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Performing Arts Product Catalog



For decades, Wenger Corporation has been enhancing performances across the world with our Wenger and J.R. Clancy products and services.

Bringing all of our creative engineering skills together, and working closely with our partners, we develop solutions for performance spaces that enable artists to perform at their best and provide audiences with unforgettable experiences.

We are Wenger | J.R. Clancy.

Les Misérables at Hanna Theater, Cleveland, Ohio © Roger Mastroianni
Rigging Systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-12 Hoists 6-8 Control Systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9-11 Counterweight Rigging 12-13 Fire Safety Curtain Systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Pre-Engineered Acoustical Doors 15 Lighting, Control & Networking Integration . . 16 Remote Lighting Services & Support 17 Transcend® Active Acoustics 18 Transform® Acoustical Banners . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Diva® Acoustical Shells . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20-21 Maestro® Acoustical Shells 22 Lieto™ LED Fixture . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Virtuoso™ Acoustical Shell 24 flipFORMS® 25 STRATA® Orchestra Pit Filler . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 STRATA® Event Staging 27 StageTek® Staging System . . . . . . . . . . . . 28-29 StageTek® Outdoor 30 StageTek® Seated Risers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Signature® Choral Risers 32 Portable Audience Seating 33 Cavea™ Fixed Audience Seating . . . . . . . . . . 34 Theatre Storage 35 GearBoss® Shelving . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Rack 'n Roll Gar ment Rack 37 OnBoard® Cargo Cart . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Media Storage Cabinets 39-40 Studio® Makeup Station 41 Backstage® Makeup Station . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Symphony Chair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 Cellist Chair 44 Nota® Chairs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 Bravo™ Music Stand . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Roughneck® Music Stand 47 Classic 50® Music Stand . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Preface® Music Stand 49 Conductor's Equipment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Training, Inspection & Maintenance 51-52

Proud of our innovative product line . . .

For over seventy-five years we’ve designed and built many of the innovative products you’ll find in music and theatrical performance spaces. In fact, it’s hard to find theatre, concert venue or worship space anywhere that doesn’t contain at least some products stamped with the Wenger or J.R. Clancy logo. Our commitment to smart functionality, long-lasting durability and attractive design is evident in our entire product line . Please take the time to discover everything we offer, whether it be in this catalog or at our website

Motion Control Systems

Limitless motion control and dramatic visual effects for performances

Hoists and Counterweight Rigging

From manual counterweight systems to fully automated systems, we have the right rigging for every need

Acoustical Shells

Wenger acoustical shells are known for their dramatic appearance and their dynamic improvement of your acoustics .

Media Storage

Smart and secure storage cabinets for your electronics help you organize your valuable and fragile equipment

Makeup Stations

With the right lighting and ergonomic space, actors will get ready faster and more professionally

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Fire Safety Curtains

The essential safety curtains that meet all modern building codes

Transcend® Active Acoustics

State-of-the-art sound processing to improve and manipulate the acoustics of your performance space

Transform® Acoustical Banners

Adjustable banners to quickly control the levels of sound absorption and reflection in your performance space

Staging Systems

Our StageTek® Staging System is versatile enough to create, stages, risers, seating platforms and much more

Lighting Integration

Wenger Corporation partners with premier companies to provide comprehensive, innovative and integrated lighting, control and networking solutions for performance venues

Orchestra Pit Filler

A custom fit, amazing support and a structure that opens up more space beneath

Audience Seating

For audience seating, we have portable audience seating to meet the needs of any venue and fixed audience seating for K-12 venues


Changeable, movable and incredibly durable – these flipFORMS will have infinite uses in your theatre

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From simple to complex, we offer the most complete line of stage rigging and hoists with our J.R. Clancy products.


J.R. Clancy has been designing and manufacturing rigging and theatrical equipment since 1885. Since joining forces with Wenger Corporation in 2011, the J.R. Clancy brand name continues to span the globe.

We provide everything from simple stage hardware to highlight sophisticated stage engineered systems for theatres, concert halls, arenas, churches, opera houses and many custom spaces. There is a simple reason for the brand's longevity. "Provide solutions and quality equipment. Make sure it works. And if people have a problem, solve it immediately," says Mike Murphy, Wenger Corporation's General Manager of Performing Arts.


You can obtain the performance motion equipment you need for your facility, simply and economically from Wenger Corporation. With worldwide installation capability, an extensive equipment line and the most experienced team of engineers and installers, Wenger Corporation is the answer to the question, "Can I get it all from one supplier?"


We aren't a consolidator - we design, engineer and manufacture equipment in house to meet the most rigorous standards. By keeping control we can assure you of the highest quality.

With a company-wide dedication to excellence, you benefit with service and orders that are on time, complete and correct. You also benefit with exceptional equipment backed by our industry-leading, three-year standard guarantee.


Projects are often complex, and even the smallest conflicts or errors in scheduling, design and manu facturing can be costly. When you choose Wenger Corporation, you benefit with outstanding project management for seamless production from inception to installation.

A dedicated project manager is assigned to oversee every facet of your project. From in-house design and drawings through manufacture and performance testing, your project manager ensures your installation will be a success.

Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, Miami, Florida

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National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Canada



The J.R. Clancy family of hoists provides you with more flexibility than any other manufacturer to help find the right solution for your performance space. With our line of hoists we will meet your creative, technical and budget requirements. We have designed, built and installed thousands of custom hoists. When you are in need of a solution not shown in this catalog or online, we most likely have already designed something similar, and will provide the expertise needed to meet your requirements.


We offer a complete line of control systems from simple push button and presets, to complex 3D motion control and show programming. Our J.R. Clancy motion control consoles are designed for ease of use and maximum reliability for use in the demanding backstage environment. From simple and intuitive operation of your electric sets, to complex and coordinated motion control, our consoles provide a superior level of performance.


J.R. Clancy pioneered innovation in counterweight rigging systems, and we have thousands of sets lifting equipment safely worldwide! If you need a cost effective solution, manual rigging can be the answer.

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Northrop Auditorium, Minneapolis, Minnesota Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, California Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, California Valley Baptist Church, Bakersfield, California Brevard Music Center, Brevard, North Carolina


There are many J.R. Clancy automated hoist options to meet your creative, technical and budget requirements.


We offer an extensive line of J.R. Clancy automated hoists. with standard and custom design choices for performance venues of all sizes, each delivering unequaled reliability, safety, and ease. Whether you are lifting a large grid above an arena, a front-of-house lighting batten, or creating threedimensional motion control, there is a reliable and safe J.R. Clancy hoist for your project.

∹ Enhanced Performance – Precision and speed to help you better control your performance equipment .

∹ Safety – Improve the safety environment backstage by limiting the need for manual manipulation of ropes and counterweights .

∹ Time Savings – Speed up changeovers

∹ Space Savings – Create additional space backstage by moving your rigging to the fly loft.

The Hoist Experts – Since 1885

From their founding in 1885, J.R. Clancy has provided their expertise to rigging projects worldwide. From simple to complex to custom, J.R. Clancy has completed tens of thousands of projects with a strict commitment to quality and safety. As a brand of Wenger Corporation, J.R. Clancy has the experience, products, commitment and support to ensure your project's success.


When it comes to automation, one hoist does not fit all. There are several J.R. Clancy automated hoists to meet your creative, technical, and budget requirements. Custom hoists can also be developed for unique projects.


The new PowerLite hoist is built on the robust PowerLift design and optimized to be more cost effective than ever. With load sensing and a redundant braking system, PowerLite offers a safe and secure solutions. The optional continuous beam to mitigate horizontal forces enables installations in facilities with light weight roof steel. This new hoist allows more venues to take advantage of the safety and convenience of motorized rigging.


• Speed: Up to 120 fpm (0.6 m/s)

• Capacity: Up to 2000 lb (907 kg)

• Travel: Up to 8 lines @ 49 ft (14.9 m)

• Hoists can be mounted vertically or horizontally

• Wire rope diameter: 3/16” (4.8 mm)

• Optional integrated backbone


J.R. Clancy hoists come in a wide variety of configurations and sizes. Please call your representative so that we can understand your needs in order to provide the best solution and an estimate to help you budget your investment.

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Hannah Theatre at Playhouse Square, Cleveland, Ohio Valley Baptist Church, Bakersfield, California



The new PowerLift Hoist has been re-engineered and is more flexible and durable than ever before. PowerLift is offered in a broad selection of models with significantly increased capacities, improved load-sensing design and optional continuous beam. Now with capacities of up to 2500 lb, PowerLift can be used for heavier shell ceilings and electric sets, and even large scenery sets and main curtains.


• Speed: Up to 180 fpm (0.9 m/s)

• Capacity: Up to 2500 lb (1134 kg)

• Travel: Up to 7 lines @ 62 ft (18.9 m)

Up to 8 lines @ 49 ft (14.9 m)

• Hoists can be mounted vertically or horizontally (upright or underhung)

• Compact moving drum allows for a small, efficient hoist

• Wire rope diameter: 3/16” (4.8 mm)

• Optional integrated backbone


The Titan is a high-performance hoist for applications requiring large capacity, speed and/or long travel. Titan is a customizable pre-engineered hoist – it is engineered and manufactured to your requirements yet provides the economic benefits of an “off the shelf” system.


• Speed: Up to 650 fpm (3.3 m/s)

• Capacity: Up to 3300 lb (1496 kg)

• Travel: Up to 8 Lines: 90 ft (27432 mm) 10 Lift Lines: 67 ft (20421 mm)

• A complete suite of load and safety features

• Can be mounted vertically or horizontally

• Wire rope diameter: 1/4" (6.3 mm)


Convert your manual rigging sets to an automated system simply and economically with PowerAssist. You’ll no longer need to load and adjust the counterbalancing weights. The motor handles the out-of-balance load, so you don’t have to. PowerAssist single axis units are extremely compact and can be easily installed under your existing locking rail.


• Speed: 25 fpm (0.13 m/s)

• Capacity: Up to 2000 lb (900 kg) without the need to adjust weights

• Travel: Varies based on building

• Max batten length: As required

• Can be used on single or double purchase sets


The PowerLine is a line shaft hoist, re-engineered to reduce size, weight, and cost. PowerLine hoists offer a wide range of speeds and capacities, making them versatile performers and excellent choices for retrofits in older buildings.


• Speed: Up to 240 fpm (1.2 m/s)

• Capacity: Up to 2500 lb (1,135 kg)

• Travel: Up to 60 ft (18288 mm)


• Mechanical or electric secondary brake

• Load sensing

• Encoder for positioning

• Cross groove and slack line detectors

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A self-contained hoist system that allows quick and easy installation without having full access to the ceiling/roof steel.


• Speed: 20 fpm (0.1 m/s)

• Total Capacity: Up to 2500 lb (1134 kg)

• Live Load Capacity : Up to 1100 lb (499 kg)

• Length: Up to 50’ (15240 mm)

• Travel: 35 ft (10668 mm) standard


• Lift Lines: Two or three dual 3/16" (5 mm) lift line locations

• Truss Size: 12" x 18" (305 x 457 mm)

• Redundant Braking: Overspeed Brakes or Dual Motors

This zero-fleet hoist has five lift lines, is adjustable on the back bone and features steel guides so there’s no danger of cables crossing the groove. The hoist can be underhung or sit on top of grid. The VARION Versatility Hoist can be mounted on any existing infrastructure, including a building’s bar joist. Use it for electrics, curtains, drops, or front-of-house stage lighting or speakers. Lightweight – barely 300 lb (136 kg) – and compact, the hoist’s motor can fit at almost any point on VARION’s robust backbone.


• Speed: 15 fpm (0.08 m/s)

• Capacity: 1500 lb. (680 kg)

• Travel: Up to 50 ft (15240 mm)

• Batten Length: Up to 45' (13716 mm)

• Lift lines: 5, Adjustable on back bone

• Wire rope diameter: 3/16" (4.8 mm)

• Safety features: Hoist overload detection and over speed brake


The customizable Scoreboard Hoist can accommodate your unique requirements ranging from smaller venues such as high school gymnasiums to the world's largest event arenas. The Scoreboard Hoist works with the entire range of J.R. Clancy controls - including both wired and wireless options.


• Center-hung, high-capacity scoreboard hoist

• Numerous configuration possibilities including:

- Zero Fleet

- Versatile Mounting for projects with limited space

- Single drum hoists

- Self-climbing hoists

- Multi-drum hoists with multi-part reeved cables


Custom hoists are available in almost any speed and capacity to meet your specific requirements. Tell us about your requirements and we’ll work with you to develop the hoist you need.


• Hoists to move the 50 tons (45,359 kg) proscenium "eyebrow" in the Oklahoma Civic Center Music Hall.

• In Miami's Carnival Center's concert hall custom hoists move the massive (130,000 lb (58,500 kg)), three-part acoustic canopy to alter sound reflection within the hall.

• The Seattle Opera uses a 600 fpm (3.0 m/s) curtain hoist to ensure the main curtain can clear the proscenium in 6 seconds.

• The Strathmore Concert Hall has 43 custom hoists to move acoustic panels which may be raised, lowered, and tilted side to side and front to back to create a completely configurable acoustic ceiling.

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Strathmore Music Center, North Bethesda, Maryland


A complete range of controllers for every venue – from middle schools to major performing arts centers. For 24-hour Emergency Service, call: (315) 703-9708.


When you’re looking for the best control system for performance or ease of setup, choose from the J.R. Clancy line of automated controls. With so many models available it's easy to find one that meets your technical, artistic, and budget needs.

∹ User Friendly – J R Clancy Motion Control Systems make automating many element – even within a single cue – simple and safe

∹ Unlimited Programming – Multiple productions and hundreds of cues are no match for SceneControl processing capability

∹ Industrial-Grade Components – Durable components add to the reliability and stability of J .R . Clancy Vantis™ control systems .


Please call you Wenger Corporation representative for more information.

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Brevard Music Center, Brevard, North Carolina Wheeled podium standard Key switch USB (2) E-Stop 30' Cable standard GO/STOP/ hold-to-run Joystick HTR/Operator insert can swap locations with joystick insert 22" Color touchscreen




Vantis(TM) Desk Console The Vantis Desk Console is the largest and most powerful in the J.R. Clancy line of motion control systems featuring a large 22" touchscreen and keyboard for easy programming. Control up to 54 machines, program targets presets and cues to handle a wide variety of performances.


• Up to 54 machines

• Variable speed control

• Up to 8 targets per machine

• Unlimited user programmable presets

• Equipped with show control, allowing users to program position and speed for performance-specific cues.

• 22" touchscreen

• Load learning

• Multi-console support

• User specific log-ins with individualized permissions

• Comes standard with wheeled podium and table top stand for flexibility and comfort of use


he Vantis Mobile Console is an ergonomic handheld controller that gives the operator the added feature of show control cueing. With the 12" touchscreen, control up to 35 machines and program presets on this console with ease.


• Up to 35 machines

• Variable speed control

• Up to 8 targets per machine

• Unlimited user programmable presets

• Equipped with show control, allowing users to program position and speed for performance-specific cues.

• 12" touchscreen

• User specific login-ins with individualized permissions

• Load Learning

• Ergonomic handle for user comfort


The Vantis Wall Controller provides one of the most powerful, intuitive and easy to use control systems for stage equipment including hoists, travelers and acoustical banners. With powerful presets, targets that are easily recordable, and tailored permissions for security, this controller is a great fit for a multitude of venues


• Up to 24 machines

• Variable speed control

• UP to 8 user programmable targets per machine

• Wall cabinet and rack mount options

• Current load and max load shown on machines with load sensing

• Adjustable screen brightness to prevent light leaks on stage

• Current position shown at all times and target/end position shown when machine is selected with position read-out

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The Vantis Pendant Controller offers simple control of up to eight machines. Each machine can be programmed with up to six targets including upper, lower and four intermediate targets. Selection of multiple hoists or other machine types is easy as well as the ability to move them to a target together. Variable speed control lets you use this controller on drapery or scenery sets during production.


• 3.5” (89 mm) color touchscreen

• Up to 8 machines

• Variable speed control

• Variable when operating a single machine

• Default speed when operating multiple machines

• Control wheel for variable speed control

• Up to 6 targets per machine – 4 user recordable

• Operation of various set types including hoists, acoustic banners and travelers

• Load sensing

• Hold-to-Run operation

• Multi-Level security

• Illuminated GO button

• Emergency Stop Operator


The J.R. Clancy Push Button Controller is a cost-effective controller for fixed and variable speed hoists.


• Hold-to-run Up and Down pushbuttons for each hoist.

• A key operated On / Off switch with green “Power On” LED indicator.

• A red, mushroom head emergency stop pushbutton.

• A “Service” light indicates when regular system service is required.

• NEMA 1 wall mounted enclosures.

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For over 135 years, the J.R. Clancy brand has been the leading name in manual rigging.


Manual rigging is currently used in thousands of theatres worldwide. It’s a practical, cost-effective solution for new installations of all sizes. Manual rigging can also be combined with automated equipment to give theatres the benefits of each system.

We offer J.R. Clancy manual rigging equipment to meet the needs of every theatre. We engineer our systems for reliability, safety and longevity. Whether you’re looking for an upgrade or a new installation, we'll help you and your consultant choose just the right system for your creative, technical, and budget requirements.

∹ Rigorously Tested – J R Clancy equipment is engineered, manufactured and rigorously tested under the strict guidelines of our ISO 9001 Quality Management System

∹ Unequaled Experience – When you choose a J R Clancy product, you receive a rigging system based on over 135 years of experience, and backed by proven quality

∹ Cost-Effective – The counterweight-rigging system is a cost-effective solution for projects of all sizes


J.R. Clancy counterweight rigging comes in a wide variety of configurations and sizes. Please call your representative so that we can understand your needs in order to provide the best solution and an estimate to help you budget your investment.

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Agoura High School, Agoura Hills, California


Front-Loading Arbor


The patented FrontLoader front-loading arbor has eliminated rods and spreader plates of the conventional rod arbor and therefore also eliminated the awkward bending or climbing into the arbor well to load bricks. The shelves of our arbor allow for neat, easy and safe stacking of bricks from the loading gallery. Gallery safety rails do not interfere with use of this arbor and so theatre loading galleries may comply with building codes.


• Front load bricks for faster, more convenient loading.

• Loading bins and shelves eliminate spreader plates.

• Compact design holds more weight in less space.

• Individual gates close to hold bricks securely in the arbor.

• Supports line sets 6" or 8" (152 or 203 mm) on center.

• Pipe weight can be stacked on any shelf.


J.R. Clancy counterweight rigging comes in a wide variety of configurations and sizes. Please call your representative so that we can understand your needs in order to provide the best solution and an estimate to help you budget your investment.

Counterweight bricks stack flat on the shelves and can be stacked on any of the three levels, eliminating the need to hang below the loading gallery or climbing higher to reach the counterweight stack.

There are no arbor rods to reach around, allowing the loader to securely hold the bricks with both hands at all times.

The sloped shelves and gates safely contain the bricks. Spreader plates are not required.

The loader can work fully within the confines of the compliant safety rail. The loader can easily reach over or under the rails to access the FrontLoader shelves.

FrontLoader can be installed in existing or new guide wall systems.

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Motorized, self-closing fire curtains that meet all modern building codes .


Don’t cut corners when it comes to fire protection. Choose the best. J.R. Clancy's automatically deploying fire curtain systems meet or exceed most modern building codes. And since routine testing is required on these systems by NFPA 80, it pays to invest in a system that draws on over 100 years of experience in theatre fire safety.

∹ Fully Approved – Meets IBC and other nationally recognized fire codes.

∹ ZetexPlus® Protection – Unique fabric prevents heat, smoke, and fire from reaching the audience.

∹ 30-Minute Rating – Meets or exceeds most fire code requirements .

∹ Zero-Smoke Rating – Non-carcinogenic and keeps smoke and fumes to a minimum .

∹ Easy and Economical – An affordable installation or upgrade for your auditorium or theatre .


• J.R. Clancy fire curtains are made with ZetexPlus® fabric, a revolutionary material which prevents the heat, smoke, and flames on the stage from reaching your audience and contains the blaze to minimize damage. The unique proprietary coating enables it to conduct heat radially along the fabric surface rather than through it.

• Brail, Straight Life or Tripped Framed to suit your stage architecture

• Drive Mechanism: Fire Curtain Hoist; Line Shaft Hoist; Traction Drive Hoist

Codes & Standards:

J.R. Clancy-provided fire curtain systems meet the IBC 2018, NFPA 80 2019 "Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives", and ANSI E1.22 2016 "Entertainment Technology Fire Safety Curtain Systems".


J.R. Clancy fire curtains come in a wide variety of configurations and sizes. Please call your representative so that we can understand your needs in order to provide the best solution and an estimate to help you budget your investment.

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Doors are notorious for sound leaks. Here's a superior sound isolating door.


Wenger engineers and acoustical experts have created an acoustical door that provides superior sound isolation. Its advanced split-frame design accommodates virtually any wall thickness so every Wenger acoustical door fits perfectly. After all, even a small gap or imperfection can create enormous acoustical problems. Because our doors are pre-engineered, you’ll be assured a high-integrity installation.

∹ Superior Sound Isolation – Every door is pre-engineered to make it easy to install and to provide minimum sound leakage, rather than relying on a contractor to assemble a “door kit ”

∹ Continuous Cam Lift Hinge – A continuous cam lift hinge eliminates pinch points and provides a solid seal at the bottom of the door for maximum sound isolation .

∹ Teflon®-coated Sweep Seal – Allows door to close easier with stainless steel sill plate and creates a tight seal for maximum sound isolation .

∹ Split Frame Design – Provides superior installation and dependable performance .


• Minimizes sound leakage outside of room to surrounding environments

• Most doors with 1-hour UL® fire rating

• Durable, maintenance-free hinges up to 100,000 cycles

• Standard mortise pocket for easy leverset installation

• Door widths: 3', 3½', 4', and 6' (914, 1067, 1219 and 4877 mm) double door with removable mullion

• Installs in wall thicknesses 4½" to 12½" (114 to 318 mm)


Pre-Engineered Acoustical Doors come in a variety of configurations and sizes. Please call your Wenger representative so that we can first thoroughly understand your needs in order to provide the best solution and an estimate.

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WCAL-FM Studios, St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota Solid (STC 50) Accent Window (STC 50) Half Window (STC 50) Full Window (STC 51) 6' (1829 mm) Double Door with Full Windows (STC 49)


One point of contact for lighting control and networking integration.


Wenger Corporation partners with premier lighting companies to provide comprehensive, innovative lighting, control and networking solutions for performing arts facilities. We function as a single point of contact for lighting integration services, project management, installation, commissioning, service and support, to ensure your lighting system needs are met and your expectations exceeded.

Our array of partners and products allow us to provide you with cutting-edge, LED products and advanced control networks that will make your venue’s lighting systems run with ease from the lobby to the house, stage, control booth, and support spaces.

Our team of lighting professionals is proud to offer 24/7 service and support for our integrated solutions. You only need one phone number to reach a lighting team member no matter the question, time of day, or issue. Our infrastructure allows us to support these integrated lighting solutions the same way we support all Wenger and J.R. Clancy manufactured products – with care and professionalism.







Please contact your Wenger | J.R. Clancy representative so that we can understand your needs in order to provide the best solution and estimate to help you budget your investment.


Wenger Corporation’s lighting solutions partners lead the industry in innovation, creativity, exceptional products and support. Our partners give us the power to bring a comprehensive array of products, solutions and capability to every project, big or small. This process ensures the selected products for your project work together seamlessly to offer maximum flexibility, aesthetics and unparalleled quality. Lighting


Wenger | J.R. Clancy delivers effective, integrated lighting systems that provide our customers with high-quality, cost-effective and energy efficient performance spaces. Our focus on energy management allows our lighting team to assist with ASHRAE-based code language, LEED, sensing, metering and Building Management System (BMS) requirements that impact our customers. The result, an integrated lighting solution with LED technology and advanced control networks that enhance sustainability and reduce your costs, while improving the artistic and performance quality of your venue.

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Weiss High School, Pflugerville, Texas Seguin High School, Seguin, TX Lakeshore Players Theater, White Bear Lake, MN Kinder HSPVA, Houston, TX


Modern performing arts venues use network-linked lighting fixtures and control. These systems need occasional maintenance, troubleshooting and upgrades. Choosing the right partner to provide engineering, integration, installation and support has become more important.

When it comes to troubleshooting and support, speed and responsiveness are critical. That’s why Wenger | J.R. Clancy has developed a better approach to service – Remote Lighting Support. Remote Lighting Support is a service that allows our expert technicians to diagnose, update and modify your lighting system remotely, over a secure internet connection. When enabled, a Wenger | J.R. Clancy technician can log into a venue’s lighting system without the delay and expense associated with travel. When you consider the complexity of today’s lighting systems, it is nice to know that expert analysis, diagnosis and consultation are just an internet connection away.


The list of remote services offered by Wenger | J.R. Clancy includes but is not limited to:

∹ Troubleshooting

∹ Firmware updates

∹ Architectural control re-configuration

∹ RDM re-configuration of performance and architectural fixtures


To start remote support just call 1-800-836-1885 and a Wenger | J.R. Clancy technician will speak with you on the phone. Through this remote support our technicians can identify and provide a solution for your lighting network and configuration.

Following remote diagnosis, if an in-person service call is required, our technicians will have the knowledge to expedite and execute any changes needed for your system.


Our select partners are dedicated to manufacturing cuttingedge products that allow us to provide flexible integration solutions tailored for your individual project We bring the best products together with one team, to ensure a worry-free, well-orchestrated plan and installation that is less complex and provides you with one point of contact throughout the entirety of your project


We work with architects, consultants and the general contractor to develop an integrated plan where all our lighting, control and networking solutions work together seamlessly. Let’s go!


From the initial phone call or email until the last connection is completed, Wenger | J R Clancy ensures that every component we provide works together in harmony


Our single-source model ensures fewer installers tripping over each other and fewer compatibility problems We then oversee “turn-on” to make sure our work performs to or exceeds your expectations


ONE 24/7 point of contact to resolve any issues. No need to track down multiple vendors

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Transform your performance space into a multipurpose venue – now at an affordable price.

∹ Dynamic – Advanced design A dedicated, state of the art processor for Active Acoustics using high speed digital audio communications with the other system components

∹ Clarity– Natural reflections. Transcend Active Acoustic System enhances the reflections of the space providing optimal acoustics for any performance or event

∹ Transport– Technology transforms From choral and symphonic to drama and lecture, Transcend Active Acoustic System can optimize the space for each performance .

∹ Connect– Command and control The entire system can be managed with remote control and visual monitoring using state of the art Audio Architect software


Wenger’s Transcend ® Active Acoustic System gives facility managers the ability to enhance acoustic environments in virtually any space: performing arts centers, auditoriums, theatres, opera houses, arenas and worship spaces.

Developed using HARMAN’s Lexicon active acoustic technology, the Transcend system offers a high-performance, affordable solution for acoustical flexibility. Transcend will truly transform your space into a multi-functional venue. You can manage your sound to simulate the acoustics of many larger performance spaces. It’s truly dynamic. Transcend’s active acoustics technology results in a system that requires fewer microphones and speakers to provide a more reliable and stable system. This allows for streamlined, lower-cost installations than other systems on the market, and the best possible sound quality for any seat in the house.


Performing Arts Centers



Opera Houses Arenas

Worship Spaces


Wenger's Transcend System is customized to fit your unique space. Please call your representative so that we can understand your specific needs in order to provide the best solution and an estimate to help you budget your investment.

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Curtis Performance Hall, Tsotsis Family Academic Center, Assumption College, Worcester, MA


Transform the acoustics of your space in seconds with variable acoustic technology.


With Transform Motorized Acoustical Banners you’ll never be more than a few seconds away from transforming your acoustics to best suit your next performance. Banners deploy quietly and quickly to control the levels of sound absorption and reflection in your performance space.

∹ Acoustical Performance – Tested and proven to significantly reduce reverberation time across a broad range of high and low frequencies

∹ Spacing – By setting the spacing between fabric layers and/or the distance from the wall, we can carefully control the amount of absorption required for optimal acoustics

∹ Speed – Banners deploy at speeds up to 45' (13716 mm) per minute

∹ Choice of Materials and Colors – Available in Encore Velour or Wool Serge fabric and choice of several finished laminated wood colors.

∹ Affordability – Professional variable acoustics at an affordable price point


• Available in 3' - 10' (914 - 3048 mm) widths

• Tubular motor driven system for use in an operator controlled or pre-set environment

• Several fabric options available

• Banner retracts into frame to hide from view when not in use

• Includes wall mount brackets for fast and easy installation

• Banner system will integrate with J.R. Clancy’s SceneControl™ system and other intelligent control systems

• 3-year warranty

Banners deploy quickly and quietly up to 30' (9144 mm) long in certain widths.

Banner retracts into frame when not in use.


Transform Motorized Acoustical Banners are customized to fit your unique space and acoustic needs. Please call your representative so that we can understand your needs in order to provide the best solution and an estimate to help you budget your investment.

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Grand Rapids Community College, Grand Rapids, Michigan


Portable, full-stage acoustical shells for schools and performing arts centers.


An investment in Diva acoustics will reward you the first time you hear the remarkable difference. Diva is a beautiful centerpiece for your stage that is engineered to last for years and years. Diva is also incredibly easy to use, so you can use it more often. No other acoustical shell gives you so much long-term value.

∹ Durable – Incredible Acoustical Results – A Diva Shell System is the cornerstone of a remarkable and clear acoustic plan for your facility .

∹ Light Weight – The industry’s first all-aluminum frame .

∹ Air Mover – Glide your towers into place on a cushion of air .

∹ High Grade Wood Veneers – Many options for finishing your custom shell to match your facility’s design

∹ Extensive Product Knowledge and Experience

No other company has the know-how and industry experience to help you design, plan, and deliver such an effective and beautiful acoustic shell


Wenger Diva Acoustical Shells come in a wide variety of configurations, colors and sizes. Please call your Wenger representative so that we can understand your needs in order to provide the best solution and an estimate to help you budget your investment.

“When replacing our original Wenger shell, we considered its longevity and the company’s excellent reputation. Technology improvements mean our new Diva shell is easier to set up, take down and put away. The installation process went very smoothly - the Wenger crew was great.”

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Gogue Performing Arts Center, Auburn, Alabama – Jeff Young, Vice President of Operations The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, The Woodlands, Texas Stage access doors are wide enough to allow risers, staging, instruments and even a grand piano to pass through.



• Beautiful, full-stage acoustics for optimum on-stage sound and excellent sound projection to the audience

• Perfect for medium and large theatres

• Lightweight construction with the industry’s first all-aluminum frame

• Safe, easy setup with the exclusive Air Transporter (manual mover also available)

• Built-in leveling pads

• Shell ceiling panels raise and lower with stage rigging and can be flown in the fly loft when not in use

• Panels rotate easily into position

• Panel angles adjust quickly

• Modular design accommodates everything from full orchestras to string quartets

• Wood veneer, laminate, and painted finish options

• Handcrafted composite panel construction

• Lower wing sections open creating access doors

• Counter-weighted base for superior stability

• Designed to accommodate your specific space

• Stores compactly

• Integrated Lieto™ LED fixtures available (shown here)


A Diva full-stage acoustical shell’s extruded aluminum structural frame is powerfully rigid to keep the panels aligned for superb visual appearance. Plus the aluminum frame makes for a much lighter structure contributing to easier mobility.


A Diva full-stage acoustical shell’s all-aluminum frame is an industry first. Lightweight, honeycomb composite panels deliver excellent sound reflection for an outstanding acoustical effect.


Effectively direct sound Accurately reflect sound within a performance area to give critical feedback. Conserve and direct maximum sound to an audience.


Wenger offers a design-build approach to satisfy your most stringent aesthetic, acoustic or storage requirements. Our designers and engineers are here to collaborate with you to create the perfect shell and add value-engineered solutions.


Diva full-stage acoustical shells build on the visual elements of your performing arts center, adding the special effects of elegant wood veneer or your choice of laminate, painted, or custom finishes.


With Wenger’s exclusive Air Transporter, Diva full-stage acoustical shell towers glide into place under the power of pressurized air. It’s easier on setup and even easier on floors.


Strong lines and gentle curves of Diva full-stage acoustical shell components create an inspiring visual effect. Handcrafted panels finished in an array of wood veneer, paint, or laminate finishes achieve a commanding effect.

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Cost-effective acoustical shell solution for any performance space.

New London - Spicer PAC, New London, Minnesota


The Maestro acoustical shell is a welcome addition to our acoustical product line. Maestro is a cost-effective solution packed with features, conveniences and performance aesthetics for your venue. The Maestro lives up to its name delivering impressive full-stage acoustics, while creating live entertainment environments for performances at an affordable price.

∹ Easy Setup – Maestro is easy to setup with a crew of three people .

∹ Flexibility – Easy to reconfigure to accommodate groups of varying sizes .

∹ Stability – Wall towers are counterweighted to ensure superior stability and safety

∹ Space-Saving Design – Individual towers nest together when not in use, saving precious back-stage space

∹ Cost Effective – Maestro is an affordable full-stage shell system for any performance space


Maestro® Acoustical Shells come in a wide variety of configurations, colors and sizes. Please call your Wenger representative so that we can understand your needs in order to provide the best solution and an estimate to help you budget your investment.


Maestro ceiling panels complete your full shell by providing critical acoustic and aesthetic elements. They prevent sound from getting lost in the fly loft. Maestro ceilings also create a complete aesthetic appearance. Optional integrated lighting provides uniform lighting throughout the shell. Maestro ceilings are suspended from typical stage rigging systems.


• Maestro is a cost-effective solution for any performance space requiring an acoustical enhancement

• Finishes available include:

• Low-Pressure Laminate

• Paint

• High-Pressure Laminate

• High-Quality Wood Veneer

• Side towers for stage access for musicians and performers

• Shell towers are easily moved into performance and storage position via the Wenger wheeled tower mover

• Towers nest together to reduce storage space required

• Ceiling rows set up easily with a crew of as few as two people

• Ceiling panels with optional integrated light fixtures feature tilt switches making storing the ceilings fool proof Integrated lights will not turn on while in storage

• Integrated Wenger Lieto™ LED light fixtures available

• Ceiling panels store easily in rigging fly loft for storage

• Ceiling panels are adjustable in performance position. No tools are required to rotate ceilings

• Panels are constructed with black aluminum edging, a rigid honeycomb core, and a hard panel skin for superior sound quality and durability

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Adjustable LED fixture designed specifically for full-stage acoustical shells.


The Lieto is the first LED light fixture specifically design for use in Diva and Maestro full-stage acoustical shells. The three axis beam positioning provides tool-less pan, tilt and rotation utilizing a face side adjustment mechanism. With a 12,000-lumen output, less Lieto light fixtures can be incorporated into an acoustical shell ceiling design without compromising light levels.

The Lieto fixtures have no cooling fans, no detectable RFI and do not buzz. They produce a vivid, even light for acoustical shells that places all the focus on the performers and the brilliant acoustics.

∹ Bright – Higher output with 12,000 lumens means fewer fixtures to illuminate your stage.

∹ Smooth Dimming Curve – Continuous dimming without visible stepping, flash or flicker makes it ideal for video.

∹ Comfortable – LED technology mean minimal heat and no IR

∹ Saves Energy – Energy efficient and wattage is firmware selectable

∹ Vivid Light – Beautiful, high CRI light with choice of color temperature and 18°, 23°, 36°, 54°, 70° or asymmetrical beamspread

∹ Easy Adjustment –Three-axis bream positioning provides tool-less pan, tilt and rotation with face side adjustment mechanism

∹ Brilliant Color Spectrum – NEW Lieto with RGBW is now available .



Wenger Lieto LED Fixture is available for order with Diva and Maestro full-stage acoustical shells. Please call your Wenger representative so that we can understand your needs in order to provide the best solution and an estimate to help you budget your investment.


• High output CREE LED Engine – 12,000 lumens produced @ 150 watt setting

• Choice of beamspread options – 18, 28, 36, 54, 70, and asymmetric

• Choice of color temperature options – 2700K, 3000K and 4000K

• Choice of glare control options

• Three-axis beam positioning to provide easy pan, tilt and rotate with adjustment scale

• 1% DMX512 dimming, without visible stepping, flash or flicker

• RDM remote fixture address and status reporting with USB download or performance and usage data

• Long life and low maintenance – L70 > 70,000 hours – one oversized LED driver used

• Patent pending

• ETL and CE listed and labeled

• RohS compliant and IP20 rated

• Five-year limited warranty

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Easy three-axis beam positioning Three lens options


Create dynamic and clear acoustics on stage with virtual technology.


Don’t underestimate the importance of musicians and singers being able to clearly hear each other during a performance. Sound on a typical stage, without the benefit of a shell, is easily lost backstage and in the fly loft. When performers can’t hear each other, they don’t play together and the performance suffers.

Wenger has partnered with HARMAN and Lexicon to incorporate the most advanced digital technology into the Virtuoso Acoustical Shell. It creates an acoustical environment that dramatically improves what your musicians and singers hear, thereby improving their performance.

Virtuoso uses microphones and speakers, along with powerful digital processors to create an amazing acoustical space for your performers. Its compact technology and components make it an ideal solution for stages where space constraints prohibit the use of a traditional shell structure.


• Electronic components that are customized to your performance space’s size, architectural characteristics and performance needs.

• High-tech components, including professional-quality microphones and speakers strategically located within your performance space.

• A powerful digital processing system.

• A small footprint that doesn’t compete for your limited space.

• Instant “on” and “off” capability, saving you setup time and labor associated with moving physical acoustical shells onto and off of your stage.


Wenger Virtuoso Acoustical Shell comes in a variety of configurations. Please call your Wenger representative so that we can understand your needs in order to provide the best solution and an estimate to help you budget your investment.

• Doesn’t require the space backstage and in the fly loft that a typical shell requires.

• Installation by Wenger is fast and non-intrusive.

• Four installation options:

- Fly system - speakers and microphones are integrated into the existing line sets

- Dead hung - speakers are hung on battens

- Wall-mounted speakers

- Movable speaker stands

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Versatile, multi-position platforms for theatre use.


Benches, sofa, bar, risers, stages, dancing platforms — flipFORMS flip into whatever shape you need, and they go wherever you need them. The pocket-molded hand grips, easy-moving recessed wheels, and lightweight design make it easy to flip them up or roll them away. These fun, innovative products turn any space into an exciting setting in no time.

∹ Lightweight Design – Polyethylene construction is lightweight yet durable, letting actors, directors and crew move them with ease .

∹ Multi-Shape Capability – flipFORMS are designed to flip into several shapes, meaning you'll find new ways to use them every day.

∹ Skid-Resistant Surface – Ensure stable footing for your performers

∹ An Improvement on Wood Forms – More durable, more flexible and easier to handle than hammered together forms


• Built with molded, high-density polyethylene making them nearly indestructible

• Available in Black or Grey

• Assembly required


flipFORMS Single Units

025D028 Black Top/Black Base

025D027 Grey Top/Grey Base

1-800-493-6437 • www.wengercorp.com/performance page 25
Prosper High School, Prosper, Texas Standing riser position Seated riser position Platform position Rolling position Couple flipFORMS with our StageTek® Staging to create unique platforms for your performances.


Durable, custom-sized orchestra pit cover that fits seamlessly.

Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana


Custom-designed to fit the exact specifications of your orchestra pit, STRATA® Orchestra Pit Filler installs quickly and easily with a small crew. It provides incredibly strong support while it frees up an amazing amount of space below because of our innovative column-beam design. Our acoustically dampened decks fit snugly against your existing stage to create an integrated surface that is extremely quiet.


• Connects to your existing stage with ease and creates an integrated surface that is extremely quiet

• Pre-assembled substructure components make setup fast and intuitive

• Use of beams and bracing frees up a lot of open space below

• Honeycomb deck construction acoustically dampens decks and quiets "drumhead" effect

• Deck corners are constructed of glass-filled nylon to help eliminate sharp edges

• Deck surface options: natural or painted tempered hardboard, and tongue and groove wood flooring


STRATA decks lock to the substructure with a simple hex wrench connection. Each deck is isolated from other decks to eliminate rubbing and potential noise generation.


Cross beams attach to the main beam with a quick tube-and-socket connection – and no tools. This ensures an ideal fit even in applications with a difficult-to-match wall radius.



Main beams connect to your stage front with a simple bracket to ensure a seamless connection with the permanent stage.

• Leveling feet on all columns

• Basic system meets IBC rating and a uniform vertical load of 150 psf (732 kgf/m2)

• Deck surface takes a point load of 500 lb. (227 kg.) on a 2" (51 mm) caster without leaving permanent marks


Braces are bolted to main beams and cross beams to eliminate loose parts and speed setup. Braces from each beam attach to columns with quick-release pins.


Columns connect to the main beam with a quick-release pin. This smart, simple system makes switching lengths of columns – or the height of your entire pit filler – faster and easier than ever.

“The Strata Pit Filler is great – we’ve been completely satisfied. It’s much less expensive than a hydraulic lift system and a better solution for us. Other pit filler systems looked potentially dangerous and time-consuming to work with.”

– Mike Nicolai, Technical Director, Oconomowoc Arts Center, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin


Every stage is different. STRATA Orchestra Pit Fillers are custom built to fit your exact specifications. Please call your Wenger representative so that we can understand your needs in order to provide the best solution.

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page 26
FEET on all columns


The perfect solution for creating a flat surface over uneven surfaces or theatre seating.


STRATA is a durable, non-slip, weather-resistant event staging system that solves the problem of how to build a trustworthy, flat surface over uneven ground or flooring. It's a unique system that sets up quickly. Leveled or laydown, it can be used anywhere from a theatre to a flat parking lot to a hillside — even over a pool. Easily installed by a small crew in a fraction of the time of stick-built floors or other "flooring" systems — saving you a small fortune in labor.


• Pre-attached substructure components make setup fast and intuitive

• Flexible design gives you the versatility to make adjustments to fit your needs

• Use of beams rather than bridging supports frees up open space below

• Decks fit together to create an integrated surface that is seamless and extremely quiet

• Can be installed as a leveled floor, a laydown floor or a staging system

• Individual decks can be easily removed to run electrical wiring

• Uses pins to eliminate nuts and bolts typical of other systems

• Self-storing diagonal bracing provides lateral stability for applications up to 4' high (1219 mm) — additional bracing is required above 4' (1219 mm)

• Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum and powder-coated steel for exceptional outdoor durability

• Variety of deck surface options

• Simple deck-to-stage connections

• Optional leveling feet on all columns


STRATA Event Staging comes in a wide variety of configurations. Please call your Wenger representative so that we can understand your needs in order to provide the best solution and an estimate to help you budget your investment.

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Pantages Theatre, Tacoma, Washington


A portable stage and riser system that's strong, versatile and easy to set up.


StageTek's refined, smart design is the result of extensive research, engineering and technical advancements in materials and manufacturing. The result is a staging system that is lighter, stronger, easier to handle and faster to set up. When it comes to stretching your investment across multiple needs, StageTek sets a new standard. Interchanging different sized decks, legs and other components allows you unlimited stage configuration possibilities. Compare Wenger’s newest advancement in staging to any other option and see for yourself why StageTek is a better all-around platform.

∹ Maximum Flexibility – Simple, economical, plug-in legs make hundreds of configurations possible.

∹ Strength & Stability – Among the highest load ratings of comparable systems

∹ Fast, Easy, Intuitive – Anyone can set up StageTek in minutes No tools needed

∹ Safer – 20% lighter deck with rounded edges for a comfortable grip. This saves backs, fingers and toes.

∹ Less Storage – Save as much as 50% in storage space with our storage and transport cart

∹ Durable and Repairable – A field-repairable design that's also backed by a best-in-class warranty


StageTek Staging comes in a wide variety of configurations, surface options and sizes. Please call your Wenger representative so that we can understand your needs in order to provide the best solution and an estimate to help you budget your investment.

“We’re a very creative school – everyone is full of ideas – and our StageTek platforms adapt to almost anything: theatrical presentations, musicals, dance, opera or multi-department events. We’re making full use of them.”

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Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida – Chris Krambo, Technical Director Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, Los Angeles, California




• Load ratings (Uniform Load, Dynamic Load and Point Load) meet or exceeds building code requirements. See website for details

• Easy-to-handle sections have lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum frames with rounded contours that are easy to grip

• Decks have cast aluminum leg sockets. Legs are quickly secured with the rotation of the knob

• Five attractive surface options. See below

• Platform Decks are ¾" (19 mm) thick and constructed of Group I veneer plywood with a protective laminate on both sides

• Standard Legs are round and fabricated from 2½" (64 mm) diameter aluminum extrusions and are finished with non-marring cap

• Legs are available in three types: Fixed height, telescopic, and adjustable height

• Fixed height legs are available in lengths that result in the following deck heights: 8", 16", 24", 32" and 40" (203, 406, 610, 813 and 1016 mm).

• Custom options available to meet most any design requirements

Standard deck sizes:

• 3' x 3' (914 x 914 mm)

• 4' x 4' (1219 x 1219 mm)

• 3' x 6' (914 x 1829 mm)

• 4' x 8' (1219 x 2438 mm)

• 4' x 6' (1219 x 1829 mm)

• 3' x 8' (914 x 2438 mm) Metric (i.e.: 1 m x 2 m) and custom sizes available.



Three types of legs let you set the height of your decks exactly where you want it:

• Fixed height legs

• Telescoping legs

• Adjustable height legs

• Optional: Black painted


There may be cases where additional securing is necessary. For those instances we have three types of connectors:

• Leg-to-leg brackets

• Deck-to-leg bracket

• Overlap bracket


Choose from a variety of flooring options that won’t curl or peel like laminated surfaces. The Standard and HeavyDuty surface options also provide excellent traction, even when wet, and they’ll stand up to heavy use for years.

Standard surface Black (Cracked Ice)

Versalite surface match Black (Moroccan)

Heavy-duty surface Black (Quadripple)

Natural hardboard Carpet (grey) or carpet-ready

Clip legs under your decks during transport or storage. Eliminate the need for another cart or box.


Attach quickly without tools. They meet or exceed loading and rail-height building code requirements. Special IBC-Compliant infill panels available as well.


Compactly stores 6 decks or 6 sets of guardrails. Stable transport through a 3' (914 mm) doorway.


Dual-height or Articulating stairways come with heavy-duty handrails and safety treads.


This strong and stable ramp will connect easily with any stage setup you build.

Mercury Ballroom, Louisville, Kentucky

1-800-493-6437 • www.wengercorp.com/performance page 29



The StageTek® Outdoor decks add to Wenger’s StageTek System that has proven itself over the past decade in thousands of schools, theaters, events centers and more. The outdoor decks are built for the elements, so you do not have to panic when the forecast turns murky. Plus, the simple and adjustable leg options make assembling a stage over uneven terrain fast and easy.


• All-Weather Design – Aluminum deck designed for outdoor use in all types of weather. Decks have spaces for drainage and a textured surface to improve traction and reduce shine. Will not rot, peel, warp or swell and is non-combustible.

• Strong and Stable – Impressive load ratings that exceed performance expectations for uniform load, side load and point load.

• Compatible – Works with existing StageTek decks, legs, and accessories

• Warranty – Five-year warranty


StageTek Outdoor Staging comes in a wide variety of configurations, surface options and sizes. Please call your Wenger representative so that we can understand your needs in order to provide the best solution and an estimate to help you budget your investment.

Legs available from 4” – 120” (102mm – 3048mm)

• Fixed Height

• Adjustable

ACCESSORIES | See StageTek Accessories Page Leg Options | Connectors/Brackets | Leg Retention Clips | Guardrails | Skirting and Backdrops | Move & Store Carts | ADA-Compliant Ramps | Closure Panels

A crew of two can set up an entire StageTek stage – with accessories –quickly. StageTek goes up without pins, tools or separate assemblies. Just slip the legs into the sockets and tighten.

StageTek’s outdoor textured surface improves traction and reduces shine. Spaces for drainage ensure water doesn’t pool on deck.

1-800-493-6437 • www.wengercorp.com/performance page 30
STANDARD DECK SIZES 4’ x 4’ 4’ x 6’ 4’ x 8’



• Full array of pies and tri-corner decks help you configure a set that meets virtually any seated riser application

• Choice of 2-tier, 3-tier, 4-tier or larger sets

• Orchestra seated riser decks are 4' (1.2 m) deep.

• Choral seated riser decks are 3' (0.9 m) deep.

• Sets are available in 2-tier, 3-tier, and 4-tier configurations.

• Optional rear extension units are available to add extra depth for percussion or a 4th level; units are 3' (0.9 m) or 4’ (1.2 m) deep.

• Load rating meets or exceeds building code requirements:

• Uniform Load: 125 lbf/ft2 (6 kN/m2) to 200 lbf/ft2 (9.6 kN/m2) based on deck STU and features

• Dynamic Live Load: Side load of 15% of total Uniform Live Load which equals 600 lbf ( 2.7 kN) side load on a platform under a total Uniform Live Load of 4,000 lbf (17.8 kN).


StageTek is a true advancement in technology for seated risers. Extensive research, engineering and technical advancements in materials and manufacturing have resulted in a seated riser system that is lighter, stronger, easier to handle and faster to set up. StageTek sets up with just a small crew and no tools.

StageTek is flexible. The interchangeable legs are strong, simple and inexpensive. Just change and reconfigure the various sized decks and legs to create virtually unlimited configurations.

• Point Load: 1,500 lbf (6.7 kN) applied via 1" (2.5 cm) diameter pin

• Easy-to-handle sections have lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum frames

• Standard Rectangular Decks have four cast aluminum leg sockets. Legs are quickly secured with the rotation of the knob

• The frame is designed for safer, easier handling and features rounded contours ergonomically sized for a secure power grip (closed grip)

• Six attractive finish options


StageTek Staging comes in a wide variety of configurations, surface options and sizes. Please call your Wenger representative so that we can understand your needs in order to provide the best solution and an estimate to help you budget your investment.


Cracked Ice (Black) Standard surface



Seating Capacity: 72*

Natural hardboard Moroccan (Black) Versalite surface match

Quadripple (Black) Heavy-duty surface

Carpet (grey) or carpet-ready

Pie sections are the key to creating different shaped configurations. As illustrated in these sets, one tiered riser set can be arranged in several different shapes by changing the position of the pie sections.


Seating Capacity: 104*

*Seating capacities are based on one row of chairs on the floor.



Shown with percussion extension


Seating Capacity: 84*

Seating Capacity: 60* 21' 50'


Shown with percussion extension

Seating Capacity: 96*

StageTek® comes in a wide variety of configurations. Call your Wenger representative for the best solution for your program and an estimate to help you budget your investment.

1-800-493-6437 • www.wengercorp.com/performance page 31
10' 6" 44' 11"
24' 2" 40' 3"
4" 22' 8"
36 40' 48 24 28' 16 20' 16' 20'


Lightweight, easy to set up, durable choral risers.


• Patented fold-down design allows easy one-person setup

• Optional easy-to-attach siderails for extra security

• Bolt step mount provides the safety of bolted construction but lets you reverse steps and create new setup configurations

• 3- and 4-step riser sets available

• Formed and welded steel construction for unparalleled stability and quiet performance

• Sturdy, permanently attached backrails with child-height crossbar

• 15-year warranty


Our Signature risers were designed to incorporate every meaningful advantage: classic black styling; safe, simple setup; lightweight handling; superb stability; strong, quiet performance; easy mobility; long-lasting service; and a full fifteen-year warranty.

But what you might appreciate most of all is the easy-to-reverse design. You can change your riser arrangement quickly and securely. Optional siderails attach without tools. 3- and 4-step models roll easily through standard doorways.

∹ The Ultimate Performance Riser – When superb stability and strong, quiet performance are what you’re looking for, choose Signature.

∹ Safe, Simple Setup – One person setup in a matter of minutes.

∹ Easy Mobility Within Your Facility – Wheels and patented fold-down design makes maneuvering a breeze

∹ Safe, Strong, and Stable – Your singers will feel confident standing on Signature risers 150 lb live load capacity per square foot (732 kg capacity per square meter)

∹ Great Flexibility – Steps reverse for more configuration options.

∹ Quality Assurance – 15-year warranty .

Compact Footprint

Both the 3- and 4-step model fold up for compact storage and easy transportation.

Assembly required.

4-step model shown with optional siderail (recommended).


098G053 3-step Signature Riser

098G054 4-step Signature Riser

098G541 Siderail Set (2) Quantity pricing is available.

1-800-493-6437 • www.wengercorp.com/performance page 32
Signature steps are available in grey carpet.


Portable theatre seating that's affordable and versatile.


A flexible solution that can adapt to changing theatre seating configurations. These chairs combine all the features you would expect from a luxury theatre chair at an affordable price. Comes in Standard or Premier styles and double and triple units.


• Stable freestanding design that can be floor-mounted if desired

• Extra comfortable with thick padding

• Reliable automatic spring-return seat mechanism

• Premier Audience Chair features finished hardwood on back, bottom and arm rests

• Standard chair dimensions: 32"height x 21-26"wide (813 x 533-660 mm) in 1-inch (25 mm) increments

• Available in a wide selection of fabrics and wood stains with custom design options available

• Can be fitted with drink holders, donor plates and seat number plates

Move and Store Cart holds 24 single chairs. Dust cover available as well.



This strong, durable folding portable audience seating has rubber, nonmarring feet formed over flat steel inserts that help protect floors. You can use them anywhere. The special X-frame construction prolongs the life of the chair and provides even weight distribution for enhanced comfort. The front K Brace provides extra strength.


• X-Frame design prolongs chair life and enhances comfort

• Front K Brace for extra strength

• Fabric or vinyl in black are standard – Other colors and patterns available

• Rubber, non-marring feet formed over flat steel inserts protect floors

• Available in standard 18.25” (646 mm) width; 19.5” (495 mm) width available on Standard and Contour chairs

• Available Options: Removable and folding armrests, move and store carts, auto seat uplift, cupholder

Wenger Portable Audience Chairs come in a wide variety of configurations, colors and sizes. Please call your Wenger representative so that we can understand your needs in order to provide the best solution and an estimate.

1-800-493-6437 • www.wengercorp.com/performance
page 33
Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, Los Angeles, California Single-Role Vertical Storage Cart Dohble Tier Hanging Storage Cart Contour Compact Standard Portable Audience Chair Premier Portable Audience Chair Standard


Fixed audience seating for K-12 venues.


Wenger Corporation’s prominence in the education and theatre equipment markets goes back over 75 years. Now, we’ve partnered with SERIES® Seating to engineer a new line of audience seating that specifically fits the needs of our K-12 education customers. We’ve combined industry-leading durability, comfort and an attractive price to create a seat that’s exceptional in every way.


• Seat and back contours help position the occupant’s body for proper posture and comfort

• Specific cushion density and patented webbed support system provide ideal comfort for the duration of performances

• Integrated lumbar support

• Curvature of the armrest provides proper support and placement of occupant’s arms and wrists

• Seat rise mechanism is a ¾ fold, noise dampening gravity rise system. It reduces noise and allows the seat bottom to be pushed back to allow more aisle space for people to pass

• Seat design with fully enclosed components eliminates any pinch points

• Having no exposed fasteners provides a clean look and reduces tampering with the seats

• “Drop-in” assembly reduces installation time and eliminates excess brackets and fasteners

• Compact seating envelop (16.5”) maximizes seating capacity without compromising comfort


We make choosing the seating you want a snap. Mix and match wood, plastic, fabrics and accessories to create the perfect seating for your auditorium or performance space. Choose from a variety of seat widths, materials, fabrics, accents, aisle lighting and more.


With Cavea Fixed Audience Seating you’ll never need to coordinate multiple vendors, schedules and pricing to complete your project. We work seamlessly with your design team for product selection, site visits, layout, installation and after-sales support.


Wenger Fixed Audience Seating comes in a wide variety of configurations, colors and sizes. Please call your Wenger representative so that we can understand your needs in order to provide the best solution and an estimate.

Choose from a large palette of fabric colors and wood finishes!

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Wenger UltraStor ® Storage Cabinets protect, secure and help you keep your props and costumes organized.


For nearly fifty years we've been building the most trusted and durable garment storage cabinets in the industry. From our thermofused composite wood core to our patented polyethylene shelves, there is no better-built cabinet brand available. Heavy-duty hardware and top-quality doors further ensure reliable day-to-day operation. Here's why UltraStor is the leader:

∹ Durable – Load-tested doors, bolt-through construction and polyester laminate ensure that our cabinets last .

∹ Specially Designed Shelf – Rounded front polyethylene shelves are nearly indestructible

∹ Secure – Heavy-duty hardware, top-quality doors, and tamper-resistant shelves prevent theft

∹ Size Options – Available in many sizes, ensuring you get the right size compartments, cabinet heights, and features to meet your storage needs

∹ Expert Planning – Whatever you need to store, Wenger has the ideal solution. Our experts create a customized storage solution that optimizes your space and dollars


• Choose between solid doors, straight grille doors or no doors

• Attractive polyester laminate and thermofused composite wood core resists chipping and looks new years longer than other laminates

• Three heights available: 85 5/8", 69¾" and 38 5/16" (2175, 1772 and 973 mm) to meet your needs

• Available with right- or left-hinged (standard) doors for easy access

• Ten-year warranty

• Available in seven color combinations (shown at right)


Wenger Storage Systems come in a wide variety of configurations, colors and sizes. Please call your Wenger representative so that we can understand your needs in order to provide the best solution and an estimate to help you budget your investment.


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Color samples provided upon
Solar Oak Cherry Wenger Maple Pebble Oyster Evening Tigris Fusion Maple COLORS
DeKalb High School, DeKalb, Illinois Some of the Wenger cabinet configurations:


Rugged, adjustable, metal shelving that's perfect for backstage storage or equipment storage rooms.


This is the affordable, flexible, durable solution for shelving storage and workspace needs. It works great for prop, theatre garment/costume and music equipment storage. The cantilever design optimizes overhead space and keeps the floor free from supports for extra room. The system is so versatile it can be configured to your specific needs to make sure you get the maximum storage space.

∹ Versatile design – Configure your optimal storage space by adding shelves, workspace desks, drawers, locking cabinets and hanger rods

∹ Free up floor space – Cantilever design has fewer supports give you extra space and make cleaning easier

∹ Tool-free adjustability – Loosen and adjust shelves with the turn of a knob


• Holes at 1" (25 mm) increments provide easy adjustability

• Each bay is load-rated at 1,000 lb (450 kg) (if installation instructions are strictly followed)

• Easy to install and relocate

• Shelves are adjustable by hand – no tools required

• Available in bays W-4' x H-8' (1219 x 2438 mm)

• Shelf supports are 14-gauge 7/8" (22 mm) square tube-steel with silver powder-coat paint finish

• Ten-year warranty


Please call your Wenger representative for a consultation.

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Chapman High School, Chapman, Kansas Hart High School, Santa Clarita, California Install shelves at desk height with a worksurface top and drawer to create a great backstage workstation. Making smarter, more efficient use of space with GearBoss Shelving will improve your organization as well.


A heavy-duty rolling garment rack for robes, uniforms, costumes and concert wear.


This is the easy, smart way to move your bulky garments, costumes and props from storage to rehearsal or performance for a fast change. The Rack ‘n Roll garment rack is heavy-duty enough to hold a full wardrobe but designed so efficiently it can easily roll through standard doorways or elevators. Rack can be easily disassembled without tools.

∹ An Improvement on Flimsy Garment Racks – A heavy-duty rack that holds more garments and more weight without easily tipping

∹ More Storage – Top and bottom shelves for extra storage of hats, shoes and other accessories .

∹ Garment Protection – Rugged, zipping dust cover available Cart base also keeps longer garments from dragging on the floor.


• Extremely easy and quick to assemble or take apart

• Folds flat when not in use. No tools required

• Steel bottom and top shelves for extreme durability

• Black powder coat paint finish

• Two all-swivel and two rigid non-marking casters for easy maneuvering

• Basket organizes smaller items and folds flat when not in use (included)

• Fits through standard 32" (813 mm) doors

• 4' and 6' (1219 and 1829 mm) sizes

• Optional accessories: Additional folding basket, costume dividers, dust cover, privacy screen and hanger retainer clips


028B001 4' (1219 mm) Rack ‘n Roll

028B002 6' (1829 mm) Rack ‘n Roll

210B230 Hanger Retainer Clip (Bag of 40)

028B007 Additional Basket

028B013 Costume Dividers, package of 25

028B014 4' (1219 mm) Dust cover

028B015 6' (1829 mm) Dust cover

028B016 Privacy Screen (two Rack ‘n Rolls needed to use)

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Klein Cain High School, Houston, Texas The privacy screen quickly turns two Rack ‘n Rolls into a changing room. Optional dust cover protects your valuable costumes and other garments. New hanger clips keep precious garments from falling off the rack. Handy prop boxes store odds and ends and keep them off the floor.


A rugged, mobile transport cart for instruments, uniforms and more.


OnBoard Cargo Carts are the rugged cart that the performing arts industry has been asking for. Each unit can be easily configured with shelves, a garment bar or both. The garment bar can be replaced with an optional shelf to haul instruments. And OnBoard Cargo Carts fit through standard doorways and are perfect for transport in standard trailers.

∹ Rugged Construction – Built to last without breaking down

∹ Choice of Wheel Types – Choose large solid rubber or pneumatic wheels

∹ Garment Bar or Shelves – Easy to reconfigure with shelves, a garment bar, or both


• Dimensions: L-72½"x D-31½"x H-70½" ( 1842 x 800 x 1791 mm)

• Fits through standard 3' (914 mm) doorways

• Available with heavy-duty solid rubber casters or pneumatic wheels maneuver easily on hard or soft surfaces

• Optional adjustable shelves (not included)

• Equipped with removable full-length garment bar and 40 hanger retainer clips to lock uniforms in place

• Bottom shelf constructed of 16-gauge steel with powder-coat black paint finish

• Fits into trailers, semi-trailers and trucks with minimum 6' (1829 mm) door height

• Top of garment bar to top of bottom shelf is 5' 1½" (1562 mm)

• 5-year warranty

• Ships unassembled


210A003 OnBoard Cargo Cart with hard casters

210A004 OnBoard Cargo Cart with pneumatic casters

Optional Accessories

210A002 Adjustable Shelf

210A230 Hanger Retainer Clip (Bag of 40)

210A220 Protective Cover

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Pneumatic wheels make it easy to transport carts on grass or concrete. Solid rubber casters are extremely durable and won't mar your stage. Shown with garment bar and solid rubber wheels. Shown with two shelves and pneumatic wheels.


Customizable storage cabinets designed especially for media and audio visual equipment.


When you consider just how valuable all your facility’s media equipment is, it makes sense to store and secure it in a way that protects your investment. Wenger’s fixed cabinets transform a chaotic storage area into one you can be proud of.

∹ Flexibility – Mix and match interior components including: slide out shelves, drawers, rackmounts, power strips, organization grid, and more

∹ Security – Cabinets come with full-length wood doors and locks .

∹ Durability – Designed and built with the features that have made Wenger cabinets some of the most durable on the market

∹ Made Specially for Media Use – Properly organize and protect your important equipment in a way that file cabinets and bookshelves can't.

∹ Ease of Ordering – Online tools and phone consultation available.


• Sturdy wood design, steel pilasters for mounting shelves, and locking doors

• Two sizes: One or two column

• Three configurations:

- Standard - suited for drawers and shelves

- Organizer - Wire grids let you add hooks and baskets

- Rackmount - Built to hold rackmount units

• Finished in thermally-fused polyester laminate. Colors shown at right

• See our website for a full list of options and accessories. Configure yours online

• Ten-year warranty

“Before Wenger, we just winged it. Our media storage room was a mix of old library shelves, cabinets that other departments didn’t want anymore. We had a multitude of users for various events and it was tough to keep it all organized. Wenger stepped in and put us back on the right path."


Please call your Wenger representative for a consultation or go online to configure your cabinet today: www.wengercorp.com/storage/cabinet-configurator.php


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Henry Sibley High School, Mendota Heights, Minnesota – Dann Hurlbert, AV Specialist and Film Studies Instructor, Henry Sibley High School, Mendota Heights, Minnesota Color samples provided upon request. Solar Oak Cherry Graphite Wenger Maple Pebble Oyster Evening Tigris Fusion Maple


Customizable storage cabinets designed to get your technology where it needs to be.


As the level of technology in today’s performing arts environments skyrockets, the need for connecting students increases as well. Wenger’s Mobile Media Storage Carts are rollable, lockable, portable media hubs that will get the technology where it needs to be. They have a durable worksurface on top, plenty of room for electronics inside and are easy to maneuver.

∹ Flexibility – Mix and match interior components including: slide-out shelves, drawers, rackmount sections, power strips, accessories and more

∹ Security – Cabinets come with full-length wood doors and locks .

∹ Durability – Designed and built with the features that have made Wenger cabinets and carts some of the most durable on the market .

∹ Made Specially for Media Use – Unlike traditional technology carts, these have the tools, features and security your equipment demands

∹ Ease of Ordering – Online tools and phone consultation available.


• Sturdy wood design, durable worksurface top, rolling casters, and locking doors.

• Two sizes: One or two column

• Two configurations:

- Standard - suited for drawers and shelves

- Rackmount - Built to hold rackmount units

• Finished in thermally-fused polyester laminate. Colors shown at right

• See our website for a full list of options and accessories. Configure yours online

• Ten-year warranty


Please call your Wenger representative for a consultation or go online to configure your cabinet today: www.wengercorp.com/storage/cabinet-configurator.php


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Henry Sibley High School, Mendota Heights, Minnesota Color samples provided upon request. Mobile Cabinet worksurface available in Shark Grey only. Solar Oak Cherry Graphite Wenger Maple Pebble Oyster Evening Tigris Fusion Maple


A professional wall-mounted, lighted makeup station.


Now you can have a professional makeup station in your facility. Mounts into wall studs or masonry at any height; hard-wires to the room’s electrical system; and allows two adjacent stations to share one light column.

∹ Professional Design – Bright, even lighting and a concave counter will make you wonder why you ever did makeup over a bathroom sink .

∹ Utility Space – The overhead shelf, drawer and basket give you ample room for makeup, wigs, hats, curling irons, brushes, etc .


• Two widths:

30" (762 mm) with 20"d (508 mm) counter and 22" x 28" (559 x 711 mm) mirror 36" (914 mm) with 20"d (508 mm) counter and 28" x 28" (711 x 711 mm) mirror

• Light columns give performers clean, shadow-proof illumination

• Curved countertop allows you to lean in just 15" (381 mm) from mirror

• Recessed tray and overhead shelf for additional storage space

• Steel-laminated construction keeps the mirror from curving or splintering

• Medium-density fiberboard with stain-resistant, matte-white laminate

• Countertop is rated for 75 lb (34 kg)

• Wall-mounting bracket has multiple holes for alignment with wall frame studs; also mounts to masonry walls

• Permanently mounted 3/16" (5 mm) diameter steel wire light bulb cages.

• UL®-listed. Meets NEC (National Electric Code) requirements


187A007 36" (914 mm) 9-Light Studio Makeup Station

187A008 36" (914 mm) 6-Light Studio Makeup Station

187A009 30" (762 mm) 8-Light Studio Makeup Station

187A010 30" (762 mm) 5-Light Studio Makeup Station

Optional Accessories

187A013 Optional Drawer

187A012 Optional Basket

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optional drawer Tennessee Theatre, Knoxville, Tennessee University of Minnesota Duluth, Duluth, Minnesota


A lightweight, portable, lighted makeup station.


Do makeup anywhere — even in a utility closet. This convenient, portable station is designed to provide even, shadow-free lighting. Large head-toshoulders mirror makes it easy to achieve great results in a small space.

∹ Portable Design – Lightweight design that's well balanced and sets up wherever you need it Just set it up on a table, plug it in and you're set

∹ Professional Design – Bright, even lighting and a large mirror to ensure actors look great wherever you set up


• Overall Dimensions: W-33"x H-33¼"x D-93/8" (838 x 845 x 238 mm )

• Mirror – W-20¾"x H-22¾" (527 x 578 mm)

• Weighs just 35 lb (16 kg) and can be carried by one person

• Sets up easily and multiple stations nest together for compact storage

• Durable steel frame doubles as carrying handle

• Steel frame and unique aluminum light housing surround the mirror

• Single outlet and rocker switch combination with built-in GFCI protection; unit plugs into a standard 110 outlet. Requires converter for international use

• Auxiliary power outlet operates with lights off

• 3/16" (5 mm) diameter steel wire light bulb cages

• UL®-listed. Meets NEC (National Electric Code) requirements


187A011 Backstage Makeup Station

187A021 Dust Cover

Optional dust cover

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Prosper High School, Prosper, Texas


The upholstered posture chair for professional symphony musicians.


Sophisticated, classic styling meets proper posture. Molded high-density foam seat and back create firm, total body support. Adjustable angle provides two ideal positions for string and wind players.

∹ Posture Chair Design – All Wenger music posture chairs are designed to put the performer in the most upright and effective performing position

∹ Specialty – The right chair for each performer Cellists and Bassists lean forward more than a violinist and our chairs support that position for greater comfort and effectiveness .

Protect Valuable Instruments – The smooth, rounded design keeps minor bumps from scratching and damaging valuable instruments .

The Icon of the Industry – Wenger is the recognized leader in music chair design for the performance market


• Posture Chair design ensures the best possible performing position

• Generously sized seat and back for proper support

• Molded, high-density foam seat and back for firm, total body support and comfort

• 14-gauge, oval-tube framing for increased durability

• Powder-coat paint finish for maximum durability.

• Premium, durable upholstery and formal, all-black styling

• Two standard seat-to-floor frame heights:

18½" and 19½" (470 and 495 mm)

• Optional adjustable lumbar pad


Adjustable Lumbar Pad

When ordering Symphony Chairs, please specify the desired seat-to-floor height:

Size: 18½" or 19½" (470 or 495 mm)

0970000 Symphony Chair, 21 lb (9.5 kg)

0979131 Adjustable Lumbar Pad, 1 lb (0.5 kg)

112A094 Move & Store Cart, 29 lb (13.2 kg)

112A093 Ganging Clamps

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A musician chair designed just for forward positioning of cellists.


Cellists require a unique playing position that standard chairs cannot accommodate. Our chair has been specially designed to put cellists in the optimal lean-forward position that successfully stabilizes and comfortably supports this trying posture.

∹ Designed by Experts – Nobody understands proper music playing posture like Wenger

∹ Specialty – Designed for the specific forward position of cellists

∹ Improved Focus – Musicians can focus more on technique when they are not slouching or adjusting in a poorly designed chair

∹ Quality Construction – The best-built line of music chairs in the industry are made to last for years


• Provides the ideal lean and balance requirements of a cellist

• Powder-coat paint finish for maximum durability. Chrome also available

• Fully cushioned seat and back with non-slip upholstered surface for long-lasting comfort

• Strong, durable 16-gauge steel framing

• Can be stacked and transported on our Move and Store Cart


Size: 18½" or 19½" (470 or 495 mm) seat-to-floor heights. Custom heights available.

0940000 Cellist Chair (Black frame)

0940001 Cellist Chair (Chrome frame)


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Cork School of Music, Cork, Ireland Black Chrome The Cellist Chair is specially designed to support the forward lean of a cellist.


Smart, comfortable and ergonomic, Nota music chairs are designed to fit musicians better, improving posture, breathing and performance.

NOTA® STANDARD CHAIR (polypropylene)

NOTA® PREMIER CHAIR (padded and upholstered)

Wenger Nota Chairs are the new standard by which music chairs are measured. The innovative, patented design is the result of 70 years of understanding musicians' needs.

∹ Facilitates Improved Performance – Nota’s position/transition seat, rounded waterfall front and narrow, convex back improve posture, focus and technique

∹ Healthier Musicians – Enhanced posture design encourages a strong natural position, reduces slouching and promotes easier breathing

∹ Better Protection of Instruments – The rounded design helps protect valuable instruments from dents and scratches .

∹ Options for Every Program and Environment –Available in a variety of colors and heights Many accessories also available


• Durable powder-coat paint or chrome finish

• Durable, specially designed stacking bumpers and floor glides

• Chairs stack easily or fit on our Move & Store Cart

Nota’s narrow convex back

“A chair like the Nota chair, that allows a musician to sit comfortably and play efficiently and easily, can certainly help musicians maintain their good health.”

– Dr. William J. Dawson, Past President of the Performing Arts Medicine Association


Sizes: 14½", 16", 17½", 19" or 20½" (368, 406, 445, 483 or 521 mm) seat-to-floor frame height.

Standard (polypropylene)

0330000 Nota Chair - Black

0330001 Nota Chair - Chrome

Premier (padded and upholstered)

0320000 Nota Chair - Black

0320001 Nota Chair - Chrome

To determine the best options, best fit for your program and most competitive pricing, please contact your Wenger sales representative today for a quote.

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Standard Premier Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida Black Chrome FRAME COLORS: Back Front Angled


Classic looks and sophisticated design, coupled with unmatched durability.


Wenger music stands are built to withstand wear and never wobble. The nearly indestructible Bravo music stand is made of polycarbonate that won’t chip or dent. That means it will look professional longer.

∹ Appearance is Paramount – Choice of desk colors and frame finishes coordinate with almost any environment .

∹ Room for Everything – Large lip and accessory shelf

∹ Balanced, Quiet Performance – Heavy-duty base and lightweight desk are super stable

∹ Protect Musicians – Polycarbonate material and rounded edges means there are no sharp edges to worry about

∹ Protect Instruments – Polycarbonate material means no worrying about scratching or denting expensive instruments .


• Polycarbonate desk is lightweight yet impact- and scratch-resistant

• 203/8" x 16¾" (518 x 425 mm) desk dimensions including shelf

• 22½" - 46½" (572 - 1181 mm), desk lip to floor

• Accessory shelf holds pencils, reeds, etc.

• Bolt-through desk attachment will last for years

• Larger 1¼" (32 mm) outer post adds stability

• Easy friction height adjustment holds 5 kg (11 lb)

• Durable powder-coat paint or chrome finish

• Wobble-free base is 12-gauge welded steel for extreme stability

Transporting and storing Bravo stands is easy with our Move & Store Carts.


When ordering Bravo Music Stands please specify the following: Desk and frame finish color. See colors below. Color samples available on request.

1020000 Bravo Stand (Black frame)

1020001 Bravo Stand (Chrome frame)

Additional quantity pricing is available.

039C202 Large Music Stand Move & Store Cart

039D201 Small Music Stand Move & Store Cart

037T045 Vinyl Music Stand Leg Cap Set

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Heartland Community College, Normal, Illinois Black Chrome All Wenger stands are GREENGUARD Certified.


The durable all-steel music stand.


Don’t put up with music stands that keep letting you down. The RoughNeck features a durable all-steel design and a convenient trigger lock that allows for greater weight capacity than most other stands.

∹ Strength of Steel – 22-gauge steel desk with rolled edges adds strength

∹ Locking Height Adjustment – Trigger lock easily holds 30 lb (13 6 kg) without releasing

∹ Sturdy Performance – Balanced design means no tip-overs

∹ Protection of Musicians – Bolt-thru desk attachment means desk cannot detach and cause possible injury Rounded corners mean no sharp edges

∹ Protection of Instruments – Rolled edges means no worrying about scratching or denting expensive instruments .


• 12-gauge steel welded base for extreme durability

• 27" - 43" (686 - 1092 mm) desk lip to floor

• 20" x 12½" (508 - 318 mm) desk dimensions

• Wobble-free base attachment

• Trigger lock mechanism holds 30 lb (13.6 kg) without releasing

• Durable powder-coat paint finish

• Desk Material: 22-gauge steel desk with rolled edges protects instruments and resists bending

“The RoughNeck music stands are good quality –they’re quite durable. I’ve used stands from other companies that didn’t hold up very long.”

– Oscar W. Wright, Director of Bands, R.B. Stall High School, North Charleston, South Carolina


038A001 RoughNeck Stand

Additional quantity pricing is available.

039C202 Large Music Stand Move & Store Cart

039D201 Small Music Stand Move & Store Cart

1-800-493-6437 • www.wengercorp.com/performance page 47
Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, Los Angeles, California Transporting and storing RoughNeck stands is easy with our Move & Store Carts. Features trigger lock for greater weight capacity. All Wenger stands are GREENGUARD Certified.


Our lightweight, polycarbonate stand that flexes but will never bend or dent like metal.


This stand is the result of a half-century of experience with musicians and music educators. By thoroughly understanding your day-to-day needs and recurring problems, we've been able to create a music stand that delivers traditional elegance without all the traditional headaches.

∹ Quiet, Rattle-Free Performance – Polycarbonate desk and base are quieter than steel or aluminum .

∹ Lightweight, Yet Durable – At just under 5 lb (2 3 kg), moving them is a breeze .

∹ Long-lasting Appearance – Polycarbonate material won’t scratch or dent, making them virtually “graffiti proof.”

∹ Protect Musicians – Polycarbonate material and rounded edges means no sharp edges to worry about .

∹ Protect Instruments – No worrying about scratching or denting expensive instruments


• Polycarbonate desk is lightweight yet impact- and scratch-resistant

• 20" x 13½" (508 x 343 mm) desk dimensions

• 25" - 49" (635 - 1245 mm), desk lip to floor (shorter version available)

• Recess in desk for pencils, reeds, etc.

• Easy friction height adjustment holds 9 lb (4 kg)

• 1" (25 mm) thin post makes carrying two stands in one hand easy

• Bolt-through desk attachment will last for years

• One piece polycarbonate base for excellent durability

“We have had the Classic 50 stands for nearly a decade now and they are great ... they really do last. Despite the best efforts of many teenagers, the Classic 50 stands have survived ten years with flying colors.”

– Denis Totton, Senior Music Coordinator, Methodist College, Belfast, Northern Ireland


039E500 Classic 50 Stand

Additional quantity pricing is available.

039C202 Large Music Stand Move & Store Cart

039D201 Small Music Stand Move & Store Cart

1-800-493-6437 • www.wengercorp.com/performance
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Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, Cerritos, California Transporting and storing Classic 50 stands is easy with our Move & Store Carts. All Wenger stands are GREENGUARD Certified.


Our lightweight metal stand is also our most affordable.


The reliable, lightweight stand with an economical price. It features friction height adjustment and a wobble-free base. The recess in the desk tray allows for stands to nest tightly for storage.

∹ Price – Lowest price point of all Wenger stands

∹ Quick, Easy Storage – Cut-out in desk tray allows stands to go directly from performance to cart storage without having to “flip” the desk.

∹ Protection of Musicians – Bolt-thru desk attachment means no unexpected mishaps

∹ Professional Appearance – Formal, all-black design means no shiny posts or fasteners to detract from the performance


• 25" - 49" (635 - 1245 mm), desk lip to floor

• 12-gauge steel welded base for durability

• Wobble-free base attachment

• 1" (25 mm) thin post makes carrying two stands in one hand easy

• 13½" x 20" (343 x 508 mm) aluminum desk with one piece aluminum attachment bracket

• Easy friction height adjustment holds 9 lb (4 kg)

“We had Wenger chairs and stands before – the only problem I ever had with them was not having enough.”

1-800-493-6437 • www.wengercorp.com/performance page 49
Medford School, Medford, Minnesota
ORDERING INFORMATION 237B500 Preface Stand Additional quantity pricing is available. 039C202 Large Music Stand Move & Store Cart 039D201 Small Music Stand Move & Store Cart
Transporting and storing Preface stands is easy with our Move & Store Carts. All Wenger stands are GREENGUARD Certified.


These comfortable and ergonomic pieces were specifically designed to best fit the needs of the conductor.


Wenger’s Conductor’s Chair puts you in great position to direct. It has full support for the half-seated position, making it a great solution for String Bassists and Percussionists. But what’s more, the chair’s adjustable design also gives you the flexibility to find your own ideal position.

• Cushioned seat supports half-seated, half-standing posture

• Swivels 170 degrees or locks in position

• Combined pneumatic seat height and footrest adjustment

• Strong, durable black steel frame with several fabric color choices

• Stable 5-leg design


157F091 Conductor’s/String Bassist/Percussionist Chair - Black


Our Flex ® Conductor’s Stand is attractive and built with the conductor’s needs in mind. It has a large desk that easily adjusts to the exact height and angle you prefer. Its lightweight design rolls easily on and off stage or to rehearsal rooms.

• Polycarbonate or high-pressure laminate desk in a graphite finish

• Desk is 27"w x 20"d (686 x 508 mm)

• Base podium: W-43"x D-38" x H-6" (1092 x 965 x 152 mm )

• Upper podium: W-32"x D-38"x H-6" (813 x 965 x 152 mm )

• Upper podium locks securely onto base podium and includes a detachable safety rail

• Durable grey carpeted surface

• Sides are black, one-piece steel framework for extra support

• Built-in wheels for easy mobility


158E002 Base Podium

158E001 Upper Podium with rail

1110302 Double Podium with rail

• Desk rotates and locks into position so the lip may be toward or away from the user

• Desk tilts from flat to vertical

• Desk height is adjustable from 36" - 52½" (914 - 1334 mm)

• Cast iron base with wheels for easy transport


236B002 Polycarbonate Desk

236B011 High-Pressure Laminate Desk

236B006 Optional Baskets, pair

HPL Desk

Polycarbonate Desk

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Conductor's Chair Flex ® Conductor's Stand


At Wenger Corporation, we are committed to helping you create and maintain a safe, reliable venue.

possible environment

Our thorough inspections conducted through our J.R. Clancy Train, Inspect & Maintain program (TIM®) protect your investment, sure the safety of your facility and keep you compliant with the latest ANSI standards. We provide additional documentation for your safety program as well as identifying any equipment installations that may be unsafe.

Our ETCP-trained technicians can handle any job, from simple repairs and replacements to complex troubleshooting and renovations. If you’re looking to upgrade, we can provide you with a variety of options and a complete estimate to help you plan for your new Wenger and J.R. Clancy products. If you have any questions about your Wenger and J.R. Clancy equipment, just give us a call at 800-836-1885 or visit our web page to complete an online form.


The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is dedicated to enhancing business competitiveness and quality of life by promoting and facilitating voluntary standards and safeguarding their integrity. ANSI E1.47-2020 Entertainment Technology, Recommended Guidelines for Entertainment Rigging System Inspections states that Manually Operated Equipment and Motorized Equipment should be inspected annually or immediately after equipment or components have been newly installed, altered or repaired. At J.R. Clancy we schedule regular inspections with our customers to ensure their rigging systems are in excellent working order. We also train our customers to identify potential problems so they can act in the timeliest manner to promote ongoing safe operation.

To schedule, go to: www.jrclancy.com/tim.asp

1-800-493-6437 • www.wengercorp.com/performance page 51
Ensure that your theatre is the safest
for your performers, staff, students and audience.
“Inspections can assist in identifying hazards which could result in a loss. Reducing losses may have an impact on insurance costs.”
– Eileen M. Clinton, Manager Risk Management Services, Brown and Brown of NY

Part of our commitment is helping you understand your rigging equipment and how it functions. Operating the system in the right manner promotes both human safety and product excellence. Part of this program also involves training you and your operators to know how to identify potential problems. Having a solid sense of the system you’re operating makes it instinctual to notice if something has been altered or damaged and needs attention. Issues can happen as a result of age, accident, equipment failure, or human error. Regardless, we’ll train your staff to not only know how to best operate your system, but to also help keep it in perfect working order.

Our qualified rigging inspectors are experts at identifying equipment installations and backstage environments that may be unsafe. By finding potential problems early they are able to help you minimize repair costs and perhaps avoid expensive damages or injuries. At Wenger Corporation we are longtime advocates of embracing ANSI standards and we encourage our customers to take all necessary steps to protect their investment in theatre equipment. An annual inspection, at minimum, helps ensure safety and also helps reduce liability risks and should be standard procedure in any loss/ accident prevention program.

Part of our inspection process includes generating a detailed report of any items that require ongoing inspection and maintenance. It may be an item that is still working, but needs to be continually watched. It may be a part that needs replacement, or a piece of equipment that should be taken out of service. We'll discuss the report with you and provide an estimate for any possible expenses. Our technicians are the finest in the industry, trained by us and empowered to handle any job, from simple repairs and replacements to complex troubleshooting, renovations, and upgrades.


We are committed to helping you maintain a safe, reliable venue for all your production needs. In addition to a complete line of manual and automated equipment we have a special program dedicated to training, inspection and maintenance of your facility. We offer the following:

✔ Rigging and safety training seminars

✔ Qualified rigging inspections by ETCP certified riggers

✔ Professional service and repair

✔ Equipment estimates

To learn more or to schedule one or all of these services, contact our Service Department. You can also email us at the addresses here.

24-Hour Emergency Service Line (315) 703-9708

General Training, Inspection & Maintenance Requests (315) 401-7300

1-800-493-6437 • www.wengercorp.com/performance page 52

Wenger Corporation representatives are the best in the business. Connect with yours today!

Whether you have a simple question about the color of a chair or a complex inquiry about acoustic solutions, your Wenger and J.R. Clancy representative has the answers you need. Need help with specs, pricing, setting up delivery and installation? Just call your rep and we’ll make it easy.

There are two ways to contact a Wenger Corporation representative:

1) Call 1-800-493-6437. Simply provide your location and we’ll connect you to your rep.

2) Go to our website and click on

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No other company meets and exceeds the product needs of the music education, performing arts and athletic markets like Wenger Corporation. Our expertise, design capability and level of service are unmatched in the industry. For more information on all the innovative product solutions from Wenger visit www.wengercorp.com

Music Education

Performing Arts


• Acoustic solutions

• Choral risers

• Elementary products

• Music chairs and stands

• Staging and platforms

• Sound isolation

• Storage solutions

• Teaching tools

• Aoustics solutions

• Audience seating

• Custom solutions

• Performance space equipment

• Platforms and pit fillers

• Stage engineering and rigging

• Customizable wood lockers

• Field equipment

• Metal grid lockers

• High-density equipment storage

• Storage shelving

• Transport carts

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