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Verslag kleur Wendy Lafarre, MV2B

Table of contents

1. Introduction____________________________________________________3 2. Complementary and secundary colors__________________________ 4 3. Cold and warm colors__________________________________________5 4. The symbolism of the color red__________________________________ 5 5. The emotional value of the color red_____________________________6 6. Practical use of the color________________________________________6 7. Symbolism of color in art_________________________________________6

1 Introduction I’m Wendy Lafarre and In this report I am going to tell you about a color. The color I’m going to talk about is red. With colors you can set a mood, attract attention, or make a statement. I’m going to explain what that means for the color red. I will cover the following topics about the color red: complementary and secondary colors, cold and warm colors, the symbolism of the color, the emotional value of the color, practical use of the color, symbolism of color in art. At the end of this report I hope everything about the color red is clear.


2 complementary and secondary colors Secondary colors The basic of all colors are the primary colors and those are red, yellow and blue. If you mix this colors then you create new colors. Red and yellow make orange, red and blue make purple, yellow and blue make green. These are called the secundary colors. A clear overview of this is the color wheel. Red is one of the primary colors.

The color wheel

Complementary colors Complementary means each additional, complementary colors are colors that are opposite of each other. As you can see from the color wheels, those are red against green,yellow against purple and blue against orange. Complementary colors contains a cold and warm color. They highlight each other when you put them next to each other. A term for this is complementary contrast


3 Cold and warm colors Warm colors Warm colors are made with orange, red, yellow and combinations of them all. They let you think of the sunshine and heat. It gives a contrast in per example a room. Cold colors Cold colors are made with blue, green and purple.

4 The symbolism of the color red Red is the color with the most powerful symbolism, it gets your attention. The color red has both positive and negative meanings. Positive meanings are: determined, brave, loyal and a all or nothing setting. Negative meanings are: impulsive, vulnerable, danger and emergency.


5 The emotional value of the color red Red is also the most emotional color. Red evokes feelings as passion, power, excitement, motivation, ambition and is also the color of love. On the negative side it can mean: aggression, sadness. The color red has two very different meanings, from very negative to very positive.

6 Practical use of the color The color red It is an energetic color, it attracts people’s attention in this way it can be practically used. For example with traffic signs, it makes you pay attention to the traffic situation. It is also used in hazard signs and it may be associated with text as in warning or caution. It is also used in sales and ensures that people do impulse things.

7 Symbolism of color in art The prehistoric man used the color red with rock painting. In Christian art was red the color of blood sacrifice of christ.


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