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Review of Social Channels

Acquisition Strategy -

Follow other travel accounts Interact with these accounts and their followers Repost some good content to our channel Hashtags (30 Instagram; 5-10 twitter) Try to join trendy topic to gain exposure Inter-promote our channels and website

Interactions & Response ● Make sure to reply all the comments in a timely manner ● Provide satisfactory answers to questions ● Adjust based on users’ interaction

Metrics - Facebook Video has the most reach and engagement.

- People love videos.

Metrics - Facebook Blog Post has highest Reach! -


Pin to top Multiple channel promotion / reminder Useful content Easy to engage

Metrics - Facebook Highest Reach - Share brings reach the most - Photo album contains more keywords

More Engagement, More Reach

Metrics - Twitter -

Trendy hashtag

Metrics - Twitter -

Repost Interesting Content Hashtags

Metrics - Twitter Learn 3 Languages -



Twitter has much higher reach than Instagram story (10 15 views) Average twitter reach is between 100 - 200 But these two posts have significantly more (highest)impressions

Metrics - Instagram -

Trendy hashtags Holidays

Metrics - Instagram Highest Reach, Highest Like -

Trendy hashtags Food

Metrics - Instagram Food posts are higher. -

People love food.

Reflection on Social Media Channels - Tritour  

Written by Wenting Li

Reflection on Social Media Channels - Tritour  

Written by Wenting Li