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bendbulletin.corn TODAY' S READERBOARD Flashhack Cruz — A growing number of womenare getting in on the hobby.Some will show off their wheels this weekend.O1

Bend pair accusedof embezzling $~00,000

Last year, more than a quarter of the school districts in Oregon had fewer than 300 students. David Kerr, the superintendent of one of them, North Lake School District about 75 miles southeast of Bend, says state lawmakers and officials have little idea what it’s like to run a rural school in Oregon

and that it’s only getting harder.

By Scott Hammers The Bulletin

A Bend man accused of

embezzling$700,000 from his employer allegedly used company checks and credit cards to buy items he later resold online, accord›

GIF communicationWhysaywhatyoufeelwhen an ani mated imagecan?A3

ing to Deschutes County District Attorney John

Athletic sponsorships-


U.S. track and field to runner: Wear Nike or else.C1

The now-former office

manager at Bend construc› tion firm Jack Robinson and Sons, 41-year-old

North Korea —Inaneffort

William John Walton III,

to stick it to Japan (it claims), the country is creating its own time zone.A2

faces48 felony countsof first-degree aggravated theft, aggravated identity theft, first-degree forgery, and fraudulent use of cred›

And a Weh exclusive-

it cards.

TheLizard Mangrows anew tale: South Carolina swamp monster allegedly prowls again. benclbulletin.corn/extras

Walton’s wife, Juli Ann Walton, 44, faces identical

charges. Hummel said though she did not work


for the construction com›

pany, Juli Walton was fully involved in the scheme. Hummel said the inves›


tigation began with Ron Robinson, the third-genera› tion owner and head of the


and heroin often go hand inhand

construction company. SeeAccused/A5 l


Photos by Ryan Brennecke/The Bulletin

The exterior of North Lake School. The school district in northern Lake County is comprised of this one K-12 school, with about 225 students who travel as far as 50 miles every morning, every evening.

By Patdck Whittle The Associated Press

By Abby Spegmane The Bulletin


Public health agencies and drug treatment centers na›

tionwide are scrambling to battle an explosive increase


When North Lake School was built in the early 1990s, each of the three towns

in cases of hepatitis C, a

that send students there

scourge they believe stems at least in part from a surge

Instead, the school was built equidistant from the three, on a hill surrounded by alfalfa fields and

in intravenous heroin use.

In response, authorities are instituting or consid› ering needle exchange programsbutareoften stymied by geography›

Silver Lake, Fort Rock and Christmas Valley

highway: "North Lake School 8 miles."

many cases are in rural


is made up entirely of this

But it’s a reality that many lawmakers and state

treatment in tight times.

In Washington County, at the nation’s eastern edge, the rate of the acute form of hepatitis C last year was the highest in a state that

was already more than triple the national average.

The problem, health offi› cials thereagree,isspurred by the surge in the use of heroin and other injectable drugs and the sharing of needles to get high. Ryan Kinsella’s story is sadly typical. He was badly

one K-12 school, with about 225 students that travel

as far as50m ilesevery morning, every evening. There are 15 teachers and a small staff to do everything else. The office manager is the human resources di› rector, the athletic director runs the library, the math

teacher also teaches art. It’ s the same at schools in tiny Dayville, Mitchell, Spray, Crane, some of which have

skip long bus rides. officials just don’t get, says David Kerr, North Lake’s superintendent. It’s hard

tacks to mark every high school with fewer than 100

in an interview this week in his office. Behind him on the

wall is a map of Oregon with

Yet for some of the


decisions are made at the legislative level, they think if


North Lake School

it’s good for Portland it must

be good for Oregon. Some› times based on the issue it the mandates stack up and may not be in everybody else’s bestinterest." the funding does not. "Most people don’t under› Last year, more than a stand rural Oregon, espe› quarter of the school dis› cially if you’ ve lived your life tricts in Oregon had fewer in the I-5 corridor," Kerr said than 300 students, accord›

nounced plans to boost store workers’ minimum

ed to improve morale and retain employees.



students. "Oftentimes when

and it’s getting harder, as

When Wal-Mart Stores

chief Doug McMillon an›

said the move was intend› L

dormitories so students can

By Shannon Pettypiece Bloomberg News

wage earlier this year, he

not much else. A sign down the road assures visitors as they turn off the

The North Lake district in northern Lake County

and the cost of

wanted it in their town.

When a raise angers workers


Silv)r Lake COUNTY 0 R~EG 0 N ,

Summer Lake

book, Wal-Mart employees are calling the move unfair to senior workers who got

no increase and now make the same or close to what leagues earn. New workers started making a minimum

To Lakeview p Greg Cross/The Bulletrn


In interviews and in hun› dreds of comments on Face›

newer, less experienced col›


• Iver

ing to the state’s Education Department.

hundreds of thousands of workers getting no raise, the policy is having the op› posite effect.

of $9 an hour in April and will get at least $10 an hour in February. SeeRaise/A5

hurt in a rock climbing

accident and became de› pendent on opioid painkill› ers several years ago. But when his prescriptions ran out, he sought drugs from

GOP debate: entertaining, but not soinformative

the street, where he found

heroin cheaper and easy to get, replacing one addiction for another. He’s now re› covering from hepatitis C. "It’s tough getting med› ical professionals to look at you as something that’ s

By Janell Ross The Washington Post

Thursday’s inaugural 2016 GOP primary de›

There was a lot of talk, just a little jazz, but not much in

and a moderate position on

bate was much ado about

the way of campaign-altering substance.

not-quite-nothing. The so-called "Happy

Hour" forum for the lesser

33, who runs a bicycle shop in tiny Penobscot, next

candidates kind of spilled the

stigma, and there’s a little bit of ’There’s nothing we

can do for you’ that’s hard to hear." SeeHeroin/A4

And it seems that with the

exception of a few moments during the main event›

TODAY’S WEATHER Mostly sunny High 80, Low 50

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Trump. The nine other men on

defense of Common Core and

that stage doubled down on their established, political per›

turned, awkwardly, to look

sonas and expected patterns.

when Ohio Gov. John Kasich

offered a robust defense of his decision to expand Medicaid

not a junkie," said Kinsella, door in Hancock County. "There’s a little bit of social

secret more than three hours before the debate began.

same-sex marriage, that civil liberties face-off betwee New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

and Sen. Rand Paul, Ky., and when Jeb Bush offered some

Trump in the eye during a uniquely Trump litany on im›

It was new to many viewers. And it could affect the polls migration that’s what we all accordingly. But by night’ s got later in the evening, too. end wedidn’tlearn much. Put another way: Trump did See Debate /A5

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By Jack Healy

shooting rampage that killed 12 people in a Colorado movie

death and two were unsure, whose daughter, Jessica Gha› wi, was killed. Phillips said it "There was nothing further was difficult to think of her to discuss at that point," Juror daughter’s killer getting letters 17 said. "It only takes one." in prison, but "that is what it Holmes showed little emo› tion as the sentence was read, Dave Hoover, whose neph› standing before the judge with ew A.J. Boik was killed, said hishands in his pockets even the process of grieving togeth› as his mother collapsed into her er and wading through the husband. One of the police offi› long trial over three years had cers who had responded to the made a family out of the people


attack at the theater sobbed,

New York Times News Service


but one wanted a life sentence.

C o lo.

In a decision that surprised many in this community, a di› vided jury sentenced James E. Holmes on Friday to life in pris› on with no chance of parole, rejecting the death penalty for the man who carried out a 2012

As the courtroom waited for while others sat stoically. Judge Carlos Samour to review Some families in the gallery the verdict, only the sound of cried quietly or slumped in him turning pages could be their chairs; one man stormed heard. Family members of the out of the courtroom. Many dead who sat through three had wanted death for the man months of wrenching, some› responsible for so much car› times grisly testimony held nage, but others had said they hands and closed their eyes. simply wanted the ordeal to be Holmes stood flanked by his over, and had hoped to avoid lawyers, one of them holding the years of appeals that a his arm. A few feet away, his death sentence would bring

Colorado and beyond whose loved ones had been killed. "We’ re going to have a little more pain, a little more hurt in

ISlamiC State hOStage —Police searches and diplomatic efforts intensified over the fate of a Croatian hostage held in Egypt by Islamic State extremists, who threatened to kill him Friday if the government did not release imprisoned Islamist women. The group’s Egyptian affiliate said Wednesday that it would kill 30-year› old Tomislav Salopek in 48 hours if the Egyptian government did not release jailed "Muslim women" a reference to those detained in the government’s crackdown on supporters of the Muslim Broth› erhood and other Islamists. As extremist sympathizers noted the passage of the deadline on social media, Croatia’s foreign minister, Vesna Pusic, met with her Egyptian counterpart in Cairo to press ef› forts. Foreign Minister SamehShourki’s office pledged in statement that Egypt "will spare no effort" in the search for Salopek.

our lives," he told reporters out› side the courthouse. "But the

Crossing English Channel oII foot —For oneAfrican mi›

from Illinois, Arizona, Texas,

sun will come up." Some family members were clearly disappointed. "He’s still living and breath› ing," said Robert Sullivan, grandfatherof Veronica Mos› parents stood up to see better and focus instead on their fam› er-Sullivan, 6, the youngest and gripped each other. ilies and memories of loved killed that night. "Our loved Then the judge read each ones. ones are gone." sentence of life, noting that Afterward, some family The sentence surprised jurors were unable to reach a members expressed anger, many because the jurors re› unanimous verdict on any of with the grandfather of a slain turned with their decision after the counts against Holmes. 6-year-old girl saying he sus› just seven hours and appeared In Colorado, death sentences pected that a death-penalty foe united during previous delib› must be unanimous. If even had infiltrated the jury. Others erations. They found Holmes one juror dissents, the sentence saidthe mere passing ofa sen› guilty after about 12 hours is life in prison. tence, whether for life or death, and had walked together to the Aftercourt Friday, a juror was never going to bring them precipice of sentencing him to who identified herself only by closure or an end to missing death, agreeing after earlier her juror number 17 said their sons and daughters. sentencing deliberations that "Our lives are foreveral› he was eligible to receive the one juror had solidly opposed death. Nine jurors had favored tered," said Sandy Phillips, death penalty.



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MEGA MILLIONS The numbers drawnFriday night are:

S053063066 O~O ©8 The estimated jackpot is now $25 million.

cials are divided over what to do about a detainee at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, who has been on ahunger strike since February 2007 and now weighs less than 75 pounds, according to officials fa› miliar with internal deliberations. A lawyer for the detainee, Tariq Ba Odah, of Yemen, has asked afederal judge to order his release because of his "severe physical and psychological deterioration." On Friday, for the third time, the U.S. Justice Department asked a judge to extend its deadline to respond, saying the administration needed another week "to further consider internally its response to petitioner’s motion."

July hiI'ihg —The U.S. job market just demonstrated that it may be nearing full health more than six years after the Great Reces› sion and showed why the Federal Reserve may beabout to raise interest rates from record lows. July marked the latest month in a streak of solid hiring, with employers adding 215,000 jobs and the unemployment rate holding at a relatively low 5.3 percent, the government said Friday. Monthly job growth has averaged 211,286 so far this year, a level suggesting that employers are confident the economy will continue to expand and require more workers in the coming months and years. Thegovernment also said employers added a total of14,000 more jobs in MayandJune than previously estimated.



GIIantaIIamO hunger Strike —Obamaadministration offi›

throat of Niladri Chaterjee, anactivist in Dhaka, Bangladesh, whose social media posts were critical of Islam. It was the fourth fatal attack this year against secular bloggers in Bangladesh, where Islamists in recent years havebegun to assassinate people who crit› icize Islam online. Theassailants initially posed as potential renters asking to see the property where Chaterjee lived. Whenthey were refused entry, they forced their way in, confined Chaterjee in a room and slashed his headand neck, said deputy police commissioner Mohammad Anwar Hossain, who visited the crime scene.

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grant Abdul RahmanHaroun, 40, of Sudan there was nothing left to lose. He risked his life this week by climbing four fences, evading international search teams and asmany as 400 security cameras, and walking about 30 miles in the darkness of the Channel Tunnel in an effort to reach Britain from Calais, France. Haroun was the first migrant to walk nearly the entire length of the tunnel, and he dodged trains traveling to London from Paris as they hurtled by at up to 100 mph. Hehad made it nearly to Folkestone, England, when he wasarrested Tuesday.

SeCular hlOgger killed —A groupof menon Friday slit the

Finance/Human Resources

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Syria redelS —The murky aftermath of the attack on Syrian rebels last week by al-Qaida-linked militants has raised questions about how the small, ragtag group of U.S.-trained forces was sent into battle and whether the military needs to makeadjustments to the program. Amid reports that some of the newly trained Syrian rebels were captured, one was killed and others are still unaccount› ed for, U.S. officials acknowledged they mayneed to rethink how they put what they are calling the NewSyrian Forces back into bat› tle. "Certainly this past week has highlighted some of the challenges associated with fielding NewSyrian forces, but it’s important to keep in mind that success does not hinge on onefight or one event and we’ re still in the early phases of implementing this program," said Col. Pat Ryder, Central Commandspokesman. "And that we’ re continually applying lessons learned andworking as a coalition" to improve the training and equipping program.

Rahmat Gul/The AssociatedPress

Afghans gather at the site of a carbombattack in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Friday. A wave of terrorist attacks in the Afghancapital, most aimed at government andforeign military sites, left35Afghansdead,hundredsmorewounded and the government reeling from a brazenchallenge by new Taliban insurgent leaders. The attacks including a massive truck bombing near an Afghan military base, asuicide bombing at the national police academyand anarmed assault on a NATOmilitary base camedays after Taliban leaders canceled peacetalks and vowed to continue waging religious war against the Western-backed government of President Ashraf Ghani.

A Taliban spokesmanclaimed responsibility for only the police academybombing, in which a militant wearing a police uniform walked up to thefacility gates and detonated his explosives amid hundreds of returning recruits, killing at least 20 andwounding many more, police said. But officials said they thought that the Islamist in› surgents were probably behind the entire 24-hour ter› rorist blitz, which beganwith the 1 a.m. truck bomb killing at least 15 in adensely crowded neighborhood near an Afghan military installation and endedwith unconfirmed reports of late-night explosions near a U.S. Special Operations compound.

WOmen in Ranger SChOOI — If two femaleofficers manageto graduate this month from Ranger School, the top leadership course in the Army, they will be the first women to do so. They will also be the only graduates who will not be permitted, for now at least, to actually try out for the Ranger regiment. Leaders of the Army and other services are grappling with the question of how far they should go in integrating women into combat roles. They haveuntil Jan. 1 to decide which positions they still want to keep off limits, and the performance of the two female officers is expected to help inform that decision. Obama On VaCatiOn —President Barack Obamaslipped out of Washington on Friday afternoon for his annual Martha’s Vineyard vacation. But after two weeks of golf, Obama is expected to return to the capital with a vengeance, pushing for congressional approval of the Iran nuclear deal, seeking a global climate changeaccord and working to wrap up atrade agreement with Pacific Rim nations. Before those battles, however, Obamahas escaped Washington for Martha’s Vineyard, and aides havetold reporters not to expect the president to makeany news during the 17-day span he is scheduled to spend on the island.

— The Washington Post

— From wire reports

North I(areagoing back30 minutesto createowntimezone By Choa Sang-Hun

of colonial domination. the South and the North and "The wicked Japanese im› restore our homogeneity." S EOUL, South K or ea › perialists committed such un› Japan is widely resented on North Korea, a hermetic coun› pardonable crimes as depriv› both sides of the border, but the try stuck in the Cold War and ing Korea of even its standard North enshrines its hostility to› obsessed with its long-dead time," the North’s state-run ward Japanese and other for› founder, now wants to turn Korean Central News Agency eign "imperialists" in its consti› back time. said Friday. tution and puts the resentment By a half-hour. South Korea has its own at the core of the country’ s The government announced historical grudges with Japan, ruling philosophy of "juche," Friday that it would create its but the time of day is not one or self-reliance. The ritually own time zone "Pyongyang of them. Jeong Joon-hee, a revered founder of North Ko› time" and set its clocks 30 spokesman for the Unification rea, Kim Il Sung, fought as a minutes behind those of South Ministry in the South, said that guerrilla against the Japanese Korea and Japan. The change following Pyongyang’s lead beforeindependence. is set for Aug. 15, the 70th an› now would be confusing and Kim Il Sung died in 1994, niversary of Japan’s defeat in expensive for a country that, and his grandson Kim Jong World War II, which freed the unlike the North, is thorough› Un runs the country now, do› Korean Peninsula from Japa› ly integrated with the global ing whatever he can to high› nese rule. economy. light his ancestry, even imitat› The current time on the pen› Jeong said the time change ing his grandfather’s hairstyle insula nine hours ahead of in the North would probably and the way he held his ciga› Coordinated Universal Time create only minor communi› rettes.His grandfather’s rhe› was set by Japan. North Ko› cation problems, notably at the torical themes are invoked to rean publicpronouncements inter-Korean industrial park justify policies like maintain› can be as virulently anti-Jap› in Kaesong, where South Ko› ing an enormous military and anese as they are anti-Ameri› rean managers oversee North developing nuclear weapons. can, so it was natural that the Korean workers. But down Chang Yong-seok, a North clock change would be billed the road, he said, "this will Korea expert at Seoul Nation› as throwing off a hated vestige disrupt our efforts to integrate al University, saw the clock New York Times News Service

change in the same vein.

time zones. South Korea went

"With the new time zone,

back to it in 1954, then re-ad› Kim Jong Un is reasserting his opted the present setting the code wordsof self-reliance and same as Tokyo’s in 1961. national dignity to his people," South Korean o ff icials Chang said. "Whatever diffi› said one reason was that U.S. culties and inconveniences the troops stationed in Japan and new timezone may cause are South Korea would be using nothing to his government, the same time if war broke out. compared with its propaganda Wang Sheng, a professor value at home." of international politics at Ji› The Japanese government lin University in China who offered no response to t h e

focuses on the Korean Penin›

North’s announcement, but the Japanese media pounced on the news, including Pyong› yang’s accusation that Japan "stole Korea’s time." Some In›

sula, said he did not think the

ternet users offered amused criticism.

half-hour ahead of China’s, in› stead of an hour.

y ears?" several a sked o n Twitter. The North’s new time zone is actually an old one. Korea

is getting closer to China," he

"Why did they wait 70

shift would disrupt what little international trade the North has. And he noted that it would put the country’s clocks just a "Looks like North K orea said. Since 1997, North K orea

alsohas used a differentcal› briefly set its clocks that way endar, counting its years from before it was annexed by Ja› when Kim Il Sung was born. pan in 1910, around the time

So while it is 2015 in the rest of

w hen countries theworld over

the world, in the North, this is

were establishing standard

the year 104.




• Discoveries, breakthroughs,trends, namesin the news

It’s Saturday, August 8, the 220th day of 2015. Thereare 145 days left in the year.

the things you needto know to start out your day




Legionnaires' diseaseNewYork state health teams will begin testing water amid a deadly outbreak in NewYork City that has sickenedmore than 100 people.

HISTORY Highlight:In 1945, President Harry Truman signed theU.S. instrument of ratification for the United Nations Charter. The Soviet Union declared war against Japan during World War II. In1815, Napoleon Bonaparte set sail for St. Helena to spend the remainder of his days in exile. In1911,President William Howard Taft signed ameasure raising the number of U.S. rep› resentatives from 391 to 433, effective with the next Con› gress, with a proviso to add two more whenNewMexico and Arizona becamestates. In1937, during the Second Sino-JapaneseWar, Japan completed its occupation of Beijing. In1942,during World War II, six Nazi saboteurs who were captured after landing in the U.S. were executed inWash› ington, D.C.; two others who’d cooperated with authorities were spared. In1953,the United States and South Korea initialed a mutual security pact. In1963, Britain’s "Great Train Robbery" took place asthieves made off with 2.6 million pounds in banknotes. In1968,the Republican na› tional convention in Miami Beach nominated Richard Nixon for president on the first ballot.

In1973, Vice President Spiro Agnew branded as"damned lies" reports he hadtaken kickbacks from government contracts in Maryland, and vowed not to resign which he ended updoing. In1974,President Richard Nixon announced his res› ignation, effective the next day, following damaging new revelations in theWatergate scandal. In1994, Israel and Jordan opened the first road link be› tween the two once-warring countries. In2007,space shuttle En› deavour roared into orbit with teacher-astronaut Barbara Morgan on board. In2009, Sonia Sotomayor was sworn in as theU.S.Supreme Court’s first Hispanic and third female justice. Tee years ego:President George W.Bushsigned abill to give billions in tax breaks to encourage homegrown energy production but acknowledged it wouldn’t quickly reduce high gasoline prices or the nation’s dependence onforeign oil. Iran resumedwork at a ura› nium conversion facility after suspending nuclear work for nine months to avoid U.N. sanctions. Five years ego:Flooding in Gansu province in Chinare› sulted in mudslides that killed more than1,400 people. One year ego:The U.S. unleashed its first airstrikes against the Islamic State group in northern Iraq amid a worsening humanitarian crisis. Israel and militants from Gaza resumed cross-border attacks, after a three-day truce expired.

BIRTHDAYS Actor Richard Anderson is 89. Actress NitaTalbot is 85. Actor Dustin Hoffman is 78. Actress ConnieStevens is 77. Actor Larry Wilcox is 68.Actor Keith Carradine is 66.Radio-TV personality Robin Quivers is 63. Percussionist Anton Figis 62.RockmusicianDennisDrew (10,000 Maniacs) is 58. TVper› sonality DeborahNorville is 57. Actor-singer Harry Crosby is57. Rock musician TheEdge(U2) is 54. Rock musician Rikki Rock› ett (Poison) is 54. Middle dis› tance runnerSuzyFavor Ham› ilton is 47.Singer JCChasez (’N Sync) is 39.Tennis player Roger Federer is 34. Britain’s Princess Beatrice of York is27. — From wire reports

"Typing is an antiquated input method," declares the COO of Giphy, one of a number of companies, including competitor Riffsy, capitalizing on the popularity of the animated images known as GIFs. The ubiquity of smartphones has precipitated the rise of the soundless, looping clips, and you might start seeing a lot more of them.

Scientist djscovers

really ugly new tish By David Fleshier Sun Sentinel

By Mike Isaac

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. By conventional

,g@ 6

New York Times News Service

Lucy Dikeou, a 21-year-old


;;,:s *j’I

senior at Stanford Universi›


ty, has long used English and the pictorial images known

& WM

r ’N%


I) i~ ~


II I(66’

as emoji to text on her iPhone.

A few months ago, she start› ed messaging in a third lan› guage: GIFs. When Dikeou recently wanted a friend to stop send› ing her pictures of food, she responded with a GIF an animated image known as a graphics interchange format of Christina Aguilera roll› ing her eyes, waving her hand and soundlessly mouthing

standards, the new species of fish discovered deep in the Gulf of Mexico is not beautiful. Actually, by almost any standard, it’s hideous. But this spiky, snaggle› toothed fish, asea crea›

ture f r o m s o mebody’ s nightmares, is a dapted to the harsh world below

3,000 feet,where it was co-discovered by a scien›


tist at Nova Southeastern

University. Deep-sea expert Tracey Sutton identified the spe›


cies while studying sea life

Dikeou’s mobile messag› es are now often textless, re›

placed by clips of Harry Potter applauding, or excited tod› dlers opening birthday pres› ents. Her favorite one features the ensemble cast of "Sein›

feld" elatedly dancing, which she sent upon hearing that a

at extreme ocean depths in response to the Deepwater

i~ ’

Horizon oil spill of 2010,


the university announced Vivian Johnson /The New YorkTimes

From left, Erick Hachenburg, David Mclntosh and Frank Nawabi, co-founders of Riffsy, a mobile key-

board app designed to transmit animated images, in San Francisco. GIFs haveexperienced a recent surge in popularity as brief animations that can convey complex feelings and thoughts.

friend was coming into town. "I’m able to express these

really complex emotions in the span of two seconds," said Dikeou, who had never sent

any clips with her phone be› fore October, when she down›

loaded Riffsy, a mobile key› board app designed to trans› mit the animated images.

Just as smartphones drove the rise of emoji, mobile de› vices are propelling GIFs into a more widespread form of instant vis u al› Tumblr, the blogging site, said it had 23 million GIFs posted to its site every day. In March, Facebook began supporting

m essaging.

GIFs, with more than 5 mil›

lion of the animations sent daily through its messaging app. Slack, the workplace col› laboration startup, said it sees more than 2 million GIF inte›

grations each month. In total, online searches for GIFs have risen by a factor of

nine since mid-2012, accord› ing to Experian Marketing Services, an industry research firm. While the brief animations are not new GIFs were cre› ated in 1987 by Steve Wilhite,

a programmer at Compu› Serve, and have been omni›

present on desktops


improvements in mobile tech›

nology and a surge of messag› ing applications are pushing GIFs to break out beyond the

Web forums of old. They have become a main› stream form of digital expres› sion, a way to relay complex feelings and thoughts in ways beyond words and even photo› graphs, making them hugely popular with young audiences who neverleave home without

Wednesday. The new species, now named Lasiognathus dine› ma, was found as part of a research trawl that samples marine life at various ocean

up in response to a question. on using the clips to promote The animated snippets are Digital publications like Buzz› products. being spread on mobile devic› Feed regularly use GIFs as a Riffsy recently collabo› es by a new generation of GIF storytelling method. And of› rated with 20th Century Fox startups, which are backed by fice workers like Jerrod Howl› during the release of "Taken venture capital. ett, an employee at Google, 3," an action movie starring Riffsy, which makes the GIF regularly responds to email Liam Neeson, and spliced its keyboard for smartphones, with GIFs. own GIFs for people to use as " I’m not t hat g r eat w i th messages. One popular clip just raised $10 million. Giphy, which provides a search en› words," Howlett said. "But if I showed Neeson jumping out gine for a vast library of GIFs, find the perfect GIF, it nails it." a window, on repeat, with the has raised more than $23 The trend echoes the rise of subtitle "YOLO" shorthand million. And there are a slew text-based emoticons, which for "you only live once" in of other companies, such as eventually gave way to emoji, blocky white lettering. "People are sharing these Imgur, PopKey and Kanvas, the pictographic language cre› all eager to snip and remix ated in the late 1990s by NTT brand GIFs like any other video clips into short, ready-to› DoCoMo, a Japanese tele› pieces of content," said David sharepackages. communications giant. Use of McIntosh, the chief executive For now, few of these com› emoji, filled with cartoony im› of Riffsy. "The ambition of panies are profiting from ages, exploded in Asian coun› our company is really to build GIFs as they focus on propa› tries and are now built into a visible language open to gating the use of the clips. But many smartphone keyboards. everyone." the startups see potential for Instagram, which hosts more Some in the advertising and profit, especially as brands than 300 million users, said e ntertainment i ndustry a r e increasingly integrate the an› roughly 40 percent of all imag› embracing the snippets, too. imations into advertising and es posted now include at least Pamela Reed and Matthew other marketing. one emoji in the accompany› Rader, a Brooklyn couple who "Typing is an antiquated in› ing text. direct video shoots, have in› put method,and you can’tex› GIFs, too, are benefiting corporated the clips into ad press emotional dimension ad› from the adoption of mobile campaigns in recent years equately with just a handful of devices and faster cellular net› with some of their most prom› emoji," said Adam Leibsohn, works that enable the seam› inent fashion clients, including the chief operating officer of less transmission of visual an› Adidas, Diesel and Ray-Ban. Giphy, which is based in Man› imations. Last summer, Apple While they were initially met hattan. "GIFs have trumped also opened up its iOS mobile with resistance, the two said all of it." software to let developers in› GIFs are no longer a silly af› GIFs are marked by cer› stall new keyboards that made terthought and are considered tain characteristics. They are it easier to insert GIFs into part of a full ad campaign. "People don’t always want typically a few seconds long, messages, leading to an explo› soundless and play in a loop. sion of new GIF companies. to watch a video that’s four They are often culled from While Riffsy, which reports minutes long," Reed said, add› movie and TV clips and can more than 4 billion views of its ing that GIF-based branded include text on top of the ani› GIFs every month, and Giphy, content can quickly go viral mated image. which said it sees more than because the format is suit› Their usage has seeped into 50 million monthly unique ed to being small and easily professional venues, frequent› users, said they were not cur› shareable. "It’s really the native, inher› ly replacing text. Google re› rently focused on making cently sent a reporter a GIF of money from the animations, ent art form of the Internet," a toddler throwing her hands they are working with brands Rader added. their smartphones.

depths. In effect, they haul up a lot of dead stuff and see what they have. Working with Theodore

Pietsch from the Universi› ty of Washington, Sutton

found one species of ang› lerfish that had never been seen before. In fact they

found three samples, all fe› males, somewhere between 3,300 and 4,900 feet.

The new species uses a lure mounted on its head to attract prey. Anyone seeing photos of the thing may be glad to learn it’s tiny. The largest of the three samples

was less than Cinches long. Fish of the deep ocean tend to look pretty scary,

with enormous mouths and needle-like teeth. Sutton said this is because they

must be able to grab any available food in a difficult environment in which nu› trition is hard to obtain. "It’s just a really harsh

place to live," he said. "There’s no sunlight. It’ s cold all the time. There’s a

lot of pressure. There’s not a lot of food. Anything you see, you’d better eat it."




1-888-568-9884 •


Blacksarefour timesaslikely aswhites to say policeviolenceis a major problem By Emily Badger

ciated Press and the NORC

The Washington Post

Center for Public Affairs Re›

WASHINGTON › Ask people about their experiences with the police, and two dra›

search at the University of Chicago, further points to a

• •

lice to treat minorities unfairly.

Blacks are also four times as likely as whites to say that

police violence against civil› fundamental rupture in so› ians is an extremely or very matically different pictures ciety that’s become clearer serious problem. appear in their answers. Half since Michael Brown’s death Fundamentally, black views of black adults say they’ ve in Ferguson, Missouri, one diverge from whites on wheth› been mistreated by the po› year ago: Blacks and whites er they can trust police to do lice because of their race a have disjointed experiences of what is "right" for them and strikingly high number, and American justice. their communities. one that climbs even higher And those experiences in These stark differences ex› when people include family turn affect all kinds of percep› tend even to opinions about re› members they believe have tions about law enforcement. cent protests across the coun› also been treated unfairly. Blacks, in this latest poll of try against police violence. A Among whites, this prob› 1,223 adults, are more likely majority of blacks say those lem is vanishingly small: Just to say that the police are too rallies have brought attention 3 percent say they’ ve felt simi› quick to use deadly force, that to the problem in a positive larly harmed. the criminal justice system is way. A majority of whites say That finding, from an ex› too lenient on police, and that the protests have done the tensive new poll by the Asso› poor race relations cause po› opposite.


Fred Funk Winner The Players

gpongog gd Bar


6 6GI66IIER GROUP66666 666Al%

Ai4,g14,St 14th, 2015

5:00 - 6:00pm (30 Donation Wine, BeerandBottled WaterProvided


541-317-0077 Call to reserve your seat.

PROCEEDS TO BENEFIT:t Pr0viding Birthday Parties pgV6iNy p~ i’ for Homeless Children www.devinsdestiny.org

Devin’6Deti66ris a 66o 66-profit 501(c)(3)666gs6intio66 SOlel yfundedt6ypri VatedanatianS.



injection drug users.) • M assachusetts, w h e r e

More than 19,000 people exchange program and calls it

Continued from A1 cases of acute hepatitis C grew Maine is undergoing its from 10 in 2009 to 174 in 2013. worst outbreak of acute hepa› • Large swaths of Appala› titis C since it started to record cases in the 1990s. In Wash›

and Prevention.

Hepatitis C, which can result in liver failure, liver cancer and

other serious complications, is the nation’s most common blood-borne infection. About 3

million Americans are infect› amount of heroin as in 2013. ed, according to federal statis› • Madison County, Indi› tics. It presents as either acute, ana, which had 70 new cases or shortterm, and chronic, of hepatitis C in 2013, followed which can last a lifetime. Both cated more than five times the

by 130 in 2014, and where health officials expect cur›

forms are most closely linked to


function of its small size, Kerr

around. That takes a whole

trainings and match all rookie

said. Its graduation rate for 2013-14 was 93 percent.

lot of ocean," Kerr said. Small

teachers with mentors, small districts may not have the re›

needlesharing,although hepa› rent rates to at least match or titis C is less commonly spread surpass last year’ s. (Indiana’s through unprotected sex or oth› Scott County is also grappling er contact with infected blood. with an HIV outbreak among Nationwide, the number of

Continued from A1 "When we’re trying to do Each new law affects those districts differently than large things and show the commu› or suburban districts. This ses› nity that we’ re working hard, sion, for instance, lawmakers and it shows we’ re a below passed legislation to: require average school’ ?" Kerr argued schools publish immunization to state officials. He was told rates; adjust school nutritional if you remove the 40-student standards to comply with fed› requirement, the school actu› eralstandards;require school ally performed above the state safety drills to include proce› average. dures for lockdown, lockout,

districts, by comparison, are like ski boats that can make

ing for a place on the team. In a small school, you are the

1,650 students or fewer. He

team." In graduate school, Kerr

said lawmakers he talks to

"Often you’ re the only teach› want to support small districts quick turns. "When you have to make changes, it doesn’ t er in a grade or subject area but don’t always understand involve m as s i n s t itutional and you have a bunch of other their reality, that they need changes. There are things you responsibilities," said Danette more money from the state

wrote his final project on the differ ence between large and

can do very quickly and very efficiently."

cost, was that at large schools, students have options which

a ttendance family to La Pine and start›

and enrollment, instructional

ed teaching there in the late time and facilities "Like ev› 1970s, the same year the high ery year you’ re going to pass a school opened. As part of the bond and build a new gymna› Bend-La Pine district, Kerr sium," Kerr quipped. remembers competing for at› With all t hat i nformation tention with the bigger schools the state issues a report card in Bend, and being called in each year for every school and for districtwide meetings that district. In North Lake, it’s the seemed to go on forever. same report, twice. Last year Large districts tend to hire the school was rated below av› consultants and form study erage because, Kerr was told, committees to solve problems, it didn’t graduate 40 students he said.

small schools. He determined

the key difference,apartfrom

Parsley, chiefprogram officer than the larger districts.

"You’ ve got a superinten›

for Education Northwest, an education research and train›

Kerr left La Pine in 2007

ation; ensure students have Kerr grew up in Los An› access to dental sealant pro› geles. He graduated in 1968 grams; and encourage schools from a high school with 2,500 to teach students about former students, and he started his Gov. Tom McCall. teaching career at a school just There are reports schools as big. He moved his young must submit on

sources to go around.

dent who is also the principal AP class to take, which one of and the janitor and all kinds of two dozen sports to play. But things. I think that is hard for at a small school, he said, stu› people to understand that we dents are more likely to be in› don’t have the economies of volved precisely because there scale (larger districts have)," are fewer options. At North Martin said. A big part of what Lake, everyone knows about he does is educating elected the award-winning FFA and officials, trying to close that FBLA programs. High school› "understanding gap." ers tutor the younger students,

and spent five years as su› ing group. "It can be kind of perintendent in Prairie City, overwhelming." east of John Day, a district of Last year, Parsley’s group about 150 students. He arrived started a network for rural at North Lake, about 75 miles districts in Oregon, Washing› southeast of Bend, in 2013. It’ s ton, Idaho and Alaska. Twice small, but just as important: a yearmembers get together it’s remote. In Central Oregon, for trainings and to compare Culverhas about 700 students their activities; there’s also but it’s 10 miles to Madras. webinars and virtual confer› Black Butte has about two doz› ences throughout the year. en students, but it’s just down Then there’s the fight for the road from Sisters.Kerr funding, since running a small drives an hour each month district tends to be more ex› to Paisley to meet with other pensive per student than run› s uperintendents from L a k e ning a large one. Kerr is fond County; their districts span of the bus analogy: It costs the more than 100 miles. same to run a bus route wheth› Kerr goes to conferences er there’s 30 kids on the bus alone where other districts or 10. The state does provide send a team of administrators. more money for small, remote ("You know how many subs schools, but Kerr said it seems I’d have to get in the building to every year there’s talk of cut›

The understanding gap

shelter in place and evacu›

Association, which represents about 115 school districts with



ington County, the rate is about with 5.1 cases for every 100,000 6 cases per 100,000 residents, residents, more than seven well above the national rate of times the national average, ac› about 0.7 per 100,000. cording to 2013 data from the But the problem is not limited Centers for Disease Control other areas where heroin use is a growing concern, such as: • Springfield, M iss ouri, where the disease is on the rise and police have already confis›

"one of the best interventions

we have for this prevention," cording to the CDC. Although and a key tool to prevent dirty the agency hasn’t established needlesfrom being discarded a causal link between individ› in public. ual hepatitis C outbreaks and A rise in acute hepatitis C, injected drug use, it notes that which nearly tripled in Wash› injected drug use is the primary ington between 2009 and 2013, risk factor for hepatitis C infec› is due to "most likely the nee› dle-sharingaspect of needle tion in this country. Many local health agencies drug use," Hurst said. and health care providers have T he v i ru s d i ff er s f r o m made the connection or are hepatitis A, which is spread confident there is one, and are person-to-person or via con› allowing users to turn in dirty taminated food or water, and Robert F. u Bkaty/TheAssociated Press syringes in exchange for dean hepatitis B, which is transmit› Ryan Kinsella stands outside his bicycle repair business in Penob› ones. But many states disallow ted by bodily fluids. There are scot, Maine. A rock-climbing accident left him with partially para› the practice,and federalfund› vaccines for hepatitis A and B, lyzed legs. He is also recovering from a long battle with hepatitis C, ing for it is banned. unlike hepatitis C, for which which he contracted by sharing IV drug needles. Madison County,in cen› there is none. tral Indiana, won approval in New treatments are avail› June to run a needle-exchange able, but they’ re expensive and cases of acute hepatitis C grew number of users nationwide program to fight the spread of out of reach of most of the rural 273 percent from 2009 to 2013, rose nearly 150 percent from hepatitis C among intravenous poor who make up the ranks of the CDC reported in its most 2007 to 2013 and that use of the drug users. Clallam County, the infected. For instance, Har› recently available statistics. drug also more than doubled Washington, public health voni, the leading drug to treat Tracking similarly is heroin among ages 18 to 25 in the de› program manager Christina hepatitis C, costs more than use; the CDC reported that the cade that ended in 2013. Hurst operates the local needle $1,300 per pill. r 0

chia. Kentucky leads the nation in the rate of acute hepatitis C,

to Maine, by far. It has afflicted

died from hepatitis C in 2013, up from 16,235 in 2009, ac›

and teachers who teach differ›

’You are the team’

ent grades or subjects work Of course, small has its ben› together. When North Lake’s efits. Tracey Fivecoat is North eight-man football team plays Lake’s athletic director and hours from home, the visitors just retired from coaching section is never empty. What’ s girls basketball. She grew up more, for a small community in Fort Rock and has worked

its school is its identity. Even

for the district for 25 years. lawmakers from Portland can "I have girls that I tell them see that, said Martin, the lob› how fortunate they are to be

byist for small districts.

"If a school district dries up on a team in this school, be› cause if they were in a larger in that town, then that town school, they don’t have the probably dries up," he said. send a team of five or six peo› ting it. athletic talent to compete, and "They understand that." "This is like being on an air› ple?") Whereas large districts over a two-year period; it Justin Martin is the lobbyist they know it," she said. "In a — Reporter: 541-617-7837, graduated 39. But that’s just a craft carrier and trying to turn can bring teachers together for for the Oregon Small Schools largerschool you are compet› as peg man@bendbulletin.corn s


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Debate The debate didn’t seem as though it wa s starting that

way. At the outset, Fox News’

Bret Baier asked all the can› didates whether they would pledge to ultimately support the Republican nominee and refrain from running as an

also this: "If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t even be talking about

The Associated Press

illegal immigration, Chris (Wallace). You wouldn’t even

Michigan lawmaker had an

be talking about it," he said. "I

supporters falsely claiming he had been caught having

said we need to build a wall, and it has to be built quickly. else. Trump gave a big shrug. And I don’t mind having a big Trump will support the nomi› beautiful door in that wall so nee if that nominee is Trump, that people can come into this he said; he couldn’t guarantee country legally." anything beyond that. But what does any of that Ultimately, what the col› mean in t e rm s o f f e d eral lection of eight experienced policy, actions that can and public servants, along with would be taken if Trump were Trump and retired surgeon in the Oval Office’? And, is Ben Carson, also proved Trump aware that the wall Thursday evening is precisely thing has been discussed and why Trump has not just the attempted’? lead but a solid hold of a lot We don’t know, since the of voter energy. There was an moderators (who were gen› awful lot proffered in the main erally sharp and assertive debatethatcould have and has and equipped with plenty of been said before. There was good, probing questions), nor not much in the way of poli› the nine other men on stage, cy specifics, big or new ideas. pressed the issue all that independent if the Republican nomination went to someone

And there certainly wasn’t a move toward the kind of data and detail that debate experts

said would be the key to best› ing Trump or, at least, rat› tling him. Trump is a master of perfor› mance art with sub-special›

much. And while we k now that most of the men on that

stage are fans of Ronald Rea› gan, fans of small government and balanced budgets and economic growth, it’s unlikely many Americans came away from the debate with much

in the way of specific policies while largely saying nothing that each would advance to at all. When he’s in rare form, address the issues that top the Trump also puts himself near list of voter concerns. ty in outrageous comments,

the center of all matters. And

he certainly did that Thursday night. "I think the big problem this country has is being politically


Lawmakerallegedlytried to create a fake sexscandal to hide areal one

Continued fromA1

None of that is to say that

Trump’s still-forward-moving campaign is any less a circus than it was before. It’s just that, in this critical democratic exer›

cise the first of the primary a question about him having debates no one really did called certain famous women anything to take him down, "pigs" and ugly. "I don’t frank› much less take him out. ly have time for total political And if anyone came any› correctness. And to be honest where close at all but didn’t go with you, this country doesn’ t over the edge, it was Donald have time either. This country Trump himself. correct," he said in response to



email sent to his Republican sex with a male prostitute,

apparently believing such a smear campaign would help distract attention from an al›

leged extramarital affair be› tween him and another law›

maker, a newspaper reported Friday. The Detroit News obtained

two recordingssecretly made in May by a former aide of state Rep. Todd Courser, a

tea party-backed social con› servative from Lapeer. In the recordings, Courser asks the

ization of their relationship as an extramarital affair, the

newspaper reported. Courser said the email

Continued fromA1 "Ron Robinson knew, like

many companiesin Cen› tral Oregon, they weren’ t doing too great during the recession," Hummel said. "But after they came out of

he wanted Graham to send ter said in a statement that would "inoculate the herd"› after seeing the newspaper’s an apparentreference to his story he decided to ask the and Gamrat’s supporters. nonpartisan House Business "It will make anything else Office to determine "wheth› that comes out after that› er there was a violation of that isn’t a video mundane, House rules or any evidence tame by comparison," Cours› of illegal behavior." He said er told the aide. the office will follow up with Graham said when he re› "any and al l a ppropriate fused to send the email, he measures, including disci› was stripped of some of his plinary steps." "We will not stand for any duties before Courser fired him in early July. The sexual› violation of House rules or ly explicit email was received law, and we will not let any› by Republicans on May 20 one’s actions tarnish this in› and 21, the two days follow› stitution or take away from ing Courser’s recorded meet› the work we do every day ing with Graham. During the to improve the lives of the m eeting, Courser reads aloud hard-working men and wom› portions of a draft email. The en of this great state," Cotter

aide, Ben Graham, to email newspaper said it’s unclear Republican activists and op› who actually sent it. eratives from an anonymous The Associated Press sent account to create "a complete messages seeking comment smear campaign" about him. from Courser and Gamrat. In the recordings, Courser Both lawmakers declined tells Graham that he and state to comment to the Detroit Rep. Cindy Gamrat, with News about reasons for the whom he took the unusual dismissals of Graham and an step of combining office op› aide of Gamrat’s. "I’m not going to talk erations, received identical text messages about their about any kind of staff-relat› relationship that day from ed issues," Gamrat told the an unknown number. Cours› newspaper. er wonders aloud whether Courser confirmed "that’ s someone had pictures, video my voice" as a reporter played or audio recordings of him the recording in his office lob› and Gamrat. by, but he disputed the legali› Neither Courser, a married ty of the recording. father of four, nor Gamrat, a The Michigan Court of married mother of three, di› Appeals ruled in 1982 that rectly confirmed or denied participants in a conversation having a sexual relationship may record a discussion with› during the recorded conver› out getting the permission of sations. But they also didn’ t other participants. "A record› dispute Graham’s character› ing made by a participant is


the recession business was

taking off, and they should be doing well, but revenues weren’t matching all of the

work they were doing." Trying to get to the bot› tom of the company’s rev›

enue mystery, Robinson repeatedly a sked W i l › liam W alton to review the b ooks w i t h

him, Hummel said, but was unable to get

Wa lton

the office manager to do so. Robinson visited his bank

to review the company’s finances himself, and soon


Tim Bowlin, chief financial officerand business director

after contacted the district

for the House Business Office,

attorney’s office. Hummel said a search of

said he plans to review the re›

the Walton home turned up

quest for an investigation and to determine the scope of a possible probe. Any findings

"loads" of goods the couple had purchased with com› pany funds and intended

would be reported to Cotter

to resell. The Waltons were

and the appropriate authori›

careful to purchase items

ties, he said. U.S. Rep. Candice Miller, a

that at first glance appeared

Republican from Michigan,

to be legitimate purchases. "He wasn’t buying a trip

called for Courser to resign,

to Hawaii, or a new suit,

saying in a statement that Courser "has proven to be

or dinner at the brewery," Hummel said. "He’d buy

completely unfit to represent

something that seemed like

the hardworking residents of Lapeer County, using taxpay›

a business expense, like desks or a computer or a

er dollars to abide and assist


his gross misconduct." Meanwhile, liberal advo› cacy group &ogress Michi› gan said that if Courser and Gamrat used public resourc› es to cover up anything, they nothing more than a more should resign. The group said accurate record of what was that would be "a clear viola› said," the ruling states. tion of the oath that they both House Speaker Kevin Cot› took when sworn into office."

According to court docu› ments, Juli Walton contact› ed her husband’s mother

shortly after his arrest and asked her for $50,000 to cover his bail. Rebecca Wal›

ton transferred the mon› ey to Juli Walton but later learned it was far in excess

of William Walton’s actual bail, and is now seeking to have it returned to her.

Forfeiture proceedings


always been like that."

each other," said Charmaine

Givens-Thomas, a 10-year vet› eran who makes $12 an hour at a store near Chicago and

belongs to OUR Walmart, a union-backed group that has lobbied for better working con› ditions. "It hurts morale when

Sons. Court documents list six separate bank accounts,

$1,333 in cash, a Ford pick› up, a Jeep Grand Cherokee, a Harley-Davidson mo› torcycleand merchandise purchased from Amazon, Costco, and newegg.corn as subject to forfeiture.

has studied the issue. "Even a

William and Juli Walton were both indicted and ar›

small difference can matter,

g.-"’ "".,: "


~8-'ig> <~~& F~~-:""-~""='P~ ~~~"»~H~aV~W A ~ ~ <~4-".<~

«. ~!M ~' ~ ~ "

~~3 F


make them feel like that." Some workers also said they to cover the cost of the wage in›

from Jack Robinson and

ate professorof economics at the University of Miami who

people feel like they aren’t be› ing appreciated. I hear people every day talking about look› ing for other jobs and wanting

suspect their hours are being cut and annual raises reduced

tons’ home believed to have been purchased with funds

While employers may think raising wages will help them compete fortalent, research shows workers care more abouthow much a colleague is making than someone at an› other company. "Workers appear to pay at› tention to peer wages," said Laura Giuliano, an associ›

Continued fromA1 "It is pitting people against

to remove themselves from Wal-Mart and a job that will

have been initiated involv› ing items found at the Wal›

;; rZ:;~A; "ii "'


• pa


s ls


and whether or not it is going to matter may well depend on

raigned earlier this week. William Walton is due to entera plea on Oct. 28,and Juli Walton is due to enter a

whether it appears arbitrary or

unfair." Givens-Thomas said she was happy to see her colleagues getting a raise and thinks it’s a sign Wal-Mart is moving in the

plea on Nov. 17. — Reporter: 541-383-0387, shammers@bendbulleti n.corn

crease for newer workers. Wal›

right direction. Still, she said

Mart denies that and says it’ s taking steps to ensure all em›

the new wage policy is bitter› sweet; Givens-Thomas recently

Visit Central Oregon's

A worker moves a stray shopping cart outside a Walmart in Louisville, Kentucky. The retail giant is

moved in with her mother be›

raising hourly wages for many of its workers, but the move is being criticized by someemployees, who are calling the moveunfair to senior workers who got no increase and nowmake the sameor close to what newer, less experienced colleagues earn.

cause she couldn’t afford her


ployees have an opportunity to move into higher-paying jobs. Along with bumping up the minimum wage, it increased

Luke Sharrett I Bloomberg News file photo

rent. "I am impressed that they are

even trying to raise the wages See100 life-sized samples of I know it has been hard for when promoted, boosted pay for some managers and raised sources chief. Since then, the could put further strain on tions over time," Oliver said. them," she said. "I would like the latest innovative and the maximum pay for all hour› company has been hearing profits, which Wal-Mart said Still, that hasn’t been the to continue to see pay go up be› stylish Hunter Douglas ly positions. from upset employees and un› last quarter were dragged takeaway for many workers. cause it has been stagnant for window fashions! derstands that the new wage down by the $1 billion it’s al› Sal Fuentes, who makes $13 so many years and people are Abroader issue policy could lead to increased ready spending on raises. an hour operating a forklift really suffering." See us alsofor: Several U.S. retailers have turnover, she said. Last year, th e B entonville, overnights at a Wal-Mart in • RetractableAwnings raised the minimum wage In an a t t empt t o r e t ain Arkansas-based chain gen› Duarte, California, said he ex› • ExteriorSolarScreens for their workers in recent w orkers who d i dn’t ge t a erated $486 billion in annual pects the company to give out • Patio ShadeStructures months, among them Gap, raise, Wal-Mart has changed sales and a profit of about $16 lower raises to him and other TJX and Target. The moves its scheduling system to help billion. senior employees to compen› TOUCHMARK were widely hailed amid calls workers get the hours they Wal-Mart has said about sate for the cost of raising pay SINCE 1960 to combat wage inequality want and started a new train› 500,000 of its 1.3 million U.S. for the newer employees. "There is a lways some an issue that even reached ing program for employees employees are getting raises as the Securit ies and Exchange looking to a dvance with› part of the new pay policy and way they get the money COVERINGS Commission, wh i c h on in the company. Wal-Mart all employees will be able to back," said Fuentes, who 1465 SWKnoll Avenue, Bend Wednesday voted to force announced the scheduling benefit from the new schedul› has worked at the company companies to reveal the pay changes as well as a new ing and training programs. since 2006 and isa member www.classic-coverings.corn "We are trying to create a of OUR Walmart. "They give gap between the chief execu› training program at the same tive officer and their typical time as the wage increase to situation where they have a you some but they are taking •• g ) worker. addressthe different needs of path to higher paying posi› away something else. It has However, if Wal-Mart and its workers, Wal-Mart spokes› other retailers don’t also ad› man Kory Lundberg said. LADIES AUG 7-10 "We are constantly looking just pay for veteran hourly G OLF i N FRI, SAT workers, they could face rising and evolving what the right SANDALS • g • dissent, said David Cooper, an pay should be and we were SUN & MON economic analyst at the Eco› aware of the issue," Oliver ' I '' l l nomic Policy Institute. Typi› said."We weren’tprepared to I I I I I Hilton Garden Inn cally, when employers boost go forward with any addition› 425 SW Bluff Dr. - C~ = =› their base pay, they also give al increases but have contin› Iz~ o Bend Wh't' D„i raises to those making within ued to look at it to see if there PINK O pe c . Available! $1 to $2 of the new minimum is something else we should do R11’sSup , erlast, AllLatestModels, Drivers, Hybrlls, ~ :: NIKEGOLF ~ Krank to preserve a type of wage for those in the middle." rivers F Bags,Shoes,Golf Bals, Everylhing! ~ s149 hierarchy and keep their lon› ' Complet e Ws hBag I III I ger-time workers happy, stud› The cost of more raises BELLY, ies show. Giving additional raises to •I TITLEST PROC PUTTERS' "Companies want to pre› employees already making I GOLF BALLS V1 8 PRO V1X~~ serve some type of internal close to the new m i nimum SHIRTS Titleist2Piece -f10 dz. WEDGES PUTTERS /DOZEN wage ladder, so to do that they wage would cost Wal-Mart Crystal -$10 dz. CHIPPERS Dri-FIT Taylor Made ironset, Galloway, Adams & HYBRIDS Topilite - f6.99dz. Solid & Fancies have to adjust wages of folks about $400 million, said Jean› x Proven & tested to others. Taylor Made R1 Drivers MENSe LADIES Pinnacle -f6.99dz. s19 Reg ’55ea above the new minimum," nette Wicks-Lim, an assistant ~ bethelongestbal LEFTIES • 2 THRU SW CUSTOM FIT TaylorMade Pentas -$15dz. NOW'15" ea ~ aylorM~ e ' Cooper said. I f Wa l - M art research professor at the Uni› 8TARTING AT $$ 9 PROVE NANDKSTEDTOBEACCUIIK OR 3 for’45 WHILE YOU WAIT doesn’t raise wages for these versity ofMassachusetts, Am› 3-5 8tylel of FULL CABRETTE workers, "folks are going to herst. She based her calcula› 'I LEATHER GOLF Waterproof 'I I I I leave or start complaining tion on raises the retail indus› GLOVES i ’, 14-HOLE I I I more vocally," he said. try has handed out after past GQLFSHQES MEN' S/LADIES «g '99'" Executives knew the mini› increases to state and federal DIVIDERBAGS' RIGHT/LEFT I REG.<119" Pnly s29 " s s. / 3 FO R @ 1 5 mum wage hike would make minimum wages. Wal-Mart I I I I those left out feel disenfran› declined to comment on her chised, said Kristin Oliver, calculation. I I' I I ' I If I ' I GQLF JAGKETs LINED Reg. $40MENs 5 LADIEs 1 5 Wal-Mart’s U.S. human re› Additional p ay bumps the amount workers receive

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BRIEFING Body of man found in canal The body of amissing Bend manwasfound in acanal Friday intheJu› niper Ridgeareaof Bend, according to Lt. Glint Burleigh, aBendPolice spokesman. Details werenot avail› able on whathappened to Bernard PaulCrisman, who was last seenon July 31. Crisman, 57,hadleft his adult foster home at1624 NEWells Acres Road around 3p.m. July 31. Hewasaninsulin-de› pendent diabetic andhad left the house with little

money andwithout his medication. His mountain bikewas found Sundayalong the Central Oregon Irrigation Canal east of NE Boyd Acres Road.

Historic Redmond building in danger By Beau Eastes

"We’ re very concerned abut

to do so. "I really want something

The Bulletin

Redmond’s first hospital is slated to be demolished next

that will benefit the city, the

community, the residents of

of the landmarks commis› sion, said about the future

week if the city and the build›

Redmond," Belza said. "I’d like

of Patrick’ s. "We turned in a

ing’s owner can’t come to a

for that space to be a function› nomination to Restore Oregon al asset for the city.... But it’ s (a nonprofit dedicated to sav›

compromise on its future. Patrick’s Professional Building, a classic Art Mod› erne-style structure built in 1941, is scheduled to be tom down Tuesday, the city and the building’s owner, Dr. Mark Belza, of Bend, confirmed Friday. The lot at 708 De›

schutes Ave. sits adjacent to Centennial Park. Belza, who

is considering building a food cart pod on the space, said he is still open to repurposing the building, but it would have to

make financial sense for him

clearly not functional now." According to the Redmond Historic Landmarks Com› mission, the Patrick Medical Building was finished 74

ing historic structures across

years ago, drawing more

Patrick’s has been vacant for at least the past two years,

than 400 people


it," Judy Kessler, a member

the state) as an endangered building, but that designation probably wouldn’t come until November."

a third of

Redmond’s population at the time to its ribbon-cutting ceremony. The hospital, which was built for $20,000, housed 17 beds, a surgery room, nurs›

eau C"

Evergreen Ave. Des hutes Ave.

Site ot

Patrick’ s Prolessional Building

I Hi hland~Av .


though, according to Belza. Pete Smith /The Bulletin "The building is in such dis› repair," he said. "We just took out a tremendous amount of been in touch with Belza the

ery, three wards, four private

asbestos." Heather Richards, Red›

rooms and a top-of-the-line "automatic signaling system."

ment director, said she has

mond’s community develop›

Parents, students and neighbors areinvited to meet Bend-LaPineprin› cipals during icecream socials at eachschool from 4 to 6p.m. Aug. 13. This fall,11 of the district’s 30 schools will have principals newto their school. These events "give neighbors andfamilies a chance to connectwith their local principals in a fun, informal setting and start the schoolyearoff on a great note," Super› intendent ShayMikalson said in anewsrelease. "We hope tosee new and establishedfamilies as well as interested community membersat our schools, enjoying a bit of summerfun while developing bondswith their local principals." Two newschools set to open this year,Silver Rail Elementary School and Pacific Crest Middle School, will host barbe› cues and ribbon-cutting ceremoniesSept. 2and 3 in lieu of icecream socials.

• Grants Pass: State Land Board to vote on plan to sell Elliot State Forest, B3 • Florence: ODOTplans to repair parts of U.S. Highway 101,B3 • Lost Creek Lake: Boatlaunchmayclose early, B3

A photo caption in the "Going Out" calendar section of GO!Maga› zine, which appeared Friday on Page 8of the magazine, misidentified which improv group would be performing this weekend. TheAll Ages Comedy Improv performed Friday for one night only. The Bulletin regrets the error.

State Police Lt. Bill Fugate.

ovate rather than raze.

other law enforcement

See Building /B6

responded to a head-on crash on Highway 97 at milepost 125, near Quarry Road about 1 mile south of Redmond. A news release after the



crossed into the north›

As construction on the OSU-Cascadescampus on Bend’s west side enters its secondmonth, crews are preparing to start excavating thefoun› dation of the first of three buildings. According to campus officials, over thepasttwo weeks, crewsdugtrench› es and beganinstalling sewer lines, water lines and stormwater dry wells to be usedfor storing rainwater runoff. Building pads for the diningand residence hallsandaca› demic building arecom› plete andnowready for foundation construction. Soon crewswill begin to excavate foundations for the 43,650-square-foot academic building.

bound lane and hit a 2007 GMC Yukon and a 2015 Honda Pilot.


See Road rage/B6 I i a

High Desert teacher to lead union By Abby Spegman The Bulletin

As the start of the school year nears, a new president Andy Tullis/The Bulletin

A View fromthe ground

La Pine Schools. Don Stearns, 54, was elected earlier this year to

lead the Bend

Y View fromabove S

is gearing up to lead the union that represents near› ly 1,000 teachers in Bend›

Progress from the second month of construction on Friday. Asconstruction continues, we’ ll capture the progress on camera.


Education Association

This aerial photo, taken before the site was chosen for an OSU campus, shows the area as it was; we’ ve superimposed OSU› Cascades’ site plan over it, representing the gener I design of "Phase 1.’

after the pre› vious pres› ident, Bob

Markland, St e a ms retired. Stea› rns was a math and science

teacher at High Desert Middle School in Bend and has been with the district

for 24 years. Stearns previously taught at Brookings-Har› bor School District and

46 acres

Pumice mine site

was also the teachers union president there. The

Bend position is full time. "I’m looking forward to really being able to advo› cate for education in our


0 acreS’,

community andour edu›

gee ar

cators, and really have the time to do it well" he said. Stearns said the greatest

Sources: OSU-Cascades site plan, Bulletin reporting

The Bulletin

issue facing teachers is continued underfunding of Oregon schools, which m eans larger classsizes and bigger workloads for teachers and cutting of arts

Rep. Buehlerholdspost-sessiontown hall in Bend By Kailey Fisicaro The Bulletin

Freshman Rep. Knute Bue› hler met with constituents at St. Charles Bend on Friday

morning for a town hall fol› lowing his first legislative session. Just like at his first town hall in the same con›

ference room in March, Buehler,


volved three vehicles and injured eight people may have been caused by road rage, according to Oregon

hoping to persuade him to ren›

past few weeks and is still

— Bulletin staff repon's


U.S. Highway 97 that in›

incident indicated a 1994 Ford Explorer, driven by Bobby Howie, 38, of Red› mond, was southbound on Highway 97 when it


Have ice cream with the principal

Bulletin staff report The crash Tuesday on

"We’ re investigating this now as a road rage inci› dent," Fugate said Friday. Around 4:30 p.m. Tues› day, OSP troopers and

Gas leak causes A break in agasline Friday at NWColorado AvenueandLava Road in Bend caused atempo› rary evacuation of nearby businesses. Colorado Avenuewas closed for about anhour and a half. According to a news releasefrom the city, a backhoeacciden› tally struck agas lineand pulled it from abuilding, causing gas toleakinto a commercial building about12:30 p.m. After the leakwas stopped byCascadeNat› ural Gasworkers, people were allowed toreturn to the buildings andColora› do reopened.

Road rage suspected in crashon Highway97

a doctor, drew

Bueh l er

quite a crowd. "It’s been a pleasure serving you, being your voice and vote in Salem," Buehler, R-Bend, started out

Friday. He’s been pleased with how Central Oregon representa› tives, including himself, make an effort to coordinate with local officeholders, like city councilor s. Buehler also said he tried to "reach across the aisle" during his first session, focusing on

(Rep. Knute) Buehler also said he tried to "reach across the aisle" during his first session, focusing on protecting small business, increasing government transparency, reforming K-12 education and tackling issues of poverty. He said rather than raising the minimum wage,he'd like to increase tax credits, and he also would have liked to have seen a larger education budget: closer to $8 billion as opposed to $75 billion.

to try experimental drugs, is awaiting Gov. Kate Brown’s

signature, • Progresswas made on the urban growth boundary and • A child care tax credit was

and technical programs. Stearnswas partofthe Bend Education Associa› tion team that negotiated a two-year contract with the district this spring. As part

of those negotiations, the two sides agreed to form a study committee that will

look at teachers’ workload and ways to free up time

passed. Buehler also addressed

for planning lessons and meeting with students

Mirror Pond, stating "I think


we really raised the attention of the issue around Central Or› egon." The $5 million he, Rep.

"Things keep getting added to the plate, but nothing gets taken off," he

Gene Whisnant, R-Sunriver,

said, adding that overall the

and Sen. Tim Knopp, R-Bend, sought for the project did not protecting small business, said, adding he believes former make it out of the Legislature increasinggovernment trans› Gov.John Kitzhaber hadplans this session, according to Bul› parency, reforming K-12 edu› for mental health issues that letin reports. cation and tackling issues of got tabled when he resigned. Over about an hour, Buehler poverty. He said rather than But with other legislation, took questions from people on raising the minimum wage, Buehler was happy: climate change, forest resto› he’d like to increase tax cred› • Buehler’s bill to allow ration, Lyme disease diagno› its, and he also would have women access to over-the› sis, OSU-Cascades, gun back› liked to have seen a larger ed› counter birth control passed at ground checks and more. ucation budget: closer to $8 bil› the end of the session, Bend City Councilor Sally • The Right to Try bill, lion as opposed to $7.5 billion. Russell stepped up to the mi› "I was really hoping mental which gives patients with a crophone early on to talk about health care reform would have terminal illness and less than money for road infrastructure. come to the forefront," Buehler six months to live the right See Buehler /B3

teachers, administrators and the school board have

a "collaborative and posi› tive" working relationship. Stearns plans to work

from home,though on a daily basis he will be vis› iting schools to talk with

teachers and students. He said he will also serve on committees working on

evaluations, pay scale and curriculum to represent teacher interests. — Reporter: 541-617-7837, aspegman@bendbullet in.corn


Evxxr TODAY "FLASHBACKCRUZ"CLASSIC CAR SHOW:Featuring a display and parade of 400 classic vehicles from1979 and earlier; parade at 6 p.m.; 8 a.m.; Drake Park, 777 NW Riverside Blvd., Bend; www.

centraloregonclassicchevyclub.corn or 541-480-5560. FRONTIERTOWNSHIP DAYS: Experience a tent-town from the early days on the frontier, interact with artisan crafts and skills that were available to new settlers; 9 a.m. free for members, $15 for nonmembers; High Desert Museum, 59800 S. U.S. Highway 97, Bend; www.highdesertmuseum. org or 541-382-4754. MADRASSATURDAYMARKET: Featuring food, drinks, live music and more; 9 a.m.; Sahalee Park, 241 SE Seventh St., Madras; 541-546-6778. CROOKCOUNTY FAIR: Featuring games and a full country fair experience; 10 a.m.; $20 in advance for all-day carnival, $25 at the door, $1 tickets; Crook County Fairgrounds, 1280 S. Main St., Prineville; www.

crookcountyfairgrounds.corn or 541-447-6575. CENTRALOREGONSATURDAY MARKET:Featuring crafts, music, food and more; 10 a.m.; across from the Downtown Bend Public Library, 601 NWWall St., Bend; 541-420-9015. COUNTRY FAIRAND ART SHOW IN SISTERS:Featuring a juried art show

and sale, silent auctions, games, animals, face painting, a country store and more; 10 a.m.; Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration, 68825 Brooks CampRoad, Sisters; 541-549-7087. SUNRIVERART FAIRE: Featuring more than 60 artists in a juried show, live entertainment, a kids art center and a dance, to benefit local nonprofit agencies; 10 a.m.; The Village at Sunriver, 57100 Beaver Drive, Sunriver; www.sunriverartfaire.corn or 51 0-501-3896. NWX SATURDAYFARMER'S MARKET:Featuring local organic

artisans in produce,meats, baked goods, skin care and more; 10 a.m.; NorthWest Crossing, NW Crossing Drive, Bend; www.

nwxfarmersmarket.corn/ or 541-350-4217.

Er m a BEND CLASSICVINTAGE TRAILER RALLY:A vintage trailer rally; 11 a.m.; J Bar J Youth Ranch, 62895 Hamby Road, Bend. "DRAGON BALLZ:RESURRECTION F":A screening of the follow-up to "Battle of Gods"; 11 a.m.; $12.50; Regal Old Mill Stadium 16 and IMAX, 680 SWPowerhouse Drive, Bend; www.fathomevents.corn or 844-462-7342. BIGSTOCK 2015: An annual musical festival to benefit Oregon Adaptive Sports; 3 p.m.; $100-$110; TBA via email prior to date for security purposes, Bend; www.bendticket. corn or 541-306-4774. GHOST TREEINVITATIONAL DINNER ONTHE RANGE: Featuring dinner, drinks, live music and more to benefit the Ronald McDonald House of Central Oregon and The Assistance League of Bend; 4 p.m.; $125; Pronghorn Resort, Pronghorn Club Drive, Bend; www. ghosttreeinvitational.corn. OREGONLUAU: Featuring Kurt Silva, the Hokulea Dancers and more; 4 p.m.; $50 includes food and entertainment; Faith, Hope and Charity Vineyards, 70450 NW Lower Valley Drive, Terrebonne; 541-526-5075. WILCO:The alt-rock band from Chicago performs, with Speedy Ortiz; 6:30 p.m., doors open at 5 p.m.; $42 plusfees in advance;Les Schwab Amphitheater, 322 SW Shevlin Hixon Drive, Bend; www. bendconcerts.corn or 541-318-5457. AUTHOR PRESENTATION: Oregon author Brian Doyle will read from his novel, "Martin Marten"; 6:30 p.m.; $5; Paulina Springs Books, 252 W. Hood St., Sisters;

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Submitted photo

Dawes performs at 7 p.m. Monday at Tower Theatre. $5; Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 SW Century Drive, Bend; www. volcanictheatrepub.corn or 541-323-1881.


FRONTIERTOWNSHIP DAYS: Experience a tent-town from the early days on the frontier, interact with artisan crafts and skills that were available to new settlers; 9 a.m.; free for members, $15 for nonmembers; High Desert Museum, 59800 S. U.S. Highway 97, Bend; www.highdesertmuseum.org or 541-382-4754. SHRINERSRUNFORA CHILD: A fun 5K run/walk and 10K, to benefit Shriners Hospitals for Children; 9 a.m. $25, $30 day of the race; Riverbend Park, 799 SW Columbia St, Bend; www. centraloregonshriners.org/event› registration/ or 541-205-4484. www.paulinasprings.corn or SUNRIVERARTFAIRE: Featuring 541-549-0866. more than 60 artists in a juried ELKS VS. KLAMATHFALLS: The show, live entertainment, a Bend Elks will be playing against kid’s art center and a dance, to Klamath Falls in a three-game series, benefit local nonprofit agencies; last series before playoffs start; 10 a.m.; The Village at Sunriver, 6:35 p.m.; $6, box seats start at 57100 Beaver Drive, Sunriver; $8; Vince GennaStadium, SEFifth www.sunriverartfaire.corn or Street and Roosevelt Avenue, Bend; 510-501-3896. 541-312-9259. OREGON OLDTIME FIDDLERS TWILIGHT CINEMA: SUNDAYJAM:All ages welcome, "MALEFICENT":An outdoor listen and dance; 1 p.m.; free, screening of the 2014 live-action donations accepted; Powell Butte movie; 7 p.m.; Sunriver Homeowners Community Center, 8404 SWReif Aquatic & Recreation Center, Road, Powell Butte; 541-410-5146. 57250 Overlook Road, Sunriver; ELKS VS. KLAMATHFALLS:The 541-585-3333. Bend Elks will be playing against WILDERNESS:The band performs Klamath Falls in a three-game series, last series before playoffs start; with Ticket Sauce, as part of the Wilco after-party; 10 p.m.; 1:05 p.m.; $6, box seats start at

$8; Vince GennaStadium, SEFifth Street and Roosevelt Avenue, Bend; 541-312-9259. SUNRIVER MUSICFESTIVAL: CLASSICALCONCERTI: "The Love of Country" featuring pieces by Rossini, Barber, Smetana and Beethoven; 7:30 p.m.; $37-$70, $10 for children 18 and younger; Great Hall-Sunriver Resort, 17600 Center Drive, Sunriver; 541-593-9310. INHALE:The SanDiego reggae-ska band performs; 9 p.m.; $5; Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 SWCentury Drive, Bend; www.volcanictheatrepub.corn or 541-323-1881.

MONDAY MEMORIES INTHE MAKING: A fine-arts program specifically designed for people with Alzheimer’ s disease and other dementias, no art

experience isnecessary, screening

and registration required; 1 p.m.; $60 for an individual with dementia; Alzheimer’s Association Central Oregon Office, 777 NWWallSt., Suite 104, Bend; www.alz.org/ oregon or 800-272-3900. SUNRIVER MUSICFESTIVAL FAMILYCONCERT:An educational concert for the whole family; 4 p.m.; $10, free for children 18 and younger; Great Hall-Sunriver Resort, 17600 Center Drive, Sunriver; 541-593-9310.

TUESDAY INTO THEFIELD:INVESTIGATING CASCADECARNIVORES: Investigate rare Cascade carnivores by visiting remote camera sites in the region, explore standards-based curriculum

to help students learn about wildlife; 8:30 a.m.; $10; High Desert Museum, 59800 S. U.S. Highway 97, Bend; www.highdesertmuseum.org or 541-382-4754. REDMOND FARMERS MARKET: Featuring food, drinks and more; 3 p.m.; Centennial Park, corner of SW Seventh Street and Evergreen Avenue, Redmond;541-550-0066. HAPPY HOURINTHE GARDEN: Volunteer in The Learning Garden, with local beer, cider or lemonade while you volunteer, garden tasks will vary weekly, family friendly; 4 p.m.; The Environmental Center, 16 NW KansasAve., Bend;541-385-6908. TWILIGHT CINEMA:"NIGHTAT THE MUSEUMSECRETOFTHE TOMB":An outdoor screening of the 2014 movie; 7 p.m.; Sunriver Homeowners Aquatic & Recreation Center, 57250 Overlook Road, Sunriver; 541-585-3333. ZIGGY MARLEY: The reggae artist

performs; 7 p.m.,doors openat 6 p.m.; $30 plusfees inadvance; Century Center, 70 SWCentury Drive, Bend; www.bendconcerts. corn or 541-480-1414. DAWES:TheAmericana and soul band from California performs; 8 p.m., doors open at7 p.m .;$35plus fees; Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St., Bend; www.towertheatre.org or 541-317-0700. MAC SABBATH: The Black Sabbath tribute band performs; 10 p.m.; $10 plus fees in advance, $12 at the door; Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 SW Century Drive, Bend; 541-323-1881.

WEDNESDAY BEND FARMERSMARKET: Featuring food, drinks and more; 3 p.m.; Brooks Alley, NWBrooks St., Bend; www.bendfarmersmarket. corn or 541-408-4998. MUSIC IN THE CANYON-HOBBS THE BAND: The rock band from Sisters performs; 5:30 p.m.; free; American Legion Park, 850 SW Rimrock Way, Redmond;

www.musicinthecanyon.org or 541-504-6878. HUNTINGFILM TOUR: Presented by the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers; 6 p.m.; $15; Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70 SW Century Drive, Bend; www.volcanictheatrepub.corn or 541-323-1881. HEART &SOULCONCERTSERIES: THE SUBSTITUTES:Rock ’n’ roll, all ages welcome; 7 p.m.; Worthy

Brewing Company, 495 NE Bellevue Drive, Bend; 541-639-4776. THE TALBOTTBROTHERS:The singer-songwriter sibling duo performs; 7 p.m.; free; McMenamins Old St. Francis School, 700 NW

Bond St., Bend; www.mcmenamins.

corn or 541-382-5174. OREGON SPIRITOF '45 FEATURES THE 234TH ARMYBAND:Featuring the 234th Army Band in a six-city tour, honoring the achievements of The Greatest Generation; 7 p.m.; free, ticket required; The Tower Theatre, 835 NW Wall St, Bend; www.towertheatre.org or 541-317-0700. "UNITY:MAKE THE CONNECTION": A documentary seven years in the making, about humanity’s hopeful transformation from living by killing into living by loving; 7 p.m.; $12.50; Regal Old Mill Stadium 16 and IMAX, 680 SWPowerhouse Drive, Bend; www.fathomevents.corn or 844-462-7342. SUNRIVER MUSICFESTIVAL: CLASSICALCONCERTII: "Red, White& Heavenly" featuring pieces by Haydn and Mozart, with a world premiere of "Lunar Reflections" by Heather Schmidt; 7:30 p.m.; $37› $70, $10 for children under 18; Great Hall-Sunriver Resort, 17600 Center Drive, Sunriver; 541-593-9310.

THURSDAY BEND BREWFEST:Event includes tastings from multiple brewers, food vendors and more; 12 p.m. admission, $15 for mugs and tasting tokens; Les Schwab Amphitheater, 322 SW Shevlin Hixon Drive, Bend; www.bendbrewfest.corn or 541-312-0131. LIBRARY BOOKCLUB: Bringyour lunch and discuss great reads at this bookclub;noon;Redmond Public Library, 827 SW Deschutes Ave., Redmond; 541-617-7089. M UNCH AND MUSIC: LIV WARFIELD:The soul and R8 Bartist performs, with lan James andZoe Ze Rox; 5:30 p.m.; free; Drake Park, 777 NW River sideBlvd.,Bend;www. c3events.corn or 541-389-0995. JAMMING FOR NEPAL:An empty cups concert, to benefit 10 Friends, a Sisters’ nonprofit providing public health and education to villages in Nepal; 5:30 p.m.; $15 suggested donation; Hood Avenue Art Gallery, 357 W. HoodAve., Sisters; www.hoodavenueart.corn or 541-519-8834.

1VEwsOF REcoRD POLICE LOG The Bulletin will update items in the Police Log whensuch arequest is received. Any newinformation, such as the dismissal of charges or acquittal, must be verifiable. For more information, call 541-633-2117.

BEND POLICE DEPARTMENT Theft —A theft was reported at 8:23 a.m. Aug. 6, in the 3600 block of Falcon Ridge. Criminal mischief —Anact of criminal mischief was reported at 10:10 a.m. Aug. 6, in the 1400 block of SW Knoll Avenue. DUII —Adam Christian Seekell, 29, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at 12:30 a.m. Aug. 3, in the area of NE Butler Market Roadand NEWells Acres Road. DUII —Tyler A. Lampe, 21, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at 3:24 a.m. Aug. 4, in the area ofEmpire Avenue andNE18th Street. Theft —A theft was reported and an arrest made at 2:55 p.m. Aug. 4, in the 600 block of NEButler Market Road.

DUII —Benjamin Alexander Beekman, 21, wasarrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at 12:37 a.m. Aug. 5, in the area of NWGreenwood Avenue and NW Harriman Street. DUII —Tiara Marie Hines, 30, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at1:13 a.m. Aug. 5, in the area of NE27th Street and NEWichita Way. Criminal mischief —Anact of criminal mischief was reported at 5:11 p.m. Aug. 5, in the 19500 block of Amber Meadow Drive. Theft —A theft was reported at 7:42 p.m. Aug. 5, in the 800 block of NE Sixth Street. DUII —Dan Bradley Farris, 45, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants at 9:16 p.m. Aug.5, intheareaof S. U.S. Highway 97 andBadgerRoad. Unlawful entry —Avehicle was reported entered at 9:35 p.m. Aug. 5, in the 61500 block of S. U.S.Highway 97. Theft —A theft was reported at11:20 p.m. Aug. 5, in the 700 block of NW Bond Street. Theft —A theft was reported at11:39 p.m. Aug. 5, in the 800 block of NE Sixth Street. Unlawful entry —Avehicle was

reported entered and anarrest was a.m. Aug. 6, in the area of SELynn made at 1:59 a.m. Aug. 6, in the 100 Boulevard. block of NWMcKayAvenue. Criminal mischief —Anact of criminal mischief was reported at1:59 CIVIL SUITS a.m. Aug. 6, in the 100 block of NW McKay Avenue. Filed June 22 15CV16010 —Credit Associates Inc. v. Christy L. Cummings, complaint, plus interest costs and COUNTY SHERIFF'S $36,175.85, fees OFFICE Filed June23 Theft —A theft was reported at 8:12 15CV16094 —RodneyKing v. Bil Grigorieff, complaint, $173,210.79, a.m. Aug. 5, in the 56300 block of Eider Road. plus interest costs and fees Theft —A theft was reported at 2:29 15CV16844 —Bryant, Lovlien 8 p.m. Aug. 5, in the 61900 block of Teal Jarvis, RC., v.Gregory D. Brock, Road. $12,110.15, plus interest costs and fees PRINEVILLE POLICE Filed June 24 15CV16180 —EdmundMunoz, a DEPARTMENT personal representative of the estate Unauthorizeduse —A vehicle was ofShaneMunoz,deceased,on behalf reported stolen at 4:50 a.m. Aug. 6, in of Kathleen Gilliam andMakai Munoz, the area of SWDeer Street. v. Kevin Perry andAmandaWeinman, complaint, $505,000, plus interest Burglary —A burglary, an act of costs and fees criminal mischief and atheft were reported at 8:31 a.m. Aug. 6, in the 15CV16205 —CachLLCv. Kenneth area of NEFirst Street. E. Marks, complaint, $10,011.14, plus Theft —A theft was reported at12:01 interest costs and fees p.m. Aug. 6, in the area of N.Main 15CV16206 —CachLLCv. LedaA. Street. M udge, complaint,$22,986.58,plus Theft —A theft was reported at 9:05 interest costs and fees


15CV16207 —CachLLCv. Brandyl T. Hart, complaint, $13,646.61, plus interest costs and fees 15CV16208 —American Express Bank FSBv.Glint Goodrich, complaint, $27,636.16, plus interest costs and fees 15CV16226 —Marjorie Hindman v. Stuart Honeyman, complaint, $554,112, plus interest costs andfees 15CV16249 —Ventures Trust 2013-I-H-R by MCM Capital Partners LLC v. Ricky E.Windsor, Target National Bank, U.S.Department of Treasury Internal Revenue Service, complaint, $284,727.33, plus interest costs and fees 15CV17006 —Michael and Elizabeth Madsen v.Palace Homes Inc., complaint, $70,000, plus interest costs and fees Filed June 26 15CV16848 —Bankof America N.A.v. Tim S.Carpenter, complaint, $23,618.13, plus interest costs and fees Filed June 29 15CV16911 —State Farm Fire and Casualty InsuranceCo.v. Sun Forest Construction LTD,complaint, $17,974.13, plus interest costs and fees 15CV16940 —Ocwen Loan

Servicing LLC v.Steven Holmgren, Hayden RanchEstates Homeowners Association, complaint, $146,741.52, plus interest costs and fees 15CV17653— Max W. Higbee,DM D, PC,dbaRedmond DentalGroupv. Donald R. Laird andWatkinson Laird Rubenstein Baldwin andBurgess PC, complaint, $672,000, plus interest costs and fees 15CV17657 —Jennifer Luoma v. Leslie AnnDevry, complaint, $350,000, plus interest costs and fees Filed July 1 15CV17115 —Laurie Thorson v. Bend Memorial Clinic, Dr. DanaMarie Rhode, Dr. FrancenaDiane Abendroth, complaint, $5,600,000, plus interest costs and fees 15CV17118 —Federal National Mortgage Association (FannieMae) v. George E.Wilson, Maria R. Wilson, Sunriver Owners Association, complaint, $336,218.44, plus interest costs and fees 15CV17127 —Mary J. Corev.Central Oregon Rental Group LLC,Citibank USA N.A. ,complaint,$350,000,plus interest costs and fees 15CV17408 —Kimberly Mackay v. Ricky Lafountain Jr. andRebecca Chatterton, complaint, $380,000, plus interest costs and fees

PUBLIc OFFIcIALs U.S. SENATE • Sen. JeffMerkley, D-Ore. 107 Russell SenateOffice Building Washington, D.C.20510 Phone: 202-224-3753 Web: http: I/merkley.senate.gov Bendoffice: 131 NWHawthorne Ave., Suite 208 Bend, OR97701 Phone: 541-318-1298 • Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore. 223 Dirksen SenateOffice Building Washington, D.C.20510 Phone: 202-224-5244 Web: http: I/wyden.senate.gov Bendoffice: 131 NWHawthorne Ave., Suite 107 Bend, OR97701 Phone: 541-330-9142 U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES • Rep. GregWalden, R-HoedRiver 2182 Rayburn HouseOffice Building Washington, D.C.20515 Phone:202-225-6730 Web: http: I/walden.house.gov Bendoffice: 1051 NWBondSt., Suite 400 Bend, OR97701 Phone: 541-389-4408 Fax: 541-389-4452

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STATE SENATE • Sen. Ted Ferrioli, R-District 30 (Jefferson, part of Deschutes) 900 Court St. NE,S-323 Salem, OR97301 Phone: 503-986-1950 Email: sen.tedferrioli@state.or.us Web: www.leg.state.or.us/ferrioli • Sen. TimKnepp,R-District 27 (part of Deschutes) 900 Court St. NE,S-423 Salem, OR97301 Phone: 503-986-1727 Email: sen.timknopp'state. or.us Web: www.leg.state.or.us/knopp • Sen. Doug Whitsett, R-District 28 (Crook, part of Deschutes) 900 Court St. NE,S-303 Salem, OR97301 Phone: 503-986-1728 Email: sen.dougwhitsett'state.or.us Web: www.leg.state. or.us/whitsett STATE HOUSE • Rep. KnuteBuehler, R-District54 (part of Deschutesl 900 Court St. NE,H-477 Salem, OR97301 Phone: 503-986-1454 Email: rep.knutebuehler'state. 0I'.Us

Web: www.leg.state.or.us/buehler • Rep. John Huffman, R-District 59 (part of Jefferson)

900 Court St. NE,H-476 Salem, OR97301 Phone: 503-986-1459 Email: rep.johnhuffman'state. or.us Web: www.leg.state. or.us/huffman • Rep. MikeMcLane, R-District55 (Crook, part of Deschutes) 900 Court St. NE,H-385 Salem, OR97301 Phone: 503-986-1455 Email: rep.mikemclane'state.or.us Web: www.leg.state. or.us/mclane • Rep. Gene Whisnant, R-District53 (part of Deschutesl 900 Court St. NE,H-471 Salem, OR97301 Phone: 503-986-1453 Email: rep.genewhisnant'state.or.us Web: www.leg.state. or.us/whisnant DESCHLITES COUNTY 1300 NWWall St., Bend, OR97701 Web: www.deschutes.org Phone:541-388-6571 Fax: 541-382-1692

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66 SE DSt., Madras, OR97741 Phone: 541-475-2449 Fax: 541-475-4454 Web: www.co.jefferson. or.us

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oar ovo eon ro osa osee e r o r s a e ores By Jeff Barnard The Associated Press

G RANTS PASS The State Land Board is scheduled to vote on a plan to find an

unusual buyer for the Elliott State Forest: one that will pay

a fairmarket price,conserve older trees, protect threatened fish and wildlife, produce logs for local mills and leave it open to the public. The board, made up of the

governor, the secretary of

BaSehall glOVeS theft — Oregon City police said the vice presi› dent of the ClackamasLittle Leaguehas beenarrested on atheft charge. Sgt. Matthew Paschall said33-year-old Kerry EdwardDavis turned him› self in Thursday, adayafter a sporting goods store called to report the theft of three high-endbaseball gloves.Thegloves’ total value was more than $1,000. Policesaid thetheft was captured onvideo surveillance, and the storewasableto identify the suspect from acredit card he used after taking thegloves. Daviswas bookedinto theClackamasCounty Jail. Bail wasset at $15,000.

The 140-square-mile forest in the Coast Range northof Coos Bay was created in 1930 and 90 percent of it generates money for schools. It once produced $8 million a year but lately has been running $1 million a year in the red.

Defenders said it would favor a public land trust buying the

CrOWartifaCtS — The Portland Art Museumwill be returning 18 cer› emonial packages toMontana’s Crow Indian Reservation decadesafter the sacredartifacts weretakenfrom the tribe. Themuseumannounced Wednesdaythat thetribe will get back its medicine bundles, which are typically wrapped in a pieceof animal hideandcontain everything from beads,seeds,arrowheadsandshells. The museum’s director of collections andexhibitions, Donald Urquhart, said Native antiquities and arts dealers sold the18 Crowmedicinebundles to aEugenecollector sometime between1970and1990. Thewomanthen donated them to the museumbeginning in the1980s upuntil her death in 2004.

forest and selling it back to

the federal government, so it could be returned to the Siu› slaw National Forest. That

would retain public access and conservation protections, par›

produce $13 million annually ened salmon and wildlife that for schools failed. Lawsuits wouldproduce more timber. continually blocked timber Curtis said the department sales on grounds they failed to has been meeting with rep› maintain habitat for federally resentatives of local govern› protected coho salmon and the ments and agencies, timber

state, and the state treasur› marbled murrelet, a seabird e r, meets Thursday in S a › that nests in big old trees.

companies and conservation

lem to consider the 315-page Department of State lands proposal. s pokeswoman Juli e C u r t i s The 140-square-mile forest acknowledges that finding in the Coast Range north of such a buyer is a tall order, but Coos Bay was created in 1930 a series of hearings identified and 90 percentof it generates all those elements as priori› money for schools. It once ties for Oregon residents. The produced $8 million a year board rejected two other alter› but lately has been running $1 natives, to find a new manager million a year in the red. At› for the forest, and to develop a tempts to ramp up logging to new plan for protecting threat›

ing their intentions to them›

ticularly on the half of the for› est that has never been logged. Bob Ragon, director of Douglas Timber Operators, said he could not imagine a private timber company being interested in buying the forest, because of all the conditions being imposed. "I think (the board has) struggled so hard trying to find a happy ground that would meet everybody’s inter› est, that the simplest solution

groups, but so far all are keep› selves. If no buyers emerge, the department goes back to the board in December 2016. Two options would be to retain

NatVigatinn Channel enVirOnmental rWieW TheU.S.Army Corps of Engineers isseeking public comments on adraft environmen› tal review for continuedmaintenanceof the Columbia River Federal Navigation Channel.Theproposed maintenanceincludes placement of dredged material ontheshoreline of RiceIsland, just upstreamfrom Astoria. Thegoal is to rebuild and protect the existing placementsite and allow development of a forage areafor streakedhorned larks, a threat› enedspeciesundertheEndangeredSpeciesAct.Maintenancealso includes rehandling of dredgedmaterial at an in-water site near Howard Island, locatedwherethe Cowlitz River meetstheColumbia. It’s needed becausesediment deposition is forming too far awayfrom the island for a dredge todirectly pump that material to theexisting placement site. The public commentperiodendsSept.7.

the forest while accepting loss› es of $1 million a year, or sell› would be to sell it to the high› ing it without the conservation est bidder, and put restrictions and public access restrictions. on it like no log exports, which Josh Laughlin of the conser› would keep the highest return vation group Cascadia Forest for the School Fund," he said.

Vale fire Chief reSignS The fire chief in Valesubmitted his res› ignation. ToddHessestarted the job in 2007andwill remain as interim chief until a replacement is hired. Hessedidn’t explain his decision when contacted byTheOntario Argus Observer. Hesaid he enjoyed the work, and family is his first priority. City ManagerLynnFindley plans toquickly begin the recruitment process.

Low water mayclose boat launch a month early The Associated Press PORTLAND

Low water

may be closing a boat launch in southern Oregon a month

"Our Takelma Boat Ramp is usable down to a surface elevation of 1,752 feet, and we

remain open for recreation de›

at Lost Creek Lake. But with water levels this

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers manages Lost

low, safety needs to be everyone's priority."

by Friday, water levels will be

spite drought conditions caus› ing lower than normal water

encourage boaters to continue to recreate here

earlier than usual. Creek Lake and predicts that

POWdnr nnt IQZ8rllnnS TheWashington Countysheriff’s of› fice has determinedthat thewhite powerthat prompted anapartment evacuation wasnot hazardous. The16-unit Maplescomplex in Raleigh Hills was evacuatedafter anenvelopecontaining a white powderwas found by anapartment manager onFriday morning. Sgt. BobRaysaid authorities havedetermined the letter was sent by awoman upset about a personal relationship. Noarrests havebeenmade. Raysaid he wasn’t sure exactly what thepowderwasbut said it wassometype of acidic substance.


"Our Takelma Boat Ramp is usable down to a surface elevation of 1,752 feet, and we

David Hays, Rogue River Basin Project natural resources manager encourageboatersto continue to recreatehere atLostCreek

too low for the Stewart State Park boat ramp t o r e main

Man indiCted A Yamhill County grandjury indicted a manin con› nection with ahead-oncrash that seriously injured asheriff’s deputy. RandyManns ofDepoeBayhasbeenchargedwithassault,drunken driving, methamphetaminepossession andother crimes. OregonState Police Lt. Bill Fugatesaid Fridaythat the46-year-old was driving on Highway18 west of McMinnville whenhis car crossedthe center line and struck apatrol car driven by Deputy DavidMills. The deputy is still recovering from theJune28crash.

Lake. But with water levels

Rogue River Basin Project operational, the Oregonian natural resources manager reported. David Hays said in a state› The corps is warning boat› ment released by the corps ers that the lake will be lower that boaters haven’t seen con› than normal through summer ditions like these since 2001. "Boaters need to understand and fall.

that Lost Creek Lake is going to be much lower, much earlier than we usually see during the summer and fall," he said.

this low, safety needs to be ev› eryone’s priority," Hays said. "Reduce your speed, maintain a good lookout at all times, al› Stewart State Park is one of ways wear life vests, and abso› southern Oregon’s most pop› lutely do not drink if you are or ular sites for visitors and will are going to be driving a boat."

— From wire reports

ODOT planning 10M repair en stretch ef U.S. Highway101 By Christian Wihtol

along the stretch, Little said.

The (Eugene) Register-Guard

That will involve excavating FLORENCE A 1 7-mile the curves, laying in new grav› stretch of U.S. Highway 101 el and then laying on pave› north of Florence is in such ment, he said. bad shape the state plans to The work will begin this undertake a major rebuild that

month and be carried out this

will cost nearly $10 million. The pavement is deeply cracked in many places, plus in spots the subsurface gravel base is likely eroded, requir›

summer and next, causing traffic delays of up to 20 min›

The work will begin this month and be carried

complete the rest of the stretch, way 101 north of the Sea Lion

out this summer and next, causing traffic delays of up to 20 minutes. Traffic will be restricted to a single lane and be controlled by flaggers and pilot cars.

up to just south of Yachats. Caves. Centerline r u mble s t r ips The wall was built in 1931

will be

i n stalled through› under the federal Works Prog›

out the 17-mile length to re›

r ess A d ministration. O v er

duce the chance of crossover time, the wall has lost its struc› accidents. tural integrity in several plac› Single-lane restrictions will

es and does not meet current

occur during daytime and utes. Traffic will be restricted The geometryofthose curves several years ago put tempo› nighttime construction, and to a single lane and be con› in a lot of cases is not suit› rary asphalt paving over the may occur on weekends. trolled by flaggers and pilot able for modern-length cargo wheel ruts that were worn into Rocky Mountain Construc› ing excavation and complete cal s. loads," he said. the road along that stretch, tion LLC of Klamath Falls was rebuild in t hose locations, Little said modern trucks The widened curves with Little said. awarded the low-bid contract said Rick Little, a spokesman and RVs are too long for the new, wider shoulders and bet› The state is doing the repair of $9.6 million. for the Oregon Department of narrow, winding highway, so ter sight lines should help not work in two phases. This year, Next ye a r , al s o , an Transportation. on curves the vehicles track onlycarsand trucks,butalso the work will extend from Sut› as-yet-unselected contractor ODOT rates the condition of onto the shoulders. bicyclists, Little said. ton Lake just north of Florence will carry out roughly $3 mil› "This highway was de› the entire stretch as poor. ODOT is eager to get the to the vicinity of the Sea Lion lion in repair work to the long, As part of the work, the signed back in the 1930s, if not work done. To try to extend Caves. low historic retaining wall that project will w iden curves before. This is an old highway. the roadway’s life, the state Next summer, crews will runs on the west side of High› •

Buehler Continued from B1 Buehler said he thinks the

• •

• •

• •

• •

• •

• •

• •

• •

• •

• •

• •

• •


rock; other sections will be re› built of concrete with rock fac›

ing. The work will add shoul› der width next to the wall, and

also add interpretive signing, the agency said. ODOT is refining details of the project before putting it out to bid, Little said •


The last speaker asked where legislation stands re›

garding rural physician train› ing. Buehler was excited about

gas tax is old-fashioned. He’ d a bill that would provide incen› prefer acarbon emissions or tives to rural hospitals to open mileage usage tax, but that up more medical residency doesn’t mean he supports spots, but it didn’t pass this OreGo, Oregon Department of session. Transportation’s pilot program One question that did not that charges volunteers per arise in the town hall: why Bue› mile and exempts them from hler is considering running for the gas tax. In that program, governor. drivers install a device in their After the meeting, he said car that tracks their miles. Bue› he needs to look at what that hlercalledtheprogram a"mas› would mean for himself, his sive failure" because of a lack family and his professional life. of sign-ups, adding he believes Buehler, who has been back thereare "more elegant ways" in Bend doing surgery for a to do a usage tax, although he month, said he’s enjoying the didn’t elaborate. balance of politics and his day Calvin Mann, who has just job. "Right now it’s a very good started the group Stop OSU LLC, is against OSU-Cascades’ combination," said Buehler, expansion on Bend’s west side; adding that Monday through the university, he said, won’ t Wednesday he works as a doc› have enough room to grow. tor and the rest of the week, of› Buehler explained that his ten "bleeding into weekends," ability now is limited since the he works on politics. university’s construction has So far, he said, he hasn’t been already been legally validated looking at an end game, such through a number of channels. as governor, in politics but rath› The issue is still under appeal. er the "journey." And he’d like "Clearly, I’m a huge support› to see some of his legislative er of OSU-Cascades, I think it’ s projects doser to completion the last missing component to first. Buehler said he’ ll proba› make this one of the best cities bly announce his decision on in the nation," Buehler said. "I running for governor in early do think the process of select› September. ing the west-side location could — Reporter: 541-383-0325, have been done much better."

• •

standardsas a safety barrier or retaining wall, ODOT said. The project will r ebuild most sections of the wall with


Available at Central Oregon resorts, Chambers of Commerce, hotels and other key points of interests, including tourist kiosks across the state. It is also offeredto Deschutes County Expo Center visitors all year-round and at The Bulletin.




, •


112 WAYS TO,DISCOVERCENTRAL OREGON ’; -;-"j: ., ’"-~<+ ~, IS ’ACOMPREHENSIVE GUIDE:. 4’ to places, e v ents a n d a c t ivities t a king .", place throughout Central Oregon d uring the year =,

The Bulletin www.denddulletin.corn

kfisicaro®bendbulletin.corn •



EDj To

The Bulletin

s ~Y E Y0UR%0’

I e+Au.YooR


l%NS INlMESlhl...

5%P ill


he city of Bend took a concrete step toward easing the

QEK4Nhlg.', t




community’s affordable housing shortage lbesday. City councilors voted unanimously to exempt qual› ified affordable housing projects from system development charges. Now it’s time for the Bend Park 8 Recreation District to rethink its refusal to do the same thing. The district’s directors voted in June not to forgive SDCs for such housing. The district collects about $6,000 in the charges on each new dwelling built within its boundaries. That money helps offset the cost of expanding services to meet grow›

ing demand. Since then, two members who opposed forgiving the fees have left the board, and those replacing them have said they’ re willing to re› consider the option. That being so, it’s time for the district to amend its Aug. 14 meeting agenda so the issue can be discussed again. We recognize the park district’s reluctance to waive or reduce SDCs sort of. Its mission, as some board members have said repeatedly, is not to assure that Bend’s least well› off residents can find a place to live. Rather, its role is to give them a place to play. And the district does try to ensure that everyone can par› ticipate in its programs no matter what a family’s income.

We also recognize that the dis› trict did step up to the plate during the recent recession, holding SDCs steady for that period. It is to be commended for doing so. But that was then, and this is now, and the district is being asked to step up once again. Jim Long, the city’s affordable housingmanager, has said thepark district’s refusal to waive or reduce fees likely won’t kill a deal, and he’s probably right. But if the park district’s participation were able to add homes to the 100 the city’s waiv› er is expected to produce, it would demonstrate the district recognizes it does not exist only at play time. It is a full-time part of this community and should be making an effort to confront a serious challenge facing Bend. Cily Councilor Nathan Bodie said it best when the city’s waiver was be› ing discussed Tuesday: "This is what I consider the bare minimum of what I consider humane treatment," he told his fellow councilors. He’s right, and it’s time the park board recog› nizes that and joins in.

A reasonable change in Oregon gunlaws T he Oregon gun background

check law that starts Sun› day may not prevent the next shooting or significantly reduce gun violence. But thereare people who should not have guns. And this new law may stop some of them from getting them. The law passed this year by the Legislature fills what supporters called a loophole in Oregon’s gun laws.Licensed gun dealers are al› readyrequiredby federallaw to per› form background checks on sales. That attempts to flag buyers with criminal records or mental health issues that should preclude them

from getting a gun. In Oregon, private gun transfers could skip that step. On Sunday, private parties have to get a back› ground check through a licensed dealer for private sales and other transfers. There are some excep› tions for families and borrowing weapons. Opponents called the change

There are people who should not haveguns. And this new law may stop

some of them from getting them. unnecessaryand an infringement of rights, criticizing its ability to accomplish much of anything oth› er than making it harder to be a law-abiding gun owner. The law will be challenging to enforce. Private sales are, after all, private. And we don’t expect this law is going to transform Oregon culture. With or without this law, no responsible gun owner would ever want to sell a gun to someone if the seller felt uncomfortable about that

person. This change helps responsible sellers make better choices about suitable buyers. It makes it some› what more likely guns are not in the wrong hands. That’s a reasonable change.

Making life harder for pimps n the long struggle against sex trafficking, we finally have a breakthrough! It didn’t come from Congress, or the White House, from the courts or




the police. Rather, it came from cred›

it card companies: Pimps can no they were as young as 13 have sued longer easily use American Express, the company,but haven’t succeeded Visa or MasterCard to pay for prosti› because of the loophole. tution ads in which they sell 15-year› Then suddenly this summer, the old girls as if they were pizzas. miracle of the market intervened. That upended the business mod› Sheriff Tom Dart of Cook County, el of sex trafficking. Pimps all over Illinois, wrote tough letters to Visa the country are reduced to figuring and MasterCard, calling on them to out how to pay to promote their ads stop allowing their cards to pay for with, yes, bitcoin! sex ads on Backpage. Both compa› Human trafficking is one of the nies effectively agreed. To its great most insidious human rights abuses credit, American Express in April in the United States some 100,000 stopped working with Backpage for minors are trafficked into the sex adult ads, so as of the beginning of trade each year in the U.S. So let me July pimps had no easy way to pay explain how we came to enjoy a tri› for advertisements. umph over traffickers. Flummoxed, Backpage respond› A websitecalled Backpage.corn ed by making its basic sex ads free, has for years dominated the sex but, even with a fee to promote a free trade’s advertising business. In

ad, that’s not a business model that

year. She said she was advertised at the age of 15 and 16 and raped 1,000 times as a result.

My guess is a majority of sex ads on Backpage are for consenting adults. But a significant minority are for sex with children or with wom›

en who are coerced


some of the largest and most mis›

treated classes of human rights vic› tims in America. We don’t have the moral authority to tell other coun›

tries to end modern forms of slavery when we don’t clean up our own act. The Nordic model t o

c o mbat

trafficking and exploitation, pio› neered in Sweden, has been gain› ing ground, too. It provides for the arrest of johns while offering help rebuilding the lives of women who were selling sex. Nothing works all that well in curbing sex trafficking, but this model has succeeded better thanotherapproaches.

Yet in some quarters, there’s still a myopia about the degree to which

April alone it published more than can sustain it. Backpage is suing 1.4 million ads in its adult services Dart, but my sense is pimps won’t be section in the United States. Almost using their credit cards again on the every time a girl is rescued from site any time soon.

this is a human rights issue. Am›

"If it’s down for six months, that’ s

of the sex trade, including for johns,

traffickers, it turns out that she was

peddled on Backpage. six months of children who aren’ t Last year I wrote about a missing raped," says Yiota Souras of the 15-year-old Boston girl whose par› National Center for Missing and Ex› ents were beside themselves with ploited Children. worry. In their living room, I pulled So bravo to American Express, out mylaptop,opened up Backpage MasterCard and Visa and to Dart for getting results where Con› and quickly found seminude adver› tisements for the girl, who turned gress failed. out to be in a hotel room with an There will still be human traf› armed pimp. ficking, of course, and pimps will Backpage is allowed to operate find other ways to peddle kids. But it because of a loophole in the Com› may not be quite so easy for traffick› munications Decency Act. Attor› ers as it was. "When on Backpage, I was adver› neys general from 48 states have pleaded with Backpage to stop this tised in the same way as a car or a exploitation, to no effect. Girls who phone, but with even less value than have been sold on Backpage when a bike," one girl told me late last

nesty International will consider a proposal in the coming days that would call for full decriminalization on the theory this would benefit sex

workers. Nice theory, but a failed one. It has been tried repeatedly and it invariably benefited johns while exacerbating abuse of women and girls: A parallel underground mar› ket emerges for underage girls. Let’s hope Amnesty comes to its senses and, as Swanee Hunt of Har› vard put it, avoids "endorsing one of the most exploitative human rights abuses of our time." Then we can go back to celebrating the struggles of America’s sex traffickers as their business model is upended. — Nicholas Kristof is a columnist for The New York Times.

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OSU-Casca es can e p ma e positive impact By Matt Sh!nderman fueled by rampant housing devel› he campus for OSU-Cascades opment, an ever-expanding array has stirred up mixed emotions of recreation opportunities and un› among Bend residents, some of abashed self-promotion by the city which appear to be driven by fear of and various tourism bureaus. Restau› changes the campus may bring to the rants, some previously considered west side of town. As a 10-year resi› mainstays, seemed to come and go dent of the west side (12 total in Bend) with the changing winds. Iconic I can appreciate that concern, but the structures (e.g. the Crane Shed) were current discussion lacks perspective. demolished to make way for new de› When I first arrived in Bend the velopment. Festivals and breweries population was just under 60,000. (sometimes combined) sprang up like Traffic was a rarity, and many hous› weeds and Bend’s fledgling tourism ing developments were either under industry exploded. The Bend I fell in construction or had yet to be built. love with was fast becoming a distant Recreation on the river and in the memory beforemy eyes. surrounding national forest wasn’ t Amidst all the uproar over the the best-kept secret, but it was no› campus the west side continues to where near as popular as it is today. change all by itself, more crowded It was a happening place to be, poised with cars and people than it has ever



requires us to point the finger square› People of all ages naturally want to ly at ourselves for boasting of Bend to be here. It’s a natural reaction to hold tight› Safe Passage (Bend Whitewater our friends, families, business part› Park) project and development in the ners and Twitter followers. Most of ly to perceptions of how things were upper Mill area. These changes will us moved here from somewhere else, when we came to know a place. occur regardless of where the uni› anonymously adding to the number An alternative is to be a part of versity locates, and they will bring on the road signs. West-side traffic shaping change so that Bend contin› more cars, more trafficand more results in part from our own deci› ues to be a great place to live, albeit crowd mg. sions to drive everywhere (myself different from the Bend we remember. It’s tempting to blame others for included). OSU-Cascades will be one of many these changes. We could blame the

been. Another tidal wave of change

entities to influence Bend.

As an employee at OSU-Cascades, I believe the university has a greater op› portunity to leverage positive changes on the west side than any other po›

of realtors in Bend and their constant

sion from this point forward. Let’s get started.

promotion of the "Bend lifestyle." looms with expansion of Northwest Those are easy and satisfying tar› Bend changed rapidly and inex› Crossing, a new school, the Simpson gets, but blaming them is neither fair orably over the next several years, Avenue ice rink, the Colorado Street nor sufficient. An honest assessment

to be the next big boom-town in the West.

No matter where the university

city itself for shamelessly promoting chose to locate, the west side of Bend its virtues. The same can be said of was always going to attract crowds, Visit Bend, the Bend Chamber of traffic and the same young people Commerce and other tourism bu› about which some residents are con› reaus. We might include EDCO and cerned. The 1950s-era development their incessant quest for econom› model of strip mails and parking lots ic development in Central Oregon. that characterize much of the east Let’s not forget the unlimited supply side holds little appeal to younger generations than the more pedestri›

an-friendly west side. Cool things

can be found on Bend’s east side, but

thewestside offers agreaterconcen› tration across the venue spectrum.

tential developer. The nature of that

change will largely rest on the degree to which the university and commu› nity can work together on a shared vi› — Matt Shinderman is an instructor at OSU-Cascades. Thisopinionis hisown and not that of OSU-Cascades.







Glen Ufford, of Hood River, OR Feb. 23, 1926 - Aug. 6, 2015 Arrangements: Anderson’s Tribute Center, 1401 Belmont Avenue, Hood River, Oregon 97031. www.AndersonsTdbuteCenter.corn

Sheldon Smith Aug. 26, 1956 - Aug. 4, 201 5


.~ =-t,

Horace Cort / The Associated Press file photo

LouiseSuggs holds up the winner's cup and a check for$1,000 after winning the Women's Titleholders golf championship in

Augusta, Georgia, in 1959. Suggs died Friday in Sarasota, Florida. She was 91.

Janna Stewart/The Associated Press

A barge carrying marine debris that washed up on the shores of Alaska and British Columbia arrives in Seattle on Thursday. The barge carried thousands of heavy-duty bags of debris, as well

as loose debris like buoys.

Sheldon w a s b o r n i n Walnut C r e ek , C a l i fornia on August 26, 1956 to Wil› l iam a n d L ul i a h (P o o l ) Smith. S h e l don f o ught a valiant battle with ALS; he p assed away a t h o m e o n August 4, 2015. S heldon i s s u r v i ved b y h is w i f e , D e b bi e S m i t h ; daughter, Shellie (Stetson) G ray; d a u ghter, K r i s t i n a

Suggs won ’ll majors, Barge bringstonsof buoys, helped to start LPGA other ocean debris to Seattle

successes," Whan said. "She always made time to hear Louise Suggs, an LPGA my problems and challenges. founder and among the best Her personal guidance was women to ever play with 61 priceless." wins and 11 majors, died Fri› Born in Atlanta on Sept. 7, (Shane) Gomes; his three day. She was 91. 1923, she began playing golf on grandsons, C or d G o m e s, The LPGA Tour said she the Lithia Springs golf course S trat and B r a x G r ay ; h i s died in a hospice in Sarasota, that her father managed. She sister, Sharon (Steve) Gib› Florida, of natural causes. won the Georgia Women’ s s on; h i s b r o t h er , G a r r y Suggs was perhaps the most A mateur t w ice, th e N o r t h (Wendy) Smith; and n u› merous nieces and n e ph› influential player in LPGA and South three times and the history. Along with being one Women’s Western Amateur ews.

Sheldon was preceded in death by a n i n f an t s i ster, Brenda, and his parents. A celebration o f l i f e i s p lanned fo r S u n d ay, A u › gust 9, 2015 at 4:00 PM at t he T e r r e b onn e H or s e Club, 9249 NW 31st Street, T errebonne, O R 977 6 0 . Funeral arrangements are made by Bel Air Funeral Home in Madras. In lieu of flowers, the family has re› u ested donations for t h e u ture Sheldon Smith M e › morial Music Fund. Dona› t ions ca n b e ma i l e d t o 1 3015 SW G r e e n D r i v e , Culver, OR 97734.

Virginia "Ginny" Cole

By Doug Ferguson The Associated Press

of the13 founders in 1950, she

confident that her vision, her

G inny C o l e , 8 2 , di e d peacefully in her sleep af› ter a very short battle with cancer on July 8 , 2 015 at home. A Celebration of her l i f e will be held at the Church of God Seventh D ay , 2 05 NW 4th St., Redmond, OR 97756 at 1:00 PM on Sun› day, August 16, 2015. Contributions m a y be made to "Heart and Home Hospice", PO Box 3540, La Pine, Oregon 97739. Ginny was born i n S c i o, Oregon on D e c ember 1 6 , 1 932 to J e sse an d P e a r l ( Erwin) Fr e i t ag . G i n n y graduated f ro m J e f f erson High School i n J e f f erson,


I n 1 9 50 , s h e mar r i e d Truman "Wade" Cole from J efferson, Or egon. G i n n y spent most of her life as a homemaker, b ut al so w orked f o r t h e A lb a n y S chool Di strict f o r a p e › riod of time. They lived in Albany nearly 45 years be› f ore m oving t o L a P i n e , Oregon in 1995.

She l o ve d

g a r dening,

c amping an d hu nt i n g , c rafts a n d r e a d i ng . S h e t aught sewin g a n d q u i l t › i ng classes and l oved t h e g randkid s an d g r eat › 0;randkids. She was active t n the Church o f G o d f o r

many years.

She took part in a 72-hole

competitiveness, and most im› exhibition on what she once de› portantly her spirit, will be with scribed as an executive course

work that remains in Alaska,

Suggs. She won every season ing the likes of Suggs and Pat› of her professional career and ty Berg, Sam Snead and Dow

which killed thousands of people. But marine debris in general, including rubbish such as plastics and fishing nets, is an ongoing environ›

was the first player to capture the career Grand Slam at the

mental problem. In Seattle, volunteers will

said Chris Pallister, president up site in British Columbia. of the cleanup organization It can be hard to distin› Gulf of Alaska Keeper, which guish tsunami debris from run-of-the-mill debris with› coordinated the project. Alaska has more coastline out identifiable markers. than all other coastal states Before the tsunami, a lot of combined, and Pallister es› old fishing gear would land timates that crews could fill on beaches. But afterward, the barge three more times there was an inundation of from what remains on one is› Styrofoam and u r ethane land alone, Montague Island foam used for things like in the Gulf of Alaska. building insulation that has The area o n M o n tague continued to be found, Pal› that needs to be cleaned is lister said. Property stakes 74 miles long, Pallister said. and cratesused by fishermen Over the past three summers, in coastal Japan also have cleanup crews have covered shown up. 10 miles of that stretch and Pallister and Stewart are filled at least 1,300 heavy-du› hoping to find a way to repa› ty "super-sacks," he said. triate or otherwise find uses

in West Palm Beach, Florida,

The LPGA Tour rookie of

in 1961. It was called the Royal

the year award is named after

Poinciana Invitational, featur›

1957LPGA Championship. $190,251 in earnings. A steady presence at LPGA’s biggest events, her support of women’s golf never wavered and Suggs never lost her sharp


Playing 36 holes a day, and lacing her beloved 3-wood onto the greens, Suggs wound up winning. Recounting that event in a 2003 interview with The

Associated Press, Suggs said Snead was irritated that he had

finished behind a woman and was needling her. "I finally said, ’I don’t know awards dinner in 2007 where Angela Park won the Lou› what the hell you’ re bitching ise Suggs Rookie of the Year about. You weren’t even sec› ond,"’ Suggs said. award by earning $983,922. "I wish like hell I could have She said Snead stormed off played for this kind of money," to the parking lot and peeled Suggs said. "But if not for me, out of the parking lot. "It was the m ost perfect they wouldn’t be playing for it, either." squelch I ever heard. He burned Her efficient, powerful swing a quarter-inch of r ubber," marked her for greatest as a Suggs said. teenager in Georgia. She began That story captured the es› to get national acclaim when sence of Suggs. She had a drive she won the 1947 U.S. Women’ s to succeed and told it how she tongue.She was at the LPGA

Amateur, the 1948 Women’ s British Amateur and the 1949

saw it. The title on her autobiog›

U.S. Women’s Open, beating fierce rival Babe Zaharias by

"And That’s That!"

14 shots. Ben Hogan once said after

competition, but not from the LPGA Tour.

Suggs retired in 1962 from

"Golf is very much like a love watching Suggs swing that her swing "combines all the desir› affair," Suggs once said. "If you able elements of efficiency, tim› don’t take it seriously, it’s not ing and coordination." fun. But if you do, it breaks your "It appears to be completely heart. Don’t break your heart, effortless," Hogan said. "Yet but flirt with the possibility." despite her slight build, she is Suggs was the first women consistently as long off the tee elected to the Georgia Athletic and through the fairway as any Hall of Fame in 1966, paving of her feminine contemporaries the way for women to become in competitive golf." future inductees. The USGA Bob Hope once nicknamed honored her with its prestigious her "Miss Sluggs" for how far Bob Jones Award in 2007. And she could hit the ball. earlier this year, Suggs was se›

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George Cole, 90:Played the young Scrooge in a celebrated film version of "A Christmas Carol." Died Wednesday in Reading, England.

Phone: 541-617-7825



— From wire reports

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have to pick through the piles, sorting what can be re› cycled or returned and what must be taken by train to a disposal site in Oregon. Sort› ing isn’t expected to begin until next month and could take a couple weeks to com›

plete, said Janna Stewart, tsunami marine debris coor› dinator with the Alaska De› partment of Environmental Conservation.

Still, project organizers were relieved when the barge docked in Seattleafter a largely uneventful journey. There were no major weath› er delays along the way that

Many of sites that have been cleaned are remote› not the kind of beaches that attract tourists. But it’s im› portant to clean the areas

serve. There also was a pick›

for buoys that h ave been

collected. Pallister also is hopeful that

J a panese v o lunteers

might be available to assist since disintegrating foam can in identifying any personal would have racked up costs, seep into salmon streams or items or things from an iden› and the bags held up as they be ingested by birds, Stew› tifiable region that could be were hoisted by helicopter to art said. There is also con› returned.

raphy she published last year:

G inny w a s p r e ceded i n "Like a parent, she cared lected to join the Royal & An› d eath b y h er h u s b a n d , deeply for her LPGA family cient Golf Club when it finally W ade Cole; an d b y tw o and took great pride in their invited women. sons, S t eve n C o l e an d R andal Cole. Sh e i s s u r › vived by t h ree d aughters, K aren (L arry ) W a l k e r o f La Pine, Lonna Cole of La Pine, Lisa (Jeff) R i chards Death Notices are freeand Deadlines:Death Notices are of Bend, Oregon; one son, will be run for oneday, but accepted until noon Monday Donald Cole of Columbus, through Friday for next-day Ohio, 1 0 g r an d c h i ldren specific guidelines must be and 1 4 gr e a t - grandchil› followed. Local obituaries are publication and by4:30 p.m. dren. paid advertisements submitted Friday for Sunday publication. Autumn F u n erals, B e nd Obituaries must be received by families or funeral homes. was entrusted with the ar› Theymay besubmittedby by 5 p.m. Monday through rangements. 541-318-0842. Thursday for publication on phone, mail, email or fax. The


the barge from often remote, cern with the impact of bro› ken-down plastic on marine rockybeaches. "Having it come in was just life. JUNEAU, Alaska Hun› dreds oftons of marine de› incredibly gratifying," Stew› Pallister worries about se› brishave been collected from art said. curing funding to continue the shores of Alaska and Brit› Officials say the project, the cleanup work. The barge ish Columbia as part of an unprecedented in scale in project was funded in part unprecedented cleanup effort Alaska, was spurred by the with $900,000 from the state’ s that an organizer says barely amount of material that has share of a $5 million gift from made a dent in the rubbish washed ashore; the high cost the Japanesegovernment for that remains on beaches. of shuttling small boatloads states affected by tsunami A barge heaped with of debris from remote sites debris. Pallister’s group com› white, heavy-duty bags and to port; and a demand by the mitted $100,000. The total loose piles of Styrofoam, bot› Anchorage landfill that fish› cost of the project was still tles, commercial fishing gear, ing nets and lines common being tallied. thousands of large buoys and debrisitems be chopped The barge arrived in Ko› floats and other debris ar› up, a task that Stewart called diak on July 15, where it load› rived in Seattle on Thursday, impossible. ed debris collected in that three weeks after picking The mass of debris collect› region in 2013 and 2014. Most up its first load in Kodiak, ed and loaded onto the barge, of the collection sites were Alaska. which is roughly the size of a in Alaska, with the last stop Some of the debris collect› football field, represents just in Alaska near Wrangell-St. ed likely was swept to sea by 1 to 2 percent of the cleanup Elias National Park and Pre› The Associated Press

the 2011 tsunami in Japan,

this organization forever."

She finished her career with

Duc.16,1932- Juk 6, 2015


served as LPGA president She was a contemporary three times and was induct› of the great Bobby Jones, her ed into the World Golf Hall of idol in Georgia. And long be› Fame and the LPGA Teach and fore Annika Sorenstam made Professional Hall of Fame. headlines for playing on the "I feel like the LPGA lost a PGA Tour, Suggs had her own parent," Commissioner Mike famous competition against the Whan said. "But I’m extremely men.

By Becky Bohrer

P.O. Box 6020

Bend, OR97708

Anna Lee Lammers Campbell May 18, 1931 — January29, 2015 Anna Lee (also known as Ann) Lammers was born on May 18, 1931 in Lexington, Nebraska. She was the first of two daughters born to Herman L. Lammers artd Gladys L. Lammers. She was raised in Lexington and attended the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, graduating in 1953 with a degreein Home Economics with a concentration in Dietetics. She belonged to the Chi Omega sorority and maintained a lifelong relationship with the house and her sorority sisters. She would be a Cornhusker fan for life. In 1955, Ann married Donald D. Campbell and they lived in Omaha,where in 1956 Kevin Scott was born. They soon moved to Seattle, Washinyon, where Don finished his medical residency, and in 1962 Leslie Ann was born. Don and Ann then moved to Portland, Oregon, where Don set up his anesthesiology practice, and in 1963 Bruce was born. Ann and Don lived in Portland for over 30 yearsbefore retiring to Sunriver, Oregon, in 1995. Antt was a gourmet cook, a voracious reader, a consummate shopper, and an aficionado of antiques. Her other hobbies and interests included sewing, quilting, knitting, needlepoint, and collecting projects. She enjoyed golf, skiing, bridge, and traveling by motor home. She had many volunteer endeavorsover the years and brought a true spark to any committee on which she lent her enthusiastic participation, new ideas, and sense of humor. She was president of Chi Omega Alums, president of the Multnomah County Medical Auxiliary, member of the menu and cookbook committee at Albertina Kerr, artd a participant itt most of the committees affiliated with PE.O. Irt Sunriver, she was involved with P.E.O., the Women’s Club, the Book Club, and Bend’s Assistance League. Ann had many friends over the years and made a tremendous efFort to stay in touch by sending letters, making phone calls, and composing emails. Shetreated everyone with a contagious friendliness and thoughtful graciousness. A friend wrote: "She was a ray of sunshine, full of spunk, enthusiasm and joy, and exuded fun, energy, and a zest for life!" She never went anywhere without a large tote bag of things to share, including delicious recipes, books she loved, interesting newspaper articles, tips on knitting or quilting, and recent family photos.

Don passed away in early 2013. Very recently, Ann recotmectedwith Bill Miller, one of Don’s medical school friends and a family friend for over 50 years. Hhey had been enjoying traveling and visiting friends and family throughout the U.S. She was living life, true to herself, and enjoying it alL Antt is survived by her three children and five grandchildren, and her sister Mary Ann. A memorial servicewill be held at 1:00 pm on Saturday, August 8, 2015, at Sunriver Christian Fellowship, 18143 Cottonwood Rd., Sunriver, Oregon, with a reception following. Contributions in memory of Ann may be madeto Cottey College, 1000 W. Austin, Nevada, MO 64772.


W EAT H E R Forecasts andgraphics provided byAccuWeather, inc. '2015






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City Hi/Lo/Prec. Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W • ermiston Abilene 102/78/0.00 102/77/s 102/76/s /64 High lington 92/63 Portland sees Akron 82/56/0.00 84/64/pc 84/66/pc Mesc am Losti ne Low 79/5 9/6 Albany 80/56/0.00 82/61/s 83/63/pc • 86/ dl 9 t On • he Oaa Albuquerque 93/69/Tr 86/63/pc 88/65/pc • • 84/52 • 90/ 2 PRECIPITATION CENTRAL:Sunshine andye Anchorage 76/52/0.00 71/57/pc 65/56/r 88/65 Mc innviff • Heppner Atlanta 88/73/0.20 91/74/pc 94/76/pc 0/ef Grande 24 hours through 5 p.m. yesterday 0.00" will mix with some t • ., Condon 7/57 Atlantic City 77/71/0.26 80/69/pc 81/70/s 88 53 Record 0.49" in 1962 patchy cloudsSat«› Mncoin Union Austin een4/0’.Oo 100/71/s 100/71/s 74/ Month to date (normal) Tra ce (0.10") day with temperatures ee/59 Sale Baltimore 81/68/0.12 85/66/pc 85/69/s pray Granitee Year to date(normal) 6.53 " (6.3S") mostly in the middle 81/6 • 0/60 Billings 83/55/Tr 73/55/1 81/56/1 ’Baker C Newpo 80/47 Barometric pressure at 4 p.m. 29 . 91 " Sos. Birmingham 86/74/0.20 94/72 s 98/75/s /58 65/55 • Mitch ll 85/48 Bismarck 87/56/0.00 82/57/pc 80/52/s Camp Sh man Red WEST: Cloudy skies 86/51 n Orff I 9 SUN ANDMOON Boise 82/58/0.00 88/66/c 92/68/s 82/49 • John eU will make a return to 80/57 Boston 76/63/s 74/61/pc • Prineville Day 3/48 Today Sun. tario Bridgeport, CT 73/65/0.00 coastal areas Saturday 80/65/0.00 82/66/s 82/66/s 88/52 • P a lina 8 6 / 5 5 Sunrise 6:01 a.m. 6 : 0 2 a.m. 9 58 84 Buffalo with some intervals of Floren e • Eugene 80/56/0.00 77/59/pc 81/64/pc • Be d B rothem 8452 Sunset B:21 p.m. B : 1 9 p.m. sun farther inland. Valee 97/59 Burlington, VT 76/57/0.00 79/60/pc 81/60/pc 48 Su iVere 82/SO Moonrise 12 : 55 a.m. 1: 4 1 a.m. 90/57 Caribou, ME 75/51 /0.00 72/52/sh 73/50/pc Nyssa • S f / 2 • l.a pine Ham ton C e Charleston, SC 91/72/0.06 89/73/pc 89/73/t Moonset 3:4 0 p.m. 4:3 7 p.m. J untura 90/ 5 8 Grove Oakridge co Charlotte 87m/0.36 88/68/pc 89/72/s • Burns OREGON EXTREMES New Fi r s t Full Last 89/53 80/58 /57 Chattanooga 88/72/0.26 92/70/pc 95/74/pc 70 9 • Fort Rock Riley 86/49 YESTERDAY Greece t Cheyenne 87/55/0.00 81/54/1 82/51/pc d 84/48 79/53 Chicago 83/63/0.00 86/69/pc 82/67/t High: 93 Bandon Roseburg • Ch r i stmas alley Cincinnati 83/63/0.00 85/65/pc 85/68/pc Jordan V gey Aug 14 Aug 22 Aug 29 S e p 5 at The Dalles 67/59 Beaver Silver 83/49 Frenchglen 84/60 Cleveland 79/56/0.00 82/62/pc 83/64/pc Low: 31’ 82/55 Marsh Lake 86/50 ColoradoSprings 91 /61/0.00 82/57/pc 84/57/1 Tonight’s oky: Low east, 45 minutes before 79/48 at Meacham Po 0 83/47 Gra • Burns Jun tion Columbia, MO 89/67/0.00 89/74/pc 93/Tl/pc • Paisley 66/ sunrise: Mars belowCastor and Pollux in a Columbia, SC 91 P3/0.41 92/73/pc 93/75/pc • 87/56 Chiloquin Columbus,GA 92/72/0.43 96/75/pc 97/76/pc Medfo d ’81/51 Gemini. Gold Rome 0’ Columbus,OH 84/59/0.00 83/66/pc 83/68/pc 65/ ese 88/56 Klamath Concord, NH 80/49/0.00 81/55/pc 78/53/pc Source: JimTodd,OMSI • Ashl nd ’ Falls • Lakeview McDermi Corpus Christi 9598/0.00 97/78/s 97/75/s Bro lngs 88/5 82/47 69/5 81/44 83/52 Dallas 103/82/0.00 103/80/s 103/79/s Dayton 80/57/0.00 82/66/pc 81/69/pc Denver 95/62/0.00 85/59/1 87/58/s 10 a.m. Noon 2 p .m. 4 p .m. Yesterday Today Sunday Yesterday Today Sunday Yesterday Today Sunday Des Moines 90/69/0.00 81/72/t 81/68/1 5 I~ 7 ~ 7 I 5 city H i/Lo/Prec. Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W C i t y Hi/Lo/Prec. Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W city Hi/Lo/Prec. Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Detroit 79/59/0.00 84/64/pc 82/67/pc The highertheAccuWealher.mm tiy Index number, Astoria 75/52/0.00 70/57/c 70/55/c La Grande 84/39/0.00 88/53/s 86/51/pc Portland 87/5 9/0.0082/63/pc 80/61/c Duluth 66/59/0.90 74/59/pc 80/58/t the greetertheneedfor eyeandskin protecgon.0-2 Low, Baker City 84/37/0.00 85/48/s 86/48/s La Pine 81/34/0.00 80/47/s 77/47/pc Prinevige 80/ 44/0.0086/52/s 77/52/pc El Paso 102/78/Tr 97/74/pc 95/73/pc 3-5 Moderate;6-7 High;8-10 VeryHigh; 11+ Extreme. Brookings 67/56/0.00 69/57/s 70/57/pc M edford 91/5 8/0.00 89/60/s 89/60/s Redmond 85/ 43/0.0085/49/s 81/48/pc Fairbanks 71/49/0.00 69/54/pc 66/50/r Gums 86/44/0.00 86/49/s 87/45/s Ne wport 63/4 6 /0.00 65/55/c 66/51/c Roseburg 90/ 5 7/0.0084/60/pc 85/60/ pc Fargo 88/58/0.81 84/60/1 80/57/s Eugene 89/52/0.00 80/57/c 84/55/pc NorthBend 66/52/0.00 68/58/c 70/55/c Salem 88/55/0.00 81/60/c 83/58/c Flagstaff 79/53/0.42 75/49/s 78/50/s Klamath Fags 83/53/0.00 82/47/s 82/47/s O n tario 89/60/0.00 91/58/pc 95/61/s Sisters 83/41/0.00 84/48/pc 79/49/pc Grand Rapids 78/59/0.04 81/65/pc 80/64/1 G rasses T r ee s Wee d s Lakeview 81/55/0.00 81/44/s 83/42/s Pendleton 86/49/0.00 90/62/s 85/60/pc The Dages 9 3 /58/0.00 88/65/pc 86/641pc Green Bay 71/64/1.22 78/62/pc 78/61/t Greensboro 75/67/0.40 85/67/pc 88/71/s Weather(W):s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy,c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow l-ice, Tr-trace,Yesterdaydata asof 5 p.m. yesterday W L a f At t ~ L • Harrisburg 85/65/0.00 84/64/s 85/68/s Source: OregonAgergyAssociates 541-683-1577 Harfford, CT 83/57/0.00 83/60/s 82/61/s Helena 84/50/0.00 78/51/1 85/54/pc Honolulu 90/77/0.91 90/78/s 89/77/s ~ gs ~ t oo ~ 2 0 s ~ s o s ~ d g s ~ 5 0 s ~ B o o ~ 7 0 8 ~ a g s gos ~foos ~t t os ~ 1 08 ~ o s Houston toonr/0.00101/76/s 102/77/s As of 7 a.m.yesterday Huntsville 89/71/0.05 92/69/s 96/73/s s24 84 Ip Indianapolis 83/59/0.00 85/69/pc 84/70/pc Reservoir Acr e feet Ca p acity NATIONAL Jackson, MS 98/78/0.08 102/77/s 103/78/s C rane Prairie 26S 2 0 4B% Jacksonville 91/76/0.12 94/73/t 91/73/t Wickiup 62765 31% YESTERDAY(for the i v Bismarck



Juneau Kansas City Lansing Las Vegas Lexington Lincoln Litue Rock Los Angeles Louisville Madison, Wl Memphis




FIRE INDEX Bend/Sunriver High Redmond/Madras ~ V ery eighh Sisters ~M o d~crate ~ Prinevige ~V e ry~high ~ La Pine/Gilchrist High Source: USDA Forest Service


4S contiguous states); National high: 112 at Death Valley,CA National low: 31 at Meacham,OR Precipitation: 2.69" at Eau Claire, Wl





Amsterdam Athens

75/57/0.00 73/54/s 91 /81/0.00 89/77/t Auckland 55/50/0.31 54/45/eh Baghdad 11 8/93/0.00 113/86/s v. v. w’e ’e> 5/764<% Che n Ice 0 93/81/0.01 92/78/t xxkxwv Bangkok Bailing 88/70/0.00 89/71/pc ’8 Beirut 9399/0.00 92/81/s en enasco Se t t Lake 86/70 79/41 Berlin 100/67/0.00 94/64/t 73/60 jngterh us ne SS Las V es Kensascity Bogota 68/51 /0.01 67/51/1 98/7 92/75 si. „' s e/7 1 Budapest 93/70/0.00 95/68/s 9 Buenos Ai r es 64/60/0.35 65/63/r • evhvn Cherie LoA s n Ie s Cabo San Loess 95/78/0.08 94/77/t tabac+%~ * 90/7 i k* 8 Om L’ Cairo 108/90/0.00 102/81/s Phoen Anchorage • Ai Calgary 72/50/0.10 79/53/s • fOe/8 + +Afbuque ue 9 kl e homa Ci 9 7 74 n o 91/74 <<+>+>se/63 Cancun eonr/0.00 92/75/s • Dana Juneau al pa Dublin 63/52/0.16 66/56/pc 103/ Edinburgh 66/43/0.00 66/55/pc 68/52 X’eh+ Geneva 97/66/0.00 89/66/1 Harare 72/44/0.00 74/39/s d Q w Orfeenv. ~k Of/Te Hong Kong 96/84/0.00 98/82/pc .s kk ve Honolulu ’ " uehue 97nek~~~~~~ ~ I Istanbul 88/79/0.00 88/77/pc eo/Ts Miami 44 Jerusalem 91 /67/0.00 e4/71/s Monte y 1OO/TO Johannesburg 70/46/0.00 72/42/s 4 Lima 66/62/0.01 69/61/pc Lisbon 77/64/0.00 86/67/pc Shown are today’s noonpositions of weather systemsand precipitation. Temperature bandsare highs for the day. London 75/55/0.00 78/57/s T-storms Rain S h owers S now F l urries Ice Warm Front Sta t ionary Front Madrid Cold Front 99/66/0.02 92/64/pc Manila 90/80/0.00 87/79/t


Hi/Lo/Prec. Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W 70/53/0.01 68/52/pc 66/55/pc 91/71/0.00 92/t5/pc 87/69/pc 79/57/0.00 80/63/pc 82/63/pc 97/73/0.14 9803/s 101 96/s

80/65/0.00 86/65/pc 87/70/pc 93/67/0.15 89/69/1 85/67/c 102/79/0.00 esm/s 102/78/s 81/66/0.00 79/63/pc 80/64/pc 81/66/0.00 88/71/pc 89/74/pc 78/66/0.36 83/65/pc 78/63/t 90/73/0.55 9406/s 99/79/s Miami 92/79/0.00 9206/t 91 /7 7/t Milwaukee 79/66/0.02 81/66/pc 78/66/1 Minneapolis 84/69/1.27 82/66/t 81/64/t Nashville 84/7 «0,04 9000/pc 95/75/pc New Orleans 97/80/0.00 er/79/s 98/80/pc New YorkCity 84/69/0.00 85/70/s 85/70/s Newark, NJ 84/67/0.00 86/681s 86/69/s Norfolk, YA 81/73/0.45 8101/t 84/71/s OklahomaCity 102/77/0.00 eon 5/s 9993/s Omaha 93/70/0.00 86/70/t 83/68/c Orlando 88/75/0.01 90//5/t 91/74/t Palm Springs 107/83/0.00 10604/s 107/74/s Peoria 86/64/Tr 8703/pc 86/7 1/r Philadelphia 87/69/0.01 86/69/s 86/71/s Phoenix 107/89/0.06 104/85/s 106/86/s Pittsburgh 78/60/0.00 84/65/pc 85/68/pc Portland, ME 76/53/0.00 77/59/pc 74/56/pc Providence 81/62/0.00 81/61/s 80/60/pc Raleigh 75/71/0.42 85/661pc 88/71/s Rapid City 84/55/0.00 78/56/1 72/52/1 Reno 74/60/0.10 85/58/s 90/60/s Richmond 78/71/0.60 84/66/pc 87/70/s Rochester, NY 77/54/0.00 74/581pc 79/62/pc Sacramento 90/64/Tr 89/59/s 94/62/s St. Louis 88/68/0.00 9205/pc esn5/t Salt Lake City 83/71/0.24 79/61/pc 85/62/s San Antonio 100/79/0.00 1OOm/s 99/76/s San Diego 78/69/0.00 77/66/pc 77/66/pc San Francisco 76/58/Tr 73/60/pc 75/61/pc San Jose 83/60/0.02 79/59/pc 81/60/pc Santa re 90/60/0.00 83/581pc 86/59/1 Savannah 93/76/0.51 91 O4/pc 90/74/t Seattle 83/60/0.00 78/61/sh 78/59/c Sioux Fags 90/61/0.20 77/63/1 80/62/1 Spokane 84/54/0.00 86/601s 84/61/pc Springfield, MO 92/71/0.97 93/75/pc 97/75/s Tampa 88/81/0.04 86/7 rtt 8995/t Tucson 99/82/0.32 95/76/pc eem/s Tulsa 102/78/0.00 101/80/s 102/78/s Washington, DC 83/70/0.17 8803/pc 88/75/s Wichita 93/75/0.00 100m/s er/74/s Yakima 89/52/0.00 92/58/pc 89/56/pc Yuma 107/87/0.09 105/te/s 105/80/s


Yesterday Today Sunday


Crescent Lake 6 2 0 99 71% Ochoco Reservoir 16785 3avo Prineville 70523 4B36 River flow Sta t io n Cu. f t./sec. Deschutes R.below CranePrairie 259 Deschutes R.below Wickiup 1460 123 Deschutes R.below Bend Deschutes R. atBenhamFalls 1910 Little Deschutes near LaPine 132 C rescent Ck. below Crescent Lake 1 3 0 Crooked R.above Prineville Res. 0 Crooked R.below Prineville Res. 222 Crooked R. near Terrebonne S1 Ochoco Ck.below OchocoRes. 10

Partly sunny






83' 48 '


Shown is today’s weather.Temperatures are today’s highs andtonight’s lowe.



Clouds andsun; rain at night


EAST:Partly to mostly sunny skies will pre› Seasid TEMPERATURE vail Saturday with the BB/59 Yesterday Normal Record warmest spots again S2 S3 100’ i n 1921 nearing 90 degrees. Cannon 65/59 4e’ 48’ 30’ in 1944


Bend Municipal Airport through 5 p.m.yest.


78' 48'


Pleasant with partial sunshine

Partly sunny

Partly cloudy


80' 49'




Mostly sunny






Mecca Mexico City

75/59/s 89/75/s

110/89/0.00 110/81/s 78/56/0.10 78/55/1 Montreal 72/55/0.00 76/60/s Moscow 79/54/0.01 79/58/s Nairobi 68/59/0.01 69/54/sh Nassau 91/78/0’.00 91/78/s New Delhi 93/80/0.55 87/81/1 Osaka 96/81/0.25 97/77/pc Oslo 64/52/0.16 66/53/pc Ottawa 73/54/0.00 77/56/s Paris 84/61/0.03 82/64/pc Rio de Janeiro 82/68/0.00 82/69/s Rome 95/75/0.14 91/72/pc Santiago 55/41/0.33 57/39/r Sao Paulo 82/63/0.00 82/58/s Sap poro 82/70/0.00 81/68/pc Seoul 93/74/0.00 91/76/t Shanghai 92/79/0.63 92/82/1 Singapore 86/79/0.41 87/7 9/t Stockholm 77/55/0.05 74/55/pc Sydney 61/45/0.00 61/46/pc Taipei 86/79/2.20 87/81/r Tel Aviv 98/73/0.00 esne/s Tokyo 95/82/0.00 88/78/pc Toronto 77/57/0.00 75/57/pc Vancouver 73/59/0.00 71/61/r Vienna 95/68/0.00 97/7 2/s Warsaw 97/72/0.00 97/73/s

53/39/eh 114/87/s 91/78/t 93/72/s 87/80/s 83/64/pc 66/49/c 95/66/s 69/54/r 95/78/t 101/78/s 83/53/pc 91/75/s 68/55/sh 67/54/sh 78/64/1 75/41/s

94/82/pc Se/76/s 90/67/s 72/46/s 69/61/c 91/67/s 79/60/pc 94/66/s


109/80/s 78/54/t 78/60/pc 88/63/s 71/53/pc 91/78/pc 91/81/1


64/56/pc 80/56/pc 76/61/s 80/67/s 89/71/s 54/43/eh 80/60/s 81/71/c 91/74/t 88/81/t 87/80/1 74/56/s

63/47/pc 93/79/pc 91/79/s 88/79/c

78/61/pc 71/58/sh

er/70/pc 95/68/s

Pat " rjlxsj, -› ’0’e:3 -’q mtittH’fs ’

Fw$’ j-:: 4





Joe Kline /The Bulletin

Patrick’s Professional Building in Redmond i8 scheduled to be demolished.


"(Art Moderne) is very streamlined with a

posing) proposals," said Rich› ards, who hoped to get Belza conceptual drawings to look

more modern looking building."



lot of horizontal planes. It was used in a lot Continued from B1 nWe’Ve got SOme arChiteCtS of communities that wanted that stylized involved with some (repur› architecture but didn't have the money for that

4 •

Heather Richards, Rodmond’8 community development director

at this weekend. "His inter› est is as a developer with an

income developing property. streamlined with a lot of hor› of Redmond’s Art Moderne He’s struggling to see how re› izontal planes," Richards ex› buildings during the 1940s •

development can do that.

plained. "It was used in a lot

Redmond was once a hub of communities that wanted for Art Moderne or Stream› that stylized architecture but

M o derne b u i ldings, didn’t have the money for that more modern looking evolved from the popular Art building." line

an architectural style t h at

Deco period of the 1920s and

1930s. "(Art Moderne) is v ery

Richards noted that a cer› tain contractor an d a r chi› tect teamed up to build most

when the area’s potato indus› try was thriving. "You c an’t b u il d t h e se



buildings anymore," Richards said. "Unique architecture builds a sense of place. New buildings don’t have that."

— Reporter: 541-617-7829, beastes@bend bulletin.corn

Continued from B1 Howie and all five passen› gers in her vehicle were in› jured. The driver of the GMC

Yukon was taken to a local hospital with nonlife-threat› ening injuries, as was the

According to Fugate, two have life-threatening injuries. minors girls 6 and 15› A w itness said someone were taken by air ambulance "engaged in road rage-like first to St. Charles Bend and behavior," Fugate said, noting then flown to Legacy Eman› he would not identify any sus› uel Medical Center in Port› pects because "we don’t know land. The 6-year-old remains for sure which person was in critical condition while the participating, who was the 15-year-old is in serious con› instigator." dition. Fugate said neither He said the investigation

has been turned over to the Deschutes County D i s t rict

Attorney’s Office for consid› eration of criminal charges. The crash was the second in one day on the stretch of highway between Bend and Redmond, and closed the highway for one and a half hours.

A witnesssaid someone "engaged inroad rage-like behavior," (Oregon State Police Lt. Bill) Fugate said, noting he would not identify any suspects because "we don't know for sure which person was participating, who was the instigator."

driver of the Honda Pilot.

Road rage

KBE Redmond ~


K B E~


2019 North Hwy. 97 Redmond, OR 97756 541-526-1827


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Elks lose, bIIt

USATF: Wear Nike

clinch topseed The Bend Elksmay be slumping into the West Coast Leagueplayoffs, but they will be doing so with the league’s best record.

or you’re off team

The Elks lost for the

eighth time in their past 11 games Friday night, 6-5 to league-worst Klamath Falls, but a Bell› ingham loss Friday gave the Elks their first league regular-season title. The Elks trailed 6-3 after the seventh inning at Vince GennaStadium before starting their comeback attempt. Dalton Hurd drove in a run with a sacrifice fly in the eighth andCadyn Grenier followed it with an RBI single to close the gap to 6-5. In the ninth, Tyler Da› vis led off with a single and advanced to third with two out, but J.D. Larimer grounded out to second to endthegame. Elks starter Riley Newman (1-1) allowed four runs on five hits and three walks in 4t/s innings. The Elks play the second of a three-game series against Klamath Falls (12-39) at 6:35 tonight before finishing the regular seasonSun› day with a gamestarting at 1:05 p.m.

By Jere Longman New Yortr Times News Service

Nick Symmonds is a six-time outdoor national champion at 800 meters. He finished fifth at the

2012 London Olympics in a personal best of 1 minute,

42.95 seconds. And he has been named to the U.S. team for the world track

and field championships tins month m Begmg. Except Symmonds may not reach the starting line.

He is involved in a dis› pute with American track

officials that has nothing to do with running or doping, but rather with corporate

sponsorships. Specifically, it is a con› flict between an athlete’s

personal endorsements and rules about uniforms

and gear that must be worn while representing the national team at events like

the world championships and the Olympics. Symmonds said he refused to sign what he calledavague document


— Bulletin staff report

that governs when athletes


Playoff watch DIVISION WINNERS W L GB 33 16


K elowna 3 2 19 Bellin ha


3 2 2 0 2’


Mark Ylen /Albany Democrat-Herald via The Associated Press

Oregon State coach Gary Andersen answers questions during the team's media day Friday in Corvallis. It was the first official media day

in some time for the Beavers, whohad amore relaxed approach under former coach Mike Riley.


V ictoria

2 82 3 2

Note: Due to cancellations, Victoria and Kelowna will play 53 games, and Bend will play 5t.

• New coach Gary Andersen givesstructure to media, hopeto fans and players ORVALLIS

MLB Moyer honored dy Mariners SEATTLE Three years after he last pitched in the majors at age 49with Colo› rado longtime Seattle Mariners pitcher Jamie Moyer is being inducted into Seattle’s hall of fame thi sweekend,hon› ored for a career that never fully took off until he landed in thePacific Northwest during the 1996 season. Moyer will be honored before today’s game. Moyer was acquired in a deadline trade with Boston and spent part of 11 seasons in Seattle. "I was ready when they said, ’You aregoing to start,’" Moyer said. "I think that right there kind of propelled me. Granted I played ona team that could score some runs. I played on a team that could play somedefense.Iplayed for a manager that had passion. I played for a fan base that enjoyed the game andsupported

Geer, a spokeswoman for USATF. /C4 SeeSy

m m onds

You could hear it all around Reser Stadium:

excitement and optimism from coaches and players alike as Oregon

in Beijing must wear team gear made by Nike, the officia lsponsor ofUSA Track and Field. Sym› monds is sponsored by another apparel company, Brooks. If he does not sign the document by Sunday, when the American ros› ter must be submitted to track’s world governing body, Symmonds "will not be on the team," said Jill


State got its football season underway Friday with media day. From the upbeat chatter of the 100-plus players on the field as they gathered for the team photo to the positivity of responses from the coaches, you could not tell that this Beavers team has been picked to finish last in the Pac-12 North.

associate athletic director for communications. "It’s very different," Fenk

said. "Coach Andersen is a

way, in terms of media avail› coach Mike Riley preferred a ability and that sort of thing. less formal approach to cover› It’s good, he understands the age of the team. whole game, and the guys re› Having an official day to ally seem to like it." introduce the squad to the me› Fenk and his staff appeared

An entirely new coaching Beavers where they did. staff, a new defense, a new But talking with players offense and an exceptionally and coaches, it was obvious: young team coming off a last› They can’t wait to prove ev› place finish in the North (5-7 erybody wrong. overall, 2-7 Pac-12) makes it This was the first official easy to understand why Pac› media day at Oregon State 12 media members picked the in quite some time, as former

dia came at the request of new

coach Gary Andersen, said



little more structured in that


to have pulled it off more than 25 outlets were on hand.


Steve Fenk, Oregon State’ s

The Associated Press file photo

Nick Symmonds, whowon

First up Weber St. at OregonSt. When:5 p.m. Sept. 4 TV:Pac-12 Radio:KICE940-AM

"Newness and youth brings excitement, and that's good. But how we handle that moving forward will be the key to the season." — First-year Oregon State coach GaryAndersen


the 800 meters at June's U.S.championships inEu-

Q> AII our DSU coverage at bendbulletin. cern/sperts/ beavers

gene, has been told by U.S. track officials he will not compete at the world cham-

pionships unless he agrees to wear Nike apparel.


Mariota hasyet to

be picked off incamp By Teresa M.Walker


their club."

The Associated Press

• After a fifth run-in with

The left-hander won 20 games the last time the Mariners madethe playoffs in 2001. He is the franchise leader in victories with 145. Twice hewon 20 games, the only Seattle

NASHVILLE, Tenn.› Marcus Mariota had what

authorities, 49ers release LB Aldon Smith,C4

counts as a poor practice, yet the Tennessee Titans went

another session in training camp without intercepting the rookie quarterback even

pitcher to reach that

mark more than once. — From wire reports

"That just shows you he

makes smart decisions," tight end Delanie Walker

said. "He’s not going to force


you see him throw the ball away. That’s things you don’t see from young quar› terbacks. Maybe he’s a step ahead of his time, and hope› fully we can keep that up (through) preseason and the regular season." SeeMariota /C4

Swimmers dive into the water to start a heat in the boys 500-meter freestyle Friday during the Bend

Open at Juniper Swim &Fitness Center. Hundreds of young swimmersfrom aroundthe region are

pressing his new teammates

competing in the annual age-group meet, which continues today with finals sessions set for 9 a.m. and 3:15p.m. The meet, hosted by Bend Swim Club,concludes Sunday, when finals sessions are also

as the only quarterback in Titans training camp yet to

scheduled to start at 9 a.m. and3:15 p.m. Spectators are welcome, and admission is free.

be intercepted through seven

Joe Kline/The Bulletin


once. The streak is bound to end. The only question is: Still, the Heisman Trophy winner who proved he could take exceptionally good care of the ball at Oregon is im›

Inside • Cruz continues hot streak to leadSeattle past Texas. MLB,C3


anything in there. At times,





TODAY SOCCER England, Manchester United vs. Tottenham England, Bournemouth vs. Aston Villa England, Everton vs. Watford England, Chelseavs.SwanseaCity MOTOR SPORTS NASCAR Xfinity, Watkins Glen qualifying NASCAR Sprint Cup, Watkins Glenqualifying NASCARXfinity, Watkins Glen

Time TV/Radio 4:45 a.m. NBCSN 7 a.m. NBCSN 1 0 a.m. US A 9 :30 a.m. N B C 8 a.m. C N BC 10 a.m. NBCSN noon N BCSN


Senior League, final MLB, Toronto at N.Y.Yankees MLB, Texas atSeattle MLB, L.A. Dodgers at Pittsburgh MLB, St. Louis at Milwaukee Intermediate World Series, final MLB, Baltimore at L.A. Angels

9 a.m. ESPN2 1 0 a.m. ML B 1 p.m. Ro o t 1 p.m. FS1 4 p.m. FS1 6 p.m. ESPN2 7 p.m. MLB


WGC, Bridgestone Invitational WGC, Bridgestone Invitational Champions Tour, ShawCharity Classic PGA Tour, BarracudaChampionship

9 a.m. 1 1 a.m. 1 p.m. 3 p.m.

Gol f CB S Gol f Gol f


ATP, Citi Open WTA, Bank of theWest Classic WTA, Citi Open WTA, Bank of theWest Classic

1 1 a.m.


1 p.m.


2 p.m.



Whitney Invitational Handicap FOOTBALL

Pro Football Hall of Fameceremony Australia, St. Kilda vs. Fremantle

SOCCER England, Arsenal vs. WestHamUnited England, StokeCity vs. Liverpool MLS, Seattle at Los Angeles MLS, NewYork City FCat NewYork NWSL, Portland vs. Chicago GOLF WGC, Bridgestone Invitational WGC, Bridgestone Invitational Champions Tour, ShawCharity Classic PGA Tour, BarracudaChampionship

Redmond Youth campondeck TheRedmondYouthFoot› ball GridironChalenge,ayouthcampforkids ingrades threethrougheight, is scheduledto beginAug.10and conclude Aug.13 atRedmondHigh.Costis $35forearly registrationor$45thefirst dayof camp. Eachtwo-hour day isscheduledto begin at9a.mnandthe registration fee includes aT-shirt. Toregister, visit www.redmondpan› therfootbaff.corn orcontactRedmondcoachNathanStan› ley atredmondpantherfb@gmail.corn or541-325-2042. Physical night Between5and8 p.m. Aug. 11, Redmond High wil hostasporls physical night.Juniors and incom ing freshmenat Redmondor Ridgeyiewhigh schoolsandaffmiddleschool studentsplanningto par› ticipate infall sportsarerequiredto completea sports physicalbeforecompeting. Parents mustaccompany the students tocompletetheclearanceprocessandpro› vide thepay-to-play fins. Costforeach physical is $20, whichwil beusedto payfor sports medicinesupplies. To minimizewaiting times, designatedtimes havebeen established for studentswhose last namesbegin with the following: A-G,5 to 6 p.m.; H-P,6to 7p.m.; Q-Z, 7to Bp.m.

fee and ASB.Agfeesandfines must bepaid inorderto participate infal sports. Physicals Students entering their freshman or junioryearsarerequiredtoturn inasportsphysicaldated afterMay1, 2015.Affathletesmusthavecurrentsports physicalon s file beforetheymayreceiveanycoachingin› struction.FreesportsphysicalsareofferedatTheCenter, locatedonNeffRoad. Pre-participation sportsphysical formsareavailable to bedownloaded off the Summit websiteorto bepickedupattheschoolathletics office.

Culver Pigskin Campscheduled Foranyyouth ath› letes interested in learningthebasic skills of football, gear up forthePigskin Campat Culver HighonAug.10 through13. In acamp run byCulver highschool and middleschoolcoachesandcurrenthighschoolplayers, kids infourththrougheighth gradeswil learnpresnap stances, tackling, blocking,throwing, puntingandkick› ing, among other skils. Eachday is scheduledto begin at6p.m. andendatffp.m.Costis$25percamper,and registrationwil beginat 5:30p.m. Aug. 10.Thosein› terestedin thecamp shouldemail SheaLitle (slittle' culver.k12.or.us)with T-shirt sizesof eachcamper and are asked to havefamily health insuranceinformation uponregistration. Free physicals Beginningat9 a.m.Aug. 13, CulverHighwil beprovidingfreephysicals forathletes courtesy ofRedmond Medical Clinic. Midnight Madness —Thefirst official DSAA practicedateis Aug.17,and football playersshouldbe prepared to getto workassoonas possible. Starting at midnight,Culverwil beginits first practice.Players shouldplanto staywith teammatesintownand expect to start thenextpractice at6a.m. Paperworkandphysicals All athletesexpect› ing toparticipatein fall sportsthis yearshould haveaff paperworkcompletedandfeespaid beforethefirst dayof practices, which is scheduledfor Aug.17.

9 a.m. 1 1 a.m. 1 p.m. 3 p.m.

Gol f CB S Gol f Gol f

9 a.m.


9:30a.m., noon Tennis 2 p.m. ESPN2 2 p.m. T ennis


WNBA, Phoeni xatChicago 11 a.m. E S PN MOTOR SPORTS NASCARSprint Cup, Watkins Glen 11 a.m. NBCSN United SportsCar Championship, RoadAmerica noon FS1 1 p.m. 5 p.m.

Ro o t E S PN


Canada, Winnipeg atHamilton NFL preseason, Pittsburgh at Minnesot

2 p.m. ESPNN 5 p.m. NBC

Listingsarethe most accurate available. The Bulletin is not responsible for latechangesmadeby TI/or radio stations.


y-Bend Corvaffis Medford Klamath Falls y-Kelowna YakimaValey Wenatchee WallaWalla

South Division W L 33 16 30 21 24 25

Pct GB 673 588 4 490 9

East Division W L

Pct GB

12 39 32 28 23 22

19 24 29 29

32 28 22 20

20 23 29 32

West Division W L

y-Beffingham victoria Kitsap Cowlitz y-Clinched division title


235 22

627 538 4’/~ 442 9’/z 431 10

Pct GB 615

549 3 1/2

431 9’/z 385 12

Friday’s Games

Cowlitz 6,Kitsap2 Kelowna 9,Walla Walla 6, 11innings KlamathFalls 6, Bend5 Yakima Valey 9, Wenatchee2 Victoria 9,Beffingham2

CYCLING Canadian takeS Utah lead after Stage Win — MikeWoods gave his Optum teamback-to-back wins at the Tour of Utah on Friday, pulling away from the field on the uphill finish of Stage 5 inSalt Lake City to capture the yellow jersey. Woods, a28-year-old Canadian, leads Brent Bookwalter of BMCRacing by 4 seconds in the overall standings. Bend’s Chris Horner finished 9 seconds back to move into 11th overall, 19 seconds back ofWoodsheadings into today’ s 110-mile queenstagewith four categorized climbs. Bend’s Connor McCutcheon finished 26seconds backFriday and is 25th overall, 36 seconds behind Woods.


Cowlitz at Kitsap, 6:35p.m. Kelowna atWalla Walla, 7:05 p.m. KlamathFals atBend,6:35p.m. MedfordatCorvaffis,6:40p.m. WenatcheeatYakimaValley, 7:05p.m. VictoriaatBeffingham,7;05p.m.


KlamathFaffsatBend,1:05 p.m.

MedfordatCorvaffis, 2;05p.m.(DH) VictoriaatBeffingham,3:05p.m. Cowlitz at Kitsap, 5:05p.m. Kelowna atWalla Walla, 7:05 p.m. WenatcheeatYakimaValley, 7:05p.m. Friday’s linescore


Gems 6, Elks 5

MinneSOta AD reSignS —TheUniversity of Minnesota’s athletic director resigned Friday after being accused bytwo female co-work› ers of drunkenly groping themand sending them lewd andgraphic text messages during a recent gathering. Theuniversity released redacted transcripts of the sexual harassment complaints against NorwoodTeague,who hadbeenwiththeschoolsince2012.


Klamath Falls 102 B20100 — 6 10 2 Bend B20 B10B20 — 6 11 1

Alvarez,Barchus(9) andLeach. Newman, Forrester (5), Junk (8) andHummel.W-Alvarez,3-4.L-Newman, 1-1. 28-Klamath Fals, Wyatt(9); Bend,King2(6).

TENNIS ATP World Tour Generali Open

Stewart Sued Over fatal CraSh — Thefamily of KevinWard, Jr., who was struck and killed byTony Stewart’s car on an upstate New York sprint racing track last year, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the NASCAR star Friday. Thelawsuit accuses Stewart of gross negligence, saying hegunned his engineand put his car into a skid as 20-year-old Wardwalked onto the track after a crash at Canandaigua Motorsports Park onAug. 9, 2014.Thecar struck Ward, and he waskilled. A grand jury declined to indict Stewart, who at the accident." There was no comment from time called ite100 percent an Stewart, who waswith his crew in the garage before afinal practice Friday afternoon. Stewart-Haas Racing, the NASCAR Sprint Cup team Stewart co-owns, also declined comment.

SWIMMING AmeriCanS knOCkedOff in 4x200 free relay —James Guy rallied Britain to victory over the United States on the last lap of the 4x200 freestyle relay, anevent the Americans hadwon at every worlds since 2005. Britain had neverwongold in a men’s relay at worlds. Ryan Lochte led off and put the Americans in front. Conor Dwyer and ReedMalone keepthem there until Guy passed inexperi› enced U.S. anchor MichaelWeiss to win in 7:04.33. TheAmericans settled for silver in 7:04.75.eWe’re going to definitely remember this," Lochte said. "Hopefully we’ regoing to train oure butts off all next year and hopefully not let that happenagain in Rio. — From staff an wire reports

NewYork Washington Chicago Indiana Connecticut Atlanta

Friday at Kitzbuehel, Austria Semifinals Philipp Kohlschreiber(6), Germany, def. Dom inic Thiem(1), Austria,6-0,7-6 (6). Paul-HenriMathieu,France,def. NicolasAlmagro, Spain,6-4, 6-3.

W 14 12 13 12 11 7

L 6 8 9 9 9 14

W 15 14 10 7 6 5



Minnesota Phoenix Tulsa Los Angeles SanAntonio Seattle

6 7 12 14 16 16

Pct GB .700 .600 2 .591 2 571 2’/t

.550 3 .333 7’/t

Pct GB

.714 .667 1

.455 5’/t

.333 8

.273 9t/t

.238 10

Friday’s Games


Connecticut86,Washington72 NewYork77, Chicago63 Phoeni x73,Minnesota66 Today’sGame SeattleatSanAntonio,5 p.m. Sunday’sGames Phoenixat Chicago,11a m. ConnecticutatWashington,1 p.m. Atlantaat Tulsa,1:30 p.m. LosAngelesatMinnesota,4p.m.


DEALS Transactions BASEBAL L

"Dewey! Tap your shoe with the bat! You' ve got a clod of dirt stuck to the cleats!"

Citi Open Friday atWashington Guarterfinals Kei Nishikori(2),Japan,def. SamGroth, Australia, 6-4, 6-4. Marin Cilic(3),Croatia,def.AlexanderZverev,Ger› many,7-5,7-6(3). JohnIsner(8), unitedStates,def.RicardasBerank› is, Lithuania6-3, , 5-7, 6-3. SteveJohnson, unitedStates, def.JackSock(15), unitedStates,7-6(5), 6-1.

WTA Tour Citi Open Friday atWashington Guarterfinals

SamanthaStosur (2), Australia, def. Monica Niculescu,Romania,4-0, retired. AnastasiaPavlyuchenkova, Russia, def. Christina McHaleuni , tedStates, 2-6,6-1, 7-6(5). SloaneStephens, UnitedStates, def. LouisaChiri› co, unitedStates,6-4,6-4. EkaterinaMakarova(I), Russia,def. trina-Camelia Begu(6), Romania, 6-4,2-6, 6-1. Ouarterfinals

Karolina Pliskova (4), CzechRepublic, def. Ajla TomljanovicCroati , a,6-2,6-4.

ElinaSvitolina (8),ukraine,def. AlisonRiske,Unit›

ed States,4-6,7-5, 6-1.

VarvaraLepchenko, unitedStates, def. MonaBar› thel, Germ any,6-7(3), 6-2, 6-3. AngeliqueKerber(5), Germany, def. Agnieszka Radwanska (2), Poland,4-6, 6-4,6-4.

GOLF Bridge stone Invitational Friday at F irestoneCountryClub, hio South C ourse, Akron, 0 Yardage:7,400; Par 70(36-36) Secon d Roundleade Jim Furyk 66-66 ShaneLowry 70-66 70-66 BubbaWatson DustinJohnson 69-67 Graeme McDoweff 66-71 DannyLee 65-72 68-69 HenrikStenson BrooksKoepka 69-69 LeeWestwood 68-70 JordanSpieth 70-68 68-70 WebbSimpson 67-71 JustinRose JasonDay 69-69 SergioGarcia 71-67 71-67 PatrickReed RobertStreb 68-70 KevinNa 69-70 RickieFowler 67-72 69-70 Keegan Bradley 68-72 lan Poulter ZachJohnson 70-70 RusselHenl l ey 70-70 72-68 Matt Kuchar 70-70 James Hahn BrandtSnedeker 70-70 Charl eyHoff man 75-66 70-71 JamieDonaldson 70-71 DannyWiffett DavidLingmerth 70-71 PaulCase y 68-73 MartinKaym er 70-71 72-69 AdamScot MareWarren 71-70 PabloLarrazabal 72-70 71-71 RyanMoore 73-69 KevinKisner Branden Grace 73-69 Joost Luiten 70-72 LouisOosthuizen 72-70 69-73 SorenKjeldsen VictorDubuisson 68-74 J.B. Holmse 74-68 73-69 Steven Bowditch 70-72 ChartSchwartzel MareLeishman 72-70 Francesco Molinari 69-74 Bill Haas 74-69 70-73 MarcelSiem Thongchai Jaidee 73-71 Stephe nGaff acher 77-67 PadraigHarrington 72-72 71-73 Billy Horschel HidekiMatsuyama 69-75 GaryWoodland 75-69 CamiloViffegas 75-69 Byeong-Hun An 77-68 KoumeiDda 68-77 GaryStat 72-73 BerndWiesberger 71-74 72-73 WC Liang 70-75 Thomas Bjorn

AmericanLeague BALTIMOREDRIDLES RecalledOFJuniorLake

PGA Tour BarracudaChampionship Thursday atMontreux G&CC,Reno, Nev. Yardage: 7,472;Par72 SecondRoundleaders Note: underthemodified Stablefordformat,play› ers receive8points fordoubleeagle,5for eagle,2for birdie, 0for par,minus-1for bogeyandminus-3 for doublebogeyorworse. 8-18 26 Brendan Steele 5-21 26 AndresGonzales 13-11 24 J.J. Henry 12-12 24 JonasBlixt 9-14 23 KyleReifers 13-9 22 DavidToms TomHoge 12-9 21 ZackSucher 18-3 21 JasonAffred 11-1 0 21 ChrisSmith 11-1 0 21 12-9 21 RobertGarrigus 15-6 21 PatrickRodgers 9-12 12-8 8-12 14-6

21 20 20 20

ShawCharity Classic Friday atCanyonMeadowsGffrcc Calgary, Alberta Yardage:7,086; Par: 7B(35 35) First Roundleaders 30-32 Colin Montgom erie 31-32 PeterSenior 33-32 ScottMccarron 34-31 Tommy Armour ffl 33-32 CoreyPavin 33-32 MichaelAllen 35-30 StephenAmes 32-33 Skip Kendaff 32-34 SteveJones 35-31 DuffyWaldorf 35-31 JohnRiegger 35-31 MarkO’Meara 35-31 Jeff Hart FrankEsposito 35-31 JohnHuston 33-34 33-34 TomByrum 36-31 KevinSutherland 34-33 GuyBoros 34-33 Olin Browne 34-33 TomPerniceJr. 35-32 Joe Durant 33-34 FredCouples 34-33 MiguelAngelJimenez 31-36 Jeff Maggert BradBryant 35-33 35-33 GaryHaffbreg BlaineMccaffister 36-32 35-33 Kirk Triplett 34-34 TomKite 34-34 Scott Dunlap 35-33 RussCochran 34-34 Woody Austin 35-33 SonnySkinner 35-33 Jeff Free man

62 63 65 65 65 65 65 65 66 66 66 66 66 66 67 67 67 67 67 67 67 67 67 67 68 68 68 68 68 68 68 68 68 68

Will Wilcox AndresRomero

Roberto Castro RickyBarnes

Champions To

Bank of theWestClassic Friday atStanford, Calif.







MLB, Texas atSeattle MLB, L.A. Dodgers at Pittsburgh

8/8 In the Bleachers Ct 2018 Steve Moore. Dist. by Universal Ucrick www.gocomrcs.corn/inthebreachers

Summit Importantdates Thefirst dayoffal practicesis Aug. 17,andstudents planningto compete in athletics shouldbeclearedby 3p.m. Aug.14 inorderto partici› pate on thefirst day.Iftheregistrationdeadline is missed, athletesmayattendpracticebutmaynot participate. They mayreturntotheathletics officeAug.18 tobecleared.In

5:30 a.m. NBCSN 8 a.m. NBCSN 1 p.m. E S PN 4 p.m. FS1 6 :30 p.m. FS1


ATP, Citi Open WTA, Bank of theWest Classic WTA, Citi Open


Sisters Registration datesset Fall sportsregistration for SistersHighwil beheldintheschool’s athletic office noon to 4 p.m.Aug. 10through14. Affstudentslooking to participate in sportsthis fall mustbeclearedwith pa› perworkandphysicals andhavepaidanyfeesandfines beforethefirst dayof practirl, which is slatedforAug. 17. Amandatory playerandparent meetingwil beheld Aug.13.


Big LeagueWorld Series, final

Calendar To submit information tothe prepcalendar, email TheBulletin at sports@bendbuffetin.corn

4 p.m. E S PN 1 1:30 p.m. F S 2




9:30 a.m., 4 p.m.Tennis tobecleared,studentscancompleteanonlinereg› noon E SP N2 order istration throughFamilylD,whichisfoundontheSummit websi te.OnlinepaymentscanbemadeviaTouchBase, 1:30 p.m., 6 p.m. Tennis also on theschool site, andstudentsshouldthenturn in 4 p.m. ESPN2 the receipfor t payment, which includesthepay-to-play


Senior LeagueWorld Series, final Junior LeagueWorld Series, final


132 136 136 136 137 137 137 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 138 139 139 139 140 140 140 140 140 140 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 141 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 142 143 143 143 144 144 144 144 144 144 144 145 145 145 145 145 145


EasternConference W L T Pls GF GA D .C. United NewYork

from Norfolk (IL). DesignatedOFTravis Sniderfor assignment. DETROITIGERS PromotedDavid Chaddtoas› sistantgeneralmanager, Scott Breamto vice president of playerpersonnel,SamMenzin to director of base› ball operationsandJohn Westhoffto generalcounsel. OAKLANDATHLETICS Acquired RHP Dawrin Fries fromtheNewYorkMets to complete anearlier trade. TEXASRANGERS Acquired 1B Mike Napoli and cashconsiderations fromthe Boston RedSox for a playerto benamed later orcashconsiderations. Transferred DF-18 KyleBlanksfromthe15-day to the 60-dayDL. National League ARIZONADIAMONDBACKS Reinstated RHP ChaseAndersonfromthe15-day DL. ATLANTA BRAVES Acquired OFMichael Bourn and OFNickSwisherfromClevelandfor 38 Chris Johnson andcash. LOSANGELES DODGERS ReleasedOFChris Heisey. MILWAUKEE BREWERS SentINF Henry Go› mezoutright to ColoradoSprings(PCL). Recalled INF JasonRogersfromColoradoSprings. PHILADE LPHIA PHILLIES Activated 2BChase utley fromthe15-day DL.Selectedthecontract ofLHP Adam LoewenfromLehighValley (IL). PRTSBURGHPIRATES Announcedthewaiver claim ofRHPDeolis GuerrabyClevelandwasbeenre› scindedandplacedhimonthe15-day DL Designated RHPWilfredoBoscanfor assignment. ST. LOUISCARDINALS Recalled LHPTyler Ly› ons fromMemphis (PCL). Optioned INFGreg Garcia to Memphis. SAN FRANCI SCO GIANTS Placed RHP Mike Leakeonthe 15-dayDL.RecalledLHPJoshDsich fromSacramento (PCL). BASKETB ALL

National Basketball Association DENVERNUGGETS Re-signedGJameerNel› son to a multiyear contract, FDarreffArthur andGWill Barton. NEWYORKKNICKS SignedGsSashaVujacic andThanasisAntetokounmpo. FOOTBA LL National Football League ARIZONA CARDINALS Re-signedCLyleSend› lein and WRTravis Harvey. SignedGNate Isles. Re› leasedQBChandler Harnish. ATLANTAFALCONS Signed RB MichaelFord and TE DJ Tialavea.Waived-injured TEBeauGardner. Waived WRFreddie Martino. INDIANA POLIS COLTS SignedGKitt O’Brien. Waived-injuredGBenHeenan. NEW ORLEANSSAINTS Waived-injured TE Jack Tabb.SignedTEAlexSmith. NEWYORKJETS PlacedSAntonio Allenonthe waived/injured list. ST.LOUIS RAMS SignedQBNickFolestoa multiyearcontract. SAN FRANCI SCO49ERS Released LBAldon Smith. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS Claimed SRobert Smith off waiversfrom Indianapolis. ReleasedSTyZimmer› man. TENNE SSEETITANS Agreed to termswith FB ZachBoren.Waived-injured FBConnor Neighbors. HOCKEY National HockeyLeague ANAHEIMDUCKS Agreedto termswith RW JakobSilfverbergonafour-yearcontract throughthe 2018-19.

ARIZONACOYOTES SignedDBrandonGorm› ley toon ae-yearcontract. Named DougSoetaert west› ern professionalscout. SOCCER Major LeagueSoccer SEATTLE SOUNDERS SignedFNelsonValdez. SPORT INGKANSAS CITY Acquired allocation moneyfromToronto FCfor FHerculezGomez. Sent an internationalrosterspotto Coloradofor general allocationmoney. TORONTOFC TradedD-MFWarren Creavaff e to Philadelphifor a a2016second-round MLSSuper› Draft pick. COLLEGE BRADLE Y Named Jhavon Hamilton assistant softball coach. MINNES OTA Announcedthe resignationof ath› letics director NorwoodTeague. NORTHWESTERN AnnouncedseniorWRGar› rett Kiddhastransferred fromMiami andis eligible to compet eintheupcomingseason. TENNE SSEE Reinstated senior WRVon Pear› son. UNLV Announcedmen’ s seniorbasketballF Chris Dbekpa transferred fromSt.John’s.

12 7 5 41 3 3 2 6 9 6 6 3 3 33 25 TorontoFC 9 8 4 3 1 36 35 Columbus 8 8 7 3 1 36 38 N ew England 8 9 7 31 3 2 3 6 Montreal 8 8 4 2 8 29 30 O rlando Cit y 7 10 6 27 3 2 3 7 N ewYorkcityFC 6 1 0 6 2 4 3 1 34 Chicago 6 12 4 2 2 24 31 P hiladelphia 6 13 4 22 2 9 4 0 WesternConference W L T Pls GF GA Vancouver 12 8 3 3 9 30 22 FC Daffas 11 6 5 38 32 27 L os Angele s 1 0 7 7 37 3 9 2 9 Portland 10 8 6 3 6 25 28 S porting KansasCity 9 4 7 3 4 30 21 Seattle 1 0 11 2 3 2 25 24 FISH COUNT R eal SaltLake 7 8 8 29 27 3 3 Houston 7 8 7 2 8 28 27 upstreamdaily movement of adult chinook,jack SanJose 7 9 5 2 6 2 2 2 7 chinook,steelheadandwild steelheadat selectedCo› Colorado 5 7 9 2 4 1 9 2 2 lumbia Riverdamslast updatedThursday. Chnk Jchnk Stlhd Wstlhd Friday’s Game Bonneville 1,487 9 7 2, 854 1,188 Portland1,Chicago0 T he Daffes 695 57 1,5 9 7 74 6 Today’sGames John Day 397 70 637 294 SportingKansasCity atToronto FC,1 p.m. McNary 8 2 8 61 917 499 Philadelphiaat OrlandoCity, 4:30p.m. upstream year-to-date movement ofadult chinook, D.C.Unitedat Montreal, 5 p.m. jack chinook,steelheadand wild steelheadat selected SanJoseatHouston, 6p.m. ColumbiaRiverdamslastupdatedThursday. ColumbusatColorado,6p.m. Chnk Jchnk Stlhd Wstlhd RealSaltLakeat Vancouver,7 p.m. Bonneville 387,043 31,517 98,827 48,482 Sunday’sGames The Daffes 319,784 27,980 35,137 19,983 SeattleatLosAngeles, 1p.m. John Day 275,180 22,572 15,846 8,988 NewYorkcityFCat NewYork,4p.m. Mc Nary 251,325 17,422 12,244 6,630


Adi smres asTimberssnapwinless skid

Next up

Portland at Real Salt Lake The Associated Press bere a 1-0 victory over the Chi› Porter. "But he’s scoring goals, When:7 p.m.Aug.15 TV:Root PORTLAND As the team cago Fire on Friday night. so that’s good." leader in goals for the Port› In the 48th minute, Diego The win snaps a four-game land Timbers, Fanendo Adi Valeri sent in a hard-driven winless streak for the Tim› and our goal is to get 18 points. has found the net in a variety cross that deflected off the bers (10-8-6), who moved into We want to b e r u thless at of ways. Tonight, it was just a on-rushing Adi and into the fourth place in the Western home in getting three points matter of standing in the right net. Conference and improved to every time we take the field," "It doesn’t matter how you 7-1-4 at Providence Park. place at the right time. said Porter. "If we do that and eWe talked about it before steal some points on the road, Adi scored his 10th goal of score them. It doesn’t matter the season in fortuitous fash› when you score them," said the game. Prior to this game, we’ re going to be in good ion to give the Portland Tim› Portland head coach Caleb we have six home games left shape."




All TimesPDT

Pirates 5, Dodgers 4 (10 inn.)


East Division


Toronto Baltimore TampaBay Boston Kansas City Minnesota Detroit Chicago Cleveland Houston Los Angeles Texas Seattle Oakland

W 61 59 55 54 49

L 47 52 53 56 61

Pct GB .565

W L 64 44 55 54 53 56 51 56 49 59

Pct GB .593

Central Division

West Division W L 61 50 58 50 54 54 51 59 49 62


.532 3’/t

.509 6 .491 8 .445 13

.537 1’/t .500 5’/2 .464 9r/t

Petersburg, Florida. The former

.441 12

Oregon State star had the

Friday'sGames Toronto2, N.Y.Yankees1,10 innings Boston7,Detroit 2 Minnesota 10, Cleveland9 N.Y.Mets4,TampaBay3 Kansas City3, ChicagoWhite Sox2 L.A. Angel8, s Baltimore4 Oakland 3, Houston 1 Seattle 4, Texas3 Today'sGam es Toronto (Price10-4) at N.Y.Yankees (Nova4-3),


East Division

L 50 52 60 67 67 Central Division W L St. Louis 70 39 Pittsburgh 63 44 Chicago 60 48 48 59 Cincinnati Milwaukee 47 64 West Division W L Los Angeles 62 47 SanFrancisco 59 50 Arizona 53 55 SanDiego 52 58 Colorado 46 61

NewYork Washington Atlanta Miami Philadelphia

W 59 56 50 43 43

Pct GB

.541 .519 2r/r

455 91/2

,391 I Br/t 391 16r/t

Pct GB .642 .589 6 .556 9r/t

.449 21 .423 24

Pct GB .569 .541 3 491 Br/t .473 tgr/t

.430 15

Friday'sGames Chicago Cubs7, San Francisco3 Colorado 5, Washington4 Pittsburgh5, L.A.Dodgers4,10 innings N.Y.Mets4,TampaBay3 Atlanta6, Miami3 St. Louis6,Milwaukee0 Arizona 2,Cincinnati 0 Philadelphi4, a SanDiego3,12 innings Today'sGam es L.A. Dodgers (Latos4-7) at Pittsburgh(Liriano 7-6), 1:05 p.m. San Francisco(M.cain 2-2)at ChicagoCubs (Hen› dricks5-5), 1:05p.m. N.Y.Mets(Syndergaard 6-5) at Tamp a Bay (Karns 6-5), 3:10 p.m. Colorado (Flande2-1) atWashington (Strasburg5-5), 4:05 p.m. Miami (Koehler8-8) at Atlanta(Foltynewicz3-3), 4:10 p.m. St. Louis (Jai.Garcia3-4) at Milwaukee(W.Peralta 2-6), 4:10 p.m. Cincinnati(Sampson0-1) atArizona(Ray3-6), 510pm. Philadelphia(Morgan2-3) atSanDiego (T.Ross8-8), 5:40 p.m. Sunday'sGames NY.MetsatTampaBay,1010a m. ColoradoatWashington, 10:35a.m. St. LouisatMilwaukee,11:10a.m. SanFranciscoatChicagoCubs, 11:20a.m. Cincinnatiat Arizona,1:10p.m. Philadelphiaat SanDiego,1:10p.m. Miami atAtlanta,2:10p.m. LA. Dodgers atPittsburgh, 5:05p.m.

Leaders AMERICANLEAGUE BATTING —Kipnis, Cleveland,.326; Fielder, Tex› as, .324;NCruz,Seattle, .323;Hosmer, Kansas City, .319;Bogaerts, Boston,.313;Jlglesias,Detroit, .310; Lcain ,KansasCity,.306;Trout,LosAngeles,.306. RBI — Donaldson, Toronto,82; CDa vis, Baltimore, 79; Bautista,Toronto,77;Teixeira, NewYork, 77; KMo› rales, Kansas City, 76;JMartinez,Detroit, 73; Trout, Los Angeles, 69. DOUBLE — SBrantley, Cleveland, 31; Kipnis, Cleveland,31;Donaldson, Toronto, 30; Dozier, Min› nesota, 29; KMorales,KansasCity, 29; Cespe des, Detroit, 28;Cano,Seattle, 27; Plouffe,Minnesota,27. HOME RUNS—Trout, LosAngeles, 33;Ncruz, Seattle, 32;Donaldson,Toronto, 30;JMartinez,De› troit, 30;Puiols,LosAngeles, 30; Teixeira, NewYork, 30; CDavisBal , timore,28. STOLENBA BES—Altuve, Houston, 30; Burns, Oakla nd,22;Lcain,KansasCi ty,19;JDyson,Kansas City, 19; DeShields,Texas,18;RDavis, Detroit, 16; Gose,Detroit,16; Reyes,Toronto, 16. PITCHING —McHugh, Houston, 13-5; Keuchel, Houston, 13-6; FHernand ez, Seattle, 13-6; SGray, Oakland,12-4; Lewis,Texas, 12-4; Buehrle,Toronto, 12-5; Eovaldi,NewYork, 11-2;Volquez,Kansas City, 11-6; Carrasco,Cleveland,11-8;Richards, LosAnge› les,11-8. ERA— SGray,Oakland,2.06;Kazmir,Houston, 2.08; Kazmir,Houston,2.08;Keuchel,Houston,2.40; Price,Toronto,2.45;Price, Toronto, 2.45; Archer,Tam› pa Bay,2.54. STRIKEDUTS —Sale, Chicago,186; Archer,Tam› pa Bay,180;Kluber,Cleveland,176; Price, Toronto, 149; Carrasco,Cleveland,147;Salazar,Cleveland, 143; KeuchelHou , ston,143. SAVES —Perkins, Minnesota,30; Boxberger,Tam› pa Bay,27;Britton, Baltimore,27;Street, LosAngeles, 26; Uehara,Boston, 25; AMiler, NewYork, 24; GHol› land,KansasCity, 24. NATIONALLEAGUE BATTING —Goldschmidt, Arizona, .336; Harper, Washin gton,.334;Posey,SanFrancisco,.332;DGor› don, Miami,.329; GParra, Milwaukee,.328; LeMahieu, Colorado,.319;YEscobar,Washington, .311. RBI — Arenado, Colorado, 80; Goldschmidt, Ari›

zona,78; Posey,San Francisco, 75;Bcrawford, San Francisco,70;Harper,Washington, 69; Mccutchen, Pittsburgh,69; Frazieir Cincinnati, 68. DOUBLES —Frazier, Cincinnati, 30;Mcarpenter, St. Louis,29;Rizzo,Chicago,28;Arenado, Colorado, 27; Bruce,Cincinnati, 27; AGon zalez, LosAngeles,

27;Belt,SanFrancisco,26;Duda,NewYork,26;Mc› Cutchen,Pittsburgh,26. HOMERUNS—Harper, Washington,29; Frazier, Cincinnati, 27;Stanton,Miami, 27;Arenado, Colo› rado, 26; CaG onzalez, Colorado, 23; Goldschm idt, Ariz ona,22;AGonzalez,LosAngeles,22. STOLENBASE S—BHamilton, Cincinnati, 51; DGordon,Miami, 34;Blackmon, Colorado,29; Pol› lock, Arizona,24;Revere, Philadelphia,24; SMarte, Pittsburgh,21; Goldschmidt, Arizona,19. PITCHING —Gcole, Pitsburgh, 14-5;Wacha,St. Louis, 13-4;Arrieta,Chicago,12-6; Bumgarner, San Francisco,12-6;Greinke,LosAngeles, 11-2; CMar› tinez, St.Louis, 11-4;Heston,SanFrancisco, 11-6; Scherzer, Washington, 11-8. ERA —Greinke, LosAngeles, 1.71; deGrom, New York, 2.13; Scherzer,Washington, 2.31; Gcole, Pitts› burgh, 2.39;SMiler, Atlanta,2.44;Arrieta, Chicago, 2.50;Kershaw,LosAngeles,2.51. BTRIKEDUTB —Kershaw, Los Angeles, 197; Scherzer, Washington,181; Shields, SanDiego,160; Arrieta,Chicago,152;Bumgarner, San Francisco,148; Gcole,Pittsburgh,143;deGrom,NewYork, 142.

the bottom of the 10th inning to

ninth-inning RBI single by Wilmer Flores on Friday night in St.


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10:05 a.m. Houston(McHugh 13-5) at Oakland (Chavez5-11), 1:05 p.m. Texas(M.Perez1-2) at Seattle(Montgom ery 4-4), 1;10 p.m. N.Y. Mets(Syndergaard 6-5) at Tamp a Bay (Karns 6-5), 3:10 p.m. Boston(Miley8-9) atDetroit (Simon10-6), 4:08p.m. ChicagoWhite Sox(Samardziia 8-6)at KansasCity (Guthrie7-7),4:10p.m. Minnesota (E.Santana2-2) at Cleveland(Bauer8-8), 4:10 p.m. Baltimore(U.Jimenez8-7) at L.A.Angels (Richards 11-8), 6:05p.m. Sunday'sGames TorontoatN.Y.Yankees, 1:05p.m. Boston at Detroit, 1:08p.m. Minnesotaat Cleveland,1:10p.m. N.Y.MetsatTampaBay, 1:10p.m. Chicago WhiteSoxat Kansas City, 2:10p.m. Baltimore atLA. Angels, 3:37 p.m. Housto natOakland,4:05p.m. Texas at Seattle,4:10 p.m.

celebrates scoring on a

.454 15

Pinch-hitter Pe›

dro Alvarez lined abases-loaded single over a five-man infield in

with Daniel Murphy after

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New York' s Michael Conforto

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the Meta' 4-3 victory. Chris Cv Meara / The Associated Press

lift Pittsburgh. Los Angeles starter Clayton Kershawhad his streak of 37 straight scoreless innings end when Gregory Polanco hit the first pitch of the gamefor a home run. LosAngeles Pittsburgh ab r bbi ab r hbi JRollnsss 4 1 3 2 GPolncrf 5 1 2 1 HKndrc2b 5 0 2 2 SMartelf 4 1 0 0 AGnzlz1b 5 0 0 0 Mcctchcf 3 2 2 1 Ethierff 2 0 0 0 ArRmr3b 5 0 2 1 VnSlykph-If 0 0 0 0 Kangss 4 1 2 0 Grandlc 5 0 0 0 Morse1b 3 0 0 0 P uigrf 4 0 0 0 Soriap 0 0 0 0 Call asp3b 4 0 0 0 Watsonp 0 0 0 0 Pedrsncf 3 2 1 0 Ishikawph 0 0 0 0 Kershwp 1 0 0 0 Cervelliph-c 2 0 2 0 Crwfrdph 0 1 0 0 SRdrgz2b-1b 4 0 1 0 Nicasiop 0 0 0 0 Stewartc 3 0 1 1 Avil anp 0 0 0 0 Melncnp 0 0 0 0 Guerrrph 1 0 0 0 Bastrdp 0 0 0 0 JiJhnsnp 0 0 0 0 PAlvrzph 1 0 1 1 Howell p 0 0 0 0 G.colep 2 0 0 0 NWalkrph-2b 2 0 1 0 Totals 34 4 6 4 Totals 3 85 145 — 4 LosAngeles 002 010 100 0 — 5 Pittsburgh 100 120 000 1 No outswhenwinning runscored. E Stewart(6). DP LosAngeles2,Pitsburgh2. LOB Los Angeles 7, Pittsburgh12. 28 J.Rollins 18), H.Kendrick(20), Pederson(18), Mccutchen 26). HRG.Polanco(6). SB J.Rollins (9), C.craw› ford (1). IP H R E R BBSO LosAngeles Kershaw 6 9 4 4 2 5 Nicasio 1 1 0 0 0 2 Ayilan 1 1 0 0 1 0 Ji.Johnson L,2-4 1 2 1 1 2 1 Howell 0 1 0 0 0 0 Pittsburgh G.cole 6 4 3 3 3 5 SoriaBS,1-2 1 1 1 0 0 0 Watson 1 0 0 0 1 1 Melancon 1 0 0 0 0 1 BastardoW,4-1 1 1 0 0 1 2 Nicasiopitchedto1 batter inthe8th. Ji.Johnson pitchedto 3batters in the10th. Howelpi l tchedto1 batter inthe10th. HBP by Kershaw(S.Marte), by G.cole(Kershaw). WP Kershaw,Bastardo. T 3:42. A 39,404(38,362).

I)› American League

Mariners 4, Rangers 3

Twins 10, indians9

Athletics 3,Astros1

Cnbs 7,Giants3



Josh Phegley had two hits and drove in arun, Danny Valencia hit a homerun and Sonny Graywon apitching duel with Dallas Keuchel to leadOak› land. Gray (12-4) improved to 5-1 over his past 11starts.

CHICAGO Rookie Kyle Schwar› ber continued his surge with two hits and two RBls asChicago won for the eighth time in nine games. Schwarber, who homeredthe previous two games, also scored

Torii Hunter’ s

ninth-inning home runsnapped Minnesota’s five-game losing streak andcompletedacomeback after the Twins lost a 6-0 leadafter the top of the third.

SEATTLE Nelson Cruzand Robinson Cano hitback-to-back home runs off Cole Hamelsto start the sixth inning asSeattle snapped Texas’ four-gamewin› ning streak. Cruzopenedthesixth Minnesota Cleveland r hbi ab r bbi with a shot to left field for his 32nd Dozier2bab 5 2 2 1 JRmrz2b 5 0 1 0 homer in his first season with Mauer1b 4 1 1 0 Lindorss 4 2 2 0 S anodh 5 0 1 1 Brantlylf 5 2 2 3 Seattle. That extended his hitting Plouffe3b 5 1 1 2 CSantndh 2 1 0 1 streak to 17 games,two short of TrHntrrf 5 3 3 3 Avilespr 0 0 0 0 ERosarlf 5 0 2 1 YGomsc 4 1 2 4 his career high. Hicks cf 5 1 3 1 Chsnhllrf 4 0 2 1


t/z two runs to help put the Cubs 1

games ahead ofSan Francisco for

Oakland the second wild card. Theyalso ab r hbi ab r hbi A ltuve2b 4 0 1 0 Burnscf 3 0 2 1 moved 12 gamesover.500 for the C Gomzcf 4 0 0 0 Crisp lf 3 0 0 0 first time since the 2008 NLCen› Correass 4 0 1 0 Lawrie2b 3 1 0 0 Phiiiies 4, Padres3 (12 inn.j Lowrie3b 4 0 0 0 Valenci3b 3 1 2 1 tral championship season. CIRsmsrf 3 0 0 0 BButlerdh 4 0 0 0 SAN DIEGO Cameron Rupphit Gattisdh 3 0 0 0 Pheglyc 4 1 2 1 San Francisco C h icago KSuzukc 4 1 1 0 Raburnph 1 0 1 0 Tucker lf 3 0 0 0 Semienss 4 0 3 0 Texas Seattle ab r hbi ab r hbi Philadelphia’s fourth home run EdEscrss 3 1 1 1 Sands1b 5 0 0 0 Valuen1b 3 1 2 1 Canha1b 4 0 1 0 ab r bbi ab r hbi Pagancf 4 0 1 0 Fowlercf 5 2 3 1 Urshela3b 4 2 3 0 of the game, aleadoff shot in the Jcastroc 3 0 1 0 I.Davis1b 0 0 0 0 DShldscf 4 0 0 0 KMartess 3 0 1 0 Tmlnsn2b 4 0 0 0 Schwrrlf 5 2 2 2 T .Holtcf 4 1 1 0 F uldrf 3000 Odor2b 4 0 2 0 Seager3b 4 0 1 0 12th inning, and thePhillies hand› MDuff y3b 3 1 1 0 Coghln2b 3 0 2 1 Totals 41 101510 Totals 38 9 149 Totals 31 1 5 1 Totals 3 1 3 103 Fielderdh 4 0 0 0 N.cruzrf 4 1 1 1 Poseyc 4 1 2 0 JHerrr2b 1 0 0 0 Minnesota 0 0 6 1 1 1 001 — 10 ed San Diego its fourth straight Houston 0 00 010 000 — 1 Pencerf 3 0 1 1 Rizzo1b 4 0 0 0 B eltre3b 4 0 0 0 Cano2b 4 1 2 1 C leveland 004 5 0 0 000 — 9 011 010 ggx — 3 loss. Morlnd1b 4 1 2 0 JMontrdh 4 0 2 0 Bcrwfrss 4 0 1 1 Bryant3b 3 1 1 0 E McAlister (2). DP Minnesota1. LOB Min› Oakland E Altuve(5). DP Houston2,Oakland1.LOB› Strsrgrpr 0 0 0 0 BMillerpr-dh 0 0 0 0 nesota 7,Cleveland7. 28 Dozier (29), Sano(9), B elt1b 3 0 0 0 Solerrf 3 1 2 2 H ouston 3, Oa k l a nd 8. 28 P he gl e y (12). HR V a l› JHmltnlf 4 0 2 0 AJcksncf 3 0 1 0 Maxwffl f 2 0 0 0 H Rn dnp 0 0 0 0 Philadelphia San Diego Plouffe (27),TorHunter (16), Hicks(6), Jo.Ramirez C hoorf 4 1 1 0 Trumolf 3 1 1 1 (7), Brantley(31). 38 E.Rosario 2 (8). HR Dozier buena(21), Valencia (8). SF Burns. YPetitp 0 0 0 0 D.Rossc 4 0 1 1 ab r hbi ab r hbi IP H R E R BBSD A drianzph 1 0 0 0 Lesterp 3 0 0 0 Utley2b 5 0 1 0 Amarstss 6 1 1 0 Andrusss 3 1 0 0 S.Smithlf 1 0 0 0 ( 24), Tor.Hunter (18), YGo me s (7). SB T or H un ter Houston BWilsnc 3 0 1 2 Morrsn1b 3 1 1 0 Osichp 0 0 0 0TmHntp 0 0 0 0 JGomzp 0 0 0 0 Solarte3b 6 1 2 0 (2). S K.Suzuki, Lindor. SF YGomes. euchelL,13-6 7 2 - 3 10 3 3 2 3 GBlancph 1 0 0 0 Denorfirf 1 0 0 0 Zuninoc 3 0 0 0 F rancrlf 1 0 0 0 Kemprf 5 0 1 0 IP H R E R BBSD K Woiciechowski 1 - 3 0 0 0 0 0 Vglsngp 1 0 0 0 ARussllss 4 1 1 0 Totals 3 4 3 8 2 Totals 3 24 10 3 Minnesota O Herrrcf 6 0 1 0 Uptonlf 4 1 2 2 Oakland Texas 0 20 100 000 — 3 Affe ldtp 0 0 0 0 Franco3b 4 0 0 0 Alonso1b 6 0 1 0 Pelfrey 32-3 10 7 7 1 2 S.Gray W ,1 2-4 9 5 1 1 0 5 — 4 A okilf 2 1 2 1 Seattle 001 012 ggx 11-3 1 2 2 1 4 HBP byKeuchel (Lawrie). Howard1b 5 1 1 1 Gyorko2b 5 0 1 0 Achter Totals 32 3 8 3 Totals 3 6 7 127 DP Texas 1.LOB Texas 5,Seattle 6.2B› D Brwnrf 5 1 1 1 DeNrrsc 4 0 2 1 Duensing 1 0 0 0 0 0 T 2:20. A 18,908(35,067). San Francisco 010 000 110 — 8 Choo(21),B.Wilson (2), J.Montero(4), Morrison(9). Fico Galvis ss 5 0 1 0 UptnJr cf 5 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 Chicago 100 050 01x — 7 HR N.cruz(32), Cano(12), Trumbo(4). SB Sea› MayW,8-7 Asche lf 4 1 1 1 Shields p 3 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 D P C h i c a g o 2 . L O B S a n P r a n c i s c o 5 , C h i › ger(4),A.Jackson(13).CS Odor (4). PerkinsS,30-32 1 1 0 0 1 3 Nerisp 0 0 0 0 Rzpczyp 0 0 0 0 National League cago 7. 2BM.Duffy(20), Posey(18), Fowler (17), G ilesp 0 0 0 0 Benoitp 0 0 0 0 IP H R E R BBSO Cleveland Schwarber (4), Bryant(17), Soler (18). HR Aoki(4), Ruppc 5 1 1 1 Wallacph 1 0 0 0 Texas Co.Anderson 22 - 3 5 6 6 1 2 Fowler(11).SB Fowler(17), Schwarber (2), Bryant Nota p 2 0 0 0 Kimrel p 0 0 0 0 HamelsL,0-1 6 8 4 4 2 7 A.Adams 1 3 1 1 1 1 Rockies 5,Nationais4 (11). CS B.crawford(4). Patton 12-3 2 0 0 0 2 Manship 11-3 2 1 1 0 0 ABlanc ph 1 0 1 0 Maurer p 0 0 0 0 IP H R E R BBSO L uGarcp 0 0 0 0 Kelleyp 0 0 0 0 S.rreeman 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 McAllisterBS,1-2 2 2 1 1 0 3 WASHINGTON Carl os Gonzal e z Ban Francisco Seattle B.ShawL,1-2 11 - 3 3 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 ADckrsph 1 0 1 0 6 3 3 1 6 Arauiop Iwakuma W,3-2 7 6 3 3 0 6 Allen 23 0 0 0 0 1 hit an eighth-inning grand slam to VogelsongL,7-8 4 CHrndzph-2b1 0 0 0 Qcknshp 0 0 0 0 Affeldt 2-3 1 2 2 1 0 Totals 44 4 8 4 Totals 4 6 3 11 3 BeimelH,5 2-3 1 0 0 0 0 T 3;24.A 30,365 (36,856). complete a Col or ado comeback Y.Petit 11-3 3 1 1 0 2 Philad WilhelmsenH,5 1-3 0 0 0 0 1 elphia 000 101 100 001 — 4 Osich 2 2 1 1 0 4 Ban Diego 012 000 000 000 — 3 from four runs down. Gonzalez, Ca.SmithS,11-13 1 1 0 0 0 1 Red Sox 7, Tigers 2 Chicago HBP byIwakuma(Andrus). WP Iwakuma. Balk› LOB hiladelphia 7, SanDiego12. 28 Solarte whose slam accounted for the first LesterW,7-8 7 6 2 2 2 3 (23). 38P Hamels. Upton(2). HR Howard(19), D.Brown(4), 1-3 2 1 1 0 0 r uns gi ven up by W ashi ngt on’ s Tom.Hunter T 2:55. A 29,320(47,574). DETROIT David Ortiz homered Asche(6), Rupp(3).SB Amarista(5), Upton(18). H.RondonS,18-21 12-3 0 0 0 1 2 Drew Storen in 15appearances IP H R E R BBSO while Hanley RamirezandXander Vogelsong pitchedto2 batters inthe5th. Philadelphia Blue Jays2, Yankees1 (10 inn.j Bogaerts added two-run doubles since June 24,has anNL-best 19 WP Osich. Nota 6 6 3 3 2 6 T 3:13.A 41,311 (40,929). home runs since June1. Lu.Garcia 12-3 2 0 0 1 2 to lead Boston. NEW YORK JoseBautista 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 Arauio J.Gomez 2 0 0 0 0 0 Colorado Washington Cardinals 6, Brewers 0 homered with one out in the10th Boston Detroit NerisW,2-0 1 1 0 0 0 2 ab r hbi ab r hbi eb r hbi ab r hbi inning as Toronto won its sixth GilesS,4-7 1 2 0 0 0 2 5 0 0 0 YEscor3b 3 0 0 0 B .Holt2b-3b 5 0 1 0 Gosecf 4 0 0 0 Blckmncf MILWAUKEE Randal Grichuk San Diego Reyesss 4 1 1 0 Espinos2b 4 2 2 0 straight win to move within 3/a Rcastllrl 5 3 3 1 Jlglesisss 5 0 0 0 hit a three-run homer to cap a Shields 62-3 6 3 3 1 8 Arenad 3b 4 2 3 0 Harper rf 3 2 1 1 Bogarts ss 5 1 3 2 Kinsler 2b 4 1 2 0 games of ALEast-leading New Rzepczynski 1-3 1 0 0 0 0 CGnzlzrf 4 1 2 4 Zmrmn1b 3 0 1 1 six-run fifth inning to lift St. Louis, Ortizdh 4 1 1 2 VMrtnzdh 4 0 1 0 L eMahi2b 4 0 0 0 Werthlf 3 0 0 1 Benoit 1 0 0 0 1 2 York. The teamshave 12more HRmrzlf 4 0 2 2 JMrtnzrf 4 1 3 2 which becamethefirst major Paulsn1b 4 0 1 1 Dsmndss 3 0 1 1 Kimbrel 1 0 0 0 1 2 DeAzalf 1 0 0 0 Tycllnslf 2 0 1 0 meetings this season. Hundlyc 4 0 1 0 WRamsc 4 0 0 0 Maurer 1 0 0 0 0 1 league team to reach 70wins this Sandovl3b 3 0 1 0 RDavisph-If 2 0 0 0 KParkrlf 3 0 0 0 MTaylrcf 4 0 0 0 Kelley 1 Rutledgph-2b1 0 0 0 Cstllns3b 4 0 1 0 Toronto New York season. It was the secondconsec› QuackenbushL,1-2 1 1 0 01 01 00 11 Shaw1b 5 0 0 0 Avila1b 2 0 0 0 BBarnslf 1 0 0 0 Zmrmnp 2 0 1 0 ab r hbi ab r hbi THani JDLRsp 2 0 0 0 Janssnp 0 0 0 0 utive shutout and 12th this season HBP byNota (Upton,Gyorko). gnc 2 0 0 0 JMccnc 4 0 2 0 Tlwtzkss 4 0 0 0 Ellsurycf 5 0 0 0 Obergp 0 0 0 0 Ugglaph 1 0 0 0 T 4:13. A 31,334(41,164). Swihartph-c 1 0 1 0 for the Cards (70-39). D nldsn3b 4 1 1 1 Gardnrlf 4 0 2 0 Descalsph 0 1 0 0 Storenp 0 0 0 0 BrdlyJrcf 4 2 1 0 Bautistrf 4 1 2 1 ARdrgzdh 3 0 0 0 Axford p 0 0 0 0 Rivero p 0 0 0 0 Totals 4 0 7 137 Totals 3 5 2 102 Interleague Encrncdh 5 0 1 0 Teixeir1b 4 1 2 1 St. Louis Milwaukee 0 0 0 0 CRonsnph 1 0 0 0 Boston 2 02 102 000 — 7 Stubbsph ab r hbi ab r hbi Smoak1b 5 0 0 0 BMccnc 4 0 0 0 Kahnlep 0 0 0 0 Detroit 0 00 200 000 — 2 Mcrpnt3b 4 1 2 1 Gennett2b 4 0 0 0 RuMrtnc 4 0 1 0 Beltranrf 3 0 1 0 35 5 8 5 Totals 3 1 4 6 4 DP Boston1. LO~oston 9,Detroit10. 28 Bo› Totals Mete 4, Rays3 Goins2b 3 0 0 0 CYoungpr-rf 0 0 0 0 olorado 000 0 0 0 140 — 5 Kozmaph-3b 1 0 0 0 Lucroyc 3 0 0 0 acus(23),H.Ramirez(9), J.Martinez(19), Castellanos C Colaellph 1 0 1 0 Headly3b 4 0 1 0 W ashington 10 0 1 0 2 000 — 4 W ong2b 4 1 1 0 Braunrf 4 0 1 0 15), J.Mccann ( 15). H R O r ti z (2 2), J. M ar t i n ez ( 30). K.Parker(1). DP Colorado1. LOB Colora› JhPerltss 4 0 0 0 Lohse p 0 0 0 0 Kawskpr-2b 0 0 0 0 Gregrsss 4 0 2 0 ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. Michael IP H R E R GBSO doE5,Wa eywrdrf 4 1 2 1 Lind1b 3 0 0 0 Pillarcf 3 0 1 0 Drew2b 4 0 0 0 shington8.28 Arenado(27), Hundley (17), H Boston Conforto hit a game-tying double Gnchkcf 4 1 1 3 KDavisff 3 0 0 0 Reverelf 4 0 1 0 E spinosa (1 7) , Z im m erm a n (16), D es m on d (19). H R › J.KeffyW4-6 5 1-3 7 2 2 2 7 Molinac 4 0 2 0 SPetrsncf 4 0 3 0 Totals 37 2 8 2 Totals 3 5 1 8 1 Ca.Gonzleaz(23).SB Desmond(7). SF Werth. and scored onWilmer Flores’ go› Ross Jr. 2 -3 0 0 0 0 1 — 2 IP H R E R BBSD Moss1b 3 1 1 0 Segurass 4 0 0 0 Toronto 100 000 000 1 Machi 1 1 0 0 0 1 ahead single in the ninth inning — 1 Piscttylf 4 1 1 1 EHerrr3b-rf 3 0 2 0 New york 010 000 000 0 1132 0 0 2 1 Colorado E Teixeira (3). DP Toronto 3, NewYork 1. Masterson J.DeLaRosa 6 6 4 3 2 1 L ynnp 3 0 0 0 Cravyp 1 0 0 0 as New Yorkearned its seventh U ehara S, 2 5-27 23 0 0 0 0 1 LOB Toronto 9, NewYork6. 2B Encarnacion(21). ObergW3-2 , 1 0 0 0 2 2 Viffanvp 1 0 0 0 Thrnrgp 0 0 0 0 straight victory. LSchfrph 1 0 0 0 HR Donaldson (30), Bautista (25), Teixeira(30). Detroit H,1 1 0 0 0 1 1 Da.NorrisL,2-2 3 1-3 9 5 5 0 3 Axford C ottsp 0 0 0 0 SB Bautista (5). S Pillar. K ahnle S,1-1 1 0 0 0 1 2 22-3 2 2 2 2 Farmer New york TampaBey HPerez3b 1 0 0 0 Washington IP H R E R BBSO Krol 1 1 0 0 0 1 Zimmerm ab r bbi ab r hbi ann 6 2 - 3 4 1 1 0 6 Totals 36 6 106 Totals 3 1 0 6 0 Toronto Alburquerque 1 1 0 0 0 1 Janssen Grndrsrf 5 0 0 0 Jasodh 4 0 0 0 S t. Louis 000 0 6 0 000 — 6 H,9 1 3- 0 0 0 0 0 Dickey 7 6 1 1 2 3 Greene 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 000 — 0 DnMrpdh 4 1 2 1 Sizemrlf 4 1 1 1 StorenL,2-1BS,3-32 1 3 4 4 1 1 M ilwaukee Hawkins 1 1 0 0 0 1 HBP byFarmer (Hanigan). DP St. Louis 1. LOB St. Louis 5, Milwaukee9. Cespdscf-If 4 0 0 0 Longori3b 4 1 2 1 Rivero 1 1 0 0 1 2 Cecil W,3-4 1 1 0 0 0 0 T 3:30.A 38,132 (41,574). 28 M .carp en t e r 2 ( 29), Molina(19), Moss(1), Piscotly Duda1b 4 1 0 0 Loney1b 4 1 2 1 HBP byOberg (Espinosa). OsunaS,9-10 1 0 0 0 0 0 Uribe3b 4 1 1 1 Forsyth2b 4 0 0 0 T 3:17. A 33,622(41,341). (6). HRG richuk (14).CS Wong(8).S Craw. NewYork IP H R E R BBSO Confortlf 4 1 1 1 Acarerss 4 0 2 0 4 Eovaldi 61-3 5 1 1 2 3 Angels 8, Orioies Bt. Louis L agarscf 0 0 0 0 Navarf 2 0 0 0 Ju.Wilson 1-3 0 0 0 0 1 Braves 6, Marlins3 6 6 0 0 4 7 dArnadc 3 0 1 0 Guyerph-rf 1 0 0 0 LynnW,9-6 Betances 11-3 1 0 0 1 2 ANAHEIM, Calif. Mike Trout V illanueva S, 2 -2 3 0 0 0 0 3 KJhnsn2b 4 0 1 0 Kiermrcf 4 0 1 0 A.Miller 1 1 0 0 0 0 Milwaukee W Florsss 4 0 2 1 Casalic 3 0 0 0 ATLANTA Nick Markakis had PinderL,0-1 1 1 1 1 0 1 homered on his birthday for the ravyL,0-3 5 8 6 6 2 4 Totals 36 4 8 4 Totals 3 4 3 8 3 WP Dickey. third time in his career to leadLos three hits, including a tie-breaking G Thornburg 1 0 0 0 0 0 N ew york 000 0 0 0 112 — 4 T 3:02. A 42,839(49,638). Angeles. After Trout wasserenad› two-run double in the seventh in› Cotts 1 1 0 0 0 1 T ampa Bay 0 0 0 1 0 0 110 — 3 Lohse 2 1 0 0 0 1 E Bo xb erger (2). DP NewYork1. LOB New ed by the Angel Stadium outfield ning, to lift Atlanta and extend his T 2: 5 0. A 28,86 9 (41, 9 00). Royais 3, WhiteSox2 York 6,Tamp a Bay6. 28 Conforto (3), Loney(8), hitting streak to 14games. Miami crowd in the first inning, the Arcabrera(22). HR Dan.Murphy (8), Uribe(11), Sizemore (4), Longoria (13), Loney(4). reigning AL MVPcelebrated his has lost five straight and is now KANSAS CITY, Mo. Lorenzo DiarnondbaCs 2, Reds0 IP H R E R BBSO Caindoubledhome thego-ahead 24th birthday by drilling his major tied with Philadelphia for the worst New york PHOENIX Wel i n gton Castillo 61-3 6 2 2 0 7 deGrom run in the sixth to lift KansasCity. league-leading 33rd homer in the record in the major leagues. y 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 homered again to lift Arizona. Cas› O’Flaherl Edinson Volquezlimited Chicagoto bottom half. 1-3 0 0 0 1 0 l Miami Atlanta tillo, who hasseven homers in his Parnel one run andhas allowed three or ClippardW,1-0 1 1 1 1 0 1 ab r hbi eb r hbi Baltimore LosAngeles 1 0 0 0 1 past 10 games, has 12since being FamiffaS,30-35 1 DGordn2b 4 0 1 1 JPetrsn2b 3 1 0 0 fewer runs in sevenstraight starts. ab r hbi ab r bbi TampaBey Dietrchlf 3 0 0 0 Dcastrss 3 2 0 1 acquired from Seattle on June 3. 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HR Wieters(5), Schoop(8), Trout (33), E Hechavarria 2 (6). LOB Miami 6, Atlanta5. Totals 3 0 0 5 0 Totals 2 82 6 2 NewYorkYankees. DP Chicago 1, Kansas City 1. LOB Chicago Cron(7). 000 0 0 0 000 — 0 38 Hechavarria (4). CS D.Gordon (14), Maybin C incinnati 1986 —Baseball,after a two-daywalkout, re› 7, Kansas City 6. 28 TrThompson (1), Abreu(20), IP H R E R BBSO (5). S Fernandez2. Arizona 100 ggg 10x — 2 sumedplaying with 18gamesscheduled, including Me.cabrera (24), L.Cain (25), Rios(11). 38 L.cain Baltimore IP H R E R BBBD E Ja.Lamb (5). DP Cincinnati 2, Arizona 1. five doublehe aders. LOB Cincinnati 5, Arizona3. 2B Votto (22), Pol› (6). HR LaRoche(10). SB A.Escobar (10). GausmanL,2-3 5 2-3 9 6 6 2 4 Miami 1992— Oakland’sDennisEckersleyhadhiscon› 1 -3 2 0 0 1 0 IP H R E R BBSO Roe Fernandez 5 4 2 2 1 6 lock (24).HR W.castilo (14).SB A.Hil (6). secutivesaverecordsnapped at40. Hisconsecutive 1-3 1 1 1 0 0 K.FloresL,0-1 1 Chicago Matusz IP H R E R BBSO saverecords 36straight to start aseason,and40 1 -3 3 3 2 1 1 2-3 1 1 1 0 1 DunnBS,1-1 Joh.Danks L,6-9 6 5 3 3 3 6 Brach 2-3 1 1 0 0 0 Cincinnati straightovertwoseasons ended trying to protect M.Albers 1 1 0 0 1 0 Jas.Garcia 1 0 0 0 1 0 Barraclough 1 0 0 0 0 1 R.lglesiasL,2-4 6 3 1 1 1 6 a2-1 leadintheninthinning against theKansasCity N.Jones 1 0 0 0 0 2 LosAngeles Atlanta M.Parra 1 1 1 1 0 0 Royals.Eckersley gaveupatwo-out,two-runsingleto 52-3 10 4 4 1 2 Teheran KansasCity Heaney 62-3 6 3 3 1 3 Mattheus 1 2 0 0 0 1 GreggJefferiesto givetheRoyals a3-2 lead.Butthe VolquezW,11-6 7 4 1 1 2 3 SalasW,2-1 1-3 0 0 0 0 1 DetwilerW,1-0 1 - 3 1 0 0 0 0 Arizona Athleticscamebacktowinthe gamein theninth, 5-3. HochevarH,2 2 - 3 1 0 0 1 2 J.AlvarezH,4 1 3- 1 0 0 0 0 MarksberryH,2 2- 3 0 0 0 0 0 Ch.AndersonW5-4 7 4 0 0 2 7 1997 —RandyJohnson struck out19, matching EMoralesH,6 1 - 3 0 0 0 0 0 Gott H,6 12-3 0 0 0 0 1 AardsmaH,4 1 - 3 0 0 0 0 1 D.HudsonH,11 1 0 0 0 0 0 the majorleaguerecordfor left-handershehad tied G.HollandS,24-27 1 2 1 1 0 1 Cor.Rasm us 1 1 0 0 0 1 VizcainoS,2-2 1 1 0 0 1 1 ZieglerS,20-22 1 1 0 0 0 1 earlier intheseason,andtheSeattle Marinersdefeated T 2:53. A 22,769(49,586). T 3:00. A 36,211(37,903). T 2:58.A 42,578 (45,957). T 2:33.A 26,836 (48,519). the ChicagoWhite Sox5-0.





Furyk builds big lead at Bridgestone 49ers release LBSmith The Associated Press AKRON, Ohio

Jim Fu›

ryk is two rounds away from erasing a couple of bad mem› ories at Firestone.

Even with a b ogey on his last hole for the second straight day, Furyk did plen› ty right Friday in the Bridge› stone Invitational for anoth› er 4-under 66 that gave him

a four-shot going into the weekend of this World Golf Championship. Furyk ran off three birdies in a four-hole stretch late in his round to reach 8-under 132.

It is a familiar position for Furyk at Firestone, where he

has done everything right

ite courses we play. But to

have like a chip on my shoul› During a seven-hole playoff der’? No. It’s another year and against Tiger Woods in 2001, opportunity, and we’ re only Furyk missed three birdie halfway. I’m going to try to do putts inside 12 feet for the the same things this weekend win, and Woods finally closed and not really look at the lea› him out on the 79th hole of the derboard that much and go tournament. try to shoot under par." M ore painful w a s t h r ee Bubba Watson (66) and years ago, when Furyk led Dustin Johnson (67) joined wire-to-wire and was in the Shane Lowry of Ireland (66) 18th fairway Sunday when at 4-under 136. one bad swing led to a double Also on Friday: bogey and he lost by one. Gonzales birdies his way to Furyk doesn’t see this as a a share of lead: RENO, Nev. except leave with the trophy.

shot at redemption.

Andres Gonzales had 11 bird›

Barracuda C h ampionship. Steele matched Gonzales at

after his latest arrest

26 points after two rounds in the PGA Tour’s only mod›

By Janie McCauley

ified Stableford event, scor›

The Associated Press

ing 18 points with an eagle, seven birdies and a bogey at

Aldon Smith received chance

First up

Club. Montgomerie takes lead in

Preseason opener: San Francisco at after chance with the San Francisco 49ers. They final› Houston ly had enough following his When:5 p.m. Aug.15

Canada: CALGARY, Alberta

fifth run-in with the law.

Montreux Golf and Country

Colin Montgomerie birdied three of the final four holes for an 8-under 62 and the first›

round lead in the Champions Tour’s Shaw Charity Classic. Montgomerie had nine bird› ies and a bogey at Canyon

"I would say that I’m disap› ies and a bogey in a 21-point pointed I’ ve never won here," round for a share of the lead Meadows. A u stralia’s Peter he said. "It’s one of my favor› with Brendan Steele in the Senior was a stroke back.


The Niners parted ways with the troubled linebacker Friday, only three days after general manager Trent Baal› ke expressed his desire to keep Smith beyond this sea› son, which would have been a contract year. Instead Friday,

drunken driving, hit-and-run,

Baalke and coach Jim Tom› sula met with Smith at team

"That comes from our own›

headquarters after he left jail to inform him he was no lon›

Continued from C1 Reporters were running all

ger part of the team. "It’s a sad day," Tomsula said during an emotional news conference. "This is a day that doesn’t have any›

over the field with cameras,

thing to do about football."

Beavers A radio station did a remote from the north end zone. And

players were stationed at ta› bles on the east side of the

the team drafted him in 2011.

field for interviews.

As usual, it was the quar› terbacks who got most of the attention. The media crowded

around the table when the two players expected to battle for the starting position red› shirt freshman Nick Mitchell

and true freshman Seth Col› took their turn answer›

ing questions. It was Collins’ first session with the media, and some 15

to 20 reporters hung on his ev› ery word. Every player and coach I talked to Friday could not wait to get the season started. Andersen was one of the

last to come out for his time with the media, and it w as

easy to see how his positive nature is contagious. "There’s lots of excitement,"

Mark Ylen /Albany Democrat-Herald via The Associated Press

Oregon State quarterback Seth Collins talks to reporters during media day Friday in Corvallis.

Beavers schedule Sept. 4 Weber St., 5 p.m. Sept. 12 at Michigan, 9 a.m. Sept. 19+an Jose St., 5p.m. Sept. 25 Stanford, 7 p.m.

in which the Badgers were


19-7 overall and 13-3 in the

Nov. 14 at California, TBA Nov. 21 Washin ton, TBA


Nov. 27 atOregon,12:30p.m.

the first official practice start›

ed today. "They seem to be prepared," he said of his players. "It will be big test tomorrow, when

we walk out and we see how they handled the player-ran practices. "Are we going to walk out and look like it’s the first day

of spring ball, or are we going to look like a team that busted their tail during the summer

It’s an adjustment for them, to

and took care of their busi› walk in and say ’I’m responsi› ness? I suspect we’ ll be in a ble for that guy, if he’s late to a

good spot there, but time will

meeting then I’m responsible?’ tell." "Well, he is responsible, if Turning t hings a r ound he’s the big brother." from two tough years is at the Andersen was ready to get top of the Beavers’ priority

Symmonds Continued from C1 Asked what he would do if USATF rescinded his place in the world championships, which begin Aug. 22, Sym› monds said in a telephone in› terview Thursday night from Seattle, "I’d probably have to talk to a lawyer." The conflict, first reported

by Sports Business Daily, re› flects an ongoing tension in track and field. Many athletes have their own endorsement deals with apparel companies. The national federation has its

own deal. Sometimes those collide. Nike has signed an exten›

sion to sponsor USA Track and Field through 2040 for what

has been estimated to be $20 million a year. The question at the heart

of the Symmonds apparel dispute is: What is an official team function? The USATF document in

Francisco 49ers, he will be

supported and helped, and he will not have to walk this

path alone," Tomsula said. ership down. He will not have to walk this path alone. We’ re not worried about foot› ball. It has nothing to do with

football." S mith d enied h e

wa s

driving under the influence during a b r ief i nterview with a local television sta›


regime tothe new has been

"The kids are not real ex›

welcomed by junior offensive

cited about what’s gone on, as far as losing 12 of their last

lineman Sean Harlow. "It’s awesome," said Harlow,

14 Pac-12 games," Andersen

who was a starter the past two

said. "That’s not something where they said, ’Look at

Smith told KTVU Fox 2 as he

walked out of jail. "There’ s no DUI. I’m sorry for the way this whole thing I want everybody t o un d erstand

the situation that happened could have been handled

differently." Tomsula declined to speak about specifics of Smith’s ar› rest, but he offered, "We’ re

dealing with human beings, living, breathing human be› ings. There are things that need to be addressed with 100 percent of what he has,"

ed Smith and accused him of the coach said.

seasons under Riley. "I think

change is a good thing some› times. It’s new blood in here, to get better. They’ ve come to a younger staff overall and work and they’ ve adjusted to they just have a lot of energy, the situation, in a lot of differ› you can feel that from them. "Talking to them, I feel ent ways. "Newness and youth brings like they’ re all ADD (atten› excitement, and that’s good. tion-deficit disorder) some› But how we handle that mov› times. They’ re all hyper and ing forward will be the key to you know that they all love the season." football, they want to be out The players are anxious to here and want the best for us." see how their practice in the Like the coaches, Harlow spring and over the summer cannot wait to get the new will translate to game readi› season going. It starts for the ness, according to offensive Beavers on Sept. 4, a Friday line coach T.J. Woods. night home game against FCS "The excitement is palpa› opponent Weber State. "I’m excited," he said. "A ble," said Woods, who came to Oregon State with Anders› new staff, a new season where en from Wisconsin. "The kids we get to start over, start fresh want to see how their hard and make a new name for us. work will pay off, what kind The Andersen era is about to of product are we going to be be something special." able to put on the field. How quickly Andersen and "It’s fall now, so everything his staff can make the Bea› gets turned up an extra notch vers relevant remains to be and I’m excited to see who will seen. But coaches and play› respond to that extra inten› ers at Reser Stadium on Fri› sity. I know they’ ve worked day think it’s going to happen really hard, so I want to see sooner rather than later. what they will be able to do." — Reporter: 541-617-7868, The change from the old kduke@bendbulletin.corn. what we’ ve done.’ They want

ter two seasons at Wisconsin

Big Ten Conference. "The kids are in a very good spot and it looks like they’ re in good shape. "A lot o f b o dies have changed in a positive way, which you would expect from a young football team." Andersen has implemented a "big brother" program for the Beavers, in which a veter› an player is responsible for a younger player on the squad. "I think our veterans are in a good spot to accept their l eadership roles," he e x › plained. "The ’big brother’ program is a huge part of that.

Tomsula spoke to a couple of players but had a team meet› ing Friday afternoon. "Guys careabout him, we care about that guy, deeply," he said. Smith had said when camp began he was healthy and in great shape, "ready to go." While he is now free to sign with any team, not needing to go through waivers, he like› ly would first face another lengthy NFL suspension. Santa Clara police arrest›

Oct. 17 at Wash. St., TBA Oct. 24 ~ C o lorado, TBA Oct. 31 at U t ah, TBA

said the 51-year-old Andersen, who came to Oregon State af›

"Although he won’t be playing football for the San

Smith was arrested Thurs› tion before Tomsula’s news day night on a day off from conference. training camp for players "Justice will b e s e rved, the fifth legal run-in since the truth w il l c ome out,"

recorders and microphones.


and vandalism.

A separate letter that Sym› Symmonds said. "It’s such a monds said he received sev› poorly worded document." eral weeks ago from the US› Since signing with Brooks ATF seems to include broader on Jan. 1, 2014, Symmonds, language. It mentions team who was formerly sponsored functions "at the athlete ho› by Nike, said he was asked by tel" and "during training." American officials to remove The letter also asks athletes to Brooks gear even while hav› "pack only Team USA, Nike ing morning coffee at the U.S. or non-branded apparel" for team’s hotel at the 2014 world Beijing. The word "only" is up› indoor championships in Po› percasedand underlined in the land. Surely, coffee is not an official team function, Sym› letter. The list of official gear in› monds said. cludes uniforms, bandannas, The USATF "has confis› headbands, hats, sweatbands, cated advertising space that I wristbands, socks, sports bras own," Symmonds, 31, said. He and travel bags, but it does not said the USATF "frequently include sunglasses, watches uses bullying tactics to force and shoes, according to the athletes to do what they want, even when they have no legal USATFletter. Geer, the USATF spokes› right to do that." He said he would comply woman, said the document regulating official attire ad› with regulations governing hered to industry standards attire if they were clearly de› that go v er n int e r nation› fined, adding, " I’m not f o r al sports and professional chaos." leagues. But Symmonds said the doc› "It’s very common in all ument he is being asked to sign

strived to balance the inter› ests of individual athletes with

those of the governing body. The USATF spends $2.5 mil› lion yearly on televised meets

that allowed athletes to wear whatever they wanted during

competitions and news confer› ences so that they could maxi› mize their endorsement poten› tial, Geer said. "The only time we limit what athletes can wear is when they

are representing the United States," Geer said. Symmonds said he had not

signed a statement of condi› tions before competing at the 2014 indoor worlds. The US›

ATF disputed this, saying it has Symmonds’ electronic sig› nature on file. In a statement, Brooks said:

"The conversation on athletes’ rights is worth having, as it has significant impact on their ability to pursue their dreams. Nick has carried that baton

for years, and our support of

sports to have star athletes seemed to violate his own con› him will continue regardless question, known as a state› whose personal contracts con› tract with Brooks. "I deserve of his competition" at the world ment of conditions, is included flict with their teams," Geer the right to know what an of› championships.

in the federation’s bylaws. It said. "Steph Curry is with stipulates that athletes agree Under Armour and L eBron

ficial team function is," Sym› Asked if he would main› monds said. "They haven’t de› tain the same position next to wear team gear at official James is with Nike. Both men fined that yet." year and potentially give up Judging by the recent letter a chance to compete at the functions while representing played in Adidas uniforms in from the USATF, Symmonds Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, the United States. the NBA finals last season." According to the document, But Symmonds said the said, the federation apparently Symmonds said: "It’s a really official team functions include document that American ath› wants him to wear Nike gear good question. I don’t know." He would first have to see competiti ons, awards ceremo› letes are being required to for the world championships nies and news conferences. sign takes the commitment far from the time he leaves his the regulations governing at› The document also mentions beyond the playing field. He apartment in Seattle. tire, Symmonds said. "It’s hard "other official team functions" called it ambiguous and over› "That’s absurd," he said. to say until I cross that bridge, Geer said th e f ederation I guess." that are not described in detail. reaching. "I can’t sign this,"


Mark Humphrey I The Associated Press

Tennessee rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota avoids offensive coordinator Jason Michael during a training camp drill this week. Mariota, who the Titans selected with the second overall pick of the NFL draft, has yet to throw an interception at camp.


that have to happen. The re›

Continued from C1

job of catching the football. I’ ve had time to go through my progressions and make my decisions. It’s not just me, it’s been this entire offensive

At Oregon, Mariota set the Pac-12 record with 353

straight completions without an interception from 2012 to 2013. In winning the Heisman Trophy, Mariota was inter› cepted only four out of the 445

ceivers have done a great


The Titans’ defense has been blamed for not intercept› passeshe attempted, and he ing the rookie quarterback finished his career with 105 yet in training camp. Ten› touchdown passes and just 14 nessee intercepted 12 passes

int erceptions. Coach Ken Whisenhunt said Friday that he noticed

announcers talking about

last season, tied for 21st in the

NFL. Defenders have gotten their hands on some balls without being able to pull

Mariota not throwing a lot of interceptions when catching

them in.

the quarterback’s games at Oregon on TV.

Wilson said the defense has

Cornerback Blidi Wreh› been reminded that no one

"It was something like that, has intercepted Mariota just so you’ re like, ’Wow, OK,’" yet. "He’s throwing it where Whisenhunt said. "You won›

der what it is going to be like only his receivers can catch when he gets to this level. So I the ball," Wreh-Wilson said. know it’s still early, but it’s ob› "That’s good for us because vious that he does a good job it gives us a chance to make with the football, and playing plays on a quarterback who’ s that position that’s a good very protective of the football, piece." and that’s always somebody M ariota was not a t h i s

you want to try to get the ball

sharpest Friday, complet› from." ing only 9 of 16 passes. He With Dick LeBeau running missed allfourpasses in one the defense, the Titans have team drill that included over› been making Mariotawork throwing Harry Douglas at and make fast decisions. The the sideline and missing tight rookie so far looks to pass end Craig Stevens after be› first and run if necessary. ing bumped by running back Mariota also has had offen› Bishop Sankey in the pocket. sive linemen being rotated Justin Hunter had to leap and

in front of him as the Titans

grab a pass with his left hand t est players and work o n in a seven-on-seven drill. chemistry. "He’s been consistent," The rookie bounced back by completing all three pass› Whisenhunt said. "He’s good es in the next team drill. in the pocket and he makes M ariota said h e i s n o t good decisions. We’ ve had a thinking about continuing a number of pressure periods streak without being inter› which is, I think, important, cepted. Protecting the football because that’s what you’ re is something he has tried to going to see when you’ re a do everywhere he has played. young quarterback. So all of "It’s just being smart with this that he’s getting I think is the football and making good great work, it’s valuable, and d ecisions," M a r iota s a i d . I’ ve been pleased with how "Again, there’s a lot of things he’s handled it."



DOW 17,373.38 -46.37


O» To look upindividual stocks, goto bendbugetin.corn/business. Also seearecap in Sunday’s Businesssection.

S&P 500 2,077 . 57 -5.99

~ M

NA SDAQ 5,043. 5 4 -12.90

TOd8p Eye on the economy

2 060

Economists project that U.S. worker productivity increased in the April-June quarter. The Labor Department is expected to report on Tuesday that worker productivity rose at a rate of 1.1 percent in the second quarter. That would be up from a decline of 3.1 percent in the first three months of the year. The economy hit a soft patch in the winter. Gross domestic product contracted in the January-March quarter.

2,160 "


est. 1.1 -2.1






















Change: -5.99 (-0.3%) 17,240" ""’ 10 DAYS " "







2,040 "



... Close: 2,077.57


2,130 "



17,400" M



StocksRecap NYSE NASD

Vol. (in mil.) 3,548 1,964 Pvs. Volume 4,189 2,241 Advanced 1299 1083 Declined 1841 1698 New Highs 33 24 New Lows 1 98 1 6 9



Dow jones industrials

StoryStocks The stock market finished a rough week with another drop on Friday, despite news of strong hiring last month. The Labor Department said employers added 215,000 workers to their payrolls in July. The steady job growth suggests the Federal Reserve is likely to raise its benchmark interest rate this year. Across the market, the losses were modest but broad. Oil and gas companies led seven of the 10 sectors of the Standard 8 Poor’s 500 index lower. Wal-Mart and DuPont led the Dow Jones industrial average to losses. The Dow closed lower for the seventh straight day, its longest losing streak since 2011.










HIGH LOW CLOSE CHG. DOW 1741 4.94 17279.08 17373.38 -46.37 DOW Trans. 8363.77 8227.16 8250.85 -116.14 DOW Util. 592.45 579.49 590.45 +7.44 NYSE Comp. 10785.35 10728.48 10763.15 -36.29 NASDAQ 5055.56 5006.15 5043.54 -1 2.90 S&P 500 2081.91 2067.91 2077.57 -5.99 -2.29 S&P 400 1489.89 1482.10 1488.16 Wilshire 5000 21923.30 21751.87 21852.59 -70.71 -8.95 Russell 2000 1211.93 1200.41 1206.90


%CHG. WK MO QTR -0.27% -1.39% L »1.28% L L L -0.34% -0. 26% L L -0.29% L -0.15% -0.32% -0.74%


’14. :’15

Alaska Air Group ALK 40.69 ~ Aviate Corp A VA 30.10 ~ B ank of America BAC 14 . 9 0 ~ B arrett Business BB S I 1 8.25 ~ Boeing Co BA 116.32 ~ o Cascade Baacorp C ACB 4 .14 o Columbia Bnkg C O L B 23.90 ColumbiaSportswear COLM 34.25 ~ Costco Wholesale CO ST 117.11 ~ 1 Craft Brew Alliance BREW 8.16 o FLIR Systems F LIR 28.32 ~ Hewlett Packard HPQ 29 , 52 o — Intel Corp INTO 27.62 ~ K EY 11.55 ~ Keycorp Kroger Co K R 2 4 .29 ~ Lattice Semi LSCC 4.07 o — LA Pacific L PX 1246 ~ MDU Resources MDU 1 6 .63 o Mentor Graphics MENT 18.25 ~ Microsoft Corp MSF T 4 0.12 ~ Nike Inc 8 NKE 75.90 o NordstromInc J WN 64.92 ~ Nwst Nat Gas NWN 41.81 ~ Paccar Inc PCAR 55.34 ~ Planar Systms PLNR 3.02 ~ Plum Creek P CL 38.70 ~ Prec Castparts POP 186.17 ~ Schnitzer Steel SCH N 15.06 o Sherwin Wms SHW 202.01 ~ Stancorp Fncl SFG 60.10 ~ Starbucks Cp S BUX 35.38 ~ UmpquaHoldings UM PQ 14.70 ~ 1 US Bancorp US B 38.10 ~ Washington Fedl WA F D 19.52 ~ 2 WellsFargo & Co WFC 4 6.44 ~ 5 Weyerhaeuser WY 2 9.63 a

Source: FactSet

Job market monitor A new Labor Department survey of job openings should provide insight into how the U.S. labor market is doing. The June Job Openings and Labor Turnover survey, or JOLTS, is due out on Wednesday. The survey provides figures for overall hiring, as well as the number of quits and layoffs. Job openings stayed close to a 15-year high in May. Even so, the level of advertised jobs hasn’t driven the same kind of increase in actual hiring.

JOLTS job openings in millions



est. 5,3


5 .1 5 . 1 5.0

4.8 J






2015 Source: FactSet

Better quarter? JC Penney reports its fiscal second-quarter results on Friday. Financial analysts anticipate that the department store operator’s quarterly loss narrowed versus a year earlier. Penney has been trying to recover from a disastrous makeover orchestrated by former CEO Ron Johnson. Under his tenure, the company alienated customers and lost billions in revenue in a revamp that eliminated discounting and some basicmerchandise.


YTD -2.52% -9.73% -4.47% -0.70% +6.49% +0.91% +2.46% +0.84% +0.18%

80.53 77 . 9 9 + . 2 4 +0.3 L L 38.34 32. 8 0 +. 3 0 +0.9 V L L 18.48 17 . 7 5 -.06 -0.3 V V 63.45 37 . 4 7 - .06 -0.2 V 158. 8 3 14 2.42 -1.40 -1.0 V V 5.49 5 . 5 0 + . 0 5 +0.9 L L 33.50 32 .71 + . 04 +0.1 L L 74. 7 2 67.61 +1.24 +1.9 V L 56.8 5 1 45.26 -1.18 -0.8 L 17. 8 9 8. 8 7 + . 0 5 +0.6 T V 34.46 31. 9 7 +. 3 2 +1.0 L L V 41,1 0 29 . 4 1 -.73 -2,4 V 37.90 2 8. 8 8 -.13 -0.4 L V 15.70 14 . 6 4 -.17 -1.1 V V 39.40 3 7. 8 2 -.90 -2.3 V V 7.79 4.13 +. 0 3 + 0.7 v Y 18 64 1586 + 05 +0 3 L V 31. 7 3 1 7 .12 + .04 +0.2 V V 27. 38 25.90 +.25+1.0 V V V 50.05 46 . 7 4 + . 12 +0.3 L L 11 7.72114.51 -.61 -0.5 V L 83.16 74.9 1 +. 4 3 +0 .6 V V 52.5 7 43. 8 7 +. 5 2 +1.2 L Y V 71.1 5 6 2. 9 5 -.35 -0.6 V 9.17 4.44 +. 6 9 +18.4 L L 45.26 4 1. 1 8 -.10 -0.2 L L 249. 1 2 19 3.88 + . 07 ... V L 28. 44 16 . 29 -.04 -0.2 L V 294. 3 5 26 9.34 -2.38 -0.9 V V 114. 7 7 11 4.23 -.11 -0.1 L L L 59.32 57 . 2 0 - .03 -0.1 V 8.9 2 17.40 -.15 -0.9 V V 46.26 4 5. 1 1 -.10 -0.2 V L V 4.2 5 23.26 -.06 -0.3 L L 8.7 7 57.47 -.06 -0.1 37. 0 4 3 1 .0 6 + . 40 +1.3 L V

rid a y’s close: $149.17 Price earnings ratio’ GB



&md Focus

Most Active VOL (ggs) LAST CHG

SunEdison BkofAm AquinoxPh ChesEng Apple Inc

14.96 -2.12 17.75 -.06 10.42 +8.63 8.32 +.13 115.52 +.39 4.43 -.25 22.98 +2.53 6.05 -.44 9.41 -.50 2.64 + . 19

879755 697075 618731 383629 377677 375915 342741 338686 330711 298447

Groupon Nvidia Petrobras Alcoa Zynga

Gainers NAME

AquinoxPh Engility CareerEd Stamps.cm Zynerba n Atlas Res Atlas Eng Ashford n NuSkin 2U

LAST 10.42 30.44 4.20 84.40 24.54 3.63 2.99 65.00 47.23 38.31

CHG %CHG +8.63 +482.1 +8.37 + 37.9 +.95 + 2 9.2 »18.33 + 2 7.7 +5.22 + 27.0 +.77 + 2 6.9 +.60 + 2 5.1 »11.25 + 2 0.9 +8.07 + 20.6 +6.26 + 19.5

Losers NAME CentAI Fluidigm

LAST 5.18 12.85 NeoPhoton 5.76 LSB Inds 23.01 Tangoe 7.09

CHG %CHG -3.04 -37.0 -7.08 -35.5 -3.12 -35.1 -12.09 -34.4 -3.26 -31.5

Foreign Markets NAME

Price change 1-yr MNST 129 1 %

(Ba s ed on past 12-month results)




Selected Mutualpunds

pired contract cut into sales.

$50 40 30

J J A 52-week range $$7.7$ ~ $111.35


J J A 52-week range $21.$7 ~ $47.33

Vol.:2.0m (1.8x avg.) P E: 2 3.9 Vol.:2.0m (13.2x avg.) P E : 37.4 Mkt. Cap:$14.22 b Y i e ld: 2.4% Mkt.Cap:$523.09 m Yie ld: ... TTI Close:$5.19%0.19 or 3.8% The oil and gasservicescompany reported better-than-expected sec› ond-quarter earnings and revenue and gave an upbeat outlook.



GRPN Close: $4.43 %-0.25 or -5.3% The online daily deal service met profit expectations, but its revenue fell short of forecasts and it gave a disappointing outlook.







52-week range $4.$2~




P E: ..

Mkt. Cap:$413.32 m

Y ield : . .

$$.2$ ~


Vol.:39.0m (4.1x avg.) Mkt. Cap: $2.99 b

P E: . . . Yield: ...

NDLS Stamps.corn STMP Close:$1 2.65 Y-2.49 or -16.4% Close:$84.40 L18.33 or 27.7% The restaurant chain reported The Internet-based postage compa› worse-than-expected second-quar› ny reported better-than-expected ter profit and revenue and gave a second-quarter profit and provided disappointing outlook. an upbeat outlook. $18 $90

Noodles & Co.





J J A 52-week range $$$.$7 ~ $28.02 Vol.:1.4m (4.4x avg.) P Mkt. Cap:$360.17 m

70 60

J J A 52-week range $31.04 $85.36 E: 53.6 Vol.:1.7m (8.6x avg.) P E:4 8 . 1 Yield : ... Mkt. Cap: $1.38 b Yield: ...


FLDM Close:$1 2.85V-7.08 or -35.5% The maker of equipment to control fluids reported worse-than-expected second-quarter financial results and a disappointing outlook. $30 20


Iconix Brand Group


Close: $14.92V-4.68 or -23.9% The brandmanagement company said that CEO Neil Cole will step down and Peter Cuneo will step in as chairman and interim CEO. $30 20


J J A M J J A 52-week range 52-week range $10.$0~ $4 $.$$ $1$,$4~ $4 $. 14 Vol.:5.9m (14.3x avg.) P E: . . Vol.:10.2m (10.2x avg.) P E: 5 . 4 Mkt. Cap: $370.89 m Yie ld: ..Mkt. Cap:$712.21 m Yield : ...

SOURCE: Sungard

The yield on the 10-year Treasury fell to 2.17 percent Friday. Yields affect rates on mort› gages and other consumer loans.



3 -month T-bill . 0 6 .0 7 6-month T-bill . 2 0 .19 52-wk T-bill .35 .36 2-year T-note . 7 2 .71 5-year T-note 1.57 1.61 10-year T-note 2.17 2.23 30-year T-bond 2.82 2.89


-0.01 L + 0 .01 L L -0.01 L L


+ 0 .01 L -0.04 L -0.06 V -0.07 V

L .43 L 1.60 L 2.41 V 3.22


5-yr *

Sound Shore Investors is a large-cap value fund that holds FAMILY American Funds just under 40 stocks, it carries Morningstar’s silver-medal analyst rating for expected performance.

PERCENT RETURN Yr RANK FUND N AV CHG YTD 1YR 3YR BYR 1 3 5 AMCAPA m 28.19 -.99 +4.0 +10.1 +18.5+16.1 D 8 8 AmBalA m 24.80 -.94 +1.4 +7.3 +11.6+11.6 A A A CaplncBuA m 59.12 -.17 +0.9 +3.5 +8.2 +8.7 A 8 A CpwldGrlA m 47.31 -.10 +3.9 +5.6 +13.1+10.1 C C C EurPacGrA m 50.26 -.99 +6.6 +4.8 +10.8 +7.2 C 8 C FnlnvA m 52.89 -.19 +3.4 +10.1 +16.0+14.0 C C C Sound Shore Investors (SSHFX) GrthAmA m 45.20 -.17 +5.9 +12.4 +18.1+14.9 0 8 0 IncAmerA m 21.17 -.96 -0.4 +3.4 +9.7+10.3 D C 8 VALUE B L EN D GR OWTH InvCoAmA m 37.16 -.99 +1.7 +8.3 +15.8+13.8 D C D oNewPerspA m38.88 -.15 +7.2 +10.7 +14.5+12.1 A 8 8 $$ WAMutlnvA m40.47 -.11 -0.3 +7.4 +14.3+14.4 8 C A Co Cc Dodge &Cox Income 13.6 1 + .91 +0.2 + 1 .0 + 2.8 +4.0 D A B IntlStk 42.63 - . 2 3 +1.2 -3.1 +13.0 +7.8 E A A Stock 180.3 7 - . 83 +1.3 + 7 .2 +18.6+15.8 8 A A o› $$ Fidelity Contra 104. 4 3 - .31+7.6 +15.0 +17.5+16.2 C C 8 co ContraK 104 . 41 -.31+7.7 +15.1 +17.6+16.3 C C 8 LowPriStk d 52.24 -.18 +4.0 + 9 .4 +17.3+15.4 A B 8 Fidelity Spartan 5 0 0 ldxAdvtg 73.36 -.21 +2.1 +11.0 +16.4+15.5 8 B A $$ FraakTemp-Frank li n IncomeC m 2.28 -.91-3.3 -5.4 +5.8 +7.1 E C 8 IncomeA m 2. 25 -.91 -3.0 - 5.0 +6.2 +7.6 E 8 A Co FraakTemp-TempletonGIBondAdv 11 .97 -.93 -1.7 - 2.1 +2.7 +4.0 8 A A Oakmark Intl I 24.93 -.12 +6.8 + 4 .7 +15.6 +9.6 8 A A MorningstarOwnershipZone Oppenheimer RisDivA m 20 . 98 . . . +0 . 9 +9.7 +13.5+13.0 C E D OeFund target represents weighted RisDivB m 1 7.73 . . . + 0 .4 + 8.8 +12.6+12.0 0 E E average of stock holdings RisOivC m 17 . 61 +.91+0.5 +8.9 +12.7+12.2 C E E • Represents 75% of fund’s stock holdings SmMidValA m 48.99 -.22 -1.1 + 7.1 +17.6+12.4 C 8 E SmMidValB m40.36 -.19 -1.5 +6.3 +16.7+11.5 C C E CATEGORY:LARGE VALUE T Rowe Price GrowStk 57.8 7 - . 21+11.4 +19.8 +20.1+18.3 A A A HealthSci 82.4 0 - . 50+21.2 +45.6 +36.1+32.3 A B A BIORNINBS TAR Newlncome 9. 5 0 +.92+0.6 + 1 .8 + 1.9 +3.2 C C D BATINB~ ****A Vanguard 500Adml 192.95 -.55 +2.1 +11.0 +16.4+15.5 8 8 A ASSETS $1,682 million 500lnv 192.93 -.55 +2.1 +10.9 +16.3+15.4 8 8 8 EXPRATIO .92% CapOp 54.36 -.10 +3.1 +14.6 +23.5+17.3 C A A BIIH. INIT.INVEST. $10,000 Eqlnc 30.86 -.12 +0.2 +7.5 +14.1+15.2 8 C A PERCEN TLOAD N/L IntlStkldxAdm 26.68 -.96 +4.0 -2.3 +8.2 NA E D HISTORICALRETURNS StratgcEq 33.11 -.17 +2.9 +11.1 +20.9+18.6 A A A TgtRe2020 28.98 -.93 +1.8 +5.1 +9.5 +9.3 A A A Return/Rank Tgtet2025 16.86 -.92 +2.0 +5.4 +10.4 +9.9 A 8 8 YEAR-TO-DATE +0.2 TotBdAdml 10.78 +.92 +0.6 +2.2 +1.7 +3.1 8 0 0 1-YEAR +5.7/C Totlntl 15.95 -.94 +3.9 -2.4 +8.1 +5.1 E D E 3-YEAR +19.4/A TotStlAdm 52.27 -.16 +2.2 +10.7 +16.7+15.7 8 8 A 5-YEAR +15.0/A TotStldx 52.25 -.16 +2.2 +10.6 +16.6+15.5 8 8 A 3and5-yearretc$csareennuaazed. USGro 32.62 -.93 +9.1 +20.2 +20.2+17.8 A A A

LAST CHG %CHG -37.36 -.72 Paris 5,154.75 London 6,71 8.49 -28.60 -.42 -94.27 -.81 Frankfurt 11,490.83 Hong Kong24,552.47 +1 77.19 +. 73 -.13 Mexico 44,862.14 -59.08 Milan 23,705.00 -1 06.09 -.45 Tokyo 20,724.56 +60.12 + . 29 Stockholm 1,61 2.28 -9.29 -.57 Rank: Fund’s letter gradecomparedwith others in Fund Footnotes: b -Feecovering marketcosts is paid from fund assets. d - Deferredsales charge, cr redemption Sydney 5,472.33 -1 27.79 -2.28 the same group; an Aindicates fund performed in fee. f - front load (salescharges). m - Multiple feesarecharged, usually amarketing fee»odeither a sales or Zurich 9,408.27 -49.72 -.53 the top 20 percent; an E, in the bottom 20 percent. redemption fee.Source: Mornirgstar.



The price of oil settled below $44 per barrel for the first time in nearly five months. It was the sixth drop for oil in the last seven days. Gold rose for the third time in four days.

Crude Oil (bbl) Ethanol (gal) Heating Oil (gal) Natural Gas (mmbtu) UnleadedGas(gal)

Foreign Exchange The dollar was mixed against other currencies. It rose against the euro and Swiss franc but dropped against the Japanese yen and British pound.

hfdf 88


Gold (oz) Silver (oz) Platinum (oz) Copper (Ib) Palladium (oz)

.02 .04 .09


Barclays LongT-Bdldx 2.66 2.75 -0.09 V V Bond Buyer Muni Idx 4.37 4.39 -0.02 V V 46 2 Barclays USAggregate 2.41 2.44 -0.03 L L PRIME FED Barcl aysUS HighYield 6.86 6.77 +0.09 V L RATE FUNDS Moodys AAA Corp Idx 4.06 4.08 -0.02 L V Source: factSet TEST3.25 .13 B arclays CompT-Bdldx 1.85 1.86 -0.01 V V 6 MO AGO3.25 .13 Barclays US Corp 3.43 3.44 -0.01 L L 1 YR AGO3.25 .13

3 -yr* 29 4


52-week range

Vol.:3.2m (5.1x avg.)


Monster Beverage’s latest earnings report was a dud, falling short of analysts’ estimates for both earnings and revenue. So why did its stock jump 3 percent Friday? Investors looked past the disappointing results and focused on expectations for better times ahead. Analysts said results for the second quarter, where revenue rose less than 1 percent from a year earlier, were hurt by temporary factors, as the company moved more of its distribution to Coca-Cola. The beverage giant took a 16.7 percent stake in Monster Beverage in a deal that closed in mid-June. "Importantly, we believe the negative impact is largely behind the company," Stifel analysts wrote in a research report following the earnings report’s release. Monster Beverage’s revenue picked up at the end of the quarter with July up 14 percent which may bode well for future results.




pointing second-quarter profit and revenue as a plant outage and ex›



+30. 5 +8 2 .6 66 0 1 6 0. 8 0 -7.2 + 9 . 7 20 9 1 8 1. 3 2 -0.8 +18.5 69708 19 0 .20 +36. 8 - 30.8 137 d d 0 . 88 +9.6 +24 . 5 2 8 30 1 9 3 . 6 4 +6.0 +1.7 169 23 +18. 5 +3 3 .6 1 9 7 2 1 0 . 72a + 5 1.8 +78.6 270 34 0.60 +2.5 +27 . 6 1 203 28 1 . 6 0 -33.5 -23.9 9 1 cc -3.8 -7.2 1089 20 0 . 44 -26.7 -12,1 10247 12 0 ,70 -20.4 -8.8 25302 12 0.96 +5.3 +1 4 .2 11484 14 0 .30 +17. 8 +5 8 .8 9 064 20 0 .42f -40.1 - 42.3 787 d d - 42 + 17 2 2 599 d d -27.1 -40.7 1367 dd 0 . 73 +1 8.2 +27.3 346 22 0.22 +0.6 +11 . 9 18705 32 1 .24 +19. 1 +5 0 .6 2 931 31 1 . 1 2 -5.6 + 9 . 4 1 111 2 0 1 . 48 - 12.1 + 7. 7 1 1 0 2 4 1 . 8 6 -7.4 +7. 0 1 6 96 1 4 0 . 96f - 47.0 + 2. 2 3 5 1 1 3 - 3.8 + 6 . 3 8 5 8 3 8 1 . 7 6 -19.5 - 15.1 61 0 1 6 0 . 12 -27.8 -35.5 432 d d 0 . 75 +2.4 +32 . 2 69 4 2 7 2. 6 8 + 63. 5 +8 7 .2 3 8 6 2 0 1 . 30f +39. 4 +5 0. 1 7 639 2 6 0.64 +2.3 +8.7 15 5 8 1 7 0. 6 0 $ -0.4 +12 .5 4 5 73 1 4 1 . 02f + 5.0 +13 . 7 43 6 1 4 0. 5 2 +4.8 +17. 8 1 3494 14 1 . 5 0 -13.5 + 0.7 2 943 3 0 1 . 16

:::",;"" Monster shares jump



L L L L L L L L L T L V V V L v V V

LSB Industries LXU Close $2301 V 1209or 344/o The chemical maker reported disap›


Tetra Technologies

Dividend Footnotes: a -Extra dividends werepaid, but arenot included. b -Annual rate plus stock. c -Liquidating dividend. e -Amount declared or paid inlast 12months. I - Current annual rate, whichwasincreased bymost recentdividendannouncement. i Sum of dividends paidafter stock split, no regular rate. I Sumof dividends paidthis year.Most recent dividend wasomitted cr deferred. k - Declared cr paidthis year, acumulative issue with dividends in arrears. m Current annualrate, which wasdecreasedbymost recentdividend announcement. p Initial dividend, annual rate oct known, yield nct shown. r Declared or paid in preceding 12months plus stock dividend. t - Paid in stock, approximate cash value cn ex-distribution date. PE Footnotes: q Stock is a closed-end fund - no P/Eratio shown. cc P/Eexceeds99. dd - Loss in last 12 months.

MpnSter Beverage (MNST) F


Close:$89.73 V-2.47 or -2.7% The chocolate bar and candy com› pany reported a second-quarter loss on charges and its revenue fell flat on weak China sales. $100


Q4 I Q 1 Q2

4 EURO . +.0048 $1.0970

CRUDEOIL $43.87 -.79

Close: 17,373.38 Change: -46.37 (-0.3%)

North westStocks Q1 Q 2


SILVER $14.82 +.15

17,700 " "


seasonally adjusted annualized change 3.9


2,040' " ""’10 DAYS



4 GOLD $1,094.10 , +3.90

10-YR T-NOTE 2.17% -.06

S8$P 500

Saturday, August S, 20ts



V 3.05 V 4.50 L 2.29 L 5.78 L 4 16 . V 1.8 9 L 2.95

CLOSE PVS. %CH. %YTD 43.87 44.66 -1.77 -1 7.7 1.46 1.46 +0.21 -1 0.1 1.54 1.55 -0.41 -16.4 -3.2 2.80 2.81 -0.53 1.62 1.65 -1.51 +1 3.1

CLOSE PVS. 1094.10 1090.20 14.82 14.67 962.20 956.00 2.34 2.35 596.40 599.30

%CH. %YTD -7.6 +0.36 +1.00 -4.8 +0.65 -20.4 -0.28 -17.5 -0.48 -25.3


CLOSE PVS. %CH. %YTD -9.7 1.50 1.50 -0.10 Coffee (Ib) 1.28 1.24 +2.86 -23.3 -6.1 Corn (bu) 3.73 3.70 +0.81 Cotton (Ib) 0.63 0.64 - 1.15 + 4 . 2 Lumber (1,000 bd ft) 259.00 260.80 -0.69 -21.8 -5.4 Orange Juice (Ib) 1.32 1.31 +0.76 Soybeans (bu) 10.09 9.86 +2.38 -1.0 Wheat(bu) 5.11 5.07 +0.69 -1 3.4 1YR.

MAJORS CLOSE CHG. %CHG. AGO USD per British Pound 1.5492 -.0022 -.14% 1.6833 Canadian Dollar 1.3 134 +.0014 +.11% 1.0926 USD per Euro 1.0970 +.0048 +.44% 1.3359 -.54 -.43% 102.07 JapaneseYen 124.17 Mexican Peso 16. 1408 -.1899 -1.18% 13.2958 EUROPE/AFRICA/MIDDLEEAST Israeli Shekel 3.8053 +.0056 +.15% 3.4778 Norwegian Krone 8 . 2616 -.0215 -.26% 6.2443 South African Rand 12.6449 -.0780 -.62% 10.7744 Swedish Krona 8.7 7 2 8 + .0297 +.34% 6.9097 Swiss Franc .9836 +.0026 +.26% . 9 090 ASIA/PACIFIC Australian Dollar 1 3500 -.0123 .91% 1.0787 Chinese Yuan 6.2076 +.0003 +.00% 6.1647 Hong Kong Dollar 7.7525 +.001 5 +.02% 7,7511 Indian Rupee 63.729 +.004 +.01% 61,465 Singapore Dollar 1.3838 +,0001 +.01% 1,2518 South KoreanWon 1165.24 +1.59 +.14% 1037,66 -.00 -.00% 30.04 Taiwan Dollar 31.65

' www.bendbulletin.corn/business


BRIEFING Bi-Mart manager King retires Janet King, manager of the Prineville Bi-Mart store, retired Fridayafter nearly 40 yearswith the company. Kinghasspent the last five years atthe Prineville location, but previously worked atBi› Mart stores in Corvallis, Bend, Redmond,Sisters and La Pine.Sheleft just before her 40th anniver› sary, which would have occurred in October. In her retirement, King said she hopesto spend time hiking and biking while she’s still in good health, and spend time with her18-month› old granddaughter. "I’ ve given alot of time to this company," King said. "I love this company, but it’s time for a change." Bi-Mart is headquar› tered in Eugeneand has 75 stores across the Pacific Northwest, according to the compa› ny’s website.

EDCOadds coordinator Economic Develop› ment for Central Oregon announcedFriday that it has filled anewstaff po› sition: key industry coor› dinator.G. Matt Sybrant, who had worked atEDCO as an intern sinceMay, will fill the role. Roger Lee,executive director of EDCO, said the position wascreated to work with industries bioscience, outdoor products andhigh-tech products that had developed acritical mass but still neededhelp to continue growing. He addedthat Sybrant would be working with people within the indus› tries to ensurecontinuity, and to makesure they leverageexisting re› sources effectively. The newposition was made possible through a combination of public and private money.The Bend EconomicDevelop› ment Advisory Boardand a grant from theMaybelle Clark MacdonaldFund helped fund theposition. Lee said Sybrant’s back› ground includes residen› tial design andbusiness startups. "I think hehasdemon› strated hispassionfor this role as anintern," Leesaid. — Bulletin staff repolt


BIZ CALENDAR MONDAY • 3-0 ScanningApplicationsandLive Demonstrations:Learn about software, andwhat it can do for single users and larger enterprises;6 p.m.; High Desert Maker Mill, 213 SWColumbia St., Bend; www.meetup.corn/ HighDesertMakerMilli events/223041229/ or 541-241-8825. • Pitch YourBizwith Passion 8 Prowess:Learn to deliver your pitch to investors with passion, with speaker andcoach Diane Allen;6:30p.m.; limited seating; Bend Creative Space, 9855 1 Fourth St., Suite 105, Bend; http: //tiny.cc/pitchbiz or 541-61 7-0340.

• For the complete calendar, pick up Sunday’sBulletin or visitbendbulletin.corn/bizcal

e n rone iz By Stephen Hamway The Bulletin

Bend resident Austin Bus›

kohl plans to take to the skies with his background in wild› life and fisheries science. Buskohl purchased his first drone, a Yuneec Typhoon Q500, in May with the goal of starting an aviation business

in o

ro u n

tion of the drone they plan to

has three FAA-approved test

more on creating content for

ranges. Allen said there are

real estate developers, rafting

tion July 24 from the Federal

fly, its intended purpose and the location where it would be

Aviation Administration to

operating to prove that their

around 100 companies in the state with ties to the UAV

conduct aerial surveying commercially.

usage merits an exemption. If the FAA grants the exemp› tion, the agency may impose restrictions on the speed and altitude of the drone, among other things. "It’s a fairly simple process,

companies and golf courses. "Technology allows you to see things from a completely different perspective," Har› bert said.

but one hurdle is complete. Buskohl received an exemp›

The exemption is known in

the industry as a "333 exemp› tion," in reference to Section

industry. Those range from large companies to firms like Ridgeline Aerial, which for› mally registered as a compa›

Harbert is still early in the

process, but he has two drones 333 of the FAA Modernization the end of July. and a website. Currently, he is that could monitor wildlife and Reform Act of 2012. The Ridgeline Aerial is a side actively soliciting logo designs habitats using drones for pub› exemption allows small oper› overall," Allen said. project by Brad Harbert, who through the Chicago-based lic agencies and private nature ators to fly unmanned aerial According to the FAA’s worked at a m arketing agency crowdsourcing and design companies without adversely vehicles commercially, and website, the agency had grant› in Georgia before moving up company Crowdspring, where affecting the wildlife. the agency grants them on a ed 1,111 exemptions nationally to Bend full time about a year companiescan setaprice and "The premise is to be a case-by-case basis. as of Thursday evening. Allen and a half ago. choose from designs from helpful company," Buskohl Chuck Allen, executive added that the number of peti› Like Buskohl, Harbert ac› freelancegraphicdesigners. "There’s a lot of applications said. "It allows me to get out director of SOAR Oregon, a tions and approvals has quired his drones with the idea into the field and help some of nonprofit designed to advance increased in recent months. of beginning a photo and video (for drones), and I think the in› "The curve is moving up› these organizations." the drone industry in the state, business. However, Harbert, dustry is still trying to figure The company, tentatively said when they apply to the ward right now," Allen said. who has been a photo hobbyist things out," Harbert said. called Central Oregon Aeri› FAA, users like Buskohl need That industry growth has since before getting involved — Reporter: 541-617-7818, al, is still in its early stages, to provide a detailed descrip› extended into Oregon, which with drones, wants to focus shamway@bendbulletm.corn ny with the state of Oregon at

uc connections rin t ainartisttocee s' omes

A ito By Rick Romell

smiths and other craftspeople

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Milwaukee has supplied in abundance.

MILWAUKEE For years, John McWilliam tried to crack the music business


composing, performing, hitting industry conventions, showcasing his skills, seek› ing the break that would let him drop his painting busi›

realm, running an indus› trial-chic, metal-smithing, wood-shaping shop called Scathain and enjoying the

Some of the mirrors that Scathain is known for rest in the showroom in Milwaukee. The company specializes in various textures

satisfaction of seeing his

and patterns in the mirrored glass aswell as unique frames.

Michael Sears / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

landed a job shooting pic› tures for Ann Sacks.

bought from Justin Bieber. Actor Neil Patrick Har›

Working at the tile firm’s showroom on E. 18th St. in New York, Tom overheard a lament from Ann Sacks mer›

ris has tiles fashioned by

chandising director Michael

Scathain in his Harlem town›

Merritt. Merritt had found a new

Angeles-area mansion she

The Associated Press

employees. Now, the firm em› ploys 25 people. Sales totaled about $1.5 million in 2014, and this year will probably be about $2 mil› lion, McWilliam said. He’s aiming for more. He

But now, at 51, McWilliam has found another creative

Scathain mirror in the Los

By Joyce M. Rosenberg

firm of Wisconsin business› Diane Hendricks and a new restaurant at Lambeau Field started in 2008 with no

"I remember working re› ally hard trying to make it," he said. It never quite happened.


done work for Harley-David› son,thecommercial-property woman and billionaire

ness and do music full time.

work purchased by the world’s rich and famous. Reality TV personality Khloe Kardashian has a

which also has

Chip card changes surprise

recently completed Scaler› ator, a six-month training

program, taught by Babson College faculty, for Milwau› kee-area businesses deemed to have strong growth po›


A ma›

jority of small-businesses owners are unaware of an impending shift that could leave them liable for fraud committed with a new generation

of chip-imbedded credit cards. That’s the finding of a survey by Wells Fargo & Co., which asked 600 small-business owners

about the Oct. 1 deadline to get card readers and software to handle the

tential. Scalerator is part of

new credit cards. Retail› ers and other businesses

McWilliam connected with

Scale Up Milwaukee, an ini›

without equipment to

celebrity interior designer

tiative of the Greater Milwau› kee Committee.

handle the cards could be

Through Ann Sacks, Martyn Lawrence Bullard. Bullard, whose clients have

included Elton John, Cher, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, Tommy Hilfiger and Kid Rock, did the post-Bieber

McWilliam gave the train› ing program high marks. He’s now looking to branch

liable starting Oct. 1 if a customer commits fraud

with a chip card. But in the Wells Fargo

margins and the opportunity

survey, only 49 percent of owners of businesses that

makeover of Kardashian’s

to work high-end markets on

use card readers for trans›

Digest. Celebrity restaurateur Lisa Vanderpump (" Real tomer demand, but Merritt’s Housewives of Beverly Hills" ) sole source, a tiny operation purchased a bunch of McWil› in Bath, England, couldn’ t liam’s 20-inch-by-20-inch tiles turn out enough of it or with (some of them retail for more enough consistency in the than $500 each) for one of her finishes. "I was fuming over the restaurants in L.A.

house. Now, he’s specifying more

the East and West coasts. And he is thinking about financing beyond the occa› sional informal loan and his

actions said they were aware of the deadline.

And United Arab Emirates oilman Badr Jafar, whose

projects," Bullard said in an email. "... I am a huge advo›

house, which was featured this year in Architectural

family operates wells in Iraq, the Persian Gulf and else› where, "bought a whole gag› gle of stuff," McWilliam said. Much of Scathain’s celeb› rity work has come through its relationship with one of

Kohler Co.’s home furnish› ings units, the tile and stone supplier Ann Sacks. That

product he loved an un› usual, antique glass tile. It was enjoying strong cus›

of Scathain’s work, which he

called "truly beautiful," for a luxury boutique hotel in Istanbul. "It’s hard to find real artists

who understand the qual› ity level that I need in my

into retail, with its higher

$50,000 line of credit from the Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corp.

'A lot of opportunities'

cate of using artisans and am

"If we get some support, we couldlaunch more aggressive marketing campaigns and we

Merritt, who since has left

thrilled to find such a quality

could launch lines," McWil›

Ann Sacks, "and (Tom) is like, ’You know, my cous›

manufacturer in Milwaukee."

liam said. "There are a lot of opportunities that we could

installation of this product

while they were photograph› ing something else," said

in works with mirror in Milwaukee.’" It took awhile nearly two years as McWilliam remem› bers it but eventually an

agreementwas reached;tiles relationship dates to a chance were designed, fashioned and encounter and an overheard shipped; and McWilliam got conversation five years ago. his first check from his new McWilliam’s longtime customer. "It said ’Kohler’ on it, and painting and plastering I’m like, ’Wow ... is this for business had folded amid real’ ?’" the housing crash, and he’ d begun silvering mirrors and It was. In fact, Scathain working in metal. He’d found now sells about $500,000 a a bit of early success, most year in tiles to Ann Sacks, notably fashioning artistic McWilliam said. pieces for a boutique hotel in The Milwaukee shop’s Milwaukee, and the business products have proved very was slowly growing around popular, said Robin Richter, the time his cousin Tom, a spokeswoman for Kohler’s professional photographer, interiors businesses.

'Focused on the art' The artist in McWilliam

who started on classi› cal guitar at age 8, has a three-degrees-of -separation link to Andres Segovia and still plays daily, usually on his ’70s-era Taylor feels like he shouldn’t be gratified that his work has found favor with the wealthy.

"You want to be focused on

the art by itself, the purity,"

he said. All the same, it’s good to

take advantage of."

It looks like he’ ll get his chance. Sheldon Lubar, founder and chairman of the private investment firm that

bears his name, read about Scathain and got intrigued. Now, Ixonia Bank, where

The U.S. credit card in›

dustry is switching to chip cards because it’s harder for thieves to counterfeit them than it is to make

fake magnetic-stripe cards.

Most small-business owners haven’t made the switch to readers that can

process chip card trans› actions. Only 31 percent of those who use card

readers said they have the new equipment, and only 29 percent said they plan to get it by Oct. 1. Thirty-four percent plan to upgrade their equip› ment at some point in the future, and 21 percent said

Lubar is a director and holds

they don’t plan to get the

a stake, is in the early stages

new readers.

of exploring a relationship

Forty-six percent of owners who don’t plan

with Scathain. "There’s a lot there from

to get new readers by the

a talent point of view," bank

deadline said they don’ t


president and CEO Dan Westrope said. "And they’ ve

want to pay the costs for buying and installing the

McWilliam is the sole own› er of Scathain (Gaelic for mir› ror), which he’s built on word› of-mouth marketing, minimal outside financing and the

been growingtheirbusiness plan and evolving on the business side, so I’m thinking they’ ve got a great future." That should be pretty good

equipment and software, which can run into thou›

skills of carpenters, metal

to hear, too.

sands of dollars. And 41 percent said they’ re not

concerned about being lia› ble if fraud is committed.

PEOPLE ONTHEMOVE • BettyRoppe,mayor of Prineville, received aMayors Leadership Award in the small city category at the Oregon Mayors Association Summer Conference onJuly 30-Aug. 1 in Cottage Grove. Roppehasserved on the Prineville City Council for 1 years and hasserved as mayorfor 4y,years • Dan Stockelhas beenhired as project manager at R &H Construction, a commercial construction company located at 360 SW BondSt., No. 130. Stockel has nine years of construction

• Marco Urieta-Leonhasjoined Ascent Architecture & Interiors as a design professional. Urieta-Leon has bachelor’s and master’s degrees ’ ll in architecture from the University of Idaho. R oppe S t ockel Ko t al Threet Guest Jackson Casey Rees P r osser B orstel S t r o me Urete-Leon • Zak Sundstenhas beenhired experience andmost recently worked manager for a contractor in Omaha, Construction as acarpenter. at Coldwell Banker Mayfield Realty as vice president and commercial in Bend. as project manager for AlaskaNative Nebraska. • Brian Caseyhasjoined R & H relationship manager at Umpqua Regional Corporation. • JoelThreet has joined R8 H Construction as acarpenter. • Noah vonBorstel was the top Bank Century Drive office, 390 SW Construction as a j o urneyman • Vance Kotalhas joined R & H • Kris Reeswasthe top selling agent selling agent for July at John L.Scott Century Drive, Bend. Sundsten carpenter. Real Estate in Redmond. Construction as project engineer. for July at Coldwell BankerMayfield has 1 1years of experience in the • Bryan Guesthas joined R & H Realty in Bend. Kotai is a native of Sisters and prior • BobbleStromewasthe top listing commercial lending field and most Construction as acarpenter. toaccepting the position at R8 H • Kristin Prosserand Kris Rees agent for July at John L.Scott Real recently worked at High Desert Construction, Kotai served asproject • Jason Jacksonhasjoined R & H were the top listing agents for July Estate in Redmond. Bank.

IN THE BACK ADVICE Ee ENTERTAINMENT W Religious services, D2-3 Volunteer search, D4 Support groups, D5 THE BULLETIN • SATURDAY, AUGUST 8, 2015

O www.bendbulletin.corn/community


Juniper to host kids triathlon Juniper Swim &Fit› ness Center inBendwil host a triathlon for kids ages 4 to15 onAug. 23at its northeast Bendfacility. The eventwill include the traditional triathlon activities: swimming, bik› ing and runningandthe following lengths: • 4- to 6-year-olds: 25› yard swim, one-third mile bike and400-yard run • 7- to 9-year-olds: 50› yard swim, 1-mile bike and 800-yard run • 10- to 12-year-olds:

• RI

I I I I I II •gy

100-yard swim, 1f/t-mile

Bulletin file photo

bike and1-mile run • 13- to15-year-olds: 200-yard swim, 2-mile

Justin and Anna Scribner sit in their vintage pop-up trailer in the showroom of Flyte Camp in Bend.

bike and1t/t-milerun

The eventsarenot timed, asthegoal is for kids to havefun in asafe, encouragingenviron› ment. Theswimevents will take place inthe cen› ter’s supervisedpool. Bik› ing and runningwill take place inJuniper Parknear the center,which islocat›

Vintage trailer show rolls in


By Will Rubin The Bulletin

Most of the times Dal Smilie and his 1949 Curtis Wright camping

ed at 800 NESixth St.

Registration is open through Saturday,Aug. 22, at noonandcanbe done online atwww. bendparksandrec.orgor by calling 541-389-7665. The event is limited to100

participants. If spotsare still open,same-dayreg› istration will beavailable from 7:30 to8:15a.m. Participation costs $25 for in-district resi› dents and$30for out-of› district residents. The daybegins with a mandatory meeting at9 a.m. Racesbeginat 9:30 a.m.

Writers group seeks entries The Central Oregon Writers Guildseeks entries for its annualHar› vest Writing Contest. Deadline for entries is midnight Aug.16.All sub› missions must be1,200 words or fewerandfall under thecategories of fiction, nonfiction or po› etry. Thecontest is open to Oregonresidents. The top 10 winners will read at ashowcaseevent Oct. 24 attheHampton Inn andSuites. The entry fee is$15 for guild members or$20 for nonmembers.Forfull contest details, aswell as online entry information, go to www.centralore› gonwritersguild.corn. Email cowgcontest' gmail.corn for moreinfor› mation.

trailer have met up with caravans of

their peers, it’s been to the west of the Cascades. s

That changes this weekend when Smilie hosts one of the first vintage

t+ Photos by JarodOppennan/The Bulletin

Members of the Iron Maidens, from left to right and standing to sitting, Jsnice Reiss, Nsdine Katz, Shannon Smith, Wsnda Frisby, Lois Bristow and Barbara Kwiatkowski, stand by some of their classic cars on July 31 in Terrebonne.

restorations. One, Flyte Camp Vintage Trailer Restorations, is featured on the Great

American Country television network show "Flippin’ RVs." Though the rally lasts all weekend, the public session lasts from 11 a.m.

• Local women’ s club representsshift in classiccarculture

until 5 p.m. today, and is free to attend. Many attendees will treat that time

as literal open house and let people see the insides of their classic camp›

By Will Rubin

ers, according to Smilie. He’s hopeful that their overlap

The Bulletin

The Central Oregon

with the Flashback Cruz classic car

eventtodaywillencouragecross› overbetween thetw oclanswho

Classic Chevy Club s annual Flashback Cruz event start› ed Friday in Drake Park,

share a common interest in vintage transportation.

anchored by a free, public Show ’n’ Shine on today. Hundreds of cars will

That said, Smilie sees key differ› ences between the two events that he

hopes will showcase why he prefers vintage trailers over cars. "Car shows are all day, but people leave to go home," he said. "Trailer rallies are all day and night. It’s more

take over the park with

acres of shiny chrome and retro paint jobs on cars and trucks dating no earlier than 1979.

It’s a popular event each

participatory than observatory.

summer, but who exactly

brings those hot wheels into town’? A quick glance Bernie and Virginia Shapen with their 1956 Ford Country Sedan Wagon outside their home in around the world of gear Bend on July 30. heads would seem to show a one-sided demographic. Television shows like around the country. She herself had just pur› "A lot of women own History channel’s "Counting chased a red and black 1955 Cars" and longtime British hit "Top Gear" feature all›

their own cars or work with

Pontiac Chieftain. She then

realized that while there

male casts. More than 70

Toy drive, runto denefit children

percentofsubscribers to

Nadine Katz, who special›

izes in insuring classic cars. "Some even build cars; they

hesive faction of their own.

Two events this week› end will benefit disad› vantaged kids inCentral Oregon. Today, alocal real estate firm will host atoy drive during theNorth› West CrossingFarmers

Popular Mechanics maga› zine are male; nearly nine in 10 readers of Car and

know so much about the

Driver magazine have a Y chromosome.


Wanda Frisby, Barbara Kwiatkowski, Janice Reiss

Harcourts TheGarner Group is collecting new toys to donate toDevin’s Destiny, whichserves homeless children in Central Oregon,from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. inits farm› ers market booth. Devin’s Destiny esti› mates that1,100children in Central Oregonare homeless. Theorganiza› tion strives to providea birthday celebration for each child, aswell as oth› er forms of support. On Sunday,the Central Oregon ShrineClubwill host Runfor aChild at 9 a.m. in RiverbendPark. The 5Kand10Kevents will benefit Shriners Hospital for Children in Portland, whichhas treated 232children from Deschutes, Crookand Jefferson counties inthe past two years. — Bulletin staff reports

skirts of Bend. "Vintage trailers are becoming less of a niche and more of a popular thing here," Smilie said, citing four Bend-ar› ea businesses that specialize in trailer

their husband on one," said Redmond insurance agent


trailer rallies in Central Oregon at J Bar J Youth Ranch on the eastern out›

Don’t let those numbers

Katz started the Iron Maidens dassic car club

were a lot of women at area car shows, they lacked a co› Katz and her friends and Shannon Smith were

fool you. Women are fast becoming a noted, respect›

nearly a decade ago when she noticed an uptick in

the inaugural members of a group that now has 60 Oregon women on its email

ed part of attendance at car

women seeking to insure


shows and in body shops

their vintage automobiles.

There’s arealsenseofcamaraderie in the community. It’s camping, not competition."

Another way in which Smilie be› lieves trailer rallies set themselves apart from car shows is the all-inclu›

sive atmosphere.

If youlo

What:Flashback Cruz Show ’n’ Shine When:Todayfrom 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. Where:Drake Park, 777 NW Riverside Blvd., Bend Cost:Free Contact:541-480-5560 or rsss@bendbroad› band.corn

See Maidens /D5

SeeTrailers /D4

If yougo What:Bend Classic Vintage Trailer Rally When:Publicopenhousetoday from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. Where:J Bar J Youth Ranch, 62895 HambyRoad, Bend Cost:Free Contact:406-461-3714 or dalsmi› lie'aol.corn

Story of hijab-wearingbest-dressedteen reachesglobal audience it’s OK, and even hip, to be different.

By Hannan Adely

shared thousands of times on

The (New Jersey) Record

Facebook and Twitter, taking

CLIFTON, N.J. Abrar Shahin, the fashionable hi›

hold, it seemed, because of the

strong emotional response

ten so far and reached people

jab-wearing Muslim teenager who in June was voted best

it provoked. Both MTV and Seventeenmagazine devoted stories to her distinction.

I don’t even know," Shahin said in an interview. "I think

"It’s cool to see how it’s got›

it’s because a lot of people are Clifton High School, has be› A best-dressed award prob› happy to see something differ› come a global sensation as me› ably would have gone unno› ent andtohear about breaking dia outlets around the world ticed outside of school were it stereotypes." have picked up her story and given to any other teenager. Shahin earned the award, young people from as far away But Shahin is a hijabi, a term saidclassmates,because of as Indonesia have praised her. that describes women or girls her keen sense of style that Even actor Ashton Kutcher who wear an Islamic head› blends trendy fashions and ac› talked about Shahin on his scarfthat covers the head and cessories with a modest look Facebook page last week. neck. For Muslims, Shahin’s that follows Muslim tradition. "Worry about how you feel, recognition was a sign that The 800 or so students in the not what other people say," he they could be accepted and senior class were asked to wrote, with a link to her story, even admired while staying write down the names of any first reported in The Record. true to their faith. And young classmates, and she was cho› Shahin’s story circulat› people everywhere celebrat› sen as best dressed. ed on the Internet and was ed Shahin for showing that SeeBest dressed/D5 dressed by her senior class at

Amy Newman/The (New Jersey) Record via Tribune News Service

Clifton High School senior Abrsr Shahin, far right, mingles with friends prior to graduation on June 26 in Clifton, New Jersey. Shahin was awarded "best dressed" in the class of 2015.


a is'oinna iOna mare rOm ema 0

By Manya Brachear Pashman

mon ground that unites Af›

Chicago Yribune

rican-Americans and



J ews

transcends politics. "There’s a language ... a shared experience, shared oppression, shared depriva› tion, shared dehumanization, shared diminishment of dig›

Sab b at h su n

reached its highest point in the sky on Aug. 1, Chicago Rabbi Seth Limmer shoul› dered a Torah and helped lead a crowd across a bridge that has come to symbolize America’s deepest divide. In doing so, Limmer, the spiritual leader of Chicago Sinai Congregation, reenact›

nity that not everyone gets,"

he said. Rabbis say t he d e e p connection between Jews

ed a moment in the nation’s

a nd A f r i can-Americans i s summed up in one word: slav›

history that inspired him and many other clergy to become

ery. Just as African-Ameri› cans were slaves in America,

men and women of God. A t that m o ment an d i n

Jews were slaves in ancient

the ensuing 45 days, more

Egypt "We were freed from Egypt

than 150 rabbis and other

not to have a dance party in

Jewish faithful would join pilgrimage from Selma, Al› abama, to Washington in pursuit of voting rights, edu›

the wilderness but to fight for those who are oppressed the way we were," Limmer said. "That’s the Jewish takeaway from having been slaves and

cation reform and economic

then freed."

equality. Each will help carry the 20-pound sacred scroll on

That obligation to f ight oppression is made clear in

loan from Chicago Sinai.

the Torah, the rabbis said, so

the NAACP on a

8 6 0-mile

it makes sense to carry that

"I don’t want to look my children in the eye and tell

m andate with them on t h e march.

them I was too busy when they ask, ’Where were you?’"

grappling with hate crimes, gun violence, police miscon›

"We’ re actually showing (that) this Torah continues to teach us today but makes us responsible to be responsive today," said Rabbi Shoshanah Conover, 41, associate rabbi at Temple Sholom in Chica› go’s Lakeview neighborhood. She will join the march a few days earlier than Gordon in

duct and mass incarceration,

Greensboro, North Carolina.

said Limmer, 42, who became the leader of the Reform tem›

ple in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood last year. "By being there, we’ ll help others and change ourselves." At a time when the U.S. is

the march across six South› Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune via Tribune News Service "These teachings and values ern states ending in the na› Rabbi Seth Limmer poses for s portrait with a Torah at the Chicago Sinai Congregation on July 21 in Chicago. Limmer was inspired to are to be used, not kept in tion’s capital is a commem›

oration and a call to action. While honoring the nation’s civil rights pioneers who marched across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma a half century ago, the journey also seeks justice on behalf of the black lives lost this past year in Staten Island, New York;

Charleston, Southern Caroli› na; Ferguson, Missouri, and Cincinnati.

Limmer and other col› leagues say that motivation

to seek justice and repair the world drove them to the rab› binate in the first place. That i mperative came f ro m t h e

Torah. To walk across the historic bridge with the Holy Scripture is an honor and a privilege that he’ ll never for›

become a rabbi when he saw a photo of a rabbi carrying a Torah across a bridge in Selma alongside the Rev. Martin Luther King.

justice reform, voting rights, employment opportunities, fair wages and equal educa› tion opportunities. Its theme broadens the BlackLivesMat›

from 1965, at the end of the

by this," Limmer said. eOur

the Rev. Martin Luther King

historic march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama,

obligation as religious people stands next to Rabbi Mau› is to put ourselves in places rice Eisendrath, president of where we’ ll be transformed. I the Union for Reform Juda› don’t know that I’d call it self› ism, and the venerable Rabbi ish. I’d call it Jewish." Dubbed America’s Journey

Abraham Joshua H eschel.

Cradled in Eisendrath’s arms for Justice, the march orga› is a Torah. nized by the NAACP aims to

push lawmakers on criminal

As the founder of Rabbis Or›

ganizing Rabbis, a group of Jewish leaders focused on so› cial justice with a community

ter hashtag from solely a con› organizing model, he issued cern about safety: "Our Lives, an invitation and offered to Our Votes, Our J obs, Our bring a scroll from his syna› gogue’s ark. Schools Matter." A wide array of groups Within 24 hours, 100 rabbis planned to participate, includ› from across the country had ing congregations, the Sierra joined the movement, he said. Club, the National Bar Asso› Since then about 50 more and ciation and Common Cause, some congregants had signed a lobbying group that seeks up for a leg of the trip. "Thankfully there will not government accountability. When Limmer heard about be just one of us at any given the march in June, an iconic time," said Rabbi Sam Gor› image immediately came to don, 65, spiritual leader of his mind. In the photograph Congregation Sukkat Sha›

get, he said, but it’s also an act of faith.

"I do want to be changed

colleagues to become rabbis.

Limmer said t hat

i m age

inspired him and many other

"We' re actually showing (that) this Torah continues to teach us today but makes us responsible to be responsive today. These teachings and values are to be used, not kept in an ark we never get to open. How we act in this world actually shows whether this Torah is worthy, and it is."

an ark we never get to open. How we act in this world ac›

tually shows whether this To› rah is worthy, and it is." Rain or shine, the Torah

will be carried almost daily for each 20-mile stretch. To

prepare for rain, Limmer pur› chased a tall water repellent b ackpack outfitted for w i l ›

derness treks and with plenty of back support. The Torah will miss only — Rabbi Shoshanah Conover, 41, associate rabbi at Temple one day Sept. 14 when Sholom in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood it stops at a Washington-ar› ea synagogue for Rosh Ha› shanah, the first day of the "In the civil rights move› Jewish New Year. There, the gregation Israel in Glencoe, Illinois, said living in the Chi› ment, we walked hand in sacred scroll will be unfurled cago area has awakened her hand," she said. "But today and read as Jewish tradition to inequalities she had never when you go to an MLK- Jew› has dictated for thousands of noticed. ish partnered event, the only years. Back in Chicago, Lim› "My eyes truthfully have truth they can claim for the mer will celebrate the holiday lom in Wilmette, Illinois, He been opened to racial injus› partnership is 50 years ago. I with his congregation. Then he and his 9-year-old daugh› will join the march Sept. 1 in tice living in Chicago, where couldn’t stomach that." Greensboro, North Carolina. I see the walls we build in this Indeed, the solidarity of ter Lily will fly to Washing› "(Studying Torah) is not day and age aren’t with laws, the civil r i g ht s m ovement ton to rejoin the march for its merely an i n t ellectual, ce› per se, but with ZIP codes or eroded over the years as Af› final leg. "Nobody is walking the rebral activity. It has to be school systems," said Gef› rican-Americans and Jews something we put into action fen, 40, who l ikens racism parted ways on various polit› whole route," he said. "The and do. I think that’s what to a plague. She will join the ical issues, such as affirma› Torah is the only marcher go› ing the distance. The Torah Heschel meant when he said march in Atlanta in August. tive action. praying with his feet. I’ ve At home she has purposeful› NAACP President Cornell carries us spiritually. We’ re been inspired by that idea." ly sought opportunities to col› William Brooks acknowl› carrying it physically. That’ s Rabbi Wendi Geffen, a laborate with African-Ameri› edges the complicated rela› a tremendous part of t h e leader at North Shore Con› can clergy. tionship, but said the com› journey."

RELIGIQUs SERvIcEs To submit service information or announcements for religious organizations, email bulletin' bendbulletin.corn or call 541-633› 2117.

SERVICES BELIEVERSBIBLE FELLOWSHIP CHURCH:Pastor Gary Breegle; "Faith Without Works," part two of the series, "PractIcal Christianity," based on 2 James; 10:30 a.m. Sunday; 9:30 a.m.Bible study; Super 8 Hotel, 3629 SW 21st Place, Redmond; 54I-974-8694 or www. believersbiblefellowship.org. BEND CHRISTIANFELLOWSHIP: Kimi Miller; "FIsh’n Is Fun"; 10 a.m. Sunday; barbecue will follow the

a Church in Distress," based on 1 Timothy 1:1-7; 10 a.m. Sunday; noon Thursday sack lunch Bible study; 334 NW Newport Ave., Bend; 541-382-2272 or www. discoverychrIstianchurch.corn. EASTMONTCHURCH:Pastor John Magic; "Enjoying Life’s Journey," based on Philippians; 8:30 a.m. (traditional hymn service) and

10 a.m. (contemporary service)

Sunday; 62425 Eagle Road, Bend; 541-382-5822 or www. eastmontchurch.corn. EMMAUS LUTHERANCHURCH, LCMS:Pastor David Poovey; 9:15 a.m. Bible study, 10:30 a.m. worshIp; 2175 SWSalmon Ave., Redmond; 541-548-1473. FATHER'S HOUSE CHURCH: service Sunday; 7p.m.Wednesday Discipleship Pastor CIInt Wills; 4Twelve Youth Group; 19831 Rocking "Two Gather: Heart and Soul"; 10 Horse Road, Bend; 541-382-6006 or a.m. Sunday; 7 p.m. Wednesday www.bendchristianfellowship.corn. youth group; 61690 Pettigrew BEND CHURCHOFTHE Road, Bend; 541-382-1632 or www. NAZARENE:Pastor Virgil Askren; fatheIshouseInbend.church. "Faith Works False Wisdom/True W isdom," based on James 3:13-18; FIRST PRESBYTERIANBEND: Steven Koski; "Rhythms of Grace: 8 a.m. casual worship, 10:15 a.m. NOW"; 10 a.m. Sunday; communion regular worship, Sunday; 9 a.m. (HIspanIc service) Sunday; 1270 NE service noon Wednesday; 230 NE Ninth St., Bend; 541-382-4401 or 27th St., Bend; 541-382-5496 or www.bendfp.org. www.bendnaz.org. FOUNDRYCHURCHOFBEND: COMMUNITY BIBLECHURCH AT Pastor Trevor Waybright; "Tithing SUNRIVER:Guest speaker Chris and Giving"; 10:15 a.m. Sunday; 60 WIck; "The Defining Mark of a NW Oregon Ave., Bend; 541-382› Disciple," based on John 13:34-35; 3862 or www.foundrybend.org. 9:30 a.m. Sunday; 1 Theater Drive, Sunriver; 541-593-8341 or www. GRACEBIBLECHURCHOFBEND: cbchurchsr.org. Pastor Phil Kooistra; "The Coming CONCORDIALUTHERAN MISSION: Kingdom," based on Luke 17:20-37; 10 a.m. Sunday; 5:30 p.m. Sunday The Rev. Willis C. Jenson; "The youth group; 63945 Old Bend Cross of Christ Reveals God’ s Redmond Highway, Bend; 541-728› Tender Heart Toward Men," 3897 or www.gracebibleofbend.org. based on1KIngs19:7;11 a.m. Sunday; 10 a.m. Sunday school; GRACE FIRSTLUTHERAN Terrebonne Grange Hall, 828611th CHURCH:Pastor Joel LIaBraaten; St., Terrebonne; 541-325-6773 "Are You Worth Saving?" and or www.lutheransonline.corn/ "Bread"; 9:30 a.m. Sunday; concordialutheranmission. 2265 NW Shevlin Park Road, DISCOVERY CHRISTIANCHURCH: Bend; 541-382-6862 or www. Minister Dave Drullinger; "Help for gracefirstlutheran.org.

HOLY COMMUNION EVANGELICAL CATHOLICCHURCHOFBEND: The Rev. James Radloff; Bible study, 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Wednesdays, 587 NE Greenwood Ave.; 541-408-9021 or info'holycommunionbend.org. JOURNEYCHURCH:Pastor KSIth KIrkpatrick; "Forgiveness," part of the series "Ask Anything"; 9 a.m., 11 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Sunday; 70 NW Newport Ave., Bend; 541-647-2944 or




MISSIONCHURCH BEND CAMPUS: Pastor Brent Hofen; "Road Trip Navigating Life with Joy, Part 4"; 5:30 p.m. today; 9 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. Sunday; online at www. experiencethehighlife.tv 9 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. Sunday; 2221 NEThird St., Bend; 541-306-6209 or www. experiencethehighlife.corn. MOST SACRED HEART,ROMAN CATHOLICCHAPEL: Father Bernard; Traditional Catholic Latin Mass; 9 a.m.Sunday, confessions heard before Mass; 1051 SW Helmholtz Way, Redmond; 541-548-641 6. NATIVITY LUTHERANCHURCH ELCA:Pastor Chris Kramer; "Sundays After Pentecost," based on1Kings19:4-8, Psalm 34:1-Sand John 6:35, 41-51; 9 a.m. informal worship in the Prayer Garden, 11 a.m. formal worship Sunday; 10 a.m.Wednesday Biblestudy;60850 Brosterhous Road, Bend; 541-388› 0765 or www.nativityinbend.corn. NEWPORTAVENUECHURCH OF CHRIST:Dean Catlett; "A Constant Lover," based on John 15:9-15; 10:45 a.m. Sunday worship; 6 p.m. Sunday devotional service; 6 p.m. Wednesday adult Bible study; 554 NW Newport Ave., Bend.; 541-382-5242 or www. churchofchristbendoregon.corn. SAINT JACOBOFALASKA ORTHODOX CHRISTIANCHURCH: Reader services 10 a.m. Sunday; 1900 NE Division St., Bend; 541› 203-0316 or www.saintjacob.org.

Gerald Klug;morning prayer and worship; 10:30 a.m. Sunday; 1108 W. Antler Ave., Redmond; 541-604-1029. UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISTS OF CENTRALOREGON: Lay-led service with Chela Sloper; "The Dances of Universal Peace"; 10:30 a.m. Sunday; 61980 Skyline Ranch Road, Bend; 541-385-3908 or WESTSIDE CHURCH:Chris Earwicker; "Fostering Hope," part one of the series "Mixtape"; 6:30 p.m.today;8 a.m.,9 a.m.and 10:45 a.m.Sunday;We stsideChurch West Campus, 2051 NWShevlin Park Road, Bend; 541-382-7504 or www.westsidechurch.org. WESTSIDESOUTH CAMPUS: Gary Burton; part one of the series "Mixtape"; 10:30a.m.Sunday; Westside Church South Campus, 1245 SE Third St., Bend. WESTSIDESISTERS CAMPUS: JennaJavens;"MemorialStones," part one of the series "MIxtape"; 10:45a.m. Sunday;W estside Church Sisters Campus, 442 Trinity Way, Sisters. WESTSIDEONLINE CAMPUS: Chris Earwicker; "Fostering Hope," part one of the series "MIxtape"; 6:30 p.m. today; 9 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. Sunday; www.westsIdelive.

more; 3 p.m.;$12; RedmondHigh


School Auditorium, 675 Rimrock Way, Redmond; www.pacificgospel. org or 541-923-3085.


Sept. 22

TALKING WITHSPIRIT: Eileen Lock is offering a gallery style workshop, "Talking With Spirit," an evening of connecting with loved ones who are in spirit and/or your spirIt guide and bringing through their messages; 7 p.m.; free; donations accepted; The Old Stone Church, 157 NWFranklin Ave., Bend; 541-385-1332.

COMMUNITY BIBLESTUDY: Tuesdays at 9:15 a.m.; registration is open now; study of1 and 2 Corinthians; open to all; $35; meets at the Foundry Church, 60 NW Oregon, Bend; 541-390-4093 or www.bend.cbsclass.org.

Monday-Friday VACATIONBIBLE SCHOOL: For all children age 4 through sixth

grade; 9 a.m.; free;GraceReformed Presbyterian Church, 62162 Hamby Rd., Bend or 541-382-1572.

Sept. 12


PACIFICGOSPEL MUSIC ASSOCIATIONTOUR 2015: Featuring The Knox Brothers, Bethel Mountain Band, Cornerstone and

w •

View our presentation at Tompkinswealthpresents.corn

Charles Tompkins,CFPI 541. 044667

Securities & AdvisoryServices offered through KMS Financial services,Ins MemberFINRArslpc


WESTSIDERADIO CAMPUS: Pastor Steve Mickel; "Go Even if You’ re Afraid," part six of the series "Acts:Distilled"; 8:30 a.m. Sunday; Heirborne radio show on KBND, AM 1110. ZION LUTHERANCHURCH: Pastor Eric Burtness; "The Secret of Investment," part of the series "Seven Secrets of a Meaningful Life"; 10 a.m. Sunday; 1113 SW Black Butte Blvd., Redmond; 541› 923-7466 or www.zionrdm.corn.

Long-Term Care and Asset Protection . Discover what you donot knowabout Medicaid that you need to know . Learn how to payfor long-term care without draining all your assets . Learn aboutyouroptions for controlling long› term care costs Time: 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. Place: Bend Senior Center 1600 SE Reed Market Rd., Bend, OR 97702 Date: Thursday, August 13, 2015 Cost: No charge - includes complimentary food & beverage Seating is limited so pleasecall to confirm your seat.

Presented by Elder LawAttorney

Will Dennis 541-388-3877

SATURDAY, AUGUST 8, 2015 • THE BULLETIN "Celtic Cross" Christianity

"The Wheel of Dharma" Buddhism



536 SW 10th, Redmond 541-548-2974


You Are The Most lmportafkt Part of our Services

Est. 1994

We provide a congregational setting for jews

SundayWorship 9:00 am F 10:45am

Sunday School for all ages

Major’s Robert 8 Miriam Keene

Kidmo• junior Church

NKW HOPE EVANGELICAL 20080 Pinebrook Blvd.• 541-389-3436

21300 Bear Creek Rd.

Celebrate New Life at New Hope Church!

Our Shabbat Services are on Saturday

Greg Strubhar, Pastor

Darin Hollingsworth, Youth Pastor


Cowboy Fellowship Saturdays "Star 8 Crescent" Islam


and Christians alike. If you’ re interested

Bear Creek Center Bend, OR. 97701

Nursery F Children’s Church FAITH CHRISTIAN CENTER


1049 NE 11th St.• 541-382-8274

20225 Cooley Rd. Bend


Phone: (541) 383-5097

9:30am Sunday EducationalClasses

Web site: ccbend.org

10:30 amo MrningWorship

Pastors: Chris Blair, Trey Hinkle, Ozzy


www.powellbuttechurch.corn W ednesdayNightStudy: 7pm


Pastor Mike Johnson will share his message

YouthGroup:Wednesday 7 pm

Like Hymns? We’ ve Got ’em!

in the Sunday service titled

Child Care provided

at the RLCC Church, 2880 NE 27th

Sunday Services 8 am

"The Fruit-Bearing Life"

from our series,

Women’s Ministry, Youth Ministry are

"The Presence Filled Life"

available, call for days and times.

(No child care) 10:00 am Contemporary Worship Service

beginning at 10:30 AM.

(Full children’s ministry)

Childcare is provided in our Sunday

Sunday Night Church 6:30 pm

morning service.

"Teaching the Word of God,

For information, please call ...

Book by Book"

On Wednesdays

Senior Pastor - Mike Yunker - 541-312-8844

"Restored Youth" service begins

Associate Pastors

at 7:00 PM


A number of Faith Journey Groups meet

Fr. Theodore Nnabugo, Pastor

throughout the week in small groups, please contact the church for details


"Loving people one at a time."

Greenwood Avenue and NE 11th Street.

16137 Burgess Rd

"Educating and Developing the Whole


Tuesday, Wednesday F Friday Mass

Child for the Glory of God"

9:00 am

Pre K - 5th Grade

10:00 am

Confessions: Saturdays

3:00-4:00 pm


62425 Eagle Road, Bend • 541-382-2049

Principal Lonna Camahan www.eastmontcommunityschool.corn



MorningWorship 8:30 am 8 10:30 am

18143 Cottonwood Rd.

Life groups 9 am

Thurs. Mass 9:30 am;


Kidz LIVE ages 3-11 10:30 am

Sat. Vigil Mass 5:30 pm

1551 NW First St. • 541-382-6100

Evening Worship 6 pm

Sunday mass 8:00 am

(South of Portland Ave.)

Confessions: Thurs. 9:00 - 9:15 am

Church Service 8 Sunday School: 10 am



Adult Classes

Sunday Mass

Celebrate Recovery

12:30 pm

Confessions: Sundays 12:00 12:15 pm

Wednesday NITE Live Kids

Mon. through Fri.: I I am - 4 pm

neat Chrfstsrras Valley Pastor Duane Pippitt


Sat. 12 noon - 2 pm

57255 Fort Rock Rd

Sunday Mass

3:30 pm

Confessions: Sundays 3:00-3:15 pm •

Reading Room: 115 NW Minnesota Ave.


Youth Group

Wed. Testimony Meeting: 7:30 pm

Childcare provided.

120 Mississippi Dr

A warm and welcoming community serving Central Oregon for 23 years. We welcome newcomers, interfaith families and encourage involvement.

• Teaching from the Torah and the Brit


"Displaying the Reality ojCfiris! ia


Rev. Joseph K. Thalisery 62425 Eagle Road, Bend

• Lifecycle Events

or contact us at 541-385-5439

Nov. 17- Sunday School. Nov. 17 - Sisterhood Chanukah Gift Shop, 9:30 am -I:30 pm

Sunday Services

Classic (Blended) Service 9:00 am

Saturday - VIg! I 5;00 PM Sunday 730 AM, 10:00 AM

Hispanic Service

6:00 pm

across the street from the C.O.C.C. library. Followed by discussion and refreshments.

Domingo 12:30 PM - Misa en Espanol Other Introductory Events

For more information about weekly


ministries for the whole family,

Saturday 3:00 PM - 4:45 PM

contact541-382-5822 oremail

Nov. 21 - Interfaith Thanksgiving Service At Shalom Bayit. The Interfaith Network of Central Oregon invites all faiths, all ages, to their annual Thanksgiving celebration; ’From Sowing to Serving.’ Bring a pie to share; beverages will be provided. A food or financial donation will benefit the Family Kitchen. 7-8 PM.




"A Heart for Bend in the Heart of Bend"


Monday - Friday 7:00 AM 8 12:15 PM

Pastor Syd Brestel

Monday-Friday SundaySchoolclasses are at9:00 am and our Worship Service at 10:15 am

As part ofTfreStory Series, Syd Brestel

about finishing strongly.

Coming in 2014: Oregon Regional Seminar,

Tuesday (Family Holy Hour)

For More Information

5:00 PM-6:00 PM

www.eckankar org www.eckankar-oregon.org 541-728-6476 •

High School activities


Call 541-382-3862

Redmond, Oregon 97756




Father Todd Unger, Pastor

3100 SW Highland Ave., Redmond • 541-548-4161

Sunday Worship Services:


469 NW Wall St.•541-382-5542 www.trinitybend.org

Sunda„ Schedule 8:00 am and 10:15am Historic St. Francis Church,

(except Wednesday)

494 NW Lava St. at Franklin, Bend, OR

Wednesday 6:00 pm

8:00 am, 9:30 am, 11:00 am

Saturday Vigil 5:30 pm

We are grateful to the community

Sunday Bible Fellowship Groups

First Saturday 8:00 am (English)

for the outpouring of help

9:30 am F 11:00 am

Sunday 8:00 am, 10:00 am (English)

Dr. Barry Campbell, lead pastor

12:00 noon (Spanish)

The Rev. Roy D. Green, Interim Rector

Confessions on Wednesdays from For complete calender:

5:00 to 5:45 pm

All are welcome


and on Saturdays from 4;30 to 5:15 pm

through our red doors


Children Welcome www.livingtorahfellowship.corn


Senior Pastor Virgil Askren SUNDAY

9:00 am Hispanic Worship Service 10:15 am Worship Service Nursery CareF Children’s Church ages 4 yrs-4th grade during all

8:30 am Sunday

Saturday, November 23, 10:00 am Bat Mitzvah of Rachel Uri

Nearly 33 years ago (December 8, 1980), John Lennon was killed in New York City. One of his greatest songs "Imagine" was played and sung countless times after his death and also on the 10th anniversary of his murder. How does "Imagine" hold up after all these years as an anthem of peace and hope?


Wed, November 27, 5:00 pm› Community Candle Lighting› Old Mill District,

10;00 am 50+ Brble Study WEEKLY

Sponsored by Chabad of Bend

Life Groups Please visit our website for a complete listing of activities for all ages. www.bendnaz.org

For information about our Religious Education programs, call Kathy Schindel at 541-388-8826


• .

Children’s Religious Education (Pre-K through Grade 5) and Nursery Care are available

Meeting place: THE OLD STONE CHURCH 157 NW FRANKLIN AVE., BEND Mail:PO Box 428, Bend OR97709

www.uufco.org (541) 385-3908



6:30 pm Ladies Bible Study

For the complete schedule of Services 8 Events go to: www.bethtikvahbend.org

"Imagine: Toward a Practice of Peace"› Rev Alex Holt Interim Minister

9:00 am Sunday School for all ages

All services are held at the


First United Methodist Church 680 NW Bond Street 541-388-8826

Meeting at the Golden Age Club 40 SE 5th St., Bend

Just 2 blocks SW of Bend High School Sunday Worship 10:00 am

worshipping God and teaching the Bible

We are a Church envisioned and lived by people who seek equality, justice and comfort for all. Jesus did not turn people away and neither do we. Expect a warm welcome. Worship with us Sunday, November 17th at I I am in the Community Room of Redmond’sRay’sMarket, 900 SW 23rd Street, just off of Hwy 126. Or, come early at 10 am to discuss the meanings of the Advent season. All Peoples meets on the first and third Sundays of each month. On December 1st, All Peoples meets again in the Community Room of Redmond’s Ray’s Market. For details, directions and possible help with car-pooling, email: allpeoplesucc@gmail.corn •

Call for information about other meetings FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH

10 am Sunday School


11 am Divine Service


28 Nov, 10 am: Thanksgiving MatinsService I Dec., I pm: Advent VespersService 8 Dec., I pm: Advent VespersService 15 Dec., I pm: Advent Vespers Service 24 Dec., 7 pm: Christmas Eve Divine Service 25 Dec., 11 am: Christmas DivineService

• •

I •

(In the Heart of Downtown Bend) 680 NW Bond St. / 541.382.1672 Everyone isWelcome!


21720 E. Hwy. 20• 541.389.8241

Sunday Morning Worship

The Rev. Willis C, Jenson, Pastor 8286 lith St. (Grange Hall) Terrebonne, OR

8:45 am F 10:45 am

Wednesday Mid-Week Service Children 8 Youth Programs 7:00 pm Nursery Care Provided for All Services

Sermon Title: "Cheerful Givers" Scripture: 2 Corinthians 9:6-15 9:00 am - Contemporary Service Sunday School during the 9:00 am Service 11:00 am -Traditional Service Childcare provided on Sunday *During the Week: Women’s Groups, Men’ s Groups, Youth Groups, Quilting, Crafting, Music 8 Fellowship

Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors. Pastor Daniel N. LeLaCheur 21720 E. Hwy. 20 541.389.8241


Sunday Worship 9:30 a.m. (Child Care Available) Sunday School 10:20 a.m. Education Hour 10:45 a.m.

529 NW 19th Street

(3/4 mile north of High School) Redmond, OR 97756

Pastor Joel LiaBraaten Evangelical Lutheran Church in America www.gracefirstlutheran.org

(541) 548-3367


Rev. Rob Anderson, Pastor

9:00 am Contemporary Worship

Sunday Worship Services at 8:30 am’ !1:00am Sunday School for all ages 10:00 am

9:00 am Nursery Care

"Thanksgiving Eve Service, Wednesday, November 27 at7:00 pm

4 Saturdays and TMC: $115

5 Saturdays and TMC: $138

Sunday School

The Bulletin:

I I:00 am Traditional Worship

Every Saturday on the church

Youth Groups

page. $23 Copy Changes:

High School - Sunday 11:00am-12:30pm

by 5 PM Tuesday

MiddleSchool W ednesday 6:00-7:30pm

CO Marketplace: Mondays

The FirSt TueSday Of eaCh

6:30 pm Centering Prayer


month. $23 Copy Changes: by Monday

530 pm Prayer Service

I week PriOr to PubliCatiOn

Small Groups Meet Regularly

Call Pat Lynch

(Handicapped Accessible) Please visit our website for a complete listing of activities for all ages. www.redmondcpc.org


9:15 am Children F Youth 9:30 am Adult Education

M-W-F Women’s Exercise 9:30 am Wed. Bible Study at noon 3rd Th. Women’s Circle/Bible Study I:00 pm 3rd Tues. Men’s Club 6:00 pm, dinner Youth and Family Programs Active Social Outreach 1113 SW Black Butte Blvd. Redmond, OR 97756 - 541-923-7466 Pastor Eric Burtness www.zionrdm.corn


Effectjve May I, 2013

Worship in the Heart of Redmond

Children’s Room available during services Come Experience a warm, friendly family of worshipers. Everyone Welcome - Always. A vibrant, inclusive community. A rich and diverse music program for all ages Coffee,snacksarrd fellowship 4 jtereachservice

Rev. Thorn Larson firstchurchCabendumc.org



Women’sBible Study,Tuesday 9:15 a.m. M en’aBible Study,Wednesday 7:30a.m .

Weekdays 8:00 am


November 17, 2013 at I I:00 am:


Mar. 7-9 at the Unity Center of Portland and

Tuesday 7:30 AM - 8:00 AM For Kidztown, Middle School and

Spirit and Truth

Saturday, November 16, 9:00 am› Munch 8 Torah Study, Torah Services

2265 NW Shevlin Park Road, Bend 382-6862

after 7:00 AM Mass to 6:00 PM


"Diverse Beliefs, One Fellowship" We are a Welcoming Congregation

Worship Services "Courageous Living" on KNLR 97.5 FM

events are at the E. Bend Library,

the Portland Eckankar Center.

will share a message from I Samuel


Rabbi Johanna Hershenson


"Travel the Road to Spiritual Freedom"

Exposition 8 Benediction

Hebrew Roots Fellowship worshipping in

is a member of the Union for Reform Judaism. Our members represent a wide range of Jewish backgrounds. We welcome interfaith families and Jews by choice. Our monthly activities include Services, religious education for childrenF adults, Hebrew school, Torah study, social action projects and social activities

Experiences/Beyond Meditation. Both

Sunday 430 PM

60 NW Oregon, 541-382-3862


Worship/Dance - Study›


Dreams. Sat. Dec. 28 at 3pm Spiritual

62080 Dean Swift Rd.

Saturday 8:00 AM

Saturday 10:30 am - 2 pm

Nov. 27 - First Night of Chanukah

www.lutheransonline.corn/ condordialutheranmission Facebook: Concordia Lutheran Mission Phone: 541-325-6773

Sat. Nov. 30 at 3pm Spiritual Wisdom on

www.facebook.corn/bendfp 541 382 4401

truths recovered through the Reformation.

16 beginning at 3pm in room 103 of the

230 NE Ninth Street, Bend www.bendfp.org

1155 SW Division, „D8, Bend

Video Presentation

OSU Cascades building 2600 College Way,

Contemporary Service 10:45 am

Ca La Roca Church

MISSION (LCMS) The mission oftheChurch is Ioforgive sinsthrough theGospelarrd thereby grant e(rrrral life. (St. John 20:22-23, Augsburg Confession

spiritual leader of ECKANKAR. Sat. Nov.



Sovereign Grace Church is dedicated to

See Sri Harold Klemp’s talk at the 2013 NEW CHURCH

Choirs, music groups, Bible study, fellowship and ministries every week



2450 NE 27th Street

visit us on the web at www.houseofcovenant.org

ReHUlon oI the

ECK Worldwide Seminar. Harold is the


• End-times prophecy

Rabbi Jay Shupack. Rebbitzin Judy Shupack.

XXVIII.8, 10


Interfaith Thanksgiving Worship Sowing To Serving Celebrating the gift of food from field to table. Thursday, November 21, 7:00 pm ShalomBayitSynagogue 21555 Modoc Lane, Bend Wednesday Noon Worship followed by 12:30 pm Contemplative Prayer Youth Events www.facebook.corn/bendyouthcollective

• Biblical Feasts

LIUhtand Sound of God

Rev. Julian Cassar


Check out the new First Presbyterian Website at www.bendfp.org Find what you need & bookmark us

Hadashah (New Testament)

Our synagogue is located at: 21555 Modoc Lane, Bend. For information, call 541-385-6421. www.jccobend.corn.


• Home groups

1270 NE 27 St.• 541-382-5496 •


Sunday Mass

• Hebrew classes

Dec. 4 - Last Night of Chanukah. Giant Menorah Lighting and Potluck Dinner 6 PM.


Parish ONce: 541-536-3571

1865 W Antler• Redmond

CONGREGATION SHALOM BAYIT (Jewish Community of Central Oregon)

Mike Sweeney 8 Jeff Olson



• Children’s ministry and nursery

Nov. 23 - Rachel Uri’s Bat Mitzvah at Aspen Hall, Bend 10 AM.

and times.

The church is located on the comer of

• Davidic dance and worship

Osborne and Glenn Bartnik 13720 SW Hwy 126, Powell Butte

Sundays: 8:30 8 10:30 am This Sunday at Faith Christian


Music and the Word 7 pm

8:30am-10:15am- 11 am

mornings at 10:00 a.m. Our ministries

Pastor Randy Myers •

The Chicago Cuba Wrestle Mania & Risking It All 9:00 am contemporary 10:45 am traditional 5:01 pm worship 8 dinner Sunday SchooL 3 yrs to 6th grade Nursery-care provided

perspective, come join us at:

Saturday 6:00 pm Sunday 9:00, 10:45 am,

Rev. Dr. Steven H. Koski Lead Pastor

in learning the Bible from a Hebrew

Potluck 6 pm

Sunday Worship Services •

(Across Ninth St. from Bend High) 230 NE Ninth, Bend All Are Welcome, Always!

Messianic Synagogue


"Yin/Yang" Taoist/ Confucranism



541 NE Dekalb Sunday School 9:45 am Children 8 Adult Classes Worship Service 11:00 am




541 NE DeKalb Ave., Bend 541-389-8888


"Omkar" (Aum)


"Star of David" judaism


• I

>4i-383-0396 PlynChfibendbt(lletin.COm



As LGBT rig ts gain acceptance,gayencaves a e By Emily Foxhall LAGUNA BEACH, Calif.

Then HIV and AIDS began

W hile

it’s t r u e t h at

als in the classic car scene,

one can still find others reading books while their

devastation of the HIV-AIDS

For decades, the blinds of this epidemicare quiddy becoming s emi-subterranean L ag u n a victims of the gay rights move› Beach bar in California were ment’s success. dosed tight. Laguna Beach had flourishe Back then, the dingy saloon as agay-friendly haven before was underground m more such communities were com› ways than one. mon. The county’s first open› People whom employers ly gay politician, Bob Gentry, might still refuse to hire be› became the city’s mayor and cause of their love interests championed legislation to pro› flirted openly as they knocked tect gays from discrimination. back martinis. Couples whom A 1984 New York Times sto› hotels might turn away for ry reported: "This quiet seaside w anting t o s h are a r o o m resort, known for decades as danced and kissed without an arts colony, has emerged as anxiety. a focal point for homosexual To step down the stairwell politics in predominantly con› into the bar, patrons of that era servative Orange County." say,was to find sanctuary from streets where, even in the 1980s

Continued from D1 women ar e b e coming more involved as individu›

that weathered, first, anti-gay discrimination and then the

Los Angeles Times


h usband c o nducts


business during the show. It’s a sentiment shared

by Michele Hammer of Sisters. She owns a 1957 Cardinal travel trailer and is a member of the Vin›

tage Women and Trailers group on meetup.corn. "(Trailers) have a more family-friendly feel to it," Hammer said. "If you’ re a single woman, you’ re a young couple, you’ re all accepted because you have that shared interest." Allen J. Schaben / Lcs Angeles Times via Tribune News Service

It’s not as though car

Drag queen "Twiggy Warhol" performs on July 15 at the Main Street Bar and Cabaret, the only gay bar

shows can’t be a fun ex›

to ravage the country and the remaining in LagunaBeach, California. The bar hosts a biweekly drag showWednesday nights. even in this then-funky liber› beach town. Laguna had one al endave gay bashing often of the highest per capita death took a literal turn. In one partic› rates in the nation. visibility, Ghaziani says. chive at University of Califor› taking a deep breath and say› ularly ugly incident in Laguna, Over time, economics would The last lesbian bar in West nia, Irvine, of seemingly end› ing, ’Ah, thank goodness, we’ re an Orange County, California, also drive an exodus. Hollywood has closed, but last less throngs of smiling male back to normal,"’ he says. resident lost six teeth and the Property values in neighbor› year peoplethere protested Kevin O’ Grady, the executive "Thegay community needs a director of LGBT Center OC, sight in his left eye after young hoods with high concentrations when, in what was touted as an men attacked him with pipelike of gay and lesbian residents rise embrace of diversity, the City place to go," Ciccone says. says that Laguna’s drift back objects, yelling: "Fa****s! I’m more quickly compared with Council removed the rainbow Across Pacific Coast High› toward more standard demo› gonna kill you." the national average, according flag from above City Hall. (The way at the Main Street Bar and graphics weakens the wider And, so, the shutters. "They to the real estate site Trulia. council later agreed to put up Cabaret, manager Craig Cool› gay community. "I think it ... increases or ex› were dosed," the bar’s cur› Census data from 2000 and a new flag with a rainbow city ey, 63, talks about ushering in "gay culture 2.0." rent manager recalls. "Always 2010 show, however, that many logo.) aggerates a sense of isolation," "It’s our turn to give back and he says. "gayborhoods" are becoming closed." In San Francisco’s Castro Over the years, as homosex› less soas residents are priced neighborhood, a GLBT history welcome straight people into Few gay activists doubt that uals fought for and won one out or "evolve out" a term for museum, rainbow crosswalks our world," Cooley says. "I want Orange County attitudes have victory after another in pursuit what happens when gay and and the Rainbow Honor Walk to feel that this is a component changed. Santa Ana’s City this little bar is a component Council, for example, is expect› of equal rights, Laguna blos› lesbian couples feel more com› commemorate the area’s de› in what Laguna has to offer." ed to vote soon on whether to somed into one of California’s fortable living and socializing clining gay population, said most famously gay-friendly in a broader range of areas, Supervisor Scott Wiener, who Gentry, the former mayor, fly a pride flag from City Hall. communities. Bars and other says Amin Ghaziani, an associ› lives in and represents the left the beach town in 1999 and And two of the plaintiffs in the businesses catering to people ate professor of sociology at the neighborhood. now resides in Honolulu and U.S. Supreme Court’s recent "We all want these communi› the Coachella Valley. With a history-making same-sex mar› acrossthe spectrum of sexual University of British Columbia orientation popped up all over who has written extensively on ties to stay intact," Wiener said. touch of melancholy, he says riage case now live in Placentia. the little beach town. the topic. Some in Laguna Beach are that Laguna today is "very Yet it’s also telling that on Now, with overt discrimina› Laguna Beach eventual› determined to do their part. different." the June day the court legal› "Communities change I izedsame sex marriage,while tion and Laguna’s homosexual ly lost its critical mass of gay One group of residents is population both waning, Main residents to places such as working to revive the histor› understand that," he says. "The San Francisco and other cities Street Bar and Cabaret is the Palm Springs and the sur› ically gay gatherings at West sad part for me, personally, as a erupted into raucous stteet par› last gay-specific establishment rounding Coachella Valley, Street Beach. gay man who ... loved and still ties, one of the few public signs in town and the place where which became known as rel› Frankie Ciccone, 36, started loves that city desperately ... (is of celebration in Laguna Beach Orange County Gay Pride atively affordable, safe and a Facebookpage forthe locale that) there weren’t many people took place outside the Main Week held its wrap-up party on gay-friendly. several years ago. He regularly standing up to say, ’We need Street Bar and Cabaret, where Aug.2. In response to the change, posts playful photos of chiseled to do something about this dy› 33-year-old bartender Jay Co› rona stationed himself on the But expressing pride these more cities are making efforts men in Speedos images that namic change.’ "I think there was also a sub› sidewalk for hours, dutifully days also means recognizing to put a clear stamp on their gay aren’t unlike photos taken in a paradox: Many gay enclaves neighborhoodsto ensure their the 1970s, now stored in an ar› tle feeling in part of the city of waving a gay pride flag.

be ach goers.

perience shared by all, nor that there aren’t highly competitive trailer restor› ers out there.

A number of people split their time between the two worlds; Smilie ex›

pects a few campers will be pulling double-duty today. He himself will be towing his trailer behind a 1948 Studebaker pickup truck.

"After all," h e s a id, "we’ re all just people who want to replicate the past and have some nostalgic fun." — Reporter: 541-382-1811, wrubincbendbulletin.corn

"(Trailers) have a more familyfriendly feel to it.

If you' rea single woman, you' re a young couple, you' reall accepted because you have that shared interest." — Michele Hammer, who is a member of the Vintage

Women andTrailers group

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Best dressed

Continued from D1

Continued from D1

"We thought, let’s blow this theory apart that this is just a

In an article about Shahin,

a statement," Katz said. "Sur›

prise, surprise, a lot of women were open to that." All five got together late last

tor-in-chief of the popular

month at Smith’s house, each arriving in a car straight out of Robert Mitchum’s "Thunder

Road." Cars ranging from a steely orange 1946 Studebaker pick› up truck to a baby blue Chev› rolet Malibu lined the drive› way as a backdrop to share their lifetimes of experience under the hood. "We have something here that we can have so much fun with," Frisby said, gesturing around the semicircle. "It’ s

not just how much we like the bling; I detail my own cars. I don’t get greasy or anything, though." "I’d rather work on my car

Jarod Opperman / The Bulletin

Bernie and Virginia Shapen with their 1950 Chevrolet Bel-Air outside their home in Bend on July 30.

than clean my house, any›

"Women like the car culture, they like the

ways," Kwiatkowski added. Bowling Green State Uni›

versity research fellow Chris Lezotte focused on women

social aspect.They learn enough toknow when someone asks a question, they can answer it. They get pissed if people ask their husband

and their relationships with

about their own car."

automobiles while in p u r› suit of her doctoral degree in — Chris Lezotte, who wrote "Women with Muscle: Contemporary philosophy. Women and the Classic Muscle Car" for Frontiers In 2013, she published a paper entitled "Women with Muscle: Contemporary Wom› gree of independence in own› on the sidewalk." en andthe ClassicMuscle Car" ing a classic car, she found that The Shapens often traveled in the Ohio State University pe› married women predictably to car shows up and down the riodical Frontiers, a Journal of view the hobby as a way to West Coast until recent health Women’s Studies. share something meaningful issues slowed them down. "Women like the car culture, with their husbands or signif› They even took a cross-coun› they like the social aspect," icant others. try road trip to car events in a said Lezotte, who received Bend resident V i rginia jet-black 1940 Ford Coupe. her doctorate this past spring. Shapen has been riding in the Both took great pleasure in "They learn enough to know passenger seat of cars her hus› showing off their gleaming when someone asks a ques› band, Bernie, collected since 1950 Chevrolet Bel-Air, which tion, they can answer it. They they met in 1960. She estimat› looked as though it had rolled get pissed if people ask their ed that number to be around out of a Detroit showroom the husband about their own car." 75 cars, a number he scoffed week before. Lezotte also focused much of her work on the different

at. "When we lived in Burbank

ways in which married women (California) in the 1970s, I relate to their cars compared to

Friends and relatives have called her family to say how proud they are. The imam at her mosque talked about

Seventeen magazine said, "Wearing what you feel best in is really what makes you look beautiful." M ichelle T a n , edi ›

masculinehobby, and make

used to buy all sorts of cars,"

their single counterparts. he said. "I’d clean ’em up and While all parties enjoy a de› flip ’em for a profit right there

"We’ ve both met a lot of in›

teresting people all over who we wouldn’t have met without the common car interest," Vir› ginia said. "I wouldn’t trade the time we’ ve spent together

like that for anything." Nor would the Iron Maidens

dream of forgoing their time together. "How can you put a price on a passion?" Smith wondered. It’s fair to ask whether the

stereotype this group is best dispelling has little to do with cars. Many people think of older women sitting in sewing circles or bragging about the family lineage. Neither happens when these gals get together; each is more likely to make a quip about car bras or times people thought theircars belonged to nonex› istent husbands than compare

offspring. "My daughter asked me once why I don’t carry any pic› tures of my grandchildren in my wallet," Katz explained. "I

carry a picture of my Pontiac, but not of my grandchildren. Well, everyone has grand› children. Not everyone has a Pontiac." — Reporter: 541-382-1811, wrubin@bendbulletirt.corn


Shahin in a lecture as an

example of how Muslims can be both fashionable and faithful.

With a surge in Instagram followers, Shahin said she

teen magazine, said Sha› is planning to start a line of hin’s story appealed to hijabs that she will design. readers because she broke She’ ll work on it as she at› boundaries by being herself tends Rutgers in the fall to and inspired people to root study physical therapy. for her. But the response to Sha› "In a year where headlines hin’s story wasn’t all posi› have been filled with a lot tive; some of it was critical of hate and disenchantment and even hateful. In online with events going on around comments, there were jabs the world, Abrar is an ex› about Muslims as terrorists, ample of hope and accep› and others within Shahin’s tance," Tan said. "Plus she own faith r emarked that looks fabulous! Of course the teenager did not dress our readers would love her modestly enough. And there style and respond positively were comments that the hi› to how beautiful she feels in jab is oppressive to women. her hijab." Shahin said she chose to Muslims who have often start wearing the hijab at felt stereotyped and discrim› age 13 to follow the exam› inated against saw Shahin’s ple of the women around story as a sign of acceptance her, including her sister and and were proud that some›


one of their faith was being hailed as a trendsetter.

Wearing the hijab, she said, gave her confidence. "Every time I go out, I try

International readers also

responded by applauding to be the best Muslim possi› America for its tolerance ble," she said. "If someone and acceptance. The praise meets me and sees I’m a nice comes as Islamic wear is person, maybe they’ ll view being debated or restricted Muslims differently." in some Western European Shahin said she was for› nations. U.S. courts have tunate to live in a place as di› backedreligious freedom for verse as Clifton. She said she Muslim women who want had never been harassed or to wear a hijab at work or bothered because of her hi› school, Abdelkader said. jab, aside from an occasion› "Here, an American Mus› al "dirty look." In her school, lim teen receives accolades she said, she has friends from for wearing her conspicuous many different backgrounds. religious dress with style› Across the country, re› that’s pretty radical in soci› ports show that young peo› eties where long skirts and ple are more diverse, and baggy pants are considered surveys suggest t hey’ re provocative," said Abdelkad› more accepting and con› er, who is co-chair of the cerned with equality than American Bar Association’s previous generations. At the Committee on R eligious same time, online anonymi› Freedom. ty has created a new, power› In her own community, ful vehicle for prejudice and Shahin has lots of support. bigotry.

SUPPoRT GRoUPs The following list contains support group information submitted to The Bulletin. Submissions must be updated monthly for inclusion. To submit, email relevant details to communitylife'bendbUlletin.corn. ABILITREEPEER GROUP FOR PERSONSAFFECTEDBYA DISABILITY:541-388-8103. ABILITREEYOUNG PEER GROUP: 541-388-8103 ext. 219. ABILITREEBRAIN INJURY SUPPORT GROUP:541-388-8103. ADHD ADULT SUPPORTGROUP: 541-420-3023. ADOPTIVEPARENTSUPPORT GROUP:541-389-5446. ADULT CHILDRENOF ALCOHOLICS: 541-633-8189. AGE WIDEOPEN (ADULT CHILDREN SUPPORTGROUP):541-410-4162 or www.agewideopen.corn. AIDSEDUCATION FOR PREVENTION, TREATMENT, COMMUNITYRESOURCES AND SUPPORT(0ESCHUTES COUNTYHEALTHDEPARTMENT): 541-322-7402. AIDSHOT LINE:800-342-AIDS. AL-ANON: 541-728-3707 or www. centraloregonal-anon.org. ALCOHOLICSANONYMOUS (AA): 541-548-0440 or www.coigaa.org. ALS SUPPORTGROUP: 541-977-7502. ALZHEIMER'SASSOCIATION: 541-548-7074. ALZHEIMER'SASSOCIATION CAREGIVERSUPPORT GROUP: 541-330-6400. ALZHEIMER'SASSOCIATION CAREGIVERSUPPORT GROUPASPENRIDGE:800-272-3900. ALZHEIMER' S/DEMENTIA CAREGIVERSUPPORT GROUP: 541-948-7214. BEND ATTACHMENT PARENTING: 541-385-1787. BEND S-ANONFAMILY GROUP: 888-285-3742. BEND ZENMEDITATION GROUP: 541-382-6122 or 541-382-6651. BEREAVEMENTSUPPORT GROUPS: 541-382-5882. BEREAVEMENTSUPPORT GROUPS: St. Charles Hospice; 541-706-6700. BEREAVEMENTSUPPORT GROUP/ADULTSAN0 CHILDREN: 541-383-3910. BEYOND AFFAIRSNETWORK: A peer group for victims of infidelity, baninbend'yahoo.corn. BRAININJURY SUPPORT GROUP: 541-382-9451. CANCER FAMILY SUPPORT GROUP: 541-706-5864. CANCER INFORMATIONLINE: 541-706-7743. CAREGIVERSUPPORT GROUP: 541-536-7399. CELEBRATE RECOVERY BEND: Faith Christian Center, 541-383-5801; Westside Church, 541-382-7504; centraloregoncr.org CELEBRATE RECOVERY LAPINE: Grace Fellowship, 541-536-2878; High LakesChristian Church, 541› 536-3333; Living Waters Church, 541-536-1215; centraloregoncr.org CELEBRATE RECOVERY MADRAS: Living HopeChristian Center, 541› 475-2405 or centraloregoncr.org. CELEBRATE RECOVERY REDMOND: Redmond Assembly of GodChurch,

541-548-4555 or centraloregoncr. OI’g.


DOUBLETROUBLE RECOVERY: Addiction and mental illness group; 541-31 7-0050. DYSTONIASUPPORT GROUP: 54 I-388-2577. ENCOPRESIS (SOILING): 541-548› 2814 or encopresis@gmail.corn. EVENINGBEREAVEMENT SUPPORT GROUP: 541-460-4030 FAITHBASED RECOVERY GROUP: Drug and alcohol addictions; pastordavid'thedoor3r.org. FAMILYRESOURCECENTER: 541-389-5468. GAMBLERSANONYMOUS: Redmond 541-280-7249, Bend541-390-4365. GAMBLINGHOT LINE:800-233-8479. GERIATRICCARE MANAGEMENT: info@paulbattle.corn or 1-877-867-1437. GLUCOSE CONTROLLOW GARB DIETSUPPORT GROUP: kjdnrcd@ yahoo.corn or 541-504-0726. GLUTENINTOLERANCE GROUP (CELIAC):541-390-2399. GRANDMA'SHOUSE:Support for pregnant teensandteenmoms; 541-383-3515. GRANDPARENTSSljPPORT GROljP: 541-385-4741. GRIEFSUPPORT GROUP:541-306› 6633, 541-318-0384 or mullinski@ bendbroadband.corn. GRIEFAND LOSS SUPPORT GROUP: 541-508-4036 or www.gohospice.corn, GRIEFSHARE (FAITH-BASE0) RECOVERYCLASS:541-350-6435. HEALINGENCOURAGEMENT FOR ABORTION-RELATEDTRAUMA (H.E.A.R.T.):541-318-1 949. HEALTHYFAMILIESOF TH EHIGH DESERT: Homevisits for families with newborns; 541-749-2133 HEARINGLOSS ASSOCIATION:541› 390-2174 or ctepper'bendcable.corn. HEARTS OF HOPE:Abortion healing; 541-728-4673. IMPROVE YOURSTRESS LIFE: 541-706-2904. INFERTILITY SUPPORT GROUP (RESOLVE):541-604-0861. LA LECHELEAGUEOFBEND: 541-317-5912. LIVING WELL(CHRONIC CONDITIONS):541-322-7430. LIVING WITHCHRONICILLNESSES SUPPORTGROUP:541-536-7399. LUPUS fl FIBROMYALGIA SUPPORT GROUP:541-526-1375. MADRAS NICOTINE ANONYMOUS GROUP:541-993-0609. MATERNAL/CHILDHEALTH


GROUP:541-706-4789. MISCARRIAGESUPPORT GROUP: 541-51 4-9907. MOMMY ANDMEBREASTFEEDINGSUPPORT GROUP: Laura, 541-322-7450. MULTIPLESCLEROSIS SUPPORT GROUP:541-706-6802. NARCONON: 800-468-6933. NARCOTICSANONYMOUS (NA): 541-416-2146. NATIONALALLIANCE ON MENTAL ILLNESSOFCENTRAL OREGON (NAMI): Email: namicentraloregon@gmail.corn or www.namicentraloregon.org. NAMI BEND— EXTREME STATES:541-647-2343 Or www. namicentraloregon.org HAMI BENDCONNECTIONS: 541› 480-8269, 541-693-4613 or www. namicentraloregon.org HAMI BENDFAMILY SUPPORT GROUP:whitefam@bendcable.corn or www.namicentraloregon.org HAMI-CODUAL DIAGNOSIS ANONYMOUS GROUP: 541-408-7568 or tinasmith700'gmail.corn HAMI LAPINE CONNECTIONS: 54I› 536-1151 or karless2003@yahoo. corn. HAMI MADRASCONNECTIONS:For peers, 541-475-1873 or namimadras' g mail.corn. NAMI MADRASFAMILY SUPPORT GROUP:lindamccoy79'gmail.corn. HAMI MADRASFAMILY-FAMILY SUPPORTGROUP:541-475-3299 or www.namicentraloregon.org HAMI PRINEVILLEFAMILY SUPPORT GROUP:dawnmountz@gmail.corn HAMI REDMOND FAMILYSUPPORT GROUP:541-548-8637 or namicentraloregon'gmail.corn. HAMI REDMONDCONNECTIONS: 541-693-4613 or www. namicentraloregon.org. NEWBERRY HOSPICEOF LA PINE: 541-536-7399. OREGON COMMISSIONFOR THE BLIND:54 I-447-49 I5. OREGON CURE:541-475-2164. OREGON LYMEDISEASE NETWORK: 541-312-3081 or www.oregonlyme. Olg.



306-6844 or www.oa.org. PARENTS/CAREGIVERSOF CHILDRENAFFECTEDBYAUTISM SUPPORT GROUP:541-771-1075 or www.coregondevdisgrottpaso.ning. corn. PARENTSOFMURDEREDCHILDREN (POMC)SUPPORT GROUP: 541-41 0-7395. PARISH NURSESAND HEALTH MINISTRIES:541-383-6861. PARKINSON'SCAREGIVERS SUPPORT GROUP:541-317-1188. PARKINSON'SDISEASE SUPPORT GROUP: 541-419-9964. PARTNERSINCARE:Home health and hospice services; 541-382-5882. PAUL'SCLUB:Dads and male caregiver support group; 541-548-8559. PFLAGCENTRAL OREGON: For parents, families and friends of lesbians andgays; 541-728-3843 or www.pflagcentraloregon.org. PLAN LOVINGA00PTIONS NOW (PLAN):541-389-9239. PLANNEDPARENTHOOD: 888-875-7820. PMS ACCESS LINE: 800-222-4767. PREGNANCYRESOURCECENTERS: Bend, 541-385-5334; Madras, 541› 475-5338; Prineville, 541-447-2420; Redmond, 541-504-8919. PULMONARY HYPERTENSION SUPPORTGROUP:541-548-7489. RHEUMATOIDARTHRITIS SUPPORTGROUPCENTRAL OREGON(RASGCO): 541-504-8059 or alyce1002@gmail.corn. SAVINGGRACE SUPPORT GROUPS: Bend, 541-382-4420; Redmond, 541-504-2550, ext. 1; Madras, 541-475-1880.

SCLERODERMA SUPPORTGROUP: 541-480- I 958. SEXAHOLICSANONYMOUS: 541-595-8780. SOS (SECULARORGANIZATION FOR SOBRIETY):541-410-4271 or thinkrecovery.co'gmail.corn. SOUP ANDSUPPORT:For mourners; 541-548-7483. STEPMOM SUPPORTGROUP: 541-325-3339 or www. insightcounselingbend.corn. SUPPORT FORFAMILIES AND FRIENDS OF SEXADDICTS: sanon4you'gmail.corn. SUPPORT GROUPFOR FAMILIES WITH DIABETICCHILDREN: 541-526-6690. TOBACCOFREEALLIANCE: 541-322-7481. TOPS ORWEIGHT LOSS SUPPORT GROUP:Bend, 541-633-7399; Culver, 541-546-4012; Redmond, 541-548-0480. TRANSITIONINGBACK TO HEALTH: For Cancer survivors and caregivers; Bend, 541-706-3754. TYPE 2 DIABETESSUPPORT GROUP:541-706-4986. VETERANSHOTLINE:541-408-5594 or 818-634-0735. VISION NW:Peersupport group; 541-330-0715. VOLUNTEERS INMEDICINE: 541-330-9001. WOMEN FACINGCANCER TOGETHER: Bend, 541-706-2969. WOMEN'S RESOURCECENTER OF CENTRALOREGON:541-385-0747 YOUNGPEOPLEWITH DISABILITIES PEER GROUP:831-402-5024. ZEN MEDITATIONGROUP: 541-388-3 I79.

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To learn more visit wfww.natural-health-care.net Dr. Frieden is Accepting New Patients

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5 4 1 -3 8 8 -9 2 7 5 Offic eHours:Monday-Wednesday-Fri day,9:00am to4:30 pm CCB 166469

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5 16 O F F i ntroductory I o nic F oo t D e t o x




' s' i icu,' e

ain u en e ainin


We cling to the promise that

fine and funny performers willing to go the extra mile

just because characters seem

"Difficult People"

star" high jinks of "I Love

selfish doesn’t mean we, oops, to push "funny" to excruciat› they actually are. Selfishness ing limits. Klausner refuses is just another word for inse› to give Julie even the smallest cure, right? speck of self-awareness; as M aybe. And m aybe i t with most narcissists, she is doesn’t matter, at least not af› as unaware of others’ feelings ter a certain age when, even as she is hypersensitive to her

Lucy" to the micro self-absorp›

in New York, adults need to

tion of "Seinfeld," narcissism has always been a key ingredi›

pick up their heads and look around once in a while. As "Difficult People" makes very clear. The show, however, is not


By Mary McNamara Los Angeles Times

From the "I w a nna be a

ent in comedy.

fin fi! f

In recent years, however, self-cent eredness has become


not just predictable, but syn›

onymous with adorable the internal myopia of lead char› actersregularly passed off as quirky, or cavalier or even admirable. We find ourselves rooting foreven "Veep’s" Selina Mey› er despite the fact that she is,

Charles Sykes / invision via The Associated Press

Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner attend the Hulu Original "Difficult People" premiere in New York. The show centers on two self-absorbed aspiring comedians, who seem oblivious that the biggest

obstacle to their success is themselves.

ger and Billy is a waiter; by pointed out this past season, night they fight through come› "the worst thing to happen dy routines that almost always to this country since food in bomb. buckets." Mostly, Julie and Billy hang Real narcissism, on the oth› out in various venues making

evil and often profane fun of other people, who are often within earshot, and then won›

real narcissism. Julie Klausner, who also

dering why they can’t seem to get a break. T hough undeniably h i › larious at times, it is a diffi› cult show to watch (see title).

writes the series, and Billy

When, for example, an exas›

Eichner play comedians strug› gling in New York City with no clue that the biggest ob› stacle they face is themselves together and separately. By day, Julie is a television blog›

perated mother shushes Julie and Billy in a theater, your sympathies are completely

available Wednesday, is about

Eichner, a maestro of vol› ume and sudden bursts of ma›

nia, is more controlled here than in "Billy on the Street" or even "Parks and Recreation."

Though his words are often comedy serial. Julie’s boy› rude, Billy, with his need for friend, Arthur (James Urba› love, is as close as "Difficult niak), is an endearingly weird People" gets to heart. A bit in creation, so b u tton-downed which he realizes his date is quite as effective as an actual

as one character correctly

er hand, is exhausting, out› rageous, often abusive and almost always painful. Hulu’s new half-hour comedy "Dif› ficult People," which became


with the mother. You want to shush them

too. Indeed, a TV critic of my

a "participator" harks back to

eccentric he works at PBS. But there is not a shred of expla› nation as to why the two are a

"Seinfeld" in a highly amusing way.

But "Seinfeld" is not the only couple, while her mother (the acquaintance (OK, it was me) always fabulous Andrea Mar› show echoed if not referenced. c ame away f rom t h e f i r st tin) is a rather typical over› The charm of "Difficult Peo› three episodes testy and high› bearing and vain Manhattan ple" is that it refuses to deal in ly critical of everyone around therapist. charm. Though witty and ob› her. (If, that is, members of Billy ha s a wo r k place servant, albeit in a relentlessly her family are to be believed, Greek chorus, including a negative way, Julie and Billy though frankly, they are of› strangely mean boss played are clueless. ten far too judgmental and by Gabourey Sidibe. There are They really do live in a bub› thin-skinned.) some fabulous guest stars too, ble of their own making, and it M ood alteration is , o f which is what comes of having isn’t adorkable or compensa› course, one way to judge the Amy Poehler as one of your tory. Their friendship is pow› effectiveness of a series. executive producers. erful but limiting and destruc› The series is very effective But in early episodes, the tive, their brilliance hampered in pointing out how brain› supporting cast f u nctions by their refusal to acknowl› washed we have become by more as production elements edge that the world is not their the cute and cuddly narcissists than characters. This is be› living room. congregating on our various cause the point of "Difficult Which, if Klausner doesn’ t screens. It also shows how eas› People" is that the world ac› lose her nerve, makes "Diffi› ily manipulated we now are cording to Julie and Billy re› cult People" an illuminating into mistaking clever one-lin› volves around Julie and Billy. sendup of far too many things ers for proof of humanity. Klausner and Eichner are on television.

TV TODAY • More TV listingsinside Sports Noon onFOOD, "Valerie's Home Cooking" — Actress Valerie Bertinelli launches her cozy new cooking series by in› viting come on, you should

haveseenthisonecoming› her former "Hot in Cleveland" co-stars Betty White, Wendie

Malick andJaneLeevesfor a lunch that includes her own "Quiche Valerie," along with Betty’s favorite, Italian tuna salad, accompanied by grilled romaine with a Caesar-like

dressing. There’s pannacotta for dessert. Future episodes likewise find Bertinelli cooking for family and friends. 8 p.m. on HALL, "Cedar Cove" —In the new two-hour

episode "GuessWho’s Com› ing to Dinner," Olivia’s (Andie MacDowell) sibling rivalry with

Will (CameronBancroft) ignites when he wants to move ahead with redeveloping their moth›

er’s house. Bob(Bruce Boxleit› ner), meanwhile, suspects Paul

(Colin Ferguson) wants more than just friendship from Olivia. After AA meetings bring Jack and Alex (Dylan Neal, Rebecca

Marshall) closer, hehelpsher with a tough test of her sobri› ety. Sebastian Spence and Teryl Rothery also star. 9 p.m. on 5, 8, "Aquarius" A serial killer with a very particular modus operandi is hunted by Hodiak and Shafe (David Duchovny, Grey Damon)

in the newepisode "(Please

Let Me Love You and) It Won’ t Be Wrong." They seek the help

of a famous person in trying to solve the case. Record pro› ducer Elliot Hillman (guest star

Evan Arnold) develops are›

eena e as ion victim resses or t e e ect, not or mm art Dear Abby:I have a grandson who is 13. He insists on wearing a hoodie, leather jacket and long jeans no matter what the weather. It is 80 degrees outside today and he’s wearing them to a picnic. I have given up arguing with him on this. What gives? —Mystified Grandma in Washington

Dear M ystified: Arguing with your grandson is a waste o you ti e e › ergy. He’s more con› cerned about the im› age he wants to proj›



ect than he is about his comfort.

Some lessons have to be learned from experience, and this may be one of them.

Dear Abby:I have a 21-year-old son, "Jeremy," who doesn’t like me much unless he needs something. I suspect it may have something to do with my tough parenting during his rebellious high school years. He lives in another state with

his girlfriend and their child, who will be a year old. Jeremy cuts off communication with me over the

simplest disagreement. When I try Dear Abby: What are your to contact him, he won’t respond, thoughts on calling friends or and it can go on for months. It family while they’ re on vacation? hurtsme, so Iback away because I Last week, my husband and don’t know when it might happen I had a much-needed getaway. again. While there, I was called several Do you have any advice on how times by a friend who knew I was I can handle this and be part of on vacation. After I ignored sev› Jeremy’s and my g randchild’s eral calls, I got a frantic text from lives’ ? her requesting I call back immedi› — Retreating ately because she was concerned from the because I wasn’t answering. I tex› Pain and Stress ted back that I was fine, but on a Dear Retreating: noisy beach and unable to talk. Healthy people back When I spoke with her after I away from painful returned home, it turned out she situations, so i t ’ s had wantedto chatabout herboy› no wonder you’ re "retreating." friend problems. I let her know What’s happening is you are on that my vacation time is so limit› the receiving end of a dose of pas› ed each year that I usually don’ t sive-aggressive behavior fr om check my phone. your angry son. Jeremy’s manipu› I personally think making a lation is hostile and deliberate. nonemergency callto someone Family therapy might help, if on vacation is rude and annoying. Jeremy and his girlfriend are will› Am I right on this? — Do Not Disturb ing. But as it stands, it appears the only way you will be a part of his in West Virginia (and your grandson’s) life may be Dear D.N.D.: I think so. That’ s to buy your way in. However, do why vacations are referred to as not mistake it for respect or af› "getting away from it all." fection, or you will only position — Write to Dear Abby at dearabby.corn yourself for more heartache. or P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069

MOVIE TIMESTDDAY • There may be an additional fee for 3-0 and IMAX movies. • Movie times are subject to change after press time. I



Regal Old Mill Stadium 16 &IMAX, 680 SWPowerhouse Drive, 800-326-3264 • DRAGONBALLZ:RESURRECTION "F"(NoM PAA rating) 11 a.m. • FANTASTICFOUR(PG-13) 11a.m., 12:05, 1:45, 3, 4:30, 7, 7:35, 9:40, 10:15 • THE GIFT(R) 11:30 a.m., 2:15, 5, 7:45, 10:30 • INSIDE OUT(PG)11:55 a.m., 3:05, 6:30, 9 • IRRATIONALMAN(R) 11:25 a.m., 2, 4:40, 7:20, 9:05 • JURASSICWORLD(PG-13) 11:45 a.m., 6 • JURASSICWORLD 3-D (PG-13)2:55,9:20 • MINIONS(PG) 11:05 a.m., 1:30, 4:10, 6:45, 9:15 • MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE — ROGUENATION(PG-13) 12:15, 3:25, 7:15, 10:20 • MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE — ROGUENATIONIMAX (PG› 13) 11:15a.m., 2:20, 6:15, 9:30 • MR. HOLMES (PG) 12:10, 3:15, 6:10 • PIXELS(PG-l3) 3:30,6:35 • PIXELS 3-O(PG-13) 12:45, 9:25 • RICKI ANO THEFLASH (PG-13) noon, 2:35, 5:10, 7:40, 10:25 • SHAUN THE SHEEP(PG) 2:45, 5:05, 7:30, 9:45 • SOUTHPAW (R) 10:05 • TRAINWRECK (R) I2:35, 3:45,7:05, 10 • VACATION(R) 12:50, 3:20, 7:50, 10:35 Accessibility devices areavailable for somemovies.

URDAY, AUG. 8, 2015:This year your imagination inspires you to dream up wonderful adventures. You might decide to act on one of these fantasies with a friend or loved one. If you are single, you are likely to meet potential suitors in odd ways. As a result, a spe› cial person will Starsshowthskind enteryourlife. If of day yon'g have yo u are attached, ** * * * D ynamic this could be a ** * * Positive me m orable year ** * Average for b oth of you. ** So-so You might opt for * Difficult a major change in your relationship. GEMINI always catches your attention.

ARIES (March 21-April 19) ** * * You might have set plans, but if the activity doesn’t appeal to you, you will lose interest quickly. Make sure you get to choose what your plans look like, and ask others to join you. You will enjoy yourself as a result. Tonight: Out late.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

YOURHOROSCOPE upsetting you. Let it go, and make the most of your renewed energy. Tonight: Not alone.

** * * U nderstand what needs to happen with a child or new friend. Try to imagine what this person would most like to do. Better yet, let him or her choose. Once in a while, it’s a good idea to let others call the shots. Tonight: In the limelight.

CANCER (June21-July 22)

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Oec. 21)

** * * You might be at your wits’ end when trying to deal with a child or loved one. It is possible that you are making a problem worse by ignoring it. Use cau› tion with spending, as you are likely to go overboard. Tonight: Make it intimate.

** * * S omeone close to you will want your time and attention. You are likely to be delighted by this request. Though you might not prefer to do what this person

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22)

CAPRICORN (Oec. 22-Jan. 19)

By Jacqueline Bigar

** * * You could be tired, but your friends will drag you out the door any› way. A loved one also might want you to join him or her. Do not fight the inevita› ble. Your sense of humor will make the next few days special. Tonight: Out on the town.

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

suggests, you’ ll have aball if you do. Tonight: Just go along for the ride.

** * * You might be surprised by how fast a friend loses his or her temper. You might not want to get involved, but ultimately you must stand your ground. Once peace is made, you both will be much happier. Tonight: A romantic din› ner for two.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

** * * * Y ou’ ll wake up feeling as ** * * * B e more forthright in your though today is special. Think of your dealings with a new friend. In response TAURUS (April 20-May 20) to spending the day with this person, ** * * * Y ou might consider a differ› perfect Saturday, then go off and play it out. You might want to reach out to a you’ ll become more authentic. Sponta› ent way of handling a financial matter neity needs to be the theme at this mo› that keeps coming up for you. At times, favorite person or two to join you. You will be happy you did. Tonight: As you ment. Tonight: Out till the wee hours. when you are outshopping,youtendto like it. lose all sense of what youhavespent PISCES (Feb. 19-March20) or canspend.Tonight:Do whatpleases ** * You might be out of sorts when LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) you. ** * * * Y ou might wonder what to do responding tosomeone else’sneeds. with a family member. Listen to a sug› You easily could opt to spend the day at GEMINI (May 21-June20) ** * * You could be very concerned gestion that comes from out of the blue. home without too many plans. The role about getting through a matter involv› of spontaneity becomes clearer as the You are best off playing this situation ing your home. Understand what is out and making the most of it. Tonight: day goes on. Tonight: Order in. happening around you that might be Do what you most would like to do. ' King Features Syndicate

Anthony). EmmaDumont and Claire Holt also star. 11 p.m. on TBS, "America' s Next Weatherman" —Will Ferrell’s "Funny or Die" produc› tion company and "Survivor" producer Mark Burnett are behind this lighthearted new reality competition series in which12 competitors vie for a position as the country’s next high-profile meteorologist. We’ re guessing a lot of them will find it’s a lot harder than it looks, and veteran weather› castersJohnny Mountain and Jillian Barberie will be judging their efforts. Comic Matt Oberg hosts this new eight-episode series. © Zap2it

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McMenamins OldSt. Francis School, 700 NWBond St., 541-330-8562 • HOW TOTRAINYOURDRAGON(PG) 1t:30 a.m., 2:30 • PITCH PERFECT 2 (PG-13) 6 • TERMINATOR GENISYS(PG-l3) 9 Younger than 21mayattend all s cre eningsifaccompanied tly a legal guardian. Tin Pan Theater, 869 NWTin PanAlley, 541-241-2271 • ANY (R)5:30 • INFINITELYPOLARBEAR(R) 8:15 • JIMMY'S HALL(PG-13) 3:15 I



newed, even intensified, inter› est in Charles Manson (Gethin



Redmond Cinemas,1535 SWOdemMedo Road, 541-548-8777 • FANTASTICFOUR(PG-13) noon, 2:15, 4:30, 6:45, 9 • MINIONS(PG) 11:45 a.m., 2, 4:15, 6:30 • MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE — ROGUENATION(PG-13) 12:45, 3:30, 6:15, 9 • TRAINWRECK (R) 8:45 • VACATION(R) 12: I5, 2:30, 4:45, 7, 9:15


In-Home Care Services 541-389-0006 www.evergreeninhome.corn

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Sun when yotJwanting shade when yotJ needit.




541-389-9983 www.shadeondemand.corn

Sisters Movie House,720 DesperadoCourt, 541-549-8800 • MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE — ROGUENATION (PG-13) 2:30, 5, 7:45 • MR.HOLMES (PG)2:15,4:30,7 • RICKI ANO THEFLASH (PG-13) 3, 5:15, 7:30 • TRAINWRECK (R) 2:30, 5, 7:45


r$• r

Madras Cinema 5,1101SWU.S. Highway 97, 541-475-3505 • FANTASTICFOUR(PG-13) noon, 2:35, 5, 7:25, 9:45 • MINIONS(PG) l2:30, 2:50, 5 • MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE — ROGUENATION(PG-13) 1:20, 4: I 0, 7,9:50 • PIXELS(PG-13) 12:05, 2:25, 4:55 • SOUTHPAW (R) 7:15, 9:50 • TRAINWRECK (R) 7:05, 9:40 • VACATION(R) 12:10, 2:30, 4:50, 7:10, 9:25 •


a03 SW Industrial Way, Bend, OR

Pine Theater, 214 N.MainSt., 541-416-1014 • FANTASTICFOUR(PG-13) 1, 4, 7 • MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE — ROGUENATION (Upstairs› PG-13) t:10, 4:10, 7:15 The upstairs screening roomhaslimited accessibility.


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Basecamp Townhomes Underway

New Move-In Ready Westside Home

Basecamp is i nspired by t h e n a tural beauty and wonder of Central Oregon,

Move in to your new luxurious Hayden Home for $384,990 today! Located on

and it echoes this spirit i n e very detail. Basecamp i s a n a u t h entic r esponse t o

t he northwest side o f B e n d , t h i s h o m e boasts these and other incredible features:

modern and purposeful living, reflecting the heritage of Bend, while being situated i n the best l ocation i n

3 bedrooms plus huge bonus room, 2.5 baths, 2357 SF; A/C unit included. Large fully fenced and landscaped yard. Sitting

t o wn. The idea

behind Basecamp is simple: 25 graciously

on a .14 acre home site, it i s surrounded by parks and trails with close, easy access to shopping and the Deschutes River! The

conceived townhomes born of the natural wonder and b eauty o f C e n t ral O r egon.

One block from the Deschutes and minutes to Downtown Bend or the Old Mill. Phase

home is available to view 7 days a week till 6 pm. See onsite agent at 63261 Newhall Place in Bend, just tw o d o ors down!

1 reservations now being taken!


BETSEY LITTLE, BROKER (541) 301.8140 KEN RENNER, PRINCIPAL BROKER (541) 280.5352 Paid Advertisement Q


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Photo by KevinPrieto

By Metro Editorial for the Bulletin Special Projects G ardening ca n b e a rew a r d ing a n d relaxing hobby, one that allows people to escape from life’s daily grind and soak up some of that warm Central Oregon sun. As rewarding as gardening can be, i t’s even more so when gardeners ply their trade in an eco-friendly way. Gardening with the environment in mind is something many gardeners do w i thout even knowing it. But for t hose who want to approach the garden knowing the green f actor is more than just th e color o f t h e foliage, here are a few tips that ensure time in the backyard is m u tually beneficial to gardeners and the environment. • Use m ulch to c o n serve resources and reduce reliance on fertilizers. Conserving resources is one of the best ways to help the environment, and applying mulch is

a great way to conserve one of the high t he property also means there w il l b e garden. When buying a new mat, choose s ignificantly less grass to m ow , w h i ch desert’s most precious resources: water. one made from recycled tires. Mulch helps the soil retain water, keeping reduces the amount of gas necessary to • Live and let live. Insects can be a nuisance, the water from evaporating into the air, mow and the amount of greenhouse gases but they can also be a g a rdener’s best which means less watering even for those the lawn mower produces. In addition, less friend. Spraying insecticide simply because who want to keep their gardens looking grass means less need for fertilizers and insects can be pesky is shortsighted and lush and healthy. In addition to helping pesticides to maintain that grass in the first impractical. Certain spiders prey on other conserve water, mulch can also help reduce place. insects that can be harmful to a garden, reliance o n f e r t i lizers. T h at’s b ecause • Choose gardening t ools a nd p r o d ucts much like the way ladybugs eat aphids and mulch provides nutrients to the soil as it with the environment in m i nd . Veteran spider mites, acting as garden protectors. breaks down, providing an eco-friendly While butterflies and bees help pollinate gardeners have a host of tools that help alternative for gardeners who don’t want tackle every problem imaginable. But when flowers, earthworms are also beneficial to to rely on fertilizers to deliver those much shopping for new gardening tools, whether a garden, helping to aerate and fertilize needed nutrients to their soil. you’ re a beginner who needs everything or the soil and enabling plants to grow by • Plant m ore f lo wers. Native flowers, in a veteran gardener whose tools have seen removing harmful matter from the soil. particular, can help m aintain an a r ea’s better days, choose products made from The j oy and p ersonal benefit t h at n atural ecosystem, providing f ood a n d recycled materials. For e x ample, many c omes from g a r dening i s a l l t h e m o r e shelter for b eneficial insects and o ther gardeners use mats to help reduce stress rewarding when gardeners take an eco› wildlife. More flowers and plants around friendly approach. o n their knees when kneeling down to

~i n d e r m ere... Re-defining the Standard p f Excellence in the Real Estate Industry. Tona Restine and Lawnae Hunter are happy to welcome Jennifer Lewis to their Bend office. Jennifer has a strong background in the interior design industry with an emphasis is Feng Shui. She is intuitive, insightful and someone you will enjoy working with for all of your real estate needs. "I was immediately impressed by Windermere's superb reputation in the real estate community! Windermere offers their agents the most current tools and training so they are equipped to be the best professionals in the industry! I am striving to be the trusted 'go to" personfor any housing needs that you may have!" — Jennifer Lewis j letvislwindermere.corn 541.610.7831


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Commercial/investment Properties for Sale

Open Houses

Homes for Sale

Open House Sat. 11-3 Top of the Hill and end of the road privacy on Profitable Kennel Busi› 17430 Plainview Road, Bend, OR 20 acres. AD„1692 n ess Going on 3 0 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Years! First c l ass High Desert Realty kennel/boarding busi› 541-312-9449 ness for dogs and www. Ben dOregon cats. 53 dog rooms 732 RealEstate.corn and 13 cat rooms, Commercial/Investment most wit h o u t side RENTALS Custom 3000+ sq.ft. 4 Bdrm, 2 bath, runs. Multiple outside 603 - Rental Alternatives Properties for Sale Bend home and shop play areas for super› 4.76 acres, 1920 sq.ft. 604 - Storage Rentals on 4.4+ acres. Maralin F. Baidenmann, vised play and exer› 51487 HWY 97 Ad „1002 605 - Roommate Wanted Broker, John L Scott cise. Long time expe› $494,900. 1.64 acre TEAM Birtola Garmyn 541-325-1095 616- Want To Rent r ienced staff a n d c ommercial lot o n High Desert Realty 627 -Vacation Rentals 8 Exchanges highway. High Lakes grooming f a c ilities. 541-312-9449 630- Rooms for Rent Property has a 2500 Realty & Pr o perty www. Ben dOregon sq. ft. home, includ› 631 - Condominiums 8 Townhomes for Rent Management RealEstate.corn ing a 1 be d room 541-536-0117 632 - Apt./Multiplex General apartment. $964,000. Spectacular Deschutes 634- Apt./Multiplex NE Bend Newer high end build CALL KRIS WARNER River and Cascade 636 - Apt./Multiplex NW Bend ing in high traffic loca AT 541 - 4 80-5365 OPEN HOUSE SAT› views. AD„1342 638- Apt./Multiplex SE Bend tion on G reenwood MLS: 201 5 02782 URDAY & SUNDAY, TEAM Birtola Garmyn 640- Apt./Multiplex SW Bend close to d o wntown Duke Warner Realty 12-3 High Desert Realty Bend. AD„1742 642 - Apt./Multiplex Redmond 3147 SW Pumice Pl, 541-312-9449 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Redmond Commercial I Redmond 1,008 sq. 646 - Apt./Multiplex Furnished www. BendOregon High Desert Realty $16.20 ft., 3bd, 2 ba, Close to RealEstate.corn 648- Houses for Rent General 541-312-9449 • New retail/office cen› Hayden Park, a very 650- Houses for Rent NE Bend www. BendOregon ter SE Bend home with 2 nice home in a won› 652 - Houses for Rent NW Bend RealEstate.corn • Ample parking suites. Ad „1492 derful area and close 654- Houses for Rent SE Bend visibility to schools. Very easy TEAM Birtola Garmyn 2284 sq. ft. commercial •• Good 656 - Houses for Rent SW Bend MLS 201504006 High Desert Realty access to all parts of building located on Paula Vanvleck, 541-312-9449 658- Houses for Rent Redmond town. Outdoors in› 1.47 acres near es› Broker 659 - Houses for Rent Sunriver cludes a covered pa› www. BendOregon tablished businesses. 541-280-7774 RealEstate.corn tio, big yard, with a 660- Houses for Rent La Pine Z oned where y o u g arden area, 2 0 0 could live and have a 661 - Houses for Rent Prineville Call The Bulletin At sq.ft. shop - all wired business. Open floor 662 - Houses for Rent Sisters 541-385-5809 and ready to go, plus plan ready for your 663 - Houses for Rent Madras a storage area. Oh, Place Your Ad Or E-Mail upgrades. Many busi› 664- Houses for Rent Furnished MORRIS and a new roof! You At: www.bendbulletin.corn ness possibilities for 671 - Mobile/Mfd. for Rent REAL ESTATE won’t find a b e t ter this building, retail, d~ A value. What are you Classic full-scribe cus› 675 - RV Parking beautysalon, offices, waiting for? $179,000 tom log home w/great 676 - Mobile/Mfd. Space gym, etc. $79,900. 738 Scott Smith, Real Paulina peak views. 13985 SW Business 682 - Farms, Ranches and Acreage Estate Broker Ad „2082 Circle. CRR. Multiplexes for Sale 687 - Commercial for Rent/Lease Windermere Central TEAM Birtola Garmyn Juniper Realty 693 - Office/Retail Space for Rent Oregon Real Estate High Desert Realty 541-504-5393 $200,000 Single level. 541-604-4113 541-312-9449 REAL ESTATE O pen f l oor p l a n, Scott'ScottSmith› Where can you find a www. BendOregon 705 - Real Estate Services fenced backyard, 0.20 SellsHomes.corn, RealEstate.corn acre lot, gas forced air 713- Real Estate Wanted helping hand? ScottSmith› heat and fireplace, 3 719 - Real Estate Trades From contractors to Forest Ridge Town› SellsHomes.corn b drm, 2 b at h a n d home in Eagle Crest 726 - Timeshares for Sale yard care, it’s all here 1628 sq.ft. Resort. AD„1632 730 - New Listings Tony Levison, Broker in The Bulletin’s TEAM Birtola Garmyn 541-977-1852 732 - Commercial Properties for Sale "Call A Service High Desert Realty Windermere 738 - Multiplexes for Sale 541-312-9449 Professional" Directory Central Oregon 740 -Condominiums & Townhomes forSale www. BendOregon Real Estate 600’ Hwy 97 Frontage I RealEstate.corn 744 - Open Houses $5,500/mo 745 - Homes for Sale 740 Reduced tosell! 1800+ sq.ft. Custom SE • 2.77 acres of M1 746- Northwest Bend Homes Bend, OR 2245 sq.ft. Condo/Townhomes Bend home on 0.25 zoned land Custom Remodeled 747- Southwest Bend Homes acre lot. Ad „2092 • Redmond for lease for Sale home. 3 Bdrm, 2.5 TEAM Birtola Garmyn 748 - Northeast Bend Homes • 27,000+ vehicles pass Bath, .67 Acres, Large High Desert Realty NW Bend Greyhawk 749 - Southeast Bend Homes per day Deck, Mtn Views, 541-312-9449 • MLS 201507121 Con dos! 750 - Redmond Homes Open Floor Plan www. BendOregon Jen Bowen, Broker, Ad „1122,1672, 1682 $399,000 Motivated 753 - Sisters Homes RealEstate.corn TEAM Birtola Garmyn GRI Sellers! 755 - Sunriver/La Pine Homes High Desert Realty 541-280-2147 Open House 756- Jefferson County Homes 541-312-9449 Sunday 12-3 www. BendOregon 757 - Crook County Homes (541 ) 598-6382 RealEstate.corn Chip Faver'hotmail.corn 762 - Homes with Acreage

/pe o

763- Recreational Homes and Property 764 - Farms and Ranches



771 - Lots 773 - Acreages 775 - Manufactured/Mobile Homes 780 - Mfd. /Mobile Homes with Land

21-C Stoneridge SAT. 10am-1 pm 65350 Condo, Sunriver. KIOWA DRIVE, Bend. $40,000. 2 Bdrm, 2.5 off Old Bend Red› bath, 1896 sq. ft., mond Hwy. Set up for 20% shared owner› horses & all your toys! ship. 1.39 acres fenced 520 Mike Ashley, sq.ft. shop, 3 bdrms, 2 Broker 541-280-4940 bath, 1539 sq.ft. mfd. Berkshire Only $224 , 900. Hathaway Home Sonnie Grossman & Services Northwest Assoc. 541-388-2159 Real Estate

Commercial Building in Terrebonne, OR. 2 buildings; 2160 sq.ft. and 1728 sq.ft. Cur› 548 rently being used as Houses for warehouses. Paved Rent General driveway and parking. There is a half bath 745 PUBLISHER’ S and office in the large Riverfront living down› NOTICE Homes for Sale building. Current use town. Come enjoy the All real estate adver› is approved. Change tising in this newspa› of use should be veri› lifestyle in this 2 bed› Beautifully landscaped 2 bath 1351 sq. per is subject to the fied and approved by froom, 4 bdrm, + office, 3 t. condo w ith a t › F air H o using A c t Jefferson bath, home on 2.5 C o u nty. tached garage plus a which makes it illegal $199,500. acres. AD„1532 505 MLS carport. Unbeatable to a d vertise "any „201409760 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Roommate Wanted location close to ev› preference, limitation High Desert Realty Bobbie Strome, erything. $ 394,900. disc r imination Principal Broker 541-312-9449 Room for rent in house or CALL KIM WARNER based on race, color, John L Scott Real www. BendOregon in Eagle Crest, Red› religion, sex, handi› Estate AT 541 410-2475. RealEstate.corn 541-385-5500 mond. Elderly lady cap, familial status, MLS: 201 5 026’I 8 preferred. Rent: $400. marital status or na› C ommercial Lots I n Duke Warner Realty Spectacular 20+ acre Call 541-280-0892. West Powell Butte tional origin, or an in› Crooked River Ranch: 744 Great opportunity to Estates Home. tention to make any People Lookfor Information start a business or Ad „1262 such pre f erence, Open Houses relocate an existing TEAM Birtola Garmyn About Products and limitation or discrimi› High Desert Realty nation." Familial sta› business. Near res› Awbrey Heights 1 level Services Every Daythrough hotel a nd 541-312-9449 award winning Pahl› The Bulletin Classinerfs tus includes children taurants, www. BendOregon under the age of 18 golf course. Owner isch built home. 2224 RealEstate.corn living with parents or terms avail. Business sq. ft., appraised price 532 legal cus t odians, Circle, Lot 82:- 1.05 on 7/6/15: $540,000. Single Level Home with acres, $25, 0 00. Sat. 8/8, 11AM - 2PM Apt./llllultiplex General pregnant women, and shop and studio on people securing cus› Commercial Loop Lot 613 Powell Butte Lp. 1 acre. Ad„2012 CHECKYOUR AD tody of children under 50, 1.30 acres and Lot TEAM Birtola Garmyn 18. This newspaper 51, 1.23 acres, still Check out the High Desert Realty will not knowingly ac› available at $35,000 classifieds online 541-312-9449 cept any advertising each or purchase both www.bendbulletin.corn www. BendOregon for real estate which is for $60,000. Juniper Updated daily RealEstate.corn in violation of the law. Realty 541-504-5393 O ur r e aders a r e on the first day it runs hereby informed that to make sure it is cor› all dwellings adver› rect. "Spellcheck" and tised in this newspa› human errors do oc› are available on cur. If this happens to per equal opportunity your ad, please con› an basis. To complain of tact us ASAP so that d iscrimination ca l l corrections and any HUD t o l l-free at adjustments can be 1-800-877-0246. The made to your ad. toll f ree t e lephone 541-385-5809 for the hear› The Bulletin Classified number ing im p aired is



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Find exactly what you are looking for in the Only a few left! Two & Three Bdrms CLASSIFIEDS with Washer/Dryer and Patio or Deck. 551 (One Bdrms also avail.) MountainGlen Apts Houses for Rent 541.383.931 3 Prineville Professionally managed by Newer 2 bed, 1 bath Norris 8 Stevens, Inc. house w/ fenced yard, $1,150/month. In Prineville. The Bulletin is your 541-213-6538

5,500 sq.ft. b uilding, 5 41- 3 8 5 - 5 8 0 9 fenced lot in rear, up› dated building, gran› to advertise. ite counter tops, of› fice, 1 full bathroom, 2 www.bendbulletin.corn half b aths, r e pair shop, window treats, alarm system. $5,500. 1 776 S. H wy. 9 7 , Redmond. ServingCentral Oregon since 19iB 541-480-7241

The Bulletin

www.BendOregon RealEstate.corn

Very Custom 1900+ 4 Beautiful small acreage Custom log home, 1 bdrm, on 1+ Acre with i n Tumalo w/ C a s acre backs forest land c ade M t n vie w s. in SR’s backyard. Ad shop & Trout Pond. Ad „1032 AD„1152 „1072 TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty High Desert Realty High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 www. BendOregon www. BendOregon www. BendOregon RealEstate.corn RealEstate.corn RealEstate.corn

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Mortgage! Finding the Right Mortgage Is Easy! 15 yr fixed = 3.375% APR - 3.660% P&l pmt = $1984.53 30 yr fixed = 4.125Vo APR 4.292Vo P&l pmt = $1357.02 Jumbo 30 yr= 4.125% APR - 4.276% Pal pmt = $3101.76 Purchase prfce$350.000, 20'L down, Loan amount $280.000, 30 year fixed.


Pacific Crest Roofing is proud to be the roofing contractor

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On theSe tff/O

CASEY JONES 541-419-9766

featured homes. 951 SW Silver Lake Blvd, Bend

hiaaha Paci5eCrest

NMLS 189449 CORP OR LIC.„ ML-2421


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NMLS 288550 CORP NMLS„ 3113


Bend g


New Pahlischhome in NE Lava Ridges.2000 SF, 4 bed, 2.5 bath. Big Great Room with stone fireplace, kitchen with 2 quartz islands and ss appliances. Backs to private lava outcroppings, great covered patio, fenced. Steps to school, pool, and Pine Nursery Parks. $37tI,9j0

Pahlischhome in Stonegate.New 2775 SF,4 bed, 2.5 bath. 1st fl. den, big great room with fp and wood built-ins. Huge Bonus room, master with tile tub and shower, huge wic. Raised deck backs to community open space! Gorgeous!$429i9j0

Julie BurgOni, arche

Julie Burgoni, avower


rae~ W ~ ~ vu "@ m a



3 71 SW Upper Terrace Drive S u ite 1



$350I,OIOIOI $50iOi, piOigi


Specializing in Commercial and

ROON'INteIndustrial Single-PlySystems I





www. BendOregon RealEstate.corn

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541-41 9-9022

Total Property Resources

63360 OB Riley Road, Bend Winner of the 2015 Tour of Homes "Green Building Aware- Under $400,000"

Commercial for Rent/Lease


Homes for Sale

Custom Cabin Own a piece of Oregon Gorgeous family home G et-Away i n Th e history, the old with 5 bdrm, bonus, Pines, remodeled in Hodecker home. SW Bend neighbor 2014. Ad „1332 Ad „1722 hood. AD„1752 TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty High Desert Realty High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 541-312-9449 www. BendOregon www. BendOregon www. BendOregon RealEstate.corn RealEstate.corn RealEstate.corn $549 000 - 2 M a ster $569,000 - NW Bend Custom, steel-beam S hevkn R i dge. 3 home on west edge of Suites, large shop, lovely single l evel Bdrm, 2.5 bath, 3007 Lake Billy Chinook. sq.ft., main level mas home, 2542 sq.ft., 36’ Ad „1622 x 50’ shop w/3 bays, 4 ter suite, office w/cus TEAM Birtola Garmyn bdrm, 3 bath, hard tom built in cabinetry, High Desert Realty wood floors, granite large bonus room and 541-312-9449 lots of storage, 2 A/C counters, 4.52 acres. www. BendOregon Tina Roberts, Broker and furnaces. RealEstate.corn 541-419-9022 Tina Roberts, Broker Total Property 541-419-9022 Beautiful l andscaping Total Property around this 4 bdrm, 3 Resources Resources bath home. Reverse River Front 8 owner livinghome shows off terms. Ad „3102 the incredible views. TEAM Birtola Garmyn Tumalo Craftsman and Downstairs could be High Desert Realty guest home on 10 an in-law suite. This 541-312-9449 acres. Ad„1452 home shows pride of www. BendOregon TEAM Birtola Garmyn ownership. $269,900 RealEstate.corn High Desert Realty MLS201505951. Call 541-312-9449 Donna Carter, Broker, 16 Acre horse property www. BendOregon 541-903-0601 + guest house w/ RealEstate.corn Crooked River Realty Cascade views. AD„1022 Bright and beautiful TEAM Birtola Garmyn home on the 7th fair› TURN THE PAGE High Desert Realty way of Big Meadow For More Ads 541-312-9449 Golf Course. The Bulletin www. BendOregon Ad „7002 RealEstate.corn TEAM Birtola Garmyn Great SW Bend High Desert Realty A ffordable NE B e n d Craftsman home. 541-312-9449 single level home in a Ad „1242 www. BendOregon great cul - de-sac. TEAM Birtola Garmyn RealEstate.corn AD„1582 High Desert Realty TEAM Birtola Garmyn 541-312-9449 $189,000 Meticulously High Desert Realty www. BendOregon maintained SW Red 541-312-9449 mond, 3 bdrm, 2 bath, RealEstate.corn www. BendOregon 3007 s q .ft., g r e at RealEstate.corn room, vaulted ceilings, Amazing property with new flooring, new gorgeous river, can› Single level home on appl., new paint, wall yon and mtn views. corner lot in Elkhorn Ad „1422 A/C unit, large fenced Estates. AD„1222 TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM Birtola Garmyn yard with dog run. High Desert Realty Tina Roberts, Broker High Desert Realty

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Homes for Sale

Jumbo purchase price / value $800,000 20% down / equity, $640,000 loan amount. Offer valid os of 08/07/2015, restrictions may apply. Rates/fees subject to change. On Approved Credit.

Apt./Multiplex NE Bend



• H o mes for Sale


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18 Lot Subdivision in Madras. All utilities are in. Paved roadsand sidewalks completed. Ready to build homes. Give Bill a call and discuss the opportunities in Madras.$360,000

Bill Bellamy,arou ser 541-420-7192





Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Ho m es for Sale•



Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

True pride of $120,000 Val e ntine19566 Green L akes $269,900 Stonehedge. 3 Master plus. Conve› ownership shows Street. 2 Yr. old floor› Loop, o ff ered a t 0.22 acre fenced lot, nience, location and a in the gorgeous beauty. ing, well maintained, $819,000. Golf course 1942 sq.ft., 3 bdrm great house all in one. Ad „2032. new landscape, side› v iew, 3120 sq . f t . 2.5 bath, large ga› This 2 7 00+ s q . ft. TEAM Birtola Garmyn walks and paint. Cen› custom home, 3 bed› rage, close to schools home has 3 masters, High Desert Realty tral A/C, 55+ park and room, 2 full baths, 2 and shopping. 2 other bdrms, 4.5 541-312-9449 541-771-1168 a great place to live. half baths, m aster baths, a bonus room www. BendOregon Susan Pitarro, Broker suite on main level, Eric Andrews, Broker with a deck off it plus 541-410-8084 RealEstate.corn oversized 3 car ga› Windermere a large deck with a Windermere rage, beautifully land› Central Oregon new hot tub, finished Craftsman styling in Central Oregon scaped, in p r emier Real Estate and ready to enjoy. wonderful Oaktree› Real Estate MLS „ 201 5 04521 g olf community of Bend. Ad „1232 $269,900 Stonehedge. Top. Great lo› Sharon Abrams, CRS, TEAM Birtola Garmyn $134,000 Half acre lot Broken 0.22 acre fenced lot, cation on th e 1 7th P rincipal Brok e r High Desert Realty Eagle Crest, 2nd fair fairway of the Broken 1942 sq.ft., 3 bdrm, 541-280-9309 541-312-9449 way sunsets. Ridge Top Golf Course! This 2.5 bath, large ga› John L Scott Realty, www. BendOregon course, nice and flat, b eautiful cust o m rage, close to schools Bend. RealEstate.corn ready to build, close home has an inviting and shopping. to amenities. Secily Luse, Broker $ 419,770 L ovely 4 open floor plan; lots of 16505 Shanks Lane. Debbie Tallman, 541-639-6307 bdrm. Mountain view, light, soaring vaulted RVer’s Par a dise. Broker 541-390-0934 Windermere huge sh o p/hobby ceilings & hardwood 2400 sq.ft. RV cove Windermere Central Oregon room, 4-car garage floors. A large great /shop and home. Ad Central Oregon Real Estate plus RV, 3 full baths, room boasts a stone „1602 Real Estate main level master. fireplace and built-ins; $269,950 TEAM Birtola Garmyn Cro o k ed Tony Weinmann, High Desert Realty 147914 Mabel, La Pine. the gourmet kitchen is River, 2176 sq.ft., 3 Broker complete w/ granite bdrm, 2 bath, open 541-312-9449 $160,000. 5 Acres, 541-706-1820 counters & w a l k-in floor p lan, m a ster www. BendOregon RV garage w/shop Windermere RealEstate.corn area, gated entrance. pantry. Great layout separation. Shop/ga Central Oregon with the master suite rage, 24’x36’, 1.56 Mark Hansen, Broker Real Estate Forest Ridge Town› & office/den down› acre. 541-536-4418 home in Eagle Crest stairs. Two bedrooms Berkshire Hathaway Jeanette Brunot, $439,000 Wickiup Ave, Resort. Ad „1312 & large bonus room Broker 541-771-1383 Home Services 20 m ountain v i ew TEAM Birtola Garmyn upstairs. Relax out in Northwest Real Estate Windermere acres, 9 acres COI ir› High Desert Realty the front courtyard or Central Oregon rigation, cozy cottage, 541-312-9449 16424 Antelope, Three on the back patio. Real Estate outbuildings, close to www. BendOregon Rivers. $12,500..45 Enjoy the view! Redmond. RealEstate.corn acre, recreational lot, Lynda Walsh, Broker, 2744 NE Ocker Diana Barker, Broker deeded river access. ABR, SRS. $219,000. 3 Bedroom, 541-480-7777 Ranch style home with Kyle Hoak, Broker 541-322-8880 2 bath, 1112 sq.ft., Windermere heated 3 car garage 541-639-7760 Berkshire Hathaway new i nterior/exterior Central Oregon on 1+ acre. AD„1512 Berkshire Hathaway Home Services paint, new stove and Real Estate TEAM Birtola Garmyn Home Services Northwest Real Estate c arpet, ga s fr e e› High Desert Realty Northwest Real Estate standing stove, RV $449,900 Crest Ridge. 541-312-9449 parking, large fenced Open living in a great www. BendOregon $165,000$ 1 8 5,000 Just too many lot 0.17 acre. location, vaulted ceil› collectibles? RealEstate.corn Westside C o n dos. Kathy Caba, Principal ings, 3 car with shop Only 4 units left. 3 Broker 541-771-1761 and storage, land› Big Providence with southern expo› Sell them in John L Scott Realty, Charmer! Ad „1282 scaped, huge deck. sure and views. 3 The Bulletin Classifieds Bend. Mike Wilson, Broker TEAM Birtola Garmyn Blocks to N e wport 541-977-5345 High Desert Realty Mkt,coff ee shops and 2927 sq.ft., 4 bedroom, Windermere 541-312-9449 r estaurants. Co m › 541-385-5809 3 bath home on the www. BendOregon Central Oregon p letely updated 2 golf course in Fair› Real Estate RealEstate.corn Holl y grape bdrm, 1 b ath, 6 80 19642 way Crest Village Stun n ing $719,000. $ 479,000 Coun t ry $340,000 Spa c ious sq.ft. units. Bamboo Street. flooring and Richlite property located on Jack Johns, Broker, ness with style. 4 Home. 3178 s q.ft., composite c o unter› the Deschutes River 541-480-9300. Bdrm, 2.5 bath, 2630 mtn views and 4.8 rim and views of Mt. sq.ft., hardwood, gran tops. acres. covered patio, Jake & Loretta B achelor! Flat . 3 6 4 bdrm, 2 masters, dbl ite, and tile, stainless acre parcel, commu› Moorhead, Brokers appl., new e xterior car attached garage, 541-480-6790 nity center, pool, ten› shop and boat ga› paint, fenced y ard 541-480-2245 nis courts, beautiful with dog run. rage. MORRIS Windermere SW Bend neighbor› Tina Roberts, Broker Janelle Christensen, REAL ESTATE hood, minutes away Central Oregon 541-419-9022 Broker 541-815-9446 Real Estate from the O l d M i ll, Total Property Windermere shopping, downtown Resources Central Oregon $ 165,000 New C o n & more. For you out› $299,000 Great loca› Real Estate struction, one l evel door ent h usiasts, tion. 1865 sq.ft., 4 Where can you find a Craftsman, 3 bdrm, 2 River Canyon Park bdrm, 2.5 bath, office, 4A Aquila Lodges, Sun› helping hand? bath, large master trail head is .5 mile hardwoods and up› river. $86,595. 3 granite and suite, great room de› away. From contractors to $325 , 000. grades, Bdrm, 2.5 bath, 1/4 stainless in kitchen, sign, large k i tchen MLS„ 201 4 0 7980 share (25% owner› yard care, it’s all here area, almost com› C indy K in g A B R , private oasis. ship), 2 fireplaces. Jillian Smith, Broker, in The Bulletin’s pleted. CRS, GRI, Principal Darrell Hamel, Broker 503-913-5076 Dave Disney, Broker "Call A Service 541-480-7563 Broker 541-330-8543 Winderm ere 541-410-8557 Hasson C o m pany Central Oregon Mike Ashley, Broker Professional" Directory Windermere Realtors 541-280-4940 Real Estate Central Oregon Berkshire Hathaway Custom built, 1 Oregon Loop› Real Estate Home Services spectacular views, 310 Willis Lane, Sunriver. $765,000. Northwest Real Estate complete privacy. incredible NW style 16755 Casper, Three 5 bdrm, 5 bath, 2 mas› AD„1702 estate on almost 90 4 bdrm/4 bath on 1.5 Rivers. $30,000. .70 ter suites, 3320 sq. ft., TEAM Birtola Garmyn acres. Ad „1362 Acre, vacant lot› log accents. a cres, 2808 sq. f t . High Desert Realty TEAM Birtola Garmyn close to boat ramp. Dan Hoak, Broker 2-story ranch, Can› 541-312-9449 High Desert Realty Darrell Hamel, Broker 541-639-6595 yon Cit y , OR www. BendOregon 541-312-9449 541-480-7563 Mary Hoak, Broker $219,000. 5 4 1-786› RealEstate.corn www. BendOregon Berkshire Hathaway 541-848-8140 0331 or 541-786 3303 RealEstate.corn Home Services Berkshire Hathaway Great condition, loca Northwest Real Estate Home Services 4 tion and shop, just $329,000 R i v erfront. Bedroom inLoSun c a ted Northwest Real Estate 2227 sq.ft., 3 bdrm, 3 Meadow! South of S u nriver. $179,900 Hayden from the pool, AD„1092 Ranch. 1284 sq.ft., 20.44 acres. If you want bath, open floor plan, across c ommon area a n d TEAM Birtola Garmyn 3 bdrm, 2 bath, gas privacy and your own 2 master suites, a li› water feature. Pahl› High Desert Realty fireplace, central A/C, get away retreat, this b rary and den, 2 + isch home with 1940 541-312-9449 2 car garage. property is it. Breath› acres on Little Des› sq. ft., great room www. BendOregon chutes River. 541-771-’I 168 taking views of the floor plan plus den/ RealEstate.corn Eric Andrews, Cascade Mountains. Bill Kammerer, Broker office. $29 9 ,000. 541-410-1200 Broker Electricity is on t he CALL ROB EGGERS Luxurious home built by Winderm ere Windermere property. $ 145,000. Pronghorn Builder. AT 541 - 815-9780. Central Oregon Central Oregon CALL KAR O L YN MLS: 2015 0 5771 Across from Real Estate Real Estate DUBOIS AT Deschutes River. Duke Warner Realty 541-390-7863. MLS: Ad „1192 $180,000 Re d mond 201309974 Juniper Glen. Duke $339,900 View Condo, Sun› TEAM Birtola Garmyn Eagle Crest s ingle 4 Mt.river. 55+, 3 bdrm, 2 bath, Warner Realty $265,000. 3 High Desert Realty level home, vaulted 1404 sq.ft., P ergo 541-312-9449 Ama z ing k itchen an d l a r g e bdrm, 2 bath, 1014 floors and heat pump, $209,900 sq. ft., golf course www. BendOregon private patio, fenced price for a quick sale. master suite, 3 car ga› view. RealEstate.corn private yard and low 1900 + sq.ft., 3 bdrm, rage, 3 bdrm, 2 bath, Kyle Hoak, Broker traffic. 2 bath, just over $100 1850 sq.ft. Immaculate 1- owner Diana 541-639-7760 per sq.ft. priced. TLC, Bea Leach, Broker Barker, Broker home. $427,900. 4 Berkshire Hathaway 541-788-2274 541-480-7777 project opportunity & Bdrm, 2.5 bath, 3007 Home Services 0.17 acre in Bend. Winderm ere Windermere sq. ft. Spacious 0.29 Northwest Real Estate Central Oregon Central Oregon Cash, conventional or acre l o t wi t h a FHA/203K works. So Real Estate Real Estate $556,900 Elegant Liv› park-like setting yard. much Potential. 55+ community Wonderful neighbor $185,000 Re d mond Gail Rogers, Broker $349,000 C r aftsman. ing. hood o f Ca m den fixer, over half acre Great room style, cus within Eagle Crest. 541-604-1649 h a r dwood Park. Living and sepa homesite, close to Dry tom k itchen l a rge Linn ea Windermere gou r met rate family room, po Canyon, 1200 sq.ft. master, large shop flooring, Central Oregon tential for RV parking. building, RV covered kitchen, crown mold› home, finished rec Real Estate ing, wainscot in din› Tina Roberts, parking. room, 3 bdrm, 1 bath. ing. Broker 541-419-9022 20 Acre Ranch I Diana Barker, Broker Dave Disney, Broker Susan Pitarro, Broker Total Property 541-480-7777 $1,249,900 541-410-8557 541-410-8084 Resources • 3560 sq.ft., 3 bed› Windermere Windermere Windermere room, 4 bath Central Oregon Central Oregon Eagle Crest R e sort Central Oregon • Outdoor kitchen, pond, Real Estate Real Estate Townhome, backs to Real Estate barn commons - Meadows! $187,900 D e schutes • Chef’s kitchen, stun› $349,900 River Ranch. $559,000 Quail Ridge, AD„1732 2 044 s q . ft., 1. 4 5 River, contract terms ning master TEAM Birtola Garmyn offered, 113 ft. river • MLS 201505310 acres, close to river 2692 sq.ft. one level, High Desert Realty and forest, large RV large bonus room, 4 frontage, power on Odette Adair, Broker, 541-312-9449 bdrm, 3 bath, 1.96 site, septic installed, garage. RSPS, S.T.A.R. treed acres, 4 car ga› www. BendOregon 541-771-1168 good roads all year. 541-815-4786 rage, shop. RealEstate.corn Dave Disney, Broker Eric Andrews, Broker Bob Ahern, Broker 541-410-8557 Windermere $ 1,000,000 16 8 S W 541-420-3891 Windermere 0 Central Oregon Geneva Rd., Sisters Windermere Real Estate Central Oregon OR. 4 Bdrm, 4 bath, Central Oregon Real Estate 4510 sq.ft., 40 acres. MORRIS Real Estate Take care of custom home built by REAL ESTATE 18 Red Cedar, Chuck Newport. Large Sunriver. $525,000. Need help fixing stuff? your investments kitchen, sitting and 4 Bdrm, 4 bath, 2650 Call A Service Professional Investment with the help from dining area, master on sq. ft., golf course $229,500 find the help you need. 1654 sq.ft. two story 3 main, large c loset, view. The Bulletin’s www.bendbulletin.corn bdrm, 3 bath home. v aulted lo g b e a m Darrell Hamel, Broker "Call A Service 0.30 acre lot, RV park ceilings, main level 541-480-7563 $597,000 Joh n son ing, greens at Red Professional" Directory guest suite. L ower Berkshire Hathaway Road. 3.03 acre in mond 18 hole golf level guest suite with Home Services Bend’s we s t side. arne room, radiant Northwest Real Estate course, tenant occu $350,000 Eagle Crest, Cascade mtn views, pled. Iloors, fireplace, wet 3 bdrm, 2. 5 b a th, 3262 sq.ft. h o me, Dee Baker, Broker bar, private deck, up› 19432 Ironwood Circle, 1850 sq.ft., behind the oversized a t t ached 541-977-7756 per level game/craft offered at $554,900. gates, almost a half garage and open floor Windermere room. Trickling water Beautifully designed acre on the 14th fair› plan. Central Oregon feature and p ond. and spacious 2703 w ay, views of M t . Susan Pitarro, Broker Real Estate C ascade mtn a nd sq. ft. townhome lo› 541-410-8084 Jefferson. Smith Rock views. cated in premier gated $232,000. Meadow Diana Barker, Broker Windermere Rinehart, Dempsey golf community of Lakes, updated 1876 541-480-7777 Central Oregon and Phelps Broken Top. 3 bed› sq.ft. home, 0.22 acre Windermere Real Estate 541-480-5432 room, 3.5 baths, great large lot, granite, Central Oregon Windermere room with gas fire› wood and tile, pantry, 60763 Golf Village Loop Real Estate Central Oregon place and v a ulted view of golf course Hike/ride to the Cas› Real Estate c eilings, gran i t e 3 bdrm, 2 bath home on cade Lakes, rafting, and river. c ounters, pantry i n 1 acre, 720 sq. ft. ga› swimming 8 fishing on Broker 10 acres w/4 acres of ir› kitchen, two master Bill Kammerer, rage/shop, with 300 the Deschutes River, 541-410-1200 rigation, 3 ponds, 2 suites and office/den sq. ft. carport. Nicely located directly be› Windermere homes, main 1 story on main level, large landscaped with tween „2 & „7 Central Oregon house is 1344 sq. ft., bedroom, loft and bo› f enced y ar d a n d greens, abuts water Real Estate vac. home is 1296 sq. nus room on upper wrap-around decks. feature/pond, views of ft. 2 4X24 g a rage/ level, slate and hard› 26695 Horsell Road› Heat pump and appli› the golf course, old shop. MLS„ Recently remodeled ances wood floors, large 2 incl u ded. growth Ponderosas & 201503530 $389,095. car garage, overlooks 3bdrm, 2 bath, 2070y $129,900. rolling hills, mountain Pam Lester, Princ. beautiful com m on sq. ft. farm house on MLS201501579 biking trails & direct Broker, Century 21 area. 6 7.9y a c re s wi t h Call Nancy Popp, access to Deschutes Gold Country Realty, Lynda Walsh, Broker, 39.7y acres of irriga› Principal Broker National Forest. Inc. 541-504-1338 ABR, SRS t ion. 1344y sq . f t . 541-815-8000 $284,500. MLS„ 541-322-8880 building for office/ rec› Crooked River Realty 201503069 118 Acre Ranch I Berkshire Hathaway reation /studio, 4502y Cindy King, ABR, CRS, $1,149,500 sq. ft. building with 12’ 3 Car garage, single Home Services GRI, Principal Broker • 2 homes, 91 acres ir› Northwest Real Estate door & man door for level. 1998 2 bdrm, 2 541-330-8543 rigation shop/RV/toy/boat bath, with open floor Hasson Company • Hay barn, corrals, storage & indoor gar› plan, vaulted ceilings, Realtors shop Call a Pro dening. New 750y sq. g as f ireplace a n d • BLM out the gate Whether you need a ft. deep well being stove top and all ap› $622,000 River view. • MLS 201406105 drilled to provide a pliances in c luded. 1805 sq.ft. home, 604 fence fixed, hedges Steve Payer, Broker, year-round source of 1300 sq.ft. manufac› sq.ft. studio, dbl car GRI trimmed or a house domestic water. New tured home in gated garage, gated com› 541-480-2966 built, you’ ll find gas log fireplace will community with pool munity, 500 ft of river be installed. and pickleball. HOA’s frontage, Gazebo river professional help in $625,000. only $75 month and view. 0 The Bulletin’s "Call a MLS„201401400 yes own the l and. Janelle Christensen, Service Professional" Bobbie Strome, $238,000. T h eresa Broker 541-815-9446 MORRIS Principal Broker R amsay, Brok e r Windermere Directory REAL ESTATE John L Scott Real 541-815-4442 John L Central Oregon 541 -385-5809 Estate 541-385-5500 Scott Realty, Bend Real Estate l~ ~ dOp m B



+ pl y 0 A









’ 0 u T~ < "


West on Skyliners Rd.. right on Lemhi Pass Dr., right on Drouit lard Ave. MODEL HOME 2439 NW Drouittard Ave., Lot 3



The Commonsat NorthWestCrossing jS 8 CluSter CotjRge deVelOPment of 14 hOmeS ranging frOm 793-999 sf jn SiZe.

• 1 8 2 BR cluster cottages • Energy-efficient construction • Landscaped common area • Bike & Walking PathS to tOWn

Priced from$357,900 to $410,900

West on NW Shevlin Park, Rd., left on NW Crossing Dr.


2462 NWCrossing Dr. Bright, opengreat room Slab kitchen counters Master on main level L

Bonus roomdownstairs 5529,900



1604 NW 2nd St. Lot Split potenijaj LargeRM ZOned jot Craftsman style cottage

West on NW Portland Ave., right on NW 2nd St..

Near downtown &parks

$474/00 OPEN SATURDAY 12-3

From Bend Parkway, east on NE Revere Ave., left on NE 8th St., left on NE Isabella Ln. Model home at 686 NE Isabella Ln. .f •



g • •

New neighborhood jn central Midtown area

• Single Family Homes • TW0-Story toWnhomeS • PlanS frOm 1160-2461 Sf

• RI

• Some alley entry homes OPEN SAT 8c SUN 11-2

~ • PlanS With maSter Suite on main Priced from$259,900-421,900

South on Brosterhous Rd. past Murphy Rd., left on Marble Mountain Ln. Model home at 61050 Marble Mountain Ln.

• Growing new neighborhood • New homes under construction • Traditional & modernarchitecture • Near SE Bend amenities OPEN THU - SAT12-3

Priced from$429,9004499,900

The Garner Group Real Fstat

Sales Office located in NorthWest Growing


thegarnergroup.corn I 541 383 4360

E4 SATURDAY, AUGUST 8, 2015 • THE BULLETIN Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale


• H o mes for Sale •




Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale


• H o mes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

6 Skyline Condo, Sunri› Awbrey Butte I ver. $247,500. 3 $519,000 bdrm, 2 bath, 1466 • 2254 sq.ft. traditional sq. ft., full interior re› home • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath model 2007. Mike Ashley, Broker • Private .7 acre 541-280-4940 • MLS 201507602 Berkshire Hathaway Illlichael J. Hopp, Home Services Broker, RSPS, SRS Northwest Real Estate 541-390-0504

Backs upto community Cascade Mou n tainClassic West s ide Contemporary Crafts› Coveted Westside Lo› Custom home, shop C ustom hom e s i t e ! nicely Views. This lot is lo› Craftsman. Enjoy the man. Locatedin NW cation on Double Lot. and barn on 35 pri› Build you r d r e am pasture, painted 1704 sq. ft. cated in the heart of private setting while Crossing across from Classic Vic t o rian vate acres. 2592 sq. home i n C a scade frame built 3 bdrm, 2 Tumalo. 4.22 acre lot still living among all of Sunset View Park. 3 home with attached ft., 4 bdrm, 2.2 bath Views Estate. Seller bath. Updated quality is ideal for your future Westside’s amenities. b edroom, 2.5 b a t h apartment. 3126 sq. home with new stain› has preliminary build› f looring. Close t o home. $29 9 ,000. Tastefully u p d ated with main level mas› ft., 4 b edroom, 3.5 less steel appliances, ing plans and would Scout Camp T r ail. CALL TERRY with craftsman f i n› ter suite and private bath, .25 acre lot. Pri› pantry, and custom consider a MLS 201 5 03998. SKJERSAA AT ishes. $699 , 000. courtyard. $689,900. vate Westhills loca› ironwork throughout. build-to-suit. Call for $219,900. Call Donna 541-383-1426. MLS: CALL TERRY CALL TERRY tions. $599,900. CALL Recent e n ergy-eff› details. $90, 0 00. Carter, 541-903-0601 201505048 Duke SKJERSAA AT SKJERSAA AT ROB EGGERS AT icien heat p u mp. C ALL P ET E V A N 541-383-1426. MLS: 541-383-1426. MLS: 541-815-9780 OR Huge master s uite Crooked River Realty Warner Realty DEUSEN AT $700,000 Run to O ld 201505953 Duke 201506075 Duke KATRINA SWISHER with m t n . vi e w s, 541-480-3538 OR Mill. 1.23 i r rigated Beautifully u pgraded! Charming C raftsman. Warner Realty Warner Realty AT 541 - 420-3348. walk-in closet, Ig. tile JAYNEE BECK AT acres, 1400 sq.ft., mid Four bedrooms, 2.5 Close to t h e D e s› MLS: 201 5 0 3985 shower and Jacuzzi 541-480-0988. MLS: century home, solid bathrooms, 1688 sq. Duke Warner Realty tub. Sits high on the 201409341 Duke chutes River Trail in MORRIS wood floors, sunroom f t. This home h as property with 3 6 0’ Warner Realty NW Bend and just a Come Home to Star› REAL ESTATE playroom and pond. been tastefully up› s hort d i stance t o wood. Single l evel Country Living Classic. v iews of t h e C a s› hd~&mly ~ ~ ~ d Beautifully remodeled FIND YOURFUTURE Diana Barker, Broker raded t h roughout. downtown. Tall ceil› ranch home on big home, cades. Mt.Jefferson, Desirable Cimarron City inside and out, 541-480-7777 257,900. CALL P owell Butte, a n d Home. Ranch style ings and open floor fenced lot. Great open Awbrey Butte I HOIIIIE IN THE BULLETIN in a serene country Windermere JAYNE B EC K A T plan. $425,000. CALL floor plan with up› Grizzly Butte. Beauti› home, 3 bdrm, 1 bath, $639,000 setting just minutes Central Oregon 541-480-0988 OR TERRY S KJERSAA dated kitchen and fully landscaped with new updated kitchen • 2887 sq.ft., 3 bed› from town. Light and Your future isjust a page Real Estate PETE VAN DEUSEN ha r dwood bright easy living with away. Whetheryou’re looking water feature, custom a nd bathroom, 2 + AT 541 - 383-1426. hickory room, 3 bath AT 541 480-3538. steel fenced yard with acres, 864 sq.ft. ga› MLS: 201 5 0 5222 floors. 3 bedroom, 2 place to hangit, .7 acre lot room for everyone, for a hat or a 795 +/- Acre farm, 296 •• Landscaped MLS: 201 5 0 2099 Duke Warner Realty a patio for entertain› rage/shop, brand new b ath, 2587 s q . f t . featuring vaulted ceil› The BulletinClassifiedis 3-car garage, flat a cres i r rigated, 3 Duke Warner Realty ing. The shop has two s eptic t a nk . H e a t $325,000. CALL driveway your best source. ings and master on homes, several out› • MLS 201503437 RV doors, concrete pump, new windows J AYNEE BECK A T Charming home in the main level. Enjoy the buildings, 2 irrigation Beautiful Single Level. Every daythousands of 541-480-0988 OR floor and i s 4 0 x60 2013. fr o m the buyers wells, al l i r r igationMegan Power, Broker, Gorgeous 2500 sq. ft. heart of R e dmond, PETE VAN DEUSEN views andsellers ofgoods feet. Ride in 120x200 Shelley Arnold, Broker GRI, CDPE 2250 sq. ft., 4 bdrm., peaceful back deck on equipment included. 3 bedroom, 3 b ath businessin ft. arena or directly off 541-771-9329 John L AT 541 - 480-3538. 5 a cres, w it h 4 . 5 and services do 541-610-7318 Tom R o th , Br o ker home in Rivers Edge, 2 bath., on.37 acre w/ MLS: the p roperty o n to Scott Realty, Bend 201 5 04209 acres irrigation. The these pages.They know 541-771-6549 John L backs to 14th fairway. greenhouse/solarium miles of BLM. All of Duke Warner Realty perfect Central Or› you can’t beatThe Bulletin Scott Realty, Bend $615,000. CALL & 3 car garage. MLS„ this at only $599,500. Desirable Lava Ridges ClassifiedSectionfor $279,000 egon lifestyle sur› GAYLE LARSON AT 201502749 Heather Hoc k ett, Neighborhood. Open selection and conveni e nce Pam Lester, Princ. rounded by lush land› 8120 SW SHAD RD, 541-297-1249. MLS: P rincipal Brok e r great room with patio Contemporary 3264 every item i s j u st a phone CRR. Frame built 3 Broker, Century 21 scaping, large pond, MORRIS 201505923 Duke Gold Country Realty, 5 41-420-9151 G o l d access and spacious sq.ft. home with and wood-burning fire call away. bdrm, 2 bath, 1,336 REAL ESTATE Warner Realty Country Realty kitchen. 3 bedroom, Cascade Mountain and pit. Storage shed plus Inc. 541-504-1338 sq. ft., landscaped 1 ~ y~ ~ ~ d 2.5 bath plus bonus Smith Rock views on 4 stall barn with shop The ClassifiedSectionis acres on paved street, Bend Home On Acre› easy touse.Everyitem room. Near the 1790 12+ acres large concrete patio, area and tack room Classic NW C ottage Awbrey Butte I age I $679,000 acre Bend Pine Nurs› $1,775,000. fenced backyard, in› p rovide p lenty o f is categorizedandevery S8y "goodbuy" $730,000 • 2760 sq.ft. artistic built by Jim St. John Diane ery Park. $399,000. Lozito, Broker, space for your ani› cartegory isindexedonthe cludes riding l a wn • Traditional 2692 sq.ft. with timeless finishes home CALL TERRY 541-548-3598 section’s frontpage. mals or toys. 4 bed› mower, push mower home to that unused • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath and a great room floor SKJERSAA AT a nd w ee d ea t e r • 4 bedroom, 3 bath room, 2.5 bath, 2298 Whetheryouarelooking for • 8.8 acres, mountain plan. Chef’s kitchen 541-383-1426. Duke item by placing it in s q. ft . O ff ered a t $209,000. MLS • Landscaped .69 acre and fabulous patio are views ahomeor needaservice, Warner Realty 201503271 $549,000. • MLS 20’I 505262 ideal for entertaining. • MLS 201502472 your future is inthe pagesof The Bulletin Classifieds Juniper Realty Cate Cushman, Sue Conrad, Broker, $607,500. CALL David Gilmore, The Bulletin Classified. Look at: 541-504-5393 Principal Broker TERRY S KJERSAA MORRIS CRS Broker, CRS, e-Pro, 541-480-1884 Bendhomes.corn 541-480-6621 AT 541-383-1426. REAL ESTATE RSPS .88 of an acre commer› www.catecushman.corn The Bulletin 541 -385-5809 MLS: 201 5 0 3918 for Complete Listings of 541-371-2309 IM~ a~ ~ Op t 1 Sevinp Central Omgonsince St8 cially zoned property 0 • Duke Warner Realty Area Real Estate for Sale with tw o s t i ck-built homes rented at $575 and $850. You also MORRIS get an additional tax REAL ESTATE MORRIS lot in the deal! This lo› REAL ESTATE I& p ~ d y ~ ~ o~ d 4 cation is off the Ma› • 4 4 • • r • dras Hwy in Prineville, Awbrey Butte Lot I and there have been $450,000 Better than brand new› s ome n e w bu s i › move in ready! Slab nesses in the area. •OutstandingCascade views granite counter Asking $199,900 agent-owned p rop› • .72 acre lot breakfast bar. N ew a ppliances, gr e a t erty. Heather Hockett, • Possible owner terms kitchen, 3 bdrms., 2i/~ P rincipal Brok e r • MLS 201504822 baths, separate utility, 5 41-420-9151 G o l d Susan Agli, Broker, ABR, ALHS, GRI double garage, room Country Realty 541-408-3773 for RV, nicely land› 8 Puma, Sunriver. s caped, fenc e d, sprinkled. $289,000. $415,000. 1861 sq. ft., 0 3 bdrm, 3.5 bath, 3 Peggy Lee Combs, Broker 541-480-7653 master suites. Dan Hoak, Broker John L Scott Realty, MORRIS HOME I.OANS 541-639-6595 Bend REAL ESTATE Mary Hoak, Broker hd~&mly ~ ~ ~ d 541-848-8140 Big Awbrey Butte Craftsman home. Berkshire Hathaway Awbrey Glen beauty. Ad „1112 Home Services Located in B end’s Northwest Real Estate Premier golf commu› TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty nity - Awbrey Glen. 3 Please contact us for all your home financing needs. Across from Dry Can› bdrms., 2 baths, 2394 541-312-9449 ’"h yon! 2 bdrm., 2 bath, sq. ft., private .31 acre www. BendOregon 1502 sq. ft. well cared lot backing to com› RealEstate.corn for home. Double car mon area, gourmet Breathtaking Cascade garage, RV parking, kitchen & ou t door beautifully land › decks. mtn views. 2.23 acres, scaped yard on over www.johnlscott.corn/d horses/animals okay. 1/4 acre lot. MLS„ aniellesnow. Danielle 3 B d rm , 2 bath 201505301. $219,900 Snow, Broker manufactured home. Pam Lester, Princ. 541-306-1015 John L 3 Car detached ga› Broker, Century 21 rage/shop, nestled in Scott Realty, Bend Trena O'Bill Dave Swisher Kent Cramer Larry Wallace Gold Country Realty, between Bend & Sis› Inc. 541-504-1338 Awbrey Village Crafts› ters, Sisters school Loan Originator Loan Originator Loan Originator Loan Originator NMLS„ 130701 NMLS„ 118555 NMLSP 206015 NMLS„ 274578 man with views. This district. $199,900 A ll t h e Be l l s an d quality 4 bdrm, 2.5 Angie Cox, Broker 33 years experience 25 years experience 25 years experience 30 years experience Whistles. You and bath, 2639 sq.ft. home 541-213-9950 your critters will love sits on nearly a quar› John L Scott Realty, this property. Attrac› ter acre lot with unob› Bend. tive 3 bedroom, 2.5 structed mtn views. b ath, 2900 s q . f t . Features inc l u deBring the Horses and home with barn and bamboo floor, slab the Dogs! Big 2.5 acre arena on 5 acres with granite counters with corner lot. 4 bedroom 2 a c res i r r igation. tile back s plash, with oak and slate Close to BLM land. stainless appl., panty, floors. R e m odeled Lana Strom Leia Nitschelm Nicole Aldous Denise Stauffer $625,000. CALL large dining room, kitchen, great room Operations Manager, Loan Officer Underwriter Processor BECKY OZRELIC AT o pen g reat r o o m and water f eature. NMLS¹ 1229887 Northwest Division 10 years experience 41 years experience 541-480-9191. MLS: CALL w /built-ins and g as $359,000. N MLS„ 1731 36 13 years experience 201502661 Duke fireplace. Master bath J AYNEE BECK A T 21 years experience Warner Realty OR w/jetted tub and radi› 541-480-0988 ant h e ated f l o or. PETE VAN DEUSEN AT 541 - 480-3358. L arge closets a nd Get your Your Central Oregon Lending Team 201 5 0 3106 storage galore. 20’ x MLS: 18’ bonus rec room, Duke Warner Realty wwvv.skylinehomeloansNW.corn business A/C and d ual f u r› (541) 306-3700 naces. Solar tube in Cabin on Paulina Lake. 250 NW Franklin Ave. Suite 101, Bend, OR 97703 a ROW I N G h all b a th . Wo o d Don’t let this rare op› 222 NW 7th St., Suite 4, Redmond, OR 97756 roll-up window blinds portunity to live on and decorated light› Paulina Lake pass with an ad in ing. $479,000. MLS you by! Cabin has the a a The Bulletin’s a • best setting on t he „201505585 "Call A Service lake. $195,000. CALL Bobbie Strome, TERRY S KJERSAA Principal Broker Professional" Copyright ' 2015Skyline Financial Corp. dba Skyline HomeLoans Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System &Registry (NMLS) Company ID „ 12072, Oregon AT 541 - 383-1426. John L Scott Real Directory Licensed bythe Division of Finance &Corporate Securities No. ML2797. Duke Warner Realty Estate 541-385-5500



NW.. D’vision

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SAT. 11AM - 2PM






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hot tub, sports center K 61056 Matthae Loop, Bend 2 miles of walking trails. Directions:East on /feed Market Tour a variety of single Rd., first exit at roundabout onto level and 2 story plans. 15th, at Road Detour Sign turn left on Ferguson. Right atSageCreek Drive, left at Manhae Lane, right at

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541-420-2)50 PalljtscllHomes a s ~ L v o a s

the property.


9ahll jt Scuff REAL ESTATE

Hosted by:

JOHNTAYLOR MARYEILEN SHAW CHAD KOEILER Broker Broker Broker 541-480-0448 54 1 - 610-3976 (541) 610-4737

SATURDAY 1:30-5:30 PM

Recently finished Pahiisch Homes Model in NE Bend. Homes feature quartz counters, laminate flooring, gas cooking, stainless steel 20802 NE Sierra Drive appliances and all the Directions: North on Boyd Acres, quality Pahlisch Homes is dght on Sierra OR north on 18th known for. Now selling from Emp/re, left on Sierra. Lookfor Phase Two stop by for rig ru. more information, Homes &om the

Views of CascadeMrs It Smith Rock. Enjoy the sights from the 1800 sq, ft, deck some of the ’ most beautiful sunsets in Ore› gon! Inside features spacious 2613 sq, ft., 3 bed, 2 bath + office home. Beautiful kitchen 1177 SW Bent Loop, Powell Butte with island, breakfast bar, cab›Drrecrfons:Hug 126 ro pouell Butte, inets galore 5 walk-in pantry. left os Rdf Rd.Goapprox. Z5 miles, Set up for entertaining, with Ie/I on SW TurnLakesRd.,approx 1 outside horseshoe pit a water mile to second Bent Lp., ngbr approx. feature. 2-car garage, 48X30 1.2 miles. Houseis on the Ie/t. shop, plus 24X22 lean-to. ›

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$6se,ooo eM~








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Principal Broker



This home will stop you in your tracks! From the nostalgic wrap around the deck, to the awesome city views. 3 bedrooms, 2.5baths, great room w/ gas fireplace, plus formal living room, 3151 SW 32nd St. paved patio, craft room, RV parking w/ full hook up. Directions: South-Cana/ — West Very functional floor plan on SWWickiuP - Turns into SW with lots of storage space. Resenerr Dr.- SouthonSW32nd Io

Directions: Take Brookswood to McClennan; corner of/IfcClennan 6 Woodri ver.

61621 Woodriver Drive

SAT. 11AM - 2PM

I I Get lost In the view and solitude of the Cascade Mountains from the back deck of this newly constructed home, and yet you are only a few blocks to the Old MilL This home features 2509sq. ft., with 3 bedroomsand 2.5 baths, top-of-the-line finishes, office, 2 fireplaces, great room, family room, 2-car garage, elevator option available.

Popular Pahlisch Homes community featuring resort-like amenities: pools, clubhouse, gym,


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12PM - 4PM

Wonderful 2 story home w/ great views of the Cascade Range. 2296 SF home on I/4acres.Spacious rooms, Master on main floor, a loft area for office or library, gas 2113 NW 22nd St. fplc in family room, open kitchen w/ oak cabinets, Directions:From Redmond- Hay gas range 5 natural gas 97 N., turn left on /vtf'Maple, then forced air heat Ik A/C. right on WW22nd. HOSted byr





CHRIS McPHEETERS Principal Broker

Pa hlfschHomes , .. . , ,

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SATURDAY 11 AM-1 PM Small working ranch, perfect setup for ani› mals. Two large out› buildings with attached studio apt. Walk-in meat cooler, meat c u t t i ng 1322 SW Bent Loop, Powell Butte room, loafing shed K Directions:Hue 126to Poweil Butte, greenhouse. Fully fenced le/I onRef Rd. GoZ5 miles, left os SW with room for RV, hook› Twin LakesRd., go approx. 1 mile to ups included K much second Bent Ip., right approx I mile. House ison the Ie/I. more. Hasted 6 Listed by:

CHRIS McPHEETERS Principal Broker

541-388-21 1 1





Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

• H o mes for Sale •




Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

• H o mes for Sale



Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Development Opportu› E xecutive home o n Forest Meadows I Great location in North› Incredible Opportunity. LAZY RIVER SOUTH Mid-Century Modern. A NE Bend I $342,400 NORTH CANYON ES› nity I $1,495,000 Canyon Creek. 7 tim› west Crossing. Frank 2 separate buildings Remodeled 3535y sq. brand new home in • 2524 sq.ft. Craftsman TATES. 3 bedroom, 2 $399,900 • 3.7 acres in NW Bend bered acres south of • 2052 sq.ft. Lloyd Wright inspired on 3.1 acres. Excel› ft. home with 4 bdrm + Northwest C rossing • 5 bedroom, 3 bath bath in 1715y sq. ft. in • Previously approved John Day. 3 bedroom, •3 bedroom + offi ce, home by Greg Welch lent location. Long office and 3 baths. features a master on • Close to shopping & .32y acres. Charming subdivision 2.5 bath, 2801 sq. ft. 2.5 bath Construction. Master t erm leases on a l l Master bath with large the main and two ad› restaurants one owner home on a • Borders Harvest Park bonus room, attached • Fenced, private back› b edroom is on t h e buildings. $1,500,000. jetted tub 8 new tile ditional bedrooms with • MLS 201506379 large lot, waiting for a • MLS 201506353 main level, two guest CALL CANDY YOW shower. Media room, a bonus an d f l e x Brent Landels, Broker new family to enjoy. a rage, landscaped. yard Grant Ludwick, Broker 419,000. CALL • MLS„ to follow rooms,off ice/den, and AT 541 - 410-3193. family room, huge space upstairs. 541-550-0976 Sprinkler system is in› 541-633-0255 D UKE WAR N E R Rosemary Goodwin, bonus room. MLS: 201 3 0 4214 kitchen with h a nd› $622,500. CALL stalled with drains that DAYVILLE AT Broker, Certified crafted cabinets and TERRY S KJERSAA can be opened for fall $669,500. CALL Duke Warner Realty 541-987-2363. MLS: Negotiator TERRY S KJERSAA Incredibly Private Set› granite cou n t ers, AT 541 - 383-1426. 8 winter shut-down. 201304288 541-706-1897 AT 541 - 383-1426. walk-in pantry, sun› MLS: 201 5 0 2670 Solid core i n terior ting in the Pines! Fully MLS: 201 5 0 1545 scribed 3 bed, 1.75 room with hot t u b. Duke Warner Realty doors an d p o cket MORRIS Duke Warner Realty Home has c e dar doors. Built-in cabi› MORRIS Fabulous Ca s c ade REAL ESTATE bath custom log home s Mountain Range and eaves with copper ac› Midtown Bend I nets & shelves in liv› REAL ESTATE is surrounded by a Green Building at its cents. Exterior siding ing room, family room Tetherow Golf Course $369,500 F inest. H ig h e f f i › b eautifully land › on home, garages & • Updated views from The Rim, 2468 sq.ft. & hallway. Wonderful MORRIS Nestled in the Timber. scaped yard. There is ciency a l l ergy-free storage bldg have just home Gorgeous 2 story, 5 covered front porch 8 Eagle Crest C h alet. Bend’s finest new golf REAL ESTATE home is constructed a 1500 sq. ft. shop been painted. Watch •4 bedroom + offi ce,3 Light and bright cha› course c o mmunity. b edroom, 3 ba t h , back deck for family & using only the most w/220 power for all the wildlife from the re› bath enj o yment. 2520 custom home on guest let home with garage, Designed b y efficient building sys› your toys or projects. 2 m a ster s u i tes, nowned luxury home Franklin Crossing Pent› t ems a v ailable. 3 Twin w el l p r o vide wrap-around deck or • .24 acre on cul-de-sac 13 a cres. P r ivate Parking & storage for driveway with r ock toys & small equip› kitchen with granite designer Rozewski 8 house. Spacious great bedroom, 2.5 bath, crystal clear water. go to your private ac› • MLS 201506521 c ess to 300y f t o f Mark Valceschini PC, and stainless. Eagle Co., and offering both room floor plan, open plus off entry, irrigated pas› ment. Garden area $469,000. CALL BILL i ce. $485,000. Little Deschutes River w i t h all CALL Broker, CRS, GRI ture. $399,999. CALL soil has been regu› Crest amenities, ex› s ingle level & t w o kitchen TERRY PANTON AT frontage for fishing, story single f amily amenities, 2 garage 541-383-4364 DUKE WARNER RE› larly composted, just pansive deck and new 541-420-6545. MLS: AT swimming or floating. residences. Miles of parking spaces, and SKJERSAA ALTY DAYVILLE AT waiting for a new fam› hot tub. 541-383-1426. MLS: 201501833 Duke w alking paths a n d fully furni shed. $455,000. Colleen Dillingham, 541-987-2363. MLS: ily. Property is a must Warner Realty 201503805 Duke MLS„„201309267 view to a p preciate. mountain bike trails Amazing C a s cade Warner Realty 201305978 Broker 541-788-9991 right out your back M ountain and c i t y Bobbie Strome, $325,000. John L Scott Realty, Good classified adstell Principal Broker MLS„ 201505401 door, Mt. Bachelor, v iews from t his 2 Grow Your Garden. 5 New construction! 4 Bend. MORRIS the essential facts in an John L Scott Real bdrm., 2.5 bath., 2384 Bobbie Strome, Cascade Lakes and bedroom, 2 bathroom bedroom, 6 bath with interesting Manner. Write REAL ESTATE top-floor Estate 541-385-5500 Principal Broker condo› office, family room, from the readers view -not sq. ft. w/master on EAST BLUFF. 3 bdrm., downtown Bend just minutes away. Teth› minium in the heart of main floor. Granite John L Scott Real r ec. room a n d 2 2 bath home in 1640y the seller’ s.Convert the in Sisters! 1.3 countertops, double Estate 541-385-5500 sq. ft. on .42y acres. erow Social Member› downtown Bend. Of› master suites. Other facts into benefits. Show Located Midtown Bend I acres with water and ship included w ith fered at $849,000. car garage, RV park› features include sun the reader howthe item will T his property is a power in nice subdivi› • Across$379,900 Cate Cushman, ing w/gate & l and› room, solarium and an help them insomeway. jewel. There are many purchase. from Juniper sion. Heavily treed Tick, Tock Principal Broker scaped front y ard. features: fenced gar› www.the rim.info. a wesome gre e n › Pool 8 Park with ponderosa pine 541-480-1884 This MLS„ 201 5 05304. den area, RV parking Lisa Cole, Principal house all on over 10 • 2864 sq.ft., 3 bed› Tick, Tock... advertising tip $115,000. MLS www.catecushman.corn acres with mountain $279,900 Pam Lester, w/all hookups & paver Broker 541 -749-0047 201505565 Pam room, 3 bath brought to you by Berkshire Hathaway French Style river view views. Princ. Broker, Cen› parking drive, fenced $99 9 ,000. ...don’t let time get • Den & large bonus Lester, Princ. Broker, Home Services tury 21 Gold Country storage shed, circular Home w / r iverbank CALL CANDY YOW room, .24 acres The Bulletin C entury 2 1 Gol d away. Hire a Northwest Real Estate Realty, Inc. driveway, awning over 541 - 410-3193. arm'ng cent aloregonsince 19ts setting! Exquisite ac› AT Country Realty, Inc. • MLS 201501834 541-504-1338 professional out 201 4 0 3687 upper deck, s mall coutrements: Granite, MLS: Patti Geraghty, Broker of the 7th Condo. 541-504-1338 s hop a t tached t o Want to impress the 541-948-5880 hardwood, m a rble, Duke Warner Realty Inn of The Bulletin’s Come enjoy all the lower level of home, relatives? Remodel tile, Venetian plaster, Advertise your cari Garage Sales "Call A Service amenities, including arborvitae na t u ral Find It in stone & s t a inless. Add A Picture! golf, tennis, swim› your home with the ts hedge around rear Professional" W ood-burning f i r e ›Reach thousands of readers! ming, rafting, eques› The Bulletin Classiffsdsl Garage Sales yard, covered hot tub help of a professional place, top line appli› Call 541-385-5809 Directory today! 541-385-5809 trian center and ice area, plants & shrubs from The Bulletin’s Garage Sales a nces, metal c l ad The Bulletin ClassiTieds rink. Top floor unit of› MORRIS have drip irrigation & windows and so much "Call A Service REAL ESTATE NORTH RIM ON AW› fers a sepa r ate Find them yard has sprinkle rs, m ore! Listen to t h e Hard to find 5 acre, flat lock-off bedroom. Located in Terrebonei BREY BUTTE. Ex› newer windows, Professional" Directory tranquil ripple of the buildable corner lot 1215 sq. ft., 3 bdrm., in ceptional o n e -acre CALL KIM 2 ba. home on .34 newer exterior paint, river below. while en› located in Lake Park $104,000. homesite in the beau› AT acre flat lot with ma› Move-In Ready I The Bulletin new louvered wood Fall River Estate. 40 joying this Exquisite Estates with mature WARNER 54’I -410-2475. MLS: t ure t r ees. tiful North Rim Com› $279,900 M L S„ blinds, roof 10 years acres, buildable, adja› home. l andscape. ML S „ $65 9 ,000. Classifieds m unity, i n clo s e Duke 201503396. • Large bonus room, old. $469,000. MLS„ cent to USFS. Imag› MLS201404694. 201406959. $135,500 201501497 proximity to t e n nis Warner Realty A/C $118,350. Pam 201504633 Pam Lester, Princ. Nancy Popp, Principal 541-385-5809 ine your own private court a n d park Bobbie Strome, Lester, Princ. Broker, • Located on a private Broker, Century 21 Inn of the 7th. This 3 estate nestled on this Broker 541-815-8000 grounds and the Des› land C entury 2 1 Gol d Principal Broker Gold Country Realty, Crooked River Realty b edroom, 3 bat h spectacular 40 acre chutes River T rail. construction! 4 John L Scott Real Inc. 541-504-1338 Realty, Inc. • Covered porch, hard› New ground level condo is Country parcel with s t ately bdrm + office and op Other amenities in› wood floors FSBO 541-504-1338 Estate 541-385-5500 located near the pool ponderosa pines lin› 3 bdrm, 2 bath 1400 sf tion for 5th bdrm, 3.5 c lude g a te d en › • MLS 201505845 Hillside Park I ing the banks of Fall and all resort activi› Location, Location, Lo› Rookie Dickens, Brob ath, 2369 s q . f t . trances, paver walk› Open floor plan, $1,089,000 Equestrian estate, R iver. Fly f is h f o r Entertaining Kitchen • 3071 sq.ft. single level ties. Don’t miss your cation. This 3 bed› home with many up ing p a ths, n a t ive ker, GRI, CRS, ABR private river access, trout, float the river, opportunity! $169,000. room, 2 bath, 1544 541-815-0436 grades. Triple garage landscape m a i nte› $195K(Not Firm) • 3 bedroom, 4 bath guest home, shop, wander the adjoining and R V pa r king. nance and the beau› 541-279-8783 • Custom upgrades, .89 CALL KIM WARNER sq. ft. home includes and 5-stall barn on f orests, ski a t M t . AT 541 - 4 10-2475. $299,000. MLS tiful North Rim Lodge. acre lot a shop on a 1/4 acre 4.96 irrigated acres MLS: 201 4 08943 et Bachelor, golf at Sun› Gated Golf Community. • MLS 201506773 201410227 Pam Beautiful C a scade lot. Close proximity to $3,300,000. river... So many things Single level home, like Michelle Tisdel, PC, Duke Warner Realty Lester, Princ. Broker, Mountain views add to restaurants, parks and Brandon Fairbanks, to do, so little time. new, 2818 sq.ft., 3 C entury 2 1 Gol d the ambiance of this Broker, ABR, CRS, In Updated Redmond downtown. U n ique MORRIS Broker, $ 1,595,000. Br i a n bdrm, 2 bath, solid Country Realty, Inc. very special building E-pro opportunity. $593,000. REAL ESTATE 541-728-8647 Home, enjoy easy Meece, ALC, CCIM, oak flooring and gran› 541-504-1338 site. $550,000. MLS„ 541-390-3490 summer living today. CALL KIM WARNER P rincipal Brok e r ite countertops, 2+ 201505062 AT 54 1 - 4 10-2475. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 541-639-3423 acres with 1.43 acres New Construction in NE Bobbie Strome, MLS: 201 5 05642 1008 sq. ft. $179,000. Move-in Ready large RE/MAX Key Proper› of c ommon a r ea, B end. Great r o o m tb Principal Broker Duke Warner Realty CALL BILL PANTON home. 4 bdrm, 2.5 ties horse prop e rty. concept with 3 bed› John L Scott Real AT 541 - 420-6545. bath, 2383 sq.ft., tile MORRIS and 2.5 baths Estate 541-385-5500 $560,000. Location, location, loca› counters, all a p pli› rooms MORRIS MLS: 201 5 05557 in 2229 sq. ft. Room REAL ESTATE Cyndi Robertson, Fishing Para d ise, t ion. This k in d o f ances Duke Warner Realty REAL ESTATE incl u ded, for RV Principal Broker park i ng, Northwest R e dmond! LOWER Deschutes property in this loca› fenced backyard. d~ A 541-390-5345 mountain views from 2030 sq. ft. home with River. You can fish La Pine I $91,500 tion doesn’t happen Candice Anderson, master bedroom and 3 bdrms./2 bath, .14 Excellent starter home. and raft to Mau pin John L Scott Realty, Incredible custom home • 700 sq.ft. often, but here it is. Broker 541-788-8878 Bend. corner fir e place. acre, RV area and 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, right from your back› Great views of Cas› John L Scott Realty, on a c reage. T h is • 2 bedroom, 1 bath $339,000. CALL double garage. MLS„ 1460 sq. ft. built in yard, or just sit back in Gorgeous single level in home is made with • 1 acre, private well cade Des c h utes Bend. 20153265 $209,999. JAYNEE BECK AT 2007. Solar panels for the hot tub or one of Broken Top. Situated love and custom fea› • MLS 201506530 River, all above Old 541-480-0988 OR Call P a m L e ster, low e l ectric b i l ls. the decks, mellow out, on Goose Creek Pond tures in every room. Darryl Doser, Broker, Mill. Private h ome, PETE VAN DEUSEN Principal Bro k e r, Mountain views from and enjoy the wildlife with beautiful water Looking fo r l o d ge CRS What are you one owner, grandfa› AT 541 - 480-3538. C entury 2 1 Gol d master bed r oom. and scenery. Yours views. Triple car ga› s tyle h o m e sur › 541-383-4334 thered into vacation looking for? MLS: 201 5 06001 Country Realty, Inc. Vaulted ceilings, gas for a n aff o r dable rage, 2327 sq. ft. and rounded by wildlife, home rental program 541-504-’I 338 Duke Warner Realty fireplace, NE location. $825,000. Bria n 2 for city, much more. You’ ll find it in m a ster s u i tes. this is it. 4 bedroom, $227,900. CALL Meece, ALC, CCIM, $599,000. CALL ROB 2.5 bath. $849,000. Sharon Abrams, CRS, Just bought a new boat? P rincipal Brok e r EGGERS The Bulletin Classifieds Sell your old one in the People Look for Information LARRY JACOBS AT Principal Broker CALL CANDY YOW AT About Products and 541-480-2329. MLS: 541-639-3423. 541-280-9309 MORRIS 541-815-9780. MLS: AT 541 410-3193. classifiedsi Ask about our Services EveryDaythrough 201503073 Duke RE/MAX Key Proper› 201504989 John L Scott Realty, Super Seller rates! Duke MLS: 201 3 04445 REAL ESTATE 541-385-5809 Warner Realty ties The Bvlletin Classiffeds Bend. Duke Warner Realty 541-385-5809 Warner Realty Ia~ a ~ ~ or «0










Views fromtheopenkrtrhen &spacouslung room.The openlayouts anatural for entertaining.Canyonviews from theample master suitewl fireplace& Irg walk-in close t$t05000CALLBI LLPAN !ON AT5fl-t20-656. hf LS: 201507655

3bedroom2bath, 1468sI ft homew/ newerwindows, heat pump, newgaragedoor & pull-downstepsfor extra storage.12XI6 shopwl power.Roomfor RV.

Gorgeous2-story,5 bedroom,3bath, 2520 custom home on 13 acres.Private driveway with rock entry. Irrigatedpasture. $389,999 CALL DUKE WARNERREALN DAYVILEAT 541-987-2363. MLS: 201305978

Opengreatroomwi patio access& spaciouskitchen. 3bdrm,2.5 bathplus bonusroom. Nearthe 1790 acn. BendPineNursery Park $389,000 CALL



$319900CALLCAROLYNEMICKAT541-%19-0717. hfLS:201505946 •



TERR YsrIERsAAAT511-383-1425 NLs:20150I 80

»s: nH ’ITl 0




Big 2.5acrecomer lot f bedroomwith oakand slate This 4 bed, 3bath 1796 sq.ft. home sits on a ioors Remodeledkitchen,great room and water well treed 4.5acreswith viewsofthe Cascade

Darling 3bedroom,2.5 bathw/bonusroom. LoR 3 bdrms, 25baths, 18!4 tq. R.wigreat room,den area & unfinishedattic. Downstairs master has ateentrance to decka backyard. $300,000 hugekuchenupstairs laundry i easycare landscaping. priv $370,0XCALLABURECHESHIRE511-598-4583OR CALL BECKY OZRELIC AT 541-480-9191. MLS: 201506638 BROOK CRIAZZO 5f!-5504405 MLS:201507780

feature. $359,000 CALLIAYNEEBECKAT 5fl› Range,Smith Rock,and more.$319,900 4 0-0988 ORPETEvAN DEUsENAT 5f l-t80-3538. CALL KIM WARNER AT 511-410-2475. MLS: 201503106 MLS:201501737



• •


• •


The rome rtsftr It Ifrg Hrr Aprtx 3KOtrI f!, 3Ixhm,4 tslh home wth dudrfdm, mrds rxrrt ttstt ttrrs i fihrs rrxm .729sts lota@bakingHlbfe Pskw/ un~

Green-builthomeon20acres.2739sq.R.,f bedroom, 3bath,solar panel, 10acresirrigation, setup forhorses tnd steelbarn.Somany upgradesandextrasto list. ~ $IRXO CAILrAIGLVNDUKIEAT91-3907861 $599,m CALL ROBEGGERSAT 541415-9780. MLS:201500055 hfLS:201503739




60318ZuniCircle.3 bdrm,2bth, 17O I sq.It, hrr!wd Cool,greeni spacious.5 acrefuly fencedyard. 3Iq,. irt, grt rm w/fireplac Irgkitchen,granite ctrt & tile. bdrms3.5baths, 2961sq.ft. wigreatroomw/exposed Dbl car far plustoy prkg.$257,500CALLAUBRE IRE541-598-4583 ORBROOKCRIAZZO wood,chalet-stylevaulted ceiling. $385,000 CALL CHESH 541-550-BfoaML5:201507285 BILLPANTONAT541820-6515. rILS:201506656



Close to the Deschutes River Trail In NW Bend andjust ashort distance to downtown.

Tall ceilingsandopen tloor plan. $399,000 CALL TERRYSKIERSAA AT 541-383-1425 hf LS: 201505222

Quiet ne! h e river. 2be • • 4 acre lot. CALL BEC 541-480-9 19 1. MLS:201504083



• I.

I/P)i~ll liffiˆttilIifqIMllllijtlll,hillllilll! I Iilii(l A RARE OPPORTUNITY


Mountain, r!ver and golf course views. Un!que Kitty Hawk unitfeatures 2 master suites with a great location. $499,000 CALLJAYNEE BECKAT541-480› 0988 OR PETE VAN DEUSEN AT 541-480-3538. MLS:201507411

4 bedroom,4 bath,3533 sq.ft.w ith triple garage and over 16,000 sq. ft. landscaped, fenced lot. $697,500 CALL FRED JOHNSON A T 5 4 1-788-3733. MLS: 201507813

This home ismadewith love & customfeatures 4 bedroom,3.5 bath,3019 sq.ft.,Irggreat n every room. Looking for lodge-style home room, Irg bonus room, master w/ soaking surrounded bywildlife,this is it. f bedroom,25bath tub& largewalk-incloset.$359,000 CALL

$849,000CALLCANDYYOWAT541-410-3193 ht LS: 201304445

CAROLYN EMICK AT 541-419-0717. hf LS: 201502633





Traditionalfloor plan3 bedroom,3 bath w/ playroom& o!Ics Lrglot w/roomfor RVparking.Naturallandscaping

This brand-new3 bedroomhome is located in an establishedneighborhoodon AwbrsyButte. Open floor planwith customcabinetry & designer finishes.

3bedroom, 2.5 bath, IBC Osq.ft locatedin Crescent Creek. Low-maintena nce andcloseto recreational

wi I-ar garage. $650!I00 CALLIAYNEEBEGAT 5fl› t 80f!988 OR PETEVAN DUSEN AT 5f1-480-3538. $650000cALLTERRYsK]ERsAAAT5<1-383-If25 MLS: 201406052 MLS:201502300

SUNDAY Fred Johnson Broker SUNDAY I I AM-I PM 54 I -788-3733



INN OF THE 7TH This 3bedroom,3bathground-levelcondo is located nearthe pool andall resort activities Don’t miss your opportunity! $169,000 CALL KIM WARNER AT 541-110-2175 MLS:201408943

WESTSIDE COTTAGE Looking for a remodel project?Elevated lot in the heart of the Westtida 2 bedroom, I bath, 912 sq. f. Close to shops,restaurants, pubsand park $295000 CALLIAIIY IACO!5 AT5fl-f80-2329. MLS: 201505606

12ff sq. R., 2 bedroom, 2 bath manufactured

hot spots.$199,999cALLIAYNEEBEcKAT 541› home on.89 acrewith anawesome24’x 34 shop. 50-0988 ORPETEvANDEUsENAT 5f I-480-3s38 $185,000 CALLKIM KAHLAT 541-480-1662. ht LS: 201503385 ht LS: 2015066(H

GREAT NWCROSSINGLOCATION PRIVATESETTING IN THE PINES! FrankLloydWright-inspired homeby GregWelch Fullyscribed3L I!.75 bathcustomloghomesurrounded Construction. i!atter bedroomon the main level, by lands capedyard.1500soR.shopw/ 220powerfor ai two guest rooms, office/der! and bonus room. your toys/projects. Twinwels providecrystal clearwater. $669500cALLTERRYsKIERsAAAT511-383-1125 $469,000CALLBILLPANTON AT 541-f20-65f5. MLS: 201501545 MLS:201501833












• 1900+ SF,3 bdrm, 2 baths (plus) • Just over $1 00 SF priced!!! • TLC/Projects=Opportunity!!! • .17acre in Bend!!! • Cash, conventional or FHA/203K works! • Sooooo much potential!

• 3.03 acres in Bend’s westside •CascadeM ountainviews • 3262 SF home • Oversized attached garage & open floor plan


$549,500IORGANICFARM • Remodeled home • Guest house, barn • 22 acres • 19.5 irrigated • Horse/cattle co. • The Ridge at EagleCrest 55+ community • 2381 SF & stunning • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, built in 2002 • Golf, pool & views

541-390-2328 CLAIR SAGIV BROKER $439,000IPRIVATE 1.5 ACRE IN TUMALO • Wonderful neighborhood • 4 bdrm, 2.5 bath • 2620 SF reverse living • 1 acre irrigation • Borders Swalley Canal



$232,000IMEADOW LAKES ESTATES, PRINEVILLE • Completely updated 1876 SF home • 0.22 acre large lot • Granite, wood & tile • Large kitchen with walk-in pantry • Close to golf, library, park & downtown • View of golf course & river


$479,000I EAGLECRESTRESORT • 2 master suites • Plus 1.5 baths • 2161 SF - .36 acre • 14th Fairway • Frank Ring Construction






• 2973 SF • 4 bdrm & 3 bath • Formal living & dining • Open great room







• 3-car tandem garage • High-end fixtures & finishes




$347,900I62972 MIMOSA DR.,BEND

L' I

• Beautifulhomein nice neighborhood • 3bdrm,2.5bath,with abonus room,A/C • 2431 SF, 2car attachedgarage • Landscaped privatefenced


IKKKZR . 541-410-2827

541-410-9472 KIMBERLY YOUNG


$359,000 61081 SE RUBY PEAKLANE


: -


$695,000i VIEW! VIEW!VIEW!

• Single-level, 2112 SF on .49 acres! ~ • Open floorplan w/4 bdrms, 2.5 baths T N~ • Granite, hardwoods, tile • Central heating • RV area & hook-ups!



• 1.23 acres near Old Mil • Very liveable/rentable home • Income while you develop? • Build for extended family? • Old growth Ponderosas • 1 acre irrigated • Organic for 37 years




• Juniper Hills, Redmond • Open spacious floor plan • Huge bonusroom • 3 bdrm/2 bath, 1863 SF • www.leanerealtor.corn

• 3 bdrm, 2 bath home • 1681 SF • New paint and carpet

• Vaulted ceilings

• Large master bedroom

541-604-0898 LEANNEJOHNSON BROKER • 15.5 acres w/COI irrigaton • 3690 SF home, 4 bdrms 2.5 baths • 30x40 barn & paddocks • Oversized 3 cargarage • Fenced, cross fenced • Cascade mtn & Smith Rock views




V ’

- +Ipse ’

-i- 5 41-480-9883 AUDREYCOOK BROKER

• Private fenced yard

541-480-7777 ' DIANA BARKER N BROKER

• Garden & greenhouse

541-977-7756 Z OEE BAKER ' BROKER




$550,000 I EAGLE CRESTRESORT • Frank Ring built • Original owner • Stunning 3255 SF • Backs to 4th hole resort • Formal living & dining rms • One level, 2 fireplaces • Gated - Cul-de-sac


2183 SF onelevel 3 bdrm, 2 bath & bonus room Living room andfamily room Barn & shop 2 storage buildings Irrigated pasture Fenced Mountain views

$369,950IONE HAPPY HOME! • 2014 remodel inside & out • Open living floor plan • Formal dining & great

room • Stainless appliances • Back deck w/Catalina Spa RV parking on.34


acre lot

$809,900IHOME ON THE RIM! ,


• 4 bed & 2.5 bath • Great room floor plan • Hardwood & laminate flooring • Gas fireplace • Covered front porch • Patio & water feature

• Fenced & landscaped • RV parking • Canyon, mountain & city views

$2,900,000IM ULTI-UNIT INVESTMENT IN NEBEND • Rare opportunity • 10 duplexes • 20 units • Professionally managed

• Front covered porch • Maintenance free, fully fenced yard • 2 car attached garage

• Bright & open 1644 SF floor plan • 3 bdrms, 2 baths • Hardwood floors • Vaulted ceilings





$269,900I2225 SW KALAMA-REDMOND • Rimrock Estates !erI '


• 1942 SF • 3 bdrms, 2.5 baths • Open floor plan

• .22acre corner lot • Room for RV







•StunninghomeinAwbreyButte •4bed,4.5bath&4448SF •SplendidCascadeMountainviews •Entertainsgreatindoors &out •Chef’skitchen&professional› grade appliances •4+ stalcar l garage

• 2610 SF home • 36 x 38 shop • Little Oeschutes River • 19.74 total acres

541-788-2274 BEA LEACH BROKER

• Only one like this! • View of Smith Rock • View of 13 holes of golf course • 3384 SF artist’s home • 1.38 acres & 325’ of rim • Privacy & elegance • Windows bring outside in



• 2 year old flooring • Adorable & well› maintained home Newly landscaped, new sidewalks & newinterior paint • Central A/C • 55+ park & a greatplace to live



541-420-3891 BOB AHERN BROKER



• Stunning Broken Top home • On the 12th Fairway • 3553 SF • 5 bdrms, 4 baths • Main level master • Triple Garage • Brazilian Cherrywood




• Model home • Single level home • 4 bdrm 8 2 bath .

• 2.5 fenced acres • 2000 SF single-level home • 3 bed & 3 bath • Includes AO!J • Barn, loafing shed, tack room, round pen & corral



’ " ›


$519,000I65044 HIGHLAND ROAD, BEND

• Wraparound porch


• Mtn view over water • Full appoionted guest suite • 2 wells+ irrigation • Barnwith apartment • Organic Garden


541-788-2274 BEA LEACH BROKER


$120,000I 20771 VALENTINESTREET030, BEND


• Turnkey, furnished • 4 bdrm, 4 bath • 2551 SF, .59 acre • Gated community • Vaulted open living



62236DEERTRAILROAD2428SF 4.78ACrBS 4BO!I82Bath $587,50II • Deer Trail horse property • 2 acres of irrigation & a pond • On 4.78 acres just minutes eastof town • Central A/C • Master suite & office on main level • Updated: kitchen, baths, furnace, heat pump, wood floors, windows &coverings,

utility cabinets, interior & exterior paint, appliances & interior lights • Barn & fencedpasture • Detached 2200 SF shop/garage for storage & workspace • Soon to be added:oversized single attached garage

$1 20,000! BEAUTIFUL BRASADARANCH LOT • 1/2 acre buildable lot • Great CascadeMtn views • 18 hole golf course Athletic Center • Equestrian Center Rinehnrt, Dempserf 8 Phelps ,rI’ • A fabulous resort lot •

Patty Dempsey 541-480-5432 Andrea Phelps 541-408-4770





F or homes online WWW b e n d h o m e S . C o m



Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale



Homes for Sale





Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

NW Bend I $418,900 On the 17th fairway in NOTICE Awbrey Glen, 2625 All real estate adver› • 2450 sq.ft., 4 bed› sq.ft., single l evel, tised here in is sub› room, 3.5 bath ject to th e F ederal• Vaulted ceilings, gran› built in 1998, 4 bdrm, plus an off ice and 3 Fair Housing A c t, ite counters which makes it illegal • Fresh paint, triple ga› baths. Ope floor plan rage w/2 fireplaces, huge to advertise any pref› deck with great views erence, limitation or • MLS 201506127 Lisa Mccarthy, of the golf course, of› discrimination based Broker, ABR fered at $570,000. on race, color, reli› 541-419-8639 Angie Cox, Broker gion, sex, handicap, 541-213-9950 John L familial status or na› Scott Realty, Bend tional origin, or inten› tion to make any such Check out the preferences, l i mita› classifieds online MORRIS tions or discrimination. www.bendbtdletin.corn We will not knowingly REAL ESTATE Updated daily accept any advertis› ~ ye ~ ay d ing for r eal e state Park-Like 5 Acres I which is in violation of NW Bend I $445,235 $725,000 this law. All persons • 1827 sq.ft. • 2519 sq.ft. are hereby informed • 3 bedroom, 2 bath • 4 bedroom + offi ce,3 that all dwellings ad› • Great location bath vertised are available • MLS 201505915 • Outdoor kitchen, patio, on an equal opportu› Greg Langhaim, shop nity basis. The Bulle› Broker • MLS 201504598 tin Classified 541-316-5903 John Snippen, PC, Broker, MBA, ABR, CRS, GRI, SRES, Need to get an ad SRS 541-312-7273 in ASAP? MORRIS REAL ESTATE Fax It ts 541-322-7253 IM~& y ly ~ d~ 4


Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Picturesque Rural Set› P rivate S etting w i t h River Canyon Estates I River Rim I $529,000 Single Level Energy Ef› Smith R oc k vi e ws! t ing. The b es t o f Great Natural Light. • 2642 sq.ft. ficient g reen b u ilt Custom home with 3 $679,900 • 5 bedroom, 3 bath, country living w ith Traditional floor plan, • Deschutes River & home on 20 acres. bdrms., 2 ba., 1968 Cascade mtn. views. 3 bedroom, 3 bath Cascade views 3-car garage 2739 sq. ft., 4 bed› sq. ft., large custom • 3248 sq.ft. home B eautifully main › with play room and • Custom features room, 3 bath, solar covered deck, 35x60 tained single l evel office. Large lot with • 3 bedroom, 3 bath throughout panel, 10 acres irriga› s hop, all o n 5 . 1 8 • MLS 201503323 home on 19.5 acres, room for RV parking. • MLS 20’I 408795 tion, set up for horses acres. MLS„ w/13.8 acres COI irri› Natural landscaping Jim 8 Roxanne Matt Robinson, and steel barn. So 201504620. $399,000 gation and pond. Inte› with a 3 car garage. Cheney, Brokers Principal Broker many upgrades and Pam Lester, Princ. rior features include 2 $650,000. 541-390-4050, 541-977-5811 extras to list. Broker, Century 21 CALL master suites, a spa› JAYNEE BECK AT 541-390-4030 $599,000. CALL ROB Gold Country Realty, cious kitchen w/ cen› 541-480-0988 OR EGGERS AT Inc. 541-504-1338 541-815-9780. MLS: ter island and slab PETE VAN DEUSEN AT 541 480-3538. 201503739 Duke granite counters, liv› Have an item to ing room with vaulted MLS: 201 4 06052 Warner Realty MORRIS ceilings, ex p osed Duke Warner Realty MORRIS sell quick? REAL ESTATE Single Level Home. Lo› beams, propane fire› Profitable REAL ESTATE bus i ness If it’s under cated in The Parks at place an d n a tural hd~ ~ y~ ~ ~ to g o . N i ce Broken Top. 2 bed› ’500 you can place it in light. Th e p e r fect ready building Riverfront Estate unlike The Bulletin’s equestrian property commercial room, 2 bath, 1479 2 acres. 4000 sq. any other in Bend, The Bulletin "Call A Service sq. ft. with den. Beau› with an outdoor arena, on parking, public re› OR. $2,2 2 2,000. Professional" Directory 4 stall b arn, t a ck ft., tifully lan d scaped Classifieds for: stroom, showroom, 2 room, shop, hayloft, 3 roll up drive through Custom built m a in is all about meeting yard. $415,000. CALL KAROLYN DUBOIS pens and 3 loafing doors and pits to work house with over 4200 ’10 - 3 lines, 7 days your needs. sq.ft., 3 b drm, 2.5 AT 541 - 390-7863. s heds. Gated a n d under ’1 6 - 3 lines, 14 days vehicles. bath. Office loft space, landscaped grounds, $349,900. MLS: 201 5 0 5012 Call on one of the additional 900+ sq.ft. Duke Warner Realty (Private Party ads only) a circular driveway C ANDY YO W CALL A T q uest h ouse, t w o professionals today! and water feature. 541-410-3193. MLS: 3-car garages, pri› 2712 sq. ft. Offered at 201406880 Sisters 20 Acres I Starlight Estate, 3 bdrm, $644,900 $795,000. Cate Warner Realty Duk e vate compound at the River’s Edge Village I 2 bath, 1558 sq.ft., end of the road, 800 • 2272 sq.ft., 3 bed› Cushman. Bend Pre› $650,000 home on 0.19 acre lot ft. deep well, shop, • 3561 sq.ft., 4 bed› mier Real E s tate. Pronghorn. Fractional room, 2 bath is a pleasure to show, 541-480-1884 • Barn, hay storage, vacation ownership in shed and two sepa› room, 2.5 bath a very light lived in shop, irrigation the Residence Club at rate well rights. 2.61 • Main-level master, s ingle l e vel, on e acres to the middle of open great room • Unobstructed Cas› Pronghorn. 4 bed› Call The Bulletin At owner property. Lo› the r i ver, r a d iant• 3-car garage, close to cade views room condo with 541-385-5809 c ated o n a qui e t heated floors, interior river trail • MLS 201505755 The Bulletin Classifieds luxury furnishings. MORRIS cul-de-sac just a short Place Your Ad Or E-Mail Find exactly what Becky Brunoe, This one-twelfth inter› waterfall and irrigated • MLS 201504202 REAL ESTATE distance from the De› At: www.bsndbulletin.corn garden. Marci Bouchard, est offers 4 weeks of Broker, ABR, SRES you are looking for in the schutes River Trail. John R. Gist, Principal Broker, CRS, SRES 541-350<772 use and rental in› CLASSIFIEDS Fenced rear yard with NW Bend I $340,000 Prineville I $369,900 Broker 541-815-5000 541-977-1230 Park-Like Setting. 3 come possibilities with a large patio for en› • 1293 sq.ft. townhome Cascadia Properties • 2956 sq.ft., 4 bed› on-site management. b edroom, 2 ba t h , • EcoFriendly tertaining and family room, 2.5 bath One share for $7,000 Riverfront. Rare NW Bend Townhome I 1531 sq. ft. home on • 2.01 enjoyment. Gas log • Near COCC campus acres in gated 0 3.71 acres. Move in or 3 shares for peaceful r i v erfront $387,395 • MLS 201505090 fireplace lends ambi› community ready with newer ap› $18,000. Call for estate. Private and • 2180 sq.ft., upgraded MORRIS ance to the vaulted Lynne Connelley, • Teak floors, granite pliances, carpet, details. • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath gated, this home is MORRIS REAL ESTATE living area. Attractive Broker, CRS counters Cate Cushman, p aint, a n d mo r e . s ituated in o n e o f • Island kitchen, open REAL ESTATE kitchen with a charm› 541-408-6720 • MLS 201501137 Principal Broker 24X48 detached shop Bend’s most presti› great room ing breakfast nook. KC Flynn, Broker with concrete floor 541-480-1884 gious locations, just • MLS 201505341 Small Acreage in NE $315,000 MLS 541-322-2400, www.catecushman.corn a nd l o f t are a s. one mile from down› Virginia Ross, Broker, River walk estate. 11 Bend. 4.7 acres with 2 „201504852 541-390-6441 $319,000. CALL t own. A retr e a t acres, 2 tax lots, 4765 acres of ABR CRS, GRI, Eco i r r igation. Bobbie Strome, TURN THE PAGE CAROLYN EMICK AT perched on 102 feet sq. ft. s ingle level, Single level, 2268 sq. Broker, Previews Principal Broker MORRIS 541-419-0717. MLS: of serene river front› Master Chef’s kitchen, ft., 5 bedrooms, 2.5 541-480-7501 For More Ads John L Scott Real REAL ESTATE 201505645 Duke age, nestled on nearly 1514 feet o f r i v er baths, barn with stu› Estate 541-385-5500 The Bulletin Warner Realty an acre of manicured frontage. www. d io. P r i vate an d MORRIS landscaped grounds jackson-anderson.corn peaceful set t ing. single level. Redmond Acreage I REAL ESTATE with towering ponde› Candice A n derson, $449,000. CALL ROB Stunning NW Bend I $358,000 New construction in The Bulletin is your $464,900 rosa pines. Thought› • 1292 sq.ft. Broker 541-788-8878 EGGERS AT NW Crossing with de› • 2346 sq.ft., 3 bed› MORRIS fully designed to cap› John L Scott Realty, 541-815-9780. MLS: signer E mploy m e n t • 3 bedroom, 2 bath finishes room, 2.5 bath REAL ESTATE ture stunning Privacy with a v i ew! • Close to river, down› Bend 201506011 Duke t hroughout. 2 b e d › • New interior paint 8 ~ ye ~ ay d Marketplace panoramic views of Approximately 3800 Warner Realty town, Old Mill room, 2 b ath, plus roof the Deschutes River Single Level Charmer. sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 4 • 4.94 acres, large • MLS 201505038 with a pri› t hat greet you t h e NW Craftsman style Small irrigated acreage den/office Call b ath h o m e wit h 3-bay shop Lester Friedman, PC, NWXing T o wnhome. vate courtyard. moment you walk in Immaculate Earth-ad› study/den, media • MLS 201505983 home, 3 bdrm/2 bath, close to town. Cute as $599,000. Broker, ABR, CSP, CALL this impressive home. vantage certified 5 41- 3 8 5 - 5 8 0 9 room, steam sauna 1550 sq. ft., granite a bug’s ear home. 3 TERRY S KJERSAA E-PRO, S.T.A.R. John Gallaway, 4043 sq. ft. + 750 sq. t ownhome with a n and fitness room..729 541-330-8491 countertops, beautiful b edroom, 2 ba t h , AT 541 - 383-1426. Broker ft. detached yard w/pond & fruit open floor plan, 2 acre lot overlooking shop, barn, round cor› MLS: 2015 0 0992 to advertise. 541-480-5802 b edroom, 2.5 b a t h shop/guesthouse. Ir› trees, move-in ready. ral, irrigation, fenced, Duke Warner Realty Hillside Park with un› r eplaceable at t h i s www.jackson-ander› and outdoor l i ving o bstructed view . landscaped. All this area. $379,900. CALL www.bendbulletin.corn p rice. O ffered a t son.corn $ 1,050,000. CAL L close to town . Look at: $1,499,000. TERRY S KJERSAA KAROLYN DUBOIS Barbara Jackson, $320,000. CALL MORRIS Bendhomes.corn AT 541 - 383-1426. Cate Cushman, AT 541 - 390-7863. Broker 541-306-8186 C ANDY YO W A T MORRIS REAL ESTATE Principal Broker MLS: 2015 0 4593 MLS: 201 5 0 0055 John L Scott 541-410-3193. MLS: for Complete Listings of REAL ESTATE Serving Central Oregon since 19ys 541-480-1884 Duke Warner Realty Duke Warner Realty Area Real Estate for Sale Realty, Bend 201501367 www.catecushman.corn •





The Bulletin


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I •

Cascade LADDGROUP real eetate


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I • •

The Ladd GrouP is a highly exPerienced team that helPed clients make $35 million of real estate inVeStmentS in 2014. Their adVanCed SearCh engine at bendPrOPertySOurCB.COm allOWS you to eaSily traCk hOmeS by PriCing, area, neighbOrhOOd Or CUStom Criteria. 541.633.4569 I 650 SW Bond St, Suite 100, Bend

TsTHsRow’ ~ P'9 •yyyoyyyysyyv







• $1,100,000 New Greg Welch Construction • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 3113 sq. ft. • For more info, text LADD21 to 88000

• $2,325,000- High desert modern estate • 3 bedroom, 3.5bath,4240 sq.ft. • For more info, text LADD22 to 88000

• $559,000-$575,000 - 2 floor plans available • 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1396 766 1 sq. ft. • For more info, text LADD5 to 88000

• Lots starting at $217,350 • For more info, text LADD15 to 88000





• $478,500 RiverRim Craftsman • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2925 sq. ft. • For more info, text LADD20 to 88000

• $725,000 log home with barn 8< shop • 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 5.26 acres, 2304 sq. ft. • For more info, text LADD10 to 88000

• $320,000 • 5 bedroom, 3 bath,2526 sq.ft. • For more info, text LADD9 to 88000

• $1,175,000 • 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 3546 sq. ft. • For more info, text LADD23 to 88000


E ach offi ce is independently owned and operated

Call Us today to set Up a private showing! 541-633-4569







s • •


' .



• s I •


•I I

• •


x • I •

+ g-


• fg W «4//a h ’!I;

• .23 acre homesite • Cul-de-sac location • All city utilities available • Possible Jefferson views • Dimensions allow variety of house styles • 2526 SW 43rd Ct. Lot58 MLS„201507070

• • • • • •


Ron Davis, Principal Broker i 541-480-3096

Patty Cordon!, Brokeri 541-771-0931





• 61734 Borealis Lane • Gas fireplace in • Wood floors, double sinks in master • Large landscaped backyard • Near medical facilities & shopping center MLS„201507439






• 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1920 SF, .23 Acre • Open floor plan • Immaculate single level home • Large screened-in porch with ceiling fans • Large lot, nicely landscaped • Spacious den/offic e

CJ Neumann, Broker i 541-410-3710 or Lisa Lamberto, Brokerj 541-610-9697 j www.CJLisa.corn

www. BendLiving.corn

3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths 1792 SF with bonus room 2-car attached garage Close to schools Close to St. Charles $255,000


Sue Price, Broker i 541-408-7742


• P,' •








• I • I






• Charming, neat home • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1603 SF • In outdoor recreation wonderland • Walk to LaPine State Park • Launch boat, kayak,etc.from backyard MLS„201507402

• • • •

Close in to Bend UGB Cascade Mtn. views High desert views Avion water, power at property • Increase your farming operation • Build your dream home MLS„201500366

G g Ba w ell, Brok i 54 1 -848-7222 gbarn50'yahoo.corn




Joanne Mc ee, roker i 541-480-5159

• 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1540 SF • 2 buildable lots • 4 irrigated acres • Fenced pasture • Mountain views • Borders canal, minutes from town MLS„201407613 Bobby Lockrem, Bro er i 541-480-2356



Pam Bronson, Broker j 541-788-6767 m ra. amteamecascadesir.corn www.live la orkcentralore on.corn


• 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath, ~e 3157 SF,5.24acres • 2 Lots each with own well • Gourmet kitchen, radiant floor heat • Separate guest suite, hobby room, huge loft • Private 8< perfect for horses • Complete RV setup, near Sunriver Resort, adjacent to BLM MLS„201502548 Myra Girod, Principa Bro er 541-815-2400 or


• •


• I •


Os| w


• 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 3-car garage • Move in ready! • New flooring & paint throughout • Master on main, vaulted great room • Close to park & river trail access e ante a i tre, r o e r Melanie@MelanieMaitre.corn

19675 Sunshine Way • Single level • Spacious corner .44 acre lot • Privacy with native landscape • Near downtown, river, and trails MLS„201506831

• 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths • 2994 SF, .30 acre • 3-car garage w/storage room • Large office & bonus room • Light,bright & sunny,great room concept • High-end finishes throughout, large lot • Cedar siding and copper gutters • Water feature

Shelly Swanson, Broker i 541-408-0086 Shelly@bendnet. corn

i lvia mg t, r o e r

2826 NW Windham Loop • 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths + bonus room • 3074 SF, large yard • Barnwood & stone accents,great kitchen • Vaultedwood ceil ing,bonus & bunk rooms • Fenced yard with putting green! Laura Blossey, Broker i 949-887-4377 www.experiencebendliving.corn

www.silviaknight.corn b e ndluxuryhomes'gmail.corn




• I •




Robin L Yeakel Broker j 541-408-0406 vvww.robinyeakel.corn



' ''






• 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath, 4148 SF • .34 acre on 13th tee • Cascade views from the great room & deck • Open, light, comfortable, lots of wood • Spacious 3-car garage • Best location! MLS„201500370

• Fabulous views! • Great room plan • Spacious main level flex room • Chef’s kitchen, nook & dining room • 800 SF addition w/huge custom pantry • 4 bedroom, 4 bath, 4204 SF MLS„201409082

Sandy Kohlmoos, Broker, CRSj 541-408-4309

The Norma DuBois and Julle Moe Team, Brokers 541-312-4042 i wwwTeamNormaAndJulie.corn

www.bestbendhomes.cornI skohlmoosobendbroadband.corn

• I • I

• 2790 SF • Separate guest suite • Private fenced yard, patio, water feature • 3-car garage, dog run, ample storage • Walk or ride to Old Mill andthe river! • Perfect vacation rental! MLS„201500631




' .


• I •

' ••• • I

• Live in Pronghorn • 3 bedroom, 4.5 bath, 4087 SF • Old-World design w/ hand-hewn wood 8< stone • Venetian plaster, spiral staircase • Finished basement w/bar & sauna, hot tub MLS„201503160 eb ebbs, 0 /

w ner rokeri

debtebbsgroup@bendluxuryhomes.corn www.debtebbsgroup.corn

Awbrey Butte Homesite ) $220,000

• I •

• Cascade Range views • .71of an acre •Justm inutesto downtown • Imagine your dream home • Beautifully treed lot MLS„201505762 The Norma DuBoisand Julle Moe Team, Brokers 541-312-4042 j www.TeamNormaAndJulie.corn

• 7 bedroom, 5.5 bath, 7880 SF • Main level master • Theater room, massageroom, sauna & elevator • UnobstructedCascade Mountain views • Par 3 golf course with 6 tee boxes • Timber peg construction M LS„ 2 01202096 Jordan Grandlund, Principal Brokeri 541-420-1559 JordanGrandlund@gmail.corn

• Ranch at the Canyons • Tuscan living • Open house Wednesday-Sunday 1-5 pm • www.ranchatthecanyons.corn MLS„201503224 Patrick Glnn, Principal Broker i 541-886-5534 patrick@ranchatthecanyons.corn

• Cascade Mtn viewswith unmatchedseclusion • 280 acres w/95 acres irrigation • Custom main home4416 SF 4 bed, 5.5 bath •Guesthome:1850 SF,3bed,2bath • Barn with office, gated paveddriveway,LOPtags • Varied topography, 2 canyons, 2stocked ponds • Recreational lifestyle property minutes from Bend www.boxsranch-johnsonrdbend.corn MLS „201306094

Northwest Crossing ( $649,950 'ii '




. •

• ii• i’


• Charming home • Move in ready! Hardwood floors • Large kitchen & dining s Main level master suite • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2966 SF MLS„201505109

Pam Mayo-Phillips, 541-480-1513 or BrookHavens,

The Norma DuBolsand Julle Moe Team, Brokers

541-604-0788, Principal Brokersj www.desertvalleygroup.corn

541-312-4042 j www.TeamNormaAndJulie.corn




• •

S •


Janet McNown, a Southern Oregon nativewho hasbeen a success ful realtor since1998.Growing up in the Pacijic Northwest, shehasagreat appreciation for the quality of lifeweenjoyin thearea.Herfocuson strong customer service, integrity, and pro fessionalism is what keeps clients coming backand referring others to her,

Janet McNown, Broker 541-580-0817 janet.mcnown'bendluxuryhomes.corn





Carmen A. Cook&roker j 541-480-6491

debtebbsgroupObendluxur yhomes.corn www.debtebbsgroup.corn


I •I


I • I

'• d •

• • I»



• Homes from $454,750 • Riverfront from $819,750 • Exquisitely finished • Low-maintenance living • 7th Mountain amenities • Conveniently located

Dtephanie quiz, Broker j 54%48-519~ gregghayden.realty'gmail.corn


• •

• 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 2801 SF • Spaciousbonus room plusoffi ce/den • Master on the main, gourmet kitchen • Mountain view, corner lot, fully landscaped • Fenced backyard • A/C included • Call for additional details! MLS„201506663

Shelly Swanson, Broker j 541-408-0086

• Situated on a beautiful corner near the river & Old Mill District • Wonderful entertaining kitchen with slab granite kitchen island • Subway travertine tile backsplash • 3 bedrooms, 2.5baths,bonusroom + den/offi ce MLS„201505340 A/C included




• Minutes to downtown! • Level building lot • Paved alley access, mountain views • Area of custom homes, build now or later • .23acre • 3335 NW Bungalow Drive, Bend

debtebbsgroupebendiuxur yhomes.corn www.debtebbsgroup.corn

Shelly Swanson, Broker j 541-408-0086


II •

Deb Tebbs, CEO/Owner/Broker j 541-4194553


• Build your dream home on this 1.52 acre westside site with mature landscape & impressive Cascade views • Generous oversized lot offers privacy and flexibility • Situated in a cul-de-sac location with expansive views • Close proximity to river trail, neighborhood park & downtown

Deb Tebbs, CEO/Uwner/Brokerj 541-419-4553

• Reduced dues & fees! • Beautiful homesites • Cascade Mountain & golf course views • Situated in a private, gatedcommunity • 2 golf courses, spa, restaurants, pool • The Lodge at Pronghorn coming soon

• •


• Starting at $10,000 • 1/12 fractionals • Enjoy 4 weeks - 2 winter & 2 summer • 3 & 4 bedroom units backing golf course • HOA covers insurance, landscaping, etc. • Recently reduced membership fees & dues! R


Jordan Grandlund, Broker j 541-420-1559



II •

I due

• tee

• 1/2 acre homesite • 2250 SF family plan • Quietcul-de-sac • Hardwood floors, granite, bonus room • Beautiful landscaping, huge rear yard • River Edge Village - westside schools Ro in L. Yea e, Bro er 541-408-0406 www.robinyeakel.corn e•



359 SW Mt. Washington Drive • 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 2193 SF • Private setting • Backs to golf course • Excellent condition

62665 Big Sage Way, Lot 48 • Inspired by mountain contemporary design & modern architecture • Build your vision and dream home in this highly sought-after westside neighborhood • Dedicated custom building envelope • .31 acre backing to a common green belt space • Proudly offered at $525,000


en Renner, Principal Bro er j 541-280-5352 ken.rerner'sothebysrealty.corn

Shelly Swanson, Broker j 541-408-0086

• Hand-selected kitchen, tile backsplash, granite countertops, custom lighting throughout • 3 bedrooms, spacious main-level master suite • Mature, private landscaping, community park • Spacious studio plus loft area is a bonus • Only 20 minutes to Mount Bachelor MLS„201504319

Shelly Swanson, Broker j 541-408-0086

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• Perfect single level • 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2240 SF, .23 acre • Great room & office • Alder cabinets, SS, granite, huge pantry • Beautiful hardwood floors throughout • Landscaped fenced yard withpaver patios MLS„201501942

• Majestic plan features 5 bdrmsw/2 mastersuites •Spacio usden/of fi ceplus bonus room • Oversized triple-car garage •Fully landscaped & fencedbackyard • Overlooks community pool and park • Close proximity to schools & Old Mill District

MLS„201505160 Shelly Swanson, Broker j 541-408-0086


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San yKo moos, Bro er, CRS 541408-4309

KathleenMcDonald,Broker j541-480-6581

www.bestbendhomes.cornl skohlmoos'bendbroadband.corn

kathleemmcdonald@bendluxur yhomes.corn

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• 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2339 SF • Master suite on main ~ • Well-designed kitchenw/ quartz counters • Abundant hardwood flo ors,bonus room • Architecturally designed backyard retreat • Easyaccess to am enities MLS„201507871

• Urban living • Low maintenance • Open floor plan, gs fireplace and AC • Walk to restaurants, parks and schools • Easy access to downtown and mtn biking • Fenced back patio

Myra Girod, Principal Broker j 541-815-2400 or Pam Bronson, Broker j 541-788-6767 m ra. amteam@cascadesiccom www.live la orkcentralore omcom

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• $674,750 • Summit floor plan • 2938 SF • 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths + den • Main-level living, master + den on main • Vaulted great room, golf course views • Move-in ready! MLS„201408581 Stephanie Ruiz, Broker j 541-948-5196 Jordan Grandlund, Broker j 541-420-1559

• 2900 SF, 4 bedrooms, g,

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!’ 3 baths, den • Private master suite • Large bonus room with balcony • Mountain views, wraparound veranda • 10.73 acres, 3 irrigated, 3-car garage 21936 Bear Creek Road MLS„ 2 01503083

Natalie Vandenborn, Broker j 541-508-9581 Nvandenbornegmail.corn

• 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 3933 SF • Backs walking trail • Chef’s kitchen, built› ins, hickory floors • Floor-to-ceiling fireplace, vaulted wood ceiling • Main-level master, hot tub, bonus room MLS„201 501916 Deb Tebbs, CEO/Owner/Broker j 541419-4553 debtebbsgroup'bendluxur yhomes.corn www.debtebbsgroup.corn

• Recreational ranch • 1007 acres • Cabin - 1488 SF, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, hot tub • Bunkhouse - 1 bedroom, 1 bath, kitchenette • Privacy, seasonal creeks, ponds, wildlife • www.juniperridgeranch-oregon.corn MLS„201507630 Call Pam Mayo-Phillips, or Brook Havens, Principal Brokers 541-923-1376 j vvvvvv.desertvalleygroup.corn



Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

To PLACE AN AD CALL CLASSIFIED• 541-385-5809 755



Sunriver/La Pine Homes Sunriver/La Pine Homes

Sun Meadow, 3 bdrm, THE RIMROCK - The Wyndemere I $749,900 16280 Pine Drop Lane Beautiful L a Pine 2.5 bath, 2456 sq.ft. Rimrock offers truly • 4229 sq.ft. One - time $269,000. 4 bdrm, 2 Home. house on a 5 , 6 63 astounding views of • 3 bedroom, 3 bath, bath, 1920 sq. ft., at› owner/occupant. Very sq.ft. Iot. Enjoy this the Cascade Moun› 3-car garage tached and detached clean 3 bdrm, 2 bath, spacious family floor tain Range & Teth› • Panoramic Cascade garage. High Lakes 1512 sq. ft. 1993 mfd plan including the ex› e row Golf Course. views Realty 8 Pr o perty home on .98 acres. • MLS 201502967 pansive bonus room. Main level luxurious Management Covered decks, front ideal for kids’ and m ast-suite, gre a t Dana Miller, Principal 541-536-0117 and back. New paint adult activities. Enjoy room, dining & gour› Broker, ABR, AHWD inside and out. Over› 15318 Bear St., La Pine size detached double all this home has to met kitchen take full 541-408-1468 $299,900. 1868 sq. ft. car garage plus two offer, plus the com› advantage of the in› c ustom home w i th additional o u t build› munity pool and parks c redible views, a s shop. H i g h Lakes ings. Mature trees and for the entire family. does lower level fam› Realty & Pr o perty landscaping. Perim› This home has been ily room & 2 en-suite Management l ightly lived in a n d guest rooms, each eter fenced on three MORRIS 541-536-0117 awaits new owners. w/private mountain & sides. Move-in ready. REAL ESTATE Quality finishes that golf course view patio. broker welcome with 15323 Bear Street, La IA ~ dy~ M Op wl 3% sales commission you would expect in a 3 bedroom, 3 ~/2bath, Pine, $275,500. 3 Pahlisch home. 3,094 square f eet, to procuring broker. b edroom, 2 bat h , 746 from $360,000 MLS priced 24x36 insulated shop. $169,900. For sale by „201506272 $1,150,000. owner 541093202808 Northwest Bend Homes High Lakes Realty 8 Bobbie Strome, Lisa Cole, Principal Property M a n age›or 541-786-5715. Principal Broker Broker. 541-749-0047 River Front Townhome ment 541-536-0117 Don’t pass up this Great John L Scott Real Berkshire Hathaway 3172 NW Quiet River 1.63 acre, Riverfront Estate 541-385-5500 Home Services 15980 Green F orest Lane, Bend Property, with some of Northwest Real Estate $189,900. 1500 sq. ft., Open 11am - 2pm best views in La 2-car garage, fenced the Need help fixing stuff? Thomas Creek Front› Saturday & Sunday Pine. Very large 2 yard. High Lakes Re› B edroom, 2 Call A Service Professional a ge. 1 52 0 a c r e s $659,000, Ba t h , alty & Property Man› 1848 Sq. Ft., 1983 find the help you need. mountain p a s ture. MLS „201507512 agement Diana irvine, Broker, www.bendbulletin.corn Summer Grazing Manufactured that has 541-536-0117 Recreation. A gem for Eagle CrestProperties been very well main› 541-815-0500 $ 1,500,000. Bri a n tained. Ho t Tub Sunriver I $329,900 16919 Sun Country Dr, • One level with 2 mas› Meece, ALC, CCIM, $175,000. 1,728 sq.ft. Room, Living Room P rincipal Brok e r ters home, 20x30 i nsu› and Dining Room with 541-639-3423 • 4 bedrooms, 3 full l ated s h op. H i g h the views you could Helping people secure home financing is the only thing Re/MAX Key Proper› baths Lakes Realty & Prop› look at all day, and ties • Bamboo floors, hot Bank owned on almost erty Man agement Computer/Den Room. we do and we promise to go the extra distance for you. We Over sized 2 Car Ga› tub, and more! ~/~ acre. 3 bdrm, 1 541-536-0117 Timber Ridge I • MLS 201507521 rage, with a Large at› b ath, 1012 sq . f t . , $399,960 provide a streamlined preapproval" process, a range of highly Julia Buckland, single story home with 2.51 acre r i verfront tached workshop/craft • 2784 sq.ft. Broker, ABR, ALHS, • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath fenced yard and RV p roperty. This is a room. G r eenhouse affordable loan programs and personalized one-on-one CRS, GRI parking. $ 1 3 4,900. Great Property with and additional stor› • .39 acre, upper & 541-719-8444 lower decks MLS „201505970 Call Storage Buildings and age shed. Large back service. Whether this is your first time or third time buying a Pam Lester, Principal 2 Rv Hookups. Newer d eck to e n joy t h e • MLS 201503245 views of the River and S eptic installed i n Karin Johnson, Broker, Century 21 home, we’d like to make you a valued customer for life. Gold Country Realty, 2010. Manufactured Paulina Peak Views in Broker, ABR, E-PRO, h ome was built i n your picture perfect Inc. 541-504-1338 SRS 1972, either put a little backyard. MLS MORRIS 541-639-6140 into it or remove 201505499. $329,900 REAL ESTATE Bank owned on almost TLC Cascade Realty, 1/4 acre. 1120 sq. ft. 3 and build your dream Dennis Haniford, Princ. and enjoy the bdrm, 2 bath, home in home Broker SW Bend I $599,000 SW Redmond. double g reat views of t h e 541-536-1731 river and mountains • 2540 sq.ft., 4 bed› garage and fenced from MORRIS your back door. room, 2.5 bath backyard. $161,900. „28 C heckrein REAL ESTATE Must See! $164,900. Lot • Main-level master, MLS201506262 Call $28,000. 1 acre on hd~&mly ~ ~ ~ d MLS201505497 open great room Pam Lester, Principal cul-de-sac, commu› KevinPangle Undansher-Bslanga ChristieMahoney MarkLong WendyPangle Cascade Realty, • Close to river trail Tumalo Neighborhood. Broker, Century 21 nity pool. High Lakes NNII5 89521 NNII5210118 NMLS 900911 NMLS 208965 NMLS 208295 Quiet n eighborhood Gold Country Realty, Dennis Haniford, Princ. Realty & • MLS 201503158 Pr o perty Broker Scott Huggin, Broker, near the river. 2 bed› Inc. 541-504-1338 Management 1-541-536-1731 room, 1 bath home on GRI 541-536-011 7 Two locations serving ail of Central Oregon 541-322-1500 .44 acre lot. Private New Listing! Located 2 Bedroom 2 Bath Mini Ranch 10 acre M/L well. $179,900. CALL just outside Eagle Manufactured Home with custom built 3 BECKY OZRELIC AT Crest Resort, this is a on .77 acre. Carport, bedroom, 2 bath. Lots 541-480-9191. MLS: truly one of a k i nd Storage Building and of counter space and 201504083 Duk e property with 2500 sq. Corner Lot located in cupboards, in this 685 SE 3rd Street ( Bend, OR IIMLS89S II Warner Realty ft. main house and MORRIS Ponderosa Pines. large kitchen with at› 2600 sq. ft . g u est View home i n R e d› Great Income Prop› REAL ESTATE tached dining area house that opens to mond. 3 b d rm, 2 .5 erty or Starter Home. with sliders to back your own private ten› bath, 2248 sq.ft. + $125,000 MLS deck overlooking the 2015050709 Tethe row masterpiece. den, master and liv› n is court, all on 5 pond with waterfall. 220 NW Meadow Lakes Drive( Prineville, OR NMLsgo38 acres. Main Cascade Realty, Stunning C a s cade ing room on main fenced Dbl garage finished w/ views, 3,500 sq. ft., w/ level, wood f l oors, house master is 1000 Dennis Haniford, Princ. opener. Shop is ft . w i t h h u g e Broker 1,200 sq. ft. garage, 4 maple cabinets, mtn swq. 30x36 finished, wired alk-in closet a n d 1-541-536-1731 bedrooms, 3 b aths, and city views. Secu› 220 w/opener. This large m ater b a t h. rity system, vaulted includes master suite acreage is clean, se› 50111 C ollar D r ive. Large entertainer’s ceilings, b e a utifully and junior suite with quiet with lots $ 279,900. Grea t cluded, with d ouble own entrance, landscaped, deck, on kitchen of wildlife. MLS ovens and large pan› h orse property. 5 201505279 $1,795,000. This cornerlot. $285,000/ opens to a great acres, 3 bd r m, 2 Cascade Realty, contemporary work of Kathy Denning, Broker try, High Lakes Re› art combines the best 541-480-4429 John L room with 22’ ceilings. bath Dennis Haniford, Princ. NMLS 3182 alty 8 Property Man› Guest house incl udes of sleek modern lines, Scott Realty, Bend Broker 4 b drms, 2 b a t h , agement crisp clean finishes, Views forever! This 4 541-536-1 731 ounge area, a n d 541-536-0117 and rustic design el› bed/3 bath 1796 sq. ft. lkitchenette . 400 sq. ements to offer the home sits on a well P i n e ,USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! ' 2015EvergreenHomeLoansisaregistered trade nameof Evergreen Moneysource MortgageCompany ft. cabin includes stu› 5 1835 B l ac k perfect example of treed 4.5 acres with dio style open bed› $184,900. 1232 sq. ft., NMLS ID3182 Trade/service marksarethe property ofEveigreenHomeLoans. All rightsreserved. High Desert Modern views of the Cascade Door-to-door selling with 2.16 acres, 2 4x30 room area, Licensed under OregonMortgage LendingLicenseML-3213. 1/15. style. Gourmet kitchen Range, Smith Rock room/great Shop. High L a kes fast results! It’s the easiest kitchenette and con› with European fea› and more. $319,900. Realty 8 Pr o perty way in the world to sell. "Pteapproval Isnotacommitment to lendandis subject tosatisfactory loanconditions including acompleted application and temporary bathroom. tures and open floor CALL KIM WARNER This property is gated Management property appraisal.Customersmustapply with EvergreenHomeLoansto determine loanqualificatio. plan that flows beau› AT 541 - 410-2475. with remote e ntry. 541-536-0117 The Bulletin Classified tifully between indoor MLS: 2015 0 1737 1190 Dodge ~/2 ton 541-385-5809 and outdoor spaces Duke Warner Realty 51839 Fordham Dr. truck, ALL main house $239,000. 1804 sq. ft., allow for easy enter› interior furniture and 3 b d rm. A m azing taining or cozy nights Village W iestoria Eagle Crest t i m e› m aster suite. H i g h at home. Call for your Bend. Midtown, near share allowing ac› Lakes Realty & Prop› H ollinshead Pa r k , private showing. cess to a l l R e sort erty 2007 home, 3 b ed› Beth Davies, Broker Man agement rooms, 4 baths, 2780 amenities are all in› 541-536-0117 541-408-5758 +/sq. ft., must see. couded! Offered at Hasson Company $698,900 › MLS 51895 Fordham Dr. $399,900. Realtors. www.johnlscott.corn/5 201506113. P l ease $280,000 3054 sq. ft., 1003. Kellie C ook, call for your private 4 bdrm, 2~/~ bath, THE COURTYARD gY/H+ today. Lynn 4-car garage. High The S i ngle L e v el Broker 541-408-0463 showing Outstanding Agents Princ. Broker, Lakes Realty 8 Prop› Courtyard home fea› John L Scott Realty, Johns, Outstanding Results’ Central Oregon Re› erty Man a gement tures an open great Bend Realty 541-536-0117 room & dining room, Want to move in and sort 541-408-2944 fabulous kitchen 8 enjoy life? This is your 52375 Barberry Circle breakfast bar, elegant home, and it is loaded built golf course $99,500. 1436 sq. ft., m aster suite & t w o with upgrades and Newly w/oversized dbl guest rooms, perfect ready to live in. This frontage! 3 bedroom 2 mfd. + den. Custom garage. High Lakes for visiting friends & well-maintained home bath Realty & P r o perty gra n ite, family, also offers op› boasts a large tiled cabinets, tional detached casita. entry way, heat pump, hardwoods, v a ulted Management eilings, pan t r y, 541-536-0117 3 bedrooms, 3 ~/2bath ceiling fans, recessed c - 2,330 square feet, l ighting, large l o f t walk-ins. Elegance in 53150 Riverview Drive, priced from $690,000. area, a master bed› a s e rene s e tting. $259,900. 1823 sq. ft. Lisa Cole, Principal r oom w it h a m p le $349,900 Call Nancy granite, S S p p li› Princ. Broker ances. across afrom Broker 541-749-0047 walk-in closet, win› 5Popp, 41-815-8000. M L S Berkshire Hathaway dow coverings Call Big Deschutes river. Home Services throughout. The ga› 201505433 High Lakes Realty 8 Northwest Real Estate rage is finished with Nancy Pop p, Princ. Property M a n age› Broker, 541-815-8000 ceiling storage rack Crooked ment 541-536-0117 River Realty THE HOMESTEAD and you have great Live the good life in views from the back 17161 Wood Duck Ct. this beautifully de› deck. $ 274,999. 2 b d r m , MLS„ Looking for your next signed single level 201304344. V A -as› river access, green› home. The H o me› sumable if e l igible. Placeemp/oyee? house/ H igh Lakes Bulletin help s tead f e atures a $123,900. H e a ther wanteda ad Realty 8 Pr o perty today and courtyard entrance to Hockett, Management Pri n cipal reach over 60,000 lovely open g r eat Broker 541-420-9151 readers each week. 541-536-0117 room, gourmet kitchen Gold Country Realty Your classified ad 53865 Yoho Dr i v e, with breakfast bar and Sm i t h will also appear on $142,000 Double wide formal dining, office W aterfront & bendbulletin.corn with attached 30x30 with private entrance Rock views! Large RESIDENTIAL N E W C O N S TRUCTION FAR M / R A NC H CO M M ER C IAL which currently re› home on 5+ garage. High Lakes and exquisite master country ceives over Realty & Pr o perty suite and two en-suite irrigated acres, 2772 1.5 million page ft. w/ 5 bdrm., 2.5 Management o c • ' ' I guest rooms. 3 bed› sq. views every month ba., 2-car detached 541-536-0117 room, 3 ~/2 bath at no extra cost. garage 8 b e autiful 2,654 square f eet, l andscaping. M L S„ Bulletin Classifieds 54620 Caribou Drive, priced from $750,000. Get Results! 201409838 $499,900 $254,900. 1704 sq. ft., Lisa Cole, Principal Call 385-5809 or Pam Lester, Princ. community river ac› Broker 541-749-0047 place your ad on-line cess. H i g h L akes Broker, Century 21 Berkshire Hathaway Each Office is Independently at Gold Country Realty, Realty & P r o perty Home Services Owned & Operated bendbulletin.corn Management Northwest Real Estate Inc. 541-504-1338 541-536-0117 Westside Cot t age. THE OVERVIEW - In› looking for a remodel credible Cas c ade project? Elevated lot Mountain & Tetherow in the heart of t he Golf Course views. Westside. 2 bedroom, Grand entry opens to 1 bath, 912 sq. f t . reat room, thought› Close to shops, res› j ully designed for en› t aurants, pubs a nd t ertaining b ot h i n › park. $325,000. CALL doors and out on the LARRY JACOBS AT expansive o u t door 541-480-2329. MLS: patio. Main level also 201505606 Duke features gou r met Warner Realty kitchen, elegant din› Single Level. ing and fabulous main Westside level master bedroom Special West H i lls I I, on a large pri› I, retreat. Second level home skybridge leads to 2 vate lot! This home is en-suite guestrooms a b u yer’s d r eam. and optional loff/bo› Spacious south fac› nus room. 3 bedroom, i ng l i v in g ro o m . CALL 3 ~/2 bath - 2 , 6 5 1 $519,000. SKJERSAA square feet, priced TERRY AT 541 - 383-1426. from $775,000. MLS: 201 5 05073 Lisa Cole, Principal Duke Warner Realty Broker 541-749-0047 'I II ' I Berkshire Hathaway W onderful Home. 3 Home Services bedroom, 2.5 b ath, Northwest Real Estate 1800 sq. ft. located in Crescent Creek. Low maintenance and BULLETINCULSSIFIEDS close to recreational Search the area’s most comprehensive listing of hot spots. $199,999. CALL JAYNEE BECK classified advertising... 541-480-0988 OR real estate to automotive, AT PETE VAN DEUSEN merchandise to sporting esi~(hrnpetitionrecogniza this yearhbest design 541 - 480-3538. goods. Bulletin Classifieds AT MLS: 201 5 03385 projects within the Qntral OIBgon a EEL If you’ve created, designed or developed a appear every day in the Duke Warner Realty print or on line. k iller project, product or object in 2614, wewant you! Rr completedetils ~ th e The Bulletin Call 541-385-5809 www.bendbulletin.corn To Subscribe call COmPetitiOn ParameterS and SubmiSSiOnPrOCeSS,go tOOur Website: thBtXkh arg 541-385-5800 or go to The Bulletin ServingCentral Oregonsince 19l8 www.bendbulletin.corn


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Sunriver/La Pine Homes

Recreational Homes • & Property



Wonderful location, ex 15194 Ponderosa Loop Fairway Crest Village I citing home. Large Gorgeous 2 bedroom, 2 Level 1.4 1 a c res, $179,900 kitchen center island b ath, 1362 s q . f t . b uild or camp . • .32 acre flat, buildable dining area with slid home located on 3.3 $54,000. High Lakes lot • Close to Deschutes ing glass door to back acres in the heart of Realty & P r o perty deck, lots of storage, Crescent Lake with Management River 541-536-0117 • Mature ponderosa skylights, l a m inate views. A 354 sq. ft. floors. Front room has Master Suite with at pines Murrelet Drive, • MLS 201502959 entry way with new tach ed bath, wood 1525 covered porch, wood stove, windows that Large .49 acre golf Pat Palazzi, Broker course lot with east› stove. Laundry room stretch from floor to erly Ochoco moun› 541-771-6996 has a bonus room/of 2nd story, entertain tain and city views. fice and opens up to 2 ing deck, spacious Situated near the 17th c ar g a rage w i t h kitchen, wood blinds, box of the Chal› opener. 900 sq. ft. fin laundry area, built-in tee l enge Course, a t i shed shop wi r e d storage, MORRIS in groun d Eagle Crest Resort, 220. $255,000. MLS sprinklers, RV s ites REAL ESTATE you will enjoy beauti› 201504449 with hook ups, vaulted morning sunrises Dennis Haniford, Princ. ceiling, graveled circu ful h o me Broker Cascade Re› lar drive, landscaped d aily. Ne w package a v a ilable.Lot 67 SW Shad Rd. alty, 541-536-1731 and more! Listing in Offered at $164,900. great value for this 1 .04 acre lo t w i t h eludes 2 tax lots. 1440 MLS„ 201503507 762 mountain views. sq. ft. RV garage with Lynn Johns, Homes with Acreage $29,900. MLS „ 3 roll ups. Minutes Principal Broker, 201408966 J u n iper from Crescent Lake & 541-408-2944 Realty 541-504-5393 Spacious updated Willamette Ski Pass. Central Oregon single level home on $ 299,000 1950 7 Resort Realty Nice lot with numerous 4.69 acres, 3 bdrm, 2 Rose Marie L ane, ptions. Setup f o r bath, 1740 sq. ft. Io Crescent Lake, OR. 15980 Camino De Oro o several RV campers $59,000. 3.14 acres to cated i n T e the row MLS 201505320 at once. Sep› Crossing. $315,000. Cascade Realty, Call near La Pine State tic camp electric hook› MLS 201506390 Pam Kerry 541-815-6363 Park. High Lakes Re› upsand for 5 sites. Nicely alty & Property Man› Lester, Princ. Broker, treed, nice neighbor› agement C entury 2 1 Gol d hood. $92,500. CALL Country Realty, Inc. Cabin in the woods on 541-536-0117 CANDY YO W AT trout stream, private, 541-504-1338 176 Silver Spur Road, 541-410-3193. MLS: off the grid, 80 mi. $60,000. One acre, 201501402 Duke from Bend. 638 ac. $849K. Fo r d r o ne community pool, club› Warner Realty video li n k , cal l house. High Lakes Old Mill district, prime Realty & Pr o perty 541-480-7215. commercial site, just Management one lot off corner of 541-536-0117 771 Bond and Bluff. Ap› 360’ View/Top of Butte Lots 2 0+ acres i n W e s t prox. 26,000 sq. ft., in Terrebonne. Home, Powell Butte Estates, MR zoning a llows shop, mansion building Lot 200 SW Panorama gated co m munity, many uses. $650,000. site. 2% to broker. See: Rd., CRR. C orner mtn. views, private CALL KIT K ORISH bend.craigslist.org/reo/ 1.21 acre lot, paved well, paved roads w/ AT 541 - 480-2335. 5159317740.html street, mtn. v iews. access to BLM. MLS„ MLS: 201 5 0 0280 $42,500. MLS $169,000. Duke Warner Realty 3 bdrm., 2 bath, 2456 2011505669 Juniper 201305077 Pam Lester, Princ. sq. ft. home with on Realty 541-504-5393 773 Broker, Century 21 14.66 acres, 13.20 Acreages acres irrigation. Bo› Lot 22 Gray Squirrel Gold Country Realty, nus room w/seperate $9,000. Nicely treed Inc. 541-504-1338 SW Chinook Dr. entry, stainless steel .6 acre near river. .26 acre view lot in SW 16535 acre rim lot w/ appliances, solar de› High Lakes Realty 8 R edmond. Gre a t 5.68 Crooked River & mtn. sign generates 20% Property M a n age›neighborhood and lo› views $225 , 000. electricity. MLS„ ment 541-536-0117 cation with views of MLS 201106408. 201504013 $439,900 Smith Rock and the Juniper Realty Pam Lester, Princ. Lot 1 SW Shad Rd. Ochocos. Build your 541-504-5393 Broker, Century 21 3 .09 a c re s wit h dream home h ere! view s . $64,000. CALL ROB 16685 SW Chinook Dr. Gold Country Realty, a mazing Inc. 541-504-1338 $78,500. MLS„ EGGERS AT CRR. 6.9 acres with 201402733 J u niper 541-815-9780. MLS: Crooked River al l Breathtaking views of Realty 541-504-5393 201410582 Duke utilities inst a lled. the Cascades and the Warner Realty $189,000 MLS Deschutes River! 4 Mt. View from this 1.169 201008671. Juniper bdrm, 3 bath round acre lot located on a 3 Bend Ci ty Lo t s, Realty 541-504-5393 home on 2.27 acres. paved road. Across views and u n ique, Greenhouse, hot tub the street from the $150,000/ea. Please $245,000 Views. 4.69 a nd plenty o f R V community pasture, send email to: Parval› acres, horse property, needs well and COIC parking. $ 3 89,900. park and walking trail. ueproperties@gmail Come enjoy all that .corn to receive info. MLS 201506613 irrigation, public riding ranch offers, golf, ten Pam Lester, Princ. Bro› trails. 52740 Day Road. La nis, swimming, and ker, Century 21 Gold Leach, Broker Pine. L a rge p ole Bea541-788-2274 hiking, fishing a nd Country Realty, Inc. much more. $25,000. barn, well, power, one 541-504-1338 Winderm ere Call L i n d a Lou acre $85,000. High Central Oregon Lakes Realty & Prop› Day-Wright, Broker, Real Estate Need to get an erty Ma n agement 541-771-2585 541-536-0117 FIND IT! ad in ASAP? Crooked River Realty Bgg tTI You can place it 5.3 acres near the en 598 Highland Meadow SELL IT! Loop, Nice level .34 online at: trance of The Ranch lot on a q uiet The Bulletin Classifieds www.bendbulletin.corn and golf course. Nice acre mountain views. nice street in Eagle Crest $373,000 - $559,000 flat horse property. Resort. Smith Rock Faith Hope Charity 541-385-5809 Perfect place to build and Cline Butte views Acreage for sale: 6 lots your home. $75,000. with potential Cas› •5.34 acres - $439,000 Christmas Valley Home Call L i n d a Lou cade Mountain views. mtn view offers standard com› Day-Wright, Broker, Lot backs to a strip of •5.01 acres - $373,000 mercially s u p plied 541-771-2585 common area lending Smith Rock view itself to a feeling of electricity and also in› Crooked River Realty cludes two separate maximum p r i vacy.•5.19 acres - $373,000 Smith Rock view solar backup systems. $397,000 Build on the New home package •5.01 acres - $559,000 Amenities include a river - Sunriver area. available. $129,900. mtn views fully independent wa› 1l57 acre b u ilding MLS„ 201502863 •4.98 acres - $549,000 ter supply when re› site, sweeping big Lynn Johns, mtn views Principal Broker, quired. G e nerators D eschutes Riv e r •4.98 acres - $549,000 541-408-2944 a lso i n stalled f o r views, prime location mtn views Central Oregon backup. 3000 sq. ft. across from Sunriver Bea Leach, Broker barn with hay l oft, Resort, adjacent to 92 Resort Realty 541-788-2274 2 880 s taff. s h o p . acres of US National 1 5780 D a vi s Av e , Windermere There is s o m u ch Forest land. $45,000. La Pine 1.62 Central Oregon h ere, i n cluding a Tina Roberts, Broker acres, view, partially Real Estate greenhouse, that you 541-419-9022 cleared. High Lakes could drop of the grid. Total Property 5 Acres - Corner Lot Realty & P r o perty Outstanding views of Resources Million Dollar View! Management Table Rock right from Sisters School Dist., your yard. Much of the 13601 SW Canyon Dr. 541-536-0117 $325,000. land was kept in it’ s CRR. 1.13 acres with 88046 Christmas Val› 541-389-9751 Mt. Jefferson views. natural s t at e for ley $69,000. Located beauty alone. On end $58,500 „201106385 on C. V. airstrip with 7965 SW River Rd. Se› Juniper Realty & private 2.79 of dead end road. hangar. High Lakes cluded 541-504-5393 near the Des› MLS 20’I 5 05690 Realty & P r o perty acres, chutes River, canyon $205,000 10745 Rockside Court Management wall views, borders Cascade Realty, 541-536-0117 in Eagle Crest Resort. Dennis Haniford, Princ. public land. $39,500. Looking f o r BIG Bluff lot with incredible Juniper Realty Broker v iews? Here i t i s ! 541-504-5393 1-541-536-1731 views of the Canyon. Views include Black A wonderful place to Eastern Oregon Land› Picturesque C r ooked Butte, Mt. Jefferson listen to the Canyon City, Oregon, River Canyon walls and Mt. Hood. Bring Deschutes river and 3 lots available with can be viewed from your builder or use enjoy the views. one from our pre› city water and sewer anywhere on this 3.62 61011 SnoMtbrush Dr., at street. 1.86 acre a cres lot, and t he ferred list. Offered at Bend, in River MLS Canyon Estatesoffof residential lot, level backdrop fo r the $ 179,900’. building site, $30,900. home is beautiful rock 201503528. SW Brookswood 6.12 acre view lot, outcropping. Wrap› Lynn Johns, Principal Ave. $235,000. zoned re s i dential, Broker, 541-408-2944 around decks l o ok MLS „201504972 Central Oregon $30,900. 3.49 acre over the fenced pas› Diana Irvine, Broker, mtn view lot, within Resort Realty ture, t w o s t o rage Eagle Crest Properties city limits, $35,900. buildings for hay, tack 9040 SW S a ndridge 541-81 5-0500 Sellers are Oregon li› or yard equipment. Rd., CRR 1.12 acre MLS 201 5 03901. Power and water at Breathtaking that’s how censed Real Estate $124,000. Call Nancy the street $34,900. you describe this per Brokers. Juniper Realty feet lot for your dream Popp, Princ. Broker, MLS „201403978. 541-504-5393 h ome. Septic is i n 541-815-8000 Juniper Realty, stalled and an under Grandfathered RV lot, Crooked River Realty 541-504-5393 ground electrical con one acre. Nicely treed duit is in p lace for and fenced, adjoining 10085 Juniper G l en Call a Pro electrical ho o k up. a greenbelt for pri› Circle, Beautiful level MLS 0 6067. Whether you need a lot backing to com› $124,900.2015 Water line in› Call Donna vacy. mon area on a quiet Carter, 541-903-0601 stalled to R V s i t e. fence fixed, hedges street in Eagle Crest. Crooked River Realty Older septic for RV trimmed or a house use. Power nearby. Situated east to west, built, you’ ll find you will enjoy Cline Breathtaking vi e w s! Continue RV use or professional help in Butte views and have C ome b uild y o u r build your home on sun and shade all dream home on this t his liv e l y s ite . The Bulletin’s "Call a MLS day. New home pack› fabulous 3.73 acre lot $49,900. Service Professional" ages available. Of› on a paved road close 2 01205397 N a n c y Directory fered a t $8 9 ,900. to ranch e ntrance. Popp, Princ. Broker, MLS„ 201503166 MLS „ 20 1 502501. 541-815-8000 541-385-5809 Lynn Johns, $110,000. Call Donna Crooked River Realty Principal Broker, Carter, 541-903-0601 18 SW Quail Rd. 763 541-408-2944 Crooked River Realty Lot 5 .15 acre r i m l o t . Central Oregon Recreational Homes Cascade Mt Views from Smith Rock and mtn Resort Realty & Property this 1. 25 ac re views. $70,000. MLS 14207 Whitewater Lp. cul-de-sac l o cation 201500166 Charming and quaint Bldg lot in Wildriver ready to go! Septic in› Juniper Realty mountain g e t-away w/septic. $6 4 ,900. stalled with 1000 gal› 541-504-5393 tucked in among old High Lakes Realty 8 lon tank. Connection 4 S W B lue J ay growth forest with its Property M a n age›to C r ooked R i verLot CRR. S mith own dock on Odell ment 541-536-0117 Ranch water, 30x40 Road, R ock v iews, 5 . 1 7 L ake. Recently r e g arage/shop wit h modeled cabin cap 1483 Trail Creek Drive, concrete floors, win› acres borders public tures plenty of light Premium level lot with dow and 16x10 over› land. $65,000. MLS through the floor to privacy and mountain head door and man 201407131 Juniper Realty ceiling glass windows. v iews on a qu i e t door. $85,900 MLS 541-504-5393 Since 2010 many new cul-de-sac in Eagle 201302066 Call features added: hard Crest, .39 acre lot Nancy Pop p, Princ. Price reduced! 16465 wood floors, re mod backs t o c o m mon Broker, 541-815-8000 SW Dove Rd., CRR. 5 cled b ath, d o uble area, which adjoins Crooked River Realty acre legal lot. Septic pane windows, deck, B LM. Ne w ho m e approved. floor heaters, metal packages available. Enjoy Mt. J e fferson feasibility views from this 5-acre mtn views. $69,900. roof, fridge and wood $177,500. MLS„ MLS 201501897 stove. A short trail to 201503325 lot, close to Crooked Juniper Realty newly built dock. En River Ranch entrance Lynn Johns, 541-504-5393 joy the privacy over with the availability of Principal Broker, looking the trees fac all the CRR amenities: 541-408-2944 775 ing the l a ke. F u ll golf, swimming, ten› Central Oregon Manufactured/ ownership/leased nis, disk golf, river Resort Realty land. Nothing to do fishing, p i c kle-ball, Mobile Homes but relax and enjoy. 15002 R o ber t Rd, horseback riding and OWC. 2286 Hwy 58 $59,900 La Pine 8.54 bird watching. List your Home MLS JandNHomes.corn „14, Crescent Lake. acres, well, cleared $57,900 MLS 2015 0 2666 RV sites. High Lakes 2 01504749 Kati e We Have Buyers Realty & Pr o perty Dailey, Broker Get Top Dollar $225,000. Cascade Realty, Management 541-419-4220 Financing Available. Linda 541-815-0606 541-536-0117 Crooked River Realty 541-548-5511


It is with great pleasure


that we announce we are now the joint owners of the Keller Williams Realty Central Oregon Marketplace This amazing company has been my dreamfo r the past year and j s a r e appreciate Becky B reeze allowing m e to h e p a r t



of her company

d uring t his tr a n si ti o n . With over 120,000 agents worldwide, Keller Williams Realty truly is an international company that educates, g ives back by d o n a tin g t o t h e c o m m u n ity o n m a n y levels, and, most important, has a n e twork o f agents who provide leads and support. We are so pleased to be chosen to represent Keller Williams Realty i n C e ntral Oregon and look forward to being your Realtors of choice! "Bend sfavorite real estate team, judged by me, an independent tab.n — Stetson

Team Sell Bend Shelly Hummel, Broker, CRS, GRl 541-480-8523 cell

60337 Arnold Market Road

$I, I 95,000 • Gated country estatewith Cascade Mountain views • 3492 sq. ft. home, guest cottage, shop, big pond • 38.6 acres, 9 acres irrigated, fenced pasture • MLS 20 I 50779

I 8270 Rock Springs Court

$780,000 • Incredible Tumalo acreage • 26 I 4 sq. ft. home, barn, shop • 9.25 acres,8 4 irrigated,pastures, gardens

• MLS 20 I 50779 I

2500 NW Peoples Court

$625,000 •Awbrey Butte home on A2-acre lot • 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3643 sq. ft. • Great room, family room, office with private entry • MLS 20 I 5077 I 6

I 9554 Painted Ridge Loop

$499,000 • Townhome in Broken Top Golf Community • 2204 sq. ft., remodeled bathrooms, sunroom • Nice deck,view of pond and common area • MLS 20 I 507742

2I 575 Stub Place

$3 I 9,000 • Remodeled home on .59-acre • 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, den, i500 sq.ft. B


• Beautifulkoi pond and stream, greenhouse • MLS 20 I 507950

3 I 44 NE Manchester Ave

$249,000 • st s w s u

• Single-level home in NE Bend • 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, I 465 sq. ft. • RV parking, landscaped, fenced yard • MLS 20 I 507727

StatiS tiCS:Bend ReSidentialSaleS StatiStiCS fOr the Week of 7/26 8/2 New 67 Pending 71

Low Price $2I9,900 Low Price $2I0,000

Median Price $409,000 Median Price $345,000

High Price $2,900,000

Sold 7I

Low Price $I60,000

Median Price $330,000

High Price $I,500,000

High Price $I,I49,500

Total residential properties on the market: 887 Total number of residential properties sold year to date: I,58I with an averagesales price of $335,000

janet Ross,Broker, GRI Transaction Manager 54 1-480-9740

Mike Nelson,Broker, CSP Lead Buyer Partner


Angella Bean,Broker Buyer Partner


jay Walsh ConciergeServices


595 NW Yor k D r ive, Suite IOO, Bend OR 97703 54 I -585-3760 Main Office

view our listingsatvvvvwsELLBENDcoM Pleasecheck out our references on Zillow.corn All Realtors are licensed in the State of Oregon

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' I' I



• Custom 4555sq.ft. home • UnobstructedCascadeviews • Horse barn, 2 hay barns, shop


• MLS 201408573



• r.d. Building & Desigto n be built • 2504 sq.ft., 3 bedroom, 2 bath


• 5 acres, private river access

541-550-0976 • MLS 201502559


TUMALO 4.96 ACRESI $3~ I000 • 5267 sq.ft., 5 bedroom,5.5 bath • Cascadeviews,private river access • 5-staff barn,guesthome

• MLS 201504254

CASCAD EMTNVIEWS I $899AND • 4025 sq.ft., 4 bedroom,4 bath • River rock, log accents,granite • 19.4 acres, 5000 sq.ft. shop

• MLS 201409795


• 5 bedroom,4 bath, 3546 sq.ft.


• MLS 201507825


• City views, twominutesto downtown

541-280-5512 • MLS 201506150

AWBREY GLEN I $879,000

Wmnert DIANEROBINSON • Tour of Homes • Golf Course,single level home BROKER , ABR • 3 bedroom den 2 5 bath 541-419-8165 • MLS 201 502363

• 3732 sq.ft., 5 bedroom +office • Huge, pnvate .BB acre lot

BROKEN TOPI $998,500 pEM)RAH BENSON • 4460 sq.ft. vaults beams 4.5 bath PC, BROK ER,GRI, • 3 bedroom, PREV IEWSPECIALIST • 17th fairway &pondviews 541-480-6448 • MLS 201501 886

NW BEND I $685,000


• 4 bedroom 3 bath • .25acre, SHARC paid infull 541480-9300 • MLS 201503418


2356 sq.ft. home with Cl zoning • Pnvate dock,swimmmghole

541-408-3543 • MLS 201505461


SUNRIVER I $598,900

• 3042 sq.ft., 4 bedroom,4 bath • Vaulted ceilings, redoakfloors • .26acre, large deck,hottub 541-588-0687 • MLS 201500667 GARYROSE BROKER , MBA

• City views, greatcondition • Remodeleki dtchen

NW BEND I $1,149,000

CASC ADEMTNVIEWSI $1,295,000 • 3402 sq.ft., 4 bedroom,3bath DIANELOZITO, • Slab granite, maple ffoors BROKER 541-548-3598, • 31+ acres, indoorarena, barn, ponds 541-306-9646 • MLS 201 500843


• Single level2852sq.ft. • 4+ bedroom,3.5 bath,8’ ceilings • 3<ar garage 46 acre • MLS 201 502640


• 2830 sq.ft., 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath KELLY NEUMAN, PRINCIPAL BROKER • Island kitchen,granite, slate • Expansivdeck, e paver patio 541480-2 I 02 • MLS 201504291

NORTH WESTCROSSINGI $5494ND • 1969 sq ft craftsman home • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath • Granite, exposed beams,woodfloors


541 788 3678 • MLS 201505869

SE BEND ACREAGEI $530,000 MINDA MCKITRICIC ’ 1728 sq.ft. • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath BROKER,GRI

RIVER RIM I $519,900 GRANT LUDWICIC • 2642 sq.ft. • 5 bedroom, 3 bath, 3<ar garage BROKER

541-280-6148 • MLS 201410829

541-633-0255 • MLS 201503323

• Shop with apartment

• Custom features throughout

1.39 ACRE SNWBENDI $485fi0


• 2995 sq.ft., 4 bedroom,3bath • Main floor master,.16 acre

• Professionally landscaped 541-322-2417 • MLS 201506718

• 1456 sq.ft. remodeledhome • 3 bedroom, 2 bath • Granite counters,hickory cabinets


%41-390-9598 • MLS 201505759

• NW BEND i $424,999 BONNIE SAVICKAS ’ 1639 sq.ft. craftsman




MIDTOWN BENDI$379,900 • Across from Juniper Pool&Park

• 2864 sq.ft., 3 bedroom, 3 bath

• Den & large bonusroom, .24 acres

541410-9045 • MLS 201501 834

• 1954 sq.ft., 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath • Vaulted ceilings,hardwoods,tile • Close to DeschuteRi sver 541-728-6725 • MLS 201502110 NEALKRAMER, BROKER

CIMARRON CITY I $324,700 • 1400 sq.ft. single level • 3 bedroom,2 bath • 2.26 acres 541-383-4334 • MLS 201507812 pARRYL DOSER BROKER , CRS

gi g a • Dec k s for views &pnvatedock 541-788-0029 • MLS 201507426




MIRADA I $298,990

• BIGDESCHUTESRIVER I$2994KN 600 sq.ft. cabin DARRINKELLEHER • Fully furnished • Sleeps 6, .65acrelot BROKER

3 bedroom, 2 bath, woodfloors

EPRO,SRES • .3acre fencedlot 541-408-7537 • MLS 201505100




• 1544 sq.ft. new construction

• 3 bedroom, 2 bath • Stone fireplace,breakfastbar 541-480-1911 • MLS 20150501 3


WILDRIVER I $289,900


• 2459 sq.ft. JAN lAUGHL IN, • 3 bedroom, 3 bath BROKER , ABR, CRS,GRI,CSP • .42acre lot 541-350-6049 • MLS 201505096


• 1508 sq.ft, single level • 3 bedroom,2 bath • Big deck peekm-boo views

541-948-0997 • MLS 201507490


NW BENDCONDO I$273.000 DEBME JOHI45014 ’ 1213 sq.ft. condo • 4 bedroom, 2 bath, opengreat room BROKER • Vaulted ceiling, hardwood floors 541-480-1293 • MLS 201 501585

ceilings DAWNULRICKSON, • 1675 sq.ft., vaulted • 3 bedroom, 2 bath BROKER , CRS, GRI, ABR

e 2c a r garage, corner lot

541-610-9427 • MLS 201507367


• 1188 sq.ft. manufactured

• 3 bedroom, 2 bath • Private .95 acre,detachedgarage

541-896-1263 • MLS 201505238

e j

jg $$


TERREB ONNE i $178,500 • 1440 sq.ft., 2 bedroom, 2 bath • 3.5 mileto s SmithRock, Cascadeviews • .23acre, fenced,cornerlot • MLS 201503932


• .46acre commercial lot

• Site approved for 5100sf building • Hwy 97 access 541-408-2265 • MLS 201307129



37 acre lot • Private areaof high endhomes • 3 golf courses, trails

541-480-6621 • MLS 201 507040

NE BEND I $89,500


• 19.88 acres • CascadeMtn. &Smith Rockviews • Septic approved,bordersBIM

• MLS 201406241


• Duplex lot in NEBend • Easy to build .14 acre • Backs canal

54I 390 5349 • MLS 201504893


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The Bulletin Adopt a great cat or recommends extra ’ 50 BM G A r malite two! A ltered, vacci› I caution when pur› rifle, single shot bolt nated, ID chip, tested, chasing products or, gun, exc. cond., low more! CRAFT, 65480 services from out of I md. count. Very accu› 78th, Bend, Sat/Sun, 280 262 the area. Sending fI rate, great m uzzle 1-5p.m. 541-389-8420 Estate Sales Sales Northwest Bend cash, checks, or break, light recoil, 20 www.craftcats.org Mastiff puppies! 4 males I credit i n f ormation gauge maybe, HD 202 avail., full reg., UPD may be subjected to Denton Moving Worth the drive to Tu› bi-pod & H D c arry shots, vet c heckedI FRAUD. For more Want to Buy or Rent Estate Sale malo! Sat. 8-4, Sun. bag. 60 loaded rnds. $1500. 541-820-4546 information about an c included. C omplete given by Farmhouse 8-1. Piles of antiques or aimee@rudeinc.net CASH PAIDfor wood Estate Sa/es and collectibles, 2 advertiser, you may I loading set up avail. dressers; dead wash› comp onents.Friday - Saturday, 9-4, western saddles, vi› Oregont w/ I c all t h e Mini Schnoodle Parti ers. 541-420-5640 nyl records, turntable, Atto r ney ’ $2,950. 503-781-8812 4720 NE McKay Rd., L Male puppies avail. State Prineviue. lots of tools, wheel› Look at: AKC English Springer $600. 509-305-9085 I General’s O f f i ce Bend local dealer pays Entire hous e hold, chair, and walkers. Consumer Protec- • CASHlf For firearms & Spaniels, parents w/ Bendhomes.corn beautiful home decor, 65980 Cline Falls Rd. tion h o t line a t I hunting backgrounds. Poodle puppies, red & for Complete Listings of ammo. 541-526-0617 freezers, washer and Just bought a new boat? Ready as early 8/28. Apricot $ 5 50-$650. i 1-877-877-9392. Area Real Estate for Sale $ 800 M, $ 8 5 0 F . Senior dryer, quality clothing, Sell your old one in the disc o unt. CASH!! camping, fishing, golf classifieds! Ask about our f The Bulletin f For Guns, 541-480-9848 541-788-0090 Wanted: $Cash paid for Ammo 8 Serv>ng «enrra«Oregon since «903 e quipment, too l s , Super Seller rates! vintage costume jewelry. Reloading Supplies. pottery barn c hild’ s 541-385-5809 Top dollar paid for Boston/Pugs = TUGS. POODLE pups, 541-408-6900. bedroom set, kitchen Gold/Silver. I buy by the Girls, tuxedo mark› toy or mini, 212 264 items, too much to list! Classic factory Mauser Estate, Honest Artist ings, include health 541-475-3889 Antiques & 9 8/FN stock. E x c. See pix and descrip› Sales Southwest Bend Elizabeth,541-633-7006 certif. w/shots, worm› tions at w w w.farm› Collectibles $200. 541-548-3408 ing, 8 micro-chipped. Queensland Heelers 203 houseestatesales.corn Fri. & Sat. 10-3, High 15-18 lbs. full grown, Standard & Mini, $150 quality items, baby Holiday Bazaar ready for your love. & up. 541-280-1537 Antiques Wanted: tools I OI'-I IIIS- Tui H Iitems, antiques, Please call www.rightwayranch.wor furniture, John Deere & Craft Shows Estate Saletoys, beer cans, fish› 19811 Galileo Ave. 541-233-3566 dpress.corn Some Free Items!!! ing/sports gear, For S a le : Ki m ber Fri. 8/7- Sat. 8/8› Central Oregon Y ard Sale: 8/8 8 am Seniors & v e t erans,Pre-’40s B/W photog› pro-carry 45 auto w/ Sun. 8/9, 9 - 4 Saturday Market 51874 Trapper raphy. 541-389-1578 extras, $895. Final push to elimi› adopt a great adult "Where the seller is George Ln., La Pine. 541-419-7001 companion cat, fee the maker" since 1974. nate ALL material Broyhill Hutch, tents, waived! Fixed, shots, The Bulletin reserves from this location!! Open this Sat. from misc. 541-220-4725 the right to publish all Advertise your car! ID chip, tested, more! 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM, See CL Ad. Add A Picture! Sanctuary at 65480 ads from The Bulletin Reach 286 in Downtown Bend, thousands of readers! 19011 Shoshone Rd newspaper onto The Dachshunds mini l ong› 78th St., Bend, Sat/ across from the Public haired AKC. $500 & up 97702 Call 541-385-5809 Sales Northeast Bend Bulletin Internet web› 1-5pm. Sun. Library. The largest The Bulletin Classieeds Scott 503.701.9351 541-598-741 7 389-8420. www.craft› site. selection of local BoonesBorough cats.org. H & H FIREARMS artists and crafters, Neighborhood Sales! c a n s/bottles The Bulletin 262 Buy, Sell, Trade, East of the Cascades. Deposit Sewiny CentralOregon since «9te Sat., Aug. 8, 8-3 needed for local all Sheep-a-Doodle, male Consign. Across From Sales Northwest Bend Over 20 homes, north Call (541) 420-9015 or volunteer, non-profit F1, non shed, ready Wonderful ba s e ball Pilot Butte Drive-In visit us on Facebook on Deschutes Mkt. cat rescue. Donate at to go. $1200 card 541-382-9352 Boys clothes 8 shoes, colle c tion! Rd., east on Dale. Jake’s Diner, Hwy 20 509-305-9085 205 1978-91. Topps, full household, books, Fri. Maps at entrance, E, Bend; Petco in J ohn W ayne c o m › 8-3, Sat., 8-noon. 647 Items for Free sets, + many other R edmond; Smi t h W olf Husky pups, only3 sets, individual cards memorative h o lster NW P owell B u t te 1515 NE 2nd, left! Reduced to $350. of Mantel/Mays, Ar› and gun belt set, ** FREE ** Free quality horse ma› Sign, Loop, (Bend) Bend; CRAFT in Tu› 541-977-701 9 ron + o t her s tars. Model JW81, unit „ Garage/ moving sale. Garage Sale Kit nure f ro m q u a lity malo. Can pick up 711 of 3,000. New in horses. We load, you large $950. Call c a mping, Place an ad in The amounts. 210 haul. 541-389-1430 541-729-1677 or box w/ all orig. printed Cooking, etc. 2075 NW Tala› Bulletin for your ga› 541-389-8420. material incl. certifi› Furniture & Appliances email rage sale and re› www.craftcats.org s i g ne d by pus Ct. Sat 8:30-12:30 ceive 206 dbwassom@gmail.corn. cate a Garage Sale Michael Wayne. Per› sharp, no early birds Pets & Supplies Free Dogs t o g o od fect condition. $850. Garage sale in the al› Kit FREE! 215 home. Boxer mix, 541-420-5184 l ey behind 29 N W KIT INCLUDES: Coins & Stamps Russell The Bulletin recom› large, Jack Greeley Ave. off of Hill • 4 Garage Sale Signs › mix small, WANTED: Collector mends extra caution • $2.00 Off Coupon To Franklin & seeks high quality fish› between when purc h as› 541-2’I 3-1055 Use Toward Your Greenwood. GREAT ing items & upscale fly ing products or ser› 3 piece hardwood wall PRICES, everything Next Ad rods. 541-678-5753, or The Bulletin vices from out of the unit, exc. 27" HDTV must go! One day • 10 Tips For "Garage 503-351-2746 Sale Success!" area. Sending cash, To Subscribe call included. $599 obo. only, sat. 8/8, 9-3. checks, or credit in› 541-385-5800 or go to HELP YOUR AD 541-526-1879 248 Huge Sale, Sat. 9-4, stand out from the f ormation may be www.bendbulletin.corn PICK UP YOUR Collectables, bicycles, Health & subjected to fraud. rest! Have the top line furniture, weed eaters, GARAGE SALE K!T at in bold print for only For more informa› Giant Schnoodle fe› Beauty Items 1777 SW Chandler books, vacuum tion about an adver› male, 4 yrs old, black, $2.00 extra. Ave., Bend, OR 97702 cleaner, beds. 541-385-5809 tiser, you may call Got Knee Pain? Back well behaved, ready Between Bend and the O r egon State for adoption. $800. Pain? Shoulder Pain? The Bulletin The Bulletin Sisters, on Plainview Serv ngCentral Oregon since ««D3 Attorney General’ s 509-305-9085 Get a p ain-relieving Sewiny CentralOregon since «9te Rd., 541-382-8667 Office C o n sumer Beautiful designer brace -little or NO cost Protection hotline at Maltese mix, y o ung to you. Medicare Pa› Moving Sale: Misc. GARAGE SALE - Par› sectional Private collector buying 1-877-877-9392. male adults, neutered, Excellent condition tients Call Health Hot› f urniture, to o l s , tyLite Inventory Re› postagestamp albums 8 shots. Small rehom› line Now! 1› household i tems. duction! Come on by! $850 collections, world-wide The Bulletin ing fee. 541-815-8147 503-781-5265 and U.S. 573-286-4343 800-285-4609 Sat. & Sun., 8-3. Sat. August 8th, 8-1. Se««i«9Cen««e«an yonsince «9IB or 541-536-5844 18765 Pinehurst. 1947 NE Taylor Ct. (local, cell phone). (PNDC)










Sales Northeast Bend

Sales Redmond Area

Moving Sale: 2650 NE Annual Stonehedge on Brian Ray Ct. Furni› the Rim N eighbor› ture, household, hood Garage Sale! clothes, books, comp. Saturday, August 8, equip., CDs & DVDs, 2015. 9 : 0 0 - 1 : 0 0. craft suppl., bicycle 8 Signs will be posted holiday. All must go! off SW 23rdand Me› Fri 7th,-Sun 9th, 9-4. tolius (and Obsidian). Lots of items, Toys, Sun. 9-4 thru August. Furniture, S p orting mens’ med. clothing, Goods, H o usehold h unting vest C a r › Goods, and more. hartt, K e l tic d own sleeping bag, 1188 F ri. & S at., 8-4, NO NE 27th „ 9 S n ow› EARLY BIRDS! Tools berry Village. 8 shop equip., exer› cise equip., videos, Yard Sale, Fri. 8 Sat. tapes, tech. equip., & 9-3, 62472 Eagle Rd. household. 1415 NW Variety of items. Rimock Dr, Redmond. Don’t miss! Fri. & Sat. 8-5. Tools, Yard sale Sat. 9-3, 8/8. shop misc., firearms, H ome/outdoor r e c fishing gear, exercise items. See craigslist. equip. 3947 Tommy 3055 NE Fairmont Ct. Armour Ln. 286

Sales Southeast Bend


sale Aug. 7 & 8, 9-4, 1543 NW Teak Ave., toys, household, yard, linens, and furniture.

1 day sale! Saturday, 9-4. Crystal, clothing, crafts, toys, antiques, Moving Sale, Sat. and etc. 418 SE Airpark Dr Sun., 9-4, 2134 NW Furniture, Barbie dolls Maplenut Ct. Tons of and acc e ssories, stuff, don’t miss! Build-A-Bear i t ems, trees an d s h r ubs,USE THE CLASSIFIEDSi h ousehold ite m s , baby stroller, Disney Door-to-door selling with collectibles, clothing 8 fast results! It’s the easiest much more. Fri. 8 Sat., 9-5 I 61975 SE way in the world to sell. Skyline View Drive. The Bulletin Classified 541-385-5809 Garage Sale 2 0396 Rae Rd. S a turday only, 9-3. Gardening, 292 clothing and more. Sales Other Areas Huge Estate Sale. 60 50 year collection of yrs. of tools, antiques, tools, old 8 new, large & housewares. Ev› & small. Fri-Sun, 9-4. erything goes. 61220 7234 Shad Rd., CRR. Sarah Dr., Bend. Fri. & Sat., Aug. 7 & 8, 7:30-3:30. Cash only. NOTICE Remember to remove Multi-Family Sale Aug. your Garage Sale signs 7th & 8th, 9-4. 61501 (nails, staples, etc.) Twin Lakes Lp. Fur› after your Sale event is over! THANKS! niture, boat, m any kitchen items & appli› From The Bulletin and your local utility ances & much more. companies. Sale Sat. 8-2, 20940 Fireside Trail. Furni› The Bulletin «Central O«««« on «/nce «RB ture, luggage, elec› Se«««n« tronics & much more. www.bendbulletln.corn



541-385-5809 or go to www.bendbulletin.corn

Fuel & Wood

INI] o

:t Qfy J~;QJlj~d.:


Ponderosa pine fire› wood split, $160 or trade. 541-419-1871


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Friday. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Noon Thurs. Saturday Real Estate.. . . . . . . . . . 1 1 :00 am Fri.

Grass Catcher, like new, 42", $175. 541-480-1353

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Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

MEDICAL BILLING SPECIALISTS FinanceDirector NEEDED! Wasco County is re› Home Delivery Advisor Train at home to cruiting for a Finance The Bulletin Circulation Department is seeking For newspaper process Medical Billing Director. F u l l-Time, a Home Delivery Advisor. This is a full-time delivery, call the & Insurance! $ 6,314-$7,322 m o position and consists of managing an adult Circulation Dept. at NO EXPERIENCE p lus benefits. R e› carrier force to ensure our customers receive 541-385-5800 NEEDED! quires: Bachelor’s de› superior service. Must be able to create and To place an ad, call Online training at gree in accounting, fi› perform strategic plans to meet department 541-385-5809 Bryan University! nance, o r cl o sely objectives such as increasing market share or email HS Diploma/GED & Place a photo inyourprivate party ad related field with 6-8 and penetration. Ideal candidate will be a PRIVATE PARTY RATES classified st bendbulletin.corn Computer/Internet foronly$15.00par week. years progressively self-starter who can work both in the office Starting at 3 lines needed. The Bulletin responsible work ex› and in their assigned territory with minimal Serving Central Oregon since rote *UNDER '500in total merchandise 1-877-259-3880 OVER '500 in total merchandise perience in a finance supervision. Early a.m. hours are necessary (PNDC) leadership role. Pub› with company vehicle provided. Strong 7 days.................................................. $10.00 4 days.................................................. $18.50 lic sector or municipal customer service skills and management skills 476 14 days................................................ $16.00 7 days.................................................. $24.00 finance e x perience are necessary. Computer experience is Employment *illiust state prices in ad 14 days .................................................$33.50 preferred. C e rtified required. You must pass a drug screening + Peat Mixes Opportunities and be able to be insured by company to drive 28 days .................................................$61.50 Public Accountant is Garage Sale Special + Juniper Ties preferred. Complete vehicles. This is an entry-level position, but we 4 lines for 4 days ................................. $20.00 !call for commercial line ad rates) + Paver Discounts b elieve in p r omoting from w i thin, s o job description and CAUTION: + Sand + Gravel advancement within company is available to application p a ckets + Bark Ads published in are available the right person. If you enjoy dealing with tnstantisndscaping.corn i "Employment O p › A Payment Drop Box is available at CLASSIFIED OFFICE HOURS: people from diverse backgrounds and you are portunities" include www.co.wasco.or.us or may be picked up energetic, have great organizational skills and Bend City Hall. CLASSIFICATIONS MON.-FRI. 7:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. employee and inde› at the Wasco County interpersonal communication skills, please BELOW M A R K E D W ITH AN (*) pendent positions. 270 Human Re s ource send your resume to: Ads for p o sitions REQUIRE PREPAYMENT as well Dept, 511 Washing› The Bulletin Lost & Found that require a fee or t on St. „ 2 07 , T h e c/o Kurt Muller as any out-of-area ads. The Bulletin upfront investment Dalles, OR 9 7 058. PO Box 6020 LOST DOG! Bella a must be stated. With bendbulletin.corn reserves the right to reject any ad at A pply by J uly 3 1 , mini beagle w e nt any independent job Bend, OR 97708-6020 2015 (First review, or e-mail resume to: any time. is located at: missing on the west opportunity, please side of Bend Aug 2. i nvestigate kmullerobendbulletin.corn tho r › Open until filled). EOE 1777 S.W. Chandler Ave. No phone calls, please. 11 pounds, tri-colored, oughly. Use extra Just bought a new boat? Bend, Oregon 97702 collar. caution when ap› The Bulletin isa drug-free workplace. EOE pink Sell your old one in the 541-306-1318 Pre-employment drug screen required. plying for jobs on› classifieds! Ask about our Super Seller rates! line and never pro› PLEASE NOTE: Checkyour ad for accuracy the first day it appears. Please call us immediately if a correction LOST: gray cat, "Hazel" vide personal infor› 541-385-5809 since 7/4, Awbrey Accounting is needed. We will gladly accept responsibility for one incorrect insertion. The publisher reserves the right mation to any source Butte, no collar. to accept or reject any ad at anytime, classify and index any advertising based on the policies of these you may not have Please helpllllll llllll newspapers. The publisher shall not be liable for any advertisement omitted for any reason. Private Party researched and 541-408-4733 or Classified ads running 7 or moredays will publish in the Central OregonMarketplace each Tuesday. deemed to be repu› Bend Hum. Soc. table. Use extreme Bend Park 6r 260 260 c aution when r e › Recreation e t n s ponding to A N Y Iilisc. Items Misc. Items • Bookkeeper Is Accepting online employment REIIIIEMBER:If you ad from out-of-state. Applications For: 300 gallon diesel tank WHEN YOU SEE THIS have lost an animal, We suggest you call •Custodian Responsibilities include preparing checks, on stand, w/ nozzle, don’t forget to check State of Oregon •Lifeguard maintaining check registers, reconciling ac› ~o $500. 541-480-1353 The Humane Society the Consumer H otline •Youth Recreation count balances with vendors, processing pay› Bend 30 pcs. Onesida King M Ore PiXatBendbijIletijl.COm 541-382-3537 at 1-503-378-4320 roll, performing bank reconciliation, maintain› •Swim Instructor Cedric sterling silver› On a classified ad For Equal Opportu› ing loan amortization schedules, updating S Redmond ware, $1400. go to nity Laws contact The D i s trict of f e rs Corp distribution and partnership draw reports, 541-923-0882 541-475-4618 www.bendbulletin.corn Oregon Bureau of • n I medical, dental, vi› coordinating property tax statements and pre› I J Madras to view additional Labor & I n dustry, sion, retirement, va› paring/distributing 1099s. Other duties include Buying Diamonds 541-475-6889 photos of the item. Civil Rights Division, /Gold for Cash cation/ sick leave, and assisting with fixed asset transactions and Prineville 971-673- 0764. EVERY BUSINESS has Meet singles right now! Saxon’s Fine Jewelers o ther b e nefits f o r maintaining electronic records system and 263 541-447-71 78 a story to tell! Get No paid o perators, 541-389-6655 hose working 8 0 physical vault records. or Craft Cats Tools The Bulletin thours your message out just real people like or more in a Serving Centrel Oregonsince Sia 541-389-8420 BUYING with California’s PR› you. Browse greet› Lionel/American Flyer part-time, regular po› Requirements include Associates degree in 541-385-5809 Accounting or comparable job experience (5+ Media Release - the ings, exchange mes› sition. Milling Machine trains, accessories. years), 3-5 years direct bookkeeping experi› only Press Release sages and connect For complete lob Clausing 3/4HP, 3 541-408-2191. Add your web address ence, strong mathematical and problem solv› Service operated by live. Try it free. Call announcements phase, speeds 180 to your ad and read› ing skills, strong communication skills, profi› the press to get press! now: 8 77-955-5505. or to apply go to to 3250, 3" spindle ers onThe Bulletin's Find It in n n For more info contact (PNDC) bend parksandrec.org ciency in Microsoft Word and Excel and travel, 6 x24 bed, web site, www.bend› excellent customer service skills. Qualified Cecelia I F IND I T ! The Bulletin Classifiedst Equal Opportunity has approx. dimen› bulletin.corn, will be candidates must be able to work indepen› 916-288-6011 or Employer 541-3S5-5S09 BUY I T ! sions 36nx40". able to click through dently, prioritize, maintain strict confidentiality http: //prmediarelease. SELL IT! $2500 automatically to your Landscape Labor and establish and maintain cooperative and corn/california (PNDC) The Sunetln Classifieds BUYING & S E LLING 503-866-8858 website. Sisters property seeks professional work relationships. All gold jewelry, silver general landscape/la› and gold coins, bars, 306 Get your borer, varied s e a› Les Schwab has a reputation of excellent rounds, wedding sets, sonal duties. Grasp of customer service, with over 450 stores and class rings, sterling sil› Farm Equipment business ver, coin collect, vin› English language; oral 7,000 employees in the western United States. & Iillachinery tage watches, dental and written a must. Please go towww.lesschwab.corn to apply. 541-408-1878 No texts No phone calls please. go)d. Bill Fl e ming, 1958 Ford tractor, e ROW I N G 541-382-9419. please. loader, runs but needs CQII 54 I -385-5809 Les Schwab is proud to be an DID YOU KNOW that MIXER mortar, con› some work. $2000. with an ad in Medica/ Billing and to romote our service equal opportunity employer. not only does news› crete, etc. 12 cu. ft., 541-480-1353 Collections; The Bulletin’s w / 1 3HP paper media reach a towable, Bend Urology Associ› 325 "Call A Service Building/Contracting Landscaping/Yard Care HUGE Audience, they Honda gas, hydrau› ates, LLC is looking General also reach an E N› lic dump, used once, Hay, Grain & Feed Professional" for a full time candi› IM E R NOTICE: Oregon state NOTICE: Oregon Land› GAGED AUDIENCE. l ike n ew . date for billing and Directory law requires anyone scape Contractors Law Discover the Power of Henchman 4HSM-4, C.O. ORCHARD collections to include who con t racts for (ORS 671) requires all Newspaper Advertis› new $5000, s e l l GRASS, weed free, payment posting, pa› BRANCH OFFICE construction work to businesses that ad› ing in six states - AK, $3950. 70 lb. bales, $1 90/ton. tient statements and l * Great Supplemental Income!! * l ADMINISTRATOR be licensed with the vertise t o pe r form ID,MT,OR & WA. For 503-781-8812 No delivery. collections of past due TRAINEE Construction Contrac› Landscape Construc› a free rate brochure 541-390-0022 Skil l s I The Bulletin Mailroom is hiring for our Satur- I Edward Jones is a fi› a ccounts. tors Board (CCB). An tion which includes: call 916-288-6011 or Portable G e n erator, services firm needed are extreme day night shift and other shifts as needed. We8 active license p lanting, deck s , email Gene rac 4 0 0 0XL,First cutting o rchard nancial attention to detail and currently have openings all nights of the week.• means the contractor fences, arbors, ceceliaocnpa.corn g rass m ix , s m a ll focused on meeting the $300. 541-420-4259 abil it y to l Everyone must work Saturday night. Shifts the needs of i n di› is bonded & insured. water-features, and in› (PNDC) bales, $165/ton, slight Sears Craftsman 12 vidual investors. Our multi-task. Minimum start between 6:00 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. and Verify the contractor’s stallation, repair of ir› rain. 5 4 1-420-9736 inch bandsaw, $80. Bend, OR branch of› of one y ear p rior l end between 2:00 a.m. and 3:30 a.m .Allpo› CCB l i c ense at rigation systems to be Infrared Sauna, 220-V Madras, Oregon 541-419-8851 fice has an opening medical office experi› • sitions we are hiring for, work Saturday nights.• www.hirealicensed› l icensed w it h th e hook-up, no building, for an entry-level ad› ence is required. I Starting pay is $9.25 per hour, and we pay aI contractor.corn Landscape Contrac› $3000 value, asking Speedaire air compres› Wheat Straw for Sale. ministrative assistant. We offer medical, den› 8 minimum of 3 hours per shift, as some shifts' or call 503-378-4621. tors Board. This 4-digit $500. 541-536-7790 Also, weaner pigs. sor, 1HP, 150 ft. hose. tal and vision, 401K The Bulletin recom› number is to be in› 541-546-6171 Excellent o r ganiza› are short (11:30 - 1:30). The work consists of Little Giant ladder, $100. 541-389-4079 comp e titivel loading inserting machines or stitcher, stack› mends checking with cluded in all adver› tion, communication and never used. $100 wages. Come be a 265 the CCB prior to con› tisements which indi› skills, and the ability ing product onto pallets, bundling, cleanup and 541-385-1894 Looking for your tracting with anyone. cate the business has to w or k i n d epen› part of a great team l other tasks. Building Materials next employee? Some other t rades a bond, insurance and New Suede Jacket dently are required to environment in a well Place a Bulletin also re q uire addi›workers compensa› mens Italian XL, US perform administra› established medical IFor qualifying employees we offer benefitsl Bend Habitat help wanted ad tional licenses and tion for their employ› m-I $50. 541-306-6539 tive, marketing, and office. Please email l including life insurance, short-term & long› RESTORE cert ifications. ees. For your protec› today and client service respon› your resume to disability, 401(k), paid vacation and sick time. Building Supply Resale tion call 503-378-5909 reach over s ibilities. W e o f f e r shanac@bend 541-312-6709 or use our website: urology.corn. competitive benefits 60,000 readers 224 NE Thurston Ave. l Please submit a completed application Handyman www.lcb.state. or.us to and a comprehensive each week. attention Kevin Eidreck Open to the public. check license status on-line training pro› Applications are available at The Bulletin Your classified ad PRODUCTION I DO THAT! before contracting with 266 gram. To be consid› will also CONTROLCLERK front desk(1777 S.W. Chandler Blvd.), or Home/Rental repairs the business. Persons ered for this position an electronic application may be obtained Heating & Stoves appear on Small jobs to remodels doing land scape Beautiful Classical apply o n l in e at upon request by contacting Kevin Eldred via bendbuHetin.corn Mfg. Co. is Honest, guaranteed maintenance do not Persian rug from www.edwardjones.co KEITH email (keldred@bendbulletin.corn). NOTICE TO which currently looking for a detail r equire an LC B l i › Original Karastan work. CCB„151573 m/careers p o s ition orientated p erson ADVERTISER receives over Dennis 541-317-9768 cense. collection, 9’x5.9", „22150. No phone calls please. Since September 29, exc. condition. 1.5 million page proficient i n Mi› Equal Opportunity 1991, advertising for views every crosoft Office with A $2000 value, Employer * No resumes will be accepted* used woodstoves has Need to get an heavy emphasis in selling for $1400 month at no been limited to mod› 541-788-4229 D ID Y O U KNOW Excel to fill our Pro› extra cost. ad in ASAP? Drug test is required prior to employment. els which have been Newspaper-gener› d uction Con t r ol Bulletin certified by the Or› EOE. You can place it Serving Central a ted content is s o Clerk position. Pre› Reduce Your Past Tax egon Department of Ciassifieds online at: Oregon Since 2003 valuable it’s taken and vious manufacturing Bill by as much as 75 Environmental Qual› Get Results! repeated, condensed, experience required, Percent. Stop Levies, ity (DEQ) and the fed› Call 541-385-5809 www.bendbuiletin.corn Residental/Commercial The Bulletin broadcast, tweeted, Lean Mfg. k nowl› Serv no Central Oregnn sincetens Liens and Wage Gar› eral E n v ironmental or place your ad Maintenance discussed, p o sted, edge a plus. Please nishments. Call The on-line at 541-385-5809 • Sprinkler Repair Protection A g e ncy copied, edited, and apply at Tax DR Now to see if (EPA) as having met bendbuHetin.corn • Summer Clean up e mailed countless keithwalkingfloor.corn Qualify you • Fuels Reduction/ smoke emission stan› times throughout the 1-800-791-2099. dards. A cer t ified LandscapingNard Care Brush Mowing day by others? Dis› (PNDC) 383 eWeekly Mowing woodstove may be cover the Power of identified by its certifi› Produce & Food & Edging Sell your s t ructured Newspaper Advertis› •Bark, Rock, Etc. settlement or annuity cation label, which is ing in FIVE STATES permanently attached Kimberly peachesby with just one phone payments for CASH Serving CentralOregon since f909 Zerfe 4 gaa/F/lI ~Lennece in NOW. You don’t have to the stove. The Bul› the box $1.20/lb. will call. For free Pacific •Landscape letin will not know› deliver in Central Or› Northwest Newspa› Zitrartr gp88 leg. to wait for your future Construction payments any longer! ingly accept advertis› egon. 541-408-6193 per Association Net› Full Service eWater Feature Call 1-800-914-0942 ing for the sale of THOMAS ORCHARDS work brochures call Landscape Installation/M aint. uncertified (PNDC) 916-288-6011 or Kimberly,Oregon •Pave rs Management woodstoves. •Renovations SOCIAL S E C URITY Freestone Canning email cecelia'cnpa.corn Creative Services 267 D ISABILITY B E N › •Irrigation Installation Peaches: Fire Protection (PNDC) E FITS. Unable t o In this position the ideal candidate will work Fuel & Wood Sunbright; Loring ready and Fuels Reduction •Synthetic Turf work? Denied ben› with a variety of local clients, sales by Thurs. 8/6; •Tall Grass Senior Discounts executives and other efits? We Can Help! Tick, Tock •Low Limbs Suncrest by Sat. 8/8. Bonded & Insured WIN or Pay Nothing! WHEN BUYING WESCOM newspapers. •Brush and Debris Nectarines 70e/lb. 541-815-4458 Contact Bill Gordon & The successful candidate will be responsible Tick, Tock... FIREWOOD... Plums 95C/lb. LCB„8759 Associates at for order entry, scheduling, proofing ads, Protect your home with To avoid fraud, BRING CONTAINERS! ...don’t let time get 1-800-879-3312 to organizing attendant documents, taking defensible space The Bulletin Open 7 days a week, start your application photos, ad layout work, filing, and away. Hire a BULLETIN CLASSIFIEDS today! (PNDC) recommends pay8 a.m.to 6 p.m. only customer interaction in support of their Landscape Search the area’s most professional out ment for Firewood 541-934-2870. advertising programs comprehensive listing of The Bulletin Offers only upon delivery Maintenance M/eare at the Bend of The Bulletin’s classified advertising... FreePrivate Party Ads Full or Partial Service and inspection. Farmer's fi/farket "Call A Service aneiiiiceiinns: real estate to automotive, • 3 lines - 3 days •Mowing eEdging • A cord is 128 cu. ft. on Wednesdaysand • Proven design skills and experience 4’ x 4’ x 8’ merchandise to sporting • Private Party Only •Pruning .Weeding Professional" Fridays. Visit us on • Creative, innovative and willing to Sprinkler Adjustments goods. Bulletin Classifieds • Total of items adver› • Receipts should Facebook for updates! Directory today! work hard appear every day in the tised must equal $200 include name, • Ability to organize, prioritize and print or on line. or Less phone, price and Fertilizer included with handle multiple projects FOR DETAILS or to kind of wood FIREFIGHTERS NEEDED NOIN! monthly program Call 541-385-5809 • Comfortable with daily deadlines PLACE AN AD, purchased. www.bendbulletin.corn Immediate need for • Proficiency using Adobe InDesign, Call 541-385-5809 • Firewood ads Clean-Ups Wildland Firefighters illustrator and Photoshop-a must Fax 541-385-5802 The Bulletin MUST include Its not to late to have a Serving Centrel Oregon sincetaa • Must successfully pass a drug test to fight forest fires. Must be 18 & cost per Beautiful Landscape Two old c ross cuts species cord to better serve years old and Drug Free! saws: 1 with wood If you are a results-oriented professional our customers. Weed Free Bark Apply 9am-3pm Mon-Thurs. Painting/Wall Covering handles $ 1 50; 1 possessing strong design skills, are & Flower Beds painted - winter scene Bring two forms of ID fill out Federal practiced in the fine art of communication with s kiers, $ 2 00. KC WHITE Serving Cenenl Oregon sinceSie l-9 form. No ID = No Application and have a passion for creating visual Lawn Restoration 541-593-0312 PAINTING LLC communication solutions for a wide Interior and Exterior variety of local businesses Experienced Wanted- paying cash All Year Dependable Family-owned PatRick Corp. WE WANT TO TALK TO YOU! Commercial dry Residential & Commercial for Hi-fi audio & stu› Firewood: 1199 NE Hemlock, & Residential 40 yrs exp.• Sr. Discounts dio equip. Mclntosh, Lodgepole,split, del, For consideration please Redmond Free Estimates JBL, Marantz, D y› 1 /$195; 5-year warranties 2/$3 6 5 . send your resume and cover letter to: Senior Discounts 541-923-0703 naco, Heathkit, San› Multi-cord discounts! SUMMER SPECIAL! dwinikka@bendbulletin.corn 541-390-1466 sui, Carver, NAD, etc. cash, check, Visa, MC Call 541-420-7646 P ATRIc K EOE Same Day Response Call 541-261-1808 541-420-3484, Bend CCB „204918

Saturday • • • Sunday. • • • •

• . 3:00 pm Fri.

• • 5:00 pm Fri •


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The Bulletin


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C L U B s aturday,August8,2015

Achieving perfection By FRANK STEWART Tribune Content Agency Cy the Cynic says that the only time people approach perfection is when t h ey’ re f i l l i n g o u t an employment application. Today’ s deal is a simple exercise in dummy play, but anybody can h ave an aberration. Against four spades, the defense cashed the A-K of diamonds, and West exited with a trump. Declarer took the queen and ace and wondered where to get a 10th trick. (He had nine: six trumps, two clubs and a heart.) At length, South led a club to his jack. West produced the queen and led another club, and South was sure to lose a heart to West’s king. Down one.

club, your partner responds one heart, you bid one spade and he tries 1NT. The opponents pass. What do you say? ANSWER: You cannot show your heart support. You have no reason to t hink a h e ar t c o ntract w i l l b e playable; partner may have a poor four-card suit. Moreover, your values are minimum, and if you bid a third time, yo u w o ul d s u ggest extra strength and game interest. Pass. North dealer Both sides vulnerable NORTH 48 AK32

9 Q53 OQ7

4 K65 3 LOW HEART I hope you saw that you could combine your chances. Draw trumps with the Q-J and lead a low heart toward dummy’s queen. When West turns up with the king, your contract is safe. If East had the king of hearts, you would still have a second chance. You could get to dummy with a high trump to try the club finesse. If your jack won,you could take the ace and go back to a high trump to cash the king.


EAST 4575


9 J1097 0 A864


0 K J952 4Q872


SOUTH 4 8Q J109 6 4

9 A62 0 103

4AJ N orth 1+ 2 41 P

Ea s t Pass ass

Sou t h 1 41 4 41

Wes t Pass All Pas s

DAILY QUESTION Opening lead — 0 5 Youhold: 45 A K 3 2 9 Q 5 3 0 Q 7 4 K 6 5 3 . You open one (C) 2015 Tribune Content Agency, LLC

Seeking a friendly duplicate bridge? Findfive gamesweekly at www.bendbridge.org. BIZARRO

ACROSS a Mates sFancies aoZinger a3Staple of Mediterranean cuisine asPrefix with biology ar Character› building event? as s ho e aoHe became the fastest sprinter in the U.S. in 2009 zoGoes on and on ... and on n Takes credit? n Job holder?

n Inappropriate ssTreat with a 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 1 12 detail, for short polar bear in its 1 2 3 4 logo n See 24-Down 13 14 15 16 sr Finger wag 34 What a plot accompanier 17 18 may do 36 Ring-toss item? ss Skipping 19 20 21 woi’ds? Br Neighbor of ss Not merely W. Sahara 22 23 interested ss Badger 24 2 5 26 27 28 29 3BClassification DOWN for faint stars? 30 31 32 4a Where "giraffes a Not-so-big shot are insincere," 33 34 35 36 3 Glued to in a Simon & something Garfunkel hit 37 38 39 40 3 Earn a treat, 43 Like many a say 41 42 football player 4Stain-removing 44 Dr. No or Mr. compound 44 45 Hyde s Was a crybaby 4s[Yeech!] 46 47 48 BChills 4BSay hi, in 34 Flubbed 51 52 53 r Actress modern lingo n Former TLC Cadranel of 4r Question before TV’s "Lost Girl" 55 56 reality show and after "or" set in a Florida s Musician who’ s 57 58 59 tattoo parlor saPink slip a great-great› 30 Many a s3 Best turnout grandnephew catchphrase ever of Herman PUZZLE BYSAM EZERSKY coiner Melville ssWork’s 33"Super Bass" zs Wise one 4s Villainess counterpart, 43 Cholesterol BTry to have Vanderwaal of panel letters singer Minaj briefly tried? Zr lt means very TV’s "Pretty little ao Like 43 Eatery known Little Liars ’ ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE Stonehenge for its celebrity zs Like creepy› 4B Type tending to caricatures WH I T E C A P S crawlies T H E T A aa Breather? drift R UM R A I S I N H A L E N 33 Riv e r, N.J. ZsPool in a casino 4s They often so" not to be" EXP U RG A T E A D D E D a4 Like some rave s a "De : A come down to the wire s3 One adopting SLE E PS C A U T I ON S accessories Life" (2014 the motto "Lux TEN D P H D S T R A C as Skill used by biography) 4BEither of et veritas" Obi-Wan SYD R HO D A MA G E two married ss Confused Kenobi s4 Without any supersleuths of U I T I T L A D E N 4o Longtime toppings, in 1970s-’80s Tv A L B U S D U M B L E D O R E za Result of a E Street Band restaurant› squeeze, briefly VE R A S S E A I C E guitarist Br Rent› speak EVO K E R L B S C C S n Get within range? MEM E B A A L P O L I Online subscriptions: Today’s puzzle and more than 7,000 past AL A R M I N G D R I V E L 34 With 33-Across, puzzles, nytimes.corn/crosswords ($39.95 a year). musical set on R I N GO T A K E A P E E K Readaboutand comment on each puzzle:nytimes.corn/wordplay. the island of I NC U S E P I C V E RS E Kalokairi Crosswords for young solvers: nytimes.corn/studentcrosswords. S E X K I T T E N AGE N T zs Boob tubes


QzAIIIIO.CQNl F8691441k.4om/Ria8rrocomi4


ass la@ f9lm6

!’Ve Wor n eVerali maCk! haVe. There’5 nothing, t,o do now but, wait,.

Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digitfrom1 to 9 inclusively.

II/7 '

fl I I ii

No. 0704

lI,1,, ’V,





• '







C4 O o




LOS ANGELES TIMESCROSSWORD Edited by Rich Norrisand Joyce Nichols Lewts ACROSS 1 Show that won 16 Primetime


HOM395 3AY5


P~ // ' 2015 by King Features Syndicate, Inc. World rights reserved

E-m8il: bholbrook1@gm8il.Com


WljMO What fascinates me about being an artist are the concepts of light, color and the abstractions of universal truth ...

And the ladies love it! We’ re gOnna get SOmuCh aCtiOn!








hS 5 't G lfFE 5G'M(jCH


Titgspgz~ M INrN ~!


Emmys 12 Sno› 15 Doesn’t bother 16 Z preceder 17 Celebration of a future union 1 9 "Vous i c i " 20 Some tech sch. grads 21 French department Maritimes 22 Allotment word 23 RoaStS 24 Mass figure 25 More familiar role for the portrayer of George in


Unscramble these four Jumbles 0ne letter to eaCh Square, to form four ordinary words.

by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek I don’t know any~ NI4erlan Prlncel Vm sick ol m484 446m4

VEAUM 0201 5 THbune Content Agency,LLC All Righls Reeenred.

ANLAV surfing lt @I7


MITURA HERIMAN 0 Laughing8iock Uceneing Inc., 0isl, by Universal Udick, 20ls

"I know your landlord depends on the rent, but you still can't list him as a dependent."

THE TIGHTROPE WALKBOY WHO 5l OPPEP 7’O CHECK 195 E~ WA 5› N0W arrange the CirCled letterS 10 fOrm the SurPriSe ansWS688 suggested by the above cartoon.

Print your answer here: y~ g

(AnsWers MOnday) i Jumbles: AGAIN C H O R D UTM OS T SWI V E L l AnSWer: ThOmaS EdiSOnWas able to inVent the PhanOgraPh, thanks to the fact that his LOGIC WAS SOUND

4 Actress Gardner

29 Military might 31 c e n t er 34 Vents 35 NBA tally 37 Certain dieter’s credo 38 Trifle 40 Bit 42 Hollywood, casually

46 Massey of "Balalaika"

(1939) 47 Fred


daughter, in an et al. old sitcom 5 Frat bash staple 50 Provide gratis 6 Response to a 52 "The Empire pointer Strikes Back," 7 Convention 44 Autumn color e.g.: Abbr. handouts 45 Certain Sri 53 19th Greek letter B "Burn Notice" Lankan 54 1300 hours actress 9 Early AC/DC ANSWER TO PREVIOUSPUZZLE: frontman Scott 10 Worker in an W OE S P A W A T A F T A Aesop tale H I S N A M I N O P R E P 11 Sails, say A L T E N D I N G S P A A R 12 Chiseler, at times T H R E E S B O S S I P O 13 Corroborates T E A R S E A R A D D O N 14 Top sellers 18 Others, in Latin H A D E S C A R T I S T S "Bringing Up 23 Pretoria’s home: E T A S A S K A U T O S Baby" Abbr. H I T E S I P S 26 Embedded below 24 Vexatious sort O P I N E L A D Y A P S 25 View from Eng.’s the surface of C T R L F R E A K S L I L Land’s End 27 AMPAS’ London O H Y O U X L S S T A G E 26 West African counterpart N E O N C A A M O R B I D cuisine 30 Code subject 27 Stands where we A L P S P C K E Y B 0 A R D 32 Original lie I LE S A T E S T O M O O Dungeons & 28 Opposite of R ON A S A R A H P A N G Dragons co. predilections 33 Sinister xwordedltor@aol.corn OB/08/15 34 Fed, say 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 3 14 35 Seahawks coach 15 16 Carroll 36 B u n d: Swiss

newspaper HERMAN

DOWN 1 Censor 2 French annuity 3 Beaverlike?


37 Family member 19 20 38 A.L. West team, 22 23 familiarly 39 Shakes 25 41 Classic muscle care 27 2 8 29 30 31 43 Meat garnishes 33 44 Interstate H-1 locale 36 37 45 TV "Tool Man" Taylor 40 39 48 Local life 49 Airport near l-480, 43 on itineraries 48 49 50 City SWof Bogota 51 52 53 51 Lets have it 55 56 55 Chemical suffix 56 Considers 57 58 57 Georgia, once: Abbr. By Alan 0180hWang 58 Pressure tactic o2015 Tribune content Agency, LLc


21 24

26 32 35 38 41








7 8 4


7 6 8

High Fives




1 7 6

2 4 5

Sudoku High Fives consists of five reg› ular Sudoku grids sharing one set of 3-by-3 boxes. Each row, column and set of 3-by-3 boxes must contain the numbers 1 through 9 without repetition. The num›

1 8 9

2 9 3



6 3

3 1 2 4 9 7 6 5 8


3 How to play:

2 9 7 4

2 7 9 4 7

9 8

4 9 4

36 1 5 8 3 6 1


bers in any shared set of 3-by-3 boxes apply to each of the individual Sudokus.

The Bulletin

Serving Central Oregon since f903




Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities




Distribution Center Worker We have immediate openings in our Distribu› tion Center. Work includes order filling, receiving and loading product for distribution to our tire centers. These are full-time positions offering competitive pay, excellent benefits, retirement and cash bonus. Various shifts available. Les Schwab has a reputation of excellent customer service, with over 450 stores and 7,000 employees in the western United States. Please go towww.lesschwab.corn to apply. No phone calls please. Les Schvtiab is proud to be an

equai opportunity employer.




LThe Bull~n g

5 3 2 7 4 8 9 1 6

This is an entry-level position with the opportunity to learn a new trade. Position pays $10.00 hour depending on experience

4 5 7

6 7



• .

To lOUur cr


• Move and lift 50 Ibs or more on a continuing basis • Reaching, sitting, pushing, pulling, stooping, kneeling, walking and climbing stairs. • Ability to learn and execute safety practices • Successfully pass a drug screen





25+ Years established pet board/grooming facility. AD„1712 The Bulletin recom› Birtola Garmyn mends you use cau› TEAM High Desert Realty tion when you pro› 541-312-9449 vide personal information to compa› www. Bendoregon RealEstate.corn nies offering loans or credit, especially those asking for ad› Get your vance loan fees or companies from out of business state. If you have concerns or ques› tions, we suggest you consult your attorney or call CONSUMER HOTLINE, ’I -877-877-9392. With an ad in WARNING


The Bulletin’s DOWN? Private party will loan on real es› "Call A Service tate equity. Credit, no problem, good equity Professional" is all you need. Call Oregon Land Mort› Directory gage 541-388-4200.


a •



The BLIjetin

Qualifications: • Experience in understanding industry trends, business drivers, competitors, and customer acquisition. • A thorough understanding of digital advertis› ing products and potential. • Highly developed personal selling, sales management and sales leadership skills. • Experience and demonstrated ability to coach, train and motivate staff. • Excellent customer service and conflict reso› lution skills. • Budgeting, forecasting, and goal setting experience. • Strong communication skills are critical. • Analytical abilities and a strategic mindset. • College degree desirable. • At least 5 years’ experience in media management. • Proficiency in information technology, Excel, sales presentations, and webcasting.

Please email your resume and cover letter to: jbrandt@bendbulletin.corn



The Bulletin is seeking a goal-oriented Advertising Sales Manager to drive print and digital advertising revenue growth. This person will direct a local sales staff and be responsible for the leadership and functional management of all sales strategies, activities, programs, goal setting, employeedevelopment,and resources. The ideal candidate should be able to demonstrate a history of success in implementing innovative ideas and developing the skill level of sales team members. The position reports directly to the Director of Advertising.

Western Communications, inc. and their affiliated companies, is proud to be an equal opportunity employer, supporting a drug-free workplace

No agencies or telephone ca//s p/ease.

No agencies or telephonecalls please

The BuIjetm • 8 •

• a



This position is full-time 4 days per week, 10 hours per day, from 3:30 p.m. to approximately 2:00 am on a rotating schedule that will allow for every other weekend being 3 days off. • •


• •



6 9 4 7 5 3 8 1 2

1 5 8 2 4 6 7 9 3

2 3 7 9 8 1 6 4 5


7 5 2 4 6 1 59 37 8 2 9 3 4 8 1 6 8 1 7 2 5 4 2 5 3 7 6 9 1 4 58 9 6 7 1 8 3 42


~T o UB II :

• 1-2 years web press experience • Move and lift 50 Ibs or more on a continuing basis • Reaching, sitting, pushing, pulling, stooping, kneeling, walking and climbing stairs. • Ability to learn and execute appropriate safety practices • Successfully pass a drug screen If you are a self-motivated, team› oriented individual and have a positive "Can Do" attitude WE WANT TO TALK TO YOU! Send your resume to anelson@bendbulletin.corn


ca//s p/ease.

1 9 3 6 8 4 7 2 6 8 5 1 2 5 9 7 4 3

9 8 5 6 3 4 6 9 4 7 2 1 8 3 7 2 1 5

6 4 7 2 9 3 5 1 8

1 3 9 2 8 5 7 8 6 1 5 4 2 9 4 6 3 7

4 9 3 81

2 3 5 6 7


7 1 2 5 3 8 4 9 6



Boats 8 Accessories


D i scovery 2 3 0 0 , Fleetwood 40’ 2003, diesel, w/all ’95, own with pride, options - 3 slide outs, always compliments, satellite, 2 Tv’s, W/D, no salt, head never etc., 34,000 m iles. used, due for 5 year in h eated c ooling main t . , Wintered shop. $78,995 obo. $9500 firm. Extras. 541-447-8664 W eekend only . 2 3’10" S R


Ads published in theg "Boats" classification include: Speed, fish› ing, drift, canoe, • house and sail boats. For all other types of watercraft, please go to Class 875. 541-385-5809 •

The Bulletin

Lexington 2006 283TS class B+ mo› tor coach, full GTS pkg, 19,352 miles. 3 burner range, half time oven, 3 slides w/awnings, Onan gen., King Dome sat› ellite system, Ford V10 Triton, auto-lev› eling system, new tires, Falcon tow bar. Non-smoker, main› tained in dry storage. Can email additional pictures. $59,000. 541-520-3407

Bayliner 185 2006 Harley 2003, Dyna open bow. 2nd owner low engine hrs. wide glide, 100th An› fuel injected V6 n iversary mod e l . Radio & Tower. 13,400 orig. mi., cus› tom paint, new bat› Great family boat Priced to sell. tery, lots of e xtras, show cond. Health $11,590. 541-548-0345. f orces s ale. W a s $11,000 OBO, now Creek $8,000 firm. ODC1220 2 Company man in› Check out the 541-633-7856 or flatable pontoon boat, classifieds online 360-815-6677 s eldom used, w as www.bersdbulfetin.corn $ 2000, selling f o r Updated daily $1000 firm. 541-981-0230 NEW Creek Company ODC1624 3 man in› J pontoon boat. H arley Road K i ng flatable ever used, w a s Classic 2003, 100th N 3000, selling f o r Anniversary Edition, $ firm. Monaco Monarch 31’ 16,360 mi. $ 12,499 $2000 541-981-0230 2 006, Ford V10 , Bruce 541-647-7078 28,900 miles, 875 auto-level, 2 slides, Find exactly what Watercraft queen b ed & you are looking for in the 12’ ocean sit-on-top hide-a-bed sofa, 4k CLASSIFIEDS convection mi› k ayak, M a libu 2 gen, crowave, 2 TVs, tow model, s e a ts package. paddies in c luded. PRICE REDUCTION! $300. 541-389-9919 $59,000. 16’ Wenonah canoe, 541-815-6319 Aurora model, seats & paddies incl., asking Victory TC 2 0 0 2, $1,350. 541-389-9919 40K mi., runs great, s tage 1 kit, n e w ds published in "Wa› tercraft" include: Kay› tires, rear brakes & aks, rafts and motor› more. Health forces Ized personal s ale. $4,00 0 . watercrafts. For Owner illness forces 541-771-0665 "boats" please see sale of t hi s g o r› geous 8 pr i stine Class 870. c ustom-built 2 0 1 2 541-385-5809 Nexus Pha n tom Model 23P Class C Serving Central Oregon since 1903 motor home (24’ 7"). One owner and has 880 under 11,000 miles. Y amaha TT R 1 2 5 , Rlotorhomes New Michelin tires 2014, almost brand with less than 1,000 new, 8 mo. old, less miles, with full spare t han 30 hour s , tire. F o r d E -350 daughter lost interest •I Triton 10 cylinder. so we’ re selling it. Features in c l ude $2,750 obo. Soft Touch leather 805-320-7386 seats, 6-way power Winnebago Outlook driver’s seat, power 870 2007 Class "C" 31’, mirrors, rear back-up Boats & Accessories clean, non- smoking camera with alarm, exc. cond. Must See! Arctic package, dual 12’ V alco alum. o n Lots of extra’s, a very marine batteries and trailer 9.9 J ohnson good buy. $47,900 electric awn i ng. 0/B, plus amenities, For more info call Also has gas stove exc. shape. $1250. 541-447-9268 and oven, dual pow› 541-549-8126 ered frig., m icro› wave, Generac gen› air› erator, conditioner and Fantastic Fan. S leeps 6. Full y loaded with all the ALLEGRO 27’ 2002 custom extras and 17’ Suncraft, 58k mi., 1 slide, vaca› comes with a f u ll 2 motors. $1,400. tion use only, Mich› tank 541-593-7257 of gas! elin all weather tires $47,800. 18’ Bayliner 175 Capri, w/5000 mi., no acci› 541-504-2801 like new, 135hp I/O, dents, non-smokers, low time, Bimini top, Workhorse e n gine many extras, Kara› 261-A, Allison Trans., van trailer with swing backup camera, new neck, current registra› refrig. unit, h eated tions. $8000. mirrors, exc. cond., 541-350-2336 well cared for. Sacri› fice! $32,000. obo! 541-549-8737 Iv. msg. Pace A rrow V i s ion 1997, Ford 460 en› gine w/Banks, solar, walk-around q ueen bed, 2 door fridge, mi› cro-convection oven, 19’ Bayliner 1998, I/O, WiFi, 1 00 k m i l es, great shape, call for work, (photo info. $6ff500. In Bend Allegro 32’ 2007, like needs to actual rig) 661-644-0384. new, only 12,600 miles. similar Chev 8.1L with Allison 60 $9,500. 541-280-0797 transmission, dual ex› haust. Loaded! Auto-lev› RV eling system, 5kw gen, CONSIGNMENTS power mirrors w/defrost, WANTED 2 slide-outs with aw› We Do The Work ... nings, rear c a mera, 19’ C lassic 1 9 90 trailer hitch, driyer door You Keep The Cash! On-site credit Mastercraft ski boat. w/power window, cruise, approval team, Pro-star 190 conven› exhaust brake, central web site presence. tional in-board, cus› vac, satellite sys. Re› tom trailer, exc. cond. duced price: $64,950. We Take Trade-Ins! $8,995. 541-389-6562 503-781-8812 BIG COUNTRY RV Bend: 541-330-2495 FUN I&FISH! Redmond:

2006 Smokercraft Sunchaser 820 model pontoon boat, 75HP Mercury and electric trolling mo› tor, full canvas and

Western Communications, inc. and their affiliated companies, is proud to be an equal opportunity

No agencies or telephone

2 5 7 3 4 9 6 1 8

Applications are also available at

employer, supporting a drug-freeworkplace

6 8 1 7 2 5 8 6 9 2 3 4 4 1 5 3 7 9

541-548-5254 •

The Bulletin, 1777 Chandler Ave. Bend, OR 97702

4 9 41 3 9 8 3 1 5 6 7 8 6 6 5 2 7 2

The Bulletin

For immediate consideration please send your resume and cover letter to: kmuller@bendbulletin.corn.

The Bulletin, 1777 Chandler Ave. Bend, OR 97702


In this position you will assist our subscribers and delivery carriers with subscription transactions, answering account questions and handling delivery concerns

Applications are also available at


Business Opportunities

Loans & Mortgages

If you have a positive attitude, strong service/team orientation and problem solving skills WE WANT TO TALK TO YOU!

Send your resume to anelson@bendbulletin.corn

1 6 8 4 9 7 5 3 2

5 6 23 7 8 3 7 15 49 8 4 6 1 9 2 5 3 1 6 7 8 3 9 2 5 4 7 58 63 12 7 4 8 6 9 1

• Excellent verbal, written and communication skills • Accurate typing, filing, multi-tasking, and organizational skills • Ability to develop and maintain good customer service and relationships • Must be able to function comfortably in a fast-paced, deadline-oriented office environment. • Pre-employment drug testing is required

2 4 1 3 8 5 6 9 7


Tolaal/ r

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4-place enclosed Inter› Loans & Mortgages state snowmobile trailer w/ RockyMountain pkg, LOCAL f/fONEyr Webuy $7500. 541-379-3530 secured trust deeds & 860 note, some hard money loans. Call Pat Kelley Motorcycles & Accessories 541-382-3099 ext.13.


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Circulation Department

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The Bulletin

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The successful candidate will work full-time 4 days per week, 10 hours per day, from 3:30 p.m. to approximately 2:00 a.m. on a rotating schedule that will allow for 3 days off every other weekend.

If you are a self-motivated, team› oriented individual and have a positive "Can Do" attitude WE WANT TO TALK TO YOU!



People Lookfor Information About Products and Services EveryDaythrough The Bulletin f:frrssiffeds •

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fi Decem



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e•e Looking for your next ~ employee? Relief Delivery Driver Place a Bulletin help 2 newspaper routes wanted ad today and for $60-$70/day+bonu ses, reach over 60,000 $555-$575/wk (3 day readers each week. to 3 wk time periods). Your classified ad Call Jason or Laurie, will also appear on 541-410-7586. bendbulletin.corn which currently receives over 1.5 million page views every month at caution when pur› no extra cost. chasing products or l Bulletin Classifieds services from out of Get Results! I the area. Sending Call 385-5809 c ash, checks, o r or place I credit i n formation your ad on-line at I may be subjected to bendbulletin.corn FRAUD. For more informa- l tion about an adver- • Call The Bulletin At I tiser, you may call 541 -385-5809 the Oregon State Place Your Ad Or E-Mail I Attorney General’s At: www.bendbulletin.corn e Office C o n s umer e l Protection hotline atl I 1-877-877-9392.

The BuIjetm

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@20132013 UFS, Dist. b Univ. Uciick for UFS

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many extras.

Stored inside $19,900


Beaver Contessa 40’› 2008, four slide die› sel pusher. Loaded, great condition. War› ranty. Picturesfinfo at www.fourstarbend.corn

S outhwind For d Fleetwood motor› 1 9 94, 32’, B ounder, 1999, 3 4 ’ , home, gasoline, 82K miles, one slide, low mile› Good con d ition, age, very clean, lots $7,000 obo. of storage, $28,500. 503-807-5490 541-639-9411 541-647-1236



Time to declutter? Needsomeextra cash?

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1 1 '»I


List one Item" in The Bulletin's Classifieds for three days for FREE. PLUS, your ad appears in PRINT and ON-LINE at bendbulletin.corn

The Bulletin

To receive yourFREE CLASSIFIED AD,call 541-385-5809 or visit The Bulletin office at: 1777 SW Chandler Ave. (On Bend’s west side) *Offer allows for 3 lines oftext only. Excludesall service, hay,wood, pets/animals, plants, tickets, weapons, rentals andemployment advertising, andall commercial accounts. Must bean individual item under$200.00 and price of individual itemmust beincluded in the ad. Askyour Bulletin SalesRepresentative about special pricing, longer runschedules andadditional features. Limit 1 ad peritem per30days to besold.

TO PLACE AN AD CALLCLASSIFIED• 541-385-5809 880 882 908 Motorhomes Fifth Wheels Aircraft, Parts


,• I I I I svv =~

2001 36’ 2nd owner, 300 Cummins Turbo diesel, Allison 5 spd, 80k miles. D r iver s ide s l ide, g a s stove, oven, 2 flat screen TVs, refer, generator, inverter, King Dome, tow bar. N on-smoker, n o pets, no c h ildren. C lean, an d w e l l maintained, $47,500 541-390-1472.


a ,I

Winnebago Minnie 2005 26' Class C, 29k miles, queen bed, slide dinette, A/C, generator, aw› ning, Class 5 hitch, new Michelins, exc. shape. Stored in› doors, no smoke. $39,000. 541-312-8402


Travel Trailers 18’ Pioneer Spirit 2007 loaded! Exc. cond., $9750 or best offer. 541-536-1105

. • i I=r

on the first day it runs to make sure it is cor› rect. "Spellcheck" and human errors do oc› cur. If this happens to

your ad, please con› tact us ASAP so that

J a F l i h t 26 4 B H 2011. like new, sleeps

9, self contained, 1/2 ton towable $13,900 OBO (541) 410-9017

Superhawk N7745G Owners' Group LLC Cessna 172/1 80 hp, full IFR, new avionics, GTN 750, touch› screen center stack, exceptionally clean. Healthy engine reserve fund. Hangared at KBDN. Oneshare available,$10,000 Call 541-815-2144

corrections and any adjustments can be made to your ad. 541-385-5809 The Bulletin Classified Husky 16K EZ Roller 5th wheel hitch; and 5th wheel tailgate fits 916 ’03 dodge or newer, Trucks & $500 for both Heavy Equipment or will sell separately! 541-923-2595 1987 Case 586E Fork Look at: Lift, $12,000 Bendhomes.corn 541-480-1353 for Complete Listings of 929 Area Real Estate for Sale Automotive Wanted Laredo 31'2006, YOUR CAR, 5th wheel, fully S/C DONATE TRUCK OR BOAT TO one slide-out. HERITAGE FOR THE Awning. Like new, BLIND. Free 3 Day hardly used. V acation, Tax D e › Must sell $20,000 ductible, Free Towing, or refinance. Call All Paperwork Taken 541-410-5649 Care O f . CAL L 1-800-401-4106


We Do the Work, You Keep the Cash! On-site credit approval team, web site presence. We Take Trade-Ins! BIG COUNTRY RV Bend: 541-330-2495 Redmond:

(PNDC) Got an older car, boat or RV? Do the hu› mane thing. Donate it to the Humane Soci› ety. Call 1› 800-205-0599

We Do The Work ... You Keep The Cash! On-site credit approval team, web site presence. We Take Trade-Ins!


Canopies & Campers Lance Squire 4 000, 1996, 9’ 6" extended cab, bathroom w/ toi› let, queen bed, out› side shower. $5,700.

Northlander 1993 17' camper,Polar 990, good shape, new fridge, A/C, queen bed, bath› room, indoor/out› door shower, lots of storage, custom› ized to fit newer pickups,$4500 obo. 541-419-9859.

00 908

Aircraft, Parts

& Service

CHEVELLE MALIBU 1971 57K original miles, 350 c.i., auto, stock, all original, Hi-Fi stereo $15,000 541-279-1 072

glass top, 31k miles, all original, silver & maroon. $12,500. 541-388-9802


2013, 19ft, exc. Well

equipped, $ 1 1,500. 541-604-5387

Unique R-Pod 2013 trailer-tent combo, f ully l oaded, e x › tended service con› tract and bike rack. $17,000. 541-595-3972 or 503-780-4487

TURN THE PAGE For More Ads The Bulletin 882

Fifth Wheels

DODGE STEALTH 1992 RT twin turbo, 5spd, 49,247 miles.

new era Classic muscle carl one owner,$9,500.

(located ' Bend)

Bighorn 37’ 2013, like new, a l ways stored inside, center island, fireplace, so› lar panels, 6volt bat› teries, auto leveling, system loaded, ask› ing $62,000. MUST SEE!! 541-480-7930

Cameo LX1 2001, 32 ft. 5th wheel, 2 slides, A/C, micro, DVD, CD p l ayer, conv. and i n vert. New batteries, tires and shocks. Quad carrier. Quad avail. $11,900 OBO. 541-390-7179

541-729-4552 975



(exp. 8/1 2/1 5) DLR „366

~ONE os

541-548-1448 smolichmotors.corn

Dodge Big H o rn Ram 2500, 2005, 6 speed manual. Ex› tra tires and rims, canopy goes with. Excellent condition, well mai n tained, runs great. 160K miles. $2 8 ,500 541-620-1212

Need help fixing stuff? Call A Service Professional find the help you need. www.bendbulletin.corn

Crewcab, 150K mi., bed liner, good tires, exc. shape. $16,500. Please call, 541-350-8856 or 541-410-3292 GMC Sierra 1500 2011 ex cab SLE 62.5kmi. „288703 $25,995 AAA Ore. Auto Source corner of West Empire & Hwy 97, Bend. Dlr 0225 541-598-3750 www.aaaoregonauto› source.corn.

Toyota Tacoma 2006, 4.0L V-6 cyl VIN „214381. $13,388. (exp. 8/1 2/1 5) DLR „366

AUTOS& TRANSPORTATION 908- Aircraft, Parts end Service 916- Trucks and Heavy Equipment 925 - Utility Trailers 927 - Automotive Trades 929 - Automotive Wanted 931 - Automotive Parts, Service end Accessories 932 - Antique and Classic Autos 933 - Pickups 935- Sport Utility Vehicles 940 - Vans 975 - Automobiles







%lpt ' j

Mercedes Benz E Class 2005, (exp. 8/1 2/1 5) Vin „688743 Stock „82316

$11,979 or $155/mo.,

$ 2500 down 7 2 m o 4 .49% APR o n ap ›

proved credit. License and title included in payment, plus dealer in› stalled options.


Subaruimpreza 2009, 2.5L H-4 cyl VIN „809008 $10,997 (exp. 8/1 2/1 5) DLR „366


Buick LeSabre 2005 Custom. Very clean, inside & out, only has 96k miles. If you drive it, you’ ll fall in love!! 32 mpg hwy, 22-25 in town. $ 4250 o b o Trade c o n sidered. Cash/credit/debit card. Call or Text Ron @ 541-419-5060

some body damage, 5 spd stick. Good tires $1250. 541-480-9327 WHEN YOU SEE THIS





Subarulmpreza 2013,

Looking for your next employee?


2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend.

Jeep Grand Chero› kee 2004, 63K mi., 4.7L V8. Can be use to tow behind mo› to rhome, air a cti› vated brake system, includes tow bar and rock shield. $7500.

Volvo V70 1998, 5 cyl. Non turbo, High Mile, r un s g r e at!!



Dlr „0354

On a classified ad go to www.ben dbulletin.corn to view additional photos of the item.

(exp. 8/1 2/1 5) Vin „027174 Stock „83205

Place a Bulletin help wanted ad today and reach over 60,000 $20,358 or $249/mo., readers each week. $2600 down, 84 mo., 4 .49% APR o n a p › Your classified ad Mercedes-Benz 541-815-0365 proved credit L icense will also appear on SLK230 2003, and title i ncluded in ben dbulletin.corn exc. cond., auto, payment, plus dealer which currently re› convertible retract› installed options. ceives over 1.5 mil› able hard top. lion page views 54,250 miles, carfax SuaAau every month at available. $13,000. no extra cost. Bulle› 541-389-7571 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. tm Classifieds 877-266-3821 Jeep Grand Chero› Cadillac CTS 2010, Get Results! Call Dlr „0354 kee Overland 2012, 385-5809 or place 4x4 V-6, all options, V 6 I n j ection, 6 your ad on-line at Speed A utomatic. Take care of running boards, front bendbulletin.corn Luxury series. Exte› guard, nav., air and rior Black Raven, your investments heated leather, cus› with the help from Interior: Light Tita› tom wheels and new nium/ I The Bulletin recoml M ini C ooper S E b o ny tires, only 47K miles, The Bulletin’s mends extra caution I Convertible 2013: 2 2,555 m i les. 4 $30,995 when p u r chasing • Like new convertible "Call A Service door. Excellent con› 541-408-7908 or services dition all a r ound. w/ only 18,600 miles. Professional" Directory f products from out of the area. All options incl. Chili Has Arizona plates. f S ending c ash , Red paint w/ black This is car is a great checks, or credit in- q mix of luxury, com› stripes, 17" wheels, formation may be I f ort, s t y le , an d film protection, cus› [ subject toFRAUD. tom f ront d r iving workmanship. For more informallights, black leather f tion about an adver› Jeep Willys, ’46, metal $24,000.00 seats. $2 2 ,500 Call 541-408-3051 tlser, you may call top, big tires, ps, new 541-420-1659 or ida› SubaruLegacy I the Oregon State( homonteith@aol.corn paint, tow bar, new LL Bean 2006, Attorney General’s c auges, etdfi. reduced (exp. 8/1 2/1 5) Office C o nsumer I 4,000. 541-233-7272 Vin „203053 / Protection hotline at Stock „82770 ’I -877-877-9392. CHECKYOUR AD on the first day of pub› $16,977 or $199/mo., $2600 down, 84 mo. at lication. If a n e rror 4 .49% APR o n a p › ScfNhg CH1tt8I OfIgOII SIIIC879IB may occur in your ad, proved credit. License p lease contact u s and title i ncluded in Illlustang GT 2007, and we will be happy Say "goodbuy" Jeep Wrangler Rubi› to fix it as soon as we 27,000 miles, dark payment, plus dealer con 2 0 04, $17,500 can. Deadlines are: grey e x t erior/light installed options. to that unused Mileage: 065 , 154 Weekdays 12:00 noon grey interior, heated S UBA R U item by placing it in A utomatic, Cru i se for next day, S at. garage, non-smok› Control, Tow Bar, Air 11:00 a.m. for Sun› ing, retired, Roush 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. The Bulletin Classifieds Conditioning, Power day; Sat. 12:00 for lowering kit, Roush 877-266-3821 Door Locks, Alarm Monday. Dlr„0354 cold air inductions, and much more. Call 541-385-5809 louvered side win› 541-385-5809 Gary: 541-280-0558. The Bulletin Classified dows, after market exhaust, sequential DID YOU KNOW 7 IN r ear l i ghts, d u a l Get your Lo)ln 10 Amedcans or 158 power seats. business million U.S. A d ults $19,995. IMa s!NNe read content f r om 541-383-5043 fPhoto for >llustraeon only) newspaper m e d ia Subaru Outback a ROW I N G each week? Discover Limited 2013, the Power of the Pa› I Ne e d to sella (exp. 8/1 2/1 5) with an ad in cific Northwest News› Vehicle? V IN „219747 paper Advertising. For Call The Bulletin The Bulletin’s Stock „45098A and place an ad a free brochure call 1000 "Call A Service $24,979 or $299/mo., 916-288-6011 or today! $3700 down, 84 mo., Legal Notices Professional" l A s k about our email 4 .49% APR o n a p › 'Whee/ Deal" ! cecelia'cnpa.corn Directory proved credit. License LEGAL NOTICE l f o r private party l and title i ncluded in (PNDC) of Preliminary advertisers payment, plus dealer Notice Determination for installed options. Water Right Transfer T-11090 (Mitigation S UBA R U Credit Project MP-139) 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 877-266-3821 T-11090 f i le d by Nissan Rogue 2014, Dlr „0354 Patrick Griffiths, City fPhoto forillustration only) 2.5L 1-4 cyl of Bend, 62975 Boyd DodgeDart 2013, VIN „799777 Toyota Avalon 2003, VIN „’I 5091A 150K m i. , si n g le Acres Rd., Bend, OR $22,997 $14,997 owner, great cond., 97701, proposes a (exp. 8/12/15) in place of (exp. 8/1 2/1 5) DLR „366 new tires and battery, change DLR „366 Nissan Altima 2.5 maintenance records, use and character of SMOLICH under Certificate 2012, 2.5L 1-4 cyl leather seats, moon› use SMOLICH The right al› V O LV O VIN „508084 $17,998. roof, full set of snow 83571. lows the use of up to (exp. 8/1 2/1 5) DLR „366 tires on rims, $7000. V O LV O 541-749-2156 1.78 cfs from the De› 541-749-2156 541-548-6181 smolichvolvo.corn schutes River in Sec. smolichvolvo.corn 29, T17S, R12E, WM for irrigation in Sec. 33, T13S, R13E, Sec 1 6, T 1 4S , R1 3 E , 541-548-1448 Sects. 4, 5, 10, 17, 19 smolichmotors.corn and 30, T15S, R13E, ToyotaCorolla 2013 WM. The a pplicant Subaru Outback Ford Fusion SEL2012, (exp. 8/1 2/1 5) Limited 2014, proposes to create an Vin „053527 2.5L H-4 cyl (exp. 8/1 2/1 5) instream use in Des› Stock „83072 VIN „303724.$28,888. Vin „117015 chutes River from the (exp. 8/12/15) DLR „366 Stock „44382A $15,979 or $199 mo., point of diversion to $2000 down, 84 mo., Lake Billy Chinook at $15,979 or $199/mo., 4 .49% APR o n a p › a maximum of 1.016 $ 2400 down 8 4 m o . Nissan Sentra 2012, proved credit. License cfs, and to establish 4 .49% APR o n a p › (exp. 8/1 2/2015) and title included in proved credit. License credits in Vin „734544 payment, plus dealer in› mitigation and title i ncluded in the Deschutes Stock „44681C stalled options. payment, plus dealer in› Groundwater S t udy $11,979 or $199/mo., 541-548-1448 stalled options. Area. The applicant $ 2500 down 7 2 m o S UBA R U smolichmotors.corn also proposed a can› Suaaau 4 .49% APR o n ap › 8A USR U O B S E M D .OOII 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. proved credit. License cellation of a portion 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. and title included in 877-266-3821 of supplemental rights 877-266-3821 Dlr „0354 payment, plus dealer in› under Cer t ificate Dlr „0354 stalled options. 76714. T h e Wa t e r Resources D e part› S UBA RU, HUNTER S P E CIAL: eusmuoWamrDaOa ment proposes to ap› Jeep Cherokee, 1990, 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. (photo forillustration only) prove the t ransfer, 4x4, has 9 tires on Subaru Outback 877-266-3821 b ased on t h e r e › wheels. $2000 obo. Wagon2009, Dlr „0354 quirements of O RS 541-771-4732 2.5L H-4 cyl C hapter 540, O A R P orsche Cayman S (Photo forillustration only) VIN „341444 690-380-5000 and Volvo V60 T5 2 008, L i k e new , $14,995 OAR 6 90-077-0075. Platinum Wagon 14,500 miles, (exp. 8/12/15) 2015.5, 2.5L 1-5 cyl The Department has $35,000. DLR „366 also concluded that V IN „222764 360-510-3153 (Bend) the proposed transfer $37,997 SMOLICH appears to result in (exp. 8/12/15) V O LV O Lexus ES350 2010, mitigation credits pur› DLR „366 541-749-2156 Excellent Condition suant to OAR SMOLICH smolichvolvo.corn 32,000 miles, $20,000 690-521-0300 8 OAR 214-549-3627 690-521-0400. (in V O LV O Bend) 541-749-2156 Scion TCcoupe 2007, Any person may file, smolichvolvo.corn (exp. 8/1 2/1 5) jointly or severally, a Vin „198120 protest or s t anding Stock „44193B The Bulletin is your statement within 30 days after the l ast $10,379 or $149/mo., Subaru XT Touring Employment $2800 down, 60 mo., date of n ewspaper Forester 2013, 4 .49% APR o n ap › publication of this no› (exp. 8/1 2/2015) Marketplace proved credit. License Mercedes 380SL tice, 08/22/2015, or Vin „433715 and title included in 1982 Roadster, publication of notice in Stock lf44947A Call payment, plus dealer in› on black, soft the Dep a rtment’s $26,979 or $339/mo., black stalled options. 8 hard top, exc. weekly notice, which› $2800 down, 84 mo., 5 413 8 5 5 8 0 9 cond., always ga› e ver is later. C a l l 4 .49% APR o n a p › S UBA RU, eusmuoWamrDaOa raged. 155K miles, proved credit License ( 503) 986-0807 t o 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. to advertise. and title i ncluded in $9,500. obtain additional in› 877-266-3821 payment, plus dealer in› 541-549-6407 formation or a protest stalled options. Dlr „0354 www.bendbulletin.corn form. If no protests are filed, the Depart› © s u a aau The Bulletin FIND IT! ment will issue a final BIIY ITr To Subscribe call 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. order consistent with 541-385-5800 or go to SELL IT! 877-266-3821 the preliminary deter› servingcentral oregonsince 19is Dlr „0354 www.ben dbulletin.corn The Bulletin Classifieds mination.



f f



In Madras,

call 541-475-6302

(4) new airplane tires, Mercedes 450 SL 1979 Roadster, soft & hard tops, always garaged, 122k mi., e xtras, $9,7 0 0 . 541-548-5648

BMW X3, 2004, one owner, meticulously maintained, all ser› vice records, always garaged, 2.5 liter, a uto, 4 wd , 1 3 4 k miles, see more info at: http: //bend.craigslist. org/cto/5127673378. html. $10,495. Call Mike: 541-390-8064

Chevy El Camino 1973, RARE! Manual trans. 4 spd, Exc. Cond. $7500. 541-389-1086 933

BMW X3 Sl 2007, Pickups Save money. Learn Low Miles - 68,500 mi., AWD, l eather to fly or build hours Chevy Ch e yenne with your own air› Interior, su n roof, 1996, 2 5 0 0 ex› c raft. 1968 A e r o b luetooth, voi c e tended cab, 4WD, Commander, 4 seat, command system, ps, pb, a/c, cruise, 150 HP, low time, and too much more recent u pgrades. full panel. $21,000 to list here. $15,900. E xcellent tru c k , obo. Contact Paul at Please call Dan at $4850 OBO - Cash! 541-447-5184. 541-815-6611 541-876-5570



~m-BW.r ~




Toyota T a coma

HANGAR FOR SALE. 30x40 end unit T hanger in Prineville. Dry walled, insulated, and painted. $23,500. Tom, 541.788.5546 RedmondHangar Heated, 55’ wide, 75’ deep, 18’ high. Office, bath with shower. For lease, $2000/month. 503- 547-5770

Toyota FJ Cruiser 2012, 64K miles. all hwy, original owner, never been off road or accidents, tow pkg, brand new tires, very clean. $26,000. Call or text Jeff at

Ford Explorer Sport Acura TL 06, 3.2L V6, 2011, 6 cyl. auto., auto, F WD , b l a ck 4WD, 3rd seat, per clean, always ga› $21,995. 541-598-5111 color, A/C, 1 15,971 miles, clean title and raged. $3800 obo. Ford Explorer XLT carfax. Call or t e xt 541-388-0811. 2012, 4x4, 56K mi. 541-834-8469 „A41532. $20,988 AAA Auto Source BMW Z3 1997, beauti› corner of West Empire ful. 5 speed, 4 cyl. 8 Hwy97 Runs great. Priced to 541-598-3750 s ell fast . $580 0 aaaoregonautosource. 541-508-9700 corn. DLR„ 0225 Chevy$10 Extended Cab 2002, 4.3L V-6 cyl VIN „204890. $3,888.

1/5 share in v ery Just too many 2006, reg. c a b, nice 150 HP Cessna collectibles? 4x4, 5 spd stan› 150; 1973 C e s sna dard 4 cyl engine, 150 with L ycoming Sell them in 2 2+ m pg , o n e 0-320 150 hp engine own e r , conversion, 400 0 The Bulletin Classifieds s enior non-smoker, well hours. TT a irframe. Approx. 400 hours on 541-385-5809 maintained, nearly 0-timed 0-320. Han› new tires, original gared in nice (electric spare near new, door) city-owned han› runs ex c e llent. gar at the Bend Air› $14,750. port. One of very few 541-633-9895 C-150’s t h a t ha s never been a trainer. $4500 wi ll consider Jeep CJ5 4x41967, 935 trades for whatever. first year of the orig. Sport Utility Vehicles Call J i m Fr a zee, Dauntless V-6, last 541-4’I 0-6007 year of the "All metal" body! Engine over› hauled: new brakes, fuel pump, steering gear box, battery, al› ternator, emergency brake pads, gauges, 1977 warn hubs, dual ex› F J40 Toyota 1974 Bellanca haust, 5 wide traction Lande ruiser 1730A 2180 TT, 440 tires, 5 new spoke, with winch, SMO, 180 mph chrome wheels. NO $21,000. •Excellent condition rust, garage stored. 541-389-7113, ~Always hangared $7,495 OBOI Michelle •One owner for (775) 513-0822 35 years.

24 ply, C40X14X21. $200. 541-410-3425

BOATS &RVs 805 - Misc. Items 850 - Snowmobiles 860 - Motorcycles And Accessories 865 - ATVs 870 - Boats & Accessories 875 - Watercraft 880 - Motorhomes 881 - Travel Trailers 882- Fifth Wheels 885 - Canopies and Campers 890 - RVs for Rent

Chevy S-10 1988 4.3L V-6, sunroof, many custom features, su›

$40,000. Bighorn 2012 fifth wheel, 35’, lots of extras. $5 7,000. 541-388-4905

DLR „366

\H Lcsgpg


Ford Mustang


Chevy Tracker2003, 2.5L V-6 cyl VIN „914067. $6,688. (exp. 8/1 2/2015)


Ford F-350 XLT 2006, CORVETTE 1979,

Hard top 1965, 6-cylinder, auto trans, power brakes, power steering, garaged, well maintained, engine runs strong. 74K mi., great condi› tion.$12,500. Must see! 541-598-7940



1/3 interest in Financing available.

Chevy Pickup 1978, long bed, 4x4, frame up restoration. 500 Cadillac eng i ne, fresh R4 transmis› sion w/overdrive, low mi., no rust, custom interior and carpet, n ew wheels a n d tires, You must see it! $25,000 invested. $12,000 OBO. 541-536-3889 or 541-420-6215.


Columbia 400,

BIG COUNTRY RV Bend: 541-330-2495 Redmond:

RVision C r ossover

Sport Utility Vehicles


0 0


Sport Utility Vehicles

Antique & Classic Autos


New Jayco JayFlight 2 3’ bought new i n June for $23,000 and never used. Under warranty. $18,500 or will trade for smaller trailer or motorhome . 360-595-7502




31’ Holiday Rambler Call 541-382-4572 Aluma-light, 2001, 12’ slide, good condition, very c lean i n side. $10,900. 541-508-1589 or 541-280-3799





Winnebago Journey




Winnebago 22' 2002 - $28,000 Chevy 360, heavy duty chassis, cab & roof A/C, tow hitch w/brake, 22k mi., more! 541-280-3251


l The Bulletin l

L’"" " " ’

J ©





The Bulletin


To PLAGE AN AD cALL CLAssIFIED• 541-385-5809 ’1

• '






I oa


I ’ I I

o I

NEW 2015 FORD F150 CREW CAB4X4 VIN: FFA60651 MSRP ........ ................. $41,770 TSS Discount -$3,71 5 .

















s UB A R U

Confidence in Mo tion


$38,055 Retail Customer Cash .......-$1,500

New 2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid Touring CVT

T S&S FordPrice ~36,55 5

Standard Model Touring, Package „2, Auto Dim Compass, Mirror, Home Link, Rear Bumper Cover, Splash Guard Kit, All Weather Floor Mats, Seat Back Protector

422" Dn • 422" Me.

24 Month Ford Credit Lease, 10,500 Miles per year, Residual $28,403.60. FMCCFinancing. OnApproved Credit.


The an-new 2015 Subaru OutbaclPgets you out into the world. At 33 mpg,’ it’s the most fuel-efficient mldsize crossover in America!’ Also new is a surprisingly spacious, upgraded interior featuring the SUBARU STARLINK infotainment system.


~28,Ã8 "~~/>"' UP t O 3 8

NEW 2015 FORD F3504X4 DIESEL CREW CAB 5th Wheel Hitch Prep Pkg, Trailer Brake Controller

VIN: C89666

M O n t h S On Approved Credit.

MSRP $30,818. VIN: „FH219948. FRI-31 Subaru of Bend Discount $1,819.

MSRP ........ ................. $51,535 TSS Discount -$3,320 .

















New 2015Subaru BRZ Limited 6AT

$48,215 Retail Customer Cash .......-$2,500 Ford Credit .................... -$1,500

Option Package Of, Standard Model, Cargo Tray, Rear Bumper Applique, Dim Mirror, Com with Homelink

T S&S FordPrice 44, 2 1 5

8 $$i-. . . e$$i - . . 75 Months Financing, 720 Beacon,FordCredit Financing, 3.89%A.P.R On ApprovedCredit.

NEW 2015 FORD FOCUS SE4-DOOR Loaded, Moonroof.

VIN: 315263

MSRP ........ ................. $20,975 TSS Discount -$1,000 .
















t jg'pj'siy"0 90/a... UP t O 3 8

M O n t h S On Approved Credit.

MSRP $30,042.VIN:„F8607316. FZF-OI SubaruofBendDiscount$1,448.


$19,975 Retail Customer Cash .......-$1,000 Ford Credit .................... -$1,250

New 2015Subaru Forester 2.5i Premium CVT All-Weather Pkgn Heated Front Seats, Windshield Wiper De-leer, Heated Side Mirrors, Popular Pkg „1, Auto Dimming Mirror Compass, Ext Mirror w/Appro Lt/Compass, Rear Bumper Cover, SeatBackCargo Net, Seat BackProtector. Cargo Tray. All Weather Floor Mats

T S&S FordPrice 1 7, 7 2 5

2$7" De 2$7" Me.

75 Months Financing, 720 Beacon, Ford Credit Financing, 3.89%A.P.R On Approved Credit.


MSRP ......................... $25,850 TSS Discount -$1,457 $24,393 Sync & Sound................... -$490 Retail Customer Cash .......-$2,000 .

















>ii-is<: >>«UP t O 4 8

M O n t h S On Approved Credit.

MSRP $27,263. VIN: „FH809226.FFF-13Subaru of Bend Discount $2,082.

TS&S F rod Price ~21,90 3

New 2015Subaru Forester 2.5i Limited CVT

322" Down322" Mn. 24 Month Ford Credit Lease, 10,500 Miles per year, Residual $13,442. FMCCFinancing. OnApproved Credit.

NEW 2015 FORD FIESTA S Auto, 4 Doors.

VIN: 179621,198525

MSRP ......................... $15,885 TSS Discount....................-$347

T S&S FordPrice 1 5, 5 3 8 , • 'n

GPS Navigation w/6.1 inch LCD Touchscreen, XM Satellite Radio and XM NavTrafgc (Subscription Required), HD Radio, Aha Smart Phone Integration, 440-Watt 9-Speaker Audio System Harman/Kardon Speaker System, Harman/Kardon 440-Watt AmpliTier EyeSight Driver-Assist System, Pre-Collision Braking System, Pre-Collision Throttle Management System, Lane Departure Waring Ik Lane Sway Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control

Sg'j' eggiI"k8/n...

MSRP $32,409.VIN:„FH825851. FFI-23 SubaruofBend Discount$2,705.

0 Down0 A.PR.220'


72 Months Financing, 90 DaysUntil First Payment, Ford Credit Financing, On Approved Credit.

New 2015 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Premium CVT

NEW 2015 FORD ESCAPE 4WD SE 201A SE Convenience Pkg, Power Panorama Roof

MSRP ......................... $31,330 TSS Discount -$1,184 $30,146 Retail Customer Cash ......... -$750 Sync & Sound................... -$490 .
















VIN: C27295




T s&s Ford Price 28, 9 0 6

0 Down 0 A.P.R.40$

72 Months Financing, Ford Credit Financing, On Approved Credit.

Standard Model, Protection Package „1, All Weather Floor Mats, Rear Bumper Applique, Splash Guard Kit, Cargo Tray, Rear Cargo Net

egg gagks"1.88/u.....

Mo .

MSRP $25,345.VIN:„F3064343. FAD-11 SubaruofBend Discount$1,346.


• • • I







11 I







Sale endsAeg.13, 2010.

I er








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