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the voyage of discovery lies not in finding new landscapes, but in having new eyes. -marcel proust

designing.for.speed designing.for.speed


program design a planting plan and swale/rain garden for a median bisecting a major highway in athens, ga.

design the initial concept for the median design was inspired by the smooth melodic rhythms of reggae music. i transcribed these melodies into a colorful & elongated curvilinear design that provides a lasting visual experience for passing motorists, and also reflects the mood and tempo of jamacian music.


+urban.therapy sketchup


ecology.courtyard program redesign the existing interior courtyard in the ecology building at UGA. the redesign must include new seating areas & a planting plan that provides shade and visual buffers for the surrounding classrooms.

design after conducting an in-depth site analysis, i created a functional design that tailors to student’s & faculty’s specific needs: social interaction, isolation, solace, reflection, & relaxation. curvilinear forms and native plant species reflect the natural ecology of the region and encourage assuagement from the stresses of academia.


the.highlands program design an eighteen hole golf course layout with land bay areas for a clubhouse, swim/tennis amenity, wastewater treatment facility, and a maintenance building. design the roads & lot plans for a large-scale residential community around the course and surrounding lands.

6 3 design a resort style golf course community, the highlands was created to capitalize on profitability. by incorporating a maximum number of golf-side lots while minimizing linear feet of road, I produced a residential development with the potential of a 53% profit margin - roughly $43 million.


program design an eighteen hole championship golf course with a clubhouse, maintenance building, and an irrigation pond. Analyze and illustrate every shot of four different skill level golfers in order to maintain a fair level of play.

design this golf course architecture studio project was one of my most challenging yet rewarding designs to complete. The site consists of a series of ridges and steep valleys with over 200’ of elevation change. Thus the layout has a contemporary feel, but the fairway grading reflects a links style course. After completing 216 shot analyses for my layout plan, I was able to produce a signature course that provides epic shots, extreme hazards, and unforgiving greens & fairways, while also allowing for a manageable game for the less skilled golfer.


comer.georgia.revitalized program this 3-student group project involved a redesign and revitalization of the downtown core of Comer, a small town in north Georgia. in order to understand the regional, social, economic, cultural, & environmental context of the design, we interviewed elected officials, planners, business owners, & residents. this collaberative effort enabled us to construct a design program that provided improvements to streets, sidewalks, commercial & residential areas, the town center, & stormwater management. design axials stem from the center of downtown comer, infusing this small town with a vibrant new energy. new green spaces serve as functional channels for pedestrians to navigate through downtown. the radial layout also promotes a pleasing alternative to the typically monotonous downtown grid.



housing design

[context] multi-story mixed-use buildings house commercial areas on the lower floors and offer attractive residential spaces in their loft areas. The facades of these structures will echo those of the existing buildings in Comer.



higher density housing offers an inferior lifestyle only when it is without a community as its setting. -andres.duany


[character] newly implemented antebellum-style houses will sit among the current residential areas of downtown, fitting seamlessly into the current residential aesthetic. however, these houses are unique in function, as they are split into multi-tenant structures. implementing this form code on the new housing areas will provide a more cost & environmentally efficient dwelling space without interrupting the traditional Comer look and feel.

street elevation




program an independent project located near birmingham, AL, the villages represents a solution to the variety of problems in suburban communities throughout the country. this neo-traditional neighborhood development is a compact, walkable community providing a variety of uses & amenities in order to promote a self-sustaining & communitycentered environment.



[community] the tree-lined main artery through the site, bordered by wide sidewalks, attractive townhomes, and mixed-use building frontages, provides an urban feel to this pedestrian-friendly boulevard, and seamlessly transitions into the town center. Bisected by an urban plaza, the town center is the focal point of the community with its variety of shops, restaurants, offices, & loft apartments. larger single-family lots overlook an undisturbed wetland on the northern half of the site, maintaining an educational hydrology park. sitting at the high point of the site, the community center provides residents with a variety of luxury amenities, further promoting an environment with a strong sense of place & community involvement.

+suburban.mixed-use .mix

the.villages design

[town plaza] located in the heart of the villages’ town center, this urban plaza is the focal point for entertainment, social activity, outdoor dining, & relaxation in the community. wide shaded sidewalks illustrate the community’s pedestrian-centered design theory, and also creates outdoor rooms for the adjacent businesses. stone seatwalls provide visitors with ample seating space while their repetitious design creates division but encourages movement through the northern greenspace. the south lawn’s elevated stage & open space are designed for entertainment, and can host performances, local events, and other community gatherings.






art.district.redesign program the objective of this urban design studio project is to redesign the art district plaza at UGA, which consists of the space between the four art buildings, and also to add two new formal gateways into the site The redesign should implement new areas of interest, gathering spaces, & reception areas.


+urban.campus existing


+urban.campus central


art.district.redesign concept

[reflection] my concept for the redesign is to create a space that displays and unites all forms of art by focusing on a unifying aspect that all art has in common: reflection. All art is a medium of expression that represents a reflection of the artist who creates it. It also stands as a point of personal reflection for the person who views it. Thus, I not only included examples of artwork in my design, but also added elements where visitors can visually, physically, & audibly reflect, in order to recreate the sensory experience of art.








design By incorporating such elements as sculptures, the instrument-shaped seatwall, a glass pyramid, a mural, grand entrances, artistic seating, focal points, and numerous reflective elements, I created a harmonious and functional design that reflects the attitude and purpose of the students in the art district.




we are not running out of land. we are running out of urban spaces -Andres Duany


athens.infill program this urban design studio project’s purpose is to redesign a city block in west downtown athens, ga. the goal of the redesign is to create a mixed use, urban infill development that occupies the entire block, while preserving the existing restaurant and historic theatres. The site must also include a multistory parking deck, a patio for the restaurant, a public plaza, and new streetscapes.

+urban.infill concept


since the site lies adjacent to all the most poplar downtown destinations, my concept for the redesign is to create a city block that provides a seamless transition to and from the rest of town. In order to achieve this, my main focus for the project is scale and character from the pedestrian’s perspective.



+urban.infill existing

sketchup STUDY [rendered in kerkythea]


athens.infill design

[character] the design consists of a continuous building envelope along the street that includes small, fisrt floor businesses much like the ones found all over athens. incorporating these unique & quaint destinations enables athens’ sense of place to continue into the infill development. in order to preserve the human scale on street level, i set the multilevel parking deck 25’ back from the building facades and incorporated street-facing planting beds on each deck level, to further screen it from view.



athens.infill design

[place] in order to maintain athens’ sense of place, i lined both the public plaza & restaurant patio with classical culumns, mirroring various elements found throughout the “classic city�.


+urban.infill plaza

layout plan


layout plan


athens.infill design

[scale] tree-lined, 25’ wide sidewalks, bordered by planting beds & seating areas promote safety, and create a functional, and an aesthetically pleasing environment for pedestrians.
















out of clutter... find simplicity. from discord... find harmony. in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. -Einstein


Available upon request.

•Dean’s List Award Recipient •Sigma Lambda Alpha Honor Society •ASLA Student Member •Kappa Sigma Fraternity •Inter-Fraternity Council Executive Committee Member (Rush) AWARDS & ACTIVITIES


AutoCAD ‘04 - ‘09, Adobe (CS2 & CS3) Photoshop, Illustrator, & InDesign, Google SketchUp 7, ArcGIS, & Microsoft Office Powerpoint, Excel, Access, & Word 2007.

Cook Riverside Foodworks, Chattanooga, Tennessee •Grill, sauté, and pantry cook at a high-volume restaurant.

Assistant Designer Design Technology Consultants, Inc., Hull, Georgia •Donnie Longenecker, my UGA professor and the president of this firm, asked me to work for him during the summer of 2007. •Collaborated with a small design team on multiple projects. •Helped design large-scale residential developments, golf course layout plans, recreation clubs, and commercial sites. •Produced hand rendering packages & planting plans, and finalized residential lot plans & construction details.


May ‘06 - Aug. ‘06

May ‘07 - Aug. ‘07

May ‘08 - Aug. ‘08


Summer Intern Nimrod Long & Associates, Inc., Birmingham, Alabama •Worked closely with a seasoned design team on numerous multidisciplinary projects. •Designed preliminary masterplans for commercial developments & academic campuses. •Prepared rendering packages, construction documents, planting plans, and site surveys. •Presented designs and renderings to developers. •Visited multiple sites with project managers to assess the construction progress. •Met with architecture and engineering firms and attended zoning ordinance meetings with the president of the firm. •Prepared and presented in-house powerpoints on the LEED Green Building Rating System and the SmartCode building code.

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Graduation: May 2009 The University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia

EDUCATION Aug. ‘03 - Present

To pursue a challenging career in Landscape Architecture, or other related fields, that provides prospects for career growth and the opportunity to combine my academic interest in the profession, my passion for responsible design, and my skills attained in and out of the classroom.


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