afederal lobbyist for OregonStateUniversity, will work in HoodRiver,Wascoand Shermancounties. GregEllis, the city administrator in Canby, will be responsible for themid-Willamette Valley. Bothstart their newjobs later this month.

— Tom Nelson,

Fikre's attorney

' KE


rnat-:or s



2010 D CARAV

ICKUP 2007 D 25004 2007 D 35004 2006 D 2500 M 2006 D

ordered federal fish managersto releasefewer youngsalmon into the Sandy Riverthisyear to ensurethat hatchery fish don't harmwild-born fish. FederalJudgeAncer Haggerty ordered Fridaythat the National Marine FisheriesServiceallow releases of nomorethan 200,000 coho smolts into theSandythis year — 100,000 fewerthan planned.The ruling stemsfrom a lawsuit by Oregon nonprofit groupsthat claimed hatchery fish areharmingwild fish.

$3OOK worth of heroin, meth fonnd onbns —Atip report-

edly led Medford policeandfederal agents to intercept two travelbags carrying nearly $300,000worth of heroin andmethamphetamine ona commercial bus. Lt.KevinWalruff, of Medford AreaDrugandGang Enforcement, said IvanRojas-Hernandez, 29, ofSalem,wasarrested March 7,while thebuswasstopped in Central Point. Walruff saysthe man allowedpolice tosearch his bag, whichcontainedninepounds of meth worth about$180,000.A second bagcontained heroin worth about$50,000 andmethworth about$40, 000.Walruffsaysno passenger claimedthat bag.

harm Fikre suffered and the specific constitutional

rights that might have been violated. Two other Oregon Musl ims who w orship at t h e

mosque have also alleged

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Hatcheryorderedto release

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Kitzhaberappoints 2to his regional sotp ntions team-

partment of Justice attorney they were h el d o v erseas Brigham Bowen. "This is and asked to become inforbest described as a rush to mants by Portland-based court. FBI agents. These o ther Fikre's attorney, Tom Nel- men have since returned to son, says his client remains Oregon. scarred by his previous experience, and fears that if he did return to the U.S., he



operate with Portland-based partment demanded that he FBI agents in an interview spy on a Portland mosque in in Sudan. The State De2011, then had him abused partment confirmed previin a UAE prison when he ously that Fikre was held in refused. Abu Dhabi "on unspecified The federal agencies have charges," but said he was declined to comment on the visited by State Department allegations, citing the ongo- officials and showed no ing litigation. signs of mistreatment. Fikre remains in Sweden, Fikre said the FBI agents where he sought asylum af- named in the suit wanted ter saying he was told by FBI him to become an informant agents that he was on the at Portland's largest mosque, no-fly list. He also said a per- Masjid As-Saber, and were son who attempted to use his angered when he refused. ticket to obtain a boarding He said interrogators in Abu pass in UAE was told Fikre Dhabi later used information could not fly. Fikre had given to the FBI At a hearing Friday in U.S. agents in his interrogation. District Court, government U.S. District Court Judge claim that he suffered harm from placement on the government's no-fly list because he hasn't tried to fly home. "What is missing in this claim for injunctive relief is any legitimate effort to trav-




ing the FBI and State De-

attorneys said Fikre couldn't


2000 C

per and spoke to the man while holding his hand, McMahon

"Mr. Fikre fears for his

PORTLAND — An attor-

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dimbed into the vehicle's hop-

FBI alleged tohave sought mosquespy The Associated Press




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"He should be given credit for saving this guy's life," McMahon said. "I can imagine thorities later said O'Grady will hopper of the truck without be- easily becoming confused and survive. ing discovered, McMahon said. not knowing which way to pull It's the second time in less "We open the lid and look in the lever, even though you've than two years that a man in the container and, of course, pulled ithundreds of times — to Portland has been thrown into it's a quite a shock if you find stop it in action and reverse it."

By Nigel Duara



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By Steven DuBois

McM a hon ,

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2011 B

Associated Press



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the compactor was activated,

2012 ACURA TL 2008 AUDIA

somebody sleeping in it," he said. "In this case, the person had apparently burrowed underthe cardboard to stayw arm or dry.

the backof a truck after fallThe container was rolled 75 ing asleep in a recycling bin. In feet and manually hooked up to PORTLAND — A man who the first instance, a 27-year-old the rear-load truck. "Nothing stirred, nothing slept in a bin filled with card- man suffered minor injuries board suffered serious injuries after opting to sleep in a bin in- moved through all of this," McFriday when he was dumped stead of drinking and driving. Mahon said. into the back of a recycling Investigators have yet to pinMcMahon said his driver truck, the Portland Police Bu- point why O'Grady was in the disconnected the container afreau said. recycling bin, Simpson said. ter compressing its contents. "He hits the compact again Liam O'Grady, 27, likely ''We suspect alcohol or mental dimbed into the dumpster to health issues played a part in — a second time — and starts sleep, Sgt. Pete Simpson said. his decision-making," the offi- rolling (the container) away," It's unknown how many hours cel' sald. he said. "And then he hears a he spent in the bin, but he was The incident happened at the scream." awakened shortly after 8 a.m. People's Food Co-op in southThe driver stopped the comO'Grady screamed when east Portland. paction, turned off the truck



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The Bulletin


Oi'eS ewlCe S ou COnSi er

u ic'si eas he U.S. Forest Service goofed with its plan for roads and trails that might be closed to motor vehicle use in the Wallowa-Whitman Forest. The Forest Service says it goofed, because its maps were wrong and didn't accurately show what was on the ground. It needed to start over. People who live in the area and U.S. Rep. Greg Walden, R-Hood River, said th e Forest Service goofed, because it didn't listen to public input. It needed to start over. Walden wrote that the way the Forest Service developed its plan "amounts to an assault on good process, the public's ability to enjoy their natural resources, and rural traditions on public lands. That is unacceptable." To the Forest Service's credit, it has started over. A committee of Forest Service personnel is revising maps to ensure they are more accurate. When that is done, it is going to take them to the public and gather input to ensure they are correct. There isno deadline to come up with what is called a "travel management plan" for the forest.

This week, Walden is holding town hall meetings in Eastern Oregon to get an update from the public on the Forest Service plan and other issues. He intends to introduce legislation that would prevent the Forest Service from implementing a travel plan without concurrence from the local community. Whatever happens with that bill, it won't be easy for the Forest Service to reach an agreement about what roads and trails should be closed to motor vehicles. Walden says some 70 percent of U.S. Forest Service lands in Wallowa County are alreadydedicated to non-motorized recreation. Closing off more, even forgood environmental reasons,could bebad foreconomic and recreation reasons. But this time around, the Forest Service must truly do as it has pledged: Conduct an open process. Incorporate what the public says into the plan.

Mayballot offersvoters chancefor localimpact


n CentralOregon, May 20 ballots will include a mixture of nonpartisanraces,party primaries and local measures. The May election generally gets less attention than November's, but critical decisions will be made and candidates elected. April 29 is the deadline to register to vote or to change party registration, and ballots will be mailed May l. Although we won't list every candidate in this column, we will interview them all before making our endorsements. If you have questions you'd like us to ask them, please send them to Editor of Editorials Richard Coe at On the statewide level, six candidates are seeking the Republican gubernatorial nomination, while incumbent John Kitzhaber has only one opponentin the Democratic primary. For Congressional District 2, incumbent Greg Walden has one opponent for the GOP nomination,and three candidatesare running on the Democratic side. Incumbent U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley has two opponents for the Democratic nomination. Jason Conger andMonica Wehby arethe most prominent of the five candidates seeking the GOP nomination in that race. In Deschutes County, the most well-known case is John Hummel's challenge to incumbent Dis-

trict Attorney Patrick Flaherty, while incumbent County Commissioner Tony DeBone faces a challenge from Richard Esterman for the Republican nomination for that seat. Voters will also cast ballots for a Circuit Court judge in a nonpartisanrace that has drawn three candidates: Steven Kurzer, Randy Miller and Thomas (T.J.) Spear. Bend-area voters will decide if they're willing to pay 20 cents per $1,000 assessed value to sup-

port fire fighting and emergency services. Crook County voters will decide if they want their county commission to be nonpartisan in the future, and the GOP will choose incumbent Commissioner Seth Crawford or challenger Jack Seley as their nominee for Crawford's seat. Jefferson County has two competitions for its County Court, or commission. Tom Brown, M ae Huston and M ik e T h roop are competing for position I and Mike Ahern and Floyd Paye seek position 2. For the O regon Legislature House District 59, Rep. John Huffman is being challenged for the GOP nomination by Britt Storkson. Some voters who feel their vote doesn't count for much in bigger elections — a view we don't share — should consider their much larger impact in these more localized elections.

M 1Vickel's Worth Don't blame weapon

with disdain.

We have powerful forums to dis-

In suIcIde

cuss the issues that confront us daily.

I am saddened by Dr. Archie Bley- We should use them to better all of er's March 8 opinion piece "Suicide our lives. Suicide is a painful and imis a valid reason to reduce firearm portant topic; so is gun control or the availability" in The Bulletin. lack of it. Letusbe aware that hidden It appears the Bleyer believes that agendas do none of us any good and if the government takes away fire- we should pursue truth and healing arms from the general public, sui- in the light of reason. RIP Uncle Jack. cide rates will go down. I disagree: Zeke Duge Suicide is the most personal act an Sisters individual can commit. The method

of carrying out that decision is of no Use the census consequence. I have lost my grandfather (pistol) and favorite uncle (rifle) I happened to read the March 12 to suicide. I firmly believe with help, letter by John Parr describing the possibly medication and support, sad case of an elderly man who,

Hold officialsaccountable In the spirit of democratic debate, I am responding to a March 6 oped piece written by Peter Schneider, which I read with curiosity and interest.

The job of the City Council is to set policy, to research and to make the most informed decisions possible in

the best interest of our community. Today's councilors live with decisions past councils have made. It's a reali-

ty. It's also a reality that we face expensive infrastructure projects today, because the city didn't invest in them

earlier. Schneider asserts that a city emthis would not have happened, but I though born in the U.S., could not ployee,Tom Hickmann, should be do notblame the weapons. provide a birth certificate and was held accountable for the council's (in It annoys me that Bleyer chooses therefore denied renewal of his driv- his opinion, poor) decision regarding to prey on those unfortunates who

suffer from demons we do not know to advance an agendapromoting gun control under the guise of helping reduce suicide and public suffering. In the second paragraph of his opinion piece, he identifies "another strategy" for expanding background checks by addressing in the media "self-inflicted harm by attempted suicide.

er's license. Why aren't DMV staff informed

the choice of surface water treatment.

tell them how. The Census Bureau's records of

project span at least three councils.

But city staff members don't make that there are various ways to prove big financial decisions; councilors do. citizenship besides a birth certifiDirections given to city staff on the cate'? Any hobby genealogist could surface water pipeline replacement decennial censuses are now publicly available through 1940. It's almost a sure thing that the elderly gentleman would appear in one of them, and

This is reprehensible! To use the

the record would show the state of

suffering of those of us who are left his birth. Say the man was born in to advance an agenda that does not 1930, he might be in the 1930 census attempt to a l leviate, reduce, imif born before April; he would likely proveor assuage thetragedy,butto also be in the 1940 census and in all capitalize on that suffering only to other censuses through 2010. promote personal goals, should be There's a 72-year lagbefore decencondemned byevery human on this nial censuses are made public to proplanet. tect the privacy of livingpersons. But The moral issue surrounding sui- the Census Bureau used to provide cide is another topic. It is not illegal information from censuses not yet to commit suicide in Oregon. It may generally public, if a person needed be condemned by conventional reli-

the information for some official pur-

While I may agree with Schneider'spreferred water treatment option, I disagree that any staff person

should become the focal point in an upcoming City Council election, as Schneider's letter alluded to.

From my point of view, city staff, including Hickmann, has continually tried to present responsible alterna-

tives, using all accessible information and following direction from a majority of elected councilors.

If I do my job well as a councilor, staff will understand the importance of the community's values that un-

derlie alternatives, and theywillpresent choices that fall within councilors' parameters.

gion. It may be a metamorphosis to pose, such as attending school or getThankfully, in this democracy, another life. It may have no cosmic ting a driver's license, and I believe your electedleaders are making effect at all; we do not know. But to

they still would.

use a sorrowful (in my case) event for your own gain should be viewed

these decisions. Vote thoughtfully.

Elizabeth VanStaaveren

Sally Russell


Bend city councilor

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We welcomeyour letters. Letters should be limited to one issue, contain no more than 250words and include the writer's signature, phonenumber and address for verification. Weedit letters for brevity, grammar, taste and legal reasons. Wereject poetry, personal attacks, form letters, letters submitted elsewhereandthose appropriate for other sections of TheBulletin. Writers are limited to one letter or Op-Ed pieceevery 30 days.

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Supermax-styled schools are an outlandish proposition By John Poe ust when I thought we had pried

and ones to handle the metal detectors, which to maintain safety we must use

last foolish idea from pro-gun J the owners' dead, cold hands, we had

whenever students leave the building (recess,gym),because they could hide a letter outlining the way to make our weapons outside then bring them back schools safer by turning them into a inside. They could have a co-conspiraSupermax prison environment. The tor(s) let them in an alarmed emergenonly thing the writer missed was the cyexit, thenpass outweapons — attack gun towers and orange jumpsuits for students on the playgmunds orparking thekids. lots. And hire additional staff to moniThe "elephant in the room" for these

torthe cameras in allareas.

types of suggestions is the cost, which This still doesn't solve a shooting all writers conveniently forget (see be- at bus stops (arm the drivers), athletlowhowto solve that). ic events (metal detectors, must have So, all we need are single entrance more metal detectors) and concerts. schools, metal detectors, alarm systems The writer's solution for this is, of and cameras in all areas (restrooms, course, more guns. Trained and armed really?) — disregarding the fact that teachers, custodians and lunch staff many schools have multiple buildings are next? Even the Texas state police on campus and portable ciassrooms association has saidthey think this is a that do not have two exits. In addition bad idea, since students may use guns to armed security to patrol the campus

teachers leave unattended in their desk,


staff or "volunteers" and will exdude this coverage immediately, leaving taxpayers to pay for any accidental shoot-

shootings, when statistically, shoot- reminding me that guns in the home ers have reacted to bullying, discipline increase the likelihood of being killed). from teachers or admini>tration, gang So I am not the problem, you gun own~ and a raft of other perceived ers could be. Recently, on the news a injustices — and in few instances, have 13-year-old followed by a hidden camparents sent their children for mental era crew couldn't buy cigarettes or alevaluations prior to a shooting? And cohol, but did purchase a rifle at a gun you want our teachers to do this, when show. No guns should be p~ d by you don't even want them to teach sex anyone under 18. Make gun owners education? responsible for their inaction. If a miNow, we come to the cost. Estimates nor uses a gun in a robbery or school have ranged over billions of dollars shooting, if the gun can be traced to an just to train and hire minimum securi- owner, give them an appropriate manty staff in all schools across the coun- datory jail sentence. You're too cheap to try, when we currently don't have the buy a trigger lock or gun cabineP. Do m oney for more teachersorschoolim - thetime. provements. Taxpayers routinely vote To pay for all the school security down more high-minded measures for measures, implement a huge tax on all schools than the writer's list. What to guns and ammunition. You will still

mg 111stances. The writer thinks that mental health

do, what to do? I'm a former hunter and gun owner,

have your Second Amendment rights;

problems are what's behind all these (but sold them when my doctor kept

— John Poe lives in Bend.

or inthe case of high schools,overwhelmteachers who areweaker.

Of course, we could always use retimi military, police officers (the one who killed the texter in the movie the-

ater when he was "assaulted" by popcorn would be good, unless you are a texting teenager; or George Zimmerman is available. But no, not in a school with minority kids). Having worked in risk management with school districts

throughout the West, I can tell you, no insurance company wants to insure distrids bristling with armed teachers,





Pot shop cited prematurely,


DEATH NOTICES Pauline "Polly" Walsh, of Bend February 18, 1925 - March 13, 2014

Arrangements: Baird Funeral Home, 541-382-0903 Services: Funeral Mass will be held Monday, March 17 at 12:15 p.m. at St. Francis Historical Church. Interment will take place at a later date at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. Contributions may be made to: Partners In Care, 2075 NE Wyatt Ct., Bend, OR 97701

Benn, British leftist, denouncedhistitle to remain anofficial By Alan Cowell New York Times News Service


him to take his seat, as he was

B unn said the city h a d

still a peer. Benn continued to campaign for the right to reject his peerage until 1963, when a Conservative government approved a law permitting the

the authority to issue the citations under its existing

ing than methamphetamine

code. However, he said the city wanted to make sure

renunciation of such titles. He

force, along with a moratorium on dispensaries. "We're just trying to be

and cocaine, which are con- 3460, about 200 dispensaries sidered Schedule II drugs. operatedin a legalgray area. Richard Nuckols, owner Leland Berger, a Portof Mary Jane's, said he had land lawyer representing the understanding that the the owners of Mary Jane's, city's revocation would not said he doesn't think the city take place until March 20, had the authority to issue the

his newly minted title became a cause celebre.

Despite being disqualified

passionate orator, prolific di-

from the ballot, he fought and won the 1961 by-election in

of the British left who became Bristol that had been caused by the fi rstpeer to surrender an his own disqualification from aristocratic title to remain in


na. He said a previous license tactics and harassment tacapplication for another busi- tics on the part of the city," he ness of the owners of Mary sard. Jane's was denied because Nuckols said h e's been it would have sold cannabis discussing with his attorney edibles. the possibility of appealing He said patients who need the City C ouncil's revocamarijuana have other ave- tion of his business license to nues to obtain their medicine. the Jackson County Circuit Patients could go to Ashland, Court. "We've got to stand up for where the city has enacted an ordinance that opens its our rights and our patients' doors to dispensaries, he rights," he said. said. Grow sites are also legal Nuckols said he is hopeful in Medford under the Ore- that he will receive a license gon Medical Marijuana Act, from the Oregon Health AuBunn said. thority in the near future to Bunn said the city's stance operate a medical marijuana isbased on federal law. dispensary. According to the Drug EnH ouse Bill 3 460 w a s forcement A d m i nistration, passed by the Legislature marijuana is in the same cat- to clear up legal ambiguity egory as heroin, a Schedule I about the ability of dispendrug. Under federal law, mar- saries to operate in the state ijuana receives a worse rat- under the Oregon Medical

LONDON — Tony Benn, a arist and provocative leader

the Commons.

the House of Commons, died Under the laws of the time, Friday at his home in west Lon- Parliament refused to allow don. He was 88.

His death was announced by his family. No cause was Deathsof note from around specified. the world: Throughout his career, Benn Bob Thomas, 92: Started was a rebellious figure. The scireporting when Clark Gable on of a political dynasty, he emwas a middle-aged king, Bet- braced a socialist position to the te Davis was in her big-eyed left of many of his colleagues in prime, and Kirk Douglas and the Labour Party, particularly Lauren Bacall were emerging as it moved to the center under stars. "Independent" movies Prime Minister Tony Blair in

shed his peerage minutes after the law was passed and was

subsequently known simply as Tony Benn, and sometimes by the more familiar nickname

Wedgie. dio-controlled era and celeb- litical elite resisted and diluted For much of the 1960s and rity gossip was dispensed by unionpower, Benn championed 1970s, Benn served as a Cabinet columnists like Thomas, not labor union rights. While many minister in the Labour governthe Internet. Died Friday in Britons embracedthe European ment, his position cemented by Encino, Calif. Common Market in the 1970s, radical credentials that gave Edward Haughey, 70: A Benn opposedcontinued memhim the support of unions and N orthern I r i s h p e e r w h o bership. And while Blair led the the left wing of the party. His founded a veterinary phar- country to war in Iraq and else- jobs induded postmaster genmaceutical man u f acturing where, Benn, a prominent ad- eral, secretary for industry, secbusiness to become one of vocate of nuclear disarmament, retary for energy and minister Ireland's richest men. Report- campaigned for peace. of technology — a position in edly was in a helicopter crash. In his l ater y ears, Benn which he was an early supportDied Thursday in Gillingham, abandoned mainstream parlia- er of the development of the Norfolk, United Kingdom. mentary politics but continued Concorde supersonic airliner. Robert Rickel, 90: Along to goad Blair about his dose His manner and policies did with two brothers founded a ties with President George W. not endear him to his political chain of home improvement Bush. In the dispute over Iran's masters, notably Prime Minisstores that were precursors nuclear technology, Benn said ter Harold Wilson, who said he to retail giants like Home De- in 2005, "we might be told that pursued "tomfool issues" and pot and Lowe's. Died Sunday Britain must support Bush, yet represented "a kind of aging Boca Raton, Fla. again, because of the threat of perennial youth: He immatures Hal Douglas, 89: a voice- weapons of mass destruction, with age." As postmaster generover artist who narrated thou- thus allowing him to kill even al, he campaigned passionately sands of movie trailers in a more innocent civilians." and unsuccessfully to have the gravelly baritone heard by A bitter opponent of the in- image of Queen Elizabeth II re"audiences everywhere," as vasion of Iraq, Benn traveled to moved frompostage stamps. he might have put it, "thrilled Baghdad in February 2003 to Benn helped push the party by images never before seen interview Saddam Hussein on to the left in an internal feud were a rarity during the stu-

... until now!" Died March 7 in Lovettsville, Va.

the 1990s. While Britain's po-

behalf of Britain's Channel Four

in the 1970s that left deep di-

television news — far more in visions, heralding 18 years in Ophelia DeVora-Mitchell, the manner of a self-appointed opposition until Blair shifted it 91: A former model, agent, pacifist emissary than as a con- to the market-friendly center in c harm-school d i rector a n d ventional interviewer. the 1990s to win back power in "I comefor one reason only: 1997. In 1975, Benn was among newspaper publisher who almost single-handedly opened to see whether in a talk we Labour Party rebels who unthe modeling profession to Af- can explore, or you can help successfully opposed Britain's rican-Americans. Died Feb. 28 me to see, what the paths to continued membership in the in Manhattan. peace may be," he told the Iraqi EuropeanCommon Market in Richard Bomze, 76: The leader, who replied in part by a national referendum. owner-breeder of c h ampi- telling him that "Iraq has no He once said he moved furon New York-bred brothers weapons of mass destruction ther to the left as he aged. "He Fourstardave and Fourstars


made enemies and kept ene-

Allstar. He was a past pres-

The journey to Baghdad was mies," Margaret Beckett, a forident of the New York Thor- Benn's second — he had trav- mer Cabinet minister from the oughbred Horsemen's Associ- eled to Iraq in 1991 to plead for Labour Party, said Friday as ation and was voted outstand- the release of British "human tributes to Benn poured in from ing breeder three times by shield" hostages — and his across the political spectrum. the New York Thoroughbred readiness to break the mold of Prime Minister David CamerBreeders. Died Tuesday in his party's political orthodoxy on said on '1Mtter, "There was Hollywood, Fla. was typical of a parliamentary never a dull moment listeningto — From wire reports career rooted in a longstanding him, even if you disagreed with

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family tradition of radicalism


andpublic service. Both of his grandfathersand

od in opposition, Benn tried on

During Labour's long peri-

several occasions to be elected Parliament. Benn himself be- to the party leadership but, incame a legislator in the House creasingly seen as a maverick, of Commons, the seat of legis- he was unsuccessful. He was a lative power, in 1950 as the La- bitter foe of the market-oriented bour representative of a constit- policies of Prime Minister Maruency in Bristol. garet Thatcher, which encapsuHis mo t h er , M~ t lated everything Benn opposed Holmes, a theologian and fem- in the economics and practice inist, was an early advocate of of capitalism. the ordination of women. His H is critics a~ him o f wife, the American-born Caro- dividing the party in a manner line Middleton DeCamp, was a that Dennis Healey, a rival Ladose partner in his political life bour politician, said risked "deuntil her death in 2000. Shun- stroying the Labour Party as ning publicity, she was a life- a force in 20th-century British long advocate of state-funded politics." his father had been members of

education.He once called her

"my s~ sou l mate." (The couple met in 1949 at Oxford and he proposed marriage to her nine days later on a park bench. In later years, they in-

finedon 3consecutivedays

After an interview with Benn

in July 1999, Warren Hoge of The New York Times reported: "These days Mr. Benn feels out

of place in the Parliament he struggled to remain a member stalled the same bench in the of and in the party he began garden of theirhome in Holland passing out leaflets for as a Park in west London.) The po- 10-year-old in 1935. The boislitical dynasty continued with terous Labour assemblage of Hilary Benn, one of Benn's four union leaders, leftist ideologues children, who was minister for and people whose workplacinternational development and es were mines, shipyards and later environment secretary in factory floors has now become a disciplined party of middle Blair's government. managers, suburban houseBut the moment that propelled Benn to real prominence holders and get-ahead-minded businessmen. came much earlier. "He favors increasingincome In November 1960, he inherited the title Viscount Stans- taxes to fund public services, gate on the death of his father, expanding the welfare state, William Wedgwood Benn. The rolling back privatization and elevation to hereditary nobil- restoring full union rights. He opposes nudear weapons and ity automatically barred him from sitting among the elected waging war, unless it is apcommoners in the House of proved by the United Nations Commons. His effort to reject Security Council," Hoge wrote.

By Damian Mann The Medford Mail Tribune

Medford police jumped the gun when they issued three citations to a Medford mari-

juana dispensary before the revocation of its business license had taken effect. "We improvidently issued the citations," Councilor Dan-

iel Bunn said. Last week, the City Coun-

cil voted to revoke the business license of Mary Jane's Attic and Mary Jane's Basement, which operate in the

Winco shopping center on East Barnett Road.

However, the city needed to fine tune the revocation language and bring it back to the council for another reading on March 20.

the license revocation was in

clear and up front about this,"

he said.

so he was stunned when he J a ne's receivedseparate $250 cita-

Marijuana Act. Prior to HB


"The city code provides business license application tions on Monday, Tuesday that while the appeal is penddidn't specify that it would be and Wednesday. ing, the revocation is stayed," "This seems like bullying Berger said. dispensing medical marijuaBunn said M ar y


High-life beau gamebecomes a dangerousfight over territory By Richard Winton and Marisa Gerber

"That she just thinks Los Angeles Times she has the right to LOS ANGELES — With a clientele of Hollywood celeb- kill a human — and rities including Nicki Minaj, me on top of that ... Jennifer Aniston and Alicia It's just work, it's not Silverstone, Dawn DaLuise was well known as the skin-

that serious."

care guru of the stars.

— Gabriel Suarez

The 55-year-old former model ran a West Holly-

Upper crust The case makes for a strange wrinkle in the career of a woman who has

long pampered the who's who of Hollywood. A 2002 piece in The New

York Times quoted a peeved DaLuise, who attributed the sparse turnout at her daugh-

wood "skin r efinery" t h at

ter's birthday party to "the simulated rape and listed her trickle-down effect of Holly-

used electrical muscle stimulation, instead of the typi-

wanted sexual liaisons that

cal steam-and-cream faciaL

home address.

Vogue and InStylemagazines have featured her, and

er man is also under investigation in the cyberstalking.

Mathers said

wood rudeness."

D aLuise

assumed that Suarez was

In 2007, she told Star magazine she visited the set of

she's the go-to beauty expert behind the c yber c a m- "Friends" often because her for national publications. paign and that it was an client, actress Jennifer AnisSo last year, when aesthe- escalation of their business ton, was obsessed with gettician Gabriel Suarez moved competition. ting frequent bikini waxes. in a couple doors down and She confided her suspiAnd in 2011, her name started offering facials and cions to a friend, Edward swirled around celebrity male bodywaxing, the com- Feinstein. blogs after she dished to "He says, essentially, the media a scene involving petition created tension. 'Yeah, yeah, it's Gabriel.' He Nicki Minaj after DaLuise Alleged scheme continues to egg her on," waxed her eyebrows and lip. L.A. County Sheriff's De- Mathers said. Feinstein "was According to her shop's partment officials now say pointing fingers at Gabriel website, D a L uise m o v ed t hat DaLuise tried to h i r e and stalking (DaLuise)." to California to model for a hit man t o k i l l S u arez, At that point, authorities Frederick's of H ollywood wrongly believing that he say, DaLuise reached out in the 1980s, but eventualwas behind a cyberstalking to a former NFL player she ly enrolled in beauty school campaign against her. knew and talked about hav- and got into the skin-care Detectives said they found ing Suarez killed. Mathers business. DaLuise's t ex t

m e s sages s tressed the man took n o

that laid out her plan for the hit, which was never carried out.

"She is culpable for putting the hit on him," said Capt. Shaun Mathers of the

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. "She believed it would be carried

out." DaLuise was

stein as a potential witness. Detectives discovered text

messages between the two c h arged in which DaLuise allegedly with one count of solicita- discussed the plan to have tion of murder and is being Suarez killed. held in Los Angeles County Jail on $1 million bail. Her

A twist

attorney did not return calls The Sheriff's Department seeking comment. immediately arrested her The a l legations h ave "because of the impending stunned neighbors and asso- danger," Mathers said. ciates, who said they knew She appeared in court about the rivalry but never March 7, but her arraignthought it would go so far. ment was postponed. Suarez said in an i nterAround that same time, view t ha t D a L uise o f ten Mathers said, Feinstein dis-

gave him the cold shoulder when they came across each

other, but never saw anything in her behavior to suggest she wanted to hurt him.

"That she just thinks she has the right to kill a human — and me on top of that," Suarez said. "It's just work, it's

not that serious."

The lead up

appeared. Members of the department's fraud and cybercrimes unit continued to

DaLuise began noticing lewd emails, fliers and at least one C r aigslist post-

ing, which targeted her. The Craigslist post said she

friends with D a Luise and

Suarez, said he'd heard her complain about Suarez in the past. At one point, said

the employee, she said she wanted him kicked out of his shop. Nevertheless, the em-

ployee said he feels certain that any threats she made about Suarez were hollow. "She's always like, 'This

guy, this. This guy, that,'" he said. "She makes people upset, but I know she doesn't mean it — 100 percent. She

can't do anything."

But that's little consolation for Suarez, who now some-

times keeps his shop door locked during the day.

"It's really made me fearinvestigate and uncovered another twist: The cyber- ful of being alone," he said. bullying messages and posts traced back to Feinstein. F einstein, w hose r a p sheet includes felony credit

card fraud, grand theft and identity theft, was arrested

Wednesday on suspicion of stalking and later released

Sheriff's officials said a bizarre series of events led to on $150,000 bail. Mathers the attempted hit on Suarez.

"Dawn realized that wom-

steps to carry out the hit and en in Los Angeles take the is not under investigation. business of staying beautiBut the scheme began to ful, young and thin very seunravel after DaLuise re- riously," the site says. ported the harassment to the An employee at a nearby Sheriff's Department earlibusiness, who asked not to er this month, listing Fein- be identified because he is

said Feinstein and DaLuise

"had some beef," but that any motive remains unclear. Suarez had nothing to do with the threats, Mathers added. Sheriff's officials said anoth-

Find It All


IN THE BACK BUSINESS Ee MARIKT NEWS W Scoreboard, C2 NBA, C3 Sports in brief, C3 NFL, C3 Golf, C3 NHL, C3 THE BULLETIN • SATURDAY, MARCH 15, 2014


Without Aldridile, Blazers still win Three Portland Trail Blazers score more than 20 points — Damian Lillard has 27 points, Nicolas Batum adds 22and Wesley Matthews has 20 — in a111-103 win

over New Orleanswhile snapping a four-game losing streak.C3

OLYMPICS Five submit bids for 2022 Games LONDON— Sergej Gontcharov sums up the status of Ukraine's bid for the 2022 Winter

Olympics in oneword: uncertain. The Ukrainian city of Lviv was amongthe five contenders that submitted applicant files to the International Olympic Committee by Friday's deadline. With Ukraine engulfed in political crisis and its strategic Crimean peninsula under Russian control, it's unclear whether Lviv will be able to keep pursuing its Olympic campaign. Competing with Lviv for the 2022 Olympics are Almaty, Kazakhstan; Beijing; Krakow, Poland; and Oslo. The five delivered their applicant files to the IOC this week, outlining their vision and conceptfor the games, in the first phase of the bid process. The IOCexecutive board will decide which cities go through to the final phase at ameeting in Lausanne, Switzerland, on July 7-9. The full IOC will select the host city on July 31, 2015, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Beijing, which hosted the 2008 Olympics, is seeking tobecome the first city to host both the Summer andWinter Games.Oslo hostedthe 1952 Winter Games. Krakow would hold some ski events across the border in Slovakia. Almaty is a strong contender, bidding for a second straight time after failing to makethe cut for 2014.



ava ears ounce rom s a e ourne • Sherwood scores first 11 points en route to handing BendHigh a59-34 consolation loss

his Lava Bears fell into an 11-0

"We just didn't come out how

hole early in the first quarter, and on how Bend scored just EUGENE — Th e p erils of Sherwood. The Lava Bears had two points in the opening period morning games were on display talked about the need to come before losing in the consolation Friday morning. out strong, because with an ear- semifinal round of the Class 5A After suffering a lopsided ly tipoff, it would be easy to lack boys basketball state tournament. quarterfinal l oss T h ursday energy and fall behind early. Beaumarchais shrugged, his night,Bend High had gathered As Wyatt Beaumarchais dis- eyes fixated on the floor in front

we wanted," the Bend senior point guard said.

ByGrant Lucas

and prepared for Friday's morning consolation game against

The Bulletin



— New YorkTimes News Service

There was almost no explana-

tion for the Bears' struggles. Afterward, Bend coach Scott Baker even smiled briefly as he tried to

explain his team's performance. SeeLava Bears/C4




a aC OC ICQClaaatrabaa

Ibbjabcrnrnt@<ih~oa~ laabQ Ibbbbbbbbbbbbbnl 'tllnrttaaaaaaaaaagaLtaaaggaV~ 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar r':, j@U>aaab' ye

W - '-=: e@aaaa jaabbbbbb+b@aa] 'Ilh 4L&aaaaalhaa ~'Il lt aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab 4'~'b~@Q as aaaaaabbbbjyj tret

=;aaLQ ~.. . . . .hrQ~;a" . e, .Ih . ',llf:' (1<h,><@Iaab'ah~ aaaaaaaaaaalhaaah haa .a. .a.aaaa Ih+aaathahaaaaalhaaaaaaaaaf S a a a a a aaa+ga , I't t~y]~ix r .4 4<thaaactc Ih<aaaaaaalhaant ,aaaaaa' ,aaaaaa<+~~ ;,'ll jt'll I f tEyg,aaaaaa 'haaaaalhalhah Saa ., ~ a e i = "-".": .~ ~ ' i la tia/>I, I'iq~>i;..~<aaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaa'~»aaa" -- ' .Qa<:-.--"''=''=:'-:="'-=:-:-- ', l~kh'I'l/(I' aa•




rilttti:" =.tttrg~„"':ii'ihIIII~( aa a @$®a', 'fr @.gjr l te aaaaaaaaaaaaaalg• a++®®® s n'.n//Ii/~III taqo ~-'-".gi .I/

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'III414lhtihk a~ttkaataththaaaaaaaaaaaahlaaaaaaa rlllrn'.Nqlt $ II 4 I I44lehht i~>>>@attttaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ag a l g + +~+rlp! <nn"„~~ jl~zij I III4hbj'II4II~i4'~~>aa iaaaaaaaaaaa t- aoi~~i „-;',e/<'i~~ tlfnnr ~ppr/ 'I 'trt aa+yp1p 4gf /I Itll4q~II1444IIlt - ttt aaththaaaaa%sathaa~ <y ', a a aaa a aaaaaa' 'rljnl'I' f tl t4 4 bb+ 1 I.I <a ttttaaaaaaaaaaa l s bb o jyy1rlj~pr .I't~<I4IthtlI4hllh'k>q+tttg IIIIIII)p ng,igl~/p r :+'I! g~II4II 4I4lh lhIIII,~q~tttt~+ r tt iaaiaaaatSQBS >bb I<dgtep+Oltrr'/IiH~ trjhttd~pp~~III t r/ 4 . IIIh~g «~ik8W<tttaaththiaathth>+bgb+yirtee'ef i~j~III<lt'nh;Ilr<ttttll.~ =-;„. I.tII4~Ith I4~ .III444II4444I44)hht titttigh~qhktttthaaaaaathabIgbel lgglelrep~p>'/ttiyttflljtrnr'ltrtrtltt ~'„:.'."4' I I4II44I4I444I4I44IIkttj'W tttttkq@thrtha 'aaaaa gy> b b 'ny@pet (/i/trtttifitjrnj n~i n>rt~ttp~j'l I44)h IIIIt,~y4t@htth ®aaaaBQQ 4 + b ra > i llt>rltttlnnlItidtl fti' .:-.4 l , I ,I4%4>I44I4I44II44IIII,.X «~aaaaaaaalSaabgnbg1~~gc,tIII iti 4 't~',s y tkth aaaaathbib ai i +te >~' Ill ~P~nnr". Il jl r. ge":;:"':-'.;. l,~)4I4I/~IIhh4I44I4~ $)IIIIi)t t~yyw~qwgaaaaaaaalta+aaigetg~pter tr r IIft titiiltirINf' nItjtit~jlt, .

' -



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+®@ @@ ~ +++++i++i+f~~ ~~~ ~~~~~tj/~~~~ Iilrtrlllil.ite 4 @® e el a tCnitli'Iudd.(Zenirltadlk~er

h ni4llk~4lha~dlhtr~lt.lit WAittr~b'4ttarn~ ~aea


huge rebuilding project will soon begin in midtown Manhattan, where the New York Knicks have turned to Phil Jackson to run the front office and restore order to the shambles at Madison SquareGarden. Jackson, part of the Knicks' championship era as a player in the early1970s, will be introduced asthe team's president Tuesday. Jackson has never held a position in a front office, let alone run one, and his first assignment is a doozy: resuscitate the Knicks after years of mismanagement. The negotiations between Jackson andthe Knicks have draggedon, and a newsconference scheduled for Tuesday morning leaves time for both sides to make last-minute demands. But if Jackson doestake the reins, he will inherit a group of aging players and mismatched parts, with one superstar, Carmelo Anthony, who plans to opt out of his contract and explore free agency this summer.

Girls Class 5Acon- < solation final: Bend High (22-5) vs. West Albany (16-12) When:Today, 9 a.m. Where:Matthew Knight Arena, Eugene


— The Associated Press

Knicks will turn to Phil Jackson


cussed those pregame prepara- of him as if he were replaying the tions, he reflected on his team's game onthe concretein theback 59-34 loss to Sherwood, on how halls of Matthew Knight Arena.

Ryan Brennecke/The Bulletin

Members of the Summit lacrosse team practice on Thursday. The Stormare opening their season this weekend at a tournament in Boise, Idaho.

• Summit, BendHighareonceagain thetop teamsin High Desert Conferenceheading into the season By Emily Oller

"I think we

The Bulletin

got Bend this year. We're pretty good. It's always a good game though."

ince 2006, Summit and Bend high schools have developed a cutthroat rivalry in the sport of boys lacrosse. And this year will be no different. "Bend High beats us in football, Bend High beats Us in basketball, but Bend High never beats us in lacrosse," Summit coach Jeff Melville said. "Since '06 we've probably lost three games to Bend

— Summit co-

captain Quinn

and we've never lost to them twice in the same season." Over the last eight years, Summit has Reinecke said. "That's always a really enjoyed the most success in the Oregon good rivalry game." High School L acrosse Association's


theStorm'shead coach in2009.

"I think we got Bend this year," Sum-


Last season, the Storm went 8-0 in the High Desert Conference and 13-8 over-

High Desert Conference — the Storm have finished ahead of the Lava Bears

mit co-captain Quinn Rasmussen add- all. The Lava Bears finished 6-2 in the ed. "We're pretty good. It's always a HDC and 12-7 overall. "Our greatest strengths are talent and six times. good game though." "I'm looking forward to playing Bend Melville believes this year's Summit depth," Melville said. High again," Summit captain Griffin team is one of the best since he became SeeLacrosse/C4

Arizona's Paul Goldschmidt

takes a crack at batting in cricket last year in

• At-a-glance previews for all six local teams in the Hlgh Desert



2-gameseriesset to spursport Down Under

Sydney. The Diamondbacks and L.A. Dodgers

will play games in Australia next

weekend. Rick Rycroft i The Associated Press file

By Dennis Passa The Associated Press

Former Boston Red Sox

coach Jon Deeble, who has been around Australian baseballformore than 30 years,

figures next weekend's season-opening series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and

Arizona Diamondbacks in Sydney will have a "massive

well behind Australian Rules Football, rugby league, rugby

impact" on the sport Down

union and cricket. Add to that

Under. Certainly there is plenty of room for growth. Baseball is not among the top 10 or 15 participation sports in Australia, ranking

list, among others, tennis, golf, basketball, the women's sport of netball and, according to

government figures, recreational skiing. SeeDown Under/C2





TODAY Time TV/Radio


NASCARSprint Cup, practice 6 a.m. FS1 NASCARNationwide, qualifying 7 a.m. E SPN2 United Sportscar Championship: Sebring 7 a.m. FS1 NASCAR Sprint Cup, final practice 9 a.m. FS2 NASCARNationwide, Drive to Stop Diabetes 300 11 a.m. ESPN2 F1, Australian Grand Prix 11 p.m. NBCSN

Today Girls basketball:5Afourth-place game, Bend High vs. WestAlbanyat Mathew Knight Arenain Engene, 9a.m.



College, TexasTechat Baylor MLB, SanFrancisco at Seattle MLB, SanFrancisco at Seattle

10 a.m. FS1 1 p.m. Roo t 3:30 p.m. Root


Men's College, ConferenceUSATournament, Final: Tulsa vs. LouisianaTech Men's College, America EastTournament, Final: Albany (N.Yj vs. Stony Brook Men's College, SEC Tournament, Florida vs. Tennessee Men'sCollege,ACC Tournament, Virginia vs. Pittsburgh Men's College, BigTenTournament, Michigan vs. Ohio State Men'sCollege,SECTournament, Kentucky vs. Georgia Men'sCollege,ACC Tournament, N.C. State vs. Duke Men's College, BigTenTournament, Wisconsin vs. Michigan State Women's College,WACTournament, Final: Seattle vs. Idaho Men's College, SWAC Tournament, Final: TexasSouthern vs. Prairie View Men's College, Mountain WestTournamen Final: San DiegoState vs. New Mexico Men's College, AAC Tournament, Final: Louisville vs. Connecticut Men's College, MEAC Tournament, Final: N.C.Central vs. Morgan State Men's College, Pac-12Tournament, Final: Arizona vs. UCLA Men's College, MACTournament, Final: Western Michigan vs. Toledo Men's College, Big SkyTournament, Final: North Dakota vs. WeberState Men's College, Southland Tournament, Final: Stephen F. Austin vs. Sam Houston State Men's College, BigEastTournament, Final: Providence vs. Creighton Men's College, Big 12Tournament, Final: lowa State vs. Baylor Men'sCollege,WAC Tournament, Final: Idaho vs. NewMexico State Men's College, BigWestTournament, Final: Cal Poly vs. CSU Northridge BOXING TomaszAdamek vs.Vyacheslav"Czar"Glazkov Danny Garcia vs. Mauricio Herrera

8:30 a.m. CBS 8:30 a.m. ESPN2 1 0 a.m.


1 0 a.m.


10:40 a.m. CBS noon


n oon


1 p.m.


1 p.m. E SPNU 1:30 p.m. ESPN2 3 p.m.


3 p.m.


3 p.m. E SPNU 3 p.m.


3:30 p.m. ESPN2 5 p.m. E SPNU 5:30 p.m. ESPN2 5 :30 p.m. F S 1 6 p.m.


7 p.m. E SPNU 7:30 p.m. ESPN2 6 p.m. NBCSN 6 p.m. SHO


PGA Tour,Valspar Championship PGA Tour,Valspar Championship Champions Tour: ToshibaClassic SOCCER EPL, Hull City vs. Manchester City EPL, Sunderland vs. Crystal Palace EPL, Aston Villa vs. Chelsea MLS, Toronto at Seattle

1 0 a.m. Go l f noon NBC, Golf 4 p.m. Golf 5:45 a.m. NBCSN 8 a.m. NBCSN 10:30a.m. NBCSN 1:30 p.m. Root, NBCSN


NASCARSprint Cup: FoodCity 500

9 :30 a.m. F o x


College, UCLA at California

2 p.m.

P a c-12


Men's College, Atlantic10Tournament, Final Men's College, ACC Tournament, Final Men's College, SunBeltTournament, Final Women's College, Horizon LeagueTournament, Final Men's College, SEC Tournament, Final Women'sCollege,NECTournament, Final: Robert Morris vs. St. Francis (Pa.j NBA, Houston at Miami Men's College, BigTenTournament, Final NBA, GoldenState at Portland

1 0 a.m. CB S 10 a.m. E S PN 10 a.m. ESPN2 10 a.m. ESPNU n oon ESP N noon E S PNU 12:30 p.m. ABC 12:30 p.m. CBS 6 p.m. BlazerNet, 1110 AM, 100.1 FM


PGA Tour,Valspar Championship PGA Tour,Valspar Championship Champions Tour: ToshibaClassic HOCKEY NHL, Philadelphia at Pittsburgh NHL, Detroit at Chicago

1 0 a.m. Go l f noon NBC, Golf 4 p.m. Golf 9 a.m. NBC 4:30 p.m. NBCSN


2014 Paralympic Winter Games, Closing Ceremony SOCCER EPL, Manchester United vs. Liverpool EPL, TottenhamHotspur vs. Arsenal MLS, Chicago at Portland

12:30 p.m. NBCSN 6:30 a.m. NBCSN 9 a.m. N BCSN noon Root



BNP Pari basOpen,men'sandwomen'sfinals

Down Under Continued from C1 Deeble manages the "Southern Thunder" Australian all-star team that will face the Dodgers on Thurs-

day and the Diamondbacks the following dayahead of Major League Baseballregular-season games between the Dodgers and Diamondbacks on March 22 and 23 at the Sydney Cricket Ground. He says having "the best in the world" in Australia will t r a nslate i nt o m u ch-needed

exposure. "It will help the Australian Base-

ball League, kids who play the game,

Cham pions ToLII'


E S P N2

Vaispar Championship Friday At Innisbrook ResortandGolf Club, CopperheadCourse PaIm Harbor, Fla. Purse. 35.7 mrlhon Yardage: 7,340;Par:71 SecondRound 69-66—135 RobertGarrigns 70-68—138 KevinNa Pat Perez 68-71—139 71-68—139 JnstinRose 69-70—139 MatteoManassero Matt Every 68-71—139 ScottLangley 71-69—140 Jim Furyk 71-69—140 JohnMerrick 70-70—140 68-72—140 GregChalmers LukeGuthrie 70-70—140 Tommy Gainey 69-72—141 Carl Pettersson 71-70—141 Michae lThompson 72-69—141 FreddieJacobson 70-71—141 DavidHearn 71-70—141 Charles Howell III 71-70—141 HarrisEnglish 72-69—141 JordanSpieth 71-70—141 BrianHarm an 71-70—141 MichaelPutnam 69-72—141 RickyBarnes 70-72—142 NicolasColsaerts 69-73—142 Bill Haas 69-73—142 Charl eyHoff man 70-72—142 KenDuke 71-71—142 KevinStreelman 73-69—142 Justin Leona rd 71-71—142 RorySabbatini 70-72 — 142 Woody Austin 71-71—142 BenCrane 70-72—142 StephenAmes 72-70—142 JasonKokrak 74-68—142 Eric Axley 72-70—142 James Hahn 69-74—143 JamesDriscoll 73-70—143 Will MacKen zie 73-70—143 JonathanByrd 70-73—143 MorganHoffmann 74-69—143 JohnSenden 72-71—143 GrahamDeLaet 75-68—143 JoshTeater 73-70—143 GaryWoodland 72-71—143 LukeDonald 71-72—143 RusselKnox l 70-73—143 JohnMallinger 71-73—144 PaulGoydos 75-69—144 72-72—144 K.J. Choi Matt Kuchar 73-71—144 TedPotter,Jr. 73-71 — 144 70-74 — 144 BenCurtis 71-73—144 StuartAppleby 73-71—144 MarkCalcavecchia 74-70—144 D.H.Lee 76-68 — 144 JerryKelly 73-71 — 144 ChadCollins 75-69—144 MarcLeishman 74-70—144 DavisLoveIII 73-71 — 144 RobertAllenby 73-71 — 144 George McNeil 75-69—144 BrianGa y 73-71—144 SeanO'Hair 72-72 — 144 Jnstin Hicks 73-72 — 145 DavidLingmerth 75-70—145 PadraigHarrington 71-74—145 JasonBohn 70-75—145 Brendon Todd 72-73—145 JasonDufner 72-73—145 BrandtSnedeker Sang-MoonBae 72-73—145 71-74—145 DarrenClarke 73-72—145 RyoIshikawa 73-72—145 Tim Herron 76-69—145 NicholasThompson


J.B. Holmes Cameron Tringale ChessonHadley BooWeekley Tim Clark Y.E.Yang RetiefGoosen DanielSummerhays Erik Comp ton 72-73—145 Failed to qualify WilliamMcGirt ScottBrown ErnieEls Bo VanPelt BrinyBaird WesRoach KevinKisner AndresRomero JonasBlixt MikeWeir CamiloViffegas WebbSimpson LncasGlover D.A. Points GeoffOgilvy BryceMolder BrendondeJonge DannyLee MaxHom a

JasonGore PaulCasey LouisOosthuizen J.J. Henry JohnHuh StewartCink Steven Bowditch MartmFlores Branden Grace BrooksKoepka RodPerry BrianStuard Vijay Singh MarkWilson JohnRollins KevinChappel ScottStallings RichardH.Lee Billy HurleyIII PeterUihlein Spencer Levin AaronBaddeley AngelCab rera Roberto Castro DavidTom s DerekErnst MarkBlakefield BenMartin Jeff Overton KyleStanley ThorbjornOlesen Johnson Wagner DavidLynn MichaelHebert BrianDavis CharlieWi JohnPeterson CharlieBeljan Jim Renn er JohnDaly

and that will convert hopefully into registrations," Deeble, who is a Pacif-

75-70—145 71-74—145 74-71—145 75-70—145 74-71—145 73-72—145 73-72 — 145 72-73—145 77-68—145

74-72 — 146 77-69—146 72-74—146 72-74—146 71-75—146 73-73—146 70-76—146 75-71—146 75-71—146 72-74—146 75-71—146 72-75—147 75-72—147 77-70—147 74-73—147 73-74—147 73-74—147 68-79—147 72-75—147 74-73—147 72-75—147 73-74—147 73-74—147 73-74—147 74-73—147 73-74—147 75-72—147 74-73—147 71-76—147 76-71—147 74-74—148 73-75—148 76-72—148 73-75—148 74-75—149 72-77—149 72-77—149 76-73—149 70-79—149 72-77—149 73-76—149 72-77—149 75-74—149 75-75—150 77-73—150 72-78—150 78-72—150 77-74—151 73-78—151 77-74—151 75-76—151 72-79—151 76-75—151 73-79—152 74-79—153 74-79—153 74-79—153 76-80—156 74-90—164

ToshibaClassic Friday At Newpo rl BeachCountry Club NewporlBeach, Calif. Purse: 31.75 million Yardage:6,684; Par 71(36-36) First Round 31-32—63 BernhardLanger ChienSoonLu 33-32—65 Jeff Hart 32-33—65 FredCouples 31-34—65 33-33—66 DuffyWaldorf Scott Simpson 34-32—66 MichaelAllen 33-33—66 Kirk Triplett 32-34—66 31-35—66 KennyPerry 35-32—67 Bill Glasson MarkBrooks 33-34—67 Colin Montgom erie 33-34—67 35-32—67 FredFunk 35-32—67 Esteban Toledo Kohkildoki 34-33—67 TomByrum 32-36 — 68 Jim Carter 34-34—68 32-36 — 68 JoeySindelar StevePate 33-35—68 Jay Don Blake 35-33—68 Jay Haa s 34-34—68 34-34—68 WdffeWood 32-36—68 ScottDunlap MikeGoodes 35-34—69 BruceFleisher 34-35—69 34-35—69 BobbyWadkins 37-32—69 Tommy Armour III Hale Irwin 36-33—69 Bart Bryant 34-35—69 37-32—69 TomPerniceJr. 35-34—69 LorenRoberts DanForsm an 36-33—69 BradFaxon 37-32—69 CoreyPavin 34-35—69 36-33—69 Scott Hoch 35-35—70 Jim Gallagher,Jr. JohnJacobs 37-33—70 JoseCoceres 36-34—70 35-35—70 WesShort,Jr. 35-35—70 Chip Beck SteveLowery 37-33—70 PeterSenior 35-35—70 TomPurtzer 34-36—70 34-36—70 BobTway RickFehr 36-34—70 BrianHenninger 37-33—70 RodSpittle 33-37—70 35-35—70 MarkMcNulty 35-35—70 MikeReid RogerChapman 37-33—70 RussCochran 35-35—70 36-34—70 Olin Browne 34-36—70 PH. Horganll JohnRiegger 36-34—70 MorrisHatalsky 36-35—71 BenCrenshaw 35-36—71 36-35—71 MarkWiebe RoccoMediate 36-35—71 MarkO'Meara 34-37—71 TomWatson 34-37—71 34-38—72 DanaQuigley 37-35—72 GeneSauers AndrewMagee 37-35—72 Billy Andrade 36-36—72 35-37—72 Gil Morgan 38-34—72 CraigStadler DavidFrost 37-35—72 Sandy Lyle 37-35—72 36-37—73 D.A.Weibring 37-36—73 Jeff Slnman WayneLevi 37-37—74 Jim Thorpe 36-38—74 FuzzyZoeler 35-39—74 37-37—74 Hal Sutton DonPooley 37-38—75 GaryHallberg 38-37—75 Larry Mize 37-38—75 38-37—75 BobGilder 39-36—75 Joe Daley Curtis Strange 38-38—76 Jim Rutledge 41-37—78

TENNIS Professional BNPParibas Open Friday At The IndianWells TennisGarden Indian Wells, Calif. Purse: Men:$6.17million IMasters1006) Women:36.66 million (Premier) Surface: Hard-Outdoor Singles Men Quarterfinals NovakDjokovic(2), Serbia,def.Julien Benneteau, France,6-1,6-3. John Isner(12),UnitedStates, def. Ernests Gulbis (20), Latvia7-6 , (4), 7-6(3). Women Semifinals SimonaHalep(6), Rom ania, vs. AgnieszkaRadwanska(2), Poland,9:30p.m. Li Na(1), China,vs.FlaviaPenneta (20),ltaly, (n)

BASEBALL Spring training Friday's Games Minnesota(ss)2, Baltimore2, tie Detroit12,Washington6 Minnesota(ss) 7,N.Y.Yankees3 Boston3,Toronto1 Atlanta6,TampaBay 1 Pittsburgh6, Philadelphia 5 St. Louis6, Houston 4 SanDiego4, LA. Angels2 KansasCity9, Oakland9,tie ChicagoCubs5,L.A. Dodgers4 SanFrancisco4,Colorado(ss) 0 Milwaukee 9,Arizona8, 10innings ChicagoWhite Sox2, Cleveland2, tie Miami1, N.Y. Mets0 Seattlevs.Colorado(ss) atScotsdale, Ariz.,9:40 p.m. Texas vs. CincinnatiatGoodyear, Ariz.,10:05 p.m.

HOCKEY NHL Friday's Games Detroit 2,Edmonton1, SO Calgary4, Dalas 3, SO SanJose4, N.Y.Islanders 3 Washington4,Vancouver 3 Florida 5,NewJersey3 Nashville 3,Chicago2 N.Y.Rangers 4,Wrnnipeg2 Anaheim 6, Colorado4 Saturday'sGames CarolinaatBoston,10a.m. Pittsburghat Philadelphia,1 p.m. Ottawaaf Montreal, 4p.m. NewJerseyatTampa Bay,4 p.m. Buffalo atN.Y.Islanders,4p.m. St. Louisat Nashvile, 5 p.m. Columbus at Minnesota,5 p.m. Calgaryat Phoenix, 7 p.m. Anahe> m atLosAngeles,7:30p.m. Sunday'sGames PhiladelphiaatPittsburgh, 9:30a.m. VancouveratFlorida,noon TorontoatWashington,noon Edmonton atCarolina,noon SanJoseat N.Y. Rangers, 1p.m. ColoradoatOttawa,2p.rn. Montrealat Buffalo,4 p.m. Detroit atChicago,4:30 p.m. DallasatWinnipeg, 5p.m.

Patrick Corbin on the mound for Arizona. The Dodgers' Hyun-Jin Ryu ic Rim scout for the Red Sox, told The is slated to start the second game Associated Press in a telephone inter- against the Diamondbacks' Trevor view. "It's also an opportunity for the CahilL players to see where they are really And while baseball does not have at, and something to ascribe to." the interest or participation level of The Dodgers and Diamondbacks other sports in Australia, it has lonarescheduledto arrive in Sydney on gevity. Next weekend's games will separate charters Tuesday. They will mark the 100th anniversary of an exhold workouts at the cricket ground hibition game played by the Chicago over the following two days before White Sox and the New York Giants the pair of exhibition games against at the Sydney Cricket Ground, won Team Australia. The opening series 5-4 by the White Sox before 10,000 figures to feature Clayton Kershaw's fans on Jan. 3, 1914. fourth consecutive opening-day start Brett Pickett, the chief executive of for the Dodgers next Saturday, with Baseball Australia, is taking a prag-

MOTOR SPORTS NASCAR Sprint Cup-FoodCity 600Lineup After Fridayqualifying; race Sunday At Brislol MotorSpeedway Bristol, Tenn. Lap length: .633miles (Car numberin parentheses) 1. 11) Denny Hamlin, Toyota,129.991mph. 2. 2) BradKeselowski, Ford,129.965. 3. 20) MattKenseth, Toyota,129.073. 4. 22) Joey Logano, Ford,128.83. 5. 9) Marcos Ambrose, Ford, 128.727. 6. 24 JeffGordon,Chevrolet,128.245. 7. 18 KyleBusch,Toyota,128.159. 8. 16 GregBiffle, Ford,127.946. 9. 31 Ryan Newman, Chevrolet,127.801. 10. 5 KaseyKahne, Chevrolet,127.69. 11. 48 JimmiJo e hnson, Chevrolet,127.385. 12. 99 CarlEdwards,Ford,127.073. 13. 41 KurtBusch,Chevrolet,128.322. 14. 88 DaleEarnhardtJr., Chevrolet,128.271. 15. 15 ClintBowyer,Toyota,128.245. 16. 38 DavidGilhland,Ford,128.236. 17. 1) JamiM e cMurray,Chevrolet,128.168. 18. 26 ColeWhitt, Toyota,127.929. 19. 34 DavidRagan,Ford,127.903. 20. 42 KyleLarson,Chevrolet,127.792. 21. 17 RickyStenhouseJr., Ford,127.682. 22. 47 A JAllmendinner,Chevrolet,127.648. 23. 43 AricAlmirola,Ford,127.605. 24. 95 MichaelMcDowell, Ford,127.605. 25. 13 Casey Mears, Chevrolet,127.597. 26. 3) AustinDilon, Chevrolet,127.529. 27. 4KevinHarvick,Chevrolet,127.444. 28. 2I Paul Menard, Chevrolet,127.436. 29. 78 MartinTruexJr., Chevrolet,127.351. 30. 51 Justin AffgaieCh r, evrolet,127.343. 31. 40 Landon Cassil, Chevrolet,127.182. 32. 98 Josh Wise,Chevrolet,127.174. 33. 23 AlexBowman,Toyota,127.165. 34. 7) MichaelAnnett, Chevrolet, 126.896. 35. 36 Reed Sorenson, Chevrolet,126.645. 36. 10 Danica Patrick, Chevrolet,126.628. 37. 14 Tony Stewart, Chevrolet, Owner Points. 38. 55 Brian Vickers,Toyota,0wner Points. 39. 32 TravisKvapil, Ford,Owner Points. 40. 83 Ryan Truex,Toyota,0wner Points. 41. 30 ParkerKligerman, Toyota,OwnerPoints. 42.66JoeNemechek,Toyota,OwnerPoints. 43. 33 Timmy Hil, Chevrolet, Owner Points. Failed to Qualify 44. (35)David Reutimann, Ford,126.62. 45. (77)DaveBlaney,Ford,125.166.

BASKETBALL Men's college Friday's Scores AmericanAthletic Conference Semifinals Louisville94,Houston65 Uconn 58,Cincinnati 56 Atlantic10 Conference Quarterlinals George Washington85,UMass77 SaintJoseph's70, Dayton 67 St. Bonaventure 71,Saint Louis68 VCU71, Richmond53

Atlantic CoastConference Quarlerlinals Duke63,Clemson62 NC State66, Syracuse63 Pittsburgh80,North Carolina 75 Virginia64,FloridaSt. 51 Big 12Conference Semifinals Baylor86,Texas69 lowaSt. 94,Kansas83 Big EastConference Semifinals Creighton86,Xavier 78 Providence 80, Seton Hall 74 Big SkyConference Semifinals NorthDakota79,PortlandSt.63 WeberSt.66, N.Colorado 63,OT Big TenConference Quarterlinals Michigan64,llinois 63 MichiganSt.67,Northwestern 51 OhioSt.71,Nebraska67 Wisconsin 83, Minnesota57 Big WestConference Semifinals Cal Poly61, UCIrvine 58 CSUNorthridge82, LongBeachSt. 77 ConferenceUSA Semifinals Louisiana Tech88,SouthernMiss. 70 Tulsa76,MiddleTennessee69 Mid-AmericanConference Semifinals Toled o59,E.Michigan44 W.Michigan64,Akron60,OT Mid-EasternAthletic Conference Semifinals Morgan St.79, CoppinSt. 64 NC Central68, NorfolkSt.45 Mountain WestConference Semifinals San DiegoSt.59, UNLV51 NewMexico70,BoiseSt.67 Pacific-12 Conference Semifinals Arizona63,Colorado 43 UCLA84,Stanford59 SoutheasternConference Quarlerlinals Florida72,Missouri 49 Georgi75, a Mississippi 73 Kentucky85, LSU67 Tennessee 59,South Carolina44 SouthlandConference Semifinals SamHoustonSt.69,TexasA&M-CC63 Stephen F.Austin 85, Northwestern St.78 SouthwesternAthletic Conference Semifinals PrairieView55, AlabamaA&M49 Texas Southern 73,AlabamaSt. 61 Sun BeltConference SecondRound Arkansas St.116, UALR114, 40T Weslern Athletic Conference Semifinals Idaho74, UtahValley 69 NewMexicoState69, CSUBakersfield 63

Women's college Friday's Scores Big SkyConference Semifinals Montana73, S.Utah69 NorthDakota78,IdahoSt.53 Big WestConference Semifinals CS Northridge 78,UCIrvine60 Cal Pol66, y Hawaii 52 Colonial Athletic Association Quarlerfinals Coll. ofCharleston70, Towson64 Delaware 63, Northeastern 61 Drexel60,Hofstra55 James Madison 69,UNCWilmington56 ConferenceUSA Semifinals Middl eTennessee64,FIU57 SouthernMiss. 84,UTEP70 HorizonLeague Semifinals Green Bay68, Ill.-chicago59 WrightSt.98,YoungstownSt.70

matic approach to what the upcoming series might provide. "There's no question it's going to be huge, but I'm not suggesting for one minute that the series will help

us overtake the AFL (Australian Football League) or National Rugby League," Pickett said. "These two


Semifinals Akron85,Cent. Michigan69 Ball St.73,BowlingGreen55 Mid-EasternAthletic Conference Semifinals CoppinSt.57,NCAAT55 Hampton 65, SavannahSt. 49 Missouri ValleyConference


Drake71, Evansvile 61 lllinois St.65,N.Iowa63 IndianaSt.61,Loyola ofChicago52 WichitaSt.71, Missouri St.53


Semifinals Color adoSt.95,Wyoming92,30T FresnoSt.82, Nevada71 SouthwesternAthletic Conference Semifinals PrairieView72,Southern U.43 TexasSouthern 79,JacksonSt.77, OT

Sun BeltConference

Semifinals Arkansas St. 59,TexasSt. 48 W.Kentucky66, UALR62 Western Athletic Conference Semifinals Idaho75,New Mexico St.65 Seattle84,CSBakersfield 79

SOCCER MLS Saturday'sGames ColoradoatNewYork,1 p.m. NewEnglandat Philadelphia,1 p.m. TorontoFCat Seattle FC,1;30p.m. Montrealat Houston, 5:30p.m. FC DallasatSporting KansasCity, 5:30p.m. Real SaltLakeatSanJose,7:30p.m. Sunday'sGames ChicagoatPortland, noon Vancouverat ChivasUSA,4 p.m.

DEALS Transactions BASEBAL L

AmericanLeague BALTI MOREORIOLES— OptionedRHPDylanBnn-

dy toBowie(EL). CHICAGOWHITESOX— OptionedLHPFrankDe LosSantos,RHPNestor Molina andINFCarlos Sanchez to Charlotte (IL). KANSASCITY ROYALS — Optioned LHPJustin Marks toOmaha(PCL). AssignedLHPScott Alexander and LHPEverett Teaford to their minorleaguecamp. Signe dRHPBrettTomkoandRHPRamonTroncosoto minorleaguecontracts. LOSANGELESANGELS— ReassginedLHPRobert Carson,18C.J. Cron,CAndersonDe LaRosa, 28 TaylorLindseyandSSShawn O'Maley to their minor league camp. MINNES OTATWINS— Agreed to termswith LHP GlenPerkinsonafour-year contract. SEATTLE MARINERS— OptionedCJesusMontero, OFXavierAveryandOFJamesJonestoTacoma(PCL). ReassignedINFChris Taylortotheir minorleaguecamp. National League ATLANTABRAVES — Optioned RHP Aaron Northcraft,LHPCarlos PerezandRHPWirfinObispotoGwinnett (IL).ReassignedLHPDaniel Rodriguez; RHPsJ.R. Graham,JasonHursh,MarkLamm,Lay Batista, Shae Simmons, Cody MartinandYnnesky Maya;CsMatt Kenne lly,BraedenSchlehuber,JoseYepez;INFsMark Hamilton,Edward Salcedoand OFMatt Lipkato their minorleaguecamp. CHICAG OCUBS—OptionedINFArismendyAlcantara,INFLoganWatkins,OFMatt SzczurandRHPDallas Beeler tolowa(PCL) and OFJorgeSoler toTennessee (SL).AssignedRHPMarcusHatley,RH PCarlos Pimentel, LHP Eric Jokisch, INFKris Bryant, INFJeudyValdez and OF Albert Almorato their minorleaguecamp.Granted OF AaronCunninghamhisrelease. COLORADOROCKIE S— ReassignedLHPChristian Friedrich,INFCristhianAdames, INFKyle Parker and OFKentMatthestotheir minorleaguecamp. PHILADE LPHIA PHILLIES — Released C Louis Marson .OptionedLHPJeremyHorst,CTommyJoseph, OF TysonGilies andOFZach Colier to their minor league camp. ReassignedLHPCesarJimenez, RHPKen Giles,INFAndresBlancoand CSebastianVale totheir minorleaguecamp. PITTSB URGH PIRATES — Optioned OFGregory Polanco andRHPDukeWelker to Indianapolis (IL). ST.LOUIS CARDINALS— ReassignedRHPSam Gaviglio totheir minor leaguecamp. BASKETBALL National Basketball Association MIAMIHEA T—SignedCJustin Hamilton. Released GDeAndreKigginsfromhis10-daycontract. MILWAU KEEBUCKS—Signed FChris Wrightto a10-daycontract, PHILADEPLHIA76ERS— SignedGDariusJohnson-Odom to a10-daycontract. FOOTBALL National Football League BALTIMOR ERAVENS—Agreed to termsLBDaryl Smithon afour-yearcontract. SignedWRSteveSmithto athree-yearcontract. CAROLINA PANTHERS—Signed TEMikeMcNeil to a two-year contract. CHICAGO BEARS — Agreed to termswith CB CharlesTilmanonaone-yearcontract. CINCINN ATI BENGALS — Signed coach Marvin Lewis to aone-yearcontractextension, throughthe 2015season. DETROILIO T NS—Re-signedTEBrandonPettigrew to a four-year contract. GREENBAYPACKERS— Re-signedDTB. J.Raji. INDIANA POLISCOLTS—Agreedtotermswith WR HakeemNicks. KANSASCITYCHIEFS— SignedLBFrankZombo and DT VanceWalker. MIAMI DOLPHINS— SignedCBCort landFinnegan and G ShelleySmith. MINNESOTA VIKINGS — Re-signed WR Jerome Simpson.SignedCBDerekCox. NEW ORLEANSSAINTS—Agreedtotermswith LB Ramon Humberonaone-yearcontract. NEWYORKGIANTS— Re-signedLBJonBeason. SignedLBJameelMcclain. OAKLANDRAIDERS— SignedCBTarellBrownand DL AnotnioSmith. PITTSBURGHSTEELERS— SignedDTCam Thomas to tawo-yearcontract. SANFRANCISC049ERS—Signed CBChris Cook to a one-year deal. TAMPA BAYBUCCANEERS—Agreedtotermswith CEvanDietrich-Smith. TENNE SSEETITANS— Agreed to termswith LB WesleyWoodyardonamultiyear contract. WASHINGTONREDSKINS — Signed DE Jason Hatcher,LBDarryl Sharpton andKJake Rogers. Released CWil Montgomery. HOCKEY National HockeyLeague COLUMBUSBLUEJACKETS— ActivatedDFedor Tyutin offinjured reserve.ReassignedDCodyGoloubef to Springfiel(AH d L). DALLAS STARS—RecalledFTravis Morin andF ChrisMuellerfromTexas(AHL). OTTAW ASENATORS—RecalledGNathanLawson from Binghamton (AHL). COLLEGE JACKSO NVILLE—Announced it wil notrenewthe contractofmen'sbasketball coachCliff Warren. MARSHALL — Announcedtheresignationofmen' s basketbalcoach l TomHerrion SOUTHFLORIDA— Firedmen' sbasketballcoach StanHeath.

Australian players under contract

this season with major league organizations, and that there is a good chance four or five of them might be in the majors when the season starts

— Grant Balfour (Tampa Bay), Peter Moylan (Houston) and Ryan Rowland-Smith (Diamondbacks) among

games will not be a panacea for all them. things baseball. But it will provide a Pickett said with less than two level of exposure for the sport we have weeks to go, only about 1,000 ticknever been able to achieve previously. ets remained for the Saturday night If nothing else, it will put the sport into

game in the 38,500-seat stadium, and

the minds of some of the sportingpublic, who, sadly, don't even know we play baseball in this country." Pickett says there are about 60

evenfewer were availableforSunday afternoon. The platinum and second-best gold seats were the first to

sell out.






ri e, i a r

Wetzler shinesfor Beavers in Pac-12opener —Benwetzler took a no-hitter into the eighth inning and Michael Conforto belted a solo home run to leadOregon State to a 6-1 victory over Utah in the Pac-12Conference opener for both teams Friday night at Smith's Ballpark in Salt LakeCity. Wetzler picked upthewin and improved to 3-0 for the season asthe Beavers hiked their overalll record to16-3. Utah dropped to 8-8. Thethree-game series resumestoday at noon.


The Associated Press NEW ORLEANS — Port-

land was trailing by three points with under five min-

Ducks drop Pac-12 opener to USC — Oregon mounteda

utes left in the game and Da-

late rally in both the eighth andninth innings but left the tying run in scoring position both times in a3-2 loss to USCin the Pac-12Conference opener for both teamsFriday night. The Ducks,who fell to 12-5 overall, scored a run inthe eighth on aKyle Garlick two-out single to pull within a run, but freshmanA.J. Balta struck out with two runners on to end thethreat. Oregon put two runners on inthe bottom of the ninth before Austin Grebeckground out. The Ducks resumethe series today at 2 p.m.

mian Lillard was determined to keep the Trail Blazers' los-

ing streak from reaching five games. Lillard nailed a 3 - p ointer from the corner to tie the

game and give Portland the momentum it needed to snap

its four-game skid with a


111-103 victory over the New

Backstrom toget silver medal despite drugtestSwedish hockey star Nicklas Backstrom will receive anOlympic silver medal despite his positive drug test in Sochi. TheIOCsaid Friday that its provisional suspension of Backstrom — imposed hours before the Feb. 23 final against Canada —was "fully justified." But the IOC says there was nointention to improve performance and "the athlete should be entitled to receive the silver medal anddiploma awarded for men's ice hockey." TheIOCsays Backstrom conceded at a hearing before the final that he hadalso taken medication containing pseudoephedrine earlier that day. — Staffand wire reports

Orleans Pelicans on Friday night. Lillard finished with 27 points, Nicolas Batum add-

ed 22 and Wesley Matthews had 20 for the Trail Blazers,

w ho played without A l l Star LaMarcus Aldridge. He was sitting out with a back contusion.

Anthony Davis scored a career-high 36 points for New Orleans and Brian Roberts

added 19. Tyreke Evans and Eric Gordon added 16 apiece after both missed one game because of illness.


Hat trick leadsRangers The Associated Press

RISE, Fla.— Scottie Upshall

scored the go-ahead goal in Henrik Lundqvist stopped the third for New Jersey. 30 shots to tie the Rangers' Red Wings 2, Oilers 1: WINNIPEG, Manitoba-

record for career wins, and

Swedish countryman Carl Hagelin scored three goals

DETROIT — Tomas Tatar scored on D e t roit's t h ird shootout attempt, and Jim-

my Howard stopped all tory over the Winnipeg Jets three Edmonton attempts. on Friday night. Predators 3, Blackhawks In other games Friday: 2: CHICAGO — Roman Josi Sharks 4, Islanders 3: had three assists, Ryan Ellis UNIONDALE, N.Y. — Matt scored in the third period, to lift New York to a 4-2 vic-

Portland trailed 94-89 with 7:30 to go in the fourth quar-

ter when Lillard scored the game's next seven points, and

his jumper with 4 minutes, 15 seconds left gave the Trail Blazers the lead for good at

96-94. "Up to that point I hadn't

been able to get it going the entire game," Lillard said. "Coach Stotts just kept deciding to put me in ball screens and in situations where I could attack; especially late in the game. My shot started to falL

Scott Threlkeld /The Associated Press

Portland guard Damian Lillard shoots over New Orleans guard Brian Roberts in the first half Friday in New Orleans. Lillard had 27 points to lead the Trail Blazers to a111-103 win over the Pelicans.

Nieto and J ason D emers

and Nashville won its third

I was able to make some plays and get it going a little bit." Wrapping up a five-game road trip, Portland opened for good in the fourth quarter,

scored first-period goals

straight. Flames 4, Stars 3: DAL-

the game on a 10-2 run. From there it became a back-and-

straight. Capitals 4, Canucks 3:

LAS — M ik e Cammalleri

forth affair that featured 18

scored two goals, Corban

lead changes with no team


M ik e

Knight netted the w i nner

G reen scored t h e g o ahead goal in th e t hird period, Alex Ovechkin also scored, and Evgeny Kuznetsov had three assists for his first NHL points for Washington. Devils 5, Panthers 3:SUN-

in a shootout, and Calgary erased a two-goal deficit in the third period. Ducks 6, Avalanche 4:

ever having a double-digit advantage. Davis' alley-oop "Then we finally were able to

as San Jose won its fifth

DENVER — Kyle Palmieri

scored two goals in 47 seconds, and Anaheim netted

six in the second period.


WR Smithsignswith Ravens By David Ginsburg The Associated Press

Steve Smith is eager to continue his NFL career in Baltimore, where he's just a

need to wear goggles because there will "blood and guts everywhere" on the field when he plays the Panthers. Chicago agreed to a one-

dunk with under 3 seconds to

scored 25 points and David

had 12 of his 21 points in the

West had 18 to help Indiana crucial to his team's postsea- send the Philadelphia to its son hopes. 19th straight loss. With a loss "I mean we had lost four to Memphis today, the Sixers games in a row," he said. cantiethefranchiserecord for

fourth quarter and overtime,

consecutive defeats in a single

TORONTO — Jonas Valan-

season. Nuggets 111, Heat 107:MI-

ciunas scored a season-high 23 points, Kyle Lowry had 22

AMI — Kenneth Faried scored 24 points, Darrell Arthur led a

points and 12 assists against

LAKE CITY — Blake Griffin

rebounds in Charlotte's eighth

had 20 points and Chris Paul

straight victory at home.

Lillard said the victory was

close a team out in the fourth

go in the half gave the Pelicans quarter and come away with a 55-53 lead at the break. the victory. It wa s a g r eat "A much-needed win need- feeling." less to say," Stotts said. "I was New Orleans coach Monty proud of theway we competed Williams wasn't surprised by and kept focused.... Every- Lillard's performance. "You know what he's capabody that was on the floor tonight really had an impact on ble of doing," he said. "Some the game." of the stuff is un-guardable The game was tiedat 75 like the last 3-pointer he made. with 3:36 to go in the third Our guys know that when he's quarter when th e P elicans going left late game, you know went on a 6-0 run to grab an he's going to raise up. We just 81-75 lead. They stayed in didn't execute that well. We've front until midway through played against him a number the final quarter, when Lillard of times the past two years scored 16 points to lead Port- so you've got to know what to land to victory. expect." Emotional throughout the In other games Friday: game, particularly after his Pacers 101, 76ers 94:PHILjumper gave Portland the lead ADELPHIA — Paul George

Trevor Ariza added 21 points and 11 rebounds overall to

lead Washington. Raptors 99, Grizzlies 86:

his former team and Toronbig effort from Denver's bench to won for the 11th time in 14 with 18, and the Nuggets games. handed Miami its fifth loss in Bobcats 105, Timberwolves six games. 93: CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Al Clippers 96, Jazz 87:SALT Jefferson had 25 points and 16 shook off a sprained ankle to

Suns 87, Celtics80: BOS-

score 18 points and extended TON — Goran Dragic scored Los Angeles' winning streak 20 points a n d P h oenix to 10.

Spurs 119, Lakers 85: SAN ANTONIO — Danny Green had 15 points and the San Antonio Spurs won their ninth

scored the last seven to beat

cold-shooting Boston. Cavaliers 103, Warriors 94: OAKLAND, Calif. — Spencer Hawes had 22 points and 13

straight. rebounds to help Cleveland Wizards 105, Magic 101: OR- erase an 18-point f i rst-half LANDO, Fla. — John Wall


short flight from his perma- y ear contract w i t h nent home in Charlotte.

The longtime Panthers standout wide receiver didn't waste time finding a n ew

home, signinga three-year

twotime Pro Bowl cornerback Charles Tillman. T i llman,

33, is coming off a season limited to eight games because of a torn right triceps.


contract with t h e R avens Eight-year veteran cornerabout 24 hours after being back and rookie negotiator


released by Carolina. The Ravens announced the signing of the 34-year-old

Cortland Finnegan found a

All TimesPDT

new home in Miami after an


Smith on Friday.


Smith was released by the Panthers after 13 seasons.

The Ravens will play the Panthers in 2014 in Baltim ore, something Smith i s

clearly looking to forward to. He told Charlotte-based radio station WFNZ-AM on

Wednesday that fans will

injury-plagued 2013 with the The Dolphins added former Rams guard Shelley Smith with a $5.5 million, two-year contract.

Green Bay re-signed defensive tackle B.J. Raji to anchor their defensive line.

He started all 16 games last season.


GarrigUSbuildS 3-Stroke lead The Associated Press PALM HARBOR, Fla.


Robert Garrigus can't recall a better performance going into the weekend. And his golfhas been pretty good, too. Garrigus spent most of the

gest hitters in golf, has made birdie on all of the par 5s both rounds. That has con-

tributed mightily to being at 7-under 135, three shots clear of Kevin Na going into a weekend with a Masters spot potentially up for grabs.

practice days fishing in the lakes of Innisbrook, catchIn other action Friday: ing nearly three dozen bass. Langer takes Champions As for his day job, he bagged lead: NEWPORT BEACH, 10 birdies over two days and Calif. — Bernhard Langer delivered the best score of the tournament, a 5-under

birdied three of the last four

holes for an 8-under 63 and a 66 on Friday, to build a three- two-stroke lead in the Chamshot lead i n

t h e V a lspar pions Tour's Toshiba Classic.

Championship. His only other PGA Tour

Canizares mantains lead in Morocco: AGADIR, Movictory was a little more than rocco — Spain's Alejandro an hour away at Disney, and Canizares shot a 4-under 68 Garrigus offered a simple to maintain a one-stroke lead explanation.

"It's the fishing," he said. Garrigus, one of the lon-

after the second round of

the European Tour's Trophy Hassan II.

x-Indiana x-Miami d-Toronto Chicago Brooklyn Washington Charlotte Atlanta NewYork Cleveland Detroit Boston Orlando Philadelphia Milwaukee


d-SanAntonio d-Oklahoma Cit y d-LA. Clippers Houston Portland GoldenState Dallas Memphis Phoenix Minnesota Denver NewOrleans

Sacrame nto

Utah LA. Lakers

W L 48 17 44 19 37 27 36 29 33 30 34 31 32 34 28 35 26 40 26 4II 25 40 22 44 19 48 15 50 13 52

Summaries Friday's Games Pct GB .738 .69II 3 .578 ItP/2 .554 12

.524 14 .523 14 485 16'A .444 19 .394 22'/2

.394 22'A .385 23 .333 26'/~ .284 30 .231 33 .200 35

Pct GB .754 48 17 .738 I 47 20 .701 3 44 21 .677 5 43 23 .652 s'/2 41 26 .612 9 39 27 .591 10'/2 38 27 .585 u 37 28 .569 12 32 32 .500 IP/2 29 36 .446 20 26 39 .400 23 23 42 .354 26 22 44 .333 2P/2 22 44 .333 2PA W L 49 16

d-diyisionleader x-clinched playoffspot Friday's Games Washington105,Orlando101,OT Indiana101,Philadelphia94

Toront o99,Memphis86 charlotte105,Minnesota93 PhoenixII7, BostonIIO Denver01, Miami107 Portland111,NewOrleans103 SanAntoni0119, LA.Lakers85 LA. Clippers96,UtahII7 cleveland103,Goldenstate94 Today'sGames Milwaukee at NewYork,9a.m. BrooklynatWashington, 4p.m. MemphisatPhiladelphia, 4:3II p.m. Indiana at Detroit,4;30 p.m. Denver at Atlanta, 4:30p.m. Sacramento atChicago,5 p.m. sunday'sGam es Charlotteat Milwaukee,10a.m. PhoenixatToronto, 10a.m. HoustonatMiami, 12:30p.m. Bostonat NewOrleans, 3 p.m. Sacrame ntoat Minnesota,4 p.m. Dallas atOklahomaCity, 4p.m. Utah atsanAntonio, 4 p.m. GoldenStateatPortland, 6p.m. Cleveland atLA. Clippers,6:3II p.m.

Trail Blazers111, Pelicafis103 PORTlAND (111) Batum8-162222, Wright483415,Lopez9-13 1-1 19, Lillard8-178-10 27,Matthews6-13 5 6 20, Barton1-70-02, Leonard0-00-00, Mccollum1-2 0-0 2,watson0-12-22, Robinson1-10-2z Totals 38-78 21-27 111.


Aminu4-4e-e8,Davis15-27e-636,Alinca0-2 0-00, Roberts8-142-219, Gordon6-152-416, Ev-

ans 7-122-216,Morrow1-81-13,Riyers0-34-44, Babbitt0-01-21, WIthe r0-00-00, MillerO-1 0-00. Totals 41-8618-21 103. Portland 29 24 27 31 — 111 Sew Orleans 26 2 9 26 22 — 103 3-Point Goal— s Portland 14-33 (Wright 4-6, Batum4-8, Matthews3-8, Lillard 3-8, Barton0-1, Mccollum 0-1, watson0-1), Neworleans3-11 (Gordon2-5, Roberts1-2, Miler 0-1, Morrow0-3). FouledOut—None. ReboInds — Portland47(Batum 18), New Orleans 47 (Davis 9). Assists—Portland 23 (Batum,Lilard 5), NewOrleans22 (Evans8). Total Fouls —portland 19,Neworleans 2z TechnicalsPortlandBench.A—16,913(17,188).

NIlggets111, Heat107 DENVER(111) Chandler2-8 1-16, Faried9-15 6-824, Mozgov 1-3 2-2 4,Lawson2-t 9-1013, Foye2-7 2-27, Hickson 5-91-2 11,Fournier6-140-Ij14, Arthur7-113-3 18, Miller2-31-15, Brooks3-5e-09. Totals 39-82 25-29111. MIAMI (107) James8-17 5-721, Batier 0-10-0 0, Bosh4-12 3-411, Chalmers7-110-016, WadeII-1II 3-519, Allen 7-93-322,Andersen6-7 2-214, Beasley2-4 0-04, Cole0-20-00,Oden0-00-00.Totals42-81 16-21 107. Denver 20 38 27 26 — 111 Miami 30 23 18 36 — 107

Suns 87, Celtics80 PHOENIX (87)

Tucker5-0 0-011, Frye1-9 2-2 4, plumlee2-2 1-2 5,Dragic8-151-220, Bledsoe6-12 5-617, Mark. Morris 6-132-215, G.Green2-9 0-04, Marc.Morris 1-41-1 3, Smith0-00-20, Goodwin1-30-02, Len 2-22-36. Totals 34-8014-2087.

BOSTON (80) J.Green2-144-49, Bass4-12 e-08, Humphries 5-81-211, Rondo 4-15e-0 8, Bayless1-42-25, Sullinger2-125-69, Bradley4-121-19, Johnson3-t 4-4 11,Olynyk4-80-0 8, pressey0-2 2-2z Totals 29-94 19-21 80.

Phoenix Boslon

29 17 18 23 — 87 22 22 16 20 — 80

Wizards105, Magic101 (OT)

Clippers 96, Jazz87

WASHIIIGTON (105) Ariza6-165-e21, Booker5-91-211, Gortat6-13 7-819, Wal7-18 l 3-521, Beal8-192-2 20,Webster

L.A. CLIPPERS I96) Barnes6-90-015, Griffin7-17e-e20,Jordan4-6 1-39, Paul8-122-318, collison5-152-414, Green 4-91-212,Granger0-40-00, Davis2-21-25, Turkoglu1-20-03. Totals37-7613-2096.

0-4 0-0 0,Harrington1-2 0-02, Gooden0-3e-0 0, Miller1-35 6 7,Seraphin23 0 II 4, Temple e 0ojj 0.Totals36-9023-29105. ORLAN00(101) Harkl ess3-50-06,0'Quinn3-5 0-0 6,vucevic 4-9 0-1 8,Nelson5-16 2-313, Afflalo 7-21 2-218, Nicholson 3-5e-0 6,Oladipo7-150-015, Harris 8-14 4-4 21,Moores-e e-08, Maxiel 0-1e-0 0. Totals 43-978-10101.

Washington 27 17 23 2018 — 105 Orlando 21 20 2521 14 —un


Jefferson6-121-1 14,Kanter 5-171-211, Favors 7-104-418, Burke 7-102-218, Hayward 2-81-2 7, Evans3-60-06,Burks4-121-210,Garrett1-20-03, Gobert 0 00-00.Totals35-7710-13 87. LA. Clippers 22 2 1 34 19 — 96 uiah 33 18 21 15 — 87

Spurs119, Lakers85

Raptors99, Grizzlies86 MEMPHIS (86) Prince2-80-04,Randolph7-132416, Gasol3-8 2-2 II, Conley4-122-210,Lee5-91-1 12,Koufos2-5 2-3 6, calathes 3-35-811, Miler1-41-24, Allen5-7 ee10, Leuer1-51-3 3, Udrih00 22 2, JJohnson e-0 0-00.Totals33-7418-27 86. TORONTO (99) Ross2-52-27, AJohnson610ee 12,valanciunas 0-151-2 23,Lowry6-146-722, DeRozan4-12 r-e 16, salmons 0-30-00, Hansbrough0-00-00, vasquez 6-11 2-317,Novak0-00-00, Hayes1-I 0-02, Stone 0-00-00, De Colo 0-00-00. Totals36-7118-2299. Memphis 24 20 23 19 — 86 Toronto 19 28 24 28 — 99

Pacers101, 76ers 94 INDIASA(101) George9-153-4 25,West8-13 2-4 18,Hibbert 2-50-04, G.Hi4-0 l 3-414,stephenson6-80-013, Allen 6-61-213,Turner1-40-02, Watson1-20-03, Scolaz-35-89. Totals39-6714-22101. PHILADEL PHIA(94) Thompson 35008, Young10 315625, Sims28 2-26, Carter-Wiliams 5-161-1 12,Anderson5-0 e e 11, Wroten1-46-6Ij, Varnado0-01-21, Wiliamse-e 1-1 8,Mullens6-90-015. Totals 35-9016-18 94. Indiana 27 25 26 23 — 101 Philadelphia 20 2 5 21 28 — 94

Bobcats105, Timberwolves93 MINNESOT A(93) Brewer3-64-610,Love7-172-418, pekovic4-0 0-08, Rubio1-64-46,Martin6-134-419, Cunningham5-Ij 0-010, Barea4-91-1 9, Muhammad2-30-0 4,MbahaMoute0-12-22,Budinger2-40-05,Dieng 1-30-02, Hummel 0-00-00, Shved0-1 0-00. Totals 35-8217-2193. CHARLO TTE(105) Kidd-Gilchrist 4-62-210, McRob erts 3-110-1 6, Jefferson 12-261-1 25,Walker3-120-27, Henderson 4-90210, Zeller5-80-010,Neal6-104419,Douglas-Roberts3-52-210, Ridnour3-3 0-06, Biyombo 1-1 e-0 ZTotals44-91 9-14105. Minnesota 33 20 22 18 — 93 charlotle 33 32 23 17 —105


Johnson4-1II1-2 9, Kelly 2-II 2-2 6,GasolII-16 2-318, Marshal2-90-0 l 6,Meeks5-174-615, Baze-

more 394610, Henry1-7446, Farmar 39ee 7, sacre3-62-28. Totals 31-9119-2585. SANANT0NIQI119) Leonard 3-83-39, Duncan4-101-1 9, splitter1-4 1-23, Parker 3-40-07, Green5-110-015,Diaw3-3 0-II 6, Ginobili 3-eII-0 7, Belinelli 4-113-312, Joseph5-80-0u, Baynes6-0 0-012,Bonner5-90-0 13, Mills 2-70-05, Ayres4-6 2-41rj. Totals 48-98 10-13 119. LA. Lakers 14 20 26 25 — 85 San Antonio 29 3 2 28 30 — 119

Cavaliers103, Warriors 94 CLEVELAN O(103) Deng6-10 2-416, TThompson1-7 2-24, Hawes 8-185-622, Irving6-121-216, Jack4-51-1 9,Waiters 8-170-018, Dellavedova2-40-0 6, Vareiao 2-4 1-25, Zeller3-51-1 7.Totals 40-8213-18103. GOLDEN STATE(94) Iguodala3-62-211,Lee7-162-216, Bogut2-40-0 4, Curry8-176-727, Barnes3-80-46, Blake1-40-0 2, Green 7-122-2 1II, O'Neal 2-3e-e4, Crawford2-6 0-05, Speights 0-11-21. Totals 35-7713-19 94. Cleveland 16 36 32 19 — 103 GoldenState 32 21 18 23 — 94

Leaders ThroughThursday's Games Scoring Durant,QK C Anthony,NYK James,MIA Love,MIN


Griffin, LAC Aldridge,PO R Curry,GO L DeRozan,TOR


George,IND Irving,CLE Nowilzki,DAL Jefferson,CHA

G FG FT PTS AVG 64 667 556 2036 31.8 63 630 365 1770 28.1 60 597 329 1611 26.9 6II 513 417 159II 26.5 57 429 418 1404 24.6 66 605 392 1613 24.4 60 572 258 1405 23.4 63 509 240 1459 23.2 61 477 376 1383 2zr 56 441 360 1242 2z2 64 478 310 1414 2z1 62 481 260 1336 21.5 64 500 275 1375 21.5 56 526 142 097 21.4




Arizona, U LA to meet in Pac-12 Tournament ina The Associated Press LAS VEGAS —

San Diego State in the semifinals N i c k J ohnson

of the Mountain West Conference tournament.

scored 16 points, Rondae Hollis-Jef-

o lina 75: GREENSBORO, N.C Talib Zanna had 19 points and a

career-high 21 rebounds to lead No.16 lowa State 94, No.10 Kansas Pittsburgh to a wi n i n t h e A tlan83: KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Georges tic Coast Conference tournament Niang scored 25points before leaving quarterfinals. with a bloody gash to his forehead in St. Bonaventure 71, No. 18 Saint

ferson added 12 and Arizona ran away from tired Colorado in a dom-

inating second half to rout the Buffaloes 63-43 in the Pac-12 tournament semifinals Friday night T.J. McConnell added 12 points, five assists and four rebounds for the Wildcats. In other games Friday:

the closing minutes, and Iowa State

Louis 68: NEW YORK — Jordan

reached its first Big 12 tournament Gathers hit a 3-pointer at the buzzer, title game since 2000. and St. Bonaventure stunned Saint N.C. State 66, No. 11 Syracuse 63: Louis in the quarterfinals of the At-

UCLA 84, Stanford 59: LAS VE-

GREENSBORO, N.C. — T.J. Warren

lantic 10 tournament.

GAS — Norman Powell scored 22

scored 28 points while Ralston Turner banked in the go-ahead 3-point-

67: LAS VEGAS — Cameron Bair-

points, Travis Wear added 16 and UCLA advanced to the Pac-12 tournament final.

er with 2:28 left for North Carolina State in the Atlantic Coast Conference tournament quarterfinals.

No. 1 Florida 72, Missouri 49: AT15 points as Florida remained unbeaten in the Southeastern Conference.

No. 5 Louisville 94, Houston 65: MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Russ Smith

scored a career-high 42 points and Louisville cruised in the semifinals

of the inaugural American Athletic Conference tournament.

No. 6 Virginia 64, Florida State 51: Julie Jacobson/The Associated Press Joe Harrismatched a season high Arizona's Nick Johnson, top, and Aaron Gordon celebrate after Johnson hit a 3-pointer in the first half of the Wildcats' 63-43 win Friday in the Pac-12 semifinals.

quarterfinal. No. 7 Duke 63, Clemson 62: GREENSBORO, N.C. — Rodney

No. 8 Michigan 64, Illinois 63: IN-

Hood hit two free throws with 3.8 seconds left to lift Duke in the Atlan-

DIANAPOLIS — J ordan M organ scored on a layup with 7.9 seconds

tic Coast Conference quarterfinals

left to send Michigan to the semifi-

Lava Bears

hara contributed 16 points and four rebounds. Continued from C1 From the opening tip, the "It just happens," the first- Bowmen seized control, scoryear Lava Bears coach said. ing 11 unanswered points "It wasn't a lack of energy. The right out of the gate and holdball just didn't fall for us." ing the Lava Bears scoreless The seventh-seeded Lava until a Steffan Kearsley layup Bears made just one of their with 1 minute, 15 seconds left nine shots from the field in the in the first quarter. first quarter and committed Sherwood only extended its five turnovers, allowing the advantage from there, sending No. 6 Bowmen to race to an Bend to a second straight loss 11-2 lead.

of more than 20 points and

Bend shot just 30.8 percent advancing to the fourth-place from the floor for the game, game against Wilsonville this a stark difference from Sher- morning. w ood's 23-of-40 mark — a healthy 57.5 percent.

"I told the boys in the lock-

for Bend, which was held to a

end of the first half, just the

season-low 36 points. "It's always rough," Beaumarchais said ofthe season-ending defeat. "Every

Lava Bears' fifth field goal of the game. Bend shot 5 of 16

er room that they can't let "We had alot of good looks," this week negate all the good Baker said. "But the ball just things they did this year," Bakdidn't fall. The kids worked er said. "We talked about settheir tails off, and some days ting goals, and we achieved it doesn't work. Today was just all of our goals except for one one of those days." (winning the Intermountain Beaumarchais paced the Conference championship). Lava Bears (17-9) with eight I'm very proud of the boys." points. Connor Scott had five Game notes: Bend's Wyatt points and two rebounds, and Beaumarchais drilled a buzzJ.J. Spitler added five points er-beating 3-pointer at the

from the field in the first half

(compared with Sherwood's

time you come down here, 14-of-21 clip) and had nine you want to perform well and turnovers. ... S h erwood's

win. That's everyone's goal when you come to the state

tournament. Coming up short is always a real bummer. It's tough, especially on the seniors." Lucas Johnson led Sherwood (21-5) with 21 points, and teammate JordanKura-

impressive shooting performance was a product of its insidedominance. The Bowmen

powered their way to 36 points in the paint and held the Lava Bears to just eight points down low. — Reporter: 541-383-0307,

PREP SCOREBOARD Boys basketball Friday's Summary Sherwood59, Bend34 BEND(17-9) wyatt Beaum archais 3-7e-0 8,JJ. Spitler 1-62-2 5, Connor Scott 231-2 5, SteffanKearsley 25 004, Jaylin Robinson1-62-24, Jacob Parsons1-41-23, BryanHolliday1-2 0-03, cole Harmeson1-40-0 2, ChristianJohnson0-10-0 0, Peter Warinner 0-10-0 0. Totals12-39 6-834. SHERWOO D(21-5) LucasJohnson7-11 4-521, JordanKurahara7-0 2-216, Evan Kitto 3-6 2-29, BenMiligan 3-31-1 7, Keegan Lawrence1-4 0-02, Alex castaneda1-20-0 2, Cortland Hutchison1-2 0 02, JakeSather01 00 0,EvanThomson0-00-00,DavidMorris0-00-00, Adamvastiuez0-0 e-00,Tommypaul0-00-00. Totals 23-40 9-1059. Bend 2 15 11 6 — 34 Sherwood 11 22 10 16 — 59 3-point goals —Bend4-14 (Beaumarchais 2-4, Hollitjay 1-1, Spitler 1-4, Robinson0-4, Warinner 0-1j, Sherwood 4-12 (Johnson3-6, Kitto 1-3, Lawience 0-1,Castaneda0-1, Hutchison0-1I. Fouled out — None.Rebounds — Bend 18 (Robinson 6j, Sherwood26(Miligan 5, Kitto 5).Assists— Bend 4, Sherwood12 (Lawrence4j. Total fouls—Bend15, Sherwood10.Technical fouls—None. CLASS6A ChampionshipTournament At Moda Center, Porlland

Friday's Games Consolation Semifinals SouthMedfordn, CentralCatholic 60 Sunset60,Clackamas55 semistnals WestLinn65,Jesuit 46 Sheldon76, SouthSalen54 Today'sGames Fottrth/Sixlh Place SouthMedfordvs. Sunset, 10:45a.m. Third/Fifth Place Jesuitvs.SouthSalem,3:15p.m. Final West Linnvs.Sheldon,8:30p.m.

CLASS5A ChampionshipTournament At MatthewKnightArena, Eugene Friday's Games Consolation Semifinals Wilsonville52,Eagle Point 45 Sherwood 59, Bend34 semistnals Jefferson 53,West Albany47 Churchill 68,Madison50 Today'sGames Fottrth/Sixlh Place Wilsonvillevs.Sherwood,10:45a.m. Third/Fifth Place West Albanyvs.Madison,3;15p.m. Final Jefferson vs. Churchill, 8:30 p.m.

stow had 23 points and eight rebounds to lead New Mexico in the Mountain West Conference tourna-

No. 12 Wisconsin 83, Minnesota ment semifinals. 57: INDIANAPOLIS — Ben Brust No. 22 Michigan St. 67, Northwestscored a career-high 29 points and ern 51: INDIANAPOLIS — BranFrank Kaminsky had 12 rebounds to den Dawson had 16 points and lead Wisconsin in the Big Ten tourna- Gary Harris added 13 points to lead ment quarterfinals. Michigan State over in the Big Ten No. 21 UConn 58, No. 13 Cincinnati quarterfinals.

LANTA — Scottie Wilbekin scored

with 20 points for Virginia in an Atlantic Coast Conference tournament

No. 20New Mexico 70,Boise State


ChampionshipTournament At Gill coliseum,corvanis Friday's Games consolation semistttals NorthValley61, Henley55 CottageGrove48,Seaside44 Semifinals Philomath61, LaGrande52 La Salle49,Tilamook29

Today'sGames Fourlh/Sixlh Place NorthValleyvs. CotageGrove, 10:45a.m. Third/FifIt Place LaGrandevs.Tillamook,3n5p.m. Final Philomathvs. LaSalle, 8:30p.m.

56: MEMPHIS, Tenn.— Shabazz ¹ pier hit a free throw with 11.1 seconds left and Connecticut advanced to the

American Athletic Conference tournament final.

No. 14 Creighton 86, Xavier 78: NEW YORK — Doug McDermott scored 32 points and Creighton advanced to the Big East tournament

No. 23 VCU 71, Richmond 53: NEW YORK — Defensive ace Briante Weber scored 18 points in 18 minutes as VCU routed crosstown rival Richmond in the quarterfinals of the Atlantic 10 tournament.

No. 24 Ohio State 71, Nebraska 67: INDIANAPOLIS — LaQuinton Ross

nals of the Big Ten tournament. No. 8 San Diego State 59, UNLV 51: championship game in its first year

had 26 points and 13 rebounds as Ohio State rallied from an 18-point LAS VEGAS — Dwayne Polee II had in the conference. second-half deficit in the Big Ten 18 points and six rebounds to lead Pittsburgh 80, No. 15 North Car- tournament quarterfinals.

Prep lacrosse at aglance A look at the Central Oregonteams for the upcoming Oregon HighSchool Lacrosse Association season:

SUMMIT Coach: Jeff Melville (sixth season) 2013: Finished 8-0 in the High Desert Conference; 13-8 overall. Lost 9-8 in the first round of the state tournament to Lake Oswego. Outlook:With arguablythe best

BEND Coach: Joe Krewin (second season)

SISTERS Coach: Bill Rexford (ninth season)

MOUNTAINVIEW Coach: SteveTague (second season)

REDMQND Coach: Andrew Roy (first season)

RIDGEVIEW Coach: Jared Steele (first season) 2013:6-2 HDC, 12-7 2013:6-2 HDC, 9-11 2013:2-4 HDC, 4-7 2013:0-6 HDC, 0-9 2013:This is the first overall. Lost18-2 in overall. Won aplayoverall overall. season for the Rathe second round to in game but lost11-4 Outlook: The Couvens. Ridgeview will Outlook:This is the Jesuit. to Oregon Episcopal gars look to finish first season in which play a JVschedule in School in the first the HDC. Outlook:The Lava their season in the Redmond is not a Bears graduated13 round of the state top three in the HDC, combined teamwith Outlook: "We want tournament. seniors after last which would earn Ridgeview. ThePan- to make anamefor season andhavea Outlook:"We look them a play-in game thers have eight reourselves," Steele young team this year. lean and mean," for the state tourturning seniors and says."Eventhough team fielded to date If they continue to Rexford says. "We're nament. "I'm really hope to be success- we're just a JVproat Summit, Melville improve they should down on numbers excited about our ful against someof gram, we want to hopes to finish in the be successful in the this year, but we're incoming freshmen," the less established set a standard. The Oregon high school High Desert Confer- going to be the little Tague says. "This is teams in the High season is going well. LAX Power rankings ence. team that could this the first sason we've Desert Conference. We started out with a top10 and advance season." had a large group great group of guys, past the first round that have a lot of and our numbers are of state play. experience." good."

Lacrosse Continued from C1 "So we have 70 kids (in the program) this year, 22 varsity boys, and all of them are outstanding. And we have a very good coaching staff. Six coachesplayed in college.We have all the bases covered." While Bend finished behind the Storm in the 2013

conference standings, it advanced further than Summit in the state tournament. Bend

won 9-6 in its first playoff game against West Salem. before losing 18-2 in the second round against Jesuit of Portland. Summit lost 9-8 in over-

time to Lake Oswego in the first round.

The Lava Bears also fini shed ahead of Summit i n

the Oregon high school LAX Power rankings. Bend finished 14th in the rankings, Summit 17th.

"There's a lot of good play-

ers out here," Bend freshman

Andy Tullis/The Bulletin

Bend High's Andrew Joyce, left, releases s pass while Sam Nelson, right, gives chase during prsc-

ticeon Tuesday.The Lava Bearsopentheseason Wednesday athome againstW estAlbany.

Cohl Johnston said, referring Girls basketball CLASS 6A ChampionshipTournament At ModaCenter, Porlland

Friday's Games Semifinals

SouthMedfortj45,Beaverton 40 OregonCity70,Westview52

Today'sGames Fourlh/Sixlh Place SouthSalemvs. St Mary'sAcademy, 9a.m. Third/FifIt Place Beavertonvs. Westview,1:30p.m. Final SouthMedfordvs. OregonCity, 6:30p.m.

CLASS 5A ChampionshipTournament At MatlhewKnight Arena, Eugene Friday's Games Semifinals Willamette67,Lebanon52 Corvallis 48,Hermiston 28 Today'sGames Fourlh/Sixlh Place Bendvs.WestAlbany,9a.m. Third/Fiflh Place Lebanon vs. Hermiston, t;30 p.m. Final willamettevs.corvallis, 6:30p.m. CLASS 4A ChampionshipTournament At Gill Coliseum,Corvallis Friday's Games Semifinals Sutherlin44,Seaside28 LaSalle63,Mazama54 Today'sGames Fourlh/Sixth Place Henleyvs. Philomath, 9a.m. Third/FifIt Place Seasid evs.Mazama,1: 30p.m. Final Sutherlinvs.LaSalle, 6:30p.m.

to his Lava Bear teammates.

"There are a couple of guys ter graduating 13 players last that are just really good and spring. "We've got a lot of young their game IQ has just really evolved. I'm really excited to guys that are going to have play with them." to step in and play right away Bend junior Cade Hinder- this season," Bend coach Joe lider said the Bears' main Krewin said. "They're good goal is to beat Summit this players, but not a lot of game season. experience. It's definitely a "We're improving a lot, new year and a new team. day by day," Hinderlider said. We're just focusing on getting "We're working hard every better every game." day toget betterfor,ofcourse,

S ummit, o n

t h e ot h e r

Summit, our biggest rival." hand, has eight seniors and Melville's for the Storm this strong junior and sophomore season is to advance further classes. "I'm looking forward to into the state championships and to finish in the top 10 in having the most fun season," the Oregon high school LAX Summit captain Cole Gaines Power rankings. said. "I also want to be a lit"We're knocking on the tle more competitive with the door," Melville said. "We teams in the Portland area. know how the ranking works I think as a team (going into now. We used to be pretty lib- overtime) at state was a big eral about playing time with confidence booster because it our varsity boys, and now we was such a close game all the have worked hard to select way through. Even though onlythe verybest players that we lost, it was like, 'Hey, we we think can win us a game." could compete with t h ese guys.'" The Lava Bears have a younger team this season afStorm captain Brendan

Kent believes this year's team niors and will play a varsity is the strongest he has seen in schedule. his four years. Mountain View was fifth "I think this is probably the in the High Desert last seabest team Summit lacrosse has ever fielded," Kent said.

"We have a really good senior class and a lot of talent from

son with a 2-4 record and 4-7

overall. Coach Steve Tague said this is the first time ever at Mountain View that all

underclassmen as well. As a the incoming freshmen have team we have a lot of attack-

ing. Our midfielders work well with our attackmen."

Sisters could step up to challenge Bend High and Summit. The Outlaws fin-

some experience in lacrosse. Summit kicks off its sea-

son this weekend with three games in B o ise, I daho. Bend will play its first game Wednesday against West

ished last season 6-2 in HDC Albany at 15th Street Field play — losing to both the Lava starting at 5 p.m. "I just want to play and Bears and the Storm — and 9-11 overall. Sisters coach Bill start getting into game situaRexford said the Outlaws are tions," Kent said. "We've been low on numbers with 33 play- playing against each other for ers, but with six returning se- two weeks now. And we have niors leading the way. a lot of good games this year. Redmond and Ridgeview It's probably the toughest high schools will have their schedule we've ever had — a own teams after fielding a lot of teams that are consiscombined team last year. The tently ranked high. I'm lookRavens are officially a junior ing forward to challenging varsity squad and will play some of the better teams." the JV teams in the HDC. The Panthers have eight se-

— Reporter: 541-383-0375,


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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Constniction thaw?


Construction of single-family homes in the U.S. fell in January to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 880,000. It was the second monthly decline in a row. The drop reflected severe winter weather in many parts of the country. The Commerce Department reports on Tuesday the number of homes that builders broke ground on in February. Economists predict that builders started work on homes at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of

1,800' " ""'10 DAYS








...... Close:1,841.13

Change: -5.21 (-0.3%)





15,000 "


Housing starts seasonally adjusted annual rate 1.2 million


Vol. (in mil.) 3,242 2,091 Pvs. Volume 3,604 2,333 Advanced 1769 1403 Declined 1290 1191 New Highs 56 79 New Lows 41 26









+'• 69





General Motors


14500 S



HIGH LOW CLOSE C H G. 16165.05 16046.99 16065.67 -43.22 -4.97 DOW Trans. 7516.54 7457.14 7475.79 DOW Util. 523.87 518.25 522.29 + 3 .16 NYSE Comp. 10334.47 10272.09 10285.08 -1 2.66 NASDAQ 4272.34 4241.94 4245.40 -1 5.02 S&P 500 1852.44 1839.57 1841.13 -5.21 S&P 400 1368.84 1356.65 1364.10 + 4 .39 Wilshire 5000 19869.75 19751.01 19770.78 -26.24 Russell 2000 1184.55 1173.23 1181.41 + 4 .67



%CHG. WK MO -0.27% -0.07% L $.0.61% L


-0.12% -0.35% -0.28%



-0.13% +0.40%

GM Barrtck Gold ABX Close: $34.09%0.30 or 0.9% Close:$20.91 L0.12 or 0.6% F M A steady drumbeat of revelations As Russia mobilizes near the about botched recalls has dragged Ukraine border, gold prices are hitshares of the automaker down alting six-month highs near $1,400 per QTR YTD most 11 percent this week. ounce, benefiting miners. -3.08% $45 $22 L +1 .02% 40 20 +6.47% -1.11% L 35 18 +1.65% -0.39% D J F M D J F M +1.61% 52-week range 52-week range +0.33% $27.11 ~ $4 1.85 $13.43~ $ 29.84 +1.53% Vol.:31.8m (1.2x avg.) PE: 15.2 Vol.:12.1m (0.9x avg.) P E: . . . Mkt. Cap:$54.2b Yiel d : 0.9% Mkt. Cap:$24.35 b Yie l d: 1.0%

NorthwestStocks NAME







The Standard & Poor's 500 index fell Friday, closing out its worst weekly performance in the last seven. Half of the 10 sectors that make up the index actually rose on the day, with utility stocks recording some of the biggest gains. Utilities have been rising amid demand for safer investments, and their dividends look more attractive given lower bond yields. But drops by stocks in the technology, financial and health care sectors were enough to drag down the overall index. Stocks slumped earlier in the week, and the S&P 500 had its biggest one-day loss Thursday in more than five weeks amid worries about escalating tensions in Ukraine.

16,040" ""' 10 DAYS "



Dow jonesIndustnals




Close: 16,065.67 Change: -43.22 (-0.3%)

1,850 "






GOLD $1,379.00

16,520 "


1,800 "




ARO General Mills GIS Close:$5.83V-t.47 or -20.1% Close:$49.77 V-1.24 or -2.4% The retailer hit 52-week lows after The maker of Cheerios, Yoplait and losses widened and it cut a financing Betty Crocker issued a weak outdeal that could give one investor a look, citing lower demand for its larger stake. products in developed markets. $10 $52

Alaska Air Group A LK 50.31 ~ 91.73 91. 4 9 + 4.08+4.7 L L L + 24. 7 +4 8 .1 96 8 1 3 1 . 00f S 0 N D I: J F Avicta Corp AVA 25.55 — 0 30.25 30 .02 + . 1 8 +0.6 L L L +6.5 +17. 6 22 3 16 1. 2 7f '13 I '14 +7.9 +42 . 5128511 17 0 . 04 Bank of America BAC 11 . 23 t -t 17.6 3 16 . 80 -.36 -2.1 W L L Source: FactSet Barrett Business L V - 32.2 +33.5 BB S I 4 7 .20 ~ 102. 2 0 6 2 . 85 -.60 -0.9 V 66 26 0. 7 2 50 Boeing Co BA 8 0 .96 ~ 144. 5 7 12 3.11 +1.22+1.0 v w v -9.8 +46.4 5638 21 2.92f 48 Cascade Baacorp C A C B 4 . 31 ~ 7.00 5.30 -.04 -0.7 L L L +1.3 -19.6 28 5 Eye on the Fed ColumbiaBokg COL B 19.85— o 28.56 2 8 .38 + . 13 $ -0.5 L L L +3.2 +38. 8 16 3 2 3 0. 4 8f D J F M D J F M The monetary policymaking body Columbia Sportswear COLM 55.00 ~ 88.25 83 . 22 +. 1 9 +0.2 W L L +5.7 +45 . 7 60 31 1. 1 2f 52-week range 52-week range of the Federal Reserve wraps up a Costco Wholesale CO ST 101.01 ~ 1 26.1 2 11 3.45 -.96 -0.8 W V -4.7 +11.8 2262 2 5 1 . 24 $5.83~ $17.10 $45.93~ $ 53.07 two-daymeeting on Wednesday. Craft BrowAlliance B R EW 6.70 ~ 18.70 15. 3 6 +. 2 9 +1.9 W W W -6.5 +112.6 4 1 cc Vol.: 37.4m (9.8x avg.) P E: . . Vol.:5.8m (1.8x avg.) PE :1 8 . 5 FLIR Systems FLIR 23.00 ~ 35.44 3 4. 1 3 -.14 -0.4 V L L + 13.4 $. 3 1.8 1 186 22 0 . 40f The widespread expectation is Mkt.Cap:$457.62 m Yie ld: ..Mkt. Cap:$31.08b Yie l d: 3.3% PacKard HP Q 1 9.07 ~ 30. 7 1 29.87 +.16 +0.6W W L + 3. 9 + 38.3 7937 11 0.58 that the Fed will decide to continue Hewlett Homo FederalBocp ID HOME 11.54 ~ 1 6.03 1 5.58 +.19 +1.2 L L L + 4. 6 +29.4 24 dd 0.24 Liberty Media reducing the monthly bond LMCA Strayer Education STRA Intel Corp I NTC 20.75 ~ 27.12 2 4.5 0 -.07 -0.3 V V V -5.6 +17.6 21020 13 0 . 90 purchases it has been making to Close:$135.25L9.11 or 7.2% Close: $46.03 L0.29 or 0.6% Koycorp K EY 9 .29 ~ 14.14 13. 7 9 +. 0 5 +0.4 V L L t 2.8 +39. 6 12951 14 0 . 2 2 try to keep long-term loan rates The communications and entertainThe White House has proposed KR 3 0 .72 — 0 45.25 43 .91 + . 42 + 1 .0 L L L +11.1 +40 .9 3 2 01 1 5 0. 6 6 ment company controlled by billionlow to support the economy. Fed Krogor Co rules that could cut federal funding to Lattice Semi LSCC 4.17 — 0 8 .00 7 . 6 2 + . 04 +0.5 w w L +38 . 8 + 5 5.6 7 3 2 c c aire John Malone dropped its bid to higher-education training programs chair Janet Yellen noted earlier LA Pacific L PX 14.51 ~ 22.55 1 6.9 7 -.04 -0.2 V V V -8.3 -21.1 1771 14 buy the rest of Sirius. based on default rates. this month that recent data have — o MDU Resources MDU 23 .37 35.10 34 .06 + . 49 +1.5 L L L +11. 5 +3 9 .6 59 4 2 3 0. 7 1 $150 $50 pointed to weaker-than-expected MentorG raphics M EN T 1 7.06 ~ 24.31 22. 1 7 +. 0 3 +0.1 V L V -7.9 +28.7 4 4 8 1 7 0 . 20f 140 gainsin consumer spending and Microsoft Corp MSFT 27.64 ~ 38.98 3 7. 7 0 -.19 -0.5 V L L +0.8 +39 . 4 26472 14 1 . 1 2 40 job growth. 130 Nike Ioc 8 NKE 53.27 — 0 80.26 78 .32 -.21 -0.3 V L V -0.4 + 4 4.8 3 019 27 0 . 9 6 NordstromInc J WN 52.16 ~ 63.72 6 1. 3 3 -.18 -0.3 W L W -0.8 +15.6 1516 16 1.32f D J F M D J F M Nwst Nat Gas N WN 39.96 ~ 45.89 43.1 8 +. 5 2 + 1 .2 L L L +0.8 +1.8 129 20 1.8 4 52-week range 52-week range PaccarIoc PCAR 47.12 — o 66.63 65 .00 -.30 -0.5 W L L +9.9 +32 . 1 1 7 78 20 0 .80a $707.07~ $159.33 $33.51 ~ $ 58.55 Planar Systmc PLNR 1.55 ty— 2.9 3 2.19 -.02 -1.0 T W T -13.8 -1.8 16 dd Vol.: 4.5m (4.7x avg.) PE: 11.9 Vol.: 234.4k (0.8x avg.) P E : 29.7 Plum Crook PCL 41.63 o — 54.6 2 41 . 8 6 -.21 -0.5 v w v -10.0 - 11.6 800 3 1 1 . 76 Mkt. Cap:$14.12 b Yield:... Mkt.Cap:$496.99 m Yie ld: ... Proc Cactpartc PCP 180.06 ~ 274. 9 6 25 2.07 -1.85 -0.7 V V V - 6.4 +33.4 5 6 1 2 2 0 . 1 2 SafowayIoc SWY 22.26 ~ 40.25 38. 3 9 +. 0 7 +0.2 V L L +17. 9 +6 2 .9 4 243 3 0.8 0 Keurig Green Mtn. GM CR Hibbett Sports HIBB Schoitzor Stool S CHN 2 3 .07 ~ 33.32 26. 1 7 +. 2 9 +1.1 V V V -19.9 - 9.8 25 9 d d 0 . 75 Close:$113.25 %7.09 or 6.7% Close:$55.70 V-2.14 or -3.7% Sherwin Wms SHW 162.22 ~ 208. 6 3 28 2.08 -.11 -0.1 V L L + 10. 1 +2 0 .8 5 0 0 2 8 2 . 20f The singl e-serve coff ee machine Fourth-quarter profits slumped as +0.6 +61. 9 StaocorpFocl SFG 40.32 — 0 69.51 66.63 -.22 -0.3 V L L 96 13 1.10f maker cut a new deal with Starbucks the sporting goods store saw traffic StarbucksCp SBUX 55.96 ~ 82.50 7 4. 2 7 -.16 -0.2 L W V -5.3 +28.7 4384 3 1 1 . 04 ditching an exclusivity clause to give decline amid fierce winter storms it more flexibility. over the holidays. Triquiot Semi TQNT 4.51 — O 13.10 13 .21 + . 2 2 + 1 .7 L L L +58.4 + 1 74.1 3175 d d $150 $70 UmpquaHoldings UM PQ 11.45 ~ 1 9.6 5 18.68 +.07+0.4 W L W -2.4 +45.3 6 2 1 2 1 0.60a +2.8 +24. 4 4 8 06 1 4 0.92 US Baocorp USB 31.99 — 0 42.48 41 .54 -.16 -0.4 V L L 65 100 WashingtonFodl WA F D 15.79 ~ 2 4.3 5 23.12 +.07+ 0.3 W L W - 0.7 +33.4 1 9 8 1 5 0 . 40 Economic barometer 60 — o 48.48 47 .40 -.44 -0.9 V L L +4.4 +33. 4 15032 12 1 . 2 0 A measure of the U.S. economy's Wells Fargo & Co WF C 3 6 .19 W Y 2 6.38 ~ 33.24 29. 8 6 +. 0 8 +0.3 L W W -5.4 + 1 . 0 3 675 2 6 0 . 88 D J F M D J F M future health is expected to have Woyorhaousor 52-week range 52-week range held steady last month. $52.58~ $124.42 $50.87~ $ 38.3 1 Economists anticipate that the DividendFootnotes:8 - Extra dividends werepaid, ttut are not included. tt - Annualrate plus stock. c - Liquidating dividend. 8 -Amount declaredor paid in last I2 months. 1 -Current Vol.:5.8m (1.5x avg.) PE:3 3 . 6 Vol.:1.5m (4.5x avg.) PE:2 0 . 0 Conference Board will report annual rate, whichwasincreased bymost recentdividendannouncement. i —Sum of dividends paidafterstock split, to regular rate. I —Sumof dividends paidthis year.Most recent Mkt. Cap:$16.86 b Yie l d: 0.9% Mkt. Cap:$1.44 b Yield: ... wasomitted cr deferred. k - Declared or paidthis year, acumulative issue with dividends in arrears. m — Current annualrate, which wasdecreasedbymost recentdividend Thursday that its index of leading dividend announcement. p — Initial dividend, annual rate nct known, yield nct shown. r —Declared or paid ic preceding 12months plus stock dividend. t - Paid in stock, approximate cash SOURCE: Sungard AP indicators rose 0.3 percent in value on ex-distrittuticn date.PEFootnotes: q —Stock is a clcsed-end fund - no P/E ratio shown. cc —P/Eexceeds 99. dd - Loss ic last 12 months. February after rising the same rate a month earlier. The index, InterestRates NET 1YR derived from data that for the most TREASURIES YEST PVS CHG WK MO QTR AGO Spotlight part have already been reported 3 -month T-bill . 0 4 .0 4 L w .09 separately, is designed to Shares of Ann rose 8 percent Friday. The expected. 6-month T-bill . 0 7 .07 ... W W .11 anticipate economic conditions women's clothing retailer reported that its Revenue rose 3 percent to $623.3 three to six months out. earnings nearly doubled in the fourth million from $607.7 million, but fell a bit 52-wk T-bill .11 .11 V L T .14 quarter and that it's taking steps to short of Wall Street's $624 million 2-year T-note . 3 5 .34 + 0 .01 V L L .27 Leading indicators The yield on the streamline operations. estimate. Sales improved at Loft during percent change, seasonally adjusted 5-year T-note 1.54 1.52 +0.02 w L L .87 10-year For the three months ended Feb. 1, the quarter, but softened at Ann Taylor. 10-year T-note 2.66 2.65 +0.01 V T V 2.03 1.OA ' 0 Treasury rose to Ann earned $4.7 million, or 10 cents per Ann also said it is cutting 100 jobs, 0.9 30-year T-bond 3.60 3.59 +0.01 V V w 3.24 2.66 percent share. That compares with $2.4 million, about 10 percent of its corporate 0.8 Friday. Yields or 5 cents per share, a year earlier. workforce, as part of a realignment that is affect rates on NET 1YR The performance beat the 7 cents per expected to result in annual operating 0.6 mortgages and BONDS YEST PVS CHG WK MOQTR AGO share that analysts surveyed by FactSet savings of about $25 million. other consumer est. 0.4 Barcl aysLongT-Bdldx 3.38 3.40 -0.02 W W W 2.96 0 .3 0 , 3 loans. 52-WEEK RANGE Friday's close: $37.53 ANN (ANN) Bond Buyer Muni Idx 4.80 4.80 .. . w w w 4.1 7 0.2 $28 39 BarclaysUSAggregate 2.32 2.37 -0.05 w w w 1. 9 3 Price-earnings ratio (Based on trailing 12 month results):18 0.1 PRIME FED Barclays US High Yield 5.30 5.31 -0.01 L W W 5. 5 8 0.0 Total return YTD: 3% 1-YR: 21% 5-Y R*: 61% 10-Y R*: 3% Mar k et value: $1.7 billion RATE FUNDS S 0 N D . :J F M oodys AAA Corp Idx 4.35 4.42 -0.07 w w w 3. 9 8 *Annuallzed AP Total returns through March 14 Source: FactSet '13I :'14 YEST3.25 .13 Barclays CompT-Bdldx 1.76 1.77 -0.01 W L 1.16 6 MO AGO3.25 .13 Source: FactSet Barclays USCorp 3.07 3.12 -0.05 w w 2.82 1 YRAGO3.25 .13 AmdFocus SelectedMutualpunds




PERCENT RETURN Yr RANK FUND N AV CHG YTD 1YR 3YR BYR 1 3 5 AmericanFunds BalA x 24.33 - . 1 6 +0.1 +14.1 +12.1+17.2 A A A CaplncBuA x 57.53 -.87 -0.2 +9.6 +9.3+14.5 8 A C CpWldGrlA x 44.94 -.22 -0.5 +16.7 +10.7+18.2 C C C EurPacGrA m 48.85 -.10 -2.1 +12.6 +6.6 +16.2 8 8 C FnlnvA x 50.9 5 - .70 -0.8 +19.8 +13.2+20.8 C C C S&P500ETF 1336394 184.66 -.52 GrthAmA m 43.57 -.88 +1.3 +25.1 +14.9+20.9 C 8 D BkofAm 1285111 16.80 -.36 Oppoohoimor CapApA m O P TFX IncAmerA x 20.64 -.19 +0.8 +12.5 +11.0+17.7 8 A A PlugPowr h 727183 6.71 -1.29 InvCoAmA x 36.57 -.24 0.0 +22.2 +13.8+19.5 A C D iShEMkts 620117 38.40 +.21 VALUE B L EN D GR OWTH NewPerspA m37.25 -.85 -0.8 +16.9 +11.6+20.0 8 8 8 8 iPVix rs 549356 47.40 +1.30 WAMutlnvA m39.33 -.84 -0.3 +20.2 +15.3+21.2 8 A 8 IShJapan 541060 11.04 -.13 Facebook 469224 67.72 -1.11 Dodge &Cox Income 13.8 3 ... + 2 . 2 + 2 .7 + 4.7 +7.8 A 8 B iShR2K 438665 117.54 +.49 IntlStk 4 2.44 - . 1 6 -1.4 +17.4 +8.3+21.1 A A A SPOR Fncl 435151 21.80 -.14 Stock 168.8 3 - .50 -0.5 +25.4 +16.4+24.6 A A A Fidelity Contra 96.85 - . 4 1 +1.8 +26.1 +15.8+21.7 B 8 C Gainers GrowCo 124 . 26 -.10+4.3 +32.5 +18.2+25.6 A A A NAME LAST CHG %CHG LowPriStk d 49.30 -.86 -0.3 +22.8 +15.7+25.3 B A 8 Fidoli S artao 500 l dxAdvtg 65.52 -.19 0. 0 + 20.2 +14.8+22.0 C 8 B FateTher n 11.15 +2.38 + 2 7.1 CoffeeH 7.99 +1.33 + 20.0 4c FraakTomp-Franklio Income C m 2. 48 .. . + 2 .4 + 11.2 +9.1+17.8 A A A DivrsRest 5.29 +.87 + 1 9.7 53 IncomeA m 2. 4 5 ... +2 . 5 + 11.4 +9.6+18.3 A A A VaalcoE 7.12 +1.14 + 1 9 .1 Oakmarb Intl I 25.70 -.25 -2.4 +16.3 +11.6+24.8 A A A Checkpnt 14.26 +2.19 + 1 8.1 0O Oppoohoimor RisDivA m 19 . 63 -.85 -0.5 +15.6 +12.4+17.8 E D E NewLead rs 3.44 +.51 + 1 7.4 RisDivB m 17 . 53 -.86 -0.7 +14.5 +11.4+16.7 E E E MorhingotarOwnershipZone™ RigelPh 4.63 +.62 + 1 5.5 RisDivC m 17 . 43 -.85 -0.6 +14.7 +11.5+17.0 E D E RCS Capn 31.72 +3.74 + 1 3.4 OeFund target represents weighted SmMidValA m44.72 +.83 +0.8 +21.2 +11.2+21.8 C E E SiderurNac 4.10 +.46 + 1 2.6 average of stock holdings SmMidValBm 37.64 +.83 +0.7 +20.2+10.3+20.8 D E E HarvAppR 10.69 +1.20 + 12.6 • Represents 75% of fund's stock holdings T Rowo Price Eqtylnc 32.4 0 - . 8 7 -1.3 +15.6 +12.9+21.9 D C B Losers CATEGORY Large Gro wth GrowStk 53.2 9 - . 31 +1.4 +31.2 +17.6+23.7 A A A NAME L AST C H G %C H G MORNINGSTAR HealthSci 63.6 4 - . 21+10.1 +45.9 +31.8+31.9 B A A RATING™ * * N N N Newlncome 9. 4 3 - .81+2.0 + 0 .1 + 3.6 +6.2 D C D -.80 -25.2 ZBB En rs 2.38 RaptorPhm 11.25 -3.54 -23.9 ASSETS $3,281 million Vanguard 500Adml 170.46 -.48 +0.1 +20.2 +14.8+22.0 C 8 8 -.64 -22.5 BodyCentrl 2.20 500lnv 170.42 -.48 0.0 +20.1 +14.7+21.9 C 8 8 EXP RATIO 1.06% Aeropostl 5.83 -1.47 -20.1 CapOp 48.82 -.87 +5.7 +31.5 +17.9+24.0 A A A MANAGER Michael Kotlarz -.44 -18.0 AirMedia 2.00 Eqlnc 29.45 -.85 -1.0 +16.2 +15.8+22.3 D A A SINCE 201 2-06-29 IntlStkldxAdm 27.26 -.89 -2.7 +7.8 +4.4 NA D E RETURNS 3-MO +5.5 Foreign Markets StratgcEq 31.83 +.16 +3.4 +28.9 +18.8+28.2 A A A YTO +1.1 TgtRe2020 27.27 -.84 +0.6 +10.9 +9.0+15.7 A A B NAME LAST CHG %CHG 1-YR +21.0 Tgtet2025 15.81 -.83 +0.4 +12.1 +9.5+16.9 8 8 C -34.14 -.80 Paris 4,21 6.37 3-YR ANNL +12.9 TotBdAdml 10.72 -.81 +2.0 +0.5 +3.6 +5.0 C D E London 6,527.89 -25.89 -.40 5-YR-ANNL +19.5 Totlntl 16.30 -.85 -2.7 +7.7 +4.4+16.2 D E C Frankfurt 9,056.41 +38.62 + . 43 TotStlAdm 46.99 -.87 +0.6 +21.5 +15.2+23.1 8 A A Hong Kong21,539.49 -216.59 -1.00 TOP 5HOLDINGS PCT -.23 Apple Ioc TotStldx 46.96 -.88 +0.6 +21.4 +15.0+23.0 8 8 A Mexico 37,950.97 -86.53 5.87 Milan 20,346.57 -245.25 -1.19 USGro 29.21 -.87 +1.8 +26.2 +16.3+21.7 8 8 C 4.09 Tokyo 14,327.66 -488.32 -3.30 Google, Inc. Class A Welltn 38.15 -.88 +0.6 +12.5 +11.0+16.3 8 A 8 3.92 Stockholm 1,326.82 -10.41 -.78 Biogen Idec Inc Fund Footnotes: t$Fee - covering marketcosts is paid from fund assets. d - Deferredsales charge, cr redemption -82.00 -1.51 Facebook Inc Class A 3.83 fee. 1 - front load (salescharges). m - Multiple feesarecharged, usually amarketing feeandeither a sales or Sydney 5,347.10 Zurich 8,114.02 -91.88 -1.12 Gilead Sciences Inc 3.74 redemption fee.Source: Morningstar.

Oppenheimer Capital Appreciation had a great 2009, Marhetsummary the first year of the stock Most Active market's rebound after the NAME VOL (80c) LAST CHG financial crisis, but has generally SiriusXM 2289546 3.44 + .07 lagged its peer group.


Commodities Gold rose a fifth straight day and reached its highest price since September. Crude oil rose a second day, but it has recovered only a portion of its losses from earlier in the week.

Foreign Exchange The dollar fell against the

Japanese yen, its fifth

consecutive decline. The dollar also fell against the euro and edged lower against the British


55Q QD


Crude Oil (bbl) Ethanol (gal) Heating Oil (gal) Natural Gas (mmbtu) UnleadedGas(gal) METALS

Gold (oz) Silver (oz) Platinum (oz) Copper (Ib) Palladium (oz) AGRICULTURE Cattle (Ib)

CLOSE PVS. 98.89 98.20 2.47 2.47 2.94 2.92 4.43 4.38 2.96 2.93

%CH. %YTD + 0.70 + 0 . 5 +0.16 +29.3 +0.80 -4.4 + 0.96 + 4 . 6 + 0.91 + 6 . 2

CLOSE PVS. 1379.00 1372.20 21.38 21.17 1469.60 1479.40 3.01 2.99 773.05 778.75

%CH. %YTD +0.50 +1 4.7 +1.02 +1 0.6 - 0.66 + 7 . 2 +0.75 -1 2.5 - 0.73 + 7 . 8

CLOSE PVS. 1.45 1.44 Coffee (Ib) 1.98 2.05 Corn (bu) 4.72 4.84 Cotton (Ib) 0.92 0.92 Lumber (1,000 bd ft) 356.00 360.30 Orange Juice (Ib) 1.50 1.51 Soybeans (bu) 13.76 13.91 Wheat(bu) 6.90 6.79

%CH. %YTD + 1.13 + 8 . 0 -3.51 +78.7 -2.48 +11.9 + 0.56 + 8 . 9 -1.19 -1.1 - 0.89 + 9 . 6 - 1.06 + 4 . 8 +1.66 +1 4.0 1YR.

MAJORS CLOSE CHG. %CHG. AGO USD per British Pound 1.6631 +.0012 +.07% 1.5081 Canadian Dollar 1.1 099 +.0036 +.32% 1.0223 USD per Euro 1.3905 +.0047 +.34% 1.3000 -.37 -.37% 9 6 .02 JapaneseYen 101.30 Mexican Peso 13. 2345 -.0375 -.28% 12.4582 EUROPE/AFRICA/MIDDLEEAST Israeli Shekel 3.4604 -.0105 -.30% 3.6935 Norwegian Krone 5 . 9739 -.0037 -.06% 5.8029 South African Rand 10.6875 -.1045 -.98% 9.1838 Swedish Krona 6.3 9 6 3 + .0082 +.13% 6.4473 Swiss Franc .8727 -.0026 -.30% . 9473 ASIA/PACIFIC Australian Dollar 1.1082 -.0001 -.01% . 9631 Chinese Yuan 6.1463 +.0100 +.16% 6.2178 Hong Kong Dollar 7.7669 +.001 4 +.02% 7.7585 Indian Rupee 61.195 -.000 -.00% 54.371 Singapore Dollar 1.2648 -.001 8 -.14% 1.2489 South KoreanWon 1072.17 +2.67 +.25% 1108.19 -.02 -.07% 2 9.71 Taiwan Dollar 30.34




o e

Mew name for an ex-Bend company Clear Catheter Systems Inc., a former Bend company, is changing its name to ClearFlow Inc., the companyannounced this week. ClearFlow, a medical device company now based in Anaheim, Calif., in a company news release stated the new name draws clearer focus to its role in helping clinicians eliminate surgical complications that result from drainage tubes with high failure rates. "Our mission is to develop highly effective devices andnew practices to proactively drain blood and fluids after surgery," said Paul Molloy, ClearFlow Inc. president andCEO.The companymoved toCalifornia in February. As Clear Catheter Systems, it won the top investment prize at the 2006 BendVenture Conference. It used the funding it gained to further develop its PleuraFlow Active Tube Clearance System. The system keepschest tubes clear after heart and lung surgery. In 2011, ClearCatheter picked up another $4 million in financing, according to TheBulletin archives.

By Dina EIBoghdady

a n nie, re i e r o i

Congress," Sen. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, said Thursday. Crapo joined Sen. Tim

The Washington Post


newest Senate plan to dismantle Fannie Mae and Freddie

Johnson, D-S.D., this week to unveil the broad outlines of

Mac omits at least one major detail: What happens to the

a proposal that would wind

private investors who scooped

place them with a new agency, and shift some of the risk of mortgage losses to the private sector. The lawmakers have declined to publicly discuss

down Fannie and Freddie, re-

up the mortgage companies' shares in hopes of getting a portion of their recently stellar

profits? "The answer is going to

the details until they offer their


come in court, rather than in

But whether the companies

At issue is the arrangement

are shut down or kept alive, the outcome of several investor lawsuits making their way

the government created when it took control of Fannie and

companies' common shares.

Freddie at the height of the

were losing money at the time.

through the courts will ulti-

housing crisis in 2008.

Fast forward to this year. Fannie and Freddie have

mately determine how much of the companies' profit will go to investor groups. "The litigation is important

Treasury began injecting the companies with huge sums of cash to keep them solvent. In

because it will determine who

return, Fannie and Freddie is-

gets that money: the taxpayers or shareholders," said Jaret Seiberg, an analyst with Guggenheim Securities.

Under that deal, the U.S.

sued "senior preferred" shares

to own 79.9 percent of the But Fannie and Freddie

done the unexpected: They've turned profits for many quarters in a row. At the end of this month, they will have sent

about $203 billion in dividends

to the government that paid a

to the Treasury — more than

10 percent dividend. The government also acquired rights

the $188billion they received in the taxpayer-funded bailout.


Tariffs impeding U.S.-EU trade talks By David Jolly New York Times News Service

BRUSSELS — Europe-

an and U.S. officials had hoped they could highlight progress on negotiations for a wide-ranging trade agreement when President

Barack Obama visits Brussels on March 26. But in talks here this week, frustration

has been more evident than headway.

— Bulletin staff report

To take one example, when

announcing the trade talks last year, leaders said that

BEST OFTHE BIZ CALENDAR TODAY • Crook County Stock Growers Annual Business Meeting and Banpuat: Stock Grower of theYear and Carcass ofMerit awards will be presented; registration required; $10 per person, includes dinner and 2014membership dues; 10a.m.-9 p.m.; Crook County Fairgrounds, Carey Foster Hall,1280 S. Main St., Prineviiie; 541-477-3484. TUESDAY • Visit Band Board Meeting: Open tothe public; RSVP to reserve a seat; 8 a.m.; Bend Visitor Center, 750N.W.Lava Road; 541-382-8048 or • Membership101Driving Your Membership: Connecting newBend Chamber ofCommerce members with current members; registration required; free; 10a.m.; Charles Schwab &Co., 777 N.W.Wall St., Suite 201, Bend; 541-382-3221, or • Business Startup Class: Learn what it takes to runa business, howto reachyour customer base,funding options, moneyneededto get started andlegalities involved; registration required; $29; 11a.m.-1 p.m.; La PinePublic Library, 16425First St.; 541-383-7290. • The Basics of the Federal Acpuisition Regulation: Learn what theFederal Acquisition Regulation governs, its structure, key elements; registration required; free; 1-3p.m.; COCC Chandler Building, 1027 N.W.Trenton Ave., Bend; 541-736-10BB or WEDNESDAY • ConnactW's March board meeting: Learnabout eight local nonprofits; registration required; $25 for members, $40 for nonmembers; 5-8 p.m.; St. Charles Bend,2500 N.E Neff Road; 541-848-8598 or • Leadership in Action: Hear from DaveRathbun, president of Mt. Bachelor and chairman of theBend Chamber ofCommerceon what madehimsuccessful; registration required; $10 for members, $15 for nonmembers; 5:30 p.m.; Deschutes Brewery & Public House,1044 N.W. BondSt., Bend; 541-382-3221 or www. • For the complete calendar, pick up Sunday'sBulletin or visit bandbugatin.cum/bizcal

the agreement would seek to

"eliminate all tariffs" on trade in goods between the United States and European Union,

as a step toward creating the world's biggest bilateral trade zone. But this week, U.S. ne-

gotiators accused Europe of seeking to exclude beef, chicken and pork products from tariff cuts. What's more, the two sides lastyear set out an ambitious

timetable to get a deal done "on one tank of gas," by 2015 at the latest.

The discussions are still at an early stage, of course. The talks this week in Brussels, led

by L. Daniel Mullaney, the assistant trade representative of

the United States, and by his counterpart for the European Union, the trade commissionOVEItSLlE 'LO

er Karel De Gucht, were only the fourth round. By contrast, talks for a grand trade pact with Asia-Pacific nations and

the United States, announced in 2011, are already headed for RachelRees i The Bulletin

their 22nd round.

But considering the ambi-

Madras Airport Cherry Ln.

Aldei st

c~p ',r

Birch Ln

GregCross I The Bulletin


Owner: Jack Erickson Architect: Steele Associates Architects General Contractor: CSConstruction, Bend Contact: 541-617-9190 Details: On Tuesday,workers lifted a 250-foot metal panel onto the roof of a new64,000-squarefoot aircraft hangar, which is intended to houseplanes from the Tillamook Air Museum. Construction on the newErickson Aircraft Collection Facility at Madras Airport began in September and is nearly two-thirds of the way done,said Kenny Rice, site superintendent for CS Construction. Thewalls are up,

and Rice said heexpects the $4.1 million project to be completed in mid-May. Michelle Forster, assistant manager of the Tillamook Air Museum, said the private collection, owned by JackErickson, consists of approximately 25 airplanes from World War II. Themuseum hangar will be located next to Erickson's neighboring business at the airport, Erickson AeroTanker — a firefighting-tanker business. Forster said the drier Central Oregon climate will help preserve the vintage collection, which will be relocated to Madrasafter construction is complete. "More fly days (and) less corrosion on the aircrafts," she said.

The Tillamook location has been open since1994 andaverages about 80,000 visitors ayear, she said. TheMadras facility will operate similarly to the existing museum but will not have a restaurant. Forster said she hopesthe Erickson Aircraft Collection Facility will attract visitors and boost

tourism in Madras. "We really don't know what to expect. Here in Tillamook, we're on a coast, where wehave visitors traveling from north to south and stopping here," shesaid. "Over there, you have amuch larger population ... and people coming over from Mt. Hood." —Rachel Rees

tious objective — the creation

of a tariff-free space in which, say, a drug approved in Europe would automatically be

available for sale in the United States without separate clinical trials — the slow start sug-

gests that the goal of wrapping up an agreement by next year is increasingly unrealistic. Trade officials from the two sides plan to hold a news con-

ference in Brussels on Friday afternoon to discuss the status of the talks. Both Michael Froman, the

U.S. traderepresentative,and De Gucht said in interviews this week that, despite bumps,

the negotiations were going well.

PEOPLE ONTHE MOVE • Roger Snow has joined Sun Forest Construction as a custom homesproject manager. Snowhasbeena general contractor for nine years and has 25years of experience in residential and commercial construction. • Gregory Zadow, PT., D.PT., recently completed the Strain Counterstrain for the Nervous System, Part1 course through the Jones institute in California. Zadow, ownerof Green RidgePhysical Therapy and Wellness in Sisters, is a Strain Counterstrain Certified Practitioner. • Lorraine Abney, of Cascade




Sotheby's International Realty, earned the Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager designation from The Council of Real Estate Brokerage Managers. Abney is the administrative manager at Cascade Sotheby's International Realty in Bend and a member of the National Association of Realtors and of Central Oregon



Association of Realtors. • Bobbie Strome was the top listing agent in Februaryfor theJohn L.ScottRedmond office. • Lisa Hart was the top sales agent in Februaryforthe John L. Scott Redmondoffice. • Cheyenne Duncan has been selected asthe March High Desert Hero. Duncan, a



senior at Madras HighSchool, participates in track and field, choir, cheerieading, volleyball, jazz and symphonic band, National Honor Society and 4-H. • Heidi Slaybaugh has joined BBTArchitects as a project architect. Siaybaugh, previouslya project designer and manager in Bend, has more than14 years of



architectural experience. • Daniel Pyle has joined BBT Architects as aproject architect. Pyle, who previously worked at Roweii Brokaw Architects in Eugeneasan architect, designer and project manager, has15 years of experience. • Patrice Anderson has joined Steeie Associates

Architects in Bend, asa design professional. Anderson has experience in medical, commercial, educational and public projects. • Patrick Brown has joined Central Oregon Locavore as the executive director. Brown has a background in organic farming and operations management. • Kirk Sandburg has joined Coldwell Bank Morris Real Estate as abroker. Sandburg, with 14 years of experience in new home-building and the selling market, will focus on the residential homemarket.

IN THE BACK ADVICE Ee ENTERTAINMENT W Religious services, D2-3 Volunteer search, D4 Support groups, D4 THE BULLETIN • SATURDAY, MARCH 15, 2014





into art:

EmptyBowlsevent Sunday inRedmnd Ridgeview High School is hosting an EmptyBowlseventSunday in Redmond. Originally set for February, the event hadto be rescheduled due to a heavy snowstorm. For a suggested donation of $10 per bowl, guests will receive a hearty bowl of soup and a handmadeceramic bowl to take home.Proceeds benefit Jericho Road, a nonprofit group helping alleviate hunger in Central Oregon. The event runs noon to 7 p.m. at Ridgeview High School, 4555 S.W. Elkhorn Ave., Redmond. Contact: or

a tangible

f,l ,Ir „fn / Ir grrr rifynl rr arn lrl nererlne ei lrr'


rr "


By Coral Garnick The Seattle Times

SEATTLE — Juliet

Sykes watched tearyeyed as glass workers began to shape a small white heart.

Glowing orange tanks full of melted

9lt I/lyeeAf'IfSSOIfPnSSui 9 kfggl~ p y l wplI



~"><Slsev~ p~ IIN)

the workshop. Sykes stood upstairs in the gallery, taking it all

of cold water dotted

l 40ftfhgPl



Before the ball of glass was formed into a solid heart with

TEDxBend tickets availadle now

swirls of color and glitter, an artist rolled

Tickets for the

Redmondcharity seeks donations St. Vincent de Paul inRedmond isseeking donations of gently used clothing, furniture and household items to sell at its thrift store to raise money for its work providing food, clothing, rental assistance and utility assistance to those in need. Items can bebrought to the thrift store at1616

S.W. VeteransWay in Redmond or picked up from the donor's house free of charge. For more information, call 541-504-9840.

JeffersonCounty history buffsmeet Ron Ochs, aformer jet pilot best known for restoring a World War II Navy N3N biplaneand flying it from an airstrip he built at his ranch in Willowdale, will be the

featured speakerwhen the Jefferson County Historical Society hosts its annual dinner at 5 p.m. April 5. Tickets to the event — which will take place at the Jefferson County Senior Center, 860S.W.MadisonSt. in Madras — will cost $40 per person andcan be ordered by sending a check madepayable to Jefferson County Historical Society, P.O.Box 647, Madras, OR97741, by March 30. For more information about the event, call 541-475-7488 or 541-475-5390.

it across a tablespoon of ash — the ashes of Photos by Andy Tullis/The Bulletin

A new exhibit focusing on Crook County's medical history will be a permanent fixture at the Bowman Museum in Prineville.

Sykes' great grandmother Dorothy "Nanny" Walker, who died in 1998.

"It is just so beau-

tiful, m Sykes said as

sparksjumpedoff a cold steel blade as it touched the burning-hot glass.OI love

the sparks — that is Nanny saying, 'I'm here.'" 0 PUBLIC H E A LTH D E PARTMENT

Keep Out All person•, not occupants of THE PORTION OF THESE,PREMISES DESIGNATED BELOW, axe heraby notiaed of the prissrice of a com. munioable dlsease mithin and are mamed not to entsr. The psrscm having thadissase and allothers vcho have been placed under ouarantine in this horne MUST NOT LEAVE THE DESIGNATED PREMISES until this caxd has beenmnuwed by the Health OSicar.

from fascinating

Thlc warnlna card mnel not be conccatodfrom the lm'bsc elewrmaeo noobe mnmatcd or defaced and MUST REMAIN POSTED ON THESE PRESHSES UNTID REMOVED BY THE HEALTH OPMCER.

Deeignated. Poxtbm of Premisem

Asx FER80Nwso vlolar'EsTssss RUbrs scm scrsRluascp xo A pelsNoe xo Excssn

I soomasacu ommasosumslsommsxmxsacocsxxIall,Nmxo sxcsso om rsas, osmms. o.c, c,In ccner maaom

This poster, on display in the new exhibit, warned of a smallpox outbreak in1903. A local paper published a list of people who got sick and died, as well as those who might be able to take care of the sick.

to outright terrifying o

W atch avideo ofthenew Bowman Museum exhibitandseemore scary photos atbendbulletin.cem/bewmanmedical

By Alandra Johnson The Bulletin

The Seattle Times

Heart-shaped glass containing the ashes of a late loved one. Whether it is a

glass heart or a diamond ring or a reef off the coast of Florida, people are finding new ways to memorialize the life of their depart-

he upstairs section of the Bowman Museum in Prineville

ed loved ones who chose cremation.




feels like an old

And what better way to do that in a city

home. Warm wood

tones complement the collection of antique furniture, clothing and artifacts.

known for its glasswork than with glass hearts, thought Greg

l Pg

But stepping inside the room at the far end of the hall is a

and Christina Dale, of Sammamish,

much different experience.


The room feels cold and clinical, with linoleum tiles and

In the 18 months since starting Artful Ashes in 2012, the

stark white walls.

This look, explains collections care manager Brittany Shunk, is entirely intentional.

The goal is for people to feel as if they have stepped back

Dales have gone from 10 memorials a month to more than 200. By contract-

( tsorumtg.--l-: Ntl..:.

ing with Glass Eye Studio in Ballard

in time into a medical exam

room from the 1940s.

Wash., they have the

The space houses the museum's new permanent exhibit

Brittany Shunk, this collection's care manager, calls this the "scary lady drawer" — it's filled with

historical gynecological and obstetrical equipment.

that focuses on Crook County's medical history.

Ifyou go

The collection is fascinat-

ing, featuring scary-looking

What:Permanent exhibit of Crook County medical history Where:A.R. BowmanMemorial Museum, 246 N.Main St., Prineville Cost:Free Hours:10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday; 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.Saturday and Sunday Contact:541-447-3715 or

medical instruments and interesting stories from the

area's earliest medical providers. Many of the items in the exhibit were featured in

the museum previously, but they were easily overlooked, as there were no labels or descriptions attached to the artifacts. But now items — like the

chair where tonsillectomies

Tell us adout your event

were performed and the per-

Email event information to The Bulletin at communitylife© or click on "Submit an Event" online at Call541-383-0351 for details.

curing arthritis or straight-

— From staff reports

stations with steel

tools and buckets


2014 TEDxBendevent are now on saleand can be purchased for $55 per person at TEDx is a series of independently organized events modeled after the TEDconference, which features inspiring or interesting ideas worth sharing. This year's Bend event will feature Hurley founder andCEOBob Hurley and four-time astronaut Charles Precourt on its list of speakers. It will take place at the BendHigh School auditorium from 1-6 p.m. April 26and be followed by anafter party at Pakit Liquidators.

glass at 2,300 degrees lined the back wall, while reheating

sonal electric shock devices people used in the hopes of

capacity to make 110 a day, said Christina Dale. From 2002 to 2012, the cremation rate in the United States

increased from 28 percent to 44 percent, according to the most recent date from the Cremation Association of North

America. "It is closure for a lot of people while also giving them something that fits perfectly in their hands," Christina, 49, said. "It is not a

ening their hair — are given their proper due. SeeBowman/D2

A pneumothorax apparatus wasused tocollapse the lung of tuberculosis patients — which was considered good treatment at the time.

paperweight and we designed it not to be on purpose." Lisa Suchsland heard about Artful Ashes through a friend and decided

"PeOple did What they had tO da With What they had.m

to make a heart in honor of her father,

— Brittany Shunk, collections care manager, Bowman Museum

who died two years ago. SeeGlass/D2


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Thls tonsil-

lectomy chair and

lamp are some of the more interesting medical artifacts on

display at the Bowman

Museum. Andy Tullis The Bulletin



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money to fund Pioneer Memorial Hospital alone, with no

Continued from 01

help from federal grants.

Early days

Dr. Raymond Adkisson was a doctor in th e community

The first doctor who served for many decades,practicing in Prineville came to the area from the 1920s to the 1970s, in the 1870s. The self-taught said Shunk. He purchased a Dr. Larkin Vanderpool be- home that was converted into came famous for selling tonic a hospital. The museum feathroughout the region to help tures many artifacts from Adwith coughs and croup. Shtmk kisson, including some of his enjoys relaying fun stories signs. "He was a huge influabout past doctors, like how ence in the medical communiVanderpool made a special ty," said Shunk. bargain with members of the One particularly interesting community: If a family chose piece from Adkisson is a chair to name a baby that he deliv- designed for tonsillectomies. ered after him, Vanderpool Patients would sit in this metwould put $100 in the bank in al chair to receive ether. Then the baby's name. the doctor would remove the Another doctor from that time liked to take the coroner

with him on a lot of cases, "to kill two birds with one stone," said Shunk, who referred to

OF ONEMAN'S RETURN TOTHE FAITH": Matt Fraddwill share his experiencesandconversion withguests Ike NdoloandJames Salas; free; 3-5:30 p.m.; St. Francis ofAssisi CatholicChurch &School, 2450N.E.27th St., Bend;541382-4701 ordavid© MARCH 27 "SAVINGYOUR LIFE:FREEINGTHE DISTRACTED MIND": Michael Stevens explores ways ofrelaxing into a more authentic way of living drawing upon Buddhist practices; $10 donation suggested; 7p.m., doors open 6p.m.; The OldStone, 157 N.W.Franklin Ave., Bend;541-388-3352 or www. APRIL 3 DARRELL EVANS: Participate in live worship, a discussionabout worship, followed bymusic; $5, group offive for $20, reservations requested;6-8 p.m.; Book& Bean,395N.Main St., Prineville; 541-447-3778 orwww. APRIL 12 THE KNOX BROTHERS:Six brothers sing Southern gospelmusic; free, donati onsaccepted;6 p.m.;Redmond Assembly ofGodChurch,1865W. Antler Ave.;541-923-0898 or sgm@ APRIL 14 PASSOVERCOMMUNITY SEDER:A family-friendly, festival PassoverSeder ledby RabbiJohannaHershenson, with Sedercustoms; opento the public; $35, $15for children ages6-12, freefor children age5andyounger, reservations required byApril 7; 6 p.m., doorsopen 5:15 p.m.; St.Charles Bendconference center, 2500N.E NeffRoad;541-3888826 or

EVEMTS AND MEETIMGS TODAY "ATASTEOFSILENCE"PRAYER:A morning centering prayerhosted by Contemplative Outreach ofCentral Oregon inHeritage Hall; free; 9a.m.; First Presbyterian Church,230N.E. Ninth St., Bend;541-382-0086. THE ABRAHAMINSPIRATIONGROUP: Aseminar videoandopendiscussion of the laws ofattraction; donations accepted; 5-8 p.m.;RosieBareis Community Campus,1010N.W.14th St., Bend;541-389-4523 orwww. SUNDAY "A JOURNEYTO TRUTH-THESTORY

came out of a close call with

ful Ashes then sells both the

Greg Dale's father. He lives in Continued from 01 Miami and went to the hospi"There really could not be tal for surgery in 2012. He reanything more beautiful and searched end-of-l ife options, personal to me than to have just to be prepared. "He was like ... 'Did you a heart made with his ashes," said Suchsland, who has her know you could be buried ovvn business painting por- in a reef or made into a ring traits of lost pets for grieving or shot into outer space?'" owners. "It is nice to have a Christina Dale said. "Luckily placeto go, a cemetery or a his dad pulled through, but mausoleum, but it is also nice the whole thing just got us to have something to hold." thinking." People are realizing they Just a f e w m o n ths l athave more options to person- er, Greg visited a Made in alize a memorial tribute, said Washington store that carBarbara Kemmis, CANA ex- ries Glass Eye Studio's glass ecutive director. "Ten years heart paperweights. He apago you had three choices ... proached the studio owners scatter remains, buy an urn with his idea of incorporating and keep it in your house, a small amount of cremated or buy an urn and put it in a ashes into the colorful hearts cemetery. But what gets more and they liked the idea, so the personalized than art?" The idea for Artful Ashes


Steve Mickel simulcast; "Cloud, Crowd, Community"; 10:30 a.m. Sunday; 1245S.E.Third St., Bend. WESTSIDESISTERS CAMPUS: Pastor Steve Mickel simulcast; "Cloud, Crowd, Community"; 10:30 a.m. Sunday; 442Trinity Way, Sisters. WESTSIDEONLINE CAMPUS: Pastor Steve Mickel simulcast; ""Cloud, Crowd, Community"; 6:30 tonight and 8, 9and10:45 a.m. Sunday;www. WESTSIDERADIO CAMPUS: Pastor Steve Mickel prior weekservice; "Everyone Is In"; 8:30a.m. Sunday; Heirborne radio show onKBND,AM1110. ZIONLUTHERAN CHURCH:Pastor Eric Burtness; "How DoKnow I Jesus Is Who HeSaid HeIs?" part of the series, "How DoKnow"; I 8:30 and11 a.m. Sunday; SoupSupper & Lenten Vespers, 6:15 p.m.Wednesday; 1113 Black Butte Blvd., Redmond.

Smith. "The product is just

a piece of what they do for these people.... I am always seeing people leave with a smile even during such a sad

The Seattle Times

Molten glass is formed into a memento that will also contain ashes at a Seattle art studio.

time." It had been more than 15

years since Nanny was cremated, but when Juliet Sykes bought Glass Eye Studio in

saw one o f

November, said they w ere

hearts on Facebook, she said she had to have one.

happy to continue the partnership and gave the couple

"Not being able to be there

the night she passed away ... Eye employees make the this just made up for it tenan office at the studio. Glass

memorials, and th e D a l es fold," Sykes told the Dales afbuy them from the studio at ter her white heart memorial wholesale prices, much like was set in the cooling rack. "I

how the Made in Washing- just wish Granddad had been ton stores purchase the pa- cremated, too, so they could Susan and Ted Smith, who perweights, Greg said. Art- be together."


I '' I l


• I


' /( /








"This kind of thing is terrifying," said Shunk. And there areplenty more

terrifying things to consider. A the era of gun fights and horse display case shows off several accidents as very Old West.

electric shock machines from

There are fascinating relics in the museum collection, including a quarantine notice from a smallpox outbreak in 1903. The local paper ran a list

the late 1800s and early 1900s, which people voluntarily used

of everyone who was infect-

any number of ailments (and fix unruly hair). On a lower

ed, who had died, and who in town might be able to help sick people. Shunk also pointed to an interesting plaque, which featureda young man named Ed Harbin who was immune

to smallpox. Because of this, he served as the center of town life during the outbreak — he delivered mail and groceries and much more.


A r t f u l A s h es

business was formed.

I •

hearts and globes to customers for $185. "They are almost like funeral directors," said Ted



on themselves. Accompany-

ing pamphlets suggest the devices can be used to cure shelf is a device used on tu-

berculosis patients to collapse the individual's lung, which was thought to be an effective treatment at the time.

There is also a drawer filled with creepy-looking obstetrics devices, which Shunk jokingly calls the "scary lady drawer." Nearby is a mechanical urethral dilator. There is also a skull drill, catgut sutures,

A video playing in the ex- an abdominal retractor and a hibit tells about the early med- scalpel kit. ical conditions in Crook CounShunk says people can ty. The video was produced appreciate "how far things in 1948 during a campaign to have come." She also thinks raise money to build a hospi- it's impressive to think about tal. Until that time, patients were treated in homes that had been converted to hos-

one doctor using all of these

ers up sets of stairs in front of

Now the once state-of-theart hospital, which the com-

tools — there were no specialists, so the man who delivered pitals. The video shows men your babies also checked your carrying patients on stretch- eyesight.

the homes. The baby boom at the time

munity so proudly built on its

own in the 1950s, is becoming hospitals filled up with babies, out of date. A new hospital is in and photos show babies in the works. But while Prineville wooden crates stacked on top is moving forward with medcreatedanother problem. The

of one another. ical technology, it's also pre"People did what they had serving the very interesting to do with what they had," said past as well. Shunk. She explains that the — Reporter: 541-617-7860, community raised all of the






qjIg)<ML ~ &• A • I I






SATURDAY, MARCH 15, 2014 • THE BULLETIN "Celtic Cross" Christianity

"The Wheel of Dharma" Buddhism


"Star of David"



FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST 1551 NW First St.• 541-382-6100

(South of Portland Ave.) Church Service 8 Sunday School; 10 am Wed. Testimony Meeting: 7:30 pm Childcare provided.



YOu Are The l)vtOSt imIIOrtant Part of Our Services

Reading Room: 115 NW Minnesota Ave. Mon. through Fri.: I I am - 4 pm Sat. 12 noon - 2 pm



is a member of the Union for Reform Judaism. Our members represent a wide range of Jewish backgrounds. We welcome interfaith families and Jews by choice. Our monthly activities include: Services, religious education for children 8 adults, Hebrewschool, Torah study, social action projects and social activities

1155 SW Division, ¹D8, Bend Saturday 12:00 - 3:00 pm Worship/Dance• Study • Food/Fellowship Hebrew Roots Feffowship worshipping in Spirit and Truth 541.410.5337

Children Welcome


"Diverse Beliefs, One Fellowship" We are a Welcoming Congregation March 16 at I I:00am

"The Three Poisons of Life and Their Antidotes: Ignorance and Wisdom"

Rabbi)ohanna Hershenson


Rev. Alex Holt, Interim Minister

Reilgion of the Lightand Sound ofGod

Annual Passover Community Seder Monday, April 14 at 6:00 pm For information 8 reservations: www.

Spiritual Experiences Past Lives, Dreams, Soul Travel Introductory presentation F discussion

Saturday, April 19 - 9:00 amMunch 8 Torah Study Saturday, April 19• 10:30 amTorah Services

Saturday, March 22 3:00 pm at the East Bend Library 62080 Dean Swift Rd., Bend Try a spiritual exercise, explore the possibilities of Iearning from your dreams and past lives and leam what soul travel means.

Friday, April 25 - 7:00 pmKaballat Shabbat Services


"Omkar" (Aum) Hinduism

"Yin/Yang" Taoist! Confuuanism

"Star F Crescent" Islam


1049 NE 1(th St.• 541.382.8274

This Sunday at Faith Christian Center, special guest, Pastor Vic Varis, Chi Alpha Missionary, will share in the Sunday moming service beginning at 10:30 am.

Childcare is provided in our Sunday moming service. FCC Youth Ministries and Family Night is on Wednesdays at 7 pm. A number of Faith Journey Groups meet throughout the week in small groups, please contact the church for details and times. The church is located on the corner of Greenwood Avenue and NE 11th Street.


Fr.Theodore Nnabugo,Pastor Parish Office: 541-536-3571 HOLY REDEEMER, LA PINK

16137 Burgess Rd Tuesday, Wednesday F Friday Mass 9:00 am Sunday Mass• 10:00 am Confessions: Saturdays -3:00-4:00 pm HOLY TRINITY,SUNRIVER

18143 Cottonwood Rd. Thurs. Mass 9:30 am; Sat. Vigil Mass 5:30 pm Sunday mass 8:00 am Confessions: Thurs. 9:00 - 9:15 am OUR LADY OF THE SNOWS,

The Spiritual Laws of Life Saturday, March 29th 3-4:30pm Room 103 OSUCascades Building 2600 College Way "We begin to have experiences in the Light and Sound of God, and thus we develop a greater understanding of the spiritual laws of life. Knowing these laws, then we can make our own life easier." Harold Klemp "The Dream Master Mahanta Transcripts Book 8"

Giichriot 120 Mississippi Dr Sunday Mass - 12:30 pm Confessions: Sundays 12:00• 12:15 pm

For More Information




1865 W Antler• Redmond 541-548.4555

SUNDAYS Morning Worship 8:30 am 8 10:30 am Life groups 9 am Kidz LIVE ages 3-11 10:30 am Evening Worship 6 pm WEDNESDAYS FAMILY NIGHT 7 PM

Adult Classes Celebrate Recovery Wednesday NITE Live Kids Youth Group Pastor Duane Pippitt

near Chriotmas Valley 57255 Fort Rock Rd Sunday Mass - 3:30 pm Confessions: Sundays 3:00-3:15 pm ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI CATHOLIC CHURCH

Rev. Julian Cassar Rev. Joseph K. Thalisery 541-382-3631 NEW CHURCH 2450 NE 27th Street

Masses Saturday• Vigil 5:00 PM Sunday 7;30 AM, 10:00 AM Domingo 12:30 PM• Misa en Espanol


541 NE DeKalb Ave., Bend 541-389-8888

Reconciliation Saturday 3:00 PM - 4:45 PM


541 NE Dekalb Sunday School 9:45 am Children 8 Adult Classes Worship Senrice — 11:00 am


"Displaying theRea(iiy of Christin Undeniab(e Ways" 62425 Eagle Road, Bend 541-382.5822 Sunday Services Classic (Blended) Service 9:00 am Contemporary Service 10:45 am Hispanic Service 6:0 0 pm For more information about weekly ministries for the whole family, contact 541-382-5822 or email FOUNDRY CHURCH (FORMERLY FIRST BAPTIST) "A Heart for Bend in the

Heart of Bend" 60 NW Oregon, 541-382-3862 Pastors Mike Coughlin F Al Hulbert

Corner of NW Franklin 8 Lava Masses Saturday 8:00 AM Sunday 4:30 PM Monday• Friday 7:00AM F 12:15 PM Exposition F Benediction Monday-Friday after 7:00 AM Mass to 6:00 PM Tuesday (Family Holy Hour) 5:00 PM• 6:00 PM

ST. THOMAS CATHOLIC CHURCH 1720 NW 19th Street Redmond, Oregon 97756 541-923-3390 Father Todd Unger, Pastor ~Mas S~he ILII,

Weekdays 8:00 am (except Wednesday) Wednesday 6:00 pm Saturday Vigil 5:30 pm First Saturday 8:00 am (English) Sunday 8:00 am, 10:00 am(English) 12:00 noon (Spanish) Confessions on Wednesdays from

CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF REDMOND 536 SW 10th, Redmond 541-548-2974 Sunday Worship 9:00 am 8 10:45 am



20225 Cooley Rd. Bend Phone: (541) 383-5097 Web site: Sundays: 8:30 8 10:30 am Wednesday Night Study: 7 pm Youth Group: Wednesday 7 pm Child Care provided

Cowboy Fellowship Saturdays Potluck 6 pm Music and the Word 7 pm Sunday Worship Services 8:30 am - 10:15 am - I I am Nursery F Children's Church Pastors: Chris Blair, Trey Hinkle, Ozzy Osbome and Glenn Bartnik 13720 SW Hwy 126, Powell Butte 541-548-3066 REAL LIFE CHRISTIAN CHURCH Like Hymns? We've Got 'em! at the RLCC Church, 2880 NE 27th

Sunday Services 8 am (No child care) 10;00 am Contemporary Worship Service (Full children's ministry) Sunday Night Church 6:30 pm For information, please call ... Senior Pastor - Mike Yunker• 541-312-8844

Associate Pastors Mike Sweeney 8 Jeff Olson "Loving people one at a time." •

"Teaching the Word of God, Book by Book"


Westside Church invites you to join us at any of our weekend services. No matter what your expectations are, we hope your time spent with us brings you a little closer to understanding, knowing and growing in a relationship with Jesus Christ. In our opinion, that's what really matters. Contact us at 541.382.7504 or

Pastor Steve Mickel will share the message "Cloud, Crowd, Community" at6:30pm on Saturday and at8,9and 10:45am Sunday at Westside Church, 2051 NW Shevlin Park Rd, Bend.

March 16, 2014 at Westside Church —SOUTH CAMPUS

Pastor Steve Mickel will share the message "Cloud, Crowd, Community" at 10:30am on Sunday at the Westside Church South Campus, 1245 SE3rd St., Bend.

March 16, 2014 at Westside Church

Pastor Steve Mickel will share the message "Cloud, Crowd, Community" at 10:30am at the Westside Church Sisters Campus, 442 Trinity Way, Sisters.

March 15 8 16, 2014 at Westside Church —ONLINE CAMPUS

Join us at our online campus where Pastor Steve Mickel will share the message "Cloud, Crowd, Community" at 6:30pmSaturday andat8,9and 10:45am on SundayatW estsideChurch,2051NW Shevlin Park Rd, Bend.

March 16, 2014 Westside Church

"Educating and Developing the Whole — ON THE RADIO Child for the Glory of God" Pre K-5th Grade Pastor Steve Mickel will share the 62425 Eagle Road, Bend• 541-382-2049 message "Everyone Is In" on the Principal Lonna Camahan Heirborne radio show at 8:30am Sunday morning on KBND — AM I (10


from ignorance or delusion to a greater

Nursery Care F Children's Church awareness of our potential to become ages 4 yrs-4th grade during all whole? Worship Services "Courageous Living" on KNLR 97.5 FM 8:30 am Sunday We have two religious education classes

For the complete schedule of Services 8 Events go to;

WEDNESDAY 6:30 pm Ladies Bible Study THURSDAY 10:00 am 50+ Bible Study WEEKLY Life Groups

For information about our Religious Education programs, call Kathy Schindel at 541-388-8826

Please visit our website for a complete listing of activities for all ages.

All services are held at the First United Methodist Church 680 NW Bond Street 541-388-8826




(Grades K-4 and 5-8) and childcare for infants and toddlers. Meeting place: THE OLD STONE CHURCH


Mail:PO Box 428, Bend OR 97709 •





MISSION (LCMS) Themissionof theChurch isio forgive sins through theGospelandthereby grant eternal (ife. (St. John 20:22.23, Augsburg Confession XXVIII.8, 10

10 am Sunday School I I am Divine Service Lent/Holy Week schedule: Concordia Lutheran Mission.

Meeting at the Golden Age Club 40 SE 5th St., Bend Just 2 blocks SW ofBend High School Sunday Worship 10:00 am Sovereign Grace Church is dedicated to worshiping God and teaching the Bible truths recovered through the Reformation. Call for information about other meetings 541-420-1667

March 16; Vespers: I PM. March 23: Vespers: I PM. March 30: Vespers: I PM. April 6: Vespers: I PM.

• •

I •

CHRISTIAN LIFE CENTKR 21720 E. Hwy. 20• 541.389.8241

(541) 385-3908



Diversespiritual journeys welcomed.A congregation united through the teachingsandactions of Christ.

All Peoples meets on the first and third Sundays of each month. You'll find us in the meeting room of The GreenPlow Coff ee Shop,

April 17; The Festival of Maundy Thursday, Divine Service: 7 PM.

Sunday Moming Worship 8:45am 810:45 am

436 SW6th in Redmond,

April 18: The Festival of Good Friday, Divine Service: 7 PM.

Wednesday Mid-Week Service Children 8 Youth Programs 7:00 pm Nursery Care Provided for All Services

Worship with us at 11 a.m. on

The Rev. Willis C. Jenson, Pastor 8286 11th St. (Grange Hall) Terrebonne, OR

Pastor Daniel N. LeLaCheur 21720 E. Hwy. 20 541.389.8241 concordialutheranmission Facebook: Concordia Lutheran Mission Phone: 541-325-6773 GRACE FIRST LUTHERAN CHURCH 2265 NW Shevlin Park Road, Bend 382.6862

(3/4 mile north of High School) Redmond, OR 97756 (541) 548-3367

Women's Bible Study, Tuesday 9:15 a.m. Men's Bible Study, Wednesday 7;30 a.m.

Bookworms —adult discussion time.

For details and

possible help with car-pooling, email: a))peop)esuccCIgmai).com

Pastor Joel LiaBraaten Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Rev. Rob Anderson, Pastor


9:00 am Contemporary Worship 9:00 am Nursery Care 9:15 am Children 8 Youth

(In the Heart of Downtown Bend)

Sunday School

Wednesday Lenten Service 6:30 p.m.


680 NW Bond St. / 541.382.1672

9:30 am Adult Education 11:00 am Traditional Worship

Everyone isWelcome!

Youth Groups High School - Sunday 11:00am-12:30pm Middle School — Wednesday 6:00-7:30pm

Rev. Thom Larson

Sermon Title: "Deadly Sin of Greed" Scripture: Luke 12:15-21

9:00 am Contemporary Service Mondays 6:30 pm Centering Prayer

Sunday School during 9am service

Wednesdays 5:30 pm Prayer Service

Childcare provided


Worship in the Heart of Redmond

Sunday Worship Services at 8:30 am 8 11:00 am Sunday School for all ages 10:00 am Wednesdays: Soup Supper 6:15 pm8 Lenten Vespers at 7:00 pm Children's Room available during services Come Experience a warm, friendly family of worshipers. Everyone Welcome• Always. A vibrant, inclusive community. A rich and diverse music program for all ages Coffee,snacksandfej(owship after eachservice M-W-F Women's Exercise 9:30 am Wed. Bible Study at noon 3rd Th. Women's Circle/Bible Study I:00 pm 3rd Tues. Men's Club 6:00 pm, dinner Youth and Family Programs Active Social Outreach

Small Groups Meet Regularly (Handicapped Accessible) Please visit our website for a complete listing of activities for all ages. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH

230 NE Ninth, Bend (Across Ninth St. from Bend High) All Are Welcome, Always!

Spacious Christianity Preaching: Steven Koski The Other 9:00am contemporary 10:45am traditional 5:01pm relaxed Sunday School: 3 years to 6th grade Nursery-care provided Spacious Christianity Lent Study and Worship Pastor led teachings by Steven Koski, lenny Wamer and Ron Werner Wednesdays March 19 - April 16, 5:30-7:00pm Simple dinner, teaching, discussion and worship Adults and children welcome.


Messianic Synagogue Est. 1994 We provide a congregational setting for Jews and Christians alike. If you're interested in learning the Bible from a Hebrew perspective, come join us at: Bear Creek Center 21300 Bear Creek Rd. Bend, OR. 97701 Our Shabbat Services are on Saturday mornings at 10:00 a.m. Our ministries include;

• Davidic dance and worship • Children's ministry and nursery • Hebrew classes • Home groups • Teaching from the Torah and the Brit Hadashah (New Testament) • Biblical Feasts • Lifecycle Events • End-times prophecy

Spacious Christianity essay collection written by the pastors available as a companion to the teachings. Find details a

Wednesday Noon Worship followed by 12:30pm Contemplative Prayer Youth Events

bendyouthcollective Choirs, music groups, Bible study, fellowship and ministries every week 230 NE Ninth Street, Bend 541 382 4401

Visit us on the web at or contact us at 541-385-5439


I I:00 am Traditional Service

'During the Week; Women's Groups, Men's Groups, Youth Groups, Quilting, Crafting, Music 8 Fellowship Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors. Rev. Thom Larson firstchurchC

Rev. Dr. Steven H. Koski Lead Pastor

1113 SW Black Butte Blvd. Redmond, OR 97756 - 541-923-7466 Pastor Eric Burtness


Sunday, March 16th. Come early at 10 a.m. for Bible

Sunday Worship 9:30 a.m. (Child Care Available) Sunday School 10:20 a.m. Education Hour 10:45 a.m.


(across from Diego's).

On April 6th, All Peoples meets again. COMMUNITY PRESBYTKRIAN CHURCH 529 NW 19th Street



Women's Ministry, Youth Ministry are available, call for days and times.

Pastor Randy Myers

March 15 F 16, 2014 at Westside Church —WEST CAMPUS


For complete calender:

Celebrate New Life at New Hope Church!

5:00 to 5:45 pm and on Saturdays from 4:30 to 5:15 pm

Sunday School for all ages Kidmo• lunior Church Greg Strubhar, Pastor Darin Hollingsworth, Youth Pastor

Sunday Worship Services: 8:00 am, 9:30 am, 11:00 am Sunday Life Groups 9:30 am 8 11:00 am Saturday Worship 7:00 pm Dr. Barry Campbell, lead pastor

NEW HOPE EVANGELICAL 20080 Pinebrook Blvd.• 541-389-3436

Reconciliation Tuesday 7:30 AM - 8;00 AM

For Kidztown, Middle School and High School activities Call 541-382-3862

CHURCH, SBC 3100 SW Highland Ave., Redmond• 541-548-4161

Major's Robert 8 Miriam Keene

Saturday 6:00 pm Sunday 9:00, 10:45 am,

SundaySchoolclassesare at9:00am and our Worship Service at 10;15 am This Sunday at Foundry Church, Al Hulbert will be speaking from TheStory: "When God Shows Up."

Ail arewelcomethroughourreddoors Sunday Services St. Helens Hall, 231 NW Idaho Ave 8 am and 10:15 am The Rev. Roy D. Green, Interim Rector I 541-382-5542 Mail:469 NW Wall St May we haveeyesIoseethat no visitor arriveswithout a gift and no guestleaveswithout a blessing.



BEND CHURCH OF THE NAZARKNK 1270 NE 27 St.• 541-382-5496 Senior Pastor Virgil Askren This last poison that keeps us confused SUNDAY and reactive in our life is the most 9:00 am Sunday School for all ages 9:00 am Hispanic Worship Service challenging of all. How do we move 10:15 am Worship Service


CHURCH & SYNAGOGUE DIRECTORY LISTING Effective Niay I, 2013 4 Saturdays and TMC: $115 5 SaturdayS aBd TMC: $138 The Bulletin: Every Saturday on the church

page. $23 Copy Changes: by 5 PM Tuesday CO Marketplace: The First Tuesday of each

month. $23 Copy Changes: by Monday I week prior to publication

Call Pat Lynch >4t-383-0396 plynch@bendbulletifhcom



VOLUNTEER SEARCH Volunteer Search iscompiled by the Department of HumanServices Volunteer Services. The organizations listed are seekingvolunteers for a variety of tasks. To seeafull list, and for additional information onthe types of help needed, goonline to www. Changes, additions or deletions should besent to1300 N.W.Wall St., Suite103, Bend 97701, email Therese.M.Helton@state. or call 541-693-8988.


CHILDREN, YOUTH AND EDUCATION SERVICES ADULTBASICSKILLS DEPARTMENT (COCC):Margie Gregory, mgregory© or 541-318-3788. AFS-USA: or Caitlin Krutsinger, 503-419-9514. ALYCE HATCHCENTER:Andy Kizans, 541-383-1980. BENDPARK& RECREATION DISTRICT:Kim, 541-706-6127. BIGBROTHERS BIG SISTERS OF CENTRAL OREGON:541-312-6047 (Bend), 541-447-3851,ext. 333 (Prineville) or 541-325-5603 (Madras). BOY SCOUTSOF AMERICA:Paul Abbott, paulabbott© or

541-382-4647. BOYS &GIRLS CLUBS OF CENTRAL OREGON:, info© or 541-617-2877. CAMP FIREUSA CENTRAL OREGON: campfire@bendcable.comor 541-382-4682. CASA(COURTAPPOINTED SPECIAL ADVOCATES): www. or 541-389-16 IB. CHILDREN'SVISION FOUNDATION: Julie Bibler, 541-330-3907. CIRCLEOF FRIENDS: Beth,beth@ acircleoffriendsoregon.comor 541-588-6445. DESCHUTES COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE— CENTRAL OREGON PARTNERSHIPSFORYOUTH:, COPY© or 541-388-6651. FOSTERGRANDPARENTS PROGRAM: SteveGuzanskis, 541-678-5483. GIRL SCOUTS:541-389-8146. GIRLSON THE RUN OF DESCHUTES COUNTY:www.deschutescountygotr. org or GRANDMA'SHOUSE:541-383-3515. HEALTHYBEGINNINGS:ww w.myhb. org or 541-383-6357. HIGH DESERTTEENSVOLUNTEER PROGRAM: www.highdesertmuseum. org or 541-382-4757. IEP PARTNERS: Carmelle Campbell at the OregonParent Training and Information Center, 888-505-2673. J BAR J LEARNINGCENTER: Rick Buening, or 541-389-1409. JUNIPERSWIM & FITNESS CENTER: Kim, 541-706-6127. KIDS CENTER: Lisa Weare, Iweare©, 541-383-5958. LA PINEHIGHSCHOOL:Jeff Bockert, jeff.bockert© or 541-355-850 I. MEADOWLARK INDEPENDENT LIVING PROGRAM: Teal Buehler, 541-617-9576. M OUNTAINSTARFAMILY RELIEF NURSERY: 541-322-6820. NEIGHBORIMPACT: 541-548-2380, ext.115. OREGON STATEUNIVERSITY EXTENSION SERVICE: 541-548-6088, 541-447-6228 or 541-475-3808. OREGON STATEUNIVERSITY MASTERGARDENERVOLUNTEER PROGRAM: http://extension. or 541-548-6088. READTOGETHER:541-388-7746. REDMOND HIGHSCHOOL: 541-923-4807.

REDMOND LEARNINGCENTER: Zach Sartin, 541-923-4854. REDMOND YOUNGLIFE: 541-923-8530. SCHOOL-TO-CAREERPARTNERSHIP Kent Child, 541-355-4158. SMART (STARTMAKING A READER TODAY) or 54 I-355-5600. TRILLIUM FAMILYSERVICES: 503-205-0194. VIMA LUPWA HOMES: www. or 541-420-9634. YOUTH CHOIROF CENTRAL OREGON: 541-385-0470.

ANIMALS AND ENVIRONMENT BENDSPAY&NEUTERPROJECT: 541-6 I7-IO IO. BRIGHTSIDEANIMALCENTER: or 541-923-0882. CAT RESCUE, ADOPTION & FOSTER TEAM (CRAFT), 541-389-8420 or541-598-5488. CHIMPS, or 541-410-4122. DESCHUTES LANDTRUST: or 54 I-330-0017. DESCHUTES NATIONALFOREST: Jean Nelson-Dean,541-383-5576. EASTCASCADESAUDUBON or 541-241-2190. THE ENVIRONMENTALCENTER: or 541-385-6908. EQUINEOUTREACH HORSE RESCUE OF BEND: www.equineoutreach. com or or 541-419-3717. HEALINGREINS THERAPEUTIC RIDINGCENTER:Darcy Justice, 54 I-382-94 IO. HUMANE SOCIETYOF CENTRAL OREGON: Jen, jennifer© or 541-382-3537. HUMANE SOCIETYOFTHE OCHOCOS: 541-447-7178. JUNIPERGROUP SIERRA CLUB: 541-389-9115. PRINEVILLE districts/prineville/recreation/host.php or 541-416-6700. STEWARDSHIPFOR SUSTAINABLE BAGGING: LexaMcAllister, or 541-914-6676. SUNRIVERNATURECENTER & OBSERVATORY: 541-593-4442. VOLUNTEERCAMPGROUND HOST POSITIONS: TomMottl, 541-416-6859.

HEALTH AMERICAN CANCERSOCIETY: Charlie Johnson, 541-434-3114. AMERICANREDCROSS: 541-749-4111. THE BLOOM PROJECT:www. or Heidi Berkman at h.berkman© or 541-241-8845. DESCHUTESCOUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT: Tuesday Johnson, Tuesday Johnsongeco.deschutes. or 541-322-7425. HOSPICEOF REDMONDSISTERS:www.redmondhospice. org or Volunteer Coordinator at 541-548-7483. MOUNTAINVIEW HOSPITAL:JoDee Tittle, 541-475-3882, ext. 5097. MOUNTAINVIEW HOSPITAL HOSPICE:541-460-4030 or Tori Schultz, tschultz© or 541475-3882, ext. 5327. NATIONALALLIANCE ON MENTAL ILLNESS— CENTRAL OREGON: Eileen White, namicentraloregon© NEWBERRYHOSPICE:541-536-7399. PARTNERSINCARE:www. or SarahPetersonat 541-382-5882. RELAYFORLIFE:Stefan Myers, 541-504-4920. ST. CHARLES IN BENDAND ST. CHARLESIN REDMOND: 541-706-6354. VOLUNTEERS IN MEDICINE: Kristi, 541-585-9008.

HUMAN SERVICES ABILITREE:volunteer© or 541-388-8103, ext. 217. AMNESTYINTERNATIONAL:Philip Randall, 541-388-1793. ASSISTANCE LEAGUEOFBEND: 541-389-2075. BEND COMMUNITYCENTER: or 541-312-2069. BETHLEHEM INN:www.bethleheminn. org or 541-322-8768. BRIDGINGGAPS:bendbridginggaps© or 541-314-4277. CENTERFOR COMPASSIONATE LIVING(PREVIOUSLY PEACE CENTER OF CENTRALOREGON):ww w. orBeth Hansen,541-923-6677. CENTRALOREGONVETERANS OUTREACH: or 541-383-2793. DEPARTMENTOFHUMAN SERVICES/ VOLUNTEER SERVICES:Therese

Helton, Therese.M.Helton©state, or 541-693-8988. DEPARTMENT OFHUMAN SERVICES/ VOLUNTEERSERVICES CROOK COUNTY: Valerie Dean, 541-447-3851, ext.427. DISABLED AMERICANVETERANS (DAV):DonLang,541-647-1002. FAMILYKITCHEN:Cindy Tidball, cindyt©bendcable.comor 541-610-6511. FAMILYRESOURCECENTER: 541-389-5468. HUMANDIGNITY COALITION: 541-385-3320. HUNGER PREVENTIONCOALITION: Marie, info@hungerpreventioncoalition. org or 541-385-9227. LA PINE COMMUNITY KITCHEN: 541-536-1312. NEIGHBORIMPACT: chrisq@ or 541-548-2380, ext.106. PEACE BRIDGES, INC., BEND: orJohnC. Schwechten at541-383-2646. PFLAGCENTRALOREGON: or 541-317-2334. RONALD MCDONALDHOUSE:Teresa, 541-318-4950. SAVINGGRACE:541-382-9227 or 541-504-2550. SOROPTIMISTINTERNATIONAL OF, president@ or 541-728-0820. ST. VINCENTDEPAULSOCIAL SERVICES: 541-389-6643. VOLUNTEER CONNECT:www. or 541-385-8977. WINNINGOVERANGER & VIOLENCE: or541-382-1943. WOMEN'SRESOURCE CENTER OF CENTRAL OREGON:541-385-0750.



GOVERNMENT, CITY AND COMMUNITY THE CITIZENREVIEWBOARD(CRB): crb.volunteer.resources@ojd.state. or 888-530-8999. CITY OFBEND:Cheryl Howard, choward© or 541-388-5505. DESCHUTESCOUNTY VICTIMS' ASSISTANCEPROGRAM: Diane Stecher, 541-317-3186or 541-388-6525. DESCHUTESRIVERWOODS NEIGHBORHOODASSOCIATION: or Barbaraat info© or 541-382-0561. JEFFERSONCOUNTYCRIME VICTIMS' ASSISTANCEPROGRAM: Tina Farrester, 541-475-4452,ext. 4108. JEFFERSONCOUNTYVOLUNTEER SERVICES: Therese Helton, 541-4756131, ext. 208. LA PINERURAL FIREPROTECTION DISTRICT:Volunteer Coordinator, 541-536-2935. ORCHARDDISTRICT NEIGHBORHOODASSOCIATION: www.orcharddistrictneighborhood. com. SCORE:Bruce Michalski, www. or 541-316-0662. SUNRIVERAREACHAMBEROF COMMERCE:541-593-8149. VISIT BEND: or 541-382-8048.


SUPPORT GROUPS The following list contains support group information submitted to The Bulletin. Submissions must be updated monthly for inclusion. To submit, email relevant details to ABILITREEPEER GROUP FOR PERSONSAFFECTEDBYA DISABILITY:541-388-8103. ABILITREEYOUNG PEER GROUP: 541-388-8103 ext. 219. ABILITREEBRAIN INJURY SUPPORT GROUP:541-388-8103. ADHD ADULT SUPPORT GROUP: 541-420-3023. ADOPTIVEPARENTSUPPORT GROUP: 541-389-5446. ADULT CHILDRENOF ALCOHOLICS: 541-633-8189. AGE WIDEOPEN (ADULT CHILDREN SUPPORT GROUP): 541-410-4162 or AIDSEDUCATION FOR PREVENTION, TREATMENT,COMMUNITY RESOURCES ANDSUPPORT (DESCHUTESCOUNTYHEALTH DEPARTMENT):54l-322-7402. AIDSHOT LINE:800-342-AIDS. AL-ANON: 541-728-3707 or www. ALCOHOLICSANONYMOUS (AA): 541-548-0440 or ALS SUPPORT GROUP: 541-977-7502. ALZHEIMER'SASSOCIATION: 541-548-7074. ALZHEIMER'SASSOCIATION CAREGIVERSUPPORT GROUP: 541-330-6400. ALZHEIMER'S/DEMENTIA CAREGIVERSUPPORT GROUP: 541-948-7214. AUTISMRESOURCE GROUP OF CENTRAL OREGON:541-788-0339. BENDATTACHMENTPARENTING: 541-385-1787. BEND S-ANONFAMILY GROUP: 888-285-3742. BEND ZENMEDITATION GROUP: 541382-6122 or 541-382-6651. BEREAVEMENTSUPPORTGROUPS: 541-382-5882. BEREAVEMENTSUPPORT GROUP/ADULTSAND CHILDREN: 541-383-3910. BEYOND AFFAIRS NETWORK: A peer group for victims of infidelity, baninbend© BRAININJURY SUPPORT GROUP: 541-382-9451. BRAINTUMOR SUPPORT GROUP: 541-350-7243 CANCERFAMILYSUPPORT GROUP: 541-706-5864. CANCERINFORMATION LINE: 541-706-7743. CAREGIVERSUPPORT GROUP: 541-536-7399. CELEBRATE RECOVERY BEND: Faith Christian Center, 541-383-5801; Westside Church, 541-382-7504; CELEBRATE RECOVERY LAPINE: Grace Fellowship, 541-536-2878; High Lakes Christian Church, 541-5363333; Living Waters Church, 541-5361215; CELEBRATE RECOVERY MADRAS: Living HopeChristian Center, 541475-2405 or CELEBRATE RECOVERY REDMOND: Redmond Assembly of GodChurch, 541-548-4555 or CENTRALOREGON ALZHEIMER'S/



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Since >9gg


P OO t S~sndUmlo

• •


Bc PA T I 0







'The100' Hunger Games'meets'Lost inSpace' TV SPOTLIGHT

society. intention. It is about survival "She's got it going on," and band together and survive Taylor says of her character. or fall apart. "She's smarter than me, and "The characters are compliI'm 25. She is such a cool char- cated," Morley says. "The writacter to play." ers have written in so much Shortly into the 13-episode gray, and they take it where I season, viewers are likely to didn't think it would go. Beldecide if they are"Team Clarke lamy is such a very strong or Team Bellamy," Taylor says. character, butheisw eak in so "They have to lock heads only many other aspects." to see who will have any sort The hundred are quickly of leadership. They have to tested. Water that is too green come together and build this contains what could be the

uubu uuu • uuiuu



9 p.m.Wednesday, CW



By Jacqueline Cutler Zap2it


It's 97 years since people managed to do the inevitable

yyyy u y uu

— detonate enough atomic

bombs that life as we know it


iiyi t]t


was obliterated. Earth's survi-

vors exist in a hodgepodge of space stations, and 100 miscreant youth are shot back to

new world and do it well even though there is so much to do."

the home planet. What sort of world they will find and what

radioactive mutant

Bellamy (Bob M o rley, "Home and Away") is slightly

sort they will create is the basis for The CW's "The 100,"

d escen-

dant of the Loch Ness monster. Skulls that are not quite human are found. There are

definitely other c r eatures a bit of the bad boy swagger. there, and they're adept at hidHe has always been very pro- ing. There's also a two-headed tective of his sister, Octavia deer, most likely another vic(Marie Avgeropoulos, "Cult"), tim of the nuclear disaster. because she was essentially Even main characters, or illegal. characters viewers would asNo one is allowed to have sume would have significant more than one child aboard or lasting roles, do not have the space station. Octavia long life spans. spent her life hidden, and now U ltimately i t wi l l co m e on Earth she is determined to down to how do the hundred be as free as possible, so she — or 99 and sure to be dipping — govern themselves and how instantly takes risks. The action hearkens back to they will live. "A lot of the fun is in the the adults on the space station, who grow increasingly wor- world building and the creried because their progeny are ation of it," Rothenberg says. losing the ties that bind them "We're trying to ground it in — they remove the ID brace- real science as much as posfrom the space station, instantly killed in deep space. lets that track them. sible. Obviously there's some "It is almost like two stoClarke is skilled in many arfiction in our science fiction. eas; she seems to have learned ries," Morley says. "The adults But really, we made a decision healing arts from her mother, in their arc and the hundred early on that it was going to be a doctor, and exudes a natu- on the ground. In a lot of parts, about what the people do to ral senseof leadership. She it's about humanity and sur- each other more so than what believes in a more structured vival and hope and human the world does to the people." Zap2it

older than the others and has

premiering Wednesday. Henry lan Cusick, Paige Turco and Isaiah Washington star in "The The dystopian sci-fi show, 100,"which premieres Wednesday on The CW. which is pronounced "The Hundred," is believable. Set in the near-enough future that if we don't, this is what can one of those books that I could viewers are not required to happen. blame for the fact I'm a writer." "It doesn't mean it will presuspend belief that aliens have The pilot sets up two camps: taken over, the series begins vail, but without it you have Clarke versus Bellamy, and inside the space stations. Af- nothing but chaos," he says. they need to figure out how ter the nuclear apocalypse, 12 This show, Washington they are going to live. Clarke nations forged their space sta- says, "is a drama pretending to (Eliza Taylor, "Neighbours") tions into one. be a science fiction." is an artist in juvenile detenIt is a pretty grim existence. When you have a bunch of tion, though it's not clear why. Chancellor Jaha (Isaiah teenagers and a few in their It seems no one has to commit Washington, "Grey's Anato- early 20s creating a new soci- too great a transgression to be my") is the tested leader, who ety, comparisons to "Lord of considered a threat. makes very tough decisions the Flies" are inevitable. And punishments are fast "I was actually looking to do and final: People are ejected that include sending his son down to Earth. "It is not a morality tale," Washington says."It's a cau-

a 'Lord of the Flies'-like story at the time that this studio sent

ment on this show and what

said at a recent news confer-

'The 100' my way," executive tionary tale. Hey, we can com- producer Jason Rothenberg needs to change. To show the ence. "And it sort of touched all world we have to take a look at how we treat one another, and

those creative erogenous zones. I love 'Lord of the Flies.' It was

TV TODAY 8:30 a.m. on ESPN2, "College Basketball" —Conference championship play is the order of the day today, starting with this final of the America East Tournament. Later on ESPN2, there are title games in the Southwest, MAC, Southland and Big West tournaments, while on ESPN look for finals in the AAC and Big 12 tourneys. 7p.m.onTCM, Movie:"ButtsrfliesAre Free" — Goldie Hawn stars as Jill, a free spirit who moves in next door to Don, a blind man (Edward Albert), in this 1972 romantic comedy. Don has been trying to live on his own, apart from his domineering mother (Eileen Heckart), and Jill

helps him gainindependence. Gradually, love blossoms, and Jill must decide if she wants to live a tamer life. 8 p.m. on 6, "Summer Dreams" — This new documentary takes viewers behind the scenes of the NBA's Summer League, an annual exhibition event where rookies and unsigned players show

coachesandteammanagers what they can do on the court. Two rookies — Michael Carter Williams of Philadelphia 76ers and Shane Larkin of the Dallas Mavericks — are prominently featured. Bp.m.onHBO, Movie:"The Great Gatsby" — The classic F. Scott Fitzgerald story gets a typically rule-breaking revision from director Baz Luhrmann in a 2013 version with Leonardo DiCaprio as the wealthy1920s recluse. Gatsby uses neighbor

Nick Carraway(TobeyMaguire) as his liaison to reconnect with Nick's cousin and Gatsby's lost love Daisy Buchanan (Carey Mulligan), whose husband (Joel

Edgerton) is none too pleased

Wife wants aring; manwon't buy it


Dear Abby: I have been married for 40 years. Like all married couples, we have had our ups and downs, but we have a good marriage.We have two children and five grandchildren. I wouldn't change anything, except I never had an engagement ring. My husband has bought DFP,R

Regal Old Mill Stadium16 & IMAX, 680S.W. Powerhouse Drive, 800-326-3264 • 3DAYSTOKILL(PG-13)12:30,4:10,7:25, 10:10 • 12 YEARSASLAVE(R) 11:50am., 305, 610, 910 • 300: RISE OF ANEMPIRE (R) 9:05 • 300: RISE OF ANEMPIRE 3-D (R) 12:15, 3:30, 6:40, 9:55 • 300: RISE OF ANEMPIRE IMAX3-D (R) 1:15, 4, 7, 9:35 • AMERICANHUSTLE(R) 1:30, 4:40, 7:45 • DALLASBUYERSCLUB(R) 1:35, 4:35, 7:45 • FROZEN(PG)12:25, 3:15, 6 • GRAVITY 3-D(PG-13) 1:05, 3:55, 7:30, 9:50 • THEMETROPOLITAN OPERA: WERTHER (no MPAA rating) 9:55 a.m. • THEMONUMENTS MEN (PG-13)1:45,4:45,7:55 • MR. PEABODY tft SHERMAN(PG) 12:10, 2:45, 6:30, 9 • MR. PEABODY tft SHERMAN3-D (PG) 1, 3:40, 7:10,9:40 • THE LEGO MOVIE (PG) 12:40, 3:20, 6:45, 9:25 • NEED FOR SPEED(PG-13) 3, 9:20 • NEED FOR SPEED3-D (PG-13) Noon, 6:20 • NON-STOP(PG-13) 12:50, 3:50, 7:20, 10 • PHILOMENA(PG-13) 4:20 • ROBOCOP(PG-13)6: 55,9:45 • SON OFGOD(PG-13) 11:45a.m., 2:55, 6:05, 9:15 • Accessibility devices are available for some movies.

• There may be an additional fee for 3-0and IMAXmovies. • Movie times aresubject to changeafter press time. l

the years, but never


what I really want-

a diamond ring. I have hinted to him over the last few years, left jewelry store cata-

you want, then consider buying one portive thing you could do. for yourself. You wouldn't be the Dear Abby: I have a problem first woman to do it, and you won't dealing with shopping mall kiosk be the last.

operators. Many of them are out-

Dear Abby:My girlfriend of 18 months, whom I love with all my heart, just learned an ex-boyfriend

right obnoxious. They block your way and insist that you listen to their pitch or try their product. I

passed away. They dated on and off for 10 years, and she's inconsolable.

find I have to avoid eye contact with them. They might say something nice as I walk by, but if I answer, it is a guaranteed lead-in to a After their rela- sales pitch. tionship ended, she I feel bad for not replying, but it's married s o meone the only way. I know they are tryelse and divorced. I am having a ing to make a living, but I can see really hard time with how she's

their product as I walk by. If it's

logs and enlisted my sister-in-law

handling this. Can you please something I'm interested in, I'll stop to TELL him. He can afford it. But help? and ask. Otherwise, I think they he just won't buy one for me. — Current Mr. Right should respect my privacy. Am I He has been financially helpful in Rhode Island wrong for feeling this way? — Bothered in Tempe,Ariz. to our children and is generous to Dear Current Mr. Right: Your charity. But when it comes to this, girlfriend may not be mourning Dear Bothered: Not at all. If a it's becoming clear that he thinks I the death of her former flame as stranger speaks to you, no rule am just not worth it. I feel unloved much as she's grieving a burial of of etiquette compels you to reply. and deeply hurt. It seems my needs 10 years of her history. Give her When one of t hese salespeople always come last, and this is just time and let her share her feelings starts to pitch you, all you need to one more. Any comments? with you. If you do, it will bring you say is, "Not interested!" and keep — Disengaged in Florida

closer. Do NOT allow jealousy to

walking. However, if someone at-

Dear Disengaged:Yes. Diamonds enter into the picture. (Remember, are minerals that have been market- the man is dead, and YOU are her ed to the public to seem like some- future.) thing more. Do not let this negativeIf her deep grief persists, sugly affect your relationship with your gest she get grief counseling. That husband. If a diamond ring is what would be the most loving and sup-

tempts to physically restrain you, it should be reported to the mall management because that is going too far.


SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov.21)

DAY, MARCH15, 2014:This year you head in a new direction and add to your life possibilities. Be willing to take a well-thought-out risk or two, but curb an impulsive streak. If you follow your emotional and intuitive thoughts, you will land well. If you are single, you could meet someone of life significance in the next five months. Stars showthe kind The less you of day you'll have th i nk about this ** * * * Dynamic encounter, the ** * * Positive better off you will ** * Average be. Take your time ** So-so getting to know * Difficult this person. If you are attached, you are in one of the warmer periods of your relationship. Schedule plenty of one-onone time. VIRGO challenges you a bit too often for your taste.

YOURHOROSCOPE By Jacqueline Bigar

extra attentive, caring and open. A friend could have a strong reaction to this person, but don't let it bother you. Tonight: Invite others over for a fun evening.

CANCER (June21-July 22) ** * * You'll speak your mind loud and clear. Others will hear you and respond. You could be shocked by someone who you look up to. You might not like what you hear, but your smile, positive attitude and a touch of sorrow will win the day. Tonight: Out and about.

— Write to Dear Abby at or P.o.Box 69440, LosAngeles, CA90069

** * * You will succeed, especially if you are involved in an important engagement or project. Worry less and just be yourself. Your friends support you far more than you might realize, so be sure to join them later on in the day. Tonight: Enjoy the moment.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov.22-Dec. 21) ** * * You are full of energy and dynamic ideas; however, you might feel as if someone is raining on your parade by mentioning what you must do. Do what you want, and try not to take this person to heart. Tonight: A must appearance.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.19)

** * You might want to defer plans to ** * * Curb a need to be self-indulgent. take off spontaneously. You know what is Today you will be able to back away from good for you. A change in scenery can rea touchy situation. You might have to con- vive you and give you a fresh perspective on nearly any life matter. Make a call to a tend with a family member or someone ARIES (March21-April 19) in your personal life who decides to show loved one, and ask him or her to join you. ** * You might experience a lot of optiTonight: Follow the music. mism throughout the day. You'll feel good you how powerful he or she is. Tonight: Enjoy your friends. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.18) about those in your immediate circle, as ** * * Understand what a partner wants you know full well what will happen during VIRGO (Aug.23-Sspt. 22) your interactions. You could feel inspired ** * * * G ood luck, logic and compas- from you. Ask questions —don't make assumptions. You will be very uncomfortto head in your own direction. Tonight: A sion seem to surround you today. This is able if you make judgments before you must appearance. not surprising, as you tend to be sincere get the facts. It will be your pleasure to and modest. Sometimes people don't get TAURUS (April 20-May20) follow through on a request. Tonight: Stop ** * * * Y our romantic nature emerges. to see the big picture or who you really and enjoy the person you are with. are because of your demeanor. Tonight: You also might have the energy to do As you like it. your taxes or some spring cleaning. You PISCES (Feb.19-March20) will head in a direction where you feel ** * * Others come toward you. Touch LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) comfortable to enjoy those you love. You ** * You might be uncomfortable with base with a loved one, even if he or she couldbeshockedbysomeone' sreaction. someone's brash actions. The closer this seems off-kilter. You can show caring Tonight: Be naughty and nice. person is to you, the more discomfort you without supporting behavior that does not work for you. Use care when taking GEMINI (May 21-June 20) will experience. A family member could ** * * You will be much happier dealing try to show you who is in control, but you any risks, especially with your finances. with a family member than you have been will show this person that he or she is in Tonight: Do not stand on ceremony. in a while, as this person seems to be for a shock. Tonight: Not to be found. © King Features Syndicate

LEO (July23-Aug.22)


when he finds out. 9 p.m.on HALL, "When Calls the Heart" —Abigail (Lori Loughlin) learns more about

Gowen's (Martin Cummins)



dangerous behavior leading up to the mine disaster. As Julie (Charlotte Hegele) grows closer to Nathaniel (John Reardon), the rest of the Tolliver gang shows up in Coal Valley in the new episode "Love Comes First." 9 p.m.on STARZ, "BlackSails" — As the hunt for the Urca gets

underway, bigchangesarein store for Eleanor (Hannah New), while Bonny and Rackham (Clara Paget, Toby Schmitz) find past misdeeds coming backto haunt them in the new episode "Vlll." Toby Stephens, Luke Arnold and ZachMcGowan also star. Ct Zap2it •

We beat


McMenamins OldSt. Francis School, 700 N.W.Bond St., 541-330-8562 • THEHOBBIT:THEDESOLATION OF SMAUG (PG-13) 5:30 • I, FRANKENSTEIN (PG-13) 9:30 • THE NUT JOB(PG) 11:15 a.m. • SAVING MR.BANKS(PG-13) 2 • After 7p.m.,showsare21andolderonly.Youngerthan 21 may attend screenings before 7p.m.ifaccompanied by a legal guardian. Tin Pan Theater, 869 N.W.Tin PanAlley, 541-241-2271 • THEBROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN (no MPAA rating) I2:30, 8:30 • THEGREAT BEAUTY (no MPAA rating)5:30 • THE PAST(PG-13) 2:45 I


'e~ e~ ~o+ Come check us out!





Redmond Cinemas,1535S.W.OdemMedo Road, 541-548-8777 • 300: RISE OF ANEMPIRE (R) 11:30 a.m., 2, 4:30, 7, 9:30 • MR.PEABODY8 SHERMAN (PG)Noon,2:15,4:30, 6:45, 9 • NEED FOR SPEED(PG-13) 1, 3:45, 6:30, 9:15 • NON-STOP(PG-13) 11:15 a.m., 1:45, 4:15, 6:45, 9:15 •3

Sisters Movie House,720 DesperadoCourt, 541-549-8800 • 3 DAYS TO KILL (PG-13) 5, 7:30 • HER(R) 5,7:30 • THEMONUMENTS MEN (PG-13)2:15,4:45,7:15 • MR.PEABODY8 SHERMAN (PG)2:30,4:45,7 • PHILOMENA(PG-13) 2:45 • SON OFGOD(PG-13) 2:15 t )~ t

Madras Cinema 5,1101S.W. U.S. Highway 97, 541 -475-3505 • 300: RISE OF ANEMPIRE (R) 12:10, 2:25, 4:45, 7:10 • 300: RISEOFAN EMPIRE 3-D (R)9:40 • THE LEGO MOVIE (PG)12:20,2:30,4:40,6:50,9 • MR. PEABODY tft SHERMAN(PG) 1:05,3:10, 5:15, 7:20, 9:20 • NEED FOR SPEED(PG-13) 4:15, 9:30 • NEED FOR SPEED3-D (PG-13) 1:35, 7 • NON-STOP(PG-13) 4:25, 9:30 • SON OFGOD(PG-13) 1:35, 6:40 •

Plae Well, Retire Well

775SW Bonne Way,Suite120•Bend 541-728-0321i www.elevationcapitakbiz

Pure. &m/6 t"o.

Pine Theater, 214 N.Main St., 541-416-1014 • 300: RISE OF ANEMPIRE (Upstairs — R) 1, 4, 7 • MR. PEABODY tft SHERMAN(PG) 1:10, 4:15, 6:45 • Theupstairsscreening room has limitedaccessibility.


Find a week'sworth of movie times plus film reviews in Friday's 0 GO! Magazine

>j B~ dU Bend Redmond

John Day Burns Lakeview

La Pine 541.382.6447



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Old Mill Area Starting Under $200,000 New Construction wlMain Floor Suite L ess than one mile from Bend's Old M i l l lies Hayden H o m es' newest community:

3 bedroom, 2.5 bath new construction home in NW R e dmond's Vista Meadows. Open

Gleneden II. This prime, family-friendly location offers the option to move in today,

foyer & great room w/vaulted ceilings & fireplace. The kitchen offers stainless steel appliances, eating bar & glass tile backsplash. The impressive main floor master

or personalize a home to suit your exact t astes and needs. Visit our M o d el H o m e today on 6th Street and Reed Market for the

suite features separate sitting room w/tray

Grand Opening and enjoy complimentary lunch, activities for children and free passes to Bouncing off the Wall. Contact your Gleneden Community Manger for details today!


The Bulletin Advertising Department

The Central Oregon realestate market hasrecovered from

a bathroom. 3110 NW 17th St., Redmond. Open Sat/Sun,Noon-3pm.

construction was halted when the real estate market crashed, would introduce 700 to 1,000 acres of buildable land into

Future of Growth

the market. It has not been platted because it lacks a sewer system he said. The city expects to finish that project within three years.

Lack. New housing starts are up across all cities in Deschutes

The Hiring Challenge

County, with Bend leading the pack.

Speakers at the event discussed trends in both resi-

Educational institutions are also contributing to the growth

Lelack and Oberst commented on the fine line they strad-

trend both through new construction and expansion activities. These include OSU Cascades, COCC and school districts

dle when trying to balance staffing to accommodate the ups and downs in the real estate market. Oberst said he tries to maintain staff so as not to become an impediment to recovery.

in Redmond and Bend-La Pine. Population growth is another favorable indicator. Deschutes

dential and commercial real estate. Participating speakers represented such entities as local government, the construction

County is No. 4 in population growth in Oregon, behind

Both the City of Bend and Deschutes County lost planning

staff during the recession and are adding employees now to handle the increased demand for building permits. Local government is not the only employer facing hiring challenges.

Washington, Multnomah and Clackamas counties.

industry and residential and commercial real es-

Deschutes County's populationis projectedto reach 240,118 in 2025. In 2012, it was 162,277.


Supporting this projection, Darren Powderly, a partner at Compass Commercial Real Estate Services, pointed out that a 2013 study by UnitedVan Lines found that Oregon leads all states for inbound migration.

IL " .


Gary North, vice president at R&H Construction, pointed out that 45 percent of the construction workforce left Central

Oregon during the recession. With the building boom, North said, we face a"collective challenge about how we execute

Investing Forward

this work."

Both Lelack and Mel Obert, the City of Bend Community Development Director, said that along with growth, both residential and commercial property values had risen and were

In the past, North said workers came from the valley. But with recovery happening in the valley, too, he's not sure that labor force will be available for Central Oregon.

projected to continue upward.

'Back in the Bubble?'

Powderly said the retail market was also rebounding, as well. In 2011, there were six vacancies in downtown Bend.

Adkissonreferencing the recovery asked the crowd,"Are we back in the bubble?" To answer that question, she cited what caused the bubble, including loose underwriting guidelines, crazy loan products, speculative buying and building, inflated appraisals and home equity loans to finance"lifestyle" — the new boat or vacation. With none of that happening presently, Adkisson believes we are not back in a bubble.

Today, there are zero vacancies. According to Lelack, it will remain important to build on this area's strengths, which include tourism, recreation,

lodging, downtowns and education. They are the foundation for growth, he said. Lelack cited recent investments in Black Butte Ranch,

, If

Sunriver, Tetherow and Pronghorn as examples of building on Central Oregon's tourism and recreation

I 'j




strengths. He also included the Bend Park and Recreation District's bond measure to add trails and

While interest rates are up to an average of 7.3 percent, Adkisson said,"We are over panicking about interest rates."

improvements in this category. While the number of residential units sold in Bend and the median sales price of those units is up, residential Realtor Wendy Adkisson, princi-

She said perspective was needed and reminded the audience when interest rates were in the 18 percent range in the early 1980s. While all the presenters were bullish on the real estate trends in Deschutes County, they recognize the challenges

pal broker at Cascade Sotheby's International, is concerned about the low inventory in residential real estate.




facing them: local government balancing its resources to support the growth, contractors finding the workforce to support the construction demand aving enough inventory to quench buyer's needs. The projected growth will demand smart planning, all

"The supply and demand disparity is huge," she said.'Vile need to plan for the future while growth is happening." Oberst said completing the southeast interceptor, part of the Bend sewer system whose

a •

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"Bend is back,"said Nick Lelack, the community development director for Deschutes County.

Most indicators point to continued growth, according to Le-

the Great Recession, and all signs point to growth in all sectors for the foreseeable future. That was the main message from presenters at the Bend Chamber of Commerce Real Estate Forecast Breakfast held last'Iltesday at the Riverhouse Hotel and Convention Center.


closets, private sinks & Jack-n-Jill access to


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by KathyOxborrow,for

ceiling & sliding door to back patio, large walk-in closet & dual sinks in the bathroom. Both bedrooms upstairs have walk-in





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agreed. Issues arising from that growth — transportation,

urban growth boundary expansion and affordable home prices will — once again test Central Oregon's ability to maintain its touted livability.




• •

3 bed, 2.5 bath & 1785 SF home. Gorgeous open living room with gas fireplace & installed TV. Utility room, spacious 2-car garage, bamboo wood floors, W/D included & front yard is maintained by HOA.

3 bed, 2.5 bath & 1350 SF townhome. Located near the Old Mill, provides a fully applianced kitchen with open living to the spacious living room. Single car garage, a back patio, W/D included & W/S/ Landscaping paid.

3 bed, 2.5 bath & 1975 SF gorgeous home at the base of Pilot Butte! Spacious kitchen has granite throughout & is fully applianced. Double car garage, utility room 8 W/D included.




If you are a Renfa/ Froperty O~ner, I in v i te you to call me.




Multiplexes for Salel

New Listings




Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale


• H o mes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

70' RV parking! New 3 Beautiful Custom Home Bend's Premiere 2 Unit duplex in NW Wonderful Awbrey Complete 2008 remod306 Acre Ranch j Bend. Ad ¹1332 Butte Home, eled canal home on bdrm, 2 bath 1590 sq. in Premiere Golf Awbrey Glen $499,900 • 4 bedrooms+ sepaTEAM Birtola Garmyn $619,900 1/3 acre. AD¹1132 • 2182 sq.ft. manufacft. home coming soon! Community High Desert Realty • 3 bdrm, 2.5 bath, 2963 TEAM Birtola Garmyn tured Pick your colors! Gas • 4 bedrooms, 3 baths rate office 541-3'I 2-9449 • Recently remodeled sq.ft. High Desert Realty • 3 bedroom, 2 bath fireplace, upgraded • Gourmet kitchen www.BendOregon • Concrete 8 butcher 541-312-9449 • Cabin, barn, corrals appliances and cabi w/huge center island beautiful kitchen • MLS 201308792 • Corner location across block counters www. BendOregon nets, t i l e flo o rs,• Granite & cabinets • Large upstairs with Gary Rose, f enced a n d lan d from tennis courts galore 604 541-306-9646 Broker, MBA scaped, and more! • 0.63 acre w/lush land- Danielle Snow, Broker USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! bonus room Storage Rentals Wonderful single level • Flat lot 8 wrap-around 541-588-0687 541-306-1015 $194,900. too new for scaping on large fenced lot! Docr-to-dcor selling with deck MLS¹201400132 Danielle Snow, Broker John L. Scott For rent, 8'x20' container AD¹1232 Pam Lester, Principal 541-306-1015 Real Estate, Bend fast results! It's the easiest • Offers the best of NW TEAM Birtola Garmyn in secure facility. Dry, Bend living! Broker, Century 21 John L. Scott clean, only $90/mo. Call way in the world tc sell. High Desert Realty Grant Ludwick, Broker Gold Country Realty, Real Estate, Bend MORRIS 9th Street RV Storage 541-312-9449 541-388-0404 or Inc. 541-504-1338 Broken Top j $400,000 Center, 541-420-6851. REAL ESTATE MORRIS The Bulletin Classified www. BendOregon 541-633-0255 • 2041 sq.ft. townhome hd~ ~ y ~ ~ ~ REAL ESTATE 541 485-5809 Windermere Central • 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath 605 Just too many I A ~ m l y o A LIFE IN PARADISE! Prineville j $118,300 Oregon Real Estate • On 9th Fairway Almost 1800 sq.ft., 4 Roommate Wanted • 1310 sq.ft. 2 Bdrm, 1 bath, 800y Duplex on large lot and collectibles? • MLS 201400233 bdrm home in south 3 bdrm, 2.5 bath 3005 Residential or Sq.ft. rustic cottage • 3 bedroom, 2 bath adjacent duplex for Michael J Hopp, Broker Bend. s q. ft. home t o be Commercial. Your own room & bath, • .17 acre on cul-de-sac on a 2.99y acre parsale too. ¹1382 Sell them in 541-390-0504 Ad ¹1472 built on 2y~ acres. bckgrnd check req. $360 • MLS 201401085 cel. Come view this TEAM Birtola Garmyn Possibilities, $269,900. TEAM Birtola Garmyn Daylight b asement, The Bulletin Classifieds + electric. 541-280-7722 AD¹1162 amazing piece of High Desert Realty Darryl Doser, High Desert Realty office, f a mily/bonus TEAM Birtola Garmyn paradise on the outBroker, CRS 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 634 rooms, up g raded skirts of Redmond. High Desert Realty 541-383-4334 www.BendOregon 541-385-5809 www. BendOregon c abinets new n e w 541-312-9449 Apt./Multiplex NE Bend Built on the curve of H.S. & more MORRIS www.BendOregon the Deschutes River, $349,000.Pam Lester, Beautiful Lodge REAL ESTATE this perfect small Call for Specials! Energy efficient SE Princ. Broker, CenStyle Estate home has amazing Limited numbers avail. Bend Home on 3 Condo/Townhomes Newer one level tury 21 Gold Country views of the moun- • 5 acres with Cascade 1, 2 and 3 bdrms. Acres. Ad ¹1142 MORRIS craftsman, $214,900 for Sale Realty, Inc., 541-504Mtn views • tains and the river. W/D hookups, patios TEAM Birtola Garmyn • Vaulted great room Take care of REAL ESTATE 1338 ¹201401392. • 5398 sq. ft., 6 BR, 4 or decks. Detached garage has High Desert Realty design Redmond TownhomeBA your investments a studio-type room MOIJNTAIN GLEN, 541-312-9449 • 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1450 5 A cres w /Mountain with an extra bath and • 3200 sq. ft. shop 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1887 541-383-9313 www. BendOregon Redmondj $212,000 with the help from Views - 3 b drm, 2 sq ft, jetted tub, Bra- sq.ft. w/large office shower attached. Professionally • 1994 home • Tiled floors throughbath, 1620 sq ft, irri• 24'x36' barn - 4 acres zillian Cherry floors, The Bulletin's $425,000 managed by Norris 8 • Huge shop, 2 car gad ouble gara g e. out home gated, 36x40 shop, Commercial property irrigation MLS¹201309622 Stevens, Inc. rage "Call A Service • Oversized garage fenced, ex t e nsive MLS201400831 • Granite, travertine, with tons of exposure Bobbie Strome, • 2.49 acres, Cascade sprinkler sys t e m. $134,900. Pam Lester, (24X26) Hwy 97. AD¹1202 marble finishes Professional" Directory Principal Broker 654 views M LS¹ 28092 2 5. John L Scott Real Principal Bro k e r,• Close to river 8 forest TEAM Birtola Garmyn Shelley Arnold, Broker • MLS 201401217 Houses for Rent C entury 2 1 Gol d lands $265,000. Pam Estate 541-385-5500 541-771-9329 High Desert Realty Julia Buckland, Dave Disney, Broker Cabin on Deschutes! 2 Lester, Principal BroSE Bend Country Realty, Inc. 541-312-9449 John L. Scott Broker, ABR, ALHS, 410-8557 bed cabin overlook541-504-1338 ker, Century 21 Gold www. BendOregon Real Estate, Bend CRS, GRI Windermere Central Country Realty, Inc. N ewer 4 b d r m S E , ing Deschutes river 541-719-8444 Find exactly what w /separate gue s t Oregon Real Estate 541-504-1338 master main l evel, log home with you are looking for in the BEND PARK Park-like quarters & dbl garage. 2100 SF, large yard, • O p en Houses Log accent home and Beautiful 2013 0 8238. Cascade views, $62,000 will buy this very n ice. $ 1 595. setting. Main dwelling MLS horse property on 40 $329,900 one level M adras CLASSIFIEDS 541-480-9200 guest $239,900.Nancy Open House plus acres. Ad ¹1252 • 2500 sq.ft., large open Popp, Principal Brohome. 3 b d rms, 2 house/rental on a toSaf. 1 1-2pm,Nfar 15th TEAM Birtola Garmyn MORRIS living spaces/flex baths, 1096 sq. ft., 3rd ker 541-815-8000 659 tal of 0 .55y acres. 61402 Merriewood Ct, High Desert Realty REAL ESTATE space, 1.87 acre, low bdrm ha s o u tside Awbrey Butte j Main dwelling floors Crooked River Realty Houses for Rent Bend, OR 97702 541-312-9449 $949,540 maintenance, hd~ ~ y ~ ~ ~ door, 9148 sq. ft. Iot, • Expansive are engineered hardChris Sperry, Broker www.BendOregon Sunriver Cascade secluded 2013 property Classic Redmond wood in living, dining, Cascade Sofheby's mountain views 732 • Deck, shop, 2 car cartax =$564.57.¹201400 Home - New Listing & bedrooms. Mitsub• 3856 sq.ft. VILLAGE PROPERTIES Commercial/Investment International Realty Centrally Located. port 826. Call Everett, at ishi electric heating & • 4 bed, 2 bath on .46 541-550-4922 Sunriver, Three Rivers, • 3 bedroom, 3 bath • Master suite with John L. Scott Real $224,900 c ooling syst e m. acre nicely treed lot Properties for Sale La Pine. Great • 1796 Sq.ft., 3 bdrm, 2 sauna & balcony Estate 541-548-1712 • MLS 201306785 745 Kitchen has fantastic • Park-like setting with Selection. Prices range Jerry Stone, Broker Gail Rogers, Broker bath, forced air, AC, cabinets with Corian RV space Commercial bldg f or $425 - $2000/mo. Homes for Sale 541-390-9598 541-604-1649 or Built 1999, updated Where can you find a countertops. Adjacent • Updated windows are small business, 432 View our full 541-388-0404 guest house and main light 8 bright sq. ft., with golf course Immaculate and well • mfg. helping hand? inventory online at Attached double ga- Windermere Central h ome together f o r • $189,000 won't last view, paved d r ive, cared for 2000 sq.ft. From contractors to Oregon Real Estate long! rage $510,000 spacious parking, i/~ 1 -866-931 -1 061 ranch rambler. • Fenced & landscaped Very motivated seller. Kathy Denning, Broker yard care, it's all here MLS¹201309647 acre lot. $ 1 29,950 Ad ¹1072 MORRIS 541-480-4429 com. pool, court Beautiful home in SW Bobbie Strome, ¹ 201300318 Call TEAM Birtola Garmyn • Gated in The Bulletin's 687 & spa REAL ESTATE John L. Scott Principal Broker Nancy Popp, Princi High Desert Realty Redmond with very "Call A Service Commercial for Real Estate, Bend Mike Everidge, Broker John L Scott Real Broker, 541-312-9449 pal motivated seller. This Professional" Directory 541-390-0098 or Rent/Lease Estate 541-385-5500 541-815-8000. www.BendOregon 4 bedroom, 2 bath 541-388-0404 Crooked River Realty home is ready for its Windermere Central Your dream, our building! new owners. Small Oregon Real Estate Must see to appreciate. People Lookfor Information The perfect 3 bdrm, 2 shop with hot tub and 2400 sq ft commercial/ bath starter home with About Products and 80' RV pa r k ing! gazebo in backyard. retail building on busy Services Every Daythrough views. Ad ¹1172 $179,900. 1616 sq. ft. MLS 201308103 corner in Prineville. Large The Svllefin Classiffeds TEAM Birtola Garmyn John L. Scott Real 3 bdrm, 2 bath home open space with new High Desert Realty with dbl. garage, gas Estate 541-548-1712 cement floor & vehicle PRIME COMMERCIAL 541-312-9449 fireplace, pantry, split door. Separate office PROPERTY. Charm www.BendOregon bedroom f l o orplan Need to get an space with street access ing updated Madras with great room con & large window. $725/mo building, located on ad in ASAP? cept. ¹ 20 1 309527 + deposit (30S sq ft per Hwy. 97, Cat 5 wire SW Bend single level You can place it Pam Lester, Principal mo). Call 406-350-0883 on almost as system, h a r dwood ranch Broker, Century 21 online at: acre. Ad ¹1192 floors & off s t reet Gold Country Realty, Birtola Garmyn parking. $ 1 39,900. TEAM Inc. 541-504-1338 High Desert Realty Kcel 5@RnRs ¹ 201305319 Pam 541-312-9449 River view Condo. Mt. 541-385-5809 Lester, Principal Bro IRP MIQ www.BendOregon Bachelor Village. ker Century 21 Gold 20% Equity share. Nearly 1/2 acre, 3 bdrm, Country Realty, Inc. Ad ¹1552. 2 bath, view of Black 541-504-1338 3 Bdrm, 2 bath home on TEAM Birtola Garmyn Butte. AD¹1082 4.89 acres in the high Commercial LandHigh Desert Realty TEAM Birtola Garmyn desert. Ad ¹1282 La Pine 541-312-9449 High Desert Realty • Dillon/Box Way 1.29 TEAM Birtola Garmyn www.BendOregon 541-312-9449 High Desert Realty acres, $84,000. MLS 726 www. BendOregon 541-3'I 2-9449 ¹201107218 Timeshares for Sale • Bluewood Pl . 61 www.BendOregon Home/Shop and guest studio on fenced.5 Wonderful Bend home acres next to Bi-Mart, $5000-$35,900 Enjoy $185,000. ¹1452 and awesome mounMLS 3 Bdrm, 2 bath, Almost TEAMacre. Eagle Crest all year ¹201301353 Birtola Garmyn tain views. Ad¹2002 1600 sq.ft. Nestled in as a fractional owner. • Highway 97/RoslandHigh Desert Realty TEAM Birtola Garmyn Benefits of being an . 85 acres next t o the Pines, AD¹1672 541-312-9449 High Desert Realty TEAM Birtola Garmyn Eagle Crest Owner at Gordy's, www.BendOregon 541-312-9449 $325,000 High Desert Realty a "fraction" of the cost. MLS ¹2900977 www. BendOregon 541-312-9449 Home-ID FRAC River Rd FuNew construction 3 Eagle Crest Properties • Spring www.BendOregon ture develop potential, bdrm, 2 bath, 1705 866-722-3370 Awbrey Butte Fine 17 acres, $500,000 sq. ft, 23 acre lot, tile living and big Cascade .54 Acre overlooking Just bought a new boat? MLS 201310960 floors, tile backsplash, views! Ad ¹1292 Clyde Browning, Sell your old one in the Farewell Bend Park. landscaped, fenced. TEAM Birtola Garmyn Principal Broker, classifieds! Ask about our Ad ¹1012 $179,900. MLS¹ High Desert Realty 541-480-4520 Super Seller rates! TEAM Birtola Garmyn 201209125 Pam 541-312-9449 Eagle Commercial 541-385-5809 High Desert Realty Lester, Principal Bro www.BendOregon Real Estate 541-312-9449 ker Century 21 Gold 730 www.BendOregon Country Realty, Inc. C ommercial Lots I n 541-504-1338 NEW CON S TRUC New Listings Crooked River Ranch: TION! Split m aster Great opportunity to Incredible NW style esI Incredible setting, floor plan, 3 bedroom, 4 Blocks To I start a b usiness or immaculate home, tate on almost 90 2 bath, 1640 sq.ft., tile Downtown j $329,000 relocate an existing acres. AD¹1362 $449,000 floors/backsplash. RV • 1480 sq.ft. business. Near res- • Gorgeous mountain TEAM Birtola Garmyn parking. $ 1 79,900. • 2 bedroom, 2 bath taurants, hotel and views! High Desert Realty MLS¹ 201 3 0 1880 • .18 acre lot golf course. Owner 541-312-9449 • 4.85 AC between Pam Lester, Principal • MLS 201400935 terms avail. Business Bend 8 Redmond www.BendOregon B roker Century 21 Dawn Ulrickson, Broker, Circle, Lot 82:- 1.05 • Open floor plan 8 Gold Country Realty, CRS, GRI, CHMS acres, $25,000. Lot 50 vaulted ceilings 541-610-9427 - 1.30 acres 8 Lot 51- • 2.6 AC irrigation, pond Corner lot 1380 sq. ft., 3 Inc. 541-504-1338 bdrm, 2 bath, vaulted 17280 SE Renegade 1.23 acres, still avail- & fenced ceilings, gas heat, and able at $35,000 each Rinehart, Dempsey 8 Loop, $230,000. double car garage. 3 Bdrm, or purchase both for 2 bath, 1 acre, Phelps, Broker $156,900. MLS $60,000. Juniper Re- 1280 sq.ft. home w/2 201309158 MORRIS alty 541-504-5393 Windermere Central stall barn. Minutes Pam Lester, Principal REAL ESTATE from Prineville. Investor O p portunity! Oregon Real Estate B roker Century 2 1 MLS ¹201306623 Six rented homes plus Stunning Panoramic Gold Country Realty, Winderemere Swifterra 2 lots in La Pine, OR. Inc. 541-504-1338 Awbrey Heights Lotj Views, $333,000 150 NW 4th St., Purchas eprice$350,000,20% down,Loanamount$280,000,30yearfixed. $179,000. High Lakes • Immaculate, 2350+ $129,000 Prineville, OR. Single level on almost Realty & Pr o perty sq.ft., 3 bdrm, 2.5 • .21 acre lot 541-447-7502 1/2 acre. Won't last Management • 4 blocks to downtown bath & separate bed long! Ad ¹2102 541-536-0117 • Great location floorplan 22555 McardleTEAM Birtola Garmyn • MLS 201400931 • 0.23 acre corner lot, $574,000 Jumbo purchaseprice /value$800,000 — 20% down /equity,$640,000 loan amount. High Desert Realty 738 Dawn Ulrickson, Broker, landscaped • 20 acres of mountain Offer valid as of date of ad, restrictions may apply. Rates/fees subject to change. On Approved Credit. 541-312-9449 Multiplexes for Sale • Composite decking views CRS, GRI, CHMS www.BendOregon 541-610-9427 • 3 car garage & shop • 3 bed, 2.5 bath + 2 Bdrm, 2 bath area nus room I I• Duplex unit on Gail Rogers, Broker I I i I ' One level ranch home • 2560 sq. ft. 4r large lot. Ad ¹1392 541-604-1649 or on 9 acres, $339,000 • 15 acres irrigation + TEAM Birtola Garmyn 541-388-0404 • 3-4 bdrm 8 2 full baths Barn High Desert Realty MORRIS Windermere Central • 1959 sq.ft. 8 covered 541-312-9449 Oregon Real Estate 924 REAL ESTATE front porch www.BendOregon Kathy Caba, Principal • Craftsman, rustic l~ ~ ~ aym 1 River's Edge Golf Broker 541-771-1761 design interior Course backing 14th • 36X28 3-bay shop John L. Scott Deschutes River View This is the only duplex ou re never afone when ue re doinrI your Ean T-Box. Ad ¹9952 Real Estate, Bend building j $650,000 in Gilchrist townsite TEAM Birtola Garmyn • Lots of room to park • 2776 sq.ft. and has been very High Desert Realty • 3 bedroom, 3 bath equipment well maintained. 4 2305 NW Grimes Rd. 541-312-9449 • Slab granite, wood Dave Disney, Broker bdrms, 1 bath each $875,000. Great farm www.BendOregon floors 410-8557 side, plus living room, located in the • MLS 201401269 Windermere Central MORTGAGE CORPORATlON kitchen, laundry area cultural valley, north JJ Jones, Broker Oregon Real Estate Pre-sold home on and bonus room up of Prineville. 5 Bdrm, t 541-788%678 stairs. Single car ga Aubrey Butte with Remarkable Deschutes 3.5 baths, 438/4 sq.ft. Casey NMLS 189449 Jennifer NMLS288550 rage, fenced back great views. property includes 75 River & Canyon Ad ¹1322 yard, covered patio Views! AD¹1222 acres. Must see! MLS and lan d scaping.TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn 201309754. CORPORLI CfML2421 CORPNMLS¹3113 High Desert Realty $179,999 High Desert Realty Winderemere Swifterra MORRIS 541-312-9449 Cascade Realty, Den 541-312-9449 150 NW 4th St., REAL ESTATE www.BendOregon nis Haniford, Princ. www.BendOregon Prineville, OR. I M~ yy y ~ ~ a y y1 Broker 541-536-1731 541-447-7502

. 0 0

Odin Falls Ranchj $525,000 • 2760 sq.ft. • 4 bedroom, 3 bath • Granite, marble, alder • MLS 201401048 Diane Lozito, Broker 541-548-3598


3 0 year fixed AP R

15year fixed A P R

4.375% 4.552% 3.375% 3.596% Jumbo 30 year fixed 4.500% APR 4.673%




®>~.tK+de~ymortgpge.<PI L-; :? 371 SW Upper Terrace Dr.,Suite 1,Bend,OR 97702







B eautifu l P a h l i s c h H omes c o m m u n i t y f eaturin g a m a z i n g n eig h b o r h o o d a menities: pool, h o t tub, clubhouse, sports 208tj2 GoldenGateplace, Bend center, gym, game room Dfrvcfions:from theparkcay, eul and more! Come tour a variety of single level on ReedNarker, south on 15th, then and 2-story floor plans. follonr sigrrr.

Homes Starting Mid-$300s




Broker R 8 A L



R 8




SAT. 12-3 PM SUN. 12-3 PM

Homes start under $200,000. Brand new homes in Bend with the quality Pahlisch is known for - s t ainless steel appliances, laminate wood floors, solid surface Chroma quartz counters (even in baths) with under20781 NE Comet Lane mount stainless steel sink in kitchen, extra attention given Directions:North on Boyd Acres, to allow for tons of natural Right on Sierra, Le ft on Black Powder, light & much more. Come Right on Comet Lane. Loo/rforsigrK by the model home for more statting under information and plans.

HOSted 6LiSted byr

Principal Broker



T HUR - S A T 12PM - 4PM

THURS. - SUN. 12PM - 4PM

Hosted 6 L 'sted by: TEAM DELAY

i l


Location-Location-Location! This home is located in such a terrific LOCATION - close to the NW Canyon with various views available - all new homes will surround this new construction home. The home itself is a single level with 2020 SF yyyd triple cay garage - what a nice 3088 NW 17th St., Redmond flooyplan - very open with great room and kitchen to the eating byy DirecffonsrNorth on Hwy 97, left yyyd nook. Kitchen has large walk- on QuinceAryeyright on NW 10th iyy pantry, corner sink, wrap around eating bay yyilh knotty Alder natural SI, lefi on Nf/ySpruce Ave, right cabinets. There is full landscaping on 17th St. House on right past yyyd a fenced yard. Teakwood.

Hosted byy JEANNE SCHARLUND PrinciPal Broker


541-420-7978 z'sted byy R E A

I. T 0 R s


CEWH4K OREGON READtr GROUP, ILC yyrddiny va4te ryy Ryyy yyryEAats 67



Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

• H o mes for Sale •




Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Redmond Homes

Copper Canyon - 3 bd, Great home & shop on Location Location, Lo- S ingle Level, Shop, Tumaio Ranchj 1367 Highland View 2.5 ba in 2350y sf. a huge 0.41 acre lot in c ation! 5 B d rm, 2 .97 Acre Loop - Furnished $549,000 Nice, newer home in Redmond. Sgl story, 3 b ath, 1 6 0 0 sq. f t . • 3+ Bedroom, 2 bath, • 2 homes, multiple outCreekside townhome SW Bend. The Old bdrm, 2 bath, 1792 sq manufactured home buildings with outstanding setguest cottage Mill, river, parks, rec- ft home on a v e ry with add-on's nestled • Paver tile sidewalk & • 33.12 acres, fenced, ting! Patio backs to reation and shopping roomy lot. Updated on 6.5 acres. Living patio cross-fenced large common area • Great for animals or are a short distance beautiful h a rdwood room, dining room, • Cascade Mountain with m a ture l a n daway. Great room liv- flooring, kitchen cabi- kitchen and master gardening views scape, providing a ing that i s l i ght & netry with glass ac- suite h av e n e wer • MLS 201400239 lovely, private backbright. Gas log fire- cents, granite coun- laminate flo o ring. 139 Darrin Kelleher, Broker yard exp e rience. place with slate sur- tertops with tile back Ideal for starter home, Peggy Lee Combs, The Kelleher Group Great room floor plan round. Kitchen has splash and large is- rental property, temBroker 541-480-7653 541-788%029 with soaring ceilings, slate floor, h ickory land. Living room Plus porary home, while John L. Scott floor to ceiling wincabinets, fully appli- Family Room! Forced building a new home. Real Estate, Bend dows, built-ins 8 gas anced and a pantry. air heat with central A great private county f ireplace. New f u r Large open loft family A/C. Huge 1380 Sq Ft setting. Shared well, 2 Sisters Horse Property. nace and heat pump. room (currently used shop with 12' roll up storage buildings, 400 10.8 acres w/8+ acres 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, MORRIS as a bedroom by ten- door and storage loft AMP service to home irrigated 1 419 sq f t . ML S pas t ure, REAL ESTATE ants). Larger fenced will work for your RV! and 100 AMP service large home w/sepa201400649 $219,000 SC' ~ y~ ~ ~ d rear yard for enter- Fenced b a c kyard, to pump house. This rate guest quarters. Robyn Fields, Principal Vacation 24/7 taining, kids & pets. storage shed and lots is a m ust p review Mt. Views, p rivate Broker, Eagle Crest Chain link fence dog of paved parking area. property, if you do, • Beautiful primary or Properties setting and g a ted. second home, 1 971-255-9866 e nclosure 8 sm a l l ¹201401030 John L. you will see its potens torage shed t o o . Scott Rea l E s tate tial. $212,000. MLS $675,000. owner Scott McLean, $ 143 500 - 3 be d 541-548-1712 • 3043 SF, many up$249,000. ¹201400038 Principal Broker room, 2 bath, 1234 • 0 • • MLS¹201401159 Bobbie Strome, grades 541-408-6908 sq ft in great north Great location. Great • Conveniently located, Bobbie Strome, Principal Broker Realty Executives Redmond location. bones in this 3 bdrm, Principal Broker John L Scott Real very quiet area MLS¹201401199 2 b a t h Re d mond Estate 541-385-5500 • Lots of privacy, great John L Scott Real Skyliner Summit j Call Travis L. Hanh ome. 1920 sq. f t . Estate 541-385-5500 for entertaining $393,000 Lovely SW Bend w/large utility room www.sharona.johnlscot nan, PC, Principal • 2525 sq.ft. Broker Custom with Cascade w hich could b e a Craftsman! bedroom, 3.5 bath 541-788-3480 views, Corian, Vac, computer room, too. • 3 bed/2 bath, 2054 sq. •• 4 Sharon Abrams, CRS, .11 acre lot Redmond RE/MAX bayed wind o ws, Step-down v a u lted ft., open living space • MLS 201309912 Principal Broker, Land & Homes dbl-attached garage, living room w/wood- • Fenced backyard, 541-280-9309 Darryl Doser, Real Estate 2 0x24 s ho p wi t h stove. Attached large landscaped w/sprinJohn L. Scott 541-771-7786 overhead door, hot shop 8 2-car garage. klers Real Estate, Bend t ub r o o m , lar g e Oil monitor for heat- • Great location, close HOMES PRICED FROM f enced area. M L S ing w/above ground to Old Mill, schools, TURN THE PAGE i CROSSING > $431,QQQ $739, tj!00 Vacation Condo 2013057'I 7. $299,000 oil tank. $ 2 99,900 river trail For More Ads • 2 bedroom, 1 bath - Call Nancy Popp, • $269,000 www.ang¹201306715. The Bulletin • Large loft Principal Broker John L. Scott Real 2203 NW Lemhi Pass Dr. MORRIS • Pool, tennis 541-815-8000 Estate 541-548-1712 Angie C ox , B r o ker REAL ESTATE Candice Anderson, $169,900 - 1657 sq. • Central courtyard Crooked River Realty 541-213-9950 ft. Newer 3 beroom Broker 541-788-8878 Handsomely appointed John L. Scott • Large great room Deschutes River + den, master suite John L. Scott in Vista Meadows. 3 Real Estate, Bend • Master on main level Skyliner Summit j w/walk-in c l o set, Canyon j $625,000 Real Estate, Bend bdrms, 2 baths, 2013 $465,000 • Bright interior • 3329 sq.ft. custom slider to back patio. s q. ft. , h i g h e n d • 2355 sq.ft. newly upLiving room w/gas home Madras Hwy, • Priced at$649,900 stainless appliances dated The Washington, NW fireplace • 4 bedroom, 3 bath Reduced to $250,000. • 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath and light fixtures. New DIRECTIONS: West on Shevlin Park Rd., Redmond. Main floor • 2.44 acres MLS¹201309588 fencing. $2 7 9,900 22.3 acres within the • Covered porch, landleft on NWCrossing Dr., left on NW master suite w/sitting Call Kelly Starbuck, • MLS 201309953 city limits, 21.1 acres ¹ 201300620. Jim room, walk-in closets Lemhi Pass Dr. scaped Principal Broker Diane Lozito, Broker of irrigation rights. Hinton, 541-420-6229 • MLS 201400224 in all rooms, 3 bed, 541-771-7786 541-548-3598 Hwy frontage, Central Oregon Realty 2175 NW Lolo Dr. 2.5 bath, 2147 sq ft. 541-306-9646 Redmond RE/MAX dividable/backs to Group, LLC MLS¹201310072. Land & Homes • Elegant & spacious Ochoco Creek. $299,000 Jim Hinton, Real Estate MLS ¹201307351 Home on 4.9 Acres• Main floor abovestreet Central Oregon Re541-771-7786 Extremely well main- Winderemere Swifterra • Master on main level a lty G r o up , LL C 150 NW 4th St., tained 3 bdrm 2 BA173 Highland Meadow 541-420-6229 • Central courtyard b ath s i ngle s t o ry Prineville, OR. MORRIS Loop - Smith Rock • Priced at$7$9,900 541-447-7502 h ome on 4 . 9 f l a t Whispering Pines. 3 REAL ESTATE views! .30 acre lot, REAL ESTATE acres. 2208 sq. ft., bdrm, 2 bath property DIRECTIONS: West on Skyliners Rd., 2321 sq ft, 3 bdrm, rock fireplace, dbl ga- Mt. Bachelor Village j has complete perim- 2.5 bath, triple car right on Mt. Washington Dr, right on $349,500 Deschutes River View! rage, gas fireplace, • 1194 sq.ft. condo fencing and is garage. $402,777. NW Lolo Dr. Spacious Home in The eter • 4 bedrooms, 2 baths central air & m ore. Cliffs $279,900 - Light neat and well main- Lynn Johns, Principal • 2392 sq. ft. on 1.5 AC, MLS¹ 201 3 10722• 2 bedroom, 2 bath tained with trees and Broker, 541-408-2944 8 bright interior, huge I 3 tax lots $345,000. Pam • Fully furnished Central Oregon walk-in pantry, three shrubs. Home h as • Large kitchen & open Lester, Principal Bro- • MLS 201400901 been lightly lived in 1899 NW Monterey Mews Resort Realty car tandem garage. Bonnie Savickas, beam vaults ker, Century 21 Gold • Charming cottages MLS ¹ 20 1 3 08975. and has a wonderful Broker, EPRO, SRES www.Jackson-AnderCountry Realty, Inc. sunroom and appeal- $199,900 - Enjoy this Call Vicci B o wen, • 2 & 3 bedroomplans 541-408-7537 beautiful view f rom 541-504-1338 ing floor plan with 541-410-9730 • High end finishes Candice Anderson, l arge deck, s h o p the Sisters to Smith Central Oregon Realty Broker 541-788-8878 Call The Bulletin At • Central location building is a p prox. Rock on the deck of Group, LLC John L. Scott 541-385-5809 4000 sq.ft. w/ 4 12x12 this townhome. This • Homes pricedfrom$329,900 Real Estate, Bend S unburst Park - I m - d oors and a m a n h ome comes f u r Place Your Ad Or E-Mail 5!R5CTIO!t¹:West on NWNewport At: MORRIS maculate single level door. The is a com- nished with a p pliIR Ave./NW Shevlin ParkRd., right on NW REALESTATE 3bd, 2ba, 1630 sq ft plete office w/bath, ances, washer, dryer Desert Skies j Pence Ln., left on NW Monterey Pines home on nearly 0.46 r ec, k i tchen a n d and refr i gerator. Horse Property 3 bdrm, $319,000 Dr. Property on right. MLS¹201100663 acre featuring panm eeting room i n 2 bath, 1823 sq. ft., • 3110 sq.ft. NE Bend j $249,500 Eagle Crest oramic Cas c a de cluded in the 4000 d bl garage on 2 . 3 • 1728 • 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath sq.ft. Properties views. Rear yard is sq.ft. This property is acres, pellet stove, • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath • Hardwood & tile floorHIDDEN 866-722- 3370 fully fenced; includes a must preview, must 61089 Ruby Peak Ln. l iving a n d bo n u s • .16acre corner lot ing a paved RV parking see facility. The shop 2 215 Condor D r >HILLS> • Vaulted great room r oom, central a i r , • MLS 201309188 • MLS 201309293 site with (2)-30-amp and dwelling have 2-stall barn/tack room, Amy Halligan, Broker • Attractive finishes Northwest Craftsman Jane Strell, plug-ins & a sewage separate electric hay storage, fenced in private gated • Vaulted master 8R Broker, ABR, GRI 541<10-9045 dump. Great room is m eters. Shop a n d home and cross fenced, RV at Eagle 541-948-7998 • Island kitchen vaulted and light & d welling share t h e community cover. $29 9 ,900. Crest. Reverse-living bright with a wood- Avion water meter, floor plan thoughffully • Priced at$824,900 ¹ 201401392. Pam 4I stove (also plumbed 2nd gar a ge/shop designed to capture Lester, Princ. Broker, DIRECTIONS: South on Brosterhous for gas if a gaslog 1025 sq.ft. $499,500. gorgeous views of the C entury 2 1 Gol d Rd., left on Marble Mountain Ln., left on MORRIS fireplace is desired). MLS ¹201400070 Country Realty, Inc., m ountains, lan d Ruby PeakLn. Kitchen & utility room MORRIS REAL ESTATE Bobbie Strome, 541-504-1338 scape & tree tops. are also plumbed for Principal Broker REAL ESTATE Quality construction 61662 Daly Estates Dr. gas, if that is your John L Scott Real Just Listed!!! Updated IM~ dy ~ ~ OI y d g racious rooms & • Bright southern exposure 1701 sq.ft., 3 bdrm, New Construction! Sgl. preference for cook- Estate 541-385-5500 beautiful fin i shes Duplex - $309,900 story home, 1724 sq. ing or clothes drying. 2.5 bath home, open • Open floor plan throughout. P r ivate 747 • NE Bend single level ft. 3/2 move-in ready! Jenn-Air range, Mayliving with pellet stove, • Laminate wood floors guest rooms will ac• 3 bedroom, 2 bath Landscaped with tag r efrigerator 8 Southwest Bend Homes low maintenanceback c ommodate lar g e • Large kitchen • 2 bedroom, 2 bath sprinklers & fenced. Amana d i shwasher yard, dog run, extra or gu e sts. • Priced at$2$9,900 • Fenced yards & 2-car parking. $235,000. $189,900. ¹201304779. were installed in 2007. 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 2110 family Large lot with easy to tandem garages Pam Lester, Princ. Large walk-in pantry sq. ft. home, 3-car ga- care DIRECTIONS: From Hwy. 20 East, south Scott McLean, for landscape. Broker, Century 21 too! MLS¹ 201401439 rage. $399 , 999. One-of-a-kind home! Principal Broker IRIII II M II I on 27th St., right on Capella Pl., right on 02 Gold Country Realty, $317,300. 60826 Scotts Bluff, 3 541-408-6908 Daly Estates Dr. b e d rooms, 2 . 5 Kellie Cook, Broker Inc., 541-504-1338 Bobbie Strome, High Lakes Realty & b aths, Realty Executives sq f t . 541-408-0463 Principal Broker Property M a nage- MLS 2204 2013 0 9730 John L. Scott John L Scott Real ment 541-536-0117 Keystone Ter r ace.Newer large home on $359,900. 1/4 acre, 3000 Estate 541-385-5500 Real Estate, Bend 1472 NW Portland Ave. Three fully occupied almost Robyn Fields, Principal 749 3182ysf tri-plexes lo- sq. ft. 3 b d rm, 2I/~ • Ready for 5.8 kW solaarray r Broker, Eagle Crest Sunriver j $549,000 bath, landscaped and Southeast Bend Homes just a fe w fenced with RV gates. • 2264 sq.ft. Properties • Bright southern exposure Going Green at T he cated blocks from shopping 971-255-9866 Greens! Be a u tiful the facilities of Juni- $299.900. • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath M MR • Fully remodeled, updated Nottingham Square 1300 contemporary single & ¹ 201304622 Pam • .30 acre sq ft nicely updated 3/2, 227 Highland Meadow • View of city 8 Paulinas per Park. Exterior of level custom Red- buildings have vinyl Lester, Principal Bro • MLS 201400042 backs to canal, 2 car gar. Loop, beautifully situ• Priced at$46$,000 JackJohns, mond home w/new siding and are neat ker Century 21 Gold 20747 Canterbury, FSBO, ated lot! 2681 sq ft, 3 I OIRECTIOIt¹:West on NWNewport „M r - A I solar power. Quiet and Country Realty, Inc. $210,000. 541-390-1579 bdrm, 2.5 bath, triple attractive. cul-de-sac, easy acAve., right on NW11th St., left on NW car garage. $433,388. for each tri- 541-504-1338 cess to Hwy 97. Light $325,000 Portland Ave. Want to impress the Lynn Johns, Principal plex. New Listing! $199,900 & Bright kitchen with MLS ¹201309427, relatives? Remodel Broker, 541-408-2944 • 3 bedroom, 2.5 baths61117 Snowbwsh Dr. granite countertops, Central Oregon 201309433, high ceilings your home with the eating bar, stainless . Formal LRand DR 201309444 Resort Realty • Fenced, sprinklers, help of a professional appliances & til e . Granite tile counters Bobbie Strome, F/B yards flooring. Family room from The Bulletin's $244,000 - Recreate all REAL ESTATE Principal Broker . Family room w/ fireplace .5 • Large kitchen, breakw/gas fireplace & year round when you "Call A Service John L Scott Real . Large fencedbackyard fast bar, pantry built-ins PLUS a Liv- Estate own this lovely 3 bed, II 541-385-5500 Tetherow Crossing Professional" Directory 2.5 bath Forest Green • Priced at$360,000 ing Room. Spacious 100 Country horse propmaster bed r o om La Pine j $154,900 townhome. Fully furDIRECTIONS: South on Brookswood Peggy Le e C o mbs, erty is fenced & cross 750 w/vaulted cei l ing,• 1704 sq.ft. nished & r eady to Blvd., right on SW Hollygrape St., left on Broker 541-480-7653 fenced w/New Zealmove-in! large closet, walk in • 3 bedroom, 2 bath Redmond Homes SW Snowbrush Dr. and electric fence 8 shower & access to • 1 acre, near La Pine John L. Scott MLS¹201310566 Real Estate, Bend electric gate. Views of $260,000 - Beautiful the rear deck. Extra State Park Eagle Crest 8 Tournament Ln. Cascades, p r i vate u pgraded deep 2 car garage. • MLS 201310343 Properties cha l e t • Golf course view setting, 40x60 shelter w/double garage lo866-722- 3370 Screened RV parking. Rachel Lemas, Broker • Master on main level for horses, 20x30 hay ¹201400490. John L. NOTICE cated on the 18th hole 541-383-4359 • High vaulted ceilings $249,900 - 2236 All real estate adverstorage, 40x60 chain Scott Rea l E s tate of the R idge Golf 541-896-1263 • Wood-burning fireplace 541-548-1712 tised here in is sub- link dog pen. 2 pro- Course at Eagle Crest Sq.ft., 5 bdrm home suite on • Priced at$459,900 ject to th e F ederal pane gas free-stand- in Central Oregon. w/master each level. Living Golfers Retreat! Handing stoves, 1 in family MLS ¹201301534. DIRECTIONS: Cottonwood Rd. west from Fair Housing A ct, room w/gas f iresomelyupdated home which makes it illegal and 1 in living room. Hwy. 97, right on E CascadeRd. At Circle Eagle Crest place. RV parking & over looking the 5th to advertise any pref- Wood blinds through10, take E Cascadetoward Circle 9. ConProperties MORRIS unique gar den. fairway i n Ri v er's erence, limitation or out, hardwood floors, 866-722- 3370 tinueon E Cascadetoward Circle 7. Left REAL ESTATE MLS¹201306110 Edge. Open f l oor discrimination based carpet 8 vinyl. Close on Winners Cir., right on TournamentLn. 3 bdrm, 2-bath 1486 sq. Call Kelly or Virginia, plan, spacious masIM~ dy~ ~ OI d on race, color, reli- to Deschutes River. Principal Brokers ter, large back deck, ft. home on 1 acre gion, sex, handicap, $368,000. 1612 NW 11th St. La Pinej $85,000 541-923-0855 786 with Cascade views, convenient to shopfamilial status or na- ¹201400248. • 2 bedroom, 1 bath • Central WestSide Redmond RE/MAX c overed porch, o r ping. $415,000. John L. Scott Real tional origin, or intencabin Land & Homes • Outdoor living areas Scott McLean, ganic garden, potting tion to make any such Estate 541-548-1712 • Well & septic on site Real Estate Principal Broker shed, dbl. g a rage, • Hardwood floors preferences, l i mita- The Davis, NW Red• 10 flat, treed acres 541-771-7786 54'I -408-6908 arden shed, fenced. tions or discrimination. mond 3 bdrm (den or • Upstairs bonus room • MLS 201310161 Realty Executives 184,500. MLS $263,900 - A great 2 We will not knowingly 4th bdrm), 2s/R bath, • Priced at$380,000 Kelly Neuman, 201307988. Call accept any advertisedroom 2. 5 b a t h Principal Broker 1929 sq f t . h o me. Nancy BULLETINCULSSIFIEDS Popp, b DIRECTIONS: From downtown, west on ing for r eal e state home to relax in while 541-480-2102 Open great r oom, 54'I -815-8000 Search the area's most which is in violation of tons Newport Ave., right on NW11th St. staying at Eagle Crest of cabinet space Crooked River Realty comprehensive listing of this law. All persons in kitchen, 2nd floor Resort. Enjoy all the classified advertising... are hereby informed Ridge amenities Eagle Crest rm, $291,000. 10264 Sundance 65 SWAllen Rd ¹B real estate to automotive, that all dwellings ad- laundry Northwest has to of fe r! 201307047. Jim Loop • Townhomestyle condo merchandise to sporting vertised are available ¹Hinton, MLS¹201306058 c ontemporary w i t h 541-420-6229 MORRIS goods. Bulletin Classifieds on an equal opportu- Central Oregon Realty stunning panoramic • New carpet, paint I Eagle Crest appear every day in the REAL ESTATE nity basis. The BulleProperties • Hardwood floor views. Walls of winGroup, LLC print or on line. tin Classified IMR M d y ~ ~ OMM d 866-722- 3370 dows 8 luxurious fin• Near OeschutesRiver 8 Call 541-385-5809 ishes throughout this 295 Vista Rim Dr. En• Priced at$349,900 Bend j $545,000 Say Rgoodbuy" LAZY RIVER SOUTH • NW gorgeous cu s t om R emodeled 3535 y 2168 sq.ft. Pahlisch ergy Star home built DIRECTIONS:From Parkway, exit Colorado I Ifli Ill l l ' I » l i t ! to that unused home. Park-like setI jIjjllII built |jIjljllll' Sq.ft. home with 4 Sage in Vista Rim! The Bulletin Ave., right on SW Simpson Ave., right on ting with waterfall and by S«vidd CentralOregon sinceISOI bdrm + officeand 3 • 3 bedroom, 3 bath item by placing it in NW Craft s man SI!y Bradbury St, left on SWAllen Rd. mature l a ndscape. baths. Master bath • Hardwood floors, w/great room plan, The Bulletin Classifieds Expansive c overed contemporary luxury Great Bend single level with large jetted tub & granite kitchen 20140 Red Sky Ln. deck overlooks pri- finishes & home nestled on a new tile shower. Me- • MLS 20140'I 052 wood vate backyard. 4 car floors. Designed quiet cul-de-sac close dia room, family room, Debbie Johnson, Broker 541-385-5809 • Gated golf communiIy for garage with RV bay an a c t ive fa m ily to the popular Lark- h uge kitchen w i th 541-480-1293 • 2.5 landscapedacres and workshop. Perspur trail featuring 3 handcrafted cabinets • Two master suites T he W i ndsor, N W fect for entertaining & w/mud room, full size bdrms, 2 bath, 1423 & granite counters, & utility room Redmond - Main floor guests with 2 master pantry •Bonusroom,den/of fi ce sq. with nice tile, new walk-in pantry, sun0 w/extra built-ins. Den den/4th bedroom, lots suites, 2 bonus rooms paint in and out, great room with hot t ub. • Priced at$819,000 8 extra bonus room of natural light, eating & home offi ce.4 bedoffice area, large in- Home has cedar eves DIRECTIOI48:From Hwy. 97 S., exit Baker MORRIS bar in kitchen, land- rooms, 3. 5 b a t hs, w/walk-in closet. Ensulated garage and a with copper accents. Rd., left on Knott Rd., right on ChinaHat joy tranquil setting on REAL ESTATE scaping, 3 bdrm, 2s/R 4 702 s q f t . ML S great large deck to E xterior siding o n the pond & peaceful Rd., right on SunsetViewDr., right on bath, 2235 s q ft. 201307976 $799,900. enjoy. Lot is .26 acre home, garages 8 of n e arby Red Sky Ln. $309,900. Call Jim Robyn Fields, Principal sounds and is easy to main- storage bldg have just water feature f rom Secluded Serenity Hinton, 541-420-6229 Broker, Eagle Crest tain with the sprinkler been painted. Watch your back patio. Exto Bend Central Oregon ReProperties system. All this at the the wildlife from the • 35 close acre and 14 acre alty Group, LLC pansive views east of 971-255-9866 "sell fast price" of wrap-around deck or Smith Rock, mtns & $ 235,000. 42 4 S E go to your private ac- • irrigation city lights from front. arenas and a round Hard to find single story $103,000 - 3.39 acres Mustang Place, Bend. c ess to 300y f t o f 2 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1491 r eady f o r you r Plumbed for central Heather Hockett, Bro- Little Deschutes River • pen sq. ft. on almost 1/4 HOME! MLS¹ v ac. H e at/cool i s barn with stalls ker, 54 1 - 420-9151 frontage for fishing, 60x60 acre in great location 201100749 Cal l ductless system. 2 and hay storage C entury 2 1 Gol d swimming or floating. • House d d bedrooms, 2 b aths, ttNRIttor af the y~r ¹ is close to 1700 close to t rails and Travis L. Hannan, Country Realty. $495,000 sq.ft. parks. $199 , 999 PC, Principal Bro1 919 sq f t . ML S MLS¹¹201309267 ¹ 201401175. Pam ker 541-788-3480 201308726. $349,900 Jean Nelsen, Broker Check out the Bobbie Strome, 541-420-3927 Lester, Princ. Broker, Redmond RE/MAX Robyn Fields, Principal classifieds online Principal Broker C entury 2 1 Gol d Land & Homes Broker, Eagle Crest John L. Scott www.bendbuNetirLcom John L Scott Real Real Estate, Bend Country Realty, Inc., Real Estate Properties Updated daily Estate 541-385-5500 541-504-1338 541-771-7786 971-255-9866












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To PLAGE AN AD cALL CLAssIFIED• 541-385-5809

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~ Expansive northeasterly views of the Ochoco Mo untains and Pilot Butte

• .29 of acre lot in Rivers Edge ~ This homesite offers 120 feet in w i d t h

providing opportunity for many design options

• Near river trail, golf, shopping and schools

Call Shelly Swanson, Broker l 541-408-0086

• Only 7 minutes from downtown • Tetherow is a planned 700 acre community backing tonational forest and is the perfect home base for discovering the best of Central Oregon from biking and

hiking, rafting and kayaking or dining and shopping Contact Brian for more information or a private tour. www. C all Brian add, rinapal roker, irector o o t

New Master-Planned Townhoma Development in Midtown! • 3 bedroom townhomes starting at $252,500 • 4 units now under construction • Price includes custom level finishes with full landscaping, slab quartz countertops and energy efficient construction • Locationsupportsthe active Bend lifestyle with easy access to parks, trails, river and downtown

a l es

Csll Biisn Ladd, Piincipal Brokerl 541-408-3912

• • I •


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$'1 ]

Call Shelly Swanson, Broker l 541-408-0086

541408-3912 l brian©


• • v

• This desirable single level home is located in Mountain High • Spacious open floor plan with wonderful golf course views • The living room features large view windows and cozy gas fireplace. • The kitchen is light and bright with a wonderful breakfast nook/sitting area • Expansive outdoor living space is perfect for entertaining MLS¹20131118



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• Don't miss this stunning end unit townhome in NW Crossing - hasonly beenusedasasecond home •Lotsofupgradeshave beenadded to makethisawarm inviting home for the demanding buyer, 2220SF • Master on mainlevel, 2 nice sizedbdrms &full bath upstairs •Home hasamplestorage and anice oversized 2-cargarage •NW Cross ing hasnice parks,easyaccessto schools& downtown MLS¹201311030 2499 NW Crossing

11 Unit Apartment Complex Near St. Charles • Great rental history • Terrific investment

• 90% occupied MLS¹201310762

I Kel y Horton, Bro er 541-5 - 16

Call Mary tratton, Bro er, Rl 541-41 -6

I Ia

• Master bedroom opens to balcony • Built-in sound system inside & out MLS¹201401757



Call CJ Neumann, Broker 541-410-3710 or Lisa Lamberto, Broker 541-610-9697•


Carmen Ann ook, Licensed Oregon Broker l 5414806491 carmsell

• Stunning Shevlin Ridge one level home, large 3-car garage • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 3456 SF • Mountain inspired custom home • Upscale popular neighborhood • Gorgeous craftsmanship • Large kitchen, living space • Expanded deck & landscaping for rear privacy MLS¹201310941 Call Brian Ladd, Principal Broker l 541-408-3912

• Handcraftedcherry cabinets, bookcases, mantle & entertainment center • Box beam ceilings

home w/ lovely finishes • Open floor plan w/ spacious kitchen & great rm, living, & main level master suite • Oversized 3 car garage w/shop & storage! • Views of Rivers Edge Fairway, the 13th tee & mtns •Enjoythe privatedecking& m anufactured gardens. • Directions: Mt. Washington to Fairway Heights Dr. MLS¹201308552

• •

• 2606 SF, 3 bed, 2.5 baths

• Enloythis beautifulcustom

• •


• 135 acres • Great getaway or full-time l II ' ~ residence • Quality lodge/chalet style home •Expansivemountainand lakeviews • Miles of horseback and hiking trails on National Forest • Big game and waterfowl, hunting, fishing, birding, backpacking, etc. • Guesthouse,lar esho, rassrunwa Call Ron Davis, Principal Broker 541-4 - 6

a • •

• • •

• 3672 SF on1.04irrigated acres • 4 bedrooms, 3 & 2half baths • 5-car garage • Backs USFS land • The only HOAapproved fenced backyard in Widgi Creek • Top quality finishes andthe utmost privacy • A must see! Call Silvia Knight, Broker, ABR, SFR,GREEN 541-7884861 l bandluxuryhomasC!

• • •


• 4 beds, 5 baths, 4517 SF H ~ ~ • 180 degree views of Deschutes River, meadows & National Forest • Perfect for entertaining, home features dual everything from dishwashers to stereo systems • Vaulted great room, formal dining, main level master suite, office & indoor jacuzzi • Upstairs includes 2 more bedrooms & expansive loft with wet bar • Sold furnished er invento MLS¹201308496 Deb Tebbs, Broker/President l 5414194553 debtebbsgroup@ l


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wa sriili «pt'i¹iw t i,~~

• New construction on level 1+ Acre lot • Stunning Northwest style w/high end finishes • Open great room floor plan, comfortable yet elegant • Mastar+ Dan on main level, 3 additional bedroomsup • Oversized 3-car garage ¹i 3 outdoor living areas • Gated community w/tennis courts, clubhouse & trails MLS¹201303701

• Unparalleled masterpiece designed by Neil Huston • Home takes full advantage of the views • Gorgeous stone and wood accents • Soaring windows capture the light • .96 acre lot with expansive views • 3 bedroom, 4.5 bath, 4525 SF MLS¹201307713

• 563 acres with Cascade Mtn views • 368 acres irriqated from "Blg Bertha Well" 3 pivots, 7 wheel lines • Crops include winter wheat, turf and seed crops • Improvements include: 1578 SF country home, office, 3720 SF shop/machine shed • Property is seven legal lots - additional building sites available • Productive & income producing farm-call for details MLS¹201300346

• • • • • •

7991 SF 2.8 acres with 400' of private river frontage 800 SF guest cabin 4 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, indoor lap pool River & golf front property Adjacent 3.49 acre lot available at $799,000

Sandy Kohlrnoo, Broker, GRI, CRSl 541-408-4309

Call The Norma DuBois and Julie Moe Team,

Call Psm Msyo Phillips, Principal Brokerl 541-480-1513

Call Brian Ladd, Principal Brokerl 541-408-3912

Brokers l 541-312-5151 www &

Awbrey Park Home ( $679,000

1265 NW Remarkable Dr. ( $750,000

Close to Town Country Living ( $815,000

Located on Mirror Pond! ( $1,299,000

• Master on main, 4 bedroom, 3 full baths • Gourmet kitchen w/eatlng bar • Lower level entertainment area • Private yard, nothing can be built below • M ountain views • Attached 3-car garage '"' MLS¹201401383


Call Carol Osgood/Korren Bower, Brokers 541-504-3839





e •


10 NW Drake Rd.


• Stones throw from downtown Bend • Elegant finishes,

3 bedrooms, 4 baths • Remodeled down to studs in 2006 MLS¹201306173 Call for a Personal Tour!

Call Bobby Lockrem, Broker l 541-480-2356

Call Jodi Kearney, Broker l 541-693-4019




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• 4 bed, 3 bath, 3381 SF • 10 irrigated acres w/wheal line • Cascade views • Shop1-2car garaga+ office & den • Shop 2 - 5 cargarage • 2 ponds MLS¹201308637

Call Chris Sulak, Broker l 541-350-6164

• •

• Remarkab leAddress... Rem arkableView • 3524SF,4bed,3bathhomesitsontopof the world witha180degreeviewoIthe CentralOregonHighDesert • Traverilneentryleadsupto expansiveviews • Kitchen w/cherrycabinetry &aformal diningarea • Outsideiswrap-aroundfront deck • Masteronmain level withsoakertub • Downstairarea s withbar area • 3-cargarage,fencedbackyardw/hottub



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Beautiful Neighborhood ~ $160,000

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2810 NW 9thLane, Redmond / $184,900 • Great homelocated in NWRedmond • Home isona LARGElotwithtons of room

• TerriFiclot in AwbreyRoad Heights • Great proximity to downtown • Build yourdreamhome • .2acrelot • 619 NW Powel Butte Lp

Lot in Supep Hot Tetherow / $212 ppp Lot 33 on Cozy Dryer Couk • Flat, easy to build lot is tucked into the eastern edge of Tetherow, called The Glen, allowing for privacyand quiet but close enough to all the amenities Tetherow has to offer • Tetherow community is more than an award winning golf course, it offers open spaces, miles of trails and direct access to Deschutes National Forest just minutes from downtown Bend! MLS¹201310156

•3 bedroom,2.5 bath located close to schools,shopping, parksand



• All 3 bedrooms are located upstairs • Kitchen and living room haveagreat open feel to it • Call Erika todayfor a showing! MLS¹201401200

Call Erika Stratton-Sanzone, BrokerI 541-280-8388

Call Chris Sulak, Broker I 541-350-6164



Chalet Style Near Sunriver ( $249,000

Quail Pine Estates ~ $282,000

17940 Parkway Lane ( $350,000

Call Ken Renner, Principal BrokerI 541-280-5352

• Completeremodelincluding kitchen, bathrooms, floo/ing paint(interiorj, decks • A/C and wired for hottub • large greatroom,woodburningstove, high ceilings • Openkitchenareawithbreakfasthar • Masterbedroomwith sitting area&deck • I/2 acrelandscapedlotwith sprinklers, 2-csrattachedgarage • Commu nity clubhousew/river access&park • Additionalinfoatwww,sunriverdreamcom

• GreatSW Bend location • Nicely treed lot and neighborhood • Single level with great room layout

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• Vaulted ceilings • Fenced yard • 3 bed, 2 bath, 1495 SF



Beautiful Home Near Old Mill District / $249,000 61402 Merriewood Ct.

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• • ;• • •

3 bedroom, 2.5 bath on corner lot Minutes to the Old Mill District Large living room with gas fireplace Large dining area Oversized 2-car garage with plenty of space for storage • Impressive inside and out MLS¹20140004B

Call Chris Sperry, Principal BrokerI 541-749-8479

22899 Alfalfa Market Rd. ( $350,000

• Permitted GP Building w/livlng quarter/loft

• Single level, 2202 SF • 3 bed, 2.5 bath, plus bonus

• Bath, laundry area, septic, well & pumphouse • RV hookups inside & out, 100 amp breaker in shop • Great location between Sisters & Bend

room & office • 4.07 acres w/2.5 acres COI Irrigation • 1200 SF shop, plus a 2-car attached garage • Quiet, private setting • Partial mountain views! MLS¹20140175B

• Build your dream home while you live in loft area or your RV • MLS¹201105898

- tdv asf

Call Kelly Winch, Broker l 541-390-0398

The Norma DuBois and Julie Moe Team, Brokers

Call Joanne McKee, BrokerI 541-480-5159

Call Jordan Grandlund, Principal BrokerI 541420-1559

541-312-4042 I

Peaceful Sunriver Location ( $439,900

60481 Snap Shot Loop ~ $469,750

19664 Aspen Ridge Dr. ( $499,900

Custom Pahlisch Built ( $489,000

• New construction,luxurytownhome • 4bedroom,3.5bathroom • 2540 SF &2-car attachedgarage • Granite, hardwood &tile throughout

• 17613 (¹10)SparksLane,Sunriver • 4 bed/2.5 bath,2305SF •Decksonlevelsand lotsofpaved parking area • Charming greatroomdesign • Lava rockfireplace, vaulted wood ceiling • Close to SHARC aquatic & the


• Stunning RenaissanceHome • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 3-car gal'age • 3354 SF on a .24 acre lot • Finest of finishes > • Gourmet kitchen • Open & bright floor plan • Large outdoor living • Community pool & park Call Melanie Maitre, Broker ABR, SRES, ePRO 541-480-4186 I

On the Rim Whychus Creek "Sisters" ( $645,000

Brand New Construction In Tetherow

• Easy living inapark-like setting • Ownerprivilegesat Seventh Mountain Resort • Next to WidgiCreek&theDeschutes

RiverTrail MLS¹201307670


Call Jordan Grandlund, Principal Broker 541%20-1559 or Stephanie Ruiz, Broker

Call Greg Barnwell, Broker I 541-848-7222

Stones Throw to River ( $525,000 • • • • • • •

Dramaticfoyer & living area Exquisite master suite 3346 SF Beamed cathedral ceilings & loft 4 bedrooms, 2 full, 2 half baths Beautiful extensive decks Top end hot tub

•Customhome,3 bed,2.5 bath • Single level 2773SF • Open floor plan w/upgrades • Stunning views, 2.5 acres • Large backdeck • Oversized 2-cargarage MLS¹201310275

• 26 Siskin Lane


Call Greg Barnwell, Broker I 541-848-7222

Call Rod Hatchell, Broker I 541-728-8812


60868 Yellow Leaf • Shop/RV garage • 5 bedroom • No HOA's • Close to CE Lovejoy's Shopping Center • Priced to sell MLS¹201401095



•Cascade Mountainviews! •ChristianGladuDesignhomeand TimberlineConstruction collaborated to designthisspacious&efficient homeinTetherowGolf Club •Homepositoned forpassivesolar gainsand2ndfloor viewsof Cascades •Currentlyunderconstructionand slated tobecompletethissummer! Call formoredetails! Call Shelly Swanson, BrokerI 541-4084086

Call or text Jane Flood, BrokerI 541-350-9993

3129 NW Colonial Drive ( $748,000 Beautifu l3107 SF custom Prairie Style home on a .64 acre lot Mt. Hood, Jefferson, Eastern mtns. Bi City views

Slab granite, hardwood floors & windows galore Lovely wrap-around cedar deck Don't miss this incredible home!

Call Natalie Vandenborn, BrokerI 541-508-9581 Nvandenborn¹¹gmail .com

18815 Peony Place ~ $980,000 • Beautiful custom Widgi Creek home • 3 suites, master on each


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• •


• Slab granite, hardwoods, stainless steel appliances • Overlooks the 6th green and pond • Triple car garage



Call Natalie Vandenborn, BrokerI 541-508-9581 Nvandenborn¹¹gmail .com

Stunning North Rim Home ) $1,550,000 3412 NW Greenleaf Way • 4 bed, 4.5 bah, 5294 SF • Chef's dream kitchen

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with Dacor & Thermador

appliances • 1 acre with mountain views • Big media/bonus room • Heated floors :'--.«" ' • 3-car garage with workshop MLS¹201310071

Call Susie Helfer, Broker, GRII 541-410-3114 www.


• Hard to find 4 bdrm, 2.5 bath • O pen, spacio us kitchen • Granite counters & island • New stainless appliances • Living room w/gas fireplace • Oversized 2-car garage • Main level office/den

1349 NW 18th Street • 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1159 SF • Triple car garage • Newly remodeled kitchen • Open floor plan vv/vaults • Fenced & fullylandscaped

Call Nicolette Jones, Broker l 541-241-0432

Call Brian Ladd, Principal BrokerI 541-408-3912


61543 Aaron Way • Just completed - end of street • 1872 SF, 3 bed, 2. 5 bath w/loft • Bedrooms, laundry room & large loft up • Hardwood floors, gas fireplace w/bujlt-ins • Great location off Brosterhouse - near shopping,schools and easy access to Old Mill • Adjacent to20' path easement MLS¹201400414 Call Myra Girod, Brokerl 541-815-2400 or Pam Bronson, Broker I 541-788-6767 myra.pamteam©





• Post and beam construction 19919 Powers Road • Spacious formal dining area, north facing office • Passive solar with natural • Oversized & open kitchen area w/breakfast bar and newly gas fireplace finished granite countertops, all stainless appliances • Stained, concrete floors • 2365 SF, 3 bed, 2 bath, crown molding throughout most • Finished basement with of the house guest room • Gorgeous built-in closets in each bedroom I • Craft room with patio • Huge 3-car garage with heated driveway • CaSCade viewS /3 deCkS • Storage shed and big backyard MLS¹201400629 MLS¹201401006 Call Justin M. Lavik, BrokerI 541MO-3064





Ca SiviaKnig t, Bro er,ABR,SFR,Green 541-7884861 bendluxuryhomesegmajkcom

8• •

• 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 3167 SF • Rooftop terrace Cascade View • Gourmet kitchen, built-ins • Walking access to town/trails • Upgrades throughout • 2-car garage, personal elevator

MLS¹201311003 'd i http:ii

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call Brian Ladd, psnspal Brokerl 541-408-s912• brian¹

The Winter SPring Edition of Our Magazine available now on stands or online at

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• 4

• 4 bedrooms (2 main level suites), 3 baths • 3299 SF, .24 acre • One owner custom home with many quality features • Open, inviting great room, additional family room • 3-car tandem garage/2 with storage • Surround sound, radiant in-floor heat, heat pump, central A/C, wired for security. Call for more info!

Call Marcia Hilber, Principal BrokerI 541-312-3641

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Homes with Acreage






Manufactured/ Mobile Homes Spacious family home Two bdrm, 1 bath 720 3 bdrm, on 6.48 acres. $149,900 - Build your Tetherow Lotj $155,000 - Private $50,000 2.16 Acresacres, 1 acre of irricentrally located 8 sq.ft. frame home on with multiple garages, dream home on this P ossible Ow n e r 20784 Valentine, 1998 $299,000 gated c ommunity! gation. Pond, shop a cross f ro m V e r n 1 a c re. D e tached 1183 Crescent Cut- large gently sloping lot • .43 of an acre 20 Acres! Powell Carry! Short walk to 2 bdrm + office (Den), and 1 60 0 s q . f t. Patrick Elem School. 2-car garage, finished Off Rd., Crescent. with views of Mt. Jef- • Overlooking the 13th Butte w/easy acDeschutes R i ver. very open floor plan, house. MLS¹ in Redmond. 2416 sq. pump house for extra $174,900. High Lakes ferson & Mt. Hood; hole cess t o a i r ports, Very private setting. attached double ga 201307143 Cal l ft., 4 bdrm, 2.5 bath, storage. Not far off of Realty 8 Pr o perty also adjacent to the • Cascade views shopping, r e cre- Enjoy c o mmunity rage, turn key and • MLS 2809519 Travis L. Hannan, extra large B o nus Hwy 31. $ 105,000. Management walking trail and pond. ation. Al l C e ntral amenities of g o lf, move-in co n dition. PC, Principal BroRoom! Large Master MLS 201401070 541-536-0117 Easily accessible on Deborah Benson PC, Oregon has to offer. fishing, swimming & $56,550. ker 541-788-3480 b edroom w/h u g eCascade Realty, Den- 1296 sq. ft. home and the corner of HighBroker, GRI, Well, septic feasibilmore. MLS Cascade Village Redmond RE/MAX closet 8 double sink nis Haniford, Princ. 28x48 shop with two land View Loop 8 Preview Specialist ity done. Ready for 201303502Homes N.W. LLC Land & Homes vanities in the master Broker 541-536-1731 T rail C r eek. M L S 541<80-6448 your dream home. Call Charlie or 12' overhead doors on 541-388-0000 Real Estate bath! Light & bright ¹201400392 MLS¹201303502 Virginia, Principal 4.28 acres adjoining 7 Eagle 756 1980 sq.ft. home, newly 54'I -771-7786 kitchen w/ eating bar Crest Properties Call Charlie or Brokers miles of public land. 866-722-3370 son County Homes updated kit c hen, that opens to a family Jeffer Virginia, Principal 541-350-3418 $144,900. 201301345 $430,000 - Ultimate fenced/gated, h u ge room, formal dining & Brokers Redmond RE/MAX Call Nancy P opp, 1.71 acres, septic apfamily home, 4 bedbonus room, w/sepaformal living room. Want to move in and Principal 541-350-3418 Land & Homes MORRIS power and room, 3 bath, over 7 rate entrance, natural Extra wide hallways, enjoy life? This Ma- 541-815-8000.Bro k e r, proved Redmond RE/MAX Real Estate REAL ESTATE water at the street. acres, 20x40 heated light. 1-acre. $154,900 large pantry, forced dras home is loaded Crooked River Realty $39,900 ¹201307972 Land & Homes 541-771-7786 IA ~ m l y dy pool. MLS - MLS 201308329 Call air heat 8 A/C, large with upgrades. Well Real Estate Linda Lou Day-Wright. Vacant Lot in Crooked ¹ 201305932 Ca l l 5.5 acres, septic, power Nancy Popp, Princi5780 NW 66th Lane 541-771-7786 patio & fenced back maint. and boasts a 541- 771-2585 Travis L. Hannan, and water installed. pal Broker, 541-815River Ranch $34,500. 10 Acres. 15805 Sixth yard. $199 , 000. large tiled entry way, Redmond. 4 bdrm on 5 Crooked River Realty PC, Principal BroLocated near the en- 8000. Crooked River acres, 40x50 shop, Level & treed build¹201310177 John L. ceiling fans, recessed La Pine, Owner trance of the Ranch. Realty ker 541-788-3480 Scott Rea l E s tate l ighting, l arge l o f t fenced, borders BLM. Fenced acre with water able lot, 1.44 acres. St., Financing available. $119,900 Redmond RE/MAX MLS 541-548-1712 area, a master bdrm $289,000. 541-815-1216 and sewer. $28,500. Enjoy all the ameni- $99,900. Lakes 201104846 Call Linda Land & Homes with w alk-in closet, 5.82 acres 3 bdrm, 2 54700 Wolf St. High ties or ranch living. Realty & High Call a Pro The Jefferson in desirPr o perty Real Estate Lou Day- Wright. 541window co v erings Gai l Realty & Prop- ¹ 201309880. Whether you need a able NW R e dmond throughout. Garage is b ath, 1560 sq . f t . Lakes Management 541-771-7786 771-2585 C r o oked erty Man a gement Day, 5 4 1-306-1018 541-536-0117 neighborhood, single finished with ceiling Large 28x32 sq. ft. River Realty fence fixed,hedges 541-536-0117 Central Oregon Reshop, dble car garage. level, 3 bdrm, 2.5 bath, storage rack and you 16160 SW Dove Rd. What are you Fenced for horses. Acre lots SE Prinev- alty Group, LLC 2020 sq. ft. $297,000. SW R i ver R d . trimmed or a house have great views from Near the entrance of 5 ille. acre corner lot, 7 965 $75 , 000 Wooded acre, w e l l, 6.1 built, you'll find ¹201306374 2.79 acres, near the looking for? the back deck. VA asMtn. views, near Desthe ranch. $279,000 $ 82,500. Ready t o Call Jim Hinton, septic. $22, 9 0 0. chutes River. $79,900 D eschutes Riv e r . professional help in sumable if e l igible. You'll find it in MLS 20130955 541-420-6229 build with wells and 53215 Day Road, La MLS 201205646 $49,000 ¹201009429 The Bulletin's "Call a $124,900 MLS¹ Call Linda Lou paved roads. Pine. High Lakes ReJuniper Realty The Bulletin Classifieds Central Oregon Realty 201304344 Juniper Realty Day-Wright, Broker, Scott McLean, alty 8 Property ManService Professional" Group, LLC 541-504-5393 Heather Hockett, PC, 541-504-5393 541-771-2585 Principal Broker agement Directory Broker, Century 21 Crooked River Realty Lot 16 SW Shad Rd. 541-408-6908 541-536-0117 16535 SW Chinook Dr. 541-385-5809 Country Realty, 541 -385-5809 Sunriver/La Pine Homes Gold 2.7 acres located on a Realty Executives 5.68 acres, R i ver 8479 SW High Cone 541-420-9151 The Bulletin v iews, owner w i l l paved street. Mt. Jef 864 sq.ft. shop w/heat, Drive. Large 4 bdrm, 2 $97,000 - 2.59 acres. $754,900 - Knockout 1303 Elk Dr - $182,500. To Subscribe call 757 carry. $225,000 MLS ferson & Smith Rock RV pad w/dump, 3 mountain vi e w s! Quality thru-out. 4 bath located in the Ready t o bu i l d. 541-385-5800 or go to $58, 5 00. 201106408. Juniper views. heart o f Cr o o ked MLS¹201100751 3863 sq.ft. custom Crook County Homes bdrm, 2 bath beautibdrm, 2224 SF. High MLS¹ 201208266 Realty 541-504-5393 home. Office, outRiver Ranch on 1.20 Call Travis L. Hanfully appointed home. Lakes Realty & Prop- Large Prineville Home. acre. Wonderful outJuniper Realty buildings and shop. Enclosed garden, with 541-504-5393 Man a gement 2290 sq.ft. home with door area for enter- nan, PC, Principal You won't find another 16685 SW Chinook Dr. MLS¹ 2 0 ' I 106428 erty Broker ac r e s with raised beds. "Dyna541-536-0117 acres lot like this one. 6.9 Call Charlie or Virkitchen island, wood taining or r e laxing. 541-788-3480 This lot ha s b e en Crooked River and Lot 1, Mustang Road in mite" Cascade views. ginia, Principal Bro- 145055 Birchwood burning fir e place, Oversized 2-bay shop Redmond RE/MAX completely groomed Smith Rock v iews, Crooked River Ranch, One acre. $139,900 kers 541-350-3418 $49,950. Nice 840SF, soaking tub, and a 2 w ith s t orage a n d Land & Homes ca r ry. 5.11 acre corner lot MLS 201309296 with a fence, gravel owner w il l Redmond RE/MAX 2 bdrm, new w ell. car garage. $175,000. plenty of room to keep Real Estate $189,000 MLS on paved street with Nancy Popp, Principal driveway, fire pit, and L and & Hom e s High Lakes Realty 8 Scott McLean, the toys out of t he 541-771-7786 201008671. Juniper mtn. views. $95,000. Broker 541-815-8000 benches to enjoy the Real Estate Property M a n age- Principal Broker weather. $ 1 43,000. Crooked River Realty MLS 201310051 Broken Top j $269,000 evening fire, log cabin Realty 541-504-5393 541-771-7786 mls 201300653 ment 541-536-0117 541-408-6908 Juniper Realty, look alike s t orage • .45 acre lot $300,000 This 64-acre FACTORY SPECIAL Juniper Realty, Realty Executives 541-504-5393 shed has also been irrigated Culver prop• Backs non-developNew Home, 3 bdrm, Adorable Cottage in the 146532 Old C abin 541-504-5393 $160,000. 3 bdrm, 2 built. Great lot for RV Heights. $ 1 24,900. 762 ment zone erty has e xpansive Lot 21 SW Chipmunk $46,500 finished bath, heat pump, hot Great horse property, 4 use. Just off of paved • Flat terrain on your site. Arched e n t ryways, Cascade M o u ntain Homes with Acreage in CRR. 5.16 level stall loafing shed with • MLS 201400288 road. $47,500. MLS views. This is a rare Rd, J and M Homes oak hardwood floor- tub. High Lakes Reacres, with 2 storage 201309821 541-548-5511 ing, large lot w/RV ac- alty & Property Man- Motivated Seller! Nice auto watering, opens Brandon Fairbanks, find with both building s heds. Partial m t n fenced area, apCascade Realty, Den- qualifications and a Broker, SRES, cess, 3 bdrm, 1 bath, agement 3 bdrm ranch- style to Landscaped with lots of view. community wa541-536-0117 40x80 shed for nis Haniford, Broker GRI, CDPE 1227 sq. ft., 500 sq. ft renewable lease with ter installed. $60,000 trees is where you will house with a nice floor prox. hay or what have you. 1-541-536-1731 b asement. MLS ¹ 14746 C a mbium 541-383<344 the current farm tenfind this 4 bdrm mfd plan, country kitchen, Fenced and c r oss ¹201300800 201308245. Vicci Bo- $110,000. 3 bdrm + ant. MLS¹201307637 nice brick fireplace, fenced with m a ny h ome. Has a l a k e 773 Juniper Realty wen 541-410-9730 Eagle Crest den, multiple o u t- nestled on 4+ acres view where you can 541-504-5393 Acreages Central Oregon Realty buildings. High Lakes Powell Butte q u iet s eparate areas. 2 Properties j ust si t b ac k a n d bdrm, 2 bath with skyGroup, LLC 866-7223370 Realty 8 Pr o perty country lane. Fenced, FIND IT! watch th e w i l dlife. lights, walk-in closets, P rime p r operty a t MORRIS corral, shed, s hop dining area with built Home has newer viSUY IT! 3.18 acres g randfaCharming home on a Management Crooked River Ranch 541-536-0117 area, along with stor- in hutch. Large living REAL ESTATE n yl w i ndows, i n SELL ITr very large .51 acre lot with Cascade views! thered in. Septic and age rooms. 2 acres ir- room and wood stove. watering sysl~ y~ ~ Oy d in. Close to schools & 151628 Hackamore Property i s com w ater o n t h e l o t , The Bulletin Classifieds ground rig., mtn and Smith tem, 10x12 storage power at the road. shopping centers in Custom 1325 sq. ft. $179,900 MLS Need help fixing stuff? pletely fenced. Cor Rock views. Local b uilding & 8 x4 0 f t wor k 2012 0 8989 SE Bend Acreage j 201108032. Cascade Call A Service Professional ner lot, near firehall. MLS Redmond. 3 bdrms, 2 h ome wit h cargo container. $24 4 ,900. small Powell Butte $79,900. Call Linda baths, good condition. shops. Realty, Dennis Hani$189,900 $79,900. MLS¹ find the help you need. School. Cen- ford, Princ. Broker $79,500. MLS Lou Day- W right• 9.95 acres G arage has b e e n High Lakes Realty & Charter 20140064. Call Linda 201305511 Cascade 541-771-285 Crooked • Mountain views M a nage- tral location commut- 541-536-1731 converted to l i v ing Property Lou Day-Wright. 541ing distance to Bend, Realty, Dennis Hani• Borders 190 acres C r o oked River Realty space. $189,900. ment 541-536-0117 Prineville & Redmond. Lake Front P roperty Central Oregon, Prinev- 771-2585 ford, Princ. B roker ¹201308901 John L. 1 5924 Jackpine R d . River Realty public land ille. Grandfathered-in with Bre a t htaking a bad package at 541-536-1731 The Bulletin's • MLS 201311050 Scott Rea l E s tate $40,000 2 bedrooms, Not $ 279,900! 1052 5 Views! $89 5 ,000. one acre building sites 20+ ACRES in West "Call A Service Greg Miller PC, 541-548-1712 near town on .94 acre. F leming Rd. Cal l Remodeled in 2006. on paved dead end Powell Butte Estates, Professional" Directory Broker, CRS, GRI High Lakes Realty & Heather Hockett, PC, Loft area, spacious road. Ideal summer gated Mfd./Illlobile Homes Creekside Townhomeco m munity, is all about meeting 541-408-1511 Property M a n ageretreats for snowbirds master suite, 3 fireBroker, Century 21 mtn. views, private 1871 sq ft, 3 b e d- ment 541-536-0117 with Land or year round living. Gold Country Realty, places, 4 bedrooms, 2 your needs. rooms, 2.5 bath, awewell, paved roads with 541-420-9151 bathrooms, 4500 sq ft Power & water, wild- access t o BLM. some location on the 15951 Tallwood Ct 3 bdrm, 2 bath mobile Near to mtns, riv- $169,000 Call on one of the creek, upgrades ga- $214,900. 3 bdrm, 3 16751 SW Dove Rd. in on 6.8 acres. MLS¹ life. MLS home for sale or rent. ers & lakes. 6 miles to 2 01400129. Dav i d professionals today! 201305077. lore, main level mas- bath, bonus r oom, CRR, One level 2500 Private, along COI caMORRIS hospital & shop- Pam Lester, Principal shop. High Lakes Re- sq. ft. c ustom log Franke, 541-420-5986 new ter. $254,900. nal. 541-389-2636 ping. $34,500. Terms. 32.42 Acres in Urban REAL ESTATE Central Oregon Realty alty & Property Man- home on 4.9 acres. B roker Century 2 1 Lynn Johns, Principal For sale by owner. Growth Bo u ndary, l~ ~ ~ dyy m d Cute as can be 2 bdrm, Group, LLC Gold Country Realty, Broker, 541-408-2944 agement Floor to ceiling win 541-350-4077 Adjacent t o The 2 bath, extra building 541-536-0117 Inc. 541-504-1338 Central Oregon dows with views of the Large home with guest Views! Views! Views! Greens, kitty corner to out back. LandscapResort Realty Mtns. Hickory hard quarters. 4bdrms, 3 Hager Mountain Estates 13601 SW Canyon Dr. new Ridgeview High $149,900. Flat, open, ing and much more! 1 6045 Strawn R d wood & t ile f loors, baths, on 5.27 acre 4 lots, $25,000 each lo- 1.13 acres in CRR, School. buildable 9.7 acres in $73,000. 2 bdrm, 1 $7 5 0 ,000. MLS 20' I 303383. Culver! 10y Acresin Silver Lake. Butte. $120,000. bath, .84 acre, ready gourmet kitchen incl. horse property fenced cated Mt. Jefferson views, MLS ¹ 201 2 03193 Powell MLS Set-up for horses, Underground power cherry cabinets, gran and x-fenced, shop for TLC. High Lakes owner w il l c a r ry. Pam Lester, Principal ¹201310923. D a v id 201303383. Linda Lou 3-stall barn, numerand conduit for phone ite counters, farmers area with s t orage. Franke, 541-420-5986 & Pr o perty ¹201106385 Broker, Century 21 Day-Wright Broker ous o u t buildings, Realty and internet. Views of $58,500 sink and stainless ap $369,900. Call Gail Management Juniper Realty Gold Country Realty, Central Oregon Realty 541-771-2585 guest quarters & Hager Mountain. Seppliances. The stacked Day 541-306-1018 541-536-0117 Group, LLC 541-504-5393 Inc. 541-504-1338 Crooked River Realty more. tic feasibility for stanrock w o o d-burningCentral Oregon Realty MLS¹201305577 dard system. The fireplace is perfect for Group, LLC Call Charlie or Need to get an ad area is a spor!sman's these chilly days. ¹201401229 Virginia, Principal paradise. $499,999 ¹201208751 Near Smith Rocks, gorin ASAP? Brokers Bobbie Strome, Juniper Realty, geous 3 bdrm, 3 bath, 541-350-3418Redm Principal Broker 541-504-5393 sq.ft. $694,000 ond RE/MAX Land John L Scott Real Fax It to 541-322-7253 Overlooking C rooked 3880 ¹ 201300784. Cal l Estate 541-385-5500 & Homes RealEsRiver Gorge, Im Linda Lou Day-Wright. tate 541-771-7786 The Bulletin Classifieds maculate home on the 541- 771-2585 Crooked Half acre commercial lot near Sunriver near E agle C r ee k Go l f r im features a s pa River Realty Course Chalet - 1447 16565 Beesley Pl cious & open great New carpet & p a int store, restaurant and other bu s i nesses. sq ft, 3 bedrooms, 2 $209,000. 3 bdrm, 2.5 room design, a large eady to move i n . Now only $45,000. baths, new hardwood bath, 1800 sq.ft., 2 car bonus room with a full rQuiet location 3 bdrm, Scott McLean, floors & heat pump, garage. High Lakes bath, a spacious mas 2 bath on 5.16 fenced Principal Broker double car garage. Realty & l a r g e gu e s t acres. Private well, Pr o perty t er, 541-408-6908 18th Fairway of the bdrms, newer paint, close to golf course. Management Realty Executives Ridge Course, 541-536-0117 carpet and flooring in $185,000. 6760 SW $269,000. side and new exterior B uckskin, in C R R . NW Bend Lot j Lynn Johns, Principal 1715 Mare C ourt paint, a circular drive, $149,000 Broker, 541-408-2944 $145,000. 1809 sq. ft., immac. landscaping MLS 201310512. • .37 acre lot 3 large bdrms, 30x60 with irrigation system, Juniper Realty, Central Oregon • Possible Smith Rock & 541-504-5393 shop. High Lakes Re- a fenced and irrigated Resort Realty alty & Property Man- garden area, chicken New listing! Country sgl Mtn views • Near community colagement Eagle Crest Resort coop, attached ga level 3 bdrm, 2 bath lege 1792 sq ft Desert Sky 541-536-0117 rage with shop space, home on 5 acres and MLS 201401078 Home - Cascade 2 bdrm, 2 bath, 2-car central heat, pellet is newly painted in- •Carolyn Priborsky PC, Mountain views, ga- garage, 2.3 a c res, stove and exc. pri side & out. New floor Broker, ABR, rage wit h s t orage 146504 Bills Road. vacy. $260 , 000 coverings, va u lted FOr 27 yearS, EVergreen haSfOCuSed On PurChaSe buSineSS, So We CRS, GREEN above, 2 b e droom, $79,900. High Lakes ¹201308441 living room ceiling and 541-383%350 2.5 bath, large bonus Realty 8 knOW a thing Or two abOut the unique needS Of real eState John L. Scott Real even wire shelving in room, luxury upgrade Management Pr o pertyEstate 541-548-1712 the closets and panPrOfeSSiOnalS and homebuyerS. package in c ludes 541-536-0117 Db. attached ga14198 SW Nine Peaks try. h ardwood & sl a t e rage with opener ha That'S Why We'Ve deVelOPed an infraStruCture With SyStemS and flooring, granite tile 4 bdrm/2 bath, 1755 sq. Pl., CRR Mtn. views lots of s pace a nd MORRIS 1 . 2 7 a c r e. from this 1960 sq. ft., shelves. Fairly seculkitchen counters, Al- f t. o n PrOCedureS that allOW uS to quiCkly PrOCeSS lOanS So that We CIOSe REAL ESTATE der cabinetry, ceiling $79,000 52360 Whis- 3 bdrm., 2 bath home ded but close to town, fans & more. HOA p ering Pines H i gh on 1.16 acre. 936 sq. raised garden beds, dy ~ ~ ~ d On Time and aS PrOmiSed'. In faCt, Our entire PlatfOrm iS dues include most Lakes Realty & Prop- ft. garage has a shop large corral, pig pen Residential engineered to CIOSe PurChaSe tranSaCtiOnS in 14 dayS". Man a gement area plus 2 bays. RV and chicken coop, exterior maintenance erty Building Lots covered storage & & all landscaping. All 541-536-0117 too! $259,900, 4055 • Marsh Hawk Rd .48 $12 9 ,500 NE Walnut, Redmond. resort amenities are 5 1325 E v ans W a y . carport. acres OWWII, paved Teamwork, strength and focus: that's what included w/ownership. 1836 sq.ft., 1.12 acre, MLS 201208272 Heather Hockett, Bro- s treet, $49,5 0 0 Juniper Realty, $259,500. you get when you work with Evergreen. city utilities. $235,000. ker, 54 1 - 420-9151 MLS¹201103380 541-504-5393 Lynn Johns, Principal C entury 2 1 Gol d • Lost Ponderosa Rd., Lakes Realty 8 Broker, 541-408-2944 High Property M a n ageLook at: Country Realty. La Pine 1 . 0 acres Central Oregon ment 541-536-0117 Jct. p aved Sgl. story 3 b drm, 3 Wickiup Resort Realty $50, 0 0 0. for Complete Listings of 51375 Evans Way bath 1680 sq. ft. home street, MLS¹201310270 Forest Greens Town- $65,000. A- f r ame,Area Real Estate for Sale on 4 acres with 3 acre • Marsh Hawk Rd .51 home - 1484 sq ft, 3 outbldgs, RV hook-up. state w ater r i ghts acres OWWII, paved ;„, 4d bedrooms, 2.5 bath, High Lakes Realty & 1 45241 Corral Ct. La Updated home w/vi dx"&Stq Pine, 3/2, 1620 sq.ft., $59,900 great room floor plan, Property M a nage- mfd home on 1.65 nyl windows, carpet St, MLS¹201301'I 16 fully furnished w/hot ment 541-536-0117 and laminate floors, acre, shop. $139,900. F/A furnace, A/C heat • Auklet Dr .49 acres, tub. Golf course set52571 Doe Lane, La High Lakes Realty & pump and wood stove c leared & rea d y , Kevin Pangle LindaFisher-Berlanga Brad Haun Lisa Hawes ting. $227,900 Pine, 850 sq. ft. 1.13 Property M a n age- heat. Trex deck, com $64,500 NMIS 89521 NMLS210118 NMLS221546 NMLS404405 Lynn Johns, Principal acre, RV pole barn. ment 541-536-0117 MLS¹201307999 Broker, 541-408-2944 piete u n d erground Clyde Browning, $94,500. High Lakes 152671 Long PrairieCentral Oregon sprinkler system, pri Realty & Pr o perty Principal Broker, Resort Realty $ 249,000. 4 b d r m, vate well and 1600 sq. 541-480-4520 Management ft. shop plus 1080 sq. 3.55 a cres, h o rse 541-536-0117 Eagle Commercial Large Bonus Room ft. barn. Fenced and barn, arena. H igh Real Estate $223,900. L ot s o f 61746 Rock View Lakes Realty 8 Prop- x-fenced. $379,000. natural light. 4 Bdrm, $99,700. Home, shop, erty ¹201400236 Ridge At Eagle Crest j Man agement 2d/~ Bath, spacious super clean! H i gh 541-536-0117 John L. Scott Real $119,900 rooms, freshly Lakes Realty & PropEstate 541-548-1712 • .38 acre lot painted. Dual p an- erty Ma n agement1.56 acres, 1620 sq.ft. • Views to north and 771 MarkLong WendyPangle Sheryl Rhoden Tastefully done spatries. Call Jim Hinton, 541-536-0117 east 541-420-6229, Cencious home sitting on NMLS208965 NMLS208295 NMLS 221299 Lots • Close to upper aththe CR rim, dble gatral Oregon Realty New Construction in letic facility Sunriver - Rare op- rage with a ttached$25,000 - $65,000. • MLS 201307552 Group, LLC TWO lOCatiOnS SerVing all of Central OregOn p ortunity to ow n a tack room and horse S pectacular lots i n Greg Floyd PC, Broker Roomy single l evel brand new home in stall. Located off a Yarrow subdivision, 541-390-5349 home on a large lot in Sunriver in a superb paved road. $229,000 the newer developStonehedge in Red- location which backs MLS 201309151 ment in the east hills mond. Open floor plan to a large common Linda Lou Day-Wright. 685 SE 3rd Street, Bend, OR 97702 Iv!L-3Z3-I0 of Madras. Very near with vaulted l iving area. 5 bedrooms, 4.5 541- 771-2585 the new aquatic Cenroom Plus a family b aths, 2700+ sq f t . Crooked River Realty ter, middle school and MORRIS room, kitchen fea- Open, roomy a nd COCC campus. Home REAL ESTATE tures plenty of cabin- bright Great Room 1643 Yoke Rd. 2188 sq. ID YARROW Eagle etry, eating counter, floor plan with three ft. home on 10 acres, Crest l~ y~ ~ Oy d 220 NW Meadow Lakes Drive, Prineville, OR 97754 Iv!L-3z3-S Prop e rties large pantry, dining master suites and a with 4 0 x60 s h o p. 866-722-3370 Shevlin Commons Lot High area with access to bonus room/loft up- $369,500. j $239,000 the huge back deck. stairs. Granite counter Lakes Realty & Prop- $129,000 - Beautiful • .25 acre lot Man agement golf course lot behind Master bed r o om tops thro u ghout, erty Mountain separation from addi- raised panel wood 541-536-0117 the gates and Eagle • Cascade view tional two bedrooms. doors and plenty of Crest. Half an acre on • Close to Shevlin Park Two offices or hobby wood accents make the fairway of the Re • MLS 201301093 NMLS 3182 rooms. Landscaped the home cozy and sort Course. Owner Don Kelleher, Broker, front and back with well appointed. Exship benefits for this 541-480-1911 fenced back yard that cellent vacation rental gated community in "The If-dayclosedoesnot imply aguarantee ofanykind andonly referencesthe historical servicelevel pevidedbyE venireenon standard has lots of trees for potential. $ 5 99,000 clude access to an FHA,VA,andconforming conventional loans.Assumesexpeditious andcompletecooperation byall partiestothetransact<on. Not all applicaprivacy. Forced air MLS¹201306692 additional private pool 360' View/Top of Butte tions are eligible fora14-dayclose,including but not linvtaI tojumbo loans,renovat<onloans, loansbrokev.dto other lenders,or properties Clyde Browning, & te n ni s cou r t . gas with central air in Terrebonne. Home, requiringrepairs.Notall applicantswil qualily; certainrestrictionsapply. cond. $199 , 900 Principal Broker, MLS¹201400733 shop, mansion building ¹201310177 John L. 541-480-4520 Eagle Crest MORRIS site. 2% to broker. See: ©2014EvergreenHomeLoansisaregisteredtrade nameof EvergreenMoneysourceMortgageCompany' NMLyID3182.Trade/service marks Scott Rea l E s tate Eagle Commercial Properties REAL ESTATE arethepropertyof EvergreenHomeLoans.All rightsreserved.Licensedunder. Oregon Mortgage LendingLicenseML-3213.3/14. 541-548-1712 Real Estate 43508$2905.html 866-722-3370 l &d & dy ~ d~ d Redmond Homes



Redm o nd Homes

S u nriver/La Pine Homes





It's amazing wbat you can do when you really focuson it.



Bend ~ 541-318-5500

Prineville ~ 541-416-7480






$224,900 I CENTRALLY LOCATED • 1796 SF, 3 bed & 2 bath, forced air, AC,Built1999 updated mfg. • Attached double garage

N!II e I


$155,000IHOME ON '6 ACRE I


room • Tranquil wrap arounddeck • This home offers the best of NW Bend living

$299,900 I 3016 CLUBHOUSE, BEND

l i~







• Move-in ready Eagle Crest home! • 4 bed & 3 bath • 2217 SF • Brazilian Cherry wood floors • 0.49 AC lot • Located on 11th green

541-41 0-8557 DAVE DISNEY BROKER

$119,900 I YES, IT'S IN BEND! • 3 bed & 2 bath • On an acre • New carpet & newstove • Built in 1995 • Deck overlooking acre lot!

„ - : - .~ - =-.,-• 1600 SF home, 3bed,

, .:;z- ~

2 bath built in 2004 • 60X40 metal shop & corrals • Ride for miles, 25 minutes to Bend




• 2750 SF home • 4 AC irrigation • Mountain & water views • Superior location • 18380 Pinehurst Road, Bend

space • Mountain views & 1.87 AC of outdoor living • CRR golf, tennis, pool & more

~ ' 541-604-1649 GAILROGERS BROKER



• RV parking, dump & lawn • Large living & dining rooms • Open kitchen with storage • Large bright, utility room & office • 3 car garage with big shop area

• Beautiful 2590 SF log home with private setting • Huge great room & flex


541-420-3891 '' BOBAHERN - BROKER






• Open floor plan • Fresh paint • Granite counters • Two balconies • Detached garage



• Great price & great location • Cute, cozy, updated & move-in ready • 3 bed, 1 bath, great room floor plan • 0.16 AC lot, fenced • Laundry rm, deck, fire pit, garage/shop

$364,900I 19583 ASTERLANE, BEND

• R.D. building & design • New construction • 3553 SF & 42X16RVgarage • 3 bed (2 full) & 2.5 bath, bonus room plus office



• Great home in River Canyon Estates! • 2645 SF • 4 bed & 2.5 bath • Open floor plan • 0.18 AC yard • Triple garage

• 2910 SF • Single level living • Stunning kitchen

• 1 renovated 2 bedcondos • High end finishes • Near COCC & Newport Market • Professionally managed & Well maintained

—. •Two master suites • 0.46 AC fencedlot • Gorgeous openfloor plan I







• 3645 SF custom home

• Custom built home • 2185 SF • 3 bed & 2 bath • Close to lake

on small acreage • Stunning mtn views & easy care property • Commercial green house & pond • Detached office building

• 1.17 AC

• Mountain views • 6134 SW Sundance Lane, Culver

& hobby buddIng

• MLSfr 201401270



$259,000I61168 FOXGLOVE LOOP


• River Canyon Estates townhome • Open floor plan • 3 bed & 2.5 bath • Large fencedbackyard

,I '

$285,000 I DUPLEX

$284,900ITOP OF THE LINE • Full of upgrades & amenities • Great room, family room &aden • Hot tub & located on a cornerlot • 306 NW 29th Street, Redmond

• 2 bed & 1 bath units • Near SageElementary • Free standing gas stoves • Updated roof • RV parking • Corner lot • 2452 & 2486 SW Wickiup Ave, Redmond

$679,000ICUSTOM HOME, SHOP 6 BARN • Corner lot duplex • 2 bed, 2.5 bath units • 100% occupied & professionally managed • Great NE location in pocket neighborhood off Butler Market road

• 2598SF,3bed & 2.5 bath


• Gorgeous mountain views! • 4.85 AC betweenBend& Redmond • Open floor plan & vaulted ceilings • 2.6 AC irrigation, pond & fenced

• Spectacular mountain & Smith Rock views • 39 fenced & cross fenced acres & 38 AC of irrigation • 3 bed, 2 bath home & 1530 SF • 36X48' six stall barn with wood floors • Hay loft & tack room •Two ponds,greenhouse,outbuildings& chickencoop • Hay/livestock pasture


I •


E*p r t l s

You T r u s l I co e ml l m e n t Y o u v • lue


$220,000IVIEW PROPERTY • 5 AC & 2.51 AC COI irrigation • Overlooks Smith Rock

• 2 bed, 2.5 bath units • 100% occupied & Profess ionally managed

'I !

• Upscale neighborhood • Awesome views • 7221 NE Juniper Ridge Road, Redmond


• Unique & spacious floor plans • Large yard • Multi-level living • Bedrooms on separate floors

Patty Dempsey 541-480-5432 Andrea Phelps • 541-408-4770 Cleme Rinehart 541-480-2100 541-480-9883 AUDREY COOK, BROKER


Questions aboutReal Estate? h

• Beautiful 2897 SF home • 4 bed & 2 bath • 2 master suites • Hardwood & slab granite • 28.72 AC irrigated • Great mountain views • 6393 SW Quarry Ave, Redmond

Rinehart, Dempseg EtPhelps

• MLSIf 201400897


• 2900 SF log home • 750 SF log guestcasita • 2.2 AC of privacy • 36X40 RV garage • Access to river & BLM lands • 2510 Rohlfing Circle, La Pine


$169,900 I 623 SE6THSTREET, BEND


$689,900ITUMALO HOME SrULND PACKAGE • 9.84 fenced acres




• Vaulted great room design • 3bed,2bath&1450SF • Tiled floors throughout home • Oversized garage (24X26) • Close to river & forest lands

room • Well designed kitchen

• Off-grid living solar


• 5th fairway in Rivers Edge Village • Near river trails & shopping • Master on main with wa l k-in closets & large master bath • Open great room, loft/ office, 1 bed & bath upstairs

Il )

541-891-9441 DON ROMANO BROKER


• 3 bed, 2 bath & 2963 SF • A wonderful Awbrey Butte home on a flat lot • Well defined rooms • Concrete & butcher block countertops in kitchen • Large upstairs bonus



• Fenced & landscaped • Gated community pool, court & spa



$214,900INEWER ONE LEVEL CRAFTSMAN • Well maintained manufactured home • 3 bed & 2 bath • Living room & family

Callour Bend or Redmond of6ce! We have answers... Available7 days a week


jt II.'4 L


Gii6 I<












' l t




~g®l 'i




' "gi $



• • I •• I III

: • - mmlttjg








fllh "'

vl C

BROKEN TOP j $1,225,000 • 4652 sq.ft, 4 bedroom, 4 bath


• Master on main, theater, office • Built in 2011, on 3rd Green

541-610-7318 • MLS 201400172

SE BEND j $150,000

6 ACRE SIN TUMALO j $675,000

• 4072 sq.ft. • 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath


built YIRGH IRRDSS,BROKER, • 2594 sq.ft. custom ABRCR SGtj EC p ' • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath • Barn, storage building, RVhook-up BRO KER,PREVIEWS 541-480-7501 • MLS 201400839

• 20 acres with views

541-480-6621 • MLS 201301102

RGOp(GRAY BROKER ABR ~ • 541-480-7355

SUNRISE VILLAGEj $610,000 • Redmodeled3705 sq.ft. • 4bedroom,3.5bath ~Office • MLS 201306633


TUMALO HOME/VIEWS! j $624,900 • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 2606sq.ft. • 6 4 acres • HugeCascade Mountainviews

541-815-4786 • MLS 201307561

l . l.

PARKS ATBR OKENTOPj $454+5 JIM &ROXANNE CHENEY , BROKERS 541-390-4050 541-390-4030

• 2245 sq.ft. craftsman • 3 bedroom, 3 bath • Hardwood floors, crownmolding

• MLS 201401385


5 ACRES WITHVIEWSj $439,900 • 2261 sq.ft. Iog home • 2 bedroom,loft, 2 bath


JOHN SHIFFEH,SROKER, MBA,ABR,CRS,GRI 541-312-7213 541-948-9090

• Unobstructed Cascadeviews

541-350-4172 • MLS 201400333

• 1711 sq.ft. furnished cabin • 3 bedroom suites • Granite counters,hardwoodfloors

• MLS 201310654

SUNDANCE f $419,000

2.2ACRE SINNESENDj $39S,DDD LYNNE CONNELLEY • 1967 sq.ft. BROKER CRS • 2 b edroom, 2 bath

1T ROB INSON • 2344 sq.ft, energy efficient • ' 3 bedroom 2 bath BRpKER • 4.1 acres 541-971-5811 • MLS 201401049

• Artist studio/shop

541-408-6720 • MLS 201401494

i .'iiu s

SKYLINER SUMMIT j $3934ND • 2525 sq.ft. • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath



• .11acre lot

541-408-3773 • MLS 201309912


NW BEND f $390,000 • 2062 sq.ft. • 3 bedroom,2.5 bath


• .33acre low maintenaceyard

• 4 bedroom, 3 bath • Landscaped, fenced yard

541-390-3490 • MLS 201308088

• MLS 201401593


BROKENTOP LOTf$320,000 • .65acre culde-saclot • Ca s cade Mountain views • 13th Hole 8 Lake views

541-312-7271 • MLS 201310090

• . I. "~t

SE BEND j $319,900 KARINJOHNSON, • 2496 sq.ft. • 3 bedroom, 3 bath BROKER

• .19acre, fencedyard 541-639-6140 • MLS 201309521

MARK VAL(E S(HINF(', BROKER CRS GRI 541-383-4364 '

NW BEND f$319,500 • 2080 sq ff • 3 bedroom,2.5 bath


MTHHIGH RRUDWCREEKj $31DJRN ' 1894 'q ". • 2 bedroom,large den, 2 bath

BROKER AN ' • Pnvale lot on golf course ALHS,CRS,GRI 541-719-8444 • MLS 201401639

• Covered front porch

• MLS 201401314

if ' ,,

1.36ACRESINLAPINEj $269,900

BROKEN TOP j $269,000

DEBBIE HERSHEY, • .45acre lot zone BROKER , CRS, GRI • Backs non-development • Flatterrain

541-410-4938 • MLS 201306446

541-420-5170 • MLS 201400288



YElLOW JACKETRESERVOIRj $295,DN ROS EMARYGOODWIN, • 1344 sq.ft. cabin BROKER , CERTIFIED • 2 bedroom + loft, I bath • 1.51 acres, near Burns, OR NEGOTITA OR

541-706-1897 • MLS 201310611

NE BENDj $265,000

• 1710 sq.ft. craftsman • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath • Hardwood floors 541-420-7080 • MLS 201401161



• .39acre lot • End of culde.sac location • City waler 8 sewer

541-480-1922 • MLS 201309843


KLAMAT HFAILACREAGEj $2SS,DN • 14.56 acres • Mt Shasta 8 golf courseviews • Culde-sac, backsBLM

• MLS 201400802

1' -'

• 3 bedroom, 2 bath • Near River 1'rail &Old Mil District 541-771-6996 • MLS 201401311


541-322-1500 • MLS 201400429

541 3834334

NE BEND LOTj $53,000 LISAMCCARTHY ' 12 acre cul-de-saclot Alley access BROKER ABR • Utilities at street 541-419-8639 • MLS 201401111


ELKHORN ESTATES j $259,000 • 1364 sq.ft. single level


NE BEND ACREAGE j $239,900

• 19.68 acres • Mt Jefferson views • 15 minutes to medical &shopping 541-480-2966 • MLS 201400819 STEVEFAYER BROKERGRI


s. opportunity ROOKRDICKENS • Turn-key business • 2 bedroom, bath 2 living quarlers BROKER GRI • HWY 97 frontage CRS,ABR 541-815-0436 • MLS 201203037

BROKER,GRI,CRS '4bedioom 2bath • Great room plan SRES



SHERR YPERRIGAN, • 1731 sq.ft., 3 bedroom • Open cathderal great room BROKER • Insulated 3-bay shop


• Private.I 8 acre lot

• MLS 201401365


• SUNRIVERj $119900

IESTE RFRIEDMAHp( • 1328 sq.ft. chalet BROKERABR CSP ' '3bedroom 2bath • .05acre on thepond EPRO,S,TA,R, 541-330-8491 • MLS 201400300


• COMMERC IALBUILDING$1.80/sf PAULAVANVLECK • Excellent visibility

• FOR LEASE $1.25/sf/month ROOIUEDICKENS • Downtown Redmond • 3 rentable spaces BROKER , GRI, • 2007 built CRS ABR 541-815-0436 • MLS 201401320



• 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath • Convenient location

541-948-5880 • MLS 201309261

GIR k v


• .23ocre view lot • RM zoned • Just blocks to downtown

• MLS 201400932

FOR LEASE $6930/month '

• 6300 sq.ft. restaurant

• 28 ft. 8 12 ft. hoods • Busy Bendintersection

541-419-8900 • MLS 201310861



• 2700 sq.ft.

• Bank credit umon or fast food

41-280-7114 • MLS 201310084



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264- Snow Removal Equipment 265 - BuildingMaterials ekl 266- Heating and Stoves ; uf 267- Fuel and Wood 268- Trees, Plants & Flowers 1940'e Bell & How269- Gardening Supplies & Equipment ell Bmm Projector, Model L Design 270- Lost and Found 122. Comes comGARAGESALES plete with hard car275 - Auction Sales rying case, in im280 - Estate Sales maculate condition, $100. Tripod projec281 - Fundraiser Sales tion screen, $100. 282- Sales NorlhwestBend 541-383-1629 284- Sales Southwest Bend 286- Sales Norlheast Bend 288- Sales Southeast Bend 290- Sales RedmondArea 292 - Sales Other Areas FARM MARKET 308- Farm Equipment andMachinery 316- Irrigation Equipment 1940's Cine-Kodak 325- Hay, Grain and Feed Eight Model 60 333- Poultry,RabbitsandSupplies Movie Camera, includes carrying 341 - Horses andEquipment case, instructions 345-Livestockand Equipment and film splicer, $75. 347 - Llamas/Exotic Animals 541-383-1629 350 - Horseshoeing/Farriers 358- Farmer's Column Antique oak ladies rock375 - Meat andAnimal Processing ing chair, beautiful, $125 383- Produce andFood obo. 541-508-1749 208



Mid-Century Unique

Ret a i ler.Minolta QTSI Maxxum Advertise V A CATION Starting ai camera, includes 100- SPECIALS to 3 milHOH'T IISSTHI S $19.99/month (for 12 300mm zoom lens + fil- lion Pacific N o rthmos.) 8 High Speed ters & cas e, $ 1 95. westerners! 29 daily I nternet starting a t Yashica Microtec Zoom newspapers, six DO YOU HAVE $14.95/month (where 90 camera & case, like states. 25-word clasAlderwood SOMETHING TO available.) SAVE! Ask new, $20. 541-383-1629 sified $540 for a 3-day Quiltworks Quilting SELL About SAME DAY In- Minolta X-370 35 mm, a d. Ca l l (916) Frame, locally made FOR $500 OR stallation! CALL Now! 28x70 lens, f l ash. 2 88-6019 o r vis i t in Prineville, easy to 1-800-308-1563 LESS? for the $20. 541-280-1797 use, makes quilting a Non-commercial (PNDC) Pacific Nor t hwest dream! Just add your advertisers may Daily Co n nection. 257 machine to use with place an ad REDUCE YOUR (PNDC) included Handi Musical Instruments with our CABLE BILL!* Get a handles. Manual incl. "QUICK CASH whole-home Satellite Just too many Exlnt shape, only system installed at SPECIAL" collectibles? used to quilt 4 tops, 1 week3lines 12 NO COST and pro$600. 541-549-1273 oi' ramming starting at or 541-419-2160 Sell them in 1 9.99/mo. FRE E ~2 e e k e 2 N HD/DVR Upgrade to Ad must The Bulletin Classifieds F olding c r af t ta b l e include price of new callers, SO CALL w/storage d r awers, NOW el e k e Df 55DD ~ Beautiful Lowrey $30. 541-639-8110 541-385-5809 or less, or multiple 1-866-984-85'I 5. Adventurer II Organ Singer sewing machine, items whose total (PNDC) Absolutely perfect Featherweight II w/case, does not exceed condition, not a 260 foot pedal, manuals, like $500. scratch on it, about Need to get an Misc. Items new, $175. I n C R R, 4-feet wide, does 253-312-0595 ad in ASAP? Call Classifieds at everything! Includes Auto Accident Attorney 541-385-5809 You can place it a nice bench, too. 242 INJURED I N AN www.bendbu!!et! $1600 obo. online at: AUTO A C CIDENT? Exercise Equipment 541-385-5685 Call InjuryFone for a Guns for sale by a free case evaluation. collector. Call for • Chandelier, Piano & bench Lester Never a cost to you. 54$ -885-5809 22" diameter x 17 details: 541-504-1619 Spinet, che r rywood, Don't wait, call now! high, 12 lights, 1970s USA made. $450. 1-800-539-9913. H & H FIREARMS bronze & crystal, 255 541-508-1749 (PNDC) Buy, Sell, Trade, has 6 arms (2 lights Computers Consign. on each arm), Where can you find a Buying Diamonds Across From 2 $300 obo. /Gold for Cash 18 Compaq monitor, like helping hand? Pilot Butte Drive-In Saxon's Fine Jewelers new, not flatscreen, $10. From contractors to 541-382-9352 • Weslo Cadence 541-389-6655 541-548-6642 yard care it 9 all here Treadmill,folds up for easy storage, BUYING Stag Arms AR-15: T HE B U LLETIN r e in The Bulletin 9 Lionel/American Flyer light use, works Model Stag15, quires computer ad"Call A Service trains, accessories. great. $150. vertisers with multiple 5.56/223, Stainless 541-408-2191. 541-923-7491 ad schedules or those Professional" Directory steel barrel. Leselling multiple sysupold Firedot G BUYING & SE LLING 258 Pilates XP297; Pilates tems/ software, to dis3-9X40 Scope, All gold jewelry, silver chair, fluidity bar, call close the name of the Travel/Tickets MagPul PRS and gold coins, bars, for info. 541-408-0846 business or the term buttstock, Hogue rounds, wedding sets, "dealer" in their ads. 2 tickets to High Desert class rings, sterling silgrip, Bipod.$1875 Schwinn heavy duty Private party advertisWild Games f u ndver, coin collect, vin Call 541-410-3568 exercycle, like new! ers are defined as r aising event S a t . tage watches, dental $75. 541-388-0811 those who sell one 3/15, 6-10 p.m. $50 gold. Bill Fl e ming, Taurus PT 140, 40 cal, 4 computer. ea. 541-419-6408. 541-382-9419. 245 mags, holster, 2 maq belt Golf Equipment clip, box of shells, $425. 541-383-7659 CHECK YOURAD Wanted: Collector seeks high quality fishing items & upscale bamboo fly rods. Call 541-678-5753, DISH T V


or 503-351-2746


Visit our HUGE The Bulletin recomhome decor HAVANESE PUPPIES mends extra caution consignment store. AKC, Dewclaws, UTD when purc h as- shots/wormer, Head 8 Footboard, New items non-shed, ing products or serwith wood-grain look, arrive daily! hypoallerqenic, $850 vices from out of the double size has no 541-4890-1277. 930 SE Textron, area. Sending cash, side rails. Could be Bend 541-318-1501 checks, or credit in- Labrador Puppies, $300 repurposed into a garden bench, or a formation may be & $350. 1st shots. vet checked. 541-416-1175 u nique item. U s e subjected to fraud. G ENERATE SOM E your imagination! For more informa- Norwich rare AKC male EXCITEMENT in your Askinq$75. tion about an adverpup, 9 wks, h ouse neighborhood! Plan a 541-419-6408 tiser, you may call raised; 32/2-year-old garage sale and don't the O r egon State Norwich male, house forget to advertise in Attorney General'9 r aised 8 g ood o n Paying cash for old gas Office C o n sumer leash. $1800 each. classified! 541-385-5809. pumps/glass-top Protection hotline at 541-487-4511, or visibles, etc, old soda 1-877-877-9392. sharonm © NEED TO CANCEL pop machines/advertisYOUR AD? ing. 541-504-1050, Kyle pupstoy.Also, The Bulletin POODLE The Bulletin Sefeieg Central Oregonefnfe frff5 5 mo. male or female. Classifieds has an 541-475-3889 The Bulletin reserves "After Hours"Line the right to publish all Adopt a rescued cat or Poodle Standard AKC, 9 Call 541-383-2371 ads from The Bulletin older kitten! Fixed, puppies, 8 wks, shots, 24 hrs. to cancel newspaper onto The shots, ID chip, tested, dewormed, can deliver. your ad! Bulletin Internet webmore! 65480 7 8 th, $800. 541-754-9537 Tumalo, T h urs/Sat/ Just bought a new boat? site. Queens/and Heelers Sun 1-5, 3 89-8420 Sell your old one in the Standard 8 Mini, $150 classifieds! Ask about our Sefelnff Cenffef Oregon sfneefktfr & up. 541-280-1537 Super Seller rates! Adult barn/shop/work- www.rightwayranch.wor 541-385-5809 Wanted: Old Oriental ing cats, fixed, shots. rugs, any size or conNo fee, free delivery. Yorkie pups AKC, 4 baby The Bulletin dition, call toll free, 541-306-4519 recommends extra ' 1-800-660-8938 doll boys, potty training, UTD shots, health quar., i caution when purAussie AKC Mini, Blue 215 Merle, M/F, blue eyes $850 & up. 541-777-7743 chasing products or • services from out of I parents on site, shots/ Coins & Stamps 210 f the area. Sending f wormed. 541-598-5314 Furniture & Appliances ' cash, checks, o r ' Boston Terriers, purei credit i n f ormation bred, 6 wks, $450 each. may be subjected to 541-420-1048 /416-2779 A1 Waehers&Dryers i FRAUD. For more $150 ea. Full warinformation about an c ranty. Free Del. Also advertiser, you may i wanted, used W/D's / call t h e Or e gonI 541-280-7355 HELP YOUR AD ' State Atto r ney ' stand out from the i General's O f fi ce Club chair, leather, ox Consumer Protec- • rest! Have the top line blood red, near new, tion h o t line a t I in bold print for only Chesapeake pups, $165 541-280-1797. i 1-877-877-9392. $2.00 extra. AKC. 1st shots, health guarn., good hips, par- Computer desk, $30. 2 > Sefelnff Cenffef Oregon sfneefktfr ents on site. $500-600. bookcases, $5 & $15 I TheBulletin sefkfng Central Oregon since f525 541-259-4739. each. 541-639-8110 541-385-5809

The Bulle6n



i i




The Bulle6n

on the first day it runs to make sure it is correct. eSpellchecke and human errors do occur. If this happens to your ad, please contact us ASAP so that corrections and any adjustments can be made to your ad. 541-385-5809

The Bulletin Classified

Call a Pro Whether you need a fence fixed, hedges trimmed or a house built, you'll find professional help in The Bulletin'9 "Call a

Service Professional" Directory 541-385-5809 246

Guns, Hunting & Fishing

Winchester Model 70 - SA.308 Win. Classic Featherweight, Monte Carlo Stock, Burris 3x9 scope and case. Very clean and well cared for. $750. 541-420-4183 247

Sporting Goods - Misc. Eureka Timberline 2-person tent, good cond, $50. 541-383-4231

Yakima roof rack with Y-clips, never used, in box, $95. 541-508-1749 248

Health & Beauty Items


Estate Sales



Sales Southwest Bend Sales Redmond Area

Eggers Estate Sale DRW Sale. 60465 Sky7082 SE Night Hawk way Lane. Fri & Sat Dr, Prineville(off Jun/10am-5pm. v intage per Canyon)Fri-Sat, furniture, guns, vin9-4 Lots of tools, metal tage quilt tops 8 chelathe, concrete mixer, nilles, misc. auto body repair tools, spindle sander, chop 286 saw. Quilting 8 sewing Sales Northeast Bend items, musical instruments, Kohler digital KD165 baby grand pi** FREE ** ano, household items. Garage Sale Kit Too much to list! See Place an ad in The pix and descriptions Bulletin for your rage sale and rehouseestatesales. com ceive a Garage Sale Kit FREE! Advertise your car! KIT INCLUDES: Add A P/cfure! • 4 Garage Sale Signs

Moving Sale Sat. 3/15 10 a.m. - call to see specific items. Beige microfiber sofa/recliner both e n ds , fl a tbed trailer, 2007 Dodge diesel, John Deere mower w/trailer, wire dog kennel, chainsaw, tools, & much more. 12592 SW Wheatgrass Rd., Terrebonne 541-233-6223 Pre-moving Sale! Fri. 10-6, Sat. 9-1, Sun. 1-5, 3138 SW Glacier Ave. Computer, entertainment ctr, qn bed, living rm set. 292

Sales Other Areas

Reach thousands of readers!

• $2.00 Off Coupon To Call 541-385-5809 Use Toward Your Incontinence underwear, The Bulletin Classifiefds Next Ad women's sz M & XL, all • 10 Tips For "Garage all for $20. 360-606-2214 Sale Success!" 282

AK-47 pistol American 249 Sales Northwest Bend made, 3 mags plus PICK UP YOUR Art, Jewelry drum mag, 2/~ case GARAGE SALE K!T at BARN SALE 8 Furs ammo. $950. Red1777 SW Chandler Logan 2-horse trailer, mond 503-807-0385. Ave., Bend, OR 97702 Priefert stall panel, stall 4 Charles Russell prints fronts 8 60-0 round pen, CASH!! for sale, beautifully glass stall mats, water 8 feed The Bulletin Serv/ng Ceeffef Oregon since f955 For Guns, Ammo 8 framed. 541-475-2057 troughs, utility carts, Reloading Supplies. muck buckets & much 541-408-6900. 253 more including saddles & Find It in tack items. Fri.-Sat, Mar Columbia River Spring TV, Stereo & Video 14-15, 10am-4pm Chinook guided fishThe Bulletin Classifieds! ing, 541-771-1516 DirectTV 2 Year Sav- 65360 Gerking Mkt Rd 541-385-58 f09 ings Event! Over 140 CIAOUTFITTERS.COM channels only $29.99 290 a month. O n ly Di- MOVING SALE 1 day Desert Baby Eagle recTV gives you 2 only - no earlybirds. Sales Redmond Area .40 caliber handgun, YEARS of s a vings Lots 8 lots of tools, 2 holsters, Rail and a FREE Genie furniture, cl o t hing,Guns,ammo & reloading. Flashlight, 50 rounds upgrade! Call d ishes. Starts at 8 buv, sell, trade! Fri & Sat, ammo, $650 obo. 1-800-259-5140. a.m. Sat. 20635 Bow- 9-4. 3340 NW Odem 916-952<109 ery Ln. off hwy 97. (PNDC) Ave, in Terrebonne.

Construction materials stovepipe, Jeep tires, clothes, Thurs thru Sat. 9-5, Sun. 12-4. 68885 Hurtley Ranch Rd.

Huge moving sale Fri. 9-6, Sat. 9-4, 25890

Alfalfa Mkt Rd. 9 mi. past Powell Butte Hwy, guns, furn., household items, sporting goods, gardening, appliances.


Remember to remove your Garage Sale signs (nails, staples, etc.) after your Sale event is over! THANKS! From The Bulletin and your local utility companies.

The Bulletin

SeffrnffCentral Oeefreffefnce fkffr



541-385-5809 or go to

Snow Removal Equipment


WANTED: Snow blower tire chains, size 13x4. Call 541-408-0846

Monday • • • • • • • 5:00 pm Fri • Tuesday.••• • • • .Noon Mon. Wednesday •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Noon Tues. Thursday • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Noon Wed. Friday. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Noon Thurs. Saturday Real Estate.. . . . . . . . . . 1 1 :00 am Fri.

Saturday • • • Sunday. • • • •

• . 3:00pm Fri. • • 5:00 pm Fri •

Starting at 3 lines

Placea photoin your private party ad foronly$15.00per week.

*UNDER '500in total merchandise

OVER '500 in total merchandise

7 days.................................................. $10.00 14 days................................................ $16.00

Garage Sale Special

4 days.................................................. $18.50 7 days.................................................. $24.00 14 days .................................................$33.50 28 days .................................................$61.50

4 lines for 4 days ................................. $20.00

lcall for commercial line ad rates)


*illiust state prices in ad

A Payment Drop Box is available at CLASSIFIED OFFICE HOURS: Bend City Hall. CLASSIFICATIONS MON.-FRI. 7:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. BELOW M A R K E D W ITH AN (*) REQUIRE PREPAYMENT as well as any out-of-area ads. The Bulletin The Bulletin reserves the right to reject any ad at any time. is located at: 1777 S.W. Chandler Ave. Bend, Oregon 97702


PLEASE NOTE: Checkyour ad for accuracy the first day it appears. Please call us immediately if a correction is needed. We will gladly accept responsibility for one incorrect insertion. The publisher reserves the right to accept or reject any ad at anytime, classify and index any advertising based on the policies of these newspapers. The publisher shall not be liable for any advertisement omitted for any reason. Private Party Classified ads running 7 or moredays will publish in the Central OregonMarketplace each Tuesday.






Misc. Items

Misc. Items

Illisc. Items

Misc. Items




Cemetery space: al double depth inter-

I ment grave space I outer b u rial I with container built in,

f located in Meadowpark area of Des( chutes M emorial ~ Gardens, $900. Call

L"" •


J e




Meet singles right now! No paid o perators, just real people like you. Browse greetings, exchange messages and connect live. Try it free. Call now: 877-955-5505.


Take care of your investments with the help from The Bulletin's "Call A Service Professional" Directory

:> Qfy J~;QJI)~k Can be found on these pages


Building Materials REDMOND Habitat RESTORE


Farm Equipment & Machinery

Building Supply Resale Quality at LOW PRICES (4) 5'x12' horse panels, 1242 S. Hwy 97 $75/ea. Assorted wa541-548-1406 ter and feed tubs, call Open to the public. for prices.

541-923-9758 N ew H o lland 2 5 5 0 swather, 14' header with conditioner, cab NOTICE TO heat/A/C, 1300 orig. ADVERTISER Since September 29, hrs. $29,000 obo. 1486 International, cab 1991, advertising for used woodstoves has heat/A/C, 5 4 0/1000 been limited to mod- Pto, 3 sets remotes, tractor. $18,000. els which have been nice certified by the Or- 541-419-3253 egon Department of 316 Environmental Qual- Irrigation Equipment ity (DEQ) and the federal E n v ironmental 1/4 mile wheel line, Protection A g e ncy 7-ft wheels, $4950. (EPA) as having met 541-389-8963 smoke emission standards. A cer t ified39 links of 3" handline plus extra heads, risw oodstove may b e identified by its certifi- ers, plugs, elbows, cation label, which is etc. $2000. Madras, permanently attached 541-475-3321 to the stove. The Bulletin will not knowFind exactly what ingly accept advertis- you are looking for in the ing for the sale of CLASSIFIEDS uncertified woodstoves. 780-ft x 4" wheel line pipe with 4-ft wheels 8 267 mover, $1160. 40 each Fuel & Wood 3nx40-ft hand line pipe, $20 each if you take all; ick-through, $35 each. WHEN BUYING rineville, 541-419-9486. 266

Heating & Stoves


To avoid fraud, The Bulletin recommends payment for Firewood only upon delivery and inspection. • A cord is 128 cu. ft. 4' x 4' x 8' • Receipts should include name, phone, price and kind of wood purchased. • Firewood ads MUST include species & cost per cord to better serve our customers.


Hay, Grain & Feed

Looking for your next employee'? Place a Bulletin help wanted ad today and reach over 60,000 readers each week. Your classified ad will also appear on which currently receives over 1.5 million page views every month at no extra cost. Bulletin Classifieds Get Results! Call 541-385-5809 or place your ad on-line at

• Guaranteed Income For Hovv to avoid scam Your Ret i rement. and fraud attempts Natural gas Ruud tankless water Avoid market risk & VBe aware of internaheater, brand new! get guaranteed intional fraud. Deal lo199 Btu, $1800. come in r etirement! cally whenever posCALL for FREE copy sible. Also brand new 80 of our SAFE MONEY u' Watch for buyers gal. electric water GUIDE Plus Annuity heater, $500. who offer more than In Sunriver area. Quotes from A-Rated your asking price and 530-938-3003 Companies! The Bulletin who ask to have Serrtnrt Central Oregonsince tete 800-908-7035. money wired or (PNDC) YOUR handed back to them. *REDUCE dry, split Juniper, CABLE BILL! Get an 1 Cord Fake cashier checks Multi-cordAll-Digital Sa t e llite $190/cord. and money orders discounts, & t/a cords The Bulletin is your system installed for are common. available. Immediate FREE and program- delivery! 541-408-6193 give out perEmployment YNever m ing s t arting a t sonal financial infor$ 24.99/mo. FRE E Affyear Dependable mation. Marketplace HD/DVR upgrade for Firewood: Seasoned; YTrust your instincts new callers, SO CALL Lodgepole 1 for $195 and be wary of NOW (877)366-4508. or 2 for $365. Cedar, Call someone using an 356 (PNDC) split, del. Bend: 1 for escrow service or $175 or 2 for $325. Farmers Column agent to pick up your Reduce Your Past Tax 54'I -420-3484. 541-385-5809 merchandise. Bill by as much as 75 10X20 Storage Buildings Percent. Stop Levies, JUNIPER - split, dry, The Bulletin for protecting hay, to advertise. Serving Central Oregon sincefeee Liens and Wage Gar- ready to burn, $185/cord, firewood, livestock etc. nishments. Call The deliyered. Honest cords. $1496 Installed. Tax DR Now to see if Fast, friendly service. sizes available) Qualify Call Dan, 541-410-6792 (other you 541-617-1133. HP photo smart C-3150 1-800-791-2099. CCB ¹t 73684 print/scan/copier, $20 (PNDC) Pine & Juniper Split kfjbuilders© 541-280-1797

The Bulletin SeningCentral Oregonsincerata


Sunvision Pro 28LX Tanning Bed Call54 I385580f to promoteyour service• Advertise for28deli startingat' l40 ptisStcttfectettis neteretebteeneereetstel

Building/Contracting Landscaping/Yard Care Landscaping/Yard Care

Has only 300 hours, (lamps have average life of 800-1000 hours of effective tanning usage). 1 owner, great condition, includes manual, goggles & head pillow. $900. Cali tosee! 541485-9316in Bend

EMPLOYMENT 410 - Private Instruction 421 - Schools andTraining 454- Looking Ior Employment 470- Domestic & In-HomePositions 476 - EmploymentOpportunities 486 - IndependentPositions

/ 0 0 476

Employment Opportunities CAUTION: Ads published in "Employment O p portunities" include employee and independent positions. Ads for p o sitions that require a fee or upfront investment must be stated. With any independentjob opportunity, please i nvestigate th o r oughly. Use extra caution when applying for jobs online and never provide personal information to any source you may not have researched and deemed to be reputable. Use extreme c aution when r e s ponding to A N Y online employment ad from out-of-state. We suggest you call the State of Oregon Consumer H otline at 1-503-378-4320

FINANCEANDBUSINESS 507- Real Estate Contracts 514 - Insurance 528- Loans andMortgages 543- Stocks andBonds 558- Business Investments 573 - BusinessOpportunities



Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities


Resort Maintenance

The Riverhouseis Tech Wanted seeking anexperienced General maintenance of Front Office Manager. interior/exterior of Qualified applicants will buildings, 2 years exhave previous mana- perience r e quired, gerial experience in knowledge in pool/spa mentoring employees, m aintenance. Fu l l forecasting / revenue position. Must m anagement, a n d time valid ODL and prioritizing/managing have insurable. Must have multiple tasks e ff iciently. C o m puter, own hand tools. Must multi-line phone sys- be drug free and a tem, and organiza- team player. tional skills are required. E x e mplary Housekeepers Wanted customer service skill is a must. Must be Part-time only, includes able to work a varied weekends and holischedule. Medical in- days. Must be drug surance, v a c ation free, a team player, ay, and use of the and detail oriented. iverhouse facilities Must have own transincluding FREE portation. GOLF. Come work for Bend's finest! Bring Call 541-593-2024 for resume and complete applicationprocess. application in person at The R iyerhouse, 3075 N H w y 97, Good classified ads tell B end, OR. Or y o u the essential facts in an may apply and sub- interesting Manner. Write mit your resume/cover from the readers view - not letter online at: the seller's. Convert the facts into benefits. Show Pre-employment drug the reader how the item will screenis required. help them insomeway. Housekeeper - Private This homes cleaning team advertising tip member needed, week brought toyou by days only. No weekends, eves or holidays. The Bulletin ServingCenlrel Oreenn sincetete 541-815-0015

For Equal Opportunity Laws contact Oregon Bureau of OUTSIDE SALES Labor & I n dustry, Work fro m h o me. Civil Rights Division, Make y o u r own 971-673- 0764. schedule. C o mmission Based Program. chasing products or I The Bulletin S elf-Starter, Mot i - services from out of Serrintt Centrel Oretten sinceata vated, Experience in 541-385-5809 area. Sending Advertising Sales a l the c ash, checks, o r plus. Send Resumes Add your web address i n f ormation to cecelia© l• credit to your ad and readmay be subjected to or fax 916-288-2003. ers on The Bulletin's FRAUD. N o p h on e ca l l s I For web site, www.bendmore informaplease!, will be tion about an adverable to click through i tiser, you may call n automatically to your Say ngoodbuy the Oregon State website. i Attorney General's to that unused c Office C o n s umer c Check out the item by placing it in l Protection hotline atl classifieds online The Bulletin Classifieds I 1-877-877-9392. Updated daily 541-385-5809

r.=.-"-,.— .v I



i l l i i i i I

EMPLOYMENT Now taking applications!

Event Coordinator / Sales& fyiarketing A newBehavioral Health Center is Juniper Golf Course, in Redmond, is seekopening in the Bend/ ing a Event Coordinator / Sales and Marketing La Pine area. All posiCandidate must have 3 years experitions available, including: person. ence in sales and marketing. Must be able to • Counseling Staff prepare event contracts, facility tours, meet• Dietary ings with clients, event management with em• Housekeeping phasis on effective operations, controls, com• Maintenance munication, team management and financial • Support staff 375 reporting for banquet and restaurant operaPROMPT D ELIVERY Clerical Meat & Animal Processing •Competitive 541-389-9663 benefits and tions with a hands-on style. This role demands a dynamic, polished leader that fosters wages. Please email Little Bit of Texas Sauinteracts at the highest levels of Seasoned Juniper sage, 8 links to t t/t-lb. your letter of interest and relationships, the community, and has the ability to repreresume to $150/ cord rounds; pkg, $10; 3 or more pkgs, Emil sent Juniper Golf Course with the utmost stan$170/ cord split. ea. 830-822-3945 dards of service, integrity and professionalism. Delivered in Central © $8 We deliver in Bend! Candidate must also have general computer OR, since 1970! Call knowledge. (Word, Excel, Outlook, & POS eves, 541-420-4379 Instructors - Part-time Systems). 269

Gardening Supplies & Equipment

OSU-Cascades, in Bend, is recruiting part-time We are a Drug Free Workplaces. Applicant will instructors in the disciplines of Sociology, be required to pass a pre-employment backPsychology,Biology,and Spanish to teach on ground check and drug screen. EOE a term by term basis in the 2014/2015 academic year. T h ese a r e f i x ed-term Please email resume to: appointments w/renewal at the discretion of the Dean. Salary is c ommensurate with or mail to: education and experience. Juniper GolfCourseEvent Coordinator/Sales Required qualifications: MS, MA, Ph.D. or 1938 Syy ElkhornAve., Terminal degree in d iscipline or c losely Redmond, OR97756 related field and evident commitment to cultural diversity & ed u cational equity. Clerical/Office Preferred qualifications include teaching experience at the college or university level. We are looking for a full-time employee that is resourceful and self-motivated to assist a Applications should be received by 04/30/14. large staff and write daily clerical reports. This To review posting and apply, go to website: person should like working in a fast-paced h ttp:// a nd revi e w environment and be able to meet tight deadposting number 0010921. lines on a daily basis. Prior writing or editorial experience preferred. OSU is an AA/EOE. Organization, flexibility and a high level of computer proficiency are essential. A solid knowledge of keyboard short-cuts and a typing speed of at least 50 WPM is required.

NOTICE: Oregon state NOTICE: Oregon law requires anyone scape Contractors Law who con t racts for (ORS 671) requires all Zdde~Qud//ep businesses that adPROMPT DELIVERY construction work to 541-389-9663 be licensed with the vertise t o pe r form The Bulletin Offers Za~<da Construction ContracLandscape Construc- FreePrivate Party Ads ThanService tors Board (CCB). An More tion which includes: • 3 lines 3 days Greenhouse, Shelter Peace Of Nind active license p lanting, deck s , • Private Party Only Logic 10'x20'x8', still in means the contractor fences, arbors, • Total of items adver- box, $300. 830-822-3945 is bonded & insured. Spring Clean Up water-features, and in- tised must equal $200 (in Bend) •Leaves Verify the contractor's stallation, repair of ir- or Less •Cones CCB l i c ense at rigation systems to be FOR DETAILS or to •Needles For newspaper www.hirealicensedl icensed w it h th e PLACE AN AD, delivery, call the •Debris Hauling Landscape ContracCall 541-385-5809 Circulation Dept. at or call 503-378-4621. tors Board. This 4-digit Fax 541-385-5802 541-385-5800 Weed Free Bark The Bulletin recomnumber is to be in& Flower Beds To place an ad, call mends checking with cluded in all adver- Wanted- paying cash 541-385-5809 the CCB prior to contisements which indi- for Hi-fi audio & stuor email tracting with anyone. Lawn Renovation cate the business has dio equip. Mclntosh, Some other t rades Aeration - Dethatching a bond, insurance and JBL, Marantz, D yalso req u ire addiOverseed workers c ompensa- naco, Heathkit, San- The Bulletin tional licenses and tion for their employ- sui, Carver, NAD, etc. Serelntt CentralOregon sincefeta Compost certifications. ees. For your protec- Call 541-261-1 808 Top Dressing tion call 503-378-5909 270 or use our website: Wedding gown by AlCreditUnion Landscape fred Angelo, sze 8, Lost & Found to Get your Maintenance Controller check license status $30. 541-410-3029 business Full or Partial Service before contracting with WHEN YOU SEE THIS Found black coat, looks •Mowing .Edging brand new, Matson trail Mid Oregon Credit Union is looking for a Conthe business. Persons •Pruning eWeeding doing lan d scape head on Cline Falls Hwy troller to supervise all credit union accounting a ROW I N G Sprinkler Adjustments maintenance do not 3/11. Call 541-815-2079 functions. The successful candidate will analyze statistics, prepare financial reports, enr equire an LCB l i Found Cat, black & white Fertilizer included with an ad in cense. On a classified ad Tuxedo look, male? Near sure accuracyand compliance, conduct and with monthly program document complex financial analysis projects go to The Bulletin's Gosney & Rickard Just bought a new boat? and supervise staff. "Call A Service Roads. 541-318-6030 Sell your old one in the Weekly, monthly to view additional or one timeservice. classifieds! Ask about our Professional" photos of the item. Lost Cat 3/2, big black & Position requires thorough knowledge of acSuper Seller rates! white 'Sylvester', no col- counting principles and the general ledgerDirectory 541-385-5809 261 EXPERIENCED lar, OB R i ley/Sawyer system. Accounting degree preferred. Must be Commercial Medical Equipment Park area, Sadlv missed. PC-proficient in a Windows environment. Aeration/Dethatching & Residential Call 541-480-2700 1-time or Weekly Services Debris Removal Excellent benefits package and competitive Ask about FREEadded Falcon 4-w h eel L OST he a ring a i d salary. Vi s i t our web site at svcs w/seasonal contract! JUNK BE GONE power scooter with somewhere in RedSenior Discounts for more details. Bonded & Insured. I Haul Away FREE mond on 3/10. Reaccessories, gently COLLINS Lawn Maint. 541-390-1466 For Salvage. Also used, in mint condiward if f ound. Call Please send resume and cover letter to: Ca/I 541-480-9714 Same Day Response t ion. $ 4 00 . C a l l 541-788-2662. Cleanups & Cleanouts Mid Oregon FCU Mel, 541-389-6107 5 41-389-1821 f o r Allen Reinsch Yard Attn: HumanResources Lost Jack Russell Terrier, llaintenance & Mowing details. P0 Box6749 fem, black, white, gray (& many other things!) Bend, OR97708 face, blue collar, last Domestic Services Call 541-536-1294 or seen 3/7, 23rd/Hemlock 541-615-5313 Redmond. 541-420-5557 A ssisting Seniors a t Serving Central Auto Renew Coordinator Home. Light houseOregon Since 2003 Good classified ads tell Immediate opening in the Circulation departkeeping 8 other ser- Residental/Commercial the essential facts in an ment for a full time Auto Renew Coordinator. v ices. L icensed 8 interesting Manner. Write Job duties primarily encompass the processREMEMBER:If you Sprinkler Bonded. BBB Certifrom the readers view -not Flatscreen Magniing of all subscriber Auto Renew payments have lost an animal, fied. 503-756-3544 Activation/Repair the seller's. Convert the fier Optlec Cleardon't forget to check through accounting software, data entry of new BackFlow Testing view+ viewer, magfacts into benefits. Show credit card or bank draft information, and The Humane Society nifier for reading, resolution with customers of declined Auto the reader howthe item will Handyman Bend Maintenance writing and viewing Renew payments, as well as, generating subhelp them insomeway. 541-382-3537 «Thatch & Aerate for those who have scriber renewals and refunds. Other tasks inI DO THAT! • Spring Clean up This Redmond vision loss. $900 clude entering employee subscription adjust541-923-0882 Home/Rental repairs .Weekly Mowing advertising tip obo. (other items ments, transferring funds from subscriber Small jobs to remodels & Edging pnneviee brought toyou by listed previously accounts for single copy purchases, dispatch54t-447-ttre; Honest, guaranteed •Bi-Monthly & Monthly havebeen so/d) ing of all promotional items associated with The Bulletin work. CCB¹151 573 Maintenance or Craft Cats Sernne Central Oregonscncefete In Bend, call new subscriptions and upgrades, as well as 541-389-8420. Dennis 541-317-9768 •Bark, Rock, Etc. 541-480-6162 tracking/ordering Circulation office supplies. Curtis Seslar's People Lookfor Information Responsibilities also include month end billing, ~Lnnennn in ERIC REEVE HANDY •Landscape Total Lawn Care invoicing and collections for Buffalo DistribuAbout Products and SERVICES. Home & Construction Time for Thatching & Full size power tion and back up to the CSR and billing staff. Services Every Daythrough Aerating!Redmond area Commercial Repairs, eWater Feature adjustable bed Ability to perform all these tasks accurately and only: 541-279-1821 The Bvlletin Classifieds Carpentry-Painting, w/memory foam Installation/Maint. with attention to deadlines is a must. Pressure-washing, •Pavers mattress, $800.PorWork shift hours are Monday through Friday 292 Honey Do's. On-time •Renovations Tree Services table wheelchair, 8:00 AM to5:00 PM. Please send resume to: promise. Senior Sales Other Areas •Irrigations Installation 4 leg walker, Discount. Work guarMR. STUMP BUSTER Quadri-Poise cane, anteed. 541-389-3361 MOVING SALE Sat 8 Senior Discounts Professional Stump & Tree bathroom assist Serving Centrel Oregon since t903 or 541-771-4463 Sun. 10-4, lots of great Bonded & Insured Removal• 24 yra exp. chair, all for $200. Bonded & Insured 541-815-4458 Insured - Free estimates! stuff! 69480 Crooked Call 541-526-5737 EOE/Drug free workplace CCB¹t St 595 LCB¹8759 Call 541-213-9103 Horseshoe, Sisters


. I'll .


The Bulletin

Ability to work for long periods of time doing detail-oriented work is necessary. This person must understand the importance of accuracy and thoroughness in all duties. Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills are required. Must enjoy working with the public. College degree or previous office experience preferred. Pre-employment drug screening is required prior to hiring. To apply, please send a resume to: Box 20473443, c/o The Bulletin, PO Box 6020, Bend, OR 97708 EOE

The Bulletin Serving Central Oregon since 1903

Home Delivery Advisor The Bulletin Circulation Department is seeking a Home Delivery Advisor. This is a full-time position and consists of managing an adult carrier force to ensure our customers receive superior service. Must be able to create and perform strategic plans to meet department objectives such as increasing market share and penetration. Ideal candidate will be a self-starter who can work both in the office and in their assigned territory with minimal supervision. Early a.m. hours are necessary with company vehicle provided. S t rong customer service skills and management skills are necessary. C o mputer experience is required. You must pass a drug screening and be able to be insured by company to drive vehicles. This is an entry-level position, but we believe in promoting from within, so advancement within company is available to the right person. If you enjoy dealing with people from diverse backgrounds and you are energetic, have great organizational skills and interpersonal communication skills, please send your resume to:

The Bulletin

c/o Kurt Muller PO Box 6020 Bend, OR 97708-6020 or e-mail resume to: kmuller© No phone calls, please. The Bulletinis a drug-free workplace. EOE



















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3-15 O

ILJ 5)









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&0I84/Yl&NT PPy@u. WHAT - AN)T TH& OTHFR


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HEAR '(oU tAIERE AT fkE E!ALLET To!4l &k T.



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cr 0 8 E


Restaurant Review:

Avoid the Caesar salad j

atallcostsatBrutus' s IdesofMarch Cafeteria.


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O2014John L. Hart FLP






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IITlrc otrco'I IIJT-, IAR.'5-$ g g CCCT. BH uCrtuaeatcL uCJACJc VJICOCIVl aa/Aotttic utc. HOC Oodotn(do Co J/L







saturday, March i5,20i4

Changing direction

ACROSS 30 Chestnut, say 1Thingsmillions 31 2013 Spike of people have Jonze love story received in history?: Abbr. 34 Piece in a fianchetto 4Snap opening 15Dieter's beef? 36 Squalid 16Foreigner hit in the musical film 38Yo-yo "Rock of Ages" 39 Play with 17 po c o (soon: someone else's It.) toy? 18Western way 43 "Check it out!," in Chihuahua 19Guy 44 Induces a 21 Until 2007, oungest player shudderin o quelify for an 45 Hominy makers LPG.A. Tour extract it event 46Oneattached to 22 li a handle 23Ticketnumber? 48 Decks 24 Lock combinations? 49 Something a baton carner 25 Jewish might pick up community org. pas su (on 26 Running back'5 50 equal footing) target 27 Five minutes 51 Head, for short in a campaign itinerary, maybe 52This point forward 29 Physics class subj. 53 Sri Lankan export

By FRANK STEWART Tribune Content Agency

Here's a profound bit of wisdom that West could have used in today's d eal: I f y o u d o n ' t c h a nge t h e direction in which you're going, you may end up where you're headed. Against South's bold game, West led the king of clubs. South surveyed the situation and played low from dummy, and East played the four. West then shifted ... to a diamond. South won, led a club to dummy's jack, threw a heart on the ace and started the trumps. He lost a trump, a club and a heart. Making four. "Thank you, partner," East said grimly. "I thought your four of clubs asked m e t o l e a d a di a m ond," W e st shrugged.

SECOND TRICK West needed to change direction, but he went in the wrong one. No matter how h e i n t erprets East's signal, West can lose nothing by c ashing the ace of h earts at t h e second trick. East will signal with the ten, and West can lead a second heart, assuring a one-trick set. If East lacks the king of hearts and wants a diamond shift, he can signal low on the ace of hearts.


passes. What do you say? A NSWER: A t o n e t i m e , t h e proper response would have been a temporizing two c l ubs. No d i rect heart raise was correct. Players now use "limit" raises; most would jump to three hearts. A bid of two clubs, telling partner about the location of your side strength, would not be an error even today, but might help the defenders as well as partner. North dealer Both sides vulnerable


4Q J9 QQ4

0K9752 4AJ6 WEST



4i A4

9A873 064 4IKQ

9 K 1 09 6 2 0 J83 4954



SOUTH 4 K1087 5 2 9 J5 0 AQ1 0 483 N orth 10 2 41 P

E ast Pass ass

Sou t h 1 41 4 45

Wes t Pass All Pas s

You hold: 45 6 3 9 A 8 7 3 O peni n g l ead — IIIK 0 6 4 4 K Q 10 7 2 . Y o ur partner opens one heart. The next player ( C ) 2014 Tribune Content Agency, LLC

Seeking 8 friendly duplicate bridge? Find five gamesweekly at BIZARRO



M S D 0 0 I MM E E H OR O N T G E A A U R U G A N E T T T R T I O Y E D E R


56 Day of the week ofthe great stock


market crash, Oct. 29, 1929 57 It once had many satellites in its orbit 58 Prefix with -gram S9 Prized cuts 60 Nutritional inits. DOWN 1 Biblical figure













NO. p2p8





















34 35 36 37 famously ainted nude by 38 39 40 41 42 embrendt 2 Certain temple locale 3 Not likely to 46 47 48 49 blush 4 Steep-sided inlet 50 51 52 5 It may be on the 53 54 55 56 line 6 Nickname on old 57 58 political buttons 7 Watchmaker'8 59 60 cleaning tool 8 Threesome needed in PUZZLE BY DOUG PETERSON AND BRAD WILBER Wagner's "Ring" cycle 31Musicgenre of 49 Nancy Drew 40 Quit working Poison and Guns never left hers 9 Bar N' Roses behind 41Austrian neighbor 10Call routing abbr. 32 Poet arrested for 50 Honeycomb treason in 1945 42 " alive!" maker 11Peewee 51 "I'm game" 12 Useful item if you 33 Golden Globes 44Curb 39-Across nominee who 52 Left or nght, say was a Golden 46 Health store 13 "Three Sisters" Gloves boxer snack ingredient 54 "No kiddin'!" sister 35 River through 14 Fool 47 "Inside the 55 "The Power Silesia Actors Studio" to Surprise" 20Treewith burs 37 Reddish remnant channel sloganeer 24 Shipping choice For answers, call 1-900-285-5858, $1.49 a minute; or, with a credit 25 Protest card, 1-800-814-5554. vehemently Annual subscriptions are available for the best of Sunday 27 Low-priced crosswords from the last 50 years: 1-888-7-ACROSS. American AT8T users: Text NYTX Io 388 Io download puzzles, or visit vodka known for more information. affectionately (and ironically) as Online subscriplions: Today's puzzle and more than 2,000 past ' Russia's finest" puzzles, ($39.95 a year). Share tips: 28 Brewers' hot Crosswords for young solvers: spots



ZABIIOCOi/IICB.OSII 568)4ek44m/Bisarrocomi41 EsiB IGE rIBIm

QGBil $ fOu& a beart.



Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains everydigitfrom1 to9 inclusively. SOLUTION TO



8 m


71 D 42

5 8 41



72 /7




I m








"MALcoLMx"f'ONcc l/E GEEk/A d/J/I7EEf



kgF vo geviife Rss17SP ti55<7 'W~7~050

$0 l' I) 5 A M91'5


458558 <

6 8IAi4 IT! TO kef(l'T6 8gT'E(2, 6OIIR.'

© 2014 by King Features yndicate, Inc. World rights reserved

If/VT...)i()g'I7i('OV ~ iz( f'df1'III& 1dl6 @P@SiO)i Fl'AD DVf If ()N MgFM 8,A)lt) I-EfTIA&'

You(4'&0ILTVo"Qg . g66+



p E-mai: bholbrook1@gma1.00m


SIX CHIX Q4a4'B tos-ovlg IAJIABIPrIAcess Flavtt'ngo,

LIKE 4146.

<~a~ q

C)QLg grL~(.eS>

VI o We.~, I ~ 5 1 y o ~ ~

t4)4OSC- SMg 40LS in+ lo e47 1/I CI'Ir'+1 cIA&g TJiSv1E. Ii . 3/IB









THAT SCRAIIIBLED WORD GAME by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek


Unscramble these four Jumbles,

0ne letter to each square,


to fOrm fOur Ordinary WOrdS.

1 E

NAGIT 68014 TIIUne Content Agency, LLC All Righls Reeenred.








Ol O o


Efffgf(SCE I/0)7/ MALCOL/f X 607 A LOT MOKE


to form the surprise answe0 as

Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis ACROSS 1 Instrument played with mallets 8 Pitcher's coup 15 Mine carriers 16 Orwell superstate 17 19808 Hollywood se x symbol 18 Hang 19 Meas. seen o tee 20 Beguile 22 Warthog features 23 Screened conversation? 25 28-Across natives, e.g. 28 The Mekong flows along its border 29 Fighter acronyrn 32 Going downh ill 33 ''The Affair' Jasper Fforde novel 34 Lighten 35 Winter foreca 38 Servers at affairs 39 Ballpark figs. 40 Needles 41 Food-curing chemical 42 " Mia": 1965 hit 43 Give away 44 Funk band instrument 46 When to see die Sterne 49 Pasta bit 50 Card quality 53 Odorless fuels 55 Tennessee neighbor 57 Zip up 58 Extreme 59 Surfing

annoyance 60 Ship maintenance site

2 MLB nickname in recent news 3 Cabs, e.g. 4 Winter coat 5 Two-time 19908 A.L. batting champ Edgar 6 Procreates 7 Help desk sign 8 Del t i ologist's collection 9 Post-op area 10 Basque baskets 11 Shot 12 People 13 Rat 14 They come and

33 Absorbed 45 Picked up 34 Salon, for one 4 6 T i d e table term 36 Big name in 4 7 Wo r d s before movies? time or point 3 7 Nickname in 48 W o o d 20th-century 5 0 Ci t y on the B ritish leadership Braz o s 42 Short time out? 5 1 A p ple product 43 Word on a 52 Converse Canadian loonie 5 4 Touchdown 44 San Diego info attraction 56 Nod, at times


21 Storyteller? 23 Arrangements may be made in them 24 Weed killer 25 Horrific 26 Classic board game 27 Daughter of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands 29 Tribute maker 30 Key 31 Inane ones

















L A E S TH S A I L R T K A E R D S 11

V A N A L A L I D M I N I E A D E R L P S T S E E S H I N L E N D G R E E S L I F I E D B L O C K A N O N M A N Y 03/1 5/1 4 12









18 19



22 24

23 28 33






40 43

44 46


45 49


54 57




suggested by the above cartoon. NER5IAN~ 0 Laughingstock Intemmonal Inc., Dist, by Univereal 00lick for UF5, 2014

"Show me the paper agaln wlth the calculations on It."

Print answer here: y1g

(Answers Monday) I Jumbles: YOUTH i M PEL A B A cu s DE G ADE Answer. Thepizza parlorsapproachtogemng customers to make8 Purchase was — "BUY" THE SLiCE

59 DOWN 1 Colorado State'8 Arena By Barry C. Silk

(c)2014 Tribune Content Agency, LLC






SutIoku High Fives

bers in any shared set of 3-by-3 boxes apply to each of the indivudual Sudokus.



2 1 2 1 6 9 2 4

How to play: Sudoku High Fives consists of five regular Sudoku grids sharing one set of 3-by-3 boxes. Each row, column and set of 3-by-3boxes must contain the numbers 1 through 9 without repetition. The num-

5 4

5 6

2 4 6 8 1 5 3 6

4 7

9 7

9 7 6



8 1 3

9 2


9 5 8 2 © JFS/KF

2 3

1 5

7 8 3 6 5 4 8 5 7


4 13 5



1 5

8 8 5 3

7 7 9 1 4 1


2 7 3 7 7 2 3 5


9 1



2 8

5 18 6

2 7 9 6 7 1

L AST W E E K 'S SO L U T IO N 9 3 8 6 7 1 5 4 2

2 6 9 3 7 4 1 8 5

1 7 4 5 2 6 9 3 8 4 5 2 7 8 3 1 6 9

7 4 5 8 1 3 6 5 8 1 2 9 3 7 4 2 9 6

2 1 3 5 9 7 4 6 8

8 9 5 4 2 7 6 1 3

6 4 7 8 9 5 4 2 1 3 8 6 2 1 5 9 3 7

1 3 7 4 6 2 8 1 3 9 5 6 4 8 9 5 2 7

3 2 1 8 6 4 9 7 5 1 4 3 6 2 8 7 5 1 9 3 4

8 5 6 9 7 4 1 7 5 2 9 3 3 6 2 8 4 1 8 7 6 9 5 2 9 5 1 3 7 4 2 9 4 6 3 8 5 2 6 7 8 1

8 5 2 6 1 9 7 4 3

1 6 7 4 3 8 2 9 5

I •

3 1

3 7 2


4 3 9 5 2 7 8 6 1

4 2 8 7 9 1 6 3 5 9 4 73 5 1 2 8 6 2 5 7 9 4 1 8 6 3 3 29 5 7 8 4 16 1 3 4 7 8 5 6 9 2 4 5 7 1 9 2 6 2 4 8 5 9 8 3 7 3 6 1

I •

5 3 4 2 6 9 1 8 7

6 8 9 3 7 1 4 2 5

3 5 6 8 4 2 9 7 1

7 1 2 6 9 3 8 5 4

9 4 8 1 5 7 6 3 2


5 2 7 8 4 1 3 6 9

8 4 3 9 6 5 2 1 7

9 6 1 3 2 7 5 4 8

2 3 8 1 7 4 6 9 5

7 9 5 6 8 3 1 2 4

6 1 4 2 5 9 7 8 3


I e •

1 2 7 5 8 4 3 6 9

RENTALS 682 - Farms, RanchesandAcreage 687 - Commercial for Rent/Lease 603 - Rental Alternatives 693 - Office/Retail Space for Rent 604 - Storage Rentals REAL ESTATE 605 - RoommateWanted 616 - Want ToRent 706 - Real Estate Services 627-Vacation Rentals& Exchanges 713 - Real Estate Wanted 630- Rooms for Rent 719 - Real Estate Trades Serving Central Oregonsince 1903 631 - Condos &Townhomesfor Rent 726- Timeshares for Sale 632 - Apt./Multiplex General 730- New Listings Bend 732- Commercial Properties for Sale 3-9-14 @ 201320t3 UFS, Dist. b Univ. Uclick for UFS 634 - Apt./Multiplex NE 636 - Apt./Multiplex NWBend 738 - Multiplexes for Sale 528 870 880 880 638 - Apt./Multiplex SEBend 740-Condos 8 Townhomesfor Sale Loans & Mortgages Boats 8 Accessories Motorhomes Motorhomes RIMjijj!88 640 - Apt./Multiplex SWBend 744- Open Houses 642 - Apt./Multiplex Redmond 745- Homes for Sale STRUGGLING W I TH YOUR M O R TGAGE 646 - Apt./Multiplex Furnished 746- Northwest BendHomes and worried a bout 648- Houses for RentGeneral 747-Southwest Bend Homes foreclosure? Reduce 660- Houses for Rent NE Bend 748- Northeast BendHomes your mortgage & save 652- Houses for Rent NWBend 749 - Southeast BendHomes money. Legal loan 18'Maxum skiboat,2000, 664- Houses for Rent SEBend 760- RedmondHomes Monaco Lapalma, modification services. 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If you have 541-480-6900 Travel Trailers Fifth Wheels Fifth Wheels concerns or quesOver 350 RVs in Classifieds Inventory! National RV tions, we suggest you consult your attorney 541-385-5809 Best Selection! Tropical, 1997, Fleetwood Best Value! or call CONSUMER 35-ft, Chevy Vortec FXSTD Harley glii • Wilderness2000 HOTLINE, Visit us online at Davidson 2001,twin engine, new tires, model, 26', 1 slide, 1-677-677-9392. 573 cam 88, fuel injected, new awnings, 12-ft good condition, with WINNEBAGO Bend: 541-330-2495 Vance & Hines short slide-out, queen awning and A/C, Business Opportunities shot exhaust, Stage I Redmond: BRAVE 2003 bed, Italian leather $7500. Recreation by Design Get your 541-548-5254 with Vance 8 Hines • 34D, 2 slides Salem Cruise Lite 54'I -363-6270 CLASSIFIED ADVERcouch and recliner, 2013 Monte Carlo, 38-ft. fuel management business • Tires 80% 18', 2014 TISING! Reach Over system, custom parts, excellent condition. Top living room, 2 bdrm, 3 Mi l lio n Pa c i fic extra seat. $10,500 • Just completely Only $10,999! Ready to travel„ Need help fixing stuff? has 3 slideouts, 2 A/Cs, Northwesterners. towing hitch inserviced Zero Down! OBO. Call Call A ServiceProfessional entertainment center, e ROW I N G $540/25-word classifireplace, W/D, cluded. $19,900. $112 Per Month! Today • 39,000 miles find the help you need. fied ad in 2 9 daily garden tub/shower, in 541-516-8684 541-815-4811 $10,999, 0 Down, • No trades newspapers for with an ad in great condition.$36,000 $112 per month, 132 3-days. Call the Pa• $48,000 firm or best offer. Call Peter, months, 5.75% apr, The Bulletin's cific Northwest Daily Harley Davidson 2009 307-221-2422, 541-815-3150 Tier One credit score, "Call A Service in La Pine ) Connection (916) Super Glide Custom, on approved credit. ILL DELIVER 2 66-6019 o r e m a i l Stage t Screaming Professional" elizabeth Eagle performance, Over 350 RVs in Directory for more info. (PNDC) too many options to Inventory! RV Keystone Challenger CONSIGNMENTS list, $6900. Best Selection! BANK TURNED YOU Dodge 541-366-6939 Navion RV 2008, Best Value! 2004 CH34TLB04 34' WANTED VALUE ADDOWN? Private party EXTREME Brougham 1978, Sprinter chassis 25'. fully S/C, w/d hookups, VERTISING! 29 Daily Visit us online at We Do the Work, will loan on real es15', 1-ton, clean, Mercedes Benz diesel, new 16' Dometic awYou Keep the Cash! Winnebago Suncruiser34' tate equity. Credit, no newspapers 24,000 miles, pristine 2004, 35K/ loaded, too Bend: 541-330-2495 ning, 4 new tires, new On-site credit $540/25-word classi69,000 miles. problem, good equity fied 3-days. Reach 3 cond., quality through- much to list, ext'd warr. Redmond: Kubota 7000w marine approval team, $4500. is all you need. Call million Pacific Northout, rear slide-out w/ thru 2014, $49,900 Den541-548-5254 diesel generator, 3 web site presence. In La Pine, Oregon Land Mort- westerners. For more queen bed, deluxe nis, 541-589-3243 slides, exc. cond. inWe Take Trade-Ins! call 541-602-8652 gage 541-366-4200. captain swivel front side & out. 27" TV Free Advertising. information call (916) seats, diesel generator, Want to impress the dvd/cd/am/fm e n terBIG COUNTRY RV or e m ail: LOCAL MONEY:Webuy 266-6019 awning, no pets/ Harley Davidson tain center. Call for Bend: 541-330-2495 relatives? Remodel secured trust deeds & elizabeth CP no smoking. 2011 Classic Limmore details. O nly Redmond: Tick, Tock note,some hard money for the Pacific North- ited, Loaded! 9500 your home with the $75,500. used 4 times total in 541-546-5254 west Daily Connecloans. Call Pat Kellev help of a professional 541-382-2430 miles, custom paint Tick, Tock... last 5 //s years.. No tion. (PNDC) 541-382-3099 ext.18. "Broken Glass" by from The Bulletin's pets, no smoking. High ...don't let time get Nicholas Del Drago, "Call A Service retail $27,700. Will sell o new condition, away. Hire a for $24,000 including Customer Service &Marketing Assistant Professional" Directory heated handgrips, sliding hitch that fits in professional out auto cruise control. your truck. Call 6 a.m. Aircraft Rubber Manufacturing, dba Fuel Safe 881 of The Bulletin's $32k in bike, to 10 p.m. for appt to Systems is looking for an experienced cusTango 29.6' 2007, only $20,000or best Travel Trailers see. 541-330-5527. tomer service representative. This position "Call A Service Rear living, walkProvidence 2005 offer. 541-316-6049 works closely with our sales staff in handling Professional" around queen bed, Fully loaded, 35,000 What are you customer calls, order processing and follow central air, awning, miles, 350 Cat, Very Directory today! up, as well as coordination of marketing adlooking for? clean, non-smoker, 1 large slide, HDFatBo 1996 vertisements. • w 3 slides, side-by-side 908 $12,000. You'll find it in refrigerator with ice 541-280-2547 or Re uired ualifications include: Aircraft, Parts maker, Washer/Dryer, The Bulletin Classifieds 541-815-4121 • Excellent service aptitude & Service Flat screen TV's, In • Excellent communication skills, both written Keystone Lsredo 31' motion satellite. and verbal RV 20 06 with 1 2' 882 $95,000 541-385-5809 • Computer skills: Keyboard, Word, Excel, slide-out. Sleeps 6, Fifth Wheels 541-460-2019 Completely Fleetwood Discovery Outlook queen walk-around 40' 2003, diesel, w/all • High level of organization and time manage Rebuilt/Customized bed w/storage underLaredo 30' 2009 ment options - 3 slide outs, 2012/2013 Award neath. Tub 8 shower. Rv satellite, 2 TV's, W/D, • Attentive to details Winner 2 swivel rockers. TV. CONSIGNMENTS • Proven work history in a similar capacity Showroom Condition etc., 32,000 m iles. Air cond. Gas stove & g WANTED 1/3interestin Wintered in h eated We Do • Desktop publishing experience Many Extras refrigerator/freezer. The Work ... • Experience in internet marketing / Low Miles. shop. $64,900 O.B.O. You Keep The Cash! Microwave. Awning. Columbia 400, 541-447-8664 Outside sho w er. Financing available. e-commerce $17,000 On-site credit Slide through stor541-548-4807 Alpenlite 29' 1993, $150,000 approval team, overall length is 35' a ge, E a s y Li f t . w/ Work location is Redmond, Oregon. Hours are goos eneck. (located © Bend.) web site presence. has 2 slides, Arctic $29,000 new; 7:00 a.m. — 4:00 p.m. Mon.-Fri. Benefit pack- Call The Bulletin At 541-266-3333 $5500 or best offer. We Take Trade-Ins! package, A/C,table Asking$18,600 age includes group health insurance, generCall 541-306-1961. Free Advertising. 541-385-5809 & chairs, satellite, 541-4g47-4605 ous vacation and paid leave, Flex. Spending Leave message. BIG COUNTRY RV Arctic pkg., power Place Your Ad Or E-Mail account, and 401(k) plan. Bend: 541-330-2495 awning, in excellent At: Forest River Sunseeker Redmond: Look at: condition! More pix Class C, 24-ft -Double Pre-employment drug screen required. EOE. 541-548-5254 at bed, roomy bath/shower, $28,000 lots storage, oak wood, for Complete Listings of Qualified candidates are invited to send your 541-419-3301 dining area slide-out w/ Area Real Estate for Sale resume to 1/3 interest in wellTURN THE PAGE new awning. Micro, air, equipped IFR Beech Bonew flat screen TV & RV Monaco Lakota 32' 2002, For More Ads nanza A36, new 10-550/ Orbit 21'2007, used Best 5th Wheel batt. On-board gen/low 2 slides, AC, recliners, Salesand Nfarketing Representative The Bulletin only 6 times, A/C, Selection in C.o.! walk-around queen bed, prop, located KBDN. hrs, arctic pkg, full cover. - Inside Sales $65,000. 54i-4tg-gst0 oven, tub shower, Over 45 Triumph Da ytona Ford 450 V10, 36,300 mi, sliding glass door closet, micro, load leveler New & Preowned 2004, 15K m i l es, tow pkg, leather seats, no new tub & 10-gal water Aircraft Rubber Manufacturing and Fuel Safe hitch, awning, dual To Choose From! perfect bike, needs smoking/pets, sleeps 5-6 heater, good tires. Brand Systems is looking for an experienced sales batteries, sleeps 4-5, $31,500. On the spot financ- new 20' screen room nothing. Vin and marketing professional. We are an ISO EXCELLENT CON541-419-6176 ing, low monthly available. Super clean, 1 ¹201536. 9001 certified manufacturer of fuel containDITION. All accespayments. Over 350 owner, n o n -smokers. $4995 ment systems for the motorsports, aerospace sories are included. RVs In Inventory! $11,999. 541-447-7968 Dream Car and military industries. $14,511 OBO. Best Selection! Auto Sales TIFFINPHAETON QSH 541-382-9441 Best Value 1801 Division, Bend 2007 with 4 slides, CAT Requirementsfor the position include: 1/5th interest in 1973 350hp diesel engine, Cessna 150 LLC Visit us online at 541-678-0240 $125,900. 30,900 miles, • Excellent communication skills, both written t 50hp conversion, low RV Dlr 3665 new Michelin tires, great and verbal time on air frame and CONSIGNMENTS Gulfstream S u nBend: 541-330-2495 cond! Dishwasher, w/d, • Sales and marketing experience of a engine, hangared in sport 30' Class A central WANTED Redmond: vac, roof satellite, MONTANA 3565 2006, technical nature Bend.Excellent per1966 new f r idge, aluminum wheels, 2 full We Do The Work ... 541-548-5254 exc. cond., 3 slides, • Mechanical aptitude formance & affordTV, solar panel, new slide-thru basement trays You Keep The Cash! king bed, Irg LR, • A passion for sales and the ability to identify able flying! $6,000. refrigerator, 4000W On-site credit & 3 TV's. Falcon-2 towArctic insulation, all and pursue new markets 541-410-6007 generator, w heelapproval team, bar and Even-Brake inoptions $35,000 obo. chair lift avail. Good web site presence. cluded. 541-420-3250 The Bulletin Desired qualificationsinclude: cond. $11,500 obo We Take Trade-Ins! Call 541-977-4150 To Subscribe call 541-447-5504 Free Advertising. • Bachelor's degree in engineering, business or V ictory TC 9 2 ci 541-365-5800 or go to BIG COUNTRY RV • marketing s s 2002, runs great, Bend: 541-330-2495 Tioga 24' Class C • Interest in automotive racing and motorsports Redmond: 40K rn., Stage 1 Motorhome • Ability to interpret CAD / mechanical drawings 541-546-5254 Performance Kit, Bought new in 2000, • Experience in internet marketing / currently under 20K n ew tires, r e a r e-commerce OPEN ROAD 36' miles, excellent brakes. $ 5 0 0 0. Have an item to 2005 - $25,500 shape, new tires, 541-771-0665 Fleetwood Prowler Work location is central Oregon. We offer King bed, hide-a-bed professionaly wintersell quick? 32' 2001 competitive pay and an excellent benefits KOUNTRY AIRE ized every year, cutsofa, 3 slides, glass If it's under 2 slides, ducted package including group health insurance, 772 Cessna Share 1994 37.5' motor870 off switch to battery, shower, 10 gal. waheat & air, great IFR equipped, new 401K, flex spending account, paid vacation, Boats & Accessories home, with awning, '500 you can place it in ter heater, 10 cu.ft. plus new RV battercondition, snowbird PTO and more. and one slide-out, fridge, central vac, avionics, Garmin 750 ies. Oven, hot water The Bulletin ready, Many upOnly47k miles touchscreen, center heater & air condis atellite dish, 2 7 " 12' 1969 Searsalurngrade options, fiPre-employment d r u g scr e e n and and good condition. tioning have never TV/stereo syst., front stack, 160hp. Classifieds for: num fishing boat, nancing available! non-competition agreement required. E.O.E. been used! front power leveling Exceptionally clean $25,000. low hours on new 8 $14,500 obo. $24,000 obo. Serious jacks and s cissor 541-548-0318 & economical! '10- 3 lines, 7 days hp engine, with trailer Join a winning team! Submit your resume, with inquiries, please. stabilizer jacks, 16' (photoabove is of a $13,500. and extras. Good ' 1 6 3 lines, 14 days Call Dick, work history, cover l e tter a n d s a lary Stored in Terrebonne. awning. Like new! similar model & not the Hangared in KBDN shape!$1 600. requirements to hr© 541-548-5174 541-480-1687. 541-419-0566 actual vehicle) (Private Party ads only) 541-382-2599 Call 541-728-0773

The Bulletin


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Ford T-Bird, 1966, 390 engine, power everything, new paint, 54K orig. miles, runs great, exc. $7500 obo. 541-480-3179

Dodge Ram 2500 2008 Diesel, excellent towing vehicle, 55,000 miles. New batteries, rear air bags, Roll-n-lock bed cover, spray-in liner. 5th wheel hitch available, too. $19,000. 541-604-1285

GMC 2500 2003 HD SLE Crew Cab 4-wheel drive, 6.6 Aircraft, Parts Aircraft, Parts utomotive Wanted FORD F-1502010 liter V8 Turbo Die& Service & Service sel Duramax engine, DONATE YOUR CARtransmission, Sunriver Hangar - Hard FAST FREE TOW- Allison many options, ING. 24 hr. Response to find T-Hangar loTax D e duction. 107,000 miles. cated at Sunriver AirBR E A ST Very good condition, port will a ccommo- UNITED $24,500. Lariat Supercrewdate m os t si n gle CANCER FOUNDA707-484-3518 cab! less than 53k engine and small twin TION. Providing Free M ammograms & (located in Bend) miles heated seats aircraft. A u tomated 1974 Bellanca Vin¹D04934 b i-fold door i s a p - Breast Cancer Info. 1730A $32,977 proximately 40'x1 1'. 888-592-7581. Equipped with elec- (PNDC) R OBBER N 2180 TT, 440 SMO, t ric w i nch & n e w 931 I I N0 c LI ~ ansaa 180 mph, excellent fluorescent lighting in condition, always 2013. H o meowner Automotive Parts, 541.312.3986 dues are assessed Service & Accessories hangared, 1 owner DLR¹0205 Plymouth B a rracuda each January. HOA for 35 years. $60K. dues cover hazard in- 15 N rims, g4 Toyota 4x4 1966, originai car! 300 hp, 360 V8, centers urance, gro u n d pickup, set of 4, $g5 In Madras, hnes 541 593 2597 FORD F-150 XLT lease, snow removal 541-508-1749 call 541-475-6302 and acco unting.4 Michelin P225/45R-18 Self-serve f ue l is p r ofile ra d ials available at airport of- low on 5 spoke, 5 Need to get an ad f ice. $85,0 0 0 . mounted lug Chevy rims, $1200 MLS201108365 in ASAP? obo. 541-647-2640 Clyde Browning, 2013 S u percrewPrincipal Broker, 932 Rolls Royce 1992 Sil- cab! le ss than 8k Fax it to 541-322-7253 541-480-4520 ver Spur II,excellent! Antique & 5.01 V8, 4WD. Eagle Commercial Midnight Blue exterior, mi., Vin¹E12866 Classic Autos The Bulletin Classifieds Real Estate Parchment leather inte$30,977 rior, 15-inch chrome RR T-Hangar for rent wheels, Alpine Sirius ROBBERSON at Bend airport. DVD/CD/AM/FM/GPS N NOCLN ~ ~anaaa Call 541-382-8998. naviqation system, 1921 Model T 77,200 miles, dealerAdvertise your car! 541.312.3986 Delivery Truck ship maintained, alAdd A Picture! DLR¹0205 Reach thousands of readers! ways garaqed. New, Restored 8 Runs about $250,000; sell Cali 541 N385 N5809 $9000. $19,500. 541-480-3348 Cessna 182Q, 1977, The Bulletin Classi0eds 541-389-8963 mid-time engine/ 916 prop, custom panel, Find It in Trucks & S-Tec 30+ altitude The Bulletin Classifieds! hold, Garmin 430, Heavy Equipment 541 N385 N5809 Ford F250 Camper SpeGPSS, oversized 908



excellent paint & interior. Must see to


Utility Trailers

150 HP, low time, full panel. $23,000 obo. Contact Paul at 541-447-5184.

Cadillac Eldorado, 1978

Carry-On aH steel 6'x1 0' utility trailer with loading ramp, 3500-lb. capacity like new, $1100.

New brakes, tires, axles, needs paint & vinyl top. Very good condition. $2200 obo, cash. Call for

253-312-0595 (iocatedin

full details!

Terrebonne - CRR)



Ford F-350 4x4, I

Chevy 3500 Crew Cab, 2005 4x4 Dually Duramax Allison, 4' lift, Edge Chip, only 66,000 miles. LS trim pkg, split-bench front seat, tow pkg, brake controller. Very good condition - looks good, pulls better! Original owner needs to sell - $35,000. 541-408-7826 Chevy Ext. Cab 1991 with camper s hell, good cond., $1500 OBO. 541-447-5504.


Ford Ranger 1990 K ing Cab, g o o d cond, new motor, tinted windows, bed liner, 2 sets tires, dual pipe. Must see BMW X3 2 0 07, 99K Ford Bronco II to appreciate. $4000 miles, premium packobo. 541-948-9061 age, heated lumbar 4x4, 1989supported seats, pan- Automatic, power oramic moo n roof, steering, stereo Bluetooth, ski bag, Xe- upgrade, set-up to Ford Ran er XLT non headlights, tan & tow, runs good. black leather interior, $1700. n ew front & re a r brakes O 76K miles, 541-633-6662 one owner, all records, very clean, $1 6,900. 541-388-4360 2011 S u percrewFord Expedition cab! less than 12k mi., 4WD, Ford certified. Vin¹PA76782 $21,947

less than 25k mi., heated leather seats, Vin¹F01898 $41,944

BMW X3 2011 black

541.312.3986 DLR¹0205

on black, sport/prem packs, leather, 3.5i turbo, nav., 20k miles, 19N wheels, cold weather pkg, Xenons, warranteed to 9/2015.$38,000 One owner,



541.312.3986 DLR¹0205




FORD XLT 1992 3/4 ton 4x4 matching canopy,

30k original miles, possible trade for classic car, pickup, motorcycle, RV $13,500. In La Pine, call 928-58'I -9190

Jeep Wrangler2011 Unlimited Rubicon

lflfi fphoto for illustration only)

Chevy Siiverado 1500 2001, Extended cab, Bed liner, tow pkg., alloy wheels. Vin¹ 185489 $8,888


Leather trimmed seat, 4 spd auto, Vin¹611550 $32,977

iphoto forillustration only)

Subaru Forester X T Limited 2007, 4 Cyl., auto, AWD, leather, moon rof, p r ivacy glass, roof rack, alloy wheels. Vin¹710326 $15,888


S US A R U .

Chrysler Town & Country LXI 1997, beautiful inside & out, one owner, nonsmoker,. loaded with options! 197,892 mi. Service rec o rds available. $4 , 9 50. Call Mike, (541) 8158176 after 3:30 p.m.





2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend 877-266-3821 GMC Sonoma 2001 4x4 Dlr ¹0354 Ext Cab, 4.3L V6, 87,650


541.312.3986 DLR¹0205

miles, very good cond. $5500. 541-388-1714 Just bought a new boat?

Honda Odyssey

1999.Very good cond. Runs well, Two sets of tires on rims - summer and winter $2500 541-593-2312 or 541-977-7588

Sell your old one in the classifieds! Ask about our Super Seller rates! VW Eurovan 2000, no 541-385-5809 fphoto for illustration only) Jeep Wrangler Uniim- pop top, V6, only 62K 6.0L Turbo diesel, full miles. Good condition, Dodge Durango2005, power, a u t omatic, ited Sa hara 2 0 07, $9500. 907-321-1013 4WD, V8 5.7L, Tow 6-disc CD, cruise, fog Automatic hard top pkg., running boards. t ow p k g . , all o y lights, running boards, I nternational Fla t third row seat, moontow pkg, bedliner, grill wheels, running USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! roof. Vin¹ 534944 Bed Pickup 1963, 1 guard, folding rear boards. Vin ¹120477 Door-to-door selling with $10,999 seat. Tan cloth inteton dually, 4 s pd. $25,988 fast results! It's the easiest rior, metallic tan extetrans., great MPG, © s u a aau rior. 91,400 miles. could be exc. wood S US A R u way in the world to sell. hauler, runs great, 2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. Priced to sell $21,500 new brakes, $1950. The Bulletin Classified 877-266-3821 877-266-3821 541-350-6925 541-419-5480. Dlr ¹0354 541-385-5809 Dlr ¹0354 2006 XLT 4-door Crew Cab

PMt Rl



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convection micro, er ceramic tile washer/dryer,


Coupe, 350,auto with ~32 miles, gets 26-24 +Pg.Add lots moredeScrlPtion and intereSting

flOOr, TV, DVD, Sate le

facts for $99I Lookhow

y f s 4-dr tndQ


541.312.3986 DLR¹0205


Dlr ¹0354

onaCO Dyna


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king SiZe bed- All tor Only



• 'Little Red COTVette"

dsh IS, air leueling, passand a through storagetray,



2060 NE Hwy 20 • Bend


faCe COun

Leather seat, Bluetooth, auto 6 spd, F WD 54 k mi l e s vin¹613915 $15,977

Ford Supercab 1992, 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. (Portland) brown/tan color with 877-266-3821 Hummer H2 2006 m atching ful l s i z e Dlr ¹0354 canopy, 2WD, 460 over drive, 135K mi., The Bulletin's full bench rear seat, "Call A Service slide rear w i ndow, Professional" Directory bucket seats, power is all about meeting seats w/lumbar, pw, yourneeds. HD receiver & trailer fphoto for illustration only) SUT a ut o 4 -spd. brakes, good t ires. Chevy 1500 Extended 6.0L V-8, less than Call on one of the cab 1997, bed liner, 88k mi., 4x4, leather Good cond i tion. tow pkg, alloy wheels. seats. VIN¹ 101123 professionals today! $4900. 541-389-5341 $26,977 Vin ¹196866. $6,988 940 ROBBERSON y Vans SUBA R Ll


Lincoln MKZ 2009


cial 1966, AT w/limited slip rear end. A few issues but runs good. Full steel rack w/drs. $1950 firm, cash. 541-420-0156


Buick Skylark 1972 appreciate. Please see Bend Asking $68,000. Craigslist for details and Bill, 541-480-7930 more photos. Peterbilt 359 p otable water truck, 1 990, $18,900. 3200 gal. tank, Shp 541-323-1898 FIND IT! N p ump, 4 - 3 hoses, BUY IT! camlocks, $ 25,000. SELL ITir 541-820-3724 The Bulletin Classifieds


Sport Utility Vehicles Sport Utility Vehicles Sport Utility Vehicles

tires, digital fuel flow,

Save money. Learn to fly or build hours with your own airc raft. 1968 A e r o Commander, 4 seat,


muChfuf) a glr~COuld

Your auto, RV, motorcycle, boat, or airplane ad runs until it sells or up to 12 months

havein a sweet car likethis! $12,500 547 -000-000

(whichever comes first!) Includes up to 40 words of text, 2" in length, with border, full color photo, bold headline and price. • Daily publication in The Bulletin, an audience of over 70,000. • Weekly publication in Central Oregon Marketplace —DELIVERED to over 30,000 households. • Weekly publication in The Central Oregon Nickel Ads with an audience of over 30,000 in Central and Eastern Oregon • Continuous listing with photo on

541-385-5809 * A $290 value based on an ad with the same extra features, publishing 28-ad days in the above publications. Private party ads only.




















Porsche 911 Carrera 993 cou e

Porsche Carrera 911 2003 convertible with hardtop. 50K miles, new factory Porsche motor 6 mos ago with 18 mo factory warranty remainina. $37,500. 541-322-6928

Toyota Celica Convertible 1993

Mazda3 2012


CorvetteCoupe 1996, 350 auto, 135k, non-ethanol fuel/synthetic oil,

garaged/covered. Bose Premium Gold system. Orig. owner manual. Stock! $10,500 OBO. Retired. Must sell! 541-923-1781


Chevy C r uz e LT Sedan 2012, 4 Cyl., Turbo, auto, F WD, running lights, alloy wheels. Vin ¹103968 $13,988



2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 877-266-3821 Dlr ¹0354

Ford Thunderbird 2002 c o nvertible with brand new tonneau cover, white with grey i nterior, loaded, 88,600 low miles, choice condition, everything works. Great fun car to d r ive. I l l ness forces sale $13,950 cash. C all Bi l l 541-604-9307

Mazda Miata 1997 M-edition Mica Green, 5-spd, original interior 8 exterior. All power options, leather, convertible boot, Tonneau Cover 114K miles, synthetic oils, new timing belt © 81K, & more! $5995. 541-548-5648

Sport, 5 spd, leather seats, hatchback, FWD. 68,398 mi. vin¹532282 $17,977 ROBBERSON LINcoLN ~


541.312.3986 DLR ¹0205

d ' E legance

1998, low miles 66k,

non-smokers, $3200 obo. 541-389-5488

Mazda CX-7i 2011

Corvette 1979

Cadillac Deville DHS 2000. Most options, exc. cond. 93,000 mi.. New tires. $6,500. 541-233-8944.

L82- 4 speed. 85,000 miles Garaged since new. I've owned it 25 years. Never damaged or abused.


Dave, 541-350-4077 CHECK YOURAD

Please check your ad on the first day it runs to make sure it is correct. Sometimes ins tructions over t h e phone are misunder- CORVETTE COUPE stood and an error Glasstop 2010 can occur in your ad. Grand Sport - 4 LT If this happens to your loaded, clear bra ad, please contact us hood & fenders. the first day your ad New Michelin Super appears and we will Sports, G.S. floor be happy to fix it as mats, 17,000 miles, s oon as w e c a n . Crystal red. Deadlines are: Week$42,000. days 12:00 noon for 503-358-1164. next day, Sat. 11:00 a.m. for Sunday; Sat. 12:00 for Monday. If we can assist you, please call us: 541-385-5809 The Bulletin Classified Chev Malibu LT 2012

leather, 6,638 miles ¹387451 $15,988

Dodge Avenger SE Sedan 2012, 4 c y l, auto, FWD, MP3. Vin ¹293948


Ford Thunderbird 2004 Convertible

Sport, 5 spd, Bluetooth, remote pwr locks, less than 25k mi., vin¹368668 $17,977

with hard & soft top, silver with black interior, all original, very low mileage, in premium condition. $19,900. 702-249-2567 (car is in Bend)

l l

1996, 73k miles,

Need to sell a Vehicle? Call The Bulletin and place an ad today!

Tiptronic auto. transmission. Silver, blue leather interior, moon/sunroof, new quality tires and battery, car and seat covers, many extras. Recently fully serviced, garaged, looks and runs like new. Excellent condition $29,700 541-322-9647


A s k about our "Whee/ Deal"!

Porsche 911 Turbo


Looking for your next employee?


L'"'" " "


(photo for iuustration only)

2003 6 speed, X50 Volkswagen Jetta 2.0L added power pkg., (photo for illustration onlyl 2013, 4 Cyl., Turbo 530 HP! Under 10k Subaru Legacy 3.0 R diesel, 6 speed w/tipmiles, Arctic silver, Limited 2008, 6 Cyl., tronic, FWD, moon gray leather interior, auto, AWD, leather, roof, alloy wheels. new quality t ires, m oon r o of , re a r Vin ¹356856 and battery, Bose spoiler, alloy wheels. $22,988 p remium sou n d Vin ¹207281 S UBA R U . stereo, moon/sun$22,988 roof, car and seat SuaARu 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. NIINBNNONNNNN.OOM covers. Many extras. 877-266-3821 Garaged, p e r fect 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. Dlr ¹0354 condition, $59,700. 877-266-3821 541-322-9647 Dlr ¹0354


541.312.3986 DLR ¹0205

People Look for Information About Products and Services Every Daythrough The Bulletin Blussigutht

GT 2200 4 cyl, 5 speed, a/c, pw, pdl, nicest c o nvertible V olvo S40 T 5 2 0 0 5 Find exactly what around in this price AWD, sunroof, lux/winter you are looking for in the range, new t ires, pkgs, new tires, more! wheels, clutch, tim- $6775 obo.541-330-5818 CLASSIFIEDS ing belt, plugs, etc. 111K mi., remark- WHEN YOU SEE THIS Subaru Legacy 3.0 able cond. inside 2008, 32k mi, gold and out. Fun car to ¹210048 $1 9 ,988 drive, Must S E E! $5995. R e dmond. On a classified ad 541-504-1993 go to 541-598-3750 to view additional www.aaaoregonautophotos of the item.

f o r private party l


Volvo C-302009 R-Design hatchback, 39k mi., white, Orig. owner. $17,984. 541-923-0445.

Olds 98 Regency 1990 exc. shape, runs as new, one owner, 20 mpg in town. New battery, stud snow tires. $2000. 541-389-9377




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(photo for illustration only)

Kia Forte SX Hatchback 2013, 4 Cy l , m oon r o of , re a r spoiler, alloy wheels. Vin¹684485 $17,988


S US A R u

2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 877-266-3821 Dlr ¹0354

Lincoln MKS 2009 AWD, 39k mi. ¹613889. $ 2 2,988




S US A R U .

2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 877-266-3821 Dlr ¹0354




Legal Notices

Legal Notices


man, 568 Widgeon Rd., Redmond, OR 97756, (541 ) 7 28-4103. LA W Y ER FO R P E R SONAL R E P RESENTATIVE: Andrew C. Balyeat, OSB ¹951927, Balyeat & Eager, LLP, 920 NW Bond St., Suite 209, B end, OR 97701, (541 ) 322-0404 or (541 ) 322-0505 FAX,

Af Carrera Bend, we've been fulfilling dreams for over 32 years. As the newest


member of the Kendall Auto Group family, we are proud fo join one of the most

Legal Notices

reserves the ri ht to estimate the m eter readin and to issue bills calculated u on estimated usa e and

respected automotive names in the Northwest. A company that is equally passionate about cars as i! is about doing the right thing in the showroom or around town, Kendall cares. If is with a great deal of excitement that Kendall Auto Group


t h e FIR S T Meeting, hel d on March 11, 2014 at the Terrebonne Grange, as per community inp ut members, t h e board made a decision to add further amendment wording to the considered Ordinance No. 14-02. Additional purposed wording will be sent to Special Districts Association of Oregon for legal approval before final wording will be added to above consideration.

begins i!s next journey in Bend. Thank you for making us a pari of your community.

A fter

that the undersigned has been appointed personal tive. All persons hav- andyObalyeatl ing claims against the Need to get an estate are required to present them, with ad in ASAP'? vouchers attached, to You can place it the undersigned peronline at: sonal representative c/o the Law Office of Carl W. Hopp, Jr., 168 NW Greenwood Av541-385-5809 enue, B e nd , OR 9 7701, within f o ur LEGAL NOTICE Co ies of Ordinance months after the date No. 13-01 and the of first publication of ro osed amendin t his notice, o r t h e an N N N N claims may be barred. I~ Sub-Bids Requested available at the All persons whose Rite Aid Terrebonne Domestic r ights may b e a f Redmond, OR Water District Office fected by t h e p r oBids Due: 8300 B Street ceedings may obtain March 18, 2014 Terrebonne OR additional information O 10:00am from the records of Because of considthe court, the perScope of Work: The ered added wordin sonal representative, project includes a the process to conor the lawyers for the personal representa- n ew, g round u p , sider an O rdinance 17,400 sf pharmacy change will start over tive, Carl W. Hopp, Jr. Dated and first pub- with masonry walls, a with a FIRST READlished on March 15, steel roof structure, ING MEETING FOL2014. CARL W. TPO/built up roofing, LOWED BY A SECHOPP, JR., finishes, p l u mbing, OND MEETING FOR OSB¹751760, Attor- HVAC, fire sprinkler, ADOPTION. ney f o r Pe r sonal electrical. Construction type: VB non-rate F uture notice of a Representative. with automatic f i re FIRST ublic meetin LEGAL NOTICE suppression system. to consider adoption IN THE COURT OF of t h e pur p osed T HE STATE O F Questions: amending Ordinance OREGON FOR THE Call Matt Winkler at N o. 14-02, will b e COUNTY OF DES503.444.0661 or email in the Bend CHUTES PRO - published Bulletin at least four BATE DE P ARTdays, but not more MENT. In the Matter We are an equal op- than ten days, before of the E state of portunity e m p loyer the meeting. JANNICE H A R T- and request sub-bids MAN, D e ceased. from minority, women, F uture notice of a Case No. d isadvantaged a n d SECOND P U B LIC 13PB0141. NOemerging small busi- MEETING I O C O OTICE IS H EREBY ness enterprises. sider adoption of the GIVEN that the unpurposed amending dersigned has been CCB ¹54656 Ordinance No. 14-02, appointed personal will be published in r epresentative. A l l PUBLIC NOTICE the Bend Bulletin at Terrebonne Water persons ha v i ng least four days, but claims against the District not more than ten estate are required "CANCELLATION" OF d ays, b efore t h e to p resent t hem, EARLIER PUBLISHED SECOND meeting. with vouchers atSECOND MEETING tached, to the unFor the purpose to These meeting are dersigned personal Consider amending open to the public representative at the Ordinance No. 14-02 where the board will law offices of BAAmendin Ordinance accept input and LYEAT & EAGER, No 13-01 questions. LLP, 920 NW Bond Establishin District Street, Suite 209, General 0 erations to Please watch for the Bend, OR 9 7701, allow Estimated Water notice for Upcoming within four months Usa e Under Certain Meetings in the Bend after the date of first Circumstances Bulletin. These nopublication of t h is ices will a ls o b e notice, or the claims The public is hereby tposted at the Terrebmay be barred. All notified that the SEC- onne Water District p ersons wh o s e OND Special Meeting, Office Reader Board rights may be aforiginally scheduled to and other businesses fected by the proBN held OO MarCh II around Terrebonne, ceedings may obBOIC far baard COO- Oregon. tain additional sideration to amend information from the Terrebonne Domestic records of the Court, Water District's Ordithe personal reprenance No. 13-01 SecHave an item to tion 5: Billing Policies s entative, or t h e sell quick? lawyer for the per(b) HAS BEEN CANsonal r e presentaCELLED. If it's under tive, Andrew C. Bal yeat. Dated a nd The original consider- '500 you can place it in first published on ation of O r dinance The Bulletin March 15, 2 0 14. No. 14-02 would add Classifieds for: Michael Ray Hartthe following wording: man, Per s onal Nln the event a meter '1 0 - 3 lines, 7 days Representative. is inaccessible or the PERSONAL REPDistrict is unable to '16 - 3 lines, 14 days RESENTATIVE: read the meter for an (Private Party ads only) Michael Ray Hartreason the D istrict


2005Attdl All Rettcl





2o11 NINI countrymen 2008BNW $28xl


2006Attcll A6 Avttttt wa eett





2007 Persche Cayman

2012Lttncl Rover LR2








7013Audi 44 Ottttttre

2011 BMW33Sr Coupe

2009Atttrr TTSottttttre









7013Sttbttrtt Lelttcy AWI


2010Nertefjes Senz ML3$0



" GT7536



1045 SE 3rd St. Bend, OR 541-382-1711


Q Qe

P O R B I: H E



*Covsrsge is effective for12months fromvehicle purthosedote, or12,000 milesfromtheodometer at sale. Forcomplete information regarding specific details, limitations asd responsibilities, referto theLimitedPower Train VehicleService Contract.











0 'I


/ '/ m





NEW 2014 Ford Fusion S 4-Door, Automatic


MSRP.............. $22,695


0] 9

Custams I Cash.....-$1$$$

$2,495CashurTrade 36MonthLoaso

Dueat Si nin

10K MilesPerYear. Residual$12,482.25. QnApprovedcredit. vIN:257229

NEW 2014 Ford Focus S 4-Door SedanAutomatic

ssseaoedsimud vary

MSRP .............. $18,495

Ends Marcb 3 1

Ford Retail Customersash.....-$1$$$ TS&S Price........ $16,599

$1 49 . .. !

$2,495Cashur Trade 36MonthLoaso 10K MilesPerYear.Residual $9,802.35. OnApprovedCredit. VIN:219670 Due atSigning NEW 2013Ford Edge SELAWD NEW2014FordExpedition KingRanch



Leather,HeatedSeats, PanoramicVista Roof, PowerLifl Gate Nav., Self-LevelingSuspension, PowerRunningBoards 1

® flo/ MSRP .............. $38,125 ............ ......... $59,195 0/0 APRforupto MSRP TSS Discount ......-$3,209 O0' TSS Discount ... -$5,500 =$10,000= 60 Months Ford Retail Customer $54,195 Dff MSRP! InLieuof$1500 Ford Retail Cash........ ........... $3,000 Cash.................-$1,500 .










Customer Casher Ford Credit Bonus * ... . . -$1,000 *FMCCFinancing.OnApproved Ford Retail BonusCash.............-$500 5916 Credit. VIN:C26348 Sale Price 49 195

FMCC Financin * ....-$500

Sale Price ..$ 31










VIN:F09495 *Must Finance throughFMCC


2014 S ub a r u I m p r e z a 2.0i CVT Option Package01.Standard Model. Popular Pkg¹2:

Auto-DimMirror/Comp/Homelink, BumperApplique Sedan,CargoTray, All-WeatherFloor Mats,SplashGuards

NEW 2014 Ford Mustang NEW 2014 Ford Explorer V6


C onfidence in Mo ri o n

201 4 S ubaru I m p r e z a 2.0i CVT PopularPkg.Ql: Auto-DimMirror/Comp/Homelink, BumperApplique 5-Door, CargoTray5D,All Weather FloorMats,Seat BackProtector

4-Door, 4WD




MSRP........ ...................... $22,995 TSS Discount -$1,000 $21,995 Ford CustomerCash.............. -$2,000 Ford Retail Bonus Cash.......... -$1,000 Saie Price 1 85995 VI N: 270612 .






















NEW 2013 Ford Taurus SEL Leather, HeatedSeats, Rear Spoiler,19 m Wheels, Rear ViewCamera

MSRP.............. $33,555 TSS Discount .......-$1750 Ford Retail Customer Cash..................-$1750 Cap Cost$30,055


$Q'gQ57 36 Mon ease 10KMiles PerYear. Residual $18,455.25 OnApprovedCredit.VIN:A03943

Due atStgnmg NEW 2014Ford EscapeAWD •

2.0 Ecodoost


2$,430 sale Price NEW 2014Ford F150XL4x4

MSRP .................... $30,730 TS&S Discount ........... $1,771 Ford Retail Customer Cash........................ $2,000 2.99%APR -84 months -OAC OnApprovedCredit.VIN:865059,832717,848274

Cash.................-$2,000 TS&S Price.........$31,550

36 Month Lease

0 i 4 O utb a c k 2.5i CVT Option Pkg. 21: 17'Alloy Wheels, 225/60 R17 96TAll Season Tires, Fog Lights, Rear BumperCover, 4 All Weather Floor Mats

Motor Trand's 2014 Sport/Utuity otthe Year.



'26,999 Sale Price Moonroof, Navigation, MaxTowPkg, Lariate PlusPkg.

02 9 9

Ford siitiiii ciisiiiiuer '

';,:. o 9,699

014 S ub a r u F o r e s t e r 2.5i Premium 6M T

Manual MSRP $25,865. Subaru of Bend Discount $1,868 VIN: ¹EG52740I. EFE-02 Title, lic. 8. doc. and dealer installed options not included

MSRP $26,084.Subaru ofBend Discount $2,085 VIN: E3249553.EDS-21 Title, lic. Ik doc. and dealer installed options not included.

'„",:. 023,999

'„",:. 024,14,9

2014 S ub a r u O u t b a c k 2 .5i Premium 6M T MSRP .............. $35,610

MSRP $20,782. Subaru of Bend Discount $1,083 VIN: E8257069.ELB-01 Title, lic. L doc. and dealer installed options not included.


NEW201 3Ford F150SuperCrewLariat

Power Epuip. Group, Integrated Brake Controller, Communication Pkg.

;;:. $38 5999 All WeatherPkg:HeatedFrontSeats, Windshield Wiper De-lcer,HeatedSideMirrors, All Weather Floor Mats,Auto-DimMirror Compass,CargoTray, CompSeparator - Moonroof, RearBumperCover, SplashGuardKit, FogLampKit, Cross Bar Set -Aero


TSS Discount ......................-$3,500 Dff MSRP. $31 930 Furd Rntall Cash................... $3,250 VIN: 216849 * ..... . . . . . . . . . . -$1,250 *M„',I Fln,n„ Ford Credit Bonus Ford Retall Bonus Cash----- -$1,'000 throughFMC C

MSRP $20,357. Subaru of Bend Dlscount $1,358 VIN: ¹EH015780. EIB-01 Title, lic. Ik doc. and dealer installed options not included

$11,~000Off MSRPl

-.::::::::::::::::::::.'-$5',750 =

$46,950 Ford Retail Cash................... $1,500 * ... . . . . . . . . . . . . -$1,500 ** Mtfst trade ia Ford Credit Bonus n Trade-In Assistance* * . . . . . . . . . . . -$»250 '95 or newer.*Must

Option Package 02. All Weather Pkg. Heated Front Seats, Windshield Wiper De-icer, Heated Side Mirrors. Popular Pkg. ¹1B. Auto-Dim Mirror/Comp/ Homelink, Splash Guards, Rear Bumper Cover, 4All-Weather Floor Mats, Rear Seat Back Protector, Puddle Llghts.

2014 S ubaru B R Z Limited 6MT Option Package 01Standard Model, Auto-DimMirror/Comp,CargoTray Black, Rear BumperApplique

10KMiles PerYear. $2,495 CaSher• Trade Residual $21,088.00 I sa oe s4$ 7QQSaiePriceIucc'VI:cs' Due atSigmng OnApprovedCredi tVIN:A84901 . NEW201 4Ford F350CrewCabLongBed NEW20 14FordF350CrewCabLongBox •

XL, Value Pkg,5thWheel Hitch, GooseNeckITitch, SYNC

King Ranch,Navigation, Moonroof,5th WheeTPrep




MSRP $27,901. Subaru of Bend Discount $1,902. VIN; E1272560.EDC-02 Title, lic. 8. doc. and dealer installed options not included

MSRP............ TSS Discount ...

$49,960 -$3,714 $46,246 . $2,500 VIN: A73457,A73458. -$1,000 *Must Finance -$1,000 throughFMCC. ...-$500 On Approved Credit.** Must trade in a'95 ornewer.

Ford Retail Cash...* Ford Credit Bonus Special Package... Trade-In Assistance

541,246 sale price

MSRP ........ TSS Discount


.... $65,850

'N' -$10 000= 5

$59'850 ...... $2,500

Ford Retail Cash...... * ... Ford Credit Bonus Trade-In Assistance*'

2014 S ubaru X V C rosst re k H y b r i d CVT

Must trade in a '95 or newer.*Must

S55 usu SaiePriue Fuodmyiu.'Aotoyt

Auto-DimMirror/Comp/Homelink, RearBumperCover, Splash Guards, All WeatherFloorMats, RearSpoiler

... $32,980 -$1,731 ..... $1,250 .......-$750 .......-$750 .



:;:. 027 5000



NEW 2014Ford F150Extended Cab4x4V-6 MSRP..................... TSS Discount ............ Ford Retail Cash........ * ..... Ford Credit Bonus Trade-In Assistance ....

MSRP $28,761. Subaru of Bend Discount $1,762 VIN: E9601079.EZE-01 litle, lic. 8. doc. and dealer installed options not included.

VIN: 2EH229477.ERH-01


Test Drive It Today! Automatic

526,4$9 SalePrice

** Mtfst trade in a '95 or newer. *Must Finance through FMCCVIN: A45809

• • ~




d I





5 ,





%Inn nun



Sale endsMarch 17, 2014





Bulletin Daily Paper 03-15-14  

The Bulletin Daily print edition for Saturday March 15, 2014

Bulletin Daily Paper 03-15-14  

The Bulletin Daily print edition for Saturday March 15, 2014