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The HOWL Volume 1, Issue 2

December 2013

Thai-Chinese International School 4

“The particular thing that

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makes senior year such a rollercoaster ride is none other than college applications… surprise!”


Ø SnapSanp Chinese Karaoke – 4

“This year in TCIS, Nick (12) had introduced the Paper Rangers club, which deals with reusing used A4 paper and turning them into new hand-made A5-sized notebooks.”

Ø Power Up (Vol.1) – 2

Ø A Guide to Surviving College Application – 5 Ø Spirit Week – 6 Ø ServICE – 8

Ø Paper Rangers – 9 Ø Blood Types & Your Personality – 11 Ø Gamers’ Zone – 13 Ø Travel – 14 Ø After the Storm - 16 Ø Special Guest’s Reflection - 18

Power Up (Vol. 1)


The Howl - December Issue


The Howl - December Issue







The Howl - December Issue

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A Guide to Surviving College Application Wendy Lee

“Senior year will be the craziest year of your high school life.” It’s been only four months since school started, but a universal truth holds true: senior year will be the craziest year of your high school life. You’ll find yourself trying new things, joining new clubs, hanging out with new friends, re-establishing connections with old friends, and just basically trying to cram every possible high school experience into your “last” year. However, the particular escapade that makes senior year such a rollercoaster ride is none other than college applications…surprise! As a senior who is currently struggling to finish all her applications on time, I want to prepare you a bit for all that is to come. So, here is some of my personal advice that will hopefully be of good use to all the future seniors out there: 5

1) Read constantly. 4) Get personal with college Reading helps with SAT, essays. Anyone can write TOEFL, IELTS and other about overcoming standardized tests. It also hardships, but the exact expands a person’s insight type of hardship, the into the world, and that method used to tackle the really helps with the problem, and the lessons formation of ideas when learned from the writing college essays. experience are personal. 2) Start early. Don’t try to create a perfect This cannot be stressed persona. Use your own this enough. Start voice and tell your own researching prospective story. The essays become majors, if not that, then much easier to write, and prospective universities. colleges appreciate that One’s decisions will change more. through time, but research Take breaks, but stay on will help narrow down the task. When I get stuck, it search. Look for helps to stop and take a scholarship opportunities. step back. Listen to some Talk to parents about the good music, watch some plans. Watch for deadlines. funny youtube videos, or Be prepared. just take a second to 3) Don’t take classes that breathe. Then go back to are too hard. Colleges work. This whole process is love seeing students really stressful, but many challenge themselves, but people managed to do it, so it is not good to dive into a remember, you can too! difficult class just to watch your grades drop. This advice is not a discouragement from taking hard courses, but a reminder that decent grades should come alongside challenging courses. The Howl - December Issue


Spirit Week

Kitty Chen

November 25th -29th was the annual Spirit Week in TCIS. Spirit Week is a week full of high spirits, energy, and cheerfulness. It is not only a competition between each grade, but also showing our unity and cooperation as a whole. Everyone was so excited to show what each has got. Monday- Farm Day! Seniors started with Old Macdonald introducing the farm, and a shepherd dog leading the dance for the farm animals. Juniors followed with a ranch including varieties of animals and vegetables, scarecrow, and farmers coming out in groups to dance. Sophomores had a story line showing how agriculture is replaced by infrastructures. Freshmen ended with a chicken dance, and sheep dance...

“It is not only a competition between each grade, but also showing our unity and cooperation as a whole”

Tuesday: Subject Day! Juniors had a class full of talented musicians, cheering team, and a vocal singing “Titanium” by David Guetta ft. Sia. Sophomores had a tour around the museum. The timeline extended from Ancient Egypt time until the first man who ever stepped on the moon. Freshmen performed the history of human, from ancient primitive people to modern world of technology. Seniors had a sport day with soccer, basketball, baseball, badminton, yoga, lifting, and running in P.E. class.



The Howl - December Issue

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Wednesday: Video Game Day! Sophomores began with a patient who enjoys himself in Video Games. There were Street Fighters, Mario Kart Race, and Dragon Age. Freshmen had a Pokémon fashion show. Seniors had Super Mario Bros princess rescue game, Street Fighters, Pokémon, and Pac Man. Juniors ended with the game over of Plants vs. Zombie game.

Welcome, welcome, welcome! Happy Spirit Week


Thursday: Country Day! Freshmen waved British flags as the nation anthem played, with Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William, Princess Kate, and soldiers marching. Followed by celebrities: Spice Girls, The Beatles, and One direction. Seniors had a Thai celebration with cultural representation, including Thai military, dance, boxing, harvesting festival, students, and last waving Thai flags. Juniors cheered lively for the country of South Africa, and danced a tribal-esque dance to Waka Waka. Sophomores had a luxurious and humorous Bollywood dance.

Friday: Season Day! Seniors and Freshmen’s performance is full with the atmosphere of Christmas holiday. They decorated a Christmas tree, Santa Claus delivered presents, and people cuddled together at the campfire burning marshmallows. They danced and sang Joy to the World, Jingle Bells and Last Christmas. They also, threw snowballs, and danced with Christmas elves and Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. Juniors and Sophomores had four seasonal performances. In spring, it is a new beginning. A couple met by an accident bump and fell in love. In summer, the couple went to relax at the beach and enjoyed the bright sun. The couple started to have conflicts, and they each got a new partner in autumn while celebrating Thanksgiving. In winter, the couple saw each other in the snow and they decided to get together again. Lastly, everyone had fun celebrating Christmas!

The Howl - December Issue

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ServICE The Regent’s Pattaya School

Owen Wu Bangkok’s third annual ServICE conference hosted at the Regent’s School Pattaya from November 29th to December 1st was a major success! Students from various international schools from all over Bangkok and other parts of the world got inspired about making social or environmental changes in their local community. Differing from last year’s ServICE conference hosted at TCIS, this year’s conference invited two schools from outside of Thailand: The British School Shanghai and The British School Warsaw. Service? ServICE? What’s ServICE? ServICE is pronounced as “Serv-ice”, the capitalized ICE meaning inspire, connect, and empower. ServICE conference’s main objective is to gather passionate students all over Bangkok and Pattaya to exchange, meet, and influence each other on what their school is working regards to making social or environmental changes. Who founded ServICE? Although ServICE is founded by international school teachers (Mr. Jalal is 8

one of them!), each ServICE conference is run solely by students of the hosting school. What’s ServICE like? Is it fun? What do you guys do? ServICE is more than just a gathering of passionate nerds, it is a gathering of members who want to make new friends and create connections in order to make new friends. Delegates of the conference make new friends and most importantly, have fun throughout the activities and sessions! Activities such as dodge ball for the Philippines relief and the student debate sessions have really pulled students together to create closer bonds. What’s ServICE for YOU? ServICE for me is a chance to make new friends and learn about how other schools have interesting programs running that we can learn from. I’ve learned about Christmas present programs run by Regents Pattaya by giving poor orphans Christmas presents, NIST’s sustainable and student-based rooftop

garden that creates produce for sale and for the school cafeteria, and so much more! This is my third ServICE conference and I have to say that the community service and sessions are tiring but are so worth it once you’ve made new friends from other schools. ServICE offers students the chance/opportunity to gather together without competition as the main objective, creating a comfortable and warm atmosphere for all delegates to come together.

“What is ServICE? ServICE is pronounced as “Serv-ice”, the capitalized ICE meaning inspire, connect, and empower” The Howl - December Issue

Owen and his friends planting sunflower seeds.

Pund focusing in session activities.

Mr. Jalal is sharing his wisdom and view points about making changes for a better world.

"I will dominate the dodge ball court!" - Nick Cheng 9

"Man, I better think of a good rebuttal, I will win this debate!" - Joe The Howl - December Issue

Paper Rangers Pat Karnsakultorn

Paper kills trees; though true, is actually a huge understatement. In the process of producing just a ton of paper, ninety-eight tones of other resources are used. A ton of paper produced equates to seventeen five-year old eucalyptus trees, 20 cubic meters of water, 300 liters of oil and 1,000 kilowatts of water per hour. On top of that, toxic chemicals such as chlorine are being released into the environment. This year in TCIS, Nick (12) introduced the Paper Rangers club; which deals with reusing used A4 paper and “In the process of turning them into new hand-made A5-sized notebooks. The producing just a ton of notebooks will then be delivered to children in need for paper, ninety-eight tons of educational use, or sold for profits that will then be other recourses are used� donated towards charity. A typical school uses an average of 2,000 sheets of paper a day, which adds up to 360,000 each year. Besides, a lot of worksheets and printouts are only used for one side, then thrown away. All we need to do to eliminate the waste is to create a channel to get rid of those papers, and that was what we did. Starting this year, the Paper Rangers group have collected and gathered papers from teachers in all grade levels, students, and from home which would very likely go to waste. These handmade notebooks are very easy to make, using only simple, everyday materials, and requires a minimal amount of skills. Strings, needles, hardcover paper, a hammer and a board are only the materials you will need to buy, nevertheless, these materials are not costly. Each notebook is hand sewn, Japanese style, which ensures that no pages will fall apart. Furthermore, because the papers are folded into A5, the notebook doesn't look like it’s made from reused paper at all. The procedures in making the notebooks are certainly very simple, and the people in the group are all [Continued] very willing to help and teach. 10

The Howl - December Issue

Since started, the Paper Rangers group was able to make 120 booklets by September this year. Those notebooks were then sold during the Halloween Carnival for 20 baht each to raise money for the needy children. Most of the notebooks, around a hundred of them, were sold out in a few hours. Now, the group has started making more notebooks again. But instead of selling it, the notebooks will be donated to schools that lack these educational resources.

Ways to help

Donate paper to us; though we only use one-sided blank paper for our notebooks, we also collect two-sided used paper for other projects. Collect paper from home, other students and friends, or even your community. Get other people to come help, inspire them! Come help out. The Paper Rangers group meet up every Wednesday at Mr. Jalal’s room at 3:30 till 4:30PM, and you’re more than welcomed to join.

A typical school uses an average of 2,000 sheets of paper a day, which adds up to 360,000 each year.

If you’re interested in helping out or have any questions, feel free to contact Nick or me(Pat). 11

The Howl - December Issue

Blood Types & Your Personality (Warning: These are just from Japanese beliefs so read it with your own consideration!) Type A: You are serious, patient, calm, and cool. You have a reasonable character, can be relied on and trusted on but sometime, you are a stubborn. You are a 100% perfectionist who plans everything out! You actually try to be fair and find the best solution for any situation. If someone does not share the same opinion with yours, you are tended to keep away from that person. You are the best at keeping yours own emotions and thoughts to yourself, but you will share it when you are comfortable. You are the most compatible with Type A or AB lover. Common career choices for this group are accountant, librarian, economist, writer, computer programmer, and gossip columnist.


Type B: You are a easygoing, creative, subjective, original, and flexible person. You are curious and you want to know about everything. When you have a passion for something, you will focus only to make it the best but sometime, you will even neglect other tasks in order to focus only on what you want to. Therefore, you have a hard time multi-tasking. Also, you can easily get frustrated and grow annoyed if things do not go the way you want them to go. Outgoing and very charming, you are good at reading people and giving support. You often create your own path in life and stay as an optimist. Lovewise, you are suitable with a Type B or AB lovers. Common careers choices are cook, hairdresser, military leader, talk show host, and journalist.


[Continued] 12

The Howl - December Issue

Type O: You are responsible, decisive, organized, objective, rule-conscious, and practical. You are a detailed and fact-oriented person, who will usually do good in history class. You are like a social butterfly who is popular and has a lot of self-confidence. You are always the center of attention because you make good impressions on people. Organized and determined, your stubbornness will help you reach your goals. On the love side, you will be the most suitable with a Type O or AB lover. Common career choices are banker, politician, gambler, minister, investment broker, and pro athlete.




Type AB: You are usually gentle and emotionally sensitive. When dealing with people, you are very empathetic and careful.You can easily become lost in thought. Sometime, it seems like you have two personalities and you will keep your true self hidden from strangers. Even though you have many friends, you still need time alone. You are kind of like a combination between Type A and B traits. You are shy and outgoing, but you are also hesitant and confident. You do not like to be keep inside a certain “box�, you want to express yourself and you will. Good thing can find your lover with any blood type. Common career choices are bartender, lawyer, teacher, sales representative, and social worker.

The Howl - December Issue

Gamers’ Zone

Have you ever played a video game that made you feel you could have came up with something better? Have you ever wanted to develop your very own video game, market it, and read the reviews the critics have written? If you answered yes on either questions, then “Game Dev Tycoon” is the game for you.

Dino KijKul

Some background information of this individual title > Developed by Greenheart Games founded in July 2012 by the brothers Patrick and Daniel Klug.

An avid reader and gamer, Dino has a deep love for storytelling through writing, film, animation, and video games. There is hardly a game in the world that hasn’t been under his radar.

The Review: “Game Dev Tycoon” may be one of a kind, a “game development” simulator, but it is still a game designed specifically for people to have an enjoyable and realistic experience. When you play, you’re supposed feel in control of your own company and the games you develop. What the reviewers say, naturally, is up to the reviewers and critics.

The Concept: Once you start a new game, you plunge right into the role of a normal guy or girl who decides to start his/her very own game development company right at the beginning of the PC revolution. With nothing else other than a “meagre” budget of 70K, your parent’s basement as an office, and your own skills and ambition, you begin to build your dream company from the ground up by creating bestselling games, gaining fans, and becoming the leader of the video game industry.

In terms of gameplay, “Game Dev Tycoon” is extremely easy to pick up without any prior knowledge of the genre. The game starts up with a very easy-to-understand tutorial, and continues to introduce new concepts as they come up, creating a simple yet challenging experience for the player. The core gameplay involves making decisions on what to do, such as deciding to create a new game. Once you decide to create a new game, further decisions open up to you such as deciding which aspect of the game to focus on like “dialogues”, “graphics”, and “level design” among many others. You can also research things that will improve your development skills such as game genres and game engines. Graphics wise, this game has very simple, yet attractive graphics that oddly enough reminds me of Apple products with its curves and friendly user interface.

I’ve personally invested quite some time into this game, and I have no regrets. I enjoyed every single moment. The game constantly has “industry news” that affects your decision and keeps the game interesting. I was delighted when I finished my first game and the reviews were average. I was just happy that the critics didn’t hate it. All the components of the game combines to form a delightful piece of software that will entertain and delight anyone who is willing to invest time into it. I recommended this game to some of my friends recently, and since then, all of them have been addicted to the game. The following quotes come from me asking them what they felt about the game: "The feeling I got when I made my first million dollars from the game I personally developed was extraordinary." - Nicky 12C “This game is awesome. I even played it in class today when I was supposed to be working.” - Jay 12B 14

The Howl - December Issue

Travel Hans Han

1) 1) Derawan Islands, Indonesia 2) “Every traveler dreams about getting lost and finding the perfect spot somewhere off the beaten track.” - Beata Ulman, Redhill, Surrey, UK The Derawan Islands are a group of islands located in Indonesia that offer an extraordinary amalgam of culture and nature. You can spot the sunrise on stilt-house balconies, and then can hang out with hundreds of turtles in the crystalclean water around the reefs surrounding the islands. When you get bored of the reefs and turtles you can swing to the nearby manta ray spot or swim with stingless jellyfish.

Well, that was fast! 2013 is quickly coming to an end and personally, it was both a good and bad year. A little bit boring too, but I got to know more about some people and I am thankful after all. You should give yourself a pat on the back for surviving this year, and be ready for some new adventure! Ready for some new adventure and eye-shocking traveling for the upcoming year? Then this would be the just right article for you to spend some time on!

2) 2) Guyana “Jaguar still roam the rain forest, and the unearthly cries of troupes of howler monkeys echo through the trees. The Giant River Otter, the Black Caiman, and the Arapaima (the largest freshwater fish in the world) swim in the rivers of the Rupununi. Flashes of scarlet, yellow and blue burst through the forest's intense green as macaws fly like arrows across a clearing in the canopy. Toucans, and the awesome Harpy Eagle, swoop through the trees, while the beautiful but elusive Guyana Cock-of-the-Rock lingers around the waters of Kaieteur Falls.” Wouldn’t it be amazing to be experiencing the described scene from above? Guyana would be just the right place for all the adventurers and eco-tourists looking for a touch of nature and glance of wilderness. “Discover the extraordinary wilderness of Guyana, and discover an experience never to be forgotten at Guyana.” [Continued] 15

The Howl - December Issue


3) Cacao Trail, Ecuador Wouldn’t it be just great to wake up in the morning and smell or taste chocolate right away? Well, you could have that great experience in Ecuador! Cacao, the main ingredients of making chocolate, was thought to come from the Maya, but recent archaeological discoveries have found traces of processed Cacao in Ecuador before the Mayan civilization.

You can roast cocoa beans and explore the vast area full of biodiversity hotspots with more than 25,000 plant species, nearly 1,600 bird species, and approximately 340 mammal species. Ecuador would be the perfect destination of those seeking for the mix-and-match of freshening your taste buds and eyes!

4) 4) Brazil Which place on earth would be better to visit on earth than the land of Samba with the world’s largest sports event? The top destination of 2014 voted by travelers around the world was Brazil with more than 20 places picked not to miss before dying, and the 2014 World Cup. Brazil offers a great harmony between the bewildering nature with the Amazon and Iguaçu Falls along with exciting cities like Rio and Sao Paulo. 16

The Howl - December Issue

After the Storm Julie Chankow Near the convergent boundary between the Eurasian Plate and the Pacific Plate is an archipelago called the Philippines, a country of 7,100 islands. For centuries, the islands have been battered by typhoons averaging 270 typhoons per year, a price it pays for having the mighty Pacific Ocean as it neighbor. Filipinos have learned to live with the formidable forces of nature – earthquakes and volcanic eruptions because it lies on the largest and most active earthquake zone; tidal waves and typhoons. So when typhoon signal number 2 was hoisted over Central Visayas and northern Mindanao and rain started signaling the approaching Typhoon Yolanda, many Filipinos just went about their daily routine. Typhoon Yolanda also internationally known as Haiyan hit the central islands early on November 7, 2013 carrying sustained winds at 314 km/h with gustiness at 378 km/h. What took everyone by surprise was the large amount of ocean water that surged towards the islands wiping out everything along its path. The central islands of Leyte and Samar and Camotes Island, north of Cebu were devastated. Houses and infrastructure disappeared, many lives were lost and thousands became homeless.

“Filipinos have the spirit of Bayanihan (Working Together) and resiliency like the bamboo – they can bend with the wind but they will never break!”

What is a typhoon? A hurricane is a large rotating tropical weather system that has a wind speed of at least 120 km/h.* Hurricanes are called typhoons in the western Pacific regions. Those that are formed over the Indian Ocean are called cyclones. Hurricanes are formed over warm waters in the tropical regions between 5o to 20o north latitude and between 5o and 20o south latitude that receive more sunlight and therefore have warmer waters. When winds traveling in two different directions meet and start to spin, a hurricane is born. It is fueled through contact with warm ocean water and moisture is added to the warm air as water evaporates from the ocean. As the warm air carrying moisture rises, the water vapor condenses releasing a large amount of energy. The hurricane can continue to grow as long as it is over its source of warm moist air and when it moves over the colder land it will begin to lose its energy. Hurricanes or typhoons formed in the northern hemisphere turns counterclockwise while those formed in the southern hemisphere turns clockwise. Typhoon Yolanda or Haiyan was turning counterclockwise. The strength and gustiness of typhoon Yolanda have led some scientists to blame global warming as the cause since warmer air has more capacity to hold water. Could this be the reason of the ocean surge? This is still a puzzle that needs to be sorted out. In the meantime, Filipinos are rising above the rubbles, their battle cry “Tindog Tacloban!” – “Rise Tacloban!” Rise, they will for Filipinos have the spirit of Bayanihan (Working Together) and resiliency like the bamboo – they can bend with the wind but they will never break! 17

The Howl - December Issue

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You begin to look for weekends grading all that colleges, trying to figure out work. It’s not fun for what you’re going to be the us! You’re fortunate to have rest of your life. Yet, what I many amazing teachers at always loved about TCIS was TCIS…they are equipping that, despite all these you for life. challenges, my sweet I remember students always brightened Thailand. A country I love so my day with a smile. Share much, and one that I will them freely! return to again. I remember I also remember my the beautiful beaches, the colleagues…my fellow action of Bangkok on a teachers. At TCIS, you are Saturday night, the kindness fortunate to have some of the Buddhist culture, the passionate educators, who WAY over-spiced food, and genuinely want you to the year-round hot “Time marches on, succeed in college and in weather. As I scrape the ice and marches quicker life. While it sometimes off my car’s windshield in the as you age” seems like teachers take joy morning, I think of in assigning homework, they Thailand. As I wear three give you this work because layers of clothing, plus hat It’s hard to believe that it they know the challenges you and gloves, I think of has been nearly six months since will be facing…in the next Thailand. When I see the I left TCIS to return to the grade, in college, and in your grumpy faces of my coUS. Time marches on, and workers, or see the attitudemarches quicker as you age. Still, adult lives. I find myself blessed with many “Believe it or not, the teachers who give you the most fond memories of my time at work are actually the ones who care about you the TCIS. most” What I remember most are the sweet smiles of my wonderful students every day. I was so lucky to be surrounded by such great kids every day, and watch them become adults in front of my disbelieving eyes. Teachers know teenagers go through a LOT in high school….don’t forget that we were all teenagers once (even though it has been decades for some of us). In addition to mountains of homework, you are going through physical, mental, and emotional changes daily. You experience your first love and your first heartbreak. You gain and lose friends.

I remember the groans as I would give out a large assignment, or announce due dates for papers. I remember the panic students would feel the night before the assignment was due (as evidenced by the frantic Facebook messages I would receive). I remember seeing your hand cramps the day journals were due. Believe it or not, the teachers who give you the most work are actually the ones who care about you the most. Remember, we have to spend our nights and

challenged teenagers in the local mall, I think of Thailand. You are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful country with kind people and a relaxed maipen-rai attitude. Enjoy it…every day of it. I wish you all the greatest of lives, filled with love, happiness, and success.

Ted Persinger

The Howl December Issue  
The Howl December Issue  

TCIS News Magazine. December Issue 2013