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Algorithmic Sketchbook Wen Jun Wei 555279 2014 Semester 1

Rosie + Cam

tutorial 1

1 - Exploring the Development Environment

Simple lofting curves and explore different forms by changing control points.

Triangulation Algorithms in 2D

Triangulation Algorithms in 3D by proximity and voronoi definition

2 - Geometry, Transformation and Intersection

Creating Vectors (Point & Plan)

Mathematics Operation

Discrete Geometry

Constructors & Parameters

End Point & Discontinuity

Offset & Boundary Planar

Divide & Interpolate


Transform Menu


3 - Patterning

Lofting form with Geodesic

Incorporating transformation techniques learnt from the previous section

Patterning with Morph

Wei wen jun 555279 algorithmic sketchbook