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Kids Technology Camps

iExplorers Join us @ the River Club Retreat to have fun exploring the world using digital tools.

Explore, Create & Share! Today’s children, known as “Digital Natives”, are naturally curious about their world. Big projects help to redefine how a student learns and “Project Based Learning” prepares them for careers in the 21st century.

Inside Super Ship Sail-off day! Disease Detectives What’s That Mysterious Chemical? 2 Digital Story Telling Podcast The Past Kids News Reporting 101 3

We will teach our campers how to sift through online information, organize content digitally and then communicate their ideas effectively in fun and exciting ways. Join us in learning about Digital Story Telling, Podcasting the Past, Microscopic Organisms, Chemistry, News Reporting, Computer Programming, App Exploration and Ebook Creation and more.

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River Club Retreat

Technology is just a tool. Getting the kids working together and motivating them to understand how to use these tools, makes for a powerful learning experience!

Science, Technology & Higher Order Thinking! Disease Detectives Making real world connections and challenging our children to be creative and think critically about their world equips them with the necessary skills to become our future leaders. Super Ship Sail-off Day! Using a free iPad App students are in charge of selecting explorers and ships to send out to the New World, manage the finances of their expeditions so that they don’t run out of money while learning historical information along with cartography and navigation skills. After mastering ship keeping, each camper will create a model boat to compete in a super ship sail-off down the river.


This app from CDC contains three epidemics for students to research. In each investigation students have to read the background, find clues, analyze data, and answer questions. The students take on the role of a medical professional tasked with helping to curtail the spread of the epidemic. What’s that Mysterious Chemical? Students will be given a “real world” problem to solve. In order to save the “river life”, they will learn the basics of chemistry using an App and create an electronic web poster to assist with the solution.

River Club Retreat

Digital Storytelling! Going live @ River Club Retreat recording Studio!

When students are engaged in the process of creating a digital story, they must synthesize a variety of literacy skills for the authentic product: researching, writing, organizing, presenting, interviewing, problem-solving, assessing, as well as employing interpersonal and technology skills. "

In 5-4-3-2-Go! Join us to learn about how to create compelling movies to tell a story. Explore interviewing techniques, scripting a story, recording, and then editing the content digitally to produce a product depending on the workshop of choice. These videos can then be shared globally via various media. After all the hard work, campers will participate in a “Film Festival” celebration.

Digital Story Telling! Students will select from various topics centered on their interest to explore Podcasting the Past! Students will interview veterans of war and record their story by creating a Podcast to share globally. Kids News Reporting 101! Kid reporters will be given a “real world” problem centered on the environment such as “earthsaving” issues, “keeping our rivers clean”, or “protecting river wildlife.”


Educator Expertise Wendy Wells-Gallagher has over 20 years experience working in k-12 education. She has been a classroom teacher teaching 5th grade Math, Science, Social Studies, & Language Arts. She has also taught 3rd, 4th, & 5th grade students in a Gifted Program, which was infused with a science, technology, research, and presentation focus. Ms. Gallagher has worked as an Instructional Technology Specialist to help K-12 schools to implement technology effectively in the classroom. She has a passion for mobile technology & how it changes teaching and student learning. Wendy is also the mother of a 15-year-old son, Robert, who is naturally curious about science, technology, and most of all learning! Media Experts: Tyler Ryan, WACH Fox News Anchor & Host Angela Schmitz, Graphic Designer & super-mom

Kids Technology Camp @River Club Retreat Summer 2013 The Chickawa Center in Saluda River Club

Monday-Thursday 8:30-3:30 Rising 3rd-12th graders (Bring your own lunch) *Snacks, Drinks, & iPads provided June 17-20 July 8-11 & 15-18 Questions? More Details‌.

iExplorers Technology Kids Camps  

Today’s children, known as “Digital Natives”, are naturally curious about their world. Big projects help to redefine how a student learns an...

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