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Name of Artist? Ethio Boy How did you come up with the name?� I'm Ethiopian, I represent 2 cultures. Who are your musical influences? Music is my influence to name a few...Nas, Jay-Z, 2 Pac, B.I.G, Etc... Is there anything else you fans should know about you? I'm working on an all samples Mixtape which will have different styles of music throughout, I rap in 2 languages, I'm a very diverse artist.' Have you had any previous print or broadcast media exposur e or reviews? Air play here and in Ethiopia, few blog and website features... What are your long-term career goals? To earn a name and a distinct style in a Field that's over -capacity, to end up on tour, traveling worldwide performing and selling music eve rywhere. What image do you think your music conveys? Hip, Fresh, Culturally Tied, Musc for the ambitious dreamers. How do you describe your music to people? Expectation of the latest Generation. Hip-Hop is a genre, With my music I try and have it bordering other genres, so different. Your favorite artist of all time? 2 Pac' Most memorable lyrics? Keep ya head up. That song represents life, Trials & Tribulations but keep ya head up.

If your had the opportunity to change something about the music industry w hat would it be? The Deals artist sign, the industry has become a setup, the media portrays an image anyone not in it wants to relate to but has no idea.' What are your up-to-date performances plans? New Releases? Tours? News? Mixtape entitled 'Sample Raps: The Present' is due to drop late April 2012. A few performances in Minneapolis and a few out, setting up a short tour of my own.' If you could perform / record with anyone in the world, dead, alive or broke -up who would it be? (Name up to Five) Sade, Jay- Z, Cee-Lo, 2 Pac. How do you think you would like your music to be remembered by everyone? Inspirational, Cool, Historic. What was the first song you ever recorded? How did it make you feel? She Is A Real Freak, its was a freaky ass song, I think about it now and ask what did I really know about all that stuff I said lol. What's your wildest story as an artist Getting booed off stage after I addressed the people at the club for not being into it, I told em if I was 'Waka Flocka' or someone famous they'd be all into it, support your own. This was at a showcase of 10 artists, earlier this year though I did another showcase and won first place of 2 v v0 artists. Stay persistent and believe. Finish me...Without music; I would be Business planner, owner but all after a 4 year degree. Finish me...: Music is My Life, My Escape, My Passion, My Job, My Inspiration.

Finish me...:My music makes me feel Proud of myself. Finish me...:Support my music because You believe in my message and like the material, and see somethi ng in me that you can relate to.

O.M.G. A We R Peerlezz Corp. Subsidiary Detroit, MI Phone: 800.498.0115 Fax: 866.476.0903 Š 2012 We R Peerlezz Corp.

OneManz Grind Fed 2012 Artist of the Month  

American Citizen. Ethiopian DNA. Hip-Hop Native.

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