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Strawberry Yoghurt Ice Cream


What Do We Mean By Exotic Plants


How To Look After Your Feet


Woodlands Park Bowling Club

Win Tickets For The Solihull Summerfest 2022

And much, much more .. • • JUNE/JULY 2022 Your Local, Independent Community Magazine | ISSUE 186


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OAKVILLE FLOORING Op e n F or B usiness

Please Call Us On 0121 471 2444

We are a family run independent flooring company who offer a wide array of services; domestic carpets and vinyls, commercial flooring, wood, laminate, curtains and blinds, lamps and much more!

(We stock a large selection of British made carpets)

Come in and see us at Oakville Flooring, the one stop shop for all your flooring, curtains and blinds! Pop in to see our extensive range of luxury vinyl tiles, Karndean, Amtico, Polyflor and Brampton Chase. We offer a bespoke design service. Tel: 0121 471 2444 Mob: 07790 256228 Email: 11 Raddlebarn Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham B29 6HJ 3

Never Just One Job

June / July 2022

PAGES Baking

Strawberry Yoghurt Ice


What Do We


How To Look


Mean By Exotic


After Your Feet

Win Tick ets The Soli For Summer hull fest 2022


Woodlands Park Bowling And much, much


more ..

Your Local, Independ

ent Commun ity Magazine

| ISSUE 186 •

• JUNE/JULY 2022

In a brief lull in my working-fromhome day, I went into the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea (and – let’s be honest – to open and close a few cupboards and the fridge looking for something interesting to eat. My search was – quite literally – fruitless). Sigh. The clean dishes need putt tting t away. I pile a bowl on top of some others knowing the cupboard could do with a sort rtt out, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa crashes down to the kitchen floor, breaking said bowl and another besides. OK, fetch the dustpan and brush, sweep it all up. While I’m down there I notice the cupboard doors are lookingg a bit grubbyy so let’s give those a clean. Tip the dustpan into the kitchen bin which really needs emptying…


It’s never just one job, is it?


This is the life of anyone quoting for all but the simplest work in your home. What the householder thinks they are asking for is a job which is straightforward and will only take a couple of days; what the tradesperson knows they’ll get is ‘while you are there’ and ‘I’ve changed my mind’.


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10th June 2022




How To Look


How To Look After Your Feet


Afte err Your Feet

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Barbeque Steak With Chimichurri Making Positive Mental Space For



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d much, much


Magazine | ISSUE 185 • MAY/JUNE


mo ore re ..

Local, Independen nt Community

And much, much more .. Your Local, Independent Community

And one final tip for you. Inflation means prices are going up. The longer you leave it to make that call, the more it’ll cost you so the sooner the better.

Wendy Advertise In Your Local Magazines And Reach Thousands Of Local Homes Every Month!

Strawberry Yogh urt Ice Cream

Strawberry Yoghurt Ice Cream


The reason you are given an estimate is because they don’t know what else you’ll ask of them along the way, and the cheapest quote which appears to be a bargain might have every extra and amend charged for, so do qualify that before you go ahead.

2022 ines co uk 0121 475 5987 @pagesmagazines

Magazine | ISSUE

185 • • MAY/JUNE


7000 Copies Distributed Every Month to Northfield, Bartley Green, Selly Oak, Selly Park, West Heath, Kings Norton, Cofton Hackett and Rubery. Prices start from only £30 per month and can help you attract more local customers for your business. If you are a member of a local community association or group, and you would like to be listed on the Community Pages, just ring or email me on the contact details opposite.

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Artisan food and drink

Arts and crafts

SAT 14 MAY & 12 June 10AM -3pm

Village B15 3AU Greenfield Crescent, Edgbaston ded For location see - www.what3wo

Come and join us at Birmingham’s largest Artisan Market Along Greenfield Crescent, in the heart of Edgbaston Village, join us at our popular Edgbaston Village artisan market. With 60 stalls, on offer will be a fantastic range of artisan food and drink, handmade arts and crafts, in addition to ‘Farmers Market’ stalls selling cheeses, bread, bakery and butchers produce, fruit and vegetables. For further details visit Why not make a day of it? Edgbaston Village has a host of award-winning places to eat, drink and relax, as well as a range of home interest stores and niche shops. To find out more visit



Our feet are our first point of contact with the world, and yet too often we cram them into ill-fitting shoes and leave them until last when it comes to self-care. From athlete’s foot to ingrown toenails, there are a variety of issues that can crop up as a result of poor foot care. So, what can you do to – literally – put your best foot forward, and how can you resolve any issues should they arise? Prevention is better than cure, so the best place to start is with your choice of shoe. A good pair of shoes should support and protect your feet, and allow natural movement when walking. Look for breathable fabrics, roomy toe-boxes, cushioned soles and low heels. Although wearing high heels once in a while won’t do much harm, long-term use has been linked to ingrown toenails and even arthritis. Once you’re wearing the right shoes, keeping your feet in good condition should be fairly straightforward. Applying a moisturiser or foot cream daily will help prevent cracking, and using a pumice stone or foot file will tackle any hard skin that often appears around the heels. It’s also important to check your feet regularly for cuts, sores, redness or swelling – especially if you’re diabetic. This is because raised blood sugar levels can often lead to a reduction in blood supply to your feet, which means that cuts and sores may take a while to heal.

Athlete’s foot is another common foot problem, caused by walking barefoot in communal spaces such as gyms, showers or swimming pools. This fungal infection usually starts between the toes, causes significant discomfort, itching and pain, and can even spread beyond the feet if not treated. Over-the-counter fungal creams are the best solution, but it’s also important to keep your feet clean and dry in-between treatments. Some foot ailments can be slightly more bothersome, however. Ledderhose disease is a rare condition that causes connective tissue to build up and create hard lumps on the soles of the feet. The growths aren’t cancerous but they can cause pain, especially when walking. Home remedies include wearing soft shoe inserts, stretching, massages and anti-inflammatory drugs, but doctors might also recommend surgery in more serious cases. Although chiropody becomes more important as we age, taking good care of our feet also gets harder as we lose flexibility. If you’re experiencing any aches, pains or symptoms in your feet, visit your local chiropodist who will be able to help diagnose any issues and advise next steps.

When it comes to foot care, toenail trimming is key. The trick here is little and often. Experts recommend trimming your nails every six to eight weeks, cutting them straight across using clean, sharp clippers. The best time is when you’re just out of the bath, but be careful not to cut them too short. Ingrown toenails are often the result of over-trimming, and besides being extremely painful, in extreme cases, may need an operation to resolve.


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● All plumbing alterations, improvements and installations. ● Central Heating repair, pump & radiator replacement. ● All electrical installations, re-wiring, showers, etc. ● Full bathroom fitment and expert tiling service. ● All estimates are free. ● Responsive, prompt & reliable. A quality and professional service Guaranteed.

Call Michael on :

0121 459 1916 or mob: 07817 220 762




for a fully fitted electric garage door.

Delivery People Needed To Deliver This Handy Local Magazine Every Month. Have You Got A Few Hours To Spare, And Like Walking ? Ring Wendy Now On:0121 475 5987 or Email:

Garolla garage doors are expertly made to measure in our own UK factories, they’re strong and solidly built. The electric Garolla door rolls up vertically, taking up only 8 inches inside your garage, maximising valuable space. Our expert local installers will fit your new door and they’ll take away the old one too, so there’s no mess.

Give us a call today and we’ll come and measure up FREE of charge.



0121 369 1127 MOBILE:

07537 149 128 *Offer valid for openings up to 2.4m wide & including 2 remote controls, 55mm white slats, internal manual override.


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WOODLANDS PARK BOWLING CLUB (access between 208-210 Northfield Road, B30 1ED 18 & 27 buses stop nearby)

Come And Join Our Fantastic Bowling Club! We have been established for over one hundred years, in idyllic surroundings provided by the wonderful benefactor George Cadbury, on the estate that Bournville Tenants Ltd. built on land leased from Bournville Village Trust. George was a great believer in open spaces, fresh air, exercise and outdoor sports such as bowls and other recreational pastimes, for their ability to keep his workers and residents happy and healthy and we are fortunate to enjoy the benefits of his philosophy to this day. We actually started life as a tennis club with an adjoining flat green bowling green, which was re-laid as a crown green in 1929, when the pavilion was built. The tennis club closed in 1996 due to falling membership and in 2000 the land was re-laid as a second crown green by Bournville Tenants Ltd. So we now have two bowling greens lying in a tranquil area between Northfield Road and Kingsley Road. You would not know the club was there until you walk down a secluded path and enter “a little oasis” cut off from the rest of the world! Many a visiting player has exclaimed that they’ve lived in the Bournville area for years and never known of its existence! Our greens are open from the end of March until late October and if you come along and give us a try, you will have the opportunity to play any afternoon with friendly experienced members, willing to help you learn


- with a nice cup of tea and a biscuit or piece of cake always on hand! If you decide to pursue bowling further as a pastime there are opportunities to play in knockout competitions within the club throughout the season, with a variety of trophies to be won; in friendly matches, both home and away, against other local clubs, and to join our competitive teams who play weekly in three local Leagues - South & West Birmingham Over 60s; Heart of England Over 60s and Yardley Wood Superleague (all ages) - at bowling greens across south Birmingham and surrounding areas, in matches against other teams. We also have various social activities, from an active walking group, to whist drives during the winter months, a skittles evening, an annual lunch at which the knockout trophies are presented, a Christmas meal, occasional outings, a cheese and wine evening now and again, or a fish and chip supper or buffet lunch. So ladies and gentlemen, whether you are looking for a new hobby or are already an experienced bowler, give us a try and be glad that you did! Contact: Rosemary Shutt, Secretary, on 0121 458 2547 Paul Everson, Treasurer, on 07825 354803 for further information.

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South Birmingham Pages Advertorial viewing suite, and they will take their leave or Many people are unsure about whether stay, as you desire. You they want to visit their loved ones after may also like friends and family to accompany death and often ask our advice about you, and providing they what to do. are alright with that, it There are no hard and fast rules about this. shouldn’t present a You may prefer to remember your loved one as they were in life, but if it is a question of not problem. knowing what to expect that’s making you It should also be possible for your loved one to reluctant, perhaps I can help allay some of be dressed in familiar clothes if that helps you your anxieties. feel more relaxed about seeing them. Or you may prefer to visit your loved one without The first thing to remember is the choice is entirely your own and certainly no professional actually wishing to see them, so perhaps a funeral director would try to influence you one photograph of them placed on the closed coffin lid would be the answer in that scenario. way or the other. However, understanding what the options might be can help in your Just remember, there is no right or wrong in decision making process, so if you are worried this, it’s your decision and you should do whatabout anything don’t be afraid to have the ever you’re comfortable with. Don’t be conversation with your funeral director. For pressured by family and friends; it’s a personal example, you might wish to visit your loved choice that belongs entirely to you. If you still one, but are anxious about having to do that have concerns, please feel free to call us and on your own. You should find that an we will be happy to talk it through with you. experienced member of the funeral directors’ Derek Case, team will always accompany you to a private Managing Director, Mortons Funeral Directors

Visiting A Departed Loved One


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We stock a large variety of PVC wall and ceiling panels, alongside a range of bathroom fixtures, including shower enclosures, bathroom furniture and flooring. We have a large range of exclusive panel designs, that are perfect for walls and ceilings. We believe in offering our customers high quality products at affordable prices to help them create their desired bathroom.

1476-1478 Pershore Road, Stirchley, B'ham. B30 2NT. The contact number is 0121 459 1455 Mobile 07757 653149


Liquidambar leaves and fruit

When we talk about exotic plants, it simply means those that are not native. Historically, here in the UK there has been a drive to promote the planting of native trees and shrubs, provided the provenance is known, because of the risks of pests and diseases. The danger is lower when growing seed that has been harvested from trees grown here. The young plants tend to be more resilient and they display a better ability to adapt. Imported seeds, plants and trees carry a risk of introducing alien pests and diseases into the UK, against which our native species have no natural defence. There is, however, a problem with the long-term biosecurity of our UK trees. Did you know there are now only around 30 truly native species, plus subspecies and hybrids that have naturalised themselves here? The term ‘native’ is generally defined as trees that established themselves in Britain around 10,000 years ago. This was the end of the last ice age, at a time when the English Channel was gradually forming. Plant hunters began collecting specimens from around the world during Roman times. The activity saw plants introduced into Britain and this gradually opened the window for pests and diseases too. The Ages of Discovery and Enlightenment saw more and more explorers setting off around the world and bringing back unusual plants, in addition to teas, food, spices and animals. Many of the living species ended up in private collections or in botanical gardens.


Acer tree foliage

This extended the range of plants within the UK, and we have come to love and admire many of these introduced species. The glorious Liquidambar, or sweet gum, for example, is native to Asia, parts of the Mediterranean and North America. Many acer trees originate not only from Japan but also from China and Korea. The tulip tree, Liriodendron tulipifera, hails from North America, and many of the flowering cherries originate from Japan, China and the USA. Even apple trees have an exotic history! The original ancestor of many modern apple cultivars can be linked back to an ancient apple: Malus sieversii. This wild apple is native to the mountains of Kazakhstan in Asia, where they can still be found today. It’s not surprising that UK trees have succumbed to many devastating problems. One of the first to be widely recognised was Dutch elm disease, which was said to have been accidentally imported from Canada in the late 1960s. It is thought to have killed over 30 million elms. Ash dieback was first reported around ten years ago and this disease is expected to kill up to 95 per cent of Fraxinus excelsior. In the last 30 years there have been more than 20 serious problems caused by imported pests and diseases. Many By Caroline Knight:

diseases are caused by fungus pathogens, such as Phythopthora ramorum, which is affecting larch trees, and Phythopthora pluvialis, which affects western hemlock, certain types of pine trees and the Douglas fir. The latter was originally found in Oregon in the USA. The Oak Processionary Moth, native to southern Europe, is now found in London and restrictions on movement of oak trees have recently been put in place by Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs). This raises a question about exotic plants. Should we avoid planting them, or welcome species that are not native? Many people believe that the tipping point has now been reached. UK species are declining so rapidly that we need to extend the range of plants. This means planting non-natives that will safeguard the future tree canopy of this green and pleasant island, especially now that we know the true value of trees in respect of tackling climate change. There is a lot to be said for strength in diversity. Planting exotic species together with natives will help to plan for the future, knowing that the

Local Tree Surgery

climate is changing. It is estimated that summer temperatures will rise by up to ten degrees centigrade by the end of the century. Extreme weather events, such as flooding, drought and high winds, are increasingly likely. UK wildlife generally prefers native species of tree and shrub, but looking to the future is now essential. Our woodlands, garden planting and the wider landscape requires future-proofing and cannot adapt fast enough without our help. The right plant in the right place, for both now and the future, has never been so important.

Liriodendron tulipifera, the tulip tree

General Services Garden & Property Maintenance

∗ All Aspects Of Tree ∗ Tree Stump Work Undertaken,


∗ Pollarding, ∗ Fully Insured, Advice, ∗ Reasonable Rates, ∗ 30 Years Exp, ∗ Guaranteed ∗ Pruning, Felling, ∗ Free Quotes &

Hedge Cutting


Fencing - Landscaping Patios - Rubbish Removal Garden Clearances Tree Lopping Strimming - Pergola’s - Decking Gutters Swept Out From £50

Sorry but regular mowing & weeding not undertaken • Free Estimates, No Obligation • ID Provided on request • Work undertaken in all Seasons Call Chris on:


& all Weathers

07890 246 911 (Day) 0121 459 3292 (Eve) 17

A simple, healthy dessert with just a handful of ingredients. You can make this vegan by using soy or coconut yoghurt. For a brighter red colour stir in a little berry superfood powder. Preparation time 10 minutes Freezing time 4-5 hours Serves 4


Ingredients • 400g fresh strawberries • 2 tbsp honey or maple syrup • 100g full-fat plain Greek yoghurt • 1 tsp lemon juice • 1 tsp berry superfood powder (optional)

3. Freeze for 4-5 hours or overnight.

1. Wash the strawberries and remove the stems. Cut in half. 2. Place the strawberries out on a parchment-lined tray. 4. Place the frozen strawberries, honey or maple syrup, yoghurt, lemon juice and berry powder (if using) into a food processor. Process until smooth and creamy. You many need to scrape down the sides and repeat the blending a few times. 5. Serve immediately or transfer to an airtight container and return to the freezer.

Nutrition per serving: 260kcal, fat 8.6g (of which saturates 7.3g), carbohydrates 40.6g (of which sugars 39.8g), protein 4.2g


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Family-Run Business

Complete Service

The Plum Promise

Local Showroom

Finance Available

Services delivered with a personal touch & passion for transforming the heart of your home

From initial design right through to the plumbing & electrical installation we will take care of it all!

Made up of three core elements Quality Materials, Tailored Designs & our All Inclusive Service

Explore our fabulous range of kitchens & take a look through the endless options we have available

Spreading the cost of your new kitchen with one of our four finance options couldn’t be easier - Call us today!

Visit our modern showroom Unit 17 Weights Farm, Weights Lane, Redditch, Worcestershire, B97 6RG


0121 514 8828 19

We appreciate our outside spaces much more these days and treat them as extensions of our living areas, with lighting, soft furnishings and furniture that suits the way we live. Recent changes in design and technology have brought about great improvements in outdoor furniture quality, making it comfortable to use, goodlooking and long-lasting, with plenty of choice. When picking out new garden furniture, will it be for meals, socialising or relaxing in the sun? How many people is it for and do they have any special requirements? This will help decide what furniture you need, whether a dining set for six or more, a bar set, a small bistro set for two, a sofa and armchairs, or a hammock, swing seat or set of loungers. Larger gardens may have several furniture groupings, with seating placed where there are beautiful views. In a small garden, corner and L-shaped sofas, slim benches and foldaway chairs help make the most of the space, or consider a set where the table can be raised for dining, then lowered to act as a coffee table. A classic foldable dining set in walnutcoloured timber that is practical, goodlooking and affordable. Copenhagen four-seat dining set, £599,

Dining set in powder-coated aluminium. Zuiver Vondel small garden table, £849; small garden bench, £439; and pair of garden armchairs, £518; all

Where the furniture will be placed determines the largest sizes you can opt for. You need level ground, near the house, with enough space for the furniture, to pull chairs in and out and to walk around the set-up. Pay attention to the sun’s movement, avoiding particularly exposed areas, and consider whether furniture must be heavy enough not to get blown away or light enough to be easily moved. Scale is important, too – in a small space, chunky pieces may look out of place, while slender furniture can be ‘lost’ in a large garden. For a good proportion of the year your garden furniture won’t be used, but will be visible from the house. Does it look good from all angles? Will it need a cover? Some elements will need winter storage, so ensure there is space available. You may opt for a traditional look, something modern, or a timeless style somewhere inbetween. The natural colours of rattan and timber, in classic, elegantly rounded shapes, work beautifully with country gardens and older properties, while brighter colours and minimal, angular shapes look great with modern properties and urban courtyards. Garden furniture can be a major investment, so research the alternatives online and in person, considering materials, durability, aftercare and any guarantees. Choose pieces that reect both the interior of the house and your personality – and you will enjoy them immensely for many years to come.









Finesse Windows are proud to have installed quality UPVC Windows, Doors and Conservatories for customers locally for 40 years. Every Finesse Windows installation is designed, manufactured and fitted with care.

Call: 0121 514 5296

Open weekdays 8am-5pm and Saturdays 10am-4pm 39 Melchett Rd, Kings Norton, Birmingham, B30 3HP

Windows | Doors | Conservatories | Orangeries | Fascias & Soffits | Garage Doors

News From Hay Green Allotments An allotment is a community. Many allotment sites are tucked away from public view, and Hay Green Allotments is no exception. It covers a large area in the heart of Bournville, yet until we put signs on the gates a few years ago you could have easily walked past the entrances without realising what lay behind them. After several decades, when allotments were all too often ignored, built over, or thought of as obsolete, there has been a growing realisation in recent years that they are fantastic assets, not only for the people who work them but for the wider communities they are located in. At HGA we have tried for many years now to find different ways to welcome people from the local community onto the site, by holding Open Days, Plant Sales, and organised visits for school children and local groups. Of course Covid put a stop to all that, but a recent event showed in spectacular fashion what can be done when allotment holders and people from the community come together. On Saturday 19 March the allotment association held a cake and art sale in aid of charities working to support those affected by the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. The event was the brainchild of former treasurer Mike Martin, whose lovely pottery was one of the highlights of the afternoon. The weather was kind, lots of people came to enjoy the event, and almost £1400 was raised for charities working to support refugees and people displaced within Ukraine, a very impressive effort by all concerned. This is in many ways the best time of year on the allotments, with everything bursting into life and all the promise of the growing season


to come. The raised beds that I wrote about in last Summer's article are now finished and fully in use. Sited in a prominent position near the top gate, they should be full of produce soon. It will be interesting to see what people decide to grow when space is so limited! My own plot continues to be a work in progress. I have put in some new raspberry canes to supplement the ones already growing there, and have ordered some asparagus crowns to add to the existing bed. It's my firm belief that you can never have too much asparagus or too many raspberries! So far (in early April) I have planted potatoes and broad beans, along with onions (white and red). I start almost everything off in pots and trays at home, but this trick hasn't worked with the peas that I sprout in trays before planting them out. As happened last year, mice have eaten the peas themselves, leaving the severed stems neatly on the ground. Fortunately peas come in packets of hundreds, so there are plenty more on their way to replace them. Someone needs to tell the visiting cats to buck their ideas up, though. There is currently a long waiting list for plots at HGA, but plots do become available on a regular basis. If you would like to add your name to the list, please email, or leave a message on the HayGreenAllotments Facebook page. HGA is hoping to hold an Open Day and Plant Sale in June. Keep an eye on the community noticeboards and local social media for further news of this event.

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Solicitors For Later Life Planning

Solicitor For Elderly

Legal Solutions For Those Wanting To Achieve Peace Of Mind In Later Life Brevitts Solicitors, are a family practice based in Oak Tree Lane, Selly Oak. They specialise in helping clients to arrange their affairs to secure peace of mind in later life. This includes legal estate planning, wills, probate, trusts and a suite of elderly care solutions for clients and their families, to put in place arrangements to assist and support them should they need it. Brevitts Solicitors knowledge and experience enable them to overcome the myths relating to ageing. They understand and take into account, seeking to accommodate the various challenges people may face. They advise on how to mitigate the concerns of the mind or physical disabilities, which may accompany the ageing process, conscious of the social and health impact of later years and how these can be anticipated and supported.

Brevitts Solicitors expertise helps to provide a personal and client focused experience. They aim to put clients at their ease, whilst simplifying the complex and sensitive issues that we all need to address when resolving legal issues. Brevitts Solicitors client consultations are offered, face to face in their office or client’s own home, if clients prefer, or are unable to attend the office. They also use online meeting software, either at the office or in the client’s own home, to enable family members to attend and provide support. Advice And Support They Offer Estate planning using Wills - simple to complex, Trusts and lifetime giving

Powers of Attorney, including Lasting Power of Attorney for Property and Finance and Health and Welfare

Probate and the administration of estates with or without Wills

Court of Protection - applications deputyships, statutory Wills etc

Trust & their administration - created in their lifetime or under a Will

Preserving assets in for the future of your family

Advice on financial responsibility and funding for long-term care

The provision of home care, Residential and nursing home contracts

Initial consultation in support of any of the above, start from £95 plus VAT for Will and LPA advice and increase if more complex and specialist advice is required. However, if you instruct Brevitts within three months of their initial advice to take matters forward, this fee or part thereof, will be deducted from your final bill.

Call us today on 0121 472 4131 or email Jane is also available for group talks. These are packed with interesting advice and the chance to ask questions.


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R & B Star Billy Ocean Set For Solihull Summer Fest 2022 The award winning R & B singersongwriter, Billy Ocean, is joining the incredible Sunday line-up at this years Solihull Summer Fest. Dubbed the biggest black recording star that Britain has ever produced, Billy has sold more than 30 million records worldwide, achieving number one spot on pop charts in the UK, USA, Austrailia, Germany and Holland.

In addition to Billy Ocean, the show on Sunday 24th July features Belinda Carlisle, Kool & The Gang, Bad Manners, The Real Thing and Dr & The Medics. Saturday 23rd July 2022 will see Shaggy, Sister Sledge, Boyzlife, Shalimar, Lemar and, by popular demand, Artful Dodger returning to the main stage.

Soul Selection stage is headlined on the Saturday by Kenny Thomas and on Sunday by Trevor Nelson. Organiser Ian Rogers, said: “After a very challenging couple of years, event life is in a much more positive situation and our team are completely focused and passionate about delivering the best-ever Solihull Summer Fest. There are some huge names in our line up and I truly hope the Solihull borough support this increasingly popular festival on their doorstep”. Tickets, including VIP options, are currently for sale. For more information and options to buy tickets online visit: If you would like the chance to win a pair of tickets, simply let me know which night Bad Manners are performing. Email or call me with the answer. Good Luck !

Solihull Sumer Fest, The Solihull Summer Fest team are very Held At Tudor proud of what is clearly their biggest line Grange Park, up to date are promising ‘the ultimate feel Solihull. -good music festival’. Throughout the Event Dates: weekend, the second stage will be hosted Sat 23rd and by the Soul Selection featuring the finest Sun 24th July 70s and 80s Soul & Funk Anthems. The 2022 25


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Distributors Needed To Deliver This Handy Magazine Every Month. Do you have a few hours to spare ? Like walking ? Deliver around your local area and get paid. Contact Wendy On: 0121 475 5987 or email:


Raising money for The Hospice Charity Partnership, these 10k walks promise to bring some sparkle to your Summer. Both events will kick-off with entertainment, refreshments and a fun warm-up before you set off on your 10k walk. En route, you’ll enjoy entertainment from street performers, magicians, fire breathers, and more!

Coldfield, B73 6EB Find out more and sign up today events/sunsetwalk/

Sunset Walk Saturday 18th June Doors open at 5:30pm, with the walk starting at 7:00pm 10k route starting and finishing at Wyndley Leisure Centre, Clifton Road, Sutton

Enchanted Walk Saturday 24th June Doors open at 4:00pm, with the walk starting at 5:30pm 10k route starting and finishing at Rowheath Pavilion, Heath Road, Bournville. At the Sunset Walk you’ll walk past John Find out more and sign up today (for the Taylor Hospice and at the Enchanted Walk early bird price of just £10) – you’ll walk past Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice where at both you’ll be able to stop campaigns/enchantedwalk/ off for a moment of reflection and light a The Hospice Charity Partnership need to candle in memory of loved ones and those raise over £80,000 from these two events, you’ve cared for. Free tasty refreshments but they need your help to do it. So please will be available at both sites before you make your way to the finish line to celebrate sign up, spread the word or get involved your amazing achievement with a free glass today. Thank you! of fizz at our sparkling reception. To find out more, please email


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Over 20 Years Experience In Horticultural and Arboricultural Work. All Aspects Of Tree And Garden Work Undertaken, Commercial And Domestic, Chipping, Fencing, Hedge Cutting, Stump Grinding, Tree Survey, Site Clearance and much more. Call For A Free No Obligation Quote On

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“Dean, act natural, I’m going to pass you something through the hedge.” Dean had been minding his own business pruning the privet, wondering what the terrible smell from next door was, when a sausage on a barbeque fork appeared through the branches. “Would you say it’s nearly done?” his neighbour Jeremy whispered from the other side. “Not even close. What are you doing over there? You’ve been at it for an hour.” “Priorities, mate. Priorities. Stacy’s invited her cousin Mandy over and I volunteered to do a barbeque.”

a barbeque was a skill not all men were born to. By the smell, he’d guess Jeremy had only succeeded in melting his spatula. “Alright,” he sighed. “Wait, we’ve got incoming.” Dean heard Stacy’s familiar footsteps. “Are you chatting to Dean while me and Mand are inside starving?” “No, Stace. Talking to myself.” Dean found himself in the peculiar situation of having to pretend he wasn’t in his own garden, holding a plate of someone else’s sausages.

“Not THE Mandy?”

“How’s them bangers?”

“The one and only. They’ve just started on their second bottle of prosecco.”

“Nearly there.”

Stacy’s voice called from the house, “Jez, have you seen my Dirty Dancing DVD?”

“Got to keep the lid shut, the wind keeps blowing the coals out.”

“No, love,” Jeremy called back. “Not seen it.”

“How long will they be?”

It was never a dull moment living next door to Jeremy and Stacy, but when Mandy arrived, things got wild. The last time she’d visited the girls convinced themselves they could recreate the famous Dirty Dancing lift scene. There had been hoots of laughter followed by a crash that sent the coffee table ying onto the patio, after which the cat refused to come out from behind the fridge for a fortnight. If Stacy was looking for the DVD it could only mean one thing. “Hang on,” Jeremy whispered, “didn’t you borrow Stacy’s DVD?” “Certainly not. Can’t you just bung the sausages in the oven?” “And do the walk of shame? No, thanks. Don’t suppose your oven’s available? Tell you what”, he continued, “why don’t I pass the sausages under the hedge? You nish them off in your oven and pass them back.” Dean had some sympathy for Jeremy. Doing


“Let’s have a look.”

“Five minutes.” Dean coughed discreetly. “Maybe ten minutes.” “I’m still looking for Dirty Dancing, are you sure you haven’t seen it?” “I’ve just remembered – Dean borrowed it.” Dean’s ears pricked up. “I’ll go and ask him for it then.” “You can’t, he’s away for the weekend.” Dean heard Stacy sigh and walk off. Not only was he holding her sausages, he absolutely didn’t have her DVD, and now he was going to have to hide in his own house for the next 48 hours. Jeremy had completely stitched him up. “What’s really cooking on the barbeque, Jez?” Dean asked atly. “It’s the DVD, isn’t it?” “Priorities mate, it’s all about priorities. We’re doing this for the sake of the cat.” By Jackie Brewster

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Bournville Radio Sailing and Model Boat Club The Club provides facilities to race or build RC yachts, power boats and scale models. A full calendar of events is available throughout the year. The Club meets at the following times:Tues 10.00 to 13.00 – Models and powerboats, Wed 10.00 to 13.00 – Radio sailing Thurs 10.00 to 13.00 – Models and powerboats, Sat 10.00 to 13.00 – Juniors (Please check for availability) Sun 10.00 to 13.00 – Radio sailing, Sun 13.00 to 16.00 – Models and powerboats Taster sessions take place on Wednesday and Sunday at 12.30 when boats can be supplied. Please contact Andrew Hines on 07581 513899 or 0121 449 6178. See the Club’s website at http:// Better still, why not just come down to Valley Parkway and try out a boat.

Bournville Lane and Linden Road. Tickets bought in advance are £3 and on the day will be £4. Accompanied children under 12 are free to enter. Bournville Voices We need singers ! We are a small cappella mixed voice choir in the South Birmingham area. Repertoire is varied … classical from Tallis to Whitaker, spirituals, jazz and popular styles. We perform around the region regularly under the experienced direction of Anne Ellis. If you are an enthusiastic singer, call Anne on 0121 458 2331 to arrange an informal audition. Could You Be A Cabaret Girl ?? Do you enjoy singing - solo or in a group ? Do you have plenty of go and want to go ? Age 30+ and still got what it takes ? Email -

Cotteridge Misfits Join our daytime music ensemble. For adults playing any instrument grades 1-8. Guided by professional leaders, rehearsals, concerts and socials. For times, dates and booking info, visit,, or 07458 306508.

Weoley Hill Crown Green Bowling Club Situated in beautiful surroundings in Fox Hill, B29 and provides for social bowing during the season from April to October, and monthly social meetings during the off season. In house and interclub Shenley Seniors 50+ competitions are a regular feature and the club has We are a very friendly and social group who meet to two teams active in the Over 60’s South Birmingham have fun and interact, and enjoy a packed League. programme of activities ! Mondays and Friday’s afternoons are regular Join us every Thursday 1pm-3pm at Shenley Court afternoons, 1400 – 1600 hours are Men’s group Hall, 200 Green Meadow Road, B29 4ED days and similarly Ladies days meet Tuesdays and 0121 475 7521 Thursday. Other times available for all members. Currently there are vacancies for new members. No Manor Farm Park Heritage Trail previous experience is necessary as the club has Discover the history of Manor Farm Park, 10 sites of qualified coaches. More information is available interest. For more information go to our website: from the club website; Dementia Cafe - Selly Oak Alternatively contact:Dementia cafe provides a safe, comfortable and David Obrey – Men’s’ Captain 07930 985646 or supportive environment for people with dementia and Eileen Bird – Ladies Captain 07860 374700 their carers to get together and socialise, receive inforBetter still, why not visit on one of the regular mation and share experiences. Find us at Bournville afternoons as appropriate to meet us and get a Friends Meeting House, 65 Linden Road, B30 firsthand experience. 1JT,07827 940844 Kings Norton Farmers Market Join us on the 2nd Saturday of the month on Kings Norton Green. Bournville Village Festival Saturday 25th June—10.30pm At Cadbury men’s recreation ground, based in

Bournville Voices

We need singers ! We are a small cappella mixed voice choir in the South Birmingham area. Repertoire is varied - classical from Tallis to Whitaker, spirituals, jazz and popular styles. We perform around the region regularly under the direction of Anne Ellis. If you are an enthusiastic singer, call Anne on 0121 458 2331.

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