Bulletin Daily Paper 10-12-14

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B USI1VESS MONDAY Bend WebCAM Conference: Web, social media, creative and

marketing conference; hosted

at three different venues in downtown Bend; $479; Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St.; 541317-0700 or www.bendwebcam.

com. Business Fundamentals

Bootcamp — Marketing: Series of workshops for anyone interested in tuning up or starting up an organization; call to register; $10 per course; 6:30-8:30 p.m.; COCC — Crook County Open Campus, 510 SE Lynn Blvd., Prineville; 541447-6228.

TUESDAY Bend WebCAM Conference: Web, social media, creative and marketing conference; hosted at three different venues in


Email events at least 10days before publication date to businessibendbulletin.com or click on "Submit an Event" at www.bendbulletin.com. Contact: 541-383-0323.

classroom events andsupport

downtown Bend; $479; Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St.; 541317-0700 or www.bendwebcam.

Community College, 2600 NW College Way, Bend; 541-383-7270.


Plan for Success: Learn how to segment your donor base and build constituencies to maximize donor contact; registration required; $59; 6-9 p.m.; Central Oregon Community College, 2600 NW CollegeWay, Bend;541-3837270.

Trenton Ave., Bend; 541-383-7270. How toDevelop a Business Plan: First-time business owners will learn how to evaluate finances, target markets and present ideas in a business plan; Oct. 15 and 22; $79 includes materials, registration required; 6-9 p.m.; Central Oregon Community College, 2600 NW College Way, Bend; 541-383-7270.



Six Sigma Applications: Online and classroom instruction; registration required; Wednesdays, Oct. 15-Dec. 4; $185; Central Oregon Community College, 2600 NW College Way, Bend; 541-383-7270. Payroll Using GuickBooks: Online and classroom instruction; registration required; Fridays, Oct. 15-Dec. 5; $195; 9 a.m.-noon; COCC Chandler Building, 1027 NW

Bookkeeping for Business: Learn to apply entry-level accounting

transfer of training to the workplace; registration required; Thursdays, Oct. 16-Nov. 13; $475; 12:30-4:30 p.m.; Central Oregon Community College, 2600 NW College Way, Bend; 541-383-7270. Make Your Website More Profitable: Learn to use Google Analytics and other free or lowcost tools to run your website and increase conversions; registration required; Thursdays, Oct. 16-Jan. 30; $89; 1-4 p.m.; COCC Chandler Building, 1027 NW Trenton Ave., Bend; 541-3837270.

concepts and keepbooks using

Blogging for Business and

Membership 101 — Driving Your Membership: Member success briefings; free; registration required; 10 a.m.; Bend Chamber of Commerce, 777 NW Wall St., Suite 200; 541-382-3221 or shelley©bendchamber.org. Women's Roundtable Series — Gender Gap and Your Voice: Learn how to speak authentically while getting your

message across, led by Diane

Allen with Eloquent Expression; $25 Chamber members, $35 nonmembers, register online; 11:30 a.m.; Bend Golf and Country Club, 61045 Country Club Drive; 541-382-3221 or www. bendchamber.org. Build Your Business Website with WordPress: Registration required; Tuesdays and Thursdays, Oct. 1430; $149; 6-9 p.m.; Central Oregon


Integrating Your Fundraising

QuickBooks Pro; registration required; Thursdays, Oct. 16-Dec. 11; $199; 9 a.m.-noon; COCC Chandler Building, 1027 NW Trenton Ave., Bend; 541-383-7270.

Training the Trainer: Learn how to apply adult learning principles, accommodate different learning

styles, select and sequence

Beyond: Learn to set-up a WordPress site, integrate it with social media, and create original content on the fly; registration required; Thursdays, Oct. 16-30; $65; 6-8 p.m.; Central Oregon Community College, 2600 NW College Way, Bend; 541-383-7270. Business Start-up Class: Learn

the basics of turning a great idea into a successful business; $29, registration required; 6-8 p.m.; Central Oregon Community College, Redmond campus, 2030 SE College Loop, Redmond; 541-383-7290, sbdc©cocc.edu or www.cocc.edu.sbdc. Facebook Strategy and Analytics for Business: Registration required; Thursdays, Oct. 16-23; $89; 6-9 p.m.; COCCChandler Building, 1027 NW Trenton Ave., Bend; 541-383-7270.

FRIDAY Ecommerce with WordPress: Registration required; must have working knowledge of HTML and completed the Beginning WordPress course; Fridays, Oct. 17-24; $99; 9 a.m.-noon; Central Oregon Community College, 2600 NW CollegeWay, Bend;541-3837270.

DEEDS Crook County • Floy M. Ward to Jeffrey A. Ochampaugh, Sinclair-Davis Tract No. 2, Lot 28, $150,000 • Carol E. Wesner, successor trustee of the Josten Family Trust, to Jacob D. Staniford and Darla M. Kindsfather, Township15, Range14, Section 23, $305,000 • Jonathan W. Fields, trustee of the Jonathan W.Fields Revocable Living Trust, and Glenda K.Fields, trustee of the Glenda K.Fields Revocable Trust, to Jason B.andJessica D. Ritter, Jeremy W.and Krista A. Fields, Jonathan W.Fields, trustee of the Jonathan W.Fields Revocable Living Trust, and Glenda K.Fields, trustee of the Glenda K.Fields Revocable Trust, Sinclair-Davis Tract No. 2, Lot17, $318,000 • Rolly J. Puckett to Lloyd C. Bansen Family LLC,Township14, Range16, Section 18, $150,000 • Pahlisch Homes Inc. to Bruce and Jo Vollstedt, Ochoco Pointe PUD,Phase 2, Lot 127, $249,950 • Kimberli J. Grant to Ricky M. John, Prineville LakeAcres, Unit 2, Lot 45, $250,000 • Donald L. Smith, trustee of the Donald L. Smith Trust, andJanleeE. Smith, trustee of the Janlee E. Smith Trust, to Daniel L. andChristine L. Solomon, Quail Valley ParkReplat, Lot 20, $285,000 • Robert W. and Rachel Warner to Robert A. and Luthera Hindman, cotrustees of the HindmanRevocable Trust, Meadow Lakes Estates,Phase 1, Lot 6, $220,000 • Gary W. andMarilyn L. Brinton to Duane C.and Joan P.Wade, Ironwood Estates, Phase 2,Lot 29, $255,000

BVC Continued from E1 Just because an entrepreneur knows his or her company inside and out, doesn't

necessarily mean that entrepreneur can clearly explain it to investors in 10 minutes, said Erin Reilly, EDCO's member-

ship development and events manager. "Getting the right pitch in placefor the right audiencehas beenwhatwe've really helped t hem with i n

t h e l ast f i ve

months," she said, referring to Amplion. Reilly said the BVCaudience includes representatives from other venture firms and inves-

tors from the Silicon Valley, Portland, Seattle and other re-

gions, so it's important for presenters to have polished pitches, not only to put on a good show, but for their exposure. " These companies a r e pitching to experts in different fields, and some of those experts could join forces with them ... and help thosecompanies get to the next level," she sald. When Carroll learned Am-

• Mark Grimes to Wade R.and Janice L. Flegel, Township14, Range15, Section 3 and10, $750,000 • Michael E. andKarenA. Stone, trustees of the MakmStone Revocable Trust, to Leo M.andReyneHillyer, trustees of the Hillyer Living Trust, Brasada Ranch1, Lot70, $196,477 • Cool Mountain Properties LLC to RRP Properties LLC,Baldwin Road Industrial Park, Lot17, $470,000 • Matthew P. Huff to Michael G. and Kathleen E.W ilson,Meadow Lakes Estates, Phase1, Lot12, $220,000 •James andAngelaLyonto Raymond J. and Catherine M.Paumier, Brasada Ranch 2, Lot 204, $420,000 •OregonHousing and Community Services Department, State of Oregon, to Byron L. andPeggy A. Root, trustees of the Root Living Trust, Prineville LakeAcres, Unit 2, Lot 3, Block 37, $180,513 • Jack B. and Beverly J. Bishop to Fred M. andDiane M. Moore, First Fairways, Lot 3, $185,000 • Charles R. andLyla M. Lemley to Jack B. andBeverly J. Bishop, Township16, Range16, Section 2, $172,000 • Pahlisch Homes Inc. to Trudy Lowery, Ochoco Pointe PUD, Phase1, Lot 51, $179,900 • Eugene andJulie Kolbe to Patsy and Roger Dryden, Ronald L. Bryantand Robert Eberhard, BrasadaRanch4, Lot 403, $519,000 Deschutes County • Jill M. and SeanC.Melchionda to Kibby Road LLC,Cascade Vista PUD, Lot 47, $175,000 • Alan P. andSharon R. Runge, trustees of the RungeFamily Trust, to

How it works At the BendVenture Conference, representatives from selected startups seeking financing pitch their companies to investors and theaudience at the Tower Theatre in Bend. The conference hastwo categories: • The concept stage: Thecompaniesmustbe located in Central Oregon. They may still be working on technology or proof of concept and typically have not generated revenue.The winner gets $10,000 cash. • The launch stage: Companies haveacomplete business plan, haveessentially solved technology issues, may havegenerated revenue andneedfinancing to grow. Theyare competing for a total investment amountof$500,000,which could be offered to oneor more companies. For more information, visit www.bendvc.com. Source: Bend Venture Conference

Nancy R. Hjort, Canal View, Phases2 and 3, Lot13, $309,000 • Pahlisch Homes lnc. to Daniel A. Pebbles andCharlotte S. Oakes, McCall Landing, Phase1, Lot 77, $230,500 • Kim Stafford, successor trustee of the Stafford Revocable Living Trust, to Kelly A. andTracie M. Renwick, First Addition to Indian Ford Ranches Homes, Lot7, Block5, $320,000 • Karin J. Gobbel to JamesM. and Jamie M. Hoesly, Arrowhead, Phases 1-4, Lot 71, $225,000 • Federal National Mortgage Association to Justin L. Evans, NorthPointe, Phase 2,Lot 52, $200,000 •HaydenHomes LLCtoAngelica B. Rivera, Obsidian Ridge, Phases1 and 2, Lot1, $183,390 • Sam and Francesca Ko to Jason R. and Dana M.Widing, Amber Springs, Lot 1, $214,400 • Michael H. and Margaret H. Smith to Curtis and Stacy Pell, Old Deschutes West, Lot 3, $580,000 • GW Land Acquisitions LLC to Pacwest II LLC,Eagles Landing, Phase 2, Lots 9, 16, 62, 82, $318,100 • Pahlisch Homes Inc. to Paul M. and Rachel R. Eisenhauer, Shevlin Ridge, Phase 6, Lot130, $765,000 • Frank D. Lemma Jr. andSharlie M. Lemma to W.Orren andJudith M. Brownson, Winchester Arms, Lot 6, Block 1, $448,800 •StanleyL.andSusan E.Humiston to Jerry W. Bean,Tollgate Seventh Addition, Lot 346, $339,000 • Thomas E. andAnna K. Cornilliac and Oscar Garciato Ann M. McCance, Township18, Range12, Section 1, $377000

• Walter E. and Devora K. Bouche to Dara K. Gaskin andStephen D. Wursta, Township 18, Range14, Section 8, $260,000 • Sandra D. Cazier and Ellen L. Christensen-Cazier to Jamesand Marcia Lowrie, Canyon RimVillage, Phase 2, Lot 45, $245,000 • Hayden Homes LLCto Wiliam L. and Nancie M.Carmichael, Village at Cold Springs, Phase 4,Lot117, $290,228 • Gilbert J. and RosaDelCarmen Pickens to Nathan S.andKendra R. Wright, RedmondTownsite Company's First Addition to Redmond, Lots 3 and 4,Block C, $167,000 • Chris and Shelly Albers to Tami L. Warren, Village Wiestoria, Phase1, Lot 30, $355,000 • Gary E. Holt to WendyF.and Wiliam A. Rudy, Desert Woods 3, Lot 51, Block 9, $229,500 • Richard L. and Sarah L. Kaufman to Stephen M. Berrey, Broken Top, Phases4-A and4-C, Lot 417, $1,390,000 • Robert L. Jones to Steven J. Courtney and DianeOster-Courtney, Partition Plat 2004-17, Parcel1, $190,000 • Rex A. and Betty A. Peterson to Danielle Miller, Vacation Plat of Collins Addition, Township 15, Range13, Section 9, $155,000

• Lois Concannon and Robin L. Coats to Bernard J. andAimee J. LaCasse, Hollow Pine Estates, Phase1, Lot9, $290,000 • Xanadu Holdings LLC to Travis S. Perkins, Township 18, Range12, Section13, $160,000 • Pahlisch Homes Inc. to Nicholas A. DiSpaltro and Emily A. Larsen, Bridges at ShadowGlen,Phase1, Lot 40, $426,875

to Jeffery A. andJosanne Burnette, Partition Plat1998-08, Parcel 2, $165,000 • TVonne Leach, also appearing of record as T.VonneLeach and Henrietta Leach, to Juan L.Orzoco and Fatima Leach, Juniper Crest, Phase 2, Lot 5, $159,000 • Lake Creek Partners LLC to Robert D. and Cheri L. Dickman, trustees of the Robert and Cheri Dickman Revocable Living Trust, LakeCreek Lodge, Unit 26, $205,000 Jefferson County • Rick Moeller to Barbara N. Baggand • Robert A. and WandaL. Wright to Heather E. Vinal, Crooked River Ranch Robert M. and Kari L. Stuber, Crooked River Ranch No. 3, Lot 395, $180,000 No. 10, Lot107, $226,800 • Ronald L. and Mary Lou Hoover to • Metolius LLC to John C.Cash, Douglas B. andTracey E. Suckow, and trustee of the John C.Cash Revocable Kathleen Elliott, Township 13, Range Trust, Township13, Range 9,Section 10, $585,000 9, Section 10, $376,600 • Margo W. Tathwell to ReneeS. • Randy D. Armstrong, who acquired title as Randall D. Armstrong, and Faltings, Depot Addition to Madras, Lots 1-4, 13-16, Block13, $330,000 Betty A. Armstrong, to Darrel G. • Dorothy Miller to Brian Swedenburg Grace, Crooked River RanchNo. 10, Lot 206, $159,000 and Terri Fay,Township13, Range12, Section 15, $215,000 • Barry D. Westlake,trustee ofthe Barry Westlake Trust, to Robert L. •JonathanM .and SusanE.Hoffman Carter, Crooked River RanchPhase1, to Susan M. andEric C.Olson, Lot11, Block11, $170,000 Metolius MeadowsSixth Addition, Lot 8, Block 2, $541,000 • Harvey L. and Sheila M. Stickler to Jacob A. andAnalise T. Koolhaas, •JohnW. ThompsonandKathleen Township 11, Range13, Section 25, L.Bateman toTom E.andDiana L. Peterson, First Addition to Three $337,500 Rivers Recreation Area, Lot 2, Block • Doris E. and Carl J. Boyd to Ronald 1, $150,000 L. and Nancy P.Heitz, Juniper • Paul J. and Constance J. Stuber Heights, Lot7,Block2,$248,000

online marketplacewhere ac-

credited investors and commercial real estate developers can meet. It creates commer-

cial real estate investment

Peter Levitan

opportunities for ac c redited i nvestors, those with a n e t

worth exceeding$1 million or

The Levitan Pitch.

have annual income exceed-

ing $200,000 in each of the two most recent years. It also helps

How to Win More Pitches.

commercial real estate devel-

opers access new sources of funding.

At beSt, mOSt adVertiSing agenCieSWinOne-third Of

T ore Steen, C EO , s a i d CrowdStreet participated in

their newbusiness pitches. At this rate, agencynew

the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network's Angel Oregon program. Although CrowdStreet was not a finalist, Steen said he took

buSineSSPrOgramSCanCOSt thOuSandS OfWaSted dOllarS Peryear. TheRol Of PitChing iSWaytoo lOW.

away some valuable lessons

In OCtober'SAdBite, authOr, buSineSSdeVelOPment

that he plans on applying at the BendVenture Conference. "Try and simplify it, make it as succinct as possible and leave them wanting more," he

StrategiStand lOngtimeadman Peter Levitan Wil diSCuSS the right Way — and the WrOngWay— Of

said. "Leave them with excite-

ment about what you're going to do and a good foundation about your company." Oncehegetson stage,Steen said, he's going to tell himself

PitChing buSineSS.The Levitan PitCh highlightS

to remember to smile and try

Will unqueStiOnably lead to mOreWinS.

the12 worst mistakesthat agencies makein new business presentations. Avoiding thesemistakes

andconvey his enthusiasm in a way that becomes infectious to

plion made it to the top five, his the crowd. first thought was, "What the has Bend ties. Winning the BVC would hell am I going to wear?" he The commercial real estate finish the company's round salrL crowdfunding site was born of funding. But whether or "I'I a scientist by training, so my wardrobe consists of

jeans and shorts. I'm going to be standing on stage at the Tower, so I thought, I've got to

go shopping." Amplion has raised about $300,000 todate from Seven

Peaks Ventures of Bend and individual angel investors. If the company wins the launch-

stage competition, Carroll said, it would allow Amplion to hire employees and grow faster than it could organically. "We absolutely takepride in beingthe one hometown representative in Bend," he said. "It is a point of pride to have built something in town that can

make it to the stage." CrowdStreet Inc., another

BVC launch-stage finalist, also

in Bend and relocated its headquarters to Portland earlier

not CrowdStreet wins, Steen

said, the experience will be this year. invaluable. "Every time we go through Last year, the company applied for the BVC, but pulled this process and meet with poout to take time to prove its tential investors, we're excited business model, secure clients aboutthefeedback we receive and build its team, said Dar- and the lessons that we learn ren Powderly, co-founder of through that process,"he said. "By no means isour business CrowdStreet. "The truth i s , l ast y ear, model finished. We're taking while we thought we had a a lot of external feedback and great businessmodel and we input into consideration as we thought we'dbe entering into a grow our business." really large market ... we were Additionally, he said, the yet to prove it," he said. competition gives Cr owdThe company has secured Street a platform to share its $800,000in seed funding from story. "Everybody we meet is a Green Visor Capital, of San Francisco, Seven Peaks Ven- potential user that could join tures and the Portland Seed CrowdStreet," Steen said. Fund.

Crowdstreet provides an

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