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WEP App lication and Chec klist


part one Passpor tsize photo s — SMIL E! (12 COPIES Applicatio FOR STUD n Form (PA ENT EXCH GES 1–2* ANGE) ) Photo Alb um (PAGE 3) Student’s Questionn aire (PAGE 4 ) Student’s Letter (PAG E 5) Parent’s L etter (PAGE 6) Official Se condar y S chool Tran script (PAG Teacher ’s E 7*) R e c ommenda This page ti of the applic o n (P A G E at ion m 8*) Pleas

PLEASE Return Application Form complete, including cover! We suggest you keep a copy for your personal records.

ust be retu e supply yo rned direc ur teacher WEP, PO tly to WEP, with a stam Box 260, ped envelo Black Roc pe address k 3193 ed to:

Language Teacher ’s Recomme ndation (P Physician AGE 9*) ’s Statem ent of Hea lth (PAGES 10 Immunisa *–11*) tion Reco rds (PAGE 12 *)

part two

Agreemen t and Ack nowledgm ent Form Statement (PAGE A*) of Guardia nship (PAGE B*) Agreemen t and Rele ase (PAGE C *) Program R ules (PAGE D *) Understan ding the P rogram (PA GE E*)

part thre e

Impor tant Requests for... • Pri ncipal and Teachers • Medica l P ractitioners wrap aro (PAGE i)

und cove r

(must be re turned with completed Application Form) Yo

ur Passpo r

t, Your Lo cal Newsp OF THE ID aper, Your ENTIFICAT T-Shir t (INS ION PAGE Fees, Can OF YOUR IDE FRONT) c PASSPOR e ll a ti o n T s • A DEPO a n d R SIT FEE O efunds (INS F $500 M IDE BAC •AD UST RETURN W


EPOS K*) ACCOMPA NY THIS A • APPLIC IT FEE OF $2,500 M PPLICATIO ATION IF L UST ACCO N ESS THAN M 120 DAYS PANY THIS * Please en PRIOR TO sure that DEPARTU these page RE s are sign ed by the appr

opriate pe





If you already have a valid passport, please include a photocopy of the identification page with your application. Students who do not have a valid passport should apply for one right away, as they can take up to some months to be issued. Applications for Australian passports are available at your local post office. Once you receive your passport in the mail, please send a copy of the identification page to WEP immediately. If you are eligible for a passport from another country, then you must contact that country’s consulate for information concerning eligibility and application form/process. If you are eligible for a passport from a country belonging to the European Union (EU), it may be a good idea to apply for and carry that passport in addition to your Australian passport. An EU passport can eliminate the need to apply for a visa and will allow easy movement between European countries if you intend to travel at the conclusion of your exchange program. It is, however, important to ascertain if you will be considered a dual national and what terms this can impose on individuals (in the case of some countries, this may bring liability for military service with it). Do you hold a valid Australian passport?

 No  Yes

Are you eligible for an Australian passport?

 No  Yes

Do you hold a valid European Union (EU) passport?

 No  Yes

Are you eligible for an EU passport?

 No  Yes

Do you hold a passport from another country?

 No  Yes

If ‘yes’, please attach a photocopy of the identification page.


Expiry Date*



If ‘yes’, please attach a photocopy of the identification page.

Country of issue

Expiry Date*



Expiry Date*



Number Country If ‘yes’, please attach a photocopy of the identification page.

Country of issue Number

*Your passport must be valid for at least six months after your return to Australia. If this is not the case, you must apply for a new passport now.

YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE If you are applying for Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands or Spain, please include a copy of your Birth Certificate. (Please note that visa applications for Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany and the Netherlands require an ORIGINAL Birth Certificate.)

YOUR LOCAL NEWSPAPER Name of local newspaper Address Email Phone number

Fax number

YOUR T-SHIRT You will be provided with a WEP T-shirt. These tees must be worn on arrival in your host country. In order to satisfy individual preferences, we have a selection of different styles and sizes. Please indicate below what style and size you would prefer. Style


Regular Style SHORT Sleeve

 Small  Small 8

Regular Style THREE-QUARTER Sleeve Women’s Semi-fitted THREE-QUARTER Sleeve

 Medium  Medium  10

 Large  Large  12

 X Large  X Large  14


A deposit fee of $500 must accompany the application form. Second payment due when referred to International Partner: $1000. 3. Third payment due 120 days before departure: $1000. 4. If the application is received within 120 days of departure, the first, second and third payments ($500, $1000 and $1000) must accompany the application form. 5. If an application is received within 60 days of departure, a late fee of $300 will apply and be due with the final payment. 6. The balance fee is due when the earlier of the following events occur: • 90 days prior to departure; or • upon notification of the host family placement information. Contact WEP Australia for cancellation insurance options. Cancellations will only be accepted in writing and will be effective from the date received by WEP Australia. Refunds will be provided as follows: 1. If a student is not accepted by WEP Australia, deposits will be fully refunded. 2. If our International Partner Organisation does not accept a student, there will be a full refund less $250. 3. If WEP Australia cancels a program, an alternative program will be offered or all deposits will be fully refunded. 4. If student withdraws from program: i) Before interview, all deposits will be fully refunded. ii) After interview and before international acceptance: full refund less $300. iii) After acceptance: a) 90 days or more prior to scheduled departure and student has not received notification of host family placement: full refund less $1000. b) 90 days or more prior to departure and the student has received notification of host family placement: full refund less 50% of program fee. c) Less than 90 days prior to scheduled departure: full refund less 50% of program fee. d) Less than 14 days prior to scheduled departure: no refund. 5. Failure of students to depart on flight: no refund. 6. Student voluntarily leaves program or is dismissed from program: no refund. 7. After departure from Australia, no money will be refunded, unless a specialist provides a medical certificate, and then $100 per month of unused services will be refunded. 8. Should the return ticket provided by WEP not be utilised, there is no refund. 9. Students who depart the host country with unpaid debts will be invoiced by WEP Australia for the unpaid debt plus an additional $100 administration fee.

2010/2011 fees are calculated in January 2010 and WEP Australia reserves the right to pass on airline fuel surcharges or increases in taxes that occur following that date. International flights are confirmed with specific departure and return dates. Requests for flight changes will incur a $100 administration fee, the current flight re-booking fee plus any additional airline charges for reissue, taxes, re-routing, etc.

name + signature of student + date + ‘read and approved’

name + parents’ signatures + date + ‘read and approved’ Payment is accepted by cash (in person only), cheque, direct bank transfer, or credit card (Visa/Mastercard). Credit card payments incur a fee of 1.9% to cover merchant charges.

CREDIT CARD AUTHORISATION Student Name Amount $ Please note a 1.9% fee will be added to the above amount to cover merchant fees.

Type of Card



Card Number Expiry Date



CV/CV2 (last 3 digits on back of card) Name of Cardholder Signature of Cardholder

Contact Number Home Mobile Email Date



Completed form can be forwarded by: Fax: 03 9598 4233 Email: Post: World Education Program Australia Ltd PO Box 260, Black Rock Vic 3193

World Ed u [WEP A cation Program Australia ustralia] ABN 82 Limited 098 289 PO Box 297 260, Bla ck R Melbourn e, Victori ock 3193 a

Cover and text printed on FSC certified paper.

WITHIN AUSTRA LIA 130 TEL 61 0 884 73 (0) 3 959 3 8 4733 FAX 61 (0) 3 959 8 EMAIL 4233 info



We observ e

the Codes of

Ethics and deliver the profession al service

WEP Austr alia is proud to be a fou member of nding Student Ex the Council of Australi change Or an ganisation s Executive

standards demanded by membe rship of th ese

organisatio ns.

W Stu

Š World Ed ucation Pr ogram Australia Li mited 2010 . All rights re served. These mat erials are copyright. No part m ay be repr oduced or copied in any by any mea form or ns withou t prior perm ission.

Application Wrap  

This is the cover of a WEP application form.

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