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WENDY CORBETT / TONI HARGREAVES Available Original Paintings

EXHIBITION OF ORIGINAL WORK BY TONI HARGREAVES AND WENDY CORBETT I have put off doing this for so long, but it now nearly a year since Toni passed away. I feel it is time that the remaining work should be where it can be seen and enjoyed by the collectors and people who loved both her and her work I also have quite a collection of my own work so I have reduced the prices hugely as I have recently downsized and I need the space. The exhibition of Toni’s and my work will be on Sunday 25th and Monday 26th August 10am-4pm at Aspden Fold Farm, Nabs Head Lane Samlesbury Preston PR5 0UQ If you are unable to make it to the exhibition and are interested in purchasing any of the work please contact me using the details on the last page I also have a collection of Toni's original illustrations which are too numerous to catalogue. They will be available to view and purchase at the exhibition as will a small collection of prints

The Animal Art of Toni Hargreaves

“available originals�

I have copied the following pages from Toni’s last catalogue. They are her words something she was so good at.


Innocence of Moo’th I do like the way that beef calves in particular never quite look like they have the correct size body - almost as though they collected the wrong one from the dry cleaners! They always seem to have a childlike wonder in what’s around them such as the look this Limousin calf gave me when I was taking a short cut through his field. £395

Sweet Fanny Adams I spent some time with a herd of jersey cows as this young lady wanted to be photographed but wouldn’t quite cooperate fully with the process but I still wanted to paint her. She was probably at the bovine teenage age and just showing a bit of attitude but it was all bravado and she wasn’t really a trouble maker she just looks too kind in the eye which I hope I’ve been able to portray here. £300 Framed

Innocence of Moo’th (Above) Oil on box canvas. 30” x 30” u/f Sweet Fanny Adams (Below) Oil on deep box canvas. Float Framed 18” x 18”

HEEHAW Oil on deep box canvas and float framed in a chunky contemporary frame. Canvas Size 30” x 20” Framed Size 34.5” x 24.5” A while ago I was driving through Cornwall on a sunny day and I noticed a few gorgeous donkeys in a field next to a barn. The owners were with them and said they were all rescue donkeys and as they could see I was smitten so they invited me in to have a closer look and they were so beautiful and enjoying their new life. £395


curiosity A small oil depicting a pair of Derbyshire Gritstone lambs from the pet flock owned by my cousin. Presented unframed Canvas size 10” x 14” £95 Unframed

moo west Another from one of the magnificent show animals exhibiting at The Royal Welsh Show. Oil on canvas and float framed in a matte black frame with a white slip Canvas Size 12” x 12” Framed Size 17” x 17” £125 Framed


Current Available Work WENDY CORBETT

The View From Here Original Mixed Media Framed Size 17.5” x 19.5” Price £50

Waterhead Sunset

Framed Original Pastel

Frame Size 16.75” x 23”

Price £50

Small Oil Studies Image Size 7.5” x 5.5” Price £7.50 each or £5 each for two or more

Secret Garden

Image Size 12” x 9”

Price £20

Where is it Grandad? Image Size 10” x 7”

Price £10

Small Oil Studies Image Size 6” x 9” Price £5 each

Small Oil Studies Price £5 each

Image size 6” x10”

Image size 6” x 8”

Image size 5” x 10”

Image size 6” x 8”

Many Hands Original Pastel Framed Size 10.5” x 12.5” Price £20

Childhood Memories Original Oil Image Size 10” x 8” Price £10

Like Father Like Son Original Pastel Image Size 7.5” x 10” Price £5

Winter Wonderland Original Oil Image Size 6” x 8” Price £7.50

Reflections, Embleton Bay Original Pastel Image Size 15” x 23” Price £20

Lost in Thought Original Charcoal Image Size 13” x 16” Price £25


Original Pastel

Image Size 7.5” x 13”



Original Pastel

Image Size 8” x 10”

Price £7.50

Waiting For the Tide

Original Mixed Media

Image Size 17.5” x 13.5”

Price £20

Storm Chasers Framed Size 31.5” x 31.5”

New Beginnings Framed Size 17” x 20”

Original Pastel Price £50

Original Pastel Price £20


Original Charcoal

Framed Size 17” x 15”


Price £25

Original Pastel

Framed Size 14.5” x 22.5”

Price £25


Original Pastel

Framed Size 15” x 24”

Waterhead Framed Size 15” x 30”

Price £30

Original Pastel Price £30

Flying High Framed Size 20” x 26”

Original Pastel Price £40

I recently returned to studying the human form from life, my work evolved from this to encompass a fluidity of movement. I am keen to explore a looser style which relies on the composition and flow for impact. The ballet and sporting themed images came from this.

Carmen Oil on Board Image Size 15” x 20” Price £15

Emergence Oil on Board Image Size 16” x 16” Price £15

Jeté Oil on Board Image Size 18” x 18” Price £15

Ethereal Oil on Board Image Size 18” x 18” Price £15

La Sylphide Oil on Board Image Size 18” x 18” Price £15

Oberon This particular Oberon is from the Royal Birmingham Ballets production of The Dream Oil on Board Image Size 18” x 18” Price £15

Pas Seul Oil on Board Image Size 18” x 18” Price £15

Transition Oil on Board Image Size 18” x 18” Price £15

Poetry In Motion Framed Oil on Board Image Size 16” x 16” Price £25

Momentum This was one of a series inspired by London 2012. I was, like many others, caught up in the atmosphere and the success of our athletes. Oil on Board Image Size 18” x 18” Price £15

Suspended Animation Oil on Board Image Size 16” x 16” Price £15

Vanquished Framed Oil on Board Image Size 16” x 16” Price £25

BALLET STUDIES I did these in preparation for the larger works in oil. They are white pastel pencil on black MiTientes paper. All are 9” x 11” Price £7.50


If you are interested in a particular painting then in the first instance, please e mail or call using the contact information below to check that it is still available. Prices shown do not include P&P, please contact me for a delivery price Originals Framed pieces are supplied ready to hang. If you would like more information on the frame description then more detail is available on request. All originals come with a certificate of authenticity. Delivery This will be arranged with you for your convenience and can be delivered to a home or work address. Larger glazed pictures would be delivered by me personally. Payment I can accept payment using cheques, direct transfer or Pay Pal if paying by card. If it’s a personal delivery then you can use good old fashioned cash!!

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