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By Dexter - Anyone reading this article would think, "What is so great about mats, that an entire article has to be dedicated to it?" But mats are not just floor coverings any more. Yes, it is true that the main purpose of a mat is to absorb the dust particles and stop them from entering a room, but nowadays, it is a crucial part of interior decoration. They are also being used as a mode of advertising as logos of different companies are being embossed on them and they are being strategically placed at the entrances of showrooms or offices. Let us take a look at some of the entrance mats that are currently available in the market. Here are the most commonly used ones: Learn More About Common Entrance Test 1. Outdoor: These are manufactured using vinyl loop or vinyl mesh and are extremely useful in absorbing rain water, dust, dirt, and snow, preventing them from coming inside the room. The dust particles are firmly held inside till the mat is cleaned. Nitrile rubber mats are also great for outdoor usage as they can absorb soil particles, grease or oil.

2. Indoor: When you are placing an entrance mat indoors, you have to think a bit about the color and style so that it does not look out of place with the dcor of that room. Nowadays, there are various mats available in many sizes that not only are durable and look classy but they also do a great job of sustaining the moisture and dust particles inside them. You can also go for ribbed ones that are made of polypropylene (on the surface) and have a heavy duty vinyl backing. The ribbed surface prevents people from slipping.

3. Indoor/ Outdoor: What more can you want when you are getting a dual fiber constructed mat that can eliminate heavy and coarse soil and trap dust and dirt as well. Even moisture can be sustained inside till the mat is cleaned. Cocoa mats are very popular these days in offices and homes. They are manufactured with a blend of coconut fibers and a vinyl backing to give it durability and a well-designed look. They are also incorporated with a leak-proof brush action cleaning as well as protection from mildew or rotting. Now that you know about the different types of entrance mats being used, you must want to place an order for your home or office, isn't it? is the perfect place for you to shop online

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