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Vocational Studies - Report



BA Visual Communication

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Birmingham City University

L6 / 2010

Performance of the Management Team

Communication Communication with the team was very swift and fast (via SMS, email). The briefing session they gave to us was very informative and the backup research was very wide, detailed and quite helpful. The knowledge of the client was very deep.

Research Unfortunately the lack of knowledge of design process caused that some of the research material was irrelevant to what the design team needed and some crucial parts were missing, ie. Packaging redesign was included in the briefing session but no current packaging imagery was supplied.

Defining the problem The biggest issue I’ve noticed was they struggled to define the problem. Therefore the brief wasn’t constructed properly and clearly, therefore the design team was quite confused. They were not sure what needs to be redesigned and why. Without setting clear targets we didn’t know where exactly to go. If you would be looking at this redesigning brand brief in a whole picture, you would start to question why they need it,

what are their values, how they want to be perceived etc. The approach MA team had clearly one aim, do new packaging and other visual applications – but why?; the correct brief should have been - rethink the brand and establish their core values and aim, execute it on appropriate level applying their new identity onto their applications. The sessions were going following way: First approach was to redesign their printouts and packaging. After questioning if the logotype can be redesigned they were unsure, later agreed. The fact they were not perceiving the sandwich shop as a brand and have not been baring in their mind the rules of applying the brand identity, ended up in putting the brand consistency into a risk. It felt like we are being briefed by people who quite don’t understand the issue. But I presume that this is where the art director comes and explain to the management team and then briefs the design team. Otherwise I cannot imagine this to work in real life. Unfortunately the timescale was very tight, otherwise we would be able to explain and help with the definition of the brief (art direction), show them our designers perspective and make the whole process more efficient. But because the situation was

already laid down and the timescale was no to be moved we summarised the brief, helped them to become clear what applications the shop really needs and the process begun.

Timescale The timescale was incredibly short and quite unrealistic. We had 14 days to create new visual identity for the brand! Process which takes few months put into a space of couple of weeks. It would be easier if they will give us moodboards, that would help us to speed up the process. This timescale limited us to quick decisions and not quite deep enough research. But I presume the research we did was appropriate to the budget available.

Decision making Too much time was spent on deciding which identity to pick. On the other hand we (design team) didn’t put it across clearly enough for them, most common mistake – we gave them too much to choose from. This slowed the process down and took some time from the identity application schedule. There were two people who were the most proactive (ladies) others were quiet.

Performance of the Design Team

Communication We had no major communication troubles, always met as we were suppose to. I have not been on all the meetings as I had meeting with others (photographers, printer, etc) and I've also missed one informative meeting – by misunderstanding. But I think it had no impact on the performance or process, as I always catch up afterwards. We communicated via mobile and emails, always had fast reactions.

Visuals In this case I think that the visual outcome was appropriate to what the timescale was. As always, everything can be proven, but I was quite pleased with our final solution for the identity, but less happy with the applications, there could be put more thought to it (again the timescale issue). Natasha exercised her illustration so I believe that was a big refreshment to her skill set. Lack of software skills kept all of us down, I believe if we would have them it could ended differently and more professional.

Defining problem I was very impressed how quick our team picked up on the 'defining problem' issue, they knew that the brief was badly constructed straight away. Within the first

What have I learned

This was fantastic exercise of team working. Once you have more than one person working on the project the responsibility spreads, but still on the end of the day when one person doesn’t work for 100% each and every part of the team gets dragged down. Luckily this didn't happened in our team, as all our Moral members were very responsiThe attitude within the design team ble, but it certainly made me was very good, proactive, friendly, to realise this. helpful, people were willing and Also few new skills I think I hardworking. The bigger issue gained (realised) is patience, was our attitude towards the MA negotiation, time manageteam, it was rather disrespectful and negative. I think it was due ment and planning. meeting we redefined the unclear brief and set targets which has not changed all the way through. Team was very proactive, greedy for questions and was able to put 1+1 together (they seen basic logical connections, which the MA team over-thinked). Also very practical and skilled. There was no troubles managing the team itself as it was self driven group.

to their different view on brand and the whole issue, more as a manageress, rather then strategic. It was very unpolite to think this way and definitively did not created nice working moral and environment. Which was also a part of this vocational study exercise - dealing with clients and management team – working relations. I cannot imagine in real life how any of us can work with this attitude, that is simply not possible and clearly not enjoyable, so therefore we will do everything to avoid this in the future. Also being polite and respectful is something everybody should have embedded and is part of our culture, as we proudly call ourselves cultural people.

Tucker's Report  

Observational overview on our school module Vocatioal Studies. It was cooperation of design team (us) and MA Design Management team.