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Our vision TIDES is a national leader collaborating with school district shareholders to design and transform educational systems so that all learners are capable communicators, agile and flexible thinkers, team workers and solution finders ready in an ever-changing 21st century global society.

Our mission TIDES partners with school districts to transform educational systems by engaging key decision-makers (administration, union, school board) in inquiry to design effective schools for 21st century learners.

our approach The TIDES’ Team invites key school community shareholders (superintendent, heads of the teachers’ union and board of education) from mid-sized school districts to begin the work of redesigning and transforming their educational system to better meet the needs of 21st century learners. Shareholder teams will participate in an annual three-day institute for three consecutive years. In addition, teams commit to six meetings with their regional network partners, and a three-year relationship with TIDES. These meetings

become a forum for each team to develop as a Futures Think Tank for the district and community. Each key shareholder brings a trusted colleague to the institutes and regional meetings who serves as a “learning partner” to push each shareholders thinking further for the good of the whole. The district team with support of the TIDES team initiates its Futures work through a series of activities and actions that include but are not limited to:

• Taking stock of district assets and strengths that are currently present to transform the district toward a futureoriented, flexible and adaptive school system that uses multiple pathways to ensure all learners are prepared for the knowledge age and able to be successful in a global society. • Exploring the fundamentals of Effective Schools and District research, which provide direction and benchmarks for systemic change • Investigating what leading edge systems (educational, business, organizational and cultural) from around the world are doing, and then adapting this work to meet and ensure every student’s success • Using network analysis tools to explore underlying relationships, communication and interaction within the district, board and union leadership, which can be tapped to strengthen teamwork throughout the system

• Learning and using protocols to promote community dialogue engagement about values and beliefs, commitments and countercommitments and a vision of the future for their children • Developing a shared vision of the future that not only closes the achievement gap but takes ALL LEARNERS to excellence as creative thinkers, critical analysts, problem-solvers and reflective decisionmakers • Identifying starters and finishers who will be able to successfully move the system in new directions • Exploring ways to engage all members of the school community in a futures planning process • Forming, implementing and testing pilots and entrepreneurial initiatives that will propel the district and its schools and community into the future.

services TIDES Unites All Shareholders for Continuous TIDES is a professional development, nonprofit organization that partners with districts to meet the needs of 21st century learners. We begin with helping districts recognize their strengths and offer a full range of professional learning opportunities that help district shareholders understand that to acquire 21st century skills (critical thinking and problemsolving, teamwork, creativity and innovation, and communication in all forms) requires educational systems that are guided by sound learning principles grounded in recent brain-based and cognitive research of how children learn. Our comprehensive process includes work with key shareholders (administrators, teacher unions, school boards, students, community) to establish a united and clear focus for the future; development of learning-focused, schoolbased leadership teams; social network mapping that facilitates a system-wide approach to reform; and the nuts and bolts of goal setting, curriculum development, instructional learning principles, assessment for 21st century learners and innovation that supports transformation and turnaround school implementation. Our broad range of services invites all shareholders to collaboratively design for a sustainable future.

Problem Based Learning and the Common Core Learning in the 21st century requires problem solving, collaboration, curiosity, innovation and creativity. TIDES provides teachers with a systematic, student-centered instructional design that engages students in learning and applying new knowledge and skills around inquiry and solution finding of messy, real-world problems. TIDES professional development sessions are hands-on and provide teacher teams with an opportunity to understand the research and theory behind problem-based learning and complex instruction. Participants are guided through a process of concept mapping a unit that grounds the work in the new Common Core standards, overarching ideas, essential questions and authentic assessments. PBL provides a framework that can only enhance the way we teach the newly adopted standards. As states adopt the Common Core and begin the tremendous task of bringing their states into alignment, it will be necessary to find frameworks and/ or pedagogy that allow students to focus on 21st century skills and show what they know through performance tasks. With American students fully prepared for the future, our communities will be best positioned to compete successfully in the global economy.

testimonials from

stakeholders “

What I enjoyed about PBL is that we made a re-usable grocery bags and printed a logo that we designed on it. My group went to different stores to sell the bags we made and educate store patrons about healthy eating. We sold the bags and donated the money to the 6th graders for next year to help them pay for camp. Aryanna, 6th Grader Berry Elementary School, SBUSD “Two of the teachers who “volunteered” to read the PBL books wandered into my office last week and were highly enthusiastic. We are thrilled to have TIDES as partners” Dr. Carol Parish, Superintendent, SBUSD “Working with TIDES has catapulted our district’s thinking forward as to what innovation may look like in our schools. The powerful conversations and resources have been priceless to our reform efforts.” Jennifer Walters, Superintendent, EUSD

Data-Guided Decision Making High performing systems know the power of data and monitoring performance regularly. The TIDES approach uses multiple sources of data to put laser like focus on system, teacher, and student strengths. We use an interactive and iterative strengths analysis to create next steps to overcome obstacles. The TIDES approach to dataguided decision making highlights the importance of taking action based on data. To facilitate the action, the TIDES team assists the system in collecting and analyzing a variety of data. We use achievement and student work data, network analysis, effective schools audits, and perception surveys of students, staff and community to provide a more complete picture. By looking at strengths as well as gaps through multiple lenses, districts and schools can make effective, collaborative decision on what to do next for students and the greater system. The TIDES team assists all members of the system (students, union leaders and classroom teachers, board members, administrators, and community) to use formative assessments to monitor decisions regularly to determine effectiveness and make adjustments along the way.

TIDES partners with district central office and principals and teachers to implement effective school-based leadership teams that are able to successfully collaborate and lead their schools to high academic levels of achievement. Teams gain the skills and knowledge needed to set a clear academic direction, develop people, organize for learning and lead for social justice. As teams develop they recognize a shift in their role from conveyors of information to decision-makers. They identify existing expertise and develop new skills in data discussions, goal setting, lesson study, literacy, problem-based learning, and teacher collaboration.

District Wide Systemic Inquiry and Transformation TIDES invites key shareholders from five to six districts to meet for three days and engage in courageous conversations about how to embrace change in complex systems and close the achievement gap. The days are framed by the latest researchbased insights on innovation in leadership, learning, curriculum and assessment. The sessions are structured to promote personal reflection and growth, openness and trust building, and a shared commitment to implement a plan that will effectively prepare all students for successful lives in the 21st century.


School Leadership Team Development


School Design, School Transformation and Turnaround The TIDES team will work with all shareholders using a DYNAMIC plan model to accelerate the developments of innovative schools, school transformation and turnaround. 21st century school design requires close collaboration among all shareholders (school board, union leadership and teachers, administration, students and community) with a shared goal and vision that is developed from an organization’s existing strengths. Our approach is based on 30 years of effective schools research and a clear focus on the needs of 21st century learners.

We know that high achieving schools have the following characteristics:

• A clear school academic focus with curriculum and assessment alignment • High expectation of standard’s mastery and high quality work • Shared instructional leadership • Frequent supportive coaching using a variety of achievement and system data • Opportunity for engaged and deep learning and high levels of scholarly behavior • Safe, orderly and flexible learning environment with collaboration at all levels • Strong school, district, home, community networks

Social Network Mapping Process Social Network Analysis is a tool that can provide the district with insights into existing relationship patterns that may be influencing reform efforts. The TIDES process is facilitated by UCSD faculty and TIDES in collaboration with district leadership.

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Donors Individual and corporate donors bridge the gap by enabling TIDES to fulfill its mission to partner with school districts to transform educational systems by engaging key decisionmakers in inquiry to design effective schools for 21st century learners. Revenue from our conferences and professional development covers just a portion of the cost needed to continue to bring the talent, resources and training required to meet the needs of all of today’s shareholders in the field of education. By leveraging this expense to local and non-local donors and corporations, TIDES is able to give access to leaders who may otherwise miss on the growth and development opportunities available through TIDES’ conferences. Your tax-deductible donation plays an important role in the continued success of TIDES. In thanks for your gift, you will be recognized and receive numerous benefits that will enhance your experience with TIDES and its shareholders.

Donor Levels & Benefits* Levels & Benefits* Individual Sponsor ($1,000) Covers the tuition of at least one shareholder to a TIDES conference Recognized on the TIDES website, Recognized as a sponsor onsite at TIDES conferences

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TIDES is a national leader collaborating with school district shareholders to design and transform educational systems so that all learners...