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Engagement, Wedding, Civil Union and Anniversary Forms for The Bulletin’s Milestones Section, with guidelines for getting your important announcement published. Pages 5-9.

Countdowns & Guests Lists

Staying Organized is Easy with our Countdown to a Perfect Wedding, Pages 12-13, 16-17, 19, 25-29.

Central Oregon Wedding & Event Show A showcase geared toward providing information and resources for wedding and event planners. Pages 30-39. Tullis Photo

FEATURES 10 Don’t Stress the Dress: Selecting the right color and style for your dress can be daunting, but it’s not impossible.

20 Wedding & Reception Sites: Central Oregon offers a number of great locations for your wedding day.

15 Floral Styles: Here are some helpful hints to consider when choosing floral arrangements for the big day.

23 Pump Up the Comfort: Put a comfortable foot forward at your wedding.

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To ensure the timely publication of wedding announcements, The Bulletin requests that notices and photos be submitted within one month after the celebration has occurred. Announcements submitted six months or more after the event will not be accepted. Milestones need to be submitted by noon each Wednesday to run on the following Sunday. Please send quality, original photos only. Digital photos may be e-mailed to milestones@ We may reject photos because of poor quality. Photos will be returned within one month by mail, provided a proper return address is given, or they may be picked up directly at The Bulletin. You must call before you come by to pick up a photo. Anniversary, wedding and engagement notices need to be submitted on the appropriate form

provided by The Bulletin, with complete information on names, educational backgrounds and occupations of the couple. Typewritten responses are preferred. The announcement should show that the couple has strong ties to Central Oregon. For anniversaries, the couple must currently live in the area. For weddings and engagements, the couple must live — or have graduated from a high school — in Central Oregon, or a parent must live in the area. Extra copies of The Book of Love wedding supplement may be picked up at The Bulletin, 1777 SW Chandler Ave., or send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to: Weddings, The Bulletin, P.O. Box 6020, Bend 97708. Some announcements may be held due to space limitations.

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The Bulletin • BOOK OF LOVE 2013 • 9

Don’t Stress

Dress about the

Selecting the right style and color of dress for your wedding can be daunting, but it’s not impossible. by Metro Editorial, for The Bulletin

Michelle Cross Photography

Erin Hardy Images wedding photography that is photo journalistic, timeless & real.

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Close friends and family members are an important component of a couple’s wedding day. Individuals who are especially close to the bride and groom are often asked to become members of the wedding party, which means a bride-to-be will be asking one or more women to play an integral role in the celebration. To set these ladies apart from other guests at the wedding, they are often asked to wear coordinating bridesmaid gowns. Selecting a style and color that is fitting to the unique people of the bridal party can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. As if choosing your maid of honor wasn’t tricky enough, you now must make a host of other decisions as well, all while playing stylist to the wedding party. Fashion sense is as unique as a

fingerprint, and it is unlikely the bridesmaids will be able to agree on every aspect of the gowns they will be asked to wear. However, there are ways to narrow down the choices and be as accommodating as possible to their needs.

Size matters

The body shapes and sizes of the women in your bridal party will be different, and this should be kept in mind when selecting a gown style and cut. There are certain dress shapes that are universally flattering, such as A-line. Try to avoid gowns that are extremely form-fitting, as only a few of the bridesmaids may be able to pull off this look successfully. The remainder could be left feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable. Plus, form-fitting clothing will be restrictive and can be difficult to move around in -- particularly consider-

809 NW 17th St. Bend • 503.913.8299

Stott Shots Photography

ing the gown will be worn for an entire day.

Flattering Color

As a bride you may have a colorscape in your mind for the wedding. But what looks good in table linens and flowers is not always the right choice for clothing. Take the skin tones and hair colors of your bridesmaids into consideration before choosing a dress. Greenand yellow-hued dresses may not look nice on women with olive skin tones, while very pale colors may wash out women with fair skin. Those with dark skin may need a brighter-colored dress.

Price Tag

It is an honor to be asked to be part of a bridal party, but that honor can be very expensive. The bridesmaids are expected to pay for their wardrobe, hair styling, and makeup, as well as parties and gifts for the happy couple. As a courtesy to the women who already will

be investing a considerable amount to be a part of your wedding, make every effort to select a gown that is affordable. There are plenty of retailers offering stylish options that may not be as expensive as some specialty stores.

Other Tips

Once you’ve decided on the basic elements, consider the following suggestions to find a gown that the bridal party will enjoy. • Take one or two bridesmaids shopping with you. Try to select ones with opposite body types so you can see how the gown looks on a woman who is thin and one who may be more full-figured. • Think about choosing separates. The bridesmaids can mix and match tops and bottoms to find a fit that works. This may enable a woman with a larger bust size to select a top with supportive straps while another bridesmaid can opt for strapless. Many stores have increased their inventory of separates because

of their growing popularity. • Choose one color and then let the bridesmaids choose the style they like the best for themselves. The look will still be cohesive, but it won’t be boring with one type of gown. Also, each bridesmaid will be comfortable with a gown that flatters her shape. • Go with a tea-length gown. These gowns have become quite trendy and are less formal and cumbersome than full-length gowns. Plus, there is a greater likelihood that the gown can be used again at a later date. • Purchase the bridesmaid gowns at the same store where you will be purchasing your wedding gown. Most shops will offer a courtesy discount if the bridesmaid gowns are purchased at the same store. Ensuring bridesmaids are happy in their gowns takes a little work but will be well worth the effort.

The Bulletin • BOOK OF LOVE 2013 • 11

Months Before Your Wedding


WEDDING ATTENDANTS ❏ Choose your wedding attendants. ❏ Decide on bridesmaids’ dresses. Matron of honor Duties


Bridesmaids Name




Flower girl(s) Best Man Duties


Location Ushers (one for every 50 guests)

Time Contact Ring bearer

Cost Officiant Notes

Stott Shots Photography 12 • BOOK OF LOVE 2013 • The Bulletin

❏ Announce your engagement in local newspapers. See page 4 for The Bulletin’s Milestones guidelines, followed by an engagement form on Page 5.

❏ Enlist help. Consider hiring a bridal consultant. If your budget won’t stretch that far, don’t despair. Enlist relatives and close friends to assist you in specific tasks — selecting a dress, interviewing caterers, etc. — especially in areas where you feel you need support.

❏ Compose your guestt list. Let out-oftown guests know your is in o wedding w the works make rks so o they can ca m ke travel plans.

❏ Reserve your reception site. te. e ❏ Determine the theme or moodd yo you’d like to establish sh with the food, table tab settings, flowers rss and a entertainment ente enttertai t at a your reception. you n.

❏ Interview catere caterers, ere rers, mus musicians, florists, floris photographers, videographers and cake t h id deograp d ake makers. Get written t en estimates of their tthe

costs. Keep track of your discussions and their bids.

❏ Set your budget. Take time for a heartto-heart talk with your fiancé about the budget and style of your wedding, reception and wedding-related parties, and who pays for what. See budget tips on pages 42-43.

Select your wedding gown, shoes and accessories.

ACCESSORIES: Shoes Color Size Expected arrival Cost GLOVES: Color Size Expected arrival

Gown style/name


Store name




Consultant’s name ame Dress size Headpiece/veil Headp He dpi piece/v Fitting F g dates d s da Final pickup ickup date d te e Deposit amount Balance due Bala Ba Total costt To

Color Co

Earrings Hair accessories cces ces ess esso Other her LINGERIE: N Slip Sli p Hosiery H ery Bra/bustier Bra/ Garter arte er

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Overlooking the vineyard, acres of rolling farm grounds, canyons and ridges before rising to our namesake, the “Three Sisters”. 541.350.5384 14 • BOOK OF LOVE 2013 • The Bulletin

Floral Styles

Here are some helpful hints to consider when choosing floral arrangements for the big day. by Metro Editorial, for The Bulletin Couples must make many decisions when planning their wedding, not the least of which is choosing floral arrangements. Some couples have never had to make choices regarding floral arrangements, so it’s understandable if they need some help before making a decision that will likely make a significant impact on the appearance of their weddings. • Go with your own style. Couples should not feel pressured to go with a more traditional style if that’s not something that suits them. Instead, choose a style that most appeals to you, be it neutral or bold colors, formal or more casual arrangements, and so on. Your style might also reveal a preference for

Stott Shots Photography

something other than roses, which is perfectly alright. It’s your wedding. • Stay in-season when possible. When choosing a floral arrangement, it’s important to consider when you’ll be getting married and which flowers will be in-season. It’s possible to find most floral varieties all year, but if you choose seasonal

flowers, you’ll likely pay less and such flowers will be more readily available and durable. • Don’t go it alone. The wedding day is going to be busy enough without brides and grooms having to worry about arranging the bouquets. A professional florist, ideally one who has come highly recom-

mended, should be able to work within your budget and produce a visually stunning end product. • Consider candles to save money. Many couples hope for a floral centerpiece at each table, but that can prove costly. If the floral budget is somewhat limited, supplement the centerpieces with candles to save some money. The centerpieces likely won’t be as grandiose, but smaller floral arrangements coupled with candles can create a romantic feel. • Stick to the budget. Couples will find it’s very easy to go over budget quickly with regard to floral arrangements. But a good florist should be able to work within your budget and produce an arrangement that’s visually impressive without costing a fortune.


eautiful mountain views, outstanding cuisine and a staff who cares! We understand that this is the most important day of starting your new life together. Let us customize your rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception to help you create some beautiful memories. Ask for Gail or Kelly at 541-317-2885 Restaurant is open to the public

F o r R e s e rvat i o n s C a l l 5 4 1 . 3 1 7 . 2 8 8 5 2 5 0 0 N W Aw b r e y G l e n D r i v e | B e n d | w w w. aw b r e yg l e n . c o m | 5 4 1 . 3 8 5 . 6 0 1 1 The Bulletin • BOOK OF LOVE 2013 • 15

Months Before Your Wedding


COUNTDOWN Select your wedding invitations. Don’t forget to purchase personal stationery for the thank-you notes you’ll need to write.

Choose your florist. Before contacting your florist, know your colors and styles of your gown and the bridesmaids’ gowns. Look through floral guides, sketch ideas, and cut out pictures of flowers to show your florist. Set up an initial consultation with your florist to discuss specific ideas that fit both your personal style and budget. Plan a second appointment to review recommendations and budgets.


❏ Choose your musician(s).


❏ Book your photographer and/or videographer.

Printer Name


❏ Decide on your color scheme.



❏ Shop for wedding rings with your fiancé.

Contact ITEM

Number of arrangements QUANTITY





Responses Thank-you notes Programs Stationery Other:

16 • BOOK OF LOVE 2013 • The Bulletin

Bride Boutonnieres

RECEPTION: Number of arrangements Total Cost

❏ Decide on your honeymoon destination. Work with a travel agent to book your travel and accommodations.

Choose your caterer. Make sure to ask the following questions of all candidates: • What type of food items do you recommend for my budget and the number of guests? • What type of service, sit-down or buffet, would be best? • What is the cost per person?

• Do you provide linens? Is there an additional fee?

• Will you personally handle and attend my reception? If not, who will?

• Do you supply glasses, plates and silverware? Is there an additional charge?

• Do you have a contract?

• Do you handle all rental equipment, such as tables, chairs and service pieces?

• When will you provide the final per-person cost? • What is the payment policy?

• How much time will you need to set up?

• When is the deposit due?

• Can we go over the table locations an setting arrangements ahead of time?

• What is your refund or cancellation policy

• Do you handle the cleanup?

• Are gratuities already figured in the total price?


Select your baker, order the cake.

Now’s the time to make reservations for tables, chairs, tents, canopies, place settings, etc. Consult an wedding and event coordinator to discuss needs for both your wedding day and rehearsal dinner.

Bakery Contact

Event Rental Equipment Contact



Cake Flavor/Colors

Appointment Time/Date

Filling Flavor


Icing Flavor/Colors

The Bulletin • BOOK OF LOVE 2013 • 17

18 • BOOK OF LOVE 2013 • The Bulletin

Months Before Your Wedding


COUNTDOWN ❏ Arrange hotel accommodations for members of the wedding party who live out of town. Reserve a block of rooms for other out-of-town guests, and let them know the rooms are available. Remember to ask for any group discounts or special packages.

❏ Register for gifts at one or more bridal-gift registries. Keep the registry focused. Special items that will last a lifetime are best. Also, register in a department store that is conveniently located to most guests, or one with a computer link to other stores. Effectively communicate registry information to family, friends and business associates.

❏ Help both mothers to coordinate and shop for their wedding-day attire. Skirts can come in all lengths, from floor-skimming to above the knee and dress mirrors the fashionforward look of ready-to-wear. A favorable silhouette: Easy crepe jackets with soft, fluid skirts in contrasting fabric.

❏ Plan a rehearsal dinner for members of your wedding party, your family and out-of-town guests. Reserve the location.

❏ Choose readings for your wedding and write your wedding vows.

❏Reserve your wedding-day transportation and any other wedding-day rental needs.

❏ Make appointments for gown fittings. ❏ Check the requirements for a marriage license.

Michelle Cross Photography

❏ Make sure contracts and arrangements are complete with all of your service providers.

Select music for your ceremony and reception.



Number of musicians


Number of breaks

Band/DJ Contact Phone

Soloist Choir

Arrival time


Hours of play


Total Cost



Recessional Postlude



Bride & groom dance


Bridal party dance


Bride and father dance Others The Bulletin • BOOK OF LOVE 2013 • 19

wedding & reception sites BEND

BROKEN TOP CLUB, 62000 Broken Top Drive, 541-383-8200, www.brokentop. com: Our 27,000-square-foot clubhouse accommodates 250 guests and provides everything you would expect in a first-class private club for large or intimate events with the best dining experience in Bend. The Great Room is a perfect venue for dancing, complete with stone fireplace. Outdoor weddings offer a waterfall setting on the golf course.

ASPEN HALL, SHEVLIN PARK, Bend Park & Recreation District, 541-389-7275, www. A large main hall can accommodate up to 150 guests. There are no restrictions regarding catering; a commercial kitchen can handle full meal preparation, or couples can bring in any catering service. Located in a community park with decks, a yard and pond. Carpooling is recommended. AWBREY GLEN GOLF CLUB, 2500 NW Awbrey Glen Drive, 541-385-6011, www. Garden-like weddings available on the carpeted grass of the event site. Enjoy the view of the Cascade Mountains from the casually elegant clubhouse and deck. A spectacular facility for ceremonies, receptions and rehearsal dinners. BEND GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB, 61045 Country Club Drive, 541-382-3261, www. Offering a panoramic view of the golf course from a spacious clubhouse that accommodates events from 30 to 300 people. A fireplace, dance floor, customized menus and an outdoor wedding site are available.

DESCHUTES BREWERY MOUNTAIN ROOM, 901 SW Simpson Blvd., 541-3126946: Experience spectacular views of the Cascades while enjoying award-winning beer. Perfect for rehearsal dinners and receptions. They also cater.

Stott Shots Photography

MARCOULIER EVENT ROOM, BEND SENIOR CENTER, 1600 SE Reed Market Road, 541-388-1133, www. The senior center offers a 3,500-square-foot room for event rentals. It includes wood floors, large windows, round tables with chairs and ample parking.

ELK LAKE RESORT, 901 SW Simpson Blvd., 541-480-7378, www.elklakeresort. net: For those who have found true love and are planning an outdoor wedding, look no further. Elk Lake Resort is now introducing a picturesque open-air wedding chapel. Complete with altar and log cabin style pews. A wedding truly made in heaven. THE HIGH DESERT MUSEUM, 59800 S. Highway 97, 541-382-4754, www. The museum provides a nationally-renouned, unique,

Many ceremony locations, including area churches, book up fast during peak wedding seasons. Try to call at least six months in advance. Some other things to keep in mind: Is the overall ambiance of the facility formal or informal? Is the facility large enough to accommodate your guest list and is it handicap assessable? Does the cost meet your budget? Can you bring in your own caterer? If not, does the food quality meet your standards?

20 • BOOK OF LOVE 2013 • The Bulletin

premiere setting on 135 pristine acres 10 minutes from the Old Mill. Will accommodate up to 500.

seventh floor penthouse with a reception in the ballroom. Guests can retire in one of its luxury suites.

HOLLINSHEAD BARN, Bend Park & Recreation District, 541-389-7275, www. This one-time homestead provides a small kitchen for warming up food but not full-scale cooking. Other features include a patio deck and benches for outdoor entertaining and an air-conditioned interior. Carpooling is recommended. Capacity: 125.

PILOT BUTTE EVENTS CENTER, 1034 NE 11th St., 541-617-7877, www. The “special place” for your special events.

K&K GARDEN VIEW ESTATE, 24885 Dodds Rd., 541-382-8530, www. 40-acre ranch feature 1½ acres of landscaped gardens and lawns, three ponds, two streams and mountain views. Undercover seating accommodates up to 270 guests. MCMENAMINS-OLD ST. FRANCIS SCHOOL, 700 NW Bond St., 541-3308567, Unique indoor and outdoor settings for weddings, receptions and rehearsal dinners for up to 120 guests. Full catering is available. MOUNT BACHELOR VILLAGE RESORT, 19717 Mount Bachelor Drive, 541-3895900, Facility can accommodate up to 150 people for receptions and banquets. OREGON NATIONAL GUARD ARMORY, 875 SW Simpson Avenue, 541-312-4309, (go to calendar link for available dates): Main assembly hall can accommodate up to 400 guests. Full kitchen facilities on-site. THE OXFORD HOTEL, 10 NW Minnesota Ave., 877-440-8436, www.oxfordhotelbend. com: Plan an extraordinary wedding in their

PRONGHORN, 65600 Pronghorn Club Dr., 541-693-5300, The perfect place for your wedding, with exceptional outdoor and indoor venues, luxury lodging and unforgettable views of the Cascades and its golf course. THE RIVERHOUSE RESORT, 2850 NW Rippling Ct., 541-389-3111, www. Full-service wedding and reception accommodations. Banquet rooms and patio overlook the Deschutes River. Lodging and golf. Capacity: 30 to 600. ROCK SPRINGS RANCH, 64201 Tyler Rd., 541-382-1957, Rock Springs is an 80-acre private ranch with a lodge for special events and overnight accommodations. SEVENTH MOUNTAIN RESORT, 18575 SW Century Drive, 541-382-8711, www. Newly-renovated in 2005. Full catering, indoor and outdoor spaces and activities for every family member. SHILO INN SUITES HOTEL, 3105 O.B. Riley Road, 541-389-9600, www.shiloinns. com: Banquet facilities include the Ballroom (capacity 150) and River Building (capacity 100). TETHEROW, 61240 Skyline Ranch Rd., 541-388-2582, The clubhouse offers traditional refinement,

contemporary amenities and spectacular views in a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Tetherow is the perfect wedding setting for a rehearsal dinner or celebration with seating up to 200 guests. TOWER THEATRE, 835 NW Wall Street, 541-317-0700, towertheatre. org: Accommodating rehearsal parties, weddings and ceremonies, the Tower Theatre’s classic elegance, ideal location, affordable pricing and professional staff ensure your day is one everyone will be talking about long after your “I do’s.” WIDGI CREEK GOLF CLUB, 18707 SW Century Drive, 541-382-4449, www.widgi. com: Full-service catering menu, facility customizations, indoor and outdoor ceremony and reception areas available. Capacity: 200.


ALDER CREEK RANCH, 541-549-3019, Full service catering is available for your wedding and/or reception. Alder Creek offers a private, secluded lake setting among Ponderosa pines and junipers. ASPEN LAKES GOLF COURSE & LODGE, 541-549-1984, www.aspenlakes. com: With breathtaking mountain views as your backdrop, Aspen Lakes can provide service and food to make the day everything you hope for. BLACK BUTTE RANCH, 541-595-1267, www. Specializes in catering to intimate weddings and receptions for up to 150 people in one of the most spectacular outdoor settings in Central Oregon. List continues on the next page

One-Stop Shop for all your Entertainment Needs! Weddings, Corporate, Private Parties Lowest Prices on Wine, Beer & Related Items! • Over 600 Oregon, Washington, California Wines, Champagne and Wines from around the World • Local, Domestic, Imported Beers & Kegs • Over 1200 Spirits, Premium Cigars, Case Discounts

(wine & related items only)

155 SW Century Drive, Ste. 100, Bend


(Located inside West Bend Liquor Store) The Bulletin • BOOK OF LOVE 2013 • 21

Get set for your wedding ... and the honeymoon!

BOTOX ............. only $9/UNIT BRAZILIAN WAX ............... $50 BRIDAL PARTY DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE ........... Call For Details!

FIVEPINE LODGE, 541-5495900, www.fivepinelodge. com: Spend your most magical day at our creekside reception center at the foot of the Cascade Mountains; spa services on site. HOUSE ON METOLIUS, Camp Sherman, 541-595-6620, www. Indoor/outdoor venue sites accommodate from 10 to 125 attendees with stunning views of the Metolius River and Mt. Jefferson; offers a Main Lodge and overnight accommodations for up to 25 guests. THE LODGE AT SUTTLE LAKE, 541-595-2628, www. A luxury resort nestled in the Deschutes National Forest offering boutique accommodations and cuisine in a pristine mountain setting. LONG HOLLOW RANCH, 71105 Homes Rd., 541-923-1901, www. Traditional and Western wedding sites on the lawn or at the barn. Bed and breakfast options available.


DESCHUTES COUNTY FAIR AND EXPO CENTER, 541-5482711, The Three Sisters Conference Center boasts three halls surrounded by 10 breakouts and can accommodate 300 to 900. EAGLE CREST RESORT, 1522 Cline Falls Hwy, 866-751-4552, With Eagle Crest’s relaxed resort setting, variety of venues and captivating beauty, your wedding becomes a destination vacation for your family and friends.

(541) 318-7311 447 NE Greenwood • Bend 22 • BOOK OF LOVE 2013 • The Bulletin

JUNIPER GOLF COURSE, 1938 Elkhorn Ave., 541-548-8198, ext. 54: With fantastic views of the golf course and surrounding mountains, the banquet room and patio at Juniper Golf Course is the place to hold any moderately-sized event. 110 people for receptions and banquets. On-site catering.

RIVER RUN EVENT CENTER, 1730 Blue Heron Dr., 541504-4501: The lodge with its spectacular views overlooking the Deschutes River is the perfect place for weddings.


SUNRIVER RESORT, 541-5934605, Flexible indoor and outdoor ceremony and banquet space is available. Private rooms include the Homestead, the smaller, more intimate Heritage, Landmark and Fireside Rooms as well as the historic Great Hall.


MEADOW LAKES RESTAURANT, 300 SW Meadow Lakes Dr., 541-447-7640: A full-service restaurant and bar with a banquet facility that can accommodate up to 150 people. There are beautiful views of the golf course and outside patio.


DD RANCH, 3836 NE Smith Rock Way, 541-419-8673: Breathtaking panoramic views of Smith Rock surround your wedding event with a western flair at the family-owned ranch. FAITH, HOPE & CHARITY VINEYARDS, 70455 NW Lower Bridge Way, 541-350-5384, www.faithhopeandcharityevents. com: Overlooking the vineyard, acres of farm grounds, canyons, rivers and its namesake Three Sisters mountains.


GHOST ROCK RANCH, 541536-5593, www.ghostrockranch. com: With its panoramic mountain views, Ghose Rock Ranch lends a stunning backdrop for any wedding or private affair. Talk with local chambers of commerce, parks and rec departments, the Central Oregon Visitors Association ( or your wedding coordinator for additional options.

Pump Up the Comfort Put a comfortable foot foward at your wedding. by Metro Editorial, for The Bulletin Some say shoes make the woman, but if they’re uncomfortable, shoes very well may break the woman -- especially at a wedding. From the bride to the guests, choosing the wrong shoes could sideline you from dancing or cause pain through the night. A smarter step is to put just as much thought into the shoes you will wear as you will into other parts of your wardrobe. Unless you’re wont to go anywhere without high heels, your feet may be unaccustomed to them for long durations of time. At a wedding, where it’s all about mingling and dancing, comfort should be considered just as much as style. That doesn’t mean you have to forgo an attractive shoe just for something comfortable. It’s possible to have the best of both worlds. Here are some considerations. • Wedge heels: Unlike other types of

Tullis Photo heels that put the brunt of the pressure on the ball of the foot, wedge heels distribute body weight evenly throughout the foot. Therefore, you might find these are some of the most comfortable types of heels around. Designers make them in all styles, including more formal versions perfect for weddings and other special events. • Ballet pumps: Ballet pumps, once made famous by style icon Audrey Hepburn,

can be worn with skirts or slacks. Their low profile helps keep feet comfortable, and they may come as flats or with a tiny heel. Embellished with bows, flowers or ribbons, these shoes will dress up any outfit. • Sandals: Particularly for warm-weather events, sandals can be quite comfortable and fashionable. Giving a peek of toe and ankle can be just as sexy as stilettos, without the pain. • Flip-flops: Many brides choose to don flip-flops under their gowns simply because they can be so comfortable. Flipflops needn’t be the run-of-the-mill rubber kind found in the discount bin. They can be dressed up to match your gown or purchased with gemstones and other decor already attached. For those who prefer heels for photo ops and looking fabulous, consider bringing along a change of shoes just in case foot pain flares up later in the evening.

The Bulletin • BOOK OF LOVE 2013 • 23

information | 541-548-2711 | | 24 • BOOK OF LOVE 2013 • The Bulletin

Months Before Your Wedding


COUNTDOWN Give the caterer and other food suppliers an estimate of the number of guests you expect. Caterer Contact

❏Carefully prepare directions, including simply drawn maps, to help guide guests to the wedding and reception. For guests who will travel a long distance to your wedding, consider assembling an information package on fun things to do and see in your area. ❏Shop for gifts for your bridesmaids. Offer to help your fiancé select gifts for his attendants. ❏ Begin addressing invitations and announcements. Select a special stamp at the post office. Invitations should go in the mail six to eight weeks before your big day.

❏Check with bridesmaids to make sure they have their gowns and are getting them adjusted. ❏Select your “going away” outfit and special items for your trousseau. ❏Make a date with your photographer for any formal portraits you desire. ❏Make an appointment to have your hair done just before your portrait session and again the day or so before your wedding. Consider including your bridesmaids in a “day of beauty” before your wedding, with manicures, hair styling, massages and makeup session.

Phone Number of guests Costs per person Total Cost Deposit Menu

Ensure all reservations are set for honeymoon travel. Resort/Hotel Days reserved Phone Cost Flights Arrival Time

Confirmation # Check-in time Departure Time

Flight #


The Bulletin • BOOK OF LOVE 2013 • 25

Months Before Your Wedding

WEDDING COUNTDOWN ❏Have wedding portraits taken.

Plan your rehearsal dinner and a brunch or fun activity for out-oftown guests to enjoy on the day following your wedding.

Visitor Centers: Central Oregon Visitors Association, 661 SW Powerhouse Dr., Bend, 800-800-8334, Visit Bend, 750 NW Lava Rd., #160, Bend, 541-382-8048, 877-245-8484,

26 • BOOK OF LOVE 2013 • The Bulletin

❏Send bridal portrait and wedding announcement to newspapers for publication. ❏Finalize the music selections that will be played during your wedding ceremony. ❏Meet with musicians who will provide entertainment during your reception-and orchestrate precisely what you want and when you want it played. Don’t be shy to voice your preferences, down to the volume, favorite songs you’d like to hear, or even songs you don’t want played. ❏Purchase special accessories for your wedding-day attire. ❏Plan a luncheon for your bridesmaids.

❏Finalize honeymoon plans. If you’re traveling overseas, check again that your passports are current and that you have any necessary visas. ❏Gather necessary birth or baptismal certificates you may need for your-wedding license. Tullis Photo

Michelle Cross Photography

Make appointments for a hairdresser, makeup artist and manicurist.

Mother of the Bride Special

$300.00Of f

Hairdresser: Phone Appointment Cost

Neck Lif t Procedure Expires 5/1/13

New Alternative to Plastic Surgery

Makeup Artist: Phone Appointment Cost Manicurist: Phone Appointment Cost



Actual Client of Enhancement Center Medical Spa 2 Days Posttreatment.

Mail your wedding invitations and announcements. Use the guest list charts on pages 44 through 46 to record your progress and keep track of who sends in their RSVP.

Concerts, Weddings &

FACE-IT NECK LIFT is a procedure which provides noticeable results with just one treatment. The Neck Lift procedure is performed without anesthesia, chemicals or lasers. One procedure takes only one hour, and the results last for years.

Community Events Rental Inquiries:


Enhancement Center Medical Spa


BEND’S FIRST MEDICAL SPA Locally Owned & Operated Since 2000.


For more information, Email: The Bulletin • BOOK OF LOVE 2013 • 27

Month Before Your Wedding


COUNTDOWN Tullis Photo ❏ Get your wedding license. ❏ Have a final fitting of your gown and

make sure your attendants have theirs. ❏ Check that your menu selections and

service plans are locked in place with the caterer. ❏ Purchase a special book to keep track

of wedding gifts as they arrive. ❏ Keep writing those thank-you notes on

a daily basis! ❏ Check with your florist to confirm

dates and times of flower deliveries. ❏ Review your wedding-day

transportation plans and make sure drivers are clear about addresses, times and number of passengers.

Meet with your photographer to specify the formal shots you want taken of the bridal party, as well as specific, candid shots you’d like taken during the reception. ❏ Make name or address changes

official on documents, including driver’s license, Social Security forms and financial accounts. Fill out change-of-address forms at the post office. ❏ Review the video plans with your


If you plan a formal dinner for your reception, it’s time to draw up a seating plan and make up place cards.

Put Mother Nature on your Guest List and Create the Wedding of your Dreams at The DD Ranch 541-548-1432 • • 3836 N.E. Smith Rock Way • Terrebonne 28 • BOOK OF LOVE 2013 • The Bulletin

Weeks Before Your Wedding




❏ Keep writing those thank-you notes for wedding gifts!

❏ Pick up your wedding rings. Make sure any special engraving appears precisely as you wished.

❏ Begin packing for your

• Make final checks with all your vendors: officiant, musicians, florist, photographer, videographer, limousine or other transportation provider, caterers and baker.

❏ Officiant

❏ Driver

❏ Musicians

❏ Caterer

❏ Florist

❏ Baker

❏ Photographer

❏ Other

❏ Videographer


Michelle Cross Photography

❏ Purchase travelers’ checks and reconfirm honeymoon travel and hotel plans.

❏ See that checks are written and ❏ Ask a friend or family member to arrange for wedding gifts that may be brought to your reception to be delivered to your home or another safe spot.

❏ Wrap gifts for bridal attendants Stott Shots Photography


Take time to relax and enjoy a massage, manicure and pedicure. Traditionally, this is the day for your rehearsal ceremony and rehearsal dinner. Have fun! Turn in early for a good night’s sleep.

and have them ready for the rehearsal dinner.

ready to be handed out to vendors at the agreed-upon time.

❏ Inform your caterer of the final number of guests. Confirm that out-of-town guests are set with proper hotel accommodations, transportation and wedding-day directions.


Allow plenty of time for dressing, makeup and hair styling.

If you plan on photography before the ceremony, allow ample time so you’re not rushed. Relax, and remember: This is your special day, the result of all your careful planning. Now it’s time to enjoy. Take a deep breath. Refuse to let any glitch get to you. Savor every moment of this sacred day. Let your joy and happiness shine through. Best wishes!

The Bulletin • BOOK OF LOVE 2013 • 29

Incredible Events presents

Central Oregon


Wedding Event Show Saturday, January 12, 2013

Event Photos courtesy of Incredible


Riverhouse Convention Center, Bend 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Admission: $5 or 4 Non-perishable Food Items (Admission donated to Ronald McDonald Charities® of Central Oregon; Food donated to Bend Ronald McDonald House®)

This is an exciting showcase providing information and resources geared toward Wedding and Event Planners. We would like to thank the following sponsors:

For more information, call 541.317.0450 or visit 30 • BOOK OF LOVE 2013 • The Bulletin

Central Oregon Wedding and Event Show

Fashion Shows 10:00 A.M. • 11:30 A.M. 1:00 P.M. • 2:30 P.M.

Bridal & Formal Wear Fashion Shows provided by Cordially Invited Bridal featuring segments of couture, traditional and destination bridal styles, as well as bridesmaid’s fashions and men’s tuxedos. Be sure to make time to visit Cordially Invited Bridal at the main stage Saturday, where they will be showing the new fashions for 2013. This year’s show will also feature swimwear and honeymoon attire, provided by At the Beach, Jet Set Travel. Your fairytale starts with the first dance. Join Salsa Victoria from Bend Dance, who will be providing dance demonstrations on the Main Stage. For all those grooms and dads, don’t forget to stop by the Groom’s Lounge and enjoy one of Deschutes Brewery’s fabulous local craft beers, grab a burger and keep up on your sports while the girls enjoy the show.

All Brides Can Enter to Win a

$5,000 Dream Wedding Package or a Honeymoon Cruise! Win a six-day and seven-night cruise to the Mexican Riviera, donated by Incredible Events. The winner will be announced at the 1 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. Fashion Shows!

The Bulletin • BOOK OF LOVE 2013 • 31

Central Oregon Wedding and Event Show

Vendor List

AAA Travel 503-222-6767

American Family Insurance 541-316-3022 Andrew Paul Photography 541-610-5593 Anthony’s 541-389-8998

Aspen Lakes / Alder Creek Ranch 541-549-3019 Awbrey Glen 541-317-2885 At The Beach 541-389-2613 Bed Bath and Beyond 541-389-4060

A Word from Incredible Events Incredible Events founded the Central Oregon Wedding and Event Show as a way to support local event businesses, providing an exciting yet affordable venue showcasing the Central Oregon event industry. This educationally oriented forum is of interest to both professionals and consumers, sharing the latest trends in event planning. Strong community sponsorship allows them to offer minimal vendor fees for maximum participation. Incredible Events has been producing distinctive affairs in Central Oregon for nearly a decade. Incredible Events is a family owned company. Don, Laura and Melissa Chick, owners, strive to maintain the highest quality equipment, customer service and consumer education. Their high standards mean that clients can focus on their special event, not on the safety or appearance of the rental equipment! Incredible Events provides canopies, linens, dishware, tables, chairs, staging, dance floors and everything else that makes an outstanding event, whether a corporate affair or an intimate wedding. They are proud to support their community. Not only are they advocates for our local economy and businesses, Incredible Events is also active with non-profit groups, including The American Cancer Society, Healing Reins, J Bar J Youth Services and The High Desert Classic, Collage 32 • BOOK OF LOVE 2013 • The Bulletin

of Culture, COCC Foundation, St. Charles Foundation and many more. One of their newest ventures, the Central Oregon Wedding and Event Show, will include a fundraiser and food drive. Your choice of admission includes $2 or two non-perishable food items. Funds collected will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Central Oregon, while all food will be given to Bend Ronald McDonald House®. Now THAT’s incredible!

Bend Dance 541-610-2114 Bend Plastic Surgery 541-749-2282 Bend Whole Health 541-389-1191 Black Butte Ranch 541-595-1536 Bleu Bite Catering 541-388-1104 Broken Top Club 541-383-8214 Captured Essence Productions 541-706-1316 capturedessenceproductions Captured Memories Videography 541-728-3144 Cascade Catering 541-480-4199 Central Oregon Wedding & Event Resource Guide 541-419-6151 Central Event Rentals 541-389-6275 Central Oregon Breeze 541-389-7469 Continued on Next Page

Real Life on the

Dance Floor by Victoria Tolonen, Bend Dance Sexiness. Connection. Open to adventure. Grace, heroism and unveiled beauty. Isn’t that what we want in a relationship? It’s what can be created on the dance floor, and it’s surprisingly analogous to real life. In a partner dance, as in any relationship, there are different roles and a foundation of communication, respect and play. Start with a simple hand hold. You hold your partner’s hand so you’re connected, but not gripping tightly or being so loose that your partner can’t feel you. You want to be fully aware of your partner, just like having eye contact in a conversation. When you move, it should be with your core so your partner doesn’t just move your arm on the dance floor, but your whole body, and you’re fully engaged. Each person is responsible for his or her own balance, and just like being a self-responsible, balanced person, it allows us to interact in a healthy way with our partner. No one wants to be clingy or needy, nor do we want someone messing with our balance and pushing us over. As long as you’re standing on your own two feet (even if they’re both left), you can be part of someone’s movement while maintaining your own happy, healthy independence. For a conversation to begin, one person introduces a topic. On the dance floor, the man generally proposes the direction, which is leading, and the woman responds with her idea of how to get there, which is following. Many women have a near allergic reaction to the word “follow.” It sounds like saying, “Check your brain at the door and do whatever he tells you.” However, think

about the choice to follow as a way of expressing, “I am solid in who I am. I know my boundaries and abilities and in no way do I lose part of myself by letting someone else guide.” In a partner dance, he leads by asking, rather than demanding. She responds with her own style, whether it’s sexy, playful or flirty. In a dance like West Coast Swing, he leads but she adds her thoughts to the dance. She’s agreed to let him start the conversation, but she can interrupt when appropriate so both partners must be able to talk and listen. Above all, the music guides the dance. As long as they’re aware of each other and listening to the same song, they can stop along the way and play with the sexy saxophone solo or the flirtatious lyrics. They may not know what’s coming, but they’re in sync with each other. It’s true connection. Exactly what we want in a relationship, right? To be Alluring. Adventurous. Balanced, fully present and fully engaged. Open to confidently connect with your partner. What a beautiful way to experience life with the person you love. The Bulletin • BOOK OF LOVE 2013 • 33

Ceylon Blu 541-389-1800

Dave Clemens - DJ 541-350-6724

Classic Limousine 541-410-8916

Dee Mountain Photography 541-913-0163 www.deemountainphotography. com

Cordially Invited Bridal 541-330-8887 Costco Wholesale 541-385-9640 Cow Camp Cookin & BBQ 541-410-3193 cowcampcookin Cowboy Carriage Company 541-728-3750 Cuppa Yo Frozen Yogurt 541-306-6993 34 • BOOK OF LOVE 2013 • The Bulletin

Denim & Lace Photography 541-526-1123 Deschutes Brewery Mountain Room 541-312-6946 www.deschutesbrewery. com/brewery/mountain-room/ default.aspx DynaCore Fitness 541-777-7493

Edge Barbershop and Salon 541-410-4384 Four Daughters Photography 541-815-3958 www. Heather Jordan Photography 541-233-3690 www.heatherjordanphotography. com

House on Metolius 541-595-6620 Incredible Events 541-317-0450

Lake Creek Lodge 800-797-6331

Juniper Golf 541-923-9818

Liz’s Great Escapes 541-647-8505

Kellies Cakes 541-410-0866

Macy’s 541-317-6000

Killer Whale Audio 541-416-2429

Pink Sky Flowers 541-508-9817 Pure Care Dental 541-647-5555 Pure Romance 541-420-1134 www.jamieflanagan. Rays Food Place 541-318-7297 Reverend Chris Lewis 541-504-7499 Continued on Next Page The Bulletin • BOOK OF LOVE 2013 • 35

Sober Dudes, LLC 541-508-6430 Star Limousine 541-419-6151 Star Productions DJ 541-419-4090 Take Shape For Life 541-410-1770 explore

River Run Lodge at Eagle Crest 541-504-4501 The Riverhouse Hotel and Convention Center 541-617-7277 Set In Your Way 541-388-0314 Sleep In and Suites 541-504-1500

36 • BOOK OF LOVE 2013 • The Bulletin

The Bend Trolley 541-771-1800 The Cake Lady 541-389-8453 thecakelady The Flower Boutique 541-548-6089 www.flowerboutiqueredmond. com The Sweet Tooth 541-383-2352

The Well Traveled Fork 541-312-0097

Bad Boys BBQ 541-383-2523

Tullis Photo 541-728-3277

Bend Event Music 502-718-1814

Undefined Events 541-848-3355

Continued on Next Page

Located at

Expo Center Downstairs Advocare 541-995-0474 Arbonne International 541-788-3195 www.legacy@my.arbonne. com Audio Visions plus 541-312-6464

The Bulletin • BOOK OF LOVE 2013 • 37

Dance Central 541-771-7326 DCL Photography 541-310-9224 Destination Transportation 541-550-8055 Farmers Insurance Group 541-639-4830 lscheppegrell Flip Flop Sounds 541-633-9775 Getaways Travel 541-388-0345 Gigi Hill Independent Stylist 541-419-7265 Hannah O’Leary Photography 541-517-8073 www. High Desert Photo Booth 541-977-1370 www.highdesertphotobooth. com

It Works Ultimate Body Applicator 253-640-8243 www.skinnywrapsforbrides@ Josselyn Peterson Photography 951-805-4317 Justy’s Jelly’s 541-480-3859 Mary Kay 541-788-4785 Moving Spirits 541-281-7815 www. Pampered Chef - Tracy McKenzie 541-389-1955 tracyMcKenzie Pretty Pussy Cat 541-317-3566 Rock Springs Weddings 541-815-1670 www.rockspringsweddings. com Rodan Fields 541-390-1974

Swimwear & Summer Attire for All Sizes (Kids, Juniors, Women & Plus Sizes)

including D, DD & F Cups 850 NW Wall St. • Bend, OR 97701 • 541-389-2613 38 • BOOK OF LOVE 2013 • The Bulletin

Silpada Jewelry 541-420-4770 stirewalt Sunriver Home Owners Association 541-585-3144 Twist Cocktail Catering CO. 541-633-5855 Xocai Healthy Chocolate 541-420-6978

The Bulletin • BOOK OF LOVE 2013 • 39

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