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Find the right experts and specialists for the job – but just don’t leave it to chance.


All rates are quoted in Swiss Francs, applicable to customers within Switzerland, excl. 7,6 % VAT, and are subject to change without notice.

Benefits and added value – an overview


Recruitment market – an overview Monday






Recruitment section NZZexecutive

Neue Zürcher Zeitung NZZ Intern. Edition


Recruitment market Recruitment section NZZexecutive

NZZ am Sonntag Handelszeitung

NZZexecutivePlus NZZexecutiveBusinessCombi

Le Temps NZZ Online

The stand-alone NZZexecutive section offers these benefits

– It is a separate section – with an innovative editorial concept – this means that readers pay extra attention to its contents and linger longer over its advertisements. – Its sections are clearly structured and readers can quickly find their way around them. – W ith “NZZexecutivePlus” and “NZZexecutiveBusinessCombi” there are attractive opportunities to combine with the “Handelszeitung” and “Le Temps”. – W ith the total edition, your ad in “NZZexecutive” will also be published on the following Wednesday in the international edition of the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung”. Thus you can extend your target audience for an extra 10% only. – Our attractive rates for colour enable you to have a differentiated layout for your advertisements. This makes them even more noticeable to the reader. – an added value – T he online recruitment market is targeted at experts and special­ ists. – It reaches more people with its national and international expo­ sure.

– A dvertising subscription and combined bookings may be made in print and online editions. – Individual advertisements may be booked directly on NZZexecu­ or through “myP”.


Media Data (1)


Performance and readership data NZZexecutive Print run Readers Reach Structure

Neue Zürcher Zeitung total Switzerland German-speaking Switzerland German-speaking Switzerland men/women

269 380 copies 253 334 copies 614 000 readers 14.4% 56%/44%

NZZexecutivePlus 1 Print run Readers Reach Structure

total Switzerland German-speaking Switzerland German-speaking Switzerland men/women

314 570 copies 298 524 copies 694 000 readers 16.3% 57%/43%

Print run Readers Reach Structure

total 143 009 copies Switzerland 126 963 copies outside Switzerland   16 046 copies German-speaking Switzerland 291 000 readers German-speaking Switzerland 6.9% men/women 61%/39%

NZZ am Sonntag Print run Readers Reach Structure

Switzerland German-speaking Switzerland German-speaking Switzerland men/women

NZZexecutiveBusinessCombi 2 Print run Readers Reach Structure 1

total Switzerland D-CH and F-CH D-CH and F-CH men/women

315 263 copies 299 217 copies 757 000 readers 13.5% 56%/44%

Combination with the “Handelszeitung”.    2 Combination with “Le Temps”.    Sources: WEMF Auflagen-Bulletin 2008, MACH Basic 2008-2.

126 371 copies 458 000 readers 10.8% 54%/46%

Media Data (2)


With 14%, NZZexecutive’s readership has the highest leader’s proportion Among the “NZZexecutive” readership, the proportion of leaders relevant to the filling of expert and specialist positions is, with 14%, almost half as much greater than in the case of “Alpha”. This means that “NZZexecutive” reaches 90 000 specialists and executive staff with the least possible advertising wastage – and that at an outstanding value for money.

Alpha 1



5.2% 6.4%

4.7% 90.1%


■  Top-Leader    ■  Leader    ■  Non-Leader


Full House.    Sources: MACH Basic 2008-2, MA-Leader 2007.

■  Top-Leader    ■  Leader    ■  Non-Leader


NZZexecutive enjoys the broadest reach among leaders of business A comparison of readership reach among leaders according to income limits confirms the commanding position “NZZexecutive” has among management staff. In the over 150 000 franc minimum annual income segment, “NZZexecutive” can still only be outperformed by our own publication “NZZexecutivePlus”. It is good to know who the best candidates are in one’s own ranks.

Leader-reach comparison for “NZZexecutive”, “NZZexecutivePlus” and “Alpha” Leader


Reach (in %)

90 NZZexecutivePlus 80 NZZexecutive 70 Alpha 60

50 174 000

133 000

91 000

59 000

41 000

28 000

22 000

16 000

from 100

from 120

from 140

from 160

from 180

from 200

from 220

from 240



Minimum annual income (in francs – 1 000s)

Source: MA Leader 2007.

Editorial Concept


NZZexecutive Our editorial context – quite unique An eye-catching editorial front page ensures that no one is going to miss seeing the new Recruitment section with its interesting, well-written articles on career and employment written by a “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” and “NZZ am Sonntag” joint editorial team. Included here are interviews of national and international personali­ ties about their achievements, careers and lifestyles. This content ensures that our Recruitment section appeals to a broad cross section of readers. The front page interview is continued on page 5 and this ensures that your advertisement also reaches the passive job seekers – a key target group within the market for expert and specialist staff. Pages 2 and 3 are premium pages where exclusive positions are reserved for advertisers. The front page interview is continued on the upper half of page 5. The 2nd section’s final page is devoted to “NZZ campus” with the latest news from the world of higher educa­ tion. This back page also features columns on higher education and student life, portraits of interesting personalities, and information about bachelor degree programmes. “NZZ campus Backpage” pro­ vides advertisers with a marvellous opportunity to use the NZZ’s high profile to reach that exciting student and graduate target group.

Persuasive: the benefits of a stand-alone section – The innovative editorial concept ensures that readers pay extra ­attention to its contents and linger longer over its advertisements. – This concentrated market place reaches over 614 000 well-edu­­cated potential candidates within the high-quality editorial environ­ ment provided by “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” and “NZZ am Sonntag”. – With 14.7%, its readership has the highest leader’s proportion in the Swiss employment market. – Its sections are clearly structured and readers can quickly find their way around them.

List of categories and new offers


NZZexecutive List of categories Categories – 1st section – Premium positions: pages 2 and 3 (uncategorized) and 5 – Management – Finance – Banking, Insurance – Consulting, Law – Administration Categories – 2nd section – Engineering, Technology – IT, Telecommunications – Chemical & Pharmaceutical – Social, Education – Medicine, Health – Human Resources – Marketing, Sales – Other situations vacant – Situations wanted – Masthead

Attractive new forms of advertising and new offers Front page «NZZexecutive» The front page now has an improved reader guidance and a heading field for advertising. Page 5 Continuation of interview, incl. an island advertisement and pre­ mium advertising position. Back page section 2 “NZZ campus”: Each week, “NZZ campus” single page with head­ ing field for advertising and 1/4 page or 1/2 page advertisement. New offer – Combination offer “NZZexecutive” under the theme “Research and Technology” and the following Wednesday in the section “outside Switzerland” in the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung”. – This new offer will work to your advantage when you advertise positions in “NZZexecutive” under the following categories: “En­ gineering, Technology”, “IT, Telecommunications”, and “Chemical & Pharmaceutical”. – Recruitment ads under “Research and Technology” are charged at the recruitment advertising rate. – For supplementary placement under “Research and Technology”, a surcharge of 30% on your ad in “NZZexecutive” applies (same design and format). – This combination is only possible in conjunction with “NZZexecu­ tive”. Insertions under “Research and Technology” in the “outside Switzerland” section exclusively are not permitted.

Advertising Rates (1)


NZZexecutive The “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” and “NZZ am Sonntag” recruitment section for expert and specialist staff In Switzerland, the recruitment section “NZZexecutive” is published in the weekend edition of the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” and the “NZZ am Sonntag”. With the total edition, your ad in “NZZexecutive” will also be published on the following Wednesday in the international edition of the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung”. Thus you can extend your target audience for an extra 10% only.

NZZexecutive and NZZ International Edition Recruitment section “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” (Saturday) and “NZZ am Sonntag” Recruitment ads “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” International Edition (Monday) Fixed formats “Premium”1 b/w colour 1/1 page 33 125.– 38 600.– 1/2 page 16 570.– 19 300.– 1/4 page   8 285.–   9 650.– 1/8 page   4 145.–   4 830.– Fixed formats “Standard” b/w colour 1/1 page 30 365.– 35 380.– 1/2 page 15 180.– 17 700.– 1/4 page   7 595.–   8 850.– 1/8 page   3 800.–   4 430.– Millimetre rates for individual formats Standard Situations wanted 1

Premium positions on pages 2, 3 and 5.

b/w 7.75 4.83

colour 8.85


Commercial advertising in NZZexecutive NZZexecutive and NZZ International Edition Fixed formats b/w colour 1/1 page 28 800.– 38 050.– 1/2 page 14 385.– 22 140.– 1/4 page   7 200.– 11 180.– 1/8 page   3 620.–   5 725.– Millimetre rates for individual formats

b/w 7.28

colour 11.01

Advertising Rates (2)


Recruitment advertising in NZZexecutivePlus Optimizing by combining – with the “Handelszeitung” for even better results With “NZZexecutivePlus” your advertisement is published in “NZZexecutive” and in the “Handelszeitung” on the following Wednesday, and targets 57 000 top leaders with a reach of around 66% – and so more than any other situations vacant platform. The “Handelszeitung” is an ideal complement to the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” and “NZZ am Sonntag” recruitment section for expert and specialist staff. This is an offer that you should take up right from the start.

NZZexecutivePlus and NZZ International Edition Recruitment section “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” (Saturday) and «NZZ am Sonntag» Recruitment ads “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” International Edition (Monday) and «Handelszeitung» (Wednesday) Fixed formats “premium”1 b/w colour 1/1 page 38 765.– 45 170.– 1/2 page 19 380.– 22 590.– 1/4 page   9 695.– 11 300.– 1/8 page   4 845.–   5 645.– Fixed formats “standard” b/w colour 1/1 page 36 005.– 41 960.– 1/2 page 18 010.– 20 990.– 1/4 page   9 005.– 10 490.– 1/8 page   4 495.–   5 245.– Millimetre rates for individual formats Situations wanted 1

Premium positions on pages 2, 3 and 5.

b/w 9.06 5.88

colour 10.35

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Commercial advertising NZZexecutivePlus NZZexecutivePlus and NZZ International Edition Fixed formats b/w colour 1/1 page 33 840.– 43 930.– 1/2 page 16 915.– 25 080.– 1/4 page   8 470.– 12 660.– 1/8 page   4 240.–   6 455.– Millimetre rates for individual formats

b/w 8.45

colour 12.35


Advertising Rates (3)


Recruitment advertising in NZZexecutiveBusinessCombi Combined with “Le Temps” – the only nationwide situations vacant platform By combining with “Le Temps” you raise the number of potential job applicants to 757 000. You will be increasing the reach of your ad by over 23% and reach 22% more leaders than with our base offer. As Switzerland’s sole nationwide situations vacant platform – and offering you a combination discount of 8% – “NZZexecutiveBusinessCombi” enables your ad to be seen by potential candidates in French-speaking Switzerland as well.

NZZexecutiveBusinessCombi and NZZ International Edition Recruitment section “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” (Saturday) and “NZZ am Sonntag” Recruitment ads “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” International Edition (Monday) and “Le Temps” (Friday) Fixed formats “Premium”1 b/w colour 1/1 page 40 475.– 45 550.– 1/2 page 21 930.– 24 460.– 1/4 page 10 975.– 12 230.– 1/8 page   5 490.–   6 115.– Fixed formats “Standard” b/w colour 1/1 page 37 925.– 42 580.– 1/2 page 20 660.– 22 990.– 1/4 page 10 335.– 11 500.– 1/8 page   5 170.–   5 755.– Millimetre rates for individual formats b/w Standard 10.17 Stellengesuche   6.08 1

Premium positions on pages 2, 3 and 5.

colour 11.20


Commercial advertising in NZZexecutiveBusinessCombi NZZexecutiveBusinessCombi and NZZ International Edition Fixed formats b/w colour 1/1 page 35 440.– 49 830.– 1/2 page 19 215.– 28 400.– 1/4 page   9 620.– 14 300.– 1/8 page   4 830.–   7 285.– Millimetre rates for individual formats

b/w 9.42

colour 13.78

Special Placements


Special placements Front page NZZexecutive Heading field (50∙34 mm) colour Single rate    3 355.– Published 26 times (incl. 20% additional discount)   69 784.– Published 52 times (incl. 25% additional discount) 130 845.–

Combination NZZexecutive and NZZ International Edition under the theme Research and Technology

Page 5

1/1 page (291∙438 mm) b/w colour NZZexecutive and NZZ International Edition 30 365.– 35 380.– Neue Zürcher Zeitung, section Outside Switzerland under Research and Technology   8 280.–   9 650.– Combination rate 38 645.– 45 030.–

Island advertisement within text b/w Per publication   2 235.– The island advertisement 50% discount applies to insertions together with the heading vield front page “NZZexecutive”.

1/2 page landscape (291∙218 mm) b/w colour NZZexecutive and NZZ International Edition 15 180.– 17 700.– Neue Zürcher Zeitung, section Outside Switzerland under Research and Technology   4 140.–   4 820.– Combination rate 19 320.– 22 520.–

Fixed formats “premium position” b/w colour 1/2 page (291×215 mm) 16 570.– 19 300.– 1/4 page (143×215 mm)   8 285.–   9 650.–

Back page 2nd section NZZ campus Heading field (50∙34 mm) b/w / colour Individual rate    2 795.– Published 26 times (incl. 20% additional discount)   58 136.– Published 52 times (incl. 25% additional discount) 109 005.– Fixed formats b/w colour 1/4 page (143×215 mm or 291×110 mm) Recruitment   8 285.–   9 650.– Commercial   7 200.– 11 180.– 1/2 page (291×215 mm) Recruitment Commercial

16 570.– 14 385.–

19 300.– 22 140.–

1/4 page landscape (291∙108 mm) or portrait (143∙218 mm) b/w colour NZZexecutive and NZZ International Edition   7 595.–   8 850.– Neue Zürcher Zeitung, section Outside Switzerland under Research and Technology   2 080.–   2 410.– Combination rate   9 675.– 11 260.– 1/8 page landscape (291∙438 mm) b/w colour NZZexecutive and NZZ International Edition   3 800.–   4 430.– Neue Zürcher Zeitung, section Outside Switzerland under Research and Technology   1 040.–   1 210.– Combination rate   4 840.–   5 640.– Millimetre rates for individual formats b/w colour Combination rate   9.15   10.45

Special Supplements The Neue Zürcher Zeitung’s special supplements with recruitment ads Theme Further Education and Career Asset Management Workplace Switzerland

Publication Title 25th May, 9th September Neue Zürcher Zeitung total edition 24th June Neue Zürcher Zeitung total edition 28th October Neue Zürcher Zeitung Swiss edition

The special supplements may be changed at short notice. The current overview can be found at


Discounts and Formats


Discounts Volume discounts Amount   30 000.­–   60 000.– 150 000.– 300 000.–

Frequency discounts

Discount 3% 4% 5% 6%

Amount Discount 400 000.–   7% 800 000.–   8% 1 200 000.–   9% 1 500 000.– 10%

2 to 3 times 5% discount. Simultaneous booking with no size change or subject change.

Applies to all “NZZexecutive” offers. Format and text changes pos­ sible. 1 year duration.

Formats Fixed formats Fixed formats 1/1 page 1/2 page 1/4 page 1/8 page

Width×height 291×440 mm 291×215 mm 291×106 mm or 143×215 mm 143×106 mm

Column number and dimensions1 Columns 1 Display ads-mm –


2 55

3 84

Imposition does not allow for single-column or nine-column ads.

4 114

5 143

6 173

7 202

8 232

9 –

10 291

Technical Data



Electronic transmission

Deadline for display advertisement bookings/cancellations and printing material is 2 pm two days prior to publication.

Advertising orders In addition to the customary information such as client address, newspaper, keywords, publication dates, please indicate the input channel through which the ad will be transmitted.

Technical specifications Greyscale/ colour images Logos, bitmap resolution Screen Screen dot shape Minimum dot Maximum dot UCR total Printing sequence Grey balance Colour process Image processing Typefaces Overprint/trapping Dot gain Solid tone density Proofs

150 to 300 dpi 1200 dpi 44 l/cm (110 lpi) moderate elliptical dot 2% 98% 240% (C+M+Y+K) 1st cyan, 2nd magenta, 3rd yellow, 4th black C = 50%, M = 40%, Y = 40% 4-colour process (CMYK) throughout (Pantone colours converted to CMYK) according to ISO Norms “ISOnewspaper26v4” always attach if not embedded (in PDFs) must be defined in the file supplied 26% midtone C = 0.90 / M = 0.90 Y = 0.90 / K = 1.10 on newsprint, with calibration strip

Technical information Phone +41 (0)44 258 13 42 Software – Adobe Creative Suite 3 – Quark-X-Press 7 – Office 2004 File formats – High-end PDF files (preferable to all other file formats) – PDFX-3 – PDFX-Ready – Acrobat Writer is not suitable for this purpose – EPS: Fonts embedded or vectorized – Open files: Please supply all artwork/logos and typefaces as well as a binding printout.

Data transmission Data media CD/DVD E-mail Via PrintOnline For information: phone +41 (0)44 258 17 70 or

Online Offers

20 Place your situations vacant advertisement in a leading position positions itself as Switzerland’s job opportunities platform for leaders, and so provides an optimal complement to “NZZexec­ utive”. Placing your ad on ensures that you quickly target your preferred candidates. NZZ’s job portal also provides a journalistic environment with editorial articles, exclusive interviews with business and political personalities, as well as the latest financial reporting and important information on numerous organizations from the NZZ archives. This makes of interest to both active and passive job seekers as a source of important information on the economy.

Base packages

Slot option

Individual advertisements 1 advertisement   625.– 3 advertisements 1 685.– 5 advertisements 2 645.–

Annual subscription 1 Slot   7 080.– 2 Slot 12 620.– 5 Slot 21 890.– – F ixed number of advertising positions, which may be used in parallel. – No fixed run-time for the advertisements. – You decide when and where new advertisements are placed. – The number of maximal parallel published advertisements is specified. – The number of total published advertisements within the subscription period is unlimited.

Contingent option Annual subscription 10 advertisements   6 170.– 20 advertisements 10 600.– 30 advertisements 14 100.– – Fixed number of advertisements, which you place as required. – Fixed run-time of 30 days/advert. – Longer run-times are possible – they count as another placement. – The number of maximal parallel published advertisements is not specified. – The number of total published advertisements within the subscrip tion period is limited.


Options (model independent) Advertisement template Based on your corporate design Fr. 800.–/template Advertisement compilation service Fr. 55.–/job

Print-to-online Combination You may combine your print advertisement with an online adver­ tisement. Surcharge online advertisement Fr. 345.–, run-time 30 days. Less any time discounts.

Other online offers Our NZZexecutive customer consultant, telephone +41 (0)44 258 16 98, will be happy to assist you in respect of our other offers (see page 26).

General Terms and Conditions General Terms and Conditions governing the contractual relationships between Advertisers and Publicitas AG NZZ Media (hereinafter referred to as NZZ Media) for the products of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung AG (hereinafter referred to as NZZ) A. SCOPE OF APPLICATION 1. Business relationships with Advertisers 1.1. These General Terms and Conditions govern the contractual relationship between NZZ Media and an Advertiser (Advertising Contract Print + Online). Advertising, media or PR agencies deal with NZZ Media on behalf of and for the account of Advertisers. 1.2. The Advertising Contract covers the publication (single or multiple-issue placements and volume contracts) of advertisements, inserts and supplements (hereinafter referred to as “advertisements”) by NZZ Media, including or excluding consultancy services, the creation of advertisements using desktop publishing (DTP) means, the preparation of media plans or administrative services. In their dealings with NZZ Publishing House, NZZ Media takes full responsibility for the publication of the advertisements. 1.3 NZZ products are published in German. Without instructions to the contrary, all advertising texts are published in the original text of the manuscript; these are therefore not automatically translated. 1.4. The typesetting of classifieds is only possible using our normal layout. 2. General Terms and Conditions of Advertisers 2.1. Upon conclusion of the Advertising Contract, the General Terms and Conditions become an integral part of said Contract. The Advertiser at the same time waives the application of his/her own General Terms and Conditions. 3. Publication in the text area of print products 3.1. Publication in the text area cannot be made a requirement when submitting advertising. Any publication in the text area which infringes on the interests of advertisers cannot in any way constitute a claim against the advertising administration. B. EXECUTION OF THE CONTRACT 4. Prices 4.1. In respect of publication, the currently prevailing advertising rates and discounts of NZZ Publishing House, plus VAT, shall apply. 4.2. In respect of consultancy, creation, planning or administrative services provided by NZZ Media, the latter’s currently prevailing service prices, plus VAT, will apply. The most important items are published in the NZZ official pricing documentation. All prices are available on the website 4.3. Any changes to advertising rates, discounts, service prices and VAT also take immediate effect for publications that are already running. However, Advertisers are entitled to cancel their contracts within 2 weeks of notification of the new rates. In such cases, Advertisers are only entitled to such dis­ count as per the discount schedule as corresponds to the actual amount of advertising purchased by the time of cancellation. 5. Additional costs 5.1. Additional work and expenditure by NZZ or NZZ Media which is not included in their advertising rates or service prices may also be invoiced, plus VAT. This includes, for example, elaborate editing of full print material (see point 4.2). Translation costs: Texts will be translated by a specialised translation agency at the client’s expense. We do not take any responsibility for mistakes. 6. Size of advertisements 6.1. The amount invoiced will be based on the size of the advertisement, measured in the relevant newspaper from dividing line to dividing line. 2 mm will be added to the print size for boxed adver­ tisements and for those submitted in complete print-quality format.


6.2. Advertisements that are due to be published several times using the same design or text are all invoiced according to the size of the first advertisement that was published. 7. Volume contracts, volume discounts 7.1. Advertising rates may provide for volume discounts if a certain volume of advertising space, measured in mm or Swiss francs (hereinafter referred to as “volume”), is purchased for a particular period (volume contract). 7.2. If the agreed volume is exceeded during this period, bringing the discount to a higher level, the increased discount is credited retrospectively at the end of the contract. 7.3. If the agreed volume is not reached during the period, a short-rate charge will be made for any excess discount granted. Advertisers are given a 3% tolerance level on the agreed volume. Any unused volume cannot be carried over to the following year’s contract. 8. Repeat orders, frequency discounts 8.1. Frequency discounts are granted on the rates charged for advertisements that appear in an unchanged format on a number of dates stipulated in advance (repeat orders). 8.2. The advertisements must appear in an unchanged format; normally subjects can only be changed in cases where the advertisement is submitted in complete print-quality format. 8.3. A higher discount is granted retrospectively if the repeat order is enlarged on the same terms prior to insertion of the last advertisement and reaches a higher level as a result. 9. Modalities for volume contracts and repeat orders 9.1. A separate volume contract or repeat order must be concluded for commercial and job vacancy advertisements. Classified advertisements cannot be included in the discount agreement. 9.2. Volume contracts and repeat orders normally apply to only one Advertiser. However, under certain circumstances, Treuhand BDO Visura, Zurich may grant groups and holding companies permission to conclude group contracts. 9.3. Volume contracts and repeat orders are valid for 12 months. If they commence between the 1st and 15th of a month inclusively, they shall end at the end of the preceding month of the following year. If they begin between the 16th and the end of a month, they shall run until the end of that month of the following year. 9.4. The same rate of discount shall generally apply for the entire duration of the contract. 10. Publisher’s rights 10.1. NZZ Publishing House reserves the right to request changes to the content of advertisements or refuse them without being obliged to state any reasons. 10.2. For technical reasons and without notifying the Advertiser in advance, NZZ Publishing House may bring forward or postpone by one issue the publication of advertisements with specified insertion dates, provided that the content does not absolutely require the advertisement to be published on the date specified. 10.3. Adverts which are not identifiable as such because of their layout must carry the full company name and will be marked by the publishing house with the heading “advertisement”. 10.4. The positioning of advertisements is generally at the discretion of NZZ Publishing House. The publisher will accept customers’ positioning requests but is not bound by them. If specific positioning instructions are adhered to, this results in a preferred position charge. 10.5. Orders for advertising inserts and supplements are only binding for NZZ Publishing House after a sample has been approved. 11. Box number advertisements 11.1. NZZ Media undertakes to keep box numbers confidential, except in the following particular instances: Where there is good reason to do so, the Advertising Company may disclose the identity of the box number advertiser to legal or administrative authorities or persons who have given their personal details to a box number advertiser and later wish to exercise their right to disclosure of the advertiser’s identity because their documents have not been returned.


11.2. In particular, NZZ Media is not obliged to pass on to box number advertisers advertising material, anonymous or agency offers. To this end, it may open and inspect these offers. 11.3. A fee is charged every time a box number advertisement is placed. Additional work and expenditure is also invoiced. 11.4. The responsibility to return documents lies with the box number advertiser. 12. Proofs 12.1. Proofs for commercial advertisements may be supplied on request, provided the material for print has been received at least three days before the final deadline. 12.2. No proofs are provided in cases where the advertisement has been submitted in complete print-quality format. 13. Printed material 13.1. In the absence of any express agreement, NZZ Publishing House or NZZ Media is under no obligation to retain or return print material and data submitted in conventional or digital form (artwork, films, photos etc.). 14. Terms of payment 14.1. Classified advertisements must be paid for in cash or within 10 days. 14.2. For all other advertisements, the payment period is 30 days with no discount. 14.3. Standard interest on arrears is charged on past due invoices. 14.4. The costs of reminders will be charged. 14.5. If monies owed become subject to debt collection, stay of payment or bankruptcy proceedings, all discounts and agent’s commissions shall cease to apply. 15. Premature termination of the Contract 15.1. If an advertising medium ceases publication during the contract period, the Advertising Company may cancel the Contract without being required to provide a replacement. 15.2. This does not release the Advertiser from his/her obligation to pay for advertisements that have already been published. 15.3. No short-rate charges will be incurred back, but discounts may be credited if a higher discount level had been reached at the time the Contract was cancelled. C. NZZ MEDIA’S LIABILITY 16. Publication errors, non-publication 16.1. Claims based on publication faults, errors, omissions or on non-publication of advertisements should be sent to NZZ Media within 10 days of publication. 16.2. If the meaning or overall effect of an advertisement is significantly impaired or if an advertise­ ment was not published on the date stipulated, the cost of publishing the advertisement will be ­refunded in whole or in part or alternatively compensation will be provided in the form of advertising space in the publication in question. The above compensation does not apply in the following in­ stances: advertisements placed by telephone, defective transmission when advertisements are sent to NZZ Media or NZZ Publishing House by digital means, errors resulting from the translation of foreign language documents, the deferred publication of an advertisement (see Para. 10.2.), failure to comply with positioning requirements, unsuitable material, slight differences in the positioning and register of colours or deviations from typographical specifications or the omission of key numbers. 16.3. Any claims other than those mentioned in Para. 16.2. relating to publication errors, non­ publication or any other reasons are excluded.

D. ADVERTISER’S LIABILITY 17. Liability in respect of the content of advertisements 17.1. The Advertiser is responsible for the content of any advertisements submitted. The former declares that he/she shall comply with the relevant legal requirements and industry regulations and may be held responsible for them by NZZ Media and NZZ Publishing House. He/she shall indemnify NZZ Media and NZZ Publishing House as well as its officers and agents in respect of any third-party claims. The Advertiser is in any case under obligation to assume all court costs and out-of-court costs arising from third-party claims or other proceedings. 18. Right to publication of a counter-statement 18.1. If any demand is made to have a counter-statement published (Art. 28 ff SCC), the Publisher or Advertising Company shall inform the Advertiser accordingly, discuss with the latter whether to reject or accept the request and advise him/her on the procedure and related modalities of publication. E. FURTHER USE OF ADVERTISEMENTS 19. Use of advertisements for electronic databases 19.1. The Advertiser hereby gives his/her consent for NZZ Media to store the advertisements in its own or external electronic databases and process them for that purpose. The Advertiser may withdraw his/her consent at any time. He/she is aware that personal data may also be accessed in countries that have no data protection provisions comparable with those in Switzerland, as a result of which the confidentiality, integrity, authenticity or availability of his/her personal data is not guaranteed. 19.2. The unauthorised use of advertisements, either printed or stored in electronic databases, and the processing of same by third parties without a significant input of their own is not permitted and is prohibited by the Advertiser. The latter specifically authorises NZZ Media to take appropriate measures against such parties after consultation with NZZ Publishing house. 20. Intellectual ownership of advertisements 20.1. The Advertiser recognises that NZZ Media has intellectual ownership, particularly the copy­ right, of all advertisements of an individual character that it has created, e.g. desktop publishing work. Provided the Advertiser meets his/her contractual obligations towards NZZ Media, he/she is entitled to use the intellectual property for an unlimited period within the confines of the originally specified purpose. F. APPLICABLE LAW AND PLACE OF JURISDICTION 21. The Advertising Contract shall be governed exclusively by Swiss law. 22. The location of the office of NZZ Media shall be the agreed and exclusive place of jurisdiction for any dispute resulting from or in connection with the Advertising Contract. These Advertising Terms and Conditions are valid from 1 January 2008 and replace all previous versions.



NZZ Media services and rates Order change – Date correction – Format adaptation – Exchange of printing material etc.

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Dunning per reminder – Administration costs following a second reminder 30.– – Interest on late payments 5% Management of cost centres

per cost centre 25.– per year




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