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Looking for a fix for Cover Oregon

Assisted dying — Amovement pioneered in Oregon is finding acceptance in other states. AS

'Monuments Men' —The characters in the newHollywood movie are inspired by real service members. Ag

By Lauren Dake

A rare transplant — Kids

The Bulletin

who need newlivers could use the procedure to help heal the old one. A3

SALEM — Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle

are feeling intense political pressure to do something to help Oregonians still without health care and prevent a future high-pro-

Plus: Artificial done —A building material for future spacecraft? A3

file debacle like Cover Ore-

gon from happening again. The clock is ticking.

Self-publishing success — It's elusive, but oneBend author has found it.D1

With 30 days left in the

short legislative session and Election Day not far

from any politician's mind, they are battling over what actually constitutes help or

And a WedexclusiveHoax: Japan's famous deaf composer is neither deaf nor a composer. bnndbulletin.cnm/nxtrns

whether it's time to scrap

the state's exchange. "Yes, there is always a political element and you can see that, I think, in

how the bills are shaping up and what was offered as reform," said Rep. Jason Conger, R-Bend, who is vying for a seat in the U.S. Senate. "But at the end of


Cellphone growth hampers NSA data By Ellen Nakashima

the day, this shouldn't be

about political advantage." During the first week of the session, two measures

emerged as ones that probably will gain traction. See Cover/A4 Photos by Rob Kerri The Bulletin

Bend High Assistant Principal Brian Crook, right, steps back as students are reunited with their mothers, Tamber West, left, running, and Barb Abt, green, middle, Friday afternoon. The students were some of the first to leave the locked down school — they were in the classroom at the time of the suicide.

Forecasts calling for more snow

The Washington Post


National Security Agency is collecting less than 30 percent of all Americans' call records because of an

• After a studentfatally shot himself in a classroom,the school lockeddown

inability to keep pace with the explosion in cellphone

By Shelby R. King

use, according to current

The Bulletin

and former U.S. officials. The disclosure contradicts popular perceptions

Kathy Madison said her daughter, 17-year-old Bend High student Ashley Madison, didn't want to go to school on Friday. "She said, 'None of my friends are going today. They're taking a snow day.' I told her, 'If school's open, you're going,'" she

that the

Rolatod g overnment • Tables is sweeping turned on up virtually U.S., A7 al l domestic phone data.

It is also likely to raise questions about the efficacy of a program that is premised on its breadth and depth, on collecting as close to a complete

universe of data as possibleinorderto m ake sure that clues aren't missed

in counterterrorism investigations. In 2006, the officials

said, the NSA was collecting nearly all records about Americans' phone

calls from a number of U.S. companies under a then-classified program, but as of last summer that


Site of self-inflicted gunshot

By Dylan J. Darling The Bulletin





and other law enforcement

were called to the high schoolforareportofa student committing suicide.

Madison was at work when Ashley called her from her cellphone just after noon. She said her daughter told her a boy

snow in Bend today. It's the second day in a row


Bend High parent Kathy Madison reacts as police provide an upAndy Zeigert / The Bulletin

were just beginning their American Sign Language class and shot himself.

"I got a hysterical, incoherent phone call. She told me he had a gun and he shot himself," Madison said. "That's one of Ashley's favorite classes." Interim Bend Police

Chief Jim Porter confirmed at a 4 p.m. news

had enteredthe modular

conference Friday that

classroom where Ashley

a male student had shot himself at the school. He

and several other students

National Weather Service forecasters said there

is a 100percent chance of

said. "Now I wish I would

have kept her home." Madison's daughter was inside the high school Friday when it went into lockdown after Bend Police

Snow walloped Central Oregon Friday, and more is on the way this weekend.


date during the school lockdown Friday. said no other students were

of an incident involving a firearm," Porter said. "Tragic

injured and the school was immediately put on lockdown for more than two hours while police investigated the

immediately.... We were able to quarantine the area, if you

situation. Porter confirmed

will, and ensure safety."

the suicide occurred in one of the modular units outside the main school building. Police declined to identify the student, citing department policy. "A little bit after noon we

got a call at the high school

situation. It was contained

they've made such a confident prediction. They were right Friday, when snow fell throughout much of the day. The Weather Service issued a winter storm warn-

ing Friday. The warning started at 1 p.m. Friday and lasts until 10p.m. today,

said Diana Hayden, a meteorologist with the Weather

All events at the school were canceled in the wake of the incident, and district com-

Service in Pendleton.

munications director Julianne Repman said the campus would remain closed through the weekend. See Bend High /A8

ternoon that a snowstorm, fueled by moisture off the

Hayden said Friday afPacific Ocean, hadpretty much parked over Central

Oregon. See Snow/A4

share had plummeted to less than 30 percent.

The government is taking steps to restore the

collection — which does not include the content of conversations — closer to

previous levels. See NSA/A4

TODAY'S WEATHER Snow likely High 35, Low 30

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By Sebnem Arsu

something. I thought it was a

New York Times News Service

drunk guy." Passengers' relatives and

ISTANBUL — A passenger aboard a commercial airline flight from Ukraine to Rukey

Dtsouies rr

ADMINISTRATION Chairwoman Elizabeth C.McCool..........541-383-0374 Publisher Gordon Black .................... Editor-in-Chief John Costa........................541-383-0337

friends who went to Sabiha

Turkish news organizations reported that the man made his threats soon after the flight left Kharkov in Ukraine. The

Gokcen, on the Asian side pilot then alerted the authoriof Istanbul, described tense ties in'Itlrkey. "In the beginning he was cellphone conversations with those on the plane. thinking that he was going to "We came here early to Sochi," Mutlu said. "Of course, ened to set off a bomb with a cellphone if his demands were pick up my father's wife," said sometime later, he realized tried to hijack it to Sochi, Russia, on Friday after the Winter Olympics started. He threat-

Firat Altan, 19. "She was very

him — and the other passen- anxious when I talked to her gers — into thinking the plane on the phone, and said the hihad landed in Sochi when it jacker could not be persuaded was actually in Istanbul, pas- by the crew and yelled that he sengers and the authorities had a bomb on board. I heard sald. some passengers crying in the The man, a 4 5-year-old background." Ukrainian, was seized by Mufit Goren, who was waitspecial security forces as the ing for two female friends on Turkish aircraft, a Pegasus board, said they told him, "The Airlines Boeing 737-800 with hijacker constantly threatened 110 passengers, was being to detonate a bomb with his evacuatedat Sabiha Gokcen mobile if anyone neared him, Airport, according to Huseyin and said he wanted to go to Avni Mutlu, the governor of Sochi. He could freely walk Istanbul. along the aisles even when

that he was in Istanbul, in Turkey. It would not have been

good to tell him right away." The hijacker agreed to the

Senate appOintment —In amoveDemocrats hopewil help

other passengers were also helped out of the plane, leaving the hijacker alone with the crew, the governor said. The security forces then entered the aircraftand subdued the

tronic equipment but no bomb.

escorted the jetliner as it land- trol by the security forces." ed, reflecting the heightened Passengers were reachable fearsofterrorism astheSochi on their telephones for nearly Olympics got underway. four hours until the securi-

He was not drunk but might have taken some sort of medication to remain alert, Mutlu

added. The hijacker's possible said the pilot even announced Traffic to and from the airport o rganizational l i nk s a n d that they had arrived in Sochi. was halted until the authori- motives were yet to be inves"I didn't even see him," said ties announced that the plane tigated, Mutlu said, telling Tutar, who was seated in the had been secured and the reporters that the man had back of the plane, referring Ukrainian passenger was in refused to cooperate with the to the hijacker. "I just heard custody. authorities. ty units entered the aircraft.




Biden 2016.—Vice President Joe Biden, who ran for president twice, said in an interview broadcast Friday that hewould run for president again "if no oneelse" can fight for the issues hecares about. "The decision to run or not run is going to bedetermined by me as to whether I amthe best qualified person to focus on thetwo things I've spent mywhole life on — giving ordinary people afighting chance to make it and asound foreign policy that's based on rational interests of the United States," Biden told CNN'sKateBolduan.

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— From wire reports

The Bulletin's primary concern is that all stories areaccurate. If you knowof an error in a story,call us at541-383-0356.

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Oregon Lottery results As listed at and individual lottery websites

MEGA MILLIONS The numbers drawnFriday nightare:

2<02s03s064©9 O»0 The estimated jackpot is now $122 million.

Sulejman Omerbasic/The Associatedpress

Bosnian protesters storm local government buildings Friday in the capital of Sarajevo. Anti-government protesters stormed into the Bosnian presidency and another government building in Sarajevo andset them ablaze Friday asriot police fired tear gas in adesperate attempt to stop them. Smoke was rising from several Bosnian cities as thousands vented their fury over the Balkannation's almost 40 percent unemployment and its rampant corruption. It was theworst social unrest the coun-

try has seensince the1992-95 war that killed over 100,000 people following Yugoslavia's dissolution. As night was falling Friday, downtown Sarajevo was in chaos, with buildings andcars burning and riot police in full gear chasing protesters and pounding batons against their shields to get the crowd to disperse. Nearly 200 people were injured throughout the country in clashes with police, medical workers reported.

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Rafngnn I'UISS —Republican lawmakers are criticizing as dangerous to two exemptions from anti-terrorism laws the Obamaadministration issued Wednesday for war-zone refugees seeking asylum in the United States. Theexemptions were a response to the millions of Syrians who have fled civil war in their country. John Cornyn, the top Republican on theSenateJudiciary subcommittee on immigration, said, "The executive branch should not beallowed to unilaterally suspend our immigration law to provide benefits to those who have supported terrorists." However, the exemptions do not apply to foreigners who supported groups identified by the United States as terrorist organizations. Lnak pI'OSSCUilnn —Stephen J. Kim, a former U.S.State Department contractor charged with leaking information from a highly classified report about North Korea to aFoxNews reporter in 2009, pleaded guilty Friday andagreed to serve a13-month prison sentence. Kim became the sixth official to be convicted in a leak-related prosecution by theObamaadministration, which has pursued more such cases —eight so far — than any administration. Only three leak cases hadbeenprosecuted under all previous administrations. Kim was indicted in 2010and hadfaced up to 131months in prison if convicted at trial.


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their party hold onto the U.S.SenateSeat vacated this week bySen. Max Baucus of Montana, Gov.Steve Bullock on Friday appointed the lieutenant governor, JohnWalsh, to fill the seat Baucushad held for six terms. This week, theSenatevoted 96-0 to confirm Baucus as U.S. ambassador to China.Walsh's political advantages asan incumbent may help his already-announced candidacy for the seat in the election in November, which is expected to beheated andcould determine whether Republicans gain amajority in the Senate.


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Infant kidnapping Charge —Awomanwho pretended to be

Mutlu said the hijacker, who was not immediately identi-

once the evacuation started,

that he was taken under con-

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aboard trucks protected by heavily armedChadiansoldiers in a mass exodus Friday from the capital of Central African Republic. Their flight follows months of escalating attacks on anyoneperceived as supporting a now-defunct Muslim rebel government blamedfor scores of atrocities during its rule of this predominantly Christian country. In The Hague,Netherlands, the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court announced apreliminary investigation into potential war crimes or crimes against humanity in Central African Republic, saying the crisis has "gone from bad toworse" since September.

hijacker "in a swift, quick and effective manner."

en and older passengers, and

fied, had a suitcase with elec-

A passenger, Mehmet Tutar,

Central AfriCan RepudliC — Thousandsof Muslims climbed

pregnant stole her half-sister's newborn boy from aWisconsin home and left him in a storage crate outside an lowagasstation in frigid temperatures as police closed in, according to court documents filed Friday. Federal prosecutors in Madison charged Kristen Smith, of Denver, with kidnapping Friday afternoon, hours after an lowa police chief miraculously discovered KaydenPowell, who is nearly a week old, alive andwell in the plastic storage crate that morning. Police found a prosthetic pregnancy belly in Smith's car along with baby clothes, a car seatand astroller, but no sign of Kayden, according to the affidavit. The discovery of the infant shortly after10 a.m. Friday capped a frantic search that involved scores of police officers in Wisconsin, lllinois and lowa.

evacuation of children, wom-

'Itlrkish c h annels r eported

The government scrambled two F-16 warplanes, which

Si oii.rve.

NATO prnteSteIS —A jury acquitted three NATOsummit protesters Friday of breaking lllinois' rarely tested state terrorism law, a finding the defensesaid should dissuade lllinois or any other states from ever pressing such charges in a similar way against activists. While jurors found them not guilty of the most ominous charges, Brian Church, JaredChaseand Brent Vincent Betterly were convicted on lesser counts of arson andmobaction. Prosecutors portrayed the activists as sinister and dangerous anarchists who plotted to throw Molotov cocktails at President BarackObama's campaign headquarters during the 2012summit.

0 iaC 0 OC iiS Oie

not met, but the crew fooled



Civiliansevacuatedfrom Homs, raising hopesfor Syrianpeacetalks

visi t central oregon's


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been surviving on as little as

"One elderly man told us sides have sat at the negotiating table during the three- he'd just been eating a spoonyear conflict, failed to deliver ful of bulgur wheat a day. He tangible results. broke down crying and said Western diplomats and his wife had passed away a aid workers have given the week earlier," she said. "He agreement a muted welcome, was sure lack of food meant while urging the Syrian gov- she wasn't able to fight the ernment to allow unfettered illness." humanitarianaccess. Supplies of food and othState television showed ci- er essentials to areas of the vilians, largely elderly people Old City have been stymied and women, wrapped in blan- since June 2012, with the opkets and being ushered onto position accusing the govbuses. One evacuee was taken ernment of using starvation in an ambulance. tactics to crush support for The 83 people the United rebels. Areas of the DamasNations said were evacuated cus suburbs are under similar to places of their choosing are strangleholds.

a spoonful of wheat a day and others saying they had been

a fraction of the 2,500 people it estimates are holed up in

By Loveday Morris The Washington Post

BEIRUT — The first civilians were evacuated Friday

from a rebel-held area of the Syrian city of Homs after more than a year and a half of

struggling to survive under a government blockade, a deal that could bolster confidence

ahead of a second round of peace talks. Aid workers said they had heard harrowing stories from just more than 80 people who were evacuatedfrom the be-

sieged Old City — with some recounting how they h ad

Residents say t hey

Heal, Strengthen,Correct Relax SafelyYourMind &Body 541-383-6525 /2115 NE Hwy20

541-388%418 1465 SW Knoll Ave. Bend

I •


l I•

h a ve

survived on little but olives Homs's Old City. Humanitar- and what could be scavenged forced to eat weeds. A U.N.-brokered agreement ian workers said they handed from abandoned houses. Refor a three-day cease-fire,to the evacuees juice, high-ener- ports of deaths from starvaallow civilians out and then gy biscuits and ready-to-eat tion remain unconfirmed. aid to come in, came just days meals as they left the city. A total of 200,000 Syrian ahead of the resumption of Dina Elkassaby, a spokes- citizens are living under siege, peace talks in Geneva. The woman for the World Food according the United Nations. Syrian g overnment c o n- Program, said its staff had re- The vast majority are cut off firmed Friday that it w ould ported that many of the evac- by government forces, though attend. uees were in "very, very bad rebels have been criticized for The first r ound, which shape," with children showing using similar tactics in areas marked the first time the two signs of malnutrition. of northern Syria.

Yachaa, Oregon .

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It's Saturday, Feb. 8,the 39th day of 2014. Thereare326 days left in the year.



HAPPENINGS DObt —The debt limit, which was met Friday, will reset to the current U.S. debt, which is about $17.3 trillion.C8 DiPIOmaCy —Amid the start of the Olympics, Japanese Prime Minister ShinzoAbewill meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss a decades-old territorial dispute between their countries.

HISTORY Highlight:In1974, the last three-man crew of the Skylab space station, consisting of Jerry Carr, Bill Pogueand Edward Gibson, returned to Earth after spending 84 days in space. (Skylab remained in orbit another five years before plunging to its destruction in 1979.) In1587,Mary, Queenof Scots was beheaded atFotheringhay Castle in Englandafter she was implicated in a plot to murder her cousin, QueenElizabeth I. In1862,the Civil War Battle of Roanoke Island, N.C,ended in victory for Union forces led by Gen. Ambrose E.Burnside. In1904,the Russo-Japanese War, a conflict over control of Manchuria and Korea, began as Japaneseforces attacked Port Arthur.

In1910,the BoyScouts of America was incorporated. In1922, President Warren G. Harding had aradio installed in the White House. In1924, the first execution by gas in the United States took place at the NevadaState Prison in Carson City asGeeJon, a Chinese immigrant convicted of murder, was put to death. In1942, during World War II, Japaneseforces began invading Singapore, which fell a week later. In1952, QueenElizabeth II proclaimed heraccession to the British throne following the death of her father, King George Vl. In1968, three college students were killed in a confrontation with highway patrolmen in Orangeburg, S.C., during a civil rights protest against a whites-only bowling alley. In1973,Senate leaders named seven members of aselect committee to investigate the Watergate scandal, including its chairman, Sen.SamJ. Ervin, D-N.C. In1984, the Winter Olympics opened in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. In1989,144 people were killed when an American-chartered Boeing 707 filled with Italian tourists slammed into a fog-covered mountain in the Azores. Ten years ago:President George W. Bushdenied marching America into war against Iraq under false pretenses and said in a taped interview broadcast on NBC's"Meet the Press" the U.S.-led invasion was necessary becauseSaddam Hussein could havedeveloped a nuclear weapon. Five years ago:Robert Plant and Alison Krauss won five Grammys, including album of the year, for "Raising Sand." R&B singer Chris Brown was arrested on suspicion of making a criminal threat (he was later sentenced to five years of probation for beating his longtime girlfriend, singer Rihanna). Oneyear ago:A massive storm packing hurricane-force winds and blizzard conditions began sweeping through the Northeast, dumping nearly 2 feet of snow onNewEngland and knocking out power to more than ahalf a million customers.

BIRTHDAYS Composer-conductor John Williams is 82. Newscaster Ted Koppel is 74. Actor Nick Nolte is 73. Actor-rock musician Creed Bratton is 71.Actress Mary Steenburgen is 61.Author John Grisham is 59.Actor Seth Green is 40. Professional surfer Bethany Hamilton is 24. — From wire reports

Could future spaceshipsbe


built with artificial 'bone'?



The success of a rare transplant procedure has some doctors wondering: Why hasn't it caught on'?

Disney ESPN Wide World of Sportsvia The NewYorkTimes

Jonathan Nunez, 8, who as an infant underwent a rare liver transplant in which he kept part of his old organ, which eventually

replaced the transplanted one, participates last month in agymnastics competition in Orlando, Fla.

By Denise Grady New York Times News Service

Five days a

w e ek, t hree

is not appropriate for children with chronic liver disease, because scarring may prevent the liver from growing back. In all, Kato said he had performed the surgery on 13

hours a day, Jonathan Nunez works out with a gymnastics coach on bars, rings, pommel horse and floor exercises. children from 3 months to 8 "He gets home, and he's still years of age, with the most not tired," said his mother, Yai- recent case about a year ago. lin. "He's jumping up and do- In all but one case, the children's own livers recovered. If ing cartwheels." At competitions, Jonathan,

the liver does not recover, the

8, oftentakes first or second child is treated like any stanplace. "No one could ever dard transplant patient, and tell what he's gone through," the anti-rejection drugs are Nunez said. continued. Kato said that the liver had A transplant not yet grown back in his Suddenly and mysterious- youngest patient, who was 3 ly, when Jonathan was an in- months old when he operated fant, his liver began to fail. At

8 months, a transplant was his only hope. His parents took a

in August 2012. "I don't know if her liver will ever recover,"

he said, but added, "We have

chance on an unusual operation: He had a transplant, but

not lost hope completely."

place in the hope that it might

age of 10 with acute liver fail-

eventually recover so that the donor organ would no longer

ure could be helped by the surgery. But now, experience

be needed. If that happened,

suggests that infants may not

He said that, originally, he part of his own liver was left in thought any child under the

the anti-rejection drugs would be good candidates. be stopped and, with luck, JonAs to why, Kato said he athan's immune system would could only speculate. In ababy, destroy the transplant, leaving the partial liver that is transhis own liver to do its job. planted is much larger than the The advantage to this ap-

By Amina Khan

thus very dense and heavy — which is a drawback if L OS A NG E L E S you're trying to make someHow do you make a li ght, thing strong but light (like a low-density material without plane). Even though experts compromising its strength? have managed to make arIt's a conundrum that has tificial 'cellular' materials p lagued engineers a n d like aluminum foam, which builders looking for tough, is full of air pockets and durable materials that don't thus much lighter than a solweigh them down. id hunk of metal, there's a Now, using a high-tech 3D trade-off — the porous metal printer, scientists in Germa- is much weaker than solid ny have created a lightweight metal would be. It's not easy but very strong material in- to engineer strong materials spired by the intricate micro- less dense than water (which scopic architecture of living is about 1,000 kilograms per tissue — our own bones. The cubic meter). r esearch, published in t h e Wood and bone don't seem Proceedings of the National to have this problem. These Academy of Sciences, could living tissues, natural cellupave the way for future su- lar materials, are porous but per-light materials that could still very strong — and it's bebe used in microfluidics de- cause of how the air pockets vices or to make lighter (and are arranged. In metal foam, thus cheaper) spacecraft. the airbubbles are random, "It's a long-standing aim and so is the structure. But in engineering to create new in wood and bone, there's a materials which are even complex architectural patlighter and stronger, (but) tern to the bits of bone crisst here's some kind of l i m it crossing through all those air

other advantage. Their cel-

Los Angeles Times

lular architecture starts on

reached with standard materials," said lead author Jens

the researchers said. There's no good way to

pockets that are designed to

bearloads. (It's a little bit like a table's Bauer, a mechanical engineer at the Karlsruhe Institute of legs: Even though the area Technology. "Now we have to under the tabletop is mostly figure out how we can go fur- air, those skinny sticks can ther — and one idea is to do it hold up the tabletop because they're placed in a way to like nature does." I ndustrial materials l i k e take the load.) steel are often solid and Wood and bone have an-

once-fragile little boy is now a powerhouse in the gym. But for all its apparent promise, the operation his family chose has not really caught on — to the dismay of Jonathan's

surgeon, Dr. Tomoaki Kato of NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital in Manhattan. Few children

advantage ofthe size effect

— the smaller your building material, the stronger it gets. Is this phenomenon relat-

ed to how tiny ants can carry loads at 50 times their body weight, but humans can't?.

"It's not really the same

size effect, but it's similar," Bauer said.

So the researchers used a 3D laser lithography machine — basically a very fancy 3D printer — to build very tiny microstructures out of a

ceramic-polymer composite. They made several different designs, from cubic grids with diagonal supports to hexagonal honeycomb-like structures.

These light building materials were remarkably tough — they exceeded the strength

to weight ratio of all engineering materials with a density less than that of water, mass-produce such materi-

als, Bauer said — the technology is very young. But it does raise the hope that such bio-

inspired materials could one day make building safe but lightweight structures much


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&uawdlun NedicalAlert Systems

America's "Top Rated" Medical Alert System Igg jg-'~ '. Offg

portion of the child's own liver

proach was that it would leave that is left in place. "The transplant takes up Jonathan free of the lifetime of powerful anti-rejection drugs too much blood," Kato said. that transplant patients nor- "The old liver is sick, so the mally require. transplant preferentially gets The gamblepaid off. Jon- the blood flow. Maybe the athan's liver grew back, the flow is taken too much to the transplant is gone, and the

very tiny, microscopic scales, which allows them to take

~ Rr

transplanted liver, and there's not enough for the old liver to

survive." He said he t h ought that

problem might explain why it took threeyears for Jonathan Nunez's liver to grow back. Jonathan also had a number of complications along the way.

Some dNiculties

who need liver transplants are

Other experts acknowledge that the operation has not and other surgeons are wary gained wide acceptance but because it is complex, lengthy say it poses substantial diffiand riskier than a standard culties. Dr. Alan Langnas, dicandidatesfor the procedure,

transplant. And it doesn't al-

rector of liver transplantation

ways work: The children's own at the Nebraska Medical Cenliversdo not always recover. ter,said he had performed the Even so, Kato believes that

doctors should be performing the surgery, called auxiliary partial orthotropic liver transplantation, more often, and that it should at least be

considered for any child under 10 who needs a transplant because of acute liver failure.

The total who would qualify is small — maybe only a few dozen children a year in the U.S. — but the prospect of a normal life without anti-rejection drugs makes it well worth

operation about 10 times, but

no longer did. "It's a good idea, but things don't always work out as per-

fectly as you would hope," he said. "There's a lot of obstades." He added, "Nobody's doing any with any r eal enthusiasm."

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After Jonathan's recovery,

the only thing that worried his parents was that the cause of his liver failure had never been

determined. When he was 5, they got the diagnosis: an au-

considering, Kato said. The toimmune disorder that affects drugs suppress the immune the liver. A small amount of system and can increase the daily medication has kept it risk of infections, cancer and under control, Nunez said. other health problems. She has no regrets about "It can be hard to convince

colleagues to do something different," Kato said. "This is something you need to see and believe." T he o peration

has n o t

worked well in adults, and it

the choice she and her hus-

band made for Jonathan, and she said she wished the same option were available to more

families. She added, "We were in the right place at the right time."

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amacare enro ees it sna s wit octors

Continued fromA1 The NSA is preparing to seek court orders to compel wireless companies that currently do not hand over

By Chad Terhune

law. Government exchanges

records to the government to do so, said the current

Los Angeles Times

and other supporters of the

and former officials, who

health care law are trying to boost enrollment, particular-

spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations. That effort comes in the

new roadblocks at the doctor's

ly among young and healthy people, ahead of a March 31 deadline. Of course, complaints about


outdated provider lists and

month to find a way to move the data out of the govern-

LOS ANGELES — A f t er

overcoming website glitches and long waits to get Obamacare, some patientsare now running into frustrating

wake of President Barack O bama's

A month i nt o t h e m o st delays in getting a doctor's

sweeping changes to health care in half a century, people are having trouble finding doctors at all, getting faulty information on which ones are covered and receiving little help from insurers swamped by new business. Experts have warned for months that the logjam was inevitable. But the extent of

the problems is taking by surprise many patients — and evendoctors— asfrustrations mount.

Denied care Aliso Viejo resident Danielle Nelson s ai d

B ut when

appointment were common

ment's hands to assuage

long before the health care law was enacted. But some

concerns about intrusions on privacy. Obama has giv-

experts worry the influx of

en the Justice Department

newly insured patients and

and the intelligence commu-

the cost-cutting strategies of health plans may further

nity until March 28 to come

she w ent t o

her oncologist's office, she promptly encountered a bright orange sign saying that Covered California plans are not accepted. "I'm a complete fan of the

'A phantomnetwork' Maria Berumen, a tax preparer in Downey, was uninsured for years because of pre-existing conditions. The 53-year-old was thrilled to find coverage for herself and her husband for $148 a month after qualifying for a big govShe jumped atthe chance in early January to visit a primary care doctor for long-running numbness in her arm and shoulder as a result of bone spurs on her spine. The doctor referred her to a specialist, and problems ensued. At least four doctors wouldn't accept

her health plan — even though the state exchange website and her insurer, Health Net

Inc., list them as part of her HMO network. "It's a phantom network,"

Affordable Care Act, but now Berumen said. I can't sleep at night," NelIt was no surprise to her son said. "I can't imagine this family doctor, Ragaa Iskarous. is how President (Barack) She has run into this problem Obama wanted it to happen."

repeatedly with other patients

To hold down premiums un- in the last month, the doctor der the health care law, major said. "This is really driving us insurers have sharply cut the crazy." number of doctors and hospiBerumen said she was seen tals available to patients in the by a neurosurgeon last week state's new health insurance — after state regulators intermarket.

vened on her behalf.

Now those limited options Insurers say they are workare becoming clearer, and ing hard to resolve customers' California officials say they problems as they arise, and are recei ving more consum- they continue to add physier complaints about access to cians to augment certain geomedical providers. State law- graphic areas and medical makers are also moving swift- specialties. "Any huge implementation ly to ease some of the problems that have arisen. like this comes with a lot of "It's a little early for anyone moving parts," said Health to know how widespread and Net spokesman Brad Kieffer. deep this problem is," said Cal- "There is a learning curve ifornia Insurance Commis- for everyone, and we expect sioner Dave Jones. "There are as time goes on these issues a lot of economic incentives should dissipate." for health insurers to narrow Nationwide, about 70 pertheir networks, but if they go

too far, people won't have access to care. Network adequacy will be a big issue in 2014." The latest travails come at a crucial time during the rollout of Obama's signature

up with a plan. The actual percentage of records gathered is some-

strain the system.

A n t h em ernment subsidy.

Blue Cross promised half a dozen times that her oncologists would be covered under her new policy. She was diagnosed last year with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and discovered a suspicious lump near her jaw in early January.

d e cision la s t

where between 20 and 30

percent, and reflects Americans' increasing turn to cell-

phones, as well as technical challenges in preparing the Katie Falkenberg /LosAngeles Times

NSA database to handle large amounts of new re-

Maria Berumen of Downey, Calif., uses an inflatable neck brace to help with numbness in her arm and

cords, the current and for-

shoulder as a result of bone spurs onher spine. Many doctors wouldn't accept Berumen's health plan, even though theywere listed on the plan bythe state exchange andthe insurer.

mer officials said. That still likely represents

Switching health plans —TheObamaadministration has quietly reworked rules andcomputer code for to try to stem anoutpouring of discontent by someAmericans who have discovered that the health plans they havebought do not include their old doctors or allow them toaddnewbabies or spouses. Under changes that havenot beendisclosed to the public, the government will temporarily allow consumers whohavegotten coverage through the newonline insurance marketplace to switch health plans to a limited degree. In a memodistributed Thursday night to insurers, federal health officials said that people maypick adifferent health plan before the end of March if they aredissatisfied with the onethey chose, but only if they stay with the sameinsurer and generally the same level of coverage. The14-page memo, obtainedbyTheWashington Post,also says that people will be given more freedomand a longer opportunity to get a newhealth plan if they can prove that HealthCare. gov, the website for the newmarketplace, displayed inaccurate information about the benefits that a health plan offers. In addition, now isequippedwith a "Report a Life Change" button, the memosays, enabling people to tinker with their insurance plans if they haveadded members to their family, moved, gotten out of prison, or undergone other changes that affect the insurance theywant. Even asthe improvement was being announced to insurers, this aspect of the computer system still is not working reliably, according to an individual familiar with the situation who spoke oncondition of anonymity about internal government work. — The Washington Post

cent of new insurance plans under the health care law fea-

"It's pretty clear insurers plaints, the exclusion of some responded to greater compe- higher-priced hospitals such tition by trying to hold down as Cedars-Sinai Medical Cencosts through narrower net- ter from nearly all exchange works," said L a rr y L e v itt, plans is a positive sign, they senior vice president at the say. "The Affordable Care Act nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation. "Insurers have made often gets accused of not doing the judgment that people pre- enough to control costs," said fer lower premiums to broader Ian Hill, senior fellow at the

ture relatively narrow hospi-


tal networks compared with

many existing plans, according to consulting firm McKinsey & Co.

comes is one ripple effect that may help."

Incorredinformation The Covered California exchange began enrollment in October without the provider

directory it had promised. Delays and glitches ensued for weeks, frustrating many consumers who complained that it was impossible to compare

tens ofbillions of records going back five years, a cause of great concern to privacy and civil liberties advocates. In defending the program, administration officials have emphasized the need to gather all records.

"If you're looking for the needle in the haystack, you have to have the entire hay-

stack to look through," Deputy Attorney General James Cole told Congress last July.

health plans without details

Edward Felten, a Princ-

on what hospitals and doc-

eton University computer

tors were included. In November, the exchange updated its

scientist who has studied

directory. The exchange said its 11

the program from a technological perspective, said the revelation "calls into

health plans offer more than

question whether the ra-

58,000 physicians to choose from, representing 80 percent

tionale offered for the program is consistent with the

to 90 percent of p racticing

way the program has been operating."

physicians in the state. The California Medical Association credits the exchange

But collection of even a

for fixing many of the initial

quarterof the records is valuable, officials say.

problems but maintains that the state's data are still flawed,

the NSA Deputy Director

oftenbecause of incorrectinformation from health plans.

"It'sbetterthanzero," said

Rick Ledgett in an interview Thursday, without describ-

Insurersblame doctor'soffices for frequently giving wrong

ing the program's exact

information. S cott Marshutz of


chance." One former senior offi-

Point said he picked a Blue

cial acknowledged that 100

Shield PPO plan in th e ex-

percent was the goal, but asserted that as long as the collection "is fairly spread acrossthediff erentvendors in the geographic area that you're covering," the collection provides value.

change so he and his wife w ould havegreater choice of doctors.

But when he booked an appointment recently with his orthopedic surgeon, the doctor's office said it wasn't tak-

ing Covered California plans. "I'm wondering how many Health policy experts and some consumer advocates of the most expensive hospi- other people have experienced say the trade-offs may pay off. tals and providers who don't this," he said, "and if it w i ll Despite some consumer com- demonstrate high-quality out- backfire on the whole system." Urban Institute, a Washington think tank. "Excluding some

scope. "If it's zero, there's no

The NSA, for mstance, ts still able to obtain the call

recordsof some customers whose phone companies are not covered by the pro-

gram. When the customers of a n on-covered carrier callcustomers of a covered

carrier ,the latter's records


should reflect both ends of

HouseBill 4122

HouseBill 4154

to extend open enrollment by a month, giving consumers

Synopsis:The measure would require state agencies or public corporations dealing with procuring goods or services with contracts over $1 million to havethird-party oversight Chief Sponsors:Rep.Mitch Greenlick, D-Portland, Rep. Nancy Nathanson, D-Eugene,Rep. PaulHolvey, D-Eugene What's next:WorksessionscheduledforTuesdayintheHouse Committee OnConsumer Protection and Government Efficiency Online:https://olis.leg.state.onus/liz/2014R1/Measures/Text/

Synopsis:Requires Oregon Health Insurance ExchangeCorporation to request federal waiver to extend the time Oregonians are eligible for a tax break Chief Sponsor:Rep.ShemiaFagan,D-Clackamas What's next:WorksessionscheduledforMondayintheHouse Committee on Health Care Online:

more time to sign up and still


Continued fromA1 The first, House Bill 4154,

would tackle a handful of the more high-profile problems. It would direct the Cover Or-

egon board to seek a waiver from the federal government

receive a tax break. It would also allow the governor to remove Cover Oregon board members and would ensure that people in the high-risk medical pool have coverage. In addition, it would give Cover Oregon employees whis-

currently has the authority to

removethree board members ayear. Conger blasted the measure as an "easy path." He's working on amendmentshe

tle-blower protections. believes would bolster the bill. Gov. J o h n K it z h aber's They wouldextend a waiver to spokeswoman said Friday the consumers indefinitely, allow-


dent audit of Cover Oregon are a third-party quality managmade available to the public. er overseeing the project. It is Rep. Dennis R ichardson, scheduled for a work session R-Central Point, who is run- Tuesday. ning for governor, said he'll Ever since a disastrous atintroduce an amendment to tempted upgrade of the comthe measure to scrap the state's puter systems at the state's exchange altogether. Department of Motor Vehicles While introducing the mea-

in the mid-1990s, there has

governor is waiting for an in- ing them to receive a tax break sure, Rep. Shemia Fagan, dependent audit before saying even if theyenrolled outside the D-Clackamas, told lawmakers whether he w ould consider

insurance exchange. Another

been a policy that requires quality assurance review of she hopes this measure doesn't every project under the execget "bogged down in the obvi- utivebranch, overseeing the ous politics of this issue." entire project including staff, The other measure, House the vendor and any additional

removing the board members. would require lawmakers to Rachel Wray, his spokeswom- purchase insurance through an, did say he was interested the exchange. And finally, he in "more accountability and said, he wants to be sure the Bill 4122, aims to ensure that contractors. As drafted now, oversight" over the board. He entire results of the indepen- large technology projects have House Bill 4122 would codify

the call. Some industry officials said that the 20 to 30 percent figure can only be explained if the NSA is also missing records from Internet-based calls.

According to i ndustry and government figures, the number of land lines in use fell from 127 million in 2009 to 96 million in 2012,

some of those requirements for

a 24 percent drop. By contrast, the number of cellphones in the United States jumped from 255 million in

projects that exceed a dollar

2007 to 326 million in 2012,

threshold and would add public corporations, such as Cover Oregon. The governor, who is running for a historic fourth term,

a 28 percent rise. And In-

has said ultimately he's the one

responsible for the troubled rollout of the health insurance exchange. "Ithappened on my watch," he said previously. Constitutionally, lawmakers

have until March 9 to adjourn. — Reporter,541-554-1162;

ternet-based s u bscribers,

according to the Federal Communications Commission, shot up from 26 million in 2009 to 42 million in 2012,

a 62 percent rise.

Struggling to hear? Call for your

Snow Continued fromA1 "It's very, very slow moving," she said. Before the storm is gone, it will likely have dropped another 3 to 7 inches of snow in Bend and 9 to 18 inches of snow in the Cascades, on top

of the snowfall from earlier this week. The heavy snowfall is making for true winter driving conditions throughout Central Oregon. As of Friday afternoon Peter Murphy, spokesman for the Oregon Depart-

doesn't change his advice. "Just because you have a there hadn't been any serious wrecks in Central Oregon de- four-wheel-drive (vehicle) spite the snowy weather. doesn't mean you can stop "So far we have been very faster," Murphy said. fortunate," he said. If possible, he said people More snow is coming this should avoid highway travel weekend and Murphy said thisweekend around Central anyone out driving should Oregon. drive more slowly than they Another storm is expected do when roads and skies are to roll in from the west later clear. this weekend, but it may bring "It's really important that rain or a mix of rain and snow we drive for the conditions," he rather than snow to Bend and said, "'Drive for the environ- other towns in Central Oregon. ment' is what I like to say." More snow is expected in the And the kind of car or truck mountains. you drive, or howit is equipped, Yet another band of moisment of Transportation, said

ture should move through

storm earlier this week coated

Tuesday and more storms are likely later next week.

the runs with snow prime for

active," Hayden said.

Williams, Hoodoo spokesman.


The string of storms comes after a dr y J anuary that brought drought concerns in Central Oregon and around the state. Among those happy

Due to the low snow earlier this ski season, Hoodoo did

was4fef I~ ,

to see all the snow are ski hill

said the carnival, which fea-

"We are going to be pretty

skiing and snowboarding. "It's a lot of powder," said Leif

r eschedule its annual W i n -

ter Carnival, which had been planned for today. Williams

owners and operators, particu- tures a day of games, live mularly Hoodoo Ski Area west of sic and a barbecue, is now set Sisters.

After not having enough snow for the first two months of its typical ski season, Hoo-

doo openedFriday.The chilly

for March 1. — Reporter Shelby R. King contributed to this report. Reporter: 541-617-7812,

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'Ai in yin 'movement ainin tractionas erce tionss i care, but also have a choice to of Florida Gators football, he accelerate the time of death if is growing weaker and feeling theverybestcarecannotmake more pain. Oregon's pioneering law their remaining days acceptHis doctors at the Denver Oregon's Death With Dig- able," she said. Health Medical Center say he nity Act, which took effect in One method for some is to will probably die within six 1997, authorized prescriptions simply halt vital treatments, months. "They said that the only way for lethal doses when two doc- such as dialysis or insulin. Antors agree that a patient will other is to turn off a pacemaker to take care of this is to rip die within six months and is or, like Mitton, refuse an un- me open again, and that's not freely choosing this path. wanted new treatment. An in- what I'm going to do," he said More than a decade passed creasingly popular choice, she in the apartment he shares before another state followed said - "for patients who are here with his cat. suit. In 2008, voters in Wash- truly, emotionally and spirituIf a less daunting treatment ington approved a similar ally ready to die" — is to stop were available, he might try law. In 2012, after a political eating and drinking. it, Mitton said. But he was told

By Erik Eckhoim

them, can be subject to felony

New York Times News Service

chargesof"assisted suicide."

DENVER — Helping the terminally ill end their lives, con-

demned for decades asim moral, is gaining traction. Banned everywhere but Oregon until 2008, it is now legal in five states. Its advocates, who have

learned to shun the term "assisted suicide," believe that as baby boomers watch frail parents suffer, support for what they call the "aid in dying" movement will grow further.

In January, the New Mexico Supreme Court authorized doctors to provide lethal

prescript ions and declared a constitutional right for "a competent, terminally ill pa-

tient to choose aid in dying." In May, the Vermont Legisla-

Matthew Staver/For The New YorkTimes

Robert Mitton, who has a failing heart, at his desk inside his home in Denver last month. Public support for assisted dying can vary greatly depending on the terminology poilsters use, and five states have legalized it — but not Colorado, leaving Mitton frustrated and asking why people in Montana and New Mexico "are able to die with dignity and I am not."

ture passed a law permitting it, joining Montana, Oregon and Washington. This spring, fines as an act by people with advocates are strongly pro- severe depression or other moting "death with dignity" mental problems. bills in Connecticut and other states.

Public support for assisted dying has grown in the past half century but depends in part on terminology. In a Gallup Poll conducted in May, for example,70 percentofrespondents agreed that when pa-

But overt assistance to bring

on death, by whatever name, remains illegal in most of the


Dying with dignity A nd so f o r R o bert M i t ton of Denver, 58 and with a

failing heart, the news from

tients and their families want-

New Mexico last month was ed it, doctors shouldbe allowed bittersweet.

to "end the patient's life by

some painless means." In 1948,

that share was 37 percent, and it rose steadily for four decades but has remained roughly stable since the mid-1990s. Yet in the same 2013 poll, only 51 percent supported allowing doctors to help a dying patient "commit suicide." About 3,000 patients a year,

"I am facing my imminent death," he said, asking why people in Montana and New Mexico "are able to die with

dignity and I am not." "This should be a basic human right." Husky and garrulous, with a graying ponytail, Mitton does not look like a dying man. But his doctors say that he must

from every state, contact the undergo extensive open-heart advocacy group Compassion surgery in the coming months and Choices for advice on le- or face a nearly certain and gal ways to reduce end-of-life painful end. suffering and perhaps hasten A previous operation to retheirdeaths.

Giving a fading patient the opportunity for apeaceful and dignified death is not suicide, the group says, which it de-

place his aortic valve was so brutal, he says, that now, with

his prior implant failing, he will not endure the surgery again. He wants a doctor's help

battle, voters in M a ssachuOthers try t o a c cumulate that he does not qualify for setts narrowly defeated such medications that would bring a newer, less invasive surgical

a measure. But last May, the peaceful death. Vermont Legislature approved But it makes a tremendous one. difference, Lee said, to live In response to lawsuits, state where the law permits assisted courts in Montana in 2009 and dying. Too often people seek now New Mexico have said alternatives in shame and sethat aid in dying is legal, dis- crecy, sometimes making franto end his life before he be- tinguishing it from the crime tic international trips for lethal comes too helpless to act. of assisted suicide. drugs or using more violent Mitton's frustrated quest By law and medical stan- means to kill themselves. draws attention to the limited dards, only genuine residents Research in Oregon indichoices facing patients in the who have relationships with cates that for many patients, large majority of states that local doctors can qualify for just knowing the option is there bar the practice. the prescriptions in any of has proveda greatcomfort,she Opponents say that actively these states, so patients like noted. Of the 122 patients who ending a life, no matter how Mitton cannot move in at the obtained lethal drugs in 2013, frail a person is, is a moral vi- last minute. only 71 used them, the rest dyolation and that patients might ing naturally with the pills in a be pushed to die early for the Increasing demand drawer. convenience of others. There is a quiet, constant "The church teaches that demand all over the country Anunusual case life is sacred from conception for a right to die on one's own Mitton is an unusual case through t o n a t ural d eath," terms, said Barbara Coombs because, unlike the more typArchbishop Michael Sheehan Lee, president of Compassion ical candidates with advanced of Santa Fe, N.M., told legis- & Choices, and that demand is cancer or ALS, he is refusing lators at a recent breakfast as likely to grow, she said, as the a potentially lifesaving procehe criticized the court decision baby boomers age. dure that would be covered by there. Her group counsels people publicinsurance. He suffered "This assisted-suicide thing who call for advice, Lee said, heart damage from rheumatic concerns me," Sheehan add- describing options but not en- fever in his teens. In 1999, in an ed, according to The New couraging them to end their open-heart operation followed Mexican."Iforesee dangerous lives or providing direct help. by an unusually rough recovconsequences." Callers who seem to be men- ery, doctors replaced his failMitton's predicament illus- tally disturbed and suicidal, she ing aortic valve with one made trates a seldom-discussed side said,are referred to a suicide ofbovine tissue. of the debate: the anguish ex- hotline. If they are facing imA decade and a half later, perienced, and the sometimes minent suffering and death and the replacement valve is dedesperate measures taken, by seek some control ,the group teriorating quickly, and his some patients in states where urgesthem firstto arrange for heart is ever less efficient at doctors who knowingly pre- palliative or hospice care as pumpingblood. Once a self-describe lethal drugs, or rela- they consider their next steps. scribed "crazy hot-dog skier" "People should get the best and a devotee since childhood tives who help a patient obtain

methods. As his ability to work fades,he is also desperately worried about money and says he would choose to die rather than enter a shelter or even a

hospice. His younger sister in North Carolina, Holly Mitton-Cow-

an, said by telephone, "I'm trying not to cry, but I respect his decision."

Mitton is exploring the international underground market for pentobarbital, a drug used in executions and animal euthanasia. In the past, patients have obtained it by mail order

or in person in Latin America or China. But the drug has be-

come scarce, and governments have cracked down on illicit trade.

If he can get some liquid pentobarbital, Mitton said, when the time is right he will

sit in his easy chair and mix it into a salty dog — a vodka, grapefruit juice and salt cocktail that was his first drink as

a teenager. If not, he said, he may resort

to what some call a "chemical suicide," mixing household chemicals to produce a dead-

ly cloud of hydrogen sulfide gas and leaving behind a toxic mess. He is also pondering a heroinoverdose. Whatever the means, he

said, "I think it's best if I'm by myself. That way, nobody could get into trouble."



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erea servicemem ers e in t e o "Saving Italy: The Race to Res- ney's character, Frank Stokes,

By Maria Recio McClatchy Washington Bureau


the Nazis," is about the rescue Lt. George Stout, makes the of art in cities such as Florence case to FDR after Pearl Harbor

The real MonumentsNen

and Milan.


cue a Nation's Treasures from

T h ey

were unlikely soldiers. The small band of middle-aged art experts, artists, educators and architects who signed up during World War

based on art conservationist forced the U.S. into the war in

The fear of losing cultural 1941 to create an art corps to history extended to the U.S. In be partofthe American forces January 1941, the then brand-

entering Europe. As it unfolds,

arttreasureswereon am ission to find the paintings, sculptures

new National Gallery of Art in the film becomes equal parts Washington, concerned about historical documentary, budits own collections during the dy vehicle and action movie war, sent 62 paintings and 17 as it relates what the Monusculpturesfor safekeeping to ments Men had to do to find the

and cultural touchstones stolen

the Biltmore Estate in Ashe-

artworks that the Nazis had

by the Nazis for their art-obsessed Fuhrer.

ville, N.C., once the home of George Vanderbilt, grandson of Gilded Age industrialist and philanthropist Cornelius

seized and hidden away. An engaging moment in the

Vanderbilt. Edsel screened the film at the

pened — comes when the char-

II to join ~ s i d ent Franklin

Delano Roosevelt's program to protect and secure European

Their phenomenal success

and heroism were so little known that they were close to being a historical asterisk.

Instead, their story is now a

Photo courtesyof the Ackland Art Museum,The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

feature-length motion picture, "The Monuments Men,"open-

"Monuments Man" Sherman Lae, an Asian art scholar, retired from the Navy and taught at the University of Washington and was an associate director at the Seattle Art Museum before moving to Cleveland, then North Carolina.

ing nationally on Friday. The movie, directed by and starring George Clooney, who also shares screenwriting and

film — one of those hard-to-

believe scenes that really hap-

National Archives in Washing-

acter playedby John Goodman has a toothache and has to visit

ton last week

a local dentist in Trier, Ger-

The audience included Lyn- many. The dentist, learning of da Bird Johnson Robb, daugh- the Americans' mission, takes ter of former President Lyndon

them to meet his son-in-law,

Johnson, and her husband, Chuck Robb, a former Virginia

an art scholar who, it turns out, stole some works from Paris

discoveries made by the Monu-

governor and U.S. senator. Ed-

when he was in the SS, the elite

Jewels of the art world were ments Menbyresearching files found hidden in salt mines and in the labyrinth of the National even incastles;they had been Archives' facility in College taken from the walls of muse- Park, Md. It stores every aspect Hugh Bonneville — the star of ums and from the homes of col- of U.S. history, including war

sel co-hosted a screening the night before in the U.S. Capi-

Nazi corps that reported directly to Adolf Hitler.

tol's new auditorium with Rep.

The son-in-law tells the team

producer credits, drew an A-list cast, induding Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett, Bill M urray, John Goodman, French actor Jean Dujardin and British actor

and others.

PBS' "Downton Abbey." Clooney, Damon, Blanchett and Du-

lectors, many of them Jewish.

jardin are all Oscar winners.

Edsel: the story's real force But the real force behind the

A storystumbled upon In an interview, the dapper, 57-year-old Edsel, tall and slender with a mane of distinctive

story isn't Clooney or any of the heavyweight Hollywood

white hair that he keeps unfashionably long, recalled that talent; it's Robert M. Edsel of he stumbled across the backDallas. storyofthe obscure artprotecThe movie is based on his tors while living in Florence. "I was crossing the Ponte book, "The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves Vecchio, the only bridge in and the G r eatest Treasure Florence that wasn't destroyed Hunt in History." in the war, and I wondered,

He is, as he often acknowledges, an unlikely champion. Edselwas a former professional tennis player and successful oil and gas executive, but no art historian. After selling his energy company, he moved his family to Europe in the mid-1990s for the experi-

'How did so many works of


ensuing years, and at a steep personal financial cost. "We passed $1 million a long ence. But soon he became passionate about the art around time ago," said the very driven, him and how it had survived very intense Edsel.

Matt and whoever else is go-

ing," followed by stops in various European cities.

cy; and consulted on the movie

centuriesof culture produced based on his book. by Da Vinci, Michelangelo, He began by looking for Vermeer, Rembrandt, Renoir photographs of the historic

was destined for Linz, Hitler's Austrian h ometown w h ere the Fuhrer, who had studied

art, planned a grand museum complex where all the looted

treasures would be displayed in honor of the Third Reich.

to the Met after the war and

alone, stored there to protect

wasn't lost to the hands of Hitler and the destruction caused

ie focuses on the rescue oftwo


bythe war." C oincidence or n o t , t h e screenwriters used her name

Once the Monuments Men blasted their way into the mine,

seminal pieces both originally in Belgium — Michelangelo's "Bruges Madonna," a delicate

marble sculpture of Madonna and child, and Jan van Eyck's Ghent Altarpiece, an enor-

mous 12-panel Early Flemish masterpiece. The Monuments

The film

Men found both pieces in the

icans who helped locate and The movie changes the repatriate the stolen art. names of the real-life char-

Salvaging history

LT.JAMES RORIMER The character played by Matt Damon wasalready a curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NewYork City when hebecamea Monuments Man. Hewas a specialist in medieval art and helped found the Cloisters, a branch of the Metropolitan that houses its medieval art collection. Rorimer was based inParis for much of the war, where he worked closely with Capt. RoseValland at the Jeu de Paumemuseum during the Germanoccupation to trace the looted Nazi art. Rorimer returned

them from moisture. The mov-


the effort were the 120 Amer-

died in1978.

ropean art and cultural history

force of345 men and women

from 13 countries. Crucial to

from1955 until 1970. He

ments Men made sure that Eu-

woman — still living out of a

Many returned to the U.S. He has written three books to careers in museums and the w a s a sin - about the Nazi ar t r e scue; arts and were very elderly by gle-minded pursuit to learn co-produced a documentary, the time Edsel found them. But how the men and women of the "The Rape of Europa"; created he was able to interview 17 of program, known as the Monu- the Monuments Men Founda- them — 15 men and two womments, Fine Arts and Archives tion, which helps repatriate en — before a dozen passed section of the Civil Affairs and recovered art and advocates away. Military Government Sections for congressional recognition rescued 5 million pieces of art:

taussee salt mines. The art

An art conservationist at Harvard University's Fogg Museum, Stout,playedby George Clooney in the film, was, at 47, acentral figure in the creation of the Monuments Men. Following the war, he had alengthy careerin museum conservation. Stout was director of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum inBoston

became director in 1955. He was animportant figure in the museumworld and an adviser to Fort Worth's Kimbell Museum of Art. He died of a heart attack in

items," Granger told McClatchy. "It used to be that 'to the victor

for Damon's character "James Granger" — in t h e

American men and one British

the war. T he r esult

of the Western Allied Armies, of the Monuments Men lega-

leading an effort to honor the

national Film Festival today closed by fleeing Germans, with, as he puts it, "George and goes the spoils,' but the Monu- they found 6,000 paintings

Accompanying the group art survive?'" he said in an in- will be Harry Ettlinger, 88, of terview, recalling the moment New Jersey. He is one of only back in 1997 as he crossed the five Monuments Men — four medieval span over the Arno River. The answer came over the

Kay Granger, R-Texas, one of that stolen French art was sehis earliest supporters, who is cretly stored in Austria's Al-

Now he is hanging around Monuments Men with the Conwith movie stars. gtessional Gold Medal, the na"There are 'pinch-me' mo- tion's highest civilian honor. "These men and women ments every day during this process," he said. were asked to do a remarkEdsel was at the film's gala able thing by going into harm's New York City premiere on way to save and return stolen Tuesday, then off to Europe for works of art and other cultural a screening at the Berlin Inter-

o o im

Altaussee mine. The film raises moral ques-

acters and fictionalizes a few

tions about whether rescuing art is worth a human life. Ed"It's a dramatic retelling of sel said that Monuments Man the story," Edsel quoted Cloo- Deane Keller, who returned afney as saying, adding that the ter the war to teach at Yale Uniactor/director/screenwriter/ versity for 40 years, believed producer wanted the charac- "that no work of art was worth ters to have "flaws." the life of a single boy." "The film faithfully follows But Edsel — as well as the the overriding principles of Clooney character in the film


the story," said Edsel. "Those — disagrees. "Is it worth fighting to prescenesthat seemed hardest to France, Germany and Austria. believe actually happened." serve art in our culture?" Edsel A more recent Edsel book, The movie begins as Cloo- asked."Yes." The MonumentsMen book

focuses on the rescue efforts in

MAJ. LAURENCE SICKMAIII Sickman played avital role in arts preservation in the Pacific Theater of World War II. He hadbeenan Oriental art curator at the Nelson Gallery in Kansas City. By the end of thewar, he was anart preservation adviser in Gen.Douglas MacArthur's headquarters in Japan. When hereturned to the Nelson after the war, Sickman becameits director in1953 and built up the Asian art collection for which the museum, now known as theNelson-Atkins Museum ofArt, is known. He retired in 1977 and died in 1988. — McClatchy Newspapers

Online community rallies IN FOCUS:IMMIGRATION DEBATE Activist fights to bring back deported mom behind hospitalizedboy By Christine Armario

By Mechelle Hankerson

talk about Michael's story and

The Associated Press

The News & Observer(Raleigh, N.C.)


MIAMI — He remembers the moment so clearly, the last

ZEBULON, N.C. — A hospi-

talized Zebulon Middle School student has received national attention in the past week,

thanks to the efforts of anti-bullying advocates and an online fan community based on the cartoon series "My Little Pony." D onors from

a c ross t h e

There has been little information from W ake County

school or law enforcement officials about any investigation into the bullying Michael's parents sayhe endured. Jan. 23 was a hard day for Michael, his stepfather said. The usually happy and agreeable Michael was being

cians. They communicated through text messages and weeklyphone calls. More than 100,000 parents of U.S. citizen children have

time he saw his mother on

been deported since 1998, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The Applied Research Center,

American soil.

Jose Antonio Machado was merely 15, too young and powerless to stop what was

happening. His mother, Melba, was dressed in an orange

a New York-based advocacy

jumpsuit, wrists in handcuffs,

at least 5,100 U.S. citizen children in 22 states are living in

organization, has found that

countryhave raised more than $50,000 online for the family of more difficult that night, Sut11-year-old Michael Morones, tle said. Michael and his older who has been in a medicallyin- brother, Angel, 13, got into an ducedcoma atWakeMed hos- argument that induded Angel pital in Raleigh since the Jan. saying he was tired of Michael 23 incident at his home. talking about "My Little Pony," Michael's mother, Tiffany accordingto Suttle. Morones-Suttle, and stepfather, After arguing with Angel,

being led away by an immigration officer.

Chris Suttle, think he attempt-

from school. The one whose His work has taken him to cooking he misses and who, Congress, gotten him meetat 18, he still needs for comfort ings with the likes of Donald and advice. Trump and Mark Zuckerberg, "If we were together things landed hi m o n t e l evision. would be much easier," he Along the way, he has grown says. "Your mom is uncondi- into a steady force in the na-

ed to take his life by hanging

Michael went to his room, Suttle said. Later, Morones-Suttle

himself because he was be-

sent her other two children

ing bullied for liking "My Lit-

to bed and checked on a thud

tle Pony." The series and toys

she had heard from Michael's room a few minutes earlier,

about magical, rainbow-colored ponies are primarily marketed to young girls but have a group of online fans who are male and adult. Some adults who spent time with Michael said they never

Suttle said. She found Michael

hanging by a necktie from the top bunk of a bunk bed, Suttle sard.

Oxygen to Michael's brain had beencut offlong enough

saw the bullying his parents to cause severe brain damage, have recounted for media out- although Suttle said no one lets such as People magazine. can be sure of the extent of the But family members want to damage until Michael wakes use what they say is an appar- up. Morones-Suttle and Suttle entsuicide attempt to talkabout

are not sure how long Michael


was without oxygen. In his first six hours of hos-

In the two weeks since Mi-

chael has been hospitalized, pitalization, no one was sure various online fundraisers whether Michael would surhave been created, and the

vive, Suttle said.

family has had so much attenMichael didn't leave a note tion it has hired a public rela- or give his parents any sort of tions company, Summit Con- warning aboutwhat couldhave sulting LLC of Durham, N.C., led to a suicide attempt. But to handle information requests. Suttle said the family thinks There is a Twitter account ded- Michael's peers may have unicated to updates, and Suttle intentionally made him f eel has participated in podcasts embarrassed and ashamed for popular among "Pony" fans to liking "Pony."

When she looked back, he

Pl I'

mouthed:"I love you." She AlvaroBarrientos/The Associated Press nodded and turned away. MelbaSoza embraces hersonJoseAntonio in December as he He speaks of her now in ide- arrives at the airport in Bilbao, Spain from the United States for a alized terms. She is the petite five-day visit with his mother. woman he imagines hugging him when he comes home

foster care because a parent has been detained or deported. An unknown number of noncitizen children have also been

leftbehind. While advocates such as

Jose see immigration reform as the answer, others oppose the idea of allowing deported

and sharing his story. Last year, then a senior in high relatives to return, except in school, he led a group of activ- rare cases. "Immigration law has no ists inside U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio's Miami office, refusing to meaning if we deported peoleave until they were granted a ple and then turn around and meeting with an aide. let them back in," says Jessica tional love." tional immigration debate, a He followed that with a let- Vaughan, director of policy Instead, Jose finds himself young but powerful voice for ter to the editor of The Miami studies at the Center for Imin the same situation as thou- his family and the many oth- Herald, asking politicians to migration Studies, which adsands of other young people in ers hopingto one dayreunite. stand by a proposed biparti- vocates tighter immigration this country: He is the child of san immigration reform mea- policies. aparentwho came totheU.S. A determined effort sure, which included a proviLast year's Senate bill proillegally and then was deportAt his foster home, Jose sion to allow some deported vided several potential aveed — while he was leftbehind. didn't act angry or depressed, immigrants with relatives still nues for deported relatives to "Jose is a n a bandoned just determined. in the U.S. to return. return, including if they have a "I want my mom to be able U.S. citizen or permanent resichild," a child law advocate His foster mother, Jolie Bowrote in the court papers that gorad, remembers him writ- to come back to Florida," Jose dent child, spouse or parent in led to his placement in a foster ing speeches and debating wrote, "and celebrate my grad- the country — in Soza's case, home back in 2011. At least how the immigration system uation with me." her daughter. A policy forbid5,100 children whose parents should be reformed. He startInstead, from afar, Soza ding deported immigrants are either in detention, or al- ed going to activist meetings, saw snapshots of her son on from returning for 10 years ready deported, live in foster sometimes waking at 4 a.m. to Facebook, in his white cap and also wouldhavebeen lifted uncare today, according to one attend weekend gatherings. gown. der the measure. "I would say ... 'You don't estimate. She movedfrom Nicaragua Though that b il l s t alled, But if Jose felt abandoned, want to sleep? Chill out? Have to Spain, and found a job car- President Barack Obama has it wasn't by his mother but fun?,'" Bogorad recalls. "He'd ing for the elderly. Through once again called for Conrather the laws of his adoptive say, 'After.'" Facebook, she watched his gress to take on immigration country for sending her away. Within ayear, Jose was a transformation from boy into reform. House Republicans For the past three years, policy analyst for a state immi- man and activist, through the last week unveiled their broad he has been on a mission: gration network. He showed many pictures of him staging strategy for overhauling the To bring his mother back. up at protests, leading chants protests and meeting politi- system.


Cameron: Without Smtland, Britain would be less'great' By Steven Erlanger

Labour Party, Cameron has New Yorh Times News Service been wary of intervening too LONDON — Marking the much in the debate, fearing a formal beginning of the Brit- counterproductiveeffect.The ish government's campaign to pro-union campaign, which is preserve the United Kingdom, meant to be nonpartisan, is led Prime Minister David Cam- by Alistair Darling, a Labour eron made an emotional plea

member of Parliament from

to Scots to vote in September to remain in the union, say-

Scotland and former chancellor of the Exchequer, who had

ing Friday that without Scot-

a cabinet post during the en-

land, Britain would be "deeply tire Labour reign from 1997 to diminished." 2010. "We want you to stay," said Darling and his team have Cameron, an entreaty that sig- been emphasizing questi ons naled a shift from the current about whether an independent pro-union campaign, which Scotland would have to reaphas featured dark warnings plyto join the European Union, about financial and legal diffi- whether it could continue to culties for Scotland should the

use the pound or adopt the

Scotsvote for independence. euro, whether it would have With seven months to go until the vote, he said, the outcome

a truly i ndependent central bank, and even whether oil

is still up in the air.

and gasrevenues from declinCameron does not want to ing production in the North be the prime minister who Sea would be enough to fund lost Scotland and began the Scotland's budget. breakup of the United KingThe immediate response dom, even as he has promised from the Scottish National Britons a similar referendum Party to the excerpts — the during the next Parliament

"preaction," as one BBC ra-

on remaining in the Europe- dio announcer put it — was an Union. Without Scotland, predictably critical, accusing Great Britain would be consid- Cameron of being afraid to erably less great, he argued, come to Scotland and deand would be faced with new bate the party leader, Alex problems about borders and


income, even about where to Salmondcalled Cameron "a base its nuclear submarines. bigfeartie,"or coward, for refusing a debate. National pride at the Scotland's deputy first minOlympics ister, Nicola Sturgeon, said in a Cameron chose the velo- statement, "This is a cowardly drome at the Olympic Park in speech from a prime minister east London for his first major who uses the Olympic Park intervention in t h e S cottish in London to give highhandreferendum campaign,trying ed lectures against Scotland's to appeal to the national pride independence but hasn't got that surrounded the highly the guts to come to Scotland successful Summer Olympics or anywhere else to make his here 18 months ago. Then, case." Scots were prominent in what Touching on Cameron's imwas known as "Team G.B.," age as an elite, Eton-educated and one of the local heroes of southerner, she said, "David the Games, the Scottish ten- Cameron, as the Tory prime nis player Andy Murray, is minister, is the very embodiknown to favor remaining in ment of the democratic case for a 'yes' vote for an indepenthe union. Excerpts from the speech dent Scotland — and he knows were provided to British po- it." litical journalists overnight, ensuring two days of news coverage.


Ta esturne onU.S.ineaves ro in By Matthew Schofield

Joerg Wolf, the editor in chief and a foreign policy ex-

McCiatchy Foreign Staff

BERLIN — Not long before Assistant U.S. Secretary of State Victoria Nuland was secretly record-

pert at the Atlantic Commu-

ed cursing the European Union's efforts in Ukraine,

that it showed she was deeply

two European Union offi-

he added that given the manner in which it was exposed,

nity, a Berlin-based research center, said the honest reaction to Nuland's comment was invested in the situation. But

cials were caught in a very similar situation, complain-

there's also a bit of classic Ger-

ing about the United States. In th e f i r s t r e corded

man schadenfreude going on around Berlin, which is still

conversation, EU diplomat Helga Schmid was speaking to the EU's ambassador

smarting over the revelation

to Ukraine, Jan Tombins-

ki, discussing perceived slights. "The Americans are going around telling people we're too weak, while they

Mykhailo Markiv I TheAssociated Press

U.S. Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Victorla Nuland, right, was caught disparaging the European Union ln a phone call ahead of her meeting with Ukraine's President Vlktor Yanukovych this week.

pretty impressive tradecraft.

and both audio recordings were anonymously put up

The audio was pretty clear." But she didn't address why she was exposing herself to the obvious threat of being recorded. In the wake of the NSA spying scandal, the U.S. administration has repeatedly defended its actions using the line of reasoning: "Everybody does it." But if everybody does it,

on YouTube.

But what matters more

than the content of the calls — in h ers, Nuland was

recorded saying "F-- the EU" — is the context: Both

calls were made by senior diplomats in

K i ev, b oth

were discussing the crisis there, both were recorded

upon, at least right now," Wolf noted. a t th e

Schmid can be heard sayN uland, wh o r e fused t o ing. "It really bothers us comment on the specifics of a that the A m ericans are conversation meant to be prigoing around naming and vate, did note during a news shaming us." conference Friday in Kiev that the static-free recording "was

A post-Snowden world

that the NSA had been spying on Merkel's phone calls for years. "There is very little sympathy for Americans being spied There's also little surprise

are tougher on sanctions,"

s e ntiment sh e e x -

ry that Nuland would have pressed, said Peter van Ham, a been issued by the State De- trans-Atlantic relations expert partment would have carried

at the Dutch research center

data encryption but not voice encryption. Employees are barred from discussing classified information on their phones, Psa-

the Clingendael Institute. She isn't the only one who feels

ki said. When she was asked

and security matters," he not-

whether that's what Nuland was doing, Psaki replied without elaboration that that's not

how she would describe it. Psaki said that one leaked

that way, he admitted.

"The EU doesn't have a greattrack record on foreign ed. "Europe has largely ignored Ukraine for six years." Then, discussing the content of the call, he laughed, while adding, "What does it

phone call didn't signal weak- say about your effectiveness if nesses across the whole sys- you're being compared unfatem of diplomatic communica-

vorably to the U.N.?" B ut he noted that in t h e

why wasn't Nuland more care-

tions. She said the department was constantly evaluating

And both came eight

ful, especially since it's pretty

how to make communications

therefore the EU — will have

months into the new world after the revelations by Ed-

well-known that the Russians don't like her very much?

more secure.

to be part of any Ukrainian solution that doesn't see the

ward Snowden, the former Secretary of State John Diplomatic fallout contract worker for the Kerry tells a story about how In the released call, Nuland National Security Agen- his Russian counterpart, For- can be heard plotting how to cy whose leaks, if noth- eign Minister Sergey Lavrov, support certain Ukrainian oping else, have shown that praised him for getting rid of position figures and discusselectronic surveillance of Nuland, the former spokes- ing how the Russians would pretty much everything is woman for the State Depart- try to scuttle American plans. ubiquitous. ment. "I didn't fire her," Kerry The diplomatic fallout from Yet here you have two corrected. "I promoted her" to the incident was difficult to high-ranking American of- her current post as the senior gauge. European officials, ficials — Nuland and U.S. U.S. diplomat for European publicly at least, objected to Ambassador to Ukraine and Eurasian affairs. Nuland's "f-bomb" reference Geoffrey Pyatt — discussIn Washington, State De- to the EU, and Nuland apoloing sensitive matters ap- partment spokeswoman Jen gized Friday; that apology was parently on an unsecured Psaki declined to say what accepted. line, just days after a simi- kind of device Nuland was German Chancellor Angela lar call had been recorded talking on when she contact- Merkel, through her spokesand, embarrassingly, put ed the ambassador. She noted, man, called the remark "totalonline. however, that the BlackBer- ly unacceptable."

"For me, the best thing about the Olympics wasn't the winning," Cameron said. "It was the red, the white, the blue. It was the summer that patrio-


Ukraine crisis, Europe — and

nation move fully into the Rus-

sian camp. Volker Perthes, the executive chairman of the German Institute for International and

Security Affairs in Berlin, noted that before judging Nuland's comments, it would be good to know whether she'd had enough sleep or a bit to drink, and that she has every right to expect privacy when speaking with a colleague. "It establishes that, sure,

others (not only the NSA) are listening in to telephone con-

versations," he wrote in an email response. "But we knew that before, didn't we?"

~ AF

tism came out of the shadows and into the sun, everyone


cheering as one for Team G.B." Cameron focused on the i mportance of t h e "powerful" United Kingdom brand

A% A

and how much it mattered in the world, and how it could

be damaged. Scottish independence would "rip the rug from under our own reputa-

tion," Cameron said, arguing that "we matter more in the world together" — the same

argument used by Britons who

Purchase by

want Britain to remain in the European Union.

February 28th, 2014

Cameron said that while the decision was up to the Scots,

Treatments performed by May 1, 2014

"all 63 million of us" — in En-

gland, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland — "are profoundly affected." "We would be deeply diminished without Scotland," he sald.

He pulled out all the Scot-


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tish stops, citing the Scottish

Olympian Chris Hoy, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his own West Highland heritage. He also mentioned Scotch whisky, saying it "adds 135 pounds to

incentive for Scots to vote for

Pamper yourself for 2'/2 hours. Includes: Massage, Facial R Pedicure(pedicure includes Gel Polish)


the U.K.'s balance of payments

every single second," which in another context might be an


With Cryolip@ysi

independence. However, with Britons anxious about making ends meet, Cameron did not mention Adam Smith, the Scot

famous for the "invisible hand" of the free market.

Upcomingreferendum About 4 million people over the age of 16 and living in Scotland will be able to take part in

the referendum, promised by the ruling Scottish National Party, on Sept. 18. Scots living

outside Scotland cannot vote. Early opinion polls have shown a large plurality of Scots intending to vote to remain in th e union, but the numbers are soft. In some re-

cent polls, greater numbers have said they intend to vote for independence. Given the unpopularity of Cameron and his Conservative Party in Scotland, which is

dominated by the Scottish National Party and the opposition


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signs farmbill

g ~w" —y '%g®


e SSOOa Iiiaaiiliailah

o SSaaa ia

ssoai aaaoaaiilianoa -~- ssaaaiaaa


By Michael D. Shear

~- ss oaalaaaaiailisiloa

SSON laa all allll a


New York Times News Service

EAST LANSING, Mich. — President Barack Obama

signed the $956 billion farm bill Friday at M ichigan State University, where he extolled the benefits of a thriving agricultural sector for the nation's overall economy.



S tanding in f ront of a t ractor an d o t her f a r m

equipment, Obama said the legislation"lifts up our rural communities" and would give more Americans "a shot at opportunity" in the

years ahead. "We've had the strongest


stretch of farm exports in

our history," Obama told about 500farmers and local officials in a horse barn

Photos by Rob Kerr/The Bulletin

A chaplain crosses police tape at Bend High school. Free counseling will be available today at Bear Creek Elementary School and Monday at Bend High.

at the university. "We are selling more stuff to more

Bend High

people than ever before," he said, adding, "What we grow here and what we sell is a huge boost to the entire economy, but particularly

Continued from A1 Madison and several other

parents immediately went to the school to get their children,

the rural economy."

Lawmakers passed the sprawling legislation this

but couldn't get beyond the

w eek after four years of bit-

police tape surrounding the school. They huddled togeth-

ter arguments over farming subsidies and Republican

er atthe corner of Northeast Sixth Street an d B u r nside

efforts to reduce financing

Avenue, waiting for news and waiting to hug their kids. Some talked quietly on their cellphones, other cried. Many just

for food stamps. The final bill replaces direct crop payments with an i n sur-

stood and stared at the school.

anceprogram and trims $8 billion from food stamps

Brian Wallace has two children who attend Bend High, a son who's a junior and a daughter who's a sophomore. He said his son was in the classroom

over the next decade — far

less than the $40 billion cut some Republicans had called for. Obama signed the Agriculture Act o f

when the shooting occurred.

"My daughtertexted me. Then I sent a group text asking my son if he was OK," he said. "He didn't text me back for 20

2 014 at

Michigan State's equine performancecenter.Some locals call Michigan State known for its dairy program - "Moo U," and Michigan has one of the


Bend Police Sgt. John Lawrence, whose daughter attends the school, approached the concerned parents outside the school on Friday afternoon to

nation's largest and most

diverse farming economies. Obama said too many farm families were still strug-

assure them their kids were

gling to make a living, and said the new bill would help.

safe. "How did you guys find

out?" he asked the group. "My selors on hand at Bend High on daughter texted me." Monday for those who want to Cellphone communication talk about what happened. "Students express emotions was the only option for the majority of parents waiting for differently and ... we need to news, as no one other than law respect that some students are enforcementand crisis coun- silent, some want to talk about selors were allowed to enter or it," he said. "It's important to exit the school until the lock- give an outlet for them to exdown was called off just a few press their emotions." minutes before school let out at Renee Shadley's 15-year old 2:45p.m. son, Zachary, wasn't in the "We just want to be sure it classroom, but he called his is what it appears to be," Law- mom as soon as it happened. "He said, 'Mom, we're on rence said. "Our priority right now is to get the kids who were lockdown.' He was scared," she in the classroom back with said. "I told him, 'You just stay their parents." calm, you stay in there. Keep The kids who witnessed the your cool. You're fine.'" suicidewere escorted from the At the news conference Frischool individually or in small day, Bend-La Pine Schools Sugroups around 1:30 p.m. There perintendent Ron Wilkinson were few words exchanged called the incident a tragedy between parents and children and thanked his staff for their as they hugged, some crying, response. "My heart goes out, and our and climbed into their cars to gohome. hearts go out to the family and Bend High Special Pro- to the staff and the students at

Bend High parent Barb Abt, left, comforts Tamber West outside of the school. Both had been in communication with their daughters, who were in the classroom when the student died. "This is the problem with modular units like that. It will cause us to do some evalua-

kids walking through metal detectors," she said. Will Neelon, who said his tions to make sure our schools son, 17-year-old Jordan Neeare safe," he said. "We will be lon, had witnessed the shootworking to see if there is any- ing, was equally contemplative thingwe can do toimprove our as he waited outside the high policies and procedures." school. "Why don't we see this comAs she waited for her daughgrams Director Sean Reinhart Bend High in this very difficult ter to emerge from Bend High ing?" he said. "You see this said at the news conference time," he said. on Friday, Madison said she stuff all over the country, but that free counseling will be He said his staff would work d idn't understand how t h i s you don't think it's going to available today from 9 a.m. to with law enforcement in the could have happened and how happen here. It's not supposed 2 p.m. at Bear Creek Elemen- future to ensure students can't the student could get a gun on to happen here." tary School, 51 S.E. Bridgeford bringfirearms or other weap- campus. — Reporter: 541-383-0376, "I have no problems with the Blvd. There will also be coun- ons on campus.


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• We want to see your photos of snow for another special version of Well shot! that will run in the

Outdoors section. Submityour best work at /suow2014 andwe'll pickthe best for publication. • Email other good photos of the great outdoors to readerpbotos© and tell us a bit about

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By Dylan J. Darling

return of the wetland, during

The Bulletin

which three culverts would

Three years after its planned openthemeadow towa ter wetland restoration upstream from the river. of Dillon Falls on the De-

schutes River riled irrigators, the U.S. Forest Service is close to finalizing a revised plan. Ryan Ranch is a meadow just south of Dillon Falls, created by a berm, or wall of earth. Theberm is athird of a mile long and keeps high water from the river from spilling into the meadow. The Forest

Service plans to put notches into the berm, allowing the

river to seasonally flow in, creating a wetland. A pilot project would precede the potential

Forest Service officials and

irrigators would then watch and see how much water is

soaked into the ground, a key concern for irrigators that stalled the initial plans for Ryan Ranch in 2011. Planning

But the restoration plan still

has detractors, particularly people who want to see Ryan Ranch remain a meadow. The last time wetland restoration

was being planned for Ryan Ranch, an ad hoc group called the Friends of the Meadow spoke up in opposition. While to the Ryan Ranch plan have easedirrigators'concerns,the

ed in 2008.

worries of the Friends of the

100 years ago, but was converted into a meadow," said Kevin Larkin, Bend-Fort Rock district ranger with the Deschutes National Forest.



the Forest Service's changes

for the project originally start"It's really about restoring a wetland that had been in place

a n maesce

', ~,jw '! ' „' tt, ,~4,„~wl'<s','i'.J;)m,N

Meadow remain. "They are going to ruin something that is whole, intact

(and) beautiful," said Laurie Bynum, of Bend, one ofthe

David Jasper/The Bulletin file photo

leaders of the small group.

The Deschutes River trail near Dillon Falls runs past Ryan Ranch,

See Ranch /B5

which may be transformed from a meadow to a wetland.



News of Record, B3

program may begin

MAY ELECTION The May 20election will serve as aprimary for a variety of statewide offices. The deadline to get onto the ballot is March 20.

• ss

in fall '14

Also on the ballot: Nolan Demoisy, 16, of Bend, adjusts his snowmobile's clutch while preparing for his practice

OESCHUTESCOUNTY • District Attorney Pat-

rick Flaherty is seeking re-election, and Bend attorney John Hummel has also filed to run for the position as well. • County commissioner seats held byTony DeBone andTammy Baney are upfor election. DeBone, aRepublican, has filed to run again and faces aprimary challenge from Richard Esterman. Democrat and current BendCity Councilor Jodie Barram has announced shewill run for the position as well. • Elections for assessor, clerk and treasurer will take place. • District Judge Barbara Haslinger has announced she'll retire. Her seat on the bench will be up for election. • A five-year local option fire levy would tax property owners 20 cents per $1,000 in assessed property value. Thefire department currently receives a cut of $1.18 per $1,000 in assessed property value from the city's permanent tax rate of $2.80 per $1,000.

CROOKCOUNTY • Jim Hensley is seeking re-election as sheriff. • The county commission seat held bySeth Crawford is up for election. Crawford has filed to run again. • Elections for assessor and clerk will take place.

run Friday.

REGISTERTO VOTE • The deadline to register to vote is 21days before Election Day. • Register online at the Oregon secretary of state's website, by mail using a form found on the website or in person at your county elections office.

READOURSTORIES • Coverage leading up to the election is at electiou2014

The Bulletin

At the urging of local business leaders,Oregon State

University-Cascades Campus is designing a hospitality managementdegree program it hopes to launch this fall. In November, the university received$320,000 from the

Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association and other hospitality businesses to fund

the development of a fouryear undergraduate program to serve what is a $9 billion industry in the state. The

program, which still needs approval from the Oregon University System, is being createdby Todd Montgomery, who has 15 years of experience in the field all around the world, with stops in Saipan, Bali and Sydney. The university currently allows undergraduate business students the ability to concentrate in

hospitality management, but this new program will be the state's only public, four-year program dedicated to the field of hospitality management. "This is a unique situation,

Photos by Andy Tullis i The Bulletin

where the funding has been provided by the stakeholders to develop something they need," Montgomery said. "Tourism and hospitality are

Matt Mahoney, 32, of Bend, takes off on his Polaris 800 cc snowmobile during a practice run on the 500-foot-long track at Wanoga Sno-Park Friday afternoon during the Snowmobile Drag Race Test and Vbne day. Competitors were preparing for the The Snowmobile Drag Races, which are running today and Sunday at Wanoga. After this weekend's events, more Central Oregon Snowbuster races and rides are slated next month. For more information on events and the group, visit the Snowbuster's

such a big business in Oregon, and especially with all we have in Bend, it's a perfect fit

for students to learn here." Montgomery, who is also an instructor at OSU-Cascades,

said the program will include an emphasis on ecotourism and sustainability, as well as

integrating coursework with Central Oregon Community College's Cascade Culinary

website at

Institute. "While there will be a focus


• Commission seats held by MikeAhern and John Hatfield are up for election. Ahern is seeking re-election; Tom Brown and MaeHuston have filed for the other seat. • Elections for sheriff and county clerk are also on the ballot.

By Tyler Leeds


Apple may beconsidering solarfor data center By Dylan J. Darling The Bulletin

Apple maybe planning to put in a solar array at its data center in Prineville, as it has done at a similar operation in North Carolina.

But like much about the Prineville complex near

a pair of Facebook data centers, the Cupertino, Calif.-based technology giant isn't talking. Apple media officials did not return phone messages this week and last. And Apple has confidentiality agreements with the

city of Prineville and Crook County to keep officials there quiet about what the

company is up to as well. What Prineville Mayor

Betty Roppe could say is that Apple, which also still goes by the code name "Pillar," had separate meetings with the city and Crook County last month in which tax exemptions were ex-

tended for the data center to any additional acreage the company obtains. The tax exemption would include

Houston LakeRd. Facebook Ai Po

Apple data center

any development onthe

land,such as a solarfarm. Apple is contemplating buying 150 to 200 acres of land from the county adjacent to the data center, she sard.

"They wanted to make

Greg Cross / The Bulletin

sure they could have that tax deferral on that land,"

she said. Apple has a 15-year break

on the core knowledge and skills of the field, this will have a multidisciplinary approach," Montgomery said. "It doesn't make sense forusto build a culinary school when we have a great one nearby or to recruit faculty for ecotour-

from property taxes on the

ism and sustainability when

data center, covering the

they already exist here." In hospitality, sustain-

land it is on and all developments. Construction of the data center started in

October2012 and the company posted job openings last April. The Apple data center appears to be up and running, with the company

ability refers not only to the operationsofa restaurant or

resort, such as recycling and building systems, but to the

interaction of the business and its guests with its host environment.

center," on In lieu of taxes, Roppe said Apple will make an annual payment of $150,000,

"Internationally, there's been this 'turn and burn' mentality," Montgomery said. "Take for instance a pristine beach in Thailand. Peo-

split between the city and

ple come to that destination

county. Facebook makes a similar payment of $100,000 per year, also split between the city and county. See Apple/B5

for the resource, but if the presenceof the resort spoils

calling it "our newest data

it, that's a bad situation for all

involved." See Degree/B5


By RyanBrennecke ~The Bulletin

These photos of well-known objects and structures were shot around Bend. Can you tell where they were taken? 0» Visit to play our multple-choice game, or see the answers here in next Saturday's print edition.




o u es are e a


By Gosia Wozniacka

girlfriend, 28-year-old Holly Oregon teenager was Jewish, Ann Grigsby. A federal grand and that he and Grigsby tarPORTLAND — The Justice jury indicted the pair in August geted the man in California Department says U.S. Attor- 2012. They face trial in July on because he was black. ney General Eric Holder has federal kidnapping, carjacking Pedersen has pleaded guilty decided against seeking the and murder charges. in state court to aggravated death penalty for two people They are charged with murder for the slaying of his accused in a 2011 Northwest killing two men, one on the father and stepmother in Evcrime spree that left four dead, Oregon coast and another in erett, Wash., and has been senaccording to a notice filed Fri- Northern California, in what tenced to life in prison. day in federal court. authorities called a white-suGrigsby's two lawyers did Neither the notice nor the premacist scheme. not immediately return calls U.S. attorney's statement exPedersen and Grigsby have for comment. Pedersen is repplains the decision. U.S. At- w hite-supremacist ties, and resenting himself. torney Amanda Marshall said Pedersen has said in court that Both defendants remain the process leading to it was his motivation for the slayings in federal custody, said Gerconfidential. was partly because of the vic- ri Badden, spokeswoman for The accused are 32-year-old tims' ethnicities or skin color. the U.S. attorney's office in David "Joey" Pedersen and his Pedersensaid he believed the Portland. The Associated Press


The death penalty has been used sparingly by the current administration, though it has not been eliminated, said Richard Dieter, executive

AROUND THE STATE PaSSenger dieSOniCy l44 —OregonState Policesayafemale passengerwaskiledin a single-vehicle crashonicy Interstate 84 inthe Columbia RiverGorge. Police saythe driver of awestbound FordExplorer lostcontrol on theicy roadFriday,went off the highwayandcollided with atree. Themaledriver wasseriously injured. No nameswereimmediately released.Policesayhighwayconditions in the areawere "extremely bad," withblowing snowandwinds gusting to 35 mph.Troopers reported multiple crashes on the highway.

director of the Washington,

POliCe:COCaineStaShedin CondomS—Portland policesaya

D.C.-based Death Penalty In-

woman foundunconscious in aPortland airport bathroom issuspected of smuggling abouta poundof cocainewrapped in condomsthat sheswallowed. Investigators saythey believetwo ofthe packets, eacha little less than a quarter of anounce, ruptured inher stomach. Atthe hospital Mondayshe began excreting more. Investigators saidabout70 werecounted over two days.Afederal complaint saidtheylookedlike largemarbles. She was identified as29-year-old LavonaTashica Anderson. Thecomplaint said shemadearoundtrip from NewYorkto the Dominican Republic before traveling toPortland, fromwheresheplanned to flyto Alaska. Police said shewas releasedfrom the hospital Thursdayandbookedon drug trafficking charges.

formation Center. On average, only about one case a year has been sought during the Obama administration, Dieter said.

Since the federal death penalty was reinstated in 1988,

various attorneys general have approved seeking the death penalty in 492 cases, with 70

of those resulting in death sentences and three of those people being executed.

Fire not related tDhaShDil —TheForest Grovepoliceandfire departments sayatwo-alarm fireWednesdaywassimilar but unrelated to afire last month.PoliceCapt.MikeHerbsaysthere were no injuries in Wednesday's fire, and apparently it wasnot causedbya hashoil explosion, althoughthe causeremains underinvestigation by Forest GroveFire and Rescue. In the two-alarm fire in January, three peoplereportedly were injured, oneseriously, in ablazestarted byan explosion of butanegas used to processmarijuanainto hashoil.

ENm a

— From wire reports Blvd., Bend; 541-325-1886 or www.

TODAY "THE METROPOLITANOPERA: RUSALKA":Starring Renee Fleming in a soulful fairy-tale opera, with Piotr Beczala asthe prince; opera performance transmitted live in high definition; $24, $22 seniors, $18 children; 9:55 a.m.; Regal Old Mill Stadium16 8 IMAX, 680 S.W. Powerhouse Drive, Bend; 541-312-2901. BEND INDOORSWAP MEET AND SATURDAY MARKET:Featuring arts and crafts, collectibles, antiques, children's activities, music and more; free admission; 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; Bend Indoor Swap Meet, 679 S.E.Third St.; 541-317-4847. SUNRIVERCHILL OUT:Featuring a skating party, dummy downhill, K-9 kegpull ,m ushermadness,glowshoe trek, prizes, entertainment and more; free for spectators, registration prices vary per event; 10 a.m.; The Village at Sunriver, 57100 Beaver Drive; 541585-5000 or www.sunriversharc. com/sunriver-chill-out. LEGOMOVIEEVENT: Aspecial Lego Robotics demonstration, live broadcast, and drawing followed by ascreeningof"TheLego Movie" (2014); $10.25, $8 children and seniors; noon; Regal Old Mill Stadium 16 & IMAX,680S.W. Powerhouse Drive, Bend; 541-312-2901. FIRST ANNIVERSARYPARTY: Featuring live music, birthday

specials andmore; free; 5p.m.;

W orthy BrewingCompany,495 N.E. Bellevue Drive, Bend; 541-639-4776 or DADDYDAUGHTERDANCE:AMardi Gras-themed dancefor fathers or father figures and daughters; $32 per couple, $10 peradditional guest, registration requested; 6-9 p.m.; Ridgeview HighSchool,4555 S.W . Elkhorn Ave., Redmond; 541-3108582 or FIREARMS ANDFASHION:A fashion show with historical characters outfitted with the guns they would have carried in the late1800s; no host bar; $5, $3 for members, registration requested; 6 p.m.; High Desert Museum, 59800 S. U.S.Highway 97, Bend; 541-382-4754 or www.



Concert-rock violinist Aaron Meyer Ia scheduled to perform wlth the Summit High School band, orchestra and choir. A silent auctlon and raffle are also slated at the school for 6 tonight. Proceeds wlll benefit the various Summit Hlgh School music programs. For

mora information, visit or call 541815-5333. highdeser t BEND COMMUNITY CONTRADANCE:Featuring caller Rich Goss and music by AScottish Heart; $8 at the door; 7 p.m. beginner's workshop, 7:30 p.m. dance; Boys & Girls Club of Bend, 500 N.W. Wall St.; 541-330-8943 or www. FRIENDS OFMUSIC'S "FOR THE LOVE OF MUSIC": Concert-rock violinist Aaron Meyer performs, with the Summit High School band, orchestra and choir; silentauction and raffle; proceeds benefit Summit High School music programs; $15 inadvance,$20 atthedoor;7p.m ., doors open at 6 p.m.; Summit High School, 2855 N.W.Clearwater Drive, Bend; 541-815-5333 or www. "NEBRASKA": A screening of the award-nominated 2013 film about a man who believes hewon amillion dollars; $7 plus fees in advance, $10 at the door; 7:30 p.m., doors openat 6:30p.m.;VolcanicTheatre Pub,70 S.W. Century Drive, Bend; 541-3231881 or www.volcanictheatrepub. com. "SOMETHINGWONDERFUL: THE

RODGERS ANDHAMMERSTEIN CONCERT":Featuring musical performers and choral groups from

aroundCentral Oregon;proceeds

benefit Court Appointed Special Advocates of Central Oregon; $30-

$75 plusfees; 7:30p.m., doors open

at 6:30 p.m.; TowerTheatre, 835 N.W. Wall St., Bend; 541-317-0700 or ARCHAEOLOGYFESTFILM SERIES: A screening of the best films from the 2013 edition of TheArchaeology Channel International Film andVideo Festival; $6; 7:30 p.m., doors openat 7 p.m.; Central Oregon Community College, Boyle Education Center, 2600 N.W.CollegeW ay,Bend;541-3455538 or www.archaeologychannel. ol'g. THE SOLOSPEAK SESSIONS: LOVE 8 HATE:Local storytellers perform, with special guests; $15 plus fees in advance, $18 at the door; 7:30 p.m.; Greenwood Playhouse, 148N.W. Greenwood Ave., Bend;541-3890803 or AARONCRAWFORD:TheSeattle country artist performs; $3 plus fees; 9-11:30 p.m.; Maverick's Country Bar 8 Grill, 20565 Brinson

EMPTY BOWLS:Featuring hot soup and refreshments made byRidgeview culinary students in ceramic bowls made by Ridgeview studentsand others; proceeds benefit Jericho Road; $10; noon-7 p.m.; Ridgeview High School,4555S.W .ElkhornAve., Redmond; 541-504-3600. "SOMETHINGWONDERFUL: THE RODGERSAND HAMMERSTEIN CONCERT":Featuring musical performers and choral groups from around Central Oregon; proceeds benefit Court Appointed Special Advocates of CentralOregon; $30$75plusfees;2 p.m.,doorsopen at 1 p.m.; TowerTheatre, 835 N.W.Wall St., Bend; 541-317-0700 or www. SECONDSUNDAY:Three Oregon authors discuss their writing craftand the importance of being brave onthe page; free; 2 p.m.; Downtown Bend Public Library, 601 N.W.Wall St.; 541617-7050 or www.deschuteslibrary. org. TRIOVORONEZH: The Russianfolk band performs; $60 for season ticket, $25 for students younger than18; 2 and6:30 p.m.,doors open45m inutes prior to show; Ridgeview High School, 4555 S.W. Elkhorn Ave., Redmond; 541-350-7222, redmondcca© or www.redmondcca.


HOUSE CONCERTSINTHE GLEN: The Eugenefolk singer Beth Wood performs, with Los Ratones; bring dish or beverage to share; $10-$15, reservation requested; 7 p.m., doors open at 6 p.m. for potluck; TheGlen at Newport Hills, 1019 N.W.Stannium Drive, Bend; 541-480-8830 or ja©

WILL DURST: The political satirist performs "Boomeraging: From LSD to OMG";$15, $13for KPOV members in advance, $17 atthe door; 7:30 p.m., doors open at 7p.m.; Volcanic Theatre Pub, 70S.W.Century Drive, Bend; 541-323-1881 or www.

Underagedrinking bil movesaheadMonday By Chad Garland

ness, low blood pressure

The Associated Press



tem p erature,

SALEM — An Oregon bill coma, respiratory depresaimed at reducing underage sion or death." drinking deaths moves a A N ort h D a k ota S tate step closer to a vote Monday University study in 2009 when a state House com- found that more than half of mittee meets to work on the underage students surveyed measure. had helped another stuThe law would provide dent with alcohol poisoning limited amnesty for people symptoms but did not seek younger than 21 who seek outside help. Of those who medical aid for themselves sought outside help, more or others after drinking too than half went to a student much. It would give protec- or aparent.Only 7.5percent tion from an alcohol posses- went to a hospital or emersion citation if the evidence gency room and fewer than came as a result of t heir 2 percent sought help from seeking help. the police. Opponents say it would Doherty's bill aims to enhamper efforts to combat courage "kids to do the right u nderage drinking a n d thing" and call emergency could even encourage heavi- medical services or law ener drinking among teens. forcement for timely medRep. Margaret Doherty, ical help without fear of a D-Tigard, sponsored citation stemming from that t he bill. She s aid a m i - call, she said. "The whole idea is to save nor-in-possession citation is about as serious as a speed- lives," Doherty said. ing ticket, but that it seems The law is narrowly folike "a much bigger deal" to cused so that it only protects teens and young adults. She against the minor-in-possaid fear of legal trouble for session citation, but not themselves or their friends other offenses that could can keep underage drink- be related, such as drunken ers from seeking medical driving or providing alcohelp that could prevent alco- hol to a minor. She said it is hol-related deaths. modeled on similar legislaSpeaking on behalf of tion passed in Washington the Oregon Chapter of the last year. American College of EmerDavid Amesbury, a Bengency Physicians, Katy ton County deputy district King told lawmakers at a attorney, said the Oregon House Judiciary Committee

hearing earlier this week that alcohol poisoning can

District Attorneys Association was concerned that the bill would make it harder to

c o nscious- attack the root problem.

cause "loss of


The Bulletin will updateitems inthe Police Log whensucharequest is received. Any new information, suchasthe dismissal of charges oracquittal, must beverifiable. For moreinformation, call 541-383-0358.

HIFilD POLICE DEPARTMENT Criminalmlschlef — Anact of criminal mischief wasreported at9:21p.m.Feb.3, in the 300block of Northeast BendRiver Mall Avenue. Theft — Atheft was reportedat4:08 p.m. Feb. 5, inthe3300 blockof Northeast StonebrookLoop. Theft — Atheftwas reported at4:31 a.m. Feb. 6, inthe19900 block of Cliffrose Drive. Theft — Atheft was reportedat10:24 a.m. Feb.6, inthe100 blockof Southwest Taft Avenue.

Theft — Atheft was reported andan arrest made at12:08 p.m.Feb.6, inthe area ofNortheastThird Street. Burglary — Aburglary was reported at 5:08 p.m.Feb.6, intheareaof Northeast OchocoAvenue. DUII —Michael Dulohery, 24,was arrested on suspicion of driving underthe influence ofintoxicants at10:30 p.m.Feb. 6, in theareaof Northwest ThirdStreet.

ERilD FIRE RUNS Wednesday 718a.m. —Authorizedcontrolled burning, 21168ReedMarket Road.

3:56p.m.— Smokeodor reported,1501 N.E MedicalCenterDrive. 17 —Medical aid calls.

CIVIL SUITS Filed on Jan. 22 14CV0055 —State of Oregon, by and through its Department of Transportation, v. Gary E.Bell, Rhonda HansonandWa shingtonTrustBank, complaint $205,000 14CV0056 —Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC v.Kristine Kaufman, complaint, $14,57710 14CV0057 —Kevin R. McCoyv. River Meadows HomeownersAssociation Inc., complaint, $207,500 14CV0060 —State of Oregon, by and through its Department of Transportation, v. GaryBell RLTLLC, complaint, $153,500 Filed Jan. 23 14CV0058 —Cavalry SPV ILLC v. Christina A. Weston, complaint, $10,610.95 14CV0059 —Alexa Devine v. Michael McCray, complaint, $150,000 Filed Jan. 24

14CV0061 —Niklas Goertzen v. Sisters School District No. 6, Merry A. Moore and Rob Corrigan, complaint, $125,000 14CV0062 —RayKlein Inc., dba Professional Credit Service, v. Stephen R.Payer, complaint, $26,990.70 14CV0063 —Marina Clark v. Heidi M. Gasperetti, complaint, $150,000

Filed Jan. 27 14CV0064 —Kevin B. Abell v. Nosler Inc. and Bivwak LLC,complaint, $965,000 14CV0065 —Ray Klein Inc., dba Professional Credit Service, v. David P. Speddon, complaint, $16,990.94 14CV0066 —RayKlein Inc., dba Professional Credit Service, v. Amy A. Wooten, akaAmy A. Maxwell aka Amy A. Wilson, complaint, $17,708.50 14CV0067 —Hagerty Insurance Company, as subrogee of Marilyn Hosman, v. TimWard, dba The Paint Shop Rods andCustoms, complaint, $35,000 14CV0068 —Winners Only Inc. v. Bend HomeFurnishings Inc. and Cliff Feingold, complaint, $25,021 14CV0069 —Nationstar Mortgage LLC v. Ellen V.Hampton andSelco Community Credit Union, complaint, $238,903.18 14CV0070 —Nationstar Mortgage LLC,dbaChampion Mortgage Company, v. Iris J. Walton, United States of America andToyota Motor Credit Corporation, complaint, $124,590.57 14CV0071 —Agnes Delashmutt v. Parker Group Investments LLC, Jeffrey Parker and Bill Wilt, complaint, $122,000 plus interest, costs and fees Flled Jan. 28 14CV0074 —Steve Jorgensen v. Jack R. Graham, complaint, $293,189.17 14CV0075 —Elmer R. "Max" Mills v. Bernard F. O'Rourke, DonnaO'Rourke and Angelica Mills, complaint, $179,000

14CV0087 —Justin C. McDonald v. J.C. Trucking LLCandMario E. Villasenor, complaint, $554,300 Filed Jan. 29 14CV0076 —Wells Fargo Bank N.A., as trustee for WAMUMortgage Passthrough Certificates Series 2006PR1 Trust, v. Ray M.Lawler, Kelly Christensen andSunriver Owners Association, complaint, $328,178.67 plus interest, costs and fees 14CV0077 — JPMorgan ChaseBank N.A.v. Mike L.UngerJr. andJamie L Sandall akaJamieSandall, complaint, $192,134.42 plusinterest, costs andfees 14CV0078 —JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A.v. Diania Gogenola, United States of America, OregonAffordable Housing Assistance Corporation, complaint, $169,364.54 plus interest, costs and fees 14CV0079 —Ray Klein Inc., dba Professional Credit Service, v. JoeC. Wise, complaint, $18,370.61 14CV0080 —National Collegiate Student LoanTrust 2005-3 v. Dawnita Linn and Wesley Linn, complaint, $37,926.21 14CV0083 —Francis Hanson and Martin LLP v.Correy Church and Cindy Harper, complaint, $74,297.42 Filed Jan. 30 14CV0084 —JPMorgan ChaseBank N.A. v. Patrick S. Klein, Sheila R. Klein and SOFCU Community Credit Union, complaint, $57,910.84 plus interest, costs and fees 14CV0085 —West RADCVenture 2010-2 LLCv. Ruth Harrison, individually and astrustee for the Ruth Harrison RevocableTrust andAlterra Investments LLC,complaint, $63,939.16 plus interest, costs andfees

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The Bulletin


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C 3 T 4-3'-

t first, we were so pleased the other day at the progress the state announced on its Medicaid reform. The news release announced: It's working. The reform is lowering costs and hitting key performance measures. "Emergency department visits and spending are decreasing under the coordinated care model," said Tina Edlund, acting Oregon Health Authority director. Measurements indicate Oregon's CCOs are lowering unnecessary hospitalizations for conditions that can better be treated elsewhere, the release said. "There are also reductions in hospital readmissions, largely due to community efforts to achieve the highest quality care and to keep people at their healthiest." The release goes on to highlight some of the progress in primary care, adoption of electronic health records and more. There are no qualifiers, asterisks or words of caution about how well it's all working. But dig deeper and look at the actual report, and there's quite a bit of bad news. Emergency room visits will have to drop another 16 percent if the state is going to pass in the category. Many other benchmarks are like that. There are others where the state doesn't have datayet.

Does that mean Oregon's Medicaid reform is working? Of course, it doesn't. It means in some areas the reforms are moving in the right direction. In some areas,Oregon has a lotofw ork to do. And in some areas, the state doesn't know if it's working. What's worse is that if Oregon doesn't meet some of the benchmarks by 2015 it could start facing penalties from th e f ederal government. In the worst-case scenario, it could face up to $190 million in penalties over the next few years if it doesn't end up reducing costs by a 2 percent reduction in the rate of growth in per capita Medicaid spending. The state could face up to $35.2 million in penalties over the next few years for not meeting health quality benchmarks. When a car is working, you can count on it to get you where you need to go. When health care reform is working, it's saving money or improving health. When a state government is working, it doesn't put out a press release announcing health reform is working, when it's not clear if it's


Bend-La Pineschools need to review lotteries


ome of Bend-La Pine Schools' special programs are so popular that lotteries are needed to determine which students will attend. The original t hree westside magnet schools — Amity Creek at Thompson, Highland atKenwood and Westside Village at Kingston — havebeen forcedto turn students away foryears.The newer dual immersionlanguage program at Bear Creek Elementary also has too few seats for all the children whose families want them to attend. But before those lotteries are held,some students have an advantage. A child who lives near the school, has a sibling who attends or a parent who works there, can claim a seat without going through the lottery. That puts everybody else at an unfair disadvantage. Parents who lost out in the lottery have objected, but the board decided, most recently in 2011, to stick with those preferences. The district, to its credit, has been adding more choices through-

out the district in the years since the original magnets were formed. In addition to the Bear Creek language program, the d istrict added atechnology magnet at Juniper Elementary, which is so full it won't have any seats available for 2014-15. But three otherprograms do have openings without lotteries: • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at Buckingham Elementary. • Integrated Art s a t Elk Meadow. • Bend-La Pine Schools Online Plus, operated in the administration building. The district has recently announced information sessions and contact information for parents who want to learn more about the

programs ( Bend-La Pine families are fortunate to have a variety of options, but we urge the board to revisit the preferences that make the lotteries unfair.

M 1Vickel's Worth Be sure OSU-Cascadessite canhandle growth

according to the National Rifle Asso-

ciation. They did this in spite of their sworn oath of office to support and

It is exciting that OSU-Cascades is

defend the Constitution of the United

expanding to a four-year campus. It

tle, which I feel the residents around Mirror Pond do not want to fight. Let

PacifiCorp pay to remove the dam, then structure an enduring mainte-

States. Please remember this when nance-friendly, free-flowingriver. they ask for your vote for re-election. Fred Carison

is a welcomed addition that will add vitality to our community. In the Feb. 1 edition of The Bulle-

Wyden and Merkley must have their

fingers crossed when they recite the tin, there was a good update, which Pledge of Allegiance. Fortunately, a pointed out that OSU President Ed

majority of senators voted against

Ray expressed that the "upside is ratification, and the issue is dead for enormous," and the school popula- now. This U.N. treaty had the suption could grow to 8,000 or 10,000.

port of President Barack Obama and


Support Obamacare to help decrease abortions Good news. The rate of abortion has decreased to its lowest level in 30

This is very possible, as many uni- former Secretary of State Hillary versities grow significantly beyond Clinton, as well as current Secretary their initial footprint. of State John Kerry. My oh my, what The current selected site will not a patriotic group of leaders we have be able to accommodate this growth. in Washington D.C. There is an option to expand the uniDennis Harrison versity into the old dump area. OSU Redmond needs to make a decision now on whether they will be willing to take Remove the dam onthe environmental liabilities of the old dump area. If not, OSU will have Over theyears,I have enjoyed to rethink their campus site location your publication, agreed on some edto one that would be able to handle itorials and not on others. Your editothis type of growth. rial of Jan. 29, "Utility should repair This is a great development for the dam at Mirror Pond" falls into the Central Oregon, and at this stage, latter category. To classify the curplenty of strategic planning is rent state of Mirror Pond as a tourneeded. ism issue and thinking it will offer a Richard Morris bad impression of Bend as a whole, Bend sounds like whining. I really doubt the average tourist is going to flood the airwaves with their negative Arms treaty comments on Bend and Mirror Pond. violates Constitution

years. Why? To a large extent, because people are using more, and more effective, contraception. No brainer. No un-

repair this relic. Other dams in the state are being removed when their Democrats, together with 43 other function, as originally designed and Democrat senators, recently voted built, is obsolete. to ratify the United Nations Arms A suggestion you made regarding Trade Treaty. This treaty is a direct the community doing something fits assault on the Second Amendment a more involved process. Your state-

The Affordable Care Act.

PacifiCorp should not be forced to

How about this. Our two senators,

Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, both

wanted pregnancy, no abortion. But

how can we accelerate the dedine in need for a procedure that nobody wants to see more of, especially

when high abortion rates among poor women havenot declined as much? If only there was a program that increased access to health care. And if it offered copay-free contraception, that'd be even better.

But where to find such an obvious solution to this vexing social problem'? The Church? Right-to-life? The

tea party? The GOP'? Fox News? Hobby Lobby? Probably not. There is a program that increases

accessto medicalcare and provides free contraception, aimed at folks who haven't been able to afford it. If you hate abortion and are rational enough to understand that it is

never going to go away completely, you ought to promote and defend Obamacare. It may well be the most effective anti-abortion legislation to the Constitution of the United ment about filing a complaint with ever passed. States, as it would place restrictions the Oregon Public Utility CommisJames Mahoney,M.D. on gun ownership of our citizens, sion will guarantee a prolonged batBend

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State, schools missed opportunity on vision screening By Kit Carmiencke en the Oregon Legislature passed a law mandating vision screenings for all students in the early grades, it understood the strong correlation between

good visual skills and classroom performance. A recently published editorial in The Bulletin reconfirmed the crit-

ical need for a more appropriate screening due to the visual demands

in today's classrooms. The editorial noted accurately that having a visual screening in the early grades "fits well with the increasing national and state focus on early childhood (Iearning) and the need to clear roadblocks to success." Of course, th e e d itorial's title pointed out one of the two missing

elements of the law: Funding needed for mandated vision screening. More importantly, though, the law did not

establish the minimum components of an adequate vision screening but

instead deferred to the Oregon Department of Education. Unfortunately, t hi s


g o o d-inten- firms that more than half of a typical tioned state law has been derailed classroom day is spent at a student's there. According to information on desk or w o rkstation doing close the DOE site, they have chosen to work. limit their recommendation for viGood vision goes far beyond sion screening to "the familiar Snel- clear sight measured at a distance

effectively utilizing volunteers in a number of communities in Central and Eastern Oregon following the

portunity to utilize it to screen over

Bend-La Pine School District's lead.

period. When we reviewed the results, the most common visual skill

This screening is not without its critics. One comment repeated by a few well-meaning individuals is that students will just outgrow their visulen eye chart for distance eyesight," and includes the ability to accurate- al performance problems. which was first utilized during the ly acquire and process information My response is twofold. First, viCivil War to identify recruits who received through the eyes. In fact, a sual tracking, focusing and fusion could not see far enough to proper- person can have normal sight and are foundational skills for reading; ly identify their targets. Further, the healthy eyes, yet experience diffi- without these foundational skills, it DOE seems to take comfort in the culty with visual fixation, focus or is more difficult to accurately acquire fact that they are adding new tech- fusion — those basic visual perfor- information from printed or electronnology for the detection of lazy eye mance skills necessary for acquiring icpagesand thusbecome an effective (amblyopia). information from the page or screen. reader. Developmental learningtheoBefore the DOE completely missTen years ago, the local Children's ry tells us that if a child is attempting es this opportunity, they need to get Vision Foundation designed and im- to learn a foundational visual skill clear on the challenges facing today's plemented a seven-point screening (visual tracking, for example) at the young students. A good starting program to more accurately identi- same time they are attempting to point would be to look at visual de- fy students who had not developed learn how to acquire information mands of today's classroom, which those visual skills considered as the from a page (reading), they have a are certainly different from needing minimum necessary to meet the visu- great chance to fail at both. Second, to see across a battlefield. Studies al demands of our classrooms. This after CVF's seven-point screen prohave shown and observation con- screening has since been conducted tocol was established, we had the op-

500 youth at the Deschutes County JuvenileDepartment over a two-year handicap was poor oculomotor con-

trol (Le. visual tracking), not distance sight or amblyopia. In fact, over 60 percent failed this portion of the vi-

sual screening; most were four to six years below age-level norms on this basic visual skill, even though most

had 20/20 distant sight. With the passage of the vision screening law, Oregon is now one of the few states that recognizes the strong correlation between classroom performance and visual skills.

I hope we as a state and our legislators will not allow the Oregon DOE to continue with their shortsighted

view and derail this important opportunity to identify the visual skills

that are truly foundational for early classroom success. — Kit Carmiencke is a Bend optometrist.





'Wild' actor Jones decided toturn away from showbusiness

Fallout from droughtcould Legislators be felt in the produceaisle seeking

'kill switch' for devices

Jennifer Oldham and Michael B. Marois Bloomberg News



The drought that's gripping California may soon have the rest of the country seeking relief. The emergency, which follows the state's driest year

By Patrick McGreevy Los Angeles Times


the prices of e verything from broccoli to cauliflower nationwide. Farmers and

be sold with " k ill switches"

truckers stand to lose billions in revenue, weakening an already fragile recovery in the nation's most-populous state.

that render them inoperable when stolen.

on record, is likely to boost

By David Colker Los Angeles Times



far back as 1968, rising star Christopher Jones — who seemed to have everything at 26, including sensitive good looks, adoring fans and a steady stream of film

offers — said he wasn't much devoted to acting. "I think of acting as only a means to an end," Jones, who was often compared to

"t'm not bitter and I haVe nO reaSOn to be bitter. Fate is fate. That's the way it was. As for the rest, I want

my epitaph to read: 'SomethingS are better left unsaid.'" — Christopher Jones

James Dean, said in a Los

Angeles Times interview. "Acting's just my work." Later that

His father sent Jones to

y e ar, J ones a children's home in Mem-

starred in the youth rebellion film "Wild in the

phis at an early age, because his mother had become ill.

Streets" and had a m ajor

Jones joined the Army at the

role as a British officer in age of 16 with the permisDavid Lean's 1970 epic "Ry- sion of his father, but went an's Daughter." AWOL, resulting in a prison B ut he meant what h e said. Except for a cameo in a friend's movie, Jones turned


his back on Hollywood af-

up painting but was also interested in acting, and at

ter the Lean film. Even as

prominent a d i rector as Quentin Tarantino was not able to lure him back onto

the screen. Jones, who continued to live in Southern California, was not much interested in

explaining why he left the business at his peak. "I am

He eventually made his way to New York and took a casting call for the 1961

Broadway debut of Tennessee Williams' "Night of the Iguana," he was personally chosen for a small role by the playwright. In 1965, Jones married

Susan Strasberg, daughter of the director of the famed

happy," he told the Chicago Actors Studio theater workTribune in 2000. "I did ex- shop, Lee Strasberg. It was a actly as I pleased — within stormy marriage, according my world." to the actress' autobiograJones, 72, died Jan. 31 at phy, "Bittersweet." His only Los Alamitos Medical Cen- marriage ended in divorce ter. He had been diagnosed in 1968; she died in 1999. in December with gallbladJones' career took its first der cancer, said his part- big leap when he was cast ner, Paula McKenna. He as the title character in the had been living for the last ABC series "The Legend several years with McKen-

of Jesse James," which ran

na, withwhom he had four for morethan 30 episodes children, in Seal Beach and in 1965 and 1966. He got working occasionally as an thousands of fan letters a artist. week and later appeared on E ven after h e q ui t t h e episodes of "Judd for the Debusiness, Jones, who grew fense" and "The Man from up in a children's home in U.N.C.L.E." before making Tennessee, was besieged "Wild in the Streets," about with o ffers. "I wa s

s ent a rock star who gets elected

many scripts that I never even looked at or acknowl-

president when the voting age is lowered to 14.

edged," he said in a 1999

Tarantino wanted to cast

interview with the Toronto

newspaper Globe and Mail. "I was too busy living and having fun." But his former manager,

Sherry Dodd, said Jones had no interest in films after the brutal murder of actress Sharon Tate, with whom he

had grown close. Tate was one of five people murdered in her home by Manson family members in 1969. "He had a b r eakdown,"

Dodd said of Jones. His only exception was to appear in a small part

vice thefts in 2012, the most re-

cent figures available. The theft of such devic-

agricultural region, the prolonged dry spell is sparking calls for a radical rethinking of how the state, and much of the West, distributes water to residents. "We are at that point the risks for the future are really

es now accounts for nearly one-third of robberies in the

United States, according to Ken JamesIBloomberg News

About two-thirds of California is said to be gripped by "severe" or "exceptional" drought.

significant," said Peter Gleick, president of the Oakland, vironment that's struggling to

r a pes another

man in the movie — a decision with which McKenna agreed. "I told him I didn't

want him to do a part that would not be good for his children to see," she said. Jones maintained in in-

Mail. "Fate is fate. That's the way it was. As for the rest,

I want my epitaph to read: 'Some things are better left

Franklin Jones on Aug. 18, unsaid.'" 1941, in Jackson, Tenn. He Jones is s urvived by changed his name when he daughters Jennifer, D egot into acting, Dodd said, lon and Calin; sons Tauer, because it conflicted with Seagen and Chris; broththe name of an established er Bobby; an d s everal actor. grandchildren.

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Mail:Obituaries P.O. Box 6020

Bend, OR 97708

the Federal Communications

Commission. "This legislation is critical to reducing robberies," Garcetti wrote to legislators this week. San Francisco District At-

yields for years.

sustainthe water needs of 38

The fallout may be felt on

torney George Gascon said

a nonpartisan research orga- million people. nization. "We have to fundaWhile rain doused San mentally change the way we Francisco Thursday and more manage water." rain and snow are forecast in The drought is a stark re- Northern California through

grocery shelves throughout

more than half the robberies in

the country in th e coming

his city involve theft of mobile

months, as prices of artichokes, celery, broccoli and

devices. He said the industry

Calif.-based Pacific Institute,

has debated the use of deterrent technology for too long.

minder that California built

the weekend, 17 rural com-

cauliflower could rise at least 10 percent, said Milt McGiff-

the world's 10th-largest economy, the nation's top farming industry and Silicon Valley, the epicenter of information technology, in a semi-arid en-

munities are in danger of run-

en, a vegetable specialist at

"The wireless industry must take action to end the victim-

ning out of water in as little as two months. Farmers may be

the University of California

ization of its customers," he

Ranch Continued from B1

at Riverside. The state grows forced to prune almond trees more than 80 percent of the back by 90 percent, affecting nation's supply of these crops.

Ryan RanchNeafiow (project area)

She said she is particular-

ly concerned about mud and mosquitoes. Turning what has long been a meadow, which she said is more commonly known as the Meadow at Dillon Falls, into a wetland

will result in less grass for elk to munch onand more stagnant breeding water for pesky mosquitoes. The Deschutes River Trail currently runs along the berm that forms the meadow, and Bynum said people likely don't know about the planned

changesforthepopularplace. "People come there as a

Newberry National Volcanic Monument


Proposed boardwalk

and tablets sold in California

starting Jan. 1, 2015, have a


Cascade Lakes Hwy. 46

Existing DeschutesRiverTrail .-'





Slough day-Use area Dillon Falls

Slough day-use area



Benham Falls

' Benham Falls Source: U.S.Forest Service

installation of b o ardwalks. certain impacts, and to this Larkin said the transition of point we've accepted those the meadow, which is already impacts," Larkin said. used as an outdoor classroom The project has the sup-

for school kids, to a wetland port of irrigators and the could be a n e d ucational Upper Deschutes Watershed opportunity. CounciL "It will be a neat experiThe restored 65-acre wet-

Greg Cross/The Bulletin

OSU-Cascades Admissions

Continued from B1 Adviser Danny Cecchini said Keeping students up to date he has seen "a huge demand" on the latest hospitality tech- for a hospitality program. "It's such a good fit for Cennology will also be a focus of the program. tral Oregon," Cecchini said. "The industry changes rap- "With allthe hotels and resorts, idly, but it's a very old one too, I can see it attracting everyone reaching all the way back to from high school to transfer biblical times," Montgomery students. You can have art and said. "But technology has real- business anywhere, but this ly been a game-changer, what program makes sense to have someone says about a prod- here, and the demand is defiuct can impact it immediate- nitely there." ly. That feedback loop is just S cott H u n t sman, C E O

its Prineville data center will be "every bit as environmen-

tally responsible" as its data center in Maiden, N.C. The data centerthere features a

200-acre solar array. In terms of power sources for Prineville, Apple lists on its website wind, hydroelectric and solar. " We're working with t w o

water seeps into the ground. He said the estimate is the from the river, but the pilot

local utilities, as well as a number of local renewable energy generation providers both to create Apple-owned, renewable energy sources

project is needed to confirm

and to invest in and purchase

the numbers. An acre-foot is enough water to submerge

other local renewable energy," according to the Apple website. The company says the Prineville data center is 100 percent powered by renewable energy. While not able to discuss plans by Apple, Bill Zelenka, planning director for Crook County, could say that since

wetland would take about 300 to500 acre-feet of water

an acre of land a foot deep in water.

He said his hope is to have the Forest Service finish its

plan, which is currently up for objection by people who earlier commented on draft

plans, and have water flowing onto Ryan Ranch by the start of

i r r i gation season,

land could be habitat for the


Continued from B1 On it's website, Apple says

will want to see how much

which begins April 1. Oregon spotted frog, which is The Upper D e schutes Friends of t h e M eadow, beingconsidered forpossible W atershed Council will b e Cheryl Buck, of Sedona, threatened species protec- raising money for the restoAriz., said she'd rather see tion under the Endangered ration, said Ryan Houston, the meadow remain as is. By- Species Act by the U.S. Fish the group's executive dinum and Buck,who lived in and Wildlife Service, said rector. He said the cost isn't Bend for eight years before Steve Johnson, chairman of known yet. "What we are interested moving away in 2011, said the Deschutes Basin Board the meadow has been around of Control, an association of (in) is restoring wetlands," he long enough that elk, coyotes, sevenCentralOregon irriga- said. "And Ryan Ranch is a hawks and other animals de- tion districts. place where there used to be "So we are totally in sup- historic wetlands." pend on it. The two women said the Forest Service would port of it," he said. — Reporter: 541-617-7812, be destroying the meadow to Still, he said the districts


Leno said he would propose that all new smartphones kill switch or other protective feature.

Dill n Falls

The original berm that created Ryan Ranch was built

ment," Larkin said. A nother member of t h e

Some techcompanies have started offering theft-deterrent technology. Apple's latest operating system includes a lockout feature. A Lo Jack app is installed in Samsung's Android phones that can make them useless, but a payment must be

• •

not just a pass-through." sometime between 1915 and

said in a statement.

made to activate it.

ProposedADA ', ' cessible traII

Service. The Bureau of Rec- make the wetland. "I don't believe they are relamation improved the berm in 1947 to keep releases up- storing a wetland," she said. stream from the then-recent- "I think they are creating a ly completed Wickiup Dam wetland." from flooding the meadow. Larkin said the Forest SerIf the pilot project is suc- vice has evaluated the effects cessful, the Forest Service of the project and still plans plan calls for rerouting a to go ahead with it. "We do recognize that this q uarter-mile o f t h e tra i l through Ryan Ranch and the is a project that comes with

the Streets." Jones told the


percent increase in mobile-de-

the immediate threat to the nation's m o s t pr o d uctive

But Jones turned down the role of the violent char-

and I have no reason to be bitter," he told the Globe and


Charlie Beck. L.A. had a 12

and ranchers contend with

1931, according to the Forest

rector Larry Bishop, who also appeared in "Wild in something to do." He was born as William

act measuresto help farmers


Time," at the request of di-

Globe and Mail it was "just

surge in wildfires. As lawmakers rush to en-

And California and o t her Western states are seeing a

destination," she said. "It is

terviews that he didn't miss that career,but he made statements that had an air of mystery. "I'm not bitter

in "Trigger Happy" (1996), also known as "Mad Dog

State Sen. Mark L eno, a

Democrat, and other lawmakers said they plan to introduce such legislation with the support of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Police Chief

Jones in the small part of Zed in "Pulp Fiction" (1994). "Quentin was really sweet and very gracious to offer him the part," McKenna

acter who


Citing skyrocketing thefts of smartphones and tablets, officials proposed Thursday that California become the first state to require the devices to

and president of Black Butte Ranch, said the student de-

Pillar first bought the land, it

has looked at expansion. "I think they still have inter-

est in acquiring more land," he said. Also not able to talk about Apple, Crook County Judge Mike McCabe did say he hadn't heard from Pillar in two or three months. He said he didn't know whether the

company had plans for a solar farm near Prineville.

"They've been pretty silent on a lot of that stuff," he said. — Reporter: 541-617-7812,

egon tourism industry right after earning their degree.

"We want students to be mand is complemented by an industry need. able to hit the ground running, "There's a need to foster a to understand the language better level of talent in Cen- used in this industry and the tral Oregon," Hunstman said.

"Frankly, the area is lacking right now, and to get people for mid-level management, we're having to go out of the area, even though it's one of the largest employers in the region." Montgomery said the goal will be to train students, so they can enter the Central Or-

systems we have," Montgom-

ery said. "It's hard to quantify, but students used to leave Oregon to study hospitality, and when they left, they were gone. Now we will be able to teach them and keep them

here." — Reporter: 541-633-2160,



W EAT H E R Maps and national forecast provided byWSI ©2014.







• I J



Today: 1 Cloudy with snow likely

4P df + df qhqbqhqpqy

Tonight: Cloudy with snow likely




FORECAST:5TATE WEST Rain and snow nearthe coast, with snow elsewhere. CENTRAL ~"

~ ~ 3~

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Cloudy with snow likely.




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Cloudy with snow likely.


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vv • X'A

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%~ 16 Qx

N x x iNxxxxxxxxx x x ~ i x x x x xxdfNNNN

Brookings • 8

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57r47 xx

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A~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i i i M j

oa x x33A x x x x x xJ


-o a

Vancouver 34/21

• Calgar

toon -4/-22


•Seattle 36/32

(in the 48 contiguous states):

Queb 14

Thunder Bay

B smarck pg


• 85 lcendall, Fla. • -30 0

1$innipe -2/-24


o~ o ~o 10/-


12/-2 •-

. 30/27+


onto 16/5

~ ortland 26/16 ton


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etrot 17/12«


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Yk 32/23


Cut Bank, Mont.


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ngton, DC.

Blue Canyon, Calif

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35/28 Vegas 4t+36 + ,642/22 j Kansas Cfty

Ibuquerque 3 52/34

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Honolulu ~




Bir ingha 6/35

• Dallas 58/35 l





Houston t



Anchorage 20/9

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La Paz 80/60


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Juneau 25/13



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Snow early turing to all m

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Snow early turing to all m

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Snow early turing to all m


44 31




Yesterday' sw eatherthrough 4 p.m .inBend Tomorrow Rise Mercury....7:29 a.m...... 6:30 p.m. High/low............... 32/5 24 hours ending4 p.m.*.. 0.13" Venus......451 am......246pm. Remrdhigh........63in1987 Monthtodate.......... 035" Ma r s......1048pm......959am. Remrdlow........ -16in1929 Averagemonthfodate... 029" Jupiter......1:54 p.m...... 5:18a.m. Average high..............43 Year todate............ 1.57" Satum......1:1 5a.m.....11:08 a.m. Average low............... 24 Average yearto date..... 1.82" Uranus.....908am......937pm. Barometricpressureat4pm2967 Remrd24hours ...1.01 in1938

Sunrise today...... 7:14 a.m. MOOnphaSeS Sunsettoday...... 5:25 pzm f ug Last N e w First Sunrisetomorrow .. 7:13a.m. Sunsettomorrow... 5:27 p.m. Moonriise today... 12:20 p.m. Moonsettoday 2:34 a.m. Feb.14 Feb 22 Mar.1

*Melteri liquid equivalent



Yesterday Saturday Sunday The higher the UV Index number, the greater Hi/Lo/Pcp H i /Lo/W H i /Lo/Wthe need for eyeandskin protection. Index is City Precipitationvaluesare 24-hourtotalsthrough4 pm for solar at noon. Astoria ........ 32f20/0.02 ..... 38/32/r..... 42/38/rs Baker City .24/3/0.02 ....33/20/sn.....36/22/sn Brookings 47/42/0.58....52/47/sh.....54/46/sh Burns.......... .29/1/0.18.... 38/26/rs..... 44/23/rs Eugene 25/21/0.56..... 38/35fi.....43/38/sh fpamath Falls ...38/32/0.09.... 41/31/rs.....45/29/sh Lakeview....... 37/30/0.00....37/31/sn.....42/30/sh La Pine........ . 36/26/NA.... 34/22/rs..... 40/25/rs Medford 43/36/0.16..... 51/39/r.....53/39/sh Newport 32/28/0.1 6..... 45/38/r.....46/43/sh North Bend.....45/41/0.83..... 51/46/r.....54/46/sh Ontario 27/1 5/0.02 .... 37/30/rs..... 37/29/rs Pendleton .20/8/0.03....26/23/sn.....32/26/sn Portland 27/19/0.04....30/27/sn.....32/32/sn Prineville .30/3/0.07.... 32/26/rs..... 37/28/rs Redmond 31/-3/0.09....33/25/sn..... 39/26/rs Roseburg 44/40/0.31 ....48/41/sh.....54/43/sh Salem 26/20/0.27....34/30/sn..... 35/35/rs Sisters......... .29/4/0.00.... 34/25/rs..... 39/26/rs The Dages 19/1 3/0.05....28/25/sn..... 34/30/rs

Ski report from around the state, representing conditions at 5 p.m. yesterday:

1 L





Snow accumulation in inches Ski area Last 24 hours Base Depth Anthony Lakes ....... . . . . . . . . 4 . . . . . . . . 63 Hoodoo....... . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0.0... no report Mt. report

Snow levelandroadconditions rePresenting condi- jjmbe~riine pp 7 tions at 5P.m.yesterday. Icey:T.T. = Traction Tires. warner canyon........ . . . . . .0.0... no report

Pass Conditi ons Wigamette Pass .............0.0......22-40 1-5 at Siskiyou Summit........ Carry chains or T. Tires 1.84 at CabbageHig.......... Carry chains or T.Tires AsPen, Colorado....... . . . . . . 0.0.... ..55-56 Hwy.2p atSantiam pass ........Chains> 1p,ppp lbs. Mammoth Mtn., California..... 2-4......25-35 Hwy. 26 at Government Camp.. Carry chains or T. Tires Hwy. 26 at Ochoco Divicle..... Carry chains or T. Tires Squaw ValleY,California........ 4 . . . . . .24-37 Hm. 58atW igamett . Pass....Care chains or TTires Sun Valley, Id'aho....... . . . . . . . 2 . . . . . .29-38 Hwy.138 atDiam ond Lake ......Chains> 10,000 lbs. Hwy.242 atMcftenzie Pass........Cfosed forseason For links to the latest ski conditions visit: For up-to-minute conditions turn to: www.trip«he« or call 511 Legend:W-weatherPcp-precipitation, s-sun,pc-parfial clouds,c-clouds, hhaze, shshowers, r rain,t thunderstorms,sf snowflurries,snsnow, i ice,rs rain snowmix,w winri,f fog, dr drizzle,tr trace


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Yesterday's extremes

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Showers T-storms Rain Flurries Snow


Yesterday Saturday Sunday Yesterday Sauirriay Sunday Yesterday Saturday Sunday Yesterday Saturday Sunday City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hiltorig HiRo/W City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/LolW Hri/Lo/W City Hi/Lo/Pcp Hi/Lo/W Hi/Lo/W Abilene1X......33/16/0 00... 63/37/s.. 49/2$3 GrandRafrids.....15/9N00..19/11/sn. 21/1$sn RapidCiiy......18/ 18/000....18/0/c .. 16/2/pc Savannah.......60/38/0.00 .. 59/43/sh.. 64/41/s Akron ..........16/-2N.00... 21/1 2/c.. 22/8/sn GreenBay.......14/ 6N 00...16N/pc...14/ 6/c Reno...........52/3$0.00... 52/4yr...52/34/r Seattle......... 38/23/trace .. 36/32/sn. 40/37/rs Albany..........27/-1N.00..2$13/pc.27/14/sn Greensboro......4!/30N.00 ..46/33/sh. 52/29/pc Richmond...... 46/27N.00.. 4$29/rs. 47/29/pc Sioux Falls.......17/9N 00.. 1$9/sn. 2/12/pc Albuquerque.....50/26/0.00 ..52/34/pc. 56/36/pc Hamsburg.......32/23/000... 2$23/c. 33/18/sn RochesiaNY....18/10/0 i, 00...19/14/c. 23/13/sn Spokane.........13/5N10...24/13/c.27/19/sn Anrhorage......29/23N.00... 2N9/pc .. 14/6/pc Hartbrd,CT......33/7/000...28/16/c.. 29/16/c Saoamento......5?/47N.13... 5$51Ir...6$48/r SpringfielzMP t ...21/1N 00..342$pc. 31/13/pc Atlanta .........50/28/0.00 .. 56/39/pc.. 5$35/s Helena.......... 6/-19/000... 14/-1/c.. 25/12/c SL Louis..........1 9/ON.00 .. 35/21Isn.. 25/5/sn Tampa..........57/50N13..66/53/sh. 73/52/pc AtlanticCity.....41/18NiN...36/25/c .. 3$25/c Honolulu........80/70/0.00 .. 77/72/pc. 81/72/pc Salt Lake City... 43/ 4$36/r .. 46/32/r Tucson..........6$42/0.00... 70/44ls .. 74/47/s Austin..........36/28N.iN...66/43/s .. 64/3$s Houston........39/35/0.00... 63/49/s.. 66/47/s SanAntunio .....39/30N.00... 6$44/6.. 67/41ls Tulsa...........27/I4/0.00..39/22/pc.. 35/19/c Baltimore.......42/22/0.00...34/27/c .. 3$18/c Huntsville.......36/26/000..50/32/pc.52/27/pc SanDiego.......64/56N26..65/54/pc. 63/55/pc Washingtan,DC..43/JON 00...35/28/c .. 40/19/c Billings ........17/-12/0.01 ..12/-2/sn .. 15/4/sn Indianapolis.....12/-7N.00.. 22/12/sn .. 23/3/pc SanFrancism....5$51N.18... 60/52/r...6$50/r Wichita..........18/8/0.00..32/10/pc.. 25/9/pc Birmingham.....45/23/0.00 ..5$35/pc. 57/32/pc Jackson,MS.....49/24N.00..57/40/pc. 54/34/pc SanJose........54/47N.10... 6$53/r...6N47/r Yakima.........21/4N17..23/1$sn.28/21/sn Bismarck........15/ 7N 00 .. 7/14/pc..5/16/pc Jacksonvilfe......56I46/0.00 ..62/46/sh.. 67/45/s SantaFe........41 /21/000.45/29/pc. 49/31Ipc Yuma...........72/47N.00..75/52/pc.. 80/53/s Boise...........30/19N 10 .. 39/32/rs..4$30/rs Juneau...........28/8/000 ..25/13/pc.22/12/pc INTERNATIONAL Boston..........30/19N00...29/19/c..29/19/c Kansas City.......15/1N.00... 29/10/c .. 1$3/sn Bridgeport,CT....32/21N00...3N21/c.. 30/21/c Lansing..........14/1 N.pp... 1 68/sn.. 2N6/sn Amsterdam......50/41/1.12..4$38/sh. 45/37/sh Mecca..........86/66/0.00... 77/57/s .. 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Echo Parkgangsters priced out of longtime stompinggrounds By Martsa Gerber

Arts & Entertainment Every Friday


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Los Angefes Times

L OS ANGELES — S g t . Victor Arellano drove slowly


through the hills of Echo Park, cruising by the places where he had seen the guys hanging out in the past. There was the market painted bright yellow with large green letters spelling out "BEER WINE" andthe hidden

staircase nearby. The graffitied stretch of pavement along Preston Avenue and the house where a known gangster lives. A few hours into his evening Luis Sinco / Loa Angeles Times shift and the Los Angeles Police Alex, a former gang member who was raised in Echo Park and Department gang officer still currently resides there, says that some members of gangs who hadn't spotted any members of once claimed the area as their turf have since been priced otit of the Echo Park Locos. He wasn't surprised. It was a Wednesday.

the nelghborhood.

So many gang members have been priced out of the

congregating within a newly

pretty hillside homes perched

neighborhood, he said, that their presence can be hard to

drawn safety zone that en-

above downtown, Echo Park

spot during the week. But on

Fridays and Saturdays, they make apilgrhmgebackto their roots. They ride in from El Sere-

no, Eagle Rock and even the Inland Empire to hang out. Each Monday, trash cans and stop signs wear fresh"Exp n graffiti.

"It becomes a weekend gang," Arellarto said. The change came as the gang, which for decades commanded an intimidating presence in the neighborhood, saw its membership dwindle. Echo Park lost some Locos to bullets and others to prison. Attoth-

er group of active gangsters chose to uproot their families

from the violence. But one of the biggest changes came with gentrification. As the new millennium set-

tled in andboutiques and coffee shops crept farther and farther

compasses the neighborhood. has a long history of counterThe restriction applies to gang culture and gangs. members who live in the neighOver the years — propelled borhood and those who have by mentions in movies and moved out. books — Echo Park's reputaThe injunction — a fIrst for tion for gang violence spread. Echo Park — divided the neigh- When uMi Vida Loca," which borhood. Some residents wel- was filmed in the neighborcomed the officials' promise hood and featured some gang that it would mean safer streets. members, was releasedin 1994, At a Greater Echo Park Elysian it gave outsiders a glimpse at Neighborhood Council meet- the violence locals already ing two months before a judge knew. approved the injunction in SepThat year, a community tember, Los Angeles City Attor- group called the Echo Park Seney Mike Feuer characterized it curity Association hired Darin as an integral part of a broader Williams' security company solution. to start patrolling the neigh"The gang injunction is a borhood. The Locos were big tool," he said. "A tool, not the and brazen then. Sometimes, tool, in the city's effort to try to Williams would round a corner curtail gang violence.... If folks and see 40 guys standing in the are not hanging out as much, middle of the street drinking bad things happen less, to put it beer. Most of them were unin verybasic terms." derage, none of them cared if Others think the injunction

down Sunset and up Echo Park makes it too easy for police to Avenue, gang members started unfairlyprofile Latinos. "The cops creep by and to move away. They couldn't keepup withrent costs. The Lo- give me a look," said Salvador cos lost numbers artd sttength. The gang is smaller, bttt its

five other local gangs from

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Fish Salad $16


Blood Orange Creme Brule $6 Chocolate Molten Cake $6

he saw. Gun shots were fired at least twice a weekbackthen.

The violence waned gradually, Williams said, and it wasn't

until a community meeting held after veteran gang memwho protested the injunction ber Eric Zamarripa was killed this summer. "Being bald and in 2009 that he realized just

looked at twice." ATT eclectic neighborhood of


BOWl SOuP dLLJOur $7

MAIN Scallops R Prawns $26 S e afood Bouillabaisse $24


Agttirre, an Echo Park native

weightis still felt. Now, city officials hope to Mexican-American, we're all further cripple its influence looked at the same. We're all with an injunction that prohib- the problems. I don't want to be its members of the Locos and


61615 Athletic Club Drive, Bend, OR 97702 Reservations 541.382.8769 accepted: 5-Close

how stark the shift was. Residents addressed Zamarripa's

family directly. Their message, he said, was simple: uWe're not u afraid of you.



Restaur an t ~

Loung •

IN THE BACK BUSINESS Ee MARIKT NEWS W Scoreboard, C2 NHL, C3 Sports in brief, C2 College hoops, C3 NBA, C3 Golf, C6 THE BULLETIN • SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2014


BASKETBALL Weather causes

postponedgames A number of high school basketball games involving Central Oregon teams wereeither postponed or canceled Friday because of inclement weather. The following are games that havebeen rescheduled for next week, includingmakeup dates and times: • Culver girls at Santiam, Tuesday, 5:30 p.m. • Culver boys at Santiam, Tuesday, 7 p.m. • Elmira at Sisters boys, Wednesday, 5:45 p.m. • La Pine boys at Sweet Home,Wednesday, 5:45 p.m. • Elmira at Sisters girls, Wednesday, 7:15 p.m. • La Pine girls at Sweet Home,Wednesday, 7:15 p.m. Games from Friday night that were postponed but havenot yet been rescheduled include: • Bend girls at Redmond • Crook County girls at Ridgeview • Redmond boys at Bend • Ridgeview boys at Crook County Trinity Lutheran's Friday girls contest at Condon/Wheeler was canceled andwill not be rescheduled. Central Christian's boys and girls basketball games at Sherman werealso called off, and it was not knownif those games will be rescheduled.



Cougars weather Stormfor win Bulletin staff report Mountain View took an early lead and cruised to a 64-51 Class 5A In-

but then we got it together." Nick Moyer led the Storm (2-4, Mountain View (4-1 IMC, 13-3) led 9-9) with 17 points, followed byTyler 34-24 at halftime and extended that

Mullen with 11.

termountain Conference boys bas- lead to ll points by the end of the ketball home win over Summit on

Friday night. "I thought Summit got out to a nice start," Mountain View coach

"I was really happy with our ef-

third quarter. Mountain View's Grant Lannin

fort," Summit coach Jon Frazier said.

finished with 16 points — nine of

about in that third quarter. The second quarter we turned it over too

which came from 3-pointers — sev-

"We did what we've been talking

Craig Reid said. "We weren't ready en rebounds and three assists. Gar- much, but the second half we didn't defensively in the first few minutes, rett Roth scored 10 points. make those critical turnovers."


Charlie Riedel /The Associated Press

Spectators wave the Russian flag during the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, on Friday.

Russia ic s o Games wit oe an u I'Is

~ f-


• Ceremony puts Russian pride on theworld stage


By Angela Charlton andNataliya Vasilyeva The Associated Press

— Bulletin staff report

SOCHI, Russia — A Russia in search of global vindication kicked off the So-

MLB A-Rod dropssuits against MLB

chi Olympics Friday night looking more like a Russia that likes to party, with a

pulse-raising opening ceremony about fun and sports instead of terrorism, gay rights and coddling despots.


And that is just the way Russian President Vladimir Putin wants these Winter Games to be.

Rodriguez endedhis extended andacrimonious fight with Major League Baseball on Friday, withdrawing a pair of lawsuits andaccepting a season-long suspension that marks the longest penalty in the sport's history related to performance-enhancing drugs. Rodriguez, who has steadfastly denied using banned substances

The world's premier athletes on ice and snow have more to worry about than

geopolitics as they plunge into the biggest challenges of their lives on the mountain slopes of the Caucasus and in the wetpaint-fresh arenas on the shores of the

Black Sea. SeeCeremony/C5


"I feel confident I'll

while with the New

York Yankees, made the decision nearly four weeks after arbitrator Fredric Horowitz largely upheld the discipline issued last summer by baseball Commissioner Bud Selig. — The Associated Pess

COLLEGE FOOTBALL Cal player dies after training run BERKELEY, Calif.

— California football player TedAgu died Friday morning at age21 after collapsing during a training run with his teammates. Agu was on atraining run near Memorial


win a medal. Joe Kline/The Bulletin

Summit's Raja Char, right, grabs a loose ball in front of Mountain View's Ryann Van der Zwiep during an

Intermountain Conference gameFriday night at Summit High.

• Summit allows justfour points in first half on wayto IMCwin By Grant Lucas The Bulletin

Ask Ryan Cruz about his freshman guard, and the Summit coach will tell you: Sarah Reeves is

already a special player. Reeves accounted for seven straight points in the second quarter to help the Storm build a 23-4

"(Sarah Reeves) cando so much on the court with her athleticism and

skill level.... And it's only going to get better through time."

Before, I just wanted to do

my best. Now I really want to win a gold

Inside Vladislav Tretiak, best known in the U.S. as the

Stadium with his


teammates early Friday morning that was supervised by multiple members of the team's medical staff. Team physician Dr. Casey Batten said the medical staff saw he had difficulty completing the workout and he was transferred by cart about150 yards to


the stadium. He then

collapsed whenhe got to the medical facility at the stadium.

A medical examiner will determine the cause of death. — The Associated P/ess


Pe um addsneweement to staff

Oregon spring practice begins in April,

• Former linebackers coach was promoted todefensive coordinator last month By Ryan Thorburn The (Eugene) Register-Guard



lot of different people on a lot of different levels," Pellum added after being promoted to defensive coordinator of the University of Oregon football team last month.

annual SpringGame on May 3 at11 a.m.

"But I'm able to communicate with a

goalie who was pulled in the "Miracle on Ice" game in1980, brings the Olympic Flame to the cauldron,C5

Local athletewatch Bend's LAURENNE ROSS isscheduleto run Sundayand Monday inthesupercombined (downhill at11 p.m. PST Sunday, with slalom runs at 3 a.m. Monday. Bend'sKENT CALLISTERwill compete in the

Pe l lum

Head coach Mark Helfrich already

P ellum describes knew about the traits that made Pellum

himself as well-organized, a grinder and a disciplinarian.

MSNBC, 3 p.m.:

Game of theDay: Hockey NBC, 8 p.m.:Figure medal. I am Skating, Ice Dancing more driven : Short Dance, Ladies' Short Program; about that . :'Goldmedalfinalsin than ever." : :men's snowboarding — Alpine skier Julia : :slopestyle women's Mancuso, C5 . :'moguls

advantage. Midway through the fourth, with — Summit coach RyanCruz Mountain View chipping away at the Summit lead, the first-year Storm player strung together six straight points to all but seal a 49-29 Class 5A Intermountain Conference girls basketball win season, and it leads Cruz to believe that "she has at Summit High. a bright future ahead of her. Reeves has quickly adapted to her first varsity SeeStorm/C6


:TV HIGHLIGHTS : Today NBC, 2:30 p.m.: Gold medal events : :inmen's biathlon, men's speedskating and women's : :cross-country skiing.

a standout recruiter and assistant coach over the decades. SeePellum /C6

Oregon State spring practice begins March 31, with the Spring Gamebeing played May 3at1 p.m.

snowboard halfpipe onTuesday. Qualification is at 2 a.m., with semis at 7 a.m.andthe finals at 9:30 a.m.

For more coverage of the 2014 Winter Games, ononline to





TODAY SOCCER EPL, Chelseavs. Newcastle EPL, SwanseaCity vs. Cardiff City. A-League Soccer, Newcastle vs. Wellington

Time TV/ Radio 7 a.m. USA 9:30 a.m. NBC 10 p.m. Fox Sports 2


Men's College, MoreheadState at Eastern Ky 8 a.m. ESPNU Men's College, Alabama atFlorida 9 a.m. ESPN Men's College, Virginia Tech atPittsburgh 9a.m. Root Women's College, Providence atSt. John's 9:30 a.m.Fox Sports1 Men's College, Butler at Georgetown 10a.m. CBS Men's College, Cleveland State atWright St. 10 a.m. ESPN2 Men's College, Nebraska atNorthwestern 10 a.m. ESPNU Men's College, Michigan at lowa 11 a.m. ESPN Men's College, North Carolina State at Miami 11 a.m. Root Men's College, Florida State at Maryland noon ESPN2 Men's College, South Carolina atTennessee noon ESPNU Men's College, Providence atXavier noon Fox Sports1 Men's College, WestVirginia at Kansas 1 p.m. ESPN Men's College, St. Mary's at Pepperdine 1 p.m. Root Men's College, St. Louis at LaSalle 2 p.m. ESPN2 Men's College, Oregon atArizona State 2 p.m. Fox Sports1 Men's College, Dukeat Boston College 3 p.m. ESPN Women's College,UCLA atUSC 3 p.m. PAC12 Men's College, South Dakota at Denver 3 p.m. Root Men's College, Baylor at Oklahoma 4 p.m. ESPN2 Men's College, Cincinnati at SMU 4:30 p.m. ESPNU NBA, Portland at Minnesota 5 p.m. CSNNW, 1110-AM, 100.1-FM PAC12

Men's College, Washington State at Utah 5 p.m. Men's College, Northwest Nazarene at Western Oregon 5 p.m. Men's College,GonzagaatMemphis 6 p.m. Men's College, Wichita State at Northern lowa 6p.m. Men's College,Oklahoma StateatTexasTech 6:30p.m. Men's College, NewMexico State at Seattle 7 p.m. Men's College,UCLAat USC 7:30 p.m. GOLF 10 a.m. PGA, PebbleBeachNational Pro-Am PGA, PebbleBeachNational Pro-Am noon Champions Tour, Allianz Championship noon EuropeanTour, Joburg Open 2:30 a.m.



SUNDAY SOCCER EPL, Tottenhamvs. Everton EPL, Manchester United vs. Fulham

Time 5 a.m. 8 a.m.



PGA, PebbleBeachNational Pro-Am PGA, PebbleBeachNational Pro-Am PGA Champions: Allianz Championship

Today Boys basketball: Nixyaawi atCentral Christian,3:30 p.m.; Paisleat y Gilchrist,4:30 p.m. Girls basketball: Trinity Lutheranat North Lake,5:30 p.m.; Nixyaawiati Central Christian,2p.m4Paisley at Gilchrist, 3p.m. Wreslling:Culverat Heppner Invite, TBD Alpine shing:OSSAat Mt. Bachelor, GiantSlalom, Ed'sGarden,TBD Nordic skiing:OHSN Oat Mt. HoodMeadows, Pursuit, TBD; OISRAclassic andbiathlon racesatWalt HaringSnoPark,11:30a.m.

10a.m. noon noon

Golf CBS Golf


NBA, NewYorkat OklahomaCity 10 a.m. ABC Men's College, Michigan State at Wisconsin 10 a.m. CBS Women's College, Louisville at Connecticut 10 a.m. ESPN Women's College, Creighton at DePaul 10 a.m. Fox Sports 1 Women's College, Memphis atTemple 10:30 a.m. ESPNU Women's College, PennState at Ohio State 1 1 a.m. ESP N2 Pac-12 Women's College, Utah atOregonState noon Women's College, lowa State atTexas noon Fox Sports1 NBA, Chicago at L.A. Lakers 12:30 p.m. ABC Women's College, Stanford at Washington 12:30 p.m. E S PNU Women's College, Oklahoma State at Baylor 1 p.m. ESP N 2 Men's College, Connecticut at Central Florida 3 p.m. ESP N 2 Men's College, Clemson atSyracuse 3 p.m. ESP N U Men's College, OregonState atArizona 4 p.m. Pac-12 Men's College, Creighton at St. John's 4 p.m. Fox Speorts 1 Men's College, Washington at Colorado 5 p.m. ESP N U HORSERACING Gulfstream Park 2 p.m. Fox Sports 1 Listingsarethe mostaccu/ate available. The Bulletinis not responsi bleforlatechangesmadeby TV orradiostations.


Class 5A lutermouutaiuConference Mountain View64, Summit51 Summi(51) t —NickMoyer 17, Mugen11,Garcia8, Corett5,Derman3,McCormick3, Hurley2,Cherry2.Totals 1811.1453. MouniainView(64)—Grant Lannin16,Roth10, Haugen 9,Kurzynowski 8,Holy 6,Corrigan6,Cattell 5,Hjelm4. Totals 20 19.2764. Summit 15 9 15 12 — 51 MountaiVi new 20 14 18 12 — 54 Three-pointgoals— Summit: Derm an, Corrett, Michalski,Reeves; MountainView:Lannin4, Catteg.

Pacific-12Conference All times PST

Conference Overall W 9 6 6 6 6 6 5 5 4 3 2 1

Arizona UCLA ArizonaSt. Colorado Stanford California Oregon St. Washington Utah Oregon WashingtonSt. SouthernCal

L I 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 6 7 8 8

Today'sGames OregonatArizonaState, 2p.m. WashingtonStateat Utah,5p.m. UCLAatUSC,7:30 p.m. Sunday'sGames OregonStateatArizona, 4p.m. Washington at Colorado,5 p.m.

USA Cyclingunveils amditious mountain bikeseries

W L 22 I 17 5 17 6 17 6 15 7 15 8 13 9 13 10 15 7 15 7 9 13 10 12

Friday's scores East Columbi53, a Princeton52 Fairfield60,Monmouth(NJ) 56 Harvard52, Brown45 lona90,Niagara89 Manhattan 84, Canisius 73 Penn90, Cornell 83 St. Peter's66,Siena53 Viganova 70, Seton Hall 53 Yale67,Dartmouth54 South Mercer75, KennesawSt. 68 Southern Miss. 60,Marshall57 Tulane64, Charlotte 63 Midwest Creighton78,DePaul66 Detroit59,Valparaiso57

Women's college Friday's scores Easl Albany(NY)90,Harfford68 Canisius62,Niagara53 Harvard91, Brown71 Penn67, Cornell 57 Princeton 70, Columbia41 Quinnipiac83, Monmouth(NJ) 67 Yale86,Dartmouth52 South Coll. ofCharleston71, Drexel 65 Delaware 70, UNCWilmington50 JamesMadison 85,Northeastern57 Midwest UlinoisSt.53,IndianaSt. 50 MissouriSt.66,Loyolaof Chicago 41 SouthDakota88, Denver 67 WichitaSt. 67,Bradley54 Far West California70,Washington 65 Stanford77,Washington St.69

TENNIS ATP World Tour Royal GuardOpen Friday At ClubNaval deCampoLasSalinas Vina del Mar,Chile Purse: $457,500(WT250) Surlace: Clay-Outdoor Singles Quarterlinals SantiagoGiraldo, Colombia,def. GuigermoGarcia-Lopez (7),Spa in,3-6,6-4, 6-2. Leonardo Mayer, Argentina, def. Daniel Gimeno-lraver, 6-4,3-6,6-2. Nicolas Almagro(3), Spain,def.TaroDaniel,Japan,6-2, 7-5.

PBZ ZagrebIndoors Friday At DomSportova Zagreb, Croatia Purse:$654,900(WT250) Surface: Hard-Indoor

Singles Ouarterfinals BjornPhau,Germany, def.Dudi Sela, Israel,6-4,6-3. MarinCilic(5),Croatia, def. IvanDodig (4), Croatia,

DanieE lvans,Britain, def.PhilippKohlschreiber(3), Germany,6-4, 2-6,6-4. Tommy Haas(1), Germany, def. Andrey Kuznetsov, Russia, 7-6 (6),6-4.

— The sport of mountain biking was born andraised in the United States, which makes it all the more frustrating to American riders that they've been lapped bytheir European counterparts. USACycling is hoping to changethat with a new domestic series that will offer the richest cross-country purse in the world and should attract most of the top riders. TheU.S. Cup ProSeries presented by Sho-Air Cycling Group cametogether late last year, but the details were announced just this week. Theopening round is March1-2 in Dripping Springs, Texas.

OpenSuddeFrance Friday At ArenaMontpellier Montpellier, France Purse:5654,900(WT250) Surface: Hard-Indoor Singles Ouarterfinals Jarkko Nieminen(6), Finland,def. MarcGicquel, France, 6-3, 3-6, 7-6(5). GaelMonfils (5), France,def. DenisIstomin, Uzbekistan,


(7), Fran ce,6-2, 6-4. RichardGasquet(1),France,def.AlbanoOliveti, France, 6-4,6-2.

PenguinS Player Out after haVing StrOke —Pittsburgh Penguins defensemanKris Letang will be out for six-plus weeksafter having astroke.PenguinsgeneralmanagerRaySheroannounced Friday that Letang had astroke last week. Shero says Letang will be treated with blood thinners, adding the stroke is not expected to threaten his career.

NBA DaViS PiCked tO Play in All-Star game — NewOrleans forward Anthony Davis waschosen Friday to replace the injured Kobe Bryant in the NBAAll-Star game that will be played in his home city. Davis was nearly chosen as areserve, but missed by one spot in votingbyWesternConferenceheadcoaches. — From wire reports

"Chug it! And when you are on defense, I want you to get right up in your man's face."

6-4,6-4. JerzyJanowicz(3), Poland,def. EdouardRoger-Vasselin

GOLF PGA Tour ATATPebbleBeachNational Pro-Am Friday At Pebble Beach,Calif. p-PebbleBeach:6,816yards, par-72 s-SpyglassHill Gc: 6,953yards, par-72 m-MontereyPeninsula: 6,867yards, par-71 Purse: Sg.gmillion SecondRound JimmyWalker 66p-69s—135 67s-67m—134 JordanSpieth 68p-68s—136 HunterMahan 63m-73p—136 AndrewLoupe RichardH.Lee 65m-72p —137 DanielSummerhays 69m-69p —138 RobertGarrigus 67m-71p—138 RyanPalmer 72s-66m—138

$51 28 $51 28

STATISTICS ThroughJan. 26 Scoring I, JessicaKorda, 68.25.2, Stacy Lewis, 68.50.3 (tie), LizetteSalas, PornanongPhatlum,NaYeonChoi andPaula Cream er, 69.00. 7(tie), LydiaKo,PK.Kongkraphan, Sandra GalandChristel Boeljon,69.25. Driving Distance I, Lexi Thompson,269.5.2,PK.Kongkraphan,267.8. 3, AlenaSharp, 267.3. 4, GerinaPiler, 266.0.5, Paula Reto, 264.0. 6,BrittanyLincicome,263.8. 7, Sandra Changkija, 263.5.8, StacyLewis, 263.3. 9,Am yAnderson, 262.5.10, GiuliaMolinaro,261.0. Greens inRegulationPct. I, MichelleWie,88.90%.2,NaYeonChoi, 86.10%.3 (tie), LydiK aoandSeRiPak,83.30%.5,BritanyLincicome, 81r90%,6(tie),AiMiyazato,GerinaPillerandSandraChangkija,80.60%.9,4tiedwith 79.20%. Putting Average I, Moriya Jutanugarn, 1.600. 2, JessicaKorda, 1.607. 3, BeckyMorgan, 1.611.4, Paula Creamer, 1.618.5, PK. Kongkrap han, 1.620.6, Lizette Salas, 1.625. 7, M.J.Hur, 1.630.8, MorganPressel, 1.648.9,StacyLewis, 1.649.10, Maude -AimeeLeblanc,1.667. Birdie Average I, JessicK aorda,6.50.2, ChegaChoi,6.25. 3(tie), BrittanyLincicomeandPaulaCreamer,5.75.5(tie), LizetteSalas andChristelBoeljon,550.7,5tiedwith525.


HOCKEY NHL Standings All TimesPST


BASKETBALL Men's College


Eagle Average I (tie), Sandra Gal, Karine Icher, Amelia Lewis, Paula Cream er, PernigaLindbergandThidapaSuwannapura,0.50. 7,15 tiedwith0.25. SandSavePercentage I (tie), CarolinM easson, Christel Boeljon, Paula Reto, Pornan ong Phatlum,SunYoung Yoo, Gerina Piller, Ayako Uehara,Maria Hjorth andKristy McPherson, 100.00%.10,

Boys basketball




Class 5A IntermountainConference Summit 49, Mountain View29 MountainView(29) — Hailey Goetz9, J. Goetz5, Bailey 5,Wiliams4, McClain4, Vander Zwiep2.Tolals 8 10-2029. Summit(49) —SarahReeves17,Heinly14, Cornetl8, Manle y6,Char2,Hasenoehrl2.Totals206-1149. Mountainview 2 2 11 1 4 — 29 Summit 9 21 6 13 — 49 Three-poingoal t s— MountainView:H.Goetz 2, J. Goetz;Summit: Heinly, Reeves,Cornet.

FabioFognini(I),Italy, def.JeremyChardy(5), France,

posted18 points, 24 reboundsand three blocks to guide the Cowgirls to a 44-34 Class1A Mountain Valley League road win in Medford. Karrah Davidson chipped in with15 points and eight boards for North Lake (7-2 MVL, 13-5 overall), while JadeStockton dished out eight assists. In the boys' matchup, North Lakedropped its third straight league game, a62-23 loss to the host Red Tail Hawks. Matthew Henkel had eight points and nine rebounds for the Cowboys, who dropped to 4-6 in conference playand 6-12 overall.

In the Bleachers O 2014 Steve Moore. Dist. by Universal Ucuck www.gocomics com/Inthebleachers

Girls basketball


North Lake splits with Rogue Valley —KendraMurphy

44. EricaPopson 44. SunYoungYoo



Root PAC12


College, Michigan at PennState College, Maine atNotre Dame


Jim Ren ner ScottGardiner Steven Bowditch DickyPride BlakeAdams Brendon Todd Tim Wilkinson Pat Perez AaronBaddeley Chris Kirk PeterMalnati RorySabbatini Phil Mickelson Michae lThompson PatrickReed StuartAppleby KevinNa DavidDuval GeoffOgilvy BrianGay PadraigHarrington Jim Herm an Chris Wiliams KevinStadler AlexCejka SeanO'Hair Will Wilcox

JasonBohn James Hahn Jim Furyk JamesDriscoll VictorDubuisson MichaelPutnam RusselKnox l GeorgeMcNeig D.H. Lee KevinChappell ChessonHadley Alex Aragon BudCauley BrianDavis GregOwen LeeJanzen WesRoach DustinJohnson FreddieJacobson AndresRomero KevinKisner Bronson LaC ' assie RobertStreb Matt Jones TrevorImmelman Brendan Steele Sang-MoonBae JohnMaginger J.B. Holmse DannyLee JohnPeterson Cameron TrIngale WoodyAustin D.A. Points BrianHarman PaulGoydos PaulMcGinley JasonKokrak TroyMerritt JamieLovemark JustinThom as Graeme McDoweg Will Claxton BriceGarnet ChadCampbel RusselHenl l ey Kyle Stanley KenDuke JohnSenden Will MacKe nzie RobertoCastro BryceMolder K.J. Choi WilliamMcGirt

KiradechAphibarnrat Seung-YulNoh MikeWeir RetiefGoosen BenMartin DougLaBele II BrandtSnedekre RafaelCabreraBello KevinFoley CharlieWi BenKohles ScottLangley JohnHuh TedPotter,Jr. MarkWilson AndrewSvoboda Joe Duran t RodPam pling Jeff Magge rt HudsonSwafford RodPerry Martin Flores JasonDay LucasGlover ScottBrown TyroneVanAswegen FabianGomez Matt Every DavisLoveIII NickWatney ScottMccarron TagRidings Matt Bettencourt RickyBarnes Bo VanPelt KevinTw ay Tommy Gainey Alex Prugh MaxHom a JerryKelly Justin Hicks LeeWiliams ChadCollins Vijay Singh EdwardLoar JoshTeater BradFritsch CharlieBeljan BobbyGa tes SpencerLevin DanielChopra Joe Ogilvie StevenFox MiguelAngelCarbago NicholasThompson Kris Blanks Charl eyHoff man HeathSlocum TroyMatteson J.J. Henry MarkAnderson JohnDaly JustinBogi BrinyBaird GregChalmers

71p-68s —139 65m-73p—138 65m-73p—138 68m-70p—138 66m-72p—138 69s-69m—138 70s-68m—138 67p-72s—139 69m-70p—139 69m-70p—139 71s-68m—139 69p-71s—140 67s-72m—139 66m-73p—139 71s-68m—139 69s-70m—139 65m-74p—139 72p-68s—140 72p-68s—140 71s-69m—140 70s-70m—140 72p-69s—141 70m-70p—140 70s-70m—140 67m-73p—140 69s-71m—140 70p-71s—141 72p-69s—141 69s-71m—140 69p-72s—141 70s-70m—140 69s-71m—140 73m-67p—140 69s-71m—140 70p-72s—142 67m-74p—141 69p-73s—142 73s-68m—141 71s-70m—141 69p-73s—142 73p-69s—142 68p-74s—142 67m-74p—141 68m-73p—141 67m-74p—141 68s-73m—141 68m-73p —141 71s-70m—141 72s-69m—141 70p-72s—142 67p-75s—142

68m-74p—142 70s-72m—142 70s-72m—142 69p-74s—143 71s-71m—142 68p-75s—143 68m-74p—142 70s-72m—142 70p-73s—143 73p-70s—143 67m-75p—142 66m-76p—142 72s-70m—142 67p-76s—143 74s-68m—142 74p-69s—143 73m-69p—142 70s-72m—142 71s-71m—142 68s-74m—142 75p-68s—143 73s-70m—143 73s-70m—143 74s-69m—143 72p-72s—144 69m-74p—143 69m-74p—143 70s-73m—143 72m-71p—143 69p-75s—144 70s-73m—143 69s-74m—143 72m-71p—143 70m-73p—143 71p-73s—144 71p-73s—144 70m-74p—144 72s-72m—144 74p-71s—145 68m-76p—144

71s-73m—144 72p-73s—145 69m-75p—144 67m-77p—144 69m-75p—144 71s-73m —144 71s-73m —144 74p-72s—146 73p-73s—146 71m-74p—145 71p-75s—146 69p-77s—146 69m-76p—145 68m-77p—145 68m-78p—146 70m-76p—146 73p-74s—147 72m-74p—146 71m-75p—146 75s-71m—146 72s-74m—146 71p-76s—147 73s-73m—146 75s-71m—146 75s-71m—146 72p-75s—147 70m-76p—146 78s-70m—148 74p-75s—149 73p-76s—149 74s-74m—148 74p-75s—149 76p-73s—149 71m-77p—148 78p-71s—149 70p-79s—149 69p-81s—150 77s-72m—149 73s-76m—149 71p-79s—150 76p-74s—150 70m-79p—149 73m-76p—149 72p-78s—150 72m-77p—149 72s-78m—150 72s-78m—150 73m-78p—151 74p-78s—152 70m-81p—151 72m-79p—151 75m-77p—152 73s-79m—152 71m-81p—152 81p-73s—154 77p-77s—154


78p-Bgs —158

Cham pions TOuy' Allianz ChampionshiP Friday At The OldCourse atBrokenSound Boca Raton, Fla. Purse: $1.6 million

Yardage:6,807; Par: 72(36-36) First Round

MichaelAllen Scott Dunlap ChienSoonLu WesShort, Jr. TomLehman BradBryant JohnCook SteveElkington GaryKoch GeneSauers Colin Montgom erie Hale Irwin DuffyWaldorf MikeGoodes Olin Browne MikeReid Jay Haa s DavidFrost Jeff Sluman KennyPerry Jeff Hart RodSpittle BobbyWadkins Dana Quigley Bill Glasson JohnRiegger Kohkildoki RoccoMediate Willie Wood RogerChapman EstebanToledo BruceFleisher FuzzyZoeger John Inman MarkWiebe AndersForsbrand TomKite RussCochran MarkO'Meara BernhardLanger DougGarwood StevePate BrianHenninger PeterSenior JoeySindelar BobTway Jim Thorpe Billy Andrade FredFunk LarryMize MarkBrooks BobFriend WayneLevi Tommy Armour III BenCrenshaw DanForsman LorenRoberts Jay Don Blake D.A.Weibring Scott Simpson Jim Rutledge RickFehr GaryHagberg MarkMcNulty CurtisStrange TomPerniceJr. LeeRinker SteveSchneiter Hal Sutton JohnHarris Morris Hatalsky TomPurtzer MarkCalcavecchia TomByrum SteveLowery Bart Bryant BobGilder BradFaxon PeterJacobsen AndrewMagee Nick Price

30-30—60 30-33—63 30-35—65 32-33—65 33-32—65 35-31—66 33-33—66 32-35—67 33-34—67 34-33—67 33-34—67 34-33—67 34-34—68 32-36—68 34-34—68 38-30—68 34-34—68 36-32—68 35-33—68 33-35—68 34-34—68 32-37—69 37-32—69 33-36—69 36-33—69 33-36—69 35-34—69 34-35—69 35-34—69 36-33—69 34-35—69 35-35—70 34-36—70 34-36—70 34-36—70 38-32—70 36-34—70 35-35—70 36-34—70 35-35—70 34-36—70 35-36—71 37-34—71 36-35—71 37-34—71 36-35—71 37-34—71 38-33—71 35-36—71 37-35—72 37-35—72 36-36—72 35-37—72 36-36—72 36-36—72 36-36—72 37-35—72 36-36—72 35-38—73 36-37—73 36-37—73 40-34—74 36-38—74 38-36—74 38-36—74 35-39—74 39-35—74 38-36—74 36-39—75 36-39—75 38-37—75 38-37—75 37-38—75 37-39—76 40-36—76 36-40—76 38-39—77 37-40—77 38-40—78 34-44—78 WD

LPGA Tour MONE YLEADER S Througb Jan. 26

1. JessicaKorda 2. StacyLewis 3. NaYeonChoi 3. Paula Creamer 3. Pornanong Phatlum 3. LizetteSalas 7. ChristelBoeljon 7. Sandra Gal 7. LydiaKo 7. PK.Kongkraphan 11. Morgan Pressel 11.Thidapa Suwannapura 13. ChegaChoi 13. AmeliaLewis 13. Brittany Lincicome 13. Jenny Suh 13. MichelleWie 18. Sandra Changkija 18. KristyMcPherson 18. AzaharaMunoz 18. HeeYoungPark 18.AlenaSharp 23 JodiEwartShadoff 23.HaruNomura 25. Laura Diaz 25. Angela Stanford 27. MoriyaJutanugarn 27. Genna Piger 27. LineVedel 30. KarineIcher 30. Tiffany Joh 30 PernillaLindberg 33. AustinErnst 33. JulietaGranada 33. DanielleKang 33. KatherinKi erk 33. BrittanyLang 33. Meena Lee 33. MirimLee 33. SeRiPak 33. SarahJaneSmith 33. AyakoUehara 33. AmyYang 44. Paz Echeverria 44. KathleenEkey 44. M.J.Hur 44. Hannah Jun 44. MindyKim 44. CarolineMasson

Trn 11


1 11








EaslernConference AtlanticDivision Boston Tampa Bay Montreal Toronto Detroit Ottawa Florida Buffalo

GP W L OT PlsGF GA 5 6 36 16 4 76 169 123 5 7 32 20 5 69 164 143 5 8 31 21 6 68 144 141 5 9 31 22 6 68 175 181 57 26 19 12 64 149 159 58 26 21 11 63 167 184 5 8 22 29 7 5 1 139 183 5 7 15 34 8 38 110 172

Metropolitan Division GP W L OT PlsGF GA P ittsburgh 58 40 15 3 8 3 186 138 N .Y.Rangers 59 32 24 3 67 155 146 P hiladelphia 58 29 23 6 6 4 160 166 C olumbus 58 29 24 5 6 3 170 161 C arolina 5 6 2 6 2 1 9 6 1 143 154 NewJersey 58 24 21 13 61 135 143 W ashington 58 26 23 9 6 1 168 175 N .Y.islanders 59 22 29 8 5 2 162 195 WesternConference Central Division GP W L OT PlsGF GA Chicago 60 35 11 14 84 207 163 St. Louis 5 6 38 12 6 82 192 132 Colorado 5 7 36 16 5 77 169 151 Minnesota 5 9 31 21 7 69 145 147 Dallas 57 26 21 10 62 162 163 Winnipeg 5 9 28 26 5 6 1 165 171 Nashville 58 25 23 10 60 144 175 Pacific Division GP W L OT PlsGF GA A naheim 5 9 4 0 14 5 8 5 191 145 S anJose 5 9 3 7 1 6 6 8 0 175 142 L os Angeles 59 31 22 6 68 139 128 Phoenix 5 7 2 7 2 0 10 64162 167 V ancouver 59 27 23 9 6 3 145 157 C algary 57 2 2 2 8 7 5 1 136 177 E dmonton 60 20 33 7 4 7 153 199 NOTE: Twopoints for a win, onepoint for overtime loss. Friday's Games N.Y.Rangers4, Pittsburgh3, SO NewJersey2,Edmonton1, OT Carolina5,FloridaI Phoenix2, Chicago0 SanJose3, Columbus2 Today'sGames Calgaryat Philadelphia, 10a.m. Winnipegat St.Louis, 11a.m. Ottawa at Boston,noon Vancouverat Toronto,3 p.m. Montrealat Carolina, 3p.m. Detroit atTampaBay, 4p.m. ColoradoatN.Y. Islanders 4p.m. NewJerseyatWashington,5p.m. AnaheimatNashvile, 5 p.m. Phoenixat Dallas,5p.m. Sunday'sGames No games scheduled

DEALS Transactions BASEBAL L


BALTIM OREORIOLES—Agreedto termswith18 Matt laPorta onaminor leaguecontract. CHICAG OWHITESOX—Agreed to termswith RHP MitchelBo l ggsonaone-yearcontract. AssignedRHPDeunte Heathoutright toCharlotte(IL). KANSA SCINROYALS—NamedMikeSweeneyspecial assistantto basebal operations. Assigned LHPEveretl TeafordoutrighttoOmaha(PCL). OAKLAN DAlHLEl ICS—Agreedtotermswith OFCoco Crisponathree-yearcontract. National League ARIZON ADIAMONDBACKS—AgreedtotermswithRHP Bronson Arroyoonatwo-year contract. MILWA UKEEBREWERS—Agreedto termswith RHP FranciscoRodriguezonaone-yearcontract. PITTSB URGHPIRATES—Agreedtotermswith COmir


WASHIN GlONNATIONALS—AgreedtotermswithRHP LuisAyalaonaminor leaouecontract. FOOTBAL L National Football League BUFF ALOBILLS—Promoteddefensivequality control coachJasonRebrovichtoassistant defensivelinecoach. DETR OITLIONS—Signed CDominic Raiolato aoneyearcontract. GREE NBAYPACKERS—NamedWinstonMossassistant head coach/linebackerscoach, Alex Van Pelt quarterbackscoach, Scott McCurley assistant linebackerscoach, mons defensive/special team s assistant, John Money JasonSim $195,000 Rushingdefensivequality control coach, SamGash running scoach,RonZookassistantspecialteamscoach,Luke $120,655 back 963,581 Getsyoffensivequality control coachandChrisGizzistrength $63,581 andconditioningassistant. KANSA SCITYCHIEFS—ReleasedCBDuntaRobinson. $63,581 WRWestonDressler. $63,581 Signed M INNE SOlAVIKINGS—ReleasedLBErinHenderson. $31,543 TENN ESSEETITANS—NamedToddTorisceli director 931,543 $31,543 of sportsmedicine. $31,543 HOCKEY $23,945 National HockeyLeague NHL —FinedMontreal CanadiensDAlexei Em elin $23,945 919,289 $5,000 forbutt-endingVancouver CanucksFPascal Pelletier onThursday,Feb.6. $19,289 in Montreal $19,289 BUFF ALOSABRES—WaivedLWLinusOmark.Assigned $19,289 CPhiVa l roneeandDChadRuhwedeltoRochester(AHL). $19,289 COLU MBUSBLUEJACKETS—)radedDBlakeParlett 915,220 to Boston tor FCarter Camper, and assigned Camper to $15,220 Springfield(AH L). $15,220 LOSANGELESKINGS—AssignedGMartinJonesand $15,220 FTylerTofoli to Manchester (AHL). RecalledGJ.EBerube $15,220 from Manchester. 913,344 NASH VILLEPREDATORS—ReassignedFTaylor Beck $13,344 to Milwau kee(AHL). $12,386 lAMPABA YLIGHlNING—RecalledFYladislavNamest$12,386 nikovandGKristersGudlevskisfromSyracuse(AHL). $11,230 SOCCER $11,230 Major LeagueSoccer $11,230 PHILAD ELPHIAUNION—NamedMikeSorberassistant $9,975 coach. $9,975 COLLEGE $9,975 ATLAN TICHOCKEYASSOCIATION—SuspendedNiag$7,531 ara D KevinAlbersonegame. $7,531 ARIZON ASTAlE—Named Keith Pattersondefensive $7,531 coordinator,linebackersanddefensivespecial teamscoach, $7,531 and tightendscoachandrecruiting coordinator Chip Long $7,531 off ensivespecialteamscoach. $7,531 FURMAN— Announcedtheyaredroppingmen'sgol fas $7,531 avarsitysport afterthis season. LEES-M CRAE—NamedThomasRuslingmen'sassistant $7,531 $7,531 soccercoa ch. $7,531 N.C.STATE—AnnouncedQBPeteThomaswill transfer $7,531 attheendoftheacademicyear. RICE—NamedLarryEdmondsonandBilly Lynchco-of$5,128 $5,128 fensive coordinators. $5,128 ST.NORBERT—NamedAlJohnsonotfensivelinecoach. $5,128 SETO NHALL—NamedJenniferGrubbandKristieLang $5,128 women'as s sistantsoccercoachesandMikePollervolunteer $5,128 assistantcoach.





acersove a e azersinove ime The Associated Press

ADELPHIA — S t eve Nash celebrated his 40th birthday

INDIANAPOLIS — George Hill knew there was some-

by scoring a season-high 19 points as the Los Angeles Lakers beat Philadelphia. Magic 103, Thunder 102: ORLANDO, Fla. — Tobias

thing different about the way he felt when he showed up to

the arena Friday. He didn't know it was going to turn out to be a career night. "When I first walked in here

Rangers take out Penguins in overtime

Harris slammed home a fast-

today I was yelling at every-

break pass from Maurice Harkless at the buzzer, lifting Or-

body, 'I don't know what it is,

lando over Oklahoma City.

but I have a lot of energy,'" Hill said. "They said, 'Hopefully it

Mavericks 103, Jazz 81: D ALLAS — Mon t a E l l i s scored 22 points and Dallas

carries to the court.'"

It did in a big way. Hill had a career-high 37

beat Utah, matching a season high with its fourth straight

points, nine r ebounds and


The Associated Press P ITTSBURGH — T h e Eastern Conference-lead-

ing Pittsburgh Penguins have been stellar at home this season and unbeat-

able in shootouts for two years. The New York Rangers brushed all that aside and played well enough to head

eight assists, leading the Indi-

Knicks 117, Nuggets 90:

ana Pacers to a 118-113 overtime victory over the Portland Trail Blazers. Hill forced overtime with a 3-pointer to tie the game at

NEW YORK — Carmelo Anthony scored 31 points in three quarters, then watched from

the bench as the New York Knicks ran away from his old

Brad Richards and Mats Zuccarello scored i n a

103 with 8 seconds left in regulation. Paul George, who fin-

team in the fourth to defeat Denver.

shootout, and the Rangers beat Pittsburgh 4-3 on Friday night to hand the Penguins a rare loss in the tiebreaker.

Cavaliers 115, Wizards 113:

ished with 17 points, missed a

3-pointer, Granger grabbed a


rebound and found Hill for the

ers scored 24 points and Kyrie Irving had 23 points and tied a career high with 12 assists to help Cleveland break its sixgame skid with a victory over Washington. Celtics 99, Kings 89:BOSTON — Jared Sullinger scored a career-high 31 points and added 16 rebounds and Boston

tying basket. "Just trying to move to an open spot to get a shot up." Hill said. "I knew we needed a 3.

The best way to do it is off an offensive rebound."

David West scored a season-high 30 points and had 10 rebounds and Paul George added 17 points for the Pacers (39-10), who have won five of six games. D amian Lillard had 3 8 points and 11 assists and LaMarcus Aldridge had 22 points for the Trail Blazers (35-15). George converted a steal

into the go-ahead dunk with 3:48 left in overtime, putting the Pacers ahead 107-105. West dunked with 1:37 left to make it 111-107. West scored 10 points in the

fourth quarter to keep Indiana in the game. He made a jumper to tie it at 91 with 3:54 left in

regulation and later tied the game at 97. George made a 3 with 1:30 remaining to put the Pacers ahead 100-99, but then Wesley

Matthews scored and Nicolas Batum made a pair of free throws to put the Trail Blazers ahead 103-100 before Hill tied

the game.

Michael Conroy/The Associated Press

Portland Trail Blazers center Robin Lopez, center, is trapped by Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert, left, and forward Danny Granger during the second half of Friday night's game in Indianapolis. The Pacers defeated the Trail Blazers 118-113 in overtime.

went on a 15-0 fourth-quarter

"I thought we played well Pacers and over a month after against a championship-level being suspended indefinitely team who found a way to get by the Cleveland Cavaliers. it done," Lillard said. "That's He played in 24 games for what great teams do, find a the Cavaliers this season, but hasn't played a game since way to get it done." Indiana's 118 points was a Dec. 26. Pacers coach Frank season high, but it's what was Vogel doesn't expect the 7-foot needed to beat the league's centerto play forseveralmore best offensive team. More im- weeks and said he wants to portantly, though, the Pacers make sure Bynum is comfortjust want to prove they can able before throwing him into beat the league's best teams. Indiana's rotations. "Against the top teams, you But the Pacers could have have to get wins throughout used his rebounding. the year," West said. "This is By halftime, the Trail Blaza good win for us and we talk ers had a 25-15 edge and held about finishing strong before Indianato no offensiveboards. the All-Star break. I thought The Pacers went on a 10-2 we prepared well for this run in the second quarter. C.J. and came in and had a good Watson made a free throw game." and Granger converted a 3-point play before Dorell Indiana's newest addition was inactive. Andrew Bynum Wright made two free throws, joined the team on Friday, a Watson made a pair, Granger week after signing with the scored on a jumper and Ra-

sual Butler hit a 3-pointer to make it 30-27 with 8:10 left in

the first half. Lillard scored to give the Trail Blazers a 44-35 lead with

3:29 left in the second quarter.

run to beat Sacramento for their longest winning streak in more than two months. Pistons 111, Nets 95: AUBURN HILLS, Mich. — Andre Drummond had 15 points and

Then the Pacers went on 8-2

21 assists, Brandon Jennings narrowly missed a triple-dou-

run capped off with a shot by

ble and Detroit beat Brooklyn.

Hibbert to make it 46-43.

Pelicans 98, Timberwolves

into the Olympic break on a

winning note.

"We deserved this win w ith th e w a y t h a t w e

played the wholegame," said New York goalie Henrik Lundqvist, who stopped two of three shots he faced in the shootout. "I don't

know if it was desperation, but we understood how im-

portant this game was. We have a long break here and you definitely want to end it

the right way." Benoit Pouliot scored twice in regulation for the

Rangers, who b ounced back from a home loss to Edmonton the night before and won for the fifth time

in six games. The Penguins had won all four of their previous shootouts this season and

Aldridge answered with a basket and West scored for Indiana before Lillard scored a wide-open layup with 2 sec-

91: NEW ORLEANS — Anthony Davis responded to his selection to the Western Con-

ference All-Star squad with

14 of the past 15 overall.

onds left to give the Trail Blaz-

26 points and 10 rebounds,

ers a five point halftime lead.

and New Orleans overcame a 10-point fourth quarter deficit

Their most recent loss was two years ago to the day

Pacers forward Lance Ste-

phenson was out with a sore to defeat Minnesota. lower back. He was injured Clippers 118, Raptors 105: during a fall in Indiana's 89-85 L OS A NGELES — B l a k e win over Atlanta on Tuesday. Griffin scored 19 of his 36 Vogel said S t ephenson points in t h e f i r s t q u arter bounces back from injuries and Jamal Crawford added quickly and doesn't expect 21, leading the Los Angeles him to miss many games. Clippers to a victory over ToAlso on Friday: ronto in a matchup of division Lakers 112, 76ers 98:PHIL-


against Montreal. "It's not something that

happens very often with our group — our shooters and (Marc-Andre Fleury) in net," Pittsburgh coach Dan Bylsma said. "But Henrik is almost as good, and was tonight." Zuccarello, the second

New York shooter in the tiebreaker, tucked a back-

hand under the pads of Fleury — who had not al-


lowed a shootout goal all

season. Evgeni Malkin beat Lundqvist to extend

NewYorkat OklahomaCity, 10a.m. ChicagoatLA. Lakers,12:30 p.m. Indiana atOrlando,3 p.m. NewOrleansat Brooklyn, 3p.m. Dallas atBoston,3p.m. Sacramento at Washington, 3p.m. Memphisat Cleveland,3 p.m. Philadelphia atLA. Clippers,6:3II p.m.

Johnson5-10 2-3 16,Pierce2-4 0-2 4, Blatche 3-7 2-4 8,Wiliams4-100-010, Livingston1-5 2-2 4, Terry6-0 0-018, Plumlee4-115-813, Teletovic 0-5 0-0 0,Kirilenk01-2 0-0 2,Anderson1-82-2 4, Evans 3-1t 5-711,Teague2-61-1 5. Totals 32-89 19-29 95. DETROIT (111) Smith9-164-523,Monroe5-92-212, Drummond 7-12 2-816,JenningsII-13 5-5 26,Singler 6-131-2 16, Stuckey 6-14 2-2 14,Caldwell-Pope0-2 0-0 0, Jerebko1-1II-02, Billups1-40-0Z Totals 43-84

LA. CLIPPERS (118) Utah 23 20 24 14 — 81 Standings Barnes4-60-011, Griffin 13-1810-1336,Jordan Dallas 28 26 28 21 — 103 All TimesPST 4-610-2218, Collison4-151-1 0, Crawford4-13 12-1221,Green4-1 2-212, Dudley2-51-25, Hollins Pelicans 98, Timberwolves 91 EasternConference 0-01-21, Bullock1-10-0 3. Totals 36-71 37-54 W L Pd GB 118. MINNESOT A(91) d-Indiana 39 10 796 Toroato 22 29 32 22 — 105 Brewer 6-103-416, Love6-2014-1726, Turiaf4-5 d-Miami 35 I3 729 3'/2 L.A. Clippers 29 3 8 25 26 — 118 Ij-08, Rubio3-104-411, Martin3-0 8-1015, CunAtlanta 25 23 521 13'/~ ningham1-30-02,Dieng1-30-02, Budinger1-40-0 d-Toronto 26 24 520 I3'/z Cavaliers115, Wizards113 2, Barea 3-8 2-29, MbahaIIoute 0-1 0-00. Talals Washington 24 25 490 15 Summaries 28-75 31-37 91. Chicago 24 25 490 15 16-24111. Friday' s Games CLEVEL AND(115) NEWORLEANS(98) Brooklyn 22 26 458 16'/~ Brooklyn 17 27 29 22 — 95 Miles 7-0 2-218,Thompson5-100-010, vareAminu1-50-0 2, Davis 10-166-826, Aiinca2-2 Charlotte 22 28 440 17'A Detroit 30 37 29 15 — 111 i a o 2-5 2-2 6, Irving 5-1113-13 23, Jack 0-3 Ij-2 0, Ijo4, Roberts 7131-1 16,Gordon 815 23 20,EvDetroit 20 29 408 19 Pacers118, Blazers113 waiters 0-181-224,Bennett 3-41-2 8, Dellavedova ans 3-101-27,Stiemsm a1-1 0-02, Rivers2-62-27, NewYork 2II 30 400 19'/~ 2-72-27, Gee4-62-211,Zeller1-26-68. Totals Morrow3-60-09, Babbitt 2-70-05. Totals39-81 Celtics 99, Kings89 Boston 18 33 353 22 PORTULND I113) 40-77 29-33115. 12-16 98. Cleveland 17 33 340 22'/a Batum1-82-24,Aldridge9-244-522,Lopez8-15 S ACRAM E N TO (89) WASHING TON(113) Minnesota 26 21 24 20 — 91 Philadelphia 1-217, Lillard15-264-538,Matthewst-22 3-319, 15 36 294 25 W illiams 2-0 7-711, Thom pson 2-9 2-2 6, C ous Ariza 5-9 2-214, Nene 6-101-413, Gortat 9-12 New Orleans 2 517 19 37 — 98 McCol l um 4-4 0-0 9, E. W a tson 1-1 0-0 2, Freel a nd Orlando I5 37 2II8 25'/~ Robinson0-20-00,Wright0-02-32.To- ins0-199-0 31,Thomas9-233-324,Outlaw 2-7 1-219, Wall10-1910-1232,Beal4-15 0-09, WebMilwaukee 9 40 184 30 0-20-00, 0-0 5, McLem ore3-0 1-1 8, Acy1-30-0 2, Landry ster 6-10II-018, Booker0-1t-0 Ij, TempleIj-20-00, tals 45-10416-20113. WesternConference All-Star Rosters 0-1 0-0 0,Fredette1-20-0 2, McCalum 0-10-0 0. Seraphi3-51-1 INDIANA (118) n 7,Vesely 0-21-21. Totals4345 NI L Pd GB Totals 31-8722-2489. 16-23113. George 5-23 6-617, West13-16 4-6 30, Hi b bert All-StarGame:Feb. 16atNewOrleans d-Oklahoma City 40 12 769 2-II 0-0 4,G.HIII 12-1911-1237, Granger3-101-1 BOSTON (99) Cleveland 32 35 26 22 — 115 i-inlured,will notplay;r-replacement d-San Antonio 36 14 720 3 7,C.Watson1-53-45, Butler3-42-210, Scola3-7 Green6-203-517, Bass1-8II-02, Sullinger14- Washington 38 25 22 28 — 113 Portland 35 15 700 4 EASTERN CONFERENCE 242-231, Pressey2-60-04, Wal l a ce4-80-28,Bay0-0 1-2 1. Totals 42-92 29-35 d-L.A.Clippers 35 1II 660 5'/~ 1-2 7, Mahinmi Starlers P os HI W l A-S 118. l e ss 7-91-219, Ol y nyk 3-5 4-411, Johnson 2-6 0-0 Houston 33 17 660 6 CarmeloAnthony,NY F 6- 8 23 5 7 Portland 28 2 2 2 7 26 10 — 113 5, Anthony1-1 0-0 2, Humphries 0-10-0 0. Totals Lakers112, 76ers98 Golden State 30 20 600 9 PaulGeorge,Ind F 6-8 2 2 1 2 16 2 9 2 6 32 15 — 118 40-8810-15 99. Phoenix 29 20 592 9'/~ Indiana L eBron James, Mia F 6 - 8250 1 0 LA. LAKERS (112) 3-PointGoal— s Portland7-20 (Lilard 4-7, Matthew s Sacramento 29 17 23 20 —89 Dallas 30 21 588 9'/z Kyrie Irving,Cle G 6-3 1 9 1 2 Johnson 6-13 3-317, Kell y 7-12 0-015, Sacre 2-8, McC o l u m1-1, Lo pe z 0 -1, B a t u m 0-3), Indi a na 5-1 3 Boston 21 28 22 28 — 99 Memphis 26 22 542 12 Wade,Mia G 6 - 4 210 1 0 2-9 1-2 5, Nash8-15 3-4 19,Blake5-10 0-0 14, D wyane Denver 24 24 500 14 (Butler2-2, G.H III 2-4, Ge orge1-t!, Granger 0-1). Fouled Pos Ht N A-S S.Williams1-3 2-24, Kaman7-14 3-417, Marshall Reserves ebounds—Portland60(Lopez14), Indiana Magic103, Thunder102 Minnesota 24 26 4IIO 15 Out—Aldridge.R C hris Bosh, Mia F C 60 23 5 9 3-6 0-07, Hill 6-7 2-5 14.Totals 45-89 14-20 22 27 449 16'A 59 IWes t10). Assists—Portland21(Lilard11), Indiana22 DeMarDeRozan, Tor G 6- 7 216 1 NewOrleans 112. G.Hill 8).Total Fouls—Portland27, Indiana20. A—18,165 Roy Hibbert,Ind C 7-2 2 9 0 2 LA. Lakers 18 32 360 21 OKLAHOM ACITY(102) PHILADEL PHIA(98) 18,165). Johnson,Bklyn G 6 - 7 240 7 Sacramen to 17 33 340 22 Durant10-227-129, Ibaka10-135-626, Perkins Turner6-140-0 15, T.Young 2-9 0-0 5, Haw es JPoe aul Millsap, Atl F 6-8 25 3 1 Utah 16 33 327 22'/z 2-2 Ij-04, Jackson 4-14 4-412, Sef o l o sha 3-7 0-0 8, 5-11 2-315, Carter-Wi l i ams 4-121-410, Anderson d-divisionleader 6-4 2 1 0 I 4-61-212, Allen4-12 2-210, Thom pson2-40-04, JohnWall,Was G Knicks117, Nuggets90 Adams 0-00-00, Fisher2-40-06, J.Lamb3-60-08, 6-0 2 3 2 2 Collison 1-12-24, Jones2-4 0-05. Totals 37-73 E.Williams4-10 0-2 11,Wroten6-93-416, Brown JoakimNoah,Chi C Friday'sGames Coach:FrankVogel, Indiana 18-19102. 0-00-00.Totals37-87 9-1798. DENVER (90) Orlando103,Oklahom a City102 W.Chandle6-13 r 3-317, Faried5-92-212, HickQRLANDQ I103) LA. Lakers 26 35 26 25 — 112 Trainer:WallyBlase,Atlanta Indianaus, portland113,0T WESTERN CONFERENCE son1-41-43,Lawson9-176-624, Foye5-130-013, Harris 6-17 6-618, Davis7-8 0-0 14,Vucevic Philadelphia 35 2 9 21 13 — 98 LA. Lakers112,Philadelphia98 Starters P H t W t A- S Mozgov 2-3 0-04, Arthur 0-2 2-2 2, Fo urni e r 2-6 0-2 4-12 2-210, Nel s on 3-8 0-09, Affl a l o 3-0 9-1016, cleveland 05, washington113 I -Kobe Bryant, LAL G 6 - 6 205 1 6 O'Quinn4-71-2 9, Nicholson3-40-0 6,Harkless 0-2 5, Q.Miller1-4 5-6 8,Randolph1-20-1 2, Hamilton Boston99,Sacramento89 Mavericks103, Jazz 81 K evin Love, Min F 6-1 0 2 4 3 3 0-30-00.Totals32-7619-26 90. 1-21, Oladip5-t o 3-414, Moore3-4 0-06. Totals Detroit111,Brooklyn95 K evin Durant, Okl F 6-9 2 3 0 5 NEWYORKI117) 38-80 22-26103. NewYork117,Denver90 UTAH (81) BlakeGriffin, LAC F 6- 1 0 25 1 4 Anthony 12-21 3-3 31, ahum pert 2-5 0-0 5, Oklahoma Ci ty 36 29 23 14 — 102 Dallas103,UtahIII Jefferson4-6 1-1 10,Wiliams8-150-0 21, Fa- StephenCurry, GS G 6 - 3 185 1 TChandle6-t r 0-1 12,PrrgiIni 0-0 0-0 0,Felto!I Orlando 23 28 29 23 — 103 vors NewOrleans98,Minnesota91 2-62-26, Burke5-15 0-013, Hayward 3-71-2 Reserves P Ht Wt A-S 4-5 0-0 9,Smith5-121-213, Stoudemire 7-123-3 LA. Clippers118,Toronto105 L aMarcus Al d ri d ge, Por F 6-0 24 0 3 8, Evans 2-31-1 5, 6urks 0-7 0-4 0, Ru sh 2-7 0-0 5, 17, Hardaway Jr. 4-90-010, Murry1-21-2 3,Tyler Today'sGames Kanter3-40-26, LucasIII 2-40-05, Gobert0-02-22, r -Anthony Davis, No F-C 6-10 220 I 5-9 2-312,Aldrich1-10-02, World Peace1-20-0 3. Clippers118, Raptors105 Garrett0-20-0 0. Totals 31-767-14 81. DwightHoward, Hou c 6- 0 26 5 8 SanAntonioat Charlotte, 4 p.m. Totals 48-8510-14117. DenveratDetroit, 4:30p.m. TORONTO (105) DALLAS (103) James Harden, Hou G 6- 5 220 2 Denver 26 18 24 22 — 90 MemphisatAtlanta,4:30 p.m. Ross 3-101-2 9, Johnson 4-6 0-0 8, Val a nci u nas Marion 3-5 0-0 6, Nowi l z ki 5-9 8-920, Dal e mb ert D amian Li l a rd, Por G 6 - 3 195 1 NewYork 20 30 33 34 — 117 4-7 3-911,Lowry6-185-619, DeRozan9-21 17-19 6-8 0-012,Calderon4-0 0-012, Ellis 8-175-6 22, Dirk Nowitzki,Dal F PortlandatMinnesota, 5p.m. 7-0 2 4 5 1 2 HoustonatMilwaukee,5:30 p.m. 36, Patterson4-82-2 10, Salmons1-40-0 2, Hayes Carter 3-62-4 9, Blair 2-4 0-1 4,Wright 3-5 2-28, TonyParker,SA G 6-2 1 8 5 6 0-00-00, Vasquez0-30-00, Novak2-50-06, Stone GoldenStateat Phoenix, 6 p.m. Pistons111, Nets95 crowder0-2 0-00, Harris 3-0 0-0 7, Larkin0-10-0 Chris Paul,LAC G 6-0 1 7 5 7 0-0 0-0 0, Hansbrough 1-3 2-2 4. Totals 34-85 0, James Miami atUtah,6 p.m. 0-Ij 0-00, Ellington1-2 0-03. Totals 38- Coach:ScottBrooks,OklahomaCity Sunday'sGames BROOK LYN(95) 3040105. 81 17-22103. Trainer:JonBishop,NewOrleans

the game before Richards flipped a shot past Fleury to end it. L undqvist

m a d e 26

saves, running his winning streak to five games. "We played a real solid game," Richards said. "We played hard. They're going to get goals sometimes, that stuff happens, but we gave ourselves a chance to wm.

Also on Friday: Coyotes 2, Blackhawks 0: GLENDALE, Ariz. — Mike

Smith stopped 29 shots and Phoenix became the first

team to shut out Chicago this season. Hurricanes 5, Panthers 1: RALEIGH, N.C. — Ri-

ley Nash and Alexander Semin scored 87 seconds

apart early in Carolina's rout of Florida. Devils 2, Oilers 1:NEWARK, N.J. — Devils defenseman Jon M e r rill scored his first NHL goal 2:34 into overtime against Edmonton.

Sharks 3, Blue Jackets 2: SAN JOSE, Calif. — John

McCarthy scored his first goal since 2010 to help San Jose head into Olympic break on a winning note after beating Columbus.


Coachhitsm ilestoneasNo.6VillanovatakesoutSeton Hall The Associated Press VILLANOVA, Pa. — Fuquan Edwin

scored eight of Seton Hall's first 10 points to trigger thoughts of an upset. Edwin wouldn't score again after the early burst, and the Pirates' offense went bust.

James Bell scored 20pointsand JayVaughn Pinkston had 19 to lead No. 6 Villanova to its fifth straight victory,

70-53 over Seton Hall on Friday night. The victory was the 400th of Villanova

coach Jay Wright's college career. the lineup, but it didn't really matelse." Sterling Gibbs led Seton Hall (13-10, ter — the Pirates haven't won a road The Villanova students ended the 4-6) with 16 points game against Villanova since Feb. 26, game with chants of "400! 400!" at the Seton Hall made only two baskets 1994. popular coach for his milestone win. in the first 6 minutes of the second half The Pirates had 15 turnovers. In another game on Friday: "We were just a little loose on the and never seriously threatened the rest No. 12 Creighton 78, DePaul 66: of the game. ball at times," Seton Hall coach Kev- OMAHA, Neb. — Doug McDermott The Pirates played without Edwin, in Willard said. "They do a good job, had 32 points for Creighton, scoring 11 their second leading scorer, and Euespecially at home, in this building. during a 14-2 run after DePaul pulled gene Teague, their top rebounder, in They really turn up the heat. The stu- within a point in the second half. The their 83-67 loss to Villanova on Jan. dents were great. I think it's a different Bluejays (19-3, 9-1 Big East) have won 8. Edwin and Teague were back in atmosphere here than it is anywhere 14 of their last 15 games.

Gene J.Puskar/The Associated Press

Pittsburgh Penguins' Tanner Glass (15) checks NewYork Rangers' Ryan Callahan into the boards during the first period of Friday night's game in Pittsburgh.



• •

Today's event sehedule)

The first five medals at Sochi will be awarded: the men's 5,000-meter speedskating, where Sven Kramer of the Netherlands opensdefense of his lone Olympic title; the men's10K sprint in biathlon; the women's moguis, the men's slopestyle final; and thewomen's 15Kskiathlon.





Ice Hockey

Men's downhill,11 p.m.

Men's10km Sprint, 6:30 a.m.


Women's Moguls Qualification, 6a.m. Women's Moguls Finals, 10 a.m.



Ice DanceTeamshort dance,6:30a.m. Women's Team short program,8:10a.m. Pairs Teamfree program,10:05a.m.


Men's Singles (Run1), 6:30 a.m. Men's Singles (Run2), 8:40 a.m.

Men's Slopestyle Finals,12:45 a.m. Women's Slopestyle Semifinals,10:30 p.m. Women'sSlopestyle Finals,Sunday,1:15a.m.

Women's 7.5km/ 7.5km Skiathlon, 2 a.m. Men's15km/15km Skiathlon,Sunday, 2 a.m. All events streamedlive online at

All times Pacific

Group A:United States vs. Finland,midnight Group A:Canadavs. Switzerland, 5 a.m. Group B: Russia vs. Germany, Sunday,5a.m.


Men's 5,000,3:30a.m. Women's 3,000, Sunday, 3:30 a.m.

Ski Jumping Men's Individual Qualification (normal hill),8:30a.m.

::Events through 6a.m. Sunday PST

Uyeoming television sehedule • All Times PST,Subjectto change • Primetime replaysare shown each nightbeginningbetween midnightand2a.m. • Events to be aired live onthe WestCoast arenotedwith an asterisk(*)

Today NBC 2:30-6 p.m.— Men'sSkiJumping, IndividualK-95;Men'sBiathlon,10km Sprint GoldMedal Final; Men's Speedska ting, 5000GoldMedal Final; Women's Cross-Coun try, Skiathlon GoldMedalFinal 8-11:30 p.m.—FigureSkating, (Team Event: IceDancingShort Dance,Ladies' Short Program);

Men's Snow boarding, Slopestyle GoldMedal Final; Women's FreestyleSkiing, Moguls GoldMedalFinal Midnight-1 a.m.—FigureSkating, (Team Event: Pairs' Free Skate);Men'sLuge, Singles NBCSN Midnight-2:30 a.m.— Women's Hockey, USAvs. Finland* 2:30-6:30 a.m. — Women's Cross-Country, Skiathlon Gold Medal Final*; Men's Speeds kating,5000Gol dMed-

• Olympic greats Tretiak, Rodnina light cauldron By The Associated Press SOCHI, Russia-

ne of the greatest hockey goaltenders of all time and

an innovative figure skater who won three straight Olympic pairs titles lit the

cauldron together Friday night at the opening ceremony of the Sochi Games. Vladislav Tretiak and Irina Rodnina

were given the honor of sparking the cauldron that will burn throughout Russia's first Winter Olympics.

They were handed the torch by Alina Kabayeva,a former Olympic champion gymnast who has been linked romantiPutin, although the Kremlin has denied

al Final*

it. Other torchbearers in the final group


were wrestling great Alexander Karelin, pole vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva and ten-

6:30-0a.m. — FigureSkating, TeamE vent: IceDancing Short *

8 a.m.-11:30 a.m.— Figure Skating, TeamEvent: Ladies' *, Pairs' Free Short Program *


3-6p.m.— GameoftheDay: Hockey MSNBC 6-7:30 a.m. — Women'sHockey, Canada vs. Switzerland *



cally with Russian President Vladimir


nis star Maria Sharapova.

Tretiak was a star on the great Soviet Union hockey teams of the 1970s and 1980s and is commonly called the best

goalie ever by those who saw him play. He was the first Russian-born player to enter the Hockey Hall of Fame and won

Olympic gold medals with Soviet teams in 1972, 1976 and 1984. But he got only silver after his team


2-6 p.m. — Figure Skatinq, (TeamEvent Gold Medal Ftnal: Men'sFreeSkate); Women's Biathlon, 7.5kmSprint Gold Medal Final; Womn'es Speeds kating,3000GoldMedal Final;Men'sCross-Country, SkiathlonGoldMedal Final 7-11 p.m. — Figure Skating, (Team Event GoldMedal Final: Ladies'Free Skate, IceDancing Free Dance); Men's Alpine Skiing, Downhill GoldMedal Final;Women'sSnowboarding, SlopestyleGold Medal Final; Men'sSkiJumping, Individual K-95GoldMedal Final 11:36 p.m.-12:36a.m. —Figure Skating,TeamEvent Gold Medal FinalPostgame;Men's Luge,SinglesGoldMedal Final Runs NBCSN Midnight-2:30 a.m.— Wom-

en's*Hockey, Sweden vs.

was upset by the United States in the

Irina Rodnina and Vladislav Tretyak run before lighting the Olympic cauldron during the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olym-

period of that game, Tretiak allowed two goals, and legendary Soviet coach Viktor Tikhonov unexpectedlyreplaced him

pics in Sochi, Russia, on Friday. At top, one of the Olympic rings fails to open, though Russian television viewers instead sawfootage

Tretiak also was part of 10 world cham-

pionship Soviet teams. Rodnina won her three gold medals

up the toughest battle. That applies to A view of

the opening ceremony

with two different partners at the 1972,

1976 and 1980 Olympics. She also won 10 world pairs titles in a row, matching the great Sonja Henie. She was known for pioneering moves that made her the dominant female pairs

at Fisht Olympic Stadium from the view of Bend

skater of her era. After winning the 1972 Olympic title with Alexei Ulanov, she

alpine skier Laurenne

won the following two golds with Alex-

their suits, too — with some hyperbole thrown in.

It has the U.S. skaters convinced. "It's definitely helpful thinking that you have the fastest skin. It's a confidence

booster," said Brian Hansen, who is competing in the 500, 1,000 and 1,500 meters.

Russian TVshows doctored

video of Olympicrings Smoke and mirrors? Russian state

Speedskatershopesuper suits give them golden edge

"It is a psychological game," said Bert van der Tuuk, who designed the top

television aired footage Friday of five Ross, who floating snowflakes turning into Olymposted this pic rings and bursting into pyrotechnics photo to her at theSochi Games opening ceremony. f A~ Instagram Problem is, that didn't happen. account. The opening ceremony at the Winter Games hit a bump when only four of the five rings materialized in a wintry opening scene. The five were supposed to join and losing is partly determined by together and erupt in fireworks. But one clothing," the Dutch skater turned suit snowflake never expanded, and the py-

Forget about the sharpest blades and think "tightest suit" instead.

suits for the Dutch and Russian teams.

designer said in an interview with The

the United States, those skintight suits

provements over the suits that won pre-

— Men's Luge, 5:30-7a.m. *

ber of parliament as a member of Putin's

ander Zaitsev.

al Final

pair to a world title. Today she is a mem-


United Russia party and an outspoken

al Final


move to shake up his complacent team.

She moved to the United States in 1990 to work as a coach and guided a Czech

1-2p.m.—HockeyEncore 2-4 p.m.— Gameof the Day: Hockey MSNBC 6-7:30 a.m.—Women' sHockey, Russiavs.Germany*

from the rehearsal in which the rings opened with no issues.

with Vladimir Mishkin in an apparent

Japan 2:30-6:30 a.m. — Men's Cross-Country, Skiathlon *; Women's Gold Medal Final Speeds kating,3000GoldMed*

7-10a.m. — Figure Skati*ng, TeamEvent Gold Medal Final 10-11 a.m.— Men'sSkiJumping, Indi vidual K-95GoldMed*

Photos by The Associated Press

"Miracle on Ice" game in 1980. In the first


critic of opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

But he says there is science involved Associated Press. For nations like the Netherlands and too — everyfour years, there are imNo nation matches the Netherlands'

could provide the edge to top the Olym- vious Olympic titles. pic speedskating medals table. How much improvement, though, reNo wonder the sartorial arms race

mains up for heated debate.

heatsup before every Olympics.


"The differ ence between winning

rotechnics never went off.

But everything worked fine for viewers of the Rossiya 1, the Russian host

relentless commitment to speedskating,


and the country often has the medal tally to prove it.

As the fifth ring got stuck, Rossiya cut away to rehearsal footage. All five rings

But when the Olympics roll around,

came together, and the fireworks explod-

it is the United States that often puts

ed on cue.



World Class comfor is nOW aVailq&lg in CI

varieWy of colors, I






fabriCS anCI StyleS.

(I10880 P


Re~ aders'






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Bend River Promenade w ww.m j a c o b s f a m i l y o fstores.c o m •

541-382-5900• Toll Free 1-800-275-7214 • Open Mon.-Fri.10 AM-7 PM• Sat. & Sun.10 AM4 PM *$999 or more.





Austria's Mayerturning heads, andnot just because ofhisname • Son of 1988 medalist the starof the training runs

Sochi. Ashley Wagner will skate in the women's short program for a U.S. team that's in seventh place. Only five teams advance tothe free

The Associated Press

skate after today's cutdown.

KRASNAYA POLYANA, Russia — Even if he's nev-

Wagner barelymade the U.S. team, selected ahead of Mirai Nagasu despite finishing behind Nagasu at last month's nationals. She is a

er finished better than fifth in a World Cup downhill, Austria's Matthias M ayer

is catching everyone's attention ahead of the open-

two-time U.S. champ who was fourth at the U.S. cham-

ing Alpine race at the Sochi pionships, but was added Olympics. to the squad because of her That's what happens when

a guy turns in a couple of top-three times in the first two training runs, including

strong international record. After th e c utdown, the

pairs free skate will be held today. The team competition the fastest time on Friday. ends Monday with the long Aksel Lund Svindal of programs in men's, women's Norway summed up what and dance. Mayer's done: "Impressive The Americans fell behind skiing, two days in a row." Thursday when f o ur-time Bode Miller of th e U.S. U.S. champion Jeremy Abhad this to say about Mayer, bott finished only seventh, whose father won an Olym-

crashing into

t h e b o ards

pic medal 26 years ago: "He's after falling on his opening got great touch." quad jump. He could be reHigh praise from a pair of placed by Jason Brown, the two-time overall World Cup U.S. runner-up, for the free champions and triple med- skate. alists at the 2010 Vancouver U.S. pairs champs Maria Games. Castelli and Simon Shnapir Mayer was timed in 2 min- were fifth among the pairs utes, 6.51 seconds on Friday,

with a personal-best 64.25

0.27 ahead of past overall World Cup winner Carlo

points in an international

Janka of Switzerland, and 0.55 ahead of Svindal. Miller,

who led Thursday's opening training run, was sixth Friday. "I'm not under pressure," said the 23-year-old Mayer, who might be excused for being nervous about his status as Austria's best down-

hill hope now that Hannes Reichelt is sidelined after back surgery. "It's totally the opposite. I feel free." The women's training session was completed without

event. They are expected to go in the free skate.

Biathlon Track too short, gets extension:KRASNAYA POLYANA, R ussia — Course

workers have added 30 feet to the biathlon track because it was too short.

The loop should measure


ken leg: KRASNAYA POLYANA, Russia — Heidi Kloser

"We said,ofcourse she is,"

for a figure skating medal in Mike Kloser wrote.

I • I





cameras, still others simply

moved by u n derstandable exuberance. But Julia Mancuso stayed

in formation, smiling, waving, m arching. True to her history, she was comfortable letting

others step out. The 29-year-old, now a fourtime Olympian, may be the unsung hero on a U.S. alpine ski team whose praises have

been sung loudly during the weeks leading to these 2014 Winter Games. Better that t h e s p otlight

Christopher Ena/The Associated Press

should shine on America's U.S. skier Julia Mancuso takes off her goggles following a training run Friday. The 29-year-oid fourother top medal contenders

— Bode Miller, Ted Ligety, or teenage sensation Mikaela Shiffrin. Or even on the biggest name in U.S. women's skiing, the injured and absent Lindsay Vonn. "My Olympic experience is really exciting," Mancuso conceded Thursday when asked if she felt anything special this fourth time through the (five-)ringer. "I like to feel the energy. But it doesn't matter if it's my first time or my fourth time, I'm going to feel the same." That is surprising, given her resume. Everyone who

time Olympian may be the unsung hero of the U.S. alpine team at the Sochi games.

more Olympic medals than any American skier in history, five. But how many know

She won one surprisingly in the giant slalom at Turin in

she saw of the difficult course at Krasnaya Polyana.

2006. Four years later she fol-

"This course is technical

Mancuso is second with three?

lowed up at Vancouver with a and faster than I thought," she pair of silver medals — in the said. "It's definitely faster than

The fact that the focus and the pressure lie elsewhere, however, does not mean that

Mancuso feels no urgency to ski well in Sochi. She has,

in fact, set a lofty goal for herself. "I feel confident I'll win a

downhill and the combined.

Despite her Olympic track record,a victory in any of the disciplines here would be something of an aberration. Mancuso has not skied particularly well this season, failing to crack the top 10 in any of

medal," she said. "I'm more competitive this time. Before, her first 11 events. I just wanted to do my best. Now I really want to win a aboutthatthanever."

I thought."

And regardless of her subpar season, she vowed to be

preparedforit,justasshew as after a similar slump that preceded her 2006 gold medal. "When I get into big races like this," she said, "I feel like I'm living a dream. And that

But she looked sharp on

Thursday during a test run for Monday's women's downhill and was impressed by what

makes it easier for me to bring out my best. I look at these Olympics and think I've never been in a better place."

and Biathlon Center came up

the starting gate. Kloser's father, Mike, posting on his Facebook page, said Heidi asked him if he still considered her an Olympian even though she didn't make it to the starting line in her first games.

the Americans' best hope

some waving excitedly to friends and relatives, some hamming it up for NBC's

L aura Cross-Country S k i

chi Olympics. Meryl Davis and Charlie

ver Games and are two-time world champions. They are

the 2014 Sochi Winter Games,

knows that Miller has won

she was supposed to head to

Davis and White won the silver medal at the Vancou-

it entered Fisht Olympic Stadium on Friday night during the opening ceremonies for

follows skiing, for example, gold medal. I am more driven

team competition at the So-

dance team this morning.

SOCHI, Russia — T h e American team scattered as

1.6 miles. Even though a 5

had to pull out of the OlymFigure skating pics after injuring her right Wagner, Mariie to skate leg during a training run beU.S. team short programs: fore moguls qualifying. SOCHI, Russia — Hoping to Kloser tore knee ligaclimb out of a huge hole, the ments and broke her femur United States has turned to following a crash Thursday its world champions in the night, only moments before

White will skate in the short

The Phiiadeiphia Inquirer

percent deviation is allowed by the rules, the track at the

a hitch, a day after the run Biathlon's technical delwas halted for an hour so a egate at the Olympics, Max particularly dangerous jump Cobb, said Friday there was could be trimmed down. Fa- "an issue with the length but bienne Suter of Switzerland we made a change, which finished in 1:42.70 Friday, takes care of it." followed by Tina Weirather The new part of the track of Liechtenstein and Anna will be used in the women's Fenninger of Austria. Reign- 7.5K sprint on Sunday, and in ing overall World Cup cham- five more events afterward, pion Tina Maze of Slovenia including the three relays. was fifth, one spot ahead of Stacey Cook of the U.S., with Freestyle skiing three-time Olympic medalist Moguls skier out with broJulia Mancuso of the U.S. in 10th.

By Frank Fitzpatrick


son contingent from Dominica coached by Bend's J.D. Downing.

Continued from Ct

The smallest teams often earned the

But watch out for those Russians on

biggestcheers from the crowd of40,000, with an enthusiastic three-person Venezuelan team winning roars of approval as flagbearer and alpine skier Antonio Pardo dancedand jumped along to the elec-

their home turf. A raucous group of Russian athletes had a message for their nearly 3,000 rivals in Sochi, marching through Fisht Stadium singing that they're "not gonna get us!"

tronic music.

Only neighboring Ukraine, scene of

Superlatives abounded and the mood

soared as Tchaikovsky met pseudo-lesbian pop duo Tatu and their hit, "Not Gon-

a tense and ongoing standoff between a

na Get Us." Russian TV presenter Yana

pro-Russianpresident and Western-leaning protesters, could compete with those

Churikova shouted: "Welcome to the center of the universe!"

cheers. That is, until the Russians arrived.

Yet no amount of cheering could drown

Patrick Semansky/The Associated Press

out the real world. The U.S. team arrives for the opening cereThere was no shortage of pride at the mony Friday. ceremony in what Russia has achieved

with these games, after building up an Olympic Park out of swampland. The head of the Sochi organizing committee, Dmitry Chernyshenko, captured the mood of many Russians present when he said, "We're now at the heart of that

dream that became reality." He added: "The games in Sochi are our chance to show the whole world the best

of what Russia is proud of — our hospitality, our achievements, our Russia!" The ceremony presentedthe Putin ver-

sion of today's Russia: a country with a rich and complex history emerging confidently from a rocky two decades and now capable of putting on a high-profile inter-

Walking in last to a thundering bass line that struggled to overcome the ovations from the hometown crowd, the Russians reveled in all the attention.

Russians place huge significance on the Olympics, carefully watching the medal count — their dismal 15-medal perforclaring the games open from his box high mance in Vancouver four years ago is on above the stadium floor. Earlier, he looked the minds of many. down as the real stars of the gamesBut back to that Russian pride. those athletes, dressed in winter wear of As Churikova rallied the crowd to so many national colors to ward off the scream "louder than ever," she told the evening chill and a light dusting of man- fans in their cool blue seats their keepmade snow — walked onto a satellite im- sakes from the night would last 1,000 age of the earth projected on the floor, the years. map shifting so the athletes appeared to When explaining that the show would emerge from their own country. be hosted in English, French and Russian, Five new teams, all from warm-weath- she joked that it did not matter, because in er climates, joined the Winter Olympians Sochi, everyone "speaks every language for the first time, including the two-per- in the world." national sports event. Putin himself was front and center, de-

I +stress


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Storm Continued from C1 "She can do so much on the court with her athleticism and skill

Walker, Spieth tied for lead at Pebble

level," Cruz said. "We see it every

day in practice, just her fire and competitive energy. And it's only going to get better through time." Reeves finished with a gamehigh 17 points to go along with nine rebounds and three assists

The Associated Press

said. "And I just kind of hit

for the Storm (4-2 IMC, 13-6 overall), while Sarah Heinly chipped

PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. — The wind and the rain

a little stinger cut about 20

AT8zT Pebble Beach National Pro-Am.

wind.' And so I hit it a foot out. With about 3 feet to go,

Walker made some tough par saves and wound up bogey-free at Spyglass Hill with a 3-under 69. Spieth

the wind just blew it right, just broke perfectly right

feet away. And then it was arrived Friday, perhaps a normally a straight putt and prelude to a nasty weekend. Michael (Greller) and I, my Leave it to a pair of Texanscaddie, are looking at each Jimmy Walker and Jordan other saying, 'Well, we've Spieth — to thrive in Crosby got to play this about a foot Clambake conditions at the o ut to the r i ght w it h t h e

in with 14 points and five boards.

Megan Cornett, another Summit freshman, added eight pointsfive in a second quarter that was

capped by a 21-0 run to help the Storm build a 30-4 halftime lead. "Defensively, to hold a t e am

to four points, you've got to be pleased as a coach," Cruz said.

F lR'hll

"And for us to make that run in

the second (quarter), it was nice to be able to take a little bit of a

breath going into halftime." Playing without leading scor-

was down the coast at Mon-

terey Peninsula, where he called the birdie on his final

er Emma Platner, who suffered a

right knee injury midway through the first quarter, the Cougars (2-3, 5-13) went on an 8-2 to chip away

hole the best of his life. He's

Walker'sbest holes were his pars, particularly the par-5 14th. His 8-iron came

back down into a bunker, leaving him such an awk-

only 20, but it was a proud ward lie that he had to plant moment. his feet outside the sand. They were tied for the lead With a shallow swing, he going into the third round, did well to blast out 12 feet one shot to par ahead of away, and he made the par

at the Summit advantage, soon trimming it to 38-20 in the fourth quarter.

"The kids were obviously upset that she (Platner) was hurt and

Hunter Mahan.


a two-time winner this season, Walker next goes over to Monterey Peninsula, the

Walker said.

easiestof the three courses

nearly 390 yards on the seventh hole — with the aid of a

The slight a d vantage "That was pretty big to would go to Walker, who keep it feeling like things was at 9-under 135. Already were still i n my fa v o r,"

were sad for her," Mountain View coach Steve Riper said. "Then

there's the stress of our main scorer and one of our main lead-

ers and captains not being able to play. That's what we talked about at halftime. We're more than just

in the rotation. Spieth was at 9-under 134 and headed to

one person. We're going to miss her a ton, but we're going to have to have some kids step up now

and do some things they're capable of doing." Reeves, however, scored six

straight points, including a steal and breakaway lay-in with four minutes to play to carry the Storm

to a 24-point lead, and, eventually, the IMC victory.

"It was a physical game," Cruz said. "Girls were falling to the floor. That's why we do everything we can to preach toughness. At times, you've got to play through that. If anything, it helps us when we play teams at a higher level." Hailey Goetz paced the Cougars with nine points, while Jessie Goetz and Sarah Bailey, who

Above, Mountain View's Jessie Goetz

(4) grabs a rebound over Summit's Kaeiy

Gordon (22) and Megan Cornett (13)

hauled in f i v e r ebounds, each contributed five points. Brianna

during the second half Friday night at Summit High School. At left, Summit's

Williams logged seven boards for Mountain View.

"I'm hoping that they take to

heart what we talked about at halftime," Riper said. "I think that

Sarah Reeves,

they really did just start to prove to themselves that there is more

left, knocks the ball away from Mountain View's Jessie Goetz.

people on this team that can contribute. And they realize now that

they have to." — Reporter: 541-383-0307,

Photos by Joe Klime/ The Bulletin


He made two long birdie putts, and then hit a drive of cart path. It left him only an

Pebble Beach, which can be 8-iron to the green, and he brutal in nasty weather. had an easy up-and-down And the forecast for today for his final birdie. is not particularly pleasant. Mahan had a 68 at SpyAlong with a t h ree-club glass Hill, with half of his wind on the exposed sec- six birdies on the par 5s. He tions of all three courses, was at 8-under 136. "Coming up these last few steady rain began coming down sideways toward the holes are tough," Mahan end of the second round. said. "They're uphill, they There was about a 75 percent got the wind, it's getting chanceformore rain today. cold, raining. You just don't More thanlooking ahead, want to throw away shots. Spieth was looking behind. Because this can be a long He was happy to at least get week, and itcould be menSpyglass out of the way al- tally more grinding than ready, having opened with a anything." 67 on Thursday. That didn't Also on Friday: make the Shore Course at Champions Tour: BOCA Monterey Peninsula a picnic.

RATON, Fla. — Michael Allen matched the Champions

cult," Spieth said. "We started out in the rain and wind,

Tour record with a 12-under 60 in the Allianz Championship, finishing the first round with an eagle and 10 birdies. European Tour: JOHAN-

"Today was very diffi-

and we finished in rainier and windier," he said. Spieth caught Walker for a share of the lead on the 187-yard ninth hole, which typically requires a 6-iron. He watched Kevin Chappell hit first with a 3-iron, and

the ball rolled back down off the front of the green. Spieth doesn't carry a 3-iron.

"I went to a hybrid," he

NESBURG — Italy's Edo-

ardo Molinari and Scotland's Craig Lee shared the second-round lead in the Joburg Open at 11 under, and England's David Horsey was a stroke back after a 63.


FIFA presidentwill run again, if he isasked By Graham Dunbar

run again despite pledging

The Associated Press

in 2011 — at a UEFA con-

SOCHI, Russia — Sepp gress chaired by Platini in Blatter says he would seek re-election as FIFA p resi-

dent if the member federa-

P a r is — thatthistermwould b e his last. "If I a m i n h e alth, and

Continued from C1 On Wednesday, during Oregon's signing-day press c onference, H e lfrich

t alk-

ed for the first time publicly about his decision to replace the retiring Nick Aliotti with

Pellum. "He's a great person and a great coach," Helfrich said. "Every time he has been empowered, he's been excellent. When he's been in front of

the team, he's been excellent. When he's been in front of the

actually I am in good health, I don't se e whynow I sho u ld think to stop work," said

unit, he's been excellent."

In an interview with Swiss state I m f)Dt broadcaster RTS gf I gpUfI Cjfl g shown on Friday, B latter s ai d

Blatter, who was

nator under head coach Chip

tions ask him.




th t I'

field-Dowlin Complex, Helfrich, then offensive coordi-

the Casanova Center.

would be 79. "I'm not

Helfrich noticed that playersarrived early formeetings


elect e d p resident in 19 9 8 . H e i s in his 39t h y ear working for soccer's world govme m b e r aS SOCiatiOnS er ning body.

Before the UO football operations moved to the Hat-

would c onsider gO ing tO be b eing a candidate g Cgr)d jdg]e in May 2015. He Q ~ f g h nouncing now that I'm going to be a candidate, but if the mem- tO be a b«

into the hole."

B latter, an I n ternational Olym-

as s o c»t>ons Candidate,

asked me to be a I candidate, I would

Id < '~

not say no," said SBQ fIO. Blatter, a d ding P" ' " t hat h i s h e a h h SePP t t " was good. The 209 member countries have

pic C o mmittee memb the interview on

the sideline of the IOC's annual


a h ead

o f t h e Wi n t e r G am e s. H e w a s scheduled to leave

Sochi before the a chanceto decide June 10 opening ceremony late in Sao Paulo at their annual Friday. congress ahead of the World Bl a t ter's promise in 2011 Cup opening match. came during a bitter camBlatter could use the con- paign against Mohamed gress to pre-empt a widely bi n H a mmam of Q atar, predicted candidacy from w h o withdrew his candidaUEFA President M ichel c y days before voting when Platini, who has refused to implicated in trying to bribe commit before the W orl d

vo t ers from the Caribbean. Former Blatter aide Je-

Cup. Four years ago, Blatter r ome Champagne declared sought and received accla- last month his intention to mation from FIFA's con- s eek the FIFA presidency, gress i n J o h annesburg, though the French former South Africa, to seek a d i p lomat acknowledged he fourth four-year term. was unlikely to challenge Blatter has intimated he'll

h i s one-time boss.

Kelly, had a view of Pellum's office from his work space at

with Pellum, lined their back-

Ross D. Franklin /The Associated Press file photo

Don Peiium, right, recently promoted to Oregon's defensive coordinator, has been a part of the Ducks'

packs up neatly after taking program for 30 years as a player, administrator and coach. out their notepads and then filed out in an orderly fashion "We could be a little better prepared. That's after the sessions. "Why doesn't everybody do m ore of a thing the coaches can do. Then the that?" Helfrich asked one day.

Retaining John Neal as secondary coach was key for the thing is (better) fundamentals." program. Ron Aiken is enter— Oregon defensive coordinator Don Peiium ing his second season as the defensive line coach.

"I'm not in charge of every- other body," Pellum replied. Now Pellum is in charge of the Ducks' defense. Although Oregon l oses Oregon signed nine desome key players from last fensive players in the 2014 season's unit and the staff class and accepted California was unable to land one more linebacker transfer Johnny

"The neat part about it is future — Justin Hollins and Jimmie Swain.

The feeling is mutual.

Ragin, who will sit out next

defensive line, Pellum believes that there are plenty of

season while practicing with

talented pieces in place. In order to beat North Di-

Junior college transfers Tui Talia (defensive line) and Dominique Harrison (corner- I kind of get two linebackers back) will help address holes coaches with the linebacker created by graduation and an coach coming in and (Pellum) early departure for the NFL still working with linebackdraft. ers.It'sgreatforme." The Ducks will welcome Pellum will coach the inside

contend for the Pac-12 cham-

pionship in 2014, the retooled staff will have to get the job done.

"We could be a little better prepared," Pellum said. " That's m or e

o f a thi n g

the coaches can do. Then the other thing is (better) fundamentals."

the team.

we have four great coaches in that room that will all work with each other and for each

"That was awesome. I'm other," Helfrich said. "And for really happy for him. I know that unit and this team most he's going to do a great job," importantly." Swain said of Pellum's ascenThe work is never over. sion to defensive coordinator. There is still a chance Or"It works for me, because now egon could add a player or

coveted "big" recruit for the

vision nemesis Stanford and


two to the 2014 class. Helfrich

notes that Chinander has already "been killing it" on the recruiting trail and preparing for the 2015 class. Spring practices begin in three talented freshman safe- l inebackers, and E ri k C h i - April and will be extremely ties and four-star cornerback nander, who was on Kelly's important in creating depth Arrion Springs this summer. staff with the NFL's Philadel- and a pecking order before The staff is also excited about phia Eagles this past season, the freshman faces arrive to Pellum's linebackers of the will coach the Ducks' outside join the fray.



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Equipment sales dip? Wall Street expects that Deere's fourth-quarter earnings and revenue declined from a year earlier. The company, due to report its latest financial results Wednesday, sells farm gear, tractors and other equipment. Its fortunes hinge largely on the farm economy. Deere has warned that equipment sales would fall this year amid declining crop prices.

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PCL 41.63 o — PCP 180.06 ~ S WY 19.12 ~ SCH N 23.07 ~ 3 SHW 153.94 ~ SFG 37.96 ~ S BUX 52.52 ~ TQNT 4.31 ~

UM P Q 11.45 ~ 1 U SB 31.99 ~ WA F D 15.79 ~ 2 WF C 3 4.52 ~ 4 W Y 2 6.38 ~

+6.1 +61 . 8 81 6 1 1 0. 8 0 +0.3 +12. 9 33 3 18 1. 2 7f +8.0 +40 . 2119555 17 0 . 04 -29.7 + 6 9.6 8 9 27 0.7 2 -6.9 +63.3 8847 21 2.92f T -14.1 -35.8 94 4 T -7.2 +2 6.3 1 9 4 2 1 0 . 48f -6.5 +5 1.8 1 6 7 2 6 1. 0 0f T -4.2 +1 3.3 2169 25 1 . 2 4 T -11.4 +106.3 8 5 cc L +2.0 +37 . 5 2 9 56 20 0 .40f L +3.9 +74. 1 7 4 97 1 1 0. 5 8 T - 4.4 +23.3 92 dd 0. 2 4 T -6.7 +18.6 30389 13 0 .90 T -5.1 +35.0 9251 13 0 . 22 T -8.2 +34.2 401 8 12 0 . 66 L + 24. 0 +2 9 .1 9 01 3 97 T -8.0 -14.6 2496 10 L + 6.8 +40 . 0 50 2 2 2 0 . 71f T - 18.0 +14.4 8 3 8 2 2 0 . 1 8 38.98 36. 5 6 + . 3 8 +1.1 T L T -2.3 +35.9 32759 14 1 .12 80.26 72.6 9 + 1.18 +1.7 T T T -7.6 +3 3.6 3371 25 0 .96f 63.72 58.7 9 +. 0 9 +0 .2 L T T -4.9 + 8 . 4 1 346 1 6 1 . 20 T T 46.3 7 40. 5 4 -.09 -0.2 T -5.3 - 7.1 75 19 1. 8 4 60.17 59 .15 + . 5 2 +0.9 L T ... +26.2 2248 18 0.80a 2. 9 3 2.32 +.0 5 + 2 .2 T T T -8.7 +34.3 76 dd 54.6 2 42 . 6 5 -.22 -0.5 T T T -8.3 - 8.1 90 4 3 2 1 . 76 274. 9 6 26 0.20 +6.31 +2.5 L T T - 3.4 +35.9 9 4 1 2 3 0 . 1 2 36.90 31. 1 6 +. 2 6 +0.8 T T T -4.3 +63.4 4109 1 7 0 . 80 3.3 2 25.51 +.08+0.3 T T T -21.9 - 12.1 199 d d 0 . 75 198. 4 7 18 2.56 +3.37 +1.9 T T T - 0.5 +11.2 9 0 7 2 5 2 . 00 69.11 63. 3 4 + 1.15 +1.8 T T T -4.4 +64.6 3 1 1 1 2 1 . 10f 82.50 74.0 4 + 1 .68 +2.3 L T T -5.6 +30.8 7264 3 1 1 . 04 L L +1.4 +59 . 6 3703 dd 9.05 8.46 - .06 -0.7 L 9.65 17. 3 3 + . 1 0 +0.6 T T T -9.5 +39.0 1195 19 0.60a 41.86 40.0 0 +. 1 9 +0 .5 L T T -1.0 + 2 1.1 8 899 1 3 0 . 9 2 4.3 5 21.92 +.26+ 1.2 L T T - 5.9 +24.4 2 8 4 1 5 0 . 40 6.8 4 45.37 +.59+1.3 L T T -0.1 +31.5 16586 12 1 . 20 33.24 29. 8 8 +. 3 7 +1.3 T T -5.4 -2.1 3373 26 0 . 88


DividendFootnotes:3 - Extra dividends werepaid, but arenct included. b -Annual rate plus stock. c - Liquidating dividend. 6 -Amount declaredcr paid in last I2 months. f - Current annual rate, whichwasincreased bymost recentdividendannouncement. i —Sum cf dividends paidafterstock split, ro regular rate. I —Sumcf dividends paidthis year.Most recent dividend wasomitted or deferred. k - Declared cr paidthis year, acumulative issue with dividends in arrears. m — Current annualrate, which wasdecreasedbymost recentdividend announcement. p — Initial dividend, annual rate not known, yield not shown. r —Declared cr paid in preceding 12 months plus stock dividend. t - Paid in stock, approximate cash value cn ex-distrittuticn date.PEFootnotes: q —Stock is a clcsed-end fund - nc P/E ratio shown. cc —P/Eexceeds 99. dd - Loss in last 12 months.

: ': Gap shares jump Investors may be pleased when Gap reports its fourth-quarter earnings on February 27. The retailer issued a fourth-quarter profit forecast that topped analyst expectations Thursday. Shares rose 5.8 percent Friday. The clothing chain, whose stores includeGap, Banana Republic and Old Navy, also said a widely watched sales metric rose 1 percent for January. Analysts had expected a drop of 1.3 percent,

CI Close:$77.47 V-7.90 or -9.3% The health services organization fell short of profit expectations and its guidance for next year did not win over many investors. $100 90 80


D J F 52-week range $66.97~ $90.63




according to Thomson Reuters. Gap said net sales for the four weeks ended Feb. 1 were $899 million, compared with net sales of $1.13 billion for the five-week period ended Feb. 2, 2013. For the fourth quarter of fiscal 2013, net sales were $4.58 billion, compared with $4.73 billion a year earlier. Fiscal year 2013 had 52 weeks compared with 53 weeks in fiscal year 2012.



Close:$209.59 V-13.86 or -6.2% According to the CEO of the professional networking site there will be heavy spending on long-term projects in the year ahead. $240 220



D J 52-week range


LGF Close:$33.11 %1.38 or 4.3% Investors are eating up shares of the film company as "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" continues to light up the box office. $35 30


$ 267 .66

Vol.:9.0m (6.4x avg.) P E: 14.2 Vol.:11.2m (5.1x avg.) Mkt. Cap:$21.41b Yie l d: 0.1% Mkt. Cap:$21.33 b

Lions Gate Ent.


Source: FactSet


2' p4





based on trailing 12 month results


Investors accentuated the positive in the January unemployment report Friday. Although it showed employers added a less-than-expected 113,000 jobs in January, the national unemployment rate dipped to 6.6 percent, the lowest rate since October 2008. Stocks initially turned lower following the news, but quickly changed direction. All of the major market indexes started the week with a steep drop of more than 2 percent, but Friday's gain pushed them into positive territory for the week. Coca-Cola was the only stock in the Dow Jones industrial average to decline Friday, but only by a small margin. All 10 sectors of the Standard & Poor's 500 index rose.

4Q '12 4 Q '13

Price-earnings ratio:


Dow Jones industrials






Close: 15,794.08 Change: 165.55 (1.1%) iO DAYS




5 7p



1,800 " 1,750 "




1,720 ' " " " ' 10 DAYS

1,850 "



15,960 .


Saturday, February S, 201 4


23 5p


PE 698.6 : Yield: ...


GPS Close: $42.00A2.29 or 5.8% The retailer issued a surprisingly strong profit outlook for the fourth quarter and comparable-store sales rose in January. $45 40






52-week range $18.78~

$3 7 81

Vol.:2.9m (1.4x avg.)




52-week range $31.19 ~

$4 6.66

PE:2 3 .7 Vol.:11.5m (2.2x avg.) PE: 1 5 .0 Yiel d : 0 .2% Mkt. Cap:$18.86b Yie l d: 1.9%

Mkt. Cap:$4.57 b

Activision Blizzard


Close: $19.64L2.47 or 14.4% "Call of Duty" and 8Skylanders8 fueled a big fourth quarter at the gamemaker, which topped Wall Street's profit expectations. $20


ATHN Close:$173.93L34.85 or 25.1% The health care billing and services company saw margins expand and earnings for the fourth quarter were better than expected. $180 160








52-week range $72.98~




52-week range $79.99

$82.97 ~

$ 777 .79

Vol.: 29.9m (4.1x avg.) P E : 18.5 Vol.:3.3m (6.0x avg.) Mkt. Cap:$13.66b Yie l d: 1.0% Mkt. Cap: $6.47 b

P E: .. . Yield: ...


EXPE Fairway FWM Close:$74.45%9.31 or 14.3% Close:$8.12 V-3.31 or -29.0% Earnings at the travel website opera- The supermarket operator reported tor beat expectations by a margin expenses that were much higher wide enough to send shares across than most had anticipated, promptthe sector higher. ing a slew of downgrades. $80 $30 20




D J F N D J F 52-week range 52-week range $46.69~ $7 6.46 $8.92~ $ 28.87 Vol.:9.1m (4.3x avg.) PE: 74 . 5 Vol.:5.5m (8.1x avg.) P E: .. . Mkt. Cap:$8.75 b Yie l d : 0.8% Mkt. Cap:$210.36 m Yield : ...

SOURCE: Sungard




The yield on the 10-year Treasuryinched down to 2.69 percent Friday. Yields affect rates on mortgages and other consumer loans.


NET 1YR TREASURIES YEST PVS CHG WK MO QTR AGO 3-month T-bill 6-month T-bill 52-wk T-bill

. 0 8 .07 . 0 8 .07 .11 .12

+ 0 .01 L L + 0 .01 L L ~ -0.01 L

2-year T-note . 3 1 .3 2 -0.01 T 5-year T-note 1.47 1.52 -0.05 T 10-year T-note 2.69 2.70 -0.01 L 30-year T-bond 3.67 3.67




.07 .11


.1 4

.25 L .83 T 1.96 3.17


Barclays LongT-Bdldx 3.44 3.47 -0.03 L T T 2.75 Bond Buyer Muni Idx 4.89 4.89 . . . T T T 4.02 $31 47 Barclays USAggregate 2.35 2.33 +0.02 L T L 1 90 . Price-earnings ratio (Based on trailing 12 month results):15 PRIME FED Barcl aysUS HighYield 5.65 5.70 -0.05 L L L 5.97 YTD return: 8% 3-YR*: 30% 5-YR* : 31% 10-Y R*: 9% A n n . dividend: $0.80 Div. yield: 1.9% RATE FUNDS Moodys AAA Corp Idx 4.50 4.48 +0.02 L T T 3.90 *Annuallzed AP Total returns through Feb. 7 Source: FactSet YEST3.25 .13 Barclays CompT-Bdldx 1.73 1.75 -0.02 L T L 1 10 . 6 MO AGO3.25 .13 Barclays US Corp 3.12 3.11 +0.01 L T T 2.82 1 YRAGO3.25 .13 AmdFocus SelectedMutualFunds


Friday's close: $42.00



PERCENT RETURN Yr RANK FUND N AV CHG YTD 1YR 3YR BYR 1 3 5 BalA m 24.0 2 + .25 1.6 +15.3 +11.1+14.8 A A A CaplncBuA m 57.14 +.55 2.4 +9.3 +8.4+11.9 8 A C CpWldGrlA m 44.32 +.54 2.2 +18.2 +9.4+15.2 8 6 C EurPacGrA m 47.77 +.53 2.6 +13.9 +5.7+14.0 C 6 8 S&P500ETF 1352968 179.68 +2.20 FnlnvA m 50. 5 6 +.69 2.7 +21.7 +12.1+17.8 8 C 8 BkofAm 1195550 16.82 +.13 GrthAmA m 42.64 +.64 0.8 +26.5 +13.6+18.1 8 6 C iShEMkts 731091 38.73 +.22 Janus RsrchT JAMRX IncAmerA m 20.41 +.17 1.2 +13.6 +10.4+15.0 8 A A Facebook 597666 64.32 +2.16 InvCoAmA m 35.86 +.46 2.3 +23.8 +12.2+16.4 A C 0 Cisco 537583 22.67 +.18 VALUE B L EN D GR OWTH NewPerspA m36.72 +.50 2.2 +18.7 +10.5+17.0 8 6 8 SPOR Fncl 499343 21.29 +.26 WAMutlnvA m38.35 +.46 2.7 +22.9 +14.2+16.9 A A C NokiaCp 475493 7.66 +.65 MicronT 471464 24.51 +.40 Income 13.73 +.02 +1.5 + 2 .1 + 4.9 +7.3 A 6 B Qe Dodge &Cox AriadP 426448 7.99 + .82 IntlStk 41.79 +.54 -2.9 +18.4 +6.5+17.7 A A A SiriusXM 416765 3.49 + .04 Stock 164.88+2.14 -2.4 +28.9 +14.7+20.5 A A A Fidelity Contra x 94.2 1 +.61 -1.0 +26.6 +14.2+18.9 B 0 B Gainers GrowCo 120 . 87+2.52+1.4 +33.6 +16.4+22.5 A A A NAME L AST C H G %C H G LowPriStk d 47.83 +.37 -3.3 +23.2 +14.0+21.3 B A B Fideli S artao 500 ldxAdvtg63.79 +.84 -2.6 +21.6 +13.2+18.1 C 0 B YouOngm 3 .31 +.75 +29 . 3 CorpResSv 2 .56 +.57 +28 . 6 «C FraakTemp-Frank li o IncomeC m 2.42+.01 -0.5 +10.5 +8.0+14.8 A A A SmartTc g 3 .05 +.67 +28 . 2 63 IncomeA m 2. 4 0+.02 0 .0 + 11.2 +8.6+15.4 A A A Cytokinet rs 8 .70 +1 . 8 0 +2 6 . 1 Oakmarb Intl I 25.82 +.39 -1.9 +19.4 +10.1+21.8 A A A athenahlth 173.93 + 34.85 + 2 5 .1 Co -4.8 +14.3 +10.5+14.3 Oppeoheimer RisDivA m 18 . 77 NV5 wt 2 .58 +.48 +22 . 7 -4.9 +13.2 +9.5+13.2 RisDivB m 16 . 78 Moroingstar OwnershipZone™ AdeptTech 1 8.33 + 3 . 2 2 +2 1 .3 RisgivC m 16 .68 -4.9 +13.4 +9.7+13.4 LiveDeal 1 7.25 +2 . 8 5 +1 9 . 8 OeFund target represents weighted SmMidValA m42.57 -4.0 +21.4 +8.9+17.8 ArrowRsh 1 7.25 + 2 . 7 1 +1 8 .6 average of stock holdings SmMidValB m35.85 -4.1 +20.4 +8.0+16.8 SunesisPh 4 .98 +.77 +18 . 3 • Represents 75% of fund's stock holdings T Rowe Price Eqtylnc 31.8 0 + .32 -3.2 +18.4 +11.6+18.0 0 C A Losers CATEGORY Large Gro wth GrowStk 52.3 2 + .94 - 0.5 +32.7 +16.0+21.3 A A A NAME L AST C H G %C H G MORNINGSTAR HealthSci 61.1 7+1.61+5.8 +48.1 +31.0+27.6 B A A RATING™ * ** * c t Newlncome 9. 4 1 +.01+1.5 - 0.3 +4.0 +6.0 0 0 0 -3.31 -29.0 FairwayG n 8.12 Genpact 14.28 -2.95 -17.1 ASSETS $1,471 million Vanguard 500Adml 165.94+2.18 -2.6 +21.6 +13.3+18.2 C 6 8 -.63 -16.6 EchelonC 3.16 500lnv 165.92+2.18 -2.6 +21.4 +13.1+18.0 C 6 8 EXP RATIO 0.96% UranmRes 2.89 -.55 -16.0 CapOp 46.94 +.85 +1.6 +33.1 +15.3+20.8 A A A MANAGER James Goff -5.22 -15.5 DirGMBear 28.40 Eqlnc 28.65 +.33 -3.7 +18.2 +14.8+18.2 0 A A SINCE 2006-02-01 IntlStkldxAdm 27.12 +.32 -3.2 + 90 +30 N A E E RETURNS 3-MO +6.6 Foreign Markets StratgcEq 29.44 +.37 -1.9 +28.6 +16.5+22.3 A A A YTD -1.4 TgtRe2020 26.83 +.22 -1.0 +11.3 +8.1+13.2 A A B NAME LAST CHG %CHG 1-YR +26.7 Tgtet2025 15.54 +.14 -1.3 +12.7 +8.5+14.1 A A C Paris 4,228.18 +40.08 + . 96 3-YR ANNL +12.4 TotBdAdml 10.70 +.01 +1.6 0.0 +4.0 +4.9 C C E London 6,571.68 +13.40 + . 20 5-YR-ANNL +21.0 Totlntl 16.22 +.19 -3.2 +9.0 +3.0+13.0 E E C Frankfurt 9,301.92 +45.34 + . 49 TotStlAdm 45.54 +.59 -2.5 +22.4 +13.4+19.1 B A A Hong Kong21,636.85 +213.72 +1.00 TOP 5HOLDINGS PCT TotStldx 45.52 +.59 -2.5 +22.3 +13.3+18.9 B 6 A Mexico 40,525.74 +236.96 + . 59 Apple Ioc 3.95 Milan 19,692.08 +1 87.84 +.96 USGro 28.45 +.44 -0.8 +26.4 +14.6+18.7 8 A C 3.44 Tokyo 14,462.41 +307.29 +2.17 Google, Inc. Class A Welltn 37.48 +.29 -1.2 +13.9 +10.2+13.9 8 A 8 1.91 Stockholm 1,313.20 + 5.06 + . 39 Colgate-Palmolive Company Fund Footnotes: b -Feecovering marketcosts is paid from fund assets. d - Deferredsales charge, cr redemption 1.8 fee. f - front load (salescharges). m - Multiple feesarecharged, usually I marketing feeandeither a sales or Sydney 5,184.50 +37.10 + . 72 Oracle Corporation Zurich 8,318.60 +1 00.16 +1.22 Costco Wholesale Corporation 1.73 redemption fee.Source: Morningstar.

Janus Research has posted strong returns in recent years, but FAMILY MarhetSummary Morningstar notes that it has often AmericanFunds Most Active taken on more risk with a larger NAME VOL (00s) LAST CHG stake in mid-caps than its peers.

Commodities Crude oil briefly traded above $100 a barrel for the first time this year before settling slightly below that level Friday. Gold rose; silver and copper prices were little changed.

Foreign Exchange The dollar was mixed against other major currencies. Its value fell against the British pound, euro, and Canadian dollar. Its value rose against the

Japanese yen and Mexican peso.

55Q QD


Crude Oil (bbl) Ethanol (gal) Heating Oil (gal) Natural Gas (mmbtu) UnleadedGas(gal) METALS

Gold (oz) Silver (oz) Platinum (oz) Copper (Ib) Palladium (oz)

CLOSE PVS. 99.88 97.84 1.96 1.92 3.05 3.00 4.78 4.93 2.75 2.68

CLOSE PVS. 1263.30 1257.60 19.92 19.91 1379.20 1374.90 3.27 3.26 708.60 710.15

%CH. %YTD + 2.09 + 1 . 5 + 0.16 + 2 . 6 +1.84 -0.9 -3.16 +12.9 +2.46 -1.3 %CH. + 0.45 + 0.06 + 0.31 +0.37 -0.22

%YTD +5.1 + 3 .0 + 0 .6 -5.0 -1.2


CLOSE PVS. %CH. %YTD 1.41 1.40 + 1.18 + 5 . 0 Coffee (Ib) 1.36 1.36 -0.04 +22.6 Corn (bu) 4.44 4.43 + 0.28 + 5 . 3 Cotton (Ib) 0.87 0.86 + 1.34 + 3 . 3 Lumber (1,000 bd ft) 354.20 352.20 +0.57 -1.6 Orange Juice (Ib) 1.47 1.45 + 1.24 + 7 . 9 Soybeans (bu) 13.32 13.26 + 0.43 + 1 . 5 -4.6 Wheat(bu) 5.78 5.81 -0.56 1YR.

MAJORS CLOSE CHG. %CHG. AGO USD per British Pound 1.6412 +.0091 +.55% 1.5713 Canadian Dollar 1.1 0 32 -.0035 -.32% . 9 983 USD per Euro 1.3627 +.0040 +.29% 1.3401 JapaneseYen 102.28 + . 1 7 + .17% 9 3 . 52 Mexican Peso 13. 2 857 +.0317 +.24% 12.7504 EUROPE/AFRICA/MIDDLEEAST Israeli Shekel 3.5269 -.0027 -.08% 3.6981 Norwegian Krone 6 . 1826 -.0354 -.57% 5.5192 South African Rand 11.0842 +.0518 +.47% 8.9159 Swedish Krona 6.4 8 91 -.0192 -.30% 6.4128 Swiss Franc .8977 -.0030 -.33% . 9 181 ASIA/PACIFIC 1.1161 +.0007 +.06% . 9724 Australian Dollar Chinese Yuan 6.0636 +.0031 +.05% 6.2370 Hong Kong Dollar 7.7588 -.0004 -.01% 7.7551 Indian Rupee 62.220 -.095 -.15% 53.226 Singapore Dollar 1.2683 +.0002 +.02% 1.2395 South KoreanWon 1073.77 -5.43 -.51% 1090.30 -.00 -.00% 2 9.65 Taiwan Dollar 30.30



BRIEFING Health center planned inBend Developers of a new 11-building health and wellness center at the edge of NorthWest Crossing expect to begin site preparation in the spring and construction in the summer, they announced Friday. The project, Shevlin Health and Wellness Center, will be located on nearly 5 acresat Northwest Shevlin Park Road and NorthWest Crossing Drive. It plans to offer services ranging from primary medical and holistic care, to fitness and veterinary services, according to a news release from Taylor Brooks LLC,a partnership between Taylor Northwest and Brooks Resources. The developers expect the project to total about 64,000 square feet, across all11 buildings, according to the news release. Thegoal of the center is to create aonestop location for health care, ToddTaylor, managing partner for Taylor Brooks, said in the news release.


c r esre ai roe r o ose

By Rachael Rees The Bulletin

A Salem convenience store owner plans to build a four-building commercial development called Boyd Acres Retail in northeast Bend. Jim Landin of BLRB Archi-

tects said the goal is to start construction in May on the project on Boyd Acres Road, north of Empire Boulevard. Plans call for a cluster of retail buildings totaling nearly 16,000 square feet — two buildings each about 5,000 square feet and two about

3,000 square feet each. He

"These (commercial) zones ects that died during the expects the project to be completed in phases, beginning create these little areas where recession," he said. "The origwith one small and one large shops pop up and people can inal owner that we designed building. use that as a gathering point, it for lost the property back Landin said the look of or a place to buy a loaf of to the bank in foreclosure the development will be bread or a six pack of beer," and Lal's group came in and similar to the Woodside Plahe said. bought it." za, home to Baltazar's Sea Landin said the property Landin said his company is Food Restaurant and other owner, Lal Sidhu, also owns working on four projects haltbusinesses, on the corner of US Market and is considering ed by the recession that are Southwest Knoll Avenue and opening a market in one of now coming back to life. "I think banks are starting Southwest 14th Street. the buildings. The development is inSidhu could not be reached to lend again," he said. "Most tended to provide shops and for comment. of the projects that we're seestores to nearby neighborPlans for the development ing right now have a housing hoods. The concept is to have been in the works since component to them." minimize driving time for 2006, Landin said. — Reporter: 541-617-7818, "It was one of those projresidents. rrees@bendbullet


BEST OFTHE MONDAY • Getting theWordOut: Write effective email blasts, newsletters, press releases, fliers and more; registration required; $69;6-8:30 p.m.; Central Oregon Community College, 2600 N.W.CollegeW ay,Bend; 541-383-7270. • iOS AppDevelopment 2- AdvancedSkills: Learn more Xcodeand Objective-C to create apps that are more complicated; iOSApp1 class is required or some prior experience with programs; registration required; $169;6-8 p.m.; COCCCrook County Open Campus, 510S.E Lynn Blvd., Prineville; 541-383-7270. TUESDAY • Serious Success Motivational Series for Women:Focusing on a business perspective; registration required; free; noon-1 p.m.; East Bend Public Library, 62080 DeanSwift Road; 541-330-3760 or www.facebook.coml events/13888023513 76043. • Intermediate Photoshop Course:Learn to create composites using multiple images and isolate objects in your photos; registration required; $79; 6-9 p.m.; COCC Chandler Building, 1027 N.W. Trenton Ave., Bend; 541-383-7270. WEDNESDAY • Consultative Sales Training Course:Learn about the sales process, lead generation, time management and creating a sales play book; registration required; $395;6-8 p.m.; Central Oregon Community College, 2600 N.W. College Way,Bend; 541-383-7270.

• For the complete calendar, pick up Sunday'sBulletin or visitbendbulletin.cem/bizcal

Go te


BEND Brinson Blvd.

Bu erMar e Greo Cross /The Bulletin

The Associated Press


U.S. government is getting a newborrowing cap, almost four months after Washington defused Octo-

ber's government shutdown and debt crisis.

billion of its stock in



By Andrew Taylor

NEW YORK — Apple has repurchased $14

— From staff and wire reports


17.2T debt limit expected

Apple buysback $14B of its stock

the two weeksafter its first-quarter financial results and second-quarter revenue outlook disappointed investors. The buyback news helped lift Apple's stock by more than1 percent Friday. Apple Inc. bought $12 billion worth of its shares through an accelerated repurchase program and $2billion on the openmarket, the company confirmed.

Beyfl AcresRetail '

The new cap on borrow-

ing is expected to be about $17.2 trillion. It means Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew

will have to employ bookkeeping maneuvers to keep the government functioning until Congress further raises the borrowing limit. In a letter Friday to con-

gressional leaders, Lew warned that he has less maBryan R. Smith/The New York Times

Charles Shrem, left, behind the bar he invested inwith some of his bitcoin fortune, with Nicolas Cary, also a dealer in bitcoins, at EVR bar in New York last month. Shrem was not the first person in the virtual currency world to end up in handcuffs, but he is the most central

player to face charges — aliving symbol of the peaks and valleys that have so far defined the Bitcoin experience.

e a IO ems are Su ue a icoinevan eis 'H ervar By Nathaniel Popper New York Times News Service

NEW YORK — A few weeks

before his arrest at Kennedy Airport, Charles Shrem was

last week. "Bitcoin really allows you to have such a globallife — it allows you to be able to move anywhere within days if you

standingbehind the Manhattanbar he investedin with

want to," the scruffilybearded

some ofhis bitcoin fortune, buzzing about his big plans forthe virtual currency and himself.

of the sign announcing that the bar, EVR, would acceptbitcoin.

With the frenetic pace of a

sports announcer, Shrem, the cofounder of apopular website where bitcoins could be bought usingdollars, jumpedbetween his idea for a Bitcoin debit card; his recent conversations

with the owners of a private jet company who wanted to take payment in bitcoin; his goal of unifying the country's money transfer laws; and his travel plans to just about every corner

of the world, includingthe trip to Amsterdam he was returning from when he was arrested

Shrem said, standing in front

fortune — and the meteoric ascent that led to it — makes him

a symbol of the peaks and valleys that have so far defined the Bitcoin experience as the value

These days, though, Shrem's between online wallets using exploits in Bitcoin have him virtual keys — has given rise restrictedto his parents'home to world-changing ambitions, new-money fortunes and globin Brooklyn, where he awaits al jet-setting. But all the high trial on federal charges that he smoothedthe way for drug living has often seemed just a transactions online. Shrem hairbreadth away from apolice was also accused ofbuying raid or government crackdown. marijuanahimself. He has In an interview Thursday, pleaded not guilty. Shrem said that, particularly The 24-year-old Shrem, who duringthe early days of Bitwent through millions of dolcoin, it often was not clear what lars'worth ofbitcoin over the was right and wrong. "Youhad so manybad years, is not the first person in the virtual currency worldto things going on, and so little end up in handcuffs, but he is good, that you had to dive the most central player to face down into it to bring it up," he charges. Hisrecentreversalof sald.


Beysen K imbell

knowledged, "backthen I wasn't as educated on what was legal and what was not

legal." of all the outstanding coins has The uncertainty stems, in shot above $10 billion. no small part, from the lack of The virtual currency — digdarity about what laws apply ital moneythat can be traded to bitcoin transactions — and

PEOPLE ONTHEMOVE Jerry Boysen,of Redmond, has beenelected to the BrightSide AnimalCenter board of directors. Boysen previously worked asthe IT director of Spill Prevention and Responseforthe California Department of Fish andWildlife. Gail Kimbell,of Redmond, has beenelected to the BrightSide AnimalCenter board of directors. Kimbell is the former chief of the U.S. Forest Service in Washington, D.C. Josh Newton,of Karnopp Petersen LLP,hasbeen appointed aschairman of Legal Services Committee. Newton previously served as committee secretary. Brian Newton,of Jones

For his own part, he ac-

J osh Bri a n Jackson, Anderson Snow Newton N ewton and Roth CPAsand named the top listing agent thetop1 percent of Realtors Business Advisors in at Windermere/Central in Central Oregonfor 2013. Bend, has beenadmitted Oregon RealEstate in Danielle Snowwasthe to the Partner-in-Training Redmond for the month of top producer for 2013at program. Newton, whohas January. the John L. Scott Bend worked at the firm since Audrey Cookhasbeen office. In addition, Snow 2006, is the senior manager named the topsales agent earned the President's Elite in the Central Oregonoffice. at Windermere/Central award and is ranked inthe Randall Marchington,of Oregon RealEstate in top1 percent of Realtors. Bend Heating, conducted a Redmond for the month of Snow, who haspreviously sales training class for the January. earned the President's Elite Central OregonBuilder's Barbara Jacksonand award, is a certified seller Association members in marketing specialist and Candice Anderson,of the January. Jackson-Anderson Real a certified luxury homes Don Romanohas been Estate Team,haveranked in specialist.

neuvering room now than

he had last year, when such "extraordinary measures" bought five months of time

for the government to keep borrowing at the previous $16.7trillion debt ceiling. Lew said that he could not be confident that the

extraordinary measures would last beyond Feb. 27. "At that point, Treasury wouldbe left with onlythe

cash on hand and any incoming revenue to meet our

country's commitments," Lew said. He said the cash on hand will likely total around $50 billion. He said that IRS payments of tax refunds can

total as much as $10billion to $15 billion on a single day and the government's total

the relative lack of interest

daily expenditures canbe as high as $60 billion on

from law enforcement. But in

certain days.

addition to that uncertainty, Bitcoin's troubles have arisen

"If Treasury has insufficient cash on hand, it would

from its tendency to attract

be impossible for our nation

maverick characters who want to test the established order.

to meet all of its obligations

Since Shrem's arrest, some of the top figures in the Bitcoin world have distanced them-

selves from his activities. The Bitcoin Foundation, where

Shremwas vice chairman, said in a statement after he resigned

for the first time in history," Lew said. Without enough

moneyto meet interest payments on current debt, the government would be

forced into a market-rattling default. Lew said "time is short"

that it was "worth noting that the indictment itself is not

especially given that Con-

against Bitcoin or the community at large."

ofsession duringpart ofthe next three weeks.

gress is scheduled to be out

Jobs marketdoesnot weather Januaryweather By Kevin G. Hall McClatchy Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON — Economists and the stock market

shrugged off the second consecutive dismal jobs report Fri-

revised up December's poor 74,000jobsnumber byjust 1,000 positions, suggesting the weak showing wasn't a fluke. The unemployment rate decreased to 6.6percent.

day, attributing it to temporary

Bad weather got the blame

factors and expressingconfidencein underlyingeconomic

for a weak January, and econo-

sttength. Mainstream econo-

mists seemed to think the economy is stronger than the labor

mistshad expectedJanuary payrolls to grow by 175,000, so January's 113,000 reported by

market suggests."The job mar-

the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody's Analytics, told McClatchy.

constituted a second straight big miss. Friday's report also

ket will get back on track once more normalweather returns,"

IN THE BACK ADVICE Ee ENTERTAINMENT W Volunteer search, D2 Religious services, D2-3 Support groups, D4 THE BULLETIN • SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2014


'Seeing' a Broadway show with their ears


Chill out withfun Sunriver event The SunriverChill Out continues its secondday of winter activities today, starting with theDummy Downhill at theSunriver HomeownersAquatic & RecreationCenter's

• •

tubing hill at10a.m.

Participants construct a dummythat will travel down a ski runandski jump. Prizesareawarded for"People's Choice," distance andbest crash. The K-9KegPull will be held at12:30 p.m. atThe Village atSunriver.The new eventfeatures dogs pulling appropriate-size beer kegsdowna150foot snow-coveredrunway. Theproceedsof the $10 entry feebenefit the HumaneSocietyofCentral Oregon.Spectators are encouraged tobring donations of dogfood. Sunriver Resort's Besson Commons is the venuefor the 2:30 p.m. HumanDog Sledding. Teamsracein head-to-headsprints, and kid-friendly events include achocolate marshmallow shooting range andHershey Kiss hunt. TheSunriver Chil Outfestivities conclude with a 45-minuteGlowShoe Trekat7 p.m. atthe Sunriver NatureCenter and Observatory led bya naturalistand illuminated by glow sticks. Some snowshoein gequipment will be available, butparticipants areencouraged to bring their own.The trek is followed bylive entertainment in theamphitheater. Cost is $12for adults, $8 for childrenages2-12 with adiscountfor SNCO members. For more information, visit www.sunriver orcall 541585-5000.

Fundraiser for homeless Ridgeview High School will hold anEmpty Bowls fundraising event to benefit the Jericho Road homelessshelter at its campusat145 SE Salmon Drive inRedmond fromnoonto 7 p.m. Sunday. Students in thehigh school's ceramics classes havemade360 bowls theywill fill with soup madeby its culinary students. Tickets to the meal, which alsoincludes rolls and refreshments, cost$10at the doorand come with aceramic bowl of theparticipant's choice. Contact: Jensin Lirette, 541-504-3600.

By Anand Girfdharadas New York Times News Service

NEW YORK — "I don't

know why you people have to go to the movies," the man had barked. "You won't get anything out of it anyway." The "you people" was the blind in general and Vicky Winslow in particular. The man at the cinema some time ago hadn't

cared for her way of watching: with her ears, and a friend's whispered puffs of description. On a recent evening at a Broadway theater, she

had a different approach. She was swathed in a brooch-fastenedcape,sit-

ting above her trusty German shepherd, Jet, ready to take in "The Lion King"

• Bend author MaryPaxhasfound successin the world of self-published e-books

— Fiom srgffraports

savanna with the help of

a single foam-wrapped earpiece that made a

By David Jasper •The Bulletin

n August, science fiction author Mary

know n names. "I'm sure they beat me at times too," Pax Pax, of Bend, landed in the No. 1 spot of a niche category in the publishing universe: said, noting that the numbers frequently shift the top 100 free downloads of the "space d u e to reader whimsy. "It depends on the day." opera" category on

Nevertheless, it's an impressive showing

As a gateway to her

for the 50-year-old Pax, who,

"Backworlds" series, Pax-

like one of the space voyagers

writing under the pen name M

in her "Backworlds" series, is


Pax — made the decision to give

working at the edge of a frontier:


away "The Backworlds," the




self-publishing. Encouraged by a supportive

first book in the series. And for that moment in August, "The



husband, along with her peers

Backworlds" landed ahead of

in the Central Oregon Writers

"Starliner," by David Drake, a

Guild, Pax said she's now

popular North Carolina author of









breaking even, making back

Submitted photo

fantaSy and SCi-fi WhOhaS Written

uBeyond the Edge" isthe fourth What

She'S been Spending On her

book in the "Backworlds" series

Pax's books consistently appear in the top

publishing and promotion efforts. With h er fifth "Backworlds" book due out in

100 lists of science fiction categories such as

Mar c h, and ambitions to publish more books

space exploration and colonization, sometimes this year, she hopes to begin contributing to the putting her ahead of Drake and other well-

It was several minutes before 8, and the audi-

ence was chattering and waiting. But for Winslow,

51, the show had already begun. Her ear was filling with advance word of what

others would learn only later: the color of Zazu's feathers, the bounce in

Simba's dreadlocks. It was important to stock up on character descriptions

now, to permit a focus on plot later. She savored each description the way some

people sip wine, holding it for a time, swirling it in The voice's description of Simba's golden belt made her laugh. When it mentioned a wooden lion head in the theater, she said, "Oh, I'd like to see that!"

The languageofsound The theater can feel for-

bidding and overwhelming even to those with five senses. But in recent years an

Or CO-Written mOre than 60 bOOkS, by Bend authorMPax(MaryPax). WebSite, prOfeSSiOnal editing,

according to his website.

noisy whisper buddy unnecessary.


experiment on Broadway started testing whether theater's thrills can be extend-

ed to patrons who see with their ears. A service called D-Scriptive translates the

visual language of raised eyebrows, waist-high leg kicks and soft kisses into

the language of sound. An evening with Winslow suggested that a show digested

hous e hold income.

See Pax/D5

this way isn't without its

pleasures. Fostering that pleasure

Food preserver studentssought The Crook,Deschutes and Jefferson county offices of theOregonState University Extension Service arerecruiting volunteers for its Master Food PreserverProgram. The programincludes 48 hours of foodsafety and preservation training on Wednesdays, April2-May 28. Theapplication deadline is March 7.Thecost is $50and students must agree tovolunteer helping county residents handle and preservefoodsafely through workshops,testing equipment orstaffing exhibit booths. Volunteers will receive a resource notebookwith up-to-date USDA-approved methodsand hands-on training in the kitchen. Application forms and detailedinformationis available atwww.exten deschutes/food-preservation or call 541-5486088.

— and etching a mental picture of Simba and his

takes technological trickery. Because every live performance is slightly different, playing a single audio track wouldn't work: before long, the action

would outrun or lag the description on the tape. D-Scriptive solved the

problem by dicing up its narration — into more than

600 audio files in the case of "The Lion King." An individual file, or cluster

of them, is assigned to a particular cue given by the theater's stage manager. After an actor utters a cer-

tain line, for example, the manager speaks the next

cue into the microphone, which in turn tips off D-Scriptive's computer to

broadcast the corresponding bit of explanation to its patrons' earpieces: "On the

left are two giraffes and a cheetah"; "Rafiki holds the cub up to the bright light once more." D-Scriptive, initiated in Ryan Brennecke I The Bulletin

Sci-fi writer Mary Pax, left, meets with her critique group at Barnes & Noble in Bend on Monday. Mike Retting, right, likes Pax's far-out ideas. "Her mind is in a bizarre place," he said.

2006 with "Wicked," is now

available at six shows on Broadway, with more in

the pipeline. SeeHearing/D4




How doesthe Protestant faith treat the concept ofsainthood? The Kansas City Star Catholics kept their saints,

and theMormons added more. Did Protestants discard the idea?

The Rev. Perry Sukstorf,

Word, i s

a c t ually w a shed needs and issues to God di-

clean by the blood of Jesus so rectly. The Baptist tradition, that God sees not the sinner, known as the Baptist freebut the saint. In the Luther-

an expression of Protestant Christianity that I believe in, we see the baptism of Jesus in

Redeemer Lutheran Church, the Jordan River as a symbol Kansas Ci ty, M o . : W h i l e of Christ's actual cleansing of the term Protestant has had the souls of all believers.

many different meanings, King David (of David and connotations and definitions Goliath fame) said in Psalm over the years, this question 51, "Create in m e a c l e an of the saints, specifically the heart 0 God, and renew a acts of venerating and pray- right Spirit within me." That ing to them, was one of the new creation through faith in touchstones that sparked the the promised Christ is what Reformation of the 1500s.

allows David to continue with

Upholding the faith and life of an exemplary Christian is a good thing to do. But by the Middle Ages, the common people thought sainthood was beyond their grasp. Being a saint was no longer

the sure and certain hope

about one's faith in C h rist,

vid. Just as he does it for all

but about the outward works and life of a believer and


that his sin with Bathsheba is no more. He then prays, "Re-

doms, maintains the "Priesthood of the Believer," stat-

ing that each believer goes directly to God, no priest or s aint needed. Prayer is di -

rected to God, confession is directly given to God and forgiveness is received directly from God. Veneration of the saints is

for intercession between God and the saint on the person's behalf. An example from the

Catholic prayer "Hail Mary," is "Pray for us now." The

s e cond P r o t estant

belief is that the believer is referredto as a saint. The

store to me the joy of your sal- Apostle's creed affirms the vation, and uphold me with "communion of saints." This your free Spirit." is the gathering of believers. And God did this for Da-

We are all saints. No one is

supposed to be elevated over any other. No one is revered more than others.

The Rev. Marcia FleisElevation of one gift that with a miracle. chman, Broadway Church, comes through the indwellBut reformers saw in the Kansas C i t y : I vi site d ing Spirit over any other is Scriptures that t h i s s a i nt- L ourdes recently w h ile o n called gift exaltation, which hood belonged to all the faith- sabbatical in France. I found can diminish all those who ful, not just a few. myself reacting to the amount don't have that gift. Elevating In fact, Nov. 1, All Saints of time, energy and money a person's life, like a saint's Day, is a prime example of people spend to go worship life, over other lives can have how all of Christendom re- another person's mystical ex- the same effect. m embers those wh o h a v e perienceinstead of developAt B r o a dway Ch u r c h , died as believers in Jesus. ing their own. which was p r eviously a And so the reformers used The original Protestant Swedish Baptist church, the that existing feast day in the m ovement did d i scard t h e 6 a.m. Christmas service church to educate their peo- Catholic tradition of worship- re-enacts light coming into ple and to give them hope ing the saints. This comes the darkness by Saint Lucia again, to assure them that from tw o d i f f erent beliefs. lighting candles. The Swedes their faith was not in vain. The first belief, and the stron- adored her and were inspired "Simul justis et peccator" gest, is that Protestants be- by her story, but do not pray (at same time saint and sin- lieve in a direct connection to her or worship her. ner) is the Latin phrase used with God. Sometimes, the best advice over and over in the reformNo priest or saint needs to I was given was to "stay iners' writings to explain how intervene or intercede with spired." The stories of saints, a sinner, when simply bap- the Holy One. Each person Christian heroes we can hontized through water and the can present al l c o n cerns, or, can create that inspiration. whether they were blessed

To submit service information or announcements for religious organizations, email bulletin@ or call 541-383-0358. ANTIOCHCHURCH:Dr. Pamela MacRae, professor at Moody Bible Institute; "Giving Voice andGranting Peace," based on Luke7:36-50 Sunday at 9:30 a.m. ReduxQ-and-A after; Bend High School, 230 N.E. Sixth St., Bend. BEND CHRISTIANFELLOWSHIP: Pastor Dave Miller; Sundayat 10 a.m.; 4twelve youth group; Wednesdays at 7 p.m.; 19831 Rocking Horse Road, Bend. BEND CHURCH OFTHENAZARENE: Pastor Virgil Askren; "God Loves a Cheerful Giver"; Sunday at10:15 a.m., 1270 N.E.27th St., Bend. CROSSCHURCH:Pastor Ed Byrnes; "Teach Me ToPray: Praying to a HolyGod";todayat6:30 p.m.and Sunday at10 a.m.; 64 N.W.Franklin Ave., Bend. DISCOVERYCHRISTIAN CHURCH: Pastor Dave Drullinger; "A Portrait of Jesus," based on John1:4-14; Sunday at10 a.m.; Adult Bible study at 9 a.m.; 334 N.W.Newport Ave., Bend. EASTMONT CHURCH:Pastor John Lodwick; "The Preaching of the Gospel" based on selected passages in the Book of Mark and aspart of the series, "The Eternal Gospel"; Sunday at 9 and10:45 a.m.; 62425 Eagle Road, Bend. FATHER'S HOUSECHURCHOF GOD:Pastor Randy Wills; "Making Peace," as part of the series, "An Uncertain Journey to a Promised Hope"; Sunday at 9 and10:45a.m.; YouthGroup;Wednesdaysat7 p.m.; 61690 Pettigrew Road, Bend. THE FELLOWSHIPAT BEND: Pastor Loren Anderson; "Time and Justice," based onEcclesiastes 3:1-22; Sunday at10 a.m.; Summit High School, 2855 N.W.Clearwater Drive, Bend. FIRST PRESBYTERIANCHURCH: Pastor Jenny Warner; "Living Well: Risking Life and Limb"; Sunday at 9 a.m.,10:45a.m. and 5:01 p.m;230 N.E. Ninth St., Bend. FIRSTUNITED METHODIST CHURCH: The Rev. Thom Larson; "Live With Integrity," based on Isaiah 58:1-9a andMatthew 5:13-20; Sunday at 9and11 a.m; 680 N.W. Bond St., Bend. FOUNDRYCHURCH:Al Hulbert; "God'sMercyRule,"based on the fall of Judah; Sunday at10:15 a.m.; 60 N.W. OregonAve., Bend. GRACEFIRSTLUTHERAN CHURCH: Amanda Holdredge; "Who

Are Your People?"; Sunday at 9:30 a.m.; 2265 N.W. Shevlin Park Road, Bend. JOURNEYCHURCH:Pastor Keith Kirkpatrick; "The Fifth Commandment: A NeverEnding Principle"; Sunday at10 a.m. and 6:30p.m.;pizzaservedat6 p.m.;70 N.W. Newport Ave., Bend. NEW HOPE CHURCH: Pastor Randy Myers; "Seeking RealReligion," aspartofaseriesonthebookof James;today at6 p.m.,Sunday at 9 and10:45 a.m.; 20080 Pinebrook Blvd., Bend. NEWPORTAVENUE CHURCHOF CHRIST:Minister Dean Catlett; "When GodSeems Distant," based on Psalm13; Sunday at10:45 a.m.; 554 N.W. Newport Ave., Bend. SPIRITUALAWARENESS COMMUNITY OFTHE CASCADES: Mona DelFino; "The Meaning of Ascension"; Sunday at 5:15 p.m.; held at The Old Stone Church, 157 N.W. Franklin Ave., Bend. SPRINGS OF LIFE MINISTRIES: Evangelist and Bible teacher Eddie Cienda; We dnesdaysat7 p.m.; ongoing; TheSoundGarden Studio, 1279 N.E. Second St., Bend. TRINITYEPISCOPAL CHURCH: Sunday at 9 a.m.; St. Francis Church, 2450 N.E.27th St., Bend. UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST FELLOWSHIPOF CENTRAL OREGON:The Rev.Alex Holt; "Can 'Spirituality' and 'Money' Really Be in theSame Sentence?";Sundayat 11 a.m.; at the Old StoneChurch, 157 N.W. Franklin Ave., Bend. WESTSIDECHURCH: PastorSteve Mickel; "Prayer and Planning"; today at 6:30 p.m. and Sunday at 8, 9and 10:45 a.m.; 2051 N.W.Shevlin Park Road, Bend. WESTSIDESOUTH CAMPUS: Jim Carmichael; "Prayer and Planning"; Sunday at10:30 a.m.; 1245 S.E. Third St., Bend. WESTSIDESISTERS CAMPUS: Pastor Jerry Kaping; "Prayer and Planning"; Sunday at10:30 a.m.; 442 Trinity Way, Sisters. WESTSIDEONLINE CAMPUS: Pastor Steve Mickel; "Prayer and Planning"; today at 6:30 p.m. and Sunday at 8, 9and10:45 a.m.; www. WESTSIDERADIO CAMPUS: Pastor Steve Mickel; "Built for Life"; today at 8:30 a.m.; Heirborne radio show on KBND, AM1110. COMMUNITY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH:Dr. Steve Cross; "Do Not Fear Evil Tidings, Have aSteadfast Heart, Firm In Trusting The Lord" based on Psalms112:1-9; Sunday at9and11 a.m.; 529 N.W.19th St.,

Redmond. EMMAUS LUTHERANCHURCH: The Rev. David Poovey; "Wow! The Future Looks Great!" based on 1 Corinthians 2:9; Sundayat 10:30 a.m.; 2175 S.W.Salmon Ave., Redmond. GRACELUTHERANCHURCH AT EAGLE CREST:Pastor Randy VanMehren; "Baptism into Christ Fulfills All Righteousness asJesus Clothes Us With His Righteousness in Baptism?" based onMatthew 3:14-17; Sunday at10:30 a.m.; 7525 Falcon Crest Drive, Redmond. MOST SACREDHEART, ROMAN CATHOLICCHAPEL:Traditional Latin Mass: Sunday at 9 a.m.; 1051 S.W. Helmholtz Way, Redmond. ST. PAUL'8ANGLICANCHURCH: Father John Pennington; "Wheat, Weeds, Who AmI?" based on Matthew13:24-30; the fifth Sunday after Epiphany; Sunday at 10:30 a.m.; 1108 W.Antler Ave., Redmond. ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH:Pastor Eric Burtness; "Peter: The Apostate God Used," as part of the series, "Reboot Your Life: Second Chances for Discouraged Believers"; Sunday at 8:30 and11 a.m.; 1113Black Butte Blvd., Redmond. VERTICALCHURCH OF GOD: Pastor Jeremy Seibert; Sunday at 10:30a.m.;youth night;W ednesday at p. 6 m.;52460 SkidgelRoad,La Pine. COMMUNITYBIBLECHURCH AT SUNRIVER:Pastor Glen Schaumloeff el;"Jesus Made LowPart One," based onHebrews 2:9-13 and as part of the series, "BetterThe Supremacy of Christ"; Sunday at 9:30 a.m.; 1 Theater Drive, Sunriver. CONCORDIALUTHERAN MISSION: The Rev. Willis Jenson; "The Gospel Reveals the Saving Mystery of God: Christ Crucified for the Sins of All Men," based on1 Corinthians 2:7; Sunday at11 a.m.; held at Terrebonne GrangeHall, 828611th St., Terrebonne. "THE ABRAHAM INSPIRATION GROUP":Seminar video with Abraham andJerry and Esther Hicks; donationsaccepted;5-8 p.m. Feb. 15; Rosie Bareis Campus, 1010 N.W. 14th St., Bend; 541-389-4523. TEMPLEBETHTIKVAH'S "A TASTE OF JUDAISM"LECTURE SERIES: Rabbi Johanna Hershenson; "Mechanics of Jewish Sacred Literature"; $6, high school students and younger are free; Feb. 24 from 7-8:30p.m.;St.Charles Bendevent room; 2500 N.E.Neff Road, Bend; Ann Rosenfield at 541-388-8826 or education/adult-education.

VOLUNTEER SEARCH Volunteer Search is compiled by the Department of Human Services Volunteer Services. The organizations listed are seeking volunteers for a variety of tasks. To see afull list, and for additional information on the types of help needed, goonline to www. Changes, additions or deletions should be sent to1300 N.W.Wall St., Suite 103, Bend 97701, email

Therese.M.Helton© or call 541-693-8988.

CHILDREM, YOUTH AND EDUCATION SERVICES ADULTBASICSKILLS DEPARTMENT (COCC):Margie Gregory, mgregory© or 541-318-3788. or Caitlin Krutsinger, 503-419-9514. ALYCE HATCHCENTER:Andy Kizans, 541-383-1980. BEND PARK & RECREATION DISTRICT:Kim, 541-706-6127. BIGBROTHERS BIG SISTERS OF CENTRAL OREGON:541-312-6047 (Bendj, 541-447-3851, ext. 333 (Prineville) or 541-325-5603 (Madras). BOY SCOUTSOF AMERICA: Paul Abbott, paulabbott© or 541-382-4647. BOYS 5GIRLS CLUBS OF CENTRAL OREGON:, info© or 541-617-2877. CAMP FIRE USA CENTRAL OREGON: or 541-382-4682. CASA(COURTAPPOINTED SPECIAL ADVOCATES): www. or 541-389-1618. CHILDREN'S VISION FOUNDATION: Julie Bibler, 541-330-3907. CIRCLE OF FRIENDS: Beth, bethO or 541-588-6445. DESCHUTES COUNTYSHERIFF'8 OFFICE — CENTRALOREGON PARTNERSHIPSFORYOUTH:, COPY@ or 541-388-6651. FOSTERGRANDPARENTS PROGRAM: Steve Guzanskis, 541-678-5483. GIRL SCOUTS:541-389-8146. GIRLSON THE RUN OF DESCHUTES COUNTY:www.deschutescountygotr. org or GRANDMA'8HOUSE:541-383-3515. HEALTHYBEGINNINGS:ww w.myhb. org or 541-383-6357. HIGH DESERTTEENS VOLUNTEER PROGRAM: www.highdesertmuseum. org or 541-382-4757. IEP PARTNERS: Carmelle Campbell at the OregonParent Training and Information Center, 888-505-2673. J BAR LEARNING J CENTER: Rick Buening, or 541-389-1409. JUNIPERSWIM A FITNESS CENTER: Kim, 541-706-6127. KIDS CENTER: Lisa Weare, Iweare©, 541-383-5958. LA PINEHIGHSCHOOL:Jeff Bockert, jeff.bockert© or

541-355-8501. MEADOWLARK INDEPENDENT LIVING PROGRAM: Teal Buehler, 541-617-9576. M OUNTAINSTARFAMILY RELIEF NURSERY:541-322-6820. NEIGHBORIMPACT: 541-548-2380, ext. 115. OREGON STATEUNIVERSITY EXTENSIONSERVICE:541-548-6088, 541-447-6228 or 541-475-3808. OREGON STATEUNIVERSITY MASTERGARDENERVOLUNTEER PROGRAM:http://extension. or 541-548-6088. READ TOGETHER: 541-388-7746. REDMOND HIGHSCHOOL: 541-923-4807. REDMOND LEARNINGCENTER:Zach Sartin, 541-923-4854. REDMOND YOUNGLIFE: 541-923-8530. SCHOOL-TO-CAREERPARTNERSHIP: Kent Child, 541-355-4158. SMART (STARTMAKING A READER TODAY) or 541-355-5600. TRILLIUM FAMILYSERVICES: 503-205-0194. VIMA LUPWA HOMES: www. or 541-420-9634. YOUTH CHOIROF CENTRAL OREGON:541-385-0470.

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mplements vfpe c '3vl Fce'cte'J 70 SW Century Dr., Ste. 145 Bend, OR 97702• 541-322-7337


• • • II

• •


SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2014 • THE BULLETIN "Celtic Cross" Christianity

"The Wheel of Dharma" Buddhism

"Star of David"

0 0

You Are The Most lmportaflt PartofOurServices

(South of Portland Ave.) Church Service 8 Sunday SchooL 10 am Wed. Testimony Meeting; 7:30 pm Childcare provided. Reading Room: 115 NW Minnesota Ave. Mon. through Fri.: 11 am - 4 pm Sat. 12 noon• 2 pm



Sunday, 3 pm at the Old Stone Church, is a member of the 157 NW Franklin Ave., Bend Union for Reform Judaism. Sunday School 2 years - 5th grade Our members represent a wide range of Nursery 0-2 years Jewish backgrounds. Visitors welcome We welcome interfaith families and lews by choice. Church ONce: 541-389-8787 Our monthly activities include: Send to: PO Box 808, Bend OR 97709 Services, religious education for childrenf adults, Hebrew school, Torah study, social action projects and social activities HOUSK OF COVKNANT

Messianic Synagogue Est. 1994 We provide a congregational setting for Jews and Christians alike. If you're interested in learning the Bible from a Hebrew perspective, come join us at:

Rabbi Johanna Hershenson ECKANKAR

"Omkar" (Aum)

"Yin/Yang" Taoist/ Confuaanism


"Star 8 Crescent" Islam

FAITH CHRISTIAN CENTER 1049 NE 11th St.• 541-382-8274

This Sunday at Faith Christian Center, Pastor Mike Johnson will share his message titled "Believe" Part 5" on Sunday beginning at 10:30 AM.

Rellgion of the Llghtand Sound ofGod


Fr. Theodore Nnabugo, Pastor Parish Office: 541.536-3571 HOLY REDEEMER, LA PINE

Spiritual Experiences Past Lives, Dreams, Soul Travel Introductory presentation 8 discussion Saturday, February 22 3;00 pm at the East Bend Library 62080 Dean Swift Rd., Bend Try a spiritual exercise, explore the possibilities of learning from your

Saturday, February 15• 9:00am- MunchS Torah 10:30 am • Torah Service Friday, February 21Family Shabat SenriceS Potluck

Bear Creek Center 21300 Bear Creek Rd. Bend, OR. 97701 Our Shabbat Services are on Saturday momings at 10:00 a.m. Our ministries include:

Friday, February 287:00 pm - Kaballat Shabat Services

Series 2 - A Taste of ludaism• Davidic dance and worship "Mechanics of • Children's ministry and nursery lewish Sacred Literature" • Hebrew classes dreams and past lives and leam what Monday, February 24• Home groups soul travel means. 7-8:30 pm, St Charles Medical Center • Teaching from the Torah and the Brit Childcare is provided in our Sunday Hadashah (New Testament) Explore the dynamic evolution of lewish HOLY TRINITY,SUNRIVER Coming in 2014: Oregon Regional morning service. Restored Youth • Biblical Feasts 18143 Cottonwood Rd. literary independence Seminar, "Travel the Road to Ministries and Family Night is on • Lifecycle Events Thurs. Mass 9:30 am; in order to grasp how it is that the Spiritual Freedom" Wednesdays at 7 pm. A number of Faith • End-times prophecy Sat. Vigil Mass 5;30 pm "Study of Torah" is the key March 7.9 at the Unity Center of Portland Journey Groups meet throughout the Sunday mass 8:00 am to Jewish continuity. Confessions: Thurs. 9;00- 9:15 am 8 the Portland Eckankar Center. week in small groups, please contact the Visit us on the web at church far details and times. The church OUR LADY OF THE SNOWS, Gilchrist For More Information Discover the rhythms embedded in or contact us at 541-385-5439 is located an the corner of Greenwood 120 Mississippi Dr Jewish practice for the purpose of Avenue and LIVING TORAH FELLOWSHIP Sunday Mass - 12:30 pm making our time on the planet more NE 11th Street. Confessions: Sundays 12:00- 12:15 pm Ca La RocaChurch 541-728-6476 meaningful: special days of the week, 1155 SW Division, ()D8, Bend HOLY FAMILY, REDMOND ASSEMBLY OF GOD month, and year; life cycle passages, Saturday 12:00 - 3:00 pm near Chrlstnxas Valley 1865 W Antler• Redmond Worship/Dance - Study57255 Fort Rock Rd and the thematic structure of the 541-548-4555 Food/Fellowship Sunday Mass - 3:30 pm TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHURCH Jewish prayer service. SUNDAYS Confessions: Sundays 3:00-3:15 pm Hebrew Roots Fellowship All arewefroeeIhroufhourreddoors Moming Worship 8:30 am 8 10:30 am worshipping in Spirit and Truth Sunday Services ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI For the complete schedule of Life groups 9 am 541-410-5337 CATHOLIC CHURCH St. Helens Hall, 231 NW Idaho Ave Services 8 Events Children Welcome Kidz LIVE ages 3-11 10:30 am Rev. Julian Cassar 8 am and 10:15 am go to: Rev. Joseph K. Thalisery Evening Worship 6 pm The Rev. Roy D. Green, Interim Rector 541-382-3631 I 541-382-5542 For information about our Religious WEDNESDAYS Maih 469 NW Wall St NEW CHURCH BEND CHURCH OF THK NAZARENE Education programs, FAMILY NIGHT 7 PM May we haveeyesfoseethat 2450 NE 27th Street 1270 NE 27 St.• 541-382-5496 call Kathy Schindel at 541-388-8826 Adult Classes Masses no visitorarriveswithout 4gift and Senior Pastor Virgil Askren Saturday - Vigil 5:00 PM Celebrate Recovery no guestleaveswithout a blessing. SUNDAY All services are held at the Sunday 7:30 AM, 10:00 AM Wednesday NITE Live Kids 9:00 am Sunday School for all ages Domingo 12:30 PM - Misa en Espanol First United Methodist Church Youth Group 9:00 am Hispanic Worship Service 680 NW Bond Street 10:15 am Worship Service THE SALVATION ARMY Reconciliation 541-388-8826 Pastor Duane Pippitt Saturday 3;00 PM - 4:45 PM 541 NE DeKalb Ave., Bend Nursery Care 8 Children's Church 541-389-8888 ages 4 yrs-4th grade during all HISTORIC DOWNTOWN CHURCH Corner of NW Franklin F Lava Worship Services CONCORDIA LUTHERAN SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP Masses "Courageous Living" on KNLR 97.5 FM MISSION (LCMS) EASTMONT CHURCH 541 NE Dekalb Saturday 8:00 AM 8:30 am Sunday "Displayingthe Reality ofChrist in The mission ofife Church isIoforfive sins Sunday 4:30 PM Sunday School 9:45 am Monday - Friday 7:00 AM 8 12:15 PM UndeniableWays" throughtheGospeiandthereby ChildrenS Adult Classes WEDNESDAY Worship Service —11:00 am grant eternallife. 6:30 pm Ladies Bible Study Exposition 8 Benediction THURSDAY 62425 Eagle Road, Bend (St. fohn 20:22-23, Augsburg Canfession Monday-Friday 10:00 am 50+ Bible Study Major's Robert 8 Miriam Keene 541-382-5822 XXVIII.8, 10 after 7:00 AM Mass to 6:00 PM WEEKLY Tuesday (Family Holy Hour) 10 am Sunday School NEW HOPE KVANGELICAL Life Groups 5:00 PM-6:00 PM 11 am Divine Service 20080 Pinebrook Blvd.• 541-389-3436 Please visit our website for a complete Sunday Services listing of activities for all ages. Reconciliation Classic (Blended) Service 9:00 am The Rev. Willis C. Jenson, Pastor Tuesday 7;30 AM - 8:00 AM Celebrate New Life Contemporary Service 10:45 am 8286 11th St. (Grange Hall) at New Hope Church! ST. THOMAS CATHOLIC CHURCH Hispanic Service 6:0 0 pm Terrebonne, OR 1720 NW 19th Street SOVEREIGN GRACE CHURCH Saturday 6:00 pm Redmond, Oregon 97756 For more information about weekly Meeting at the Golden Age Club 541-923-3390 Sunday 9:00, 10:45 am, ministries for the whole family, Father Todd Unger, Pastor 40SE 5th St., Bend concordialutheranmission M ~sch~dl : Just 2 blocks SW ofBend High School contact 541-382-5822 or email ~ Pastor Randy Myers Facebook: Weekdays 8:00 am Sunday Worship 10:00 am Concordia Lutheran Mission (except Wednesday) Sovereign Grace Church is dedicated Phone: 541.325.6773 Wednesday 6:00 pm FOUNDRY CHURCH to worshiping God and teaching the Saturday Vigil 5:30 pm WESTSIDE CHURCH (FORMKRLY FIRST BAPTIST) Bible truths recovered through the GRACE FIRST LUTHERAN CHURCH First Saturday 8:00 am (English) Westside Church invites you to join us at "A Heart for Bend in the Reformation. Call for information about 2265 NW Shevlin Park Road, Bend Sunday 8:00 am, 10:00 am(English) any of our weekend services. No matter ather meetings Heart of Bend" 12:00 noon (Spanish) 382-6862 541-420-1667 what your expectations are, we hope 60 NW Oregon, 541-382-3862 Confessions on Wednesdays from your time spent with us brings you a little Pastor Syd Brestel 5:00 to 5:45 pm Sunday Worship 9:30 a.m. closer to understanding, knowing and and on Saturdays from 4:30 to 5:15 pm • • I • (Child Care Available) growing in a relationship with Jesus Christ. SundaySchoolclassesare at9:00am Sunday School 10:20 a.m. CHRISTIAN LIFE CENTER In our opinion, that's what really matters. and our Worship Service at 10:15 am 21720 E. Hwy. 20• 541.389.8241 CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF RKDMOND Education Hour 10:45 a.m. Contact us at 541.382-7504 or 536 SW 10th, Redmond This Sunday at Foundry Church, 541-548-2974 Sunday Morning Worship Women's Bible Study, Al Hulbert will preach on the faff of 8:45 am S 10:45 am February 8 8 9, 2014 at Westside Church Tuesday 9:15 a.m. Sunday Worship 9:00 amS 10:45 am Judah: "God's Mercy Rule." —WESTCampus Men's Bible Study, Wednesday Mid-Week Service For K(dztown, Middle School and Sunday School for all ages Pastor Steve Mickel will share the Wednesday 7:30 a.m. Children 8 Youth Programs 7:00 pm Kidmo• Junior Church High School activities message "Prayer and Planning" at Nursery Care Provided for All Services Greg Strubhar, Pastor Call 541-382-3862 6:30pm on Saturday and at 8, 9 and Pastor Joel LiaBraaten Darin Hallingsworth, Yauth Pastor Pastor Daniel N. LeLaCheur 10:45am Sunday at Westside Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church POWKLL BUTTK 21720 E. Hwy. 20 541.389.8241 2051 NW Shevlin Park Rd, Bend. in America HIGHLAND BAPTIST CHRISTIAN CHURCH CHURCH, SBC Cowboy Fellowship Saturdays February 9, 2014 at Westside Church Potluck 6 pm 3100 SWHighland Ave., ZION LUTHKRAN CHURCH ELCA —SOUTH Campus Music and the Word 7 pm Redmond• 541-548.4161 COMMUNITY PRESBYTERIAN Worship in the Heart of Redmond Pastor Jim Carmichael will share the Sunday Worship Services CHURCH 8:30am-10:15am- II am message "Prayer and Planning" at Sunday Worship Services: 529 NW 19th Street Nursery 8 Children's Church Sunday Worship Services at 10:30am on Sunday at the Westside 8:00 am, 9:30 am, I I:00 am (3/4 mile north of High School) Pastors: Chris Blair, Trey Hinkle, Ozzy 8:30am F 11:00am Church South Campus, Redmond, OR 97756 Sunday Life Groups Osbome and Glenn Bartnik 1245 SE 3rd St., Bend. Sunday School for all ages 10:00am 13720 SWHwy 126, Powell Butte (541) 548-3367 9:30am F 11:00am 541-548-3066 Saturday Worship February 9, 2014 at Westside Church Children's Room available Rev. Rob Anderson, Pastor 7:00 pm — SISTERS Campus during services REAL LIFE CHRISTIAN CHURCH Dr. Barry Campbell, lead pastor 9;00 am Contemporary Worship Pastor Jerry Kaping will share the Like Hymns? We've Got 'em! Come Experience a warm, 9:00 am Nursery Care at the RLCC Church, 2880 NE 27th message "Prayer and Planning" at friendly family of worshipers. For complete calender: 9:15 am Children 8 Youth Sunday Services 8 am 10:30am on Sunday at the Westside Everyone Welcome - Always. Sunday School (No child care) Church Sisters Campus, A vibrant, inclusive community. A rich 10:00 am Contemporary 9:30 am Adult Education 442 Trinity Way, Sisters. and diverse music program for aff ages Worship Service I I:00 am Traditional Worship (Full children's ministry) Coffee, snacksandfelowship CALVARY CHAPEL BKND February 8 8 9, 2014 at Westside Church Sunday Night Church 6:30 pm Youth Groups aJfereachsenire 20225 Cooley Rd. Bend -ONLINE campus For information, please call ... High School - Sunday 11:00am-12:30pm Phone; (541) 383-5097 Senior Pastor• Mike YunkerJoin us at our online campus where Middle School - Wednesday M.W.F Women's Exercise 9:30 am 541-312-8844 Web site: Pastor Steve Mickel will share the 6:00-7:30pm Associate Pastors Wed. Bible Study at noon message "Prayer and Planning" at Mike Sweeney 8 Jeff Olson 3rd Th. Women's Circle/Bible Study Sundays: 8:30 8 10:30 am Mondays 6:30pmSaturdayand at8,9and 10:45am "Loving people one at a time." I:00 pm 6:30 pm Centering Prayer W ednesday NightStudy:7pm on Sunday at Westside Church, 3rd Tues. Men's Club 6;00 pm, dinner YouthGroup:Wednesday 7 pm 2051 NW Shevlin Park Rd, Bend. Wednesdays Youth and Family Programs Child Care provided 5:30 pm Prayer Service Active Social Outreach EASTMONT COMMUNITY SCHOOL February 9, 2014 Westside Church "Educating and Developing the Whole Women's Ministry, Youth Ministry are — ON THE RADIO Small Graups Meet Regularly Child for the Glory of God" 1113 SWBlack Butte Blvd. available, call for days and times. Pastor Steve Mickel will share the (Handicapped Accessible) Pre K• 5th Grade Redmond, OR 97756 - 541-923-7466 message "Built for Life" on the 62425 Eagle Road, Bend• 541-382-2049 Please visit our website for a complete "Teaching the Word of God, Heirbome radio show at 8:30am Sunday Pastor Eric Burtness Principal Lonna Carnahan listing of activities for all ages. Book by Book" morning on KBND — AM 1110 www.redmondc c.or 16137 Burgess Rd Tuesday, WednesdayE Friday Mass 9:00 am Sunday Mass - 10:00 am Confessions: Saturdays -3:00-4:00pm










FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIKNTIST 1551 NW First St.• 541-382-6100 0




230 NE Ninth, Bend (Across Ninth St. from Bend High) All Are Welcome, Always! Rev. Dr. Steven H. Koski Lead Pastor

Living Well Preaching: Jenny Warner Risking Life F Limb 9:00am contemporary 10:45am traditional 5:01pm relaxed Sunday School: 3 years to 6th grade Nursery-care provided Enneagram Workshop February 22, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. A way to understand oneself and to compassionately relate to others. Led by Eileen and Michael Heaton Spacious Christianity Lent Study and Worship Pastor led teachings by Steven Koski, Jenny Warner and Ron Wemer Wednesdays March 12 - April 16, 5:30-7:00pm Simple dinner, teaching, discussion and worship. Adults and children welcome.

Wednesday Noan Worship followed by 12;30pm Contemplative Prayer Youth Events bendyouthcollective

Choirs, music groups, Bible study, fellowship and ministries every week 230 NE Ninth Street, Bend 541 382 4401


OF CKNTRAL OREGON "Diverse Beliefs, One Fellowship" We are a Welcoming Congregation

February 9, 2014 at 11:00am: "Can 'Spirituality' and 'Money' Really Be in the Same Sentence?" — Rev. Alex Holt, Interim Minister This morning's service is on stewardship but in a very different tenor than the norm. Is there such a thing as a spiritual practice of money that can be discussed without anxiety? Come find out.

This Sunday- the second Sunday of the month — our children and youth will enjoy an age.appropriate Children's Worship time, focusing on the February recipient of our Greater Community Collection, the Deschutes Land Trust. We always have childcare for infants and toddlers. THE OLD STONE CHURCH 157 NW FRANKLIN AVE., BEND Mail:PO Box 428, Bend OR 97709 (541) 385.3908 •


(In the Heart of Downtown Bend) 680 NW Bond St. / 541.382.1672 Everyone isWelcome! Rev. Thom Larson Sermon Title: "Live With Integrity" Scripture: Isiah 58: I-9a Matthew 5:13-20 9:00 am Contemporary Service Sunday School during 9am service 11:00 am Traditional Service Childcare provided *During the Week: Women's Groups, Men's Groups, Youth Groups, Quilting, Crafting, Music F Fellowship Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors. Rev. Thom Larson

CHURCH & SVNAGOGUE DIRECTORY LISTING EffectiveMay 1, 2013 4 Saturdays and TMC: $115 5 Saturdays

and TMC: $138 The Bulletin: Every Saturday on the church page.

$23 Copy Changes: by 5 PM Tuesday CO Marketplace: The First Tuesday of each month. $23 Copy Changes: by Monday 1 week prior to publication

Call Pat Lynch





Vicky Winslow,

Continued from D1

who was

Theatergoers used the service 2,717 times last year, 541

born blind, walks with her

of those for "The Lion King," according to Carl Anthony Tramon, director of special services forSound Associates, the companybehind D-Scriptive. Leased by the theaters, the serviceisfreeforusers.

German shep-

The first time Winslow tried

enjoyed the performance

herd, Jet, in

Times Square after attend-

the system, to take in "Jersey Boys," she was hooked. "The

ing "The Lion

By Brett Zongker

King" in New York. Winslow

The Associated Press

that delivers

a service


WASHINGTON — Flashback to a 1940s jazz club. A

saxophonist performs on stage wearing his sunglasses at night. "I'm cool," he says, relaxed in the moment. Lester Young, the lead

with the help of D-Scriptive,

details that they gave were

things that no one else — not even people who know me and

Smit sonian ex ores 'coo' rom Wa t W itman to Ja-Z



think to tell me," she said. And, she noted, causing a distur-

through an earpiece for

bance on Broadway is even

sight-impaired patrons.

Basie's orchestra and soul mate to Billie Holiday, was giving voice to what would become an American and global obsession for cool

describe things to me — would

worse than at the cinema: "Remember, unlike the movies,

Agaton Strom New York Times

you've paid an awful lot for your seat and you can't just go

News Service

look for another one."

A few seats down from her, Kirk Brouwer, 15, a sopho- i nformation heard a t s e v more at St. Joseph Regional eral different moments be High School in Montvale, N.J., merged. had his own reasons for loving S ometimes W in sl o w the service. He had his first laughed in sync with t he eye surgery at one week old crowd; som e t ime s the and has had 300 or so opera- D-Scriptive failed t o r e l ay tions since then; today his left a funny bit and the crowd eye has no vision and his right laughed without her; someeye has 2 0/100 vision with times the audio description glasses (enough to gaze into was funnier than the visual his cellphone from up close action, and she laughed all by and to pursue his passion for herself. She was more sensishooting and editing videos). tive to wordplay than most, It used to be that whenever he chucklingalone when Pumwent to a show with his fami- baa the warthog spoke of a ly, he said, his three younger sandwich "with a side of flies." brothers would discuss it on That's easy enough compared the ride home and he would to what she used to do as a remain silent. Sitting beside social worker in a homeless his mother on this night, he shelter, using her ears to sense said the descriptions helped when tears had rimmed a clihim socially by giving him ent's eyes and a tissue box something to toss into con- needed extending. "There are some things that v ersations with f a mily a n d friends. For his mother, Eileen, eyesight would give me," said it was a short break from her Winslow, who was born blind. usual habit of describing every "But I hear things that other last thing around them, "to be people don't because they're sure Kirk doesn't miss any de- not focused on hearing." tails in life," she said. There was too much to hear As "The Lion King" began, at times. The words and imagBrouwer and Winslow were es beamed through the earalready full of information. piece sometimes came at her The challenge facing them like digital machine-gun fire. was to hold these descriptions A song about not being able to in their heads, listening to wait to be king was especially D-Scriptive's account of t he overloaded, with seemingly action in one ear and follow- every dance step and twirl ing the music and dialogue itemized. So it goes when a heard by everyone with the thronging boulevard of a perother ear. formance must be jammed If the sighted theatergoer into the single lane of auditory has the luxury of being in the perception. moment during a show, the Winslow, though, has ways partly or fully blind patron of coping. "My mind sort of must enjoy it differently. The censors for what I'm interested descriptions preload in the in," she said. brain before the show begins, It was another story with the progressivenarration of her immediate neighbor to the dance kicks and kisses tends right — me. Just as the houseto come several seconds be- lights went down, she leaned fore the actual deeds, and over and issued a gentle orthe dialogue arrives last. As- der: "Close your eyes." It was sembling a mental picture of an invitation to try to know a scene often requires that something of he r e xperi-



with a phrase rooted in jazz

slang. But what does it mean to saysomeone iscool? Over the past five years,

ence that night, and for that

curators at the National Por-

I had also secured one of the

trait Gallery set out to examine how that idea of cool has

devices. At first, I f ound myself cheating without intending to,

keeping eyes closed during run-of-the-mill descriptions but opening them when something sounded especially beautiful. Later I lasted through full scenes in the way that Winslow had asked. To try to process it all was to understand that a Broadway

show is, in the end, a giant information ball, a dense nugget made of millions of disparate kinds of facts. Seeking to turn them all into verbal facts is a heroic intention that can never

be fully realized. At one point actors in hyena costumes entered the theater

from the back of the house and walked right past Winslow. She perked up as she felt their presence, with the earpiece revealing what they were. Her guide dog didn't need to be warned about hyenas. Jet, ordinarily possessed of a New Yorker's seen-everything cool, leapt up, snapped to attention and seemed to place himself

on war paws — because, well, hyenas. W inslow w o uldn't


if services like D-Scriptive popped up for other arts. "I don't do ballet, because that

would be pointless," she said. But she loves the opera and l oves the movies, which i s

what she can afford mostly, being out of a job and the e conomy being what it i s nowadays. "I sometimes feel like ask-

ing for half of my money back, because I miss a lot," she said. She has heard of apps that seek to do for films what D-Scriptive does for Broadway shows. She's skepticaL "I'll believe it when I do it," she


shaped American culture. A new exhibit opening Friday gives the concept an enter-

taining yet scholarly treatment with 100 photographs of people who defined cool as a word for rebell ion, self-expression, charisma, edge and mystery. "American Cool" trac-

National Portrait Gallery via The Associated Press

Muddy Waters, left, and Marlon Brando are part of the National Portrait Gallery's "American Cool" exhibit, which features100

photographs of people whohelped create the idea of "cool" as a name for rebellion, self-expression, charisma, edge andmystery. or transgression, have in-

stant visual recognition, and have a recognized and lasting cultural legacy. Jon Stewart was chosen over someone like Johnny

photography as the figures each shaped their public images through photographs by Richard Avedon, Annie Leibovitz and

o t her l ead-

ing fine art photographers Carson because Stewart's and photojournalists. Most signature style for satire and of the images are black and comedy is an original that's white. been emulated in Egypt and The most difficult section es the idea further back to beyond. to curate was the legacy of the "granddaddies of cool," The 100 who made the cool from the 1980s onward, Walt Whitman and Freder- cut include musicians, ac- Goodyear said. " There ar e s o m e w h o ick Douglass, and unfolds tors, athletes, comedians, through the g enerations, activists and writers. At the thought that cool died in leading to Jay-z, Johnny roots of cool,there's Fred the '80s," Goodyear said. Depp and Madonna. Astaire, Ernest Heming- "It was Reagan's America "These are the successful way and Georgia O'Keef- and increasing materialcultural rebels of American fe, followed by the birth of ism and the growth of sort culture," said Joel

D i n er- c ool in th e j azz era w i t h

stein, a professor and jazz scholar at Tulane Universi-

Young, Holiday, Muddy Waters and Duke Ellington, as

of corporate power and its

influence." Being cool wa s

m ore

well as Audrey Hepburn, and teaches a college course Elvis Presley and Frank on the history of being cool. Sinatra. Music from 10 jazz, The exhibit idea was born blues and rock-and-roll artout of the 2008 presidential ists plays throughout the election when the buzz was galleries.

important than being rich

about a new type of politi-

in the culture, rather than

ty who co-curated the show

In the 1960s and 1970s,

cal candidate who exuded cool was tied to the countera cool, relaxed intensity, ap- culture. To be cool was to be pealing to a new generation, anti-authoritarian and open said co-curator Frank Good- to new ideas, curators said, year III, who is co-director with figures like Bob Dylan, of the Bowdoin College Mu- Muhammad Ali, Angela Daseum of Art in Maine. No vis and Andy Warhol. presidents past or present fit Throughout the s h ow, the criteria for defining cool, there are more men than though curators considered women represented. "Cool was very much a Obama, Clinton, Reagan and Kennedy. masculine aesthetic until What might seem like an very r ecently," D i nerstein arbitrary list of 100 celebrisaid. "This notion of sort of ties was actually a much-de- having edge and charisma bated roster whittled down and mystery and detachfrom 500 names, the cura- ment really was not applied tors said. They devised a to women, except in negative four-point rubric to define ways, for quite a while. The cool on a national scale. To cross-overperiod forthatis be included, a person had to in a lot of ways the '70s." It's an exhibit about hishave an original artistic vision with a signature style, tory, race, gender and inrepresent cultural rebellion tegration. An d i t ' s a b out

in the decades before. But more recently being cool has been validated by being rich. Someone like Jay-Z is "selling in" to have more power selling out, Dinerstein said. "Hip-hop totally crosses that

over in which bling becomes positive," he said. I t wa s

s o d i ff i c ul t t o

choose just 100 people, the exhibit also includes an alternate list of 100 names at the end who the curators ar-

gued about the longest. "We want nothing more

than for this to cause inter-generational d ebates," Dinerstein said. "People in the greatest generation can tell their grandkids who Gene Krupa was and why he's important. People who are young can tell their grandparents who Jay-Z is and why he is important." "American Cool" will be on view through Sept. 7 in Washington.





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or ousan s,a


rima e

By Guy Trebay

thousand is nothing much,"

New York Times News Service

Natesan said through an interpreter. "We did a wedding

RAYAVARAM, India — Pa-

laniappa Chettiar has always been goal oriented, and when he turned 97 three years ago,

once for the daughter of a politician, and so it was expected

he set himself a new one.

that all the people from the local villages would come." For

i'e I

No one within memory in his family, extended clan or village had reached 100. Determined to get there himself, he cut down on the yolks in the raw eggs he swallows daily for breakfast, took extra care on his daily four-mile walk to the

that party, Natesan and team

cooked 35,000meals. As at Chettiar's feast, they

were proper meals, not soupkitchen-style buffets. Seated in shif ts,diners were served by waiters wearing starched white shirts and t r aditional

male garments called dhotis

local Hindu temple and started

Palaniappa Chettiar celebrated planning for a party the likes his 100th birthday in January of which few here (or any- by inviting about 7,500 friends where, for that matter) have and acquaint ances to his home ever seen. for a celebration.

who, in unison, spooned out

delicacies from pots of clay or stainless steel. The list of ingredients was

Early in January, Chettiar

truly eye-popping. Among the

celebrated his century, and

threw open the doors to his pillared ancestral home in this remote village in the South Indi-

an state of Tamil Nadu, to what drupled their order of the baappeared to be every person nana leaves they use asplates. he had ever met — about 7,500 "We were prepared for anyof them. thing," Kasi said. Summoning a localcook Six months earlier, Kasi and his family has turned to over his wife had begun planning the decades, he and one of his in earnest, organizing a vegenumerous grandsons chose a tarian feast served in shifts at menu and settled on a rough tables set inside the Chettiar guest list that included imme- house and in a s triped tent diate family; members of both over an adjacent courtyard. his extended clan and the larg- The menu aimed to showcase er community of prosperous a richly aromatic and hightraders known as Chettiars; ly spiced cuisine that has infriends from neighboring cit- spired an adage in India: You ies like Chennai, Madurai and are lucky to eat like a Chettiar. Tiruchirapalli, and p eople There would be three kinds from the numerous small vil- of rice: white, savory and lages surrounding his own. sweet; North Indian-style biry"He'd issued so many ver- ani, and dollops of dal. There bal invitations, actually, we would be sambar and a sehad no way of knowing how lection of five curries, at least many would turn up," Chet- one a hearty dish made with tiar's grandson Arunachalam eggplant, or brinjal. There Kasi said recently as a steady would be individual bowls stream of guests arrived at the of fresh curd, or yogurt, and Chettiar house seeking bless- crisp papadums on the side. ings from the old man. There would be, of course, the When the first estimate of various pickle relishes with1,500 became 3,000 and then out which no Indian meal is ballooned to 5,000, the orga-

Continued from 01 According to the 2013 Digital Book World and Writer's


New York Times News Service photos

Guests dine at Palaniappa Chettiar's100th birthday party in Rayavaram, India. While large, supersize parties are not uncommon in India, Chettiar's bash still stood out for the size and location, his small

village in south India, as much asthe occasion. Supersize parties are unex-

ceptional in a country where "go big or go home" may as well be an immutable verity, a

place where religious pilgrimages, like last year's Kumbh Mela in Allahabad, Uttar

Pradesh, routinely draw scores of millions. What set Chettiar's wingding apart were the crowds it drew to a dusty vil-

toes; 640 pounds of red, white or raw rice flour; 7,500 banana

"There is always a fight for Last year, when her 28-year- the cook," a fact that owes to old nephew, Karthik Meyyap- the brevity of the local wedpan, a descendant of the rajah ding season here and a general of Chettinad, married Parvathi clamor for astrologically ausSaravanan, a 21-year-old from picious days on which celebraBangalore, the two f amilies tions can be held. A contract is descended ontheirancestral drawn up over a bowl of nuts homes like an occupying force. and betel leaves, Meyyappan The secret weapon in that added, and "then you create a case was Meyyappan's grand- menu and get to work." mother Meenakshi MeyyapFor the last half-century, she pan, a redoubtable septuage- has called on a cook contractor narian who runs the Bangala, called Natesan, a sturdily built tiar. "We had 5,000 for lunch."

lage two hours by road from a major city. "I don't know why you're s urprised," Chettiar s a i d an internationally known 25good-naturedly, waving away room hostelry in the clamora visitor's amazement. ous town of Karaikudi. Among the Chettiar merAfter decades of organizchants and traders, celebra- ing weddings, reunions and tions with 1,000 or more guests Shashti Poorthi (as the highmay be considered intimate. ly significant 60th birthday "For my daughter's wedding, celebrations for male Chet8,000 ate breakfast," said tiars are known), Meenakshi Alagu Muthu, a former presi- Meyyappan has large-scale dent of the National Associa- feeds down to a system. "First tion for the Blind, and a Chet- you book the cook," she said.

77 poundsofgreen chilies;200 bags of tomatoes; 75 pounds each of chili and coriander powder; 375 pounds of pota-

man of 87 whose cool confi-

leaves, and 500 coconuts. "People love mygrandfather, and so the cooks provided the tablesand chairsforfree,"Kasi said. "They only charged for the labor and ingredients," he added, noting that there was no need for utensils because

in much of South India, people eat with their right hand. For his part, Chettiar dis-

tributed 500 saris and an equal number of dhotis, and funded a new wing for the local school. The feast cost $100,000, or roughly $14 a head, a sum

dence in the face of daunting that barely fazed the centenumbers comes of cooking for narian, who spends mornings more than 65 years. The team trading on the Indian stock of choppers and cooks led by market and evenings glued to Natesan and his son N. Muru- cricket matches on television. "Of course, it was worth it," gesan typically numbers over 100. Chettiar said of his big day, For C h ettiar's b i r t hday, pronouncing himself w ell there were 220 people in the

contented with the way it all

kitchen under the supervision turned out. "Full satisfaction!" of another head cook. "Seven he said.

to do to get published, but 95 they expect or want.' But then

rights, and it only ever had one

percent simply don't do," Rettig said. In the current climate

print run in the USA. So don't

of publishing, "if you're not a self-starter, then it's just not

Digest Author Survey, near- going to happen." ly 20 percent of participating Pax said that w hen she self-published authors report- started writing a few years ed their writing generated ago, she intended to publish zero annualincome. The me-

85 itemizedcomponents were 200 lemons; 400 snake gourds;

nizers stopped counting. By the time the big day rolled around Jan. 2, they had qua-

through t r aditional m eans.

dian income of self-published But then she got wind of Lindwriters — who often refer to sey Buroker, a fantasy author themselves as indie or inde-

who told Pax she should put

pendent, much like unsigned music acts — was reported as being between $1 and $4,999 annually. Traditionally published au-

some free reads online. "Digital books were just starting to

thors, on the other hand, re-

them up for free online.

hit at that point," Pax said, so while submitting her sci-fi sto-

ries to magazines, she also put

"My initial thought was just ported generating a median writing income of $5,000 to to start gathering an audience. $9,999. You have a better shot at a Pax's growing success may (traditional) deal with an audihave something to do with her ence," Pax said. "I know it's a weird fear, but professional background in marketing. Though she vol- I had this fear that if I went unteers as a tour guide at the with a traditional publisher University of Oregon's Pine first ... and I didn't meet the Mountain Observatory during c ontract obligation, I'd be the summer, she laughs when dropped. So I thought, 'get asked about having other the audience first, and then I'm guaranteed to meet what hobbies. "I'm a workaholic," she con-

of readers who prefer to read fast." a series over a stand-alone Herself a writer, Spearritt handling the entire business book. "The Backworlds" con- — publishing under the name myself." tinues to attract new readers Julie Harris — has published An editor sent her a page- and fuel salesfortheseries. by both traditional and indelong reply, "which is almost as Pax said she's nearing pendent means, she said. Her good as getting published in 100,000 downloads of "The book "The Longest Winter," this industry now," Pax said, Backworlds," and has passed a fiction account of a plane laughing. It was encourag- 2,000 sales of the second in the crash that took place in Alasing, but not without criticism. series. The third and fourth ka in the 1920s, was first pub"She told me there just wasn't books are closing in on 1,000. lished in 1995 by St. Martin's enoughaction." She expects book five, due in Press. "OK, I can do action," Pax March, to do equally well. "It took me nearly 20 years "I think I always envisioned to get the r ights back. It's told herself. "I'm sure my readers would tell you that I pretty ("Backworlds") as a series that still selling in Germany, over much pack it in at this point." could go on for a long time," 82,000 copies in f act," said Buroker also convinced she said. Pax has also writ- Spearritt. "But I had to get a Pax to "seed the series" with ten other books, including an regularjob because,from ena free book on Amazon. Pax adult sci-fi fantasy, "The Re- during a 60/40 split with St. Martin's, two agents' fees, one also sells paperback versions naissance of Hetty Locklear." and e-books for Nook, but, she Fan Julie Spearritt says it's German tax and double Aussaid, "Amazon has the larg- the "Backworlds" books that tralian tax on my 5 percent est market share, and for any most appeal to her. royalty, I made minus 2 cents "Even my mother, aged 75, per copy for that book (the author will b e t heir l argest chunk of change." looks forward to the next in- German translation) while Three months after putting stallment of 'Backworlds.' She St. Martin's clung tight to the up "The Backworlds," she re- loves the series as much as I leased the second book, "Stop- do," Spearritt told The Bulleover at the Backworlds' Edge." tin by email from Australia. Pax said she's convinced Pax is "a great storyteller, first that writing a series is the and foremost. She can hook right way to go, citing surveys a reader and keep them held it turns out that I really like

get me started about traditional publishing (because) I won't stop!" As a reader, Spearritt said, the publisher of a book doesn't

really factor in. "When finding a new read, I think it's important to read

synopses and samples, but considering most ebooks by indies cost less than a cup of

coffee, what's to lose? There are many gems amid the crud — that goes for indie as well as (traditionally) published books." "It's an individual's choice," Pax said. "I just decided (in-

die publishing) was the best choice for me. Because I don't want to fail. This is what I want to do." — Reporter: 541-383-0349,

541 382-6447 ~ 2090 NE Wyatt Court ~ Suite 101 Bend OR 97701 ~

fessed. "Even though we're authors and artists, we also have to remember it's a business. You have to think about mar-

A Free Public Service

keting and you have to think about money."

Along with giving away the first installment of her series, Pax also writes a blog and has monthly giveaways at her site, She also stressed that it's critical to use

a professional editor as well as pro artist to design book covers.

Paying an editor out of pocket "is the biggest expense, but don't ever skip that step,"

Pax said. "And don't skimp on it." Mike Rettig, a fellow mem-

Over 80 Oregon Newspapers, from 36 Counties

ber of Central Oregon Writers Guild, met Pax about five

years ago, when the two entered the guild's annual Literary Harvest writing contest.

He's also in a critique group with Pax and has witnessed her progress as a writer. "She has really become a better writer. She works very, very hard," Rettig said. "I think writers are pretty peculiar. Most singers who sing in the shower don't think they

could then become a Broadway star, but most writers ... believe that they can be on the 'Today' show next month with

their bestseller. There's a huge reality gap." Pax, on th e o ther h and,

backs up her ambitions with hard work, he said. "She does what writers need

s U r olo s~




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ig or use the • l 33 0 QKg©Zgg) service to be automatically emailed of notices that match your needs.







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e ea esma e


IS 0

on his work, country super-

"The Night That Changed America: A GrammySalute to the Beatles" 8 p.m.Sunday, CBS

Idol" judge Urban is happy to participate in a Beatles tribute. "It's an incredible band to


be honoring," he says, "and I'm glad I get to do it with John Mayer, who's just one of my alltime favorite guitar players."

On Feb. 9, 1964, the British invaded America in a way that

Ehrlich wanted them on the special together after hear-

By Jay Bobbin

made pop-culture history. Four lads from L iverpool

gave their first U.S. television performance on "The Ed Sullivan Show," and exactly 50

yearslater— same hour,same night, same network — the event will be recalled in the

CBS special "The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute to the Beatles." Paul

McCartney and Ringo Starr perform on the show, but renderings of

t h e u l t r a-iconic

group's music largely fall to others. The roster includes team-

ings of John Mayer and Keith Urban, and Alicia Keys and John Legend, as well as Maroon 5 and a reunion of former Eurythmics partners Annie Lennox and D ave Stewart.

The Beatles themselves will be representedby clips from the Sullivan show, on which

they also appeared the following two Sundays in 1964. They would do so once more in 1965, then furnished the program exclusively with what essentially were early music videos of some of their later tunes.

ways about the guitar playing supporting the song.' Whenever George or Paul played a solo, it was never abig showoff moment andnever took away from the song. I've always been inspired by that kind of playing; Mark Knopfler very

star and current "American

much fits into that category, too."

R ecalling watching t h e ing them team on the Beatles Beatles' first Sullivan broadclassic "Don't Let Me Down" cast as it happened as "one of at Eric Clapton's Crossroads those things you never forget," Guitar Festival last year. Ehrlich stresses the cultur"That's cool to know," real significance of it coming flects Urban, whose latest al- when it did, in the aftermath bum, "Fuse," debuted atop the of the assassination of PresiBillboard 200 chart last Sep- dent John F. Kennedy and as Tribune Media Services tember. "I was really glad that America's involvement in the The Beatles'1964 appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show" is John asked me to sit in with Vietnam War was ramping up. "You can't divorce these recalled in "The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute to him at Crossroads, because I'd the Beatles" Sunday on CBS. never played it before. things," he said. "This is all "Not long before he called v ery personal to me. I w a s me, I had rediscovered 'Don't pleased with what we did on "I'd been talking to Apple though they want to live in Let Me Down' ... and I just gast year's) Emmys by pointCorps (the Beatles' company) the present — and they dothought, 'That's such a great ing out the depths of depresfor years about doing some- I think they saw this as kind song.' It's very hard when sion this country was in after thing, but they just weren't of a nice way to put a bow on you're looking for a song with the Kennedy assassination. In ready," says executive produc- it. Paul and Ringo have both a lyric that's going to be good a very real way, Feb. 9, 1964, er Ken Ehrlich, who also has been incredibly cooperative, as for two guys, and that's poten- was a symbol of the beginning overseen the Grammy Awards have Olivia Harrison (George's tially going to have a great gui- of feeling we could again yell formore than 30years."Ringo widow) and Yoko Ono (wife of tar solo as well, and I was glad and scream and applaud and is still out touring with his All- the late John Lennon)." that John was cool with that be happy about something." Star Band, and Paul certainly The tunes the Beatles of- one. And lo and behold, here Ehrlich now aims to recapdoes more dates now than he fered on that 1964 evening we are, honoring the Beatles ture that feeling for those who ever did when he was a Beat- were "All My Loving," "She with it!" never have experienced the le, probably more than he did Loves You," "I Saw Her StandRecently seeing an inter- effect of the Beatles appearing with Wings. ing There," "I Want to Hold view with Tom Petty and the on "The Ed Sullivan Show," as "I think the gravity of this Your Hand" and the Fab Four's Heartbreakers guitarist Mike well as for those who remem50th anniversary kind of got take on "Till There Was You," Campbell reinforced Urban's ber it vividly. "This special to them that it was an import- from the musical "The Music view of the Beatles. hopefully will continue not "He loves them for the same only the legacy," he says, "but ant enough event that it should Man." be commemorated and celeOften citing rock music as reason I do," Urban says. "He the impact this one group had brated," Ehrlich adds. "Even one of the strongest influences said, 'Those records were al- on the world."

TV TODAY 7p.m. onHALL, Movie: "Chance at Romance" — Lovelorn Samantha (Erin Krakow, "When Calls the Heart") strikes up an online friendship with Heath (Ryan McPartlin), a hand-

some photographer. Heeven

sends her a plane ticket to come visit. But wait! It isn't Heath who's been corresponding with her; it's his 12-year-old son (lan Andrew), who cooked up this matchmaking ruse with help from the housekeeper (Patricia Heaton). Now what? Kaitlin Doubledayalso stars in this new


8p.m. on29, Movie:"The Pursuit of Happyness" — Ignore the spelling of the title, and you'll find an enjoyable movie. Will Smith stars as Chris, an unemployedsalesman who suddenly has full custody of his

young son,Christopher (Jaden Christopher Syre Smith). Chris

chose to applyfor anunpaid internship in a dream profession, but his wife didn't like his choice and took off, leaving him with the kid. Thandie Newton, Brian

Howe andJamesKaren also star in this 2006 drama.

8 p.m.on HBO, Movie: "42"The story of baseball icon Jackie Robinson is recounted with sincerity and reverence in director Brian Helgeland's 2013 drama. Chadwick Boseman strikes the right notes in the central role, conveying Robinson's dignity

and grace ashefaced massive prejudice in breaking the sport's color line. Equally good is Harrison Ford as Branch Rickey, the Brooklyn Dodgers general

manager whogaveRobinson

huge support after hiring him. Nicole Beharie plays Robinson's wife, Rachel. 8:30 p.m. on 6, "The Millers" — In an effort to get his parents

Frien 's newci ue creates rama

MOVIE TIMESTODAY • There may be an additional fee for 3-0and IMAXmovies. • Movie times are subject to change after press time. I

Dear Abby:Mybest friend,"Kyra," tivities are available, it will provide has joined the drama department you with a larger circle of acquainat our school. She has made a lot of tances, and you'll miss your friend theater friends now and hangs out less because you are filling your with them every day after school. time with other things. Please give She used to meet me occasionally at itatry. my locker after school, but no longer Dear Abby: Three times in the does so. The only time last week I have been I see her, she's with hugged by people her theater friends, who then informed DFP,R and I'm uncomfortme that they were ABBY able because I don't sick. At dinner last know them and I'm night, one friend blew shy. his nose throughout I'm trying to make friends with the meal and then wanted to shake Kyra's friends, but when I'm with

hands. Yuck!

her, she kind of ignores me and A little reminder during cold seadoesn't try to include me as much son: If you are sick, don't hug others! as she could. It's depressing that my Don't give a little peck on the cheek best friend would rather hang out or shake hands. Other people won't with other people than me. I'm miss- be offended or think you are being ing her. What do I do? standoffish. They will be grateful for — Cast-off in California your thoughtfulness. — 'Dying ToStay Healthy Dear Cast-off:Kyra's behavior is insensitive, but I don't think you can Dear Trying:That's good advice, if change her. So the solution will be folks are willingtoheedit. I can only for you to become less emotionally add that flu vaccinations, frequent dependent upon her. A way to do hand-washing and a small bottle of that would be to develop some out- hand sani tizercan lessenthechancside interests of your own and start es of getting these viruses when our cultivating them.

friends are in a state of denial, and it

wasn't"an allergy." Dear Abby: I'm not particularinterested in sports, art, computers, ly attractive, pretty or girly. I don't etc. If you start to explore what ac- think I'm what boys are looking for, While Kyra might have a flair for drama,perhaps you might be more

HAPPY BIRTHDAYFORSATURDAY, FEB.8,2014IThisyearthe unexpectedamusesyou ratherthan upsets you. Go with the natural flow of situations. Your calmness helps others let go of their need to control situations. In a sense, you become a role model of levelheadedness. Tap into your creativity, and allow your spontaneity to emerge more often. If you

YOURHOROSCOPE By Jacqueline Bigar

to his or her thinking. Be aware of a close loved one's gestures, as he or she is not as expressive as you are. Acknowledge this person's kindness. Tonight: All smiles.

CANCER (June21-July 22)

couldmeetsomeone of significance

** * * You need to be more direct in handling a personal matter. The other party might act as if he or shedoes not understand you, which actually might be the case. Try to explain what you are thinking in a different way. Tonight: Let others imag-

after June 2014. This person could

becomeevenmore than an admirer. If you are attached, the two of you haveso much fun together that you often feel like two kids again. GEMINI makesyou laugh despite yourself.

ARIES (March 21-April19) ** * * Try to accept that your expectations regarding your plans and choices might not pan out. You could be overwhelmed by a partner who is very moody and controlling. Express your caring in a way that he or shecan understand. Tonight: Chat with a friend.

TAURUS (April 20-May20) ** * Your intuition could reveal a new perspective. Be more forthright about what is happening around you.Don'tbeupsetby any awkwardness between you andsomeone else. This phase won't last forever. Tonight: Your treat.

GEMINI (May21-June20) ** * * You could be taken aback by someone's words. This friend always has a surprise or some unpredictable element

them. Ihave alot of male friends, but I have never had a first kiss, a first date, etc.

Yesterday, a guy friend asked me out. I was shocked. I saw him as

only a friend and never thought of him as a boyfriend, so I said no. He acted like it wasn't abig deal. Things aren't awkward between us, but I

think I may have hurt his feelings or hisself-esteem. After school I couldn't stop think-

ing about him. I don't regret my decision, but I'm worried about him. Can you help me? — Concerned in Eugene

Dear Concerned: It might help to recognize that people ask each

other out for a variety of reasonswhich can include needing a date for an event, romantic interest or just

wanting to hang out with someone who isgood company. Notknowing your friend, I can't guess what his reason was when he askedyou out. Because you think you may have hurt his feelings, make a point of telling him that you hope you didn't. And mention that since you are new to the idea of dating, you think you may owe him anapology because you care about him as a friend. — Write to Dear Abby at or P.O.Box 69440, LosAngeles, CA90069

of cuisine or a different social scene.

are single,you

Stars showthe kind will have a circle of dayyou'llhave of admirers. You **** * ' y na

so I tend to not be too involved with

ine whereyouare. LEO (July23-Aug.22)

** * * J oin friends. You might be planning a special trip together before you know it. Make apoint to call a special friend at a distance. You might be seeing this person sooner than you think. Relax with friends, though you could feel somewhat on edge. Tonight: Only where the fun is.

VIRGO (Aug.23-Sept. 22) ** * * You might want to meet certain responsibilities first, before you get into more fun plans. A loved onecould resort to manipulation in order to get your attention. Manage to squeeze in sometime for your special loved ones — they obviously need you. Tonight: Not at home.

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct.22) ** * * Your imagination takes you to places that might not be realistic. You might feel ill at ease with a family member who is acting very differently. You'll wonder what is going on. Ask, and then listen. Tonight: Try a newexperience, a new type

SCORPIO (Oct.23-Nov.21) ** * * * You might want to see persona al issue resolved, yet no matter whatyou do, the other party seems unwilling. For now, just let this person work through his or her issues. Tonight: How about a good old-fashioned date?

SAGITTARIUS (Nov.22-Dec. 21) ** * * You could seematter a differently from how a close loved onesees it. Though there might be momentary tension, remember that differences lead to growth. Be aware of the implication of a gift to a loved one. Tonight: Go along with already established plans.

CAPRICORN (Dec.22-Jan. 19) ** * * Your workaholic side takes over and pushes you to finish up a project. Several people who miss you might make an effort to distractyou. The question remains: When will you give in? Tonight: Make some calls before you decide.

AQUARIUS (Jan.20-Feb.18) ** * * Be more playful, and express your innate childishness. You delight others whenyouarespontaneousandemotional rather than strictly intellectual. Your instincts will guide you in making a gift choice for a loved one.Tonight: Help others enjoy themselves.

PISCES (Feb.19-March20) ** * * Your efforts will make a big difference to a friend. Youeven might affect a get-together in a positive way. People know

whereyou stand,asyouareopenabout your feelings. You could feel awkward around an older person. Don't make abig deal about it. Tonight: Out on the town. © King Features Syndicate



Regal Old Mill Stadium16 & IMAX, 680S.W. Powerhouse Drive, 800-326-3264 • AMERICANHUSTLE(R) 11:50 a.m., 3:20, 6:35, 9:40 • FROZEN(PG)3:25, 6:50 • FROZENSINGALONG(PG) 12:40 • GRAVITYIMAX3-D(PG-13)I,4,7,935 • THEHOBBIT:THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG (PG-13) I2:05, 6:05, 9:45 • THEHUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE (PG-13)9:25 • I, FRANKENSTEIN(PG-l3) 9:50 • JACKRYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT(PG-13)1:05,4:25, 7:15, 9:55 • LABORDAY(PG-13)12:50,3:45,6:30,9:10 • THELEGO MOVIE(PG) Noon,3,6:15,9 • THELEGO MOVIE 3-D (PG)12:30,3: 30,6:45,9:30 • LONE SURVIVOR (R) I2:10, 3:10,6:25, 9:20 • THEMETROPOLITAN OPERA:RUSALKA (no MPAA rating) 9:55 a.m. • THE MONUMENTSMEN(PG-13) 11:45 a.m., f:15, 2:50, 4:15, 6, 7:20, 9:15, 10:15 • THE NUTJOB(PG)1:45, 4:45, 7:05 • RIDE ALONG (PG-13) 1:40, 4:35, 7:50, 10:20 • THE SARATOV APPROACH(PG-13) 3:35 • THATAWKWARD MOMENT (R)1:30,3:50,7:40,10:10 • VAMPIREACADEMY(PG-13) I:20, 3:55, 7:30, 10:05 • THEWOLF OF WALL STREET (R)12:20,4:10,8 • Accessibility devices are available for some movies. •



9 p.m. on STARZ, "Black Sails" — Flint and Gates (Toby Stephens, Mark Ryan) try to find extra help with their search for the Urca d'Lima. Billy and Silver (Tom Hopper, Luke Arnold) attempt to solve a morale problem. Vane (Zach

McGowan) makes a good im-

pression on Eleanor (Hannah

New), andGatesgets apromotion. Toby Schmitz also stars in this new episode. © Zap2it


In-Home Gue Servlces

Care for loved ones. Comfort for au. 541-389-0006

McMenamins OldSt. Francis School, 700 N.W.Bond St., 541-330-8562 • ANCHORMAN 2: THE LEGEND CONTINUES (PG-13)6 • THE COUNSELOR (R) 9:15 • WALKINGWITH DINOSAURS(PG)12, 3 • After 7p.m.,showsare21andolderonly.Youngerthan 2f may attend screeningsbefore 7 p.m.ifaccompanied by a legal guardian. Tin Pan Theater, 869 N.W.Tin PanAlley, 541-241-2271 • 2014OSCAR-NOMINATED ANIMATION SHORTS (no MPAA rating) 12:30 • 2014OSCAR-NOMINATED DOCUMENTARY SHORTS (no MPAArating) 2 • 2014OSCAR-NOMINATED LIVEACTION SHORTS (no MPAA rating) 8:30 • THEGREAT BEAUTY (no MPAA rating)5:30 I



Redmond Cinemas,1535S.W.OdemMedo Road, 541-548-8777 • THELEGO MOVIE (PG)Noon,2:15,4:30,6:45,9 • LONE SURVIVOR(R) 11:15a.m.,1:45, 4:15, 6:45, 9:15 • THENUTJOB(PG)11am.,1,3,5 • RIDE ALONG (PG-13) 12:30, 2:45, 5, 7:15, 9:30 • SAVING MR.BANKS(PG-13) 7, 9:30 Sisters Movie House,720 DesperadoCourt, 541-549-8800 • 12 YEARSASLAVE(R) 7:15 • LABOR DAY (PG-I3) 2:45, 5:I5, 7:45 • THE LEGO MOVIE (PG)2, 4:30, 7 • THEMONUMENTS MEN (PG-13)2:30,5,7:30 • NEBRASKA (R) 2:15, 4:45 Madras Cinema 5,1101S.W. U.S. Highway 97, 541-475-3505 • I, FRANKENSTEIN(PG-13)1:15,315,515,720,925 • THELEGO MOVIE (PG)Noon,4:40,7 • THELEGOMOVIE3-0 (PG)2:20,9:20 • LONE SURVIVOR(R) 1:40, 4:10, 6:40, 9:15 • THE NUTJOB(PG) 12:50, 2:50, 4:50, 6:50, 8:45 • VAMPIREACADEMY(PG-13) 12:15, 2:30, 4:45, 7:10, 9:30 Pine Theater, 214 N.MainSt., 541-416-1014 • THE LEGO MOVIE(PG) Noon, 2:30, 5, 7:30 • LONE SURVIVOR (Upstairs — R) 1, 4, 7 • Theupstairsscreening room has limitedaccessibility.


(Beau Bridges,MargoMartindale) backtogether, Nathan (Will Arnett) gathers all their possessions with sentimental value, hoping they'll remember the good times and set their differencesaside.Jayma Mays also stars in "Stuff."

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gREATS 711 SW10th • Redmond • (S41) 548-8616

Pure. &mrf.6 Co.

>j B~ dc Bend Redmond

John Day Burns Lakeview

La Pine 541.382.6447

Plae Well, Retire Well

775SW Bonne Way,Suite120•Bend 54f-728-0321

WILSONSsf Redmond 541-548-2066



G allery-Be n d


For homes online WW W be n d h o m e S . C O m






Live the Dream in a Quiet Sisters Escape Beautiful Home Near Old Mill District N

Welcome to your new cabin in the woods

This beautiful 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath sits

for just $165,648! The Fairfield by Hayden Homes is a 3-bedroom 2.5 bath two story, 1471 sq ft t ownhome with a spacious,

on a corner lot, only m i nutes to the Old Mill D i s t rict. T h ere ar e m any u p g rades

'tIII I I ' ',

open great room, l u xurious master bath, beautiful views and so much more. Perfect for a second home or quiet escape. View these and other incredible new homes at our

Sisters 0




large dining area. Upstairs offers bedroom s eparation, office nook an d l a undry w i t h

Hayden Homes community in Sisters-The Village at Cold Spring. Our model home is open weekends 1 lam-5pm on N Hindeman

sink. Oversized 2 car garage with plenty of space for storage. Impressive inside and out. $249,000.

St. just off McK i nley Butte Drive.


throughout including granite counters, wood floors, iron r a ilings, and w o od wrapped windows. Large living room with gas fireplace flows into the open kitchen and


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tre II

8, Ll

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There's more thansentimental value to consider whendownsizing a home. by Metro Editorial, for The Bulletin Advertising Department

Once their kids have left the nest, many men and women over 50 begin to consider downsizing their homes. Downsizing to a smaller home can be beneficial for a variety of reasons, including less home to clean and maintain, more affordable utility bills and lower property taxes. But the decision to downsize is rarely black and white, and men and women often struggle with that decision.

and such fees are often substantial. So while the condo itself might be smaller, the additional expensesassociated with theproperty may end up making the smaller home more expensive and prevent you from saving more money for retirement.

There are seller's markets and there are buyer's markets, and ideally you would like to sell your home in a seller's market. But keep in mind that this might be the same market in

meowners, especially those with children, have to their homes. The home might be too big for your current needs, but it also was the same place where your son took his first steps and where your daughter lost her first tooth. Saying goodbye to a place that was home to so many memories isn't easy. But there's more than just sentimental value

even themselves out if you want to downsize to

to consider when deciding whether or not to downsize your home after the kids have grown up and moved out.

a smaller home within your current community, but do your homework nonetheless, researching the time of year when you're most likely to get the most for your home and find the best deal on your next place. The advantagemen and women considering downsizing have is that they are rarely in a rush

of whether or not to downsize to a smaller home concerns the sentimental attachment many ho-

PERSONAlFINANCES Your financial situation merits significant consideration when deciding if the time is right to downsize your home. If your retirement nest egg is not as substantial as you would like it to be, then it would seem as though downsizing to a smaller, more affordable home is a great opportunity for you to start catching up on your retirement savings. But that's only true if your new home won't in-

cur any additional expenses that are already taken care of in your current home. For example, your current home may be fully furnished, while a new, smaller home may require you to buy all new furniture because your existing items simply won't fit. The cost of such furnishings can be considerable. If you plan to move into a condominium, you can expect topay monthly homeowners associat ion fees,

that a reality. Always wanted a room devoted to

home theater'? Get to work on converting your basement from an all-purpose game room to your own private movie theater.


which you hope to buy a new home. The nature of the real estate market depends on a host of factors, including geography. If the city or town where you currently live is in the midst of a seller's market and you are planning on moving to a location where buyers have the upper hand, then now might be a great time to move. But if you currently live in a buyer's market and hope to move to a seller's market, then you may end up payinga steep price, even when downsizing to a smaller home. Things may

Perhaps the most difficult part of the decision

square footage to good use after all. If you have always wanted your own art studio, then now might be the perfect time to make

If, after considering the space in your home, you find that the extra square footage really is just upkeep you aren't especially interested in doing, then you would no doubt like a cozier home that's less of a responsibility to maintain. Downsizing a home is something many men and women over 50 consider after their chil-

dren have moved out. Such a decision is rarely easy, so homeowners should take as much time as they need before making a final decision to move or stay put.

Downsizing to a smaller homecan be beneficial for a variety of reasons, including less home to cleanand maintain, more affordable utility bills and lower property taxes.

to move out of their current home and into their

next one. This gives them ample time to make the real estate market work for them.

SPACE How much space doyou reall y need? Once the kids have moved out, couples may feel like all of that extra space is going to waste. But that can be a knee-jerkreaction, and upon a more thorough examination of the space and your needs, you may just find that you can put all of that extra




• Sweeping views of the city & OchoCO Mountains! • Newly remodeled kitchen with knotty alder cabinets, slab granite, stainless appliances & heated slate flooring • Large Master suite with soaking tub & travertine tile • 3 patio areas & a fire pit • Newfurnace, heatpump, & windows • Lower level area features 16X15Yz space possible media or 4th bedroom

• Stunning CascadeMountain views from this 2580 SF Loghome with expansivedecking • Location has community amenities including golf, tennis, swimming plus all that Central Oregonhas to offer; first class rock climbing just a fewminutes away • Double carport/shop with 11 0/220 watt electricity • Rv pad with 110/220 watt electricity & hook Ups

• Beautifully maintained & upgraded single level property • Upgrades include new gas fireplace in family room, kitchen counters, stainless appliances, flooring, central AC, vaulted ceilings, sky lights & solar tubes, trex decking & more... • Over-sized 2 cargarage




•SpaciousNW Redmond home locatedona quiet cul-de-sac • Large fenced backyard with two storage sheds, patiodeck, hot tub & water feature • 4 bed, 3 bath homefeatures a bonus room behind the large garage • Delighfful great room with gas fireplace, CAC, pantry & a covered front porch

• Beautiful River Canyonhomewith a recently painted exterior • Cherry cabinets, SS appliances, 2 fireplaces, greatroom with vaulted ceilings & floor to Ceiling windows • Large master with jetted tub • 3 car tandem garagewith shelving & pulley to Stare boat • Patio, gas fire pit, water feature, & plumbedfor a gas BBQ

• This well maintained, spacious townhome in River Canyon Estates is amust see! • This home hasanopen great room floor plan with large bedrooms & anadditional open living area upstairs • Roomy master suite with mountain views • Expansive fenced backyard


' '




©a ,

E2 SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2014 • THE BULLETIN Houses for Rent Redmond

i •





Quiet country setting w/amazing views. 1 bdrm 1 bath, 672 sq ft home in NE Redmond. $600/mo+ security dep. Taking applications - 541-419-1917





New Listings

Commercial/lnvestment Properties for Sale

Homes for Sale


• H o mes for Sale

Canyon Point j Pristine large family home or vacation get$199,500 PRIME COMMERCIAL •3 bedroom, den/offi ce PROPERTY, away. Ad ¹1272 this • Garden & RV areas TEAM Birtola Garmyn charming Ma d r as • Move-in ready High Desert Realty building is updated, • MLS 201400448 541-312-9449 located on Hwy. 97, Debbie Hershey, www. BendOregon Cat 5 wire system, Broker, CRS, GRI hardwood floors & off 541-420-5170 st. parking. $139,900. Remodeled 3 bdrm, 2 MLS¹ 201305319 Pam b ath Ranch on A l Lester, Principal Bro- most 1 Acre, ker Century 21 Gold $350,000. AD¹1002 Country Realty, Inc. TEAM Birtola Garmyn MORRIS 541-504-1338 High Desert Realty REAL ESTATE 541-312-9449 People Lookfor Information www.BendOregon About Products and Services Every Daythrough Get your The Bvlletin Classifieds Duplex on large lot and adjacent duplex for business Business & Real sale too. ¹1382 Estate j $239,500 TEAM Birtola Garmyn • Turn-key business High Desert Realty a ROWI N G opportunity 541-312-9449 • 2 bedroom, 2 bath www.BendOregon with an ad in living quarters • Hwy 97 frontage The Bulletin's .54 Acre overlooking • MLS 201203037 "Call A Service Farewell Bend Park. Rookie Dickens, Broker, Ad ¹1012 Professional" GRI, CRS, ABR TEAM Birtola Garmyn 541-815-0436 Directory High Desert Realty

Homes for Sale

3 Bdrm, 2 bath home on 4.89 acres in the high desert. Ad ¹1282 TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon Remodeled getaway, 4 bdrm, 2 bath, chalet. OWC Ad ¹1442 TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon Frame built, shop and guest house on 1 acre. Ad ¹1482 TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon Home/Shop and guest studio on fenced .5 acre. ¹1452 TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 www.BendOregon

Homes for Sale

1.36 Acres In La Pine j $339,000 I His t oric R anch On 9 AC , $269,900 • 1731 sq.ft., 3 bedBend. 3-4 bdrm, 2 room bath, 1 9 5 9 sq . f t., • Open cathderal great 36X28 3 ba y s hop room building. 24X2 5 • Insulated 3-bay shop equipment c a rport. • MLS 201306446 Completely f e nced Sherry Perrigan, Broker with corals. Borders 541-410-4938 BLM, MLS¹ 201306096 Dave Disney, Broker

603 - Rental Alternatives 604 - Storage Rentals 541-388-0404 605 - Roommate Wanted VILLAGE PROPERTIES Windermere Central 616- Want To Rent Sunriver, Three Rivers, Oregon Real Estate 627- VacationRentals & Exchanges MORRIS La Pine. Great 630- Rooms for Rent REAL ESTATE 360' BREATHTAKING Selection. Prices range 631 - Condominiums & Townhomes for Rent IM~ rl y ~ ~ O« «0 $425 - $2000/mo. VIEWS! 632 - Apt./Multiplex General View our full $177,999 I Northwest • Sisters, Oregon • 105 acres inventory online at 634- Apt./Multiplex NE Bend Redmond. 3 Bdrm, 2 bath, 1418 sq.ft., new • Border BLM 636 - Apt./Multiplex NW Bend 1-866-931-1061 c arpet, an d l a r ge• Bring offers638- Apt./Multiplex SE Bend kitchen island, sepa- $649,000 640- Apt./Multiplex SW Bend Kellie Cook, Broker rated master suite, 642 - Apt./Multiplex Redmond 541-408-0463 36x14 g a te d RV Commercial for 646 - Apt./Multiplex Furnished John L. Scott parking, c lose to Rent/Lease Real Estate, Bend 648- Houses for Rent General parks and schools. 650- Houses for Rent NE Bend Cheryl Tanler, Broker Commercial Building 541-410-7434 652 - Houses for Rent NW Bend 3.69 Acre Estate j $1.80/sf Windermere Central 654- Houses for Rent SE Bend • Excellent visibility $1,000,000 Oregon Real Estate • 3172 sq.ft. farm656 - Houses for Rent SW Bend • 2700 sq.ft. • Bank, credit union or 18145 Ashwood Lane, house style 658- Houses for Rent Redmond 541-312-9449 fast food Sunriver. Great home • 4 bedroom, 5.5 bath 659 - Houses for Rent Sunriver Crescent Lake Lot j www.BendOregon • MLS 201310084 new on the market in • Gourmet kitchen, $74,900 660 - Houses for Rent La Pine Paula Vanvleck, Broker • 1.84 acres Sunriver. Just in timer main level master Find exactly what 661 - Houses for Rent Prineville 541-280-7774 MORRIS 3 bdrm, 2-bath 1486 sq. you are looking for in the for all the winter rec- • MLS 201307118 • Riverfront 662 - Houses for Rent Sisters ft. home on 1 acre • Year-round road REAL ESTATE reation. This 3 bdrm, Rosemary Goodwin, CLASSIFIEDS 663 - Houses for Rent Madras Broker, with Cascade views, 2 bath home boasts maintenance ~ y~ ~ ap d 664- Houses for Rent Furnished c overed porch, o r • MLS 201400377 many updates includ- Certified Negotiator In beautiful Central Or541-706-1897 ganic garden, potting Potential Sub dividable ing granite, tile floors, 671 - Mobile/Mfd. for Rent Odette Adair, Broker, egon, city of LaPine, shed, dbl. g a rage, across from river. Ad S.T.A.R. molding, w i n dows, 675 - RV Parking MORRIS this 9 unit motel is a ¹1102 and 1032 arden shed, fenced. i nterior doors a n d 541-815-4786 676 - Mobile/Mfd. Space REAL ESTATE great investment with 184,500. MLS TEAM Birtola Garmyn cabinets. It's cozy and 682 - Farms, Ranches and Acreage chance to grow & ex- 201307988. High Desert Realty Call just the right size for a 687 - Commercial for Rent/Lease pand. Beautiful mtn & Nancy 541-312-9449 primary residence or MORRIS For Lease meadow views. 2 of 541-815-8000 Popp, 693 - Office/Retail Space for Rent www.BendOregon vacationhome. When REAL ESTATE $6930/month the units are bachelor Crooked River Realty you're ready to esREAL ESTATE • 6300 sq.ft. restaurant MORRIS u nits rented o n a cape and get away for • 28 ft. & 12 ft. hoods 705 - Real Estate Services REAL ESTATE Pre-sold home on weekly o r m o nthly 36 Acre estate, Bend a retreat, this is the Call The Bulletin At • Busy Bend intersecAubrey Butte with 713- Real Estate Wanted rate. Owner is in proCascade Nursery. place for you. Plenty 541 -385-5809 tion great views. cess of putting in new Ad ¹1122 719 - Real Estate Trades of room for all your Place Your Ad Or E-Iyiail • MLS 201310861 Deschutes River Ad ¹1322 carpet & l i n oleum. TEAM Birtola Garmyn 726 - Timeshares for Sale toys. MLS At: Lisa Campbell, Broker TEAM Birtola Garmyn Woods j $125,000 Right on the busiest High Desert Realty ¹201310977 730 - New Listings 541%19-8900 • 1094 sq.ft. manufacHigh Desert Realty ReMax hwy in Oregon. Lots 541-312-9449 Key Properties. $400,000 - 18 Modoc, 541-312-9449 732 - Commercial Properties for Sale tured of parking & next to all www.BendOregon 541-410-1054 Cell Sunnver. Newly Re• 3 bedroom, 2 bath www.BendOregon conveniences. A must 738 - Multiplexes for Sale 541-728-0033 Office m odeled Home. 3 • .23 acre see for the serious in- River view Condo. Mt. 740 -Condominiums 8 Townhomes for Sale master suites, exten• MLS 201400261 vestor. $ 1 ,250,000. Where can you find a Residential or Commer744 - Open Houses Bachelor Village. sive remodel in 2011. MORRIS Mark Valceschini PC, MLS 2712469. Cascial Poss i bilities, helping hand? 20% Equity share. 1902 sq.ft. owner oc745 - Homes for Sale Broker, CRS, GRI cade Realty, Dennis REAL ESTATE $269,900. AD¹'I 162 ¹1552. cupied or v a cation From contractors to 746- Northwest Bend Homes 541-383-4364 Haniford, Princ. Bro- TEAMAd TEAM Birtola Garmyn Birtola Garmyn r ental. Close to a l l ker 541-536-1731 747- Southwest Bend Homes yard care, it's all here High Desert Realty High Desert Realty Sunriver has to offer. 748 - Northeast Bend Homes 541-312-9449 in The Bulletin's 541-312-9449 541-410-8084 Susan 740 www.BendOregon 749 - Southeast Bend Homes HMI www.BendOregon "Call A Service Pitarro, Broker Condo/Townhomes 541-388-0404 750 - Redmond Homes ~ « © @9 Professional" Directory Windermere MORRIS for Sale C e n tral 753 - Sisters Homes Remarkable Deschutes 3 Bdrm, 2 bath, craftsREAL ESTATE Oregon Real Estate man style home. $19,000 I Bring Your 755 - Sunriver/La Pine Homes R iver & Can y o n $324,900 Beautiful Ad ¹1182 B uilder. 1 .1 4 t o t a l $449,500 I Single level, turnkey townhome in Views! AD¹1222 756- Jefferson County Homes Birtola Garmyn acre. Lots 61, 62 and huge shop. 1920 sq.ft. Ridge At Eagle Crest j Forest Ridge. 2 mas TEAM Birtola Garmyn TEAM 757 - Crook County Homes High Desert Realty 63. Power and septic home on 072 acres High Desert Realty $203,900 ters, 1 on main level, 762 - Homes with Acreage 541-312-9449 approval. Rock out- l ot, 541-312-9449 • 1328 sq.ft. chalet both with king beds & 25 0 0 sq.f t . www.BendOregon croppings and valley shop/garage/studio, 763- Recreational Homes and Property www.BendOregon • 3 bedroom, 2 bath master bath with gar 726 views. Just minutes to 764 - Farms and Ranches • .05 acre on the pond den tub & shower, 3rd en d f i n ishes, Prineville Reservoir. high Timeshares for Sale • MLS 201400300 bedroom with bunks & 2 Unit duplex in NW paver entrance and 771 - Lots Large river meadows Jeanette Brunot, BroPat Palazzi, Broker trundle. patios, in town, near home on.6 acre lot. 773 - Acreages Bend. Ad ¹1332 ker 541-771-1383 $5900-$35,900 Enjoy 541-771-6996 MLS¹201308059 and mediAd ¹1302 Birtola Garmyn Windermere C e n tral shopping 775 - Manufactured/Mobile Homes Eagle Crest all year Eagle Crest Properties, TEAM cal. Mike Everidge, TEAM Birtola Garmyn High Desert Realty Oregon Real Estate as a fractional owner. 780 - Mfd. /Mobile Homes with Land 541-408-4204 Broker 541-390-0098 High Desert Realty 541-312-9449 Benefits of being an 541-312-9449 Windermere C e n tral Check out the 648 www. BendOregon Eagle Crest Owner at 3 bdrm, 2y~ bath, 1871 Oregon Real Estate www.BendOregon classifieds online a "fraction" of the cost. sq. ft. condo in Eagle Houses for MORRIS Home-ID FRAC Crest resort. Owner Rent General Just too many REAL ESTATE Eagle Crest Properties added upgrades in- Garage Sales Energy efficient SE Updated daily collectibles? 866-722-3370 cluding central vac, Bend Home on 3 PUBLISHER'S 2241 NW Awbrey Rd., whole house Acres. Ad ¹1142 Garage Sales NOTICE Bend. Hand crafted The Bridgesj stereo/amp to each TEAM Birtola Garmyn Sell them in All real estate adverhome with attention to Call a Pro $315,000 room & outdoor patio, Garage Sales High Desert Realty tising in this newspa- Whether you need a • Pahlisch built, under detail on a l l f i nish The Bulletin Classifieds new Italian d i ning 541-312-9449 per is subject to the work. This is a must warranty room lights, top of the Find them www.BendOregon F air H o using A c t fencefixed,hedges • 2088 sq.ft. preview pr o perty. 541-385-5809 line Hunter Douglas which makes it illegal trimmed or a house in Solid fir doors, cus• 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath 632 s ilhouette blin d s to a d vertise "any tom clear vertical fir • MLS 201400402 Wonderful 2100+ sq.ft. The Bulletin built, you'll find w/remote control & pt./Multiplex General preference, limitation home in .8 acres. cabinets & ceiling fans $469,000 I River Front Matt Robinson, Broker the list goes on! UnD o w ntown professional help in Classifieds or disc r imination in all rooms. Great Condo, 541-977-5811 Ad ¹1402 believable High End CHECK yOUR AD based on race, color, The Bulletin's "Call a TEAM Birtola Garmyn room floor plan with Bend. Open f l oor Furnishings & Furni541-385-5809 F resh p a int. religion, sex, handi- Service Professional" High Desert Realty wood floors & a fire- plan. ture Packaqe is Incap, familial status, 541-312-9449 place surrounded by Granite counters. Two cluded! $2 6 5 ,000. Directory 2100 Sq.ft., C l assic www.BendOregon marital status or nacabinetry. 3 bedroom, balconies. Detached MLS 201 3 07064. Home on Edge of tional origin, or an in541 -385-5809 2.5 bath, large mas- garage. 541-771-1168 MORRIS John L Scott Realty, Andrews, Broker Canyon, $ 1 79,900. tention to make any t er b e droom w i t h Eric541-388-0404 REAL ESTATE 541-548-1712 Tumalo Home on 5 AC, pre f erence, AD¹1412 walk-in closet, on the first day it runs such Incredible Mtn Views! built-ins & bath with all Windermere Central TEAM Birtola Garmyn to make sure it is cor- limitation or discrimiGood classified adstell AD¹1042 Oregon Real Estate nation." Familial staNew Listings High Desert Realty the extras. M ature rect. «Spellcheck«and the essential facts in an TEAM Birtola Garmyn 541-312-9449 tus includes children human errors do ocFind exactly what landscaping with interesting Manner. Wri t e High Desert Realty www. BendOregon paver paths. Close to Take care of cur. If this happens to under the age of 18 5 Acres With Views j you are looking for in the from the readers view -not 541-312-9449 living with parents or downtown Bend & has your ad, please con$479,000 the seller's. Convert the your investments CLASSIFIEDS www.BendOregon legal cus t odians,• 2261 sq.ft. Iog home plenty of parking for tact us ASAP so that facts into benefits. Show 2 Homes for the price of pregnant women, and • 3 bedroom, loft, 2 with the help from corrections and any uests & toys . one on 1.5 acres. the reader howthe item will people securing cus- bath 479,000 adjustments can be Tumalo Acreage j Bend's exclusive mtn The Bulletin's Ad ¹1212 help them in some way. tody of children under • Unobstructed CasMLS¹201308330 made to your ad. $1,200,000 high community. TEAM Birtola Garmyn This "Call A Service 18. This newspaper cade views Bobbie Strome, 541 -385-5809 • 40 acres, Cascade Ad ¹1622 High Desert Realty advertising tip will not knowingly ac• MLS 201400333 Principal Broker The Bulletin Classified views TEAM Birtola Garmyn 54'I -312-9449 Professional" Directory cept any advertising Becky Brunoe, Broker • 2952 sq.ft, 3 bedbrought to you by John L Scott Real High Desert Realty www.BendOregon for real estate which is 541-350-4772 Estate 541-385-5500 room, 3 bath 541-312-9449 Just bought a new boat? in violation of the law. The Bulletin $500,000 I The Ridge S«n 'ng Cental O«go«since 19t8 • 48x36 RV Sell your old one in the www.BendOregon At Eagle Crest. CasCheck out the classifieds! Ask about our O ur r e aders a r e garage/shop 2 bdrm, 1 bath 950 sq. e cade and Smith Rock classifieds online hereby informed that Creekside Townhome- f t. $64,900. 420 N . Super Seller rates! • MLS 201400366 ex c eptional all dwellings adver1871 sq ft, 3 b e d- Roanoke, Hines, OR. Immaculate and well www.bendbufletirLcom views, 541-385-5809 Virginia Ross, Broker, s econd home, 2 tised in this newsparooms, 2.5 bath, awe- High Lakes Realty & cared for 2000 sq.ft. MORRIS ABR CRS, GRI, Updated daily master suites, 2 bdrm ranch rambler. per are available on some location on the Property REAL ESTATE Eco Broker, Previews M a n age634 w/ bonus room, very $ 299,900 I G reat I n an equal opportunity creek, upgrades ga- ment 541-536-0117 Ad ¹1072 541-480-7501 TEAM Birtola Garmyn vestment Opportunity. private. 541-946-3371 Apt./Multiplex NE Bend basis. To complain of lore, main level masMidtown location, two www.rinehartdempd iscrimination ca l l Log accent home and High Desert Realty ter. $254,900. tr horse property on 40 541-312-9449 houses on on tax lot, Call for Specials! HUD t o l l-free at USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! Lynn Johns, Principal p rofessionally m a n Windermere C e n tral Limited numbers avail. 1-800-877-0246. The Broker, 541-408-2944 acres. Ad ¹1252 www.BendOregon TEAM Birtola Garmyn aged, 100% tenant Oregon Real Estate 1, 2 and 3 bdrms. toll f ree t e lephone Door-to-door selling with Central Oregon MORRIS occupied. Hunter Le W/D hookups, patios number for the hear- fast results! It's the easiest Resort Realty High Desert Realty REAL ESTATE Custom home, huge I Powell Butte 541-312-9449 vison Group, $579,900 or decks. ing im p aired is wsy in the world to sell. Home On Acreage. IM~ rl y ~ ~ O« « 0 shop, priced to sell! Forest Greens Town541-305-0479 or 1-800-927-9275. www. BendOregon MOUNTAIN GLEN, Ad ¹1642 3275 sq.ft. home. Pn home - 1484 sq ft, 3 541-977-1852. 541-383-9313 The Bulletin Classified Just bought a new boat? Tumalo Ranch j TEAM Birtola Garmyn Windermere C e n tral v ate 3 0 A c res. 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bath, Professionally Sell your old one in the 541 485-5809 High Desert Realty bdrm, 3 bath, 2 mas$549,000 reat room floor plan, Almost 1800 sq.ft., 4 Oregon Real Estate managed by Norris & classifieds! Ask about our • 2 homes, multiple 541-312-9449 ter suites. Incredible bdrm home in south ully furnished w/hot Stevens, Inc. Super Seller rates! www.BendOregon $329,900 I M o untain outdoor living. 40X60 Broken Topj $269,000 outbuildings tub. Golf course setBend. 541-385-5809 • 33.12 acres, fenced, Views. 2590 s q .ft. shop. 541-480-7183 • .45 acre lot Ad ¹1472 ting. $199,000. stunning log home on cross-fenced Barbara Myers, BULLETINCULSSIFIEDS • Backs non-developLynn Johns, Principal TEAM Birtola Garmyn 654 • Cascade Mountain 1.87 acres, large open Broker 541-923-4663 High Desert Realty Have an item to ment zone Broker, 541-408-2944 Search the area's most Houses for Rent living areas, great for Windermere Central views 541-312-9449 • Flatterrain Central Oregon comprehensive listing of sell quick? SE Bend • MLS 201400239 entertaining, beautiful Oregon Real Estate • MLS 201400288 www.BendOregon Resort Realty classified advertising... decking and hot tub Darrin Kelleher, Broker If it's under Cathy Del Nero, real estate to automotive, Redmond Townhome$599,900 I T u s cany b drm SE, area, newer roof, heat The Kelleher Group Broker, CSP merchandise to sporting N ewer 4 main Br a detich l evel, 3 br, 2 ba, 1887 sq ft, Custom Home with Big '500you can place it in 541-788-0029 pump and furnace, Style i n 541%10-5280 goods. Bulletin Classifieds master sq . f t. SF, large yard, jetted tub, Brazillian Shop on Fenced 1.4 The Bulletin RV parking and hook- Park. 2 9 1 0 appear every day in the 2100 very n i ce. $ 1 795. $265 , 000 home, single l evel Cherry floors, double Acres! Ups. print or on line. Classifieds for: 541-480-9200 living, 2 master suites, g arge. MLS ¹ to o AD¹1522 Gail Rogers, Broker Call 541-385-5809 .46 acre lot, gorgeous new! $134,900. Pam TEAM Birtola Garmyn 541-604-1649 People Lookfor Information ' 1 0 3 lines, 7 days kitchen. Eric Andrews, Lester, Principal BroHigh Desert Realty Laura Gibons, Broker MORRIS MORRIS About Products and 54'I -312-9449 Broker 541-771-1188 ker, Century 21 Gold 971-221-8061 '16 - 3 lines, 14 days REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE The Bulletin Services EveryDaythrough Windermere C e n tral Country Realty, Inc. www.BendOregon Windermere Central S«vi«yCentral Oregon since1903 I M~ rl y ~ ~ O« «0 (Private Party ads only) 541-504-1338 Oregon Real Estate The Bvlletin Classifferfs Oregon Real Estate












• •



SA'nj RDAv 1-5

SAT R SUN 12PM - 3PM Come view this great h ome i n t h e m o s t p opular e as t s i d e neighborhood, Oak View! These homes are true quality built by renowned

2996 NE Hope Dr.

Construction Connection. on WellsAcres,south ornghton Hawkview, Follow s/gns toHoPeDr. Hosted by:


appliances, granite, hardwood floors, large backyard & raised deck. 3/2 master on main floor. RV parking. 2937 NE Red Oak Dr.



Principal Broker



Principal Broker



T HUR - S A T 12PM - 4PM

Amenities galore! Inside & out! Craftsman, stainless

builder Kelly Rogers, Dfrectiossr From 27Ih SI, easI

6 Listed by: BECKY BREEZE

i l





Directions: 27th to Connors, left on Tucson, right on RedOak.


THURS. - SUN. 12PM - 4PM

Homes start under $200,000. Brand new homes io Bend with the quality Pahlisch is known for - s t ainless steel appliances, laminate wood floors, solid surface Chroma quartz counters (even io baths) with under20781 NE Comet Lane mount stainless steel sink to kitchen, extra attention given Directions:North on Boyd Acres, to allow for tons of natural Right on Sierra, Le ft on Black Powder, light & much more. Come Right on CometLane.LookforsigrK by the model home for more statting under information and plans.

Hosted 6Listed by:



j~jlfl HA R l

20862Golden GatePlace,Bend Directions:from the parkway, east on ReedMarket,south on 15th,then follows/gns.

Homes Starting Hosted by: TEAM DELAY


Edie, Sam, Moe



Beautiful Pahjisch Homes community featuring amazing neighborhood amenities: pool, hot tub, clubhouse, sports center, gym, game room and more! Come tour a variety of single level and 2-story floor plans.

541-420-2950 A I. T

0 R s



R 8



Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

• H o mes for Sale •




Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

$7800 I 1986 Redtail Bring your toys! Ador- Downtown Investment GREAT BEND Large Home on MANUFACTURED H awk Drive, ¹17 D able Contemporary on P roperty - 5 un i t s WESTSIDE Acreage - Mt Views HOME • Master on main • Affordable park living R VVE, 2 b d rm , 2 1 a cre, b e autifully across from the river LOCATION! bath, fully furnished, 5 landscaped lot. 1628 on 1st St. & 1509 NW • 3 Bdrm, 2 bath, 1872 • 4 Bdrm, 3 baths • Space rent includes • On 4.8 acres week per year, frac- sq. ft., master on the 2nd St. Original vin- sq.ft. water & sewer tional. Des c hutes main with 2 b a ths, tage 1917 home re- • Large .50 acre lot • Large heated shop • New floors, windows, • 2 car garage, River and E a sterly open floor plan, 25 ft. modeled in 2007. 3 and RV area carpet and counterviews, enjoy Eagle ceilings, custom Bdrm, 3 bath, gour- $332,900 • www.LoveBendOretops Crest amenities all woodwork and cabin- met kitchen, hardEllen Clough, Theresa Ramsay, Broker Kendall Couney, Broker Broker year. Jeanette Brunot, etry, 2 baths down w ood, g r anite & 541-480-7180 541-576-4742 541-815-4442 Broker, 541-771-1383 upstairs loft, bedroom, 4-level elevator. Main Windermere C e n tral office half bath with living with vacation John L. Scott John L. Scott John L. Scott Oregon Real Estate geothermal h eating rentals which will proReal Estate, Bend Real Estate, Bend Real Estate, Bend and cooling. 2 car ga- duce most income. rage plus extra ga- Attached va c a tion TURN THE PAGE MASTER ON MAIN GREAT HOUSE rage/shop with one rental is 1 Bdrm, 1 LAZY RIVER SOUTH For More Ads - 2 STORY IN NE BEND R emodeled 3535 y door, half bath, oil bath, great room & The Bulletin heat, tons of storage huge deck, separate • Open living area with Sq.ft. home with 4 • Large 3/4 bedrooms • Separate living upbdrm + officeand 3 and work space. 2 entrance, heating, etc. fireplace • Built in 2007, 2207 stairs with bonus RV hook ups, tons of MLS ¹ 2 0 1 309397. baths. Master bath $799,900 I 69173 Bay sq.ft. with large jetted tub & • Gas fireplace MLS¹ $1,500,000. Drive. Wonderful re- parking!! • 3 Bdrm, 2.5 bath, + Call Ainslie new tile shower. Me- • Fenced yard treat at the end of the 201310429 loft Theresa Ramsay, Reynolds, Pnnapal dia room, family room, road. Open kitchen $249,900 • $249,900 Broker Broker huge kitchen w ith dining area, large liv- Call Ainslie Reynolds, 541-815-4442 Candice Anderson, handcrafted cabinets ReMax Key ing room and deck. Principal Broker John L. Scott Broker Key Properties. Properties. & granite counters, Large barn and shop, ReMax 541-788-8878 Real Estate, Bend 541-410-1054 Cell 541-410-1054 Cell walk-in pantry, sunstorage sheds. John L. Scott ce 541-728-0033 room with hot t ub. Bill Kammerer, Broker 541-728-0033 Offi Real Estate, Bend Home has cedar eves Office 541-410-1200 Broken Topl with copper accents. Need help fixing stuff? Windermere Central E xterior siding o n Call A Service Professional Oregon Real Estate • 4652$1,225,000 Hurry-Alot of home for sq.ft, 4 bedfind the help you need. home, garages & Need to get an ad the price! room, 4 bath storage bldg have just ALMOST THREE • Redmond single level in ASAP? • Theater, office, main been painted. Watch ACRES home level master the wildlife from the MIDTOWN CHARMER • Zoned MUA; Hwy 97 • 4 bdrm, 2 bath • Built in 2011, on 3rd wrap-around deck or • 2 Bdrm, 1 bath frontage Fax ii io 541-322-7253 • 1920sq.ft. Green go to your private ac- • Quality workmanship • All utilities in place ~Traditional sale, • MLS 201400172 c ess to 300y ft o f • Gorgeous wood floors, • Manufactured home The Bulletin Classifieds $159,500 David Gilmore, Broker Little Deschutes River custom cabinets can be purchased Tom Roth, Broker, 541-312-7271 frontage for fishing, • MLS ¹201310894 •MLS ¹ 201102205 BPOR swimming or floating. Laura Hilton, GRI, ABR, $125,000 E agle C r ee k Go l f 541-771-6549 541-306-1800 $495,000 Faye Phillips, Broker Course Chalet 1447 John L. Scott MLS¹¹201309267 John L. Scott 541-480-2945 sq ft, 3 bedrooms, 2 Real Estate, Bend Bobbie Strome, Real Estate, Bend John L. Scott baths, new hardwood Principal Broker Real Estate, Bend MORRIS floors & heat pump, REAL ESTATE Ter r ace. John L Scott Real double car garage. Keystone MOUNTAIN VIEWS! I&g M Q y ~ ~ 0~ 4 18th Fairway of the Three fully occupied Estate 541-385-5500 • Single-level home Beautiful & 3182ysf tri-plexes loRidge Course, Spacious. THE RESORT • 2.43 acres - between CASCADE MTN cated just a few LIVELIFESTYLE! $269,000. Bend and Sisters Beautiful property with VIEWS! $349,500 blocks from shopping Lynn Johns, Principal • Many upgrades comfortable spaces • 6.38 Acres, 1.7 acres Price Reduced! & the facilities of JuniBroker, 541-408-2944 www.jackson-Anderson. for varied family inter- irrigation, 2371 sq.ft. in Eagle Crest per Park. Exterior of • Home Central Oregon com ests. Exquisite teak- • 5 Bdrm, 2 bath, counW/relaxing views buildings have vinyl Resort Realty Barbara Jackson, wood flooring in foyer, try home • 2818 sq.ft., 3 bdrm, siding and are neat Broker 541-306-8186 living area and gour- • 2 Pastures, 2 out3 bath and attractive. • Chef Elkhorn Ridge l John L. Scott met kitchen. Kitchen buildings, private well kitchen, open $325,000 for each triReal Estate, Bend $375,000 has granite counter- • 64160 Pioneer Loop floor plan plex. • 2245 sq.ft. home tops, large i s land, Kathy Caba, Principal • Bring an offer! MLS ¹201309427, • 4 bedroom, 3 bath planning desk and $510,000 Broker, ABR 201309433, NE Bend l $272,000 • Landscaped, fenced numerous oak cabi541-771-1761 Faye Philhps, Broker • 2151 sq.ft. 201309444 yard nets. Master b e d541-480-2945 John L. Scott Bobbie Strome, • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, • MLS 201308088 room on main level John L. Scott Real Estate, Bend Principal Broker den/office Michelle Tisdel PC, with luxurious bath- Real Estate, Bend John L Scott Real • RV parking, large Broker, ABR, E-pro room an d p r i vate Estate 541-385-5500 backyard 541-390-3490 deck. Large Crescent l $159,900 • MLS 201308521 f amily/media r o o m • 2502 sq.ft. Location Location, LoGeraghty, Broker The Bulletin's and game/rec room. • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath c ation! 5 B d rm , 2 Pattl541-948-5880 e "Call A Service $542,500 MLS¹ • 1.14 acre b ath, 1 6 0 0 sq. f t . 201303078. • MLS 201309153 Professional" Directory manufactured home Bobbie Strome, MORRIS with add-on's nestled Judy Meyers, Broker, is all about meeting Principal Broker GRI, CRS, SRES on 6.5 acres. Lwmg REAL ESTATE your needs. John L Scott Real 541-480-1922 room, dining room, Estate 541 -385-5500 MORRIS kitchen and master Call on one of the REAL ESTATE suite have n e wer Look at: professionals today! BEND PARK Park-like 0 laminate flo o ring. IA p A t l y ~ M O~ setting. Main dwelling Ideal for starter home, for Complete Listings of Lane Knolis Estates l plus guest rental property, tem- NE Bend l $329,900 MORRIS $589,900 house/rental on a toArea Real Estate for Sale porary home, while • 2358 sq.ft. Pahlisch REAL ESTATE • Custom 2580 sq.ft. tal of 0 .55y acres. building a new home. built dy ~ ~ ~ d Main dwelling floors Enjoy th e Be a utiful• 3 bedroom, office, 3 A great private county • 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath are engineered hardB oulder Broo k s • bath setting. Shared well, 2 • Rock fireplace, wood CRYSTAL CLEAR MTN 2.24 acres, Mt Bachwood in living, dining, Community. Time to storage buildings, 400 floors VIEWS! elor view & bedrooms. Mitsubenjoy life and come AMP service to home • MLS 201400209 • 20 X 6 4 B a rn with • MLS 201307975 ishi electric heating & Jim & Roxanne enjoy Boulder Brooks and 100 AMP service MJ DeWolf PC, Broker, c ooling syst e m . shop Cheney, Brokers well maintained comto pump house. This min. to Costco ARB, CNHS,RCC Kitchen has fantastic •• 20 541-390-4050 munity. If you want to is a m ust preview 541-420-7080 cabinets with Corian 37 acres 541-390-4030 travel or just sit and property, if you do, countertops. Adjacent /745io enjoy the b e autiful you will see its potenguest house and main Jean Nelsen, Broker Central Oregon suntial. $212,000. MLS h ome together f o r sets, come check us ¹201400038 541-420-3927 $510,000 out. Susan Pitarro, Bobbie Strome, John L. Scott MLS¹201309647 Broker, 541-410-8084 MORRIS Principal Broker MORRIS Real Estate, Bend Bobbie Strome, Windermere C e ntral REAL ESTATE John L Scott Real REAL ESTATE Principal Broker Oregon Real Estate Estate 541-385-5500 dOp ~ John L Scott Real What are you Estate 541-385-5500 looking for? Brasada Ranchl You'll find it in $429,000 • 1711 sq.ft. furnished The Bulletin Classifieds cabin • 3 bedroom suites • Granite counters, 541-385-5809 hardwood floors • MLS 201310654 Deschutes Riverfrontl John Snippen, Broker, $1,369,000 MBA, ABR, CRS, GRI • 3838 sq.ft. 541-312-7273 • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath 541-948-9090 • On river across from Columbia Park • MLS 201305668 Scott Huggin, Broker, GRI 541-322-1500 MORRIS REAL ESTATE •

Count on our group of local real estate professionalsto help you navigate.

QOQ~+p$g < CROSSI N G >


2203 NW Lemhi Pass Dr. • Central courlyard • Large greatroom • Master oo main level • Bright interior • Priced at$649,900 DIRECTIONS: West on Shevlin Park Rd., left on NW Crossing Dr., left on NW Lemhi Pass Dr.

2175 NW Lolo Dr. • Elegant & spacious • Main floor above street • Master oo main level • Central courtyard • Priced at$739,900



•Neil Hudson Designed home I&~ tly~ ~ ~ d • 4015 sq.ft. & 1 040 s q.ft. shop & w i n e Detroit Lake - Stunning rooms c ustom-built 201 0 • 4 Bdrm, 3.5 bath Detroit Lake h o me • Fantastic entertaining that's perfect for large home gatherings, quiet esDanielle Snow, capes or year-round Broker 541-306-1015 living. A short walk John L. Scott from the marina, town Real Estate, Bend or lake. This home b oasts s o man y amenities that photos won't do i t j u stice! Want to impress the MLS¹201308216 relatives? Remodel $549,000. your home with the Call Debbie McCune, help of a professional Principal Broker from The Bulletin's ReMax Key Properties. "Call A Service 541-647-0052 Cell Professional" Directory 541-728-0033 Office

Jod Hunting?

Check The Bulletin Classified

DIRECTIONS: West on Skyliners Rd., right on Mt. Washington Dr., right on NW Lalo Dr.


Bend R. Central Oregon 1900 NW Monterey Pines Dr. • Charming cottages • 2 & 3 bedroom plans • High end finishes • Central location • Homes pricedfrom $229,900


OIRECTIONS: west on Nw Newport Ave./NW Shevlin Park Rd., right on NW Pence Ln., left on NWMonterey Pines Dr. Property on right.

19121 Chiloquin Dr. • Absolutely like new • 4-car garage • Luxurious finishes • Bonus room & office • Priced at$549,900 DIRECTIONS: West on NW Shevlin Park Rd., right on NWPark Commons Dr., right on NW Chiloquin Dr.

There's nothing quite like a home when it comes to inspiration.

1472 NW Portland Ave. • Ready for 5.8 kW solar array • Bright southern exposure • Fully remodeled, updated • View of city & Paulinas • Priced at$463,000 DIRECTIONS: West on NW Newport Ave., right on NW 1tth St., left on NW Portland Ave.

19036 Mt. Shasta Dr. • Three Pines luxury • Master oo main level • Large open kitchen • Courtyard & patio • Priced at$614,900 DIRECTIONS: West on Shevlin Park Rd.,

At Evergreen Home Loans, we're passionate about home inancing.We know your home ismuch more than a roof f over your head — it's the place where memories are made. • We're a local, direct lender focused exclusively

left on NWPark Commons Dr., left on Mt. Jefferson Pl., right on Mt. Shasta Dr.

65 SW Allen Rd. ffB • Townhome style condo • New carpet, paint • Hardwood floor • Near Deschutes River • Priced at$379,000

On hOme lOanS

DIRECTIONS: From Parkway exit Colorada Ave., right on SWSimpson Ave., right on SW Bradberry St., left on SW Allen Rd.

• Full range Of PrOduCtS inCluding thOSe to helP firSt-time homebuyerS

19492 Century Dr.

• We originate, fund and service home loans

• Striking architecture • Master oo main level • 11-ft great room ceiling • On road to Mt. Bachelor • Bonus/recreation room • Limestone fireplace • Slab quartz couotertops • Priced at$524,9M

in neighbOrhOOdS near you Two locations serving all of Central Oregon

Bend ( 541-318-5500

20140 Red Sky Ln.

685 SE 3rd Street, Bend, OR 97702 MI:3213-IO

Prineville ( 541-416-7480

• Gated golf community • 2.5 landscapedacres • Two master suites •Bonusroom,den/ofice • Cascade,golf course views • 3-car attached garage • Golf court garage • Priced at$819,000


220 NW Meadow Lakes Drive, Prineville, OR 97754 ML-3213-5





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O 2013EverqreenHomeLoansisaregistered tradenameof EverqreenMoneysourceMortqaqe Company'NMLS ID3182.Trade/service marksaretheproperty of Evergreen HomeLoans.AIPrlghts reserved.Licensedunder:OregonMortgageLending LicenseML-3213.11/13.

$459,900 - $739,900



ttcaltor of the Yecf

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Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale


• H o mes for Sale •


No r t hwest Bend Homes Redmond Homes


• Redmond Homes

Redmond Homes

Redm o nd Homes

SPACIOUS SINGLE UPSCALE SIN G LE $145,000 Bends' West- Spacious & P r i vate!$219,000 - The Home- $325,000 - Our finest of NOTICE STORY IN AWBREY LEVEL 4.47 ACRES! side. Two renovated 2 $154,500. Sun-filled, steads at Desert Sky the chalets with a gaA ll real estate adver• Newer 4 bdrm, or ofGLEN! bdrm condos. High expansive deck, 2.31 is designed to recap- rage! Many upgrades, tised here in is subfice, 2.5 bath end finishes, stack acres. Large kitchen, ture the feeling of the built-ins of knotty pine. ject to th e Federal• Corner lot by tennis • Stainless island W/D, stainless appli., impressive m a s ter booming years of the Immaculate condition F air H ousing A c t , coUrts kitchen with raised n ear COCC a n d bathroom. late 1800s style in the with extra large deck which makes it illegal • Vaulted living room granite bar Newport Mkt. ProfesMLS¹201310389. true American west- facing east and on the to advertise any pref- ceilings • Remoldeled kitchen • Dining room w/ winsional managed and Call Gail Day, ern homestead, com- 10th fairway of t he erence, limitation or 541-306-1018 w/slab granite dows all around well maintained. Jake bining true grit with ir- Ridge. MLS¹ discrimination based • Vaulted, beamed ceil8 Loretta Moorhead, Central Oregon Realty r esistible cha r m . 201302668 on race, color, reli- • 4 Bdrm with private ings, great room Brokers 541 - 480Group, LLC MLS¹201308995 Eagle Crest ion, sex, handicap, master ¹ 201309035 • 6790 or 541-480-2245 Eagle Crest Properties Iamilial status or na- • MLS - Beautiful $260,000 866-722- 3370 Hilary Rich, Broker 59154 Windermere C e ntral Properties tional origin, or intenu pgraded chal e t 541-213-0451 Peggy Lee Combs, Oregon Real Estate 866-722- 3370 tion to make any such $344,500 - Small w/double garage lo John L. Scott Broker preferences, l i mita$829,000 I She v lin cated on the 18th hole $244,000 - Recreate all acreage with i r riReal Estate, Bend 541-480-7653 tions or discrimination. Ridge Stunner. R.D. of the R idge Golf year round when you gated pasture overJohn L. Scott We will not knowingly Building and design. Course at Eagle Crest own this lovely 3 bed, l ooking pon d 8 Real Estate, Bend accept any advertisNew co n struction, in Central Oregon. 2.5 bath Forest Green fenced pas t ure Find It in ing for real estate 3553 sq.ft. and 42x16 MLS ¹201301534. townhome. Fully fur- ready for horses or which is in violation of The Bulletin ClassiTieds! RV garage, 3 bdrm, other critters. Denished & r eady to Eagle Crest Views of the River! this law. All persons 2.5 bath, bonus room tached garage shop move-in! 541-385-5809 Properties • 4 Bdrm, 2 bath are hereby informed plus office. Jake w/storage. 866-722- 3370 MLS¹201310566 that all dwellings ad- Stunning Ranch on Aw- • 2392 sq.ft., 1.5 acres M oorhead or J o hn MLS¹201307823. Eagle Crest vertised are available brey Butte - 4 Bdrm, 3 • 3 Separate tax lots, T aylor, Brok e r s Corner lot 1380 sq. ft., 3 Call Don Chapin, Properties motivated seller! on an equal opportu- bath home w/open 541-480-0448, bdrm, 2 bath, vaulted Principal Br o k er 866-722- 3370 www.Jackson nity basis. The Bulle- great room design. 541-480-6790 541-923-0855 ceilings, gas heat, and tin Classified 2236 Windermere Central double car garage. $249,900 Redmond RE/MAX Close to river, trails, Candice Anderson, Oregon Real Estate $156,900. MLS Sq.ft., 5 bdrm home Land & Homes NW Redmond j downtown, NW Broker 541-788-8878 w/master suite on 201309158 Real Estate C rossing 8 mo r e ! $185,000 John L. Scott 748 each level. Living 541-771-7786 Pam Lester, Principal • 1983 sq.ft. Formal dining area, Real Estate, Bend Northeast Bend Homes room w/gas f ireB roker Century 2 1 • 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath beautiful stone fire- Just bought a new boat? Gold Country Realty, place. RV parking & • Open floor plan, gas place o p en s to Sell your old one in the unique gar d en. Super nice. Well cared Inc. 541-504-1338 fireplace breakfast a re a & West Hills. 4 Bdrm, 3.5 classifieds! Ask about our for 3 bdrm, 2 bath, MLS¹201306110 Super Seller rates! • MLS 2013'I 0817 gourmet kit c hen, bath, in 4040y sq.ft., Greens at Red- Call Kelly or Virginia, 541-385-5809 cherry cabinets, gran- delightful w e s tside 1502 sq.ft. This one The mond. Large bonus Principal Brokers i te, h a rdwood & home with panoramic owner home has new room, canal v iews. $359,900 - Northwest 541-923-0855 786 6-burner gas C ascade an d c i t y carpet, interior paint, Craftsman home in comm u nity Redmond RE/MAX stovetop. Very private views on a spacious light fixtures, sink fau- Golf private gated commuMLS¹ Land 8 Homes cets, high quality dis- $279,000. with mountain views. lot with high desert nity at Eagle Crest. ha r dwood 201308079 Real Estate MLS ¹ 20 1 309435 natural landscaping. tressed Reverse-living f l o or Vicci Bowen laminate in kitchen, 541-771-7786 $750,000. Two gas fireplaces, dining & utility rooms. 541-410-9730 plan thoughffully deCall Debbie one in living room and Nice t i led k i t chen Central Oregon Realty $263,900 - A great 2 signed to capture gorREAL ESTATE McCune, Principal one in master bed- counters, tiled floors b edroom 2. 5 b a t h geous views of the l~ ~ dOp mB Group, LLC Broker room. Master bedhome to relax in while mtns, landscape 8 and counter in bathAdvertise your car! ReMax Key room has c offered rooms. Nice w o rk- $474,900 - Brand new staying at Eagle Crest tree tops. Add A Picture! Properties. to be built Craftsman ceiling and slider to Resort. Enjoy all the MLS¹201309730. Reach thousands of readers! bench and cabinets in 541-647-0052 Cell upper deck with hot garage. Extraordinary in sought after Vista amenities Eagle Crest Eagle Crest Call 541-385-5809 541-728-0033 Rim n e ighborhood. tub. Master bath has has to of f e r! Properties The Bulletin Classifieds landscape & w ater High-end finishes in MLS¹201306058 Office deep soak tub, large feature 866-7223370 in vinyl fenced clude wood flooring, Premier Prineville t iled s h ower a n d back yard. U nderEagle Crest STUNNING SMITH 360 Acres of Fenced Neighborhood double sinks. Great ground sprinklers front granite kitchen, ex Properties ROCK VIEW! Rangeland - Only 20 • 3 Bdrm, 2.5 bath posed timber framing, 866-722- 3370 room is light and airy • 3 Spacious bdrms, 2 b a ck . MLS more. • 1985 sq.ft., bonus miles from Madras. with expansive city and bath ¹201308584 Flat to s teeper toroom $265,000 I Greens At MLS¹201309834. and Cascade views. • Built in 2 005, 1704 John L. Scott Real • Central AC - central Redmond. G o l fing pography w/natural Kitchen is efficiently Estate 541-548-1712 Eagle Crest sq.ft. vac community. S i n g le grass vegetation. PoProperties • Private backyard on .4 laid out with granite • Close to pool, park level with bonus room. tential for a stock well 866-722- 3370 tile counters, newer Where can you find a acre, Terrebonne and playground 1850 Sq.ft., 3 bdrm, 2 8 the property has appliances, p a ntry MLS ¹ 201307479 helping hand? Shelley Arnold, broker $103,000 - 3.39 acres bath, R V sp a c e. electricity to it. Motiand hardwood floorAngie Cox, Broker 541-771-9329 From contractors to r eady f o r you r Backs to 5th tee box. vated seller w/posing. Triple garage with 541-213-9950 John L. Scott HOME! MLS¹ 5 41-977-7756 D e e sible terms. Ultimate floor. Wired yard care, it's all here John L. Scott Real Estate, Bend 201100749 Cal l Baker, Broker ¹201301211. $200,000. for security system. Real Estate, Bend in The Bulletin's John L. Scott Real Travis L. Hannan, 541-923-4663 Wired for stereo with "Call A Service C e n tral Estate 541-548-1712 PC, Principal Bro- Windermere s peakers on m a i n Say "goodbuy" ker 541-788-3480 Oregon Real Estate $399,900 - Peaceful Sunrise Village I floor i n 4 zo n e s. Professional" Directory Redmond RE/MAX 5-zone heating sys$670,000 5.08 acres - Single to that unused $320,000 4.77 Land & Homes • Remodeled 3705 tem. Two levels of ce- 3 bdrm 2 bath, 1258 sf, level, vaulted ceilacres, 1 acre of irriitem by placing it in Real Estate upgrades, vaulted, culdesq.ft. d ar d e cking p l u s ings, 4 large bedgation. Pond, shop 541-771-7786 sac. 2574 NE Cordata Pl. • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath paver patio. Plumbed The Bulletin Classifieds bat h , and 1 60 0 s q . ft. r ooms, 2 $189,900. 541-815-3279 • Office in humidification sysmaster be d room 1/4 Acre Lot with Alley house. MLS¹ or 541-815-3241 • MLS 201306633 tem. $610, 0 00 separation, 2 , 1 57 Call Access - Completely 201307143 5 41-385-580 9 Karin Johnson, Broker MLS¹ 201301639 sq.ft. 3-car garage. Peace & Quiet in NE remodeled 8 up- Travis L. Hannan, 541-639-6140 Bobbie Strome, Bend - $259,900. 2.26 g raded k itchen & PC, Principal BroMLS¹201308350 SE Bendj $825,000 Principal Broker Call Kelly Starbuck, acres, detached ga- bath. Beautifully re- ker 541-788-3480 • 4072 sq.ft. John L Scott Real rage/shop area, over- finished original hard- Redmond RE/MAX Pnnctpal Broker • 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath Estate 541-385-5500 541-771-7786 sized l a u ndry/utility wood floors, fresh Land & Homes • 20 acres with views room, freshly painted paint, mature trees & Redmond RE/MAX Real Estate • MLS 201301102 MORRIS Whispering Pines. 3 Land & Homes throughout. New ap541-771-7786 large deck for enterSue Conrad, REAL ESTATE bdrm, 2 bath property pliances, large bonus taining. Brand new efReal Estate Broker, CRS has complete perim541-771-7786 room. I&~ tly~ ~ ~ d ficient wood stove. 541-460-6621 Call a Pre eter fencing and is MLS¹201310659 MLS¹201310453. 3 b d rm, 2t/s bath Tetherow Crossing neat and well mainCall Jim Hinton, Whether you need a $169,000. 3005 sq. ft. home to Country horse prop- tained with trees and 541-420-6229 John L. Scott Real fencefixed,hedges be built. Includes dayerty is fenced 8 cross s hrubs. Home h as Central Oregon Realty Estate 541-548-1712 light basement, office, fenced w/New Zeal- been lightly lived in trimmed or a house Group, LLC family & bonus rooms, and electric fence & and has a wonderful MORRIS $ 159,000 I M ov e i n built, you'll find upgraded c a binets, 750 electric gate. Views of sunroom and appealReady. New p aint, REAL ESTATE near new high school Cascades, p r i vate ing floor plan with Redmond Homes flooring, co u nters, professional help in Iu~ rl y ~ ~ op «0 8 more! $349,000. setting, 40x60 shelter l arge d eck, The Bulletin's "Call a s hop lights, sinks, ductless Too new for MLS¹ for horses, 20x30 hay building is a p prox.$199,000 - One of the hot/cold unit. Fenced Service Professional" The Bulletin Pam Lester, Principal storage, 40x60 chain 4000 sq.ft. w/ 4 12x12 finest chalets at Eagle and landscaped. 3 To Subscribe call Directory Broker, Century 21 link dog pen. 2 pro- d oors and a m a n Crest. Beautiful views bdrm, 2 b ath, 1279 541-385-5800 or go to Gold Country Realty, pane gas free-stand- door. The is a com- of the 14th fairway on sq. ft., 2-car garage 541-385-5809 ing stoves, 1 in family Inc. 541-504-1338 plete office w/bath, the Ridge C ourse. storage building. and 1 in living room. r ec, k i tchen an d Has never been in the and Sisters I $625,000 Janelle Christensen, Wood blinds through- m eeting roo m i n - rental pool. Freshly • 3000 sq.ft. Broker 541-815-9446 out, hardwood floors, cluded in th e 4 0 00 painted exterior and • 3 bedroom, 4 bath Central carpet & vinyl. Close sq.ft. This property is newly stained decks. Windermere • 1.03 acres, guest Oregon Real Estate d istance t o Des - a must preview, must MLS¹201309403 house,greenhouse chutes River. MLS see facility. The shop • MLS 201309672 Eagle Crest $169,900 - 1657 sq. 201400248. Susan Agli, Broker, ft. Newer 3 beroom and dwelling have Properties $368,000. ABR, ALHS & SRES 866-722- 3370 + den, master suite separate ele c tric John L. Scott Real m eters. Shop a n d Northwest Contempo w/walk-in cl o set, Estate 541-548-1712 d welling share t he to back patio. rary w/p a noramic slider Living room w/gas Avion water meter, Three Rivers Southj Walls of win 2nd gar age/shop views. $159,900 dows and luxurious fireplace 1025 sq.ft. $499,500. MLS¹201309588 • 1700 sq.ft. finishes t h roughout Call MLS ¹201400070 Kelly Starbuck, MORRIS • 3 bedroom, 2 bath this gorgeous custom Principal Broker Bobbie Strome, REAL ESTATE • 1 acre lot home. $799,900 MLS Principal Broker 541-771-7786 I~ ~ ~ Op m 1 • MLS 201310807 ¹201307976 L Scott Real Redmond RE/MAX Lester Friedman PC, John Eagle Crest Properties FIND IT! Estate 541-385-5500 Land 8 Homes Broker, ABR, CSP, 866-722- 3370 l¹llg ( T I Real Estate EPRO, S.T.A.R. RV parking! New 3 541-771-7786 SELL IT! 541-330-6491 BULLETIN CLASSIFIEDS 70' bdrm, 2 bath 1590 sq. The Bulletin Classifieds Search the area's most ft. home coming soon! $189,000 - Wonderful comprehensive listing of gr e at Skyliner Summit I Pick your colors! Gas chalet w it h classified advertising... views of 2 fairways 8 $429,900 fireplace, upgraded real estate to automotive, appliances and cabi- the mountains. Wood • 2525 sq.ft. MORRIS merchandise to sporting • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath t i l e flo o rs, burning fireplace, exREAL ESTATE goods. Bulletin Classifieds fnets, • .11 acre lot enced a n d la n d - pansive deck & knotty appear every day in the • MLS 201309912 l~ y~ ~ Op d scaped, and more! pine finishes throughprint or on line. Megan Power, Broker, Tumalo Home/Views! j $194,900. too new for out. MLS¹ 201307239 Call 541-385-5609 Eagle Crest MLS¹201400132 $624,900 Properties • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, Pam Lester, Principal 866-7223370 Broker, Century 21 2606 sq.ft. The Bulletin Gold Country Realty, $199,400 - Turn-key • 6.4 acres Serving CentralOregonsince t9ts Inc. 541-504-1338 • Huge Cascade fully furnished CreekMountain views WINDANCE The Washington, NW side Village TownMORRIS • MLS 201307561 3 Bedroom, 2.5 bath, Redmond. Main floor home. Fully equipped REAL ESTATE Dana Miller, Principal 1673 sq.ft., 19 acre master suite w/sitting kitchen, just add food! Iu~ dy ~ ~ op t 1 Broker, ABR, AHWD parcel an a private room, walk-in closets Remember your ac541-408-1468 setting with a view of in all rooms, 3 bed, tivity equipment and Skyliner Summit I Pilot Butte, close to 2.5 bath, 2147 sq ft. take advantage of all $465,000 s chools, p arks & MLS¹201310072. Eagle Crest has to • 2355 sq.ft. newly ups hopping. Light & $ 297,900. Call J i m offer. dated bright with many winHinton, 541-420-6229 MLS¹201306283 • 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath dows & custom lights, Central Oregon Realty Eagle Crest • Covered porch, landMORRIS fenced back yard with Group, LLC Properties scaped REAL ESTATE pavered patio & large 866-722- 3370 • MLS 201400224 lu~ u m ly ~ u 0~ 4 EII M , 0 Updated! Owner will double garage. Built in carry - 3 b d rm, 2 Shelly Hummel, Broker, system, CRS, GRI, CHMS USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! speaker Just too many 1440 sq.ft., on vaulted ceilings with bath, 541-363-4361 .34 acre. Large deck collectibles? Door-to-door selling with recessed lighting & oversized garage/ RV parking. $264,000 and shop. $119 , 900. fast results! It's the easiest • MLS¹201308272 Sell them in MLS¹ 201 3 08373 way in the world to sell. Bobbie Strome, The Bulletin Classifieds Pam Lester, Principal Principal Broker MORRIS Broker Century 21 The Bulletin Classified John L Scott Real REAL ESTATE Gold Country Realty, 541-385-5809 Estate 541-385-5500 541-385-5809 Inc. 541-504-1338



Redm o nd Homes

$430,000 - Ultimate 5 A cres w / Mountain family home 4 bed Views - 3 Br, 2 Ba, room, 3 bath, over 7 1620 sq ft, irrigated, acres, 20x40 heated 36x40 shop, fenced, pool. MLS extensive s p r inkler ¹ 201305932 C a l l system. MLS¹ Travis L. Hannan, 2809225. $265,000. PC, Principal BroPam Lester, Principal ker 541-788-3480 Broker, Century 21 Redmond RE/MAX Gold Country Realty, Land & Homes Inc. 541-504-1338 Real Estate $754,900 - Knockout 541-771-7786 mountain vi e w s! 3863 sq.ft. custom $478,000 - Gated home. Office,outcommunity! 4 bedbuildings and shop. r oom, 3. 5 ba t h , MLS¹ 2 0 1 'I06428 3208 Sq.ft.. Private Call Charlie or Virresort living, ginia, Principal Broyear-round or 2nd kers 541-350-3418 home. Redmond RE/MAX MLS¹201305107 L and 8 Hom e s Call Charlie or Real Estate Virginia, Principal 541-771-7786 Brokers 541-350-3418 Redmond RE/MAX Get your Land 8 Homes business Real Estate 541-771-7786

$529,000 - Gorgeous e ROW I N G custom home on the 1st green of the Ridge with an ad in C ourse a t Eag l e The Bulletin's Crest! Gracious floor plan w it h s o a ring "Call A Service ceilings, bea u tiful Professional" views 8 ele g ant, Directory timeless fin i s hes throughout. 80' RV parking! 1616 MLS¹201308794 sq. ft. 3 bdrm, 2 bath Eagle Crest home with dbl. gaProperties rage, gas fireplace, 866-722- 3370 pantry, split bedroom floorplan with great People Lookfor Information room concept. About Products and $179,900. MLS Services EveryDaythrough 201309527 Pam The Bulletin flfiissineds Lester, Principal Broker, Century 21 Gold $564,000 I F a bulous Country Realty, Inc. Home In SW R ed- 541-504-1338 mond. 4730 s q .ft. home on 4.32 Acre. 6 Adorable Cottage in the Heights - $124,900. Bdrm, 5 bath. Outstanding m o u ntain Arched e n t ryways, views. Very versatile oak hardwood floorhome. Rid g eview ing, large lot w/RV acHigh School district. cess, 3 bed, 1 bath, 5 41-480-7183 B a r - 1227 sq ft, 500 sq ft MLS ¹ bara Myers, Broker b asement. 201308245. 541-923-4663 Vicci Bowen Windermere C e n tral 541-410-9730 Oregon Real Estate Central Oregon Realty Group, LLC $599,000 - 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, 3-car a t - B uild Y ou r tached garage make Home - 2584Drs fe a2m up this Energy Star story home w/4bd/2ba rated home. Comes Updated w/laminate with great room con- floor, ne w c a rpet, cept, gas fireplaces in modern kitchen, Blaze family room and one K ing stove & n e w in great room. MLS¹ composition roof on 201309632 home 8 attached carEagle Crest port. Property conProperties sists of 62 acres, 51 866-722- 3370 acres of COI flood irr igation. SW R e d $599,900 -Outstanding detail in design and mond w/good access to Hwy 97. c onstruction of t h i s ¹201309549. $799,000 beautiful Sage Builders home. Located on John L. Scott Real the 18th hole of the Estate 541-548-1712 Challenge Course at C ascade mountain view Eagle Crest Resort, form this charming 3 you will have access b edroom, 2 bat h to all of the amenities home on .51 acres. with ownership. MLS Good cond i tion. ¹2615599 $194,300. MLS Eagle Crest 201308901. John L. Properties Scott Rea l E s tate 866-722- 3370








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4.375/o 4.564 /o 3.375/o 3.595/o Purchas eprice$350,000,20% down,Loanamount$280,000,30yearfixed.

Jumbo 30yearfixed 4.875% APR5.061% s,

Jumbo purchaseprice Ivalue$800,000 — 20% down /equity,$640,000 loan amount. Offer valid as of date of ad, restrictions may apply. Rates/fees subject to change. On Approved Credit.

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Redm o nd Homes



Redmond Homes

Redmond Homes




Sunriver/La Pine Homes Sunriver/La Pine Homes Homes with Acreage

H o mes with Acreage ~

Culver! 10y AcresHome on 4.9 Acres- Newer large home on Spacious Home in The 15951 Tallwood Ct Move in ready! Very Motivated Seller! Nice 3214 sq. ft. Custom 4 Looking for your next Set-up for horses, Extremely well main- almost 1/4 acre. 3000 Cliffs I $ 2 79,000 3 bdrm ranch- style bdrm, 4~/ ~ bath home $214,900. 3 bd, 3 ba, well cared for with a emp/oyee? 3-stall barn, numertained 3 br 2 ba single s q.ft., 3 b d rm, 2 .5 Light 8 bright interior, bonus room, shop. lot of extra improve- house with a nice floor on 2~/~ acres. Triple Place a Bulletin help ous o u t buildings, story home on 4.9 flat bath, landscaped & huge walk-in pantry, High Lakes Realty & ments. Living Room plan, country kitchen, garage, 36x40 shop guest quarters & acres. 2208 sq ft, rock fenced with RV gates. three car tandem ga- wanted ad today and Property M a nage- plus a large Bonus nice brick fireplace, with tow 14' overhead reach over 60,000 more. FP, dbl garage, gas MLS¹ 2 0 1 304622 rage. MLS ment 541-536-0117 R oom, 2 Mas t e r nestled on 4+ acres doors, Cas c ade readers each week. MLS¹201305577 F P, central ai r & $299,900. Pam ¹ 201308975. Cal l Bedrooms, 1 on each Powell Butte q u iet views, large deck & 1 6045 Strawn R d Your classified ad Call Charlie or more. MLS¹ Lester, Principal Bro- Vicci Bowen, level. Elect. F/A and country lane. Fenced, patio. $429,900. will also appear on $73,000. 2 bd, 1 ba, w oodstove. 541-410-9730 Virginia, Principal 201310722 $345,000. ker Century 21 Gold Com - corral, shed, s h op MLS¹ 201304473 .84 ac, ready for TLC. pletely l a ndscaped Brokers Pam Lester, Principal Country Realty, Inc. Central Oregon Realty Call Nancy Popp area, along with storwhich currently reHigh Lakes Realty & 541-350-3418Redm 541-504-1338 541-815-8000. Broker, Century 21 Group, LLC with deck, c overed age rooms. 2 acres irProperty M a n ageceives over ond RE/MAX Land Gold Country Realty, p atio and f ir e p i t. rig., mtn and Smith Crooked River Realty NEW HOME, 3 bdrm, The Davis, NW Red1.5 million page ment 541-536-0117 & Homes RealEsInc. 541-504-1338 $290,000. MLS Rock views. Local bdrm, 2 bath 1440 sq. 2.5 bath+ office, 1936 views every month mond Open great tate 541-771-7786 201304282 Cascade small Powell B utte 3 ft. 16160 Amber Lane Large Bonus Room home on 1.97 acres sq. ft., gas heat, gas room, tons of cabinet at no extra cost. $139,900. 3 bd beauty Realty, Dennis Hani- Charter School. Cen- gas fireplace, 24x48 $ 224,900. Lots o f range, gas fireplace, space in kitchen, 2nd Bulletin Classifieds Custom Built Chaletford, Princ. Broker tral location commut- g arage/shop High Lakes Realty & natural light. 4 Bd, 1 wit h fenced, insulated gaGet Results! Wonderful home or laundry room, 3 ing distance to Bend, 12x24 Property M a nage- 541-536-1731 spacious rooms, rage door w/opener. floor of fi c e/craft Call 385-5809 or v acation home i n Ba, bed (den or 4th bedPrineville 8 Redmond. ment 541-536-0117 painted. Dual $229,900. room and two 12x12 MLS¹ Crooked River Ranch. freshly room), 2.5 bath, 1929 place your ad on-line Very clean, well-main- Not a bad package at f inished antries. C a l l J i m 201309300 room s . Pam sq ft. $291,000. at Backs to public land. p 1643 Yoke Rd. $ 279 900! 1052 5 tained 3 bedroom 2 Hinton, 541-420-6229 $109,900 Call Nancy Lester, Principal Large master down- Central Call Jim Hinton, $369,500. 2188 sf, 10 F leming Rd. Cal l bath frame home on 2 Oregon Realty ker Century 21 Gold stairs, lots of deck and 541-420-6229 acres, 40x60 shop. acres. Built in 2002, it Heather Hockett, PC, Popp, 541-815-8000 Group, LLC Country Realty, Inc. Central Oregon Realty Cascade views. OverHigh Lakes Realty & has 2080 sq ft, living Broker, Century 21 Crooked River Realty 755 sized detached 3 car Needs some TLC! 3/2, 541-504-1338 Group, LLC Property M a n age- 8 great rooms, large Gold Country Realty, Sunriver/La Pine Homes TURN THE PAGE garage w/large shop 1136 sq. ft. s ingle ment 541-536-0117 Check out the b edrooms. Rus t i c 541-420-9151 The Jefferson - NW area 8 extra storage story home on almost For More Ads outdoor fireplace for classifieds online Redmond - $298,000. 1303 Elk Dr - $182,500. 16565 Beesley Pl plus detached studio. 1/3 acres lot, vinyl The Bulletin evening gatherings. Garage Sales Quality thru-out. 4 bd, $209,000. 3 bd, 2.5 Desirable NW neighMLS 201 2 06347. windows, dbl. garage, Home is on 1 acre Updated daily borhood, single level, 2224 SF. High Lakes ba, 1800 sf, 2 car gar. and $159,000. plenty of room for RVs additional acre lot Garage Sales 1.56 acres, 1620 sq.ft. Realty & Pr o perty High Lakes Realty & 3 bdrm, 2. 5 b a th, John L. Scott Real MLS $99,900. Tastefully done spaand q uiet N W Management Property M a n age- located next lot over Garage Sales 2020 sq ft. Estate 541-548-1712 201310719. Pam N ice cious home sitting on (15952 Deedon Rd)is 541-536-0117 ment 541-536-0117 MLS¹201306374 Lester, Principal Bro- Redmond property. 3 the CR rim, dble gaall included in the sale Custom Built Home on ker, Century 21 Gold bdrm, 2 bath, 1576 Call Jim Hinton, Find them 138118 Hillcrest St 1715 Mare C ourt rage with a ttached price. $250,000. MLS 698 Acres - 2692 sf 4 Country Realty, Inc. sq. ft. on 2.8 acres. 541-420-6229 $109,999. 3 bd, 2.5 tack room and horse $145,000. 1809 SF, 3 201310801. Cascade in Beautiful mature land- Central Oregon Realty bd/3bath home w/lots 541-504-1338 ba, 1157 SF, Gilchrist. stall. Located off a Ig bd, 30x60 shop. Realty, Dennis Haniscaping and yard. 48' of windows providing Group, LLC The Bulletin High Lakes Realty 8 paved road. $229,000 High Lakes Realty & ford, Princ. Broker x 24' two bay insuCascade mountain & Take care of Property M a n age- Property M a nage- 541-536-1731 MLS 201309151 Classifieds lated and heated shop Smith Rock v iews. ment 541-536-0117 Linda Lou Day-Wright. ment 541-536-0117 your investments w/220V. Recent paint Only 6 m iles from Tick, Tock 541- 771-2585 541-385-5809 too! Plenty of room for 756 Redmond. 40 acres of with the help from 145040 Hw y 31 2.78 acres with a darCrooked River Realty h orses, RV' s a n d Tick, Tock... flood & wheel line ir$135,000. 5 ac, 2 bd, ling cabin finished on Jefferson County Homes Bend Country Home on The Bulletin's toys! MLS rig. All set up for cattle 36x40 shop, sheds. the inside with knotty 2+ a c r es . New 5.82 acres 3 b drm/2 ...don't let time get ¹201308783 "Call A Service w/cross fences 8 corHigh Lakes Realty & pine. 2 bedrooms, 1 Want to move in and Hardi-plank siding, in b ath, 1560 s q . f t . John L. Scott Real away. Hire a rals. Private p ond. Professional" Directory Property M a nage- full bath. Living room enjoy life'? This Ma- terior doors & knobs, Large 28x32 sq. ft. Estate 541-548-1712 Seclusion & privacy + ment 541-536-0117 & kitchen. Has pull dras home is loaded garage doors & more! shop, dble car garage. professional out wildlife on this prop- NEW for horses. down ladder to attic or with upgrades. Well CON STRUC-Roomy single l e vel BLM access close to Fenced of The Bulletin's 145055 Birchwood Near the entrance of erty. ¹ 20 1 301950. TION! Split m aster home on large lot in loft; propane heater + maint. and boasts a p roperty f o r tra i l $49,950. Nice 840SF, wood stove that would large tiled entry way, riding. 4 bedroom, 3 the "Call A Service r a n ch . MLS $560,000. floor plan, 3 bedroom, S tonehedge. O p e n 2 bd, new well. High need to be removed ceiling fans, recessed bath has plenty of 20130955 $279,000 John L. Scott Real 2 bath, 1640 sq.ft., tile floor plan with vaulted Professional" Lakes Realty & PropEstate 541-548-1712 Lin d a Lou by the buyers. 2 car l ighting, l a rge l o f t new updates. All new Call floors/backsplash. RV living room, f amily erty Man a gement 24x36 garage, shop area, Directory today! Broker, a master bdrm kitchen with custom Day-Wright, $ 1 79,900. room, kitchen fea541-536-0117 541-771-2585 Custom Home on 5.91 parking. area plus 10x20 stor- with w alk-in closet, cabinets, tile counter MLS¹ 201 3 0 1880 tures plenty of cabinAc, P o well B u t te. Pam Lester, Principal etry, eating counter, The W i n dsor, NW 146532 Old C abin age shed and new window co v e rings tops, bamboo floors, Crooked River Realty $ 339,900. 36x4 0 B roker Century 2 1 Redmond Main floor well house. 1.78 acres throughout. Garage is n ew f i xtures a n d large pantry, dining $160,000. 3 bd, 2 ba, shop, woodstove 8 bedroom, lots fenced. finished with ceiling more. Ba t h rooms Tick, Tock Country Realty, area with access to den/4th pump, hot tub. fully Jacuzzi tub, main floor Gold of natural light, eating heat $129,000. MLS¹ storage rack and you have new tile. Recent Inc. 541-504-1338 the huge back deck. High Lakes Realty & master suite. bar in kitchen, land201304905. Cascade have great views from carpet, windows & Master bed r o om Property M a n ageTick, Tock... MLS¹201307493 Call New construction 3 Realty, Dennis Hani- the back deck. VA as- paint. Covered porch, from addi- scaping, 3 bedroom, ment 541-536-0117 Vicci Bowen, bdrm, 2 bath, 1705 separation 2.5 baths, 2235 sq ft. ...don't let time get ford, Princ. B roker sumable if e l igible. triple car attached ga tional two bedrooms. 541-410-9730 sq. ft, 23 acre lot, tile 541-536-1731 $'I 24,900 MLS¹ 14746 C a mbium offices or hobby $305,000. rage, and pull-through away. Hire a Central Oregon Realty floors, tile backsplash, Two Call Jim Hinton, $110,000. 3 bd + den, 201304344 s hop. Property i s Landscaped landscaped, fenced. rooms. 51375 Evans Way professional out Group, LLC 541-420-6229 multiple outbuildings. Heather Hockett, PC, front and back with agent owned. $179,900. MLS¹ A - f rame, Broker, Century 21 Central Oregon Realty High Lakes Realty & $69,500. of The Bulletin's fenced back yard that $289,900 but will en Golf Course Home 201209125 Pam Group, LLC Property M a n age- outbldgs, RV hook-up. Gold Country Realty, tertain offers. 22837 lots of trees for "Call A Service Aspen Lakes, 3366 sq Lester, Principal Bro- has High Lakes Realty & 541-420-9151 Abilene Ct. in Bend. Forced air Too many upgrades to ment 541-536-0117 ft on golf course - a ker Century 21 Gold privacy. Property M a nageProfessional" gas with central air Call Heather Hockett, fabulous home! MLS Country Realty, Inc. cond. $199,900. MLS list! in this 1946 sq. ft. 151628 Hackamore ment 541-536-0117 PC, Broker, Century Directory today! 757 ¹201309707. 541-504-1338 3 b drm, 2~/~ bath $244,900. C u s tom 2 01310177 John L . 21 Gold Country Re 52360 Whi s pering $829,000 New construction in NW Scott Rea l E s tate home. Landscaped, 1 325 s f w/wo r k Pines - $105,000. 4 Crook County Homes alty, 541-420-9151 Custom with Cascade John L. Scott Real fenced, in a q u i et shops.. High Lakes views, Corian, Vac, Redmond. $182,900. 541-548-1712 bd/2 ba, 1755 sf, 1.27 Recently r e modeled,Overlooking Estate 541-548-1712 cul-de-sac. $239,900. Realty 8 Pr o perty the wind ows, 3 /2, 1556 s q . f t . , ac. High Lakes Re- clean and well laid out Crooked River Gorge, bayed MLS 2013 1 0535. Management Single Level Home in appliances, alty 8 Property Man- single level home on a Immaculate home on dbl-attached garage, 54'I -536-0117 Great Location South of Stainless Pam Lester, Principal SW Redmond Open 2 0x24 s h o p wi t h plumbed for agement Town - Great bones in pantry, Century 21 very private 4.6 acre the rim features a overhead door, hot fully landscaped, great room, ample Broker, 541-536-0117 t his 3bdrm 2 b a t h AC, Good classified ads tell Gold Country Realty, lot. New paint in and spacious & open great sys t em, kitchen cabinets, spat ub r o om , la r g e h ome. 1920 s q f t sprinkler garage the essential facts in an 5 2817 Bridge D r out, newwer laminate, room design, a large f enced area. M L S back y ard. Inc. 541-504-1338 door cious w/large utility room oversized interesting Manner. Wri t e carpet 8 flo o ring, bonus room with a full $149,900. $179,900 $174,500. 1809 SF, 3 $299,000 w hich could b e a w/opener. Very motivated seller. from the readers view -not spa c ious 201305717. bd, private 1.2 acres. Stainless appliances, bath, a - Call Nancy Popp, 20' I 305675. MLS¹201311058. computer room too. MLS¹ Beautiful home in SW centra heat, l a rge master, large guest Call Jim Hinton, the seller's. Convert the S c harlund, High Lakes Realty & Principal Broker Step down v aulted Jeanne Redmond with very facts into benefits. Show 541-420-6229 Property M a n age- concrete patio. Fully bdrms, newer paint, 541-815-8000 Broker, 541-420-7978 living room w/wood- Central motivated seller. This the reader howthe item will landscaped yard, at- carpet and flooring in- Crooked River Realty Central Oregon Realty Oregon Realty ment 541-536-0117 stove. Attached large Group, LLC 4 bedroom, 2 b ath tached double garage side and new exterior Group, LLC help them in someway. shop & 2-car garage. home is ready for its 61746 Rock View and detached shop paint, a circular drive, Extremely well mainThis S ingle s tory h o m e new owners. Small Oil monitor for heat- New Construction $99,700. Home, shop, with large atached immac. landscaping tained 3 bdrm, 2 bath advertising tip ing w/above ground Single story 3 bdrm, loaded wit h up- shop with hot tub and super clean! H igh carport/RV area, stor- with irrigation system, 2208 sq. ft . s i ngle brought to you by oil tan k . MLS 2bath, 1724 s q f t grades. 1550 sq.ft., 3 gazebo in backyard. a fenced and irrigated story home on 4.9 flat Lakes Realty 8 Prop- age shed on top of 201306715. $299,000 move-in ready! Land- bdrm, 2 bath, plus an MLS 201308103 erty Man agement 5000 g al . p o t able garden area, chicken acres. rock fireplace, The Bulletin o ffice/den. Lan d Se ' n g Ce tral Owgon since 19t8 John L. Scott Real scaped with s prinJohn L. Scott Real 541-536-0117 water concrete cis- coop, attached ga- dbl. garage, gas fireEstate 541-548-1712 klers an d f e n ced. scaped with garden Estate 541-548-1712 t ern. Al l o n fu l l y rage with shop space, place, central air & 152671 Long Prairiearea. $169,900 MLS¹ 8 6890 G o lden Ln , central heat, pellet more! $36 5 000. $1 89,900. MLS¹ fenced lot with auto$249,000. 4 bd, 3.55 $95,000. G orgeous matic gate. $215,000. stove and excellent MLS201310722 Pam 201308225 Pam Call The BuEetin At 201304779 Pam Find exactly what ac, horse barn, arena. views, 40 acres. High MLS 201309890 Lester, Principal Bro- Lester, Principal BroMLS Lester, Principal Bro541-385-5809 privacy. you are looking for in the ker, Century 21 Gold ker Century 21 Gold Place Your Ad Or E-Mail High Lakes Realty 8 Lakes Realty 8 Prop- John L Scott Realty, ¹201308441 ker, Century 21 Gold Property M a n ageerty Man a gement 541-548-1712. CLASSIFIEDS Country Realty, Inc. Country Realty, Inc. At: John L. Scott Real Country Realty, Inc. 541-504-1338 ment 541-536-0117 541-536-0117 541-504-1338 541-504-1338 Estate 541-548-1712

• 0








Prairie style home with custom details throughout! Great room with fireplace, spacious kitchen 8 dining. Master 8 den on main floor. Bonus 8 2 bedrooms upstairs. 3 full

PENDING: Lovingly maintained, one owner home. Natural light, mature landscaping and quiet neighborhood. Single level living, open great room plan.www.305 l

This Steve Madsen designed home offers easy river trail access. Attached greenhouse, large lot, specimen trees. Master on the main. Office 8 flex areas. Private outdoor

2013 Award winnin floorplan. 4 bd/3ba/2280 SF, Open design. Big kit, sgrylts, 1st fl. den/guest, bonusarea, courtyard, large deck, backs Io golf course. Pools. Park, more!

Cindy Berg-Wagner

E d i e DeLay

K a r en Malanga

J u lie Burgoni

(541) 280-2580

(541) 420-2950

(541) 390-3326

(541) 306-8927

' •



¹4 •

— ~i4k






Beautiful Northwest style home located in the Heights of Bend. Enjoy panoramic views, high end finishes, slab granite, lwo master suites, hot tub & beautiful

Single owner 2536 sq.ft, 4 bed, 2.5 bath, master on main, great room+bonus, spacious granite kitchen, builtins, landscaped/fenced+RV parking. Loads of storage 8

New Award Winning Construction on Bend's Westside, steps from the river trail. 3 bdrms, 2.5 blh, 2065 SF w/luxury finishes. 3-car garage, spacious great room 8 covered patio.

Welcome Home! Imagine creating special memories in this affordable 3 bdrm, 2 bath home in the quiet north end, close to river. Large 2 car garage, decking, plus a shop!

Ryan Buccola

Me l ody Luelling

Mi c helle Gregg

V a l erie Nelson

(541) 728-8551

(541) 948-3107

(541) 604-4002

(541) 330-8532

' ' •

is Irf $282,900



Featured in 2004 Tour of Homes™. 3 bed/2.5 bath features 2-story rock fireplace, designer lighting, slate, tile 8 hardwood fls. French door off eating area to oversized

New Pahlisch Homes in neighborhood called "Parkland" located off the Airport exit. 3318 SW 28th. Beautiful new model 2088 SF, 3 br, 2.5 ba, large loft 8 3 car garage.... Must see!

New homes starting under$200,000 in SE Bendsituated among towering Ponderosa pines with a community park. Homes feature all the qualgi Pahlisch Homes is knownfor. www.2024lhufflepu

Mary leagjeld

Mi c helle Gregg

R h i anna Kunkler

(541) 330-8510

(541 )S04-4002


(541) 30S-0939


• ' e




To PLAGE AN AD cALL CLAssIFIED• 541-385-5809 "0

e • •

• •







'¹SM Ln t






o Expansive northeasterly views of the Ochoco Mountains and Pilot Butte G .29 of acre lot in Rivers Edge

• This homesite offers 120 feet in width providing op p o rt unity for many design options G Near river trail, golf, shopping and schools

Call Shelly Swanson, Broker l 541-408-0086

• Only 7 minutes from downtown • Tetherow is a planned 700 acre community backing tonational forest and is the perfect home base for discovering the best of Central Oregon from biking and hiking, rafting and kayaking or dining and shopping Contact Brian for more information or a private tour. www.

New Master-Planned Townhome Development in Midtown! • 3 bedroom townhomes starting at $252,500 • 4 units now under construction • Price includes custom level finishes with full landscaping, slab quartz countertops and energy efficient construction • Locationsupportsthe active Bend lifestyle with easy access to parks, trails, river and downtown

Call Brian Ladd, Principal Broker l 541-408-3912

Csll Blisn Ladd, Plincipal Brokerl 541-408-3912


• • I •


'a •





Call Mary St atto, 0 ota, GRIi¹41-419-6340

• Introducing Hollinshead Heights by SolAire Homebuilders • High performance homes in a unique ideal location • 4 bed, 2.5 bath, 2044 SF and 9200 SF lot • New construction with completion summer of 2014 • All homes will be NetZero ready, built to one of the highest levels of energy efficiency available (renderings are representation of homes to be built) MLS¹201310131 11 5 7 NW Jones Rd. Call Sue Price, Broker l 541-408-7742


• Don't miss this stunning end unit townhome in NW Crossing - hasonly beenused asasecond home •Lotsofupgradeshave beenadded to makethisawarm inviting homefor the demanding buyer, 2220SF • Master on main level, 2 nice sizedbdrms &full bath upstairs •Home hasamplestorage andanice oversized 2-cargarage •NW Cross ing hasnice parks,easyaccessto schools& downtown MLB¹201311030 2499 NW Crossing

Call Shelly Swanson, Brokerl 541-408-0086

' •

9433 4' "4'

• This desirable single level home is located in Mountain High • Spacious open floor plan with wonderful golf course views • The living room features large view windows and cozy gas fireplace. • The kitchen is light and bright with a wonderful breakfast nook/sitting area • Expansive outdoor living space is perfect for entertaining MLS¹20131118



• Perfect as a principal residence or a 2nd home • 3095 SF, .34 acre • 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths • Master suite and den on the main level • Many upgraded features, premium appliances • Oversized 3-car garage MLS¹201306975 Sandy Kohlmoos,Broker,GRI,CRS l541-408-4309

11 Unit Apartment Complex Near St. Charles • Great rental history • Terrific investment

• 90% occupied MLS¹201310762

Ca Ke y Horton, Bro er 541-508-9163 kelly©




I I • •

' 4 'I.

• Special 5 acre Tumalo Setting • Quality 2400 SF 3bed, 3 bath home, log accents, window wall w/spectacular

Call Ron avis, Principal Broker l 541-480-3096

• Stunning Shevlin Ridge • One levelhome • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 3456 SF • Mountain inspired custom home • Upscale popular neighborhood • Gorgeous craftsmanship • Large kitchen, living space • Large 3-car garage MLS¹201310941 Call Brian Ladd, Principal Broker l 541-408-3912• brian¹¹

mtn. Views, master suite w/ his & hers baths & closets

• Hobby shop w/bath, separate guest house, large RVbarn & shop • Horse shelter & corral, low maintenance landscaping • End of road privacy MLS¹201303251

• Stunning NW architecture • 4 bedrooms, 4 baths • Five acre home site with sweeping Cascade Mountain views • Oversized 3-car garage, room on the property for shop, RV storage • Immaculate mature landscaping, grounds MLS¹201308171

Call Robin Yeakel, Broker, CRSl 541-408-0406 Resort Properties Specialist

0 •


' •

• Main house 7 bed, 7.5 bath, 1.25 acres • 91K in rental income 2013 • 30x48 shop w/3 bed - 1 bath apartment • Fabulous gourmet kitchen • Hot tub, huge deck, fire pit • Sold fully furnished - turn key MLS¹201308347 Call CJ Neumann, Broker 541-410-3710 or Lisa Lamberto, Broker 541-610-9697

Close to Town Country Living ( $815,000

• 4bed, 3.5bath, 4065SF • Situated on 2 lots close to river • Unbelievable attention to detail and custom furnishings •Openspacesforentertaining& privat eguestsuites • Heated/AC shop & rare, largeoutdoor storagebuilding for your toys • Includes$20,000allowancefor kitchenupgrades! MLS¹201300388

Deb Tebbs, Broker/Presidentl 541-419-4553 debtebbsgroup¹ l



• 8200 SF situated on 18+ acres, joins BLM land • 6 bedrooms, 4.5 baths • 4 ponds, water feature, paver walks and patios • Stunning perennial gardens • 12,000 bottle wine cellar • Barn with guest quarters, stalls, paddocks, corrals • Also available: Cinder Lakes Ranch Equestrian Facility, 160 acres MLS¹201307124

•563acreswithCascade Mtn views • 351 aCreS irrigated frOm aBig Bertha Well" 3 pivots, 7wheel lines • Crops include turf, andcontracted seed crops • Improvements include: 1578 SF countr yhome,off ice,3720 SFshop/machineshed • Property is seven legal lots - additional building sites available • Productive & income producing farm-call for details

• Call Robin Yeakel, Broker, CRSl 541-408-0406 • Resort Properties Specialist

Call Pam MayoPhillips, Principal Broker l 541480-1513

Call Brian Ladd, Principal Broker, Director of Lot Sales &

541408-3912 l briant¹

New Home in Tetherow! ( $869,000

Located on Mirror Pond! ( $1,299,000


1265 NW Remarkable Dr. ) $829,900

• 4bed,3bath,3381 SF • 10 irrigated acres w/wheel line • Cascade views a • Shop 1 - 2 car garage+ offfce 4¹y= ¹ den • Shop 2 - 5 cargarage • 2 ponds MLS¹201308637


4 ' ; ,,

• RemarkableAddress.. Rem arkableView • 3524SF,4b04 3bathhomesits Gntop G f the worldwith3180degreeviewGfthe CentralOregonHighDesert • fra¹0rtln¹ entryleadsupto expansiveviews • Kitchenw/chgrrycabinetry¹I 3formal diningarea • Outsidelswrap-aroundfront deck • Mastgr00maln10vel wlthsoakertub • Downstairsareawithbararea • 3-calgarage,fencedbackyardw/hottub

• • • • • •

7991 SF 2.8 acres with 400' of private river frontage 800 SF guest cabin 4 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, indoor lap pool River 80 golf front property Adjacent 3.49 acre lot available at $799,000

• Stones throw from downtown Bend

• 3,078 SF., 3-car garage '


' lil

• Backs to 12th fairway w/ private and treed yard • Includes full membership to Tetherow

• February completion tt¹ " I,



• Elegant finishes, 3 bedrooms, 4 baths • Remodeled down to studs in 2006 • 10 NW Drake Rd. • MLS¹201306173 Call for a Personal Tour!

Call Bobby Lockrem, Brokerl 541-480-2356

Call Chris Sulak, Broker l 541-350-6164

Call Brian Ladd, Principal Brokerl 541-408-3912

Call Jodi Kearney, Broker l 541-693-4019







• •

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¹0 •




52560 Lost Ponderosa Rd, La Pine( $129,900

Ochoco Ridge, Prineville ~ $158,900 • Cute single level home in newer community

• Peaceful surroundings for this home on an acre • Attached 2-car garage with plenty ofspaceto park your toys • Detached workshop and covered storage area MLS¹201303836

Sunstone Solar Townhomes( $165,000

• 3 bed, 2 baths • Nice family room with fireplace • Formal living & dining room perfect for family gatherings and entertaining • Slate entry & fireplace surround • Oversized 3-car garage MLS¹201310187

Call Greg Yeakel, Principal Brokerl 541-408-7733 or Robin Yeakel, Broker, CRSl 541MB-0406

Call Shelly Swanson, Brokerl 541-408-0086

Lot in Super Hot Tetherow ( $235,000

69322 Hackamore ( $236,500

5330 SE Hilltop Rd, Prineville ( $239,000

Lot 33 on Cozy Dryer Court • Flat, easy to build lot is tucked into the eastern edge of Tetherow, called The Glen, allowing for privacy and quiet but close enough to all the amenities Tetherow has to offer • Tetherow community is more than an award winning golf course, it offers open spaces, miles of trails and direct access to Deschutes National Forest

just minutes from downtown Bend! MLS¹201310156

• 2-car garage with extra

attached shop! • Home is almost 2000 SF with a

family and living room MLS¹201400588

CallEdlkaStratton-sanzone, Broker l 541-280-8388 erikasanzon e@

River Views ( $735,000 • 3791 SF,3bed,3.5bath • Upstairs area loft w/pool table

• Garden tub inmastersuite

• Greatroomw/vaultedceilings, Mt. Bachelorviewsfromkitchen • Woodstovei bonusroomcomplete w/ pool table,barlk stools • 36x48finished shop,12' RVdoor, workbench&shelves • Greenhouse, shedw/concrete ffoor, playhouse w/bunkbeds, playstructure, dog kennel.Deckson3sides


Call Chris Sulak, Broker l 541-350-6164

• 3 bedroom, 2 bath • Fully updated single level home • Corner lot

• Light, bright1971SFhome,3beds,2 baths on5acres, roomfor RV ,firepit

• Great home in Tollgate in Sisters, OR • 3 bedroom,1466SFsingle level home • New roof, new flooring, new windows, largegreatroom, new septic onwonderful lot that backs to National Forest • Community offers clubhouse,pool, basketball courts & endlesstrails


3072 SW TimberAve, Redmond ~ $174,900

•Uni quetownhomeoferingpassive solardesign • Contemporary stylewith privatesun deckandfenced backyard • Open kitchen andliving areawith south facingorientation • Hardwood floors andvaulted ceilings • 3bd, 3ba,double carattached garagewithspaciousdriveway •NearCostco,Medicalandschools


Call Chris Sperry, Principal Broker l 541-749-8479


• Great room opento gourmet kitchen • Computer nicheoff kitchen

• Den w/full bath, formal living & dining • Mst w/sitting area lk his/hers closets MLS¹201400355


Call Melanie Maitre, Broker ABR, SRES, ePRO 541%804186 l melaniet¹

Call Natalie Vandenborn, Brokerl 541-508-9581

Call Rhonda Garrison, Principal Brokerl 541-279-1768

Whispering Pines! ) $296,500

63430 Ledgestone Ct, Bend ~ $315,000

17940 Parkway Lane ( $350,000

• 4 bedroom,3bath,2394SF • Large entertainmentareadownstairs • 2.5 acres fenced&crossfenced •10x20storageshed&loafngshed • ConcreteRVpad&alargedriveway • Bring thehorsesor4-Hprojects MLS¹201309381


Call Rod Hatchell, Brokerl 541-728-8812

Peaceful Sunriver Location ( $439,900


Timeless Prairie-Style in NWX ~$550,000

• Complete Remodel

Call Jordan Grandlund, Principal Broker 541-420-1559 or Stephanie Ruiz, Broker 541-948-5196

3129 NW Colonial Drive ( $748,000 Beautiful 3107 SF custom Prairie Style home on a .64

• Sun room • Master on Main Level • Hardwood • SS Appliances • 2 decks, patio, hot tub • Terrific rental history • MLS¹201303390

. vv



workshop MLS¹201310071

Call Susie Helfer, Broker, GRI l 410-3114 www.



Lovely wrap-around cedar deck Don't miss this incredible home!

• 1 acre with mountain views • Big media/bonus room • Heated floors • 3-car garage with

windows galore


with Dacor & Thermador

Slab granite, hardwood floors &

Call Natalie Vandenborn, Brokerl 541-508-9581

Call Ken Renner, Principal Brokerl 541-280-5352 ken.rennert¹

• 4 bed, 4.5 bath, 5294 SF • Chef's dream kitchen

mtns & cityviews


II • Hardwoods, carpet, andtile • Two-caroversizedgarage • Fencedwith lowmaintenance landscape • 3beds 2.5baths2284SF0.14

Stunning North Rim Home ( $1,550,000

Mt. Hood, Jefferson, Eastern

Call Natalie Vandenborn, Brokerl 541-508-9581

gjf3I g


Call Ken Renner, Principal Brokerl 541-280-5352

acre lot '

• Open great roomwith lots of light • Gourmetkitchenwith SSappliances • Large maile nvel master &bath • Office/flexspaceupstairs

• Great room

• Ownerprivilegesat Seventh Mountain Resort • Next to WidgiCreek&theDeschutes RiverTrail MLS¹201307670

Beautiful single story 3 car garage On 4th fairway in Broken Top 3 bedrom, 2.5 bath plus den Vaulted ceilings 2 fireplaces

• 3 bedroom, 3 bath, 1763 S

8 Quail - Sunriver ( $515,000


• • • • • •

• Neighborhood walking paths

60481 Coffee Ct. ( $464,750

Call Joanne McKee, Brokerl 541-480-5159

• Easy living inapark-like setting

61330 Tam McArthur Loop ( $735,000

• Hardwood & tile floors

The Norma DuBois and Julie Moe Team, Brokers 541-312-4042l www.

• New construction,luxurytownhome • 4 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom • 2540 SF li2-carattached garage • Granite, hardwood&tile throughout

• 2-car garage

pumphouse • RV hookups inside & out, 100 amp breaker in shop • Great location between Sisters & Bend • Build your dream home while you live in loft area or your RV • MLS¹201105898


• 17613 (¹10)SparksLane, Sunriver • 4 bed/2.5 bath,2385SF • Decks on levelsandlots of paved parking area • Charming greatroomdesign • Lava rockfireplace, vaulted wood ceiling • Close to SHARC aquatic & the

Call Greg Barnwell, Broker l 541-848-7222

• Desirable location overlooking the Old Mill



Call Chris Sperry, Principal Brokerl 541-749-8479


Old Mill Townhome ( $395,000

• Permitted GP Building w/living quarter/loft • Bath, laundry area, septic, well lk

• Custom built w/2 master bedrooms • Third bedroom downstairs w/ accessto apatio & fullbath •A chef'sdream withan enormous island, pantry,gasrange/oven, plenty ofcounter& cabinetspace • Slate & wood flooring throughout • Backs up to 37 acrepark & next door is a community garden



• Living quarters upstairs/office/FP/bedrm • 4102 SF facility: specifically designed for children • Avg. Gross revenue $262,840 • State Licensed for 52+ Kids • Security video monitoring 24/7 • MLS¹201207464

Call Jane Flood, Brokerl 541-350-9993 *


• Just completed - end of street • 1872 SF, 3 bed, 2.5 bath w/loft • Bedrooms, laundry room & large loft up • Hardwood floors, gas fireplace w/bujlt-jns • Great location off Brosterhouse - near shopping, schools and easy access to Old Mill • Adjacentto 20' path easement MLS¹201400414

Call Myra Girod, roker l 54 -815-2400 or Pam Bronson, Broker l 541-788-6767

• 4 bed, 3 bath, 2982 SF • Backs to 21 acres of land •CascadeMountainviews

• Awesome views of the Signature Hole, ponds & Pilot Butte • Gated, pool, golf 8< tennis

• 2 master suites or use one as a bonus room • Large 0.3 acre lot

• 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1921 SF


• Just minutes from the River Trail and Downtown Bend

Call Brian Ladd, Principal Brokerl 541-408-3912•

MLS¹201400754 H


or Sean Barton, Brokerl 541-306-7669

Call Jane Flood, Broker l 541-350%993


myra. amteamt¹


• 8•

8• •


• 4 bedrooms (2 main level suites), 3 baths • 3299 SF, .24 acre • One owner custom home with many quality features • Open, inviting great room, additional family room • 3-car tandem garage/2 with storage • Surround sound, radiant in-floor heat, heat pump, central A/C, wired for security. Call for more info!

• 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 3167 SF • Rooftop terrace Cascade View • Gourmet kitchen, built-ins • Walking access to town/trails • Upgrades throughout • 2-car garage, personal elevator MLS¹201311003 see video at

Call Silvia Knight, Broker, ABR,SFR,Green l 541-7884861 bendluxuryhomes@ gmajLcom




Call Brian Ladd, Principal Broker l 541-408-3912•


• •

e I •


e •

•Light,classichom e on Awbrey Butte • Unobstructed 7-peak mountain views • Elegant master suite has sitting area, see-through fireplace and private den • Large, heated driveway • 2 double garages and ample storage • 3 bedroom, 5 bath, 4227 SF MLS¹201400760 Call The Norma DuBois and Julie Moe Team, Brokers 541-312%042 l


The Winter Edition of our Magazine available now on stands or online at e


w •








• Homes with Acreage H omes with Acreage R e creational Homes Lots Lots Lots Acreages Acreages Manufactured/ & Property Mobile Homes Great horse property, 4 Views Galore! Smith $25,000 - $65,000. 5 1881 Fordham D r . Lot 2 C h apman St.$155,000 - Private Beautiful and peaceful stall loafing shed with Rock views on a quiet Brand New C u stom S pectacular lots i n waterfront property, Landscaped with lots of $ 25,000. Ready t o $ 69,000. 2.86 a c . gated c ommunity! co u ntry 1 032 T r ai l Cr e e k Yarrow s u bdivision, build. High Lakes Re- Water, elect, camp- 20 Acres! Powell auto watering, opens dead-end 21 acres with Cas- trees is where you will to fenced area, ap- road. Spacious 2700 Drive. Frank Lloyd the newer develop- alty & Property Man- sites. High Lakes Re- Butte w/easy accade mt n vi e w s. find this 4 bedroom prox. 40x80 shed for sq. ft. home boasts 3 Wright inspired home ment in the east hills agement alty & Property Man- cess t o a i r ports, $450,000. MLS manufactured home. hay or what have you. bdrms, 2 baths, huge backing to creek w/ of Madras. Very near 541-536-0117 agement shopping, r e cre- 201310537. John L. H as a l a k e v i e w 541-536-0117 Fenced and c r oss country kitchen, din- mtn views. 2681 sq.f t. the new aquatic Cenation. Al l C e ntral Scott R ea l E s t ate where you can just sit f enced with m a ny ing area, large util. 3 bdrm, 2.5 bath + of- ter, middle school and 914 Highland View LP. Oregon has to offer. 541-548-1712 back and watch the s eparate areas. 2 room and a b a se- fice. Formal dining COCC campus. Home Eagle Crest, Unob- FIND IT! Well, septic feasibilw ildlife. Home h a s SUY IT! bdrm, 2 bath with sky- m ent which i s i n - and 3-car garage, ID YARROW Eagle structed Mtn views. ity done. Ready for BULLETIN CLASSIFIEDS newer vinyl windows, .44 Acre lot, back to lights, walk-in closets, cluded in the sq. ft. luxury Crest Prop e rties your dream home. SELL IT! Search the area's most finishes in-ground w a t ering dining area with built Also has extra area throughout. $469,900. 866-722-3370 BLM, privacy galore The Bulletin Classifieds MLS¹201303502 comprehensive listing of system, 10x1 2 storwith views. $134,900. in hutch. Large living upstairs and all bdrms MLS 201308237 Call Charlie or classified advertising... age building & Bx40 ft MLS ¹201307060 room and wood stove. are on the main level. Lynn Johns, Principal Want to impress the Nice flat lot in TerrebVirginia, Principal real estate to automotive, cargo container. Lynn Johns, Principal $179,900 MLS The dbl. garage is onne, .56 a c res, Brokers relatives? Remodel merchandise to sporting Broker, 541-408-2944 MLS $79,500. 201108032. Cascade large. This property is Broker, 541-408-2944 541-350-3418 p aved street, a p goods. Bulletin Classifieds 201305511 Cascade Central Oregon your home with the Central Oregon Realty, Dennis Hani- 1.5 acres with 1 acre proved fo r c a p -fill Redmond RE/MAX appear every day in the Resort Realty Realty, Dennis Hanihelp of a professional ford, Princ. Broker irrigation, fenced and Resort Realty septic, utilities at l ot Land & Homes print or on line. ford, Princ. Broker from The Bulletin's 541-536-1731 ready fo r h o r ses. line. $42,000. MLS Real Estate 541-536-1731 Call 541-385-5809 $97,000 - 2.59 acres. allowance to Cabin on Deschutes! 2 "Call A Service ¹ 2012001172 P a m 541-771-7786 Lake Front P roperty $5000 bed cabin overlook- Professional" Directory Ready t o bu i l d. Lester, Principal BroLOT MODEL buyers at closing with with Bre a thtaking accepted MLS¹201100751 fer . ing Deschutes river LIQUIDATION ker, Century 21 Gold 3.18 acres g randfa- The Bulletin Views! $89 5 ,000. $289,900. 12333ofNW w /separate gu e s t Call Travis L. Hanthered in. Septic and Serving Central Ovvggn si n ce Sgg Prices Slashed Huge Country Realty, Inc. Remodeled in 2006. 10th St., Terrebonne. quarters 8 dbl garage. $135,000 - Prime lot, nan, PC, Principal 541-504-1338 w ater o n t h e l o t , Savings! 10 Year easy to build. Smith Loft area, spacious Call Heather Hockett, MLS 201 3 08238. power at the road. Recreation Propertyj conditional warranty. R ock views & M t . Broker master suite, 3 fire- PC, Broker, Century $239,900.Nancy SHEVLIN RIDGE 541-788-3480 $96,000 Finished on your site. MLS 2012 0 8989 places, 4 bedrooms, 2 21 Gold Country Re- Popp, Principal Bro- Hood on a clear day. Redmond RE/MAX • 320 acres of privacy 17,000 Sq.ft. Iot, ap- $79,900. ONLY 2 LEFT! Enjoy Central Oregon bathrooms, 4500 sq ft alty, 541-420-9151 ker 541-815-8000 Land & Homes proved plans. More Crooked River Realty • Well, power, barn, Redmond, Oregon living at Eagle Crest on 6.8 acres. MLS¹ Crooked River Realty details and photos on fenced Real Estate Call Lind a Lou 541-548-5511 Resort. 201400129. craigslist. $149,900. 541-771-2585 • LOP tags 541-771-7786 Need to get an MLS¹201310588 David Franke, 541-389-8614 • MLS 201400050 Eagle Crest 541-420-5986 ad in ASAP'? 780 Steve Payer, Eagle Crest, 1 0 151 Advertise your car! Properties Central Oregon Realty Sundance Ridge Lp. You won't find another Add A Prcfure! Broker, GRI You can place it Mfd JMobile Homes 866-722-3370 acres lot like this one. Group, LLC Reach thousands of readers! 541-480-2966 Big Smith Rock views, with Land online at: Lot in Crooked $149,900 - Build your .44 acre lot, backs to This lot ha s b e en Call 541-385-5809 Near Smith Rocks, gor- Vacant R iver R a nch completely groomed The Bulletfn Classlfieds dream home on this Cline Butte & BLM. geous 3 bedroom, 3 4.95 acres with 1755 $ 34,500. L evel & large gently sloping lot $159,900. MLS with a fence, gravel bath, 3880 sq.ft. MLS sq. ft. 3 bdrm, 2 bath treed buildable lot, driveway, fire pit, and 32.42 Acres in Urban with views of Mt. Jef¹201304889 541 -385-5809 201300784. $694,000 home. $14 4 ,900. 1.44 acres. Enjoy all benches to enjoy the Growth B o u ndary, ferson & Mt. Hood; Lynn Johns, Principal Linda Lou Day-Wright. 'I 5451 Sixth St., La MORRIS t he a m enities o f also adjacent to the Broker, 541-408-2944 evening fire, log cabin Adjacent t o The 541- 771-2585 Crooked 763 REAL ESTATE Pine. High Lakes ReCrooked River Ranch. walking trail and pond. look alike s t orage Greens, kitty corner to Central Oregon River Realty alty & Property ManMLS¹201309880. shed has also been new Ridgeview High Recreational Homes Easily accessible on Resort Realty agement Gail Day, 541-306-1018 the corner of Highbuilt. Great lot for RV School. $ 7 5 0,000. Small A c reage in & Property Central Oregon Realty use.Just offof paved MLS ¹ 201 2 03193West Powell Butte Es- 541-536-0117 Prineville - $108,000. land View Loop & tates, gated commuGroup, LLC road. $47,500. MLS Pam Lester, Principal nity, mtn. views, pri- 2 Mfd. homes currently V inyl s iding, d u al 141038 Crescent Moon T rail C r eek. M L S Need to get an ad 201309821 Broker, Century 21 paned windows, guest Dr., Crescent Lake. ¹201400392 ren tals. well, paved roads used a s in ASAP? Cascade Realty, Den- Gold Country Realty, vate quarters in shop, 1.41 S eller willing to i n Property has a ton of Eagle Crest Properties with access to BLM. Say "goodbuy" nis Haniford, Broker Inc. 541-504-1338 acres. 3 bedrooms, 1 clude the lot next door 866-722-3370 MLS potential. First home $169,000 1-541-536-1731 bathroom, 1228 sq ft. at the right price. 3 to that unused 2 01305077 . Pa m is built i n 1 973, 2 1 5002 R o bert Rd . Fax It ts 541-322-7253 P rime p r operty a t MLS ¹201202939. bdrm, 1 bath, and the bdrm, 2 bath home $ 69,900. 8.54 a c , Need help fixing stuff? item by placing it in Crooked River Ranch Lester, Principal BroMichael Jones, home is built sleeps 6 comfortably well, cleared sites. The Bulletin Classifieds Call A Service Professional with Cascade views! ker Century 21 Gold second 541-350-2226. in 1998, 2 bdrm, 2 with a detached ga- The Bulletin Classifieds High Lakes Realty & Country Realty, Inc. find the help you need. Property i s com Central Oregon Realty bath. The homes are r age plumbed f o r Property M a n agepletely fenced. Cor 541-504-1338 Group, LLC on a t otal of 4 . 15 bathroom with an exE state living in T h e ment 541-536-0117 ner lot, near firehall. 5 41-385-580 9 acres. Storage build775 Terrific Mountain Views tra garage door for Highlands at Broken 1525 Murrelet Dr. Eagle Top 10 acres, gated, $79,900. MLS¹ 773 ings, carports. Nice 2622 sq ft 5 b e d/3 snowmobiles. Make Manufactured/ 20140064. Call Linda Crest, Ochoco Mtn clean property. MLS Acreages b ath home o n 1 2 an offer. $ 299,000 private well, utilities at Lou Day-Wright. 541Mobile Homes FOR SALE v iews, 1 7 t h ho l e lot, app for cap-fill ¹201306120. acres with full water MLS 201302853. Call ADLOTS 771-2585 C r o oked ¹3132 1/2 Acre Challenge Course, .49 $139,900 rights. 24x56 shop, Linda (541) 815-0606 near Big Deschutes acre lot, bring your septic. $53 5 ,000.Views! Views! Views! River Realty 1980 sq.ft. home, newly Cascade Realty, corrals, outside arena Cascade Realty MLS¹ 201 2 00937 $149,900. Flat, open, u pdated kitc h en builder. $1 5 0,000. Pam Lester, Principal buildable 9.32 acres Dennis Haniford, River & more. ERD zoning 2.16 Acresfenced/gated, h u ge Look at: AD ¹3142 - .51 Acre MLS ¹201305175 Principal Broker located i n Po w ell$50,000 allows property to be Broker Century 2 1 P ossible Ow n e r bonus room, w/sepa541-536-1731 corner lot septic ap Lynn Johns, Principal Butte. divided into 3 parcels. Gold Country Realty, Carry! Short walk to Broker, 541-408-2944 Inc. 541-504-1338 rate entrance, natural 7'/z acre property with proved. MLS¹201310923 MLS 2014 0 0118. for Complete Listings of Deschutes R i ver. light. 1-acre. $159,900 Central Oregon ¹3152 - 1.4 Acre David Franke, $450,000. Area Real Estate for Sale AD Very private setting. - MLS 201308329 Call upgraded 1742 sq. ft. fully fenced and gated Resort Realty 54'I -420-5986 John L. Scott Real Hager Mountain Estates Enjoy c o mmunity Nancy Popp, Princi- 3 bdrm, 2 bath home, A D ¹3172 5 A c r e Central Oregon Realty amenities Estate 541-548-1712 18745 Clear Springs backs BLM and mtn 4 lots, $25,000 each loireplace, 2 b o n us of g o lf, pal Broker, 541-815- frooms, What are you Group, LLC cated in Silver Lake. storage, fence, Way - Panoramic Mtn views fishing, swimming & 8000. Crooked River Have an item to views set the stage for AD ¹3042 - 2.1 Acre looking for? Underground power private w el l ML S more. MLS Realty The Bulletin and conduit for phone 201407097. $159,900 this 1-level woodsy riverfront p r operty, 201303502sell quick? You'll find it in To Subscribe call and internet. Views of Nancy Popp, retreat. Ideal for fam- OWC 864 sq.ft. shop w/heat, Call Charlie or If it's under Principal Broker ily looking for extra AD ¹3192 - .63 Acre The Bulletin Classifieds Hager Mountain. Sep- 541-385-5800 or go to RV pad w/dump, 3 Virginia, Principal 541-815-8000 tic feasibility for stan- space & privacy. 3.7% canyon rim, S mith bdrm, 2 bath beautiBrokers '500you can place it in dard system. T he assumable loan Rock views. 541-350-3418 fully appointed home. Crooked River Realty The Bulletin area is a sportsman's Open Space & Privacy, makes it even Enclosed garden, with Cute as can be 2 bdrm, 541-385-5809 Redmond RE/MAX ¹3072 - .55 Acre paradise. sweeter. S e parateAD $60,000. 4.78 acres, raised beds. "Dyna- 2 bath, extra building Classifieds for: Land & Homes Awbrey Butte, great 1.71 acres, septic apBobbie Strome, Cascade M o untain mite" Cascade views. outback. LandscapBONUS a p a rtment views. Real Estate proved power and Principal Broker v iews, t r ee d lo t , (576 sq) above 3-car AD ¹3022 - 39 Acres 541-771-7786 One acre. $139,900 ing and much more! '10 - 3 lines, 7 days water at the street. John L Scott Real Crooked River Ranch. garage creates a liv- with exquisite views! MLS 201309296 MLS 201 3 03383. '16 - 3 lines, 14 days MLS¹201307047. ing space of over AD ¹3012 - 8.89 Acre $39,900 ¹201307972 Estate 541-385-5500 5.5 acres, septic, power Nancy Popp, Principal $120,000. MLS Linda Lou Day-Wright. Call Gail Day, Broker 541-815-8000 and water installed. (Private Party ads only) 2500 sf. Many up- fully fenced h orse 201303383. Linda Lou 541- 771-2585 L ot 1 0 Gr o s s D r . 541-306-1018. grades including oak property Crooked River Realty Located near the enDay-Wright Broker $49,500. 1 acre just Central Oregon Realty trance of the Ranch. floors 8 cab i nets,AD ¹3162 - 8.34 Acre Crooked River Realty Updated Home on 4 541-771-2585 bought a new boat? Sunriver. High Group, LLC $'I 19,900 MLS Just Acres - 3bd/2bath on granite countertops, NE Bend homsite $50,000- Fairhaven, an outside Crooked River Realty Sell your old one in the Lakes Realty & PropS/S appliances 8 a 201104846 Call Linda classifieds! Ask about our 4 acres with 3 acres established neighbor- erty ¹3182 - .21 Acre in Man agement La r g e AD The Bulletin's of private water right. w oodstove. Lou Day- Wright. 541hood, has 5 building West Bend Super Seller rates! USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! 541-536-0117 picture windows ex"Call A Service 771-2585 C r o oked 1600 sq ft shop, 1080 lots available! AD ¹3122 - 9 Acre pris 541-385-5809 sq ft barn, Fenced 8 tend the length of this tine Tumalo lot River Realty Door-to-door selling with See online at Lot 22 Gray Squirrel- Professional" Directory cross fenced. Under- 3 bed 2 bath home. A TEAM Birtola Garmyn FACTORY SPECIAL fast results! It's the easiest is all about meeting $22,000. Nice treed .6 New Home, 3 bdrm, ground sprinklers & must see! $360,000. High Desert Realty Call Frank, your needs. way in the world to sell. acre lot near river. Find It in $46,500 finished more. MLS201400236 MLS¹ 201306185. 541-480-9327 541-312-9449 High Lakes Realty 8 Call Linda on your site. The Bulletin Classifieds! $379,000. Redmond RE/MAX www.BendOregon Call on one of the The Bulletin Classified Property M a n age(541) 815-0606 J and M Homes John L. Scott Real Land & Homes Real 541-385-5809 professionals today! ment 541-536-0117 Cascade Realty 541-548-5511 541-385-5809 Estate 541-548-1712 Estate 541-771-7786


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n se t

:::li:: ) 1)vvv



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The Bulletin

To receive your FREECLASSIEIEO Ao, call 385-5809 or visit The Bulletin office at: 1777 SWChandler Ave. (on Bends west side) *OI!erallowsfor 3lines0! textonly. Excludesall service,hay,wood,pets/animals, plants,tickets,weapons,rentals andemployment advertising, andall commercial accounts. Mustbeanindividual itemunder$200.00andprice 0!individual itemmust beincludedinthead. Ask yourBulletin SalesRepresentativeaboutspecial pricing,longerrunschedulesandadditional features. Limi!1 adperitemper 30daysto besold.



• $675,000 I Broken TopReserve

- e• Enjoy The Beautiful Boulder BrooksCommunity

$394,500 I Must See! • River CanyonEstates • 2550 SF • 3 bed, 2.5 bath • 3 cartandemgarage • Water feature

• Pacwest built custom

home • Single level, solar, wood floors 8 stone accents • Spacious & open 2355 SF • Two spacious master suites, oversized three car garage


• 2876 NW Lakemont Dr.

541 8 4 8

$459,000 I Tumalo



541 %41 0 %8084

$185,000 I A Great Home In LaPine!

• Small acreage in Tumalo with mountain views • Horse property, ride to BLM • 3 bed, 3 bath, 3088 SF • 11.80 AC with 5 AC of irrigation




r I

I x~



• Pacific Northwest largest real estate company • Prcqualified buyers waiting to buy your home • If you are selling call us today • Open 7 days a week


$599,900 I luscany Style On '/a Acre

$220,000 I View Property

• 2910 SF • Single levelliving • Stunning kitchen •Two mastersuites • 0.46 AC


Bi~eh~llt.OerePS,eLJ0 PhelPS, • a r I i <r r ~

•5AC & 2.51COIIrrigation •Overlooks SmithRockValley • Upscale neighborhood •Awesomeviews

fen ced lot • Gorgeous open floor plan

541 $771 $1 1 88 ERIC ANDREWS, BROKER

vr l m

541 $480 $71 83

$175,000 I Professional Office In Redmond

Patty Dempsey 541-480-5432 Andrea Phelps . 541-408-4770



Cleme Rinehart 541-480-2100 w ww.rine h a r t d e m p s e y .c o m

541 -42 0 - 3 4 2 3

$579,900 I Single Level Powell Butte Home

541 -48 0 . 7 1 83





- ~



541 - 4 1 0 - 1 20 0

s499,500 I Close In Small Acreage

Call our Bend or Redmond office! We have answers... Available 7 days a week


• 4 bed, 3 bath • 2628SFona0.3AClot • Custom finishesthroughout • Greatbackyardforentertaining • Situated at the end


• River CanyonEstates townhome • Open floorplan • 3 bed, 2.5 bath • Large fencedbackyard

'Cl •

$599,000 I 61667 Tall Tree

I I >.,I • ii •

ofa cul-de-sac

and all



Questions about Real Estate?


• 3321 SFhome • 2000 SF shop/garage • Beautifully landscaped with tranquil pond • Bring your RV,

541 -41 9.8 7 5 8

'4 '

$259,000 I 61166 Foxglove Loop

• 11.25 ACsecludedparcel near Sisters • Recreationalpropertyoff the grid • Please call listing brokerfor directions



• Gently sloping 0.48 AC AwbreyButtelot readyto build on • Sits between 2 existing homes • Backs Mt. Washington Drive • HOA $120 ayear


$55>000 !17760 Wilt Road Sisters

outdoor living


Call Today!

I l„l




541 3 9 0

541 6 3 3


$189,999 I Great Investment Opportunity

$1,020,000 I Stellar Investment Property! complex attached garages • Professionally managed & well maintained


Jg I ~


• Golf course, 5th fairway in Rivers EdgeVillage • Near river trails & shopping • Master on main floor with walk in closets & spacious master bath • Open greatroom,loff/office, 1bed & bathupstairs

$339,900 I The Ridge At Eagle Crest

• 3 bed & 2 bath • Great room • 12X20 bonus room • 31X23 attached three car

• 3 bed, 2 bath • Slab quartz counter tops • 2097 SF • Old growth junipers • V AC iot • MLS¹ 201 305597

garage • 22X48 concrete RV

$145,000 I Bends Westside


$299,900 I Beautiful Townhome

$259,900 ! 2074SF Home WithRVParking


• Spacious duplex in NE Bend • 2 bed, 1 bath with single car garages • Light & bright open floor plans • Professionally managed

• 2 bed, 1.5 bath with

•Two homeson one lotin


$237,500 I Investment Property

• 11 unit townhome

Midtown • Tenant occupied & professionally managed • Unit 8 is a two story built in 2003 • 5 bed & 2.5 bath



• Fully occupied duplex • Blocks from Sage Elementary • 1834SF,4bed &2bath

$299,900 I Rare Investment Opportunity!


$249,900 I Stunning Cascade Mtn Views

•Commercialuseapproved •5 car parking • Updatedinterior • Low down payment & fm anang available •Vacant& readyto move in


• 3275 SF,4 bed, 3 bath • Private 30acres •2mastersuites • 40X60 shop • Incredible


Sellingp Why Winderfnere...

• 0.81 AC parcel • 1232 SF • 3bed,1bath • Nicely updated home! • MLS¹ 201310879

• Open floor plan • Fresh paint • Granite counters • Two balconies • Detached garage


EHZZI% 541 $410 $8084

$124,900 I Updated Farmhouse

$449,000 I Riverfront Condo, DowntownBend

• 3 mastersuites • Extensive remodelin 2011 • 1902 SF owner occupied or vacation rental • Close to all Sunnver hasto offer



• Open floor plan • Fully fenced acre • Circular driveway • Large garage • Parklike setting • MLS¹ 201 306933


$390,000 !16 Modoc, Sunriver

Time toenjoylife & comeenjoy BoulderBrookswell maintained community. Ifyouwantto travel or just sit &enjoythebeautiful Central Oregon sunsets comecheck us out.

• 2 renovated 2 bedcondos • High end finishes • Stack W/D & stainless appliances • Near COCC & Newport Market • Professionally managed &Well maintained

541 i 308 i 04 7 9 C H RISTIN HUNTER, BROKER 541 $977 $1 852 TONY LEVISON, BROKER

541-4 8 0 . 6 7 9 0

$329,900 I AmazinVi gews! AmazingLogHome!

$829,000 I Shevlin Ridge Stunner



parking • MLS¹ 201309455

• 3bed,2bath,2500+SF & onL87AC • Lots of flex space, so muchpotential • Incredible indoor & outdoor living • Large master with sauna 8 private balcony • Shop& RVareaswith 220, beautifully maintained, a mustseei

$255,000 I Beautiful Home With City Views


• 2137 SF home • 4 bed, 2 bath • Vaulted ceiling • Newly remodeled kitchen • Slab granite, heated slate floors • 3 patios, fenced with mature landscaping

541-480-9883 AUDREY COOK, BROKER










I' I' •.




• R.D. building & design • New construction • 3553 SF & 42X16RVgarage • 3 bed (2 full) & 2.5 bath, bonus room plus office

' '




. •





i i

i i '


' I B




l3 a










1": '



IE =- {I


9 4


• •

• e II I •


• I II

I •






tB tiLLJ

4"IEPms li

WESTHILLSl $450,000 • 3535 sq.ft. JAHlAUGHLIN, BROKE RABRCRS • 3 bedroom, 3 bath • 1860 NW Rimrock GRICSP 541-350-6049 • MLS 201306398


PRIVA TE,GATEDESTATEl $1,890,000 DARRINKELLEHER, • 4801 sq.ft. home BROKER • 4 bedroom,4.5 bath ~ ' 19,54

541-188-0029 • MLS 201305564


JIMMORAN, • ' 50 04 sq.ft, 4 bedroom • ' Go urmet kitchen, theater room BROKER

541-419-8165 • MLS 201301793

541-948-0991 • MLS 201400616


• Historic character - renovated





' '

' -



DIANEROBINSON, ' 2593 sq ft. • 2 master suites BROKER ABR

' 2.18 acres, extensivedecking

DIANELOZITO • s 3329 sq.ft. custom home ~ • 4 bedroom, 3 bath BROKER 541-548-3598, • 2 44 acres 541-306-9646 • MLS 201309953

'-44'r4B~ t

THREE PINESCDHIBBPORARYlSSBBJNO CATHYDELNERO, • New conslruction 2825 sq.ft. • 4 bedroom, 3 bath BROKER , CSP • .23acre treed lot

541-410-5280 • MLS 201306372

SUNRIVER l $549,000

• 2264 sq.ff JACKJOHNS • 4 bedroom,3.5 bath BROKERGRi • .30acre 541-480-9300 • MLS 201400042



541-948-7998 • MLS 201304836

541-322-2411 • MLS 201305542

• 5 acres

WEST HILLSBEAUTYl $499AOI • 4 bedroom 2 5 bath • Cascade Mountain views

5 ACRES l $489,000 JACIGE FRENCH,I '» q" '•


s 4 bedroom, 2 bath • Beautiful landscape, pond

541-480-2269 • MLS 201309091











ASPENRIM l $429,900 • 3030 sq.ft. Renaissance built • 4 bedroom, 3 bath • Earlh Advantage Certified

• MLS 201310605

SKYUNERSUMMIT l$429,900 • 2525 sq.ft. • 4 bedroom,3.5 bath


• .11acre lot

541-383-4334 • MLS 201309912


NORT HWESTCROSSINGl $419JOI • 1660 sq.ft. craftsman • 3 bedroom, 2 bath • Hardwood floors,maplecabinets

• MLS 201400566


BROKEN TOPl $400,000 v 2041 sq.ft. townhome v 3bedroom, 3.5 bath • On 9th Fairway

541-390-9598 • MLS 201400233

TANGLEWOODl$398,500 MICHAEL JHQPP , • 4 bedroom,2.5 bath BROKER

• Hardwood floors, cherrycabinets • .21acre lot, 3<ar garage

541-390-0504 • MLS 201400230

hei r


ELKHORN RIDGEl $315,000 • 2245 sq.ft, home • 4 bedroom, 3 bath • Landscaped, fenced yard

• MLS 201308088


• 3 bedroom, 3 bath • .19acre, fencedyard 541-480-7647 • MLS 201309521 BROKER

NE BEND f $299,000 PEBQ RAHBEHSOHK, • 2092 sq.ft, remodeled • 3 bedroom, 2 bath BROKER, GRI PREV IEWSPECIALIST • Treed .25 acre lot

541-480-6448 • MLS 201400365

SW BEND f $299AIDD Uy NEUMAN • + 2142 sq.ft. single level PRINCIPAL • + 4 bedroorn, 2 bath • .37landscaped acre BROKER 541-480-2102 • MLS 201400639


• Franklin Brothers newconstruction

• 3bedroom, 2bath,openfloorplan II I I I I S I • Custom cabinSS ets,appliances 541-728-8615 • MLS 201400398 BROKER


i EEtR,.' .i1 4

NE BEND l $212,000

MINDAMCKITRICK • 2151 sq.ft. • 4 bedroom,2.5 bath,den/ofi ce BROKER GM • RV parking, large backyard 541-280-6148 • MLS 201308521 '

SOUTH DEERFIELDPARKl $2S8,900 CMDLT HPRIKBBLTK • Franklin Brothers1800 sq.ft. BROKER , ABR, CRS, ' New Construction, single level • Landscapedfront 8 back GREEN 541-383-4350 • MLS 201308645


• peschutes RiverB Pilot Bu> views • Build in Bend's bestkeptsecret • .37acre lot • MLS 201307954

NE BEND l $249,500 AMY HAIJIGAN • 1728 sq,ft,

• 3 bedroom 2 5 bath ' .16 acre corner lot


541-410-9045 • MLS 201309188


• .25acre lot • Cascade Mountain view • Close to Shevlin Park

541-480-1911 • MLS 201301093

' I'mtiB 4 hi


• .39acre lot • End of culde.sac location • City waler 4 sewer

541-322-1500 • MLS 201400429

NE BEND l $204,900


DEBBIE JQHIVSQI4, ' 1384 sq ft • 3 bedroom, 2 bath BROKER

NOTTINH GAMSGUAREl $198,S00 LYNNE CQNNEUEY ' 1408 sq B. • 2 bedroom, 2 balh BROKER CRS


541-480-1293 • MLS 201311092

541-408-6720 • MLS 201400505

541-383-4334 • MLS 201400407


• New carpeting

• .22acre, fencedyard

PRINEVILLE l $182,300 2199 sq.ft. manufactured • 3 bedroom, 2 bath • 1.88 acres, huge shop/garage


• 1.83 acre lol • 1430 sq.ft. manufactured 541-383-4359 • 3 bedroom, 2 bath


541-896-1263 • MLS 201400635

"4 ttVfssg@ t~,: ss LA PINE.82 ACRE l $149,900 GARYROSE, BROKER , MBA

• Overlooks Little Deschutes River

• 1352 sq.ft. A-frame • 2 bedroom, I bath 541-588-0687 • MLS 201309302

RIDGE ATEAGLECR ESTl $119,900 • .38acre lot GREG FLQYDK • Views to north and east BROKER • Close to upperathletic facility 541-390-5349 • MLS 201307552


• Cascade Mountain views • .32to .36 acre lots • Golf, pool, tennis B trails

• MLS 201301147


JJ JQNE S BROKER 541 610 7318 541-788-3618

PRINEVILLE l $99,000

• 2.04 acres • Cascade Mountam views • Crooked River views

• MLS 2704850

THREE RIVERSSOUTHl S69900 2 68 acre lot 'GREG MILLERK ' Across fromLiltle DeschutesRiver BROKER , CRS, • Outdoor recreation paradise GRI 541-408-1511 • MLS 201308493


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• P ets 8 Supplies







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Cockatiels, lovebirds, REDUCE YOUR The Bulletin Offers Bend Habitat Mint condition NEXT LEVEL ONCABLE BILL!* Get a FreePrivate Party Ads RESTORE parakeets, and finch. upgraded senior Breeders and babies Mid-Century Unique whole-home Satellite • 3 lines - 3 days Building Supply Resale LINE AUCTIONSfor Central Oregon and shafts, head covcall for availability and system installed at • Private Party Only Quality at LOW beyond. Online bidprices. Everything ers &new grips. NO COST and pro- • Total of items adverPRICES ding for a wide asmust go including ramming starting at tised must equal $200 740 NE 1st Drivers: Ping G10 sortment of mer541-312-6709 cages! 541-279-3578 Sponsor needed for 1 9.99/mo. FRE E or Less 13.5 T-Made Super chandise. Looking Tomasita, abandoned, 202 HD/DVR Upgrade to FOR DETAILS or to Open to the pubkc. fast 12 . Donate deposit bottles/ s tarving, m atted & for new bidders and new callers, SO CALL PLACE AN AD, Hybrids: Cobra DWS Want to Buy or Rent cans to local all vol., needing dental care. Steel Building new consignments Head 8 Footboard, NOW Call 541-385-5809 4-5-6 irons; Clevenon-profit rescue, for Social 8 glad to be out with wood-grain look, Allocated Bargains of all kinds; from a 1-866-984-8515. Fax 541-385-5802 land HB 3, 7-8-9 and CASH for dressers, feral cat spay/neuter. of the cold, thanks to a double size has no 40x60 on up couple items to (PNDC) P/W; Ping G156 dead washers/drvers Cans for Cats trailer at Redmond meter reader side rails. Could be Two Berninas: 1000 We do deals household or busiiron green dot; 541-420-5640 Jake's Diner; or do- who found her & called repurposed into a Special fre e -arm, ness liquidations. 255 Cleveland XLi S/W nate M-F a t S m i th Source¹ 18X CRAFT. Vet says OK garden bench, or a $250; 2000DE Serger We can sell just Wanted: $Cash paid for I/I/edges: Ping G15, Computers 541-227-6921 Sign, 1515 NE 2nd; or except for a badly inwith elasticator and about anything. vintage costume jew- at CRAFT, T umalo. fected mouth, dehydra- u nique item. U s e gap S/W, lobb. m ultipurpose foo t Take a look at nexelry. Top dollar paid for Call for Irg. quantity your imagination! 951-454-2561 T HE B U LLETIN r e tion, emaciation & re$150. 760-917-1969 tlevelonlineauctions. Gold/Siiver.l buy by the Askinq $75. Call a Pro quires computer adEstate, Honest Artist pickup, 541-389-8420. ally bad mats. We are 541 -41 9-6408 com or call Whether you need a vertisers with multiple Wantedpaying cash etting her well enough 246 Elizabeth,541-633-7006 541-548-8525 ad schedules or those ror surgery, but we're a for Hi-fi audio & stufence fixed, hedges Guns, Hunting selling multiple sys- dio equip. Mclntosh, Wanted: Cement mixer, BULLETINCLASSIFIEDS small rescue and vet trimmed or a house & Fishing Oak Showcase tems/ software, to dis- J BL, Marantz, D yused, gas or electric, Search the area's most costs are a big hit. A built, you'll find call 541-447-7807 comprehensive listing of s ponsorship for h e r 60" long, 24" wide Bend local pays CASH!! close the name of the naco, Heathkit, San42" high. Great business or the term sui, Carver, NAD, etc. classified advertising... would be a blessing, & professional help in for all firearms & 205 "dealer" in their ads. Call 541-261-1808 counter case, real estate to automotive, a foster home to reThe Bulletin's "Call a ammo. 541-526-0617 Private party advertisItems for Free merchandise to sporting cover after surgery, or plate glass top. WHEN YOU SEE THIS Service Professional" better yet, a f o rever ers are defined as CASH!! goods. Bulletin Classifieds $475 those who sell one For Guns, Ammo 8 16 n TVs (2) freeappear every day in the home. 5 41-598-5488, Directory 541-382-6773 389-8420. CRAFT, Bx Reloading Supplies. computer. still work good. print or on line. 541-385-5809 6441, Ben d 9 7 708, 541-408-6900. 541-330-2282 Call 541-385-5809 258 Original Led Zeppelin On a classified ad 400 back issues of Ar- comic book, $ 2 00 ION'Nils I&IIl 267 308 Travel/Tickets go to ftcats. Thanks! chitectural Digest Magaobo. 541-548-6642 Fuel & Wood Farm Equipment The Bulletin zine in boxes. all good ServingCentral nirngnnsince 1%8 Advertise V A CATION to view additional & Machinery cond. 541-617-5051 The Bulletin reserves DO YOU HAVE 1 cord dry, split Juniper, SPECIALS to 3 milphotos of the item. German Shepherd the right to publish all SOMETHING TO $190/cord. Multi-cord 60" Brush hog, good lion Pacific N o rthBlue office cubicle dipups, parents on site. ads from The Bulletin SELL westerners! 29 daily Wine cooler, Emerson, discounts, & i/~ cords vider, 4x 5 ' . F r ee! Ready now! $500 ea. newspaper onto The FOR $500 OR available. Immediate condition, $550; and newspapers, six holds 6 bottles/8 max, 541-420-4303 Due to family illness new! $85. 541-410-1312 delivery! 541-408-6193 60" adjustable blade Bulletin Internet webLESS? states. 25-word clasfor t ractor, S OLD. we must find homes Non-commercial 208 Standard P o o dles site. sified $540 for a 3-day 541-923-9758 for parents as well. 261 All Year Dependable AKC, ready now, tails advertisers may a d. Ca l l (91 6) Pets & Supplies Only serious inquiries Firewood: Seasoned; N ew H o lland 2 5 5 0 The Bulletin Medical Equipment place an ad docked, dew claws, 2 88-6019 o r vis i t please. 541-280-2118 shots, dewormed, vet Lodgepole 1 for $195 swather, 14' header with our for the or 2 for $365. Cedar, with conditioner, cab "QUICK CASH Havanese AKC male 16 exam. $ 600-$1800. Pacific Nor t hwest Falcon 215 4-w h eel split, del. Bend: 1 for heat/A/C, 1300 orig. SPECIAL" wks, shots/dewormed, 541-870-6495. Daily Co n nection. power scooter with Coins & Stamps $175 or 2 for $325. hrs. $29,000 obo. 1 week3!ines 12 (PNDC) crate trained 8 smart! WANTED Miniature accessories, gently 541-420-3484. 1486 International, cab OI' $475. 541-279-3018 poodle puppy. Call used, in need of heat/A/C, 5 4 0/1 000 ~nnnkn nin 260 541-892-0933 or new battery (orderPto, 3 sets remotes, Ad must Pine & juniper Split Abandoned, starving La Misc.ltems 541-891-8791 ing info avail.) $400. nice tractor. $18,000. include price of Pine kittens were found Call 541-389-1821 541-419-3253 e in le item ni Snnn n~ Yorkie pups AKC, 2 boys, by a Deputy who called PROMPT D ELIVERY for details. or less, or multiple i A double depth in 2 girls, potty training, UTD C RAFT. They h a ve 541-389-9663 325 shots, heaith guar., $600 items whosetotal l terment gra v e upper respiratory isHay, Grain & Feed & up. 541-777-7743 HELP YOUR AD does not exceed space with o uter sues & were almost HAVANESE PUPPIES Well over a cord - split Full size power stand out from the $500. l burial container built dead from dehydration, AKC, Dewclaws, UTD 210 seasoned lodgepole, First quality Orchard/Timadjustable bed rest! Have the top line in, located in Meadbut responded well to shots/wormer, non-shed, Furniture & Appliances delivered. $195. othy/Blue Grass mixed w/memory foam in bold print for only Call Classifieds at owpark area of DeI vet care & should be hypoallergenic, $850 541-480-5335 hay, no rain, barn stored, 541-385-5809 mattress, $800. Por$2.00 extra. Memorial l schutes OK. Sponsors, fosters 541-460-1277. $250/ton.Patterson Ranch 48" round oak table & 4 table wheelchair, Gardens, $ 1 000. & adopters needed. 269 Sisters, 541-549-3831 The Bulletin 4 leg walker, I Call 541-389 1821 Call 541-598-5488 or Husky-Wolf female, pure chairs w/pads 24" leaf, Gardening Supplies Quadri-Poise cane, $175. 541-388-3004 345 389-8420. CRAFT, Bx white, yellow eyes, 3mos, 541-385-5809 Find exactly what bathroom assist & Equipment 6441, Bend 9 7 708, $200. 541-977-7019 Livestock & Equipment People Look for Information you are looking for in the chair, all for $200. 240 About Products and Auto Accident Attorney Call 541-526-5737 AKC Newfoundland CLASSIFIEDS Intermountain Crafts & Hobbies INJURED I N AN puppy, m ale, 1 2 Services Every Daythrough aftcats. Thanks! Livestock A CCIDENT? weeks, black, current The Bulletin Classifieds Glock gun l ight/laser AUTO 263 Invitation Bull & Open Adopt a rescued kitten on shots, $1100. Call sight, $200; High cap Call InjuryFone for a PROMPT DELIVERY Replacement Heifer Tools free case evaluation. or cat! Fixed, shots, Jill 541-279-6344 .40 Glock mags, $20 542-389-9663 A1 Washers&Dryers Sale Thursday, March Never a cost to you. ID chip, tested, more! e a; .40 G ol d D o t , $150 ea. Full war6, 2014. Sale starts at Rescue at 65480 78th POODLE pups AKC toy, Pow'rBall, H o r nady Don t wait, call now! 6hp air compressor, 125 ranty. Free Del. Also 12:00 p.m. Pacific Ib max, 240V, like new, 1-800-539-9913. St., Bend, Thurs/Sat/ tiny teacup, cuddly people wanted, used W/D's Critical Defense, 75S/rd. For newspaper 55 Reputation Range dogs. 541-475-3889 asking $625. Delivery (PNDC) Sun, 1-5, 389-8420. 503-585-5000, Bend. delivery, call the 541-280-7355 Ready Bulls; Over Alderwood Quiltworks available. 541-385-9350 Circulation Dept. at 300+ Fancy Open machine quilting GUN SHOW Bend Indoor Swap USE THE CLASSIFIEDS! 541-385-5800 Feb. 22-23rd 264 Heifers. Adult barn/shop cats, Area rug, 8'x10', dark frame for sale, locally Illleet -A Mini-Mall full To place an ad, call Deschutes Fairgrounds Exit 265 fixed, shots, some Door-to-door selling with green 8 beige w/fruit demade in Prineville, of Unique Treasures! Snow Removal Equi pment 541-385-5809 Buy! Sell! Trade! friendly, others not so fast results! It's the easiest sign, $150. 541-388-3004 easy to use, makes SAT. La Grande, OR 9-5 • SUN. 10-3 3rd St. & Wilson Ave. or email much. No fee & we'll For Heifer Consignquilting a dream! 10-5 Thurs-Fri-Sat. JD Model SB1164 PTO $8 Admission, way in the world to sell. ments call Dennis deliver. 541-389 8420 Comes with Handi s now b l ower, n e w , 12 & under free! Buying Diamonds $2500 obo 541-318-6157 The Bulletin Arnzen 541-561-4697; handles, includes. OREGON TRAIL GUN Aussies, Mini AKC The Bulletin Classified Serving Central Ornynn since siS Jon Levy 541-310-0854 manual, exc. shape, /Gold for Cash SHOWS, 541-347-2120 red/blue merles, blue 541-385-5809 or Tim McMiller only used to quilt 4 Saxon's Fine Jewelers or 541-404-1890 eyes, parents on site. 541-910-3555 tops, like new. 541-389-6655 270 541-598-5314 Leupold 3x9 varix2 gold SnOWbloM/er QueensfandHeelers $600. 541-549-1273 Lost & Found Armoire for sale, ring rifle scope, gloss or 541-419-2160 BUYING Craftsman electric or TURN THE PAGE Border Collie/New Zeal- Standard & Mini, $150 Cherry/wrought iron black, $175. Lionel/American Flyer pull-start, 29" wide, Found car key with re 8 up. 541-280-1537 and Huntaway pups, great For More Ads Perfect condition, 541-408-1676 trains, accessories. 9HP, 5 forward 2 re- mote Feb 3rd on NW dogs, working parents, www.rightwayranch.wor handmade, Brother Industrial The Bulletin 541-408-2191. verse speeds. $300. 541-546-6171. Leupold Vx2 6x18x40, Broadway in Bend. Call solid wood. Sewing machine & $400 cash. gold ring rifle scope, BUYING 8i SE LLING to identify, 541-389-1243 69 nx39nx23.5". table 358 541-815-6319 mat black, $650. All gold jewelry, silver L ost M o torola c e l l Farmers Column 541-408-1676 kcaravelli © and gold coins, bars, p hone NE s ide o f Check out the rounds, wedding sets, Raptor AR-15, extra Bend. 541-480-5794 10X20 Storage Buildings classifieds online long barrel, $900 firm. class rings, sterling silfor protecting hay, G ENERATE SOM E 541-610-2363 ver, coin collect, vinwww.bendbulletirLcom Call The Bulletin At firewood, livestock etc. EXCITEllllENT in your watches, dental 541-385-5809 Updated daily $1496 Installed. neighborhood! Plan a Brother L S 2 -B837 Savage model 111 270 tage gold. Bill Fl e ming, garage sale and don't walking foot, needle WIN bolt action, black 541-382-9419. Place Your Ad Or E-Mail (other sizes available) 541-617-1133. forget to advertise in fed industrial leather synthetic stock, blued At: CCB ¹173684 classified! finish, detach mag, Guaranteed Income For sewing m a chine. with Simon 3-9 x40 280 286 kfjbuilders© 541-385-5809. Your Ret i rement. achine i s t a b l e pro sport scope, $350. Estate Sales Sales Northeast Bend Loveseat, beautiful Rach- M Avoid market risk & 375 mounted. When last .i 541-408-1676 get guaranteed inREMEMBER: If you elin Classics, cream, sacused it was in exMeat & Animal Processing ESTATE SALE! Beds, have lost an animal, rifice $150. 541-410-1312 cellent working con- SIG P938 with crimson come in retirement! SNOyyBLON/ERi dressers, lots more. ** FREE ** don't forget to check CALL for FREE copy dition. Add i tional trace, black with rose John Deere dual Buermann's Ranch Fri. 10-5, Sat. 10-2. NEED To CANCEL Garage Sale Kit The Humane Society Meats, Burns Oregonred grip, 3 clips. $850 of our SAFE MONEY pictures upon restage with hand 64836 Starwood Dr. YOUR AD? GUIDE Plus Annuity Bend an ad in The 541-604-4203. quest. $1500 OBO. warmers, Briggs & We deliver to Bend area! Bend. 208-691-2966 Place The Bulletin Quotes from A-Rated Stratton 4 cycle 16.5 541-382-3537 Bulletin for your ga541-213-2333 i/2hog or whole lamb, Classifieds has an Companies! Redmond rage sale and rehp, model 1332PE, $200 fully processed Stag Arms AR-15: "After Hours"Line 800-908-7035. 541-923-0882 ceive a Garage Sale Now taking orders for used one season, Model Stag15, Newman Estate Sale Kit FREE! Call 541-383-2371 241 (PNDC) Prinn illn ranch-raised grain-fed kke new. $1100. 5.56/223, Stainless 61260 SE King So24 hrs. to cancel nni-447-7178; Bicycles & 541-306-6505 or beef, half or whole, $3/Ib lomon Lane, Bend. steel barrel. Leyour ad! KIT INCLUDES: How to avoid scam nr Crnii Cats fully processed. 503-819-8100 Accessories 50-year accumulation of • 4 Garage Sale Signs upold Firedot G nni-nnn-nnnn. and fraud attempts Call 541-573-2677 household items. Fur• $2.00 Off Coupon To Recliner plush maroon 3-9X40 Scope, YBe aware of internagreat cond. $200 obo. niture, exercise equip. Use Toward Your MagPul PRS tional fraud. Deal lo541-923-6303 vintage pool table and Next Ad buttstock, Hogue cally whenever pos• 10 Tips For "Garage Budweiser light, yarn, grip, Bipod. $2000 sible. tools, hunting equip., Sale Success!" The Bulletin Call 541-410-3568 s/ Watch for buyers tons of kitchen items. recommends extra ' Fri-Sat, 9-4, numbers 8 who offer more than SELL IT FAST IN ClASSIFIEDS! f caution when purPICK UP YOUR Maverick ML7 Wanted: Collector seeks your asking price and a.m. See pix and dechasing products or • 2005 GARAGE SALE KIT at Mountain Bike, 15" high quality fishing items scriptions www.farmwho ask to have services from out of I 1777 SW Chandler (small). Full & upscale bamboo fly money wired or houseestatesales. com ~ the area. Sending ~ frame Ave., Bend, OR 97702 ' cash, checks, o r ' suspension, Maverick rods. Call 541-678-5753, handed back to them. or 503-351-2746 s hock, SRAM X O Fake cashier checks f credit i n f ormation The Bulletin drivetrain & shifters, 9 and money orders 286 Serving Central Oregonsince 1903 may be subjected to 247 speed rear cassette, are common. f FRAUD. For more Sales Northeast Bend Sporting Goods 34-11, Avid Juicy disc YNever give out perinformation about an t brakes. Well t aken Misc. sonal financial inforadvertiser, you may I ESTATE & Need to get an are o f. $950 . mation. e call the O r e gon e c541-788-6227. MOVING SALE! s/Trust your instincts Kneeboard, O'Brien ad in ASAP? ' State Atto r ney ' Immaculate full home, Tournament Plus, and be wary of f General's O f fi ce You can place it queen and full beds, 242 $15. 541-388-3879 someone using an Consumer Protec- • online at: tan leather sofa, sofa Exercise Equipment Water Skis (pair) O'Brien escrow service or tion h o t line at I and loveseat, com- i 1-877-877-9392. agent to pick up your Celebrity, very good, plete office, round oak Pro-Form 350 S Cross merchandise. $30. 541-388-3879 dining set, d r esser, 541 -385-5809 > Serving TheBulletin > trainer treadmill, fold bookcases and books, Central Oregonsince fnon The Bulletin 253 up, $75. 541-504-0729 inrnng Central Onegnn nnnn 1903 Pro Form t r eadmill, TV, Stereo & Video coffeeand end tables, 292 212 243 lamps artwork, f u ll Natural gas Ruud DirectTV 2 Year SavSales Other Areas Antiques & Ski Equipment kitchen, quality ladies tankless water ings Event! Over 140 clothing, 2 small freezCollectibles heater, brand new! channels only $29.99 ers, golf clubs, garage NOTICE 199 Btu, $1800. ~p s~DR~OM~ST a month. O nly Diand yard items, an- Remember to remove Antiques wanted: tools, Also brand new 80 rwo dark oak night recTV gives you 2 tiques include book- your Garage Sale signs furniture, marbles,early stands and matcang YEARS of s a vings gal. electric water case/desk, mahogany B/W photography, That old tiredBedroomsetyou got fromyour Parents! head boards condiTion: Replace (nails, staples, etc.) heater, $500. and a FREE Genie corner china cabinet, toys, decoys, jewelry. No scratches. Very after your Sale event In Sunriver area. upgrade! Call chair 8 rocker, Fosto541-389-1578 sturdy.Was$1200 new, is over! THANKS! 530-938-3003 1-800-259-5140. ria stemware, sterling offering for only From The Bulletin • Under $500 $29 Austrian-made (PNDC) and misc collectibles, and your local utility 8650 080 Volant Silver • $500 to $99 9 $39 retro lamps, jewelry, 541-000-000 companies. Ret a i ler.*REDUCE YOUR diamond-finished DISH T V • $1000 to $2499 $49 books and more! it Cott¹tgrl CnirtciiPt Starting at CABLE BILL! Get an Diigtlts skis, Fri. & Sat., 9-4, • $2500 and over $59 The Bulletin All-Digital Sa t e llite $19.99/month (for 12 Serving Central Oregon since inan Visit our HUGE 170cm in length. numbers Fri., 8 a.m. mos.) 8 High Speed system installed for Used only 5 times, Includes up to 40 words oftext, 2 in length, with home decor 2338 NE Buckwheat I nternet starting a t FREE and programthey are in great consignment store. border,full color photo,boldheadlineand price. Ct. in Mt. View Park off $14.95/month (where m ing s t a rting a t Serving Central Oregonsince ints condition. New items NE 27th 8 Rosemary Call The Bulletin At • 1'he Central OregonNickel Ads available.) SAVE! Ask • The Bulletin $ 24.99/mo. FRE E arrive daily! Were over $1200 541-385-5809 Attic Estates & AppraisAbout SAME DAY In- HD/DVR upgrade for Some new; asking $300 930 SE Textron, • Central Oregon Marketplace + 541-385-5809 restrictions apply stallation! CALL Now! new callers, SO CALL als, 541-350-6822 or best offer. Bend 541-318-1501 Place Your Ad Or E-Mail www.atticestatesan1-800-308-1563 NOW (877)366-4508. 'Privatepariymerchandiseonly - excludespets8liveslock, autos,Rvs, molorcycles, boats, airplanes,andgaragesale mlegories. 541-389-0049 At: (PNDC) (PNDC)




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The Bulletin



541-385-5809 or go to







Travel Trailers

Fifth Wheels

Tioga 24' Class C Motorhome Bought new in 2000, currently under 20K miles, excellent shape, new tires, professionaly winterized every year, cutoff switch to battery, plus new RV batteries. Oven, hot water heater & air conditioning have never been used! $24,000 obo. Serious inquiries, please. Stored in Terrebonne.


AD PLACEMENT DEADLINES Monday • • • • • • • 5:00 pm Fri • Tuesday.••• • • • .Noon Mon. Wednesday •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Noon Tues. Thursday • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Noon Wed. Friday. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Noon Thurs. Saturday Real Estate.. . . . . . . . . . 1 1 :00 am Fri.

Saturday • • • Sunday. • • • •

• . 3:00pm Fri. • • 5:00 pm Fri • Place a photoin yourprivate party ad foronly$15.00per week.

PRIVATE PARTY RATES Starting at 3 lines

*UNDER '500in total merchandise

OVER'500 in total merchandise

7 days.................................................. $10.00 14 days................................................ $16.00

Garage Sale Special

4 days.................................................. $16.50 7 days.................................................. $24.00 14 days .................................................$33.50 28 days .................................................$61.50

4 lines for 4 days ................................. $20.00

(call for commercial line ad rates)

*illfust state prices in ad

A Payment Drop Box is available at CLASSIFIED OFFICE HOURS: Bend City Hall. CLASSIFICATIONS MON.-FRI. 7:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. BELOW M A R K E D W ITH AN (*) REQUIRE PREPAYMENT as well as any out-of-area ads. The Bulletin The Bulletin bendbulletimcom reserves the right to reject any ad at any time. is located at: 1777 S.W. Chandler Ave. Bend, Oregon 97702


PLEASE NOTE: Checkyour ad for accuracy the first day it appears. Please call us immediately if a correction is needed. We will gladly accept responsibility for one incorrect insertion. The publisher reserves the right to accept or reject any ad at anytime, classify and index any advertising based on the policies of these newspapers. The publisher shall not be liable for any advertisement omitted for any reason. Private Party Classified ads running 7 or moredays will publish in the Central OregonMarketplace each Tuesday. 476


Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities


The Bulletin

Bend Golf & Country Club Golf is hiring for


Employment Opportunities

Course Maintenance-

Seasonal full and part-time positions, March-October. Golfing priveleges included. Apply inperson at: 61045 Country Club Drive in Bend, or call 541-382-1083 for more information.

Accounting Local CPA Firm seeks an experienced bookkeeper. Must have exp. in QuickBooks, payroll and can handle multiple projects simultaneously. For detailed job description and application, please visit Good classified adstell our website at the essential facts in an interesting Manner.Write from the readers view -not Add your web address the seller's. Convert the to your ad and readfacts into benefits. Show ers on The Bulletin's the reader howthe item will web site, www.bendhelp them in someway., will be This able to click through advertising tip automatically to your brought toyouby website.

LThe Bulletin


Need help fixing stuff? Call A ServiceProfessional find the help you need.

i to

Call 54 /-385-5809

ro mote o ur service


1994 Arctic Cat 560 EXT, in good condition, $1000.

Located in La Pine. Call 541-406-6149.

Have an item to sell quick? If it's under '500you can place it in The Bulletin Classifieds for:


NOTICE: Oregon state ERIC REEVE HANDY law requires anyone SERVICES. Home & who con t racts for Commercial Repairs, construction work to Carpentry-Painting, be licensed with the Pressure-washing, Construction ContracHoney Do's. On -time tors Board (CCB). An promise. Senior active license Discount. Work guarmeans the contractor anteed. 541-389-3361 is bonded & insured. or 541-771-4463 Verify the contractor's Bonded & Insured CCB l i c ense at CCB¹f 61595 Look at: or call 503-376-4621. The Bulletin mends checking with for Complete Listings of the CCB prior to con- Area Real Estate for Sale tracting with anyone. Some other t rades also req u ire additional licenses and Landscaping/Yard Care certifications. NOTICE: Oregon Landscape Contractors Law Debris Removal (ORS 671) requires all businesses that adJUNK BE GONE vertise t o pe r form I Haul Away FREE Landscape ConstrucFor Salvage. Also tion which includes: Cleanups & Cleanouts l anting, deck s , ences, arbors, Mel, 541-389-8107 water-features, and installation, repair of irTURN THE PAGE rigation systems to be For More Ads l icensed w it h th e The Bulletin Landscape Contractors Board. This 4-digit number is to be inDomestic Services cluded in all advertisements which indiA ssisting Seniors a t the business has Home. Light house cate bond, insurance and keeping & other ser a workers compensavices. Licensed for their employBonded. BBB Certi tion ees. For your protecfied. 503-756-3544 tion call 503-378-5909 or use our website: Handyman to check license status I DO THAT! before contracting with Home/Rental repairs the business. Persons Small jobs to remodels doing lan d scape Honest, guaranteed maintenance do not work. CCB¹151 573 r equire an LC B l i Dennis 541-317-9768 cense.



Loans & Mortgages WARNING The Bulletin recommends you use caution when you provide personal information to companies offering loans or credit, especially those asking for advance loan fees or companies from out of state. If you have


2013 Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide, black, only 200 miles, brand new, all stock, plus after-market exhaust. Has winter cover, helmet. Selling for what I owe on it: $15,500. Call anytime, 541-554-0384

Harley Davidson 2009 Super Glide Custom, Stage 1 Screaming Eagle performance, too many options to list, $8900. 541-388-8939

Harley Davidson 2011 Classic Limited, Loaded! 9500 miles, custom paint "Broken Glass" by Nicholas Del Drago, new condition, heated handgrips, auto cruise control. $32k in bike, only $20,000or best offer. 541-316-6049

HDFatBo 1996

concerns or questions, we suggest you consult your attorney or call CONSUMER HOTLINE,

1-877-877-9392. Completely Rebuilt/Customized BANK TURNED YOU 2012/2013 Award DOWN? Private party Winner will loan on real es- Showroom Condition tate equity. Credit, no Many Extras problem, good equity Low Miles. is all you need. Call $17,000 Oregon Land Mort541-548-4807 gage 541-386-4200. LOCALMONEyrWe buy secured trustdeeds & note,some hard money loans. Call Pat Kellev 541-382-3099 ext. t 9.

TiCk, TOCk TiCk, TOCk... ...don't let time get away. Hire a professional out of The Bulletin's "Call A Service Professional" Directory today!

Triumph Daytona 2004, 15K m i l es, perfect bike, needs nothing. Vin ¹201536.

$4995 Dream Car Auto Sales

1801 Division, Bend 541-678-0240 Dlr 3665

S TRUGGLING W I T H YOUR M O R TGAGE and worried a bout

foreclosure? Reduce your mortgage & save money. Legal loan modification services. Free co n sultation. Call Preferred Law V ictory TC 9 2 ci 1-800-335-6592. 2002, runs great, (PNDC) 40K mi., Stage 1


Independent Contractor Sales We are seeking dynamic individuals.


Our winning team of sales & promotion professionals are making an average of $400 - $800 per week doing special events, trade shows, retail & grocery store promotions while representing THE BULLETIN newspaper as an independent contractor WE OFFER:

* Solid Income Opportunity * Complete Training Program* * No Selling Door to Door * * No Telemarketing Involved * * Great Advancement Opportunity * * Full and Part Time Hours*

FOR THE CHANCE OF A LIFETIME, Call Adam Johnson 541-410-5521, TODAY! General The Bulletin Mailroom is hiring for our Saturday night shift and other shifts as needed. We currently have openings all nights of the week, everyone must work Saturday night. Shifts start between 6:00 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. and endbetween 2:00 a.m. and 3:30 a.m. All positions we are hiring for work Saturday nights. Starting pay is $9.10 per hour, and we pay a minimum of 3 hours per shift, as some shifts are short (t t:30 - 1:30). The work consists of loading inserting machines or stitcher, stacking product onto pallets, bundling, cleanup and other tasks. For qualifying employees we offer benefits including life insurance, short-term & long-term disability, 401(k), paid vacation and sick time. Drug test is required prior to employment. Please submit resumes to keldred© or complete an application at the front desk. No phone call s please. EOE.

The Bulletin Serwng Central Oregonsince l9IB

Freelander 2008 32' Class C, M-3150 Pristine - just 23,390 miles! Efficient coach has Ford V10 w/Banks pwr pkg, 14' slide, ducted furn/ AC, flat screen TV, 16' awning. No pets/ smkg. 1 ownerA bargain at $49,900! 541-548-4969

'10- 3 lines, 7 days Fleetwood D i scovery 40' 2003, diesel mo'16 - 3 lines, 14 days torhome w/all (Private Party ads only) options-3 slide outs, satellite, 2 TV's,W/D, 860 etc. 32,000 m i les. Motorcycles & Accessories Wintered in h e ated shop. $64,900 O.B.O.

caution when pur-

products or I I chasing services from out of a l the area. Sendingl c ash, checks, o r l credit i n f ormationl l may be subjected to FRAUD. l more informa- I I For tion about an adver- • l tiser, you may call l the Oregon State l Attorney General'sl C o n sumer a I Office Protection hotline at l I 1-877-877-9392. I

• •



Rmtmas ® DITI@5ZCm

Looking for your next employee? Place a Bulletin help The Bulletin wanted ad today and sen 'ng cenl al O~n since r90r reach over 60,000 Get your readers each week. business OWNER S E R VICES Your classified ad MANAGER (P/T) Apwill also appear on plicant must be highly a ROW I N G organized, detail-oriwhich currently e nted and a ble t o receives over 1.5 perform com p lex million page views with an ad in clerical tasks in supevery month at The Bulletin's port of mgmt. Sucno extra cost. "Call A Service cessful applicant will Bulletin Classifieds possess exp. in HOA Professional" Get Results! mgmt; excellent time Call 385-5609 Directory mgmt skills, exhibit or place exceptional levels of your ad on-line at customer svc & solid computer knowledge. Wage DOE. Email Meet singles right now! cover letter & resume: Garage Sales No paid o perators, contactus@brokenjust real people like Garage Sales you. Browse greetLook at: ings, exchange mesGarage Sales sages and connect live. Try it free. Call for Complete Listings of Find them now: 877-955-5505. Area Real Estate for Sale in (PNDC) The Bulletin Classifieds •


Performance Kit, n ew tires, r e a r brakes. $ 5 0 0 0. 541-771-0665

You Keep The Cash! On-site credit approval team, web site presence. We Take Trade-Ins! Free Advertising. BIG COUNTRY RV


Travel Trailers


Where can you find a helping hand? From contractors to yard care, it's all here in The Bulletin's "Call A Service Professional" Directory

Tango 29.6' 2007, Rear living, walkaround queen bed, central air, awning, 1 large slide, $12,000. 541-280-2547 or 541-815-4121

KOUNTRY AIRE 1994 37.5' motorhome, with awning, and one slide-out, Only 47k miles and good condition.

Fleetwood Wilderness 882 N.W. Edition 26' 2002, Fifth Wheels 1 slide, sleeps 6 , queen bed, couch, stove/oven, tub/ a shower, front elec. 8 $25,000. jack, waste tank heat541-548-0318 ers, s tabilizers, 2 (photo aboveis of a prop. t a n ks , no similar model & not the smoking/pets, winter- Arctic Fox 2003 Cold actual vehicfe) i zed, g oo d c o n d.Weather Model 34 5B, $6500 OBO licensed thru 2/15, exlnt FIND IT! 541-447-3425 cond. 3 elec slides, solar BUY IT! panel, 10 gal water htr, 14' awning, (2) 10-gal SELL IT! propane tanks, 2 batts, The Bulletin Classifieds catalytic htr in addition to central heating/AC, gently used, MANY features! a • Must see to appreciate! Keystone Laredo31' $19,000. By owner (no RV 20 06 w ith 1 2' dealer calls, please). Call slide-out. Sleeps 6, or text541-325-1956. N ayion R V 20 0 8 , queen walk-around Sprinter chassis 25'. bed w/storage underMercedes Benz diesel, neath. Tub & shower. 24,000 miles, pristine 2 swivel rockers. TV. cond., quality through- Air cond. Gas stove & out, rear slide-out w/ refrigerator/freezer. queen bed, d e luxe Microwave. Awning. captain swivel f ront Outside sho w er. Fleetwood Prowler seats, diesel generator, Slide through stor32' - 2001 awning, no pets/ smok- a ge, E a s y Li f t . 2 slides, ducted ing. $77,500 or make $29,000 new; heat & air, great an offer. 541-382-2430 Asking $18,600 condition, snowbird 541-447-4805 ready, Many upgrade options, financing available! $14,500 obo. ,ta

Providence2005 Fully loaded, 35,000 miles, 350 Cat, Very clean, non-smoker, 3 slides, side-by-side refrigerator with ice maker, Washer/Dryer, Flat screen TV's, In motion satellite. $95,000 541-480-2019

Need to get an ad in ASAP? You can place it online at:


We Do The Work ... You Keep The Cash! On-site credit approval team, web site presence. We Take Trade-Ins! Free Advertising. BIG COUNTRY RV Bend: 541-330-2495 Redmond: 541-548-5254

Call Dick, 541-480-1687

Layton 27-ft, 2002 Front & rear entry doors, bath, shower, queen bed, slide-out, oven, microwave, air conditioning, patio awning, twin propane tanks, very nice, great floor plan, $8495

350hp diesel engine,

$125,900. 30,900 miles,

Fleetwood Wilderness2000 model, 28', 1 slide, good condition, with awning and A/C, $7500. 541-383-8270

Night Supervisor

The Bulletin, located in beautiful Bend, Oregon is seeking a night time press supervisor. We are part of Western Communications, Inc. which is a small, family-owned group consisting of 7 newspapers: 5 in Oregon and 2 in California. Our ideal candidate will manage a small crew of 3 and must have prior press experience. The candidate must be able to learn our equipment/processes quickly. A hands-on style is a requirement for our 3t/a tower KBA press. Prior management/leadership experience preferred. I n ad d ition t o our 7-day-a-week newspaper, we have numerous commercial print clients as well. Besides a competitive wage, we also provide potential opportunity for advancement. If you provide dependability combined with a positive attitude, are able to manage people and schedulesand are a team player, we would like to hear from you. If you seek a stable work environment that provides a great place to live and raise a family, let us hear from you. Contact Al Nelson, Pressroom Manager at anelson@wescom a with yourcomplete resume, r eferences an d s a lary history/requirements. No phone calls please. Drug test is required prior to employment. EOE.

= l

MONTANA 3565 2006,

exc. cond., 3 slides, king bed, Irg LR, Arctic insulation, all options $35,000 obo. 541-420-3250

OPEN ROAD 36' 2005 - $25,500 King bed, hide-a-bed sofa, 3 slides, glass shower, 10 gal. water heater, 10 cu.ft. fridge, central vac, s atellite dish, 2 7 " TV/stereo syst., front front power leveling

jacks and scissor stabilizer jacks, 16' awning. Like new! 541-419-0566




Recreation by Design 2013 Monte Carlo, 38-ft. Top living room, 2 bdrm, has 3 slideouts, 2 A/Cs, entertainment center, fireplace, W/D, garden tub/shower, in great condition.$36,000 or best offer. Call Peter, 307-221-2422, in La Pine ) ILL DELIVER RV CONSIGNMENTS WANTED We Do the Work, You Keep the Cash! On-site credit approval team, web site presence. We Take Trade-Ins! Free Advertising. BIG COUNTRY RV Bend: 541-330-2495 Redmond: 541-546-5254


Qoo 908

Aircraft, Parts & Service

2004 CH34TLB04 34'

Orbit 21' 2007, used only 8 times, A/C, oven, tub shower, micro, load leveler hitch, awning, dual batteries, sleeps 4-5, EXCELLENT CONDITION. All accessories are included. $14,51 1 OBO. 541-382-9441 Pegasus 2008 24' w ith slide. A/C ,

fully S/C, w/d hookups, 1/3 interestin Columbia new 18' Dometic aw- 400, $150,000 (located ning, 4 new tires, new @ Bend.) Also: SunriKubota 7000w marine ver hangar available for diesel generator, 3 sale at $155K, or lease, slides, exc. cond. inO $400/mo. s ide & out. 27" TV 541-948-2963 dvd/cd/am/fm entertain center. Call for more details. Only used 4 times total in last 5 t/~

years.. No pets, no smoking. High retail $27,700. Will sell for

1/3 interest in well$24,000 including sliding hitch that fits in equipped IFR Beech Boyour truck. Call 8 a.m. nanza A36, new 10-550/ prop, located KBDN. to 10 p.m. for appt to $65,000. 541-419-9510 see. 541-330-5527. www. Advertise your car! Add A Picture!

Reach thousands of readers!

Call 541-385-5809 The Bulletin Classitieds

Registered Nurses

new Michelin tires, great Community Counseling Solutions is cond! Dishwasher, w/d, central vac, roof satellite, recruiting for Registered Nurses to work at Juniper Ridge Acute Care Center aluminum wheels, 2 full slide-thru basement trays locatedinJohn Day, OR. & 3 TV's. Falcon-2 towbar and Even-Brake in- Juniper Ridge is a S e cure Residential Treatment Facility providing services to cluded. individuals with a severe mental illness. Call 541-977-4150


,,~ l g

Keystone Challenger

4, 2 door fridge, microwave, awning, & more! Non-smoker, exc cond, $11,295 541-390-1755 TIFFINPHAETON QSH 2007 with 4 slides, CAT

Monaco Lakota 32' 2002, 2 slides, AC, recliners, walk-around queen bed, sliding glass door closet, new tub & 10-gal water heater, good tires. Brand new 20' screen room available. Super clean, 1 owner, n o n-smokers. $13,499. 541-447-7968


queen bed, sleeps

Boats & Accessories




overall length is 35' has 2 slides, Arctic package, A/C, table & chairs, satellite, Arctic pkg., power awning, in excellent condition! More pix at

Bend: 541-330-2495 Redmond:

Winnebago Aspect 2009- 32', 3 slideouts, Leather interior, Power s eat, locks, win d ows, Sprinter, 35' 2008 Aluminum wheels. Rear living, large 17" Flat Screen, refrigerator, walk-in Surround s o und, shower, queen bed, camera, Queen bed, lots of storage inside Foam mattress, Aw& out, newtires, ning, Generator, Inelectric jack, verter, Auto Jacks, excellent condition, Air leveling, Moon only used 3 times. roof, no smoking or Call toseei p ets. L i k e ne w , 541-318-6919 $74,900 541-480-6900

Gulfstream S u nsport 30' Class A 1986 new f r idge, P. TV, solar panel, new •I• refrigerator, wheelchair l ift. 4 0 00W g enerator, G ood condition! $12,500 obo 541-447-5504 Winnebaqo Suncruiser34' 2004, 35K, loaded, too much to list, ext'd warr. thru 2014, $49,900 Dennis, 541-589-3243


18'Maxum skiboat,2000, inboard motor, g reat cond, well maintained, $8995 obo. 541-350-7755 The Bulletin To Subscribe call 541-385-5800 or go to


Laredo 2009 30'

1/5th interest in 1973

Cessna 150 LLC

150hp conversion, low time on air frame and engine, hangared in Bend.Excellent performance & affordable flying! $6,000. 541-410-6007

These positions provide mental health nursing care including medication oversight, medication r e lated t r e atment, f o llow physician's prescriptions and procedures, t 72 Cessna Share measure and record patient's general p hysical c ondition s uc h as pul s e , IFR equipped, new temperature and respiration to provide daily avionics, Garmin 750 touchscreen, center information, educate and train staff on stack, 160hp. medication administration, and e n sure Exceptionally clean documentation is kept according to policies. & economical! This position works with the treatment team $13,500. Hangared in KBDN to promote recovery from mental illness. This position includes telephone consultaCall 541-728-0773 tion and crisis intervention in the facility. Qualified applicants must have a v alid Oregon Registered Professional Nurse's license at the time of hire, hold a valid Oregon driver's license and pass a criminal history background check. Wages dependent upon education and experience, but will be between $46,000 to $72,000. Excellent benefit package, including signing bonus.

1974 Bellanca 1730A

2160 TT, 440 SMO, 180 mph, excellent Please visit th e O regon Employment condition, always Department or the Community Counseling hangared, 1 owner Solutions website for an application or for 35 years. $60K. contact Nina Bisson at 5 4 1-676-9161, nina.bisson©, or P.O. Box 469, In Madras, Heppner, OR 97836. call 541-475-6302






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Htt/E To 888 THE 8dh8.




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CQ5TUhlEWQUI.D "-; - • ..', HELP /FE IKt/E/4857...





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AN(A20I4 WON'T ACLEpl Mdl'


BLA|V/(& ME.

Gam(r 080S 70




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pIcMNARY'~ JohnHartStod/05.00m r~


02014lohn L. Hart FLP


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C L U B s aturday, February8,2014

The die is cast

ACROSS i Like cork trees and flying lizards s"Jersey Shore" housemate's music-bizname i4 Jersey Shore vacation option is Big Dipper's setting is One offering help in passing? ir Take up enthusiastically is See 34-Down is Where Lee Harvey Oswald was a lathe operator zoCity where some believe Cain and Abel are buried zi Warden in drab clothes zs Take down with a charge

By FRANK STEWART Tribune Content Agency

Once upon a time there was a bridge player who a l ways took finesses that lost and avoided those that would have won. Well, he had a Fairy Godmother. She pitied himand gave him a pair of magic dice. "When you have a c h oice of finesses," the FG said, "decide that an odd roll means one finesse, an even roll means the other. The dice will tell you what to do." All went weII until today's deal. At six hearts,our hero took the ace of spades, drew trumps and cashed the K-Q of spades.

he raises to four hearts. What do you say? ANSWER: Partner's leap to game is not a "shutout" bid (as would be a raise of a one-heart opening bid to four hearts). His hand is worth about 20 points with four-card support, and slam is likely. Cue-bid four spades. If partnerhasahandsuchas65,AJ9 3, A 4, A K Q 5 4 , h e 'l l bi d f i ve diamonds orsix hearts. South dealer Both sides vulnerable NORTH 4AK7 9 K108 5 2


095 4J 106

East discarded, so South appeared to need a winning minor-suit finesse for his 12th trick. He got out his magic dice and decided that an odd roll meant diamonds, an even roll clubs. Alas, when he cast the dice, they bounced away and down an air conditioning vent. They were not seen again, but at least South knew what to make of that: It seemed he wasn't meant to take a finesse. So he led his last spade and threw a diamond from dummy: a loser-onloser. West won but was end-played.

WEST 4 J109 8 Q963 0 K6 3

EAST 442


0 J 108 7 4 2 49842



4Q653 QAQJ4 OAQ 4AK7


W est as s P ass

Nor t h 34 69

Eas t Pass A l Pas s


You hold: 49A K 7 9 K 10 8 5 2 Opening lead — 4 J 0 9 5 4 J 10 6. Your partner opens one club, you respond one heart and (C) 2014 Tribune Content Agency, LLC

Seeking a friendly duplicate bridge? Find five gamesweekly at www.bendbridge.prg. BIZARRO


4s Tie 4s Up

4s Hyperbola parts soHouse meeting place s4 Theoretical ss Predictor of fame ss Elasticity sr School meeting places ss Photometry unit U S E R














zr Less agreeable soBe a lush ssChicken S la rey? ssBuzzes, say ss Tiny amount ssWas revolting 4i Was a rocker?



S outh 2 NT P 39

Z4 Spring event so Be an unhelpful in the Summer interrogee Olympics? si Lack life zs Setting that makes things sz Life or death ss Leaf part right?




DOWN i Go on the fritz 2 Monty Python theme composer sGaps 4 Like cute nerds, in slang s" did you nothing hear?": Hamlet sStress, to Strauss r First-class regulars s Keeping buff? s Jock: Abbr. io Raider in the battle of the St. Lawrence Paw" (Oscar-winning Disney short) iz "Eyewitness" director Peter is Hurdy-gurdy sound is Flashed io Tuareg rebellion locale of 2012 az Erase zs Three-ring setting zr Some rescue work zs Neighbor of Rabbit zs Bunk si Foreshadow







40 43











37 42

41 44


45 51






















No. 0104








32 One not getting benefits, say ss Make baloney? s4 With 18-Across, software developer's concern sr Constituent of molding sand 4o Touching scene at an airport?

si Napoleon, notably

4ZAnimation 44 European

president who attended Harvard 4s Bank

sz Where things may be heating up

ss Molto adagio

47 Path

ss Bit of sportswear

4s One of 64 in a genetic table 4s Piece of work

so Head

For answers, call 1-900-285-5858, $1.49 a minute; or, with a credit card, 1-800-814-5554.

Annual subscriptions are available for the best of Sunday crosswords from the last 50 years: 1-888-7-ACROSS. AT8T users: Text NYTX Io 388 to download puzzles, or visit for more information. Online subscripiions: Today's puzzle and more than 2,000 past puzzles, ($39.95 a year). Share tips: Crosswords for young solvers:

DENNIS THE MENACE ' / ', / FOool ,oomli irArioCo'Pu6i


' "" " '"~;~"~Si,~/~ i'E~

Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains everydigitfrom1 to9 inclusively.














g-S "


2'8 i4 W889(i co(88(i 9(8






IA)E'lL 80TIl lz<

l(AV6 '(oII HEAiZD7 fe5! Ifl ZOIS./ p IIRV

Edited by Rich Norrisand Joyce NicholsLewis




74Y 0APE ~ C587EP.

@2014 by King Features Syndicate, Inc. World rights reserved



E-mail:bholbroak1 gmaiioom


D;k I ke.0 QOLJ

O~ RW' /IAef. Co<!

I' iNI ivl loVC ~

) P. , c

tA)e. Ae.+ Ovit;g<!

j O i


9 8 — ((. 9













gO IY(ARc!


o(l o

~ Io)HAf Ali'E blBL.l,iMR& VHS A&E H A 6 A LOII&FR








l if JIOW! m'




ACROSS 7 ATIIUI aCtiOn 1 They're used in 8 Stimulating British puzzles substance, briefly 5 Peter Pan rival 8 "The X Factor" 9 "That's weird" 10 Net JUdge 11 Giant with 17,468 14 Picked locks vacuum tubes 15 Classified letters 16 God in a temple 12 Sri 13 Make an analogy 17 Lesson 18 Double shot, say 19 From the horse's mouth 20 Many an Urdu 21 Turned on speaker 25 Skylight 22 Appropriate insulation 23 Rankled material, perhaps 24 Common 26 Words from one desktop icon abOut to feke 27 QB's sfat over 30 Math group 28 Black and blue, 31 Women seen SGy standing at tables 29 Pmvenqal 40 Walmart spreads advantage 41 Attempts to best 31 JAMA readers 32 How some NBA 42 Stretched, in a games are way resolved 43 Italian article 33 Fictional captain 44 MDCLIII —: III 34 Hockey Hall of 45 Stock problem Fame nickname 50 Georgia retreat 35 Short retort 55 Ending 36 Rain in scattered Suggestfng drops wealth 56 State treasury 1 2 3 4 59 Ifs used in dashes 62 51-Down resident 17 63 Old-fashioned


-Indian War 38 Bay State motto starter

49 Glorify 51 Jordanian city 52 Back to normal

39 Friday et al.: Abbr.

53 Start of a nautical

order 54 Chain with roast beef Mighty Minis

45 Needing a lift, maybe 46 Papal headgear 47 Common keyboard symbol

57 Muse of history

58 Start of many addresses 60"

had it!"

61 Dancer Charisse

48 Winter










R E R A M E RO T E T I G I N A V A S E L 02/08/14
















"Neat!" olo




UnSCramble theSe fOur Jumbleo, One letter to eaCh Square, to fOrm fOur OrdinaryWOrdS.

woool I


right Sara

DUENU 89014 T(ibune Content Agency,110 All Rlo(oo Reoeo(od.

lo (orll slO(io

5 =


I((I g


64 Sfafting to burn 65 Quail collection 66 Looked bored 67 Spinner 68 Drinks from a stand DOWN


31 3 2

25 2s





1 Posthumous 1995 ROckand

Roll Hall of Fame inductee PEAQUO




N0W arrange the CirCled lettera 10 fOrm tho SurPriSe anSWer,88

suggested bythe above cartoon.



, B N D y ( ( ~ U(:l w t

"Haven't you got a brush?"

ShostakoviCh'S "First of May" 3 Pond swimmer 4 The duck in Disney's "Peter and the Wolf'




SO 61


5 Bon mOt

HEROOAN Q h (oed i (

SO 5 1

2 KGy Of

U ( 4( D ( (

y io 6

I Jumbles: ONION

(AnoWero MOnday) TI G HT ABA c us PEL V IC

I AnSWer: To goi rid oi laSt SeaSOn'SfaShiOnS,the bauiquo hod thistn(8 of sale — A"CLOTHESOUr'

6 Jot

By David Steinberg (c)2014 Tribune Content Agency, LLC





Su(Ioku High Fives

9 2 9 6

How to play:

bers in any shared set of 3-by-3 boxes apply to each of the indivudual Sudokus.

The Bulletin

5 6

3 8


Sudoku High Fives consists of five regular Sudoku grids sharing one set of 3-by-3 boxes. Each row, column and set of 3-by-3boxes must contain the numbers 1 through 9 without repetition. The num-





1 3 2 4 1 3 8 1 4 5 5 8 2


7 2 8 9

6 4 3 2

3 2

3 1 2 7 8

5 7 3

8 5 9 2 9 7 3 5 4 3 7 2 6


2 3 4 7 5 1

9 8 5 7

6 3 7 8 6 1

6 4 9 4 2 6 3 5 9 7 5 3 8

Serving Central Oregon since 1903

9 5

7 6 5


1 3 4

4 5


2 7 1


5 9 3 2

@ 20132013 UFS, Dist. t/ Univ. Uciick ior UFS








Aircraft, Parts & Service

Antique & Classic Autos


Sport Utility Vehicles



Dramatic Price Reduction Executive Hangar at Bend Airport (KBDN) 60' wide x 50' deep, w/55' wide x 17' high bifold dr. Natural gas heat, offc, bathroom. Adjacent to Frontage Rd; great visibility for aviation business. 541-948-2126 or email 1jetjock© Hangarfor sale at Redmond Airport - not a T Hangar -$39,000. 541-420-0626



Jeep CJ5 1979, Original owner, 87k miles, only 3k on new 258 long block. Clutch package, Warn hubs. Excellent runner, very dependable. Northman 6ys' plow, Warn 6000¹ winch. $7900 or best reasonable offer. 541-549-6970 or 541-815-8105.

Ford Supercab 1992, Lincoln brown/tan color with m atching full s i z e Aviator, 2004 c anopy, 2WD, 4 6 0 Light tan/gray metalover drive, 135K mi., lic, all wheel drive, full bench rear seat, V8 engine, heated slide rear w indow, leather seats, 3rd bucket seats, power row seat, 131K seats w/lumbar, pw, miles, very well HD receiver & trailer maintained. brakes, good tires. $7777. Good cond i tion. 541-389-9829 $4900. 541-389-5341 Just too many collectibles?

Save money. Learn to fly or build hours with your own airc raft. 1968 A e r o Plymouth B a rracuda FORD XLT 1992 3/4 ton 4x4 Commander, 4 seat, 1966, original car! 300 matching canopy, 150 HP, low time, hp, 360 V8, center30k original miles, full panel. $23,000 lines, 541-593-2597 possible trade for obo. Contact Paul at classic car, pickup, 541-447-5184. motorcycle, RV .I L $13,500. 916 In La Pine, call Trucks & 928-581-9190 Heavy Equipment Rolls Royce 1992 Silver Spur II, excellent! Midnight Blue exterior, Parchment leather inte- I nternational Fla t rior, 15-inch chrome RR Bed Pickup 1963, 1 wheels, Alpine Sirius ton dually, 4 spd. trans., great MPG, Peterbilt 359 p otable DVD/CD/AM/FM/GPS navigation system, could be exc. wood water truck, 1 990, 77,200 miles, dealerhauler, runs great, 3200 gal. tank, 5hp ship maintained, alnew brakes, $1950. pump, 4-3" h oses, ways garaged. New, 541-419-5480. camiocks, $ 25,000. about $250,000; sell 541-820-3724 $19,500. 541-480-3348 Toyota 1986 2WD with 929 VW Beetle 1969 concanopy, current tags, Automotive Wanted vertible, exlnt shape, clean title, runs good.



$11,995. 541-383-3191


Chains P225/75/R15235/60/R16, $30 . 541-317-0297 Find It in

The Bulletin Classifieds! 541-385-5809 932

Antique & Classic Autos •

1921 Model T Delivery Truck Restored 8 Runs $9000. 541-389-8963

Buick Skylark 1972 Please see Bend Craigslist for details and more photos. $19,900. 541-323-1898 Chev K5 Blazer 1971 removable top, rebuilt 350, lots of new parts & paint, $8500. 541-771-9922

CORVETTE COUPE Glasstop 2010 Grand Sport-4LT

loaded, clear bra hood & fenders. New Michelin Super Sports, G.S. floor mats, 17,000 miles, Crystal red.


6 9 7 2 4 8 3 5 1

9 6 7 3 8 4 2 5 1

1 3 4 6 5 9 8 7 2

5 3 4 1 2 7 6 8 9

5 8 2 3 7 1 4 6 9

3 7 5 6 4 1 9 2 8

4 2 1 8 6 3 7 9 5

1 9 2 7 3 8 5 6 4

7 6 8 5 9 2 1 3 4

4 8 6 2 5 9 7 1 3

3 5 9 7 1 4 2 8 6

6 2 1 4 7 3 8 9 5 6 7

2 1 3 9 8 5 6 4 7

7 5 3 8 9 2 1 5 4 8 6 3 9 2 3 4 2 1 8 6 7 9 5 7 4 2 6 9 1 3


6 1 7 8 9 3 4 5 2

4 9 2 3 9 4 5 7 6 8 7 6 1 5 3 2 8 1

4 8 3 7 9


4 3 2 8 5 9 7 6 1 4 2 5 3 8 9 2 4 6 1 7 5

1 6 4 9 7 8 3 2 5

8 9 5 4 3 2 1 7 6

2 7 3 6 1 5 4 8 9

3 8 7 1 9 6 5 4 2

5 6 2 4 1 9 3 5 8 2 4 7 6 8 9 1 7 3 o JFS/KF

9 4 2 6 1 8 5 3 7

1 5 8 7 3 4 6 9 2

6 7 3 5 2 9 4 8 1

4 3 5 8 6 7 2 1 9

8 2 1 9 6 7 3 4 9 5 2 1 7 3 5 6 4 8





Porsche 911 Turbo

ToyotaCellca Convertible 1993

2003 6 speed, X50 added power pkg., 530 HP! Under 10k miles, Arctic silver, gray leather interior, new quality tires, and battery, Bose p remium so u n d stereo, moon/sunroof, car and seat covers. Many extras. Garaged, p e r fect condition, $69,700. 541-322-9647 Want to impress the relatives? Remodel your home with the help of a professional from The Bulletin's "Call A Service Professional" Directory

GT 2200 4 cyl, 5 speed, a/c, pw, pdl, nicest c o nvertible around in this price range, new t ires, wheels, clutch, timing belt, plugs, etc. 111K mi., remarkable cond. i nside and out. Fun car to drive, Must S E E! $5995. R e dmond. 541-504-1993 Toyota Prius IV 2010, char. gray, 51k mi., ¹014996. $17,995.


Volkswagen Touareg 2004 Meticulousiy maintained. Very clean

inside and out. V6. Recently serviced60 point inspection sheet. $6,800.00 Call 541-480-0097

V olvo S40 T 5 2 0 0 5 AWD, sunroof, lux/winter pkgs, new tires, more! $7775 obo.541-330-5818

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Olds 98 REgency 1990 exc. shape, runs as new, one owner, 20 mpg in town. New battery, stud snow tires. $2000. People Look for Information (Photo for illustration only) 541-389-9377 About Products and Volvo V70 XC A WD Services Every Daythrough Volkswagen Jeffa 2.5L Wagon 2002, 5 Cyl., Porsche 911 The Bulletin ClussiButht SE2013, 5 Cyl., auto auto, AWD, leather, Carrera 993 cou e 6 speed w/tiptronic, moon roof, roof rack, FWD, dual p o w er alloy wheels. seats. Vin ¹080361 Vin ¹380956 $7,988 $16,488



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Porsche Carrera 911 2003 convertible with hardtop. 50K miles, new factory Porsche motor 6 mos ago with 18 mo factory warranty remaining. $37,500. 541-322-6928

1996, 73k miles,

Ford Fusion SE 2012, 4 Cyl., 2.5 Liter, auto, 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. FWD, power seats, alloy wheels, 877-266-3821 Vin¹418211 Dlr ¹0354 $14,488 Just bought a new boat? Sell your old one in the S USA R U . classifieds! Ask about our Super Seller rates! 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 541-385-5809 877-266-3821 Dlr ¹0354 Subaru Forester 2008, black, 33,271 mi., $14,995. ¹726087


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(photo for illustration only)

Tiptronic auto. transmission. Silver, blue leather interior, moon/sunroof, new quality tires and battery, car and seat covers, many extras. Recently fully serviced, garaged, looks and runs like new. Excellent condition $39,700 541-322-9647



S US A R u


(photo for iuustration only) 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend.

Subaru Outback 2.5 XT Limited Wagon 2005, 4 C yl., turbo, auto, AWD, leather, dual moon roof, rear spoiler roof rack alloy wheels. Vin¹365464 $1'I,488


S US A R U .

2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 877-266-3821 Dlr ¹0354

877-266-3821 Dlr ¹0354

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877-266-3821 Dlr ¹0354


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Sport Utility Vehicles

AM General Hummer H1 1996; $ 4 8,500; pics at ebay or email bmartin029©

541-598-3750 940 Vans




Ford Mustang Deluxe Coupe 2005, V 6 , 1000 manual, RWD, power seats, rear s poiler, Legal Notices premium wheels. VIN ¹165817 LEGAL NOTICE $11,488 Re uest for uotes


SUBAR Ll Ford Windstar van, 1996 1 owner, only 68,100 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. miles, new tires, always 877-266-3821 serviced, no smokinq/ Dlr ¹0354 pets. Like new, $395(I. 541-330-4344 or (photo forillustration only) Ford Taurus 2003, good 541-420-6045 X3 2 0 07, 99K Dodge Dakota Quad BMW cond, $2000 obo, cash. premium packCab 2006, automatic, miles, 541-678-1701 age, heated lumbar Honda Odyssey V8, bed l iner, tow supported seats, pan1999. Very good pkg., alloy wheels. Vin oramic mo o nroof, cond. Runs well, ¹502517 Bluetooth, ski bag, XeTwo sets of tires on $12,488 non headlights, tan & rims - summer and black leather interior, winter. $2500. S US A R u n ew front & re a r 541-593-2312 brakes © 76K miles, 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. one owner, all records, or 541-977-7588 Ford Thunderbird 877-266-3821 very clean, $16,900. 2004 Dlr ¹0354 975 541-388-4360 Convertible Automobiles with hard & soft top, silver with black interior, all original, very low mileage, in premium condition. (photo for illustration only) $19,900. Bronco II 4x4, 1989, D odge Ra m 15 0 0 Ford 702-249-2567 auto, high miles, runs Quad Cab 2006, Vs, (car is in Bend) good. $1700. CorvetteCoupe HEMI, aut o matic, 541-633-6662 1996, 350 auto, sliding rear window, 135k, non-ethanol running boar d s, Ford Explorer XLT fuel/synthetic oil, Say "goodbuy" leather, tow pkg. Vin 2012, leather, 12,500 garaged/covered. ¹672801 mi. ¹A37009 $31,988 to that unused Bose Premium Gold $14,488 system. Orig. owner item by placing it in manual. Stock! S US A R U . The Bulletin Classifieds $10,500 OBO. 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 541-598-3750 Retired. Must sell! 877-266-3821 www.aaaoregonauto541-923-1781 541-385-580 9 Dlr ¹0354



Jaguar XJ8 2004 4-dr (longer style) sedan, silver, black leather, 4.2L V8, AT, Ac, fully loaded + moonroof. Runs great, reliable, always garaged, (photo forillustration only) Super winter car! (Photo forillustration only) 116K miles; 30 mpg hwy. Ford F150 Supercrew H onda P i lo t E X - L Audi 4000CS Quattro, Front/side airbags, Cab XLT 2011, V8, 2003,auto, DVD sys1986, close ratio 5 non-smoker. $7900. automatic, cu s t om tem, leather, privacy spd, fun car to drive, 541-350-9938 bumper, tow pkg, al- glass, roof rack, tow new tires, runs great, loy w h e els. Vin needs paint, 187k pkg, alloy wheels. Price Reduced! ¹C66079 miles. $2500. Vin ¹543956. Ford T-Bird, 1966, 390 541-771-8661. $29,988 $7,488 engine, power everything, new paint, 54K Audi A4 2001 1.8T SUBA R Ll SUEIARu orig. miles, runs great, SIHIARUOSMXD.OtM 4 door sedan, rebuilt exc.$7500 2060 NE Hwy 20, Bend. 2060 NE Hwy 20• Bend trans w/19K miles, 877-266-3821 obo. 541-480-3179 newer clutch, brakes, 877-266-3821 Mazda Miata 1997 Dlr ¹0354 manifold, extras & reDlr ¹0354 M-edition ii ceipts. Excellent mpg; Mica Green, 5-spd, Carfax. $5,800. original interior & 541-390-6004 exterior. All power options, leather, convertible boot, Cadillac Deville I Tonneau Cover DHS 2000. Most GMC Sierra 1977 short Ford F250 Camper Spe114K miles, synbed, exlnt o r iginalcial 1966, AT w/limited Kia Sportage 1996 4x4, options, exc. cond. thetic oils, new timcond., runs 8 drives slip rear end. A few is- full power, hitch, rack, air, 93,000 mi.. New ing belt O 81K, tires. $6,500. great. V8, new paint sues but runs qood. Full set up for towing, runs & more! $5995. and tires. $4750 obo. steel rack w/drs. $1950 reat, 4 extra snow tires. 541-233-8944. 541-548-5648 541-504-1050 3200. 541-728-1265 firm, cash. 541-420-0156


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Subaru Forester 2.5X 2013, 4 C y l., a uto, AWD, roof rack, keyless entry, bluetooth wireless, Vin¹434544 $20,488


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Dave, 541-350-4077



(4) 265/70R-17 Wintertrac studded tires, 90%. Pd $800. selling for $500, obo. 541-480-7032

L82- 4speed. 85,000 miles Garaged since new. I've owned it 25 years. Never damaged or abused.


$600. 541-350-3101


ING. 24 hr. Response Pickups Tax D e duction. UNITED BR E A ST CANCER FOUNDATION. Providing Free Mammograms 1966 Ford F250 Breast Cancer Info. 3/4 ton, 352 V8, 2WD, 888-592-7581. P/S, straight body, (PNDC) runs good. $2000. 541-410-8749 931 Automotive Parts, Service & Accessories

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Corvette 1979

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Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

du p l ex District's Human Re- fice hours and/or af- dential o r sources Director or ter r e gular o ff ice structure. d esignee. Th e r e- hours. Sale will be by sealed suits will certify the inPre-employment dividual is fit to carry 4.Ability to c o nduct bid auction. Sealed Physical out certain employ- evaluations in R ed- bids may be mailed or Examinations and delivered to ODOT ment criteria as set mond, Oregon. FMCSA Medical Right of Way Section, forth in the individual's Examinations 4040 Fairview Indusjob description, and if ,Ccomclaint For reasonable a c comt rial Dr. SE MS ¹ 2 , Procedures and Redmond School Salem, OR 9 7 302, modations are neces- Available Remedies: District 2J Attn: Kelly Atkinson. sary in order to compiete any job function. Any complaint or dis- BIDS MUST BE REContractual P roviders wil l d i s - pute arising from ser- C EIVED i n O D O T se uirements: ~ close to the District vices rendered under OFFICE NO LATER HAN 5:00pm o n Redmond Sc h ool physical c o n ditions a contract awarded as TMarch 10th, 2 0 14. consistent with any of a result of this RFQ District ( RSD) i s will be resolved with P lease n ot e Fi l e seeking quotes from the following criteria: ¹44436 on bid. the RSD Human Remedical providers for 1.Exclusionary criteria sources Director. In physical e x a minations of applicants that that are job related the event claims can- Bids mustbe accomand consistent with not be resolved at this panied by a fully remay include the follevel and legal repre- fundable deposit of lowing job classifica- business necessity. sentation is required, $2000 in the form of tions: Facilities department personnel, 2.Conditions that may each party will be re- a check. If bid is acthe balance of Mechanics, Ground- require r e asonable s ponsible fo r t h e ir cepted, own costs of litigation the purchase price will skeepers, Bus Driv- accommodations to be due or before ers, Bus M onitors, enable the individual r egardless of o u t - A pril 1on6 th , 20 1 4 . Custodians, and Cou- with a d i sability to come or resolution. ODOT reserves the perform the essential riers. functions of the job. R es onses Due : right to reject any or 5:00 p.m. - March 7, all bids. F A X BIDS Providers s e lected A ND L AT E B I DS through this process 3.Medical conditions 2014. WILL NOT BE Acw ill b e o ff ered a that pose a threat to CEPTED. Property is two-year co n tract. the health or safety of Call a Pro to be sold "AS IS" and Contractual o b liga- others in the work- Whether you need a subject to certain spetions will be limited to place and cannot be cial conditions, resernewly hired employ- eliminated or reduced fence fixed, hedges vations, restrictions, to an acceptable level trimmed or a house e es, physicals f o r easements and ascommercial driver's li- by a rea s onable built, you'll find sessments. cense renewals, and modification of poliprofessional help in other phys i cals c ies, practices, o r For more information needed by the District procedures or by the The Bulletin's "Call a o r to o btain a b i d after the effective date provision of auxiliary Service Professional" packet, please visit of the contract. Medi- aids or services. Directory cal Examiners must m or call Kelly AtkinEvaluation Criteria: have current v a lid 541-385-5809 son at (503)986-361 9. certification from the s e r vices Federal Motor Carri- 1.Cost of PUBLIC NOTICE Public Notice ers Safety Adminis- rendered for routine The Alfalfa Fire Distration and be on their pre-employment trict Board of DirecProperty for Sale approved r e gistry, physical and FMCSA t ors will h ol d a Medical examinations h ereinafter cal l e d regular meeting on ODOT FILE 44436 (to be guaranteed for FMCSA. February 12, 2014 a two year period THE STATE OF OR- at 6:30 PM at the commencing from the The purpose of the EGON, b y and C ommunity H a l l , examination is to de- date c o n tract is through its DEPART- 26155 Willard Rd., termine if the appli- awarded, or May 1, OR. MENT OF T RANS- Alfalfa, cant is able to per- 2014, whichever oc- PORTATION (ODOT) Agenda: B anking/ form the e s sential curs first). In all pur- is offering for sale to Financing, I n s urfunctions of a position chasing, the District the public a 9,476 sq. ance, Budget prowith or without rea- will continually seek f t. (+/-) parcel l o - cess, other updates. sonable accommoda- the most value for the c ated at 1 13 1 N E tions and/or evalua- funds expended. G reenwood A v e . , Where can you find a tion f o r med i c al Bend, Des c hutes helping hand? qualification of 2 .Description of a l l County A s s essors From contractors to FMCSA and Oregon components of a rou- Map Department of Educa- tine pre-employment 171233AC08700, Ac- yard care, it's all here tion regulations. Pro- physical. count ¹ 1 0 5027 for in The Bulletin's viders will d isclose $ 63,000. Parcel i s 3.Availability of ser"Call A Service examination r e sults zoned RS and would directly to the vices, i.e., regular of- accommodate a resi- Professional" Directory










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NEW 2014 Ford Fusion SE SE TechPkg., Rear ViewCamera, Rear Spoiler, Navigation, PremiumWheels MSRP ............................. $27,530,~ TSSDiscount..................... -$2,030 $25,500 Ford RetaiCustomer l Cash..... -$1500 FordCredit BonusCash.......... -$1500 Must Financethrough FMCC. $22,500


On ApprovedCredit. VIN:178242

NEW 2013 Ford F150 Super Crew 4x4 Lariat

-.$1 0,~ 000-

Lariat PlusPackage, Eceheost 3.5LVgEngine, Rear ViewCamera, RearSensingSystem,RemoteStart, Power Moonrool, Off-RoadPackage, LeatherBucketSeatsw/Console -Heat/CooledFront Seats MSRP ........ TSS Discount


Confidencei n M o t i on

$51,260 -$5,550 $45,710


Gel HIIIl NeIIj Sijharij:-

Gel TIIjo SeasoIIPasses. 6etautg 0V ~gplIgl ©No~A<




ac eor

Right Nowto February 2S, 2014 when you BuyAnyNewSubaru youget 2 FREE Nt. BachelorSkiPasses!

NEW 2014 Ford Focus SE NEW 2014 Ford EscapeSEAWD 4-Door, Auto, Satellite Radio, P.Locks/Windows

See dealer fordetails.


$2 59ee VIN: 200003

NEW 2014 Ford Fiesta

4-Door, PowerWindows, Power DoorLocks, Automatic, Air, CD Satellite Radio


SYNC,Reverse SensingSystem, 2.0 Ecohoost,Auto $20,700 On Approved Credit.

.... $30,730 -$2,030

MSRP ............. MSRP .............. $20,280 TSS Discount .... TSS Discount ......-$1,022 Ford eetoit costomer Ford Retail Cash.................-$2,000 FMCC Financin ... -$1,000 FMCCFinancing,4.99% APR CustomerCash Sale Price ..$ 1 6 , 2 5 8 OnAp proved Credit.





MSRP.................... $15,890 TSS Discount ...............-$599



Ford Retail Cash......... $1,000 FMCCFinancing Cash.....-$500 4.99%APR-72 munths- DAC VIN:19115000ApprovedCredit

13 791 Sale Price

Option Package 01.Standard Model. RearSeatBackProtector, RearBumper Cover, 4All-Weather FloorMats

026,7QQSale Price

NEW 2014 Ford Explorer 4-Door, 4WD

MSRP .............. $33,555 TSS Discount .......-$1750 Ford Retail Customer Cash..................-$1750

$$5QQ Qcg$hQi' Tl™ clgIe ee

Option Package01.Standard Model.







MSRP $24,866. VIN: E1267489. EDA-01 Cap reduction $2,369.55. Acquisition fee $595. Doc. fee $75. 42 months, 10,000 miles/year. Residual 54ok $13,427.64. No Security Deposit. *Tier I linancing, 720 Beacon or higher. Title, lic. 8. doc. and dealer installed options not induded. Down payment is cash or trade equity. On Approved Credit.

MsRP $18,690. YIN: IIEG006972. ElA-01 Cap reduction $1,850.16. Acquisition fee $595. Doc. fee $75. 42 months, 10,000 miles/year. Residual 56ok $10,466.40.

02,900 u-":.-

02,300 s;"..;.'.

2014 S ubaru B R Z Limited 6MT

2014 S ub a r u 1 V i b e c a 3.6R Limited 5AT

$'9 0 '6 57

No Security Deposit. *Tier I financing, 720 Beacon or higher. Title, lic. L doc. and dealer installed options not included. Down payment is cash or trade equity. On Approved Credit.

36 Moe ease

10K MllesPerYear. Residual $18,455.25 00A rovedCredit.VIN:A03943

Due atSigmng NEW 2013 Ford Taurus SEL NEW2014Ford F3504x4Diesel Leather, Heated Seats, Rear Spoiler, 19n Wheels,

OptionPackage01.StandardModel, Auto-OimMirror/Comp,CargoTray Black, Rear Bumper Applique

5th WheelFeed,SYNC, Long Box, CrewCah

Rear ViewCamera

2014 S ub a r u I m p r e z a 2.0i 5MT

VIN: 832717


aN• a e

- "4

2014 S ubaru O u t b a c k 2.5i 6MT

Option Package 01.Rear Bumper Cover. Floor Mats, AuWeather, 7 Passenger. Crossbar Kit, Aero. Splash Guard Kit. Cargo Tray - Gray. Puddle Lights.

~J5 I


MSRP .............................. $35,430 TSS Discount ......................-$3,500 $ $31 930 Dff MSRPI Ford Retail Cash ................" $3,250 VIN; 216849 Ford Credit Bonus............."" -$1»50 *MusiFinance Ford Retail Bonus Cash......... -$1.000 through FMCC

MSRP ............ TSS Discount ...

9000 VIN: A67243 *Must Finance through FMCC

... $49,960 -$4214 $45,746 ..... $1,500 -$1,000 -$1,500 .

Ford Credit' .... Special Package Ford Retail Cash













026,43QSale Price

341,746 Sale Price

2004 Hyundai Elantra 4-Door

2007 FordFocusSE

Auto, CD,Great Condition,94K Niles


7-YEAR,100,000-MILE POWERTRAIN WARRAMTY Every Certified Pre-Owned Subaru offers:


Excellent Cond., Low Miles,5-Speed KBB99,979

• 7-year/1 00,000-mile Powertrain Coverage • $0 deductible • Factory-backed coverage


2012Subaru Legacy 2.5i Premium Sedan 2011Subaru Impreza 2.5i Sedan

1998 FordF1504x4 Ext. Cab

15,000 Niles,Leather, AWD, PanoramaRoof,

$25,995 VIN:036679


2006NissanTitanOff -RoadPkg

Leather,Moonroof,Cold WeatherPkg.90KMiles

57000 Miles, Noonroof, DVD KBBNfr,rufu


MSRP $35,759.Subaru ofBend Discount $2,730 VIN: E4400688.ETD-01 Title, lic. L doc. and dealer installed options not included.

"" 032 999

$27 399



2004 VW Touareg AWD

MSRP $28,761. Subaru of Bend Discount $1,362 VIN: E9601079.EZE-01 Title, lic. 8. doc. and dealer installed options not induded.

4-Door, Auto, PremiumItYheels

,~4,695 2013 Ford Escape SEL


All Weather Pkg, ABS(4-Wheel), Air Conditioning, Power Windows/Door Locks, Power Steering, Power Seat, Daytime Running Lights

• 152-point safety inspection • CARFAX® Vehicle History Report • 24/7 roadside assistance

Hill Start Assist, Traction Control, ABS(4-Wheel), Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Steering, Daytime Running Lights VIN; eus97%9, stks92924

VIN: C3049619,Stk.492934




2009 AcuraTL-SHAWD

Noonroof, Navigation,

2007PontiacGTCoupe 2-Door Low Miles, Leather, Loaded, NUSTSEE!

Leather, Heated Seats KBBttfl1,759

. am





2003Dodge 35005.9Diesel!QuadCab 2009 FordF150Super CrewCab LougBed,4x4,Lesgvv,Navigation, HealedSe ats,Eaalhnt Cont,



2012Subaru Outback 3.6R Limited Wagon 2013Subaru Outback 3.6R Limited Wagon Auto 5-Speed, AWD,AuWeather Pkg, Harman Kardon Sound, Leather, HeatedSeats, Dual Power Seats, Roof Rack, Alloy Wheels VIN:c2297479, stk.¹42722A


SpecialEdition.Auto5-speed,AWD,All WeatherPkg, HarmanKardon Sound,Navigation, BlueioothWireless, Saddle BrownLeather,Moonroof, RoofRack,PremiumWheels, Heate dSeats,DualPowerSeats, BackupCamera VtN; O2292922, Stk.rt42799 r





• • ~








4 I




I I 9

8 ,




I IR 4

Sale endsFehruary10, 2014

oR ®244 'IMo ®$4 999

4WD,Lariat, Moonroof, Fully Loaded,



®17 988





Bulletin Daily Paper 02-08-14  
Bulletin Daily Paper 02-08-14  

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