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Are you  excited  for   the  “BIG  4”  fashion   weeks?    

DID YOU  KNOW?   Oversleeping  is  as   bad  as  being  sleep   deprived!  

Are you  single  and   ready  to  mingle?  

Also inside  this  issue…    

Chinese New  Year  at  TCIS   –  page  3  

Sports Event:  Bisac  –   page  7  

Current Events  in   Thailand  –  page  10  

Trip to  Taiwan  –  page  6  

Hearthstone –  page  8  

FIFA World  Cup  in  Brazil   –  Page  12  


Where is  the   Chinese   New  Year   Spirit?    

By: Kunlanit  Chongsujipunt  

Getting together  to  eat   the  biggest  dinner,  play  cards,   chat  loudly,  receive  red   envelopes,  watch  fireworks  -­‐   these  are  just  a  few  moments   that  always  happen  during   Chinese  New  Year.  Even   before  Chinese  New  Year’s   approach,  the  lively   atmosphere  had  already   started  at  TCIS.  Walking   throughout  the  school,  you   can  see  the  vivid  decorations   all  around:  lanterns,  fans,  and   banners  with  great  wishes  and   messages  on  them.     On  the  21st  of  January,  even   the  Taiwanese  Parent   Association  set  up  a  Chinese   Food  Sale  with  all  the  delicious   traditional  Chinese  food  for   students  to  try!  On  January      

24th,  Grade  8  Mother  Tongue   Chinese  students  also  dedicated   their  time  and  effort  to  host  their   own  Chinese  Food  Sale.  Both   events  filled  our  stomachs  with   tasty  foods  and  brought  smiles  to   everyone’s  faces.   The  Chinese  New  Year  spirit   increased  even  more  when  the   afternoon  show  started.  The   loud,  “Tum!  Tum!”  from  the  big   drums  captured  everyone’s   attention.  Laughter  could  be   heard  from  the  crowd  when  the   lion  troupe  danced  along  with   the  popular  “Gangnam  Style.”   Parents  showed  their  support   through  the  cheerleading  dances;   the  presentations  taught  us  more   about  the  Chinese  New  Year   origin  and  how  to  celebrate  it;  

adorable kids  danced  and   sang;  students  competed   by  saying  idioms  quickly.   The  show  ended  with  the   traditional  Chinese  fan   dance.  On  the  way  out  of   this  auditorium,  we  were   all  ready  to  celebrate   Chinese  New  Year.    

Sleep, Sleep,  Sleep   By   Napat  Karnsakultorn    

Sleep?   People  often  emphasize  that  not  sleeping   enough  is  bad,  but  little  do  we  talk  about   oversleeping.  Most  of  us  probably  never  received   complaints  about  sleeping  too  much  (other  than   from  our  moms).  Each  individual  requires   different  sleeping  needs,  depending  on  age,  daily   activities,  health  and  habits.  But  did  you  know?   Oversleeping  is  as  bad  as  being  sleep  deprived.       Can’t  help  it?   Really.  Some  people  just  can’t  seem  to  get   enough.  Hypersomnia,  or  excessive  daytime   sleepiness,  causes  people  to  feel  sleepy,   regardless  of  how  much  they  have  slept.  Not  only   will  people  with  this  disorder  feel  sleepy  all  the   time,  but  even  napping  will  not  relieve  their   sleepiness.  Hypersomnia  results  in  symptoms   that  include  anxiety,  low  energy  and  memory    

problems.     The  other  syndrome,  obstructive  sleep   apnea,  causes  the  upper  airway  to  collapse;   which  then  makes  the  person  stops  breathing   for  short  amounts  of  time.  A  person  with  this   syndrome  can  stop  breathing  from  around  20   to  40  seconds,  which  is  not  extremely  harmful.   Still,  it  disturbs  the  sleeping  cycle,  thus,   increasing  the  person’s  sleepiness.  Symptoms   for  the  syndrome  includes  loud  snoring,  apnea   (lack  of  oxygen),  and  gasping  or  choking  while   sleeping.     Effects   Depression  -­‐  Although  not  a  leading  cause  of   depression,  oversleeping  contributes  to  15%   of  depressed  patients.     Sleep  drunkenness  -­‐  Groggy  feeling  caused  by   oversleeping.      


Diabetes -­‐  Either  sleeping  too   much  or  getting  not  enough   sleep  results  in  higher  risk  of   diabetes.   Headaches  -­‐  Oversleeping   affects  the  neurotransmitters  in   the  brain  that  causes   headaches.   Heart  disease  -­‐  Sleeping  from  9   to  11  hours  a  night  increases   the  likelihood  of  heart  disease   by  38%,  compared  to  a   healthier  8  hours  of  sleep.     Sleeping  Facts   -­‐  Sleep  deprivation  does  not   affect  how  people  function.  In   fact,  you  will  function  the  way   you  would  normally.  It  also   makes  you  more  optimistic.   BUT  it  makes  you  too  optimistic   that  you  start  making   unreasonable,  risky  decisions.     -­‐  Some  animals  sleep  way  more   than  others,  and  for  some,  a  lot   less.  Also,  size  doesn’t  matter!   Giraffes  only  sleep  for  1.9  hours   a  day,  and  a  horse,  2.9  hours  a   day.  On  the  other  hand,  cats   sleep  up  to  12.1  hours  and   armadillos,  18.1  hours.     -­‐  Dolphins  are  capable  of   putting  a  side  of  their  brain  to   sleep  at  a  time  while  keeping   another  side  awake.  In  that   condition,  they  can  remain   active  for  360  hours  (15  days).      

Still, sleeping...   -­‐  Reduces  stress   -­‐  Improves  mood   -­‐  Improves  athletic  performance   and  coordination   -­‐  Increases  memory   -­‐  Increases  ability  to  pay   attention   -­‐  Helps  when  recovering  from   sickness   -­‐  Helps  healing  after  surgery   -­‐  Helps  adjust  to  change  in  time-­‐ zone       So,  goodnight  and  sleep  tight!    

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Trip To  Taiwan   By  Owen  Wu  

Did you  know  that  TCIS  went   on  a  music  and  drama  tour   in  Taiwan  during  the   December  Break? Well,  if  you  didn’t  then   you’re  missing  out  on  A  LOT!

The music  and  drama   tour  went  from  the  20th  of   December,  2013,  and  ended   on  January  2nd,  2014.  The   orchestra  and  drama  group   performed  in  Taipei,   ChungHwa,  Taichung,  and   Kaoshiung.  Apart  from   performing  in  different   schools,  students  also  visited   various  tourist  attractions   and  shopping  areas  in  the   cities. The  students  in   orchestra  also  made  new   friends  in  The  Affiliated   Senior  High  School  of   National  Kaohsiung  

Normal University  (高雄師大附中)   by  staying  with  host  families  for  a   few  days.     Practice  makes  perfect,  and  that  is   no  joke  when  you  apply  the   concept  to  the  orchestra  and  drama   crew;  they  were  rehearsing  for   countless  hours  before  jumping  on   the  plane  to  Taiwan  and  continued   to  grow  as  artists  as  they   performed  each  show  in  Taiwan.   The  orchestra,  led  by  Ms.  Lichou,   played  pieces  such  as,  “A  Vaughun   Williams  Christmas”,  “Dark   Adventure”,  “Smooth”,  “Pirates  of   the  Caribbean”,  and  a  compilation   of  Michael  Jackson’s  hits.  The   drama  crew  performed  “A  Fairy   Tale  Rescue”,  a  semi-­‐musical   comedy  play  

written and  performed  by   the  Drama  &  Theater  Arts   Class  directed  by  Mr.  A.       The  2013  December  music   and  drama  tour  was  filled   with  laughter,   companionship,  teamwork,   art,  and  memories  for  the   students.  Special  thanks  to   Mr.  Tony,  Ms.  Vivian,  Mr.   Andrew  and  other   chaperones  for  making  this   trip  possible,  thanks  to  Ms.   Lichou  for  directing  the   orchestra  and  Mr.  Jay  for   being  our  guest  drummer,   thanks  to  Mr.  A  for  directing   the  drama  crew  and  Ms.   Julie,  Ms.  Vera  for   chaperoning.  

After all  the  sweat,   teamwork,  and  challenges,  the   U19  varsity  girl  basketball  team   had  their  final  battle  in  January   at  the  BISAC  tournament.  This   team  was  formed  with  unity   and  companionship  that  has   been  cultivated  over  many   years.  Athletes  tried  their  best   until  the  last  second  of  the  

of the  game.   Tina,  a  junior  who  play   the  position  as  a  center,  joined   the  basketball  team  in  her  first   year  at  TCIS.     She  said,  “To  me,  they  are  more   than  teammates.  They  are   sisters  who  share  the  same   passion,  and  they  are  also  the   engines  that  keep  me  playing   basketball.”  Three  years  of   playing  basketball  with  her   teammates,  she  is  attached  to   the  team,  and  has  built  a  close   relationship  with  them.   Each  season  ends  with  a   BISAC-­‐wide  tournament  hosted   by  one  of  the  BISAC-­‐member   schools.  This  is  also  when  sport   teams  combine  all  their  effort   from  the  whole  season  of   practices  and  trainings  into  this   last  tournament.  Tina’s  most   exciting  moment  during  BISAC   was  when  they  were  about  to   beat  Shrewsbury  International   School  (SHB)  with  their  score   catching-­‐up.  SHB  has  always   been  their  rival  team.      

“I  don’t  know  what   happened...  we  just  couldn’t   keep  up  the  on  fire  moment   and  lost  the  game.  However,   that  wasn’t  very  frustrating  for   me  since  I  had  already  fought   the  best  I  could,  and  left  no   regret  on  the  court.  I  did  my   best,  and  had  fun  -­‐  that’s  what   it  all  matters.”  Tina  said.   After  interviewing  Tina  about   her  reflection  on  the  BISAC   tournament  and  her  thoughts   on  this  season’s  U19  girl   basketball  team,  I  perceived   that  sportsmanship  is  as   important  as  an  athletic   abilities.  Tina  has  a  positive   attitude  when  confronting  all   her  games.  It  doesn’t  matter  if   she  wins  or  loses,  because  she   tries  her  best.  Tina’s  spirit  and   enthusiasm  will  support  her   throughout  her  basketball   path.  Her  bonding  with  the   team  and  all  their  hard  work   will  lead  her  to  success.  Don’t   ever  give  up!  


Nerdy News   By:  RexarAwe  

Blizzard, one   of   the   most   renowned   gaming   companies   of   this   generation   and   mother   to   eternal   classics   such   as   the   Warcraft   and   Starcraft   games,   has   once   again   unleashed   an   amazing   product   in   the   gaming   industry:   Hearthstone.   Like   many   of   its   predecessors,   Hearthstone   is   extremely   polished,   if   not   yet   completely  balanced,  hence  the  reason  why  it  is   still  in  open  beta.  For  those  people  who  do  not   know  what  “open  beta”  is,  it  simply  means  that   the   game   is   “open”   for   anyone   willing   to   play,   but  is  still  prone  to  tweaks  and  fixes  depending   on  the  player  base,  who  are  held  responsible  to   report  bugs  and  errors  (mistakes  in  the  game).     Having   played   a   full   day’s   worth   of   Hearthstone,   I  can  honestly  say  that  I  am  still  as,  if  not  more,   enthusiastic   as   when   I   first   started   playing.   That’s   saying   A   LOT   considering   that   I   have   a   duty   to   play   other   games   (from   my   3000   GB   collection   of   games)   as   well.   I   had   high   expectations   going   into   this   title,   and   I   got   more   than   I   ever   bargained   for.    Hearthstone   managed  to  suck  me  into  a  wormhole.

I swear   I   only   played   for   a   few   hours,   but   like   many  other  things  that  overflow  with  addictive   fun,  it  sliced  away  an  entire  day  of  my  life  (and   probably  more  in  the  near  future).     The   question   remains,   though.   What   is   Hearthstone?     Hearthstone  fits  into  a  category  of  games  called   “card  games”.  This  genre  has  its  devoted   fanbase,  but  isn’t  as  “hot”  as  other  genres  such   as  MOBAs  (I’m  looking  at  you,  League  of   Legends),  first  person  shooters  (FPS),  role-­‐ playing  games,  and  real  time  strategy  (RTS)   games.  Blizzard  has  already  come  to  dominate   the  RTS  field  with  Starcraft  II  and  the  RPG  field   with  (the  once  highest  subscribed)  World  of   Warcraft.  Now  Blizzard  is  locking  its  sights  on   the  battlefield  of  card  games.    

Any gamer  would  know  that  a  good  game  is  not   defined  by  its  graphics,  but  by  its  mechanics   and  rules.  Good  rules  and  a  good  execution  of  


those rules   make   a   good   game.   Everything   else   such   as   graphics   come  in  second.  Hearthstone  takes   place  in  the  Warcraft  universe.  For   those  unfamiliar  with  it,  imagine  a   cartoonish   remake   of   Tolkien’s   Middle   Earth   for   the   less   nerdy.   While   a   certain   level   of   literature   expertise  is  required  to  appreciate   The  Lord  of  the  Rings,  Hearthstone   is   full,   fantastic   fun   for   all   ages   and   genders,  provided  you  have  a  basic   understanding   of   English   and   numbers.   There  are  two  types  of  cards:  spells   and   minions.   Each   player   has   a   certain  store  of  mana  that  expands   as   the   game   goes   on.   Different   amounts   of   mana   is   required   for   using   different   cards.   Spell   cards   have  unique  effects  such  as  healing   minions   and   turning   enemy   minions   into   sheep.   Minion   cards   summon  a  variety  of  monsters  that   can  deal  and  take  a  certain  amount   of   damage.   Each   player   has   thirty   life  points;  victory  is  reached  when   the  enemy’s  life  points  reach  zero.   Well,  it  sounds  like  any  other   generic  card  game,  right?  Here’s   the  catch:  Each  player  can  choose   from  nine  different  heroes  (more   in  the  future)  that  have  their  own   set  of  unique  spell  and  minion   cards.  With  fun  mechanics  and   gameplay,  the  professional  “cover”   the  game  has  with  its  

stylish   art   and   bad-­‐donkey   voice   acting   creates   a   wonderful   experience   for   anyone,   be   it   a   fantasy,   card   or  strategy  enthusiast.     Oops!  I  forgot  to  mention.   This  game  is  FREE.  Don’t   believe  it?  Go  to,   create  an  account,  install  the   game,  and  start  playing.  You   only  have  a  mac?  NO   PROBLEM!  The  game,  like  all   other  Blizzard  games,  support   both  Mac  and  Windows   operating  systems.       For   those   who   think   that   this   game   might   be   “pay-­‐to-­‐win”   like   most   other   MMO   (massively   multiplayer   online)   games,   it   definitely   is   not.   While  you  can  pay  real  money   to   buy   new   card   packs,   you   can   alternatively   but   them   with   in-­‐game   currency   you   earn   through   quests   or   battling   in   the   arena   (it   just   takes   more   time).   I   even   feel   like  the  few  dollars  it  takes  to   buy   new   cards   is   worth   the   cost.   The   creators   definitely   earned   it.   Keep   in   mind   that   this   is   coming   from   a   very   stingy   guy.   Don’t   believe   me?   Ask   my   friends!   Oops,   I   don’t   have  any.  Haha!  I  lied.        

Do I  regret  all  the  time  I   invested  into  this  game?   NO.  And  from  what  I’ve   played,  I  won’t  ever.  If  I   have  but  on  regret,  it  would   be  that  life  is  too  short  to   truly  cherish  all  the  games  in   the  world.  

What is  going  on  in  Thailand?   By   Ant  Phongpandecha  

Background   Thailand  moved  from   an  absolute  monarchy   to  a  constitutional   monarchy  in  1932   when  King   Prajadhipok  (King   Rama  VII)  agreed  to   sign  a  temporary  charter  and  announced  that   “the  highest  power  in  the  land  belongs  to  all   people”.  Constitutional  monarchy  is  a  type  of   government  where  the  Prime  Minister  is  the   head  of  government  and  a  hereditary   monarch  is  head  of  state.      

What happened?     Turmoil  in  Thailand  has  been  ongoing  since   December  2013,  when  Pheu  Thai  party,  current   government  led  by  Ms.  Yingluck  Shinawatra,   proposed  an  amnesty  bill  that  would  have   pardoned  Thai  politicians  Abhisit  Vejjajiva  and   Suthep  Thaugsuban  (formers  of  Democrat  Party)   over  murder  charges,  and  Thaksin  Shinawatra   (former  of  Pheu  Thai  Party)  for  corruption   charges.  The  bill  was  rejected  by  the  Senate  of   Thailand  on  11  November  2013.  Suthep   Thaugsuban,  a  former  of  Democrat  MP,   continued  and  turned  towards  an  anti-­‐ government  agenda.    

Who?   On  the  surface,  there  is  a  clear  political  conflict   between  two  major  camps—the  ruling  Pheu   Thai  Party  on  one  side  and  the  opposition   Democrat  Party  on  the  other.  

What do  the  demonstrators  want?     Suthep  Thaugsuban  has  said  the  demonstrations   will  not  stop  until  Thaksin’s  regime  is  wiped  out.   The  government  also  maintains  that  it  will  hold   on  to  it’s  power.  So,  we  will  just  have  to  wait  and   see  how  everything  turns  out!      

Pheu Thai  Party  Logo    

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Sed nisl  sapien,  pulvinar  ut,  feugiat  nec,  porta   non,  odio.   Han  Jong  Won   Vestibulum  vehicula  elit  ut  dolor  accumsan  dapibus.     Fast  Facts   -­‐  World’s  most  widely  viewed  sporting  event     -­‐  Takes  place  every  4  years!   -­‐  Held  by  FIFA  (Federation  Internationale  de   Football  Association)   -­‐  Games  in  the  2014  World  Cup  will  be  played  in   twelve  Brazilian  cities:  Belo  Horizonte,  Brasilia,   Cuiaba,  Curitiba,  Fortaleza,  Manaus,  Natal,  Porto   Alegre,  Recife,  Rio  de  Janeiro,  Salvador,  Sao   Paulo   -­‐  32  teams  from  all  over  the  world  participate      

Fun Facts   -­‐  3.2  billion  people  worldwide  watched  the  2010   World  Cup  -­‐  46.4  percent  of  the  world!   -­‐  Brazil  was  won  more  championships  (5),  scored   more  goals  (210)  and  won  more  games  (67)  than   any  other  team  since  1930   -­‐  The  first  world  cup  was  held  in  1930  in  Uruguay   -­‐  The  Goal  line  technology  will  first  be   implemented     -­‐  Only  seven  nations  have  won  the  World  Cup;   Brazil,  Italy,  West  Germany,  Argentina,  Uruguay,   England  and  France.    

Things to  Look  Out  For   1)  The  Battle  between  Gods  (Ronaldo  and  Messi):   These  two  names  undeniably  appear  on  the  front   pages  of  magazines  and  the  news  week  in  week   out.  After  Ronaldo  received  the  Ballon  d’or  and   the  title  of  World’s  Best  Player,  it  would  be   interesting  to  see  who  will  come  out  on  top  of   the  other  in  the  stage  of  the  world’s  32  best   teams.  


2) The  Rise  of  the  New  Powers  (Columbia,  Belgium,   Argentina,  Portugal)    

3) Will  Brazil  Successfully  Host  the  World   Cup?  

Despite claims  that  either  Spain,  Germany,  or  Brazil   will  win  the  World  Cup,  there  are  several  other   countries  like  Columbia,  Belgium,  Argentina,  and   Portugal  with  their  superstar-­‐studded  squads  and   new  generation  of  talents.  It  will  be  one  thing  to  look   out  for  the  players,  another  thing  to  look  out  for  the   countries  to  compete!  

There has  been  many  doubts  about  whether   the  12  stadiums  Brazil  promised  to  build  will   be  successfully  constructed  with  all  the   troubles  from  workers  dying,  low  wages,  and   anti-­‐government  protest.  We  will  have  to   wait  and  see  how  Brazil  will  do  in  the   remaining  four  months  to  host  the  World’s   largest  sport  event  that  will  draw  millions   from  all  around  the  world.  



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