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Inner Mongolia, 2013, Summer

2017 EPA RAINWATER DESIGN COMPETITION “Revealing Invisible Processes� is a design aimed at highlighting existing water resources on the University of Florida Campus and strengthening stormwater management through green infrastructure while exposing their connection to each other and the aquifer. Through this design we strive to build a campus culture around water - developing stewardship, community, and enlivened educational experiences. Status: Studio group work at UF My part: on-site survey, hand drawing conceptual design, veidio edition Date: Sep. -- Dec. 2017


Credit: UF Rainwater Ribbon Team

Revealing Invisible Processes shifts the paradigm of water management and perception on the University of Florida campus. The proposed master plan reframes natural features and highlights designed water management structures, exposing students and visitors to the hydrologic system, underlying geology and green infrastructure. The master plan site was chosen based on the upstream hydrologic basins of two naturally occurring sinkhole ponds in the northeast quadrant of campus. Occurring from the characteristically karst geology of north central Florida. These sinkhole ponds have historically been ignored rather than celebrated. These remarkable natural features provide an opportunity for destinations designed to embrace our natural heritage and present a platform for education about a larger interconnected hydrologic and geologic system.

Crdeit: Lea Kindt


RIVERBANK RECONSTRUCTION CONCEPTUAL DESIGN This project is located at Nantong city, China and by the Yangtze River. It is under national conservation project with a lot of natual resouces and several historical tourist attractions. The conceptual design emphasized on bringing new energy to such a corridor and divided it into four themes: 1. Riverban Reconstruction; 2. Functional Improvement; 3. Waterfront Recreation; 4.Ecological Remedation. Status: Internship in Turenscape My part: Design discussion, sketchup model, graphic production Date: June-- July 2017

Credit: Turenscape


Flood Band

Waterfront Pathway ()(Theme A)

Flood Band

Waterfront Open Lawn ( ()(T喝么heme D) 04

Greenhouse Cafe


Roof Garden

Industrial Relic

Industrial Area Re-design ďźˆďź‰(Theme C)

The project is mainly focused on the reconstruction of riverbank to solve flooding problem. At the same time, to fully take advantage of the whole area, combined with ecological restortion, the team also created more public spaces in order to attract more prople to visit this place, and promote the historic spot and culture. All the theme (From A Tto D) is based on existing situation, analysizing the problems and demands and extracting the strengths to show the concepts of the design.

Entrance Plaza flood band Parking Lot Open Lawn

open lawn wetland


pedestrian walk


Public Green Space

Overtopping Commercial

Under Bank Space

Bicycle Lane

Parking Lot


A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF THE SITE WITH GIS SKILL This project is located at Wakulla County, FL.The total area is 326.408 acres with 4 parcels. The large, beautiful tract of land featured a sinkhole, wetlands and a natural bridge, and would easily accommodate a world-class facility to fulfill the Institute’s three-part mission of education, conservation and recreation. The GIS skill is used to analysize the site combine with the design process. Status: Course Assignment Date: 2017 Spring Semester

Credit: Wakulla Environmental Institute Website




Floodplain Floodplain

Amphitheater Classroom Hotel/ Lodge Camping Area

Waterbody Parking Area Restroom







Soil (Water Table)

Soil (Water Table)

Drainage Drainage Drainage


Unsuitable for Development


The synthesis used the data from FGDL to analyze the current situation of the site. The site has many potentials for the recreation. However, because of the wetness of the soil and some areas with waterbody, there are limitation for the construction, parking and amphitheater. The synthesis here mainly shows these unsuitabilities. According to the synthesis, all the different components are placed in the best location with a logical circulation.

Florida Cracker Style Hotel Design 08

A NEW LIFE FOR THE BACK YARD OF THE IRBY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL The W.W. Irby Elementary School was looking for a voluntary group to help them upgrade the back yard, so that the student could have an area for outdoor activities. What is more important is that the principal wants to provide a comparatively quite space for students, especially for them to read books. The most impressive part of this project is to let the students get involved in the implementation process. Status: Group work (Student Charity of ASLA), Volunteer of implementation My part: Design discussion, master plan & perspective hand rendering, perspective photoshop rendering Date: Oct. -- Nov. 2016 09

On-side photo

W.W. Irby Elementary School is a 26 - year old school and was opened in August 28th, 1992. It is located in the community of Alachua, Florida. The city of Alachua is in Alachua County in north central Florida, approximately 15 miles from Gainesville, the home of the University of Florida. The president offered a 2,500-dollar budget for the construction of the new reading garden, which is a back yard of the school and next to the parking lot. Our student chapter of ASLA in University of Florida (UF SCASLA) took this case and volunteered to design for the school’s reading garden. I was a member of this project and participated in both the design phase and the implementation phase.

On-side photo

Satellite Imagery from Google Map

Master plan


The whole design mainly services for 3 different activities in this area: 1. Students private reading area; 2. Outdoor teaching area; 3. Colourful activity area.

All these activities can be easily supervised by the teacher because the visual analysis shows the office view is pretty clear and the teachers can directly see almost the whole area. The bigger private reading area can also be used for outdoor teaching.


Photoshop Rendering

On-side Photo

All the students in the elementary school participated in this implementation process by painting the pavers. They were excited about it and enjoyed such a unique experience. The whole implementation took us 3 days and it was really successful. All the faculties and parents were satisfied with the result and the students couln’t wait to have activities in this reading garden. 12

A zoo design for a much more balanced relationship between human and animal. The Wuxi city is looking for a design for the zoo in a pit. Combine its complicated topography and the respect to the animals. We put emphysis on building private areas for animals. In my beast of prey area, I designed air corridor for visitors to observe animals with lowest influence on animals. There is a central structure, which provides a continous observing circulation. At the same time, undergroud route creates an explorer experience in the pit. In conclusion, this is a zoo with multiple experiences. Status: Undergraduate Termial Project, Group work Date: March - June, 2016 Tutor: Yunfeng Yang



African Lion Area (Master Plan)

Idea of Air Corridor & Central Structure



























Portfolio 2018 (Wenjun Lu)  
Portfolio 2018 (Wenjun Lu)