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END-OF-YEAR REPORT 2018 - 2019

The year in review from August of 2018...

July 2019

...to May of 2019.

Willoughby-Eastlake Annual Report Facts & Figures Total Student Enrollment •

8,206 Students Enrolled

North High Graduates: 341

South High Graduates: 319

Total Employees •

WETA - 558

Admin - 40

WECP - 145

Custodian/Maintenance - 47

Food Service - 64

Other Non-Bargaining - 136

87 •

Student residency reports investigated

26 students investigated withdrew

Transportation Services •

76 daily bus runs

1,277,707 miles driven last year

7,209 students are scheduled to ride

76 bus drivers, 4 sub drivers, 16 aides

1,240 additional trips for field trips, athletics, etc.

Willoughby-Eastlake End -of-Year Report

Superintendent’s Office

Vision, Continuous Improvement and Focus of District Work • • • • • •

Completion of ReImagine19 goals and initiation of new strategic plan Vision/Plans/Goals communicated to community through newsletters, social media, website updates and two-way communication using Facebook Live Community Updates completed and mailed to district homes City meetings with mayors/city councils Video productions - Check-In With the Sup to convey vision and important messages Board, staff and community engagement through Facilities Committee, Business Advisory Council, cabinet meetings, staff meetings

Communication and Collaboration • • • • • • • • • • • •

Board member participation on district committees Weekly Board of Education Updates - including weekly construction updates Social Media Updates Staff Updates weekly, including identification of staff accomplishments Board communication - text of important information, email, phone calls Meetings with student groups Staff meetings Annual State of the Schools updates Ongoing communication with printed media: News Herald, Mimi Magazine Collaboration with RSVP members Partnerships with community businesses including but not limited to: Mitchell’s Ice Cream, Lakeland Community College, Lake Health, Cardinal Community Credit Union, Fine Arts, Signature Health, YMCA, Kent State University Meetings with parent organizations: PTO, booster clubs, etc.

July 2019

Superintendent’s Office Policies and Governance • • • • • • •

Continued analysis of policies and changes being made to update all - some date back 20 years Ongoing analysis of changes at state level for educational requirements and necessary accommodations resulting from requirements Addition of adult programming and collegiate collaboration at NCI to meet employment needs of the community Attendance at state meetings to ensure alignment of new regulations to district policies Implementation of alternate strategies to address negative behaviors - keeping students in school to implement positive changes Collaboration with safety forces to conduct safety drills including evacuation drills in all buildings Collaboration with state representatives to change graduation requirements and create additional pathways

Instruction • • • •

Creation and implementation of curriculum maps/pacing guides to improve student achievement Meetings with staff members to address concerns and ensure necessary supports through professional development, training and materials Administration of appropriate common assessments and review of progress Increased staff training on Marzano’s Nine to improve instructional strategies and student achievement

Resources • • • • •

Engagement with local municipalities to increase partnerships within schools Completion of dental and vision contracts to meet student needs Revision of mental health contracts with Crossroads to increase employee retention Continued professional development to evaluate deficits in student achievement Completion of union contract renewals

Special Projects, Other Duties and Skills •

• •

• • • •

Additional placement of 3M safety coverings to district windows and doors Caredox vaccines and flu shots for students completed in all schools Passage of levy renewal/message creation and delivery for new money levy Construction project management Quarterly meetings with safety forces Contractual management for all employees Overseeing of all aspects of the district: transportation, staff, facilities, finances Willoughby-Eastlake End -of-Year Report

Personnel/Human Resources

New Teacher Orientation • • • •

Held new teacher orientation with emphasis on unique ways to welcome students Prepared teachers for the Resident Educator Program Began a book study reading, Teach Like a Pirate Schedule established for renewing and passing the RESA (Resident Educator Summative Assessment) - monthly meetings for the first four years for all new teachers

New Online Record Keeping Software Program • • • •

Purchased TalentEd, an online program that houses personnel records Trained all personnel staff in the use of TalentEd Began the process of scanning employee files to TalentEd Used TalentEd for onboarding new employees

Substitute Teacher Interviews • • • •

Interviewed every substitute teacher before hiring Previewed substitute teachers for potential hires for permanent positions Initiated communication format to facilitate ongoing rapport with substitute teachers Provided opportunity for substitute staff members to receive direction regarding scenarios they will be likely to encounter in the classroom

Job Fairs and New Screening Tool • • •

Attended job fairs at local universities Conducted two Bid Days—WECP (Willoughby-Eastlake Classified Employees) and WETA (Willoughby-Eastlake Teacher’s Association) Purchased, trained and began using Spark Hire for online video and screening candidates

July 2019

Personnel/Human Resources Job Descriptions and Board Policies and Guidelines • • •

Worked with all unions to update district job descriptions Updated all district administrative job descriptions Updated Board Policies and Guidelines to correspond with any changes in statute

Professional Development • • • • •

Began training administrative staff in Restorative Practices Trained administrators on a newly created walkthrough data collection instrument Used walkthrough data collected to drive professional development Certified staff worked on three of the Marzano’s Nine Instructional Strategies Continued to provide classified staff with customer service training

Negotiations •

Assisted to complete negotiations with four unions  Negotiations resulted in contract concessions from both parties negotiating  Final contracts in force for three years, pending fiscal solvency

New Staff Hiring & Reductions • • •

Eliminated one Speech & Language Pathologist position (reduction in need) while continuing full services Eliminated a librarian position and replaced with a library aide position Positions filled to date for 2019 - 2020  Five administrative positions  Ten teaching positions with several more in process - including three intervention specialists  Multiple classified positions - including three para-professional aides for special education  One school psychologist

Willoughby-Eastlake End -of-Year Report

2018 - 2019 Professional Development Summer Institute Week #1 Fab Lab: Intro to Corel Draw Mental Health - Impact on Brain and Behaviors Google Apps Fab Lab: Intro to Corel Draw Gifted Instructional Strategies

Attendees Learn how to use the computer program Corel Draw which is used for designing Fab Lab projects Discover how mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and ADHD impacts students’ brains and behaviors, and how to address them in the classroom Experience the latest and greatest of what Google Apps has to enhance your classroom instruction Learn how to use the computer program Corel Draw which is used for designing Fab Lab projects Learn new strategies to engage and enrich your gifted students

8 12

9 12 12

Reading & Writing Workshop

Whether you are a new teacher or have been using reading and writing workshop for years, this day-long session will be engaging and informational for you! This workshop will focus on new strategies to revamp your small group instruction, introduce new strategies, and effective use of your ELA block


Fab Lab: Intro to Lasers

An introductory course on laser safety and how to operate the laser


Fab Lab: Intro to Lasers

An introductory course on laser safety and how to operate the laser.


Purposeful Pathways

Internationally known published author and composer, will work with you on using Purposeful Pathways effectively in your K-8 music education classroom A follow up session for staff who have attended the Fab Lab: Introduction Course (June 12th) or Open Lab PD Sessions throughout the school year Bring an assessment or two and get ready to be amazed at how Illuminate can help you create online assessments that can be graded upon submission, and create instant data of student progress A follow up session for staff who have attended the Fab Lab: Introduction Course (June 12th) or Open Lab PD Sessions throughout the school year We all know that many of our students have had traumatic experiences; at home and school. Learn warning signs how to help students cope with these experiences Use Illuminate to run reports on student progress. These reports will be helpful to your TBTs, classroom instruction, and even for parent- teacher conferences


The Fab Lab will be open to those who like to complete projects they designed at previous Summer Institute sessions or during Open Fab Labs earlier in the year Learn Augmented Reality (AR) Sandbox basics and how to implement its use into your classroom. The sandbox is combined with 3D visualization applications. By molding the sand with your hands, the landscape comes to life. The sand is augmented in real-time with an elevation color map, topographic contour lines, and simulated water which can be applicable to many standards across multiple grade-levels and contents The Fab Lab will be open to those who like to complete projects they designed at previous Summer Institute sessions or during Open Fab Labs earlier in the year. TOTAL IN ATTENDANCE


Fab Lab: Intermediate Laser Illuminate: Assessment Creation

Fab Lab: Intermediate Laser Trauma Informed Care

Illuminate: Running Reports

Fab Lab: Open Making Session

AR Sandbox

Fab Lab: Open Making Session

July 2019

10 4

10 11





2018 - 2019 Professional Development Summer Institute Week #2 Gifted Strategies

Learn new strategies to engage and enrich your gifted students


Fab Lab: Intro to Corel Draw


Fab Lab: Introduction to Poster Making and Vinyl Cutting

Learn how to use the computer program Corel Draw which is used for designing Fab Lab projects Explore 3D printing programs such as Tinkercad, Instructables, and Thingiverse to design projects. Learn how to import files and operate the equipment. Prerequisite: Introduction to 3D Printing Programs & Design Course (June 12th) or Open Fab Lab experience Learn how to import files and operate the equipment. Prerequisite: Introduction to 3D Printing Programs & Design Course (June 12th) or Open Fab Lab experience Experience the latest and greatest of what Google Apps has to enhance your classroom instruction Whether you are a new teacher or have been using reading and writing workshop for years, this day-long session will be engaging and informational for you! This workshop will focus on new strategies to revamp your small group instruction, introduce new strategies, and effective use of your ELA block Learn the programs used to make posters and cut vinyl; BN-20, Versaworks, and Cut Studio

Fab Lab: Introduction to Poster Making and Vinyl Cutting

Learn the programs used to make posters and cut vinyl; BN-20, Versaworks, and Cut Studio


Fab Lab: Open Making Session

The Fab Lab will be open to those who like to complete projects they designed at previous Summer Institute sessions or during Open Fab Labs earlier in the year The Fab Lab will be open to those who like to complete projects they designed at previous Summer Institute sessions or during Open Fab Labs earlier in the year






Fab Lab: Intro to 3D Printing and Design Fab Lab: Beginning 3D Printing

Fab Lab: Beginning 3D Printing

Google Apps Reading & Writing Workshop

Fab Lab: Open Making Session

4 6


3 23



Willoughby-Eastlake End -of-Year Report

2018 - 2019 Professional Development

July 2019

2018 - 2019 Professional Development

Willoughby-Eastlake End -of-Year Report

2018 - 2019 Professional Development

July 2019

2018 - 2019 Professional Development

Willoughby-Eastlake End -of-Year Report

2018 - 2019 Professional Development

July 2019

2018 - 2019 Professional Development

Willoughby-Eastlake End -of-Year Report

2018 - 2019 Professional Development

July 2019

2018 - 2019 Professional Development

Willoughby-Eastlake End -of-Year Report

2018 - 2019 Professional Development

July 2019

2018 - 2019 Professional Development

Willoughby-Eastlake End -of-Year Report

2018 - 2019 Professional Development

July 2019

2018 - 2019 Professional Development

Willoughby-Eastlake End -of-Year Report

2018 - 2019 Professional Development

July 2019

2018 - 2019 Student Highlights

Willoughby-Eastlake End -of-Year Report

Willoughby-Eastlake Technology Network Changes & Upgrades • • • • •

Installed Air Fiber to run the board office network until permanent fiber is run Replaced switches at Jefferson Elementary Added 10GbE connection between Jefferson Elementary and Eastlake Middle Built new Board of Education network from ground up Pulled fiber into new Longfellow - Privately owned fiber saves leasing fees - Connects new Longfellow to new North

Employed Datavoice Connect and Fusion to implement new SIP Trunk - Replaces legacy PRI phone lines with new district-wide phone service - Saves approximately $10,000 annually

Software Upgrades •

• • • •

Deployed Clever - a single solution, creating ease for students to access multiple district resources using a single logon, younger grades can use a QR code to automatically login, decreases need for teacher assistance with login (sometimes up to 15 min), increases instructional time Implemented a special attendance tracker module into PowerSchool, ensures compliance with House Bill 410 Performed significant upgrade to PowerSchool, added latest features for teachers Converted Edison Elementary from Novell to Active Directory to give technology department greater control of software deployment and desktop computer updates - remaining buildings completed by Fall of 2019 Papercut deployment - tracks printing and provides secured printing to all new Kyocera devices (copiers)

Professional Collaboration • • • • • •

July 2019

Worked with Cuyahoga County ESC on technology audit per strategic plan Worked with district Operations Department to deploy all new technology equipment to new buildings Worked with district Operations Department to remove all technology from buildings being demolished Collaborated to determine technology needs in new Board of Education Collaborated with district staff to determine needs for new phone system Collaborated with district staff to determine needs for new copier systems

Willoughby-Eastlake Mobile Fabrication Lab Updates • •


Mobile Fab Lab completed its first full year of operation providing instruction for all buildings Weekly after-hours training opportunities provided for staff training

Improved Copying Capabilities • •

• •

Completed RFP (Request for Proposal) for new copiers Completed review process for new copiers - Site visits to three manufacturers - Stakeholder input Selected new vendor Copiers delivered to all buildings

Upgrades to Building Technology • •

Deployed approximately 200 Chromebooks to teachers at North, South, and Longfellow Installed approximately 250 computers to replace outdated technology

Improved District-Wide Phone Service •

Implemented 3CX phone system - Necessitated by construction - Adds features to current system - Internal phone system upgrade, separate from construction bids, created district savings of approximately $100,000.00

Ongoing Immediate Work •

Coordination of installation and setup of all new technology in three new schools • Moving of technology from current Willoughby Middle School to new Willoughby Middle School

Willoughby-Eastlake End -of-Year Report

Operations Department Personnel Changes & Training • • •

Department organization model was changed to include Facilities & Transportation Manager and Coordinator of Operations and Security Increased professional development to learn electrical and HVAC advancements in new facilities Food service procurement - Request for proposal completed for food service - Request for proposal completed for beverage service

Department Structural Changes • • •

District Central Warehouse was closed as a cost saving measure Partnership with local municipalities to purchase salt for district properties - Cost savings to district and improved response time Continued in-house vegetation control - savings of $10,000 annually

Capital Improvement Projects • • • • • • • • •

District-wide parking lot seal coating Installation of new 50 ton air conditioning unit at Royalview Purchase of improved communication system for all buildings through Motorola Oversight of furniture deliveries, assembly and assignments in new Board of Education Installation of new technology at new Board of Education Planning and execution of internal structural changes at Royalview and Willowick Middle to improve sound containment throughout buildings Completion of Board Office renovations and moving Completion of transportation paving project, painting of buildings and roofing of buildings North, South and Longfellow construction projects ongoing

July 2019

Operations Department Collaborative Initiatives • • • • •

• •

Managed contract renewals with McKinley Outreach, Lake County ESC, Lake County Developmental Disabilities Assisted the treasurer’s office with district inventory for insurance purposes Completed updates in NaviGate to maintain district emergency protocols and state compliance Completed changes to school safety plans and safety drills as suggested during quarterly first-responder’s meetings Continued representation on behalf of the district relative to the Point Park/ Downtown Willoughby sale of district properties Maintained equipment of the mobile fab lab and lab at the School of Innovation Assisted with initial design of partnership scheduling, practices and procedures for new shared spaces (YMCA, Senior Center) Attendance at council meetings to represent district regarding permits for new construction

Remaining Department Projects • • • • • • •

Establishment of new traffic patterns on new properties following construction Conducted and organized move of all items from current buildings to newly built buildings Assisted with removal and replacement of technology in new schools Oversight of all demolition projects Completed bus work preventative maintenance Oversight of the construction of a dental and vision clinic Completion of 2,380 maintenance work orders for the school year

Willoughby-Eastlake End -of-Year Report

Pupil Services Personnel Training/Professional Development •

Provided Professional Development sessions - Trauma Informed Care for all special education staff on Trauma 

All special education staff, intervention specialists and related personnel - preschool to high school

Training on analysis and implementation of Ohio Department of Education Extended Standards—all staff, both special education and regular education

Extended Standards training for building principals

Professional development for building secretaries reviewing: 

Policies and procedures that must be followed regarding student enrollment

How can the Pupil Services Department can support you?

Established embedded professional development coaching model in collaboration with the ESC of Northeast Ohio to assist lead teaching teams to work on the implementation of the Extended Standards throughout the 2019-2020 school year

Read and Rise Program Training - Fall of 2019 

Staff trained: preschool staff, kindergarten staff, local library staff

Program provides education, resources and support for early literacy

Implemented District Truancy Program •

Served in pilot program with state stakeholders and local districts to assist in implementation of Absence Intervention Plans to reduce chronic truancy  Worked with Absence Intervention Teams to offer legal mediation services to staff and families to correct truancy before elevated to court system

Updated Student On-Line Registration Process • • •

Includes additional information for parents to include FERPA awareness, student code of conduct information Revised and updated on-line kindergarten registration process Assist existing families to update student information

July 2019

Pupil Services School Medicaid Program (SMP) District Audit • •

Submitted documents for approximately fifty special needs students to ensure correct protocol and reimbursement processes were correct Trained staff to document Medicaid eligible services on HPC portal

Collaboration with Curriculum Department •

Aligned district ELA and Math pacing guides to include reference to Ohio Department of Education’s Extended Standards and Learning Progressions

Collaboration to refine and improve K-3 push in literacy model

Intervention specialists

Related service providers

Title I teachers

Regular education teachers

Continuation of KIDS First nights 

Pairs preschool and kindergarten teachers

Families participate in evening of learning games and activities for incoming kindergarten students to facilitate kindergarten readiness

Assisted with “Book and a Bunny” and “Stocking and a Story” 

High school athletes participate in preschool visits to encourage reading

Preschool students are given books for home in an effort to improve literacy at home

Summer Learning Camp and Extended School Year - district’s two summer support programs 

Aligned for students demonstrating need for additional academic support and social supports

Students are taught in familiar location and with familiar staff for four-week summer period

Willoughby-Eastlake End -of-Year Report

Pupil Services The Whole Child •

Developed unique plan with Crossroads to increase district mental health providers to students & families in need

Collaboration with Crossroads Agency to offer “Triple P program” to preschool parents 

Promotes: positive interactions, positive and age appropriate behavioral responses, resources for home based support

Created complimentary services with family liaisons aligned with district’s basic foundational needs of families

Continued support and provisions for families through 68 Hours of Hunger

Supplied clothes washing center for student/staff use

Offered free flu shots to all students - Fall 2018

Collaborated with NCI Nursing program, the District’s nursing Department, and the Speech and Language Pathology Department to conduct hearing and vision screenings

Refined and improved the use of clinic tracking software - allows clinic staff to notify families of student clinic visits, allows parents to access student health information electronically from any location

Improved Discipline/Behavioral Outcomes for all Students •

Created, introduced and implemented In-School Alternative Discipline Program (ADP)  Used at secondary level to keep students in school rather than at home  Replaces punitive approach with instructional approach to change behavior  Provides space and time to appropriately discuss inappropriate behavior and reflect on alternatives Collaborated with State Support Team Region 4 to expand and improve PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Services) program  All district schools have implemented program  Seven of eleven schools have received state recognition for program implementation with fidelity Wrote and received Ohio Department of Education grant for support of PBIS  Award criteria: more than 50% of district schools implement PBIS with fidelity  $30,000 awarded for PBIS support in elementary schools Goal creation - collaborated with State Support Team Region 4  Established and Implemented building goals and strategies to improve student behavior in secondary buildings  Sample goal focus: assisting teachers to build strong, supportive relationships with students  Sample goal focus: methods of reducing student suspensions

July 2019

Pupil Services Additional Pupil Services Initiatives •

Supervised and executed federal grant funding, tracking and distribution (subject to federal, state and local audits)

Improvements to IEP Anywhere Software 

W-E Pupil Services worked with computer software company to add logic to the program 

Ensures submission of compliant documents from intervention specialists

Aids to eliminate errors in EMIS reporting

Work done benefits all Ohio districts using the software

Developed and implemented IEP Internal Monitoring Program 

Ongoing, systematic program supporting compliance on special education documents specific to needs of user

Preschool News Make it, Take It Parent Training •

Parents invited to participate in sessions providing modeling and training on use of visuals at home used to promote social skills through literacy

Step Up To Quality (SUTQ) •

Willoughby-Eastlake Preschool program Five STAR rating in State’s Step Up to Quality Program  Highest quality rating given to programs in Ohio - W-E continues to receive this designation  Administered by the Ohio Department of Education and Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services  Recognizes and promotes learning and development that meet quality standards that exceed licensing health and safety regulations  Standards based on national research identifying standards which lead to improved outcomes for children

Community Partnerships •

Establish and Maintain learning partnerships with local businesses to support classroom curriculum and expand opportunities  Willowick Library Dr. Seuss Program, Real Eyes Vision Program, Dental Health Program, Akron Zoo

Expanded Transportation Opportunities •

Expanded transportation to special needs students and typically developing students to improve participation opportunities  Enrollment increased by approximately 40 students  Added little to no increase in transportation expenses

Willoughby-Eastlake End -of-Year Report

Curriculum Professional Development •

Provided 229 professional development sessions for administrators, teaching and classified staff

10,797 hours of professional development earned by attendees

Teaching staff earned 822 hours through curriculum-led collaboration sessions

Illuminate training 

Teacher training for development of: online assessments, accessing student performance data, reports to inform their instruction

Expanded Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum instructional strategies to teachers in grades 3 - 12

Developed an Instructional Coaching Model for principals and teachers, implementation in 2019-2020

Supported the Open Fab Lab hours for staff across the district

New High School Digital Fabrication Labs

Organized training for the new teachers

Supported the curriculum development for Digital Fabrication courses at the two high schools

Gifted Education

July 2019

Provided ongoing professional development and instructional coaching to 50+ elementary gifted cluster teachers

Supported regular ed teachers as needed

Supported teaching staff (of gifted students) to meet professional development requirements created by new state mandates

Parent education programs presented on topics related to meeting the needs of gifted students through the Cluster Model and other gifted services

Curriculum Curriculum & Instruction •

Developed and revised 29 standards-based pacing guides for all English language arts and mathematics courses as well as all AIR tested subjects in science and social studies - reviewed and revised annually

Summer Learning Camp K-8

300 students receive academic support in reading and mathematics and integrated academic enrichment

A reading boot camp is held which is specifically designed for third grade students who did not score proficient on the Third Grade AIR English Language Arts assessment

Secondary Summer School 

Designed for any high school student who needs remediation, needs to earn credits for failed courses, or who wishes to work ahead and earn credits in advance

summer administration of the AIR assessments is available for all students who wish to retake their Endof-Course exams

Supported the curriculum development for the Mobile Fab Lab

Researched and completed the vetting of curriculum options for new courses and renewals, arranged for purchasing of materials and professional training for the staff

Provided resources, materials and staff support for curriculum development for the Elementary After School Bonus Hour Tutoring sessions in elementary schools

Managed the School of Innovation Admissions Process and operated the Lottery Drawing

Provide curriculum and instructional support for Bridge to Success and Success Academy

Collaborated with art and music teachers to create a Visual Performing Arts Committee to begin to identify highly talented students as gifted in those areas according to ODE guidelines

Directed the completion of all Written Education Plans, Written Acceleration Plans and Reading Improvement Plans

Designed new and improved Reading Improvement Plans for 2019-2020 in Illuminate as well as a new Data Sheet for teachers and principals that provides a summary of individual student performance progress from preschool through grade 12

Collaborate with the Technology department to support integration of curriculum and technology, support online platforms, and explore new technologies for the district •

Developed Alternative Graduation Pathways based on ODE

guidelines •

Facilitated development of Cardinal Credit Union kiosks and financial literacy sessions at the high schools

Willoughby-Eastlake End -of-Year Report

Curriculum Assessment •

Developed 91 online benchmark assessments aligned with the standards and the AIR assessments. These assessments included 24 Writing Prompts and 67 Content area assessments

Coordinated all district and state assessments (KRA, DIBELS, Running Records, MAP, CogAT, Naglieri, Stanford Achievement, PSAT/NMSQT, ACT, AP, OGT, CogAT, IOWA Algebra Aptitude Test, AIR, OELPA, AASCD, Early Entrance, WorkKeys) according to state and vendor assessment protocols

Completed 60+ student assessments for Early Entrance for Kindergarten (students seeking to enter kindergarten prior to age 5)

Update and maintain the District Assessment Calendar, Course Selection Guides, School Fee Schedule and School Fee Inventory on a yearly basis

Order and distribute curriculum materials for all content areas and electives, manage online software programs (MAP, COMPASS, DiscoveryEd, BrainPop, all online textbooks, library databases, etc.)

Grants and Ohio Department of Education Compliance Management •

Completed the Federal Grant Desk Review by the Ohio Department of Education 

Zero findings of non-compliance

Responsible for implementation of specific Federal and State grant programs such as Title I, llA, lll, and lV (budgets, planning, compliance, non-public participation and consultation, equity analysis)

Provide district support for other grant recipients in the district, such as Martha Holden Jennings Foundation grants

Directed Title 1 support for the elementary buildings/assisted with implementation of the One School One Book initiatives

Completed EMIS verification codes for gifted, Title 1, Third Grade Reading Guarantee, RIMPS and K-3 diagnostics to ensure data accuracy for funding and testing purposes

Served as chief liaison for Willoughby Eastlake (Building Staff, Computer Services and the Treasurer’s Office) with all of the College Credit Plus institutions 

July 2019

Facilitate annual meetings, procure and distribute communication documents for the CCP program and manage and troubleshoot textbook purchases, billing and EMIS questions

Curriculum Parent & Community Involvement •

KIDS First Night program  Collaborated with Pupil Services and attended by 579 parents and children  Families participate in evening of learning games and activities for incoming kindergarten students to facilitate kindergarten reading and math readiness

Collaborated with Pupil Services to host “Book and a Bunny” and “Stocking and a Story”

215 district preschool students received free book and stuffed animal

Program is supported through donations of books and stuffed animals by community members

High school athletes participate in preschool visits to encourage reading

Preschool students are given books for home in an effort to improve literacy at home

Developed the Read and Rise family literacy program 

Rollout - Fall of 2019

Three sessions will provide parents with valuable tips and resources to help their children, from birth through age 6, develop language and reading skills for school success

Led by committee of preschool, kindergarten and primary teachers who developed the curriculum and lead sessions along with the Willoughby-Eastlake Public Libraries

Partnered with the Willoughby-Eastlake Public Libraries 

Summer Reading, Family Nights, Summer Learning Camp

Partnering to develop new Homework Help program in Willowick

Partnered with the Fine Arts Association 

support arts education and new grant initiatives for 2019-2020

Ohio Department of Education Purple Star Award Program 

Recognition for commitment to serving families of members of the military

Board of Education Art Splash featuring student artwork from all buildings K-12

Backpack and school supply donation program 

Assisted with donations from the Sadar Group and Cardinal Credit Union and a visit to Royalview by Lake County Captain’s mascot Willoughby-Eastlake End -of-Year Report

Career & Technical Education NCI Eastlake High School Programs •

88% of Allied Health Seniors passed State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA) licensure

100% of Allied Health Seniors employed prior to graduation

NCI Eastlake approved to be an STNA testing site

Medication Aide Program - in approval process with Ohio

Board of Nursing - Will become part of Allied Health curriculum to offer additional credentialing/employment opportunities •

100% of students at NCI Eastlake become CPR certified

University Hospitals partnership allowed Medical Assisting students to have 180 externship opportunities

Medical Assisting students participated in the Cleveland Clinic Judging Innovation connected learning experience

and attended the Medical Innovation Summit’s Start-Up Showcase •

NCI Eastlake named Cleveland Clinic Banner School for 2nd year in a row - distinction earned by fewer than 39% of the 125 schools & educational organizations in 7 states that participated in the civic education program

SOI students invented vein finders and presented their models to the students at NCI for collaboration and feedback

Collaboration with RSVP Volunteers to conduct “live labs” for all programs

Collaboration with preschool to teach bike & pool safety and germs

July 2019

Career & Technical Education NCI Willoughby High School Programs •

Business Academy took first place in Stock Market Challenge in Northeast Ohio

98% of Business Academy seniors were accepted into a four - year institution

Mentorship program developed paring each student with area business owners

16 Business Academy students qualified for the state championship trough DECA

The welding program and the City of Eastlake partnered to fabricate a new skatepark for the City of Eastlake

50% of senior welding students participated in an internship that led to employment

Auto Services had the highest volume of customer cars this school year

Auto Collision Partnered with Lake County SWAT Team to retrofit a city owned van into a SWAT Team vehicle

100% of the Auto Collision seniors found employment in pathway prior to graduation

100% of Auto Collision seniors were placed in an internship in industry during the months of February, March and April

Four Cosmetology students won regionals in SKILLS USA to compete in Columbus at the state level

NCI Willoughby celebrated the first annual signing day

Willoughby-Eastlake End -of-Year Report

NCI Willoughby - Success Academy •

Overall student GPAs improved by an entire point from the previous year

Student discipline occurrences were reduced by 55% from the previous year

100% of the students who “graduated” from Success Academy were accepted into their first choice career technical education program

MAP Growth Spring 2018 to Fall 2019 - Reading 24 point average increase - Math 12 point average increase

Attendance - On average students were in school 18 more days this year than last - Two students increased their number of days attending school by 34 and 54.

Grades 

New middle school students •

Eight failed classes in 2017 - 2018, Zero failed classes in 2018—2019

New high school students •

Earned average of 4.5 credits in 17-18, earned average of 6.8 credits in 18-19

NCI Willoughby Bridge to Success •

166 total students enrolled through BTS for the 2018-2019 school year

830 total credits earned through Plato for BTS students


85 Students (For comparison 82 students were registered at Kirtland High School for the senior class of 2018)

10 Possible Summer Graduates

Testing 

December AIR-339 Individual tests administered

April AIR- 162 Individual tests administered

Employment 

> 36 students were able to obtain employment and work over 120 hours during the course of the school year

Credits 

July 2019

150+ Credits were earned by non-graduates

Career & Technical Education NCI Adult Programs •

100% Billing & Coding pass rate on certification exams

100% Medical Assisting pass rate on Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) exam

96% of LPN students passed NCLEX-PN to become licensed nurses

LPN students conducted k-12 district hearing and vision screenings for all required students within the district

LPN students in collaboration with the Wellness Committee conducted blood pressure screenings and random blood glucose screenings to all interested Willoughby-Eastlake employees in all k-12 buildings

Received approval for an adult welding cohort and piloted an evening adult welding program

NCI Willoughby became accredited by the Counsel on Occupational Education

Strategic Plan •

LPN to RN Bridge Program approved by Ohio Department of Higher Education and is in the process of approval with Ohio Board of Nursing - anticipated approval date from the OBN is October

Secured contract with Lake Health to pilot student based health clinic in 2019-2020

Secured Customized Training Grant through the Ohio Department of Higher Education to offer customized training to local business partners

Offered work ethic training modules to W-E classified staff and plant operations staff

Offered work ethic training modules to local business partners

NCI Willoughby hosted the West End Willoughby Chamber of Commerce Meet and Greet

Applied and was awarded an adult CCIP federal grant through the Ohio Department of Higher Education for the 2019-2020 school year Willoughby-Eastlake End -of-Year Report

North High School & South High School In-

struction & Professional Development •

Marzano’s Instructional Strategies drove building instruction • Focus on student and teacher engagement to improve instruction and learning • Writing across the curriculum training Better prepared students for end of course exams Facilitates improved writing skills •

Pilot Intervention Classes

Additional assistance in math and English, language arts Over 70% of students retaking exams met or exceeded standard (compared to 9% historically) to improve End of Course (EOC) Exams and meet graduation requirements •

Guest speaker - Christopher Milo

Building Leadership Team •

Review of building practices to support work of teachers Created electronic menu of activities for each strategy in Marzano’s Nine for ease of use Introduced four additional times for collaborative teacher planning, data review

• •

PBIS Program (Positive Behavior Supports Initiative) •

Program based on Respect, Responsibility, Readiness to Learn ran for 2nd year Rewards positive behaviors - Ranger bucks/Rebel Way - weekly and grand prize drawings Improved student outcomes

Community Service •

July 2019

United Way Campaign raised more than $25,000.00 to benefit Lake County residents “Government Day” - Students worked with city leaders and presided over a portion of a city council meeting South High students expanded school store and business class to include sales of school supplies and creating and manufacturing clothing for local organizations

North High School & South High School Student Leadership • • •

• • •


South AcaDec Team placed 3rd at National level & earned 1st place in Superquiz Students competing at Skills USA earned multiple silver and gold medals Three spirit weeks - Organized by student government, focused on community service Principal’s Crew participated in “Book & A Bunny” with preschool students Students led “Say Hello Week” a Sandy Hook Initiative Community Service - North students and staff assisted family impacted by house fire with volunteers from football team collecting furniture and moving family Crossroads leadership training - 25 students trained and implemented strategies throughout the building

Academics, Arts & Athletics • • •

• •

• • •

South golf, bowling and softball teams won WRC Championships Katie Mendenhall, South student, was state qualifier in high jump All Academic WRC (earned a letter & 3.25 gpa or better) - Fall: 268 athletes - Winter: 122 athletes - Spring - 171 athletes Two students won LEAF scholarships for their 2019 LEAF Umbrella Project 2019 Dazzle Awards - Best Student Orchestra - Best Technical Execution Fall and Spring theater performances at each high school South High Marching Band earned a I Superior Rating at State Competition 1 National Merit Scholar

Willoughby-Eastlake End -of-Year Report

North High School & South High School Student Activities •

Community Partnerships - North High Art Students, Success Academy Students - Snowman Project Collaboration between Eastlake, Willoughby and Willowick as civic beautification project

Empty Bowls - 4th annual fundraiser for local soup kitchens - Collaboration between neighboring districts and local businesses

Student loss - Students assisted to collect donations to assist the families of classmates that had passed away during the school year

ACT Day - 9th grade: College tours - 10th grade: Career introduction - 11th grade: College prep testing - 12th grade: Job shadowing

Senior Research Project - Final 4 weeks of school - Participants shadowed: judges, law enforcement agents, cosmetologists, auto repair specialists

Job Fair - Opportunities for student Employment

Naviance - Assisted seniors with college and career choices

July 2019

Spirit Week

Willoughby-Eastlake End -of-Year Report

Eastlake, Willoughby and Willowick Middle Instructional Strategies • • • • • • • • •

Student Activities •

• • • • • •

• • •

July 2019

Increased focus on Marzano's Strategies Creation and utilization of quarterly benchmark assessments to guide classroom instruction Implementation of 8th grade App class Increased focus on writing opportunities Use of building Maker Spaces Career Exploration: visits to NCI, Career Day, Ohio Means Jobs Introduction and use of Serravallo Reading Strategies CEIS tutoring program: Significant gains in data of multiple students raising air scores from basic to proficient Student recognition & awards - SWORD Award - awarded to students showing grit and growth mindset in the classroom - Student of the quarter awards - assemblies/lunch - Above the Line student awards - Fall academic honors banquet - Principals’s List - S’more for .4 Award - student academic growth of .4 - Spring 8th grade awards ceremony breakfast

Sixth grade WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) lock-in featuring approximately 100 students attending overnight sleepover at school WEB partnership between 6th grade students and 8th grade mentors (decreased discipline referrals) NESS dance-a-thon - raising over $17,500 this year 8th grade clap out and celebratory trip to Lost Nation Sports Park 6th grade day at Captain's Stadium reading incentive program Participation in Pumpkin Chunkin’ event in Willoughby Spirit of America (boater/water safety program) Robotics Club - took 6th place out of 35 teams at LLC Invitational and won Most Innovative Design “Grandletter” Pen Pal Program with Breckenridge residents Soldier Cookies - students and staff raised funds and purchased Girl Scout cookies for troops Board of Education Art Splash show featuring student work

Eastlake, Willoughby and Willowick Middle Athletics & Arts • •

• •

Eastlake Middle School Art Show Student musicians at Eastlake Middle and Willoughby Middle competed in Northeast Ohio Solo and Ensemble winning Excellent and Superior ratings Willoughby Public Library featured multiple pieces of student work Music student attendance at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp

Students Helping Students • • •

Project Opiate - Interactive class warning others of the dangers of drug abuse Peer Tutoring 7th & 8th graders reading partnership with elementary students

Other Activities •

Guest speakers - Reggie Dabbs speaking on tolerance/acceptance - Dope is for Dopes - anti-drug choices - Career Day guest speakers - William Green - Voices and Choices

New Programs •

First year for new student clubs for students in grades 6 to 8: Art Club, Debate Club

Goal Getter Challenge - student incentive to meet personal goals Parent Advisory Group

• •

Alternative Discipline Program (ADP) - alternate discipline program focused on changing inappropriate behaviors

PBIS (Positive Behavior Supports Initiative) • • • • • •

Applied for Ohio Bronze PBIS award Laker Bucks - acknowledges students who are Respectful, Responsible and Ready to Learn Quarterly E+R=O student lessons (Press pause, step up, get your mind right) Teaches common message of peace, acceptance, and positivity Positive office referrals Top student recognizing positive behavior

Willoughby-Eastlake End -of-Year Report

Elementary Schools

Instructional Strategies • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Additional improvements made to Makerspaces Benchmark analysis to inform instruction Full inclusion special education services for grades K & 1 Daily Title I literacy support to K-3 students Administrator professional development - Introduction to Restorative Practices and Circles Staff book studies to improve instructional practices Project based learning expo in conjunction with Lake Health Responsive Classroom Training Focused learning strategies: guided reading, literacy, phonemic Awareness, small group instruction Review and modifications of Pacing Guides Piloted math fluency program: REFLEX “Rev It Up,” “Just Run” and “Power Hour” bonus hour - literacy tutoring after school Implementation of Morning Meetings - Responsive Classroom One School, One Book Literacy Initiatives culminating with family literacy evenings

PBIS (Positive Behavior Supports Initiative) • • • • •

• • • •

• • • •

Bronze and Silver PBIS awards Presented and met PBIS goals, decreasing office referrals Restorative Justice Practices - Opportunity Room activities to modify behavior Positive messages posted throughout buildings Rewards programs including: lunch with the principal, movie nights, names posted in the building Student leadership teams to promote PBIS initiatives Be Kind Movement - stick together against bullying, #bethekindkid Social skills lessons throughout buildings Royalview received $5,000 Ohio School Climate Grant for PBIS framework training Sandy Hook “Start With Hello” week Kindness Book Cart - books about kindness, social skills, character building skills Dream Big theme and monthly activities Increased student support through check in/out

July 2019

Elementary Schools

Student Activities • • • • • • •

• •

Bulldog Fun Run - raised $15,000 for building resources Euclid Watershed Project - municipality partnership Lakeland Community College learning partnership RoadRunner Dash - raised over $25,000 for art services, art supplies, music, theater Class of 2026 at Royalview completed Mayor’s Challenge to purchase wall for Butterfly Garden Lego League teams - several competed at states Donations through Socktober, Food Bank, Christmas toy drives, Humane Society, American Heart Association Christmas Card Soldier Programs Video updates including student accomplishments

Staff Engagement • • • • • • •

Trauma training from local state support team Family engagement evenings Increase in Responsive Classroom materials Teacher-led professional development Challenging Behavior and Diversity Training for staff Building book studies Menu based instructional meetings to meet staff needs

Students Helping Students • • • • • • •

Christmas giving tree projects Crossroads student leadership training Collections made to Ronald McDonald House Annie’s Hope Train Donations Student led bullying prevention activities Reading Buddy programs Video teams highlighting building news

New Programs • • • • • • •

Little Feet Ministry & Community Kicks - shoe donations to students from community organizations Grant Grocery Store Bully Free Seminar for students and parents Staff educational grants to improve classroom resources New lunch/recess schedules to meet student needs Weekly parent newsletters Partnership to improve learning

Willoughby-Eastlake End -of-Year Report

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Willoughby-Eastlake End -of-Year Report

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End of Year 2019  

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