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MuViCure - Music & Visual Cure

Audiovisual Stress Relief and Relaxation created within an interdisciplinary process merging Medical Research and Artistic skills.


Limbic System in the brain - handles the emotions. Soothing music and imagery are stimulating our two major senses, the sight and the hearing sense.

Dorsal Stream

Limbic System Primary Cortex

Eye Ventral Stream

Colors, movements, music, smooth curves, essentially aesthetic beauty, will create a positive reaction in the limbic system and transforms to increased positive mental condition. strictly proprietary and confidential Š Photobia Aps 2009/2010 2

The music The MuViCure® programs are based on international research that independent scientists and the Musica Humana network has fielded in the past 11 years on hospitals throughout Europe and the United States with the specially composed music, MusiCure®, by composer Niels Eje. The MusiCure music in graphic audio peak curves

Other music genres in graphic audio peak curves



The many MusiCure sound layers

Rock music

The specially developed “genre-less” and soothing music environment is shaped in editing by up to 50 layers of instruments and nature sounds. strictly proprietary and confidential © Photobia Aps 2009/2010 3

Does hospitals have an ethical policy about TV offerings ? Hospitalized patients are sensitive to the audiovisual content presented to them, and the reactions observed are indicating how important it is to have a Hospital Policy about the content presented to the patients, and selecting audiovisual programs with care.

Feeling confident Pulse stabilizes

The patients identifies with the audiovisual content

Feeling unsafe Increased anxiety

and it affects the mental condition immediately, negative or positive, depending on the type of program.

strictly proprietary and confidential Š Photobia Aps 2009/2010 4


Parameters for MuViCure The observations and refined adjustments from the patient feedbacks and hospital staff experiences has been a significant process.

Movements Too many unquiet threedimensional movements could be unpleasant, and cause nausea.

Acoustic instruments


Accompanies the significance from the nature experiences

Light tones has increased positive psychological effect even more when entered after dark scenes.

Necessary adjustments was made to get to the optimized audiovisual experience.

Tones Transitions

The research defined delicate information to the selection and development of musical and visual content.

The way to connect the music into harmony with the imagery. NO surprising or sudden breaks.

The right choice in color tones creates the secure ambience.

Nature sounds Scenes Avoiding dramatic and overwhelming scenes, nearness and security are the keywords.

Creates a secure link to pleasant experiences/memories from the nature. Length Limited to fit treatment procedures.

strictly proprietary and confidential Š Photobia Aps 2009/2010 5

What does the Hospital Staff experience ?

The daily routines in a hospital are stressful for the staff. Experiences already indicates MuViCure as a supplement to individual contact and care between patients and staff, and releases more workspace.

“Hospital patients should not be entertained, we soothe

them by using MuViCure - when the patients are more relaxed and calm, they improve the restitution - the selfhealing process of the body is 50%, the rest is our job as doctors during medical science” Lars Heslet, Professor MDD

“We use MuViCure prior to operations, and see patients more calm and relaxed having a peaceful expression on their face“ Kirsten Lyndgaard, Leading Nurse In Anesthesia

The patients perceives they are taken care of, even they are watching and listening to the MuViCure programs. strictly proprietary and confidential © Photobia Aps 2009/2010 6

Audiovisual Intervention Audiovisual Intervention is recommended to complement medical treatment when the patient is conscious and general well being could be improved

Inducing Sleep In general ward

Relaxation Reduce anxiety levels before consultation, examination and surgery

Reducing Pain By changing focus. Before, under and after examination and surgery

Peace of mind Promoting security and peacefulness to reduce fair, anxiety and stress during hospital stay

Reducing Pain By changing focus. Before, under and after examination and surgery

Shorter waiting Relatives and patients experience shorter waiting and keep calm in waiting rooms

strictly proprietary and confidential Š Photobia Aps 2009/2010 7

MuViCure Programs

The following programs are customized for hospital use only, staff as well as patient operated. We customize to almost every hospital broadcast system.

strictly proprietary and confidential Š Photobia Aps 2009/2010 8

Specific Disorder Programs Based on the knowledge in research and feedbacks from medical environments, we have developed a series of instructive programs for specific patient groups:

Positive Relaxation A journey through our four seasons to take the patient始s mind off their current situation and aids positive relaxation. 30 minutes Intensive-care. The program contains very slow image editing to encourage deep relaxation, together with smooth sounds and acoustic instruments. 150 minutes Sleep program Containing beautiful soft images and reflections that tires the eyes before getting darker and finally fading out and allows the music to continue at a slow pace. 30 minutes Anxiety Slow and calm pace designed to create positive impressions with no involvement from the viewer other than watching and listening to the uncomplicated content. 30 minutes Pain relief Beautiful images with rich impressions in the music that keeps the patient focused on the content. This program uses a greater variety of images than other MuViCure programs. 45 minutes Optimistic mood The program that makes the patient very comfortable and brings in optimistic impressions in light, composition and music. 25 minutes All programs in a loop Our entire collection of specially selected scenes from all our programs, collected in one program.

strictly proprietary and confidential 漏 Photobia Aps 2009/2010 9

MuViCure – audiovisual stress relief and relaxation MuViCure is the only relaxation films available on the market today, created in an interdisciplinary process between medical research and Art. MuViCure is a universal and genre-less film concept that works across cultural and geographical borders, created as a soothing proposition to regular broadcasting channels, with the only purpose to relax the viewer and stimulate the two major senses, the hearing and the sight.

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MuViCure is used in a wide variety of locations like, hospitals, dentistry, Philips Healthcare, iPhone Apps etc.



iPhone App

Philips Health Care





strictly proprietary and confidential Š Photobia Aps 2009/2010 10


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