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There Are Lots Of Alternatives For Needlepoint Canvas Design A needlepoint crafter has lots of creative possibilities, including design choices, canvas choices, thread choices, as well as needle choices. More experienced crafters get fairly excited when they discuss their preferences, which may leave the inexperienced needlepoint newbies wondering what the big deal is between one option and another. The pattern on the needlepoint canvas is one of these areas where preference will become strong opinion for many. Creating the Pattern Printed, stitch-painted, hand painted, Giclee printed, computer printed or silk screened are several ways the pattern on a canvas can be created. Since they can be created by a machine quickly and shipped in big amounts, printed canvasses will often cost less than other varieties. When compared with printed canvasses, screen printing generates a better product and isn't that much more expensive. Giclee printers are very large and are used to print posters and other art-type projects, also. If you have the correct type of ink, computer printed canvasses can be done in the home on a computer printer. There may be more than one color on some intersections on a hand painted canvas since these are the only ones that have curves. There is never any doubt about which color to use because only the intersections are painted on stitch-painted canvases. Design Clarity Since printed canvases are run through a machine, the paint may occasionally be slightly offcenter, so that the crafter needs to make a choice between two possible places to make the stitch. This can happen with other printing methods as well because needlepoint canvas isn't usually an even weave and colors can easily go off the thread. Colors could also get lost in the holes. An offcenter pattern is uncommon in hand painted canvases and practically non-existent on stitchpainted canvases. Producing an Original The longer somebody does needlepoint, the more frequently they will recognize specific designs and themes. In fact, some designs are rolled onto canvases in the thousands and sent to every craft store and online shop in the country. As a way to promote large sales, printed canvases are made en masse and popular designs are created with little variance. For hand-painted or stitchpainted canvasses, this is not the case. In fact, even though either of these may have a similar theme or quotation as the popular printed variety, every canvas is a unique work of art. Design Detail The level of detail in the design is another distinction between the different methods of canvas painting. One of the priciest methods of printing is screen-printing and this affects design choices because the number of colors used is usually limited. For modest designs, Giclee and computer printing are perfect, but they lose more and more detail the bigger they get. Stitch painting requires painting the intersections of each thread, so there is a high level of specific detail. A high level of detail is also in hand painting, but there may be more than one color on the intersections since the Po's Needlepoint LLC

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There Are Lots Of Alternatives For Needlepoint Canvas Design entire canvas in painted. Whether they use one of the many different varieties of canvases and designs available or even make their very own, there's something for all needlepoint crafters to enjoy. The variation in quality, cost, and design between the printing and painting methods are the reason why crafters typically develop a strong preference for a specific type of needlepoint canvas. The less costly printed canvases are an excellent place to start so most beginning crafters will likely opt for simpler designs at first. Even though stitch-painting might have more detail, the clarity of the design and the straightforward color placement makes it a great starting point, as well. Develop your technique by practicing on high quality needlepoint canvas that can show your efforts. For additional information on Pos Point, stop by their web site at

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There Are Lots Of Alternatives For Needlepoint Canvas Design  

Develop your technique by practicing on high quality needlepoint canvas that can show your efforts. For additional information on Pos Point,...

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