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his election is a place to start when thinking about Bend's future. The next city councilors will be making





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decisions about the expansionof Bend'sboundaries, the



city's infrastructure needs, public safety, vacation rentals and more. Who are the best candidates to meet those challenges'? Three of the seven positions on the council are up for election this November. We urge you to vote for Mark Capell, Casey Roats and Scott

Ramsay. Position5 Capell, 55, is running for a third term and deserves it. He's a fourth-generation resident of Bend and runs a computer consulting business. Those roots in the community aren't the only reason to vote for him, but it does give him a level of understanding that his opponent cannot match. What matters much more is Capell's performance on council. In city meetings, he makes thoughtful suggestions and contributions. He's been pragmatic. He wants to return for another term to see the city's water project through, to continue to plan for the city's sewer system needsand confronttheissueofroad maintenance. Capell's opponent, Nathan Boddie, 42, is a physician who works at St. Charles Medical Center in Bend. Boddie has legitimate differences of opinion with Capell. For instance, Boddie would not have supported continuing to get water from Bridge Creek. Webelieve, as Capell does, that it's wise for the city to maintain two separate sources of water as a way of providing insurance for Bend's future. But beyond the diff erences of opinion we have with Boddie, there is also an issue with the way he expresses it. Boddie says Capell has been a "ringleader for reckless spending," is "in the pocket of consultants," and has created a"bloated bureaucracy." It's as if Boddie wants to inhm city politics with the rancor andvenom of Washington, D.C. We have doubts that he would work well with others on the council for the residents of Bend. Vote Capell.

want. Roats told us he would have to remove himself from any discussion on that matter, which would be appropriate. We wouldn't want people who are active in business in the community to be ruled out of serving on the council or the school board because those paths sometimes cross. In some ways, Richard Robertson,39, is one of themostimpressive candidates we have met this year. He has an intellectual disability and is running to advance the cause of the disabled. His knowledge of other city issues is limited. A third candidate, Ron Boozell, dedined to be interviewed by The Bulletin. He told the council recently that he wants the council to temporarily freeze rent in the city. We don't believe the city government should be dictatingrental prices. A third candidate is Lisa Seales, 38. She is an instructor at Oregon State University-Cascades Campus and at Central Oregon Community College. She fell in love with Bend after pursuingresearch here. Seales has the skills, brains and experience in collaborative water management to make a valuable contribution to the city. If Roats weren'tin the race,we would have no reservationsabout endorsing her. We hope she continues to find ways to get involved. Vote Roats.

Position 7

Ramsay, 48, is a partner in the family business of Sun Mountain Fun Center. He has expressed deserved frustration with the state's land use process and the way it is dictating Bend's density. He does not pretend to have all the answers to issues he wants to work on, such as improving the city's bus system or fundingstreet improvements. But he hasadvocated sensible,balanced approaches to the city's challenges. Bend coulduse more ofthesame. Position 6 Challenger Barb Campbell, 50, There is no incumbent running is the owner of Wabi Sabi in downin the four-way race for this seat town Bend and was one of the because Jodie Barram has decid- founders of the community group ed to run for the Deschutes County Slower SaferBend. On many curCommission. rent issues facing the city, there is We believe Roats would add not a lot of difference between her more to the council than the other positions and those of Ramsay. candidates. He is 33, grew up here She told us a difference between and is the owner of Roats Water her and Ramsay is that she is someSystem, Inc. how morefocused on residentswho He has more knowledge about live here now. We found that to be the city and its issues than his op- more spin than substance. ponents. He has gotten involved We did discovera place in our by serving on council committees, endorsement interviews where they most notably Bend's innovative sew- clearly differ. Campbell told us that er ~ ruct u r e advisory group. she would trade away some of the His business and specialty are in- city's water rights on Bridge Creek frastructure, and there are not go- to mollify opponents of the water ing to be pricier challenges for the project and their concerns for Tumcity in the years ahead. alo Creek.Ramsay said he would We should note that his owner- not. We agree with Ramsay that the ship of Roats does present a poten- city should not hamstring its future tial conflict of interest. The city has access to water when there are othbeen negotiating with Roats over er ways, such as canal piping, to inthe sale or lease of a slice of the city's crease flows in the creek. water system that the city does not Vote Ramsay.

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M 1Vickel's Worth Buehler a thoughtful advocate

What Christofferson offers

tions to problems ... a trait needed by all legislators. What Aelea Christofferson would Knowing Christofferson and her Knute Buehler has demonstrat- bring as a U.S. Representative from husband in our church for 15 years, ed throughout his campaign for the 2nd Congressional District: she will get my vote in November. state representative that he will be 1. Her passion: If something is not Can she count on yours'? a thoughtful and effective advocate working, you do what you can to fix Mary Anna SwInnerton for the residents of Bend. I was im- it. Bend pressed recently by the detailed five2. Experience: point plan he released for growing • Working with the FCC and SupportBuehler jobs and our economy. From a focus having lived in D.C., Christofferson on access to higher education to his understands how government and What a refreshing change to have ideas for promoting innovation in politics work. two strong candidates in a politiour emerging tech sector, Buehler • Owning her own communica- cal race. Having said that, I support has shown that h e

u n derstands tions business for 23 years, she has

what businesses need to thrive and real-life business experience. what Bend needs to fully recover • Providing health care for her from the recession. employees has always been ChristAs part-owner of a successful offerson's priority. medical practice, Buehler knows • As past president of the Sunrithe challenges that small business-

ver Area Chamber of Commerce

es face. He will fight to protect them and the National Association of

Knute Buehler for House District

54, and I urge you to do the same. I support Buehler for a number of reasons. First, I know him personally and have had a chance to discuss in some detail his philosophy toward public policy, how he seessome of the issues facing our economy and soci-

from new taxesand excessive regulation. As a Bend resident for nearly

Women Business Owners, Christofferson understands the needs of

ety, and what it will take to make the

La Pine Schools budget committee

To learnmore about the 2nd Congressional District, Christofferson,

he has taken the time to understand some of the issues he would face if

necessary changes. He is a candidate 20 years, Buehler has watched Cen- businesses. who has real depth beyond just the tral Oregon transform into a mag• Having raised three adopted media-driven sound bites. Second, he net for entrepreneurs, from the tech- children and two of her husband's and his wife, Patty, have deep roots nology sector to craft beer. He will children, Christofferson under- in the community. They have providadvocate for policies that encourage stands the role of a parent and the ed exemplary service to thousands their continued growth. educational and job issues facing of patients over the years, have sent Through his service on the Bend- the younger generation. their kids through our schools, and and on the board of OSU-Cascades, Buehler has demonstrated that he fully grasps what our schools need to prepare students for the jobs of

her husband and team have traveled

elected (e.g., he currently serves on

throughout this district, listening to residents, business owners, ranch-

the Bend-La Pine Schools budget

ers, farmers and anyone who wants change in Congress. These are the needs and issues she will take to the The Bulletin called him "one of the next U.S. Congress, making sure actomorrow. He will advocate for a world-class education system. In its endorsement of Buehler, finest candidates for public office

tion is taken on their behalf.

Bend has produced in recent years." Christofferson has experience in I couldn't agree more. In Buehler, "working across the aisle." Having we have a passionate, thoughtful

a successful marriage with her Na-

leader who will make an exception- val Academy graduate, historically al state representative. Republican husband, she is willing Amy Tykeson to listen to a different viewpoint and Bend work together toward common solu-

committee). Finally, he is exceptionally bright (Rhodes Scholar), has developed thoughtful and compelling policy papers on a number of key issues (check out his website at knutebuehler.com), and has shown an independence that I think is sore-

ly lacking in the current political debate. Bend would be incredibly wellserved (as would Oregon) to have someone ofhis caliber in the House. Bruce Abemethy Bend

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Driver cards would attract more illegal immigrants By Charles Boyd great Ogallala Aquifer, important to hose who advocate giving driv- agriculture in the Midwest, is being er cards to individuals who live "mined." We are at risk of degradin Oregon illegally ignore the ing the environment in our constant broader issues associated with illegal quest for more energyto keep up with immigration. the growing population. Witness the The U.S. population is 317 million continuing controversy over fracking and will increase to over 400 million and the rapid spread of windmill genby 2050. Seventy percent of the in- erators in scenic environments. This crease will be due to both legal and il- is to say nothing of concerns about legal immigration, according to Sup- terrorists and drug cartels who wish port U.S. Population Stabilization. to cross our porous borders.


We allow about a million individuals

to come here legally each year. The environmental impact of this rapidly increasing population is significant. The U.S. is already experiencing water shortages in various parts

IN MY VIEW care for the immigrants, including payment for legal fees to guarantee due process. The backlog of cases is so great that many are released into society with the hope that they will show up for a hearing. Most will probably be allowed to stay, which will draw thousands more next year. The magnet that draws many of

need help, but we cannot take them

them is the promise of amnesty provided by the immigration bill passed

all in. It is estimated that about 70,000

by the Senateand the 2012 Obama

There are many in the world who

will have entered illegally this year from Central America alone. The

presidential administrative amnesty action taken for young illegals alU.S. cannot continue to be a safety ready in the U.S. Ronald Regan supof the country. California, Arizo- valve for the population excesses of ported amnesty for millions in 1986, na and Nevada are rationing water other countries. Millions of taxpay- but promised border securitynevin many areas, and the water in the er dollars are being spent to provide er materialized, and millions more

have crossed the border illegally,

pushed by Gov. John Kitzhaber and

or overstayed their visas. Sen. Ron

many Democrats in the Legislature.

Wyden, Sen. Jeff Merkley and Pres- Those who are in this country illegalident Obama champion the middle ly should be denied this privilege as class but ignore the fact that more tax

it facilitates their ability to take jobs,

money to help immigrants places ad- providing unnecessary competition ditional burdens on that middle class. forover 100,000 Oregon citizens who We have thousands of homeless and are unemployed. The flood of immiunemployed citizens who could use grants also results in lower wages that money. and places stress on medical facilities We cannot continue to enable the and schools, which may already be millions who break into our counovercrowded. Providing driver cards try illegally. It weakens our rule of does not guarantee additional safety law and demeans the meaning of on the road and only serves to attract citizenship. Pew Research estimates more illegal immigrants to the state. there are over 160,000 individuals If you were in the U.S. illegally, living in the state of Oregon illegally. which states would you move to, This November, Oregon citizens will those that would provide you a driver have an opportunity to vote whether card, or those states that support the illegal residents should be issued a rule of law'? driver card. This concept has been — Charles Boyd lives in Bend.

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