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My name is Wendy Kassandra Valencia Palate , I live in Ambato ,I studied in Technical University of Ambato , I study business administration , my mother is Hilda Palate, my father is Eduardo Valencia, I have one brother his name is Joshua Valencia my family is very small.

Then I 'll tell you about This was with my two friends Liliana

my favorite experience . and Cesar

My favorite experience was more or less two years ago , this was when we went off to the city to visit a friend who was in the hospital , but as we left with plenty of time and arrived at nine o'clock of Quito the city.

My friends and I started walking around the city as the hospital visits began at two in the afternoon, while it was time to visit us went to a city park , the park was very nice because in this had such a large lake that we could ride in small boats was all very cute we took photos enjoying the beautiful landscape that could be observed.

We started to compete with another boat which was run by a couple in love , even when we saw that we were approaching a small waterfall was beautiful but we had to go under it or a space that was empty , but we could not make us any of the two sides could not control the boat and ended up very wet but we, we did not expect to finish wet , let alone in a city different from ours.

Everyone who was in the park looking at us and laughing was very embarrassing, after all what happened , we left the lake were very wet but we looked at the face and we laughed a lot , after that seek a secluded spot in the park to sit back in the sun and dry off because we had no other clothes, spent lying in the sun for three hours for our clothes to dry a little, and after all we went to insurance hospital to visit our friend and return to the city at night.

This was the funniest

experience of my life so far

Wendy _valencia_ fe  
Wendy _valencia_ fe