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GOIVANNI REDA - New York City’s landscape provided the advent of Reda’s career, which blossomed 1993; shooting skateboarders all around the five boroughs with intuitive vision and panache. Throughout his yesteryears working, the word respect remains steadfast amongst his peers – a face that is well recognized, liked and welcomed within the skateboard community. Reda has shot for every major publication in skateboarding and, at one point, was the photo editor for Big Brother Magazine. Currently, Reda is living in Los Angeles and still shoots skateboarding and will do so till the day he dies. Reda’s infectious humor and appealing personality has earned him a weekly episodic video blog, on skateboarding top content producing website The Berrics. Called Wednesdays with Reda, it showcases his unique humor and quick wit as he travels the world with a camera and various professional skateboarders, artists, musicians and actors. Reda is also the co-host of a cooking competition TV show on the Esquire network called Knife Fight. Instagram- giovannireda Check out Reda’s cover story photos on pages 006. DAVID SHADI PEREZ - Shadi is a self-made man. Grew up on the mean streets of the South Bronx in the early 80’s to make a name for himself directing music videos and taking photos to fame. He resides in Chinatown, NY where he is currently working on a script of his childhood in NY during the birth of hip hop and graff. Stussy, Supreme, BBC/Ice Cream, W)taps, Gravis, Toast, Deluxe, Nike, are some of the brands that he has worked with. Shadi’s editorial work has appeared in magazines such as the New York Times, GQ, Vibe, Huge, Ollie, I-D, The Face, Brutus Japan, Frank 151, Jalouse, Australian Financial Review... just to name a few. Instagram- shadinyc Twitter- @shadinyc Check out Shadi’s photos on page 038.

AMBER & ASHLIE CHAVEZ - Amber and Ashlie Chavez are twin sisters and collaborative artists, an inescapable unit bound by blood and analog photography. The twins are based out of Los Angeles and have a BFA in Creative Photography. They’ve been shooting for over a decade and were solely inspired by their mother, in fact all their equipment was inherited from her. The girls became known for their Symbiotic Series, a 5 year project that delineates their abnormally close relationship as twins. Currently their work still documents their liaison as siblings and colleagues, but now with the interjection of a toddler - Ashlie’s son, River. While Amber plays second mom and books shoots, Ashlie runs their online art store artforyourwalls. As a duo, the twins are able to work an array of a commisions, ranging from album covers, lookbooks, and editorial. Above all, the girls hope to capture and encourage sincerity with all of their work. Check out Amber & Ashlie’s photos on page 050.

Superlative Conspiracy No 9  

Giovanni Ribisi is our cover story talking to Giovanni Reda about how acting can be like a pie in the face. Erik Pettersson and Raul Navarro...

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