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Educating Women out of Poverty and into College and Careers

WHAT KEEPS A GIRL IN SCHOOL WEP program provides the financial, academic and social support for a girl to stay in the classroom and prepare for a career. For one student a year, it costs:

$115 scholarship, books, transport 135 WEP resource center $250

PLEASE SPONSOR WEP WEP invites corporate partners to fund one of our programs at two levels:


THE SCHOLARSHIP FUND—It costs $11,500 to sponsor 100 students in local high schools and colleges for one year.

P.O. Box 1201 New York, New York 10021 917-470-4991

FUND A CENTER—It costs $30,000 to support 100 students with scholarships and the WEP program for one year.

Find out about WEP at:


How do you help a girl who wants to leave poverty? Help her discover her voice in college, career and life. Founded in 2002, WOMEN’S EDUCATION PROJECT (WEP) helps young women realize education and career ambitions and become self-reliant, informed citizens, who affect lasting social change in their own lives, families and communities.

WHO WE HELP Young women come to WEP with college and career aspirations, facing the pressures to drop out of school and enter early marriages and low-income, (often unsafe), employment—head on. WEP students are: 15 to 25 years of age from slum and rural communities have illiterate to semi-literate parents live on less than $1 a day

WHAT WE DO WEP develops resource centers to provide: scholarships resource libraries and computer labs academic support life skills study space career guidance and placement

HOW WE DO IT For a cost-effective and efficient program, WEP partners with NGOs which have guided students up to the 10th grade and offers them a higher education program.


Based on the Indian Rupee.

WEP operates centers in Hyderabad, Madurai and Bangalore, India.

OUR IMPACT WEP has: benefitted 410 students provided 207 scholarships offered 8 years of academic courses offered 48 life skills workshops WEP alumnae: earn 58% more than uneducated peers 70% are employed in the formal sector marry after the age of 23 increased their grades by 7 points (avg.) Alumnae are teachers, health care workers, computer operators, NGO staff …

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