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Magazin Z | 2011 Advertising rates | For clients outside Switzerland


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Media data

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Advertising rates and special placements

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Terms and discounts

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Advertising formats

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Technical data and deadlines

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All rates in Swiss Francs excluding 8%. Subject to change. General Terms and Conditions as per apply.

Characteristics The lifestyle magazine celebrating the finer things of life “Magazin Z” is the monthly lifestyle magazine of “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” and “NZZ am Sonntag”. It focuses on key aspects of exclusive lifestyles, international fashion, exquisite design and the world of watches and jewellery. “Z – Die schönen Seiten” offers in-depth insights into sophisticated lifestyles and fascinating stories from the upmarket world. The magazine is published in conjunction with “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” and “NZZ am Sonntag”, so the editorial content reflects the high standards of the NZZ publishing house. With its clear typeface, “Z” is also a visual reflection of the NZZ publishing values and NZZ brand: understated, quint­ essential and contemporary.


Media data


Performance and readership data Magazin Z1 Print run Readership Reach

Co-publication with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Switzerland German-speaking Switzerland German-speaking Switzerland

320,000 copies 665,000 readers 15,3%

Neue Zürcher Zeitung Print run Readership Reach Composition

total 136,894 copies Switzerland 123,079 copies outside Switzerland   13,815 copies German-speaking Switzerland 306,000 readers German-speaking Switzerland 7,0% men/women 63%/37%

Print run

NZZ und NZZ am Sonntag1   320,000 copies F. A. Z.   393,888 copies Total   713,888 copies


NZZ und NZZ am Sonntag1 F. A. Z. Total

  665,000 readers 1,072,000 readers 1,737,000 readers

Gross contacts

NZZ und NZZ am Sonntag1 F. A. Z. Total

  811,000 people 1,072,000 people 1,883,000 people

NZZ am Sonntag Print run Readership Reach Composition

1 Figures

Switzerland German-speaking Switzerland German-speaking Switzerland men/women

129,813 copies 505,000 readers 11,6% 53%/47%

supplied by publisher on the basis of “NZZexecutive”.    Sources: WEMF-Auflagen-Bulletin 2010, MACH Basic 2010-2, IVW II/2010



Publication “Magazin Z” appears 8 times a year and addresses seasonal themes:

die schönen seiten

ausgabe september 2010

trends die besten herbst-looks von den laufstegen

stil ein modischer Paso doble Jubiläum Zegna wird 100 Jahre alt

Main theme Publication date Deadline for Advertising Copy deadline special placements deadline Spring fashion 19/20 February 27 December 2010 19 January 26 January Watches/jewellery1 26/27 March   7 February 23 February   2 March Travel/motoring1 14/15 May 14 March 13 April 20 April Home/interior design 11/12 June 18 April 11 May 18 May Autumn fashion1 3/4 September 6 June   3 August 10 August Celebrating food, wine and a beautifully set table 8/9 October 15 August   7 September 14 September Watches/jewellery 5/6 November 29 August   5 October 12 October Gifts1 3/4 December 10 October   2 November   9 November

Co-publication with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


“Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” and “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” produce a major print-run of the lifestyle supplement “Z – Die schönen Seiten”. “Magazin Z” is published four times a year to the high publishing standard readers have come to expect from NZZ and FAZ.

– on Saturday as an insert to “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” – inserted in “NZZ am Sonntag” on Sundays – 4 times a year as an insert in the Saturday edition of “FAZ” – Targeted distribution at Zurich and Basel airports – Systematic distribution of special issues at events like “Basel World”

1 With

the option of additional placement in “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”.



Categories at a glance Category Object of desire Studio Art market Shopping Marketplace Design Travel Dinner is served Kaleidoscope Beauty Wellness Back then

Content The product of the month, photographed by Paul Graves Visit to the workshop of a master craftsperson Current auctions, noteworthy galleries and promising contemporary artists The latest shopping Meccas from around the world Superb finds from the whole lifestyle spectrum Sought-after furniture classics, personal favourites and designer tips for a happy life New discoveries, places to be and a very special hotel recommendation Culinary innovations, fine cuisine, Daniela Chemelli’s recipe of the month and wine tips from Peter Keller A colourful pot-pourri of stylish objects Decorative and fragrant options from the world of beauty The best spas and feel-good treatments Celebrities comment on a photo from their past

Advertising rates and special placements Standard advertisements Fixed formats 2/1 Page 1/1 Page 2/2 Pages 2/4 Pages 1/2 Page 1/4 Page

Co-publication with FAZ Rate 65,940.– 32,970.– 41,220.– 26,790.– 20,560.– 10,300.–

Special placements Placement Inside front cover Inside front cover plus page 3 Outside back cover 1st right-hand 1/1 page 1st left-hand 1/1 page 2/1 pages panorama ad. prior to main theme 2/1 pages panorama ad. as section centrefold Series of advertisements


Rate 39,560.– 79,120.– 42,860.– 36,270.– 36,270.– 69,850.– 69,850.– On request

Combination rate If also placed in German edition of “Magazin Z”.

Discount 10%


On request

Terms and discounts




Reservations are accepted on the basis of preferred placements. We may need to reposition banners, ad series, double pages and fixed inserts from time to time. Ideally advertisements should appear within 3 months of being reserved. Otherwise top placements may be reassigned. “Z – Die schönen Seiten” has a limited number of pages and requests for advertising are confirmed in the order in which they are received. We may not be able to accept some late bookings due to lack of space.

Volume discounts Amount Discount   12,000.­– 2%   35,000.– 3%   70,000.– 4% 100,000.– 5% 125,000.– 6% 150,000.– 7% 175,000.– 8% 200,000.– 9% 250,000.– 10%

Amount Discount 300,000.– 11% 350,000.– 12% 400,000.– 13% 450,000.– 14% 500,000.– 15% 600,000.– 16% 700,000.– 17% 800,000.– 18% 900,000.– 19%

Amount Discount 1,000,000.– 20% 1,500,000.– 21% 2,000,000.– 22% 2,500,000.– 23% 3,000,000.– 24% 4,000,000.– 25% 5,000,000.– 26%

– Bookings made on one account for the following publications will qualify for volume-related discounts: “Neue Zürcher Zeitung”, “NZZ am Sonntag”, “NZZ Folio”, “Magazin Z”, “NZZ campus”, “NZZ Chronik” and “NZZ BusinessCombi”.

Repeat discounts 3 repeats 5 repeats 8 repeats

5% 10% 15%

Advertising formats


Fixed formats Standard advertising formats 1/1 page Type area: 252×359 mm With bleed margin:1 278×400 mm

2/1 pages Type area: 532×359 mm With bleed margin:1 556×400 mm

1/2 page portrait Type area: 124×359 mm With bleed margin:1 138×400 mm

2/2 pages Type area: 532×174 mm With bleed margin:1 556×196 mm

1/2 page landscape Type area: 252×174 mm With bleed margin:1 278×196 mm 1/4 page portrait Type area: 60×359 mm With bleed margin:1 74×400 mm 1/4 page landscape Type area: 252×85 mm With bleed margin:1 278×95 mm

1 Plus

Panorama advertising formats

3 mm edge trim per page.

2/4 pages Type area: 532×85 mm With bleed margin:1 556×95 mm

Technical data and deadlines


Technical specifications

Data delivery

Colour/greyscale images 300 dpi

Medium CD or DVD

Logos/bitmaps 1200 dpi

Via email

Grid size Cover: 70 lines/cm (175 lpi) Content: 60 lines/cm (150 lpi)

Via PrintOnline With “Magazin Z” in the reference line Please direct any questions to: Phone +41 (0)44 258 17 70 or

Minimum/maximum dot 2%/98% UCR (total ink density) Cover: 320% (cyan + magenta + yellow + black) Content: 280% (cyan + magenta + yellow + black) Colour process Four-colour CYMK throughout Pantone colours converted to CMYK Image standard Cover: ISO norm “ISOcoated_V2.icc” Content: ISO norm “ISOcoated_V2 300.icc” Data format High-end PDF



NZZ Media services and rates Order changes – Date correction – Format adjustment – New print material etc.

per title 10.– 10.– 10.–

Cancellation of order Without alternative date

per title 20.–

Sample and invoice copies per item – Sample copy (immediate courtesy copy) in addition to free sample 20.– – Invoice copy in addition to free copy   5.– Box number ad rate

per order 40.–

Express fee

per delivery 30.–

Colour proof for new orders – Colour proof 1/1 page – Colour proof 1/2 page or less

per proof 30.– 20.–

Good-to-print proof 2nd good-to-print proof or more

per proof 10.–

Content alterations of files – Simple corrections or alterations – Creating a PDF print file – Complex changes to digital files – Creation of desktop publishing material

per file 20.– 20.– per hour 170.– 170.–

Dunning per reminder – Administration cost for second reminder or more 30.– – Interest on late payments 5% Management of cost centres

per cost centre 25.– per year

Brochure inserts Additional booking of partial editions (not total edition, split by Zurich region or city)


Invoices per invoice – Copies of invoices for 3rd copy or more   5.– – Split invoice (per final invoice) 20.– – Retrospective invoice corrections 20.– – Copies of invoices attached to payment reminders   5.– – Special invoices or delivery to addresses other than client base   5.– Special evaluations/statistics

per hour 170.–

Special courier External courier

per delivery/ shipment third-party charges +20.–

Text entry for

per advertisement 55.–

Internal translations

per hour 170.–

External translations

per order third-party costs +20.–




Advertisements from French-speaking Switzerland

Publicitas AG NZZ Media Seehofstrasse 16 CH-8021 Zurich Telefon +41 (0)44 258 16 98 Fax +41 (0)44 258 13 70 E-Mail

Publicitas SA NZZ Media Avenue Mon-Repos 22 Case postale 7082 CH-1002 Lausanne Telefon +41 (0)21 317 88 08 Fax +41 (0)44 258 13 70 E-Mail

Gabriela Graf Product Manager for “Magazin Z – Die schönen Seiten” Telefon 044 258 13 57 The global Publicitas network with its NZZ titles is available for foreign clients to advertise in from abroad. With the help of the «location finder» in the «offices network» under you can find the contact person in your country.

Advertising industry/cross media marketing Neue Zürcher Zeitung AG Marketing Werbemarkt Falkenstrasse 11 CH-8021 Zurich Telefon +41 (0)44 258 12 88 Fax +41 (0)44 258 22 88 E-Mail

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